Traveler's Notes on the Lost City of Wind
Wind is an underground, guarded city of mages. Entrance is via a teleporter from the surface. It is not possible to Recall or Gate into the city nor anywhere within the city. It is possible to Recall out.

A magery of at least 72 is required to enter A lich frequently greets travelers at the entrance. You are advised to keep a heal or cure at hand. Ignore the lich and run straight ahead. DO NOT take the left hand tunnel, it leads to more liches.

The main provisioner's shop is located to the west, between the Wind Alchemy Shop and the Windy Clothes Shop. Food, armor, and some weapons may be purchased here. There is no cobbler in Wind. The Seekers Inn is located to the north of the teleporter into the Park.

The Park is unguarded. Here are found monsters of various sorts, most of which are very lethal. The Wind Alchemy Shop is your best source of reagents and potions. Scrolls and other magical supplies cannot be purchased within the city, unless a traveller happens to have sold them to one of the shopkeepers. At the time of this writing, there was no proprietor manning the Alchemist of Wind Shop to the northeast. (Note: the proprieter exists, but he tends to wander off--sometimes never to be seen again.)

The city is guarded. You are advised not to attack any animal within the city itself. Murderers cannot enter the city but can traverse the tunnels. Be advised that guards have been known to venture out into the tunnels to attack criminals.

Additional Notes

  • Creatures do wander the caverns as he pointed out. Do not be surprised to see an occasional lich or daemon outside of the normal spawning areas.
  • There is generally a lich near the exit teleporter.
  • It is worthy to note that Wind IS in fact handled by the dungeon server. If you recall from Wind into a dungeon, it is fast.