Trammel vs. Felucca, by Morgoth; Edited by Asmodeus
When I first started with Ultima Online around May 2000 I did read various hints at there being an area called "Trammel" and an area called "Felucca", but the hints were very foggy and so I dismissed the subject. I thought that later, when I was more experienced, there would be time enough to have a look at the finer details and higher arts of game play. So after about a month of gameplay I did endeavor to find out about the specifics of Trammel and Felucca and herewith proudly present the results.

This treatise is mainly a list of difference between the two facets of Ultima Online. To my best knowledge the subject has not been covered in this form before, despite being something well worth knowing.

Travel back and forth between Felucca and Trammel will be possible by using the public moongates or through the use of so called moonstones.

Now here's the actual list of details and differences between Trammel and Felucca:

  • Trammel is the consent only PvP area whereas Felucca is the enhanced PvP area. Basically this means that on Trammel PvP is limited to guilds (intra-guild training and guild war) and Order/Chaos. These limitations apply to the Jhelom Combat Pit as well. The Factions system is reserved to the facet of Felucca.
  • There is an obvious difference in appearance between Trammel and Felucca. In Trammel trees look normal, with leaves on, whereas Felucca trees look bare, without leaves on. So as soon as you see the first tree you should know what Facet you are on. Note that this "look" can be changed, but this change requires some specific tweaking with the UO config files.
  • To travel from Trammel to Felucca you need a Felucca moonstone. To travel from Felucca to Trammel you need a Trammel moonstone. Consequently on Trammel you will find Felucca moonstones, whereas on Felucca you will find Trammel moonstones. Alternately, you may use a public moongate to travel between facets.
  • On Trammel you can walk through people and monsters, whereas on Felucca you will tend to bump into them. Successfully walking through a person or monster on Felucca requires max. stamina and doing so will decrease your stamina. The result is that on Felucca you can be actually surrounded and trapped by people or monsters. This is not possible on Trammel.
  • On Felucca you can loot corpses that you do not have rightful access to at the expense of being flagged a criminal
  • A Murderer does not have access to Trammel, he has to stay on Felucca.
  • On Trammel it is not possible to steal from characters at all, with the exception of guilds (same guild or warred guild) and Order/Chaos.
  • Recall runes marked in Trammel will not work in Felucca and vice versa. SOS bottles and treasure maps will only work in the land they are found in (for instance, a map found in Felucca will only work in Felucca).
  • Your mouse pointer will be hued gold when you are in Trammel and silver when you are in Felucca.
  • On Trammel Players will not be able to perform beneficial acts on any monster, animal, or NPC that is not controlled by a player (tamed, summoned, hired, etc.). On Felucca this should work and be treated by the rules of the reputation system
The facts presented here were assembled with he massive help and support of the people on the Stratics Drachenfels Forum. A big thanks to all my friends over there.

Acknowledgments: The following people have supplied valuable input and help for this list: TamALinn, Haggard, Katar of Drachenfels, Gysbrecht, Nefarius, raphtontis, Ash of Drachenfels, Lord Hellspawn, Magdalene.
(-: May fame and fortune be their just reward :-)

Morgoth of Drachenfels

Publish 16 changes
Changes to the Dungeons and Lost Land areas of Felucca
In order to establish an area where players can engage in a meaningful struggle for the control of resources without drastically impacting the current play patterns of Felucca’s citizens, the Dungeon and Lost Land areas of Felucca will be modified. Note: The Lost Land area is the complete area of the map that contains the Towns Delucia and Papua, including the grasslands, forests, swamps, deserts, sea and snow areas.
  1. When a non-Murderer is killed in the Dungeon/Lost Land areas of Felucca, all of the character’s items other than gold, gems, ingots, ore, leather, hides, wool, wood, boards, and cursed items will remain on their ghost (unlootable).
  2. When a Murderer is killed in the Dungeon/Lost Land areas of Felucca, 50% of the character’s items (random result per item) other than gold, gems, ingots, ore, leather, hides, wool, wood, boards, and cursed items will remain on their ghost (unlootable).
  3. Any player that dies in the Dungeon/Lost Land areas of Felucca will immediately be given a mandatory “stuck player” option (forced to leave the dungeon and lost land servers). During this process, the player will not be able to hear spoken words (they can send/receive party messages as normal).
  4. A player that dies in the Dungeon/Lost Land areas of Felucca will not be able to return to those servers for 30 minutes.
  5. Ghosts will be unable to enter the Dungeon/LL areas of Felucca.
  6. Players are no longer be able to recall or gate into or out of the Dungeon/Lost Land areas of Felucca.
  7. The various dungeons of Felucca are linked to each other via teleporters to help alleviate crowding and bottlenecks.
  8. When a player reports a murder, only the long-term murder count will be incremented.
  9. If a murderer dies in the Dungeon/Lost Land areas of Felucca, they will not take stat loss upon their next resurrection.
  10. When stealing from innocents, thieves are only able to steal gold and gems in the Dungeon/Lost Land areas of Felucca. Thieves will continue to be able to use the full range of their thieving abilities against consensual-pvp opponents (guild wars, order/chaos, factions).
  11. Many Dungeon/Lost Land areas of Felucca contain “champion regions” (a.k.a. “Evil-in-a-Can”).
  12. The various champions of evil and “The Harrower” itself (a new champion monster, not to be confused with the mere “tentacles of the Harrower”) that spawn in Dungeon/Lost Land areas of Felucca carry special Scrolls of Power.
  13. The Minax faction stronghold has been relocated from the Lost Lands to Britnnia, inside the mountains that give access to dungeon Destard..
  14. The city of Delucia is no longer a “faction city”. However, the city of Vesper will become a faction city.
Various other changes to Felucca (publish 16)
  1. Innocents (blues) are not able to negatively affect other innocents through the following area effects indirectly: purple potions, mass curse, meteor swarm, chain lightning, earthquake, fire field, poison field, paralyze field, blade spirits, or energy vortex. This applies to all of Felucca.
  2. Felucca will have much of its spawn modified to include fewer monsters overall, yet a much higher percentage of medium to high-end monsters (liches, daemons, ancient wyrms, blood elementals, etc…), and far fewer low-end monsters (slimes, rats, snakes, headless', etc…).
  3. Mines, trees, sheep, will produce double the normal resources in Felucca, as will all creatures that produce leather or feather resources.
  4. Monsters in Felucca will provide more fame and karma.