Britannia's Moongates
Moongates and Travel Notes, by Killashandra Ree; edited by Mohdri Dragon

Britain(32* S - 42* E) surrounded by white stones with a singular road to the East. Follow the road North to the capital city.

Jhelom(170* N - 12* E) I live here, so I don't even look at the map here any more (grin) but it sticks out on another promontory that juts out on an island and looks kind of like an ear and faces almost directly East.The gate comes out into a heavily wooded area with water on the right. The city is very close to the West.

Magincia(45* S - 157* E) on a promontory that sticks out to the NW - head sort of SE into the city. The gate is in the middle of a heavily wooded area.

Moonglow(30* N - 139* W) on the radar map, there are roads on both sides - Moonglow is sort of all over the place, but follow the road on the right side of the map (East) and go North into the main part of the city.

Skara Brae(38* S - 47* W) on the Radar map - it sticks out on a promontory that points NE - go SW to the city.

Trinsic(116* S - 35* E) the radar map has all of these brown jaggedy lines on it. You can't miss it, it's very distinctive. Just towards the gate at the SE side of the city (towards the bottom of the city on Radar) head West through the plateus. On the cloth map, Trinsic is NE.

Vesper-Minoc(81* N - 91* E) The gate is completely surrounded by green, no roads or landmarks in sight. On the regular view there is a yellow flower next to a rock at the very top, and on the left, there is a tree almost on top of a rock. Go directly East from here, and you'll get to the Vesper bridge that leads into the city by the Bank. Go west and you'll find yourself on the road to Minoc.

Yew(76* N - 38* W) on the Radar Map - the gate is in the middle of green by itself, but in the lower left hand quadrant there appears to be what looks like a small line of brown dots. That's a Yew tree - head that way into the "city" (Yew is kinda spread out, actually). This gate can also be identified by the "ears" protruding from the brown circle of dirt around the gate. These "ears" point NorthWest and NorthEast respectively.
- Killashandra Ree

Destination Descriptions, by Xena Dragon

Clicking on one of the eight fixed moongates in Britannia will give a description of the destination where the moongate leads to.

Through the moongate you ...

  • ... see a road to the east and mountains in the distance to the west. Britain.
  • ... see a vast body of water to the east while to the west a city can be seen nearby. Jhelom.
  • ... see what appears to be a small peninsula covered in lush foliage. Magicinia.
  • ... can just make out a road to the southwest and a river to the north. Minoc.
  • ... see a small escarpment to the south and a large city to the North. Moonglow.
  • ... see a small city to the south, while a vast ocean lies in all other directions. Skara Brae.
  • ... see a large sandstone city standing on a far bank of the river to the north. Trinsic.
  • ... see deep forest on all sides. Yew.

A Discourse on Moongates, by Lord Jabra (Catskills); edited by Embassy

Editor's Note: While this article is extremely useful, take heed before you begin travelling with any moongate schedule! There are five servers making up each shard and server side lag varies from server to server. As a result, you could become lost if you forget to check the time before and after entering each gate. Using similar schedules to travel, I have personally noted up to 75 game minutes of time deviation between various cities and servers. Always check your clock before you step into that next gate!
Tip: If walking into a moongate or mage created gate does not seem to work then double-clicking on the gate will most probably make you "use" the gate.

Dear Traveller,

Any of Lord British's subjects who has voyaged through the lands of Sosaria is undoubtedly aware that a long journey can be perilous for the unprepared traveller. Only the hardiest and most knowledgeable of souls should venture alone into the wilderness, for strange creatures and unsavory bandits await the unwary. It is a foolish traveller who ventures overland without a strong sword arm, mystical defenses, or a party of true companions.

Unfortunately, the perils of travel stifle the economic progress and cultural interchange created by inter-city trade. To relieve this hardship, Lord British has encharged the most powerful sorcerors of our land to create the moongates. Timed by the transit of Sosaria's twin moons, the moongates serve as magic portals between the busiest regions of our fair world. These portals can be used freely by all; no longer must the skills of a master magician be contracted to provide such transportation.

Although the areas immediately surrounding the moongates are patrolled by Lord British's guards, one must take care not to be ambushed by the ruffians and rogues that atimes lay in waiting near the gates. However, as the gates lie near the major cities of the realm, a quick dash to safety can be made once one gains familiarity with the proximity of the gates to their corresponding cities.

There are eight moongates, and each of the gates is connected to the other seven gates in a rotating two-hour pattern. As I have journeyed through Sosaria, I found it useful to discern the pattern of the gate connections so that I might reliably journey to my destination. Once I had explored the terrain surrounding each gate so that I could identify my location with but a glance, I began a systematic campaign of gate-travelling while keeping one eye upon my timepiece, and in so doing, created the chart below.

To use the moongates, a traveller needs only a timepiece. If the traveller does not have a watch bequeathed from a wealthy relative, he may purchase a clock from any of Sosaria's fine tinkers. A glance at the clock will tell him the time of day or night.

The chart below is aligned to a two-hour repeating cycle, beginning at 12:00. In other words, a gate makes the same connection at 12:00 as it does at 2:00, or at 7:15 as it does at 9:15. The times listed should be added to a multiple of two hours. For example, if the current time is 5:25, one should look at the "+1:25" section of the chart.

Original picture by Rayvel of Catskills, edited by Embassy

There is one additional point to note. The traveller should be aware that the time of the destination gate is not necessarily the time of the departure gate. For example, if one departs Britain at 8:30, one will arrive in Magincia not at 8:30, but at 7:15.

Below is a table of time conversions between cities, based on British Mean Time (BMT). To calculate the time of arrival at the destination city, use the following formula:

Departure time + destination city time - departure city time
One then adds or subtracts multiples of 12 hours if needed to bring the time within the 1:00 to 12:59 range. If an odd number of multiples of 12 hours are subtracted, then the time changes from morning to night or vice versa.

For example, if one were travelling from Yew to Trinsic, one could leave Yew at 10:30 in the morning. The time upon arrival at Trinsic would be 10:30 + (+4:45) - (-8:30) = 10:30 + 4:45 + 8:30 = 23:45. Subtracting 12 hours yields 11:45, and since one multiple of twelve was substracted (an odd multiple), the time upon arrival in Trinsic is 11:45 at night.

Time conversions between cities (from BMT)
Britain: +0:00 Moonglow: -1:15 Magincia: -1:15 Skara Brae: +4:45
Trinsic: +4:45 Minoc/Vesper: -1:15 Yew: -8:30 Jhelom: +4:45