Appraisal Analysis of Spellbooks, by Elowyn of Moonglow and Sir Tuck; Edited by Xena Dragon


At times we find ourselves wondering, "What is contained in that there spellbook", without actually opening it. Even at times we wonder what is in a spellbook that we cannot open.

We may be shopping at a vendor for a full spellbook only to find that the shopkeeper will not allow us to open the book and view its contents. We may find ourselves in a situation with a stranger carrying his or her spellbook and would like to size them up, one factor of their abilities could be indicated by the completeness of their spellbook.

No matter what the reason of needed to know, this study will show some relative values of spellbooks to certain degrees of completeness.

The Study

Reagents and blank spellbooks were acquired and the spellbooks were filled with scribed scrolls as follows :

  • Each individual circle was scribed in its own spellbook
  • The following ranges were scribed and added to a spellbook each:
    • Empty book
    • Circles 1 to 2
    • Circles 1 to 3
    • Circles 1 to 4
    • Circles 1 to 5
    • Circles 1 to 6
    • Circles 1 to 7
    • Circles 1 to 8
The spellbooks were then appraised and the values noted. After all the appraisals were finished, the average of each appraisal was calculated and results were recorded.

The Results

For each table, the skill represents the Item ID skill of the person doing the appraisals
Circle 1 Only
Skill 57.6 24.3
Average 73.6 74.5
Circle 2 Only
Skill 58.5 28.6
Average 126.7 117.0
Circle 3 Only
Skill 75.5 35.0
Average 207.5 191.4
Circle 4 Only
Skill 58.4 27.7
Average 270.3 254.3
Circle 5 Only
Skill 58.8 30.2
Average 334.9 370.0
Circle 6 Only
Skill 59.2 31.6
Average 443.6 418.1
Circle 7 Only
Skill 75.5 36.6
Average 427.4 469.5
Circle 8 Only
Skill 49.5  
Average 522.3 -
Empty Book
Skill 57.2 22.8
Average 15.0 14.8
Circles 1 to 2
Skill 58.0 26.6
Average 197.5 193.6
Circles 1 to 3
Skill 75.9 38.7
Average 389.0 386.4
Circles 1 to 4
Skill 75.9 39.1
Average 627.8 674.9
Circles 1 to 5
Skill 76.0 40.2
Average 982.1 975.4
Circles 1 to 6
Skill 76.1 40.6
Average 1343.0 1345.7
Circles 1 to 7
Skill 75.5 37.5
Average 1891.9 1768.7
Circles 1 to 8
Skill 59.3 32.9
Average 2377.4 2386.7
More detailed results are available on a separate page.


From the results above we can use the individual circle values to construct the possible value of the range results. As an example, adding circle 8 to the circle 1-7 range should yield the 1-8 (full book) results.

One tester had relatively low Item Identification scores. This study is focused on the purchaser of spellbooks, purchasing books from an unknown vendor (Buyer and seller do not know each other). Thus a lot of the data was taken using the low Item ID scores. One who acquires training from a merchant should be able to use the data items from this study to adequately ID a spellbook and determine its contents.

If a target spellbook has incomplete circles, one can use the spell circle range values as a yardstick for estimating the possible range of spells.

We did not have access to a Grand Master Merchant for this study, but took a large enough sample size to get some degree of accuracy. It is hypothesized that the higher the skill of the Merchant Identifying an item, the smaller the standard deviation from the actual value. Less skilled merchants will get a larger standard deviation from the normal, but taking a large enough sample size will compensate.


We cannot conclude to any high accuracy what we are getting when we do purchase a spellbook. This study was intended to be an aid to a potential buyer of a spellbook. It is recommended for the buyer to take a range of ID values from the target spellbook before committing to the sale from a vendor in the wilderness or a merchant in the streets.

Elowyn of Moonglow
Professor of Alchemical Sciences
The Forxia Foundation (Catskills)

Sir Tuck
Tower Scribe
The Mage Tower (Baja)