Ultima Online
Daemon staring in my eye
and I start to wonder "why?"
I ever came into this dark cave
armed with only a wooden stave
as the daemon charges forth
I stab outward with all my force
and feel the stave snap it's rib-cage
this is where I set my stage
I drew my dagger from my sheath
and stabbed it through the foe's sharp teeth
placing my foot upon it's chest
I pulled my stave from in it's breast
pushing the daemon away from me
I move unto the ancient tree
I found the chest, treasure contain
it was worth all of this pain
using my magic I open the lock
and reach inside to fetch my stock
but what do I hear from close behind
a terrifying, evil, nasty grind
the teeth of the daemon eating my dagger
I try to turn around, yet I stagger
the daemon gets the very first swipe
and slices my stave into processed tripe
I stumble backwards, searching for a sword
but instead, I found only a board
I swung it at the mighty beast
It landed hard upon it's feet
The beast, it stumbled to the ground
With a loud, terrible, thunderous sound
To kill the beast I smashed it's face
And blood splattered out all over the place
Now spinning round to fetch my quarry
I soon began to start to worry
For the chest, it was not there!
In fact, it was not anywhere!
The dungeon faded into black
And, quite suddenly, I was back
Back in my bed where I belong
And that's the end of this fair song