Reddevil walked through the tree line of vesper enjoying the sun's rays upon his face. The smell of someone cooking cookies moved swiftly through the air. He walked on through a glimmering meadow fresh with the mornings dew which sparkled like the nights skies.

Reddevil was a stout man getting on into his years with red hair and a goatee with streaks of grey showing. He stood about almost six feet tall wearing a dark red skullcap and a white fancy shirt, leather trousers and boots, and a red blacksmith apron.

Yep, Reddevil was a blacksmith hailing from the town of Vesper.

Reddevil was on his way to collect up his packhorse to do some mining. All the people of the town respected him for his craft and his metal perfection. Many suites of armor have been completed and are now being worn throughout the lands. Even though he himself hated to wear armor, he loved the craft of metal. He began to walk to a small stable in Vesper near the edge of town North of the Ironside Inn. The place was being built by Rattler a prospering architect from Trinsic. Its design was never seen before as many different types of materials were being brought in from new lands that no one had ever heard of. Also the tools he used to build the stable were unheard of. Even Reddevil which tinkered in making tools and such had not seen the contraptions he used. Rattler was sitting on a stump off to the side of the stable with an open scroll looking at the design of the building when he saw Reddevil. He climbed to his feet and began to roll the scroll shut and lifted a hand to greet him. Reddevil also raised his hand in recognition.

Rattler walked up and said "Well I guess they let any scum near my construction sites these days." Reddevil replied "What I think is, that there should be more time building and less time sitting on stumps" he said with a sly smile. They both grinned and shook hands firmly. Rattler said "good to see you're still young enough to do some labor outside of that darn forge of yours. Reddevil replied" Well it's good to stretch the ole legs out but I need my packhorse, cause I am telling you this old back has seen better days. Rattler responded "Well I have kept the old gal well fed while this construction has been going on. The stable master Susan is feeding her right over there by the tree line."

Reddevil turned to walk over to his pack horse untying her from the tree and passing a small pouch of gold over to Susan. She in turn handed a claim scroll with all the care that was provided and future stable costs after the new stable was complete. Reddevil tucked the parchment in an outside pocket of his backpack. He pulled the packhorse around toward the street and began to walk toward the path leading from town.

As he walked to the North, he thought of the old days mining for weeks at a time just to have enough ingots to practice his skill. It had finally paid off at the end. Just recently he had filled a Large Bulk Order Deed and turned it in, to receive a Valorite Runic Hammer. It was quite a prize indeed that very few had ever gotten, for it forged magic into the steel itself of a powerful type. So in turns was very expensive. Due to the value of the hammer, Reddevil kept the hammer at the Cove Merchants Guild outside of Cove. A very famous establishment ran by Heather. It is a large forge with very tight town security. Of course RD just thought the guards were so protective because they wanted a chance at courting her. Yes, it's true. She probably cast a spell of devotion on the town thought Reddevil with a smile. He returned his thoughts to the here and now, when a cloaked figure bumped into him. He was about to apologize when the figure said "For Pete's sake can't you open your eyes and steer a packhorse down a city street without hitting me!" Reddevil stumbled over his words trying to form a reply. When he looked up at the person speaking to him, the person wore a heavy purple cloak with the hood drawn closed about their face. Reddevil thought to himself, that this person seemed somewhat familiar when the figure lifted back her hood to reveal a very soft smooth face with eyes dark purple reflecting wisdom and love for all. She slowly smiled and said "Jehlow RD, I heard you were coming out this way" she said with a smile. Jehlow was her own cute way of saying hello. RD said "well yes I am going to do some mining on the opposite side of the mountain from the dungeon entrance to Covetous." Itap was her name and healing was her game. She devoted her life to others and their well being. Never did she seek fame or fortune, but only to tag along on adventures and help keep people in good health as they slashed and bashed and cast their way into and out of fights. She was the soft hand that soothed the pounding pain to remission. She also had the addiction of shopping like most women in the world. Of course if it was purple, she wanted it or had it. Like the purple sandles she wore, was a gift last Christmas from Reddevil.

She slid one hand down RD's shoulder, with sweet smells surrounding them, entrancing all of his thoughts. Her hand softly lifted RD's chin and said softly "You know I need some armor sweetie, and well you know I love blue things as much as purple and I was thinking . . . who would be the person to contact to make such a suit, and I thought of you." His heart thudded faster as she spoke and the answer was already spoken from his heart before any words reached his lips. Reddevil said "you know I will. Did you come all the way out here to ask me that?" She replied "actually I was bored in that house of mine and wanted to get out so I thought I would nudge into your daily life for today" she smiled and turned to walk beside him.

RD said "well I guess I got me a partner today." So they both went North off the road toward the mountainside.

They arrived at the mountainside in an hour or so talking about past history and catching up on events from their lives. Soon they came into a clearing and rough rock jutting from the mountain. "Great! My secret mining spot still remains undisturbed." Reddevil said with a chuckle. They moved into the clearing and Itap sat on a nearby stump as RD began to sift through his mining tools preparing for some work. Soon RD began to mine ore from the mountain side. Different colored ore he set aside from the normal, saying it was much more valuable to Itap, who seemed not to care until she saw some blue rock get set behind him. Then she was up holding different cloth next to the ore to see if it matched or not. RD looked over at Itap sighing in disbelief.

As Reddevil began to return to his work a shadow began to cross the open area and leaves began to blow from behind them toward the mountain and then blue streaks swam across the grass swirling together climbing upward into an oval blue gate and a hand jutted forth from the blue watery portal and words of magic could be heard and Itap fell over gasping for air as she gasped to RD my inner mana is gone I cannot . . . not . . . She was cut off when a dark man stepped through the gate the rest of the way and Orcs appeared behind him. RD turned to charge the man holding up a pick axe over his head. The man simply raised his hand and RD froze in motion unable to move. The gate behind the man and the Orcs disappeared and he motioned the Orcs to restrain them both. After they were tied up and set on the ground, the man came into view raising his face with an evilness not seen on the face of Sosaria in much time. The man said "Well if it isn't Reddevil, Blacksmith and Auctioneer, it's been a long time ole friend " the man reeled back in laughter savoring the shocked look on RD's face. The man leaned down closer to RD . . . Yes, look upon the face that brought fear to all men in the world. Look upon the face of the greatest evil leader of this time, Look upon the face of SIN!!!!!

Sin lead the most evil guild ever created in history and once a long time ago even openly attacked the Reddevil Auction with hundreds of protectors and still tore through the ranks of good. Yes, Sin had murdered countless Britanians and scoured dungeons to loot warriors and torture the unaware. His ultimate goal of course was like any madman but to rule Britain the Capital of the world and strike all that opposed him. He had fled a long time ago when his men doubted his word as they awaited money and power and he could not deliver it. Now it seems he was back and here and now and for some reason after RD.

RD looked up to speak and Sin motioned them to be gagged and they were both strapped across a horse and they could hear magic words again as another gate opened and they all went through.

They all appeared outside Cove in front of CMG. When Itap and RD could look up they saw a massacre of guards dead all around and one guard with a spear through his back and into the town wall which was made out of logs to protect against the nearby Orc Fort with only one gate in or out of town and a warning bell which the guard with the spear in his back was reaching for. The gate now stood closed and chains were tied about it to prevent an escape. Hay was set all along the wall as townspeople screamed at the gate, chained, unable to run. Itap looked over to see Orc Archers with arrows ready to set the wall ablaze.

Sin looked at RD and said "its quite simple friend you get the Valorite Runic Hammer which my scouts reported you are keeping here somewhere and make weapons for my growing guild or watch the townspeople of Cove die!

The Orc Archers were getting impatient wanting to light their arrows and end these worthless human lives.

RD agreed, as he watched a child chained to the gate cry out with fear. RD was helped off the horse and he slowly walked inside CMG and moved a panel of the floorboards and removed a cloth object and pulled back a corner to reveal the hammer to Sin.

Sin grasped the hammer from RD and walked over to Itap who was still thrown over the edge of the horse. Sin said "you know . . . Itap I need a new guild mistress to lead my people and your healing powers would be most helpful and the rest would be much appreciated by me." As he finished his words, he lifted her chin for her reaction. Itap replied "Bite Me! I would never join the side of evil and wrong."

Sin laughed and pointed toward the Orc Archers and extended his arm and gave the signal to fire. RD shrieked "you lying beast! You said you would free them!" Sin replied saying never to trust him and this was a first lesson of torture to RD and all who befriended him. Itap began to laugh at this and continued to laugh. Sin looked at her perplexed.

Sin said "is it funny to watch the innocent die maybe you are my destiny wife after all." as he finished his statement he saw a communication crystal fall from Itaps bossom which was blinking (active) . . .

Sin stared in disbelief at the crystal missed by his Orcs during the search of them. Immediately in all directions blue streaks formed gates in all directions of them. First to come forth was RD's Royal Guard led by Sheena (head guild mistress of the guard) and out of another gate came a Dragon and a nightmare led by a flaming red head named Kelann and her brother bringing his glowing Katana to bear.

Finally Heather appeared no longer dressed in her blue dress and floppy hat but instead full female plate and a heavy halberd swinging a fearsome arc toward the first Orc in her path who fell in less than a second. Heather looked up "No one comes to this town and murders my people. Good thing Itap has learned to keep in contact whenever she goes with RD"

The Orcs attacked full throttle as Kelann ordered her dragon and nightmare into action. Orcs fell left and right either being burnt to death or stompled under burning hooves. Sin seeing the situation failing, grasped RD with a knife to his throat. Sin said "feel familiar RD to feel death knocking at your door" Sin sliced across RD's throat and blood spurted as he slumped to the ground. Sin spoke words of magic and shape changed into a demon spreading his wings far and wide. Everyone was surprised at the change when words were spoken (Kal Ort Por) and the demon vanished laughing. Itap was already beside RD who was gasping his last few breaths. Itap fell to her knees beside him and pressed one hand against his neck speaking the most powerful healing known only to very few of the higher healing arts. The laceration began to close then it was gone. RD's breathing began to calm but he was unconscious. Itap looked up at the others and said "he will survive but a scar will appear that even my magic will not heal." Heather asked "Did he get the hammer?" Itap replied "I am afraid so but he has no one to forge anything .... Yet." I think we have not seen the last of SIN. Kelann looked up at the sky seeing darkness moving in thinking this must be the beginning.