Your Aquarium; by Siobhan Minos of Legends

With the Mondain's Legacy expansion in September of 2005 came many new exciting items and a new race. Among these items is the aquarium. In order to keep an aquarium, you will need the following items:

Can be purchased from any NPC Fisherman and comes in two directions, south and east facing. When purchased the aquarium will cost 250,002 gold pieces. There is a minute chance that the aquarium can be obtained from completing a quest in Heartwood.
Pitcher(s) of Water
In order to care for your aquariums water health, you will need to have a pitcher of water. I personally keep 4 on hand and fill from a nearby water trough when needed.
Fish Bowl
This bowl can be purchased by the NPC Fisherman as well. When catching fish, you will need a bowl for every fish or else when you pull a fish up into your pack, it will die instantly.
Fish Food
To keep your fish healthy, they will need to be fed. 1 bottle of the fish food equals 1 unit. This item can be purchased from the NPC Fisherman.
Aquarium Fish Net
In order to catch fish for your aquarium, you will need one of these half-nets, also purchasable on any NPC Fisherman.
Vacation Wafer
Because the water and food health of the fish update on an estimated 48 hour cycle, there comes a time when you will not be there to care for your aquarium. The Vacation Wafer will give you 7 days of vacation time with no updating to the tank needed. During this time you will also forfeit events and rewards.

Obviously the first step in setting up your new aquarium is to get your aquarium deed. Again, you can can purchase this from an NPC Fisherman or take the rare chance at earning one as a prize via the Heartwood Questing System. Once you have your aquarium in your home, it is time to catch your fish.

Catching fish is relatively easy as all you need are the Aquarium Fish Net and a Fish Bowl, both being purchased from an NPC Fisherman. For every fish you want to catch, you will need a net. If you fail at your attempt to catch a fish, the net will return to your pack. You also need a bowl for every fish that you catch. You can either buy a few bowls and run the newly caught fish home before continuing to fish up more (saves gold on purchasing bowls) or you can buy as many bowls as you have nets. If you do not have a bowl available when you toss the net into the water and successfully catch a fish, your fish will go into your pack and die instantly.

To cast your net, double click the net and target the water around you. You do not need to be on a boat for this to work.

When you cast your net out you will get 1 of 2 messages:

  • The fish were to quick for you
  • A Life Aquarium Fish leaps into your pack.

Again, if you fail at your attempt to catch a fish - your half net will return to your pack.

Fish will live indefinitely inside the fish bowl, and after catching one you can easily see what you have caught. Lower levels in the fishing skill will produce mostly Minoc Blue Fish and Shrimp. The higher your level, the wider variety of fish and underwater life you will catch.

Since the fish will live in the fish bowl, you can either display them simply in the bowl and never worry over care or you can sell them on a vendor.

Now that you have it in a bowl, it is time to add it to your aquarium! Simply drag and drop your fish bowl over your aquarium. You will notice the number count of animals in your aquarium going up. The menu that displays the number of fish is also the menu you will work from when caring for your fish and water.

We will use the menu to the left for our example of how to read the aquarium menu.

Note: as mentioned before, this menu will only update roughly every 48 hours so before dropping food or water into the aquarium know that you should always review the menu carefully. This will prevent overfeeding.

Lets take each line in the menu above.

Live Creatures: 20/30
There are currently 20 live creatures in my aquarium. The maximum number of creatures is 30. Creatures can get into your tank via 2 means: placed into the tank by owner or grow in the tank over night and appear as an "event"

Food State: Full
This is the state in which your fish are as far as their appetite is concerned. There are five levels of Food State, as shown on the bar below with Full being the desired level.

Water State: Strong
This, just like the food read-out, shows the state of the aquarium's water. There are five different status for your water state, with strong being the desired state.

Food Added: 2 Feed: 2 Improve: 4
This line of information tells you how much you will need to feed your fish. When you first examine your tank, if food added is 0, you will need to either Feed the number shown after Feed (to maintain the current level) or feed your fish the number shown after Improve, if your food state is less than Full. Each bottle of food added to your tank will count as 1 Unit of food. To feed your fish, drag and drop a bottle of food onto the tank.

Food Added: 4 Needed: 4
This line of information tells you how much water you will need to add to your aquarium. This line, as can the food added line, can change. It can easily appear much like the Food Added line does in our sample, showing you how much is needed to maintain and how much is needed to improve. This will vary with whatever your Water State is. Because the water state in our example is Strong, we have no room for improvement. To add a unit of water, drag and drop a pitcher of water onto the aquarium. For each pour of water, one unit will be added to the tank.

Contents: 20/30 Items, 20 Stones
This is simply an informational line much that you would find on any bag or box.

To examine your tank, all you need to do is simply single click the aquarium and choose "Examine Tank" from the menu. It is here that you will be able to remove your fish or view different life that might have grown overnight.

Now with your aquarium set up, with each aquarium review you will have a chance at an Event or a Reward. You will know if you have a reward or event pending by simply mousing over the tank and looking at the menu. It will tell you if a Reward or Event is available. To collect your reward or to view your event, single click on the tank. Along with the "Examine Tank" option, you will have the option to review an event or collect your reward.

An event can be something from a new creature growing in your tank to a change in water condition.

There are many exciting rewards for the aquarium owners from waterlogged boots, fish bone decorations to tiki statues and a special fishing rod. By caring for your tank, you can reap the benefits of all these rewards.

Moving the Aquarium
To move an aquarium that has already been placed, you must use an axe on it to re-deed it. Doing this will result in the fish in it ending up in a big pile on the floor. Have bowls on stand-by for the fish because their status will change to "gasping for air." Just simply pick each fish up and put it in a bowl in your pack and they will be fine. Alternatively you could also just put the fish in bowl before you destroy the aquarium.

There are truly too many fish to name off and show pictures to, but here are a few to help you in your quest towards the perfect aquarium.