Cooking Essay, by ZedZap; edited by Xena Dragon
I have broken the list of recipes down into categories relating to the type of food being cooked. Bugs are given in red italics. Some are fairly obviously bad bugs, others are just my opinion of something being buggy. None of them are "exploits" of any significance, so if you are looking for those you might as well go somewhere else.

It does not appear that there is any support for player characters cooking vegetables. To the best of my knowledge, different items in cooking do not require differing amounts of skill. The only exception being the creation of savage skin paint, which requires an Adept Chef to make.

It is possible to make a profit cooking, though very slowly. If you're looking for a quick buck, I suggest tailoring. If you're looking for a skill which can support itself after a fashion and which has a lot of variety in terms of the things you can make and the process whereby you make them, cooking may be for you. When you need some money for it, make bread, but be sure to refill your water pitcher rather than buying water. Don't expect to sell any food to player characters unless you find some "real" role players. Just sell to NPC's and don't worry about it.

savage kin paint a tribal berry A better way to turn your cooking skill into gold is to offer the creation of savage skin paint. Warriors that have been in battle with savages often come back with large amount of tribal berries. By combining these berries with flour, a skilled cook can create the desired paint.

Water pitchers can be filled from the sea (at certain locations, i.e. off a bridge), water barrels, water troughs and pools of blood (yuck!).

Cooking can be done on any heat source, such as a campfire, a stove, an oven and a heating stand. Notice that the heating stand makes a nice accessory for the travelling cook as it can be carried anywhere.

Use this item On this item To get this item Is skill checked ?
Wheat (4 sheaves) Flour mill Flour No
Water Flour Dough No
Flour Water Dough No
Dough Heat source Bread Yes


There are two different images for sacks of flour produced at a flour mill (they are mirror images of each other). Sacks of flour from a flour mill with the same image will stack. I was not able to get sacks of flour purchased from a merchant to stack at all, however.

Each sack of flour will produce twenty bits of dough. Each pitcher of water will produce five. Taken together, these facts mean that you will be filling your water pitcher quite a bit.

Loaves of bread comes in two varieties, one with a crumb hanging off (the kind you see--or used to see--on monsters) and one without. Which you get when you bake a loaf is random.

It does not appear to be possible for players to make french bread.

Meat & Eggs
Use this item On this item to get this item is skill checked ?
Blade Most non-human corpses Cut/Cuts of raw ribs No
Blade Fish 4 raw fish steaks No
Raw cut of ribs Heat source Cut of ribs Yes
Raw fish steak Heat source Cooked fish steak Yes
Raw bird Heat source Cooked bird Yes
Raw chicken leg Heat source Chicken Leg Yes
Raw leg of lamb Heat source Leg of Lamb Yes
Eggs Heat source Fried Eggs Yes


Fish steaks no longer weigh more than fish. They now only weigh 1/5 stone each, which is a little more realistic considering that fish weigh 1/5 stone each. The "small fish" that you can purchase from an NPC fisherman seem to be useless for cooking purposes. Fish steaks are probably the best way to raise cooking skill. Fish a while, cut up the fish, then go to an oven and cook them one by one. Your skill will soar in a hurry, and it costs you nothing. Targeting a stack of fish steaks will cook them all at once.

Cooking is not a particularly profitable skill, but I think that cooking raw birds may be close to the most profitable item. You can buy them from a butcher for 2gp each. I have not tried selling them, but I noticed that innkeepers sell them for 20gp. That suggests that you may be able to get 10-12gp for them if you can sell them.

Use this item On this item To get this item Is skill checked ?
Dough Apple Unbaked apple pie No
Dough Cooked bird Unbaked meat pie No
Dough Cooked fish steak Unbaked fish steak No
Dough Eggs Unbaked quiche No
Dough Ham Unbaked meat pie No
Dough Peach Unbaked peach cobbler No
Dough Pear Unbaked fruit pie No
Dough Pumpkin Unbaked pumpkin pie No
Dough Cooked fish steak Unbaked meat pie No
Unbaked apple pie Oven Baked apple pie No
Unbaked fruit pie Oven Baked fruit pie No
Unbaked meat pie Oven Baked meat pie No
Unbaked peach cobbler Oven Baked peach cobbler No
Unbaked pie Oven [unnamed item] No
Unbaked pumpkin pie Oven Baked pumpkin pie No
Unbaked quiche Oven Baked quiche No


I could use some help in finding out how to create a vegetable pie. If anyone knows how, please let me know. I couldn't make a pie from any of the vegetables I tried.

I only tried sweet dough for making pies on fish steaks. I imagine, however, that sweet dough is interchangeable with regular dough for pie making purposes. Personally, I find that a bit odd and I think it may be a bug, though a minor one.

The "unbaked pie" was a newbie item. I know of no way to obtain one other than as a newbie item.  Cooking it resulted in an item with a pie graphic which was presumably a "baked pie", however, clicking on the object would never display an item name. There is an item called "baked pie" available from NPC bakers, but obviously this isn't quite the same thing.

I was able to confirm that you can not produce a pie by using dough on any of the following items: lime, lemon, lettuce, squash, wheel of cheese, gourd (brown), gourd (green), honeydew, watermelon, turnip, carrot, ear of corn, banana, cantaloupe, grapes, cabbage, onion, bacon, bowl of corn (wood or pewter), bowl of carrots, bowl of lettuce, bowl of potatoes, bowl of peas (wood or pewter), tomato soup. Lettuce, cabbage, onions, carrots, and turnips all come in two varieties. I obtained mine from an NPC farmer and so did not test both kinds.

Use this item On this item To get this item Is skill checked ?
Dough Cheese Unbaked cheese pizza No
Dough Sausage Unbaked sausage pizza No
Unbaked cheese pizza Heat source Pizza Yes
Unbaked sausage pizza Heat source Pizza Yes


Pizza is a terribly unprofitable item since the ingredients cost far more than a pizza can be sold for. The fact that an unbaked cheese pizza and an unbaked sausage pizza both result in "a pizza" when cooked can be considered a bug.

Cakes, Cookies, and Muffins
Use this item On this item To get this item Is skill checked ?
Dough Honey Sweet dough No
Honey Dough unlabeled Sweet dough No
Flour unlabeled Sweet dough Cake mix (for Cake) No
unlabeled Sweet dough Flour Cake mix (for Cookies) No
Sweet dough Honey Cookie mix No
Sweet dough Heat source Muffins Yes
Cake mix (for Cake) Oven/Forge Cake Yes
Cake mix (for Cookies) Oven/Forge Pan of cookies Yes
Cookie mix Heat source Pan of cookies Yes


Use caution when making sweet dough. Using dough on honey as described works. The reverse, using honey on dough, is allowed and produces unlabeled sweet dough, which is currently used in the only working method to produce cake. This method will use up all of the targeted honey, whether you used a single pot or a stack of pots. Of course, using dough on honey isn't exactly perfect either. It works, but produces a message that strongly suggests that you failed.

Some Words on Wheat:

Sheaves of wheat can not be purchased. They can, however, be harvested on farmland--they grow and respawn much like lettuce, cabbage, and turnips. Fields producing wheat can be found in western sections of Britain, the mainland section of Skara Brae, one place in southern Yew and next to the stables in Delucia. The Skara Brae field is not under the protection of the guards.

To harvest wheat, enter the wheat field and double click the tall stalks of wheat. They will be replaced with a sheaf of wheat which you can pick up and carry in your backpack (weight: 1 stone). Please take note that not all items in the field labeled "wheat" when you click on them are harvestable. Only tall stalks can be harvested. The stubble-looking stuff is just for appearance, though its presence does identify the field as a wheat field.