The Heritage Quest - from elf to human; by Siobhan Minos of Legends

With a Heritage Quest for those seeking to take current human characters and change them to elves, comes a counterpart quest that does just the opposite - change an elf to human. This quest is not as simplistic as the human to elf quest and truly requires the ability to kill a higher level monster.

To start this quest, you must seek out Nedrick the Iron Worker. He tends to wander on the small bridgeway in Serpent's Hold. Just as Darius did, he will begin a dialogue for the quest. Once he has finished - it is now time to complete the sub-quests to turn your character from an elf to human.

Petricus the Trader - Heave Ho!
Petricus is located Near the Majestic Boat shipwright in Vesper, Trammel.

Petricus' task is relatively simple - to deliver 5 crates to Sledge in Buc's Den. The only trick to this quest is that you only have 3,600 seconds to do the task.

You do not have to get the crates, they will be placed into your pack at the time you accept. Sledge's location in Buc's Den is shown below.


Balulah the Scorned - All Season Adventurer
Balulah is located in Nujel'm just North of the Bank.

Her quest is that of struggle and one that will be most impossible for a non-combatant character. Her task is to kill 5 efreets in Fire Dungeon and 5 Ice Fiends in Ice Dungeon.

These creatures must be slain in the specified dungeons or it will not count towards your quest.


Lissbet the Flower Girl- All Season Adventurer
The next step of the quest is to escort Lissbet. Lissbet is located at the Twin Oaks Tavern in Ilshenar.

Her quest is to escort her to a sheep farm Southeast of her location at the Tavern. Again, this task will be most difficult for anyone with negative karma due to the large spawn of pixies and unicorns.

The farm is located north by northwest of the Spirituality Shrine entrance near the mountains.

Once you have escorted her to the sheep farm you are ready for your next step in the elf to human quest.

And again, just like the human to elf quest, return to your start - Nedrick the Iron Worker.Be sure to dismount and strip down of all your belongings...

and you shall be human.