Lord and Lady, The Warrior Way, by Dark Fenceman; edited by Xena Dragon
First off, I would like to tell you all that the road to Lord/Lady is a long road going the warrior way. It is very rewarding to finally achieve this status being a warrior but like I said, it takes a lot of hard work. Personally, I think that this level of fame is much more rewarding to a warrior than it is to a mage or a tamer, it is a lot harder. I am happy to say that we all have it a little easier now that we don't have the threat of murderers. This essay will most likely get you the Glorious Lord/Lady title, but that only depends on the actions of your character and how they behave.
Your Character
I used a fencing character as my choice of warrior. The essay will most likely work for fencers, armsmen, archers, or swordsmen. Your choice will be fine. I suggest, if this is a brand-new character, to start them with 50 Healing and 50 Resisting Spells. As Healing may not be as hard to raise as it used to be, resist is still a pain to raise. I made the mistake of not starting with these two. You start with these two and then work your fighting skills up from the start. I would suggest not buying any skills up, as you will lose precious dexterity and strength gains. I can understand maybe buying anatomy up because of the intelligence gains, but you don't really need to worry about balancing your stats just yet, that can come later.
Starting Out
I suggest raising your melee skills (tactics, weapon skill) on the training dummies. They will get you to around 25-30 skill level and you should gain a good amount of dexterity and strength gains from this. Whenever you aren't at the training dummies, go around looking for sheep, shearing them, and turning the wool into bandages with a spinning wheel and loom. You will need a good supply of bandages at low healing, parry, and strength levels. After reaching this level, you should start working with things like hinds. If you prove to be ok with hinds, move to timber wolves. Don't mess with gray wolves until you are comfortable with the timber wolves. I suggest healing yourself at about half to three-quarters life while fighting any of these. When you start fighting gray wolves, you are ok to start trying to fight brown and black bears. I would not recommend messing with grizzly bears yet, as they can bite hard. When you feel comfortable fighting brown and black bears, you can try grizzlies, they still bite hard, but you have a better chance of coming out with a colorful screen, not black and white. If you can take on a grizzly bear comfortably, you can take on an orc. There was a good sense of accomplishment the first time I killed an evil monster, something that actually gave loot. These guys don't give much loot, but they give enough to start building up your bank account. Fighting all of the creatures mentioned so far, you should have gained a lot of your skills and also parrying. Now that you can fight orcs, also try with lizardmen and ratmen. These are good, higher level, training dummies. They can get your fighting skills up in the 60's or 70's before it slows down. Now even if you can't take on a lizard/ratman without healing once, you can start on ettins and maybe ogres. You might need to heal once, twice, maybe three times during battle with an ettin or ogre, but it makes it fun, a challenge. Plus, you should have healing in the 60's by now. Fighting enough ogres and ettins will get you to The Kind level or maybe even The Respectable. Also start fighting trolls. Keep fighting the trolls, ettins, and ogres until you can fight them without healing before the battle if over. It's ok if you only have 15 hit points left when the ogre dies, as long as he dies, and not you. Fight enough trolls, and you should be The Respectable, maybe even Honorable.

At this level, you should be pretty good as a warrior, and you already have that 50 resisting spells you started out with in the beginning. Time to start on something magic. You should have a good level of healing and anatomy now, hopefully able to cure poison pretty reliably. I would not suggest fighting an Orcish Mage until you are sure you can take on a gargoyle. As Orcish Mages like flamestrikes and energy bolts a lot more than gargoyles. I suggest always start a bandage with the first damage that you lose. That way, since it takes fifteen seconds, you will be good to go if he suddenly poisons you, or if you get low on life, you won't have to wait for the bandage, because it will have already been running. By the time you have gotten to where you can live and feel good after killing a gargoyle, you should not only be a physically skilled warrior, but you should also have a good sense and knowledge of how to play your character. Anyone can make a good character, but you have to know what you're doing to survive. If you can kill a gargoyle, you can most likely handle a water elemental, which spawn frequently in the woods east of Britain. But I would be careful with air elementals; they are a bit tougher. Kill enough Orcish Mages, gargoyles, air and water elementals, and you will become The Admirable. This will not happen overnight, because like said before, this is not an essay on how to get Lord/Lady fast, but how to actually earn that title. It takes a lot of these creatures, and will help to build your knowledge of the game, and how to survive. This time will also raise your Healing and Resisting Spells skills nicely.

Venture into the Underworld
Now that you can survive most mainland aboveground creatures, it may be time for you to seek the underworld. After I became Admirable and these other creatures weren't giving much karma or fame; I wanted to try a lich. These are found most commonly in Deceit. Now before you go there as a hot shot trying to fight them, go there once with nothing on, maybe with a mule character, and just run around the level you will be playing on, if the whole dungeon, and familiarize yourself with the layout. This will prove useful when you are in a bind and the ever-so-popular poison elemental or silver serpent shows up to terrorize the dungeon. Now, when I first fought a lich, I only had 38 resist and low healing. This was not smart, I didn't die from them, but I got really close and it made me uncomfortable. If you started your character with the 50/50 healing and resist, you are in good shape. Find yourself a silver weapon, doesn't have to be vanquishing, or power or whatever, as long as it is silver, you can most likely handle a lich. Go to Deceit and hunt liches, but don't mess with the lich lords, for they will very quickly have a warrior barbecue with your resist level. Now, it shouldn't take a whole lot of time, but maybe a few days and a lot of liches, you should get to Illustrious level of fame. I would suggest that you keep fighting them for a while after that, they get you into about a fourth of the way between fourth level fame and fifth level fame. They will also raise your resist well.
The Fun Part
Now, if you are bored with liches, and really want to try something fun, find yourself a friend who has about the same skills as you, if not higher. You will probably have around 70's healing and maybe 60's resist. Get plenty, and I mean plenty, of bandages, find yourself a rune to Fire Island and the fun begins. This is a lot of fun for me, much more of a challenge than liches. Make sure you have new GM armor, preferably above studded leather, and at least GM weapons. Now, walk around the island, close to the big temple in the middle, and you will sooner or later find a wandering daemon. You will probably not find a daemon here without a name, like "a daemon" "a lesser daemon" or "a cacodaemon". Most daemons are named on the island; I haven't seen one unnamed yet. You have found a daemon when you see one of the following gray names.
Agalierept, Agares, Aglasis, Ayperos, Azrael, Baal, Bathim, Bathsin, Be'elzebub, Be'elzebubba, Botis, Buer, Clauneck, Clitheret, Cthulu, El Chupacabra, Eleogap, Faraii, Frucissiere, Glassyalabolas, Gusoyn, Haristum, Heramael, Hiepacth, Huictiigara, Khil, Mephistopheles, Mersilde, Molech, Morail, Musisin, Naberrs, Nebiros, Nebriots, Nyarlathotep, Pentagnony, Proculo, Pruslas, Rofocale, Sirchade, Starr, Sustugriel, Tarchimache, Trimasel, Tyriel, Vaelfar, Wormius, Zoray.
Keep in mind though, that you won't only find daemons on this island, but also drakes and even the occasional dragon will wander the woods. Drakes are probably too much for you, the fire breath hurts faster than a bandage can heal. Dragons are definitely too much. Just find a daemon and stick to them with your friend for a while. Now, you may want to switch off who actually attacks the daemon, depending on whether you are sharing fame and karma, or taking turns. While one is attacking the daemon, the other player should be healing the fighter. The fighter should also be healing himself, just in case the other doesn't heal much or you get poisoned right before his bandage kicks in. These daemons will raise your resist a lot and you will be getting a lot of karma and fame from them well into the high levels of Lord/Lady. Just remember while fighting them to start a bandage as soon as you first lose any life. You may think it wastes a bandage, but it can really save your life. Also bring along many Greater Cure potions, they have saved me countless times. It might take a while for you to finish the daemon off with a GM weapon, but it's worth it in loot and karma/fame gain. Having fun yet? You will start to learn on your own how to fight daemons, what to do, when to run, stuff like that. Fight them for a while, and soon, your resist and healing will be high enough to where you can say goodbye to the help of your partner and go it solo. This was a very proud moment for me personally, being able to handle a daemon alone. Keep killing these daemons and soon enough, that beautiful title of Lord/Lady will be attached to the front of your name for all to see!

Know that if you achieve Lord/Lady status following this essay, you have used one of the proudest ways possible.

- The Glorious Lord Dark Fenceman