Questing 101; by Siobhan Minos of Legends

Mondain's Legacy did more than inject the questing system - it put crafting into full blown overdrive. Everywhere you look in Heartwood there is an NPC calling for help in some quest - some crafting, others more dangerous and each is offering a satchel of treasure or even knowledge on how to create one of the new elven items such as statues or a particular type of bow.

This is a very simple guide to help anyone complete their first quest - be it crafting or not.

The obvious first step is to find an NPC offering a quest.

As you can see from the image to the right, it is very easy to tell what NPCs are there with questing in mind. They will call out something regarding the need of help but if you miss their heralding, you can always mouse over their avatar and see their name and as to if they are a Quest Giver.

The first questing type I will complete will be a crafting quest. There are different types of crafting quests housed in different areas of Heartwood. I will be making my way to the eleven tailors. Now as a quick tip, I would highly suggest anyone doing the crafting quests to take plenty of materials with you ie. cloth, ingots or boards.

Once you are in place at the NPC, you will double click the NPC and read the request. Each NPC cycles through 3-4 different quests related to the skill.

Here are a few tips on accepting a quest:

1. Read the description carefully

2. Click the continue button to see how many of each item is needed to complete the quest

3. Click accept to accept or refuse to decline the quest. If you refuse, you can try to obtain a different quest by double clicking the same quest giver


As you can see, I am being asked to make flower garland. By clicking continue I will be told that 10 flower garland are needed to complete the quest.

If I click the continue button again from there, it will tell me my reward will be a crafter's satchel.

I have accepted the quest and am ready to begin crafting. Another tip for crafting quests are to NOT put the items inside another bag in your backpack. In order to toggle the item as a quest item (which we will cover shortly) you will need to have the items loose in your pack.

Before I complete my quest and show you how to make an item a quest item, I would like to remind you that there is a button on your paperdoll called "Quests."

By clicking on the quests button on your paperdoll, you will have access to your Quest Log which shows you all the quests your character is currently involved in. By clicking the white arrow head to the right of the quest name, the original quest log from the NPC will be brought up.

Now that I have made my 10 flower garland, it is time to mark them as a quest item. Remember, they must be in the main level of your pack in order to make them as a quest item.

To Mark a Quest Item single click on your character's avatar in game. There is a new menu option "Toggle Quest Item." Click on the menu item. Your cursor will turn into the traditional target cursor. Click all the items in your pack that are for the quest. When you successfully make an item a quest item, the item will turn blaze orange. If you click on an item that is not part of any of your current quests, a message will appear in the lower left hand corner of your screen telling you that the item does not match your quest.

For this quest, I will go through and make 10 flower garland quest items. When the last item is marked, I will receive a message in the lower left hand corner of my game screen telling me that I have completed the quest.

To complete the quest and receive the crafting satchel, I must double click the original NPC that assigned the quest to me. No other Quest Giver will accept your items. When you click Continue in the final stage of the quest, the quest items will be removed from your pack and you will receive a colored bag in your pack. The rewards can range from armor and jewelry to talismans and recipe scrolls.

The other quests, crafting and non, fall very closely into this tutorial. The only real difference is the quests to kill items. You might be asked to kill 15 slime or perhaps 10 large spiders. There are no quest items in this case but as you kill the creatures in your quest, you will receive a message in the lower left hand portion of your gaming screen with a tally as to how many you have yet to slay as well as a completion message like that shown above.

Good luck in your questing and may the luck you desire be with you.