Spirit Speak
My Road to Grandmaster Medium, by Fatal Beauty AKA Daemon Diva
Hail fellow Britannians and well met! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Daemon Diva. I have a tale to tell of my adventures through the lands of Sosaria, and my desire to become a Grandmaster Medium. Grab an ale and pull a chair up to the fire and I’ll recall the road I journeyed upon.

I was born in the land known as Catskills to very poor parents. I grew up in the swamps of Trinsic and often went to bed hungry every night, listening to the primal sounds of the Savages and Lizardmen that also made their homes amongst my own. Needless to say, mine was a very dismal existence. Other humans shunned my family and I for our poverty. The Savages and Lizardmen hunted us if we ventured far from our door.

I found my only solace were the animals around me. The alligators and snakes became my companions. Through them, I learned the skill of taming all the creatures of Sosaria’s lands and becoming friends with the beasts who did not judge me based on my lack of wealth, or of my human form. I worked hard and recently became a Grandmaster Tamer. My best friend, a Nightmare named Fury, became a constant companion.

As Fury and I journeyed the underground dwellings in search of other companions, we often came across a lost soul dressed in a gray hooded robe. I would often stop and try to speak to the individual. Alas, I could not understand their words! They were dead souls! I consulted with one of my Dragon Kin, Devour, about these wandering souls. He informed me that these were the ghosts of the departed and to understand them, I would need to learn the art of Spirit Speak.

I asked Devour who might teach such an art as this and he directed me to find one of these people…Healer, Healer Guildmaster, the Ocllo Priest, or a Wandering Healer. I thanked Devour for his wisdom and guidance and quickly set out upon Fury.

I entered the town of Skara Brae and approached a Healer. I asked him to train me in the ways of Spirit Speak and handed him some gold. He taught me 30% of what I needed know and pointed me to the wilds of Sosaria to train the rest on my own.

For many days and nights I ran about the lands trying to commune with any deceased souls I could see, and any that may not be visible to my untrained eye. Doing this, I learned a further 56% of what I needed to know about communing with the dead.

Fury and I traveled on…we grew tired and felt that we would never find a way to grandmaster the art of speaking to the dead. We became discouraged, until one day we happened upon a man by the name of Corran Horn. I explained my situation to him and implored that he bestow upon me any knowledge he may have. He gallantly asked if I owned a sea vessel and I replied that I did indeed. He told me to sail the waters and attempt to commune with the dead who may be lost while I ventured the blue waters. I thanked him profusely and set about my task.

I set sail that very night, a lantern in my hand and food in my pack. I took nothing else. I sailed by water 2 days and on the fourth, just as I was getting sick of the tossing and rolling, I reached 100% training in the skill of Spirit Speak.

I docked my ship and rode to Britain. There I found a wandering soul trying desperately to communicate with the living around him. I quickly invoked all the power I had in the art of Spirit Speaking and told him he was not alone, for I could hear him. He acted thankful and asked if I would be so kind as to resurrect him. I quickly did so and then he left, not even laying a word of thanks upon me!

I was shunned by a human for the last time and set my feet upon a new path, one that would take me to being a Dark Lady, no longer craving human companionship, save for the ghosts who appreciate me until they regain their Earthly body again.

I hope this helpful and that you achieve the status of Grandmaster Medium! Spirit Speak

Fatal Beauty AKA Daemon Diva