Team Comment - Comments from Kerowyn - July 26, 2001
Itís been three years since I first stepped into the world of Sosaria. Iíve gone through three years of building skills, changing character templates, meeting new people, adventuring and, of course, dying. Now, Iím here, sitting in Cyntheís old office, and introducing myself to a community that has influenced me on so many different levels.

For those that have lost their powers of omniscience, Iím Kerowyn. Iíll be taking on the role of Content Editor/Writer. There are no words to properly express how excited I am about the position and the fact that Iíll be working with people I have admired since I started playing Ultima Online. I suppose I should start off with some background information.

I was never what you would call a hardcore gamer. Most of my experience came from MUDs and other text-based roleplaying games. It was much later when I decided to give computer games a shot. I went through several different titles in a relatively short amount of time and actually enjoyed most of what I played. However, when I was introduced to Ultima Online, I knew I had found something special. I had always enjoyed the community aspect of online, text-based games, and with UO that was taken to a whole other level. For one, it was graphical. And two, it was graphical. I was blown away by the fact that I could talk and interact with other avatars in the game.

After a couple of years of devoting countless hours to UO, I moved to Austin and found out that I could work for the company that was responsible for my obsession. I was hired on as a Game Master in November of 2000 and truly enjoyed the time I spent helping other players. I met some fascinating characters in game and had the honor of working beside, and being mentored by, a wonderful group of GMs. I wish you could know them as I did.

My position now is mostly behind the scenes. I will be taking one of the three hats Cynthe has been balancing for the last several weeks and, hopefully, wearing it with as much grace and style as she has in the past. Iíll be responsible for keeping the website content up-to-date, soliciting and editing submissions for our Spotlight selection, publishing important notices to the website to keep the community informed of current news, and much more.

Iím still easing into my new responsibilities. After all, at the time of this writing, I havenít even been on the job a week yet. However, Iím looking forward to digging right in and getting to know more of the community. If youíve made it this far without falling asleep - congratulations and thank you. :-)

Until next time,

Kerowyn Content Editor/Writer
Origin Systems