UO Stratics Realtime Chat
Welcome to the UO Stratics IRC Channels

   You may participate in real-time chat with other UO players by connecting to irc.stratics.com port 6668. Many UO-related channels have found their home on Stratics IRC and are devoted to a variety of topics, including guilds and player organizations. You will also find #uohoc, the official channel of the biweekly UO House of Commons developer chats. All topics pertaining to Ultima Online are welcome to be discussed here. Also remember that you may either create custom Ultima-related channels for you and others to chat in or join one of our many other channels dedicated to UO.

   In order to connect to irc.stratics.com, you may use either a standard IRC client (MIRC or pIRCH are good ones, search Google to find a place to download a copy), or you may use our copy of the jIRC Java IRC client. This works inside your java-enabled internet browser (please be sure that you are using either MSIE 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 and above, this applet will not work in lower versions).

   If you wish to use your browser to connect to Stratics IRC, you may do so. Click on the link below that corresponds to your screen resolution. All of them should work in an identical manner, however smaller versions fit on smaller screens better.

800x600 Java Client
1024x768 Java Client
1280x960 Java Client

   This applet works inside your java-enabled internet browser. Please be sure that you are using either MSIE 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 and above, this applet will not work with lower versions of those browsers, and is untested on other browsers.

   If this is you first time using our Java IRC chat program, you will be prompted with a security certificate prior to downloading the Java applet. If you wish to use the Java IRC applet, you must accept the certificate. Stratics provides this Java program to it's patrons on an "as-is" basis, and cannot be held liable for any incompatibilities or data loss that may occur from it's use. By accepting the certificate you accept the risk of using this java software.

   Please be assured that every possible measure is taken to provide you with complete anonymity while you are connected to Stratics IRC. Stratics IRC does not allow other patrons to retrieve your connection and ISP information (people familiar to IRC will notice that their own IP mask is mirrored on top of any request to retrieve someone else's). This creates a secure environment where you can be perfectly assured that noone can launch malicious attacks on your computer.

   You may also be interested in the other UO or Online Gaming channels that are available on Stratics Chat. Remember, in order to view a current list of official channels, type /list at the command prompt of your IRC program.


    #ultima-online is the official Stratics IRC chat dedicated to the online gaming world of Britannia. Staffed around the clock, #ultima-online is your place to converse with people from all shards and all styles of play. Stop by for help in game, to hear the latest UO related news, to check out one of our special programs, or just to chat with other Ultima fans.

    Among some of the programs featured in #ultima-online are:

Topic of the Week

    Each week #ultima-online features a debate topic relating around some issue facing the game. Stop by to give your thoughts on matters ranging from the current state of the PvP system, to suggest new skills or features that should be added to the game, or merely to talk about your favorite merchant skill.

Ultima Online Celebrity Chat

    Every other Monday at 7pm CST, drop in for Ultima Online Celebrity Chat. UOCC is a program wherein celebrities from the Ultima community drop by to chat. Set in a moderated forum, guests are granted a voice when it is their turn to talk, and are allowed to ask their own questions. Celebrity guests range from designers of popular websites, to counselors and seers, to OSI personnel, to famous roleplayers and player killers on your own shard.

UOHOC discussion

    While the Ultima Online House of Commons is going on (every other Thursday at 7pm CST), drop by #ultima-online for unmoderated discussion as the developers answer the questions thrown at them. Don't like how a particular question was answered? Tell us what YOU think should be done instead.

   If you are new to IRC and would like some basic information on connecting to and using IRC channels, visit our Stratics IRC FAQ.