Commodity Deeds
To easily transfer large amounts of stackable items, you can use so called "Commodity Deeds".
  • Commodity Deeds can be purchased from NPC bankers.
  • Commodity Deeds are "blessed", which means they cannot be stolen (if kept in the top level of your backpack), and stay with you when you die.
  • Commodity Deeds are colored light green.
  • A freshly purchased Commodity Deed will be empty. Fill the deed by double-clicking on it and then select a stackable item in your bank-box that you want to add to the deed.
  • A Commodity Deed can hold one of the following item types: Cloth, Hides, Leather, Bolts, Arrows, Shafts, Boards, Logs, Regular Reagents or Ingots (all colors).
  • Once a Commodity Deed has been filled, it cannot be filled again.
  • To retrieve the items stored in the Commodity Deed, simply place it in your bank-box. The items will then be placed in your bank-box, and the deed will be destroyed.