Houses and Ships
Stage Duration
"like new" approx. 5 minutes
"slightly worn" 1 days
"somewhat worn" 1 days
"fairly worn" 1 days
"greatly worn" 1 days
"in danger of collapsing" more than 18 hours
The overall time from "like new" to the actual collapsing is 5 days. Refreshing a house or ship twice a week is sufficient to keep it from falling apart. It's best to refresh a long time before the server starts saving (at 5 AM local time), more than once has a house decayed because the refresh of the house was not saved.
Item Decay Time
Newbie Items 90 seconds
Regular Items 3 hours
Type of Decay Decay Time
Animal Corpse 7 minutes
Monster Corpse 7 minutes
NPC Corpse 7 minutes
Player Corpse to Player Bones 7 minutes
Player Bones 7 minutes