Hair Dyes - by Orangebeard; edited by Xena Dragon

Are you sick of that mohawk you thought looked good when you created your first character? Has that drab brown hair color been boring you for too long? Perhaps you want something a bit more personal to show off at the west bank of Britain..

If you have any of these dilemmas then chances are you need a new hair style, color or a whole new beard! This guide will show you how.

Your first port of call should be an alchemist shop, there you can find nearly everything you need for whole new look. In particular you will be looking for this NPC.

The hairstylist NPC can provide you with everything you need... For a price. You can always recognize them by the neon hair and habit of wandering for miles away from the actual Alchemist shop.

Once found you can fire up your "Vendor buy" macro of choice, depending on gender you will be given different choices.

The Hairstylist Menus

Depending on your gender, you will be presented with either of these menus:

Hairstylist menus
Male Female
  • New Hair (50.000 gold)
  • New Beard (50.000 gold)
  • Normal Hair Dye (50 gold)
  • Bright Hair Dye (500.000 gold)
  • Hair Only Dye (30.000 gold)
  • Beard Only Dye (30.000 gold)
  • Bright Hair Only Dye (500.000 gold)
  • Bright Beard Only Dye (500.000 gold)
  • New Hair (50.000 gold)
  • Normal Hair Dye (50 gold)
  • Bright Hair Dye (500.000 gold)

    New Hair (50,000gp)

    New hair style Menu
    This is a representation of the female menu, the male menu is much the same. If you have a hair color you like then do not worry about losing the color when you pick a new hair style, the color remains with you for the style. The only exception to this is the bald style, this will reset your hair color to white which can then be used to give yourself white hair (this is discussed later)
    New Beard (50,000gp)

    New Beard Menu
    Obviously only available to males this acts in the same way as the new hair menu and the beard coloring stays the same as it was before.
    Normal Hair Dye (50gp)

    This is the menu you shall be presented with, the colors to the left represent the basic color and the right hand side represents the different shades. The base colors are:
    • Brown
    • Chestnut
    • Auburn
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
    • Light
    • Blonde
    • Black
    • Beige
    • Golden
    • Dark Brown

    What you should be aware of though, is when you use this dye the beard and hair will be changes to the chosen color. If you only want one dyed, then read on.

    Hair/Beard only dye (30,000gp)

    Once picked, this will present you with the same menu as the normal hair dye but will only dye the corresponding hair.
    Bright Hair Dye (500,000gp)

    Also known as neon hair dye this first came around from the "Clean Up Britannia" ticket system back in '99 and was brought in towards the end of 2000 as a gold sink. However in the new Bright Hair Dye you can now also have Ice White hair. Again like the normal hair dye the basic colors are to the left and the different shades are to the right. This dye can be VERY bright and perfect for making yourself stand out. The colors available are Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Green, Blue and Ice White:

    (Hair color examples courtesy of Lord damage)

    Remember though, if you wish for just the hair or beard to be dyed then you must pick from the Bright Hair/Beard only menu.

    Notes, hints and tips (0gp)

    This is not the only way hair can be changed however, all alchemists sell bottles of hair dye which act like the regular 50gp dye, these can also be found occasionally as loot on ratmen and orcs. The bottles however dye the whole hair and beard.

    White Hair: There are in fact three 'pure white' hair colors, two from the Ice White section and one which can only be achieved by changing your hair style. In order to do this you must either use a "Hair Re-style deed" which can be found on Young Player tickers or you can use the "New Hair" option from Hair Stylists. Choose the bald hair style to reset your hair color, then you use another re-style deed or another New Hair from the Alchemist and chose the hair style you want to be pure white.Your hair will then look something like the paperdoll on the left. Compared with the two "Ice White" dyes to the right you can see the difference:

    So in conclusion, no matter if you are trying to keep up with the latest Britannia fashion or simply looking for a change of hair and a fresh start. The Hair Stylist NPC will be there for you... (assuming you are not a murderer of course).