Light Sources - by Sie Ming

Do you find yourself frequently traveling beneath the surface? Have you occasionally stubbed your toe when the lights have suddenly gone out? Would you like to know how effective various means of lighting your path are? Then read on... In addition to the notes below, there is an interactive lighting comparison that you can use to make your own decisions.

  • With "In Lor" --the magery night sight spell-- it is the magery skill of the recipient, not the caster, that determines the brightness of the spell.
  • Potions, no matter the skill of the alchemist who makes them, are equal to "In Lor" cast on someone with 50 magery.
  • Torches and Lanterns are more effective if they are held; candles are not.
  • Dungeons are equally dark no matter how your options are set.
  • All magical sources of light (potions and spells) wear off at dawn. This is the reason that some of your light sources work longer than others, and also why everyone in the dungeon casts "In Lor" or quaffs a black potion at nearly the same time.
  • In an emergency, you can turn out the lights, turn up the contrast and still make it out of a dungeon.
Light Source Comparison

Click on an image to set it as the default image, then hover over other images to compare them to the default image. (This application may take upto a minute to load completely depending on your modem's speed)

Nothing Night Sight Potion Black (NPC) Potion
Campfire Embers Fire Elemental
Torch (hand) Candle (hand) Lantern (hand)
Torch (ground) Candle (ground) Lantern (ground)
In Lor (0 skill) In Lor (10 skill) In Lor (30 skill) In Lor (50 skill) In Lor (75 skill) In Lor (100 skill)