UO Servers, by Xena Dragon
Ultima Online Server Addresses
-5 denotes East Coast (EST), -6 Central (CST), -8 West Coast (PST), +9 Japan, and GMT the UK.
Login, Patch and Utility Servers
Login Server DNS Addresses IP Address
Login Server login.owo.com
Patch Server DNS Addresses IP Address
Patch Server compassion.owo.com
* Each shard is controlled by a set of 7 servers; central, area1, area2, area3, area4, area5 and area6. Each area designates a map region of that shard. See below for each number's meaning.
American Shards
Some shard hardware has been moved from the owo addresses (Jan 2011), ip addresses are as follows:
  • Origin
  • Pacific
  • Baja
  • Sonoma
  • Lake Austin
  • Napa Valley
  • Oceania
  • Lake Superior
  • Chesapeake
Shard Server ID Zone DNS Addresses IP Address (central)
Atlantic 0 -5 atlantic.owo.com, central-ae2.owo.com *
Baja 5 -8 baja.owo.com, central-aw2.owo.com *
Catskills 8 -5 catskills.owo.com, central.ae3.owo.com *
Chesapeake 6 -5 chesapeake.owo.com, central-ae1.owo.com *
Great Lakes 3 -5 greatlakes.owo.com, central-ae6.owo.com *
Lake Austin 33 -8 lakeaustin.owo.com, central-aw1.owo.com *
Lake Superior 4 -5 lakesuperior.owo.com, central-ae7.owo.com *
Legends 14 -5 legends.owo.com, central-ae5.owo.com*
Napa Valley 7 -8 napavalley.owo.com, central-aw3.owo.com *
Origin 32 -8 origin.owo.com, central-aw6.owo.com*
Pacific 2 -8 pacific.owo.com, central-aw5.owo.com *
Siege Perilous 13 -5 siege.owo.com, central-ae4.owo.com *
Sonoma 9 -8 sonoma.owo.com, central-aw4.owo.com *
Test Center ? -6 testcenter.owo.com, central-tx1.owo.com*
Australian Shards
Shard Server ID Zone DNS Addresses IP Address (central)
Oceania 29 +10 oceania.owo.com, central-oz1.owo.com*
European Shards
Shard Server ID Zone DNS Addresses IP Address (Central)
Drachenfels 25 0 drachenfels.owo.com, central-eu2.owo.com*
Europa 24 0 europa.owo.com, central-eu1.owo.com*
Japanese Shards
Shard Server ID Zone DNS Addresses IP Address (Central)
Asuka 21 +9 asuka.owo.com, central-jp5.owo.com*
Hokuto 23 +9 hokuto.owo.com, central-jp4.owo.com*
Izumo 27 +9 Izumo.owo.com, central-jp2.owo.com*
Mizuho 31 +9 Mizuho.owo.com, central-jp6.owo.com*
Mugen 18 +9 Mugen.owo.com, central-jp7.owo.com*
Sakura 16 +9 Sakura.owo.com, central-jp8.owo.com*
Wakoku 22 +9 wakoku.owo.com, central-jp3.owo.com*
Yamato 20 +9 yamato.owo.com, central-jp1.owo.com*
Korean Shards
Shard Server ID Zone DNS Addresses IP Address (Central)
Arirang 28 +9 arirang.owo.com, central-kr1.owo.com*
Baekdu   +9 closed on June 8 2002
Balhae 29 +9 balhae.owo.com, central-kr2.owo.com*
Taiwanese Shards
Shard Server ID Zone DNS Addresses IP Address (Central)
Formosa 26 +8 formosa.owo.com, central-tw1.owo.com*

UO Trace

These server addresses can be used with the program UO Trace to help identify connectivity problems causing lag. Details on use of this program can be found here

Server-Based Map Regions
Number Map Region
Central Lost Lands (T2A) and chat server.
Area 1 North of Britain, Yew, Minoc.
Area 2 Britain and areas Westward.
Area 3 Trinsic and below, Jhelom.
Area 4 Most of the Ocean. Islands and Vesper
Area 5 The Dungeons and Wind.
Area 6 UO the Second Age add on

TCP/IP Ports
These are the ports that have to be enabled if you want to play UO via a proxy server.
Number Usage
5000 - 5010 Game Server
7775 - 7777 Login Server
8888 Patch Server
9999 Patch Server

These are the 'stories' behind the names of the various shards
Shard name Origin
Abyss The infernal regions of ancient Greek mythology. The name was originally used for the deepest region of the world, the lower of the two parts of the underworld, where the gods locked up their enemies. It gradually came to mean the entire underworld. As such it was the opposite of Elysium, where happy souls lived after death.

Name of a MUD (Multi User Dungeon).

Arirang 'Arirang' is the name of a well known Korean folk song. Another name for the song is 'Harangi Arirang'. Many people (especially high school band/orchestra players) would recognize it as the intro theme to 'Variations of a Korean Folk Song', written by Mr. Chance (I don't remember the first name) ASCAP. If any of you have played the video game 'Soul Blade', then you might also recognize it as the name of one of the fighting stages (where I believe the harmony of the folk song is played in the background...)
Tristan, the Unlucky - GL shard
Asuka - Significant historical era in Japan - early 6th Century.
- Woman's name.
- Asuka is a city in the northern region of Japan about 60 miles west of Sendai.
- Today the term "Asuka" commonly refers to a broad area centering around present-day Asuka-mura, but including parts of Kashihara-shi, Sakurai-shi, Takatori-cho, etc. However, in the 7th and 8th centuries, "Asuka" was used primarily in reference to the area bounded on the west by the Asuka River, bounded on the north by Mount Kagu (Kaguyama), and having its southern boundary in the vicinity of the Tachibanadera. The more northerly area of the Fujiwara capital and also the present-day districts of Toyura. Hinokuma, etc. (within Asuka-mura) seem not at that time to have been included in the designation "Asuka."
Atlantic Close to the Atlantic ocean.
Baja A peninsula in California, Mexico
Baekdu A mountain in North Korea. Baekdu was an experimental shard, located in Korea and prepared exclusively for use in Korean internet game rooms (or "IGRs"). It was allowed to run for a predetermined number of months for testing, after which it was decided to not pursue that variation on the UO service.
Balhae The name “Balhae” was voted for by Korean Ultima Online players and dates from the country’s rich history as the title of a 7th century dynasty.
Catskills A mountain range located 2 1/2 hours north of the New York City metropolitan area and about 3 1/2 hours west of Boston.
Chesapeake A bay in Maryland (on the East coast).
Drachenfels Drachenfels refers to a place on the rhine near of Worms in germany. It is the place where Siegfried slayed Fafnir the dragon using the magical sword Balmung and a cloak who granted invisibility. Siegfried bathed in the blood of Fafnir, thus becoming incredibly strong, agile and invulnerable except for one spot on his left shoulder where an ahorn leaf covered his skin (it showed as a tattoo in form of an ahorn leaf). With slaying Fafnir Siegfried obtained the Nibelungen hoard, including the magical ring Andvaranaut which seeks out gold but was hexed by Andvari into giving all his bearers bad luck and pain. The posession of the ring leads to the tragic event when his brother-in-law Hagen murders Siegfried after pain and misfortune wrecked havock upon Siegfrieds family.
Europa Europa was the daughter of Agenor, and was beloved by Zeus. Zeus took the form of a beautiful white bull and encountered Europa at the seashore. By appearing to be very tame, he coaxed her to climb onto his back and then swam off with her across the sea to Crete. In Crete, Europa had three sons by Zeus -- Minos, Sarpedon, and Rhadamanthys. Zeus also gave her three gifts: the bronze man, Talos, to act as her guardian; a dog, Laelaps, which never failed of its quarry; and a javelin which never missed its mark. Europa afterwards married Asterius, the king of Crete.
Formosa The name "Formosa" is an old name for the island country of Taiwan and dates back to the 1500's when Portuguese explorers discovered the island. This discovery opened the doors for trade with the Western world; an economic tradition which has continued over the past 500 years. Formosa means "the beautiful" in Portuguese.
Great Lakes A group of 5 lakes. The Great Lakes-Big Rivers Region includes the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Ontario and Wisconsin.
Hokuto The "Great Bear" constellation. Hokuto Sheisei = north star.
Izumo Izumo is an existing Japanese city with a deep historical background and is also famous for the foreword thinking municipal programs that have been adopted lately. Many Japanese are familiar with this city, and with Izumo-taisha, which is an old Japanese shrine that imparts good luck for finding your mate. The city boasts a history rich with legendary stories and a culture from which many medieval samurais came. The Japanese characters for this name mean ‘cloud is out’ or ‘coming out of cloud.’
Lake AustinLaunched at the time of the 5th Year Anniversary in 2002. It is named after the twenty-two mile long body of water in Central Texas that runs right past the place where UO was born, the home office of Origin Systems.
Lake Superior One of the 5 lakes in the Great Lakes area. The other 4 are Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.
LegendsOpened originally in 2000 as AOL Legends shard, it was the only Ultima Online shard available exclusively through the America Online service. Initially called AOL Sosaria, but later renamed to AOL Legends in honor of Legends of Kesmai, one of the forerunners in the online role-playing game industry. In 2003 it was again renamed, losing the AOL name and exclusivity and opening its doors to all players worldwide.
Mizuho The name Mizuho dates from ancient times, when Japan was called "Land of Mizuho". Mizuho stands for beautiful water, and Japan has been long famous for its rich rice harvest. The shard name was chosen from submissions to the official UO Japanese website http://www.jp.uo.com and voted on by UO players via the website.
Napa Valley A large wine producing valley in California not far from the Sonoma region.
Oceania Named for the approximately 25,000 islands located in the area of the Pacific Ocean known as the South Seas.
OriginLaunched in December 2004 this shard is the first to receive new publishes. Named for the birthplace of the game, Origin Systems.
Pacific Close to the Pacific ocean.
Sakura The name Sakura is borrowed from the national flower of Japan, where Sakura trees boast beautiful blossoms during springtime.
Siege Perilous Siège means seat in French (note the accent over the first e)... so in fact the Siège Perilous means "Perilous Seat".

Also the name of the first moongate the traveler from time and space (later known as the Avatar) used to enter Sosaria was called Siege Perilous in Ultima lore. (Ultima 1)

In Arthurian legend this was the name given to the one seat made from stone that for many years was left empty at the Round Table. Malory tells us that it was made by Merlin (II, 907 in Vinaver's ed.).
It was said that only a Knight pure enough to search for and find the Grail could take this seat. The first in Arthurian legend was Perceval and then in later legends Galahad who became known as a Grail Knight deemed worthy enough to sit in it when both embarked upon the Siege Perilous. The siege perilous was much revered and believed that it would crack if anyone not worthy of sitting in it tried to do so. Other reports said that the seat would devour any person who had presumed themselves worthy enough to sit on it.
The seat was said to have cracked when Perceval sat in it, but it was later healed when he became a Grail Knight.
When Lancelot sinned by cavorting with Lady Guinevere his chance to sit in the chair and his chance to see the holy grail were forfeited. His son Galahad was the one to occupy the chair.
Sir Galahad eventually sat at the Siege Perilous. Although Percival was the first Knight to "see" the Holy Grail, Galahad completed the Quest. Ironically, Galahad is the son of Elaine and Lancelot.

Sonoma A well renowned wine producing region in California. It is adjacent to, and just north/north east of the Napa Valley region.
Wakoku Ancient name for Japan
Yamato - Area of Japan long ago (the Kanto area of ancient Japan)
- A city close to Osaka on the south/central end of Japan. Also the 3 Yamato Mountains is the name as a whole of Unebi-yama, Miminashi-yama, Amano-kaguyama mountains located in the north of Asuka region. They are separated 3 km from each other and form a triangle: capital Fujiwara-kyo is in the central low land.
- TV Animation series starring a group of highly skilled and carefully selected young people under the command of Captain Avatar.

Server Down Times

Bertram di Vega sent us this interesting bit of info regarding backups and server downtimes:
I received this reply from GM Darwin in regards to an email I sent to [email protected] I was concerned about the fluctuating times that various servers have been going down for maintainence. According to the server maintainence schedule published by OSI on their website, the servers are taken down for maintainence at 5 AM local server time. This is not always the case and some servers have been taken down as long as two hours late.
Hi there,

I am sorry that the game server downtimes have inconvenienced you. Here is a detailed explanation of how the server downtimes work so that you can understand what is going on "behind the scenes" so to speak. :-) All of the game servers begin checking themselves at 4:45 AM local server time for the last completed backup. Once a backup is completed after that time, the game "goes down" for its daily maintenance and immediately starts itself back up.

Therefore, if a backup completes at 4:59 AM, then the server will have a perfect downtime at 5AM, right on schedule. However, if the game completes a backup at say 4:20AM, it then begins the next backup, moving right through 5AM to whatever time it completes the next backup. The Ultima Online game servers are constantly in a state of backing themselves up. If the new backup happens to take until 6AM or so to complete, the server will continue to wait to go down until the backup is complete at 6AM.

We do shoot for as close to 5AM local server time as possible. However, due to the enormous task of saving the game data associated with the giant Ultima Online world, we have to settle for a downtime of as close to 5AM as we can while maintaining the most current backup file.

Gm Darwin