Taxidermy Kits; Updated by Daemonbone

Taxidermy Kits allow players to use corpses of certain creatures to create trophy deeds, which can be used within houses to generate a wall mounted trophy.

Taxidermy Kits can be bought from NPC Tanners, usually found within �leather and hide� shops in towns. Only master and above carpenters can use the kit itself, as those without master or grandmaster status in carpentry will be unable to figure out the kit�s workings. A master carpenter is defined by UO as a player with 90.1 or above base carpentry skill (base skill, visible by checkmarking selecting �show real� in the skill window).

When a player who does not have enough carpentry skill attempts to buy a kit from the NPC Tanner, the NPC will say "You would not understand how to use this kit".

Prices for taxidermy kits vary from 80,000 to 110,000 gold, depending on the demand on Trammel and non-faction town vendors in Felucca. Faction towns in Felucca with a negative tax rate may sell them for as low as 70,000.

The player will need the following items to create a trophy:

  • Taxidermy Kit
  • 10 boards
  • corpse of one of the below mentioned creatures, which will give:
    Orc Trophy
    Gorilla Trophy
    Troll Trophy
    Brown Bear Trophy
    Polar Bear Trophy
    Great Hart Trophy
    Big Fish Trophy
    (note that �big fish� that have been stacked with other fish will not be useable by the taxidermy kit)
deed for a trophyWhen a player with appropriate carpentry skill and materials double-clicks the taxidermy kit, they will get a targeting cursor. This cursor must be targeted on the corpse of the creature intended to be the trophy. The player will need to be at the corpse of one of these creatures to successfully use the taxidermy kit. The taxidermy kit will disappear upon successful usage, and a deed for a trophy will be placed within the player�s pack.

Any player attempting to place the trophy will need to have owner/co-owner status within the house. You will get a message "This does not need to be locked down" when you try to lock a placed trophy down however they will not decay and do not use up any house lockdowns when placed.

Double-clicking a placed trophy will cause it to return to deed form in the player's backpack.

Trophy deeds placed in houses that collapsed at the end of the IDOC phase are deleted and cannot be picked up as part of the IDOC loot.