NOTE: The following information is official documention for Mondain's Legacy, as described by Electronic Arts. If you have written your own unofficial guide about the new House Pets and/or House Storage Options, please send it to UO Stratics at [email protected] for publication to our website.


Players can purchase aquariums from NPC Fishers and fill them with creatures and decorations gained from fishing or aquarium rewards. Fish tanks have a chance to periodically spawn rewards which may be be fish or other items. These items can be traded to other players. Aquariums will also expand the rares market through new items or rare varieties of existing items.


Players with any professions can own a parrot. Once you acquire a parrot, you'll need a perch for the parrot to live on as well as wafers to feed your parrot. Carpenters make perches, while wafers can be obtained from cooks. Once you have your parrot settled into your house, you'll notice that it will mimic what you are saying from time to time. Feeding it a wafer will also cause it to speak a phrase.


Ferrets are fuzzy with an elongated body and slender tail. Many have markings on their feet and faces, particularly around the eyes.

They are friendly and make excellent pets.

Sqirrels have small rounded ears and a long bushy tail and love to inhabit areas where humans leave lots of edible treats strewn about.

Container Labeling
The ability for players to name containers to distinguish them from other containers has been a player wishlist item for many years. Container labeling will be done by creating a special engraving tool object that when used will prompt a target cursor. The player character will then need to select the container to rename and type the name of the container.

Additional Storage
All houses owned by Ultima Online™: Mondain's Legacy entitled accounts will receive an automatic 20% increased storage capacity.