Q: When can I play Ultima Online™: Mondain’s Legacy?
A:The target launch date is August 30, 2005!

Q: I’m a current UO subscriber. How do I upgrade my account to play Mondain’s Legacy?
A: The Mondain's Legacy store is open now. Visit www.uogamecodes.com to purchase Mondain's Legacy, then apply the code to your account following the instructions given to you at the time of purchase. Once your account is upgraded, you will have access to all the content and features of Mondain's Legacy. Note that while you can upgrade your account before launch day, you will not be able to play UOML until it officially launches.

Only one UO account can be upgraded with a Mondain's Legacy Upgrade Code.

When you buy an Upgrade Code, you ALSO get an account creation code you can give to a friend.

Q: I’m not a UO subscriber, but I would like to play Mondain’s Legacy. How do I subscribe?
A:The Mondain's Legacy store is open now. Visit www.uogamecodes.com to purchase Mondain's Legacy, You will be given instructions at that time about how to create an account and how to download the game client.

Only one UO account can be created with a Mondain's Legacy Account Creation Code. When you create a new Mondain's Legacy account, the first 30-days of game play are free. After that, regular billing will apply. If you cancel your account before your first 30 days has expired, you will not be billed.

Q: Does Ultima Online™: Mondain’s Legacy include all the UO expansion packs?
A: Yes, upgrading an existing account to Ultima Online: Mondain’s Legacy, or creating a new account with an Ultima Online: Mondain’s Legacy account creation code, will give you the ability to play content from all eight UO expansion packs.
Those include: Ultima Online™: The Second Age, Ultima Online Renaissance™, Ultima Online™: Third Dawn™, Ultima Online™: Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge, Ultima Online™: Age of Shadows™, Ultima Online™: Samurai Empire and Ultima Online™: Mondain’s Legacy.

Q: Do I have to wait for the release of Mondain’s Legacy in order to play Ultima Online™?
A:No! You can download the Ultima Online™ game client and get a 15-day free subscription from http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/uogold/.

Q: Do I need an Internet connection to play Ultima Online™?
A: Yes, Ultima Online™ is played on the Internet. There is no single player component to it.

Q:Where can I find the Ultima Online™ Terms of Service, Rules of Conduct and info about payment options?
A: You can find that information at

Q:Will there be an open beta, and if so, when will it be?
A: Yes, there will be an open beta, but we do not have a firm date at this time.

Q: What kind of racial abilities do Elves and Humans have?
A: We’re still adjusting and tuning, so without specific details, here’s the basic information. (Of course, we’ll be balancing based on feedback from beta.)


Innate Night Sight
Infused with Magic - increased energy resistance cap.
Knowledge of Nature - increased chance to gain special resources; colored ore when mining or special boards when lumberjacking.
Difficult to Track - Elves are more difficult to track than Humans.
Perception - increased chance to detect hidden passively.
Wisdom - increased maximum mana.


Strong Back - increased carrying capacity above that determined by strength.
Tough - increased hit point regeneration rate.
Workhorse - increased resources when gathering hides, ore, or lumber.
Jack of All Trades - basic familiarity with everything, granting minor ability in all skills; even untrained ones.

Q: What kinds of containers can be labeled?
A: Just about everything! New labeling tools have been created for metal containers, wooden containers, leather containers and spellbooks. Some examples of containers that can be labeled include: backpacks, bags, pouches, crates, potion kegs, chests, SOS chests, etc.

Q: How are quivers going to work? Are they craftable?
A: Yes, several quivers are craftable. Quivers are equipped on the paperdoll and may contain arrows or bolts. A quiver improves the damage of arrows, both by a flat percentage increase and through the damage type associated with the quiver. Quivers can be auto-refilled from another container and are limited by weight and not item count. Quivers confer a new property of weight reduction on their contents. And... they can be insured.

More information for quivers:

The damage type of the quiver replaces the damage type of the bow.
Damage is increased.
A quiver can hold arrows or bolts, but only one type at a time.
The weight of the contents of a quiver is reduced.
Ammo is used from the quiver first before being used from the character's backpack.

Q: What are recipes, and how do I get them?
A: Recipes are acquired through the questing system. For each quest completed that rewards a craftsman’s satchel, you have the chance to gain a recipe scroll. They can be traded freely so those that get a recipe they already know or one they can’t use, can trade with another player for something they desire. A recipe, when used, gives the character the ability to craft a specific item that is otherwise unavailable to craftsmen. Crafting recipes will vary in rarity and therefore some craftsmen will be able to make items that others cannot, generating a market opportunity.

Q: Where can I get the new ingredients?
A: Some are found as loot on peerless monsters, paragons, mini “boss”, and champion spawn monsters, while others are harvested.

Q: Are crafting recipes item specific where say a repeating crossbow must be made with a particular recipe?
A: Yes, each recipe will teach you how to create a single new item.

Q: What kinds of jewelry will tinkers be able to craft?
A: Tinkers gain the ability to craft new bracelets, rings and pendants. The type of gemstones used in the jewelry determines the sorts of properties that appear on the item when crafted. For example, brilliant amber is associated with FC, SDI, FCR, and LRC.

Q: Will cooking get any changes/additions?
A: Yes! There will be new cooking recipes. Cooks will be able to make food and drink that increases the regeneration rate of stamina and if eaten while poisoned, it reduces the number of “ticks” remaining on the poison. Other new food removes curses, increases damage (both melee and spell) for a brief burst of time, and grants a blessing when eaten.
There will also be a Food Decoration Tool that can decorate cakes, cookies and pizzas.

Q: Do I need to be an elf to tame and/or ride the new mounts?
A: The Cu’Sidhe may only be ridden by an elf. The Reptalon can be tamed and ridden by either race.

Q: Are all Elves blue?
A: Not at all. As with Humans, you’ll find that Elves vary widely in appearance, both in skin tone, as well as hairstyle and hair color. Some Elves are indeed blue, but that is only one choice out of many.

Q: What is The Heartwood and where will it be located?
A: The Elves live high in the branches of a vast tree, known as the world tree. The Heartwood exists outside of Sosaria, yet the roots of the tree have a magical connection with the land of Sosaria. This mystical tree is simultaneously experiencing all seasons, a different season in each quarter of its girth. Where the Elves have made their homes, it is always early spring. The Heartwood is extremely different from other Sosarian cities, because Elves approach life differently than Humans.

Q: I’ve heard that the Elves of The Heartwood don’t care much about gold, but are rather interested in trade. What kinds of NPCs might we find there?
A: Just like a human city, you’ll find Elves of all professions and backgrounds there, with most being neutral or somewhat friendly towards humanity. However, it is true that most Elves aren’t interested in gold. Instead, you will often find the Elves of The Heartwood willing to trade what they have for something they want, or some may request that you accomplish a task for them instead.

Q: Will Elven armor and weapons be usable by everyone?
A: Only Elves are able to wear elven armor. Humans are too large for the armor to fit properly. Elven weapons, however, can be used by any race.

Q: Can you give some more details on Community Collections?
A: Community Collections are designed to provide a means for players to voluntarily participate in large-scale cooperative activities. Community Collections allow individuals to donate and earn points based on their direct participation towards the group effort.

Each community collection works slightly differently, for example, the zoo welcomes donations of various types. Each sort of donation is worth a number of “donation points”. The donations are tracked on each shard and when a shard reaches various thresholds the areas of the zoo begin to be populated with animals. Donations must continue to prevent the zoo from falling into disuse again.

Characters that donate to the zoo also have their donation points tracked. These points can be used to purchase rewards.

Q: Will the new quests only be in the new elf areas or are some being placed in human cities?
A: You can find the new quests in both elf and human areas, but most will be located in The Heartwood.

Q: When 'reclaiming' your elven/human heritage will you be able to choose your new appearence?
A: When the quest is completed, you will be required to select a new hairstyle, as well as a new hair and skin color.

Q: Since Elves can see so well in the dark, doesn't that mean that bright light bothers them?
A: Yes, that is an unfortunate drawback to being sensitive to light. Luckily, some of the more fashionable Elves have managed to find a way to take care of that particular problem, while maintaining their sense of style.

Q: How will I get the UOML content via download? Will there be one large file to download, or will there be several smaller patches?
A: The expansion content will be patched out to everyone in a manner very similar to Ultima Online™: Samurai Empire.

Q: How much will Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy cost?
A: $29.99.

Q: Can we see what the new elf hair colors and skin tones look like?
A: You sure can. Just click on the one of the images below for a larger version.
Q: How about showing us some elven paperdolls?
A: Coming right up! Click the images for a larger version.

Q: Can we see an example of a labeled container?
A: Here is a labeled bag, apparently used to carry Aneelia's jewelry:

Q: What about some of the new options in various crafting menus?
A: Here are some fresh crafting menu screenshots. Click the images for a larger version.

Q: Unlike many of the famous citizens that populate the lands of Sosaria, I'm merely a poor beggar... what can you tell us about the generosity of the Elves?
A: Well, Elves don't have much use for gold, so don't bother if gold is what you are after. However, they are a generous to those truly in need, though that generosity varies from elf to elf - you never know what you'll be given!

Q: Will the new tamables all have the same appearance, or will they spawn with a variety of hues?
A: We've noticed that the Cu’Sidhe does seem to have some variation in color, with some colors being more common than others. We have yet to discover any color difference with Reptalons, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Q: Can we get some more information on Spellweaving?
A: Sure! You can read all about it here.

Q: Can you tell us about craftable quivers?
A: There are 5 types of craftable quivers:

  • Elven Quiver - 10% Damage Increase, 30% weight reduction
  • Quiver of Fire - 10% Damage Increase, 50% physical damage, 50% fire damage, 30% weight reduction
  • Quiver of Ice- 10% Damage Increase, 50% physical damage, 50% cold damage, 30% weight reduction
  • Quiver of Blight - 10% Damage Increase, 50% physical damage, 50% poison damage, 30% weight reduction
  • Quiver of Lightning - 10% Damage Increase, 50% physical damage, 50% energy damage, 30% weight reduction
All but the Elven Quiver will override the damage type of your bow. Only tailors will be able to make quivers, but they will need to find the appropriate recipe before doing so.

Q: Some of the Cooperative Collection rewards seem very powerful compared to currently available artifacts. Are these going to changed before launch?
A: We will be tweaking and balancing these items throughout the beta test. The result is that many of these items will be significantly reduced in power before UOML is released.

Q: Help! I've looked everywhere, but can't seem to find all of the new dungeons. can you tell me where they are?
A: You can find the new dungeons here:

  • Palace of Paroxysmus (The Lost Lands - 7° 59’ North 24° 53’ West)
  • Twisted Weald (Ilshenar - 13° 32’ North 8° 55’ East)
  • Blighted Grove (Trammel/Felucca - 1° 34’ South 52° 6’ West)
  • Bedlam (Malas - 21° 53’ North 53° 9’)
  • Prism of Light (Felucca/Trammel - 45° 52’ North 173° 27’ East)
  • The Citadel (Tokuno - 75° 14’ North 1° 49’ East)
  • Painted Caves (Felucca/Trammel - 120° 29’ South 27° 29’ East)
  • Labyrinth (Malas - 56° 36’ North 28° 37’ East)
  • Sanctuary (Felucca/Trammel - 0° 58’ North 37° 3’ West)
Q: Why isn't Spellweaving on the skill list when you create a new character?
A: You cannot create a character with Spellweaving; you must prove your worth through completing a quest in order to begin using the Spellweaving skill.

Q: Can you give us a description of the new special attacks available on elven weapons?
A: We most certainly can! Here is a list of the new special attacks, along with a short description:

Mana Cost: 30
The warrior becomes one with their weapon, allowing it to guide their hand. The effects of this attack are unpredictable, but effective.

Force Arrow
Mana Cost: 20
The archer focuses their will into an arrow of pure force, dazing their enemy. Dazed enemies are temporarily easier to hit, and sometimes forget who they are attacking.

Lightning Arrow
Mana Cost: 20
A charged arrow that arcs lightning into its target's allies.

Psychic Attack
Mana Cost: 30
Temporarily enchants the attacker's weapon with deadly psychic energy, allowing it to damage the defender's mind and their ability to inflict damage with magic.

Serpent Arrow
Mana Cost: 40
Fires a snake at the target, poisoning them in addition to normal damage with a successful hit. The archer must be skilled in poisoning and nimble of hand to achieve success.

Force of Nature
Mana Cost: 40
Enfuses the attacker with Nature's Fury, granting them unparalleled strength. This dangerous channeling causes leafy vines to violently erupt from beneath the attacker's skin, dealing substantial physical and poison damage to them.