NOTE: The following information is official documention for Mondain's Legacy, as described by Electronic Arts. If you have written your own unofficial guide for any of the new quests found in UO, please send it to UO Stratics at [email protected] for publication to our website.

The brand-new quest engine allows for hundreds of new quest options, including the opportunity to engage in multiple quests at the same time. Some quests are very simple in nature - seek out a certain monster and kill it, for example. Others require you to explore new dungeons or areas of mystery. Still others involve crafting and reward you with new runic kits or crafting recipes. You can even change your race through questing. The opportunities are endless and there is something for everyone.

Quest Types

  • Kill

  • Specifies a type, quantity, and in some instances, location of creatures you must kill.

  • Obtain

  • Requires you to gather specific items and return them to the Quest Giver. Some items come from monsters you must slay, some items must be crafted, and other items must be found elsewhere. Some obtain quests require you to gather a certain quantity of specific items throughout your journeys.

  • Escort

  • Help an NPC travel to a given location.

  • Delivery

  • Take a quest item from one NPC and deliver it to another NPC.