Professions: The Adventurer
The True Adventurer, by FireStorm; Edited by Xena Dragon
A lot of us started playing Ultima, with visions of it resembling AD&D, or the original Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior and Ultima series. However, pretty soon, we see a world where no class of character, nor good adventure is present. Of all my UO memories, that of myself marching around as a relatively new person stood out the best. This article will teach you how YOU CAN have the experience you desired, and still be a formidable person. You don't have to role-play to work this character. It would likely enhance the game, but it's not necessary (I don't use "thee and thou" often, but I do speak intelligibly with punctuation.). When starting a new character for this profession, try to pick a name without aLtErNatInG capitals. Avoid ebonics such as kIllaz, cappurs, or hunniez. If you want to be memorable, you need to pick a name that doesn't blend in like the rest. You don't have to create some wonderful jargoned Role-name. Borrow one from a favorite fantasy character. Your name says a lot about your character.

Now, for a word about stats. Start with 60 strength, 10 dexterity and 10 intelligence. Strength is still the hardest to get up, and the most critical. I suggest that you start with 49 anatomy, 50 healing, and 1 point of some combat skill. Why the healing? Well, healing is a powerful skill. It is also quite cheap. Also, your character will not be a mage. Some may question this, but there are two reasons: Magic, just as is said, corrupts the soul, or in this case, the character. Secondly, magery is a big investment. And, when the magery re-definements come, it's not going to fit. I suggest that you cycle your combat skills. You are going to be a warrior/adventurer, you will need to use what you can get. In addition, some weapons work better in some cases. Try your hand at adventuring, straight off.

Your monetary survival will be scavenging. There is a huge wealth in Sosaria, just left laying around. Kindling is readily available from trees by using your dagger. Start a fire, and cook meat on it. This will raise your stats quickly, AND keep you well fed. Being well fed will dramatically increase your chances of survival. Any excess meat can be sold to butchers. You only fetch 4 gold a piece, but in 15 minutes, you can rack up a LOT of meat at a spawn spot. Often in dungeons, items such as the axes and swords of monsters are left behind. These weapons can be sold for a small profit of gold. Stay near and in dungeons. Using a dagger will raise your skill quickly and gains stats. Don't wear armor until you are a journeyman. Rather, run around and fight the strong monsters. If you die, you loose nothing. Simply get resurrected. A dagger vs an earth elemental will gain skills VERY fast. If it gets too hot, simply run away and use bandages. Repeat as needed. Once you get to journeyman, you can make a living by killing some monsters. Granted, because of the way you work, you will often be poor, but it doesn't matter. DO NOT store more than 2 sets of armor in your bank, and no more than 2 of any kind of weapon. USE what you get. If you have a mace of power, don't fret over loosing it, USE it. If you horde, THAT is what will make your poverty a problem.

In order to stand out and meet your needs, don't wear bone armor. Bone makes you a clone, and you will never feel like you are an adventurer like you want. Go to your local smith and purchase exceptional chainmail and ring mail. It holds up just as well as most bone armor, and doesn't loose dexterity like plate. You will look UNIQUE. I suggest that you stick to the traditional hero weapon: the broadsword. Under the new weapon patch, it will be quite strong and formidable. In addition, daemons have provided excess numbers of magic broad swords. A good steady sword will be easy to procure. Accuracy bonuses will allow you to take on tougher creatures. I suggest also that you invest in an exceptional heater shield or one of the common magic metal kite shields. Parrying will keep you in good shape. Trolls are excellent for parrying skills. Do not try them unless you are an advanced warrior. I suggest two more skills, although you do not need a large amount of skill in either. Arms lore will gain strength, but will also help you understand when to get repairs for your armor. Camping will allow a safe log out, as you will often be staying in the woods, rather than recalling into towns.

I suggest you organize your back pack as follows: One bag, color designated for assorted loot. Another bag, color designated for clothes. This may sound silly, but changing clothes can often fool some people into believing you are someone else. It can also help you to blend in at a moment's notice. Healing potions, in a row, several. I suggest about 5-10. You will not be a mage, you will need them so that you may make quick escapes when you don't have time for a bandage. In a pouch, collect what potions you can. Since others will often be stronger than you, those white and blue potions can give you the edge. Always have greater cures to handle poison. Red potions are critical. After shoving things out of the way, they restore stamina. It's the best way to make an escape. Purple potions will handle those who hide. In addition, it will allow you some safety. If an orc party is below you, a few of these can soften them up. Have your bandages next to your healing potions. Line up your weapons with plenty of space. Be able to grab them readily. The key to making this character WORK is to be ready and able to handle situations quickly.

Summary: Maintain a variety of combat skills. Use your dagger and fight strong monsters until you gain up to journeyman (earth elementals are excellent and easy to get to). It will take less time than training dummies. Use healing skills and potions to give yourself the edge you need. Build a strong parry skill, and you will take very little melee damage. Soon it will protect you from magic and arrows as well. Grab meat and refuse. It can often be sold for a small amount of gold. Add it up, and it should be enough for you. Settle for what you have. Someone else will always have better. Maintain a unique perspective & appearance. Be prepared.

OK, well, where is the adventure part? It's simple. I suggest that once you reach a good comfortable level of skill, that you walk. That is right. Walk from end to end of Britannia. The reality is that people get too caught up in getting from point a to b. In between, there is a lot to experience. Don't keep to dungeons. Hang around populated regions. If someone asking for help isn't wanting materials, it's a good chance you can start a fun journey. Keep it simple stupid. Get companions. Be a REAL band of highwaymen. Surround an object, ask him to dump his gold. Don't be an idiot or PK.

You can go to player run towns and such. They are often corrupt and despicable in my eye. It is often fun to rout the louts, and they are often the subject of terrorist activities. Fighting amongst players is good, when under two conditions:

  • It is done for moral reasons. Fight those who are corrupt.
  • It is done in the name of an adventure. Don't kill many, don't kill excessively and only take gold. Leave the rest and return it to the victim.
Also, if you DO start this, don't turn right around back to an upstanding person. You can alter yourself to a thief, despicable type. Just don't be another jerk PK. Don't go after those who can't defend themselves or those who's appearance indicates they are struggling. Be Robin Hood, rob from the rich, give to the poor. Don't confine yourself. Don't go to towns except to sell or deposit loot and restock after death. Don't worry about who is stronger. Someone else will always have more. Concentrate on having fun. Build up a party, and move out as a group. The roads of the land often have strange happenings…if you are willing to take things in the right way and ask the right questions, you've got yourself an adventure. Walk all over the land.

- FireStorm, former knight sworn to Lord British.