Professions: The Armsman
The Armsman, by Chemical; Edited by Xena Dragon
Magery and alchemy are excellent skills to have in your arsenal but what about if a charging skeletal knight traps you and starts to rip into your health? It is natural that any mage, scribe or alchemist has a fighting skill to compliment their main attack. You may think the powerful halberd, or the dangerous crossbow would be your best choice but really you should be looking towards the skill of Mace Fighting.

Attributes And Skills To Start
Despite what you may think , my view is that macing should not be your starting skill and that something like the following should be your first professions.

Magery  50
Tailoring  40
Mace Fighting  10
You may be asking why when you set out to be a armsman that you choose magery as your primary skill, the simple reason is because mace fighting is such an excellent skill it needs not a massive starting input, so to start with magery is an excellent idea as it means you will be able to cast Greater Heal 100% of the time, which you will come to find as your best spell. The Tailoring skill should be used as a way of making money, this of course can be replaced with blacksmithing or mining according to your own wishes, however this is how I chose my skills and very useful each was. The attributes I found to be best are as follows;
Strength  45
Dexterity  15
Intelligence  20
They may seem peculiar statistics because of the previous skills but you will find if you practice the excellent Spirit Speak consistently the mana will steadily increase to around 50 which should be your starting mark. The tailoring will increase your dexterity as steadily as Spirit Speak with mana and strength of 40 is a good starting point to have as you will find it hardest to increase.

Starting Off
Your first cash should be invested in equipment for tailoring (Spools of thread, sewing kit etc. See The Tailor) and after the money begins to come (be patient) travel to the nearby armorers and purchase a normal War Mace and a Metal Kite Shield then travel to the Warrior's Guild left across the bridge by the bank. Wait for a dummy to be available on the top floor of the guild and then start to hit away at it. When mace fighting reaches 25 you will discover you cannot increase the skill further by just hitting on the dummy, so now it is time to practice the magery and increase your mana with the Spirit Speak skill. This will seem extremely tedious but macing is just as difficult a skill to compliment as any and magery is unfortunately essential. After a good few days of consistently doing spirit speak you should find your mana at around the 35-40 mark which is a good amount to have at your disposal. Make sure also that you keep up a good amount of tailoring as it will be your only money maker at the start, so make sure you always have 500-1k in the bank! At this stage your statistics should be as follows;

Strength  45-50
Dexterity  20-25
Intelligence  35-40

The Wilderness
After a while of doing the above you'll need to purchase some armor, Bone Armor is an excellent starting armor to have, and for 200-300gp you'll find you can purchase a set and equip it easily. Still make sure you do tailoring at least once every two days and make sure you are now above the 1k mark in the bank. By now you should have a good amount of armor and your war mace and a shield. From this stage don't get carried away and start rushing into dungeons, you should now be attempting to succeed in the wilderness. Animals you'll find are everywhere but a special selection have to be found so that you know your limits. Start of by attacking simple bunnies and birds. Skin them and sell the meat and feathers. Then move onto hinds, cows and great harts (you may find the latter slightly difficult but just take some Greater Heal reagents and heal when necessary), don't forget to skin and make armor from the hides. If you succeed at this level with relative ease you should find your mace fighting skill at around the 50-60 mark and you will find that rather being an Apprentice Mage you become a Journeyman Armsman (this happens at around 60-65), you will also have no huge problems with great harts, it is then that you should start to fight the timber wolves,cougars and bears (the health at this stage will deplete quicker so it is now essential that you buy the greater heal reagents). When this becomes academic the skill should now be around 75 (Expert Armsman) and your statistics should be as follows;

Strength  50-60
Dexterity  30-35
Intelligence  40-50
If the statistics are nowhere near those, it is because you have not kept up your magery and tailoring skills and utilized the Spirit Speak skill, if this is so, DO IT, you will need all 3 skills as much as each other, if you are unsure read more on the sections, The Mage and The Tailor, it is essential that you keep up both skills. If your statistics are as above return from the wilderness and make some more cash using the tailoring skill, you should now have after the following, have around 2k in the bank, from here it is important that you purchase some reagents (around 20 of each), which will cut into your finances unfortunately but it cant stay there forever :) From here you will find that travelling into the wilderness and fighting bears no longer increases skill so you will now need to visit the dungeons. Despite what people say Despise is a pile of @#$%, and has no value to beginners at all, there is no money or fame to really be had and so I would definitely not recommend it. Get a rune to somewhere like Orc Valley, as there are many ratmen and orcs, orc lord and sometimes ogres there which will increase your skill further and get you a fair bit of cash. Once you have the rune visit it and enjoy its pleasures :) If you get bored of this you may want to visit a dungeon, the best place to go for a now quite experienced traveller is Dungeon Deceit Level 2, which is home to the Bone & Skeletal Magi and more importantly for armsmen, Skeletal Knights and Bone Knights. These guys are absolute bastards to kill, they are in view the hardest attacking monster with a weapon at least, they can knock you down 1-2 hits and then swipe 20 off your health, so it is important that you don't go there until you have the following;
  • Full Plate (This will require 60 strength at the least)
  • A Kite Shield (Metal)
  • 20+ of each reagent
  • A Recall rune home
  • A War Mace (Preferably Magic)
Magic war maces are important as they can add soooooo much damage. It is essential that you know exactly how good what you are buying is, so glance at weapon enchantments before buying. A mace of Might is around the standard needed in Deceit Level 2. Maces of Vanquishing are extremely rare, I have only ever heard of one.

How To Cope In Level 2 Deceit
Murderers tend to travel regularly around here (only on the Felucca facet of course) so always check when you first enter the dungeon (after casting Night Sight) if it is clear then travel to the room needed. The place with the Knights is the right turning from the small crossroads and first right. Once you have found one it is best to cast reactive armor on yourself and then hope you can get a good start. TIP: Always Have Notoriety Query ON, at the options screen. You will need to heal very,very consistently at the start but keep plugging away and you should find you can defeat one, eventually! The loot is always worthwhile but be quick because people around you also take what they can. Your macing will also continue to increase and you will find yourself reaching adept standards soon then you will find you cope slightly better with the knights (especially bone knights) and can defeat more and more, you will also see more money coming into your bank but always be weary of murderers and your own health, it is always better to fight with 2 people or to fight a skeletal knight with 3 people on him than with one so if you can find a partner DO SO! When you reach master standards then start to work more on your magery, but still keep using macing as you will find it decreases if you ignore it, when you can cast energy bolt consistently then you at an excellent level for a warrior and that is all you will really need for the level 2 of deceit.

Parrying is a brilliant skill to compliment mace fighting, it will decrease the amount of hit points given by your opponent and will increase your kite shields worth armor points wise. It is simple to find Parrying skill, simply go to an armorers and get a vendor to teach you the skill. Then put it into practice at the dungeons and watch it increase. For a more detailed look go to the Parrying section.

Final Tips
Always keep up all 3 skills which you have chosen especially magery and macing, and always do spirit speak and item identification which can be excellent for discovering just how good magic weapons are. Also, if you have a good amount of money always be on the lookout for better magic war maces and magic kite shields. Remember that if you die, don't get worried about it, even the best of players die so if you do the same just wait to be resurrected by another player or at the healers and then rebuild yourself, eventually your title will change for the better and the rewards will start to come. If you can try and find a good silver war mace (e.g. A Silver war mace of Might) as it gives double damage against the undead and is important against Skeletal Magi and Knights. Also despite what you may see, from other players using halberds, don't be tempted to change, mace fighting is superior in speed and defence to using halberds ,so even if they are more powerful just remember that the only defence they have is there own body!


The Armsman, by Selerius Acton; Edited by Xena Dragon
Hello and well met! I am writing this essay to show that there are alternatives to your typical PvP character types; the Tank Mage and the Dex Monkeys. If you are fairly bored of these fellows, then an armsman might be for you.

First off this character will not be a 7x GM character, for that is a waste of time and is not attainable for the normal player anyway. So without further ado let's get started. These will be your starting skills;

  • 50 Magery
  • 50 Resisting spells
  • 45 strength
  • 10 dexterity
  • 10 intelligence
Very typical right? Also it would be good if you had a lot of money at this point too. A mule character is your typical solution to money problems, so make a second character that uses a trade skill you like. I would suggest carpentry and make wood shields for easy cash, but it's your character so do what you like. If you don't like mules then go bash bunnies for meat and be fairly poor for a long while. Your call.

First day in town
Your first priority when you come into being is to pick a town with training dummies. Most towns do but in case you don't know, Britain and Trinsic do have them so you should probably pick one of those towns. Buy yourself a club and a butcher knife at the local smith shop and get to work on those dummies. You want to work each weapon skill available to 25-skill level. Why? Because you will get stat points for doing this, and some tactics as well. You could bash bunnies too, but I don't think this raises your stats as well. Your call as always. While your hitting the dummies use either your anatomy or intelligence evaluation skills on anyone or anything creature that walks by. You will get a few skill points for this and hopefully for intelligence as well. Are you finished on those dummies? Good, bet that was boring huh? Now is the time to spend money. If you don't have a mule for cash, its time for you to hover around the town edges, and kill small animals. Collect the meat, feathers, and hides and sell them in town. This will give you good skill gains in combat. NOTE: use your mace weapons from now on, you are an armsman. The only other weapon skill you should use is wrestling, and not that often at that.

Once you have the money required, go around town and buy the skills you need to survive in the harsh world. These skills are Anatomy, Intelligence Evaluation, Healing, and perhaps Parry as well. You might also want to buy Tactics if you haven't bunny bashed yet. This can run you 800gp to 1000gp in gold, so make sure you got the cash. Now it's time to get supplies. I would recommend buying bolts of cloth and cutting them up into bandages with scissors, a mace weapon, chain mail armor set, and a shield if you want parrying. If you can get bone armor, that is also acceptable. Also you need to get spells. I would recommend getting the 4th level spells Recall and Greater Healing ASAP. Also you need to get regents for whatever spells you are using. All in all you will spend several thousand dollars getting started this way, but at least you will be prepared. J Now its time for you to adventure.

The places you want to fight first are forests and other outdoor areas. You will want to fight animals first and avoid monsters until you are stronger. After you start getting too good to fight rabbits, rats, sheep, and pigs, you will want to fight deer, cows, llamas, etc. When all the prey type animals get easy, start fighting predators such as wolves and bears. This will help you progress very quickly in mace fighting skill. If you get hurt use a bandage to heal yourself, or use the greater healing spell. If the situation gets too hot to handle, use the recall spell on a rune to transport yourself back into town. As always, whenever you see creatures or people, always use the Anatomy skill or the Intelligence Evaluation skills. Why should you use these? Anatomy gives you extra damage with your weapon at higher skill levels and also boosts the strength of your healing skill. Intelligence Evaluation helps your offensive magic to do more damage against opponents.

Okay the predator animals don't give you skill anymore so what do you do? My favorite outdoor area for fighting is the forest outside the dungeon Shame. This place is not for the weak as the monster spawns here can be hellish at times. This place will raise your fighting skills very well for a time. Also you need to get your magery up a bit. If you haven't done so, start practicing magery heavily. To get to 55 skill just use forth circle spells. To get to 65, use paralyze or summon creature spells of the 5 circle. To get to 75 magery, use the spells energy bolt or invisibility. The Forest of Shame(As I like to call it) is a perfect place to practice energy bolt. You can kill monster with it and a combination of mace fighting, and you get your money back for spent reagents. Things to hunt here are orcs, rat men, trolls, ogres, orc lords, corpsers, etc. BEWARE water and air elementals, gargoyles, orc mages, and reapers! These creatures are more dangerous than most outdoors monsters, plus they use magic. When you are competent with normal monsters and can cast energy bolt regularly, then you are ready for these creatures.

When all is said and done in the Forest outside Shame, you should have 80-90 fighting skills, and your magery is hopefully at least 75. Now it is time to enter Shame itself. Your opponents are the Earth Elementals of the first floor. These creatures have strong physical attacks, but no magic. One on one you will be able to take them without too much difficulty, but if they gang up on you, its time to retreat. Be warned that Player killers frequent this place a lot, so watch out for other players. Despite what people say, Earth Elemental loot is not that bad really, you get two gems, and some other junk. The gems can sell from 60 GP to 240gp depending on the gem types. (That's the sell price for both gems you get per earth elemental) Earth Elementals are also good for raising weapon skills and parrying if you choose to have that skill. Typically you can get to about 60ish skill in parry without spending too much time there. Also Earth Elementals can get you to Grandmaster status in Maces and Tactics, though it might take a while. Earth Elementals seem to be very susceptible to magic, so energy bolts and explosions work nicely on them too.

When you have outgrown the Earth Elemental level area in Shame, you should be fairly well stacked in skills. Preferably you will have grandmaster Mace fighting and tactics, around 80 wrestling if you used it fairly often, 50 to 60 parrying if you used it, 75-80 magery, hopefully at least you will have worked your anatomy and evaluating intelligence skills to around 60 or so, and also 55 resisting spells. So now you're fairly tough, but you still need a lot of work in some areas.

Now it is time to visit other dungeons. Each dungeon has its strengths and weaknesses. Deceit is good for raises magery and resisting spells, but is often very crowded. Destard is very dangerous and unpredictable, but the loot is very good. Hythloth has daemons, which are great for loot, resisting spells, and raising magery, but are heavily camped by Fame seeking mages, and the list goes on.