Reputation FAQ: Bounties
Note: The bounty system has been completely disabled since publish 16, June 2002.

The score on the bounty board is determined by the amount of short-term murder counts. So a murderer with 2 short-term murder counts and 100gp bounty will rank higher than a murderer with 1 short-term and 5 long-term murder counts and 10.000gp bounty.

Note that if you try to turn a head into a guard and the guard tells you that you must take it to a different precinct, you have a head from the old bounty system. You cannot turn a head from the old bounty system into guards under the new system. Either discard the head or keep it as a trophy.

The following is a summary for how Bounties will work in the Reputation system.

  • Every time you report a Murderer, you are given the choice to contribute gold to a bounty. The gold is automatically removed from your bank account.
  • When you kill a Murderer, you must chop up the Murderer's corpse in order to retrieve the head. (This will result in a small Karma loss but it will not flag you as a Criminal)
  • You can take the bountied Murderer's head to any guard in any town and give it to the guard in order to collect the bounty. (This will result in a small Karma gain equal to the amount lost for chopping up the corpse.)
  • Banks will have bounty boards that list the top bountied Murderers on the shard.
  • Bounties decay after 2 weeks if the Murderer does not get reported during the 2 weeks. Any gold in the bounty is returned to the economy (not to the victims who added gold).
  • A Bounty remains active even after a Murderer loses his Murderer status. Only after the 2 weeks has gone by will the bounty be removed.

Thanks to Lord Silverthorne of TC for the following pics.

Bounty Board from TC

What the bounties on the board look like

An actual bounty description. (PD BugKiller is the Reputation programmer :)