Fame and Karma / Karma Lock
"Karma is locked. A mantra spoken at a shrine will unlock it again."

Uh-oh. Looks like you're in trouble now.

So you honestly didn't mean to kill that dog, or you just wanted to poison that thief, or you'll honestly go straight after that last theft, honest! Your intentions were good, but now you seem to have been branded as a common criminal. What are you going to do? Luckily for you, there is a way out! If you are truly sorry, and you honestly slipped and accidentally killed that k3wLd00d, then there's still hope! All you have to do is find one of the Shrines of the Virtues.

The Shrines of the Virtues will forgive your transgressions. All you need to do is pay your respects with the special mantras of the shrines. Since each shrine is dedicated to a different virtue, a different mantra works for each one. When succesful you will get the message "You once again control your destiny".

Shrines and Mantras
Shrine Location Mantra
Compassion desert west of Covetous mu
Honesty Ice Isle ahm
Honor south of Trinsic summ
Humility Fire Isle lum
Justice east of Yew moongate beh
Sacrifice north of Vesper cah
Spirituality northwest of Trinsic om
Valor southwest of Serpent's Hold ra


Keep in mind that locked Karma only means you cannot gain Karma; by doing bad deeds, you will still be able to lose Karma. Your Karma will be locked everytime you switch from a positive Karma level to a negative Karma level. As long as your Karma is locked, you cannot receive Karma from other players that try to use the phrase "I honor thee" on you.

However, maybe you're not the kind soul you want people to think you are. Maybe you would rather be feared than respected. Maybe you want NPCs to duck for cover, and others to keep their distance for fear of the consequences. Maybe you want to be evil.

All you have to do then is find the Chaos Shrine (you know where that is, right?) and chant the mantra "bal". Your karma will lock and you can kill monsters without fear of people thinking your intentions are good. Also, if you have positive Karma but do not want it to rise any higher from good deeds, meditate at the chaos shrine to lock your Karma.

Good or evil, best of luck in your travels!

- Asmodeus [Almost Sane, SnR] of Siege Perilous