Reputation FAQ: Thievery

If a thief steals from an Innocent and anyone notices the theft, the thief is flagged as a Criminal and will appear grey to everyone for 2 minutes. In addition, anytime a thief successfully steals from a victim the thief becomes a permanent Criminal to the victim. The permanently flagged thief will have a grey name but the thief will still highlight blue. Note that the thief is still a Criminal and can be attacked by anyone but only the thief's victims will know for certain that the thief is indeed a Criminal (by the grey name). So be careful when someone asks for help killing a thief that appears blue to you.

These changes will mean that thieves will not be able to hang around in one place for a very long time without the threat of being killed by other players seeking retribution. Thieves will have to learn to pick their victims carefully and then move out of the area and find a new mark.

Stealing from any of the following will generate a permanent flag:

  • an Innocent player
  • a blue NPC
  • a blue pet or summoned creature
  • a blue monster (not that you should expect to see one)

Stealing items that say "that item must be stolen" or stealing from a town chest will not generate a permanent flag.

Stealing Outcomes when stealing from a victim
Outcome Flags
successful, noticed criminal, permanent
successful, unnoticed permanent
unsuccessful, noticed criminal
unsuccessful, unnoticed none
Can a thief ever lose the "permanent" Criminal status?
Actually, "permanently" is defined as "until the thief dies". When the thief dies he will be given a 2-minute Criminal flag. Once that flag expires the thief becomes an Innocent.

What happens if I cast a benefitial spell on a permanently flagged thief who appears blue to me?
Nothing. Because the thief is blue it is treated as if the thief is an innocent. You will not be flagged as a Criminal.

Why is a thief flagged to his/her victim even when no one notices the theft?
The main justification is for those players who cannot separate themselves from their character. A lot of players leave their backpack open. When they see an item removed they know (as a player) they have been stolen from even though their character may not have noticed the theft. These players still want to be able to attack the thief. -Bob

Will snooping flag me as a criminal?
Snooping will not be a crime of any form but it will lower Karma. Also, people will have a chance of noticing the snooping.

Will stealing from a non-Innocent flag me as a criminal?
No. Since non-Innocents can be killed without flagging the attacker, they can also be stolen from without flagging the thief.

Will I be flagged as a Criminal for stealing from the town chests?
Only if someone notices the theft.

What is the definition of someone "noticing" the theft?
Anyone in the area receives the message "You notice Jim trying to steal..." message.

How will stealing and snooping affect Reputation?
Stealing and snooping always lower Karma. See the Reputation section for more information.