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Ultima Online Samurai Empire Trained in Art of Bushido: Bushido grants a bonus to several warrior skills and special moves. Bushido is a new skill and will be listed in the skill list. It has a regular cap of 100, and a cap of 120 with Power Scrolls.

Samurai Special Abilities

Special Ability: Honorable Execution
This special ability attempts to end an enemy's life with a single attack. If the attack does not kill the Samurai's enemy, her defenses are greatly weakened: Resistances suffer and Resist Spells suffer. The Samurai cannot attempt any special move while weakened, although a successful parry instantly ends the weakness.

If successful, the Honorable Execution infuses the Samurai with strength, healing them and boosting their swing speed for a short duration.

Passive Ability: Weapon Parry
Samurai are more adept at parrying with a weapon than a shield especially the two-handed variety. This happens automatically as their Bushido skill increases along with Parry.

Special Ability: Confidence
The Samurai is emboldened as he or she blocks an opponent's strikes, gaining hit points and stamina each time, while the Samurai's hit point regeneration rate is greatly increased for short amount of time. The Confidence defensive stance lasts for a duration of several seconds.

Special Ability: Evasion
For a short duration after activating this ability, the Samurai can attempt to parry any attack (including attacks like dragon breath and lightning bolts). The chance to parry is increased by 50% of the Samurai's normal chance to parry an attack.

The Evasion defensive stance lasts for a duration of a few seconds.

Special Ability: Counter Attack
The Samurai is able to return damage used against them with the next successful block. Damage returned is based on the Samurai's weapon damage, as well as their skill in Parrying and Bushido.

The Counter Attack defensive stance lasts for a duration of several seconds.

Only one of the three special parrying moves may be used at a time. Using a new ability while one is already active will immediately cancel the old ability.

Special Ability: Lightning Strike
The Samurai attacks with great speed and ferocity, granting a significant bonus to hit. Highly skilled Samurai have a small chance to land a critical strike when using Lightning Strike.

Special Ability: Momentum Strike
Samurai automatically attacks another opponent with an impressive damage bonus (equal to Bushdio skill) if the attack against their primary opponent succeeds. Bonus should be even greater if the attack kills the primary enemy.

Skill Bonus: Whirlwind
Whirlwind attacks gain a damage bonus from the Bushido skill, increasing as it affects more enemies. The damage bonus is applied to all enemies that are hit by the Whirlwind attack, including the primary target.

Note: Samurai Empire is still being play tested and balanced. Some of the special abilities might change before launch day.