UO Stratics Submit Information

We accept news and information on the following topics:
  • General News: Official news from UO.com, updates about the game itself, and news for & about UO Stratics itself.
  • Community News: Non-Shard News for events, contests, and news from other websites throughout the UO Community.
  • Candid Coverage News: Humorous Images and Toon News. Make sure to include description, your username & shard, and that the image is submitted in JPG format with no more than 500 Pixels Wide.
  • Content & Guides : Information about Game Statistics or Strategies. If you think you have some information that would add something to what we already have, then feel free to send that in.
  • Shard News: Announcements and Events that are of interest to players of a particular shard.
  • Tavern Review: You know where to find a player-run establishment that we don't have in the Tavern Reviews. Please send us the shard, sextant location, opening hours, name of the owner, website URL and detailed description - Submit to the Shard News E-mail (links below) that the establishment pertains to.


Please use the following direct email shortcuts to send news, information and announcements to us at UO Stratics. Please make sure you give us all relevant information such as: Date, Time, Time Zone, Shard, Facet, Sextant Coordinates, Submitter's Name and URL. (only if applicable of course) What we don't want to receive:
  • Huge pictures. Anything over 50kb is considered huge. Make sure that you have the picture saved in .jpg format to save bandwidth and diskspace. If you have several, or larger, pictures please ask us first.
  • Word documents. Or any other format for that matter. Please use plain text, without formatting. Our editors are quite capable of formatting the text you send us.
  • Rants about something horrible that happened to you in game. There is nothing we can do for you.
  • Ideas to improve the game. If you have ideas you want to share with others then please post them on the Ideas Forum so others can read your proposal.
  • Questions about how to play the game, or about game mechanics. All the information we have can be found on the website. If you still have questions after reading our information then please call for counselor help in-game or contact OSI customer support via email.
  • Some OSI email addresses you may find useful are: