These are the people that together form the Ultima Online Strategy and Statistics team.
The Lead UOSS Team
Joshua Rowan UO Stratics Managing Editor - Community Relations
Xena Dragon UO Stratics Webmaster - Content & Development
El of LA UO Stratics Assistant Editor
*zigzag* UO Stratics Assistant Editor
Piotr UO Stratics News Administrator
OvrKill UO Stratics Content Coordinator
General & Community News
Watchertoo General & Community News Manager
Larisa General & Community News Reporter
Spock LS News General & Community News Reporter
TeichDragon General & Community News Consultant
Shard News Managers and Reporters
Mithaniel Razil Atlantic News Manager
EricksonYates Atlantic Reporter
Halister Marner Atlantic Reporter
Ishtar Atlantic Reporter
Sara of Baja Baja News Manager
Kendra_of_Umbra Baja Reporter
Oriana Baja Reporter
CainofBaja Baja Reporter - (LOA)
Vallend Catskills News Manager
Lord Franklin Catskills Reporter
Sahra Swift Catskills Reporter
Lady Lava Catskills Reporter
Terence Duff Chesapeake News Manager
Edgar Graye Chesapeake Junior Reporter
Lady Katherine Chesapeake Reporter
Morpheus Mardox Chesapeake Reporter
Sebrina Chesapeake Reporter
Medea[DK] Drachenfels News Manager
Mapper Europa News Manager
Firebird Europa Assistant News Manager
Callum_Fitzhugh Europa Reporter
Kayne Europa Reporter
Mystra Great Lakes News Manager
Lady Lava Great Lakes Senior Reporter
Hendri Great Lakes Reporter
*zigzag* Lake Austin News Manager
Chango Pelon Lake Austin Reporter
Paul Harvey Lake Austin Reporter
AirmidCecht Lake Superior News Manager
Utilitron Lake Superior Reporter
Piotr Legends News Manager
Lady Mana Napa Valley News Manager
Akasha1 Napa Valley Reporter
Dreamwolf Napa Valley Reporter - LOA
Lady Kat Oceania News Manager
Cymoril Oceania Reporter
Katlene Oceania Reporter
Ovrkill Oceania Reporter
Ghost_Writer Origin News Manager
Daine Origin News Reporter
Larisa Origin News Reporter
Piotr Pacific News Manager
Joy of E|F Pacific Reporter
BlindOtto Siege Perilous News Manager
Beatrice Quill Siege Perilous Reporter
Luka Melehan Siege Perilous Reporter
Yasou Wakayama Siege Perilous Reporter
Piotr Sonoma News Manager
Dreamwolf Sonoma Reporter - LOA
Forum Administrators
Garaba UO Stratics Forum Administrator
kittykat UO Stratics Forum Administrator
Magdalene UO Stratics Forum Administrator
Orvago UO Stratics Forum Administrator
Ryna McBegg UO Stratics Forum Administrator
Ghost_Writer UO Stratics Assistant Administrator: Member Services
Teresk Lead Guild Forum Administrator
Forum Moderators