With this picture we want to express our feelings about the terrorist attack on America where thousands of innocent citizens were killed. Our thoughts go out to the countless victims that died or are left behind with loved ones missing, and to all the people that are helping the victims and trying to find survivors, often risking their own lives. God bless them all.

One of our staff members is working on a site dedicated to the victims of the WTC tragedy. A major project, and one that she feels strongly about, is listing the missing.

If you run across a name of someone who is missing and that name is not listed on this page please shoot her an email at [email protected] with as much info as possible....

Why is this important? Friends and family members are trying desperately to find or obtain information about their loved ones. The more word gets out, the more likely someone might be able to come forward and say something as comforting as "I saw her on the 86th floor stairwell about 15 minutes before the collapse" or something. It is also comforting to people who are seeking missing persons to know that someone else cares and is trying to get the word out to the public.

Thanks ahead of time to all who help out.

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Photo by Tom Franklin.
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