Entrance Points

Entrance Maps: Britannia, Lost Lands

Britannia G* Sextant** Lost Lands G* Sextant**
Northwest of Dungeon Wrong U 135°36'N 47°31'E North-West Ice area via Ice Dungeon U 69°26'N 51°11'W
Yew Prison (detailed map) G 73°12'N 71°22'W The Lighthouse at the North end of the Desert G 67°19'N 54°51'W
Serpent's Hold, West Docks G 156°42'S 112°30'E Desert area via Fire Dungeon U 17°55'N 12°26'W
Marble Building on island South of Britain, North of Trinsic (Interior view) G 38°50'S 46°45'E Cave West of Terathan Keep, North of Orc Fort G 2°43'S 56°48'W
Moonglow Mage Shop1, on the Northern tip of the island G 67°56'N 133°28'W Papua Mage Shop1 G 7°22'S 14°13'W
Britain Sewers (detailed map) G 1°29'S 11°48'E Swamp area East of Papua U 19°25'S 9°54'E
Vesper Cemetary (exterior view) U 65°44'N 101°27'E Cemetary South of Papua, North-East of Delucia U 48°4'S 16°48'W
Cave North of Minoc (exterior view) G 123°18'N 76°4'E Far East of Delucia, South-East of Papua G 49°34'S 10°37'E
Cave Southwest of Trinsic (radar map) U 149°9'S 21°26'E Delucia via Hot Dungeon G 83°35'S 55°11'W
behind City of the Dead via Hot Dungeon U 48°36'S 56°2'W
Temple Isle South of Trinsic G 171°33'S 82°24'E Temple in the South, East of Delucia G 84°6'S 2°6'W
Serpent Pillars2 in the Sea,
east of Trinsic and
west of Jhelom
U 111°37'S 116°26'E
145°22'S, 63°46'W
Serpent Pillars2 in the Sea. East of Ophidian Lair and West of the Desert. U 36°7'N 2°15'E
30°50'N 47°23'W
* The 'G' column is an indication whether the area around the entrance or exit is a guarded zone or not. G=Guarded, U=Unguarded
** Sextant locations are those of the nearest location on the surface since in dungeons sextants do not function.
 1To use the teleporter between Moonglow and Papua you have to say the 'magic word'. To travel from Moonglow to Papua say "recdu", to travel from Papua to Moonglow say "recsu".
 2To use the serpent pillars you also have to say the 'magic word'. To travel from Britannia to the Lost Lands say "doracron", to travel from the Lost Lands to Britannia say "sueacron".