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The Virtue of Spirituality


Spirituality is part of a philosophy within Ultima Online known as the Virtues, and is one of eight pursuits within the upcoming Virtue system.

The Virtue of Spirituality has been described as:

“Spirituality is the concern with one's inner being and how one deals with Truth, Love, and Courage.”
Pursuit of Spirituality will help players learn about the Virtues philosophy and game system, and give them alternate ways to gain in each Virtue.

Tasks: Players will be able to visit the Shrine of Spirituality (on Felucca, Trammel, or Ilshenar), and be able to double-click it in order to get a special gump-menu. Virtuous Title & Abilities: When a character has achieved enough Spirituality points, he is considered to have achieved a certain step on the path of Spirituality.

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