Floorplan Courtesy of: Temple of the Four Winds.
Cost: 1,022,800 GP
Floors: 2
Rooms: 10 + 4 Hallways
Max. Items: 4076
Max. Lockdowns: 4076
Max. Secure Containers: 28
Image Scale: 1:2
This building is extremely large, and has plenty of room for even a large Guild.
In all appearances, this Home seems to be extremely defensible (under what you would expect to be a normal siege). Notice the inner door and the half walls at the entryway (great for Archers). Unfortunately, UO does not follow normal siege mentality. Since exterior doors can not be picked or broken down, and interior doors don't lock, this is nothing more than window dressing.
There is a lot of wasted floorspace because of the inner keep. Because of the formentioned situation regarding siege, I would have rather seen a large courtyard in the top right (North) corner, and the keep in the lower left flush with the entry doors. As it stands, any animals left to roam will quickly disappear behind the walls.
Currently, the Castle is the only player-built structure that may be Recalled or Gated into. This fact makes this building a desirable posession for any large group of players, due to its security-enhancing results. (Players may leave their keys and runes to the castle in their bank box and Recall off of the rune without the risk of any other players getting their hands on it).
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First Floor:

Second Floor: