Clan of Crimson Ivory guildhall

Baja, Trammel

Owned by Waylander

Located in the Fens of the Dead, swamps north of Trinsic just east of the ruins

The roof holds the main Temple of the clan's gods as well as a shrine to their lesser aspects. The east wing holds
the training area for the clan's warriors and stones and a vat of boiling oil for repelling invaders stand at the south wall's edge.

The 3rd floor is the Master's floor. At the stairs is the master's "Hall of Glorious Deeds" displaying trophies won in combat. One of the clan's warriors stands guard at the foot of the stairs leading to the roof. The alcove holds a warlock's study. Note the master's privy partially hidden by the west sidewall of the fireplace.

The 2nd floor is known as the Servants' floor. The stairs area contains pictures and roses to brighten up the servants' lives as well as some food storage. The main room contains their quarters and the main kitchen. The smaller room contains all a tailor could want.

The Main Floor is used as a dining and entertainment area. The back room is a smithy/tinker workshop with a naturally
filtered well for use in time of siege. The alcove by the stairs is used to contain the public privy used by guests and the tower's servants. A squad of the clan's warriors guard the front tower entrance.