Sonoma, Trammel

Owned by Lady Rune T'Kasumi of Sonoma

Location: 9413'N 4249'E, between the Compassion Shrine and the dungeon Wrong.

A word from Lady Rune:

"Due to the tranquil and peaceful surroundings, I named my patio, 'Lucinity' and I decided to decorate the patio to reflect the surroundings. Hopefully I did a good job. :)"

I think the rooftop looks much much better at night but since the rest are all day pics I'll just leave it as it is. Rune likes to come up here as well to feed/play with her pet kois.

Ok, so Rune isn't exactly a very tidy person who likes to throw her clothes on the floor. She even has this cosy corner where she can laze and read or even sleep since her pet dragon Azrael loves her bed. You can see naugthy Azrael trying to climb onto Rune's bed again :(. He's a house dragon.

I know that this can be seen from the bedroom pic but I just had to have it on its own because this is my/Rune's favorite corner of the house :)

This is where Rune will receive and entertain her guests. I'm sure some of you will find the vine/hedge familar. I erhmm borrowed the idea from Uo Cafeteria. Always wanted to have a vine/hedge on my patio but I didn't think it can be done but thanks to the pic and help from Kiral, I manged to build one myself :)

A place where Rune can relax and do some gardening, or play an instrument to soothe her cares away, to the sweet tinkle of bells in the breeze.