Large Patio House

Floorplan Courtesy of:Xena Dragon
Cost:152,800 GP
Rooms:3 + Patio
Max. Items:1100
Max. Lockdowns:1100
Max. Secure Containers:8
Image Scale:1:2
This building ROCKS, and in my opinion it is the best building in the game. It is designed to be a retail shop. Not only is the exterior door lockable, but if you open it, the door to the Patio can also be locked, so you can actually conduct business. From the front Room, you can NOT teleport to any of the other rooms or the Patio.
If you place a forge on the patio, anyone can smelt their Ore on the forge from outside the fence.
You can open a trade window across the counter. This ofcourse is great if you want to conduct business from behind the counter.


First Floor: