Blue or Green Tent

Floorplan Courtesy of:Unknown
Cost:Currently unavailable (was 22,800 GP)
Max. Items:125
Max. Lockdowns:125
Max. Secure Containers:1
Image Scale:1:1
I feel sorry for the guy that built this one. I was wandering through the woods, and I saw the tent. COOL, saves me having to find one later. Check the chest to make sure that it is a PC tent. Yep, it's unpickable. Up comes the owner asking me if I have the key to the chest. Nay says I. All of a sudden a Counselor appears, and the owner proceeds to tell him how when he created it, there was no key. The counselor told him that someone else probably took it, "too bad, so sad".
(Editors note: In the early days of UO when you placed a tent (or house) the key would drop on the floor in front of you and you needed to pick it up. That was changed later so that upon placement of the tent the two master keys would appear in your backpack and bank box.)


First Floor: