The Spawn Map of Britannia
Download the Map!

The UOSS Spawn Map is approximately 2468 x 3907 pixels in dimension and about 3 MB in size. You can view a miniature online version of the map below, or peruse your download options by scrolling further down the page. This smaller replica of the actual Spawn Map is not nearly as accurate as the original, and as has been generalized due to bandwidth considerations. We highly recommend that you download one of the full versions for the most accurate data possible. You may also click the miniature map in order to view the complete version online.

- Click here for the Mini-Map Legend -

UOSS Spawn Map, Miniature Version - courtesy of Falcon of [CSC] on Great Lakes, developed using Tesla's UOMap Tool

- Click here for the Mini-Map Legend -

There are two versions of the map available for download: A complete version, and a version in which the map key is in a seperate text file. If you find that you can't read the complete version or don't like it's extra height, then use the alternate map. It will print on two sheets of paper, but without the descriptions of the spawn sites.
  • You can download a the complete map by clicking here. (3 MB)
  • You can download a .zip file with the map and text file in it by clicking here. (1 MB)
  • Alternatively you can view the map and key online by clicking here. (3 MB)
Most likely you will want to download this map and print it out instead of viewing it online. This will print to an area of about 3 pages wide by 5 pages high. If you are having trouble printing the map, try reducing it's resolution and giving it a bigger buffer. We've been told that Corel Photo Paint 8.0 can print it with no problems, but requires some 600 MB of buffer space.

The Spawn Map was authored by Calsted, and is an edited version of Gram's Ultimate UO Map. We'd like to thank everyone who sent in information for this map... without you, it wouldn't exist.