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January 2000

Announcing The Catskills Inquirer
We recieved this announcement:

In response to the unfolding events surrounding the invasion of the Mistress, it has been recognized that a better form of communication needs to established in order to educate and prepare the citizens of Britannia.

To serve this purpose, the Catskills Inquirer has gone online, a war journal dedicated to gathering as much information as possible about the enemy we face, and making the public aware of what lies in the near future.

Although the site is unfinished, the need for the resource is so great we have decided it best to release the information now, and slowly open the other sections of the site over the next few days.

Currently available is a dated history of the events, beginning with the capture of Lord Nicolus, a character profile section, with the complete history of Juo'nar, comments on the identity of the Mistress, information about Gondor, the drunken informant, and a links section that will expand with the site.

In addition, the Alliance will be based from this page, with information on how to join the contact line that will be activated on Wednesday posted in the coming days. The Alliance is simply a committment to your countrymen to protect and serve the people of Britannia, to be an integral part of a defense that spans the entire world in this time of darkness. There is no guild affiliation required, or skills designated; only a desire to protect the lands we hold so dear is necessary.

Research the archives, form your own conclusions, and stand with us against the coming tide. Only through unity can victory be reached.

-Mistress Eve, Founder of the Britannian Alliance

Thank you Eve for having worked so hard to compile this information and print it for easy reference. Good luck to you and to the Alliance.

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 7:40 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Ultima Online Midwest Player Meet in Indianapolis
This was posted to the Community News Area. I've restated it here as I know of many players who just tend to look under the Catskills heading for thier news, and although this gathering is open to ALL UO players on every shard, it just happens to be organized by players on this one.

Kinship Village - Catskills, in celebration of our 2 year anniversary as a player run town in Ultima Online is proud to host the Ultima Online Midwest Player Meet to be held March 18, 2000 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT need to be a Kinship or Catskills player to come to this meet! You don't even need to live in the Midwest! We invite ALL UO players to attend from all corners of the world!

Date: Saturday, March 18, 2000
Time: 3pm - 5pm EST
(Note: This is how long we will have a private room. Everyone is more than welcome to stay at the club as late as you like. Anyone under 21 will have to leave by 9pm per the club rules.)

Place: Jillian's
141 S. Meridiannn Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: 317-822-9300
Fax: 317-822-1009
Reservation: Ultima Online (Teresa Hamilton)

Our party will be held in a private room located on the second floor. Cost: $35 per person

Cost Includes:

Reservation of private room which includes 2 private billiards tables.

Buffet Style Food Served:
Jillian's Signature Tortilla Chips with their Secret Salsa
Fresh Vegetable Landscape with Creamy Ranch Dip
Chicken Tenders with Choice of Honey Mustard and BBQ Sauce
Assorted Gourmet Pizza Selection

$10 worth of video games on Jillian's Game Cards.

Deadline: Checks must be received by March 8, 2000 if you plan to join us in the private room!

NOTE: You are of course welcome to come to the club, but will not be able to join in the private room or partake of the food and game cards unless your payment gets here by March 8th, which is shortly before my deadline for head count with the club. There will only be enough food and cards for those who have confirmed their attendance by sending in their check.

REFUNDS WILL ONLY BE GIVEN BEFORE THE DEADLINE OF MARCH 8, 2000! If you have already paid and find out that you are unable to attend, I will be glad to return your check or money order before March 8th. After that date, I will be committed to pay for your attendance.

Questions: Please email your questions to me at [email protected] I will be checking this email address daily and will make sure that you get a fast response. Please find more information at This website includes all the addresses, directions, maps, players attending, etc.

Teresa Hamilton
Player of Ari ni'Dalaigh and Mishca
Kinship Village, Catskills

A Player Luncheon is an excellent way to meet others that you've perhaps played UO for years with, but never had the chance to see in real life. As someone who has been involved in them, I can't recommend them enough.--Joshua Rowan, Stratics Community News Reporter.

Although I have played UO for years I have not been to one yet, but this looks as if it may be my first as it is close to me. Please remember this is open to all UO players, so tell your friends on other shards as well.

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 7:33 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

The Invasion Continues
This story was related to us about recent attacks:

The sun rose softly, hidden beneath the dark clouds gathering in the morning sky. In these early morning hours, with the streets near empty and the wilds asleep, I would once again visit the grave of my brother Kovalian, in order to pay my respects on this, the anniversary of his passing.

My steed was silent and passive, seeming to sense the raging emotions of despair and regret that tore through me. Climbing into the saddle, I opened the golden cover of my runebook, and after a short prayer, invoked the power that brought me to the gates of the Moonglow Zoo.

The cemetary lay to the north, and through the morning fog, I could barely make out the rusted gates beyond the treeline. Kovalian had loved visiting the zoo, and it seemed only right to bury him near to something he so cherished.

I urged my mount onwards, shivering as a cold chill seeped through my clothing and bit into my skin. As I neared the cemetary, a horrible stench rose up to meet me, and I was quickly overcome with a nausea that caused me to almost fall from my horse. It was then I heard the screaming, a desperate and weak cry for help. Pushing my mount into a gallop, I readied my weapon, and rode towards the cemetary's gate.

Nothing could have prepared me for what lay before me. I knew that the dead within this cemetary were restless, often having to fell a skeleton or two on each visit, but the sight before me left me awestruck. My first count of the army before me totaled over fifty undead, liches and shades walking amidst a vast amount of skeletons and zombies. Two men were locked in heated battle, trying to hold back the surge at the gate, but they were quickly being overwhelmed.

Strengthening the defenders with the magicks of Greater Heal, I fell into a meditative trance for a moment, gathering the energy to assist in the battle. As I reached a state of peace, I screamed for the men to fall back, and released a Meteor Swarm into the mass of undead. A shower of molten rock slammed into them, shattering bone and searing flesh in a brilliant flash of fire and light. I called forth another torrent, watching as the wave of skeletons and zombies lay wasted beneath the fiery rain. The gates now unblocked, I drew forth my staff, rushing into the rows of gravestones, intent on destroying the evil that now desecrated my brother's resting place.

The two men followed behind me, their weapons brandished and their eyes focused ahead. Without words, we advanced as a team, quickly meeting another wall of undead not three steps into the cemetary's interior. Wave upon wave of the skeletal horde crashed into our midst, and with each victory, another enemy rose from the earth to tear at our flesh. Standing back to back, with the aid of magic and steel, we stood our ground for what seemed like an eternity, but desperation began to rise in my throat as I realized the assault was not going to end.

Undead battle Felling a number of skeletons blocking one of the crypts, I motioned for the men to follow, hoping the inside of the tomb would be more easily defended. We rushed up the stairs and into the building, turning to hold the tide of undead that followed at the doorway. But the wave was too much, and we were soon pinned against the back wall.

crypt We quickly realized that rather than having gained an advantage, we had trapped ourselves in, and seeing no other option, I summoned forth a gate to the city of Vesper, and leapt through...

...right into the midst of a town siege. A contingent of trolls stood beside the bank, a valiant stand of citizens trying to force them back across the bridge. Retreating quickly to the interior of the nearby mage shop, I went into a trance to recover the mana I would need to assist the defense. After a moment of meditation, I rushed outside, and unleashed a volley of Energy Bolts and Explosions into their midst, smiling as I noticed the anti-magic field had been lifted from town. Within moments, the trolls had been laid to rest, their corpses littering the pavement in morbid grandeur, the citizens, broken and bruised, standing in their midst.

Vesper littered with Troll Corpses Weak with fatigue, I rummaged through my pack, pulling forth a total refreshment potion and downing it without pause. The liquid warmed my stomach, but I knew this would not sustain me for long, that rest was the only cure for my ailment.

As I prepared to recall home, the thoughts of sleep and relaxation dancing in my head, I heard a cry from the bridge. Dreading the words that I knew would come, I mounted my horse once again, my weapon in hand.

"Yew is under attack!"

Moments later, I stood before Empath Abbey, locked in combat with a wave of orcs in full armor. A sizable defense was already in place when I arrived, so I simply fell in rank and began to maintain those around me with healing spells. After a vicious cycle of combat, the tide of battle turned, the orcs routed and in disarray. We quickly switched to the offensive, pushing them back into the woods with sheer force of will and strength. Shouts of victory rose into the air as the remaining orcish warriors fell, Empath Abbey once again secure and safe.

Battle in Yew One of the defenders approached me, telling me that the pass to the east of Yew was overrun by an army of trolls and ogres. Shaking my head in disbelief, I followed him towards the Northern Pass, the road that led past the desert and into the eastern part of the continent. After a short walk, we came across a patrol of them, with dire wolves and orcs in their midst. Finding myself low on reagents, and even lower on stamina, I pleaded with the man to flee back to Yew, and summon more reinforcements.

Heading for Reinforcements For now, fatigue had overcome me. I returned to my home through the magic of recall, stumbling through the door, sleep rushing up to meet me like a lost lover. I would now sleep enough to last the course of the campaign, for there is little time for weakness in a time of such danger.

After hours of rest, I am rejuvenated, ready once again to leap into the fray, to stand against the tide that is sweeping through our lands. The cemetaries overrun, the cities under siege, the forests full of danger...I am ready.

May the Caress guide you all safely through...

-Mistress Eve

Thank you, Eve for your acount.
Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 7:18 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

The Last Piece of Truth is Ours!
Korin the Scribe sent word of this great turnout:
Last eve we ventured forth on a quest to find the final piece of the Sword called Truth. Little did we know how long and truly trying this task would be. Our first goal as laid out the the translated portion of the Book of Truth was to enter the Dungeon Covetous and make our way down to it's lowest levels. There in the Torture Chamber is where we found an old and musty leather backpack. Contained within it was a sextant and a book telling of where to go to find each of the next clues. Also while in the torture chamber the spirit of Soldan himself came to us. He would be with us throughout the whole quest seeming to guide us. I know not how long he has been trapped in spirit form but I vowed to do my best to see his mission finished so that he can finally find the sleep he so deserves.

To find the final piece of the sword we had to journey to each of the remaining six dungeons and retrieve a clue from each. Once all of these clues were obtained they would all be combined to give us the sextant coordinates of the final resting place of Soldan. He was one of the final members of the Legion of Truth to fall to OM and his vampire children. And buried with Soldan we would find the final piece of Truth, the blade.

Some of the monsters that we fought included Elementals, Dragons, Drakes, Demons, and even a Collector of Souls. And after fighting these hordes of monsters in each dungeon, and returning to Haven several times to resupply ourselves we finally, after many hours, had gathered all of the clues needed. The sextant coordinates were 59o 56' S 34o 31' W . With this knowledge we returned to Haven and much was discussed about where these coordinates would be in relation to known terrain. It was finally discovered that these coordinates placed the Tomb of Soldan somewhere to the east of Skara Brae, on the mainland.

When this was revealed someone mentioned the city of Corwyn so we left immediately for there. After a short time of searching around the city the coordinates were found to lead to a small hill beside the Black Rose Brewery. After some frantic digging some bones were discovered. And with those bones, all that remained of Soldan, we found the final piece of Truth. Now that all three pieces are together once more all that remains is that the blade be re-forged.

Our long task is almost over. I now know the person who holds the skill to re-forge the blade. I have made her aware of her destiny and she has taken it's burden upon herself. Although I think she knows not what danger that places her in. I will speak again when we shall attempt to re-forge this legendary blade. Till then keep safe and ware the growing darkness. It seems even our Lord British's guards can no longer keep us safe from it.

Korin the Scribe
The Scribe of Haven
Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 6:55 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

News from the front lines...
The escalating attacks on the major cities of Brittania and the new lands have grown more and more serious as reports are flooding in from all my contacts. I myself have been present at the recent attacks in Britian and was fortunate to survive the incursion.

  • Yew seems to be containing the rampant attacks of the Orcs and Mongbats, with the local rangers holding off the bloodthirsty lot. The Empath Abbey seems to be the main target of these attacks and the Monks within are continuing their work despite the constant attacks. Citizens from the nearby town of Arcodia have been reported in the area, assisting in the war effort to protect their sister city.
  • The quiet town of Cove seems to be the greatest problem currently, and it’s expected to fall soon. The constant Gazer and headless in the area meet little resistance and have no problem killing and razing the innocent town.
  • Vesper is holding and even advancing despite the best efforts of the Bloodthirsty Trolls who have sought to eliminate the island town for some time.
  • The scouts of Britian have reported the appearance of squads of Lizardmen, ratmen, and gazers along the road leading to Trinsic. Several tradesmen, merchants, warriors and peasants have fallen to their deaths as a result of these blockades. Despite the best efforts from troops from Trinsic and Britian, they still keep coming. The W-F guild has been spotted in the area and has made a personal vow to protect the town of Britian from this menace.
  • Trinsic has been hit the hardest as of late, making it appear that The City of Honor is the main target of the monster attacks. Lumbering undead, Liches and Zombies pour out from the nearby graves and terrorize the populace, as the courageous Paladins seem to only slow down the enemy’s progress. Despite internal problems within his government, Mayor Theo has promised to protect the citizens of Trinsic from these undead hordes.
  • Delucia and Papua, although reports at this time are rumor, have also been attacked by scores of the snake-beast Ophidians. These extremely vicious beasts have already claimed several lives in the frontier towns and threaten to slaughter more.

These attacks come in response to the recent inefficiency of the Royal guard, who seem to be allowing these attacks to continue and making them unable to protect those who they are sworn to defend. No guard was present to comment, seeing as most were just unable to talk.

Rumors have been flying as to the cause of these attacks. Many believe it is just a freak event: something to do with the moons or magical ley lines. Others see this as a conspiracy from Lord Brittish to sway public opinion towards him again. Others believe some wicked mastermind from the Followers of Armageddon is responsible. One growing rumor is the appearance of a Lich named Jou’nar, who is believed to be an ally to the FoA, as well as the Liche twins from that battle.

Whatever the reason, the cities of Brittania now stand on the threshold of full-scale war. Whatever the outcome, the lands we know of will never be the same again.

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 3:22 PM EST by Red William (GreatLakes)

Seer Narcissus Leaves Our Lands
A couple of days ago I 'eard tale that Seer Narcissus (also known as Claudia) 'as left our lands.

I know thar are many debates around the subject but that aint none of me business. I jest report events that take place. I met Narcissus on a few occasions and 'e seemed like a good enough bloke. G'luck to ye in the future mate, ye'll be missed.

Yers in ale and tale

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 7:26 AM EST by Keeshi (Atlantic)

The Mayor of Yew Retires!
'ello thar all,

Fer those of ye that aint 'eard the Mayor of Yew, Lord Rainbow King 'as left our realm. Whar 'e is goin or what 'is plans are none knows. The reasons fer 'is leavin are confusin to say the least, but I won't go into them 'ere. Now ye all know I aint none for politics or the like but I've met the bloke a few times and 'e seemed to be doin a 'ell of a job.

After such a short term in office the Mayor 'as taken 'is own life in the very throne room of our Lord British. Twas a gruesome event to say the least, and was witnessed by many.

RK if yer out thar know our blessin's go wit ye mate and we wish ye the best of luck in yer future. More then a few of us simpathize wit yer plight and the realm will indeed feel the loss of yer presence.

As fer the town of Yew and what is to become of it thar 'as been no news, but I'm sure a new election will be takin place soon.

More information on his leavin and the reasons be'ind it can be found 'ere: Mayor Retires

Yers in ale and tale,

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 7:14 AM EST by Keeshi (Atlantic)

War & Roses Tavern Hours update
We received the following announcement:
The War & Roses Tavern of Siege Perilous is happy to announce a new schedule, to accomodate the many night owls amongst our customer base. We will now be fully staffed during these hours:

Wednesday and Saturday, 8:00 -11:00 PM EST

Thursdays, 9:00 PM - 12:00 MIDNIGHT EST

We will no longer be holding staffed hours on Sunday nights.

Customers are, of course, welcome to visit the War & Roses outside of our staffed hours. Our vendor, Basil is stocked with our entire menu, plus many useful items like fishing poles, musical instruments, cloth, and arrows at rock-bottom prices.

Thanks for the update!
Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 5:03 AM EST by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

Massive amounts of monsters on road from Britain to Trinsic!
Another report of the growing monster trouble.......

I was traveling south from Britin on searching for a privare vendor who carried an item I required. I was suddenly under attack from all directions. Ratmen, Lizardmen, and a good number of Gazers. There must have been close to 200 monsters in the stretch between the Cities of Britin and Trinsic. Normally Ratmen, Lizardmen, or even Gazers are not much trouble for me even 2 or 3 at a time, but 10 of em chasing me gave me some concern. I was able to fight my way arround a bit, slaying a dozen or so Rat/Lizardmen and 2 gazers. I was at the end of my stamina and 2 hits of life remaining when I reached the safty of Britin. Once there I had my armour repaired, banked my loot, and morned the loss of my horse. I was bent on avenging my deciced mount.

I went to the big bank in Britin and shouted a call to arms, gathering anyone who would come with me to my cause. 4 of us went to the southern road and battled the many monsters. The road from Britin to Trinsic quickly became the highway of death as monster corpses littered scene. I would like to thank those brave adventurers who accomponied me into danger. The fight was hard fought and the loot was plentifull.

- Ashen-Shugar of Chesapeake

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 4:47 AM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

Grand Opening of The Bloody Keg Tavern
This just in from Jeg!

Grand Opening of The Bloody Keg Tavern & Tuesday night Fights

The people of Britannia are hear-by invited to the grand opening of the Blood Keg tavern.  Located high atop the canopy of trees in Humility Village the tavern offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area and clear view of the stars at night.  The food and the service are both mediocre at best, but I'm sure you'll find there is plenty to see and do.  The tavern is open most nights from about 8pm -10pm and always on Tuesdays and Thursdays for sure.

For the grand opening we make our first public invitation to join the Tuesday night fights.   It is a tournament quite unlike the norm, and our past competitors have loved the format. Keep in mind that this is not like a normal duel, it is a contest with defined rules, and although magery is allowed, you will not survive long in the pit if you rely on it.  The rules are as follows:

  • Beginning at 7:30pm EST, the first 16 people to register and pay the 500 gold entry fee to the bartender, will be in the tournament.

  • Fighting takes place in a 5x5 area in the back of the tavern known simply as "the pit"

  • Fighters will enter the pit with nothing in their backpack save maybe their clothing, and will be subject to snooping. So bring a friend to hold your things.  If you cannot get anyone to come with you we can store your equipment, provided it is given to us quickly and in ONE BAG.

  • Once a fighter has been snooped he/she will receive a bag of equipment.  The bag will include armor (including shields), reagents and a fairly wide variety of weapons, several for each type of skill.  All equipment is non-exceptional, and there are no exceptions.  This equipment is the reason for the 500 gold entry fee.

  • Players will each get their selection of 5 and only 5 potions. (poison will be offered as greater only)

  • Each contestant will flag gray on the Village Idiot, at which point he will clear out of the pit, and light light a lantern. When the lantern is lit, the match begins.

  • The fight ends when one person lies dead and bloody in the pit.

  • The winner of the tournament gets the chance to fight the current champion in "fire fight", and will retain that title, and all its glory until he looses at a future time.  The current champion is named "GUARDS" and hails from our own village town guard.

  • There are also prizes for the loosing finalist, and the semi-finalists.

After the fights there will be a late night darts tournament as well, for the folks who want to stay to close the place down.   There should also be a bard or two, but I'm having trouble getting in touch with them, so if there are any performers out there who are looking for a paid gig, get in touch with Jeg.

Maps, updated info and anything else you could need are located at the village web-site

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 4:34 AM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

Death & Terror through the eyes of a Trinsic youth
The calm serene lyrics of swallows playing with glee in the Trinsic garden silenced as the army of darkness once again tried to take its throne. Trinsic, still tending its wounds from the legions attack yesterday suffered even more pain as they marched in. Killing villagers with no ounce of mercy, laughed and screamed thier war cries as the un-prepared citizens of Trinsic armed thereselves and readied thier magical regeants.

The cloud of war stenched high of blood as the main battle grew from the front gate towards the main bank where the defenseless hid. The scream for help from the towns female folk was common. Most female folk either carrying thier children to safety, or standing on thier knees holding thier young loved one who recently died of battle.

Has anyone think about what a woman feels when she lets her man to battle?.

Throughout the dark battle, like a scene from the early crusades, a stroke of thought hit me. Where was Master Lich Jou'nor?. My blade nervously waiting for his skin, my magic in my heart pulseing warm for his sight. There was no sign of Master Lich Jou'nor in todays attack. Though, the casualties were still high. Thieves used thier hiding skills to hide behind or next to corpses of fallen ones.

Have they not mercy for those who has fallen to protect the citizens, including that thief?.

The sound of battle stopped. The final corpses of skeletons and liches still twitched freshly. I looked around with my battle dirty face, blood covered clothes. I found a bewilderd half-youth standing quietly by himself as If still gathering his senses. I took the time to comfort him and talk to him, I was sure he had more experiance with the battle by the looks of the bruises and cuts all over his body.

The young man, who called himself GD Slayer had lots to say. I began to interview him in the tavern with bottles of ale open and basket filled of warm bread.

This is what he said, and what I asked:

Rage: Have you seen anything that has upset you personally?, aside the fact of the horrors that the Undead has giving us?

GD Slayer: Oh yes, as there was trouble throughout Trinsic, I saw many dead bodies that were neglected of those who tried todefend the our town. I am upset at the guards who I have been friends of for not helping. Why would'nt they help us?. There was a lot os citizens who were yelling for the protection of guards, yet no one answered. Anyways, the numbers of the undead are growing more fierce day by day. The bodies of heros are starting to pile, this is incredibly inhumane. I tried to heal those who were in need, but the choas was so high, I lost myself acouple of times. I feared for myself for each time I lost myself I given up my defensive. I feel a strong wave of sarrow for those who have fallen in battle...

Rage: Tis incredibly sad, I know what you mean to be neck high into chaos. In your opinion, How did the people work together to defend our Trinsic?

GD Slayer:The people got together slowly, because the attack was a incredible surprise. We were doing pretty well, until I saw those who began to run away. Therefore those who tried to run away died... I guess died trieing. We were being over-thrown by the lich lords, then we had to pull back to our bank, where our towns young and female hid. Luckily, a tamer brought his pet wyrms and showed the liches no mercy. Even though the undead are becoming fierce, the number of them trieing to take over us has dropped.

Rage: I think I noticed that, but thier fighting skills are becomming superiori. I had to retreat more this time. By the way, Did you lose something of your own?

GD Slayer: Yes.. before the undead radied the city, We were lazily guarding the front bridge, me and other citizens who decided to take front watch. There was a young girl, a warrior, who I grew fond of being with sat with us. We drank our ale and ate our meals served by the guards. Then we were interupted whitht he undead surround our bridge that we had to watch!. One was needed to yell for warning at the main bank, but by then the surroundment was to strong. The others, including her, decided I had enough stamina to yell warning, They decided to bllock tem off and let me escape. At that moment, I knew they were going to pay with thier lifes. I didn't want to go, but they insisted.. I wanted to die with them. Time passed, and prretty much all citizens were suited for combat. I went up the bridge eagerly.. I found her body frist. Sliced and ripped, entrails peeking out. She was dead. A good number of time passed, and I knew the undead who surrounded us were playing with the corpses, I couldnt imagine what they had done to her...

Rage:Thank you for your time, I see the sun is setting and the Inns are closing. Good-bye youth of Trinsic.

The young man known as GD slayer left, still with the face of a bewilderd lunatic. I hope myself he will take care of himself, I will try to find him and pay for a passage to a resort town like Nujelm for him to live in. Why are we letting our youths defend us elders?.

I have found myself growing fond of choas & death. Am I lowering to the level of scum?. I ask this to the people of Sosaria.

May the gods forgive our sins and shine us luck and prosperity.

**********Rages Note**********

Dont be afraid to stop and give a few minutes of interview If you experianced something that should be shared with the world. I can now take pictures, and will be taking pictures of those who are around me. Once again, I look forward to hearing the rumors and rants of our Towns in Sosaria. No e-mail will be neglected !

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 3:35 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Meeting for the diplomatic relations with the Ophidians
We have found the following:
For all those who wish to take part in diplomatic relations with the Ophidians, there will be a meeting tomorrow at 10 p.m. PST. In order to accommodate all people, the meeting will be held in the city of Oasis. Meet outside the castle at the time denoted above.

The purpose of this meeting will be so that we can share all of the knowledge we have about the Ophidians and to discuss how we must attempt contact and what exactly we will be able to negotiate with. Roles will also be assigned at this meeting.

I hope that anyone interested will be able to attend.


Emperor Krosis

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 2:48 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

The vermin of our towns takes its place in society
We have recieved the following concerning the growth of the rodent population around some cities:
As the citizens of Sonoma await the next eminent attack, a new plague has befallen the surrounding areas. Hordes of vermin--rats, mongbats, birds, and even rabbits--have gathered about the city and outlying areas to annoy travelers. The numbers have at least doubled, if not tripled. Hunting season is in for the new playes, but the rest us are annoyed by the snapping of Mongbat jaws at our heels.

Ximena, Bard of Delucia

Thanks for the update!
Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 2:45 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

The Council's Winery and Inn
Stinger, the new Tavern Reviewer for Dracnenfels, recently visited The Council's Winery and Inn, north of Yew.

You can find a link to her review on the left side menu of the Drachenfels News section of UOSS.

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2000, 1:11 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA*** - New Toon, New Look
Tyron sent us the following:
Never afraid of stepping into the controversy, this week ImaNewbie takes on the contentious issue of the changes to the escorting rules (with predictable results). Don't miss it!

Also has had a makeover. I have added a bunch of new graphics and a new look to the pages, plus a new midi track. Check it out and don't forget to enter the CONTEST! You could win a copy of Half-Life, Opposing Forces or the new Wheel of Time rpg based on the book by Robert Jordan.

Added January 28th: Episode #92 - ImaNewbie does Escorting

ImaNewbie does Britannia


Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 7:32 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

Reminder of the Laughing Lich Tavern Grand Opening
I saw this over on the Orcs of Kor Message Board and decided Bjorn would probably like it posted up here as well.
This is just a reminder to everyone out there that was planning to attend the grand opening of the Laughing Lich Tavern. In case you missed the first post, this will summarize it. The event will begin at 8:00 pm PST on Saturday the 29th and is located in the center of the hedge maze outside of Skara Brae. We will meet on the grassy area by the tavern(the large, non-player house in the middle). A map through the hedge maze may be found at the City of the Damned web site, located at Gates to the tavern will also be given from 8:00 - 8:15 pm PST at the Skara Brae bank. Between 8:00 and 8:30 pm PST, sign-ups will be held for the games. For this special Grand Opening event, all games will be free. Beginning at 8:30, the games shall begin in the secret laboratory. They shall go in this order. The Dark Arts Tourney(1st prize 100 of each reagent, 2nd prize 50 of each reagent), Demon Wrestling(1st prize set of GM shadow archer armor and 10 Greater Heal potions, 2nd prize 10 Greater Heal potions), and Roulette of the Damned(First prize box of semi-rare items). If you missed the rules from the last post, they will be restated at the event. Once the games have ended,(which is estimated to be around 9:30 pm PST, depending on how many people play) we shall travel into the tavern itself and partake in a great feast catered by the Gathered Spirits Tavern. Also, I would like to remind everyone, this is NOT only for the evil out there. The tavern shall be a "safe haven" within the City for everyone to gather. All are welcome to attend, and anyone who attempts a murder or thievery job shall be swiftly brought to death. On the same note, all who attack murderer's whom did not attack someone first shall meet the same fate. I also ask no guild wars to be fought on tavern grounds this night. Walk in Darkness,

Bjorn, Demonic Lord

Check the first post about the opening, and you can find a map.(You may have to check in the archived sections)
Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 7:38 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

Azkarath's Arrival to the Land!
I recieved this from Olog, Chaos Orc Shaman
Azkarath's Arrival to the Land!

by Olog, Chaos Orc Shaman


A struggle has ended but a new one has began!

Azkarath, Lord of Chaos, Conqueror of Worlds, desires to take control of the land of Sosaria. Azkarath, a relatively unknown god to Sosaria before this time, has siezed a chance to make his presence known in the land by taking control of an Orc Shaman named Olog from the worship of the orc god Da'Nogra. Azkarath has taken the Orc Marauders of Kor out from under Da'Nogra and his clan of orcs, the Orcs of Kor. He watched as the Marauders spent most of their time away from the clan searching the land for the presence of dark orcs, Azkarath saw they were far away from Kor lands where Da'nogra's influence was the strongest. He discovered he could reach out to Olog when Olog was farthest from the clan, in the lost lands. This is where he battled Da'Nogra and took control of the Marauders. He has now renamed them, the Orc Marauders of Chaos. Azkarath plans to use Olog and a group of orc marauders led by the Orc Marlord Xnath, to lay the foundation down for his coming, so that he may bring the land of Sosoria into an age of war, an age of destruction, an age of chaos! His voice will sooth orcs out from their hiding places, from their dungeons created by fear of humanity, they will come to the Marauders to start anew, they will once again pick up their weapons and sweep the country side destroying all in their path until they stand upon the throne of Lord British. Upon his shattered corpse they will declare the land of Sosaria in the name of Azkarath. Welcome to the age of Chaos!

Visit da Majuk scrolls here: Orc Marauders of Chaos

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 7:21 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

Juo'Nar returns in Trinsic, Keeonean spotted in Yew
Important information, and some clues as to the motivation behind the siege that afflicts our fair cities.

Today was held a City Council in Trinsic (TCoH). The main topic on the agenda was of course the recent and repetitive undead attacks against the City of paladins that culminated today with several waves of undead weakening the city defence. Each wave was successfully dispatched by Trinsic's brave paladins and the help of many warriors and mages of the Realm.

Konnor Ghostal brought up an interesting theory during the meeting regarding these attacks. He made some extensive researchs into the city History and came to the conclusion that the most recent threat to Trinsic was Juo'Nar's betrayal. Could it be Juo'Nar back from the dead and seeking revenge behind all this?

As a reminder, Juo'Nar was a Trinsic paladin who turned Evil, raising armies of monsters to plague the Realm. His reign of terror -as it was commonly referred to- lasted a couple of Britannian years and ended in Occlo with the death of the former Paladin. These dark events took place some twenty -Britannian- years ago when most of us were still young people. Here is an excerpt from the Town Cryer article written after Juo'Nar's defeat:

"Once discovered, Juo'nar attacked ferociously, using both magic and his blade to defend himself, he was none the less killed on the very land where he grew up (Occlo). His body was identified by Paladin's who had worked side by side with him, never suspecting his treachery. His body is now gone, not to be seen by the public for fear of riots and desecration of the now dead traitor. It is rumored that it is hidden in the Paladin's Hall itself, though others say it was stolen by sympathetic parties and that they are working feverishly to raise him from the dead. Still others say he has been taken by those who have hated him from the beginning and that they've destroyed his body in a dark ritual of blood. The Paladin's Guild is refusing to comment." As we were browsing the city archives for additional information, we suddenly heard the sounds of battle taking place in the streets. Rushing out of the Hall we were confronted with hordes of undead and soon we were overwhelmed by lichs, wraiths, zombies and skeletal knights.

As the confusion reached its highest point, a strange creature appeared. It looked much like a lich but it was surrounded by a strange green glow. Its face and arms were marked with several scars, but still we immediatly recognized him from the illustrations we saw minutes ago from the archives. Juo'Nar! He was back as an undead. We were unable to follow him due to the concentration of undead in the area, and once we finally managed to get through he was nowhere to be found.

No doubt Juo'Nar didn't turn into an undead on his own: his magic skills were limited to paladins powers, certainly not enough to perform the Dark Rituals required to. There is a greater Evil at work. We soon received reports that Yew was under attack too. We immediatly moved to the abbey, only to discover a horde of orcs attacking the place. We had time to see Keeonean before he incanted and disappeared when the orcs were defeated, as far as I know he didn't speak a word.

It is more than likely that both attacks are linked somehow. Could it be the Dark Mistress manipulating Juo'Nar? Again, this brings more questions than answers.

- Fangorn, Keeper of the Stone
Atlantic Mage Tower [AMT]

Stunning revelations friend, and I thank you for the news. Should anyone come across more information, do not hesitate to share it with us. Until then, fare thee well and be wary. This is certain to be only the beginning.
Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 6:45 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

New to "In Development"
In addition to the Pet & House Trading issues mentioned in an earlier news report, the following was just added to In Development on the UO Website:

Invulnerable Shopkeepers
Shopkeepers will become “invulnerable” and will not take any damage from attacks.

Animal and Monster Spawn Phase II
Untamed monsters and animals in houses will “die” after a certain amount of time. These monsters and animals will be eligible for “death”, within a given amount of time, under the following circumstances:

  • If the monster/animal is not targeted.
  • If the monster/animal does not receive or deliver damage.

Dexterity and Healing
In an effort to balance the Healing skill with other methods of healing damage (such as healing potions and the greater heal spell), dexterity will affect the delay for healing and the penalty for finger slips while healing.

  • The higher a character’s dexterity, the less time it will take to complete a heal.
  • The amount of healing a character loses due to a finger slip will be reduced with a higher dexterity.
These changes are true for healing both yourself and other players.

Instant-Resurrection Removal
Following the creation of “Young” player status, the ability to “instantly resurrect” is no longer necessary. After dying, you will automatically return as a ghost.

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 6:33 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Summoners Update
News from Eernst, of the Iclandic Floating Community:
We prepared ourselves this night to hunt the Summoners once more, following the talk of their threat rearing its head once again. This time, Alexi was joined by another named Amianeh. They spoke of things such as “planes within planes” and of kidnapping one by the name of Trychton. Or rather, kidnapping his family, in exchange of knowledge he possesses.

The particular knowledge in question pertains to the "plane within a plane", and the return of the Summoners to our plane.

Thus did we begin searching for this man, aware that we may already be too late to help him.

We departed for Moonglow, since this is where this man was rumored to be. We searched the Zoo, then to the Lyceum, where he was discovered. We spoke with him and he regarded us, apparently unaware of what we sought.

The Summoners had mentioned a spell, one that could open the gates between this world, and where their ancestors were drawn upon their deaths. They sought to retrieve them all, and to bring them back to life here in Britannia.

Trychton looked blankly and denied any knowledge of what we spoke. The Summoners had mentioned his family, and so we asked about it as well. We needed to know they were safe.

He panicked at this point and accused us of threatening him and his family, which we had not done at any point. He apparently miscontrued our concerns for threats. This misunderstanding would not last long however, for at that moment, Alexi entered the Lyceum.

Dodd cast an energy field, thus trapping her in with us. She continued undaunted, and told Trychton his family were safe in the Summoners possession. She all but ignored us, and opened a gate to Trychton`s family home, which was locked and empty.

This seemed to be all the proof Trychton needed, and he seemed disbelieving. Dejected.

Alexi took no heed of our threats to her, nor of the exchange we would gladly make of ourselves in exchange for Trychtons daughters. She opened yet another gate, and somehow, magically kept us from crossing. When I stepped within, I found myself in a large, dark void, then again was I at Trychton`s family home.

After trying to step through more than once, the gate closed. Though we wasted no time in returning to Moonglow via a gate opened by myself, we found Alexi long gone. Trychton, however, was found hiding in a corner.

He said nothing after we discovered him, and he ran from the room. We chased him to the Inn, and lost him amongst the crowd there. He either locked himself within a room and hid, or escaped by some other means.

It is strange that Alexi let him go, perhaps to assemble the items needed for the spell? He is bound to her through his daughters now, and so there is no telling.

We returned to the Lyceum and found many books which could, or could not, mean anything to this whole ordeal depending on how one interprets the writings. I have yet to draw any conclusions in this matter, and find myself at a loss, waiting…waiting…for the Summoners to play their next hand.

The Æsir keep us all.

For more information on the Icelandic Floating Community, please visit our scrolls at:


Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 6:17 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Magery and Fighting Contest Saturday
Alexander Rahl sent us thee following:

help me out.

I am holding an event Saturday Jan 29, 2000. It is going to be an event for fighters and Mages. I have an entry fee and the is a reward for the winner and runner ups.

For fighters the entry fee is 3000gp

The prizes are as follows:

For fighters:

1st place
GM Plate Mail suit made of valorite (retail value 20,000 gp)and a magic sword
2nd place
GM plate mail suit made of shadow (retail value 4,000 gp)and a magic sword
3rd place
GM plate mail suit made or iron (retail value 1,200gp) and a magic sword

For mages:

1st place
1 Bag with 500 of each reg (retail value 20,000 gp)
2nd Place
1 Bag with 250 of each reg (retail value 10,000 gp)
3rd Place
1 Bag with 100 of each reg (retail Value 5,000 gp)

The rules will be posted on my guild web site at in the news section. By Thursday morning 8am PST.

I am welcomming all. Blues and Pkers, Chaos and Order as long as they are willing to play nice.

I will have 5 people gating in Lord Brit's Throne Room from 1145am PST to 12:45pm PST on Saturday and people will be responsible for getting themselves back to thier home towns. Also we are selling food and beverage at this event and the prices will be posted on the web site and are subject to change etc etc etc. In order for people to participate in this event they must pay at the destination location.

Thank you for your help and support please let me know if you have any questions

Alexander Rahl

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 6:11 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Night of the Living Dead, part II
Doric sent us the following:
Once again, while cutting down some trees, I came upon the graveyard in Moonglow to find it overrun with the Undead. There were scattered pockets of valiant defenders attacking these vile creatures. I myself pulled my trusty axe from the tree I was chopping down and entered into the fray.

Everywhere I turned there were creatures that are supposed to only appear in your nightmares. Skeletons and zombies pulling their decaying corpses out of the moist earth. Wraiths and spectres whose wispy forms you can only seem to catch out of the corner of your eye. And the dread liches whose magic make even the strongest warrior think twice.

I struck at the skeleton several times, shattering its bones until fell to the earth. I turned and was set upon by a decaying zombie, whose flesh, when struck with my axe, does not seem sturdy enough to hold its form together. I turned and helped a fellow warrior stave off 3 skeletons, scattering their remnants in hopes that they would not rise again.

Then I spied a wraith who appeared to have his attention on another, but was unable to reach him. I immediately attacked, and was blindsided by a hidden zombie. I was able to defeat these two, though I was a little worse for the wear. Then my luck turned south. I was attacked by a spectre and three skeletons. I tried to hold them off, but was losing ground due to the weakness that suddenly attacked my limbs. I knew I would not make it through this battle. Everyone else was occupied. Damn, it seems for every one destroyed two more take it's place.

I am not proud of this, but I turned and tried to run. I did not make it out of the graveyard before the weakness had overtaken me and I was unable to move. My soul felt their cold hands as it left my body. A passing healer returned my spirit to flesh, and I went back to collect my belongings. It was my lucky day, the only things missing were my reagents and arrows.

Well I still had my trusty axe, and a definate bone to pick with the undead. I entered back into the fray. The tide had definately turned and I was able to see two heroes destroy a lich. I turned my attention to a skeleton that was standing nearby.

I did not see any clues as to what is behind this attack. I wish I had gotten there sooner. Who is powerful enough to do this? And why would they? The good citizens of Moonglow will definately have a battle on their hands if this is not figured out soon.

-Doric, of YdE

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 6:07 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Companions Wanted: Balhae, Formosa, Oceania
The following was just posted to FYI on the UO Website:

Companions Wanted: Balhae, Formosa, Oceania

The Ultima Online Companion program is currently accepting applications for Companions on Balhae, Formosa, and Oceania shards. The Companion program teams new Ultima Online players with helpful, veteran players who provide assistance and guidance during the new player’s first few hours of gametime. Companions work with these new players to provide an understanding of the skills and career choices in Ultima Online, and to afford them the opportunity to set forth in the world of Britannia armed with the knowledge to make their game experience enjoyable and fun.

Companions must be 18 years of age or older, enjoy helping new players get involved with the game, and have a veteran knowledge of the skills necessary to enjoy Ultima Online as an inexperienced player. At this time, we are especially interested in applicants with Chinese and/or Korean language experience.

If you’re excited about helping your fellow players enjoy the world of Ultima Online, please click here to fill out an application!

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 5:57 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

East Coast Connectivity
The following was just posted to Shard Issues on the UO website:

East Coast Connectivity Issues

We are currently experiencing router connectivity problems with all East Coast servers (Atlantic, Catskills, and Chesapeake). We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, but until that time, users may have problems logging into these shards. We apologize for any inconvenience and will update you as soon as we have more information available.

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 5:54 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Oceania down for system maintence
Due to the reporter problems with oceania, Origin have decided to take action. This from

The Oceania shard is currently unavailable due to connectivity issues. Our teams are working with our hosting partner to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. We estimate that the shard will be available again within one hour. If this time estimate proves to be inaccurate, we will update you with more information as soon as possible. We apologize for this interruption, and thank you for your patience.

Then an update:

We are still looking into the connectivity issues with our Oceania server. Our Network team is working with our hosting partner to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Our original time estimate has not proven to be accurate, but we will keep you posted as more information becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

This is a good thing! OSI are fixing problems with oceania! Please respect this, they are doing their best to resolve this situation.

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 5:31 AM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

UO Celebrity Chat next Monday
The next UO Celebrity Chat chat between the players and Counselor Coordinators, Kal El and Lady Nocturne, is scheduled for next Monday January 31, at 7 PM CT (5 PM PT, 8 PM ET).
The chat will be available to you at #ultima-online on Stratics IRC, on the following networked servers:
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
If you are new to IRC, please visit Stratics IRC for an online tutorial and instructions for connecting to our IRC server. If you wish to use your browser to join the conference you can use our Java IRC client.
IRCD Servers are provided by International Networks (suppliers of networking hardware and support).
FRWS Servers are provided by Front Range Web Services (Web Hosting/Message Boards/IRC).
Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 5:23 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

Announcing the Paws Outpost "Night of the Muse"
This was sent in by Cat and Geddon about an upcoming even this weekend at the Paws Tavern.

"Ouch!" With a thud and a swift shake of his hand, Geddon dropped the hammer. "Darn Signs! You'd think I could get some help hanging these things up around town." Sticking his finger in his mouth, Geddon picked up the hammer one handed. The Bard fumbled for a nail and propped up a corner of the sign with his knee. Grasping a new nail in one hand and with very slow strikes of the deadly hammer he began to slowly hang the sign on the side of the tavern.

"Hear Ye! Hear ye! Announcing the Paws Outpost "Night of the Muse"

Saturday January 29th, Paws Outpost is proud to sponsor a contest of Song and Poetry!
Come one! Come all!
A grand Prize of 25K in gold as well as magical rewards awaits the winner!
Second and third place prizes will be given as well!
Contest will start promptly at 7 PM PST at the Paws Outpost Tavern.

2 rounds with single elimination.
Entrants will prepare two different pieces of poetry or song.
Each peice shall be no longer than 10 minutes long.
Judges will confer and declare each rounds rankings.
-The top three will advance to the second round.
- Each of these three is guaranteed a prize!

Entrants are asked to please contact Geddon the Bard of Paws, Hammerhead Fred, Justin, Neko,Dirk or Towering Inferno prior to the contest to confirm seating." (or apply on the Paws Outpost Message Board )

Geddon paused his hammering and eyed the sign. With a look around to see if anyone was looking, he quickly stepped back. Cocking his head, he decided that it would do.Especially since it hadn't fallen down!

Thanks for the information.

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 5:12 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

Secure House & Pet Trading
The following two items were just added to In Development on the UO Website:

Secure House Trading
Secure house trading will allow players to sell or trade items for houses using the trade window.

To trade a house to another player the owner of the house can:

  • Click the “transfer” button in the house options menu.
  • A targeting cursor will appear. The house owner can then target the person they wish to transfer the house to.
  • A trade window will automatically appear.
    • The trade window will contain a deed in the current owner’s portion of the window. This deed is not an actual house deed, but will display the name of the house, the house type, and the sextant coordinates of the house’s location.
    • The other player may then place gold (or other items) into his portion of the window.
    • Once both participants have clicked the gems to agree to the trade, the house will automatically be transferred to the new owner and the deed will delete itself.
    • If the transfer is cancelled, the deed deletes itself and all other items are returned to their owner.
  • You will not be able to transfer a house to a character that already owns a house using this method.

We will also be making changes to the secure trading window to account for the amount and weight of items used in transfers and to stop any scams associated with the trade window. Information on this enhancement will be forthcoming.

Secure Pet Trading
Secure pet trading will allow players to sell or trade items for tamed animals and monsters using the trade window.

To trade a pet to another player the owner of the pet can:

  • Speak the words, “[pet name] Transfer”
  • A targeting cursor will appear. The pet owner can then target the person they wish to transfer the pet to.
  • A trade window will automatically appear.
    • The trade window will contain a deed in the current owner’s portion of the window. This deed will display the pet type and the pet’s name.
    • The other player may then place gold (or other items) into his portion of the window.
    • Once both participants have clicked the gems to agree to the trade, the pet will automatically be transferred to the new owner and the deed will delete itself.
    • If the transfer is cancelled, the deed deletes itself and all other items are returned to their owner.

We will also be making changes to the secure trading window to account for the amount and weight of items used in transfers and to stop any scams associated with the trade window. Information on this enhancement will be forthcoming.

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 4:57 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Villages of Cove and Akalabeth invaded!!
The attacks continue, and Puck shares the latest with us in this report.

Hail fellow travelers! Well it seems not only the founding towns and cities of the realm are the focus of the recent mostrous attacks. Apparently even the villages and out lying settlements are being targeted by the evil scourge that have beset the land in recent weeks.

Last night the village of Cove saw another onslaught of headless and invasion of gazer fiends. By the time I got there most of the creatures had already been destroyed but I asked one of the locals if she would share some of the details.

"Well, of course most of us have been born and raised here and so are well aware of the threat of orc attacks. But even those horrid things don't bother us too much. Even on the few occasions when ther was reason to fear for strength of the barricade and guards, the attacks by the orcs were never as fierce as these headless and gazers. This is a simple village, with simple people. We are not near to anyone or anything. I fear that we may have to leave our beloved home if the attacks grow any more frequent or difficult to repel. I had hoped to raise my litle boy here, but I don't know how much longer I will risk his safety here. I thank the powers of good that there are frequently brave and experienced warriors in our village. Were it not for them, I doubt any of us would have survivded this long."

She quickly excused herslef when she realized her son had wandered from her side. Cove, however, is not alone. The village of the Lost Order of Akalabeth has also been under attack. Last night the small and well known settlement was overrun by corpsers and giant serpents.

This image was sketched by a visitor who had clambered to the top of one of the smaller houses to escape the fray, and from what he tells me, this is after things had calmed, that there was scarcely an open patch of dirt. He also told me that while the LOA did fight most valiantly and was finally able to quell the seemingly nevereding stream of beasts, there was one unfortunate casualty. Janus the Healer had wandered into the LOA clearing at teh worst moment possible. Almost as if they were lying in wait, before anyone had time to do much of anything, Janus was surrounded by flailing green tentacles and pulled under. All citizens of the realm must take great care their travles, lest they too become 'plant food'. Fare thee well travelers! May the Virtues protect you.

-Puck, humble reporter of the Lost Order of Akalabeth

I thank you for this report Puck.
Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 4:51 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Marrach Lir Call to Arms!
We were sent this:
Most of you probably do not know me, but you must trust me, as I am the only representative of Lir currently capable of getting word out. Recently the castle became infested with poisonous creatures of every kind, far too many for any one man to exterminate. Equally strange was the lack of attempts from the inhabitants to rout the creatures. I managed to slip inside undetected, and found the majority of those inside under some kind of paralysis. What has caused it, I can not say, but those few left free are not enough to turn aside the creatures as well.

Given these events, I am issuing a call to arms for this Sunday, 8pm eastern time, to destroy the creatures and return freedom to the family and staff of Marrach Lir. If more information is needed, I may be reached at the listed address.

Jonathan Tane

More Information

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 2:28 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

Abaris is planning a protest. Here are the details:
Hail friends,

I wish to announce that people of Drachenfels are upset and in anger and will no further accept politics of their leadership, OSI and Lord British, unless things change.

We experience heavy lags and constant lost connections, real gameplay isn't possible any more. Well partly to blame maybe the German Telekom but OSI's povider,, seems to be the real bad guys (packet losses).

Drachenfels lacks of quests, counslors, gamemasters and we don't have so nicely decorated towns like they have on Atlantic.

We also disagree with OSI's patches. The restrictions laid upon escorting are a foolish thing, mages will prove to be fierce in anger if the patch will not be eliminated! Real roleplaying should be possible, does OSI think about citizens that are sick of roaming in dungeons and slaying creatures all day long ?

We are no longer accepting buggy patches that messes all up like in-house-decaying of locked things, pets going mad etc.


Please, everybody from Drachenfels who cares about the community, about our futute, meet us on Atlantic shard on Sunday about 9PM CET, wear red clothes (dying pots will be available). Meeting point: Britain West Bank/entrance of LB's castle. We will protest and call counslors / GMs to talk about our problems!

Apologies to all Atlantic citizens for lagging the server but we hope you will join us in Solidarity.

Thanks to all of you supporting us !

Rise up! Speak out! The time has come for changes or revolution!

Abaris | Wilde 13 | W13

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 1:40 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

PvP Tournament
As both propietier of the Dragon Tear Café and Vice-mayor of the town of Corwyn, I'd like to invite everyone to come participate in our first PvP tournament held at the Café. We hope to make this a league play, considering if there is enough interest or not into it. Julianna, one of the wonderful barkeeps at the tavern, will be holding the event. Here is a description of it in her own words:

The Dragon's Tear Cafe proudly present : The Dragon's Tear Fighting League. Every Sunday at 7pm eastern will be held a PVP tournament at the Dragon's Tear Cafe. The Rules of the tournament are as follow: Every Contestant will have to Flag grey on me before each fight, No poisonned or magic weapon allowed. The entry fee will be of 500gp and there will be 2 price to win. The first prize will be of 6000gp and the 2nd price of 2000gp. The Maximum number of contestant will be set to 16 for now, depending on the amount of people that participate, it will be ajusted. Hoping to see you all soon.
Julianna. ([email protected])

Hope To see you all there on sunday! Reminder also that the café has open hours this Thursday starting at 7est and riddle night on Saturday starting at the same time. Please stop in sometime and have an ale with us!

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 1:16 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

Reminder of Korin and Althaia's Wedding.
This was sent to us:

The greatest day of my life fast approaches. I just wished to drop you all a note to remind you all that everyone is welcome to join is as we make that greatest display of love two people can. I will finally marry my beloved Althaia on this Sunday the 30th of January at 7:00pm EST.

The wedding will be held in the Lycaeum in Moonglow. Afterwards the reception will be held in the city of Haven. We invite any and all who would wish to join us in the celebration of our love. Thank you my friends.

Korin the Scribe
The Scribe of Haven

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 1:05 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

The final quest for Truth!
This was sent to us:

We will seek the final piece of the sword this Saturday the 29th of January at 9:00pm EST. We will gather at the tower in Haven as usual. I will finally be able to join you on this last, and most important quest. We will travel in many dark places and all across the land this time. So come prepared for a long night of hard battles and many foes. There is much that rests on our restoring Truth to the world for this is but one piece in a large puzzle. But one that is sorely needed. So if you would see the evil that has plagued us defeated and balance restored then come with your blade, and mind, sharp! Farewell for now and pray that luck is on our side in this journey!

Korin the Scribe
The Scribe of Haven
Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 1:03 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

West Yew University Graduation
West Yew University celebrates, and you are invited!

Hail All, This Friday, the 27th, at 9:00 P.M. EST West Yew University will be holding a graduation. All are welcome to attend. The ceremony will be at the small stage near the old schoolhouse, and a small party will be held afterwards.

The one and only,
Dyluck Blade

Thank you Dyluck Blade for sharing the news, and congratulations to the graduating class.

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 12:55 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

A Triad Of Events Strikes Atlantic
Here are some more events from the City of Arx Draconis

There are 3 major events going on this week that all players are invited to attend. All take place on the island of Arx Draconis and are open to all players. To get to AD, if you dont already have a rune, checkout the website for locations to get or use a rune on the mainland. The three events are:

Win A House Contest: On the steps of the Dragon Claw tavern you will find Wyatt. A mild manner guy who doesnt do much except speak your name when you talk to him, he is there to facilitate our house giveaway contest. He is commited to standing his post, rain or shine, without sleep until the contest is over. On him your will find keys. One of those keys opens the lock to the house. The house is located just NW of Trinsic right no the coast. It comes completely furnished with dyed furniture. Paintings adorn the walls. Armor and weapons fill its chests. It is all ready for an adventurer to move in and have everything they need to survive. This contest is open to all players but we expect the keys to go fast so come get yours soon.

Craftsman Night: There will be a free, open to the public, Craftsman night this Thursday at 6pm on Arx Draconis in the large forge on the western most edge of the island. Anyone who brings ingots or other raw materials can have them transformed into the items of your chosing free of charge, within reason. Showing up with 5000 ingots and asking for GM plate suits will be something time will not allow for. Craftsman nights tend to be very busy with 3-4 smiths, a tinker, tailors, poisoners etc.. working at top speed to meet your needs so plan to arrive on time or early to get done the fastest. Everyone who shows will get their needs taken care of before we close for the night.

Lottery: There will be a large, free lottery on Arx Draconis this Friday at 6:30pmEST. Lotteries have become a tradition on Atlantic shard with more than 120 people, on average, showing to each one. Dozens of high quality items are given away to lucky winners. These include suits of armor, magical weapons of great power (vanquishing etc..), rare items, reagents and potion kegs. There is no entry fee for the lottery. It is completely free and open to all players. Its located inside the large, square temple building in the middle of AD and runs for about 90min with dozens of winners.

We hope to see you there this week!! There is always something going on, on Arx Draconis whether its an event, fresh stock in the more than 40 vendors, drinking and gambling in the tavern, or a group using the Treasure Map Rune Library to hunt for lost gold. Stop on by and see what all the fuss is about.

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2000, 12:26 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

The Virtues in our Realm, a discussion
Hail and Well Met:

I would like to invite all the citizens of the Realm to come and participate in a question and answer forum to be held in Unter Brae.

Topic: The Virtues in our Realm, and their future

Where: The Fitzowen Hall of the Arts in Unter Brae
Time: Saturday at 7:00 PM Est

This will be a question and answer forum, distinguished guests from our realm will come and answer your questions, on the state of the virtues, and their future within our realm.

The Host will take question from the audience in due turn and ask them their question.

The person wishing to ask the question will state whom the question is for, and then proceed to ask the question.

If the question is to the general guests the Host will direct the question to one of the guests at hand.

The guests include:

Aleph Aeirs Guildmaster of 2ST, and mayor of Rivendell
Greypawn, Mage of Moonglow
Azrielle Aeirs, Diplomatic Consul of 2ST
Keeshi, of LOA
JackDeth, Lord Knight, Lords of Valor-Host
Smogg Azalin, Cult Leader, Cult of Infernal Necromancy
Narvip Freemach, Dark General, Holy Disciples of Darkness
Bal-Anon Dak, High priest for The Order of the Ebon Skull

This is brought to you by the citizens of Unter Brae.

JackDeth, Lords of Valor
Citizen of Unter Brae
Thankye, JackDeth, for this announcement.
Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 10:56 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Town Cryer: Update From Trinsic!
This was just added to the Town Cryer:
UP: Britannia

rinsic is suffering terribly from vicious and massive Undead attacks. Reports continue to come in describing growing numbers of undead hordes, streaming into the streets bringing brutal carnage to the very doorsteps of the citizens themselves.

While there have been unconfirmed reports of even larger armies of undead moving to the west and the south of Trinsic, we have heard from good authority that a number of the more affluent citizens are beginning to move their resources to other cities as a precaution against the growing threat.

There still remains no sufficient explanation for the mysterious force that has kept Lord British's guards quiescent. They continue to defend citizens from attacks by other humans, but bring no aid to those accosted by the monster marauders.

In Trinsic the citizens have been growing anxious for word from Lord British. The question of "Where do these attacks originate from, and who or what is behind the growing onslaught against our fair cities?" is no longer a great concern of the citizens of Trinsic, who daily must flee like rats in a beleaguered City of Honor.

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 9:52 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

Town Cryer: The Dark Mistress
This was recently added to the Town Cryer:
Mighty Orbeus
UP: Britannia

s the darkness of night ravages the landscape and the sun hides behind the horizon in fear if the inevitable dark, a woman stands at a window, pondering the events that she has set into motion. She is a beautiful woman; long raven black hair that stretches down her back and dances in the wind that blows in from the night. Her eyes are the color of the obsidian stone, deep pools of endless darkness, beautiful and yet steeled and deadly. She is a woman of mature years, but even for her age this woman would turn the heads of every nobleman in the land, her soft brown skin and slender figure hide strength and magic only few have dreamed of acquiring.

"How doth thy wounds heal?" she asks the silent figure that now stands in the doorway. As she runs a finger over the jeweled dagger at her waist, a quaint smile crosses her full red lips. The figure's face grimaces at the remembrance of the inflicted pain. "It heals mistress, but the scar shall remind me never to cross thee again." "Come in Keeonean and shut the door behind thee." Turning from the window, the woman seems to float across the room making no sound as she moves. Her hand brushes along the backs of the antiqued chairs as she passes them. She seats herself in front of the fire and turns slightly toward Keeonean, the flames from the hearth blazing in her dark eyes. "Well? What news doth thou bring from Britannia?" she states with a razor sharp undertone.

The man steps forward, his head bowed slightly, allowing the shadows to conceal his scared face. A giant of a man, standing some seven feet tall, well toned and muscled from years of battle. His skin looks almost plum in color, yet on closer examination, weavings of intricate tattooing cover his entire body. These tattoos denote his rank in his mistress' army. His armor is golden in hue and radiates a magical glow, showing little to no signs of battle wear. At his hip rests a sword like no other - the Keeonean blade, forged by his family many generations ago and embodied with the darkest of magic. The blade quietly wails as if crying out for another victim. It seems as if the sword could leap from the sheath and wield itself.

"The attacks go well and all is according to your plan. Yew has been an easy conquest for my army of orcs and mongbats. They are about as dumb as my once partner Gondor, that drunken oaf, but take orders with out question or hesitation. Empath Abbey doth seem to pose a stronger resistance. It would seem the townsfolk care for the monks. Cove doth not prove to be a problem either, the Gazer fiend raids the city daily with the headless ones and lesser gazers. I feel we should increase the activity in Cove; perhaps we can conquer the city ahead of schedule."

"You Feel! Hmpf, I did not acquire thy services for thy mind. Stick to what ye know or feel more than the bite of my blade. Now! Continue, what of the other cities?" the woman replies harshly.

Keeonean backs away slightly and bows his head even further "Aye Mistress! Vesper is proving to be a problem, it would seem the scum of Vesper fight better than expected. The trolls attack on a constant basis with a bloodlust driven by your promise that the lands of Vesper shall once again become theirs. Yet they are still being driven back. Trinsic seems to be falling further and further into Juo'nar control. That liche seems to grow stronger with every death his army brings. The paladins seem to be of little help to the wealthy city and it looks as though Trinsic will be the first to fall under your control. The Ophidians are also proving to be strong allies as they rip through the cities of Papua and Delucia leaving nothing but blood trails and spirits in their wake."

"Whatever spell ye cast over the land seems to be taking its toll. The cities' magical protection is failing and Lord British's guards ignore our armies as if they did not exist. They seem to wander around in a daze even more than usual. The monsters are also being affected by the spell. They are easily swayed to follow us with little to no effort on our part. It seems you control them more that we do." Keeonean draws his cape around him to ward of the cold and waits for a reply.

"What of Britain and the attacks made by the sorceress Malabelle?" the woman states as she summons a goblet from the table across the room into her hand.

As the glowing trails of the spell fade, Keeonean continues, "Your... Pet, Malabelle has used her dark powers to sway the simple minds of the lizardmen and ratmen tribes between Trinsic and Britain to attack all who travel the road between those two cities. I have even heard the creatures have braved the city of Britain and caused a multitude of deaths."

The woman stands as she places the goblet on the hearth. She moves toward Keeonean, who towers over her slender figure. Her fingers begin to dance as she whispers unrecognizable words. Reaching out her hand she touches Keeonean's chest and he is instantly thrown across the room with the force of a whirlwind. Slamming against the stone structure of the keep he crumbles to the floors gasping for breath.

"Ye shall learn to hold they sharp tongue. Thou should be mongbat food by now, but I still require your lust for destruction and death." She calms her anger as she straightens her silken gown by sliding her hands slowly over her shapely hips.

"Malabelle has potential as long as she believes Lord British has wronged her lover. She is easily swayed by suggestion, yet she is a powerful sorceress. That is why I have trained her myself".

"Increase the raids on all fronts; I want the people of Britannia to suffer endlessly. Have Juo'nar and Malabelle combine their efforts to crush Trinsic. I want no humans left alive in that putrid city of honor. Juo'nar must call forth all who lie beneath the soil to fight for him against the living. Even if he has to call upon the creatures from the depths of abyss to aid him, he will take and hold that city."

"Begone!! You have much to do." Silently she crosses the room and stands at the open window.

Keeonean stands; the light from the fire hits his face and illuminates the wickedness of the woman standing silently at the window. The scar on his flesh runs from left brow to opposite cheek, leaving him sightless in one eye. "Yes, Dark Mistress" can be heard as the doors closes.

The wind blows at her raven locks as the woman stares out at the darkened land "Sit on the throne Lord British and watch thy Britannia crumble. Thou art helpless to stop the incoming tide this time. I see your death and my hands are the cause of it. Prepare for the end of Britannia and a new beginning to arise from the ashes."

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 9:46 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

Knights defend Trinsic from army of Undead
We received the following letter concerning a recent attack upon our Lord's City of Trinsic:
I was coming into the fair city of Trinsic when I heard the first cries for help. The undead hoard where on the attack again. Once again, Trinsic was under siege. I ran into the town and pushed my way past a multitude of undead creatures. It was then that I heard the familiar cry "Ni! Ni! Ni!". I looked up to find my brother Xanthomas pounding a skeletal skull to dust with his mace. I responded to his shoot with one of my own.

A hoard of undead seperated us. However, I too have some skill in the proper use of a blunt instrument. I cried to him that I would meet him in moments. He grinned at my meaning. Together we had the scarcly sentient creatures in a vice the likes of which they had never known before. True to my word I was soon united with my guildmate.

No sooner than we joined forces did another wave of the undead creatures appear. However this time was different from previous encounters. Previous attacks were pitiful forays probably meant to test Trinsic's defenses. This attack harbored some of the more devastating creatures of the night. Mummies also appeared. Xanthomas and I quickly targetted the greater threat. Any mummy that appeared was immediately sent back to the dust.

But we all know that confusion leads to profit for the unscrupulous. A thief was hidden amoung the dead and warily snooped both mine and Xanthomas' packs, stealing from both of us. It seemd that the Guards were on holiday this night. So we decided to take justice into our own hands. The thief tried to run and was successful for a while. But... bravado leads to mistakes and he was eventually captured and run out of town.

Just as quickly as it began it seemed, the attack waves ended. Xanthomas and I sighed a heavy breath of satisfaction. I cried to the heavens that Trinsic was safe once again. Towns people slowly began to emerge from behind closed doors.

Just as we were about to leave however, a visitation occured. Lord [GameMaster] Khensu appeared to congratulate us on our victory this night. His words were full of hope for the lands. We promised vigilance and unwavering bravery. He warned us of impending attacks that were yet to come. An ominous warning he gave. "Raise an army, good knights. Your services will be sorely needed in the days and weeks to come."

Defenders of the realms unite. Our work is not yet finished.

Lael Syndael, The Redeemed One of Ni!

Thanks, Lael!
Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:09 PM EST by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

A general warning: Orcs on the High Seas?
We received the following note:
Hail, fellow members of the Siege Perilous world. Sit back and listen to a tale of one fine day in the Lost Lands of Britannia.

This is the story of when I, Redgrav, and my young companion Fury (a reformed murderer) decided to sail out to the legendary Valley of the Cyclops. We were determined to gain skill in the manly arts while ridding the world off some vile and loathsome monsters. The boat we were employing belonged to a daring knight named Sir Stetson. He, being a fellow member of the *M* guild (the Ministry) had enough confidence in me to allow me free use of this ship. Was this confidences in me well placed? Looking back, I truly wonder...

After a long and grueling journey which involved the slaying of many stone gargoyles and harpies, Fury and I finally made it to the mysterious island that we had heard so many whispers of at the local taverns. Carefully, we landed the boat on the shore and set up camp on a small green hill that afforded us some protection from the massive beasts. It did not take long for us to lure many of the simple, yet powerful creatures that live in this valley to that hill and then lay waste to them with our trusty bows which Fury hath crafted. On this hill our confidence grew as titan, wyvern, and all sorts of other creatures fell to our might. However, after much time our supply of arrows grew too short and the number of monsters grew too large.

So, I returned to our ship and stowed our well earned loot into the hold while Fury sneaked about the isle gathering up lost arrows in an attempt to finish off one final titan. I was waiting very patiently (as Fury is very slow) when suddenly I caught a glimpse of another ship bound for the island. I was not worried at first for many adventures brave those harsh waters, and most murderers choose to use magic for transport rather than sailing. But, as the ship drew closer I began to make out strange grunting noises. I contemplated to myself, "Grunts at sea what can this be?"

I was holding the key to the boat so that only Fury and me could board her... but he was still on land and neither of us had any arrows left with which to defend ourselves. The sailors on the clossing vessel must have noticed this too, I thought, because they soon decided to give us some of theirs. The next thing I heard was the sound of arrows hitting me. I yelled desperately for Fury to come aboard and prepare to launch the boat as I was being bombarded with a flurry of arrows. However, the boat from which many ghastly grunting noises came moved alongside our ship and trapped it in. Finally, I could see my deliverers of death up close as they were attempting to board the SS Pride of Stetson... "Balder's beard!" I exclaimed, "Orcs at sea!" I was paralyzed with astonishment as never before had I seen a ship manned not by men but by orcs. "Orcs at sea! How can this be!?" was my expiring though.

Miraculously enough my fallen spirit was able to guide the ship away from that isle... and young Fury was left there alone and defenseless with the vile creatures... he is a brave soul but he shivered with fear on that day as he lay hidden amongst the rocks, watching in horror as the orcs moved around him gathering up our lost arrows and looting the titans which we had so valiantly battled for so long...

It was then that Fury remembered the small carrier pigeon that his old friend Smilin Sid had once given him.. "If thou art in peril release this bird and I will come to avenge thee" Sid had told him... So, Fury reached into his pack and found the place where the pigeon was safely hidden and he wished it god speed as it flew off towards Paupa..

Meanwhile, as a fallen spirit, I guided the boat away form the titan valley hopping to find a safe place to dock it and commend my spirits to the gods of UO so that I might return to life once more. I was desperate to avenge my death and see Fury back to safety. So, alone on the vast sea, my ghostly form did finally find a lighthouse, which I knew held a secret passage to the city of Yew. So, I decided to dock the boat there, hoping that the gods would smile at me once more. I knew that I would have to hurry to find my master key for the boat as my body was decaying away on the deck very quickly.

However, upon landing, two passer byes named Krystal Lyries and Ododei Ta'Kier saw the ghost ship. They took the key from my body on the side of the boat and boarded her. "No, no, no," I thought, "after all this, Sir Stetson's boat is now taken!" However, these were not thieves at all but men of good standing. They were able to resurrect me back to life and kindly returned all of the things from the boat back to me. They even offered to help me in avenging my death and bringing Fury back to safety. "Thanks for the help and god speed too you, but I and Fury will take care of the vile Orc." So, I rearmed and headed back towards the Cyclops Valley with a new sense of pride and determination.

Then, as I made the big turn for the island of death, I could hear Fury's voice in my head. Many of us in the realm use this form of telepathy in times of need and this was one of those. So, through a form of ESP called ICQ, Fury told me that the vile Orcs were being put to a timely death by our friend Smilin Sid and a host of other good men that wielded many weapons and magic. Even the legendary Sistro Mondain himself came out for this event with the power of his glorious tamed dragons. Fury spoke of the honor that these men held who had come so quickly to aid us. He told me that some of our allies in the KGB guild were involved in this battle among the others whose names he has forgoten but whose deeds he never will. He also told me that the beach, littered with orcish bodies was a site to behold and to hurry so that I might see this for myself. As I was not there to see the actual battle, I cannot report on it but mayhaps Fury will.

I was overjoyed with finally receiving this good news on this one fine day on Siege Perilous. With, our loot and our bodies once more safe the powers of good finally seemed to prevail. However, as I pulled into to Cyclops Valley, I spied the trampled body of Fury by the shore along with titans, lizardmen, ratmen, and cyclopean warriors all over the valley floor. What to do!? I moved the boat to a spot where I could see the body better. Then, I spotted the spirit of Fury and so I unlocked the boat and tried to get Fury's spirit to come aboard.

Unfortunately, the gods did not smile on us this time and he could not board. So, I decided to depart from the boat and resurrect him myself. But, upon landing, Fury's spirit began to wail with strange OooOOOooOoo's and then, what did I hear? A grunt! Next, I turned only to see that the boat was being taken by one vile orc which had somehow managed to evade death in the previous battle. "No No NO!" I gasped, as I saw the boat being commanded away by the crafty orc.

I thought to myself, "How will I tell Sir Stetson about this!? How can we get it back!?" I resurrected Fury and we quickly retrieved as much stuff off his body as we could while he dispatched his tired carrier pigeon once again. Then, sure enough, Smilin Sid came to the rescue and we were magically gated to Paupa.

There, we all knelt and prayed to the gods of UO for the safe return of Sir Stetson's ship. All of us except for Sid of course, who is by nature evil and curses them to this day. After some time we began organizing another war party and began to plan how we could retrieve the boat. Just then, I heard another voice come into my head.. this time from one of the gods! He asked me to put the master key in my main backpack and I quickly complied. Then, before you know it I was magically transported to the ship! I found it abandoned and bruised, but still intact.. there were no orcs in sight... nor any of our loot... I sailed it back to Paupa while gathering my thoughts and writing this journal. Yes, it was one fine day, but Orcs on a boat!?

Mayhaps I should see a head doctor.

Yours truly,

Thanks for the warning! And I must attest that I too have had an experience with these Orcs at sea .. at the same place no less. One of them managed to get aboard our vessel, whence we kidnapped him and executed him in cold blood; we took the Serpent's Pillars back to the old lands .. and we forced him to walk the plank onto some tiny deserted isle. Of course, I could nay strand anyone, beit human or orc, so I gave him a gate to Yew. The seas are nary safe with Orcs at the helm of war vessels; so may these adventures serve as a generic warning to would be seafarers. Be safe my friends.
Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:05 PM EST by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

Legion of death shows no mercy to Trinsic
Today, I have took part of the biggest raid of death in Trinsic than there has ever been. The legion, coming in the front gates by the dozens swept through the town, slaughtering innocents and young by the numbers. I saw the fate of a youth encountering 3 bone knights, after a brief skirmish they danced and drank the blood of the youth whom I dare not name in this artcle. The people at the front gate, on top of the bridge, the brave, the few brave who formed the beginning resistance who were first were served their death execution style by the Master Liche Juo'nor, including me who I tried to help, but managed to escape, feeling the shame of the people, soon corpses, I left behind.

I can not begin to tell you of the casualties we suffered this day. The body count was very high, and the corpses of our people dug into trenches to avoid the sight and smell of thier wounds. The corpses of the undead stacked and stacked repeatedly until they began to form blockades throughout the city, each blockade leaking with rotten blood and entrails that resulted from the peoples' offensive. Should I feel pity for them?. Should I feel pity for the beauty of a girl in her youth who was executed, with her stomach pierced?

Where did this evil come from?

From what root did it grow?

Who are we to kill those who were once us?

May the gods bless us for each time we see a girl in her youth dead, dying or being eaten.

I will not forget those who fought bravely to stop the offensive. Master Liche Juo'nor, who has won my respect for his sheer power and incredible intellegence, took down one by one of those who are in Chaos & Order, and ones who are in famed guilds, those who brought alont thier pet Wyrms and Daemons, pets to dying or dead in a short five secound skirmish. Should we feel pity for our pets who defend our lifes with theirs?.

God give us strength.

Master Liche Juo'nor was close as our hair reaching our eyes to conquer our city. Me? I would pledge my life to Juo'nor if he conquered us, but frist I will try to defend my hometown. I rather serve those who are lower than scum than to continue seeing the death and destruction of Trinsic.

The sun was lowering and the town cryer was yelling an eager, yet very early victory even those squads of what remained of the legion f death walked around the town, killing or destroying our stores and eating the corpses of our warriors, young and old. Mine and the wounds of many was great and leaked of our sweet blood. Healers were bringing out the dead. At the end, sorrow conquered our city. The mid-youth who fought along me was missing a limb, but smiled weakly as he knew he was one step closer to knighthood and knew we had gained victory. Why did he think of that when he was no longer any more useful than a beggar?

Todays death raid was a seen out of our worst hidden nightmares. I give this warning to the people of Sosaria: Defend your town to the fullest, show them the honor of your pride and guild. Let us give them no mercy for underestimating our strength.

But of course, Let us not forget the rest of the other cities that suffer the same. Do you feel you represent your town? I would like to discuss matters and facts of our towns through e-mail, Please dont hesitate to speak your mind!, I am always glad to hear the rumors and opinions of those who suffered in a battle or have gossip to exchange!

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 1:59 PM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Mysterious tome found during the quest to save Lady Yasmine
We recieved the following from Sonoma Quest News:
On a chilly tuesday eve last, a large party of adventurers met to aid yet again ibn an'Asifa and his tribe the al'Suq. The problem at hand was how to uncover what secrets ibn's late wife Yasmine, had taken with her to the grave.

Yasmine had died only moments after being free'd from a frozen state which she had been trapped in for the last several months. What forces would have trapped her? Why did they wish to see her silenced? The questions were what we had met to resolve on this cold January night. It was soon suggested by one in the crowd that the party call upon Doria Romanov, a medium and psychic who lived in Skara Brea.

Perhaps she could call upon the spirit of Yasmine and uncover what lethal secrets she knew. Doria was more than willing to help. After some effort Yasmine's spirit was contacted, and with it came the answers we sought. Yasmine was frozen, then killed for the ancient Tome she had found. Yasmine spoke through the medium describing the place she had hiden the ancient text before being captured by an "odd looking man in full plate with a sash of red".

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 1:20 PM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Delucia Under Attack!
As promised, although a day late I admit, here is a report of the most recent attacks on Delucia from a lone warrior trapped with little hope of survival. Someone who wished to remain anonymous sent this message to me from Delucia.

In the early morning hours I was relaxing near the bank while reorganizing my plunder from my recent raid on the Lich House. I was a little uneasy because previously when I was battling, at the City of the Dead, it seemed abandoned by the living; I was the only soul there except for the occasional thief that was quickly run out of the area by a single magical wraith or spectre. I stayed for a while, and hoarded a nice bounty of gold and magic wands. Feeling a little weak from carrying around my overstuffed bag, I decided to head home.

So there I was at the bank. Delucia was just as empty as the City of the Dead. I realized that I couldn’t just sit around waiting for something to happen, so I just continued with what I was doing. Little did I know that I wouldn’t have to wait much longer. A faint smell caught my attention. It smelled a little like a corpse does after a night of sitting outside and then also a little like chicken. I squinted to see past the healer’s hut and towards the north gate. I saw reddish brown figures walking through the pasture, slaughtering the shepherds as they advanced towards town. They seemed to glide through the gates and I finally realized what was at the doorstep of our peaceful little town. Three Ophidian Knights led by a Matriarch were coming straight at me.

I screamed for the guards but I should have known that they would be of no help. They just stood around in a daze and started to cry out about Matriarchs attacking, as if someone would come to help them. I quickly donned my best set of armor and a brand new halberd. I tried my best to fight off the Knights but the Matriarch’s powerful magic was too much for me to handle. I ran behind the mountains to regroup and heal myself. There was no one in town to aid me, and no where for me to run to. The Ophidians had overrun the north and west gates and took over most of the town. A mage told me that they were also pouring out of the caves near the inn so logging out for the night was not an option. I knew what I had to do, and I had to defend my hometown.

I rushed back into the middle of Delucia and found another two warriors there fighting off the Knights. I was surprised to see reinforcements but also very relieved. I ran to their aid and the three of us quickly dispersed of the three Knights. Across from the bank, a mage was forced back by the matriarch to the top of a hill. The two other brave warriors and I hurried over to help out. One went on top of the hill to heal the mage as he was pummeled by countless spells, and the other warrior and I worked with the Matriarch up close while we healed each other. The Matriarch didn’t last long with all of us working together to kill it but this was just the beginning. A full force of Ophidian Knights, Avengers, Zealots, Judicators, Knight-Errants, Enforcers, and Apprentice Mages were scattered all through the town.

Now I was not worried though, because we had help. Valiant Knights and Wise Sorcerers that had just woken up from a long night’s slumber were now out to help us fight off the onslaught of vile creatures. We had little trouble with the creatures once the help arrived, and everyone helped out to defend Delucia. The battle seemed to end very quickly but the sun had already set by the time the last Ophidian was cleared out of town.

Delucia was once again saved from the attacks of the sinister Ophidians and whoever is behind the great evil that plagues Sosaria. Teamwork, friendship, and chivalry became the heroes of the day, for it was these three beliefs that came through in the end.

Beware of future attacks. It seems that the evil will not be loosening its stranglehold on our beloved land any time soon.

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 10:30 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

To the Healers of Britannia
We received this notice:

Healers of Britannia,

The first part of our preparation to deal with Tatianna's prophesy of impending plague has been accomplished. The Healer's Caravan did this last Sunday deliver healing supplies to the village of Kinship where this plague is said to make land. The leaders of Kinship, both wise in their forethought and generous in their sacrifice of a building for this cause, have set up a field hospital on the villiage's main street. We are still stocking the place in preparation for the solemn business ahead.

The second phase of our plan is now at hand. The time has come for we that ply the healing craft to gather together, to learn each other's names and faces, and plan the strategies with which the course of this most dreadful prophesy might yet be turned.

Because no one time seems to fit all schedules, and in this grave hour I would not be lacking of even one of your counsel, I plan to hold this meeting twice. Also, in that the prophesy named the Skara Brae and Kinship region as the place this dread disease would make land by infected ship, I have chosen the Counselor's Hall in Skara Brae to meet. We shall then be but a short ferry ride from the hospital so that we might make the spot known to you all. I already plan to have runes marked for all healer's involved so that we might come at a moments notice of these plague ships being sighted.

Meeting #1:
Date: Saturday, January 29th
Time: 8 pm (eastern)
Place: Counselor's Hall, Skara Brae

Meeting #2:
Date: Sunday, January 30th
Time: 3 pm (eastern)
Place: Counselor's Hall, Skara Brae

In response to those who might worry that this meeting may become too large to be constructive, I beg those who read this, come only if you consider yourself a healer. I will announce another gathering of alchemists at a later date, who might also be of some assistance with their healing tinctures and remodies. But leave these two dates to the healers. Certainly, everyone's concern is noted and many will wish to assist in whatever means and by whatever profession they practice. We will post any decisions we reach so that all the folk of the land might then add to it their help. Let us, though, work through this first meeting with only those who will be providing the medical assistance that such an epidemic will require, for if we can not plan a little while in peace, I fear for the chaos to follow.

With all my hope for success, be safe,
Dove the Healer of Yew

Good luck, Dove.

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 9:03 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

The Story of Lord Pythos
Thank you to all who sent me information on this man and his story. I knew you'd come through for me!

The doors at the Tavern Lion's Den in Northwood opened and shut. The lights began to flicker....igniting the entire room, then suddently fizzling out to blackness. People's conversations stopped at the blink of an eye. The guests looked around confused and scared. "Anybody here?" Raven Gustare, guildmistress of the Rogues o' Britannia and Tavernkeep examined the Lion's Den. Nobody. All watched the doors still moving and the lanterns flickering. One mentioned....,"I shouldn't have had that last ale."

Then the Tavern was attacked. Attacked by creatures of magical properties....Skeletons, lichs, zombies, bone knights and mages. All rushed out and took up arms to the swarm of Undead. It was a hard fight but the inhabitants of Northwood and the visitors succeeded. "An ale on the house" Raven offered to celebrate the victory.

... so the story of the lost spirit of Lord Pythos, keeper of Stormguard, began.

The haunting of the Tavern went on for days. Books materialized out of nowhere. One said, "The Lion's Den will be haunted forever". Then the next book:"What is this build upon the lands?". More days passed....and more attacks by the Undead were apparant...but then the spirit causing the trouble was able to communicate.

He spelled his name with gold : Pythos.

Finally they cound address him. More was found out. Pythos' spirit was able to use a lantern to let the inhabitants know when a questions could be answered with "yes". Raven and the Rogues o' Britannia combined with the Black Rose Society and Winterfell talked to Pythos, asked him questions, offered help and fought the undeads still attacking the Tavern and Northwood again and again.

What surprise when the first of the four old and tattered journals was found. Lord Pythos diary. Pythos was the Lord of Stormguard. A mighty keep somewhere in Britannia hundreds of years ago. Many battles weakened his power and an evil mage made his life and the citizens of the Keep a living hell.

Working together the guilds got another hint: Sage Sylan in Vesper. They seeked him out but he was an old and rough guy not believeing a word of the "fairy tale". He refused to help until a proof was given to him that Pythos and Stormguard really existed.

The next time Pythos haunted the Lion's Den he was asked about a proof. Pythos sent all to the shrine of Compassion. A large fierce battle erupted with hundreds upon hundreds of skeletons, lichs, mages and other undead. Raven Gustare, Felix Magus as Rogues and Kyle Duskwalker from Winterfell prayed at the Shrine. Bones where shattered....flesh was torn....Man and Undead lay motionless upon the desert as the whirling sand began to bury them slowly. At a special place Pythos showed the proof could be found by digging into the hot desert sand. A cape was found, along with a tunic and a hat, all bearing the mark of Pythos' Royal Tailor. The proof they needed had been found. Hastily they adventurers rushed back to Vesper.

Sage Sylan was impressed and ashamed. He agreed to come to Northwood and help Pythos to find his eternal peace. Using old and long forgotten knowledge the Sage was able to give Pythos a ghosty shape. Then all went back to the Shrine of Compassion and laid Pythos to his final rest. He is resting in peace now, and a monument was build to remind everybody of him and the ancient Stormguard which was built in earlier days where Nothwood is today.

Raven Gustare
Rogues o' Britannia

I was told the same story by another but would like to include a few of his comments I found interesting as well,

On a brief note, it should be made known that these raids occurred before the raids on the British towns of late, and I doubt a connection to the mysterious "Mistress."

We gathered that these undead [that attacked] were former citizens or occupants of Stormguard, their spirits not as rest. Though not inherently evil ... as restless forms of undead they mindlessly sought to reenact the chaos they experienced near the end of their mortal lives.

A final journal of Pythos' had been found that day. Within it was the reason for such activity in and about the Shrine. Pythos hoped to find eternal rest by having his body buried at the Shrine of Compassion, or relatively nearby. Pythos spirit bade farewell to us one last time at a spot just south of the Compassion Shrine, where his true grave had been. No stone marked such (at the time anyhow) grave, but nonetheless, Pythos was now at peace. Perhaps a week following this, I myself had the opportunity to meet Sylan once more. He had told me of something miraculous- a memorial and gravestone had been placed at Pythos site of rest. The interesting thing is, Sylan claimed no responsibility for the building of such, and was quite clueless as to who the architect of the memorial had been.

Kyle Duskwalker
Traveler of Many Paths

I agree that Lord Pythos's life and the attacks that accompanied his recent attempts at contacting the living are not directly connected to the present attacks we are experiencing. However as to why after all this time the Lord and citizens of Stormguard would act on their unrest, there is this intersting comment:

Now as for [all this], mayhaps it hast appeared for a reason, mayhaps similer times hath caused it to enter the present, as strange things dost happen in our land with nay explaination, nor appearent reason, yet they do happen.

Milanus Sargon

Indeed it seems like similar times in many ways, yet I hope that we will not fall as Stormguard did. Let us take this story as both a warning and an inspriration.
Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:57 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

A Little Bit of Everything Has a New Comic
Azazel sent us the following:
To view the new comic, make sure you go to the site. But whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK:
Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:39 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

Indianapolis UO Player Meet
The following was just sent to us from the Kinship Village:

Kinship Village - Catskills, in celebration of our 2 year anniversary as a player run town in Ultima Online is proud to host the Ultima Online Midwest Player Meet to be held March 18, 2000 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT need to be a Kinship or Catskills player to come to this meet! You don't even need to live in the Midwest! We invite ALL UO players to attend from all corners of the world!
Date: Saturday, March 18, 2000
Time: 3pm - 5pm EST
(Note: This is how long we will have a private room. Everyone is more than welcome to stay at the club as late as you like. Anyone under 21 will have to leave by 9pm per the club rules.)
Place: Jillian's
141 S. Meridiannn Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: 317-822-9300
Fax: 317-822-1009
Reservation: Ultima Online (Teresa Hamilton)
Our party will be held in a private room located on the second floor.
Cost: $35 per person

Cost Includes:

  • Reservation of private room which includes 2 private billiards tables.
  • Buffet Style Food Served:
    Jillian's Signature Tortilla Chips with their Secret Salsa
    Fresh Vegetable Landscape with Creamy Ranch Dip
    Chicken Tenders with Choice of Honey Mustard and BBQ Sauce
    Assorted Gourmet Pizza Selection
  • $10 worth of video games on Jillian's Game Cards.

Deadline: Checks must be received by March 8, 2000 if you plan to join us in the private room!

NOTE: You are of course welcome to come to the club, but will not be able to join in the private room or partake of the food and game cards unless your payment gets here by March 8th, which is shortly before my deadline for head count with the club. There will only be enough food and cards for those who have confirmed their attendance by sending in their check.

REFUNDS WILL ONLY BE GIVEN BEFORE THE DEADLINE OF MARCH 8, 2000! If you have already paid and find out that you are unable to attend, I will be glad to return your check or money order before March 8th. After that date, I will be committed to pay for your attendance.

Questions: Please email your questions to me at [email protected]. I will be checking this email address daily and will make sure that you get a fast response.

Please find more information at This website includes all the addresses, directions, maps, players attending, etc.

Teresa Hamilton
Player of Ari ni'Dalaigh and Mishca
Kinship Village, Catskills

A Player Luncheon is an excellent way to meet others that you've perhaps played UO for years with, but never had the chance to see in real life. As someone who has been involved in them, I can't recommend them enough.

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:34 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

A Different Sort of Invasion on Delucia
Do not fear, I know ye are bracing yerselves for more bad news of vicious attacks on our towns. But this is an invasion of a different kind. Read on...*giggles*

The true invaders of Delucia! Some calm days have past since the last actions took place in our beautiful country. So I'm sitting one more time in front of my fireside to write down what happened today. *dips the feather into the inkpot*

Today.... yes, today I discovered something very interesting, something that is astounding and confusing... It was just a coincidence that I rode today back to Delucia, to fight against some not so dangerous creatures: yeah, my little wooly warriors! Armed with my knife and scissors I went to the pasture to cut some wool of the sheep to make some fine clothes and some money.

As I arrived at the pasture, right above the healers hut in Delucia, I couldn't belive what I saw: Shepherders... not only one or two - no! At least I counted up to 20 of them at the same time at this place! Whew, I was frightened, what was happening here?


Even if I tried to talk very carefully to them, to gain some informations, all of them quitted with: I don't know what thou art talking about... Ha! I know it, they won't give any secret out to me, only this monotone talkings! Are they the true invaders of Delucia? Not as half as many ophidians had made it the days before to gather to such a strong force inside the city! Will they turn red and kill all the citizens? Are they part of the whole plot which shines like a dark sun down to our land?

Yes, there are still some things to discover, but I think I made a big step forward towards the truth!

With that I'm closing my report for tonight. *a amused smile rushes over his face. With a soft blow he extinguishes the light of the lantern, and lays back in his seat in front of the fireside.* Who knows what might happen the next days...

Taron, Mastertailor and Chief of the Wooly Warrior Brigade :0)
Scout & Weyrcraftsman
Keepers of Anthems

Thank you, Taron for this very interesting news.

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:29 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

3rd Grand 'Ol Cock Fight and Gambling Ring
I received this from Lance Goodthrust:

Title: The 3rd Grand Ol' Cock Fight and Gambling Ring.
Time: 7:00 PM mountain time on the first Saturday of Febuary.
Place: GEA Guild Hall, gates provided from Trinsic small bank 15 minutes prior to and up until the event.
Needed: a tamed chicken and money to gamble.

The 3rd Grand Ol' Cock Fight and Gambling Ring will be held the first Saturday of February at 7:00 PM Mountain time. This is a Grand Ol' event and lots of fun!

Bring your tamed chicken to the Trinsic Small Bank and gates will be provided to the GEA Guild Hall fifteen minutes before the event is to begin. There, you will register your tamed chicken into the elimination style tourney. Fees will be paid accordingly: 250 gps to enter a chicken into the fights, 300 gps to enter a chicken and bet on the outcome of any of the matches or the big payoff bet - Grand Cock, or merely 50 gps to spectate and gamble on the fights.

All bets are taken before each individual match and pay 1 to 1 odds. The Grand Cock bet is placed before the tourney begins, right after all chickens have registered. This bet pays odds of 1 to the number of tamed chickens in tourney. The bet states "x" chicken will win the entire tourney, a blind bet if you would.

Social Rules are as follows: theives will be killed upon recognition. Spammers will be banned. Any aggressor will be banned then eliminated. Security has always been and will be on guard the night of the event. Note: Fees due at the door, so if you pay to play, then get banned, you forfeit all bets and fees paid. Adhere to the rules and no problems shall arise!

Event Rules are as follows: Before a participant's tamed chicken begins his match, the owner is allowed one spell, and one spell only, that he may cast on his chicken (for example, reactive armor, strength, bless, etc.) Each participant is allowed one and only one tamed chicken in the tourney. Once Grand Cock bets are in and matches begin, there will be no more Grand Cock bets placed no matter what the excuse. The two returning champions of cock fights past will have a 1 to 1/2 payoff levied on their fights.

Event Proceedings are as follows: After Grand Cock bets have been placed, the matches begin in order of registration, allowing 1 to 1 bets before each match. Side bets among the spectators and participants are encouraged. Once all match bets are placed, the match begins. Once dead, the chicken can obviously fight no more and is eliminated from the tourney, the winner moves on to round two. This continues until all chickens have fought. Should there be an odd number of chickens in any given round, the odd chicken out will receive a bye to the next round of competition. The second round begins in reverse order of registration. This process continues until there are two chickens left alive. The Match of the Grand Cock begins. No match bets will be placed with coordinator of event seeings how all Grand Cock bets would have been placed at beginning of tourney. Once again, side bets are encouraged. However, during all other matches the house will accept any bet placed provided they meet the appropriate guidelines: minimum bet 100, maximum bet 1000. Any one seeking higher stakes should look to the audience for a side bet.

The owner of the Grand Cock will receive four fifths of all entry fees and the prestigious title of Grand Cock Owner, as well as have his picture posted on The Guild of the Emerald Axe's gallery of past events. After event the lucky man/woman who chose the Grand Cock correctly will receive their pay off. So as you can plainly see, the money is truely in the gambling. However, there must be something to bet on, so tame a chcken, pay your measely 300 gps to prove you own the best tamed chciken in the realm, and come to the greatest event Britannia has ever seen.

A strictly structured event this is, yet fun beyond belief! And yes the crazy sounding social rules are for your own protection. The last time it was held, a few people doubted the authenticity of it, wondered if their trespassing grey title would provoke attacks from the numerous GEA inside the forge. If you people are still thinking that, I invite you to take a look at the pics from past fights at our webpage or search for a link via the Baja Freedom Born Press. We are an honorable guild and seek to promote goodness throughout Britannia as well as an entertaining gaming community for more social players.


Any questions or comments can be directly addressed to the coordinator of the event, Lance Goodthrust, via icq at number 54028834.

Sounds like fun! Thanks!
Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:27 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

Oceania IP Addresses
The following was just posted to FYI:

Oceania IP Addresses

The IP addresses for the Oceania shard have been updated. Players previously experiencing difficulties logging in to the shard should no longer experience connection problems. However, If you live in the South Asia-Pacific region and cannot see Oceania on your shard selection list, please email your account name to [email protected] so we can get you access to these shards.

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:18 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Oceania Shard Opens
The following was just posted to "What's New" on the Ultima Online website:

Oceania Shard Opens

We are pleased to announce that after a smooth pre-production period, Oceania, our first Australian shard, opened slightly late this morning at 12:30 AM Sydney time. The Oceania shard is our 21st shard worldwide and is expected to greatly enhance gameplay for South Asia-Pacific players.

Named for the approximately 25,000 islands located in the area of the Pacific Ocean known as the South Seas, Oceania will be open exclusively to South Asia-Pacific players (excluding Japan) for a limited period of time, allowing these local players to develop a strong community base. In the next few months, Oceania will be opened to the global UO community, allowing UO players worldwide to enjoy this newest shard.

The Game Master hours for the Oceania Shard can be found by clicking here. For information on the shard's maintenance schedule, click here. If you live in the South Asia-Pacific region and cannot see Oceania (or Balhae and Formosa) on your shard selection list, please email your account name to [email protected] so we can get you access to these shards.

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:16 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

The Blind Leading the Blind and other Nunsense--The Caravan
When I heard the Healer's Caravan had arrived Kinship Sunday in safety, I smiled with relief, but when I found out how it was done, I laughed with surprise. Any who have ever met Dove, the Healer of Yew, would tell you as I that she is kind, considerate, peaceloving, and wise. But I did not know till stories of the caravan reached me how wily she is as well.

I was just coming out of the abbey Sunday eve when I bumped into the Reverand Mother Sarah just returning from Kinship. She assured me the caravan had arrived safe, then told me this story:

I had heard of the caravan only moments 'fore it was to set out. I grabbed a few bolts of cloth and some preserved fish steaks to donate and set out for the Community Center. Although I had arrived late I had no trouble catching them as they had been detained only a few feet from the Center there at the crossroads due to an attack, which was just finished as I arrived.

I carefully stepped over the bodies of brigands that littered the ground and around the many horses and warriors who were regrouping themselves from the battle. I finally found Dove, who did not look her best as she was still recovering from her death a few moments afore, but her eyes seemed as bright as ever.

Dove and I are not both of the same gods, but we are sisters in many other ways. I remember first meeting her long ago and talking of our goals. We share the same views as to the Golden Rule of Peace. We both try to feed and heal both bodies and minds, repect the virtues, and offer words of peace. This was hardly the first trek I had been on with her. I have walked with her to many towns and shrines, but this was the first time we did so with an important cargo. Even so, it felt much like old times to me. He he, but that was to soon change.

Dove greeted me warmly and said she had something to ask of me. She handed me a bag and said, "when I step aside and say so, put this on." I looked in the bag and found a robe and a hat, just like the ones Dove was presently wearing.I wasn't sure of her reasons, and was even less sure I wanted to change out of the habit I had worn everyday since taking my vows, but I trusted Dove completely and nodded my agreement.

Sarah Impersonates Dove We set out down the road but had not gone far before beset by brigands again. In the middle of the confusion of attack, Dove stepped off from the road with me just behind, nodded to me and told me "now." I pulled the white robe over my head and when finished, Dove was no where to be found. I put the wide brim hat on my head, low over my face, and turned back towards the crowd. The fighting just over, one member asked me, "Dove, art thou ready to move on?"

Slyly slipping into Dove's plan I stuttered out, "huh? uh, hmmm," and other pearls of wisdom. One member of the group noticed (I can't imagine how as I so deftly played my part *smirks with deep sarcasm*) something and said, "that is not Dove." But another turned and firmly said, "Aye, it is Dove." The first, just as unsure as I what was goin on but aware it was some kind of plan answered, "ah yes, I see it is Dove."

Deciding they must know better than I, I agreed I must be Dove and had the caravan move out again. We were halted several times as the warriors fended off attacks, including an especially large one at the fort of the brigands, but progress was being made nevertheless.

I tried to speak little, both not to betray my not being Dove, but also as I had very little idea what to say at this point. I wondered where Dove had gone to, but thought perhaps she had gone ahead to prepare our arrival.

Just before the Britian crossroads I fainted; I suppose due to the stress I felt leading a caravan only moments after I joined it, hehe. As I came to I saw several poeple around me and was told the main group had gone ahead and were holding at the crossroads. We joined them and proceeded just past the crossroads heading towards Kinship on the main road.

Suddenly, I was addressed by my name. I hesitated to answer at first fearing a trick to betray I was a decoy. When I raised my head enough to see under the low hat I saw it was F'nor of Avalon. Asking him what it was he then told me it was time to take moongates to another place. I had no idea what was going on, but as I hadn't known most of the whole trip and trusted him, I ordered first the point guard then the packhorses through the gates that were being opened up. I followed one of the packhorses through a gate and found myself in a field.

Someone then told me we were in Britian's farm area. I had no idea why we had apprently backtracked, and decided to sit down a moment and pray for some guidance. I decided to try and send a pigeon to Dove, although I had no idea where she was at the time. The few people who were left with me were asking me why we were here, what this had to do with the plan, and what was now our plan of action. I had no more insight than they did though, truly now the blind leading the blind. Dove's pigeon finally reached me but had little to offer me in understanding, but there were at least further instructions. I was to take my group south along the mountains, then down around the hedgemaze into Kinship's southern side, avoiding the main road. This again was confusing to me as it was a much harder trek than the well trod road. But little had made sense to me since I joined the effort. I was glad to have such good companions; it made me feel more confident deserved or no.

hard terrain

By now my large three packhorse laden group had dwindled down to only one packhorse and a few guardians. I'm still not entirely sure what had happened to the others but we set off on our way nevertheless. The going was tough in the dense woods, and the horses grew tired.

Two Shadow Rangers met us along the way bringing news of attacks on Kinship and that the other parties had arrived safe. They helped to lead us the rest of the way and we arrived safe in Kinship with the others.

It wasn't until later that I found out I had faithfully led and helped guard a locked chest full of logs. *laughs heartily*

The Nun had a confusing day of it it had seemed so I was curious to find out what had happened and why she said she was carrying logs. Here are some excerpts from Dove's tale that should help in understanding:

Dove instructs the group

Fearing that our healer's cargo might be jeopardized, I and a few guild heads did plan that the carvan leaving the Yew Community Center should be a decoy and its horses carrying nothing more than locked chests and crates full of logs. It was hoped that such a showing of force would catch the eye of any villians and avert those eyes away from the real caravan that made its way to Britain not by the road, but by skirting the mountain's edge through cover of woods. This second caravan, ladened with medical aid for the oncoming plague. Barring a few points where the horses would not cross and hasty runes were marked to gate them a bit further down the trail, we made the Gap of Britain as the large decoy host reached the Britain Crossroads.

However, where the real caravan's trip was uneventful, the decoy's met hard resistance. It seems some nafarious power did not wish our aid to reach its destination. Not twenty paces from the Community Center, a horde of evil mages and thier hired brigands did set upon us in earnest. I do not know how many of our troupe fell to them, since given the strong winds and my thin robe, I was cut down quickly. Yet, given the number of good mages beside me, I was donning my hat and ready to continue just as quickly.

We made near the first guard tower west from the Yew crossroads and yet again, more villianous brigands. It was then that I put our second deception to work. Stepping off the road with Reverand Mother Sarah close behind, she did slip on a spare white robe and hat I had passed her earlier. With a decoy Dove in place, I recalled to the real caravan waiting at the guard post just north east of the Community Center.

I and the real caravan arrived at the Gap of Britain and passed through the mountains to guarded ground. There, we waited at the rendezvous farm house for the bogus caravan, for as they reached the Britain crossorads most did as I bade them and gated or recalled to our location, for I had planned that any villians still spying on the large force and hoping to make a play for the horses as it neared Kinship would see them all pass from view, gating or recalling beyond their grasp. Only a few of the decoy group knew the destination of these rendezvous runes, for if captured, we could not afford that torture might place the location of our real cargo in the hands of the enemy. An enemy that seem omniscient enough to throw wave after wave of evil henchmen from unseen safety.

Once gathered, we readied to leave for Kinship by passing around the mountains southward, then making for the Hedge Maze and arriving at Kinship by the east and off the road from watchful and possibly unfriendly eyes.

It seems that a plan to avoid Kinship's mainstreet was well made. As we rallied to leave Britain, word came from Loric Greywolf that Kinship Tavern was under seige by murderers. He wrote that he would try to lure them from town for our safety.

Judging home and hearth far more valuable than any cargo, I bid the Black Watch good luck and sent them to Kinship to protect their homes. I believe half their number left on that task. When word reached us that Orc and Drow might be among the raiders, the Free Corps quickly rallied and prepared to join that fray. Almost as quickly, pigeons flew again from Loric telling that the villians had been put to flight. Knowing we might meet these rascals on the way, we made hasty preparations for the second leg of our trip.

Knowing that those few hundred yards from one's home usually see a slackening of caution after a long journey, the Shadow Rangers were sent ahead to do that for which they are most renown, and scouted us a path to the Hedge Maze. With The Mists of Avalon taking point once more, we were lead to the Britain moongate and then onward past the maze itself.

As we regrouped one last time, just off the main road and near to our destination, another attack of red garbed mages and grizzly brigands set upon us. Wishing not to be undone so close to our goal, I pulled hard on the horses and called to Solon who was about to engage the enemy in the name of the Velt. With the Elven Lord as my only guard, I and a Knight of Yew leading a forth horse flew ahead of the others, finally, to the stock house of Kinship and our journey's end.

At the stock house, the paladins had already seen through thier horses with bogus treasures and several others with them. There, with warm words of praise and thanks, the Healer's Caravan began to disperse. And yet, the day's adventures were not yet over.

Unnoticed in the crowds of well meaning folk, a thief lurked. As I worked to deposite the medical stock, he had ample time to peruse the goods still strapped to the animals outside. Solon, with keen Elven eye, did spot his pilfering and the fellow, now weighed down with three full potion kegs (greater heal, greater cure, and total refresh), was unable to make his escape. He pleeded his innocence and we all being good folk, would not strike him down for material goods. Unfortunately, a passerby, hearing his cry that something was afoot and he could not move, thought the fellow trapped by some mysterious force and unknowingly opened him a gate. A heavy step forward and he was gone.

A lighter step on my part and I was standing in the desert near my beloved Compassion Shrine with he and his five guildmates, who he had undoubtably forwarned of his coming with heavy booty. He ordered everyone not of the guild to be murdered, but his men stood thier ground. I wasted some words on him of the importance of those kegs to the community with this plague soon approaching, and as wasted words, they fell on his deaf ears. Thus, with Hannibal the Druid of the Shadow Rangers bidding me make a hasty leave of this place (for he had bravely followed me through the gate), I bid the thief and his men to be safe and to enjoy my donation to their guild.

Again, to any and all who had some hand in this, I thank you most profusely. With your efforts, a good store of aid now awaits our use for the prophesied plague: 5000 yards of cloth, food for an army, wands and staves of healing, and as soon as I can gather the reagents, three more kegs to replaced those stolen. If you have a few spare reagents for this cause, they would be greatly appreciated.

Dove the Healer of Yew

Nun's group joins others in Kinship

A story indeed this turned out to be. I wish all well and I hope that your efforts will not be needed, but I fear that will not be the case.

Special thanks to Rodar of the Brotherhood of Wayrest and Sinafae, Druidess of Britain for their fine artwork.

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:14 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Open Wedding Invitation
This announcement came from Tiberius:

I will be marrying my RL Girlfriend Aurora this Sunday night at 10pm EST at the Magicia Podium. The colors for the crowd will be Dullcopper Armor (or similar color clothing ) and a black accessory. All are welcome to join in watching this event, and if you could post this I would be very grateful, thank you :)

-Tiberius of Baja

Thanks and congrats!
Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 8:14 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

Town Cryer: Crisis in Britannia!
The following non-shard specific story was just posted to the Town Cryer:

UP: Britannia

assive wave attacks of monsters and mystical beings now affect seven cities in the Realm.

As reported earlier, creatures are launching massive attacks on cities throughout the Realm. Yew, Cove, Vesper, Trinsic, Delucia and Papua were previously affected by the attacks. Now, the city of Britain has also fallen victim to the mysterious invasion of evil beings.

In addition, some mysterious force is affecting Lord British's guards in those towns. They will defend citizens from attacks by other humans, but are completely ignoring calls for help against the monsters.

The attacks seem particularly vicious in Trinsic, with hordes of the Undead roaming about in and around the town, making ordinary, every-day life a hazard to the unwary.

No one knows - or is willing to say - just who or what is behind the attacks. It is rumored that Lord British is preparing a statement to be delivered at his castle.

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 7:55 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (QuestandEventNews)

Galen Solstarre Returns & the Tournament
Finally, after a long wait, Dragar will meet him doom soon. With some new news coming from the Mayor of PaxLair, Winfield, we hear of Galen's return and a tournamet to see whom will wield the Mace of Sky Fire to defeat Dragar.
Galen Solstarre appeared before a group of about 50 people at his home and laboratory near Moonglow. He was still a deformed spirit visible only to us by hands, a staff, and ocassionally a lantern. He sent the people to gather ingredients for a special potion, concocted and drank the potion, returned to life again, and handed the Mace of Sky Fire to Seer Kristos. Seer Kristos then announced the requirement for a tournament to be held Saturday, Jan 29, at 8:00 PM EST in Jhelom.

Some days ago, Galen Solstarre turned into a deformed spirit after attempting to escape from Dragar through an experimental gate. Galen was protecting the Mace of Sky Fire. For some time, the people of the realm sought ways to aid Galen and bring him back.

On this eve, Galen Solstarre, while still a deformed spirit, asked the people to gather several items: an empty potion keg, a mortar and pestle, 10 Sulferous Ash, 5 Mandrake Root, 5 Fertile Dirt, 1 Blackmoor, and 1 Vial of Phoenix Blood. The blood was the most difficult, taking adventurers to a remote place in Fire Dungeon.

The people handed the ingredients to Galen Solstarre. He ground the potion, drank it, and the experimental gate re-opened. The live and well Galen Solstarre appeared through the gate to the overwhelming cheers of the crowd.

Seer Kristos appeared and Galen Solstarre handed the Mace of Sky Fire to him. Seer Kristos then announced a vital tournament to find the best mace fighter in the lands. The Seer distributed the following information:

"A warrior of pure heart and exceptional skill needs to be found to wield the Mace of Sky Fire against Dragar. This Saturday [January 29, 2000] at 8:00 (by the eastern sky) [8:00 PM EST], there will be a tournament in the town of Jhelom.

The winner of this tournament must be willing to wield the Mace of Sky Fire against Dragar. Any who wish to compete (and are brave enough to confront Dragar) should be at the dueling pit in Jhelom between 7:30 and 8:00 to sign in.

The purpose of this tournament is to select the best warrior to wield the Mace of Sky Fire against Dragar. In order to accomplish this the following rules will apply:
  • Tournament begins at 8:00 PM (by the eastern sky)
  • All contestants must arrive and sign in PRIOR to the start of the tournament (After the tournament begins, no more contestants may enter)
  • All damage must be done with the war maces provided for the duel. No other weapons may be used and no spells may be used to harm your opponent. (Nothing bu the Mace of Sky Fire will be able to do harm.)
  • No Armor may be worn (Dragar's Blows are said to be so powerful that no Armor can Protect those who battle him.)
  • Duels will last until only one of the two contestants remains standing or until one of the contestants foreits the duel by saying "yield".
  • Healers will be on hand to aid the fallen.
  • The possessions of the contestants is not to be disturbed.
  • No horses are allowed.
  • No interference from outside parties is allowed."
Seer Kristos added that the Wielder of the Mace of Sky Fire must be pure of heart and it is planned that Dragar will be confronted after the Tournament in Jhelom on Saturday night.

Winfield, Mayor of PaxLair
Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 5:55 AM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

A thought about the Master Liche Juo'nars past
We have recieved the following:
My name is Garot Tongarth, and I am one of the eldest of warriors in the land. I remember the dark Lord Juo'nar, and how he tried to destroy the city of Trinsic in his first attack with a legion of Orcs and Lizard men. Unfourtunately nobody at the time realized his plan to spread the darker evils across the land. But he was not alone and was backed by some of Brittannias high ranking officials. I also remember the dark plate armor he once wore as a symbol of his evil. I do wonder who or what would have the power to make him an undead agent of evil. More important is why. This is unfortunate for the Paladins Guild in Trinsic as well as the city itself for the attacks will not stop until he is destroyed forgood. It is also known by some that Juo'nar was an affiliate of the Followers of Armageddon and shared the desires of Lich Lathiari and his sister Lich Kyrina. Was it an FOA member that reanimated his body? Was not FOA destroyed by Lord British? Only time will tell.

Garot Tongarth, Elder Warrior and Sage

Thanks!, very intresting.
Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 3:59 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Strange happenings in Dungeon Deciet
We have recieved the following:
I am writing you in regards to some rather odd occurences that I was witness to in Deciet lastnight. I entered the dungeon around 12:00am (cst) and was immediately hit with an eary sence. As I walked down the hallway slowly sipping my black potions, I got a glimpse of two dark creatures standing in the corner of one of the rooms. Of course, as my warrior nature states, I attacked first and asked questions later. However, upon departing both creatures to their long sleep, one simple fact hit me with much haste.

Earth Elementals and Lizardmen dont belong in Deciet!! I quickly recorded what I had seen and proceeded deeper into the dungeon to see if anything else was unusual. I ran through the end of the hallway and past the fountain room, but was immediately halted when I noticed the Water Elemental that was usually confined among the fountain walls was free and sloshing back and forth around the room. I stayed and killed a few of the water fiends, eventually assisted by a descent mage, and quickly retreated to the further depths of the dungeon, however past this point I saw nothing of the unusual. The Bone Knights ripped flesh limb from limb as usual, and recalling away twas the end of my odd sightings.

Timmorn Yelloweyes,

First Chieftain (DHO)

Thanks!, very weird indeed.
Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2000, 3:57 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Brimstone speaks on Guild Advertisement
Brimstone sat down, took a pen in his hand, and wrote this interesting article:
"The Squeaky Guild Gets the Grease"
If you haven't figured out how to successfully market your clan/guild/order yet, then you need to read this article. If you are famous, gaining new members each month, and aren't worried about your guilds future - then you can skip this one. When it comes to advertising/marketing your 'guild', you must be energetic, creative, and aggressive - always looking for a way to get YOUR GUILD NAME and URL onto a high-traffic site. Period. Once you are in the limelight, the magic will begin. There are a few things that must be done to attract attention to yourself, your guild, your members, your stories, (you get the picture), etc. 1.) You must have something WORTH sharing with the community, 2.) You need to be creative and detailed with whatever it is you are sharing, 3.) You should make sure that you provide all the necessary information, 4.) If possible, you should make sure that your 'news article' is cleanly written, spell checked and perhaps "HTML READY". I have learned from MANY news sites that the reporters LOVE IT when someone submits articles/news that already contains the correct HTML coding. They will love you, and they will usually post your news without a hitch.
Something Worth Sharing:
News sites aren't usually interested in the fact that your guild is, "Now Recruiting!" or "Open for business!!" - who cares. News sites want to know about events - both guild and game related, creativity involving the game - such as your tales of adventure or something wonderful that is worth sharing with the rest of the community. Also, news sites are very interested in your discoveries - such as new spells, game systems, artifacts, hidden levels and so on. If you can use this to 'structure' your news in a way that it appeals to any of those categories, you are almost in business. You see, if your guild is planning a nice event, you can either advertise on your guild page and attract a small audience (usually your own members/allies), or you can think big and have it appear on a news site, attracting hundreds (possibly thousands) of people. If your guild has created a guide, resource, program, map, spell listing, or some other 'useful' information that the community should see, that is also a GREAT way to indirectly advertise your guild and get THOUSANDS and thousands of visits (which will indirectly lead to people asking about membership into your guild/clan - trust me). The hardest part about recruiting and growing your guild is becoming "KNOWN" to the community. Once people become familiar with your name and web address, the rest is pretty much easier. Your guild's management team (officers, council, 'whatever') should be aggressively seeking new places and methods to get guild related news posted to the community. Like the title of this article says, "The Squeaky Guild Gets the Grease", meaning that if a guild is visible enough and creative enough, they will get the "members" and "fame".
You Need to be Creative, Detailed & Provide All the Information
As you draft your news article, keep in mind that you want to share this with several news sites for that game. You want the news to be clear, concise and very informative. If you have someone in your guild who is GOOD at writing, perhaps have him/her write up all your guild ads. If you have someone good at HTML, let them take that ad and make it LOOK nice for forums and news sites. Make sure your news items ALWAYS provide a link back to your guild's web site, contains an email address for a guild contact person, and always sign off with your guild's name written out (along with your guild's abbreviation). This will help with your visibility and the awareness that the community will have for your organization. If planning an event, make sure you share the vital information: Time, Date, Location, Reason for the event, Possible prizes to be given away, various events/games that will be held, etc. If your event is "ROLEPLAY ORIENTED", perhaps provide a mini-write-up for it, giving a taste of what it is all about. If you make it interesting enough and build the suspense, people WILL attend.
Spell Check and HTML Ready!
Once you write your news item and reread it to yourself a few times to make sure it is accurate, you should then SPELLCHECK your writing and add the HTML to it. I usually add the HTML elements AFTER I write the news/article. After the news is ready to go, I send a copy of it to myself via email, and then place that 'ad' in a folder called, "Guild Ads". That way, if the event is recurring, I will have a copy on file.
Other Topics: Email Addresses for News Sites & Guild Advertising
Let's say that you are playing Asheron's Call and everything you do as a guild revolves around that game. Your news will be for AC related sites, your guild advertising will be for AC players, etc. You should go out and find ALL of the PREMIUM news sites and keep a list of the email addresses used to submit news for each of them. Once you complete this task, email it to yourself (for a copy in your files) for future use. That way, when you have new news to announce, you won't have to VISIT each site to get the word out. (TIP: Send INDIVIDUAL EMAILS to each news site. I think that as a news site staff member, it is a turn-off to see the names of '5' other news agencies on the same message. I realize this takes a little more time, but it will be well worth it.) Throughout this article I focused on Guild Event/News Items, but didn't really mention anything about good, old fashioned "Guild Ads". I love well written guild ads, they are VERY IMPORTANT in the grand scheme of things. As with other news that you will be writing, make sure you write the ad first, spell check it, add the HTML, then mail a copy to yourself for your files. (TIP #1: Before going on your Guild Advertising Campaign and posting your newly written guild ad, make sure you first TEST IT on your own forum. You will save yourself some embarrassment should there be errors with your HTML. Once you SEE your ad looking good, go ahead and cut/paste it onto other forums.) (Tip #2: While visiting all of the "GUILD ORIENTED" forums, record the URL for those forums into an email message and send it to yourself - yep, for your files! In the future, it will save TONS OF TIME when you go to advertise again.) When advertising, please make sure you keep your guild ads to the 'Guild Forums'. If you don't, you will DEFINITELY upset the natives and your ad will lose it's effectiveness. Also, it is an embarrassment for your guild, trust me... I know firsthand. (The learning process can be SO difficult) The nice thing about Guild Forums is that they are less traveled and posted on. That means that your ads will persist for days, weeks, even months! People tend to visit guild forums to have a look... read a few posts, then move on. I posted ads about 7 months ago for our EQ faction and I am STILL receiving site visits from that ad! Amazing... it goes to show you that your ads DO work, if you stick to the rules. (Tip #3: Get tracking services right now for your site. I highly recommend "Extreme Tracking", a free service that monitors your site and records information about visitors. It is what I use to find out where people are learning about our guild, or who is talking about us (and posting our URL). I love sneaking up on a guild message board and replying to a post someone made about me or the guild I am involved in. It makes me feel... well... KEWL. For the URL to Extreme Tracking, visit: and click on the "Resources" link.) In the end, it is all about being persistent and aggressive with your guild advertising. You must constantly be working on ways to get your NAME (guildname) onto a site that has a TON of traffic. If you aren't doing this, you will not grow as fast as you possibly can... nor will you attract some of the super-creative members of the gaming community. (Warning: Once your guild is in the spotlight a few times and people are aware of your existence, DO expect to have ANTI-SOCIAL players applying for your guild/clan. It happens. Like leeches, they hop from one host to another looking out for themselves and nobody else. Avoid them like the plague and someday they will grow up and be QUALITY members of a guild.)
Closing Statement
If you would like to reprint this article, or any other article from this site, you are more than welcome to do so. If you have any questions, please send them to me - I would love to hear from you and perhaps post your replies to my guild's web site, or onto this site. My email address is: [email protected]. I appreciate your time and interest in this article.
Brimstone, Co-founder, Lost Order of Akalabeth
(Note: This site is currently under construction due to a crashed HD. It is being replaced and the site will return shortly.)
Okay, before every guildmaster starts sending in their guild advertisements disguised as news; We normally do not post guild advertisements on the news pages, we have a Guild Forum especially for that. In this particular case the submission had several interesting bits that most guildleaders would be interested to hear, therefor you are now reading it here. Thank you Brimstone, for writing up all these tips and tricks. I am sure you've helped several guilds with it already. But why do I get the feeling that you tricked me into posting an ad for your guild on the news anyway ? * chuckles *
Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 2:49 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

The Wedding of Red William and Liara Jalice

The Wedding of Red William and Liara Jalice

Tonight was a night that my new Wife, the visitors to Dragon’s Bay, and me would not soon forget. The hours seemed to drag like days as the many well wishers and visitors flocked into the OGD tower for the Wedding ceremony. I was forced to wear an uncomfortable set of Golden Archer armor, while my Best man, Peacekeeper shifted in a partially drunken state (that’s what I get for making him get the booze). The Brittanian Kilted police were there in their dress kilts and hats, seated in an orderly fashion, while people from all over moved slowly to wherever they could sit. Elwynn and Krista, residents of Yew and the Ranger station, came to visit, along with the Mayor of Trinsic, Theo. The Colored robes of the Councelors and companioned were highlighted as they sat at the head table while SRC Auriane presided as the minister.

As soon as everyone was in attendance, Liara appeared, led by Gunther, who despite being removed by the Red Robes of his rank, stood proudly as he gave Liara away. The ceremony went smoothly from there: Auriane made her speech, both Liara and I made our vows to each other, We exchanged rings, and soon we were Husband and Wife!

As soon as we kissed, Gunther stepped behind us and called out. Suddenly a giant Gold Dragon appeared before us! It was the Dragon…the Gold one! The Audience about was stunned and shocked, and I was just as shocked to hear the dragon speak to us all:

I have come to honor and bless thee, Liara and Red, followers of the virtues and the teachings of your guild, and to ask for blessings upon both in the name of love, and of each of you gathered here. I am neither mortal man nor god, yet know what the blessings of life may be. These I wish unto the couple and all gathered here.

In the name of the virtues, if any need my aid, seek of me here and in the temple. I am here for all citizens of Britannia, and all who follow the virtues in the path of love, of Courage, and of Truth.

And as the Gold one Departed, I heard her speak to lady Kelann, "When the tempest comes... seek me for the storm."

As soon as the Gold dragon began to depart, I heard a clunking sound behind me and I turned in time to spot a purple potion, ready to explode! Liara and I had little time to react as the bombs started to explode, sending everyone into a panic! I tried to reach for Liara but we were cut off from the crowd as the next volley of bombs threw me to the tables. Before I could grab hold of a bandage, I heard Sabbathius yell "I BAN THEE" and the explosions stopped. I received several healing spells, but I was still barely alive. Liara seemed to escape unscathed and only Knessa, Liara’s Bridesmaid, and I, managed to take the brunt of the attack. It was later discovered the man was named Habib Korishon, and that he was quickly executed outside.

And with that, the wedding reception pretty much went downhill, as the scared vistiors seemed to decide that it was safer going home then stay for the party.

Doesn’t matter to me or Liara…just means we can go to our honeymoon faster. *Wink*

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 10:52 AM EST by Red William (GreatLakes)

The Wind Colloquium to hold hearing
We have found the following:
tonight at 7pm PST, the Wind Colloquium, headed by Lord Xandrick, will be meeting to hold a hearing requested by the local historian Ceridwen. Ceridwen beleives that a threat exists to the city of Wind. His claims, based on the information contained within the Tome of Valykere, are that some yet unknown force is gathering power against the ancient city. Cerdiwen believes that some clue to his beliefs exists within a sacred book, one protected by the mages of the Colloquium, "The Prophecies of the Ancient". He seeks a hearing, and the permission of the Colloquium to gain access to this text, so that this mystery might be uncovered.

Ceridwen has been frantically attempting to contact any and all witnesses to the death of Rathom, the former Britain Librarian, that might lend aid to him during the course of tonights event. Any who can help please meet with him, tonight at 6pm (pst) in his office.

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 7:53 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Gargoyle menace spreads to Yew
It seems the danger unleashed at Clown Town is spreading . . .

Hail and well met

After fending off the increasing attacks of mongbats, orcs, imps and orc mages, the citizens of Yew faced a new threat-gargoyles. It all started with a green gargoyle appearing in the abbey by the name of Imanlem. Six curious citizens, including myself, cautiously approached this gargoyle. It seemed friendly and was taking in a strange tongue. The intrigued citizens tried talking to it, and slowly began to break through the language barrier. A thought struck me and I mentioned ClownTown. This seemed to spark something in Imanlem - he started speaking more of his strange tongue.

We need a Clown, I said. All of a sudden it disappeared. I was about to go when a horde of gargoyles appeared outside the abbey. The brave warriors of Yew raced outside. An intense battle ensued but we rose victorious. I immediatly went home for my clown town rune. Alas, I could not find it. Luckily, I met a Comrade RED who had a rune. I recalled to ClownTown only to arrive admidst an attack by gargoyles.

I stood with the Clowns and drove them off. I told them of the green one and went back to Yew. The green one did not return that night.

Who is this green one? Is this linked to the attacks on ClownTown? Is it linked to the attacks on Yew? The brave souls of Yew will stand fast and fight whatever is thrown at them. We will stand triumphant.

Wazza Wellgard

See the profile below for more information on Clown Town. Thanks for writing, Wazza.

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 7:02 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

The mages are revolting
Bodies litter Britain bank . . . reminds me of the good old days. But rather than 30 corpses of the same person (named Thiefman), these were a number of different mages fighting for their right to pre-cast:

An unconfirmed rumour.....

There was talk of a riot in Britain last night. I only arrived at the end of it and saw more dead bodies than I have ever witnessed before.... At least 25 corpses and 25 death robes laid out neatly before the Main Bank.

Reports from those present suggested there had been a riot over the Gods decision to remove the ability to 'pre-cast'. I know not if this is the truth but I did myself see the bodies and people discussing the fact that the "riot is over now".

The Jade Foundation

I can confirm the rumours are true, having seen pictorial evidence from those fine people at UOGuilds. Thanks all.
Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 6:56 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Escaped Brigands Going on Rampage
This came in from Wind Weaver:

Rumor has it that many years ago, there was a group known as "The Brigands" that Lord British sent to jail. Why did he send them to jail, you ask? Because they were disturbing the peace of Britannia.

But, just recently, they have broken loose and have gone at it for one last time. On Monday, 2:30pm Pacific Time to...whenever, the dungeons will be filled with the Brigands. Humor also has it that this is thier last and final killing spree. Warning to all. Please stay inside on Monday the 31st.

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 6:31 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

Party in Magincia Thursday January 27th
I received this from Kvarno Goldeneye:

Dear people, His Majesty Emperor Azalin is holding a party this coming Thursday at 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm PST. It will be held at the Parliament building in Magincia. There will be free food, drinks, and even a 5000gp lottery. Please come and bring a friend or just come and make some new ones.

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 6:26 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

Dawn Library & Center for the Arts Pre-Opening Giveaway
This came from Arakthor:

Hail all!

Well, the time is fast approaching, and the new Dawn Library and Center for the Arts will soon be opening!

I am proud to say that over the last couple of months, the Dawn Library has grown to become the largest player-run libary in Sosaria! In fact, we are quickly approaching a milestone - we shall soon be housing over *100* player-written books!

In celebration of this, and in anticipation of the upcoming opening in our new location, we have arranged to make this event extra-special, with a giveaway! We are looking for player submissions. The rules are as follows:

1.) The book must be an original work, and meet the Library's specifications for display (10 pages in length or longer, no vulgarity, etc.)

2.) If the Library already has a copy of the book in their possession, it will not count towards the contest.

3.) All submissions must be made to me personally - the Library's donation box is no longer in effect, thanks to the decay patch (although if some OSI member out there would like to help me think of a way to fix this... hint hint...)

4.) Epics are most welcome; however, they shall only count as one submission, regardless of their length, for the duration of the contest only.

5.) The book must be UO-related (open to judge's discretion - yup, that's me too. *grin*)

6.) Only existing "pseudo-NPC" books currently on display in the Library (quest tomes, the two rare "lost" NPC books) shall count towards the total 100 player written books; however, submission of "pseudo-NPC" books NOT in the library's possession (and we do have a few that have simply not been placed on display yet - these don't count, either) shall not be counted, except at the judge's discretion.

Whichever two authors manage to submit the #100 player written book and the #125 book in total (#125 including the set of NPC books the library keeps on hand) shall win, with #100 choosing his or her prize, and #125 to receive the remaining prize.

Now, of course, in celebration of a Dawn event, these couldn't be just any old prizes... so we went a little overboard! Our winners will have their choice of these two fabulous prizes:

- A full set of GM plate armor smithed by Carly... in Dawn's royal colors. That's right, a full set of GM VALORITE plate!

or, for you mages out there...

- A full set of studded leather of HARDENING - that's an AR of *26*, without a helm! And just to top it off - what every mage needs - a body sash of spell reflect with *83* charges... dyed Dawn's royal blue, of course.

Should the winning numbers be submitted before the DLCA's opening, the prizes will be awarded at the opening celebration, on Feb. 13th. Otherwise, they will be awarded whenever the books are received.

Good luck to all you budding authors out there!

Vengence, D-G
Curator of the Dawn Library and Center for the Arts

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 6:23 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

The Search for the Corex
Found this over at the Lumaria Message Board:

Ai have been doing my best to find out anything worth knowing about this artefact. Unfortunately I have not been extremely successful. Ai have found 4 sources, the first is from a quote in an essay on arcanic theory that ai dug up in the lyceaum. 'The corexa's source is held within the skull' Nowhere else was that word mentioned in that piece of text.

Ai also found a tile in a secluded area of the Vesper museum with a pecuilar image ontop of the image lay an old and very worn note. The paper molded as I read it, lest the words really surprised me. They read 'Corexa sientythra noch utu' Ai assumed it must have been one of few items surviving Luminates downfall.

Neither the essay nor, the tile or note held any signatures. Even though all of these bits of information may be interesting they don't help us very much in finding the artefact.

Upon one of my encounters with Azalin the Lich, he dropped a parchment which he had sitting loosely in one of his pockets. Ai actualy think it was by accident. Ai took it and later studied it and found it to be a map. Ai am not sure but ai think the map is related to his search for the Corex. The map is mei best hint so far and this Friday ai plan on leading an expedition to the related area around 6 pm(PST).

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 6:18 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

Client Patch 1.26.4 to fix Memory Leak
The following was just posted to the FYI section:

Client Patch 1.26.4
Jan 26 2000 4:56PM CST

We will be releasing a client patch today at approximately 6pm CST. This patch will address a recent memory leak issue. Once the patch is released, you will not be able to log into Ultima Online unless you successfully download this patch. If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

  • Check the “Patch” directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
  • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
  • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online.

If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 5:54 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Account Management Issues
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

Ultima Online Account Management Issues

The Ultima Online Account Management system experienced intermittent hardware difficulties yesterday, January 25th (CST), resulting in an extended downtime. The system has been repaired and is now running as normal. However, we would like to encourage anyone who may have updated or modified billing information, or may have created an account between 7:00PM Monday, January 24th and 1:00AM Wednesday, January 26th, to visit the Account Management website at and confirm that your changes have been updated.

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 5:45 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

The dark past of Master Liche Juo'nar of Trinsic
We have recieved the following:
I have adventured in the Realms for a great while now. It has been my great honor to take part in many Quests and to have met many people who are now famous throughout Sosaria. So, I will tell you what I know of the vile Juo'nar. Forgive me, but this will need a history lesson for your understanding.

Many years ago, when Lord Crawworth was still Captain of the Guards in Trinsic, Lord Hartham; who was the Head Trainer of the Warrior's Guild there, and trusted friend of Crawworth, was brutally murdered. Lord Crawworth, both enraged and saddened at the death of his friend, resigned his post and vowed to find the evil forces behind the murder. The new Captain of the Guard became Finth Desryn.

A short time afterwards, a young boy who was the only son of a minor noble family joined the Paladin's Guild. His name was Juo'nar. Although only 15 at the time, he moved up the hierarchy quickly, and after a few years, was put in charge of the Paladin's Guild Treasury in Trinsic. His responsibilities were for the inventory and maintenance of the Guild's Storehouse of weapons and equipment. After a few years in this role, Lord Crawworth, following some leads as to the parties responsible for Lord Hartham's murder, discovered a shocking secret. Juo'nar had been embezzling funds and equipment for several years, even dealing with agents of darkness and the intelligent monsters of the area! He was immediately expelled from the Paladin's Guild, the merchants of Trinsic blackballing him for any dealings with them. After more news was discovered during the investigation into his crimes, he was chased out of the city of Trinsic by an angry mob of citizens and merchants. Juo'nar angrily vowed that one day he would return, and that all of Trinsic would bow at his feet.

A few years later, Juo'nar led a small army of Orcs and Lizardmen in an attack on Trinsic. This was apparently a diversion, as while the citizens fought off the attackers, Juo'nar sought his real goal. Three of the Highest Priests of a peaceful prefect were meditating at the Shrine of Spirituality and imbuing magical energies into an amulet. It is unknown what the original enchantments were to have been, although many feel it was for a "Unity in the Land." Juo'nar set upon the priests, slaying them all upon the Shrine, and stealing the amulet for his own purposes. It is unknown whether he himself changed the enchantments, or whether the deaths of the priests corrupted it's power, but what is known is that his sword was forever more stained a bright blood red.

Juo'nar soon made use of his stolen prize, which apparently enabled him to control the minds of many of the area's monsters. He led numerous attacks throughout the Realm leading huge armies of Trolls, Orcs, Ogres, Lizardmen, Ratmen and Harpies. Each time his plots were thwarted by the barest margins while Finth Desryn worked feverishly to find and stop him. Juo'nar's ultimate downfall came after he murdered Finth's wife. This sent the Captain of the Guard into a deep and terrible despair. But this was soon used to fuel his drive to bring the evil one to justice. Not long after, a source revealed that Juo'nar was hiding in his childhood home of Occlo.

Finth Desryn personally assembled a small band of Champions and concerned citizens to seek out Juo'nar and stop him. After a long and heated battle, Juo'nar was slain, the evil stopped. However, the whereabouts of his body's final resting place went unknown. Many thought that he had been interned within the Paladin's Guildhalls within Trinsic itself, keeping it safe from looters, demonstrators, and those who might have tried to use his death for dark causes. However, there are darker, softly spoken whispers, that a secretive group had stolen his body from it's tomb, and were seeking to raise him from the dead!

It would appear after reading these reports, that the unspeakable has come to pass. The dark rumors were true. And so good sir, I hope that with this knowledge, you and the citizens of Trinsic may prepare. For he had vowed to have the city of Trinsic bow at his feet someday, and I fear he has come for his vengeance! I hope that I will be able to return in time to add my sword to stop him once again, as was done long ago.

Blackstaff, Knight Templar of Sonoma

**********************Note From Rage*****************************

I was there the two times Master Liche Juo'nar of Trinsic attacked Trinsic with his army of death. The attacks happen at the same exacr time. I was at the bank both times during 8pm-11pm Pacific time. So, you could imagine how mad I was at Juo'nar because he attacked while I watched Tom Green Show!!!

I am almost sure if you hang around in Trinsic during that time, You will catch a glimpse, or even attempt to slay my lord Master Liche Juo'nar of Trinsic, the "Death Mage", I have called it.

Be wary, the days of the dead are upon us!!

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 4:12 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

The Death of lady Yasmine
The quest to free Yasmine ended with her death at Cerin's hand. Even though Cerin sought to thwart our efforts in rescuing her, he was not successful in keeping her in silence. The Noble Lady Illien al' Asfiasta (think thats the right spelling.) together with a large band adventurers sought the counsel of Doria Romanov, the gyspy. Doria Romanov, led us in a seance to commune with the spirit of Yasmine.

Through her, the spirit of Yasmine was channeled. Yasmine told us the story of how she came to be imprisoned by Cerin. Cerin sought an ancient tome that Yasmine had found while hiking throught the wilds of Glacia. Fortunately, before Yasmine was entombed in her cold pillar of ice, she hid the book to keep it from Cerin's grasp. Upon hearing Yasmine's description of her prison cell, we realized that the ancient tome was hidden in the library of Ice Dungeon, and was guarded by Ice Fiends. We journeyed there, where after the deaths of many comrades, the ancient tome was found by Lady Sin. Of special note, The Illustrious Shea, Warlord of Warriors Against Rogues, meleed four ice fiends in single combat, and won the battle.

Roo Avery, of Sonoma.

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 3:56 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Misterie seeks our aid!
This just came in from Misterie of Paxlair.....

To all,

As some of you may be aware, for many years (read: months) now, in fact, since I was but an apprentice to Lord Dresden, I have been trying to find a way to correct the Shrine of Compassion. The symbol of the shrine, unlike those of the others, is turned away from the supplicant that would go to meditate before the Ankh. I have worked diligently with many in the past concerning this issue, including the noted Brother Derlic of Empath Abbey. Unfortunately, until recently, I believe I was approaching this problem in the wrong manner. It had been my fear, as a devoted follower of the one called the Avatar, that this was the direct work of the Shadowlord whose name I do not mention, in deference to the good Brother. Although, he may be ultimately responsible, the problem is more broad-based, lying within the very hearts of the masses that roam Britannia. Senseless murder, killings, lootings abound, all paving the road of Hatred and Despise.

Given the current condition of the world, the shrines inversion is of no surprise. It is in this spirit, that I believe the solution will be found.

After discussing the matter with the bard known as Jhym, I believe I have come across a way to correct that which is wrong. I will need the help of many in this regard, however.

In my sleep, I dream of world wherein one day of the year is set aside, to celebrate the principle of Love (read: Valentine's Day). I wish to arrange a vigil of peace of love to take place at the Shrine to coincide with such a day. So, I call upon the bards, the healers, the lovers, and all those who would let compassion and love fill their hearts, within whom the flame of Love shines brightest, to seek me in PaxLair, so that the details can be arranged. More will be posted when those few (as the peninsula can only support so many) have been chosen. The event will last the scope of a single Britannian day, lasting from dawn from dawn (read: 2 hours) to commence at a time to be announced in the near future. I request that those that would seek to join me in this vigil bring only those items needed to maintain peace and harmony. Healers bring your bandages, Bards - your instruments and stories of romance, and lovers- yourselves. And to those whose hearts may truly be turned to evil, I request of you to leave this small vigil be, not for my sake, but for your own. Long ago, it was propesied that only when the fragments of the gem could be brought into resonance, would the gem reunite, and in doing so, destroy those tiny reflections upon one of which, we make our home. So long as the shrine remains in disrepair, such alignment could not well take place. Therefore, in allowing this event, you are furthering your own cause. I also request those knights that consider themselves the guardians of virtue to seek me out, as regardless of the peace that we may try to retain, there are those madmen that may try to disrupt us, senselessly.

Such hatred cannot be allowed to enter onto the peninsula, and I shall need a sizeable force to keep such persons, at bay. I realize it is quite alot to try to accomplish in so little time, but as I have sworn myself to uphold the principles of truth, courage, and, indeed, love, it is something I feel must be done.

Misterie of Paxlair
Historian PxW
Student of Magic

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 2:27 AM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

Return of the Father
The wind blew across the tower, it seemed like a quiet night, not that many people here. I was talking to Lana, our writing teacher, and Cid and Will where up there with me. Then over my shoulder I heard a voice I had not heard in a long while. "Grekken.." I haven't been called by that name since my childhood, I spun and there was Karnen, my father.

My heart dropped, he had killed my mother, and my first love. "I heard you where dead," I told him.

He smiled that smile I had dreaded from my youth. "Pathetic fool, you shouldn't believe everything you hear."

"At least now I get to kill you myself!" I had swore a long time ago I would not rest till this man lie dead at my feet, now I will avenge my loved one s death.

"Are you still riled about that peasant girl?" Allierria, my first love, was this "peasant girl" he spoke of. He was trying to get under my skin.

I won't let him break my determination. "Your mind games won't work, prepare to die bastard!"

"Such language. Didn't that pitiful excuse of a mother teach you any manners?"

More games...I shrugged them off, "Whatever, you will die tonight"

"I've come to met your wife, Grekken. Where is she?" My heart sank; she has been missing for a few months. Where is your darling new wife Karainna? She is so sweet, I met her in the woods a few weeks ago She was exquisite..... her smile was as sweet as honey", please, no " her eyes danced as she told me about her husband, her cheek's blushed a cute shade of red as she told me she was expecting," he is lying, please let him be lying, "her voice cracked ever so delicately as she screamed in pain, her tears traced a beautiful design on her face as she called out to you for help...."

"Stop it," I said.

"But you didn't help her, did you? Just like..."

"STOP IT", I screamed. The bastard had killed my wife, my love. I drew my sword, one more person to avenge.

"You killed my mother, you killed my first love, you killed my wife! I swear on my soul, you die here and now!" I charged at him and swung, he didn t seem that strong, but he dodged easily and jabbed his dagger into my side. I felt the pain of the dagger, then a sharper more fierce pain...poison. I stood still, waved back and forth as the pain jabbed deeper and deeper into me, like a drill. My mind clouded, vision blurred, people where talking.

I heard Karnen s voice, taunting me, "What's the matter, Grekken? Ye look a little pale."

I remember hitting the ground, and the next few minutes are a blur, all I remember for sure was the pain. Then I remember seeing Krythan, and Cid, talking over me, I had made my way to the throne. They took me to the magery wing where Krythan examined me.I remember Lord Rainbow King coming and offering his help. My mind started to clear up after a few moments, and I remember fairly clearly what happened then. Krythan looked at the wound, "this black stuff, looks like deamon blood," Deamon blood, that made sense, Karnen always loved Irony.

My mind started to cloud again, lots of people came in, some I knew, Rainbow King, Sunwolf, Dyluck bearing cider. A nice woman named Tinydove, I believe, gave me a lovely magic gorget, and it seemed to releave some of my pain.

Some I didn't know. People where looking at me, trying to cure me, I am sure I talked, but it clouds when I think back on it. Then I remember Azrielle sitting beside me. That seemed to bring me back, someone I knew.

I told everyone that was listening to me the story of how my father had ruined my life before, a story far too long to write here, maybe I will write it for the public later. More talking, and Krythan brough me 2 pitches full of water. "Drink this," he said, "it is from the shrine of spirituality" being still a bit thirsty, I drunk. It seemed to cool my entire body, and the sharp pain in my side, that I had almost gotten used to, seemed to melt away. After that, more people looked at the wound and talked. I felt as if I was dreaming and I needed rest. With the help of my friends, they took me to the bunks.


Thankye, Oni, for recounting your tale for us.
Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 1:51 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Establishment Review: Dragon Tooth Tavern
Once again Keeshi was out and about and managed to review The Dragon Tooth Tavern. You can read all about it in our Establishment Review section.

The Establishment Reviews are accessible from the Atlantic News menu bar.


Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 1:38 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Establishment Review: Leiah's Rune Library
For the many of you who have been requesting the accurate URL to Leiah's Rune Library page, I have finally been able to update that.

You will find the new link on the Establishment Review for the rune library.

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2000, 1:14 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Trinsic Attacked---Again

Hail all! As you may have heard Trinsic was attacked yesterday. I was able to put together the following report.

Hail fellow travelers! Once again the foulness of the evil undead (no offense OES) charged into Trinsic, threatening to overrun the city. I spoke to one rather shaken citizen after the ordeal to learn more.

" were terrible it were. I were jus' mindin' me own business over by th' stables an' checkin out th' stalls when I 'ears this 'orrible moanin' sound. I peeked out and froze to th' verr'y spot I were standin' I did. It were an army o' skeletons and ghostly things. Then I 'ear this bone chillin' laughter. I tell's ya I never been so a'scared in all me life. I've 'eard tell from many a brave adventurer 'bout the likes o' liches an' such. But 'till today, I never seen one, an' I prays I never do again! Now I needs a drink. I can feel me bones chill'in again jus' thinkin' about it!"

I tried to talk to a few others, but most were reluctant to speak of the event, as if they feared the undead would hear them and return just for spite. Many valorous warriors and mages fought throughout the city's streets to clear away the fettid rotting invasion. I managed to stop one of them and ask him about the attack. However, being a warrior of the virtues he only had this to say;

"Just fulfilling my vow to uphold the virtues, and live my life accordingly."

While I would love to have had some more details of what transpired, 'tis most refreshing to know that there are virtuous men and women to protect the realm. Now, I had also heard reports of trolls- possibly frost trolls- attacking Vesper I believe. However, as I am not certain I will refrain from commenting on that. Suffice it to say that there were several towns attacked or invaded yesterday.

Dark things are afoot throughout the land. Be wary and beware on your travels fellow Brittanians.


Thank you greatly for such an in-depth report, friend.
Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 11:02 PM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Tales of a Traveller Website
I got this letter from Videric Gaveston, leader of the Trade Caravan:

The tales of a Traveller

The tales of a Traveller is dedicated to the Ultima fiction and roleplaying on the Europa shard of Ultima Online. This a place where you can find tales about the research done by the famous Benon Trag and learn what the artifacts displayed in Britain are about. You can also read about the ten first caravans that has taken place in our fair land. There is also a new Quest section and a lots more...

I hope these pages provide help to roleplay, provide information about Britannia and give ideas on how to use fiction of Ultima in your roleplay.

The tales of a Traveller

-Videric Gaveston

Thanks for the information, Videric. Yer site looks really great!

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 9:15 PM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

A Call To Arms
A breathless messenger, run ragged from looking high and low for the reporter, finally gets a maid to let him into the room of the inn Obsidion was said to be in. Apologizing for his forewardness, he explains its import to its sender and hands the scroll to the woman he just woke up from bed. The Lady's face looks sternly up at him, but the sender's name was well known to her--and well respected. She read the scroll, and now seemingly fully awake, she nods to the messenger and maid and orders he be given breakfast.
"Then tell the Mistress Eve you have finally found me. And assure her I will get this word out immediatly. May the Virtues guide us all."

Citizens of Britannia,

It is now evident that the darkness foretold has begun to manifest, that the one known simply as "The Mistress" is a real and tangible danger to the kingdom in which we reside. The capture of Lord Nicolus, designed as psychological warfare, was but the first step in a grandscale campaign to subvert and conquer the lands we claim as ours. As I write this missive, cities such as Trinsic and Vesper lay under siege, waves upon waves of the enemy weakening our defenses with each new day.

But these events are simply predecessors to a coming storm. It is in this time, this lull before the tide breaks, that we must play our hand to full advantage. For if we are not prepared for what is to come, chaos and disorder will lay waste to our ranks, leaving us defenseless against whatever lies in wait, writhing just beyond our vision.

It is time to come together, to disregard differences in race, in paradigm, in speech, and in manner. It is time to let grudges fall away, to unify with those you once warred, to set aside whatever seperates us from one another. In this time of darkness, victory will not come easily, but I assure you that together, we can weather whatever is thrown our way, and disallow the capture of our lands by the presence that has invaded.

And so my proposition remains that a council be formed, a representative coalition designed to organize our defense, improve communication, and unify the masses into one strong and steadfast army. To bring this to fruition, I advocate a meeting of all citizens who wish to stand against this threat, to be held on Wednesday, January 26th, at 8:30pm EST, in the King's Men Theatre of the capital city, Britain.

Diplomats from all walks of life are encouraged to attend; the greater the participation, the more resources we will have to combat the arrival of the Mistress. During the meeting, relevant information discovered throughout the course of past events will be discussed and further researched, leadership will be selected, organization of our forces will begin, and a contact list will be created in order to facilitate a call to arms in the event of an attack.

I would suggest that all who are interested review the materials available on the events that have occured in recent weeks: journals recovered during the rescue of Lord Nicolus are on display in Castle Britannia's south wing, and Stratics has pertinent articles dating back to the end of December, both in Quest and Event News, and the Catskills section. In addition, the Brotherhood of Wayrest has apparently been involved in many of the town attacks, and has detailed descriptions of each battle at their web site. And finally, for an array of pictures and a line by line journal from the Lord Nicolus quest, view the following archive.

I can be contacted through the telepathic method known as ICQ at 46756588 (please include the word "alliance" in your authorization request), or through Britain's Postal Service at [email protected]. If anyone has questions, concerns, or ideas, I would urge them to contact me as soon as possible, and have a presence at the meeting on

Wednesday, January 26th, at 8:30pm EST,
in the King's Men Theatre of the capital city, Britain.

Until then,
-Mistress Eve

The reporter, having paid the scribes and messengers to carry Eve's words, crawls back into bed. Unable to sleep, she lay there cursing her previous day's explorations. If she had just been at home, or had checked her messages at the front desk of the inn...but tis no use. What is done is done. She just hoped her messengers would be fleet footed now to carry Eve's word to those who would be interested.
Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 8:30 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

IFC Recruiting Merchants & Entertainers
Eernst, of the Icelandic Floating Community, is recruiting Merchants and Entertainers for their Valentines Snow Ball:
Hail all!

The Icelandic Floating Community, in conjunction with the Avengers Federation, have begun plans to host a open air merchants night on February 13th. There we hope to hold small contests, give away prizes, conduct a Bachelor/ Bachelorette auction, crown a Ice King and Queen, invite people into the dungeon Ice, and generally keep everyone entertained. Complete with a buffet!

However, we need your help. We will be needing merchants who wish to travel to the Icelandic Floating Community and set up a booth from which to sell their wares. For those of you interested please contact Aspen of the Avengers Federation via icq at the following number: # 15551245. Include the word merchants in your request.

As well as merchants, we will be recruiting entertainers for the evening. So if you don’t suffer from stage fright, we could use YOU!

All forms of entertainment will be auditioned/interviewed. Any ideas are welcome, such as Comedy, Skits, short plays. Other ideas you may have will certainly be welcomed!! Be creative, but get a hold of me soon! All of you interested, please contact me, Earnst, at this icq#: 12579937. Include the words Entertainer in your request.

If you have any comments/suggestions pertaining to this Ball, please send them to: [email protected]

Thank you, and we hope to hear from many of you.

May the Æsir keep you!


Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 7:35 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

The Laughing Lich Tavern
Bjorn sent us thee following announcement:

I invite one and all to the grand opening of the Laughing Lich Tavern! It is located in the City of the Damned at the center of the hedge maze outside Skara Brae. It is the huge home of Relvinion. A map leading through the maze should be available before the event, but if not, we will also have gates to the Laughing Lich between 8:00 PM and 8:15 PM PST at the bank in Skara Brae. The Tavern shall open starting at 8:00 PM PST on Saturday, January 29th. Between 8:00-8:15 we will hold sign-ups for the games.

Starting at 8:30, we will be holding a series of games in the secret lab under the Tavern.

The first in the series of 3 will be the Dark Arts Tourney. This will be a normal tournament, with the exception of no melee attacks allowed. The Grand Prize will be 100 of each reagent, and 2nd place will receive 50 of each reagent.

The next game to be held will be "Demon Wrestling". The contestant will be placed in an arena, and they are to attack a summoned demon. We will allow 4 heals per contestant, but no paralyzing or dispelling is allowed. They will fight or run till they die, and the person who lasts the longest is awarded the prize of a full GM made set of shadow archer armor and 10 Greater Heal potions. Second place shall receive 10 Greater Heal potions.

Our final game will be "Roulette of the Damned". The contestants will role dice for choosing order, and depending on that outcome, will pick from a group of pouches. Each one of these is magic trapped, except for one. All contestants will open the pouches at once, and whoever receives the un-trapped one will get a box full of semi-rare items.

All games are free for this Grand Opening night, but we ask that you please try and make it on time to register for all the games you wish to play.

After the games are complete,(depending on the number of people playing, it should be around 9:00-9:30 PM PST) we shall head up into the tavern itself. A feast shall be awaiting us, catered by the Gathered Spirits Tavern.

We will eat and drink, and you may leave whenever you wish. But for those who stay a bit longer there might be a surprise or two waiting....

-Bjorn, Demonic Lord and Owner of the Laughing Lich Tavern.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 7:31 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Rune Book Tips
Consuela Sanchez sent us the following tips about Rune Books:
Hello everyone!

This is Consuela from the Britannian Free Rangers. We operate a public rune-library out of our guildhall Landhome (130° 25' N x 93° 47'E). After numerous and continuing questions regarding the use of runebooks in public rune-libraries, I have decided to compile a little list of the questions I get asked the most. I hope this helps out all the players who are still confused by the runebooks and all the other librarians out there who hear these as well.

  1. "Can I use a runebook in a public rune library if the runebook is locked down?"
    Yes, simply open the book, turn to the page with the rune you wish to use, (the little circles with numbers at the bottom of the book pages will get you to the runepage faster) and click on either the recall icon (hand holding a flag) or the gate icon (swirling, misty thing icon).
  2. "But the books don't have charges, so how can I use them? And yes, I did try to put recall scrolls in it to charge it, but it's locked down so it won't let me."
    You can use the book even if it is uncharged and locked-down if you meet the follow conditions:
    • You have enough mana to recall or gate.
    • You have enough reagents in your backpack to recall or gate.

    If you meet these conditions, open the book to the runepage you want and click on the recall or gate icon. The runebook will magically use your reagents, out of your backpack, and your mana and transport you to where you wanted to go.

    You cannot charge a runebook that is locked down unless you are friended to the building in which it is locked down. However, anyone can use a charge out of a runebook, regardless of whether they are friended or not. This makes it impossible for librarians to keep the books charged, because some people will use all the charges in the book just to be mean. So, the BFR and I believe most of the other librarians, have given up trying to keep the public runebooks charged.

  3. "I keep pushing the little blue gems beside the names of the runes, but it won't take me anywhere. Why won't they work?"
    The little blue gems use recall charges from the runebook. You can push on the gems all day if you like, but unless the runebook has recall charges in it all you'll get is a sore finger.
  4. "Damn, using a runebook takes a lot of work. Isn't there a faster way?"
    Yes. If the book has a default location set, you can simply cast recall the normal way, and target the book itself instead of your recall rune. This will take you to the default location the runebook is set for.
  5. "Ummmm.....Where is the default location?"
    To see the default location for a runebook, open the book to the runepages. At the top of each page is a green gem with the words "Set Default" next to it. The rune that is the default rune for that particular runebook will have a little red gem next to the words "Set Default" instead of the little green gem. If none of the little "Set Default" gems are red, then no default location has been set for that runebook and casting recall and targeting the book instead of a recall rune will have no effect.

    And no, you cannot set a default location for a runebook while it is locked down.

Well, that's about all I had to say about runebooks. I hope that this helps all those of you out there who are having trouble understanding how to use runebooks, as well as all the other librarians on in the Land. Good journeys to you all.

P.S. Oops, I almost forgot; for those of you using the rune-library at Landhome, I wanted to tell you it is possible to gate into the back courtyard of the castle. Right by the back doors actually. Mark your rune for the NW corner of the courtyard, right up against the wall. (132° 48N x 93° 18E) You can gate into a couple of other places in the courtyard as well, we just haven't gotten around to mapping them. Ok, that's it!

C. Sanchez

Thanks for the tips Consuela!
Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 7:26 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Meeting in North Cape Village
Grand Bishop Benedict sent us the following news:
On the very nort tip of our mainland is a small village. For some time now the people here have been thinking about nameing this village and to be known in the rest of the world.

The Church of Hysteresis invites everyone to attend a meeting in the Church of Hysteresis, so we can deside the future of the village. As there is a great diversity of good and evil, Grand Bishop Benedict will be very stright about the peace. All people are welcome, and the one that attacks will be banned from the Church. This means that reds are welcome and shall be left in peace if they behave. (Racicm is not tolerated:)

I would like to appoint some prominent people to govern this little village, and to gather information about all its residents. This information will be used to create a city map and tourist information, for travellers.

If you are living in the area, please attend the meeting on Saturday 30th. Jan at 13:00 EST (1:00PM) or 19:00 European time. Or email me about your residence/shop/guild and what ever information you deem relevant. Any help on webdesign will also be appreciated.

Sincerely Grand Bishop Benedict

[email protected]

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 7:15 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

Elder Vecknon's Great Teachings
Garion of Chesapeake sent us the following:
Dear Chessy Citizens,

I was walking through the town like normal...well not normal, I had to help fight an onslaught of lizardmen and ratmen that was attacking the city of Britain...but that is another story altogether. To get back to my story I was walking by the town cryer as the last of the beasts were slain and he yelled to me something of a taming class held by Elder Vecknon, and for all people who wanted to learn to come to the counselor's guild. Though I did not have my tamer handy, I ran up to see what the class was about.

When I got there I was suprised at the size of the crowd. Unfortunately as I later found out, many were there only to cause problems. As we all tried to cram into the small room on the left, a lady dressed in blue (whose name is Envy if you wish to know), kept snooping the elder. Though I had my theif present as well, the newer people who came to learn shouldnt have had to sit through the uproar it caused. After many minutes, we moved out into the main room. There people still caused problems, sitting on top of the Elder, trying to, in their own funny ways, teach the class. Later we walked outside the counselor's guild and he began class. He instructed us all to tame a dog and wait for further instructions. After creating a few animals I already knew what was to happen, and it did. Some people there called their animals and sat quietly waiting. Others however commaned their dogs to guard them, and killed many of them, including ones other people were trying to tame. Some minutes later (many actually)the more childish people left the group. The ones that continued created a line and waited for instructions. We learnt how to command our new pets, and how they could guard us. He then created a magical gate to an island in which we all walked. There, we all got ready for more instructions. The Elder created a couple headless and we used our pets to savagely tear down the vile beasts! ;) After this we walked back into the gate and into the counselor's guild. There, he told us that we, including more people he would gather, were to go and fight some ratmen. This however was for only the new to the lands, as people more known to the lands would easily defeat the ratmen, and as well perhaps take the glory and fun away from the newer people. Since I was not new, and I wished for those who were to have the best experience possible, I bid the counselor farewell and was off.

I just wanted to tell everyone that Elder Vecknon is a great person. Though many of the people present at first were just there to cause problems, his patience made the ones who were there to learn much more enjoyable. He acted nicely and was always compassionate and caring about what others had to say. (I myself would have summoned a few balrons and squelched the entire group before all the trouble makers left ;) We should all thank these people, as well as the GMs and the counselors. They have a tough job listening to a demanding and whining bunch such as ourselves, but they have to love us! :) Until then my fellow people, have fun, and don't forget to be thankful for such an amazing game.

Garion of Chesapeake

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 6:41 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

More Invasion Reports
More reports regarding foul beasts overrunning our fair cities:
*takes a moment from bandageing 'is many wounds and cleanin' 'is blade whilst sitting on the grassy banks of Vesper to pen a note*

Once again our town was put to battle today. While at The Hammer and Nails, tryin' to transact the purchase of a new 'ouse, several trolls apeared outside. As usualy they were lead by one of the tougher frost trolls. Callin' fer 'elp and knowin' it'd be awhile before it came I true blade and entered the fray. Slowly I drew the beast towards the bank, knowing 'elp would be there.Unfortunately those there were already in pitched battle. Standin' as best we could we lasted till others started arrivin'. After dispatching those close at 'and, most seemed to relax and return to their duties. But some of us new better. The lady Stormm had arrived and between the two of us we set to take stock of the other islands. The sight we met were not fer the squimish.

Several bodies were found clubed down on the pavement, some even showin' signs of bein' ravished after death. It is well trolls favor the taste of 'uman flesh. As we went from island to island we sloawly gathered a small band together. We knew the town needed cleaning out before those less familiar with a blade stumbbled in. An 'our later, and 60 or so troll corpses, the deed was done. These beasts are growin' stronger and more brazen by the day. Perhaps it is time the citizens of Vesper formed their own army. It seems we get little 'elp from the likes of men our good King 'as set to protect us.

Those wishin' to band together to protect our town as the war (yes it is a war) worsens please contact me...

Cap'n Morgan Retired Pirate of Vesper

Evil Npc Spawn Hits Corwyn!

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 6:34 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

Tailor-made courses for the curious
The Lycaeum Academy enjoyed it's grand re-opening recently, and now Yoldran, Mayor of Moonglow, sends news of the first course to be held there in some time.

The Lycaeum Academy is happy to announce its first course: "Tailoring for profit" given by Sir Guy.

The course will be held on sunday - january 23rd - 8pm GMT (21:00 CET) in the Lycaeum on Moonglow island.

It will give insight in the arts of tailoring by providing theoretical knowledge as well as practical hints. The course is especially ment for young people (newbies) who wish to start a career as tailor and need information.

(More information about the Academy can be found on: the Academy's pages)

Mayor of Moonglow

Thank you Yoldran.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 2:48 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

UOChesapeake Mystery Person Contest
Marilla sent this to us:
After a long delay, the UOChesapeake Mystery Person Contest has moved on now to it's fifth round.

UOChesapeake is giving away a grand prize of a placed house, and a first prize of 100-thousand gold.

The current round is the second-to-last, so there is still time to get in on this! Go to to enter!

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 2:48 PM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

New Weekly Poll: Pre-casting Changes, Good or Bad ?
The results of last weeks poll indicate that people prefer a teleporter system in a house over all other mentioned means of moving between floors. Thank all who voted.

This weeks poll is about pre-casting. Sage explained why he (and the rest of the dev. team no doubt) thought pre-casting needed a fix. Let's see how the players feel about it in the current poll on pre-casting.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 2:47 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

Master liche Jou'Nor lead death raid Trinsic!!
The people of Trinsic fought marvously againtst Master Liche Jou'Nors (Green Liche) minions, I was there again!. I saw his name and ultimate magic techniques. Warriors and knights by the numbers tried to surround him, but he kept slipping out of our hands and ending up killing a bystander or fighter each and everytime we tried to corner it, punishing us for trying to stop his raid!.

I have never seen such power in the world of Sosaria, Jou'Nor had me below 20hp in 1 secound. (Not joking)That is almost impossible. Mighty members of Chaos & Order dropped thier selfish ways to try and put a end to this true tyrant.

He ran into town, telelporting each spot just to show off his power, yelling and screaming taunts at the citizens of Trinsic. Giving words of support to his army of death. His appreance was ghostly. The look of his face will turn your heart into deep depression and despair in a secound. But his fighting methods are superior to any guildmember or clansmen in Sosaria. He commanded powerful hordes of Lich Lords, Bone Knights, Skele-Magis and others. This was an incredble attack Trinsic has set its eyes upon.

We must not tolarate anyone who under-estimate the citizens of Trinsic!. We must fight and defend ourselves to the fullest, even if it turns us into savages, No Mercy!. Defend the honour of our town!, Defend the honour of your guild & clan! Defend your loved and care ones!

Rage, Angel Knight of Trinsic.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 1:51 PM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Aussies say Farewell to arirang!
This from Acidrain:
The Farewell to Arirang for all the Australian playersleaving to go play Oceania went off with a bang tonight.Organised by [DS]'s Hobo and helped run by Acidrain, Arturius,Adrenalin and Brak of [DS].

The turnout was good considering short notice, around 30 of usstarted at Bucaneers Den and Magincia, finally meeting up atthe Sandal Temple, we (tried) to organise then headed off to the dungeons.Wrong was tried, but noone was there, so we gated into level 4 Deceit.The group ran around killing here and there, then headed out into the main area oflevel 4, only to be met by some Korens who weren't happy with our farewellparty.

Amidst the rampancy and chaos, we managed a few kills and lost a few reds,After that we managed to get backto Buccaneers Den where a fight lasting around 30-40 minutes broke outbetween the Australians and Koreans. We all managed to kill, be killedand have fun. Our group mainly consisted of the bitter enemies DOA - Dark OrderAlliance and [DS] - The Dark Syndicate who managed to put their differencesaside for one night and fight together. I think most will agree it was a funnight, special thanks to everyone who attended and especialy to Noxious of [6tH]for his everlasting supply of heals, and to those DOA, DS membersand anyone else who I forgot to mention that stayed with me right till the end.Now we can just sit back and wait for Oceania!

- Acidrain [DS]

P.S. Thank Hobo of DS for the original plan to this event!

Also here are some pictures from the night:

Overall it was a good night, I do admit we lost (koreans out numbered us :() but it was good fun, and it brought Australian UO players closer together.

P.S No newbies we harmed in the making of this event, and we never looted any dead bodies (we all died anyway!). And we only attacked people who could replace what was lost very easily.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 12:30 PM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

Annoncement about oceania connectivity problems
This just in from EA:
Greetings Future Travelers to Oceania:

As many of you know, Oceania will soon be going live, and we are now working on making this shard the fastest shard for you to play on. We are aware that some of you may experience long ping times (latency) when you log on to Oceania. In some cases you may find that your data is even getting routed through the US, which will severely restrict your playing ability. Many of these problems are caused by routing or "peering" arrangements of your ISP, which are unfortunately beyond the control of OSI or EA. In these cases, the best way to combat the problem will be to contact your ISP and let them know precisely where your signal is getting transmitted. You can do this by using a utility called UOTRACE, which is available at the UOTRACE section of The UOTRACE section in this link will teach you how to use UOTRACE. Alternatively you can type in "tracert" from the MS-DOS dot prompt screen to find out the route your signal takes to reach Oceania. By copying and sending the resulting information to your ISP you will be letting them know exactly how your data is getting transmitted, and where the biggest inefficiencies are. In addition, you can send this information to us at [email protected] and we can track it from our end to see if there is any way we can help expedite a resolution.

If there is a problem at OSI or UUNET we will certainly work to get it fixed as soon as possible. The more information we have at our disposal the faster we can work to resolve the problem. We encourage you to be pro-active in helping us solve latency problems - and by all means please let your ISP know if your signals are taking an inordinately long route to get to UUNET in Sydney.

EA Australia

It appears it maybe an individual ISP problem. Many people have asked what I ping to, I get a 120ms average, so I guess I am one of the luckey ones.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 11:32 AM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

Council of Honesty to Hold Meeting; Seeks New Members
I received the following from Erekose Majere, concerning the next meeting of the Council of Honesty...

CoH to Hold 4th Assembly & Seeks Councilor!

The Council Of Honesty shall hold its 4th assembly on Monday, January 31th, at 8pm Central Moonglow Time (CST). This meeting will take place on the roof of The Mage Tower, at the far northern tip of Verity (Moonglow) Isle. Several issue of import will be discussed:

  • An update on the the murder investigations
  • News of the negotiations with the Geldium
  • A report from the Moonglow Defense Force
  • News on the coming Festival

Citizens are encouraged to come and observe, and to speak about any of these issues.

Moreover, the council finds itself with an opening for a councilors post. Any persons interested in such a position are encouraged to apply by sending email to [email protected]. They should include a little information about themselves, who they are, and what they would like to do as a member of the CoH. Moreover, we would ask that they read our charter, and ooc faq found therein. All of this information can be found at our website.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 11:27 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Red NPC Mages at the Hidden Valley? Is It Possible???
I apologize for not posting this important report sooner, but I am new to stratics and also very new to the html code. This took place last Friday evening at a time that is usually at a low point for evil activity.

A friend was mining in the hidden Miner's Hidden Valley located in the mountains near trinsic when he heard some incantations coming from the building near him. He knew that it was common for alchemists to spawn there, but he could not recall them ever chanting in his past visits to the Valley. He cautiously walked up the steps, and opened the door to find a common red mage named Pizzan the Puzzler in the cell, and another red mage standing on the abattoir. This mage was different; his was called the Evil Magi Mindain. My friend quickly contacted me and told me of this strange occurrence.

I asked him to check twice on the name because Mindain seemed very close to another more infamous name, the evil Mondain. He confirmed the name to be Mindain, and I am not sure whether this name is of any significance or not. I kept in contact with him as I found my rune to the valley, and hurried out of Delucia. He told me that Mindain chanted something about mongbats, and then turned into a phantom, much like a ghost but not quite. HE was not able to give a good description because it was like nothing he had ever seen before. Then the phantom moved around inside the building, and all of a sudden, completely disappeared.

By the time I arrived, Pizzan the Puzzler was the only mage left in the building, and I quickly dispersed of him. For a moment I wondered whether or not my friend was bluffing me with this story, but the murderer mage at least proved that there was something wrong for I have never in my life seen a red mage appear in that valley. I was not sure what this meant so I checked all the cities that were previously attacked by mongbats but found nothing. I am still not sure what the mages were doing there, but I am sure that it is something we should be wary of.

Now that I have a feel for writing up reports, expect to see a detailed report tomorrow of what happened in Delucia this morning. Oh you didn’t know Delucia was attacked? Well, find out all about it tomorrow.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 10:13 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

Introducing the Newest Napa Valley Reporter...

Hail, People of Britainia!!! My name is Kruton, and I am the newest reporter for the Napa Valley Shard. I like to try to be different (and I hope I don’t get in trouble for doing so) so I am not going to tell you all about how I will try to bring the best news possible etc. But then again, I don't have anything else original to say so I would just like everyone to know a little bit about myself and my life on UO.

As you already know, I play on Napa Valley and like to call Delucia my hometown. I play a family of Krutons, each with their own personality and skills. I have taken part in a few quests (I sent a message to XenaDragon a few days ago before I was part of the team), and I plan to get involved with many more. In the future, I will be writing up many in-depth reports of quests and other events that relate to the people playing on Napa Valley.

Thanks for your time,

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 9:33 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market
Another great event at the Spritwood Tavern.

The next Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market will be on saturday the 29th of January. As tradition has it, this one will also start at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt).

Of course everyone is invited again! A few words about the Meet Market itself: Anyone from the crowd can take the stage and tell something about him or herself. He or she then offers an hour of fun. This can range from a date to lessons in being a good guildmaster. From magery training to a dungeon trip. As long as it lasts one hour (or longer or shorter if agreed upon). The buyer and seller set a date for this during the next two weeks (before thenext Meat Market).

From then on the crowd may bid on this person while he or she advertises him or herself. Bids can go from 500 gold to 10.000 gold pieces or even more! Half of the gold will go to the tavern and the rest is for the seller. The tavern will use this gold for a raffle. And the gold should be paid after the Market is over (or at least in the week that follows). So if you would like to meet people, if you are in need of a good tailor or an alchemist or if you would like to show your partner how much you love him or her, come to the Spiritwood Tavern this saturday. Drinks and food will be free as always.

You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large bricks. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W. If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail Fenris at [email protected].

I hope to see you all there!
Fenris, the Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

Thank you for the news Fenris!
Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 8:31 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Europa)

Oceania Opening Date Announced.
This is also in Genral news, and was posted on the Whats New section of
Oceania Opening Date Announced
We are pleased to announce the early opening of Oceania, our 21st shard andfirst to be located in Australia. An exceptionally smooth pre-launch periodhas allowed us to open Oceania a week earlier than the scheduled February1st launch date. Oceania will open at 12:01 AM January 28th, Sydney time asa test shard. We will monitor the shard as it is open for a few days andthen wipe it before opening it officially as a live shard.

We are confident that Oceania will provide dramatically improved gameplayfor Ultima Online players logging in from Australasia, and look forward to astrong partnership with the Australasian community.

In keeping with the spirit of our shard localization policy, Oceania will beopen exclusively to South Asia-Pacific players for a limited period of timeto allow development of a strong local community. Upon completion of thisperiod, Oceania will be opened globally, allowing the worldwide UO communityto meet and interact on this newest shard.

The Game Master hours for the Oceania Shard can be found by clicking here . For information on the shard'smaintenance schedule, click here .

Also, it is now possible to ping Oceania at Hopefully some of the problems with pings have been resolved.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 8:25 AM EST by Australis Dragon (Oceania)

UB Cock Fight Rescheduled
I was handed this scroll a short time ago.

Greetings foul dwellers of the light and esteemed colleagues of the Darkness... It is I, the Dark General Navrip Freemech with news once again.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the first UBCFL event will be postponed until Thursday, the 27th. We apologize to anyone who will be inconvenienced by this event.

Dark General Navrip Freemech
Holy Disciples of the Darkness

I thank you for this update Dark One.
Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 8:25 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

The Wedding of Trent and Crysta
I received this scroll a short time ago.

When two people find one another and feel that they are soul mates, it is at that time when they know that they have found the one they wish to spend the rest of their life with. So, on this day, the 28th of Jan., we, Trent and Crysta, wish for all of you to join us as we say our vows at 8:00 p.m. eastern at the Lycaeum in Moonglow. There will be a Reception following the ceremony, in the building that has a fountain in it. There will be a table in the middle of EDU, which is SouthWest of Britain, with a rune on it that you may gate or recall off of. If you cannot recall or find a gate to the ceremony, please go to the Public Library in Britain and up to the second floor, there is a red moon gate that will also take you to the ceremony. We hope to see you all there to help us share in this wonderful occasion.

Trent and Crysta

Congratulations friends!
Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 8:15 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

A powerful master-lich attack in Trinsic
Past days ago there was a attack of undead monsters in Trinsic once again, yet this time it was diffrent. It was lead by a unique green lich with a name I forgot, I was there, and it killed me three secounds tops. People tried to corner it and gang it but by then why would be dead.

It kept talking saying horrible phases such as these:

"Remember me Trinsic?"

"Kill and Destroy everyone my minions!!"

It was a horrible attack, yet I know almost no information to spread the word to the people of Trinsic.

Any information known by anyone to solve this?I would like anyone's and everyone's word!

Thank you.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 8:06 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Quest For Yasmine Takes a Tragic Turn
We have found the following:
Warriors from all walks of life gathered in Papua yesterday in preparation of the freeing of Yasmine from her frozen state. As words of power were spoken and weapons were put to arms, Ilien opened a gate from The Just Inn to the cold lands of Glacia, to the very place the statue of a beautiful woman stood. We arrived and gathered around the foot of the statue. The perimeter was checked for signs of Cerin al'Eceri or is armies and when the all seems safe, Ilien began a prayer to "The Creator". As she spoke she sprinkled small amounts of Elixir onto the ice, asking for the Creators aid in freeing poor Yasmine. As Ilein continued, pillars of flame began to rise up from the feet of Yasmine, encompassing her form, melting the ice to flesh. And then it was done, before us stood Yasmine, and with her the hope of the al'Suq. Ibn ran to her side and caught her as she fell into his arms. How long he had waited to hold her, and as they stood there it was as if the rest of the world disappeared. Suddenly the fears of the missing "Seed of the Creator" subsided, the feelings of anger and betrayal at Cerin.. gone. She was alive again, and ibn could do nothing but hold her. It was then decided that the party should escort the weak woman to a fire to warm herself.

"Are you strong enough to tell us what it is you know of the Seed Yasmine?" Ilein asked with great concern. "Cerin tried to stop us from freeing you, he does not want your secret known."

Yasmine blinked and mumbled, looking confused and frightened. But before she could speak another word, they came. Fire Elementals, Frost Snakes, Cerin and his armies had arrived. The bloodshed was like no other. Brave men and women fell one by one to the massive armies as they approached.

In the heat of battle, as cries were heard over the clashing of swords, it happened, she fell... somehow he had won. There on the ground, soaked with blood was the body of Yasmine. Ibn fell to his knees beside her.. " I WILL KILL HIM FOR THIS!!!" his hands shaking with rage. Cerin had left, and with him went was what left of his armies. He had accomplished that which he had come to do. As ibn ran from the scene with a lust for vengeance in his eyes, Ilien faced the crowd of battered soldiers around her.

"FIND HIM! He must be destroyed! Search these lands high and low he MUST be found!" She continued on to ask that any that would continue to fight for ibn and his people meet there, in Glacia in one weeks time. (Tuesday Evening Jan, 25th 9:00 PM PST)

She then reported that she must go meet with the elders of the tribe, the Prophecy has said that only Yasmine could tell the secret that would recover the Seed and save the al'Suq, but now.. she was dead. Perhaps the elders would know how to proceed. A time of great sadness was seen in our lands last eve, may the death of Yasmine be not in vain.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 8:00 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Doria Romanov's Psychic reading
We have found the following:
Many people of our land are deeply troubled about the recent attacks by monsters on the towns of Yew, Trinsic, Vesper, and Cove. Concerned citizens have asked the famed psychic, Doria Romanov, to gaze into her crystal ball to see if she can find out more about these attacks. On Tuesday, January 25, at 8:30 PM (PST) Doria will hold a meeting in her tent in Skara Brae. Her tent is just northwest of the Skara bank. Doria will gaze into her crystal ball and give a psychic reading on the subject of the recent monster invasions on the four cities. Following the psychic reading, there will be a general discussion about the attacks, where folks present at the meeting will be invited to tell their own tales of their experiences with these monsters, or to share their theories about why monsters are trying to take over these particular towns.

I reminded Doria that that her last two public meetings ended up in with a battle with monsters. Doria smiled and said, "Nay, we are just going to discuss monsters, not fight 'em. 'Twill be a psychic reading followed by a quiet discussion. In a meeting with Doria ye will never know for sure what will or will not happen, but I think this time 'twill be naught but a quiet meeting."

So, if you are interested in finding out more about the monster attacks on our cities, or if you have stories of your own experiences with these monsters, be sure to come to Doria's meeting on Tuesday eve.

Stav Korwell

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 7:56 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Sonoma Mercantile Association Page
We have recieved the following:
The Sonoma Mercantile Association is proud to announce the launching of it's new website, although not totally finished we would like to invite you to come check it out, and see what benefits we have to offer for tradepersons of all sorts on Sonoma.

We are also selling all types of goods if your not a tradesperson and need to find good supplies, these goods are made by the finest tradespersons in all the lands.


Kerivak Tonic

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 7:47 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

No protection in the land of Delucia
We have recieve the following:
The guards all but rolled out the red carpet for the latest ophidian attack on Delucia. The ugly monsters were once gain cruising the streets like first-time home buyers looking for deals and peeking through windows. Though the residents and adventurer-guests in Delucia handled this attack much better than the last, I am afraid there seems to be no reason to assume the attacks will stop anytime soon. Though I must say, there is a pattern. The Ophidians are attacking at exactly the time when few are in town (2 p.m. EST). If this continues, Delucia may be lost for good!

Ximena, Bard of Delucia

Thanks. Tis horrible.
Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 7:43 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Oceania Opening Date Announced
The following was just posted to What's New:

Oceania Opening Date Announced
Jan 25 2000 4:17PM CST

We are pleased to announce the early opening of Oceania, our 21st shard and first to be located in Australia. An exceptionally smooth pre-launch period has allowed us to open Oceania a week earlier than the scheduled February 1st launch date. Oceania will open at 12:01 AM January 28th, Sydney time as a test shard. We will monitor the shard as it is open for a few days and then wipe it before opening it officially as a live shard.

We are confident that Oceania will provide dramatically improved gameplay for Ultima Online players logging in from Australasia, and look forward to a strong partnership with the Australasian community.

In keeping with the spirit of our shard localization policy, Oceania will be open exclusively to South Asia-Pacific players for a limited period of time to allow development of a strong local community. Upon completion of this period, Oceania will be opened globally, allowing the worldwide UO community to meet and interact on this newest shard.

The Game Master hours for the Oceania Shard can be found by clicking here. For information on the shard’s maintenance schedule, click here.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 5:01 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Comments from the Team - Volunteer Relations
The following was just posted to the Volunteer Relations section of Comments from the Team:

So, what's new? Glad you asked.
Jan 25 2000 3:22PM

I've been spending a lot of time reading the message boards and, occasionally, replying in them. My thought was to get an idea of the concerns and issues uppermost in the minds of the players, in terms of the Interest and Events programming that we do.

No problem with THAT; one thing I've always liked about the members of the UO community is that they aren't afraid to speak their minds. Forcefully. And a lot. When we screw up, they aren't shy about saying so, or giving an opinion on how to fix it. It can be pretty painful sometimes; watching yourself occasionally being flayed to the bone in public is never pretty.

It is, however, a great way to find ideas on how to improve; nothing like a little Pavlovian conditioning to alter one's behavior. What I've been reading the last couple months is that people want more events and plots. And not just necessarily BIG, end-of-the-world plots with a cast of thousands, but also events in which the actions (or inaction) of the players can truly affect the outcome and history of UO. Change the landscape of the entire world, as it were.

So we're working on that. You may have noticed that we kicked off a major, long-term plot recently, with six cities under almost constant attack. What you seen so far is only the beginning, it's the precursor. You'll be hearing more about it, in-game and on the Web site, over the next two weeks. Suffice it to say that, last week, over 1,000 events were run in-game, over 2/3's of them by Seers, Elders and our in-house staff to help support the plot, and there is more to come.

And we want you to come to events; else, what the heck are we doing this all for? You can read about ongoing events in the Town Cryer, at Scheduled player-run events can be found in the Events Calendar at But that's only part of the picture; we also need to be better at how we get the word out about Seer and Elder-run events, and provide more and better support to players who organize and run events. To that end, over the next few weeks, we will also be:

  • Revamping the Town Cryer to handle more daily news and fiction-based articles, to help deliver clues and information about the events and plots;
  • Adding functionality to the Events Calendar to also handle scheduled Seer and Elder events. Many players have commented on the number and intensity of the events we are now doing, but only find out about them after the fact or happen to stumble onto one. We want to change that and this is one way to do it;
  • Reorganizing how we do things in the Interest section to better support scheduled player-run events. No, we won't be able to support them all, but we'll be able to support more of them. More on this in February;
  • We're going to be experimenting, such as using audio files on the Web site to help tell the story. We'll also be experimenting with altering standard conditions in the game to feed the plots; be watching the Town Cryer for clues to a huge (and, I expect, somewhat controversial) change around the Trinsic in the next two weeks.

And while we're doing all that, we'll also continue recruiting and training more Elders and Seers to support all this. Right now, there are some 400 of them active, in training or waiting to begin training. That's a good start, but it's just a start.

It's only a start, because I'm going to need your feedback on these changes and experiments. So ready your implements d'flay, mon ami; there will be more to comment/feedback on in the near future. My mailbox is [email protected]; don't hesitate to drop me email with comments and concerns.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 4:22 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Putting a smile on the face of Sosaria
Within Sosaria exist a number of places which are well worth exploring. One of these is Clown Town, a thriving community located west of dungeon Shame at around 12º 34' north, 82º 37 west. I was privileged to be given a tour:

Once there was a man who decided to open a school. His mission was to teach young adventurers how to survive in a hostile and dangerous world - and how to have fun doing so.

Hence was born Clown Town, now a thriving community . The teacher was called Ulv Vidfare, and when he opened the doors of his school he expected five or six students. Within a few weeks he had 40.

The town has a mission - to spread the Clown Spirit across Sosaria, and put a smile on every face. Yet it is not without its dangers. For although the inhabitants are friendly enough, they built their new home on ancient ruins which are only now giving up their disturbing secrets.

I received a guided tour of Clown Town from the mayoress, raven-headed beauty Valkyria. She showed me the original school and explained its purpose.

She said: "Ulv taught the art of fighting. But most of all, he taught the Clown Spirit - How to behave, and always have a smile on thy face. And of course, to treat others well.."

The courses became so popular that the Clown guild grew, and now boasts 71 members. Ulv Vidfare has now left for parts unknown but movement he started grows stronger.

In the guild hall
New adventurers are welcome at Clown Town, and after a short period getting to know the locals are invited to adventure with them. They are given the title Student of Clown, until they complete their training - at which point they are inducted into the guild via a secret ceremony known as Clowning. Valkyria was reluctant to tell me about this, stating only that "we have a blast".

The residents are keen to take their philosophy to the masses, and have organised a number of Clown parades through the city of Britain. On the last occasion the Town Crier heralded their arrival, and urged spectators to laugh.

As Valkyria showed me around the town it was full of life, even in the early hours, as people came and went. I saw the various shops, including the usual smithy and provisioners, as well as a pie shop where I stayed for quite a while. There is also a suburb to the north of private shops, and an embassy where leaders of fellow guilds are feted by the Clown ambassador, Balsarious.

The Clown Crier
Visitors may meet Santa Claus, who seems to have retired there after the winter solstice holiday, or the Clown Crier, who bellows the news.

And there is soon to be a temple dedicated to the man they call Ringmaster. Legend has it that he revealed the spirit of Clown to the first members of the guild.

However - I could not help noticing the strange ruins lying throughout the town. Valkyria told me this: "When we first built the town, we thought they were the remains of another Clown Town that was here before. Now we are not so sure.

"Where our guild house now stands, there was once a tower. I had it demolished - and when I did the gargoyles started to appear. It seems we have disturbed some ancient site of importance to them, and awakened them from their slumber."

I can report that Clown Town has been subject to a series of brutal attacks by the gargish folk, who seem also to have become active at other ruins across Sosaria. They have also been visited by a more friendly member of their race named Inmanilem, who provided certain information which may hold the key to achieving peace.

But Valkyria told me: "We have not solved it so far. We are only Clowns, and not too good at thinking." So the quest continues.

My friends, I must say I was most impressed by my visit to Clown Town, save in one extremely important detail. Should any of you wish to undertake more researches, I can recommend this excellent book on the place.

Hmm? You want to know what that last detail was? Well I am sorry to say, having searched the entire town thoroughly I came to the sad conclusion that not one merchant was selling ale. Not one! So Valkyria, if you are reading this I recommend you deal with the situation as a matter of urgency, for then Clown Town truly shall be a jewel of Sosaria.

I know of many interesting places in Sosaria. Yet I am sure there are even more out there. If you run a tavern, town or institution which runs events or is open to all members of our community, do write and let us know. We cannot promise to respond immediately, but I or another writer may well be keen to take a look and pen a report when we are able.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 3:42 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

In Concept - Removing Insta-Rez
This was just added to In Concept:

Instant-Resurrection Removal

Following the creation of "Young" player status, the ability to "instantly resurrect" may no longer be necessary. The development team is considering the removal of the option to resurrect instantly after death.

To send us comments on this proposal, click here.

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2000, 12:20 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Emergency HC Session to be Held Wednesday
In response to the Gelidum's request for a special session for the peace talks, the High Council of Britannia has issued the following announcement...

Emergency High Council Session

At the request of the Gelidum Ambassador, the Peace Talks will take place Wednesday Evening in the Moonglow Lycaeum.

Date: Wednesday, January 26th, 2000
Time: 10 PM EST/9 PM CST
Location: Moonglow Lycaeum

Agenda: Peace Negotiations with representatives of the Gelidum.

All Citizens are welcome to witness these historic peace talks, please bear in mind that communication is difficult in large groups, so please keep comments to a minimum while Representatives are speaking. It will be greatly appreciated by everyone in attendance.

The High Council of Britannia

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 3:52 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Festival of Virtue Book Drive
The following concerns the second Fesitval of Virtue Book Drive...

Festival of Virtue Book Drive Event

Time: Tuesday evening, 8pm central
Place: The Lycaeum, Moonglow

Hail adventurers!
The High Council and the Council of Honesty are working together to provide you with the next Festival of Virtue set to take place the first week of February in Moonglow!

In order for the Festival to be a success, we need your help! We are in need of donations! The pirate Granz intercepted our last shipment of supplies, so more are needed to replace what was lost! What do we need? Well, just about anything! Books, gems, food, gate scrolls, blank runes. . . you name it, we can find a use for it!

This Tuesday we will be meeting at the Lycaeum at 8pm central to collect your donations. We will attempt to provide food and drink to all that come. Show your Compassion and Sacrifice by coming out and helping! Volunteers for the Festival are also being sought!

Lord William Wingate
5th Seat, Jhelom

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 3:49 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Matrox MGA G200 users pay attention to this...
Yragore sends us the following tip:
I have found that with the Matrox MGA G200 chipset the game's graphics display is choppy. If you do not want to activate the use565=on mode (that can cause some graphics problems) you can DEACTIVATE the "cache device bitmap" option in the advanced options of your G200. Then if you set the desktop color to 32bit the game is perfect, without graphics corruption and without mouse problems at all!. Finally I can see these damn light effects correctly :)


Thanks for the tip!
Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 2:49 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

Official Oceania Chat
Oceania now has it's own live chat channel. Come and be with fellow Ultima Online playing aussies and discuss tactics and ideas for oceania!


Port: 6667

Chat Channel: #uo

Also please obey the chat channel rules, moderators can be very harsh.

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 1:05 PM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

Unter Brae Cock Fighting League

Greetings foul dwellers of the light and esteemed colleagues of the Darkness... It is I, the Dark General Navrip Freemech with news once again.

I would first like to thank all those who attended the opening of the Temple of Eternal Night. The opening got a much better reaction than I would have guessed. The temple was packed and many had to take to standing as there were no empty seats. I shall soon be announcing a regular schedule of sermons as soon as I can determine a time and day when I would be free.

I would also like to take this time to announce the Unter Brae Cock Fighting League, sponsored by the Holy Disciples of the Darkness. The UBCFL is open to all who wish to compete and show off their cocks. Want to see how big and bad your cock is compared to the cocks of others around the land? Well, then the UBCFL is the perfect time to do it. Go out and find a chicken, tame it, then bring it to the fights. Entrance fees are 500 gold per cock and the winner each week takes home half of the pot. I shall be entering my own cock, Scisor, into the fight. If he manages to run the gauntlet and take the tournament, the second place winner will be given the gold.

The UBCFL meets every Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST at the field north of the Temple of Eternal Night in Unter Brae. Fighting starts at 8:30, so be sure to get there early enough to register and pay for your entrance. The rules are simple... The two chickens fight each other in the middle of the ring with NO magical enhancements of any kind. Any evidence of magical influence on a chicken will be cause for immediate disqualification and banning from future H^D/UB events. If you do not wish your chicken to die, please state that before the match, in which case you may heal the chicken magically (or ask that it be done) before it is killed. The Disciples will not compensate some one for a lost chicken.

If you wish to pre-register, please send your name and chicken's name information to [email protected] . Based on the success of this event, the UBCFL may expand to include other types of animals (such as dogs, wolves, dragons, etc).

For complete rules, and standings (when we have them), check

Dark General Navrip Freemech
Holy Disciples of the Darkness

*snickers* Thankye, Navrip, for this news.
Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 12:00 PM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

To those who have tried pinging Oceania...
Oceania has recently been installed, and set up to test ping times, although there has been some obvious routing problems when is attepted to be pinged. You may experince pings in the 200-300 area, even 500 in some extreme cases. But don't be alarmed, this is just because of routing problems which WILL be fixed when Oceania comes up as a full working uo shard. But if there is a serious problem in this area expect to hear an official annoncement soon.
Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 11:22 AM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

The Mysterious Late Lord Pythos
There are many gravestones in the land, located among many cemetaries and crypts. It is unusual however to find one out by itself, especially in the middle of the desert. But there is a large and lonely monument in the middle of the desert of Britannia, and more odd still is that no one seems to know anything about it.

News of the grave first reached me on the morn of the 20th of January from a Staff Sgt. Carlos, one of the Outriders, of the Black Rose Society. Here is what he sent me:

Last night a wall and grave monument appeared behind the Shrine of Compassion. The name on the stone is Lord Pythos. The shrine was the scene of an Undead attack last week. There were many dozens of lichs, bone knights, skeletal mages and all the related Undead beasties. We thought it was odd not only for the sheer size of the attack but also that the Undead never are seen in the desert. We think there is more in store for us.

News of an undead attack in the desert was indeed odd, but I was more intrigued by the monument and the man it commemorated. I got up early that morn, packed some food and water into my backpack, mounted my horse and set off for the Shrine.

The trip was smooth, and upon arriving at the shrine I dismounted my horse and walked out the narrow spit of land that the shrine sits on. Dropping to one knee and bowing my head, I offered a silent prayer to honor the shrine and the visit. When I straighted up I saw a wall of stone across the water on the other side of the oasis's pond. Gathering my horse I rode around the pond to take a closer look.

Pythos GraveThe wall I had seen bordered a tall stone on three sides. The stone read simply, "The Grave of Lord Pythos." There were a few flowers in the front, but not so much to give the impression that it was being tended by a greiving widow or loyal clansmen. Even so, someone had taken the time to erect the large stone wall and tall monument. I wondered vaguely if the wall was to shelter the stone in sandstorms or if it was there merely to add to the size. I reached into my pack and grabbed my journal. I sketched the stone and its wall best I could, sketching in myself and the shrine for perspective reference. Not seeing anyone yet awake to interview, I headed back home.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon interviewing various people in Yew about the most recent attack that had occured during my morning's ride. At the end of each interview I asked if they knew anything of a Lord Pythos. Each person however was as unknowing as I concerning the man or his marker. Feeling overworked and underfed I walked back towards home to sit down to some hot ginseng tea and muffins.

Just as I stepped up to my porch I saw a carrier pigeon homing in on me. I opened its note and sent a reply agreeing to meet the two members of the Militia of Yew in the abbey. I grabbed some smoked fish in lieu of relaxing to my tea and walked back to the abbey.

I greeted Paul Atreides, Militia Captian, who I already knew, and he introduced me to Guardsman Dash, one of his men. Dash had several interesting thoughts and theories on the recent attacks and we shared and compared ideas for a little while. More out of habit than with hope of success, I asked them if they had ever heard of Lord Pythos when we had finished talking of the attacks. I was already tucking away my journal when I realised they were answering yes.

Glad to have found a lead at last, I listened intently, but it took me a bit to grasp it. I was told Lord Pythos had visited Northwood, and the citizens had tried to communicate with his spirit. I asked,"You mean they talked to his ghost?" "More or less," Paul replied. He told me a bit more of the story as he had heard it, but explained he had not been there. I would have to go to Northwood itself to get the full story.

I decided to wait until evening to go because I was tired, and when the evening arrived, I decided to recall there, because my horse was tired. *smiles* Leaving my horse on ground level I went up the stairs of the Winterfell Tower to the library. I heard many voices in the next room and was informed a trial was about to begin. I decided it would make for an interesting diversion and attended the trial. While the judge was in recess before the verdict I had time to ask some questions.

Apparently, Lord Pythos had visited Northwood within the previous fortnight. The citizens had attempted to converse with his spirit, which remained invisible to their eyes. They asked yes or no questions into the air, and the spirit replied via signals on a lantern. He also spelled words out onto the ground using piles of gold that appeared out of thin air. Whenever anyone touched the gold however, the ground came alive with undead who attacked those present. He visited on at least two seperate occasions, and had left behind two tattered and badly worn journals, which were housed in the Winterfell's library. This is a copy of the texts.

Book 1

I took special note of the section describing attacks by creatures not from the surrounding land. I, and for that matter most of Britannia, know that feeling well. Watching mummies in Trinsic, imps in Yew, and ice trolls in Vesper seems an adequate parralel.And the second book...

Book 2

I have so far found no information on this Stoneguard Keep, nor of the men once inhabiting and defending it. In fact, the journals seem merely to raise more questions as opposed to answering any. All I can infer is that Lord Pythos was a powerful man, in charge of or owning this Stoneguard Keep and Estate. And that he seemed to have lost all that, mayhap in an attack that also took his life. But I'm not only unsure of where Stoneguard was, but of when it was. Was this a recent fall, coming to its fate due to the same attacks our cities were experiencing? Or was this much earlier, and this sudden information and grave's appearance at this desperate hour mere coincidence?

There is more information yet to be learned about this man, and about his spirit's visit in Northwood. I have yet to find out what questions were asked of him, and what was learned during those sessions. I decided to go ahead and print what I do have in hopes that others may contact me with further information.

If you know anything about Lord Pythos, and why he has a such a large monument so prominently displayed so near a shrine, do write to me. I suppose now that he is dead and apprently at rest it is not a matter of great hurry, but it seems a shame that this man rest in a grave of such granduer, with writing of such bare simplicity, and so many seem to not know who he was.

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 11:14 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Attacks continue in Yew and Britain
Two reports on the troubles in our realm.

Yew was again invaded by monsters. The raiders were the Mongbats who are common to this part of the land, but with them were orcish raiders who came in small companies of orc lords commanding small squads of orcs. Among them, there were Imps who live in the Lost Lands that have found their way to Brittania. The magical Imp creatures did not do much to overwhelm the defenders of Yew, but fighting was tricky as Mongbats and Orc traveld in almost orgenised squads, with the Imps bringing the warth of arcane powers upon the fighters. The fighting was heavyer in the center of the town, where the companies of orcs strived to reach. The townsfolk fought bravely, and their strength was re-inforced by the presentce of soldiers from the Man At Arms and The Naval Garrison. It was not long before the raiders fell to the still strong defences of Yew. There were but a few losses to the defenders, and that was in the initial stages of the invasion, when some of the townsfolk were unprepared. But the presentce of Imps, as from from the Lost Lands, heralds even harder challanges. Many warriors believe that we have not seen nothing yet!

Nathan Quill
Scribe and Chronicler

And yet again in Britain:

Britian Has been attacked!

A large amount of Lizardmen and Ratmen were taken care of thanks to many adventures and mages. This does not bode well.. If Britian Is not safe where is!


I thank both Nathan Quill and J.Miller. With disturbing accounts such as these, are any of our fair towns truly safe? We shall endeavor to keep you informed friends, until then, fare thee well!

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 8:10 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Europa)

What is Behind the Troll Attack?
We received this scroll a short time ago.

An alluring power behind the troll attack? First of all I must say that if anything in the following story is incorrect and that ye know about the truth, then pray tell us all, so that we will not continue in darkness.

Last eve I got a story told to me. As ye all might know by now, there has been attacks performed on the townships of Vesper, Trinsic and Yew. When this reaches ye, mayhap more attacks has occured as they come in waves. During sunday evening, a host of warriors travelled from Deepwater to the Ophidian temple to smite evil lead by Burrator and Viking, the captain of the guards. That is not part of the story, but I, Muriell and BOR were among those fighting. In the end things got complicated and we retreated in small groups and got separated. When I had found it time to return to the Owl's Eye most of the host had already left the tavern for other doings.

BOR, Muriell and I sat down and started discussing recent events. BOR had already mentioned that he knew a person that had been in Vesper during the troll attacks and she might have information that was vital to us all. Muriell left and brought her from her home in Trinsic and we were introduced. Her name was Tara Kairn and she had been a member of the few brave warriors that had pursued the trolls back to their lair. Her story started with the attack on Vesper. She saw the trolls storming towards the bank killing people and spreading death and disorder where they went. They started to fight back and in the end, on the other side of the large bridge, only three of them remained. Tara, a brave warrior listening to the name of Darksabre if my memory does not escape me and a third unidentified individual.

They followed these trolls back to a house outside Vesper, filled with crystals and odd items as ye might have seen on paintings earlier. She also spoke of the Seer Illuceus who apparently was present, somehow. I do nay know if he was tracking the trolls on his own, or if he moved through the ether towards the source of the great power that these houses apparently holds. He spoke to them about the underlaying conflict regarding these attacks. It seems as if the mentioned attack were a joint effort of two troll chieftains. Their names could be pronounced Gishnak and Grishnak although there are some uncertainties about this. The troll attack on Vesper had as goal to find a gem, a jewel with magical properties. Illuceus also believed that the trolls had succeeded in this task and found the jewel in a chest inside the Vesper bank.

They brought it out to the forest and gave it to something referred to as a "elder lich" at the house. This evil being took the gem and walked through a gate that was opened inside the building. During these discussions, slowly a plan took form. It is believed that during the attacks gates might open in these buildings. Possibly a gathering of brave adventurers could enter said gate and reclaim the gem. It would probably lessen the power of the lich and put a stick in the wheel of their plans. The problem is just that. What is their plan? Who is behind this? Is it the elder lich or is it an even more sinister foe? What is the place the gates leads to? Could it be within this realm or is it somewhere else, somewhere unknown?

This story shows that there is a power behind this scheme, working to unite the different tribes to fight against the humans together. It also shows that this power has a goal and that it is well defined. Everything that happens has a purpose and it is not only random attacks. Keep yer eyes open good people and write down the observations ye have. We need to gather the clues to understand the entire situation.

Best regards,
Dardan Brook Scholar

A riveting tale, I thank you for this submission!
Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 8:01 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Europa)

Tales of Evil and Virtue
A recounting of past experience and an important reminder from Dragon. Read on my friends...

Hail my fellow brothers and sister,

I am Dragon, Grandmaster Smith and a native born of the fair town of Minoc. My adventuring days are long over, even if i occasionally travel around in both Britannia and the Lost Lands, but i chose a simple, peaceful life in the woods of Occlo. I have seen many evil things being done by both human and monsters, i tried to change the world somehow, but i failed. Now i am hearing stories of a greater evil rising, an evil comparable to the legendary Trial of Evil, that begun with the creation of the Gem of Immortality and ended with the destruction of Exodus, the magic hellspawn, the wizard Mondain and his appentice Minax, called a son.

It was then when Lord British called for a hero, one who stands above all to face the horror so many feared.... In the past few years Lord British seems to be absent, like the time when he was captured by the three Shadowlords, powerful etheral beings set free with the destruction of the Gem of Immortality - It was the Avatar, who freed our Lord and restored peace and Order to Britannia once again.

Now the towns and cities of our beloved land are said to be under siege and assaults by greater armies of Monsters, i haven´t witnessed one personally, but i believe there is truth in these tales. My friend Dupre, the knight told me, that this is exactly how it started years ago, when an evil threat rised to wreak havoc and terror on the fair citizens of Britannia. Maybe this is the work of the Guardian, the incarnation of Evil that took our champion away from us - the Avatar. Today it seems, many children are not taught the value of virtue, many children are not told about the 8 shrines and many do not believe in virtue anymore. When Lord British called for a single being, to stand as an example for all others - he wasn´t the master of virtue, some legends tell - but he knew that striving each day against all odds was the only way to accomplish his task and it was as well the reward.

The time of his journeys are long gone by, but many people followed him, searching the answers he found while spending his life on the path of virtue. Some failed, some still strive, some even found the answers within themselves, but many abandoned their quests and of these some even turned evil upon their failure. Now, in these dark hours as i write these lines - we have no Avatar to guide us, we seems to have no Lord who leads us, we only have ourselves to defeat the evil in our land. But only with men or women, who no longer call the virtues for aid, who no longer hope that a supreme being or a wonder will banish the evil threatening our lands - only with those who strive for virtue each day, not for fame nor gold - only with those we can make a stand, when we face our common enemy.

Your brother,

P.S. Abandoned in the woods stand 8 great shrines, carved out of stone by the finest, pure men, Rain falls upon them - sun on them shines, but when will they be remembered again?

A moving story, and an important question. I thank for you the time spent creating this inspirational piece.
Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 7:55 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Europa)

The final ritual to help Lady Birmingham
The last ritual will be performed at Monday January 24th 8:30pm PST at the Shrine of Spirituality. Please come and lend your support as Sir Mordane performs the final ritual to remove the spells cast on Lady Birmingham's body by the evil archmage Balart.

It is imperative we protect Lady Birmingham, Sir Mordane and the shrine during this ceremony. The numbers of undead spawned from the residual energy from the spell removed has increased to very dangerous levels witheach consecutive ritual.

This ritual will most likely have surprises as we can all be sure Balart has done something to prevent his work from being undone easily. Be prepared for anything and everything to happen.

Elise, Lady of the Healer, AoL

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 7:46 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

UO2 - New "Comments from the Team"
The following was just posted to the Comments from the Team section of the Ultima Online 2 website:

January 24, 2000

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the lively discussions on the boards. I love the 'design your own UO2' rounds that have been happening. Next month we hope to be able to jump on the boards with all of you and participate a bit in the exchanges. I would like to make one thing clear about those discussions and these letters as well. Discussions about features, game play, etc. are just that, discussions. They are not promises in any way. As game developers, we are always hoping to be able to do everything under the sun, but then reality steps in and we're often faced with very tough choices. We definitely want to interact with you, but we need to feel confident that you understand where we're coming from. I know that this has been a problem in the past and I know we can avoid it this time around.

One of the things I wanted to talk about in this letter was how we got where we are today with UO2, mainly concerning the story. While we have not released the details yet some of you have realized from what has been released that this Ultima might be a bit different than earlier Ultimas. When we were starting this project up we thought long and hard about the Ultima fiction and the fiction for Ultima Online in particular. We decided that we really wanted to push the envelope of what it means to be 'fantasy.' The big question we asked ourselves was 'does fantasy have to be medieval?' Our answer was no. With that answered, we jumped head first into crafting a really great world that would offer more than just medieval fantasy. We are bringing in elements from pre-history as well as the future of Britannia. Don't expect to see machine guns or laser rifles though. The future Britannia is more like Jules Verne than Isaac Asimov. We really wanted people to walk through our world and say "I've never seen anything like that before" and bringing in these elements from different timelines gave us lots of avenues to accomplish this. Sometime in the next month or so we will be releasing the first installment of the prequel fiction on that describes the events leading up to the creation of the new world of UO2. We hope you'll enjoy it.

Also coming soon, you will start to see letters like this one from other members of the team. Jeremy Gaffney, our lead programmer, will be talking about our technology. Victor Meinert, our lead artist, will be guiding you through the fertile minds of our illustrious art team. Damion Schubert, our lead designer, will enlighten you in the arcane ways of game design. His cohort Ben Hanson who is going to be the lead designer of UO2 Live will join him in those discussions as well. The term 'Live' refers to the game once it is commercially released. After the game is released, a team of developers continues to maintain and expand the game world. We call this group the Live team.

You might find it interesting that I am already talking about Live even though we are many months away from ship. Well we realize that the Live team is going to be crucial to the success of the game so we started several months ago building the Live team both from within our current development team and from outside the company. Hopefully by starting this early the Live team can really be in tune with the game when we ship.

Well that's all for now. I look forward to talking to many of you directly next month.

Starr Long
Producer, Ultima Online 2
Origin Systems, Inc.

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 6:55 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

UO2 - 4 new questions on the FAQ
The following was just posted to FAQ section of the Ultima Online 2 website:

Will UO2 take advantage of a shard based system?
UO2 will have mirrored worlds, or shards, similar to Ultima Online. Each shard will have the same geography and backstory, but as players bring their own communities, history and color to the world, each shard will begin to grow a distinct personality.

Will characters have unique names in UO2?
Characters will have unique names in UO2. This should reduce exploits, make long-distance communication easier, and reduce customer service concerns overall.

Will UO2 use UO's magic system?
To some degree. UO2's magic system will be broken up into a series of magic schools. Players will have the option of mixing and matching schools, or focusing on one school to master it. Most of the spells from UO will be making a comeback, but we plan to include many more in order to populate the schools of magic. Expect to see many new and interesting spells in UO2.

How much can I customize my character (with different clothing, etc)?
Our goal is to match the level of customization evident in Ultima Online, with the ability to mix and match different hair styles, skin tones and to have multiple layers of clothing of different hues. This is a lofty goal and an incredible technical challenge, but we think we can get close to it, if not achieve it.

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 6:52 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Fulfillment of Tatiana's Prophecy--Attacks on Kinship
This is the tale that reached our ears:

Tatiana’s Truth

Willow stepped onto the road, her footsteps quick, but heavy. Bodies littered the road that cut through the village and blood pooled in the wheel ruts and hoof prints. Towards the docks she could hear the fighting continuing, the yelling and the sounds of magic and dying. Miss Ari had sent out the call for all that could to come to Kinship with all haste and Willow had come just as fast as she could.

Evil Mages and brigands invaded.

Tatiana’s prophecy.

Willow ran as fast as she could towards the docks. She patted her pack to assure herself she had bandages. There would be wounded for sure and even her meager skills might be of use.

Kinship and her allies had heard the gypsy woman’s words many times. A plague was coming and it was coming to first to Skara and Kinship. Willow didn’t know when the gypsy had first spouted her doom, but she knew all too well that her beloved home had become a place where Tatiana’s words seemed to bring chaos and death.

A forest of reapers on her and Frank’s wedding day. An attack of lizardmen, corpsers and blood elementals. Now evil mages and brigands. She’d heard of other attacks. Yew overrun with monbats, Trinsic with undead.

Tatiana’s prophecy.

Willow continued to race down the road, oblivious to the death she stepped over and around. Mages, brigands, dead. As she approached the dock, she slowed when she saw Miss Ari approach her. She stopped and waited. Miss Ari carried herself nobly, pushing back stray locks of her auburn hair, trying to not show the exhaustion that covered her like a cloak.

"It be o’er," Ari said. She did not stop her steady pace back towards the tavern, even as she patted Willow on the shoulder.

Willow stood there in the middle of the blood soaked road and watched as other defenders passed her, blood spattered, wounds bound some still bleeding.

A chill wind blew through the trees, rattling the winter bare limbs like bones of a skeleton.

"Yes." Willow said to no one.

"For now."

Aye, I've a feeling more will follow of the prophecy. May all fare well in these days.

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 6:46 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

The Defense of Delucia
This report was found in the Keepers of Anthems Guild Chronicles:

It was a cold and rainy day in the northern heights of Britannia when it came on my mind to travel to Delucia, in the Lost Lands. A little bit of adventure, a little bit of training for my tailoring skills, and of course: shiny weather! That's what I want on such a clumsy day.

At Papua's "Ye Olde Loan & Savings" a friendly mage opened a gate to Delucia for me. With nothing in mind I stepped through the gate and got shocked: there was a corpse of an ophidian lying near the gate. Quickly I armed myself... an ophidian near the Healer? No way, something's going wrong here.

With the worst fears in mind I rode to the bank. Not a second too late--I engaged in a raging battle between a whole bunch of ophidian warriors, avengers, enforcers and shamans that had invaded Delucia. On the other side some warriors and mages tried to defend the innocent, and of course their lifes, against the intruders, but they were only few in numbers. I emerged into the battle and we managed to kill most of those monstrous foes, but I got heavily wounded and had to retreat to cure my wounds.


Still with the danger in mind of the crawls at the bank, I tried to scout the city gates. At the northern palisades I discovered even more of the ophidian warriors. Like a deadly stream they tried to pass into the city, but luckly I could resist their attacks and send two more of them right where they belong. Meantime some warriors had joined forces at my side and fought bravly against the foes. Again I decided to check the city - perhaps there are still more of them. As I reached the local Healer I quickly healed myself, happy that this time my armour had more bumps then my head.

As I reached the "The Barley Inn" I saw a lot of human corpses scattered across the battlefield, quickly decaying. Suddenly from the south they appeared: a group of fresh ophidian enforcers and two shamans. Before I could take safe position to defend myself they had already attacked me with their magic. Lucky for me I could refelect some spells, but then the enforcers arrived at my position and attacked me with their mighty weapons - heavy halbards with two blades on the back of the pole - and they know how to fight with them. That was to much, I had to teleport away but got frozen and again the enforcers took on me. Meantime the shamans moved along and found more victims... I couldn't see it personally, but the screams of people suffering and dying are enough to understand. Again I got heavily wounded, and my last chance was to retreat complety. So I rode as fast as I could and reached the Inn.


Only seconds after reaching the Inn I sighted another wave of attackers, just round the Inn. But unfortunally the worst thing that ever could happen to a warrior happened: LAG. My last chance to survive and bring you this tale was to leave instantly. So I did. What a shame *sighs*.

But I swear that I will return and have vengeance for all those innocent victims!

Scout & Weyrcraftsman
The Keepers of Anthems

I know many of us feel as Taron--we all await our time for vengeance.

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 6:33 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Comments from the Team - Sage
Today's "Comments from the Team" update, this one written by Sage from the UO Live Development Team:

Comments from the Team Updated

Ultima Online designer, Sage, discusses the changes to pre-casting,stealing, and more in "The Nature of Change" - the latest update to Comments from the Team

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 6:27 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Simultaneous Attacks on Brittania's Cities
I received this report from Rodgar of some of the latest town attacks:

Hail thee,
Again I have to report about heavy attacks and again evil sends in numerous minions.Vesper Troll Attack Like everyday I started my patrols in Trinsic, where I found all types of monsters hunting for innocent citizen like everyday during the last weeks! While still fighting in Trinsic, news of a really heavy attack on Vesper reached me and the Brotherhood gated there as the situation in Trinsic seemed to be under control. Large numbers of frost trolls challenged us on the streets of Vesper! From Vesper we headed to Britain without the chance to catch some breath. Large numbers of Lizardmen and Ratmen marched into the city from the south and across the western bridge. A real bloodbath!


Stables We tracked the source of the attacks down to the stables west of Britain. Unfortunately we couldn't see any gate through which the creatures appeared and which we might have used to slip through and look what's on the other side.... anyway, Yew as the situation was under controll we left to clear up the woods in front of Cove--headless and gazers pestered the area! From Cove to Yew - quite a bit of work today for the Brotherhood!! All this happend at about the same time! The Brotherhood temporarily split forces to support several cities at the same time. We didn't have enough men to fight for the new lands too though!

... a few hours later on another patrol ...


... the town cryers told news, that long dead prisoners had risen from the dead again! From the jail they must have found a secret underground pathway to the nearby bridge, where they appeared at the surface one after the other ... well, they didn't spend too much time in freedom, we sent them back where they came from within minutes! After the battle we were very proud as Elder Dak stopped by to congratulate us! It's good to see that Lord British is watching his loyally devoted knights!

elder dak


Brotherhood of Wayrest

Thank you again, Rodgar.

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 6:14 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Unter Brae Fight Night Recap
Unter Brae Fight Club #2

Tuesday Night at the Fights

Hail all! Last week's UBFC was a huge success. Over thirty fights were conducted, and on Tuesday, January 25, 9:00p EST, we will continue our weekly event. The UBFC meets at the Unter Brae Fields adjacent to the Fitzowen Hall of the Arts. For more information, please visit this link.

Unfortunately due to the high number of applicants, we have closed the pool. You can still apply and you will be notified when you are able to participate. Regardless, please come and join us for a night of fun.

Unter Brae Weekly Recap

Last week's poetry recital was a big success. Many people recited and sang many verses. Greypawn won the contest and donated the winning to the Unter Brae funds. The following night was the Drunken Brawl. After many participants fell, Epimethius emerged as the winner, and was generously awarded 3000 gold pieces and a broadsword of vanquishing. Not everything was revelry and joy. The other night, evil has resurfaced in Unter Brae with the opening of the Temple of Eternal Nights. Dark General Navrip Freemech gave a chilling sermon recounting the incident at the Westmark ball among other things. Hopefully in the near future, the rest of Unter Brae will reopen, and we have many events planned.

Thank you,

The Unter Brae Town Cryer
Thankye, Inia, for this update.
Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 5:35 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Establishment Review: Caina
Well I finally got around to posting our most recent Establishment review. Keeshi found the time to take at look at Atlantic's premiere evil city, Caina.

You can read his review by choosing Caina from the list on the Atlantic News menu bar.

I hope you enjoy!

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 5:27 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Update on Green Gryphon's Staffed Hours!
Simon just sent this little update in.
I am happy to announce the addition of two days to the staff schedual at The Green Gryphon!

Staff members will now be present during the following days and times:

Monday, 9pm - 10pm PST
Wednesday, 9pm - 10pm PST
Friday, 9pm - 11pm PST
Saturday, 9pm - 11pm PST

Stop by for great service, and the finest food and drink in Britain! If you're lucky you just way win a new suit of armour or other great prizes! Remember, The Green Gryphon is always open, so feel free to stop by and enjoy yourself at any time.

Hope to see you all there!


Thankyou Simon!
Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 3:54 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

Account Maintenance Downtime
The following was just posted to Common Issues on the Ultima Online website:

Account Management Downtime

The Ultima Online Account Management website( be down for maintenance from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM CST tomorrow, January 25th. All account management and new account registration will be unavailable at that time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 2:30 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

GSS Keep to Hold Grand 1-Year Anniversary Event
GSS, the worlds most popular and conveniently located "bag-o-plenty" mall, will be holding its One YearAnniversary this weekend, and you are invited to attend the celebrations...

Hail Good Citizens of Sosaria

Final plans have been put into place. Details to be ironed out. Volunteers have pledged services.

The One Year Anniversary of the GSS Keep is here. A celebration like the land has never seen has been set.

Saturday January 29th at 3:00pm EST the Festivities will begin.

A Scavenger Hunt with no equal will be held. It will start at the GSS Keep in Britain. All entrants need only to bring a empty book. If you can recall it may help you complete the hunt faster. We will have gaters to help ones who can't recall at all locations. All citizens are invited. There is no fee to participate in this event.

Prizes will be awarded to the first 50 finishers. Prizes include:

  • 15 Sets of magic armor
  • one of which if a full leather set of invulnerability
  • another a plate set of hardening AR 45
  • 10 Vanquishing Weapons
  • 23 Power weapons
  • 2 Pair of blessed Blue Sandals

Gor, owner of the Keep will be awarding the prizes as people finish. As they finish they will have choice of thier prize from all remaining prizes.

Remember bring an empty book and be on time if your late you can still enter but will be at a disadvantage. No event has ever had this many quality prizes before. So come enter, win, try, or just watch the event. I will see you there.

As always, your servant

GSS has always held lavish events, and this one looks to be the grandest!

To find the GSS Keep, just walk NW from the Britain moongate. The Keep is safely located on a farm.

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 12:55 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Word from Calandryll regarding change to Escorting
The following was posted to the CoB Dev Board by Calandryll:
The timer will be almost exactly 15 minutes now, rather than the 15-25 mintues previously.

Also, the escorts will tell you how much time you have to wait. We also made some fixes to solve issues related to the timer not resetting properly.

Other than that, no plans for changes at thist time.


Online Community Coordinator
Thanks for the update, Calandryll!
Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, 12:22 AM EST by Ima Supa (GeneralNews)

The Latest Invasion Reports
More reports on our fair cities being overrun by foul beasts...
I'd been feeling a little run down all morning and finally decided what I needed was a good deal of exercise. I filled myself up with some of my uncle’s Icelandic Fish and retrieved my armor. Bur I was disappointed to note it was in a state of disrepair. I asked my uncle, who is knowledgeable in the lore of arms and armor, what pieces needed the most attention. He also looked at my magical long sword, noting it too greatly needed repair. So I packed all my things and set off to Britain in hopes of finding a blacksmith.

As I approached the city limits I noticed an odd scent. There was a rank of swamp and an odor of… cheese? I arrived at the blacksmith’s guild only to find it surrounded by lizard and ratmen! I immediately remembered what I had heard of the towns of Britannia being attacked, and so drew my sword to enter battle. There was only about five of them in total that I saw at that time, and I told myself perhaps it was not an attack. However, I quickly saw more approaching. Now, I have earned the title of grandmaster of swords and war, but I cannot hold off an army such as it may be of lizardmen on my own. Realizing they were striking faster than I could bandage my wounds, I fled across the bridge into the city.

I was surprised to find they had made it this far, and farther yet! Many a brave soul was already in the fray with these beasts. I myself struck several down as I sped on my trusty steed to Castle British. Bursting through the doors I impetuously rode my horse straight to the throne, planning on alerting Lord British to the chaos in his streets. Alas he was nowhere to be found! I ask the people of Britania, what kind of ruler do we have?

In frustration I returned to the streets only to find the beasts had made it to the castle gates. The warriors defending Britain stopped them there and then the tide turned. Shortly I was back at the outskirts fighting wave after wave of foes. Many a warrior and mage had joined the People’s Army and we pushed them farther and farther back. Several times I made forays into the bush to try to determine their source, but could find no hint of it. Eventually they simply stopped coming.

I then heard word of an attack on Vesper by frost trolls, and left immediately to aid in that city’s defense. I did engage one troll and saw some other corpses, but the attack seemed to have subsided by the time of my arrival.

Britain is safe for the nonce, and I commend everyone who I fought side by side with for his and her bravery. After the battle at Britain I saw a man looting a fellow’s corpse, and in this case a guard arrived at the scene to defend the innocent remains. But I swear earlier I saw a guard cowering and yelling, “Murder!” I say Lord British must address these attacks and give some display of competence to his people!

Eiryn of Moonglow, Icelandic Floating Community Lore Keeper.

Hail I don't know if this news is to old or not but I thought sense no one else talked about the attack on my favorite village of Cove I should. Orcs attacked Cove some time last year at the begging of all the attacks. It was late in the year for it was snowing, but then it is always snowing there. Anyway I thought I would do some mining at the safe town of Cove when I seen 4 orcs attacking a man just out side of town. I thought this was strange and rushed to aid the poor guy. We dropped them fast when an orc mage surprised us and we thought it best to run into town. When I seen something I thought I would never see three people run out of town with an ettin and a few orcs on there tails. We got rounded up and finally more people were showing up half went to save the town while the other half went on to the camp. I was with the group in the town, and it is weird not to be able to call for the guards for help. We finally got them all, and saved the town. Some one told me about a dark force at the orc camp that told them to attack but I have no idea about that. I went though a lot of band aids that day!

Death Dealer of Minoc

Greetings all,

At approximately 10am Pacific time, the city of Britain was attacked by not one, not two but THREE waves of a combined force of Lizardmen and Ratmen. The disgusting hordes quickly gained control over the lower city and many people were slain before they even new they were being attacked.

Quickly bands of adventurers in the upper city ran to the towns aid and routed the monsters from the city. But thier was barely time to lick thier wounds and re-arm themselves when more of the hideous beings rampaged across the south bridge and entered the city. Being stout of heart and strong of arm the hero's immediatly engaged the vermin and removed thier stain from the fair town, routinely exterminating thier presence and quickly coming to each others aid.

Thier combined teamwork was more than enough to destroy the hordes and when the smoke and debris had cleared thier was much cheering and slapping of backs. It was then that a messenger ran in to the area and announced that other cities were under attack from far more dangerous creatures than what we had similarly faced. Immediatly gates were opened and Britain was left to clean up as hero's ran to the other towns aid.

Thier Valor shall be long remembered.

Caine Azuris reporting.....(Pacific Shard)

Moonglow invasion? I have not seen Moonglow as one of the cities attacked in the recent strange events. But, yesterday I was out working on some skills when I came upon the Moonglow cemetary. There I laid my eyes upon the largest horde of undead I had ever seen. Uncounted numbers of skeletons, zombies, shades, and wraiths with several liches thrown into the mess.

I believe I was one of the first to notice this army of darkness. Luckily they were all inside the fence because they all had their attention on me (I for one do not want to join the cold darkness of undeath). I decided to practice my archery. Suddenly, I noticed a few skeletons and a wraith chasing some poor soul. I caught up to him and helped him put these creatures out of their misery. He told me he just walked by the gate and they opened it up. Well I went back, and sure enough several other people had found this out as well.

A group of us spent the better part of an hour clearing this up. After holding them at the gate, we were finally able to push inside the cemetary itself and destroy the last of the creatures. If it were not for the fence around the cemetary, there would have been many more valiant defenders lost.

Whatever force can wake the dead in such numbers must be terrible indeed.

-Doric, of YdE

Violence Rages On!!!

And the attacks continue.... Just after entering Delucia this morning the world exploded around me. I had only stepped up to the safety of the bank when the battle cry rang out. Wild eyed people began running by me screaming about Ophidians. The first few people were so terrified their words made little sense, but within seconds their meaning was clear. I watched in momentary stunned silence as several Ophidian shamans, avengers, and apprentices began working their way down the street, slaughtering all in their path. But then, just as it seemed we would all fall at their feet, the warriors arrived! From everywhere brave fighters grabbed their swords and without concern for their safety began the defense of their town. Watching their heroics my own body finally moved into action and I began healing those I could reach. Unfortunately my skills were scant and I could only heal the most minor of wounds. The screams of the dying were horrible and echoed though the town unmercifully as the creatures continued to pour in from who knew where.

Suddenly the world around me shattered with brilliant blue lightning as an Ophidian mage began the run for his life right past me. Trapped by those who would not let his viciousness go unpunished he was besieged on all sides by warriors. They fought valiantly, their swords biting and slashing into the creature's vile body. Lightning flashed on it again, only to be followed by an explosive fire ball. Suddenly the creature screamed its pain to the skies, possibly begging it's gods for help, but there was no answer. With a dying wail it collapsed, withering at the warrior's feet. As I applied a bandage to a nearby wounded, cheers of joy broke out over the creature's death. The warriors however, knowing the fight was far from over, did not waste time on such exclamations as yet another creature, this time an Ophidian avenger, slithered into view.

It wasted no time living up to it's title as it's black clad body went straight for those that had downed it's brethren. More healers began to appear as another avenger slithered up to join it's own in the battle. Hearing screams from the lane above me I moved on, knowing the warriors fighting the pair had better healers then I.

As I headed up the street, our attackers' violence was evident in the human bodies scattered everywhere. I became increasingly disheartened with the slaughter, seeing no Ophidian corpses, but my next step changed my spirit decidedly. Emerging into view was the horribly slain body of one Ophidian mage and within a breath's time, a second fell at the feet of a powerful human mage.

The victory was short however as yet a third Ophidian mage slithered into view. Thanks to the quick reactions of those nearby, my startled body only took one hit before the brave too besieged that creature. I stumbled back, healing myself as quickly as my new skills could manage, while the fighters around me took up my cause. I did not catch their names for the battle was too wild and furious, but I bid them silent thanks regardless.

Again the wails of an Ophidian echoed through my ears as the clank of steel and sizzling of magic ripped life from the one that had just attacked me. Stunned and wounded it attempted to flee but the fighters stayed hot on the creature's tail as it slithered from my view.

Finishing my healing I made my way up to another part of town, hoping to do what little good I could should there be more battles. I was not disappointed. Near the healers was a battle like none I could have imagined. Now orcs had joined in and although there were not many, when added to the four Ophidians, they were more then enough. I quickly engaged an orc, seeking to aid the valiant fighters in anyway possible. I had come to think of Delucia as my home and no more wanted to see it fall then the others. Unfortunately my fighting skills were also weak and I could only wound the creature. Another stepped up to join the fight and together we ended its vile existence.

In awe I remained at the site, healing those I could as one by one the Ophidians fell for fled the skilled defenders of our home. The violent and vicious battle raged on for several more minutes as the horrid wave of creatures worked its way through town. Around me bodies continued to fall, their bones littering the streets with their selfless bravery as even the weak took up weapons.

Thankfully the influx of creatures eventually broke off and became only small skirmishes of one against many as our warriors began their victory sweep though town.

Quietly I walked though the stunned streets of Delucia. People stood looking, staring rather, at the carnage around them, it's viciousness only starting to skin into their souls. The clandestine attempt had failed this time. Ophidian bodies lay everywhere, no part of the city having been spared the violent attack. But the human toll was worse. For every Ophidian body there were five of ours! Rage began to well within me. I had heard of towns in Britannia being attacked, even seen some pictures, but this had been worse then even my greatest fears could imagine. My stomach turned as I looked about and accepted the sinking feeling that this was not the last of such battles I would witness before all was said and done.

Moia of the Pacific Rangers Council.

Hail good sir,

Tonight as I was venturing east of Yew I came across an unusually large amount of evil monsters. They came from out of no where and kept coming. Orcs, trolls, harpies, ratmen, giant spiders, lizard men, and mongbats. There seemed to be no end to them. This in itself isn't too unusual, but what was intriguing was the sprouting of magical reagents. They too kept appearing, but not in a random way. They formed a line. As one ventured forth to collect them monsters appeared. After defeating the monsters more reagents appeared. Most puzzling.

Well after an hour or so it seemed the reagents were leading me somewhere. I had to find out. Battling my way through what was seemingly hundreds of monsters I arrived at the shoreline. If the reagents could continue they would have gone straight to the isle south of the Justice shrine. With no boat,sadly, I could not continue. Perhaps someone should investigate that isle. It could prove useful.


Titus Shadowbane

This morning at about 8am PST I had just returned to Delucia from a jaunt out to the Terathan Keep where I had been merrily slaughtering Ophidians. As I was depositing the loot which I had accumulated, the town was suddenly attacked from all sides by scores upon scores of, what else, Ophidians!

Death came swiftly for me as a Matriarch, a Justicar, and a couple of Enforcers all zeroed on me. For the next 5 or 10 minutes chaos reigned. Everywhere one looked, human corpses lay strewn about. Ghosts and death robes were prevalent. Once it finally sank in that the guards were going to be of no use whatsoever, the battle truly began.

Casualties remained heavy, but the enemy forces were steadily whittled down thanks to our superior tactics, weaponry, and magic. Finally, after a full half-hour of mass combat, the final serpent-men fell.

I shudder to think what will darken our town gates when next the mastermind behind these attacks strikes.

-Frelghra nar Sellas

I wish to thank everyone who sent in reports. Hopefully they will assist in the effort to determine the source of all the attacks.
Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 8:23 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

IFC Storytelling and Sketch Competitions
Earnst, of the ICF, sent us the following:
Icelandic Floating Community Storytelling Competition! Will begin at 8:30pm PST, January 27th.

Have you got a tale worth telling? If you do, why do you not come and tell all those who will be gathered at the IFC on this day? Your tale will be judged and the final winner posted on the IFC Scrolls as well as in other news scrolls for all to see. There is NO entry fee. The story can relate to anything in Britannia. No foul language.

There IS a prize. 5000 gold, and a chance to have your story printed and posted for all to see. Stories must also be handed to the judges in book form.

Sketch Competition! Deadline for entries is January 27th, 12am, PST.

A picture is worth much more than words. Send us one that tells you what the Icelandic Floating Community means to you! It can be of anything (within Britannia please), but please include a small caption to explain things to us. All entries should be sent to [email protected]. And all entries should be received before January 27th, 2000.


There is a 5000gold prize also!

The winning entries shall be posted on the IFC scrolls! Show us your spirit! Take part in these opportunities afforded to you by the IFC.

For more information, please visit our scrolls at:

We hope to hear from you all!

May the Æsir keep you!


Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 8:04 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

A Kidnapping
Kalodair sent us the following:
A member of our guild named Mydnite disappeared a while ago and now it seems as though she has been kidnapped. Two messengers came to our guild house to demand a ransom. They claimed they were sent to deliver the ransom note to our guildmaster. We don't know where they are keeping her right now, but it is presumed they are using a locked room in a house or maybe a boat to hold her. I don't know about the room, because ghosts can walk through doors, but If you're dead or alive on a boat, there's no way of getting off if you're in the middle of the ocean and there's somebody on board with a key.

If anyone has seen her, please let our guild know. We can usually be found in Vesper, across the bridge east of the bank. We have a small house with a guildstone next to the Tailor's building on that side of town.

Also, if anyone has any information about the two messengers, a Scoundrel named Azzip Onredro and a female companion who was named Josephine, that would be appreciated as well.

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 7:49 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Another Piece of Truth is Found
Tempest of Skye, one of the Celestial Knights of the City of Haven sent this in to us:
I would like to tell you of our quest for the 2nd piece of the Sword called Truth. After much time and effort Korin and Tryton had finally translated the next portion of the 4th section of the Book of Truth. It pointed to the tomb of an ancient hero that lay buried somewhere on the land that the Orc Fort near Paxlair.

So when we gathered on Saturday night we knew that it was to the Orc Fort we had to go. And we also knew that the orcs would not allow us to dig around their fort without getting very angry. I had hoped to avoid battle but our group was set upon by the orcs as soon as we entered the fort. A short and fierce battle took place. In the end the orcs were defeated and driven from their home for a short time.

Tryton and Misterie, after a short conversation, began to dig in the treasure room of the orcs. For they felt it to be the place where the tomb lay. And not much time passed before they were proved right. Bones were found along with a book and the piece of Truth we had come in search of. But what was most strange was the contents of the book.

It had been written by one Soldan, a member of the Legion of Truth. He spoke of his friend One-Eyed Traguk and how this orc had shown more virtue than many of the humans he knew. When Traguk fell in battle to the vampires who were destroying the LoT, Soldan placed the piece of the blade that had been given to his care into the tomb with his friend's body. Knowing that orcs are immune to the curse that is vampirism. And so thus did it lay until our group removed it.

But this brings one thing of note. If the book left with the body of Traguk is to be believed then the Orcs and Humans in the area of Paxlair were once allies and friends. Fighting against a common foe. For although they do prefer humans those who drink of blood will take an orc as well if the need is there.

What impact the past, as shown in this book, will have on the relationship of orcs and humans now is yet to be seen. But I believe that if what Korin has foreseen is to come to pass we will need ALL the aid we can get to hold back the tides of evil coming. For rest assured everyone, it is coming. And it will be as a flood never before seen in the lands.

Prepare yourselves for it. We must obtain one more piece of the holy sword before it can be re-forged. We now hold the Hilt and Crossguards, only the Blade remains to be found. I have spoken with Korin and he is near to discovering where the members of the Legion hid it. It must be found and the blade restored if we are to have a chance against the evil that is coming. I speak to you now as a member of the ancient order that guarded the lake and it's secrets. All of you will be needed if Britannia is to survive to see a new age. Farewell for now ... *bows*

Tempest of Skye
Guardian of the Lake, Celestrial Knights (CK)
Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 6:42 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

New PaxLair Web Site and Mayor's Journal Service!
This was received from Mayor Winfield of Paxlair.....

PaxLair has created a new City web site, still under development, to service you better. It is still being populated withinformation, but many services are already available to you, such as a comprehensive directory including towns on Chesapeake, list of community attractions in PaxLair, and a start on biographies.

You can find the new site located at:

The old site is still the primary site at: but not being updated as regularly. We will make complete transfer to the new site in about a month.

Since I, the Mayor, can not always publish full news stories of things I encounter, I have included a Mayor's Journal on the new site. This contains things I encounter each day as the Mayor of PaxLair. (Not all I encounter are published, such as private conversations.) Many people tell me things about quests, events, or happenings around the realm and in PaxLair. I also encounter various events myself. I hope my journal is useful to you. I also have a small public Mayor's calendar of some activities that have come to my attention.

I encourage all people who encounter quest events and interesting things within the realm to take a little time to publish your information on the wonderful news service UOSS. News is extremely important to keep people informed and moving forward. As always, I look forward to feedback regarding activities of PaxLair and our designs for better service.

I thank you,

Winfield, Mayor of PaxLair

Here is a picture of the new Paxlair site.

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 6:30 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

Gypsy to give psychic reading on monster attacks
We have found the following:
Many people of our land are deeply troubled about the recent attacks by monsters on the towns of Yew, Trinsic, Vesper, and Cove. Concerned citizens have asked the famed psychic, Doria Romanov, to gaze into her crystal ball to see if she can find out more about these attacks.

On Tuesday, January 25, at 8:30 PM (PST) Doria will hold a meeting in her tent in Skara Brae. Her tent is just northwest of the Skara bank. Doria will gaze into her crystal ball and give a psychic reading on the subject of the recent monster invasions on the four cities. Following the psychic reading, there will be a general discussion about the attacks, where folks present at the meeting will be invited to tell their own tales of their experiences with these monsters, or to share their theories about why monsters are trying to take over these particular towns.

I reminded Doria that that her last two public meetings ended up in with a battle with monsters. Doria smiled and said, "Nay, we are just going to discuss monsters, not fight 'em. 'Twill be a psychic reading followed by a quiet discussion. In a meeting with Doria ye will never know for sure what will… or will not… happen, but I think this time 'twill be naught but a quiet meeting."

So, if you are interested in finding out more about the monster attacks on our cities, or if you have stories of your own experiences with these monsters, be sure to come to Doria's meeting on Tuesday eve.

Stav Korwell

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 1:50 PM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

The Brigands Return for more Victims in Wintermoor

The brigands have returned for more victims in the City of Wintermoor. The Town Cryer is calling for aid in both defense and the search for our friend. Grok the Barkeep is Still Missing and the 25,000 gold Reward from the coffers of the Mayor of Wintermoor remain unclaimed.Follow Here for the Full Story
Please help us in this time of sorrow.

Xanthar of the Museum
Mayor of Wintermoor

Thankye, Xanthar, for this update.
Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 1:39 PM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Rivendell Crowns New Town Night Champion
The results are in! Rivendell, the great city north of Skara Brae, has announced the latest Town Night Champion...

New Town Night Champion Crowned!

Greetings once again all,

The Council and citizens of Rivendell are proud to announce the results of our latest Town Night! The event was a huge success, with some 2 dozen spectators bearing witness as fighters from all corners of Britannia converged on the town in a test of courage and skill. As is often the case a victory was often bittersweet as friend fought friend and brother fought brother as the 16 brave warriors battled one another for the now honored title of "Town Night Champion".

After a truly exhaustive three rounds that tested the the nerves of even the most hardened warrior, two brave souls, Oleg Olafson and Fin Orcsbane met in the now blood soaked arena for the climactic battle! The crowd noise grew to a crescendo as they cheered on their favorite. The long awaited battle ws soon to begin and the spectators were not to be dissapointed. The two contestants faced each other and after bowing in honorable tribute to the each other and offering heart-felt good wishes, they both tore into the other with abandon. One only needed to hear the clanging of swords on armor, the grunts of the contestants mixing with the moans and gasps of the crowd to understand this was truly an awesome battle. Alas, only one champion would be crowned this night and after an exhaustive struggle Fin Orcsbane delivered the final death blow of the competition.

The contestants and spectators then converged at the stage to honor the the newest Rivendell Champion, Fin Orcsbane and his runner-up Oleg Olafson. Each received wonderful prizes comensurate with their success in the tourney. I wish to again thank all participants and spectators and especially to give our appreciation to the newly created Rivedendell Events Committee for their hard work in organizing this wonderful event. Prince, Sable, and Malacin we congratulate you! A special thanks goes to Merlyssa who filled in at the last minute to assist in the pre tourney raffle.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event!

Redrum, Mayor
Shanna, Senior Council Member
Grant, Council Member

Congratulations Fin Orcsbane! Town Nights are becoming a regular staple in our Realm. Keep your eyes peeled to our humble paper for the next Town Night, sponsored by the wonderful city of Rivendell!

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 1:29 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

The Passing of a Good Friend
We received the following concerning a real tragedy from Flyboy...

Today a true tragedy occurred in Real Life and on UO.

Tom Czapla (aka on LS) Isuldur Czapla/Aragon Czapla Had a heart attack and passed away today. He was a good friend IRL and also to many in Britannia. He will be sorely missed in both worlds. pls post this terrible news on the LS page I'm sure many will appreciate knowing and will miss him also.

Flyboy (LS)

To the friends and family of Isuldur/Aragon, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 12:57 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

A call to Virtue: The Gold one appears!

As a result of the appearance of the Gold Dragon, Dragon’s bay has become an establishment of Virtue for the majority of Brittania. The Beliefs of the Order of the Gold dragon is that the Gold one is a being who represents the purest aspects of the Eight virtues, established by our King, Lord Brittish, so long ago. With the Great Dragon appearing, the absolute law of virtue is now set in stone for everyone to see.

This appearance comes in the midst of frequent monster attacks that have plagued Dragon’s bay for some time. The Understanding of these recent attacks are the result of the powers of Chaos seeking to destroy the growing mass of good in the area, which will most likely expand to all of Brittania.

With this, the Order of the Gold dragon welcomes Everyone who seeks or wishes to study the ways of virtue are welcomed to come to Dragon’s bay and seek out the Gold one to learn of Virtues from the representative of those ideals. The Gold one is neither a mortal nor a God, but only the embodiment of Virtue, and not to be worshipped as many believed.

While in Dragon’s Bay, check out the Temple of Virtues, where the Gold one will be residing. The OGD Tower, now open to the public and ready to be used for conventions and parties. And what visit to Dragon’s bay can be complete without stopping by at the Golden Dragon Tavern, where you can visit the new Café on the second level, where we hope to start hosting dart tournaments, chess contests and casino nights.

Come to Dragon’s bay, the finest town in Brittania!

Paid for by the Dragon’s bay tourism council

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 12:43 PM EST by Red William (GreatLakes)

Open House to be Held by Prof. Clio Temesa
The following was received from Professor Clio Temesa of the Lycaeum...

Open House at the Lycaeum

With the threat of the ice monsters appearing to have gone past us and the safety of the Lycaeum ensured once again, it is the Lycaeum's distinct pleasure to now announce the opening of Spring Semester.

Event: Open House, Moonglow Lycaeum
Date: Tuesday, January 25
Time: 9pm CST
Location: Professor Clio Temesa's classroom (northwest corner)
Topic: A brief introduction and outline to the classes, field studies, and other opportunities offered this spring through the Lycaeum.

We look forward to your attendance and continued support of higher education in our lands.

I have oft the pleasure of spending time with Prof. Temesa, and have found her vast knowledge and intelligence to be quite a wonderful asset for all my needs in Britainnia. And her wonderful personality certainly makes school, which oft I fell asleep in as a child, quite a wonderful asset. If ye are the type who wishes to learn more about our lands and history, I strongly urge ye to visit the Lycaeum on Tuesday... 'twill truely be time well spent!

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 12:42 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Revenge of Drink Yourself Silly
I received this from JL:

It has been over 2 months since the last Drink Yourself Silly at the Dead Dove Tavern and we had so much fun that it is time for an encore performance.

The Object of this event is drink so much you don't won't care how silly you will look doing it. Don't worry, you probably won't remember much of the event in the morning. Please refrain from getting sick inside the Tavern because I've spent far too much timecleaning it up.

The Contest (You will be supplied with all required items for this contest):

  • Drink 4 bottles of Ale.
  • After the last swig of ale run around the Dead Dove 4 times and reenter.
  • Optional bonus points: Strip down to your skivvies, renounce Lord British for his attack on the tavern and moon the audience (please put your clothes back on - this is a tavern not a Brothel).
  • Sing "5 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"'.
  • Write a 4 line poem about ale (poems do not have to rhyme).
  • Upon returning your poetry book to me, you will receive a bag containing 10-20 items. Proceed outside and make a sculpture with items inside the bag. Remain standing by artwork when you are finished. You will be asked to explain what your sculpture means.

Judging: Speed-25%, accuracy-25%, creativity-25%, random points assigned by subjective judge-25%

Please note: Creative (please note the 'creative' part of this sentence)cheating, bribing and treachery will receive bonus points as determined by the judge.

Prizes: First Place 5,000 gold. Runners up will will be awarded with a hangover in the morning.

Place: The Dead Dove TavernDead Dove Tavern
Event: The Revenge of Drink Yourself Silly
Day: Thursday, January 27th, 2000
Time: 7:30 pm PST

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 7:06 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

Scammer Alert
A friendly reminder to all UO players who are very eager to place a house in the news lands.

There are people out there who contact you via ICQ claiming to be OSI staff. To *prove* they are OSI staff they will give you their email address (yeah right!). The current scam is to send you a pre-release of the update that will allow you to place a house in the new lands (wherever that may be). Ofcourse this so called pre-release is nothing less then a password stealer or a trojan backdoor that will leave your PC wide open for attacks.

So, once again, do not accept files coming from the internet from people that you do not know. I can't make it any clearer than that. Just be careful out there.

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 6:46 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

Previous ex-Mayor of Valendor Responds
Sam Woodchopper, who was Mayor of Valendor before Srdolch, sends us this report:
Srdolch the merchant prince who was elected mayor of Valendor by the people of Drachenfels at December 5th stepped down from office after a controversial affair this weekend. This affair made the Emerald Knights (EK) and the Drachenfels Mage Tower (DMT) reconsider their position within the community of Valendor. It is yet unkown how these two parties will react upon this news.

As Valendor is once again mayor-less, the course of action and the future of the town of Valendor lays within the hands of the Valendorian council. Will they be able to restore the fractions? Will they be able to save Valendor from the dark forces roaming the streets at night? And will they be able to restore Valendor as safe heaven for everyone on this shard? Only time can tell.

Valendor was created in december 1998 by various groups of likeminded people who wanted to create a place of neutrality. Initially build south-east of Minoc, the town soon grew beyond imagination. After the first house-patch the town was moved to the desert north of brittain, where all effort was made by Carnos Galandor and Sam Woodchopper to get people to make their houses public, so that a "real" town could grow. They were very succesfull, as Valendor is a very big town, with houses decorated with various rare items, wich makes a visit to the houses a pleasure for the eye. Valendor never has received any extra help from OSI, the entire town is build with the help of numerous individuals who supported and still support the idea behind the town. Peace was always secured by keeping diplomacy between all parties visiting the area. At times big PK guilds were part of the town and lived peacefully alongside miners, merchants and the "paladins of good". Outside the area they'd be fighting and warring ofcourse. All this made Valendor once a nice place to visit for every player on the Drachenfels shard, whatever his playstyle may be.

You can find the Town's website at, if you visit, please visit the "about Valendor" section and read about our attitude towards visitors (may it be red/grey or blue) and the towns constitution. If you visit the town, please keep those "rules" in mind, so that this small piece of the shard can be a safe place for all and everyone.

With kind regards,

Sam Woodchopper
ex-mayor of Valendor

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 6:30 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Drachenfels)

Millenium Man Contest Finals
This arrived from Brianna Roies:

Well, ladies and gents, the ballots are in and the results are hot off the press! The remaining five finalists are here and are ready to be announced, and without further ado, here are the five lucky people!

  • Dane, Prime Minister of the City of Avalon
  • Lotus, Guildmaster of Illuminati
  • Simon, Pilgrim of the Golden Knights
  • Jesse James Jr., of Double Deuce Lotto.
  • Vengence, Curator of the Dawn Library

Finally, we have entered the questioning round. Each contestant must email me with the results of their answers. The three judges will review your answers and choice the three best contestants. The questions are as follows:

1. If you could change Ultima Online in anyway, what would be your change?
2. What is your favorite thing about the server Baja?
3. If you had to give away one million gold, how would you do it?

Contestants must have their posts in my mailbox by Saturday the 29th. If any contestants do not respond to the questions, he'll be automatically disqualified. I wish everyone good luck this week.

"You are one step away from becoming the Millennium Man of Baja."

Brianna Roies
[email protected]

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 5:25 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

Valendor Mayor Srdolch Resigns
A pigeon flew this in a moment ago:
Hail all people of Valendor and Drachenfels,

I would like to announce my resignation as mayor of Valendor since I feel that my RL takes to much time from me to take care of Valendor the way I should do. My large shop takes already to much of my time. So I feel I must spend the precious UO time I have on my shop. I hope you will all understand this. (and I guess many people will be also very happy to hear this news). I wish all the people that run for the position of mayor all the luck in the world and I hope Valendor will soon again have a great mayor.


Srdolch, "ex-mayor of Valendor", (GSM)

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 4:51 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Drachenfels)

SOS - Save Our Siege!
Adrick of BattleVortex sends us the following
The players of Siege Perilous have made a petition to help voice their concerns about the various issues on the Siege Perilous Shard.

If you play Siege Perilous and would like to help us make our world a better place, Please stop by and sign the Petition!

The petition is hosted at the BV Siege Perilous Resource Center! Press the (SOS) Save Our Siege button to view and sign the petition.

Thank you for your support!

Adrick - BattleVortex Staff

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 4:38 AM EST by Xena Dragon (SiegePerilous)

Realm of Blackcomb Attacked by Unknown Force
Once again the Realm of Blackcomb has felt the hand of an unseen force. Sending forth armies of orcs, orc lords & orc mages accompanied by ettins an unseen enemy has struck at Blackcomb. As before however Blackcomb proved more than able to deal with the horde that descended upon our fair town.

Following the pattern of the previous attack a few scouts appeared at the edges of town testing our resolve. These few scouts were meet by several warriors of Blackcomb the others holding back to see where or if they were needed. Seeming to fall for the ruse greater numbers of orcs backed up by ettins began storming into towns in packs.

Unknown to the orcs were the happenings of earlier in the day. Two members of Blackcomb ran afoul of a murderer and his cohort. For having the audacity to attack & slay the murderer and his "honorable" healer accomplice after their attacks on innocents the murders returned to Blackcomb stating their purpose was to announce a campaign of extermination against the Realm for this act. To help them in this act they swore to enlist the aid of every murderer in the land they could find. The Realm rolls over for no one and we number some very accomplished people among our friends.

With a state of war measures now declared though no formal declaration had been made or would be Blackcomb members travel in groups and are heavily armed keeping in close contact at all times.

When the orcs attacked this day even though they had greater numbers and heavier reinforcements because of the ettins instead of the students and teachers they tried to overwhelm the previous day, they encountered a squad of well-prepared and seasoned warriors. Even though the Blackcomb warriors only numbered four at this point they still prevailed. Mere minutes into the battle the far flung members of Blackcomb heeded the call to battle and began appearing in town ready for a battle only to find nothing but mopping up a few strays left.

Suspecting that perhaps the orcs were using a two-pronged attack as before Baldor of Blackcomb and Sheriva of Liam's Regulars used Sheriva's gate to transport themselves to the City of Yew. Acting as scouts they found themselves embroiled in battle with orcs outside the Emapth Abbey.

Quickly calling for the others waiting in Blackcomb battle was once again joined. Yew had to few warriors this time to resist the orcs initial onslot. Orcs were in great numbers and scattered all over the fair Yew wreaking havoc as they went. Calling upon other friends of Yew slowly the tide turned against the orcs and soon they were few in number and then there were none left alive.

After returning to Yew a discussion was held regarding the nights activities to see if mayhap light could be shed upon the reason for the orcs to be attacking. With various monsters attacking other cities as well it was quickly ruled out that the orcs were acting alone. It was quickly decided there was a greater force at work here uniting these creatures.

Now for the strange part.

Part way through this discussion as though in attempt to prevent it orcs again rushed from the nearby forest edge. These orcs though instead of momentarily standing as though stunned like normal orcs from their arrival these few rushed us immediately. Moving much faster than any normal orc they were upon the Blackcomb warriors almost in an instant. Exhibiting intelligence beyond any of their peers they proved to be more of a match than an orc is normally able to. However still being fully equipped for battle and with their blood still hot from battle these 'new' orcs fell in moments uttering human like death screams instead of the usual deep growling death rattles of their kin.

Questions remain. Were these orcs trying to prevent us from discussing the reasons behind the attack or was the timing mere happen stance? Does the Realm of Blackcomb possess something that they want or does the Empathy Abbey contain an item they are looking for and we are to be distracted as we defend Yew vigorously? Is Bloodstone really involved with this as he claims or is he taking advantage of our divided attentions to further his own agenda? Are there more of these 'new' intelligent orcs about or even worse intelligent larger cousins? Is the gargoyle threat really gone or are these happenings all linked in some as yet unseen way?

I believe that in the upcoming times we as a world will be tested beyond anything we've seen in our life times. We either stand as one and face our nameless enemy or perish in bits and pieces in a slow painful death that takes the light from our world.

I think, nay I know it is time for the great unification of Sosria to begin.

Like the rolling thunder heralding from the mountains as the spring storms come to cleanse the earth so it begins for us.

Duke Njord of Blackcomb

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 4:10 AM EST by Xena Dragon (NapaValley)

Judicators, Zealots and Phoenixes; oh my!
This detailed battle report landed on my desk:
    Hi, I have been reading stratics for almost as long as I have been playing Ultima. I have found myself getting involved in the recent quests, (I started around the time of the blue dragon and the 4 gargoyles) but I am new to these. I have been reading the news on events and today I took part in the chaos this afternoon and I wanted to to help out and send in a message. I would like to get more involved with the Role-playing factor of Ultima in the future. So anyway....

    Today I was wandering around Britain after just picking up my shiny new chaos shield. There were no Order in sight so I decided to go to the bank and grab my runes to go home to Delucia. Once I passed under the Poorman's Gate, I saw a ratman attacking a citizen. I found this very odd and ran to the poor tailor's aid. After quickly dispensing of the ratman, the tailor informed me that there were more ratmen and lizardmen coming over the Gung Farmer's Bridge towards the West First Bank of Britain.
    I bolted toward the bank and before I got there I found a pack of the ugly creatures chasing a young warrior. He ran around the corner, leading the dumbfounded monsters directly into the arms of a tamer with a very intimidating dragon which made short work of them. I teamed up with a couple other warriors, and we worked our way around the bank and through the surrounding shops, helping anyone in trouble. As the day turned to night, the lizardmen and ratmen forces began to dwindle. My job was done in Britain so I recalled off to Moonglow to use the teleporter to Papua.
    When I materialized in Papua, there was an Ophidian Zealot right on top of me. I ran behind the table to put some distance between myself and the Zealot but it did not stop with its relentless onslaught of spells. I dug through my bag to find my trusty bow, my only defense against this creature. I traded blows for spells with it for quite some time. All the while people came through the teleporter, looked at me, looked at the Zealot, and then walked out of the shop. No one lifted a finger to help me. I sensed something was wrong in my home town of Delucia, so I recalled to my secluded rune hidden below the stables.
    There was an eerie silence in the air. I expected to be right in the middle of battle, but I could see no traces of blood or corpses in the area. I cautiously walked on towards the bank and found more carnage then I bargained for. There were Ophidian Knights, Knight-Errants, Avengers, Judicatars, Zealots, and the infamous Ophidian Matriarchs leading the attack. It was a beautiful battle regardless of the deaths they caused. The people of Delucia banned together, fighting back the forces of Ophidians throughout the town, always looking out for their fellow Delucian. Tamers, Mages, Warriors, Miners, and Tailors were all fighting side-by-side for a common cause. I fought in the middle of the battle, not afraid of the horrible poison from the Avengers because I always knew that there was a mage in the back of the crowd waiting to cure my poison.
    The town fought on until the sun came up when the battle seemed to end. A few tireless warriors and myself went throughout Delucia, cleaning up the few Ophidians still alive in the Watch Tower and Keep and on the outskirts of Delucia. Many died in the battle, but there was also a sense of togetherness while everyone congregated at the bank to count their loot and share their stories.

    I also received a story from a friend involving the town of Ocllo. A friend of mine told me this through his communication crystal after he was resurrected from the healers. He was brief in his discriptions and still in shock after what he saw so I will be interpretting it as best I can. He told me that he was outside of Ocllo near the channel leading out to sea. He was just a humble lumberjack, chopping wood to make into miscellaneous items. All of a sudden, a red moongate appeared near him. Out of it came three phoenixes followed by A Shadow Knight. The phoenixes looked like glowing red eagles, but so much more dangerous. The Knight wore true black armor and carried a glowing viking sword. Before my dear friend knew what was going on, he was overrun by the phoenixes which seemed to take commands from the Knight. He did not last long and the Knight did not stay. He called his pets and boarded a ship on the edge of the channel. My friend saw him sail away to the south. I recalled to Skara Brea and ran up and down the northern shore hoping to catch a glimpse of the creature, but I found nothing. This second story is just hearsay and I cannot garauntee that it is true or not.

I hope this helps anyone interested in the ongoing attacks our beloved country. Thank you for your time.


Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 3:55 AM EST by Xena Dragon (NapaValley)

The Dragar Quest: Tying Things Together
A special thanks goes out to UOChesapeake for their wonderful Quest section and searchable archives of stories. They have greatly helped this reporter do his job.

The Dragar Quest has been (like many others) going on for a very long time. The problem with this when it comes to quests, is that the more a quest evolves, the harder and harder it becomes to keep up. Luckily, you all have Azazel here to keep you up to speed. :)

Part One: The Past
This whole quest started when Seer Kristos wished to find answers to his past. Kristos brought a group of adventurers to the Isle of Fire. Where at the Daemon Temple the adventurers found a talking ankh. The ankh gave riddles to the party, and several 'seals' were to be found. The party had to visit many different places around the world to collect the seals each riddle led them to. One of the seals was kept by a green dragon named Skorr. For a small fee Skorr agreed to give up his seal.

When all the seals were collected, everyone ventured back to the Daemon Temple on the Isle of Fire. Kristos performed a ritual which opened a gate to the tomb of Rothar. Hoping for the best, the worst ended up happening. Dragons and hell hounds started appearing out of no where, and many men fell to the ground. Instead of shedding light on his past, Kristos had opened a gate of pure evil, for out of the gate popped Dragar. Dragar immediately thanked everyone for freeing him, but then swore death to all of this world. Ages ago, Dragar and his dragons swarmed the land.

Kristos and Dragar knew each other, but Kristos had only a vague memory of how. Long ago Dragar had tried to gain ancient mystical pieces of Ice Armour. This ice armour would give anyone who wears it absolute power. The catch was, you needed to have the entire set of the armour to exploit it's full potential. Rothar was a person from Dragar's time, who tried to stop Dragar, and prevent him from getting the ice armour. Dragar had gone to Rothar's tomb in search of more pieces, but became imprisoned instead. Until now.

The race was on, Kristos told everyone that Dragar was going to continue his long delayed quest and acquire all the pieces of Ice Armour. Kristos said that Dragar must not be allowed to acquire the entire set of ice armour, or he'd be invincible. Word of Dragar's attacks spread quickly, and he was gaining pieces of the armour at an exceedingly fast rate. It seemed as if there would be no stopping Dragar.

After many many battles, and a long time span, Dragar almost had the entire set of ice armour. Lacking the helm, a search was started, and many people sought the helm, to get it before Dragar did. Then something happened which changed that.

The following was written by Emmeril Cimber of Skara Brae. "Lord Captain Arkon and a squad of guards began their search for Aaron, a man convicted of killing his business partner. Aaron was shortly found and after a long search of his jewellery shop, evidence was located which cleared his name. This evidence came in the form of two books. The first book was a tome of notes taken on the ice armour and the exact location of each piece. The second book was the journal of Tasha, the late businessman's widow, who killed her husband Brett, was a jewel smuggler, and was in league with Dragar! Though the page in the first book which revealed the location of the ice helm had been torn asunder from the rest of the book, Tasha's journal not only revealed the location of the ice helm, but the exact date and time of Dragar's attack."
So the helm was found in a shop's display case inside at Nujel'm. When it came time for Dragar's known attack, almost eighty defenders showed up to stop him. Hundreds of dragons laid siege to Nujel'm, which were probably just a diversion in the first place. The City was torn to chaos as each and every warrior ran from two or three dragons. There was much confusion and even more death. Aside from it all, the entire battle was for naught; Dragar obtained the ice helm, and now had the complete set of armour.

A few days later Dragar was sighted at the Village of Humility. The Village of Humility was having their grand opening of the Wyvern's Lair Tavern.

"None may oppose me. Now that I have the armour, what need have I of such beasts? Soon I will be ready. Not even Skorr and his kind can defeat me now. The essence of the dragons will serve me well..." Dragar said.
Right then and there Dragar admitted to defying the dragons which had helped him up to then. He denied Skorr, and claimed the essence of the dragons to be his! Surly, now that he had the full set of ice armour, the power had gone to his head.

This is where an Astronomer named Galen Solstarre who lived in Moonglow, comes into the plot line. Galen was keeping track of a meteorite he thought would hit our planet. The meteorite did, and Galen believed he could use it to forge a weapon of destruction which could be used against Dragar. Galen kept to himself after this, as his research made him a very busy man.

Shortly there after, The Town Crier published a story which told of a woodsman who had happened upon three dragon corpses. Each of the corpses had big gashing wounds in their sides. Upon closer examination the wounds contained a sort of speckled glowing metallic colour in them. It was evident that this was residue from Dragar's ice sword, he had killed the dragons. In fact, later on it was found that Dragar had battled many dragons, and succeeded in imprisoning Skorr.

Part Two: The Present

I am sending you this letter because my research is complete at last! My studies have revealed an obscure alchemical process, which may allow me to smelt the meteorite into ingots. Unfortunately, I am missing several components that will be needed to test this theory. Please ask any that would be willing to aid me in this matter to meet me at the Telescope in Moonglow at 10:00 pm CST on Saturday eve (10-16-99).

Thank you,

I had the pleasure of taking an active role in this quest about this time. I met up with Galen on the 16th, along with some others. Galen wasn't completely ready for us though, he still needed a few items before he could continue his work. He told us three vials of Dragon's blood were needed, and that we'd have to find them for him. Aren't there just times you wish there was a shop which sold whatever you wanted?

Because Skorr had had such an involvement in this quest before, we decided he would be the perfect person to obtain the blood from. Skorr had been just recently rescued, so he was nimble and weak when we found him at his cave.

"Giving out my blood is not something I'd consider. But sense it is to defeat Dragar, then I will consider it now. But I must ask for something [more] in return. *smirks* Perhaps gold in exchange for my blood? I'll sell one vial [each] for 1000 gold." Skorr told us.
Everyone gladly contributed to buying the blood from Skorr. Three vials were given to Galen, so he could continue his work. The blood wasn't the only thing Galen needed, among a long list he also asked for volcanic ash, and other stuff. It was a long adventure, but we did manage to get everything he wanted.
Galen told us, "I have all I need to smelt the ore, but I am not a skilled enough smith. Please spread the word, and ask all smiths who would help to craft a war mace. Come to my house this wednesday, I will ask the one that has made the finest war mace to forge the mace from the ore of the meteorite."
When Wednesday rolled around, quite a few people were gathered at Galen's house. Galen put all the maces in a bag and chose the one of the best quality. Mits III, of The Killing Fields guild was chosen by Galen, and Mits was to be the smith to craft the war mace out of the meteorite metal. Galen invited us back into his laboratory, where he kept the meteor's ingots. They were a shinny red colour, strong and durable, I'd truly not seen such a sight before. Mits crafted the mace and gladly handed it over to Galen. Now the would-be-weapon of  Dragar's defeat was made, and Galen thanked all who came. The weapon was deemed he name Mace of Fire.

We enter a long void right now. Nor Galen or Dragar are herd from for a long time, until now. Galen had disappeared, and many considered him dead. Not very many people knew what happened, and only now the clues start to surface. Ten Bones a Shadow of Britain witnessed an event at Galen's house. Dragar had apparently found out about the Mace of Fire and attacked Galen's house. The entire area was besieged with undead creatures, and Dragar's diabolical laughs. It was unknown if Galen died, or if Dragar succeeded in obtaining the Mace of Fire.

Around this time several player run towns were being attacked. Not by Dragar, but by another creature. A lich lord with a human name of Ardian lead an army of spiders and attacked PaxLair and the Falconer's Inn, a popular tavern near the City of Yew.

"Bring me Y'thras! *seems to notice the mortals* Why are you not all dead?" Ardian said.
No one knew this Ardian or where he came from. What this had a connection to baffled even the brightest reporters (points to self). I myself put out a call for help, asking for anyone with information on Ardian to come forward. Leighlu, Grandmaster Smith-Guardians of Knighted Souls (GKS), contacted me with vital information.
The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote. It contains the information acquired from Leighlu. "I learned that a good while ago a mage from Vesper, whose name is unknown, lead a raid for the book Ardian speaks about. The raid was to the tomb of Ardian located in the Vesper Graveyard, about three weeks ago.  Legions of undead and Ardian himself were fought to allow the mage to retrieve the text.  Who this mage is, and what he plans for the book is unknown. This is, however, all we know. It is important that more of this information on the raid of Ardian's tomb is found."
When I wrote that article I was still at a loss, I couldn't connect these raids by Ardian to anything, until now. Glenn Wintord sent in the contents of a piece of paper he had found. The paper's contents explained what had happened to Galen!
The following is an excerpt from the paper Glenn found. "Galen was not entirely certain what had happened. He should have known better than to step through the experimental gate he was working on, but when Dragar and his minions attacked his lab in the middle of the procedure, it was his only means of escape. At least it seemed like a good idea at the time, he thought to himself with a laugh. He had managed to escape with the Mace of Skyfire, but he was now trapped in a prison of his own creation. He was safe in his home of Moonglow, but he had no real physical form. No one could see or hear him, and he could not interact with the world around him. "
When Dragar had attacked Galen's house, Galen had tried to save the Mace of Skyfire by escaping through an experimental gate he made. Now Galen was trapped between worlds, and was at a loss. Even though Dragar didn't have the mace, there was no obvious was anyone could get to it, and Galen was lost!
This was also in the paper Glenn found. "In a forgotten room, deep within the mountains, there is a momentary flash of light. A solitary figure emerges to stand before a blood stained altar.

‘Now at last, It begins… the pathetic attempt to create a weapon to oppose me has been dealt with, and Y’thras shall trouble me no more.’

The figure turns to face the energy field behind him, and in a flash of light a Daemon of ice appears before him.

As the light fades, he stumbles and catches himself upon the altar. ‘Curse Y’thras and its interference. I did not realize it had taxed me so… I must feed.’

A slow smile spreads across Dragar’s face as he moves to the next room and sits upon his throne. "

Deliverance at long last! It now appears Y'thras is some sort of enemy of Dragar's! The lich lord Ardian must be a servant of some sort to Y'thras, whoever Y'thras is. In any case, Ardian has the power to create and command huge hoards of spiders, and he himself is very powerful. If Ardian can be reasoned with, he could prove to be a great ally against Dragar.


Just today Dragar attacked the town of PaxLair. Ice Fiends, Elementals, Globs (Blobs?), all sorts of creatures of Ice were everywhere. They attacked with great force, and many defenders of the city were called in. This is the second time Dragar attacked towns of late (he also attacked Corwyn), and he says it's "a taste of what's yet to come."

Shortly after the battle Galen's deformed spirit appeared in front of everyone! Galen was partly invisible, and very hard to see. As he could not talk, it was hard to communicate with him. Nevertheless, Galen conveyed a message to us via a book which stated he needed us to be at his house at 9:00PM EST this Wednesday. Surely Galen has a plan for us to help him, and obtain the Mace of Fire so Dragar can be defeated!

UOChesapeake's Quest Section

Today's Battle with Dragar's Ice minions. [322k]

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 3:11 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

Unknown Spring Near Vesper
After wiping out yet ANOTHER troll attack on Vesper, I decided to go around and see if anything had been left around. After the search ended with nothing, I started the walk to my friend Macros the Black's adobe. On my way there, I noticed something strange in the brush. It was looked like an oasis in the middle of the forest. I walked up to it for a closer look and for some unknown reason I felt and overwhelming sense of peace within. I decided to sit on the rock next to it and when I touched it, I had a feeling of power surge through my veins. I nay know what happened to me, if anything at all, for this was a strange place. If anyone know anything about this place or what it does, please contact me. I am quite interested. It can be found at the following coordinates: 89. 23'N - 126. 33'E.

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 2:20 AM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

Lord Ser Brightblade and Lady Scout Finch to Wed
*You see a beautifully embossed scroll*

Be it known that on the 23rd day of the year 2000 Lord Ser Brightblade and the Lady Scout Finch of the Purple Guardians of Honor shall be wed.

Time: 8 P.M. EST US
Place: PGoH Barracks and Mars Altar

Gates will be provided at the entrance of the Trinsic Royal Bank going to Mars Altar beginning at 7.45 P.M. EST US If you are to attend please be prompt.

Thanks for your time,
Sir Greg, Phalynx of PGoH

Thank you for your invitation, and good luck to the happy couple.

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 2:19 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Healer's Caravan to Set Out Sunday at Three
We received this notice:

As you may have heard, the prophesies of a plague landing on the shores of Kinship have again risen. As I take these to be valid foretellings of the near future, I believe it warranted to make preparations, whatever form this "plague" might take. I do not know if by plague it is meant an actualsickness or a plague of beasts and monsters, such as the cities of this land have experienced in the recent weeks.

I had planned to put aside my concerns for the discussion of a prospective Yew government and plan an expedition into the New Lands in search of clues to the origin of these monsterous raids. However, with this prophesy rising again, I think my skills are best served here. Below is my three part plan for dealing with what I believe to be related events.

Gathering Intelligence:
Though I will be staying behind to prepare for the ill or injured, I call on individuals or guilds to coordinate efforts and choose regions of this land and the New to gather what clues they may of these recent monster raids. Though it is true that we have thus far defended every city successfully, these raids grow increasingly more ferocious. I do not think it wise to simply wait in defense, but rather seek out the source itself. I offer my services as a contact person and coodinator for groups that take up this charge.

Healer's Caravan:
Given the prophesy, we seem to gifted with the knowledge of where thisplague will strike first. Though I am of little use during a siege, I feel we healers have in this crisis a great responsibility, especially if this plague is truly an illness. Thus, I propose to gather to my side all the fellow healers I might. We will gather in Yew, packing up a caravan ofhealing aid and making Kinship our destination.

Date - Sunday, 1-23-00
Time - 3 pm (eastern)
Place - Yew Community Center
Destination - Kinship via the main road

Medical Station:
Once in Kinship, I plan to deposite the healing supplies in the Kinship Community Center or other secured buildings. Then, consulting with mybrother and sister healers and with the consent of the folk of KinshipVillage, I plan to establish a medical station or healer's camp. There then, having marked the place with runes, we healers might recall to the station from our corners of the world whenever the coming plague does strike. Thus, we will have supplies at hand and a force of healers gathered within minutes of the first warning cry. Furthermore, durning an insuing battle orepidemic, the defender's of Kinship would know where they might find swift healing, cures, sustaining food and resurrection.

I will be contacting Ari, Loric, Kith and other folk of Kinship tocoordinate this project. If you wish to participate in some fashion (donate supplies, act as a caravan guard, accompany me as a healer, etc), please send word through the Center's address Dove the Healer of Yew.

Thank you, Dove

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 2:16 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Rune Library expands with Treasure Map Runes
Olray sends us the following announcement:
Hear ye! Hear ye!

Due to a kind gift of Lady Mika we got runes to all the possible treasure locations on our beloved shard. As usual, you can find a sophisticated mechanism to search for your treasure location at our web service

Also we added separate dungeon levels to our collection. There's absolutely no reason not to have a look! :) A big grouphug to all visitors of both our website and the rune library, we expect to reach the 10,000st visitor at the beginning of february!

The Rune Library is located east of Relvinian's hedge maze, south of the Britain moongate and north of the player town Lindost at coordinates 48°15´S 0°46`W.

I would be glad to welcome thee at Telia's.


Telia's Rune Library

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 1:34 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Drachenfels)

Orcs Disrupt Mage Academy Opening


I bring disturbing news. The Opening Ceremony of the Mage Tower Academy was disrupted last night by orc scouts from the Orc Fort on the other side of the mountain pass. As the orcs who attacked the Lycaeum in Moonglow last week they claim to seek revenge on humans because we don't accept them in our institutions...

They then attacked us and attempted to set fire to the academy. We quickly dispatched them and were able to proceed with the ceremony. They sounded like a few drunken orcs to me but others seem to think we should be wary of other attacks.

The inaugural speech of the Academy has been posted in the Complex Section of the mage tower web tome.

Safe Travels and Godspeed,
- Fangorn
Keeper of the Stone of the Atlantic Mage Tower [AMT]

Thankye, Fangorn, for this update.
Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 12:59 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Sonoma Courts in need of Marshal's
We have found the following:

For far to long the criminal element has plagued our lands. The time has come for action! I call on ye, noble citizens, to come to my aide in this time of need. The Courts of Sonoma are in dire need of your help. At this time, I would like to invite ye all to apply for a position as a marshal of the courts. Only together might we end this plague that effects us all. Stand with us, and we shall prevail.

Please, if ye beleive in the laws, and ye beleive in justice, do not delay your actions. Please submit all applications to [email protected]. Together, we shall restore order to our world.

Morgan Le Fey, MV

Courts of Sonoma

Thanks, May the strong & Wise govern us.
Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 12:44 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Vote for Counselor of the Month
We received this from Senior Counselor Channa:

Greetings Friends!!

The time is at hand, once again, to cast your vote for Counselor of the month for the European shards (Europa and Drachenfels).
Votes will be taken beginning today throughFebruary 2, 2000.
Please vote for only one Counselor.

Select the Counselor you would like to recognize for their efforts from the list below of eligible Counselors, thensubmit your vote in email to [email protected].

You are welcome to send a letter stating the reasons for your nomination (how the Counselor helped you:)), or simply the Counselors name. Either would be great!!

Remember, this is a brand new month of voting, even if youvoted last month please vote again. The votes will be tallied and the winner announced at an in-game luncheon on Saturday February 5, 2000.

The luncheon will take place at the main Counselors (newly redecorated) Guildhall in the city of Brittain. On Europa we will begin at 7pm GMT, local shard time (EST=2pm, CST=1pm, PST=11am) and conclude at 8pm GMT.On Drachenfels we will begin at 8:30pm GMT, local shard time(EST=3:30pm, CST=2:30pm, PST=12:30pm) and conclude at 9:30 pm GMT.

The eligible Counselors are (strictly in alphabetical order):

Aerin, Arisilon, Arwen, Arylon, Athene, Auberon, Baran, Black Rain, Brethil, Calrissium, Cartman, Dochino, Drell, Etho, Faust, Firestone, Garion, Ignatius, Jhaniss, Kai`enn, Kyrie, Leland, Lexos, Mimir, Munin, Njord, Nystul, Poe, Rakorium, Rastlin, Root, Salty, Seraphim, Seth, Spidermonkey, Stargazer, Taco, Talak`aal, Titou, Tremere, Veleska, Whistler, Zengulion, Zweistein

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Best wishes,

SRC Channa

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 7:40 PM EST by Xena Dragon (Drachenfels)

Meeting in North Cape Village.
The Church of Hysteresis is inviting people living far North of Vesper.
On the very nort tip of our mainland is a small village. For some time now the people here have been thinking about nameing this village and to be known in the rest of the world.

The Church of Hysteresis invites everyone to attend a meeting in the Church of Hysteresis, so we can deside the future of the village. As there is a great diversity of good and evil, Grand Bishop Benedict will be very stright about the peace. All people are welcome, and the one that attacks will be banned from the Church. This means that reds are welcome and shall be left in peace if they behave. (Racism is not tolerated:)

I would like to appoint some prominent people to govern this little village, and to gather information about all its residents. This information will be used to create a city map and tourist information, for travellers.

If you are living in the area, please attend the meeting on Saturday 29th. Jan at 13:00 EST (1:00PM) or 19:00 European time. Or email me about your residence/shop/guild and what ever information you deem relevant. Any help on webdesign will also be appreciated.

Sincerely Grand Bishop Benedict

To find North Cape Village just take the North bridge out of Vesper and keep walking straight North until you hit water. From there walk to the right (North-East). A detailed map of the area can be found on the website mentioned above.
Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 7:33 PM EST by Xena Dragon (Drachenfels)

Galdrog of Roleplaying 101 says Farewell
Hello role playing fans, this is Galdrog reporting here to you for the last time. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I can no longer maintain Role Playing 101 for you any longer. But I do have good news, The site will be passed on to Xena Dragon. I've been visiting the stratics site for a long time, and I know that Xena is well worthy of maintenance for this site. So with a heavy heart I turn over this wealth of role playing information over to Xena. I also want to thank everyone that has ever e-mailed me over the years, and all the friends I've met online, especially Elawyn of Yew, Ilina, and all of the Heartkin of Chesapeake. I also want to thank all of those who contributed to the site, since most of the content came from other role players.

Thank you, sincerely,
Galdrog, retired blacksmith of Chesapeake

And thank *you* Galdrog for providing us with the basics (and more) on Role Playing for many many months. I am sure you've helped lots of players take their first steps on the role playing path, including me :)
Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 7:16 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

Galen needs your help!
This was sent in by Tryton of Haven

Hail and well met everyone,

Hello all, I am Tryton of the City of Haven and come with news in regards to the now infamous Dragar! Late Saturday evening, some friends and myself were exploring Dragar's Lair and showing it to someone who had never before witnessed it. Not long after arriving some ice creatures began overwhelming the halls of Dragar's Lair and although we dispatched them, Dragar himself appeared! Angered that we were in his Lair, he soon summoned more powerful ice creatures in an attempt to force us away. In time, we did become overwhelmed by his forces and retreated only to find that his minions were overflowing into the area outside of the entrance to his Lair!

As we began dispatching those beasts, news quickly reached us from Korin the Scribe, informing us that the city of Paxlair was under attack by Dragar! My long time ally, Blacknite and myself quickly made haste to Paxlair where Dragar was indeed calling forth more of his minions so that he could 'feed' upon the souls and fears of those in the battle. Massive creatures of the ice were summoned, even the powerful Ice Fiends heeded the call of their master and began dispatching brave adventurers. Dragar seemed to take much pride in his accomplishment, as he hid behind the invulnerability of his precious Ice Armor! As the waves of creatures continued to lay siege upon the adventurers and citizens of Paxlair, Dragar made his escape. Soon the brave adventurers dispatched the creatures and peace seemed to be restored to Paxlair, for the time being.

Shortly after the attack, Galen Solstarre's odd spirit form became visible around Paxlair. However rather then a normal spirit, Galen appeared invisible with only his midnight colored gauntlets and staff visible. In this form he could not speak, although he communicated a message to the group present with his motions. A book was presented to the group, revealing that he was very weak and would require assistance this coming Wednesday at 9 PM by the Eastern Sky! After conveying this message completely, he soon vanished from sight. However, with this information hope has finally been restored that Dragar will be defeated!

So, prepare yourselves and come assist Galen Solstarre:

This Wednesday, January 26 at 9 PM by the Eastern Sky!

Either meet in the city of Haven where gates will be provided by citizens of Haven to Galen's home, or meet at Galen's house just outside of Moonglow. I am sure a large force will be required for perhaps we shall encounter Dragar once again!

Farewell for now,

The Oracle of Haven

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 2:30 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

Ghostly raid of terror in Trinsic
Today, as simplicity living rested in the limestone village of Trinsic, the peaceful work day was ended by the horror-filled screams of spectres and ghouls of varios kind. As strong-willed clansmen talked heavily of past experiances stop suddenly to find one of thier guild mates dead or dieing, and eager young men filled thier bank boxs of the days workings died and lost almost instantly everything they worked from the sweat of thier eyebrows.

The low sound of blood splashing on the walls and grounds were enough to drive a sane mine insane. Squads of 4-5 bone-knights and bone-magi wreaked havoc in the trade stores, common places and recreation places. The gardens of Trinsics ripped with burnt marks of bolt and fire explosions. Walls of the bank harvest taunting marks of blade slashes of the attacking ghouls and defending citizens.

The raids in our peaceful citys must be put to a end!. Brothers and Sisters of all kinds alike, let us band together and ward of any harm or danger that threatens us!.

Let us show we are stronger than any army or guild!

Rage, Angel Knight of Trinsic
Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 9:50 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Trinsic Council of Honor Meeting!
Exciting things are happening in Trinsic folks! Come be a part of it!

Sunday, the 23rd, at 2:00 eastern time, there will be another meeting of the newly reformed Trinsic Council of Honor. The meeting will now be moved into the newly decorated Counselors' Guild Hall at the southern side of Trinsic. Come check out the new facilities.

The Trinsic Council of Honor represents and promotes the interests ofthe city and the virtue of Honor. We have plans to make Trinsic one ofthe most well known and popular cities in the realm! All concernedcitizens of Trinsic and beyond are invited to attend the meeting.

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 8:27 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Strange Spirit Visits the Serpent Cross Tavern
It was a normal night, or at least started that way at the Serpents Cross Tavern. Luke Avaloneous and myself sat down to a game of chess. We were alone at the time of the appearance. A spirit flittered about saying something we could not understand. I tried to remember the speaking's of the spirits for I have not used it in many moons. I sent a pigeon out to Kail, Lieutenant of the Yew militia to aid me. When he arrived we spoke with the ghost. Both our skills in speaking with spirits were rusty, so Luke went and retrieved some communication crystals.

The name of the spirit was Timmy Cordrictus. A child that has passedaway sometime ago. I remember a tale of Timmy awhile back. And againas before he referred to a ‘Bad Man’. Timmy asked if we were with the‘bad man’, and we assured him we were not. He asked us to take him to a place of magic so he would be safe from the ‘bad man’. We asked him if he knew of such a place. He replied that he did not but he was sure he would feel if he would be safe. Kail, Luke, and myself quickly thought of the shrines. I traveled without haste to the Castle of the Sunset Knights and retrieved the runes to all the shrines from our library. When I returned, Kail and Luke informed me of something about a bloody stone. Instantly, Kail thought of the Shrine of Sacrifice. With out delay, I opened a portal in which we all traveled to the shrine. When we arrived at the Shrine Timmy said that the ‘bad man’ wanted him for a spell. We assured him that we would not let this happen. I asked Timmy if he as ever played hide and seek. He said yes but it has been sometime. I informed that the rules did not change and that I will start count and for him to hide. I counted to ten, and feeling that Timmy was well hidden and the fact that he said he felt safe, I opened a portal back to Serpents Cross. Timmy said that the ‘bad man’ would surly follow. I was going to be damned sure we were at Serpents Cross when he arrived.

After a brief discussion of the events Luke and myself continued ourchess game. In that time Lord Ilyri al’Meaglin and Pyros arrived at the tavern. Luke, Kail and myself quickly caught them up on the events that have passed. While in our discussions, a figure showed up dressed in gray clothing. He referred himself as only the ‘Nameless One’. Immediately the response was to hold him for questioning. The ‘Nameless One’ just laughed at the idea. I informed the other that by the right of the virtues we had no right to hold this person for he as done nothing wrong…yet. I asked the ‘Nameless One’ where he was headed. He replied that he was heading to the Crypts of Bel-Ilan. I have heard of this place, and a horrible place it is. I asked him why he was heading to such a despicable place. His response was merely “To…umm…summon… a servant.” The “Nameless One” quickly invited us along to wittiness his doings. We accepted without thought, more out of distrust then ofintrigue.

At the crypts main pentagram the “Nameless One” began to chant in some unknown tongue. When he was finished, he said it was done and that each of us has given a piece of our souls. We all laughed at the old man, thinking him mad. He said “Ye fools, you think I would make the same mistake as last and summon a VISIBLE being?” Quickly we blocked the doors with spells. The ‘Nameless One’ laughed and said “Ye fools I will still get the boy.” Hearing these words I quickly recalled to see if could locate Timmy. But alas I could not find the soul of the boy. I returned to the crypts and asked the ‘Nameless One’ what he hast done with the lad. He merely laughed in my face. Noticing the blocked passages he turned to me. With an evil grin he looked into my eyes. “There is another way out of here, and all it requires is a bit of pain.” Without warning the ‘Nameless One’ attacked me. In self defense I quickly casted an energy bolt as my fellow mates closed in on him. We dispatched him with ease. The last we saw of the ‘Nameless One’ was of his spirit running through the exit.

As I got ready to lie down for my night’s rest that night I began torecite the code of valor. “A knight is sworn…” To my horror, I couldnot remember it. As I looked deeper I noticed that my memory of all the virtues was fading. I sent out a pigeon to the Lord Greypawn, Sage of the virtue of Honesty, requesting an audience with Lord Jackdeth, Sage of the virtue Valor. With in moments a reply came back. “Meet me at the Valiant Drunkard.” I did as asked and made my way to the tavern in Unter Brea.

At the tavern I explained my story to Lord Jackdeth and Lord Gromph,Sage of the virtue Compassion. I led them to the places of the previous events. We searched into the night to no avail. Lord Jackdeth tasked me with a quest to seek out the Shrines of Virtues and pay homage to them. He informed me that I must only go alone, and to write down my thoughts into a journal. “The journal” he said “has two purposes. One, so in case ye forget they virtues or what was told ye can write them down. And two, should you become lost in our lands your story will make to mine ears of you last events.” I personally did not care for the second reason, but understood its necessity. If ye see me at a shrine, please pay no heed. Let me meditate in peace and find my virtues.

Wildboy, Warrior Mage of the Sunset Knights

Private, Yew Militia
Thankye, Wildboy, for this account.
Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 8:22 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

A missive to the people of Britannia.
We have found the following:
This is a proclaimation to the Courts of Sonoma...

I hereby recognize and will uphold the Courts and all of its most judicious and wise rulings yet to come.

In the interests of safety, I offer the protection and assitance of any of those within my organization. The Honorable Morgan Le Fae shall revcieve full cooperation for my forces and those under my command.

Furthermore, anyone rebelling against the fair jurisdiction of the Courts could very well be deemed a threat tothe Lawful order and well being of this land.

In trust,

General Ibram Gaunt

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 8:18 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Large Undead Attacks Continue in Trinsic
This afternoon January 20. 2000 I was sit on the deck of my boat Swaping war stories with my old friend sammy. When my younger brother Nodwick came running up to the boat screaming about how monsters were attacking Vesper. Sammy said he would go to Vesper and in an instant he was gone. I struggled into my armor, grabed my rune book, retrieved a quarter-staff from my armory, and leaped onto my steed Cloverfax and recalled to Trinsic. Ack, I'd hit the wrong rune I was in Trinsic not Vesper. I decided to check the city anyways. I was patroling around didn't see anything until I aproached the city barracks when I saw a group of undead: 2 Liches, 2 Mummies, 2 Bone Knights, 2 Bone Mages,and 2 Specters. They looked liked they were looting the barracks and warriors guild when I approached they stoped and looked at me and began to approach me. I decided to casualy withdraw and I fell back till I saw an archer. Together we attacked the hoard. The archer quickly fell to a Mummy and a Bone Knight. I realized my quarter-staff wasn't to work. I fell back to the nearest bank and retrieved HelmsCrusher my silver war mace and returned to the battle. The undead quickly fell to my mace. I spoke to some other warriors and they said that this attack had been the largest yet.

Dark times are ahead friends

Thankye, GreyHunter, for this announcement.
Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 8:07 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Ring of Merchants announces Akalabethian Ironworks Opening
The Ring of Merchants, a unit of the Lost Order of Akalabeth is proud to announce the opening of The Akalabethian Ironworks, a fully functional, player run smithy. Located two clearings south of the Yew Moongate, the Ironworks is unique in that the 9 GM smiths that work there are on duty at appointed times, ready to serve the needs of the UO community. Visit us from 8-10, Monday through Friday (additional hours, including those for overseas customers are also available. See one of the staff for these additional times) for personalized smithing services. The Ironworks features:
  • Fully stocked vendors featuring GM made armor (all colors and types including GM leather), GM made weapons (deadly poisoned upon request), GM bows, crossbows and arrows/bolts, and a rainbow of shields (heaters, kites, wood kites)
  • Free repairs
  • Special and large orders available while you wait. With smiths on duty at specific times you're assured to find that suit or weapon you are looking for at competitive prices.
  • Raw materials purchased here! Bring your hides, feathers, wood, ingots, cloth, etc. to the Ironworks and we'll pay you in gold or trade.
  • Free smelting. We'll melt down that junk armor and weapons and either give you the ingots, or apply their value to your next purchase.
  • Gift certificates redeemable at the Ironworks and participating Ring of Mechant shops (others opening soon in the Lost Order Village). Gift certificates are available in any denomination.
  • Free runes to the Ironworks (limited quantities available).

The Ironworks is located in the Village of the Lost Order behind the Brewman Tavern. A map to the village is located at the LOA webpage:

To celebrate our grand opening, we want to invite everyone to join us Tuesday night (Jan 25th) at the shop, 8-10pm EST. During this celebration we'll be having food and drink in the Brewman Tavern, the smiths will be working the Ironworks counter, and we'll be giving away plenty of door prizes including GM armor, weapons, and Ironworks gift certificates. For a grand prize (to be awarded at 10:00pm EST) we'll be awarding a ring suit of fortification, AR 41, no dex loss! No purchase is necessary, just sign up with the staff and be elligible for any and all of the door prizes. (Must be present to win).

Everyone is invited to join the Lost Order, the Ring of Merchants and the Atlantic Shard in welcoming the first fully staffed, player run smithy. Don't miss the festivities.

For more information, write to [email protected]

Goodluck, Broog, with your opening.
Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 7:56 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Reminder of Wedding tomorrow!
We have recieved the following:
Roslind and ParityError will be wed in Nujelm Palace tomorrow (January 23) at 7:30 AM. Everyone is invited! Gifts not required but are appreciated! :) If thou art inclined to bring a gift but aren't sure what to bring, a list of things we like is on our homepage at the following address:

Come one and all!



Thanks. May your love never end.
Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 7:54 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Fashion show cancelled!
We have found the following:
After the initial excitement wore off, we realized how much work it entailed. Jessica did alot of the planning and designing herself. She worked tirelessly to get it all together and stored much of the work at her own house. We had a low response from Tailors on the shard to be represented but to Ralph Lauren, Little Rose, Victoria's Secret and Riven who did respond, we thank you!! For the rest of you, we'll try to pick a better time, perhaps this summer to do just a Bridal Show? We also got no response from our search for Seer help regarding some special needs and after Jessica left ILS (we wish her well!), we just couldn't come up with anyone with enough energy or committment to coordinate the whole thing.

Darkwing!! If you want a free makeover (you might enjoy it!) please contact me :)

Heather Rose, Grace*Ironwood

Thanks, Tis sad.
Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 12:48 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Announcing New Head of the Court of Sonoma
We have recieved the following:
Hail one and all,

I thought long and hard about who I would choose to run the Court of Sonoma while I am recovering from my illness. I pondered over who would best fill this position. Yesterday, as if I a giant fog was lifted from my mind, I realized who would be the only person capable of filling the position .

This person is one whom I have an utmost respect for--a person who is intelligent, just, and compassionate. To know this person is to know honor and truth. The perfect person for the task of running the courts, Morgan La Fey.

And so I hand over the responsibility of running the Courts to you Morgan until such a time that I am fit to return. Good luck my friend.


--Sage Arthur

Thanks, Congrats
Posted on Monday, January 24, 2000, 12:44 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Test Center in use by OSI Quality Assurance
At the moment Test Center is not available to the public because it is being used to do extensive testing regarding the current patch. Once all tests are done TC will be opened up for all TC players again. The current plan is to have that happen next monday.
Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 7:12 PM EST by Xena Dragon (TestCenter)

Vote for Counselor of the Month!
We got this from Senior Counselor Channa:

Greetings Friends!!

The time is at hand, once again, to cast your vote for Counselor of the month for the European shards (Europa and Drachenfels).
Votes will be taken beginning today throughFebruary 2, 2000.
Please vote for only one Counselor.

Select the Counselor you would like to recognize for their efforts from the list below of eligible Counselors, thensubmit your vote in email to [email protected].

You are welcome to send a letter stating the reasons for your nomination (how the Counselor helped you:)), or simply the Counselors name. Either would be great!!

Remember, this is a brand new month of voting, even if youvoted last month please vote again. The votes will be tallied and the winner announced at an in-game luncheon on Saturday February 5, 2000.

The luncheon will take place at the main Counselors (newly redecorated) Guildhall in the city of Brittain. On Europa we will begin at 7pm GMT, local shard time (EST=2pm, CST=1pm, PST=11am) and conclude at 8pm GMT.On Drachenfels we will begin at 8:30pm GMT, local shard time(EST=3:30pm, CST=2:30pm, PST=12:30pm) and conclude at 9:30 pm GMT.

The eligible Counselors are (strictly in alphabetical order):

Black Rain

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Best wishes,

SRC Channa

Thanks for the letter, Channa.

So, you all go vote for the Counselor who has helped you through your times as a new player or simply given you hints and good advice., ye hear!*Smiles*

Have fun!

Yours truly,

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 3:38 PM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

...and thus does it begin anew
Time: The Second Festival of the Damned

During the festivities, unnoticed by all those present, a strange being slunk throughout the many shadows of the Crypts situated next to the Endless Graveyards. The Lich Lord Thanatos had promised a display of necromancy and this had gained the attentions of the pale, bald woman and her ilk.

Amianeh had thrown off her customary ceremonial green robe in favour of a garb more ideally suited for stealth. Hidden though she was, Amianeh never let the Lich Lord escape her sight, and, upon the appointed hour, she prepared herself, knowing that timing was crucial.

She watched carefully as Thanatos prepared the summons of the undead, stealthily creeping nearer and nearer yet. She knew the opening would last but a mere fraction of time and collected her wits in preparation.

She was surprised nonetheless when the event occurred, so that she threw caution to the wind, and stepped quickly to occupy the space where the undead was materializing.

She and her ilk had predicted that as the undead creature appeared, anything occupying the same space would be thrust back into the plane from whence the skeletal being was being summoned from.

They had guessed correctly, and Amianeh found herself suddenly ousted from this plane into...

Time: Now

Amianeh smiled as she steadily closed the gap to the ruins. It had been a few days journey, but thankfully, uneventful. Though she was aware of her sisters whereabouts and progress thanks to her peoples innate ability to view into the myriad planes, she strongly doubted they were aware of her progress. For the planes she had travelled to could only be viewed from the plane of the dead. A plane within planes, would wonders never cease.

She found her sister within the ruins, peering intently into the planes.

"It is good to see you again, Alexi."

Alexi tured and smiled. Taking Amianeh`s hand into her own, she said, "And it is good to see you as well, for our numbers grow smaller by the week. The Draikir are becoming uncannily fruitful in their hunts. Ariana and Gorrel`s daughter Adielle have both been slain."

"I am aware." Nodded Amianeh, "Though I spied you were able to complete Des Suxitticon Corpirai."

A malicious smile crossed Alexi`s lips. "Aye, after a few failed attempts, I was able to successfully complete it twice. The cursed mortals were easily fooled into thinking they were fighting for their precious virtues, their sense of nobility easily manipulated. But what of your task sister? I was unable to spy thee across the planes."

"With good reason," explained Amianeh, "the plane we sought is a plane within planes. I barely noticed from the plane of the dead myself. Inexplicably, our essence is drawn into this nether upon its arrival in the plane of the dead. I suppose that is why I was able to spy it at all. It drew me.

As such, I have found a way to traverse in and out of this nether,"

Alexi interupted, "So is it possible? Can..."

"Yes. It is all possible. There is a tale I have heard upon my return which tells of a man, and of the way to the nether, where our ancestors are banished. There are items which would need be acquired, and the man, an old scribe named Trychton who lives in Moonglow, would be able to direct us. We must find him before the others discover our plans, and "persuade" him to aid us. I trust he has family." Amianeh smirked.

"Then all that is needed," Alexi concluded, "is to find this man. The humans will not so easily be fooled into helping us again. They have discovered much of our past, through a text left behind by Gorrel Vitniah."

Amianeh smiled at Alexi, "In my quest to return to this plane, I discovered a way to bring fragments of our people to this realm, if only ever so briefly. I believe we could employ them as pawns until we have all that is needed."

"And when we have all we require, then we can finally reach our objectives." Shouted Alexi, "The return of all our fallen to this plane. Immortality! Come, then, sister, let us perform Des Suxitticon Corpirai, so that you need not fear death."

Alexi drew Amianeh into an adjoining room, and spoke to her sister, facing a shackled male form in the farthest corner.

"Amianeh, meet your forever anchor to this plane. Iddenson."

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 3:35 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Imps test the defenders of Yew
Citizens of Yew rallied to defend their town from another mysterious assault:

Yew was again invaded by monsters. The raiders were the Mongbats who are common to this part of the land, but with them were orcish raiders who came in small companies led by orc lords. They were accompanied by Imps - who live in the Lost Lands but seem to have found their way to Brittania. The magical Imp creatures were unable to overwhelm the defenders of Yew, but fighting was tricky as the creatures travelled in what almost appeared to be organised squads.

Fighting was heaviest in the centre of the town, which the companies of orcs strived to reach. Residents fought bravely, and their strength was re-enforced by the presence of soldiers from the Man At Arms, and The Naval Garrison. It was not long before the raiders fell to the still strong defences of Yew. There were but a few losses to the defenders, and that was in the initial stages of the invasion, when some of the townsfolk were unprepared.

But the presence of Imps, apparently from from the Lost Lands, heralds a new and even harder challenge. Many warriors believe we have seen nothing yet!

Nathan Quill
Scribe and Chronicler

Thank you Nathan.
Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 3:35 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Counselors Needed: Oceania, Arirang, Formosa, Balhae
The following was just posted to FYI on the UO website:

Counselors Needed: Oceania, Arirang, Formosa, Balhae

Are you enthusiastic, motivated, and excited about helping your fellow players enjoy their time in Britannia? We’re looking for UO players to join the Counselor staff of our newest shard, Oceania. If you enjoy working with people and have a few free hours each week, please fill out the Counselor application and make the first move toward a rewarding Oceania position.

In addition to Oceania, we also have positions available for bi-lingual Counselors on several of our newer shards. If you are interested in a Counselor position and are fluent in English and Korean or Chinese, please take the time to send in a Counselor application. Because of the language requirements on these shards, we are relaxing the program rules and will allow Counselors working on Arirang, Formosa, and Balhae to play and counsel on the same shard.

The UO Counselor program requires that you be at least 21 years old and have no outstanding billing issues to qualify. For a full list of requirements, and to fill out an application, join here.

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 3:15 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Another new quill for Stratics
Hail to thee. My name is Palmer Eldritch and I am the latest reporter recruited to this fine newspaper. I hope to be able to bring you up to date news on the latest happenings in Sosaria, features on the towns, taverns and institutions many of you work so hard to make a success, and the odd interview or two with interesting members of our community.

It is a pleasure to be here and I am looking forward to working with such a dedicated team. Most of all I look forward to meeting you and learning about your activities, and of course reading the reports which I hope you will all feel free to send in to us.

For now, have fun and fare thee well.

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 3:11 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Orcish Disease Spreading Quickly!
A Orcish Shaman sent this warning:
To All Orcs and Humans:
The disease that killed off the first known clan of orcs seems to have surfaced. I believe it came from the dust of the Dig at the old ruins in Paxlair, and it can be spread. Murbog gave himself to the Wargod to try to stop the spread, as he was infected, but I do not know if we were in time. I have gone on a quest to seek the cure, and need all orcs and humans to watch for black marks and massive coughing. I will return on Sunday and will hope to have a cure plan upon my return. I will return to the Temple of the Wargod at 5 pm in the eastern sky. To all, please be careful as little is known of this disease. Any who wish to assist the orcs ( and the humans of Paxlair), Please meet me there. If the crowd is too big, we will move to the area in front of the Memorial hut in Paxlair. Also, use caution when near the ruins in Paxlair as the dust may still be infected.
Please keep in mind the Shaman is still an orc, so his english isn't perfect. If you must know, there was a digging done a while ago to search for the Orcs past. In the digging various things were pulled up, and it was found that Orcs did in fact live in PaxLair a long time ago, but they were killed off by a disease. Apparently this very old disease never actually left, and no cure was made. Now that the digging was done, the disease has returned. Two people have already fallen victim to the could-be-epidemic, an orc and human. Lets hope the Shaman can find a cure soon..
Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 1:11 PM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

UOSS Chessy to Hold Establishment Extravaganza!
Updates for Events for Players Events!

For the most accurate, and important information on all the Events for Players Events visit
UOSS Chesapeake Establishment Extravaganza - Got a Tavern, Shop or something of the like? Then this is for you! Being held by UOSS, and sponsored by Events for Players.
Location: UOSS Chesapeake Shard Center [Map]
Date: January 22, 2000
Time: 8:00PM EST
  • This event will be for the many people who own and/or run a Player Run Shop - Tavern - Establishment.
    • There will be events there though, and anyone can come!
  • The UOSS Chesapeake Shard Reporters will be there to meet and greet the people who come.
  • Establishment Owners:
    • Bring a rune to your establishment, and name the rune the name of your establishment.
    • One of the UOSS Chesapeake Shard Reporters will make a visit to your establishment and write a review on it.
      • The review will be put on UOSS Chesapeake section (under Establishments) for all to see.
    • As an added bonus, all the establishments' runes will be placed in the Shard Center for anyone to use.
  • The Event:
    • After all the above is taken care of we will be holding raffles for anyone who wishes to participate.
    • Some of the Prizes:
      • Full Set of Plate
      • Bag of GM made weapons
      • Magic Weapons

For more information go to the EFP Web Site..

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 9:22 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

Guess What, Monsters Attacked the Towns.
Here's some stuff we got somewhere from someone at sometime or something:
Dear Chessy Citizens,
I was walking through the town like normal...well not normal, I had to help fight an onslaught of lizardmen and ratmen that was attacking the city of Britain...but that is another story altogether. To get back to my story I was walking by the town cryer as the last of the beasts were slain and he yelled to me something of a taming class held by Elder Vecknon, and for all people who wanted to learn to come to the counsellor's guild. Though I did not have my tamer handy, I ran up to see what the class was about.

When I got there I was surprised at the size of the crowd. Unfortunately as I later found out, many were there only to cause problems. As we all tried to cram into the small room on the left, a lady dressed in blue (whose name is Envy if you wish to know), kept snooping the elder. Though I had my thief present as well, the newer people who came to learn shouldn't have had to sit through the uproar it caused. After many minutes, we moved out into the main room. There people still caused problems, sitting on top of the Elder, trying to, in their own funny ways, teach the class. Later we walked outside the counsellor's guild and he began class. He instructed us all to tame a dog and wait for further instructions. After creating a few animals I already knew what was to happen, and it did. Some people there called their animals and sat quietly waiting. Others however commanded their dogs to guard them, and killed many of them, including ones other people were trying to tame. Some minutes later (many actually) the more childish people left the group. The ones that continued created a line and waited for instructions. We learnt how to command our new pets, and how they could guard us. He then created a magical gate to an island in which we all walked. There, we all got ready for more instructions. The Elder created a couple headless and we used our pets to savagely tear down the vile beasts! ;) After this we walked back into the gate and into the counsellor's guild. There, he told us that we, including more people he would gather, were to go and fight some ratmen. This however was for only the new to the lands, as people more known to the lands would easily defeat the ratmen, and as well perhaps take the glory and fun away from the newer people. Since I was not new, and I wished for those who were to have the best experience possible, I bid the counselor farewell and was off.

I just wanted to tell everyone that Elder Vecknon is a great person. Though many of the people present at first were just there to cause problems, his patience made the ones who were there to learn much more enjoyable. He acted nicely and was always compassionate and caring about what others had to say. (I myself would have summoned a few balrons and squelched the entire group before all the trouble makers left ;) We should all thank these people, as well as the GMs and the counselors. They have a tough job listening to a demanding and whining bunch such as ourselves, but they have to love us! :) Until then my fellow people, have fun, and don't forget to be thankful for such an amazing game.

-Garion of Chesapeake

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 9:21 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

Publish Update
This was just posted to FYI:

Publish Update

We will be publishing the features listed in Testing for the Next Update to the servers on Sunday January 23rd. Barring any unexpected downtimes, these features will not be active on the shards until after their Monday morning maintenance (local server time).

It is very important to note that this publish contains Phase III of Clean up Britannia, which will activate item decay in houses and boats. Any items not locked down, not in a secure container, or not in the hold of a boat will decay. This decay will start the moment the shard returns from a downtime. If you have any items in your house or boat that you do not wish to lose, you must place them in a safe location before the servers restart with the publish activated.

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 8:21 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Live Team Comments - Volunteer Relations
The following was just posted to the Volunteer Relations section of Live Team Comments:

From the Desk of Bodi Darhma

Salutations! When I first was asked to write this, I took the task to heart and crafted a creation tale for myself. Now that you have an idea who I am, I would like to tell you more about the program I work on.

I am part of the Player Relations Department here at OSI, and I am the Companion Coordinator. The primary goal of the Companion program is to be there to greet and aid new players in the game. This is no easy task. Since all users don’t arrive with the same amount of knowledge of Ultima Online, the Companions more often than not have to start at the very basics of the game - from mouse control to setting all the options. Once those tasks have been completed, they are ready to start showing new players some fun.

The Companion’s main task is to help the new player around the game, showing them such things as how to use a vendor and what the different skills are for. Since most players have in their mind what they desire to be, it makes the task a little easier. I have yet to hear a tale of a new player saying they want to be a 7x GM. J Most are interested in spell casting or a fighter breed of character. When we first started the program we were to be there for the occasional new player. With recent developments and partnerships, there is a constant stream of new players rather than the random one. This huge influx of new players has caused us to expand our numbers. We had originally estimated we would need our current enrollment number. But changes bring more changes. We now are trying to expand our numbers to three times what the current program size.

This too is no easy task. When we sent of the first call for Companions we received a staggering 1200 applicants. This was great. We went about drafting people to help train all of these new recruits. We were lucky enough to get a lot of really top-notch people. They ranged from students to retired military and they came from all over the world. We set about training all that we could. When all was said and done, we had trained over 500 people. But we wanted to expand our numbers still. So I sent the Arch Companions and the Senior Companions across the worlds to spread the word to the guilds of the lands. This task is still underway, so if you have not been approached yet, please be patient. They have to walk, so it takes a while. :)

So was does the future hold for the Companions? Well that is not any easy question. We are going to continue aiding our newest citizens and we hope to start coordinating with the Elder group to run events for the new players. With Renaissance coming out soon, we are going to have,… oops almost let the cat out the bag. :) Well, we’re definitely going to have a place with Renaissance! That is all for now.

Your communication crystal has run out of charges...

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 8:11 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

1st Annual ImaNewbie Trivia Contest - Win REAL Prizes!
This just in from the folks at

Hail and Well Met!
Tired of UO Contests that give away mere virtual trinkets (UO Gold, gmarmor, etc)?
Wanna win some REAL stuff for a change?
Think you know ImaNewbie?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then ImaNewbie has a contest for you. To celebrate ImaNewbie's move to XRoads Gaming Network I am having a contest to see who REALLY knows their ImaNewbie facts. Two grand prizes will be awarded. You could win one of the coolest PC games around right now - "Half-Life: Opposing Fortress" - the sequel to Valve's mega first-person shooter, or "Wheel of Time", a new single & multi-player RPG based on the great fantasy novel by Robert Jordan.

Well what are you waiting for? Get over to and put in your entry!

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 7:54 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

Looking for Tales of True Love
The following was just updated to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

Looking for Tales of True Love

The month of February and Valentine's Day are rushing toward us, and we plan to celebrate love all month in the Ultima Online spotlight! People from all walks of life meet, fall in love, and marry in Ultima Online, and we'd like to hear your tales of the great love stories to unfold within Britannia. Did you find romance with a dashing paladin and marry in a moonlit ceremony one special evening? Or do you know a couple whose love has surmounted all obstacles to bring them together? Or perhaps your tale is one of tragedy, for true love is that which can be hardest to keep.

Tell us a story of love and romance contained within Britannia. How did the couple meet? Fall in love? Propose? Marry? What came of their love? We're looking specifically for stories that take place in Britannia. If your love story moved beyond the virtual world of Britannia, and into the real world beyond, please hold on to it - for we just might want to hear it nextweek...

Send an e-mail to [email protected] by Friday, January 28th , and tell us an in-game love story in UO. Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words. Be sure to put "True Love" in your subject line. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 7:46 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

House Item Decay Issues
The following two items were just posted to FYI on the UO website:

House Item Decay Issues

If you are a homeowner, we strongly recommend double-checking the status of all lockdown items in your house as soon as possible to be certain they are, in fact, locked down. With the implementation of House Item Decay on Pacific and Great Lakes shards, we have had reports of lockdown items decaying. We have checked all reports of erroneous decay against pre-decay backup copies of the shards, and in all cases, the item in question has not been locked down.

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 7:44 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

UO Client Update
The following two items were just posted to FYI on the UO website:

UO Client Update

We have identified a couple issues affecting the latest version of the UO Client and will be releasing a client patch this evening (1/21) at approximately 6:00PM CST. This patch will resolve intermittent client crashes and memory leaks some UO players are currently experiencing.

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 7:38 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

ILS Fashion Show to come!
We have found the following:
Saturday 1/22/00, 7pm pst Britain's Kings Men Theatre

Unless the shard crashes, this will happen!! Wanna be Models please apply at the stage door 30 minutes inadvance for instructions. Thank you for your help.

Thanksm May new trends be set in Sosaria!
Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 6:42 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Delucia under chaos
We have recieved the following:
It was horrifying! Tucked away in a quiet corner of Delucia, I was practicing my harp and composing new lyrics as usual. Imagine my surpass when 5 Ophidians come strolling by and start attacking the villagers. Delucia is known for danger, but an Ophidian army attacking? Many dies while others fled the city, and the fighting went on for half an hour. I had time to run to Vesper for help, but they too had suffered an attack of Ogres! I arrived just in time for the final kill. Deciding to let the gods decide my fate, I returned at full run to Delucia, fighting all the way with my bow, until I reached the gates.

There were piles of bodies and death shrouds by the bank. Though we were victorious, thanks to many outsiders who showed up to help, the town is not the same. Orcs freely walk the streets now, and the Guards seemed shocked from their cowardice during the battle. Perhaps they are bewitched?

Ximena, Paladin Bard POH, Delucia

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 6:34 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Massacre in the city of Vesper
We have recieved the following:
Good Morrow,

I am reporting live from the City of Vesper where Trolls and Ice Trolls have invaded in massive numbers. This is one of many recent attacks on the city, let me grab one of these warriors and ask some questions. Sire, Sire, can you tell me what is going on here? Aye, we are under attack, this is bad, we are loosing, three of my companions have fallen, and the healers hut is packed with Ice Trolls, not a prayer of them getting out of here.

I see sire, you look a might bit beat up yourself. Aye, I just escaped the bank were an ice dragon is blowing down fire on anyone in sight, he appears to be helping the trolls. I would say there are at least 13 dead people in there, and more outside.

Yikes! I think they are coming this way, we should move... I agree...

* After a brief run to the bee keepers *

Sire, doth thou have any idea why this is happening? No I can't yet say, I have heard rumors that Yew is being attacked by Mongbats and Orcs, Cove is under attack by Grazers, Trinsic by Undead, and Delucia and Papua are under attack by Queen Ophidians, why just yesterday a guild mate of mine dragged his wounded body into our house, as he lay dying he kept wispering thier all dead, the ophidians killed them all. By the time I got there, all that was left was corpses, the ophidians had left.

Well been fun chatting, but I must go see if I can save any of those poor people.

* Back on the streets *

Well this is Kerivak Tonic, reporting live from Vesper where at least 100 trolls have invaded, the moongatesare starting to open, and I think we are going to win. I am out of here before I get killed.

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 6:31 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Update on UO Disney World Luncheon
An update from Angel Storm on the upcoming UO Players Luncheon at Disney World:

As February 12th quickly approaches and cabin fever sets in around much of the country, I am pleased to inform you that Calandryll has just confirmed his attendance at the UO luncheon in Walt Disney World!

There is no better time to secure your place at our table (and ensure that you get the chance to speak with an OSI rep, live and in person) than right now!

Forget the snow and hurry on over to the UO-Disney Luncheon Site and fill in your registration form. Keep in mind that all payments must be in my mailbox no later than Feb. 4th!

Our thanks goes out to OSI for allowing Cal to join us, to Walt Disney World for giving us the extension on the luncheon part of our weekend, and to all the sites and friends who have promised many great door prizes for us to give away!

I hope to see you all in February for a fun filled weekend in sunny Florida!

Thanks to Angel Storm for coordinating such a great player event!
Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 5:19 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

And may the Virtues protect us
Violence and terror stalk our homes, as the cities which have known peace for many years are subjected to further vicious assaults. Adventurers have sent in a number of reports:

This in from Vesper:

As I wandered into Vesper this morning (Thursday January 20th), I once again was in the middle of a troll attack. I must just be really lucky, I believe I have managed to be in justabout everyone one of them so far. This time the enemy included frost trolls. After fighting a good battle there, I started to hear of the attacks on the other cities . . .

From an unknown adventurer

"I followed the direction that the trail of innocent ghosts was coming from" . . . an assault on the capital:

I was minding my own wee business practicing the arcane art of fire elemental summoning when I noticed out of the window of my house a valiantknight being attacked by a Ratman, a couple of Lizardmen and more worryinglya Mummy. Barely had I offered my assistance to this knight than a mage friend of hishad summoned up a bladed spirit which soon dispatched the mummy.

After the initial pleasantries I was informed by this kind gentleman thatover 100 men and women of varying stature had been killed when a large groupof various undead, lizardmen and ratmen had began to attack the outlyingareas of Britain, making their way towards the town itself. Eager to helpmy fellow countrymen I followed the direction that the trail of innocent ghosts was coming from and met many an unpleasent foul undead creature fromthe simple skeleton to shades, bone knights and bone magi.

More than a few craftsmen and women were perturbed and shaken by this attack and the blatant lethargy shown by the normally vigilant guards of Britain. After a fewminutes the main body of the attacking monsters had been solidly beaten backby the adventurers of Britain and it was left to the rest of us to root outthe remaining attackers from the surrounding countryside and put an end tothem all lest they attack an unwary traveller - little did the solitary bonemagi cowardly hiding in a herd of cows expect when we exacted our revengefor their attack!

From Stormina Teacup

"With weapons in their hands and terror in their eyes" . . . Papua under siege:

I was calmly returning to Papua, and was already happy to see in the distance the calm skyline of my native city. This hard day of hunting was reaching its end, but there was something strange in the air. I accelerated the step . . .

I had heard of the the terror which visited the cities of Britannia in recent days - but I found it hard to believe the sight that greeted me upon my arrival in Papua. A horrible snake-like being was going around for the roads of the town, charging with its spear in charge position. Around him were the inhabitants of Papua, with weapons in their hands and terror in their eyes. More of these beings, which I have heard called "Ophidians", were attacking the peaceful citizens with an arsenal of arcane spells. Immediatly, I threw myself into the fight.

I write these short lines in a brief moment of respite. The situation is almost deprived of hope, and we are in need of urgent aid. Papua is besieged. I begin to think that a evil mind is trying to eradicate civilisation from lands of Britannia. May the virtues protect our souls!

Krelij of Papua

Thank you all for writing.
Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 4:33 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Plotline, Quest, and Event Questions
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

Plotline, Quest, and Event Questions

A reminder: Counselor and Game Master staff cannot and will not answer questions regarding any plotlines, quests, or events currently running in Ultima Online. We appreciate the enthusiasm you have shown for recent events and are excited about future expansion of our in-game events and quests. However, we must request that the in-game help queues be used for gameplay questions only, allowing us to promptly expedite help for those players. For information on plotline developments, events, and quests, we recommend visiting The Town Cryer.

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 4:23 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

A bloody building spied near Vesper
Among the trees and flowers of a Britannian forest, one adventurer discovered a frightening dwelling place:

While wandering the forests of Vesper merrily chopping my way through the trees, I caught site of a building. Now buildings are no surprise, but this one was decidedly different. With stalagmites surrounding it's four corners and a look reminding me of buildings from cooler climes, I decided further investigation was warranted.

Being careful, as attacks upon Vesper recently are well documented, I proceeded to open the door. Inside I surveyed a table, fire place, a couple of skeletons hanging from the wall. These things I have seen in many a place - however, the centrepiece of this montage was a large block of wood with a mighty axe protruding, and pools of blood surrounding it. Not since the days of encountering the horrible Ogre-Lord have I spied such as this.

my thoughts quickly turned to the attacks on the town. Is this the headquarters of some leader of the attacks, who was, thankfully, not present? So be warned - maybe it's nothing, a peculiar building built by a madman, or maybe it's trouble. The best policy is to avoid the forests between Vesper and Minoc, for who knows what may issue from there?

Mage and Rogue of Europa

Interesting. I shall heed your advice, Choppa, and walk elsewhere.
Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 4:04 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Counselors Wanted for Oceania
I found this on the Australasian Ultima Online Shard Appeal site, or AUOSA for short.
We are currently recruiting counselors for the new shard, enabling us to have a full support crew by the time the shard goes live on February 1st. Thus, I would like to extend an invitation to you all to apply to be a counselor.

For the time being, Origin are allowing us to play/counsel on the same shard for Oceania. This is the same policy that is currently in place on the Korean shards for the time being. IF (a BIG if) a second Oceania regional shard hits, it will be expected that Counselors will then abide by the 'one shard play and another shard counsel' rule. All usage of powers will therefore be carefully monitored.

The requirements are as follows: You must be over 21 years of age (ID must be shown pending acceptance, and it WILL be checked and verified). You are required to commit and adhere to a regular schedule of duty consisting of three two-hour shifts per week. Cannot work either inhouse, under contract or as a volunteer in any capacity for a computer game company, online games aggregator or a competing online game product. No outstanding UO billing issues. Must have played UO for at least 4 months.

For further information on the requirements and duties, please read the Counselor terms and conditions .

If you are interested, please contact either myself on [email protected] or Shard Lead Gumleaf on [email protected]

Please be reminded, applying for the Counselor Program is no guarantee that you will be accepted. There will be interview procedures and training to go through.

Regards, Senior Counselor Lady Kehleyr
Oceania Shard (Australasia)
[email protected]

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 2:27 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Oceania)

Log of yesterdays UO HoC chat posted
The complete log of the Forty-sixth UOHoC Open House chat has been posted, and is available from the UO House of Commons website.
Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2000, 2:08 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

New Monsters, New Tactics--The Growth of Town Attacks
I spent the day yesterday tracking down leads on various stories, trying to forget the town attacks for one day. But my desire for a holiday was not shared by the attackers nor, lucklily, by our many defenders.

I had just recalled into Vesper to pick up some feed for my horse. When the fog cleared and I fully settled into the magical transition of being there, I was shocked to see the corpse of a Frost Troll on the ground in front of the bank. Although mildly releived I had arrived late enough to see only the corpse--I was not wearing my armor--I was still surprised to see a beast not native to the surrounding area. I hailed a man just preparing to go through a gate and was lucky enough to meet Rodgar who has written to me before of the attacks.

He informed me this was not the first attack attended by Frost Trolls and told me of other things too. He promised to send me a more detailed report by scroll that eve, and that he did. This is what he sent to me:

Hail thee,
During the last days, I have been reporting about intensifying attacks on Trinsic ... first we encountered only light attacks by minor monsters, mainly skeletons and mummies. Then skeletal knights and bone magis were seen in the lines of the attacking forces ... A few days later the one who controlls these attacks added liches to his troops. Today I even saw a new type of mummies in the assault. Mummies with a bluish skin!

Blue Mummy

These bluish mummies prooved to be much stronger fighters than their cognates! I counted six or seven of them throughout the city of Trinsic today. There was another new strategy of the attackers: they appeared everywhere in town, not only at the gates or near the banks! We found a group of undead in the south of the city, nearby the healer ... this way the attacking groups could ambush and easily kill single citizens wandering the streets alone!

After searching almost every corner of Trinsic for hiding undead, we gated to Vesper from where reports of a heavy attack reached us. And indeed, an heavy attack it was! We found new types of monsters amongst the attackers here too, stronger monsters! Frost Trolls!

Frost Trolls

These prooved to be formidable fighters compared to ordinary forest trolls!

Next to sending new types of warriors into battle, evil chose to send them in larger numbers. While riding around the city I was trapped by a group of six trolls who ambushed me on a narrow road alongside the city.


Luckily my fellow brothers heard my shouting and the trolls grunting. They followed the noise and joined the combat. While fighting the trolls and healing each other, a few more fighters joined our group and soon the last troll was defeated in Vesper.


Well, this wasn't really a turn of events - we had expected heavier attacks. But we couldn't expect to meet a new type of mummy or frost trolls inside our cities. This confused me!

Where do these monsters come from? Where are they recruited or who summons them? Hmmm, frost trolls makes me think about the ice dungeon and the new lands ... it seems the disease isn't regionally limited to the old lands but spreads to the new lands too. Maybe it even originates from there!? We still know too little about the background or the precise aims of the attacks! But we can say for sure that frost trolls in the streets of Vesper is not good at all!

With the frost trolls in mind we decided to venture the new lands. Papua was our first destination. We arrived there just in time! This city was under attack too, hissing ophidians all over the place!

And here too I could spot a type of monster I didn't know before. An ophidian justicar. This snake prooved to be a worthy opponent! It threw a heavy punch and had quite some potent magical abilities!

justicar Killing the ophidian justicar after a fierce brawl added to my karma like only the strongest monsters do! And speaking of dangerous foes, there were even ophidian matriarchs among the snakes. I am sure I don't have to tell you about the attack potential of that creature!matriarchIt threw a series of flame strikes at us but The Brotherhood brought it down in the end!

As all this isn't bad news enough there was another attack on Britain too! Tired from the long day of fighting we could hardly assist the locals in defending the city!Brit

Where will this end? The number of attackers increases constantly and so does their potency. If we don't find any clue to what this really is about so we can start to seek out and destroy the evil's root, I fear some cities won't be populated by humans any longer in the future.


Thanks again, Rodgar, for your words.

I would like to add to this by saying in interviews I conducted in Yew there was mention of new creatures there as well. The last few days have seen what was bare mongbat attacks become added to by forces of fierce orcs, headless, gazers, and the last word was of Imps. The Imps are especially notable as they, like the mummies and frost trolls, are not native to these areas.

Again we warn you, be wary. If you are a warrior of any kind, repair your armor, fill your quiver, supply your reagent bag, whatever is necessary to remain in top condition--you are needed. If you are a noncombatant, do not feel left out. We need the miner's iron, the tailor's fine leather, the fisherman's food, the fletcher's swift arrows, and the like to remain ready. But please when you are out on your business keep your eyes open. These are dangerous times for us all.

Be strong, be smart, be wary, be safe.

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 8:42 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

UBB Smith Contest Saturday
Romulad II sent us the following:
9th UBB Smith Contest Scheduled for: Saturday 22th of January 2000, at 13pm EST

The United Blacksmiths of Britannia humbly invite all Blacksmiths to compare their skills in a friendly duell. The event takes place on Saturday, 22th of January 2000, at 13pm EST (6pm UK time (GMT), 7pm Germany time (CET)) at the Britain Blacksmith Guildhall.



  1. Honesty foremost please!
  2. All classes are accepted, so there is no need to be Grandmaster Blacksmith!
  3. Bring thy own smithing tools. We will not provide them.
  4. There must be at least three contestants from each skill class to compete within that skill class.
  5. Please be sure to have thy money with thee before the contest begins
  6. Not allowed on the contestants are:
    • Armor or weapons (either worn or in thy backpack... prepare to be snooped before you get thy ingots)
    • Do not bring thy own ingots. All contestants can choose how many (100 to 250 at 5gp each) ingots they would like to buy for making their (AR rated) Armor Suit.
Anyone not in accordance to these rules will be disqualified from the event or denied entry.

Contest Conditions for Victory:
The Smith with the best Ingots/Quality relation wins in his skill class.

All class:
Make the armor with the best armor rating, with the least ingots needed. Resmelting is NOT allowed!

Examples: Grandmasters and Masters:
(are judged by ingots bought, ingots left over and armor rating; where AR is the most important)
  • Two Grandmaster Smith face off. Both off them are able to make an AR 36 Armor (no matter what kind). Both of them bought 250 ingots, Smith A has 3 ingots left, Smith B none: Smith A wins.
  • Two Master Smiths face off. Both Smith are able to make an AR 30 Armor (again, no matter what kind). Smith A bought 200 ingots, Smith B bought 250 ingots; Smith A has none ingots left, Smith B has 10 ingots left: Smith A wins.

Examples: Adept - Novice:
(are judged by ingots bought, ingots left over and armor rating; where AR is the most important)

  • Two Adepts face off. Both make AR 29 suits (no matter what kind). Smith A chose to buy 200 ingots, Smith B chose to buy 180 ingots (@ 5 gp each): Smith B wins.
  • Two Journeymen face off. Both make AR 28 suits (no matter what kind). Both chose to buy 150 ingots Smith A has 9 ingots left over, Smith B has 5 ingots: Smith A wins.
Special Note: All products made (and handed over for judgement) and in this event become property of the United Blacksmiths of Britannia. (all turned in Armor Suits). They help us stage future events!



  1. 6000 gold pieces
  2. 3000 gold pieces
  3. 1500 gold pieces
  1. 5000 gold pieces
  2. 2500 gold pieces
  3. 1250 gold pieces
  1. 4000 gold pieces
  2. 2000 gold pieces
  3. 1000 gold pieces
  1. 3000 gold pieces
  2. 1500 gold pieces
  3.   750 gold pieces
  1. 2000 gold pieces
  2. 1000 gold pieces
  3.   500 gold pieces
  1. 1000 gold pieces
  2.   500 gold pieces
  3.   250 gold pieces

Entrance Fee:

  • For all classes: The money to purchase 100-250 ingots at 5gp each

Any questions on any scenarios not shown here, please email Romuald II regarding it, or ICQ him on UIN 7302081

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 6:11 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

New Shard Reporter at your service

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Llemandrell, one of the newest additions to the UOSS Team.
I will report on the happenings on your home-shard and gladly post your input and ideas for the Europa Shard.

I am looking forward to work on UOSS and bring fresh Ultima Online news directly to a browser near you!

Yours truly,

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 5:52 PM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

Town Cryer: Strange Occurrences Across the Realm....
This was recently added to the Town Cryer, take a look if you have not before:
Strange Occurrences Across the Realm; Guards Remain Unresponsive

Clayton Trembell

UP: Britannia

rancher from Yew – "I awoke and went to feed muh animals jus' like any other morn. But one step outside, and I saw the gate to muh fence was as open as the wide blue sky. Muh animals were gallivantin' all over the place, screechin' and hollerin' like the world was 'bout to end.

Well, I was madder than a polar bear trapped behind a wooden box and threw muh favorite straw hat on the ground to stomp it flat. But that's when I saw a whole herd... or flock... or whatever they call it... of mongbats in muh fenced yard. They was busy feasting on the corpse of one o' muh poor cows and hadn't noticed me.

I turned tail as fast as a rabbit from a youngster with a new sword and hitched it on over to the closest guard post. Oh sure, I can stomp pure fury on a straw hat, but when it comes to something wild that's gonna fight back… well, I'd just rather let the professionals step in.

Once I got to the guard post, though, all them guards were in there just sleepin' or something. I whooped and hollered as loud as I was able, but they merely glared at me and ignored my pleas for help. Disheartened, I walked back to muh ranch wondering what to do. Luckily once I got there, them mongbats was gone. I was able to round up most of muh critters though a few of 'em did disappeared. No sign of 'em since. Plus the remains of one of muh best cows... poor dear.

I heard of the same thing all over the area most of the day. Can’t help but wonder why mongbats are suddenly comin' into Yew like that. One or two isn't unusual, but seems like a lot more of 'em all the sudden. I've a feeling I'd best make sure the house is properly secure in case more show up."

A beggar from Vesper – "I've lived on the streets in Vesper for a long time now. Sure people look down on me and my chosen career, but it's not a bad life. A little cold some times, but I rarely go hungry. And I have no fear of anyone trying to rob me seeing as I have nothing for them to take.

So anyway, I tend to know what's going on around Vesper, just because I have little else to do when not working but eavesdrop on other people. Ye can learn some interesting things that way, trust me.

I began to hear a lot about trolls wandering into Vesper. We've had our trouble with trolls before, no doubt. It usually blows over after our guards give them a whack on the nose with their swords or halberds. So I took note of this news, but was not truly concerned. Yet.

Then I began to hear more and more that none of the guards were confronting our troll visitors. People were banding together and fighting the trolls on their own, but not a single guard had done a thing to help.

I started to get concerned. Don’t get me wrong; I've nothing against trolls in general. But they tend to not only not give much in the way of gold to beggars but also make it difficult to find a safe place to sleep, what with their tendency to try and kill any humans they come across.

As if that was not enough, I then began to hear that offensive magic is somehow working in town again. That is every beggars' nightmare! Who better for all those up and coming mages to practice on? Why beggars, of course! Beggars have nothing to do and won’t be going anywhere. Nice and easy targets. Youch!

Looks like I may have to get some use from the education my parents spent so much time and gold on and get a job."

A miner from Cove – "We're used to constant trouble from orcs. They have a big fort just on the other side of the mountain. But at least they rarely venture into the town itself. So when all these headless began to appear within our city walls, we began to worry.

My family has mined for iron in Cove for many a year. We've had little trouble and most of even that has come from bandits and thieves. But headless... I can't work under constant threat like this. My nerves are completely frayed. As soon as we begin to think they're gone, more headless appear. I nearly jumped clear out of my tunic one time when I thought I heard a headless chittering right behind me. Luckily it was just a torch rolling across the floor, but I nearly had a heart attack anyway.

And to make matters worse, the guards have not lifted a finger to help. I've seen other miners pay some warriors to protect them and fight the headless, but the guard have remained all cozy in their posts not doing a thing.

This is just too much. Maybe I’ll take up knitting and move to Britain." **Sighs**

A paladin from Trinsic – "Zombies, skeletons, ghouls... if I don't have to wipe their putrid ichor from my sword again in a long time, I will be a very happy lady. Seems hardly a month goes by without some sort of undead uprising around here.

As usual, the city guards are of little use, but the noble Paladins of Trinsic have long known that the true protection of our city falls squarely upon our shoulders. This is an obligation we accept willingly and gladly. As yet, no foe has managed to truly overrun our walls successfully. We've had our setbacks, but have always managed to regroup and free Trinsic from those who wish to tarnish our city's honor and freedom.

We’ve also gained an unexpected boon in the form of the use of magic against these latest attacks. Mages who have allied themselves to our cause have found their spells fully functioning within the city walls, which has greatly aided in fending off the twisted mockeries of life that again assault us. As they fling balls of fire toward our foes and help our healers tend to our wounded, we've managed to easily crush the undead we’ve so far encountered.

But I fear these minor skirmishes are but the beginning. I suspect we will need all of the help our mages can muster. Perhaps they can even find away to bring our city guards back to life. **chuckles**"

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 2:52 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

Town Cryer: Lord Nicolus Activities (two articles)
These were already mentioned here before, but just for any of you that might have missed the, these were added to the Town Cryer around the winter holidays time:
Lord Nicolus Travels the Realm Bearing Gifts

Genn Wintord
UP: Britannia

ord British strolled over to the balcony overlooking the throne room. He paused momentarily, an unreadable expression on his face, but then smiled expansively when he noticed Lord Nicolus approaching from the stairs. He had asked Lord Nicolus to come speak with him about a special project for the end of the year. Lord British walked over to the stairs.

Lord Nicolus was an older man of indeterminate age. His dress bespoke a man of moderate means that dressed comfortably rather than well. Despite his partially advanced years, he carried himself well, standing tall and straight. His long grey beard hid his neck from view and matched his short hair in color.

"Thank thee for coming, Nicolus," Lord British greeted him, "I am looking forward to speaking with thee."

"My pleasure as always, my Liege," replied Lord Nicolus, "It has been a long while since last I visited thy castle."

"Indeed. I'm glad that this time 'tis a happier occasion," said Lord British, thinking back to the rash of house fires in the past when Lord Nicolus had demanded... er... strongly requested assistance to those who had lost everything they owned. Lord British had been happy to comply, but there had been problems with less than virtuous opportunists who tried to defraud their efforts. All in all, though, they had been able to help many people who deserved it. Lord British had been very impressed by Nicolus during this. Lord Nicolus had quickly and frequently offered anything he had to help those in need. It was his concern and compassion for others that bade Lord British to call on Nicolus again now.

Lord Nicolus"Let me explain to thee what I have in mind, Nicolus. 'Tis fairly well known that Britannia and even Sosaria are not the lands from which I originated. In this far away land of my origin, there is an interesting tradition that coincides with the holidays at year's end. The myth is that a man dressed all in red travels the world giving gifts to all people. This man would ask nothing in return. In truth, few ever even saw him and even fewer ever spoke with him."

"I’ve tried in the past to begin a similar tradition in Britannia, but only with mixed success. What I had hoped to do this year was actually have someone bring this mythical man to life and travel the realm bearing gifts. And the person I had in mind for this was thee," Lord British finished, smiling.

Lord Nicolus stood silently for a minute then nodded with a grin. "I would be honored, of course, my Liege."

"Excellent. The tradition from my original home had this man wearing red, which is the color of Valor here in Britannia. I think that yellow, the color of Compassion, would be more appropriate," said Lord British.

Lord Nicolus nodded agreement, "I agree, M'Lord. Yellow would be more fitting than red and valor."

"To aid thee in this role, I will supply you with anything you need for gifts. I also have this for you," and with that, Lord British pulled a golden lantern out of a chest at his feet. "This lantern will aid thee in this duty. Doyl Beita, who is as much an artist as he is the Royal Tinker, crafted the lantern. Nystul then enchanted it to aid thee in thy accepted duty. This lantern will allow instant travel to any part of the realm to which you wish to go. It will be an indispensable tool for thee." Lord British then handed Nicolus a beautiful lantern crafted completely of gold. It gave off a warm glow, but without heat. Lord Nicolus held the lantern up to eye level and marveled at it.

"Where should I begin, my liege?" asked Lord Nicolus eagerly...

So perhaps you'll see Lord Nicolus wandering the realm with his gifts from Lord British. Or perhaps you'll just feel someone nearby and movement in your backpack, but when you turn to look, whoever it was will be gone. Or maybe you'll just catch a flash of yellow from the corner of your eye. Regardless, wish him well as he helps us say farewell to the past year.
It was quickly followed by this:
Lord Nicolus Kidnapped but Valiantly Rescued!

Genn Wintord
UP: Britannia

firsthand account of the events surrounding Lord Nicolus' abduction and rescue, as told to me:

We were in a strange place I'd never before even heard mentioned in whispers. Before us was a tall building covered in snow and ice. Two wooden doors led to the inside, but were currently locked and barring the way. Worse than that even were the multitude of zombies, skeletons, wraiths, ice trolls, frost oozes, and other denizens of this cold, barren place. They swarmed toward us almost before we were able to react. Behind them, their evil master, Keeonean, laughed and spurred his army of evil beasts into battle.

Doubts plagued me. What reason did we truly have to believe Gondor? What if Lord Nicolus was not here? What if there was nothing more than Keeonean and his minions awaiting us as well as a horrid death at their hands? Could this be nothing more than a trap?

Things began innocently enough a few days earlier. I had heard about Lord British's request to Lord Nicolus, and while not really understanding it's origin, I was not one to turn away from a gift.

I help run a small smithy near Britain. I was cleaning the anvil and straightening up our work area when I heard some terrible news: "Lord Nicolus was missing!" I immediately ran into town to find out more. Once in Britain, a town crier told me what she knew: that Lord Nicolus was missing and that one of Lord British's guards was asking for help in finding him. Lord Rezni at Lord British’s castle was seeking any clues to Lord Nicolus' location.

I sprinted to the castle. When I arrived, a crowd had already formed around Lord Rezni. I paused and caught my breath while listening to what was being said.

Some of the people in the crowd seemed only interested in their own gain… worrying about what they would receive for helping to rescue Lord Nicolus or wanting to know if they would still receive a gift. But Lord Rezni wisely ignored those and instead turned his attention to those concerned for Lord Nicolus' safety. I joined the crowd and pressed in closer to Lord Rezni as he spoke.

"About an hour ago, the golden lantern that Lord British gave to Lord Nicolus was found on the castle steps," Lord Rezni told us. "It was a broken mess... apparently beaten with something heavy. Along with the lantern was a note, which threatened Lord Nicolus' life and dared us to come after him. But the note gives no clue as to where Lord Nicolus is or who has done this."

Lord Rezni then asked us to scour the realm looking for any sign or clue that could be connected to where Lord Nicolus was being held. Before I departed to help search, I heard Lord Rezni mention increased undead activity around the Skara Brae farmlands. I decided to head that way.

After wandering around the fields of Skara Brae on the mainland and beginning to think I had followed the wrong lead, I stumbled across a strange building. At each corner were unusual ice formations, and the building’s roof was covered in snow. More unusual still were the large number of undead that swarmed forward in battle with others who had gotten there before me. Two warriors hacked at a zombie with their axes while a nearby mage threw balls of fire at a wraith. I plunged forward and helped dispatch the wraith. Others fought off skeletons, more zombies, and even a liche or two.

By this time, a mage or rogue had managed to open the doors to the outpost. We surged forward between the two metal doors and immediately clashed with the awaiting undead that were inside. Fortunately, the interior did not hold as many of the foul creatures, and we were able to quickly overwhelm them.

The floor inside the building was spattered with blood. A quick glance at my fellow would be rescuers allayed my fears that any of us had been seriously wounded. Which meant that the blood belonged to some unknown victim… hopefully not the one we sought, Lord Nicolus. At this point, I began to seriously fret for his safety.

In the northwest corner of the building, on the floor near the fireplace, we found a note among the debris. It said,

Be sure to cover thy tracks well this time. I do not wish to clean up a mess again like ye got us into last time. For the life of me I do not know why I don’t slit thy throat and be done with ye. Vacate and destroy all evidence of our existence at the three outposts. Knowing that thou art stinking of rum and more than likely cannot walk straight any farther than ye can throw thyself I will once again remind thee where the outpost are located.
"In the Skara Brae farmlands"
"North of Vesper close to where the three rivers converge"
"Near of the dungeon Wrong"
Do not forget to destroy this message ye lousy sack. I will not tolera...* the ink on the remaining pages has run together, apparently from a dark liquid spilled on the paper. The only word that can be read is "Gondor"*
Everyone else rushed out to give Lord Rezni the news or to go in search of the other outposts, but I hung back and studied the note a bit more. I began to wonder if it would be possible to make sense of the blurred portion of the note. With that in mind, I quickly made my way back to Britain and straight to the Britain Public Library. Upon entering, a scribe near the door recoiled in horror. I spun around, drawing my blade, but there was no one else in the doorway or even in sight. I slowly surveyed the library and my surroundings, but found nothing out of the ordinary. Turning back to the scribe, I found him pressed back against the wall and inching slowly away from me. It was then I realized that I was covered in the reeking remains of the zombies I had helped slay.

Grinning, I told him he had nothing to fear from me and gave a hurried account of what had happened at the first outpost. A bit hesitantly, but moved by curiosity, the scribe came to the table where I had placed the note. He bent close to it with his face only inches away.

"Hmmm... 'tis difficult to make out much more than the single word, 'Gondor,' among the soiled portion. There's little chance of ever knowing what the rest might have said," the scribe told me. "I would venture to conjecture, though, that the rough handwriting shows a lack of any training or skill or even comfort in holding a quill." Thanking him, I left and brought the note to Lord Rezni.

Lord Rezni had not yet heard any other news, but waited in anticipation of information from the other two outposts, one near Wrong and the other north of Vesper. The worry and concern was plain on his face, but he stood tall in his duty. Realizing that both of us would do well with a bit of food in our stomachs, I went down to the Cat’s Lair, a tavern in the southwestern portion of Britain. This tavern was once part of a village known as Paws, but Britain had expanded and attempted to claim the tavern as its own. Most of the farmers of Paws had pushed out more west and southward.

I purchased some bread and a wheel of cheese from the tavern keeper at the Cat's Lair, and then went back to the castle. A large mob had gathered just inside the castle gates since I had last been here. They seemed to center around Lord Rezni and a swarthy man who appeared barely able to stand unaided. I feared he was wounded until a lanky mage standing next to me pointed out that he was just drunk.

"And very drunk at that," the mage continued. "His name is Gondor."

"Gondor??!!" I exclaimed. "As mentioned in the first note?"

"Aye, the very same. Two similar notes at the other two outposts led us to him straightaway." The mage shook his fist at the drunken figure in the middle of the crowd. "These fools trust him to lead them to Lord Nicolus. I say he is only telling us what we wish to hear to save his own hide. He’s a lush and a scoundrel who will happily send us to deaths to be rid of us."

I pushed my way through the crowd, but Gondor and Lord Rezni were moving also. "Move back! Give us room!" roared Lord Rezni as he tried to find a clear space among the onlookers. Growling in frustration, he stopped beside the apple trees and whirled on Gondor. "Open passage to thy master’s hideout NOW!"

Cowering, Gondor pulled a gleaming stone from a pouch on his belt and flung it toward the ground. It struck with a flash and then a pulsing moongate appeared. Heedless of the danger, the mob pushed forward to the gate and disappeared as they stepped into it. I paused as I approached the gate, but the surging of the mob forced me into it.

A sudden chill turned my breath to mist as my next step trod ground I had never before seen. Around me, throngs of warriors fought with more of the vile undead but also with creatures of ice. A frost troll lunged at a mage nearby so I leapt to his aid. The fighting all around me was fierce and strangely silent but for the clash of weapons of frozen or rotting flesh. We battled our way forward until we reached Keeonean and the prison in which he held Lord Nicolus.

Keeonean smiled as we approached. "Oh No! A rescue party!," he said laughing. He turned toward the building and bellowed, "Ya hear that old man? Looks like ya gonna be free soon." Keeonean slapped his thigh and sneered. "Or perhaps they all just wanna help me decorate my lair with their blood and bones." His howling laughter sent my skin crawling.

Without a sound, we pressed forward. More ice creatures rushed toward us. Keeonean threw spell after spell at us. Many bold champions fell, but even as a snow elemental struck down a warrior in green, others reached the building and stormed within… I among them. Keeonean snarled angrily, but was pressed on all sides and unable to stop us from entering. Despite many attackers, Keeonean appeared to be oblivious to all blows and spells.

Inside the building was a blood red tree... a seeming parody to the many holiday trees that were so popular this time of year. Around the tree were brightly colored boxes. The air was dank despite the chill, and the floor was littered with pale bones... far too many of which were obviously human. A shout from my right revealed a small cell, and inside the cell, trembling from the cold, stood Lord Nicolus. He wore nothing but a pair of short trousers. His white beard was almost grey with grime and dirt. His skin was marked with bruises and bloody gashes. But his eyes gleamed with a mixture of relief, confidence, and unwavering faith, almost as if he was not at all surprised to see us there, rescuing him.

A mage quickly opened a moongate leading back to Britain. Lord Nicolus was usher into it and then many of the rest of us followed. We gathered around Lord Nicolus, pressing in probably more than we should have, but Lord Nicolus took it in stride. More and more moongates opened as more of the rescue party returned to Britain, as we laughed and cheered with relief in our success. Lord Nicolus smiled as he watched our celebration.

Newly arrived warriors brought word that Keeonean had fled once Lord Nicolus had escaped. But he had snarl furiously and vowed that we had not seen his last. I privately hoped he would slip on a patch of ice and crack his skull, but harbored no true belief that such a thing would happen.

Also found at the building was another note:

Curse Lord British and Britannia together, I will not allow him to continue to rule for much longer... Time, all I need is time.

I am acquiring thy services to strike a blow to the people of Britannia, a blow to break the very spirit of the land itself. Find, capture and hold the one know as Lord Nicolus. It would seem British has Nicolus consorting with the common beggars of Britannia and giving them gifts to lift their spirits in celebration of the passing of another year. Once ye have Nicolus, all of Britannia will lose spirit and weaken in their resolve. A weak heart and soul lend themselves nicely to evil tendencies.

Thou will be paid well for thy service. Do not fail me, or I shall seal thy life’s breath.

Thy Mistress

So Keeonean had acted on the desires of another… that was a disturbing thought. I shook my head as I contemplated what this might possibly mean, but stopped as my eyes began to water from the strain. I broke from my thoughts in time to hear Lord Nicolus address the assembled throng.

"I thank each of thee for coming to my rescue. I had no doubt that I could rely on the strength and valor of my fellow countrymen to aid me if able. 'Tis truly a momentous time for our realm. I am grateful, but must go rest. Before I leave, I shall try something that Nystul taught me just a few days a go." And with that Lord Nicolus made a complicated gesture.

Piles of gold began to appear all round the courtyard as well as enchanted weapons and armor. I was nearly trampled in the mad rush as everyone scrambled to grab what they were able. Seems ironic to survive rescuing Lord Nicolus only to be crushed to death here at the castle. Chuckling to myself, I turned and began making my way back to the smithy.

Lord Nicolus returned to his duties as the bearer of gifts for the holiday season, but with one minor change. Lord British had gone to see him soon after his return. As he learned of the ordeal Lord Nicolus had undergone, Lord British nodded slowly to himself and then handed Lord Nicolus a new outfit that was a deep red. Lord Nicolus looked up at his Liege questioningly.

"Well, it would appear that Valor played a much larger role in thy duties than either of us would have ever expected," Lord British answered. "I believe this new red suit shall not only symbolize the bravery thou didst show during thy captivity, but shall also stand as a reminder of the valiant and courageous effort the people of the realm forged for thee."

Lord Nicolus only smiled in response and began to don the new outfit.

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 2:41 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

Free House Add-ons, Armor, etc. at Arx Draconis
Yes you heard right, its all free at the Arx Draconis Craftsman Night tonight, Thursday, at 6pm EST. AD smiths, tailors, tinkers and other such craftsman will be on hand in the forge on the left side of the island. They will take your orders and produce any items you wish, if you supply the components. Its all free and its on tonight. So if you wish repairs made to your weapons, some new armor made or perhaps an anvil for your house, if you bring the supplies, our merchants will create the items for you.

Lines tend to form whenever these events are held so you will want toget there early. You can get to AD by visiting the website above andchecking out the link with the locations of runes on the mainland.

Thankye, Dragons of LLTS, for this report.
Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 1:39 PM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Wedding Reminder

The wedding of Red William and Liara Jalice just seems to be getting bigger and Bigger! In order to accommodate more and more people who are planning on attending, the ceremony will now be placed at the OGD Tower on Sunday January 23 at 7pm CST. Events will include:

  1. A reception to follow at the Tower (60o 49’ N, 53o 13’ E) with food and drink for everyone!
  2. The opening of the OGD tower as a public building. The OGD tower is considered one of the oldest existing towers in the Great Lakes shard.
  3. A surprise guest will arrive to make an important announcement followed by Sir Sabbathius of OGD.
  4. The inauguration of Volunteer appreciation day, celebrating the devoted work of the Seers, Companions, and Councilors, and their service to the shard. This will become a BI-weekly event in Dragon’s Bay.


Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 1:16 PM EST by Red William (GreatLakes)

Opening of the Mage Tower Academy
Exciting news from the Atlantic Mage Tower.

The time has come for the Atlantic Mage Tower to open the latest addition of the Mage Tower complex: the Mage Tower Academy [MTA].

Dedicated to train apprentices in the ways of the arcane arts (and of Ultima Online for those young players who still need to learn how to play the game), the Academy provides all facilities for all professions for those who wish to become merchants.

The area surrounding the academy is an exceptionnal hunting ground: many animals as well as monsters (ranging from the common mongbat to air elementals) will allow students to develop their combat skills easily.

The opening ceremony will take place this saturday january 22 at 6:00 PM EST. Gates will be provided from the Mage Tower itself (located on the shore a couple screens south west of the Lycaeum on Verity Isle), as well as from Britain's west bank from 5:40 to 5:55 There's also a locked down rune to the academy in the Mage Tower.

The Mage Tower Academy is located within the Yew Greater Region, south west of the city of Yew (D'Ville Community). Coordinates are 11°15'N 82°58'W

Keeper of theStone of the Atlantic Mage Tower [AMT]

I thank you for this news Fanghorn, and best of luck in this new endeavor!
Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 1:16 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Ocllo under new ownership?
Here is some interesting news........

[Tessa walks through the Ocllo crowds slowly, enjoying the way people stand aside as she passes. She hears their whispers about her being a noted thief and a woman with a wicked tongue, and smiles to herself. "Let them believe what they will," she thinks. "Those who know me know of my kindness and concern for the important things in this world." Tessa steps up to the Ocllo bank, remembering when men in blue robes used to frequent that building, before society found its way to the land of her ancestors. The examines the venerable old door to the building and produces a nail the length of a grown man's arm, and pulls a smith's hammer out of her pack. In one swift motion, she hammers a piece of parchment to the door, written in calligraphy and illuminated in the way of royal decrees.]

Brent the Guard: What do you think you're doing, knave?!

[Tessa smiles at the pompous guard and walks around the corner of the bank. As he chases her, he trips, and quickly rises to discover that he cannot find her. Some townspeople laugh at the guard's foolishness. Other people gather around the door of the bank to read the following:]


In the name of the Citizens of Ocllo, the pirates of Bucaneer's Den and those who walked among the founders of the rich and bountiful land ye tread upon, and mine brothers and sisters, who have been growing in numbers over recent months:

Whereas there is no sovereign government in Ocllo currently Whereas the system of justice under the King has been called into question of late Whereas Lord British's town guards have been of little use Whereas recent visitors of Ocllo have become an unruly lot of late And Whereas our lands must be purged of those whose foul manners blight our lands.

SO MAY IT BE KNOWN that TESSA and the ARMY OF THIEVES now claims a state of martial law on Ocllo Island known as ROGUE SOVEREIGNTY. Members of the Army, my brothers and sisters, will be exacting sweet Justice uponthose who come to our island uninvited by depriving them of their belongings, as a tax upon trespassers who degrade the island with their foreign, often foul behavior.

So let it be known and proclaimed far and wide.

Prime Shadow
Army of Thieves

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 1:10 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

Introducing the Temple of Eternal Night
The Dark General extends an invitation...
Greetings foul followers of the light and brethren of the true path of Darkness...

It is I, the Dark General Navrip Freemech of the Holy Disciples of the Darkness... With the so called rebirth of the town of Unter Brae, the Disciples have decided that the darkness which once consumed it needs to return anew. As such, we have decided it is time to open the Temple of Eternal Night, the holy shelter of the Holy Disciples to the entire realm.

The official opening will occur this Saturday at 9:00 PM EST. There will be a sermon on the paths of Darkness, the unification of evil, and the ideals of the Disciples. I will also make several remarks regarding the latest happenings in the realm, such as the prescence of the Spirits of the Virtues, the Westmark Crystal Ball, and the seiges on the major cities by nonhuman races.

Everyone is invited to attend and be enlightened on the path of darkness, the path that is called "evil" by many. Afterwards, everyone is invited to take a tour of the city of Caina, one of the projects that the Disciples are hard at work upon. We shall also open the second floor of the temple to any craftsman who wishes to work.

Darkness be with you...

Dark General Navrip Freemech
Holy Disciples of the Darkness

This should prove to be a very interesting evening. I..thank you for this news, Dark One.
Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 1:05 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

RUM Grand Opening Friday Eve
Worker and The Lady Silk are pleased to announce that in celebration of our in game engagement, we are opening two new vendor shops on Sonoma under the Royal United Merchants banner. The grand openings will be Friday night 7p.m. PST at our Yew shop (63.53N - 40.25W, it is in guard zone) and 8 PST at our Vesper shop (91.19N - 106.44E). We hope you can all attend. We will be giving out door prizes that include: a full set of GM valorite plate, a full set of ranger armour, two full sets of GM plate, two full sets of golden archer armour, two reg wreathes of 100 each of each reagent, and two sacks of gold of 10K each.

You will be given a key as you enter the shop, and a chance to try to unlock our prize boxes :) In each box there will be a book stating a prize and a password... if you're the lucky winner present the book to worker or me and we will gate you to the bank for your prize :) Until then, feel free to check out our stores before the grand opening , not all vendors will be stocked before the opening, but some will. In association with Majim and Nici, we will be offering regeants, scrolls, scroll books, rune books, potions, magic weapons, GM tinkered and GM smithed items and GM deadly poisoned GM weapons. It is our goal to have our vendors regularly and consistently stocked to meet your needs.Thanks, may all attend!

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 10:11 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Escort Changes [updated 1/21]
The following was just added to Testing for the Next Update:

Escort Changes

Escorting will be balanced to bring it more in line with other goldgenerating methods.

  • You may only have one escort at a time. Townspeople requesting escort will not travel with someone who is already escorting.
    • If you attempt to escort a second NPC, you will be told, "I see you already have an escort".
  • You will have to wait approximately 15 to 25 minutes between eachescort.
    • If you attempt to escort an NPC before this time passes, the NPC will tell you, "You should rest from your last escort before we set out on this journey."
If you wish to contact Origin regarding this change, you may do so by e-mailing them at [email protected].

In addition, Calandryll had this to add regarding the upcoming changes:

Escorting was, in its current form, a very easy way to make gold with little to no risk at all. It is something we have been discussing for quite some time now. After the recent publish on Pacific, we noticed that the spawn of NPC escorts increased dramatically. Although there is a cap on the number of total escorts that can be in the world at any given time, they would be replaced incredibly quickly. So much so, that one could easily make 100k gold or more in an hour.

After this was reported to us, we made the decision to go ahead with our plans to balance escorting rather than wait. Making the change to escorting right now allowed us to solve two issues at the same time, the mass spawning of escorts and the unbalanced gold gain from escorting that is currently on the shards.

NOTE: UO Stratics has no say over what changes are made to Ultima Online, so please do not send your comments regarding changes to us.

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 7:35 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Alexander's Soul Appears at the YMCA
We have found the following:
The Soul of Alexander did re-appear to the YMCA this 'eve. He spoke o' how he could nae attend last Sunday, for his Master was keepin' a close eye on 'im. He spoke o' the Lord of Souls, or so he called him, and how he was very powerful. He spoke of how It had plans to enter Britannia, and take it over. He spoke of a Manuscript that he had discovered information about, the Manuscript of the Soulstone, which provided it's location an' directions to use it against the Lord of Souls. Alexander spoke earlier about how the Soulstone was the only means to destory the Lord, before he destroyed us. He said he would find out more information, and deliver it to a group this Sunday. January 23rd at 8:00 PM PST, The YMCA. He told us that many should come, for this is the first step in the right direction to vanquish The Lord of Souls, before he reaches our realm.....

So please, attend the YMCA on the eve of Sunday, January 23rd at 8:00 PM PST, combat is expected.

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 6:53 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Terror in Delucia
We have recieved the following:
Last night, I witnessed something that today, i still cant understand. I know that the guards have not been responding as usual, but what I saw shocked me to no end. In Delucia,, which is known for danger of course, a band of orcs tried to over run the city. I had just got back from a hunting trip up north when I ran to the bank and I saw it,,, a guard just watching warriors battle the orcs. A friend, and brother of mine, was in yew when the war broke out there. The same thing happened,, nothing.

I myself come from Ireland, a tailor in my fathers bushiness, when I decided to follow in my fathers footsteps. He ventured to Britannia years back and was robbed and killed trying to start a new business for our family. I myself came here to learn the ways of the warriors and to eventually start a guild in the name of the Irish republic. So when I see what is going on around me,, I ask myself,,, is this land coming to an end, or is it just natures way of saying something?

Aye me laddys, Long live the Irish Republic!

Dundalk MalKayheWandering Adventurer

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 6:46 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Another Publish Update
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

Publish Update

The current publish will be delayed through the weekend for all shards, excluding Great Lakes and Pacific, to allow additional monitoring. The publish will be active on the Great Lakes shard when it returns from maintenance on Friday morning, January 21. We will then be observing Pacific and Great Lakes over the weekend before publishing the remaining shards next week.

Additional details on a revised publish schedule will be posted on Monday, January 24th.

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 6:21 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Gelidum Request Special Session of HC for Peace Talks
The following was received from a messenger of the Gelidum race...

The Ambassador and the Gelidum request a separate meeting from the standard High Council meeting to conduct negotiations and therefore respectufully decline the date of the twenty fourth to discuss matters at the High Council standard assembly. We have been afforded little opportunity in the past to discuss "peace terms" beyond "open forum" style communication, we believe being compacted in with "other agenda items" as time sees fit does not encourage the completeness and open dialogue these items deserve. We have also made note of the swift and appropriate removal of the "silver arrow" item and express our gratitude to the High Council's open mind in not letting such matters cloud the sky of peace between us.

We feel Wednesday, the twenty sixth day of January or a date shortly thereafter is more acceptable. Given the risk involved and threats made upon our representative in the past, we request this additional time to make preparations to ensure the safety of our representative(s). We let common sense be our guide in these matters, and understand while the actions of a few do not reflect the wishes of the many, threats are indeed threats and should be considered accordingly.

We naturally look forward to meeting with the High Council in Moonglow on or after the twenty sixth day of January at the hour suggested previously.

'Tis the humble opinion of this reporter that the events regarding the ceasation of the war and the upcoming peace talks between both the Gelidum and Britannia are a welcome and glorious moment in both of our Histories. Both the High Council of Britannia and the Gelidum should be applauded for their steps in the right direction, and those few who see fit to make unnecessary and unvirtuous demands towards a nation who only seeks peace under their new leadership should be denounced, especially if their activities endanger the welfare of innocent citizens of both realms.

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 6:17 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Crafting Discussion Meeting this Saturday
A reminder from Korin the Scribe:
Just wanted to remind everyone that the bi-monthly Crafting Discussion Meeting will be held this Saturday the 22nd of January at 8:00pm EST. It will be held at the Councelor's Guildhall in Britain.

At these meetings we discuss the crafting skills and debate ideas to improve them or point out bugs. I then compile a report of everything covered and send it on to the "gods" for their review.

So please come and give your opinions, ideas, and suggestions for the crafting skills in UO.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Korin the Scribe
The Scribe of Haven

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 5:41 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

Patches, Publishes, and Mini-Updates...Oh My!
The following was just posted to the Online Community Relations section of Team Comments:

Patches, Publishes, and Mini-updates…Oh my!

Following this week’s patch and publish announcements, I noticed a bit of confusion as to what exactly the differences are between a patch and a publish. In keeping with my prior comments, “Calandryll’s Colloquial Compendium” (which by the way was not meant to be taken completely seriously. :P) I’ve decided to use my comments to explain the differences between a patch, a publish, and a mini-update. I’m not going to get into the technical aspects of the different kinds of updates, rather, I’d like to explain how these updates affect you and the features/fixes they contain.

What is a Patch?
A patch is an update to the client. Patches are downloaded by you and, for the most part, the features and fixes within the patch are active the moment you log in to a shard. In some rare cases, a feature in a patch may also require a corresponding publish to activate it. The communications posted on the site will let you know which features must wait for a publish, if any.

What is a Publish?
A publish is an update to the servers that hold the shards. Generally, these features and fixes are not active the moment the shard is updated. Rather, the shard must go down and then return in order for the publish to take effect. For instance, if we were to publish the Atlantic shard in the evening on Monday, January 24th, the features in the publish would not be active until the server returned from its Tuesday, January 25th maintenance. However, not all shards have daily maintenance. Therefore, if the same publish were to be updated to the Europa shard on Monday, January 24th, the publish would not take effect until after Europa returned from its Wednesday, January 26th maintenance (local server time). The only exception to this is if the shard has an unexpected downtime in between the time the publish is updated to the server and the server’s next maintenance.

What is a Mini-Update?
A mini-update is essentially a small publish, usually containing fixes that are considered too critical to the service to wait till the next scheduled publish. In some cases, these fixes also must wait for the server to go down and then return. However, there are times when fix in a mini-update will not require a server restart and are active immediately after the server is updated. The communication detailing the mini-update will let you know if this is the case.

All of the information on patches, publishes, and mini-updates is posted to the FYI section of the website and include links to the actual documents that detail the features and fixes they contain. Those posts will let you know when the features and fixes will be active on the shards, including any exceptions to the rules I stated above and/or any necessary delays.

So the next time someone asks you “Is the patch in yet?” Tell them to check FYI. :)

Online Community Coordinator
[email protected]

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 5:39 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

The Wedding of Korin and Althaia
Great news from Korin thee Scribe:

It is with GREAT pleasure that I announce my engagement to Lady Althaia of Haven. She has long been at my side now aiding me and lending me support when needed. I had thought to never love anything but my books but now I have seen and know what true love is. She has accepted me and all my faults. Standing beside me, worrying over me, and generally protecting me from myself all these last months. And I, in my ever busy mind, have finally realized that I have been doing the same for her. Even though I had not even realized I was doing it. In all my book brought knowledge I had no true answer for this. Finally after thoughts of her had interrupted my studies many times I realized that this thing called love had taken my unawares. It had managed to do what no evil foe had before. It had conquered me. And so I submit to it now and have asked Althaia to be mine forever. And to my joy she has agreed! I can only hope that I am worthy of her.

So I invite all of you to our wedding which will be held in my childhood home of the Lyceum in Moonglow. We shall wed on Sunday the 30th of January at 7:00pm by the eastern sun. I hope to see many of you there as I would share this most wonderful time with you all. We shall then proceed to Haven for the reception party where there will be a feast unlike any other ever seen in the land!. Again I invite all of you to attend.

Farewell for now!

*walks off humming a tune*

Korin the Scribe
The Scribe of Haven

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 5:38 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

The Quest for Truth Continues!
Korin the Scribe sent us the following:

My time is limited. I have been engaged these last few weeks in attempts to awaken the Hammer of Creation fully from it's sleep. It awakened for a short time to aid Mayor Winfield's love Elizabeth in returning to mortal form, but then once again went dormant. If we are to have hope in the coming battle it's power will be needed so I MUST awaken it, and soon.

I will again be unable to aid you in the search for the next piece of the Sword called Truth. But once again the Celestrial Knights will lead the way. Follow them as you would me for I shall make sure that they know what must be done. And if one known as Misterie should be there then heed her advice to, for I believe she is wiser than even she knows.

Gather at the tower in Haven at 9:00pm EST on this Saturday the 22nd of January. Many brave adventures will be needed to complete this task. I must go, but know that I wish you all luck in obtaining this next piece. Farewell my friends!

Korin the Scribe
The Scribe of Haven

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 5:34 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

Oceania Shard - Official Announcement
The following was just posted to What's New on the UO website

Announcing Oceania

Origin and EA Australia are pleased to announce the imminent launch of our 21st and newest shard, Oceania. Located in Sydney, Australia, Oceania will provide dramatically improved gameplay for many players logging on from Australasia. Oceania is scheduled to go live, barring any unexpected complications, on February 1st, 2000.

The name Oceania was selected as the result of a poll of players fromAustralasia and is the term for the approximately 25,000 islands located in a 3.5 million square mile area of the Pacific Ocean known as the South Seas. We feel that the name wonderfully captures the vastness and diversity of the region, as well as the vastness and diversity of the multiverse that is Britannia.

After the limited period of local exclusivity to South Asia-Pacific players, Oceania will be opened up to UO players worldwide. Please join us in welcoming the newest shard to UO, and help us make Oceania one of the most exciting and vibrant UO communities.

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 5:33 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Barkeep Grok abducted!!!! Award offered fer 'is return!
Ahoy thar mates

One of them thar pigeons jest dropped this missive off to me, thought ye might like to 'ave a look fer yerselves.

Not unlike the recent town attacks in our beloved Brittainia, the City of Wintermoor has also been under attack. The Brigands have returned with allies! Grok the Barkeep is missing and the Mayor of Wintermoor has offered a reward for the person (or group) who finds him.

Ye can find the whole story by goin to this webtomb The tale of Grok

Thankee Xanthar fer the news

Yers in Ale and Tale,

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2000, 1:45 AM EST by Keeshi (Atlantic)

A Warning about carrying trapped chests
A player sent this into us to give a heads up to all players that carry around trapped chests since the last Client Patch:

The toil of resetting my numerous spell icons and backpacks everytime I restarted the client was an annoyance at best. Often it was a lethal one if it resulted from a client crash or lost connection."Umm, Mr Ogre Lord could you stop beating me into a pulp and mabye go talk to jOeYPkD00d over there?"


While I have been dying for an update that remembers the layout of game objects on the screen one seriously unpleasant problem has already arisen with the new patch.

However, that having been said, there is a problem with the current client's way of implementing this. This is to say it just opens the containers in the same way as a person who double clicked them to open them. I see some of you are already catching on in the back, good. For those of you that wince everytime you gain a point of INT after casting Recall i go into the details.


I have been using them for a long time to deter thieves and looters(Often Lethally). When I saw word on the patch I was a little curiuos how it would handle it. Thankfully I have a terrible memory so I ALWAYS disarm my boxes before logging out. I ALWAYS check they are disarmed before I open them. So I was able to sign in and do some testing.

"Umm Yes, Lord CrispyCritter? I see you weren't so lucky? Well we can hope it got bOmBerMAn.

If you log on with a character who had a trapped box open, it sets off the trap. If you are walking around town and your ISP Burps, quickly call a friend to guard your body. If you are in Deciet dodging a poison elemental and 3 reds and your kid sister trys to call her boyfriend to tell him she's late, well KYAGB.

I will be sending an Alchemist to the Shattered Skull tavern in Skara Brae to pass out free Booze and grind Heal/Cures for any hapless victims of this glitch on the Sonoma Shard. The Time will be 8PM PST Thursday the 27th. A brief memorial will be held for the 557 victims of bOmBerMAn. If we are lucky he'll sign in and meet us in ghost robes. ;P

I will close with these words of another career UO wisenhiemer"My trapped box has 9 kills! 2 were other Players!"

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 11:45 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Attacks Begin on Britian!
I had heard recent reports of large masses of Lizardmen and Ratmen moving along the road from Trinsic towards Britian, but my cynical mind, or perhaps my hopeful heart, had written them off as mere paranoia. But the reports in the last few hours have become more clear, and then Rodgar of Wayrest, who has written to me before of the town attacks, again writes and with on-the-scene artist renderings as well. Here is what he sent to me by messenger this morn:

Today I got the first report of attacks INSIDE of Britain. The City has been under attack by Lizardmen!! This is the first time, that I get reports on direct attacks on our capital. Look at this scribble made by Cyrus:

attack on Britian

There are only a few lizardmen that found their way but my feeling tells me that there will be more! Much more!

Later on I got another call from my brother Cyrus about an ongoing attack on Trinsic. Without hesitation I left my desk, where I was writing a report about the quest around Saint Giddeon, and headed for the western gate of Trinsic. There I met my brother Cyrus, Dryfus (HdF) and Sharn (ViV). The four of us had little problems defeating the few occasional undead that appeared. After defeating all of them and patrolling the streets for a while, we decided to check the other cities which have been under attack during the last days.

First I opened a gate to Vesper where everything was quite. Nobody had heard about attacks by trolls or other monsters during the day. From Vesper I opened a magical gate to Yew. There we met a few Knights of Yew in the abbey. No time for extensive hailing though, because we heard the town cryer yelling from the outside, that an army of orcs where heading towards the abbey. And indeed, an army it was.


After fighting with all we got, the attack was repelled and Yew turned to be almost quiet once again.

Although we were already tired from the extensive fighting and with low ressources on reagents, we decided to visit Cove too. To my great relieve all was quiet there, so I return home to my desk and continue with my little tale ...

*lights the candle and starts writing*

Brotherhood of Wayrest

Thank you for rushing this information to us. I must agree with you that I fear more Lizardmen may be on the way. It looks as if our most desperate hour may soon be upon us, good luck to all.

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 10:35 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Announcing the Opening of the Weary Ranger Tavern
We received this announcement:

Barmaid Babette will be there to serve you most evenings from 7 to 11 pm EST. We carry a wide variety of drink as well as baked goods & roast game. There is a private dining/meeting area available for parties of 7 or less and ample space in the main tavern area for larger groups.

I would like to increase staff to cover more time slots - so if you would be intereded in tending the bar please write me at [email protected] or ICQ me at 3883205.




Thank you, Elanor.

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 10:12 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

The Realm to Hold Grand Opening Festivities for New City
We received this announcement:

Hail Great citizens of Britania my name is Swinney the Guildmaster to the Lords of the Eternal Realm. I would like to announce the Grand Openning of a large player run city named The Realm. It consists of three towers, six two stories, and over 25 small dwellings all in one area! The event will take place on Sunday, January 23rd. The open house will last all day and all that is Noble, and even those that are Ignoble as long as they can contain themselves while visiting, are invited. We'll have guards making rounds for everyone's safety. We want to make this a happy place for all to visit, replenish and enjoy!

We'll have several Events for the day that will be posted on our web site under The Realm section. Some of these events will include Raffles, PvP tournament, Tours of the Town and handout of books with The Realm history in them. So please come and pay us a visit on Sunday and check out our many craft venders as well. People are welcome to visit us anytime as well.

Here is The Realm map. The Sextant coordinates of The Realm are: 76-27n 29-40e, just north of Wind Mountain and the northern desert right along the Road. Look for The Realm signs and The Troll War Boss Head on a wall outside our Town Hall.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

(GM to the LER)

Thank you, Swinney, and good luck!

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 9:40 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Detailed Study of Rare Items
Markee Dragon presents his first findings from a detailed study of Rare Items

Markee Dragon has been working long and hard over the past few weeks identifying rare items in the game. Studying the art of acquiring the items and finding their value on the open market. The price guide is available for viewing by everyone at

Many people have helped in this ongoing study. To date we have identified over 70 items. We welcome the input of the citizens of Britannia with additional items and information about them. We look forward to providing the most comprehensive list for the player with the players help.

Markee Dragon
Member UDIC

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 3:34 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Auction in Dragons Landing this Thursday
Dragons Landing will be holding an auction of interesting items this Thursday evening at 8pm PST. This is open to all, whether selling or buying. If you have items you'd like to sell at auction, then please go to and leave a message with the item(s) you want to sell, and a way to contact you before the auction. Please nothing under 1000gp value. Items so far confirmed are: vanquishing halberd, x-bows, power katana and other magic weapons, sets of valorite and other colored armor, full greater heal and cure kegs, sets of treasure maps and SOS's, shield of invulnerability, items of magic reflect and MORE.

Check the site for full details, directions to town and further item updates. Hope to see you there!

DeFrae Dragon

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 3:09 PM EST by Xena Dragon (NapaValley)

Strange Ghost seen in West Britain
I found this in the mail:
A holy ghost, armed with an executioner's axe, called only "Angel of Death", appeared to those present at the western bank of Brit. I quickly contacted the land of the dead, only to ask a simple question to be denied a response, being told I was an "Ignorant child". As this contact diminished, my companion, Sir WhiteZombie sought a more permanent contact. He was told that this Angel was the taker of souls, the taker of lives, and such, and his realm was growing empty, too empty. He was told that no-one listened, and people were too quick to ask. I, during this time, was completely ignorant as to what was being said, and grew eager, and curious. This passion consumed me, and I threw myself at a guard, and was quickly dispatched. This Angel told me nothing but things to daunt my approaches.

- Sarleth

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 2:55 PM EST by Xena Dragon (NapaValley)

Bei Umfrage 26.000 gp zu gewinnen
That's German for "You can win 26.000 gold". Visit the website mentioned below and help a student with his study of the virtual community that exists in and around Britannia. For people who can read German only...
Zur Zeit wird eine ethnologische Umfrage zu Ultima Online durchgeführt. Das Ziel ist, Sitten, Gebräuche und soziale Strukturen in Britania zu erforschen. Jeder abgegebene Fragebogen nimmt an einer Verlosung von 26.000 gp teil, die von gesponsert wurden. Nähere Informationen und Fragebögen gibt es auf
Danke sehr :)
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 2:46 PM EST by Xena Dragon (Drachenfels)

The Four Winds Tavern has new hours!
The hours have changed at the Four Winds Tavern. Staff will be present on Saturdays, 9:00 p.m. to midnight, est. Please visit the webpage for current updates.

Irene O'Grady

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 1:09 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

Publish Delay
This was just posted to FYI:

Publish Delay

The server publish has been delayed and will not be active on the shards as previously scheduled. We have decided to observe the Pacific shard for another day before moving forward on publishing the other shards.

A new publish schedule will be posted to this section of the site onThursday, January 20th.

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 11:07 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

The Deluge in Delucia
I was handed this scroll a short time ago.

Over the past week, due to the troubles, my horse Trotski and I have taken to traveling between the cities of Britannia, looking for partly for adventure but mostly for trouble. On this particular eve we completed our rounds rather early and decided to head for Delucia. Walking in to the sewers of Britain I cast the spell of recall, heading for the bank. (As an aside, I have often wondered how Trotski manages to traverse the ether without need for rune nor reagent... whilst I have questioned him on this matter at some length he is not forthcoming with the information).

It would seem that perhaps relocation to Delucia was not in our bestinterests, since the village was under attack by a legion of Ophidians. A knight errant, chasing some poor unfortunate already half dead from its poison, passed inches from Trotski's nose, mildly unnerving my equine companion and seriously unnerving myself. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, I chose to be incredibly brave and hid myself by the wall until I had taken stock of the situation.

Compared to this the battles in Trinsic, Yew, Vesper and Cove were but pub brawls. Corpses were strewn accross the street... not only of humans but also of a tame dragon and a demon or two. The Ophidians were out in force. Knight Errants, Matriarchs, Avengers, and even a kind I had never seen before: the Ophidian Zealot. I don't know for sure how strong it was, but it was certainly passionate about it's cause! The adventuring crowd certainly had it's work cut out, and I did my best to help by healing all I saw that were in need. The battle was long and fierce, but they were outnumbered and outclassed by the mages who had assembled: magic had come once again to Delucia, and was being used to full effect by those versed in it's arts.

The last I saw was a Knight Errant, trapped in the stables by some wily adventurers. I threw lightening at it until I ran out of mana and then watched as it was roased in the fires of a mage's flamestrike. After this poor creature had been dealt with, my mind turned to other things. This was certainly the worst attack yet... strong creatures far away from their homes AND in force. This was no token resistence.. this was a fully fledged assault. But why? The first thought that came into my mind was revenge: as far back as I can remember humanity has been travelling to the Ophidian fortress to kill and steal. Thinking of the sheer number of these intelligent and noble creatures that had perished at my hands, vengance, as a cause, seemed to be plausible. But who knows? Given what has been happening back in the old lands I would not be surprised if something or someone had plans, plans that may end up changing the face of these lands forever...

Philosopher and Poet of Brittainia

It appears the new lands are not immune to the ever increasing assaults on our fair cities. I thank Bentham for the news, and bid thee all safe travels.
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 9:19 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Europa)

Quest To Free Yasmine Takes Tragic Turn..
We have recieved the following:
Warriors from all walks of life gathered in Papua yesterday in preparation of the freeing of Yasmine from her frozen state. As words of power were spoken and weapons were put to arms, Ilien opened a gate from The Just Inn to the cold lands of Glacia, to the very place the statue of a beautiful woman stood. We arrived and gathered around the foot of the statue. The perimeter was checked for signs of Cerin al'Eceri or his armies and when the all seems safe, Ilien began a prayer to "The Creator".

As she spoke she sprinkled small amounts of Elixir onto the ice, asking for the Creators aid in freeing poor Yasmine. As Ilein continued, pillars of flame began to rise up from the feet of Yasmine, encompassing her form, melting the ice to flesh.

For full story and background on this as well as other quests, please visit Sonoma Quest News at

Thanks. Tis sad.
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 8:53 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

More Monster Attacks
This was sent to us:
Hail Citizens of Britannia,

I wanted to share my tale of adventure today due to that fact it was very odd. During my daily chore of cleaning my armor and sharpening my weapons at the Dragon Provisioners Shop east of Britain. Messengers started to arrive telling me that the great city of Britain was under attack!

Knowing of the invasion on the other cities of Britannia I did not waste any time donning my armor and grabbing my war mace to defend my home city.  Upon arriving all seemed well until an ophidian shaman past by me.  Half shocked to see the creature in our lands I managed to draw back my bow and fire upon it.  Soon others was upon it and was dispatched quickly.  Another look around the area revealed a ophidian Matriarch trying to eat a few venders.  The group that dispatched the ophidian shaman quickly fell upon the Matriarch and it too had no chance.  Here is a picture of the hideous creature dead in our fair city.

There seemed to be no other monsters in the area.  I did see a few lizardmen corpses and a few ratmen corpse.  But all else was quite.  I searched the city for signs of other such battles and there was none.  After asking around one the west side of Britain it seemed the attack was focused on the East side of Britain.  The question is why have the snake people invaded our side of the realm?  Why was the attack only on the east side?  Hmmm someone must know.

Yours In Arms
Veygon Stouthair,  Dragonlord of Order of Eternal Dragons(OeD)

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 8:27 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

Stealing Change - In Testing (updated 1/20)
The following as just added to In Testing for Next Update under Various Issues:

  • Players who are not in the Thieves Guild will not be able to stealfrom other players at all.

Calandryll went on to clarify this change with the following:

You cannot steal from blues, reds, grays, guild members, or guilds you are at war with unless you are in the thieves guild. In other words, you cannot steal from players at all unless you are in the thieves guild.

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 7:29 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Arcodia Hosting Scavenger Hunt

I was sent this by Redlowwinski:
    Saturday evening; the 22nd; at 10pm CST, Arcodia will be hosting a scavenger hunt to introduce players to the town. We will begin at Kazola's, in the courtyard. Clues will be located at various places in town, each leading to a different location. A reward will be given out at the end to the winner/winners, as well as the usual partying :)

    Its a good way to learn the area, and to get a sense of direction (its easy to get lost amongst the Yew trees! :). Expect to see more events coming out of Arcodia soon including horse races, handfastings, tournaments, and auctions.

    -Redlowwinski, Seneshal of Arcodia
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 7:03 AM EST by Rasesar Wej (GreatLakes)

Meeting at Kazola's

I was sent this by Redlowwinski:
    This Friday (21st), at 10pm CST, There will be a party/meeting at Kazola's to discuss the recent attacks on Yew from the Bloodrock orc clan. If you grow weary of their constant attacks on Yew, and wish to determine the best course of action, please attend. Or if you just want to party, that'll work to. Expect nude brawls and drunk-polymorphing fun, as usual. *grins*
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 7:00 AM EST by Rasesar Wej (GreatLakes)

More FCB Treasures to be Auctioned Sunday Night

I was sent this by a representative from the FCB:
    A "no draw" tile, full jars, a bag of ten sos bottles, and an unopened (we promise!) level three treasure chest are some of the many delights awaiting bidders at the next Fishing Council of Britannia (FCB) auction. High quality merchandise only: weapons will be only force or vanquishing and armor only fortification or invulnerability.

    The next auction will be Sunday January 22. We be accepting items from the public (no commission—this is a free public service) on Sunday between 7:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m. EST at FCB headquarters ( 47o 11s 58o 8e). A rune to FCB can be found at Wanda’s Wondrous Wares—a shop right behind RD’s tower. Also, runes will be handed out at the British Main bank beginning at 7:30 p.m. The auction begins at 8:00 p.m.

    Of course, since we are the fishing guild, free fishsteaks for all!!!!
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 6:55 AM EST by Rasesar Wej (GreatLakes)

Icelandic Floating Community Mining Competition!
This just in from Earnst
Icelandic Floating Community Mining Competition!

Thursday, January 20th,8:30pm, PST.

Miners Race!!

  • Each contestant will have 5 minutes. They will leave from the IFC and mine as much ore as is possible, and stop when the time is expired.
  • Each contestant will be accompanied by a member of the IFC, who will alert them of every minute that expires to all concerned.
  • The contestant will drag or carry their ore, back to the ships and points will be awarded for the ore presented as per a points system.
  • Points awarded for each ore is as follows:
Iron Ore 2 points
Dull Copper Ore 3 points
Shadow Ore 4 points
Copper Ore
5 points
Bronze, Gold, Agapite, Verite, Valorite6 points
This is to keep it as open to as many as possible.

The Rules

  • All ore will be stacked into smaller piles prior to adding up the contestants score.
  • Strength potions, spells, fish, items are allowed.
  • Stealing your competitions ore is NOT.
  • Pack horses are not allowed.

The prize?

5000 gold pieces, and 1000 Iron ingots.

The Race will begin at 8:30pm, PST with two miners leaving the IFC at the same time. They must be back at the IFC after their 5 minutes expire, and 10 minutes will be allowed to elapse before the other contestants depart. (So the ore can respawn)

We hope to see all you miners out here! If you should require a hand getting out to the IFC, please contact me. I will provide gates to the IFC from Papua before the race.

For more information on the IFC, please visit our scrolls at:

Until then, may the Æsir keep you!


Thankyou Earnst
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 6:38 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

UO House of Commons chat scheduled for this Thursday
The next UO House of Commons Open House chat between the players and creators of UO is scheduled for next Thursday January 20, at 7 PM CT (5 PM PT, 8 PM ET).
The chat will be available to you at #uohoc on Stratics IRC, on the following networked servers:
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
This week's topic is "The Party System". Not the one you throw when it's your birthday, but rather a party as in "Travelling companions". You can read a bit more about it at Comments from the Team at OSI's website. Please make sure the questions and comments you have during the chat are on this topic.

Like we did with previous chats we have set up a webpage where players can post questions in advance. Others can vote on these questions and we'll soon see which questions are most popular. During the chat we may then try to have some of these answered. Just keep in mind that only a small amount of questions will be taken from the website. Also the list will be wiped once the chat is over to make room for fresh questions for the next chat. If you want to post a question or just vote on one, please have a look at for the current list.

If you are new to IRC, please visit Stratics IRC for an online tutorial and instructions for connecting to our IRC server. If you wish to use your browser to join the conference you can use our Java IRC client.

IRCD Servers are provided by International Networks (suppliers of networking hardware and support).
FRWS Servers are provided by Front Range Web Services (Web Hosting/Message Boards/IRC).
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 3:36 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

Get rid of those surplus characters !
Remember the end of the "Clean up Britannia" campaign ? All players traded in their carefully gathered loot, treasure and less prescious items for holiday tickets. As a result of that the time needed for backups was dramatically reduced, resulting in a shorter down-time for the shards. But then, all of a sudden, shard down-times increased again at the end of last year. Atticus McCloud may have figured out why and even comes with a solution.
Just a reminder to all of the many holiday traders. OSI has stated in the past that character data makes up a large amount of the backup time. So in order to continue with the season, and keeping other people in mind as you play, please delete those characters on other shards that you used to match holiday tickets. This will continue to keep all our backup times normal.


Atticus McCloud of PXR

I can only say it makes perfect sense to me. So please, after you traded tickets, delete those unwanted characters.


Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 2:23 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

[Dark Tale] The Missing Guest!
The air outside the tower was fresh and clean, the birds were singing sweetly and the sun had never shone as brightly as it did this day. It was truly a beautiful day for a wedding. The ceremony went off without a hitch and now Lord Aleph Aiers and Lady Azrielle were man and wife. The young couple would share many happy times together in the years ahead for this was undoubtedly a 'happily ever after' fairytale ending. Even now the guests celebrated the union of the newlyweds inside Fitzowen Hall. The singing and merry making could be heard for miles. Then from outside, a child’s laughter turns suddenly to screams of terror. The guests run to the tower walls to see what has transpired only to be struck immobilized in fear at the sight below. Dragons! Dragons everywhere surrounding the tower exits on all sides. What could this mean?

The young girl screamed as the White Wyrmm opened its mouth and let forth a horrifying roar of rage. The other dragons answered the roar in unison drowning out the words coming from the child’s quivering lips. Sensing the girl’s weakness the beast lowered his head for the kill. Then to the wyrmm’s utter dismay the child stood up laughing!
Shaking the grass from her clothes the woman child smoothed her skirts and skipped over to the group of people standing together not far away.

"Me don’t think him like apples. Him went 'phewie' and spitted it out on the ground. See…" Mary said holding up a very singed apple for all to see.

"Him smelleded me too and him s'obbered on me too…but me don't mind if him s'obber on me cause him prolly dinna mean to or nuthin. Me not mad cause him s'obber on me. Me still like him cause me think him is so boootiful but him do kinda s'obbers a lot tho. See…" Mary smiled holding out her arm which is dripping with saliva and smells strongly of sulfur and brimstone.

A beautiful woman dressed in black armor with flaming red hair glared at Mary in disgust. "They don’t eat apples you half-wit dragons are carnivorous." The woman hissed.

Mary crinkled her forehead drawing her delicate brows together perplexed. "Huh? What you say? Why you say me that? Me don't 'stand them big words. Why for you use them big words pretty lady? You is really smart huh?"

The red-haired woman shook her head in disbelief ignoring the girl's endless parade of questions. "I hate children." She muttered under her breath.

"She means dragons only eat meat Mary." A lovely blonde woman replied.

Mary smiled sweetly at the blonde woman. "Oh, me 'stand now. Thank you pretty lady Man. Me likes you pets a whole bunch. They is the bestest ones me ever s'eed afore." Mary said.

"I am glad you like them Mary. I think they like you too." Mandy replied rolling her eyes nauseous almost gagging on her words.

"You is lucky you has so many pets. Me can only has one pet cause momma says we don't habe the room. You must habe a really BIG house huh? Do's they s'eep with you? Sumtimes my doggie s'eeps with me but him don’t smell so good tho. But him is the bestest watch dog cause him name is Ben. That means him is the bestest one..." Mary prattled.

Mandy looked over at Mara Jade shaking her head exhausted with the pretense. Both women hated the girl Mary and neither of them could fathom their master's fascination with her.

"Why don’t you go stick your head in his mouth Mary? I bet he would like that game." Mara Jade said smiling wickedly.

Mary's eyes lit with glee. "You think so?" She beamed.

"Oh yes." Mara nodded reassuringly.

"Ok, me will." Mary said walking off towards a large red dragon smiling.


Smogg Azalin the leader of the Cult of Necromancy grabbed Mara Jade unceremoniously by the arm and led her away from the girl child Mary.

"Mara do not make me tell you again to be nice to the woman child. I have plans for her. I have taken her under my wing and she promises to be my most apt pupil. Her young mind is easily manipulated and for now she serves my purpose eloquently. Do not interfere for thy shall surly feel my wrath." Smogg threatened.

"But master she is..." Mara started to protest.

Smogg raised a hand silencing the woman in mid sentence.

"No buts. I know full well what she is. She is extraordinary. Just think of it Mara. Mary is a vicious serial killer with the heart and mind of an innocent child. She is loved the world over by villains and heroes alike. He who controls the child wields an awesome weapon. An assassin in the guise of an angel. Think of the possibilities." Smogg Azalin smiled with such vileness the woman next to him shuttered in fear. A silent nod was her only response.


Mary walked up to the large red dragon laughing and smiling in her usual way. The dragon most unaccustomed to being approached by strangers just stood staring in disbelief with its huge mouth hanging open. Mary scrambled up one of the dragon’s huge legs attempting to put her head in its open maw. The dragon refusing to suffer further indignation at the hands of the child reared back roaring in fury. Mary was thrown to the ground once again.

The girl landed a few feet away with an audible thump. After a moment of dazed silence the child rose slowly to her feet rubbing her bruised posterior.

"Him roareded. Did you hear him roareded?" She asked pointing at the dragon smiling.

"Yes Mary, we all heard him roar." Smogg replied coming to stand beside her. "I think it would be best to let the dragons alone for now child. Why don't you do me an enormous favor and count them all for me. You like to count do you not?" Smogg asked.

"Yep yep. Me can count bestest. Wanna see?" Mary turned and pointed at the first dragon in the circle. "One...two...three... six...ten...eighteen...'leven..."

Mary walked around the circle mindlessly counting the same dragon on multiple occasions. Smogg nodded with satisfaction grateful for at least a momentary distraction. Turning his attention once again to his necromantic followers he was surprised to see a lone rider approaching from the North. Even from this distance it was obvious the man was a high-ranking nobleman for his silver armor glistened brilliantly in the morning sunlight.

The stranger stopped outside the circle of beasts and dismounted bowing gracefully to the ladies and Smogg Azalin.

"Hail good sir and ladies!" The man shouted to be heard over the dragons' roars. Smogg nodded in response. "Perhaps you can help me. I am late for a wedding reception supposedly being held in this vicinity." The stranger smiled warmly.

Smogg returned the smile walking over placing a hand on Mary's shoulder he whispered something to the child which made her eyes sparkle with delight and nod her head vigorously.

"Yep yep, Mr. Mog. Me want to see the drag'uns play. Me do me really do." Said Mary clapping her hands wildly.

The stranger looked at the young woman a broad smile still on his handsome face. Then he saw Smogg Azalin’s wickedness and the blood froze cold in his veins. The look of hatred on the necromancer’s face could not be masked.

"Mara, Mandy, Anna release the beasts. 'Tis time to play." Smogg commanded.

The stranger turned in terror and ran for his mount. "WAIT! WAIT! You have no idea who I am." The man screamed as he grabbed the reigns and spurred his horse to a full run with a herd of dragons in hot pursuit. The man's screams could still be heard as he disappeared from sight.

"But... I am LORD B-R-I-T-I-S-H..."

Mary laughed jumping up and down her eyes shining with child like innocence.

"They is habing sum fun now! Did you see how fast him run? Him is really fast huh? Me don't think they can catch him…nuh uh. Him is the fastest one me ever s'eed." Mary slapped her knee still giggling hysterically.

Smogg turned to Mary smiling as sweet and loving as a father to his child.

"He is very fast indeed Mary. Now whom shall we take the dragons to play with next? You decide. Do you have some friends who would like to play today?" Smogg asked sinisterly.

"Me know! Me know! Me know where to go." Mary laughed happily thinking of all her friends that they could visit today.

cRoSs-EyEd MaRy

Shadows of Akalabeth
Mary is definately someone worth keeping an eye on it seems.
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 12:47 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Two Accounts of Assaults in Vesper

Twas early in the morn of the 15th day of January in the Year of our Lord 2000. I found myself in need of some ingredients for a vat of potions I was concocting in my home and so I used the magical currents to carry me to the bank in Vesper. I felt the familar pull on my body and recollected how sick it used to make me feel when I was first taught to summon the magical currents to assist me. I could scarce believe what I saw when I arrived inside the Vesper Bank.

Trolls! At least a dozen of them! People were fighting left and right and while I wished desperately to run out and join them, I found that my feet betrayed me and I could not move. It was as if I were frozen in time and forced to watch as the large and grotesque beasts attacked innocent people through the City of Vesper. People were screaming for the guards to come and assist in the battle against these creatures. But only the adventurous soles who happened to be in the city at that moment gathered to face the beasts.

I blacked out, likely by some magic that had been cast over Vesper, but somehow only affected me. I feared that the entire City of Vesper might be in peril as I slept. When I awoke, things had grown quiet. I resolved myself, based upon the lack of human corpses and the abundance of troll corpses, that the people of Vesper had won the day. I withdrew some funds from my account at the bank and purchased the necessary ingredients from the shop across the street. I returned home with haste, wondering if this was to be an isolated event.

Hines Niffor,Tradesman of Vesper

Hail and well met good friends.

I was in my study at the castle of the Sunset Knights working on my mystic arts training. Even though a master in the art of magic I was no where near grandmaster which is my ultimate goal. I sat pondering upon a spell, wondering why would anyone wish to summon a cake, of all things. As I took in a sip of my Trinsic tea a pigeon flew through the window and landed on its perch beside my table. I retrieved the parcel from his leg and read it. "Vesper is under attack" were the only words scribed on the tattered paper. Without delay I quickly grabbed my pouch of reagents and tied them to my belt. In one quick motion I snatched up my halberd and snapped it into its holster attached to the back of my leather armor. With a quick chant and a wave of the hand I was at Vesper Bank and welcomed with a horrid sight.

Corpses of beasts and human lay scattered all about. War cries, cries of anger and pain, and cries of death could be heard all around. The first thing I noticed was that one of the corpses was that of a lich. A plea for help pulled me away from my investigation of the lich corpse. I looked up to see a knight dressed in black garment running from a frost troll. Without hesitation I chanted a few words of power. In the midst of my chant one could see lightning dance across my fingertips. With one quick motion, a burst of energy blasted its way towards the foul beast. The troll howled in pain. It's attention left its last quarry and turned towards me. I quickly unsheathed my halberd from its holster. In one motion I swung my halberd towards the beast's legs, uprouting the smelly thing. The frost troll fell, and with a continued motion I brought my halby up over my shoulders and down unto it's neck The force of the blow was enough to remove the troll's head from its body.

After my brief victory, I ran south of the bank. I meet up with one of my brethren, Iron Skull of the Sunset Knights. We stood back to back, a halby in my hands, a mace in heater shield in his. We became quickly outnumbered as trolls and frost trolls alike moved unto our position. Realizing we would not last long in the open we dashed into the jewelers shop where yet another fellow knight, Arogorn Bower, stood face to face with a troll. Iron and myself quickly helped Arogorn quickly dispatch the beast. Then together made a wall with the counter and display cases. Being trapped behind the barricade the trolls could do nothing but die as Arogorn and myself unleashed a barrage of magic unto them, and Iron Skull sent a volley of arrows in their direction. We battled for well over a half an hour before the city was finally clear.

Arogorn retold me of his accounts of how he came to the bank to make a few transactions when the lich appeared from the north with a mummy and a specter as personal guards. And was followed by a legion of frost trolls and trolls. Iron Skull and Arogorn Bower went to the north woods of vesper to clear them of any creatures that otherwise should not have been there. The presence of the frost trolls disturbed me. Why and how did a creature native to the lost lands come about to be in Vesper? And why was a lich leading them. I recalled to the Castle of the Sunset Knights and headed directly to the library. I recalled a tale Arogorn told me about Lord Blackthorn's abduction by liches.

I rummaged through the library books one by one. The whole time wishing Azreal Darkmoon the guild librarian was around. After hours of searching I did find information on Lord Blackthorns abduction, but it stated he was lead by strange beings and not liches. This confused me, but at the time of the accounts, the lost lands were barely explored so it could have been mummies who abducted Lord Blackthorn. Mummies, as many know, are minions to Liches. This discovery rekindled the fire, and strengthend my determination to unravel this puzzle. A few more hours passed as I uncovered some interesting tales of liches from the past.

The first tale I came across was that of a lich named Lathiari, who was apparently born of the mage Lathiari of Maginicia. In the tale I uncovered he attacked the shrine of justice in search of a "shrinestone" and apperantly found one. I seached to find what was a shrinestone seeing that I have never heard of one. This is when I found my second tale of the Lich Kyrnia. He used the shrinestone to open some sort of red moongate, through which he lead an army of undead to attack the living. I could not find where this attack took place for the pages were smeered and ravaged with age.

I searched through the night to find any tale of the destruction of these two creatures. I found a tale of the death of the twin liches but the tale did not state the names of these liches. I can only assume it was Lathiari and Kyrnia. But, alas, I am not for certain. These tales and the events in Vesper brought me to a few conclusions and a few questions. It is my opinion that the shrinestones are being used to allow the attacks on our fair cities. Were the Liches Lathiari and Kyrnia truly destroyed? And if not, are they behind these late attacks? And why now are creatures from the lost lands involved in the attacks on our fair cities? I have a feeling to find the answers, we will soon have to travel to the lost lands.

Wildboy, Warrior Mage of the Sunset KnightsPrivate, Yew Militia

My thanks, to both, for these accounts.
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2000, 12:23 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Setting up unique skill charts (updated 1/20)
With Jalek's new client finally going in yesterday, players are now able to customize their skill charts much more than before. Below are just a few tips to help make life a little easier in tracking your characters:

  • You can rename any and all categories, including default ones. In other words, you can change the default "Combat Ratings" category to "Warrior Skills". You do this by double clicking on the name of the category, then retyping over it. NOTE: The one exception is the "Miscellaneous" category, which cannot be permanently changed.

  • You can add new categories by clicking on the option at the bottom of the scroll.

  • You can delete any & all existing categories, including default ones. If you delete a folder that has skill sets in it, all of these skills will automatically be moved to another folder. You do this by highlighting the folder and hitting the Delete key on your keyboard. NOTE #1 - You cannot Delete the "Miscellaneous" category. NOTE #2 - Make sure to single-click (so that cursor does not show up) or else you will not be able to delete. NOTE #3 - To UOA Users, since UOA uses this macro to Remove Weapons, either disable this program to use this function or disable the macro.

  • With the new client, every single character can be customized. For instance, you can set up a Merchant to have only 2 skill sets - "Merchant Skills" and "Miscellaneous".

  • You can drag skills into different folders by single-click & holding, then dragging to whichever category you want them placed.

Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 11:48 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA - New 'Toon and LOT'S more!

Big things going on at ImaNewbie this week! First of all I am all moved over to XRoads Gaming Network and have a big update all ready for your viewing pleasure. A new ImaNewbie 'toon, a new Armand Hammer comic, two new midis, and last but not least a new contest!Think you know ImaNewbie? Get ready for the 1st Annual ImaNewbie Trivia Contest! You could win some hot prizes like Half-Life Opposing Forces or Wheel of Time. WooHoo! Doesn't cost anything to enter so what have you got to lose?

ImaNewbie does Britannia

Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 11:32 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

New Out of Character Comic Strip
Another great comic strip for the land of Britannia:

After nearly a month long hiatus, there's a bunch of news stuff over at OOC comics...

A new comic. Another short comic: "Deamon's Wraith" has just been posted. I'm going to try and get back on a weekly schedule for the comics, so stop by once a week or so for something new.

A new look, OOC got a slight remodel in a few areas, also some new resources and links where added.

Finally a new URL, OOC can now be found at


Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 11:31 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

Map Library News
News from the Drachenfels Map Library:
Today was a momentous day in the short history of what has become knows simply as "The Library". Lord Ancoron and friends stepped into the Library tonight, little knowing that a great surprise was about to befall him.

Upon arriving at the Library, he had a problem locating a map he was carrying and contacted me via ICQ for some help in locating it's resting place. I immediately went over to help this avid hunter of buried treasure and did my usual house sign check. I saw the Magic number of 2002 visitors and a smile came over my face. I calmly helped him to find the general area of his map ( had no locator pin) and asked who stepped into the building first, he or his friend. When Lord Ancoron informed me he was the first in, I asked him his preferred weapon. To make a long story short, Lord Anacorn is the new owner of a nice and fresh Vanq staff and I hope it serves him well.

The Library , in it's short life, has become one of the most used public buildings on the shard and has all the GREAT players of the Drachenfelds players to thank for that honor.

When Burl originally placed the library out for public use, he never dreamed of how popular it would become and in such a short period of time (1 1/2 months). We have a couple vendors there but it was never meant to be a vendor house, it has always been for the players enjoyment, and I am so glad to see so many getting full enjoyment out of it. I thank you for that. I would like to announce now that for the 5000th visitor, Burl will be hand delivering a fine House to that lucky person. Located at : 70°13'n 58°34'e all are welcome and a News Register is there for you to keep up on the latest Library News. We are still offering a free SOS bottle to anyone who can bring a missing map and a rune (marked one tile north of the dig spot) and deliver it to Burl. Once again, thank you for your patronage and may you make a million :).

Lord Burl
King of Thieves GM of BLS

Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 7:12 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

Results of the 1st IFC Snowball Fight
Earnst, of the Icelandic Floating Community, sent us the following:
On Saturday, January 15th, the IFC held their first Snowball Fight for an enthusiastic group of supporters. The masses gathered, warmed up their throwing arms, and readied for fun and excitement. After a brief recap of the rules, and stern warnings all around, spectators and participants both prepared themselves for a war of Icelandic proportions.

The participants were herded into the throwing area, and I, Earnst, threw the first snowball, which would begin the whole affair. I closed my eyes, spun around and threw at the first person I saw.

Caliban was the one chosen to begin the first IFC Snowball Fight, and after a quick wipe of the snow from his face, he packed his snow and the battle was on!! Little did I know how coincedental that first throw would prove to be.

1 minute and 35 seconds later, the first “stop” was called, and the person who had last been tagged was taken out. The IFC`s very own Tonk.

1 minute and 30 seconds, the next person was taken out.

…and so it went. Until finally, there were but two contestants left standing in the arena. Caliban, and the winner of our last two Snow Elemental 1 on 1`s, Sampson.

He had his sights set on winning yet another few thousand gold pieces from the IFC`s coffers.

Thus did I once again close my eyes, spin around, and target the first person I did see. It was Caliban once again!

I turned my eyes from the fast paced, snow hurling volley that then followed and kept my eyes firmly affixed to my wristwatch. The last round would last but 35 seconds, as was my predetermined time for this last bout.








I lifted my eyes. Our referee, the lovely Akalia did pronounce Sampson as the last one tagged.

Caliban was our winner!

Congratulations, Caliban and Sampson, who took home 10000 and 5000 gold respectively.

I am very pleased that the event was as much of a success as it was, and I have none other than all of thee to thank for that.

However, the night did not end there. After the snowball fight, I asked Michael of York, someone I consider a friend and a wonderful patron of the IFC, to stand beside me. At which point, it was announced that it was his birthday!

I asked everyone present to pelt Michael with snowballs at the count of three. Well, there was no stopping over enthusiastic patrons, and Michael was pelted both, before, during, and after the count of three.

Happy Birthday Michael of York! Thank you for spending it with us.

To all who came, as either spectator or participant; Thank you!

You make the IFC what it is!

For more information on the IFC, and to view photos of the snowball fight, please keep your attentions directed towards our scrolls at:

May the Æsir keep you!


Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 7:04 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Invasion Reports
As most people know, our lands seem to have been overrun by foul creatures of all types.

The following are various reports we have received lately:

Hail and good travels,

Today was one of the more eventful days I've seen in awhile. Undead attacked the city of Trinsic, and Trolls attacked the city of Vesper. On impulse, I'd decided to leave my home city of Moonglow and travel by moongate to Trinsic. After awhile chopping trees, I decided to sit back and play some music. Not much later, undead rose up out of the ground. Near the bank, a pair of liches, wraiths, skeleton knights, bone knights, and spectres were amok. Further to the west, after the battle, I saw several dead bone mages and knights.

Barely escaping with my life during an encounter with a spectre (yes, I'm a very bad fighter), I figured that this might not be the end. After the city was clear of stragglers, I took a moongate to Vesper, and not much after that, a troll jumped out of the river right behind me! luckily, I'm more of an archer than a swordsman, so I let him have it a bit, and soon the aid of fighters alot better than myself arrived. After killing four around the bank, I went south and spotted another. There, four warriors were fighting almost to the death. Luckily, a mage stepped in and healed the warriors. After this troll was dispatched, I stepped in the jewelry shop and spied a troll in the corner. Bloody thing was too dumb to hop over! After what seemed like forever, he fell to my arrows.

Casualties were minimal; I saw two deaths in Vesper, and another death in Trinsic. All in all, it was an easy battle, but I didnt like fighting those magic-gifted undead... I did not check Yew, but no doubt they will be under assault or have been already, if the pattern follows this.

May forturne follow in your travels,
Muldan, Journeyman Lumberjack

Tonight there was a massive assault by a throng of Mongbats followed by a equally engaging force of Orcs on the peaceful Empath Abbey in Yew. Sitting outside with my trusty Timberwolf "Wolfy", i was busy carving logs into crossbows, when in an instant the mongbats were upon me. They swarmed my timberwolf and left me untouched. Having saved my hide on more than one occasion, i leaped into battle with nothing but my double axe and a robe and managed to slay over a dozen mongbats before help arrived from inside the abbey. After the initial attack i was ready for more, but when a group of orcs teleported in i decided to grab my armor before further engaging the attackers. After all was said and done the corpses of our fallen attackers piled upon each other and against the walls of the abbey, which stood its ground in recent attacks with not a scratch upon it.

Arcturus the Swordsman

Here is a pic from a Troll Invasion in Vesper....

Im in right in the middle of it, again....

Tika [S*B]
Scarlet Brotherhood

I traveled to Yew in search of more pets for my taming skill when a warrior appeared and yelled "Orcs attacking Empath Abbey!" I noticed a Orc Captain trailing him. In less then two words my Grizzly, Buttercup was upon the foul Orc. I made my way to Emapth Abbey only to see a huge spawn of orcs. As one fell, another took its place. The local warrior was the only defense among the Orcish numbers.

Lily, Tamer from Yew

Another accounting of orks attacking Yew:

I had just moongated in form Britin to meet a friend of mine who was just starting out. No sooner than i had gotten on one of the roads just south of the bank i was jumped buy 3 ork lords, an ogre, and more mongbats than i bothered to count. I was alone, I struck out droping mongbats left and right being chased by the ork lords, i called for the guards to no avail. eventually i was left with no choice but to fight it out. Lucky for me, the ogre got stuck on a server line, i was able to knock off the ork lords with some hit and run tactics, and a little hocus pocus. The ogre fell to my sword a few minutes later. The plunder was plentifull, and i was left with an all out " bring em on " attitude. Even though i knew full well how lucky i had been with running into the serverline. Who knows whats been going on, but ive seen quite a number of these attacks on towns latley. I've also noticed that allot of Lizardmen are showing up pretty close to britin in the last few days.

- Ashen-Shugar of Britin

The Continuing Troll Attacks

Last night as I was sleeping, I awoke in the middle of the night with no knoledge as to why i was unable to sleep. I decided to take a walk through Vesper and admire the waters from the bridges. I saddled up and mounted

Delagor, for he has not had any exercise recently, and went on my way. I find now that taking Delagor has saved my life.

I crossed the bridge and was immediately sought upon by three trolls. Now I know there have been troll attacks on Vesper recently, but there seemed to be a regular time that they seemed to attack. I did not think of them intelligent enough to start testing the town defenses at all hours. By my not wearing any armor, I had to dig my spurs in Delagor and have him ride as he never has before. I was able to make it home and put on my armor and grab my Halberd, but by the time I made it back to the bridge, other brave citizens had readliy dispatched of the trolls.

The troll attacks upon Vesper seem to be getting too regular and at all times of the day. There seems to be some mind of intelligence behind them as they are testing the defenses of the town at all times. I dread the day i am unable to go into town without wearing my plate. I call upon my fellow citizens of vesper to petition Lord British and DEMANDING an explanation as to what the attacks upon Vesper and our sister cities are all about. It is obvious he is aware of something by allowing the use of magic in select cities such as Vesper. Anyone interested in such a petition I ask of you to seek me out to so that I am able to demand and audience from Lord British himself about our concerns.

Darion of Vesper

Thanks to all the folks who sent in reports. Keep them coming!
Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 6:59 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

Invasion Reports
As most people know, our lands seem to have been overrun by foul creatures of all types.

The following are various reports we have received lately:

Yesterday on my lunch break I was at the Moonglow bank when I heard someonce screaming VESPER IS BEING INVADED BY TROLLS. I immediately recalled and found myself in the midst of several trolls. I have no idea of story lines or plotlines so forgive me. But it did not appear on stratics. The shard was Pacific. What I can say is that I was one of the first people on the scene and there were several pockets of trolls that we battled. Luckily most of us were gm's. I only saw 2 ghosts and it took maybe 20 minutes for us to clear the town out. All in all I would say there was 25 of us and at least a 100 trolls.

Mage of Moonglow

Well, you've probably already heard this news by now, but this morning (1/15) at about 8 am or so Pacific time, Yew was assaulted by its second wave of mongbats. I was not present for the first attack, but this one included orcs, orc lords, and orc magi.

I discovered this when, on my way to Empath Abbey, I encountered an orc and 3 mongbats on the outskirts of the town. Having heard tales of the first attack, I rushed to the town proper to find it literally overrun with orcs and mongbats, perhaps hoping to catch the town off guard at such an early hour. Indeed, I fought and bested many an orc before encountering other pockets of defenders, for which I was quite grateful-- I had begun to fear that I was alone in the struggle. We at times found half a dozen orcs crowded into the buildings of Yew, terrorizing its hapless citizenry. Nevertheless, we were undaunted and eventually prevailed.

I credit my trusty steed Spook for helping me outmaneuver the creatures, for had I been surrounded I surely would have perished. I thank all my fellow warriors who were present during the assault of Yew, and would warn the denizens of other cities throughout Britannia that more attacks are likely.

Thank you for your time.


Yew Invaded! In what is probably the funniest event this adventure has ever witnessed, Yew was overrun by packs of mongbats led by imps, and Orcish mages. The guards were no where to be found. I was caught by suprise, surounded and kill. After i stopped laughing, I collected my things and started knocking 'bats down. This occurred about 12:10 EST.

a fish steak
Archer of JuanCo

Dear Aiglos

Just wanted to drop you a quick note by this pidgeon. Both Cove and Yew were attacked tonite. Cove was attacked by headless ones and Yew by Mongbats. The interesting thing I wanted to bring to your attention is that both towns were attacked at approximately the same time. I happened to be in Cove when it began....helped repulse the attack.....then went to Yew and helped in the final cleanup there. The first thing this brings to my mind.... if much stronger monsters attacked the towns at the SAME TIME, would there be enough people to defend all the towns? I doubt it.

M'Styr Guardians of Honor (GoH)

Thanks to all the folks who sent in reports. Keep them coming!
Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 6:56 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Gathered Spirits' Update on Regular Services
JuffaArchui recently surfaced to give us the following report:
While the Gathered Spirits Community has not run any large events or public quests over the festive season (due mainly to the difficult time of year and holes in our administration), this message has been put together to inform the Britannian public of the ongoing services and projects which the Gathered Spirits continues to offer.

BARTENDING: The Gathered Spirits is famous for its superb service at the bar. Over the past year, our bartending hours have extended vastly - we are now staffed Thursday through Monday, 7 to 9pm PST with an extra hour (until 10pm) on Friday and Saturday evenings. Come to the Gathered Spirits Tavern to enjoy free food, drink and outstanding service! For more information about Bartending in general, contact the Senior Bartender, Drahcir ([email protected]).

CATERING: The Cooking and Catering Department of the Gathered Spirits Community has catered very successfully for tens of outside events. If you have any private or public event coming up, it is well worth considering the Gathered Spirits. We can organize the event, provide outstanding home-baked food and drink, and have our staff serve or help on the day. Our speciality is weddings. We will make all the necessary plans (including setting up an online invitation) and ensure a stunning banquet is there on the night, with as amny of our staff there to serve and guide as you would like. For more information about Gathered Spirits Catering, contact the head chef, Annely ([email protected]).

SPECIAL PROJECTS: The Gathered Spirits' Newbie Assistance Venture, which cooperates with other assistance groups on our shard, is one of many Gathered Spirits projects that is underway. For more information, visit the website.

More information about the Gathered Spirits Community, including maps to our establishments, a visual history and information about how you can get involved can be found at our website. Stay tuned for releases about upcoming events, including a party to rival our massive Blessing Celebration held last year!

Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 6:18 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Cincinnati UO Players Luncheon
SW Ohio, No. Kentucky, & SE Indiana UO Player’s Luncheon

Yet another get-together, this time in Cincinnati. Oxnard Blofeld of Atlantic, Duncan Brice of Catskills, and myself, Altea of Atlantic, are trying to get a head count for a possible players luncheon to be held at the Cincinnati location of Dave and Buster’s on the first Saturday in April of 2000. This luncheon is not shard specific and is intended for players of all shards. The planned cost for the event is $25 per person and includes a lunch buffet, door prizes and if there are enough people in attendance, a member from the OSI team to speak with us. If you would be interested in attending this event, please let us know by sending an e-mail to Altea at [email protected] by the end of January so we can determine how many people might attend.

As someone who has been to a player luncheon, I can't recommend them enough. If you live in the area, I would definitely sign up!!!
Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 3:19 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

HC to meet next Monday
21st Assembly of the 4th High Council

Date: Monday January 24th, 2000
Time: 10 PM EST/9 PM CST
Location: Moonglow Lycaeum


  • Peace Negotiations with the representatives of the Gelidum.
  • Discussion of recent attacks upon cities of the Realm.*
  • Discussion on upcoming festivals and events.*
  • Other matters to be announced at the meeting.*

  • The High Council of Britannia

    * -- time permitting, depending on thenegotiations

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 12:29 PM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Minoc Council Formed
    This just in from the Town of Minoc:

    Hail and well met!

    I am pleased to announce that the evaluating has come to an end and the Minoc Town Council of Sacrifice has been elected! Our leader, Lord Dagda Redgranite has looked over many outstanding applications, and the following individuals were choosen from a long list of wonderful applications:

  • Lord Dagda Redgranite (leader)
  • Lord Darkside
  • Lady Skala Bim
  • Lord Robin Hood
  • Lord Alder
  • Lord Monfrin LePlante
  • Our goal as the representatives of the great city of Minoc is simple...we wish to make life better for both the citizens of Minoc and the land of Britannia abroad. By working with the High Council of Britannia and the various town councils, we will help try to create an everlasting peace in Sosaria.

    Every member of the Council of Sacrifice will try his/her best to make the council as efficient as possible. Whether it be negotiating with the Gelidum, or fighting with the citizens of the land side-by-side.

    I am very pleased to be a member in such a illustrious group, and I am looking forward to helping protect virtue in every reach of Sosaria.

    *signed*Lord Darkside and Lord Dagda Redgranite
    Reps. of the Minoc Council of Sacrifice

    Best wishes to the new councilmembers. May you serve your city with wisdom and grace.

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 12:15 PM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Sonoma Quest News
    Sonoma Quest News, the latest source for events in the land, is now available to anyone interested in learning more
    of the happenings in Sonoma.  Please stop by and read up on all the current events.


    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 11:23 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Yer Newest Shard Reporter

    Ahoy thar mates,

    I jest thought I'ld take a moment to introduce meself to ye all. Someone somewhar decided it might be a good idea fer me to be a reporter fer all yer tales and tid bits of infermation. I look ferward to 'earin frem ye all, and 'ope I can do ye a good service. Please remember though, I aint the best wit the pen and me grammar aint none too good neither, so please bare wit me if'n ye would! Ar!

    Yers in Ale and Tale,

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 11:21 AM EST by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Gelidum Issue Response
    The following was received on Monday from Deborah, Ambassador of Glacia...

    A response of the Glacian Representative(s) and the New Gelidum:

    • With the state of war removed, all citizens are asked to stop all attacks. Citizens of either nation who do not stop hostilities, do so on their own accord and do not represent the citizens or governments of our lands. Peaceful exploration and scientific research shall be allowed and received openly. Citizens are expected to defend themselves at all costs, should a member of the other country chose to attack first. How ever any "Open" hostilities will be viewed as an act of aggression or treason and punishable by the High Court of either realm.

    The residents of Glacia, both human and non-human, shall defend themselves from vile raiders upon the lands as they have done in the past. To expect otherwise is foolish. Since the evening of Mylfalydd and Zaruk's travels to the Shrine of Justice and the Shrine of Sacrifice there have been no attacks, direct or indirect to the mainlands of Britannia by the residents of Glacia and/or members of the Gelidum. We cannot say the same of the residents of these lands.

    • Talks will begin for a "Treaty of Peace" these talks will begin and take place no longer than thirty (30) days from the posting of this document.

    This term has been agreed to with a time and place requested by the Ambassador from the High Council. This was stated publically at the last assembly of the High Council; no further action has been taken on this matter by the High Council. The Ambassador has requested these talks take place in a northern location for the comfort and safety of those attending.

    • Knowledge of any kind regarding the Shrines frozen by the last government of the Gelidum and a means in which to unfreeze them if any will be shared with us. There will be no public statement made on this at this time until peace talks are established.
    • The Silver Arrow lost to the Elves in Glacia will be returned by any and all means to its rightful owners.

    The Ambassador has been informed by the residents of Tel'Ruid this item would be removed from the terms of cessation. The arrow has been returned in the condition it was presented to Niflhym and the Ambassador by Kate (known traitor to both the former and current Gelidum) to Lord Thrand Graywolf, the representative of the citizens of the area. Further inquiries of the "silver arrow" should be directed accordingly. Private matters between the Gelidum and the citizens of Tel'Ruid have been addressed and concluded sucessfully. We do not understand the need for the High Council to interfere in this private concern and have been informed by the representatives of Tel'Ruid this condition has no place within these terms. It is our understanding the High Council does not speak for them. We await the swift removal of this item.

    • Niflhym or an Ambassador of his choosing will seek council with the Troll Clans of Darkness and Revenge. In this council the Gelidum will state that the previous government was responsible for the Deaths of Chief Stonefist and Ironside and that the citizens and High Council of Britannia had nothing to do with their deaths. And should then recommend that hostilities between our two races stop.

      There will be no public statement made on this at this time until peace talks are established.

    There is no honor in continuing this so-called "war". Justice has already been served upon the criminals of our realm. We do not wish to continue to serve these lands as sacrifical lambs for sport and slaughter. For every action that has been taken, there is a cause behind it. The attacks are the effect of, not the cause of the problems between our lands.

    We bid you peace from our lands in these continued turbulent times and await word of these "peace talks".

    Deborah, Ambassador of Glacia

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 11:09 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Drunken Ogre Grand Opening January 22d
    This announcement came from Krya Songdessa:

    And the moment you all have been waiting for...

    Ok, maybe not everyone. However, both myself and Jaycen of TS invite you to the Grand Opening of the Drunken Ogre, Baja's first tavern and casino. The Grand Opening will be on Saturday, 22nd of January, starting at 6pm (Pacific time) till everyone passes out (some dealers may be there at 4pm). There will be plenty of food and drinks, and real vegas-style gaming, such as Blackcard (variation on Blackjack), and Koran's Key (win a house for 2k), and other games listed on the website. Maximum bet are 1,000 coins, so bring your gold or use our vendor ATM.

    There will also be the first annual Drunken Brawl and Tournament during the night (after 8pm). Also before drinkin and fightin, be sure to sign up for the Ogre's Lotto, just 100 gold to play, and payouts up to 5,000 gold. Sign up anytime prior to the drawing.

    For more information on gambling games, directions, and events listed, please visit:

    One last thing, mention where you saw our ad to the Dealer and win a free game (worth 100 gold). Oh, and gates will be opened for those in need.

    We hope to see you there,

    Krya Songdessa

    Thanks Krya!
    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 9:45 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Society of Honor Event January 20th
    Rolf sent in this announcement:

    Come one, come all! The Society of Honor is hosting a player run event, from 5 to 7 on Thursday the 20th. We will be holding it in the Trinsic Meeting Hall. Included will be games such as hopscotch, chess, checkers, and a treasure hunt, as well as free food and ale. Various weapons and armor as well as cash prizes will be given out to the winners. If you wish to participate, please ICQ me at 4462915, or e-mail me. Hope to see you there!

    Rolf, Guildmaster of Honor, SoH

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 9:41 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Snow Leopard Inn Grand Opening a Success!
    I received this news from Jacob:

    The party at the Snow Leopard Inn went great Saturday night. We would like to thank all that attended. And congrats to Sabin for winning or UO Trivia contest. But there were some strange occurences during the party. Near the end of the party an army of brigands lead by Brigand Leader Roberts attacked the Inn. Thanks to the attendants of the party, we were able to fend of the brigands and their leader.

    On the corpse of the leader were two suspicious items. One was a tattered treasure map and the other was a kryss made by Hades.

    We assume that the Brigands killed Hades and took these items from him. One of the party attendants suggested that we scope out the Brigand camp north of Skara Brae. When we arrived the camp was unusually filled with brigands, we killed them all and met with Merchant Phillip. He told us that he had given the map to Hades to study and Hades was supposed to meet him two days before at the camp but he had not showed up. When we said we assumed that Hades was killed by the brigands he seemed very upset but never said how he was connected with Hades so well. Phillip also said that the map lead to a treasure which contained a family heirloom dagger which he was trying to get. So we offered our help and Phillip solved the map and we went to Fire Isle.

    We tracked down the spot of the treasure and Phillip dug it up. It was an unusual amount of monsters came along with the treasure. First two gargoyles a gazer and an earth elemental, then brigands began to come, followed by more earth elementals and gazers and a few hellhounds. After fending of all the beasts Phillip opened the chest, and was burnt by a trap, and retrieved his dagger and told the rest of us to cut into the loot.

    This all leaves a few questions remaining: What has happened to Hades? How are Phillip and Hades connected so well? What is so special about the dagger? Why did the brigands want the map so bad and then attack the Inn?

    Thank you,

    Pub Coordinator

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 9:38 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    PaxLair's Web Site Has Been Revamped!
    The new site has completely been redesigned with new features, graphics, and content. I must say "I" am duly impressed. It was just implemented today, and the old site is still functioning. I urge you to take a look at the the new them and tell them what you think.

    Objectives of the New PaxLair Web site (As was posted on the site itself.)

    • "Real" City web site design
    • Low bandwidth consumption
    • Useful links and information for the City and the Shard
    • Organized information and tools for a realistic PaxLair City operation (government, bureaus, etc.)
    • Vital information source for PaxLair City operation
      • Extensive FAQ and services pages to reduce in-game, e-mail, and messageboard questions
      • Vital contact information for groups, shops, people
    • Encourage people to add information and pages
    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 8:35 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

    Client Patching Solutions
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:
    Client Patching Solutions

    Players currently experiencing difficulties patching the newest version of the Ultima Online client should check the following:

    • Be sure to use Ultima Online version 1.26.2b. If you are attempting to patch using any version of the Test Client, you will not be able to patch until switching to the most recent live client version. If you have deleted your previous version of Ultima Online, or have overwritten it with the Test Client, you will need to reinstall UO from your CD.
    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online.If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected] .

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 7:07 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Changes to Taming - In Testing
    The following was just added to in Testing for the Next Update:

    Taming Changes

    Changes to taming animals and monsters will be made to fix some outstanding issues. The Taming changes include the following:

    • A fix for pet commands including the "pet friend bug".
    • Saying "stop" to your pet will clear any previous commands.
    • Pets will remember who their previous owners were. Previous owners are defined as anyone who tames the pet or has the pet transferred to them.
      • The more previous owners a pet has had, the more difficult it will be for other players to tame it if it goes wild. This also means that players who were not a previous owner to the pet can tame the pet for skillgain.
      • Any previous owner may retame the pet regardless of their skill.
    • Pets that go wild will become more difficult to control. This change will affect both previous and new owners.
    • If line-of-site is broken during the taming process, the attempt will automatically fail.
    • When transferring a pet to another player, the previous owner and the new owner will now receive the proper confirmation messages.
    • Pets will now only guard their owner's corpse.
    • Fixes for various messages with relation to pet commands. Tamers who give commands to their pets that the pet does not follow will find that their pets will go wild faster than previously

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 5:09 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Changes Afoot in Britannia!!!
    The following was just posted to What's New on the Ultima Online website:

    Changes Afoot in Britannia

    Be warned! In the course of the plotline currently running in Ultima Online, occasional changes may take place within the world of Britannia without advance notice. The rules of civilized Britannia may change greatly at any moment. For example, more towns may allow the casting of magic within sight of the guards. It is our hope to weave an involving plotline for all of Britannia, and as such, we will not always provide advance warning on many of the changes taking place in the future. However, you should almost always find cause for the changes in the stories that are, and will continue to be, appearing in the Town Cryer. Click here!

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 4:58 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Recounting Events of the Westmark Crystal Ball
    We were all agitated, preparing for the evening's festivities. Some of us were excited to be a part of the event, there were still others who had a different slant altogether. But, I am ahead of myself. It was not but a day before that I had received the invitation. Seer Lena stopped into my office in Rivendell. I was quite surprised, admiring the quality of her robes from my desk. The Seers are an interesting lot, and I have found that it behooves you to listen when they come to call.

    House Westmark was throwing a ball, the Westmark Crystal Ball to be exact. The citizens of Rivendell were invited, which included the shops, Eternal Dream University and the various guilds that called Rivendell home. She told me the Prince's wish to meet everyone, an opportunity to talk with the people of the realm over fellowship, food and drink. I thanked Seer Lena for the invitation, and said that I would spread the word amongst the citizens of Rivendell, certain that they would be more than happy to attend. She smiled, thanked me for my time, and then vanished into thin air.

    It took me no time to spread the word. Within minutes, the town was abuzz with speculation and consideration. I truly had only to message a handful of people, the invitation was shared by word of mouth faster than I could ever have hoped to share by myself.

    And now, moments before the Westmark Crystal Ball, tension was running high. We began a discussion around past events involving House Westmark. From the caravan incident, to the confrontation between Rowan and his sister, Shalina, on the steps of a tower in the Kingdom of Dalriada. There were those among us who disliked Prince Rowan with a passion. Still others who suspected that Shalina Westmark was not all that she appeared. Putting speculation aside, I took a deep breath, and suggested we make our way.

    It was a veritable who's-who of Atlantic society. Representatives from Yew Government, teachers and students of West Yew University, The Saints of the True Covenant, The Kingdom of Dalriada, the Sunset Knights, the Island Protectorate, the Lost Order of Akalabeth and members of the Shadow Conclave. Many good friends were present, but there were also many enemies as well. This was a mixed party, with the Children of Light and the Dark Ones mingled together, debating and laughing, drinking and eating. I scanned the crowd, looking for Shalina or Prince Rowan. I did see Jordon Cromwell, with his magical lantern, talking to the guests and milling about.

    Cromwell's Lantern

    Ragnar Dragonfyre joined me, and we began to discuss the events of the evening. Soon after, Prince Rowan took to the stage, and welcomed us all to the Westmark Crystal Ball. During his welcome, his sister Shalina stepped forth from the crowd. Rather terse words were shared between them, as they announced to all in attendance that Shalina had returned to the Westmark Palace from a period of self-exile. Towards the end of the exchange, Prince Rowan bid us eat and drink, and thanking us all for attending.

    Rowan Speaks

    There were so many people, that I could scarce move. Hungry as I was, I attempted to make my way to the food and beverage. Pushing past the partygoers, I ran into Tara of SOA. A strange woman that, so charming, but with a certain...undertone of ill intent. After some witty dialogue, I bade her farewell and began once again to search for the members of House Westmark. I wanted to see who was here, and yet more importantly, who was not. I saw Shalina as she passed, and engaged her in conversation. She did indeed look weary, but she was as charming and friendly as ever. I wished her well, and told her that I was glad to see that things had come to an end in regards to the struggles with her brother. She assured me all was well, and that Rowan had 'actually' kept his word. I smiled nervously and said something to the effect of "excellent, that is good to hear!" When in actuality, I thought it strange that she would be so pleased, he 'actually' kept his if it was not standard behavior for the prince.

    Shalina Westmark

    Rowan appeared, and tempers between brother and sister began to flare. I stepped away, not wanting to be a part of their...interaction. As Rowan bickered with his sister, I noticed something quite unusual. It appeared that everywhere that Rowan went, he was followed by a gaggle of undead suitors. If he went left, so did they, if he stopped to chat, they stopped as well. It dawned on me that Navrip had been close to Rowan for the duration of the gathering.

    GreyPawn was standing near, and motioned that I come over. As I made my way to the old man, I noticed the worried expression that usually suggests trouble is brewing. Grey began to share his concerns about the House Westmark, and began to speak more on the topic, when the conversation between Rowan and Shalina became heated.

    Shalina and Rowan Bicker

    The people in attendance could not help but turn to look. The two argued as if they were in the privacy of their own quarters. Their dispute ended for the moment, when Adrick, House Magi , addressed the Prince. It seems that the Order of the Ebon Skull had procured an object of strange origin, and Adrick was needed to identify it. Some dear friends I had not seen in some time pulled my attention from the situation. When I turned to see how things fared between Rowan and Shalina, they had disappeared, along with Adrick and those who stood around them.

    Adrick, House Magi

    I excused myself from the current conversation, and looked and walked around the Palace. I made my way to the back of the palace, and noticed a group of people at the end of the north hallway. I hurried to see what was happening, and upon my arrival, I was given some disturbing news. Seems that the Dark Ones were in a private meeting with the prince, and that the people outside were barred entry. The people in attendance were frustrated, and concerned for the safety of Adrick. Shalina was there as well, asking for answers as well. The guards stood at the door, barring entrance. Keeshi of LOA was inside as well, which I found even more perplexing. The doors opened, and Prince Rowan demanded that Keeshi be removed to the party, as he had 'far too much to drink'.

    A Private Meeting

    Now, Keeshi drinks like a pirate is known to, but this evening he was both lucid and sober. He was also furious, and spoke against the Prince and the Dark Ones, suggesting they were up to no good. The door was still open, but someone inside cast a magical wall, barring entrance to the room. I walked to the door, still not unsure what was going on. It was then that I was forcibly removed from the room, along with anyone else that attempted to gain entrance. I moved towards the main hall, confused, angry and distressed at such treatment. Granted, it was Rowan's private quarters, but to think that the Dark Ones would have private consul with the Prince, yet all others were barred entrance...well, that just did not sit right with me. Something was certainly amiss, but I could nay put my finger on it.

    The angry group entered the Hall shortly after. They were as furious as I, yet unsure exactly what was to transpire. We soon found out. Prince Rowan then took the stage unruffled. He thanks the crowd yet again, and did so with the ease and grace of a politician. Were there babies present, I believe he would have kissed one. But his charm was broken by horrid news. Adrick was dead. The Dark Ones had returned, with news that Adrick had been self-defense.

    At this news, the crowd grew even more livid. Accusations flew, and Rowan refuted each one. Tyraas, obviously unhappy, made his leave, against the wishes of Prince Rowan. He demanded Tyraas return to the stage, but to no avail. Tyraas stomped off, leaving Prince Rowan, and his ever-present cloud of Dark Ones on the stage. Rowan made to look grief stricken, lamenting the loss of Adrick. But the crowd was not buying it, calling him liar, and worse..murderer.

    An Angry Mob Confronts  Prince Rowan

    Shalina then engaged Prince Rowan yet again, agreeing with the angry mob, suggesting that Rowan had planned this, that he had wished Adrick to be slain. Rowan denied this, and when things became more heated, he did the unthinkable. He arrested his own sister. As the guards came and took her away, the attendees were whipped into a higher state of frenzy. They cried to the Prince about injustice, threatened him with harm should anything happen to Shalina. But I could take no more. I was sickened by the display, and said as much. Jordan Cromwell, standing behind me suggested that those present might not be in possession of all the facts. I turned to him, incredulous. But, as his words sunk in, I did realize something. Prince Rowan was the law in this town. And twisted though it was, Prince Rowan was well within his rights to do as he wished.

    Shalina is Taken Away

    It was then I took my leave, as I had seen enough. As I stepped out the front door, there was a group of people milling about. I said my good-byes, and was about to recall back to Rivendell, when Ragnar Dragonfyr rushed up the steps his horse. He was frantic as he relayed the news. Shalina had been imprisoned, and stood awaiting trial in the Nujel'm prison. I shook my head sadly, wondering how such a thing could come to pass. As it turned out, Prince Rowan did not keep his word, and his sister was indeed in harm's way.

    And there she stands still, a prisoner of the House Westmark, awaiting trial for inciting a riot, or some such nonsense. So the House Westmark is in turmoil once more, with the people of the realm yet again caught in the crossfire. Already the Dark Ones begin to posture and politic, while the Children of Light stand in frustration. Even now, there are those who stand in support of the prince. I suppose that the facts shall come to light in the future, but the path to that truth will be grueling and quite costly. I can only hope we are up to the challenge.

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 3:00 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Guild/Clan Management Resources Site
    Guild/Clan Management Resources Site
    I recently spent time updating the Guild Resources page that I created several months ago. This site offers various articles that discuss topics related to guild creation, management, recruiting and prosperity (amongst many other things). With over three years of guild management experience, I can honestly say that this site will be invaluable for not only guild leaders, but for prospective guild members as well.

    Some of the articles deal with building a new guild/community, advertising, setting core policies, managing members, attracting new members, and more.

    In all cases, the Lost Order of Akalabeth (my guild) was used as the model for each article. As we grew and expanded, various situations came up and needed to be dealt with. During this time, I wrote articles based on my experience in each situation. The results were achieved by the combined efforts of many leaders within the LOA organization. I hope that everyone who reads this will give our site a chance... and peruse our articles and suggested guild resources. The information you will find may have been written with a certain game in mind (UO, EQ, AC, etc.), however, in many cases the articles DO apply for any online multiplayer game, including games like Unreal Tournament, Quake III: Arena, Wheel of Time, etc. The articles aren't just for 'roleplaying' games, they are for any game that has the possibility of attracting a guild/clan environment.

    If anyone has questions about the Guild Resource site, please send your inquiries to:

    [email protected]
    I will try to reply to your message as soon as possible.

    I would also like to ask each news site and/or player/guild sites to provide a link to this resource, if you find it valuable to the gaming community you are involved in. I simply wish to see the maximum # of people benefiting from this information as possible. In addition, if you have articles you would like posted on this guild resource site, by all means, send them my way in .txtformat.

    The Guild Resource site is located

    CO-Founder, Lost Order of Akalabeth

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 1:35 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Test Center News
    This following was just posted to What's New on the Ultima Online website:
    Test Center News

    If you're interested in helping test new changes and systems for Ultima Online, we'd like to recommend a visit to the Test Center shard. Test Center is constantly being used to test a variety of enhancements, and is available from your shard login screen.

    In addition to advance access to new game features and changes, Test Center also hosts some recently added features designed to enhance your testing experience. These features include:

    • 10,000 gold waiting in the bank for each newcharacter.
    • Reagents and a full spellbook (also in your bankbox).
    • Set your own stats and skills. Say 'Help' in game for details on how to set your own stats and skills.

    In the near future, we will be recruiting UO Testers for anincentive program designed to thank players for helping us improve the world of UO. Members of this program will be chosen by Ultima Online Quality Assurance based on the active use of Test Center to find bugs, and consistent and effective reporting of new bugs.

    If you are interested in participating in this incentive program, the first step is to become progressively involved in using Test Center. You can do this by watching the "In Testing" section of our website to keep up-to-date on the latest changes currently in testing, then log in to Test Center and start trying to break them! Try anything, try everything. Test Center is a world we want you to do your best to abuse.

    Second, you'll need to submit bug reports to the QA Team in anefficient and timely manner. Bug reports should contain the followinginformation:

    • Client Version Number. This is located at the bottom of the main UO login screen.
    • Server Name
    • Detailed Bug Description
    • Steps to Repeat Bug

    It is extremely important to include the necessary steps to recreate a bug, thus allowing the QA Team to promptly review it. We do recommend that you try to be as concise as possible when sending in reports as well. Try to tell us only those steps that were necessary to activate the bug.

    Completed bug reports can be sent via email to [email protected]. We look forward to working with you!

    Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2000, 12:04 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Fresh New Periodic Poll Today
    This weeks poll is about a possible addition to small houses (again). Please cast your vote here.


    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 11:54 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Monastery and Study Centre Opening
    An opportunity for spiritual edification:

    Hail dear friends all,

    I wish to announce the opening of a new community of worship and studywhich shall be formed within the ancient Tor Glorathin, standing proudly within the fair town of Glorindar, deep within the Yew Forests. Once a secluded Elvin enclave nestled in the heart of the deep woodlands, Glrondar is now re-born as a mixed community, still proud of its traditional links to the Olvin-folk, while at the same time striving to forge a new future out of a gathering of all goodly souls. Within this recently re-vivified town, a place of study and the pursuit of the wisdom of ages shall be founded, so that all may someday come to know it as a centre of knowledge and learning. The Scholars and Monks of this new centre of learning, this Glorathin Seminarium, shall pursue their studies safe in the knowledge that it is situated under the protective eye of the Glorindar Militia, thus ensuring their peace as they delve into the secrets of our world and the forces that shape it.

    I call upon all those who value learning and study, the wisdom of theages, the sanctity of the Virtues and above all a reverence for theTruth, to come and join our community of scholars, sages and questersafter knowledge. For more information on the town of Glorindar and itshistory, go to:

    Out of Character Note: It is our intention to use the foundation of this new Monastery / Study centre as a base for the creation and development of quests and story-lines for the players in and around the town of Glorindar and beyond. If you are a role player and have an interest in devising, or simply participating in rich dramatic developments within the Ultima Online setting, why not check us out?

    Yours in deepest humility,
    Michael, the monk.

    Thank you for the news friend, and good luck in this endeavor!

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 11:38 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Europa)

    Server Patch, Including Phase III of Clean Up
    This was just updated to FYI:
    Server Publish

    We will be publishing the features listed in Testing for the Next Update to the servers starting today with the Pacific Shard. The features will be active on Pacific after the shard returns from its Wednesday morning maintenance. We will then monitor the shard throughout the day for any issues. If all goes well, we will update the publish to the other shards. The features will be active on the North American shards after they return from their Thursday morning maintenance (local server time). The Korean, European, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Siege Perilous shards will have the publish activated after they return from their Friday morning maintenance (local server time).

    It is very important to note that this publish contains Phase III of Clean up Britannia, which will activate item decay in houses and boats. Any items not locked down, in a secure container, or in the hold of a boat will decay. This decay will start the moment the shard returns from maintenance. If you have any items in your house or boat that you do not wish to lose, you must place them in a safe location before the servers restart with the publish activated.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 11:21 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Copenhagen Family Pub
    William Nye, UOSS's Pacific Tavern Reviewer, stumbled on a new establishment the other day: The Copenhagen Family Pub.

    I suggest you hop on over to the UOSS Pacific Shard News Page (if you aren't there already :-), where you will find Bill's review, along with all the other Pacific reviews, on the left hand menu.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 9:07 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    Calling All Roleplayers of Drachenfels
    Lord HellSpawn, Keeper of the Drachenfels Mage Tower Stone, sent us thee following:
    I've realized that it is VERY hard to find people to help run questsand events. Therefor, Im planning a Database with information about people wanting to roleplay...

    However, The gathered data sofar havent gone very well, only 2characters in the database, and one of them is mine...

    I hope that all of you can take a moment to fill out this information,and send it to me (Please, just write your answer after the "question", ie:Name:*your name here*). After you are done, send it to me, at [email protected].

    All information sent will only be viewed by me, and those who wish toget information from the database will have to contact me, and if I findanyone matching their request, I will send a question to you, asking if youwant me to release your information to that person, or you can choose to notifyme in the mail, if you so wish, that I can give your information to thosewho wish to get it...

    And remember, I want all kinds of people, all from those new to Roleplaying(willing to learn, to those who are on the brink of becomingseers :) (this is a chance for all to get some roleplaying)

    • Character Name:
    • Alignment(Good, Evil, Neutral, etc):
    • Where does your Character mainly "hangout"?:
    • Believes in(A god, Atheist, etc):
    • Short Character Description(the character in your own words):
    • Type(What type is your character?(Mage,Merchant,etc):
    • Character Skills (no, you dont have to write ALL skills, only the"important ones"):
    • Previous Roleplaying Experience(how much roleplaying have you done?):
    • Roleplaying Skills(1-10):
    • Do you wish your information to be secure(you will be asked each time someone wants your information):
    • Ways of Contacting (ICQ, Email, etc):

    (If you wish(and have one), you are welcome to add your Characterstory, please, either paste it into the mail, or attach it as a txt file(allother will be ignored).)

    If you have any input, please send all to [email protected], allquestions will be answered(if possible). If you think that something is missingfrom the form, please tell me, and Ill add it.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen.

    Lord HellSpawn, Keeper of the Drachenfels Mage Tower Stone.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 7:08 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

    Horse Race
    Scritus sent us the following:
    I am planning to organize a Horse Racing Grand Prix.... with some races in different cities in Brittania... a la Formula 1....

    It will take place on Sunday afternoons or early evenings... probably every week one race.... there will be a starting fee of 4000 GP for 10 Races... each race the winner gets 3k.... the total winner after 10 races gets 10k... Jockeys will start for one of 16 cities of their its limited to 16 people (so far)

    If you want to know more check out the homepage:


    Note that the web site is written in German. If you cant read German, I suggeest you e-mail Scritus for more information.
    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 6:54 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

    In Support of Prince Rowan
    Yet another view of the House Westmark Debacle.

    In rebuke to the recent accusations against Rowan of Westmark...

    Rowan is not the evil figure that some have him figured out to be. He is indeed the aristocratic figure that some think him to be. But, calling him evil is a stretch. He is searching for truth and Justice....therefor I think that all guilds based on Justice and Honor should support this gentleman till the end of the trial of his sister Shalina. After that point we could investigate the many accusations against him.

    His involvement with OES and the Shadow Conclave is of no consequencewith the most recent events at the Crystal Ball. The guilds he haschosen for support does not make him evil and does not make his sisterinnocent. This is just the humble opinion of a warrior of Justice.

    -Malicite Captain of BWC

    An interesting perspective. In the end, only time will see the end of this madness. Let us hope for a speedy resolution.
    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 4:03 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    The Siege is Far From Over
    A tale of the struggles in Trinsic, Yew and Vesper and Cove. Enjoy!

    I was standing at the bank in Trinsic clearing the junk I had collected in my travels from my rather packed strongbox when, to my surprise, the undead started to claw their way out of the ground en-masse. These were no weak and rotting corpses either: these were the crack troops of the damned. Liches, Skeleton Knights, Bone Knights, Bone Mages, Wraiths... this was a force to be reckoned with. Deciding that in this case discretion was the better part of valor, I was quick to grasp a rune and some reagents, speak the words Kal Ort Por and have it away to Britain before my flesh was stripped from mybones.

    Arriving at the west bank I called out to the assembled public that the undead had overrun Trinsic and help was (rather urgently) needed. However, I was not the only person calling for aid. It seemed like-minded people from Vesper, Yew and Cove were asking for assistance also.

    Many decided to head for Vesper, and I went with them hoping to use the massed force to retake Trinsic once Vesper had been cleared of whatever was molesting it. Grasping a different rune and some more reagents I traveled the ether to Vesper. Straight away I was accosted by a Troll: a big brute he was, and he bruised me a little, but I soon hacked him apart with my scimitar. Pressing on into the town square I encountered little resistance: most of the troll vanguard was either laying dead and those that were left were surrounded by a number of vexed Vespians.

    Calling upon those around me to head to Trinsic, I ran to the bank to fetch my silver katana, which cut through the horde like a knife of Daemon's Breath through butter. Grasping a third rune and some more precious reagents I returned to the city of the Paladins.

    The streets here were a battlefield. It would seem that the more seasoned (and mercenary) adventurers had headed here initially, knowing that the "higher" undead had a habit of carrying plenty of money around with them... the liches especially. The assembled crowd had it's work cut out however, since the undead were lining the streets and are not known for their shoddy fighting. After a somewhat pitched battle the undead were driven back into the ground... and a tidy profit was made, it would seem.

    Once more to the bank, and once more into the ether as my horse Trotski and I headed for Yew to look for trouble. Yew, it seemed, wasn't exactly in mortal danger... only mongbats and orcs were on the offensive here. Switching back to my trusty scimitar I hacked down all that I saw, staining the halls of Empath Abbey with blood, but the situation was well under control by the time I arrived and I hardly saved the day.

    A few of the adventurers present, including myself, decided to head inwards to Yew city to see what could be found. The worst we spied was an orc mage, but he was felled sharpish.

    I decided to head to Cove next, after hearing that Elder Gazers had been seen there. By the time I arrived, however, there was nothing to be seen... all had rotted into the dust as magical corpses are so inclined to do.

    All these attacks, it seemed, had started simultaneously... I guaged this from the state the battle had been in in each city I visited. This could be coincidence... but I very seriously doubt it. Another alternative is that somebody or something is trying to wipe these cities off the face of Brittania- and this is more likely. Though why he/she/it would waste so many troops is beyond me...

    Bentham, Philosopher and Poet of Brittania

    I thank you for this accounting. Excellent questions, who is responsible for this carnage? I suppose time will tell friends. Until then, be safe!
    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 3:54 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Europa)

    The Trouble with Orcs
    I've seen in the woods that lye north of the Vespur, Yew and Britain road junction. An orc army has appeared with numerous orc mages, ettins and worriers, and I mean allot of them! I should know I was the one who saw them all spawn right before my eyes. I was fighting a lizard man in the woods just above my guild HQ. The fight with the lizard man was quite pleasant and I was cutting him to shreds, When out of nowhere a HUGE orc army spawned in front of me, with Lots of ettins, Lots of orc mages and even more Orc worriers. I was VERY nearly killed, I ran and ran and ran like the devil him self was after me and managed to out run them.

    Atrinnerty of EG

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 3:44 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Europa)

    Calamitous Journey
    As I have written before, and shall write once more, danger lurks in the most strange of places.

    As many have found, though their mouths now are bound, it can don the most innocent faces.

    As I shall now tell, of creatures most fell, of some murderous fellows bases....

    ...Twas nary a star to the sky when we left the Red Dawn headquarters on this day, early eve was floating about us like some hesitant fog, wrapping its tendrils of gloaming about our legs as we tramped our way towards the fortress of evil we sought to cleanse of perilous doom this night. Twilight beckoned us forth on our journey as we ventured through many moongates and we oft saw the twinkling of some celestial beings eyes winking at us with well-wishes for our calamitous journey to oblivion and back.

    Trepidation crawled like so many insects o'er our skins as we neared the destination, and many of us feared to go further, but the brave and experienced comrades with us showed us the way forth, through a secretly hidden stone wall where we found the aged and withered bones of some jailed victim, shackled by the jailer in times past, before this prison was o'er-run by the forest about it, draped in the vines of green that choked thick the woods they grew from, like some child nurtured by its parent only to strangle them once it had enough power.

    Another conjured gate bought us to the lands of some far flung desert, where we met with a handful of healers who agreed to accompany us on our expedition. Their names escape me but for that of the charming lady Nightingale, whose expertise in the arts of healing taught me much during my indenture on her island.

    Setting of on our journey we were immediatly struck by a vicous wyvern, its tail lashing and open maw drooling hot breath at those at its taloned feet, melting their armour away and tearing at their confidence with every ginat drip. Spells of icy death were flung its way by a corp of mages and slicks of steel on flesh sounded as the warriors made their way towards victory against the beast. Just afore the thing fell a groan was heard, hollow echoing calling the healers to work. Applying bandages and sewing the grievous wounds quickly the lady Nightingale saved my life, patching me together with masterful ability and haste, but not so fortunate was the wyvern, death came knocking at his treasure laden house this day, and the revolution was all the happier for it.

    Combat was the overwhelming mood of the night, as we traversed plains after plains of energy sapping sand dunes, the miniscule graisn whipping up at us as the wind reared its cold head and blew blasts at us with such fury we could not see more than ten paces ahead. The storm struck us quickly, and drowned our calls to one another with its whirling whispers of flying blindness. Standing still so as to not lose my bearings I formed a chain with the other people about me, keeping the group together and hopefully keeping us safe.

    When we managed to force our way through the other side of the storm we met a grizly sight indeed.

    Calm waters reflected the full moon above us, shadowed by pluming palm trees, bent over with age they had recently dropped their fruits to the ground, littering the floor with the revitalising food, however, also pacing the floor, like some angry mob were trolls, ettins, gazers and lizard men. Leering our way, their vision too somewhat distorted by the sand, they drew their giant clubs and axes and made at us with warlike intent. The oasis mirrored our every victory, as wave after wave of the cruel enemies met their end at the blows of our weapons. The healers worked as hard as they could, the mages drew powerful magics from the gods, and the fighters cut scathing holes in the enemy lines through which we cut them asunder in smaller groups.

    Twas a complete succes, the base of foul monsters emptied of its evil denizens, for now at least, and we rejoiced at the healthy exuberance we all felt due to the wonderful healers at our beck and call, had it not been for them the trip may have well ended in disaster.

    We plan another such journey soon, to keep the stronghold under control and free of monsters foul. Mayhaps another tale of my experiences shall meet thee then.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Marie Robespierre,
    guild secretary for El Rojo Amanecer.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 3:40 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Europa)

    Town Cryer: Gold caravan attacked!
    This was recently added to the Town Cryer:
    Theobald Waldemir
    UP: GreatLakes

    he past weeks have seen increased Brigand activity along the road leading to Britain from Minoc. The reason for this was unclear, until as of late. In secret, caravans laden with gold have been traveling from Minoc, destined for the royal mints of Britain. As it turned out, the secret was not very well-kept, as the first two such caravans were attacked and looted. The third attempt at passage found it's way safely to Britain, after Wellsink the Minter, charged with the gold's safety, recruited guards from the population of Minoc and Vesper.

    "The response was amazing," says Wellsink, who was questioned after his return to Minoc, "a veritable army accompanied the four pack horses that made up the Caravan. The Brigands didn’t have a chance!"

    The greatest threat to the caravan came at the wooden watchtower, just north of Britain. There, the group was met by a woman in a guard's uniform, who offered to guard the caravan the remaining way to the city. The attendant mercenaries were not fooled, however, and quickly unmasked the guard for what she was- a brigand. This false guard summoned her fellows from the woods, and the battle raged in earnest. The attackers were driven off, and hunted down. The body of Jacobe, the guardsman assigned to the watchtower, was later found in the woods nearby.

    Bordas, the notorious leader of a group of highwaymen which once preyed upon travelers going to and from Trinsic, has claimed responsibility for the attacks on the caravans. Whether or not his story can be believed is up for debate, as most of his followers were slain, following the robbery of Veldin the noble. Veldin hired a group of mercenaries, who pursued the brigands back to their palisade fort south of Yew, and slew all of those present, with the exception of Bordas, who fled.

    Regardless, the gold from the initial two caravans was never recovered. The total value of the nearly pure stolen gold, is just shy of seven hundred thousand gold coins. A princely sum, indeed.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 2:55 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (GreatLakes)

    Results of Peace Negotiations with the Orcs
    This news came from Arakthor:

    Greetings to all.

    The Council of Virtues met last knight with the Ogre Lord Gragor at the Mage Tower in the Kingdom of Dawn. This meeting was one conducted under many watchful eyes as the issue is by no doubts, controversial.

    The Council wished to meet with representatives of the Ogre Lords who lead the Orc armies that have been invading human cities across the world. We had several items we wished to investigate and gain answers from the Ogre Lords.

    The Virtue Justice dictates that proper action as decreed in the name of Justice, cannot be undertaken until both sides of the issue are known. Our attempt to discover the truth, was somewhat successful, and only made possible, by mooting with the Orc leaders.

    We asked many questions of Gragor, and he was very cooperative under the circumstances. He was attacked many times by factions who no doubt sought vengeance for the orc attacks on their beloved ones. Additionally, many were there to attack any they could. But, through the chaos, the knights of Dawn were hard pressed to maintain peace within the Mage tower, but did so and the Council sincerely thanks them for their sacrifice and efforts.

    As some found out, Gragor felt threatened and harrassed at several points, and was a little bit fearful for his life. He made some attacks against people who angered him, some justly, others not. The Council agreed to one thing, and that in the name of protocol, their guest would remain safe throughout the meeting. As a result, some of the overzealous attendee's outside were met with force and or temporary banishment to keep this peace. We regret that this was necessary and do apologize to any who were effected by this.

    From this meeting, we absorbed many new clues. Additionally, we would like to thank Dane Alexander, Prime Minister of the City of Avalon, for brining forth additional evidence for the Council to view. There were some key clues uncovered, and when put together with the information Prime Minister Alexander brought to us, we are now begining to get ot the root of the truth.

    At one point, the Ogre Lord said one of the reasons they had attacked the city of Britain, was that it lay at the center of our world, and stood between the many Orc tribes. I think we all understand the cities strategical importance. It was key that we found that the Orcs know this as well. In their admission, Gragor implied it was a strategical strike. Add this to Dane's evidence, an account of Krukuk(sp?), another Ogre Lord who fell in the Battle of Shame recently, wrote that their attacks on Shame were to gain more ingots so that they could begin a second assault of Britain.

    We also asked Gragor about the rumors of starvation. The Ogre Lord was keen indeed. He dodged this question many times and simply demanded the food. In an effort for justice and to learn more truth from the Ogre Lord who was growing very upset, we gave a gift of parlay to him in the form of 20,000 fish steaks. This appeased the Orc leader for a bit and we were able to continue with our questioning.

    Gragor would not comment either way if they were in alliance with the Trolls attacking Vesper, nor the Undead attacking Trinsic. He also scoffed at the notion that we thought they might be allied with the Mongbats attacking Yew. However, this weekend, Orc armies did strike at Yew, so the Council can only assume that Gragor meant the Orcs of Wrong had nothing to do with it. At several points Gragor would only speak for the Orcs of Wrong and noted that most of our war has been with the now all but defeated Orcs of Shame. This may well be true, but he also admitted to being involved in the first attack on Britain.

    The Ogre Lord then began to grow short of patience, with the fireballs and ebolts coming through the doors at him, we moved to the roof of the Tower. Gragor then began demanding the rest of the food. But in light of the information we had gathered, we decided no more food would be given to the Ogre. We decided the Council must meet once more to decide on these new issues. Additionally, the Ogre Lord feigned attack on Dawn. He threatened us with a bluff. He said he had the Kingdom surrounded by many Ogre Lords and Orc platoons. he demanded the rest of the food. We instead, called his bluff. He then laughed, finding his threats humorous. I think we learned something of Orcen politics by this experience.

    We agreed to meet with Gragor again, but under more controlled conditions. The Council will meet tuesday if possible to prepare for our wednesday night meeting with the Ogre Lord at a secret location. In the interests of Security, it must be this way. Too many wish to disrupt these fragile negotiations.

    Those factions in the Council may attend, but I insist that each faction only bring 1 member. No more than 1. Additionally, other factions wishing to be represented in the Council may petition us at our tuesday night meeting which will gather at 8pm (pst) at the Temple of Virtues in Haven. For the Wednesday night meeting with the Ogre Lord, we shalt decide who the parlay team for that meeting will be at the tuesday meeting.


    Arakthor, keeper of the Book of Virtues
    Quest Knight of Humility

    (( ooc: I would like to thank Seer Elair for making this roleplay an outstanding success. We couldnt have done it without you, and your efforts made for a great night for so many! Additionally, I would like to thank King Desmond Cross of Dawn and his guards. They did a wonderful job of keeping the peace under the circumstances. The People of Dawn deserve our thanks for their hospitality! And once more, our thanks to Dane Alexander of Avalon for sharing his information with the Council members that brought more life and understanding to the roleplay for us! Thank you! More thank you's to all of the Council members in attendance. I apologize to those who weren't able to be in the direct meeting, room was limited and time was ticking away. And more thank you's to all who showed up to protect the Kingdom of Dawn and stand against the threat of Orc armies. I apologize that there was now war for you to partake in, but I am quite sure this storyline and the wars are far from over. Keep reading the news sites for updates on the many facets of this storyline and those that tie into it.))

    Thanks Arakthor!
    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 12:52 PM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    New Shop on Fire Isle
    This arrived from the 420 guild:

    We have opened a new shop on Fire Isle which I think could benefit everybody on Baja. The guild 420 is having a huge blowout sale where almost everything magic and non-magic is 500 gp and less (there are a few items which aren't). We have a wide variety of items in stock now such as gm armor, weaponry silver, ruin, might, power, force, and occasionally some vanqs. All this for 500 gp or less!!!!!

    The sextant reading is 148o 58's 128o 15'w. We are looking forward to this huge sale and that everyone who patronizes our shop will walk away very happy.


    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 12:17 PM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    A Visit to Trinsic Prison
    We have found the following:
    She was smaller than I had imagined and her hair was more like the red from a paint box than a natural red, but on her it looked right. When the guard reluctantly let me in to see her, she was sitting on the cot against a back wall of the cell. Her light green eyes bore into me, assessing and evaluating. I know I looked away first, a bit flustered at the bold way her one glance dismissed me as something less than a minor nuisance. Despite her plain outfit and obvious surroundings, she rose like a lady welcoming me to tea, and offered me a seat on the cot, she herself gracefully lowering to sit on the floor. Next to her I felt like an elephant, huge and ungainly, my advanced pregnancy making it hard to be anything but clumsy.

    The baby took that moment to kick hard, making me shift on the uncomfortable cot. To cover my uneasiness, I slowly removed my soft leather gloves and laid them next to the basket at my feet. We stared at each other like cats from the same neighborhood until I indicated the basket. She examined it carefully as if it were trapped. I had included a warm cloak, several packs of herbal tea, and various fruits - including my current favorite peaches from the south coast. I had packed a hairbrush, a petite cake of green apple soap and small mirror, thinking she might like a few nice things. Her eyebrows went up as she pulled out the bottle of sweet wine from the bottom and quickly slid it under the rushes beside her. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the guard had kept the bottle of ale I'd put on top.

    In fact, I don't think either of us said a word to each other. I was beginning to feel nauseous: the cell, the guards,the stale rushes, even Sera Cole herself needing a bath. The guard came back and I rose to my feet -awkwardly - and putting my gloves back on, left the cell. Rushing out to the street, I bumped into a tall mancoming in, noting his incredibly beautiful light green eyes. Muttering a quick "excuse me," I almost ran to thebank, taking deep gulps of Trinsic air.

    Heather Rose, Graceless*Ironwood

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 11:08 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    A word of caution in the streets of Trinsic & Cove
    Do not leave your houses unarmed, for the streets of Trinsic & Cove are filled with danger. Lately witht he attacks, the streets has been filled with suicide squads of 4-5 undead charcters consiting of Skele-Knights, Lich Lords and Skele-Magi. I crossed paths with two corpses in the lower section of Trinsic which is very desolated. By the corpses was group of undead powerful monsters which almost have taken my life If it has not been for bystanders.


    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 11:02 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Mordrok Gets His Hat
    This news arrived from Tiare L'Roisto:

    The Dead Dove Tavern was quiet and I was wiping down the counters in preparation for the Amazon Fight Night crowd to arrive when a warrior named Magdalen pushed through the doors. She sat down at the counter and said that Jacob Tyrer was scheduled to meet someone here at the tavern and it concerned the Necklace of Holding. Others started arriving in quick succession for they also heard of Jacob's news (and of the free ale that was flowing). Whilst we were waiting for Jacob to arrive, Carnage repeated the tale of the first sighting of Mordrok and how he got the necklace and I retold the mission to find Mordrok's missing hat a few days before.

    Jacob Tyrer slowly walked in but did not sit down to rest his aching back, as was his usual manner. He was obviously preoccupied with the details of tonight and was waiting for several others to show. In strode Brandon, a cheerful, simple-minded cartographer, who was the person Jacob had been waiting for. Jacob took a moment to greet Brandon before he proceeded to tell us why we were gathered. The Necklace of Holding had drawn Jacob's attention so he paid a visit to a man that had information of its history and possibly its gold value. When Jacob went to the man's residence he found the man dead, hanging from the rafters of the house. Tyrer walked over to a bookcase for he knew this man stored secret information there. He opened up a hollowed-out book and found a map hidden within its covers! He did not know if the map had anything to do with Mordrok or the necklace but the reason he had hired Brandon was to follow this map and see what it led to. He asked us to go with Brandon and watch after him in case any danger was present. After assurances of Brandon's trustworthiness, Jacob left to do more research.

    Brandon decoded the map and had a rune to the very spot the map had indicated! We were gated to the treasure site and Brandon dug it up ease. Once the monsters had been slain, Brandon read to us from abook that he found lying in the chest:

    Title: To My Master Written by: An Imp

    "Master if you are reading these words, you have come back and I am dead, else you would not be retrieving the hat yourself. In this book I have written the hints to where I have hidden it."

    "South of a wide tree town,
    within an Imp's flying eye span
    The guard's finger will point to the largest heart in the land.
    The heart's direction will lead the way
    To where a person's dream once lay."

    The group pondered this riddle for a few moments and soon realized it was leading us to the ruins of a house that lay southeast of the Yew Orc Fort. We immediately began searching every piece of furniture,masonry and item in the vicinity. Someone tripped over a loose rock in floor and out popped another chest! Brandon opened it and showed us it was filled with hundreds of hats but we didn't know which one could be the hat Mordrok was looking for. Magdalen shouted, "I have the hat! The white hat!" but we too busy looking for the hat to hear her words. All of a sudden, a burst of explosions and fire lit the night air and Mordrok appeared in the center of the blaze. He stroderight to Magdalen and murdered her without so much as a blink of an eye and put on his white wizard's hat. She must have been hired by Mordrok to get the hat and her payment was her own blood, spilt upon the disintegrating floor. The warriors went straight for Mordrok's throat but all their spells and blades were useless as he only laughed at us before disappearing into the misty air.

    Brandon left the party so he could relay the news to Jacob Tyrer and we went back to the Dead Dove to discuss the night's events. The tired group rested their legs and drank some ale but it was not over.Once more flames erupted out of nothingness and Mordrok appeared with fire in his eyes. Before the blades could be unsheathed, he mocked us and vaporized into the night.

    Now the being that possesses Mordrok has the necklace and the hat. What is to be next?

    -Tiare L'Roisto

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 10:59 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Lull in Orc Attacks Ended as Vesper & Yew Come Under Seige
    Greyskull sent in this news:

    Hail, just a quick work to say that the lull in the attack on the cities of Britania ended last night in a big way...

    Vesper came under attack from trolls of both the everyday and frost varieties. Bodies lay strewn all over before they were repulsed by acoordinated effort of the cities defenders and those who had heeded the call to arms.

    Further north Yew again came under attack from orcs, mongbats and imps. Losses again abounded before the threat was put down. Defenders from many guilds joined to stave off the evil forces.

    We can now only await the next onslaught...

    Safe travels,


    Shadow Knight
    Rangers Of The Southern Cross
    Yew, Baja Shard

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 10:54 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    The Mermaid Bash, a Ball in Lumaria
    Mearii sent in this announcement:

    Attention all Seekers of fun and merriment! A Ball will be held in the Town Hall of Lumaria, The Mermaid Bash Fashion Show and Dance! All ladies and gentlemen are invited!

    The Contest: Dress up, look as fashionable as possible. Be able to Dance! The most fashionable lady will be crowned Lady of the Lake.The most fashionable gentleman will be crowned Lord Of the Lake. The prize will be magic fish, cooked fish stakes, 500 GP and a Fabulous Date. The Lucky Lady will win a date with Kvarno Goldeneye, a picnic at the Shrine of Sacrifice. The Lucky Gentleman will win a date with a Mysterious Lady of Lumaria, a picnic at the shrine of Sacrifice.This Ball Will be held in the wonderful shard of Baja, the town hall of Lumaria, on Saturday the 22nd at 7pm PST.

    Mearii the Pirate Wench

    Thanks Mearii, sounds like fun!
    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 10:47 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Client Patch Tuesday, January 18th
    This was just updated to FYI.

    We are in the final stages of testing the latest client patch. If all continues to go well, we will release this client patch tomorrow, January 18th, at approximately 3pm CST. Note that this is a client patch and not a server publish. The features currently in Testing For The Next Update will require a server publish and will not be activated with this client patch. A date for the server publish is not set at this time.

    This client patch will include the following:

    • A fix to resolve the client ghosting problems.
    • A fix to resolve regular and mini health bars not updating properly.
    • Activating the MyUO button. This will open your browser and bring you to the MyUO page.
    • Character customization that allows you to save settings based on a per character basis, including:
      • Speech and emote colors.
      • Macro settings.
      • Skill groupings.
      • Spell icons.
      • And many other configurable save options.
    • The "save password" feature will no longer be available and the password will be removed from all config files. Note that this will NOT affect players who already have the option checked until they uncheck it.
    • The default skill gain notification is now set to 0.1 instead of 0.2.
    • You will no longer be dismounted from your horse when you log in.
    • Positions of windows and icons will be saved including:
      • UO window size and position. This will also automatically maximize the window if you log out while it is maximized.
      • Gameplay window position.
      • Spellbook and Spell icon positions.
      • Location and size of radar.
      • Skill window.
      • Location of all open containers, including "sub-containers".
      • Location of minimized containers.
    • Fixes for client stability issues related to crashing when in full screen mode.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 6:13 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Thoughts on the Town Attacks
    It has been many days since the first scattered reports of town attacks began to filter to me, but time has not improved the situation. In fact it seems to have grown worse with each new wave that hits us. The towns of Vesper, Trinsic, Cove and Yew have been inundated with wave after wave of attacks which seem to be increasing in numbers and severity.

    This comment from Jearom of Nevermore about an attack on Vesper,

    Four and five at a time surrounding the fighters...More trolls to be found in every corner, I lost count after just a few minutes of trying.

    The trolls are indeed that numerous, and the other attacks are going the same way. But what is perhaps more disturbing than these vast growing numbers is the fact that the creatures themselves are getting tougher. This quote from a story by Rodgar concerning Trinsic illustrates these points,

    I encountered the first larger group of undead, a shade, a skeletal knight, a bone magi and two liches ... Liches!!! I had seen skeletal knights and mages in the earlier attacks but today I discovered the first liches under the attackers ... the forces evil was sending seemed to get stronger!...I felt the number of enemies had increased since the last attack yesterday and with the number of enemies the number of losses on the side of the defenders increased too.

    This upping of the ante has not been confined to the fate of Trinsic. Yew, who previously had just mass numbers of mongbats to contend with, are now dealing with ever increasing numbers of orcs. Cove, which has mainly dealt with headless ones, now have gazers paralyzing the populace with their evil eyes.

    All this is the most current news I know to give you, and most of you are already aware of it. But if I may step out of the shoes of mere reporter for a bit then I'd like to share some thoughts and questions that have occured to me.

    First I wish to look at this from a naturalists point of view. What natural reasons are there for animals to swarm? For they are swarming. We humans "swarm" for economical reasons primarily, but these attacks are not being waged by very economically minded species. Another reason is for mating, but they have not seemed to be inclined towards that either, as many of our warriors will attest. So we must assume they mean to invade our cities to take them over, but one thing puzzles me about this.

    Recently in the abbey in Yew I witnessed one of the attacks by the mongbats. As any warrior would, I stepped up to defend my city. The mongbats huddled together, then began to attack those of us rushing down on them. I am a grandmaster swordswoman who is partial to her halberd. I was not weilding anything but an average halberd that had a bit of wear on it, yet I killed these beast in one hit. This is not exactly surprising as mongbats are weak. But I have to wonder, are they that stupid as well? Do they not know that even in these large numbers they have no hope of taking over Yew? But why else might they come? Well, what if they are not coming in, but instead running out? What I mean is, what if they are coming into town in order to escape something else? What if the trolls are attacking Vesper in order to have a new place to live, not because they don't like us, but because they have little other choice?

    Another thing is the Yew attacks have been added to by a force of orcs. Have you ever known orcs, a fierce proud race, to work with much of anybody, let alone lowly mongbats? But both the orcs and the mongbats dwell in the woods. I feel we must ask ourselves, is something driving them out of the woods? The same holds true for the creatures attacking Cove and Vesper. And take note of Trinsic, there are caves that are just outside of trinsic that lead to the lost lands, to the City of the Dead in the lost lands!

    So let's say my theory that they are being driven out is correct. That leaves us with the problem of who is doing that and why. This is very difficult. We know that the lizardmen are at odds with the trolls, but they are not known to have problems with the headless ones or the mongbats. The orcs have often been one of the more ambitious of the lower humaniods, but they would have little desire to posses graveyards. In fact I can't find much of anything in the usual natural world that seems to have a motive, the power, or the intellect to do this.

    But it has been pointed out that the four cities targeted are both good areas to gather provisions, and surround Britian, home to our liege and capital of our lands. This would mean a large scale attack, and again is out of the league of most of the species that are being seen in the attacks, and we can probably rule out a massive coalition of undead/orc/mongbat/trolls/headless ones. So if the attackers are not in cohoots with eachother, and are being driven out not by their natural enemies, but are being driven, then what have we got?

    A new enemy, or more likely, a human one. One who would be more likely to coordinate an attack on these four Britian-surrounding cities. Rumors fly over fear of Mondain's return. I pray this is not true, but I think we are hitting close to home. If not Mondain, mayhap another of similar nature. In fact, let's all think back to not too long ago.

    Lord Nicolus was reported missing and freed not quite a month ago, and afterwards the most frightening of evidence, that of books signed by a "Mistress," were displayed in the castle as the Lady Eve had reported to us. I feel strongly there may be a tie. I'm not sure what, but something seems definate. What was the evil that was hinted to in those tomes?

    Unfortunately, even if I am on the right track it doesn't help much. Jearom of Nevermore had finished his story to me saying,

    The Trolls have invaded our cities, I say it's time to take the fight to them. Find where they live, and finish this, once and for all.

    The problem with that is we've never liked these attackers and have therefore done little to try and really figure them out. We don't really know where they all come from. And if I'm right and someone is behind all this, we know even less about them or their whereabouts.

    It seems that all we can do for now is bravely defend our cities against ever growing numbers of stronger and stronger attacks. If you are a citizen of a "safe" city, I personally ask on the behalf of those of us living under siege to come join us in our defense. For it seems if we fail in our defense, the whole of our world may soon fall as well.

    Citizens of Britania, be brave, be true, be united.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 5:46 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Login Problems for non-T2A players
    The following was just posted to Common Issues on the UO website:
    Patch Error Fix for Non-T2A Users

    Players experiencing difficulties connecting to the Ultima Online patch server should take the following steps to correct the problem.

    If you see the following error message when logging in to Ultima Online:

    Could not connect to patch server
    Could not connect to a patch server
    Make sure you have an active connection to the Internet via an ISP or a direct connection.
    Trying alternate versioninfo file...
    Could not read versioninfo file.

    Please try the following solution:

    • Edit the verinfo file that is contained in the Ultima Online directory. To do this, click on your Windows start button, then "find", "files or folders." Enter verinfo into the field marked "Named" and be sure to search your entire computer using the "Look In" menu.
    • Right click on the file and select "open with." Choose "Notepad" from the list of available programs.
    • You should see a line containing the following number string: 207 239 134 110 8888.
    • Delete this line and replace it with the following number: 208 12 168 15 8888
    • Close the file and save it when you are prompted.

    This will redirect your computer to check the correct patch server and download any appropriate patch. Please note that error message above will appear only if you have the original (non-T2A) version of Ultima Online installed on your computer. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].

    Please note that this only works for non-T2A users. If you have T2A then there will be no numbers like the ones mentioned above in the 'verinfo' file, that is normal.
    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 5:18 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Yew Open Market

    On Friday (January the 21st 2000) there will be an Open Market.What is an Open Market? An Open Market is when Merchants come together and sell their goods to people who wish to Buy them. The Open Market will take place at the Yew Winery.

    Here are some very Important details for the Sellers:
    *Do not bring all your goods with you! write down what your selling on abook make multiple copies of the book and give them to customers to look at then when the customer sees something they like go to the bank right next door and trade the items for gold.
    *Do not carry anything with you of importance!

    If you want to Sell things email Laein Simorian

    Here is some Important Information for Buyers:

    * Do not carry gold around. Ask the merchants to give you their catalog; look at the things they are selling, if you see something you like tell them and go to the bank next door.

    *Do Not carry anything around of Importance!

    If you follow these rules theives will not be a problem.

    The Time of the open market is 5:00 EST.

    This is a good oportunity to clean out your bank of stuff your not using! If you are selling used Armor or Weapons be sure to get them repaired and tell people that it is used on the catalog.Also on the catalog be sure to list the price.

    Theives beware, The Yew MIlitia WILL be at the Open Market.

    -Laein Simorian, Vice Mayor of Yew

    Thankye, Laein Simorian, for this news.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 5:05 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Another FCB Auction!
    This was dropped into my mailbox this morning...
    A "no draw" tile, full jars, a bag of ten sos bottles, and an unopened (we promise!) level three treasure chest are some of the many delights awaiting bidders at the next Fishing Council of Britannia (FCB) auction. High quality merchandise only: weapons will be only force or vanquishing and armor only fortification or invulnerability.

    The next auction will be Sunday January 22. We be accepting items from the public (no commission—this is a free public service) on Sunday between 7:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m. EST at FCB headquarters ( 47o 11s 58o 8e). A rune to FCB can be found at Wanda’s Wondrous Wares—a shop right behind RD’s tower. Also, runes will be handed out at the British Main bank beginning at 7:30 p.m. The auction begins at 8:00 p.m. Of course, since we are the fishing guild, free fishsteaks for all!!!!
    Of course we'll attend! How could we pass this up?!
    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 5:02 AM EST by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Town Cryer: Skara Brae Invaded in Glacia Struggle
    This was recently added to the Town Cryer:
    Garth Ranzz
    UP: Sonoma

    ast night citizens of Skara Brae were terrorized as an army of fire and ice creatures descended upon their quiet town, led by Cerin al'Eceri. Cerin was apparently trying to kill his cousin, ibn al'Asifa, who is the leader of the al'Suq tribe in Glacia. Further, evidence points towards ibn’s mother, Ilien n'Asifa, being kidnapped by Cerin, just prior to the attack.

    ibn and Ilien were to come to town to receive a mixture made from a rare "fire blossom" plant. Said plant was grown and nurtured by a large group of nobles, including the Lords Ivar Forkbeard and Myrkul, and the Lady Serafina Cole, after a desperate cross-country run to safeguard their seeds.

    The mixture made from the plant will reportedly free ibn's wife, Yasmine, from the icy prison which binds her in Glacia.

    Speaking to ibn in the aftermath of the attack, he trembled in quiet rage. "Cerin is a maniac who kills the members of his very own tribe in a foolish quest for power. Now he has struck at my mother -- vengeance will be mine for such a cowardly act."

    ibn asks that anyone with information on where his mother might be held be relayed to him as soon as possible via the bulletin board outside The Falconer's Inn in Skara Brea. Barring any clear leads presenting themselves sooner, he announced another meeting to discuss the matter next Tuesday at 9 PST in Skara Brae.

    Cerin escaped during the attack, and is still at-large. He should be considered armed and very dangerous.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 4:06 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Sonoma)

    Kinship Village Hall Celebrates it’s 30,000th Visit!
    We received this announcement:

    On the evening of January 12th, an unsuspecting Sundad Wen walked into the Kinship Village Hall (also known as the Kinship Tavern) to the cheers and applause of the village’s citizens as he opened the door. By all the tallies kept in the village’s archives, Sundad was the 30,000th visitor to the Village Hall. A large sum – 30,000 gold, donated by the village citizens – was given to him as reward. Sundad’s face lit up when he learned of the prize he would be given and he exclaimed that he could now afford to buy the home he had been wanting.

    After the exchanging of gold from the hands of one of the village’s founders, Ari ni’Dalaigh of Clan Dalaigh, Sundad returned to the tavern inside the Kinship Village Hall to share a bit of his lot and buy a round of ales for the patrons.

    The small, quaint village, now established nearly 24 years ago and located on the mainland just east of Skara Brae seems an unlikely place to have become such a popular resting spot, but the tallies show true. The citizens of Kinship Village would like to thank everyone for the show of support for their community!

    It is good to hear of such good news and spirits during these trying times, thank thee.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 3:59 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Unter Brae Fight Club
    Unter Brae Fight ClubWednesday Night at the Fights #1

    Hail great warriors, mages and fighters of the land, and welcome to the Unter Brae Fight Club! Unter Brae has held preliminary tournaments in the past six weeks. Since it’s been a huge success, we wish to officially make it public on this Wednesday evening, January 19, 2000 at 9:00pm EST. Normally, the UBFC is held every Tuesday night, but due to circumstances, it will be held this Wednesday. Please follow this link for all the information and details:

    Unter Brae Fight Club

    Thank you, and I hope to see you all there.

    Phaeton, UBFC coordinator

    Thank ye, Phaeton, for this information.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 3:45 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Town Cryer: Yew Crawling with Giant Spiders
    This was recently found in the Town Cryer:
    Permilia Morgan
    UP: Atlantic

    ecently, I had heard reports of an influx of giant spiders spotted around the Yew area. Sightings have been made from as far west as West Yew University to as far east as the Yew Moongate and the Akalabethian Village. I decided to set forth to Yew and investigate these rumors further.

    I spoke with a farmer near the University that said that he had seen many a young student running about with a giant spider fast on their tales. He then chuckled and added that he was glad it was not himself they were chasing.

    A forensics specialist performed an examination of one of the corpses for me and has found traces of white powder residue on the corpse. Coupled with his additional find of pieces of wheat stalk stuck to their feet, he has determined the white powder to be flour.

    I found this interesting and went to the Abbey to do some research with the monks there. One monk recalled that a while back the Yew Mill had become over run with the crawly beasts. He remembered the Town Cryers all shouting about the mess and many brave warriors setting off to free the town of the infestation there. I thanked him and started to look through old stories in their library and indeed came across one reporting of the Mill's infestation. Hrmm, I thought, is it possible that one of the egg sacs was not destroyed?

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 3:45 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Town Cryer: The Daemon Phakebrus is Fallen!
    This was recently added to the Town Cryer:
    Lord Kustine Hal'Mor, Paladin
    UP: Atlantic

    he signs were all there... The skies had darkened over the tombs of Wrong for days before the undead minions of the fallen Lord of Covetous; Aragothias had camped out the place for weeks. All that was left this night was to fight, fight with all our souls and hope to the Virtue's of our King that we suceeded...

    The past few weeks have held horrors and miracles mine own eyes have never held, hordes pouring out of the Halls of Covetous in the name of an Evil Lord Aragothias, Many brave men and women fought back those hordes and slew the Foul thing leaving his bloody mass of a body bleeding on the grassy knoll in front of the Serpent Cross. Yet, when he fell the evil creature that took residence inside his body was released and the real horrors began. Hell Hounds began to track members of the Yew Militia overcoming them, and those that were brave enough to render aid. Our 'Beacon of Hope' Had arrived holding the armies of brave Dragons behind her, Claudia Raym... the adopted daughter of an Elder Dragon slain by fools in the streets of Yew, had come to us to help fight this evil force and mayhap save her own kind in the process.

    With Phakebrus free of the prison of Aragothias, he unleashed legions upon our township of Fogwood on the outskirts of Yew. Many a brave warriors from Green Hell, The Rising Lords of Virtue, Order of the Silver Dragon, Akalabeth and The Syndicate had driven the droves back saving us from the flames. All those armies as well as many a Paladin and Mercenary gathered near the mouth of that horrid pit of Wrong. From her nearby lair our child of deliverance rode forth with her glorious innocence and young heart giving us all Hope and a sudden Burst of Energy, behind her followed two Sky Blue dragon guardians larger than any dragon I have seen or heard of.

    Our high hearts and confidence melted away like childhood dreams as the skies grew darker and two daemon guardians descended from the blackness overhead, behind them came Phakebrus... that horrid beast of Evil and Brimstone that had caused so much suffering. As they landed the ground shook and hellhounds poured out from fissures in the ground... Lich upon Lich rose from the graves of those buried in the tombs of Wrong... And our heart sunk as a black gate opened and in came the Armies of The Shadow Conclave. The Battle waged on an on for nearly an hour, men and women being cut down with not so much of a blink from Phakebrus...

    Then it happened I saw a man run from the top of the tomb over the stone spikes of Wrong with his sword pointed straight into the chest of one of Phakebrus' Guardians, the foul beast screamed in pain as its black blood poured and mixed with that of red already covering the grass. The Second Guardian Fell soon thereafter and one of Claudia's Dragonkin had been slain. Phakebrus fought through the crowd to destroy our Beacon of Hope and Innocence but for each step he took we pounded him with magic spells and cold iron that would have killed any normal daemon. As his last step was taken the Daemon Screamed "Noooooo!" and fell onto the stone battlements of Wrong impaling his thick hide.

    Our Fearless Scribe and Mage Greypawn approached the Foul body of Darkness and removed his cold lifeless heart proclaiming the battle a victory... The day was ours, and both Phakebrus and Aragothias are no more... Huzzah!

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 3:41 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Chaos, Rampage & Death In Trinsic and Cove
    The foul stenches of the undead high, the stink of magery from monsters was amok this was another day of death, the horrid sequences of towns young In Trinsic crying for its mother, the horrid sequences of female townfolk holding there dead lovers in the bloody streets. Death falls upon us with no mercy or feeling.

    The brave, the few brave of Trinsic and Cove were mainly those who are young and those who have thier hearts set upon the feeling of killing and looting the corpses of fallen peasents for pleasure and citizens of Trinsic & Cove. Today, I have gained no honor, I have gain no feeling of satisfaction from viewing eager citizens who steal valued armor and regeants off of hard working and honest citizens.

    Today I bring you this report with disgust and rage. There was absolutely no honor among the citizens of these two scum holding citys.

    As I and fellow fighter Wartitin of Skara, attended at the battles of Trinsic & Cove. I entered the battle joyfully, filled with self-assurance of close victory. We laughed and reminesd on past occurances with bottles full of ale. Terror. Hordes launched at us and a female peasent next to me. Surely the girl died. I could'nt care for her, Now it was my life to defend. Succesfully we took off the frist sweep, then the hordes of skeles, skele-magi and lich lords lead a counter-offensive of those who stood alive.

    Peace. Terror ended, people eager to pick off the possesions off dead monsters and dead young citizens. I was'nt filled with joy or honor, I was filled with hatred and sorrow. Depression is the language of fallen angels.

    I and my friend heard the screams of warning that Cove was under attack. Death. My friend dieing just as we were transported, ran away, trying the best he could to heal me, But the tight army of Gazers, Headless, Elder Gazers over-powerd us. Choas. Full-blown choas was everywhere women, young, warriors and elders dieing each minute, screams of heals and escape ended with a silent sigh. Death is always peacefull at the end.

    Soon enough, I collapsed. Spiritual form crying for others. Time passed, others bravely came to ressurect me, but died a silent death quickly.

    That is the end of my encounter of both battles. I lost nearly 100 of each reg, hard-collected rune book, armor, money, etc etc. I can recall the poor & eager clenching to my possesions just as they were under-attack. Those few, those very few who has ruined everything for other and me, I don't hate you, looters don't know any better, I pity you.

    So I leave you with these words with Sonoma and Its people. Please try to give a chance to the fallen one to recover their items. For one day, I can bet, you will be in the same situation.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 2:44 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    A wedding at Nujelm
    We have recieved the following:
    Announcing the wedding of ParityError and Roslind, everyone is are appreciated but notrequired. The wedding will be held at Nujelm Palace on Sunday, January 23, at 7:30 AM PST.

    If you want more details, or want to keep up to date...our webpage for the wedding is

    Also, if there is someone interested in being "cameraman" I'd appreciate it contact me and we'll discusscosts. :)

    My ICQ # is 5464892



    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 2:30 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Rivendell Events Committee formed; Town Night set for Wed.
    The lord mayor of Rivendell, Redrum, pigeoned this morning, sending us this news:

    Greetings from Rivendell!

    The Town of Rivendell, the council, and its citizens are pleased to announce the return of our weekly Town Nights for the new year! The newly established Events Committee is hard at work to provide events and entertainment for citizens and non-citizens alike. This group of hard working, dedicated citizens are committed to providing the best entertainment possible to our community and our shard as a whole. The committee consists of: Sable, Malakin, Prince and Pendragon I. We congratulate each and look forward to great things! The committee will endeavor to provide quality events such as arena fights, treasure hunts, quests, raffles, and a multitude of other entertaining venues.

    The first Town Night will be held Wednesday, Jan. 19th at 7:30pm CST, in Rivendell. As always these events are open to the public, and we would love to see new faces come to visit our community. The evening will be highlighted by a warrior tourney commencing at 8:00. Registration will begin at 7:30 in our wonderful tavern. As this is our first Town Night of the New Year we will be giving the first 10 registered contestants a GM-made weapon of their choice so be sure to be on time! The champion willreceive a GM-made set of Valorite plate and 5k, the runner up will receive a GM-made set of Verite plate. The registration fee for this tourney is only 750 gold!

    If fighting in the tourney isn’t for you come out to enjoy the company and visit our community’s fine establishments and talk to the citizens. You may just be surprised at what you find!

    The following rules will apply for the tourney:

  • No Spells Allowed
  • Any GM Made weapons allowed
  • 3 Greater Heals will be allowed per contest
  • No Poisoned or Magic Weapons allowed
  • No Bandages
  • No Magic ArmorNo Order/Chaos Shields
  • No Horses
  • Fight to the Death or Yield
  • No Looting
  • Healer and Resurrections Provided
  • Any questions regarding our town night events, community, or location, can be addressed to the Rivendell Town Hall Message Board. You can alsovisit our new exciting web page. We appreciate the continued support of all our Rivendell friends, and hope to meet many new ones in the future. Looking forward to another exciting Town Night!

    Mayor of Rivendell

    Great news, Redrum. Thanks!

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 1:21 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Feathered friends considered a British nuisance
    Been a while since we've heard this complaint given a voice, though the problem with the informal aviary has dogged our realm since the beginning of time.

    My name is Thermodynamics. This may seem a petty problem in light of the recent attacks on the nearby cities of Brittainia, however Britain itself has a problem. While walking past the Britain Public Library, I was struck upon the head by the droppings of a passing bird. It was then that I realized the rooftop of the library was littered by scores upon scores of a type of bird called a magpie. I have been in the area for quite a while and it seems that only recently have these pesky birds decided to find perch upon of beloved library. Their shear numbers reduce the speed at which people can pass through the area. I fear that their presence may summon the Dreaded Lord Lag who I am sure we have all had at least one run in with. I was tempted to rid the roof of these vermin, but when I tried I soon found myself at a loss for a means to ascend to the roof. I plead for the citizens of Britain to take arms against these rodents of the sky before it is too late.


    Thank you, Thermo. Your sentiments are shared by many. Perhaps we can hire some of our new friends in the Gelidum to freeze them out or transport some of the liches from Trinsic to eat them!

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 12:52 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Destiny investigates troll uprisings; ponders Gelidum link
    More news from Destiny concerning the recent troll troubles:

    The City of Destiny has been under attack as of late! Since even before British run cities were being attacked, Destiny has been under attack by a Troll clan. As of what was found by the scholars of Destiny, it was determined that this was an alternate clan than those which inhabit the dungeon Wrong. After speaking with the High Council on the issue, it was brought to the attention that the Glacia may be involved in angering the Troll clans. We were then contacted by the historian on the Glacia, where she gave us a full runebook to the Glacia, as well as a compiled history of the hierarchy and action in it.

    It was decided that Destiny should take action to investigate this matter further. Last week, several excursions to Wrong dungeon occurred, and we proceeded to question the Trolls to see if they knew any information on this odd rebel clan. They were very hostile towards us, and would reveal nothing of the sort. After a cruel exchange of words, a slaughter followed.

    We regret that we found no information on the separate clan of Trolls. Next, we adventured to the Glacia. Even in the freezing cold, we managed to do well against the creatures. After a harsh introduction to the cold, we managed to clear our way through towards the chambers, to find the leaders not around. For more information on the hierarchy and functions of the Glacia, you may visit the Destiny Library. We have the complete Glacia Compiled History open to read. It is a great read, and does not take anextreme amount of time to finish. We hope that we can come to a safeand happy conclusion to this predicament which seems to have formed right in front of our eyes.

    ~Eddard Stark

    Thank you, Eddard, for bringing us this update.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 12:45 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    GSS Mall gears up for anniversary celebration
    Dennar sends us this announcement concerning Gor's GSS Mall:

    Hail Good Citizens of Sosaria

    Plans are in the making for a spectacular event. The GSS Mall is one year old soon and has had 30,000 visitors. To show appreciation for the support the Lake Superior Citizens have displayed in making the GSS Mall such a popular spot, an event is in the making. Plans are being made, details ironed out for a shard wide Scavenger Hunt.

    All Citizens are invited. It will be possible for the newest of residents to the most senior to win this contest. All you will need is desire and an empty book.

    The prizes are going to be extra special:

  • 1st prize is a complete leather set of invulnerability.
  • There will be 5 complete sets of magic armor of different types, from hardening to invulnerability.
  • Then, we start with weapons. Vanquishing and power weapons will be in the prize list.
  • We expect to award pizes to the first 50 qualifiers. Yes first 50!
  • This will be a Million Gold event - maybe reaching close to 2 Million!

    I will continue to send in updates and more details as the time draws closer to this glorious happening. I hope to see all Sosaria participate in this joyous event.

    As always, your servant

    Thanks, Dennar. Please keep us updated on the event as plans are set. Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary to Gor and all of the merchants and patrons who've made the GSS Keep the shopping Mecca for Lake Superior. The GSS mall is located in the British Farmlands. Look for the keep in the wheatfield.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 12:37 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Mysterious Elder Gazer appears in Destiny
    Katrina of Destiny sent in this news:

    Given the recent discussions of frequent attacks to towns, I feel the needto add information to the reports already received. While it is truethat four towns have been targeted, there is another to add to the list.

    The town of Destiny has been subjected to attacks as well.There have been several troll attacks that have been led by ChiefRevenge. However, a more perplexing riddle has presented itself in the last week. Recently, Destiny has had mysterious visits from an Elder Gazer.

    This gazer acts differently from his brethren. Certainly, a monster of such great power could easily kill a dozen men. However, I have stood within a step of him and reached out my hand!

    Many of us have followed him and attempted to talk with him. He shies from those who come to close or approach with aggression. However, he never attacks. He simply flees and returns later. It seems as if he is observing us or perhaps trying to give us some message, but we have yet to figure it out.

    The other strange thing is that his appearance is always followed by hostile gazer attacks. These are not Elder Gazers, but the lesser brothersof our visitor. They attack in groups of 1 to 12 and do not seem to bea huge swarm of monsters like those that typically attack the other towns or has accompanied Chief Revenge in his attacks upon Destiny. If the Elder is around, he does no harm to humans. Indeed, it seems that he flees from his lesser brothers at times. We are not sure if the gazers attack because they do not like the Elder or if they attack because they are in league with him.

    If you have any ideas as to this mystery, please leave us a message in our townhall. Additionally, Destiny will be leading an excursion to the ice troll lands to try to find hints about the cause of our recent troll attacks.

    We welcome any thoughts on this strange phenomenon.

    Katrina, Paragons of Hope-Destiny

    Thank you, Katrina, for bringing us this news; more pieces of the puzzle we have yet to begin solving.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 12:22 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Orcs Assault Moonglow
    Greetings friends,

    Last night around 3 am EST, four of us were sitting in the Mage Tower conversing when an Orcish beast walked up to the door, promptly let himself in and started to attack us. Needless to say this way an easy foe, but we were troubled. After making our way around town to see if all was ok, we returned to the Mage Tower.

    Not ten minutes later the Orcish hoard started to pour through the redmoongate, storming from the shore, and out from behind the Lycaeum.Moonglow was under siege, and it would all start at the Lyceaum.

    We jumped into action, just the four of us to start, and then more valiant warriors came forth and assisted in the cause. Just as we had thought the battle was in our favor, more Orcish reinforcements arrived to help in the onslaught.

    The battle raged on for a half an hour until every orc had been butchered. Thankfully to the kindness of the people who helped defend the island, no one was slain; except for one poor soul who attacked my daemon (oops...).

    This event does raise some questions; How did the Orcish ones get toMoonglow? What was their intentions? This is a most troubling event indeed, for if Verity Isle is not safe, who is?

    Seer Oberon arrived after the battle to offer some information. From what he had heard, the Orcish mages were more powerful than one expected, and transported the Orcish hoard to the island. Why though? Why Moonglow? From what the Seer knew, the Orcish mage had applied to join the Lyceaum, and was denied, thus decided to get revenge by leading an army.

    Most troubling indeed...

    Sincerely,VirulLord Redemus, Dean of Entropy, NEC

    Thankye, VirulLord, for this account.
    Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, 2:52 PM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Are the Orcs and PaxLair Finally at Peace?
    For what may be six months, the Olag Hai Clan of Orcs have been claiming ownership of the land PaxLair is built on. Up until now there has been no proof to the Orc's claims, and it was mainly just dissmised as hearsay. Then a map and a journal were found some time ago. The map marked the location, and the journal explained the nature of the orcs that used to live in this meadow. Both the items were made by a human man named Bilzen. A ranger of these forests. The orcs now had the proof they needed to start an expedition for the truth behind themselves and the land of PaxLair.

    In the month of December the Mayor of PaxLair appointed the orc Ruglug to the position of Chancellor within the Mayor's office. This was a big step, as the orcs were rivals and enemies of the peace in PaxLair. Ruglug was the chosen orc for the position, by the decision of Gristle. Gristle is the War Lord of the orcs. Ruglug's job was to over see a certain dig which was to take place soon, and make sure everything goes according to plan.

    According to the map by Bilzen, an area right outside the PaxLair Order Tower was of some significance. A excivation dig was set in motion to retrieave any information which might be found there. Much vital information was found at the dig site; including a second journal. According to the second journal, the orcs did in fact live in the land of PaxLair some time ago. However, due to a plague of some sort, many of them died off and left the area, leaving it open. This is when the humans moved in. Bilzen tried to help the orcs, and aided them in many ways, but in the end he too died of the same plague. One of the accomplishments of Bilzen, was that he taught an Orc Shaman, long ago, how to read and write. That information has now been passed down by the generations of Orc Shamans, including the stories of the Orc's past.

    During the dig, the Orc WarGod and spirits of the orcs were disturbed, and weren't too happy for it. Undead attacked everyone, including orcs. They attacked the diggers, and caused a bit of a fray. To appease the WarGod, several buildings were constructed. By order of the Mayor January 15th was declared an Orc holiday in PaxLair. The ruins outside the Order Tower (the site of the digging) and the new WarGod temple were both declared sacred places. The human remains from the dig, were given to the people of PaxLair and were placed in the memorial house. The Orc remains were given to the Orcs and placed in their new WarGod temple. The temple to the wargod is a sanctuary for the orcs within the city. It will be where the Orcs can worship their wargod. A Memorial House was made, which lies outside the PaxLair Survival Shop, and contiains the bones of Bilzen, the two books and map by him, and a book by an Orc Shaman.

    Bilzen has become somewhat of a symbol of peace. Both the Orcs and PaxLair now see the error of their ways, and use Bilzen to symbolize the peace which could be there between the two. Bilzen sacraficed everything to try and help the Orcs, losing his life in the process. When I talked to An Orc Shaman, he stated that the Orcs do wish to have peace with PaxLair, but it'll be something that everyone has to contribute to. All he is looking for is respect from the people of PaxLair, and in return, the Orcs will respect the humans.

    The Memorial House [47k]
    The WarGod Temple [52k]

    Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, 12:09 PM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

    The First Church of Dragon’s Bay
    We were went this:
    Hail and Wellmet,

    Tonight was a grand night indeed we started out with serving of food and drinks at the Falconer’s Inn, telling stories and talking of the realms current plights, awaiting for Mergus to escorted in. Many had gathered for the opening this night, and we had taken every one out back, then had Mergus brought in, unknowing of the event that was to happen, he was dually shocked when greeted by friends and in awe as to why everyone was just standing around.

    We carried him up to the stairs of the Church and then told him that the people of Dragon’s Bay and his friends had pooled their resources together and built this church for him, and then handed him the scissors to cut the ribbon and officially open his Church. Every one cheered as the ribbon was cut and many yelled. Speech! Speech! Mergus Opened the doors to his newly found church with a pounding heart and invited every one in where he gave a short speech thanking every one. Mergus stated it was the virtues of people that made this possible.

    We then returned to the Falconer’s Inn for food, drink and dancing. Mergus hopes to have many weddings here and spiritual guidance. Come out and visit us any time, there will be a book inside the Church for Wedding, appointments and requests.

    Thank you for all your support, good journey and safe travels,

    Exedore of Arden

    Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, 11:57 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

    An interview with Doria Romanov the Gypsy
    We have recieved the following:
    A mysterious tent appeared recently in northwest Skara Brae, owned by the gypsy, Doria Romanov. Ms. Romanov is a mage with psychic abilities who channeled the spirit of Lady Birmingham, just before the evil Balart was overthrown. The residents of Skara Brae were most curious about why Doria had settled in Skara Brae. The beautiful gypsy lass graciously consented to give me an exclusive interview, as we sat in comfortable red chairs inside her tent.

    "Ms. Romanov, " I began, "I hear you recently gave a housewarming party in your tent, where you did a table dance."

    Doria smiled a little (ah, what an enthralling smile she has-like the sun breaking in the morn!) and said, "At the party I did dance a few steps after a glass of wine or two, but any rumors about my doing a table dance are greatly exagerated."

    "Is it true that the party ended up in a battle with creatures of ice and fire?"

    "Aye, during the party I saw a vision of the streets of Skara Brae running red with blood, and I saw Cerin al'Eceri attacking the town. We could not stand idly by whilst the town of Skara was threatened, so we went to the Falconer's Inn to aid ibn al'Asifa, the leader of the al'Suq tribe. Cerin al'Eceri appeared and attempted to slay his rival, ibn, and the streets of Skara Brae were o'erun with monsters of fire and ice. Cerin must have used his magic to lull the town guards, for on the streets of Skara Brae, I saw Fire Elementals, Frost Spiders, Ice Serpents, Lava Serpents, Frost Trolls, a Snow Elemental, and the most fearsome creature I have e'er seen, a Phoenix, which can cut down a fully armed warrior in one blow! The defenders of Skara Brae were victorious, but Cerin managed to escape and still threatens our land."

    "Do you have these visions often? Do you tell people's fortunes when they ask or do you read their palms?"

    "'Tis true that I have some psychic abilities, and at times I see with the "second sight", though 'tis not always under mine own conscious control. At times the spirits of the departed have communicated with me. But nay, I am no fortuneteller. That is, I do not generally tell fortunes of individuals when they ask, nor do I read palms. I am not any kind of entertainer, nor do I accept money for doing psychic readings. I view the use of my psychic powers as a spiritual experience--a part of mine own inner being communes with another being, or my second sight shows me something in a distant part of our land. Because 'tis a spiritual experience for me, I do psychic readings only when the spirit moves me."

    I then asked, "Why did you chose to chose to settle in Skara Brae?"

    "I have just gone through a sad and stressful time of my life, and wished to start fresh in a new place. I am a peaceloving person, and I was attracted to live in this quiet, pleasant town. Though I must say that the eve of the party the town was not that peaceful! Skara is near a beautiful forest, and I enjoy the company of the rangers who frequent this area. The nearby woods heal and bring peace to my soul."

    "Ms. Romanov, if you don't mind my asking a personal question, why have you been sad?"

    Doria looked downwards. "My husband, Bryce Barington, hath disappeared."

    I swallowed hard. Doria was married? She looked like an unwed maiden of no more than 20 years. Indeed when I first set eyes upon this raven-haired beauty, I began to wonder if a wild gypsy lass and a young reporter could ever… I brought my thoughts back to the interview.

    "I'm sorry to hear your husband is gone," I prevaricated. Well, perhaps this was a bit of an untruth, for my heart plummeted with despair when I heard she was married, my heart leapt with hope at the thought that this beauteous creature might be free. "Is your husband alive? Will he be coming back?"

    I thought I saw tears glisten at the end of her long, black eyelashes. "Alas, I fear that my husband hath died the final death and that I am a widow."

    I swallowed again. I was sorry she was sad, yet I must admit part of me rejoiced. If her husband was dead, perhaps some day she might wish for some… consolation.

    I asked her why she chose to live in such an unusual dwelling, a tent surrounded by a stone wall. Doria looked up and gazed at me with her meltingly beautiful dark eyes. "When I was a young lass, I was member of a semi-nomadic gypsy tribe, and my happiest memories are from the time I dwelt in a tent. During the winter months, my tribe lived in the gypsy camp near Minoc in tents much like this one." She glanced around at the walls of the tent. "I feel at home in a pleasant pavilion such as this. The skilled craftsman who sewed the tent and pitched it for me told me that oft a stiff breeze blows off the nearby ocean, and he recommended that I surround the tent with a snug stone wall as a windbreak. I followed his advice, and indeed my tent is warm and cozy most of the time. Though from time to time the wind doth tear small rents in the roof. " She gestured towards a small rip in the tent roof. "But 'tis most pleasant to dwell here and I am content."

    I rose to take my leave and thanked Doria for the interview. I did not let on to the gypsy lass that she had captured my heart, but I shall be dreaming of her until I see her again.

    --Stav Korwell

    Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, 10:41 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Court of Sonoma to be under new management
    We have found the following:
    The past few weeks have been difficult for me. I have been absent for the most part and have been unable to perform my duties as fully as I should. To put it simply, I have been ill. I am getting much rest and hope that I may find a cure soon.

    As a result of this illness, I will be unable to handle court matters until I am cured. Justice is extremely important and should not suffer from my inablilities. Thus I will be choosing someone to take over the responsibilties of running the court in my absence.

    I hope that you will place your faith in my choice as you would place your faith in me.

    Many thanks,

    --Sage Arthur

    Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, 10:34 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Stratics is looking for Staff for New Website
    Opportunity knocks! Stratics is seeking able bodied individuals to assist us with our Sovereign WebSite. If you think you might be interested, then please take the time to send some email my way. Your email should list any experience you have with Web Design, any samples of your work, organizational skills you feel may be of benefit, writing skills, and whatever else you may feel is relevant. Thank you.

    Senior Network Administrator

    Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, 3:25 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Tasador and Lana to be Married at WYU
    Love is in the air friends! Tasador sends us this invitiation.

    Hail Travelers! This is Tasador of Yew. Lana of Britian and I are to be married this Saturday the 22nd. It will be held at West Yew University stage and the time is 11:00 am. Anyone who wants to attend may. We will be having a party with drinks and food after the wedding so be sure to come!

    Congratulations Tasador and Lana! Best of luck to you on your wedding!

    Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, 1:32 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Lady Serafina Cole Sentenced to Life in Prison!
    We have recieved the following:
    Having been found guilty of a range of criminal charges from treason to the ruling crown, illegal trade and smuggling, conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit murder, The Lady Serafina Cole was sentenced to life in prison to be served at the Trinsic jail, her stay commencing immediately.

    Though some court officials found it odd that Sir Luther would offer his patronage to her life in lieu of a death sentence, it was quickly dismissed as his showing of compassion.

    Justice has been served!

    Thanks. Aye, justice has been served.
    Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, 1:17 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Origin sends emails to get Aussie players back on-line
    This email was sent to several Australian people with deactivated UO accounts. Looks like Origin is trying to get the people back that quit because of bad connections from Australia.
    Greetings Traveller of Brittania!

    We have not had the pleasure of your company in some time, and we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about some exciting developments in Ultima Online here in Australasia. Origin Systems and Electronic Arts Australia are pleased to announce the impending launch of our newest UO server located in Australia. The new server (we call them "shards") will be called Oceania, a name we feel beautifully represents the vastness and diversity of the population of Brittania. Oceania is scheduled to be up on February 1st - subject to successful completion of connectivity tests. Oceania will be located at UUNET's collocation facility in Pyrmont, Sydney.

    You may have found UO to be difficult to play, or that the latency between your computer and the nearest shard restricted your playing experience. With Oceania, many of the performance problems you previously had will be dramatically, if not completely, reduced. Oceania will launch with an undeveloped landscape on which you can venture, explore, interact, or build your own estates. Plus, only players from the Asia-Pacific region will have access to the shard during the first few weeks, which means this is a golden opportunity for you to get re-acquainted with Ultima Online.

    There will continue to be new developments in the world of UO throughout 2000. We will endeavor to keep you updated of the exciting changes and additions. In the meantime, welcome to Brittania's newest undiscovered land: Oceania.

    Origin Systems and Electronic Arts Australia

    Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, 1:00 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Oceania)

    The rebirth of the City of Caemlyn

    I was sent this by Layla:
      There was once a community, now faded into the mists of memory, the City of Caemlyn. The time has come for a new community, founded upon the same principles and hopes.

      The owners of the shops and homes surrounding the famous Red Devil auction house tower are being invited to form the new city of Caemlyn. Those who do not live there, but wish to be a part of the birth are welcome as well.

      And initial meeting will be held this Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. EST at RD’s Tower. Directions to RD’s can be found at
    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 11:24 PM EST by Rasesar Wej (GreatLakes)

    Sections on new Oceania Shard opened
    For the latest news about the new Australian server, called Oceania, head over to our Oceania News section. If you want to get in contact with other people interested in the Oceania Shard then feel free to do so on our Oceania Forum.

    Congrats Aussies, looks like your all your petitions and polls are paying off :)

    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 7:02 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    New Comics at Great Bob's
    Head on over to Great Bob's Comics and have a laugh while reading his Y2K, Violence and Casablanca comics.
    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 6:47 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CandidCoverage)

    New Australian Shard opens February 1st
    Alice of Pacific directed our attention to this:
    Loyal Citizens of Brittania, We Bid You Hail and Well Met!

    It is with great pleasure that Origin Systems and Electronic Arts announce the opening of the long-awaited Australasian shard "Oceania". We believe that our newest shard in the multiverse of UO will provide you with vastly improved gameplay, and will represent an entirely new role-playing experience for you - which is something we believe you richly deserve.

    We are working to ensure that the shard is ready for exploration by February 1st, subject to completion of our technical due diligence. The shard is already in Australia, and is on its way to its location at UUNET's collocation facility in Pyrmont, Sydney. We hope to begin testing the shard by the middle of next week. As many of you are aware, we limit the initial accessibility of new shards to players from within the region in which the shard is located. This means that Oceania will be open only to those players from the Asia-Pacific region. After the initial period is over, the shard will be opened to all active UO players.

    While we believe that players from Australia have the most to benefit from the new shard, it is not an exclusively Australian shard. We hope you agree that one of the great things about UO is the ability to meet and interact with diverse groups. Please help us make Oceania as successful as possible by encouraging UO players from around the region to play on Oceania. And by all means, please invite all of your friends, relatives, workmates, ex-girlfriends, etc... to come join us on Oceania. It promises to be one of our most exciting shards.

    There will continue to be new developments in the world of UO throughout 2000. We will endeavor to keep you updated of the exciting changes and additions. In the meantime, welcome to Brittania's newest undiscovered land: Oceania.

    Origin Systems and Electronic Arts Australia

    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 4:30 PM EST by Xena Dragon (Oceania)

    Get your "fix file" here...
    It seems as if the file needed for the Test Center fix mentioned below is no longer available at OSI's website. For your convenience we have mirrored it here. Just download the zipfile and unzip it in the directory where you installed UO.
    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 3:51 PM EST by Xena Dragon (TestCenter)

    Free, web based, UO related email account
    The people at UOGuilds sent us the following announcement:

    The proud community behind is happy to announce its second establishment towards the UO players in the form of [email protected], free web-based email!

    Need a way to communicate with your UO friends? Would you like a versatile and fast web based email to heighten your UO experience? Want it with an UO 'theme'? Want it FREE?!! Visit us at and click to signup! Signups only take 45 seconds and are instantly availible. Hurry now and be the first to register your new original email account.

    Some features of include:

    • Ability to create multiple address books
    • SPAM filters
    • Multiple Folders
    • Mail sorting based on email address, words in email, etc..
    • Ability to send/recieve file attachments
    • Ability to check/send email anywhere in the world

    There's no better way to compliment your free hosted website with a email account. Join now!

    UOG Sitemaster
    [email protected]

    And a tip from silly old me: If you sign up to *any* UO related service, do *not* use the same password you use for playing UO.
    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 3:44 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    The Marriage of Aleph Aeirs and Azrielle

    Earlier today, two of the foremost carriers of the Light were wed in a ceremony by the Yew Waterfalls, near the Shrine of Justice. Nobles and noteworthy peoples from around the realm took to their steeds and travled the distance to see Lord Aleph Aeirs, Guildmaster of Sic Semper Tyrannis, and Mayor of Rivendell, wed the Lady Azrielle, Diplomatic Consul of Sic Semper Tyrannis. Great peoples from about the realm clammored into the city of Rivendell to attend the wedding, and the guests arrived at the spot with, fortunately, no hitches. The bridesmaids were bedecked in light blueish-green gowns, while the groomsmen were garbed in suits with sashes to match their ranks and positions within the community. All sat silent in the lush flowery green near the waterfall as the groom, peering hesitantly down the aisle, saw his bride approach.


    The Lady Azrielle's gown flowed beautifully as she stepped in time to the unheard march, accompanied by the Lord Jackdeth, who was to give her away. The acting priest, Seer Nikademus, began the ritual of matrimony, and all murmurs of awe and approval at Azrielle's dress grew to a close. The ceremony proceeded well, Nikademus presenting those gathered with the standard accompanied words of most any wedding, and highly well done, I might add. The bride and groom each had...quite touching vows to exchange, both of which drew hints of tears to this old man's eyes. I cannot recall, in all the days of my life, ever witnessing such unbridled, and overwhelming love, as I have during those words exchanged by the couple. The entire gathering was honored and uplifted, by the mere existence of their bond, and, a large contingient of the seated guests had tears in their eyes, lord and lady alike. After hearing the sacred ties spoken by the priest, they each in turn, in a semi-whisper, proclaimed "I do." With a smile that spoke more than a thousand words, Aleph slipped the ring upon the finger of his love. She in turn, with a grin equally expressive, placed a ring upon his finger.


    At that, the crowd erupted with shouts of joyous jubilation. Mages in attendance were quick to give quite a visual display and the fireworks rang their thunderous voice overhead, as the newlywed couple embraced in a sight that drew tears of joy and heartwarming smiles from those gathered. Immediately following the rapture of the ceremony, a reception was held in the Fitzowen Hall of the Arts of Unter Brae.


    The gathering arrived en masse and set to devouring the marvelous feast before them, and showing the bride and groom with treasures and presents of great number. Laughs were exchanged, socializing ensued, and all were overjoyed celebrating the union of the married couple. My good friend Jackdeth, made a toast to Aleph and Azrielle, wishing them a love undying, and a bright future to come.

    All in all, this event was a beautiful thing to behold, and went perfect as a dream. I, for one, will look back on this day, as one of the greatest memories of my life, something to hold on to in times of darkness, and something to see one through, till the bright rays of the morning sun come.

    Sincerely,Your Humble Servant,
    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 1:40 PM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Orcish Ruins are dug in Paxliar
    An Orcish Shaman sent us this:
    Las muun, the humies of Paxland and de orcies heldz az dig ad de ruinz dat wuz neerz de Tuwer ob Orderz. De humie Caliphate wuz de diggurz and dim findz de remanz ob az Orcie Templez. De humie diggurz desturb de old orcie spuritz and dem tryz tu clomp de humiez and orcies dere.

    Dere wuz armurz, weeponz, bunez anz a buuk. Allz dese dings wuz frum orcies ob oldz, cept de buuk which wuz writtin byz de humie Bilzen. Dem wuz de writerz ob de furst buuk bout de orcies and diz ash cuntinuz de sturyz. De nuw buukz blahz dat de land dat De humie tuwn ob paxland iz builtz un wuz furst orcies land but de orciez wuz infecded wid a dezeez an dat de hellthy orcie leb de landz wid a shamanz til de Wargod cleenz de land. Id nuwz beleeb dat de humiez ob paxland den findz dis landz and take fur demselvez az de orcies nub wuz dere.

    Aber de digz , Head humie Winfieldz meetz wid de orcies in de furt, and blahz ub peece cuz de landz seemz tu be buth humie an orcies landz. De head humie blah dat dim callz fur de tuwn anz all arundz wellz recongiz de day az Orcie Dayz, and dat de ruinz and de new templez in de tuwn wilz be holiz grundz an dat dere wud bez nub clompin on dez grundz.

    Dem alsu blahz dat de orcies wilz be able tu wurship de Wargod in de orciez wayz.


    Human Translation

    Last night, the humans of Paxlair and the orcs held a dig at the ruins that are near the Tower of Order. The human Caliphate was the digger and he found the remains of an Orcish Temple. The human digger disturb the spirits of the old orcs, causing them to attack both humans and orcs alike. During the dig, Armor, weapons, bones and a book was found. All of these items were from the orcs of old, except the book which was written by the Human Ranger Bilzen. Bilzen was the writer of the first book dealing with the history of the orc, and this book seem to continue the story. The second book seems to state that the orcs who the ranger first encountered were still in the meadow known which is now known as Paxlair. The orcs had reduced in size due to a disease that seem to have infected the orcs. The story continues, telling how the Warboss told the clan Shaman to lead the healthy orcs away from the infected land until the Wargod cleanse the land. It is believed that during this absence, the humans found the town of Paxlair because the land was unoccupied.

    After the dig, the Mayor of Paxlair, Winfield, met with the orcs in the fort and spoke of peace because the land seems to be both human’s and orc’s land. The Mayor continued, stated that the day would be holiday in and around Paxliar and that the ruins and the new temple would be considered holy ground and that fighting would be not allowed at these locations. He also stated that he welcome the peace that is hoped to come, and that the orcs may worship their Wargod in their ways.

    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 10:47 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

    Midwinter Ball Held Last Night
    This was sent to us:
    The Dragon Tear Café held its Midwinter ball last night, with many people coming to join in the festivities. The party lasted for over 3 hours ( Which outlasted the tables and torches that had been set up outside to accomidate everyone that had come), with people conversing with friends, enjoying an ale, and a few poeple enjoying the winnings of door prizes. Congrats to everyone who won, and Thank you to everyone who came to endorse the Café. Also among the crowd tonight were Senior Companions Manshoon and Lady Erthane arrived late on in the night, passing by to meet a new companion. As always, we at the cafe appreceate your showing at our festivities.

    On other news, the Café has two new nights that are manned! Along with Thursdays (which are qued for large events, and/or regular bar nights at 7-9est), and Saturdays (Riddle Night from 7-9est!), Monday Nights are now being manned by Calidan (7-9est)! Sundays will be opening by Julianna as a PvP League day! More details will be forthcoming within the week to come, but prizes will include a first prize of 6k each week. Our attempts at being open for you every day of the week are slowly coming to be, so stop on by and have an ale sometime!


    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 10:36 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

    Eventful Days
    This was sent to us:
    Hail and good travels,

    Today was one of the more eventful days I've seen in awhile. Undead attacked the city of Trinsic, and Trolls attacked the city of Vesper. On impulse, I'd decided to leave my home city of Moonglow and travel by moongate to Trinsic. After awhile chopping trees, I decided to sit back and play some music. Not much later, undead rose up out of the ground. Near the bank, a pair of liches, wraiths, skeleton knights, bone knights, and spectres were amok. Further to the west, after the battle, I saw several dead bone mages and knights.

    Barely escaping with my life during an encounter with a spectre (yes, I'm a very bad fighter), I figured that this might not be the end. After the city was clear of stragglers, I took a moongate to Vesper, and not much after that, a troll jumped out of the river right behind me! luckily, I'm more of an archer than a swordsman, so I let him have it a bit, and soon the aid of fighters alot better than myself arrived. After killing four around the bank, I went south and spotted another. There, four warriors were fighting almost to the death. Luckily, a mage stepped in and healed the warriors. After this troll was dispatched, I stepped in the jewelry shop and spied a troll in the corner. Bloody thing was too dumb to hop over! After what seemed like forever, he fell to my arrows.

    Casualties were minimal; I saw two deaths in Vesper, and another death in Trinsic. All in all, it was an easy battle, but I didnt like fighting those magic-gifted undead... I did not check Yew, but no doubt they will be under assault or have been already, if the pattern follows this.

    May forturne follow in your travels,
    Muldan, Journeyman Lumberjackk

    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 10:21 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

    Keg & Anchor Grand Opening
    Hurrek Varr, new proprietor of Trinsic's Keg & Anchor pub, sends out this announcement:

    The Keg and Anchor in Trinsic is now under new management. To celebrate this event, you are invited to attend the Grand Re-opening Party at the Keg and Anchor on Tuesday, January 18th! Food and drinks are on the house and will be served all night. The party will begin at 7pm CST and will last until we run out of ale!

    Hurrek Varr

    'Tis sure to be a grand affair! Don't miss it!

    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 6:36 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Attack on Yew
    This morning, around 11 EST, the town of Yew was the subject of a monster invasion. Many a' brave warriors died but in the end the monsters were repelled and Yew was safe once more. Below are a couple of accounts of what transpired:
    "We arrived to see orcs numbering in the dozens making the run on Empath Abbey. There were more Orcish lords than anything, but add in a few ettins, orc mages, and mongbats and things were getting a bit 'hot' for Yew's citizens. As the raid moved on, quite a few people arrived to assist in its defeat.

    The blunt of the raid was aimed at Empath Abbey's front doors, but as we moved out, we saw several brave warriors surrounded by a dozen or more mongbats. The smelly beasts were defeated, and Yew remained secure due to the fine efforts of those dedicated people."
    As told by Amber of the City of Haven

    "I went to the bank at the Empath Abbey outside the east wall. Before my box would open I was attacked by about 10 mongbats. Surrounded, others came to help, then about 15 Orc lords and an ogre arrived. I eventually fought my way out of the mongbat mob and fought several orcs southeast of the bank. The swarm was inside the town limitsall over the east and southeast side of the town. Orcs, orc lords, orc mages, ogres, and mongbats. All of this lasted about 30 minutes."
    As told by Lachlan Mor of the City of Haven
    If anyone has any pictures of this, or any other of these monster raids, please send them in. And everyone be on the look out. It could happen at any time and near everywhere.
    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 6:22 AM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Sacrafice Ritual to help Lady Birmingham
    We have found the following:
    The ritual to bless Lady Birminghams body at the Shrine of Sacrafice will take place at 8:30pm PST. Please meet at the shrine and give your support as Shandra performs the ritual. The remnants of the energy from the spell cast off of Bree have dangerous side effects. Undead appear planning revenge and death to all who stand near them. Please come prepared for anything. These disgusting creatures are appearing in increasing numbers after each ritual is successfully performed. Be on guard! I will be at the YMCA at Friday January 21st at 8:30pm PST opening gates for any who need it.

    Elise, Lady of the Healer, AoL

    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 5:15 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Heroes, Bards, and Tales of Lore Night at Dragon's Bay
    Exedore of Dragon's Bay sent us this......

    Hail and Wellmet,

    Dragon’s Bay Falconer’s Inn will host "Heroes, Bards, and Tales of Lore Night" every Monday and Wednesday night from 7:00 PM EST to 9:00 PM EST starting this Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th.

    Come in join us as we discuss what happening to Britannia with all the evil afoot or listen to the Bards sing their adventures of heroes fighting battles won and lost, or a mighty Warrior telling of his last dungeon crawl and a Mages new spell.

    Come down to rest awhile from your travels and have a free mug of ale and a bite to eat, Our staff here will gladly assist thee in keeping your mug full and stories grand. We will serve all food and drinks till their gone and may adjust times and days to better serve the people of the community and or to hold special events, dungeon crawls, or gatherings.

    We are located north of the Empath Abby along the West Coast upper peninsula, just north of Duir tavern and the moongate, or go to for more information.

    Thank you, hope to see you there,
    Exedore of Arden

    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 1:29 AM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    New Game at the Cap & Dagger

    The holiday season has given Casino Director Smythe time to dream up another way for you to win gold pieces at the C&D! Order vs Chaos joins the array of many unique games at the C&D, using the coins that were given to us on the 300th anniversary of Mondain's defeat, which return 'ankh' or 'serpent' when flipped. Players wager on "Order", "Balance" or "Chaos", and the dealer flips four coins. If there are more ankhs than serpents is a win for Order. More serpents than ankhs is a win for Chaos, and two of each is a win for Balance. But that's not all! There are several 'special bonus' situations, that let you win more money! If all four coins come up 'ankh', then a glorious victory has taken place, and wagers on Order pay triple! Similarly, all serpents indicates a dark slaughter has occurred, and wagers on chaos pay three to one. Not to be left out, if the coins fall in the order of Ankh, Ankh, Serpent, Serpent(or Serpent Serpent Ankh Ankh) then symmetric balance has occurred, and wagers on balance pay double!
    The Cap & Dagger is located at 116o 32'N, 94o 55'E, and open every Wednesday night at 8:30 Central Time, taking your 100 gold to 2000 gold wagers until midnight! See the Cap & Dagger homepage for maps, news, and rules for all the games.

    Cap & Dagger Casino Director
    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 12:11 AM EST by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    The Companions hold a Race!!
    I just got this from Companion Morg
    Hail all:

    I am very pleased to say that I got a huge response from the help for newbies post, I will be contacting everyone that e mailed or icq'd me shortly, the guilds I am considering will also be notified.

    Myself and Companion Gehm have decided to hold a race between 2 towns, the two towns will only be revieled to those in the race at the time of the race to avoid any trouble during the race. The sole aim of this race is to raise money which we can use to help newbies.


    1 - Half the money raised.
    2 - 1 set of Grand master plate, Grandmaster Archer suit, 1 exceptional set of leather (made my alexia)1 katana, kryss, warmace (all crafted by Gehm)
    3 - 1 Grandmaster archer suit 1 exceptional leather set and 1 katana, kryss, warmace.
    If this race is a success then me and Gehm will start to make quests for people to enter and we can hold more events, I am currently constructing a Companion website which will have all the event listings and so forth.

    Please icq me at 60455562, my e mail is still full of e mails from people who wish to help newbies and it would just confuse me to get it overwhelmed by Race entries.

    Thank you all for reading this message, I and Gehm hope to see you at the race.

    Companion Morg

    Thankyou Companion Morg, he also wanted me to mention that the race will be held at 1 PM Pacific Time next Saturday(the 22'nd).
    Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000, 12:07 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Another CV Lottery(but with a higher jackpot)
    I got this from Arbatross
    Dear Stratics Gods,

    CV Lottery is looking to up our jackpots to perhaps millions. Our Lottery is proven safe and secure through a member of the PTO and would like to invite you all to play. This is a great way to meet new players. Bring your guild along to our Keep and meet our guild Companions of Valor (CV). Details can be found at

    Please stop by and participate in the web poll and sign our guestbook. Thanks for your time.

    Safe travels to you and yours,

    Arbatross, CV
    CV Lottery Official

    Wow, that's a nice jackpot, good luck to all who participate!
    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 11:58 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Yet Another Reminder of the IFC Snowball Fight this Saturday
    I got this from Earnst
    Yet Another Reminder of the IFC Snowball Fight this Saturday!

    At 8:30pm, PST the IFC will be hosting a Snowball Elimination Event! Gates will be provided from 7:45-8:30pm, PST at the Papua bank! We hope to see you there!

    For rules and regulations, please visit our scrolls at:

    Remember to bring your own pile of snow!!

    Until then, may the Æsir keep you!


    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 11:54 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Results of the IFC Snow Elemental 1 on 1!!
    I just got this from Earnst
    Results of the Icelandic Floating Community Snow Elemental 1on 1 Competition!

    Last Thursday eve, the Icelandic Floating Community hosted their second Snow Elemental 1on 1 Competition! The event began at 9pm, PST, to a very large audience. I was a little surprised myself!

    One by one, the participants paid their fees, then entered the ring to pay their dues. The first contestant to enter the arena, was none other than the winner of our last Snow Elemental 1on 1; Sampson! It was a feat he was destined to repeat again this time, as he battled the Snow Elemental, and won, for 2:47!

    Alas, Samspon set the standard all the others would aim for!

    Before I post a list of all the participants and their scores, I feel it is important to apologies to those of you I was unable to greet properly. Hosting an event with this many participants, and this many spectators, will keep those involved very busy. If I had had my way, I would have greeted you and spoken with you all before the competition. Alas, this cannot be and so I urge ye all come back on a quieter night so that we may get to know one another a bit better. This goes for thee as well Lady Seer Myara, whom I would especially liked to have had more contact with!

    So without further ado, here is a list, from last to first, of our competitors and their times!

    16) Raist with -11 seconds. (Penalized for stepping outside of the ring. A 30 second deduction)
    15) Kat with 7 seconds.
    14) Sur Nowsal with 11 seconds
    13) Kinjo Knight with 17 seconds.
    12) Jamieson with 32 seconds.
    11) Stormbringer with 44 seconds.
    10) Rui with 47 seconds.
    9) Halzunthram with 50 seconds.
    8) Raen Darkfeather with 52 seconds.
    7) Tonk with 1 minute and 2 seconds.
    6) Grim Battlesmith with 1 minute and 3 seconds
    5) Magnus with 1 minute and 6 seconds.
    4) Sidesurf with 1 minute and 52 seconds
    3) Michael of York with 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
    2) Dodd with 2 minutes and 46 seconds.
    1) The winner, Samspon with 2 minutes and 47 seconds!

    I would like to commend all who stepped into the ring at all, for we at the IFC know, just as much as all our participants now do, that Snow Elementals are not creatures to be trifled with. Ye all put up a fine duel, and everyones presence was appreciated.

    We truly hope ye enjoyed thyselves being here, for we truly enjoyed having thee here!

    And I cannot finish this summary of the competition without thanking those who helped run the event by my side! Jenthra, who bravely put her life on the line by luring the Snow Elementals to a nearby location for me, and Akalia, for making certain that none of the competitors bent the rules. To both of thee, my most sincere thanks. To all of you, spectators, participants, event co-ordinators, and Seers.

    Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

    For more information on the Icelandic Floating Community and upcomming events, please visit our scrolls at:

    We hope to see you at the next one! Until then, may the Æsir keep you!


    Thankyou Earnst
    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 11:50 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Trolls attack Vesper
    I got this from Shadow
    Yesterday on my lunch break I was at the Moonglow bank when I heard someonce screaming VESPER IS BEING INVADED BY TROLLS. I immediately recalled and found myself in the midst of several trolls. I have no idea of story lines or plotlines so forgive me. But it did not appear on stratics. The shard was Pacific. What I can say is that I was one of the first people on the scene and there were several pockets of trolls that we battled. Luckily most of us were gm's. I only saw 2 ghosts and it took maybe 20 minutes for us to clear the town out. All in all I would say there was 25 of us and at least a 100 trolls. Do with this what you will. Reword it am not really a writer I was just there.

    Mage of Moonglow

    Sounds good to me just like it is, Thankyou Shadow
    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 11:40 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Town Cryer: Alone in the Crowd
    This was recently added to the Town Cryer:
    Genn Wintord
    UP: Chesapeake

    nseen by those around him, he walked the streets of Moonglow as if a ghost. He tried to speak to a woman as she passed by him… It was no use. Even though he had known it would not work, he could not help but feel disappointed. She could not hear him…No One Could Hear Him!

    Galen was not entirely certain what had happened. He should have known better than to step through the experimental gate he was working on, but when Dragar and his minions attacked his lab in the middle of the procedure, it was his only means of escape. At least it seemed like a good idea at the time, he thought to himself with a laugh. He had managed to escape with the Mace of Skyfire, but he was now trapped in a prison of his own creation. He was safe in his home of Moonglow, but he had no real physical form. No one could see or hear him, and he could not interact with the world around him.

    He wished he could at least enjoy a mug of cider as he mulled over his current predicament. At least there was some hope. On one brief occasion he had become partially visible... managed to scare the wits out of a patron at the local inn when it happened too. Galen couldn’t help but laugh slightly as he recalled the look on the man’s face when he semi-appeared beside him.

    He had gone over the experiment in his head more times then he could count, and at last he thought he had figured out a way to reverse the effect. Of course, there wasn’t a blasted thing he could do about it in his current state. If Only He Could Just Talk To Someone!

    In a forgotten room, deep within the mountains, there is a momentary flash of light. A solitary figure emerges to stand before a blood stained altar.

    ‘Now at last, It begins… the pathetic attempt to create a weapon to oppose me has been dealt with, and Y’thras shall trouble me no more.’

    The figure turns to face the energy field behind him, and in a flash of light a Daemon of ice appears before him.

    As the light fades, he stumbles and catches himself upon the altar. ‘Curse Y’thras and its interference. I did not realize it had taxed me so… I must feed.’

    A slow smile spreads across Dragar’s face as he moves to the next room and sits upon his throne.

    ‘ Fortunately, there are many in this world to satisfy my hunger…’

    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 3:04 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Chesapeake)

    Town Cryer: Locke Murdered; Motive Unknown
    This was added recently to the Town Cryer:
    UP: Genn Wintord
    UP: Lake Superior

    elindra Locke was found dead in woods near Moonglow Monday evening with a stab wound in her left shoulder. After close examination, cause of death was found to be poison, identified by a green residue in and around the wound. Melindra was a maid for Avridas, owner of the Keg and Anchor. She cleaned both the tavern and his personal residence.

    A witness said he was hunting for some deer in the woods and heard a woman’s scream, so he followed the sound to see what was happening. As he got closer, a man rushed past him with a short spear. The screaming stopped just before he got to the woman, and he found her body crumpled next to a tree, her right hand clutching at her left shoulder. He called out to her, but there was no reply; he was too late to help. He ran to the nearest guards and told them what he had seen and gave them a description of the man. While one of the guards accompanied the witness back to the body, another guard, Stanford Regnold, asked some townspeople if they knew a man fitting the description the witness had given. A couple of men at an armor shop said the description sounded like that of Morgus Zaerin.

    Stanford Regnold thanking the adventurers for thier assistanceRegnold recruited a group of adventurers to help him hunt down Morgus. The town criers yelled for help and guided the adventurers in the right direction. They tracked Morgus through a secret passage through the mountains south of Trinsic with hopes of capturing him alive. Morgus gave chase and refused to surrender until it was too late; he yielded only as someone struck the fatal blow. Upon inspection, it was found that Morgus’ short spear had some poison residue on it that appeared to be the same as the poison found on Melindra’s body. There is no known motive at this time.

    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 2:53 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (LakeSuperior)

    Trinsic Council of Honor Meeting, Sunday, 2pm EST.
    Greetings friends,

    As some of you may have heard, we are in the process of re-establishing the Trinsic Council of Honor. The Trinsic Council represents and promotes the interests of the city and the virtue of Honor. We hope to unite the people of Trinsic to once again make our fair city thrive and grow.

    All concerned citizens are invited to attend the council meeting on Sunday, January 16 at 1pmCST in the Trinsic Meeting Hall. The meeting hall is located just south of the Trinsic Royal Bank. Please come and share your ideas. Together we can make Trinsic the greatest city in Britannia!

    Lady Nova

    Knights of Sosaria
    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 2:28 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Be Careful of Mongbats in Yew
    I just wanted to warn ye all to be wary when traveling in Yew. I was preparing for tonights graduation at West Yew University. As I was delivering food for Chadston, a large mongbat spawn occured just outside. I was the first outside and armed my self with my ole broadsword. Even being a little rusty with the sword, they all fell in one hit. I was assisted by fellow teachers Lana and Dunedain and also a graduating student Tasador. I ask ye who come to the graduation to be warned even though mongbats are weak they attack in large groups. Hope to see you tonight at 9:00est for the graduation ceremony and a party to follow.

    Thank Ye,

    Skippy el Fin
    Magery Teacher WYU
    Though this is a bit late in regards to graduation, the warning of the attacks is still relevant. Thankye, Skippy, for this warning.
    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 2:25 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Accusations Mar Westmark Crystal Ball
    In this scroll, the Dark General relates the events of the Westmark Crystal Ball from his vantage point.

    Greetings… I am the Dark General Navrip Freemech, guildmaster of the Holy Disciples of the Darkness and one of the heads of the Shadow Conclave. I send you this missive to cut off the rumors that are probably spreading like wildfire by now. As many of you may know, the House Mage for the House of Westmark was slain last night, while in the presence of Golgatha.

    As it is, we are being accused of murdering the mage. While we did kill him, we will freely admit that, for we have no reason to lie, we acted in self defense. In fact, the mage attacked us first! Let me explain the circumstances surrounding and behind the whole affair…

    Many months ago some of you may remember a caravan traveling from Yew to Vesper to board a boat to Nu’jelm. This caravan was part of the House Westmark’s treasury. The Shadow Conclave received word that some powerful artifacts were being carried on the caravan, some of which we believed had once belonged to Azalin, but been stolen from his private sanctum by a lucky thief many hundreds of years ago.

    We attacked the caravan to regain the lost items. While in whole, those who guarded the caravan turned us back, we did, in fact see the contents of the bags and retrieved a few items. We immediately took them to Golgatha, where Azalin checked them for his Wizard’s Mark. After sifting through them all, he found none of them had ever belonged to him. He also found that most were nothing more than worthless trinkets.

    We came across one item, however, that was unusual. It seemed quite ordinary, but it seemed to radiate a power that we could not immediately discern. After much testing, we determined it might be an heirloom of the House Westmark. At about the time we discovered this, we received word of a ball at the Palace in Nu’jelm, hosted by the Westmarks. Putting this good timing to use, we traveled to the ball with hopes of talking to Prince Rowan.

    We were granted a short interview, where we told him of the object. He believed that it was, indeed, something that belonged to the house and was lost during the caravan moving. We humbly requested that his House Mage, Adrick, return to Golgatha to verify it was indeed, the correct item, then to safely transport the heirloom back to the Palace. We did not trust anyone else to carry it but the House Mage, seeing as how it would be in danger in anyone else’s hands.

    Rowan found the idea acceptable and called for Adrick. Adrick came, but along the way, he was stopped by a throng of people, including Keeshi of the LOA, Aleph Aeirs of 2ST, and Duke Inia Geoffrensis of Unter Brae. These people began telling him to not trust us and that we were going to kill him. At first, he seemed to ignore it, but finally they got the better of him. He began to believe their lies as we tried to take him away from the stressful situation and back to Golgatha. The people continued to burst in on the private conversation between the Shadow Conclave and the Prince, which was in the Prince’s private bedroom, no less! After repeated warnings, the Prince finally had his guards escort the people away, and we left with Adrick.

    We arrived safely at the Tower of Skulls. We ventured inside to the normal flurry of activity. Our followers and forces training and sparring and socializing on all levels of the tower. Vyktr the Eroded helped Adrick to a seat outside the Library in Golgatha, to await for the artifact to be brought to him. In the mean time, the mage expressed his concern about the weapons that many bore in the tower. I assured him we meant him no harm, but that it was a necessary precaution. A hostile orc tribe often sends warriors to attack the tower, as do misguided light-bringers thinking they can destroy us by themselves.

    He seemed to accept this, but still seemed nervous. Vyktr brought the artifact back down and held it out in front of the mage. Perhaps it was Vyktr’s otherworldly qualities, or just a mounting paranoia, but suddenly, the House Mage leapt to his feet and began chanting arcane words. Magic channeled through the air and slammed into Vyktr’s chest. The vampire lord was unphazed and retaliated with a magical strike of his own. Victen Demacles and myself also leapt into action, advancing on the mage with our swords.

    We ordered he surrender, but he had no such intentions of complying. Instead, he gazed, insanely, at the floor of bones beneath him. He began to chant magical words I had never heard joined, but I instantly knew their purpose. He was trying to demolish Golgatha with magic. It would not work, of course, as the tower reacted and smote him with its power.

    This being done, the tower devoured the remains and added it to it’s own structure, as it does with most who fall within it’s walls. We returned immediately to the palace in Nu’jelm, with the grievous news. As was expected, however, we were met by the throng of people who proclaimed that the Prince had us murder the mage. We were naturally outraged, as was the Prince, at such an accusation. Having had enough of the abuse, I responded, letting everyone know that it was the forces of light, who had implanted false ideas in the mage’s head.

    The Prince’s sister, Shalina, immediately rose to the threat and leveled further accusations of conspiracy against us. The light-bringers wanted all of us arrested, including the Prince. Seeing the danger of the situation, the Prince advised that I leave immediately, which I did. As I was gathering my reagents for the spell, I heard the Prince have his sister arrested, for raising a mob against him.

    Seeing as how Shalina was third in line to inherit the kingdom behind Prince Rowan and Adrick, I have no other alternative than to believe she has been conspiring to do away with them both. It’s painfully obvious she set up this whole thing, by first feeding us information about the caravan. Then she lied to Adrick about our intentions. Finally, she tried to accuse Rowan of having him murdered. The Shadow Conclave is looking into this matter and has agreed to give full support to Rowan and investigators into the matter. We wish Shalina to pay for her transgressions.

    Darkness be with you…

    Navrip Freemech
    Holy Disciples of Darkness

    As most stories go, this is merely one side of the coin. The events of the Westmark Crystal Ball left a sour taste in the mouths of many. But, pay close attention friends, because very soon that coin will be flipped, and you will be privvy to another perspective all together.

    Until then, fare thee well.

    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 11:43 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Young Man Loses Family Jewels
    We have recievied the following:
    Winlow, the local veterinarian of Yew, reports his family jewels are missing. In each generation of his family, the eldest son guards and protects these treasured heirlooms, a matched set of two large rubies.

    Winlow has arranged an appointment with the famed psychic, Doria Romanov, who will do a psychic reading to attempt to find out what happened to these priceless jewels.

    If you want to help Winlow find his family jewels, come to DoriaRomanov's tent in Skara Brae (northwest of the bank) on Tuesday, January 18, at7 PM (PST).

    Thanks!, some one find his jewels!
    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 11:15 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Trinsic Massacre!
    I myself, Rage of Trinsic, was there right when the hoards of the powerful undead army engulfed the peaceful city of Trinsic.

    Young men by the dozens died due to inexperienced skills and time. Lich lords killing the innocent was common, skulls and skeletons teasing and butchering the female townfolk, Skeleton Magi burnt corpses of children and valiant peasents. Smears of blood and the smell of madness filled the air. Death fell upon us with no feeling.

    I myself was succesful killing half a dozen or so, until I was overun and had to retreat. I helped the defenseless as much as I could, but death kept its fame, and took its toll on the innocent.

    The city returned to normal, the healers burying the dead, and the female folk bringing in the dead ... but it was not over. People still hungered for more, that is when a giant Order/Chaos rumble took place, almost a dozen of young and old men who clenched thier katanas hacked blindly away at their enemies.

    Death will never stop, may the Gods pity the strong and help the weak.

    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 8:42 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Some Theories on the Recent Town Attacks
    The past week multiple attacks have occured on almost every shard. In each case the cities Cove, Trinsic, Vesper and Yew were involved, just as the week before. It does seem that the attacks are intensifying though, orcs have appeared in Yew and Gazers in Ocllo. Below you can find several submissions of theories about all this.
    The two theories concerning the attack waves one the cities (yes, Vesper,trinsic and cove and slowly starting wind, as I read right now) in the quest and events section sound very interesting, but I do have some further suggestion to make for the reason attacking Vesper, not Minoc:
    1. I am not quite sure, how situation in trinsic is, but as far as I know, there is no magic supply in yew, nor in Minoc. This leads me to the conclusion that Vesper will be used as base for magical attacks using the supplies it provides. Watch out, Minoc; for the attacks will be perilous!
    2. I agree with you, that the defensive advantages of Vesper are clear. But besides, Minoc is on the next place in defending advantages. Only disadvantage is the opening to the south, since the land bridge to the northern mine is easy to defend, and so is the bridge to the northern road to Vesper.
    3. I think Vesper is primarily target in this assault, because of the good food supplies it offers from its wealthy shores.
    4. Since I am living in Minoc, I am sure, one of the reasons NOT to attack Minoc is its huge amount of excellent warriors that live there B-}

    However, if those foul creatures start marching against Minoc, they better watch out, because I am waiting with my katana forthem.

    Mac (of Europa)
    Master Warrior and Battle Merchant
    [CCC - Crusader of the Clandestine Crest]

    I have found a connection between the lost lands and the attacks on Trinsic. The city of the dead in the Lost Lands is located near two entrances from Britannia. The first is the Trinsic Passage Dungeon and the second being the cave southwest of Trinsic. This can hardly be coincidental as the type of beasts attacking are the same found in the City of the dead.

    This doesn't however explain why they are attacking or the connection with Yew, Cove and Vesper, but an interesting point overlooked by most is that Trinsic only has two entrances (excluding those by sea), Vesper only has 3 (again excluding those by sea) and Cove 1. If these cities fell into enemy hands they would be very difficult to attack. Yew would also prove problems due to the amount of trees within the city, these would hinder an attack as they would split any large group up.

    Perhaps it is time for a group of adventurers to hit back at the attacks on Trinsic and assault the City of the Dead. Perhaps there some answers to the questions we ask can be found

    Jack of Lumber

    I play on Catskills, and I was in Trinsic fighting the undead there, and I heard an interesting rumor. It seems The Paladins of Trinsic couldn't help us because they were in Skara Brae, fighting Blood Elementals. I think this is very bad. What if, after theses attacks on Trinsic, liches attack in the masses with a few lich lords? I don't think we could stop that. I also think that these attacks have something to do with the kidnapping of Lord Nicholas, and the, still anonymous Your Mistress. Frankly, if blood elementals are attacking Skara Brae, what about the other towns? What if UO has a siege patch, allowing buildings to be destroyed? I do not like this, it is just weakening us before the real attack, the thunder before the storm, so to speak.

    Just thought you should know my views,

    Milanus Sargon of the Catskills

    Over in the HoC chat, I spotted this the other day that might give a little help to people developing theories:

    Glamdring - *From the Web Page* Where is the Promised Evil...
    SunSword - there have already been several events in relationship to the evil I mentioned in my comments
    SunSword - If you are not aware of them, I would highly encourage you to consult the town cryer on
    SunSword - Apparently, there are those who wish to do the citizens of Britannia harm in the name of their Mistress...
    SunSword - Even now, some cities have been attacked...

    Mainly the sentence that says 'in the name of their Mistress'

    Good Luck

    Dragon Haran/Ramirez - Clan Keith - LS

    What can we conclude from all that ? Apparantly the four cities have either been carefully selected by this "Mistress", or the "followers" of this "Mistress" are already aware that these cities somehow have some significance. So far not a single clue in the form of an item, book or spoken word has been found. Let's keep our eyes and ears open and prepare for what's coming next.
    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 2:31 AM EST by Xena Dragon (QuestandEventNews)

    Town Cryer: Undead Attack Defeated in Trinsic
    This was recently added to the Town Cryer:
    PD Harris
    Great Lakes

    he normally bustling city of Trinsic awoke early Saturday morning to find an invasion of the undead fully underway. Bone knights accompanied by Skeletal Mages led the army of the damned, which consisted mainly of skeletons, wraiths, and specters on a siege that lasted quite sometime. This reporter stepped out of the Rusty Anchor Inn to find myself in the middle of the onslaught. Having heard that the pen is mightier the sword I paused for a moment, then decided not to test that theory as I looked for a safe spot to watch the story unfold.

    Seeing how wide spread the attack was, and planning to outmaneuver the living impaired, I roamed the length and width of Trinsic on foot. Around every corner I found more groupings of the skinless ones, with the town guards standing with blank expressionless stares upon their faces. Powers greater then that of the skeletal mages must have been at work to completely disable the towns' first line of defense so completely.

    As the guards stood eerily still the citizens took to arms. Defending their city with anything they could find, they began beating the invaders back into the ground from whence they had spawned. Remains could be seen far and wide as the undead started to withdraw from the city limits. It looked as though they had underestimated the tenacity of the residents of Trinsic as the last ghostly wail could be heard echoing of the cities bricked walls.

    There was much rejoicing to be heard as the cleanup crews came out to clear the streets of the unholy foul remains. Small children rummaged along side of their parents, taking anything of value they could find as a souvenir of the day's events. The guards came out of their stupor and looked around in amazement at what the citizens had accomplished.

    I'm sure the city of Trinsic has not seen the last of this mysterious attack. Who or what that is behind this, and strikingly similar attacks in other cities around Britannia, is not yet known. One thing is certain though, when the next wave of attacks start, the citizenry of Trinsic will be prepared.

    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 2:23 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (GreatLakes)

    Town Cryer: Ophidians in Delucia Caves!
    This was recently posted to the Town Cryer:
    Kardian McLean
    UP: Catskills

    rdinarily I do not take on jobs of this nature… but when I was asked to venture to the Delucia caves to find out what happened there, I decided to accept on a whim. What I saw there has me greatly disturbed and makes me fear for the safety of Delucia and for those on the other side of the passage to Britannia.

    When I approached the caves the smell of death hung in the air thickly. It was a daunting thing and almost had me turning back around to head home. Perhaps I should have for what I saw when I entered the caves was the most frightening thing of my life. Dead bodies lay everywhere. They seemed to be clothed in robes of mainly red and blue hues. I heard many speaking of mages in Shame or in the Fire Dungeon, so I asked. It seems that these sorts of mages hail from mainly two places. Though with the appearance of a blood elemental many are considering their origin to be from the dungeon Shame.

    Anyway, I digress… the bodies literally covered the floor. It was nearly impossible to walk without stepping on a body, which had me unnerved to say the least. That made the next sight even more difficult to accept without running from the caves in fear. As I turned a bend, I saw before me the body of a hideous beast the likes of which I have never seen before. It appeared to be a huge serpent with arms and a larger than usual head. A weapon lay in its hands.

    Seeing my discomfort, a warrior nearby sought to regale me with information about the beast. He told me of the Ophidians and of their home in the new lands. He said he had visited only once and had to quickly retreat as they are fierce fighters. Questions burned in my mind concerning this… Why were such beasts in the caves by Delucia? How had they arrived there?

    Finally regaining my composure somewhat, I decided to travel farther into the caves. The warrior accompanied me and told me of a mage that had seemed to lead the attacks. There seemed to be some uncertainty in the warrior’s mind as to whether it was a male or a female. It was bearded he said and he would have sworn the mage was a male but many had claimed he was a female instead. In addition, the mage had appeared to turn into a bone knight just before he died. What odd tricks were these? The warrior commented that the mage seemed to want the creatures to protect an area by a lava flow most of all. This just awakened more questions in my mind and I set out determined to visit the lava flow.

    As I approached the molten flow, sweat beaded on my brow. It was swelteringly hot as compared to the relative coolness in the rest of the caves. I looked around the area, but quite frankly I could not find anything of note to explain why it was so important.

    After finishing my inspection of the caves, I decided to leave and the warrior came along with me seeming to enjoy regaling me with tales of the events. He told me of the old gypsy woman, Tatiana, in Minoc who had warned the people of Kinship of the evils lurking in the caves. He also said that when she was visited after the attacks she had warned everyone not to be too complacent. That evil still lurked. What this means I am uncertain. It appeared to me that the evil had been soundly routed from the caves by Delucia, but her predictions seemed to indicate otherwise. Needless to say, my recommendation is that the caves be observed for a while for further activity. And as I hear more of this tale I shall be certain to report it here.

    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 2:18 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Catskills)

    Town Cryer: An end to the Ogre-Troll conflict near Wrong?
    This was recently posted to the Town Cryer:
    Erdeian the scribe
    UP : Catskills

    he conflict between the Trolls of Wrong and the Ogre Clan who took over the abandonned fort north of the desert seems to have reached a conclusion a few days ago; ending on a draw. The troll warboss has indeed been defeated a mere two weeks after the death of Boduk, leader of the ogre clan. The death of both leaders seems to have had a great impact on the activities of the monsters and the area apparently returned to its previous state. The Ogre fort is now abandoned and trolls have not been seen leaving the dungeon in the last few days.

    The Ogre Lord Boduk in his fort This conflict started approximately two months ago, when the ogres left the dungeon Wrong to settle down and start a new clan in the abandoned desert fort. This exact same day, a relic belonging to the trolls, was stolen. The trolls immediately accused the ogres and vowed revenge for this act. The situation between the two clans quickly degenerated to war as the attempted negotiations ended when troll heads were shown as trophies inside the ogre fort.

    Unfortunately, the conflict didn't limit itself to the monsters and the whole area around Wrong became a giant battlefield. Countless raids were made by both factions. The trolls showed an unparelleled agressivness while the ogres appeared more calm. The residents of the towns and villages of the area were drawn into a war they did not want and some found themselves forced into chosing a side. After the death of the Ogre Lord Boduk, many feared to see the towns of the area turn against each other rather than allying against a common enemy. However, in a bit less than two weeks, the troll warboss was also killed and no unusual troll activity has been reported outside of the dungeon since.

    Troll outpost near WrongThe whereabouts of the troll relic are still not clear to this date. The information gathered from a ranger who was prisoner in the dungeon and from investigations in the swamps revealed that a group of lizardmen could be behind the theft. The bones from the relic are supposedly lost, but the axe that was part of it hasn't been located yet.

    Why would lizardmen want to take an axe from a troll relic? And is that theft related to the other attacks made by lizardmen in various places over Britannia? While the area of Wrong is quiet again, many questions remain unanswered...

    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 2:14 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Catskills)

    Online Gaming Poll
    Make sure to go vote today for your favorite online game (Ultima Online of course) over at PC Paradox. Here is a little info that was sent in about it:

    PC Paradox has an Online Gaming Poll up today. The games included are EQ, Asherons Call, Unreal Tournament, Quake3, Half-Life, UO, Tribes and more.

    As of now Everquest is WAY in the lead with 51.6% (we all know how much you love EQ ;) and with Unreal Tournament in 2nd at 24.6% and Asherons Call at 16.7%. Ultima Online is really lagging behind so if you want to change that I think you know what to do ;). So if you guys couldmention this in the news well then we can really see who the internet champ is! Head on down to PC Paradox and look a little down the page on the right and rock the vote.

    Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2000, 1:20 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Order vs. Chaos War
    Kaleb sent in the following report:
    Hail and well met,

    I have news of the war between Order and Chaos, that i feel the fair (or not so fair) citizens of this realm may be keen to hear of.

    Many have seen the usual skirmishes that take place between Lord British and Lord Blackthornes forces, but im sure none have seen the likes of events that took place near the dungeon Wrong last eve.

    What was it I hear ye cry??
    The answer is simple, WAR!

    Over 20 of each faction massed outside the dungeon in preparation for the fight of a lifetime.

    Order (robed in red) started out well, advancing with great speed onto the evil Chaos hordes (robed in blue), that was until Lord Blackthornes forces used their defensive position to turn the tables, and the forces of Order were smitten in the ground.

    Fear not however, our healers are hard at work, and soon all of the valiant warriors on both sides will be ready to return to the fray.

    Cry Havoc, and let loose the dogs of war.

    Kaleb (CWO)

    More pictures can be found on the news page at the Clan Wulf Web Site
    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 11:30 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

    Orc Attacks on Yew
    I received these reports from several members of the Yew community on these noticed attacks.
    I was at my home this past Tuesday night about 10:30cst chatting with some of my hired salesmen when my communication crystal began glowing. I activated it and immediately received a message from Onikirimaru of WYU that a force of orcs were invading Yew. Acting quickly, I cast recall, but in my hurry I focused the spell onto the wrong rune, and ended up at WYU instead of empath Abbey. Thinking that I might need help, I yelled out an alert to the campus, but since there was too much clanging and spell chanting going on from the students' studies, only one student, who was near me, heard. The student quickly introduced himself as Cid Highwind; I nodded and opened a gate to Empath Abbey for us to pass through. Upon arrival, I saw an orc being slain by two warriors, and hearing the battle cry of another, I rushed inside the Abbey to assist. After slaying the fiend, Onikirimaru ran to me and informed Cid and I that there may be other orc parties in different parts of town. We decided to split up; Oni would take the mill and the town hall, and cid and I would check the town square. We made it to the town square in no time, only to find that the few orcs that had attacked had already been slain. A moment later, Oni caught back up with us and informed us that his patrol of the mill and the town hall were clear.

    The odd thing about this attack was that there werev maybe eight to twelve orcs total, and that it was made at such a late hour. I think it was just to test the town's defenses...but we should all be on our guard until this matter is resolved.

    Krythan-Militia Private

    I was in the Abbey, I had just bought some blank books to use as diplomas (Graduation is Friday at 9pm est at WYU) when I stopped and took in my surrondings of the Abbey. I closed my eyes and breathed in the large, stone building. The gentle sound of a monk flipping pages, people calling to there bank down the hallway, women laughing, orcs uttering battle crys, good-looking women giving me a mischievious grin and wink as she walks by. Wait a minute! Orcs uttering battle crys! I better go get... wait a minute, good looking women giving me a look? She was running by on her way out the door, but I placed my hand on her chest, (to stop her from leaving, of course) "orcs," thats all I said and she understood fine and went to the bank area, probably to tell others. I reached in my pocket and brought out my comm crystal and told Kry to get to the Abbey, orcs are attacking.

    That being done I reached to my belt and unhooked my bone wristguards. I use them for sparring students, but I was lacking anything else to wear. I drew my sword from my shoulder sheath and twirled it in the air, hoping someone was watching, and then headed out of the Abbey. I was disappointed to find a lack of a real attack force, it was miniscule compared to the orcs' attack on Moonglow. I spied an orc in the wineyards trying to get away, and I quickly ran over and laid him to rest. This attack seemed under control, so I went back inside the Abbey and found Kry and Cid taking care of an orc that was inside. I then suggested that we split up, and I went to the Mill and Town Hall. I knew for cetain that this was just a distraction, the real attack force had to be somewhere! I ran into the Mill and screamed a mighty battle cry and kicked the door in! All I did was scare the hay, it was clean. But I knew for certain they where attacking the town hall. When I got there, nothing, I checked the ground for tracks, nothing had been there. I then set out for the town square to meet back up with Kry and Cid, but on the way there I met two orcs and a few of their pet mongbats. One was a captain, he was tapping his ax in his hand and making a noise, maybe it was laughing. With his command they all attacked. I killed the mongbats with a few swipes of my sword, but as I was distracted by them the captain swung with his mighty double ax. I raised my forearm and caught the blow with my wristguard, it took a chuck of bone from it and the blade bit my skin a little, but no real damage. I swung under the attacking orcs arm and left his axe arm hanging on by a thread of muscle at the shoulder, then spun again and plundged my sword through his back and belly. The second orc approached me from behind, and I gave him a solid kick to the stomach and withdrew my sword from the Captain's gibs. The second orc was unarmed, hardly a challenge, but still he attacked. In a few short moments he was dead at my feet... I then ran into the square proper to report to Krythan.

    Onikirimaru- Head Teacher of WYU

    Thankye, Oni and Kry, for these brave accounts.
    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 11:14 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    West Yew Unversity, [WYU] Graduation Tonite, Friday, 9pm EST
    Thats right! WYU is having a graduation this evening, Friday. Stop on by and congratulate the graduates. We will have a party afterwards as well with food cooked by Chadston! You gotta love it!

    Come on by and recruit some members into your guild!

    Graduation will be held at WYU, the pennisula SW of Yew. A ferry is available to get you there. Ask any Yew Militia member or student for more directions. Graduation starts at 9pm EST, be there!

    Onikirimaru- Head Teacher of WYU

    Congratulations to another new group of Graduates!
    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 11:00 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Dragar Attacks Corwyn
    We received the following report:
    Dragar and a horde of his ice minions attacked the peaceful city of Corwyn this evening, he was aided by the Wraiths. The call to arms spread through the land and soon the town was defended by many valiant warriors.

    Many died in battle, but soon the stout of heart beat back the onslaught of ice fiends. Following the defeat of his minions, Dragar faced the heros, jeering at them. He claimed that none could harm him while he wore his armor. Many challenged him to fair combat if he would remove the armor, he declined all offers. He did say that Ythris had taxed him, but no longer controlled the portal. One wonders who, or what, does.

    Dragar further incensed the crowd by calling them weak and foolish. His parting words were that he would leave them with, "a hint of what the future holds for you." With those words he simply disappeared.

    Unease spread through the crowd as they prepared for another onslaught of ice fiends. However, Dragar’s statement that Ythris had taxed him must have been true. A few ice creatures materialized, however Dragar’s battle was fought by his allies the Wraiths and their minions of the dark rather than that of ice.

    Upon the final battle with Garzia of the Wraiths and Don Martin of the Veiled Alliance, the death of Garzia signaled the end of the blood shed. The battle weary heros made their way into the Black Rose Brewery where they drank many drinks and told tales of their conquest.

    Underlying it all, however, was a cold unease. Where would Dragar strike next? And would he, again, be defeated?

    Submitted by Annonymous

    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 10:58 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    New Rune Library
    Sir Phoenix sent us the following:
    Announcing the opening of Drachenfels largest rune library.

    Come visit our new rune library just South of Occlo bank. Over 430 locations locked down in rune books. Merchant shops, Banks, Portals to T2A, Spawn Points, Dungeons, Mining Caves, Romantic Places, anyplace we could think of that someone would need to go in Britannia.

    There are also vendors as well selling all manner of goods.

    Please join us in making this one of Drachenfels most visited places. Stand at the South corner of Occlo bank and just walk down, between two houses then south and you cant miss us. The Coordinates are: 81° 7'S 169° 39'E.

    We are still enlarging the rune library. If you have some nice suggestions for nice rune sets, special places and and and, please feel free to message us.

    Sir Phoenix

    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 10:41 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

    The Rebirth Begins- Unter Brae
    Hear ye! Hear ye! Enlighten thyselves with tomes of virtue at the newly opened Fitzowen Hall of the Arts! Gather ye slumber at the Inn of Your Dreams after a long day’s journey! Drink, and share tales of war at the Valiant Drunkard. Come one, come all and witness the monument of our times: the Rebirth of Unter Brae.

    The Fitzowen Hall of the Arts will open it doors officially on Saturday, January 15 at approximately 9:30pm EST with a song told by a member of the Conservatory of the Bardic Arts. Come witness his verse as he sings of virtue and art to celebrate this glorious day.

    Following the song, a poetry contest will begin to celebrate the arts in Britannia.

    Rules for the Poetry Contest

    • Contest Location: Fitzowen Hall of the Arts
    • Directions: Take the ferry across from Skara Brae to the mainland. Follow the road east until you see a tower on the south side of the road. The contest will take place in the amphitheater on the roof.
    • Entrance fee will be 500 gold pieces. The winner will take home all the proceeds.
    • When your name is called, you will go onto the stage and recite your poem.
    • Upon finishing your poem, you will hand in a copy in a journal.
    • The subject of the poem has to be related to life in Britannia. It can range from an “Ode to the Mongbat” to “My Love for Virtue.”
    • No profanity-laced poems or those of sexual nature will be permitted.
    • A panel of judge(s) will determine the winner. If the winner can’t stay, he or she will be notified via a pigeon (ICQ).

    Warriors! Canst ye hold thy liquor? If ye believe so, then this tournament will prove thy worth: A champion will emerge with ale in his or her belly!

    Rules for Drunken Tourney

    • Tourney Location: Tourney will be held in the city of Unter Brae.
    • Tourney Time: Sunday, January 16, 1999, 9:00pm EST.
    • Directions: Take the ferry across from Skara Brae to the mainland. Follow the road east until you come upon four plowed fields. The tourney will be held in these fields.
    • Fighter will be required to drink one bottle of ale as quickly as possible.
    • This fight will consist of nothing but the clothes on your back and a weapon. Said weapon and said clothes will not be of magic origin. GM weapons will be allowed in the fight.
    • Entrance fee will be 500 gold pieces, payable before the start of the fighter’s first fight. Winner will take home all proceeds from the fight.
    • This will be a single elimination fight.
    • Boundaries will be the plowed field that you are assigned to fight in.
    • Heal potions will be permissible.
    • All magic, except for summoning, will be permissible.
    • No poisoning is permissible.
    • Fight is to the death or until one fighter yields. If a fighter steps out of the assigned field, this will be seen as a yield.
    • Judges will be on hand to judge each arena. All decisions are final.
    • No looting during the fight. Anyone caught looting will be dismissed and his or her fee will be forfeited.

    Thank ye, and good luck to all.
    The Unter Brae Town Cryer

    The community eagerly awaits, thankye.
    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 1:40 PM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Pirates of the Codex Defend Trinsic
    A parrot flew through my window carrying the following message from Sara Gules, a well known pirate of these lands:

    The pirates had a rollicking good time defending Trinsic from the undead "horde" last. But it was A) too short and B) too small of an attack. The undead horde contained zombies, skeletons, skel knights, skel mages, shades, wraiths and two liches. That night only two liches appeared. The rest of the attack seems rather small too. I have seen more undead at the ruins in the Lost Lands. Also, this seems to be a trend on Siege Perilous, that we get a wimpy number of monsters. I guess the villains here do not want to sink in any resources into a shard they know they can not take. ;-)

    Please note, along with 5 pirates, Trinsic had at least other 5 defenders last night. Unfortunately I didn't get their names.

    Cove was also attack by headless and gazers at the same time Trinsic was being attacked. Its defenders easily defeated those forces also.

    Sara Gules
    Wandering Healer

    a longer account of the adventure can be found here:Defending Trinsic

    Thanks Sara!
    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 8:07 AM EST by Satyr (SiegePerilous)

    Safe Haven: Raffle and Last Warrior Standing Events
    This parchment arrived in our office today from Shaar Barista, the Mayor of Safe Haven:

    The town of Safe Haven, located east of the Shrine of Compassion, is proud to announce two events to be held this Sunday, Jan 16 at 9 PM CST.

    The first event is the 15,000 gold raffle to be held at the Melting Pot Tower on the NE side of town. For 250 gold each patrons are able to buy tickets from our vendor the atop the tower and have a chance to open the 15,000 gold chest this Sunday.

    The second event is the Last Warrior Standing fight. Warriors of all kinds will enter the Melting Pot Tower free of charge and be scattered throughout the tower. There will be two officials on each floor enforcing the following rules:

    1. No Horses
    2. No pets or summoned pets
    3. No ghost blocking, the officials will simply removed you till the fight is over
    4. All blues must flagged themselves on one of the officials and maintain being flagged
    5. Fallen warriors will be asked to wait till after the fight to reenter the tower for belongings. It is also recommended that belongings are kept in a seperate single bag if possible.

    The winner of the fight will be awarded a 15,000 gold prized generously donated by the Safe Haven town council. Remember there is NO entry fee, so come and enjoy.

    As always, all are welcome to come to town as long as your keep your peace. If you would like to find out more of Safe Haven or would like to get involved please visit our website or message board at


    Thanks and Enjoy

    Shaar Barista, Mayor of Safe Haven

    Thank ye, Shaar!

    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 7:56 AM EST by Satyr (SiegePerilous)

    Council of Virtues Update
    I received this news from Arakthor:

    Greetings my friends. I would like to thank all who attended the meeting last night. Then, as a result, I would like to apologize for having to wait for my arrival as my travels to Haven kept me overdue.

    Last nights meeting was more of a summit and much was discussed and decided apon. We were also graced by Seer Elair who attended the meeting. Though we found ourselves opposed to the Seer's advice, we did gather useful information from Elair.

    The conclusion was such:

    We will parlay the Ogre Lords that lead the Orc armies. If agreed to by the Ogres, we will then negotiate a truce and if truth is found that the Orcs are indeed starving, the 120,000 fish steaks and various food items will be given to them. A token of our honest wish for peace, and a prelude to further peace and trade treaties to assure continued peace.

    The location of the Parlay will be at the Mage Tower in the Kingdom of Dawn, pending King Desmonds approval. There were a couple reasons we chose this location. The Kingdom is large and has a large standing army, should things go sour. The Tower itself is located in a perfect location, and is easily defended. We shalt begin gathering this Sunday evening (6pm pst) in our respective area's. The parlay team at the Mage Tower and the reserve forces at the Town Hall in Avalon.

    Our concerns are as follows. Other human forces may catch wind of this and attempt either sabotage of the negotiations, or seek slaughter of our Ogre guests. Another concern is, that the Ogre's and the Orcs are not starving, and using this facade to keep our forces in indecision.

    War may be emminent. Though we shall not abandon hope of a peacefulresolution, we shalt also stand prepared. During the negotiations, theforces of the different factions of the Council of Virtues will be nearby at a rally point established in Avalon.

    From there, they can quickly come to the parlay team's aid should trouble arise, either in protection of the Ogres, or protection against the Ogres, whichever the case may be.

    It was agreed this course of action coincides with the Virtues and therefore that which is good. A few agreed with the Seer who recommended assassination of the Ogre Lords as a quick and dirty solution. However the Seer could not confirm that the Ogre's were bent on war, nor that they are victims of habitat loss to humans.

    The insistance of the Seer for us to wage war, even murderous assassination was unacceptable to the Council, and we feel the above course of action will abide the Virtues in the best interest of all, including the Orc population.

    The proposed parlay team shalt consist of Na-Krul of the Dark Tower,Thulelasa of the Dark Wardens, Myself of the Quest Knights, Bub'Ger of the Golden Knights, A representative not yet named of the Kingdom of Dawn, and more not yet determined. We have room for one more, and I would prefer that person to come from either GenX or KoC.

    We need volunteers to be in the reserve force, as war may well be a forgone conclusion. We also need one person to lead that force, and listen for the call should the parlay team need quick rescue. Tider Lilly of TDW hath said members of thier guild will serve in that unit, of which we hope to number between 20 and 50, or more.

    Please visit the message board at the Quest Knights and leave word if thou will be able to assist us in this unprecedented event.

    Thats my report,

    *bows humbly*

    Arakthor, keeper of the Book of the Virtues
    Quest Knight of Humility

    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 7:28 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Celebration at the Snow Leopard Inn Jan. 15th
    Screwball sent in this news:

    The Snow Leopard Inn will be holding a New Year/Decade/Century/Millenium Celebration this saturday January the 15th. The Party starts at 6 PM PST. There will be players in various towns sending gates to the party. There will be games and contests with prizes. Food and drink will be provided. After the party gates will be sent to the Drunken Ogre Tavern and Casino. Here there will be gambling and a fight tournament. The fight tourney will be a Drunken Nude Free For All Brawl. The rules will be specified at the fight. There will be prizes for the winners of the fight. Anyone is welcome to attend. If you want specific directions to the inn contact me at [email protected] or on ICQ at 10827250. Thanks and we hope to see you there.

    Coordinator of the Snow Leopard Inn

    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 7:22 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Real Life Gathering in Las Vegas & Open Invite for GMs
    Donna sent in this news:

    Hail oh Blessed ones!

    What would an Ultima Online player gathering in real life be without some of our electronic gods among our numbers? That is the question the players of Baja are asking themselves this very minute as they prepare to head to the city of lights. We are getting together to celebrate Corp's Por's, guilds, dungeons, house lootings and everything Sosaria and would not feel complete if you were not there!

    The weekend of February 11th,12th,and 13th, please feel more than welcome to join your friends at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas! Like most, you can come for the whole weekend or at the very least, the 12th for the festivities. For more information, visit the page especially dedicated to this monumental occasion.

    We would all like for you to feel welcome and all do solemly swear that we will not ask you for a rune to the green acres. Also, cloaks are optional as the warriors are leaving all platemail at home and security will allow NO REAGENTS past the hotel doors. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 7:19 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    The Murderer Mordock Visits Dawn
    This message was posted on the Kingdom of Dawn message board:

    Yesterday at the tower, a murderer named Mordock approached us. I believe the man was possessed, as he wore around his neck a strange necklace called a Necklace of Holding, and he spoke of himself in terms such as "This Body". For reasons unknown, Mordock was seeking a special hat, stating that "the imp must have left it by the statue". Unfortunately we were unable to make heads or tails of the situation, as the man was extremely vague. He did not appear to be hostile, only reacting when he felt threatened, but his powers seemed to be great, as he could summon monsters such as Harpies.

    I checked the statues at Covetous but found no sign of a hat anywhere.

    Can anyone shed any lights or ideas on this situation?

    This sounds like the same character previously sited at the Dead Dove Tavern. Wonder what its all about?
    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 7:15 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Mysterious Ghost haunting YMCA
    We have found the following:
    Late last night a few of us were relaxing in the bar, when we beheld an apparition. It attempted to communicate with us in an agitated manner but, being unschooled in the ways of spirit speech, we could only listen uncomprehendingly. Rial Stirling finally procured some communication crystals to aid in translating, whereupon it was revealed that we were being visited by Alexander's Soul. *sighs, sniffling* It had come to warn us all of impending danger, but had scant time to speak before it was forcibly yanked back to the realm of the dead. :-( In the short time it was able to spend with us, we were informed that the Lord of the Dead, slayer of souls, was intent upon traveling to our realm and meant to inflict grave harm upon us all...that our very souls are in danger. We were told that he is very powerful indeed...too powerful, and cannot be slain by mortal men. (Or mortal women either, I would assume *coughs*) Before he was able to fully relay the warning to us, he began to fade...and beseeched us to assemble a group at the tavern on Sunday eve, whence he would attempt to return form the realm of the dead to give us further information. Then he was gone. Please attend this Sunday eve at 8 of the clock (PST) if you would learn more of this menace.

    Thank you,


    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 6:59 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Korean Shard Issues
    The following was just posted to Shard Issues on the Ultima Online website:

    Korean Shard Issues

    In the six months since the opening of Arirang, our first Korean shard, we have been pleased with the enthusiasm with which Ultima Online has been embraced in the East Asian locale. We have not, however, been pleased with the quality of service we have been able to provide for customers on Arirang and Balhae. To address the recent spate of lost connections affecting the Korean Shards, we have shipped new hardware and will be installing it to both shards. Additionally, in early February we will be moving both Korean shards to an alternate facility better equipped to handle the demands of a popular UO shard.

    We are committed to providing a quality gaming experience to all of our Ultima Online players, and will post any additional news as the move date is closer.

    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 6:01 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Revision to Monster & Animal Spawn in Next Update
    Please note the following change to the Monster Spawn feature in Testing for the Next Update.

    Monster and Animal Spawn

    Untamed monsters and animals in invalid or unreachable locations will "die" after a certain amount of time. These monsters and animals will be eligible for "death", within a given amount of time, under the following circumstances:

    • If the monster/animal is not targeted.
    • If the monster/animal does not receive or deliver damage.
    In order to support IGM events and quests, this change will not affectmonsters/animals in houses at this time. However, the current rules regarding trapping monsters and animals in houses still apply. In a future update, we do plan on making untamed monsters and animals "die" in this manner regardless of whether they are in a house or not.

    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 5:56 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Redeeding of Christmas Trees
    The following was just added to FYI:

    In addition to the features currently in Testing for the Next Update, the upcoming publish will also deactivate holiday trees. The deactivation process will work in the following manner:

    • After the publish is updated and active on the shards, all existing trees will turn back to deeds. These deeds will not decay with the implementation of House Item Decay.
    • Players will no longer be able to place holiday trees.Players are encouraged to deed their holiday trees as soon as possible and to store the deed in a secure location. While the deeds will not decay, they can be picked up by anyone in the house.

    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 5:51 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    New Mayor of Valendor sends a Postcard
    Srdolch keeps us informed about the happenings in Valendor:
    Hiho everybody! It’s been a few weeks now since I took over Sam Woodchopper’s position as mayor of Valendor. Since then many things have changed in the city of Valendor! A lot of newbies moved into the town giving the town new life again and running around doing stuff. An active bardic guild has been started so soon you’ll be able to see bards playing on the streetcorners of our lovely city. Gabriella is the guildmaster of the bardic guild of Valendor. As you probably have noticed we have moved Ye Great Srdolch Market; it is now located in Sam Woodchopper’s old shop which we recently bought from him. The the new shop is co-run by the United Blacksmiths of Britannia (UBB); Romuald of UBB is the co-owner and runs the smith vendors.

    As we speak we are setting up the shop but you can already find 61 vendors. I think we will have reached the maximum amount of vendors (84!!!) sometime this week. This makes Ye Great Srdolch and UBB Wall Mart the largest shop on any shard that we know of. On the location of the old shop Ye Great Srdolch Ablatic Church of Valendor has been founded. The head priest of Valendor, Charibdis, can be found wandering through the town talking to his parishioners, giving sermons in the church, weeding the herb garden or sacrificing llamas to Ye Great Abla (God of Merchants). We still need roleplayer who would like to become Ablatic monks. The monks require healing skill to aid the needy and protect the poor. Herding skill would also be helpful in order to herd our cows.

    Please come and have a look around in this lovely town we call Valendor. You can find us in the desert of the Drachenfels shard at 65° 7’N, 40 0’E°.


    Mayor of Valendor, (GSM)
    And remember: “I care!!!”

    Relevant links:
    Valendor website:
    Ye Great Srdolch Merchants website:

    A little reminder; we normally do not post advertisements for merchants and vendors but I think for the shard's, and possibly the game's, biggest shop we should make an exception. If there are shops out there with more than 62 active vendors I sure would like to hear about it :)
    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 4:45 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Drachenfels)

    Walt Disney World Luncheon Update
    The following was just announced by Angel Storm regarding the upcoming Walt Disney World Luncheon:

    The luncheon is to be held Feb. 12th, 2000 at 1pm EST and though this is the official event, there are many of us making a weekend of it beginning on Friday.

    The people at Disney will be catering the luncheon and manning the grills, I have heard rumors that the "Magician" from Fantasia may flip a burger or two!

    The price for the luncheon is $30 per person. There is no requirement to be staying in the park or purchase any Disney passes to join us.

    Though our deadline for reduced rate park passes and accommodations has past, we are still accepting registrations for the luncheon itself. We currently have registered well over 200 pp. as of noon today and we have already received payment for well over half!

    This is a great turnout but we can do better! Hurry on over to the site and plan your trip to Florida today!

    We look forward to having you join us!

    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 4:05 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Thule Tower of Mages Opening - date change
    Please note that the Grande Opening will be Jan 15th and not Jan 16th as was reported earlier. See the announcement below for more info.
    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 2:28 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Europa)

    More attacks on Trinsic, Vesper and Yew
    Read the following reports that we received today:

    There was yet another Undead attack in Trinsic yesterday evening. A worrying sign is that the creatures that laid waste to the towns inhabitants were not the usual weak kind... No, this attack consisted of Bone Magi, Skeleton Knights, Lichs and more higher forms of Undead. The only blessing was that the local residents and the visiting travellers fought side by side to rid the town of this filthy scourge, despite a seemingly non-existant guard force.

    Lord Knight, The Silver Order


    I have just lived through yet another attack on our fair city Vesper (Europa).

    There were two waves of trolls - The first (Which seemed to be the larger wave), appeared all around the city, while the seond, which arrived an hour or so later, was localised generally around the bank.

    The scene was carnage for a few minutes, and luckily, casualties seemed to be a minimum (I only saw one corpse).

    My fear is rising that these creatures are being sent to test us for a full scale invasion. let us pray this is not so...

    Flagg (Europa)

    The night before yestarday a terrible thing struck the city of Yew. An army of all kinds of monsters attack the city. At the bank orcs and mongbats attacked and in the center I heard that there where elder gazers and undeads. Many brave people fell that day but the evil was beaten back. The attacks on yew just seem to grove bigger and harder, and there seem to be attacks on other citys to. What is going on in Britain?

    Amagrath, citizen of Yew.

    and another report
    Eyewitness account of second and third attacks on Yew from Rufus the Newbie

    'Twere the day before yesterday as I remember. I were returnin' from an 'ard day choppin' lumber out a town and 'opin to sell a few of my bows to Mistress Olivia. As I went to open the door to 'er shop, an 'uge a creatureas ever I did see came tumblin' out towards me. Two 'eds an the size of a barn it were. Of course I ran away, feathering the monster with as many arrers as I could while I ran. Nonetheless, I was sore pressed until a valiant knight by the name of Mathias came timely to mine aid. He bravely slew the foul creature with my piteous assistance, but as we stood pantin' by the corpse, another appeared from the woods to the west. Even as I turned to face it, an 'orde of screaming, gibbering orcs arrived all over town. As we retreated, I lost sight of my saviour in the panic and I spen' the next weary hours hunting the foul Mongbat in the woods north of Yew. When the end of the stinkin' creatures gasped it's last, I returned to witness the end of an heroic battle at the Abbey. A few brave souls lay slain upon the field of battle but the Abbey had been defended and the foes were routed. The defenders of Yew had survived a second night of battle and returned to the inns to toast their bravery and tend to their wounded.

    'Twas not to be the end of it, however. As I was comin' back to town yester eve with a load of hides to sell, I heard the chillin' sound of the wretched orc once more. I saw a fellow novice under attack from a particular ugly brute and tried to 'elp 'im with a few of my trusty flights. My arrers were jus' bouncin' off, same as 'is blows so we was both sore afraid until another valiant knight saved the day. I din' 'ave a chance to catch 'is name afore he was off to 'is next battle but I am sore grateful to 'im anyway, whoever he be. I fel' I 'ad to do my bit even if I were no match for these orcs so I slipped round to the north of town again, 'opin to catch more mongbats for dinner. I were just in time to see a gallant elf knight completely surrounded by the foul beasts. My frien' and I were able to 'elp 'im out by skewering a couple of the fiends before the knight Mathias an' a mysterious mage came in to finish the job. We slew half a dozen more of the beats on our way to Empath Abbey in time to see good triumph over evil once more. This time aroun' there were even more bodies of the valiant and I swear I saw the ghosts of the fallen driftin' across the field. The drinkin' were in a more somber mood las' night acos' there's not a man or woman in Yew thinks this was the last attack.

    Rufus, Novice archer of Yew

    Wow! It looks as if the attacks are intensifying. Where will it all lead to ?
    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 2:26 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Europa)

    People of Trinsic Help Elder Ebenezar
    Tiriam sends us the following report

    Yesterday afternoon in Trinsic I and a group of about 8 assorted adventurers that happened to be passing were approached by a man in a brown robe calling himself Elder Ebenezar. He was quite distressed and was talking animatedly about a new house he had bought to the south of Trinsic which he was having some trouble with. He spoke of ghosts and skeletons rising from the ground and terrorising him, of phantoms and spectres howling in the night and it was clear from the look in his eyes that he was nearing the end of his sanity. He pleaded with us to travel to his new house and confront the undead denizens of evil that had taken possesion of his house. After a short moment to ready ourselves everyone present decided to aid this distressed man and agreed to be gated to location. Ebenezar then opened a gate and we all piled through with blades drawn and spells at the ready. On the other side of the gate we found ourselves south of Trinsic amoungst the ruins of what had once been Ebenezars house. The walls were tumbledown, books and furniture lay strewn across the floor and though the destruction was apparently new, the very plants themselves had lent a hand in tearing the building stone from stone in their mad haste to grow.

    As we assembled by the building strange sounds could be heard from within the ruin and we saw shadowy shapes moving past broken windows. With a battle cry we lept for the door and met many undead manifestations within. They screamed at our intrusion and battle was met. As I fought back to back with a fellow warrior I noted the mix of monsters we were faced with, ghosts, skeletons, zombies and the like. Nothing we couldn't handle.

    When the last foul shade fell we relaxed and began looking for any straglers that might have escaped. As we looked, a tearing of the floor and a shaking of the ground shook me to my knees and a fresh onslaught of undead rose from the ground. We rallied quickly and once more joined battle.

    Again the evil creatures were masacred with hardly a scratch sustained on our part and we sent a messenger back to Ebenezar to tell of our victory. He then returned to his house and was more than a little pleased to see the evil beings banished. Once he had poured praise on all concerned he gave each man there a small gift of appreciation and we drifted off into the afternoon sun.

    Perhaps this event was linked to the recent undead invasions of Trinsic which have been fought hard and fast on the streets of Britains second city, perhaps not, but the coincidence seems to strong for it to be otherwise.


    Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2000, 2:18 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Europa)

    Citizen voices concerns about city incursions
    Letters have been pouring in and each time I travel to town I am met with these same questions:


    My name is Merrick Lane. I have not seen an attack as of yet, but from what I have read these attacks are brutal and terrifying. Something that disturbs me however is the lack of news from the town criers, I spent several minutes trying to get a crier to give me some news and he remained silent. I do not know what is causing the trouble, but evil lurks in the shadows and it frightens me. Something I do want to know though; even if we do find out what is going on will we be able to stop it? Or will the citizens of Sosaria have to band together and beat back an Evil force well beyond the limits of our imaginations?

    Sincerly yours,
    Merrick Lane

    While I have no new information to share with our readers at this time, I can offer these observations and some advisement.

    To date, we have seen the following groups of creatures attacking these cities: Cove, gazers and headless; Trinsic, undead; Vesper, trolls; Yew, mongbats and orcs. The attacks upon Yew do not seem to be as brutal as the others, perhaps because mongbats are hardly more than large rats with wings. The attacks on Trinsic, however, seem to be getting worse. In the beginning, it was only skeletal knights and bone mages. The last few days, liches have begun to appear as well. That is something that some citizens, myself included, have never faced before and lack the strength to do so. Three people were trapped in the Trinsic healer's room the other day. Several bone magi and a skeletal knight prevented them from being restored to consciousness and leaving the city.

    The attacks occur at any given time of the day or night. The cities appear calm, then BOOM! the creatures appear. As noted many times before, the criers say nothing, the guards are apathetic. There is no "safe zone" in any city during these onslaughts. The evildoers wander at leisure, even into the inns and banks. Many have awaken in the inn to find themselves beset upon by one of these verminous attackers.

    Surely, this is the work of some illustrator of chaos. It must be. These murderous pawns lack the mental capacity to architect destruction of this proportion. Rumors and allegations are spoken in whispered tones in guildhalls and taverns throughout the land: Is the Guardian returning? Is this the work of the infamous Mondain? Is this yet some unknown foe who has spent his life awaiting and preparing for this time to unfold his plan of pestilence? We have no other means of discovery than to hold our ground and wait for the answer.

    The best advice I can offer at this time is for our citizenry to approach the cities with great care. If one lacks the fortitude or ability to protect himself from these creatures, it would be advisable to avoid the cities where they are known to appear. When travelling to Trinsic, carry silver weapons with you. The guards will not protect you from the undead slayers, but they will continue to thwart thieves and looters from helping themselves to the contents of your pack. Do not seek lodging at the cities' inns where you are aware you could be awakening to the face of an unfriendly greeting. The tragedy of death in one's nightclothes surely outweighs the discomforts of an unfamiliar pillow in a strange inn.

    Most importantly, stand together! Now is a time for all Britannians to put aside personal differences and act as brothers in arms, fighting back to back to protect our homeland and dear ones.

    Safe travels to you all.

    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 10:49 PM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Yew Patrol
    Saturday night held an event that is rarely witnessed of late in Yew. The militia held a patrol. It was around 11 in the evening when I arrived. I checked my pigeon list and found a decent number of Militiamen were active. I circulated a pigeon announcing the patrol, and asked them (the active militia) to meet me at SCT in 20 minutes. I quickly went to the tavern to await my comrads.

    Upon arriving I ran into the vice-mayor, who quickly joined our patrol. As an afterthought, I sent a message to Dragor of the Urban Knights, inviting him and his warriors to come along as well. Twenty minutes went by, and everyone arrived. Of the miltia there was Grail, Calisto, Mekare, Mongo, Rabulkian, Earthquake (Sheena's brother) and myself. Dragor brought along 4 other knights. Additonaly Vice-Mayor Laein and Luke Armotheus came along to assist. We were preparing to leave, and our soldiers were curious as to where we would be patroling.

    I decided to allow Grail to lead this patrol. For those of you who don't know Grail, he is a fine soldier with a bright future. I was interested in seeing how well he could handle himself with such a large group. At any rate we made our final preparations and soon left. Grail first lead us west, until we hit the ocean. Then I suggested we start making our way to LOA. It took a while, the forest made for slow movement, and we were forced to continualy stop and regroup. But eventualy we made it to LOA.

    I ordered a 5 minute break for people to do their business. I pulled Grail aside and gave him some words of confidence, as well as our next destination. At the end of the 5 minutes Grail and I rejoined the main force. But before we left, Grail and I made a short speach on our progress and announced our destination, the crossroads west of Britian. So we departed and first made our way south to the crossroads by Yew. Finding nothing there, we continued on. For the entire trip from SCT to the crossroads, nothing happened. But when we reached the crossroads near Britian, thats when the fun began. We arrived to find a Murderer and some of his friends watching over the road. When our large party arrived, the murderer ran inside his buddy's house. With few options, we decided to just stay there and see what would happen. The murderer then began to use Meteor Storm from inside the house. We'd just heal ourselves up right away, but it was anoying nonetheless. We seemed to come to a standoff when something amazing happened. People started to fall sleep. I looked around to find sleeping bodies everywhere. But to my surprise, I found my friend Calisto still awake. We walked into the murderer's house to find he too was asleep. Wasting no time, we made quick work of him. I managed to grab his head and run out when everyone started to wake up. By this time it was 3 in the morning, and many of our number were leaving. So the few of us who remained decided it was better to leave then wait for the murderer and his friends to realize what had happened. We quickly made our way to Britian, where we passed around congratulations and parted ways. I dropped off his head with a guard to find no bounty (I never get bounties, not even with reds), then went to my room at the Wayfarer's Inn. I'm pleased how this all turned out. Although nothing happened until the end, it was good to patrol once again. I'd like to thank all who attended it.

    Good work all around.


    Ambassador of Yew
    Yew Town
    Thankye, Pyros, for this great report. I hope to see the Militia keeping up such things.
    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 9:09 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Spotlight on Sees New addition
    Digging even further through our archives I came up another excelent Spotlight and have added it to the 'Spotlight on' section of the Atlantic Shard News here at UOSS. This spotlight was written originally in three parts by Aleph Aeirs on The Order of the Ebon Skull. If you missed it the first time, please be sure to go have a look now!
    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 9:02 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Two House of Commons Logs posted today
    The log of the UO Celebrity Chat with Dren Jootz, Mayor of Destiny on Lake Superior and the log of a Special House of Commons Chat with the Ultima IX: Ascension team have been posted on the UO House of Commons website.
    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 3:22 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Second IFC Snow Elemental 1 on 1!!
    This just in from Earnst
    Second IFC Snow Elemental 1 on 1!!

    Since the first one was such a blast, we`ve brought it back! The rules are as follows:

    The Goal!

    To survive as long as possible within an arena battling alone against a Snow Elemental!

    The Place!

    The Icelandic Floating Community!(where else?)

    The Time!

    Thursday, January 13th, 9pm, PST

    Gates will be provided form 8:30pm, PST, after the IFC Lottery Draw.

    Should you wish to attend the lottery, please icq me at 12579937.

    The Prize!

    3/4`s of the total entry fee collected!

    The Cost!

    1000 gold per combatant, and perhaps a little dignity.

    The Rules!

    The combatant enters the ring, and awaits the appearance of the Snow Elemental. (Which will be lured by a member of the IFC). Immediately upon spying the elemental, the combatant will enter War Mode, and begin attacking to ensure the Elementals attention will be focused upon them once the Lure recalls away. (Archers must be disarmed until the Elemental enters the arena to avoid unfair advantages before the contest truly begins) Once the Snow Elemental enters the arena, the timer will begin. The combatant must remain within the ring! 30 seconds will be subtracted from the combatants score everytime they step outside of the arena. (You are responsible even if you accidentally activate Pathfinding) Upon the combatants demise, the Snow elemental will be dispatched quickly, and the combatant resurected.

    The combatant can only employ ONLY 10 of either Greater heal spells, Greater heal potions, or bandages. In short, only 10 heals per match! We will be watching!

    NO Magic weapons or Magic Armour is allowed.

    NO Poisoned Weapons.

    NO usage of the paralyze spell.

    NO summoning spells of any kind.(Elementals, Blade Spirits, Summon Creatures or Energy Vortex)

    Other offensive spells or Scrolls are permitted.


    Failure to abide by these rules will result in your immediate disqualification.

    The Reality!

    Combatants will be snooped, to ensure that they are carrying nothing more than their weapons, armor, reagents, no more than 10 potions and/or bandages.


    Spectators MUST remain on the ships!!!!

    Thank you and we hope to see you there!<>May the Æsir keep you!

    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 1:51 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Reminder for IFC SnowBall Fight!!
    I just got this from Earnst
    Saturday, January 15th, the IFC is playing host to aSnowball Fight! The rules are simple, and the prizeswell worth the effort of packing a bit of snow into aball and placing it squarely in a friends face! (Pleaserefrain from packing in bits of wood and rock! Aperson could lose an eye!)

    So! Come one and all to the Icelandic Floating Community on Saturday, January 15th, 8:30pm, PST and take part in the Snowball Elimination Event!

    The Object

    The idea is to avoid being tagged at the moment the STOP command is given. Upon the STOP command, all participants must stop, and the tagged person is then eliminated. The last person left in the arena shall be declared the winner.

    The Rules

    The participants shall gather within an arena.
    One person will be chosen to start the
    Snowball tag.
    This person shall throw the snowball upon the command to begin.
    The person struck by the snowball is considered "it" and must target another person with a snowball.
    ONLY the person considered "it" can throw a snowball.
    All others must wait their turn to be "it".
    The STOP command shall be given when pre-arranged time has elapsed. (Only the referees will have knowledge of the time to elapse)
    People who throw out of turn shall be eliminated.
    People who flee the arena shall be eliminated.
    The referees decision is final.

    The Prizes

    5000gold for second prize
    10000gold for first prize.

    We hope to see you there on Saturday, January 15th, at 8:30pm, PST!

    For more information on the IFC please visit our scrolls at:

    May the Æsir keep you!

    Thankyou Earnst, and good luck to all!!
    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 12:41 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    The winds of change are blowing across the desert of Oasis
    We have recieved the following:
    Great things are in the works for Oasis, but the cloud of uncertainty looms darkly like a spectre stalking the man on his death bed. Oasis will survive but during this time of political instability, Fight Night will not be held. I will post notice when Fight Night starts up again in the near future.


    Thanks, but disapointing.
    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 12:35 PM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Rivendell Library opens this weekend
    Rivendell's Brother Selwyn sends us this invitation to witness a grand happening in their fair city. A handwritten note was penned across the top of the beautifully printed scroll:

    Greetings Lady Gerard,

    If thou dost find the time, look by during the day.

    -Brother Selwyn, Abbot of Virtue.

    The notice below reads:

    Changing of the Books, Opening of the Library.

    Saturday, the 15th of January, the Rivendell Temple of Virtue will host two events:

    Changing of the Books

    The Order, which resides in the Rivendell Temple, has for some time been known for it’s fine collection of books written, copied, edited or translated by its members. These books will now be changed and no less than 16 new titles will be on display!

    Opening of the Library

    The venerable founder of our order, Brother Maynard, once dreamed of opening a library in the temple, but alas the time was not right then. Now the time has come to make such dream come true. Thus, a large library shall be opened to the public on the first floor of the temple. It shall contain the works removed from present display, but it shall also contain works not displayed before - such as Brother Maynard’s huge 16 volume work A Knight’s Tale.

    Further more, a little competition will be connected to this grand book event. In the library are to be found two “ordinary” books (UO books as they may be found in e.g. the Lycaeum). The first one who manages to spot the two titles and report them to me (Selwyn) shall receive no less than5000 pieces of gold and a book with a small collection of poetry by our founder.

    The door to the library shall be unlocked between 8 and 9 AM CST.

    -Brother Selwyn, Abbot of Virtue.

    Thank you, Brother, for the most gracious invitation. Congratulations on this splendid event and best wishes to you and the members of your order. Certainly, the lord mayor is most pleased and all of Britannia will benefit from your tremendous efforts.

    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 10:22 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Cities Under Attack: another eyewitness account
    This note was sent in to us concerning the continuing sieges against our cities:

    Greetings to you,

    My name is DarkeShear, and I bring news of more sieges covering our lands. I was doing my daily gating of Sosarias finer citizens when my portal led me to the City of Cove. Upon exiting my portal, I was in awe to hear the shouts and screams of the citizens as I saw many headless ones approaching me. I took my pay from the citizen and commenced to take them down with the Arcane Arts. All of the sudden, gazers.. floating above the ground with all of their many eyes afire with magic of their own appeared. Myself and some others dispatched all of these beasts rather quickly though.

    Also, I happened upon another attack taking place within the walls of the Yew Abbey. Standing at the bank, mongbats suddenly started spawning... all around, joined by several orcs with their foul stench. Once again, myself and several others that just happened to be there took care of these foul vermin.

    Thank you,

    ...And still, the criers in the towns tell us nothing. One has to believe that what we are seeing is only the beginning of a greater evil yet to come. I fear for our beloved Britannia. The pigeons fly to me at all hours, bringing news of more attacks, more invasions, more heinous activities in our towns, yet the guards do not lift so much as an eyebrow. People come to me for explanations or information and all I can do is shake my head, feeling I have betrayed them as the criers have with their silence.

    Thank you for the update, Darke, and the magnificent sketches. We will continue our quest for answers, good reader. And when we have them, so shall you all.

    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 10:01 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Fashion Show to come!
    We have found the following:
    The Ironwood Ladies Society cordially invites you all to attend the Spring Fashion Show on Friday January 14, 2000 at 7pm Pacific Standard Time. It is to be held at the King's Men Theatre in Britain. The prototypes will be available for sale after the show so bring your money! Looking forward to seeing you all there.


    Jessica, Innocence*Ironwood Ironwood Ladies Society

    Thanks, May new trends be set!
    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 6:29 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    First Monthly Newbie Gathering
    We have recieved the following:
    Kerivak Tonic and Friends are holding a Newbie Meeting in The Barnacle on the North Side of Minoc. This meeting will begin at 8:30 PST on Sunday the 16th and will consist of many workshops where Grand Masters will be teaching new comers tricks of their trade. All attendants will recieve a free set of Armor and a Magic Weapon of choice (Swords, Bows, Staffs, etc.), or for Mages a Circles 1-4 Spell Book and some reagents.

    There is no cost to anyone for attending, food and drink will be provided.At 9PM we will be doing a raffle for several items such as weapons of Force, Power, Vanquishing, and more, tickets will be 50gp each.

    I look forward to seeing many people there, if you have any questions or would like to volunteer your time to help some newbies please feel free to ICQ me at 7635120 or e-mail me at [email protected].


    Kerivak Tonic, Grand Master Merchant, Master Miner, Fisher, Swordsman, Mage

    Thanks, May all the young of Sonoma gather!
    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 6:25 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Comments from the Team - Party System
    The following was just posted to Comments from the Team:

    Over? This party hasn’t even started yet…

    There has been a feature missing from UO since before it was launched. I remember that as a beta tester one of the first things I wanted to see added to the game was a party system. I wanted something that let me easily identify with other players, communicate with them and coordinate with them. I wanted something that didn’t require the kind of commitment associated with a guild. I wanted a Party System.

    I wanted to be able to talk to any of my friends when they were in the game, at any time, without task switching. I wanted to be able to see where they were, anywhere in the world, so I could FIND them and meet up. I wanted my friends to be able to get my equipment off of my corpse without taking a reputation hit. I wanted to be able to cast spells on them easily, without mis-targetting. I wanted to be able to enter a dungeon with six of my buddies and work together as a team to clear the monsters out.

    Well, it’s about time the Live Team did something about it. Soon, we’ll be adding our idea for a Party System to “In Concept,” but before we do, I’d like to get your initial thoughts on the idea. What do you want from the Party System? How should it differ from the Guild System? How should it interact with the Guild System? Would the reputation of one party member affect the reputation of other party members? How should players in a party be able to communicate? What other features would you add? Send your thoughts to [email protected].

    Let’s get this party going!

    Lead Designer

    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 5:45 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    In Testing - House Placement Changes
    This was added to In Testing for the Next Update:

    House Placement

    A new system has been created to ensure that houses are not placed outside of the house placement rules. The system will do thorough checks when attempting to place a house.The house placement system includes the following:

    • Various checks to ensure the house meets the housing requirements,including whether it is on level ground.
    • Provides the ability to preview an area with the deed to see if the area is valid.
      • Once a position is chosen, you will be told whether the area is avalid location or not.
      • If the area is valid, you will be asked if you wish to place the house.
      • If the area is not valid, you will be given a message telling youwhy not and you will not be able to place the house in that location.

    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 4:39 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    IGN.Vault's 1999 RPG Awards
    IGN's Vault Network has just announced their 1999 RPG Awards. Relevant to Ultima are the following:

    Richard "Lord British" Garriott is the creator of the acclaimed Ultima series, considered by many circles to be the crowning glory of the entire CRPG genre. With the release of Ultima IX: Ascension bringing closure to this landmark series in 1999, it seems only fitting that he should be the initial recipient of this new award.

    Ultima IX: Ascension is truly an unprecedented feast for the eyes. Among its numerous notable artistic elements, one that stands out in particular is the wide range of game locations, each with its own highly differentiated look and feel. Despite some excellent work on other games, Ascension simply could not be denied this award.

    Ultima IX Ascension also excelled in the area of music. The game's use of a variety of musical themes, each linked to an individual Virtues or Anti-Virtues is striking in its own right, and also works very effectively with the location graphics to help differentiate Britannia's varied settings. In addition, the production values are state of the art.

    Ultima Online stood out in this area during 1999, and earned nomination as the first winner of this new award. The team does a remarkable job keeping players and sites up to date with the latest news and information, and an ambitious program to recruit and train a greatly expanded volunteer staff is currently under way.

    Ultima Online surprised even some of its most ardent supporters in 1999 with its continued good health. While many supposed industry experts had predicted it would expire shorly after the launch of newer online worlds, Origin has reported repeatedly that the number of active accounts is still growing, and actually higher now than ever before.

    To see the complete list of awards go here.

    Posted on Friday, January 14, 2000, 12:46 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Church of Oblivion added to Establishment Reviews
    Thanks to GreyPawn we have recently been able to add the Church of Oblivion to our Establishment Reviews for the Atlantic Shard. You may find this review on the left side bar menu of the Atlantic Shard News section or by visiting it here.
    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 11:28 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    The Fair Town of Yew, and the Spiders Within
    Greetin’s all,

    I write to ye all wit a bit o’ concern. As of late thar seems to be an influx of the ol’ eight legs around and within our quiet town of Yew. Now, if’n yer frem ‘ere ye know that them Spiders are often found in the surroundin woods, but normally it’s jest one or two. If’n ye’ve been away frem the town fer the past few days, or yer jest nestled up in yer ‘ouse in the perty countryside ye may ‘ave missed the assaults our little town ‘as been ‘avin. About four days past I was sittin in the Village of the Lost Order talkin wit some mates when out of no whar them ‘airy eight legged fiends started pourin in. Luckily thar were more then a few of us thar, and we easily disposed of the twelve that attacked us ferst. We quickly cured those who were poisoned and ‘ealed up those that ‘ad taken a bit of damage and went to searchin the corpses. Us mages like our silk ye know! When I sliced open the first one, lookin to steal that precious fiber I was shocked to find the beastie was carryin a backpack on ‘im! I pulled it out and started rummagin through it. Sure enough thar be a bunch of flour bags on ‘im. I quickly moved to the next and found this one carried a few sheaves of wheat. Now, I aint much of a woodsman, preferrin the ‘igh seas and all, but I know fer sure that them bloody critters don’t normally go around carryin gear like that. So me and me mates decided to ‘ead to the mill, whar most of the town’s wheat and flour is stored. As we started walkin ‘owever another assault occurred.

    We quickly dispatched the beasties again and ran full force towards the mill, thinkin our fellow citizen’s might be in a bit of trouble seein as we were rather far frem the main part of town. Then entire way we seen warriors and mages alike locked in battle wit ‘ordes of spiders. We aided those we could, yet kept on ‘eadin towards our destination. When we got thar ‘owever; we quickly realized our assumptions whar wrong. The place was entirely devoid of any life whether it be ‘uman or monster. So we rechecked our gear and ‘eaded back ‘ome, killin off a few more of the buggers on the way.

    Three times since then spiders ‘ave assaulted the little town of Yew. Each time the eight legs ‘ave been pushed back, and each time thar packs ‘ad wheat and flour in ‘em. Whar are they comin frem? What does it mean? I aint got the answer, but I reckon we’ll find out soon enough. A werd to the wise, if ye plan on visitin our little town, make sure ye bring a stout weapon, and maybe a couple of them orange potions fer good measure.

    Keeshi, Lost Order of Akalabeth

    Thankye, Keeshi, for this intriguing tale.
    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 11:18 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    The First Church of Dragon's Bay
    Exedore of Arden sent us the following info:

    Hail and Well Met,

    One day, as I was cleaning up in the Falconer's Inn, I over heard Mergus(Known as "Da Pope"), who is known by many for his Wedding Ceremonies, saying that one day he would like to have his own Church. Thinking to myself I thought "Yes, Mergus DOES need a Church", so I gathered up some friends and we pooled our resources and gathered the funds together and traveled down to Yew to speak with the Carpenters and Masons there and told them of our needs.

    Well the last stone has been laid and the last nail driven, and we had managed to do this with out even Mergus knowing...*giggles* what a surprise..

    This Saturday, at 8:00 P.M. EST, we will officially open the First Church of Dragon's Bay, and we will give Mergus his very own church.

    We will start out with giving Mergus his church. Mergus will Officially open his church and bless it. We will have Free food and drinks at the Falconer's Inn afterwards.

    Good Journeys and Safe Travels,

    Exedore of Arden

    location:Dragon's Bay is located North of the Empath Abby in Yew..just north of the Duir Tavern and the Moongate, West coast upper pentisula.

    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 8:37 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Around the World Race to be Held Tonight!
    We received the following concerning an around the world race...

    The Privateers Tavern and Tradeing Post is holding a race around the world on Feb.12 at 6pm pst. The first place winner will get 50,000 gold coins, a vanquishing weapon and a full set of valorite GM crafted plate armor; the second place winner will get 20,000 gold coincs and a full set of black GM crafted plate armor; and the third will get 10,000. Gates will open at Britain main bank, Minoc bank, and Trisnic bank at around 5:30pm pst. Racers will find out were to go at that time. Racers will need to go through the whole race so gates and recalls will not help that much with this race judges will be at certain places along the race giving info on the racers.

    Suggested items to have is:

    1. a boat
    2. items to survive the wilds
    3. a horse

    Hope to see you there and god speed.

    For more information, please contact [email protected].

    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 12:54 PM EST by Beans Baxter (NapaValley)

    A word of thanks and more thoughts about Sonoma spirit
    I recently have received a lot of emails and articles considering the Spirit and Roleplaying of Sonoma. Let us not look down on ourselves. Remember we represent our shard to the fullest extent, just as we (everyone) represent our sex, religion, race, clique etc etc.

    I for one would like to defend and help Sonoma shard as if it was my own country, IRL. I wanted to make a small comment, hopefully I am not crossing the line here, But in the U.S civil war, people were motivated by a belief called Sectionism (being proud and defend till death of the area you live in.) I believe if the players of Sonoma, band together, popularize our culture we can make this shard even more popular and active than the other shards, to the point where the numbers will migrate to Sonoma, and we will get tired of having quests, events etc etc. Do we want to be tired of having so much activity?. If we make Sonoma popular, is it to be followed by Chaos?.

    If the people of Sonoma can band together this tight, Chaos may follow. Fighting for glory, fame, or just the pure power-struggles that happen everyday in other shards, Sonoma and IRL that we are not even aware of, and to those people who cause or will cause know themselves.

    Enough with my own theories. I dont want the people of Sonoma asking themselves, "Where did this evil come from? From what root did it grow? Why do we see this everyday?". I shall accept what I cannot change. We are asking ourselves these questions IRL.

    "When I hear the word culture, I reach for my pistol" D.S Hugley

    Last but not least, there are hundreds of under appreciated societies that exist; to name a few: the YMCA, the Oasis group, Ironwood (player run town outside Skara), There are also other establishments that are commited to making Sonoma popular and friendly as it is - not to mention, of course, the countless numbers of honorable guilds and players on Sonoma, that hold events to help our fellow players.

    Don't forget major Sonoma sites such as:

    Sonoma Notepads

    Replies and comments are welcome, just click my name at the bottom.

    Of course everything here is my opinion, I may be wrong.

    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 10:55 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Manifestation of Virtue
    The chamber remained as it had for eons, devoid of motion, light, and sound. Countless ages had passed since it had last been used, but that was to change quite shortly. All about the room torches sprang to life, casting shadows, which danced about like children at a Yule festival. The only furnishings within the room were an enormous onyx table surrounded by eight throne-like chairs. Suddenly each chair was assaulted by a showering of light. Each throne’s drizzle was of a different hue: blue, purple, yellow, red, green, orange, white, and gray. The droplets of light began to manifest themselves, each solidifying themselves into human form.

    The first to manifest completely was the showering of blue light. Sharply trimmed blonde hair framed an open face. Pale blue eyes gazed out upon the remaining cascades. Slowly the man straightened his well-tailored white tunic and ensured its ends where secure within the steel blue kilt he wore with pride. He effortlessly flexed the fingers of his open hands as he took in his surroundings. Smiling to himself he adjusted his position within his seat at the head of the table. He tilted his head ever so slightly to the right so that he might witness the next transformation.

    Flecks of purple light began to adhere to one another as a massive form rapidly took shape. The man’s enormous chest muscles rippled as he stretched his well-tanned arms above his baldhead, a massive battle-axe held gingerly in his strong hands. Torchlight reflected off a lone earring dangling from the figure’s left lobe as he slowly inclined his head to the rooms only other current occupant. Gently he settled his axe within a harness sewn into his leather leggings and turned to his right to view the next entrance.

    Golden yellow light fluttered down like specks of dust collecting and forming limbs; much like the summoning of an earth elemental. However the physical features of the new arrival were quite in contrast to those of the hulking stone golems. The feminine body was soft and inviting, long golden locks fell haphazardly onto a sandy-yellow silken robe. Her delicate fingers rested lightly upon a padded staff, which leaned against her chair. She smiled warmly at her long time friends and sat back to await the arrival of the others.

    As the crimson light faded a figure covered head to toe in plate mail the color of a moonless nighttime sky appeared in the chair to the right of the woman. A cape the color or freshly drawn blood hung about his shoulders, attached to the armor by golden clasps in the form of majestic dragons. In its gauntleted hand the figure held tightly a studded mace, forged of the same metal as its armor, giving the impression that it was in actuality an extension of the creature’s arm. The illusion quickly dissipated however as the figure placed the mace within its lap and removed it’s helm. Dark brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, which was fastened by a thong of leather. The man's eyes though the same color, as his hair seemed to glow with an inner light. He shifted slightly to face the seated guests and saluted them all by bringing his fist to his chest. With practiced grace he then brushed aside a few stray strands of hair that had fallen over his eyes, and sat back in silence to await the rest of the retinue.

    At the other end of the table, directly across from the first visitor the pale green light began to manifest itself. A woman of immense beauty appeared before them all. Her long black hair hung loosely about her shoulders, it's color more akin to onyx then any other. It fell upon silver plate armor, which reflected the light of the torches, and dazzled the other’s sight. Despite the thick metal however the curves of her body seemed even more defined by it. A figure which many women would envy and most men would kill to sample. It was the sword that rested easily within her right hand however; that drew the most attention. Its medium sized blade was forged of a bluish metal, similar to valorite but with greater luminosity, about it's edge; seeming to hover like phosphorous was a pale red light. She smiled an alluring smile then she too turned to her right to witness the next visitors entrance.

    The orange mist took on a wraith-like form at first then it too slowly began to solidify. Well-worn leather armor covered a female frame. Fiery red hair draped down her back, partially obscuring the wooden bow, which was slung with practiced ease over her left shoulder. Her face was fair to look at, yet there seemed to be a constant sense of woe about her that caused each person who gazed upon her to picture some of his or her most painful memories. Smiling meekly towards her colleagues she sat back, seeming to meld into the cushions of her chair and silently awaited the next member.

    Shards of blinding white light began to swirl about, joining to create a mummy-like creature. There came a final flash of the purest of white lights, which blinded all within the chamber momentarily. As their sight returned each looked towards the newcomer. His face was covered by the cowl of his bleached robes, and offered no hint to his identity, not that any was needed. One hand was buried deep within the sleeves of his gold trimmed robes; the other carefully held a small crystal ball. The man concentrated deeply on the ball and the rapidly moving shards of light within it as he awaited the arrival of the final guest.

    The last empty throne sat awash in a spray of gray light. Unlike the others however the light engulfing this chair seemed to emanate from the stone floor itself. The light faded and into existence blinked a man garbed in a pale gray tunic and trousers. His clothes seemed poorly made, and the tears and rips gave proof that they had spent many a day in service to one person or another. The features of the man’s face were non-descript, though any who viewed him would swear they had seen the man somewhere before. In his hands he clutched a leather bound tome, it’s cover cracked and discolored from years of use.

    Finally they had all arrived. The physical manifestation of the virtues: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Spirituality, and Humility (respectively). All sat within the chamber, ready to mold the realm in which their words were supposed to be cherished. Ages had past since their last gathering, and all could feel the tension mounting within the room.

    The warm voice of Honesty sprang out, “Friends, we all know why we have assembled. Tis as the prophecy hath said, the time has come for the Awakening.”

    “Have all portions of the legend come to pass?” Humility asked weakly.

    “Unfortunately all which was spoken of hath come to pass. British is about infrequently, the citizens shed each others blood without reason, and the realm is falling to the shadows.” Honor’s booming voice resounded through out the room.

    “Are there any within the realm even worthy to carry our message? Have any of ye begun the search for the Sages or for the Oracles for that matter?” Spirituality voice whispered from deep within his robes.

    “The quest for Sages shall be an undertaking to be sure. There are so few who would gladly give up their personal quests to spread our laws back into the realm which hath forgotten them.” The words of Sacrifice where tinged with sadness.

    “I think ye may be wrong, there are many who will gladly flock to our banners, and bring righteousness back unto the realm.” Valor’s voice spoke to all their hearts; many doubted if the words had even been audible.

    “And what of those who shall fall while trying to spread our message? What shall be done for them? The powers of darkness grow with each day, it seems almost a folly to ask mortals to do our work.” Compassion pleaded to with the group.

    “Nay my friend, I agree that some may die, but our word must come from them, tis the way of things.” Justice’s melodic voice floated about the chamber. “Ye my friend, seek out the Oracles, then each of us shall choose our own champion.” She stated flatly facing the manifestation of Spirituality.

    Once again Honesty’s voice engulfed the chamber. “It is settled then, let us put our plans in action. The Awakening begins now!”

    Thankye, Heralds of the Awakening, for this interesting tale.
    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 9:34 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Happy Anniversary Shard Lead Counselor Damsel

    Today, as I was making my way to the Hammer and Anvil to sell mine wares, I heard a hubbub coming from the Counselors Guild Hall in Britain. Always being the curious sort, I opened the doors to find quite a number of Counselors, Senior Counselors and Lady Seer Magdalena sitting at a large table in a festive mood. At the head of the table was the guest of honor, Shard Lead Damsel, feasting on a cake made especially for the occassion... the celebration of her one year anniversary as a Counselor on our shard.

    The Gods graced the humble hall in honor of the event, including a beautifully designed lantern which nary the best tinkerer's in all of Britannia could make. However, I must say, 'twas quite odd seeing a sheep named Jonah roaming about the Hall!

    Shard Lead Damsel had already passed out cake and was saying her thank you's to all that was present when I arrived. I could not help but notice her blushing at the emotionality of the whole thing.

    I have oft the pleasure of dealing with one of her Counselors, and 'twas quite an honor to meet the woman who has made the Atlantic Counselor Team as helpful and responsive as it is.

    This humble smith doth wish his congratulations on Shard Lead Damsel as she forges her way into her second year as a Counselor on our home (no pun intended *smiles*).

    Oscar Jones

    Thankye, Oscar, for this wonderful account.
    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 9:23 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Attacks on Yew Increase in Severity

    I recalled into the Empath Abbey to use the bank and, to my surprise,appear next to a liche and a bone knight. They were leading the ghoulish attack on the town of Yew that had apparently been going on long before my arrival. Recently, Yew has been victim to an onslaught of Mongbat swarms, but today the super Mongbats were accompanied by at least one liche and bone knight, and countless orcs, orc mages, and orc lords. Many fell victim to the swarming orcs and mongbats who were aided by "thick air." Eventually the threat was neutralized, but after the bodies were being cleaned up, another wave hit, totally ravaging Yew. The bank looked like an orc fort, and there were bodies scattered across the landscape. This went on for quite some time until finally all the orcs and mongbats had been killed. Let us hope that this is the last of the attacks, and that if the mongbats and orcs return, they won't have any more powerful friends.

    - Ozzy of STC

    Thankye, Ozzy, for this wonderous account.
    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 8:42 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    The Monument

    I was traveling one day just to the east of Skara Brae, wondering to myself where has the virtues that our liege Lord British hath set forth, and how so many can do so much wrong to those who have done nothing. I had just crossed the crossing that allows one to travel from Skara Brae to the mainland when I came upon a man by the name of Inia Geoffrensis, who was the Duke of Unter Brae, and someone whose name escapes me at this time, discussing the virtues. I stood around a bit to listen to their conversation when Inia noticed me listening in, he stopped their discussion and turned to me and said, “Are you lost friend.” “Aye,” I said, “I am looking for the virtues that our Liege Lord British hath set forth.”

    “Well friend you have come to the right place, stay for a minute and I shall speak with thee when I am done here.”

    It seems as if a lifetime had passed when he finally came back to me, I am sure it was no more than a few minutes but it seemed as if it was forever.

    “Well, my friend what can I do for you,” asked Inia?

    “I am in search of the virtues as our King Lord British has set forth for us to try and follow,” came my reply.

    “Well friend you have come to the right place. Let us travel to the village , friend, and I shall show thee around a bit and we will discuss the virtues along the way,” said Inia.

    Our first stop was a tower in the city of Unter Brae named the “Fitzowen Hall of the Arts.” This name sounded somewhat familiar to me, but I could not quite place it. It was a lovely decorated building with many rare items used for study, and to further the knowledge of the arcane arts.

    “Here friend,” Inia stated, “is where all can come to learn the arts of our lands. Whether it is knowledge for its own sake or to learn the music that will soothe the wild beast. We also have a library dedicated to the study of the lands including the virtues that our lord has laid forth.”

    “What virtue do you feel is the most important friend,” Inia asked.

    After taking some time to consider carefully consider the answer, I replied, “I am not sure that one is more important over another, I think it is best in ones life to try and live by them all to the best of ones ability.”

    “That is a honest answer friend, and a honorable one at that, true it is best to follow all the virtues that one can to the best of their ability.” Inia replied.

    After taking me to the library for a tour of their books on hand, Inia stated, “Let us go next door to see the Inn of Your Dreams.”

    “The inn here was built by the residents of this city as a place for rest for those scholars and warriors who come to study. We also built it for those who are on the long journey from the other cities to Skare Brae; it is a nice enough spot in the country for those to rest in comfort away from their home,” Inia stated.

    The inn was a nice enough place, and I am glad to know it is here. My journeys from Yew to Skara takes almost a day’s trip, and on the trip down I could use a nice place to spend the eve other than the inn in Skara, which is all they way on the other side of town.

    After seeing some of the rooms that where at the inn, we traveled to our next stop, the Valiant Drunkard, the tavern of the village.

    “Here is the tavern of our fair city. Jackdeth of the Lords of Valor runs it.”

    Inia opened the door and the smell of fresh baked apple pie filled my nostrils. “Hmmm,” I thought, “I had not eaten since my morning meal, and the odor was overwhelming.”

    “Come in, come in,” Jack said as we opened up the door, “May I get you two anything?”

    “Hmmm,” I thought, “I would not mind a slice of your pie and some milk if you have it,” I stated.

    “Sure friend, Inia, the usual for you friend,” asked Jack.

    “Aye,” stated Inia.

    “Jack, this is a new friend of mine that passes our city on his journeys from Yew to Skara. He saw me standing outside the village, and struck up a conversation with me. He is in search of the virtues.”

    “Then he has come to the right place,” stated Jack. “Welcome to Unter Brae, friend, home of our monument dedicated to the virtues: the hall of the arts, the tavern, the inn, and the Temple of the Avatar. We are dedicated here to bringing about the virtues in our land, and leading those to follow them with their life.”

    “Inia has showed me the other building that ye speak of, and I am truly amazed at finding fellow citizens as concerned about following the virtues.” I replied.

    “This is most excellent news friend. Perhaps you would care to stay in our city and work and study these virtues, “asked Jack.

    “I would like that much friend, but I have a job in Yew that allows me to eat, and have a place to sleep,” I stated.

    “I do not know about your circumstance in Yew, but I am always in need of someone to keep up here in the tavern and run things; it does not pay much, but would give you a place to eat and sleep, as well as study on your time off, or when things are slow.”

    “A place to study virtue where I could have a job! I would love that,” I stated.

    “Ahh, then friend go to Yew and settle your affairs there. In a few days when you get done, come back and the job will be here for you. Then we shall begin your studies in the virtues. I shall start then in Valor when you return,” Jack stated.

    And this is how I came to the village of Unter Brae to work and to study. I have been working on a proposal with the Duke of Unter Brae to establish a park of virtue within the city for those who come and meditate in peace.

    If you are ever in the area stop by the Valiant Drunkard and if Jack or I should be working please come in for a drink, and I shall talk with thee on the lessons that I have studied for today.

    Liam Barkeep Valiant DrunkardStudent of Virtue, City of Unter Brae

    Thank you, Liam, for such a tale. And so it begins: The Rebirth of Unter Brae. Light has overcome darkness! Events will be posted later in the week in anticipation of the rebirth. Thank you.
    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 8:34 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Ruby Recovered
    Twas late afternoon when I had finished my lunch of mutton and dry dates, when I recieved a summons from my dear good friend Lord Rainbow King. He bad me come swiftly to Serpent Cross Tavern and thus I did, as fast as these aged bones could muster. Upon my arrival, RK began to inform me that a thief who was nestled in the mountains of Minoc may hold the ruby for which I sought.

    For many days since the destruction of Phakebrus I have searched the lands for this unique ruby, as it was the stone and the emblem of the god of my good friend, Shardak Mardas. This ruby of Barnabus, his god, was stolen, nay duped from my possession by the foul being Phakebrus himself. It happened as thus.

    I was out with my good friends Jackdeth and Azrielle, hunting evil wyverns in the new lands when we spied a strange looking serpent. The serpent made attempt to conceal itself and fled but returned awhile later. It came up to the boat, and spoke, informing me that it was sent from Claudia Raym, daughter of the Dragons, and that it needed to bring a certain ruby back with it. The ruby that represented the oath and the loyalty of my right hand man, Shardak Mardas. This ruby, embodies the soul and the spirit of this man whom I call a great friend, and he entrusted it with me so as to symbolize his bond and fealty. Unthinking, I gave the ruby over to the serpent, who in turn laughed at my face. I realized I was duped, and observed as the serpent transfigured itself into a deamon, of the which, I'm assuming was Phakebrus or one of his lackeys. I fell into a moderate depression thereafter I was informed that Phakebrus used the ruby of Barnabus, Shardak's god, to force him to do his bidding, and thus strike a deal. For Shardak's betrayel, I felt somewhat to blame. Understanding this to be a chance to recover such a precious gem, we made haste to the mountain range surrounding Minoc. Our search was virulent, and we left no cave unchecked as we coiled our way towards the city proper. We soon came to the winding caverns that make up the grand moutain just east of Minoc and our search there unveiled a youthful gypsy thief by the name of Kanda. She was adorned in the usual gypsy manner of dress and she began her story as to how she came upon the ruby. She made mention of seeing a deamon fly overhead in Yew, and followed it to Wrong, where it was slain by archer. She, in the fury, managed to "lighten" the deamon's load and found the ruby. And there it was....laying in her hand, her inquiring of me how much it was worth. I swiftly made the offer of gold, and was turned down post haste, as gypsys such as her, having been branded a murderer by Lord British, can do little with gold. She pointed to my antlers, and asked me if I had any extras for which she would exchange the gem. My eyes lit up brightly as throughout the years, many of those who have known me, have gifted me with such antlers as to build an entire house! She made mention of a bear mask in its stead, and I swiftly recalled, packaged up three bear masks and an antler set from my library, and made haste back to were she stood.The exchange was exhilarating to say the least. My dear friend's jewel now safe, I proclaimed my thanks to both Kanda the Thief, and Mayor of Yew, Rainbow King for finding her, and made off for the Moonglow Bank, grinning a bright grin.

    Thankye, GreyPawn, for this account.
    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 6:35 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Ultima IX: Ascension House of Commons
    The following is from the Ultima IX: Ascention Web Site
    We hope everyone had a great holiday season! To get back in touch with our players, Stratics will be hosting an Ultima IX: Ascension House of Commons on Stratics IRC in #ascension. Come join us for this moderated chat on Tuesday, January 11th, from 7 to 9 pm CST. Members of the Ascension development team will be on hand to answer your questions about the game, ranging from design questions to technical issues. See you there!!
    Please join #ascention on one of the following servers:

    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667

    In order to connect to, you may use either a standard IRC client (MIRC or pIRCH), or you may use our copy of the jIRC Java IRC client.

    This works inside your java-enabled internet browser (please be sure that you are using either MSIE 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 and above, this applet will not work in lower versions).

    You can visit to link to our Java client.

    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 4:55 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

    New Events at the Flying Fortress
    This arrived from the Unknown Player:

    Yes, it's true I have been a slacker recently and I havn't run any events in awhile. So starting this Friday there will be a weekly event night. The events will change from week to week, and I'm always open to suggestions.

    So this Friday at 6:30pm PST (8:30pm CST) there will be a 1 on 1 fighting tournie. The winner will walk away with *drum roll* 100k.

    Standard rules apply:

    1.No Looting
    2.No Stealing
    3.No Pets *summoned or otherwise*
    4.No Meteor Swarm or Chain Lighting

    If you are going to attend an event, please leave your horse at home since they do cause lag. If you have any questions please fell free to contact me at ICQ# 9684899 or e-mail.

    Also, Wednesday at 6:30pm PST I will be dying furniature at my tower for FREE!! If you would like your furniature dyed, please bring a max of 5 pieces in a bag to the Flying Fortress. You may get things dyed more than once but you will have to wait in line again :) A map to the Flying Fortress is available here.

    Just a reminder. "The Flying Fortress" is a public tower on Baja that any person or group can use to run events, partys, or meetings. The tower can also be redecorated to suit any event or party you would like to run and of course there is no charge to use the tower :)

    Thanks and i hope you have a great week!

    Unknown Player
    Flying Fortress
    Baja Events Tower

    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 4:01 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Pink Alliance Begins Patrols of Siege
    Glendor kindly sent us the following account of recent events on Siege:

    In a pivotal change in guild relations, the Pink Alliance has formed to combat the ever present menace of murderers roaming the landsunchecked. Here is the story and images of the first battles of thePink Alliance as they attempt to keep the powerful murdering guilds inline.

    The Pink Alliance

    These huge battles involved more than 75 fighters and ranged across the shard.

    Glendor, Blood Clan

    Thank ye! May the winds be at your backs and may your cups run over with ale!
    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 2:41 AM EST by Satyr (SiegePerilous)

    Maintenance on Stratics Forums today
    In our effort to maintain the most efficient set of Message Forums possible, we have brought the forums down for standard maintenance. The forums have been temporarily closed while we install three new upgrades of the UBB software. This will bring our script up to date with the most current release available.

    This not only adds improved reliability and performance, but also some nice new features for our visitors to take advantage of. For more information regarding the upgrade and exactly what improvements have been made, please refer to the Announcements section of the forums once they are brought back online this afternoon.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


    Scott Yaskin (Jhariden)
    Head of Interactive Development

    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 2:22 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Dennar's winning storytellers; new event announcement
    Asterius sent us this message concerning recent and upcoming events at Dennar's Bazaar:

    Results from Saturday's Storytelling Event at DENNAR's

    Saturday night, a few brave warriors got up, not to battle with weapons or spells, but to tell the deeds of those battles to Shais the Trader and a gathering at DENNAR's Grand Bazaar and Tavern. A fairly large crowd gathered to hear these tales and relax with some great food and drink. Judges in the event were Nevel Cre', Sable, Cen, Reyals, and Asterius.

    Although many a great tale was spun, we had to finally judge them and announce the winners in the event. The winners are as follows:

  • 1st place: Arithon - 13000 gold
  • 2nd place: Valkyre - 6000 gold and an abbatior deed
  • 3rd place: Potter - 4000 gold
  • 4th place: Jobin Valios - 2000 gold

  • Aside from winner's prizes, there were also door prizes given away to the public, including potion bags and SOS bottles, and every contestant recieved a GM made quaterstaff made by Shais himself and a painting for their homes. On behalf of Shais the Trader, we would both like to thank all who came out to observe, judge, and participate, and we hope to see you for future events.

    Following the success of the storytelling event this past Saturday, I am holding a bardic contest this Saturday, January 15, at 7 pm CST at DENNAR's Grand Bazaar and Tavern. Contestants will be given 10 minutes to sing their song in the interest of time, and must be accompanied by an instrument of some sort (may be played by another player though).

    Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Place: 13000 gold
  • 2nd Place: 8000 gold
  • 3rd Place: 4000 gold
  • Door prizes will also be given away at the event, as well as food and drink offered. Each contestant shall receive a prize for entering (not yet determined).

    Any questions about the event or how to get there should be directed to Asterius.Thank you and hope to see you there!!!

    Thank you, Asterius, for keeping us up-to-date on the happenings at the tavern. We wish you all continued success!

    Posted on Thursday, January 13, 2000, 1:34 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Reports of Ophidian Attacks
    Here is news around some strange happenings at the orc fort in the Lost Lands.

    A few weeks ago at the orc fort/undead fort in t2a, An Ophidian Avenger appeared from somewhere. At the time I thought that it was just lost or lead ther so I paid no attention. For some odd reason I started seeing dead bodies lying all around me so I got a tad worried. Realizing that I have meeled these creatures before at the entrance to the Terethan outpost, I proceeded to attack it. With a good 36 armor and 96hp I took a good half-life hit so I fearfully ran away. I ran to a corner to think about the exceedinly high strenght which isn't usual for an Ophidian Avenger. Also it used a greater poison spell which Ive never seen it do where they spawn. Later that day someone killed it with some spells. But i know this wans't any ordinary Ophi.

    Last night I was at the orc fort again and saw another Ohpidian avenger. Not thinking about the previous one a few weeks earlier, i attacked it and died in two hits (i even had 28 armor and full 96hp). After getting ressurected I came back to see 2 more working together and whiping out the place. My friend was looting his corpse and suddenly another one spawned right next to him and killed him! Over time they all just wandered off or were killed by the mages. I just wanted to let you know that maybe these constant Ophi Avenger attacks on the orc fort (which keep getting bigger each time) might turn into an all out war with many more Ohpi's some time soon. This may be a concern to all the warriors who are frequently fighting orcs or undead at orc fort.

    Don Chich of Atlantic Shard

    I thank you for the news friend.
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 11:22 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Knights of Sosaria House Raffle Winner
    I recieved this a short time ago.

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the winner of the House Raffle sponsored by the Knights of Sosaria and the Town of Elysium. Shortly after placing the rune to the house so entrants could try their keys, we were notified that a happy key-holder had the winning key! The winners name is Ramuk, of the Rising Lords of Virtue.

    Naturally, he was very happy to find that he had won. The transfer went without a hitch when he took possession of his new house, and our scribe make the following sketch of the happy occasion.

    Ramuk Recieves His New Home

    All the best in your new home Ramuk!

    Lord Wolf
    Knights of Sosaria
    Citizens of Elysium

    Congratulations to Ramuk, and thanks to Lord Wolf of KoS for the news!
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 11:08 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Undead Assault on Trinsic
    This report of trouble in Trinsic was sent in by Coran.

    Hail, I bring news of an Undead assault on the city of Trinsic.

    I had returned from the dungeon of Deceit, and had traveled to Trinsic to sell my spoils. As I was riding through the streets of Trinsic, a Zombie suddenly spawned in front of the Provisioners shop, just down from the Bank.

    I smashed it down, and a Skeleton quickly rose to take it's place, a courageous player joined me and we reduced the Skeleton to nothing but a pile of bones.I moved up the path, to the bank to deposit my gold. What a sight mine eyes!! Bodies of undead all over in front of the bank, Zombie corpses lay rotting in the street, piles of bones marked where Skeletons had fought and died. A Bone Magi corpse was also there, and this surprised me, since the opponents I had come across so far were Zombies and Skeletons only. Several player bodies were scattered around, a testimont to the assault of the Undead.

    Even as I rode through the carnage, another Skeleton spawned and attacked a defenceless fisherman. I cut it down, and moved on. Many people had appeared and the bank was seething with people. By the time mine comrade, the Knight Errant Traxer had appeared, the assault seemed to be over. Casting a final glance around, I continued on my way, pondering what or who was behind these assaults on our fair cities.

    Eyewitness account by:

    Squire of the Eternal Knights of the Circle

    The headlines are filled with news of attacks on the cities of our realm and it shows no sign of relenting. Be wary friends!
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 10:47 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Europa)

    Huginn's Weekend at Grimoire Arena
    The following concernsthe latest PvP event at Grimoire...

    Huginn’s Weekend event at Grimoire Arena.
    Friday January 14th, @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)
    Sponsored by SI and Grimoire.
    2 on 2 Event.

    Entry fee is 6,000 GP per team if you pre-register or 10,000 per team if you register at the event. To pre-register ICQ Huginn at ICQ #6773255.

    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8 PM PST, and end at 9:10 PM PST and no late entries.

    Grand Prize this week is 50% of the entry fees collected, 2nd place is 30%, 3rd place is 20%. The GP will be divided equally between the team members. We must have a minimum of 4 teams to start this event!

    For details on other events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 9:52 PM EST by Beans Baxter (NapaValley)

    Ivy Attacked Yet again!
    We received the following news from Legin Rex:
    Early this morning, several bands of Orcs once again attacked Ivy. While the call went out for warriors to fight them off, the brave warriors present in the Town held the line between Good and Evil until more warriors joined the battle.

    It may have been the early hour, but it seemed to me that the attacks were better directed and coordinated than previous battles - could the Orcs be learning from each skirmish?

    The Leadership of the Clan Red Hand and of the Town of Ivy are stymied. Who or what can be behind these repeated attacks??

    Legin Rex, Clan Red Hand

    (More information on the Town of Ivy, Clan Red Hand, and screenshots can be found at

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 8:31 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    Help Needed for New Players
    Companion Morg sent us the following request for assistance:
    Hail players of Pacific:

    I am Companion Morg. When we Companions help new players, quite a lot of them ask us for items, be it armour or weapons. This is a plea to all you people who have spare or would spare any armour, weapons, or anything else you think might be helpful to new players.

    We are also looking for Guilds that are dedicated to helping new players, so that we may refer new players to these guilds for further guidance. If you have or know such a guild, please forward the name and initials of the guild to me. There will be quite a lot of research done by myself to ensure we get the best guilds.

    If you would like to donate any items or nominate a guild please ICQ me on 60455562 or E-mail me at [email protected].

    Thank you.

    The Companion Program consists of a large group of players who use their regular UO character to assist people who are new to Ultima Online. It is a real help to new players to have someone give them some basic pointers on how to succeed and have fun in the lands of Sosaria. If you are able to help with donations, or if your guild is interesting in teaching new players the ropes, then I encourage you to contact Companion Morg as soon as possible.
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 8:28 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    A Little Bit of Everything Kidnapped Your Dog!
    Azazel sent us this hastily scribbled note:
    A Little Bit of Everything has kidnapped your dog!

    The only way you'll ever see your dog again, is if you go and look at the new comic just put on our site! The comic's titled "We Appreciate Your Support." You better laugh and pretend to enjoy it too, or the dog gets it!

    Remember, no sudden moves!

    Man, with that nut out there, I am glad I have cats!
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 8:18 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    New Test Client Available
    The following was just posted to FYI at
    A new version of the test client is now available on our ftp server. This client addresses the following issues:
    • The position and open/closed status of the following are now saved upon exiting UO: Main window, Gameplay window, spellbook, containers, spell icons, radar, skills list, and paperdoll.
    • Using the 'Logout' button and clicking the 'X' to exit will now save identical information.
    • Character offset while running now displays correctly in 800x600 mode.
    • The fullscreen crash bug found in the previous Test Client version is fixed.
    • The "save password" option will be completely disabled if unchecked, to prevent accidentally saving passwords
    • The MyUO button will now connect to
    • The default skill gain notification message will display every time a skill is raised. (Fresh/new installs only)
    The opening of saved containers, spellbooks and other windows will not take place simultaneously upon entering the game, but will open through a queue. Thus, you may receive the message, "You must wait to perform another action" when attempting other actions upon entering the game until all saved windows have been opened/restored.

    The client also contains additional fixes for the client ghosting problem, changes to character save profiles, fixes to status bar updating, and small changes affecting localization and file saving.

    The new test client can be downloaded at:

    To install the client follow these steps:

    • Click the link above.
    • If you have T2A, select the T2A version. If you do not, select the non-T2A version.
    • Save the file to your desktop (Do NOT save the file over your client.exe in your UO directory. If you do, you will need to reinstall UO when we patch the servers.)
    Load the file from your desktop and log into the Test Center Server.
    I just tested this client, and it works great! In addition to the above mention new features, each character now has their own copy of uo.cfg and macros.txt, so each character you have can now have their own unique macros and configurations, such as speach color.
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 3:21 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    GuildBoss v1.07 Released
    Thanks to the folks over at Guildboss for letting us know about their new version. Here is the info about it:

    GuildBoss v1.07 released

    See what's new in v1.07 at

    GuildBoss is a guild and clan management database for Windows 9x/NT. It's chock full of features like bulk emailing and ICQ paging, automatic promotion/demotion scheduling, automated dues collection, web-ready report generation, unlimited custom ledgers, roster exporting, and much more. GuildBoss is highly customizable and compatible with any game in any genre such as EverQuest, Quake, Ultima Online, Diablo, Starcraft, etc..

    Download the full-featured shareware version at

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 2:58 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    If you could upgrade your home...
    ... then what type of home would you prefer if a new type of house was introduced. Would you like a basement ? Would you like an upstairs ? Are you a rich bastard and want to have both ? Have a look at our Periodic Poll and let us know your deepest desire.

    As for the previous Poll; it looks like people either don't want to give up any houses or are willing to settle for 2 houses per shard maximum. As was to be expected, limiting the amount of houses to a certain maximum per account was not a popular option. With the "I want 2 houses on a shard" idea in mind, think about the possibilities of having a house with a public and a private area. Perhaps that can cut back on the number of houses and at the same time give people a place to live in and a place to keep their vendors at the same time. That all for now, leave your vote on the aforementioned Poll.

    Thank you all for voting.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 2:45 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Oasis Election and Meeting
    We have recieved the following:
    Those interested in the future of the desert town of Oasis met Monday January Tenth.

    Many ideas for the future of the city were discussed, in between the normal spammer and annoying participant problems which were semi-quickly taken care of. (A special thanks to Tigger, Quiet, Sassy, and Janus for this).

    Among the ideas set out were, parties, raffles, vendors being kept stocked, runes being given out, better publicity for Oasis events and a Council of elected officials to better co-ordinate and help to run the city.

    Nominations will be taken for a total of two weeks, with the ending date being Tuesday January 25th. They can be sent, via e-mail to [email protected].

    After these nominations have been taken, and the top nominees have been choosen by the people of Oasis an in-game election will take place.

    If you have ANY questions whatsoever about this process please contact Tovin at [email protected] or come on into the IRC stratics rooms #sonoma or #oasis.

    Thank you all for your time.


    A special thank you to the ops who helped run the meeting, Sassy, Wyrmschlacter, Janus, and Quiet. Another special thank you to Lord Jyden Caendryl, for his advice and guidance in this time of change for Oasis.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 12:58 PM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Upcoming Character Purge
    The following was just posted to Common Issues on the website:

    Upcoming Character Purge

    Please be advised that we will be deleting accounts that have been inactive for 3 months or more (i.e.: accounts that have not paid for service for 3 months or longer) next week, January 17 - 21.

    Once an account is deleted, it will no longer be possible to retrievecharacters or items associated with the account. If you own an inactive account and wish to return to the world of Ultima Online, this would be an ideal time to visit to reactivate the account. We'll be happy to have you back in the game.

    Characters on active accounts will not be affected by this purge.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 8:26 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Test Center Schedule: Atlantic/Cat/Napa
    This was just added to FYI:

    Test Center Rotation Center Schedule

    We will be continuing to rotate shard backups to Test Center startingtomorrow in order to continue to test Phase III, Guild Stone changes,monster decay and the other features currently in testing. The schedule will be as follows:

    • Tuesday, 1/11 and Wednesday, 1/12 - Atlantic
    • Thursday, 1/13 - Catskills
    • Friday, 1/14 and Monday, 1/17 - Napa Valley

    The skills and stats management features currently available on Test Center will continue to be available.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 8:22 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    More Attacks Occur Throughout the Realm
    The following report, concerning the recent goings on in Mith and other attacks, was sent in by Moiré Tregarde...

    I can still remember the words of the golden gargoyle, in our campaign to save Katazar, the ancient blue dragon. As he stood there with Tarina Faa, and some sort of shared vision happened between the two, "Can see the future now... To see... cities burning. To see... hiumans dead! To see war and strife!" He chuckled a little at that, but it quickly became a frown. "To see... to see gargoyles dead as well. To see... them fighting alongside hiumans? To see... no! To see a horrible enemy... worse than anything ever seen! To see hiumans and gargoyles side by side... fighting together!"

    In recent weeks, rumors have been springing up about some new evil on the move. No one seemed to know any details, but there was no denying a general feeling of unease about the land. While the return of Blood Stone and his plots have indeed been causing much strife, this just felt like something altogether separate. And with events that have happened on the Isle of Mith, I fear that something is indeed amiss.

    Twice now, Mith has been plagued by a swarm of rats… from the smallest to ones the size of a large dog. The first time was during the Katazar quest, and we thought it some diversion the gargoyles had set up. Then, when late in the quest a rat man walked up to me and said, "Oh, is that Moiré Tregarde? I’ve been ordered to seek her out as well Greetings Good Female" That surprised me, to say the least. “Ordered by whom?” I had to ask. "My Employer, of course." I asked who that may be, but the creature continued as if the question didn’t matter. "He would like to discuss the beings of Mith. Most specifically, them to be not inquiring into our movements. We merely ask that your folk leave my kind alone for the time being and we shall in turn be happy to discuss payment at a later date." Then it bowed, drew some sort of symbol in the air and disappeared. All of a sudden the infestation didn’t seem to be related to the gargoyles. And when the second infestation happened well after we had stopped the gargoyles, I knew there was something going on that we knew nothing about. And only a couple nights ago I heard of such a plague of vermin within the city of Britain.

    But, yesterday I feel only portents to great upheavals. Earlier in the day I had heard about some undead being spotted in the Village of Virtue. I was having a pleasant conversation with a few friends when the distinct rattling of bones that only a walking skeleton makes was heard outside the White Rose Tavern. Considering that the isle never sees such creatures, I had a feeling that worse was yet to come. I grabbed the greatly enchanted silver bow I keep within the tavern for emergencies, and we went out to investigate.

    At first it was little trouble. Just a few skeletons and zombies. We scouted the island and dispatched a couple more such packs. It was almost laughable, such weak creatures and in small numbers against a few seasoned warriors and mages. But still, the feeling that this was only the beginning persisted, and I sent out pigeons calling for assistance. And good thing the calls were heeded. Slowly the packs grew more and more dangerous, with skeletal knights, mages, and liches appearing.

    Then a strange thing happened… a mummy came shambling along. I’ve never even heard of mummies outside of the Lost Lands. Then a true sight of horror, an undead daemon. Thank goodness it was the only beast to deal with at the time, and everyone was able to concentrate on it… I’d hate to think what it could have done had it gotten a chance. Then some monstrous black widows appeared, and after them a phoenix! I’d only ever heard of these creatures, again only in the Lost Lands… and here was one on Mith, and it was tearing through our ranks. In one minute it more had fallen to it then the rest of the previous evening. With spells and arrows the phoenix finally fell - warriors were of little help as just being near the creature caused painful burns – and many were the spells and arrows needed to kill it. Afterwards a group of lich lords hounded us, but they fell in short order.

    All together, a remarkable amount of cooperation was displayed among people who have never fought together. Undoubtedly that helped us a lot. But still, we were no closer to ascertaining just what the cause of the assault was. Not a single clue as to who or why these monsters appeared.

    In my gut, I can’t help but feel that this is only the beginning.

    ~Moiré Tregarde

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 8:11 AM EST by Beans Baxter (NapaValley)

    Undead Attack Trinsic
    Lilac sent in the following concerning a recent undead attack in Trinsic...

    You can imagine my surprise when after recalling from Britain, i materialized in Trinsic in front of a bone knight.

    Luckily, I had my spellbook open and managed to cast Corp Por, damaging the skeleton knight. I tried the spell again, only to find that i had unfortunately run out of reagents. I called GUARDS, yet to no avail. Why did the guards not respond? However, I did not have time to think, I quickly rushed to the bank in hope of finding fellow warrior. I alerted them and we managed to kill the remaining undead with relative ease.

    I later found out that I missed the brunt of the attack although i was quickly informed of the details.

    No-one seemed to know what had happened to the guards although some had the idead that it might have something to do with the unexpected enabling of magic in towns.

    Lilac, Wandering Tamer Of CoM

    Attacks on our fair cities are continuing. What, or who, can be the cause? Only time will tell...

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 7:59 AM EST by Beans Baxter (NapaValley)

    Dragons Landing to Hold Crawl to Despise
    DeFrae Dragon sent in the following concerning a crawl to the dungeon known as Despise...

    Dragons Landing will be hosting a dungeon crawl on Tueseday January 11th, with the run starting about 8pm PST. We will be exploring the dungeon Despise, this is a beginner-medium skill dungeon so this event is aimed at some of the newer players, or those that might not have been there before. We plan on having a lockpick on hand to open the chests there, and hand the loot out to those that need it, usually a good variety of items to be had. If you or someone you know would enjoy a good chance to increase your skills and have some fun, and maybe get some good gear then make sure you come. Visit for more information and directions to the town.

    Hope to see you there!
    DeFrae Dragon

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 7:52 AM EST by Beans Baxter (NapaValley)

    Trolls Attack City of Vesper
    We received the following from Luca Brasi concerning the recent Troll attack on the City of Vesper...

    While on my way to Vesper in search of reagents, I was attacked by a horde of Trolls. They were everywhere. The entire town banded together to destroy the vile creatures. Good and Evil, Choas and Order all fought valiantly to save the city! It was a huge battle. To those the resurrected me and other you have all of my thanks. To those that were looting bodies.....Your day will come! I would especially like to thank the warrior known as Woodrow, you sir are a true class warrior.

    Luca Brasi

    Word is coming to mine ears that several attacks have occurredin our fine cities. If ye have news concern the attacks, pleasefeel free to send it in!

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 7:49 AM EST by Beans Baxter (NapaValley)

    Guild Scribes Take Note: Guild Recruitment Library Opens
    Interested in some free in-game advertising, or getting the history of your guild down on paper? Why not partake in the first ever Napa Valley Guild Recruitment Library...

    The Companion Tower would like to become the first shard-wide Guild Recruitment library of Napa Valley. Interested guilds are asked to write in a blank book the following:

    1. Guild Name and alignment:Good/Neutral/Evil, and Order/Chaos as applies, and guild charter
    2. Guild Requirements/recruiting policy
    3. A summary of your guild and what they are all about, such as good guy treasure adventure types, pk hunters, pk guild, pvp intensive, roleplaying guild, etc. Something that will let them know what kind of member you are looking for.
    4. Guild contact info, or coordinates to your guilds headquarters,tavern,etc.

    Guildbooks will be placed in categories, i.e. merchants guilds,adventuring/treasure hunting guilds,pvp oriented guilds,order-chaos guilds,role-playing guilds, evil guilds,etc.

    The Companion Tower is public and used by volunteers of Napa Valley, but is not an official OSI property, nor ran by Ultima. To place a guildbook please e-mail [email protected] to set up a meeting to get your guildbook placed. All guilds welcome to submit.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 7:34 AM EST by Beans Baxter (NapaValley)

    The Mystic Lake Tavern
    Recently, I had the luck to run across a delightful new eating and drinking establishment, named The Mystic Lake Tavern. The Tavern overlooks Lake Hammerfell in the crafting city of Haven.

    For more information, please see the review that has been added to the Chesapeake News section of UOSS.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 7:28 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Efforts to End the Orc/Human War
    This came in from Uktabi:

    In a effort to find a way to end the Orcian attacks, several groupsorganized a meeting at the new Temple of Virtue in the city of Haven.The meeting was ran by Na'Krul of the Dark Tower, and Arakthor, keeperof the Book of Virtues.

    The meeting concluded with the desicion to hold a food drive to feedthe starving orcs. All donations can be brought to the Temple of Virtue in Haven. The food will be presented to the Orcs as a peace offering by Na'Krul, Arakthor, Bub'Ger (a Knight of the Golden Brew), and a representative of the Dark Wardens on Jan. 9th. At this time we also hope to enter into trade negotions.

    Uktabi, Knight of the Dark Wardens

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 7:22 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Semi-finals, Millennium Man Contest
    This arrived from Brianna Roies:

    Well, The results are in and I'm happy to announce that there were over 70 people who competed in the 1st round. Figuring out that picking the first ten wouldn't be fair. I randomly picked the names of the top ten competing in semi-finals. as of now, here is how it stands. Here is the top ten (not listed in order):

    Dane, Prime Minister of the City of AvalonJacob, The Honorable JacobLazarus, Uprising Leader of the Society of Elves.Lotus, Guildmaster of IlluminatiSimon, Pilgrim of the Golden KnightsJesse James Jr, of Double Deuce LottoVengeance, Curator of the Dawn LibraryAlex, Knight of Holy Waters Christopher, of the Silver Cross Vendor MallJuan, of the city of Britain.

    This week we'll need everyone out there that's following this event to send in a vote to the address below, for every email I receive with one of the top ten's name on it, that man will receive a point. The top 5 men with the highest points will compete in the finals to be titled Millennium Man of Baja.

    For everyone who is competing in this contest, I'm going to help you out. For a tip of advice I suggest you run a campaign to get the public voice to vote for you. For the top ten applicants, even tho I'll only see five of you in the finals, I wish you all good luck this week.

    "Maybe you can be the Millennium Man of Baja."

    Brianna Roies
    [email protected]

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 7:18 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Ultima Online Celebrity Chat
    A message from Alton
    Drop by #ultima-online on the Stratics IRC server tonight at 7pm CST for UOCC. Tonight, our guest will be Dren Jootz Mayor of Destiny. #ultima-online is the official Stratics UO chat channel.Drop by any time for help in game, the latest UO news, or simply to talk with someone from another or even your own shard.

    Please join #ultima-online on one of the following servers:

    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667

    In order to connect to, you may use either a standard IRC client (MIRC or pIRCH), or you may use our copy of the jIRC Java IRC client.

    This works inside your java-enabled internet browser (please be sure that you are using either MSIE 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 and above, this applet will not work in lower versions).

    You can visit to link to our Java client.

    Apologies for the late announcement. The message got lost in the mail (really).
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 7:16 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Dead Dove Tavern Quest
    Found in the basket of the Dead Dove Tavern:

    Dear Joseph,

    On Friday night a friendly man named Mordrok came to the Dead Dove requesting assistance from the patrons. He asked us to meet him and others at the Golden Brew for a spelunking mission to recover something of importance.

    He had a large crowd that had gathered travel with him to the ice dungeon to recover an artifact. I offered to purchase it from him after it was recovered but Mordrok said it was to be donated to the Museum of Britain and would not be sold (we have ways around that technicality). I did not bother to go into to a slimy dungeon but sent eyes instead. Several from the group were asked to form a pentagram and when they did a dragon statue appeared and moved when Mordrok said an incantation. After the words were spoken a necklaceappeared (later to be known as the Necklace of Holding) in the place of the statue. A man named Todd told Mordrok to wear the necklace and when Mordrok placed it on his neck he became completely differentand evil. Todd tried to pull the necklace off Mordock and burned his hand in doing so. When Mordrok saw this he killed Todd in one blow.

    Now here's where it gets even more interesting: Jacob Tyrer came for a visit but he seemed rather distracted. When questioned he spoke of the necklace but said nothing more than was already known. Jacobdid mention its gold potential (I knew it!) but quickly changed the topic. Na-Krul demanded to speak to Jacob in private and when they returned Na-Krul would say nothing more. However, Jacob madeindications that wanted to speak to me alone, most likely because he understands my business dealings with the likes of rogues, extortionists, informants and such. We adjourned to the back but before much was said Na-Krul flung open the door and refused to leavefor fear he would miss out on more information. It was obvious that Jacob would speak no more with others in the room and said he would return when the tavern was less busy.

    Later, Bub'Ger and I were watching a fight at the arena and we were talking about the events of the previous evening. I mistakenly called Mordrok by the name Mordock and when I did, explosions burst in theair and he appeared. He said, "Did I hear someone call my name? It is not my real name but this body's name is Mordrok!" He raised his hands in the air and was gone although he did appear once more to taunt us.

    Jacob appeared shortly after to continue our conversation. We went to the meeting room and he seemed quite concerned. He knew that I was interested in obtaining this necklace as much as he was but whispered something about possession before Bub came and joined us. Jacob knows more about this necklace than he is letting on. He warned me that it was powerful and to stay away from it. He mentioned that he had researched the Necklace of Holding a long time ago but ignored what was said about its powers. I think he intends to get the necklace to sell it and I think Todd was hired by him to get the necklace onceMordrok made it appear.

    Joseph, I think I have a buyer for that necklace myself and I plan on getting it. Let's meet up and discuss this.



    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 7:13 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Avalon Commissary Treasure Hunt This Thursday
    I received this from the Avalon Merchants Cooperative:

    We at the Avalon Commissary are hostin' a Treasure Hunt this Thursday, at 5pm PST. Try t' show up early, and look fer Ultimax [Commissar, Max] or George [Treasure Hunter, Max]. Don't worry about how t' get around durin' the hunt, 'cause George's gonna Gate people.

    George'll have a level 3 map, an' if time permits he'll lead the group in a second level 3 hunt. The good part is that you, the party, get all the treasure...all George asks fer is the gems, well, an' not gettin' killed.

    The Avalon Commissary is in th' player city Avalon, on the Baja Shard. There's a map to Avalon at Questions go t' me, Ultimax, at Avalon, a player town for all character types in Ultima Online's Baja Shard. The AMC Message Board can be found at this link and you can email them here.

    (The Avalon Merchant Cooperative and it's Commissary are separate anunassociated with the Adamantium Merchants Company and the [AMC] Guildstone)

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 6:52 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Hot Rumors of future attacks on cities in Sonoma!!!
    We have recieved the following urgent & hot news:
    News involving the recent attacks on Vesper more too come! Rumor has it ( I got it from a Seer names Janus) that there will be 4 major cities under massive attack in the upcoming days. Here are the cities and the monsters:

    • Vesper : Trolls
    • Trinsic : Undead
    • Yew : Mongbats
    • Cove : Headless

    He also said that the attacks will get larger and more difficult every time. The monsters will become stronger and smarter every time! Beware travel to these cities. I hope this helps explain what has been going on to all the people out there with no clue. Farewell.

    Thanks, May we all ready our blades & our lives.
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 6:46 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Grand Opening of Thule Tower of Mages
    We have received the following announcement:

    Hail to thee out there,

    Ultima Thule, the largest guild on this shard is opening his tower for magery, Ultima Thule tower of Mages, home to the subguild called Ultima Thule Mages.

    This will be happening at the 15th of January, with a great tournament that will last in our memories. Gates are provided from 6.30 pm GMT at these cities:Britain, Skara Brea, Trinsic, Moonglow and Vesper.

    The tournament will start at 7 pm GMT

    The first price will be a weapon of choice, so that will make somebody verry happy!!!

    The Elder Gridzil
    2nd GM of Ultima Thule Mages

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 5:24 AM EST by Asphyxion (Europa)

    Oasis Town Meeting
    We have recieved the following:
    There will be an open town meeting regarding the city of Oasis. All on the Sonoma shard are invited to attend. We will be discussing the direction of Oasis, as well as taking ideas about what others would like to see in Oasis. The meeting will be held in IRC on IRC.STRATICS.COM inthe channel called #Oasis at 9pm eastern.


    Thanks, may all attend!
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 4:35 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    A kindred in Sonoma spirit?
    We have recieved thefollowing:
    In regards to the Whats happening to the spirit of Sonoma....Actually theres a damn lot happening on Sonoma...however i can only speak for a corner of the world...Yew...(The YMCA) and Ironwood (player run town outside Skara)...theres quite a bit going on...Roleplay and Adventure wise...whats going on in and around other areas im not to sure but there is a large Roleplaying and Adventuring Society....Go to Sonoma Notepads and youll see what I mean we are out their tricky bit is finding us all


    Sparrow, the Bard

    email me for any [email protected]

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 4:33 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    A announcement of love.
    We have recieved the following:
    To Everyone My beloved Elise and I, Janos Antero, shall marry on January 21st at 7pm PST at the Shrine of Sacrifice. We are soul mates, and have found true love. We wish all to share in the joy we have by joining us on our most special day. Gifts are not needed, as she is the most wonderful gift any man could hope for.

    Our love is strong and unyielding, and together we shall stand, united in marriage as man and wife, but also as two pieces of a whole. Both our lives will be complete, and our bond will make us strong. Let us set aside differences, keep the past in the past. We wish to share our unbridled love and happiness with all those worthy of it and welcome with open arms all that know us and we have trusted and loved.

    Join us our exchange of rings, the never-ending symbol of our happiness and love. We askall come in peace, and with love in their hearts on our most special day.

    Thanks. May the love never end.
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 4:28 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Vesper attacked!
    While venturing to vesper yesterday night, my companion and myself were attacked by trolls. The citys was over run. To arms! To arms! Things are amiss in our lands and people still squable over gold and shiny metal. There is battle to fought and honor to be won.

    Moustafa, of Trinsic

    Thanks, sorry couldnt post the pic!
    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 4:24 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Sieges continue in cities across Britannia
    A plea for helpLast Friday morning, I set out for Trinsic, determined to witness the scene for myself should the city be attacked again by legions of undead. I ventured to both banks, finding nothing, hearing nothing from the citizenry. I had heard that in previous attacks, some of the creatures had appeared near the docks, so I made my way to the east side of town. By chance, I encountered MacRorie, who had first told me of the undead creatures in Trinsic. He had seen a few waves of the assault, he explained, but so far this new day had been quiet. We were conversing about his experiences when a man named Hemo came rushing past, weapon held high, exclaiming, "They're here!" and before our very eyes, a bone magi appeared! From out of thin air they appeared - skeletal knights, bone magi, skeletons, shades... In every direction, they scattered, filling the air with a stench so foul I could scarcely breathe.

    As many of you know, I am a far cry from being a formidable foe to anything more substantial than a mongbat, and I am embarrassed to admit that before too long, the creatures had bested me. Fortunately, as in times of the past when disaster hits, the citizens are standing together and I was soon back in the fray with nothing damaged beyond a small scrape on my pride when my husband snickered at the death shroud I carried home with me and said, "There's nothing like a journalist who's dying to get a story!"

    DoA patrolThe siege was brief and in no time the city was cleansed thanks to the efforts of many. Members of the Dragons of Avatar patrolled the area, dispatching the straggling creatures and declaring the streets safe again for its townspeople.

    I spent the rest of the afternoon traveling between Trinsic, Vesper and Yew, hoping to find more news but leery of being in the eye of another storming attack, but the remainder of the day was quiet and uneventful.

    Wall of undeadI awoke this morning to the loud cooing of a pigeon on my windowsill. It bore a message from my husband Sniper, who had left shortly after sunrise to patrol the shores as he does each morning. "Trinsic under attack again," he wrote, the penmanship showing signs of a hurried hand. "Undead. Come quickly. Be careful."

    By the barracksI made my way to Trinsic immediately. Even from the roof of the bank, I could see lines of skeletal figures pressing against the city walls. I grabbed the silver hammerpick Sniper had given me from my pack and began to run through the streets, looking for him. At every turn there were more undead and the people were beating them back best they could. I found Sniper near the barracks, along with Lady Gwenyth, slashing through one after another of the horrid beasts. I stood in a corner, sketching furiously and dispatching pigeons requesting aid for the city. A kindly soul named Ada tended my wounds as a skeletal knight pummeled me nearly into unconsciousness. Soon, members of The Sovereign Order of the Phoenix came with their guildmaster, Trevalian Majere, to join with the many citizens in the fray and again the city was restored to order.

    Violence in VesperI thought about the cities where similar attacks had occurred in the last week and suggested we make haste to see if our help was needed there. Trevalian joined us with his initiate Grendal and another noble warrior called Durince. Sniper made a magic portal for us and we appeared in Cove, where all was quiet. From there, we travelled to Yew, where we did away with a handful of mongbats who'd flown in on the fringe of a larger migration of the winged rodents who'd already been disposed.

    When we arrived in Vesper, we immediately saw the carnage of bodies, troll and human, surrounding the bank. Sniper and Trevalian could hear a mob of them to the east and made haste in that direction. I caught up to them, grabbing my sketchpad from my pack. "Stay back, Wallis!" Trev called anxiously. He need not warn me twice. I made certain there was a safe distance and an armed man between the trolls and myself at all times.

    Holding the bridgeGrendal's eyes glowed red as he watched the last one fall and he exclaimed, "More!" to which the reply came from Garret, "Aye, more just outside of town!" The group of us rushed toward the bridge just west of the bank where we found a line of trolls attempting to take the bridge and a group of valiant soldiers thwarting that plan: Levi Strauss, Cole Armstrong, Mekklar, Leoric and Larry of MoL. Quickly, the trolls were dropped and the city was strangely calm.

    As I made my way back to the bank, looking forward to a warm cloth at home to wash away the blood and muck, I stopped to inquire what news the town cryer might have for us. My jaw fell when I heard his humble reply, "I have no news for thee at this time."

    Surely, someone knows what evil lies behind these attacks. I shall endeavor to unravel this great mystery, Gentle Reader. Please send news, if you hear of any, and I shall do the same.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 2:27 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Spiritwood Tavern Raffle next Sunday
    Fenris sends us the following announcement:
    Next sunday, january 16th, the Spiritwood Tavern will host another Raffle. Again it will be at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt). This time there is a total prize of 100.000 gold pieces. This gold will be split between the winners. Everyone can now choose a number after they bought a key. This means there might be no winners or there might be up to 50 winners. You can buy keys at the tavern and they cost 1000 gold pieces each. One person cannot buy more than two however. When that's done, you take your key to Fenris (who will be at the tavern almost every evening and you show it to him to verify if it's real. After that you tell him a number and he'll note it. Perhaps that number will be the lucky number...
    Good luck :-)

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large bricks. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W. If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected]. I hope to see you all there! :-)

    On a sidenote:
    I'll be doing a Spiritwood Tavern Trivia some time soon. So if you have any questions you'd like to see asked, please just send them the the above mail address. Please also include three possible answers and mark the correct one (they'll be multiple-choice). Thanks.

    Fenris, the Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 2:20 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Europa)

    Trolls attack Vesper, Mongbats attack Yew.
    This came in the mail today:
    As I was standing by Vesper bank this morning, Sunday the ninth, i see a woman on a horse come from the north mage shop, followed by 20 or so trolls. Not believing my eyes for a second, I stood there, memorized. Luckily my instinct kicked in, my mage was luckily ready for some action and I got into action casting ebolt and flamestrike on every troll i saw. I was so busy making sure I did not have any trolls taging me, since I had no armor on, that I did not get much loot as people were being scavergers running around. After it was all said and done, only one person lay fallen and all 20 trolls had been disposed of. I personally was hoping some more would show up.

    Kragen, Master Mage of Europa

    Followed by this pigeon:

    First time i take some time to write you. Today I was in Yew, and to my surprise, many Mongbats seemed to wander and and attack every nice folk in town. Guards were not even paying attention. One one dead was to mention.

    But then some friend pigeoned me, and many trolls were in Vesper again. They seemed to get out of shop, with no special plots. They were all other town and even outiside. Luckuly, they were all fast slain. Once again good won against evil

    But what's going on in Britania?

    Lord Odin

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 2:04 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Europa)

    The first piece of Truth is found!
    We were sent this:

    I would speak to you now of our quest this past Saturday night. We did leave from Haven for the castle Marrach Lir, as Korin had directed us in his message. Once there it was learned that piece of the sword called Truth, the Hilt, had been given to a member of the Lir family long ago by the embattled Legion of Truth (LoT). This person's name was Sebastien Lir and he was the second son of the first Baron of Lir. We were aided by the Baroness Ciesa and the Gypsy woman known as Lilith.

    We were directed to the bottom of Dungeon Wrong where the spirit of Sebastien Lir lay restless. For he had been slain by his older brother in a jealous rage over a woman. Once we arrived at Wrong we proceeded down into the depths and after much battle we did find Sebastien's spirit in the place known as the Orge Lord room. It was then that one known as Exedore of Arden, after much effort, did bind Sebastien's spirit so that he might be taken back to Lir. After battle many Orge Lords, Orge, and Ettins we finally made our way back to Lir.

    Once returned the spirit would not release the location of the sword piece to us. But instead he demanded that we free the spirit of the woman for which he was slain. For in the end his dark brother had slain her to. Her name was Sabrina Torrey. And her spirit was bound to an ancient pentagram in the second level of the Dungeon Destard. So off to Destard we did go. Once her spirit was found and she was brought back to the land of the living, along with Sebastien, she demanded proof that the Legion of Truth had not been totally wiped out by OM and the CoV.

    It was then that one of the Celestrial Knights brought forward the forth section of the Book of Truth. Sabrina accepted it and as battles with the Wyrms raged all around she was freed from her prison. We all hurriedly returned to Castle Lir and after much talking, and a little rest, Sebastien did finally turn over the Hilt of Truth to one known as Misterie for save keeping. With our task complete most of us disbanded and left for our homes. I can only hope I am joined by as many when we quest for the next piece of the sword. We but await Korin's findings on when it lies.

    A Soldier of Truth

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 1:15 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

    Alliance meeting slated for Thursday, Jan. 13
    This just in from Jonci:


    Alliance Meeting set for Thursday, January 13th. Chamber of Virtue in Britain at 8:30pm CST. All people of Virtue welcome to join. Due to some debate over the coming actions of The Alliance, only One person shall be allowed to speak at a time.

    Event Schedule:

  • Go over Past Events leading to the Present.
  • Discuss the attacks on the Gelidum home.

    More info on The Alliance.

    Jonci, GuildMaster of the Protectors of Virtue.

  • Thanks, Jonci.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 12:31 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Town Council being formed in Minoc
    Dagda Regrave sent the following missive, concerning the city of Minoc:

    Hail and well met fellow citizens of Sosaria!

    My name is Dagda Redgranite and I'm a representative of the Minoc Town Council currently being formed.

    Things are coming along well, but we still need 4 members to complete the council. Once it is finished we will be be involved with many issues that are of concern on the shard of Lake Superior. We will be involved with the High Council, the various town councils of the land, the Gelidum, the trolls, and the many attacks on Britannia's towns that have been occuring.

    If you're an avid role-player and wish to become more involved with events happening throughout the land, send me a pigeon at 50201958.

    Please include your name, town of birth (eg. Minoc, Skara Brae), the name of any guild you are a member of, and why you think you would be an ideal choice for a council member.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Dagda Redgranite
    Rep. of Minoc Council of Sacrifice
    Paladin of Sacrifice, Soveriegn Guardians of the Phoenix

    Best wishes to the new council and its members.

    Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 12:22 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Elizabeth and Winfield reunited, sort of.
    I was in Haven on Friday and something interesting happened.....

    This past Friday night I did stumble upon a most interesting sight. While touring the player city of Haven and seeking the new BoW (Britannia Order of Woodworkers) shardmaster, I am a Carpenter don't you know, I did see a strange sight. There were several people out upon a boat in the center of Lake Hammerfell. Now normally I would not take this as strange at all but it were the people out on the boat that got my attention right away.

    On that boat were several people of note. First I did notice right away Mayor Winfield of Paxlair. With him was Korin the Scribe, I ask you how can one miss him in that blue robe!? Also present was one of those most vile Wraiths. But strangest of all was a ghostly figure of a woman whom I later learned was Winfield's long lost love Elizabeth. What happened as I watch was most incredible. Korin had in his hands the Hammer which had lain at the bottom of Lake Hammerfell for countless years, and for which the Diving Sphere had been constructed to retrieve. He held the Hammer above him and then did plunge it into the waters alongside the boat. I could not hear the words that they spoke upon the boat but it seemed that Korin was asking questions to the lady spirit in front of him. When it seemed she answered a strange light seemed to grow from the Hammer and a fountain of water rose up out of the lake and covered the spirit in a sheet of sparkling lights and dancing water. After but a few breaths the water ceased as did the Hammer's glow.

    Korin then cast a spell. I believe it to be the spell known as Resurrection. And so it was that Elizabeth was returned to mortal form. The boat then returned to shore and all left to return to the tower. Winfield was quit happy as he had not seen his love, in mortal form, for nay close to 50 years he said. But it seemed that there was one problem. Elizabeth did not know Winfield. Indeed she did not know anything of her past. Her memory had been lost.

    I was told later that there were 4 parts to the riddle she had given that would bring her back from death. They were as follows.

    Peace in Red
    Conflict in Blue
    Moss on Trees
    All is New

    The first 2 parts have now been solved. But Moss on Trees and All is New yet remain a mystery to all. If Elizabeth is to have her memory returned these last 2 pieces to the puzzle must be solved. Of course Mayor Winfield was most distraught at finding his love not remembering him. The last I seen before I made my way home was Korin showing Elizabeth into the tower. It appears for now that she will stay in Haven.

    I ask all of you who know the good mayor of Paxlair to come to his aid. I feel that 50 years is far to long to be separated from one you love. So if any of you have any ideas on what the answers might be please send them to me and I will make sure the good mayor receives them. I myself would see these lovers truly reunited.

    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 4:53 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    What's Happening to the Spirit of Sonoma?
    Hail fellow adventurers of Sonoma,

        I am writing this article about the concerns I have about the Player Participation Events held on the Sonoma shard or the lack thereof, both on hosting them and in player participation.  I have been adventurering on Sonoma for almost a year and a half and was quite amazed at the concept of the UO World and the limitless possibilities with which the game, itself, offered to one and all who dared to travel the confines of the realm that lies within UO.
        Over that year and a half, I and several people that I have met and talked with have noticed the changes on the shard itself, especially in the last six months or so.  The community of Sonoma has been turning into an introvert.  What I mean by that is that the players were hosting less and less participation events and even when they were held, these said events were poorly attended if attended at all and that's why I am writing this little bit here.
        What is happening to the Adventuring Spirit of Sonoma?  I know that there are some obvious reasons as to what is going on like "It is hard to trust someone you don't know", but look back and think about that statement in itself.  Some of the best friendships are and have been made by making the acquaintance and adventuring with people with whom you, the adventurer, have never even met in real life, in most cases.  Don't get me wrong, I know that trust is hard to win over, but if it isn't exercised, even a little, then what is the point of playing this game?  How much fun would it be if everyone just played for and kept to themselves?  I know that some of the best guilds of UO would never have been formed with this kind of attitude of game play.
        Another factor, of course, would be the time issue.  It is a busy real world out there and with the constant demands of the job, family, school, religion, etc... It makes for a tough time for most people to attend these player participation events.  Then again, if we flip the coin on that issue, if we are so busy with real life issues, why are we even playing a game like UO in the first place?  I can answer that in just one word.  FUN!  We play UO because we are looking to have fun with the time we make available to play it because every time we do play it, the game will be different due to the random element involved.
        How many of you adventurers have considered how hard it is for those who host these PPEs, when they are hosted, when they set these little functions up and then when the appointed time rolls around, two people or no one shows up?  Do you think it makes the hosts want to continue hosting if their events fall flat?  On the flip side again, hosts...  How much effort are you putting into your PPEs and how goodis the concept behind it that would want to make the average adventurer want to show up and participate?  In other words, what do you have to offer to make it appealing for them to come check the event out?
        I think there are two goals that are trying to be reached when a PPE is being hosted.  First, the hosts are trying to drum up business for any wares they may be offering which means gold to be made and utilized by the host, hopefully to host more PPEs.  Second, the adventurers want something for nothing if and when possible and in most cases this does apply.
        Hosts, lets face it, not every event is sure to be like the last time you hit it off big.  My guild has hosted several events, some of them had a good turn out, while the rest have dudded out.  I can't explain why, but we will continue to host events.  Adventurers, let's get real for a minute, ok?  Vanquishing weapons don't grow on trees, houses are not going to be raffled off at every event, black dye tubs are not given to all people who happen to show up at the events, and more than likely an entry fee will be in effect before you can participate in an event.
        Basically, what I am trying to say is this:  Our Community is Dying...  It's been slow at doing it, but it is.  Just look around the shard as you adventure next time and tell me it isn't so and I will call you a liar or figure you haven't been playing long enough or paying attention to the slow death of Sonoma's Community, being to worried about the "What's in it for me" ideology.  And speaking of the word Community, let's get a definition of the word to see what it is I am talking about.

    Community: 1. A group of people residing in the same locality and under the same government.  2. A group or class having the 'same' common interests.  3. Likeness or identity in a common goal.  4. Common ownership or participation.

        Do you get it now?  Can you see where I am coming from?  The shard is only as strong as are the players who run it.  That's right, we, the players, basically determine the general outcome of the shard and if a shard dies, it's the players who are at fault and not the game's fault or those who provided this service for all of us to take part in.
        So... I am issuing a challenge to those of us here on the Sonoma shard, which is two fold.  I am challenging each and every one of you make a sincere effort to attend Player Participation Events when they come down the pike and to make an effort to strengthen the Sonoma Community by hosting more Player Participation Events where fun can and is to be had by all to make adventuring throughout the lands more memorable, where friendships have a possibility of blossoming, and where the sense of pride and the word community can and will have an opportunity to be experienced by all those who play on the Sonoma shard and be nurtured to grow beyond what it used to be.  Let's make it happen...

    (Any comments/questions, please email me.  Feedback is appreciated.)

    Safe Journeys,

    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 11:51 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    UO2 Website Updated - Todd McFarlane
    The following was just posted to the official UO2 Website:

    McFarlane Teams Up With ORIGIN Systems for Ultima Online 2
    Todd McFarlane Conceptualizes Characters for New Virtual World

    Ultima Online, with hundreds of thousands of active players, has set the standard for online multiplayer role-playing worlds in its two years of existence. Now ORIGIN, the game's creator, is upping the ante with Ultima Online 2, set for a winter 2000 release. Todd McFarlane is conceptualizing some of the characters for the new game, several of which will be released in a line of action figures in the fall of 2000.

    Ultima Online 2 will feature a next generation 3D engine and beautiful animation (created with state-of-the-art motion capture technology). Like the original Ultima Online, community building will be a top priority. UO2 will feature a full suite of community building tools including robust communication software, a comprehensive party/guild system, diverse player-owned property and detailed character customization to ensure that a thriving community emerges.

    Terry Fitzgerald, president of McFarlane Entertainment, in a recent interview with GameWeek magazine said, "We sat down with Origin and said, we think the original Ultima Online is cool. It definitely has a broad appeal around the world and is played by thousands of people everyday."

    So this set the stage for what could become one of the great partnerships in the online entertainment industry. Combining Todd's creative mind with the online experts at ORIGIN will help make Ultima Online 2 the digital playground of the new millennium.

    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 11:47 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Special Report: Trinsic under siege


    Lately, out beloved city has been attacked every day for a full week and every attack is getting worse then the one before. Unfortunately, I have no idea who or what is behind these attacks. I can normally trust Secret Society of Paladins to share whatever information they uncover, but I have not heard from them for a couple of days. In fact, I have not heard from them ever since the attack to our city. Are these two events tied together some how? I can’t stop to wonder. I received a letter from Tiera (Minister of Public Relations) and the letter read as follow.

    Hail Mayor!

    I came to Trinsic Tuesday morning to do some shopping and to meet a friend. We usually meet at the Keg and Anchor but this day my friend and many poor citizens were killed "in the streets of Trinsic" by the minions from hell! "Wow" I thought! I somehow had to get to the bank alive and equip myself for battle. My friend and I (Rachael) ran to our bank, around some undead bodies like skeleton mages and skeleton knights. I decided to equip my friend (Rachael) with extra equipment I had stored in the bank. We left the bank in haste and joined the battle in progress. We were fighting all kinds of undead on the streets of Trinsic! We fought and killed many undead. One of the warriors told us the South gate has been breached. Se we decided to head towards the south gate. We met many of brave warriors engaged in battle along the way and I healed or cured many of them as we went from street to street! On one occasion, I can remember two citizens running toward us and screaming for help! Rachael and I ran to their rescue, only to come face to face with two Bone mages and several skeleton knights. We fought hard but managed to win the battle without a lost. At that time we were near the tailor shop going toward the south gate. The citizens thanked us and ran for safety. We continued our fights towards the south gate but our progress were delayed by a rather large group of Ghoul’s and Mummies pouring through the south gate. Our warriors fought bravely all day and managed to defeat the army of undead and seal the South Gate. I stayed in the safety of Trinsic walls and helped any citizens I could but peace did not last. It seems that the attacks by the undead comes in waves and continues all day.

    I awaken next morning (Wednesday), still with my thoughts of how early the undead had attacked our lovely city. So I checked out of the Travelers Inn around 9:30am and I immediately saw Bone mages and skeleton Knights attacking our citizens. I met a brave warrior named (Elijah) Whom I had met the night before during another undead attack! With two other warriors we managed to fight a much larger group of undead. The same type, as before including a few lich’s this time. After fighting our way from the Travelers Inn on the West Side of town, we started again toward the South gate. We saw several people running toward our direction and undead minions not far behind them. At the bridge going to the East Side Inn we engaged the evil minions and we pushed the battle toward the Trinsic south gate. This day the undead were much more ferocious, and many more of them then the day before, but our warriors fought bravely. Once again we secured the city but I wonder what tomorrow will bring for the City of Trinsic!

    Once again, I awaken this morning (Thursday) to the sounds of fighting and whaling on the streets of Trinsic! The undead were attacking again! I ran out of my hotel room with sword on my hand and witnessed the largest attacks on Trinsic by the undead. Our beautiful city is under attack for the third day. I saw citizens running for their lives and screaming! I saw a brave warrior fighting a skeleton Knight with deep injuries, so I healed him best I could. I found myself doing the same thing as I have done for the last two days on the streets of my beloved city. Big Jim and I (Big Jim is the warrior’s name) fought our way from South of the Mage shop down to the little bridge by the park, where we were attacked by three bone mages and several skeleton warriors and skeleton Knights. With the help from other brave warriors, we secured the city once again. I pray that warriors like Elijah of GLV, Panille of TTM, Big Jim and all of our brave warriors to keep vigilance to keep the citizens and Trinsic safe.

    Tiera, Minister of Public Relations

    Trinsic Town Council (TTC)




    I received another report from Elijah and the letter read as follow,

    Hail Mayor!

    I awoke this morning to the shouting and screaming of many people outside the inn. I’ve stayed in Trinsic many times before and never have I heard such alarm. Sensing something was not quite right, I quickly dressed, grabbed my pack and rush outside. No sooner than I had stepped outside, two Bone Knights attacked me. Luckily I always carry a silver weapon and I quickly dispatched them both back to hell. Lord British's guards were no where to be seen, therefore I set out to help the citizens of Trinsic purge the evil from their homes and shops. The carnage was terrible, remains of unholy monstrosities with their putrid stench in the morning sun lay on the ground along with the bodies of the brave warriors defending the city, children crying, women (and some men) screaming above the clashing of sword to shield. Into this scene I plunged, wielding my spear from my faithful mount Baron, running through zombie after zombie. I had just finished shaking loose an impaled zombie from my spear, when I saw her. Teira of the TTC was engaged in combat with a Bone Knight, when I spied a Bone Magi approaching her from her flank. I wheeled Baron around and charged the Bone Magi, as I spurred Baron onward, his speed seemed to make the gathered crowds faces blur, I leveled my spear and struck the Bone Magi with such force it's skull was pierced through.

    Teira and I exchanged pleasantries amidst an onslaught of more of the damned. Teira with her Bow was launching missiles into the undead, much like a star shooting through the night sky. Her aim was true and many an evil monstrosity fell before her. Without exchanging any words, we began to make our way to the South Gate of the city, clearing each building as we went. We met up with another warrior named Mandy on our way to the South Gate, Mandy was as equally proficient with her sword as Teira was with her bow and again many undead fell to our heels. As we neared the South Gate, the intensity with which the undead demons fought seemed to increase, as did their numbers. Undaunted the three of us made our way to the Gate, foot by foot then inch by inch. Finally we had disposed of the last of the Undead at the Gate, and then we set forth to make sure none remained in the city. Satisfied the Trinsic was safe for now, we introduced ourselves to each other and vowed to fight alongside each other again someday.



    Guardians of Light and Virtue

    Lastly, I got this report form an old friend Alec of BKP.

    Hello Mayor,

    I hope that my messenger arrives at the right address, his been a bit heavy on the spirits I'm afraid. By now, I'm sure you've heard of the Mongbat attacks of Yew and the Undead in Trinsic. There have also been attacks in Vesper and Cove with Trolls and headless, respectively. His Majesty sends me word that his advisors assessed that the guards of those respective cities are under a magical influence and they are clueless of the attacks.

    I've seen many monsters in my day, and never before have I seen them act in such a strategic manner. This is not natural behavior for these monsters and it is a certainty that an outside force is controlling them. Let it be sufficient to say that Trinsic is in very grave danger. Such as it has never seen before and I do mean never. I have sent my constables to the four corners of the world to investigate these instances in the hopes of determining more about our adversaries.

    Alec of BKP

    As you can read from these reports, our city is in grave danger and attacks are getting worse. The armies of evil minions are growing in number and power. We must do our best to defend our city and we will need help from all of you! If you belong to a guild that would like to help defend Trinsic, I invite you to join us this Wednesday night (January, 12) to the Trinsic Town Council public meeting. The meeting is held inside the Trinsic Meeting Hall and the meeting starts at 8pm CST sharp! I hope to see all of you! Hail to Defenders of Trinsic!

    Theo, Mayor of Trinsic

    TTC, TTM and TMA

    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 9:08 AM EST by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Trolls keep attacking Vesper
    More invasions. When will it stop?
    Fellow adventurers,

    Yesterday Vesper was nearly overrun by waves of Trolls attacking everyone on sight. There had been so many of them, that guards decided just to do nothing except hiding. I ve got in touch with them by following a friend who helped me in marking some runes. I am a beginner mage just able to cast some lightning spells, and to make things even worse I had only three black-pearls left. My emergency rune was about to be made by my friend - which means it was not available. I was lucky that the Trolls concentrated on other Players arriving from everywhere of Britannia to defend Vesper.

    I finished two Trolls, each one with VERY lucky lightnings and tried to reach the reagents shop in Vesper. Finally i made it. Well, but what can I tell you, black pearls are very rare...they were sold out. So i did what every brave mage would do in this situation...I used my hiding skill. At least my friend found me and helped me out with the biterly needed black pearls and a just-made recall rune to Minoc. After some more lightnings I finally recalled to Minoc. Thanks to Duncan Mac Cloud who saved my life with a little rune and some blackpearls.

    - Lexana of Drachenfels -

    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 3:30 AM EST by Xena Dragon (Drachenfels)

    Bardic Circle Triumphant! Seers Exalted!

    Tonight at the Golden Dragon Tavern, the Bardic circle storytelling contest was in full swing! People from all over crowded into the simple little two story to hear the finest storytellers about compete for 5000 gold. After a few distractions (namely monsters attacking horses outside) A bard named Iolo from G/H started, doing a rendition of "Wild girl of the Forest", which moved the OGD guildmaster, Sir Sabbathius, who was actually the son of the Paladin mentioned in the story. Next, our own Gunther the Squire came and told a story of his own origins, giving those in attendance a moving and fulfilling account of his rise as Blacksmith of the Order guard. Another well-known adventurer, Janna the druid, who talked with the Squire for a short time afterwards, noticed this story. A lady named Ivy was next, telling the sweeping tale of an adventurer and his fight against his own fears. Dawick II and Marverick both relayed their short stories and filled out the final tales.

    Once the stories were told, they passed a book about to determine the winner in the tavern, who turned out to be Ivy! The people cheered, wine was poured, and the winner took the spoils as the finest storyteller in town!

    Not long after, Knessa, Liara, several others and me were concocting a plan for a PvP tournament when Knessa alerted the sighting of several colorful birds in the area. Taking an old warning by the patron dragon, Narcalodion, I demanded everyone into the tavern. It was too late, and soon the area was covered with Orcs, Lizardmen and ratmen. We fought off the assault with help from incoming allies and thwarted the latest onslaught of evil.

    The fates conspire for us even now, and seek to destroy the good things in Dragon’s Bay. Be on your guard, my friends, for evil is afoot!

    (I believe that I stand for all of the folks of Great Lakes, that we appriciate the hard work and dedication of those people who take time out of their lives to provide us with the means of escaping the real world and live a life of simple things and wild excitement. Great lakes was once a desolate land until people like Rhysart the hermit, Arya Dawnsinger, and my personal favorite, Gunther the Squire came and made it exciting and worth coming back again. Therefore, the Elders of OGD: Sabbathius, Arash, and sir Lagsalot, would like to designate the third Sunday of every other month as "Seer appreciation day", dedicated to thanking the seers, elders, troubadours and The other robed people that make this Shard worth coming back. Don’t forget to give your favorite seer a nice big hug and a hearty thank you.)

    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 2:50 AM EST by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Farewell UO
    The time has arrived for my departure from Stratics reporting and from Ultima Online. Yes, I am leaving the game that has provided many hours of enjoyment but I will remain at Stratics to help Xena Dragon edit the site to conform to the new format. I do not leave with bad feelings nor am I being forced to leave. I have decided that it is time to leave and I am leaving on my own terms. Soon my time here will fade to memory, though, some memories last forever.

    Before I fade away, I want to recognize some people. First of all, The Seraphim Order (TSO). I have been in this guild since I started UO and it is the best group of people on the shard, bar none. Some notable members: Grok, Thrompe Le Monde, Serion, Catspaw, Mikel LeForge and Wind. I also want to say goodbye to Justice, Gabe, Seer Aria, Bonzo, Brin, Stranger, Pixi, Olaf, Guardian, Dionysus, Qan, and Moire Tregarde. I also want to say goodbye to Kerg and Mag Krew. Mag Krew is the best in PvP because they own the following guilds: CON, B-K, CoS, TOC, and DoK. HA roxxors, the rest are suxxors!

    I want to thank Xena Dragon and Beans Baxter for their help! Without them I could not have done it. And last but surely not least, I thank you, the reader of Stratics. This site is nothing without you.

    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 2:34 AM EST by Rocko Spoogee (NapaValley)

    FCB To Host Public Auction
    Gem, the Fleet Captain of the Great Lakes FCB Chapter dropped us this line.
    This Sunday January 9th, at 8:00 p.m. EST, the fun-loving, motley Fishing Council of Britannia (FCB) will hold their first public auction. The site is FCB HQ on the big island off Trinsic (47o 11s 58 8e). A rune can be found at Wanda’s Wondrous Wares, the fieldstone shop right behind Red Devil's place. Also, FCB members will hand out runes at the Main Britain bank beginning at 7:30 p.m. No need to bring money! Cash—transactions will be made with the able assistance of dear Ellsworth, our resident vendor.
    Some of the auction items include: a furniture dye tub; a whip; the following vanquishing items: broadsword, crossbow, crook, and war hammer; as well as, invulnerability, power, silver, and spell reflect items. More goods being fished up daily!
    Of course, as at all FCB events, the rum and free fish steaks will flow freely. There will be many shipwreck items given away free as doorprizes. The highest bidder of the night will receive a free SOS bottle as a reward!
    Sounds like fun!
    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 1:01 AM EST by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Iberon and Furie to wed!
    Furie, the Guildmistress of KOB, sent us this happy little message today
    I would like to happily announce the wedding of Furie and Iberon, of KOB. The ceremony will be held on Friday, January 14 at 9:00pm CST. We will be holding the wedding at the grand opening of Bansham McClannad's Tavern, just south of Trinsic. Gates will be provided at banks around Britannia before the event. Free food and drinks will be provided to the guests. Please come and share this special occasion, and make it a day to be long remembered!
    My best wishes to the bride and groom!
    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 12:57 AM EST by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Oasis building problem fixed?
    We have recieved the following:
    Oasis Castle is not open because the castle is slightly off center from where it originally stood. This problem causes several of the teleport rooms to be traps that you cant get out of unless you recall. As for friending, Oasis castle has been open for 3 years to anyone not an enemy of the town with the exception of recently when a housing bug caused the owner to wipe the friend list until the problem was corrected. If you want to contact the owner her email has been public record for years ([email protected]).

    At one time even newbie players were friended and allowed to have chests in the castle which the owner personally lockdown for them and gave them the only key. However without 'guarded houses' the remote location of the town made it difficult to protect newbie visitors so not too many took us up on it. In the future before speculating on ownership or access perhaps it would be easier to simply contact the owner.

    Lady Flaeme

    Thanks, sounds like fishy stuff is going on.
    Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 12:36 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Trolls Invade Vesper in Large Numbers
    It has been a tiring fortnight for me and I thought a good hike through the woods would do me well. I stabled my horse with some trustworthy friends, then set out walking from Yew for a two day vacation hike into Vesper. It was very uneventful, which was precisely what I needed. When I arrived in Vesper, road weary but fresh minded, I was stunned at the frenzy the town was in. I tried to stop several people to get some idea of what had happened, but it took me a while to find one willing to talk.

    A lass, a strong looking warrior still somewhat new to her craft, by the name of Lilia Fetherfoot led me to the inn to tell me her tale.

    I had just come from Moonglow where I had gone to gather some wool to make into bandages. I had decided just to loom it back in Vesper instead of there in Moonglow--a seemingly inconsequential decision that nearly cost me my life.

    I used the moongates to get there and walked down to the Ironwood Inn to get a quick meal before heading into town. As I came out of the inn and headed toward the bridge, I saw two warriors fighting a troll. I thought it a bit odd that one had come up so close to the town, but dismissed it and walked on. I crossed the bridge and saw another troll. I took out my mace and shield and decided to fell the foul beast. Suddenly I saw he was not alone, and I realized I was. I quickly applied a bandage to my arm the beast had hit, my last bandage till I loomed the wool, and ran with everything I had toward the tailory. It was no easy thing. I dodged and ducked, ran circles to confuse them, all while trying to keep the bandage secure on my arm while the medicine took effect. Finally I ducked inside the tailory quickly enough the trolls didn't see where I had went. But through the windows I could see them lined around the walls.

    Lilia took out some cloth and asked the innkeep for a pen. She then drew for me this horrifying diag