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February 2000

Town Cryer: Lord British abducted!
This was just recently added to the Town Cryer:
Nalin Wren
BNN: Britannia

ll of Britannia is in a state of shock at the news that Lord British has been abducted. He and his small group of men were ambushed some where north of the dungeon Shame. Dupre, Paladin of Trinsic, said today that a large group or Orcs and Mongbats attacked British’s group and that the one known only as Keeonean was seen seizing British and then vanishing into thin air.

British had been traveling by foot and not via magical means. Nystul, the court mage, had suggested that Minax may be able to disrupt gate travel and, in effect, trap a traveler in between destinations leaving them caught in the Ethereal Void.

Sir Geoffrey and Shamino are at this very moment searching the area for any sign of Lord British. Dupre himself will now be focusing on retaking Trinsic.

Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 8:44 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

Wedding Announcement--With Tourney to Follow
We received this announcement:

All Are Invited!

Come and watch the wedding of Kakarot and Adlinea *hosted by the Mage Tower Alliance guild* on Saturday, March 11th 2000 at 6:00 p.m. EST! It shall be held at the Lycauem *this would be the big building located on the west *that turns north* path out of Moonglow*. All are invited to see them be wed!

Following the Wedding will be a tourney *all are invited to come, and are not forced to fight* held at the Dueling Pit in Jehlem. Please come and watch some fights to see who is the strongest! Rewards will be given!

Also, following the tourney^ will be another public event; a large feast for all *sponsered by The Red Dragon Inn*.

Gating will be given to all locations, and seating for the wedding will start around 5:45 p.m. Please sit at your assigned seat, we have some reserved ones.

Please come and watch this joyous occasion! Fun for all!

^Rules for tourney: Stepping out of the line of boundtry line of Flour Bags will count as forfiting. Duels start when the cloth is dropped, and stop at the death or if someone forfits.

Congratulations to Kakarot and Adlinea, and good luck to the participants!
Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 7:58 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Update on the Apocalypse Battles
We received this update on the Apocalypse's Battles.

Greetings everyone. Below you will be able to view the Apocalypse's Battle Arena.


Apocalypse Battle Arena Sextant Location: 20o 12'S, 38o 40'W

And here is the web

Also herein are the FAQ as well as the rules once more. Enjoy.


1) Q: Do we have to have 2 champions?
A: No. You may send 1 champion to represent your guild. For a larger guild, you may send the maximum of 2 champions.

2) Q: Do we have to be in a guild?
A: Yes. The idea of the Apocalypse is to increase the interaction even if to a limited amount between guilds on Catskills.

3) Q: What type of character may enter?
A: Any. A mage, warrior, or archer may enter.

4) Q: Will I have time to change armor/weapons and refill potions/reags between fights?
A: Yes. Although each champion should only have one fight a day.

5) Q: Will the duels only be on weekends?
A: While the ranking is being established, yes. Afterwards, any day/time/place will be left to the champions to agree upon.

6) Q: When do we have to register by?
A: The name and icq of your champion/s should be submitted several days before March 11 so that they may be set up with a match.

7) Q: May "reds" enter?
A: Yes. Again, as long as they do not break any rules.

8) Q: Can looting be prevented?
A: At the official Apocalypse Arena, the two champions engaged in combat will be isolated from the spectators.

9) Q: What happens if the winner loot's the corpse?
A: He will be snooped and if he did loot, he will be banned from the Apocalypse.

10) Q: Will the guild that the looter is in be banned from the Apocalypse?
A: No. They will be asked to select a new champion. Should that next champion also loot, that guild will be removed from the Apocalypse.

11) Q: Can anyone challenge anyone else?
A: To certain limitations which will be listed after the rankings has been established.

12) Q: What are the ranks?
A: Rank 1 - 5 are Lord/Lady; Rank 6 - 15 are Knights; Rank 16 - 20 are Squires; Rank 21+ are Aspirants.


***Fight Rules***

1) NO Magic equipment including armor, weapons, items, or clothings.

2) NO Pets of any kind including summoned ones even if done during the fight.

3) NO Reporting for murder counts.

4) You may use any means of healing, and you may carry any amount of reagents or potions. The simple fact is staying alive is as much a talent as killing, so the limits of supplies will be left to the capacity of the player.

5) With the new balance on skills, mages may use any weapon and warriors may use magery. Again, simple fact is it all comes down to tactics.

6) Poisoning weapons prior or during is allowed, if you have the skill or dont, you may use poisoned weapons.


Victory is simple: you win if your opponent dies. But there are some rules...

1) If you violate any of the above rules, you will lose by forfiet.

2) If you LC that constitutes a win for the other person(period).

3) If you flee the fight by running out of the agreed area of the fight, recall or gate out, then you lose the fight.

4) If someone enters the fight, the fight must be redone.

5) If you kill both yourself and your opponent with one area-effect such as EV or Chain Lightning spell, you lose.

6) There is NO LOOTING of the loser, sorry but this is a mature ladder, if you wish to get loot, go PK in Deciet.

7) If you run out of equipment such as reagents, the fight continues until someone dies.

8) You may yield to your opponent at anytime, however, if they wish to continue to kill you, then take your death or flee.

Once again Apocalypse Battle Arena Sextant Location: 20o 12'S, 38o 40'W

--Lord Vincent Storm
--Guardian of The Apocalypse
--ICQ @ 19510179

Thank you Lord Storm for the FAQ's.
Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 7:54 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

An Evil City Rises Out of The Wilderness!
I got this letter just this morning:


Tonight, the good lady Seer Sharisha requested that I accompany her on a tour of the newly founded evil city of Nohkmahr.
Naturally, I agreed as I knew that this would give me a valuable chance to gather some badly needed intelligence on this new menace to our world. I suspect the Seer was somewhat in fear for her life as she bade me come along and we stepped in to the unknown of the magical portal, opened up by that notorious Orc Wozza, Saktoth.
One the other side, we were meet with a stench the likes of which I cannot describe. The streets were filled with rubbish of unmentionable sorts, and all about the most loathsom individuals festered and seethed. There were Orcs, Goblins, Skeletal forms and humans of the darkest disposition. Even the very trees of the area seemed to be withered and blasted.

Our first stop was a forbidding dark structure with a broken and creaking sign hung off its hinges by the door. One could just make out the roughly drawn shape of a bottle on it. This was their tavern, such as it was. As soon as the good Seer and I entered, we were surrounded by a frightening assembly of malcontents, many of which sharpened their blades and demanded to know my business among them. Sharisha was good enough to remind them that I was there as her attendant and that an attack on me would be seen as an affront to her. They squabbled and bragged and threw entrails at us, before pushing us out the door and off to a small hut that they called the Mojo Hut.
Inside, through the gloom, I could just make out the evil looking apparatus for the incantations of dark magiks of unspeakable sorts. Sharisha quickly made her excuses and we stumbled, coughing, back into what passes for fresh air in that foetid place. Next, we were bundled off to a most formidable looming gothic structure, which they call the Nhokmahr Spire or something like that. Inside, we were herded, rather than escorted, through the filth that they call decorations, right to the upper most levels and finally, to the roof, where a terrifying sacrificial alter glistened with freshly spilled blood. The Wozza, Saktoth, began spouting his twisted creed, but was soon interrupted when fighting broke out among his own ranks. He struggled to control this inter tribal warfare, all the while shouting "Nub Clomp lat Wozza!", finally settling the matter with a well aimed flame strike of his own. Sharish hid behind me during this outrageous display of diplomatic negligence. 

I suggested that she may wish to call a halt to her tour there and then, but was rudely interrupted by an emaciated death knight, who menacingly said that thetour would be over when they said so. He then suggested that this might involve my death, but was stopped short by the Wozza opening a gate.

Sharisha asked "Does the tour continue here?" at which piont she was promptly shoved through. I followed as fast as I could, and we found ourselves in the clearing of the Guardsmen's Militia.
The Unholy alliance then proceeded to attack the guardsmen and then, as they say, all hell then broke loose. Sharisha fled to the Guardsmen's head quarters and I covered her retreat. Inside, we surveyed the damage beyond and it was then that the good Seer decided to call an end to her tour. I gladly obliged her with a gate to safety.
Once more dear friends, it seem that the forces of evil are on the raise. Chaotic and self destructive though they may be, they are still a threat to be reckoned with. Let us take heed and beware the heart shaped clearing east of the yew orc fort, for it is now a hive of evil!


Ever vigilant,

Shri, Diplomat of the Custodes Fati

Aye, I am fearing the consequences of this town of evil as well...

Yours truly,

Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 2:33 PM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

The Truth Must Answer the Call for Justice
    Hail fellow adventurers of Britannia, Vladimir Taltos here to talk to you about some pressing matters which I find quite disturbing.  It would appear that no one seems to hold Morgan Le Fey responsible for the death of Joye and I can't help but think how this is possible?  Both McCoy and myself were there in the room when Morgan and her other accomplices coordinated and then summarily carried out Joye's death sentence.  Why would Morgan do such a thing unless she is league with Minax and Juo'nar?
    We already know that she was able to visit with Juo'nar and come back alive.  We have some of what was said while she met with Juo'nar and Marabelle, but what else took place that we don't know about?  There are a lot of unanswered questions out there and you, the public, deserve to know the truth, but let the facts speak for themselves.  Below you will find several  news articles and quotes reported from various news sources which will include a link for your own personal review.  This first post is from Morgan herself from her own Guild Website.  This post also has scribeshots.  (Which are not included here)

Feb. 8/00: Meeting with Juo'nar and the Pardon of Sera
As Lord British finished his speech atop the bastions of the Britain square, Morgan Le Fey smiled to herself. So it seemed he needed a savior, some person who could fool the former Paladin Juo'nar. Also it seemed he was willing to do anything to find that person. She glanced with a crooked smile at the faces of Birmingham and Elise as they steadied themselves before their king. She decided she might be able to have a bit of fun with this.

She followed with the crowd, back towards the King's throne room, watching as the noble lords and ladies fell over themselves to grovel before him. Gracefully she approached,

"M'lord, I've an offer fer ye." she exclaimed.
"Yes Morgan?" British answered
"It seems ye've need of a bit o' help wit' yer lil' problem 'ere. I might jes' be th' right one tae see to these matters, provided ye can come tae my terms."
"And what terms might those be?"
"Quite simply a pardon for my dear friend, who sits locked within the jails of Trinsic. Her name is Serafina Cole."

His expression turned heavy for a moment as he considered the matter. Still regardless of what crime she may have committed, the death and destruction found daily in Trinsic could not be ignored.

"Done," he proclaimed, "provided you complete this mission successfully. You will be met, on the this next eve by a man named Corrigan. He will help you to infiltrate the encampment of Juo'nar.

Morgan turned, to find her dear friend Moridan Arvoreen standing behind her. He met her gaze with a smile, glad to hear their companion Sera would soon breath free air once more.

The following night the group gathered to prepare themselves. Morgan, Moridan, and another member of Morte de Virtus, Ariana Shadowblade headed to the west gates of Trinsic to meet with their contact. They arrived to find the city once more in blood. Avoiding the masses of undead, they hurried their way outside the city walls to search for this man that would guide them to Juo'nar. After a short wait, he revealed himself.

"Let us not delay, if ye are ready, follow my lead"

They made their was across the river and into the depths of the jungle to Juo'nar's encampment. Undead littered the area. In the center of the guards, stood two daemons and Juo'nar himself.

Juo'nar warmly greeted the guests and offered them a seat. He introduced his aide-de-camp, Anmac Mallachtan and Seth, two surprisingly.....high spirited daemons. They chatted of various topics, their hosts apparently wishing to size them up a bit. After a short while, a woman named Malabelle arrived. Apparently lovingly known amongst her peers as "the rat lady", a title she wasn't overly fond of. They discussed random matters about their actions, but seemed cautious to give away too much. Shortly thereafter, Malabelle and Juo'nar left to see to their armies, currently locked in combat. Anmac at that time, decided it best to ask a small favor of the group. Apparently, a young librarian named Joye, had discovered some information that might be damaging to their efforts. They wished her to be...taken care of. They asked the group to bring Joye to them, so they might better discover the extent of the knowledge she possessed.

The next day Morgan, Moridan and Ariana went to the Britain library in search of Joye. They found her at her desk, busy reading some text or another. She was rather surprised by the visit, she was a bit wary of their intentions. Morgan then assured her they were acting with the authority of the King and she was duty bound to assist them in any way she could.

She knew little of Juo'nar or his daemon friends, but she did have an interesting tale to tell of Malabelle. Apparently it seemed Malabelle was not always evil. In fact she had once served Lord British. She was a young girl, and in love until tragedy struck. Her love, a man named Tyball was killed, and her heart turned cold. She was taken in by the Mistress, and became her apprentice. Even more interesting, is that in fact, Tyball lives, although his whereabouts remain unknown. His return to Malabelle would certainly put her loyalties to the Dark Mistress in question, a belief substantiated by the fact that Juo'nar wishes her dead.

The group returned to the castle, and reported to Lord British's guard, Mackenzie. They told the tale of their adventure and were promptly rewarded with a pardon for their dear friend Serafina.

Do what ye will with this information that has been gathered. Surely Tyball is a key to unlocking this mystery. It is still unknown where he is, but he must be found if anything is to come of this.

    Given the information from this and from what is known now, it would appear that Morgan has been holding back valuable information to suit her own needs and that of Minax, but let us not stop there.  The following text was posted by myself and posted from my own journal records.  McCoy also has his own transcripts from his journal if any doubt is raised, but neither of us have anything the gain from these except that the truth be told and that a murderer be brought to justice.  Here is what they indicated.

Doria Romanov: The librarian is very frightened and shaking with fear like a scared rabbit.
Morgan Le Fey: *laugh* she's a dear friend..I'll go visit her *smile*
Doria Romanov: She hath information that is so important
Elise: Do NOT go near her.
Justin Allard: i think not i prefer her alive and in one piece, morgan

    As this clearly states, we can see that Morgan was going to clearly be a threat to Joye's life and any information she may hold to help end these attacks upon the Britannian cities.  Morgan's contempt and sarcasm weigh heavy, do they not?  The next piece was from McCoy's journal logs the night Joye was killed and I feel they speak for themselves.  If a witness list needs to be handed over to the proper authorities, either McCoy or myself have this list together upon request.  Here is what happened at the YMCA right before Joye's death.  (The attackers are listed in bold print)

Morgan Le Fey: 'ello joye..been some time
Joye: *looks over* Morgan..
Elise: Keep going Joye
Morgan Le Fey: Joye, don't talk...
Joye: *looks over to Morgan*
Elise: Ignore her.
Morgan Le Fey: I'd hate tae have to shut ye up!  Nae another word Joye!
Joye: I have told what need be told.. Tell that LICH that he can kill me now (Morgan)..
Kil'jaedan: *smirks*
Elise: You mean Morgan?
Joye: Jou'Nar.. he does not want Malabelle to know.. He hunts me.. *Tries to stand tall*
Crimson Nytefall: Three..... Two.... One?
Morgan Le Fey: Vas Ort Flam
Crimson Nytefall: Kal Vas Flam
You see Morgan Le Fey attacking Joye!
You see Crimson Nytefall attacking Joye!
Crimson Nytefall: Corp Por
Palelite Shadow: Corp Por
You see Palelite Shadow attacking Joye!
Joye: NO!!!
Joye: OoooOO
Kil'jaedan: hahahaha

    If this isn't a blatant crime, I fail to know what is?  Within a matter of seconds, Joye was lifeless upon the bed that she fell on and both Morgan Le Fay and Palelite Shadow escaped after perpetrating the 'perfect' crime.  Crimson Nytefall was caught outside of the YMCA and killed for her actions.  It has also been reported to me, by an anonymous source, that Palelite Shadow has been equally punished for her involvment in this matter.  So, ladies and gentlemen, when McCoy brought the following post to my attention, as it appeared on the Sonoma Notepads, it moved me to call a cry for Justice as Edric did.  Here is what he said:

A matter for the courts? by Edric  posted 2/26/00 11:08:50 AM

It occurs to me that recent events seem to warrant some action on the part of the courts of justices. An innocent citizen of Britannia has been murdered in cold blood. A simple librarian is dead, there are many witnesses, and even a confession on the part of the purported murderess. Is this not an issue for the courts? Who is in charge of the courts at this time?
Hmm...  There might be a problem here.

    This is Morgan Le Fey's response to Edric's concerns.  Again, we see her contempt and mockery of the whole situation as she gives herself the title of Head of Sonoma Courts.  Yes, citizens, there is a problem here...  That Morgan and her other accomplices have gone unpunished.  This post can also be found on the Sonoma Notepads.

A fine Idea.. by Morgan Le Fey, MV  posted 2/26/00 2:17:26 PM

I'll have someone look into it.....

Morgan Le Fey, Head of Sonoma Courts.

    If ye ask me, Morgan has thrown the gauntlet down, daring us to bring her to trial and she is laughing at us while she is doing such.  The last post can be found on the Sonoma Quest News under the title of "The Armies of Minax" posted by Serial, and I find this quite distressing.  This post clearly indicts Morgan as a henchwomen of Minax and is here as a stumbling block to the liberation cause.  Here is what it says:

Morgan Le Fey:
Rumored to be responsible for the death of Joye, this woman seems to be one to keep an eye on.

    Rumored?  I think not...  Many were there, including McCoy and myself, and we saw the whole assassination take place.  Morgan Le Fey, Crimson Nytefall, and Palelite Shadow set out without malice of thought to vindicate the death of Joye.  Good people of Britannia, I know that justice may be blind at times, but it is not deaf and it is calling for something to be done.  IF nothing is done, if Morgan goes unpunished for her actions, then truly the Great I Am has abandoned us because of our own wickedness and has left us to fend for ourselves against Minax and her attacks.  This is all I have to say, the truth has been presented and now it is up to you, the citizens of Britannia, to act upon your good conscience.  Here is one last post that was found on the Sonoma Notepads (which is no longer posted there due to the scrolling posts) from Morgan's mouth herself and if this isn't self incriminating, I nay know what is.  Here is what she said:

While we're clearing things up... by Morgan's player..    posted 2/24/00 2:54:55 AM

I never did attack Bruce. I yelled to kill him when one of the Lockes attacked me.... Now why was i grey? Solar Maid came to my aide when a number of people were attacking me, and I healed her. She was grey for attacking a Locke, (who was still blue because MV is warred with that guild)

I must say, I felt quite a bit a pressure in that little fray. I had three people steadily after me, and probably got up in the 6 to 8 range at one point. If you ever wondered if you could drink a heal only once every 10 seconds, well it's true. *laugh*

I must admit, I was a bit...well peeved at first. I had actually done nothing at that point other than attempt to buy the prisoner only to end up feeling like a grey in the liche lord room. I think it's safe to say I was a few peoples prime target tonight.. And I also think I can safely say more than 50% of the people there took a shot at it....

Well, I've had some time to think about, and it was exactly as it should have been. Morgan's done alot of stuff she deserves to be killed for. She's been pretty mean. *grin* As much as I enjoy a good fight, if enough "adventurers" out their hate her so much that it's impossible to do anything but try to stay alive, so be it. I'll take that as a compliment.

As for the rest, I did what I did because that's what Morgan would do. That's why I do anything. I think you'll find that everyone who joined me feels the same. Take it as you will, that's all any of us can do.

    There you have it, Morgan herself admits that what she has done should not go unpunished.  Again, she is issuing a challenge for her to be brought before the Courts of Sonoma to be tried for her crimes.  She clearly holds no remorse for her actions and turns her nose to the Justice system of Sonoma.  Let it stand for the record that Morgan Le Fey did in fact kill Joye and  has yet to be brought to justice, unlike Crimson Nytefall and Palelite Shadow who have been punished already.  I hope you good people of Sonoma do what is right and issue a warrant for her arrest so that she may stand before the judge and face the consequences for her crimes.  May the Great I Am guide us in all that we do.  The truth is out there...

Safe Journeys, signing off, this is War Reporter...

Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 2:21 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Tour of Britannian Dungeons is back
We received the following announcement:
The Tour of Britannian Dungeons is back!

Yes, friends, the Tour of Britannian Dungeons has returned! A year ago, two runs of this event were a major hit while I was in the DOJ guild. Well, now, I have created a guild specifically for the tours, and other PvM adventures! PvM'ers Inc. (

PvM'ers Inc. is now the proud host of this week-long event! Each night for a week, adventurers from all over Britannia will gather together to tour a dungeon.

On Monday, we go to the easiest dungeon, Despise

Tuesday we go to Wrong
Wednesday it's Covetous
Thursday is Deciet
Friday is Shame
Saturday is Destard
and finally, Sunday we brave Hythloth!

The tour begins April 3rd, at 8pm Central time. Meet at the Lycaeum in Moonglow 15 minutes prior to the tour to be sure you catch the gate there! Every day that week, from the 3rd to the 9th, we will be meeting at 8pm at the same spot before we go to that night's dungeon!

Newbies and veterans alike are welcome! In last year's tours, we had up to 60 people attend!

More information can be found on the PvM'ers Inc. website at


Guildmaster, PvM'ers Inc.
Thanks, Shea!
Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 1:26 PM EST by Ima Supa (Catskills)

Reminder: Doria Romanov's Meeting
Doria Romanov will hold her weekly "office hours" on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, PST, in her tent north of the bank in Skara Brae.   What will happen at her next meeting is somewhat of a mystery, for she has not said what it will be.  It is not certain if she will do a psychic reading this time.  What will happen?   Come and find out!

Sounds Intriguing, Thanks!

Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 10:27 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Ghosts at the Dark Temple
    It would appear that it is getting tougher and tougher for anything living to make it to the Dark Temple within the walls of Trinsic where this "Death Vortex" is penned in, for the time being.  Here are two bits of information from two very brave, but unlucky adventurers wanting to share what they know about the murkier side of Trinsic.

    I successfully made my way to the Black Temple at Trinsic.  I waited a bit to see what would happen.  All of a sudden a massive undead spawn occurred.  I died quickly, defending my honor.  Then as I fell, Juo'nar appeared.  He turned to me and laughed, such an evil laugh it was.  Then he went on about his business.  I was hoping for Minax to appear,  but I got the next best thing.  And as I was a ghost I noticed that a Death Vortex is housed within the temple.  I fear that Jou'nar might use that evil destructive force again.

Mirai Trunks

This message is from Gohan:

    The temple hold`s more mysteries than what it appears.  Most people who have been to Trinsic know that Juo`nar spawns right next to it and some say that they have seen him come out of the locked doors.  But what few people know is that he is hidding the ultimate evil ever, a Death Vortex  he has even found a way to allmost completly hide it from the people of Trinsic and the dead by keeping a constant explosion in the same spot as it hopeing when people click that that would see its just an explosion and move on.  By luck I clicked on the very edge and discovered the evil hidding inside the temple.  So people of Trinsic beware.  All that is unknown is does he have the power to release it or will it take Minax herself to break open the seal.  And if she has the power to control a Death Vortex can anyone stop her?


Thanks Mirai and Gohan for your sacrifice!

Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 10:19 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Lord Rainbow King Alive!

I was astonished to see my old friend Lord Rainbow King alive and well and by some odd twist of fate, trapped in the Star Chamber. I arrived on scene to greet my friends, Keeshi, Molly, Gromph, and Azrielle, whom had already engaged in conversation with the Leprechaun. Keeshi spoke somewhat of the recent occurences in the political system of Yew, and of the recent attacks to update Lord Rainbow King on what had occured in his absence.

After much discussion, Lord Rainbow King made us aware of his perdicament. That he could nay leave the Star Chamber, nor did he know precisely how it was he came to be there, and knew not the reasons as such. Discussions and words were had, some heated, due to frustration on both parts...and in the end we were unfortunately unable to uncover the problems surrounding his "imprisonment" in the mystical Star Chamber.

On a side note, I personally have an inkling that some greater force intervened at his death...and perhaps "warped" Rainbow King back to the last massive occurence in his life. By my recollection, that would have been the bout of poisoning from which RK suffered at the hands of Gath of Baal, and was cured, in the Star Chamber. Merely a hypothesis, as I truly do not know. I beseach any out there who may have a lead concerning this unfortunate circumstance, contact me, or one of my colleagues post-haste. My thanks.

Your Humble Servant,
Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 9:50 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Unter Brae Fight Night

So you think you're good, do you? I suppose you can probably fight an ancient wyrm in melee combat, huh? Well that means nothing. Only the very best can ascend the ranks in the Unter Brae Fight Club. The UBFC is now entering its fourth month and if you think you've got what it takes to face some of the best warriors and mages on Atlantic then come on out this Tuesday , Feb. 29th at 9PM EST.

For a map and additional rules/info check out:
Happy fighting.

Thankye, Phaeton, for this update.
Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 8:57 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Smithing Pricing Guide Published!
The ever industrious Ysane sends us the following scroll:
Having trouble determining how much to sell your goods for on Siege Perilous? Daunted by the sheer difference in price of ingots from the normal shards?

Then if you are a blacksmith or miner, then you're in luck! The United Blacksmiths of Britannia - Siege Perilous Chapter has meticulously detailed a series of pricing guides to assist with the troubled merchant of Siege Perilous.

Please feel free to use these guides at your own wish. And as such, if you feel that there are any discrepancies within, or simply have questions about it feel free to give me an email about it. I will be happy to help understand, or change any aspect of the guides upon notice.

Thank you for your time, and let's get back to work saving our lands!

UBB pricing guides

Grandmaster Smith
Shardmaster United Blacksmiths of Britannia
Siege Perilous Chapter

Thanks Ysane!

Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 6:14 AM EST by Satyr (SiegePerilous)

Notes on the Trinsic Undead
Upon visiting Trinsic nowadays, most adventurers are aware that there are odd and very wrong things going on with the fauna (creatures) therein. One of the greatest oddities, happens to be the recently spawning "a rotting corpse" which pop up every now and then with a coaterre of other miscellaneous undead, whether they be Lich Lords, which are growing more and more frequent, or mummies.

Notably, although, these "rotting corpses" are near impossible to slay it is known that they have level 5 poison, uncurable, and an untold reserve of strength and health. These creatures are believed to have levels rivaling grandmaster wrestling, magical resist, and the dexterity of a small army. I personally have seen one single "rotting corpse" destroy over 30 summoned deamons along with their masters, and a modicum of arrows flung from silver bows, merely cause these creatures not even to flinch.

Upon death, which usually takes an upwards of 20 minutes to lay low, the monster is found to be carrying a large grey metal chest, that is locked, and requires the use of a high level mage's Unlock spell, or a lockpick, to open, and yields several items of magic quality, often times a wooden sheild, or bow.

Please, if you should encounter this creature, who in appearance looks akin to a green mummy, give it as large a berth as you can, and do not take it on hand to hand, should you opt to attack it.

Your Humble Servant
Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 6:04 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Arx Draconis Renaissance Week Kicks Off

Arx Draconis Renaissance Week is set to kick off on Sunday the 27th of Feb. at 6pm EST. The opening event is a Masked Ball inside the Mage Tower located on Arx Draconis. It is open to all players. Beer and Food are free. All we ask is that you come in a mask and are social to other players. Players who steal or kill others will be ejected from the party.

AD Renaissance week continues with major events all next week including a Lottery, Scavenger Hunt, Costume Contest and much much more. You can learn all about Renaissance week and get a rune there from the ADR website located: here We look forward to seeing you at AD Renaissnace week. And remember, all events are free and open to the public with large prizes :)

Thankye, Dragons, for this announcement.
Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 5:47 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Stratics Message Forums Migration
The Stratics Message Forums currently based on the Ultimate Bulletin Board will be receiving a major face lift. All of the current registered accounts in the UBB software (over 24,500 accounts) are going to be converted the SQL backend of our new software, the WWWThreads. This means that while the software itself is going to change, everyone who has already registered in the forums will already be registered in the new software. They will have the same username, password, post counts, etc.

The migration is tentatively scheduled to begin Sunday (02/27/00) between 4:00pm and 6:00pm PST. The UBB forums will be closed to the public for the duration of the conversion process. Once the accounts have been fully migrated and tested, the UBB will be brought back online as a searchable archive. We will retain the UBB forums for a period of 60 days.

We are very excited about this migration because the new software offers a huge assortment of options for you, our visitors. The mere fact that our forums will be running on an SQL backend ensures lightning fast performance, particularly with page loads and searches.

Remember, your account information will be converted to the new forums, you will not need to register again. It should be noted that we wanted to move the messages from the UBB to the WWWThread, but due to time restrictions we decided to migrate only the user accounts.

We hope you enjoy the new forums. Please be patient and learn how to use them ­ once you do, you’ll be very happy that you did. These forums are the most flexible and user friendly forums around.


Head of Interactive Development

Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 3:17 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

Keeonean and an Orc Champion Attack Yew
BladeSong sent this message in about the recent battle in Yew.

I was at home when I got a pigeon came to me with a note "Keeonean’s in Yew, need help" I quickly retrieved my armor and set out for yew, only to get there to see people being chased by a Orc Champion. So being the brave knight I am I rush to defend...the Champion quickly starts hacking at me, taking more of me str with every blow. As my own blow's barely scratched it...but before it could land a killing blow the orc ran...I though had I scared it with me few blows I had landed. But to my own dismay I heard a Keeonean’s voice and he said "I smell you BladeSong" I quickly began to place bandages on my wounds getting ready for the evil man himself, and just as I was about healed, in he rushed... I quickly began my fight... but alas I am no match for that sword of his and fell quickly enough... but was ressed by a nice wondering healer. Keeonean was gone by then, so I retrieved me tings and began healing again...just as I was healed... in rushed the orc champion. Seems I was wrong about it being scared. It was not done with me I began fighting it again...this time it wasted nothing on killing me quickly...again I was but a helpless ghost looking for a way back. After I ressed again I rushed back to my body, and retrieved my things again just as I finished healing. Keeonean rushed pass me in pursuit of some helpless wizard. Without fear I quickly set after him... Keeonean seeing me quickly engaged me in battle... this time knowing the out come would be I lead him to the town that when his killing blow came I would be ressed to fight again Well Keeonean did not attack me when I ressed instead he took my regs. I quickly garbed what was left, armor, sword and the few bandages I had left...and spoke with him...trying to bide me time while I healed. I asked of the Black Rock first and asked why such needless death. Told him that he would never retrieve that item for FoA's evil purpose. I got not the response I was expecting. He asked what was Black Rock, and who was the FoA. I did not know it at the time… and even now I'm slowly putting the pieces together… Seems two factions are attacking Yew. One following the orders of FoA, and in search of the Black Rock, the other following the dark lady. I know Keeonean follows the Dark Lady Minax… and that Minax was Mondain's dark lover. What I know of Mondain is he never wanted Sosaria destroyed just controlled by him… and if Minax is anything to his ways as I fear then she too is trying to capture control our entire world. As for the second band of evil… I do know this, I am a Knight of Black Comb and have defended it in many battles with the evil orcs… and I know for a fact that one band dose search for the Black Rock for I have heard them yell this at time when the battles first started…and I know of only one use for such a spell reg, The Armageddon spell, and in such a spell I doubt Minax would have much of Sosaria left to control. Now if this be the case and there is indeed two armies sacking, Yew I fear we are going to be hard pressed to it's defense, and fear that it might all too soon become a ghost town like Trinsic.

Bladesong also had this message for Keeonean.

To Keeonean: Keeonean you have been nothing but blight on Yew, an infestation that must and shall be gotten rid of. Ye know who I am all too well you have defeated me in battle after battle and this is my peage to you. Any time you try and claim my home I shall be there to beat back your evil, even at the cost of my life. You shall not have Yew as long as I have a sword to fight you with and str to weald it. No madder how many times I fall I shall see you beheaded. This I Swear. -BladeSong, Knight of Black Comb

Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 1:29 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

UO Celebrity Chat next Monday
The next UO Celebrity Chat between the players and Jalek, UO Programmer, is scheduled for next Monday February 28, at 7 PM CT (5 PM PT, 8 PM ET).
The chat will be available to you at #ultima-online on Stratics IRC, on the following networked servers:
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
  •, port 6667
If you are new to IRC, please visit Stratics IRC for an online tutorial and instructions for connecting to our IRC server. If you wish to use your browser to join the conference you can use our Java IRC client.
IRCD Servers are provided by International Networks (suppliers of networking hardware and support).
FRWS Servers are provided by Front Range Web Services (Web Hosting/Message Boards/IRC).
Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 1:24 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

Council of Honesty to Hold Meeting this Eve
The following was sent in concerning the next meeting of the Council of Honesty...

CoH to Hold 5th Assembly & Seeks Councilor!

The Council Of Honesty shall hold its 5th assembly on Sunday, February 27th, at 8pm Central Moonglow Time (CST). This meeting will take place on the roof of The Mage Tower, at the far northern tip of Verity (Moonglow) Isle. Several issue of import will be discussed:

  • The present state of the CoH
  • An update on the murder investigations
  • A report from the Moonglow Defense Force
  • Any additional issues pertaining to the citizenry of Moonglow

Citizens are encouraged to come and observe, and to speak about any of these issues.

Moreover, the council continues to find itself with an opening for a councilor. Any persons interested in such a position are encouraged to apply by sending email to [email protected]. They should include a little information about themselves, who they are, and what they would like to do as a member of the CoH. In addition, we would ask that they read our charter, and ooc faq found therein. All of this information can be found at our website(

Posted on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, 1:12 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Burried Pentagram Unearthed in Cave
It seems the world abounds with new discoveries every day; moonstones in the packs of monsters, black shrines in once honorable cities, strange personages in every shadow. In keeping with the trend, we have this from Carlos.

Today my friends Silent, Shamus and I found this odd unearthed seal in an orc mining site South of Trinsic. It has a slot in the center of the pentagram. We tried all we could think of to get a reaction, even using the moonstones on it, but had no luck. I have included a picture with the coordinates. First the grave of Lord Pythos, now this. Well life surely isn't boring. *laughs*

Certainly not. Thank you Carlos for the story and the well crafted painting.

Adendum: It has come to our attention that this pentegram was actually "uearthed" by a miner, one Raw Steel, who was digging in that very cave.

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 10:54 PM EST by Mouser (Catskills)

The Plague Ship Arrives in Kinship
A follow-up report now from Ari ni'Dalaigh of Kinship Village on the plague ship that did indeed arrive later the same day in Kinship and the leads into this insideous plot that were likewise uncovered.

Brigands and mages had continued attacking Kinship Village for hours. The brave people who had come to help defend the village fought them off each time they came. The Rogue Captain William was not seen again. During a lull in the attacks, someone ran back to the people gathered at the tavern urging everyone to come to the shoreline a bit southeast of the village.

There they found a shipwreck. It appeared to be a ship hauling cargo and upon investigation, the cargo turned out to be food. Just what they had expected as start to the spreading plague. The crowd of people who had come to investigate this shipwreck grew apprehensive. Just then, a spirit materialized upon the ship.

The spirit spoke to the crowd gathered and gave his name as Henry, the captain of the ship. He had died to some illness after the rest of his crew, an illness that seemed to come from the food they had eaten aboard the vessel. He urged the crowd to be careful with the food and make sure that none of us ate it.

The crowd assembled asked Henry for information in hopes of learning something that might help to figure out where this tainted food was coming from and how to stop it. Henry told them of a man named Cargoyle who was the harbor master in Serpent's Hold, and the man to which Henry was supposed to report on successful delivery of his cargo to Skara Brae. He also said that 3 ships had set sail with similar cargo. One he remembered was headed for Yew, but he could not recall the other destination.

Henry began to blink in and out of sight and eventually disappeared all together. The crowd split up into smaller groups, some going to Yew to investigate there and some going to Serpent's Hold to seek the man named Cargyle.

No trouble was to be seen in Yew, and no shipwrecks that they could find. The search for Cargyle did yield results however. Cargyle was found working out of the tavern near the docks.

Cargyle was very helpful and gave the seekers information about the ships. He said the ships had come by order of a man named Benedict and had come from the Delucia caves. Cargyle shared what information he had of Benedict. The man didn't know much, but did share that Benedict had become very interested in a shipment of gold that was to be made from Serpent's Hold to Britain. He speculated that the gold was being sent to help in the defense of Britannia.

Once conversations with Cargyle had finished, the group decided to go to the Delucia caves to investigate there. Benedict had been spotted there before, but had not yet been connected to the food shipments. The defenders arrived to find him surrounded by mages and apparently working with them. The small group that went to the caves was not enough to break the tide of evil there, so returned to the village to gather larger forces.

A much larger army returned to the caves and removed every bit of threat they could find there. None believes this to be over, however, since the second and third ships have not yet landed and the man named Benedict has disappeared.

Kinship Village stands ready to aid in fighting off this menace, wherever it may land.

Several notes added to the end of this tale as have made themselves known to this reporter. It is believed the third ship carrying tainted food is bound for the capital itself. The food that has been confiscated thus far is now stowed safetly in the Skara Brae bank vaults. Finally, though his actions prove otherwise, Benedict was heard this night still professing his innoncence in the whole affair. We do have a rendering of the shipwreck and will add it to this posting shortly. Thank you again to Ari for her report.

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 6:58 PM EST by Mouser (Catskills)

1st Oceania PvP Comp results "Battle of the Mages"
The First ever Oceania PvP Competition came to a close, and it will definitly be known as the "Battle of the Mages". There were 15 participants, but more importantly, about 30 spectators was there. I have loads of pictures in which I am uploading, andi should have them ready to view by tomarrow =).

Anyhow, the winner is Erazer congratulations to him. He dueled off Romp, whom was are runner up. The best duel would have to have been Mordeath vs Erazer, definitly the finals of the event, went for 10 minutes till erazer some how managed to slip a combo in and win the match. Here were the finalists in no real order:

Mordeath, Brendan, Romp, Syther and Intel.

Special thansk to everyone the went in it, I thought it was good fun =). And a special no thanks to are commentator hobo =).

Also half way through the comp was moved to Romps tower, as the spectators thought there guild wars were more important than the duelers, and it messed things up, but only delayed the outcome.

I hope the 2nd Official Oceania PvP Tourn will be as good as this one, and I could defintly see that happening as everyones characters will be a little more macho.

Till then, I'm Arturius and your reading to UO Stratics.

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 4:37 PM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

Missing Miners Rescued
After numerous miners disappearing, they have been found. Kahn, Corwyn Blacksmith/Miner, sent this in:
For several weeks now, miners have been missing from various places in the land. This evening, the Veiled Alliance and Order of the Golden Dawn found and mounted a daring rescue of those that had survived. Following a trail of clues, the Veiled Alliance, led by Don Martin, and the Order of the Golden Dawn led by Johari, discovered the missing miners in a cave in the depths of Buccaneer’s Den.

The miners reported having been abducted and forced into service by dark beings calling themselves XUL. The Xul had the miners digging for an ancient evil artifact which had been recovered some time ago by a sea fairing captain from some undisclosed temple.

The XUL left the miners to die underneath the mountains of Buccaneer’s Den after the statute had been successfully recovered. Fortunately, the rescuers arrived mere minutes after the evil group had departed.

The miners reported having been beaten and forced to do their captor’s bidding. Few details were uncovered, save that the XUL were in the service of some mysterious monks. One of the miners, who had been held captive longer than the rest, spoke at length to Don Martin and Crystal Rose of the V*A. The Captain’s log found in the chest dug up by the miners can be viewed in PaxLair.
Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 3:55 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

Shady Captains and Evil Mages in Kinship
Ari sat in a large chair in the back room of Kinship's village hall, a rag in her hand, wiping the remaining blood from her heavy mace. It was always bad when it were other men that had to be fought. Much better to her were it monsters. With a heavy sigh she looked out the window. People were moving about the village roads cleaning up the mess left by the battle, but the only brigands or mages she could see were the bodies lying about the road.

Sadness and worry added its lines to Ari's face, which already showed many signs of her age. She thought over the events of the night and the reports given to her by Loric Greywolf, the village guard captain.

A large crowd of village defenders had chased a rogue ship captain by name of William from the docks when the trouble had started. Loric managed to catch up with the man and question him, but Rogue Captain William would only mutter about the ship he was waiting for. When Loric made clear that the man would not be allowed to get away without answering his questions, William attacked him. Loric had almost won the fight when he suddenly swooned with the feeling of poison in his blood. Captain William used the respite to make his escape.

Ari had no doubt upon hearing this that Captain William awaited the prophesied ships carrying the plague. How soon now would it come? It seemed years ago when Tatiana had first come to the village with her warnings. Ari had dreaded it since. Would the village she had helped to build with her own hands fall to this? And what of the rest of Britannia? With the evil doings in Trinsic, Yew, and so many other places, how could they hope to stop this?

But they would do as they must, as Kinship always had. Good, strong people had made this village their home, and Ari was fiercely proud of its strength and longevity. Not to mention the many allies who had pledged their help in this crisis: Dove the Healer of Yew with her healer volunteers, countless other groups and individuals. If this was indeed to come, these were the people who would do what they could to fight it off. And at the least, they would not to let it spread to the rest of Britannia.

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 3:22 PM EST by Mouser (Catskills)

A Pearl of Great Price
Here's an invaluable bit of information given from Terath of the Sonoma Quest News team:

 A number of stories have come to light regarding the current crisis in Britania.  In a continuing effort to spread what news we receive we have made the following press release:

 * Yew Court of Truth assaulted by Gazers! The prisoner being held for questioning was killed during this attack.
 * New names arise in the ongoing battle against Minax, clues given by Joye the librarian just before being slaughtered by
    a number of ruffians.

 In order to inform the citizens of our lands we have compiled a short summary of some of the people involved in this matter, as well as continuing to update the site with stories as they come to light.

 Please stop by and read up on our latest stories at: Sonoma Quest News

Thanks Terath, pleasure to be working with thee!

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 12:09 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Kaltar the Golden Gazer Spotted in Yew
Here's a spot of news from Skellion:

I was fighting to protect the town of Yew when I stumbled upon a gold gazer and he spoke of his master.  This is what it quoted before it left "All who cross my mistress shall perish"  It also said that Cove was it`s next target.  What does this new evil want?  The gazer went by the name of Kaltar.

Thanks Skellion, keep up the effort in supporting the struggle!

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 12:01 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Wallis Gerard, Reporter, Slain
It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Wallis Gerard, staff writer for this publication, was killed during one of the many attacks on Yew earlier this week. Witnesses say that she was obviously targeted by one of the orc commanders who savagely pursued and murdered her. Her remains were desecrated by the villain making resurrection by standard means impossible.

Gaston, UOSS courier and Lady Wallis' confidant, said that Wallis had known for weeks that her life was in danger and had voiced this concern to her closest friends. Members of the Trinsic Loyal Guard were often seen accompanying her in her travels, acting as bodyguards. She had last been seen in Cove, alone, when news of Tuesday night's siege reached her and she made haste to the Abbey. Gaston stated that he knew something was amiss when the black pigeon made its way to him in Britain. "Tha' bird only flies when she's in trouble," the young man said. "It went ta Yew and I tried m' best ta follow it. Just after we got out o' the moongate, a buncha orcs came 'n ambushed me an kill't tha bird. I slipped past 'em an got m'self into th' Abbey w'out bein' seen. Th' fightin' was thick an' I din'na see anythin' but a sea of weapons swingin' an' dead bodies bein' trampled. I climbed up on th' roof an' t'was almost as bad there. I made m' way over to th' winery an' .... well, I... she was gone."

Gerard had prepared Gaston for her possible demise, telling him that she had written messages to loved ones and wished him to deliver them. He is setting about this grim task now, the Stratics office being his first stop.

Wallis wrote:

Dear Xena, Beans and Ima,

I never expected to write this sort of letter, though I have read that they all begin like this: If you are reading this, I am gone. It seems peculiar to me to write those words, being very much alive as I move the pen, but in light of recent events, I feel it is a missive that must be written for there are things I must say.

As you know, the interviews we published which I had conducted with Anmac and Corridgean were edited before being sent to press. The excluded portions were tucked away for safekeeping. It is my request now that you take these into your possession and do with them what you will for the good of the realm. They cannot protect me any longer and perhaps some good can come of the information they contain. Gaston can help you obtain them.

Please impart to Corridgean, for I have no means of contacting him myself as he is in hiding and his whereabouts unknown, that he should in no way feel responsible for whatever has happened to me. I played my part willingly, knowing the risk involved, and it was no more than what anyone else would have dutifully done in the same position. I am honored that I was able to do what little I did for the resistance.

As for Anmac, no one can comprehend what I myself do not understand. To attempt to put it to words only made me sound like the traitor people believed me to be, but no one saw him as I saw him. When he appeared before me as a man it was Kaelib that I saw there, for they looked very similar. Like Kaelib, he was a warrior at heart, though certainly Kaelib Sol was pure paladin and Anmac represents the antithesis of that. I do care for Anmac, though I abhor the part he's played in the war we are waging. I will always believe that there is some goodness in him, that there is a way to melt the ice from his heart, to help that overcome the wickedness so that his spirit might be free not only from its subordination to his Dark Mistress, but so that he may know peace at last. I believe he wants that, too, though he has long forgotten it is a choice we make that makes us what we are. I pray I have the time I need to teach him this again.

It is late and I've many letters to write, so I shall close soon, but not before these parting words. My grandmother used to say this when we were children and would be arguing senselessly over a trivial matter. It carries greater weight in these dark days, for we are all grown up now and our small tiffs of childhood have evolved into bloodshed and destruction:

"Peace at any price. There is much worth dying for, little worth killing over."

My love to you all.
With fondest regards,

The tears could not help but well up in mine eyes as I read the final words. My eyes circled the gentle slopes of her signature. My best friend and reporter was no longer part of this world.

Noticing Gaston reading over my shoulder, I quickly recovered, grabbed a book and thwaped him on his head. "Where is theother parchments!" I demanded.

"Parchments, sire?" Gaston looked around.

"Aye! The other parchments... where are they?"

"I brough' dem no' sire."

"Ye left them behind?"

"Aye sire, in 'er chambers..." was his reply.

"I want them tomorrow... there is much work to be done... tomorrow, Gaston. Be not late!"

With that, he left my chambers. I sat back in my chair, pondering the next steps...

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 11:20 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

A story about an evil man
I received this:

There was a man, who normally if ye met him in the wilderness you would find yourself paralysed, and given a choice of giving up your gold, reagents and armour now or having this man pry them off your corpse. But on this day he was perfectly content with just looting the corpses of people that had died in the wake of the undead army that was marching towards Trinsic. Towards nigh time he found the nearest hole in the ground and hid in it lest the army retreated for some unknown reason. In the morning he awoke to see human and undead bodies alike.

He realised that the humans had again beaten the army back. He also knew this victory would not last for long and quickly went to getting as much gold, reagents, and armour as he could - but then he heard the laugh of a lich in the distance and decided it was time to go, for he could not battle an entire army - even though he was a grandmaster warrior and mage. He was retreating, but the massive amount of things he had gotten slowed him down and the army was advancing quickly, almost as if the humans had all been killed. Soon a few humans ran past and were yelling "Run for your lives!"

After running he soon came across a school with many children inside and one lone teacher. He realised that they would all die if the undead got to them. He ran to the door and yelled at the teacher to gate the children to safety. She quickly did so, and he gave her his things and told her to give them to his brother. There were many children and not enough time to get through the gate before the advancing army reached the small school. And the man that normally would have killed the kids and the teacher and taken their things, was now preparing to lay down his life in order to save them.

He stepped outside and quickly cast energy fields, preventing the undead from getting to the door. Around them he casted firefields and poison fields. He then stepped back inside and meditated. The children still weren't all out and there were many more to go. He told the teacher to pile bookcases in front of the door the next time he left. He went outside knowing he wouldn't survive the day. He then replaced the energy fields that were about to fall and started casting offensive spells into the fray.

It was not long before the liches and other undead were able to break through the energy fields and charge towards the lone man who was already weak. He then casted one more field right in front of him, that stretched across a guildstone and a vendor. The undead couldn't make it through but his time was running out. He knew that all the children were gone because the school was quiet. He then tried to recall but in the middle of his spell a lich hit him with lightning and disturbed his spell. A few seconds later he tried again and the same thing happened. He realised it was futile to try and escape.

He was no longer able to cast spells, so he equipped his deadly poisoned kryss and heater shield, and awaited death. Soon the undead had broken an area of the energy field and were charging through. Soon a few skeletons lay destroyed on the ground, and next were a few liches. He was only able to do this because of the small section they had broken. Soon they had broken more, and he could feel himself losing control of his body - he was able to kill one more skeleton before falling to the ground and everything around him went black. This man had died for people he would normally kill.

There is a moral to this story: We must all set aside our differences and pull together in this time of need.


Thank you.

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 6:21 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

An Interview with Keeonean
This message came in from a warrior involved with the recent attack on Yew.

I recalled to yew, after a tip I had received by someone I will not mention. Once inside yew my eyes were opened by the astonishing battle before me. People were shouting "who cares if we die" and "we must get him, even if we only injure him!" or "dont let up people." The chants went on and I knew if I went into battle I would surely die. I, like most warriors, don't like to replenish my armor and weapons at the high cost, so I had a friend hold them while I went in with no weapon. I was going to try and reason with the foul creature they called keeonean. The name sent cold chills down my spine as I thought of his name. I was expecting a 12 foot man eating monster of some sort. When I got in and saw this "being" I was amazed at his human form. Besides the hideous smell and his constant mumbling of the mistress, you almost would have mistaken him for a human.

He had purple skin, bronze armor, long Dark gold hair, and a darker colored sash across his chest. His name as you can see from the picture I provide says he is gm mage. During this time when I first saw him, I offered to hear his side out and have an "interview" if you will, with him. He at first declined and rambled about how my death would add more to his power. Then he stopped, paused, and came out of war mode. Yes, that is right, out of war mode and told me he did this for his mistress. Then when I asked him about the mistress he shouted to leave his castle. Now by this time I noticed that no longer were orcs or ettins attacking me. In fact I had walked past many that were not fighting and I attacked them, still nothing. Keeonean laughed and said that he would not allow me to die and posed for the picture I took of him. After a long battle, and hours of me following him around and him giving me very little clues about what the "master" plan was he started to fall back due to 2 or 3 warriors. They fought fiercely and even at death none backed away. I begged him to surrender "NEVER!" were his exact, words. He quickly dispatched of the two warriors than ran around in an odd way (zagging and teleporting as if trying to lose me!) running outside and a little to the left on my screen until he was gone. Slowly, as I walked away to ask the others about their encounters, I heard a small yet diabolical laughing in the distance. And a loud shout " I am and will always be invulnerable to magery" Some of the other warriors smirked and made comments "Yea you're Margery" But I yielded no attention to them. Why had he called the abbey his castle was the Mistress his mistress? One he served for? or perhaps the Mistress of mondain?!? If you read this keeonean you should know that you are a coward and you were better off surrendering, instead of running like a newby thief.

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 5:11 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

Elders Try to Help in the Fight for Trinsic
This message came in from a dedicated miner in Minoc.

"We all have heard of the evil residing in Trinny, and that the force of murderers, theifs and monsters have greaten dramitcally. Many have fallen and now is the time to regroup and stand for what we belive in. In Minoc an Elder apeared with a miner. He asked for all miners in Minoc to take the time and denoate it to mining for the trinny force. Myself as a humble smith and miner took my time to mine. The reward to the greatest miner was to be a treasure map of some kind. I mined to my hearts content, even though many rats and dastardly half man half rats attacked. As the finally hour approached I noticed many miners giving up and leaving but I refused to give up so soon and kept mining to supply the vas army. When i made my final pass the brown robed Elder apeared again and thanked me for my services and informed that I have mined over the amount expected and rewarded me with the treasure map. Ofcourse I am not sure if this treasure map will be different then the ones I take from slayin monsters. But if it does turn out to be something speacil I will report the findings and donate the belongings to the trinny force. I am sure many more forged metals will be needed for the force so I ask that if miner can spare, or use his/her time to help then do so. As for now I reside and wait upon a treasure map to come across my path....."

Bob Villa, The Hammer Forge

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 4:54 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

The Phantom Rider Speaks
Though days old as an event, the following tale holds some new information about the Phantom Rider and the degree to which he seems to be aware of future events. It has been noted that he has appeared just prior to dark events in the land, such as attacks on several locales, but this story from Garth Bakrath shows a Phantom who may know more than his silent demeanor suggests.

Hail and well met,

My name is Garth Bakrath and I am in much need of telling to you an encounter I have had with a very strange and dark creature. It starts with the Lady Dove requiring some information of this Dark Knight that has recently been seen in Kinship and the Yew crypts. Having more time than common sense I stood and volunteered to seek out this creature, for I have been to the crypts of Yew once before. My friends Tarrant-Bane and Ryan were quick to offer their services and we were off to fill our pack.

The pace through the woods of Yew was slow, for many beasts and foul creatures were about. After several encounters with some of these our goal was finally met. We had found the entrance to the dark crypt, but a day of searching revealed no sigh of our quarry and we beded down outside that unholy place in hopes of continuing our search the next morning.

On the following morning we did resumed our sweep of the crypts and it was then that our fortunes turned. A rush of wind swept though the chamber through which we passed. Turning to look about, the air in front of me rippled and moved with a life of its own. Out of the darkness I made out the shine of armor, black as the darkness. Blinking twice and placing my hand on the hilt of my sword I peered again at the darkness, only to see emptiness. Shaking my head I stepped forward only to see the air move again only this time it became solid, for now standing before me was a Knight dressed all in black armor on a steed as black as the night itself. Now I was startled and took two steps backwards. After swallowing hard and finding my tongue I spoke to this shadow that I was sent to seek him out. He raised his hand and the air swirled around it as the walls shook with the echo of his speech. He spoke these words  " Tonight is time" ---- "leave before the time reaches"---- "tonight the time comes"----"It has only just begun"----"tonight is time".  With that said and no time for me to utter another word the room swooned and this Dark Knight was gone.

Standing there along again with my torch burning low I shuddered. For now I felt the urgent need to leave this place and make my way to Lady Dove. Lighting my last torch I made my way back to the upper chamber, where the sweet smell of pine and maple again assailed my senses upon opening the outer door.

With renewed vigor,and knowledge as a steed I made my way through the forest, avoiding all creatures large and small. At long last I stood at the Community Center where the Lady Dove and the defenders of Yew awaited my findings.

"What" has only just begun we can only wonder, save the massing of undead on several occasions in the Yew Crypts over the past week. However, thanks to Garth, we know there is likely more we could wrest from this Phantom Knight than he has given us cause to suspect in the past. It would seem the Phantom has a tongue.
Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 4:19 AM EST by Mouser (Catskills)

Interview - Lich Soulstealer - Herald of Juo'nar
    Last evening, McCoy and I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with the Infamous Lich Soulstealer, diplomat and herald of Juo’nar and the Lady Minax.  We took this opportunity to hopefully shed some light upon the current struggle within all the lands and mayhaps a behind the scenes look of the Dark Lords.  I was personally delayed, having to attend a funeral for one of my friends who lost his life in Trinsic, but showed up shortly after the ceremony to partake of the interview.  Bones kept the Soulstealer delayed long enough for my arrival and it was greatly appreciated.  Here is what Lich Soulstealer had to say:

McCoy: Hail Lich...
LS: Hail mortal, I am waiting for your master, Vladimir.
McCoy: Aye, he is coming shortly...
LS: Yes,
McCoy: How is thy master?
LS: Very pleased at Joye's death
McCoy: I bet...
LS: Because of foolish mortals... Britain’s failure is complete.
McCoy: We seem to do more harm to ourselves then the dark mistress can
LS: You do not yet know how true you speak.  Because of the lack of human leadership... this land has fallen into chaos.
McCoy: Hmmm...
LS: Wars only weaken the land... and make others like me stronger.  Only the foolhardy tread on thin ice and the ice has broken mortal.  Many more will die before this war is over... some that none would expect.
McCoy: *scratches goatee* That probably is true, but we shall prevail!
LS: Weather or not you do matters not to me because I know where I stand.  My work for Juo'nar has set my plans in motion.
McCoy: Ah, so you have another motive?
LS: There are other forces working in the land more secretive then those of Minax and older.  My motives are my own mortal.

(At this point of the prelude interview, I finally made it through the countryside and arrived at the YMCA where LS was patiently waiting for me to arrive.  This is what took place upon my delayed arrival.)

McCoy: *reflects* Does Lady Minax work for them?
LS: No, but that is for another time.
McCoy: *nods*
VT: Hail and well met, Lich...
LS: Hail mortal.  You may call me Soulstealer.
VT: Ok, Soulstealer...  Sorry to keep thee waiting...
LS: Time means nothing to me anymore, mortal.
VT: So, how did ye become a lich?
LS: Through much research and lust for power and a quest all necromancers seeking Lichdom must take.
VT: What type of mage would want to become a Lich?
LS: Only the Necromancer can attain true Lichdom, any other is known as a wiz-skull.
VT: I see, but that still doesn't answer the question, what kind of mage would want to become a lich or should I say what kind of person? *smirks*
LS: *evil grin* An evil or vain mage.
VT: I had a feeling that was going to be thy answer...
LS: No records exist in this land of good liches although there have been a few.  None existed long enough to matter. *evil laugh*
VT: Ok...  How come you look more human than of the 'typical' lich we find in dungeons or Juo'nar, for that matter...?
LS: Because those Liches have no need to keep a human look.  I use a preservation spell because I value my look as a way of tactics for the table.  How many mortals are scared of a skeleton?  Although, my skin is white outside of towns and establishments.
VT: Is this because ye are the 'spokesman' of Juo'nar?
LS: In a way, but since vanity played part in my life it has carried over into my present state.  A lot of a liches mindset is carried over from his mortal life.  As proven by Juo’nar but true in all Liches.
VT: Is it true that liches slowly go insane because they can feel themselves slowly decaying?
LS: Not true.  We can no longer "feel" after the turning.  Emotions or otherwise.  The maddening comes from lack of emotions.
VT: I see... why or how did ye meet Juo'nar?
LS: I met Juo'nar long ago after an attack he made in the swamps near Trinsic.
VT: And why has he allowed you to speak for him to us 'mortals?'
LS: Because we have a common ideal.  We wish power.  Power is everything to a Lich.  It is why we become Liches.
VT: Who is more powerful, ye or Juo'nar?
LS: Juo'nar at the moment.  He is an Arch Lich or Master Lich.
VT: And thou art...?
LS: Just a Lich. *smirk*  Although I am older than Juo’nar, his power supersedes mine.
VT: What will be gained from the destruction from Trinsic?
LS: Our rise in power now that we can control the sacred energies in the black tower... we can become unstoppable.
McCoy: Does Juo’nar receive his power from the dark mistress?
LS: He has gained power from her, yes.  That is what makes him so powerful.  It is she that brought him back.
McCoy: Will he lose it when Lady Minax is defeated?
LS: No, only if his soul is destroyed.
McCoy: What is the purpose of that God-awful sight a shrine in Trinsic
LS: It is our keystone of power.
McCoy: So it fuels ye?
LS: It is a central energy point for Minax's power.
VT: Does thy body house thy soul, now?
LS: Yes.  Only for a short time does the soul leave the body.  During the turning (the soul enters) in(to) a phylactery.
VT: It isn’t like the rumors... that thy soul is kept in a jar or container specially prepared to hold it in lieu of the final goal of reaching immortality?
LS: During the turning the soul is kept in a phylactery or item of magical property that houses the soul for three days into the turning.
McCoy: What will be Juo’nar’s next move?
LS: He will make no more moves for a time, but I wouldn't say if he were.
McCoy: Meaning he won’t appear for fear of his undead life?
LS: He will be in Trinsic from time to time leading his armies, but his commander will be making more appearances.
McCoy: Commander lich, the one Doria Romanov spoke of yesterday in her reading?
LS: Yes.
VT: What does a phylactery look like?
LS: It can be anything from a magical jar of holding to a magical gem.
VT: Juo'nar was a paladin before his human demise... correct...?
LS: Yes, he was over the treasury and supplies of the guild.
VT: Then why or how does a paladin become a Lich?  I thought it was a mage that could only become a lich?
LS: He fell from paladinhood.  He was a powerful mage and still is.
McCoy: Does Juo’nar still have his association with the FoA?
LS: At this time I cannot answer that.
McCoy: What do ye know of the FoA, will they make more of a presence?
LS: *evil grin* I seriously doubt it.  Although I do believe that Minax actually led them. There was a mention of a Mistress in a diary found at the FoA battle of Yew.
McCoy: How does the Lady Minax fare these days?
LS: She is as powerful as ever.
McCoy: Will she be making an appearance soon?
LS: I cannot say.
VT: So... Have ye read Joye's statements before her untimely death?
LS: Yes.  Juo’nar wants Malabelle dead and has openly refused to work with her, but she has the favor of Minax.
VT: I see... what do ye make of her (Joye’s) comments?
LS: We do not work with "mortals", no matter how powerful.
McCoy: So the Lady Minax isn't human?
LS: She is a being of limitless power.
McCoy: What spawned such hatred from Juo’nar towards Malabelle?
LS: Because she can succumb to her emotions.
McCoy: The emotions of finding out that Lady Minax has lied to her about her love and that she will turn on Lady Minax, destroying her and riding us of this evil?
LS: Basically, yes.
VT: And Malabelle now knows about Tyball still being alive?
LS: No, She does not yet know, but she is weak.
VT: How do ye expect to keep this from her?
LS: To Juo’nar, it matters not, and as long as Minax holds her leash she will never truly know.
VT: And about the crystal Joye spoke of?
LS: That is the key.
VT: Do ye know where it is?
McCoy: Key to what... the truth or the shrine?
LS: The Lord of Ceandryl knows of the key.
VT: I see...  But do ye know where it is?
LS: I cannot say (on either count) for it my damage others view of my loyalty.
McCoy: Off the record then?
LS: *thinks nothing is of the record to a reporter*
VT: What would you say if I knew where it (the orb) is located? *grins*
LS: You are a fool to try to use it without knowing the power involved.
VT: Oh?  And why is that?
LS: Because the power involved is greater than any one person could control.
VT: How can such be controlled then if no one person can?
LS: To control a power so great would take more than just a mage.  It takes the spirits of many.  This whole war started because mortals are too interested in themselves and not in the good of the land.
VT: What about Doria Romanov?  And I never implied I would use it...
LS: She sees, and is heard but I doubt all of her powers.
VT: She dresses in red... Is there a connection between her and the comments Joye said... about the lady in red?
LS: Possibly, but I haven't thoroughly invested time in her words.
VT: From her comments, it is almost implied that Doria is Minax... is this true?
LS: I cannot say.  Take that, as you will.
VT: Any last comments ye would like to add that I might have overlooked?
LS: Minax's plans are her own... I only communicate the words spoken to me for the mortals like you. If this "resistance" cares to learn about the weakness of a Lich then they should ask.
VT: Oh... I have another question...
VT: Do ye fear the Black Mace of the Undead?  That is Juo'nar’s weakness it seems...
LS: I fear it may lead to his downfall.
VT: And I know that if ye knew where it was, ye'd have gotten it by now...
LS: *big evil grin*
McCoy: Soulstealer, if ye had the black mace would you use it against Juo’nar?
LS: *grins* I wouldn't tell you that mortal.
VT: Do ye know where Lord British is?
LS: I do not know where British is cowering.
VT: *grins* Well then...  What do ye stand to gain 'either' way the war turns?
LS: With Juo’nar's death, releases his power which makes my own power stronger, but if the mortals fall, then the undead legions of Juo’nar will march over the land and I am undead.  I am not trying to take over the land.  I leave that to the fools.
VT: Well, I have no further questions, any last comments, again?
LS: No, I have spoken much this night.  Take my words to heart mortal.
VT: *grins* I thank thee for thy... 'time' Soulstealer... I’d wish thee luck and the blessings of the Great I Am, but that would not be right, so I won’t.
LS: I'm sure. *evil laugh*

 In the Immortal words of the great poet, James al’Morris...

    “Not to touch the earth, not to see the sun...
         Nothing left to do, but run, run, run... Let’s run...”

    It would appear that Lich has already won whatever it is he has set in motion and would like to have us ‘mortals’ do exactly what the poem states.  With the death of Joye and Lord British being abducted by mongbats and orc mages, things couldn’t look grimmer for all of Britannia.  But is this a time for us to give up hope?  Nay, it is not.  Here is our chance, fellow citizens...  Patriots... To answer the call of the sounding horns in the distance and rise up to those who would oppress us.  All is not lost so long as we cling on to the virtues.  We must be found with faith in the Great I Am; hope that He will help us in our struggles; and have the charity (love) for all mankind to put aside our differences to instill in ourselves the desire to win no matter what the cost.  The axe is at the foot of the tree Britannia, don’t give up without a fight.

Safe Journeys, signing off, this is War Reporter...

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 3:10 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Don Martin Enters the Void!
"Remember what binds thee Don Martin only that will endure yer return," Alainn pointed out as Don tumbled... "Tameria."

"Forget not thy vows....Be steadfast," said Morrigan. "Now hero slay him and enter thy doom!", commanded Alainn Brid. "Feel the presence of the Void. Feel it encircle ye, beware its traps lest it swallow ye completely."

As Don Martin began to wobble, Morrigan warned, "Be steadfast!"

Don Martin stiffened as Alainn Brid glanced at the window, "It is time now. The shadows fade as does life."

The corpse of a Wraith lay on the floor as Don Martin faded from the light......

Five dark figures, one positioned at each point of the Pentagram begin to summon the image. As Don Martin's body fades way, the contents of his mind begin to form in the center. As they chant the sacred words, Don's mind and spirit fuse an energy field that is held together by the wills of the powerful mages.

Sabben thrusts his sword into the floor and runs his finger down the blade. As the blood begins to flow from his finger and down the blade, he raises his hand and grasps the handle with three fingers and a thumb. He raises the sliced finger over the gemstone on the crest of the hilt. As the blood flows, dripping onto the stone, a finger of energy arcs between Don's Aura and Sabben's hand. Sabben's spirit fuses with that of Don Martin. He begins to feel the thoughts of the Hero, but makes no comment. The remaining four of the dark figures do the same.

As the bond is formed Ezekial shakes his head, "Pathetic Heroes, hurling your bodies out into the Void, without the slightest inkling of who or what is out there." As he looks around at the others he continues, "If you had known anything about the true nature of the universe, anything at all, you would have hidden from it in terror."

Asland motions the others to focus, "Don Martin is now beginning to become conscious of his new form, he will compensate for his lack of understanding by believing he is still in his body. He will see his body as he wishes it to be. He will feel his limbs much like a man who has lost his legs sometimes feels the need to scratch itchy feet that are not there."

......fade from sight and the cold of the night is all around...

The darkness soon takes a solid form under your feet as you land on what would seem to be a river of shadows, and for a moment all is silent....

Without warning the scene changes into a cascade of dark waves that cast the sounds of a thousand faint souls. It washes over you and covers your body. The Cold of Death can be felt as it begins to cling to your skin. The claws of the Void seem to take form and reach into your form as if to rip the soul from your body.....

A flash is seen from your left hand as the claws strike your soul. The ring you hold dearly has driven off this first strike, and you are left alone in a sea of darkness. The Void stretches out for what seems like an eternal distance. . . .All is dark. . . . . . . . . . in the distance you hear the Voice of your wife calling to you...

"Don?. . . . . Where are thee my love?. . . . I'm Cooldd.. . . . . Hee. ll. . p . . me. . . . . . .. . . im . . . .lost. . . . . . . . .Reac .h. . . fo.r. m. e. . . . . H. e. l. p. . me. . . . ."

You remember the witches warning about tricks and decide that you will not swayed by this illusion.

An image of Tameria as you left her, forms from the myst and reaches for you. . . . her hands so warm . . . . . you can feel her breath against your skin as she draws near. . . . . . .the image fades in a howl of madness cursing your name as she is cast back into the depths of the Void.. . Again . . you . . are. . alone. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . The mysts pick up and you can hear the sounds of something in the distance. It is much more of a 'solid' sound than that of the faint image . . . it sounds of pain and death. . . . . it screams with the Voice of hundreds of souls that cannot breath in this place for the darkness that binds seems to be coming closer to you. . . A whisper can be heard from the thing that dwells within the Void. . . . It calls out. . . . . D. . o. . n. . . . . . . .

It takes on form in front of you. The beast constructed from the shadows of your nightmares . . . it lurks just out of your sight in the darkness. . . . . . The sounds become closer and encroach from all sides as if the one were many. . . .

From behind it strikes. A sharp pinch is felt in your back as it lashes you. The warm feeling of your own blood can be felt running down your side. . . . . . . The beast lurks just out of sight circling you like pray...again the form draws near. . . . .

You continue to turn to face the thing, never letting it leave your sight.

In the far distance you hear a familiar voice calling to you . . . it says. .. "Darling? Darling?"

Your ears perk up...

The beast strikes you again in the leg taking a large portion of you with it.. . . .

You call her name, "Tameria"

"Nooooo.... Don.... Darling..... Run"

The beast circles again. . . .The Voice ever calling to you in the back of your mind. . . . .

The voice speaks almost hysterically, "RUN Please, run!!!"

You back up slowly toward the voice, then run ... the beast takes chase after you as you try to run from it.

Tameria's voice cries, "Don, escape!! Flee !!! quickly er' life is lost!"

You acknowledge, "I hear you, my love" as you run faster. The leg bleeds as you move faster and faster. . . . . . . . the Void never changing as if you were not moving at all. . . . . . . . . . Then all is silent . . . the only sound is that of your own heart. . . . . . .

You take this moment to bandage your leg. Then in the distance you hear a voice . . . it speaks to someone other than you. . . .. . and a faint light can be seen. . . . . The light seems to lead to warmth and Voices can be heard. . . . You stand . . . and the Void waits. . . . . . . .

You try to manipulate the waves under your feet, the light is but a small pin point in the fabric of the Void. It seems so far away. . . .

You move toward the light. Ever so solid the waves of shadows are, they shift under your feet just enough to let you realize you stand on nothing but the fabric of shadows.. . . . . ahead you can see the faint image of a small figure lying on the ground. . . . . .

As you draw near it takes shape of a girl. Her features are lost as she is covered in a thick shadow that clings to her as if it were her skin. You reach the body and as you look down at it ....

A figure forms in the Void above you. Its grand body begins to take shape as if the shadows wove together to make it.

It speaks to you, "Don Martin!!! Why hath thee come to this place?", the voice can be heard all around and within your mind as well.

You hide your fear and calm your voice saying, "I seek the lost one."

The being's voice echoes, "I am the Angel of this place." You ask the question, "How do you know me?"

The being simply states, "The one you seek lies before thee, Don." You look again at the figure again.

The being then says, "I know of all that live in your realm. I am all that is in this place you call the Void. I was once called 'the Angel' by the Maiden that walks this plane, so too shall you refer to me as thine Angel."

The figure looks to be a female in flowing robes, yet no wind can be felt. Around the floating figure is a swirling myst that gives no sound as it tumbles about the angels feet.

It asks, "Why?"

In confusion you hear yourself say, "This seems an odd place to see an Angel."

The Voice booms in an almost deafening tone, "WHY"

You try to hold ears and ask, "Why what?"

"You seek the lost one...Why?"

"To protect my love!"


Confused by the disturbance in the Void you say, "Love is all that matters."

The Void trembles as if shocked by a great force, "LOVE MATTERS NOT IN MINE REALM! SPEAK NOT OF SUCH THINGS, LEAST THEE STAY FOREVER!"

"Without love my realm would be a..... Void..", you say confused by the concept.

Again the Void trembles while the ground below you becomes liquid and you sink up to your waist in shadows. The cold of the waves that grip your legs can be felt through you and into your bones...

You retort, "But I need not speak it, for I have it in my heart."



Out of options you reply, "Because the Dark Prophet wills it!"

All is quiet......

The voice lowers in tone and the ground around you slows and becomes more solid, "You speak of the Dark Prophet, he seeks to rid the Void of the lost one."

"I know not what he seeks, only the he asks that I bring the lost one."

"Know you this Son of the humans. . . . Should you remove this lost one from my grasp the Void will be dark once more. This Child is a blight among the Void. Remove it and thee shall cleans the Void of it."

You ask, "How do I know this...if I may be so bold?"

"For I have spoken to thee."

"I mean no disrespect but I also saw Tameria who I know is not here."

"She dwells here in her sleep as a curse on her from the Dark Father" it continues, "you had an option to reach out to her dream and take her from this place yet you did not."

As you began to realize the implications you ask, "How can she be disconnected from such a curse?"

The voice mockingly says, "You had but your chance to save that which you guard. It has passed."

You withdraw saying, "I thought it was a trick."

The voice says, "As is your simple mind. The Void is Dark because it was forged into that by your kin. Fear feeds the Void as you have this journey."

"If I cannot save Tameria..then why should I continue? Why should I remove this...blight?"

"Lack of options is why. Leave the Blight here within the Void it matters little to me."

The cold of the void seeps into your body as it becomes harder to breath. You say, "I must return with the lost one and save my love."


The Void trembles as the Voice rips through the silence. The shadows of the myst gather and form into sharp tallons that swirl around you..."YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! NOW YOU WILL SUFFER MY ANGER !"

The blades bite into your flesh as they move about your body and soon all is dark. Not because of the Void, but for lack of your own vision.


And with that you are left alone lying on the ground next to the figure. All is dark yet you hear the heartbeat of the Lost one. You wonder just who the hell this lost one is.

The warmth of the figure is close to you.

In remorse you say to Tameria in your mind, "I cannot even see you after all this."

You feel around and your hands find the one lying next to you.

"Tameria, why did I not go to you?"

As you hold onto the lost one a sharp pain is felt in the palm of your hand.......

From: Quest Center News

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 2:03 AM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

News from the Dragon Tear Cafe.
The Dragon Tear Café is holding a funds rasing events this next few weeks in which proceeds will be going towards the 1 year anniversary fund of the cafe. The one year anniversary is coming up fast (4th week of March 19-25), and The café has plans to hold a week-long event!

Of course, the legnth of the party depends on the funds available, so in addition of all the gains I make myself, I am looking to ask the citizens who visit the Cafe regularly to help out a bit, all the while having some fun. Therefor I am having some fund-raising events.....

March 19-The Café's *slave* Auction will be held this night. Male volunteers will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Beforehand, the victims-err people who kindly volunteered for this event will submit a book describing what skills and or events they have planned to offer to the person who wins thier skills. 20% of the winnings will go to the person who brings in the highest bid, and another 10% will go to the person with the most creative offer up for bid. The rest of the proceeds go into the Anniversary fund.

Starting February 26th-For a total of two weeks, the cafe will open a 50/50 ticket draw. Anyone who wishes to buy a ticket must see Pyrates in regular Café hours (Thurs and Sat 7-9 est) and buy tickets(books). Eack ticket costs 500 gold, Your name goes on each ticket, which is then submitted into the barrel. At the one year anniversary celebration, one ticket will be drawn from the barrel, and the name on that ticket wins 50% of all earnings from the ticket draw.

March 3- An auction of rare items that I own personally will be sold off. Anyone who wishes to help in this cause by donating something can contact me. Half of the earnings from any donated item will be given back to the donater. Among the items to be sold will be rare necromantic reagents, items from holidays of past years, and maybe even a plant.

Also, if there are those out there that just wish to support the Café, there will be "Gift packs"(A mug of ale, Cooked Fish steaks, Cookies, and a "Badge"[A wearable item in support of the Café]) for sale on the vendor inside the cafe for 1000 gold, with all proceeds going to the anniversary fund.

Along with the regular Café nights, this is the agenda for the next few weeks. Hope to see you all there, and be sure to clear your schedule to come to the anniversary!


The players that take the time and housing to setup a tavern do it for YOU. So please support YOUR local tavern!

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2000, 1:43 AM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

Orcs and Gazers attack Yew and help orc prisoner escape
We received the following report:
Twas a chilly eve in the waning month of frost (February 25th). Many hardy adventurers from throughout the land of Britannia are still sorrowful in the loss of the fair town of Trinsic to the evil undead forces. A new battlefront is now being fought. The Solid town of Justice, known as Yew has been pummeled time and time again in a relentless assault by the orc general as well as by the leader of the Gazer forces "Keltar." Tonight, I recite a tail the likes of which should send your shivering bones back to the world of the dead.

A deep unrest lay upon the Ancient town of Yew. A sense of foreboding if you will. Many times in the last few weeks Yew has withstood assaults of increasing magnitude. That is to say the people of the lands from far and near assisted the Yew forces in standing against the monstrous attacks. Tonight was eerie. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Then from out of nowhere, the mongbat hordes appeared. The stalwart warriors of the land laughed at this feeble attack. For the mongbats were easily overcome. The veterans of the Yew battles, however, did not laugh. They knew what the appearance of the mongbats truly meant. Sure enough, as soon as the defendants of Yew were succumbed into complacency, the orc hordes attacked! Many a defender was left witless and without life nor limb. Terrifying to note, was the fact that no matter how many orcs seemed to perish. . . . . there always seemed to be more to take their place. After hours and hours of battle, and the weary soldiers and mages of the land took a moment to rest, there came a cry "QUICKLY the Town proper is under attack by the viscious Fiend KELTAR." The defenders quickly went to the town center, only to be dismayed by the devastation that must have occurred whilst they rested. There were 3 fiends in all. Keltar left the battlefield with many of his gazer underlings. After all seemed quiet and back to order in the Town of Yew, a few of the Order of the Silver Serpent guards went to check on the Orc prisoner at the Yew Prison.


The defenders quickly found to their chagrin that the Yew prison had been placed under siege by Keltar and his gazer cohorts. Many a defender was requested to assist in fighting the way through to the prisoner's cell. Once the cell was reached however, the orc prisoner was gone. In it's place were the bodies of two of Lord British's Order guards. Also in it's cell was one remaining gazer. No one saw how the prisoner was taken, just that the prisoner was indeed gone. What does this portend for the Fair Town of Yew? I am unable to say. I shall say however, that if the townspeople and the defenders from throughout the land fight as they fought tonight, there will be no way Yew shall be lost. Fight on and defend thine posts people of Britannia. Your very existence depends upon it!

Sincerely, Midas-OSS

Thanks for the report!
Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 11:52 PM EST by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

Results of the IFC House Giveaway!
Earnst sent this to us
Results of the IFC House Giveaway!

It seems congratulations are in order for one of our last minute entry to the IFC House Giveaway! Avral, a former member of both, the Pacific Training Institute, and the F*A, arrived at the IFC on Friday the 25th and purchased a key for the giveaway.

Keys were sold at 10000 gold each, and chances to win were 1 in 40. There was also a 2 key maximum purchase, per person.

People came, to and fro the IFC gathering the runes which would bring them to the location of the house, where they could try their luck and see if the numbered key they had chosen was the winning key!

In the end, latecomer Avral was the one to actually enter the house! The house is located near the dungeon Wrong, and is a properly placed modern wooden home.

I also would like to let everyone know that proceeds from this, and all other recent IFC fundraisers, will be used to host more contests, for larger prize sums of gold! We have a great deal planned for the upcoming months! We hope you will participate!

For more information keep your attention on our scrolls Events Calendar!

Visit our site at:

Thank you for your continued support, and may the Æsir keep you!

Earnst, IFC

Thankyou Earnst, and Congrats to Avral, I hope you enjoy the house!
Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 11:32 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

Yew Crypts:Dark Prophesies & Helpful Spirits
It would seem that the people of Britannia allied against the evils that now plague the land, a land so populated of late with dark and sinister apparitions, have at least one well meaning spirit on our side. Below is an account from the crypts by Mithrandur.

While searching for one of the eight Shrines of Valor, I happened upon a strange crypt near Yew.  Having heard of strange events within it, I decided to enter and see what oddities I could find.  I found many indeed, and when I finally reached a black throne and the Well of Souls, I was frightened indeed.  I met with a wandering ghost in the dark chamber, and though I am not skilled at contacting the netherworld, I did it with some effort.

What I learned is indeed frightening.  The Necromancer, or Ghaleon, is planning yet another assault on Yew.  He draws his strength from the Well of Souls found in the Crypts, and he cannot be killed unless his tie with it is severed.  If he reaches the other Well of Souls, in the temple of Trinsic, he will be unstoppable.  However, there is a way to destroy him.  The ghost died when it touched a gem that utterly destroys any who touch it.  If one could convince Ghaleon to find and seize the gem through trickery, he would be destroyed.  However, the name of the gem is known only to Nystul, Lord British's court mage, and I could not find him anywhere.

I implore my comrades to help me in finding more information about this gem, that we may trick him into finding the gem.


Archmage in the Light
Thank you Mithrandur for the report and the timely fashion in which it was delivered. Let us hope time remains to make good on this discovery.
Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 8:55 PM EST by Mouser (Catskills)

Timewarp in OSI Quest Explained?
I just got this:

I've had many debates and arguments about the entire UO timeline thing. (Ultimately, I like Richard Garriott's explaination- to quote from an e-mail that was forwarded to me*Smiles*

"The world of Sosaria has undergone some majorly drastic geographic changes since Ultima 1.. how did these take place in UO? for instance..the Isle of the Avatar (called the isle of Fire on UO) was formed whenthe codex was removed from the stygian Abyss.. If there is no codex on UO, then how was the Isle of fire formed?"

Richard Garriot: Interesting question... I suspect the reality created by the splintering of the gem of immortality must have drawn some elements from the future aswell as the past. Remember that one had to go back in time to destroy thegem, thus the gem already has knowledge of past and future."

That covers a lot. As far as Minax goes, there is one thing we should really keep in mind. She's a time traveller. Who knows what she's been up to in the last 300 years? Perhaps Mondain only died at the hands of the stranger yesterday, for her.

To sum it up, don't even try to make sense of things in UO. We're a divergant shard of Britannia prime, and things have had 300 years to change, even putting aside Richard Garriot's shard splitting messing up the timeline theory. You won't get any end-all answers, only a headache.

I am almost lost here.*Grins*

Yours truly,

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 7:41 PM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

News for Drachenfels Roleplayers
Benedict, Grand Bishop of the Church of Hysteresis (HYS) sent us these announcements :
Greetings !

I have several news to submit to the good people of Drachenfels today.

The Drachenfels Roleplayers list has been automated with new features, like the ability to see if the player is online (ICQ). This will also be used as a mailing list where the members will get Roleplaying related news. Please Join the List.

Future Player Town in Renaissance : The City planning is making great progress. Many new buildings are on the planning list, and there is now a new submission form available. The second Poll on the City Name is now open, and I urge all interested people to vote Here !

Two new Lotteries : Two different lotteries are being held right now. All profits will be used to sponsor future player-run events !

  • Grand Lottery Major : A lottery for the rich! Each ticket will cost 5000gp and there will be 100 tickets.
    There will be only 3 prizes. The firstprize will be 200,000gp the second prize will be 100,000gp and the third will be 50,000gp, which means a total of 350,000gp.
  • Grand Lottery Minor : A lottery for the not so rich. Each ticket will cost 1000gp and there will be 100 tickets. There will be 10 prizes. One prize at 25,000gp, one at 10,000gp, three at 5000gp and five at 2000gp.
  • In both the Lotteries, each ticket will have a unique serial number and a control number. At the end of the lotteries the winning numbers will be anounced on the webpage and the prizes can be claimed by emailing/icq'ing or ingame meeting with Grand Bishop Benedict. (The correct control number must be given in order to receive the prize.)
That's all for today... May your dreams be full of fluffy sheep!

Grand Bishop Benedict,

Church of Hysteresis
Thanks Benedict for these informations.
Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 4:56 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

UO2 - Brand New Picture!
BIG NEWS! It looks like things have begun to roll out with UO2 at last. OSI just provided us with the following SNEAK PEAK picture meant just for us Ultima fans. Keep your eyes on our news pages as more information about UO2 is released. We are being told by OSI to expect quite a bit of new items today (2/25), so check back often!

** DISCLAIMER **: Please be aware that the picture is NOT a screenshot! It is a rendered work of art to show off the look of one part of the game, and was not taken in the game's engine.

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 3:01 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Combat Changes Moving From In Concept to In Dev
Just wanted to let everyone know that the Combat Changes & Enhancements that were recently in In Concept have now been moved over to In Development. Everything is the same as was earlier reported except for the following:

Two-Handed Weapons
Any melee weapon that requires two hands to wield will gain a special attack. The type of special attack will depend on the type of weapon used.
  • Mace Weapon: Crushing blow, a hit for double damage.
  • Sword Weapon: Concussion blow, victim’s intelligence is halved for 30 seconds. Note the effects of a concussion blow are not cumulative, once a target is the victim of a concussion blow, they cannot be hit in that manner again for 30 seconds.
  • Fencing Weapon: Paralyzing blow, victim is paralyzed for 5 seconds. Paralysis can be broken under the same circumstances for the paralyze spell.

Upon a successful hit, there will be a small chance to inflict one of the special attacks. The base chance to inflict one of the special attacks is 20%. A high intelligence will give a small bonus towards the chance to execute a special attack up to a total chance of 30%.

When casting a spell, the spellbook will automatically appear in your hands if it is not there already.

  • The system will disarm you if you are carrying a weapon and place the spellbook in your hands.
  • After the spell is complete, the spellbook will remain in your hands.
  • If at any time during the casting of a spell the spellbook is removed from your hands (either by the player or from a wrestling "disarm" maneuver), the spell is interrupted.

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 2:48 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

More Fishing Changes
The changes to fishing in Testing for the Next Update have been modified:


Fishermen at over 80 skill will have a chance to pull up a sea serpent regardless of whether they succeed or fail at fishing when in deep sea.

Every time you successfully fish up a treasure map or SOS bottle a sea serpent will surface and attack. The treasure map or SOS bottle will be on the serpents corpse. Sea serpents that are pulled up through normal fishing that did not result in a treasure map or SOS bottle will not have these items on them. Only the sea serpents that are pulled up because of a treasure map or SOS bottle will have them on their corpse.

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 2:36 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

CIA calls for Council of War to free Trinsic
Another brave group are attemting to free our good city of Trinsic:

After a mildly successful assault on Trinsic during the week, in which many of our soldiers fell, one thing has become apparent; We must find the Source.

Thus; The Company of Independent Adventurers is calling for all interested parties to join them in gathering intelligence on the threat to Trinsic. We wish to form a Council of War to meet at Lord British's Castle on Saturday 26th Feb, at 8pm (ish) Sydney time, so we can discuss the matter of Trinsic, and plan a new assault on the doomed city...

Thank ye all.....

Rogan Kai

Master of Langley (CIA).

Thank you, and good luck!

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 2:30 PM EST by Australis Dragon (Oceania)

Complete PvP comp details!
Hello all, this is your programme guide for the PvP night:

EVERYONE MEET AT EAST BRITAIN BANK. If you want to watch or participate meet here. I will be collecting all entry fee. My name is the following: [Traveling the world, [DS] Arturius. Just give your entry fee to me and I will write you down and your set for the night! (the entry fee is 500gp). REMEMBER, give the money to the Arturius in the guild DS, no other Arturius. Its your own fault if you give it to the wrong person.

HOW YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE DUELING VS WHO. I will read out the names of 2 people dueling. Eg, FRED VS KANE, THROUGH THIS GATE. Then I will cast gate (or attempt too :)) and the participants and anyone who is watching will go through. After you go through, please get off the spot where the rune is marked, for obvious reasons.... I will do that till everyone is read out.

THE TOURNAMENT IS KNOCKOUT! Please, if you lose connection, your problem. I don't care. It is your problem. Lag is your problem. If the other guy kills you, you lose (unless of course he breaks a rule). There will be a judge at every duel, so we will know if they break the rules. AND if you run out of reagents, yes that's your problem. Now, if you lose, your out of the comp. Simple. If you win, you move on. And eventually, you get too the final. Now, the final, will be out of 3 matches.... This is only to be fair. And the winner of that gets 1st prize, and 2nd gets 2nd prize. And a lucky door prize will be awarded to a random person! The prize money will vary too how many participants.

BREAK RULE, AUTO LOSS!. The rules are in the archives for this news place. Please observe them.

That's it! Meet at East Britain bank, 7:30pm - 8:00pm tonight and your questions will be answered, then we get started! Good luck to all the participants!

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 2:09 PM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

Joye Dies; Moonstones Appear; Yew to be Attacked
Joye the librarian is dead, 'moonstones' are appearing throughout Britannia and Yew will be invaded later this evening. These are just some of the stories that have come to my attention over the past few days, and which this update will endeavour to cover. The most interesting and comprehensive report is from Erik Strongbow.

A sad tale to tell, of the Death of Joye, last night, in Trinsic. As I was preparing for the evening's events, the usual suspects were holding council in Britain Library, when Joye appeared. She gave Titus another book, who read it to us:

Maybe if the liche was dead i would feel better..Is it too much for me to ask? Dare i? Can i ask another to kill him? He is evil and wishes my death, but i dont like the thought of people dying for me.. i had another dream.. i know how it ends.. this time the lady in brown again.. she was not happy her love was gone, or so she thinks.. she stands in front of the legions of lizards and ratmen.. its a lie.. i have studied the book of E, i may know some answers but im not sure.. Dare i go look? Dare i? im sooo scared, everyday.

We were then told that Jou'nar was at the Black Shrine.. Joye spake thus:

Tonight! It must end tonight! We must gather together all the good folk.. *takes deep breathe* I must face him tonight! And with your help we can kill him and stop him once and for all. Gather as many as you can.. Call all those you said you would call if I asked. I cannot say... my dreams stop after I meet him.. Maybe that means I will be free of them!

She would be free of them, and the reason her dreams stop after she meets him, is to be answered, tragically, soon after.. Dark One, ever trying to attain some advantage for us by finding the rumoured objects said to be about, then asked if she knew where the Crystal was, to which she replied:

I will tell you when we return, There can be no more secrets after tonight, I must share everything I know.. *takes breath* I can't, can't live with this anymore! I only wish Avia was here! We must hurry, so I will go with thee through a gate.

We all wished Avia was there, i too, missed her sorely. We knew we were woefully undermanned, but the dreams were driving Joye to her purpose. Should we have tried to stop her? I asked if we could have more time to gather forces, she ignored me:

*mumbles* It has to be tonight.. *shakes*.. *holds herself*.. I must be brave.

All the while, the others in our group desperately trying to contact others we knew to come to our aid, unfortunately, after previous events, many were reluctant.. Titus Shadowbane, Dark One; Shesari, Shaoli and Galdrin of BxJ, Gwyn Morgant, Conrad my friend, and MorHavok. All of us trying to stall for time, or recruit more help. Shesari counseled a scouting expedition, Conrad volunteered to go. We gated, Joye went with us, once there, Dark One and Titus pleaded with her not to go yet, then:

Where are the people? *looks around* Is this enough? *eyes water* I am not a fighter.. Where are the people? So quiet.... Hard to beleive..such evil.. We must find him. Where are those you told me of that would come at thy call? So it must be, may Virtue guide us.. *leans on pillar* My nightmare will end tonight.. *closes eyes* *points* That way..

She then walked thru Trinsic, stopping to "Feel" her way to Jou'nar, pointing the way.. We arrived, Jou'nar and Malabelle and hoardes of the enemy there in Force.. She was seen to be slain, a death of flames, by Jou'nar himself. I knew i had to get close to Malabelle to deliver the message, that "Its a Lie".. Teleporting up to the Black Shrine itself, i was set upon, and slain, and of course looted by the upstanding Blad the Inhaler, to my severe dismay.. Several deaths and resurrections later, Malabelle seemed to recognize me as i tried to tell her that Tyball lived, and bade me: "Knight, Follow Me", though i was in my Death Robes.. We stepped through the portal, ending up by the Trinsic front gate, she kept yelling "Lies!! Its all Lies". I know not if she was now believing me, and yelling at the evil hoardes, or did not, and was yelling at me! I suspect she was taking me to confront Jou'nar herself, or to quesion him, with me as witness, i know not, as i was set upon by the hoardes, and perished yet again.

Many were the deeds, fell and great, performed by the few valiant souls who fought so bravely against Jou'nar. The Zenith Entreri and his folk played a role, Zealot and Masoj D'Urdeal, but too many names to remember. Should we have tried to prevent her from going? I think she was destined to go, driven even, by her dreams. I just wish, that the many good and strong peoples of our land, knowing full of the quest, could have come to the aid of Joye.. A Librarian, who loved her books, I shall miss her, may she rest now, in Peace..

Sadly, Erik StrongBow, Warrior Of Valhalla. Logs and Pictures Provided by Dark One, with my deep appreciation..


Another story covering the same event is from Armaeno:

I was present at the shrine, and had a chat with Jou'nar and Malabelle. For various reasons, I agree with their ultimate goal. Most of Sosaria is almost not worth saving. Lord British is doing a pathetic excuse for a job. The lands are falling apart. A violent cleansing, a revolution, if you will, is perhaps the only way to cleanse these lands of the sickening filth that permiates every city, every bank, every inhabited spot in the lands.

The time is soon at hand. The scribe Joye is dead, as you will see from the pictures included within. Her dying words were , "Get out of my dreams!!". I gave a copy of the text from her library, "The Rites of Exorcism" to Jou'nar himself, as he seemed interested in it. We shall see what happens . .



Mord-Sith Raina penned the following report:

I again bring thee news of great concern.

While patroling the streets of Trinsic looking for unfortunatle souls to bring back to life, I noticed a great monstrosity on the roof of the Trinsic Meeting Hall.

What really concerns me... is what may be contained behind the locked doors.

Remaining ever vigilant,
Mord-Sith Raina



From Jenthra of the IFC:

A plea to the Thieves of Trinsic! I have a sad tale to relate, and although I was not there to see it happen, it needs to be spoken of. I encourage someone who was there to speak more freely on this, as I am sure I will get the facts wrong.

Joye is dead. She died at the hands Juo'nar the Lich King. Apparently, Joye had once again come to the Britain Public Library to share information with us. I do know she gave one of us another book to help us. Unfortunately I cannot give you the name of the book or the person carrying it. After that, I do not know if it was the same night or the next, Joye reappeared and asked to be taken to Trinsic. It was there that she died. Apparently, there was fierce fighting of some sort, and our book carrier was struck down.

This is where my plea to the Thieves of Trinsic comes in. His Body Was Looted And We Lost The Book!!!! This would have happened during a fight with the green lich. Please, if you were the one to take the book, contact us, if only to let us know if you threw it away or not! If you have it, I can assure you that you will be well rewarded if you return it, if that sort of thing matters to you. If you have it, people will be at the Britain Public Library who can speak with you further. Or please leave a message on the boards of these Scrolls.

It may be the enemy has the scrolls, and we are doomed. But I hope it doesn't come to that. If any have more information of this, please come forward and clarify my notes. Summoner Alexi, if your new friends have the book, contact me. I know what you need.


Curious objects called 'moonstones' have been appearing throughout Britannia. I got the following missive from Ragnarok:

The color changes every 150-180 seconds. There are eight colors in total. The colors are listed below with possible Virtue Color relevants in parenthesis: Crimson(red), Dark Blue (Black), Turquoise (Green), Light Blue/GreyishBlue (Blue), Purple (Purple), Light Grey (White), Gold (Yellow), Bronze (Orange). I'm going to do tests over the weekend to see if something happens at Shrines correlated to the colors as well as if they predict the moongate's phasing.


I apologize for the delay in posting some of these updates. Other tasks in our world have been keeping me very busy, and I regret that I have not been able to attend any of these events and report on them first-hand. Thank you all for your outstanding reports, messages and hints!

This just in! Two different (and reliable!) sources are proclaiming that the City of Yew will be attacked by Keeonean and his forces later this evening. I will be there to defend the city, and hope you will be too!

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 8:46 AM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

The quest of Mt. Kendall
We have found the following:
Greetings! My name is Lenox Loaren of Minoc. I belong to a mining company which has decided to keep it's name a secret for the time being.

Earlier yesterday, myself and another miner of our company stumbled upon something on the top of Mt. Kendall in Minoc... It was a tomb..with two skeletons inside, each fully armored and armed... One body dressed in white armor, the other in black armor...We think that we have uncovered two ancient rivals...a white knight and a dark knight... Each warrior was holding a weapon...The white knight carried a was glowing with energy...inscribed upon it was "Staff of the Virtues... On the other hand, the dark knight carried a spear...which was also emanating some sort of powerful energy...inscribed upon it: Spear of X'jsalen. It seems we have uncovered something incredibly powerful, and we are truly out of our league here!

Lenox Loaren of Minoc

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 7:19 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

High Council to Hold Emergency Meeting Monday
We received the following, concerning an emergency session of the High Council of Britannia...

Emergency High Council meeting

Date: Monday, February 28th, 2000
Time: 10PM EST/9PM CST
Location: Magincia Parliament Building.

People of Britannia,
Lord British has been kidnapped! We have been informed that Lord British was kidnapped on his way to the Yew Prison by a band of orc mages and other creatures. He was travelling with a regiment of guards led by the paladin Dupre. While near the dungeon Shame, they were attacked and Lord British taken before the guard could protect him.

The High Council will be holding an emergency meeting on Monday evening,  The meeting will be at the Parliament building. The Council will be gathering information concerning his whereabouts and to work towards the safety of Britannia. Lord British would want us to continue fighting against this evil threat and we will not stop until it is stopped and Lord British returned to us.

I request an appearance by the paladin Dupre so that he may provide us with information. We also request the appearance of anyone that has information on Lady Minax or the whereabouts of Lord British.

Lord William Wingate
5th Seat, Jhelom

The High Council of Britannia

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 6:38 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

UO2 Website Completely Revamped!
This just in!

Just a few minutes ago the official UO2 Website was completely revamped! It now includes several new items. A few of the most important are the beginning of the UO2 Fiction, a new Team Comments from Starr Long, a UO2 Fansite Kit to download, and 6 New Questions added to the FAQ!

Make sure to go to now and enjoy!

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 6:27 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

House Lottery and Grand Opening Date change
I was handed this scroll some time ago.

Due to real life commitments, The House Lottery and UBB/BOW Friendly Tavern Grand Opening Has changed to Sunday February 27, 2000 at 2:00pm est.


On February 27, 2000 at 2:00pm est is the Grand Opening of The UBB/BOW Friendly Tavern. Come join us for an afternoon of celebration as The United Blacksmiths of Britannia and The Britannia Order of Woodcrafters celebrate an alliance and The Grand Opening of The Friendly Tavern. All are welcome to come as there will be many prizes to be given away. With the main prize being a House Lottery. To be eligible to win this house all you have to do is visit The UBB/BOW Friendly Tavern anytime from now until the 27th, and buy a key off the bar keep. The keys will be in a bag marked House Lottery Keys. 1 key will cost 1000gp and there will only be a limited number of keys available, so be sure to get your key ASAP for your chance to win a house for only 1000gp. To see if your key will unlock the door to the house all you have to do is show up at The UBB/BOW Friendly Tavern during the Grand Opening and there will be a rune locked down in from of the bar keep (the rune will be there until a winner is announced). Recall off of this rune and if your key opens the door there will be detailed instructions inside on who to contact so you can become the new owner of the house. Go to to see the map of where The UBB/BOW Friendly Tavern is located.

Thank you,
Jack Daniels II
Grandmaster Bowyer/Smith -Atlantic
Guildmaster Britannia Order of Woodcrafters

Aye, and thank you for the news.
Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 6:11 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Why does that Moonstone Shift Colors ?
As many of you already found out, there's a mysterious new object in the game: A Trammel Moonstone. "Using" it does not work (yet) and simply clicking on it can make it shift color sometimes. To find out all there currently is to know about this new stone, have a look at our Moonstone Page.
Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 6:06 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

Announcing the Atlantic Faction of the THB!
Exciting news, as the Atlantic Faction of the Treasure Hunters of Britainia makes its debut!

Hail Fellow Britannians, I, the Trustworthy Leo Lightfoot, am proud to announce that the Atlantic Faction of the Treasure Hunters of Britannia (THB) has formed! Instrumental in this new beginning are Lanthis, who donated the guild abbreviation, and Cymoril, who donated the guildstone and the use of his Tavern. The Dragon's Tooth Tavern (reviewed here) is lo cated North East of Minoc, and will be the new home for the Atlantic THB.

The THB is a multi-shard professional guild dedicated to unifying treasure hunters across the land, as well as providing a reliable and trustworthy source of skilled treasure hunters for adventurers who desire such services.

I would like to note three significant points concerning the Treasure Hunters of Britannia.

  • First, since we are a professional guild, one must be a treasure hunter to join (i.e. You must decode maps, dig up chests, and pick locks.)
  • Second, any skill level is welcome as long as your profession is a treasure hunter.
  • Third, even if you are currently in a guild, you may still join the THB. By joining the THB, you will be listed in our membership roster (and thus deemed trustworthy), though you may choose whether or not to join our stone.

I strongly encourage anyone who is a treasure hunter to explore the Treasure Hunters of Britannia website, since it contains useful tips and tricks regarding treasure hunting. If the THB seems right for you (if you want the reputation benefit or more business), I also encourage you to fill out an application to join.

I look forward to the day when every trustworthy treasure hunter on Atlantic is a member of the Treasure Hunters of Britannia. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via ICQ at 35845618.

In service to the virtues,

Leo Lightfoot
Treasure Hunter Extraordinare
Atlantic Shardmaster of the Treasure Hunters of Britannia

P.S. Keep watching for the announcement of our first event which is coming soon!

Good luck in your endeavor friend, please keep us posted on any upcoming events!

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 5:58 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Scoop inside: New UO2 Action Figure
This package was dropped on our doorstep:
The recent pics of UO2 action figures caused me some concern. While I would like to have a Lord Blackthorne figure, I don't need another Locutus of Borg, as McFarlane Toys seems to believe. So, in an effort to be part of the solution instead of the problem, I've designed my own action figure of my favorite Ultima Online character, and how I think he should look. Please see attachment and enjoy!

Eliga Tibbar
Justice Lord, Moonglow Defenders of Justice

It's good to see so many talent exists, now all we need to do is channel it in the right direction.
Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 5:39 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CandidCoverage)

The Green Orc is Looking for Keeonean
Here is some more insight on the green orc and what may be going on in Yew and Blackcomb with Keeonean.

The most recent attack was the greatest yet, and the most revealing to date! At first, the attack went like any Keeonean has lead so far. Orc upon orc, climbing over eachother rabidly to strike us down. My blade was fed fast by their wound-dew, and the orcs were soon about our feed in bloody piles. Of course, I noticed that my companions were much like the Orcs, climbing over each other to slay Keenonean, who appeared and dissapeared throughout the battle.

One strange occurance took place..

An orc, oddly dressed in green, come stomping towards the bank wing of Empath Abby with a contingent of Orcs. The battle was quick, and his Orcs were slain. What was truly odd, though, was that the Green Orc was yelling "You cannot hide Keeonean from me!" And "I'll be back!"

Hint? I believe so. It looks as if the Orcs have a few grievences with Keeonean of their own to settle. In fact, this sounds like a civil war within the monster tribes..Who knows?

-Eryk Gunnarsson

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 5:02 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

Moonglow Town Council to Hold First Meeting Saturday Eve
On this Saturday, February 26th, at 9:00 p.m. [EST]scholars, mages, wizards, sages, and warriors alike, will join bonds to create a Moonglow Town Council of Honesty. Brave and holy men whom love with all their hearts the city and the sparkling bastion of Truth and the mystic magicks that is Moonglow, are invited to attend the most joyous birth of its Council. This new body politic will see to the betterment and enrichment of the island as a whole, and will battle the ominous forces of darkness, which now threaten to overwhelm our lands. The time is now, for unification and to strengthen our community. Let us come together as one of mind and spirit, and reach out with all the powers we can muster, to create a realm for our future, and our children's future.

The First meeting of the Moonglow Town Council of Honesty will take place in the [NPC] House south of Encyclopedia Magicka in Moonglow. All citizens of Moonglow are welcome to attend, and there will be refreshments and a moderate social afterwards. We look forward to a new era of Virtue in the realm.

The Moonglow Town Council webtome can be found at the following address.


Your Humble Servant,
Thankye, GreyPawn, and good luck with the Council
Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 4:36 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Timewarp in OSI quest?
Got this letter from a dear friend:


I am Mythradin, a long time Ultima fan. Though current quest is both interresting and full of action, it's still leave me confused:

According to the current quest, Minax has just come to the world after the Stranger(the future Avatar) from another world who killed her lover Mondain. Though, during that time, Britannia didnt exist. It was Sosaria, consisiting of many different lands....

We are supposed to be in the time after Ultima3, when Lord British unites Sosaria into the lands of Britannia and before the time the Avatar actualy becomes 'The Avatar'. But because of the presence of Lord Blackthorn(who isnt seen till Ultima5) and Minax(Ultima2) it really messes up the whole Ultima timeline.

What do other people think of this Quest? Am i just being too caught up in details?*Smiles*
Though, OSI (or whoever thought out this quest) could have thought out the facts properly and made a better storyline?


I never really notice that!*Grins*
Thank ye!

Yours truly,

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 2:33 AM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

Town Cryer: A Warning
This was found in the Town Cryer:
As told to Clayton Trembell
BNN: Britannia

I had walked to the Trinsic gates that night. As a young, well trained warrior, I felt prepared for anything the undead armies of Juo'nar could throw at us. No, of course, I wasn't alone. I might only be as yet an inexperienced warrior, but I'm only idiot enough to go to Trinsic... not to go alone. I could see my own nervousness echoed in the fidgeting of my comrades, but when any of our eyes met, we smiled bravely. Roland, the most experienced of us, took a deep breath and then began climbing over the barricade.

I moved to follow, when suddenly the silence of the night was blasted by a shrill roar. In the distance, I saw a flash of light, but it quickly disappeared. Roland by this time was on the other side of the barricade... alone. He turned and beckoned to us to follow, and then looked on in puzzlement as we began edging backwards. Despite the overriding desire to turn and flee, I somehow found control of my arm, lifted it and pointed behind Roland. And began to whimper. Roland, sensing the fear in my stance and manner, blinked his eyes and then turned around in one sudden movement. I stood terrified, afraid to move forward but somehow resisting the urge to run away in panic and leave my friend. All of our other companions had fled.

A large dark shape ducked down under the sandstone arch at the entrance of the town and bent down towards Roland. Puffs of flame escaped the sides of the dragon's mouth as it slid nearer to Roland... stopping barely a foot away from him. From just behind the massive beast, I heard soft laughter. Nothing menacing... almost inviting. From out of the shadow of the dragon strolled a woman. She was dressed in a revealing black leather outfit that contrasted harshly with her pale skin. The staff she carried shimmered a faint but resilient blue. She whipped her raven black hair playfully and then stroked the dragon's head between the two great piercing eyes that remained locked on Roland.

The woman turned to Roland and said, “Dost thou know who I am?” Roland didn't move a muscle or dare reply, though I did notice a puddle down by his feet that had not been there before. The woman noticed it as well and laughed harmoniously. “I supposed ye do.”

She glanced at me and then back at Roland. “I'd like the two of ye to do me a favor... thou would both be willing to do me a favor, wouldn’t ye?” she asked. I couldn't speak for Roland at this point, but I was certain that any attempt I made at a reply would result in total panic followed quickly by an abbreviated effort at escape and the kind of heat only freshly smithed swords ever know.

“Good,” she continued, not really expecting a reply, “I want ye to bring a message from me to everyone ye meet. Tell them the story of how we met. But more importantly, I want ye to tell them the fate of those who try to bring dragons, or any enslaved animal for that matter, into Minax's realm.” She closed with a dark chuckle that was spared the burden of any humor.

At that the dragon raised his head. Roland uttered a feeble cry and collapsed in a motionless heap. The dragon ignored Roland, lifted its head over the barricade, and spit something dark toward me. It landed with a crispy squish and lay before me on the ground twitching.

One of the former tamer's hands appeared to have merged with the scorched wood of what was probably once a very nice shepherd's crook. He convulsed on the ground. I could almost hear him screaming soundlessly when one eye fluttered open painfully and stared directly at me. He seemed to be begging for death. Minax watched him in amusement, then her deep, soulless eyes met mine and she said forebodingly, "Oh yes, he'll live on for quite some time yet in exquisite agony. Make sure not to leave out that delicious little detail when ye recount the deeds of this night.” She chuckled again, and I could feel any thoughts of manhood draining from my body and fleeing into the black sky.

“Farewell, my puppets, I'm sure we'll meet again.” And with that she and the dragon turned and left.

I sit in the bars of Britain each night retelling this tale. It's dark outside now. I order another ale and wait for the sun to arise. I recently vowed never again to set foot into a dark night. The only thing I fear more than that night is the thought that Minax would actually come after me for not doing so. The smell of leather fills my nostrils, and my ale slips from my hand as I begin to panic. I prepare to leap over the bar and hide beneath it when I notice that it is only a warrior wearing armor made of leather. Still shaking, I stand with my hands on the bar trying to slow my breathing back to normal. Then I go over to where the warrior is sitting and a surreal calm say, “I had walked to the Trinsic gates that night...”

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 2:21 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

Town Cryer: Visions of the Black Temple
This was found in the Town Cryer:
Orrin Frye

Woe is the day that I fancied myself a hero - able to creep stealthily past enemy lines in hopes of spying some crucial bit of information that might turn the tide of battle to our camp. I thought myself a great warrior, full of bravery, confidence - the champion of our cause. I thought that if I could only prove myself here, in our darkest hour, that all vistas might be open to me – that my superiors might see I had what it took to command.

Now the horrors I have seen...that unwholesome monument to evil. I cannot help but laugh at my own foolhardiness, that I believed I could best any dreadful beast I might find within the city walls – but e’en that laugh comes out as a foul, choking cackle now.

Indeed, I did manage to skulk within the walls of Trinsic for a time, prowling from one darkened alley to the next, my every sense alert for the shuffling footsteps of the undead patrols - or the stench that inevitably follows. I evaded three or four of the foul groups before reaching the interior of the city, to look up at the dark, noxious edifice.

That it towered o’er a building that was once the heart of all decent gatherings within the city only made the black monument all the more vile. An immense structure, its gloomy walls appeared to the eye to be ancient blocks of stone, crumbling and near to collapse. If it were not for the sense of incredible power that the structure itself seemed to emanate, I would have thought it more of a primeval ruin than a tower so recently constructed.

I saw the undead legions pass their fetid, rotting hands over the surface of the shadow stone - seeming to complete some last act that would bring forth a terrible, potent magic from within the structure. For indeed, as the foul beasts finished with their abhorrent ritual, the stone seemed to come to life, much like the assembled undead had done before. A swirling cloud of noxious gas began to emanate from the summit of the temple, infused with great arcs of lightning energy. After mere moments the combined effect of the crashing noise and the foul stench originating from the black shrine were almost too much to bear. Would that I had stumbled away then, under the power of the assault. But nay, I stood forth even then, resolute that my reconnaissance would be complete.

And then she stepped forth. It could be none other than Minax herself – her every feature had been burned into memory from the few descriptions from the front. And yet, as she stepped from within the black monument, fully into the light, I saw more daemon than woman. The thunderous cacophony of sound and stench coupled with her wild-eyed expression, her teeth bared in a snarl like a rabid dog would make, it seemed to hold me in place. Though every sinew in my body screamed to be put into action, I stood and stared, watching as she gazed out over the assembled horde of undead, raising her hands high into the air.

Her feral snarl turned into a smile so cold and malevolent it seemed even her skeletal warriors were taken aback by the display. Then she turned to me, as if she could feel the presence of a living being out across the square, lowering one arm and pointing across the distance between us. If that were not enough to raise me to my feet and begin my mad dash throughout the streets of Trinsic, the sight behind her drove my body into action while my mind reeled in the black space of madness.

I must have run through the streets for hours. Whether headed for Nystul’s blessed gate by some twisted trail all along, or merely fortunate in my lunacy to stumble upon it, I awoke today to the cry of seagulls and the sharp tang of salt air.

The Britain docks had never felt so safe, had never seemed so glorious as they did today.

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 2:16 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

Trade Caravan Delivers Supplies for Mage Conference
I got this from Caravan Leader, Videric Gaveston:

Hail to thee,

The Trade Caravan will be leading people from Yew to Moonglow Magician Conference on the 27th of February. We will leave at 18.30 (CET) from the Yew Healers at town centre and arrive at Moonglow before 20.00 (CET). If thee wish to take part, come to the Yew healers before 18.30 (CET). From Yew we will travel to Vesper where we will be transported by a very powerful moongate to Moonglow.

Videric Gaveston

Merchant and Leader of The Caravan

The tales of a Traveller

Thanks for the information, Videric!

Yours truly,

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 2:14 AM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

Town Cryer: Sir Geoffrey Captures Orc Prisoner!
This was found in the Town Cryer:
BNN: Yew

It was reported today that Sir Geoffrey, ordered by Lord British to capture a prisoner for questioning, has done just that.

The able knight, in the company of Lord Iolo and several retainers, made a daring raid on an Orc encampment not far from Yew late last night. After dispatching the sentries, they disrupted the camp, snatched a sleeping Orc from his bedroll and made haste out of the area. They were pursued for several hours by elements of the Orc raiding party, but managed to escape into the darkness after two running battles in the murky woods.

Sir Geoffrey has escorted the prisoner to Yew, where it will be questioned by the Druid, Selzanhik. It is also rumored that Lord British himself will travel from Britain to Yew to be present during the questioning.

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 2:10 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

Town Cryer: Rude Awakening in Trinsic
This was found in the Town Cryer:
Vinen the Warrior
UP: Britannia

The battle of Trinsic had raged for days, and now the city was held in the grip of Juo’nar and his undead legions. Having fought my for my life, I was bested by a lich upon the wall at the West Gate. The last thing I remember was that cruel laugh then darkness. Much to my surprise I awoke minutes later. It seems that my life was not taken but that I simply had been knocked unconscious. I slowly opened my eyes, only to realize that maybe death would have been kinder. Looming over my right side, was the Malabelle conversing with one of her lesser minions. “I now control this city. Trinsic is mine!”, she boasted. Terrified for my life I lay still as can be. As the last note of Malabelle’s proclamation to her underling rang in my head, a flash of light appeared on my left side. Slowly a form can into vision. A beautiful woman stood upon the walls. I eyed here a bit closer. She was dressed in a revealing black leather outfit with long raven colored locks flowing down here back. In her hand she held a black staff that pulsed with a blue energy that seem to scream evil. Her eyes were cold and black as she stared at Malabelle,

“Allow me to correct you my dear. I now control this city. Trinsic is mine.”, she said in a commanding tone that made Malabelle appear to flinch. “Yes milady Minax, the city belongs to you.”, she said and quickly vanished into thin air. Minax grinned and gave a small laugh before turning her attention upon the fighting in the street below. With out a word she raised her staff in the air and then it happened. I could not believe my eyes. I have been a warrior in this land for many years and never have I seen such power. I could feel the energy building around her as she slowly continued, wordlessly, to raise her staff. Lighting rained out of the sky striking all the warriors below. I was blinded by the display for brief moment. When my vision recovered I could see that not a single man or woman on the street below was alive. The zombies had already begun to ingest the newly dead. Minax smiled, as if this murder had given her joy, and the disappeared.

I dare say I thank the virtues that I still live to tell this tale. I believe it will be a long time before I return to Trinsic.

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2000, 2:06 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

Lord Rogers Married Lady Cora Last Friday
Last Friday, I had the great pleasure to assist to the wedding of Lord Rogers and Lady Red Cora.

After a long week of travel back from Vesper where I had assisted to a very interesting horse race, I only stepped into the TownCryer General Office to hear the local manager shout at me:

"Lord Rogers and Lady Cora marry today and you come back that late ??? No time for Holidays, some Council members are offering magic Travel to the Wedding Hall !!! You've got five minutes to change your dress !!! Do you think nobles would accept such a tramp at their wedding ?"

Sigh. Well, after a short time at the local Inn, a quick glance in the mirror to see that the official reporter clothes still look bad when they're clean, and there I was, in front of the bank, stepping into a blue moongate, and finally arriving just on time at the wedding.

The Wedding Hall was in fact a castle, its entrance paved with roses, and crowded with tons of guests, all looking magnificent in bright and shiny clothes... Well, not all of them, some green-haired man stood in the back of the audience, clad in a dark grey robe... At least one looked human in that noble assembly. I sat near to him so that no one would look at my dress, only to realize that he was in fact a Lord too... damn.

Well, anyway, just before the wedding occured, a group of mysterious yet powerful-looking robed people entered the room. All the guests seemed quite impressed by they entrance, and I managed to hear that they were close Councillors of our Liege Lord British.

In their ranks I counted His Highness GM Darkness, the Shard Lead Councillor Olojin ni Ayah, Senior Councillor Raven and his friend Senior Companion Conan, as well as four other blue-robed Councillors whose names I must say I couldn't catch due to the crowd.

The wedding itself was very impressive : the bride enlightened the whole building by her presence. After some speeches I must say I couldn't hear due to my presence at the very last row of the Wedding Hall, Lord Rogers and Lady Cora were declared Husband and Wife under the protection of our Liege Lord British. After this, a great party took place on the first floor, where Lord Darius taught me how to play the Harp. He also proposed me the services of an artist he knew, who painted the scenes produced in this article.

Long after all the Guests were gone, your humble servant was still there, trying to raise her little ability to play the standing Harp while some people were already cleaning the place... This is the way it goes when you live to bring news to the good people of Britannia.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 11:17 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

Team Championships of Lake Superior
We received the following:
TONIGHT: February 25th, 2000

Entry Fee:
10k Per team!

Tournament Rules:

  • No Magic Weapons, Armor or Clothes
  • No Poisoned Weapons
  • No Looting

Tourament Prizes (based on projected entry of 16 two-man teams)

  • First prize will receive 80k!
  • Second will receive 40k!
  • Third will receive 20k!

Be ready to fight 5 matches!

Click here for additional details.

The first 16 teams to sign up are in! Register with Deacon Frost via ICQ at 1922257.

Rossi Rapacious
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 10:56 PM EST by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

The Apocalypse--Battle of Champions
We received this announcement:

The Apocalypse: Exodus

The wind begins to pick up its pace and the clouds above begins to form. It was a starless night. A night that slowly became colder.

Darker it became and the mist begins to cover the ground. Any sound that used to be, ceased. The living felt the power and a tremor runs their spines. From a distance a pack of wolves begins to howl. It was time. The Apocalypse has begun...

...The mist parted to leave a small circular land clear. A line of light upon it began to move to form a pentagram. From the mist two warriors stepped forth, one on each end facing each other. The first dressed in golden plates, a broadsword against its hip; a golden shield attached to his left arm. The second dressed in shadow plates, a broadsword against its hip like the other, a shadow shield attached to his left arm. Both looked the same yet different. Their purpose unknown to but a few.

The Apocalypse. A secret duel. A sacred duel. Champions and Heroes alike. All the best of the best. Good or Evil does not exist. Each representing something and each must face another. And as the world turns, each balance the others.

As the two faced each other, a third person appeared. "I am the guardian of the Apocalypse. Are you both ready?" its asked the two. A simple nod from each of the warriors and the person continued "Let your will and your strength be true. You may begin." the person slowly faded back into the mist and disappeared.

Unsheathing its sword the golden warrior points it toward the shadow warrior. "I am Lord Gallaway of the Revolution. Knight of the Apocalypse. My power is unmatched. No one can defeat me. I challenge you!" the golden warrior finished and saluted his opponent.

Studying the golden warrior, the shadow warrior slowly unsheathed its sword and pointed it towards the golden warrior. "I am Lady Liana of the Conclave. Lady of the Apocalypse. My power is absolute. I accept your challenge!" the musical voice of the shadow warrior finished and saluted his opponent.

Both took to their battle stance and the duel began. Time itself seemed to have stopped as the two fought. The ringing as their swords met echoed throughout the land. And so it has began...

Are you ready?



The Apocalypse has begun. Each champion must represent a guild. Each guild is allowed 2 champions. The challenges and matches shall be sent out a week from now. The first battle of champions shall begin March 11.

The Rules of The Apocalypse shall be as follows:

***Fight Rules***

1) NO Magic equipment including armor, weapons, items, or clothing.

2) NO Pets of any kind including summoned ones even if done during the fight.

3) NO Reporting for murder counts.

4) You may use any means of healing, and you may carry any amount of reagents or potions. The simple fact is staying alive is as much a talent as killing, so the limits of supplies will be left to the capacity of the player.

5) With the new balance on skills, mages may use any weapon and warriors may use magery. Again, simple fact is it all comes down to tactics.

6) Poisoning weapons prior or during is allowed, if you have the skill or don’t, you may use poisoned weapons.


Victory is simple: you win if your opponent dies. But there are some rules...

1) If you violate any of the above rules, you will lose by forfeit.

2) If you LC that constitutes a win for the other person (period).

3) If you flee the fight by running out of the agreed area of the fight, recall or gate out, then you lose the fight.

4) If someone enters the fight, the fight must be redone.

5) If you kill both yourself and your opponent with one area-effect such as EV or Chain Lightning spell, you lose.

6) There is NO LOOTING of the loser, sorry but this is a mature ladder, if you wish to get loot, go PK in Deceit.

7) If you run out of equipment such as reagents, the fight continues until someone dies.

8) You may yield to your opponent at anytime, however, if they wish to continue to kill you, then take your death or flee.

NOTE: Rules may be changed, as necessary should the need arise and all champions and their Lord/Lady shall be notified of any changes.

If your guild wishes to participate, please have it choose its champions (2). You may register your guild and its champions by contacting the guardian of The Apocalypse.

--Lord Vincent Storm - Crimson Alliance [CA]
--Guardian of The Apocalypse
--ICQ @ 19510179

Thank you and good luck to all the champions.
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 8:05 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Vesper Channel Bet Race Tonight
We received this notice:

The Vesper Channel Bet

After the Red Skull Buccaneer Cup the pirates Arioch and Hawkeye Pike had a quarrel, because both claimed to be the best captains of Britannia. On Friday, February 25th at 7 pm EST a boat race between Arioch and Hawkeye Pike will take place, to determine who had the best nautical skills. Each one has to sail a specific course through the Vesper channels to Minoc. The winner will be, who sails this route in the shortest amount of time.

To make this event more interesting to the public, everyone can place bets at any height whatever. All the gold will have to be paid in advance, until at least one hour before the race starts, and it will be put into a secure container. There will be a list of how much everybody has paid. The money will then be split up between the winners (those who had placed a bet on the captain who wins the race), and their share will depend on how much money they have put in. To place your bet, please hand out your gold to the Pirates in the Red Skull Bay (link to the map see below), who will store it away and write down your name in a book. To claim your prize you have to come to the Jolly Roger Inn after the race, otherwise you will lose your money. Please come to the race, to spur on and encourage the participants of the race along the course!

Here you will find a map of the Vesper Channel Bet, and to a map of the Red Skull Bay: United Pirates

Thank you and good luck to the contenders--and the betters!
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 7:55 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

Dargoth appeals for defenders
This world is a hive of activity and creativity. I have received news of another city:

Hail Travellers.

We opened our small town Dargoth two weeks ago, and it's always invaded by monsters raids. That's why we need strong warriors who will be recruited to guard Dargoth area from monsters or murderers.

If you interested feel free to find out more about us.

The town is under Lords of the Red Sector (RSi) control. You can write to our mayor, also GM of RSi, for any questions...

Farewell and be safe,

Thank you for writing. At some point in the future we hope to produce some sort of guide to the towns and institutions in Sosaria. We know many of them, but if you run a town, tavern, cafe or whatever, please get in touch . . .

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 3:27 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Spiritwood Tavern meet market
The next Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market will be on saturday the 26th of February. As tradition has it, this one will also start at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt). Of course everyone is invited again!

A few words about the Meet Market itself: Anyone from the crowd can take the stage and tell something about him or herself. He or she then offers an hour of fun. This can range from a date to lessons in being a good guildmaster. From magery training to a dungeon trip. Or from catering a picknick to being best man at a wedding. As long as it lasts one hour (or longer or shorter if agreed upon). The buyer and seller set a date for this during the next two weeks (before the next Meat Market).

From then on the crowd may bid on this person while he or she advertises him or herself. Bids can go from 500 gold to 10.000 gold pieces or even more! Half of the gold will go to the tavern and the rest is for the seller. The tavern will use this gold for other events. And the gold should be paid after the Market is over (or at least in the week that follows). So if you would like to meet people, if you are in need of a good tailor or an alchemist or if you would like to show your partner how much you love him or her, come to the Spiritwood Tavern this saturday. Drinks and food will be free as always.

You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or write to me. I hope to see you all there! :-)

The Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

Many thanks Fenris!

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 3:12 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

First Britannia mage conference
I just got this from Yoldran, Mayor of Moonglow:

This is a reminder for the first Britannia mage conference on sunday, february 27th, 20:00cet in the Lycaeum of Moonglow.

Planned events are still:

  • A come-together party.
  • Talks followed by plenary discussion.
  • A moderated debate.
  • A „best talk award“ elected by the audience.
Beside the conference, ye might be interested to visit the new decorated Lycaeum.

More in formation about the conference can be found under "projects" at

I hope to see you all on sunday,

I wish you luck.

Yours truly,

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 2:11 PM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

The Siege of Cove and the Formation of the Cove Town Council

The Invasions of the city of Cove grows more intense as Gazers appear within the city itself to reign terror and misery to the inhabitants of this normally quiet coastal town. Gazers of various strengths and powers have been seen in the city razing crops, killing human inhabitants, and simply terrorizing the populace. Many heroes from several guilds, including TTC, CAD, OGD, and HCD have come to the aid of the city, driving off the hordes; however, this is proving more difficult then most would like to admit.

This is because of the Gazer fiend and the assumed henchmen of his gazer army. One in particular that I myself got a little TOO close to was a gazer named Kaltor, who quickly ripped my spirit from my body with a series of powerful spells. These gazer elders are extremely fast and agile, and use "hit-and-run" maneuvers to draw the human defenders into an ambush either on the docks on out by the guard house on the north peninsula.

The resulting attacks have had a positive effect on the now bustling town. A new town council, formed from the former Paladin of Trinsic, Gurney, has arisen to prominence over the past few weeks, with the local Cove merchant's guild (CMG) led by lady Heather at his side. The Town council is still in its infancy, but with the growing attacks, has built several allies among the other guilds and town councils elsewhere.

As for the attacks, Lady Heather commented that the Gazer fiend will pay for his insolence, and assures that Cove will not fall to the attack. Gurney was not available for comment at this time but is expected to make a statement soon in regards to the CTC's plan of defending the city.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 1:44 PM EST by Red William (GreatLakes)

The Tome of the Gold one: From Heather of Cove
I put pen to scroll this day to send to you an important break in the news of the town attacks happening all over our fair lands. At long last, the gods have heard our prayers and sent us a clue, and with it, hope that we may yet free our homeland from the evil of Minax, Malabelle, Juo'nar, Gazer Fiend, Keeonean, and the rest. The first of Eight, Gold Tomes of Virtue was recovered from the body of Dark Lizardlord Ssissithisss, after he was dispatched last night in front of the Golden Dragon Tavern. The complete tale of the books recovery can be read in the Cove Merchant's Guild News Here is the script of the book, in whole:

Gold tomes of the Virtues, Fragment 1
by Truth's Hand

As given to the Gold One, upon the shores of the ancient sea of Llandaris, long before the fall of the evil Mondain. This the first of the eight, speaks of the heart that bleeds willingly...
Of Sacrifice.

Palm up the hand curlse slightly
As the lantern flickers shadow
Upon the dim walls
I am for you...
All that lives and breathes
Leads, follows, stands

When you call I will take the sword of self
and cut the shadows that curse you
Or fall between us
At your word

For what is right...I bend as the willow
For what is right...I stand as the oak
For what is blood will stain the earth
of oak and willow falling willingly to its embrace.

(scrawled below, almost illegible are the words)
Nevrr agin sshhal tha booksss be one, th dark oness have thym nau an fowr ayl tim. Vuaru ssshhall fal.
Darke Lzrdlord, Ssissithisss

Copies of the book can be read at the Temple to the Gold One and the Golden Dragon Tavern at Dragon's Bay, as well as the CMG Blacksmith shop at Cove. Red William has called another meeting to discuss a course of action, this Friday night at 6pm pst (8pm cst) at the Golden Dragon Tavern. All those who follow the path of the Virtues are encouraged to attend.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 12:53 PM EST by Red William (GreatLakes)

Goodman's Rune Library Announces Winners !
Here are the winners of Goodman's Rune Library's Valentines Day Treasure Hunt Contest.

After a week full of adventure and treasures, the contestants in Goodman's Rune Library's Valentine Day Treasure Hunt Contest turned in the last of their completed treasure maps and runes marked to the chest locations. All participants were given a set of treasure maps to begin the competition and were expected to use their loot from that first set of treasure chests to help acquire additional maps to continue the contest. On Sunday, February 20, at 2:00 PM EST, all maps were completed and submitted for judging.

At stake was a bountiful treasure of prizes for the winners. (see First place in Category 1 was to be the recipient of a Substantial Accurate Katana of Vanquishing donated by Evangel's Magic Weapon Shop along with some other special prizes. The prizes for Category 2 and 3 were also quite attractive.

The leading team for Category 1 was lead by Leo Lightfoot, Shardmaster for the Treasure Hunters of Britannia Guild. Fitting that this guildmaster would take the top prize in this important category. Second place in Category 1 and first place in Category 2 was won by the team lead by Lucki. Second place in Category 2 was won by Solitaire's team. Category 3 was for treasure hunters below a certain level of skill points, and it was won handily by Fire-sword and his team. All of the winners and screen shots of the awarding of prizes can be seen at

Goodman's Rune Library now has the most complete collection of Treasure maps and runes in the Atlantic Shard. All 200 known treasure maps and their recall runes are on display at the rune library in Magincia.See the website for directions A special treasure map finder is available to assist in locating the exact rune for any treasure map being sought at

Goodman plans to reorganize all of the runes and maps on display in order to group these by location in the near future. This was not possible early in the library's existence because all of the maps were not available in the library. Within one week the reorganization will be completed. Future contests are planned and will be announced on the web pages.

Results of the Rune Quest Contest will be released to the public early next week.

Thank you for the news friends, and congratulations to the winners!
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 10:52 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

An Audience in the Crypts
We received the following update from Dove:

As I had made known earlier, I did set out with a small group of friends for the crypts. Our goal was to learn more about Ghaleon's plans for our fair town. I think we were successful. Before the account, though, a word of thanks to the Knights of Yew and several individuals who accompanied me there, risking their lives for my safety and this cause, should our "host" have proven less hospitable than he was. Thanks must rightly go also to Ghaleon, for allowing such a meeting to take place when he certainly could have done otherwise.

Here now is an innumerated summary of the conversation between he and I as the Knights and others with me stood by, as likewise did an equal gathering of Ghaleon's acquaintances (a smattering of the evil groups about Yew...his forementioned alliance).

  1. We learned that Ghaleon's plans have not changed from the earlier years when he was first active in Yew and then called the Necromancer. He seeks knowledge as a means to gain total power. To those who oppose him, he promises total destruction. Yew, as he put it, is only conveniently in the way of that goal. What he is searching for is unclear.
  2. He stated that he had in some way offered compromise in the past, but that the folk of Yew turned a deaf ear or retaliated with force. That his idea of compromise was seen as unacceptable to those who had been offered it, I do not doubt. He likewise states that he warned us that attacking him would only result in greater suffering and make him stronger. Again, however, that any other course but assult seemed reasonable to innocent folk being threatened seems unlikely.
  3. He disclosed that the Arch Lich viewed the night before was simply a manifestation of his power. Further, that the souls of the fallen defenders of Yew fed his infamous Well of Souls, thus making the Arch Lich more powerful, and Ghaleon more so in turn. Thus, if he is to be believed, this lich is more a pawn than his master. Unfortunately, during the course of the discussion where our voices often trailed off to the lofty ceiling making it difficult to hear the other at times, I still could not determine who this Ventryn is.
  4. Along the lines of #3, he even called the undead that protected him the other evening mindless servants. It seems he has no real care for his own minions. Being a necromancer, he is obsessed with the study of death, but no doubt views the denizens of death as objects of study or tools to be used and manipulated. I should wonder how those undead with a mind view him?
    Likewise, early in the meeting when Necropolis was mentioned, he scoffed at the Crimsons therein. Yet later, he pointed out the evil groups that stood with him, naming the Crimsons among them. It might well be that his seeming allies might find themselves as little cared for as his undead pawns after they have served his purpose.
  5. When Keeonean and Minax were mentioned, he seemed to have little care for them as well. He spoke of them as if they were entertaining distractions to his enemies, but certainly not close allies...that Minax had plans for certain cities, but that this was little concern to him. Of course, the fact that Keeonean still attempts to take Yew, and that Ghaleon has threatened to do so as well, seems inconsistant with this lack of concern for capturing towns.
  6. When I put to him the question of those who would not join him but did not oppose him, he seemed lost for an answer. For people like myself, who do not judge others for their beliefs, and thus posed him no threat, he seemed unsure as to how we fit into his plan and defered us to his other alliance members...that it would be to them as a group to decide our fate.
Having conversed for nearly half an hour, we did decide that our welcome was wearing thin, and with a courteous closing, we made back to the Yew Market.

As with the threat of the Mistress and this mystery of the Phantom Horseman, it seems we have some reasearch to do. I would suggest that we must determine what it is that Ghaleon seeks, what knowledge besides the general knowledge of his craft, that he is attempting to obtain.

Likewise, in that this Phantom, Xenthyl as some have called him, did prophesy the swarming of undead at the crypt two nights ago, I suggest we attempt to find and speak with him. It is said that he also seeks something...some have suggested a weapon...others that he seeks a means of escaping a possible bondage. In such dark days, we could certainly use as many apparently omniscient allies as we can get.

Dove the Healer of Yew

Thanks Dove!
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 10:50 AM EST by Ima Supa (Catskills)

The Ashes of Eden
Here is a tale as told by the Scribe of Unter Brae.

The evening musk saturated the air with evergreen as two sages were speaking of the Awakening outside the Fitzowen Hall of the Arts. The winds began to pick up, and a shriek of animosity bellowed. The two sages curiously turned their ear in the direction of the large, empty house that lay south of the Inn of Your Dreams. For the past several months, sounds from that house began to grow in intensity and in frequency. For the first time, the sounds had some coherency.

The Sage of Valor covered his ears and exclaimed, “What is that forsaken racket!?!”

The Sage of Spirituality replied, “It is he who haunts the abandoned house. Only this time, there is fluidity in his moaning. Let’s go investigate.”

As a precaution, the Sage of Valor, JackDeth, wielded his sword as the two men approached the decaying house that sits in front of the Inn of Your Dreams. It serves as a painful reminder of the dark times in Unter Brae when Navrip Freemech and his dark minions destroyed the city. Very few people have frequented the place as tales of its haunting spread throughout the land, and kept people away. The Sage of Spirituality used a little extra effort to force open the door. The hinges squeaked loudly as evidenced by the rust and mildew within. A rush of malodorous air swept out of the house, and the two men let out an uncomfortable cough.

“There it is! The apparition appears before us!”

“Halt Jack! Let us speak with it!” The Sage of Spirituality, Inia Geoffrensis, prevented JackDeth from lunging at the spirit.

"Ahm. Ahm. Ahm," droned the ghost.

“Interesting. The spirit speaks of the mantra of Honesty. He must have lost his way on the way to the Shrine of Honesty.” JackDeth holstered his weapon and replied to Inia, “Perhaps. Ask what the ghost wants.”

As Inia turned to the spirit, it spoke again, “Mu. Mu. Mu.”

“Ra. Beh. Summ. Cah. Om. Lum. Why hast thou forgotten me, my child? Why? Dost thou not remember me? Why?” The spirit’s cries grew louder and louder.

“I know of thee, spirit?” The apparition turned, and in the blink of an eye, appeared right in front of Inia. JackDeth wielded his sword once again, and began to lunge.

Inia gave the spirit a long, hard look, and exclaimed, “Wait Jack. I know of this spirit. How could I have forgotten thee? I have forgotten the man who saved my life in the battle of Unter Brae!” Inia fell to his knees and begged the spirit for forgiveness. “I am sorry, milord, for I have failed to honor thy memory.” The spirit smiled at Inia and said, “Now thou hast remembered me, thou canst honor me and release me by rebuilding paradise here in Unter Brae.” Inia and JackDeth both curiously looked at the spirit as it was speaking. Before both Sages’ eyes, eight roses appeared on the decaying hardwood floor. Each rose was named after each virtue. The spirit continued on, “Destroy this house as it harbors painful memories of a distant past. Rebuild paradise!”

“How shall I rebuild paradise, milord?”

“Use the fertile soil, mother nature’s womb! Ask for a garden symbolic to the eight virtues!”

“Whom shall I ask, milord?”

“Speak to the citizens of Britannia, and thou shalt be heard!”

“Thank you, milord. I shall release thy spirit by rebuilding paradise for thee.”

The spirit nodded, and vanished into the evening air. “Who was the apparition that demanded Eden be restored here in Unter Brae,” JackDeth asked Inia.

With a heavy sigh, Inia coldly stared into JackDeth’s eyes and exhaled, “He was my father.”

A very interesting tale from the city of Unter Brae. I look forward to seeing where this leads.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 10:44 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

The Rescue of Cyan
Here friends is a heartfelt telling of the rescue of Cyan.

Blowing the tattered wisps of fog away, the cold wind off the ocean ruffled the banners of the assembled host. Mounted knights, their armor shining in the sun, shift uneasily as they here the constant drumming coming from behind the palisades of the Orc Fort. Grim faced Pyros of the Yew Militia advances towards the guard towers, hoping to avert war with one last appeal to the Orcs.

As he approached the Orc positions, he spied Grishnak, the Orc Chieftain, marshaling his defences. Calling out to him, Pyros demands he be heard in his appeal for peace.

“Once last time, Grishnak,” he calls. “Return Cyan or face our wrath!” Grishnak looks over his assembled forces, turn to Pyros, and laught. “Very well,” Pyros replied. “You have brought this upon yourself!” “Ju nub tak da dert thieb Humie! Ju nebbah see dat Humie agun,” Grishnak jeered, then shouting the Orc war cry , he leaps at Pyros, scimitar swinging. The assembled hosts of Militia and Knights surged forward, as the Orc horde descended upon Pyros. Lances leveled, the Knights charge the milling Orcs and drive them from the field, forcing their retreat within the walls of the Fort. Pyros, unseated from his horse and dazed from the blow across his head, refuses to leave the field of battle. Surveying the scattered Orc bodies lying on the ground, he realizes that far too many escaped the charge.

“This is going to be hard going, “ he says, conferring with SunWolf, Captain of the Militia, and Dragor, Lord of Valor, leader of the assembled Knights.

“Aye,” replied Dragor, shuddering at the thought of forcing a mounted charge through so narrow an opening as the gate to the fort. “But best we get on with it. I fear the poor lass can not wait much longer.”

“Tupid runtee,” Grishnak shouts, clobbering an Orc out of pace in their defensive line. Reeling, the Orc stumbles into line with his fellows. Behind the assembled hord, Magya the Orc Cleric beseeched the Bludgod to come and aid in battle. Looking out through the fog at the approaching host, Grishnak grins and waits.

As the Knights and Militia charge the gate, the Orcs release the first of their many surprises. From the vile cauldrons of their Shaman, they have drawn forth a noxious liquid, filling glass bottles and hurling into their enemies midst. As the bottles strick Human and steed alike, they explode into burning balls of flame. Horses rear and men are unseated, but the volley seems to taper off. With their mounted companions in disarray, the footmen of the hosts advance, striking the Orc main line. Shield to shield, blade against blade, the footmen force the gate. Driven by his hate, Nash the blac ksmith leaps through the Orcish lines and attacks Grishnak. Bleeding, Grishnak flees, and with his flight, the Orc defenses crumble. The hosts have gained the fort enterance.

In righteous fury, Magya rallies the Orcs with threats and admonishments of a displeased Bludgod.. Falling back into the fury of the melee, Wagraa the Wulf Rider falls to the Human lances, while Snarfu strikes from shadows, wielding his poisened war fork. Knowing that his lines cannot hold this open position, Grishnak pulls Korgath the Warlord and Og’Din out of the melee and sends them to gather reinforcements.

Drenched in the blood of their foes, SunWolf and Dragor realize that they are slowly gaining ground. Then, with the suddenness reminiscent of the fog lifting earlier, the resistance vanished. Warily the Humans picked their way through the blood soaked ground. The cries of the wounded are answered with either a quick bandage, or a swift thrust of a blade.

“This place is a maze,” Dragor says, muttering a curse. “Spread out and search for Cyan, but be careful. They haven’t given up yet.”

Pyros nudges his steed along. Turning a corner he comes face to face with Grishnak again. Eyes glittering with hate, Grishnak springs upon him. Other Orcs, lead by Korgath and Og’Din fall upon the lone human in ambush. Brave Pyros, battling to the end, finally falls to the multitude of Orcs. Grinning victoriously, Grishnak holds up the severed head of Pyros and shouts.

Drawn to the sounds of battle, Dragor and the Knights storm the Orcs once again. Resupplied with the explosive potions they so love the Orcs turn the battlefield into an inferno. Unable to reach the Orcish lines, the Humans stumble about, their attack repulsed, until lone archer steps forth and let fly a shaft. The arrow flies true and lodges in the throat of Grishnak. With their leader fallen, the Orcs finally give way.

Shouting, the avenging forces of the Knights and Militia fall upon the fleeing Orcs, chasing them down in the maze of rooms and halls. In one filth strewn room, Dragor comes across a pitiful shape, covered in a filthy rag, and tied to the wall. Lifting her head, Cyan sees a sight she thought she’d never behold. Pulling his helmet off, Dragor approaches.

“My lady, at last,” he says. Taking his knife, he severs the binds holding her. Seeing her at last freed lifts his spirit and renews his determination. Calling out to his companions, they form a phalanx around him as he carries her on his steed out onto the docks. In a well laid plan of rescue, the Militia had sailed to the waters south of the Orc Fort. As the rescuers burst onto the docks, the scattered remains of the Orcs charged, only to be flung back by the well aimed shafts of the Militia archers waiting on the boat. Once loaded onto the boat, Sheena of the Militia cast off from the docks.. Cyan weeped with joy, while the burning fort disappeared behind the waves..

A joyous occasion to be sure. I have the utmost respect for these hearty warriors. With people like these in our realm, how can we not overcome every obstacle in our paths? Good work friends, we are in your debt.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 10:32 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

More on the Trinsic Construct
Leo Lightfoot has taken some time to examine the strange new building in Trinsic, and shares his thoughts with us here, enjoy.

Hail Fellow Britannians, After hunting several treasures this eve, I thought I should do my part in battling the evil which is attempting to overrun our land. I ventured into Trinsic, killed a few lich lords, and then explored the new structure at Paladin's Hall. Here are my observations of the structure on the roof, which seems most interesting:

- Though one can Mark runes on the structure, one cannot recall to that location. In fact, as far as I can tell, one cannot recall to any location on the roof.

- One cannot teleport to any place on the structure. In fact, as far as I can tell, one cannot teleport anywhere on the roof.

- One cannot create field spells on the structure, though elsewhere on the roof appears to work. One thing that appears to be incongruous, is that if one is standing on the structure, casts a field spell, and then targets oneself, the field is created. Perhaps this can be used to our advantage at a later date, in conjunction with the following point.

- The southern and the eastern facing sides contain locked doors. Furthermore, these doors cannot be lockpicked, similarly to the way that house doors cannot be lockpicked. Two observations:

1) Perhaps if we defeat one of the more significant evil beings, we will find a key. If anyone finds such a key, I suggest they bring a large group of people to the roof of Paladin's Hall, and try to open the structure. Then again, perhaps that will release the Death Vortex, and the key should instead be destroyed. I know not, but at least the options should be known.

2) If the evil beings are rallying around the structure (currently its a safehaven among a city of undead), perhaps a brave mage or two will charge up to the doors and seal them off with an Energy Field. Verily, it is only a temporary solution, but perhaps it will be able to turn the tides in a close battle.

I look forward to hearing other thoughts on the matter.

In service to the Virtues,

Leo Lightfoot
Concerned Citizen of Trinsic
Atlantic Shardmaster of Treasure Hunters of Britannia

I thank you for these thoughts friend! Now, truly, it become more important than ever that we share our ideas on this matter! There is indeed a mystery here and by working together, perhaps we can find the solution. Until then friends, fare thee well.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 10:21 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Winner of the UB Cock Fight
The Holy Disciples of the Darkness would like to congratulate Beowulf of DOD, whose cock, the Rock, won the 5th weekly Unter Brae Cock Fighting League cock fights and walked away with 1500 gold as a prize.

Remember, the cock fights are each weak on Wednesday at 10:00 PM EST in the fields next to the Fitzowen Hall of Arts in Unter Brae. Directions and rules can be found at Fees are 500 gold per chicken entered and the more people that come, the larger the reward!

Navrip Freemech

I thank ye for the news Navrip, congratulations to Beowulf of DOD, and his cock, Rock.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 10:13 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Arx Draconis Renaissance Week
Trinsic is in flames!!! Jou'nar and his undead hosts roam the lands slaying adventures in droves. Britain and Vesper are under attack and there are few safe places these days. Games of Fun and Games of skill that bring us together to forget those troubles do not often come around. Today, we are going to change that.

So come weary traveler, come with me as I tell you a tale. A tale of a wondorous event. One of challenge. One of teamwork. And One of Great Rewards! Let it be known that throughout the lands, on Sunday the 27th of February, the player run city of Arx Draconis, will host RENAISSANCE week (ending Saturday March 4th) featuring a return of the heralded Scavenger Hunt for teams of up to 4 players. Other events include A Masked Ball, Free Lottery, Tavern Night, Craftsman Night, a Costume Contest and much more. Large prizes will be given out for all events and they are all FREE and open to all players!

How Do I Get To Arx Draconis?
If you dont already have a rune to Arx Draconis you can:

  • Contact any Syndicate member in game and recall off theirs. You will recognize them by their blue robes and LLTS over their heads.
  • Use the map located at the Arx Draconis homepage and sail to the island OR you can get directions to one of the many buildings on the mainland where you can get a rune.
  • Or you can email us and we will be glad to get you one.
In addition we plan to provide gates from most major towns just before all major events.

DONT MISS YOUR CHANCE AT LOTS OF FUN AND RICHES! Entry to all events is free! Teams of up to 4 people are encouraged for the Scavenger Hunt. And the prizes are immense. Come spend Arx Draconis Renaissance Week having fun with your fellow players!

Complete details of all the times and events can be obtained at the ADR web site.

I thank you for the news friends!
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 10:11 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Unified Sosarian Army Calls Out For Supplies
Like any army, the Unified Sosarian Army can only advance as far as it's supply chain can allow.  That is why I am requesting you, the citizens of Britannia, to help keep that army moving quickly and  snaglessly.

 We  have need of the following raw materiel:

 Ingots (of all colours)
 Food (cooked and uncooked; even sheafs of hay or flour is excellent)
 Cloth (either in it's raw form as thread or cotton, or as bolts or folded cloth)
 Empty Bottles

 We also require people who are capable of turning those materials into supplies that can be shipped to the front lines, where they are badly needed.  If you can be of assistance in either role, please either contact myself at [email protected], or Janos Antero at [email protected]


 Aide to General Ibram Gaunt

Thanks Brennon!

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 9:57 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Ocllo Mayor Nominations Opened
Ocllo is looking for a mayor ... here is some information sent in by Wren:
Well, there seems no end to Tessa's ambition.
Today, the young lass I once knew, now a grown woman, was strolling through town with a satisfied smile on her face. I'm unused to seeing her this way, and so I got up from under my tree and swung my lute over my shoulder in order to follow her.

"Why are you so smug, my dear?" I asked, only half-chiding. "Don't you have enough work to do?"

Tessa looked startled by the suggestion. "But, dear Captain, I've done precisely what you've asked. My Army of Thieves has cleared the island of most of the riff-raff. There are few who can stand up to me, and fewer still who do not admire our group for clearing the island and maintaining civility in these parts."

I smiled. I had paid her well to do this. She's a good girl, a good friend to many, albeit a little frightening and impulsive at times. "So what now?" I asked.

"I'm running for Mayor." she said, very quickly, and matter-of-fact.

"WHAT?! Ocllo has no mayor. It never has ... this is ridiculous. Leave mayors to Haven and Shadowcove, leave mayors to PaxLair and Moonglow. We need not politics here." I was upset.

Tessa stopped walking and whirled on me. "Listen to me, old man! You want order here? You want participation? You think our absent King is going to help us? You're wrong! We will demand his attention by electing a mayor and holding meetings with the citizenry. We will make this island a true city of the Realm, or we will secede from it!"

I paused before saying something else. "So ... didn't you say you were 'running' for mayor? Democracy isn't your style, Tessa."

"No, it's not ... you're right. But I can't inspire people who do not agree with me. If they elect someone else -- fine. Let's just get things rolling. We need to give this island a destiny of its own, and that's where you come in. You're my new ballot box, Wren. Let's hold an election."

And with that, she walked off.

I can't argue with her anymore. While I am strong in magic, she has a fire I do not. And so, I humbly send all of you this missive. Ocllo is to have a mayor. Please help decide who that is. Thank you, my friends, and farewell. -- Wren
To learn more about the Ocllo elections, please visit Wren's Ocllo Government Newsletter at to nominate a mayoral candidate for Ocllo and follow up on the results.
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 9:06 AM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

Let the jousting -- BEGIN!
We have recieved the following:
Lords and Ladies,

From hence forth let it be known, that every Friday night at 8:30PM PST, in the city of Ironwood, The Joust shall be held. The Joust is a voluntary sport, sponsored by the Village of Ironwood, to test the skill and mettle of the warriors of our land. There is no entry fee, but there is a limitation on the number of participants. This current week's jousting will be limited to the first 8 people to register their intention to joust in tomorrow's event.


  • - No: spells cast, healing, poisoning, potions, magical armor/weapons/items/aid, anything else that is not stated in the "Yes:" section below. No magical, or flatulent horses.
  • - Yes: GM armor/weapons/clothing/horses only. Yes to any kind of non-magical food.
  • - The Joust Referee shall be respected at all times, and his/her word/decision is law. If, for whatever reason, the Referee decides that a match should be re-jousted, that SHALL take place, free from whining, kvetching, pissing or moaning. Enough of said lamentations, or enough of a bad attitude (not to mention breaking the rules) is grounds for your disqualification.
  • - The joust is a form of combined single and dual elimination.


    WHERE: The Village of Ironwood; most specifically on the fields. Ironwood is a player-run town located just a short, walk east down the road from the Skara Brae docks on the mainland side. When you see four patches of farm ground; you're there.

    WHEN: Every Friday evening at 8:30PM PST, lasting each night until that night's Winner is decided.

    WHO: Anybody may participate; role-play is always encouraged, but not required by any means.

    WHY: For fun, for money, for glory, for the hell of it. It really IS a ton of fun; you've got to try it.

    Damien Vryce Lord of the Flame

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 7:54 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

The First Annual Designer House Contest!!
This just in
Introducing The First Annual Designer House Contest!! Where your home if chosen could win you 2,000gp!!! AND if you enter a castle and win 5,000!!!! This may seem small but with every entry a 10% of it goes to house prize and 50% goes to castle prize!!!!! The more to play the more to win!!!

The entry fees are as follows:

- 100gp for a house
- 500gp for a castle

Each house owner will ICQ me at #59143188. Then the house owners will meet with me and hand me a rune to house if possible or the coordinates. WARNING If house\castle is on an island you MUST supply a rune to the place. The house's will be judged on these points: The use of space, The use of accessories, And The over all appearance of the house. All entries must be in by March 2, and the Winners of the contest will be notified on March 5. Good Luck to you all and may the best house win!!!!!

Good luck to all who participate!
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 7:51 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

A New Site for Catskills News
For those who can't get enough fresh news on city attacks, Minax minions, defenders' struggles and more, we have this in from Trahan Vashier.

The Army of Blood Keep presents The Post: Alliance Site!

After staggering defeats at the hands of evil, demoralized and broken from the escape of Keeonan from Yew prison, and Trinsics tragic fall, the Alliance LIVES ON!

Under the auspices of The Alliance  guild leaders, The Army of Blood Keep proudly presents The Post, for up to the minute News and Information  regarding Minax and her forces. Interactive boards allow for instant information exchange. Links to all of The Alliance member guilds for ease of contact can also be found.

All Guilds who wish to see the lands of the Catskills restored are urged to join!  No longer will we hide like our supposed leaders, we of The Alliance  fight for our freedom! We fight for the alliance! We fight for Sosaria!!!

Blood Will Follow Blood! ! !
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 7:22 AM EST by Mouser (Catskills)

The Adventures of Adam Ant
A note from Adam Ant himself:
Hail dark friends,

I spend my days here in Sosaria protecting the great wizards of old, the lich. These are the once great masters of our lands and I have sworn my life to protect them. For the lich are under constant attack from the villagers that know little or nothing of their glorious past.

If you know not the power of the stealth assassin, you may find something of interest in my tales. For the gods have favored me in my quest and have made it possible for me to capture rare images of actual confrontations with these so called adventurers. Bah! intruders they are!

These are not tales of fancy, but indeed the true Adventures of Adam Ant.

Adam Ant

Go have a look and read the stories. I think you will like them, I know I did...
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 6:50 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

A Mysterious Green Orc Terrorizes Yew
This message came in from Moiré Tregarde in the mail. I also was sent to by Rhiannon to check out another posting that she had on the subject. You can find these postings under the heading: These Attacks on Yew...

After the fall of Trinsic, the attacks around and in Yew have intensified dramatically. To make matters worse, there is reason to believe that the problems in Blackomb, a village on the south-east edge of Yew, may not be tied entirely to the forces of this "Dark Mistress." The dire wolves and hell hounds that have attacked Blackomb don't ever seem to appear in Yew proper. Whomever is leading those attacks is just as mysterious as the person leading the major assaults on the cities.

Just to add to the chaos, while the attack on Britain was going on, there was also an attack on the south eastern tip of Verity Isle where the city of Moonglow resides. For some reason a band of orcs and brigands appeared near the cotton fields, by some reports mayhap a full hundred of them. The only clue about it was that a brown robed Elder was seen and asked for help to deal with some evil. If only I was there when the Elder was, I might have gotten some better information.

But those little attacks were nothing compared to Keeonan's assault on Empath Abbey last night. I don't know what the man in the bronze armor wants with the keep, but so long as I call Yew my home he shall no have it. Trinsic, with its walls can be, and has been, blocked off. But Yew is open ground. There is no way a force could occupy it for long.

Still, that doesn't seem to deter Keeonan. Once again he brought minions of orcs and ettins to do most of the fighting, and a great deal of fighting it was. I learned from my fist encounter with Keeo, and re-marked my rune to a relatively safe spot near Empath Abbey instead of inside... which is effectively sure death during the attacks. After a long battle with both friends and people I never met before, we slowly worked our way in.

Once inside, and enough of the monsters were cleared, we engaged Keeo himself. I managed to pump several arrows into him while others took him on toe-to-toe or with spells. While our attacks individually did little, together we started to whittle him down. At some point he managed to break from the main group and attacked me, but I was prepared. There was no way he could catch me on my horse, and I kept an eye open for clear runs should retreat be needed. He landed a blow, but it was little compared to what I had been through already. By the time he was readying for a second swing with his black sword, I was out of range and the ones more adept at close-in fighting were surrounding him again.

After some time, Keeo had enough and ran into the trees and disappeared. Once again we prevailed, though not without losses of our own. As I rubbed the sore muscles of my arm, I couldn't help but wonder what the cause behind all these troubles of late is. Who is this "Dark Mistress" that we've heard of? I've heard rumors that she is some lover and protege of the long dead Mondain. While it does explain much, if true, why would she wait over 300 years to being these assaults? And if she has no relations to Mondain, then who is she? Either way, there is still the question of "why?"

Here is Rhiannon's version of the battle.

It was a rather severe attack. I also engaged Keeonean as I was there early before the many reinforcements arrived. Once again he attacked me, it tooks three of his spells before I needed to heal myself, but then I had made the decision to use my nightmare. Knowing that a kill command would not work, I ordered my mount to guard me and the mare was after Kee like a shot, forcing him to retreat into the confines of the abbey, the mare following right on his heels. In the meantime, enormous amounts of orc parties appeared, both inside and outside of the abbey, and I was separated from my pet. A large amount of the orcs had set their sights on me, and I was forced to flee, the orcs hot on my trail. I could not properly run, as I was not mounted, and the air around Yew was sluggish. The orcs surrounded me and I perished.

After being ressed, I ran to the abbey, the mare was still alive, but still inside and the entrance blocked with orcs. Still clad in my deathrobe, I once again came face to face with Keeonean, who said, something along the lines of, "Death find you so soon, milady?" I hotly replied, "You know I perished!" This time I declined to attack him, knowing full well that my spells would be useless. Orcs started attacking me, and to my utter amazement, Keeoneon healed me! I wondered, but then he stated he preferred it so that his orc armies could rend me and all of us from limb to limb. Odd, considering his orcs were working on just that. I fled from the attacking orcs, I did not want to be healed from such likes as him!

Suffering countless lapses, I missed much of subsequent events. Keeonean was back in the abbey, I being unable to enter, and my nightmare was finally dead. Hearing word of a green orc, I ran to the east side of the abbey and was greeted by the sight of countless bodies and masses of invading orcs. I also did see this green orc, and managed to cast an explosion on him, before I lapsed again. When I came to, this odd orc was gone, though other orcs were still attacking.

Rhiannon, constantly deathrobe clad, singled out by evil orc commanders, druid.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 6:37 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

Pride is Your Enemy
Here are some more speculations about the recent orc attacks on Yew.

It seems to me that the orcs of Yew are more interested in our adventurer friends then the city itself. They seem sick of being hunted like animals, and now they're exactly their revenge. That's why, as the upper hand continues to go to them, I think we should take every chance we can to get that upper hand away from them. These words that we have been left with obiviously mean something, and I thought I would give my two cents on them.

"Pride is your enemy"

I think that's pretty clear, for they are no doubt angry that we killed their General, instead of kidnapping him. Kidnapping him would mean they could some how release him, and surely, the man who killed the General was full of pride..

"This is a small sample of things to come"

This, also, is clear. The adventurers are all that are keeping the monsters from taking the cities and decimating Britannia, and so surely, they would strike at our own small villages and hamlets.

Maybe this all seems unimportant to everyone, but I think these words give us great insight into the heart of this problem.

-Eryk Gunnarsson

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 6:14 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

A Ghostly Visitor in Virtue Village
Mc Sam of Virtue Village sent me this recounting of his meeting with a wandering spirit. The ghost offered some advice about Phantom Xenthyl and may have provided some clues as to what the phantom was seeking from that town.

My name is Mc Sam of Virtue Village and I'd like to inform you about a strange conversation I had yesterday in our Village. A lost soul wandered around and we talked for quite a while (lucky I had a set of communication crystals at hand)

Some things the ghost was speaking of seem to be strongly related to the Phantom which some of us saw wandering in the village.

Here are some of the words we spoke:

Mc Sam: this building is the oldest of the village

:The Lost Soul says there must have been something of great importance in that shelf

Mc Sam: *nods*

: The Lost Soul says its presence can still be felt
: The Lost Soul says eventhough it is weak

Mc Sam: Aye
Mc Sam: But how could we find the item

: The Lost Soul says if this is the oldes building..
: The Lost Soul says and the phantom was coming straight here

Mc Sam: *nods*

: The Lost Soul says it was looking for something that was once placed here
: The Lost Soul says it has to be something old
: The Lost Soul says probably it is even older than this tavern

If anyone is interested a full transcript is at

Mc Sam

Thank you, Mc Sam, for the report!

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 6:08 AM EST by Brenna (Catskills)

It's not Good Bye, but rather, So Long For Now.
I'll be taking a leave of absence from UOChesapeake and UOSS Chesapeake. I don't want to say I'm "quitting" because I may be back sometime in the not-to-far-but-not-to-close future. Right now I have a lot of things pulling for my time, and I find myself neglecting my duties at these sites more and more. It's gotten to the point where I don't even look at any of the submissions I receive, and just go ahead and delete them. I feel I'm being more of a burden than anything else, so if I'm not going to do anything to help, I felt it was the right thing to do and "officially" declare it.

I didn't come to this decision very easily. I loved being a reporter, and the benefits which came along with it. I got to go out and see people in UO, then come here and tell everyone what it was like. While they weren't frequent, I usually got a compliment or two, and people always told me they read my articles. You people are the entire reason I have kept with it, up to now. Everything I have done here was done for you, so you could know what's going on when your not in UO. *sniff* I love you guys.

I can say that I've written quite a few articles in my time as a reporter, most of them tied to role playing quests. Some of my favourite articles which I tried to make a habit of writing were "tying things together summaries." I would pick any big player quest, which had probably been going on for quite some time, try as best I could to interview key people, read other articles on the quest, and then write a huge summary of the quest as it stood thus far. Some of these quests can get so big and confusing, it would be hard for those involved to keep up with it, and for those not involved to get involved. *I* felt I was helping everyone by writing an entire summary of the quest as it stood so everyone knew what was going on and what to do next. Any ways, those were just my favourite things to write. ;)

I am not quitting UO, I'll continue to play as normal, most of the stuff which is taking up my time is UO-related. I hope that I'll be back so I can continue where I left off, and I hope you'll be happy to see me return some day. In the not too distant future I'll be heading off to college, and I'm sure my world as it is now will be turned upside down. If you ever see me around make sure to say "Hi." If you end up saying hi to someone who isn't me, hit them over the head cause they're walking around with my name. I'm sure I've been taken off this site's mailing list by now, so if you wish to drop me a line, send it here. ([email protected])

Your pal,

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 5:37 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

Formosa: Publish Delay
This was posted on the UO homepage:

Due to an unscheduled delay, the publish of features listed in Testing for the Next Update will not be available on the Formosa shard until after the shard's Friday, Feb. 26th (local time) scheduled maintenance. In the event of unscheduled downtime prior to the next scheduled Formosa maintenance, the shard will be updated with the latest publish when it returns. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 5:24 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

Formosa Shard Opens Worldwide
The following was posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

We are pleased to announce the global opening of Formosa shard on February 23rd, local Taiwan time. Formosa is the 20th worldwide Ultima Online shard and the first to be located in Taiwan.

The shard's name means "the beautiful" in Portuguese, and dates back to the 1500's, when the island of Taiwan was discovered by Portuguese explorers.

Formosa is the 8th Asian Ultima Online shard, and is staffed by bilingual Taiwanese and English speaking Counselors and Game Masters. We are continuing to accept Counselor applicants for this shard, and are eager to hear from dedicated, bilingual UO players interested in these positions. For information on joining the UO Counselor program, and to fill out an online application, please visit

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 5:21 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

Weekly Fight Nights Postponed
Richard Cypher sent this in:

I am sorry to say that the First ever Fight Night at the House of Rahl has been cancled this week. Due to some personal matters I had to attend to and the low number of people who entered (11) we have canceled this weeks fight. However there will be a fight next week! All Entrys Must be recived by Monday 2/28/2000. Anyone who entered in this weeks fight is automaticaly entered in next weeks fight.

The Grand Prize is still a house near Trinsic and the cost of entry is still only 1,500 Gold Coins.

Rules are as follow:

1. No Magic Weapons or Armor.
2. No More then 7 potions and 15 bandaids per fighter. 3. No Looting.
4. During Warrior Fights Absolutely NO MAGIC.
5. All Fights are to the death (we will have someone to res you).
6. Have Fun!

Gates will be Provided =o)

At this time if you are a Mage and wish to fight please ICQ me first (8424355) and we will talk. I only got 2 mage entries last week.

Thanks for your time, and I am sorry about not being able to host this first weeks event.

Hope to see you there!

Richard Cypher

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 5:16 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

Request from OSI on Moonstones
The following was just posted to the FYI section of the Ultima Online website:


Please do not call Game Masters or Counselors looking for information regarding the moonstones. These items are related to the current ongoing fiction and the Game Masters and Counselors will not be giving out any information on these items.

The exact purpose and functionality of the moonstones will be detailed in the Update Center on the site at a later date. These items will become useful in the future.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 5:14 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Billing Services Downtime
The following was just posted to Common Issues on the Ultima Online website:

Billing Services Downtime

The Ultima Online billing system is currently unavailable due to technical issues with our billing provider. At this time, billing information cannot be updated, created, or modified via the website, or by calling our Billing Support telephone line. This downtime is expected to last a minimum of two hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 5:11 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Comments from the Team: Quality Assurance
The following was just posted to the Quality Assurance section of the Comments from the Team:

Comments from Cutter

Hail and well meet citizens of Britannia.

Most of you do not know who I am. So with your permission, I will introduce myself.

I am called Cutter of OSI QA. I am the leader of the Ultima Online Quality Assurance clan. We live out our lives working and playing on Test Center, testing and helping to bring forth the new features that you all enjoy so much. I have seen many changes come to the lands of Lord British over the past seasons; some of which I had a hand in and some that I did not. It would appear that with the fall of Trinsic more changes are coming very soon. With the dark clouds that now hang on the horizon and the ever-increasing raids on the other townships lends me to wonder what must lie in store for us in the days to come. I invite you to come see us on Test Center when you find time, and get a look at the new things coming. While you’re there, seek out one of my Captains, Loco Joe OSI QA or Capt. Sturm. I’m sure they would enjoy having you accompany them on a test. Your input is very important to us and we will always lend an ear to any issues you may find, though we may not always reply to each suggestion. If a reported exploit is a good one you may even be rewarded.

Till we meet again... Fare you well, my friend.

Cutter of OSI QA [email protected]

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 4:37 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Fishing & Sea Serpents
The following was just added to In Testing


Fishermen at over 80 skill will have a chance to pull up a sea serpent regardless of whether they succeed or fail at fishing when in deep sea.

Additionally, the treasure maps and SOS bottles will be guarded by sea serpents. Every time you fish up a treasure map or SOS bottle a sea serpent will surface and attack.

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 2:01 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Thrawn Elected New Mayor of Yew
Greetings, All,

As some of you may or may not know, with the departure of Rainbow King, a vacancy was left in the position of Mayor for the Town of Yew. This past weekend, elections were held for a new Mayor, and the citizens of Yew elected me, Thrawn, as the new Mayor of Yew. I would like to thank all those who came out to show their support for me, and look forward to serving the citizens of Yew and all of Britannia to the best of my ability.

That said, there are some other things I would like to announce and open for discussion among all citizens of the realm. Firstly, soon after the departure of Rainbow King, the Vice Mayor, Laein Simorian has stepped down from the Vice Mayor position to assume the role of Minister of Events. To fill her vacated position, I have appointed Pyros as the new Vice Mayor of Yew. He is well known in the area and has an excellent job in the past of organizing meetings and events. I am sure he will do a fine job as Vice Mayor.

I have also discussed some matters of the Yew Court of Justice with Windlord, the current Chief Justice of Yew. We have discussed the possibility of appointing additional Judges to the Court, in an attempt to further the efforts of the Court and allow for more Trials and enforcements of Justice. In the near future, we will be looking for interested and trustworthy citizens to fill several positions in this capacity. More details on this matter will be provided when they become available.

Town Council Meetings will continue to be held on Sundays at 3pm EST, at the Yew Town Council Hall located west of the Abbey. I invite citizens from all parts of Britannia to join us at our meetings, as we are looking to expand our relations with towns and establishments throughout the entire realm. Further joint alliances, meetings, and events can be proposed and discussed.

For those of you who have not visited the Yew Council's web page, it can be found at and be sure to visit the Forums section for the latest news and ramblings around Yew and the rest of Atlantic.

Thank you for your time, and thank you again to all those who have supported me and continue to support me as I begin my term as Mayor of Yew.

-Thrawn, Mayor of Yew

Thankye, Thrawn, and congratulations on your new post.
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 12:13 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Alliance on the Offense
Exedore of Arden, one of the officials of the AUF (Alliance of United Forces), sent in this report of upcoming battle plans for this weekend. Please heed this call to rid the lands of the Dread Lady Minax and her Generals.
Hail and Well Met,
Counter Attacks: This Saturday and Sunday the 26 & 27th of this coming weekend, the Alliance shall counter attack on several of the invaded cities to throw off the Dread Lady Minax and draw out her Generals. We plan a round robin of short attacks in Yew, Cove, Shadow Cove, Britain and Vesper.

We will be starting out at 6 PM EST each day until we feel we have accomplished our mission. We will go to each town for an hour or so at random with the main goal of defeating each general. This I believe is the key to weakening the Dread Lady Minax and Juo’nar once the generals of the other towns are dead. We shall meet Shadow Cove Spire tower for first meeting at 6 PM EST since Marabelle has a fondness for the swamp.

Lost People: For a week and a half now, Autumn, Deckion and myself have been in search for Joye the Librarian, Dupre’ and the Mace of Darkness. Autumn had received a strange riddle from a Lord Wind which went as this:
The Mace of Darkness can be found where the East wind meets the North wind and the Land is covered in snow.

Lord Wind had said he would trade the Mace of Darkness for the Sword of Light which could defeat the Dread Lady Minax. Why he wants this mace, I do not know, nor if this Sword is for real but we cant afford not to look though.

There was also mention of a lake and portal,
but to no avail as we searched every town, Inn, Tavern and Shrine. Going though Lord British's castle and Libraries pouring through every bookcase and book ever written. We still have not found what we seek. Even the people we spoke to either said we know not of thee, or Dupre’ could be found in the tavern sampling drinks. After walking the country sides for hours on end looking for Joye, I needed to sample a few drinks myself.

Also the orcish prisoner in the Yew jail; Winfield and I went there the other day to speak to him but the guards would not let us in. (See prior posting for details).

After Thought: As I stood on the balcony of the Paladin’s Training Hall, the smell of blood and death filled my senses. I could see the stains of dried blood in the cracks of the stone streets and the dead lying about from the prior battle. A few warriors approached me with questions, 'We were so close sir, why did we not win this battle and defeat Juo’nar? He was almost dead.' I looked over at Autumn, who was standing nearby, then looked down by the street below in deep thought. Tis my opinion that some heard not my words at our first meeting. Aye, there are many a strong Guild here; warriors, and mages alike. But as I stated you can be proud of your Guilds and one’s self but here we must drop all biases be it Human, Elf, Orc and who's guild is better or whom thinks why should I listen or do that. I noted that in trying to fill the ranks of other the battle formations. Some warriors or mages would not join in to fill in the gaps, if we can not trust one another, work together as one and take the responsibility to look after another warrior or mage that has joined in our group as our own. Even dropping the idealism of well I am not doing that we doing our own thing. Then we have already lost this War.

I am of only one chosen to lead and do my best for the good of all and can only say this, 'Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is not a matter choice. It is not a thing to be waited for. It is a thing to be achieved.' William Jennings Byran (1860-1925). Let us March forth this day and achieve our destiny as one Alliance, one force and win this war.
Exedore of Arden
Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2000, 12:09 AM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

Britannia Invasion News
In the news, as of late, has been the invasion of the Dark Mistress but mostly of the undead in the once glorious city of Trinsic. The new Dark Tower above the Trinsic Meeting Hall has brought about new questions. And now, with the report of a memeber of the Crimson Fist of Mazrim, privately speaking with the evil liche Juo'nar has brought up another question ... Are Mazrim and Juo'nar developing a friendship?? Is so that means we're in even more serious trouble.

Another interesting subject that was brought up was the mention of an Orcish prisoner being held in the Yew Prison. When questioning the guards, they reply "Sir Geoffrey has decreed that Selzhanik will be the first to interrogate the prisoner." This is interesting because in Lord British's speech, he mentioned something about interrogating a prisoner ... perhaps this Orc is him.

There have been many stories of the people trying to reclaim and their trials and hardships but it seems that the undead forces grow in number once the next battle begins. But the Virutes will guide them to victory ... soon I hope.

Thanks to Helena, Beldin, "Swain" for the updates and to all others that have been providing us with information to give you the best and up-to-date news on Chesapeake.
Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 6:45 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

Joye's Recovery Becomes Her Demise
    The streets around Britain were bustling with activity this evening as adventurers and people of curiosity gathered around the castle gates of Britain waiting for the "Trustworthy" Trianon, thief by trade and of choice, to arrive at the 21st hour.  Members of the Unified Sosarian Army as well as other fighters showed up to see what this Trianon had to say once she did finally show.  Her proposition was this...  To have those who wanted to learn the whereabouts of Joye, go and seek out a prisoner transport on it's way to Yew to free a compatriot of hers by the name of Bruce by any means necessary.  Those who enlisted in this endeavor, agreed to this course of action so long as Trianon agreed to reveal the location of Joye after Bruce was freed.  Both parties agreed to the terms stated and then the band set off in search of the prisoner escort on it's way to Yew.
    The escort was found, just where the thief said it would be and the guards were quite alarmed at the commotion caused by the over anxious group that was now surrounding them.  Steve and Sylvester, the two guards, gave warnings and shouts for all to stand back and make way so they could continue on their course.  The band of adventurers, which really had no one leader, made several vain attempts to aquire Bruce's bonds from the King's guard.  The discussion was so futile at one point that I had suggested that some of them go to Lord British's castle to seek an audience with the King and ask for Bruce's custody due to the circumstances at hand, but this was ignored.
    What the group finally settled upon was to bribe the guards to look the other way while Bruce was "released" into their custody for the greater good of the cause, which was to find Joye and get any information out of her before Juo'nar found her and killed her.  This bribery was scoffed at by a man named Jaerik Rohan, who stated that since these were the King's guards, all they had to do was to report those who instigated the bribe which could possibly cause problems for them, making them outlaws themselves, but this too was ignored.  Jaerik felt it would have been better to dispatch the guards and felt contempt for the rabble he had found himself traveling with.
    After twenty minutes or so and several hikes in the bribery price, both Steve and Sylvester agreed to give up Bruce once they both received thirty thousand imperials of gold.  Once the gold was given to both guards, they handed the key over to Johanis Wyndsage and walked away, as "simple" as that.  It makes me think I am safer as I walk the streets knowing this too.  Anyhow, after "ownership" of Bruce was transferred over, a little bit of a heated debate ensued as to who was going to take Bruce to where.  Johanis and Morgan Le Fay did not see quite eye to eye on this matter and pretty soon sides were drawn and chosen and a fight soon broke out.  Morgan and her lot tried to kill Bruce, but he was able to escape with a small fraction of men with Johanis to Buccaneer's Den, where Trianon asked Bruce to be taken to the bath house there before she give up any information as to where Joye was hiding.
    Bodies littered the road on the way to Yew of those caught between the struggle...  A struggle of what really never did materialize.  Upon reaching the bath house in Buccaneer's Den, Bruce was given over to Trianon and then she haphazardly threw a rune down on the ground at the feet of everyone stating that we were all a bunch of saps and laughed her way through the jungle that surrounded the City of Thieves.  The rune was picked up and led to a location somewhere out in the wilderness where a tent was found just to the west of where the rune was marked.  Joye was found huddled in the corner of her makeshift home as the group of ten or so adventurers appeared and tried to reassure her that she was safe and that everything would be ok, but it wasn't.
    The party was there no more than three minutes before undead started to spawn right before our eyes.  General Justin Allard quickly put up an energy field spell to block the entrance to the tent while a gate was cast by Elise taking every one to the Yew Merriment Center for All.  Upon arriving, the undead spawn followed and it's rate quickened as Joye was safely guided and guarded into the YMCA establishment and brought to the second floor where the bunk room was.  She was quite exasperated by all the excitement going on outside and kept pleading for it all to end.  Elise did her best to soothe poor Joye until she calmed down enough to start talking about what it was she knew about Tyball, Malabelle's lover who was kidnapped by Minax and held in some secret location.  This is what Joye had to say when asked about a crystal ball that was given to her from Tyball, by some unknown magical means, and even though more was said, this caption will only reflect what Joye had relayed to those who were present in the room at the time:

Joye: *trembles* I.. I just want it to stop.. If I say.. You must tell all you can.. no one person should have this information.. It.. It can kill you to have secrets... *nods slowly* As I have said.. Malabelle's Lover is held by Minax against his will.  In an effort to contact Malabelle.. he sent a crystal ball.  He used some.. magiks.. And sent it to my library.  I found it there.. and began to watch it.. He tried to send his love word that he was well.. and wishing to be with her.

(At this point, Morgan Le Fay came into the room and appeared to do her best to intimidate Joye from speaking, but it didn't work.)

Joye: *looks over (at Morgan)* The.. crystal was his messenger.. to his love, but it sent more than just his message.  It picked up... *looks over (at Morgan)* Morgan... The... messages... They told of the events around poor Tyball..  An one.. kept reoccurring..  The same thing.. it kept showing itself.  In the hands of a woman.. dressed in red.  An orb.. glowing..  White.. glowing..  Every time I looked into the crystal.. there it was, in her hands.  An orb, a.. magic..  *frowns*  A.. key..  It is important.. this key..this orb.   An orb, that has some force on it.. some magik.  I know not..  I know only that I have seen two of them.  (One in) Trinsic..

(At this point in Joye's comments, Morgan Le Fay warns Joye to shut up or else she would shut her up.)

Joye: A twisted form..  He holds the other.  *looks over to Morgan and sniffles*

(Joye was warned again by Morgan to shut up, but Joye continued anyway.  The sad thing is that none of the adventurers there seemed to notice this since from looking at my written notes, most were talking or threatening each other over petty things instead of paying closer attention to what was going on.  Very sad...)

Joye: I have told what need be told.. Tell that LICH that he can kill me now..  It will do him no good!  Jou'Nar.. he does not want Malabelle to know..  He hunts me..  But he has no need now!  *Tries to stand tall and nods* (Asked about Tyball) He is a good man..  *lowers head*  I do not know (his location).. he loves her.  He misses her. *nods (when asked to go to the orb she was using)* Not now.. tis nae safe to go there.. I will take you there.. if it remains where I hid it, but nae tonight.. I can not go back there.. not tonight. *nods (agreeing to go another night)* The.. women.. in red.. with the orb..

(At this point of Joye's statement, three individuals openly attacked and killed Joye before anyone really knew what was going on, thus being caught off guard before Joye could be healed.  Unfortunately, no screenshots were taken during the commotion.  The names of those who attacked Joye will be listed below in bold in the following transcript.)

Crimson Nytefall: Three... Two... One?
Morgan Le Fey: Vas Ort Flam
Crimson Nytefall: Kal Vas Flam
Elise: In Vas Mani
Morgan Le Fey: Corp Por
Palelite Shadow: Vas Ort Flam
McCoy: In Vas Mani
You see Morgan Le Fey attacking Joye!
You see Crimson Nytefall attacking Joye!
Crimson Nytefall: Corp Por
McCoy: In Vas Mani
Elise: In Vas Mani
Palelite Shadow: Corp Por
Angel: In Vas Mani
Angel: Be Healed My Brother
Joye: She longs to hold her love again..
Vladimir Taltos: In Vas Mani
solar maid: Corp Por
Joye: NO!!!
You see Palelite Shadow attacking Joye!
Justin Allard: In Vas Mani
McCoy: In Vas Mani
Johanis Wyndsage: In Vas Mani
Elise: In Vas Mani
Palelite Shadow: Corp Por
Joye: OoooOO
Kil'jaedan: Kal Vas Flam
Palelite Shadow: [Beloved of Toth, =8=]
You see: Palelite Shadow
Angel: omg
McCoy: An Corp
Justin Allard: I grant Thee Life Use it Well
Justin Allard: An Corp
McCoy: An Corp
Angel: An Corp
Kil'jaedan: move MNord
You see: Lord Johanis Wyndsage
Crimson Nytefall: 'scuse
Justin Allard: I grant Thee Life Use it Well
Justin Allard: An Corp
McCoy: An Corp
You see: Joye (Her soul suddenly fades away and is not seen again as her lifeless body is left lying on the bed on which it fell)
Elise: Its too late.

    Joye's life forces left her frail body, never to return again and thus we see that Morgan Le Fay and her crew of murderers had done the bidding of her master, which would seem to be Minax.  So it seems that Juo'nar finally got his wish, but not before Joye had an opportunity to speak of some interesting points which could very well prove to be the information needed in turning these attacks around and defeating Minax and her lot, once and for all.  It was a costly price to pay, the bribing of the King's guards and the death of a poor, frightened, innocent girl who accidentally knew too much.  Again, the vanity of man stepped in the way and disallowed the proper protection of Joye as she was promised and this is something we will all have to live with on our consciences for the rest of our lives.  How many more innocent deaths must be inflicted before we learn the lessons presented here, tonight?  This is not the first time we have had them either.  May Joye's death not be in vain and may we rise up above the darker side of humanity to embrace the Virtues and walk in the light of the Great I Am.  We Britannians are at our best, when things are at their worst, but how much worse must things get before we reach our best?  May the Great I Am forgive us all for our actions tonight and prompt us to do what is right and help out the cause in any way possible.  The Unified Sosarian Army is in need of thy help.  Long live Lord British, long live the King and death to those who oppose him and our freedoms and liberties!  May we all remember Joye and honor her with a moment of silence.  I would also like to thank my fellow traveling companion, McCoy, for the excellent "scribeshots" he has risked taking since we started.

Safe Journeys, signing off, this is War Reporter...

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 5:06 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Strange Moonstones Found Across the Realm
Draco sent us the following :
Strange Moonstones have been appearing all over the realm of Drachenfels, mostly on the bodies of dead Orcs and some other "smart" creatures. These are called "Trammel Moonstone", obvously a connection to the Moons of the realm exists.
When looking at the stones or examining them, they "shift" and change their color. They seem to have some yet undiscovered use when double clicking on them.

What are they for ? I see only two possibilities:

  1. They will act as a portal to the new lands.
  2. They will act in some way against Minax.
Draco of Drachenfels
Thanks Draco for this interesting theory.
Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 5:00 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

In Development and In Testing Updated
The following was added to In Development:

Boat Recall Fix
The mast of a ship will no longer block recall attempts.

House Placement Fixes
The house placement system will be refined to ensure that houses are not being placed in improper locations. The system will also check current houses more thoroughly when determining whether the house is properly or improperly placed.

The following was moved from In Development to Testing for the Next Update (note the change to bank checks, they can be up to 1 million gold now)

Tinker Traps
Tinker traps will be modified. Their purpose will be to protect containers and their creation will no longer give the maker a murder count.

  • A trapped chest cannot be opened until the trap is disarmed and the lock removed, except:
    • The owner of the chest can access the chest automatically without firing the trap. The owner is defined as the last person to lock the chest.
  • Using the key on the chest will bypass the trap.
  • The lock on a trapped chest cannot be picked until the trapis disarmed.
    • A failed disarm attempt will result insetting off the trap.
      • A trap that is set off will resetitself automatically indefinitely.
      • Damage from a trap will not cause the maker of the trap to be a candidate for a murder count.
    • Disarming the chest will not automatically unlock it.

Bank Checks
Bank checks will allow players to carry around large sums of gold to facilitate secure trading.

To get a bank check:
  • Go to the banker and say, "check #" where "#" is the amount of gold you wish the check to be worth (between 5,000 and 1,000,000 gold).
  • If you have the gold specified in your bank, a bank check of that value will be placed in your bank box and the gold will be removed.
  • The bank check will look like a scroll. When single clicked, the check will tell you its value.
  • If you do not have enough gold in your bank, you will receive a message letting you know the check was not created.

To redeem a bank check:

  • Drag the bank check onto a banker.
  • If you have enough room in your bank box, the banker will take the check and place the gold in your bank.
  • If you do not have enough room in your bank box, the banker will take the check and place as much gold in your bank as he can. The remaining gold will be given back to you in the form of a new bank check.
All bank checks are "blessed" which means they cannot be looted or stolen. Bank checks cannot be used to purchase items from NPC or player vendors.

Shopkeeper Changes

  • NPC shopkeepers will no longer have colored sandals. Evil NPC Mages will carry these items.
  • NPC shopkeepers will give a murder count when they die unless they are criminal or evil. The issue with murder counts from NPCs not decaying (as reported on Siege Perilous) will also be addressed.
  • If a shopkeeper is killed, a new shopkeeper will appear as soon as another player (other than the one that killed it) approaches.
  • Any shopkeeper that is currently [invulnerable] will lose that status except for stablemasters.

Changes to Skill Gain
Changes to the skill gain system to facilitate better gains and lessen the effectiveness of macroing.

  • The chance to learn a skill will be increased during the first hour of play each day for each character. Note this only affects the chance to increase a skill, not the chance to succeed in using it.
  • The rate at which non-difficulty based skills gain will befurther increased.
  • The skill usage table will no longer fluctuate based on how often skills are used.
  • Skill delays for the following skills will be shortened toone second.
    • Animal Lore
    • Arms Lore
    • Anatomy
    • Item Identification
    • Peacemaking
    • Provoking
    • Detect Hidden
    • Enticement
    • Evaluate Intelligence
    • Forensic Evaluation
    • Hiding
    • Sprit Speak
    • Stealth
    • Taste Identification
  • With skill gain being increased in general, we have made changes to make macroing no longer yield better skill gain results than normal game play.
    • Skills will generally require human intervention in order to raise them. In many ways, this is similar to raising animal taming (raising animal taming requires you to travel looking for animals to tame) since you will need to use a skill on different items/creatures in order to gain in it.

In addition, certain "secondary" skills will raise when using an associated skill (similar to the way tactics increases while using a combat skill). You will need to mark a skill as "up" in order for it raise in this manner.

  • Evaluate Intelligence can raise when Magery is used.
  • Anatomy can raise when either a melee skill or the healingskill is used.
  • Lumberjacking can raise when using an axe in melee.
  • Armslore can raise when a special wrestling move is used.
  • Meditation can raise whenever mana is regenerated.
  • Hiding can raise when Stealthing.
  • Detect Hidden can raise when attempting to pick a lock when a chest is trapped or when disarming a trap.
  • Animal Lore can raise when attempting to Tame.

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 3:03 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Madame Doria Romanov Reading Reported
 Hail and well met fellow travelers of Britannia.  I come before thee this fine eve to bring ye word of pressing matters in regards to Madame Doria Romanov and her reading.  There was quite an assortment of people there waiting to listen to Doria and even though some didn't see quite eye to eye, civility won out and McCoy and I were able to bring this important news, along with a few "scribeshots" of the event.  Even though there was some banter between people attending, this article will mainly focus upon the reading itself.  Here is what Madame Doria had to say:

Vladimir Taltos: Hail and well met, Madame Doria.
Doria Romanov: Hail to thee sir, glad to have thee.
Vladimir Taltos: Glad to have made it...  Hail to all else.
Jaerik Rohan: *nods at Vladimir*
Ugluk: Ugluk finally meets Vladimir
Ugluk: Guud to meet you
Morgan Le Fey: An interesting group we make, aye?  All here for one reason or another...  take tha' Locke...
Ugluk: Ugluk have many allies here *grins*
DR: True, welcome folks!  Settle in and find a seat if thou wishest.  (And) Let us begin...
Vladimir Taltos: Please, let us...
DR: Since so many folks are focused on the town attacks and the fall of Trinsic, tonight we'll have a psychic reading on the town invasions.  It doth require much concentration to gaze into my crystal ball, so prithee hold thy questions during the psychic reading.

*breathes deeply and holds hands over crystal ball *
*goes into trance *

First I am looking at the leaders of the invasions, which may give us clues on how to defeat them.  I see that behind all this is an ancient evil, a sorceress of incredible power.  Her followers call her "The Mistress" or "The Dark Mistress."  She is very old, though her powerful magic hath allowed her to keep her shapely figure.
 She hateth Lord British, and seeketh to conquer our entire land. The Mistress hath several battle leaders.  Her main general is Keeonean, a human mage warrior with golden hair and skin of purple hue.  Keeonean and his orc army have attacked Yew again and again, but each time the valiant defenders of Yew have driven him away.  He is a fierce and ruthless general who lives to serve the Mistress.  Keeonean was first seen in our land at Yuletide, when he kidnapped Lord British's friend, Lord Nicolas.  Even then he served the Mistress.
 Vesper is repeatedly attacked by a troll army, led by G'Ruagak, a huge golden troll.  He is attempting to unite all the trolls and drive all humans from the northeast lands around Vesper.  G'Ruagak hath been telling those who fight him that he is much tougher than his uncles, G'Splat and G'Thunk.  I get the impression that G'Ruagak did not have admiration for the memory of his famous uncles, but that he hated them.
 A gazer fiend commands the gazers and headless which attack Cove.  In the new lands the towns of Papua and Delucia are at times, but no particular matriarch or leader doth appear to be leading them.
The commander of the undead in Trinsic is Juo'nar.  Though he hath the form of a large green lich, at one time he was human.  He feeleth that Trinsic hath wronged him, and he wisheth revenge upon the city.  Other powerful undead follow Juo'nar's orders, amongst them a black shadow Liche commander and several skeleton shadow knights of preternatural strength.  Two or three huge daemons of enormous strength have also led massive attacks on Trinsic.
 The most recent leader to join the Mistress is Malabelle.  At one time Malabelle was a good person, a young mage of moderate power.  Then,  the Mistress manipulated Malabelle to join her.  Malabelle hateth Lord British, believing that he slew her lover.  She hath led her army of lizardmen and ratmen against the city of Britain.  Her troops also guard the road betwixt Trinsic and Britain.  I sense an inner struggle going on within Malabelle.  While the Dark Mistress hath turned Malabelle from her former good ways, and Malabelle is now siding more with the Mistress than e'er before she is not entirely dedicated to the Mistress in the way the other leaders are.
 While previously the leaders were not coordinating their battle plans, each striking as they willed without consulting the others, this hath now changed.  Now the leaders at times consult with each other to coordinate their efforts.  An example of this was on the eve that Trinsic fell.  By pre-arrangement Keeonean attacked Yew and G'Ruagak attacked Vesper not long before the attack on Trinsic.  With some of our brave warriors diverted to Yew and Vesper, Malabelle then joined with Juo'nar, and together Juo'nar and Malabelle attacked Trinsic with such devastating force that Trinsic fell.

*gazes more intently into crystal ball *

 Now I am looking at the energy of Trinsic, to see if Trinsic can be liberated.  The answer is... aye, Trinsic can be freed!  Organizing and gathering the United Sosarian Army is a step in the right direction, for many brave warriors will be needed to reclaim Trinsic.  Although hit and run skirmishes in Trinsic by our warriors do have value, such forays alone are not enough to free the city.  No matter how large a force we can gather, there is still ...something ..

*struggles to see more*

'Tis difficult to see more about Trinsic for the Mistress herself hath woven powerful magics which prevent any psychic from seeing how she controlleth Trinsic.  Both Malabelle and Juo'nar were responsible for Trinsic's fall.  In some way, Malabelle is connected with the freeing of Trinsic.
 I see... something new ... a new building hath appeared in Trinsic which was not in the city ere the fall.  This new building in Trinsic is a dark shrine radiating an evil power.  I am not certain if this dark shrine is new in the city... and at that time invisible to the human eye... and now it has become visible... I cannot see more about this dark temple in Trinsic or its purpose.

*gazes deeply into crystal ball *

I see ... I see the face of the person who is the key to liberating Trinsic... 'Tis Joye, the librarian of Britain.  The librarian is very frightened and shaking with fear like a scared rabbit.  She hath information that is so important that Juo'nar is trying to slay her.  Joye was at the library last Sunday eve, when many monsters attacked and tried to slay her.  She was so terrified she ran from the library to a distant place where she is now hiding.  After the battle at the library a ghost named "Joye" was seen, but 'twas an impostor ghost pretending to be Joye.  The real Joye alive and in peril.  Joye must be kept alive at all costs, for she hath information that could ultimately lead to freeing Trinsic.  She is so terrified she hath sworn not to reveal her secrets.  She knoweth not whom to trust and whom to avoid.

*looks at Morgan Le Fay and then gazes at Crystal Ball again*

 If thou wishest to liberate Trinsic thy task is not only to find Joye, but also to calm her and gain her trust enough to convince her to reveal what she knoweth.  I know that most of ye want to know if there is any kind of action ye can take now... Aye, there is something ye can do, and ye can do it this very eve.  A female thief by the name of Triannon saw Joye run away and knoweth where she is hiding.  If ye meet with Triannon just outside the (castle) gate in Britain this eve (Wednesday the 23rd) at 9 PM [PST] o' the clock, ye may discover where Joye is.

*concentrates on crystal ball again*

 If ye do as the thief bids, she may reveal the location where Joye is hiding.  The thief will keep her part of the bargain if ye do as she wishes, yet what she asks of ye may be more than ye want to give.

*breathes deeply and comes out of trance *

DR: I am weary and the crystal ball groweth cloudy. I see no more... *blinks and moves head slowly*
Belgarath: Burn the witch, she speaks lies!
DR: Aye Elise?
Elise: Did you see the area where Joye is? Could you describe it?
DR: Sorry I see naught of Joye's location
Vladimir Taltos: *hands Doria some water*
DR: Only the thief knows this
Justin Allard: Doria... how will what she ask be more then we could give?
Janos Antero: Two more if I may?
Johanis Wyndsage: And how do you know of this Thief’s location?
DR: Sometimes the crystal ball reveals and sometimes it conceals.  Justin, thou must take this up with the thief.  *smiles*
Morgan Le Fey: Per'aps she wishes ye tae kill British
Justin Allard: *grins at that thought* Very... soothing...
Elise: You can do that. (directed towards Morgan)
Morgan Le Fey: That would be a pleasant thought.
Chloe: *laughs*
DR: Johanis... I know the location of the thief because the crystal ball showed it.
Elise: Oh I forgot.. you work for him.
Morgan Le Fey: Me? Help you? *laugh*
Belgarath: Well, our Lord is never seen... so that would be a difficult task
Chloe: well that would defeat the purpose of all of this.
Tear: hurmph.
Johanis Wyndsage: *laughs* I'm sure.. it did.  Very well.
DR: Any other ideas or comments on this?
Vladimir Taltos: I have two questions, Madame...
Justin Allard: Yes, I have one.
DR: Vladimir?
Vladimir Taltos: What do ye know about these Trammel Moonstones I have been seeing?
DR: This reading was about the battle leaders and Trinsic... I saw no moonstones.
Skywise: It would appear that Malabelle may be a weak link
Justin Allard: did you see any sign of a weapon that can kill Juo'nar?
Ugluk: yub yub, Skywise
Elise: Has he said anything?
DR: Mayhap another time I shall look at that. *smiles*
Janos Antero: Doria if I may?
Justin Allard: Moonstones, hmm...
Johanis Wyndsage: Didn't think so.
Vladimir Taltos: Ok...
DR: Thou had a second question (Vlad) ?
Vladimir Taltos: Lastly, What Justin had asked, a weapon, a black mace to defeat Juo'nar?
McCoy: Mace of the undead
DR: Any other comments or discussion of these matters?
DR: Janos?
Birgitte: Does Malabelle know of the existence of this thief Triannon?
Janos Antero: Doria, if I may, Have you seen anything of the location of Minax her current whereabouts perhaps or where she has Tyball?
DR: Which gift mean thou?
Belgarath: your ability to see into the future
DR: I think it may have been inherited, sir... for my mother also had the second sight I am not a professional psychic in that I do not charge gold for it I do it when I think it might help others.
Belgarath: Mayhap, you are one of her minions, sent here to give us false information.
Janos Antero: Did ye hear me milady? My voice has been hoarse.  Doria, have you seen anything of Minax location now or perhaps where she is keeping Tyball?
DR: The crystal did not show the location of the Dark Mistress... She is a most powerful sorceress... and is sure to cover up where she is with her magics.
Janos Antero: *smiles* Indeed... and adept at cloaking herself I assume.
DR: Aye exactly! A cloaking.  The last time the Mistress was seen... she was outside the Court of Truth... when the warriors were selecting leaders, more than this, I cannot say...
Janos Antero: a tent of magic to protect herself that must be it of course.  Thank you.
DR: Let me gaze into my crystal a moment... *goes into trance*
DR: I see... I see Tyball is held captive... but I do not know the location... 'tis dark... very dark... He is still alive. *comes out of trance* That is all I see. McCoy...?  I did not see any maces in the crystal.  The crystal ball shows some things and at other times hath a mind of its own! *laughs and then suddenly looks tired* Folks, it hath been a pleasure to have thee... but I do grow weary...
McCoy: Thank you for your help, Madame.
DR: I will have meetings in my tent each Tuesday at 7 o' the clock... So ye are welcome to return other eves. *Smiles*
VT: Thank ye for thy time Madame Doria... Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.

    As ye can see, the reading was quite interesting and there will be future readings every Tuesday night at 7pm PST at Madame Doria's tent located in Skara Brae.  Other people who attended this function, besides who's names did get mentioned were General Gaunt, Lord Jaerik Rohan, Ugluk the Orc, and many others who popped in and out periodically.  May we take this information and make good use of it so that Minax and her clan can be put down once and for all.  Long live the Cause...  The Cause of Freedom for all Britannia and may the Great I Am bless us in all are biddings. Bones and I have a thief to meet in Britain, named Triannon.

Safe Journeys, signing off, this is War Reporter...

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 2:19 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Yew under Assault!
Sir Ragnar sends us the following scroll accounting of recent events in Yew:

Hail, I send this scroll to thee with the upmost urgency. Legions of monsters, presumably under command of the Dark Mistress, marched on Yew last night. More attacks are surley planned. I have written an account of the battle, hopefully future defenders can use the information therin for the next wave of assults.

It began as many nights in Yew did, merchants scurrying about, hawking thier wares near the abbey. Farmers were busy tending the sheep in the pens. Woodsmen furoiusly chopping wood, crafting bows and staves. Sir Grot, Guildmaster of CGG, Sir Tiberius, Knight Banneret of the Eagle, CGG, and I, Ragnar, Knight of the Rose, CGG, were having a few ales in our tavern.

The subject of gold came up, as it often does in this land, and we all decided to travel to the town and check our bank boxes. While walking there, I recieved an urgent page from Sara Gules, "Yew is under siege!!" We quickly ran the rest of the way, and were met by a massive army.

A few paces from the abbey, we were stopped by the sheer numbers of enemies; orcs, orcish mages, ogres, ettins, giant serpents, and giant spiders rushed our small group from all sides. We fought well, Sir Grot swinging his mighty war axe, I firing my bow as quickly as I could, while Sir Tiberius galloped about on his horse, hurling spell after spell of fire and lightning down on the hordes. Defense forces began to trickle in: LDH joined the fray all the way from Cove, YEW began to send warriors to town, and the valiant AoE came in earnest. Private citizens of Yew and the surrounding countryside, as well as the above mentioned guilds, turned the tide in our favor, the battle ending when our group met Sara Gules and Crystal of POC in the middle.

After healing the wounded and raising the dead, we began to regroup, and many warriors fanned out into the main town, looking for more enemy. I again received another pigeon from Sara as I tended to my wounds and broken weapons. She warned that more hordes were trying to free the orc prisoner held in the jail, and the Court of Truth was under siege.

Many of us quickly began to fight our way to the courthouse. I was joined by Sir DENE, Knight Banneret of the Eagle, CGG. Sir DENE and I fought hard, but were pinned outside the main gates of the courthouse by giant black widows, orgres, orcs, orc mages, ettins, and more of those damn giant serpents. We were able to make entry only after Sir WEEHAWK, Knight Commander of CGG met with us at the gates, along with Air Nymph and a few warriors from YEW whos names I did not catch. We quickly fought through the court, and after dispatching what seemed like hundreds of orcish mages, we reached the jail to find the orc prisoner.

Naturally, Sara Gules and Crystal were there watching over the orc, with members of LDH, most notably Gaal, guarding the entrances. Some of our group then broke off and went outside, to battle the rising count of monsters appearing on the prison isle. Many of us stayed with the prisoner, both to guard it, and question the two Order Guards left there to watch over it.

After much battle, the day was won by many brave adventurers. Sara and I talked, and it was then I believe she had a premonition of more attacks to follow. I for one have learned to trust her instincts, and would dispatch an entire army on the premise of one of her hunches.

This is why I urge all of you to come to Yew, and do not allow the prisoner to be taken. If Lord British and his men are not able to question the orc, it might spell doom for all of Britiannia, not just Yew.

Sir Ragnar, Knight of the Rose, Company of the Golden Gorger

Thank ye, Sir Ragnar!

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 12:59 PM EST by Satyr (SiegePerilous)

All Defenders Needed in Yew
Again from Sara Gules, this scroll reached our offices today:
Last night(02/23/00), Keeonean's army again invaded Yew. The Mistress sent the largest attack on Yew yet to kill off one messly orc prisoner. The assault began a little after 9pm(CST) and lasted until 11pm(CST). All areas of Yew were attacked: the abbey, city, courts and inside & outside of the prison.

Attackers had in their ranks all manner of orcs, plus ettins, ogres, giant spiders, and giant serpants. Three giant black widow spiders were sent after the orc inside the prison! I wonder what critical information does this orc know!?!

Please come and help defend the fare city of Yew from these villainous forces. Also, be on the look out for Sir Greoffrey, Lord Iolo, Selzhanik and any mystery green robed Seers.

Note: Keeonean has not been seen on Siege.

Beh to all.

Sara Gules
Wandering Healer PoC

Thanks again, Sara!

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 12:42 PM EST by Satyr (SiegePerilous)

Something New in Yew!
Wandering Healer Sara Gules sends us the following scroll:
And now for something new in Yew

Last night(02/21/00) Yew received an large attack. Among the forces that assaulted Yew were the standard orcs, plus ettins, giant spiders and giant serpents.

These forces may have been sent by the coward Keeonean in order to kill the orc prisoner or the interrogators or both. The minions failed to reach any near the prison due to the efforts of defenders that responded quickly to the call to arms.

The orc prisoner, Yukblug, is safely in the Yew prison guarded by Lord British's order guards, Egan and Flynn.

These guards have inform us that Sir Geoffrey has decreed that Selzhanik be the first to interrogate the prisoner.

The game is afoot in Yew. *CCHHEEEERRSS* It is possible that we may actually get to see Sir Geoffrey or Selzhanik. Please be on the look out for any of Lord British's servants in the Yew area.

Sara Gules
Wandering Healer of PoC

Thanks Sara!

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 12:35 PM EST by Satyr (SiegePerilous)

Live from the Britain Graveyard
Nephalia D'laine reporting live from the Britain Graveyard
Hail all fine denizens of Brittania. Another warning from the fair City of Britain, as well as a strange appearing. The Britain Graveyard and the surrounding areas have been seeing increased attacks from zombies, lichs, and various skeleton warriors. Nothing very strange about that, when these zombies have been vanquished, upon looking at their bodies, one can find items. This includes gold and usually some body part. Body parts found by myself and nearby warriors include "a head," "a arm," "entrails," and "a body part." Aside from the "a body part" all are similar to the items found on a shipwreck, without the "recovered from a shipwreck" title. The "body part" is quite hard to describe, but I will provide a picture soon. *Eep!* I fear that as I write, another horde attacks, and I must be off. Fare thee well and beware!
Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 11:39 AM EST by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

Lair of the white rabbit
There are worse things in this world than orcs, liches and gazers. Let me tell a tale of the most fearsome foe it has ever been my misfortune to encounter:

Rabbit stew, rabbit pie, rabbit soup - I thought it was all some beautiful dream. As I stood and passed the time of day with friends in Deepwater, rabbits seemed to roam everywhere, and naturally I got out my crossbow and shot them down. My pot would be full tonight, and for many days to come.

Many people gleefully joined in the rabbit cull, cutting the creatures down as they frolicked around the fountain. Even young Tara forgave me for killing one she had taken as a pet, when I cooked it on a campfire and allowed her to share the beautiful meat.

As quickly as it had begun, it was over. While my old friend Dardan the stuffy mage insisted on puzzling over the appearance of the rabbits, the rest of us discussed Trinsic, ale and other important matters.

It was then a gentleman dressed in white appeared. His name, I learned, was Mesoran. And he appeared to be looking for something. Curious, I asked what it might be.

This strange fellow replied that he was seeking a rabbit. A rare rabbit. A white rabbit. Curiouser still, I inquired - did it, perchance, belong to him?

When he replied that it was so, I feared I may have eaten his pet and naturally denied all knowledge of any rabbits, or small mammals of any description. No rabbits in Deepwater, I insisted. But this minor conceit was ruined by my friends, who insisted on revealing the truth.

Well the gentleman Mesoran gave a most disturbing account. It seems he is some sort of alchemist - though young Tara called him a "necrothingy" - working on a scheme to benefit mankind by taking the parts of dead creatures, sewing them together and restoring the spark of life.

He told us: "You know the "Summon Creature" spell - that spell allows for the creation of living matter for a limited amount of time. I have altered the spell a little and came up with a technique for animating existing tissue which can be adapted to form custom creatures."

Rats, for example, he has made stronger and smarter than normal ones. But the latest experiment, which he blamed on an assistant, had gone horribly wrong. The creature, which I suppose must be called Mesoran's Rabbit, did what rabbits do naturally - only much more often. Hence the unusually large number of the beasts.

Well he left, to continue his search. But in his absence we noticed . . . the white rabbit itself, skipping out of the woods. Did I mention it was ten times stronger than the average rabbit, and known to bite? Naturally, I stood well back.

With help from a passing tamer, who may have been called Gnidlog, we lured the beast into the top of the Owls Eye tavern and locked it inside. But the town was set upon by harpies, dire wolves and orcs! There was much clomping, and Tara, Muriell and Dardan Brook bravely sent the white creature to bunny heaven, suspecting it may be somehow responsible.

Mesoran returned, and was greeted by the wrath of Deepwater. Krag the ogre wanted to clomp him, but he explained that harpies and dire wolves preyed on rabbits and had probably come seeking food. He admitted, however, the orcs were something of a mystery.

The townspeople attempted to dissuade him from any further experiments. Yet he would not listen, declaring: "The animation process promises to have many applications after it is made more reliable. Just think of having a pet made after your wishes and needs." He even took a sample from a giant spider.

Well this man has plainly read far too many books, which drives any person mad, and it came as no surprise to me that old man Dardan, also a scholar, wished to discuss his methods further. Mesoran had even talked at one stage of publicly demonstrating his methods, which I sincerely hope someone will prevent.

He left, and I for one was glad. But at least I had some rabbit steaks in my backpack to take home to my wife . . .

The moral of this tale is, if you want stew try the Cats Eye Tavern in Britain and do not go chasing rabbits. Most of all, avoid white rabbits and never follow them down holes.

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 8:30 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

UOLS Opens "Crisis In Britannia" Site
Our good friend, Talanithus of UOLS sent us an email regarding a new, valuable resource UOLS has provided for the populous...
Interested in staying up to date on the Invasion of Brittania? Then check out the new Quest section of UOLS covering the recent "Crisis in Brittania" throughout the lands HERE! You can also access the Crisis in Brittania Quest section by clicking on "Quest" and then "Crisis in Brittania" in the UOLS Menu, or by linking directly to the site at URL

I hope you enjoy it!

Talanithus Tarant
UOLS Editor
Thankee, Tal!
Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 6:17 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Gathered Spirits’ Festival of Spirits this March
Lady Juffa Archui asked me to post the following
This year’s Festival of Spirits, the Gathered Spirits Community’s largest and most exciting annual event, will be held on Saturday March 11th. The Festival of Spirits, a festival held to celebrate the courage, innovation, resolve and spirit (be it for a good cause, or for bad!) of all Britannians, was first held some months after the founding of the Gathered Spirits Tavern nearly two years ago. We will be continuing the tradition this March by aiming to provide a vast amount of fun and excitement to all Britannians who choose to come by offering a variety of special services on the evening.

The following events and services have been planned so far:

Murder Mystery
Merchant Faire
Guild Stalls
Archery Contest
Trade Skills Seminar
House Embezzlement
Trainers Champion Tournament
Launch of the Gathered Spirits Treasure Library

There will certainly be many more to come as planning continues! Any guilds, organizations or individuals who are interested in running an event at the Festival should contact me through the winds (ICQ: 4232188) or pigeon (Email: [email protected]) as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Gathered Spirits continues to offer ongoing services to Britannians. Our bartenders are behind the bar, ready to serve you, between 7pm and 9pm PST Thursday through Monday, and longer on some days. More information about our regular services, about the Gathered Spirits Community, and about ways for you to get involved can be found at our website, recently redesigned:

The Festival of Spirits will take place at the Gathered Spirits Tavern and on the Gathered Spirits Community Island on 11th March from 6:00pm to 10:00pm Pacific Standard Time. Make sure you note the date in your diary!

Sounds like fun, I look forward to attending.
Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 6:03 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

Reminder! Last Chance to Enter IFC House Giveaway!
Earnst sent in the following
Reminder! Last Chance to Enter IFC House Giveaway!

A reminder to everyone that this Friday, February 25th, is your last chance to purchase a key for the IFC house giveaway.

Keys are just 10000 gold per key, and there is a two key maximum purchase.

On Friday, 7:30-8pm, PST, gates will be opened from the Papua bank to the IFC, for you to come and pick up the rune to the location of the house.

To purchase a rune, contact me via icq at #12579937 and please include "House Keys" in your request for authorization. We will arrange a time to meet and perform the transaction.

Good luck, and may the Æsir keep you!

Earnst, IFC

Thankyou Earnst, and good luck to all who participate!

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 5:52 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

Lord Nicolus and the gem of the moon
The history of Sosaria is unfolding before our eyes, in blood, fear and destruction. Yet mayhaps beneath the surface there is more transpiring here than a series of violent battles. One adventurer has delved into the story behind recent events and here shares with us his findings:

Let me please introduce myself. I am Gwynneth, humble member of a guild known as "Keepers of the Elements". I wander the valleys, hills and deep forests of Sosaria in order to gain a deeper insight into what drives mankind.

A great evil has befallen our lands, 300 years after evil incarnate, the mighty wizard Mondain, was slain by a stranger. The name of the evil is Minax, or so do many bards name her. I am aware that you all know this for sure, and you may have met her lieutenants during battle.

Last December the kind Lord Nicolus was kidnapped by henchmen of this vile mistress. During the search for Lord Nicolus, three outposts were revealed - one near Trinsic, one near Dungeon Wrong and one near Vesper. Lord Nicolus was held prisoner in a strange ice cave, filled with monsters normally only found in the lost lands. A party of bold and valiant adventurers traveled to this cave and rescued him.

Interesting is that a gate to this cave was opened with a strange gem. The fact monsters were found in this ice cave, and this new kind of moongate, lead me to the conclusion the hideout of the evil forces might be either hidden somewhere in the lost world, or more likely hidden in another yet unknown dimension or world.

Shortly after the resuce of Lord Nicolus, the attacks on the following cities of Britannia started: Trinsic, Vesper and Yew, which where targets of stronger assaults; and Britain, Cove, Delucia and Papua, with fewer and weaker attacks.

Some theories about the use of the outposts have been brought up - an interesting fact is, there is an outpost near Trinsic and Vesper, but none near Yew. Some rumors state the outposts are used as portals to Britannia, but this could not be proved. More interesting and well known is the fact that Minax's lieutenants are linked to the history of their areas of operation.

The golden troll claims Vesper as troll-land and J'Uonar was once a paladin of Trinsic and Follower of Armageddon. In my humble opinion, the key to defeating the evil lies within our history.

I travelled to the Lycaeum and Empath Abbey to learn at the great libraries. . . Besides finding something about the gate, I found notes on an ancient prophecy saying the death of Mondain would be revenged by a powerful mistress connected to him. I found some hints for a widely unknown type of moongate which could be opened with the help of a "gem of the moon". Maybe the gem used to open the gate to Lord Nicolus' prison was such a gem? Also during the first attacks on Vesper, some precious gem was stolen from Vesper bank by the attackers. The local lords refused to give me any informations on this gem, but some of the relicts of Mondain were stored in Vesper - maybe this gem was once in the posession of Mondain?!

But where does all this leads us to? The hideout of the evil might be an unreachable place. The forces of evil are linked to the history of their area of operation as the evil mistress Minax is linked to Sosarian history. In my humble opinion we only can try to find more information about the moongates - this may lead us to their stronghold.

The key to victory over the evil lords lies within history. . .

I'm sorry I couldn't offer more than my thoughts on this matter, but maybe they might help you all in your valiant struggle.

May the virtues guard us all!
Gwynneth of KoE

Very many thanks Gwynneth. While the battles to defend our cities have taxed the bravery and strength of many warriors, the battle to understand the meaning of these events is mayhaps an even harder task. As always, I have no way of knowing if your theories are right but I hope you, and other adventurers, will continue to share them with us.

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 4:54 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Investigating the dark temple
The strange new structure in Trinsic was the subject of an investigation:

Hail All, I received this report from Hatsumomo, one of our scouts in Trinsic, about a strange structure on the roof of one of the buildings there which appeared after the attack on Sunday:

"I have bad news for you. I went to Trinsic the other night to scout the area and to have a confirmation of some rumours I heard. As I approched the city's tainted walls, still blackened by magical fires and dried blood, there was an eery feeling. The barricades were still in place but no sounds emanated from within. I found a means to enter; the streets were empty, no sign of the epic battle. Then I heard some voices coming from the Main Bank. Cautiously I went there and then I saw it: A dark structure built on the Trinsic Hall roof. The Voices were those of adventurers who had come to investigate here, but no one had any ideas about this evil construct's purpose. I decided to go nearer to it but then squads of undeads appeared and after killing a few I had to retreat, still crippled by the wounds I received during the epic battle for Trinsic 'liberation'.

"Hatsumomo, Novice Ranger."

We have since further investigated this structure and found that the faces are some kind of magical door and there appears to be locked doors at the top.

The pentagrams are magical teleporters that take you to other parts of the city. We also tried using the strange new Trammel moonstones to no avail.

This strange structure looks to be a thing of mystery and would require minds greater than that of mine to fathom.

Srg Druss
Of the Skara Brae Rangers


Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 4:39 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

In Concept - Mind Blast
The following was just posted to In Concept on the Ultima Online Website:

Mind Blast

The mind blast spell will now deal damage based on the overall "balance" of the character targeted. Characters with more equally balanced statistics (Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence) will now take less damage from mind blast. Those with less balanced statistics, for instance 100/100/25, will take more damage from the spell. The amount of damage done by the spell will never exceed 60% of the max hit points of the target. Also, the spell will also not do more than 40 hit points of damage.

This change will make the mind blast spell more useful in combat. If you have any comments about this feature, please provide us with feedback by clicking here.

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000, 3:54 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Further Revelations from the Yew Crypts
As the threat of undead massing in the Yew Crypts grows, so too has the attentions of good forces to see it haulted before the fate of Trinsic is repeated. Below, an account from Syn Mjollnir of the Knights of Virtue's foray to this darker than usual locale.

Hail and well met.  I am Syn Mjollnir, of the Order of the Knights of Virtue.  My Lord Arkos and Lady Wisper, have dedicated our guild to fighting the undead menace running rampant in our land of late.  We have made numerous forays into Trinsic to stem the terrible tide of evil and darkness which has overrun that once beautiful and peaceful city. Recent events in Yew however have diverted our focus from Juo'nar to the new menace of Lord Ventryn, the Black Liche, and his henchman Lord Ghaleon, Of MED.

Earlier today my Lady Wisper encountered Ventryn, and was slain by him. Before she perished in a valiant attempt to rid Britannia of this defiler, she observed groups of sycophants in red robes flocking to the side of the liche.

This evening we returned to the Yew Crypts to confront the Horror.  He greeted our party in the opening passages with a warning to leave this place, emphasized with a few pathetic meteor showers flung at us as some kind of feeble intimidation.  We pressed on through a small crowd of undead to Ventryn's inner sanctum, where we interrupted some grisly rite being performed with the new humanoid members of his growing army.  He spoke briefly to us, and once again rained a few pathetic meteor showers at us.  We easily regrouped, healed each other, and began the attack.

We were quick to realize that Wisper's earlier reconnaissance into Ventryn's powers was accurate.  No amount of magic could injure him, but our weapons of silver were effective in delivering some damage.  However several times during our attack on him, we could not seem to target the liche, no matter how many times we trained our weapons on him or went into combat readiness.  This was very frustrating, and slightly alarming, for it seems that no matter how much damage the monstrosity takes, at any time during the battle he can render our weapons useless, providing a needed breather for himself.

During this attack, the red robed neophytes milled around stupidly, not knowing what to do, or too scared to take any action.  My Lord Arkos declared any human that was flagged a criminal in the aid of Ventryn or Ghaleon would receive no mercy at the hands of OKV, and would be dispatched quickly to join the black one in his undead state.

My final observation is a puzzling and disturbing one.  Ventryn did not put up much resistance to our attack, but did not seem to need any defense due to his strange ability to put combat in abeyance.  Several times during the struggle Ghaleon walked past a pentagram on the floor, and sat upon a black throne.  Seemingly at his feet was a swirling, wraithlike head, with the title Lost Souls.  I do not know if these are the tortured ka's of the poor innocents slaughtered in the struggle, or the damned for eternity souls of the misguided refuse of society which have thrown their lot in with Ventryn.  Only time will tell.  Mayhaps time we do not have.

Thank you again to the Knights of Virtue for their diligence and this report.

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 5:37 PM EST by Mouser (Catskills)

PvP Competition rule changes
Due to popular demand I decided to change the following rules to make it more fun:-

Trap boxes allowed! I decided duel length won't be a factor with everyone having low resist, so this rule of no trap boxes has now been taken out.

Potions and magic can be used freely! Yes, I think I was on some Yew Wine when I thought of this rule. Basicly, potions are back in, BUT no more than 8 greater heal ones allowed.

NO poison weapons. Forgot to mension this one. Simple =).

Duel judging rules have changed! Most importantly, there will be no time limit. I think I was high on something when I made a time limit aswell :P.

I hope this gets lots more people to sign up =). Just remember, 500gp fee, huge prize money, and lots of fun on the night. It's still the 26th of Feburary, you can participate on the day, or reserve a spot by e-mailing me @ [email protected] and just sya your character name =).

I hope there are more participants now =)

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 4:10 PM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

Important Update on Pending Meetings
    Hail and well met fellow adventurers!  I was checking my sources while restocking from trip to Trinsic and discovered on the Sonoma Notepads Site a very important piece of information.  This information deals directly with psychic reading to be done by Doria Romanov.  I feel it is in thy best interest to investigate this matter further.  If ye feel so inclined, please click on the link provided below so that ye may view the message for thyself.  This post was made by Stav Korwell of the Sonoma Gazette.

Thank you Stav!  May the Great I Am bless thee in thy endevours.

    On another note...  The meeting to be held Tuesday night, February 22,  with the "Trustworthy" theif, Trianon at 9pm PST just south of the library by the castle gates in Britain has been moved to Wednesday night, February 23, at 9pm PST in the same location, just a day later.  This should prove interesting, to say the least.  Question is, should we trust this Trianon as far as we could throw her?  I guess only time will tell.

Safe Journeys to thee, signing off, this is...

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 4:04 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Lich Soulstealer Voices Demands of Juo'nar
     Tonight a personal meeting was held between Lord Jayden Ceandryl and I, Lich  Soulstealer, Herald of Jou'Nar.  Although our armies advance northward we  will not attack the town of Ceandryl unless they get in our way.  Contrary to many beliefs our forces are getting stronger and while we have not unleashed our full power, do not underestimate us.  We now have the Dark  Tower built in Trinsic and it shall serve as a HeadQuarters to us in our city.  Jou'Nar would also like to thank the warriors who die everyday in  the city.  There bones fule our army more than they know.
    To Lady Birmingham and the leaders of this so called resistance: Your wasting your time in our city.  You cannot win as our forces shall be increased in our city.  I would also like to Meet with Lady Birmingham and the "Resistance" leaders at either the Mage Tower or in my Crypt outside Yew.  This meeting can enlighten those on Trinsic's future and the misconseption about all this "Hunting for Jou'nar's body" rumor.

Lich Soulstealer
Herald and Messenger of Jou'Nar

Thanks Lich... I think...

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 3:39 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Poll Results are In - New Poll is Up
The result of last weeks poll clearly show that the majority of our readers is enjoying the current all-shard quest. Almost 75% thinks it's good or excellent, 25% thinks it's not so good or even bad.

This weeks poll is about how much time you spend every week on Ultima Online. Not only in-game but also time spent in IRC, on the web and so on. You have until next sunday to let us hear your vote.

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 2:08 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

Hans & Franz on Love, Romance, and Flirting
This just in from the creators of the great new toon, Life and Trials of Hans anf Franz:

We're proud to announce our latest "Life and Trials of Hans and Franz" toon!

This one is about roleplaying at its best... Love, romance, flirting... ahhh. Forget the PvP, monsters, magery, killing... Nothing can be so exciting in multiplayer computer game as the love story can be! Hans also hears the call of love, so he decides he must do something about it.....

Also, Hans and Franz have found a new home on internet! To see their adventures, you should go to:


Pug, Europa

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 7:36 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

Lizard hunt at the L.O.S.E.R.S Pub
This just in from C.J
Lizard hunt at the L.O.S.E.R.S Pub. Actually in the swamp in the L.O.S.E.R.S back yard. The hunt will take place 7PM Pacific Saturday night, February 26,2000 the rules:

1) Each contestant will come to the hunt carrying in their backpack only a weapon, reagents and potions in a bag dyed a color of your choice (preferably pink) someone will check to be sure each contestant has NO other items in his or her pack

2)Each person will work alone to kill and loot the lizards. no teams. no looting other peoples kills.

3) You may use any method you want to kill the lizards

4) At the end of the hunt (8PM) everyone will return to the Pub with the bags looted from the lizards. the person with the most bags will get all the loot from the hunt. to sign up e mail [email protected]or ICQ 15035968 IrmaDufus will be giving away runes to the Pub at various times all week at all the banks (except Trinsic). if you dont see her, ICQ me, and I'll get you one.

Thankyou C.J.
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 7:12 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

Newbie Battle Royal at the IFC!!!
This is from Earnst 8:30pm, PST.

So, you think you`re tough? You believe that there is very little that can stand against you? Come prove it!

In this event, participants can only bring a newly created character! Choose whatever skills you wish, whatever weapons you like, but, you will be snooped, you will be evaluated, and your strength gauged by professionals. No one, but NO ONE, who is carrying anything other than their beginning items, possessed of their beginning skills and attributes will be allowed to participate.

Entry fee is 100gold. The prize? 5000gold, which will be given to the character of your choice, and arranged through icq.

All newbies should begin in Moonglow, which would make it simpler for them to get to Papua. In Papua, gates will be opened from the bank from 7:45-8:30pm, PST.

So come and prove to us just how tough you really are.

For more information on the Icelandic Floating Community, visit our scrolls at:

May the Æsir keep you.

Earnst, IFC

Thankyou Earnst, me being a Newbie and all, I think I'll try to make it

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 7:07 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

GM Rock on Pet Changes
Ce'Nedra from the Stratics News Team recently spoke with GM Rock regarding the issue of Pet Changes in regard to them being in your home. In order to help clarify things, this is what he had to say:

The pet questions are pretty good ones... here is our policy as it stands:
  • if it's a monster, it goes away.
  • If it's a pet, but it has gone wild, it can stay for a little while...this is the sticky spot because everyone wants to know "How Many Are OK?", which is a valid question... so right now, our policy is "3" special types of animals (like horses or pack horses). This is sort of simplistic, and could be 'bent' based on the situation... (not three of each... three total... but maybe it's a guild tower so they can stay for now... it gets icky...)
  • If it's a tamable animal, but it's never been tamed, it goes away
  • If it's a hireling that hasn't been paid and is no longer loyal, he goes away
  • it gets sort of messy sometimes, and my explanation here seems messy too, so here's where this is going: Development is addressing the issue and will solve the situation eventually through things like pet loyalty duration increases, monster decay in houses, etc. This should help us with the grey area issues because they really shouldn't be policed by the support department, but they should be designed by the development department. :)

Hope this helps somewhat...

-GM Rock

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 7:07 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Formosa Publish Delay
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Website:

Formosa Publish Delay

Due to an unscheduled delay, the publish of features listed in Testing for the Next Update will not be available on the Formosa shard until after the shard's Friday, Feb. 26th (local time) scheduled maintenance. In the event of unscheduled downtime prior to the next scheduled Formosa maintenance, the shard will be updated with the latest publish when it returns. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 7:00 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Grand Opening of the Marsh Hall Tavern
We recieved this from Kat Bonesplitter
Greetings To one and all,

I am pleased to announce the Grand Opening of The Marsh Hall Tavern located in Vesper. This grand opening will take place on Saturday February 26 at 5pm PST. I invite everyone to come and enjoy this great event. There will be Door prizes to be handed out and 2 wonderful contests will take place within our doors. The first contest will be The Best Outfit award. Anyone and everyone is welcome to try out, the prize will be 10k in gold to the lucky guy or gal. Our next contest will be that of a more whimsical nature. A poetry contest where the lucky winner will win 5k in gold. Food and Drink will be present by our chef Sorcha and the Coordinator of this event will be Cernunnos our Grandmaster Carpenter and Blacksmith. So come one and all to this Glorious occasion and help us make this the best Grand Opening ever.


Kat Bonesplitter

Thankyou Kat Bonesplitter
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 6:57 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

Formosa Shard Opens Worldwide
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

Formosa Shard Opens Worldwide

We are pleased to announce the global opening of Formosa shard on February 23rd, local Taiwan time. Formosa is the 20th worldwide Ultima Online shard and the first to be located in Taiwan.

The shard's name means "the beautiful" in Portuguese, and dates back to the 1500's, when the island of Taiwan was discovered by Portuguese explorers.

Formosa is the 8th Asian Ultima Online shard, and is staffed by bilingual Taiwanese and English speaking Counselors and Game Masters. We are continuing to accept Counselor applicants for this shard, and are eager to hear from dedicated, bilingual UO players interested in these positions. For information on joining the UO Counselor program, and to fill out an online application, please visit

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 6:56 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

"You will follow the way of the fallen one"
On Sunday a vast army assembled at CLOWN Town and headed to Trinsic in an attempt to free it from Juo'nar's undead forces. We printed earlier a report from Pad O'Lion but I am pleased to present this further account:

....Many clowns and their allies had gathered on Clown Town, preparing themselves for the onslaught, you could ask anyone there however, no-one feared, all were ready to die to save their beloved Trinsic... We all knew deep within ourselves we must be victorious!

As the daylight dimmed, we were no sooner glaring at the unique blue aura of several moongates, we knew there would be no turning back, as Clowns, Skara Brae Rangers, and many many others poured through the gates into the once beautiful city of Trinsic.

I personally had been assigned the duty of securing the stables the other side of the town, with a small detachment of my clown brothers and sisters. As I slew many a undead fiend on the way, with many others involved in the melee as I ran by...

On my arrival at the stables, there was much combat, confusion and indeed carnage, alas of both sides, I rushed to help my Clown Brother Poi, alas I was two late, as the liches descended upon him, backed by a pair of evil Necromancers! They had paler skin, than anything I had seen before, as I hesitated for a moment, my own skin was scorched with flame, shield in hand, I charged at the nearer of the two, alas, the blasts of fire continued, as I began to fall, I heard them taunt "You will follow the way of the fallen one", my only retort.... "NEVER!"

I had fell, as many others did, but with great determination, team work and courage, those present overwhelmed the horrific undead forces, indeed, it was the first step in our hope to redeem the city of honour, no sooner were we breathing sighs of relief but another wave of undead, and dragons were upon us, what foul power doth the Minax, Juo'nar and company possess!

For the undead however, it was too little too late, as dragons were cut down where they stood! For a good time after there were no undead strikes in Trinsic, alas, I fear they will soon return after much of our forces depart... Juo'nar is the key, a key which will be seized, that I will promise thee, whilst I have a living breath within me!

Over all, I would like to thank all whom participated in the attack, same time next week?!

Paladin of Clown

A thrilling tale. Thank you.

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 6:48 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Quentin digs deep in Clown Town
The CLOWN's gained a new clue in their struggle to understand the gargoyle interest in their town in the run-up to Sunday's atempt to liberate Trinsic:

As we waited in Clown Town for all the Guilds to arrive, tension was mounting, for each man and woman knew of the task that lie ahead. The final preparations were being made amongst myself and several of the Guild Leaders, when I noticed behind me a foreign but familiar face.

I turned and was greeted by Quentin Smith the Archaeologist helping CLOWN with the Gargoyle presence. He explained he had given more thought to the ruins, and felt he must dig deeper for there certainly was something he must have been missing. We surrounded Quentin as he dug, deeper and deeper into the ruins. Then all of a sudden, from within the deep earth, about 8 Gargoyles appeared.

It was to the Gargs surprise though, because at that time there were more then 60 warriors in Clown Town, all battle ready for the Liberation of Trinsic. The gargoyles were brought down with lightning speed, and Quentin continued digging. Suddenly, he found something. Quentin brought it over and showed it to me. It was a small vial, not on like that of hair dye, however its contents looked and smelled of nothing familiar. He then brought the bottle to the Elder Clown, and explained he had to go through his library, and would be back again soon. With that he was off.

We then finished the final details of the insurgence into Trinsic, and then Catarina and I started opening gates . . .

After arriving in Trinsic we took up positions at the Barracks and the Stable, and it was eerily quiet. Then out of no where, a column of Undead warriors appeared walking past the stables, heading for the Barracks. We stood awstruck, as more then 100 Undead warriors proceeded to attack our forces. . . .

(The Emissary CLOWN)

Many thanks, and see above for news of what happened next in the City of Honour.

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 6:37 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Laughing Lich Tavern Update
Bjorn sent us the following
Hail once again all you brigands, vampires, and ghouls!

I am pleased to announce that the Laughing Lich Tavern(within the City of the Damned at the center of the hedge maze near Skara Brae) is once again open, and this Saturday the 26th starting at 9 pm PST, will be holding the Tournament of the Damned. This will entail three seperate tournaments a game, and a lotery. The first tournament will be 1 vs 1 fight. Next a 2 vs 2 team fight. Finally a Free For All slaughter.

Our game this week will be Roulette of the Damned. If you don't know the rules, each player will recieve a chest, and all of these chests will be GM tinker trapped except for one. All will open the chests and once, and whoever doesn't die wins. In our lottery, will ask for 3 numbers from every player(you may buy more then one ticket) and at the event will roll a cup of dice 3 times for the numbers.

All the tournaments and the game's winner will recieve 50% of that specific event's earnings for the night. In our lottery, I will ask for 3 numbers from every player(you may buy more then one ticket) and at the event will roll a cup of dice 3 times for the numbers. To enter the games, please send me a message via the Winds(ICQ) at 13615636 by the evening of Friday the 25th, and I will verbally confirm it with you. No entries will be taken after that point. You may enter any events you wish. Entries will be 1,000 gold per event, and a sepcial rate of 4,000 if you enter all 5(thats one game free for all the zombies out there who are bad with numbers.) After the games we will have a great feast in honor of the winners. As with all events at the Laughing Lich, please take all personal conflicts out of the City during business hours.
-Bjorn, Demonic Lord

Thankyou Bjorn
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 6:01 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

"Keeonean sat there with awful grin . . ."
Could the druid Jacob be a saviour to embattled Yew?

Keeonean wields power beyond natural.

This mayhaps does nay come as a surprise to people, but rest assured that I was impressed in a frightening way this last Saturday eve when Keeonean launched an attack on the Empath Abbey of Yew. Word reached me as I was sitting in the Owl's Eye in Deepwater that the evil Keeonean had attacked the abbey. With my magical abilities the abbey was only two steps away. I could hear the noise of mayhem and battle coming from outside the Abbey and started to run down the hall. In the corner of my eye I saw a huge shape laying in one of the libraries. An ettin had been killed and had pulled the door straight out of its sockets when it received the mortal strike and fell backwards. On one of the stairs I saw the first human corpse. One of the defenders had been slain, possibly battling with the ettin. My heart was filled with anger and hatred against these vicious attackers when I exited the abbey and looked out, over the mayhem outside.

Everywhere fighters were fending off orcs attacking them. I stood there in the middle of the battle for awhile. The fighting parties didn't seem to mind me standing there, perhaps neither one of them saw me as a threat.

All of a sudden I heard a whistling sound and had only time to throw myself aside. Beside me on his black steed sat Keeonean and his sword that he lashed down on me had cut deep into my shoulder. The pain was almost unbearable and when I looked up a visage of pure horror met me. Keeonean sat there with his awful grin laughing at me. I scrambled to my feet and darted off, holding down my arm and trying to stop it from bleeding. With some magical power I succeeded in closing the wound, but I had become weakened. I continued to run when the first wave of fire hit me from behind. I could sense the foul and corrupted usage of magic that Keeonean used to summon the fire and felt its burn. I used magic to heal myself again, but he only laughed and commanded his orcish fiends to attack with even more strength.

A few of them recognised me as a target. I could barely throw up the a shield of raw power between me and the orcs when I saw Alexandra sitting on the other side. He was playing his lute taunting Keeonean and pointing out his weaknesses to the orcs around. He even lied to the orcs about the dark horseman to the point where quite a few orcs turned the other way and started to approach Keeonean with bloodlust in their eyes. Then I heard his cry over the battlefield. "I shall battle you another day" Alexandra shouted and disappeared with energies of the recall still lingering in the air.

Alone and cornered, with the wall of energy as only protection between the raging horde and myself, I decided that it was for the best to retreat and find myself a steed. I left hearing the taunting words of the orcs that shook their weapons towards me. When I returned on the back of my trusted Oak the first word I heard was that a dragonrider had appeared and driven Keeonean away from the battlefield. Once again I stood surveying the battlefield, trying to help where I could.

Many were the forces that had been mustered this day. Guardsmen Militia of Yew, Custodes Fati, CLOWNs, Eternal Knights of the Circle, Deepwater Guards, Deepwater citizens, People of Sosaria and many many more formed a united force against the evils. Orcs from the Severed Heads and undead from the Followers of Tizumat were also seen. Whether they battled with Keeonean or against him in some twisted rivalry could nay be distinguished.

We battled for a long time, and everyone started to get weary. I stood by the doors to the Abbey when he came riding from the south. Wearing a red deermask and wielding a red staff he came riding on his horse. I had only heard word of him earlier and this was the first time I saw him with my own eyes. There was indeed something with him that was held an awesome presence. People started yelling. "Jacob is here!" "Fear not good people, Jacob has arrived!" "Now we can win, Jacob fights along our side."

The battle raged on but people had found the spirit again and in the end the good people of Yew stood victorious. Jacob told the masses that he would be back and then he rode off. He mentioned something about visiting Deepwater, but as I rode off to secure myself a rune to assist him he had already decided on some other course of action.

Jacob is amongst us following his own decisions. We can hope that he has the power to withstand the evil Keeonean. Even if he doesn't I will certainly serve the Abbey and her monks with what little knowledge I have. I call upon the good people of Sosaria to do the same since the Abbey has held its defences for us it is now time to lend her a hand to assist in times of trouble. Together we shall put an end to this Keeonean and his perverted ways.

Best regards
Dardan Brook
Resident of Deepwater

I also would like to know what role the Severed Head Orcs and those stinking undead play in all of this . . .

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 4:37 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Nystul appears in Britain
Dennar, of Dennar's Grand Bazaar and Tavern fame, has only recently begun to enjoy the fruits of his labors and set out on adventuring expeditions. In his younger years, he devoted his time entirely to studying bows and their craftsmanship. As his name became synonymous with find ranged weaponry, he became a merchant, delving into the trade circles, and from there the tavern and mall mogul that he is today. Therefore, it came as quite a surprise to him when he was strolling through Britain with Dark Seraph and found himself in the company of the king's own mage, Nystul, and in the center of a great adventure.

Nystul spoke erratically, in fragmented sentences with nebulous metaphors. He seemed apologetic, aware that he was not in a normal frame of mind. He explained that he was suffering from some sort of memory loss and spoke of dreams he'd had and voices he'd heard. Words he mentioned were: Bearer of the Snake, a pool of crimson behind the throne, Dupre, Iolo, and The Avatar. He advised, "Only the pure can vanquish," then advised that a graveyard south of Trinsic be sought, the burial place of three generals. He told of an ice cave north on an isle of Britain, vague information concerning black rocks and/or black mages.

High Court Justice Jonn Goodthorne, an amateur historian, shed some light on several of the topics mentioned by Nystul:

Dupre: He is the finest paladin in all Britannia...and old friend of Lord British (much like Iolo, and rumored to be not of this world, much like the King himself). He makes his home in Trinsic, and is noted for frequenting the many pubs and taverns of the land. He has short, dark hair and a trim, dark mustache, as well.

Iolo: A master bard hailing rom Britain. He also is a first-rate archer and bowyer. Like Dupre, he is an old friend of Lord British (and they say he comes from the same alien world as the other two). He is mainly known as the composer of the king's favorite song, "Stones".

The Avatar: Sadly, we have no Avatar yet, as when the Shrines were first created and the Virtues espoused, nobody was able to complete the Quest to become The Avatar. The quest involved learning the true way of each of the 8 Virtues and periods of meditation at each Shrine. Once enlightenment had been reached, the path to wisdom was to be made clear and Avatarhood status obtained. Nobody has ever been able to complete it.

A search party assembled to begin looking for the graveyard mentioned by Nystul. It is speculated your humble narrator that these were once the graves of Anmac Mallachtan and his brothers, Seth and Ba'ab. Anmac himself had said once, "Long ago, in a time so ancient I can think of no bookmarks for you to compare, we were generals... perhaps the finest these worlds will ever see..."

Possible resting place of Anmac & his brothers? One was found a fair ways from Trinsic, to the south as he'd said, which may possibly be the cemetary about which Nystul spoke. Three gravestones stood tall amid the smaller, broken ones. One red, one blue, one green, all towering above graves gaping open as if the earth had belched up the contents below.

Lestan & Aral Rubenzual live in a small cottage adjacent to the graveyard. They told that the gravestones had suddenly appeared a few months ago and the appearance had puzzled them. They had no clue as to where they might begin to seek answers, and since nothing else odd happened there, they dismissed it. By calculation, it is estimated that the raising of the stones came at Yuletide, when Lord Nicolus was captured. It is quite possible that this was when the brothers gained the release they yearned for from the Netherworld, brought back into the realm of the living by Minax's powerful magic.

The search continues for the ice cave, however. Areas scouted thus far include the island home of the Honesty shrine, the waters around Justice, and the entrance near Wrong to the Ice region of the Lost Lands. It is possible that the cave has been overlooked, so these areas are not necessarily to be discounted as possible locations of this arcane cave. The exploration abides, too, for another graveyard should the first prove not to be the correct one.

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 4:31 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

Vote for Counselor of the Month
Now is your chance to show the smurfs you love them:

Hail Friends!!!

Once again I call upon the players of the Europa shard to let me know who YOU want to see as honoured as the Counselor of the Month.

By now I am quite certain you know the Counselors there, if you would like a listing of them then please email me with your request. Otherwise, submit your votes! Let us know how were doing and what you think.

As always, send all correspondence to [email protected] by March 3, 2000!

Thank you all for your support, see you in Britannia!


Senior Counselor

Thank you Channa.

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 4:29 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Protect persecuted poultry!
Fenris is organising another of his controversial chicken fights:

The Spiritwood Tavern will host Chicken Fights again! So if you are interested in having a good time, come to the Spiritwood Tavern this thursday, February 24th, at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt). The chickens are ready and we hope you are too!

As the name suggests, chickens will be fighting each other. And the customers can buy chickens and make gold with them. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? One chicken costs 100 gold pieces so you can never lose a lot of gold. Of course you can win alot more! If your pet wins a fight, it will recieve a cetain amount of gold dependent on it's opponent. The value of the champion will also be doubled and given to the winner at the end of the event.

You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or write to me. I hope to see you all there! :-)

The Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

Sounds interesting.
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 4:24 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Malabelle in the midst of mayhem
Britain is still suffering:

As I was entering Britain I noticed hordes of lizardmen, ratmen and gazers very close to the first bank of Britain. As I rode forward to investigate I saw her Malabelle, the evil murderer, standing in the midst of these hordes, giving orders of attack.

She used magic to send me away, to bandage myself . . . The next time I arrived she was fighting a brave warrior, and a young female mage on the roof of the of the guardhouse. At first I hesitated as I approached, but then I decided to charge again. By this time, two more fine warriors had joined the fight. Now Malabelle seemed to be out of mana, as she was only throwing punches, instead of magical death. After a moment of fighting her she disappeared!

Sir Anatol
Knight Captain of The Crimson Eagles

. . . She was throwing spells at the defenders who were defending the town and trying to kill the giant amount of Lizardmen, Ratmen, Spiders, Scorpions and Gazers. As I got to attacking her, more warriors came ahead and did the same. We were about nine warriors pounding her at the same time, but as the more we pounded her with our weapons and magic, she did not seeem to die.

I have heard of this Jou'nar whom lead the attacks of Trinsic, is this the one leading the invasion of Britain? Just wanted to tell you all to be extremely careful approaching her, as she is inhumanly strong and fierce in the magic art. She cast spells like mad, never running out of mana! Or at least so it seemed... The battle last night was the biggest one I've witnesssed. We must Not let Britain fall like Trinsic did...

Warriors of Soldiers of the Realm

Many thanks for writing.
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 4:14 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

A prophecy of dragons
One of Vesper's defenders found a chilling message from Minax:

Lord British does not care about Vesper.

Last night, myself, Lady Vana of Vesper, Roget de Vallion and James Kirk went to the throne room of Lord British's castle and after asking one of his advisors if we could see him as we had information about the Dread Lady Minax, we waited for over an hour and a half to deliver this.

The information is in the form of a book, written by her, foretelling a great battle. This bodes ill is she is the one controlling Juo'nar and G'ruagak for the book foretells a battle involving Dragons. As Lord British does not care for he did not come to read the book, we have placed the book on the table in The Pot Shop, in the west side of Vesper. It is titled "The Fight". I suggest that as many warriors are as able, read this and think on it's words.

Lord British sits in his castle, uncaring about the plight and suffering in the world and he will only care when his own fat hide is threatened, then, where will the defenders be? Perhaps they will be as uncaring as he is and simply stand by and watch him die.

I wish thee well

Lady Jennifer
Master Warrior of OR
Defender of Vesper

Sadly, I doubt the book will still be there. Many thanks for writing Jennifer. I wonder how many share your concerns?
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 4:13 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Brave defenders beat off another attack on Vesper
The brave citizens of Vesper beat off another ferocious attack on the city by G'Ruagak the golden troll leader of the attacks on Vesper.

The attackers were numerous, with trolls, giant spiders and giant serpents everywhere. No sooner had I felled one of my foes another sprung up to take its place. I lept from fighting troll to spider relying on fellow defenders to heal me.

Then suddenly right beside the very tailors I was heading for the golden troll appeared, claiming Vesper for himself. I finished off the enemy I was fighting and then lept at the troll's massive figure. I attacked with all my force but to no avail. on my own I was powerless and I was beaten off by him and his companions.

After a narrow escape I was healed by a friendly mage. I then took off in chase of the troll and found him engaged in battle by the bank. I called for all present to ignore their foe and attack him! Many answered that call and we had him on the back foot, but when he was inches from his death he took flight.

The final death toll was high but I pleased me that the attackers had suffered the worst and none but G'Ruagak had escaped alive. I hope next time he visits our town will be the last as I am certain he will come again.

Thorgar Ironfist
Guild Knight
Brothers Of Virtue

Many thanks
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 4:03 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Shadow Conclave To Host a Lottery
Greetings, mortals,

The Shadow Conclave, in its infinite wisdom, hath decided to rid itself of a few very powerful items. These said items being a full plate suit of invulnerability, a kite shield of invulnerability, and a silver kryss of vanquishing. Always out to make a profit, we have devised a profitable way to rid ourselves of these items. For a mere 10,000 gold pieces, you have a chance to win all the items above. There shall be 100 tickets available, being sold on Yancey, in the Sepulchre of The Damned, within the City of Caina. Once all the tickets have been sold, there will be a draw, and the winner will be announced on this find spirit page.

There are many ways to get to the Sepulchre, the easiest, would be to ask one of the Order to open a portal for ye, we usually frequent Skara Brae. If none are available, I recommend going to the Wintermoor Rune Library and using the Obsidian Rune. If all else fails, ye can sail *Chuckles*, the coordinates are 119 degrees, 5 minutes North, and 178 degrees, 36 minutes West.

I wish you all the best of luck, and may Darkness guide your path


Thankye, Lucas, for this announcement. I will bet that Yancey will be getting lots of visitors and Caina's snow will be trodden down by all the feet.
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 2:23 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Neverwinter Nights Stratics Opened
Stratics is proud to announce the release of the newest member of the Stratics Network - Neverwinter Nights Stratics.

NWN Stratics covers news, information and strategy for BioWare's Neverwinter Nights. Based on the Dungeons & Dragons world of Forgotten Realms(tm), Neverwinter Nights brings an exciting new element to online games by restoring the element of the pen and paper style of gaming to the mix. Players will be able to create modules using BioWare's Solstice Toolkit and then, be the "Dungeon Master" guiding a group of adventurers through the campaign. Dungeon Masters can "link" their module to others on the Internet by use of Portals creating a web of persistent game modules and ongoing adventure with ever changing scenery and surprises.

Along with coverage of the NWN development process and community news, NWN Stratics will contain DM and player strategies, module creation tips, Forgotten Realms lore, and of course statistics to name a few. From the 2nd Edition D&D rules to the new 3rd Edition (being released this August by Wizards of the Coast), the NWNSS staff of Dungeon Masters, writers and technicians will do their best to keep you up-to-date on all of the changes as the game heads to release in early 2001.

Come visit us at Neverwinter Nights Stratics for more details on this exiting addition to the network and online gaming .


Project Manager
Neverwinter Stratics

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 2:14 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

Another Obelisk Found in the Sea!
After defiling this strange object, Wal*MartUO, decided to send in a picture of yet another obelisk in the sea. Found near the West of Occlo, this is the second such structure to be uncovered in the oceans of Britannia. It, like the other, is built with the same stone, and of the same arrangement. 8 lanterns about the spire, and a statue akin to an eagle or bird of prey of some sort sitting atop it.

I have just recieved an unconfirmed report of yet another obelisk found at the coordinates 108.59 S x 65.23 E...if you have any information concerning further obelisks found, please, do not hesitate to send in a report.

On a side note, I personally have an inkling that there may be eight of these odd constructs in total, as it would make the most sense in mine own mind. Speculation is leaning in the direction that these may be Shrines of the Anti-Virtues, but none are too sure, just at this point. I will continue to keep you updated, fellow Britannians.

Your Humble Servant,

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 1:11 AM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Ever wanted to try your hand at Siege Perilious?
We got this in from Myschyf...

Have you wanted to try Seige Perilous but thought it would be too hard to earn money? Don't want to spend hours standing at the Britian bank fending off lizardmen and hawking your wares?

Then join the Glowember Apprentice Program!

The Glowember Family of Merchants on the Seige Perilous shard has designed a program to help folks get started on the 'hard shard.' We will friend you to one of our workshops conveniently located near the city of Britain, and both mines and forests. We will put you on the Apprentice Stone. We will supply you with the tools needed to gather raw resources. And we will buy the resources from you once you have gathered them. This gives you the opportunity to earn money on Seige Perilous in a relatively hassle-free manner.

There are no strings attached to this program. You may leave at any time. You do not have to be a part of the Glowember Family to participate and this is not an attempt to find new members -- the Glowember Family is a small group and we do not seek new members at this time. You may join or be a member of any other guild on the Shard and still participate in this program.

We do ask that you be new to UO and/or Seige Perilous if you do wish to participate. More information can be found at So If you've been wanting to try Seige Perilous and been putting it off then delay no longer. Contact the Glowember Family of Merchants today!

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 12:34 AM EST by Damarr (CommunityNews)

New Campaign from the Tamers Against Bugs
We got this in from Tyke...

Greetings! TAB, Tamers Against Bugs, is launching a new campaign! This one focuses on making quest characters able to be attacked by pets. The reason for this is, quest characters can attack pets with impunity, summoning hordes of monsters, or even attacking directly... and yet pets can't fight back! Any tamer realizes the risks of trying to defend a town, but at least let our pets go down fighting, instead of giving us no chance (absolute zero) of beating off the generals.

Please visit to find out what YOU can do.
Thank you very much!

Tyke of GL

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2000, 12:33 AM EST by Damarr (CommunityNews)

Librarian divulges key information
The librarian Joye, who is commanding more attention these days than the top best sellers, appeared at the Britain Public Library again last night. After several meetings with her last week, during which she was understandably afraid to offer too much information, she has now conceded that the information she possesses is vital to the protection of the realm.

Anmac stated that Joye held a key. What Joye gave us was not THE key, but the key to getting THE key.

Confused? Keep reading.

Lady Joye is the owner of a crystal ball of unknown origin. Through this medium, she is able to see vague images and jumbled emotions. She explained that these visions are never precise, but may be interpreted when connected and examined. Through discussion of the revelations she's had via the crystal, we have learned that the loyalty of Malabelle to the Dark Mistress was contrived through feelings of bereavement and revenge. Malabelle has been duped into believing that her lover, Tyball, is deceased. If Malabelle can be convinced that this is not so, it is a safe assumption that not only will her fealty to Minax be severed, she may in fact be swayed to stand against her.

A warrior from the Trinsic rebel forces faced Malabelle in battle last night, during which someone took a peek into her backpack. There was a key there, a very odd-looking key. A key which many believe may unlock the Chamber of Sin on the roof of the former Trinsic orc fort, wherein the Death Vortex is housed.

Thus, the key given to us by Joye, the information about Tyball which could melt the ice block surrounding Malabelle's heart, is the key to gaining THE key which Malabelle carries.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 11:38 PM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

Shared Visions
An intriguing tale from Keeshi of Lost Order of Akalabeth.

Padded feet moved soundlessly down the darkened corridor. The mage amused himself slightly by watching as the light emanating from torches sporadically placed throughout the passageway danced upon the walls. His pace slowed now as he approached a solid granite wall. Long moments passed as he stood completely still, his keen eyes taking in every aspect of the wall, the slight cracks on a few of the stones, spaces where mortar had been chipped away from between the blocks. Smiling to himself he passed his hand in front of the wall and uttered a single word of power. The illusion dissipated and the mage walked into passage now visible. As he entered the hall he turned to ensure the illusion had sprung anew. True to the strength of the forces that forged this keep so many ages ago, the illusion had returned, as perfectly as before. No matter how many times he had come to see the master in his private studies, the sheer magnitude of the magicks involved in making such a structure overwhelmed him. Would he ever compare to those that had gone before? Did he even deserve to walk within these hallowed halls? Shaking his head he banished such thoughts from his mind. Of course he belonged, the doubts he now felt where the weakness within him being amplified by the magic inherent to the keep. Such defenses were in place to keep intruders from staying overly long, yet from time to time, especially the closer one got to the Shard, the effects could over power even the most noble of souls.

He now found himself standing before an oaken door. The iron hinges had blackened with age, yet still performed their duties without fail. Quickly he adjusted his robes and straightened his hair a bit to ensure he was suitably enough attired and groomed for an audience with his lord. Finding all in order he took a step forward and knocked three times about the strong door, noticing as he did so that it had been carved from the trunk of a single tree. Pondering this he awaited an answer from within. Many minutes passed and the mage began to wonder if he had come on the right day and time. Reaching into a pouch slung on his belt he withdrew a scroll and unfurled it. His eyes darted towards the bottom and quickly found the area he was seeking. Curiously enough he was there at the appropriate time yet there was no answer from within. Again he knocked upon the wooden barricade, and again no answer was forth coming. His mind began to reel. Was the master within? Perhaps performing some great feat of magic that required the strongest concentration? Or perhaps a spell had gone awry and his lord was in need of aid. 'Well Solar, there's only one way to find out!" The mage exclaimed to himself, as he reached for the silver handle. Dexterous fingers grasped the handle as his muscles tensed. If the master were indeed performing a strong spell, then the door would be wizard-locked. Opening it with such a spell in place could well mean Solar's death. Deciding the risk was worth it he quickly shoved open the door. The antechamber was in place; nothing disturbed the tranquility of the small room. Solar gazed about the chamber, looking for even the slightest clue as to where his lord could have gotten too. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary he walked forward a bit to peer within the master's bedchamber. Again, everything was just as it should be. The bed was neatly made up and a small candle flickered eternally on the table beside it. Reverently, as if not to disturb the aura of his lord's private chamber the Solar backed slowly out and back into the antechamber. He moved silently to his right, coming to yet another door. This one he knew led to the alter of the Shrine and Tome, then to the master's private laboratory. He had never been within these rooms, but his concern for his lord grew more and more with each passing moment.

Resolved on his course of action, Solar entered the next chamber and was nearly blinded by a light so white it pierced one's eyeballs. He attempted unsuccessfully to shade his eyes with his hands, yet this seemed only to intensify the light, causes him to yell slightly from the pain it was inflicting. The light, as if feeling his suffering, dimmed greatly allowing him (once his eyes adjusted) to actually view the contents of the room. There before him, suspended in the center of the room stood the Shard of Light. Now he understood what had just accord. A sense of warmth and compassion flooded his heart and soul. He found himself on his knees before the shard, worshiping it as though it were a god.

"Nay my child, I am nary a god nor goddess. I am physical representation the hopes, dreams, courage, honor, and compassion of those within the realm who walk in righteousness." A musical voice explained to the mage. Solar felt the words within his mind and realized finally the power of the Shard. Rising to his feet he stepped lively around it, intent upon finding the master, and ensuring his welfare. As he passed the shard however he gazed behind it, wanting one more glimpse of the purity it offered. There, lying open nearly a quarter-way, atop a marble table was the Oracular Tome. Solar ceased walking spun about and came to stand before it. His fingers reached out to touch the parchment, yet he couldn't bring himself to touch the holy artifact. He rather ran his finger down the length of the page, barely an inch above the volume. "What wisdom lies within those pages? What long sought answers does it have to offer?" Solar pondered as his eyes lingered on the page. Then, as if remembering what he had come here to do, he once again spun about and came to the final door within his lord's chambers.

Once he had heard tale of the master's laboratory. It was said the lord captured rare and mystical beasts and encaged them within so he might study them. Solar shivered slightly, had one of the beasts escaped and turned on the master? He then pondered of what use he could be, if the creature were capable of slaying the lord, he wouldn't fair much better. Gulping slightly he opened his reagent bag slightly for rapid use and flung the door open, the words of an offensive spell on his lips. The words slipped from his mind as he for the first time set his eyes upon the master's laboratory. There were no cages holding captive ungodly beasts, no pentagrams or spell components. The chamber was lined with shelves full of books, a placid pond sat in the center of the room; three feet behind the pond stood the masters desk and throne. It is here Solar's eyes stopped and filled with fear. The master lay face down across his desk; his torso didn't rise or fall with the intake of breath, making Solar assume his lord had fallen dead. Quickly he raced across the chamber, circling the pond giving it but one curious look as he passed, so deep was his concern for his master.

Slowly Solar approached his lord. "Master? Milord? Lord Keeshi? Are ye well sire?" His voice cracked with concern. Yet no reply was forth coming. Sighing to himself Solar leaned forward for a closer inspection. Sweat dampened hair clung tightly across Keeshi's face, flipping it away with his fingers Solar turned his lord's head to see if he was still breathing. Solar's eyes locked with Keeshi's unblinking, wide open ones. A gasp escaped Solar at what he saw. There were no pupils, no iris, just deep green waves. Solar watched as the waves rolled on, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. The sounds of the ocean assaulted him; the call of a flying call beckoned him. "Aye, I shall follow ye." He whispered gently and looked deeper into the crashing waves.

Pain exploded in Solar's jaw. He felt the blood begin to trickle from his lip as he fell backwards, landing quite unceremoniously on the cold stone floor. Shaking his head, he came back to his senses and looked to see what had assailed him. Keeshi sat in his throne, rubbing the knuckles of his right hand as he looked down at the mage. "Sorry bout that mate! Ye whar 'eaded somewhar I wasn't too sure I could get ye back frem." Keeshi replied, smiling down at his friend. "Common mate, thar's somethin important I need ye to see." Keeshi stood and reached down, grabbing Solar's arm and helping him to a standing position. Solar reached within his robes and withdrew a small handkerchief that he used to blot the tiny of trickle of blood on his lip. " 'ave a seat mate!" Keeshi smirked as he waved his hand, a cushioned stool appearing next to his throne.

Wordlessly the two sat behind Keeshi's birch wood desk. With another wave of Keeshi's hand a golden tripod of a stand appeared on the mage's desk. "Watch mate, yer about to see somethin none other 'as yet to witness." Smiling once again Keeshi intoned a few words in a language so ancient they caused Solar's ears to burn from the power. From within the pond arose an orb formed of the clear liquid. Higher and higher it rose, floating forward as it did so. Keeshi's eyes were closed now, his finger moving slightly, guiding the orb down and atop the tripod. His eyes flickered open, Solar would have seen the waves crashing about had he be looking, however; his gaze was now fixated upon the now shimmering orb of water. "Look within the orb mate, fret not fer yer mind or yer soul. I am about to show ye what I jest witnessed, thou art in no danger friend." Keeshi's voice lowered, it's baritone shaking the very foundation of the keep.

Solar looked deep into the orb, waves crashed within it, just as they had in his lord's eyes but a moment ago. Suddenly they began to calm, the water changing from the deep green of the deep ocean to the crystalline texture of the pond before him and his lord. Suddenly the water was gone, the orb was gone, the chamber itself ceased to exist. He found himself standing in a darkened chamber, no torches lit the room, yet he could see Keeshi standing beside him, a ghostly image which seemed to give off it's own light. Looking down at himself, he realized he too had taken on a wraith-like form. Smiling at the new sensation, and a bit awed by the magic it had taken to do such, Solar relaxed and looked about once again. As he did so torches all about the chamber burst into life, effectively illuminating the chamber. Though he had never been here, Solar knew he now stood in a chamber far more ancient then even he could fathom. His eyes once again began to examine the chamber. It was as though someone had carved a perfectly proportioned chamber out of a cube of onyx. The metallic blackness of the walls, ceiling and floor caused the torchlight to reflect in odd ways. Finally his eyes came to rest on the only furnishings within the chamber. Two biers of pure white marble stood in the center of the chamber. The first was empty as though awaiting someone to come and lie upon it. The other however is the one that drew his attention. Atop the bier closest to him lie an elderly man; his face was serene, as though deep within a pleasant dream. His clothing however was rotted away, as though time had left the man alone, yet done outrageous damage to his garments. Solar's head snapped back as the man's eyes opened slowly, gazing about from his prone position. The man rolled to his side and on shaking arms got himself to a sitting position, his legs dangling off the stone bier. He sighed deeply and pushed himself off the platform. Time-weakened legs could no longer support his form and he fell into a heap on the ground behind the bier. Quickly Solar raced forward to help the man to stand, Keeshi moving silently besides him. He reached down to help the old man and yelled in frustration as his hands passed through the man's form. "Nay mate, ye can nary 'elp 'im. Yer in me memories, what ye see now is what I saw but moment's ago. Ye can do nothin but observe I'm afraid. But watch, this is the good part." Keeshi whispered as if not wishing to disturb a sacred event. With that Keeshi looked to the wall behind the fallen man, Solar's eyes followed his lord's gaze. An opening appeared within the Onyx wall, it seemed as though the wall had melted to form the passage.

In strode a man who appeared centuries older then the one upon the ground. "Milord!" The newcomer exclaimed. "Ye have awakened as the Tome predicted. I have come to aid ye!" The excitement in the ancient man's voice filled everyone within the chamber with child-like giddiness. "Do I know ye friend? Ye wear the color's of the Order, but I nay recognize thy face." The slumped man stated flatly, gazing at the newcomers burgundy robes and steel blue mage hat. "Milord, I am thy great, great, great, great grandson. Thou hast slept for ages sire. I have been tasked with aiding ye when ye awoke, and tis a good thing ye have done so now. I am the last of the Order which remains on this plane. If I had passed while ye rested, I nay know what would have occurred." The newcomer sputtered. His words coming faster then the slumped figure could comprehend. "One thing at a time please friend, I'm afraid my sleep hath taxed my mind a bit. What do they call ye?" The figure spoke once more to the newcomer.

"Forgive me Sage Byron. I am called Mylron, named after my grand-sire who passed on many years ago." Mylron spoke boldly. The pride in his voice was unabated. "Please sire, swallow some of this mixture, it shall restore thy strength." The elderly man stated, setting a vile of shimmering blue fluid upon the prone man's lips. Tilting it a bit so the Byron could drink it, Mylron watched patiently as the last of the liquid disappeared down his lord's throat, watching as the same glimmering coated Byron's form, giving him strength long lost by countless years of sleep.

"Thank ye Mylron!" Byron exclaimed as he stood and gazed about as his surroundings. As if remembering he nodded slowly and gazed down upon himself. "By the Shard!" He exclaimed, as his face grew a bit red with embarrassment. "If ye would be so kind, could ye find me some garments my friend?" Byron asked gently as he absent-mindedly stroked his white beard.

"But of course milord!" Mylron replied and waved his hand, muttering a few arcane words. A faded brown robe and black wizard's hat appeared on the bier. "Ye must forgive me sire, I long ago ran out of cloth of the Order's colors. These shall do until ye join the rest of the Akalabethians."

"Aye lad, that they shall. Now tell me, where hath the Order gone, and how long have I been asleep?" Byron asked as he donned the robes and hat. Seating himself upon the bier he listened intently as Mylron related the tale of the Order's return to Sosaria, and some to other planes of existence.

"Ah, so they have returned to the realm of British have they? Or at least the majority of them. I must endeavor to join them. That is of course if I have the strength to open the portal." Byron spoke thoughtfully, more to himself then to his companion.

"We had planned for such an occurrence milord. Thy companion Sage Aeros left a splinter of the Shard here for thy use when ye awakened. He said with it ye could contact our brethren in the other realms, and seek their aid to bring ye to them." Mylron replied joyfully, as if he had made the preparations himself.

"Aye lad, I shall do that, but first I need to gather some strength. Will ye be coming with me to Sosaria?" Byron asked as he started towards the passageway out of the chamber.

"Nay milord, I have lived my entire life here, and now that my duty is fulfilled, with thy permission I would like to spend the last few years of my life here amongst all that I hold dear." Mylron replied as he followed his lord from the chamber, nearly running to keep up with a man, centuries older then he himself...

Many thanks to Keeshi for sharing this wonderful story with us.
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 10:19 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Vote for Counselor of the Month
Senior Counselor Channa sent us the following information:
Hail Friends!!!

Once again I call upon the players of the Drachenfels shard to let me know who YOU want to see as honored as the Counselor of the Month.

By now I am quite certain you know the Counselors there, if you would like a listing of them then please email me with your request. Otherwise, submit your votes! Let us know how were doing and what you think.

As always, send all correspondence to [email protected] by March 3, 2000!

Thank you all for your support, see you in Britannia!


Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 8:43 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

New City in Renaissance?
Grand Bishop Benedict sent us the following:
I am happy to announce that there is a big interest in creating a new player run City in the new lands soon to come. As there should be large available areas for all to place houses. I hope to see a city with houses placed to form streets. Town hall, shops, inns, Guard barracks, smith shops, tailors, etz. All public houses.

I also hope that such a city can help encourage people to roleplay more. As it is ment to be a place where you will not feel like the odd one out when you are Roleplaying.

To prepare for such a city, a webpage will be created. But before I can create the page I will need a name for the city, so I ask you, good people of Britannia to help me and propose a name.

Secondly in order to make some city planning I will need to collect information on the new buildnings. So if you or your guild are planning to place a house or tower in the new lands, and want to be a part of the city, please let me know, what kind of buildining and how it will be a part of the city.

I will also beg all that wishes to place a private home (locked door) to do this outside the city centre.

The main problem here will be the land-rush when the new land becomes available. I know not yet how to avoid others to place a locked house in the middle of the mainstreet, but I believe that somhow the problems can be solved. Again, if anyone have some good ideas on how to resolve this, please let me know.

Finally I would like to stress that this City is ment as the home of the Role players. I believe that a great consentration of roleplayers will enhance the roleplayer enviroment on the shard and inspire others to Roleplay. This could leed to better gameplay for all of us.

(Note to the anti roleplayer: You have most of Britannia. Bear with the Role Players and let them have their little city.)

Please reply to: [email protected]

You may also find more information, and a BBS, at this site:

May your dreams be full of fluffy sheep!
-Grand Bishop Benedict

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 8:40 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

Trinsic Defenders Face a New Terrible Minion
Gogul, of l'Alliance, sent us the following:
Cerber, member of my guild, defending Trinsic against the undead army of Juo'nar, reported the following information:

a A new deadly minion of Juo'nar appeard today in the street of Trinsic. A lot of braves died in fighting this nightmare. It was called "Whirling Cloud of Death".

Town fighters nearly die when it deilver it's crushing blow.

Wizards only scratch it with "Kal Vas Flam", "Por Ort Grav" or "Vas Ort Flam", ...

In addition, it can also deliver a dose of Deadly Poison.

As you can see in the photo, we needed a lot of people to send back this creature to the hell from which it spawned.


Gogul, Co-GuildMaster and WebMaster of l'Alliance

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 8:36 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

Guards of Valendor
Sartori sent us the following:
With disgust my humble person and my best friends, took notice of the terrible state Valendor is currently in. Without mayor, without any means of protection, Valendor was doomed to become a town for thieves, murderers and other scum. As the youngest citizens of Valendor Apokati, Finsbury m'wa and Sartori took on the challenge to restore piece back in Valendor. We founded DutchBat-Guards of Valendor to achieve this.

Without support of the local community of Valendor, DutchBat is probably dying very soon. We therefor created a public bulletinboard primary for the citizens but everyone who wishes is free to visit here, as goes for our rough, but beautiful desert town. The bulletinboard can be found at

We urge all citizens of Valendor to spare one of their family members (ooc:characters) to become a 'Guardian of Valendor' so we can deal with the barbarians who are currently running our town.

Hopefully this message will help restore order and maybe even a new towncouncil and mayor can be put in place. Who knows, only time will tell.....

Fare thee well,

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 8:27 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

Defenders Barricade Britain
AwA, of the Chevaliers Dragon (CD), sent us this report:

In order to defend Britain from the hordes of foul creatures that are attacking it, we decided to create our own small "Drachenfels National Guard".

For that, we raised up a self created Blockade (Tables painted in colors of the Drachenfels-sign) We were able to fight against the first "attack wave".

Unfortunately, due to the meddling of other folks taking the tables, our barricade did not stand against the second wave of attackers.

In the future, we ask that people help, not hinder our efforts to defend our city.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 8:24 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

Counselor of the Month
I got this from Senior Counselor Channa the other day:

Hail Friends!!!

Once again I call upon the players of the Europa shard to let me know who YOU want to see as honored as the Counselor of the Month.

By now I am quite certain you know the Counselors there, if you would like a listing of them then please email me with your request.
Otherwise, submit your votes! Let us know how were doing and what you think.

As always, send all correspondence to [email protected] by March 3, 2000!

Thank you all for your support, see you in Britannia!


Make sure to vote everyone! *Scribbles his vote on a piece of paper and sends it*

Yours truly,

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 6:50 PM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

Interview - General Gaunt of the Unified Sosorian Army
    In the early evening of the passing Sunday, McCoy and I were wandering the streets by the library when it was attacked.  Lizardmen, ratmen, giant snakes, and a fiery phoenix appeared at the library and killed some one who was thought to be Joye the librarian.  This fact has never been confirmed or denied and I didn’t notice her presence there.  I guess what I am trying to say is this...  Don’t Panic...  I personally feel that she was not the one killed.  Needless to say, as the assault continued, the waves of monsters kept coming, but due to the diligence and valor of the brave soldiers and citizens of Britain, they were repelled rather quickly.  I have never seen such a finely tuned instrument of organization like that of the sudden and swift response of the Unified Sosorian Army units as they went into action.  I would also like to comment on those who lost their lives, sacrificed on the altar of freedom, and how their untimely deaths were greatly appreciated and shall not be forgotten.  After things had calmed down, I had the opportunity to meet with General Ibram Gaunt, but not before he sent General Allard to survey the area in the event that an ambush was set up for him.  Needless to say, no ambush took place as we met by the bank in Skara Brae and then moved to the Counselor’s Guild.  Here is what General Gaunt and General Allard had to say:

Justin Allard: [Grand Wizard, KRT]
You see: Lord Justin Allard
McCoy: Hail Justin
Justin Allard: hail
Vladimir Taltos: Hail
Mc: How goes the search
JA: Well, we have a possible lead... Jaerick, an acquaintance of his, a thief is meeting us at the 21st hour at the library Tuesday night.
Mc: Ah, cool
JA: The basic is this, we do her a favor and she helps us.  It involves freeing someone from prison, I think.
VT: That Treon...  Tri... Trianon, I know who she is...

(At this point of the discussion, General Gaunt arrives on the scene.  His face wears the mask of man looking to do some serious business as his eyes casually survey the area around.  He nudges his steed over to where the three of us are talking and introduces himself, looking as if ready to wield his weapon at a moments notice.)

Ibram Gaunt: [Emissary Militant, =8=]
You see: Ibram Gaunt
Ibram Gaunt: Greetings
JA: There he is.
VT: Hail and well met, sir
Mc: Hail general gaunt
JA: Gaunt
IG: *nods slowly* Hail everyone.
VT: Please, let us go inside the Guild hall...
Mc: Spread out a little for a scribe shot, please.
VT: If I may begin... when will the next meeting be for the Unified Sosorian Army?
IG: I am going to set one up for tomorrow, although it will be an impromptu one.  My meeting tomorrow will only consist of my General Staff.  It will be a planning session...
VT: Understandable... How did ye get chosen to lead the Unified Sosorian Army?
JA: We had a vote.
IG: *removes his gloves and wipes off the dust*
JA: We elected three leaders.  Gaunt is one; Janos is another, who am I missing here Ibram?
IG: Damien Vryce.
IG: We were all three chosen for this meeting.
VT: I see...  and what are your over all responsibilities, asked for the general public, that is...?
IG: Well sir, my responsibilities include the overall command of the combined Army's of the Britannian realm.  I see to the defense and organizing of troops and units to fight the evil that has beset us.
IG: *peers at Taltos* (I got the feeling that Gaunt was surmising me as to whether I was a threat to the cause or not, but nothing seemed to worry his quick study due to his later action.)
VT: *nods*
IG: *sits easy in the saddle*
VT: Have ye heard of any "black mace" that would be used to help defeat Juo'nar?
JA: *looks confused*
IG: Aye, Damien Vryce has indicated that there is something in the works that might provide a very needed tool for our fight.
VT: Splendid...  Do ye feel that Juo'nar is getting more powerful with each attack?
IG: I wouldn’t say so... just this evening, Army's led by General Faramir of Leeds led a daring assault on Trinsic forcing the Lich to beat a hasty retreat.  So, I would say that he is vulnerable. *smiles thinly*
VT: *grins* Tis good to know he can fail at casting spells and knows how to run...
JA: Ibram, one thing that I learned awhile ago from a friend who reported since fighting Juo’nar that his silver weapon seems to have lost it touch.  I’ve noticed this as well.
IG: Yes, I have heard such reports myself.
VT: How organized is the Unified Sosorian Army at this point?
IG: Currently, we are surprisingly cohesive.  My Generals are responding quickly to my commands and orders.  We are shaping up nicely although we still need some work in areas.
VT: I have heard that report on the silver weapons losing their effect when hitting Juo’nar.
JA: Aye, I’m not sure if its temporary but my family’s weapon lost its damage to undead since I hit Juo’nar with it.
Mc: Do ye know the where 'bouts of Juo’nar’s camp
IG: McCoy, to answer your question... We do have some good leads but I am not willing to discuss the details of which at this time.
IG: Vladimir, what was your question?
VT: How will that effect his potential destruction... if the "black" mace cannot be found in regards to silver weapons having nay effect on Juo'nar?
IG: As a Lich, Juo'nar must have something fueling his life force.  It is my intention to locate that source and extinguish it.
VT: I have read that it may be a simple bottle which houses some sort of gem where his soul may be centered on, is this true?
IG: There are many theories floating around about that issue including the one you just mentioned. We are currently investigating all leads.  As to the exact explanation, we will keep that secret for now.
VT: Understandable.
JA: I don’t suppose this could hurt... I have one that probably is true, maybe not... a friend told me he saw Juo’nar in human form at his house in Ocllo where he left on a boat reportedly with FoA members.
VT: Interesting...
JA: I believe Juo’nar’s power comes from his human body.
IG: *frowns darkly*
Mc: That’s when he was gated to Ocllo through the red moongate.
JA: Aye...
VT: Anything on the abduction of Lord Nicolus?
JA: That’s all I’m willing to say.
IG: The Issue of Lord Nicolus is disturbing to say the least.  His abduction and the circumstances thereof remain a mystery.
VT: Aye...  Have ye investigated the island location where the map indicates where the route of the abduction was taken to the Shrine of Valor?
JA: The one taken from Keeonan?

(Once Justin started to speak an answer to this question, General Gaunt gave a quick glare in his direction, which truly looked more like an intent interest in what General Allard was going to say.  Nevertheless, I noticed and the question was incidentally overlooked as the interview continued.)

JA: *goes quiet*
VT: Do ye know who or what "Gondor" is?
IG: No we do not. *grins wryly*
Mc: What efforts are you employing to find the librarian Joye
IG: *smiles at the reporters* Joye was located tonight at Britain and was slain by the enemy.  Although, there are some of us that believes that the one slain was an imposter.
Mc: *swears uncontrollably*
VT: So what about Keeonan?  What do ye think his purpose is for attacking Yew?
IG: I believe Keeonan is merely a harassing force.  He is leading sporadic attacks on the YMCA and the Yew Abbey.  Due to the openness and forested parts of Yew being so prevalent, any kind of occupation or permanent capture is problematic at best. *Smiles*
VT: Ah... and it is a fair distance away from Trinsic.
IG: Yes, the strategic importance of Yew is minor compared to Vesper and Cove.
VT: Aye...  Minax has stated opening her disgust for Lord British and looks to kill him and tear down what we know of as Britannia.
IG: Yes... I believe that her current objective seems to fall on the capital.
VT: She aims to cut off the supplies to the capital via Cove and Trinsic?
IG: Via Vesper and Cove... Trinsic has already fallen so supplies have been rerouted through the Harbors at Vesper and Cove.
VT: Right... *scratches out bad notes*
Mc: What do ye know of the phoenix appearing at the beginning of the attacks tonight in Britain and killing the librarian?
IG: I know that Minax has been very reserved of the use of her Phoenix minions.  So, any attacks where they are present are sure to be important.  They are only used when securing objectives important to the Dark Mistress.
VT: Any idea where this Minax may be holding up?  I was there when the attack started right at the library and I failed to see Joye there at the library, at least to see her "die" or else my magical scribing journal would of caught it.
IG: No... Our intelligence chief has no lead as yet to her whereabouts. Believe me... If I knew the location I would be leading an offensive as we speak.
VT: Understandable... As I said, I went through my journal and did not see her (Joye’s) name at all when the attack started.
IG: No... She has been very hesitant to show her face.
VT: So ye may be right that it was not her but, an imposter to throw us off the trail.
IG: I believe that is a definite possibility.
Mc: Any leads as to the whereabouts of the FoA?
IG: No... I do not have any.
VT: Any idea as to what is exactly keeping the guards at bay other than a "spell"?
IG: I have a few theories, there... My personal belief is that Lord British does not wish to squander what meager forces he has at his disposal until absolutely necessary.
VT: I see...

VT: Some people don't think that the Unified Sosorian Army has a chance, what do ye think about this?
IG: Of course there are always those that believe that there are no military solutions.  I would have to disagree there.  In three days time we have repelled three major assaults on Cove, Vesper and Britain. Even now, my army grows stronger. Soon... I will have enough forces to begin launching offensives to take back what we have lost.  General Faramir's victory tonight is an example of that. So... to answer your question, YES, I BELIEVE WE CAN WIN.

(Gaunt displayed some very passionate qualities at this point of the interview.  Some people would consider this a weakness, but to me, just talking with him made me want to answer the call to arms and stand by his side to defeat the threat at hand.)

VT: Aye, speaking of which, how would one go about joining the Army to help in the cause?
IG: First, there is the message board on the ether dedicated to our Army's organization... I believe you have the address.  Secondly... one may always contact one of my Generals or myself.  We would certainly be willing to get any guilds or persons interested for enlistment and assignment.
VT: In thy own words...
IG: Vlad... I’ve got to go, duty is calling me.
VT: Understandable...
IG: Justin here can answer any more questions you have.  Thank you very much for taking the time for us.
VT: I thank thee for thy time and good luck in the up coming days, sir.
IG: Good press is always welcome.
VT: Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.
IG: Kal Ort Por
JA: *grins* Can I help you with anything else?
VT: Well sir... As I was saying... With a fair portion of the citizens being self serving, why would they consider helping in the cause when they stand to gain more from the suffering?
JA: They should consider helping us for one reason either they help us now and perhaps stop Minax’s plague or face it later, ALONE, with there stash of money and items.  The greedy will fall.  I’ve seen many loot and I find it distasteful.
VT: I hope they will pay attention to what thou just said...
JA: I make a point to get rid of the problem, but can’t always catch them. I found one in Britain during tonight’s attacks... surprised the guards did not kill him.  I had to do the job myself.
VT: Aye...  They can be quite elusive and an unfortunate element to the plagued fighting in the streets.  Ok...  Notice anything odd about the attacks?
JA: There was one odd occurrence in Trinsic when I went to look around with someone.  Juo’nar flamestriked him and did no damage at all.
VT: Wow that’s good to hear.  That’s odd, and I tend to make Juo’nar mad at me as well as his minions. *grin*
VT: Mayhaps he is only powerful at certain times... *laughs*
JA: (Have) you heard that the shadow knights like grandmaster mage brains?
VT: Oh?  No I didn’t
JA: One of them said so to me.  They can shoot arrows now as well.  One hit can kill a lesser man, even at my strength, two hits almost killed me.  You want some garlic?
VT: *laughs* (The first time I have laughed in quite a while, hope is lurking out there after all.)
JA: Bad joke... *smiles*

(After this, the interview broke down into two men just talking about life in general.  The way things used to be and the way things will once again be after Minax and her brood are laid to rest until other pressing matters pulled us away.)

VT: Well, sir, I appreciate thy time, but I feel I have run out of questions
JA: Aye, til we met again
VT: Aye... thanks again...

    As you may have gathered from reading this interview, the Unified Sosorian Army is in quite capable hands unlike what others may want you to think.  It is this reporter's opinion that any and all negative information given about the USA is nothing more than propaganda from the lair of Minax.  Don't you believe for one second that everything is hopeless!  Don't give in to the desire to sit back on some sandy beach with your feet in the air, sipping liquored filled drinks, thinking all is well when it damn well isn't.  Need I remind you that if Minax isn't stopped here and now, before her army has a chance to spread further, there is no telling how disrupted our lives will get.  Just because these attacks and raids are on the other side of the world, don't think the proverbial - "Out of sight, out of mind" statement.  A rattlesnake, even though unseen, is still just as dangerous as one that has been noticed.  The unseen one  is even more dangerous because it leads one to believe that the danger does not exist.  Don't let an aura of smugness lull you into a false sense of security!  The United Sosorian Army is in need of your help to protect the citizens of Britannia and to help clense the world of the filth that has infested our lands.  Don't sit back and wait for the fight to come to you, but rally around the standard and bring the fight to them!  Our liberties and freedoms are depending upon your involvement!  Enlistments are being taken at the follow recruitment center located at:  

Don't delay, your lifestyle may depend upon it and may the Great I Am guide us through these dark times to choose to do what we know is right!

Safe Journeys... Signing off, this is War Reporter...

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 5:05 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

A surprise for Kwali
The CLOWN-led assault on the forces occupying Trinsic was a great success:

Hail ye! Yesterday evening the united liberation forces, lead by the Crazy Lunatics of the Wild North, tried to liberate the once proud City of Honour. Many brave men of the most glorious guilds in our lands joined together to relieve the town from it's undead grasp. Not long after entering the town hordes of undead, animated by evil sorcery, were unleashed upon the attackers, lead by two evil Necromancers.

A terrible battle raged at the southern stables, goin on for which seemed hours to me .... lich lords cast their foul magic at us and skeleton knights swarmed the streets, butchering every living being that crossed their path. From the back, Kwali the Evil Necromancer hurling his devastating spells and cried with insane laughter: "Ye can not kill me, as I am dead already!"

We proved him wrong, though at the cost of many many brave souls that fought that day, fought for Trinsic ... fought for Honour! May the virtues guard their souls ...

Pad o'Lion
Imperator Superior
Custodes Fati

I am pleased to hear the battle went well. Many thanks for writing.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 3:34 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Dragon Claw Tavern Open For Business
Here is some news from Arx Draconis

The Dragon Claw Tavern would like to cordially invite all players to come on by, wet your whistle and participate in some of the many bar games. The Dragon Claw Tavern is located within the player run city of Arx Draconis and is open every night from 8pm-10pm EST. It is open many other times as well but most major tavern events take place then. A full staff of bartenders are there to help you forget your troubles and have a little fun.

So escape the turmoil of monster attacks on Trinsic, Britain and Vesper and come on by the Dragon Claw tavern. Have an ale, eat dinner and forget the troubles of the world for a little while. (Check out the AD website above for directions and places to get runes to AD).

I thank you for this news friends.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 3:20 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Citizens of Britain Unite!
Hengist makes a compelling plea to everyone in these dark times.

On returning to Britain after an extended stay in the lost lands, I found the nature of the attacks on our city have changed. Before my trip journey, the attacks were focused on the East Bank and the smithy south of the cemetery. It seems that since Trinsic has fallen the attacks now focus on the west bank and the smithy. This would suggest to me that the attacks on our cities are all related.

During these battles I was appalled to see fighters and Mages walking about selling their overpriced goods and taking no part or interest in the battle. As brave heroes died they cast no spells of healing and lifted not a finger. Instead they just continued their sales pitches and got in everybody's way. These rogues lack virtue and are a disgrace to our city!

If you choose to reside in Britain, I ask thee to take part in it. If you see a novice who is having trouble then help them! Cast your spells to heal them and use your weapons to draw attention away from them. They are the future of our land and they truly deserve your support!

Hengist the Arms man

I have seen many a person come to the aid of their fallen friends and friends to be. But I have also seen disheartening displays of callousness and greed. Heed Hengist's words friends, the realm is a better place when we work together. With that being said, should you have a story of valiant deeds, or were assisted by a stranger in the heat of battle, feel free to send it in! You just might see your story in the headlines! Until then friends, fare thee well.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 3:14 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

More Reports as Attacks Continue
Here is news on attacks experienced throughout the realm. We begin with this from Siko:

On Sunday night at about 11:30pm on the 20th Feb 2000 i was in the city of Cove where masses of Gazers and a gold gazer that highlighted red named Kaltar apeared. There was about 50-75 gazer plus this one super gazer named Kaltar. It was opening doors and I barely got out alive. Beware to all that travel to Cove. The city seems to be overunned ..Soon i fear it will fall like Trinsic.

The Noble Siko
Grandmaster Warrior

And still more news on this golden gazer in Cove from Tassadar of LFE.

I was enjoying some ale with my guild mates when word reached me that Cove was under attack by a force of gazer. When I arrived in cove, A small force of gazers greeted me. Several others were there, most were focused on a strangely colored gazer that seemed to be named Kaltar. This gazer could cast spells well beyond the power of a normal gazer. I lost track of him, and from what I could gather he simply vanished after a short time.

Kaltar, the Golden Gazer
Tassadar, LFE

Here, Phobos suggests some strategy in fighting Juo'Nar.

Even the greatest calamity can prove useful. While defending Trinsic from the usual Undead attacks, I had a second chance to face Jou’nar, this time, with several other warriors. If he were not so cursed strong, he would have died, for we made a great team as we chased him down the streets of the walled city. I lost track of them for a moment, but I found Juo’nar alone several seconds later. It was now that not only my death began to come quickly, but that I was given opportunity to study him and his actions. The first thing I noticed is that he is very, VERY fast. He ran me down in a matter of seconds from the Trinsic bank to Nystul’s gate. The second is this, he seems to possess power to paralyze in a different way. I assume this power is purely Evil, rather than magical, because he did not have to yell the runic lexicon words of power and there was no magical energy sparkling through the air surrounding me. Third, he is always on the move. I doubt he is affected by pushing many people out of the way at a time. And fourth, he seems to cast many of the same spells. These are Paralyze (not the same as the paralyze mentioned above), Energy Bolt, Poison, Lightning, and Flamestrike. These are all very powerful. Jou’nar is extremely dangerous, but I can say that I have found a weak point. Like human mages, me must cast spells, and he must also have the necessary concentration. Keep him surrounded AT ALL TIMES. If many melee warriors could surround him to attack and keep him from concentrating, and mages supply cures, heals, and possibly magic reflection, together, he could be overwhelmed and destroyed. I hope that this will help in the downfall of Juo’nar.

Keep Justice in thy path always.


And this from Dyluck Blade in Yew:

It was a night like any other night, a few friends and myself were exaggerating our tales of valor over a few dozen beers at West Yew University, when we received news of an orc attack at Empath Abbey. We all quickly stumbled to the scene, and saw orcs everywhere! (And I mean everywhere, they were even standing on each others shoulders) Close to the winery was a man named Keeonean leading the orcs.

Warriors were mercilessly beating on him, but he merely laughed at them! However, after one too many blows, he changed his tune, left his orcs, and ran like greased lightning out of Yew. The battle was won in a few more minutes, and everyone rejoiced (except for those who perished, they complained).

Well, with any luck, this will be the last of the orcish attacks on Yew, and I can get back to my drinking. The one and only,
Dyluck Blade

While Trinsic has fallen, there are also many challenges throughout the realm. My deepest respect for the brave warriors fighting to protect our fair cities and their citizens. Keep those reports coming in friends! Until then, fare thee well.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 3:03 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Cincinnati Area Player Luncheon
Myron Leick sent us the following information:
COME ONE! COME ALL! You are hereby invited to attend the very first Cincinnati Player's Luncheon for Ultima Online.

There will be much feasting, lots of players from all walks of life to meet, a raffle to give away Origin merchandise, and even a special guest appearance by OSI's very own Designer Toad, Lead Programmer from the Development Team for UO.

We ask that everyone RSVP by 2/27/2000 so that we can get a solid headcount. Dave & Buster's has asked that we provide a head count one month ahead of time.

To register, contact Myron Leick at [email protected].

You must provide your real name, real address, e-mail address, and main character name/main shard so we can contact you.

Here are the specifics:

DATE: Saturday, April 1st, 2000

TIME: 1:00pm to 5:00pm

WHERE: Dave & Buster's, 11775 Commons Dr. Cincinnati, Ohio (513) 671-5501.
Ample parking is available in the adjoining parking lot. The luncheon will take place in the Showroom.


  • Fettuccini Alfredo & Penne Pasta with Marinara
  • House Salad
  • 4 Cheese Pizza Bites
  • Italian Rosemary Roasted Chicken
  • Medley of Fresh Sautéed Vegetables
  • Warm Garlic Rolls
  • Non-alcoholic beverage of your choice
COST: $28.50 per person. Prepayment must be received by 3/14/2000. Once we receive your confirmation, we will send you further details on how to make your payment.

OTHER: If you are familiar with Dave & Buster's and would like to order a power card, you can include the price of the power card with your payment for the luncheon. The card it will be charged and ready for your use the day of the event. Pricing for the power card is $1 for 5 chips $5 for 25 chips, $10 for 50 chips, and $20 for 100 chips. If you already have a power card and just need it charged, we can take care of that too.

Event Schedule:

  • 1:00pm Registration - "Greet and Meet"
  • 2:00pm Lunch
  • 2:45pm Door Prize Drawings
  • 3:00pm Question & Answer Period with OSI's own Designer Toad Make Sure you have 1 or 2 questions to bring to the lunch with you so we can use this time to it's fullest
  • 4:30pm More Door Prize Drawings
  • 4:45pm Wrap Up, Socializing, and Grand Prize Drawing
  • 5:00pm Adjourn to the arcade section for fun and games, or to the lounge for stimulating conversation depending on your preference.
Remember folks, you dont have much time to reply, so send in your RSVP today. I plan on attending myself, and I look forward to meeting y'all in person!

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 2:57 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

Gypsy Doria plans psychic reading on Trinsic
We have found the following:
Doria Romanov announced that she will hold regular "office hours" in her tent in Skara Brae every Tuesday eve at 7:00 PM (PST) starting on Tuesday, February 22. If you've been curious about the mysterious gypsy, now's your chance to get to know her better. While Ms. Romanov generally does not "tell fortunes" of individual visitors, it's possible that at some meetings she may give a psychic reading about a subject of interest to her guests.

I asked Doria if she planned to give a psychic reading this week, and she replied, "Since folks are very interested in Trinsic at this time, 'tis likely I will give a psychic reading about the town invasions, looking for information that might eventually lead our warriors to find a way to free Trinsic."

Doria's tent is easy to find-just north of the Skara Brae bank.

Stav Korwell - Sonoma Gazette

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 2:56 PM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Alchemy Guide receives biggest update ever
Fenwick and I have been working for a little over a month updating the style and content of the UOSS Alchemy Guide. You'll now find that the menu is more logically arranged, that the articles now sport links to related articles along the top of each page, and that the look of the site matches the rest of UOSS much more closely. In addition to these navigational and cosmetic changes, the content of each article has been reviewed as well with changes made where appropriate. In total, nearly 150 pages have been updated.

Here are a few specific changes and additions you'll find:

  • Expanded coverage of topics of interest to assassins. You can now find all the UOSS content related to assassins in one easy to use spot: Professions: The Assassin. In addition, the shard by shard list of alchemists has been expanded to include those in the assassin profession as well (feel free to add your assassin to the list). Of special interest to anyone who uses poison is the updated poison damage study, which provided detailed info on what to expect from your poisoned blades.
  • Two potion charts are now available, to cover the needs of those who make potions and those who use potions. There is now also a potion FAQ that answers many of the most common potion question.
  • An alchemic hangman game now joins the javascript enabled mule test in the interactive diversions section of the alchemy guide.
  • The potion keg page has been updated with the results of recent tests to determine under what conditions it is safe to leave a potion keg out in your house.
  • The main page of the alchemy guide now offers news of interest to alchemists and assassins. You'll find comments from the development team, pointers to informative alchemy discussions, and detailed information on what's new on the alchemy guide itself.
  • The Odds & Ends section now contains an... um... interesting collection of hundreds of sales pitches used by alchemists throughout Britannia. The article is called: Any Given Bank.
  • Last, but certainly not lease, I am very pleased to announce that the Outcast Lady Lietgardis has joined the the alchemy guide staff, and brings her considerable talents and knowledge to our team.

For those of you not familiar with the alchemy guide, here are some highlights of what's available:

  • Potion Tactics: detailed information on the advantages, disadvantages and tactics of each type of potion.
  • Training articles: information on how to become the best alchemists and/or assassin you can.
  • Polls: share your views with other alchemists and assassins.
  • Tales & Yarns: in character accounts of the adventures assassins and alchemists have as they travel throughout our world.
  • Odds & Ends: this section contains the History of Alchemy, listings of Alchemic Bugs, our Tongue In Cheek section, and many other interesting --if not always helpful-- articles
  • Salesmanship: everything you need to know to sell potions; from running a vendor to pricing your wares.
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 2:47 PM EST by Sie Ming (GeneralNews)

Unusual Structure Found in the Sea

I heard of this highly odd piece of architecture from several friends of mine, and made haste to see it. An extremely strange miniture tower-like obelisk battlement jutting up from the sea near Serpents Hold attracts a modicum of attention, or so it would. Several boats could be seen anchored near the oddity.

I found it moderately strange that the stone used in the construct of the new insideous Death Vortex in Trinsic, matches this to a tee. And also a note of interest, the embattlement, topped with a statue in the shape of an eagle of sorts, is surrounded by 8 lanterns. Eight, as we are all familiar of the signifigance, is the number of the Virtues, and also....the number of the Anti-Virtues. This strange object in the sea, may be of ill-import, we know not yet. If you have any information regarding this issue, please, do not hesitate to contact either me, or my colleagues here at UOSS.

The Coordinates of this odd structure are as follows-
159 degrees, 4 minutes South by 95 degrees, 33 minutes East.

Your Humble Servant,
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 1:05 PM EST by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Death Vortex Appears in Trinsic
Today, Rampage, Donnough and I went on a search for an altar we heard a rumor about in Trinsic. We recalled into Trinsic and were discussing where to look when someone overheard us talking and said he knew where it was. We followed him past the moongate to Brit and past the park. Then after the park we turned left, and found a very odd building. There is nothing really to explain, nothing interesting happened, and there were no unusual monsters. All I can do is show you a picture, you can think whatever you want about it.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 11:19 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

Mayor Mythra Rescued from Clutches of Keeonean

I was sent this by Elwynn:
    As many of you know, Mythra, Commander of Yew Militia and Acting Mayor or Yew was slain by the Infamous Keeonean. He used some sort of dark and sorcerous method to trap her soul in his blade. Tonight, a successful rescue was made and I am glad to report Mythra is once again in the realm of the living and serving her community as admirably as ever, despite very trying circumstances. For more images and details of Mythra's rescue, click here.

    -The Druid Elwynn
Thank you
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 11:08 AM EST by Rasesar Wej (GreatLakes)

Gazer Fiend in Cove!
The following scroll arrived in our offices today:
*writes with an unsteady hand*

It has been hours since last I saw this horror yet information I have which may be valuable in the defeat of the gazer fiend. All the week the fiend struck the few defenders in Cove with forces that grew stronger and stronger each night. Each night those of LDH would defend as best they could, all the while testing new tactics against the fiend and attempting to learn whatever possible of this floating horror. Much has been discovered yet nay a weakness can be found. What has been found out is this.....

- All summoned creatures will not attack the Gazer Fiend.
- The Gazer fiend is immune to all spells save its own. When it casts upon magic reflection, it damages itself.
- The fiend can has a limited amount of mana but it means nothing. When a quick evaluation of the fiend was done, it showed that the fiend had 87% mana left after casting 5 or 6 flamestrikes.
- The Gazer Fiend can pick up and manipulate objects as you or I.
- The fiend also scouts out cities before an attack and will not give fight should it see a nice amount of defenders.
- The fiend watches and listens to the inhabitants of Cove before an attack. It may even listen for pure pleasure.
- The fiend can summon elder gazers at will and can place them where it wishes. We had been held up in the corridor on the walls of Cove and the fiend summoned two elder gazers upon those inside when its efforts to kill the defenders itself failed.
- The fiends spells can be disrupted, but it is cautious and usually starts teleporting away from combat when it is having the slightest chance of being wounded.
- The fiend heals its elder gazers when possible and treats them as guildmates treat each other. The fiend teamed with the elder gazers makes for a vicious combination.
- Finally, the fiend carries an assortment of items, but some may be useless to throw off those who attempt to steal or loot from it. This I know because I am the only man alive to have witnessed the fiend struck down and rendered unconscious.

I was fishing happily this day in Cove, alone save for a few stray cats. I was wondering when the next attack would come since one had occured at about a quarter to four that day already. The fiend simply appeared behind me and attempted to paralyse me. Well Luck was with me as I had my magic reflection up and I happened to be near the one guard in the entire land that has managed to fight the spell put on all by the Mistress. He immediatly attacked the Gazer Fiend and with 5 or 6 quick hits from his halberd, the fiend fell. I immediately ran to liberate whatever goods I could gather but I was overloaded with fish and fishing poles. I dropped them quickly and went about the business of looting a still breathing Gazer fiend.

On the body, I found 6800 gold which I was foolish enough to take instead of the items. I could have gotten all, only the fiend was crawling towards the north guardpost, slowly coming awake. I managed to get a broadsword as well before it disappeared. Despite its slow crawl, I lost it in the orchard and when eventually I did come upon the fiend again, it was awake and fully healed, and in a foul temper. After a flurry of demands by it for us to leave Cove, and my failed attempts to reason with it, it summoned a serpent and I fled. I fear my poor decisions have failed Cove from a victory over the fiend. If only I had given it the final death strike and not set about looting it, Cove would be free of this horror. Forever I shall have this upon my conscious.

I pray what information I have given reaches the ears of those who will not fail as I have...

High Priest Gaal of House Lynn'Dannae
*finishes message with a sad sigh and seals it with the insignia of LDH*

Thank ye, Sire! It seems the Gazer Fiend is formidable indeed!
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 10:41 AM EST by Satyr (SiegePerilous)

My perspective of War & Peace across Sosaria
In Trinsic, talks of brief victorys has rose. But for how long?. In all the battle skirmishes among the shadow skeletals and brave warriors, have always ended with a tear. During the battles that constantly hold in many citys, the bueaty of nature and peace is ignored. I have participated in the beginning Trinsic battles, I have won a lot, died a lot, witnessed terror a lot. Thieves grow richer, and warriors grow wary.

I have recently took the chance to take a vacation from death. As I smelled the sea winds from the docks of cove & Jhelom, I cannot ignore the gental splashing of water. The fishermans yell of glee catching the days catch, birds making thier nests on the high stakes of wood. The thought of my brothrs of Trinsic came, my instinct of of battle rising, my mind wanted to go into the battles, I need to help my friends.., this thought was erased by a young lady selling food goods and the sweet songs of birds. Why is this beaty ignored over battle & death?. For liberation, for the cause. When we win the battle, will the bueaty be recognized?. I think not.

These scenes constantly being destroyed by the marks of war. Noblemen such as Lady Brimingham, and others constantly get priase for thier participation in battles, or holding meetings to unify the people of Trinsic, usally it never happens. While the young dieing grasping to thier cheaply made blades, while warriors & mages who have been known to save lifes die quietly alone or for the honor of thier un-famed guild.. Who are we to destroy such nature?

You are starting to ask yourself what point is this article bring us?. A person once said that I dont focus on the real events, yet I focus on what is ignored and hidden. Is this a crime for pointing out the bueaty and shame of our society?. People so eagerly send message birds (icq) to each other for partnership for a battle occuring. The call of death I call it. People have become depressed and lost thier oath of honor in the defence of our fair town. Become thieves thierselves or murderers. Do they get any praise for thier fall?. When will our fall come?. The fall will come to everyone, the strong, the prepared, the weak... it is just a question of time. This can be stopped. With our hearts and mind over the primal instinct of need of choas.

This great evil, where does it come from?, how does it still end to the world? what seed, what root did it grow from?. whos doing this, whos killing us, robbing us of life and light, mocking us with the sight of what we might of known. Does our ruin benefit the earth of sosaria? does it help the grass to grow and the sun to shine.. is this darkness in you to?. have you passed through this night?.

what are you to me. Nothing. What am I to you?. Nothing. What is lord British or Jou'nar to us?. No one. We fear ourselves, we help ourselves. That is nature.

Nature is cruel. Our instincts are cruel. Who is looking after you when you are dieing?. Where is that one dieing skeletal-knights friend when its dieing?. assuming it has language in thier society. In Sosaria, and in the real word, no one really cares about you. Its a one man world, and the rest that is promised to us is just words. Me, you everyone, are to soft, not to fiberd enough for this world. Have you had anyone dieing in your arms?. and not do a thing?. I have. But I will put it in my past. Does it relate to cowardice or innecientcy?. I will blame it on the situation, and try helping the next person. This is a common scene in the battle fields. Its best to go back where we came from, the silent hills of the north, our homes, the lush farm grounds of the west, our homes. But what If, our homes is in the battlefield?. Does that give us the reason to continue fighting?.

Hours like months, days like years, we walk in the gold age stood on the shore of the new world, stood on the front of war. The scene of a young squire dieing or the scene of a thief searching through corpses, cant nothing make you forget it. Each time we start from scratch, it happens again. The feeling poisens the soul

I advise the fighters for the cause to take a vacation from the fighting. It does wonder on thyself. Let us regather our energy. Spend time with your guildmates having fun, spend time with a loved one, reasure her/him again of the vow for love that was taken in.

Colonel Rage, Advisor/Field reporter

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 10:03 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

The Dark Construct: Herald of Evils to Come?
When I awoke today, I was greeted with pigeon after pigeon alerting me to a monstrosity that was newly constructed in Trinsic. I had to see this thing for myself. My good friend JackDeth, one of the first to alert me, offered to take me to this thing. Arriving, he provided transport to Trinsic, where we were confronted by countless minions of the undead.

From what I understood, we were headed towards the Trinsic Meeting Hall. From the urgency of the messages, I would know what they referred to once I arrived. 'I could not miss it', or so I was told. But I was ill prepared for what I would see, it was something that almost defied description.

It began with stairs crafted from very dark, almost black, stone. Steps to both the North and South lead to the roof on either side. You could see on the South stairs that ghostly faces had been affixed, that when investigated, were labelled as 'a magical door'.

Stone FacesThe Death Vortex

As I made my way up the stairs, I saw it. A dark and mysterious ediface, that sat upon the roof of the Trinsic Meeting Hall like a fattened spider from the pit of Oblivion. Sitting atop the stucture was something I had yet to see in all my days. A Death Vortex swirled, surrounded by arcs of deadly power.

" this..?" I said, looking to Jack for answers. He had none, and we both stood in silence, wondering what the appearance of such a monstronsity meant. Following the steps to the roof, I found teleporters, one on each side.

Stepping upon the alchemical symbol, I was transported to the roof, where I could investigate this monolith directly. It was an imposing sight, and many people sought ways to enter it, to no avail. To the North and South stood two more teleporters. One that would take you to Nystul's gate, and the other just outside of The Trinsic Cut, the city's once proud butcher. But for what purpose? Would this allow whatever is inside easier access to the streets of Trinsic?

Nystul's Gate Teleporter The Trinsic Cut

What is the purpose of this construct? If indeed it is a door, then where does it lead, or better yet...what will come from the other side? Many theories abound. Some say it is a doorway to Minax's realm, if there be such a thing. Still others say that serves as an entry for dark forces the like which we have never before seen. Even as I write this, I am recieving message that the undead appear with more frequency, and that Juo'Nar himself has been sighted. I can nay say that I know for certain what is truth, and what is rumor, but I can say this...the building exists for all to see.

The forces of Light now begin gather their soldiers and allies to find the answers behind this new threat. Some wish to camp upon the rooftop, waiting for what may come. Others search for ways to weaken and perhaps destroy Juo'nar himself. I for one am going to pay close attention to this new situation...should you have any more news to share, please send it along. Until then friends, be wary, and fare thee well.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 9:06 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Dispatch from General Faramir of Leeds
We have found the ofllowing:
Citizens of Sonoma I recieved this dispatch from my Trinsic Theatre Commander, General Faramir of Leeds. I am pleased to present this to you, our first decisive offensive victory:

To: General Ibrahm Gaunt, Commander, United Army of Sonoma

Sir, 'tis my honor to submit to thee the following dispatch concerning recent operations in the campaign for the liberation of Trinsic.

At 1930 PST on the 20th day of February instant, regular forces of the Trinsic Defence Forces marshalled at various staging areas for a "hit and run" raid into the city, with the purpose of gathering intelligence and damaging the enemy's force there.

Present be the gallant knights from the Guardians of Stonehaven (Lord Loxly commanding), the Fellowship of Honor (Lady Gweneth commanding) and mine own guild, the Knights of Balaklava (Lady Arwen commanding). We brought forth initially, approximately 14 regulars, the size of the force considered sufficient for the mission in mind.

I be pleased to report, that as the situation changed, we were also joined by at least an equal number of the fine citizens of Trinsic, bringing the total number to 25-30 effectives.

Arriving on station, at one of our carefully selected rallying points inside the walls, we found the enemy to be dispersed and disorganized, and quickly were able to dispatch those present. By 2030, however, this situation changed drastically, with the arrival of Juo'nar, and soon turned into a general melee.

I saw this as an opportunity to perhaps rid this tortured city of the evil that besets it, and thusly ordered mine forces into a general assault on Juo'nar and his many minions. By all accounts, both the regular members of thine forces and the number of irregular reinforcements we recieveth, conducted themselves with great honor, valor and skill of arms -- and after a running battle with the green lich and hundreds of his minions, were able to force him to withdraw from the field, having suffered heavily at our hands. By approximately 2230, most of the enemy's forces were either fled or lay lifeless on the battlefield. Unfortunately, this came at a heavy cost to thine forces, having suffered in excess of 60% casualties, mine own self included in this number (to the dreaded "lost con" phenominon).

I wish to commendeth the following knights for their brave efforts in this ongoing campaign -- all three of the primary command staff for the efficient rallying of their forces (Lady Gweneth, Lord Loxly, and Lady Arwen). The Lord Durin Shadowfael, who whilst seemingly senile in everyday life, is able to perform feats of surprising prowess in battle. Ladies River Wylde, Cricket and Wren Wistlewind for their exemplary fighting skills, and Sir Brian Boru, Lord Eldros Du'Morde, and Sir Aristaeus also for their exceptional valor in face of dire odds -- and all of the fine warriors who joined with us throughout the night's hostilities.

Whilst there was great valor shown by most of the participants, I am disturbed to report that there still exist citizens of the realm who continue to work for the enemy, either knowingly or by the evil in their hearts. Specifically, looters continue to be our worst enemies, having lost considerable equipment and succour to their vile acts. This scourge has done more to lower the morale of thine army, than ever the worst ravages of the enemy could do -- and consequently we grow thin on resources to continue the fight. One particular scum, a recalcitrant named Detrie, was responsible for looting a number of valuable items from our fallen comrades, and of course in the heat battle. whilst we were heavily engaged, was able to make off with his booty.

Whilst we did inflict serious damage on the enemy, his desecrations of the city remain. seemingly beyond the skill of our sappers and artisens to removed. Barricades remain in place and his vile desecrations defy our efforts to remove them --and I suspect that until Juo'nar is finally vanquished that it shall reman so.

Nonetheless, with the grace of our sovereign lord, and your perserverance, we shall continue the fight, as long as we have strength and resources to do so.

Respectfully submited the morningtide, the 21st instant, in the field vicinity of Trinsic, I have the honor to remain . . .

Your most obediant servant,

Faramir of Leeds, Commanding

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 8:30 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

The first casualty of war is innocence
We have recieved the following:
I recieved this disturbing email, and am moved by it. The sender is just one more casualty of the war.

I was planning on staying out of this little fray and trying to go about my normal life. That was my plan at least until today. I was at the bank in Vesper trying to make my first Potion Keg, The screen informed me that I lacked the needed resourses, so I flipped over to the Stratics site to read the article on making kegs. I came back to find my poor F`Nor lying dead and looted at the feet of a Troll. I lost everything I had worked so hard for these last 3 days (It's a new character). Therefore I am determined to do all that I can do to aid the army in defeating this scourge.

Janos Antero

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 7:30 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

Chaos in Trinsic
Jacob sent in this news:

Last night Trinsic went haywire. It was worse than it ever has been. Late in the evening Black skeletons known as Shadow Knights and Skeleton Archers showed up. They stayed close to Jou'Nar and fought off most that came near him. After that a group of these skeltons were spotted walking through Trinsic with 'a casid dragon'. This was a beast much more powerful than Jou'Nar himself. I did have a few confrontations with Jou'Nar. I asked him to fight me one on one and he said, "Fight then" and at that moment he summoned a Shadow Knight and sicked it on me, luckily I got away. At another time during the night we had him outside the park surrounded and he summoned a group of bone knights. Then he began to cast energy field and blocked about 6 of us in. Then he casted a fire field and a few people teleported out. Then he got up on the wall and two of us got up there and he soon left after that. Here are some pictures but they did not turn out as good as I thought they would.

Also, Na-Krul from the Dark Tower was sending messengers to Jou'Nar. One spoke with Jou'Nar briefly before I attacked him outside the Jail. She ran up to him and said Jou'Nar my master has a message for you and he asked what the message was. She told him that Her master wanted to know if he needed any help. Jou'Nar asked who her master was and she replied Na-Krul. I guess that explains why he was standing on top of the Jail avoiding monsters on Saturday and it explains what he was looking for.

Guildmaster of the Angel Knights

Thanks Jacob for this report!
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 7:27 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

Attempt to Reclaim Trinsic Ends in Defeat
Arakthor sent in this news:

Sunday afternoon, the forces of Dawn, along with the Quest Knights of the Virtues, embarked with allies to Trinsic determined to free the city of its condition of tyranny. We arrived at Paladins Island and met no resistance.

Quickly we moved to a transfer spot and began teleporting troops across into Trinsic Proper. We met instant and overwhelming resistance. Half our force was destroyed before all the troops were transported across.

The fighting became not one of invasion, but one of desperate struggles of individual survival. Our units were scattered and fought hard and brave. It was then that Juo'nar and two of his Shadow Knights arrived.

True to Shadomirs warning, they swarmed on us with a speed no human could match.

The tides turned even worse apon us. As I stood surrounded, I was helpless as I watched my comrades fall, their bodies ravaged by the human scum enlisted by Juo'nar. The scavengers waited for me to fall as well. I noticed a guild pin on one of them, FoB. Cowardly they were, waiting for Juo'nar to take us down so they could plunder our equipment. Hath humans actually sunk so low?

*shakes head sadly* Indeed my friends, the invasion was unsuccessful, and I apologize and thank those who gave their blood that day. For no greater a cause, than one of Valor and Sacrifice. Honor apon thee all.

Indeed it will take more than Dawn's might to free Trinsic. But it shall be done.

*bows low*

Quest Knight of Humility

Thanks for thy valiant efforts to restore Trinsic to freedom.
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 7:18 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

Mysterious Tower in Trinsic
I received several messages today about a mysterious "tower" that has appeared on the roof of the Meeting Hall in Trinsic.

I made my way to Trinsic, avoiding the marauding undead, and proceeded to the meeting Hall.

The first thing I discovered was a pair of dark gray stone steps, with death masks on their side. The steps lead to a mid level roof. On that roof was a teleporter, which brings you to the very top of the building.

When I arrived on the roof, I was at once seized by a horrible sense of foreboding, for there was a dark tower, surrounded by a moat of molten lava. On top of the tower was a Death Vortex.

Several people were there, trying to figure out the purpose of the menacing structure. One fellow suggest that we should lead Juo'nar here, to see what he does with it.

At that suggestion, I started to shiver uncontrollably. I can't think of a worse thing to do. I think Juo'nar and his minions should be kept as far away from this place as possible!

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 7:16 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

More Information about the Upcoming Seige on Trinsic
A messenger from Starbuck, Organizer of the attack on Trinsic this weekend, sent in some more information about what will be going on and what needs to be done before then.

I am speaking for Starbuck because he is ladden with work to do with the coming attack on trinsic.

I would like to re-empathsize the need for organization and support to this cause, We are going to be doing extremely dangerous missions in hopes of securing trinsic from the hold of looters and Murderers. StarBuck has been given Death Threats by a insanely stupid unnameable person who is threatening his life in uo as well as in the real world, I would like to point out to this person that it is impossible to accomplish this in the real world. But because of this i felt the need to give some information to anyone participating.

1. We will not allow anyone Looting or killing a fellow attacker these people will be killed, blue or not, we also have a rather large force(150 at least) and because of lag we will most likely split you up to diffrent parts of the city to patrol a certain area, other things i cannot mention at this time.

2. the super-pvpers we might be facing are said to be using cheats although that isn't comfirmable. therefore we need solid offense as well as defense, and any honorable merchants who wish to help are extremely welcome to as we will need supplies. We also do not need people who only fight with us for fame and karma(and of course money) because they are the people who desert when things go bad.

3. Lastly we are going over strategy about bases and anyone who has gone through a similar thing on other shards please help us make those strategies, we are going over the idea of Barracks and bases.
THIS WILL NOT BE A EASY ASSAULT! we should expect resistance from looters murderers and the usual forces of monsters, we will be killing the bankers if necessary to keep looters from banking our goods for those of you who do not like this idea, perhaps you'll like it when you Silver of Vanquishing weapon or that Bag of regs you bought are put into a some thieves bank account never to be seen again... we are trying to drive looters FROM trinsic not save the city...yet.

Thanks for your time
Arlia, Tactical Advisor

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 6:09 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

Abominable architects build in Trinsic
I was working quietly at my desk when a pigeon arrived bearing a scroll from IronFist. A laudable warrior, he has never been one to say in 20 words what he could say in 3. The message said simply, "they put an evil temple in Trinsic..."

Dark temple in TrinsicI dotted my i's and crossed my t's on my work in progress, then hurried to Moonglow to meet him. He escorted me to Trinsic, venturing ahead to be sure I would be safe. Soon, I stood atop what had once been the Orc Fort in the days of Gobbo's glory. A tower of black stone had been erected there overnight and a swarm of Juo'nar's undead playthings chattered below. A strange fog arose from the top of this structure and it hummed like something I'd read about in the ice dungeon called a "death vortex." I wondered if there were any way to get inside.

"You have to die," Iron answered flatly. "I haven't died yet."

My inquisitive nature (which my husband sweetly refers to as my nosiness) gave no pause for personal safety. I hurried, stripping down to my underclothes and dropping my belongings into a spare pack. Iron's eyes widened for a moment and he made a low whistle. Sir Wrath, looking on, commented, "I see someone's made use of the ‘Buns of Steel' program." I rolled my eyes, preparing myself for my self-induced trip to the Netherworld.

Kamikaze reporter

"Stop gawking," I grumbled. "Not like you've never seen a woman undressed before."

Iron explained the use of the teleporters near the temple. There were two, one on either side. The southernmost would take me to the South Gate area. The northern, to the West Gate area. I shivered a bit in the cold, took a deep breath and stepped onto the stone tile, popping up near the South Gate, as expected. I had no hopes of reaching the temple alive, but miraculously I did. I stood in the doorway, waiting for one of the creatures there to give me passage to the temple above. A mummy obliged in seconds flat.

Ghost writerI climbed the stairs and stepped onto the lower level where a teleport was available to the roof. Iron and Sir Wrath stood by, waiting for my return. I inspected the structure, but sadly could not venture far within as I'd hoped. Since I was already dead, I figured I'd make the most of it and check what I could. Below, inside the original building, there were alchemy symbols in each of the rooms. I tried all of them, each one taking me to the same place: the south end of the main room there. I returned to the roof where Iron worked quickly to restore me to my natural state, then returned me again to Moonglow, too weak to make the journey on my own after my sprightly adventure.

I have been told that there is a door on the front of the temple which requires a key to unlock, though I did not test this myself while I was there. Perhaps soon we will uncover this key and unlock not only that door, but the mysteries that seem to present themselves to us each day. Until then, know that I am killing myself, literally, to bring whatever news I can to our faithful readers.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 4:27 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

Blackcomb Becomes the Target of Even Greater Enemy Forces
Duke Njord of the city of Blackcomb recalls the tale of an unusual attack on his city last night.

The unknown enemy of Blackcomb has escalated the level of violence in our fair town. During this attack the orcs and ettins usually present were mysteriously absent. A few orcs put in an appearance and one notable orc was either leading the forces against Blackcomb this evening or was aiding the attack at any rate.

This Orc Lord had his title printed in red and spoke to the people opposing him. He also managed to loot the bodies of the fallen and is attributed with blocking passage into the tower causing the warriors seeking aid and support from those within to stand alone surrounded by hell hounds.

The attack consisted of mainly of hell hounds with a large number of dire wolves. The hell hounds seemed intent on keeping everyone separated this time. If people were in a house then hell hounds kept appearing at the door trapping the occupants inside. The people outside were driven apart going in different directions through no choice of their own.

Eventually the warriors defending Blackcomb gained the upper hand and started to decimate the hell hounds. Shortly after that there were no more hell hounds or dires in Blackcomb.

I have seen many more deaths in Blackcomb tonight than in any other battle I have been apart of. Never the less Blackcomb with the help of friends and allies emerged from this night still standing.

The mysterious orc had a few parting words for us however though none of us could find him to bring him to battle.

"This is a small sample of things to come."

"Pride is your enemy"

So now we must wonder at his words. Did he speak true or attempt to misguide us. Also maybe Blackcomb is under attack from two sources as these last attacks haven't been Keeeonean's style.

Duke Njord of Blackcomb

On a related matter, I would like to reinforce the Duke's idea of a possible "second force" that is might be attacking Blackcomb. The other night when I was at Blackcomb and the orcs and ettins attacked, I recall the seer that joined us that night saying something about a second group of orcs. He said it very vaguely as he left. It was something along the lines, "It is possible that this recent attack of orcs isn't a normal group, because as far as I know, there were no attacks scheduled for today." This came to a surprise to me because the attack contained a scout and then a pretty well organized attack. I have no idea who this second band of orcs may be, but there are many possibilities.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 4:02 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

Grand opening of Costa del Magia
This sounds like great fun:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye. There is to be a grand opening of the new player run town, "Costa Del Magia". We cordially invite all the good people of Britannia to visit on this big occasion. Fruits of the vine and food will be plentiful, so fear not, you will not leave sober or hungry. For those of an adventuring spirit, a quest or two may be organised too.

Come one and all, you people of good will and celebrate with us, The Citizens of Costa Del Magia!

The opening will take place on the 4th of March. Location is a 30 sec SE walk from Vesper, and further details of the town are also available.

Sage of the Costa del Magia

Good luck with this grand event.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 3:41 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Baron & SoE gathers an army to reclaim Trinsic
Baron Von Saltbush has this message:

Hail all, looking for something to do on the 23rd? *slips into roleplay*

The Baron looks down at a note he's recieved from trinsic council. "As you can see your lordship, lord britishes armies are totally ineffective against the hordes, sure a guild as noble and pure as yors can come to our aid..."

Saltbush sat back, indeed trinsic was in dire need of help, but it was also Lord Britishes territory, and to break into and hold the city would take a large force, even more powerful than SoE and its allies. What is needed is brains not brawn but first the city must investigated for weaknesses in its defense. He reached over and browed through some maps of the trinsic area, the only possible weakness would b by sea and thats where they would strike, but that must be after the city had been infiltrated.

Hence this proclomation

"To all SoE, Its Allies and anyone with a pure and brave heart. On the eve of the 23rd at 8pm (sydney time) SoE will lauch a investagitive strike force into trinsic via moongates. bring all you need and be ready to battle your way through the city.

Let the games begin"

*Slips out of roleplay*

see you all there, Baron von Saltbush meet at minoc healers 8pm the 23rd

Thanks Baron! At least someone is trying to help trinsic *smirk*.
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 3:07 AM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

Announcing the Opening of the Friendly Tavern (and more!)
Exciting news from UBB and BOW.

On February 26, 2000 at 4:00pm est is the Grand Opening of The UBB/BOW Friendly Tavern. Come join us for an evening of celebration as The United Blacksmiths of Britannia and The Britannia Order of Woodcrafters celebrate an alliance and The Grand Opening of The Friendly Tavern. All are welcome to come as there will be many prizes to be given away. With the main prize being a House Lottery. To be eligible to win this house all you have to do is visit The UBB/BOW Friendly Tavern anytime from now until the 26th, and buy a key off the bar keep. The keys will be in a bag marked House Lottery Keys. 1 key will cost 1000gp and there will only be a limited number of keys available, so be sure to get your key ASAP for your chance to win a house for only 1000gp. To see if your key will unlock the door to the house all you have to do is show up at The UBB/BOW Friendly Tavern during the Grand Opening and there will be a rune locked down in from of the bar keep (the rune will be there until a winner is announced). Recall off of this rune and if your key opens the door there will be detailed instructions inside on who to contact so you can become the new owner of the house. Go to see the map of where The UBB/BOW Friendly Tavern is located.

I thank you for the news friends, and good luck to the contestants!
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 1:49 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

BNN Day 40
Here is the transcript of BNN Day 40:
[Intro Music]

Bundor Bard:

Crisis in Britannia, Day 40.
Hello, I'm Bundor Bard and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
In the headlines today.
The city of Trinsic remains in enemy hands. The city gates have been barricaded and the streets are patrolled by an army of the undead. Lord British's guards have been expelled or killed. Thousands of refugees clogged the main roads, out of the region, making it difficult for more warriors to reach the city. Reinforcements have been sent by Lord British, but there is no word yet on when they may arrive. We also have news that defenders trapped within the walls have formed a resistance movement. According to unconfirmed reports, the defenders strike isolated undead patrols and then fade back into deserted buildings. BNN reporter Drenon is thought to be trapped behind enemy lines. If we can establish contact with him we'll bring you live reports from the captured city. We'll be right back after these words.

Male voice:

Has this ever happened to you?

Another male voice:

Hey, sweetcakes! Whatcha doing out in the woods all alone?

Female voice:

What do you two want?

Yet another male voice:

Nice boots. I bet they fit me real good.

Another male voice:

Yeah! I just love your armor.

Female voice:

Hey! What the hell?! [Spell sounds, slashing sounds, more spell sounds]

Male voice:

Danger is everywhere, but you don't have to wander the woods alone. Come on down to Harry the Tamer's Pet Emporium. We have the finest tamed pets gold can buy. Panthers, bears, daemons, elementals. Yes, even a dragon can be yours for one low, low cost. Results are guaranteed or your gold cheerfully refunded.

Another male voice:

Hey, look who's back.

Yet another male voice:

Didn't get enough last time eh toots?

Female voice:

Nice boots. [Dragon roar]

[Male screaming]

Male voice:

Harry the Tamer's Pet Emporium, just outside old Britain not far from the Warrior's Guildhall. Harry the Tamer's, because life without a pet can be no life at all.

Bundor Bard:

In the rest of the news, Sir Geoffrey of Britain has again been sighted near Yew. He and Lord Iolo are trying to capture a prisoner for questioning by Lord British and his advisors. British has required everyone in the realm to assist Sir Geoffrey in whatever way possible. In Minoc, a grandmaster mage, attempting to raise the dead, has mysteriously disappeared. Witnesses say Mage Philo was trying to slow down the space-time continuum in hopes of causing his brother-in-law to return to life. During the attempt, he suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke and has not been seen since. The mage was reported to have screamed the phrase, "It's a feature," as he vanished. And that's the news. I'm Bundor Bard for BNN.

[Exit Music]

Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 40

Author: OSI
Copyright: ©2000 Electronic Arts
Abstract: Britannia News Network
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 1:45 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

BNN Day 37
Here is the transcript of BNN Day 37:
[Intro Music]

Bundor Bard:

Crisis in Britannia, Day 37.
I'm Bundor Bard and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
In the news today.
Here at BNN we have always felt it our responsibility to present both sides of every story. Tonight, we have a special report from corespondent Lilia Mason. Lilia has been granted permission to travel behind enemy lines to interview a young soldier, a headless to be exact, as he prepares with his battalion for yet another assault upon the people of Britain. Lilia?

[Light background group gathered sounds]

Lilia Mason:

Thankyou Bundor. I'm deep in the forest north of Trinsic in what appears to be a swiftly assembled camp. Soldiers are milling around us making final battle preparations. With me is Wallace Sims, formerly of Skara Brae, who will be acting as translator for a young headless soldier who has agreed to speak with us. Uh, I'm sorry. What is your name again sir?

[Mushy sounds]

Lilia Mason:

Um yes, well, uh you and your comrades at arms have been terrorizing the people of Britain for some weeks now. Could you tell me why it is you're fighting?

[Mushy sounds]

Wallace Sims:

Yeah... well... He claims that... let me see... People of Britannia must be destroyed, the cities must be pillaged, the wealth plundered, the lands burned, Lord British brought to his knees. The usual.

Lilia Mason:

The usual. Alright then, why Britain? Her people merely wish to enjoy their lives, travel about a bit, and embark on the occasional adventure. Isn't there somewhere else you could pillage?

[Long mushy sounds]

Wallace Sims:

He says no.

Lilia Mason:

I see. So it's pillage and plunder Britain then. One more question, if I may? For the listeners at home, could you tell us quickly, who is the master-mind behind all of these attacks?

[Mushy sounds]

Wallace Sims:

I'm sorry, I'm afraid it's time for my companion to be ready for battle. No more questions please.

Lilia Mason:

But wait, our listeners want to know. Who leads this army?

[Single mushy sound]

Wallace Sims:

No, no, no, n-no comment. We must be going now. Terribly sorry, some other time.

Lilia Mason:

Well there you have it. Britannia destroyed and Lord British to his knees. Sounds like this army has quite the task ahead of them. Back to you Bundor.


Bundor Bard:

Thankyou Lilia. Lilia Mason will continue working behind enemy lines to bring more updates and interviews with the armies planning to destroy our existence. And that's today's report. I'm Bundor Bard.

[Exit Music]

Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 37

Author: OSI
Copyright: ©2000 Electronic Arts
Abstract: Britannia News Network
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 1:44 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

The Sacrifice of Cyan
This news was sent in some time ago.

The day she had dreaded for so long was finally upon her. No longer able to lift the either pickaxe or hammer ingots into shape, the weakened Cyan was dragged from her cell, silent tears wetting her face. Has it come to this, she wondered. Have I truly been abandoned? Where was the Militia? Where were the Knights, sworn to uphold honor?

Chained atop the mysterious tower she watched as the Orcs prostrated themselves before a foul altar and chanted. Soon a dark mist arose around the altar and began to take shape. Out of the mist came dark and foreboding figure. It’s dark red skin reminiscent of blood, it’s fangs blackened, and leathery wings outstretched, this was not a god, but a creature of nightmares. This must be the god of Orcs she realized, for none other could worship a being so foul, so malicious in countenance. Cyan swore to herself she would be strong, but the sight of the Blood God brought a heart rending scream to her lips.

Chanting the Orc Shaman approached, wielding the executioners axe. Her captors dragged Cyan before the Blood God. Mouth agape, the Blood God awaited devouring her soul. The axe raised high above her head, Cyan closed her eyes and waited. The sudden scream of pain jolted her eyes open.

The Shaman had dropped the executioners axe, a large feathered arrow stuck in its arm. The Orcs were thrown into turmoil, from whence had that shaft come? Whirling about they saw several knights, armor gleaming in the red glow of a setting sun.

"Back to hell, damn you," shouted the knight Dragor as he flung his silver dagger at the Blood God. Bellowing in pain, the hilt of the dagger protruding from it’s eye, the daemon stumbled back into the mists and dispersed. At once the mounted knights fell upon the Orcs, slaying all that stood between them and Cyan. Alas, it was to no avail. Seeing that the ritual was interrupted, the Shaman summoned a portal. Before being shoved into the blue portal, Cyan was able to glance back and see the gallant knights striving to reach her. Still a prisoner, she felt hope return to her heart.

A hair raising tale to be sure. Where is Cyan now? Please, should anyone recieve more information, do not hesitate to let us know.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 1:44 AM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

BNN Day 36
Here is the transcript of BNN Day 36:
[Intro Music]

Bundor Bard:

Crisis in Britannia, Day 36.
I'm Bundor Bard and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
We've re-established contact with BNN reporter Drenon via communication crystal and bring you live to the City of Honor. Drenon?


[Light background music] Hail Bundor, it's good to hear your voice again. I don't know how much time I'll have to report, since the last broadcast we've had to move from place to place to avoid detection. I can't say where we are at the moment, for fear of being spotted.

Bundor Bard:

Uh, pardon, Drenon? Can you give us an update on the condition of the city?


Ahh, of course. M-my apologies Bundor. The undead have broken through the defenses and are currently wandering the city streets. We've seen pockets of resistance emerge, including the group that is currently harboring us. [Communication crystal static starts] [Undead moans] So far they aren't able to stave off the never-ending tide of undead. It doesn't look good. [More static] My crystal is fading again Bundor. I strongly advise those who are not able to defend themselves to find a way out of this city. From all indications, it looks like these vile creatures intend to stay. We'll need to gather some more gems to recharge the crystal. I'll broadcast again as soon as I can.


Bundor Bard:

Thankyou Drenon. May the virtues protect you and all the citizens of Trinsic. BNN will continue to bring you live up to the minute coverage of the invasion of Trinsic. That's the way it is in the city of Trinsic this 36th day of crisis in Britannia. I'm Bundor Bard. Goodday.

[Exit Music]

Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 36

Author: OSI
Copyright: ©2000 Electronic Arts
Abstract: Britannia News Network
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 1:43 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

Orphans rescued from Trinsic
A group of ten orphans and homeless children were discovered last week in the war-torn city of Trinsic. Ailil Erdath, one of the men who helped rescue the youngsters explained what he saw:

I was standing by the guillotine at the west gate. Rather gruesome, but a good vantage point. I was hidden, and went unnoticed by two young boys that were walking along the ramparts. When I revealed myself, they ran - not surprising considering my attire. I followed them a ways and they tired, so I explained that I meant no harm. I was simply curious as to why children would be running along atop the walls during a seige.

They told me their names were Zachary, the son of a Paladin; and Phillip, the son of a local fisherman. They evaded the question of what they were up to, however. I spoke with Zachary while Phillip ran ahead to check if it was safe, and he let it slip that there might be more children. Phillip came back shortly after, out of breath, to tell us that a skeleton was blocking the way. They followed me while I went to dispatch it. We didn't find just one. Instead, there were several, and already in combat with men on horseback wearing white. I forgot their guild insignia. Phillip and Zachary were both distressed at the presence of the men, and they ran across the roof of the building and down a flight of stairs. I followed them to find the rest of the orphans, and several other men guarding them.

Erdath described the children as being "dressed in bright clothes, most of them. One, Tommy, had a toy bow. Lissa had a white dress. Helena wore purple and green. Phillip and Zachary sported small daggers. They were simply children, in general." Helena, he stated, was the granddaughter of Anton, a craftsman of Skara Brae.

The room where the children had found shelter was dangerously close to the South Gates. While not as perilous a position as a more northernly or westward hideaway would be, it still was not a safe area. With the aid rescue workers, the children were moved to a makeshift shelter funded by Vincent, a jeweler turned philanthropist. The former Counselors' Hall on the island was quickly outfitted with small beds and other necessities so that the children would be safe from the war zones on the mainland.

Arlin has been appointed caretaker of the facility. When asked about the current status of the foundlings, he responded, "The orphaned children? Sir Anton rescued many, and they are doing well. Anton Zorzi is a grand artisian, his grandaughter was in Trinsic. Tis a shame, Trinsic has fallen to Juo'nar... those poor children. Dark days... Trinsic has fallen, Cove, Yew, Vesper, and Britain under attack... This shelter is to help those fleeing from the assaulted towns."

The City of Moonglow has also opened its doors to the refugees from Trinsic and other assaulted cities. Relief efforts are underway to bring supplies to the shelters and to those who remain in the battle ravaged cities, defending them as best they can.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 1:16 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

Discussion forum for the defense of Dragon's Bay

This comes to us from our very own Red William:

Red William sat at his desk as he looked over his intelligence reports. His brow furrowed at the number of dead messengers that were partially found or not at all. All diplomatic attempts had failed in regard to the Lizardmen army. Their recent attacks on Dragon’s bay was becoming less annoying and more a bad omen to events occurring throughout the kingdom. Was this dark mistress that was rumored to be leading these attacks after Dragon’s bay as well? He tried to hide his fears of such things behind a vague mask of bravado and machismo, but with the attacks building, he knew that this would not end any time soon.

Suddenly he felt a pair of human hands slip gently at his shoulders, massaging his aching muscles. He turned his head to see the sweet smile of his wife, Liara, who stood behind him.

"You keep looking at those messages, Red," she said quietly, "and you’re going to lose your nerve."

Red smiled, "It’s not a pretty sight, honey. The Lizardmen have always hated us setting up a tavern on the swamps. The attacks are proof of that, and with trade and commerce coming here, were only inciting the Lizardmen more."

"No messenger made it back?"

"Those we found were not in enough pieces to reply," Red choked. "I can only imagine what happened to those we didn’t find."

Liara wrapped her slender arms around the bard and hugged him tight, "Maybe its time we got some help?"

The Bard looked back at her serenely. He had hoped not to trouble others to the problems of Dragon’s bay, but his alliances with Yew and Trinsic, as well as the fledgling government of cove made the situation vital. Trade routes began to form in areas around Dragon’s bay where supplies came from all around. Cove, Britian and Vesper were the main cities in the area, and they were all getting hit by the attacks. It stands to reason that were going to be involved in the invasions, he thought.

Red stood up from the desk and gave his wife a kiss. The two embraced a moment and then seperated.

"I think we better plan something this Wednesday, Liara." Red said sternly, "maybe get the other guilds and town councils together for a discussion."

Liara smiled, "That’s the spirit, hon." She said with a gleam in her eyes.

"We can set it up for 6pm west coast time and have it at the Tavern. If it gets big enough, we can do it at the tower."

"What about those that don’t know how to get to the tavern?" Liara questioned.

Red thought a moment, "well…there is Krista’s ranger station…Elwynn has a rune to the tavern. Maybe we should get some mages together and have them at Britian and Yew to gate people here."

"Good idea" Liara said, grabbing Red’s hand, "now that all that is out of the way, you can finally get to bed." Liara tugged on Red’s hand and dragged him out to the bedroom.

Red chuckled and walked behind Liara, anxiously waiting a good night’s rest. Too bad for him he would not have one for a while.

This Wednesday at the Golden Dragon Tavern, at about 6pm PST (9pm EST), the members of OGD will be holding a forum concerning the recently growing lizardman attacks on the city. It’s believed that the lizardman attacks are in line with the recent attacks on the other cities in the land of Brittania. We encourage all guilds and city officials to attend so we can gather intelligence and devise a plan of action for these attacks.

The forum will presumably be held ad Red William's tavern at 8PM Central.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 1:13 AM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

Client Patch 1.26.4b
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

Client Patch 1.26.4b

We will be releasing a client patch today at approximately 11am CST. This patch will disable the Ultima Messenger utility (you will no longer see the file "owo.exe" running in your task bar). Additionally, this patch will address a client crash involving books, and will include files related to our localization support.

If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

  • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
  • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
  • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online.

If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].

Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 11:53 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Yew Militia seeks recruits
Over 100 brave souls banded together yesterday in anticipation of a massive attack on Yew. The day began with massive waves of mongbats, led by mongbat lords, swarming the Abbey and surrounding areas. These mongbat armies seemed to be more hearty than the mongbats Britannians are accustomed to dealing with day to day. With increased strength and great numbers, they managed to do some tremendous damage to the town and the people there to defend it.

Kaleb Koons, founder of the local militia, sent out a cry to arms and people answered without hesitation. Apparently, the army gathered was large enough to ward off any large-scale movement against Yew. There were no more major invasions.

This notice was received this morning from the Yew Militia Headquarters:

People of Yew & friends of our lands!

We, the Militia of Yew, lead by the hands of Kaleb Koons, call ye to arms! The vile Keeonean and his orcish minions strengthen their attacks on our fair land and we need new recruits.

Ye do not have to leave yer guild or family, for this is volunteering, carrying the color of Justice proudly while on duty. We won't allow them to take our home! We will fight proudly against them in full force!

But for this we need you! So please, if ye want to lend yer arm, mind or whatever else to the defence of Yew, come to our Headquarters, the Court of Truth in Yew, 23rd Wednesday 9 CST, upper level.


In commision for Kaleb Koons
Prince Cirdan Avallone
Captain of the Militia

Those who wish to help, but cannot offer their services directly to the militia may donate supplies to the worthy cause. Bandages, herbal remedies, and equipment are in great demand. These donations may be taken to the militia headquarters.

Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:31 PM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

Wednesday Town Night in Rivendell
This invitation was sent from Rivendell:

Rivendell to Hold Warrior Tourney This Wednesday!

Greetings from Rivendell!

We are pleased to announce our next Town Night, which will be held Wednesday, February 23, at 7:00pm CST in Rivendell. These events are always open to the public, and we look forward to welcoming new participants as well as new spectators to our community. The evening will begin with a warrior tourney commencing at 7:30. Registration will begin at 7:00pm in the town hall. As a bonus this week the first 10 registered contestants shall receive a pouch of 5 Greater Heal potions, so be sure to come early! As always, 1st and 2nd place winners will receive generous prizes. The entry fee for this contest due at registration will be $1k. The following rules will apply for this event:

  • No Magic Items of any Kind Allowed
  • Only Healing Magic Allowed
  • Any GM Made Weapons Allowed
  • No Poisoned Weapons Allowed
  • No Stealing Allowed
  • No Order/Chaos Shields
  • No Horses
  • Fight to the Death or Yield
  • No Looting
  • Healer and Resurrections Provided
  • If there is no winner after 10 minutes the fight will be stopped and a limit of 3 Greater Heal potions will be imposed from that point on. No other forms of healing after that point.
  • We ask that all participants bring enough resources for up to 5 rounds.
  • Immediately following the fight we will be holding an awards ceremony to honor the champion and runner up. We would like everyone to stick around to honor the champion. We hope to see old friends and make new ones. Hope you can make it!

    Thank you,
    Rivendell Events Committee

    Good luck to the sponsors and participants!

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:17 PM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    High Council meeting tonight

    23rd Assembly of the 4th High Council

    Date: Monday, February 21st, 2000
    Time: 10PM EST/9PM CST
    Location: Magincia Parliament Building


    • State of the Realm, Discussion on the recent attacks, and the status of the cities under attack.
    • Discussion on the forces behind the attacks, sharing of information deemed critical to the defence of the realm.
    • Announcement regarding the 9th Seat of the High Council.
    • Other Matters to be announced at the meeting.

    The High Council of Britannia

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:08 PM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Alliance Counter attacks!
    This just in from General Exedore.....

    Hail and Well met,

    Last night Saturday the 19th the Alliance of United Forces counter attacked Trinsic, We had a Meeting of commanders at the Shadow Cove Spire tower roof and laid out our plans of attack and called upon the forces to Unite out front. With our Battle formation set we first marched Up to the City of Cove, seeing that the town was quiet we then moved our Battalion to the city of Trinsic.

    We set our forces up around the Paladin’s Hall and Shrine, this we knew would grate on Juo’nar nerves knowing we had taken back what he claimed to own and held a passion for destroying. It was not long after we called out for Juo’nar that we taken back the Paladin’s Hall and Shrine, he came forth and called out his forces. But we were ready for him and knowing he like to recall upon the balcony we had already placed forces there to greet him. Juo’nar tried to reclaim the Paladin’s shrine with hundreds Hell hounds and Lich lords. The battle began going well for our side, but then Juo’nar called out more Bone knights, magi, lich lords and even Energy Vortex’s when he seen we was not falling to their powers. Healers had set up in the Paladin’s Hall to Raise the fallen in battle and heal the wounds.

    The battle was long and we took few losses but not as many as Juo’nar taken so far. As he was calling forth his armies on the balcony our force attacked Juo’nar, Exedore of Arden and Genshin the Monk made way up the stairs to face Juo’nar and to turn him. But Juo’nar had called forth many Lich lords to guard the stairs so we and the other warriors fought our way up to Juo’nar. Once we cleared the path Genshin the Monk went to work turning Juo’nar. Weaken him so our forces could defeat him. Exedore of Arden called out ancient Elven Ritual one never seen before, but I heard that he had bound Juo’nar to a rune of Binding and that he could if possible take Juo’nar to the Abyss of the damn in Daedeloth and Banish him. But he wasn’t sure because it took four tries to get Juo’nar essence to bind to the rune.

    The Alliance fought long and hard we were winning and showing no signs of defeat, Juo’nar was hurt and bleeding, his life was almost gone his end was near, Victory was within our grasp, Then out of nowhere he vanished. The Dread Lady Minax no doubt saved him from death this time. Surly he would wish he had died in our hands then face the Dark mistress for his failure to dispose of us.

    This night Trinsic was ours we won this Battle, but as long as the Dread Lady Minax lives the war is not over, Till next we meet we shall over come.

    The Alliance forces prepare to repel the green liche!

    Exedore of Arden
    General of Alliance Forces

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 4:33 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    A New Issue of the Pacific Shard Times!
    From Spacial:
    A New Issue of the Pacific Shard Times is out! Whew, finally there is a new issue of the Pacific Shard Times out

    In this issue there is:

    - News about the fall of Trinsic and the attacks on the world

    - An Interview with Lady Advantium of the PTI

    - A Review of the CV Keep

    - A look around the Gathered Spirits Tavern, and interview with JuffaArchui

    Plus the usuals like the Gold Grabber

    Also we are looking for staff, if anyone is interested pls ICQ me

    Editor Pacific Shard Times
    I've certainly missed the Shard Times, and hope that we'll be able to enjoy regular updates from now on! Thanks, Spacial.
    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 3:50 PM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

    Skara Brae Town Market
    From award-winning Stella Maris:
    On Saturday 26th, Feb., Skara Brae Town Market is open from 7 to 9pmPST, at the west side of the bank. If you have anything to sell, come to the Market. It would be a great opportunity to advertise your shop!

    Please contact Stella Maris for further information or read the following scroll written about the Market. It includes a report on the last market (Jan.22th)

    Market Information

    Merchant's Voice - Report on the January Market

    Thank you!

    Stella Maris Chancellor of Gentry [email protected]
    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 3:47 PM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

    Opening: Lost Dragon Tavern and Pawn Shop
    From an unspecified source:
    Today (Sunday), Feb 20th the Lost Dragon Tavern & Pawn Shop will have its grand opening. Fine food and drink will be available in abundance and the pawn shop will be open to serve the patron's needs. 7pm-11pm PST (also regular business hours).
    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 3:44 PM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

    Librarian Joye Found and Defended amidst continuing Chaos
    The Librarian Joye, who holds the key to stopping the chaos in Trinsic, has been finally found. Over the past couple days, she has loitered inside the Britain Library, with party after party of defender making sure that she remains alive and well (not only because of the information she is destined to share!). I was fortunate enough to be present at the library on two different occasions this weekend and assist, albeit minimally, in defending Joye. However, I was not there for long enough to compile a comprehensive report. For this reason, I have decided to post the following two submissions from Zealot (GM of DTS) and Gunther (Knight of the KoM) respectively.
    Hail , Im writing too you to tell you that myself and my gruop of questers was successfull in locating Joye. As i told you earlier Anmach had told me to seek her out becuase she holds the key to the attacks. I have been searching the world over for her the last few days and trying to find out all i can about the reason for Minax's attacks on our fair cities.We have found out a few things of interest. First of all a friend of mine uncovered a copie of a book descibing how to vanquish the deamon...the problem is that the first few pages are burt. Since then we located the master copie but it is locked. We all assumed that the librarian Joye held the key to it. We doubled our efferts in finding her , but had started to give up hope when hours of searching proved futile. Tonight as i made my way throught the streets of trinsic ,fighting the undead that plague the city, i met up with a couple of friends that were helping me to look for Joye. I told them i wanted to go to Britian one more time to look for her.. They all agreed to come with me . we were wandering the streets when i spotted a woman hiding from the crowd. When i approched her she screemed and ran from me. I noticed she looked like a scribe so i chased her.. she ran straight to the library !! My colleges and i followed her in . She was screaming NO DONT KILL ME, LEAVE ME ALONE!! I. told her i was a man of honer and would never hurt an innocent.My friends also assured her they woulnt harm her. She seemed to calm a bit. I asked her her name and she said her name was Joye!! At long last we found her!!! She was still afraid to talk to us and i told her that we where sent to seek her out by Anmach... Well that was stupid... she freaked out.. i guess she misunderstood me.. I told her we where men of virtue and wouldnt harm her.. she calmed agian asking if we were followers of Lord British.. i said yes, and she then pleaded to us for protection from Johnar [Juo'nar]. We all vowed to protect her. Just as i was about to ask about the key foul lizardmen started appearing around us clawing at Joye!!! She screamed out "Johnar [Juo'nar] has found me", and fled upstairs yelling" Save me " We had little time to think ,they were flooding through the door and one of the foul beasts was apon her. I ran my horse forward to intercept it , allowing Joye to escape up the stairs. after dispatching it i realized they would overwhelm us if we didnt set up a defensive line in front of the door. I lunged past some of them to place my self in the doorway to prevent more from entering. Enigma, a harty warrior new to our quest, took up a spot beside me. My other companions, Erik Strongbow, Dark One, and Mordici , all very skilled warriors and mages made short work of the lizerdmen that made it in the building. Enigma and i stood our ground not alowing any more to pass. After what seemed like hours of constantly fighting off the waves of Lizerd and Rat men, we stood victorious behind a huge pile of corpses. Joye came back down the stairs crying and she seamed a bit hysterical. Once agian we calmed her down saying we woulndt let Johnars [Juo'nar's] minions get her. I then asked her of the key Anmach told me she had. She said she coulndt remember any key.!!! AHHHHH i felt like and idiot.. Anmach must have lied to me!!! She must have something that he and Johnar want badly enuff to assualt the librarie in such a force. We statred asking her all kinds of questions. She kept telling us to protect her from Johnar and that nowhere is save from them... Hhhmmm mabye Anmach has a spie on me and was just using me to find her ... But why?? Joye started telling us that she feared for her friends lives... she said that she has been having strange dreams lately, but before she could tell us her dreams another assault of evil lizard and rat men hit.. Joye screamed and escaped upstairs.. I stood my gruond in the doorway... they were too many it was a huge wave of attackers...they were starting to slip past me.. i started to fear for my freinds behind me as they wernt as heavily armored as i... i gritted me teeth and fought with every once of energy i had... my sword was chipped and starting to crack.. i then heard the words of power behind me IN VAS commrads had finished dispatching the ones that got past me and had come back to heal me... with my comrads help we quikly killed the remaining attackers.. the pile of bodies seemed to touch the sky! After making sure everyone was ok we went to find Joye but alas ,she had vanished... What does all this mean? Did the attackers somehow drag her off in the fight? Did she just find a good hiding spot? And what about her dreams? Our energy was spent , we decided to take up the search for her again in the morning. We feal we can solve this mystery if we can get help from more people. If you feel you have something that might be helpful , icq me at 48201109 , thanks!

    Last night, the city of Britain was to be attacked by a large undead force, headed by Juo'nar.

    It all began around 9pm, PST. Forces were gathered at the Britain Library, just east of Lord British's castle. A good 40 or 50 people were present it seemed, with more coming in by the second, all there to protect Joye, the scribe. But, as people began to form ranks, plans changed. Joye was to be moved to another Library, east of the southern Britain Bank. Slowly, and with much disorder, the group protecting Joye moved to the other Library, fighting off small armies of lesser creatures as they went: Lizardmen, Ratmen, and such.

    At around 10 or 10:30pm, the contingent finally arrived at the other library, ready to hold it in the face of Juo'nar. Joye entered the library, as a huge swarm of lesser creatures such as the previous ones attacked. In an effort to get her to safety, a person inside with her opened a gate up, and she left through it. Juo'nar did not attack Britain that night, and the whereabouts of Joye remained unconfirmed, at least to me.<>
    Finally, I have decided to post this item which I recieved through the winds from Mordici. It details battle cooperation between guildmasters during the defense on Joye. Share your ideas with him through ICQ: 21765094.
    < I have been working with members of lots of guilds trying to help defend Joy[e] and all she stands for. i would purpose that we get the GuildMasters icq to inform them of the raids and when we need help. we really need to organize our efforts. one thing i have implemented is that all defenders would wear one color of clothing, this will cut down on the confussion some. If we can also get the Guild Masters to inform their men and ladies to use battle lines i think it would help also. upon viewing the battles that took Trinsic fair Sir, i have observed that some sort of order is called for. we must defeat this common foe. Please help me in this matter, and let me know your opinions.
    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 3:40 PM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

    Official opening of 'The Cedar's Shade' tavern!
    New player run tavern called 'The Cedar's Shade' opened by Tania:

    Hail all, u prolly all know me, Tania Zahir. Welp, I have my own pub and vendor mall, called 'The Cedar's Shade', set in a large brick. It is located north east of Britain, on the road leading to the swamps NE of Brit, right at the end of the road.

    The pub will oficially be opened on the Saturday, 5th of March, 2 weeks away. I hope to see you all there :) ICQ (51245934) me for a rune, 50gp each

    Im selling vendor spots for 2k starting and 1k per week. The pub will be heavly used, which you can use to your advantage. I will allow no more than 4 of the same type of vendor wears (eg Regs, GM smithing wears, potions, scrls, etc) in the tavern unless there is xtra room. Leave a msg hehre or ICQ me on 51245934 for a vendor spot.

    Tania Zahir

    Thanks for that Tania!

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 1:51 PM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

    HOKUTO: Britain Attacked!
    This news arrived from SR Methos:

    Britain was just attack again be a group of Lizard Men and Rat Men. The attack was defended by the warriors. When will the evil that is spreading though our land stop? Is there no hope for us?

    -SR Methos

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:43 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    HOKUTO: Undead Patrols in Vicinity of Destard Mountains
    WyldeSyde sent in this report:

    To: Renfry, Ranger Guildmaster of Skara Brae

    Subject: Patrol Report

    While on routine patrol deep in the forests south of Skara Brae and just north of the mountains of Destard, my inner senses began to warn me of imminent danger. I quickly scanned my immediate surroundings for any indication of what might be triggering my honed ranger instincts. After a moment, I noticed some nearby tracks leading south to the nearby Destard mountains. Unable to determine the nature of the tracks I followed them.

    After a few moments I heard an unmistakable sound in the distance. A sound which sent cold deathly shivers down my spine. A sound that I had hoped never to hear again in my lifetime. The evil laughter of a Lich Lord. Not believing my ears, I moved closer if for no other reason but to confirm my fears. Could it be that the undead army that took Trinsic have been able to move this far north already? Moving with all the stealth I could muster, I came to a small clearing located at the base of the northern most peak of the Destard mountains. The truth was far worse than I could have imagined.

    In the clearing were what appeared to be no less than three Lich Lords, each leading a small band of undead minions. They had just completed some sort of rendezvous and each were heading out in separate directions. One to patrol along the western face of the Destard Mountains, one along the eastern face and last to patrol the immediate area. As they parted, the only part of the conversation I picked up was a name... "Minax."

    As I extracted myself from the area, I couldn't help but think what this could mean. Undead bands patrolling the areas around the Destard mountains... Perhaps they were after the rich ore veins. Could it be that they are there to keep this valuable resource out of the hands of Lord British and in turn build up their ability to build an even larger, better equipped army? I fear the worst...

    With the Utmost Respect,

    WyldeSyde, Ranger of Skara Brae

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:42 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    HOKUTO: Vesper Attacked by Trolls
    SR Methos sent me this link which tells of the recent Troll attack on Vesper, along with screenshots. Thanks, Methos!
    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:36 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    HOKUTO: Report of Orcs at the Crossroads
    WyldeSyde sent in this news:

    To: Renfry, Ranger Guildmaster of Skara Brae

    Subject: Patrol Report

    Per your orders, I have investigated reports from recent travelers to our fair city that several Orc bands were seen heading north in the vicinity of the Skara Brae / Brittian crossroads. These sightings have been confirmed.

    Several recent make shift camps clearly used by the foul smelling orcs were to be found. Tracks indicated several bands ranging in size from 5 - 10 Orcs each had passed through the area heading north.

    On my second night I came upon the camp of one of these Orc bands. They had obviously been drinking heavily. Taking advantage of this situation I surprised attacked them. I swiftly dispatch the 5 orcs without much effort.

    Upon investigation of their belongings, I discovered that they were well stocked with various alcoholic libations, food (what appeared to be butchered human remains) and equipped with freshly forged weapons and armor.

    It was with great consternation that I noticed the weapons and armour bore the markings from the Shining Path Armoury of Trinsic.

    With the Utmost Respect,

    WyldeSyde, Ranger of Skara Brae

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:33 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    Open Wedding Invitation
    Lotus & Timid sent this announcement:

    On Saturday the 26th, Lord Lotus and Lady Timid are going to be united in love at the Nujelm Garden in back of the palace. Every one is asked to show up before 4pm pst so that every one can get situated.

    The reception will be held at the Illuminati Tower east of Vesper... or you can head south of Lumaria out of the southern part of the Lumarian bridge and its at the first field if you decide not to take one of the gates there... or are late showing up you can still have fun at the reception.

    Other Time Zones are as follows:

    4pm pst
    5pm mnt
    6pm cnt
    7pm est

    Hope to see you all there!

    Lotus & Timid

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:27 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Vesper Attacked by G'Ruagak the Troll
    Joan D'Arc sent this news:

    Here is a screen shot of the Vesper attack by G'Ruagak the Troll and his minions. I am in the middle with the black feathered hat attacking him directly. We had him to 25% health and he vanished. The whole time he was saying that Vesper was Troll land and we should leave.

    -Joan D'Arc

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:24 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Message Concerning the Virtues
    This was sent in by Omegaman:

    Hail to all who read this! I am known as the Omegaman. I rank 2nd Lt. DI in the Virtue Corps. This information has been declassified and I have been authorized to share this in hopes it will give a glimmer of hope in these dark times...

    To: Sgt. Shultz, Commandant of Virtue Corps
    From: The White Lion

    My friend, as you probably already know from receiving this letter, that the time to unveil your organization to Britannia is near, if not too late.

    The reasons we brought you to Britannia from our homeland were two fold. First, We know of your reputation and training from our homeland and of the knowledge that you possess and skills to pull off the huge task I detailed out for you in our plea for help prior to your coming to Britannia. And Second, because as you know the land is protected by various guilds and organizations, but unfortunately most are not one hundred percent loyal to the Throne and some outright wish to see us overthrown.

    Since we are busy trying to rejoin the shattered shards of the Gem of Immortality, the Throne is quite vulnerable at this time. Also, We are greatly concerned with the fall of Trinsic and of the increasing and almost well planned attacks on the various towns in Britannia from unknown forces that should not be so organized. As you've reported that the fact that the town guards have been influenced into not protecting the innocent is yet another major concern.

    That is why we suspect some outside source with great influence and power to be the source of the problems. We realize that you have stepped in personally to but we still wish to continue observation of the coming and goings of that target enforcement region.

    We have kept yourself and the organization you've formed from the best warriors of ALL the virtues to a low profile, but soon my friend that will change. Keep adding to your ranks as you see fit, your training of recruits has worked out as we had expected. Until you can establish a big enough base of operations you shall continue to operate on the low. Once ready move your operation to Serpent's Hold it seems to be unnoticed by the current evil and it has many strategic advantages.

    We have decided to share important information with you and to those who you see fit in order to aid you. When the Avatar was engaging Mondain, our agents where infiltrating the evil wizards tower gathering as much information as possible. It seems from some letters we took, the evil wizard had a pupil her name was Minax. He also refered to her as "my love" and the such. But it seems from what they discussed through the letters she is just as, if not possible, more powerful then Modain himself. One with such power could easily cast a spell as the such, is effecting the guards, plus with powerful allies such as the lich Jou'nar and some others we suspect, she might already be unstoppable. Without the aid of the Avatar, all seems lost. That is why I advise you to seek people like yourself and band together in this time of need. My only advice I can offer you is to find someway of destroying her henchmen so that it may weaken her forces enough for her to be striken at.

    We can not stress enough how important this mission is, the Throne and the Kingdom must be protected at ANY cost!! If anything develops on our side you will be the first to know.

    Also, beware of Lord Blackthorn and the Chaos he tries to instill, the current situation and disarray must be a dream come true for him.

    God speed friend and may the virtues lead you to the path of enlightenment.

    Remember friends the only true way to kill a lich is to destroy its heart...

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:19 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Weekly Fight Nights Announced
    I received this from Richard Cypher:

    Hello, fellow players. You know all those monthly tournaments out there? Well guess what? From now on you won't have to wait a whole month to contend. Why? Because the House of Rahl is starting a WEEKLY Fight Night...thats right, Weekly... We WIll be giving out prizes to the Top three (3) Fighters every week! And for our Grand Opening we will be giving away A NEW CAR!!!!!! Um... I mean a PLACED SMALL HOUSE NEAR TRINISIC! (120k value) We havent Decided on the 2nd and 3rd place prizes yet but you can be sure they will be good! How much to enter you ask? Well only 1,500 gold per entry... To enter please ICQ 8424355 (Richard Cypher) ASAP! All Entrys must be recived by Monday 2/22/00. So tel your Friends, Your Families, and Your Guild Mates and we'll see you at FIGHT NIGHT!

    Rules are as follows:

    1. No Magic Weapons or Armor.
    2. No More then 7potions and 15 bandaids per fighter.
    3. No Looting
    4. Durring Warrior Fights Absoltuly NO MAGIC
    5. Mages can only have 50 of each reagent
    6. Have Fun!

    Richard Cypher =o)

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 10:11 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    A Spreading Darkness at the Yew Crypts
    Just this evening, word reached me that the town crier of Northwood had begun to cry out of a darkness spreading from the Yew Crypts to Northwood. This Northwood resident asked for aid in defense of the region and I sent pigeons flying to all quarters. Likewise, I dispatched one of my agents to the crypts, a fellow gifted for gathering information without becoming personally involved in said events, to gather what intelligence he may. Below is his accounting:
    Down into the bowls of the Crypts, up into the connected halls strewn with dispatched bone knights, liches, and lesser undead I crept. Defenders rallied to the scene fought valiantly, some holding their ground, others falling to undead claws and arcane energies. A dragon climbed the steps to the pinnacle and flung several liche to the stones at its master's beconning. Knights of Yew, Mists of Avalon, and many others who clustered too close in heated battle to make out insignia, cleared the hall slowly of the undead hoste.

    As the din quieted, Ghaleon, long time nemisis of Yew, strode to his black throne. Close at hand, much alike a great hound hoping for its master's scraps, stood a towering liche all in grey. He was addressed as the Arche Liche and looked well the part. This creature chatted among the gore to Ghaleon, caring little for the massing defenders of Yew and commented, "They doubt the power of Ventryn and what I shall bring..." A smile from the Grey Elf and the liche continued, "...doubt the power of your alliance".

    More fighting arose about the hall and their words were difficult to make out over the din of combat. There was some mention of the Well of Souls, possibly it being a gate through which these evils now file or simply a source of power for Ghaleon and this mentioned "Ventryn".

    When it quieted some, Ghaleon was ending a short speech about past injustices against himself by the people of Yew and finished with the proclamation, "This entire forest will be a sea of undead." This was echoed by the Arch Liche with, "Guard your homes. I shall strike there next."

    It would seem that Trinsic is not enough to satiate these undead appetites. People of Yew would do well to learn from the lesson of that fallen city and make ready their defenses. If you have any other information regarding these happenings, please send them in, as any lead might well be the clue that turns the tide of this unhappy war.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 9:30 AM EST by Mouser (Catskills)

    Interview: Corridgean, Escapee of Anmac Mallachtan
    UOSS's very own Echo Pandora was lucky enough to come across Corridgean, a former captive of Anmac Mallachtan in Britain the other eve. The following is her account of this.
    The Britain Public Library was the impromptu meeting place for a small group of resistance forces. Corridgean, the former captive of Anmac Mallachtan, had stealthed past enemy forces to bring hopeful news to the citizens of the realm. Such meetings are dangerous in these times, but Corridgean was determined to get his information to the people.

    He told of a paladin named Dupre from Trinsic who had made it his top priority in the last several days to seek out Juo'nar's daemonic general. Twice, he had nearly been vanquished by the malicious spirit. He reminded the group that Anmac and his brothers, Seth and Ba'ab, were shapechangers. They may be defeated but not destroyed: as they feel a threat to their existence, they will scamper away unseen in one of their many guises, surviving the battle despite the corpse they leave behind. Victory against them is somewhat hollow because of this. However, Corridgean is able to shed some light upon their personalities which may prove to be useful in weeks to come. The personalities of the brothers are quite different. Anmac is the oldest and, by birthright and ferocity, the leader of the three. Ba'ab is a bit of a nincompoop and easily thwarted in ploys involving intellect. Seth, the youngest, has displayed signs of a sense of humor and that he may be the most human of the three. Corridgean feels this may afford an possibility that Seth might somehow be lured from the Dark Army and perhaps join the resistance.

    It is true that dissension fosters amid the ranking members of the Dark Army already. Anmac and his brothers freely despise their peers, particularly Keeonean. Juo'nar may be heckled with how unworthy an opponent he is compared to his contemporaries; pride and arrogance may topple him. Malabelle is driven by the fuel of revenge; smother that and she may be dissuaded. Kaltar, the malicious gazer commanding the assaults on Cove is a creation of Minax's. Such inventions may sometimes contain elements which make them vulnerable to destruction. The troll leader in Vesper, G'Ruagak, is "not much of a minion," according to Corridgean. "He's an ally of convenience," the hero said. "Should the Mistress ever grow weak and useless to him, he will turn from her."

    Informants for Corridgean's "Wings of Honor" resistance forces have brought back vital information from spying in the enemy camp. Juo'nar and Malabelle are planning an "inspection" in Trinsic sometime in the coming days. This mission will be lightly guarded and may present the opportunity for rebel leaders and their troops to make a move which might gain a consequential foothold for Britannia. A successful ambush of some sort would certainly be advantageous.

    The Dark Army is fast approaching. It is imperative that Britannian rebels locate a librarian named Joye before this "inspection". Sources say that Lady Joye holds facts which are key to toppling one or more of the leaders of the invaders. Corridgean stated that she had been seen previously in the Britain Public Library, the very building where he stood during last night's meeting.

    Men and women interested in joining the rebellion are encouraged to seek out The Wings of Honor. Corridgean explained that he and his men can often be found near the bridge between Trinsic and Britain. Ratmen and lizardmen battalions are heavily stationed in this area, perhaps seeking a way to destroy the bridge which would prevent Lord British's relief troops from reaching Trinsic. Corridgean and his men are determined not to allow this.

    Of the Dark Army leader Malabelle, Corridgean offered this insight, "I think somewhere in her heart is an ember of goodness, encased in a limitless black anger and rage and indignation. Minax used her twisted heart against her, promising her revenge." It may be possible to sway her loyalty if the correct information is collected.

    "The Wings of Honor have called upon Dupre," Corridgean stated, "and he has assented."

    A book titled "Death" fell mysteriously to the floor as the meeting drew to a close. Inspection showed that it was penned by none other than Anmac himself and the warning he gave was this: "Prepare to die, citizens of Britain."

    A new day begins in this war-ravaged realm. A day to plan plan an ambush, find a librarian, and take up arms to prepare for the battles ahead. In his Call to Arms, Corridgean says to all Britannians, "Resolve their petty differences and fight alongside each other in Trinsic.. Those who feel Minax will be a better master than Lord British have another thing coming, I'd say..."

    Another thing coming, indeed.

    - Echo Pandora

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 6:32 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Catskills)

    Britain Under Attack
    Nephalia D'laine reporting live from Britain:
    Hail all citizenry of Brittania! I'm reporting live from the City of Compassion, and the Capital of Brittania, The City of Britain. Today alone, the citizens of Britain have fought hordes of lizardmen and ratmen, as well as ogres, gazers, and liches. Even the guards are crying for help. Mind you, this is a far cry from the great battles of Trinsic, but as a warning, any travelers or citizens of Britain should be weary of these attacks. It appears that the attacks are mainly at the Britain West Bank, or just South of the Britain Graveyard, anyone wishing to test their muster in the heat of battle, may wish to frequent these locations.
    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 5:20 AM EST by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Costa del Magia enters the fray
    Another city offers aid to besieged Vesper:

    Hail and well met, The citizens of the fair city Costa del Magia wish to hereby inform all citizens of Vesper that they will help defend their fair city to the best of their abilities.

    Most have you have not heard of the Costa del Magia yet and this is most understandable. At this point the Costa del Magia is still in full preparation of building up its structure to accommodate all player from around Brittania. Since the evil from Juo'nar and its forces is becoming more and more apparent we are now shifting our focus in helping the citizens of Vesper defend their town.

    Should Vesper fall however, we will offer all citizens a safe haven in our town which is but a 30 second walk from Vesper.

    I do hope we can prove Juo'nar that taking over Vesper will not be as easy as taking over Trinsic! To arms!!!

    Shana del Magia
    Mayor of the Costa del Magia

    Many thanks for writing Shana. More information about Costa del Magia is also available.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 3:56 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Interview - Galad, One of Many Looters in Trinsic
    Galad is a member of the LUT guild and was found in Trinsic doing what he does best...  Looting, whether it be fallen adventurers, recent monster kills, or claiming the fame from a kill.  This interview was done to present the views of the common or in this case uncommon ideologies and perspectives of the Looter that seems to plauge all of Britannia.  These unpopular sorts can be found just about anywhere and look death in the eyes everytime they make themselves known.  They know the risks, but feel the risk is nothing compared to the gain that could be made.  Here's what Galad had to say and maybe you'll learn how to prevent from being looted:

    McCoy: Galad, this is Vladimir
    Galad:  hail
    Vladimir Taltos: Hail and well met, Gentlemen
    Galad: ive read your other interviews
    Galad: i was hoping i'd get to do one
    Vladimir Taltos: *grins*
    Vladimir Taltos: Thats why ye are here...
    Vladimir Taltos: I am familiar with what LUT stands for but in your own words, please for the public, what does LUT do?
    McCoy: smile for a scribe shot
    Galad: LUT...
    Galad: well the best way to describe it is as it states we liberate other peoples loot from their corpses to the needy, namely us
    Vladimir Taltos: and their kills?
    Galad: yes their kills as well, we sometimes take their kills, also they do not need it and we do... at least in our perspective
    Vladimir Taltos: Ok, now which of the many Galads of LUT am I speaking with? *smirks*  (There were at least four that I was aware of that were members of LUT besides this Galad)
    Galad: well if you have been keeping up with current LUT events there is only me and Supa Galad left  named Galad and im the rather new Galad after Noto(Galad) quit and good and evil galad left indefinitely
    Vladimir Taltos: I see, what happened to the rest of the guild, then?
    Galad: they are around, levo i think is at the (terathan) keep and jamireqy is there as well last i checked... and the rest of the guild takes up residence wherever they wish
    Vladimir Taltos: I see...  So what is your opinion of those who you loot from?
    Galad: well consider it in my view, they need to work on not dying or if they do (travel) with a trustworthy guildmate
    Vladimir Taltos: Ok...  How do you go about this, hide and wait or just wander?
    Galad: well me personally, i use stealth, though many others in the guild wander or lead monsters to potential victims, it is rather effective
    Vladimir Taltos: Understandable
    Vladimir Taltos: I am sure you have died quite a few times...  How much do you value your own life, not that I have to ask but...?
    Galad: well not very much at all, i die on average of 10 times a day
    Vladimir Taltos: ...and how much do you normally carry with you, if you dont mind my asking?
    Galad: and i usually carry about 15 of each reg, a rune to recall off of, and whatever i have picked up off corpses
    Vladimir Taltos: What do you ussually walk away with in one sweep of an area?
    Galad: depends on the area in Trinsic, I usually walk away with about 100 of each reagent, and a few silver weapons
    Vladimir Taltos: Quite a good trade off, I would say...
    Galad: very good, that is why the looters continue to loot, they make very high profit
    Vladimir Taltos: How do other adventurers react to thy presense when they notice ye are there...?
    Galad: in ideal conditions they dont know im there, (but) when they do i usually die or they run before they die
    Vladimir Taltos: *smirk*  How well is your guild built for fighting, when needed?
    Galad: other than jam and lewt, rather poorly now that SecretAznMan is on sabatical.  I'm working on building up my skills to prepare for fights, but for now most in the guild try to survive and hide not kill
    Vladimir Taltos: How do you feel about being compared to something worse than a Pk and murderer?
    Galad: it makes me feel flattered... people hate pks and murderers... it takes hard work to be hated more... it lets me know ive been doing good
    Vladimir Taltos: Aye, So there is a sense of pride with this line of work, then?
    Galad: usually, with the exception of a few, but the true looters hate them as well
    McCoy: Have ye settled your differences with the 409 guild?
    Galad: nope, they hate us more than ever, any time at the keep they will attack a LUT member before anyone else
    McCoy: So its still a kill on site deal
    Galad: yes
    McCoy: What started such vile hatred between the two guilds?
    Galad: i dont know why for sure, but i think that (it) is because after 409 kills someone they dont take much loot and we loot without killing... it's sort of opposite
    Vladimir Taltos: In your own words...  What sets your guild apart from other Looting guilds?
    Galad: in my own words, we have that pride that comes with looting.  the other guilds just loot for money.  we do it for the pride of looters and to feed our families...  they cant be fed on what we earn... they need other peoples earnings...
    Vladimir Taltos: And you do it...  for fame... er... ill-fame? *smirks*
    Galad: i would say more for ill-fame so that everyone knows there is one looting guild out there... one real looting guild, anyway
    Vladimir Taltos: So, please, what methods do you use besides wait and seek, and the luring of monsters?
    Galad: personally, i wait to find someone killing an avenger or warrior or matriarch, stealth up, steal the loot when they kill.  when i see a persons corpse, i loot that, but i dont actively look for peoples corpses
    Vladimir Taltos: And the rest of thy guild mates?
    Galad: they usually lure monsters, sometimes blocking with stonewall
    Vladimir Taltos: And this place sure is a hot spot...
    Galad: very, i get more here in one hour than the average 3 in the keep
    Vladimir Taltos: I see...
    McCoy: What are the next moves for the LUT guild now that the main Galads are gone?
    Galad: we are trying to go on as normal, looting when we can and not expanding any and looting as much at the keep
    Vladimir Taltos: *chortles*
    McCoy: Who is the guildmaster now?
    Galad: Lewt
    Vladimir Taltos: So, besides Trinsic and the Keep, what are thy other areas of prowl?
    Galad: the orc fort on slow nights else where and deceit sometimes provides fun, but usually little loot there
    Vladimir Taltos: I can imagine... Ok, what has been the single biggest score ye have had and what did ye "recover" ?
    Galad: it was here in trinsic, someone who was prepared to stay here a long time had about 250 of each reagent after i looted.  they had been here a while so likely had more.
    Vladimir Taltos: I would say...
    Galad: if they had died right away, i might have gotten as much as 400, but 250 is still a good amount plus a silver broadsword of power
    Vladimir Taltos: Now, what was the single most embarrassing moment while looting?  Or funniest...?
    Galad: that would be when i was looting here also.  i found a nice corpse, no one around, second i got grey 3 hidden people attacked
    Vladimir Taltos: *smirks*
    McCoy: oops
    Galad: it happens, usually not that many though...
    Vladimir Taltos: I am sure it is meant as a deterent but from what it seems, it hasnt worked.
    Galad: the only way they can get looters to stop is to stop dying with loot on them.  if that happens, nothing for looters to loot but other than that nothing can stop looters
    Vladimir Taltos: So, truthfully...  What is it that makes you loot?
    Galad: truthfully, its a goal to make 1 million gold or equivalent in loot.  i never managed to do that with 2 years as a pk.  now i want to see if i can by looting.  already, i am doing much better by looting
    Vladimir Taltos: So would you feel that ye have let greed become a motivating factor here?
    Galad: yes
    Vladimir Taltos: *laughs* How close are ye to the goal?
    Galad: 13k in gold, about 100k if i sold all my magic weapons... so almost a tenth there in 1 month
    Vladimir Taltos: After ye reach your goal, will ye seek another line of work?
    Galad: nope, looting is too much fun
    Vladimir Taltos: Won't 1 million gold feed thy children for life?
    Galad: im afraid not, maybe the next 2 years
    Vladimir Taltos: Ok then...  what are your "children" then...? *smirks*
    Galad: im not exactly sure to tell the truth.  i call them money eaters.  seem to be that, anyway
    Vladimir Taltos: Gambling habit or something similar? *grins*
    Galad: nothing similar i would say.  i just find a way to spend money faster than you would believe.  i'm not even sure on what anymore
    Vladimir Taltos: How many are in thy guild now and why no more in it at this point?
    Galad: i'd say about 20 in the guild and no more right now cause Lewt thrown in jail by the guards and hes still in there.  hard to get more people in when the gm can't add them
    Vladimir Taltos: Ok... Say some one was interested in joining thy guild, how would they go about it?
    Galad: find a LUT member... get to know them... if they decide they wouldnt mind having you in, they will find Lewt and make him add you and be prepare for an initiation by bringing lots of stuff
    Vladimir Taltos: Ok...
    Galad: interview over?  i may have missed good loot
    Vladimir Taltos: Well, do ye have anything you would like to say to the adventurers of Britannia before we end this...?
    Galad: umm, dont die when a LUT member is around or be prepared not to see any of your stuff again... and please melee the big red spiders while carrying over 100 of each reg, thats always good
    Vladimir Taltos: I thank thee for thy time...  was looking for a looters persepctive on the siege here... *smirks*
    Galad: no problem, now off to loot,  hehe
    Galad: bob (one), he's a fellow looter
    Bob One: greetings Galad
    Galad: got anything good?
    Vladimir Taltos: Hail Bob...
    Bob One: nay... just been playing in Bucs
    Galad: oh well
    McCoy: i hope if you happen to see our corpses that youll give out stuff back to us
    Galad: uhh, ill consider it, hehe
    Bob One: ?
    Vladimir Taltos: *smirks*
    Bob One: surely not, he has children to feed after all
    Vladimir Taltos: ....right *doubting look*
    Galad: hehe
    Bob One: fare thee well gentles
    Vladimir Taltos: Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.
    Galad: fare well, and may your loot be good

    Signing off, this is...

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 6:32 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Interview - Lady Birmingham at the Mages Tower
    As fate would have it, Bones and I tried to attend the meeting of the Unified Sosarian Army held at the Mage Tower the other night, but were caught in the middle of the attack on Britain by all the lizardmen, ratmen, giant rats, and rats from the sewers.  The raid was so vicious at one point that Bones and I set aside our scribing tools and joined in the fray, healing and fighting until the hordes of creatures were finally dispatched.  If it were not for the quick rally of the brave citizens of Britain, more innocents would have been hurt or killed.  I commend all of those who are out there fighting the good fight.  Keep up the good work and may the Great I Am bless thee.  After the incident at Britain, Bones and I went to the Mage Tower, on Moonglow Isle, where I was fortunate to run into Lady Birmingham, as the meeting was about to disperse.  This is what she had to say:

    Lady Birmingham: (To Qaladar) Turn off th' sendin' crystal
    Vladimir Taltos: Hail Lady B...
    Lady B: Hullo sir.
    VT: How did the meeting fair?
    Lady B: I think Damien is a capable leader.
    VT: Very good to hear... What is going to be your next move?
    Lady B: 'scuse me

    (Lady B has a small exchange with a person named Kil’jaedan, who seemed
     not to enjoy each other’s company at all.)

    Lady B: Righ', yeh was sayin'?
    VT: What is going to be your next move or is that secret?
    Lady B: Mine, personally?
    VT: Ye are Yew’s leader, nay?
    Lady B: *shakes head*  A' bes' I am advisor.  Many do nae trus' me ter lead...
    VT: Ah, I have heard of ye, but have not yet had the opportunity to meet with thee...
    Lady B: We can talk, if yeh'd like.  Maybe another floor?
    VT: Sure

    (For the record, I would have to say that Lady Birmingham’s title fit her well.  She was quite pleasant to talk with and held herself with poise and grace while we talked.)

    VT: Much better
    Lady B: Here, cross chatter should be minimal. *waits for a question*
    VT: So... What are the plans of the United Army at this point?
    Lady B: Well, General Gaunt would be more worthy ter answer tha'... I have nae standin' wit' th' army, per se
    VT: Ah...  And ye say ye are just an advisor to Yew?
    Lady B: Jus' an' advisor, is all. *nods* I fough' th' FoA, so muh tactical knowledge may be useful...  bu' as I say, some dinnae trus' me.
    VT: And why is that, M'lady?
    Lady B: Ah.  Well...erm...
    VT: If ye don’t mind me asking...
    Lady B: Muh father. *stares at shoes*
    VT: *smiles encouragingly*
    Lady B: He was nae a nice man.  An'...  I was under his control fer some time.
    VT: I understand, ye don’t want to go into it...
    Lady B: *shakes head*
    VT: Oh?
    Lady B: I believe people can rise above hardship.
    Lady B: "Where there is life, there is hope", aye?
    VT: Very true...  These attacks are just that, a chance to unite and rise above the despair.
    Lady B: I had died a' one point, see...  an' muh father, th' dread Archmage Balart...  raised muh flesh ter do his biddin'.
    VT: Ah.... *slowly recollects bits and pieces*
    Lady B: I've conquered his control wit' th' help of those who believed in me...  bu' enough others have doub's tha' I will nae lead.  'm cured now, though.
    VT: I see...  That is very good to hear...  And Balart?
    Lady B: Muh arms were once black wit' his corruption... as yeh can see, they has been cleansed.  By th' power of th' Virtues.
    VT: *nods*
    Lady B: Father is dead.  Thank th' Virtues!
    VT: Aye... Praise the Great I Am
    Lady B: *nods* I fear fer our world... nae neough people follow th' Virtues.
    VT: Agreed... Have there been any attacks out there as of late?  *grins*
    Lady B: In Yew?  Aye, jus' two nigh's ago,
    VT: So, what attacked Yew two nights ago?
    Lady B: Keeona, I think his name Keeonan, orcs too
    VT: Aye...  Any innocents harmed?
    Lady B: I fough' him tooth an' nail fer a bit... maybe 3-4 minutes... I did nae damage ter him tha' I could see... though his armor was in ruins. *smiles*
    VT: *smirks*
    VT: Has he stated what he wants with Yew?
    Lady B: *shakes head* He's th' one I cannae figure ou'
    VT: Pointless attacks then?
    Lady B: Yew cannae be controlled.  E'en if forces enough came ter overwhelm it... guerilla war woul' win th' day.
    VT: Mayhaps, he is merely a diversion for Juo'nar...?
    Lady B: *nods at that*
    VT: Aye...  I am from Yew originally... Tough country to hold... with the foliage and all.
    Lady B: Precisely, Yew will ne'er fall.  Cove though....
    VT: Aye?
    Lady B: Easy ter hold once yeh take it.  Like Trinny.
    VT: Aye.... Cove has the mountains...
    Lady B: *nods* Only two entry points. Plus it would block off resources ter th' capital.
    VT: Did ye know Britain was just attacked by ratmen and lizardmen?
    Lady B: I had heard... bu' it was repelled, aye?
    VT: T'was a mess... aye
    VT: Even I put down my scribing tools to join in as they came up from the sewers...
    Lady B: *nods* Brave men an' women are sorely needed. *frowns at commotion outside*

    (At this point in the interview with Lady B, my “scribeshooter”, McCoy aka Bones, was attacked for no reason by three common thugs and was killed within seconds which brought up another important topic.)

    Aurin Wildfire: An Corp
    McCoy: o
    You see: a corpse of McCoy
    Metholizar: stand still mccoy
    AW: Here, come away from the wall
    AW: An Corp
    VT: In Vas Mani
    Lady B: *her shield begins to glow and hum* Th' shield heals
    McCoy: did any body get my bag?  (His items were not recovered)
    Lady B: This is our greatest enemy, Vladmir. *points out front* Ourselves.
    VT: Aye...

    (At this point in the interview, members of the Mage Tower began to add some of their own views and it was much appreciated.)

    Aurin Wildfire: Sad, isn't it?
    VT: I was just going to talk about that...
    Metholizar: People like that have no fear of death because their lives are meaningless.
    VT: Some say er.. doubt we will ever defeat Juo'nar and the others due to our selfishness
    Qaladar: Idiots
    Lady B: Vladmir, I'd say there are many wit' th' heart ter do so... pity they have ter watch their back from their fellow man
    VT: Aye...  Id say its all a part of the plan, we are being divided and picked a part...
    Lady B: Trinsic will be free again... One day.
    VT: Aye... we need to find Joye, any ideas where in Britain where she may be?
    Lady B: I had though' tha' she knew Ceridwn th' Historian... Bu' I venture ter th' capital little
    VT: I see

    (McCoy’s death was over a potion keg that wasn’t immediately sold to the adjutants from the proprietors of the Mage Tower.)

    AW: Funny thing is, I was going to give him a potion keg to shut him up.
    Lady B: *laughs* Sadly many citizens are quick ter anger... an' slow ter understand.
    VT: So true... Well, have ye noticed any sort of pattern to the attacks?
    Lady B: Nae tha' I can tell yet, Vladmir.
    Metholizar: He decided to kill a horse because he couldn't buy a potion keg?
    VT: Well... I don’t want to take up thy valuable time, Milady...
    Lady B: One shall appear, eventually.  Ah, nae problems *smiles*
    VT: Any last comments that ye may have or care to add? *grins*
    Lady B: *smiles* Well... Like me auntie used ter always say... "Where there is life, there is hope"  An' ter which I add... we are alive.  So have faith.
    VT: Aye...  here here!
    Lady B: *smiles*
    VT: I appreciate thy time, Milady...
    Lady B: Anytime Vladmir.
    VT: Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.
    Lady B: I honor thee

    (Lady B left the room at this point and allowed an opportunity to continue talking with various representatives of the Mage Tower about several topics.)

    Qaladar: How old do you think those two were....12? 13?
    AW: Erm... *blinks*
    Qaladar: Two?  Anyone here the latest on what’s happening in cove?
    VT: G'day gentlemen... Nay, not recently... Ye blokes have any comments about tonight’s meeting?
    Metholizar: Comments? Are you a reporter?  For UOSS?
    VT: *grins* Aye... How do ye fair the meeting went?
    Qaladar: Aside from the young wanna be thugs, it went more or well as expected.
    VT: That is good news.
    Qaladar: Personally I'm pretty interested in where they are planning on going from here Trinsic is one of the most easily defended cities and now they are attacking one of the hardest to defend.
    VT: What was the gist of the meeting?  I would have been here sooner but Britain was being attacked and I had to help...
    Lady B: I premuse it was alrigh' to use th' Mage Tower as command Center, Qal?
    Qaladar: *nods* As I said earlier, this is something mutually beneficial to everyone...
    Lady B: *nods*
    Qaladar: I don't think the tower's neutrality comes into question when Moonglow might be the next city to be attacked. We can't wait for it to become our immediate problem. We have to try to help to cut it off and kill it where it is now before it spreads like a disease...
    VT: Aye... When is the next meeting? I will make a point to be here for that one...
    Qaladar: What sort of attack did Britain fall under Vladimir, undead?
    VT: About 100 or so giant rats, ratmen and lizardmen all poured out of the sewers and spread like wildfire...
    Lady B: *frowns*
    Qaladar: An attack from within...not very promising to mount a defense against.  This could have been nothing more than a warning.  Showing us what they can do.
    VT: It took a good 30 minutes or so just to put them down...
    Qaladar: A more intense attack with larger forces could take the city by surprise and the battle could be over, the same result as Trinsic within a couple of hours
    Lady B: If so, their leaders are wee idjits.
    Lady B: Wha' kind of leader woul' tip their hand?
    VT: Aye...  There were quite a few innocents harmed... And not enough guards to help quickly enough...
    Lady B: Trinsic fell because of supply issues.  Th' city was nae prepared fer a siege.  Bu' th' capital is well stocked.
    VT: None made it to Lord British’s castle though...
    Qaladar: We were discussing supply issues with Britain earlier... If cove were to be taken, Britain could be completely cut off by land and sea.
    VT: And the ports?
    Qaladar: Magical might could make up lack of naval power. Its possible some sort of force field cut be set up to cut off Britain... with centers of power with Trinsic and another coastal city.
    AW: Would require quite a bit of power to maintain...
    Lady B: I'd count on th' mages of th' Tower ter stop such, Keeper.
    Qaladar: Any sort of field like that would have to be unstable... But I have the feeling we've only seen a taste of Minax's power so far.
    Lady B: We're nae powerless ourselves.
    Qaladar: That combined with the powers of her lap dogs, there is no telling what they are yet capable of. *nods*
    Lady B: *nods a bit* Bu' we're lookin' at 6-8 weeks of supplies stockpiled wit'in.  Assumin' refugees are moved ter th' isles.
    VT: Murderers roam those isles, Milady...  I have seen them...
    calypson: greetings all
    Lady B: Serpent's Hold alone could hold half of th' refugees, Vladmir.
    VT: Hail Cal
    AW: Assuming they could get there.
    Lady B: Aye, well true enough... bu' Minax has shown nae naval power yet.
    VT: Gates would work well...
    Qaladar: The magical plunder to be taken from here on moonglow could prove invaluable to Minax...I'm sure she could find some sort of use for many of the artifacts to be found here.
    Lady B: I see nae evidence she has a navy.
    VT: *grins* But what about the troll attacks on Vesper?
    Lady B: Likely wha' th' attacks on Vesper are for.
    VT: T'would make sense...
    Lady B: We los' a battle, nae th' war.
    Qaladar: But for now our backs are against the metaphorical wall... and like a wild animal we are randomly biting back. Hopefully this organization will help to remedy that so our blows will be better spent.
    VT: True...  Any word on this "black mace" ?
    Qaladar: "Black mace"?
    VT: There is a rumor going around about a black mace that can kill Juo'nar, have ye heard of that?
    Lady B: Firs' I've heard of it.
    Qaladar: This is the first I've heard of it.
    calypson: Same here
    Lady B: *smiles*
    VT: *smirks*
    Metholizar: Can it *only* kill Juo'nar or is it simply a very powerful artifact?
    VT: I just hope my sources prove true... I am not sure what it can do, really... Just a very powerful artifact... And it can kill Juo'nar from what I hear.
    Qaladar: Its possible. Jou'nar was killed once before though. I'm sure he can be killed again.
    calypson: If he walked up in here he would die.
    VT: *smile*
    Lady B:  ...Don' be cocky.
    Qaladar: Perhaps.  He would probably bring his friends with him.
    calypson: Yeah, dang shadow knights
    VT: Aye...  without an invitation, I am sure...
    Qaladar: They would try their best to make themselves welcome, I'm sure... Just as they did in Trinsic.
    calypson: Yeah or a recall rune ...
    Lady B: Cannae conquer Moonglow wit'ou' a navy.
    Metholizar: Thankfully
    Lady B: Cannae build a navy wit'ou' docks.
    calypson: if he can cast energy vortex, he can probably gate
    AW: Hard to fit an army through a tiny little gate.
    Lady B: Someone was tellin' me earlier... Oh wha' was it?  Some attack... where they foun' a book signed "LM"
    Qaladar: Lady Minax?
    Lady B: "Lady Minax", maybe?
    Qaladar: *nods*
    VT: Oh...?  Hmmmm
    Qaladar: Perhaps.
    Lady B: I was talkin' ter some fellow of it earlier.  Brian somethin' He was here ternigh'

    (Metholizar and calypson take their leave through a gate to investigate some matters of importance.)

    VT: So, did ye set up a time for the next meeting?
    Qaladar: Well, it’s late.  I must be off, farewell
    Lady B: *nods* me as well... Long ride back ter Yew.
    VT: Safe Journeys Qal
    Lady B: g'night *nods to Aurin*
    VT: Safe Journeys Milady
    VT: I take it ye have not set up another meeting?
    AW: Did you hear what I said?
    VT: I missed any comment about any future meetings...
    VT: If ye said anything... about it
    AW: You'll have to contact General Gaunt or one of his officers for that information
    VT: How may I go about doing that?
    AW: Frankly I'm not sure.
    VT: Where is his HQ?
    AW: We're serving as a command post, but the tower's staff has little to do with the army's command structure.
    VT: I see, I will have to find that out then... *smirk* I am currently trying to get an interview with Juo'nar too...
    AW: *shudders*
    VT: Aye... I ran into his mouthpiece, Lich Soulstealer the other night
    AW: That man makes me ill.
    VT: Told him to pass the word on to his Master...
    VT: If I do get the opportunity to interview him...
    AW: What I'd like to know is, how did a paladin end up a lich?
    VT: I will be sure to ask him that...
    AW: They're not exactly known for their passion for the arcane.
    VT: Aye...
    AW: Hrm...

    (Metholizar and calypson return at this point.)

    Metholizar: We marked (a rune) near the west gate of Trinsic and it too says Dyn Region.  So that's at least 3 invaded cities with that phenomenon.  Most likely every other one as well.
    VT: Hmmm, I thank thee for thy time gentlemen...  for the kindness, and patience...
    Metholizar: So anyway, something is happening in the area of the invaded cities... Thank you Vladimir.
    VT: Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.
    Aurin Wildfire: Good luck.
    Metholizar: Farewell
    VT: Aye, hopefully Juo'nar won’t kill me if the interview comes through
    Metholizar: *grins* Good luck with that.
    VT: And keep up the good work...

    (After leaving the Mages Tower, Bones and I went up to the city of Cove to witness and later help try to repel the attack.  What more could be said than what Col. Pander, of the USA, has already stated on the incident.)

    There is a lot of work yet to be done citizens of Britannia and if we are ever going to take back Trinsic and rid the lands of the evil that has infested itself, the Unified Sosarian Army is going to need your help!  Here is an opportunity for you to stand together and rally around the standard and put an end to the tyranny of Minax and her brood!  There is an old saying, “He who hesitates, waits...”, and if we do just that, surely all will be lost. The helpless and defenseless people of Britannia are counting on you!  Don’t let them down!  May the Great I Am bless all of you and may you be prompted to choose to do what is right before all is lost!

    Signing off, this is...

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 5:13 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Blackcomb Attacked yet Again
    Last night I was cruising around the usual player-run towns when I recalled into Blackcomb and saw a few people I knew.

    We chatted for a bit and then all of a sudden, a band or orcs with a big ol' ettin showed up. Nothing much of a challenge for those of us there, only an orc captains, two Orc Lords, two orc mages and their ettin pal. We went grabbed our weapons and moved in for the kill very quickly. I was leisurely swinging away at one of the Orc Lords while it screamed the usual insults and orc gibberish. Then it shouted, "Attack it!"

    I was confused and yelled back, "Who said that?" thinking that there was someone standing in the shadow of the Orc Lord.

    Then it yelled out again "Attack Me!!!"

    I was stunned and called out for help but no one responded. I expected more of a fight but its health started to dwindle and it darted off into the forest. I realized that this was no normal orc so I chased after it. It was a bit faster than me and managed to run far enough away to hide. I ran back to Blackcomb to see what had happened in the town and talk to a few of the people there. We regained our composure and chalked it up to unusual spawn. How wrong we were.

    Before I could tell what was going on, four more bands of orcs with a slobbering ettin appeared from no where. I ran around the castle to the safety of the inside as quickly as possible, while trying to lure as many of the orcs with me. I feared for the others there because many of them were mages with little armor on, and the surprise attack was enough to slow many of the down long enough for an orc to catch up and clobber their armorless bodies.

    I ran inside Blackcomb and managed to lure the ignorant orcs into a trap. Since they are not intelligent enough to move around objects, I trapped them behind a few tables where I could snipe them from the other side with my archery. This went on for a while and I killed many orcs while waiting for help to arrive. Help arrived, but with the help, so did a few more groups of orcs. Most of the new fighters survived the fresh group of thugs, but a few unfortunate warriors did not.

    Eventually, the forces of orcs and the bunch of ettins began to die off. I, along with a few others working from the outside in, cleared out the castle. I walked outside and into the clearing next to the castle and near the tavern. There I saw a few more orcs and ettins and began to finish them off. I attacked an Orc Lord and it spoke to me again. I didn't make out what it said but I quickly stepped up my skills a notch so I could end the little skirmish with the leader.

    Before he was almost dead, he again took flight into the forest. He was weak and tired so he didn't make it far. I caught up with him and he muttered a few orcish words. It looked like he was getting ready to say something to me, and I thought I should wait to see what he had to say. Then I thought again, and decided a dead orc was better then a live one. He was a quick orc and I didn't want to let him get away. Some may criticize this action, but, well... what can I say? It was an orc...

    After the battle, a Seer happened to stop by while he was making his rounds. He was just stopping by to check out Blackcomb, but it was nice to see a Seer and have a talk with him after the recent actions. We all talked with the Seer for a while but there was almost no new news. It was a nice end to an interesting night.

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 3:22 PM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Keeonean and his Minions Expected to Assault Yew
    Rhiannon found a very interesting item that seems to have been left behind by Keeonean after he and his followers attacked Yew recently.

    After being brought low by a lich lord and several bone knights in Trinsic, I had returned home to Yew to remark a rune to the abbey there. I ran in the hallway towards the bank, taking scant notice of the few orcs and a man bending over a carved corpse. I did not realize who this was until he shouted out my name, 'Ah, Rhiannon'. Turning around I saw that it was non other than the murderer Keeonean. I let out a shriek, for I had once before felt the might and poison of his blade, and saw him most foully carve my corpse and remove my head.

    I cast an explosion on him, knowing full well how little damage it would do, for what can a tamer mage do without her pets? Yet I could not let this monster in human form wreak havoc on my birthplace. So I continued to cast my futile spells, evading the reach of his blade and healing from his spells. Three others joined the battle and we four attempted to bring him low. The battle was brought upstairs in the library and music room, the four of us miraculously remaining alive, until the room was filled with orc parties, a distraction that we could ill afford. We all scattered. Surrounded by orcs, I wrestled, and attempted to cast spells to teleport me to relative safety, when once again Keeonean's blade found its target. The life fled from me, and from the spirit world I again watched him brutally dismember my corpse, and "gently remove" my head. I ran off to the healers and when I returned, he did attack me and kill me again. By then, the environs of the abbey were filled with other adventurers and a vast army orcs, keeping all busy and in peril for their lives.

    Keeonean killed many that night, and my ghost followed him around declaring my intent to haunt him. He could spirit speak! 'Please do' he said, and he retreated into the abbey stating, 'Come into my castle'. The arrogance of him, to declare Empath Abbey as his! Tiring of the spirit world, I ran to the healers once again and when I returned he was gone, though many orcs remained. Then I spied a book at my feet. Picking it up, I saw who the author was, and with a shiver I read aloud from its pages: 'General Merendil will be arriving in Yew within the next few days. Full cooperation will be required to take over Yew. --Keeonean.' Was Yew going to go the way of Trinsic? And who (or what) is General Merendil? Remembering the ineffective attempts to defend a walled city, I mourn for Yew, but vow that I will defend it with my last breath.

    Rhiannon of Yew

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 3:09 PM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    An Overwhelming Army of Rabbits Takes over Magincia!!!
    Well not really, but there sure were a lot of them! Lord Jithero sent this message in with a few pics to illustrate the chaos.

    Today at about 1:30 pm PST I recalled into Magincia and there were RABBITS EVERYWHERE!! Elder Klaitu was on hand and he said that a mage by the name of Lutien who works at the local mage shop had accidentally released some sort of rabbit aphrodisiac. I tried to track down this mage, hoping he could formulate an equally effective rabbit repellant, but apparently he has gone into hiding. In the meantime a few of us citizens are trying to clean up the streets using whatever means are at our disposal (purple potions are my weapon of choice!) but, the sheer number of rabbits makes it quite a daunting task.

    -Lord Jithero

    Have a look at picture one and picture two to see what it looked like.

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 3:03 PM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Forget the Monster Take Overs ...
    Ok ... many of you might know who Korin the Scribe is. He is one of the main people of the City of Haven and is known for his bright blue robe and wizard's hat world 'round. As a practical joke, Amber, the new mayor of Haven, supplied everyone present in the Mystic Tavern a bright blue robe and hat to surprise Korin when he came in.

    This portion sent in by Innous Maj'ore, Dream Weaver of Haven:
    While we were waiting for Korin to show up to the Tavern, we played jokes on each other, calling ourselves Children of the Korin, and sacrificing one (which happened to be me) and yelled out "Oh my god! They killed Korin! You bastard!"

    When Korin finally showed up, he nearly passed out, and then that's when the ensuing chaos began. Korin, seeing he had followers, decided to try to conquer all the player towns in Britannia. The Children of Korin (CoK) found Exedore of Arden outside the Tavern and "assimilated" him into a Korin. He donned the blue and then the CoK was on the move again, now to ShadowCove. There, Azazel was nearly assimilated but managed to get away. The CoK returned to Haven and there they assimilated more into their ranks. Next came the takeover of PaxLair.

    At PaxLair, MANY were assimilated into the CoK. Eventually, all of PaxLair was taken, over, even Mayor Winfield, and it soon became known as KorinLair.
    Even I was assimilated while I was in PaxLair, which was quite funny seeing two dozens smurfs running around saying "We are Korin! Resistance is Futile!" When I asked Korin what he thought of all this, he said "I have not laughed this much in a LONG time!!". I then asked Amber about this insane event, and she said *grin* For something that started out as simple as wanting to put a smile on one person's face, I think we succeded in making lots of ppl smile. Oh and don't forget Senior Counselor Rmaggedon changed his name to Korin too!". This has to be one of the wierdest, yet funniest things I've seen in ALL of time time in Britannia.
    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 2:24 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Don and the Void-The Beginning/Capturing a Wraith
    Submitted by Quest Center News:
    It all began at the reception of Don Martin's marriage to the beautiful Tameria. As Tameria and her new husband were being showered with gifts, Jhym serenaded them with lovely songs. The Wraiths seemed to appear from nowhere. Six of them sat on their horses in formation. They said only that they awaited the 'Dark Prophet.'

    What most did not know is that Don had spoken to Uuban-The Dark Prophet earlier in the day. The conversation hinged on Don's recent attack of two Wraiths at the PaxLair Survival Shop. Don had gotten fed up with the all too common threats, it seemed that every time Don Martin challenged a Wraith they would threaten to harm his love, Tameria. Don had asked Uuban to name his price to leave Tameria and her soul alone.

    When the Dark Prophet arrived at the reception he outlined his terms to Don Martin. Don was to enter the Void and come back with the 'Lost One.' Before he could do this he had to complete two separate quests and bring back certain items. Tameria overheard some of this and left the reception in tears, she had gotten the impression that Don was to enter the Void on their wedding night. It reminded her very much of the wedding of her sister Dell, who entered the Void on her wedding night. Don calmed her by explaining that nothing would be done until after the honeymoon.

    The newlyweds spent a week basking in the sun on Asland's Island. All seemed wonderful except for Tameria's dreams. It seemed that Uuban did not like waiting so he turned up the heat by cursing Tameria's dreams. Don gathered the items required and took them to the Dark Tower in Corwyn. He was instructed to find the Witches of Cove and use the quest items as payment. The Witches could get Don into the Void. There were three of them. Savon was as scary and intimidating as Don remembered, and she had her book. There was a witch called Game Mistress that Don had never seen. And of course the mysterious Alainn Brid who had her kind moments. Don wondered for a moment what had become of the child Abigail Williams.

    It was late and the witches were in no mood for pleasantries, they got right down to business. Don had known for some time that they had grown tired of the foolish Heroes, yet they were still willing to see him. Even after payment was made, the witches seemed uneasy about Don's insistence on entering the Void. They tried to make him realize how unwise this quest of his was and how little he knew of where he was going or why. Don spend a few more days meditating in the Temple of Hope. He knew his mind must be clear for this journey. All the arrangement had been made, Don had transferred anything sacred to trusted friends and ordered his people to kill him should he come back as something Evil.

    As he entered PaxLair, he felt something was amiss. It was the Survival Shop, it was dark, almost sinister. 'How long have I been away?', he asked himself. ODIN and Lord John quickly filled him in on what had been happening. The Wraith were trying to take the Shop and had on two occasions occupied it. Don explained to them that he needed to capture a Wraith, and idea that did not please the Heroes.

    A strong Wraith force attacked PaxLair in an attempt to get to the Mayor, this was Don's chance. Unfortunately the heroes of PaxLair are far from a well organized force like the Wraiths. Every time Don would paralyze a Wraith, someone would kill it. Finally Don, Lord John, ODIN, and Vienne managed to capture a Wraith and get it to Cove. The V*A held the Wraith in Cove while Don scouted ahead to be sure that the Witches were ready to perform the ritual to open a gateway to the Void. Though Don had tried to clear his mind, many thoughts still echoed in his head asking questions that he could not answer and making statements he refused to accept.....

    "None return from the Void untouched," the wise ones had said.....

    "Don, please do not go," Tameria's voice cried....
    "Uuban does not lie, but he does twist words," Asland's voice echoed....
    Will the Ruby Void Ring protect a person who is not one of the Founding Elders of the Veiled Alliance?......
    "You love for Tameria will be the only light you will have to lead you back to this realm," Dell warned....

    Don wondered if he had not went too far this time. Would he ever return from the Void? And if so, what would he return as? If there was a change in him, would he notice it, would others? In a realm of Void! In a world of night! What diabolical plan had seized Uuban's crazed imagination? And what of the Lost One they had spoken of? What indeed? From what had happened to the others before, it was clear that this was to picnic......

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 10:44 AM EST by Azazel (Chesapeake)

    The General was Killed
    Today Rhiannon sent this message in to me about the book that Keeonean left behind and what was going to be done about.

    I met with Captain Torrel today at Empath Abbey after being told by my sister Kutyrnutzov that he would like to meet with me. He is a Captain with Lord British's guards. She had chanced upon him at Empath Abbey where he had been asking questions about the invasions. I had relayed to him all the information that I had about Keeoneon and the attacks on Empath, and the message contained within the book I found. He stressed to me and Kuty, that when this General Merendil comes to invade Yew, that he is to be taken ALIVE. Captain Torrel and Lord British's guards would like to interrogate him. It is his intent to have Merendil surrender. Captain Torrel is currently residing at the inn at Empath Abbey.

    Rhiannon of Yew

    Immediately after I received this message, I darted off to Yew to see if I could talk to this man named Captain Torrel and get a better idea of what is going on. When I recalled into the Empath Abbey, I was immediately overrun by orcs and ettins. I ran outside, barely escaping with my life, and went to see if I could find some help. After finding no help, I decided I would run into the abbey and see if I could make it to the inn to find the captain. This was my biggest mistake and I quickly paid for my stupidity. I was once again swarmed by the overwhelming forces of orcs and ettins and quickly died, but not before catching a glimpse of General Merendil.

    He was rather short in size and did not look like the type of person you would expect to be a commanding officer. He wore mostly chainmail armor but had a bone helmet on. His weapon of choice was a deadly kryss, although I do not think it was poisoned like Keeonean's weapon is. I didn't see anyone collapsing due to poison, although I could have missed a few here and there for there were many bodies.

    I realized this was no place for a mage and decided to come back to the Abbey as a warrior. This was much easier and I fought long as hard with my trusty quarter staff. I died many times throughout the fight but eventually the forces of orcs and ettins were slain to some extent and people were able to move around a bit more. I worked my way to the back of the abbey to find the General. I rushed towards him to attack along with a few others and Captain Torrel. He tried to get away but we fought hard and severely injured him.

    He cried out, "I SURRENDER!!!" and I along with the captain a few others backed off.

    The Captain honored his defeat and politely asked everyone to step away so that General Merendil could be brought into custody. One man did not stop though. I have decided not to post his name because he was proud of the fact that he disobeyed direct orders from Lord British and possibly cost the destruction of Yew by continuing to attack the General. He continued to attack the General while the Captain started to get frustrated by him not listening to his cries for surrender. The man did not stop until Merendil was dead, and with his death, the man also killed our hopes for understanding the enemies plans.

    I thought for a while and started to hope that the man was someone sent by the Dark Mistress prevent the General from being taken into custody, but I knew that was not true. It saddens me to think that someone could be so rude towards the preservation of our kingdom. I have ruled out the ideas that this man was attacking the General with good intent. He only wanted the fame of killing a surrendering man.

    Many people died today defending Yew and it seems that they died in vain for nothing was accomplished by their deaths. I only hope that this man is an exception and that there are few people out there as vile as he is. I know that he is gloating about what I say as he reads this, if he reads this, and that is also disappointing too. If you are reading this, you should know, you sicken me Sir.

    There may not be many more chances to capture a prisoner, but we must still try for the safety of Britannia, Yew, and the restoration of Trinsic.

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 9:37 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    In defense of a small town..
    We have recieved the following:


    Y'know, I've seen some large attacks, massive enemy movements, but I don't really think anyone was prepared for last night.

    I arrived late at Damien Vryce's meeting at Mage Tower, some meeting discussing espionage and recon I believe. After 15 minutes though, the group on the roof, about 35 strong, learned that Cove was under assault, and Rand al'Thor was caught in the middle. Ibram Gaunt quickly took command of the situation, and sure enough we were taken to Cove within 5 minutes.

    It started off at around 9pm, PST, simply enough. 25 or so of us, 30 or so gazers. No problem for us, they fall quickly and without much effort. Rand al'Thor was freed, and it seemed things were under control. That was when we looked outside the gates. It was nothing but invading hordes of creatures, from ogres to elder gazers, headless and spiders of all sorts. As far as the eye could see the forest was a writhing mass of living creatures hellbent on watching Cove burn.

    The first hour was the easiest. It seemed that for the most part all we faced were simple gazers and headless. Our troops hardly suffered a single casualty. Ibram was quick to set up temporary Headquarters in a clear middle spot, a sort of safe spot for the troops, a place for a quick break. They didn't last long though, as the temporary HQ's were continually swamped, and redeployment was often needed.

    Around 10 to 10:30 though, things started to get steadily more dangerous. Poison coursed through the town with the arrival of scorpions and black widow spiders. Descending from the crags of the mountains surrounding the small town, the black widows were very fast on eight legs, and I'm certain more than one death were attributed to their deadly poison. I think I healed Kementari at least 3 times from the fiends. At one point the scorpion and giant spider density grew to a critical mass, and I was forced to seek shelter. After a bit of running I made it into a house, as well with a retreated Janos Antero and Rial Stirling. Outside the house were at least 40 monsters. It took 10 minutes to finally fight out, just another example of how thick the monsters were. And they kept coming.

    Over the next hour and a half, there were constants. Mages had to leave to town to gather more reagents, warriors needed bandages, ghosts needed healing. There was never a break in the monsters, no time to pause. Reinforcements were scarce, instead more people were leaving, exhausted. Dread spiders were everywhere, gazers still poured in from the forests, fighting continued. In this time most of the fighting was reflex, no strategy formed save for survival.

    When things grew darkest though, was near the end, strangely enough. It seemed as though the mosnters would not abate, and no scouts had reported back from the woods or mountains in some time. Unsure of the enemy strength, but knowing we were weakening every moment, General Gaunt sounded a retreat. However, many had doubts and remained to fight. After having left for five minutes, scouts reported that the forests and mountainsides were bare of creatures, there would be no more monster re-inforcements. It seemed the retreat could be reversed, and the troops were ordered back for one final attack.

    It worked. The hordes finally fell. There was no fancy leader of the creatures, there was no sign of Minax or Keeonan, or anyone. Just the largest siege I believe Sonoma has EVER had. Being one of the lucky ones, I managed to stay alive the entire night, witnessing a good many comrades falling, however. Fortunately, most lived to see the final hurrah, and the tingling sensation, both of fatigue and victory. Too tired to think, most of the troops went home to their beds, preparing for the next large assault. Let's hope it's not too soon, though. It was only through the leadership of Gaunt that Cove remained free. Cove, a city not expected to be hit hard. The next strike? Anywhere.

    Be ready, all soldiers.

    I would like to extend thanks to some of the defenders. While some names have already left my forgetful mind, while I still can remember some I would like to thank Kementari, Janos, Rial, Braden, Rand al'Thor, Laurana, Shandra, Stevenson, Darkwing, Darkus, Justin Allard, Minotaur, and Panth. Um...there were plenty more, and as I stated I apologize for missing your names, your help was greatly appreciated and kept Cove safe.

    -Colonel Pander, Unified Sosarian Army. Executive Officer, Vesper Task Force.

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 9:21 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    The Battle of Cove Harbor
    We have found the following:
    Last night was the scene of some of the heaviest fighting yet seen. It rivalled or even surpassed Trinsic.

    Myself, Colonel Pander, General Allard and Janos Antero lead our forces against all manner of creatures who attacked Cove. I will not get into the details of the battle except that members from WoL, AoL, FDP, BMW, MoE, DSR and many more rallied to the call I sent forth.

    Reinforcements poured in from across the land to assist in the fighting. The casualties were heavy last night among us but we punished the enemy greatly. After the final and possibly strongest push, the enemy lay dead. It was three and a half hours since we had begun. We were all very exhausted and depleted of supplies and men. Suffice it to say that we held Cove by the slimmest of hairs.

    Therefore I am calling on you all to either pledge your support if you havent already done so or find other volunteers if you can. We need them desperately. We currently have sufficient forces to hold against one heavy engagement at a time. If another attack comes at the same time we will be overwhelmed.

    To conclude, I must say that my subordinate commanders fought and led with the utmost in skill. The troops under their command were stalwart and unyeilding to the foe. I commend you all....

    Yours in service...

    General Ibram Gaunt, Unified Army Commander

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 9:16 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    A long overdue report.
    To all,

    As many know, at the beginning of this week, a vigil was held to try to restore the Shrine of Compassion. I apologize for taking so long in posting the results of that night. However, besides an extremely hectic schedule since then, I needed time to fully digest the impact of the nights event. Here, then, is my report.

    From the outset, it seemed that this gathering of love and peace was doomed, as even the very world had stopped in time. The appointed hour for the group to meet and organize came and went. When, finally, the wheels of time were set back into motion, many, though not all, started gathering at the Saloon. All were outfitted with robes demarking the virtue we celebrated, and the supplicants were supplied with torches to symbolize the flame. We arrived before daybreak.

    What followed, I am sorely pressed to put into words. One by one all those gathered opened their hearts to give testimony to both the principle of Love, and the virtue of compassion. Included among those was a most touching song performed by the bard, Jhym, as well as a short tale by the Lady Graendel (who once proudly bore the Candle of Love). Although the good Lady Councelor was unable to bear a torch, she brought her own, most welcome, addition to the fires that burned, the Light of Hope. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the honor guard that defended us, we were left unchallenged, without even a need for those forces that would distract us from our mission. I give special thanks to Enoch for taking over the role of coordinator for the guard, as circumstances prevented Jalessa from joining us. I learned shortly after that Sister Ageliss, of Empath Abbey, Matriarch of the Knights of Compassion, had not survived the journey, and had gone to her final rest.

    After the vigil had concluded, I was greeted by many stating that it was a wonderful thing that I had accomplished that night. Once again, I would like to state, that it was through the efforts of all present and not, that enabled such a work to take place. Although I cannot speak for all, to me it seemed our simple words, and feelings, had such strength of conviction, that Love became a tangible force, that presided there among us. As said earlier, words cannot do justice to the raw power that was unleashed. As we parted from the shrine, we all pledged that what we had brought to life that night, would not be forgotten, and hoped that the Flame of Love, which burned within us all, could be used to rekindle that in others. Whether our work will enable the restoration of the shrine is yet to be seen, but it was clearly a most powerful beginning...

    With Love,
    Historian PxW
    Student of Magic

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 4:39 AM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Sightings of a Phantom Horseman
    It seems that the land fairly crawls with unusual figures of late. Besides the notorious servants of The Mistress, there are now accounts of a mysterious black rider. Below is a collection of such sightings.

    Last eve as I sat in the Kinship Hall having a pleasant drink with Aena the barmaid, a man rode in on a black horse. He was dressed in black plate and carried an all black halberd. I advised him that we had a manned stable next door, but got no reply. He rode upstairs, seeming to be taking the place in. Not knowing his intent, I armed myself and met him at the bottom of the stairs, firmly asking him to disarm. With no reply he simply vanished! No casting words, just disappeared. The only other information I have on this individual was due to Aena's keen smith's eye. Inscribed on his black halberd were the words "The Blade Of Sin" and on his armor, "Soul Binder". Some further research indicates he might be one known as "Xenthyl the Phantom", although nothing further could be found.

    Loric Greywolf, Captain of the Kinship Guards, Kinship

    Connected to this first account, the following evening when Ari ni'Dalaigh traveled to the tent of the Gypsy seer Tatiana to ask about leads on the prophesied plague, she mentioned this dark rider, having learned of his visit from her good friend Loric. Tatianna's response was that this phantom rider was not connected to the plague, but was certainly up to no good.

    Another sighting, this in Yew by Woger of the Knights of Yew

    After finishing a solo patrol from the market, to the abbey, to town, to the Yew Community Center and back, I met Galen of the Independants at the Yew Market. While shooting the breeze, a man in black, with a black halberd, upon a black horse rode up and around us several times, never speaking a word. We followed this guy around for a bit, leading us to the crypts. We poked around the crypts for a bit, then left for home.

    Also in the vicinity of the crypts, several rumors of this black horseman have him actually speaking. As the story goes (though I am still working to substantiate the account) he was heard to say that it was almost time for us to leave ("us" taken by the witness to mean the people of Yew or Britannia in general) and something rather cryptic about cursed armor.

    Our last eyewitness encounter comes from the Shadow Clan Orc Fort and Magru of the Shadow Clan. The account has been translated for those who do not speak Orcish.

    Hello there smellies!
    This may not be of consequence to you, or it may be of interest. This is regarding a visitation from a dark phantom. Myself and Gromas and some other gruntee, were sparring today outside of our fort, when suddenly this large figure rose from nowhere. He had skin, dark and black as night and he brandished a black bardiche. He rode astride a pure black nightmare, whom I wanted to cook, but when I approached them, asking "What it is you want?", almost as sudden as he appeared, did he vanish. Mere seconds later, a large band of Orc Lords and Orc Mages attacked our fort. Gromas and I fought bravely but were severely injured before vanquishing our foes.

    Thank you to all the sources for their contributions. Whether this is yet another servant of The Mistress, or some other who's motives and apparent interest in our land is yet unknown, we will certainly keep an eye and an ear out for more of the mysterious, Phantom Horseman.

    Posted on Monday, February 21, 2000, 3:42 AM EST by Mouser (Catskills)

    Jou'nar's Deamon, Anmac Mallachtan, Seen Near Britian
    I received this report of the sighting:

    On my way out of Britain to store some supplies and stock up on others, I heard a town cryer relaying news that Anmac Mallachtan had been sighted on the bridge to Trinsic. Knowing little of Anmac except of his potential involvement with the assault on Trinsic, and cursing the potential distraction from my routine journey, I proceeded to leave the city. As I had figured would happen (I think a gypsy may have put a curse on me, I seem to be an evil lure..), I ran into the deamon just outside of the gaurd line..taunting several figures (who at the time I thought were bravely confronting what I assumed to be a powerful foe) and dancing in the air just outside of the protected zone. Hoping that I could speed by without being noticed, I urged my steed to speed up, but alas, Anmac spotted me, and attacked. Fearing for my life (as I was not armored for combat, but dressed for labor), I managed to land a blow with my rather worn sword, and was shocked when it seemed to inflict a rather large wound. Not immediately realizing it, and still fearful that the huge deamon would slay me, I retreated and composed myself. Thinking that had Mallachtan wanted me dead I would now be so, I began to wonder if there was opportunity here to learn more information about the recent events in the South.

    Upon riding back to where I had initially been attacked, I saw not one, but two deamons..however, they did not look familiar. I then saw the man controlling them, and another, who seemed to be his friend..he was one of the men Anmac had been taunting before. I also quickly saw another deamon approaching..and this time it looked all too familiar...but my thoughts of how to subdue and question the fiend were disrupted by the shouting of the man I did not recognize.."All Kill". His deamons quickly converged on Anmac, and began to hack him to pieces. Yelling not to kill him, I tried to stop the two men, but they refused to listen to my words. Apparently the idea that the deamon was anything more than a typical monster and that it might hold invaluable information was not shared, and when I tried to explain, I was only met with insults and turned backs. As Anmac fell, the two men ran to the corpse, quickly removed anything it had in its possession, and returned to town. Very disgruntled, I went about my business..hoping that yet again the rigid thinking of a few had not robbed the many of a chance to learn something valuable...

    Anonymous Source

    This is a sad tale indeed, on several counts. Firstly, Anmac has only been sighted in Trinsic and had been believed to be almost solely a pet or friend of Jou'nar. This event does not really prove he isn't, but it does show that whether by order or by curiousity he can and will leave Trinsic to wander about killing others. And it is not likely to be a coincidence that he wandered towards our capital city.

    But the fact that we may have lost a rare chance to learn precious information is especially hard. I understand the urge to kill first and ask questions later with all that has happened in our land, especially if your numbers are few and you are afriad you wouldn't have the power to hold him. But, like many, I would like to have known what the beast carried. Many are swayed by the thoughts of rare items and riches and ignore any other meaning behind the objects. But honestly I know I wouldn't care if they kept the items if they simply allowed a sage to inspect them and an artist to capture their appearance.

    Hopefully Anmac carried no more than some shiny coins, and we have not lost as much as we fear. We can afford few loses at this point.

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 9:24 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Stratics welcomes Bones Dragon
    In our neverending quest to bring you top-quality content, today we present another fine addition to the Stratics Network. Please welcome Bones Dragon who has been entertaining the UO Community with Comics and Commentaries for years. I have always enjoyed his creations and I am very proud to have him with us now. Bones will be concentrating on Ultima Online 2 mostly, yet his UO Comics are classics that set an example for most of the UO comics site that were created after him. If you haven't read them yet then go have a look at, I am sure you'll love them. Don't forget to update your bookmarks or favorites.

    Here's Bones vision of the near future:

    As for plans for the future... time will only tell. For now, the comics are stagnant, and I haven't played the game much lately so the commentaries aren't likely to be added to. What I intend to do is make a new commentaries section from scratch for UO2 when it goes into beta. But for the time being, please feel free to enjoy the comics, and I hope you'll update your bookmarks accordingly. :)
    Welcome Bones, I hope you'll feel at home here. :)
    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 4:11 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Trinsic under seige!
    Trinsic has become under attack this week by hordes of black mummies. Lord British has declared a state of emergency. No one seems to know why so far as to why the undead is interested in trinsic, but there have been numerous rumors. A witness to the attack, says at the time of spawning, a man named "Juvilation" was seen leaving the area. He wores pure black plate armour, with a black sash + black cape. Guards of Britainnia are searching for this man over questioning of the attack. Lord British is now asking the public for support in the war campaign. If you would like to help out, there will be parties of warriors and mages gathering at the trinsic "backdoor" (the entrance near the moongate). If you would like to help out Lord British and free in innocents trapped in Trinsic, simply go to that location and fight, fight, fight!

    Also, if you have any additional information on the trinsic situation, e-mail it to me @ [email protected]. Thank you.

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 3:10 PM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

    Don't Forget to Pack Your Bard
    Suzy Tinkerer's directions were right on and she is absolutely correct about the wall.  Trinsic may be hell on the ground, but from the wall, it is Bard's paradise.  Two important reason to pack your bard to Trinsic: 1) I was able to stroll through the city playing a little tune to pacify the monsters along the way, and 2) There is nothig funnier than tree mummies attcking a Lich Lord.  From the wall, bards can safely (well, almost safely) provoke attacks among the spawns freeing the ground troops to choose their targets and avoid being "blocked in."  Also, archer or magical (or both) support from the bard can really help the fight along as Bards can shoot and play at the same time.

     I had 12 fighting at one time last night (though I did have a lucky streak).

    Attack Plan Idea:
    For a major attack on Trinsic, get archers and bards on the walls.  The bards should provoke monsters to attack.  If the succeed, then the uglies will be busy fighting eachother; if they fail, then the uglies will stand along the wall like the bad boys they are.  Ground troops should draw the uglies towards bard-archer positions on the walls (4 or five "hot spots" should do it).  The perfect combo for the wall teams would be an Archer, Bard, and Pure Mage or some mixed combo (on the wall) with 4 fighters on the ground to lure the uglies in.  In a very short while, 1/2 the monsters will be dead and the other 1/2 reduced by 1/2 with everyone still standing.   Rooftops could also work, but I did not have the chance to check these.

    Ximena, Bard of Delucia (in exile)


    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 10:44 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Publish Update
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Publish Reschedule

    We have rescheduled the publish of features listed in Testing for the Next Update to the servers for Monday, Feb. 21st, beginning with the Napa Valley shard. The features will be active on Napa Valley after the shard returns from its Monday morning maintenance. If all goes well, we will then publish to the Catskills shard, activating this publish during Catskills scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, Feb. 22nd CST.

    We will then monitor these shards for issues before activating the remaining shards.If no outstanding issues are found, the features will be active on all remaining shards following their scheduled Wednesday maintenance (local server time).

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 7:54 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Laughing in the face of danger
    The CLOWNS and their allies seem set to wipe the smile of Juo'nar's face:

    This goes out as a reminder that we will be attacking Trinsic this Sunday 2pmCST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT, 9pm CET . The Following Guilds have committed to the cause:

    CoV - Children of Virtue
    SBR - Skara Brae Rangers
    EKC - Eternal Knights of the Circle
    TPH - Trinsic Paladins of Honor

    Lets meet in Clowntown about a half hour before.

    Ambassador of CLOWN

    (Shamelessly swiped from the CLOWN site)
    Good luck!

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 7:48 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Cap & Dagger Casino Celebrates One Year Anniversary!
    Come one, come all! The Cap & Dagger is a year old! We've come a long way, adding many new games and having lots of fun in the past year. Lots of games, gambling, and entertainment are in store!

    Festivities will begin Feb.23rd at 7:00 central time at the Vesper with a parade! Bring your fireworks wands, your animals, your jester hats, and join in! Musicians and marching bands welcome! We'll march through Vesper and several other cities before arriving at the Cap & Dagger by moongate.

    Once the paraders have arrived, gambling will begin in both the casino and the TOWER! Yes, folks, that's right, we're going to be gambling in Noble Tower, right next door as well! The casino building will be the 'training' area for those of you who are new, and once you've got a grasp of the games, you'll want to proceed to the more diverse games in the Tower itself. The tower will even boast an exclusive High Roller room, where wagers will be two daggers minimum, eight daggers maximum!

    Special events will be going on all night long, including door prize drawings, cat herding, brick stacking, and others! Come early and stay all night!

    Cap & Dagger Casino Director

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 7:40 AM EST by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Smiths holding Sunday Seminars in Safe Haven
    This annoucement is sent to us by Siege's leading smith, Ysane:

    The UBB Smithing and Mining Academy is back in action after taking the new year's first month off. Anyone interested in learning, sharpenining, and perfecting the methods used in blacksmithing and mining are welcome to attend the seminar held every Sunday evening at the Academy in Safe Haven. For information on the city of Safe Haven, click the link to their site. It contains maps and information about the city.

    Safe Haven link

    Grandmaster Smith
    Shardmaster United Blacksmiths of Britannia
    Siege Perilous Chapter

    Thanks Ysane!
    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 7:25 AM EST by Satyr (SiegePerilous)

    Appointments to the peoples army of Sosaria
    We have found the following:
    These brave and well-known nobility from across the land of Sosaria have been added. Please pay them your respect.

    General Cyril has been appointed command of the Cove Task Force.

    Colonel Kadrian N'Farre appointed Deputy Commander of Yew theatre under General Sigel.

    General Minotaur will be heading up the New Lands operational sector with

    Colonel Crixia as his Deputy Commander.

    General Ibram Gaunt, =8=, Unified Army Commander

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 7:01 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    A ghostly Quest
    We have found the following:
    *leans wearily on his staff*

    For nearly a week I have been hounded by two spirits who neither speak nor allow themselves to be brought back to the mortal plane. I am at my wit's end, and can no longer endure such a mystery.

    These spectres haunt my estate and make most untimely, unappreciated appearances when I venture out into the world. They are relentless in their pursuit of me, yet do nothing when my evasions fail.

    Lord Strife Wisehorn, in a most empathic gesture, has offered to apply his knowledge of the necromantic arts and bring these accursed spirits back into the living realm. He cannot, however, accomplish this on his own. The assistance of many, as I understand it, is required if we are to have any hope of success.

    Tomorrow night, Saturday the 19th of February, Lord Wisehorn will be holding a gathering for all those interested in solving the enigma these spirits pose. At the toll of midnight [CST], the first attempts to resurrect these spirits will be made at the Hedge Maze--a focus point of tremendous ether.

    I pray we are successful...farewell.

    *lapses into a coughing fit and retreats into the mist*

    Lord Aegis

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 6:55 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Announcing the Sonoma Events Planner!
    Over the past few weeks there are have been quite a few instances were people have planned events for around the same time. As a result I thought it would be prudent to create a planner for all Sonoma events. The calendar will include times at which events have been shceduled. This will allow others who wish to plan events to see what times would be best to hold their event. The calendar will not include descriptions of the events, merely the times that they will occur. This is so that those who wish to keep their event a surprise will be able to do so. All events must be submitted using the form on the page and will be updated once a day. I encourage everyone to send in their events so that you will be able to get the maximum participation.

    Sincerely, Emperor Krosis

    Sonoma Events Calendar

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 6:49 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Thieves’ Report on Trinsic
    We have recieved the following:
    Greetings Brothers,

    Ahem, As of yesterday the city of Trinsic appeared nearly completely overrun with undead and the evidence of undead. As I moved through town (unseen of course) I passed now fewer than a dozen lich lords, dozens of liches and multitudes of lesser undead. I also witnessed many groups of armed warriors battling (winning some, losing some) the undead. For the most part these warriors were seasoned veterans, though some appeared rather new to the art of war.

    The resistance seems based around the southern bank, which is still active. The reason for this choice is quite obvious. The southern portion of Trinsic was nearly deserted, even the undead were avoiding it. I’m guessing that the WarLord has something to do with the lack of activity anywhere near the guild house. But that’s just an educated guess.

    As you told me, the bridge between the barrier island and Trinsic is still free. I will do as ordered and spread the news to everyone I can find that this is the way into Trinsic. I must make the suggestion that we open the guild house to the public so that warriors may make use of it as a resting spot. Unfortunately the only set of keys is currently with you, somewhere on Ciandian. So you must return to Trinsic if we are to allow the brave defenders of Trinsic the use of our home.

    The barrier island is as deserted as ever. The people there seem relatively unaffected by the war going on just across the bridge. If you are to return anytime soon, this is the place to do it.

    Lord Jou’nar has been very active. His Shadow Wraith (mistaken as a Shadow Knight by the local population) did massive damage before it finally chopped down very close to where I had been standing

    People are blaming thieves for the lootings of many corpses around the town. They still hold to the believe that only thieves will loot a body. I myself saw several "honorable" individuals eagerly stripping the corpse of a fallen comrade.

    Personal grievances aside, the defense of Trinsic seems to be going well without our direct interference. Which is good since both of us have been instructed to keep out of the battles. Why were ordered out of the battles? You were allowed to attack the Paladin’s Isle when the undead assaulted the library there. Why have we been kept out since then? I tell you there’s something going on.

    Well, not much more to say. I managed to collect several new toys (does silver of force mean anything to you?) While I was in Trinsic. Ok, so at least some of the lootings were due to thieves, or at least one thief.


    Thief Lord of Tyrantopia (and now Trinsic)

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 6:44 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Log of yesterdays UO HoC chat posted
    The complete log of the Forty-eighth UOHoC Open House chat has been posted, and is available from the UO House of Commons website.
    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 6:04 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    A Little Bit of Everything is now Shocked!
    This in from Azazel:
    Our newest comic, Kal Vas The Ultimate Battle, is in Shockwave Flash format! The comic features guest appearances by Lord British, The GM Support Team, LadyMOI, and Calandryll! When you view the comic, you'll also get healthy doses of blood, carnage, and death! What more could you ask for?!

    In light of our new comic, A Little Bit of Everything has decided to start a contest. We are giving you a chance to submit your ideas for your very own comic! The people with the best idea out of all the ones submitted, will have a chance to work with A Little Bit of Everything to make a comic with them in it!

    -A Little Bit of Everything
    This ain't no ImaNewbie.

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 5:10 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    ***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA*** - Improved Monster A.I.?
    Tyron sent us the following:
    Hail and all that. Tired of stupid monsters that just aren't much of a challenge? This weeks episode deals with another of OSI's promised changes to UO - Improvements to Monster A.I. How will that affect our hero, ImaNewbie, you say? Head on over to my site and find out. Also this week: the Contest Winners are announced and 2 new midis for you to listen to.

    Added February 18th: Episode #95 - Improved Monster AI

    ImaNewbie does Britannia


    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 5:08 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    Stratics and Wolfpack launch Shadowbane Forums
    Ethos, our Head of Network Development sends us the following announcement:
    Wolfpack, developers of the much anticipated Shadowbane title, today launched the new Official forums in partnership with Stratics. This partnership will include moderators from various fan sites in the community who will be held to Stratics moderator standards of excellence and should help create a more fun and mature environment for fans and developers alike. Wolfpack and Stratics are very excited about this new venture and believe it will be a great help in unifying the efforts of fan sites and helping fans interact directly with game developers and community experts on a daily basis.

    Visit the Official Shadowbane Forums here:

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 4:47 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Oceania's first PvP competition!
    Let's get ready to rumble!

    I, Arturius of [DS] is holding a PvP competition.


    • Where:Numorous places around deceit. The main event fights are to be held in the "duel room".

    • When: Saturday, 26th of Feburary, at 8:00pm. The night will goto about 11:00pm.
    • Why:To find the best PvP on oceania so far....
    • Cost: 500gp entry, covers you for the whole night. Max 40 entries.
    • Prize: 1st place: 70% of total entry fee money (upto 13k). Runner-up: 20% of total entry fee money (upto 4k). The rest will goto the organizing of the night.

    Here are the rules as follows:

    NO summoning of any kind permitted. This includes EV's, BS's, and all elements AND creature summons.

    NO outside interfernce. Anyone who helps someone/attacks someone will be killed. If the helping was not intentional, the player will not automaticly forfeit. That will be determined by the judge.

    MAGIC OR POTIONS. You must either decide which you will use, magic or potions. If you choose potions, NO MAGIC OF ANY KIND IS PERMITED. Magic reflect is not permited if you choose potions. If you have magic reflect on before the fight, you must take it off. If any judges see both potions and magic used at any time, the rule breaker gets an automatic forfiet.

    NO magic equipment of any kind permited. Simple. You may not use anything magical. Period.

    GM ARMOUR/WEAPONS PERMITED. You may use GM equipment during fights.

    Trap boxes NOT permited. This is just a time thing. You may not use trap boxes. Simple. It just takes too long to complete duels with trap boxes.

    NO ridable animals permited. You must duel on foot.

    NO animals permited. On that last rule, no animals of any kind are permited to fight.

    ANY KIND OF CHARACTER MAY ENTER. There are no restrictions and skills your character may have.

    YOU MUST DECLARE USING CABLE MODEMS. Cable modems give a huge advnatage. So a simple handicap will juist even out the contest. The handicap may be, not starting with reflect, not being able to equip a weapon for 10 seconds, or something like that. If you don't declare and we find out you are using a cable, you will automaticly forfeit.

    NO stealing during the duel. Simple.

    RULES ON DUEL LENGTH: If after 5 min the duel is not complete, a life bar check will be initated. Whom ever has the most life after the 5 min wins. If it is too close to call, a judge will decide who overall performed better during the duel. There will be no argueing on the judges decision.

    Judges for the night will be annoced later. I have already confirmed Intel (DOA) will be a judge. I will try and deverisfy my judges in terms of guild, so that prejudice is avioded.

    These are the rules so far. If I missed out on anything, or you would like to enquire about the comp OR you would like to reserve your spot in the PvP comp, e-mail me at [email protected] and will reply within 3 days. Remember, only 40 spots avaible, I can't take anymore, so get in EARLY! Also please check to see if you can make it first :P.

    Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2000, 3:55 AM EST by Arturius (Oceania)

    Problems with Stratics Message Forums
    For those that use the Stratics' Message Boards:

    Due to an unforeseen incompatibility with a routine patch, our message forums experienced a temporary hiccup, if you will. You will notice that in a some forums the topics/threads will appear fine and then when you enter the thread to view the responses the messages appear blank. This is only a temporary issue and we are currently correcting the problem on a forum by forum basis. We have 190 forums and we're just now moving on to forum 60 with 130 more to go. So please be patient, we'll have the entire issue resolved by the close of business today.

    On a more positive note, we will be migrating to an entirely new software title for our message forums. It is a vast improvement over the product we're currently using and we fully expect that such issues as the one we experienced last night will no longer be an issue. Your current forum account will be migrated as well so you will still have your username and password which you are currently using in our forums now. More information will be made available very soon.


    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 11:43 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Red Skull Bay Buccaneer Cup Race Tonight
    Here is a reminder about the race this eve:


    After the success of the first two boat races, I want to announce the Red Skull Bay Buccaneer Cup. This boat race is organized by the United Pirates. The race will start on February 18th at 7 pm EST. The meeting point is the Jolly Roger Inn of the United Pirates. A map to this place and a detailed description of the rules can be found at: United Pirates

    You have to apply for the boat race by simply sending one email per boat to [email protected] , telling the name of your boat. No fee has to be paid! The winner of the race will receive a valuable prize. Sea battles are allowed, according to our rules.

    Hawkeye Pike
    [United Pirates]
    [email protected]

    Sounds fun. Good luck to the crews racing!
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 10:40 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    New Monsters and A Call to Meet Today-- "We Shall Fight"
    The different towns under attack and what they are being attacked by has been covered, but must be added to. There are now reports of giant serpents, spiders, scorpions and rats that fairly seem to crawl out of the walls. And rumors of a Giant Black Widow has been circulating around Yew.

    This made quite a difference in Britian which had mainly seen ratmen and lizardmen, neither of which poison their victim. Alchemists are needed to make more greater cure potions along with their already in demand greater heals. Also in Britian are rumors of ettins, imps and the shrieking harpies, but I've yet to have this confirmed.

    Here is a report of the sudden appearance of the giant serpent's in Britian's East Side:

    At 6pm EST, the town of Brittain was at first hit with a wave of Lizardmen and Ratmen near the East Bank. After the hoard was dispached, a new wave of Giant Serpents followed. I witnessed approximately 20 snakes appear within a two minute period and they only appeared around the bank. I have included a picture of the aftermath at the bank.


    Giant Serpents Attack Britian

    There are also unconfirmed reports of new creatures being sighted in Trinsic. With Trinsic barricaded and the defenders forced to go into underground, reports from there are few and hard to confirm. Our usual messengers are not a resource we have. However it seems that the attacks of the undead have been added to.

    It seems that the very gates of the underworld have been thrown open for there are reports of hellcats, hellhounds, and deamons in Trinsic. These are only in small numbers, but it does not bode well for the future.

    Despite this, or perhaps because of this, there is an attempt being made to free Trinsic. I found this notice on the Calendar of Events on the UO Home Page.

    We Shall Fight

    Taking back Trinsic. We will meet at Lord British castle.
    Start Date: Feb 18 2000 3:15PM EST
    End Date: Feb 19 2000 1:15PM EST

    We will meet at Lord Bristish Castle. We will equip ourselves with horses and the such at the stables. If you have a extra mount bring one for someone else if they cant afford their own. Also bring pets. We will then march to the moongates use them to enter Trinsic. We will take back the city, we will leave guards at the entrances, and on the next day we will return to Britain. Come join my Army Of Valor.


    Good Luck, Dyne, and to all your warriors.
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 10:32 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Win 100,000 gold . . .
    Spiritwood is determined to give away its gold:

    Spiritwood Tavern Lottery! Next sunday, February 20th, the Spiritwood Tavern will host another Lottery. Again it will be at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt). This time there is a total prize of 100.000 gold pieces. This gold will be split between the winners. Everyone can now choose a number after they bought a key. This means there might be no winners or there might be 500 winners (although the latter is highly unlikely :)). You can buy keys at the tavern and they cost 1000 gold pieces each. One person cannot buy more than two however.

    When that's done, you take your key to Fenris (who will be at the tavern almost every evening and you show it to him to verify if it's real. After that you tell him a number and he'll note it. Perhaps that number will be the lucky number... Good luck everyone!

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

    If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or send me a letter. I hope to see you all there! :-)

    Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

    Thank you Fenris
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 9:59 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Keeonnean Explores More of Yew
    This was just posted on the Tavern forum of the Catskills Section of the Tao Circle. The message title was Keeonean visits the Community Center. For those of you who may not know the location of the Yew Community Center, it is a patio building just to the west of the crossraods of Yew. In other words it is between the Yew Cemetary and the crossraods that branch south towards Britian. Here is the post:


    It seems this evil mage has decided to venture to the outlying areas of our fair town. Today, several folk have sent me word that Keeonean was sited near the Yew Community Center.

    This pigeon note from Mona, one of the Mists of Avalon:

    Today Keeonean was sited at Dove's! His words to me were "So this is where the worthless defenders stem from." I watched as my friend Tarrant Bane did battle with him in the grave yard. But alas my mana was not enough to help long enough. Tarrant fell, Keeonean cut up his body. All he took was his head. Sounds like perahps K is head collecting!

    Likewise, a neighbor was in her house sorting through her goods, when several waves of ettin and orc wandered up to her door. Of late, large numbers of orcs and similar monsters have been fairly camping on the Community Center steps. However, this neighbor did mention that the numbers were quite astonishing, being more akin to an attack on the abbey.

    She managed to lock her door and keep the creatures at bay, but then who should saunter up the road but the murderous mage himself. He walked about the facade of her house for several turns, and when it was clear she had no interest in inviting him in, he continued up the road and presumably found poor Tarrant.

    What can we make of this? Certainly our nemisis has decided to learn more of Yew than simply the town proper. That he now explores the woods, taunting and killing individuals instead of the massed defenders, no doubt shows some change in his tactics or merely a deepening of his plot.

    If nothing else, let those of us who live outside the town, not take our deep forest anonymity for granted. Watch the bushes, my the bushes.

    Dove the Healer of Yew

    Lady Dove is the organizer of the Community Center and is known for her humanitarian deeds.

    Keeonean had previously to this mainly been seen only near the Abbey. This had helped defense because Yew is very spread out and being able ot concentrate forces in the one area was one of the few assets we had. The fact that he has been spotted in the outlying areas, outside of Yew City Limits proper, is bad news indeed. the bushes.

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 9:57 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    First Britannian mage conference announced
    It is with great pleasure we are able to announce the first Britannian mages' conference:

    The City Council of Moonglow is happy to announce the first Britannia mage conference, to be held February 27 at 20:00cet, 7pm GMT, in the Lycaeum of Moonglow.

    This conference will bring together the mages and scholars from around the land to discuss todays topics of magery.

    The intention of the conference is to exchange and increase knowledge, thus all interested beings are invited, independent of race or alignment.

    Planned events on the conference include:

    • A come-together party.
    • Talks followed by plenary discussion.
    • A moderated debate.
    • A "best talk award" elected by the audience.

    Detailed information about the conference events and how to hold a talk there can be found on the "project" site of the Moonglow city skypage.

    IMPORTANT: The conference can only take place if enough talks are presented, so if you have been researching on magery recently, please contact the city council as soon as possible.

    Best wishes,
    Mayor of Moonglow

    Thank you Yoldran, for writing and for all your work on behalf of the people of Moonglow.

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 9:55 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Mistaken mourning on eve of destruction
    Silverblade has conducted research into some of the people who appear to be responsible for the carnage in Sosaria:

    Hail to all defenders of Britannia. Many have asked me these last many days who all these new faces are!

    Well my knowledge only goes as far as Marabelle and Minax. Minax is the woman that the evil army calls their mistress, she is known as Dark mistress Minax, she was once a apprentice of the great and evil magician Mondain, after his death she began to work her old master's spells of great power, she is said to be even more powerful than he was!. By her side she carries the magic blue staff known as The Staff Of Mondain (said to be a very powerful weapon).

    Marabelle is an apprentice of Mistress Minax, and she also is a force of magic to fear, her reasons for helping the dark mistress have been told to be many. My own idea on the matter of Marabelle´s involvement is the story I find most likely, it is said that the love of Marabelle a man called Tybal was killed somehow, and she blames the city of Britain for his death (perhaps why she is the leader of the attacks on Britain).

    It is here that this mysterious woman Joye (Joye The Librarian, some say her name is), it is said that she is the key to some part of the plan, or perhaps the key to stop them!. One story that I have heard that sounds interesting is the one of her knowing something about this love of Marabelle, Tybal, for it is said that he is not dead but still lives in the world of Britannia.

    The woman Joye must be found if any of this is true, my own search for her has taken me to Yew where a town crier said she would be, but I was too late. Another in Moonglow, but yet again I was too late. For the sake of our great land and the virtues that we live by (some of us anyway), help my search to find this woman.

    Skara Brae Rangers.

    Can these tales be true? If so, this woman Joye may indeed be important. Tybal still lives?

    Thank you for writing Silverblade, and do send my regards to Parsley.

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 9:48 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Citizens of Vesper organise defence
    Citizens of Vesper are determined their town shall not go the way of Trinsic, and are seeking your aid:

    Last night I was disturbed from drawing up the wedding plans of two very dear friends, Dshake and Synthia, by a young fledgling squire crying at the top of his lungs that Vesper was under attack by a massive invasion of Trolls led by the Golden Troll who's name I will not even attempt to pronounce.

    On hurrying to Vesper, I found the bank under siege by literally hundreds of Trolls who seemed to be bent on the destruction of anyone who entered the bank. A terrific battle ensued and the day eventually belonged to Vesper but the casualty list was horrific.

    The Troll fled the might of the Defenders of Vesper to the ice house north west of the bank where he barricaded himself in. Vesper belongs to us, for now, but the Troll's cry was "Vesper is mine, when will you get it through your thick heads". This leads me to believe he is not finished with the people of the town . . .

    Lady Vana is coordinating our efforts from the Pot Shop on the West side of Vesper where a network of communication crystals has been set up to provide quick warning of future attacks. We need those who are prepared to stand in honour and for the people of Vesper.

    One last word of warning, to the looters, fie! For Shame! If you are seen looting the bodies, then be aware, the Defenders of Vesper will take it from your hide because you are not fit to stand in Vesper or in any other town of Britannia. Yet.... where is Lord British? Still hiding in his castle for his guards and soldiers do nothing while people die...

    Vesper needs you warriors, help us keep Vesper free, do not let what happened in Trinsic happen here.

    I wish thee well

    Lady Jennifer
    Master Warrior of OR

    I sincerely hope Vesper can be saved . . .
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 9:31 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Cookie Chef's Bakery Contest
    This was found on the Calendar of Events page on the UO home page.

    On Feb. 20th I will be holding the first every Cookie Chefs' Bakery Contest...Anybody and everybody can join!

    Sponsor: AdrocK, Guildmaster Cookie Chef Clan
    Location: Cookie Factory
    Start Date: Feb 20 2000 10:00PM EST
    End Date: Feb 20 2000 12:00PM EST

    For more info please email me or icq 5476505 me if you need a gate to the contest, now I will stop giving gates at 9:55pm EST time so I can prepare for the contest. All sorts of contest will be held, Who can bake the most cookies in a 5 min. time, eating contest etc. I would suggest bringing your own flour and any other mixes you need for my supplies are limited...But i will be stocking up! The First contest will start at 10:05pm and will consist of the Cookie Bake off...I will also have prizes for the winners of the contest

    Here is the screenshots

    Map to the Factory

    Pic of Factory


    Good Luck, AdrocK!
    PS. Chocolate Chip is my favorite--Save me some, hehe!
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 9:29 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Lover of Mondain sighted
    I received this worrying news:

    Yesterday evening the Custodes Fati left for the towns of Trinsic and Yew to gather information about the current situation there, and of course to battle the evil forces wherever they would show themselves. It was nay long, that I received a message from Trinsic, telling of a Dread Lady appearing at the southern bank. Of course, I immediately set aside my paperwork and left for Trinsic to have a look at this mysterious woman.

    As I arrived at the bank I saw a woman, sinister looking, wielding a blue glowing staff radiating powerful magic. I heard people whispering to each other "This is the Dread Lady Minax", and another said "By the virtues, she wields the Staff of Mondain!". I was still gaping in awe at that beautiful, yet evil looking woman, as all of a sudden she disappeared without a trace.

    Dread Lady Minax, Grandmaster Alchemist

    Is Minax the power behind the attacks on Britannia's cities? What are her goals? Revenge? As some think, she was the lover of Mondain, a sorceress with powers greater than Mondain's and wielding the power to command legions of the very dead!

    Pad O'Lion
    Imperator Superior
    Custodes Fati

    Thank you Pad.
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 9:25 PM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    A Call to Aid Trinsic
    We received these two notices on aiding Trinsic:

    Rencall, several others and I began a search for the missing librarian Joyce and have serched one of the Valor Isles and half of Ocllo. Please help us in this search, look in remote areas near Trinsic. Joyce is said to hold the key to Juo'nar's defeat, and we must find her before he does!

    More information on Joyce can be found in the characters section of The Catskills Inquisitor.

    Secondly he writes:

    It has come to my attention that in Trinsic the situation is steadily getting worse, thus I am planning an attack on it to liberate it from it's current government, i.e. Chaos guilds, PKers, thieves, and looters. I have also noticed in scouting runs through out the city on earlier occasions that the undead spawn in small, but powerful groups of five. This is the basic group I have seen:

    1 Lich Lord
    2 Skeletal Knights
    2 Mummies

    Thus we should band together and attack them in medium sized, disciplined groups. Thus I am asking any guilds out there to find Rencall, or Lady Silly Kyra so that you can get a rune to our gathering camp and recall there. Then we will attack. This attack will commence on Friday, and we will continue a campaign throughout the city until it is liberated. The campaign begins on Friday, February 18, at 5 PM EST. Anyone who wishes to participate follow the instructions above to get a rune and recall on it at the time said above. Please come FULLY prepared with 40 of each reagent OR if your not a mage 100 or more bandages, a weapon preferably silver, GM crafted or magic suit of armor for yourself OR meditation suit if your a mage. Thank you.

    May Hope be our shield, and The Virtues be our Sword,
    Milanus Sargon, Guildmaster, The Order of the Diamond Dragon

    Good luck.
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 9:05 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    New Drachenfels Spotlight
    Bel d'Ajoor, our new Drachenfels News Reporter, has written a Spotlight on the Horseriding Championship Series that has been occuring over the last several weeks.

    To read it, go to the Drachenfels Shard News section of UOSS (if you arent there already), and click on "Spotlight On..." on the left side menu.

    This is the first of what I hope will be many Drachenfels Spotlights. If you have any suggestions for other Spotlights, send them to us at [email protected] (be sure to put "Drachenfels Spotlight" in the Subject line).

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 7:35 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

    Crafting Discussion Meeting this Saturday!
    A reminder from that Korin guy....


    I would like to remind everyone that there our bi-monthly Crafting Discussion meeting will be held at the Councelor's Guildhall in Britain. The meeting is set for this Saturday the 19th of February at 8:00pm EST. I invite everyone to come out and discuss the crafting skills with us. Bring your ideas and suggestions as I will compile a report after the meeting and send it to the "gods" for their review. Also feel free to use our Crafting Skills message board on the Haven site ( to discuss ideas between meetings.

    Afterwards anyone interested can come to Haven with me and have a few drinks at the Mystic Lake Tavern. I look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions. See you there!

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 4:08 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    PvP Tournament in Rivendell hosted by KrU
    Killers "r" Us is sponsoring a Two on Two tournament in Rivendell tomorrow night. Here are the particulars:

    On Friday, February 18, there will be a 2 vs 2 Pvp Tourney held in the player ran town of Rivendell. This tourney will be hosted by KrU. All are encouraged to come and join in the fun. Either come and watch, or come and join in the tourney.

    Registration for the event will begin at 6:30 PM CST in the Town Hall and the tourney will begin at approximately 7:30 PM CST. There will be members of KrU on hand if you should need assistance.

    There will be a 4k entry fee per team. There will be a prize rewarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams.

    Rules of Combat:

  • No poisoning of any kind will be allowed (magic or otherwise).
  • No magic items of any kind will be allowed.
  • The magic spells Energy Vortex, Blade Spirit, and any other area effect spells will not be allowed.
  • If there is no winner after 10 minutes you will be limited to 3 Greater Heal Potions per person.
  • There will be a winner once both members from a team have been defeated or both members from a team concede.
  • Once in the arena you will be disqualified if you leave for any reason and your entry fee will be forfeited.
  • If you fail to follow the rules specified you will be disqualified and your entry fee will be forfeited.
  • Thank you, and we hope to see you there.

    Blackthornes and Heather

    Thanks, Blackthrones and Heather! Good luck with the event.

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 3:16 PM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Fox hunt being sponsored by Kings of Justice
    Flick Meridian sent this announcement:

    Come to the Kings of Justice Fox Hunt!

    Tired of events and tournaments you cannot be part of because your character isn’t quite strong enough? Well, come to the Kings of Justice Fox Hunt where all characters experienced and novice can compete.

    What is a fox hunt? Simple: one of my guild brothers (a permanent thief, so you don’t have to worry about turning gray,) will be dressed in a red robe and that is all. You become the hunters, first one to bring back the book he has in his pack with a secret word in it wins the GRAND PRIZE.

    Since the Fox will have no armor, regs or weapons even the newest characters can compete in this. This event will take place on Occlo island to limit the range the fox has to run. Registration will take place inside the Occlo bank at Saturday, Feb 20, 6:00 pm (EST) and continue until a winner is declared or time limit expires at 9:30 pm (EST).

    Thanks, Flick!

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 2:47 PM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Interview - Insights to the Adventurers in Trinsic I
    Greetings Fellow Adventurers!  Vladimir Taltos here with a different perspective on the siege of Trinsic.  These interviews were done so that everyone of Britannia may have some feel as to what others have experienced since Trinsic's downfall.  Those interviewed came from various backgrounds and adventure Britannia for various reasons and their current knowledge and statements of Juo'nar and the happenings throughout the lands may not totally agree.  Col Klink was found fighting the undead in Trinsic, Roirraw was interviewed by the bank of Ocllo, while Daemonbait and Pricce were interviewed in Moonglow.  Any and all gramatical errors made during the interviews were not corrected since it was due to the different dialects from around the world from which these adventurers may have come from.

    Vladimir Taltos: Hail and well met, Col Klink
    Col Klink: hello
    VT: Do ye have a few minutes?
    CK: Sure
    VT: I was just wondering what you thought about these attacks?
    CK: Well if your an exprience player they are alot of fun, but for new people they can be a pain in the butt, not very safe to work on skills in town anymore.
    VT: *smiles*
    VT: What do you make of all these looters and thieves running about?
    CK: They have there place just not where I at :-P   I don't care if people loot kills just give the person that made the kill a chance.
    VT: *smirks*
    VT: What do you think Juo'nars next move is going to be?
    CK: Hmm good question if he was smart he would try for moonglow alot of traffic there
    VT: Ah...  And what about the looters of those who die in combat?  How do you fair them
    CK: oh looting from player oh no that I don't like
    VT: *clears throat*
    VT: Not many do
    CK: I know how I feel when I die that is something that reallly ticks me off
    You see: Juo'nar
    You see: Juo'nar
    VT: Why do you feel Moonglow would be a good target?  Do you know Juo'nar is from Ocllo?
    VT: Juonar!  He is here!  I must of said his name too many times
    CK: It just seems if he was smart he would cut off the major supply routes, I am an ex-military man.
    VT: Aye...  Well, I thank ye for thy time...
    VT: Do ye have anything to add to this lil interview?
    CK: no not really
    VT: Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.
    CK: thank you for the honor
    You see: Juo'nar
    Nastassia: Hear ye! Hear ye!
    Nastassia: The guards cannot guarantee your safety!
    You see: Juo'nar
    Juo'nar: Kal Vas Flam
    Juo'nar: An Ex Por
    Vladimir Taltos: Juo'nar, I am a reporter with UO Stratics, may I please interview thee?!
    (I tried to get an interview with Juo'nar, but he wasn't much in the mood to talk.)
    Vladimir Taltos: You have hidden yourself well.
    Vladimir Taltos: What do ye think about Juo'nar?
    Roirraw: I heard about his background
    VT: Have ye been to Trinsic?
    Roirraw: Yeah, terrible
    VT: Quite terrible... Have ye helped defend the city?
    Roirraw: yes but very unorganized
    VT: Aye, the defenders are ... of sorts unlike Juo'nar and his minions
    Roirraw: looters...
    VT: Yes, what do you think of the looters?
    Roirraw: we are too selfish that's why
    VT: A good view point, indeed
    Roirraw: they are called looters of course they loot....
    VT: Do ye deter them?
    Roirraw: not really
    VT: They seemed more organized than the defenders, wouldnt you agree?
    Roirraw: we need the looters to be more realistic, they are smarter I would say, but they don't help defend the city
    VT: *smile*
    VT: What do you think Juo'nars next move will be?
    Roirraw: Ocllo I would suppose... Are we going to organized a big reseige campaign?
    VT: From what I have read, yes...
    Roirraw: he has origin in ocllo
    VT: That is a possibilty...  because of that, yes unless he is stopped
    Roirraw: just dunno why he is with Mistress
    VT: Now thats a good question, indeed.  Do ye think he can be stopped?
    Roirraw: Yes...with black mace, do you think legend of black mace is true?
    VT: Yes... but as to its where abouts... that is only something some one with with great faith will be able to uncover...  The Great I Am, providing
    Roirraw: Agreed...  Nice meeting you in person sir
    VT: Before you go, any other observations you have noticed in Trinsic?
    Roirraw: Yes, death cloud and shadow knight, are they real?
    VT: They are very real...  I watched a Shadow Knight kill three defenders... within 15 seconds
    Roirraw: Damn, I think they will be destroyed if juonar is killed?
    VT: Aye, that they will...  I hope...
    Roirraw: farewell sir and God Speed
    VT: Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.
    Vladimir Taltos: Pricce, have ye been to Trinsic?
    Daemonbait: Silly to go there now.
    Pricce: not since it fell
    VT: Have ye been there, Daemonbait?
    DB: Aye, I was there when it fell.
    VT: Oh?
    Pricce: i have been down road to it
    VT: What was it like, that night?
    Pricce: it was bad
    DB: The blue robes themselves were out detecting hidden people.
    VT: Oh?  I doubt that...
    DB: There was nothing anyone could do.
    Pricce: cloud of death killed me 3 times
    DB: At once point there were over 80 creatures on my screen.
    VT: Did ye get killed?
    DB: Of course. Everyone did.  No one survived.
    VT: Have ye been back since?
    DB: Never.
    Pricce: i have friend there now
    VT: What do ye think Juo'nars next move will be?
    Pricce: let us die at transic
    DB: Perhaps Yew.  Trinsic will be leveled though.
    VT: Did ye know that Juonar was from Ocllo?
    Pricce: no
    (Both Pricce and Daemonbait left at this point)
    VT: Aye... Well...  Thanks for thy time...  Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 1:57 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Interview - Insights to Adventurers in Trinsic II
    Greetings Fellow Adventurers!  Vladimir Taltos here with a different perspective on the siege of Trinsic.  These interviews were done so that everyone of Britannia may have some feel as to what others have experienced since Trinsic's downfall.  Those interviewed came from various backgrounds and adventure Britannia for various reasons and their current knowledge and statements of Juo'nar and the happenings throughout the lands may not totally agree.  Miktar was found in the streets of Moonglow while Ahiriman, ThunderWalker, and Mrs.LEAD were witnessed fighting the undead in Trinsic and later caught up with by the Moonglow bank.  Any and all gramatical errors made during the interviews were not corrected since it was due to the different dialects from around the world from which these adventurers may have come from.

    Vladimir Taltos: Miktar... have ye been to Trinsic lately?
    Miktar: not today, but was therre yesterday
    VT: But since the fall?  Ah, good...
    Miktar: oh yea, several times since fall
    VT: Do you think Juonar is building in strength?
    Miktar: no, seems to be about same
    VT: Why is that?
    Miktar: not sure
    VT: I see
    Miktar: let me tell ya, though, he causes some damage
    VT: Do you have any ideas what Juo'nar may do next?
    Miktar: ...and don't use silver against him
    VT: Why is that?
    Miktar: he sucks the silver out of weapons
    VT: Oh...
    Miktar: I had a friend that had a silver katana of vanquishing and tried to attack him
    VT: Thats something new to me, a silver weapon losing its power against undead...
    Miktar: it is no longer silver
    VT: Unfortunate but interesting
    Miktar: he looks like a green lich
    VT: Aye, I have seen him in Trinny...  What do you make of all the looters in Trinny?
    Miktar: a bunch of lazy asses that are tired of looting at Terathens
    VT: *smirks*
    Miktar: so they go to the new "HOT" spot and body loot there, but have seen several die though 'cause of the shadow knights seem to target them
    VT: Oh?  Right, they are nasty
    Miktar: hehe
    VT: *grins*
    VT: How much longer do you think this siege will last?
    Miktar: don't know, the attacks on cities has been going on for almost a month and now the siege has been about a week
    VT: Aye
    Miktar: I have a feeling it is going to a very large and long quest
    VT: Do you think the defenders will be able to get organized enough to defeat Juonar?
    Miktar: No
    VT: And why is that?
    Miktar: I saw him get down 1/3 hit points and Jounar recalled, then healed and came back and whooped the shit out of us
    VT: I see...
    Miktar: i think we will need something special in order to kill him
    VT: Are you sure it is not also the selfishness of the people that is what is hindering his destruction?
    Miktar: hmmmm, intersting thought, not sure
    VT: The adventurers of this land can be quite petty and cruel, no?
    Miktar: ...all of Britannia needs to try and find something to break the spells that are over the cities which keep the guards from attacking.  Lord British promises his citizens that he will do everything in his power to help
    VT: Do ye think that we may need to exercise faith to help break the spell?
    Miktar: I think it will be everyong just continuing to try
    VT: People no longer believe in the Great I Am, do ye beileve in him?
    Miktar: "Great I am"?
    VT: Aye... the Lord Omnipotent, the creator of all things
    Miktar: in the game?
    VT: Aye...
    Miktar: u are a reporter for Stratics?
    VT: Aye, that I am
    Miktar: I figured you would be the one to ask these questions... hehe
    VT: Any last comments on all this excitment with the seige and all?
    Miktar: Being a reporter I thought you'd know the latest scoop
    VT: That's why I am asking these questions...  Anything that you have noticed?
    Miktar: just that it has added some excitement.  my safe mining town of Delucial now is not safe with Ophidians spawning there
    VT: Aye...
    Miktar: I did notice one thing
    VT: What is that?
    Miktar: the only cities affected are on the main continent
    VT: True...  Except Delucia...  Any thoughts as to why?
    Miktar: none at all, but makes me wonder
    VT: *smirk*
    Miktar: if there isn't something t be found on the main continent, like something that is a source
    VT: Mayhaps, the Chaos Shrine...
    Miktar: that could be possible
    VT: I enjoyed this conversation of ours...
    Miktar: aye
    VT: I dont want to hold thee up any longer
    Miktar: np
    VT: Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.
    Miktar: :)
    Vladimir Taltos: Mind if I ask you three some questions about the Siege?
    Ahiriman: sure
    ThunderWalker: Trinsic?
    Vladimir Taltos: Aye
    ThunderWalker: fire away
    Vladimir Taltos: What do you think about the siege so far?
    ThunderWalker: well personally I would have like to have seen the adventurers have more control over the outcome not have it be pre ordained that we lose
    Ahiriman: Tough at times
    Vladimir Taltos: I see...understandable
    ThunderWalker: but, I accept it and now try to clear the streets
    Vladimir Taltos: Do ye think Juonar is getting more powerful?
    Mrs.LEAD: i fought him today
    Vladimir Taltos: Oh, how did ye fair, milady?
    ThunderWalker: I havent actually seen him in about 3 days
    Mrs.LEAD: you can barley even hurt him and moves faster than running horse
    Vladimir Taltos: Aye, I have seen him do that
    ThunderWalker: I have a personal grudge I need to settle with him
    Mrs.LEAD: althou i seen him fail casting 8 circle spells
    Vladimir Taltos: Oh really?
    Mrs.LEAD: yep
    Mrs.LEAD: he could be jacked by 8 fighters and mages to heal them
    Ahiriman: or was that a weapon failing, LEAD?
    Vladimir Taltos: Interesting... What do you think about all the looters?
    Ahiriman: they need to die, it is killing the unity of the lands
    Vladimir Taltos: Hmmm
    ThunderWalker: well, they are the scum of Britannia.  I can tolerate murderers here and there, but looters must go
    Vladimir Taltos: Agreed...  Looters are a pain
    Mrs.LEAD: looters suck! if they help with the kill fine, but they dont even help
    Ahiriman: I have not gone to tera(thans) in a month because of that crap
    ThunderWalker: I think that the Trinsic siege brought out the best in alot of people and the worst in the rest.
    Ahiriman: aye
    ThunderWalker: bad people are bad no matter what and this siege gives them the chance for easy pickins
    Vladimir Taltos: Do ye think the defenders will ever get organized enough to defeat Juonar?
    Ahiriman: I hope
    ThunderWalker: not until thre is some form of tactical warfare... archers on the walls with mages, warriors in the front of the battle with healers...
    Mrs.LEAD: a large guild fighting only Juo'nar could have a chance
    Vladimir Taltos: Aye... but He will always summon his death hordes...
    Mrs.LEAD: well gnight all
    Vladimir Taltos: Thanks for thy time Milady
    Vladimir Taltos: What do you think Juonars next move will be if not stopped at Trinny?
    Ahiriman: Yew, I hear, Maybe Vesper
    Vladimir Taltos: Did ye know that he is from Ocllo?
    Ahiriman: Really?
    ThunderWalker: yes
    Vladimir Taltos: Aye
    Ahiriman: I thought it was tins...  im from ocllo
    ThunderWalker: I have heard that
    Vladimir Taltos: Nay, he was put to death in Trinny
    ThunderWalker: He went to Trinsic to become a paladin... I think...
    Ahiriman: not much happenin in ocllo
    Vladimir Taltos: Well...  Have ye noticed anything strange about the attacks?
    Ahiriman: In Tris, unstopable monsters...
    Vladimir Taltos: Aye
    ThunderWalker: I have not been able to be at most of the major assaults
    Vladimir Taltos: I see
    ThunderWalker: I know that magic does nothing to him whatsoever, he almost absorbs it
    Ahiriman: I see most thriugh ghost eyes
    Vladimir Taltos: So, are you going to the siege for the profit or to help the town?
    Ahiriman: A bit of both, the loot is hard to keep though
    ThunderWalker: To tell the truth... I would like to make a name for myself, I have no need of gold or possessions I have more than enough...  I want to go down in history...  I want to defeat Juo'nar...  And Minax!
    Ahiriman: lol
    Vladimir Taltos: Do ye think that the people of this land are too selfish and self serving to defeat Juonar?
    Ahiriman: Aye
    ThunderWalker: yes, that is an understatement
    Vladimir Taltos: Do ye beleive in the Great I Am, creator of all things?
    Ahiriman: Not familar
    ThunderWalker: well, I got here somehow didnt I?
    Vladimir Taltos: Aye
    ThunderWalker: *smiles*
    Vladimir Taltos: *grins*
    Vladimir Taltos: Do ye think He is letting these plauges infest the lands to humble the people?
    ThunderWalker: could be, but I would doubt that unless there was an influence that we dont see
    Vladimir Taltos: Understandable...  There are many things in this world we do not understand
    ThunderWalker: To tell the truth though, I would, for the most part we need to be taught a lesson
    Vladimir Taltos: I couldnt agree more, we have brought this upon ourselves, I feel
    ThunderWalker: yes, we have, and now we reap what we have sown... to quote an OLD book
    Ahiriman: Like why they give you 12 hotdogs and 8 buns?
    (A failed joke, which none of us really find funny nor are able to muster up the laughter due to current circumstance)
    Ahiriman: sorry, seriously we have pushed things to the limit
    Vladimir Taltos: Np, any last comments before I stop taking thy time up, gentlemen?
    ThunderWalker: I just wish that for once in the history of this land that we could come togehter and work as one instead of trying to accumulate wealth...
    Ahiriman: Aye
    Vladimir Taltos: Mayhaps, that will happen yet...
    ThunderWalker: from those that give what they have freely to defend the virtues for what we ALL should stand for...  Sickens me to no end what I see now...
    Vladimir Taltos: Agreed...
    Ahiriman: Hard to do though when there is no trust of one another
    ThunderWalker: aye
    Vladimir Taltos: And so many dishonest people...
    Ahiriman: Aye
    ThunderWalker: Well, quite honestly being dishonest is very easy in our world...  to be true to all that is good is VERY hard
    Ahiriman: Aye
    ThunderWalker: we are at a disadvantage
    Vladimir Taltos: I thank thee gentlemen... for thy time and patience...  Aye to that... Thunder, aye...
    ThunderWalker: thank you sir
    Vladimir Taltos: Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.
    ThunderWalker: good day to thee... be safe!
    Ahiriman: Good Night all
    Vladimir Taltos: May Juo'nar taste defeat
    ThunderWalker: now I must rest, amen to that Vladimir... amen...

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 1:52 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Past history on Lady Joye
    We have found the following:
    As usual I arrived late to Ceridwens office hours. I ran as fast as I could from the East Britain Bank. I heard them before I saw them. Hissing and chattering. Malabelle's forces were once again out. As I neared the steps of the main West Britain Library my heart stopped. Masses of lizardmen and ratmen and gazers were attacking the library!!

    After fighting off several monsters I was able to make it inside the library just in time for another wave of the monsters to hit us. This time I was able to stand back and heal the warriors and cast offensive spells at the monsters.

    Inside was a frightened librarian named Joye. She manages the library when Ceridwen is unable to. She ran upstairs to write a quick note while we finished off the last of the attackers. After making sure everyone was ok downstairs I went up to check on Joye. My heart went out to her. She was so frightened she was shaking. She said they were coming after her. Justin and I asked her what she meant. She told us she found something that Minax, the Dark Mistress, wanted her dead for. Upon further questioning she said she found a strange looking crystal ball. It had an enchantment on it. The crystal ball held a message to Malabelle from her love, Tyball. *side note* Malabelle, a very talented mage, thinks he is dead. Her heart broken, Minax saw her as easy prey and took Malabelle in as an apprentice.

    The message said he was being held prisoner by Minax but still alive!!! Joye hid the crystal ball in Britain to keep it safe knowing she would be hunted as soon as Minax found out she had proof of Tyball's capture. She was going to take us to it when a third wave of monsters hit us. I asked her to hide in an alcove while the others again took up their defensive postions. Something was different this time though. These monsters were after Joye. Somehow they had gained access into the library and were going for Joye!! I made a gate for her at the same time she recalled out to safety.

    It is of the utmost importance we find Joye. I am very concerned for her safety. She also has the proof that may turn the tide in this war waged by the Dark Mistress. Something that might bring Malabelle back to the light. If anyone has information on both the locations of Joye and Malabelle please help by leaving the information here. Also, I can be found at the YMCA most of the time. It's the public tower across the road from the Yew Cemetary. If I am not there someone usually is who can contact me. Information is going to be our biggest ally in defeating the Dark Mistress.

    A message board is being set up for anyone who might have information regarding any aspect of this war. The address is listed on the top of this board. Every clue, no matter how big or small you think it might be can only help us fight off this evil.

    Elise, Lady of the Healer, AoL

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 10:33 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Hunt for Azriel

    I was sent this by Azriel:
      On Saturday night 9pm central time, The Lords of Shadow will be hosting a hunt. There will be a 5k entry fee, which will be collected inside of Moonglow bank from 8pm central until 8:50pm. The quarry for this hunt will be Azriel, God of Darkness, LoS. The winner is the participant who brings back his head. Azriel will be hunting in an unspecified dungeon from 9pm until 10pm. He will not hide, nor will he remain in a secluded corner. No murder count will be given to any participant who kills or attempts to kill the quarry, anyone else will be turned in for murder. All loot on the quarry, including that taken from failed hunters and either a vanquiching weapon or colored sandals, is the property of the winner.


      Azriel, God of Darkness, Lords of Shadow
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 10:28 AM EST by Rasesar Wej (GreatLakes)

    Woman named Joye sought
    We received the following from Sonoma Quest News:
    It seems that there is a woman in hiding in Britain who may hold vital information regarding the attacks on Trinsic and the armies of The Dark Mistress Minax.

    Our reporters have posted a thier notes from last eves war council describing why this woman is so sought after..

    Please stop by Sonoma Quest News for the full account.

    Through knowledge we shall gain strength.


    Sonoma Quest News
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 10:09 AM EST by Ima Supa (Sonoma)

    Bodi Darhma's Journey - Guild/Companion Program
    The following was just posted to the Volunteer Relations section of Comment from the Team:

    Bodi Darhma's Journey

    Standing on a hill, overlooking a forested valley, Bodi Darhma straightened his cloak...

    He had been walking for several hours. He enjoyed walking and did not rely upon his powers to transport him throughout the realm. Walking allowed him time to think, and he enjoyed meeting his fellow travelers. But this day, he was on a mission. This was no pleasure walk, and he had a purpose to his stride.

    Walking amongst the trees, he bobbed in and out of the thicket, making sure to avoid what monsters he might cross. Though impervious to their attacks, he thought it best not to even disturb the beasts.

    Bodi was searching for the guild house of a well-known and highly reputable guild. He was to meet with the Guild Master, for they had spoken before and Bodi was expected. Noticing that the sun was starting to set, Bodi picked up his pace. Dodging and ducking the limbs of trees, his cloak became entangled in the briar, stopping him dead in his tracks. Freeing his cloak, he continued his run. The sun made it’s descent on the horizon as Bodi saw the Guild house in the distance. He had made it. But would the Guild Master grant him audience? Most of Bodi’s kind were always well received, but this was one of the largest guilds and the Guild Master was a very busy man.

    Nonetheless, Bodi pressed on. As he approached the guild house, Bodi could hear the muffled sound of voices and of weapons being unsheathed. Slowly and cautiously the door opened. The man who opened the door, relaxed as he realized who it was. He too had met Bodi, and was in fact the one to introduce Bodi to the Guild Master.

    Smiling, he opened the door and allowed entrance. Bodi entered and lowered his hood. The place was immaculate. Stained wood furniture and plush cushions lined the main hall. The entire house had a warm feeling, and Bodi took the seat he was offered. The clanging sound of plate mail drifted down from a nearby stairwell, and Bodi rose to shake hands with one of the most prominent Guild Masters on the shard. Cordially, he offered to show Bodi around his fine home and motioned toward the stairs. The two of them climbed the stairs until they reached the top.

    It was a beautiful night - the stars shone and a calm, warm breeze blew. The Guild Master offered Bodi a chair. The top of the tower was adorned with training dummies and other training stations as the guild was one that specialized in helping new citizens find their start in Britannia. They took the young and inexperienced and guided them in the ways of the world, outfitting them with armor and weapons far superior to those they carried. This action pleased Bodi, as he and his group of Companions had taken on this very task. They too met and instructed young Britannians in the ways of the world.

    Bodi posed a question of the Guild Master. Would he and his brethren join the Companions and help them on their mutual task? Both the guild and Companions were interested in helping the new citizens; both wanted to see them trained properly and taught the virtues. The Guild Master offered himself and his fellow guild mates to the cause. They too would join the companions under this common goal: to instruct the new adventurers in the ways of the world.

    Pleased with this meeting, Bodi decided to offer this partnership to other guilds as well. If he could convince them to join his group of Companions, then perhaps they could get the word out faster, and more new citizens would be properly trained and introduced to Britannian society. Bodi felt that training the young in the proper ways of the world would make them more likely to be part of the community.

    With this new task at hand, he spread the word to his most senior Companions. Go forth, find new guilds that want to join our cause, and train them in the ways of the Companion. With the aid of guilds, the Companions would be able to stretch their aid and wisdom to many areas not addressed before. And with their experience and familiarity with the world, the guild members would make excellent Companions. In hopes of both expanding the Companion corps and making the world a better place, Bodi invited all interested Guild Masters to contact him. Thanking the Guild Master, Bodi hopped over the edge of the tower and faded into the darkness as he dropped.

    Less than a week later, he received a flood of messages from guilds all over the world. Those who spoke in foreign tongues and English alike contacted him. The messengers came for days solid. Bodi sent his Senior Companions forth to the guilds, to train their members in the ways of the Companion, and the new Companion-oriented guilds were quickly out teaching the new adventurers in the lands. Bodi knew, however, that he had to have more help. So he sent a personal invitation to all guilds wanting to help, and asked them to contact him so that they too may join and help make the world of Britannia a better place.

    The UO Companion program is currently interested in recruiting UO guilds for group training as members of the Companion program. If your guild is interested in participating in this program, please have the Guild Master contact [email protected].

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 8:36 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Announcing the Command Staff to protect Sosaria & liberate Trinsic
    We have found the following:
    This is the initial list of the Command Staff. Please congratulate these people on their appointments. They will make fine leaders.

    Theatre Commanders:

    • General Sigel, Yew Task Force
    • General Justin Allard, Britain Task Force
    • General Strife Wisehorn, Vesper Task Force
    • Colonel Pander, Executive Officer, Vesper TF
    • General Faramir of Leeds, Trinsic Resistance Force

    Command Headquarters:

    • General Darkus, Special Forces Commander
    • Colonel Blackstaff, Advisor
    • Colonel Rage, Advisor, Field Reporter
    • Colonel Heather Rose, Adjutant

    More will be added later as the need arises. Please show them the respect and deference they deserve.

    Thank you.

    General Ibram Gaunt, =8=, Unified Army Commander

    Thanks, as you can see, I am apart of the situation. I pledge my life and time to help rid Sosaria of tyrany

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 8:08 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Character Search Added to MyUO
    The following was just posted to What's New on the Ultima Online website:

    Character Search Added to MyUO

    We are pleased to announce the addition of character searching to the UO Character Pages - our latest enhancement to The character search tool allows quick and easy access to the paperdolls of any character you've ever wanted to view!

    By using the "Search Characters" button located on the MyUO main page, users can view the paperdoll of any character that has been logged in during the past 30 days, on any shard. Character searching allows you to locate characters by name, or by partial first name, and does require that you know the shard the character is located on.

    MyUO accounts are free to all active Ultima Online subscribers. If you don't already have a MyUO account, you can create yours by clicking here.

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 7:03 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    New Ladies Fashions on Sale!
    We have found the following:
    Interested in being at the height of style at the next party? Come visit the Ironwood Ladies Society located in Ironwood, on the mainland farms just east of Skara Brea. Grandmaster created clothes availible in a varierty of sizes and colors for both Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Riven: Destiny*Ironwood, ILS

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 4:44 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    The portrait of lady Minax (edited)

    She is considerd dangerous and evil, yet to me she is bueatyful. People shall slay her at sight and ive her no mercy, yet to me, with 1 kiss I shall slay anyone who tries to slay her. Her sleak shadow armor and bueaty of her face can be fatal to those with weak heart. Men of Sosaria do not fall for this young bueaty. She is responsible for the fall of Trinsic, and all the deaths that acompanied it.

    Have no mercy.

    *************Note from Rage*********************

    sorry about the bad spelling... I had to go to the dentist and bad things happening to me on UO, which cursed my wrttings for the day. I am sorry if I have offended or annoyed anyone with my evil typos.

    My bad. Thank you.

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 4:40 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Unifying the people of Sonoma
    We have recieved the following:
    We stand upon the brink of war. Poised against us are the combined forces of Minax, the Dark Mistress, and those of her lieutenants. Many and powerful are these forces, yet not unstoppable. It is time to set aside differences, let old feuds end, and to fight united. The time for bitterness and rivalry has past. Leaders have been chosen, an army being made. Let us all untie and send the Dark Mistress back into the hell in which she spawned. Our time has come, our finest hour is upon us, and only in unity shall we triumph. Join in this crusade, this purging. Help the Unified Sosorian Army, and in doing so, help yourself.

    (The Army Needs men, supplies, guilds to assist, funds, and most of all information. To offer aide in any form [email protected] )

    Janos Antero

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 4:37 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Britain in danger from lizardmen army
    We have recieved the following:
    Last night (or rather, early this morning) Britian was hit by waves of Lizardmen and Ratmen. These were pushed back as fast as they came in...that was until the giant serpents and scorpions arrived. I was buying a horse from a tamer, selling it for cheaply I might add, when many many giant serpents rushed in, they kill one of her horse til she pulled a moongate and left with them. But that's not the point. The citizens of Brit tried to quell the masses of serpents, to no avail. It took over an hour to even lower the numbers of these creatures, meanwhile gazers, lizardmen, and ratmen still came on.

    Just thought I'd tell you that Trinsic isn't the only town under siege by waves of creatures.


    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 4:33 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    "In Concept" PvP Changes Forum
    OK folks. I am against most of the PvP changes they are discussing unless they are altered in some manner or another. The best way for us to make the DEV team notice our ideas is to get together and record all of the likes and dislikes that we have. I have set up a webpage to allow us the opportunity to record ONLY well-thought out ideas, critical flaws in their concepts, and proposed changes of our own. I will be trimming up the messageboard so that it only keeps relevant information that could help the DEV team decide some things. We can continue to argue back and forth on this messageboard, but when you have a really strong idea that you'd like to save, goto the link below and record it. I hope to be able to develop a fair approximation of the players' consensus and invite the DEV team to come read the site. It should help us get our thought organized and it should help them to be able to read our ideas without wading through thousands of flames and off topic messages.

    "In Concept" PvP Changes Forum

    Adrian VanGorden

    Thanks, Adrian, I'm interested in seeing what you and others have to say.
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 3:59 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (CommunityNews)

    Joye found at last!
    The extensive two-week manhunt launched by citizens throughout the realm came to a disappointing conclusion Wednesday night. Sagan Adai of Trinsic sums up the details:

    Last night, elements of the Trinsic Loyal Guard were conducting partisan activities in the city when we encountered a man named Frazer, who is apparently the librarian for Trinsic. He was attempting to evacuate the collection of the Trinsic Library to Britain, a task that seemed a bit much for him.

    Naturally, we offered to help, and when he mentioned he knew Joye (the mysterious librarian in Britain that everyone is looking for) we practically bundled him out of Trinsic through Nystul's Gate, carrying his books for him. Clearly, there was not a moment to be lost!

    We arrived at the Britain Public Library near the Castle and were amazed to find Joye there. Hundreds of people across the Realm have been looking for this reclusive librarian mentioned so oddly by the Daemon Anmac Mallachtan.

    Soon a crowd gathered, but I was not in fear of Joye's safety, seeing as there were many of the Trinsic Guard there. We spoke with Joye for quite a while about books and such, but she steadfastly refused to address the subject of the Daemon or of the invasions plaguing our land. She seemed fearful of her own safety and not questioning by Sith and Wallis Gerard could bring any information out of her.

    As the conversation went on with no progress, I began to despair of anything useful coming of it. Here was a possible breakthrough in our hands, and Joye was stonewalling! Does she not realize the countless lives that are at risk? Does she not realize that she will not be safe in her library should Minax storm Britain?

    After quite a while, giving no useful information, Joye begged to be excused, pleading exhaustion. With a heavy heart, I returned to Trinsic to continue the struggle. Knowing that we are in all likelihood doomed, if our fate rests with a librarian so timid.

    Sagan Adai
    Chief of Defenses
    Trinsic Loyal Guard

    Thank you, Commander Adai, for your recollections.

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 3:56 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Valentine's Dance winners announced
    Asterius of Dennar's Grand Bazaar & Tavern fame, sent us the following:

    From the desk of Asterius:

    Results from Saturday's Valentine's Dance and Contest

    Hail All! The Valentine's Dance and Costume Contest held Saturday was a success! There was a great turnout; many of the well known citizenry attended, and there was even an appearance by the reclusive tinker Vincent, owner of Vincent's Gem outside Skara Brae. The winners are as follows:

  • 1st Place: watcher and Angel - 20,000 gold and a heart necklace each from Vincent.
  • 2nd Place: Xhiltar, Hades, and Wisper - 15,000 gold
  • 3rd Place: Eve and Lance Kalzas - 10,000 gold
  • Honorable Mentions of 5,000 gold each: Boogy Man and Fay, and Scarlett Arrow and Dragon of Arc

  • I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all those who gave thier time to help set up this event, it would never have gotten off the ground without you. A great time was had by all who wanted to have it, but it still disappoints and saddens me that some people, even though no one was turned away, had to come with the intention of ruining the party for everyone by stealing food and generally causing chaos. Again, our events are made for everyone to be able to participate, and all are welcome as long as they can behave themselves. Aside from that, it was a roaring success, and all should keep a look out for our next event. See you all soon!

    Asterius and the staff of DENNAR's Grand Bazaar and Tavern

    Thanks, Asterius, and congratulations to the winners!

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 3:39 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    A Sad Tale from Real-Life
    Hi folks,
    As many of you probably know by now, the daughter of Great Bob, a poster at Lum's, and author of various comics, is very close to death right now. This was posted over at Lum's...

    The nice thing about the internet is that it's a cheap form of therapy. Better still, the internet is a place where your therapy becomes a way to make opther peoples lives a little more unhappy. Deal with it.

    A home nurse has just left. My daughter has less than a week to live. Her little lungs are filled with fluid. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, but eventually she'll just stop breathing. Right now she's looking at me with her little eyes, nd her chest is struggling with each breath. My wife and I have done nothing but hold her since we found out. As we watch her die over the next few days, we'll be nothing but that. Family and friends will stop over and say goodbye to our little darling.

    That brings me to the reason I'm writing this. For the rest of my life I will be shaking my fist angrily at God wondering "why". Why would anyone as wonderfull as my daughter be brought into my life, only to be stolen from me after such a short time? Well, the shity fact is that I'll never have an answer to that. The best I can do is try and see that something, anything, good comes out of this.

    All of us shell out 10-30 dollars each month to play a game. Each month alone OSI makes more money than a years worth of funding for reasearch to find a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. There's nothing wrong with it. Playing a game is much more fun than giving money to sick kids. That's just a fact of life.

    Still, I want all of you, to do something today. Get out your checkbook. Write a check. Even if it's for no more money that what you pay monthly to play games, it still helps. Go to this site. Take that check and put it in the mail for this group. 75% of their money goes to fund research. It's all about the benjamins in the science game. I don't want any more families to go through what I've gone through. Just put, somewhere on the check, "In Memory of Claire Elizabeth Roland". If you know someone on the internet prompt them to do the same.

    I'm serious about this. Don't put it off. Please.

    In the meantime, if you have kids or just someone you love....give them a hug. Life is too damn short, and too damn unfair sometimes not to.

    As for me....well, perhaps I'll be back. Right now, writing about computer games, and drawing a comic just doesn't seem to matter that much.

    Great Bob

    Everyone here at Stratics extends their heart-felt sympathies for Great Bob and his family.
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 12:18 AM EST by Damarr (CommunityNews)

    Ultima Online article at VillageVoice

    VillageVoice has posted an article entitled "Bloody Ethics", dealing with the aspects of murder in UO.

    You can find the article here. Thanks to Aithne of Pacific for bringing this to our attention.

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 12:18 AM EST by Damarr (CommunityNews)

    Article on UO/UO2 Housing at
    We got this in earlier...


    At we have posted a new extensive article regarding one of the most important UO/UO2 topics - housing. In over 1200 words, this piece of writing analyzes how housing has evolved throughout UO and what aspects should be addressed before Ultima Online 2's release. Here's a snip:

    "The developers at Origin are in a lucky position; they are at the best stage in the development of a computer game. They have reached the time where key progress is being made in the game’s creation and they are hunting new concepts to improve on it predecessor’s success. They are free to let their imaginations run wild and create a superb, enthralling and atmospheric game for us all to enjoy. Because of this, let us hope that they are listening to us and taking on board some of the criticisms aimed at the current housing situation in UO."



    You can find the article here.
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 12:17 AM EST by Damarr (CommunityNews)

    New petition for Mac/Linux versions of UO
    We got this in the mail earlier...

    I would like to urge all Ultima Online players to check out our website hosted at Geocities. We are re-opening efforts to petition OSI for supported Linux and Macintosh clients. Although Macintosh and Linux communities may seem small at first glance, there are actually quite a number of people who could contribute greatly to the Ultima Online Universe.

    Please, take a second to at least scan it over at:

    We appreciate your support!

    -Lacey of Atlantic

    Thanks Lacey!
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 12:17 AM EST by Damarr (CommunityNews)

    Poetry: "The Fallen"
    We received this fine piece of poetry on the recent attacks in the mail...

    The Fallen...

    Oh I've seen the believers, all standing and daunt

    their muscles like bowstrings all twisted and taunt

    they stare at the gate, they gloom at the logs..

    They ponder the reason for the lack of the gods..

    For Trisnic has fallen, the lich hath done harm..

    the wizards cast away, and the Paladins run..

    The peasants they wander, immune to the taunts

    of the people among them whom wrestle the fraught

    of the dead and the wounded that lie in the beds

    of secret dry forces, of monsters, of dreads.

    The lich walks among them, his head is stuck high

    as he opens his maw, and speaks with a cry

    "You failed poor Britannia!"

    "You've failed your poor lord!"

    "This city is mine, you have all be forewarned!"

    "Now run to the castle and ponder but how"

    "the mistress Minax has acquired the now!"

    -Xarth, Poet of Chesapeake

    Thanks Xarth!
    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 12:17 AM EST by Damarr (CommunityNews)

    A Prayer for Trinsic's Fallen

    This announcement by High Priest Ra'Dian Fl'Gith of CAD (Cult of the Azure Dragon):

    Trinsic has fallen, and with it the honor and virtue that held its walls strong. Many o' us hae remained within the besieged city, working to keep the incursion from gaining any further strength. But it weakens. As much as I hate to say it, daily more and more criminal elements arrive to lay waste to the already barren city. We must gather our faith and work together to insure that Trinsic will survive to be someday freed of this evil which possesses it.

    To this end, this coming Bri'Vytec (Sunday, February 20th, 2000) at 8:00pm CST, please join us and assemble on Paladin Isle at the shrine to pray for the spirits of the fallen and for the city of Trinsic. I will host the prayer, and any who would like to speak at the ceremony will be allowed to do so. Let us gather and show our support and help each other grow stronger in faith that we may work to reclaim Trinsic and aid in the defense of the other cities of the realm!

    Gates will be provided to Paladin Isle from Yew's Empath Abbey, the East Bank in Britain, and the Bank of Vesper. Gates will begin at about 7:30pm CST, and will continue until 7:55pm CST at about 5 minute intervals.

    May the dragongods smile upon us all!

    This much is certain: Trinsic needs all the help it can get, supernatural or otherwise.

    Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2000, 12:13 AM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    Events Reminder
    The following Events are planned for the Weekend (see the corresponding posts below for more information) :
    • Mr Rogers will marry Red Cora on Friday, at 8pm CET (7pm GMT, 2pm EST). Gates available from 7.15pm at the western bank of Britain.
    • Meeting in Valendor to discuss the future of the Town on Saturday, at 9pm CET (8pm GMT, 3pm EST).
    • A Horse Race will take place in Serpent's Hold on Sunday, 5pm CET (4pm GMT, 11am EST).
    Please do not forget to send information about all the events you organize to [email protected] (be sure to indicate "Drachenfels News" in the Subject), as lots of people would LOVE attending to these.
    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 9:36 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Event Financing Proposal
    Benedict, Grand Bishop of the Church of Hysteresis (HYS) sent us the following announcement :
    Greetings !

    The Church of Hysteresis is proud to announce that the Grand Lottery was a success. Although there are still many prizes and tickets left, I can now begin to sponsor events, so if you are planning an event and need funds for this, feel free to contact me.

    In order to receive funding:

    1. The event must be public.
    2. The event must be announced on and/or
    3. There must be some kind of role-playing involved.
    4. I must receive an email describing the event and the need for money.
    5. The total amount of gold I have available at this time is 200,000gp, and the size of the funding for an event is based on the size of the event and its quality.
    I would like to thank all the generous people that have bought tickets, and that way made this possible. Do not forget that there are still many tickets left and that the odds for winning are better than ever! Please also note that once this lottery is over, a new one will probably be started.
    All the winners were and will be posted on the Church's website.

    May your dreams be full of fluffy sheep!

    Grand Bishop Benedict

    Thanks Benedict for this information.
    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 9:35 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Yew Calls for Help
    Ulrick Bowshaft sent us the following news report :
    Yew seems to have fallen to the grasp of orcs. The forest town is now far from being safe to the travelers anymore. Hordes of orcish lords, mages and warriors now roam about the city attacking everything in sight.
    Small cells of warriors still hold the bank and protect the healers, but the situation is desperate without immediate assistance. Empath Abey calls all skilled armsmen for help, which is now urgently needed, as the garrison is a small one, and the combat are fierce everywhere.

    Ulrick Bowshaft

    Yew defender.
    Thanks Ulrick for these frightening news.
    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 9:31 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    A Message for members of the Alliance!
    This just in from General Exedore........

    This Saturday the 19th of February at 6:00pm EST at the Shadowcove tower the Alliance will have a Commanders meeting. Then at 8:00pm EST the Main forces will assemble at Shadowcove for the Main Attack. Where and when exactly we will attack will be announced at the meeting. There is more information to be had on the Alliance website and message board.

    Alliance website

    Exedore of Arden
    Commanding General of Alliance Forces

    Sharpen your spears and swords! Join the Alliance and help defend Britannia from the Dark Mistress Minax. Let Trinsic be free!

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 4:55 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Suzy Tinkerer Enlightens All

    I play a GM fencer by the name of Suzy Tinkerer and this morning I was in Trinsic.  I arrived at the docks by way of a rune in a rune library and proceeded to the two entrances which were blocked off.  I then started to seek entrance by alternate means.  I succeeded and I'd like to share with you the way into the city and the enemy that I saw while in the fallen city of Trinsic.

    My tale begins at a rune vendor Southeast of Britain at 23.12'S by 9.54'E which is a public vendor house with a rune locked down on the floor titled "BUM Merchant Hall & Rune Library" upon going there (its at 164.58'S by 33.2'E) you go directly to the back room on the first floor and in that room are several runebooks locked down.

    One of them is titled "Interesting Places" and has "Trinsic Docks" as one of its entries.  I recalled there using the docks entry and proceeded directly southwest to the one story building near the city gate (which is blocked.)

    I stood at the doorway of that building (109.30'S by 49.21'E) then opened the door and quickly teleported to the rooftop.  I then walked west until I came to the town walls and teleported to the walkway on top of the wall.  From the walkway, I was able to walk along the wall that surrounds the entire city and watch the battle inside unmolested as the undead are way too stupid to climb stairs.  Several times along the wall are buildings which I suppose are guard posts that have stairs leading down into the city from the top of the wall.  I used one such stairway to get down into the city and find out the strength and makeup of the enemy.  Here is what I observed.

    There were a *lot* of players defending the town and doing great at it.  The majority of dead bodies were undead and grey players. Thieves are running amuck in the city as much as undead and without guards around swift justice is served by the defenders who catch them.

    The undead seem to spawn groups of 4 or 5.  There will be a lich lord, 2 bone/skeleton knights, a mummy and a bone/skeleton mage.  Sometimes it would have a lich too.  These groups would pop up all over the city at once but the defenders seemed to be holding their own.  I marked a rune for the east bank (which still is open for business) and was about to gate out when a thief came up and stole my black pearl.  Thankfully I remembered Nystul's moongate and hurried to it and the safety of Britain.  What a wild adventure!



    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 4:19 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Newly appointed Yew Mayor target of foul play

    Ill fortune has befallen the new Mayor of Yew. Mayor Mythra was recently slain by the Infamous Keeonean. Somehow Keeonean has trapped Mythra's spirit within his sword, preventing her return to the land of the living. The makeshift Yew government and the Yew Militia are now investigating for ways to reunite body and soul. So far, little progress has been made.

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 3:32 PM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    Answers about Macro Policy
    Ce'Nedra, a member of the UO Stratics news team, recently spoke with GM Rock regarding the new rules on Macroing. Below are the questions and answers in order to help clarify the situation:

    Clarification? Say someone currently has two macro marks on their account. Does this new policy essentially mark those clear?

    GM ROCK: No, any previous interactions still stand on the account. It's important to make sure that we're talking about Unattended Macroing, which is the issue we're seeking to address.

    And they start from scratch using the new public policy?

    GM ROCK: No, We're just tired of banning people who say that they never knew that they had been penalized for macroing, or didn't think that we were serious about what we said.... We feel like this policy is stricter in some ways than our previous posted policy, but will result in fewer people actually being banned for unattended macroing. Obviously, we don't want to ban people for this, we just want them to stop unattended macroing and understand that we are very serious about this issue.

    Or do those two jailed macros on their account take them all the way to third strike of perma ban?

    GM ROCK:
    Old Policy:

    • 1st offense, moved to the infamous macro room, kicked from server, emailed
    • 2nd offense, same as above + 48 hour pb
    • 3rd offense, account closed for repeated unattended macroing

    Revised Policy:

    • 1st offense, moved to the infamous macro room, kicked from server, emailed, 48 hour pb
    • 2nd offense, same as above, + 72 hour penalty box
    • 3rd offense, account closed for repeated unattended macroing

    How can people find out how many strikes are on their account?

    GM ROCK: We don't release our internal records to the public for obvious's not really a matter of keeping score... our policies are pretty clear here, and people should not try to use up their three strikes to see how far they can go. We do reserve the right to close someone's account even before the 3rd offense if there are other marks against it (harassment complaints, inappropriate character names, in game problems, etc.). It seems like many people knowingly break the rules because they are counting on having a couple of free strikes to play with, but this is really a very dangerous game to play… Truthfully, we'd just like for players to 'not do bad things' and never use their first offense at all.

    That being said, if the average person has never been in trouble, then they most likely have nothing to worry about at all. The average player who interacts with other players in appropriate ways, and thinks about their actions, should have nothing to worry about. And, you can't get banned for macroing if you don't macro...

    How can people find out how many strikes are on an account they just bought or are planning to buy?

    GM Rock: We don't release this information. This is a good argument against buying an account from someone that you don't know well and trust implicitly. We track the information by account, and not really by account holder, so if you buy an account from someone, you are inheriting the information that goes along with it. Obviously, the safest way to guarantee that your account is clean is to make sure that you are the only person that has ever played on the account.

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 12:14 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Assault of Spiders
    A'oy thar all, sorry fer the delay wit this missive, but I jest received the final report frem me servant Tori.

    A few nights past, Sunday I believe it was I got a pidgeon came to me bearin a message frem me mate William. It read simply: "We are gathering to assault a group of spiders that have been invading Yew. All ye who can, come aid us in this battle." So I grabbed me some reagents and called some more of me mates. Sure enough within ten minutes we 'ad a small army at the Serpant Cross Tavern. Thar we met wit some bloke by the name of Louis Cantern. I 'ad met 'im before, constantly ramblin about 'is uncle and 'ow 'e fears these spiders. So I approached 'im and asked 'im 'ow 'e fared. 'e informed me that the time was now, we needed to strike at the spiders, and do so quickly. After a bit of a banter wit a few of the folk thar abouts I found out we were goin up against dread spiders, somethin called spider Lords, and some other nasty forms of the 'airy eight legged monsters.

    The air was thick fer me that eve and I knew I coudln't depend upon me magery either to aid the others, or slay any of the foul beasties, so I bid everyone farewell and told me servant Tori, a tamer of some skill to go aid them wit 'er pets. This is 'er report to me.


    I arrived at the Serpant Cross to find a gathering of some size, as per thy request I asked about and took stock of the situation. It seemed that indeed ye were correct, and powerful aid would be needed. Thus I went to the back of the tavern, where the stables are located and claimed my most prized white wyrm, Justicar. We walked quickly back to gather with the rest of the people who intented to strike down these filthy vermin who so thoughtlessly plague our quiet town.

    Before long we had set off, following the lead of Louis Cantern. However; as with ye, the air was thick for me and I found myself falling behind the group. Before long I recieved countless messages via runners that our friends where engaged with the vile spiders and the battle was more fierce then expected. It seems they had reclaimed the mill, and a countless number where now within. I dug my heels into the sides of Quesitor, my faithful steed and made haste to the battle. Our friends were locked in deadly combat with more spiders then I have seen total in all my years traveling these lands. I quickly joined the fray, commanding Justicar to lash out at the poisonous creatures, and he did so without pause. Twas then I saw the Spider Lords and the Dread Spiders. Great balls of flame arched from there mouths, and spells where tossed at our group. Justicar served well, laying waste to those around him, yet I soon became seperated him and had to rely on my nightmare for support.

    Before long we had reached the doors to the mill, and there we stood in the bottle neck, fighting spider after spider, it seemed as though the flow would never end. Shouts came from my companions to bring Justicar within. Immediately I did so! Luckily for me the spiders in the doorwell where too busy attacking others so I was able to have my steed leep over them, as Justicar's wings carried him easily over their tiny forms. There is where I came face to face with the Spider Queen Octavia. She was red in color, acidic spittle fell from her enormous fangs, pocking the wooden floor. Her myriad of eyes locked on mine and I swear I saw her smile with evil glee! She began to chant the words of magic. An energy bolt flew towards me, luckily I had cast reflection upon my person earlier and the spell rebounded towards her. She seemed to shrug it off without concern however and cast flamestrike upon me. The pilar of flame engulfed me, charing my flesh and searing my clothing. Just then one of the Dread Spiders unleashed yet more magic upon me and I was forced to recall to safety or risk falling dead at their feet.

    I returned to the Akalabethian Village and healed to full then galloped full tilt back to the battle. As I was moving up the northern road I once again saw the Spider Queen. She was running directly towards me. Justicar flew beside me and I ordered him to attack. Again and again I gave the order, yet he refused to obey, something I have never seen before. I turned about and gave chase to the Spider Queen, yet I could nay match her speed, even on a steed such as Quesitor.

    Knowing I would never catch the foul creature, I turned about again and aided our friends in slaying the few spiders that remained.

    Thus ends my report milord. I hope ye find all in order.

    That be the tale as I 'ave 'eard mates. Thar's somethin amiss mates, I think we should prepare fer the worst.

    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 9:24 AM EST by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    This message came in from the leader of the Volunteer Trinsic Honor Guards, Starbuck. They are not only organizing a massive attack on Trinsic, but also forming a guild just for the weekend occasion. This looks like it will be the best organized attack on Trinsic yet, and also looks like our best hope to take back the City of Honor.

    Fellow Britannian citizens, this is Starbuck of Trinsic. The following message was sent to as many loyal citizens as possible by my colleague today:

    "The situation in Trinsic is getting worse by the moment. If we do not join forces together to STOP the looting and PK'ing, and to destroy the undead threat we WILL POSSIBLY LOSE THE TOWN FOR GOOD! Starbuck and I are trying to form an offensive campaign to liberate the city weekend after next. If you are interrested in lending your fighting or crafting skills, please ICQ me asap. FORWARD THIS TO ALL UO PLAYERS!"

    Trinsic Liberation Army

    In my last report to you, I went into exile from Trinsic and had given up trying to save my hometown. The reasons were as I mentioned in the post, but also because I did not see a viable way to deal with this situation at the time. Thanks to Tree, who formulated this idea after reading my post and stayed up working out a strategy with me, I now have a definitely course of action in mind to retake the city. I urge all loyal Britannians to read carefully what I have to say.

    A week from this weekend, we want to launch a major operation in Trinsic. Tree and I, as its coordinators and leaders, want to make one thing clear: the primary objective of this battle plan is to eliminate the looting and PK'ing elements within the city and control crime so that warriors will feel safe returning to Trinsic to help defend it. We feel that the monsters attacking the city are a threat secondary to the threat posed by the criminals who now largely run Trinsic. If we can eliminate the fear warriors and mages now harbor of being killed and completely looted while trying to defend Trinsic, we believe we can attract enough honest people to get Trinsic back on its feet and possibly reinstate the guards.

    This will be a 48 hour mission. We will completely sieze control of Trinsic on Saturday and Sunday and maintain a state of martial law. Due to the nature of this mission, and the fact that the elements we seek to eliminate tend to gang up on their opponents and use chaos and confusion to their advantage, strict discipline and responsibility will be expected of all participants. We must require that everyone volunteering be able to commit themselves to at least a solid three hour block of time sometime during the 48 hour period between Saturday morning and Sunday night. (This means no last-minute logging off, no running off to Moonglow for regs in the middle of battle, etc. Be completely ready when you arrive.) We encourage all participants to stay as long as possible. In addition, we encourage entire guilds to join this operation, and those not in guilds or participating individually temporarily renounce their guild and join Tree's Trinsic Liberation Army Guild. The reason for this is to ensure that allies can retrieve the belongings of fallen comrades without being flagged or NPK'd, and any looter will be flagged and we can hunt them down without risk of loot-seeking bystanders jumping in against us, which has been a common scenario in Trinsic.

    Groups that participate as guilds will be formed into teams together; those that join Tree's Trinsic Liberation Army Guild (TLA) will be subdivided into teams also. We encourage ALL types of warriors to join (fighters, healers, mages, archers) as we will organize teams to ensure that each group has a medic, a long range attacker, fighters, and a magic user. A leader will be chosen for each group who will be in ICQ contact with Tree and myself to maximize efficiency of orders and minimize confusion. In addition, several volunteers who will serve their shifts as ghosts will be valuable scouts who will be able to report anyone who is murdering or looting without risk of being killed themselves. They will also serve as our "feelers" to report large spawns in lightly patrolled areas.

    Another important part of this mission may very well be player killing. Teams will be reponsible for attacking anyone who kills and/or loots a comerade in order to insure the safety of our belongings (as well as our lives). If we maintain discipline and stick with our teams, in theory none of us will ever be flagged and we will be able to kill looters or would-be murderers without reputation being a major issue. The purpose of this mission, once again, is to at least temporarily eliminate or suppress looters and player killers long enough that enough people will return to Trinsic to keep the situation policed and under control. In addition, although many people have been killing the bankers on purpose just to create chaos, but if we see live bankers we will eliminate them. The reason for this is so that looters will not be able to bank items they steal from us unless they recall out of town, and getting them out of town is entirely the point.

    This coming weekend we will organize recruitment and teams. (Remember, the battle will take place the weekend AFTER this coming weekend. We know many of you feel restless about waiting this long but the time will be necessary to properly organize this operation). We urge as many people as possible to join our cause to liberate Trinsic and restore justice. Even if you are from another shard, you are welcome to join. Players who start even as newbie characters with 50 Healing Skill would be valuable assets during the fighting. Everyone who is interested in joining, please ICQ or e-mail me and/or Tree. (Listed Below). We need a great deal of people to participate as, basically, the idea is to crowd, or force by sheer numbers, the murderous and looting characters from the city as they are the largest obstruction to its adequate defense. Even once this task is done, we want to remain for the length of the weekend to KEEP them out, and there should be no shortage of excitement even once they are out as the spawns will be enough to keep us busy. People who do not want to actively participate are still welcome to contribute to the cause. If you are a tailor, contribute some bolts of cloth for bandages. If you are a wealthy mage, we could use regeants. If you have spare magic or silver weapons you cannot use, they will be put to good use. If you are a well to do blacksmith or a guild with a great deal of excess armor sitting in your tower, many will need it.

    Please help us honor Trinsic, our now-fallen city, and restore dearly needed justice. Please do this for the sake of everyone who has ever been wrongly murdered or looted. Please do this to save our home before it is completely overrun. Answer what is hopefully Trinsic's final Call To Arms.

    Starbuck: ICQ 24989435, e-mail [email protected]
    Tree: ICQ 41543582, e-mail [email protected]

    Quite a long message but it contains some of the most important news for the safety of Trinsic. This may be the deciding battle for the City of Honor.

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 9:20 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    FORMOSA: Lost Soul Tavern Opens
    This was sent to us by Python:

    Hail! I bring news from the Formosa Shard. A quiet tavern located north of Minoc has opened called the Lost Soul Tavern. All people are welcome. Combat is neither forbidden nor encouraged. Heavy monster spawns occur around the tavern so monster corpses can be found littering the tavern floor. Visitors are responsible for their safety from monsters during absence of the staff to ban. The staff will try and prevent deaths from monsters but cannot serve as a sanctuary from guild wars. It is always open for business, most traffic occurs on weekends. The staff include Homester, the tavern owner, bladetail, tavern co-owner, Python, tavern manager, and Sheridan, tavern cook. We are members of BNK and are subject to their rules. We are in dire need of English speaking characters interested in role playing. The sextant location is 280o 19N', 71o 55'E.

    Python of Formosa

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 7:23 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    Rivendell bids farewell to Mayor Redrum
    Tuesday night saw the end of an era in the city of Rivendell. Longtime mayor Redrum stepped down from his post, retiring from the office he's held for so long. Incumbent mayor Shanna joined with Seers Aldron and Lady Carya along with many other citizens and friends of the town in a celebration honoring his fine career.

    Ambassador Quan said in a brief statement, "Today, we say good-bye to a man who gave of himself to work this town into a thriving and populated home to many people thoughtout many days. He allowed himself to be persecuted by many, took the heat and he gave all the time. Today, Rivendell does see tears, but he has made it possible for others to make the town work. This was not an easy task. I feel he has achieved his goal. I look around at all of you and know that Rivendell will only grow. Thank you, Red, for all that you have done."

    Assuming her new role as mayor, Shanna spoke with alacrity. "I am extremely honored with this opportunity to serve such a wonderful group of people as the community of Rivendell and I look forward to the challenges ahead of this council with excitement and enthusiasm. Our community has experienced tremendous growth and progress under the leadership of Mayor Redrum and the council will continue his efforts, along with the citizens, to ensure that Rivendell is a welcoming, enjoyable place for all - members and visitors alike."

    She went on to thank the former mayor for the experience and wisdom she gained from working closely with him in the past. Redrum then passed the keys to the city to his successor.

    Though retired from public service, Redrum plans to remain in Rivendell. "I will be here," he chuckled. "This has been one of my evil plans." He added thoughtfully, "It's just time for me to move on and give the younger folk a chance."

    With the recent formation of the Rivendell Events Committee and the success of the events they have already hosted, it is certain that Mayor Shanna will have no trouble picking up where Redrum left off and the city of Rivendell will continue to thrive.

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 7:04 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Reports from the front
    A raid is planned with the intention of taking back Trinsic on Sunday. But the warriors and mages of Sosaria are stretched thin, as other cities come under heavy assault. Adventurers are determined Trinsic shall be the last city to fall, but these reports from across Sosaria show the challenge they face:

    From Britain:

    . . . I heard hundreds of voices hissing and squeaking. Turning, I found a huge army of foul Lizardmen and filthy Ratmen awaited me...

    Pushing my way through the hordes I found a powerful female mage by the name of Malabelle, within her grasp a blood red spellbook, glowing with the power of the spells contained inside...


    . . . once I had slashed my way through the first batch, I was suddenly aware of a female mage, standing behind me. As I turned to face her, my own body was engulfed in flame, her name, Malabelle

    I told her, that she should leave, still under the impression it was a mistake. But she turned and laughed at me, and said "Thou gives me my freedom?", promptly followed by more magic attacks upon me.

    Two warriors were soon to charge at here, one armed with a Halberd, the other a katana, whilst the two struck several blows, they merely only served to anger the witch more . . .

    Paladin of Clown

    From Yew:

    . . . Orcs broke in to Empath Abbey. As I ran to engage the first orc lord I saw, fire erupted from the floor below me as if I was turned into a torch! I then saw him --Keeonean! He had somehow entered the abbey and was unleashing dark arcane powers on all he could see. I swung my magical maul at him with a great cry. It was a blow that could crush an orc's head but it just bounced right off his golden armour!. His blows cut right through my armour and dug into my flesh so strongly and painfully I was distracted by the pain. I heard Keeonean crying "Die Yew scum!" And with my last strengths I called back "I shall not be the last!" . . .

    Sea Marshall Duncon Steelwork
    The Naval Garrison
    Guardsmen Militia naval chapter

    . . . The first encounter was a pure bloodbath, the ground around the Empath Abbey was soaked with the blood of mighty warriors as the hordes of Orcs and Ettins came in wave after wave. Keeonean himself slaughtered many . . .

    . . . I ventured outside and came, once more, face to face with .Keeonean. He started casting spells on me instantly and called forth another wave of orcs. The forces overwhelmed me . . .

    Keeonean had a lieutenant among the orcs named Grubnub. He looked no different from the common orc, but chanted away and was casting many spells at the defenders . . . A group of us attacked him with great speed and with a display of teamwork that only such conflict can summon, we struck the Orcish Leuitenant down. A cry of victory spread across the battlefield, and we turned once more to Keeonean, I taunted him that his Lieutenant had died by our hand and that he would soon follow, and as the defending army surrounded him and pounded him with steel and arcane powers, he had no option but to flee, stating he would return.

    Chairman of the Deepwater Council

    . . . Even the mightiest spells were not able to harm Keeonean, while he was dealing quick death to all those who dared attack him.Everyone was able to see him slay a powerful daemon summoned from the netherworld with a few hits from his blade as if it were a mere insect.

    Jyordhan Swift
    Citizen of Yew

    From Vesper:

    This evening Vesper was attacked by the golden troll G'ruagak, there were hundreds of trolls attacking Vesper and the bank was filled to bursting with them. There were so many of them warriors found it almost impossible to get in sufficient number to combat them. They appeared to be attacking the bankers and G'Ruagak had a few words to say himself...

    FedtMule: THIS AINT YOU R TOWN!!
    Killian Wayland: GRuaqak, you foul swine !!!!
    G'Ruagak: MY PLACE IS HERE
    Javelin: Like Hell Fat Boy!

    Strangely after saying this I felt the need to withdraw, as many nearby trolls chose me as a target and I missed the rest of this riveting conversation...


    From Trinsic:

    As we all know, Trinsic has fallen to the undead. As far as I was aware, they had not spread outside the city itself. However, this morning I ran straight into the evil gaze of a Lich lord. Fortunately he was alone and after a short but bloody battle his already rotting corpse fell to the ground. Have the undead now started to roam the areas around Trinsic?

    Formerly of Trinsic.

    . . . No single warrior and no group of strangers can fight that Lich Lords, so we must unite and plan some tactics. There are some guilds which are yet active in defenso of the town but everyone is doing their own business, so if you come to my conclusion please contact me to form a defence union !!!!!! Our guild is ready to share knowledge and weapons with you !

    Send me a letter or contact me on 47107749.

    Minos Numenore II
    Diplomat of Trinsic Paladins of Honour

    . . . I wish it to be known to all of Britannia that the CLOWN guild and its Allies have been deeply affected by the plight of the residents of the once great city of Trinsic. CLOWN and its Allies are planning a retaliatory strike against the undead this coming Sunday, February 20th at 2pm CST, 8pm GMT, 21.00 EST, in an attempt to Liberate Trinsic from the Undead. This message is to act as notice to all CLOWN, and CLOWN allies that you have been recalled from whatever activities you may be now involved in, to assist in above said Liberation. Also, over the next several days, residents of the other jurisdictions in Britannia will notice groups of CLOWN parading through their towns drumming up support for the battle.

    The Emissary CLOWN

    Who exactly are these people? And what do they want? Malabelle . . . Keeonean . . . G'Ruagak . . . and I also hear reports of a woman called Minax? If anyone thinks they may know more about the histories and motives of these individuals, please get in touch.

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 6:37 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    A Call for Tactical Information!
    Thanks to all who are fighting in and for Trinsic, but the time has come for some hard tactical information on the captured city. Anyone who has been fighting in or around Trinsic should share their information on numbers and types of enemies as well as ways into the city, places to hide and regroup once inside, how many citizens remain in the town, etc. I will be leading an information gathering party by sea any day now to Barrier Isle and up to the gates (if possible) to report on the possiblity of using the Island as a staging area for large attacks.

    Save Trinsic to Save Ourselves!

    Ximena, Bard of Delucia (in Exile) reporting from N'Jehlom Staging Area

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 6:35 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Reminder: Dragons Landing Auction Tonight

    Hail all! Just a reminder that the next pubic auction will be this Thursday Feb 17th 8pm pst at Dragons Landing.

    Items so far include blessed sandals, sets of semi-rare metal items, vanquishing weapons, hair change deed, and a placed house! For full details and info on how to submit items for auction visit and check the message board.

    Hope to see you there!

    Thanks to Defrae Dragon for the update.

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 6:02 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Moonglow to be attacked by Orcs
    This was sent to us from an Anonymous Sosarian

    Having recognized that the Orcs of Kor may pose a great threat to Sosaria, I often teleport into their orc fort, invisibly, and listen to their idle chatter. I have listened often enough, that I now understand a lot of the orcish vocabulary.

    Recently I was in Trinsic on the night of Jou'nar's great invasion. As we were preparing for the undead legions to arrive, we smelt a horrible stench wafting through the air. It was not the putrid smell of decaying flesh, but more of a ripe manure odor. I quickly identified the stench, as I smelt it often at the Orcs of Kor Fort. The Orcs of Kor had arrived.

    I was very surprised by this. I could not beleive that the orcs had come to help the humies. I quickly learnt how wrong I was. The orcs came running towards the gate in a huge mob. They then split into smaller groups and began trying to seize control of major defensive positions.

    A group led by Kor the Orc King, stationed themselves in front of the main gate and began to taunt the humans there. My concern over an undead-orc alliance became worse when I saw Ty'orthor, the Daemon Lord arrive and take a place behind the orcish ranks. Orcs, and Undead, and Daemons... Oh My!

    The humies looked ready to begin their battle with the orcs and daemon, just as the undead legions began contaminating Trinsic. They flooded out from everywhere. Jou'nar and his midnight black skeletal knights soon swept in as well.

    The orcs began chanting, "clomp da humies!"

    Kor the Orc King approached Jou'nar, and proclaimed, "Orcs are here tu help yu!".

    This gave me some hope, as it showed that there was no formal alliance. The undead legions began attacking the orcs, but Jou'nar and his minions focused their attention on the humans.

    The orcs assisted where they could, but alas, with zombies and skeletons attacking anyone near them, the Orcs of Kor eventually departed.

    Since that attack on Trinsic, I have frequented the Orc Fort more often to keep tabs on Kor's orcs. I have observed that orc scouts are constantly being dispatched to places unknown. And then today, I heard something which concerned me greatly!

    Kor gathered the orcs and told them about Thaen the Sage, and his vile plans for the orcs. Kor told them that on Friday, the 18th moon of February, at 10:00 pm (PST), that the orcs will break through the south gates of Moonglow and will find and kill the Sage Thaen.

    Although I am unsure what it meant, Kor warned the orcs to fight fiercly, as they will all be covered in a grey halo, and not a blue halo.

    I call upon all Moonglow citizens to prepare a defense and prevent the orcs from entering the gate. If even one orc gets by and kills Thaen, then our only chance to rid the world of these beasts is over.

    Good luck to you all!

    Thankyou who ever sent this in, and good luck to all who take part in the defense!
    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 5:39 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Additions to In Concept
    Some changes were made to the In Concept PvP Enhancement Document currently in In Concept.


    • When casting a spell, the spellbook will automatically appear in your hands if it is not there already.
    • The spellbook will remain in your hands for the duration of the casting time of the spell and will return to your pack after the cast is completed.
    • If you already have your spellbook in your hands before you started casting, the spellbook will remain in your hands.
    • If at any time during the casting of a spell the spellbook is removed from your hands (either by the player or from a wrestling "disarm" maneuver), the spell is interrupted.

    Wrestling Moves

    • Equipping any items in your hands (weapon, shield, spellbook, etc) will automatically take you out of a wrestling mode.

    Thievery Changes

    • You cannot have any items (weapons, shields, spellbook, etc) in your hands when attempting to steal in combat.
    • A thief will not be able to recall for two minutes after stealing an item.

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 4:40 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Publish Delay
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Publish Delay

    The upcoming server publish has been delayed and will not be activated on the Napa Valley and Catskills shards this week, as previously scheduled. The publish to the remaining shards will also be delayed. We are currently working to resolve issues that arose during final QA testing, and will reschedule the publish as soon as possible.

    We will post a revised publish schedule to this section as soon as one is available.

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 4:30 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Yet another attack on Dragon's Bay

    This message from our very own Red William:

    As I am writing this note to thee, I stand about waist high in the bodies of these filthy swamp-suckers that everyone calls Lizardmen. Y'all may think these hissers are easy and pushovers...but you try taking on about 30 of them with nothing but a bow and a stack of arrows and see how long you hold out? OGD was just planning on sending a strike force to Cove to help against the recent attacks there when we suddenly got ambushed by about three squads of lizardmen. Them boys had a problem with us bayou folk moving into their swamps before, but with the gazer fiend making trouble with our neighbors, we just had to try and help. Apparently the one-eyed son-of-a-mongbat got wind of us and got the hissers all fired up to stop us.

    Wasn't long before them lizardmen went from annoying to dangerous, as we had about 40 or 50 coming at us all in a heap. My bow was singing its sweet melody on the hisser's pointed heads while my lute was dulling their thick heads and beating the living bearfat out of one another. Enforcer was busy giving his "preach-to-them-with-a-warfork" shtick, while Aravan and Gwen were doing their bloodlust on the hissers (poor handbags never had a chance).

    Wasn't long before Enforcer said, "Summon thy friends and allies, brothers and sisters!" My pidgeons were already flying all over sosaria. I said a nice prayer to the Gold one and preparing to see him shortly on the other side. Eventually, help arrived, but so did help for the hissers. It wasnt long before I saw what looked like corpsers. No worries, I thought...corpsers are no sweat. Then they started moving. Swamp tentacles? here? you only saw them buggers in the new lands! Where the !@#! did they come from?

    Well, thankfully, them lizardmen were about as smart as a decapitated ogre, and as weak as a poisoned mongbat, cause it wasnt long before we had em on the run. Course now that there gone, I still can't get the smell out of my tavern (sigh).

    Will the attacks on Dragon's Bay ever cease? I suspect only the Time Lord can tell.

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 3:38 AM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    Yew Government gets a new mayor

    Rumours abound about the state of the Yew Government since the election which replaced Maximillian with Blitz Phoenix. As with all politics, there has been controversy, there has been turmoil.. but the interesting thing about this particular pocket of government is that it has never been publicized, and I soon found out why.

    When I heard that Yew had a new Mayor, I went to investigate the matter. In doing so I discovered that Yew citizens are extremely tight lipped about their officials. Nevertheless my investigation continued. I gathered bits and pieces of information from many citizens, and was eventually able to solve the puzzle.

    Last Saturday (that would be February 12 in Earth time) Blitz Phoenix resigned as Mayor of Yew, and he appointed Yew Militia Commander Mythra to take his place. Because Yew government uses a direct democracy, Mythra's appointment to the office is temporary until elections can be held. I am told this temporary position is not to last longer than 6 months. (again, Earth months)

    I have not been able to determine if any plans are currently being drawn up for the election, nor have I been able to determine if anyone has applied to be a candidate for mayorship. The current attacks on Yew certainly will not help the process move along any faster.

    I'll bring you more news as it develops.

    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 2:30 AM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    UO House of Commons chat scheduled for this Thursday
    The next UO House of Commons Open House chat between the players and creators of UO is scheduled for this Thursday February 17, at 7 PM CT (5 PM PT, 8 PM ET).
    The chat will be available to you at #uohoc on Stratics IRC, on the following networked servers:
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    This week's topic is "In Testing and In Development". You can read about what's currently In Testing for Next Update and In Development at OSI's website. Please make sure the questions and comments you have during the chat are on this topic. Allow me to remind you that this is a development chat, and as such any questions about the current plot will not be answered.

    Like we did with previous chats we have set up a webpage where players can post questions in advance. Others can vote on these questions and we'll soon see which questions are most popular. During the chat we may then try to have some of these answered. Just keep in mind that only a small amount of questions will be taken from the website. Also the list will be wiped once the chat is over to make room for fresh questions for the next chat. If you want to post a question or just vote on one, please have a look at for the current list.

    If you are new to IRC, please visit Stratics IRC for an online tutorial and instructions for connecting to our IRC server. If you wish to use your browser to join the conference you can use our Java IRC client.

    IRCD Servers are provided by International Networks (suppliers of networking hardware and support).
    FRWS Servers are provided by Front Range Web Services (Web Hosting/Message Boards/IRC).
    Posted on Friday, February 18, 2000, 1:44 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Britannian Horseriding Championship : Race 5
    Scritus sent us the following :
    The next horse race of the Britannian Horseriding Championship will take place on Sunday the 20th February.
    The race will start in Serpent's Hold, at the bank at 5pm CET (4pm GMT, 11am EST).
    The race is open to everyone (entry fee for the full season : 4000 gp), and for the first time, anyone can come and bet on the winner.


    Thanks Scritus for this information.
    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 6:40 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Counselor Application Re-submissions
    The following was just posted to FYI on the UO website:

    Counselor Application Re-submissions

    Due to recent mail server issues, many Counselor applications recently submitted using the UO website may not have reached our mailbox. We take time to review all our applications, and would hate to miss out on a great Counselor candidate because of this issue. If you submitted a Counselor application at any time during the last two weeks (Feb. 1 - 11, 2000), and have not yet heard back from us, we urge that you re-submit your application so that we may give it the proper consideration.

    To learn more about the UO Counselor program, and to fill out an application, please click here.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 2:51 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Juo'nar Brings New Creatures to Trinsic
    Juo'nar just doesn't seem to be stopping with the onslaught of undead forces attacking Trinsic. Add an Elemental of Decay to the list of never before seen creatures that have been attacking Trinsic.

    Hail - during a lull battling the undead minions in Trinsic late last night I notied a strange sickly green monster appeared in the corner of my vision between the stables and the paladin's guild. Upon wandering over to more closely inspect the creature it caled itself an elemental of decay - yet it looked like a poison elemental. It was clearly hostile and attacking me so my guildmate and I prepared to dispatch it. It certainly took a lot more damage than any elemental we had encountered before and appeared to have an endless supply of mana but we persevered and finally killed the creature. There were no unusual items on it save some gold, scrolls and an unremarkable magic item.

    I took a snapshot of our encounter prior to our battle - it was green but turned grey when it targeted me.

    DK - Knights of the Twisted Pair

    On another note, the Black Mace has been found. It is called the Mace of the Undead and we no longer need to search for it. Thank you all for your support in finding the weapon. I will have a more formal post about the mace hopefully tonight I get the go ahead from my sources.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 2:41 PM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Guerilla fighting by citizens & Thieves run amok in Trinsic
    Choas shine upon us with no mercy. The undead has taken thier place in the Sosarian society. Day in and day out I see the people holding brief skirmishes with skeleal-shadows and Death-Ravens. People everyday begin to quit to fight for Trinsic. No tbecause of the dieing from the undead, or the lag. But the people itself. The looters who constantly suck our corpse of every possesion.

    I know a friend who is exetremly loyal to Trinsic's cause, but quit to become a murderer. Why?. Because each and everytime he died he got looted by the scum of Trinsic. Honorable and strong warriors across the realm dropped thier will for Trinsic, only to save thier meager possesions from the hands of thieves. I urge the thieves of Trinsic, the murderous people of the jungles to drop thier selfish crusade and aid in the help of Trinsic. Let us bind together as a rock, and wait for this "rumored" general. People do not need a general. Generals are needed for war, this is a rescue. The people shall be the generals, the people shall be the soldeir. The people shall command the strong, the people shall command themsleves.

    My point of this post is to at least, those who became rich preying upon corpses. Please help the falling warrior who is probaly killing the shadow-Knight who will probaly kill you next. Let us put aside our selfish ways, and frist save Trinsic. Then, after peace settles, I urge each and every thief or murderer to help each over on this cause. Who knows.. maybe the person who you are looting, will help you regain your possesions. Please help, please stop looting us. Please make this revolution succeed.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 1:55 PM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    A Letter to Lady Birmingham and the people of Sonoma
    We have found the following:
    Good tidings to you all.

    I would like to address Lady Birmingham and the fine peoples of this land in regards to our quandry of raising an army to fight these legions who assail our land. I write to Lady Birmingham due to the fact that she has taken the wise and bold move of starting the ball rolling on this matter.

    Mainly I would like to address the concerns that many may have about my dispostion and my status as in this land as an evildoer. First, let the records show that no hostile action have I ever taken against the just and innocent of this land. Yes, I have led my forces to battle against those who tried to slander me. Let the truth be told that I have fought for Ironwood and its preservation, and many other just causes. Never have I delved in the evil, and dark arts of necromancy or demonology.

    Having said this, let the word be spread throughout the land that I stand ready along with those allied with me to protect the land of Britannia against these recent incursions. Should the wise peoples choose me to lead the stalwart resistance of Sonoma I now give my tentative plan.

    1) Form a Command Headquarters. This would consist of a staff of leaders from each sect of Britannia who are the top in thier field. Each would advise and attend to the matters relevant to their skills.

    2) Begin the gathering of supplies and implements of war and begin storing them in strategic locations near the war zones so that forces can resupply without having to venture far from the combat zone.

    3) Use the existing structures of guilds to fill out our ranks. By doing this it will lessen confusion and take advantage of work already accomplished. Plus by keeping guilds together, the coherency of fighting units would be improved because they are already used to working with one another.

    4) Assign liasons to go out and bring under our command any guilds who are fighting for the same goals as we but who may not read this board or know of our work.

    As far as tactics go, I will not discuss this in this forum as it is surely monitored. Suffice it to say I have a very good idea of what I want to accomplish in this regard and have some well thought out plans for dealing with the situation.

    One last thought, some will question my motives and I will say this. I have a very significant interest in the preservation of Trinsic, the particulars of this are personal and I will not discuss them but know that I seek its liberation just as much as many of you.

    In trust,

    General Ibram Gaunt, =8=

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 1:42 PM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Reminder Ladies!! Bachelor Auction
    We have found the following:
    Ironwood Training Center (the large brick next to the Roasted Boar) - promptly 8 pm pst Thursday night. Don't be late as these fine gentleman will go quick!! The shards' most handsome and eligible bachelors who have graciously volunteered their time to the ladies with the winning bids include Darkwing, Deorc, Grizwald, Ibram Gaunt, Johannis Wyndsage, Kiren Darkstar, Minotaur, Sir Isac Newton, Taliesin, WarMachine, and Wyrmschlacter -- and more that might beat tomorrow night's sign-up deadline!!! *Glad she's married and doesn't have to choose!* All proceeds will go to Ironwood charities.

    Just a few reminders - don't bring gold. Count the money in your bank box, come, bid and "purchase" your bachelor from a vendor after you win the bid. Be on time to get a good seat, preview the *coughs* items up for bid (no pinching!!) and examine the terms they offer. Come have some fun before the wars begin!!

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 1:36 PM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Spiritwood Tavern Chicken Fights!
    I got this letter from Fenris, the Spiritwood Tavern Keeper:

    I hereby invite everyone to the second weekly Spiritwood Tavern Chicken Fights! So if you are interested in having a good time, come to the Spiritwood Tavern this thursday, February 17th, at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt). Last time we had a blast and this time you want a part of it too :)

    As the name suggests, chickens will be fighting eachother. And the customers can buy chickens and make gold with them. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? One chicken costs 100 gold pieces so you'll never lose alot of gold in any case. Of course you can win alot more as you can sell your chicken at any time. The value of the champion will also be doubled and given to the winner at the end of the day.

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

    If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected]
    I hope to see you all there! :-)

    Fenris, the Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

    Thank ye, Fenris. Now, let me see...*Does the happy chicken dance*

    Yours truly,

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 1:26 PM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Balhae Shard Opens Worldwide
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Balhae Shard Opens Worldwide

    We are pleased to announce the global opening of Balhae shard on February 16th, KST. Balhae was the 19th Ultima Online shard to open worldwide, and is located in Korea - making it the 7th local Asian shard and a welcome addition to the global Ultima Online community.

    Korean Ultima Online players helped choose the name of this shard, by voting for the name "Balhae". Balhae dates from the 7th century and is the name of a famed ruling dynasty.

    Origin plans to improve upon worldwide localized support by further staffing Balhae with bilingual Korean and English speaking staff. We are continuing to seek out enthusiastic counselor applicants for both Korean shards. For more information on joining the UO Counselor program, please visit

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 12:20 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Trade Window Changes
    The following was just added to the Testing for Next Update section on the Ultima Online website:

    Trade Window Changes

    Trade windows will become more secure.

    • You will not be able to trade a trapped item.
    • You will not be able to trade an item that was recently stolen.
    • You will not be able to trade items to a player if that player cannot hold the items.
      • If the items are too heavy for the player or if the items would exceed the number of items the player can carry, the trade will fail. All items in the trade window will go back into each character’s pack.
    • You will not be able to pick items up while the trade window is open. However, you will still be able to rearrange items in your own pack during the trade.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 12:13 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Song and Poetry Contest at the Paws Outpost
    The Paws Outpost will be holding a second song and poetry contest this weekend for anyone that wants to try their tongue at a night of fun.

    "Hear Ye! Hear ye! Announcing the Second Paws Outpost "Night of the Muse"

    Saturday February 19th, Paws Outpost is proud to sponsor a contest of Song and Poetry!
    Come one! Come all!
    A grand Prize of 25K in gold as well as magical rewards awaits the winner!
    Second and third place prizes will be given as well!
    Contest will start promptly at 7 PM PST at the Paws Outpost Tavern.

    2 rounds with single elimination.
    Entrants will prepare two different pieces of poetry or song.
    Each peice shall be no longer than 10 minutes long.
    Judges will confer and declare each rounds rankings.
    -The top three will advance to the second round.
    - Each of these three is guaranteed a prize!

    Entrants are asked to please contact Geddon the Bard of Paws, Hammerhead Fred, Justin, Neko,Dirk or Towering Inferno prior to the contest to confirm seating."

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 10:40 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Some Enlightenment from an Elder
    Today I had the opportunity to meet with Elder Zeppelin and talk about the recent events going on. We had quite a long discussion and I have learned quite a bit about what is going on and what it will take to end this chaos.

    My main reason for seeking out Elder Zeppelin was to find out about the recent rumors of weapons that may aid in the deaths of Juo’nar and Keeonan. He confirmed the exsistence of the Black Mace, although this is not its name. Its true name is the Mace of the Undead and it is in the hands of a warrior whose name I will not release at this time. As for the Black Staff, Elder Zeppelin could not confirm it nor say that it wasn’t real. Elders are not Gods and do not know everything, and Elder Zeppelin did not know of the Black Staff.

    We also talked about a main strategy for killing Juo’nar. Elder Zeppelin believes that the best way to kill Juo’nar is to destroy his minions, for a leader is nothing without his followers. This means that we must fight off all of Juo’nar’s Lich Lords, bone knights, mummies, and other undead warriors before we can kill Juo’nar himself. Many warriors will be lost in the battle but it is the only way for it to be done.

    The Elder told me that Juo’nar will not be the end of the attacks and that we will also be seeing much more of Keeonan and the other generals.

    Trinsic can still be saved and we must not give up. I thought all was lost but it has been shown to me that there are things that can be done. We must not give up!!!

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 10:33 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Orcish Tide Rises in Yew
    This scroll is sent to us by the kindly Sir Ragnar, Knight of the Rose:
    After many days of fighting in Trinsic, the sad reality of defeat is upon us. The resistance there is like the day itself, strong in the morning, yet weak and waning through the night. When the killers come, all hope of organized resistance is lost. Many of us have left, I myself had not the gear to continue, and killers and brigands rule the city, the undead there are a simple nusiance compared to them.

    With a heavy heart, I returned to my native Yew, beaten and bruised. Following a few days of rest in the abbey, and at my guilds humble village, I began the task of rebuilding my stocks, and removing the trash that has built up in my bank box. I was not surprised to see mongbats about.

    It has been this way for quite some time. As I walked about the city, gathering reagents for my potions, I saw a lone orcish mage, walking along the road. Odd, I thought, perhaps he wandered in from the wood, probably drunk and lost his way. So, seeking to run him off, I drew my bow, and began to fire upon him. I was well on my way to winning the battle, when much to my dismay, my supply of arrows ran out.

    Feeling the need to visit the abbey suddenly, I withdrew my staff, and began to beat the orc once again. Hah, I thought, these orcs aren't much compared to a lich lord bearing down on you. I suppose this angered the orc, for he flamestruck me, not once, but three times in succesion. I barely escaped, and hid next to a building to heal. I finally after much effort, dispatched the orcish mage. Normally they are not so skilled in the arcane arts, and I wondered aloud, "What is going on?"

    I was answered by three more orc mages, grunting at me from around the bowyers shop. I quickly ran to the abbey, and resupplied my arrows and picked up a fresh bow. Over the next few hours, I personally slew more than twenty of these beasts, this is of course not counting the ones others defeated. Many orcish lords were also found, some even inside the abbey. I remember a few weeks ago, Trinsic was similarly attacked this way, each day the attacks growing in number.

    My advice to the citizens of the Yew community, gather your implements of war, my guess is war is now coming to Yew.

    Sir Ragnar, Knight of the Rose, Company of the Golden Gorger

    Thank ye, Sir Ragnar!
    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 9:32 AM EST by Satyr (SiegePerilous)

    Cupid Mongbats?
    This was sent by Radnor:

    Last night on Baja, there were "Cupid Mongbats" running around various towns shooting love arrows into players! I took some pictures, which can be found in a zip file here:

    Or you can take a look at them using the following links:


    Thanks Radnor!
    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 9:02 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Balhae Shard Opens Worldwide
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Balhae Shard Opens Worldwide
    We are pleased to announce the global opening of Balhae shard on February 16th, KST. Balhae was the 19th Ultima Online shard to open worldwide, and is located in Korea - making it the 7th local Asian shard and a welcome addition to the global Ultima Online community.

    Korean Ultima Online players helped choose the name of this shard, by voting for the name "Balhae". Balhae dates from the 7th century and is the name of a famed ruling dynasty.

    Origin plans to improve upon worldwide localized support by further staffing Balhae with bilingual Korean and English speaking staff. We are continuing to seek out enthusiastic counselor applicants for both Korean shards. For more information on joining the UO Counselor program, please visit

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 8:56 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    FORMOSA: Mystery Structure Not So Mysterious
    This arrived from Heretix:

    Hi, I can't believe you actually posted that "strange structure" story. EVERYONE knows that that's the stand that Lord British used to deliver his speech about the impending attacks on the cities of Britannia. Its amazing that you guys didn't know...

    [Editor's Note: Due to the lack of reporters for the Asian shards, its difficult for me to personally validate each submission that comes in. I don't believe this structure appeared on any of the other shards, or if it did, I did not catch wind of it.]

    And another thing, its not just Hokuto that has its cities attacked, ALL SHARDS experience this, and on almost all shards (for Formosa at least), Trinsic has fallen to the undead. For Formosa, its the case of not having enough people caring, for the shard is not only new, not many read English, so cries of help from the likes of me go to deaf ears. :(

    [Editor's Note: I realize this, but since we use one news area for all of the Asian shards, I usually identify the shard from which the news submission was received. Although all of the shards are following this storyline, there are small differences on each shard. The major items affecting ALL shards are being posted in the Stratics Quest News section.]

    The tower that a previous post spoke of...I don't know of too many towers in Britannia, but one that's almost been quite mysterious is the mage tower inside the maze...I'm playing at Formosa now, so I'll just go there and take a look, I'll report if I find anything. Wish me luck!


    Good luck, let us know what turns up!
    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 8:53 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    Publish Update
    The following was just posted to the FYI section of the Ultima Online website:

    Publish Update
    Feb 15 2000 6:40PM CST

    We will be publishing the features listed in Testing for the Next Update to the servers starting Thursday, Feb. 17th with the Napa Valley shard. The features will be active on Napa Valley after the shard returns from its Thursday morning maintenance. If all goes well, we will then publish to the Catskills shard, activating this publish during Catskills scheduled maintenance on Friday, Feb. 18th CST. Both the Napa Valley and Catskills shards will then be monitored throughout the weekend for any issues that may arise.

    If no outstanding issues are found, the features will be active on all remaining shards following their scheduled Monday maintenance (local server time).

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 7:28 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Two updates on the IFC
    Here are a few updated that Earnst sent us about the IFC.
    Icelandic Floating Community House Giveaway!

    Well, to be honest it isnt actually being given away, but with Pacific`s inflated prices, it will seem like it! Read on!

    Beginning the first of February, I will be selling keys for a small home. Only one of these keys will actually open the door. On the 25th, runes will be given out to those of you who purchased a key at the IFC between 8-10pm, PST. If you are unable to make it that evening, runes will be given to you after the 25th, and not before.

    A member of the IFC will be inside of the home, so you need not be worried of someone lurking in the shadows waiting to kill you and take your key. We will be watching.

    So, how do I get a chance to win?

    The odds of winning are 1 in 40, each key will cost 10000 gold, and a maximum of two keys can be purchased. (Any more than that and you`re just as well off to get a house on Tradespot!!)

    How do you purchase a key? You contact me. Earnst. My icq# is 12579937. If you use our sites pager, please include your email address and icq# so that I can contact you easily.

    When is the last chance to purchase a key? February 25th, or until the keys are all sold.

    For more information, please view our scrolls at:

    Good luck, and may the Æsir keep you!

    Earnst, IFC

    And here is a review about the Valentines Weekend Snowball Festival.
    Report on the Valentines Weekend Snowball Festival!

    I would like to thank both, those who attended, and those who helped conduct the Snowball Festival. Though there were a few minor problems during the actual proceedings, there was naught else to cause the participants any true discomfort.

    We began the evening with the Bachelor/ette Auction, which was planned by Saphire Ice at my request. She had done a terrific job at getting everything organised, and kept very calm despite the minor problems which occurred.

    The results of the auction are as follows:

    Pike to Lenaya for 115k (absent)

    Greenbar to Katrina for 50k

    Evil Dawna to Celtain Britain for 130k

    Luciana to earnst for 85k

    Katrina to Greenbar for 240k

    Lady Ret to Justintime for 240k

    Grayson to Orion for 150k

    Orion to Saphire for 200k

    Alick to Marissa for 10k

    Proceeds from the auction go to benefit the PTI and PTO newbie funds, a portion will go to fund the participants dates, and a portion will go to the IFC event coffer.

    Following the auction, we set into motion the remaining events for the evening. Aspen of the UOAvengers arranged for the buffet, and food and drink were served by Dodd of the WSK, and Bilbo, who were working for the Gathered Spirits Caterers.

    Also, as arranged by Aspen, the GoH were situated within the entrance to the Ice dungeon, where people were free to enter and leave in some measure of security due to their presence. My thanks, GoH, and everyones who took part in these dungeon runs.

    The CV were also there to sell tickets to their increasingly more popular lottery. If I am not mistaken, the prize grew to 27000gold before the cut of time. I have been told that it was one of their largest jackpots. Thanks to all who contributed, and to the CV who took the time to be here.

    After the lottery ticket cut off time, we began organising the Snowball Elimination event. Entry was 1000gold, and the pot consisted of the total take, instead of the aforementioned ¾`s. The event was won by Bilbo, who managed to outlast the competition, and beat out Justintime during the last 35 second round.

    Congratulations Bilbo, and thank you all who took part in this event.

    Afterwards, the Arbatross and Zebulun of the CV called everyones attention as they prepared to draw for the Lottery. All participants gathered about, as the two explained the process.

    They began by rousing the crowd, asking "Are you ready to win some gold?". The crowd responded, and since it was not a satisfactory response, they demanded that the crowd get more excited. The response was a much louder series of "YEAH" `s and the like.

    When all were ready, the numbers were drawn. On the second roll, the winner was Kezz. This was a fitting end to the night, as he was due to be wed to the lovely Lady Cursed Wind the following day. Congratulations are in order to the couple, and I hope all went well at the wedding. May the Æsir keep you both.

    The only downside was the large number of people who were unable to attend due to difficulties unforeseen. (OOC: Login servers would not allow a good number of people to log in.) As such, we had no merchants for the evening. Which, as you can all guess, put a damper on the merchants part of the festival.

    People have asked if it would be reschedualed. I`m afraid not. All went along as planned, save for a few minor incidents, and most everything schedualed took place. I hope to plan another merchants night however, to make up for the one missed on that date, so please look for it!

    Thank you everyone who took part, wether as a participant, or one of the co ordinators!

    May the Æsir keep you all!

    Earnst of the IFC
    Aspen of the UOAvengers.

    Thankyou Earnst and Aspen
    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 6:36 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    In Development Updated
    The following was just added to In Development on the main Ultima Online website:

    Monster AI
    Monsters will “path-find” better and will react to combat situations more intelligently. The net effect of monster AI will be that monsters will be more difficult and challenging to fight. The exact reactions monsters can have will not be detailed. Players will need to learn monsters’ behavior through fighting them and watching their reactions.

    Changes to Skill Gain
    The rate at which non-difficulty based skills gain will be further increased and will not be affected by the skill usage table.

    In addition, certain “secondary” skills will raise when using a skill associated with it (similar to the way tactics increases while using a combat skill). You will need to mark a skill as “up” in order for it raise in this manner.

    • Evaluate Intelligence can raise when Magery is used.
    • Anatomy can raise when either a melee skill or the healing skill is used.
    • Lumberjacking can raise when using an axe in melee.
    • Armslore can raise when Wrestling is used.
    • Meditation can raise whenever mana is regenerated.
    • Hiding can raise when Stealthing.
    • Detect Hidden can raise when attempting to pick a lock when a chest is trapped or when disarming a trap.
    • Animal Lore can raise when attempting to Tame.

    Changes and enhancements to houses to facilitate the map expansion and allow more players to own a house.

    One house per account per shard
    If any character on an account already owns a house on a shard, players will not be able to place a house or transfer a house to a character on that account on that shard. Players who already will own more than one house on an account will not have to give any of them up, unless they wish to place a new house (see “New House Placement” below).

    New House Placement
    Players who already own a house who wish to place another house will be able to do so. When a new house is placed, all other existing houses on the same shard that belong to characters on that account will no longer be refreshable. This will allow the player to transfer their items from the old house(s) to the new one.

    Shopkeeper Changes

    • NPC shopkeepers will no longer have colored sandals. Evil NPC Mages will carry these items.
    • NPC shopkeepers will give a murder count when they die unless they are criminal or evil.
    • If a shopkeeper is killed, a new shopkeeper will appear as soon as another player (other than the one that killed it) approaches.
    • Any shopkeeper that is currently [invulnerable] will lose that status except for stablemasters.

    Bank Checks
    Bank checks will allow players to carry around large sums of gold to facilitate secure trading.

    To get a bank check:

    • Go to the banker and say, “check #” where “#” is the amount of gold you wish the check to be worth (up to 60,000).
    • If you have the gold specified in your bank, a bank check of that value will be placed in your bank box and the gold will be removed.
    • The bank check will look like a scroll. When single clicked, the check will tell you its value.
    • If you do not have enough gold in your bank, you will receive a message letting you know the check was not created.
    To redeem a bank check:
    • Drag the bank check onto a banker.
    • If you have enough room in your bank box, the banker will take the check and place the gold in your bank.
    • If you do not have enough room in your bank box, the banker will take the check and place as much gold in your bank as he can. The remaining gold will be given back to you in the form of a new bank check.
    All bank checks are “blessed” which means they cannot be looted or stolen. Bank checks cannot be used to purchase items from NPC or player vendors.

    New Log in Features
    The log in menus of the Ultima Online client will be improved to include more options.

    Log in with Last Character
    This option will appear where the “save password” option currently is, provided that you have unchecked the save password option. Checking “Log in With Last Character” will automatically log in the character you last logged out with after you have entered your password.

    Tutorial Option “Young” players will have the option of entering the tutorial (to be detailed at a later date) instead of creating a character. This option will be available after they create a character as well.

    Tinker Traps
    Tinker traps will be modified. Their purpose will be to protect containers and will no longer give the maker a murder count.

    • A trapped chest cannot be opened until the trap is disarmed and the lock removed, except:
      • The owner of the chest can access the chest automatically without firing the trap. The owner is defined as the last person to lock the chest.
    • Using the key on the chest will bypass the trap.
    • The lock on a trapped chest cannot be picked until the trap is disarmed.
      • A failed lockpick attempt will result in setting off the trap.
    • A trap that is set off will reset itself automatically indefinitely.
    • Damage from a trap will not cause the maker of the trap to be a candidate for a murder count.
      • Disarming the chest will not automatically unlock it.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 6:18 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    McFarlane Toys To Release Ultima Online 2 Action Figures
    The following news release was just posted to the Ultima Online 2 website:

    McFarlane Toys To Release Ultima Online 2 Action Figures
    Todd McFarlane-Designed Characters Incorporated Into Role Player World

    TEMPE, Ariz., February 14, 2000 - When ORIGIN Systems™, the creator of Ultima™ Online, the game that has set the standard for online multiplayer role-playing worlds, went back to the drawing board to create Ultima Online 2 they called Producer/Director Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, and Todd McFarlane Entertainment.

    McFarlane is acting as a consultant to the new game, lending his creative edge to many aspects of the project, with a focus on some of UO2's creatures, characters and clothing designs. McFarlane Toys will release six characters of UO2 action figures this fall, and is unveiling them for the first time in New York City during Toy Fair, Feb. 13-17, 2000. McFarlane Toys is the company best known for its top-selling and award-winning Austin Powers, Beatles Yellow Submarine, Sleepy Hollow, KISS action figures.

    Online gaming - multiple players on a computer network playing real-time games via modem connections - has progressed from basement computer geekdom to the mainstream. Ultima Online has grown to hundreds of thousands of active players in its two-and-a-half years of existence.

    Ultima Online 2, the next multiplayer online world, will feature a next-generation 3D engine and beautiful animation created with state-of-the-art motion capture technology. Like the original, community building will be a top priority. UO2 will feature a full suite of community-building tools, including robust communication software, a comprehensive party/guild system, diverse player-owned property and detailed character customization to ensure a thriving community. And the McFarlane characters will be an active part of the world.

    McFarlane is a multi-faceted businessman with a broad range of experience in entertainment, sports and publishing. He is the creative force behind Todd McFarlane Productions, McFarlane Toys, Todd McFarlane Entertainment, McFarlane Design Group and McFarlane Worldwide Inc. Since 1999, McFarlane has received two Grammy nominations, including one for Korn's "Freak on a Leash" music video announced Jan. 4, and won an Emmy and two MTV Video Music Awards. For more information about the McFarlane group of companies, visit

    For more information on Ultima Online 2 visit

    ORIGIN Systems develops and publishes state-of-the-art entertainment software. To date, the company has released more than 60 titles, including the award-winning Ultima, Wing Commander™, Privateer™ and Crusader series of games. ORIGIN™ is based in Austin, Texas and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Arts™ (Nasdaq: ERTS). More information about ORIGIN's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

    Electronic Arts, headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts posted revenues of more than $1.2 billion for fiscal 1999. The company develops, publishes and distributes software worldwide for personal computers and video game systems. Electronic Arts markets its products under seven brand names: Electronic Arts, EA SPORTS™, Maxis™, ORIGIN, Bullfrog™ Productions, Westwood Studios™ and Jane's® Combat Simulations. More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

    To view the pictures go here.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 5:40 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Ultima Online 2 Logo Unveiled
    OSI has just revealed their new logo for Ultima Online 2. To view it you can go here.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 5:34 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Rivendell Town Night Set for Thursday
    An invitation for all:

    Greetings From Rivendell,

    We will again be holding Town Night this Thursday February 17th at 7:30 CST. This week we will be having a fun change in events for the night. Instead of the regular competitions we all enjoy, Rivendell will be holding a raffle in Town Square. Food, good company, and great prizes will be included! Beginning at 7pm CST, raffle tickets will be on sale at a cost of $100 gp per ticket. Purchases are limited to 5 tickets per entrant. At 7:30 sharp, drawings will commence. Several nice prizes will be raffled off, including gold, regs and much much more!

    Immediately following the raffle, there is more fun in store. All participants will be invited to join in a search for a mystery item for another great prize. For all those who are feeling lucky, and all others who want to be, come join us for a great evening in Rivendell!

    We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones! For those of you unfamiliar with our town we will be offering gates from the major cities starting at 7:00. Hope everyone can make it!

    Thank you,
    Rivendell Events Committee

    The town nights in Rivendell are a consistent source of entertainment for Britannians. If you have never been, check it out.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 5:30 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Knights of the Alliance host "Mystery Event"
    Noble defenders seen frequently in the city of Trinsic recently, the Knights of the Alliance are inviting citizens to take a break from the mayhem of the warfare and have a bit of fun:

    KoA MYSTERY EVENT - New date and time!

    Lord Ramsonne, the Grandmaster of Events, is hosting what is expected to be the grandest KoA event to date on Wednesday, Feb. 16th, at 7:00pm CST on the Lake Superior Shard. Due to recent events in Trinsic, the original date of February 10th was postponed. In the meanwhile, we improved upon our already great event idea!

    The festivities will begin and end at the KoA Village located around the large lake southwest of Trinsic. Gates will be provided from Magincia and Britain banks starting at 6:45pm CST. Entry fees will be collected between 7:00pm and 7:30pm CST. The event is scheduled to begin at 7:45pm CST. All players are welcome to share in the fun!

    Participants are encouraged to enter as a team of between 2-4 players. All members of a team ought to wear a uniform of unique colors so that they may be distinguished from other teams. Each team must provide an entry fee of 2,000 gold. The proceeds will be given away as Prize Money to the winning team. Judging by past events, we are expecting at least 30 participants which would indicate a minimum Grand Prize of about 20,000 gold to be split amongst the winning team members. Additional prizes will be offered/raffled as well.

    The Rules:

    As the name implies, the rules of this event will remain a mystery until the night of the actual event. They will be posted, that evening on the KoA Guild site under the KoA Guild site under the General Discussion link.

    I hope to see many of our friends there. Please feel free to discuss any concerns/comments at the above General Discussion page with “Mystery Event” in the subject field.

    Can't wait to hear what the "Great Mystery" is! Good luck to all the participants and best wishes to the KoA members.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 5:23 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    League of Shadows Auction
    This note I received from Puck of the League of Shadows:

    Hello, my name is Puck and I am the guildmaster of the League of Shadows. The League of Shadows is holding a auction on Sunday the 20th at 7:00 CST. This auction will be held outside the guildhouse on a small plain of land and all items will be purchased inside the guildhouse off a vendor. This auction will much be like FCB's auction where we will sell people's items free of charge as long as they provide a book and a bag with the item, item description, minimum bid and the owner's icq.

    The League of Shadows guildhouse is located at 33 degrees 39 minutes South by 8 degrees 17 minutes East. It is almost directly east of the Britian Moongate.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 5:14 AM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    Discoveries About the Plague
    This was posted on the tavern board of the Tao Circle.


    As many of you know by now, a plague was prophesied some time ago by the Gypsy seer Tatiana. She foresaw this plague striking Skrara Brae, then Kinship, and finally spreading throughout Britannia. Also, as has been made known, a little girl of her tribe was the first apparent victim, having eaten food given to her as a reward for helping a rather shadowy figure in the New Lands search for reagents. Finally, a suspicious food vendor named Benedict attempted to sell "clean" food to Kinship Hall in preparation for the coming plague. When the samples he left were taste tested by one of the former Kinship bar tenders, the food seemed "tainted". When this fellow was tracked down to Serpent's Hold, he fled. Our only leads after this point have been several messages on a tavern board in Serpent's Hold between this man and a nobleman and his brother unknowingly seeking his food shipments.

    Since then, there has been no word of this fellow and his dubious food. worsening our chances to find a cure, the little girl has succum to this plagued food and died. We find ourselves now without a patient to ply any possible curatives on and thus discover a remody for this affliction. Our only lead remaining to us was his tainted samples.

    By last eve I had reached the decision that we have no chance of stopping this fellow from sneaking his tainted wares into some port, into some unsuspecting larder, if he were diligent enough in his attempts. We can not guard every eatery in Britannia. Our only recourse would be to discover a cure, so that if the plague spread, a remody would be on hand. Having lost our one and only patient, a new one must be provided. I made my way to Kinship, obtained one of the samples, and volunteered myself for the experiment. This was not bravado or an attempt to play heroine. I have been of little use during these city attacks since at my senior years, I am too weak to wear armor and being a pacifist, can not defend myself. thus I become a distraction to the defenders who seek to both slay the attackers and protect me. Thus, feeling rather useless of late, and having lived a long life, nor wishing anyone else to risk themselves, I made the decision that our having a patient to practice on, especially a healer who could describe what effects the trial curatives were having, far outweighed concern for self.

    In the presence of Loric Greywolf, and with pigeons ready to carry word to the members of the Healer's Circle that we had another victim to study, I ate a piece of the tainted fish. Nothing happened. I waited a goodly amount of time with no results at all.

    I then, as any trained physicer would, looked for a second opinion and called for a friend, a master taste tester, to meet me in Kinship. After several tastes of another piece of tainted wares, this an apple, he said there was nothing at all amiss with the fruit. I thanked him and walked to Kinship Hall.

    At this point, we summoned the original taste tester and bid him taste the food again. He did so, and like my friend earlier, could find no trace of the suspicious taste that he noticed before. I do not doubt this fellow's skills, for he has discovered poison in food before, much to the well being of Kinship's tavern. My guess is that either this plague, like some poisons and even viruses out of the body, has a life span, and after which, loses its potency. Either that, or some far more nafarious power moves in this matter.

    Again, we found ourselves at an impass. Working with mine and this good taster's connections, we devised a plan to use the Serpent's Hold message boards to set a trap for this questionable food vendor Benedict. If he can be made to think he has a legitimate buyer for his wares he may show his hand, either for capture, or at least to provide us with the real tainted food for our study.

    For the sake of this endeavore and the safety of those folk we hope to save, please, let no one attempt any heroics in this matter. If we capture him, or he is killed, we have no way of knowing where the tainted food is to be found nor how many accomplices he has in his trust that will carry out his work without him. Let those agents I have placed trust in for this mission ply their own craft in our stead, for in this task, it may take those at home in the shadows to rightly catch this shadowy figure, Benedict.

    Dove the Healer of Yew

    Thank you, Dove, for this update on the Plague.
    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 4:14 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Update on Trinsic
    As reported before the guards are not patrolling Trinsic any longer. Because of this many shops have been closing since there is nothing to stop the forces of evil from killing those working there. This is not just true of merchants, but also of the town's bankers. Please be aware that once in Trinsic you may not be able to access your bank box or restock your supplies.

    This is especially true for mages. Word has reached me that the Mage Shop in Trinsic is completely closed up.

    Also, the lack of guards has sent the crime rate soaring. Stealing from those alive or dead is not beyond much of the populace. Flaring tempers has even caused human to kill human, fighting over the meager supplies.

    Lastly but perhaps most importantly, the healer's shop has been completely sealed shut. If one's spirit should become seperated from one's body, it will require the aid of a kind stranger to help. And kind strangers are a rare commodity in fallen Trinsic of late.

    The roving bands of undead are still patrolling the city they see as thiers. Lich Lords and Mummies abound, but there are growing reports of creatures whose rotting stench is so foul it posions those it touches, and the posion kills in seconds. There are Skeletal commanders and other forces, using bows that kill strong, well armored warriors in as few as three hits, and their aim is deadly accurate.

    If you manage to survive the undead, aviod the theives, and not argue with hungry blood thristy men, you still have to contend with the many groups and indiviuals who are trying to claim Trinsic for their own. Some are doing this in hopes of organizing a new human government, still with the goal of overthrowing Jou'nar. But many are just as happy to work with Jou'nar and take their share as well.

    Trinsic is not a place for the faint hearted. It is a dirty, stinking, rotting version of what it once was. I still want to see it freed of this grip of death, but my hope is fading.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 4:03 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Chaos and cooking
    Two new courses at Moonglow Lycaeum:

    Lycaeum Academy course: Britannian philosophy and Order and Chaos

    On Wednesday, February 16th, Zinethi Arylliea will present her course Britannian philosophy and Order and Chaos. This course is meant for people interested in the ethical foundations of our land. Topics include the Virtues as well as the principles of Order and Chaos. The course takes place in the Lycaeum on Moonglow island and starts at 22:00cet, 9pm GMT.

    Lycaeum Academy course: Advanced cooking

    On Friday, February 18th, Marcus - the Owls Eye tavernkeeper - will present his course: Advanced cooking. This course is especially meant for young people (Newbies) who wish to start a career as chef. The course is being held in the Lycaeum on Moonglow island and starts at 21:00cet, 8pm GMT.

    More information about the Academy can be found here.

    Mayor of Moonglow

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 3:56 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Forcing the Hands of Fate
    We received this announcement:

    Hail and well met,

    After careful consideration of recent events, we have begun to determine that there is very little we can do, as citizens, to stem the current invasion.

    Waves upon waves of the enemy assault our defenses, and yet the same outcome occurs every evening: a complete stalemate, with both sides broken and battered, but with neither gaining the advantage.

    We stand in limbo, no direction or purpose to our machinations, no rhyme or reason to the endless bloodshed that stains our streets crimson as the sun sets slowly and the day fades to night.

    And so, it is time we force the hand of the enemy. We have tried to stand idly by and allow the armies of Minax to assail us, hoping beyond hope that we would discover some weakness in their ranks that would bring us salvation. But it didn't work.

    Only when we forged our own path were we successful, as seen with the capture of Keeonean, and I am certain that if we strike out on our own, past the lines of men guarding each gate, past the tides of the enemy that surge upon our defenses, we will find a way to bring victory to our ranks.

    And so, we will try something new. On Wednesday and Thursday, we will be holding a number of events each evening, designed to learn new information and change the pace of the campaign from endless siege to involving story. Whether or not these plans will have any effect is uncertain; the outcome of each gathering will most likely be based on attendance, enthusiasm, and the availability of the individuals involved.

    In any event, here is the proposed schedule:

    Wednesday, 6pm EST, Minoc Gypsy Camp

    Delegates from the Alliance and other interested citizens will assemble at the tent of Tatiana the gypsy, in an effort to speak with the fortune teller in regards to recent events. Although her ability to scrye is rumored to be clouded, we hope that perhaps the positive energy generated by an assembly of defenders may empower her to see into the future and reveal new information.

    Wednesday, 11pm EST,

    Through use of an ancient necromantic ritual, we will be attempting to summon Anmac Mallachtan, and bind him to answer three questions, regarding Juo'nar and the librarian Joye. The dark rite requires fifty of each pagan reagent, and we ask that any who attend the ritual bring as many of the necromantic reagents as they can spare (compensation will be provided if desired, up to five gold for each reagent).

    Thursday, 7pm EST, Lord British's Throne Room

    A gathering of concerned citizens will assemble in the throne room of Lord British, and request an audience from someone with an offical capacity to relay information. Our hope is to catch the attention of Sir Geoffrey, and learn more details as to his assignment to capture an enemy general.

    Thursday, 11pm EST, Trinsic

    Able defenders are asked to assemble at the outer North Gate, in order to perform a complete sweep of the city. While we don't expect to take Trinsic back from the hands of the enemy, this will serve as a blow to the enemy's morale, and will demonstrate to Juo'nar that while the city is in his possession, his victory is far from decisive.

    That is our agenda for the next two evenings. Please note, there is no way for us to determine if any of these events will be successful, and little indication as to whether or not any new information will be acquired. But on the same token, there is the possibility that by writing our own pages in this story, we can affect the paths the fates have chosen, and at least for a moment be at an advantage.

    Feel free to visit the Catskills Inquisitor if you have any questions or suggestions.

    -Lady Eve, Chancellor of the Alliance

    Thank you, Eve and good luck.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 3:42 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Fishing Council of Britannia Auction

    This from Forge of FCB (Fishing Council of Britannia):

    Hear Ye Scallywags!

    I be announcing a talent and fashion contest for all ye landlovers and seadogs! Grab yer best clothes and spit polish yer boots, it be time to show yerself off to the world. Bring yerself and yer best mate and let us be havin' a s'well good time while munch'in on the greatest fish steaks yer dry mouth has ever tasted and wash it down the hatch with some beer!

    This grand event is hosted by FCB, the Fishing Council of Britannia. It will take place on 16th Wednesday at FCB's HQ* at 6:00 PM CST. Gates to the HQ will be available from 5:45 PM CST at Britain's West bank.

    Rules: -No vulgar language is to be used during the event.
    -Each contestant may only enter an event once, but does not have to enter both, i.e. One may enter the fashion contest but not the talent contest.
    -Judging will be carried out by the crowd at hand, this will be done by calling a contestants name and all who wish to vote for him will yell "Aye!"
    -You may only vote for one person per event excluding yourself.
    -The top three with the most votes per contest will be the winners for that same contest.
    -Have Fun!

    -3rd place in fashion contest, a level 2 chest with an assortment of GM weapons.
    -2nd place in fashion contest, a level 2 chest, a set of GM iron armour (chain & plate combo) with an assortment of GM weapons.
    -1st place in fashion contest, a level 3 chest, a magic item generously donated by Gem, guildmaster of FCB GL, a set of GM colored armour (chain & plate combo and winner gets to decide which color excluding blue and green) with an assortment of GM weapons.
    -3rd place in talent contest, a level 2 chest with an assortment of GM weapons.
    -2nd place in talent contest, a level 2 chest, a set of GM iron armour (chain & plate combo) with an assortment of GM weapons.
    -1st place in talent contest, a level 3 chest, a magic item generously donated by Gem, guildmaster of FCB GL, a set of GM colored armour (chain & plate combo and winner gets to decide which color excluding blue and green) with an assortment of GM weapons.

    *FCB's HQ on GL coordinates are: 47o 11s 58 8e

    Sounds like a fun time!

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 2:01 AM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    Two Accounts in the Sighting of the Dread Lady Minax
    This is a terrible occurence. Trinsic, which you should know, is barricaded by undead and is constantly under attack by players attempting to cleanse the city. During an awesome show of power by the evil powers of Britannia a sorceress, The Dread Lady Minax, Grandmaster Mage, appeared. She was a criminal but the guards, having been slaughterd, did not respond. She cast lightning down upon all present at the crossroads slightly south of the west gate. She healed her minions of undead and then held up her weapon, the legendary Staff of Mondain, it was black as onyx and coursed with blue power, she flew into the air and onto the battlements of Trinsic where she hovered, soon descending to the ground where she spoke with the half-dozen (living) players gathered, my self included. She then spoke to us saying, at the end, "Here is a present for you," at which time she disappeared and a green mummy, called a Rotting Corpse appeared, this rotting corpse slaughter all, it casted deadly poison to all who heard the Lady Minax's words and I believe they all died shortly thereafter, as did I.

    Truly the dark powers of the world plot against us.

    The Staff of Mondain?
    What does it mean?
    Does this mage have the power over the all the shards?
    Was this staff used in the twisting of the Gem of Immortality by Mondain?

    Only time will answer these questions....


    And this:
    I was in Trinsic the other night as well as many others...

    More then once the undead tried to claim the City as theirs; but we managed to fight them back, even if the foul deeds of the outcasts of our lands made the battle even harder, the brave men and women of Trinsic are still in greater numbers then them.

    What was special about the fights last night?

    In the middle of a town-attack a Dread-lady appears in our midst. I have never heard of her before as I am but an apprentice mage of our lands....

    Lady Minax...

    I stood aside from the heat of battle and looked at this fair lady. She was beatiful to behold, yet something very cruel was in her eyes. She stood on top of a staircase and watched the battle below when all of a sudden large bolts of lightning were hitting all the good people involved in the battle. I saw something in her hands but could not say what it was.

    The "staff" she was carrying was like a living bolt of lightning and I knew that she was the one making these "chains of lightning" on the people below. People were fighting the lich lords and the mummies and many of them died when the sky itself seemed to help the monsters. I stood a bit up the road and warned people: "Lady Minax is killing all".

    Suddenly she stepped down from the stairs and was among us; I did not dare to come close to her but I saw a group of people talking to her. I approached and my ear caught the last sentences of the conversation.

    Lady Minax was taunting the people and then as final words she said something like: "Here, I have this for you... Have fun." She disapeared and where she had been appeared a green rotting corpse, who was slain eventually, but the corpse had powers well beyond my beliefs and it took many a good fighting man to Valhall before it was slain.

    I know not if this, as I recall it, is something that can actually make a difference. But from the rumours I've heard about Juo'nar and his minions, It seems that Juo'nar is serving a Dark mistress of some kind. Could this Lady Minax be the true evil behind the assaults on Trinsic or even Britannia itself?

    I am but a young mage and know not of the darker mysteries in the world, but if I have come up with something to help our cause then I'm sattisfied for now.

    Urd Verdandi of Trinsic

    Thankye, both of you, for these tales.
    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 1:52 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Followup on the Strange Room

    I recieved many letters requesting more specific directions to the strange room. so here they are:

    Starting at the Crypt doors, go into the west room and downstairs.

    Travel directly north to the end of the corridor, go up the stairs.

    Go through the room with the large bloody pentagram, go up the stairs

    Go East. The mysterious room is in the northeast corner of the room.

    I hope this helps you out!

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 1:49 AM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    A few tips to keep in mind when contacting UOSS GL


    We here at UOSS recieve heaps of mail each day from all of you loyal newshounds out there, and we appreciate it very much! With the goal of improving this process, I have decided to give you all these tips to help get your news pushed through as efficiently as possible.

    !. We dont know everything.
    Oft times we recieve mails which state "Could you post a story about that incident in Yew?" or something similar. If we haven't posted something newsworthy, it means that we dont know about it (there are only 4 of us for the whole shard after all).

    2. Details Details Details..
    You guessed it, when you report a story we need details.. and lots of them. the best way to present these details is with an in character first-hand account of the event you are reporting. It is always better to give us too many details and let us sort through them.

    3. HTML bad
    Please don't send your messages with HTML tags attached to them. There are specific HTML requirements we have to meet when we input our articles. So when you do send a message with HTML coding, we have to take it off and then put it back in.

    4. Old news is bad news
    If there is already a story posted about an event, we don't need another unless it contains information that was not included with the first one. You should see how many articles we got about the fall of Trinsic!

    5. Post news, not questions
    When you post a message to us, please make sure that it is news and not an unreleated question. Obviously, pertainant questions are OK, such as "Can I send you this screenshot?" or "We liked that one article, could you do a followup report on it?". I am referring to questions such as "How do I rename my pet?"

    6. Advertising
    No, we cant post that your guild is now recruiting. We can't advertise your web site for you either. If we did that, then the news section would just become Classified ads for guild openings.

    7. What time is it?
    If you are posting something that is time-specific.. such as an upcoming event, you will need to include the Time Zone with the hours and minutes.

    I hope this clears up things for many of you. Please, keep those mails coming on in! We can't do this job without you!

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 1:45 AM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    Britain Scavenger Hunt
    I would like to announce that the Blood Stone Alliance will be holding a scavenger hunt this weekend on sunday 12pm EST in the city of Britain. There will be 1st through 5th place prizes.

    First place will be a set of GM Verite archer armor with shield and 5k gold.

    Second Place will be a set of GM Archer Armor and 4k gold.
    3rd place will be 3k gold.
    Fourth place will be 2k gold.
    Fifth place will be 1.5k gold.

    Anyone who wishes to enter meet at the counselors' guild hall in the west side of Britain.

    Rules are simple, each entrant will be given a book with a clue and when they solve the clue they will be given an item at each clue location. The player with all the items in their pack at the end wins after answering the final clue. I also ask that each entrant bring a cloak to be dyed at the onset of the hunt so that the officials involved know who is who.

    Thank you,

    Fallout Guildmaster BSA
    Thankye, Fallout, for this announcement.
    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 1:33 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Cyan Spotted Near Cove and Rescue Plans Made.
    Battered and bloodied, delirious from the poison flowing through his veins, the ranger burst into the Yew Counsel meeting hall.

    "I have seen her," he cries as he collapses onto the floor. Instantly the Militia surrounds the wounded man. Literally on the brink of death, he hands to Pyros a pair of pale blue platemail arms, inscribed with the symbol of Cyan.

    "Cove," he gasps. "She was in Cove."

    The Militia and Counsel members stared at each other for a moment, then hastened to bind his wounds and cure him of the black poisons. For a time they thought he wouldn’t make it, but with their ministrations he pulled back from the gray plane of death. Finally, with a cloak wrapped around his shoulders and sipping on mulled wine by the fire, he told his tale to the Militia.

    "I was patrolling the forests east of Cove. There I met a man, a miner named James. He told me he has just escaped from an Orc slave camp."

    A hush descended upon the room as he spoke these words.

    "Upon hearing this I resolved to find this camp and either free the slaves, or learn enough to lead a rescue party. I headed west until I neared the mountains of Cove. Quietly I eased my way along the small passage toward the Orc camp. Soon I could hear the harsh sounds of Orcsish laugher and the cries of anguish of their slaves. As I parted the last of the brush before me, I saw the woman we’ve all sought. It was Cyan, weeping as the Orcs lashed her with their whips."

    Mummers of outrage swept around the room until Pyros called for silence.

    Looking back at the stranger, Pyros motioned for him to continue his tale.

    "I couldn’t help myself. The sight of so fair a lass being beaten by those brutes was too much for me to bear. Shouting out I charged into the mine. Three Orcs, seeing me, drew their scimitars and met me in battle. The rest herded their slaves into a hastily opened gate. I slew the Orcs, but it was too late."

    The ranger lapsed into silence. Looking about him, Pyros immediately started pointing and giving orders. Soon the meeting hall was empty, save for the lone ranger sitting quietly by the fire. The search for Cyan continues.

    And this:
    Hail to thee. I am Ryo master armsman and tactician in the arts of war. I am to lead an attack to rescue the captured Cyan on this coming Saturday at 8:00 I will be there at 8 the attack itself will start at 8:20. I believe I know where Cyan is being held but I must withold that information until the attack begins. We will meet at the Empath Alley in Yew. I ask all those in the force of light to come and aid us for this wilst not be an easy task.

    Thank thee for thy time and thy kindness.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 1:26 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Boat Race to be Held This Friday
    We received this announcement:

    Red Skull Bay Buccaneer Cup

    After the success of the first two boat races, I want to announce the third race of Catskills, organized by the United Pirates. The race will start on Friday, February 18th at 7 pm EST. The meeting point is the Jolly Roger Inn of the United Pirates. A map to this place can be found here. All you need for the race is a boat.

    You have to apply for the boat race by simply sending one email per boat to [email protected], telling the name of your boat. No fee has to be paid!

    You may participate alone or with a crew. However, you must have one boat in your crew, and the winning crew will receive a valuable prize! Hint: If your crew is bigger than five persons or you ship deck is stuffed with items, it may reduce your speed due to lag. The boats have to line up with the bow pointing south in front of the Jolly Roger Inn for the race, and then you will receive boat numbers. After the starting signal sea battles are allowed.

    Rules for the boat race:

    *You have to follow the course as shown on the maps!

    *You have to pass all checkpoints in the correct order.

    *Referees will be waiting at each check point, to make sure you pass by with your boat. You have to yell your boat number to them. The referee will confirm by yelling back your boat number.

    *Direct attack spells, as well as Blade Spirits and Energy Vortices may not be cast! You may only cast field spells (like fire field) to attack the enemy ships.

    *Try to avoid to wipe out a whole crew!

    *Beware of the channel to the Occlo Bay! Do not block the channel! If you crew is dead, maneuver your ship out of the channel!

    *Of course there will be no murder reporting or looting.

    Here are the sextant coordinates of the checkpoints:

    Race Course Map

    Checkpoint 1:
    Magnicia Docks, 59°S, 163°E

    Checkpoint 2:
    Occlo Docks, 90°S 161°E

    Checkpoint 3:
    Magnicia, 57°S 174°E

    Pirate's Logo

    United Pirates

    Sounds a good day at sea! Good luck to all the competitors!
    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 12:59 AM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    More Strategies for Defending Trinsic
    Here is another tale of the Battle in Trinsic and also some tactical possibilities for defending the city.

    As one of the Trinsic Volunteer Honor Guards it brings me great displeasure that we have fled but it was indeed necessary. Now i have not been a large player in the war of trinsic but by doing research and noting various buildings for combat worthiness (just call me the tactical advisor of VHG) I learned that besides Murderers and typical scum, three other factors relating to our down fall are. The Order/Chaos Guild wars occuring there all the time. They created unnecessary lag when their battling could well have been done outside of town, as well as they're guild memebers being the main killers and looters. The other Factor is that not a single person used a real sense of battle tactics in the town there weren't any thought out postions after the honor guard was finally defeated in a sad event the battle between the murderers and the Defenders at the trinsic healers ... now battling beasts and demons outside of town has a diffrent set of rules but no one used the buildings as bases or defense posts. The town hall for example on observation i discovered it had two exits, one that went to the second bank and one that went to trinsic park. Both these entrances were three tiles wide and would have been easily defendable (say silver hallies on outside and a gm silver kryss on the inside tile disrupting spells and hits) another key point there is that the bnk box can be openned from a certain point inside of the hall. But a main reason is that there are multiple rooms as well as balconies for defenders to fire arrows and cast the arcane magics upon the undead and murderer alike, it would also provide a good vantage point with which bards could spin their music leaving the undead confused.

    I beg large guilds of Honorable makings to join the revolution of undead controlled trinsic, for while i fled with Starbuck to my home of vesper my heart goes out to any of honorable design who continue to protect whatever is left of trinsic. I especially thank Sigmond and Dantine without whom I might never have thought of the town hall(my last idea was the jail since it had two exits and small hallways and doorways(secondary defensive outpost?) While my humble Regular kryss didn't win many battle i healed many defenders and i am pleased to say that some honor might still be in the city of honor.

    Thank thee much,
    Arlia Gm fencer, Warrior, and Tactical advisor to the VHG of Trinsic.

    Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000, 12:06 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Orc Spawns are Becoming Overwhelming in Yew
    Here is a story from a seasoned war veteran about the recent rise in orc activity in Yew.

    Ah, I thought my days of fighting were finally over. I had put down my trusted Broadsword once and for all. Mine armor had been hung on the wall for the final time. Retiring to the secluded Empth abbey to follow a life of peace had been a most fulfilling decision. After all the days in Trinsic, fighting the undead, I was looking forward to the simple life. However, T'was not to be!. Not 3 days had I rested in the Abbey, that small Orc Scout parties of around five started appearing, raiding my precious abbey. Orcs may not be the hardest of foes, but when Parties of five begin appearing 5 minutes after each other, it begins to hurt. Especially as they were mostly Lords. I donned mine armor reluctantly and equipped my Trusty Broadsword once more, and charged outside to prevent them from entering. I dealt with about three scout parties, one after the other, until they began to overwhelm me. I was trapped against the Abbey walls, surrounded by Orcs, and my health was diminishing quickly. I gave myself up for dead when suddenly, a blue gate opened and the words In Vas Mani were muttered by a Silver haired man on a horse. My wounds were quickly healed, and the magician began finishing off the Orcs I had already weakened, using Energy Bolts and Flamestrikes. Although I shun magic, I was never happier to see this man. The Orcs were quickly defeated with this new help, and The abbey was saved. But this is where I need your help, people of Britannia, for the town of Yew is still infested with Orcs. For all those willing to help, assemble at the Abbey and we will free the town of Yew!
    Are we prepared to lose two towns to these monsters!?

    Adam Blackoak - Mystic Rangers of Britannia

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 11:41 PM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Town Cryer: Trinsic Hath Fallen!!
    This was just added to the Town Cryer:
    As feared, the undead armies of Juo’nar together with the ratmen and gazers of Malabelle overwhelmed defenders and managed to seize control of Trinsic! Citizens of the City of Honor hath mostly all fled, leaving only a few resolute shopkeepers and small pockets of resistance. Word on the streets is that even the few remaining shopkeepers, bankers, and other merchants will be fleeing soon as well before the full brunt of Juo’nar’s army takes residence in Trinsic.

    While few know what his plans are, Juo’nar and his forces seem to be slowly settling into their new quarters beginning with barricading the entrances to the city. Some trapped inside the city walls report overhearing bits of information hinting that even more undead will be joining Juo’nar in Trinsic, as well as much more powerful beings. As yet, we have no confirmation of these reports nor anything more specific.

    Nystul, of Lord British’s court, hath used his wizardly powers to help offer an escape to those wishing to flee Trinsic. Send word to any trapped within the city walls to seek the moongate Nystul hath raised. This moongate will send ye to Britain. Nystul is able to block any of Juo’nar’s minions from entering the moongate. Should Juo’nar break through Nystul’s barrier on the moongate, Nystul will be forced to dispel the moongate until he can regain control.

    Lord Dupre was not available for comment at press time, but those close to him say that this paladin of Trinsic hath vowed to drive Juo’nar from the city he calls home.

    Keep thy eyes focused on the Town Cryer newspaper and ears tuned to the Britannia News Network broadcasts for more information!

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 9:46 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    Town Cryer fights off Invasion Force
    The following report was submitted by Freeholder News Network

    Britain (FNN) - One of Britain's town cryers came under attack this morning when a platoon of rat- and lizardmen appeared in front of The Sorcerer's Delight. Looking in vain for another target to pummel, the invaders concentrated on the lone town cryer while the guards looked on in obvious delight.
         It is not known whether the attack was premeditated and meant as a reaction to the overall poor quality of news-reporting characteristic of the cryers, or an attempt to silence the cryers to prevent them from alerting the defenders of Britain to an impending large-scale assault.
         The town cryer seemed perfectly able to handle the rats and lizards on his own. Wrestling with the invaders, he quickly decked three of them and competently negotiated the remaining force with little outside assistance. Whatever the invaders purpose might have been, they had better reconsider plans for a similar move in the future as Britannia's town cryers seem to possess an unsuable amount of resilience and courage.

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 8:13 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    OSS Mission in Trinsic
    We received the following report from the Order of the Silver Serpent:
    While patrolling for Order of the Silver Serpents with my dragons outside the gates of Trinsic tonite, a Dark Priest appeared and asked if there were any dark souls that wanted to join the dark side. I immediately contacted Marshall Grey Wolfe and we set up a covert operation to try and gain some much needed information.

    Soon, a small group of evil followers started to say they would like to join forces with this Dark Priest. I figured now was the best time to make my move so I stepped foward and I offered my services to the Dark Priest. The Dark Priest then proceded to walk the group down the road a bit and said to wait there for him and disappeared in a flamestrike.

    Next thing I know is the wind started to howl and then all of a sudden the wind started to speak. The wind said "Seek more dark souls to join the cause, only then will the master appear." After a few more dark followers arrived, Anmac Mallachtan and the Dark Priest appeared.

    Anmac Mallachtan dismissed the Dark Priest and started to speak to the group of evil followers. He said "Our Armies are assembled, and awaiting the great gate. First you will see the strong ones, in Trinsic the Skeletonal Commanders and then the Poisonous Lurching Corpses. Do not engage them they will both melee with much vigor and they will also harm you from a distance. Avoid engaging in conflict and avoid corners for they harbor the evil I have laid with my Dark Mistress upon Trinsic."

    Anmac Mallachtan also wanted us to search for few things. First thing he asked for was to get a key from someone named Joye. Then he asked us to get maps from someone named Carridgan. He then preceded to appoint two followers named Willow and Ralph as co-chairpersons for the group and they are to report directly to Anmac Mallachtan. He then flew off down the road and disappeared just as fast as he arrived.

    Let it be known that Anmac's blind masses are already raising in numbers and it will not be long before even more stand by his side. We must not give in to this evil and unite to rid them from our lands.

    For Honor and Peace!

    Wanderer, Sargeant at Arms

    Order of the Silver Serpent
    Thanks for the report!
    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 6:56 PM EST by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    The Plot Thickens, Part V: Daemon Anmac Converses
    Anmac Mallachtan, Juo'Nar's accomplice during the attacks on Trinsic, has stopped for a second time to speak to Britannians.
    This evening while i was in Trinsic battling the undead that have been seiging the city, the Deamon General Anmac Mallachtan arrived in the garden at the center of town. After he summoned a hoard of undead i questioned him while killing his unholy minions. I asked him why he wanted trinsic? He said that he didnt want it,his masters Juo'nar and Minax were the ones that wanted it. I asked if he did everything they told him to and he said he was bound to do theyre bidding, Minax summoned him ,and was in control of him. How can i break the bind that Minax had on him? ,i asked. He said to seek out Joye. Why?,i asked. He would only say that there will be a big event of some sort tommorow eve. He told me to be vigilant ... I thought it to be strange that he would say this to me..... he then told me i was doing well and to spread the word of this "event" I belive that Joye has the key to his release some how....we must find her before tommorow eve......

    Stay Vigilant!!!!
    From Zealot ,gm of DTS

    Shortly after this submission was recieved, it appears Anmac resumed his attack on Trinsic, but was driven out by noble defenders:
    I write to you again with a somewhat triumph over the forces of evil in Trisnic tonight.As i told you in our previous conversation, my guild OL Order of Light has allied with some other guilds to try to stop the on going slaughter of our people in britania.Tonight we was able to run the dreaded Anmac Mallachtan out of trisinic! My daughter Sasha Slayer and some of our allies from the Gray Conclave, Led by their GM Samah Sarton along with about 50 others was able to allmost defeat this foul beast.In the end many died bravely but as you see in the picture sent *thank goodness we had an artist present* we was able to make him leave the town of Trisnic, hurt and humiliated to the recesses of his liar.My son jojo Enchilada is still out there looking for the librarian joye,hoping to dig up more clues into the stopping of the plague that has taken over our beutiful lands. Until i find out more news i bid thee a good day and safr travels!

    Lord of Thunder
    Order of Light

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 4:27 PM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

    The Plot Thickens, Part IV: Remaining Trinsic Guard Killed
    When I awoke this morning, I was told from three different sources that a single guard remains in Trinsic. A glimer of hope? Not according to this submission, which suggests that many people of Britannia would prefer to throw our world into chaos.
    While fighting my way through the hordes of undead I went to one of the jails because I had heard rumors that a lone guard had survived the onslaught. Upon my arrival there I found the guard but I also found a group of people attempting to murder him. They were throwing Energy Vortexs upon him and the noble guard, although defeating many of them these villians were eventually able to kill him. What does this mean for the City of Honor? Is all hope lost or does this lone guard even matter?

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 4:16 PM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

    The Alliance now has a message board!
    This just in from General Exedore.......


    I wished everyone to know that we now have a message board. It is available for the use of all who wish to exchange information on the Alliance. Also I am currently looking for someone that would be interested in creating a webpage for the alliance. This would include daily news updates along with facts and such of our foes. Anyone interested in doing this for the Alliance please contact me at this email: [email protected]

    You can reach the message board here: Alliance Message Board

    Let us hope that by joining together in arms and brotherhood that we can overcome Minax and her minions!

    General Exedore of Arden
    Commander of Alliance Forces

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 4:15 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    The Plot Thickens, Part III: Apocalypse Upon Us
    From a source known only as "S.S", came this frightening missive.
    All ye tread carefully! I need not name myself as of yet. All ye need to know right now is that the Apocalypse is apon ye all! The time is at hand and as the darkness covers the lands of Sosaria, I shall return with 3 others when the time is right. We are the undead knights; the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. The destruction, death, and blood ye see before ye is only a small taste of thy punnishment and pain that is yet to come. The blood lain on the streets of Britannia and Trinsic is that of small puddles.

    I will avenge the deaths of my ancestors, my friends, my family, and my own that you mortals cursed upon us. I will find what I need to find to resurrect myself and those who are allied with me so that we can once more take back the lands that are rightfully ours. But all ye would know nothing of that. All ye care about is ye worldly items such as gold and iron. The items ye seek shall be that of which will be the death of your race. Though few of us remain and have adapted to your ways, they know not the truth about themselves... Soon they shall. The world shall belong to us again ye weak mortals!

    S.S. (Horseman of the Apocalypse)

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 4:10 PM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

    The Plot Thickens, Part II: Masacre in Cove
    This submission, which is fairly self explanitory, comes from Shadow:
    Cove has been attacked we fought well and beat back the Gazer Fiend several times. He then spoke of his Mistress coming to slay us all. I and others questioned him as to who she was but he would not let her name be known.He also asked us all to leave cove. I have been researching and found something though I am not sure if it is relevant or not. As it turns out there is a Book entitled "The Wild Girl of the Forest" a tale of a girl kidnapped by Orcs from Trinsic and she remembers a boy. Her name was Leyla. She talked of a boy whom she loved named Japheth. Only Japheth from trinsic was the Guildmaster of Paladins. Who also died last year in a raid on an orc fort. I do not know if she is this mistress or not. Just that the tale was intriguing.

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 4:09 PM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

    The Plot Thickens, Part I: Malabelle Spotted Twice
    Malabelle, the Mistress' frilly little plaything' (see Juo'Nar interview, below) has been sighted twice in Britannia over the past two days. Malabelle is known for coordinating attacks on Britain, but it appears her horizons are expanding. The first sighting comes from kanaka, whose brave wife was attacked by Malabelle on the Britain Bank Roof. Here is the report, edited lightly:
    My name is kanaka guildmaster of the guild the Order Of Light.I write to you in deepest distress.Today my wife skeeter mcCooter was on the top of brit bank,when she was malicously atacked by the now hunted malabelle. Her along with moondawg and another i was not able to get the name was able to run her out of brit.She has now started something we hope she cannot finish ... My guild along with my family has now become part of this hunt and destruction of the forces of evil that have preyed upon our great cities..I wrote to Aiglos earlier when the clans of Dimitri had started to rant upon the take over of brits x-roads and to this day i have not seen them and have continued to hunt them down.I now state this...We will not stop untill the last of this has been stopped and the lords of the undead DEFEATED!!!!! My youngest son jojo has been looking for the foul Keeonean,and Jou'nar to steal anything that might be able to aid in the efforts to stop these foul beast in their tracks.We have also sent pidgeons to our other allies to aid us in this matter. i wil try to get an artist to give you drawings as it seems fit. May we all raise to the occasion into defeating this foul Plague that has us under its spell

    With deep concern
    Order of Light
    Mord-Sith Raina penned the second report, which includes an insightful look at Malabelle in the context of the chaos happening throughout Britannia.
    It is with great concern and urgency that I bring you this information I recently unveiled.

    Last night, I made a quick stop in Trinsic, and followed the trail of dead (or rather dead again) liche and mummy corpses to the west Trinsic Bank.

    My eyes widened as I saw yet another Dark Knight in the city. Beside it was a lady who seemed in some distress. I was about to throw some spells at the obsidian skeletal knight, when I realized, the lady, Malabelle, was talking on behalf of the evil powers which have turned Trinsic into a graveyard.

    She tried to provide warnings to the citizens, but the populace was so outraged by the appearance of evil in their once fine city, that they began attacking her skeletal guardian. Prior to the attack, Malabelle seemed to be here to rally troops. Her actions were very confusing for me.

    Many months ago, there were several attacks on cities and many disturbances which seemed to be centered out of Buccaneer's Den. At that time my investigations pointed to the return of the powerful, Minax the Enchantress. Just as things were heating up, the attacks and the choas which ensued, suddenly halted.

    With the renewed vigor, and unique cordination of magical forces behind these attacks, I again suspected Minax was behind these assaults on our land. Jou'nar has always spoke of his, "mistress".

    Prior to be attacked, the "touchy" Malabelle seemed quite apt to speak. I cut to the chase, and aksed if her mistress was Minax. She confirmed it was!

    This does not bode well!

    Fuelled with great revenge, I am certain that she will take no pity on any Sosarian, until she has avenged the death of her beloved Mondain.

    I am unsure how she was defeated in the past, but perhaps with a little study on this subject, we may yet come up with a plan to defeat her! It has been mentioned that the Librarian Joye, holds a key. Perhaps this is the key she holds?

    We must intesify our search for this librarian!

    May the Virtues guide you all!
    Mord-Sith Raina, Virtue Cleric

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 4:02 PM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

    The Hunt is on for The Black Mace
    Here is some very interesting news that may provide the key to taking back Trinsic, if such a thing is possible.

    Tis said there's a Black Mace out there, guarded by a Paladin named Mandro which can kill the evil lich. I've been searching for it with very little luck so any help on the matter that anyone can give would be most welcome. Also, I know of a staff (again black) held by a peasent that can harm the famed which is my personal bane...he and I have met severl the end of him always taking me head. We fight so much so that when he attacks yew, I get mesages to the nature of "I smell you BladeSong" from Keeonaon himself. If ye can offer any other news about this I would welcome it. And if I find anything else out I'll let ye know.

    -BladeSong Knight of Black Comb

    The details are sketchy as to the names of the people and the weapons involved. For example, the mace may not be called the Black Mace, it might just be black; or it may not be black, but is called the Black Mace. Regardless of name, it needs to be found. Search the cities and find these weapons if they exist.

    Today, Rampage of GNN and I searched all through Trinsic for the paladin. We turned up nothing. Many of the places where paladins usually live seemed to be deserted. They might have been killed by the countless PKs, or they might have left the town in search of safety. I am now in the process of checking Yew and then Vesper while Rampage checks Ocllo and then Serpant's Hold. We cannot search everywhere alone, and I am only hoping that we successfully check every city.

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 3:34 PM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Great Battles in Trinsic : Malabelle spotted?
    Boah Aragorn sent us this report :
    Hail !
    Whilst on patrol with my clan in Trinsic yesterday eve, I witnessed a haunting face that still troubles me. Was it a dream or an apparition I saw? Let me tell ye the whole story...

    I was following my Lord Max Wulf through the town of Trinsic when one of the largest waves of undead appeared. Guiding them was an evil blue sketetal figure whose glow seemed to mesmerize everyone.

    This dead warrior dealt blows harder than a Dragon's bite, but my Liege and many others bravely vanquished it.
    Relaxing, I thought this would mean a few peaceful hours ahead of us, but sadly I was mistaken.

    My Lord had vanished and I was left with just one of my Clansmen in the thick of yet another battle. New Frarc valiantly led the battle towards the bank of Trinsic where reports of another daemon were flooding in from. Being but a humble scholar, I kept my distance, using my knowledge of magery to assist as much as I could.

    The daemon at the western bank turned out to be a swirling mist of death : all who touched it were dealt a shocking blow and thrown from its midst.
    My Clansman New Frarc fell before it, but before it could reach me, the valiant heroes of the town stroke it with a great number of magical attacks that it could not withstand.

    I was shocked and frightened...

    The events of the last few hours had seen many die, myself being separated from my Liege, my clansmen dead, and I was in a huddle of survivors all trying to ready themselves for the next battle, so maybe 'twas my mind playing tricks...
    ...but from the huddle of people, as if in slow motion, a slender woman appeared, her pretty face looking with an unexplainable pleasure at the wounded around her. In her hands she clutched a spellbook, bound in blood red.
    Her face had been described to me in stories, but as my mind is muddled I cannot tell from which... Maybe the ones about the followers of Armageddon? No, I cannot be sure.
    But when I saw her face the name sprung into my mind and I called it. Malabelle.

    She vanished as quickly as she had appeared.

    Unfortunately I am not a painter, I can't show you what I have seen... and without proof of what I saw, I think the brave soldiers thought I was a madman, standing on a battlefield... shouting her name.

    If I was mistaken, I apologize for it... but I fear this is only the beginning of the terror.

    Boah Aragorn,

    Mystic Mage, Clan Wulf
    Thanks a lot for this interesting report.
    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 3:33 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    General News from Trinsic
    These last few days, despite the loss of the City of Honor to armies of undeads, a few citizens keep holding pockets of resistance.

    The Trinsic Guard has been reformed by several mighty warriors, all wearing Blood-Red clothes.
    Some brave smiths still work in the abandoned forge, and repair the warriors' weapons and armors.
    Volunteer healers have come and opened a field Hospital next to the west bank of Trinsic.

    Most strange of all, some eye witnesses affirm having seen a madman running through the streets chanting : "The end is near! Convert to the Holy Sheep and your soul will be saved!"
    Having endured the foul smell of rotting and burning corpses, I can assume that these testimonies are but pure deliria of intoxicated people.

    More information on the latest attacks in the next post...

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 3:28 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    A Ray of Hope Through the Dark Clouds
    I had heard rumors of an undead army that captured Trinsic. I traveled to Britain to visit a friend and find out more about what was going on. I arrived in Britain only to find his friends mourning his courageous death. A Shadow Knight brutally and swiftly killed him. I vowed to avenge his death and I ran to recruit myself into the next group leaving for Trinsic. We gathered our finest weapons and started our journey.
    We arrived with a greeting of massive hordes charging to attack us. We stood our ground and fought our way thru several waves. It was bloody, but we managed to heal each other and kept going.
    Finally, we made it into the center of the city. Then, we saw it. Standing in front of us was a monster darker than night. It was the most horrific thing I had ever seen. I came to realize that fear was not our worst enemy this time. Then, a soldier cried out, ”Attack.”
    We charged towards the Shadow Knight, only to conclude that we couldn’t take it with mere melee weapons, but it was too strong, and too late. He had already taken down a few of our finest soldiers. We retreated a little and tried using magic and archery. We shot everything at it and we barely hurt it. The Shadow Knight chased us and continued to defend Trinsic for his master. We were losing hope.
    Then suddenly, another group came from the other direction, and we had the evil creature surrounded. With a sudden moral boost, we charged at it with everything we had. Our healers were working as fast as they could. It was a brutal battle that was surely going to be to the death of one side or the other. Swords were slashing, arrows flying, spells were being chanted, and lives were being lost.
    Finally we killed it. There was a moment of astonishment when we realized what we had just done. Then, we started cheering. Even though there were rumors of more shadow warriors in the land, we knew that we could defeat them now. This was one victorious step towards a long journey in the retaking of our city, Trinsic.

    Don’t Click On Me
    Master Warrior


    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 11:58 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    A Grim Report on the Siege of Trinsic
        Hail fellow adventurers of Sonoma, I am writing this bit of news from within the walls of Trinsic.  The scene here is a mass hysteria of death and mayhem.  Defenders of the city scurry to and fro as the minions of Juo'nar spread their plague of pestilence and sorrow upon the poor inhabitants of the once proud city.  Upon arriving in the city, with my trusty 'scribe shooting' compatriot, McCoy (also known as 'Bones'), we were witnesses of some of the most evil scenes ever to be conjured up from the recesses of one's own imagination.
        The bones and freshly dead corpses of numerous brave souls littered the streets as shadow warriors, lich lords, and skeletal knights went from building to building killing all who stood in opposition to their master's plans of taking over the city.  As Bones and I were doing our best to report on the story, taking shelter within the stables, we encountered two ghosts.  No sooner did we resurrect and heal the two defenders did an evil spawn attempt to overtake my friend and I.  Besides the several zombies and skeletons, a swirling black cloud of death appeared along with two lich lords and two shadow warriors.  If it wasn't for the quick reflexes of my companion, I wouldn't of been able to return to Ocllo to report on these sights of horror which needed to be relayed to keep all of Britannia abreast of the grim situation in Trinsic.
        Besides the unfortunate events of distress, another thing was witnessed, by Bones and myself, and if you thought these creatures of Juo'nar were bad, there lurked another vile creature among the streets of Trinsic.  The honor-less looters of the recently dead.  These scum of the city would wait in hiding until the fighting masses passed on and then they would skulk out and pilfer what they could before any of the undead would circle back to eat the remains of the fallen.
        Another rare sight was that of the local towns folk trapped within the confines of the city. Those who did come out of hiding to try and escape or search for loved ones were immediately set upon by the hordes of undead.  A sad sight, indeed, were the starving little children left to themselves to scrounge for food.  (We later gated these orphans to healers in Ocllo where they could be properly cared for, but that is another story in itself.)
        It is in my own personal opinion that it is the pride of the city of Trinsic that has made it possible for the evil forces of Juo'nar to overrun the City of Honor.  The Great I Am's anger is being kindled against the city, to bring it to its knees, more than likely to the point of total destruction unless it's inhabitants repent of their iniquities and put off their pride or else be destroyed.  This is why the magic blocking the guards ability to defend the city has been allowed to stand.  Repent, repent oh all ye inhabitants of Trinsic before all is lost.  Your soul's are at stake!
        One last word of warning to those who are intent on helping the struggle of Trinsic.  Bones was able to get some 'scribe shots' of Juo'nar's henchmen using all sorts of magical fields to kill would be defenders.  From wall of stones, and poison fields, to fire fields and energy fields to trap and slow down all who oppose Juo'nar so that the more powerful spells may be used on them.  Let us all pray that the Great I Am's bowels be filled with compassion for those within in the walls of Trinsic fighting the good fight as well as for the local towns folk.  May Juo'nar be cast off forever into the eternal depths of darkness where he belongs.

    For more 'scribeshots' to look at, please go to...
    The Siege of Trinsic.

    Signing off, this is...

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 11:07 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Summarization of Current Events Site
    We received the following from Sonoma Quest News:
    Sonoma Quest News has gathered a summarized list in order to better prepare anyone who wishes to see an end to The Mistress, and her killing. It is our hope that this information be of some help when our fine leaders and adventurers of the realm meet this Wednesday to organize against our common foe.

    The summary can be found at:

    Sonoma Quest News

    United we shall overcome.

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 9:03 AM EST by Ima Supa (Sonoma)

    Corridgean rallies resistance forces
    The search for Corridgean ended yesterday when the former captive of Anmac surfaced in Trinsic. His appearance was much different than it had been at last week's High Council meeting. Gone was the pasty pallor of his skin and the dark circles from beneath his eyes. He wore bright blue armor, more brilliant than even the finest valorite, and his eyes shone with the flame of conviction.

    People flocked around him, whether they were familiar with his story or not. Those who knew of him asked questions about the resistance army they'd heard he was forming.

    Corridgean addressed the throng, " I still mourn for my family, but there is no time for tears anymore... only steel and action. I am organizing a spy network to infiltrate the ranks of Juo'nars armies. We are called The Wings of Honor. Any who are strong of body, stout of mind and have a spirit that is resilient may come and join with us. I am a man who was unable to defend my family from Juo'nar, now Juo'nar must pay." His voice, quiet and frail but a few days past now rang clear and strong, "Hail, people of Trinsic! A glimmer of hope resounds!"

    Later, I had the opportunity to speak with Corridgean in private.

    Wallis Gerard: M'lord..

    Corridgean: Greetings, Wallis.

    Wallis Gerard: The people are antsy...

    Corridgean: Good. Then they will help in this thing, perhaps. They may have felt that the doom of Trinsic was more than they could bear. The inevitable and horrific nature of its seemingly ordained fate is offset by the fact that we now have information that leads us to believe that the fate of Trinsic is entirely in their hands. If we can but find out why Anmac wants the librarian so badly... Now he send his Trinsic native recruits to find him a key and has even suggested that it is possible that she may have this key. Joye is probably a very scared little librarian right now and is hiding. She must know that Anmac and his brothers are searching for her high and low, almost to the exclusion of continued raids on Trinsic.

    Wallis Gerard: Yes, Anmac told me this. He also said Seth was looking for you. That was why I was sore afraid for you. I combed Nujelm, Magincia, Jhelom... I had others looking, too.

    Corridgean: (looks quite surprised) Oh, ho! Really? Why is Seth looking for me?

    Wallis Gerard: I made him promise not to hurt you if you were found. He said you have maps, I believe. He said he had a fondness for you.

    Corridgean: Anmac and I have come to understand each other. If he knows about that bit of business with Ba'ab, then he is wondering why I did not warn him that Nystul was seeking to capture one of them and did not warn Ba'ab to go nowhere near Lord British's castle. The life of a double agent is precarious at best. Wallis Gerard: I have not been able to learn if he is still captive.

    Corridgean: He is not. Juo'nar freed him, and may have clashed with Nytul in the process, I don't know, or rather, Juo'nar and the Dark Mistress fred him.

    Wallis Gerard: What can I do to aid you now? Are you safe? Do you have lodging?

    Corridgean: You can rally the people.

    Wallis Gerard: That is easily done. I am sure they will be glad to fight beside you.

    Corridgean: Tell them that they are to join with the Wings of Honor and to take comfort that if some of them will continue to help us infiltrate the enemy, we may yet find out what the end game is.

    The search for Joye continues around the clock, but as of yet, no hint of her has been discovered with the exception of one man who believes he may have seen her passing through the red portal which links the Britain Public Library to Moonglow's Lyceum.

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 6:57 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    The meeting to form the people into a army
    We have recieved the following:
    The Fall of Trinsic has taught us many things...the least of which is just how vulnerable we are, and how little we know about the threats facing us.

    We've let our own pride and surety of our triumphs blind and hinder us, and it is time that we pull together as a people to face this threat.

    To this end, I propose a meeting at the Court of Truth this Wednesday at 7:30 PST.

    The agenda of this meeting is such:

    1) the sharing of information as to the various enemies arrayed against the realm, and what we can do to stop them.

    2) the formation of ad-hoc strike teams, and sharing of contact information, so that we may defend the cities that remain, properly.

    3) The division of duties for the resistance, including, but not limited to Intelligence, Recon, Training, Supply, and Strike Forces.

    Once again, a War has been forced upon us. It is time to start acting like an Army.

    Admittibly, we run a minor risk assembling our forces in one location, but the Court is easily defensible should they be so foolish to assault us.

    To ensure some semblence of order, I will chair this first meeting, with the intent of creating some form of an organizational structure for later meetings and smooth passing of information amongst all citizens. At this meeting, I would expect that we will elect, or draft, several to lead our efforts in the future.

    I would ask that citizens who wish to speak keep thier remarks under five minutes in length, so that all have a chance to express thier views.

    Additionally, we will employ some sort of a "talking stick" protocol to ensure everyone can speak. Your cooperation in observing the proper rules of order will make this a bearable experience for all. As we all know, large gatherings can be quite chaotic, so waiting to speak until the chair recognizes you will make this go much smoother.

    I thank you for your time and attention.


    Lady Birmingham

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 6:52 AM EST by Rage (Sonoma)

    Updated Macro Policy
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Updated Macro Policy

    The Ultima Online policy on unattended macroing has been updated to a "three-strike" policy. Players who are determined to be macroing in the game while not at their computers will now face the following repercussions:

    • 1st offense: 48 hour account suspension
    • 2nd offense: 72 hour account suspension
    • 3rd offense: permanent account suspension
    It is our goal to provide an enjoyable and exciting co-operative gaming experience for all our users, and we feel that unattended macroing does not help us achieve this goal. For additional details regarding these account actions, and for information on the process by which we determine unattended macro users, please read our GameMaster FAQ by clicking here.

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 6:21 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    FORMOSA - Strange Structure Appears in Britain
    I received this report from Arc:

    I am a player form the Asian shard of Formosa. I witnessed an attack on Britain while I was doing my logging near the eastern part of the town. A strang structure had appeared outside the Chamber of Virtues(to my knowledge, it never existed on that spot before). A gazer, and quite a number of lizardmen and ratmen, appeared within a 3 screen radius of the structure. The guards did not react as usual, only the few who came dispatched the monstrosities. I logged off soon after helping to dispatch the monsters I had sighted, not knowing whether anymore had spawned.

    I've included 2 pictures. The first is a pic of the structure, while the second is the strange comm crystal under one of the status which I believed was used to transport the creatures, or as a signalling beacon.

    Arc of Formosa

    Thanks, Arc!

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 5:51 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    HOKUTO: Strange News From the Town Cryers
    Xaria sent in this news:

    The spawn of Evil has now progressed into the quiet lands of Trinsic. Upon my arrival to Trinsic, the smell of death surrounded me. After encounters with the Evil ones, I followed some friends to the bank. On the way, we passed a Town Crier which was by the bank. He spoke to us, he said "Search for the Mysterious tower in Britannia". The message was not clear, the laughter of a nearby liche lord got in our way. Later I returned only to find that this special message was not to be repeated again. If anybody has heard something about this, please post it, I alone cannot find this tower. I have searched up and down but Britannia is way too big for one man to take on on his own.


    Thanks Xaria!
    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 5:41 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    HOKUTO: Report on the Last Stand of Trinsic
    Methos sent us the following report:

    It is my sad duty to inform you at The City of Honor, Trinsic, has fallen into the hands of the Undead Army. What plans they have for this city is not yet known. I can only report on what I have seen so far.

    (For (Methos' full report and screenshots, click here.)

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 5:38 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    Trinsic is Lost
    This arrived from Keaggan Stonewal:

    To those few of you that have no knowledge of the chaos that plagues our once quiet town of Trinsic, it is now over run by hordes of undead minions. There is no sign that this onslaught will let up. Many valiant souls have been lost to this seemingly futile fight to hold them at bay. This dark army is growing stronger and our attempts at thwarting this vile ban of wickedness is in my opinion just prolonging the inevitable. I fear that Trinsic will fall. But we will not go quietly nor easily. Our brave warriors will fight to the bitter end...

    Keaggan Stonewal

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 5:33 AM EST by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    Occupation in Trinsic Grows as Defenders Battle On
    I received this from Paukior:

    The town of Trinsic's well being is getting worse. The population of defenders is rapidly decreasing, and the undead army has increased in numbers at least 3 fold in the last 2 days. Theft, killing and hostility within the town's walls have increased as well, the scoundrels run amuck in the city and prey on those whom are fighting alone or in small groups. Justinus, the leader of the guild VX, has stood his place in defending Trinsic, organizing groups of men and women from VX, Savage Truth, and Dawn mages and fighters alike, to defend the under siege town and attack the green liche known as Juo'nar.

    Paukior of VXt

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 5:27 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Council of Virtues to Meet Again
    This came in from Arakthor:

    This wednesday night at 8:30pm PST at the Dawn Mage Tower, I call the members of the Council of Virtues to attend this meeting of regroup. All are welcome to attend.

    We have several issues to discuss. With regret, we hath withdrawn from Trinsic. Several members continue to harry the undead troops that occupy the city, and spy for information. But for now, the city is lost to us.

    That is only one battle though. Yew, Vesper and Cove are under seige as well. The undead forces have encampments stationed about Trinsic. Juo'nar may have a hideout on Occlo. There are many things that require our attention. Please attend if thou can.


    Quest Knight of Humility

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 5:23 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Player vs Player Combat Enhancements
    The following was just updated to In Concept:
    Player vs. Player Combat Enhancements

    Changes to combat skills and weapons to increase the diversity and tactics in player vs. player combat (PvP) and combat as a whole. Note that many of these changes are related to each other. It is important to consider all of the changes together, rather than looking at one change by itself. Be sure to read the entire document carefully before sending in your comments using the link below.

    The archery skill will be tweaked to balance it and make it more effective in Player vs. Player combat.

    • The minimum damage on bows, crossbows, and heavy crossbows will be increased.
    • The maximum damage on bows, crossbows, and heavy crossbows will be decreased a small amount.
    • The rate of fire will be increased a small amount for bows, crossbows, and heavy crossbows.
    • The long equip delay for all bows will be tweaked.
    • Archery will have slight increase in its chance to hit when compared to other attacks.
    • Issues with hitting while moving and firing will be addressed.

    • You will not be able to heal a poisoned character through any method (healing skill, spells, potions, etc.) until they are first cured of the poison.
    • Poisoned weapons will corrode unless wiped clean with oil cloth (which will be made by tailors). The more often a poisoned weapon is used before being wiped clean, the more durability it loses.
    • Only one-handed bladed weapons can be poisoned.

    The amount of melee damage absorbed from parrying will be increased.

    Lumberjacking and Axes
    The lumberjacking skill will provide a bonus to damage when the player is using one of the following axes. The higher the characters lumberjacking skill the more damage they will do up to a 15% bonus for 99.9 lumberjacking. At Grandmaster lumberjacking, the damage bonus is 20%.

    • Axe
    • Battle Axe
    • Double Axe
    • Executioner's Axe
    • Hatchet
    • Large Battle Axe
    • Two-handed Axe

    Two-handed Weapons
    Any melee weapon that requires two hands to wield will gain the following special attacks:
    • Crushing blow: A hit for double damage.
    • Concussion blow: Victim's intelligence is halved for 30 seconds.
    • Paralyzing blow: Victim is paralyzed for 5 seconds. Paralysis can be broken under the same circumstances for the paralyze spell.

    Upon a successful hit, there will be a small chance to inflict one of the special attacks. The base chance to inflict one of the special attacks is 20%. A high intelligence will give a small bonus towards the chance to execute a special attack up to a total chance of 30%.

    The bonus for damaging armor and lowering stamina will now be restricted to the following mace weapons:

    • Mace
    • War Mace
    • War Hammer
    • War Axe
    • Hammer Pick
    • Club
    • Maul

    Wands, staves, and smith hammers will not damage armor or reduce stamina.

    Hitting and Dexterity
    Currently, melee weapons check for whether a hit is successful or not in the beginning of the swing animation. This will now be scaled based on dexterity. The higher your dexterity, the earlier in your swing you hit. At very low dexterities, you will not hit until the end of your swing.

    Thievery Changes

    • You will be able to steal items from others while in combat. All requirements for stealing (such as being in the thieves guild) will still apply.
    • You will not be removed from the thieves guild if you receive a murder count.

    Armor Changes
    Armor ratings and dexterity penalties will be modified. The table below illustrates the changes:

    Armor Type AR Rating Dex Penalty (full set)
    Plate 40 -22
    Chain 28 -12
    Ring 22 -6
    Studded Leather 16 0
    Leather 13 0
    Bone 30 -15

    Additionally, leather armor will not cause any meditation or stealth penalty.

    You will not be able to recall if you are an aggressor to another player or the pet/creature of another player. This will not be the case when attacking monsters.

    Ride-able Animals Fatigue
    The exploit that allows a ride-able animal to be refreshed after becoming fatigued will be addressed. Feeding a ride-able animal food will increase its stamina and all ride-able animals will have the amount of time they can be ridden before becoming fatigued increased.

    Wrestling Moves
    New attacks with the wrestling skill.

    • Disarm
      • Characters with 80 or higher in both wrestling and arms lore can attempt to disarm an opponent. If successful, any weapon or spellbook in the target's hand will be removed and placed in the target's backpack.
    • Stun Punch
      • Characters with 80 or higher in both wrestling and anatomy can attempt to stun their opponents. A successful stun punch will paralyze a target for 5 seconds.

    To perform one of these special attacks, players will need to set a macro to put themselves in the appropriate wrestling "mode". Both hands must be free in order to perform a move.
    • New macros called "StunPunch" and "Disarm" will facilitate this. Once in the special attack mode, the character will attempt the maneuver with each successful hit.
    • If a maneuver is performed successfully the wrestler will automatically go out of their wrestling mode. There is a 10 second delay before the wrestler can perform another move.
    • While in a wrestling mode, each attempt to perform a maneuver (each hit or miss) will result in a loss of 5 stamina.
    • The higher a characters wrestling and other skill (anatomy or arms lore), the higher chance they will have to successfully perform the move.

    In order to cast a spell, mages must have their spellbook equipped.

    Magic Reflect
    The magic reflect spell will be enhanced to provide additional tactical options in player versus player combat. At this time, any spell, regardless of its circle, can be used to counter a magic reflect spell. This results in the same spell (or few spells) being used every time to bring down the reflect. This change will add variety and additional tactical options when fighting a character who has cast magic reflect.

    • The level of the spell cast on a target will determine the percent chance to bring down the reflect. The more powerful the spell you cast, the better chance you have of defeating the magic reflect spell.
      • If the spell is not successful in bringing down the magic reflect, the spell will be reflected back to the caster, as under the current system. However, the target will not lose their reflect spell.
      • If a spell is cast and reflected, the chance for a second spell to bring down the reflect will increase. The percent chance to bring down the reflect is cumulative.
      • Once a spell is cast that succeeds in bringing down the reflect spell, it will damage the target. This is true even if the first spell cast successfully breaks the reflect.
      • Once a reflect is broken, there is a 10 second delay before the target can cast reflect again. This will stop players from simply casting magic reflect over and over again.
    • The power of a reflect spell will also be dependent on the caster's intelligence.
      • The higher your intelligence, the more powerful your reflect will be. More powerful reflects will be more difficult to bring down, and conversely, weaker reflects (cast by those with lower intelligence) will be easier to bring down.
    • The mind blast spell will do significant damage to any caster who has this spell reflected onto them. This is to prevent players from simply casting this spell to bring down the reflect, knowing it will do little to no damage to them if it is not successful.
    • Items of reflection will take 60 seconds to charge.
      • After equipping a reflect item there will be a 60 second delay before the reflect is active.
      • This will use only one charge from the item.
      • The reflect will act in the same manner as if it had been cast by the character wearing the item.
      • Once the reflect is broken, the wearer must wait 60 seconds before the item will place another reflect spell.

    Overall, these change should provide both diversity and enhanced tactics in PvP. We are very interested in hearing what you think about these ideas and invite you to provide us with feedback by clicking here

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 4:49 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    BNN Day 35
    This is the transcript of BNN Day 35:
    [Intro Music]

    Bundor Bard:

    Crisis in Britannia, Day 35.
    I'm Bundor Bard and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
    In the headlines today:
    Within hours, Trinsic is expected to fall to undead invaders. We have a live, special report from the city. BNN field reporter Drenon is on the walls with the defenders. Drenon?


    [Light background music] I'm at the west end of Trinsic looking out over the wall. The dead have risen from their grave and have been launching attacks on the City of Honor almost constantly for the past week. Our defenders are outnumbered, desperately in need of sleep and may not hold out much longer. [Communication crystal static begins] We've heard rumors of reinforcements from Britain, but so far we've been completely cut off from the rest of the kingdom. [More static] My crystal is beginning to fade. I'll continue to broadcast as long as I can. [Increased static] They're swarming the west gate! [Citizen death cries] They're coming from everywhere! I don't know how much longer we can hold out! [Incredible static] Here they come! We need to get to safer ground! By the virtues, that liche is as big as my mother-in-law! Where's my sword?

    [Static ends]

    Bundor Bard:

    Drenon, are you there? Drenon? We seem to be having trouble with the communication crystals. We'll do our best to keep you informed. And that's the way it is in the city of Trinsic this 35th day of crisis in Britannia. I'm Bundor Bard. Goodday.

    [Exit Music]

    Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 35

    Author: OSI
    Copyright: ©2000 Electronic Arts
    Abstract: Britannia News Network
    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 3:51 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    BNN Day 34
    This is the transcript of BNN Day 34:
    [Intro Music]

    Matthew the Bard:

    Crisis in Britannia, Day 34.
    I'm Matthew the Bard and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
    In the headlines today:
    Trinsic appears doomed. The invasion army of undead, reported first by BNN days ago and said to contain thousands of skeletons and zombies, appears set to strike the city tomorrow or the next day. Despite the heroic efforts of independent warriors and mages manning the walls day and night, Trinsic is expected to fall to the forces of evil. There is no word on whether reinforcements have been dispatched by Lord British. More news of the realm right after this.

    [Gong sound]

    Male voice:

    Here at the Finest Cuts we have all types of delicious meat products. We have pork ribs, spare ribs, sheep ribs, beef ribs, snake ribs...

    Other male voice:

    Snake ribs?

    Male voice:

    ...harpy ribs, a dragon ribs, lizardman ribs...

    Other male voice:

    Hey, all these things look the same.

    Male voice:

    b ..ratman ribs, a gazer ribs, rabbit ribs, deer ribs and whole birds.

    Other male voice:

    Well that's different at least. But I am a good man, these ribs and those ribs, what's the difference?

    Male voice:

    Flavor, quality and texture.

    Other male voice:

    As they look here sir, they're exactly the same.

    Male voice:

    They are not!

    Other male voice:

    Are so! Look, they even cook the same.

    Male voice:

    They're different!

    Other male voice:

    Oh yeah? Prove it.

    Male voice:

    Try to stack them.

    [Stacking sound]

    Other male voice:

    Well, what do ya know?

    Male voice:

    Come on down to Finest Cuts in Jhelom on the south side of the southernmost Valorian Island, right across the street from Jhelom's Fine Tailoring. Come and see the difference for yourself.

    Other male voice:

    Do you sell fish steaks?

    Matthew the Bard:

    In other headlines today, seven castaways were rescued from an uncharted island near Ocllo early yesterday morning. The castaways are reported to be the crew and passengers of a charter ship that left Ocllo fifteen years ago for a three hour tour. There's no word yet on the identities of the castaways from this fateful trip. Although the mate is described as a 'mighty sailing man' and there have been references to a scholar, a millionaire and an actress. And that's the way it is this 34th day of crisis in Britannia. I'm Matthew the Bard. Goodday.

    [Exit Music]

    Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 34

    Author: OSI
    Copyright: ©2000 Electronic Arts
    Abstract: Britannia News Network
    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 3:50 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    BNN Day 33
    This is the transcript of BNN Day 33:
    [Intro Music]

    Bundor Bard:

    Crisis in Britannia, Day 33.
    I'm Bundor Bard and you're listening to Britannia Network News.
    In the headlines today:
    There is near panic in Trinsic as citizens scramble to evacuate. Warriors and mages from across the realm rush to the city to man the walls, trying to give the populace time to escape. Over the weekend, the undead warriors began employing unhuman wave attacks with massive ranks of skeletons and zombies rushing the walls, heedless of the arrows, spells, and swords of the defenders. BNN reporter Drenon is heading to Trinsic from Cove and we hope to give you a live report on the action sometime in the next few days. We'll have more news right after this important message.

    [Three bell tolls] Male voice:

    This is a test of the Britannia Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test. It will effect only communication crystals tuned to this station. This is only a test. The test begins now. [Screaming] Run, run like hell! Emergency! Emergency! Get out you damn fool! Leave town! Head for the hills! Vamoose! Scram! Beat feat! Go go go! What are you waiting for? Run! [Normal voice again] This has been a test of the Britannia Emergency Broadcast System. If this had been an actual emergency, I probably wouldn't be here. I'd be halfway to Minoc and you'd be a hell hound sandwich. This concludes our test of the Britannia Emergency Broadcast System.

    Bundor Bard:

    In other news, there have been more sightings of Sir Geoffrey and Lord Iolo in and around the city of Yew. As you know, Lord British has commanded Sir Geoffrey to capture a prisoner for interrogation. British hopes to discover who or what is behind the constant attacks on six of Britain's cities and towns. Seven people were killed and fourteen were injured this morning when a moongate transporting a group of lumberjacks accidentally opened near an orc mage and fifteen orcs on an island near Skara Brae. Unconfirmed reports state that at least one of the seven dead was killed and looted by an unidentified murderer, who then used the moongate to escape back to the mainland. And that's the news on this 33rd day of crisis in Britannia. I'm Bundor Bard.

    [Exit Music]

    Title: Crisis in Britannia, Day 33

    Author: OSI
    Copyright: ©2000 Electronic Arts
    Abstract: Britannia News Network
    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 3:48 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    Meeting in Valendor : should the Town be saved ?
    Sartori sent us the following :
    Hail to all!
    Sartori of the newly founded 'DutchBat-Guardians of Valendor' guild has planned a meeting to discuss the future of Valendor. Everyone concerned with Valendor is hereby invited to attend the meeting.
    Criminals and murderers who live in Valendor can attend without being killed. For this meeting, Valendor is neutral once more. Anyone initating combat with ANY character will be killed on the spot by the Guardians.

    Points to discuss are :

    1. Is there enough support from citizens of Valendor to rebuild it?
    2. Is there enough support for a new town council and mayor?
    3. Is the neutrality of Valendor going to be restored?
    4. If yes, who is going to make sure people follow the law here?
    5. If Valendor is going to stay alive, we should look for a better website than the current because the persons responsible for maintaining this site are not really involved in Valendor anymore. I would personnaly propose the DutchBat site but this is open for suggestions.

    The meeting is planned on Saturday the 19th February at 9pm CET (8pm GMT, 3 pm EST). All who wish to attend should come to the Valendor mine where information will be made available regarding the exact location of the meeting.

    I hope we can achieve something. See you all,

    Thanks Sartori, and let's hope Valendor can live again...
    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 3:37 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Librarian Holds the Key to End the Siege!
    This remarkable submission comes from Greg Price. I had heard of the librarian Joye twice before, but was not sure how she fitted into the context of the plot unfolding before our eyes. Be sure to be on the lookout for her! Here's the submission:
    Sire i come to you exciting news! One of Juo'Nar's generals known as Anmac Mallachtan spoke to me last night during the spawn in trinsic. He told me that a Librarian known as Joye holds the key to stop the spawns in Trinsic! As proof of this he has given me a rose, if you need proof you can see it.
    I've asked Greg to send any additional information to us as soon as he can (every clue, even those that are seemingly insignificant, will be of assistance to us). If anyone has any information about the librarian, be sure to let us know. Meanwhile, there has been little change to the City of Honor. The barricades stand, the spawns continue. A special report that I will be compiling tomorrow will reveal that many of those defending our city are not as honorable as most expect. Indecent events are taking place within Trinsic's besieged walls: and the undead are not the ones that are responsible for them.
    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 3:24 AM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)

    Keeonean strikes in Yew
    I got this letter from Burrator of Deepwater this morning:

    I were fending off the last beasts from the latest wave of undead in Trinsic when I heard the cry. Yew was under attack. After dispatching the Lich Lord, I opened a gate to Yew, and a group of warriors who had been fighting to preserve the streets of Trinsic followed me into the Empath Abbey. The sight that met us was horrendous, Orcs and Ettins everwhere, a huge battle in progress.

    Quickly we sallied forth and attacked the invanders and numerous fell before us. I had just dealt a fatal blow to the skull of an Orcish Lord when I ball of fire sprang forth from the hand of a man I had presumed was another warrior.

    Momentarily confused, I did nothing, then the man spoke 'Do none dare fight me?' I looked closer and then I realised who I faced, none other than Keeonean, quickly I spurred my horse forward and started to attack.

    After exchanging the initial blows a group of warriors joined to aid me in the fight, and as the battle continued I did my best to get some answers from our assilant as to his reasons for attacking.

    He refused to answer my questions, simply stating that if we left Yew we would live, more and more orcs appeared and they broke up the group attacking Keeonean. Although many had stuck blows upon him he looked barely wounded, methinks that he has powerful magery backing him.

    In the momentary gap in the battle, we faced off and he vowed that Yew would be conquered and that his attacks would never stop. I in turn stated that although I may die by his hand, others would take my place and that we would never let the fair town of Yew fall into his clutches. He muttered and then fled the town, as another waves of orcs hit us, but these too were quickly dispatched by the mighty force of warriors that had assembled.

    After the battle the Town cryers repeated what Keeonean had vowed, but with a strange accent...

    I heard reports that serveral more attacks occured during the night but were dealt with without much trouble.

    I know not what this Keeonean wants with Yew, perhaps he seeks knowledge held within the Abbey, but whatever his plans we must rally together, for we shalt not let Yew follow Trinsic into the hands of evil.

    Chairman of the Deepwater Council

    Thanks for the report!
    *Equips his arms to defend his hometown*

    Yours truly,

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 3:11 AM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Tamers Against Bugs
    We got this in from Tyke, of Great Lakes...

    I'd like to introduce TAB, Tamers Against Bugs. From a serious level, the problems with taming have reached a critical level. This affects even people who merely own horses, as they cannot be transfered and will seldom obey commands. This is an opportunity for all players to work together to help solve the problems. If you are interested, please visit

    Thank you. :)

    Tyke, GL

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 1:27 AM EST by Damarr (CommunityNews)

    The Life and Trials of Hans and Franz Episode #3
    We got this in the mail earlier...

    Hear ye, hear ye!

    3rd cartoon from "Life and Trials of Hans and Franz" has just been posted at .

    OSI announced UO Renaissance arrival for march 2000. One of the things that players are most anxious to get is new land for housing of course. Hans and Franz also want to place their cozy little house there, so they head out to earn money for it...

    Go visit our toon page and look for yourselves how they did!



    Thanks Pug!
    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 1:27 AM EST by Damarr (CandidCoverage)

    Volunteer Honor Guards Retreat from Trinsic
    This is the sad story of the Volunteer Honor Guards of Trinsic. They are people that grouped together to help those in need of aid during the battles of Trinsic. I met them in person Saturday night when I was slain by the decaying rook. They help to ressurect me and heal me of my wounds. Now it seems that there fight has come to an end.

    My name is Starbuck, and Trinsic has been my home for over two years. I have grown very fond of, and loyal towards, the walled City of Honor, and I am now very saddened to tell you, my fellow residents, that I believe only now has the city truly fallen. It has not fallen to an overwhelming monster attack, as Trinsic residents are by far the most fiercely loyal to their hometown of any people in Britannia and we can deal with any invader. It has fallen because the state of anarchy which exists within the city walls has now degressed to the point where the defenders, no matter how determined or loyal, are preyed upon not only by the vile undead which press upon Trinsic daily, but also by opportunists, looters, and murderers who have taken up in our once fair town.

    When news of Jou'Nar's plans to destroy my home spread across town, I knew that leaving, no matter how much we were encouraged to, was not an option for me. I stood my ground alongside my fellow citizens, proud of our valor and welcoming towards the outsiders who came in to aid our defense. As previously reported, one of the major problems during the initial attacks was a lack of organization. Defenders were mobbed and trampled during attacks and in many locations, including the West Gate, the crowds swarmed so thickly that there was no retreat for the wounded. After the first long night and second day of the siege, during a lapse in the fighting, I met up with some proven warriors who were all discussing the need for an organized defense. Mr. Bigglesworth, Beta, Baronstone, Night Slayer, Kojak, Vigilante, myself and a few others formed the Trinsic Volunteer Honor Guard that day.

    We decided that the West Gate was overly defended, and in the case of a major assault, the enemy would probably swarm from every avenue, so after a bit of shuffling around the Southern ends of the city we fell back to the Healer's building. We knew that other cities were barely able to hold out when the Healers were killed during attacks, and that protecting the Healers was a tactical necessity for Trinsic's survival. We donned robes of purple, the color of Honor, Trinsic's virtue, and began perfecting our strategies for protecting those who could resurrect the fallen. The attacks were fierce and a few of the more intelligent enemies seemed to specifically seek out the healer, but we held our ground for several days, round the clock. I owe Nikkonin, Arlia, Nickles, Mercedes, Fistandantilus, Alanus, Tyverius, and every other volunteer my life several times over for their cooperation and for helping me, and Trinsic, in this crisis.

    Things went downhill after the guards were wiped out. Although there were enough honest defenders left in the city initially after the demise of the guards to ensure that laws would be upheld and criminals would be punished, the situation soon changed. First we had troublemakers who tried to kill and harass the Healers simply to annoy us and create mischief, even though the few successful attempts on the Healer's life did nothing but complicate defending the city, as several times dozens of ghosts wandered around waiting in lines for random citizens to resurrect them. Afterwards we had looters and related scum who would crowd around us during battle, not helping at all, but waiting to see if any of us fell so that they could pilfer a free silver weapon or set of armor. By a day or more into the defense after the guards were gone, the population of Trinsic was half looter or murderer-looter at any given time, and anyone who fell had little hope of retrieving any of their belongings. Tens of thousands of gold pieces worth of weapons and armor were lost to thieves in this way, disheartening the defenders and making them leave Trinsic, once densely defended, to what now resembles a ghost town. Our Volunteer Honor Guard was entirely wiped out on three occasions; on two of these occasions, the monsters were actually aided by player characters with a vested interest in seeing us die. They would heal the monsters or simply energy bolt us while we were busy fending off bone knights and zombies and mummies and lich lords. Finally admitting defeat even after the city had "officially fallen", I told my men that it was impossible to defend Trinsic any longer when it meant fighting monsters and murderer-thieves at the same time, and to my knowledge there are no longer any official defenses at the Healer's or at the main gates, only a few stragglers and battle-seekers, most of whom bear Trinsic no loyalty.

    I turn in my purple robe and urge everyone reading this to avoid Trinsic at all costs until this crisis can be averted somehow. The streets were not safe before with monsters attacking regularly, but they are doubly dangerous now with the unsavory types that patrol the streets and dark alleys. For now, Trinsic is lost.

    Starbuck, Trinsic's Volunteer Honor Guard Commander.

    I hate to say this but I completely agree with Starbuck. Trinsic is no longer safe for any law-abiding citizen. Let Trinsic be an example of how we should NOT treat these attacks. Trinsic fell not because of the attacks directly but by the indirect effect the attacks had on the city: the loss of the guards. Trinsic has little chance of survival, for once the guards were destroyed, so was our hope in protecting the city. We must protect each other city until the guards are destroyed becuase once we lose them, we lose the city to murderers and thieves. This is the Dark Mistress's only hope to take over our cities. The guards are our only hope to hold our cities. Do not take the guards for granted.

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 1:01 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    A Mighty Gazer and New War Tactics
    I received another message telling of yet another creature spawned by the evil Dark Mistress to aid in the attacks on our cities. This creature is another variation of a gazer but obviously less powerful than the Gazer Fiend for it was defeated.

    I was involved in an attack on Cove. As usual there were gazers and headless. A blue gazer called "a mighty gazer" was seen but it died. I also saw a headless champion. I engaged the "Gazer Fiend" as it chanted its horrific spells. I used "The Black Serpent", my vanquishing kryss, but I could hardly scratch it; unfortunatly it's magic is mighty. Thankfully though I did learn about it during my one on one battle. First, weapons barely hurt it, BUT THEY STILL DO (remember I fought it alone)! Second, its spells can be interrupted, I interrupted many with my GM fencing and my kryss. I have a purposed solution to the Fiend. What we need in the Cove battles are dexmonkeys, the more the better, with deadly poison on thier weapons, to surround the Fiend. Behind the warriors will be archers, just for back up and for a harder retreat for the beast. Behind the archers we need mages acting as healers to make sure the front line does not fall.
    Pierre Dragoon Knight of D*M

    Thanks Pierre Dragoon for the latest news from Cove.

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 12:29 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    A Final Note on Runes for Trinsic
    With some help from various sources, it has been proven that not all runes in Trinsic are blocked but only some in certain locations. These locations include inside the banks and near the outside in some occasions, the roofs of the banks, the roofs of a few buildings, and the mage shop. All of these runes are blocked but the blocking is not very specific. They seemed to be locked in places that would be an advantage to players to recall into. It seems that Juo'nar has blocked these to prevent people from excaping his minions.

    Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 12:20 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Decaying Birds Add to the Attacks
    There have been a few sightings of evil incarnations of birds attacking cities and houses across our land. There seem to be two species of these birds so far. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights there were sightings of "a decaying raven," while tonight in Trinsic I encountered "a decaying rook." Here is a story about the raven sent in by Faulkner of the Red Eye Tavern.


    I have a rather peculiar story to relate to all with ears to listen. Just this evening I encountered one of the stangest beasts my eyes ever set upon. I had just returned to the Red Eye Tavern, where I tend the bar, to prepare for the evening's customers when I heard a strange sound emanating from outside. I went to the back room to peer out the window and what I beheld was a truly spine-tingling a sight: a dark feathered eagle which had decayed nearly to the bones. This predator of evil, upon spotting me, flew straight toward the tap-room, swooping though the very ceiling. As I was already worn down from the large piched battle that had taken place outside of Trinsic, I fear I could not put up a fight against this already terrifying opponent and soon the skeletal hands of death had grasped my body. The beast hesitated a moment as it picked over my remains and then it was off, just as quickly as it came. Now, my death is not such an uncommon accurance, as I am merely a humble bard and not much good at wielding a sword, however, when such a unique beast is found so close to the city of Trinsic at the very same time as a truly horrendous attack, one can only speculate that Jou'nar may have had a hand in it. I, however, am not very knowledgeable about such things and relate my story merely for the curiousity and study of others.

    In Trinsic's Defense,
    Faulkner of the Red Eye

    I also received a message from Hunt describing the raven. He told me that it usually hit with about 30 damage and could cast spells. It is much like Jou'nar and the Gazer Fiend in that it is also red instead of the normal grey for a creature.

    Saturday night there was a massive attack on Trinsic. At first there were just a few spawns here and there many people began to congregate around the healer's house. All of a sudden, bone knights and skeleton knights appeared inside. There must have been at least 20 of them running pouring out of the building. Many people were trapped inside while others died outside. This was the first attack for the night, and it destroyed all of the healers. Then it became a lot worse. Bone knights, spectres, Lich Lords, and more spawned all over the city. Around every corner you couldn't help but trip over a decaying corpse or dead body. Then, quite frankly, I died (nothing glorious... ISP disconnection...). But anyway, while I was dead and walking around looking for a mage to bring me back to the living, I saw IT. A strange looking bird flying around as fast as a horse and taking the lives of those around it. I checked its name to find it was called "a decaying rook," another of Jou'nar's reincarnated creatures. It killed many people before I gave up trying to be resurrected and rested myself as a ghost. These birds are nothing to underestimate, but I believe that they will die much easier than Juo'nar.

    I cannot stress this enough, BE CAREFUL IN TRINSIC!!!

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 11:53 PM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Candidates for Mayor of Yew
    With the leaving of Mayor Rainbow King, the elections of Mayor of Yew have been reopened. Candidates that have made me aware of their motives for running have the following statements announcing such:
    Greetings all,

    As has been previously indicated, I plan on running for the position of Mayor of Yew. Rainbow King has done an excellent job of promoting a sense of community and cooperation among the people of Yew. And before Rainbow King, the previous mayor, Gargish Dragon, paved the way for what we have now, and played a large role in getting the Yew Town Council established and recognized throughout the Realm. I have been lucky enough to serve as Chief Justice of Yew during parts of both of the previous Mayors' terms. And it was the people of Yew who elected me to that position, and I did my best to represent their voices and make sure that Justice was upheld in the area.

    I believe that in this time of trouble and danger across Britannia, with the mysterious attacks to several cities and the danger which Trinsic is in, Yew needs a person to lead the town who has experience and familiarity with the people of Yew and the ways which the Town Council functions. If I am elected Mayor, I will use my previous experiences and my strong relationships with other important people and organizations to further the development of the Town of Yew as a whole, to continue to show by example what a Town Council is capable of doing on their own. Together with the Yew Militia, West Yew University, and several other well-known and established Guilds and groups, I will work to further advance what has already been set in motion by previous leaders and citizens. I will also pursue alliances and meetings with other Town Councils, whether they be of the other establised cities of Britannia, or those settlements founded by other citizens as new centers of living.

    So, please take the time to consider the candidates for Mayor, and take the time to vote for the candidate who you think will best serve the people of Yew and Britannia as a whole.

    I also urge people to lend a hand to the defense of Trinsic, as Nova, the Mayor of Trinsic, has asked for any aid which may be available. Surely the people of Yew can lend a hand in this matter and ensure that Trinsic does not fall into the hands of Juo'nar.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and ideas, and take care in this dangerous time throughout the land.

    -Thrawn, Former Chief Justice of Yew

    And this:
    Since the passing of my dear friend Lord Rainbow King I have found myself wondering these lands a little lost and a little confused. Trying to make sense of why this horrible event took place. Why my friend had to leave these lands and just how could I continue his work. How could I not only keep the Rainbow King’s vision and dream for a safe Yew and most important a safe Britannia. These thoughts, nay these nightmares of what this place could become without my friend plagued me for many sleepless nights.

    It was early yesterday morning as I found myself looking down upon his very burial site that the answer to my question came to me. At first I thought I was dreaming or perhaps the lack of sleep had finally over come my own will. There was a voice coming from the grave. The voice of my dear fallen friend, “Fear not my friend” the voice bellowed.

    “Rainbow King?” I called out!! The voice responded, “Continue my work,” the voice said again.

    Work I thought to my self, “Work! How can I continue your work?” I yelled.

    The voice faded away saying “Remember I am always with you!”

    “Rainbow King how can I continue your work?” I yelled “How?” but there was no answer. He was gone.

    Now I was even more confused and even more lost. I will even go so far as to say the yes I was even afraid. As I looked down to the ground I found a necklace with a gold band. There was a charm on the strand of ankh with the word Justice on it. Rainbow King strived for Justice. As I thought for a while over a glass of Wine (since I was at the Serpent Cross Tavern), I studied the necklace and discovered it reminded me of the Shrine of Justice. So I decided to go to Shrine it self. I spoke the ancient words and a gate opened and walked through coming out right in front of the Shrine itself. The necklace started vibrating and glowing with a white light unlike anything I have ever seen. Then I was getting dizzy, as the necklace seemed to put me in some sort of trance. I heard my voice; I heard the questions that I had been tormenting my self with. “How can I continue his work?” Then I blacked out. When I woke I found myself back in The Green Hell Tower asleep in my bed. Was it a dream? I was not sure until I found the necklace around my neck. Still groggy form the resent events I brushed the sleep from my eyes and gathered my senses. It was then I came to the realization of what I must do. I must finish what Rainbow King started. I must help bring Yew and Britannia the Justice that Lord Rainbow King strived for. That is why I have decided to run for Mayor of Yew!


    Emissary of Green Hell
    And this one:
    A'oy thar all!

    Do to the unfortunate yet understandable absence of Lord Rainbow King, it seems our fair town is in need of a new mayor, even if only fer a short time. Thar fer I'm offerin up me services both to the town and the realm. I 'ope ye all find me worthy of the post and I look ferward to servin ye all. Even if I don't get elected. More to come on my political stances and what not.

    Thankee fer yer time all!

    Yers in Ale and Tale

    Keeshi, Sage of Justice, HoA
    Lost Order of Akalabeth
    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 11:37 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Haven's Sweetheart Auction was a success!
    Korin the Scribe sent us the following:

    Here is a report of the event we held Saturday night in Haven.

    Thanks to all of you! Tonight's Sweetheart Auction was a blazing success, and you all made it that! Special thanks to Lady Althaia who I couldn't have possibly lived without over the past couple of days. *Hugs* You're a blessing, Altie. Okay, wrap-up on the prizes here; if you won something and haven't picked it up, get in touch with us and we'll see that you receive it.

    Gold winners:

    • 1st place/men-Korin-55,500 gps for top bid on a bachelor.. well, sort of a bachelor. *grin* Korin brought in 90k from the Lady Althaia.
    • 2nd place/men-Pfredd Mudd, Evil Tailor 33,300 gps for the second highest bid of 80k from SugarRush.
    • 3rd place/men-Blig'nak (I hope I spelled it right, but if I didn't, orcs can't read. *grin*) of Paxland,er, Paxlair 22,200gps for the 3rd highest bid on a bachelor of 11k.
    • 1st place/women-SugarRush 101,250k for top bid on a Sweetheart of 110k by Pfredd Mudd.
    • 2nd place/women-Lady Morgaine, Mayor of Shadow Cove 60,750 for second highest bid on a Sweetheart of 101k by Xarth.
    • 3rd place/women-Lady Althaia, Crafter of Hope 40,500 gold for third highest bid of 80k by Korin the Scribe.

    Creative Winners:

    • 1st place/men-Pfredd Mudd
    • 2nd place/men-Louthorian
    • 3rd place/men-Lachlan Mor
    • 1st place/women-Phoenix of Moonglow
    • 2nd place/women-Sugarush
    • 3rd place/women-Sunchaser

    The grand total taken in before prize money was given out was 627k. Once again, my thanks to everyone who made this event happen... Particularly these people:

    Althaia, Nail Fangtooth, Angriff, Bud, Jethro, Memnoch, Casandra, Delia, Lachlan, Louthorian, Rade, and Taleyson. *hopes desperately she didn't forget anyone*

    Sweet dreams all, and Happy Valentine's Day!

    Amber of the UBB

    I would personally like to thank everyone that attended. All of you make Haven a nice place to call home. Farewell for now!

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 8:09 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    The Alliance is formed!
    Korin the scribe notified us of these plans to deal with the evils that now assault our lands:

    I would speak to you now of something of the GREATEST importance. Last Saturday at 8:00pm EST the elf known as Exedore of Arden called a meeting at the Court of Truth in Yew. He had called a meeting to discuss an Alliance to combat the evils that are now assaulting the towns. We can no longer stand by separate and divided against these foes. Thus we call all who would see life continue in our world to unite! Everyone be they evil, heroic, or neutral must put aside their differences and come together as one force. Already the City of Honor lies buried under the vile grasp of Juo'nar and his undead minions. Shall we allow another city to fall? Without the aid of everyone in the realm we cannot hope to defeat the evil which has been placed against us. To this event we have formed the basis of the Alliance. The following is how our strategic command will be setup.

    The City of Haven - due to it's closeness to the fallen city of Trinsic has been chosen as the overall command headquarters for the alliance.

    The City of Shadowcove - with it's closeness to Trinsic as well it has been chosen as an information and planning area. It is also under siege by legions of Lizardmen. A problem that the Alliance will have to deal with soon.

    The City of Corwyn - shall serve as the the supply and troop base of the alliance. With Skara Brae so far not suffering from the attacks the other cities are receiving we feel this area is still securely ours.

    While discussing our plans at the Court of Truth we had a surprise visitor. General Keeonean himself came and threatened us.

    He summoned a large force of Orcs in an attempt to crush the Alliance at it's very birth. But the brave heroes there turned back the assault and Keeonean fled. So it appears that atleast the commander of the dark forces in Yew sees our Alliance as a threat to his Mistress's plans. In attacking us he has sealed the fate of the one he serves. For we are now united and stand ready to destroy that which threatens our very existence. I have begun work on a place in the ether (website) for the Alliance. I will write more once more is learned.

    There will be an Alliance meeting on Sunday the 13th of February at 7:00pm EST at the tower in Haven. I shall see you there! We fight for Truth with Love and Courage as our weapons!

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 8:04 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Tower of Dreams Death Match
    I was notified of this event by Steve of KOS:

    Thats right the Tower of Dreams is holding its first "Death Match" on the tower roof no rules anything goes i mean anything entry fee is 10k no need to bring money our vendor will have tickets for sale so money comes out of your bank account the winner will recieve 70 percent of the purse there will be gifts for second and third place. When the event will take place Saturday ,Feb.19th at 7pm CST this event is for the best fighters in the land reds are welcome we wont the best of the best all reds will be protected from attack so come all and lets see who is the best of the best so if you have what it takes hope to see you there.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 3:33 PM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    Yew Militia holds open strategy session
    This public announcement from Mythra of YM (Yew Militia)

    A call to all guild leaders who wish to help restore peace in our fair land. We are planning a meeting on Monday, February 14th at 7:00 cst in the Yew Winery. I apologize for the short notice, but the times dictate a quick movement of this meeting.

    What is the purpose of this meeting:

    1. To discuss what we know to of our enemies
    2. Share strategies to eliminate this enemy
    3. Create a plan to help restore Trinsic.
    4. Get supplies and needs to Trinsic.
    5. Assign responsibilities (if possible)

    Yew has been under attack and thus far we have remained victorious, but we must remember Trinsic. Trinsic is and shall always be a close friend of Yew. We are trying to help.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 3:28 PM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    The Bloodrock Clan speaks out about the attacks in Yew
    I was given this by a messanger who came up to me quite unexpectedly:

    'We have heard your reports of the Bloodrock Clan helping fight off the orcish invasions in Yew. We have heard about how the Bloodrock Clan fought bravely beside the humans and a respect was earned by all. What YOU will hear is the screams of agony that has and will errupt from those orcs' mouths everyday for the rest of thier wretched lives for betraying us. We will never help Yew again and any orc caught doing so will be tortured for the rest of thier days just as the ones that helped them in the past are learning first hand. Only weapons raised by orcs in Yew territory again will be to put an end to your miserable lives!'

    It appears to have been signed by Trugagh himself.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 3:15 PM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    Shedding some light on The Dark Mistress
    The Dark MistressThis sketch, sent in by Atrius, puts to rest at last the speculation of the identity of The Dark Mistress. The Dread Lady Minax appeared in Trinsic giving confirmation to the rumor denied recently by Anmac Mallachtan. She carried with her, Atrius said, The Staff of Mondain. Immediately, I set to work trying to learn more about her.

    "So you wished to speak about this Dark Mistress, Lady Minax, eh?"

    High Court Justice Jonn Goodthorne sat back in his wooden chair at a table in the Britain Public Library. I was here trying to kill two birds with one stone: to gather information from the learned Lord Jonn and to, hopefully, spot the mysterious Joye half the realm is seeking.

    "I don't wish to, but I must. I have been unable to find any information about her. Not much, anyway," I replied.

    Goodthorne said, "The scant bits of information are indeed hard to find, and most of it is composed of rumor or myth."

    "Rumor and myth will have to do, as this is all we have," I sighed. "Better to know those things than nothing at all. In every rumor lies, at least, the smallest fiber of truth, I believe. What can you tell me about her? I don't know where to start."

    He scratched his head thoughtfully. "Am I correct in assuming that her connection to the sorcerer Mondain is known?"

    I shrugged. "I read that she was his lover. That is all I know of her."

    "Hmm..." He sat forward, folding his hands on the table before him. "From what I have been able to glean, Minax was Mondain's student in the arcane arts. They might have been lovers, but I believe she was very young at the time of his death. But, I suppose, the perversion of the two of them knew no bounds." He went on to explain that he had recently been conducting research himself and had found a wealth of information in a book called The Books of Sin.

    "As you may or may not know, Mondain has corrupted the Gem of Immorality and was able to manipulate both space and time with its powers. The stories I read indicate Minax had gained an even greater control over these forces than even her mentor. She could travel through the ages, even difficult worlds, with the greatest of ease, which may explain her appearance here some 300 years after her lover's death. I say this because scant little is recorded of her between the time of the gem's shattering and Mondain's death at the hands of The Stranger and the present. There is good argument for your "lovers" theory, however, in the rumors of a progeny resulting from Mondain and Minax's union."

    One of my pigeons flew toward me at a blurring pace, skidding over the table to a halt. It bore news from Yew, that the city was under tremendous strain from an ongoing seige. It was an urgent plea for help. Without haste, we departed for The Empath Abbey. The completion of my introduction to Minax's tale would have to wait for another time.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 2:41 PM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Periodic Poll: Let's hear your Votes
    Last weeks poll about intentionally breaking UO's Terms of Service shows that about 70% of our readers did this at least once and that about 25% even does this on a regular basis. Yikes. Does the TOS need to be changed ? Do the game mechanics have to be changed so that breaking the TOS either becomes unneccesary or impossible ? Do players need to be educated more ? Too many questions for a simple poll to handle methinks. Bottom line: with so many people breaking the rules, something must be wrong...

    And now for something completely different. Let's hear your voices about the current all-shard quest, where the talk of the town is the fall of Trinsic and the mysterious Dark Mistress. You can vote on the new weekly poll.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 1:58 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Rumors, just Rumors
    Here is some information about a few rumors that have been circulating recently.

    First off, Soul Collector and Agis were just a rumor. I received a message from a seer that they are not part of any major quest and are not part of OSI in any way.

    Also, many people have told me that all runes into Trinsic have been blocked. This is not true. To me it seems that many of the runes are blocked because of all of the people walking around. There are so many people in Trinsic that they seem to be standing on many of the rune locations. That can't be the only reason because some runes are always blocked and some that I have had were in obscure places that should be open, but I am not sure why this happens.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 6:44 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    From the gutters and the shadows
    Whilst the majority of the honourable defenders slept, tired from their days and night's of defending the city, from the gutters and the shadows came forth a fouler breed than the undead threatening the city . . .

    I write of those who would calmly stand by and watch the few defenders fight and even draw undead upon the beleaguered defenders, hiding in the shadows or running away. Till the defenders over come by the number of undead attacking, falls to the ground.

    Tis then the cowards come forth, having earlier killed the gentle healer's, giving them more time to do their foul deed's, they slither up to the bodies of the fallen to loot them at their leisure. Safe in the knowledge that the dead cannot return to their bodies soon, with the healer's dead and most mage's drained of mana from fighting. If a lone Knight of Virtue stands forth to challenge them for their crimes, little chance they stand, alone against these low life's, for they work in together. As they find braveness in numbers and as they are quick to loot the fallen they are quicker still to run away if faced with even odds. But once they have licked their wounds and their foul deed's temporary forgotten they return to slither among the fallen once more.

    Alas tis not the hordes of undead that will bring the downfall of the city of Honour that is Trinsic I fear, but those who dwell in the gutters and shadows, the types that once called Buccaneer's Den their home. Many a knight this morn I saw bereft of arms & armour, and mage without reagents heading to the one-way gate to Brittian, Trinsic cannot afford to lose any more defenders that it has to the undead horde, let alone the quiet evil that slithers forth in the streets today.

    From an anonymous writer

    Thank you for writing.
    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 6:28 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Hey, Wanna Get Married?
    Paws Outpost will be holding a mass wedding tomorrow for anyone that wants to be married.

    Hear Ye Hear Ye,

    Paws Outpost is pleased to announce that on Monday February 14th at 7pm pst. Counselor Miller and Lady Counselor Moria will be at Paws Outpost on top of the Redroddy’s Tavern and Training Hall to perform “on the spot” Wedding ceremonies for those in Britannia who have been bitten by the arrow of Love.

    It is asked that those who wish to be wed please bring a set of Wedding Rings to the ceremony with you, but, there will be a small supply of available wedding rings in the Tower courtesy of the City.

    We hope we can provide a wonderful experience for you and your mate and wish all newlyweds the best of luck.

    Hammerhead Fred and Neko The Paws Outpost

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 6:26 AM EST by Kruton (NapaValley)

    An idea in desperate times
    One adventurer offers a theory on how to defeat these evil forces:

    My friends and enemies I must tell thee it is true. Trinsic, city of Honour and beauty, has fallen. As you will already know the city is infested with the souls of the dishonoured dead.

    It seems that indeed our resources are spread thinly. However, it must be said perhaps we must change tactics for now. It seems that across the land, monsters have been appearing glowing with a gold aura that our weapons and magics have yet to penetrate. That fact that these are gold may give us a clue to how to vanquish these foul denizens of hell. Perhaps the fact that our weapons of silver, the opposite of gold have little effect, means that out there, somewhere in Sosaria, the lies a golden sword? Right now we need a hero... and a hero needs an Excalibur...

    I am only guessing but if any academics of the land have any suggestions then let others know for we are desperate.

    Mystic of Red's Raiders
    Resident of Deepwater

    Interesting idea. There is no way of knowing if Mystic is right, but many thanks for writing.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 6:02 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Death in Vesper - twice
    Whilst most of Britannia's brave citizens were trying to save the fine city of Trinsic, lesser attention was paid to Vesper. But the people there have had problems of their own:

    Trolls stormed through the streets of our good town, one wave after another. The brave defenders could kept the beasts in the western part of the town, defending the bridges and the bank square, when all of a sudden a big golden troll appeared near me and attacked chaotically. I tried to resist, but my fishing pole wasn't weapon enough to stop the giant as he smashed his great fists against my skull. The darkness fell upon me . . .

    A few moments later my spirit arose in the form of a ghost. I was ready to get resurrected by some kind healer. I directed my steps to the house of the healer that was not too far away. The good man helped me. But his help could not stop the bad luck that followed me that day. A view seconds after my wonderful resurrection the same golden troll stormed into the healer's home . . .

    A couple of minutes later my spirit was heading to the bank in hope of finding some powerful mage that would be able to help me return to life. The bank square was truly a bloodbath. And that blood (thank the virtues) was mostly trollish.

    I was resurrected by a kind long haired man, who also healed me and wished a good day . . . The main battle was going on in front of the bank doors where brave defenders held the crowd of trolls inside the bank. I did not believe my eyes: the trolls were storming out of the bank in couples where they met the steal of our fine warriors and energy bolts from those skilled in arcane powers.

    Trolls died in great numbers near that bank entrance but how long will be our courageous knights and mages able to keep them?.....

    From an unknown warrior

    Thank you for writing! Everyone, please remember to include your name in everything you send - and every time too, do not rely on our poor memories *smiles*

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 5:57 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Gazers blind-sided in Britain
    Co-operation and organisation saved Britain from defeat:

    Last night came the heaviest attack upon the east bank of Britain. They came at us relentlessly for what must have been two hours, at first there were merely large groups of ratmen and lizardmen , which we dispatched with sneering ease, then came the gazer attack - dozens attacking each area. Some fell to this new onslaught but we were just about holding our own, *shudders* then came one of the most nightmarish sites of my long life. A wave of Elder gazers descended upon the luckless defenders of Britain's honour, crashing over us as if we were not even there.

    We fought valiantly but as we fell one by one we knew that standing toe-to-toe with these creatures from our darkest nightmares would only lead to death, the defenders fled en masse. Thinking they had won the battle they did not follow us, but little did they know the counter attack was already being organised.

    Thus we returned in groups of five or six each taking a separate gazer, we surpassed them while they were still looting the bodies of the fallen, we fell upon them like we were possessed by devils screaming and snarling pure rage. The gazers wilted under our furious offensive and were quickly dispatched.

    I do commend the men and women of Britain, for I have seen no example of co-operation, honour and camaraderie to top this heroic deed.

    From the journal of Kamras
    GuildWarrior, citizen of Britain

    Well fought! Thank you for writing.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 5:42 AM EST by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    News from Kwejibo's Rancho Relaxo public Pub/Forge/Shop.
    This just in from Kwejibo
    News from Kwejibo's Rancho Relaxo public Pub/Forge/Shop.

    Greetings everyone. I'm Kwejibo of "Kwejibo's Rancho Relaxo". I've got a couple bits of news to share with you.

    First I'd like to annouce the first of hopfully many Rancho Relaxo Gold Lotteies. The cost to enter is 500gp per ticket with a max of 10 tickets (I want everyone to have a chance). The jackpot will simpy consist of all the gold collected by Friday, February 18th. You must have a non-shared ICQ# and a Character on Pacific to enter. Please visit the web page for details;

    The second bit of news is something that makes me very happy as well as proud. Becuase of all of my wonderful customers and all of the people who do a great job running the vendors that serve them, Rancho Relaxo enjoyed it's 75,000th visitor last week. Thank you everyone!!!

    Kwejibo of Pacific

    Thankyou Kwejibo, and congratulations on the 75,000'th visitor!
    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 5:11 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Strange room found

    strange room

    Earlier this week, I was passing by the Yew Crypts where I noticed a strange room. There were red curtains lining the walls, a red lute, and a book inside. I could find no way to enter the room. I pass this information along in the hopes that someone else will be able to unravel this particular mystery.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 3:59 AM EST by Alec DeLeon (GreatLakes)

    A message for Yew from Keeonean
    Yew under attack "Yew is under serious attack. If we do not get back up, we will not be able to keep the city." The note was penned hastily, ink spattered and smeared across the parchment. The seal was Kaleb Koons', a founder of the Yew Militia.

    Pigeons were flying like swarms of hornets in the Britannian sky. Reenforcements arrived as quickly as they could be mustered. Trinsic had been lost, or so the invaders say. Yew would not be stolen, too.

    Banking orcs?Keeonean, Lord of the Mongbats, slithered in and around the various skirmishes, ranting maniacally, "Embrace your death! Pathetic cowards! You scurry like rats!" All around the grounds of Empath Abbey and the village nearby, orcs, ettins and mongbats were summoned forth by the golden armored villain. He weilded a sword and took on any who opposed him, leaving them for dead in mere seconds. He threw back his head and shouted, "THIS IS JUST A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME, YEW! I will bring you all to your knees!"

    Lord of the MongbatsAn ordinary man named Grizzly Carter engaged him, saying bravely, "Colored man, you shall not prevail! If you take me, Yew will only grow stronger, colored one."

    "You are not strong enough to kill me!" Keeonean spat. Another swell of beasts arose to replace those dispatched by the defenders.

    I approached him cautiously, ducking to avoid the foaming spittle that flew from his lips as he ranted and taunted the warriors coming for him. I asked if he would speak with me. His face drew near and I instinctively turned my head, my stomach churning at the stench of his fetid breath. It was so gamy, only the fragrance of Juo'nar himself's rotted shell could rival it in competition. "I speak to no one!" he spat, obviously breaking his own rule. "I am a man of action, not words."

    "Will you at least issue a statement, then?" I asked, covering my nose and mouth slightly as I awaited his response.

    Keeonean, Bane of Yew "These are your last days, Yew!" Keeonean stated boldly. "Treasure them well, because tomorrow, you die!" He smiled at me, a leering display of yellow and black that caused my stomach to churn. I nodded, backing away. I had no desire to linger there with him, partly because if he swung at me I would fall quickly and partly because my constitution would not allow it and it would not help the morale of the troops for me to be unwell among them.

    I fought off an orc here and a mongbat there, watching him move about and proud of my fellow Britannians who were bravely attempting to bring him down. Their efforts were not in vain, for he was visibly tiring and about to withdraw.

    The bigger they are..."Orcs! Guard my retreat!" he shouted. The grounds were instantly filled with a multitude of his orcish minions and Keeonean was gone. The Yew Militia could smile proudly. The victory, this day, was theirs. Still, they ask that all available men and women be on guard tonight for another attack is destined to come.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 3:46 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    While you were sleeping
    Tori of TFBTori, who is mentioned below recounting her conversation with Malabelle, sent this interesting letter, which I share with you now:

    Dear Wallis,

    I am writing for a very unusual reason. There is something I do not understand, and I hope that you will address it in your next article.

    As dawn approached on Friday morning, Trinsic had not fallen. I and a mere handful of others were continuing the work that took hundreds just a few hours earlier that night -- the *successful* defense of Trinsic. The defenders definitive success was quite evident in the fact that it took only a handful to hold the city in the wee hours of the morning.

    As we all know, there is a moment between the darkness of the night and the light of the new day. This twilight can seem to last for a couple hours (though I know not why, this twilight is sometimes called "server downtime" or "server maintenance"). In the light of the new dawn it often appears that the last few minutes or hours were but a dream soon to be forgotten. It is also true that we can be dazzled by the first ray of the sun. The world continues on its way and when we come to ourselves, we find that some time has past.

    However, when the dawn came on Friday morning I was careful not to look into the sun, so I could see the world around me, especially the city I had worked so long and hard to defend. That dawn I found that I had not just lost time. I blinked and saw what appeared to be an alternate reality! The citizens were gone and gates were closed with the bodies of the fallen on display as a warning. I had not just been warped back in time, I found myself in a time that HAD NOT OCCURRED!

    It is one thing to find yourself in a place you thought you had left minutes or hours before. When that happens, you find yourself at a moment you have lived through, a moment in your recent history. Yet in this case, history was changed. I was a few minutes back, but rather than living life anew from that moment on (Chaos theory dictates that those minutes could not be exactly the same anyway), I found I was returned to the same time, but a far different moment.

    Was this some evil spell? They did not defeat us with their hordes of undead. They did not defeat us with their generals. They did not defeat us with their most vicious creatures. Yet somehow, despite the fortitude of the city's defenders, despite the VICTORY of the city's defenders, they managed to declare the city theirs, but only by changing history -- only by changing the rules.

    The citizens WON that night. The army was DEFEATED. We need to figure out how they cheated us of our victory and ensure that they cannot snatch victory from our hands again.

    Every individual's actions affect the world. This is a basic tenet of our world. If we as citizens are to have any impact in the course of this battle, then we must ensure that our hard won victories REMAIN victories. We might not have been able to hold out much longer, but it is possible we could have held out for a few more days. What difference a few days would have made to their plans -- no one will know now. It might have given us time to find the Librarian Joye, who I dreamt was found in an alternate dimension named Sonoma, though she is nowhere to be found on Lake Superior. It might have given us time to find a way to counter the spell over the guards, though this is doubtful. It probably would not have changed the course of the war, but then again...

    Please, Wallis, address this issue in you next article. Perhaps, despite my efforts not to be dazzled by the sun, perhaps some time did pass that I was not aware of. Perhaps someone else witnessed the actual fall of Trinsic and the closing of the gates that dawn. Please investigate and let us know the state of our reality.

    Thank you,

    P.S. I recently put myself into a trance so that I could better remember that dream I had on Sunday the 6th of February. Based on the dream, I believe if we could find Joye that she could give us some information that could make Malabelle question her loyalties to her Dark Mistress. Something about her boyfriend Tyball being alive. Of course, this was but a dream. We could not use this information effectively without some proof. If Joye can indeed tell us this, we could have enough proof to speak to Malabelle about it. Of course, if we find Tyball (assuming he exists) we would not need to find Joye so badly. I know this is not very reliable information to go on, but in this time of need, I will take what hope I can. I only wish I could have remembered this dream when I was speaking to Malabelle.

    Tori was not the only one to write of this state of confusion. Many have voiced their feelings about this odd phenomenon to me, also. I am saddened to report that I have no answers but for you. All I can do is shake my head in dismal agreement and remind you of the quote which comes so often from my lips and pen these days, "Never trust a dread." We cannot expect The Dark Mistress and her minions to deal fairly with us and our shaking fists at their injustices seem to only fuel their amusement.

    As for Tyball, this is the first mention I've heard of him, and certainly any information at this critical time can not be dismissed lightly. Add him to the list of those we seek, Joye and Corridgean. Surely, somewhere, we might find even one of them. Those who are able to conduct these searches are encouraged to do so. The librarian, Joye, is said to have a key which the invaders are interested in and may be found either in Britain or Moonglow. Corridgean, who appeared earlier this week at the High Council meeting in Magincia, may be found there, in Jhelom or Nujelm.

    As always, you swift reports on these matters are invaluable to us here at UOSS. Thank you all, kind readers, for your outpouring of support and information.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 2:05 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Pictorial: The Fall of Trinsic
    The City of Trinsic was seiged unmercifully in the wee hours between Friday morning. [See related article "While You Were Sleeping"] The following pictorial is but a small sampling of the scene in Trinsic that night and is a poor substitute for having witnessed the battles first-hand.

    The South Gate

    Members of the Order of the Silver Serpent [Not pictured] and The Trinsic Loyal Guard held the South Gate.

    The West Bridge

    The West Bridge was valiantly patrolled by members of the Soverign Order of the Phoenix joined by a regiment of the Trinsic Loyal Guard.

    The West Gate

    Expecting the West Gate to be one of the hardest areas hit by the invaders, this area was heavily patrolled by a variety of citizens and guilds. Pictured here are The Knights of the Alliance with The Society of Paladins. Also holding the gate that night were: Flames of Sosaria, The Grey Company, Guardians of the Mist, and Ring of ShadowFire.

    Malicious MalabelleJailhouse Rocked

    Malabelle made an appearance during the fracas, posing on the roof of the jail to oversee the destruction of the city. Tori of The Fellowship of Britannia spoke with La Malabelle. "I noticed this woman," Tori said, "not being attacked on the roof of the jail. I asked her, 'Who's side are you on?' She didn't answer at first, but then she started saying that they had laughed at her at first. Then I asked, 'Who laughed?' but then Anmac decided it was time to lightning me. (smiles) Kabal said, 'You see that we still fight,' and she said, 'Very, very foolish... You will see.' We asked what is to come and then she laughed and said, 'Your death is certain and clear. Leave now.' Kabal asked, 'By who's hand?' and we asked, 'Why do you fight against us?' Then, Anmac singed us. (smiles) After getting healed, I came back and said, 'That was most unpleasant,' and she said, 'That is a matter of perspective.' Cat asked, 'Does Trinsic fall tonight?' and she laughed and disappeared."

    West Side StoryBurning Sky

    The West Side did, indeed, see the thickest heat of the battle. Juo'nar and Anmac Mallachtan attempted to beat their way through the defenses, accompanied by their usual array of rattling bones and rotting flesh. It was impossible to take a step in any direction without tripping on the fallen warriors which created a macabre pavement the length and breadth of the passageway.

    Thinking the roof a safe place to view the battle, onlookers quickly fled after Juo'nar himself appeared on the top of the jail, bringing with him additional forces to drive the spectators away.

    Britannians from all corners of the realm stood side-by-side as brothers and fought with a bravery never before seen. The battles continue to this day, around the clock. Trinsic will not relinquish itself to The Dark Mistress.

    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 1:44 AM EST by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    The Day After - Story of Trinsic
    We received the following story:
    I awoke this morning, strong in the belief that I was dead, and this hole I was in was the punishment for the loss of Trinsic to the undead. I thought about the battle, the loss, how I was barley able to help. Off in the distance, I heard a sound. Ahh, must be the Grim Reaper I thought, coming to take me away from here. But no, this is a voice, a human voice! Perhaps I am not dead after all. I began to climb out, following the now quite desperate voice, yelling over and over" Hello!!! Is anyone here??" As I sprung from the hole, ack..

    I am in Trinsic! Someone must have stuffed me in the hole when I passed out last night. Hah, we must have won, and now they are gathering the dead. A bloody mace laid in the street before me, I better pick it up, just in case. I went towards the voice, I was stuffed in a hole in that weed covered area they like to call a garden in Trinsic, which was coming from the road down towards the training island. As I rounded the corner, I could not belive what I saw. Logs driven into the ground blocked the way through to the barracks, the bridge above littered with the heads of dead warriors. I thought, oh no, we didnt win at all, but what of the voice then? Through the barricade, I saw him, peeking through. It was Sir Arthur, my friend and fellow guildmate. " Sir Ragnar, you live! The city has fallen, let me through this and we shall find the others." Alright, I can fix this silly log gate, a few whacks from my mace, and nothing. Arhtur, I said, It looks like were both stuck, I will go and find out the situation, if you get in, meet me at the healer shop. With that we departed, I ran into the city, and Arthur began to dispatch pigeons for assistance.

    I went directly to the Trinsic Healer, I had many freinds there, and the healers guild will want to know the damage. I was surprised to find the place open, with two healers inside! What goes on here?, I asked them. Ahh, thou art one of the survivors, know this, no protection exists here, from the undead army, or from your fellow man, the healer said. Ack... no guards at all, the undead army pales in comparison to the evil human armies that pollute the land, I really need to find a way out of here. Raaaggghhhhh!!!!. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! sounds from behind me, a lich an his minions appeared outside the shop. As they opened the door, I managed to move behind the counter, causing all but the lich to lose interest in me. I struck at the lich with my new found mace, and to my surprise, it was silver, and the lich was easily defeated( although I sure am glad I took up resisting magic spells a few months ago) The zombies and skeletons that remained were easily slain, one of the skeletal knights had a crossbow on him, if I could only get my bolts from the BANK!

    Perhaps the bank has remained open, then I can gather my fighting gear! I ran up to the bank, and the sight mine eyes saw there, I would never forget. There before me, a large group of lich lords and bone magi began to close upon the bank, the patrons there began to defend, two evils I remember. As I moved up, a group appeared right behind me, and even a silver mace is no match for two lich lords. I thought, now I will die, but not without a fight. As I battled , I saw from the corner of my eye the two evils approaching me. I thought, now for sure I will die, the evils come to loot my goods when I fall. I hear words of power spoke behind me, and suddenly the lich lord erupts in a column of flames, magical energies striking the liches from all angles, they were soon defeated. As I turned to them, I began to say thank thee, to which he said, " Dont look so surprised Sir, today we are on the same side, for the defense of Trinsic." With that he began to advance to the west, and he turned, " Coming Ragnar?" Aye, I was coming, things like this do not happen everyday.

    OOC: Through out the many hours ahead I was personal witness to acts of good helping evil, and evil helping good. This was a good day and I thank OSI for putting all this on. It wasn't until GC came and killed everyone, I suppose after the came home from the first grade, that the fun and new found friendships had to end, and most of us left.

    Sir Ragnar, Knight of the Company of the Golden Gorger

    Thanks for the tale, Ragnar!
    Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 12:00 AM EST by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    War & Roses Tavern Furniture Night
    We received the following announcement:
    You too can have Colored Furniture!

    The War & Roses Tavern is kicking off our new Thursday night hours (9pm-12am EST) with Free Furniture Night! Our resident carpenter will be making the free furniture of your choice, all night or until he runs out of logs, and will dye it to the color of your choice. Bringing your own logs or boards will increase your chances of getting what you want.

    Don't miss this exciting opportunity to make your house a home. Or, if you don't have a home, come by anyway to meet our newest waitress, Isabeau Kane, and to sample chef August's reasonably priced gourmet creations. All are welcome at War and Roses. Please leave your horses at home if you can; we do not have a stablemaster as of yet. Marked runes are available at the Tavern at no charge should you like to take one home.

    We hope to see you there!

    - Audra of Marne

    For directions, hours, and a map, go to

    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 11:57 PM EST by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Observation of the siege of Trinsic
    We received the following note:
    On Feb. 13th, in the wee hoursof the morning, this humble scribe witnessed an event that will be forever, endelibly etched in my mind and spirit. It was nye unto midnight in that fabled land of Siege Perilous. I had just entered the once beautiful City of Honor, Trinsic. Now, the smell of sulphur burnning flesg filled the air. Inside the main gate, stood an assembled host, the likes of which I had never seen. Some of the most reknowned heros of the land, great scholars, mighty swordsmen and venerable mages of vast knowledge. Archers of legendary prowess, great healers....all amassed against the overwhelming foe..the army of undead. In the streets, bodies of hero and monster alike were piled stirrup high and blood ran in dark red rivlets.

    I heard the town cryers urging all citizens to flee before the next wave of Undead. I looke about for signs that anyone was paying heed. Yet, all i saw was the look of fierce determination, conviction and courage. No one seemed to be in a hurry to seek the saftey of some other. more benign place. I heard some calling out for the warriors to form up...that the next assault was on the way. As courageous men and women raced to fill in the gapsof battered battle lines, the evil host struck. I tell you, my friends, never have I witnessed such valor in the face of overwhelming odds! I watched as wave after wave of bone knights smashed into the battle lines. Lich lords hurled spell after spell into the throng and mummies tore at human flesh with inhuman ferocity. A balron appeared and spewed chain lightning across the bailey and bone magi poisoned all whom they touched. Yet that mighty line held. I watched as members of the esteemed Glowemebr clan battled side by side with Ta' memebers of KGB and LoV healed and resurrected one another. Iwatched as Tomas X of DTA lost three horses, trying to block the foul creatures from reaching mage defenders. I was inspired beyond the confines of human spirit and felt as though I were witnessing battle of a devine nature...that age old conflict of Good and Evil. An never was that battle made more manifest as in that pitched battle upon the streets of Trinsic.

    Alas, the battle receeded and warriors immediatley began preparing for the next. Crys of "who needs arrows?" and "repairs done here!" were heard throughout the beleagured city. The concept of Brotherhood in its finest hour, I tell you.

    I know not how this siege of Trinsic shall end, my friends. But I say this... as long as men and women of courage, valor and honor long as sacrifice remains more than some all but forgotten concept, rejoice! For hope doth dwell in the hearts of those who were privilded to witness that battle. Peace.

    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 11:54 PM EST by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Tale of the Defense of Trinsic
    We received the following note:
    Hail and well met. My name is Niles. I am a bard of Britannia. I do not have time to go into too much detail, but suffice it to say, I have been with Sara Gules, Spartan and the rest throughout our defense of Trinsic. This evening I met with Amnec and Malabelle whilst in battle. And the strangest thing happened.

    Amnec kept me alive. And I sang him a song. Apparently he was moved to tears. And this got me wondering. Why would one such as he be concerned for things as love and war? He told me he was a warrior of greatest, and the oldest I would ever meet. He also gave me 50 gold. 50 GOLD?! For one of my skills. Indeed.

    I was infuriated. So i did the only thing I know to do. I lashed out. And in doing so, I unlocked a clue to our salvation. (Or at least I hope)

    I realized he was a warrior. A very great warrior he was indeed. However...his very arrogance and pride began his downfall.

    Niles "Amnec, ye're a coward."

    Amnec "What do you mean bard?!"

    Niles "You hide behind the power that someone else gives ye!"

    Amnec "What are ye about Niles?"

    Niles "You are a great warrior. Ye've proven as much to me. Yet you hide behind the power of someone or something else. Yer a coward."

    I got the distinct feeling he was not pleased. He told me he would return. (He left the city for a bit) But he said I should not be there when he gets back.

    I laughed. In case no one knows this, I died as well. I was, however brought back to the world of the living by a healer in Trinsic. Later, as i was on patrol on the raised levels of the city's catwalks, I was at the West Gate, and Malabelle and Amnec were standing side by side. I hailed them both, but before I got their attention I overheard their conversation.

    Amnec asked Malabelle how she liked the new hut. She said she liked it just fine. Then I had another short chat with them both. Nothing new was revealed to me.

    However, I later had a thought and asked Malabelle (in the midst of combat) if she would speak with me later at her "hut". She said perchance she might. So I ran (through ratman, lizardman, ogre, ettin, earth elemental, and undead littered forest until I got there. And I waited. Unfortunately I had to go, as I had prior engagments. So I am hoping to get another chance later.

    Sara Gules sent me a pigeon as I wait there. In it, she suggested that perhaps we should adopt the chant for the virtues. During our battles with these foes, remember the chant of the virtues:

    Spirituality: OM

    Valor: RA
    Compassion: MU
    Honesty: AHM
    Honor: SUMM
    Humility: LUM
    Justice: BEH
    Sacrifice: CAH

    Please remember this whilst in battle. Again, this is only our beliefs... but we believe they may help us.

    Spread the word friends, Trinsic will not fall if we unite as one!

    Peace, and good journey.

    Niles, bard of Britannia, defender of Trinsic

    Thanks, and good luck to ye.
    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 11:50 PM EST by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Gizard wins the First Bi-Weekly Beermans Lottery!
    The Beerman sent us this
    Greetings once again.

    Gizard from Delucia is the winner of the First Bi-Weekly Beermans Pacific Shard Lottery! When asked what would he do with the money he said, "I'M GONNA BUY EVERYTHING!!"

    Well I'll be holding another 100k shard lottery, tickets are still 1k each. The drawing will be held in the same place, Vesper, in three weeks cuz the Beerman is gonna be out of town in two weeks. For any questions or if you want to buy a lottery ticket you can E-Mail me at [email protected] or you can ICQ me at 62649739. I prefer being ICQ'd. thank you.

    See you later, and tell everyone you met the Beerman!!!

    Thankyou Beerman, and Congratulations Gizard.
    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 11:09 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    IVY still open for you!
    We just recieved this from Ranger Beaks
    IVY Still open for you!

    Just a reminder to all Pacific shard players that the player run Town of IVY is still open to serve you! We have just revamped our vendors and have available most items for sale.

    Also new is our HUGE rune collection. Thanks to Lady Bobbin our rune book collection now includes all dungeons in the old lands, runes to most shops in all cities, a wide variety of mining runes and a semi complete library of treasure map runes.

    The IVY tower has been newly redecorated with a bar and grill on the lower level and a fountain area on the roof, what a great place to spend some time with that new valentine of yours. Also newly redecorated is the IVY magic shop that includes well stocked regent and scroll vendors. In addition to the tower we have 5 other player decorated houses that will amaze and delight you!

    Please visit our new and improved web page, thanks to Velvet Jones, at If you need a rune or gate to the town leave a message on the message board and anyone will be glad to help you. If any of you prefer to hoof it there is also a map to IVY on the web page. We are located a short 10 min. walk north east of Vesper. Thanks for your time and have a great day!

    Mayor of IVY

    Thankyou Sir
    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 11:02 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Making the Best of a Bad Situation
    Elin the Fleet, in true Rogue fashion, has figured out how to use the "situation" in Trinsic to his advantage:

    I am Elin the Fleet of the Army of Thieves. I would like to let you know about something fun to do in Trinsic...yes, Trinsic! As long as you are good at hiding and stealing, and Stealth, you can stealth right up to any of the monsters you want and pick their pockets. I have enclosed proof with a sketch I made...I think thats a lich lord, I steal, then I run like hell.

    Made over a thousand last night in less then 30 minutes. Ahem, of course that doesn't count all the gold I wasn't able to bring out because I was killed. Repeatedly. Anyway, I'm going back pilfer the pockets of those pesky Lich Lords.

    Did you know that some of them are female? I didn't either till I tried to steal from one of those rotting corpses called a lich. When I looked at what I had taken, I realized I had...well...stayed a-BREAST of the situation. Gross. Anyway, I'm going back with one recall scroll, a rune, and see how much gold I come out with.

    May your pockets be secure!
    Elin the Fleet
    Army of Thieves, Chesapeake Shard

    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 9:50 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Reminder About the Upcoming Midwest Player Meet
    I thought I'd repeat the information on the player meet scheduled for March. It is open to all UO players regardless of shard, but as it is hosted by players from this shard it is probably of prime interest to you reading this area.

    I know that for many reading stratics is hit or miss (including my RL best friend who I had to personally E-mail this to, and you'd think she could read my stuff!--you know who you are...) so I wanted to make sure that I reach as many who might be interested as possible; I will repeat this one more time prior to the deadline for payment so as to reach those last few straglers.

    Ultima Online Midwest Player Meet (Indianapolis)

    Kinship Village - Catskills, in celebration of our 2 year anniversary as a player run town in Ultima Online is proud to host the Ultima Online Midwest Player Meet to be held March 18, 2000 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT need to be a Kinship or Catskills player to come to this meet! You don't even need to live in the Midwest! We invite ALL UO players to attend from all corners of the world!

    Date: Saturday, March 18, 2000

    Time: 3pm - 5pm Eastern
    (Note: This is how long we will have a private room. Everyone is more than welcome to stay at the club as late as you like. Anyone under 21 will have to leave by 9pm per the club rules.)

    Place: Jillian's
    141 S. Meridian Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46225
    Phone: 317-822-9300
    Fax: 317-822-1009
    Reservation: Ultima Online (Teresa Hamilton)
    Our party will be held in a private room located on the second floor.

    Cost: $35 per person

    Cost Includes:
    * Reservation of private room which includes 2 private billiards tables.

    * Buffet Style Food Served:
    Jillian's Signature Tortilla Chips with their Secret Salsa
    Fresh Vegetable Landscape with Creamy Ranch Dip
    Chicken Tenders with Choice of Honey Mustard and BBQ Sauce
    Assorted Gourmet Pizza Selection

    * $10 worth of video games on Jillian's Game Cards.

    Deadline: Checks must be received by March 8, 2000 if you plan to join us in the private room!

    NOTE: You are of course welcome to come to the club, but will not be able to join in the private room or partake of the food and game cards unless your payment gets here by March 8th, which is shortly before my deadline for head count with the club. There will only be enough food and cards for those who have confirmed their attendance by sending in their check.

    If you have already paid and find out that you are unable to attend, I will be glad to return your check or money order before March 8th. After that date, I will be committed to pay for your attendance. Email me immediately if you are in need of a refund. [email protected]

    Questions: Please check the website for the player meet at for very detailed information or email your questions to me at [email protected] . I will be checking this email address daily and will make sure that you get a fast response.

    Teresa Hamilton
    Player of Ari ni'Dalaigh and Mishca
    Kinship Village, Catskills

    As I myself plan to attend I want as many to come as possible so I can meet you. This will be my first player meet!
    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 9:08 PM EST by Obsidion (Catskills)

    New Bumble the Bard toon
    Phil Colby sent us this announcement:
    A new toon has been published on the Bumble the Bard website. For those who don't already have it bookmarked, the link is:

    I had a blast reading "an epic adventure in which Bumble uncovers the ultimate evil".
    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 6:59 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CandidCoverage)

    GuildBoss v1.08 released
    Yet another GuildBoss update, go check it out.
    See what's new in v1.08 at

    GuildBoss is a guild and clan management database for Windows 9x/NT. It's chock full of features like bulk emailing and ICQ paging, automatic promotion/demotion scheduling, automated dues collection, web-ready report generation, unlimited custom ledgers, roster exporting, and much more. GuildBoss is highly customizable and compatible with any game in any genre such as EverQuest, Quake, Ultima Online, Diablo, BattleTech, Starcraft, etc..

    Download the full-featured shareware version at

    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 6:44 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Interesting discoveries about Juo'nar and his "friends"
    Yesterday, on the Pacific shard, our star reporter Lady JuffaArchui managed to have an interview with no-one less than Juo'nar the undead leader of the force that has taken over Trinsic. Go read the interview that reveals some interesting clues.

    In the meanwhile Kruton, our most recent addition to the Napa Valley staff, made some interesting discoveries while searching the archives of the Stories and Secrets section. With a bit of logic applied he ties together Juo'nar, the FoA, the Dark Mistress and the *gasp* Armageddon.

    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 3:56 PM EST by Xena Dragon (QuestandEventNews)

    Orcs Attack Yew: Remember Trinsic!
    Not since the beginning of this war has there been a significant victory on the side of Brittania’s finest…until now. With the bitter sting of the loss of Trinsic, the defenders held off a major offensive tonight of the Orc hordes on the town of Yew. The attack was a historical change in the political climate of the area, as several Orcs from the Bloodrock Orc clan came to assist the humans entrenched at Empath Abbey.

    Visual sightings of mysterious all Red Orc Commanders gave new fear of a major offensive, as these stronger Orc lords cut through several heroes, before they were taken down in reply.

    The motto of this attack was "Remember Trinsic!" As reported before, the city of Trinsic fell a few days ago to Jou’nar’s recent undead invasion. This bitter defeat did not only make many people bitter towards the darkness, but made as a rallying cry for defending the city of Justice. Keonnean, the mercenary captain in charge of the Orc invasion was not present for this attack, but its obvious that this will not go over well with him. This major victory for Brittania has raised many hopes and the morale of many heroes who were a part of the attack in Trinsic.

    The question still on everyone’s lips: Who is the Dark mistress in charge of this? Why are they attacking these cities? Why not Minoc, Jhelom, or Skara Brae? The one question still remains: Which city is next?

    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 2:01 PM EST by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Trinsic's Cry For Help
    We received the following:
    I'm sending this out on a bird now, since it is the only break I am likely to recieve or get a word out of the city.  Trinsic has fallen. The roads are baricaded and the walls decorated with human blood, yet all is not lost. I, myself, am inside the city having snuck in under stealth with a friend to help aid local forces. Though many have not found the secret way into this city, a few have.

    These people are defending the city with all their strenght against patroling parties of undead that never seem to cease.  Though things are grim, I have yet to see a friend fall. We are running low on supplies and I implore you to find a way in before all is lost.  We do not know how long we can hold out against these hoards.

    Magic Masta

    Holdout of Trinsic
    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 1:05 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    The murder or Relvinian
    Yet another event in Trinsic

    Tonite, I was fighting at Trinsic and helping to battle the undead that are spawning there. While wandering aorund the city between popular areas of attack, I notices a monk in green robe walking suspicously around the Royal Bank. I then noticed this suspicous monk was Relvinian. As I approached I relized that Relvinian's Master was Juo'nar.

    As he began to preach I started to listen. He continued to the people about how Trinsic will fall and his master will Rule the lands. As someone questioned him, he grew into an angry rage and many an undead warrior appeared from nowhere. I got into my battle stance and watched. I saw helpless novice warriors fall to the hands of Bone knights, Lich Lords, and mummies. I looked at Relvinian as he cried out a sinister laugh. Being overthrown with anger I prepared to battle him. I said to him "You must pay for your actions, I will seek revenge on your wrongdoing". I then opened my bank box and put away my valubales (For I didnt know what to expect when fighting somone like this). Then as I left the bank Relvinian vanished! I asked everyone and they explained to me how he ran south-west after I entered the bank. Full of anger, I mounted my horse and pursued him. Running around town for a little while, and asking everyone where he went, I finaly found him by the New Trinsic Exit (gate to Brit Docks) I Cried out in anger and attacked. I chased him up and down the roads. Luckily everyone respected my courage and decided not to join in the battle even though I was flagged as a criminal. I chased Relvinian right into the gate. As we appeared on the other side at the Britain Docks, I pursued him and finaly killed him near the tailors. Then, with fear of being killed by the guards, I ran off and hid.

    A li'l while later I returned to the scene where I had previously murdered him. I found him alive next to his corpse. He said, "You will never defeat me, And If you cant defeat me, How will anyone ever Deafeat my master Jou'nar. I was in shock and watched him walk out with the thought of permanant defeat of Trinsic in his mind. I tried to follow him and keep people from providing him with a passage back to Trinsic. As I split a deal with a kind sir, We agreed to trick Relvinian into a Gate to nowhere. As Relvinian asked for a gate the man gated him deep into the heart of the unknown forest. We then quickly closed the gate and hoped that he wouldn't return soon. As I paid the man for his good deed, I felt a sense of happiness and bravery for what I have done. I risked good armor and a good weapon to defeat

    I walked away in Grace and Gratitude and went back to Trinsic to continue to fight the Undead. For from the time tonite, I saw Relvinian wander into the forest, I hath not seen him since! Although I hope his master Doesnt seek vengence on his apprentices murder!

    -Don Chich

    Thankee fer this account mate.

    Yers in Ale and Tale

    Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000, 11:49 AM EST by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    This eve I was lyin on the deck of me ship, enjoyin the cool night-time air, when I seen this winged bat come flappin towards me. At first I was tempted to slice it's wings off wit me trusted katana but then I noticed it 'ad somethin clutched under it's wing. The flyin rodent dropped a scroll at me feet and I quickly read it. I pen it 'ere fer ye all to read.

    "Time is growing thin…" the thought whispered in his mind, "you must act!" "Shut your gob…" he mumbled to himself. He knew that he had act soon, his last projects had grown stagnant because of inactivity. Now this fellow Aleph Aeirs was becoming more and more a problem, not that we could not handle it, just that he is evolving from the pesky bite-me, to the ever persistent mosquito. "Damn him, why can he not just go away and die like a good human…" Tossing a tome to the floor he starts pacing back and forth. Aleph Aeirs had just been wed a few weeks back, to some half-elf. He takes a seat once again, eyes closed and posture thoughtful…for what seems like hours he sits and contemplates on what action he needs to take. "Scalpel…" he whispers, "come to my summons."

    Within moments, the ghost known as Scalpel appears. His red eyes glowed with the hatred that is inherent to the undead. "Scalpel" the apparition bowed slightly and motioned that he was ready. "Scalpel, do you know of Aleph's wife? The half-elf woman named Azrielle?" The apparition nodded his non-corporeal head. "Excellent…I have something that I need you to do for me. Do you know of what Leshrac has done for me?" again the nod. " Good, then I need not explain to you when I send you the things I want you to put in her mind." Again the ghostly nod. "Excellent, contact me when you are in position." With that Scalpel faded away and drifted away with the midnight breeze.

    There had been continuous attacks on Trinsic recently, and it was taking a heavy toll on its inhabitants. Scalpel knew that is where Azrielle would be there, helping the wounded and fighting against the creatures that were attacking their so called Golden walled city. "What fault was it of the creatures?" Scalpel thought, "all they wanted was the land back that was taken away from them in the first place." He searched through the wreckage that was known as Trinsic, it looked as though the creatures had broken through this time and the carnage was unbelievable. The sounds of the dying and the wounded filled the air, giving him almost a warm fuzzy feeling…as human would say. He saw Aleph and felt the sneer go through his non-corporeal form. At the sight of Greypawn he felt like spitting, what a useless hunk of flesh that man was, not even worth the time that it would take to corrupt his pseudo pure soul. And then there was Nova; mayor of all Trinsic, these three walked through this smoking ruin of humanity, surveying the damage that had been wrought that day. Silently and smugly the ghost smiled to himself, almost feeling the human emotion joy…to see all this pain and suffering.

    Mesostopheles sat dozing in a stuffed chair within his study in the Tower, the heat that had built up within the room making him nod off. It was well into the next day, the attack on Trinsic should be well under way as was the plan…he only awaited the word from Scalpel. He had heard of this woman quite a bit, that she was the very soul of kindness and caring. She had married Aleph a short time ago…and so far this union was full of noting but strife and hatred. Perhaps the impending doom of Trinsic would work to his advantage. He started pacing back and forth, impatient with having to wait so long to do what he must do. "Mesostopheles, I have found her…" A smile played across his face as he settled into his chair and looked through Scalpel's eyes.

    Mesostopheles could see the city burning, the dead and dying everywhere; this was humanity at it lowest. Tired, hungry and in pain, he could feel the very thing that kept entropy alive. Hate filled the air like the scent of fresh cut lilies, hate for the creatures that continually attack them, hate for the pain that it is bringing them. Hate for having to watch loved ones suffer and die. Yes indeed, this place was ripe for the picking…"so there she is…" he thought to himself, "attending the wounded as I knew she would be doing." Going through the reports he had on her, the wraiths had been quite thorough, she was a caring soul…one that would attend to others needs before her own. Almost as if she had no care for her own self, interesting indeed…

    The Sun was going down in Trinsic, the battle having finally wound down. The healer's guild building was full of the wounded, the stench of blood and sweat was thick in the air. Mesostopheles could see Azrielle working diligently on the wounds of those who needed the help and saying her prayers for those that just needed a comforting hand before they moved on in their journey. He could see the exhaustion in her eyes; it looked as if she had been at this for hours. She started to drink a red potion, her knees steadied slightly and she went back to work. Again he saw the three that Scalpel had mentioned earlier…Aleph Aeirs, Nova and that wretch Greypawn. Aleph snatched the total refresh potion and scolded her. He could not actually hear the words, but he could tell that he was scolding her, probably about her needing rest. Mesostopheles smiled to himself, knowing that the time would be close that she would indeed need to sleep soon. He watched her for a moment…it seemed that she was thinking about something…he reached out tentatively to feel what she was thinking…it was of her past…something about a sickness that swept through where she lived as child…how all her friends fell ill. About someone named Mara…he could feel her helplessness as a child, not being able to do anything to save her parents…her loved ones. Abruptly the link was severed as she broke out of her reverie, she turned to Aleph and spoke with him vehemently…though he could not understand the words, he knew that she was telling him that she could not allow these people to go unattended. Mesostopheles smiled to himself…yes this woman would be a challenge, but it would be well worth the effort. He watched as Aleph led her to a cot where she could rest…as soon as her head hit the pillow…she was asleep, in her dreams…dreams that were his. Dreams were his realm, where he alone ruled.

    Azrielle was tired, tired to the bone. She could feel her weariness even in her sleep, though for some reason she felt strangely calm. Slowly she drifted in a dream…

    She was still in Trinsic, the battle raged on outside of the Guild hall, smoke filled her nostrils and the screams of creature and human alike filled her ears. A man walks in; the limp for a child in his arms…tears streaming down his face. He gently laid the child down and knelt down besides her, praying he laid his hands upon her inert form. A bright white light seemed to emanate from his fingers and he kept repeating a foreign verse. Azrielle couldn't understand the words. As sudden as the chanting had started, it stopped…this man knelt there for what seemed like hours, but she knew that it was mere seconds. The lifeless form of the child began to stir…taking in a deep breath and began crying. With a few more mystical words…the stranger cast a healing spell upon the child, healing all her wounds. Azrielle stared at the stranger…this bringer of life, he had brought this child back from the dead…then healed the wounds that she had suffered. With a start she realized that she was staring at this man. With a closer look she could see his tear stained cheeks, that he had pointed ear. Unwarranted her own fingers touched the pointed tips of her own ears…could this person be like she was? He stood suddenly aware that she could not tear her eyes from him "Can she stay here, she is tired and frightened and it is not safe outside of these walls…" hearing him speak made Azrielle jump, his voice was so deep…so full of sorrow…"Yes, I will keep an eye on her" she found herself saying. With a nod she noticed in the light the color of his hair, a deep emerald green, his eyes were lit with an inner fire. "I shall return if I can…thank you." And with that he left her with the child…

    The dream continues…

    The fighting is still raging on; the child that man left with her had long since fallen into a peaceful sleep. Sighing to herself she wished that he was here to make more miracles happen…to bring the dead back to the living. It would bring much joy to the lives of these people. But she knew that he could not be able to do it for everyone. The fighting is becoming more intense…her thoughts drift to her husband, who is out in the city fighting the monsters. She smiles to herself as she thinks about Aleph, so strong and confident…she knew nothing could happen to him. The fighting seems to come closer to the guildhall. She can hear the scream of Energy bolts and the clashing of metal…something slamming against the wall…the door slammed open and a huge Troll barges in, its club raised high and ready to strike. With a grunt and a look of surprise it looks down at two feet of steel protruding from its chest. With a heave the stranger picked up the dying troll and tossed it back out the door. "Stay where you are miss, it is not safe outside these walls." With that he turned his back and stared at the open doorway, guarding her and the wounded. "I will guard you this night…" with that he said not another word and returned to his post at the doorjamb.

    "Lord Mesostopheles!" yelled Scalpel in his mind; "she is starting to wake!" Mesostopheles started grinding his teeth, " Damn it, get closer if you have to…I am not yet done!" His hands clamped down on the arms of his chair, nails digging deep into the wood. "I cannot fail when I am this close…get closer ghost!" He felt the Scalpel hesitate before moving closer to her. "Good, now touch her mind and implant the thought of sleep in her mind…good…she is starting to go back to sleep…" Mesostopheles sighed and sat back once again and focused his attention back on Azrielle.

    The dream continues…

    She remembers now…where she has seen this strange man before; it was when she was very young…

    The fever burnt into her flesh like fire; it felt as if she would die from this pain. The healers have not been able to help her and her mother has been taking by this epidemic. Her father had become ill as well, but he was not far into this illness. One eve a strange fellow stopped by, asking for shelter…a place to stay that night. My father let him stay with us because the man had said that he had been cured of this sickness…once cured…it can not harm