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April 2000

Gladiator and Merchant Festival
We received the following announcement:
Hail and well met to all Britannia's citizens! I extend to thee an invitation to a Gladiator and Merchant Festival on the great shard of Catskills graciously hosted by the guild of Pax Ultima (Pax)! 'Tis important you realize what is at stake and what can be gained in this event, so please take great heed to this message. The grand tournament will take place over two days (May 9 and May 11), drawing interesteds from all over our lands. Warriors, magicians, merchants, scribes, and new adventurers to our lands can come together for this amazing spectacle, pitting gladiator versus gladiator, to peruse the goods of local venders with exotic goods, to record the happenings in detail! Participants of all sorts will be awarded prizes for achievements in the gladiator tournament, ranging from a grandmaster blacksmith crafted agapite suit of armor to a small cottage deed! Participants in the festival of any capacity have the chance to win some of the prizes in our lottery and scribing contests!

Gladiator Tournament

The combatants will fight in a tournament style with each gladiator standing himself against another gladiator to the death or submission of one of the gladiators. Prizes will be awarded to the gladiators who finish in the top three spots after both days events. A prize will also be offered to the Pax Ultima (Pax) member who finishes the highest in the tournament. Gladiators must register with Princep, Augustus meik liefling prior to May 9th in order to compete (See below for contact details).

Merchant and Spectator Prizes

Each day of the Gladiator and Merchant Festival will bring another chance for one of the attending merchants or spectators to win a prize. Prizes will be awarded to merchants and spectators who attend the festivities. One prize will be awarded each day (both May 9th and May 11th).

Scribe Competition

To help chronicle and catalog this grand Gladiator and Merchant Festival, a competition will be held to the individual who submits the greatest tale of the entire event! The stories will become a public poll after being submitted to Princep, Augustus meik liefling and your fellow citizens of Britannia place thier vote for the best tale of the event! All submissions will be kept and translated into book format for the Pax Ultima (Pax) hall of records and the winner will be awarded a large dragon boat as well as 10,000 gold pieces!

So consider your invitation sent, the Catskills shard, May 9th at the Moonglow Counselors Hall (12pm - 6pm Eastern U.S. Time) and May 11th at the Britain Northwest Counselors Hall (12pm - 6pm Eastern U.S. Time) we'll be meeting for the Gladiator and Merchant Festival, sponsored by Pax Ultima (Pax).

Visit for more information or icq #57159256 (jduluoz). Official rules shall be posted on the Pax Ultima (Pax) website May 2nd in the 'Events' section. To register, either icq Princep, Augustus meik liefling (icq # above) or post your interest on the Pax Ultima Event Forum on the Pax Ultima (Pax) website. Fare well and good luck to thee!

- Princep, Augustus meik liefling

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 11:33 PM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

Britain Home Depot to hold House Lottery
Hail and Well Met,
For the 1 year anniversary of The Home Depot of Britian, we will be auctioning off a Properly Placed small House just outside of vesper!!!!! Their will be 100 keys selling for 3k apiece. One of those keys will open the house. The Home Depot is located just north of the Britian cemetery. Their will also be an open house for buyers and vendors to come and look at our selection of fine goods. The open house will be on Monday 8pm est.
Amber, Store Manager

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 1:20 PM EDT by Luxmea Mundi (GreatLakes)

Great Lakes bids farewell to beloved Seer

Farewell, Seer Lady Scyllirya.

You are an excellent writer. You deliver stories with a unique fantasy flavor with exceptional skill.

You are an incomparable role-player. You create compelling and interesting personas and stay always in character in speech and mannerisms.

You are a fair and accessible presence. You engage players of all play styles and from all areas of Britannia in your events and quests.

You are a community builder. Your support of so many events and organizations on Great Lakes has created a lasting sense of family.

Scyllirya, I will miss you greatly and I'm only one person. The collective sadness that Great Lakes is experiencing at your departure is profound and unique. We have never had a seer like you. You have set the standard in so many ways.I want to thank you for your service. I wish you much success and happiness as you pursue other things in UO and elsewhere.


Sincerely humbled, greatly appreciative and intensely saddened,

I think you speak for all who knew her, Elwynn. Her loss will be felt across our land.

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 12:53 PM EDT by Luxmea Mundi (GreatLakes)

An Undead Wedding
'ello thar mates,

Tonight, as I was sailin about the new lands known as Trammel, I received a pidgeon frem some of me old mates in the Order of the Ebon Skull. It seemed that a friend of mine was gettin 'itched, and the dark ceremony was about to commence.

I quickly 'eaded to shore, used a moonstone to traverse back to old lands, and recalled to the tower of Caina knows as Golgotha. Thar I saw a member of NCR, who I mest admit wasn't too pleased to see me. After a snarl of protest 'e opened a gate to the daemon shrine and I quickly made me way through it. Thar stood a vast amount of the Shadow Conclave members, gathered together to witness a ritual of infinite vileness. I quickly took me place amongst the onlookers, feelin thar undead eyes eatin at me very soul. Twas then I saw Lucus, Nephilim of the Ebon Skull and 'is bride to be Dis, Neonate of the Order, they took thar positions and all relaxed a tad. Soon 'owever thar attention was drawn away frem me as the ceremony began.

The ceremony went on fer quite some time, as the two bein wed professed thar eternal love fer one another, and thar commitment to protect and respect one another untill all live ends and they become one wit Oblivion.

The conclusion of the event came when the bride and groom moved towards the ankh. Thar, Unforgiven, who was performin the ritual ordered the onlookers to cleanse the bridal couple by slayin them. We all complied, and soon thar was nothin left of the couple but thar spirtitual bodies. After a long ceremony preachin about the power of Oblivion the couple was resurected to the 'un-livin' and the ceremony was completed as they exchanged etheral rings.

Best of luck to the both of ye in the future.

Yers in ale and tale,

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 12:00 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

Wallis Gerard back from beyond...
I won't take away from Brother Selwyn's recollection of this story with words of my own:
Greeting all,

As some of ye might have noticed the estimated Wallis Gerard hath returned to the ranks of the living UOSS reporters anew.

Some of ye might remember that she fell during the early stages of the Orc wars in Yew. By some wicked chance she was not able to return to the lands of the living. Sometime later a ritual was set up in order to call her back. Yet nothing became of that ritual...

Then one happy day I went to the shrine of Sacrifice and there I met by pure good chance the ghost of Wallis Gerard. With me was her husband Sniper who of course became quite upset by the sight of his beloved lady's ghost. After some conferring we agreed on trying to perform the ritual at once since we had the Lady Gerard's ghost before. This we decided to do even though we were not enough to perform the ritual properly. Furthermore another thing had happened since the last time the ritual should have been held: The last shrines of Britannia had fallen...

Because of this there was no point in moving on to other shrines for they were all corrupted. Aye, it even came to us that the shrine of Sacrifice had been less tainted with the present horrors of our land, since it was still under the frost curse of the Gelidum. Thus the ritual began.

When the ritual was at it's height Sniper sacrificed his life in order to trade it for the life of his beloved Wallis. Rather would he die for her than he wished to live without her. Yet... now things began to evolve quite different than we had all thought. For it proved that the shrine of Sacrifice had not regained it's power even though the Gelidum, which froze it down, had vanished a long time ago. Not even the force of the ritual was able to revive the life-giving power of the shrine.... Two souls now lingered in the realm of grey.

I called upon those who were able to replace the power of the Shrine with the power of words. A few attempts were made, but to no avail. It seemed that a dark end was to come to this ritual. But lo and behold, suddenly a gate opened behind us and out came many a fair Britannian. They had come to the shrine to guard it against Minax's corruption. This very day a few of these valorous souls still seek to guard the shrine from further corruption. The group of the ritual joined forces with the arriving travellers and thus Wallis was brought back to life.

Now all attention was turned towards Sniper for indeed he had sacrificed his life to bring back his beloved lady. Yet, was he now to take her place and thus forever remain in the grey mists? This was the second crucial moment of the ritual for it relied entirely upon the power of virtue. If Sniper's sacrifice had been of virtue it should indeed not be the end. Nay it should be a new beginning, for sacrifice is the dawning and not the setting sun of Virtue. Again the travellers and the group of the ritual united their powers to replace those of the fallen shrine. Great happiness ensued when the virtuous Sniper returned to life. Aye, even as I write these words mine heart doth smile.

Even though some fair days have passed since these happenings took place my thanks shall go out to all the noble men, women and elves who were able to arrive and aid in this unexpected event with so short notice. I also wish to thank those valorous people how showed up to guard the shrine and thus unknowingly came to our aid. May the benison of virtue follow ye all and those that would make good of bad and friends of foes.

-Brother Selwyn, Abbot of Virtue.

Welcome back Wallis. :)
Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 10:21 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

High Council Meeting on Monday
We received the following announcement:
28th Assembly of the 4th High Council

Date: Monday, May 1st, 2000

Time: 10 PM EST/9 PM CST
Location: Magincia Parliament Building
  • Status Update on the Crisis in Britannia.
  • Announcement regarding the 9th Seat of the Council.
  • Other subjects to be disclosed at the meeting.

Please note that this meeting will take place in the Felucca facet (the "old" world), and not in Trammel.

The High Council of Britannia

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 10:08 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

Council of Honesty Meeting on Sunday
We received the following announcement:
CoH to Hold 7th Assembly

The Council Of Honesty shall hold its 7th assembly on Sunday, April 30, at 8:00 PM Central Moonglow Time (CST). This meeting will take place on the roof of The Mage Tower, at the far northern tip of Felucca's Verity (Moonglow) Isle. Several issue of import will be discussed:

  • An update on the murder investigations
  • A report from the Moonglow Defense Force
  • Any additional issues pertaining to the citizenry of Moonglow
Citizens are encouraged to come and observe, and to speak about any of these issues.

Citizens are enouraged to direct any issues they would like discussed at the meeting to [email protected]. Additional information about the CoH can be found at the website:

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 10:05 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

Massive attacks on the City of Britain
We received the following reports of massive attacks on our fair capital:
Hail and well met!

This evening while strolling through the streets of Britain looking for a magic quarter staff to purchase, I stumbled upon an invasion. This invasion was like no other, however. Hordes of Ratmen and Lizardmen spawned relentlessly for a good amount of time while people valiantly defended the city. I was helping to defend as well but it all seemed to be in vain as a ghastly Balron by the name of "Lord of the Abyss" appeared.

I yelled at the creature and he attacked. One hit took over fifty points of life away from me. I quickly realized that I was too weak to take the creature alone so I retreated. After being healed I came back around to and saw piles upon piles of bodies. Lord of the Abyss saw me again and I gave chase. I lost him once I ran past the bridge so he decided it was more worthwhile to destroy the commerce of the bank. It may have seemed like a good idea but this time was not nearly as easy as he had thought.

Many mages came out and let loose on him. Once I realized that he was too distracted to do anything to me, I jumped in the melee and bashed him about with my quarter staff of power. I hit him till he could take no more and I delivered the final blow. I was too slow to open the corpse of the Balron, however, I can tell you he had a few scrolls, a magic broadsword and a substantial amount of gold. All in all, the Balron learned his lesson and I gained in my fighting skill greatly.

Krell Mozette,

Mercenary Armsman
and this one, from the Mayor of Britain:
I was strolling around Britain last evening, when at roughly 4:30 - 5:00pm Central, I saw some people running from the Forge. I quickly reached for my weapon and made my way over. Just as I had suspected, a hoard of undead including Skeleton Knights, Bone Knights, Wraiths, Skeletons, and Bone & Skeleton Magi were invading the city. The first wave of the attacks were quickly vanquished, when I saw a larger group approaching. I swiftly rode to the bank to inform as many warriors of the city to come defend the city. With their help, the undead attack was quickly being defeated. As we pushed forward, it was found to be coming from the usual spot--the graveyard. The attack continued for a good while, and there was the presense of one (1) phase lich in the area. He was found simply by following the corpses, of course. Eventually, the attack subsided, and before I returned back to the forge, the blacksmiths were already back, forging their armor and selling their goods. A minor attack indeed, but the second in two days, with a phase lich being present at both. Hopefully, the attacks will stay small or stop eventually, and keep the city safe from Minax.


Robb Stark

Mayor of Britain
Thanks for the reports!
Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 10:02 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

Upcoming PvP Tournament
We receved the following annoucnemnet:
Howdy. My name is Wolf and my Guild (Sosarian Crusaders)would like to sponser a PvP tournament.

Date: May 6, 2000

Time: 10:00 PM EST
Location- Rivendall arena 10pm est.
Sign up time- Rune Tower 9:00 PM EST.
A gate will be provided to rivendall at 8:50 from Lord British's Theater in Brit. If you leave the tourne for any reason you are not allowed back so make sure that you have everything with you when you get there.
Registration Fees: 1,000
  • 1st - 15,000 and Power weapon of Choice
  • 2nd - 5,000 and Power weapon
  • 3rd - 5,000
  • No magic weapons or armor to be used.
  • No poisoning (Magic or Weapon)
  • Only direct damage magic spells (Energy Bolt, Lightning, etc.)
  • If fight lasts longer then 10 min a winner will be determined by judges.
Extra Info:
We will be keeping our eyes open for requrites. First two matches will be determined by skill (magery, warrior) after that random matches. Resurection will be provided on site, NO LOOTING. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!
Thanks, and good luck to the contestants!
Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 9:48 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

Strange Happenings in Delucia
Thursday night, as many of you already know, was a night of terror for our fair shard of Napa Valley. A horrific force of creatures also hit one of the less populated areas, Delucia, that night.

It all started with a common band of Ophidians parading into town. The people thought nothing of these large snake-like monsters that they had seen so many times before. Everyone helped out a bit to dispatch of the Ophidians just like they would on any other day.

All of a sudden, one man wearing a newly acquired death robe ran up to the bank asking for help to retrieve his belongings from his body. He said that a group of zombies cornered him near the smith's shop and murdered him. I thought to myself, "Zombies? In Delucia? This poor man has had far too much of that new Yew Red Ale." I was quickly corrected when another man fresh from the healers came to the bank screaming about a band of harpies led by a greater stone harpy.

I ran off to search for these strange creatures never before seen in these parts to try to find out why they were attacking our humble city. Ophidians, giant serpents, lizardmen, and even ratmen were commonplace in Delucia but these new creatures were not.

I ran toward the Healer's Hut to find the corpses of many odd creatures sprawled across the ground. There was even the corpse of a lich lying face down in the mud. What made these creatures ally along side of the Ophidians? I did not have time to find an answer as I was forced into battle with a few lizardmen and a harpy.

After finishing off almost all of the creatures except for a few strays, I returned to the bank to regain myself. There an even stranger and scarier thing happened. A group of 5 earth elementals and 5 giant scorpions showed up and attacked everyone at the bank. They did not last long because reinforcements had arrived but it was still a frightening sight.

It seems that everything is against us now: Ophidians, ratmen, serpents, undead, and even elementals. These creatures alone were found just in Delucia. Balrons and Deamons have been attacking Britain and Dragons have even been sighted elsewhere. What next for our fair cities?

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 6:10 AM EDT by Kruton (NapaValley)

Golden Dragon Laugh-Off CANCELLED!
Our very own Red William asked us to post this apology for him. For those of you who don't know, last night's Golden Dragon Tavern Laugh-off was cancelled. Of course, the tavern owners are very sorry, but certain in-game events lately have kept them from wanting to run this event. My apologies to all citizens that showed up.
Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 2:31 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA*** New 'Toon!
This just in from Tyrone:
This weeks episode finds Tryon, ImaNewbie's Creator, still trapped in UO unable to get out. It also features a return appearance of one of the most popular villains in the series, the 'Killer Chicken'. Check it out!

Added Friday, April 28th: Episode #104 - We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto (Part 3)

ImaNewbie does Britannia

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 1:58 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

RedEye Tavern Comedic Review
Check this out all you yucksters. Andrew Dice Clay need not apply.

The RedEye Tavern is planning on hosting it's first ever comedy festival and review this Sunday evening, April 30th at 8pm PST (11pm EST). This festival is aimed towards all things humorous, ironic and sarcastic about our society. Everything goes in this contest of philosophers; ridicule people, places, and things, even deities if it so appeases you. We only have one rule that will be strictly imposed through out the evening: No offensive language or actions. Failure to comply with the loose standards we have set will result in immediate banning, fierce ridicule and a brand of Lord/Lady of the Foul Mouth for the rest of the aggressor's days.

We ask that the performers have a routine worked out from 1-4 minutes, as to allow for time constraints.

The grand prize for the winner of the festival has yet to be determined. For the male contestants, perhaps a date with the fair and lovely Dedigan of Rose's Thorn would be in order for the victor? And for the ladies, we'll figure something out. Worry not, prizes and gifts will be flowing aplenty from the RedEye Sunday night.

Nothing can match the glory of being the funniest man/woman in the tavern for the evening, of course. But, we'll try.

All those that wish to participate, contact McIntyre at [email protected] or 23091882.

Hope to see you there!

-McIntyre and the Rose's Thorn Theatre Company

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2000, 12:02 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Who's the meanest mother in the land?
The winners for Grimoire's 1 vs. 1 event for 4/28/2000:

1st place: Hyperion
2nd place: Lord Sir Caramon
3rd place: Bristlebane

This event was originally a 2 vs. 2, but the turn out would not support it. It probably didn't help that the server was down for awhile, right before the event.

Nevertheless, the event ran smoothly and as usual, there was dueling after the tournament.

Thanks to the staff, the combatants, and the spectators. Yall are great! ;o)

Baby--Grimoire Staff

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 11:56 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Renaissance Publish and house placement
The following was just posted to Common Issues on the Ultima Online website:

Renaissance Publish and house placement

Please do not call Game Masters or Counselors looking for information regarding house placement at this time. Please see Staged House Placement for details on this matter: "Note that during the time period after the publish is active and before stage 1 begins, you will not be able to place a house in Trammel or Felucca."

Keep watch on the Update Center for more details.

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 11:07 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

UO Jobs - Client Programmer and Scripter/Designer
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

UO Jobs - Client Programmer and Scripter/Designer

We're looking to expand the Ultima Online team with two additions - a Client Programmer, and a Scripter/Designer. A wealth of new additions are planned for the future of the Ultima Online world, and we're looking for a team players willing to step up to the challenge of shaping and building Britannia. We're particularly interested in hiring these positions from within the UO community, because knowing and understanding Ultima Online is essential when implementing changes that affect the entire world. If you have the skills and are looking for an exciting new opportunity in Austin, Texas, please consider applying!

Information on the Client Programmer position can be found here.

For additional information on the Scripter/Designer position, please click here.

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 11:03 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

More on files you may or may not have received from scammers
A word from someone who noticed something worth mentioning:
I just read the notice about scammers trying to impersonate OSI staff and are trying to get you to download a program called NETSTAT.EXE well I just thought you should make another post telling everyone that if they run Windows9x then they have a program called NETSTAT.EXE on their hard drive already. It's a program that shows you your network status and it should be there. I believe the hacker used this file so people that know computers wouldn't see it and think it suspicious if it turns up on thier drive. The Windows netstat.exe should be in your C:\Windows directory. Just think people should know it's supposed to be there before they do a file search and think they've been infected or something.

-Calith, GM Mage, Catskills

Thanks for the clarification !
Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 4:19 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

How To Be Sure When Buying A "FULL" Spell book
Being a Scribe is a hard profession and an even harder one when you try to sell a full spell book.

Important Tip When Buying:
If you click on the "Spell Book" one time it tells you how many spells are in the book.
If the book is full it will display 64 Spells

Apollo Van Hort (GM Scribe) (Catskills)

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 2:22 PM EDT by Beastmaster Josh (CommunityNews)

Town of Ivy Hosts Auction and Party for Their New Museum
Shilinn writes:
On Saturday, April 29, at 7PST the Town of Ivy will be hosting a catered wine and cheese party followed by an Auction to celebrate the addition of Ivy's new PQM Museum.

Gates to the event will be provided at both the East Bank of Britain and Moonglow Bank. The evening will start with a tour of the PQM Museum in Ivy and end with an auction atop the Ivy Tower. Please come and celebrate with us. Food, Wine, and Beverages will be included.

Admission to the Auction is 1500 gold pieces; tickets will be available on a Vender at both the Ivy Tower as well as Ivy's PQM Museum. Items such as Rares, Colored Armor, bags of magic weapons, etc. are some of the items to be auctioned off.

Citizens who wish to have items placed on the Auction List, should contact Velvet Jones or Shilinn of PQM, with a description of the items, reserve price, and value. A 10% bidding fee will be assessed to the winning bid amount to a maximum of 50,000, whichever is less. Sellers and Buyers will collect their winnings at the conclusion of the Auction. All proceeds will go to the "Ivy Treasury" to help fund events, Tavern staff, etc. Patrons donating items or having an item in the Auction will be granted free admission to the Expo.

If you have an item to auction or wish to make a donation, please contact Velvet Jones of Ivy via the Ivy website at or Shilinnn of PQM via her ICQ#. A complete list of items will be posted on the Ivy website in the coming week and all items will be displayed on the roof of the Ivy Tower.

Shilinn of PQM
Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 12:26 PM EDT by Dark One (Pacific)

Britain City Magistrate Elected
News on the recent election held in the city of Britain.

Greetings, citizens of Britain!

As you may know, elections for the position of Britain City Magistrate were held last week. After listening to the candidates and carefully considering each, the citizens of Britannia have elected Salvor Hardin as our Magistrate. Salvor is excited and honored by his appointment to this position and has stated he will do his utmost to prove worthy of his new post.

Katherine, Grandmaster Healer

Historian, Britain City Council
Ciaran, Lia Fail Empire (Atlantic)
Congratulations Salvor Hardin, best of luck to you in your new position!
Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 7:13 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Trinsic Council of Honor to Host a Bazaar
I received this notice a short time ago.

Notice from the Mayor's office, Trinsic: The Trinsic Council of Honor is pleased to announce the next bazaar to take place Saturday, April 29, at 4pm eastern in Trinsic's marketplace, southeast corner of the city, near the docks. If you are looking to sell your wares, purchase a specific item, or are just interested in browsing the selection an array of merchants has to offer you are welcome to attend. The event will run through the day with gates provided at Yew, Vesper, and Britain's banks. I hope to see you all there!

The next open meeting of the Trinsic Council of Honor will be this Sunday, April 30, at 1pm eastern time in the Trinsic Counselor's Guild Hall. The public is welcome to attend!

The Trinsic Council of Honor

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 7:06 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

People in Profile
I've met many people in my years of long travels throughout the land. Most have faded to a blur of faces, names, and stories in my mind that I can no longer match up. But a few stand out to me, still clear after a long time has past since last seeing them. Ironically what makes some of these stand out isn't necessarily what you think. I've met more than my fair share of nobly born, richly adorned, piously scorned, and gloriously honored, but these extremities are often not as facinating as the common person I've met in shops, taverns, and the deep woods.

I decided therefore to set out and meet new faces. To pick people at random, engage them in conversation, and learn a bit more about the citizens who fill the world around me. Today I set out for Minoc, and wandered about till I stopped one woman who could spare the time to talk. Each time I will journey to a different town in turn, picking a random person to talk to.

OOC: This is a series of articles spotlighting one person each time. The person is picked at random, from the town I've picked at random for that time. There is one prerequisite however, the character's profile must be filled out. I've often been amused, entertained, or intrigued by people's profiles. Now when I come across one such as that, I will ask the person about it. And if they are willing, conduct a short interview and print the results here. I'm ideally looking for someone who has an interesting story to tell, and as such I do not care if they are "evil or good," a warrior or merchant. Our world is made up of a mixture of many kinds and I hope to reflect that. I'm not looking for "nominations" or volunteers to be mailed in to me. Instead I'm hoping for a random sampling of the "common man" about town. So fill out your paperdoll's profile, then -well- just be in the right place at the right time.

Yellow Birdie in a Cave Outside of Minoc For the first People in Profile article I did I chose Britian to find my interview. Its large and full of many kinds of people widening the range I would be looking at. For my second interview however, I went the opposite route. This time I chose Minoc, much smaller and primarily filled with busy miners. I crossed the small bridge over the river and walked toward the mountains where I was sure to find miners.

As I came upon a cave at the base of the mount I noticed a girl wearing green heading in. The color caught my eye as it was close to the same I was wearing at the time. (I had on my verite female plate piece with matching gloves, heh) Now that I think about it I chose my first interview based on the fact that his bright red caught my eye. Perhaps I actually choose people based on my mood of color for that day? In any case, I followed the girl into the cave and asked her name.

Her name was Yellow Birdie and she is a Major in the guild Light MercRangers. She said that her title was not one of military rank really as she was primarily a craftsman, but that it reflected that she had recruited at least six people into the guild. I looked up the guild in the library and found this information in its charter,

" The word "light" is in our name because we seek any person who does any works of light to join our guild, the word "MercRangers" means that we can be hired by other guilds to help them in their quests and wars. We will work for any guild, as long as they are of the light. Besides helping other guilds, the LMR shall go out of their way to help those who are new to the lands. We will refuse to help any Chaos or evil guild, and murderers and thieves are denied entrance into the guild."

Along with the guild information, I looked to see if Birdie had a personality profile on file with the records office. This profile was then what I used to organize my questions for her and get a better handle on who Yellow Birdie was.

Birdie's profile and close up shot

Yellow Birdie is a strongly built lass in her early twenties. She is the younger sister of Red Sonja, also a member of the LMR, but the similarities between these siblings stop there. Red Sonja is the MercScout Master, and her high skills are battle tactics, swordsmanship and parrying. Birdie said that Sonja is much quicker to act than she.

Birdie may prefer not to fight but she will if forced to. Birdie's highest skill may be mining, and but that has made her strong. She does not like to see anyone unjustly treated and will fight to defend those who are. Her biggest pet peeve...? Horse killers. Having done some mining myself one summer of my youth I can relate to this. A pack horse can mean the difference between a successful day of mining or begging at the tavern door for scraps. To have one senselessly killed is more than frustration, it is rage.

Yellow Birdie's main ambition is to be the greatest blacksmither she can. She hopes to one day attain the illusive title of Grandmaster, but at the moment has only just started her apprenticeship. She originally trained as a tinker while still in her teens, but found that to be too boring to occupy her and she decided to take on smithing. She found her early tinker training to be useful however as she can make all of her own tools needed for mining and smithing. She can also make other tools to give out to young people just starting out, or to help out her guild.

I may have sad news for those young men out there; Yellow Birdie is already married. Her husband, Mandragoran, is a mage and is younger than Birdie. At present Birdie is supplying a living for both of them, and she says she wears the pants in the house. Interestingly, they did not have a formal ceremony of marriage and do not wear inscribed rings. They are bound by ties that extend past this mere world, and they therefore do not need anything else to tell them they are each others.

When asked about the new lands, Trammel, that have just opened up, Yellow Birdie was optimistic. She plans to move there and is looking forward to having a life of peace. Especially as it may give her the chance to own a packhorse that would not be so quickly killed due to the stricter crime laws enforced there.

When I asked her if she had anything she would like to say about herself, she replied,

"I like the idea of meeting new people. You meet nice people and rude people, but all in all..."

We finish up nodding at each other as I understood perfectly. The thrill of meeting new people was why I undertook this whole series of articles. I hope Yellow Birdie shall retain as nice a memory of our little chat as I will.
Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 5:36 AM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Resistance Against the Orcs to Protect Britain!

Place: Britain
Date: April 29, 2000
Time: 11:00pm (Australia EST)

The people of Britain and surrounding towns are tired of the oppressive actions and rants of the Orc of Kor, and their band of unlawful, diseased and villainous members who harass not only those in Britain, but any who challenge their evil ways.

Thus with the upcoming "Suicide raid" on Britain by the Orcs, we send a call to all Britainains, from west to east, and all against the Orc oppression to travel to the Main Gate of Britain in the city centre to form a huge, multi-layered, human chain, blocking the march and reign of the evil Orcs, in a peaceful act of resistance.

We will meet at the main gate of Britain, just before 11pm (EST), to form the human chain around all the entrances and exits around this wall. The Orcs shall not prevail.

All people of Britannia, come and defend the peace, defend yourself, defend humanity. This call to revolution and resistance shall not be forgotten, the Orcs shall finally know the power of the people, the power of humanity, the power of US ALL.

Marie Curie, defender of the peace.

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 4:32 AM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

LAN party in Muelheim, Germany
    The RPE e.V. just notified us, that they will now be accepting sign-ups
    for the fourth "Empire" LAN Party, being held on the 26th of June,
    in Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany.

    Besides Ultima Online, many other games will be supported.
    If you like, attend one of the numerous tournaments during the party,
    or just play your favourite games with several hundred people, through
    a high speed Local Area Network.

    There's a small entry fee of about $10 USD. You may sign up at Please note, that the website is written in german.

    irc(IRCnet): #rpe - RpEnet e.V. - German LAN Party Organizers Association

    Tim Kowalewski

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 3:44 AM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

Scammers Impersonating OSI and Stratics Staff
Many Atlantic citizens have been contacted via ICQ by a person claiming to be staff for either OSI or UOSS. This individual tries to con unsuspecting people into downloading a program that he calls Netstat. This person is a scammer, and this program is a virus.

The sad part about the world we live in, is that there are people like this who are looking to cause pain and heartache to anyone they can contact.

The good news? You can protect yourself.


If an anonymous person contacts you via ICQ and tells you about some amazing program, some special deal, new OSI volunteer program, or tries to get you download ANY file for ANY reason, ten times out of ten it is someone who is trying to access your hardrive.

Please friends, protect yourselves from predators like this! Update your virus scanner. If you don't have one, download one now. Ultimately, a good dose of common sense will do wonders for you. If it is too good to be true, it is more likley than not that it is, in fact, too good to be true.

Careful friends, there are those who would attempt to cause you harm simply because you are a part of the UO community. Protect yourself, and spread the word.

Our friend Ben Ami sends us this clarification on the program NetstatLive:

You may want to post this regarding the hacker and the fake program Netstat. What is scary, is that there is a REAL freeware program out there called NetstatLive, which is an internet connection monitor, somewhat like the Modem Manager that comes with newer USR/3Com modems. NetstatLive is also a popular download. Maybe let people know to be careful not to confuse the two, and to not skip the real program, which can be decent, just make sure of the download source and BE CAREFUL. The makers of NetstatLive wouldn't contact YOU to take the software, you have to go to them and download it.

Ben Ami

Thank you for the clarification Ben!. And while we are on the subject of scammers, some people have been contacted via ICQ by someone who claims to be on the UO Stratics Staff and is recruiting reporters. In the process of doing that, this person tries to get access to your accountname and password. Let me assure you that we would never contact people over ICQ about joining the staff. If there are openings on the team we announce that on the website and ask people to send us their application via email. If you are asked to send email to an address that does not end in then you'd better not fall for it. Besides, we don't want to know your account info, so there would be no reason to supply that to a staff member ever... Just be careful out there.
Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 3:29 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

Cacodemons in Jhelom?
Morgstenn sends in the following report:

Hi friend!

"My name is Morgstenn, I live near the dungeon Wrong and I try to follow the path of the virtues set by our great Avatar. After a deserved night of rest, I woke up and started to prepare myself to go to the new lands of Trammel. It was morning and I was going to Jhelom provisioner in Felucca to sell some gems I've got from my last hunt session. I recalled to the Guard Tower at the center of the city and walked my way to the vendor.

When I was near the Healer's door I saw a monster like a tamed or summoned Daemon flying to NW. I checked his name and saw 'a cacodaemon' in grey. Well, I never saw a monster like that before and continued to walk to the provisioner, thinking it was some player's joke. When I passed near the beast, it started attacking me and i defended myself. While I am not a 7GM type I have some experience from hunting and dungeon fights, but the monster was a tough opponent. It didn't have any magical powers, and I kept healing myself while drinking Great Agility and Great Strenght potions, and sometimes the vendors helped me in the fight.

When it was nearly dead, the ugly critter started to fly and managed to leave the shop through the roof, and I run outside to give the final blows to the beast. It helped me to get the title of Grand Master Swordsman (I never spar with humans), some good karma and fame, and the loot, altough not outstanding, was of 800gp and some scrolls.

And here I leave a question - does Minax is sending tougher monsters through the cities, now that we have a safe place in Trammel lands, or it was a forgotten spawn from other villain?"

Keep up the good job! I always check stratics before I enter the game, and it helps a lot!

Good luck to you all

Sergio Z Paschoal
[email protected]
[email protected]

I believe the term "There goes the neighborhood" applies here?

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000, 2:12 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

Trouble in Paradise

As hundreds flock to Trammel to witness history in the making, many unprepared citizens get more than they bargined for. The following story is one of many I've heard recently about the trouble folks have experienced getting back to Felucca:
I have visited the Trammel facet where I found few people in the towns, and those were looking for moonstones to return to Felucca. But such stones are rare; unlike the ubiquitous Trammel stones, these do not seem to be found on lizards and rats, and no periodic attacks in town seem to occur. I helped someone strong kill a lich and he was kind enough to give me the stone so that I could return to tell this tale. But nothing I could kill myself had one, and I killed so much that I had to send my armor to the cleaners.

So beware, my fellow craftsmen; should you go to Trammel, be prepared to stay for some time.

Pierre, a smith

I should note that there have been reports of finding these stones on the corpses of Lizardmen and Ratmen, as well as Orcs and other simple creatures.

I too visited the Trammel lands and found it very difficult to obtain a Felucca moonstone. There is another way however. If you have the cash and are desperate to return there are business saavy citizens willing to sell their stones. The average price I saw was around 2,000gp. Beware though, they do not take Grandmaster Card or Britannia Express. *Grins*
Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 6:39 PM EDT by Ceridwen (NapaValley)

The End of the World?
This news of awful nature which may turn out to be true was submitted by Dell and Johari:
A massive attack on Skara Brae was the first sign of trouble this evening as wave after wave of undead and demons attacked the sleepy town. The battle was rumored to be led by an invincible mummy with a purple hue. Valiant fighters fended them off, but the casualties mounted amongst attacker and defender alike.

Soon reports began to trickle in about a golden troll attacking Vesper, evil mages in Magencia, and other scourages in the realm.

While taking a well earned break in the fighting, one defender was overheard to remark that this, indeed, looked like the end of the world.
- Dell

All the towns of Britainia were under heavy attack. After witnessing the Golden Troll fall in Vesper, I journeyed to Skara Brae and found her under seige by hordes of undead. The attack was led by a foul creature named Banothil that appeared to be a purple mummy.
- Johari
It seems the world is falling to the forces of Minax though our soldiers fight hard and brave. There are not many choices left but there is one. If ye wish to escape from these monsters it is best that you find a moonstone and travel to Trammel, the sister world but if you wish to stay and fight, prepare thyselves. We are in for more I would imagine.
Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 5:10 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

Minax Assaults the Realm
These compiled reports in from citizens around the realm-

Silikious the Mage-to-be:

I heaved myself off the ground, where I had spent quite some time leaning against a vendors building. It had been a long day of study, but the results were worth it. It seemed my brain had swelled beyond what my skull could contain.. unclear if that was an indication of the magical knowledge gained that day or just plain weariness from endless research. Despite the discomfort I was determined to get some more work in before sun down, so I made my way around the building to face Lloyd once again.. Lloyd being my reagent supplier of choice in the area. Appearantly I had become his customer of choice as well, as his face lit up as he saw my coming yet again, "Hail fair Silikious! I trust you are finding my magical reagents of the purest quality!". The volume of his voice brought on yet another twinge of pain. "Aye 'tis but the truth fair Lloyd.."I lacked the strength to attempt a real conversation with him, so instead I handed him a parchment I had been mulling over earlier. "I will require the following items today Lloyd". He dissapeared briefly into his back room and returned with a brown leather sack overflowing with every magical ingrediant known to the lands. "He pretended to scrible on a small tattered parchment, then announced " That will be 1,470 gold pieces friend!" as he extended his hand to me. I scowled at him and growled "Actually Lloyd that will be 1,370 gold, unless your rates have increased somewhere in the last few hours!". I knew Lloyd all too well and had already made my own totals as I made my list. He pretended once again to scribble on his parchment and then piped "Ahhh so sorry friend... you know I never finished my studies in the world of calculations!" I was in no mood for this and so I all but through a small brown sack at him, in which I had already placed the proper coin count. As I turned to make my way back into the Abbey I heard Lloyd's voice trailing behind me "Thank ye once again fair Silikious, and may the powers of the land be with you!".

Stuffing the reagent bag into my backpack I rounded the last corner of the grand Empath Abbey and nearly tripped over my own feet.. strewn across the ground as far as I could see was the most hellish pillings of bodies I had ever witnessed.. Wagons loads of orc bodies, mixed with an alarmingly large number of human corpses.. even a number of distinct Ettin corpses were here and there. I was no stranger to the attacks on the grand woods of Yew, having spent much of my youth in these forests having at the endless rows of trees, which I found particularly suited for making high quality archery items. Although an archer of some small quality myself, this was mostly to stockpile some gold to begin my magical training, which I felt was my true calling. Recently the attacks have been stepped up, and I used the evil hordes as so much test subjects for my magical training, yet never had I witnessed an attack that made it to the stoop of the Abbey.. and beyond! Yes I saw roughly half an orcish body laid strewn in the doorway itself! I noticed a ragged band of warriors huddling together licking their wounds, and so I sauntered over to get the story in full.. I foolishly (and later regrettably) could think of nothing better to say than "Well I always miss all the fun!". From the looks returned to me I soon feared for my life, a fear that grew when I realized all of the towns guards were either slain or off handling problems elsewhere. All at once the warriors raised their weapons and rushed at me.. startled I could think of nothing better to do than duck and cower.. and to my suprise they rushed directly by me. I stood and turned only to see yet another wave of intruders heading my way.. and this was no small raiding party.. this was an army! At least 30 orc warriors armed with all manner of weapons, followed directly by several mages.. just beyond them, half a dozen orc lords, and standing out in the growing sunset several large silhouettes that could only be Ettins.. horrid two headed beasts that seemed to live for nothing but the kill. From behind came another wave.. an ambush! Lucky for me more warriors rushed from The Abbey to meet them. Caught between two tides of death I had no choice but to clear my thoughts and produce my spellbook. I laid into targets of oppourtunity, picking off the odd orc and Ettin that I could see. How quickly the battle turned against us! I was retreating to keep my frail body off the front line.. and backed myself square into a vendors building in the Abbey entryway. Stunned from the contact I could do nothing as several orcs rushed at me.. I focused to release all the magical powers I held as everything went black.....

Then slowly turned to grey.. I floated somehow slightly off the ground.. weapons and body parts sliced through me without producing any feeling.. in fact nothing had a feeling... yet it was strangely cold... I looked down, horrified to see my own body lying at my feet! I had been slain! Off to the East I heard a faint calling.. unable to make it out yet unknowing of what else to do I drifted towards it. Soon I saw a figure on the horizon, the only thing in this strange realm with any coloration at all.. he beckoned me to him, and asked if I woud like to return to the world of the living. A question of such absurdety I had never known could exist! I think I acknowledged him in some way, and suddenly was spiraled back into the world of feeling. Instinictively I began to rush toward the battle once again, enraged with the happenings yet not quite comprehending them. I felt drained of all strength and realised I was barely above the state of death even now. I produced my spell book and quick chanted the words of power I knew would return my strength "In Vas Mani". I closed my eyes and focused the powers onto myself and... nothing.. I couldnt remember the last time this spell had failed me, and even then it produced some result. Confused, I reached into my backpack for my small wooden box that I kept my precious reagents in only to discover it was gone! True fear poured through me (strange that would send me to such depths of fear given I had recently been dead!) as I realized not only did that box contain an immense fortune in reagents, but my masterpiece in the making, my rune book! I had spent the day gaining some odd change ferrying stranded travellers around and forgot to replace my book into my bank vault! Maybe it was unable to make the transistion into the spirit realm and still laid by my fallen body! I raced back to the site of my death, risking certain harm in my critical state. There was still a small skirmish taking place near where I had fallen, and amid all the fallen bodies I spied my own..chills ran through me as I realized what I was looking at. A mage was hiding in a clove of trees nearby and I quickly asked for a healing so I could safely steal back to my possesions. As the magical powers ran through me I turned and ran to my own corpse, careful not to attract the attention of any orcs. Thankfully most of them had been routed or killed by then and was relieved to find a familiar wooden box laying beside my corpse. I picked it up, kissed it quickly and turned to the Abbey when suddenly another horde of orcs and ettins came rushing at me! I turned to flee and found I was once again surrounded! I tried to calm myself enough to formulate a plan.. my rune book! I quickly tried to focus my powers on it hoping it would take me away.. I didnt care where anywhere had to be better than this! As I spoke the words of power I opened the box to retrieve the book of runes, and in my haste dropped it at my feet, spilling the contents. I dove for the book as I felt a cold steel axe blade cut into me.. Once again all was black. I was out of strengh and will now. Somehow I had come back into my senses and found myself in the woods in the mortal realm again. I pictured my precious book and reagents being trampled by the invading hordes. I snuck my way back and found things had only gotten worse. Another wave of attackers had come and now carried the slaughter into the walls of the Abbey itself. Without my reagents I was worth as much in this battle as the many small deer that lived here. I wept to myself as I made my way to the forest clearing which held several vendor buildings. It was devoid of invaders and so I slumped into a corner and faded into a sleep. Many lives were lost that day, and so I have learned to overcome my selfish pain of losing my posessions. I was still alive and retained all the knowledge in my head I had accrued so far. I obtained an axe that was lying near several fallen bodies, and tommorow you will find me back in the woods, busily chopping trees and hawking my bows. Some day I will continue my studies, for now I feel justified in my losses, given to uphold the fair town and grand woods that have given so much to me.

Silikious, mage-to-be
(and once again chopper of many a tree)

Yet another report-

Such a quiet evening.

Delstar Dotstar piled out of bed and pulled on his chainmail reluctantly. A quickly downed refresh potion cleared the night's cobwebs from his head, and he checked his katana carefully after buckling on the scabbard. It had many nicks and it's blade didn't have the flesh-melting edge he preferred. Delstar was very strong, but not near as strong as his blacksmith cousin, Ingot Head. His fighting style depended more on speed, and with these fragile, light blades, it was essential to keep the cutting edge as sharp as possible. Normally, Ingot's skill at the forge kept the blade like new, but Ingot was taking instruction in Carpentry off in Minoc right now. Delstar resolved to take the sword to him in a day or two, and replaced it in his scabbard.

He had many errands to run. He needed mandrake root, needed to clean out his bank box, and was trying to find out where to find a surveyor's tool for an upcoming trip. He had a lot of low-end magic items in his house chest that needed to be sorted through, and tossed out, plus one tattered treasure map that his experience told him would have a low yield, but was in an easy to reach location. Delstar chanted the words for magical transport and winced at the ugly noise and sulfurous smell of a failed spell. Ah well, he was still half asleep, and he never claimed to be a mage. Concentrating harder, he chanted again, and touched his rune for Minoc.

Something was wrong.

There was always a nightmare feel when Delstar recalled into the hubbub of frantic activity. The number of people racing around, the number of weapons in hand instead of at the belts, the number of people around the bank frantically trading things in and out of their lockboxes... All the disturbed ant's nest of activity after the pastoral seaside calm of Delstar's house added to the dreamlike impression.

A half clothed man pushed hastily past Delstar, and knocked him back a step. His heel caught on something and down he went expecting a painful fall as he grabbed at his sword to keep it from being damaged. Surprisingly however, he ended up sitting on something soft and warm.

It was the body of a Troll.

A Troll? Here in Minoc? Delstar quickly stood, equipped his shield and katana, and looked around. He caught the rumbling sound of Troll's grunt from the other side of the bank, and quickly ran over to find an unarmored man wrestling with a Troll and obviously losing badly. A quick appraisal of the man's wounds told him that he wouldn't last much longer, and the other citizens didn't seem to be paying attention. Delstar quickly pulled out some bandages and began slashing at the Troll while simultaneously applying what medicine he could to the man's injuries.

Once the man was bandaged and out of immediate danger, Delstar obeyed battlefield etiquette and stepped back in respect for his patient's honor. "Do you need help?", he asked just as the man chanted some very complicated words of power, and flames engulfed the Troll in a horrendous inferno of burnt fur and flesh. With the Troll roaring with the severity of the injury, Delstar shouted "I guess you don't!" and simply applied some more bandages.

After the mage threw another spell, the troll went down in a evil smelling pile of unwashed and scorched carrion. The mage thanked Delstar, but ran off before he could be asked any questions.

With some thought Delstar realized that his former home town of Minoc was coming under attack like so many other cities had recently. He was bewildered by this, since so many of the other cities had been major centers of trade and industry. Minoc was just a mining town, rough and full of thieves, always struggling with murderers in the surrounding mountains, wild but full of resources. Truly the problems must be getting severe for such a small outpost to be targeted.

This was too much. After a quickly dropping his valuables in the bank, Delstar went looking for any other fights. The many troll bodies showed signs of a recent wave of attacks, but only when he got near the tanner's shop East of the bank did he hear the ringing sounds of steel. The doorway was clogged with warriors trying to get to the battle, and just on the other side of them Delstar could hear the unearthly sounds of a zombie. Pushing his way to the forefront at the door, he saw a quick flash of a green hand and was startled to see a rip open up in his chain vest.

Green? Zombies were gray, why had that half rotted hand look green? Looking for another glimpse he heard a bystander suddenly shout "OMG! Clear the doorway! Let him OUT!". Stepping to one side, he was distracted by the sight of a man stumbling out of the doorway looking terribly sick, leaving a trail of vomit as he stumbled toward the bank in search of healing. Suddenly the hand flashed by again, knocking Delstar's helm askew and leaving a gash in his shoulder.

Delstar had never known such pain. Had he not been fighting on an empty stomach, he would have lost its contents immediately. Something was terribly wrong, and he fell back out of the doorway in confusion and pain, to see a true horror shamble out after him. It wasn't a zombie at all, but a rotting horror, a decayed and pustulant corpse that spread its disease at just a touch.

The crowd of fighters closed in to block the pursuing nightmare's path, and Delstar scrambled to drop his sword and shield into his backpack. Rummaging through his bags, he yanked out a cure potion, and downed it. An nearby mage threw curing forces at him, and he quaffed another potion. Nothing was working against the pestilence that had infected him, and while reaching for the third potion, his world went black.

As his sight cleared, the only thing on Delstar's mind was the enormous relief that came with cessation of pain. He calmly looked down at his own body, the colors blocked by his dim view of the natural world. The Rotten Corpse glowed brightly in the crowd to his East, being more in his world of the dead than of the living.

It was tempting to rest awhile and enjoy the lack of pain, but this latest outrage maddened Delstar even further. That such horrors could ever occupy Minoc was unacceptable. Running toward the healer, he noticed another band of trolls appear. It would be difficult to get back, but after the healers worked their unworldly arts, he managed to return to his body by way of hiding every few steps. Once there, he quickly donned his armor, and applied bandages, eventually feeling the circulation return to his barely functioning body.

His armor still dripped with the decay of the corpse that was continuing it's murderous rampage to the North, and his blade was in even worse shape. He could not fight like this. Sending a messenger to convey his need to his cousin Ingot, he recalled back to the house, hating himself for leaving the Minoc population dying around him.

It took a full ten minutes for Ingot Head to come and repair his armor and weapons. Delstar paced the entire time, anxious for the citizens of his home town, concerned even for the lives of the thieves that surrounded the bank. Waiting was tough, but he spent some of his time rummaging through his stock of magic until he found a silver bow. Not great magically, but deadly against the undead. Ripping the repaired equipment from Ingot's expert hands, he shouted "thanks" and "Kal Ort Por" in one string of syllables, once again appearing near the bank.

The Rotten Corpse was still in the field North of the bank, with one brave warrior bravely facing it on horseback, surrounded by healers and mages working frantically to keep him alive in the face of it. Many archers were spaced around the clearing but their arrows seemed to do no good. Many mages were slamming offensive spell after spell into the unnatural thing, with absolutely no affect. Only the warrior on horseback could damage it, and Delstar saw that the bardiche he wielded glinted with the brilliance of Silver.

Equipping his silver bow, Delstar joined the fight. His arrows had an effect, although it was a small one compared to the Halberd of the brave warrior face to face with the corpse. After a long time the thing fell, it's rotting flesh staining and killing the grass around it.

Running back to the tanners shop, Delstar found another of the horrors pinned to the back wall. One by one brave warriors stepped forward, and one by one they died, but they kept coming. They were determined to prevent this thing from escaping the tanner's shop and getting loose among the citizenry. Delstar had to study very carefully before he could discern what part of the mass of fighting bodies belonged to the corpse, and then began to pump arrows into it. Again, they hurt the thing, but slowly, and he was very afraid he would run out of arrows when a tamer walked in. With a massive roar, a Dragon followed the tamer into the shop, severely damaging the doorway in the process, and immediately it set upon the corpse as some of the warriors scattered.

The din was deafening. The dragon roared with fury, and amazingly, pain. The horror seemed to be a match even for this most deadly of beasts, and many mages began to cast their healing energies on the allied creature. The crush of warriors around the corpse was difficult to see through, but Delstar could see that it was taking damage, and continued to pump arrows into the things flailing arms and legs when they became visible. Slowly, oh so slowly, the corpse was dismembered, and eventually the shop emptied, leaving the floorboards stained the intermixed blood of warriors and dragons, in which floated the filthy remains of their opponent.

The rest of the night was a blur. Thankfully, there were no more of the deadly horrors whose stench was polluting the fresh mountain air of Minoc, but Delstar was nonetheless kept busy. Troll after troll strode into town, sometimes chasing hapless miners or blacksmiths in groups of three or four. Delstar scrambled from fight to fight, healing and swinging, but was never again severely injured. Trolls, Mummies, Bone Knights, Skeletons, all fell one by one to brave warriors screaming "Minoc Forever!", Delstar among them quaffing refreshing potions to stave off fatigue.

At last the waves of enemies stopped. Delstar stood in the middle of town looking at the mounds of bodies both human and inhuman, and leaning on the bank wall suddenly to keep from falling over. He had been fighting for over 30 hours, and it was midnight in Minoc. He had no idea if the current lull was permanent or not, but he could not fight any longer. He needed rest.

Too tired to concentrate on his weak magic knowledge, Delstar read from a scroll, and transported himself back home. He had accomplished nothing of what he had needed to do. The treasure map still sat on the table where he left it, his supply of Mandrake was now dangerously low, his bed was still unmade from the previous day, and his chest of magic items was in complete disarray.

But he slept well, knowing that for the moment.... Minoc was safe.


Unfortunately, it was not...Minax's hordes have devastated the world as we know it. Let us pray we can begin anew with hearts filled with hope, and souls focused on the Virtues. Thankye, Ingot and Silikious for these reports...
Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 1:04 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Blood Covered Snow in Wintermoor!

Twas in the twilight when it happened, 8 of the moon during the town meeting. While we were all discussing and arguing over the weeks politics and who was to get the most firewood during this cold month. Here in Wintermoor, being on ice isle, we are quite used to the site of orcs. Their mini raids cause have caused us minor disruptions as well as keep our guards on our toes?but tonight was to be different.

Orcs in droves began appearing?one, two?then ten, and twenty, but unlike the common orc this group had organization and purpose. Hearing the screams throughout the city, we immediately halted the meeting. Everyone ran down the tower and began to investigate.

Orcs, orcs, and more orcs were running in and out of the buildings of peaceful Wintermoor. Apparently, being led by a foul creature they called "Grishnak da Orc Chief". This "Grishnak" had a battle worn body, with a face not even his mother could love. "Clomp", "Clomp", "Clomp". He was speaking in some odd tongue we were not familiar with and he began to line up his troops apparently preparing for battle. "Korgath the Orc Lord", "Fugluk", "Zhan'ee", "Ugluk", "Orgoth", their names were as hideous as the faces they bore. One by one the Citizens of Wintermoor were being driven from their home. These axe wielders showed no mercy.

Soon we began to drive them back and our confidence began to rise. Little did we know that in the next few moments all of that was to change. Making a large grunt "Krimp" and pointing at the various Calvary on horseback, their evil allies appeared! Ettins began to surround the horseback riders. These Ettins proceeded to pound on what warriors had not fled in fear. This did not bode well at all. It was then that "Grishnak da Humie hater" called upon his greatest ally yet.

Tilf And Gilf, the apparent leader of the Ettins emerged from behind a 2 story which barely hid him! The pure white snow of Wintermoor ran Crimson Red with the fallen bodies that lay around him. The attack lasted for what seemed hours until finally Grishnak and clan had stolen enough loot and ran back into the mountains from where they came. The Ettins were left to guard the rear, and those that remained taunted us in our own city. "What is left of your guards now!", one ettin spoke. Then, in front of the Embassy of the Lordship of the Silver Serpent, another asked "Where are the Silver Guards of the Hold (referring to Serpents Hold)".

In light of these recent events, the City of Wintermoor asks that the members of light please consider making Wintermoor a part of the normal guard rounds, and that various groups like the Lordship of the Silver Serpent, and the Wintermoor Royal Guard increase their rounds throughout the city.

Xanthar, Mayor of Wintermoor
Museum Curator

Thankye, Xanthar, for this report.
Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 12:48 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Sunny Shademaker speaks out
It was only a few weeks ago our friend the Shademaker was on a recruitment drive for the Shadowlords during the Blackcomb/Grimoire war when both parties said: "I don't think so." But the man is back. I'll let him speak for himself now.

Harken and Observe!

A few failed nights ago I was forced along with the dark mage Solace to attend a punishment for our failure against our enemies. But we come back bearing great news...The Shadowlord has spoken once more... and with this warning I bring great tidings...He says he plans to undo the world... through the desecration of the shrines of good in the lands he hopes to unleash a blast of evil on the lands and drive all those of good hearts out... I do not understand much of his plot... but this much I do know... great changes are coming... will you ally yourselves with the Shadowlord? Or will you fall with the unworthy?

-Sunny Shademaker
ICQ: 46464888
For Honor, For Glory, For the Shadowlord

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 12:21 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Update on Mage Tower Event

Mage Tower Upcoming Event:

Hail Citizens of Brittania This is DMX again.
I would like to clear up the time of the event this weekend. We will begin at 1:00 pm PST and it will end at 4:00pm PST You are more than welcome to come early.

Thank you for your time
Sorry for confusion


Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 10:18 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

Rumors of "New World" Spark Hopes, Fears
Hail All!

Rumors that Lord British's advisor Nystul plans to cast a "world spliting" spell in the next day have been circulating around Brittania. Nystul, who was typically unavailable for comment, recently ordered the construction of mysterious stones columns in each city. Apparently, he has devised a way to duplicate our world. Many are concerned that this signals Lord British's surrender of our world, which is being refered to now as Felucca, to the foul Lady Minax. Others seem to be looking at this as an opportunity to escape the madness and death that have plagued our world for the last few months, even years. Only one thing is certain: Brittania will never be the same!

The UOSS Drachenfels News Team (Bel d'Ajoor, Stinger, editor Pfredd Mudd and myself) will be monitoring this situation closely in the next couple of days. If you have any information about this split, do not hesitate to contact us!

May the Virtues Protect Thee,

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 9:11 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

Comments from the Team: tOAD
The following was just posted to the Comments from the Team section of the Ultima Online website:

Comments from tOAD

So I'm quietly minding my own business when someone from the Community Relations department walks in and says, "You have to do comments from the Dev team this week." The words scramble in the air around my office, and by the time they finally hit my ears and transmogrify themselves into understandable sounds they say, "Let's go to lunch." I like this. Lunch is nice. My office has a nice surrounding nebula of airwaves that transform things that sound like work into things that I want to do. For example, when Runesabre comes into my office and say,s "Sorry, you're going to have to do a million things deep in the code today." I hear, "Dude, you get to play with the code." It's a cool office.

Unfortunately, I'm losing it. My office that is. Well, I'm probably losing it in general, but today I'm losing my office. Or tomorrow. Or early next week. The point is, I have to pack up all my books, pens, pencils, little scraps of paper marked 'important - don't throw away' but with no other information on them, two computers, my stereo, and my basketball, and carry it to a new office. This scares me. What if my new office doesn't have this cool surrounding nebula of airwaves? What if work actually starts to sound like work? This could be bad.

But at the same time it's like UO (as so many things in my life are). See, UO is changing, and I think for the better. Renaissance is going to make the game, at least in my mind, very different. I'm excited by this prospect in exactly the opposite way that I'm excited about a new office. I think about the new office and I'm worried. I think about the new Britannia and I'm thrilled. The way players play the game is going to change. And don't get the impression that I'm looking at this through a rose colored monitor, I know there are going to be some problems. In fact, that's one of the exciting things about it. When someone comes into this office and says "We've got some things to fix." I hear, "Grab a coke and some cookies, we're in for a wild ride!"

So, with some trepidation I'm starting to put things in boxes, label them so I remember which shelf to scatter them about randomly on, and say goodbye to my old home. But things are actually looking up. You see this morning I had to go check the network connections in my new office and I saw Jalek moving into the office across the hall from me. Someone said, "Hey, you guys can throw the football back and forth across the hallway!" And I heard, "Everything's gonna be all right."

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 7:07 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Some Sound Advice From a Napa Ranger
Thought this might be some helpful information. I paged a GM when I could not buy the 2-Story Villa I so much wanted to buy, cause the vendors are not holding them. Well OSI has disabled placing houses in both worlds, and won't be putting in the bigger houses in vendors until they are finished making the publish to the rest of the shards. So if you are worried about not being able to buy the houses you want, don't worry! Hope this helps anyone in confusion.

On a side note, I have seen a lot of people trying to loot blue monster and/or player corpses in town and end up getting killed because of it. Beware everyone! Don't loot the blue corpses! You WILL be flagged and killed. I don't think that has been clearly stated to anyone. Thanks!

Griswald Miner (Grand Smith, Napa Rangers)

Beastmaster Josh

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 7:00 AM EDT by Beastmaster Josh (CommunityNews)

Orc Attack pt 2
Keeonean is back!

The bell was sounded at the Empathy Abbey last night and many warriors answered. Since I've gotten different versions of this story I'm going to mesh them together and try to give you a good picture of what happened.

It was a quiet night inside the Abbey. Dark mists swirling just past the feeble throw of the lanterns. The brave men and women waiting inside the sacred hall knew an attack was eminent. They had put the call out for reinforcements.

Then, with the speed of a finger snap, an assault was launched. Orcs of every type and their Ettin cohorts launched themselves against the walls. However, they weren't alone. They had brought daemons along for the ride.

Just down the road, a few miles off, the reinforcements were full gallop as they met this horde full on. A terrific battle ensued. As the warriors were holding off the Abbey the rest were hacking a path to join them. Soon it was over.

Only problem being...this was only the first wave. It was then Keeonean made his appearance. Leading his orc army he assaulted the defenders once again. This time he had Bone Skeletons, Fire & Poison elementals and Lich Lords.

I'm told Keeonean uttered strange words not heard before...old powerful words that summoned up the armies of Ettins and Orcs again and again. Once he spotted his arch nemesis Bladesong the chase had begun. Bladesong told me after the first wave he recalled to the top of the bank followed closely by the murderer in his shiny gold armor. Barbs were thrown back and forth and when Keeonean had almost sent Bladesong to ghost land he uttered these words: "I'm going to let you live this day, so you can witness the glory of Minax."

The last powerful wave was a dark daemon none had laid eyes on before. His name was 'Lord of the Abyss'. When he walked forth many scattered. His power was absolute. Almost.

Everyone knows good wins in the end and this day was no different. With the evil armies vanquished and Keenonean routed for another day the Abbey was left quiet once more. But it was the quiet before the storm. For tomorrow in Napa land would be Renaissance day!

I would like to thank Caspian, Bladesong and Eagle for contributing to this story.

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 5:02 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

A World in Shock-- A World Split
The reports, the death tallys, the requests from mothers for news of their children, all this I'm still receiving. But more notable still are the many questions which simply seem to ask, "what happened?"

Last night saw massive attacks on many of our cities. The attacks were frightful in their intensity not only to common merchants, but to seasoned warriors as well. This did not exclude the popluation of the castle.

Apparently an attack such as this was expected, not unreasonable considering the last few months. Because of this Lord British's Mage, Nystul had been preparing.

The report we did about a week or so ago on the monuments brought about many comments from people, and many were fearful of their meaning. We had found out Nystul had them placed, but because didn't yet know why we had not yet reported on it. Now we can tell the story.

Nystul and Lord British had placed the pillars to facilitate a spell. It seems that Minax was more of a threat than many of us had realised. Many people counted her as being on the run since Trinsic had been retaken, but the castle was not so optimistic. An escape plan was devised, one that would allow the nobility and government to escape as well as the citizens of Britiania.

After last nights attacks it was decided to undertake the spell and make the escape paths available. It should be noted this drastic measure was not done lightly and that much thought had gone into making this work. So while Minax's forces were concentrating on the attacks around the world, Lord British's trusted friend, Nystul, began the spell.

Nystul begins to cast.The pillars activate

This is an artist's rendition of what it may have looked like when Nystul cast the spell. His spell then split the world in two, creating a mirror image of the Britiannia we are familiar with.

These two worlds are now traversable for those wishing to escape to the new lands, free of Minax's threat. The new lands are named Trammel, and these are to be now known as Felucca, after our two moons of course.

Here we see pictures taken by Infinity of what the main pillar in the castle looks like and also one of the satelite pillars, this happens to be in Moonglow.

 Pillar in CastleThe pillar in Moonglow

This should all be good news, our rulers have provided an escape to safer lands for any who wish to go to. It is a mirror image of our familiar ones so finding our way around should be helped. But there is a down side. Many people plan to stay in Felucca. This is where we were raised, where we found love, adventure, friends, and built our homes. Where the headstones of our friends and family lay. I can take you to the table in a tavern where an impulsive young love of my youth carved our intitials in the wood. And I have friends who could take you to the tree where their intials are carved.

The problem is that tree would no longer have its leaves. The ground around it is soaked with blood, littered with bones. Their are now many gravestones throughout the land, most of which do not seem to bear name to the person it marks. The article done just a few days ago, where the mysterious seer spoke words of woe in Yew at the abbey, comes back to mind. The man did indeed know of what he spoke; what he spoke was truth. All has come just as he said it would

It is not known what has brought about this desolation. Some blame Minax, saying she did this in spite. Others blame Nystul saying he did not control the massive power that his spell had. No one seems to know who is at fault, but I'm not sure having someone to blame would help me get over it. I don't want vengance, I want my beautiful world back.

I'll leave you with two shots of the desolation prevalant in Felucca. The first picture you can see a roof top in the foreground. I want you to know that is MY rooftop. What you are seeing is my own backyard. Skulls in place of the flowers I had planted--now nothing will grow here. The other picture is of a Yew tree. If you live in Yew you revere them, if you've traveled here you'd never forget them. They are huge, towering, and normally full of lush vegetaion so thick that when it rains the ground beneath gets merely damp.

Here is what this looks like now:

My backyard

Yew Tree, deviod of its leaves

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 12:25 AM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Friday Night Fights at Grimoire
Lost's Friday Night Event at Grimoire Arena.
Friday April 28th , @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)

2 on 2. 4,000 gps entry

Here are the rules:
· No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed. 5 Greater Heals, 3 any other potions including G. Heal's.
· No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
· No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
· Up to three trapped bags/chests to break paralyze. They may be re-trapped during the battle.
· No Stealing is allowed during battle.
· Only 1 set of armor is allowed per match.
· The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed.
· The Double Hit weapon swing is not allowed. If you do not know how to use it, then don't worry about it. We will not demonstrate, but we know how it works.

· All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
· The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
· Anyone that disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
· If Grimoire cancels an event for any reason at any time during the course of the event, all entry fees will be returned to the contestants.
· Any contestants that are perma banned for any reason after the entry fee has been paid, will forfeit the gold. This gold will be paid out to the winners of the event.
· If you leave the arena after the entry fee is paid and you fail to return before the event begins, the entry fee is forfeit and will be paid to the winners of the event.
· In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
· A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit. The contestant will be banned until after the Battle Arena is clear.
· The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

Entry fee is 4,000 Gold per person.
To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM Grand Prize is 50% of the entry fees collected, 2nd place is 30%, 3rd place is 20%.

We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!
This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena. Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village. For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 12:16 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Orc Attack part 1
My friends, thanks to all of you who dutifully replied regarding the last post in that orc & elemental spawns were common around the shrine of Compassion. Yes, perhaps you are right and this is a common occurrence. However, my instincts were correct in that something out of the ordinary is happening. Exhibit number one: A couple of nights ago my comrade Bladesong sent me this -

Hail Friends,

Tonight, like most nights, I was hanging around the brewy in Yew, when a handful of orc's spawned outside. Being the Orc lover that I am, I quickly went to say hello..but they seemed not to like the way I said it..go figgle. Anyway, after we had dispatched the few that were about, in came a message "You hear the footsteps of many orc's on the march" at which point i gathered the few of us there at the pub and tried to find the best way to hold off an army of orcs without dying. i

Another message then came across the pike: "You Hear the Orc's Heading for the tower" at wich point i knew what they were after..Thomas SongBird, the Local Yew Bard, who at the moment, was hiding in Blackcomb's Tower. Upon gating there we were met by an ever so loving Orc party and we begin dispatching the nasty little buggers.

For every one we killed 5 more spawned in their place. We were quickly overrun and retreating when help showed up. Was good timing on their part, i was almost dead and quickly running outta bandages to heal with.

At one point we were just north of the pub when in came a message "You see a Green Orc hiding in the bushes" I can only believe that is one of the leaders..and is looking for poor Thomas's map which is a whole other story (Pelle's note: One I hope we can find out about soon!) Needless to say that nasty little green one took off before we could dispatch the few orcs remaining.

So, there are a few lingering questions...namely why was Thomas Songbird of the Sambrook Pub and Winery hiding out in Blackcomb's tower? And what is this map? However, this is just the beginning of the mystery as you will see in part II.

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2000, 12:02 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

A World in Shock-- Reports From Other Cities Come In
The report I first received on the attack in Moonglow has been repeated to me on my door step by messengers from around the globe. What happened in Moonglow was hardly an isolated incident.

I thought I would send you a message, although I'm not too sure if you're getting a lot of this or not. Delucia got hit three times so far by undead. I didn't check any other towns, but we gots the bad stuff: lich lords, rotting corpses, skeletal knights, and mummies. I thought I'd let you know.

Badass Billy Gun

Billy Gun's report from Delucia sounded a copy of the one from Moonglow, and was not the last I was to hear. I got further reports from Vesper and Yew, and finally from Britian itself. I think too that just because I haven't heard from other towns does not rule them out. The usual messenger services have been rerouted or destroyed and its possible the stories simply have not come in yet.

HUGE attack on Britian on the 26th, 10:00pm CDT. I took many sketches.

There was a green Rotting Corpse that took about ten warriors and five mages almost seven minutes to kill. I'm still fighting here right now and there's still more monsters.


Here are some of the sketches Infinity managed to capture during the fray. Although these are of Britian, reports seem to say they are indicative of what went on in each of the cities attacked last eve.

Rotting Corpse attack at the Bank

A rotting corpse at the First Bank of Britian, just across the moat from the castle itself. An especially incongrous shot with the holiday candies still in place on the table in the foreground.

Monsters on Bank

Here an entire regiment of nasties in formation on the bank roof. There was a time when a quick mage could escape by teleporting up onto the roofs of buildings. But ever since the Trinsic attacks the hordes of evil have been doing the same trick.


Perhaps one of the more disturbing sights, a black deamon going by the name of Slayer. I have received reports of his appearance not only in Britian but in Vesper as well.

These pictures are indeed worth a thousand words, as they were also worth many lives. Many brave men and women fell last night and I know the healers are working overtime to try and bring all back to their flesh forms. On behalf of the many citizens who fought beside you or for whom you fought, our thanks.

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 11:19 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

A World in Shock-- The Attack on Moonglow
So much has happened in the last few hours that I must break it up into sections. First listed here is an eyewitness account of a massive attack on Moonglow last night. It needs little else in introduction, these two messages tell all:

Hail, and well met! I bring news of an attack by the undead on Moonglow.

I was out hunting in the forest around the city of Moonglow and returned to the city to take a slight rest. But what I found was far from restful. As I approached the southern entrance to the city, I noticed a couple of bodies. Not uncommon with the guild wars that go on around Moonglow. But as I entered the gate, I saw a liche's corpse lying on the ground and I heard the sounds of heavy battle. As I ran as quickly as I could toward the bank, I noticed more liche corpses on the ground and what looked like some sort of blue zombie corpse. I realized the severity of the situation when I reached the bank.

A large cluster of warriors were gathered around some sort of zombie that was of a sickly green hue, but all that I was able to divine of it was that it was a rotting corpse. The warriors continued to strike at it, but it seemed almost completely unphased. Bodies of fallen citizens littered the ground. I quickly readied my crossbow to aid in the defense of our fair city. Even the town crier had readied herself to fight. We fought a long hard battle against this unnatural creature. Eventually it fell under the blow of our weapons, leaving a desicated corpse.

Instead of staying to examine the body further, I ran further into the city to assess the extent of the attack. Liche corpses were everywhere as well as more corpses of these "super zombies," to say nothing of the fallen citizens. Minax has continued her campaign against the cities with vigor. We were able to defend our city this time, but I fear that this is not the last we will see of Minax's forces.

Only a few minutes later another messenger arrives handing me this further news.

Hail and well met, once more! My previous news report may have been a little premature. I left to take care of some business elsewhere, and returned to find our fair city of Moonglow under even worse assault by undead forces than before.

As I approached the southern gate, I could see many bodies lining the road and a liche entering the Southern gate. I figured that there was another attack in progress similar to the first one. As I walked past the bank, I was quick to discover that I was wrong. Dead wrong, so to speak.

Many liches walked the streets, along with more rotting corpses. The valiant warriors in Moonglow continued to fight, but many were dying. I ran to the north to see what I could do to help and discovered a dead Balron lying in the road. BALRONS! What was happening here? We are continuing to fight at this very moment to defend Moonglow, but the undead are continuing to rise out of the very ground we walk on, in all forms. Some mummies have begun to appear as well. I also ran into a friend in the midst of battle who told me that the pillar near Moonglow's bank had begun to glow.

I have helped a couple of other warriors lure one of these foul rotting corpses out of the city in order to destroy it, but I don't know how successful it will be. I pray thee, send reinforcements to Moonglow! I am continuing to chase... *the message abruptly ends here*


I have yet to find Dalboz's fate. His body was not yet reported as found dead, but its been such a mess that information channels are falling fast. I do hope he fared well.

The pillar in Moonglow is indeed glowing, as are the others in the other towns. But more on this later...

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 10:40 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Clans Stand Up to Orcs
Many of the humans in the land of Oceania have stood by and watched the villany of the Orcs of Kor spread throught out the land.

They are disrupting the trade route between yew and trinsic demanding a tribute. They are killing the livestock of the trade caravans, namely the horses.

I the great Clanmaster of the Beserker Clan can not stand by this injustice. I sent my assasin to investigate matters futher. Stealthfully he broke through the monster infested forest only to be jumped by 4 orcs. Refusing to pay tribute like every Noble Warrior would he was attacked and savegly beaten with the crude orc weapons ... valiantly he killed 3 of the orcs sending a 4th one stumbling in to the orc fort.

The Great Beserker Clan can no longer tolerate the presence of the Orks in the land of Oceania.

The Admirable Thorin Bloodbane (GM), Beserker Clanmaster, Master Mage, BC*.

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 5:04 PM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

Orcs Seek to Destroy Resistance

Place: Britain
Date: April 29, 2000
Time: 11:00pm (Australia EST)

The Orcs of Kor have learnt of a humie resistance that is head quartered in Britain. The Orcs hereby give warning to all citizens to stay clear of the streets. The Orcs will be painting themselves in their gray warpaint and will be storming into the streets of Britain, hoping to flush out the resistance.

Any humie that attacks an Orc, will be deemed part of the resistance, and will be slaughtered. The Orcs have tried to convince their urk (npc orcs) arch-enemies to also assist in this battle, but no word has yet been received from their urk leaders.

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 4:54 PM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

Bumble The Bard Comic Site Update

The Bumble the Bard website has been updated with a new humorous poem and cartoon called "Fruit Salad".

Come Visit Me "BUMBLE THE BARD"-Click Above

Phil Colby.

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 2:43 PM EDT by Beastmaster Josh (CandidCoverage)

Spring Festival at Krista's Ranger Station
Elwynn, of Krista's Ranger Station, sent us the following announcement:

Greetings, friends!

It is once again time to celebrate a pagan holiday with a festival at Krista's Ranger Station. On Monday, May 1 at 8 pm by the Central Sky, folks will be gathering at the station to celebrate Beltane.

Among the activities planned are a spring blessing given by the Station's own druid Desdemona, a Beltane feast, handfastings for those so willing, and visiting among friends, new and old. If events unfold has they have in past festivals, there will likely be some drinking and plenty of spring nudity!

The Ranger Station is located in the clearing just southeast of Yew Abbey in Felucca on Great Lakes. Hope to see you there!

Blessed be, friends!

May Fate Smile Upon Thee!

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 1:43 PM EDT by Luxmea Mundi (GreatLakes)

An Unfortunate Encounter with the Ancient Wyrm
Lady Jade sent in this account of her strange ordeal:

Since the changing of our lands, it seems the monsters have gotten both smarter and braver. So I decided to live up to my title of Glorious Lady and undertake a very difficult task. I would attempt to kill the Ancient Wyrm unassisted.

After gathering the necessary equipment, I set off and ventured deep into the bowels of the dungeon Destard. Soon I was face to face with the giant beast. Even in the darkness of its lair, its pinkish skin seemed to glow. I realized immediately that this Ancient Wyrm was different than any I had slain in the past. It's eyes had a vicious look to them, as if it sought to kill everything unfortunate enough to be caught by their gaze. Clearly, this was a beast that knew the taste of human flesh. I examined the beast more closely, and found that its aura was the red of demons and murderers.

Having decided upon my strategy, I moved to kill it. I was immediately stunned by its venom breath. Faster than I could say KalOrtPor, I was running to heal myself. I scrambled away to what I thought a safe distance. But to my surprise and dismay, the beast teleported directly besides me. Before I could heal myself, it had clawed me to death! I had been slain by the very beast I sought to conquer.

As I travelled in my ghost form, I came upon another human. His title read "Brandon the Mystic Llamaherder". I tried to communicate with this being. But like the Wyrm, his aura was that of a murderer. He ran around in circles on the cliffs, seeming to defy gravity.'Twas as if the Gods themselves were controlling him.

So I ask you...Is there a connection between the Ancient Wyrm and Brandon the Mystic Llamaherder? Or was this just coincidence? Take this story how ye will , but I believe Brandon and the beast were in this together to kill me.

-The Glorious Lady Jade

A brave lady indeed! Me, I'm scared of mice.

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 12:35 PM EDT by Luxmea Mundi (GreatLakes)

Warning to all players regarding house transfer deeds!
We've received reports of players being conned into accepting books in transfer windows instead of house transfer deeds. TAKE NOTE that house transfer deeds DO NOT LOOK LIKE BOOKS. They appear as blank scrolls and when clicked they display all the house information as shown below.

Be wary of people attempting to trick you into accepting a book as a house transfer deed, they are attempting to trick you out of your money.

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 9:02 AM EDT by Rainman (CommunityNews)

Ultimate Adventure Updated
For those following the tale of "Ultimate Adventure", we've just been advised by Korgoth, the author, that he has added another chapter to the tale. Enjoy!!!


Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 8:15 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

Crimson Sands Reports Increased Growth
Our newest player run community shares news of their continued success!

The Crimson Sands of evermoore has grown! The home of Brotherhood of Crimson Knights, Bloodstone Allkiance and Bloodstone Evermoore now encompasses 17 buildings. Only 2 of these structures are not open to the public. The other 15 are. Our town is adding vendors. We will take special orders. Just come to our town and use the books to record what you need. The map will show the location of our town. Notice it's close proximity to the Shrine of Honor, the City of Jhelom, The passage to Delucia, The Orc Trail south of Trinsic and the haunted ruins northeast of the shrine of honor.

You will find Evermoore here!

The main features of the town include:

1) Crimson Coast of Evermoore Tavern - This tower has been converted to a tavern by it's owners. It has a bar on the ground floor, a spacious dining room on the thrid floor and a rooftop cafe for our guests.

2) Lighthouse of the Crimson Sands - Ender has graciously opened this house to the public and it serves as the towns inn.

3) Evermoore town hall - Town meetings are held here. Leaders of all 6 guilds that are involved in operation of the city come here to plan the cities future.

4) The sparring area - This open area on the beach is used for training and events. Healers and guild leaders can watch the events from the white tent that was once the only structure in this community.

5) The Shrine of Honor is within walking distance.

6) The haunted ruins - spectres, shades, wraiths and skeletons come from across the world of britannia to wait their turn at being slain by valiant heroes.

7) Passage to Delucia - the newbie dungeon is an easy walk from our community.

Come and visit our town and if you have an event with no place to hold it let us know!

Welcome to the Crimson Sands of Evermoore!

Thank you for sharing this news friends, best wishes for your continued success!

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 7:50 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

Bad news/good news from War & Roses
The following announcement was sent in today:

The proprietors of the War & Roses Tavern are sad to announce that we will no longer be holding staffed hours after this week. Instead, we will be focusing our efforts and resources on a once-monthly special event. Look for news soon on our May event! Wednesday and Thursday of this week will be the last two staffed nights at the Tavern. And, as always, the building and staff are available for private parties.

Thank you to our customers for their enthusiastic patronage.


We look forward to seeing what you cook up! Keep us posted!

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 7:30 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

Black Dye tub scam
We have recieved the following:
Have you heard there is black dye tub scam? A person tried to sell a tub that was full of black hats as a "Black Dye Tub" for 40K.

Please try and stay away from "posing" merchants, these people can take a big bite out of your pocket book. Bott

Thanks!. Im not sure if this is a official new scam, I thought this was pulled off in the old days. Go figure.
Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 7:00 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

UO:R Publish Schedule
The following was just announced regarding the UO:R Publish Schedule:

Ultima Online Renaissance Publish

After closely monitoring the Sonoma, Pacific, and Great Lakes shards, we are planning to update the remaining Ultima Online shards with the Renaissance publish. The Ultima Online: Renaissance features will be active on all Japanese shards (Hokuto, Asuka, Izumo, Wakoku, and Yamato) upon return from their next scheduled maintenance period.

The publish will be active on the remaining North American shards when they return from their Thursday, April 27th maintenance period (local server time), and the Korean, European, Taiwanese, and Australian shards will have the publish activated after their return from their Friday, April 28th morning maintenance (local server time).

Should any issues arise during the publish that require us to delay publishing shards, a revised schedule will be communicated as soon as the issues are resolved.

Information and answers to commonly asked questions about Ultima Online: Renaissance can be found here.

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 6:40 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Clarification of Rare Item Lockdowns
The item in the latest "In Testing" article on the UO web site that said that rare items in player's houses would no longer be locked down has been changed to the following:

Rares contained by another container or found in player houses will no longer be permanently locked down

There was a bug that caused all rare items that are found in NPC shop containers to be permanantly locked down, even in player's homes. This has been fixed, and these items will follow the same lockdown rules as any other non-rare item.

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 4:55 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

UTB Helps You Avoid Harassment
Archipelago, Town Cryer of Moonglow, sent us the following:
Following on from the lead given by many other groups on the Drachenfels shard, the United Tamers of Britannia is striving to improve the lives of the people of Drachenfels. Some of you may be interested to know that the United Tamers of Britannia have available to the public a compendium of players who have been reported by several members of the guild as displaying antisocial behaviors. Having looked at the list carefully to make sure that I wasn't on it myself, I can indeed confirm that the incident between myself and the entire cast of the 'Vesper Dramatic Company' has not been mentioned , and I feel able to recommend this as an invaluable resource for the Drachenfels community.

To see the names and locations of those who are best avoided, or perhaps to see if your antisocial behavior has been reported, head over to the UTB web site;

In the opinion of this particular reporter, the UTB is stepping in to provide the basis for a strong and stable society from where such great organizations as the DMT and EK have left us.

Yours Faithfully,

Town Cryer of Moonglow

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 4:48 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

A Very Funny New Comic Site

Come see this funny new site-Click On Title Above

Sneek Preview

Beastmaster Josh

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2000, 1:56 AM EDT by Beastmaster Josh (CandidCoverage)

New Comic UO Site!
Its first comic is and old classic"Newbie Gets a Horse"


The Web Master of Brittanian Graffitti was inspired by Imanewbie (the creator of and Azazel (the creator of a little bit of everything comics).

Web Master Info:
*Character name is Eddie and he plays on the Great Lakes shard.
*If you see him say hi : )

Beastmaster Josh

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 3:55 PM EDT by Beastmaster Josh (CandidCoverage)

Ultima Parody Songs - "We Will RoxxU"
Another incredible song from the infamous Midas the Bard. He also gives us some additional details about his recent move:

Hi again!

A quick note to let you know of the changes and additions over here at Ultima Parody Songs! The response to the project has been overwhelming - so much so, that I needed to find a more reliable host for the site. Actually, the new host found me! Thanks to Arcadian Del Sol and the good folks over at I have a new home! No more failed downloads ( "and there was much rejoicing" )! And, I have a new email address - [email protected] .

I'm really excited about - I've seen some of the content that's already there and some that's coming, and I think you'll like it too. Please bookmark it and visit us often!

Also, I've 'christened' the new site with the addition of a new song -"We Will RoxxU".

And, a few more UO community sites have honored me with mentions and links from their well-traveled sites: thanks go to the Galads ( ) and to PKGhost ( ) - if you haven't already, please take a moment to swing by and support their work! I received an email from a player in Germany who told me I had been linked on a major German UO site, too, but I can't seem to find it - am looking for it as we speak...

Midas, Ultima Parody Songs

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 3:34 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

Efforts to cleanse shrines continue
Sara Gules will not be put off so easily, not even by the forces of evil. She invites her SP neighbors to join in this event.

With the first shrine cleansing (attempt), the adventurers weaken Minax's hold on that virtue. And learned a lot about the virtue of humility in the process. All Sosarians have the capacity for virtue. It is when these virtue are brought light, that they are pass on to others. One way to do this is through ritual and ceremony. This is a way to show support for the virtues and the shrines which represent them. As the proverb says, it is not the gift but that act of giving that is important.

Thus on Thursday, I am calling any virtuous Britannians to take to part in an attempt to cleanse one of the shrines of virtue. If the minions of Dread Lady Minax again opposes us, be prepare for battle of mind, body and spirit. Those interested in taking part, should meet at the Jhelom Bank between 8pm and 8:30pm CST.

Any suggestions of what this ceremony should include, please email them to me.

Again, if the rulers of Britannia are awaiting some virtuous stranger to bail them out, then I implore them to take another look into the hearts of Sosaria.

Sara Gules
Wandering Healer(PoC)

Safe travels to you and your companions in this valiant effort, Lady Sara.

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 1:27 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

Reader reports new menace stalking Britannia
A most interesting tale sent in by one of our readers:

Hail and well met

It's been like a week or so, since the first invasion of undead in Britain. Everyday they try, and everyday they fail. Until now, or so we thought. I was walking down the road to the smith in northern Britain again, when I heard somebody shouting that there was a Phase Lich hunting down people at the cemetary.

I never heard or seen such a Lich, so I was curious as to what it was exactly. I still wore my battlegear from a hunt in the forest 15 minutes ago, and I had some bandages left, so I ran up to the smith as quick as possible.

There I found Bone Magi and some Skeleton Knights, but no sign of the so called Phase Lich. When I ran up to the cemetary however, I saw a blackish figure run down, and when I looked at it more clearly, I saw that was the Phase Lich everybody was speaking off. Being almost alone on that road I decided for a quick retreat, since there were more warriors at the smith to help me battle this foul thing.

At the smith we battled it with like 10 people, keeping each other healed. I was almost toasted twice by flamestrikes, yet we continued to strike blows on it, again and again. In the end we won, miraculously nobody had died either, the healers in our group had done a great job.

The greatest reward came after we beat the Phase Lich, money came raining out of it's body, great treasures for everybody who helped fighting it.

Marabele or Juo'nar wherever they are, haven't gotten a foothold in Britain yet, and all the warriors make sure that wont happen any time in the future. I would like to thank all the people that helped defend Britain, may we save Britain and make sure it wont become a second Trinsic.

Seven Of Nine, Lake Superior

Three cheers for the heroes who felled this foul beast! Thanks for sharing your tale with us, Seven.

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 1:16 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

CoC going strong
Mayor Stark submitted this information from last week's CoC meeting:

At the Britain Council of Compassion meeting on Thursday, we announced and inducted the newest councilors to the Council. Congratulations to the following: Deputy Arcadius, Deputy Lancelot, Public Relations Representative Charity, Event Coordinator Lekka Esdere, Sheriff Benito Gundar, & Constable Rhiannon d'Leon!

We shall continue to defend Britain against the undead invasion, and keep you all informed as to the progress.

Robb Stark
Provisional Mayor of Britain

Thanks, Robb!

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 1:08 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

New LS website opens
Orc Lord sent in the following announcement:

Hail and well met citizins of Brittania! I am Orc Lord, I bring thee good news of the future! What this means is that I have opened a new web site for those that wish to come and report news to people of LS. Not only will this site be used for news, but it shall also be a place where fellow citizens can come and get noticed!

This site will provide ye all with opportunities in our diverse world and will also be a great place to get to know new people. If ye have any questions please send a message to me

Orc Lord of The LS Today

Thanks, Orc Lord! Best wishes with your new site!

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 12:57 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

Introducing Your Newest Shard Reporter.
Greetings fellow travellers!

My name is Luxmea Mundi and I wish to introduce myself as your newest Great Lakes Shard reporter. I am a young woman of the Roma people. I believe most call us gypsies. My people are nomadic by nature and I am no different. I travel the wide expanse of Britannia learning much from its diverse peoples. Fate has smiled upon me! I have been given the opportunity to share some of that information with you. If ye should have a story worth telling, a place of business or establishment that others might find of interest or any information beneficial to your fellow citizens, please feel free to contact me. I shall give your story to the four winds so that it may be heard the world over.

May Fate smile upon thee!

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 10:12 AM EDT by Luxmea Mundi (GreatLakes)

Wedding Date Announced for Gwenyana and VinYafod
Hail all!

The UOSS Drachenfels News Team is very pleased to share the following invitation with our readers:

Hail noble citizens of Britannia!

We wish to invite you all to attend our wedding and afterwards have a great party. The Ceremony will take place in Magincia at the local temple. The party is in Yew at the 'Ye Olde Winery'. The ceremony will start at 10 pm CET on April 29th. The party will be directly afterwards. Loads of food and drink will be provided.

We would be happy to greet you as our guests to join this happy day with us.

Till then, best regards,

Lady Gwenyana and Lord VinYafod

UOSS Drachenfels would like to extend our congratulations to Lady Gwenyana and Lord VinYafod.

Go with the Virtues,

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 9:33 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

Mini Update to Sonoma, Pacific and GL
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

Mini-Update to Sonoma, Pacific, Great Lakes Shards

The Sonoma, Pacific, and Great Lakes shards will be updated with a mini-publish during their scheduled Wednesday morning maintenance on April 26th. This mini-publish will include the changes listed in In Testing for Next Update.

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 9:04 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

In Testing For Next Update
The following was just posted to In Testing for Next Update:


The following changes are currently in testing for a mini-update:

  • If multiple characters damage a monster, they will now receive fame/karma
  • The option for studded leather tunics has been returned to the tailoring menu
  • Rares contained by another container, or found in player houses, will no longer be locked down
  • Players will be able to steal items from town chests
  • All reagents will stack properly
  • Flying creatures in Trammel will no longer block movement
  • Players will be able to loot monsters killed by poison
  • The failure rate on Healing has been adjusted back to its proper rate
  • Players using melee weapons in combat will now hold their swing until their target is in range. Additionally, the timer that determines melee weapon swing times (combat timer) will now advance as the player is moving. Thus, melee weapon users will no longer be required to stop moving before swinging.
  • Recalling out of a Rune Book while an aggressor will no longer work
  • Survey tools incorrectly displaying the two-story villa with 6 secure spots will now display the correct 8 secure spots
  • Dispelling other player's moongates on Trammel will no longer work
  • Reactive Armor will no longer react to magic damage and arrows
  • Casting a spell will immediately disarm characters holding weapons or items, rather than waiting for the spell to be targeted.
Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 9:01 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Golden Dragon Tavern to Host Laugh-Off
This in from our own Red William:

Announcing the Golden Dragon Tavern Laugh-off!

In these dark times, we need a good laugh. Since Orcs don't really have a good sense of humor when they sit on a whoopie cushion, the next best thing is to host a tavern laugh-off this Friday the 28th at the Golden Dragon Tavern at about 8:00pm CST. Lady Shalis will be attending as well as comedians from all over put their craziest stories, tales and jokes to the test.

The following rules apply for the laugh-off:

  1. No foul language or grotesque subject matter (there are still kids in this game, you know.)
  2. Tell your jokes as if you were role-playing. No Kewldood language or reference to the real world.
  3. Avoid slandering or using racist remarks (Orcs, however, are free game.)

First prize for the funniest comic will receive 5000 gold and a suit of GM Archer armor.

If you don't feel like making jokes, come hear them instead. Let's try and forget about Minax and instead throw a pie at her.

The Golden Dragon Tavern is located in Dragon's Bay, NNE of Britian, past the swamps. The shrine of compassion is West, and Cove is to the East, across the bay.

Red William, Proprietor of the Golden Dragon Tavern

Looks like a weekend full of laughter and merriment! See you all there!

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 9:00 AM EDT by Luxmea Mundi (GreatLakes)

Evermist Request for beta quest testers...
I reveived this from Outcast:

As mentioned earlier, there will be (hopefully) regular quests which will be formed with the combined effects of both PoisonMyst and EverMist but it is after all, a dream. Much work must be put in to make the quests enjoyable, interesting and ultimately, sucessfull. So i have decided as soon as we finished with placing our houses, we will begin a small beta test to see if there are some undiscovered details or inconvience we have missed. Anyone who may be interested in volunteering for this beta test may send a piegon to me at 40225756 or mailto:[email protected]. Also, any volunteers with knowledge of the language of our Japanese counterparts will be given piority as we at both PoisonMyst and Evermist feel that our Japanese players shouldn't be left out of this.
Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 7:27 AM EDT by Multani (AsianShards)

PvP Tournament Comming!
I received this from Blisken:

Title: Tournament of Champions
Location: A large PvP tournament with a potential 160k grand prize.
Shard: Hokuto
Starting Date: 28 Apr 2000 8:30PM CST
Ending Date: 29 Apr 2000 12:00PM CST
Frequency: 1 Time Only
Sponsor: Blisken of Guild TFC
Email: [email protected]
Short Description: A PvP tournament for the best Warriors and Mages on Hokuto shard. There will be a mage and warrior class. Tell one and all

Long Description:: The Tournament of Champions is regretfully open to north american players only. Please do not take offense we only ask this because of the issue of lag, players in Japan and other asian countries have much better connections than north american players. Come and prove your supremacy to all. The entry fee will be 10k. We will take up to 32 entrants for each class. So sign up right away, and tell all about the event, ( the more that sign up, the more money to give away). So to sign up please give your name and entry fee to either Ragnarok of TPG, or Ares of TFC or Blisken of TFC.^There are only a few rules

1.No Looting
2. No Magic Weapons
3 Match does not begin untill Wall spell dissapates
4.No Paralyze spells, this is a battle of skill, and paralyze takes no skill.
5. No magic wands, explosion, ext.

Sign up for the event will begin Tuesday night at 8:15 central time, in front of West Britain bank. Reds and Blue players alike are welcomed. Red players please e-mail [email protected] to set up a meeting time for me to collect entry fees.^We will be wondering around from bank to bank and to the dueling pits taking entrants names and entry fees. Please spread the word about this event to make it a good one. The Tournament will take place at the dueling pits south of Trinsic, gates and runes can be provided if needed. The Warrior and Mage tournaments will be split into two days. On Friday April 28th at 8:30pm CT,the Warrior Tourney will begin. On Saturday April 29th at 8:30pm CT again, the Mage Tourney will begin. The grand prize for each class will be 40% of the pot, 2nd is 20% of pot and 3rd is 10% of pot. Fourth place will recieve GM Valorite plate armor, and 5th will recieve GM Verite plate armor. There will be a match between the winners of the Warrior and Mage classes for an additional 50k prize money on Sunday April 30th at 8:30pm central time. There will also be people taking bets on who will be the winner of each match, so spectators can come and bet on their favorite contestants and make some extra gold. So lets try and make this event a good one, so that hopefully more events will take place on Hokuto shard.

Blisken, Grand Paladin TFC
Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 7:17 AM EDT by Multani (AsianShards)

Queen of Love and Beauty Poetry Contest
This was found on the Tavern forum of the Tao Circle.

Queen of Love and Beauty Poetry Contest

When: Friday April 28th.
Time: 9pm moonglow (eastern)

All peoples of Britannia of virtue and goodwill are invited to sing praises for the Lady of their choosing in the Paladin's Garden on Paladin's Isle. Poems will be judged and the winner's Lady shall be made the Queen of Love and Beauty to preside over the Grand Tourney.

Catering will be provided by the Keg and Anchor Tavern.

Paladin of Trinsic

Ah to be young and fair again. Its been a long time since I inspired words of poetic praise in man's heart! Good luck to all the contestants and congratulations to all the fair maids for such compliments as I'm sure will be bestowed.
Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 6:12 AM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

NWN Stratics presents: Daggerlight
Neverwinter Nights Stratics is proud to present "Daggerlight", Chapter 1 of "The Glendenmoor Chronicles," an epic tale of Dungeons & Dragons fantasy.

Located on the Swordcoast of the Forgotten Realms, the Glendenmoor Chronicles will tell the tale of young companions caught up in a web of deception and turmoil. The town of Glendenmoor is without a blood heir and the centuries long Human rule of the town is in jeopardy. The Dwarves and Elves seek a ruler of their own noble bloodlines to succeed the Lady Talline Radagast, the current ruler of Glendenmoor since the mysterious death of her husband Lord Rodderick. Through it all, the Sages of Glendenmoor seek to find an answer to stopping the onslaught of terror brought to the region by orcs and demon kind as they work their way down from Hellgate Keep to the north. "Daggerlight" begins our look into the lives of four companions as they delve deep within ancient burial chambers to retrieve an artifact needed by the Sages of Glendenmoor to aide their ongoing research. Unbeknownst to the companions, they each are about to set in motion a chain of events that forever seals their destiny and binds them into the dark secrets of Glendenmoor and each other.

Begin the journey with us, as we unveil this epic novel over the coming months while waiting for the release of Neverwinter Nights. Immerse yourself in the story and then join us in our Glendenmoor Forum and IRC channel #neverwinter to give us your opinions and talk to others about it. It's an exclusive you will only find here, bound within our library, written by the partnership of Aartemis and Marizelle and graced with the artistic works of Neverwinter Stratics own Patrick Block. It's an adventure no fantasy fan should miss, and it is only here, on Neverwinter Nights Stratics.

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 4:43 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

New Orc Tribe Uncovered
Just got this report from a Guardsman:

It was a late afternoon, when the guard in command, a veteran besieger by the name of Killian, ordered a hasty march to the township of Yew. He did not tell me the reason for this haste, other than I was to ready for battle. Reaching our destination, a strange sight was displayed before us.
Three orcs, armed with crude clubs and barbaric appearances were cowering before footman Bishap. He had managed to stall their aggression by tricking them into believing him to be a powerful warlock, but it was apparent this trick would not work for much longer. As me and Killian stood at his side, we drew arms, trying to inquire of the origin of these new orcs. Apparently, their markings were not of the local clan, the Severed Heads. Alas, all we got was strange guttural growlings resembling "Whaarrghju", and obvious hostility. Things soon took a deadly turn, when one of them proving to be a shaman, poisoned Killian with it's wytchery. Guardsman steel clashed with orcish clubs, but the orcs were yet young and weak, and so we managed to fell them.
Only the shaman was left, wounded enough for the graze of a dagger to kill it. We approached it slowly, intent on taking it for questioning of this new orc clan. All came in one motion; as the orc bellowed in defiance, a lightning crashed down from the sky, hitting me across the side. In shock, I stabbed out at the shaman, giving it the final blow, as it would rather be dead than letting us capture it.
Thus, we know yet little of this new clan. Let us hope this is the last we hear of this "Waaahhhrrghju" clan, but alas, I fear it is not.

Footman Koril
of The Guardsmen Militia,
The Protectors of Yew

Thanks for the report. Seems new dangers arise in Yew...

Yours truly,

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, 3:05 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

Grave News from a Mysterious Man
In this occupation I am fortunate enough to be one of the first ones to receive news of weddings, births, festivals and the like. But I'm also one of the first to receive news so disheartening its hard to print. This is the type of news I have to relay today. We can hope this man is mistaken, but like Kite, I fear his words will bear truth.

Hail Bard,
I have news of a strange encounter at Empath Abbey. Just as I was going to rest my tired limbs in the Inn a Mysterious Seer approached me. He told me of a dreadful prophecy. He claimed that a horrible catastophe will befall our land. He said " Thy trees shall be bare, flowers twill be twigs, thy ground twill be soaked with blood."

His tone was grave, and I fear his claims to be true. I have included a sketch of the man. What will be our fate? Warn those you meet of this impending disaster!

A Mysterious Man bears ill news for all!

Letter and sketch from Kite Preymore

I have heeded Kite's warning and printed this here. I would encourage all to do the same and tell those you know, those you love, that disaster seems to be at hand.
Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 11:28 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Las Vegas UO Player's Gathering
KingDavid of Sonoma has organized a Las Vegas UO Player's Gathering:
Well, it's finally here! 30 or so players have said they will try to meet at Vegas this Friday, April 28 - Sun April 30, 2000. We meet either at the front desk of the Excalibur Hotel at 5pm local time, or at Josephines Italian Restaurant at 6pm local time (at Flamingo and Durango streets). After/during dinner we will discuss what we want to do on Saturday, and most will fly home early Sunday.

For anyone that gets separated, KingDavid of Sonoma (David McLaughlin) will be staying at the San Remo hotel. I will also icq my home phone number to those interested so that those that get separated can call my wife here in Austin Texas at home to get a number to reach me (icq me asap if you havent already gotten that number).

This is open to any players from any shards, so bring your friends if you are going to be in the area this weekend! Cya all in Vegas!

KingDavid's player

You can e-mail KingDavid at: [email protected]
Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 8:37 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

About the news From Red William
As the new manager of UOSS Great Lakes, I wish to make a couple things clear about how this news system will be submitting news:
  1. First off, I would encourage anyone from any guild or establishment to submit news and information to us at any time. Even the reporters of UOSS cannot be everywhere and know everything. Therefore, please submit information to us. I for one, encourage screenshots, but please keep them as small as possible to preserve bandwidth. Interlaced GIF's are my personal preference and at least 100k in size or lower. HTML Formatted articles are the best, and are most likely to be submitted quicker.
  2. If there is an error or something omitted from an article that you wish to submit, please notify the reporter immediately. They have the ability to edit and modify these reports, and I encourage truthful and honest reporting. I myself have suffered from this and made changes as I could. There is nothing wrong with saying something is wrong if it cannot be fixed.
  3. Any complaints and questions should be sent to me, and not sent to my reporters.

I want to encourage everyone to keep their eyes peeled on Stratics for the latest news on UO, both in Great Lakes and the other shards as well. Thank you.

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 4:24 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

The trial of PETEX
I was shown a copy of this disturbing letter:

Im very tired and hungry but I have to finish this letter before I go in search of food and shelter for the evening. I have been following this band of Drow for weeks now in order to learn more about them. This is in hopes of better defending ourselves against their continued raids.

Several weeks ago I saw a Drow named PETEX openly defy the leader of Qu'ellar d'Elghinn. This imposing Drow is called Versah t'zum and leads by intimidation and fear from what I have seen. I once saw her chain one of her young followers up to a wooden post and whip them for five minutes for forgetting to bow to her! How barbaric are these creatures? Anyway, after one of Versah's tirades one day the Drow named PETEX charged her and begin choking her. Versah easily defended herself but could not capture PETEX before he disappeard. This next bit of information may answer some questions that some of had.

Not but a week after that I saw the Drow forming together with Lord British Loyalists! I thought to my self right then and there that I finally have seen everything. Drow allying with Lord British. I almost lost sight of them as I was in shock but found them again forming on the outskirts of Vesper. I could not get close enough to here what they were speaking of but I saw blades being polished and sharpened and bows tensed. All of a sudden they rushed the Vesper bank area and awaiting them were the guild known as Free Vesper Militia. A bitter fight insued and many fell. The Drow didnt real help with the fight as was first reported, they just let Lord British's men fall around them. They had a different agenda that day. PETEX the traitor as he was now called among the Drow was there fighting for and with the Free Vesper Militia. A Drow named Mag'Do'Ruksel opened a portal and threw PETEX inside while the fight was in full glory, thus capturing the traitor PETEX. I will not go into details of the tortures that took place in the following days as I still am having trouble sleeping at night.

Another week goes by and it brings me to what happend earlier this evening. As I followed the Drow through this eerie maze to a place they called "The Spider Temple"(loosely translated as I have learned some of their language over the weeks). I quietly perched myself in the highest tree I could find near the Temple and watched the proceedings. Mag'Do'Ruksel read the charges before PETEX, which included trying to assasinate Versah t'zum and many counts of insubordination. There were a few Drow guarding PETEX and a few hidden to guard the Temple. I watched in awe as the trial proceeded and it was clear that the decision was made before the trial began. PETEX accepted the decision from Versah T'Zum, of an outcast. If seen again by any Drow he will be killed on sight. Mag'Do'Ruksel, who I later found out is one of their most powerful mages, opened a gate to what she called "The Edge of The World". PETEX walked inside the gate and vanished. The Drow then departed to conduct some kind of initiation ceremony for some of their members, but I am just too tired and hungry to follow.

I will continue to update you as I find things of importance with this faction of Drow. But for now goodnight and help us all.

Yours Truly,
"Better Left Unsaid"

Many thanks

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 4:21 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Yet Another New Reporter for Pacific
Hail all, my name is Shesari Muramiad. I just recently joined the Stratics team of reporters, and thought I would introduce myself. Feel free to say hello if you come across me in the field or in my town of residence, Magincia. Hope you enjoy reading my updates!
Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 4:14 PM EDT by Shesari Muramiad (Pacific)

Green Gryphon Tavern Holds Frontier Night
This in from Desire`...

*a note slightly crumbled with scratchy markings is handed to you*

Frum Desire' on behaf of The Green Gryphon..

Greetin's Brave Sirs and Fair Ladies and those that aint shure, I wish ta make a wee anoucemint fer the Green Gryphon. T'will be a special celebration in honar of the upcomin' openin of the new lands with the help of Simon, and uthers. We hope ta make it a fun night fer all!!

Tis called Frontier night! I said ta meself since t'will be like pioneers inta uncharted yet sumwhat familur tarritories of Trammel..t'wood be the perfect time fer ta be celebratin!

T'will be prizes ta be won... A Dur prize, a lottory drawing and best of all a prize fer the best pioneer costume. Corse, ye haf ta be present ta win!

So come and celebrate!.. fuss about the upcomin' events.. chatter with yer friends.. rest a spell.. and do nae fergit ta toss back a few pints!

Thursday, April 27th from 10pm - 12am EST (7pm -9pm PST)

Their map and other information may be found here

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 11:17 AM EDT by Dark One (Pacific)

Event at the Pacific Mage Tower!
The following comes from Dmx of the Pacific Mage Tower:
Hail Citizens of Britannia! This is just a reminder about this weekend. We will be throwing an event, and here are the details:

Day: April 29th
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm GMT
Where: The Pacific Mage Tower (Transportation will be provided; see below for more information.)

First on the agenda will be an official announcement saying that the Mage Tower is back. Kind of like a mini conclave.

Next, we plan to host three events. There will be a 100gp entry fee for each event, or 200gp to participate in all three. The winner of each event will receive a prize of 5,000 gold!

For the first event, there will be a Wrestling Tournament where you are completely stripped and fight hand-to-hand. No healing!

The next event is an Animal Summoning Battle. You and your competitors will summon one animal each, and then have them duke it out. The last one living wins.

Finally, for all you PvPers, there will be a Battle Royale. In this event, anything goes -- Last man standing wins!

Rules of Conduct while visiting the Tower:

  • No stealing.
  • No looting.
  • No killing. Attacking anyone when not currently participating in an event will result in a ban and disqualification from the event.
  • Be polite and listen to the PMT Members.
  • Do not attack red players unless provoked.
  • No potions, use of spells, or poisoning allowed, except in the Royale.
  • Healing is allowed with both bandages and potions in the Royal, but not in any of the other events.
Rules apply to all events unless otherwise noted.

Transportation Information:
We will provide gates at the following banks: Skara Brae, Trinsic, Moonglow, and both East and West Britain.

If you wish to know more, ICQ me at 59761815. Thanks for your time, hope to see you there!

Sounds like fun a fun way to spend an evening!

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 9:14 AM EDT by Shesari Muramiad (Pacific)

Of orcs and humility
A chance meeting in the woodsThe events I'd witnessed at the attempted cleansing of the Humility shrine, struck a profound chord in my spirit. I had started toward my homelike room in Jhelom, but knowing I could not rest, I sat down in the town square and looked about at the milling villagers. A shepherd's crook jiggling on an old man's arm reminded me of Marcus' vanity and subsequent death, of Sara's absolute determination to cleanse the shrine - having us repeat the chant "Lum" again and again until we were all hoarse. (One time I slipped and said "Great Bob" but no one seemed to notice.) I could not merely go back to my room and pretend I had been unaffected by the ordeal.

I opened my pack and surveyed the contents. None of it meant anything to me, nothing held value. I rose again and headed toward the moongate at the northern tip of the island. I didn't know where I was going, or why. I only knew that I needed to go.

I wandered the woods, listening to the sounds of the animals and contemplating humility, sacrifice, and what Marcus Aggravaine had said once about man having much to envy about bees. At that time, I wasn't sure what he'd meant by that statement. Bees sting, make honey and live short lives, that was all I knew of them. I wondered what secrets Marcus possessed to let him know they were such enviable creatures. I decided that I would strike out for Cove to ask him.

Then, a snake decided to strike out and alter my plans.

The pain shot up my leg like a stream of fire. As the poison traveled upward, I could feel it coursing through my veins. My stomach flipped, then began to cramp, my throat tightened and then a horrible wooziness muddled my thinker. I was aware that I was stumbling, but had no way of controlling it. I reached out to the trees that seemed to be flying past me, but I could not grasp them.

My eyes felt as though they were vibrating, but still I could make out a figure in front of me. I struck out a hand and felt it being clasped, someone was helping me in my attempt to keep my balance. I leaned my head closer to the shape and was finally able to make out an orc helmet.

"Hallo? Do you speak English? Common?" To my own ears, my voice sounded strange and far away.

"Wud lut duin ere?" he grunted in response, answering my question with one of his own.

I managed a wry chuckle. "Dying."

He reached into his pack and brought out some bandages and a horrible smelling unguent. The pain began to ease immediately, though I still felt somewhat queasy and my head was fuzzy. "Ah, that is much better. Thank you."

"Meeb nu sum hummie blah," he replied, in reference to my previous question. "Wutch dis!" He stood away from me and flailed his hands in the air. "Kurp pur!"

I smiled weakly. "Very impressive."

He slouched. "Nu werk. Gah! Dis urrible."

A second orc approached from the line of trees to our south. He grunted a greeting at the orc who stood near me and nodded his head in my direction. "Shi gib tribut?"

My orc healer shook his head. "Nub yed."

I rose to my feet and bowed graciously to them both. "I am TigerLily, a reporter. I write for Stratics."

"Gib sum fuud," the healer demanded. "Ur shinies."

The second chimed in, "Gib tribut."

I patted my nearly empty pack. "I don't have food or shinies."

"Lat kin blah! Blah!" said the first.

"Gib tribut!" repeated the second.

The eyes of Orc Number One narrowed a bit. "Huw ubut lat gib urks fuud?"

"I have these things." I poured out the contents of my pack before them: a pair of scissors, a bandage, a spear and a dagger. They looked at one another quizzically, then back at me and my obviously pitiful possessions.

"Gah! Ere den! Eet dat!" One thrust a rack of ribs at me.

"Why, thank you!" The kind gesture surprised me. The ribs looked rather tasty, too.

"Nuw git!" barked Number One.

I was puzzled. They had been so kind to me. "Git?" I repeated.

"Lat nub gib tribut. Lat gu!"

Number two stood firm behind him. "Skat!" he ordered, pointing to the west.

"Gu!" Number One said again.

I didn't move. I didn't want to go. I wanted to learn more about them. "I would like to write a story about you."

Number Two picked the scissors out of the pile on the ground. He held them up. "Shi gib cutters."

"Scissors, that's right," I responded, a little irritated at the sudden and surprising dismissal.

He waved my scissors at me. "Skat!"

Number one pointed toward the south. "Gu blah tu majoka. Dem blah bedder! Meeb jus dum grunbt."

"What sort of tribute do you require, so I will know if I come this way again?"

Number Two paused, then said, "Dis ururl uzg. Gib uruk tingz."

I'd never seen anything by THAT name in the provisioner's shop. "Uruk things? I don't understand. I'm sorry."

He pounded his chest. "Uruk!"

"Is that your name? Uruk?"

"Gra," he responded.

Number One looked himself over. "Meeb isb urrk!"

Number Two pointed at Number One. "Him uruk."

Number one, pointed to himself. "Dis urrk!"

I apologized for my lack of comprehension. "I'm very sorry. My orcish is terrible. Uruk is orc. I got it."

"Dat hummie blah!" Number One spat. He somehow managed to introduce himself and his companion. He was Zorc and Number Two was Gra'thunk. "Hummies nub blah guud. Dem reelie nub usb der." He stuck out his dark little tongue at me.

"What sorts of things do orcs like?" I asked again.

"Fuud agh ragz," Gra'thunk told me. "Dat guud tribut."

"Enuff su dem ulweys blah funni. Dem run anf blah! 'Guardz! Guardz!" Zorc was still ranting about how humans talk too much.

I nodded affirmatively to Gra'thunk. "Very well. If I find some, I will bring them. Thank you for healing me. I hope you don't mind, but I sketched your picture to put in the paper I write for. It's called 'Stratics.'"

Gra'thunk scratched his neck. "Wut dat?"

"I write stories."

"Wut dat?" his head tilted to the side, still scratching.

"I tell about places I have been or people I meet. I will tell the hummies that I spoke to you."


"Hummies like to hear stories."

:Oomiez iz week. Dem iz panzeez."

I wanted very much to observe their clan, to see the inside of the orc fort and perhaps learn more about them. "Gra'thunk, do you think that I could go to your village with you? Meet your clan?"

His head shook emphatically. "Dem nub likee omiez. Whi lat wunt tu gu tu urukz?"

"To learn to communicate, to talk to the orcs."

His head continued to shake. "Dem nub kar abut dat. Lat iz oomie."

"There may come a time when the orcs have a problem," I offered, "with the humans. If I spoke the language, I might be able to help."

"Dem ulweyz have dat wit oomiez. Oomie kum agh clomp urukz."

"Maybe I could help. Maybe I could help tell the humans to stay away, give you peace."

He spat. "Dem nub lissin. Oomie tupid. Dem berrie tupid. Dem kum'n tu uruk uzgs and clomp'n urukz."

"I didn't come for that. I came to learn more about you."

"Nub let Drutha heer dat. Shi clomp lat!"

"Who is Drutha?"

"Gra's lairmate. Shi nub likee feoomiez ur feorcz blah'n tu Gra." He fell silent for a moment, watching me as I returned the things to my pack. I heard a small sigh behind his heavy horned helm. "Lat kan gu suwth. Rurk furt dere. Dem will want tribut."

"But I told you, I don't have anything."

"Den tel dem lat gib tribut to Gra."

He would not accompany me. Zorc had wandered off some time earlier and Gra wished to find him so they could hunt together. I thanked him and he disappeared through the trees. I set out toward the south, as he'd instructed, looking and listening for other signs of the orcs who would be patrolling this area. My nose told me I was very close to their camp.

I spotted the crude log fort not too far away. Shouting and boistrous laughter could be heard coming up over the spiked walls. I crept closer, then stood at the entrance in full view. I wanted them to understand I had come in peace. The heavy wooden gate opened and an orc stared, expressionless, at me and grunted. "Bah." He stepped out, joined by another. They folded their arms over their chests, waiting.

"Hello," I said, smiling. That wasn't so difficult, after all.

"Gu blah wif dat oomie," I heard through the gate. The gate opened and the two that had been standing with me went inside. Erroneously, I interpreted this as an invitation to join them and I followed.


They were ordering me to leave, but had jammed in so tightly around me, I couldn't budge an inch. Before I could blink, I was surrounded and shackled.

"Tak hur priznur? Tak hur priznur?"

"Er gut sumtin tu blah me gruks."

"Shi blah?"

"Yub shi blah."

I stammered, trying to tell them who I was and why I was there. Strong, grubby hands examined my clothes, my pack, my hair. One of them grabbed my face and looked into my mouth.

There was one near me who actually seemed to understand me. "Lat write blah?" He turned to the orc beside him who'd been thumping his shoulder to get his attention.

"Clomp?" the thumper asked.

"Nub." His eyes told me that he was in a quandary. I surmised by the way the others held back and looked to him for his reaction that he must be one of the leaders. He didn't want to let them kill me. Apparently, I was as big a curiosity to him as he was to me. Still, he had his reputation to consider and did not want to appear soft before his clan.

The decision was made for him. "We takin lat priznor!" jeered one of my captors and he yanked at the chains binding me, dragging me over to what looked like a pig pen in the corner. They removed the chains, but tossed me inside and locked the gate behind me. The throng pressed hard against the fences, watching to see what I would do next. I stayed still and quiet, trying to pick up on the mumbles and comments.

"Shi say she scribble oomie blah."

"She schmell guud."

"Wut happun wen wes breed Crag wit fehummie?"

"Dat wut wee gunna find owt!"

"BREED?!" I screeched. They could snoop my belongings, sniff my hair or touch the cloth of my skirt if it appeased their curiosity, but I was drawing the line at this suggestion.

My outburst amused some of them and a wave of wheezing guffaws worked its way around the pen. I didn't hear the bow release, but I saw an arrow whiz by me. Reflexes moved me back two steps and I was against the fence. A hand came through and pinched me. I yelped. I saw the orc that had pinched me reach out to do it again.

I swatted at his hand. "Stop that!"

The orc next to him slammed his fist down upon the pincher's head. "Nub bruise!"

Another roar of laughter. Two more arrows singing past me.

"Crag lykes im fiesti!" cheered a voice in the crowd.

"Nub bruise! Id ruinns da stew!"

One of them jumped into the pen with me. He grabbed me and was trying to throw me down into the straw and muck. I raised my knee and slammed it strategically below his waist. A loud, "Ooof!" and he was writhing in the mud.

"Oo shi tuff."



"Gi got clomped bi fehumie!"

I kept a safe distance from the incapacitated orc. "Who's the leader here?" I asked defiantly.

"Me tinks shi meen da boss."

"Gi neeb skat. Har!"

Small bottles began flying over the wall, shattering and exploding around my feet. Fragments of glass bit into my skin and I could feel the sting of many small cuts and burns.


The one I'd communicated with near the entrance pushed his way through the crowd and stood at the fence, frowning at my pitiful estate. He motioned for me to move closer and touched a rag to my cheek, tending a cut there. His tone was gentle. "Oomie, wut lat kom eer tu blah?"

"I came because I wanted to know more about your clan, to learn to speak the language."

"Wut lat wan tu gruk bout uz blah?"

"I want to know why there is so much distrust between humans and orcs."

"Dat da way it alwayz been."

"I want to know about your clan."

"Urks are in da clan. Den dey hab rukhs. Den wiftin doz rukhz lat hab triibs which ib littul grups ob orks."

I raised my hand slightly to stop him. "Wait. What is rukhs?"

The orc next to him nudged him hard. "Lat konfyuuzin hur!"

Clan stronghold near Shame

The kind one shoved back. "Me da only ash nub stikin me butt at ur! Tryin tu blah!" He scowled and returned his attention to me. "Rukh iz agh armi. We hab dub rukhs ere. We hab da Hukor - dem weer green boots like Throk haz."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an orc jump the pig pen fence and amble toward me. "Breedin' tyme." He grabbed my shoulder, attempting to pull me away from the fence. His eyes narrowed at the kind orc. "Dis me breeder."

I knocked his hand from my shoulder and snarled at him. "You will NOT breed with me. That is simply out of the question."

Another orc came into the pen and dragged him away. "Get owt."

The breeder slumped, disappointed. "Wi nut?" Then, he was tossed over the fence.

The kind orc gestured for me to come near him again. He was chuckling softly, shaking his head. "Me tink we juz lozt all change ob makin senz to oomies. Wut wuz me blahin? O, yub... bout rukhs. Su wut lat nub gruk bout da rukhs?"

A face pressed against the fence, snapping at me with broken teeth. I squealed and recoiled. The kind orc laughed. "Him nub biit. Him juz ugli."

He gave me more details about the clan, about their priests, "kuuls" who wear red boots and told me a bit about their god, Krath.

"What is one thing that humans seem to think about you that is wrong? What do you think they don't understand?"

"Win we clomp lat we nub take all lats tings. We juz taak wut we need." He turned to hear what the fellow next to him was saying and translated it for me. "Orks ib da rulerz ub da ugz, earth."

"What do you wish humans would know about you?"

He was ribbed by one of his clansmen. "Let dem know dey taste guud in soup!" This earned a big hearty round of laughter. Another chimed in, "Dem neeb gruk dat uruks am far supeeruir tu dem." No laughter followed this remark. It was clear this was a fact, not a joke.

"Dem pushdug sissis!" one of them spat.

The kind one regarded me seriously. "Orks all togeddur. Lats oomies clomp ech uddur. Id funny."

I nodded. "That's sad, isn't it? They don't have the clan spirit that you do."

Another pushed forward to state his opinion. "Humies hide en der huts agh behind gurds."

The kind one's head bobbed in agreement. "Dats riit. Agh dem fiit like bunch of panzees. Run in dem houze. Agh run by da guards. Dat wussi wey to clomp."

A skirmish broke out near the gate and two orcs came crashing through it. I saw the opening and knew it was a good time to make a move for freedom. A group of orcs surrounded me, trying to shove me back into the pen, but the kind one grabbed my hand and wretched me from them, toward the entrance of the fort. I was caught in the middle of an immense tug of war. There were shouts to kill me, cook me, breed me and to let me go. My arms and legs seemed to be going in opposite directions. I couldn't hold back the screams of pain. Something conked my head. A flash of pain. Bright light. Darkness.

The kind one was wrapping my wounds with tattered rags when I opened my eyes again. When he finished, he hefted me over his shoulder, glaring defiantly at them to prevent another assault. He carried me out of the fort. None tried to stop him this time. Gently, he set me on a log, checking me over to make sure all the damage had been attended. "Dem bunch of gazata."

"Gazata?" I asked weakly. I was exhausted. All I wanted was sleep. I touched his hand. "What is your name?"

"Mahk'Chak. Me." He pointed to himself. "Lat wantud tu ask mor tings? Wut elz lat wan tu gruk?" He was trying so hard to make up for what had happened, to apologize for the ways of his clan.

I wanted him to know that I understood. "Mahk, I knew it was dangerous for me to come here. They do not trust humans. I understand. I am not upset."

He smiled, ragged yellow teeth glowing at me. "Har. Me gruk lat harmlez. Wen dem git in groops, dem get all krazii. Har. "

"Is there anything I can say to the humans for you? Do you want me to take a message to them?"

He sighed, scratched his chin and said, "Gib Mahk bak his tings dat lat obur lootin pushdogs tuuk! Har! Ib me gits anitin bak, me gonna be amazed. Har!"

"I would be, too," I chuckled. "Anything else?"

"To blah to oomies? Hrm.... Aktually me sey sumtin reason. Yub. Kom attack an wen lat do, nub be ress clompin uz agh toopid stuff liik dat."

I wanted to be sure I understood him. "You WANT them to come attack your home?"

He nodded emphatically. "YUB! YUB! Orks society iz all bout clompin. Dats all we do."

Two more orcs approached us. Mahk'Chak pointed to each, introducing them. "Throk. Ibb'Git."

Ibb'Git, having heard the conversation, offered, "Wargod happi wen humies am skreemin. Tell dem tu bring lots ob tribute tuu. Shinies, fuud, kloff."

"Dat whad we lib fer," laughed Throk. "Fuud agh drinkees!"

Throk handed me some charred meat. "Take dis fer lat's trabbles. Trabble guud."

They bid "gug'ye" to me and I farewell to them. I could hear them grunting to one another as they disappeared into the dark shadows of the trees.

Humility. I didn't need a shrine to learn that virtue, to feel the power of it. Here, among these simple creatures, I had found it, viewed it from both sides. I vowed never to return to another shrine. The shrines of the soul were all around me, and that was all the virtue I needed to see.

[Information about the Shadowclan Orcs, as well as a glossary of some terms which appear in this article, may be found here]

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 8:12 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

Immediate Shard Downtime
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:
All Ultima Online shards, excluding Japanese shards, will be taken down and restarted upon completion of their next backup (as of 4:55PM CT) to address a recently discovered issue. Japanese shards will go down for their normally scheduled maintenance period today. All shards scheduled for Tuesday maintenance will then skip their next maintenance period excluding East Coast US shards, which will be moving to their new ISP. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 7:13 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

Orcs Defeat Their First Enemy!
A few hours ago, the Scribe of Kor sent in this report - grinning madly.

For those that have not heard of me, I am a human enslaved by the Orcs of Kor. I write messages for the orcs, and send them via carrier pidgeon to the desired location. Today I bring the following news:

Concerned that their village boundary was conflicing with the land claimed by Orcs as the Land of Kor, the Virtuous Knights of the Realm (VKR) layed seige to the orc fort south of Yew, where the Orcs of Kor (ORK) reside.

The Knights made a bold frontal attack at the Orcs of Kor Fort, despite being outnumbered by two to one. Although they made the orcs work hard for a victory... the orcs did indeed triumph.

In the drawing depicted below, over twenty human and orc bodies litter the entranceway to the fort. The soil before the fort still remains bloodstained from the battle.

The Orcs of Kor are looking for further role played interactions with other guilds. If you are the leader / guildmaster of a Role Playing Guild / Community, please contact the mighty, Kor the Orc King at: [email protected].

Please note, that the Orcs or Kor are a role playing clan, and not a pvp guild. Before any combat would take place between the guilds, there are usually several weeks of interaction between the guilds based on a plot agreed to by the Guildmasters.

Allied proposals are also welcome.

Also watch closely to the UOSS-Oceania news, as the Orcs of Kor will soon be raiding a town near you!

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 3:58 AM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

OSI seeks Game Masters in Austin, Texas
From the FYI section at
We're expanding the Ultima Online support team and have openings for Game Master positions in the Origin offices in Austin, Texas. We're looking for a creative, enthusiastic people with customer service experience and a solid knowledge of Ultima Online. We're particularly interested in bilingual applicants who are fluent in speaking and writing English and one or more of our supported languages (French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese).

Ultima Online Game Masters are responsible for addressing player questions and concerns in game. Applicants should have at least one veteran Ultima Online character and a 'clean' account record. A passion for online gaming and excellent time and resource management skills are a plus.

For immediate consideration, please send a cover letter and resume to:

    Attn: Human Resources
    5918 West Courtyard Drive
    Austin, Tx. 78730.
    Or fax (512) 346-7905
    Or send email to [email protected]
Please indicate the job title (Game Master) for which you are applying. Origin is an equal opportunity employer.
Well, what are you waiting for ? Go for it :)
Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 3:09 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

New UOSS Manager: Guess who?

Due to the vast number of emails, ICQ, and in-game well-wishers, along with an extremely long and heated email conversation with Xena Dragon, I wish to say to everyone in Ultima Online:

I'm baaaaaackk.... *evil laugh*

Not only am I back, but with some arm pulling by Xena Dragon, I have been promoted to the new manager of the Great Lakes UOSS news team. Great Lakes is one of the finest shards, IMHO, and I intend to see that the news coverage is the best in the land. I am still green when it comes to managing the news system here, but be prepared to see a new Great Lakes Stratics team, more content, and more news.

And to my critics...I have this to say to you:

Phhhhhbbbbtttt!!!! *sticks out his tongue*

Seriously, though, I wish to deeply thank all those people who sent me emails, telling me how much they enjoyed my work, and encouraged me to reconsider my decision. I had spent far too much time hearing complainers, and not hearing enough compliments. Thankfully, Im glad to hear that even people from the Atlantic shard was looking into my stuff as well.

Be prepared, True believers, Red William is back in the news!

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 2:56 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

Elementals & Orcs? Oh my!
Could it be that these recent increases of both Orcs & Elementals are related? This story begs that question.

Hi, Myself and my comrade Mykel were traveling through the deserts around the shrine of Compassion. As we were looking through the vendors in that area, we were attacked by several Earth Elementals.

Suprised to see them spawn in that area, we were taken off guard at first. We soon took care of the handful that we were able to find. This may be coincidence, but a couple Orc parties also spawned with the Elementals.

I thought this might have something to do with Ariss, so I thought I'd let you folks know.


Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 2:17 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

And the winner is
Grimoire Friday Fight Night for 4/21/2000

The winners for tonights 1 vs 1 are:

1st place: Sir Caramon, 12,000gps
2nd place: Tempest, 7,000gps
3rd place: Dirk, 5,000gps

Everyone did very well and we had a great crowd as usual.

Thank you everyone, especially the staff because we could not have the event without you.

Lost-Grimoire Events Coordinator

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 1:55 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Shrine cleansing unsuccessful
Sara Gules submitted the following eyewitness account of the shrine cleansing effort of last week. As you will read in this narrative, the ceremony was unsuccessful.

On Thursday, a few adventurers had gathered at the Jhelom's bank for the shrine cleansing. Black robes or simple black dresses were handed out to be worn in the ceremony. While the adventurers waited for others to join, Devon walk up to the bank area. The people waiting quickly surrounded him. This spooked Devon. Explanations was given. Marcus Aggravaine had been searching for Devon and we found Devon's letter of resignation on a liche corpse in Trinsic. Devon responded that Marcus shouldn't worry about him, but should be worry for his own safety and Marcus would be safe in Cove. Devon was concerned that he interrupted our activity, but the adventurers were able to convince him otherwise. Devon joined us and wore a black robe for the ceremony.

The black and white structure of pride loomed as the adventurers exited from the blue gate. Just to the south they came upon Magnus, grandmaster shepherd, and Tarrance, also a shepherd. Wonderment at the rare sight of a shepherd, let alone a grandmaster here on Siege Perilous, quickly turned to shock at their words:

Magnus: Heed my words, good Britannians! This shrine stands as a monument of it's on folly. Do you honestly believe that Minax would do this? This corruption has come from within! The "Virtues" are the evil! They are flawed!

As Magnus and Tarrance spoke in defiance of humility, the adventurers defended the virtue. The "shepherds" ignoring the pleas, sacrificed a goat. Then Marcus cast and prayed a vile spell. His body twisted and shivered into a Demon!

Magnus: All of you!

Tarrance: M-m-agnus?

Magnus: You as well. You have my eternal thanks. Without you, I would not have such a nice host. I am a Daemon of the Ninth Circle! Come forth my Brothers! Come forth my Minions!

Two other daemons appeared. The battle had begun. While the others fought, I turn to continue the ceremony. George Taylor(PoC) stood by my side. The turmoil continued. Adventurers versus demons; Magnus versus himself; George and I versus corruption of the shrine. Seeing the feeble the attempt of a ceremony, Magnus thought enough of it to kill me and George(PoC).

I watched from the gray spirit world. I heard Magnus' cries. His cries were human. I jumped at the chance, the hope. I tried to yell stop but it came out as ghostly anguish. Rampage(DC) spotted my spirit. "An Corp!" Again, I yelled "stop" as my body became corporeal. The adventurers expressed their doubts. The others daemons hindered my efforts. But eventually, began to look at the daemon Magnus and notice its words. As Magnus slowly transformed back to human, I noticed he was near death. Again I pleaded with people to heal Magnus. Fortune was not with me, since the battles with last of demon servant still raged. As the battles ended, chant of "Lum" rose. A fury of healing by spell and bandage was applied to a now human Magnus.

Magnus: *looks exhausted* My fault.... It is my fault! I did this!

And with that, he laid down in final rest. Quickly, the adventurers tried the ceremony and many other things. But the shrine would not yield its corruption. In retaliation to virtuous efforts, Magincia was again attack by evil mages supported by orc mages, harpies and hellhounds. Though the adventurers may not have cleansed the shrine, they have learn much from the struggles. They defeated a minion of Dread Lady Minax and rescued a soul from its own foolish pride.

Have faith Britannia, the virtue are still with ye. The shrine cleansing will continue with your help. Perhaps, we should try one that is near to the heart.

Your humble servant,
Sara Gules, Wandering Healer, PoC

Thank you, Sara, for your report.

Here are some sketches of the events described above:

DevonThe search for Marcus Aggravaine's friend Devon ended when the man appeared before us in Jhelom. He had been a friend of Marcus' father's many years ago. He seemed unwilling to discuss at any length his disappearance or his signed letter of resignation that was discovered on the corpse of a lich in Trinsic recently.

Tarrance the shepherd

Magnus the shepherdThe two shepherds, Magnus and Tarrance, who argued with pilgrims at the shrine.

The shepherds prepare their sacrificeMagnus and Tarrance sacrificed a goat before the eyes of the shocked adventurers. Magnus then proceeded an incantation which transformed him into a manical daemon.

The transformation of MagnusThe daemon Magnus loomed over the terrified party, laying waste to all who opposed him.

A pair of daemons attack the faithfulMagnus summoned forth two of his evil brethren to further his attack against Sara and those who'd come with her to cleanse the shrine.

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 12:44 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

Last Horse Race of the Season in Papua
This was sent to us by Scritus
Hail !

The last race of the season will be in Papua - Sunday 30th April at 5pm CET (4pm GMT, 11am EST)

After the race I will give away the prices to this Season's Champions during a little celebration...
More details are available on the Official Homepage.


Thanks Scritus for the announcement !
Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 7:51 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

Pit Fight Turesday Night
We received the following announcement from the Village of Humility:
The Village of Humility, located on the Isle of Fire, would like to invite you once again to The Tuesday Night Pit Fights at the Bloody Keg Tavern! The winner gets to choose their prize, including choices of Superior Weapons, Semi Rare Items or a Bank Check!

All are welcome to enter the fight, but come early. Contestant tickets go on sale at 7:30PM eastern, and are limited.

You will find a complete set of rules at this address:

We hope to see you there!

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 7:49 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

A UO Scrapbook
Lady Eve sends us the following:
Hail and well met,

While cleaning my house in preparation for the move to Trammel, I came across a number of old paintings I had forgotten about, the majority created more than two years ago.

They brought back a lot of memories from a time when Britannia was new and exciting to me, and I thought I'd compile them into a scrapbook and make them available to other veterans.

There aren't many portraits, but Sage Humbolt, the Vesper Museum, the Trinsic Bazaar, Vergil's Travelling Barber Shop, and the Eye and Dagger are things worth remembering...

So take a look, if you have a moment:

-Lady Eve

Thanks Lady Eve! Those paintings brought back many memories of times gone bye...
Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 7:45 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

Spiritwood Tavern Lottery
Just got this from the Spiritwood Tavernkeeper, Fenris:

Next sunday, April 30th, the Spiritwood Tavern will host another Lottery. Again it will be at 21.00 cet(8pm gmt).

This time the grand prize is 100.000 gold pieces! You can buy keys at the tavern all week and they cost 1000 gold pieces each. One person cannot buy more than two however. When that's done, you take your key to Fenris (who will be at the tavern almost every evening and you show it to him to verify if it's real. After that you tell him a number and he'll note it. Perhaps that number will be the lucky number...
Good luck everyone!

You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected].
I hope to see you all there! :-)

Fenris, the Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

Thank you for the information!*Runs off to the tavern*

Yours truly,

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 6:16 PM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

New Webtome for Trinsic Council of Honor
A while back the Trinsic Council of Honor disappeared from the face of the internet at due a loss in the domain. I must apologize for absolutely no warning beforehand but due to email trouble of my own *blush* I didn't have any warning either. The Trinsic Council of Honor now has a new home at Come visit!

Nickola, Webmaster for TCoH

Thankye, Nickola, for this update.
Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 3:59 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Ancient Wyrm Holds the Key to the Sword
These are a series of reports concerning a new found creature that has been popping up around towns for awhile now. The fabled ancient wyrm has had many eye witness reports done about are the ones we have compiled thus far-

Late Tuesday night, I was sitting in the Wandering Wisp Tavern, just chatting with a few guildmates, when I suddenly thought I was dreaming...

But, no, the others had seen it too...

We all ran out of the Wisp quickly to have a better look. After a few minutes we found the apparent vision again, sitting on the ground and surrounded by a herd of cows, just to the west of the tavern.

This vision we realized was indeed a quite real ancient wyrm and a bright red one at that. As we approached the wyrm, we saw him kill one of the cows and tear flesh from the carcass. The wyrm then growled deeply.

Breti, Knight of KOS, had the courage to greet the wyrm and ask him if he could speak. The wyrm replied, "Much better than you, little one...."

We asked the wyrm a number of questions. Invariably, the wyrm turned the conversation back to the subject of his hunger....

"What are you, little one? Do you taste good?"

*sniffs* *points at those without armor* "Less work... easier meal"

"Bring me food... now!"

One of our company, Thoma Valient, sacrificed his horse to feed the wyrm.

When asked why he had come to Elysium, our town, the wyrm only replied with questions: "Elysium, is that what you call this place...? Why did you build a town on my hunting grounds?"

Perhaps the wyrm will return one day. I think we should stock up on raw ribs, just in case.

Grrroowlll... good eating around here...

-Gwendolyn, Knight
Knights of Sosaria

I twas on my way back to my home after a quick trip to the bank in town, When what did I see but an Ancient Wyrm standing in the field just east of my humble home. It didn't seem that interested in me or many of the other adventurers that were passing by, though it did have a slight interest in their mounts. It hung around for a few moments chatting up the local hunters and attacking the wildlife then as fast as it appeared it twas gone. Tis strange why this Wyrm keeps poping up all over the land, is it possibley lost, seeking a home, or simply in need of company? Hopefully it will manifest again soon and answer some of these questions!


It would seem, after several small skirmishes with pirates and thieves alike, that the sword of Sacrifice has fallen into the hands (or claws rather) of a great and ancient red wyrm. This creature holds the item hidden deep in its treasures, guarded by traps of the most deadly kind. This old creatures of times long past wishes an exchange of that item, and did not seem very caring of who it traded with. However, it did give specific instructions as to what it did wish; an item as equally rare ifin nay amusing to it. Now, know it true I donna know what such creatures find amusing, that tis for the Gangrel... but do know that it would prove a great asset ifin we can obtain this blade. It would be best to perhaps to come across those holding knowledge in our realm of rare items... Nystul... Gregory Ironhand... that ilk. Interrogation or a friendly chat, each serves its own purpose... but find what that creature wishes...

Also... the blade is NOT surrounded by a mystic glow... so it can be wielded by undead and mortals alike, despite popular belief...

As well, the barer must pay for that victory in which it will fairly bestow apon them with nay their life... but mayhap as well, but twas said their soul... we shall see more of that methinks.

-Shardak Mardas-

Most interesting developments as of late. We'll see how this all pans out and report to you the latest news.
Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 3:56 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Ogre Lord Leads Attack on Britain
Casih sent us the following report :
As I came from Trinsic to Britain through Nystul's Moongate, going to the local bank, I saw something terrible : an Ogre Lord was walking in the streets of the glorious Britain, between the First Bank of Britain the western bridge.

As soon as I realized this, I raised my sword and rushed in battle. I hit the Ogre Lord once, twice, and then he hit me. I felt terrible pain and got badly wounded. I had to retreat and gather my strength. While i was healing myself, mages casted their spells and archers shot arrows on the monster. Many warriors tried to kill the Ogre Lord with their weapons, but couldn't stay long in melee.

The Lord and his huge club injured many and killed three brave warriors. I and other warriors rushed towards Ogre Lord, but only scrathed his thick skin, for we couldn't stay near him for long. The defenders finally got the Ogre Lord killed with spells and arrows.

Just after we got him killed, Lizard and Rat Men began yet another attack. You can imagine what would have happened if we wouldn't have killed the Ogre Lord before this attack. If this happens again, we are in deep trouble.

Casih, proud defender of Britain

Thanks a lot Casih for this report. Frightening news are coming every day... Balrons, Ogre Lords... what next ? Let us hope that Nystul and Lord British can find a way to protect the population.
Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 11:34 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

New Poll
A new UOSS poll has been started. We want to know what you think the UO Developers should work on, once UO:R and Factions have been released.

So, hurry on over to our Polls page and let us know!

In our previous Poll, we wanted to know which faction, if any, do you plan to join. Almost 55% of you say you plan to join one of the factions. 19.4% want to join Lord British's faction, 14.6% want to join the Shadowlord's faction, 13.7 plan to join the Council of Mages faction, and 6.9% will be joining Minax's faction.

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 11:11 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

Forge Scam
It has been brought to my attention that a clever "Forge in the bag" scam has corrupted the most honorable citizens of Sosaria. A item that is simply a forge thats able to be placed in a bag as made citizens suspended by the gods, (osi). One citizen has told me that another man has sold this item to him then later wanting more money, and threatening if the payment is no recieved, the buyer will be reported to the gods, (osi),

Please be careful, it is at these times that societys scoundrels create the most clever plans.

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 9:22 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

Last night's attacks on our cities
Last eve I had planned on attending the Skara Brae Town Market, and enjoying a nice peaceful evening with my good friend Slade Brilliance. It ended up far different.

The Market started off well, with fewer vendors than I personally had originally expected, but at least it was peaceful. After about an hour so, while I was standing and talking with Slade, someone came through yelling, "Shadow Knight coming!!" Most didn't even think twice of it, expecting the patron to have just drunk a little too much, and was seeing things.

The Market started off well

We returned to talking, when all of a sudden undead creatures of all kinds, including Lich Lords, Skeletons, Zombies, and many other sorts suddenly appeared amidst us, and immediately began to wreak havoc. The citizens of Skara Brae, including many of the guilds, such as SB, RSB, and others, immediately began to repel the lifeless creatures, and many others soon joined them, including myself.

In the beginning, we were fairly successful, loosing very few to the mass of foul beasts that was attempting to invade the peaceful town. But, then we finally saw what the earlier patron was talking about, the shadow knight. It was a creature that stood well above it's fellow knights, and it was pitch black, as dark as the deepest level Destard without night sight…even darker! It wreaked total havoc among us, slaying even the strongest of warriors with 3 or 4 hits of its dark axe. The magic we tried to cast against it seemed to useless, as it did not even scratch it. I personally caste 3 Explosions and a Flame Strike against the vicious walking pile of bones, and I doubt it even noticed.

Although we had originally been doing fine, the arrival of the dark knight demolished all hope, and very soon, almost all of the defense force had fallen to the undead creatures. Even after we slew 20, 40 more would take their place and it seemed as if there was no end to their seemingly eternal ranks. Eventually though, after many resurrections of fallen fighters, we eventually defended Skara Brae, and the undead retreated. We all let out a sigh of relief, but that moment was short lived, because within minutes of the defense of Skara Brae, word came in that Moonglow was under attack as well, from the same horde of monsters.

So, Slade and myself re-equipped, and I opened a gate to Moonglow. We arrived before the attack began, and there was only a stray skeleton and Lich here and there, but this wouldn't last long. Less than a few minutes after we arrived to Moonglow, the vast army of undead attacked, but this time, in much greater numbers then even in Skara Brae. The original defense was strong, and we held them off for awhile, once again only loosing a few to the un-breathing soldiers of darkness, but once again, much like Skara Brae, it was only till their dark general appeared that we were able to hold them off.

The first Shadow Knight came much like he had in Skara Brae, and he immediately set to slaying as many as he could, including myself. I ran off to get resurrected, and upon my return, I found to my horror, more than one Shadow Knight. I know I saw two at the same time, and I believe I personally saw three or four different Shadow Knight's, but they all looked the same, so it is possible I was mistaken, but I am almost positive there was at least three there.

The First Shadow Knight came much like he had in Skara Brae

The defense in Moonglow fared much better than it had in Skara Brae, partly I am sure because there were many more there in Moonglow. Although many were slain, many more survived, and the undead attack was repelled, although I don't think any of the Shadow Knights were slain, but instead they decided to retreat when they saw their troops were no match for the citizens of Moonglow. By the time we had finished in Moonglow, I was told of attacks going on throughout the land, but unfortunately I was not able to be there for any of the others. Some of the citizens who were there defending their cities have sent me a few tales of the memorable defenses, here are a few. Sir John sent me the following tale of the defense of Britain.

Last night,

Britain was attacked by Minax. I myself was attacked by a Deamon, but for some reason it chose not to kill me. Then I got dissconnected and logged back on, and amazingly enough, I was still alive.

There were bone knights, lichlords, Deamons, and I think a few Balrons, not sure about that though. I managed to live but others were not so lucky. I had the option of retreating, but as I was a Virtue Guard of the Order allignment, I felt it my duty to fight.

After defeating some skeletal knights I ran as I was being attacked by a Deamon and several lich lords. Also in northwest Britain on the way to the blacksmith shop shades and night shades were attacking any that crosses their paths. But the people in northwest Britain were banding together and defeating the evil specters. In southwest Britain, it was different though. The monsters were just to strong for some people. I dont know who else to tell this to so I am sending it to you.

Virtue Guard of PB
Sir John

Thankyou Sir John, and indeed you sent it to the right people. I thank you for doing your duty as a Virtue Guard and defending the city. That was the tale of the defense of Britain. Pentecost sent us the following tale about the defense of Vesper, which was also laid under attack.
Hail Pacific reporters,

The news I have to impart is very disturbing. As me and a friend were conversing in the Bank at Vesper, we got a message saying "You see a Bone Knight attacking ____" and both of us immediately said to each other "a bone knight??." When we looked we were horrified to see that right inside the bank was sure enough a bone knight. It was quickly dispatched, but the next thing that caught our eye was the Lich Lord that had appeared out of nowhere in the bank and just outside the bank. We escaped the bank, not wanting to tango with a Lich Lord, to find that the grounds outside were covered in Bone Knights, Lich Lords and Mummies, all attacking the citizens. Hastily, many were dispatched by the assembled crew of onlookers, but what attacked just minutes later, was even worse. I, trying to escape the Lich Lords, ran headlong into G'Ruagak and his trolls!! The big gold troll got one swipe at me before I teleported to the other side of his group and kept going, but this was out of hand. I helped whoever I could the first time around, but feared the worst for whenever there were less people about then there were that night.

Almost in every building in Vesper that you went into, there was either a Lich Lord, a troll, or a Bone Knight waiting for you. Mind you, this wasn't a one time occurrence. Throughout the night and possibly still to this moment, the Lich Lord's and their undead army, and the Trolls still attack. I even escaped once to Moonglow to see if maybe it was a haven from the army, but even there I saw the corpses of Lich Lords and mummies, just prior to an attack I assumed.

I wish I had a picture of the great golden troll that was following me, but alas I don't, and I have heard that the people of Vesper slew him. I instead, opted to spend my time in the dungeon Shame, waiting out the onslaughts of undead, only to return later to see it worse than it was before, countless bodies of unknowing citizens mixed in with that of the evil beings that had attacked them.

It was a truly horrific sight, my friends. Personally, I am going back in to help out once more.

Pentecost the Mage
Pacific Shard

Thankyou Pentecost, and indeed, the defenders of Vesper did a good job as well, as did all the defenders across our vast land. I have heard rumours that Minax was spotted in Vesper as well as other cities. Could she be behind these horrible attacks? Is this related to the opening of the new lands today? I do not know, but I for one am proud to call myself a member of the Pacific Shard, indeed we banded together last night, as we always have, to defend our cities when we need. That, we all should be proud of.
Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 7:54 AM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

A little lyric
Philolus Phoenix sent us the following little tale.
Greetings!! I am Philolus Phoenix a wandering healer in our land. Last night my throat was very dry so I headed to the Unicorn Inn Tavern to fetch a bottle of ale, and to sit back and rest my weary old bones. I motioned to the barkeep for some service when out of the corner of my eyes I saw a crowed gathered across the room. Curiousity got the better of me so I moved a bit closer to see what was going on. One could see that their was some kind of duel going on, but it was a duel of words, and I have to tell you I have never seen nothing like this . I'll post what was said and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

What's that? You say you want to hear a story? Do I look like a bard to you? *frowns in mock agitation* Aye I may have a tale for you, though if you injure yourself from laughing, don't come to me to put you back together again. *Opens an old dusty box in the back of the room and draws out a battered and apparently well used jester's cap*. This was told to me by a jester many years ago, a fool that was wiser than the wisest sage I know. Now how did it go....

There was a knight in times of old
Ever valiant and ever bold.
Yet his gaze, so it was told
Would send you chills of bitter cold.

The princess he did want to wed,
And take her up into his bed.
And never once entered his head
That she would rather see him dead.

So she went and sought the fool
And asked,"Oh isn't there a rule
To turn away this knight so cruel
Or mayhaps make him a toadstool?"

The jester sat and thought so long
That you would think his mind had gone.
"Oh jester why do you prolong?
Can't you see he does me wrong?"

Then this fool, this simple clown
Turned completely upside down.
And as he stared up from the ground
Winked and smiled with not a sound.

Then he spun just like the moon,
And danced around his little room.
"Why does this flower in full bloom,
Speak to me of dire doom?"

"I'll tell you what is best to do
When next this knight does come to woo.
And then he will most surely rue,
The day he thought to marry you."

Then he whispered in her ear,
His plan that none other would hear.
And when she heard his tale so clear
She laughed so hard her eyes did tear.

So when this knight did come to call
Without a clue what would befall,
His said these words, I do recall
While in her court, in front of all.

"Princess I do ask for your hand
You the fairest of this land,
And beside you I will stand.
A better match could not be planned."

The princess replied so calm and cool,
"I will accept, but with one rule.
You must first win my little duel
Against none other than the Fool."

The clown came out, oh what a sight
To face this cruel and haughty knight.
Atop his head, to the crowd's delight
He wore a pot for this grand fight.

The knight then scoffed to all the folk
And with great scorn he loudly spoke,
"Surely this must be a joke
The life from him I'll surely choke."

With crooked pot and wooden stave,
He stood firm on that cobbled pave.
"You're strong Sir Knight and surely brave
Much more than I, a foolish knave.

Yet we shall fight, but here's the catch.
My strength in wit you must now match
Answer a riddle, one of this batch
Ere the Princess you can snatch."

And thus began their little game
This Knight and Fool with much to claim.
To the victor goes much fame,
The one to lose will know much shame.

The Jester spoke aloud with glee,
"Much eyes have I, yet cannot see,
What is there in front of me.
But I'm not blind, what can I be?"

The Knight thought hard, his rage did climb
Then in defeat he loudly chimes,
Foolish Knave I have no time
To answer you your silly rhyme."

The Fool did laugh, his face aglow
"Silly knight you do not know?
What our farmers like to grow
Is nothing but this potato!"

Then with his staff, in front of all,
He summoned forth a giant ball
Of mashed spuds that did surely fall
On the Knight's head. To show such gall!

With an angry roar that sent a chill
The knight roared out, "Your blood I'll spill!
I'll slice and dice you up until
There's nothing left for me to kill!"

The jester stood his ground, amused,
"But if you do you'll surely lose
The maiden's hand that you did choose.
Now answer this, you can't refuse.

"Sometimes we are called an army,
None can lift as much as we.
By thousands we outnumber thee,
And yet our ranks are hard to see."

The knight thought hard, which was so rare,
While spuds did spill out from his hair,
And into space his eyes did stare.
No voice did speak, no, none would dare.

When he did speak, this he did say,
"This game of yours I will not play!"
The fool did shrug, "Do as you may,
But victory is mine today."

With mischief sparkling in his eye,
This royal clown that was so sly
Lifted his staff up to the sky,
"You say that you refuse to try?"

The staff struck down,"You had your chance!"
The knight did start a silly dance,
Then hastily he dropped his pants
From which there crawled a horde of ants.

The crowd laughed hard, oh what a sound
That could be heard throughout the town.
"The answer's there upon the ground
Those ants whose home is but a mound."

And so the knight fled from the courts
With naked arse and ant filled shorts.
He never stopped, by all reports,
Untill he passed the kingdom's forts.

The lyric was told by Celestia, and I was most impressed. I chuckled as I went to check in for the night at the Inn, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I.

Philolus Phoenix

Thankyou Philolus, it was a good lyric.
Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 7:47 AM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

Source Code of Inside UO available
Alazane sent us the following announcement:

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 7:36 AM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

Archeological expedition for the Lycaeum
We have recieved the following:
*puts pen to scroll*

Hail and well met!

My name is Robyn ap Mir, and I am looking for brave adventurers to assist me on an archeological expedition for the Lycaeum where I am currently employed as a lecturer on Brittanian history. I will be visiting the gypsy Doria Romanov at her tent in Skara Brae on Tuesday, April 25th at 7PM o' the clock (Pacific Time) to seek her help in locating some artifacts that I seek.

If ye are interested, gather at Doria's tent in Skara Brae, just north of the bank, at the appointed date and time. I will be needing not only brave warriors and mages, but scouts skilled in the art of stealth as well.

-Robyn ap Mir, Archeologist, Lecturer, The Lycaeum, Moonglow

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 4:52 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

The Atlantic Museum - The Apparition in the Morning Mist

I saw the man walking in the distance through the snow, and didn't think much of it at the time. Closer and closer he drew, though I found it quite odd for such a man to be walking alone this early in the morning. As he grew closer, I noticed he was carrying a strange box with him!

Upon passing me I could only stare like a child at this man. He was carrying a box that seems to change color as he walked. Swirling, twisting, and writhing in motion this box was not of this world. It gave off a eerie light from within. Marked on the side of this box was a family emblem. A large X written in script, with words in a strange tongue underneath it. He continued his stride in full, not even acknowledging my rude stare at him. He had a mission, he had something to say.

I was awaiting his words, anxious to hear his thoughts?. Unfortunately, they apparently were not for me. He continued his determined stride in the snow?

It was then that I awoke. A Dream? A vision. What did this all mean? Perhaps I simply had a bit too much to drink the night before from the Frosty Hook Tavern. Perhaps I just needed some time off. The upcoming planning for the 2 Year Anniversary of the Atlantic Museums was taking its toll on this elder body. I gathered my things, and headed off to the Museum Towers.

"Was I still dreaming?", I thought. Is this another vision in my head? Upon entering the southern museum I saw a golden robed figure with a staff of blue ice matched only by the ice blue book held tightly in her hand. Her name was Miri, and she had traveled far to inquire about the various items within. A messenger? A visitor? A spy? Thoughts swirled in my head. Her items were wondrous and I stared in awe at the ice like objects that would not melt. I pulled my head together as I realized she was simply an admirer and patron of the museum. She had heard of the strange man bearing the swirling box.

"Apparition is his name", she spoke. "The Apparition"

"The Apparition?", I replied, "I have heard rumors of such a person, but didn't believe them to be true. It is rumored he has visited this land at various events or during times of crisis, but he hasn't been seen in ages!

As the sun began to fall, we departed and headed back to our humble abodes each wondering what the future was to hold and what visions the night may bring?

Xanthar of the Museum

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2000, 3:30 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

The Curing of Gui Zarith
Got this from Pad O'Lion from The Custodes Fati:

Yesterday evening, right after the ending of the Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market, I approached Anna Fairweather and Kris Quicksilver of the Healers of Europa to ask em to aid us in the difficult task to cure Gui from his perilous curse of vampirism. I explained to Anna, that our Scholars found a passage in an ancient tome about a surgical way to cleanse the blood of a recently bitten victim. We found out, that by transferring the blood of a relative to the cursed, there is a slight chance of successfully cleanse the blood from the terrible curse of the vampire. Though much risk is involved in this cure, for both patients, the book told, but it did nay tell about the outcome of such a try. Anna and Kris warned us about the risk, though we had to take the chance to free poor Gui Zarith from that evil plague.

We then assembled at the home of the Zarith's where Noa, Gui's younger brother was carefully treated by Anna and Kris. With expert skill Anna drew blood from Noa and carefully, without spilling a drop, she catched the precious liquid in some vials, while Kris kept Noa from passing out, attending to the fresh wounds, cleaning them with the strongest alcohol Fenris of the Spiritwood Tavern could provide, and carefully bandaging them. It took them quite some time, and when they had finished poor Noa was terribly pale and weak. They laid him to rest and together we set out for the Spiritwood Shrine, where Gui was held captive.

Upon arriving at the shrine they immediatly started their work, while people guarded the place carefully in case of an attack by the remaining vampires. We nay had to wait all too long, when our fears became real, and Jenny, one of Borhal Yawlers first victims, appeared at the Shrine with one of her henchmen. Though the opposition at the shrine was too strong for em, and soon they were driven off, while Anna and Kris carried out their work. Of course Gui resisted the treatment, but the combined efforts of the gathered people finally allowed Anna Fairweather to continue the cure.

"A great success!", Anna proclaimed after it was done, and Gui awoke from his dark slumber, not quite sure what happened to him the last day. Peope sighed with relieve embracing Gui, and welcoming him back.

Misha Andone, a close friend of Jenny, approached us then, telling us to seek out more information on Borhal the Vampire, gathering information about his strengths and weaknesses, as this was the only way to vanquish him and free Jenny from his evil grasp. She then lead us to a mystical place, a place in the wilderness surrounded by marble columns of ancient design. "This is their meeting place", she explained. "Each victim of Borhal Yawler was bound to a column during their transition in some strange ritual of binding."

We will carefully watch this place, it was agreed, trying to capture Jenny and destroy Borhal, who is the source of all this evil. So people watch out, Borhal Yawler still stalks the lands, seeking victims to strengthen himself again. Don't walk the streets alone, be careful and watch the back of yer friends as well as yers, as one can never know what awaits ye round the next dark corner.

Pad O'Lion

Aye! Us needs to get rid of those pesky vampires!

Yours truly,

Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 9:56 PM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

UO:Renaissance Publish Schedule
From the Update Center:
After monitoring the Sonoma shard for the past few days, we are going to update the Pacific and Great Lakes Shards with the Ultima Online Renaissance publish. The schedule for the remaining shards will be communicated at a later date.

The publish will be active on the Pacific and Great Lakes shards after they return form their maintenance on the date specified below. All dates are local server time.

  • Sunday (April 23): Pacific
  • Monday (April 24): Great Lakes
Should any issues arise during this publish schedule that require us to stop publishing shards, a revised schedule will be communicated as soon as those issues are resolved.

We would again like to thank all of the players who tested this publish on the various test shards. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

As a reminder, the date for the first stage of house placement will be announced after all of the shards are published.

Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 6:04 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GreatLakes)

UO:Renaissance Publish Schedule
From the Update Center:
After monitoring the Sonoma shard for the past few days, we are going to update the Pacific and Great Lakes Shards with the Ultima Online Renaissance publish. The schedule for the remaining shards will be communicated at a later date.

The publish will be active on the Pacific and Great Lakes shards after they return form their maintenance on the date specified below. All dates are local server time.

  • Sunday (April 23): Pacific
  • Monday (April 24): Great Lakes
Should any issues arise during this publish schedule that require us to stop publishing shards, a revised schedule will be communicated as soon as those issues are resolved.

We would again like to thank all of the players who tested this publish on the various test shards. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

As a reminder, the date for the first stage of house placement will be announced after all of the shards are published.

Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 6:04 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

UO:Renaissance Publish Schedule
From the Update Center:
After monitoring the Sonoma shard for the past few days, we are going to update the Pacific and Great Lakes Shards with the Ultima Online Renaissance publish. The schedule for the remaining shards will be communicated at a later date.

The publish will be active on the Pacific and Great Lakes shards after they return form their maintenance on the date specified below. All dates are local server time.

  • Sunday (April 23): Pacific
  • Monday (April 24): Great Lakes
Should any issues arise during this publish schedule that require us to stop publishing shards, a revised schedule will be communicated as soon as those issues are resolved.

We would again like to thank all of the players who tested this publish on the various test shards. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

As a reminder, the date for the first stage of house placement will be announced after all of the shards are published.

Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 6:03 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (Pacific)

Yew Announces a Sadie Hawkins Dance
The good lady Mythra sent this tidbit to us.
What in Britannia is a Sadie Hawkins? The question should be who instead of what. Sadie was a bold farm woman who went to town to sell some vegetables and saw a man that sent her heart to fluttering. She bold walked over to him and asked him to marry her. He said yes. So in her honour, we will have a dance that will allow women to ask the man they have their eye on to this dance. How do we dance in Britannia, well, good question. We will have a few fun and games during this dance so come prepared to play a few games. Here is just a sampling of the games:
  • Best dressed couple (must be dressed in the same color scheme)
  • Best pick-up line
  • Most creative dance technique
  • Perhaps a spin the bottle game *hehe*
So ladies, meditate and get the spirit of Sadie in you and ask the man that you have had your eye on for so long. Then get together and come to Yew on Friday night. Gates will be provided from the Winery to a special location.
When : Friday night, April 28th at 8:00 CST
Where: Guardians Tower (gates will be provided from the winery beginning at 7:45 CST)
What to wear: You must wear something, so be creative.
Please contact me at [email protected] if you have questions.

Mythra, Mayor of Yew
*Goes to look for something to wear* Sounds like fun!
Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 5:06 PM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

Tradespot Scammer Board Announcement
We received the following announcement:

Tradespot would like to annouce a new UO community Scammer Database board. We are very hopeful that we can make a difference to the hundreds of people scammed in UO, both by warning them and bringing this issue to the attention of OSI. We would love it if you would publish this news on your web page and help us get the news out to the UO community.

In the lands of Britannia there are shining examples of honor, chivalry, and goodness. The baser elements of society are present as well...... murder, theft, and political intrigue. This is how the lands were designed....and all these elements combine give us a richness of life in these lands. However, beyond the scope of the games design, or the intent of the designers, exists a rampant problem. The problem we term scamming. The theft of gold and property by individuals using means beyond the normal allowable structure of the game. Tradespot(, Ultima Online's premier Merchanting site, has decided that the time has come to take action. We literally receive dozens of reports daily, totaling millions of gold, regarding the prolific trade in illegal scamming.In our effort to help the community Tradespot is organizing a database of scams and scammers. The purpose of this is two-fold. First,it is a place where people can go to find the knowledge to help protect themselves. Secondly, we hope that by compiling this information that OSI will finally be forced to address the issue.

Go to and follow the link on the left hand side of the menu for the scammer FAQ and scammer board, or follow this link: The board is designed for you to post accounts of scams in order to benefit the entire community. The FAQ gives clear guidelines on proper posts for this board. What we are looking for is factual and substantiated accounts of illegal scamming, not wild flames and accusations. The FAQ clearly defines this and the board will be moderated with this in mind.

The Tradespot Staff

Scammer Board

Thanks for your help,
De of Tradespot
Thanks De
Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 3:37 PM EDT by Ima Supa (CommunityNews)

Merchants on Tour Escort Timothey to Britain
We received notice from Raknar, of the Merchants on Tour, about the following story :
A warm early summer day in Britannia. The clan of the Merchants on Tour pursued its daily work. There a message of the town cryer reached us. A citizen requires an escort urgently after Britain. Raknar immediately made itself onto the way and met Timothey the Wine carrier in front of the Counselor Guild in Trinsic. He confirmed the message. No question: the Merchants on Tour could not deny the escort of another Merchant.

Our group had increased already after a short time to a grand number. What should happen to us now ? Unfortunately, we could not take directly the moongate to Britain since the wine would spoil. Besides, Timothey informed us that he was no warrior and also sceptical about magic. We took Timothey into the middle and where on our way. First attacks of Headless and Orcs were warded off easily.

However, it really got tough. We waded through rivers of blood and fought us our way free. We managed that no harm came to our escort and at last arrived in Britain after a long time period. Although there was almost no reward there (some begged for wine) we were happy to have fulfilled a honorable task. We want to express our thanks to all who helped in this quest and stayed honorable and aided when aid was needed. The Merchants on Tour become acting certainly again if a colleague requires our aid.

Thanks Raknar for this story... I you want to see more pictures, the full report is available here. A german version is also available.
Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 11:18 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

IFC/NCM Battle Royale

Update on the IFC/NCM Battle Royale

IFC/NCM Battle Royale:
Contestestents will be placed on the roof of a tower. A creature will be sumoned to flag on and the fight begins. The last man standing will recieve all proceeds from the entry fees. (1000 gold per person)

In the beginning it was stated that anything goes this still holds true....well, except for four rules: )

1. No pets allowed. We don't want someone bringing along a wyrm to help them out.

2. No looting. Contestents will be relieved of their runes and furniture will be locked down to prevent leaving the tower on foot. All these things will be returned of course. We will offer gates back to a bank afterward if you'd like to just leave rune there.

3. No items of magic reflection will be allowed.

4. No hiding.

These four rules are more than fair. Anyone who chooses to ignore them will be eliminated and loose their entry fee.

Anyone is welcome. Red, blue, and orc alike. Come one come all. Gates are going to be offered from various banks. Including Buccaneer's Den. Gating will begin at 6:30 PST on Tuesday night April 25.

Any questions at all please ICQ Sur Noswal at # 59581736

The Æsir keep you all!

"..And Orc alike." I'm glad you decided to open you invitation to the Orcs. But I doubt the would attend any event sponsored by "humies." =P

Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 7:45 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

Home Sweet Home!
It seems things are getting worse for the good folk of Haven.....

The sound of sticks breaking and rustling of leaves filled the jungle air. You could hear the faint screams of monsters and guards bashing it out in Trinsic. Ravelen the Sly batted at the vines coming down from the jungle trees with his kryss. It didn't help much, but it cleared the way for him. Ravelen stopped and looked up through a clearing in the trees. To the right of him were more Army of Thieves members swatting at the jungle brush, trying to make their way through. Ravelen looked away from the clearing above him, and turned to the left. Trek'guk Luav was standing at the edge of the river bank looking into the water. Ravelen made his way over to Trek.

"Mes tink tis might go right into tee Haven lake." Trek said while still facing the water.

Ravelen then placed one hand on Trek's shoulder, and pointed to a mountain in the distance with his other hand holding the kryss. Trek looked at it and snorted while nodding. Ravelen turned right around and called to all the men in the jungle.

"Brothers, it is near! Onward!" Ravelen yelled.

The gangly groups of men then picked up their pace and started running in the direction of the mountain. Trek'guk kept staring at the mountain in the distance as the men ran past him. He squinted his yellow eyes while brushing the hair away from them and smiled.

"Nuw Mayor, wes be seein how guud yous Haven terrains are. It tey really git wit it takes tu defy tee AT." Trek said as he turned around to look at a tied up woman at his feet with a bag over her head.

Amber made a few muffled sounds while squirming. Trek then motioned to two men standing by her to pick her up. The two men lifted her above their shoulders and headed in the direction of the mountain. Trek looked at the Sword of Truth he was holding and pointed it at the mountain while facing the groups of men running past him.



*CRASH! A table was thrown against the wall. OOMMPHH! A human mage is thrown against the table. *

"Where bein the key tu tis cell?" Trek asked the bleeding mage.

"What key, I don't have a key." The mage said while looking away from Trek.

Trek sighed and got closer to the mage. He put his mouth against the mage's ear and the Sword of Truth against his throat. Then said, "Yous tell Trek where key it, or yous die." The sword was pressed against the mage's throat even more.

The mage gulped, took a long pause, then said, "Head West from this building, there's a teleporter in the mountain wall. It'll take you to a room in this building, where there will be a locked chest you'll have to pick. Inside will be the key to the cell."

"You two, come with me. You stay here, lets go." Ravelen the Sly gave orders to the other men in the room as they left to follow the directions the mage just gave.

"Yous best be hoping tis it right." Trek said to the mage.

After a few minutes Ravelen and the two men he took returned to the room. Trek was sitting on a chair near by with his feet on a table and picking his teeth with the Sword of Truth. Ravelen turned to Trek and showed him the key. Trek got up from his seat and took the key from Ravelen. He then walked across the room and attempted to open the jail cell with the key. Before turning the key the entire way he looked at the mage who was still propped up against the table. The mage was looking at Trek but turned away to avoid Trek's stare. Crrrrrkkkk. The cell door opened when the key was turned.

"Gu get Amber." Trek said.

Two men left the room to fetch the Mayor of Haven. Trek walked across the room and glanced at the mage. The two men returned with Amber struggling to get free. Trek took off her the bag over her head and loosened the gag around her mouth.

"You'll never get away with this!" She yelled at Trek as her arms were being held by the two AT men.

"Oh but we's alreaty hat Mayor, we's alreaty hat!" Trek replied as he held her head back by her hair and kissed her on the mouth. Amber locked her jaw down on Trek's lips biting hard. "AWWWARRG!" Trek screamed as he threw her down next to the mage.

The other men in the room picked Amber up and put her in the jail cell and locked it. Trek, wiping the blood from his lips, looked at the mage and then at Ravelen. Ravelen nodded and motioned to another AT member to help get the mage on his feet. The mage looked confused and disoriented; he yelled while they dragged him out the door.

"What are you doing? Where are you taking me? NO NO, please don't! NO AHHH! NO AHHH!!!! STO...AAHHHHH!!!" Were the screams which could be heard from outside.

Trek placed the Sword of Truth on the table and went outside with the rest of the members. Amber held on to the bars of her cell, and fixed her gaze to the Sword of Truth. She stared at it, while listening to the muffled sounds of Trek talk to the members of AT outside.

"Brothers, Sisters! Welcome to AT's nuw home!" Trek yelled as the crowed went wild.

Army of Thieves []]
City of Haven []

Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 3:36 AM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

The Legend of Zelda
I met Salo my first night upon these shores. Along with Sara Gules and Crystal, he had accompanied Jaques and me as we toured the realm. [See related story "New reporter tours Siege"] It was disconcerting, then, to hear the tale of the downfall of one I had perceived as such a kind, cordial being.

Crystal stood in the quiet library of the castle in Britain and described for me the events which had tottered a group of friends and irrevocably changed their lives forever:

Zelda used to be on the dark side. She was wit the UDL and Cabal. She left them cause she saw dat dey were evil. When Zelda left, she looked for a way to fight the evil. She tried to train a young mage in our guild [Pirates of the Codex] but Mish was lost at sea. So, Zelda tried to take on the evils by herself. She stole sum books of theirs. Dey caught her and tortured her. We were able to save her, but the last time was real bad. Bruenor was tryin to get her to tell him where they were.

The books, now held in an undisclosed location for safekeeping deal with secrets about the Order of the Shadow nights. Bruenor, a member of Guardian's Chosen, could easily be described as your typical garden variety sociopath. According to Crystal, Bruenor has abducted Zelda at least twice, tormenting her to the point of near-insanity, in his efforts to recover these tomes.

As with Zelda, Crystal became acquainted with Salo through the guild in which they had both been granted membership. She said that he had been a scientist. Again, like Zelda, Salo's past was one of the darker pathway.

He was workin on da brains of humans. I found he was looking fer a cure fer an inherited disease brought on by his modder. His modder was made crazy by dis disease and his father killed his mother to stop the pain. Salo was in the beginning stages of it and was desperate fer a cure. Sara and I operated on him, but to no avail. He kept having seizures and headaches. He thought somehow that Bruenor had the cure and would somehow give it to him.

Crystal explained that Salo and Zelda argued frequently, petty bickering between two amicable enemies. They were not close, despite the fact that their mutual sinister pasts gave them common ground. In fact, Salo would sometimes play on weakness he knew of in Zelda's mind and smite her with wicked pranks. Knowing that one of Bruenor's torture sessions with Zelda had involved a pit of rats feasting on her, "Salo planted rat thoughts in her mind," Crystal illustrated.

He taunted her constantly, so I suspected dat Salo had sold us out when Bruenor attacked. the first time and took Zelda's soul. Den this week, he came back fer the rest of her, still wanting da books back. Salo admitted, just before the last Bruenor attack, dat he had sold us out. He told Bruenor when to attack.

The attack resulted in Bruenor dragging Zelda away to be his prisoner on Ice Island, still no closer to the books but as determined as ever to get them by any means. Crystal was certain that Salo was somehow involved; it was evident by the change in his demeanor and statements that he made following Bruenor's assault. When she questioned him outright, Salo did not deny the allegations. Sara Gules, in an effort to save Salo from the inevitable, suggested a trial be held. Crystal told Salo this, the two of them alone in the guildhouse. A trial would only make things worse, prolong the agony already inflicted on the tightly knit group. What court would hear the case, anyway? In this wilderness, citizens made and executed their own laws. Crystal was the commander of the PoC. As far as she could see, Salo had "already admitted his guilt and a trial would have just prolonged the obvious conclusion."

"How do you plead?" asked Crystal. Though not a rhetorical question, she was sure of the answer and wanted to hear it from his lips, to confirm for herself that was she was about to do was the just course of action. In a firm grip at her side, she held a magical sword that would not only end his life, but would make resurrection nearly impossible, a fact she had not hidden from him as she warned, "The healers will turn their backs to you."

Aware and remorseful, he answered the charge. "Guilty. Ye know that," Salo replied, his voice a low moan.

She raised the sword and took his head swiftly.

Then, the haunting began.

Salo's restless spirit accompanied her everywhere. Initially, Crystal could not see it, though she was cognizant of the fact that some ever-present sense of uneasiness seemed to radiate around her. Others began to see the spirit, then began communicating with it, and finally Salo manifested himself before her. His moaning and wailing were always the same pleas for assistance and cries of lament. Then, he began to tell of a great evil presence looming over him, even into the Netherrealm. Bruenor, it seemed, had found a way to victimize Salo even from beyond the grave.

It has now come to pass that Bruenor managed somehow to release Salo from the Underworld, though the reanimation of his human form has metamorphasized him into a being of unspeakable evil and bound him to Bruenor's service. The diabolical one's search for the secret tomes continues, and there is no way of knowing how far he will go to get them. Certainly, it is impossible to calculate the evils such a man is capable of conceiving. The Pirates of the Codex search frantically for some way to break the hold Bruenor has over Salo, to free Zelda once and for all, and to end Bruenor's reign of terror over them.

At this writing, no resolution is foreseen.

Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 3:14 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

A tale and a word of caution to adventure seekers
We have recieved the following:
Hail and Well Met to All:

Beware to all Bards! The gods have turned their backs on us and our actions in the service of good now have evil repercussions on ourselves! Here is what happened:

My guildmate, Imogen, and I were attempting to rid the dungeon called Wrong of the vile beasts there. We noticed in the middle of a battle that I kept turning gray for no apparent reason. I was too busy provoking and fighting to pay much attention. After all, two of us were fighting 20 or so Ettins, Ogres, and Trolls. I had the lot of them fighting each other while we were attacking from the flanks. They were a sight!

An Ogre Lord, however, went unnoticed in the fray and broke lose to kill Imogen. I ran to try to retrieve her most beloved item-a rare crossbow which was a gift from our fellow guildmate, Diablo. Surprise! Not only could I not loot my own guild, and Party-mate's body but I had been flagged a murderer! I was mortified, as I had never taken Karma loss, ever.

My karma went from Honorable to Disreputable in one instant and there was nothing the Senior Councilor could do. Apparently, if you even "attempt" to provoke and fail, if that monster kills anyone anywhere you are responsible. What an Awful Joke on us bards! As if we haven't played the same song to the gods for years without complaining!

As ever,

Ximena, Bard of Delucia, Guildmistress of XEN

Thanks! Talk about your bad luck.

Editor's note: The above is a known issue, and was corrected late last evening with a mini-publish to Sonoma as per the FYI Section of the Update Center.

Posted on Sunday, April 23, 2000, 3:02 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

HMG Comics has a New Comic
Rentaur thinks he knows the real reason Richard Garriot left Origin:
After thinking about Lord British's departure, I have decided to make a tribute to him. He created one of the most successful companies that has brought entertainment to many... many million... for this Richard Garriot deserves a little respect... so... I present.. The Real Reason Lord British Left UO, featuring Lord British and some people from Half-Life. Enjoy!

Sitemaster of HMGComics

Ehm... well.. I can only hope Rentaur is wrong *smiles*
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 11:42 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CandidCoverage)

***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA*** New 'Toons!
From Tryon:
Last week Tryon, ImaNewbie's creator, fell asleep at the computer and woke up to find he had become a UO character. This week finds him trying to escape from Britannia back to the real world. I also added another Diablo 'toon from the archives and two new midis so head on over to my site and check it out.

Added Friday, April 21st: Episode #104 - We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto (Part 2)

ImaNewbie does Britannia


Oh my, let's hope ImaNewbie will be able to help Tryon with his predicament...
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 11:26 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CandidCoverage)

House Scam Warning
Several people warned me about house scammers. Here's a method for making sure you are not being scammed:
When you are buying a house from someone, ownership is transferred by means of the trade window. In the trade window you will see a house deed and on the other side you can place your gold. Before you do this click on the house deed you see in the trade window and make sure the coordinates you see match the coordinates of the house you want to buy. If the coordinates do not match, you are being scammed. Do not go on with the trade, you will lose your money and not become the owner of the house if you go on with the trade.
Let's be careful out there!
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 10:45 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

The New Face of Rares Hunting
Interesting news about rares from Markee Dragon:
With UO:R being published to all shards we have new challenges when hunting for rare items. The first thing you would think is "Ya Hoo! Twice as many rares to find. Well that's just not the case. With the UO:R publish rare items that were daily, weekly and monthly spawns are now locked down. This is upsetting to most avid collectors but new and interesting information has been coming to light over the past few days. It seems that new rares are being found now. One example would be a report that I received that one of the rooms in Hythloth has all the items that spawned monthly locked down. Unable to be picked up. Except for the fact that now there are 2 of some of the items stacked upon one another. An alter where we used to get a monthly candle spawn now had 2 candles with each candle having another one stacked on top of them that could be picked up. Is this the new face of rare items?

So armed with the knowledge that all of the spawn information in our rares database may no longer be correct we are launching a new quest studying this new kind of rares. We are looking for feedback on what you are finding on the shards that have been updated with UO:R. Find the rares database at Full contact information on how to submit rares information is located on the bottom of every page. We look forward to hearing from all you rares hunters.

Markee Dragon

Thanks for the insight Markee.
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 10:02 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

Valendor in the Spotlight
Hail All!

FYI: Drachenfels' player town of Valendor has been featured in this weeks' Ultima Online Spotlight.

Go with the Virtues,

Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 9:59 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

New Comic at Lost in UO
A short note from Aginor
Lost in UO has a new comic. It's called Deal with the dragon (Part 3) Have a look on it at
Thanks, that's a 'hot' comic indeed. *chuckles*
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 9:54 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CandidCoverage)

The First UO Senate Convenes
Another announcement from the UO Senate:
Just over a week ago, the UO Senate was formed, a body of "lawmakers" representing the people to write up improvements and changes to the game on their behalf. This is an "out of game" organization. Our goal was to gather at least 10 Senators before convening the first Senate and that goal has been reached. The Senate shall begin on Monday, April 24th, 2000 but there is still time until then to become a Senator if you wish to help change the face of Ultima Online! Information can be found on the UO Senate Website:

Power to the People!
Senator Damien Vryce

I'm looking forward to see what improvements the UO Senate comes up with.
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 9:50 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

Murder in Northwood
This report was found on the Tavern forum on the Tao Circle.

As heard from the herald of Nujel'm:

A great tragedy has indeed struck the people of the city of Nujel'm. Last night, while on a diplomatic mission in Northwood, the Vizier Bashir of his eminence the Sultan was struck down in cold blood by an assassin!

The Vizier had just completed a meeting with the King and Queen of Winterfell. In this meeting he discussed trade relations with Nujel'm and once again reaffirmed the King's blessing in arresting the six criminals, Amber, Celest, the false Trulacci, Ciet Onibaen, Delune Ta'kier, and the unknown masked accomplice, all wanted in conjunction with previous attempts on the Vizier's life. The Vizier descended to the ground floor of the tower with his two Justicari guards. Since the royal mage had retired early for the night, the Vizier sent the two Justicari in search of a mage to secure passage back to Nujel'm, while the Vizier himself settled down to wait in the ground floor of Winterfell's tower.

Out of nowhere, a man clad in armor and wearing black burst through the tower doors. Wielding a kryss, he stabbed the Vizier several times in the chest, before fleeing into the woods. Several residents of Northwood witnessed the event, but were unable to prevent the assassination. The Queen of Winterfell herself attempted to aid the Vizier, but having been stabbed through the heart, he was beyond help, and passed from this world.

Arrangements are being made for the body to be properly returned to Nujel'm later today. An offical day of mourning has been declared in the city. Meanwhile, the Justicari are redoubling their efforts to apprehend the other would-be assassins, as well as this new murderer.

Our condolences to all those grieving for the Vizier, and may the hand of justice act swiftly for the Justicari in solving the crime.
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 1:17 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Proposed Trammel Community
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail,
There has been a number of guilds and individuals brainstorming ideas for a new community in the New Lands. At the moment they call the project the "Trammel Alliance" and it involves many guilds, such as The Knights of the Southern Cross, Salt of the Eath, The Knights of the Old Sonoma, Knights of the Rose, Companions of Britannia, The Company of Independant Adventurers, The Faithful and many, many Individuals. You can find out more about the project here. The important thing to remember about the project is that the information given originally is just a starting point. Peoples contributions are welcomed and encouraged, so to create a better community for everyone. Anyone that will be making the move to Trammel, or those on the brink of deciding should definitely go take a look, and make a few suggestions and points as eventually it will lead to a better system.

Sha'mad Conde
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 12:59 PM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

People in Profile
I've met many people in my years of long travels throughout the land. Most have faded to a blur of faces, names, and stories in my mind that I can no longer match up. But a few stand out to me, still clear after a long time has past since last seeing them. Ironically what makes some of these stand out isn't necessarily what you think. I've met more than my fair share of nobly born, richly adorned, piously scorned, and gloriously honored, but these extremities are often not as facinating as the common person I've met in shops, taverns, and the deep woods.

I decided therefore to set out and meet new faces. To pick people at random, engage them in conversation, and learn a bit more about the citizens who fill the world around me. Today I set out for Britian, and wandered about till I stopped one man who could spare the time to talk. Each time I will journey to a different town in turn, picking a random person to talk to.

OOC: This is the beginning of a series of articles spotlighting one person each time. The person is picked at random, from the town I've picked at random for that time. There is one prerequisite however, the character's profile must be filled out. I've often been amused, entertained, or intrigued by people's profiles. Now when I come across one such as that, I will ask the person about it. And if they are willing, conduct a short interview and print the results here. I'm ideally looking for someone who has an interesting story to tell, and as such I do not care if they are "evil or good," a warrior or merchant. Our world is made up of a mixture of many kinds and I hope to reflect that. I'm not looking for "nominations" or volunteers to be mailed in to me. Instead I'm hoping for a random sampling of the "common man" about town. So fill out your paperdoll's profile, then -well- just be in the right place at the right time.

I had already walked most of the west side of Britian before finally crossing to the less populated eastern half. Upon nearing the bank, my eyes dropped upon a man clad in red, a color naturally catching the eyes. His hair matched his clothes, seeming to envelope him in the color. I asked the banker the man's name, and then looked up his profile with the records office. Thinking his profile rather odd and not extremely informative, I decided to ask him about it, and he has become my first person in profile.

Brim Dragonbane

Brim Dragonbane, of the guild called The Balance, his title that of Dread Magi.

I asked him the origin of the words on his profile. He told me that they were actually the words of a bard, not his own, but that he felt that he could relate to them-that they held meaning to him. I asked him what he felt the meaning was. He saw it as an edict to make your way on your own, to earn what you yourself used,

"I don't like to hand things out to anyone. When I grew up in this world, I earned what I got. Now I do have friends if I'm in need, but for the most part I'm by myself and handle my problems alone."

As he spoke of friends, I asked him of his guild, The Balance. He told me that many would say they were evil, but that they saw themselves as neutral. I asked him to explain such a discrepancy. He replied that his order tried to keep the world in balance, that no side should outweigh the other. They see good as being more powerful now, so they fight to balance that.

"But if evil clearly overpowers, then we are to balance and fight for the cause of good."

Why you may ask?

"It keeps the world of Britiannia flowing I guess you can say."

We talked a bit more of his guild and thier role, and then I asked him if he had any comments on other guilds, the Minax invasions, or politics in general. On these he was fairly neutral as well. In fact he expanded some on his earlier idea of making ones way in the world and to allow others to do the same.

Brim's view

He felt that people should choose their own path and make what they will of it, but in that also was the aspect of lying in your own bed after you make it. He said he didn't like to see people whining about losing. If you've lost something, earn it back. He feels many people spend time complaining about how others are living their lives when they should be building their own. And he sees diverse lifestyles as necessary.

I think I would boil it down as earn your own way and don't worry about what everyone else around you is doing. The world is open for all. All have a right to be here.

Having spent my youth on the streets making my own way, I cannot help but agree with much of this. I don't suppose I agreed with everything we talked about, but I don't expect to with everyone. If I did, these interviews would be pointless. I hope to find others with new ideas and interesting stories as I continue my treks and find my next person in profile.

Thanks again to Brim for taking the time to talk with me and put up with my questions!

Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 12:45 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Hide Hunting Contest
This announcement of the event was found on the UO home page.

"Guild Uniform's" Grand Opening Contest

Sponsor: Kallisto, the shop owner, will be overseeing this eve

Location: We are a short ways north east of vesper at 123o 50N 120o 30'E
Start Date: Apr 23 2000 6:30PM EST
End Date: Apr 23 2000 7:30PM EST

Guild Uniforms, the finest guild provisioner in all of Britannia, located at 123o 50'N 120o 30'E, a short run North east of vesper, would like to announce our grand opening! We will be holding an open house April, the 22nd from 6pm EDT until closing, with a special "Best Skinner in Britannia" contest to be held for the first hour and one half of this gala affair. Gates shall be provided from the following locations from 5:30pm until 7:00pm east coast time zone. Food and drinks shall be provided along with a "thank you for coming" FREE GIFT!

The contest shall be a simple one. The first person to return the most hides by the 7:30PM EDT deadline shall be declared the champion and named the finest skinner in all of Britannia. All hides must be received in a backpack or packs with a blank rune baring the contestants' name, and all hides shall become the property of Guild Uniforms. For their efforts, the first three finishers shall receive the following,

1st place- A power staff, GM made armor green or blue- winners choice, 15k in gold and a signed contract to buy hides from them in the future.

2nd place- A GM set of gold armor along with 7k gold and a magic weapon.

3rd place- A GM made iron suit and 2k gold.

All of Britannia may be used as hunting grounds, but hunting in non-guard zones is at the contestants' own risk. Guild Uniforms shall not be held liable for any losses incurred while participating in the said event. Each participant shall receive a FREE GIFT just for entering. There is no entry fee or registration; your gift shall be given when you turn in your hides at the conclusion of the event.

Guild Uniforms is the GM's One Stop Guild Supply shop! Although our doors are always open to the public and our trained sales staff more then willing to help the everyday shopper, Guild Masters receive that little extra attention that makes our shop the best in the lands. Whether it is an order of logs or ingots, new uniforms or armor, everything the well kept guild needs can be found upon our shelves. Even though we do not stock rare or magical items, we will look into procuring them for you at a more then reasonable price.

We are eagerly awaiting one and all at our grand opening! This shall be the first of many such planned events for the enjoyment of the Catskills residents, please watch for upcoming events!

Kallisto Owner of Guild Uniforms

Good luck to all the contestants!
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 9:14 AM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Seeking Tales of Adventure
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

Seeking Tales of Adventure

Whether traversing a snowy dungeon on Ice Island, dodging the deadly whip of a scorpion tail, or valiantly chasing fierce orcs in the valleys north of Britain, the lands of Britannia are rife with adventure for all. And just as some thrive on adventure, rushing headlong into battle with sword or spellbook raised before them, others prefer the quiet life, avoiding the fray of battle in favor of more cerebral adventures.

Tell us the story of your favorite Britannian adventure. How did it begin and where lay the adventure? Did you join willingly? Or did you drag your toes along the way? What was the outcome?

Send an e-mail to [email protected] by Friday, April 28th, and tell us a story of your favorite Britannian adventure. Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words, and include "UO Adventure" in your subject line. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions, and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 8:50 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Sonoma Mini Publish
The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

Sonoma Mini-Publish

We will be bringing the Sonoma shard down at approximately 8:30PM CT to update a mini-publish to the server. The final backup prior to this publish will begin at approximately 7:00PM CT, so any play time after this point may be lost. This mini-publish will include the changes listed in In Testing for Next Update.

Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 7:35 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Increased Orc Activity in Yew
Just the other day I was minding my own business gathering wool around Yew when I came upon a huge spawn of smelly orcs standing in the middle of the road. Perhaps 20 in all. Once they noticed me it was like a flock of seagulls on a piece of bread. I killed a few before hiding out in the darkness of the forest.

I didn't think much of it because we get orc spawn in Blackcomb all the time. Maybe just a little larger than most.

However, I was shopping near the Empath Abbey for decorative items when I stumbled upon what was a funny sight at first. Dozens of orcs with their noses against the Abbey walls trying to sniff out someone inside. I started chopping on one and they all came out of the woodwork. It was a full scale attack!

Killing a few I ran inside to find a bunch of them doing that little orc dance near the bank while injured warriors stayed out of sight. Time had no meaning as I lured them one by one to an adjacent room and slaughtered them like pigs. I was covered in blood & sweat, my sword all nicked up and the floor slippery from greasy orc parts. Back outside there were a few more to dispatch, but by then other warriors had mopped up what was left.

Orcs attacking the Abbey? Deja Vu. Anyone seen Keeonean hanging about? If you have any further information please drop me a line!

Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 6:53 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Britannian Network News Needs You!
The following was just posted to What's New on the Ultima Online website:

Britannia News Network Needs You

Origin is looking for a few talented people to help us expand our Britannia News Network coverage to include in-game player-run events and quests, special-reports, commentary, and just about anything else you can dream up!

BNN reporters will be responsible for covering two events per week on their shard. This includes attending the event, capturing screenshots, and writing an article for the Ultima Online BNN website. As a 'thank you' for their efforts, BNN reporters will have their UO accounts paid for by Origin.

Additionally, each shard will have a Shard Editor within the structure of BNN. Shard Editors will be responsible for coordinating their reporter team, editing BNN articles, scheduling interviews with event participants, and will be the primary contact with Origin on BNN issues relating to their shard. Shard Editors will have their UO accounts compensated and receive some additional swag from time to time.

Interested in joining BNN? We have a couple requirements that you absolutely must meet:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have an active Ultima Online account with no billing or in-game suspensions or problems.
Additionally, Shard Editor applicants for non-US shards should be bi-lingual English speakers. For example, we would prefer that the Shard Editor for Hokuto be fluent in both English and Japanese.

We want to bring BNN to life with creative articles, exciting news, and a sense of humor, and we hope you'll join us! There is plenty of room for expansion, with possibilities for contributing to the BNN Audio Show, writing columns, or bringing your own ideas to BNN. If you're interested in joining the Official Voice of Britannia, click here!

Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 6:02 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Nystul's Spell
This report brought to you courtesy of Ravynmagic. You can check out his site here.

Something told me I should head to the Castle and see if anything was amiss with that strange stone pillar. My instincts proved correct. Nystul himself was there and casting a great spell. Nystul stood in the center of the stone creation and cast his hands towards the sky while summoning the power of all the stone pillars in all 8 towns for his spell, while 7 seers watched on.

Nystul Begins Casting

Pillars Come Alive With Strange Magic

The the spell came to life. Strange lights and magic cascaded from the pillars making the onlookers jump back. And then Nystul was gone. The seers said spell was to open a gate to a new world. A place where those can go to escape the wrath of Minax's armies. This would be the place called Trammel I've heard about.

And Then Nystul Disappears

Lightning Sends People Away

Unfortunately a few foolish souls wanted to see the power of this magic a bit too closely and were surprised by it's effects. As those that stepped onto the gold area of the stone creation were in moments struck by a bolt of lightning and disappeared. One of those struck soon returned to tell us it sent him to a place with 20 liches. Hmm.. This night I decided to not see for myself though.

Thanks for the great documentation, Ravynmagic.

Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 5:47 AM EDT by Petrus (QuestandEventNews)

Planning a Visit to the Stone Structures?
For those of you interested in a migration to the Stone Structures which have appeared in the eight Virtue Cities of Britannia, I have searched, on my home shard of Baja, for their locations. The sextant coordinates are as follows:

Britain: 0o 42'S, 4o 21'E
Jhelom: 171o 24'N, 0o 54'E
Magincia: 48o 25'S, 169o 35'E
Minoc: 93o 36'N, 84o 18'E
Moonglow: 41o 18'N, 140o 8'W
Skara Brae: 45o 36'S, 50o 7'W
Trinsic: 104o 40'S, 35o 51'E
Yew: 57o 34'N, 54o 16'W

A word of caution, be wary when visiting the Stones. In many cities they seem to be heavily guarded. Good travels!
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 4:49 AM EDT by Petrus (QuestandEventNews)

Dexterity Penalties added to Armor Page
The dexterity penalties for armor can now be found on the Armor page, thanks to our editor Batir. Please keep in mind that the mentioned dexterity penalties only apply to those shards that have been patched with the UO:Renaissance patch.
Posted on Saturday, April 22, 2000, 2:52 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

Log of yesterdays UO HoC chat posted
The complete log of the Fifty-Second UOHoC Open House chat has been posted, and is available from the UO House of Commons website.
Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 9:12 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

Vote for counsellor of the month
Time to reward our helpful smurfs:

Hail Friends!

First, let me thank you all for taking the time to let us know who your favorite counsellor was for Europa during the month of March.

The counsellors who received the most player votes were Counselor Akira and Counselor Stonegate. Congratulations to them both for being named March's counsellor(s) of the month on the European Shards.

Now I ask you send me your votes for April :)

Below you will find a list of Counselors who are eligible for this month's voting. I will accept votes for the next two weeks, until May 3, 2000.

Thank you all once again for your wonderful support in letting us know how we're doing.

Senior Counselor Channa

Aerin, Akira, Arwen, Arylon, Auberon, Baran, Black_Rain, Brethil, Cherrybomb, Denalana, Dragavon, Fantasia, Garion, Godot, Ignatius, Jhaniss, Kai`enn, Knot, Leland, Lexos, Lupus, Munin, Myrlyn, Neve, Njord, Nystul, Poe, Praxis, Q`araman`djin, Rakorium, Rhaxxan, Riva, Salty, Samhain, Seth, Slainte, Spidermonkey, Stonegate, Sunday, Titou, Tremere, Valashea, Whistler, Zengulion, Zweistein

If you know a counsellor who has provided good service to you or a friend, why not show them some recognition and cast your vote for them.

Simply e-mail your vote to [email protected]

Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 4:20 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

Meet people who'll do anything for gold
Another event at Spiritwood:

Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market!

The next Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market will be on Saturday the 22th of April at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt). Of course everyone is invited!

A few words about the Meet Market itself:

Anyone from the crowd can take the stage and tell something about him or herself. He or she then offers an hour of fun. This can range from a date to lessons in being a good guildmaster. From magery training to a dungeon trip. Or from catering a picnic to being best man at a wedding. As long as it lasts one hour (or longer or shorter if agreed upon). The buyer and seller set a date for this during the next two weeks (before the next Meet Market).

From then on the crowd may bid on this person while he or she advertises him or herself. Bids can go from 500 gold to 10.000 gold pieces or even more! Half of the gold will go to the tavern and the rest is for the seller. The tavern will use this gold for other events. And the gold should be paid after the Market is over (or at least in the week that follows). So if you would like to meet people, if you are in need of a good tailor or an alchemist or if you would like to show your partner how much you love him or her, come to the Spiritwood Tavern this Saturday. Drinks and food will be free as always.

You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

I hope to see you all there! :-)

Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

Ale is always welcome, I thank thee.

Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 4:18 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

First Annual Shrine Cleansing
Pirates of the Codex's Sara Gules brings this announcement:

It has been a long time since any of British's servants have been seen.

There are a lot of questions:

  • Is Sir Dupre going to rescue Tyball?
  • Why did Nystul's blue stone structure experiment fail?
  • When are the guards going to return to Trinsic?
  • What of the "pit" under Trinsic meeting hall?
  • What can we do to save the shrines?
  • But no one is around to answer them.

    Can Britannia afford to wait for its absentee monarch to act?

    On this Thursday, I am calling any virtuous Britannian to take to part in an attempt to cleanse one of the Shrines of Virtue. Those interested in taking part should meet at the Jhelom Bank between 8pm and 8:30pm CST.

    Any suggestions of what this ceremony should include, please email them to me.

    If the rulers of Britannia are awaiting some virtuous stranger to bail them out, then I emplore them to take another look into the hearts of Sosaria.

    Sara Gules, Wandering Healer, PoC

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 4:15 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Zarzal Dragon Announces "World Tour"
    Hail All!

    The following announcement was posted by Zarzal Dragon on the Dragon Clan home page:

    "On Saturday the 22.April we will gate travel to several spots on our shard. We will start in front of the Dragon Tavern in Dragon Town at 20:00 CET.

    "We will visit places such as the zoo in Moonglow, the Telescope, and much more. This can be interesting for new players who don't explore the land on their own. We are a big group and can defend against any monster that may be at our destination.

    "The whole trip takes about 30 minutes of time. There is nothing to win, just the fun of watching the world where you play."

    Between this, the Easter egg hunt, and the auction, it looks to be a busy few days for Miss Zarzal and Dragon Town!

    Go with the Virtues,

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 4:01 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Militia investigate mystic structures
    The Free Vesper Militia is asking for your help:

    'Twas a chilly evening in our great, free, city of Vesper. I was chatting with some of the inhabitants and merchants when a spy of the Militia told me an astonishing story. He had visited castle British, in disguise, to spy upon the activities of our mortal enemies, the Lord British Loyalists. There he made a worrying discovery. Peeking through the windows of one of the frontal bastions he uncovered a room, which appeared to be a laboratory. Suddenly all the conversation stopped. A deep silence fell. Everyone stared at the spy. The poor man, not used to so much attention due to his profession, was not able to speak a single word anymore. Being very interested in the matter, I urged the man to take me to castle British and show me his discovery. We quickly changed clothes and disguised as simple townsfolk.

    When we finally arrived in Britain, we hasted to the castle. And there I saw it with mine own eyes.

    In Lord British's Castle

    At that moment something struck my mind. Had not, recently, reached our ears that one of British's mages had created several strange structures? This very lab could very well be the place the mage had casted his spells from. I wondered, however, why all cities have such a structure in their town center, but nay Vesper! Has British mayhaps lost all faith in regaining Vesper? Or is it part of a greater plot? Peeking through the narrow windows I could see several books and parchments lying about. They could provide us with these answers. A problem arose however, not a single door could be seen... The only means of getting in, seemed to be the pentagram in one of the corners. It became our mission to get in the lab. We searched the entire castle very thoroughly, much to the astonishment and irritation of the guards. Alas, we had no luck. After having been through every room on all floors, we almost collapsed from exhaustion. We decided to get some well deserved rest in a nearby inn. The next day we rode off to Vesper.

    The Free Vesper Miltia holds great interest in any discovery made about this laboratory. If ye hear, or uncover, anything about it, I would be very pleased to hear it. The FVM is always active in Vesper, so it won't be no problem to find someone to tell yer story.


    Legolas, FVM Counsellor

    Thank you Legolas.

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 3:59 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Next Auction Scheduled in Dragon Town
    Hail All!

    Zarzal Dragon has announced that the next Dragon Town in-game auction has been scheduled for Monday, April 24. As in the past, the auction will be held at the top of the Dragon Town vendor tower. If you have an item you would like to auction off, you may bring it to the vendor tower beginning at 20:00 CET. The auction itself will begin at 20:30 CET.

    Miss Dragon requests that you bring items that will interest everyone. Popular auction items in the past have included good katanas (or other "most wanted" weapons), rare items, houses, hair change deeds, blessing deeds, true black dye tubs, and other special or rare items. Items that can be easily found on vendors are, in the words of Miss Dragon, "only a waste of time" for the auction.

    An important difference between this auction and previous auctions is that this time Miss Dragon is only allowing 1 item or bag per player. Her goal is that the event take about 1 hour, and this new restriction should make this goal a reality.

    For more information, visit the Dragon Clan home page.

    Go with the Virtues,

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 3:55 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Paws attacked! Reign of Elemental Terror!
    This came from Crimson Blade who was one of the lucky ones to survive the night of terror at Paws on Wednesday.

    It was about an hour into the event when the trouble arose. We had noticed a Fire Elemental that hadn't been summoned dancing towards us on its nimble jets. Upon killing it an air elemental immediately spawned. Then a blood elemental as well as 2 waters and a poison. With the earlier threat already hanging over our heads we became a bit jittery.

    When Ariss popped on to the scene all hell broke loose. The golden elemental said he warned Paws and now was making good on those threats. He sent non stop spawns down upon us. Everyting under the sun: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Blood, Ice, Poison, and even Acid elementals. Hours later, and with many of our members laying dead, we killed enough of the vile creatures to get a shot at the Lord of Elementals.Surrounding Ariss we gave it everything we had. He tried to teleport, but in the end was destroyed.

    Although, he did manage to scream out a few partings words:


    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 3:03 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    A sad day indeed...
    It with a heavy heart that I bring you this sad news. With the resignation of Red William still fresh in our minds, I am, regretfully, the bearer of the news that another of Great Lakes' fine reporters, Alec DeLeon, has also decided to resign from his position as a Great Lakes reporter. As I said to Red, I wish you well in whatever routes you may choose to persue.
    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 2:41 PM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    A Friendly Reminder
    Yes, I too am disappointed with Red William's decision to resign from his position as reporter for the Great Lakes shard. It is my opinion that he is quite possibly the best reporters that has ever been part of the Great Lakes reporting staff. However, PLEASE do not send any personalized letters through news submission. When you submit these letters, it makes it very difficult to post the actual news submissions. And on behalf of the Great Lakes readers and writing staff, I would like to wish Red William well in whatever field he may choose to persue after this, you will be missed.
    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 2:36 PM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Grimoire Friday Night Fights
    If you don't know the score for the fights then I've got to wonder what rock you've been hiding under.

    Lost's Friday Night Event at Grimoire Arena.

    Friday April 21, @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)

    1 on 1
    Here are the rules:
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · Up to three trapped bags/chests to break paralyze. They may be re-trapped during the battle.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle. Only 1 set of armor is allowed per match.
    · The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed.
    · The Double Hit weapon swing is not allowed. If you do not know how to use it, then don't worry about it. We will not demonstrate, but we know how it works.

    Disclaimers: · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone that disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · If Grimoire cancels an event for any reason at any time during the course of the event, all entry fees will be returned to the contestants.
    · Any contestants that are perma banned for any reason after the entry fee has been paid, will forfeit the gold. This gold will be paid out to the winners of the event.
    · If you leave the arena after the entry fee is paid and you fail to return before the event begins, the entry fee is forfeit and will be paid to the winners of the event.
    · In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
    · A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit. The contestant will be banned until after the Battle Arena is clear.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    Entry fee is 3,000 Gold per person.
    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM Grand Prize is 50% of the entry fees collected, 2nd place is 30%, 3rd place is 20%.
    We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!
    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.
    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.
    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 12:28 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Mini Update
    The following was just posted to "In Testing for Next Update" on the UO website:

    The following changes are currently in testing for a mini-update:

    • Monster spawns will be adjusted.
    • Players experiencing inappropriate dexterity adjustments following the latest patch will be adjusted to normal.
    • While on Trammel, guild members will only be able to attack members of guilds they are at war with.
    • Two-handed weapons that were poisoned prior to the current patch will no longer be poisoned.
    • Grey-flagging issues with provoking will be addressed.

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 8:45 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    IFC Easter Egg Hunt This Friday
    On Friday, April 21st, at 7PM PST, the Icelandic Floating Community will be hosting its version of an Easter Egg Hunt for all to take part in. located near the entrance to the ice dungeon in the lost lands of Felucca.

    You will be required to collect "Easter eggs" from creatures in the area surrounding the IFC. Yes, this includes the frozen caverns of the Ice Dungeon. So please, come ready for battle!! "Easter eggs" will be given a points system, upon which the contestants score will be added.This will be posted in book form at the IFC. Items that count as Easter Eggs are any jewels found on the creatures in the area and Moonstones. Contestants will not be allowed to carry runes and will be snooped prior to the event to ensure that they are not carrying any of the above before starting out. There will be 3 winners, and prizes awarded will be thus: 1st place: 15000 gold, 2nd place, 10000 gold, 3rd place, 5000 gold. Prizes will be awarded in cheque form.

    Its recommended you come early. Gates will be open from Papua bank starting at 6:30pm, PST.
    For more information on the IFC, visit their scrolls at:

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 8:16 AM EDT by Dark One (Pacific)

    Desert Storm event tonight
    Mayor Luxor, figurehead of Safe Haven and recent rescuee (see story below) submitted this invitation to tonight's big event:

    Hello all,

    The idea is this: You show up at the Safe Haven Tower after 7pm PST, 9pm CST, 10pm EST. You come with your team of 5-7 people. No less then 5 no more then 7. You can build your teams when you get to the tower if you want. You register your team with me or a Safe Haven rep. He will give you each a cape and robe to wear of a given color. You then enter the desert and stay until you loose your cape.

    If you no longer have a cape you must leave the desert and return to Safe Haven and join another team. No bringing your own capes!!!

    This is a looting event. The goal is to be the team with the most capes at the end of the night. So when you kill someone make sure to get their cape and what ever else you need to continue fighting.

    I can see up to 10-12 teams in the desert at one time. When you die you come back to the Safe Haven tower and find a new team and then get a new cape with another color, or if your entire team is killed and still entact you can get the same color again.

    Here are the rules to this event:

    1) Looting is allowed.
    2) All magic weapons and equipment are allowed, including magic reflect.
    3) Hiding and Stealth is allowed.
    4) 1 grizzle is allowed per tamer. One additional grizzly is allowed for slot not filled. This is to compensate teams with less than 7 players.
    5) Summoned deamons are allowed while in the desert only. No pre summoning allowed.
    6) Taming animals in the desert is allowed.
    7) No gates are allowed.
    8) No horses are allowed. Keep us all even.
    9) No changing teams. You can only wear the cape you were given. No other capes!!!
    10) No joining up with other teams is allowed. The goal is to be the best 5-7 group. I will trust that people from the same guild will not join forces. This is too see how good your team is vs. all the others.
    11) No fighting or looting when you are not wearing a cape. But you can loot your body and only your body.
    12) If you do not have a cape, and you have looted your body you must immediately leave the desert.
    13) If someone does not have a cape you can not attack them.
    14) Teams can be made up of people from different guilds.

    Some other issues to be addressed:

    1) I will need a group of people to act as officals. This means that you wanter the desert making sure that everything is going smothly. Record who is breaking the rules and report it to the Safe Haven Offical station, located at the tower. You should also take screen shots of the event. I hope that several people from NEW will voluntee for this job. Your other job will be to form a ring around the desert making sure that no one wanders into the land and making sure.

    2) To pull off this event I am going to need time to meet with people and organize it. To do this I can not have Safe Haven under constant attacks. So I ask, hell I will even beg, of the PK guilds still fighting in Safe Haven to hold off your attacks. If you feel the need then so be it, it will just make my job harder.

    3) Who wants to put up the prize money for this contest. Holdfully several guilds/teams will poney up the cash. But come the time of the event, there will not be any entrance fee required. I want even the sheep to join in the fun.

    4) Need some items donated. A dye tub, dye, a ton of capes and death robes. a ton of blank books to record teams. I think that is all I really need.

    5) With this sytem there are a million and one ways to cheat. If you want to win at all cost you will. But I hope that you will get what is really important, the honor of the challange. So come with the intent of the competition in mind, not with winning at any cost mentality.

    My plan is to start this tonight, Thursday at 7pm PST, 9pm CST, 10pm PST and it will go as long as there are 2 teams still going at it and an offical to moderate it.

    Let me know what you think. Please remember that the best rules will piss everyone off a little bit. Do not let that one concern stop you from taking part. This game is about enjoying yourself in what ever way you choose. It is about FUN, remember. So I will determine the final rules by Tuesday after listening to the arguments both directions.

    If you want to take part as either a warrior or an official, please ICQ me at 15036368.

    Mayor of Safe Haven, your event capital

    An IRC channel will also be available for use during tonight's event. That address is: #SH.

    Best wishes to all the contestants. I hope to see you there.

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 7:47 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    BNN: Construction of the Stones
    This was just found on the BNN:

     Before I put pen to paper and tell my part in the strange goings on around the Lord's realm these days, I feel I should make it clear the limits of my knowledge. I make no claim to understanding the ways and means of sorcery - I've enough of a mind to tinker with a clock, to have a handle on the mechanics of gears and gadgets, but ne'er once have I dared tread into the realm of magic, nay. And much of my tale is wrapped up in the swirls and sigils of sorcery, that's true enough.

    The mage Nystul, advisor to our Liege, Lord British, did approach me, and those few men that work under me, but a handful of days ago to secure a large quantity of stone from a particular quarry he pointed out. His wish was that we would transport the stone at night, all the way to British's Castle - which made the job none the easier, though I could not bring myself to up the charges for our services. He was a strange duck, that Nystul, preoccupied with everything but the task at hand it seemed - e'en more so than those few other scholars and mystics I've briefly met in my long life. Simply, he seemed a man with much on his mind, and the weight of the world on his shoulders. Though I may be no scholar, I'm more than a simple laborer, if I do say so myself. And so, when I leant my hand in Nystul's endeavor, it was as more than a gew-gawing simpleton there to break his back hefting boulders around without a mind to what it was he was making.

    The mage and I ne'er once had a plain conversation, true, but as I went about the labor of mining and transporting the stones to the castle I always kept my ears to the wind, to try to figure out that invisible something that seemed to keep Nystul's attention throughout the days.

    Whispers here and there, the way the stone was shaped, and a quick glimpse at a scroll or two - one a carefully detailed map of our fair land - led me to believe that this was no simple project. And yet the map had marks in eight cities, scattered about the world, and we brought stone to only one - and only then under the cover of night. I couldn't begin to fathom what bit of sorcery was involved, but I was sure there was a good bit of it to come - no man constructs eight stone edifices like the ones we labored over only to move them across the world after he's done.

    It wasn't until tonight that I saw the proof of it, though. We'd set the last stone in place, chipped away at the last edge just as Nystul had so carefully instructed us. All was done, set in stone, in some recess of British's expansive castle grounds - and all at night, only the lantern's light to guide us, and the dull clank of hammer and chisel pounding away at stone.

    But tonight - tonight the skies were filled with light, a dazzling blue energy, and a sound like none other I've heard before. We simple laborers were shooed off well before, of course, but we were tired and taking a well-deserved break before heading back to Minoc, lounging around the castle grounds before the guards escorted us off. Then, just then, as the last of us hefted our tired bodies from the bench, it seemed the entire night sky was lit up, the source of that light undoubtedly the tower directly to our rear.

    Magic, and a spell most powerfully made, no doubt of it - this much was certain. We shook our heads at the sight of it, until the sky darkened once again and the cacophony of sound died out in a last echo from the castle walls. Not until we arrived back in Minoc the next day did we understand the full of it - or at least another bit of it. For there, just off from the town's bank, sat one of the very stone structures our hands had toiled o'er just last night - miles distant. And e'en now, word has spread from town to town that a similar structure is to be found in eight of the towns I remember marked upon Nystul's tattered map. Our Minoc, and Yew, Jhelom, Magincia, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, and Britain. The largest, there, in Britain, the last bit of stone we'd worked over - a true work of art, if I dare say so myself - and right there, where we had sat the night before, looking up at the strange blue light that filled the sky. There at the very heart of it all stands the edifice.

    Magic had moved those stones, there was no doubt of that - and surely their purpose would be a continuation in kind. Sorcery, indeed, but what make of it? What spell cast upon those stones, or from them, or with them? I say again, I'm no simple man, but I've no mind for magery - I couldn't even begin to guess what the future holds for that which we had a hand in. And so I write these words and send them to you, to do with what you will. These stones, they come from Castle British, and only that fact gives me peace of mind, having seen the sorcery that surrounds them and binds them to this world.

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 7:22 AM EDT by Petrus (QuestandEventNews)

    Greetings and Salutations from a New Reporter...
    Hello. I am Petrus, from the Baja shard. I'm the new recruit here at UOSS in the Quest and Event News department. So look for updated Q&E News postings, as I try to catch everyone up with the current state of Britannia.
    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 6:15 AM EDT by Petrus (QuestandEventNews)

    LA Times - "Virtual Loot for Real Cash"
    In today's Los Angeles Times there is an amazing story aobut people making Real Cash from Virtual UO Loot. Here's a short snippet:

    It also creates a lucrative business opportunity. Mike Gmeinwieser and his game partner, Ben Schriefer, in Maryland run a full-time business selling virtual gold captured from "Ultima Online." They expect to do about $400,000 in sales this year.

    They have an office, company cars and two Web sites, Ultima Treasure and Ultima Gold, that tout: "Pay for Ultima Online gold with your Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover or Eurocard. We deliver in 72 hrs. References available."

    You can read the entire story by going HERE.

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 5:44 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    New Europa site
    A veteran Europa player has posted a new web site with some useful game tips as well as stories:

    I thought I send you a posting about my new Ultima site that is up since a couple of days ago. I have been running my Ultima Online site since December 1997, it is a chronicle based site which today has a screenshot collection with thousands of pictures.

    This is the 5:th edition of a website that has been visited by thousands of people. It is more personalized and has a spotlight perhaps more on the players than before. Of course we have the chronicle ready to tell the epic story about the Doombringer Family on the Europa Shard. Me and my wife Nyte Doombringer invite you all to out new home at:

    Axl Doombringer

    Thank you.

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 4:41 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Battle against an old enemy
    The druid from another time returned to Deepwater, and continued his search for a staff that might be the key to defeating Daregard:

    As the night fell upon Britannia and Deepwater, many left to their homes for a sleep. Though a few adventures stayed. It was an calm evening, just a few monsters came out of the woods of Yew.

    A few orcs and one ettin came running out from the south forest in front of the Owl's Eye tavern, but was quickly removed and killed.

    And the adventurers returned to what they did before, talking. Though some felt that this didn't look right, the orcs that had came looked more like a scout team. Could it be that Daregard had sent a new force towards Deepwater?

    After a few moments, while the adventures stood talking to one another, a man came. This was the Elder Druid Jacob, who had promised to return. He said he had figure out were the 4th part of the ancient staff was located. Though he did not have a name for the place. He said it was a crypt of somewhat near a mountain.

    The only place that had similar layout would be Wrong, people said. Jacob said that they should then head for Wrong, and perhaps see if something could be found there.

    A mage opened a magical moongate, and we all stepped inside. On our arrival on the other side, an ettin charged towards us, alas it was easily beaten to the ground. The adventurers then head for the entrance of Wrong, and as they came closer they saw more and more orc and ettins.

    Suddenly a large force ran towards the group, who had lined up, with warriors in front and mages behind. There was grand battle, and only a few fell, though they were resurrected easily.

    Our goal was to get into the very entrance of Wrong though it was almost impossible. The area was filled with Orc and Ettins.

    After some time there was a chance for us to move closer, and we came closer to the gate, a dark figure could be seen. Someone shouted that it was Frabagor the Orc diplomat. We could see, how he was reading or muttering something, when suddenly a ball of pure energy when from his hand towards one of the adventurers.

    Some of us charged towards Frabagor, but for such a small orc, he be very strong. We tried beat him to the ground, though we were not that successful. Jacob, who was there and helped us fighting the orcs and Frabagor, began to snoop Frabagor. When he suddenly shouted that he had found something and told us to kill Frabagor.

    We did our best to try hold Frabagor to the ground, but he was to strong for us, and he ran into the depth of Wrong and vanished.

    Jacob said that he had found the 4th piece of the staff and that we should head home again, which we did.

    Jacob thanked us for helping him to find the 4ht piece of the ancient staff, and told us that he would return when the time was right . . .

    Courant editor.

    Thank you Elv'eng.

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 4:36 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Final Night of Shadow Conclave Anniversarry Tonight!!
    This just in from Lucus of OES-

    FRIDAY NIGHT-The 21st, The Most Evil Comedy Night Ever - My personal favorite, this eve shall be spoiled by the jokes of none other than GreyPawn, and our ever-so-lovable Navrip. This event shall begin at 8:00pm sharp, however the casino shall be open at 6:00pm. Gates shall be provided for those wishing to come at Skara Brae Counselors Hall between 6:00 and 6:45pm (EST).

    The casino shall be the main location of these festivities, for those unenlightened, this is the large forge hugging Golgotha. If any wish to come, but are marked by British guards, special arrangements can be made, just contact me via ghoul messenger at 3307438 or the spirit realm at [email protected]. I look forward to seeing ye all there!

    Walk in Darkness,

    Lucus, Nephilim
    The Order of The Ebon Skull

    *checks for rubber chickens* Thankye, Lucus.
    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 4:05 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    All cities have their own loses and sacrifices
    We have recieved the following:
    What is this? No news of the carnage on Sonoma? No recognition of the sacrifices made? Was I the only lost soul wandering the streets Tuesday night to witness this bloodbath? The blood, the screams, the corpses, the utter desecration of human life! Monsters wreaking havoc on the humans everywhere. What? You say your town was hit the hardest? I say nay! It was all of our fair cities that were invaded. The monsters came in numbers too many to defeat. They had claimed our fair cities in one last rush to break our hold. We replied with a galant effort to try to save our cities. Alas the monsters were hard to beat. There were Balrons in Moonglow, Liches and undead in Delucia and the Dreaded Golden Troll in Vespar. And many more abberations throughout the land. All our cities witnessed a gathering of the monsters never before seen. They met with resistance as we humans persevered. I saw seifer (yes with a small s) bravely stand toe to toe with the Golden Troll to no avail. Many of our beloved citizens died this night. The fighting went on for a while but as the supplies ran dry from nearby Vendors so too did the defenses. Not a regent or scroll or armour to be found. All resources everywhere disappearing as our citizens were too. Near the end there were but a few left to stand fighting as our forces grew thin. Our cities had but only a few courageous individuals left near the end. As Admirable Deathlok still stood and fought in Delucia against a Liche Lord he too felt sorrow for all the lives he witnessed lost at the hands of the undead. We salute all you valiant Men and Women present to defend our home this fateful night that left our lands scarred forever. A reminder to us all how precious and fleeting this life is. Let us cherish our friends today for they may die in battle beside us tomorrow. Fare thee well and Godspeed our fallen warriors. We shall miss thee.

    Lost Dutchwoman of the Lost Lands of Sonoma

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 4:02 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Elves on Orcs

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nai Asonod, Silver elf, and Soldier of the Asur'Herenion. I would first like to addres the issue of the StormReaver Orc clan, and, secondly, I would like to beseech any who read this message to listen well, and tell all what they learn here. We of the Asur'Herenion are on the brink of war with the StormReavers, as it seems they have made threats and, indeed,have attacked several of our number. I urge those who are elves, or, indeed, anyone that seeks peace, to avoid the outskirts of Yew, and any other known places where those of the Stormreaver Clan are known to frequent, as I believe it would take little in the way of provocation to result in hostilities. Even the streets of Moonglow are not safe of their presence. I will be seeking the aid of any who are willing to help in gathering information on any doings of the StormReavers. I implore anyone who is brave, honest and compassionate to not only the safety of all, but for the greater peac! e of mind for everyone, to aid me in this. I can be reached via pigeon at this number: 65759148

    I will be holding a meeting at Empath Abbey in Yew on Thursday, 7Pm central time for any who would volanteer to aid me in stopping this threat of war before it comes to its full lunacy. I can also be reached at [email protected], and I often frequent moonglow at random times. Seek me out before hand if you have any ideas, plans, or helpful advice.

    "united we stand, divided, we fall...let us not follow in the footsteps of those who have fallen, but find our strength not only in arm, but in unity as well."

    Pah'Teh Ehlan...
    Go, and be free...
    Nai Asonod, Syrinthus Soldier, Asur'Herenion

    Thankye, Nai Asonod.
    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 4:01 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Britain attacked by undead
    We have recieved the following:

    I sauntered into Britain this evening, as I was aghast at the recent desolation of the Britannian landscape. As I aproached the bank, I heard the sounds of lizardmen - nothing out of the ordinary since Minax has been around, so I proceeded.

    But then I heard what my brother Magnus had warned me of - the ominous laugh that could be mistaken for no creature other than the dreaded Lich! There were hoards of them, and I was forced to run for my life, being already badly hurt by the time I took account of the situation.

    When I had healed myself and returned, I hid near the bank, and sketched the scene as the battle waned. Skeletal Knights, Bone Magi, and Liches were interwoven among the rats and lizards. Corpses of dead people, monsters, and horses littered the ground. 'Twas an awful scene! I have sent my sketch to you with this report.

    This is how my brother described the seige on Trinsic. I fear for the life of all Britannian people if the capital is to fall. Nystul has opened a passage to a utopian land called Trammel just recently. I urge you to obtain a moonstone and flee if you cannot defend yourself. If you can, please save our cities! I will remain here, in Felucca, and take account of the situation for the time being.

    - Ceryx Cybium

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 3:59 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Event Competition Deadline Approaches
    Benedict, Grand Bishop of the Church of Hysteresis, sent us the following announcement :
    Hail !

    I accidentally gave two deadline dates, so I will stick to the latter. Please submit your event manuscript to me ([email protected]) no later than april the 22nd. Remember that there is a 52.000gp award for the winner!

    Seer Adhemar will be the co-judge in the selection proccess. I will also try to weave all the entries together (with the authors permission) to create a multy-storyline-longlasting-complex-etc-event. *smiles*

    So wheter you win the 52k or not, your event will hopefully put to life.

    The eventmaker Competition will from now on be a bi-monthly competition, and events may be continuous. If anyone have suggestions on how to encourage more events and RP, please let me know.

    Donations to the Eventmaker Trustfond is always welcome. The Fond currently holds 250k and will be used to motivate and support roleplaying events on Drachenfels. So far the money comes from the Grand Lottery I held in march.

    If I get some donations, I will create a page displaying the generous people/guilds and show how the money is spent.

    Eventmakers Trustfund is currently (april) sponsoring the Britannian Horseriding Championship (20'000gp) and the Eventmaker Competition (52'000gp).

    Please help making Drachenfels a great RP shard!

    May your dreams be full of fluffy Sheep
    Grand Bishop Benedict
    Thanks Benedict for your commitment in this matter.
    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 3:08 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Evil Easter Bunny hunt
    This item comes to us from Destiny:

    Hail and well met! I bear to thee a request for help.

    It has been recently discovered that some of the Easter Bunny's have turned into heinous Murderer's, and stolen valuable items from all over the world. Much high quality arms and armor has been taken, and a couple decoded treasure maps (the owners of which inform me that they will need to dig up post haste to avoid further theft). The foul Easter Bunny's have even taken a full chest or two of unknown items.

    What I ask of all of you is to please come and help us. We shall meet at 6 pm EST this coming Saturday, in the Knights Pub, located in the center of Destiny. The owners of the missing items have already informed me that they will donate the recovered goods to those who put a stop to the Evil Easter Bunny's. They've even stated that they'll hold a banquet in everyone's honor afterwards.

    Please contact me ahead of time, by sending a letter to my address of ICQ 4684297, if you will need a ride there, or the time is just inconvenient and you would prefer to meet at a different one.

    Thank you ahead of time for your help.


    Thank you, Jaoshim! Good luck in stopping these foul creatures!

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 2:05 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Aggravane's search for Devon
    Marcus AggravaineHumble beekeeper and Cove resident Marcus Aggravaine set out on a peculiar search last night, aided by citizens from all corners of the realm. Marcus seeks a friend of his father's, someone Marcus knew as a child, by the name of Devon, described as a big man with a booming voice.

    "Devon invited me to live with him in Cove," Marcus explained, the lines of worry creasing his brow, "even being so trusting as to send me a key to his home. I traveled to Britain, only to find him gone. At first, I think it a small matter. Obviously, he had gone on a trip of some sort. But, as the days edge onward, I fear for his safety. A month has passed since I last heard from him. We seek him here, in hopes my old memories of him hold true." He shook his head sadly. "I remember him only from my childhood."Citizens gather to aid Marcus in his search

    "What made you think he lives in Trinsic?" asked Sara Gules.

    "I seem to remember Father saying that he was visiting from Trinsic. As I said, it is little to go on..." His eyes shifted about, surveying the open marketplace, remembering what he had heard about the war that had raged here, uneasy in its current precarious securities. After all, it was common knowledge that Minax's influence still held here, and the undead could be seen roaming in small leagues occasionally. The merchants would not return; the guards turned deaf ears- when one could find a guard. Hooligans were the princes in this beguiled town. "Know thee of a defensible place in this ruin?"

    Sara tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Paladin Island. They have a library."

    Brigands ambush the partyThey set out for the northern shore. As they passed under the catwalk, a band of brigands ambushed them. Dropping out of trees, lunging from behind rocks, they came from all directions and seemed bent on stopping the travelers. No sooner had the brigands been felled than the undead began rising up from the pavement. The hideous laugh of liches shattered the quiet thoroughfare accompanied by the rattling bones of their skeleton accomplices. The party was painfully aware that this was in no way going to resemble a leisurely stroll on a gentle evening. If they were going to the Paladin's Library, they would have to fight their way there.

    To their disappointment, the library was devoid of anything unusual. A thin layer of dust had settled over the rooms and books, a sign that no one had entered in a while. With the attacks on the city being as they were, there were safer places one could go to expand the mind without jeopardizing his very life. In waves, the ghastly assailants continued to batter the expedition. Each time, the company was able to vanquish them, though not without casualties.

    Undead continue to plague TrinsicIt was decided that they would survey The Keg and Anchor next. One of the most famous taverns in the realm, it was not unlikely that Devon may have been spotted there recently, had he come to Trinsic at all. Again, they fought their way over the bridge to the pub. Here, at last, a small discovery was made. It added to the baffling quest Marcus had laid before them, another thread in the mystery, but it was something tangible, nonetheless.

    Upon the corpse of one of the felled liches, a book was discovered. Marcus studied its pages and confirmed that the handwriting and signature were, indeed, Devon's. Devon wrote:

    To whom it may concern. I shall no longer be thy lacky. (sic) I may have had issues with his father, but I have no Quarrel (sic) with Marcus. I resign from they service. Devon

    As the book passed from hand to hand so that all could read, a foul stench ensconced them. Covering their mouths and noses, they looked about to find a cadaverous lime creature lumbering toward them - a rotting corpse. Legends of the voracity of this unholy creation had echoed across Britannia when they began joining Juo'nar's undead detachments sieging Trinsic. The questors rallied together and eventually brought the beast down.

    The night was still, no sounds of approaching doom could be heard. They had survived another assault on the city and small smiles of satisfaction were shared amongst them. In the now-peaceful crossroad near the Keg, they were able to discuss the message from Devon.

    Devon's resignation"But what meaning is this?" Marcus pondered aloud. "I believe he refers to my father, thou I cannot understand someone having issue with him."

    Questions of Marcus' father were tossed into the ring. Where was he? What did he do for a living? Marcus answered them, saying that his father had passed away when he was in his eighteenth summer. He was a good man, well-liked, devoted to the cause of justice. He had little regard for the paladins, however. Marcus explained, "He said they were too concerned with image and not enough with Justice. He pursued men of ill deeds and brought them before the paladins when cause would dictate, though." Marcus was remiss to categorize him as a bounty hunter, however. "He took no rewards for his deeds. I believe our family had a small fortune at some time. Perhaps people donated to his cause." He shrugged. "I was young and had no mind for such things."

    More perplexed now than at the start of his journey, and no closer to finding Devon, Marcus announced that he was tired and wished to return to his cottage - Devon's cottage - in Cove, to the serenity of his happy bees and his inviting books. He was accompanied by the collection of friends he'd made in Trinsic, who'd asked for permission to see the interior of Devon's home, to search there for clues, as well. The examination disclosed nothing new. Farewells were exchanged and Marcus was left to recuperate from the trepidations of the evening.

    Outside, near Marcus' beehives, the party lingered. Marcus had permitted them to keep Devon's note, and they read it time and again, trying to decipher the mystery of his words. Theories abounded, but with so few facts to compare them against, the solution would not come easily. Who was to say which theory was closest to the actual truth of where Devon was and what had happened to him?

    Search efforts will continue. Marcus welcomes all who wish to join in this investigation.

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 1:29 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Museum Replicas - UO & UO2 Coming Soon!
    Looks like Museum Replicas, a cutlery company that specializes in Fantasy merchandise, is coming out with an entire line of Ultima Online and Ultima Online 2 Products. Here is their official announcement about from their Online Store:

    The best-selling RPG series of all time has revolutionized online gaming. Interact with thousands of players simultaneously in this breakthrough internet fantasy world. Get online and immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime... Licensing partners include: Museum Replicas, Simon & Schuster (Pocket Books), ADV Films, Rawcliffe, McFarlane Toys and many more. Look for exciting licensed products to come soon from the whole UO Team. The UO & UO2 worlds will spring to life with everything from weaponry, action figures and board games to books, t-shirts and pewter collectibles. Enjoy and live in an adventure you'll never forget!

    In addition, I contacted them directly yesterday to find out what timeline we are looking at. This is what their rep had to say:

    We're excited about that too. The official weaponry has been prototyped and should come into production in the next 1-2 months. All other items will be gradually introduced over the next 10-12 months. Demos for updates and the new worlds will be available in the next month as well.

    We don't have a storefront in the area [Seattle], but we do have one in the Atlanta area, if you're ever around our neck of the woods. The items will be available through our catalogs and other sponsors as well as the web.

    As we find out more details we'll make sure to let you all know.

    Posted on Friday, April 21, 2000, 1:08 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Establishment Reviews Updated
    With special thanks to Keeshi and GreyPawn several of the delayed Establishment Reviews have finally been updated. There are many more still to come, but feel free to take a look and catch up on some great places to visit.
    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:53 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Council of Compassion to meet tonight
    We received the following:
    The next meeting of the Britain Council of Compassion will be occuring on this Thursday, 9:00pm CST, at the east side park & pavillion. We will introduce new councilmen, as well as discuss the current defense of the city.

    Council of Compassion

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:24 PM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    UO House of Commons Chat this Thursday
    The next UO House of Commons Open House chat between the players and creators of UO is scheduled for this Thursday April 20, at 7 PM CT (5 PM PT, 8 PM ET).
    The chat will be available to you at #uohoc on Stratics IRC, on the following networked servers:
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    This week's topic is "Ultima Online: Renaissance". You can read about UO:R News and the UO:R FAQ at OSI's website. Please make sure the questions and comments you have during the chat are on this topic. Allow me to remind you that this is a development chat, and as such any questions about the current plot will not be answered.

    Like we did with previous chats we have set up a webpage where players can post questions in advance. Others can vote on these questions and we'll soon see which questions are most popular. During the chat we may then try to have some of these answered. Just keep in mind that only a small amount of questions will be taken from the website. Also the list will be wiped once the chat is over to make room for fresh questions for the next chat. If you want to post a question or just vote on one, please have a look at for the current list.

    If you are new to IRC, please visit Stratics IRC for an online tutorial and instructions for connecting to our IRC server. If you wish to use your browser to join the conference you can use our Java IRC client.

    IRCD Servers are provided by International Networks (suppliers of networking hardware and support).
    FRWS Servers are provided by Front Range Web Services (Web Hosting/Message Boards/IRC).
    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 4:33 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Srdolch Plans Play in Britain
    Hail All!

    Srdolch has announced his intention to set up a play in Britain's theater. He is looking for enthusiastic people to help him set up the play. Currently, Srdolch is seeking:

    • Co-organizers
    • Set Designers
    • Location Managers
    • Costume Designers
    • A Master of Ceremonies
    • Actors
    • Playwrights
    • People with Good Ideas! If you're interested in participating in this potentially fun event, contact Srdolch, Elder of Valendor.
    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 4:27 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Battle for Britannia Updates
    Hail All!

    This is Rock reporting for UOSS Drachenfels. Reports have been flooding in from across Brittania that the floodgates of evil have burst. Towns have been attacked, shrines corrupted, strange stones placed, and wild rumors about "new, safe lands" are circulating even among our most straight-laced citizens.

    The BNN is reporting that Nystul, advisor to Lord British, commissioned and placed the stones, though their purposes are of yet unknown. Knimage Zephian McDohl of the Knimage Counsil (sic) issued a statement that Nystul's stones might serve some malevolent purpose:

    "Long in the past there were portals even stronger than the moongates, created by the Xzen, which are the main evil fighter's in Brittania. Although the Knimage Counsil is unsure about the buildings, I have turned this thought over and over again in my mind. I believe these may be the portals for an attack on Brittania, possibly by the Xzen. The Knimage will help any city if this is a plan for attack."
    The identity of the Knimage Counsil and the Xzen remains a mystery.

    Srdolch reports a more benevolent use of Nystul's Rocks on Ye Great Srdolch Merchants site. According to this somewhat dubious report, the stones are nothing more than public toilets.

    Stone structures seem to be the focus of this latest wave of evil in Brittania. Most of the shrines have been corrupted, and one report suggests that the corruption of the shrines and the attacks on Yew may be related:

    "I believe the attacks upon the Empath Abbey are directed toward taking the Ankh shrine inside the Abbey. All the other shrines are in the hands of evil, although the ankh has no magical powers, it is none the less an important symbol."
    UOSS Drachenfels thanks Grammel for that report.

    Of course, these attacks all seem to be tied in with rumor regarding the discovery of "new lands." I ran into a gentleman named Leonardo outside the Dragon Town Tavern just last night. He purported to be a former court painter and scientist for Lord British, and insisted that the attacks are tied into a vast conspiracy concerning an eclipse, new lands and certain individuals that he referred to only as the Diluvian Sisters.

    UOSS Drachenfels is looking into these rumors. Check back here for further updates concerning the Battle for Brittania.

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 4:23 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Renaissance Published on Sonoma Shard
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Renaissance Publish on Sonoma Shard

    The Renaissance publish has been completed on Sonoma shard and the shard is now external and available for play. We will continue to monitor Sonoma shard for any issues that may arise, and will post a complete shard publish schedule as soon as possible.

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 4:11 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Pacific Museum Lottery a Success!
    The following day after the drawing at the Pacific Museum tower last Thursday, the winners were awarded their checks.
    The winners, their guess, and the awards are:

    First Prize 1,000,000 gp (3 way split, 333,333gp each)
    Numers Drawn 10 - 3 - 6 - 4
    Wes (TFL), 3 - 4 - 6 - 10
    Laelanni Rhian, 10 - 4 - 6 - 3
    Samah Sartan(GC), 10 - 3 - 6 - 4

    Second Prize 100,000 gp (2 way split, 50,000gp each)
    Numers Drawn 8 - 6 - 10 - 5
    Aeth, 5 - 6 - 8 - 10
    Lortavious, 8 - 10 - 5 - 6

    Third Prize 30,000 gp (no winners)
    Numers Drawn 9 - 3 - 4 - 11

    I personally witnessed the drawing, and verified with the winners that they received their checks. Lord Vynxen hinted at a future lottery of this type in the works. Detailed results are posted here.

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 2:49 PM EDT by Dark One (Pacific)

    The Fragment of Humilty found

    Tonight, CAD breathes a sigh of relief as the sorceress, Xintaria, was slain at the feet of the town tavern in their small town of Draconia. Xintaria, along with the Ettin, Malkil, had harassed this small town, led by the Cult of the Azure Dragons for some time, with an array of mages, ettins, and even Reapers. Tonight, the combined allied forces put down Xintaria, the last elite soldier attacking the city, in a dramatic show of solidarity. The finally piece of the fragment of humility was however, not to be found.

    It wasn't until the infamous Janus Visego, who was responsible for the deaths of several defenders (including myself), returned the final piece of the fragment to a member of OGD, wishing to turn herself in for trial.

    Meanwhile, the one big question now on everyone's lips: Where is the next fragment? The question on my lips now is who is next?

    • On a final note, this will be my final report for UOSS, since now I am resigning from the newspaper. Numerous complaints and threats against me, along with lack of help and assistance from the newspaper have drained me of all creativity. I wish to thank the readers that did not complain about my work. Those of you that enjoyed my work are the ones that I will truly miss. As for those that complained about my you can write your own articles.

    This is Red William (and Ku Kullin) saying...fare thee well.

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 2:44 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Book Reveals Sinister Plan
    This was sent in by Mitchell...

    I have some disturbing news to report. While I was hunting in the forests south of Britian today, I came across a wounded man. I was about to heal him, then I noticed he was a Murderer, and more importanly, he was a member of the Clan of Dimitri. I had remembered reading about their threats in the past, but I had payed little attention to them. Out of nowhere, the Man started to attack me. He was in no condition to fight, and with some effort, I removed him from his mortal state. Upon his corpse was a lot of things, possibly from others that he had slain. I was going to go exchange them for gold in town, when I noticed an odd colored book on the corpse. I quickly grabbed it, and recalled to town to examine it. It stated:

    "Volkov, If this reaches you, I have some news of utter importance. We have recieved a shipment of Necromantic Reagents, however, we cannot make use of these without the aid of a healer that resides in Magincia. You will be able to find this man on the eastern part of the island. Use whatever contacts you need, but try to keep this in secrecy. Contact Gradenko if you need any help. He travels Magincia alot, and should be framiliar with its geography. On a side note, the healer that we are looking for is extremely loyal to the Mages' Council. He is suspected of being a man of high wisdom, and has a large ammount of respect from the locals. Try to remove him from the town by attracting as little attention as possible. Try to lure his sense of curiosity with a few gold. Once you have him apprehended, bring him to my building for questioning. Remember, Volkov, contact Gradenko if you need any aid. D"

    Since this note didn't reach it's destination, I would expect that another is on its path, and possibly in the hands of Volkov, or whoever is in charge of this matter. I for one am going to be looking out in Magincia for this healer, or whoever the CoD is looking for. Could they need the aid of the healer to help perform an Evil Ressurrection of some sort? I'll be keeping my eyes open.

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 2:17 PM EDT by Dark One (Pacific)

    Britannia assaults gaining strength
    Sara Gules submitted this alarming report:

    The attacks on Britannia are increasing in size and force. Last Friday, Kaltar once again assaulted Cove. Though not the worst attack Cove has had, it still was pretty bad. A short time later, evil mages came in mass to assault Magincia. These were more powerful and brought more troops of harpies, hellhounds and orc mages.

    Jhelom, on Saturday, did have its worst attack yet. It seems killing Gol has not detered the enemy forces. Demons, ogre lords, and orc mages, plus the normal ogres, harpies and hellhounds made a formidable force. But the defender force was large also and was able to clean up the fair main isle of Jhelom.

    Quite a bit later, Vesper had a massive attack by trolls. There were at least 40 trolls just at the bank alone. There was no reported sighting of G'Ruagak.

    Sara Gules, Wandering Healer, PoC

    Lady Sara also stated that Keeonean was spotted in Yew late Wednesday evening, though no details of that appearance have been disclosed at this writing.

    Thank you, Sara!

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 1:44 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    PK-HQ "Noob Run" Tonight
    This just in from Mistress Rei/Asellus:

    The PK-HQ noob run is comming to Baja Thursday night starting at 8pm central time at the East Britain bank. You are invited to create a newbie char (50 swords/50 tactics) and join in a night of wanton killing by ridiculously weak characters headed up by Mistress Rei and other Baja folk who thoroughly enjoy getting a giggle of watching others fall. Equipment will be provided by our hosts (myself included) with gates and resurrections for all to various fun spots for mayhem.

    Please read up on our last raid on Napa valley, at, the ultima online experts forum. We're gonna get some people killed or die trying! :>

    -Mistress Rei/Asellus of Baja

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 12:22 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    The Blackened Hand and the Siege of Yew
    This in from Rookerith:

    Na-Krul sat silently in the confines of his chambers, the frail pages of an elder tome before him. By the gentle glow of the well worn candle, his eyes searched diligently. It has been days since his search begun, he begged no one disturb him and locked himself deep within the confines of the Dark Tower of Sosaria. Book by book, page by page, his hands flips through the journals of the former master of the Dark Tower.."Somewhere, there must be something I can use against the fools..Xander, where is it!" he spat out, breaking the silence of his dark chambers.

    His red rimmed eyes closed as he leaned back in his oak chair, a deep sigh bellowing from his lips. By the Shadow Lords, where was it? He knew Xander had to have something he could use, a weapon to use against those of Light. With rage growing in his breast, he stood, gripping the book and threw it hard against the stone wall of the Tower, the spine of the book shattered, the book crumbled to the ground. Shaking his head he slowly walked over to the book, and took it in his was then he noticed it...

    Hidden in the broken spine of the journal was a silver necklace of unusual design. The beads Glowed of a soft white, with red flames dancing within its beads. With a slow smile creeping across his face, he fastened it about his neck, wasting no time in securing it with his spells of protection and lock. His fist tightened about the necklace, until his fist turned into a ball of white. None would take his prize, it was the weapon he was looking for.

    Rookerith gagged, trying his hardest to breath. Another day, another ale, he thought. He slowly caught his breath "I better drink slower, no?" he mumbled to himself, shaking his head a bit. After the war had ended with the Followers of Armageddon, Lord British had decided to stop funding the Alliance of Virtue which slowly forced the group to crumble. The Alliance of Virtue was the collation of Guilds, who vanquished the Followers of Armageddon. Rookerith had been the lead representative of the organization, but now without a war, or a cause, he had become a drunkard.

    The loud bellow of the barkeep forced Rookerith out of his reverie. "No more drink till I gets me pay!" The barkeep's powerful hand seized the beer mug and pulled it out of Rookerith's reach.

    Rookerith frantically thrust his hands into his pockets searching for coins, but all that his fingers could locate was the lint of a once rich man. It was then he remembered the necklace about his neck, the one that he could not remove for the life of him. If I can just get this off me neck, this trinket would buy me a drink or two, he thought. He gripped the necklace tightly in his fingers, pulling with all his might. His face was thoroughly red, he blurted out while he was pulling "Here... give.. me my drink back..y-you hairy oaf..once I..get it off th-that is!" Rookerith blurted out at the large man.

    "Ha! This isn't even worth cow piss! Get out of me bar and take your trash with you." With that, the barkeep grabbed Rookerith by his necklace and began to drag out of the bar. "I'll break you bones if I see you in here again, " warned the barkeep before throwing the drunken warrior out the door.

    Rookerith slowly and painfully got to his feet and gently rubbed his swollen bruised neck. As he stood there, gazing out in his stupor his hands brushed across the silver necklace. "What I wouldn't do to change me 'ave a purpose...A war to fight, a purpose to live.." He sighed out softly, hating the life that became his. Rookerith's eyes shifted to the pub, they narrowed slightly "The fool will regret his actions, " Rookerith mumbled to himself. He slowly brought his hand about the beads of the necklace, tightening his grip till his fist was white with anger. As soon as his fist touched the necklace a searing pain passed through him. He doubled over and shut his eyes hoping in vain that the pain would stop. All of his senses seemed to stop functioning, but in the back of his mind he could hear a wicked sounding voice that made him mad with anger with every word that it uttered.

    "'Give me my drink back you hairy oaf?' 'The fool will regret his actions?' A knight of humility you are no more. Now you are my slave. I grew worried when I learned that the bond of the two necklaces had to be voluntary, but now I see that I had nothing to fear. You will pay for your crimes, against the Followers of Armageddon!" The voice burst out into a hideous laughter and Rookerith fell to ground, unconscious.


    Days had past since the events at the Tavern, Rookerith had changed. He now sat within the dark walls of the Dark Tower. Silently he took up his quill, and began to write :

    Greetings, I am Rookerith of The Dark Tower. As planned this Friday, April 21st, 7pm PST, our siege against the City of Yew will renew itself. All those loyal to the Former Alliance of old, or those that beg to see a land outside of the Tyrannical rule of British, we ask you to join us in our siege. The Dark Tower will give you a purpose, a reason to fight.

    Yew must burn by holy darkness to unite the lands of Sosaria. Only through the fires of resurrection, and the hands of our Dark Tower, may this be accomplished. It should be a glorious battle, and with the conviction of the people of Sosaria, we will rise to be the victor.

    Even the Orcs have seen the way to the true Sosaria! Along with our siege, the latest shipment of Orcish supplies for Yew is ready for Keeonean and his troops.

    May the Lords of the Shadows bless all that see the enlightenment of Darkness this Friday.

    Rookerith Ileen Dupree'

    With that, Rookerith leaned back in his chair, his eyes closing, a slight smirk crossing his face. Finally, a purpose, he thought.

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 12:15 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Orb of Dawn Stolen
    This arrived from Adell Dtathen:

    I have recently received a report, from my members of the Dawn Royal Guard, that the Orb of Dawn has been stolen from the Dawn Mages Tower.

    This object, created from the last of the known blackrock, was the very same object that enabled Dawn to return from the Ethereal Void so many years ago. While it is believed to no longer function, I fear what the forces of evil may learn from their studies of it, and because it is a great part of our fair city's past and it must be returned to its rightful place in the safe keeping of our mages.

    By the time you have received word of this, the rangers of Forlorn Hope have been dispatched upon the trail of the thieves. Their swift tracking should soon lead us to those whom we seek.

    Therefore, I bid anyone who is allied to the Kingdom of Dawn to come join us in our search for the Orb of Dawn. We will be departing from the Mages Tower of Dawn at the hour of five o'clock in the evening upon Saturday, the twenty second of April.

    I wish the rangers Godspeed in their search, and may justice be served.

    Lady General of the Dawn Royal Guard
    Kingdom of Dawn

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 12:03 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Ancient Spellbook Recreated
    Lord Lotus sent us this announcement:

    The night before last I was sitting alone in the citadel contemplating what to do, with the feeling the world was going to end soon...I decided it was time to recreate one of the ancient spellbooks filled with some of the forbidden spells of the land... I figured there surely must be a spell that can help save Britannia from all this evil, and the possible destruction of our world... So I did what all has been forbidden to do and have created this book.

    I am currently studying the book to find a useful spell within. I will keep you informed further as soon as research on the book is finished.

    Lord Lotus
    Guildmaster of illuminati

    (Picture of the creation of the ancient spellbook)

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 12:01 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    News on the Red Tower
    From Rogan Kai:

    3 days ago, the CIA launched a small scouting party to the Red Tower in the NE of Yew. Consisting of a small group of ORK scouts, a man skilled in the arts of magic, and a CIA advisor, the team scouted the forest to the east of the town in search of further information on the Tower mentioned in the CIA despatch posted earlier. The following was transcribed by our Outrider...

    'After a long while traversing the land (in which, unfortunately, I became somewhat displaced, sending the group to an as yet undetermined area. I must thank Grukk from the ORK party for redirecting our search), we finally stumbled upon the Tower. Indeed it is as was reported. Furthermore, Grukk was familiar with the place, and after consulting our charts, we concurred that it is in fact the Shrine of Justice, warped beyond recognition. We pondered for a while on whether the Shrine retains it's healing powers, and, after a display from the ORKS that I'm sure will stay with me for the rest of my days, it was determined that the Shrine no longer holds the gift of life. After seeing this tower, and reading other reports, I believe that Shrines all over the land have been perverted. I have since taken the 'Walrus' out to sea, in the hope of finding the other Shrines and seeing for my own eyes the truth. Will write again soon'

    After reading this, and reports given from other travellers, adventurers should be aware that while the Towers exist, DO NOT seek assistance from the Shrines...we shall report more when the information comes to hand...

    Rogan Kai Master of Langley (CIA)

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:56 AM EDT by HellRazor (Oceania)

    Avenger's Federation Easter Party

    It's that time of year again, Easter. Which means it's time for the Avengers Federation Easter party, and this year we'd like to invite all of you.

    The party will be this Saturday, April 22nd. The evening will kick off from the Shattered Skull Tavern in Skara Brae [Felucca] at 7pm pst.

    From there we will be gating party-goers to the Avengers compound for merry making and mingling. From 7pm to 8pm pst gates will be opening every few minutes at the water trough out front of the Shattered Skull.

    Just hop through and you will be at the party. We have a few things in mind for the festivities, and I'll list them out and explain them here for you..

    The Boat Race and Fishing Derby:
    Win 10,000 gold for being the fastest ship, or 10,000 gold for catching the most fish during the race. At 7:30 we'll gate contestants and their model ships to the Avengers Bed & Breakfast, where the race will be commencing. Each racer will be given a map and a sextant so you don't get lost, as well as the location of the race checkpoints. The first sailor to reach the finish line at the Avengers compound wins! Also, the sailor who catches the most fish enroute will win the fishing derby!

    Easter Short Story Contest:
    Are you a struggling author, or do you just love to express yourself? This is the contest for you. Grab a UO book and inside it jot down a short story. Now, since it is Easter it'd be nice if there was some mention of an Easter theme, but really we aren't too picky. Your story can be submitted at anytime before the party, starting now and cutting off at 7:30pm pst. To submit your story ahead of time just icq me at 15551245, and I'll come grab the book off of you. At 8pm our team of judges will announce the winner. The winning short story will be displayed on our web site. It will also be published, we'll have copies available for sale in our vendor shop at cost. The story's author will get a shiny check for 10,000 gold. Also we'll see if any of the major UO web sites are willing to post your story. This could be your big break!

    Summoners Duel:
    Now I forget who first came up with this game, but I'd really like to give them credit cause it is a good time. We'll form up an arena on the compound lawn and the contestants, in pairs of two, will each simultaneously cast summon animal. The resulting animals will fight to the death, or an obvious victory with no interference. The tournament will be in classic ladder elimination format and the winner will take home 10,000 gold. If you are unsure of your ability to cast summon animal we will have some scrolls on hand.

    Easter Egg Hunt:br> If enough partiers are interested we'll have an easter egg hunt with loads of great prizes. This one depends on you. We want a good horde of people before we set you loose to madly scramble for prizes.

    All throughout the party there will be free food and drinks of course. The only fee for entering any, or all of the games is that you follow the game rules and have fun. If you have any questions don't hesitate to icq me at 15551245, or to pop by and ask on the Avengers message board.

    Thanks, and we hope to see you there!
    Avengers Federation

    Sounds like a good time for all! Good luck to the contestants. And don't forget to have fun! (Like you could anyhow.)

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:54 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Marriage of Lumaria and Tower a Success
    From Beldock:

    People from all over Sosaria came this eve to witness the marriage of the Lady Ivy and Mikael the Black of Lumaria at the defiled Shrine of Sacrifice.

    The two were bound by solemn oath and by blood during the ceremony, and the binding was blessed by the Master of the Dark Tower, Na-Krul.

    The wedding went well, despite rumors that trouble would be brewing at this controversial wedding. The Tower showed in force to secure the safety of the bride, as did members of Lumaria's own Batale Noch Liege.

    We wish the bride and groom well. Only the future knows what such a joining will bring to the lands of Sosaria.

    Beldock, Cabal of Ether DT

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:51 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Trolls Invade Vesper
    From Zodan:

    There was a strange attack on Vesper last night which was a total surprise. It seems a new story may be in the making with a Leader troll. Thats all I know...I was there with my Fisher, and had to log and get my Mage to go help defend my hometown of Vesper.


    Trinsic is when will Vesper be saved from this seige of trolls, orcs, and ettins that they have been suffering?
    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:50 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Standup Comedy Contest April 27th
    Kita Talith of the Golden Knights sent us this announcement:

    So you think you're funny? Let others be the judge! Join us for the STANDUP COMEDY CONTEST!

    When: Thursday, April 27, 2000
    7:00 p.m. PST
    Where: The Golden Globe Theatre
    Who: Anyone can sign up! Contact Kita Talith ([email protected]) to sign up in advance, or register as a contestant in person that night between 6:30 pm PST and 6:45 pm PST.
    How: Each Contestant will have 5 minutes of screen time to tell their funniest jokes. Overly lewd and/or offensive humor will not be acceptable. Use common sense!

    We reserve the sole right to determine what is acceptable. A few gentle cursewords are probably fine if they are necessary for the joke. If your grandmother would blush to hear it, don't tell it here! Entrants will be judged by the audience members at the end of the night using a ballot box.

    Grand Prize: 15,000 gp
    1st Runner-Up: 10,000 gp
    2nd Runner-Up: 5,000 gp

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:46 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Theory on New Structures
    Wendy, aka "Lalande", sent us this theory concerning the new structures on Baja:

    There is a similar structure just outside the main bank in Minoc on Napa Valley, as well as in Scara Brae. We have done some research, and presume they are connected (somehow) with the "faction" system, as we have found them in all eight cities where these same "factions" will hold power.

    Wendy aka "Lalande"
    Napa Valley

    Sounds reasonable! Thanks!
    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:41 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Mystery of Jou'Nar's Ghost Solved
    Atomic cleared up the mystery behind the report we received a few days back concerning Jou'Nar's ghost:

    A while ago Guinness sent some news about Jou'Nar in Moonglow, carrying a dagger and lantern. I, Atomic, was the "Friend that had Spirit Speak". What was said is true, but it is not the end of the story. A bit later, another ghost came to Moonglow running around with a longsword and lighted torch. The name was "Minax". I asked him what this thing was, and he asked me to follow him. I followed him into the Healer's, and he said "I am just goofing. My shard, Catskills, is down, and I was bored. So I came here. The thing with the torch and dagger is a bug." He explained to me the bug and how it worked, and then said "Please dont tell anyone, I'm having so much fun now. I then asked if he would like to go through my gate to Minoc Mines, to scare the miners. He said yes, and continued his "goofing".

    Ah, well, a hoax...but at least an entertaining one! Thanks!
    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:38 AM EDT by HellRazor (Oceania)

    HOKUTO: Poison Mist Tavern Update #3
    From Keaggan Stonewal:

    Hello once again great members of the Hokuto shard, I will be covering 2 thing in this post. First one will be about when and where the Poison Myst Tavern/Casino will be and some info on the tavern side of the Poison Myst.

    I have received tons of inquiries from people wanting a rune to the Poison Myst or the location. I must have spoke in a strange tongue in my first post. The Poison Myst will open AFTER UO: R (new lands) comes out. I am sorry for this misunderstanding that I have caused.

    Now that I have spoken much about the casino half of the Poison Myst and will now share with you some aspects that the tavern half will hold. The tavern will hold several types of events such as quests, meet markets, actions, and other player involved ideas. I will also have some events that will be co-sponsored by Evermist. (I still think that name was chosen to cash in on my good reputation and notoriety >:P ) The tavern will be fully stalked of every type of food and drink when we have either the casino open or are having a tavern run event. Since UO: R has some new feature this gives us an opportunity to run some very unique role playing ideas. We (Poison Myst & Evermist) plan to take full advantage of these new options that OSI have given us. We hope to add quite a bit of RPGing to UO: R. In a later post I will provide more details on these events and how to participate in them.

    Thank you for you time and may you have good gaming.

    Keaggan Stonewal

    Thanks Keaggan!
    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:32 AM EDT by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    Troubled Times
    A letter from Berym Whiteblade of Sanction to his friend, Darkwing of Avalon, found in the dead hands of a messenger on the road to Skara Brae:

    Old friend, there is much amiss in the realm. As far as I am able to ascertain, all the Shrines have fallen.

    The Shrine of Honesty is absolutely corrupt, and e'en entering it's once hallow site sets you ill with disgust, and literally poisons the blood.

    Each Shrine appears controlled by a Death Vortex which grotesquely revels where the Ankh once stood. The report of a "Tower" near Yew is merely the former Shrine of Justice, now corrupted wholly, though unlike that of Honesty it does not poison apon entering.

    I travelled to the most Holy of Shrines, Spirituality, and found it too corrupted. Chanting the now almost forgotten mantra still allowed me to make to the shrine, yet apon teleportation I found myself stuck IN the Vortex. Only but presence of mind and casting the spell of Teleportation back to the steps was I able to escape. The Vortex does not seem to damage, though it shrieks like a thousand innocent souls in torment.

    These are the only three I have had chance to visit as yet, though I travel even now to investigate the others. If you have time my friend, I suggest you track down the Shrine of Chaos - I would be curious to know whether it too is corrupted, or whether it is a direct attack again only our Sacred Shrines of Virtue.

    Whether this is linked to the depridations of Minax I cannot tell... indeed this began after her defeat, but is it the same or a new evil? Or is it linked to the disappearance of Our Leige, in that with his absence the Virtue too has left?

    Or is it due to the whisperings of this new group, the Shadowlords, that tales tell whisper in the ear of Lord Blackthorn... Troubled times my friend. Troubled times.

    - Berym WhiteBlade

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 11:30 AM EDT by HellRazor (Oceania)

    Tilf and Gilf Attack the Lost Village

    'ello thar mates,
    Last eve as I was restin oh so comfy on me ship when I received a pidgeon frem me mates. It seems that thar were these two Ettin's one named Tilf and one named Gilf leadin an attack against the village of the Lost Order. I quickly uttered them mystic werds of power and found meself right outside the village. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived thar was no sign of either of the fiends, jest a mass of Orc's they 'ad left be'ind. A few of the Lost Order whar slain in the attack, includin one member who was inside a buildin, 'e banned one of the Ettin's who some'ow got through the enchantment and slew 'im. Be forewarned mates, if'n somethin like this occurs and yer in no shape to battle, get yerself as far frem the battlefield as quickly as possible. The Order sends it's thanks out the guild TRY which came to thar aid in defeatin the mass of orcs that whar the body of the assault.

    Info on the Lost Order of Akalabeth can be found 'ere

    Yers in ale and tale

    Interesting news, thankye
    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 10:51 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Akira and Stonegate Voted March Counselors of the Month
    Hail All!

    Channa from Ultima Online has announced March's Counselors of the Month for the European shards. UOSS Drachenfels would like to join her in congratulating Counselor Akira and Counselor Stonegate, who received the most player votes last month.

    Channa would like to request your votes for the month of April. Eligible counselors are:

    Aerin, Akira, Arwen, Arylon, Auberon, Baran, Black_Rain, Brethil, Cherrybomb, Denalana, Dragavon, Fantasia, Garion, Godot, Ignatius, Jhaniss, Kai`enn, Knot, Leland, Lexos, Lupus, Munin, Myrlyn, Neve, Njord, Nystul, Poe, Praxis, Q`araman`djin, Rakorium, Rhaxxan, Riva, Salty, Samhain, Seth, Slainte, Spidermonkey, Stonegate, Sunday, Titou, Tremere, Valashea, Whistler, Zengulion, Zweistein
    She will accept votes until May 3, 2000.

    Channa writes "Thank you all once again for your wonderful support in letting us know how we're doing." We would like to thank Channa for her update!

    Go with the Virtues,

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 10:41 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Yew Prepares Against Dark Tower
    Garbonzo Bean sent us this:

    Since the recent and ongoing attacks of the Orcs and Mongbats and the threat of the Dark Tower ever rising the people of Yew have banded together to make certain that this town never faces the same fate as Trinsic. Last Saturday (April 15) the warriors and merchants of Yew gave away armor, weapons, clothing, and bandages so that they may be ready when it comes time for Yew to face its final destiny. We will remain prepared, make no doubt, and Yew will hopefully remain ready for the worst, which I believe is yet to come.


    Garbonzo Bean
    [Spirit Mage, RSC]

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 9:42 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Dark Tower Threatens Attack on Yew April 21st
    Blackwolf sent us this announcement:

    Greetings, I hereby give warning to all those that would call themselves defenders of the City of Yew. The Dark Tower shall renew its siege upon your fair city as you call it. Random patrols shall begin visiting Yew within the hour. These patrols shall culminate into a full scale attack on the eve of Friday, April 21 at 7pm PST. Upon this night, Yew shall fall into the hands of the Dark Tower and be corrupted for eternity. Also, our latest shipment of Orcish supplies to Yew is ready for Keeonean to deliver to his troops. Be wary citizens of Yew! Darkness shall fall upon you all!

    Lord BlackWolf
    Cabal of the Blade, Dark Tower

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 9:39 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Easter Egg Hunt in Dragon Town
    Hail All!

    Zarzal Dragon sent in the following announcement:

    "On Sunday, 23.April, we start in Dragon Town at 20:00 CET in front of the Dragon tavern a easter egg hunt.

    "We place several colored bags in and around Dragon Town. Each bag contains a key with a unique serial number. If you find such a bag, bring the key to the tavern and you will recive a gift for it. Every key wins. Hunting eggs before 20:00 CET is waste of time.

    "The location of the bags is the map of Dragon Town which can be found at the Dragon Clan homepage.

    "Dragon Town is right near the Yew moongate and easy to find. Come and have fun with us."

    Go with the Virtues,
    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 8:38 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Massive Ophidian attack in Delucia
    We have recieved the following:
    On the eve of acess to the New Lands of Trammel, the citizens and guests of Delucia were the victims of a massive and ongoing Ophidian attack. I was in Delucia for over half and hour as the attacks continued, but eventually had to flee. My armour all but tatters, weapons blunted and out of arrows, I escaped the city with little but my life only to discover that the countryside was also crawling with Ophidians. Luckily I found a moonstone on the ground and ran behind a hill as a pack of Ophidian Avengers passed by. I buried the moonstone and entered the gate. Quiet. Unnerving quiet and peace. No orcs around, no Ohidians, nothing. Delucia (this Delucia) was almost empty and the few people who were there had escaped from Felucca as well. But, honestly, I can't wait to get the heck out of this odd place! But, where are the moonstones?

    As Ever,

    Ximena, Bard of Delucia-F, Guildmistress of XEN

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 7:41 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Luxor rescued from the clutches of Myrkul!
    "UDL captured Luxor about 3 days ago and the fight to get him back is to happen shortly. We will need brave fighters of all walks. Do you feel up to the task? Will you look the evil known as UDL in the face and not cringe?"

    HeRog finished his rallying statement and regarded the conglomeration of personalities assembled in the Safe Haven township. As the guildmaster of "Dusk til Dawn," he was accustomed to inspiring the troops.

    He led them across the mucky swamp toward the Castle of Souls where Luxor, mayor of Safe Haven, was being held captive by followers of Myrkul known as The Undead Lords.

    "Against the walls, warriors!" shouted Jagr, his voice booming over the clangor of metal clashing, spells erupting and arrows whizzing through the air.

    One of these warriors was Wilson Jackson. He planted his feet at the foundation of the castle wall and beat against the bricks before him as though it were a living part of the enemy he was there to fight. He strained to send his voice up over the balcony into the courtyard on the other side. "MINIONS OF MYRKUL!!! I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR THEE!!!! COME FORTH AND HEAR ME, WEAKLINGS! UNDEAD ONES! SEND FORTH ONE OF YOUR NUMBER!"

    As Jackson furiously shouted, half-blind in his rage, John Barbarossa looked up and saw Luxor pass like a shadow across the balcony from one turret to another. "Luxor!" he exclaimed, turning to his comrades. "Our mayor is here!"

    In Barbarossa's own words, here is what happened next:

    Then panic began to spread in the warrior ranks outside. An idle warrior is a nervous warrior and all wanted to breach the castle defenses and free Luxor by force. We wanted the order to go in, believing that even those who had spilt the blood of their fellow man could contribute to the battle. We repeatedly asked Ordann, the most senior Regulator (Safe Haven's soldiers are called Regulators) attending, to give the order to enter. He said hold. Again we pressed him... he would not budge.

    Finally, as the mayor was escorted back into the bowels of the Castle of Souls by his UDL guard, Ordann could no longer take the pressure of opinion around him, and he succumbed to the collective will to charge into the castle. Many were banned immediately by the forces of Myrkul, but some warriors defied the UDL claim and made headway into the murderers around them. As the battle raged, Ordann himself killed Bg.

    As the Ancient Lich fell to Ordann's just blade, something stirred in the mayor and he began to respond to the 'pure of heart ' merchants around him who had been trying to draw out his fragmented memories from the soulless place the UDL had buried them. The Mayor raised his eyes and a small flick of red passed across his yellowed cheeks.


    "I am Tyran. We are here to help you, sir" said the man the mayor's stare had rested on.

    " I?" finished the mayor. Then, at once, it became clear the question needed no answer. Luxor slumped back in the chair and put his head on the table with a thump. "All that innocent life" he said "I am a........ murderer"

    The faces of those fallen by his sword tortured the thoughts of the mayor. Had he done enough to fight it? Was it even over yet?

    "We have to get you out of here, father" said Jem Fire [the mayor's step-daughter]. "We must leave now."

    Colour again flashed upon the mayor's sallow face. "Jem! Get out of here before they get you too!"

    "Not without you, Father"

    Tyran took the arm of the mayor and prepared to walk him past the battle still raging in the castle. Pushing past killer and hero alike, his voice tried not to betray his fear. "Make way for the mayor!" he said. As they lead him downstairs, protected by nothing more than the fragile amnesty of Old Skull, the fight raged on. Only when the mayor had crossed the threshold of the metal doors and entered the south lawn of the Castle of Souls did the Safe Haven army begin to disperse, taking only minimal losses.

    The company traversed back to the safety of their own township, their joy eclipsed by worry for the mayor's state of being and of the fallen warriors of their ranks who'd given their lives for the mission. Luxor reassured his rescuers that he was certain that the only plague left in him was that of remorse for the deeds committed while under Myrkul's spell.

    Confirmations of his inerrant goodness of heart were quick to come from those gathered around him. Sonja Gringkov, Senator of The Imperium, waxed eloquently on the spirit of forgiveness that the township extended toward their mayor, granting him comfort and reminding those assembled of the power in the act of mercy. The blame, it was agreed, lay with his captors alone.

    A town elder, Tyria, explained to Luxor that it was Regulator Ordann who had defeated the UDL's arch lich Bg, winning the mayor's freedom. Luxor had the hero step forward and gifted him with a special commendation designated only for the most glorious of champions.

    Contemplating the aftermath, Barbarossa added these thoughts:

    Safe Haven has never made a secret of its desire for peace in the lands. Their neutral stance to the armies of darkness and light defines the town, and as such the war is an unnatural state. Tyria, the Elder, had been studying the Arcane texts on the undead for many years, and it was now that his knowledge fell into place. He told us of how he remembered a text that referred to ingredients found in the deepest of dungeons that could be used to cleanse us of our struggle with the UDL. Incredibly, though, not only had we to find the ingredients, but also the sacred tome itself, which was stolen from Tyria's study only days ago. Clearly there are still difficult times ahead.

    For the moment, there is a restful peace that has settled over the community as the mayor recuperates and citizens seek to return to some sense of normalcy. They will not lull themselves into a false sense of security, however. There are small signs, undetectable to a passing stranger, that the city has been transformed somehow. Older, wiser, more alert. It would not be so easy to teeter their township so easily next time.

    And, as all citizens of Siege Perilous know, there WILL be a next time.

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 7:36 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    A visit from an Ancient Wyrm
    'ello again all,

    I was sittin once again in the village of the Lost Order, when to my surprise in stolls an Ancient Wyrm, followin two cows. At first I was a bit shocked to see a Wyrm so far frem a dungeon, but I was even more surprised when the beast didn't attack anyone. Me long time mate 'ad tamed one of these majestic beasts oh so long ago, so at first I thought per'aps it was another such creatures, till it began to speak.

    Quickly many of the Order appeared in the village to speak with the creature. After a long discussion we came to the understandin that the beast is walkin amongst us solely because 'e is in need of food. We quickly found a vast amount of cows, bulls, and other assorted woodland creatures fer the Wyrm to consume, yet 'is 'unger seemed endless.

    I spoke fer quite a time wit the creature about the virtues of the land, and those that claim to serve it. At first 'e scoffed me, sayin that 'e would gladly devour those that use the virtues to promote themselves and gain fame frem such actions. Soon after though I believe I gained a bit of respect frem the creatures as I explained me reasons fer followin them and what they truly meant to me. Fer a long time 'e sat, speakin wit those around, ponderin 'ow we would taste, and basically causin us to wonder if 'e would lash out at any moment. Twas then I realized we were keepin 'im frem feastin and I bid 'im farewell, to enjoy 'is meal, and continue to strive and prosper.

    If'n ye see this majestic creature about, stay thy arms. 'e does nary wish ye 'arm. 'e jest seeks to feed in peace. Be also forewarned that 'e is quite displeased as us as a people, claimin that all we seek is 'is treasures. I can only 'ope that 'e doesn't believe this is true of all of us, and may one day come to trust us as a community.

    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 7:30 AM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Elder Belgarion Escorted to Yew
    We received the following information from Malfus :
    Hail ! Many strange things happen in Yew, and here is my story :

    There we were all standing in awe of the Elder, dressed in Brown by the name of Belgarion. All of us on Horseback, 20 maybe even 30 of us fine warriors. We all listened as the man explained of his need for an escort. We obliged the man and formed up around him.

    We soon found that whilst the weight of so many people guarding the man cluttered the road we walked along, it was an honour to be seen escorting such a marvelled person. Running right into trouble outside Skara Brae, Bandits.

    We soon made easy work of the gang although they numbered in hundreds. Along we travelled and again we were attacked, this time by a small army of ORCS. Our strength diminished from the previous encounter felt to hinder our actions, we made easy work of the orcs.... BUT what we wondered would lie next.

    Shortly enough our group made way to Yew, just as the Man had asked for. All seemed quiet, almost when we were AMBUSHED by a larger ettin and orc force belittling our previous encounter. Sadly, I did not survive to show you what happened next. When I finally came around I was told it was over and that we had SUCCEDED in escorting the Elder to Yew Abbey. I am told that after the fact, he donated a strange item, of which I know not, to a lucky warrior named N'Grail. What this gift looked like I can not say as to this writing I am still recovering from a bad headache and sore hands.


    Malfus of Britain
    Thanks a lot Malfus for this interesting story.
    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 6:18 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Undead Again Threaten Trinsic
    Hail All!

    The following report was just filed in our Trinsic news bureau by The Admirable Sir Charles:

    "News of attacks on Yew and Vesper has traveled as far as my home on the Island of Fire. This had me very worried when I notice that the Shrine of Humility on our island was changed into some ungodly site. I was wondering 'what was going on in the lands of Britannia?'

    "With all this news, I decided to travel to the mainland. Trinsic would be my first stop and my last stop for a while to come because Trinsic is also in great danger as well as the other reports that I have heard.

    "When I first arrived in Trinsic the streets weren't empty and all the shopkeepers hiding in their stores and homes. I knew something was terribly wrong with this once striving town. Before I could go investigate, I had to drop off some money that I collected off of some orcs that were straying from Hythloth. While I was heading on my way to the Trinsic Royal Bank, I noticed the Trinsic Meeting Hall was already taken over by Mummies and Skeletal Knights that were at work reconstructing the place. That was not the worst that I saw. Right in front of the Trinsic bank, a lich lord was attacking someone who didn't decide to stay in his home. I knew I had to go help him but it was too late. The lich lord had already killed him. The lich lord did not go unpunished. It was a tough battle, but it in the end the lich was no more.

    "After the battle with the lich lord, I went into the bank to drop off my goods. I was greeted with warm applause from the people there. Yet, I'm not sure I deserve it because I did not save the life of one of their comrades. I also knew that battle was not over yet. There were still the mummies and skeletal knights in the Trinsic Meeting Hall. I brought back up my stamina and health and was determined to take back the Hall to its rightful owners, the people of Trinsic.

    "The battle was long and sometimes I felt like I wasn't going to make it. When I was at my worst and almost gave up, a friend that I know from the same island as I came to my aid. His name is Syprus. Certain times I think he has uncanny powers of knowing when I am in danger, because he always shows up in time. Together we cleared the undead from the hall.

    "I fear that the Hall of Trinsic will fall under some more attacks. Rumors around town have described a strange lich with a hue of green that had been coming back and forth to the town. Some say he wears a gold necklace that reminded them of a story of old. This story revolves around Juo' Nar, once a paladin of Trinsic who had taken a magic necklace that gave him powers and used it for evil on attacks on Trinsic in the past. If this is Jou' Nar, I assumed his revenge did not pass on with his death and that Trinsic is in for more attacks.

    "My friend Syprus has moved on to other towns for other business. But, I have decided to stay here and fight for the town since the other great warriors have went off to fight in the other towns of Britannia. May peace come back to our land soon."

    Further information about this attack can be found on Black Jack's Tavern and Casino site. Clearly, the threat to Trinsic is not over yet!

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 5:24 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Siege Perilous Good/Evil Change
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Siege Perilous Good/Evil Changes

    In light of issues that have arisen, all Good/Evil powers have been disabled on Siege Perilous. While you can still be a [hero] or [evil], you will no longer have access to any special powers at this time.

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 3:21 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Upcoming Events at Rivendell's Temple of Virtue
    His Reverance, Brother Selwyn, asked that I pass along this message:

    Greetings fair people of Britannia.

    Friday, the 21st of April, between 6:00 - 9:00pm CST The Temple of Virtue in Rivendell will host two overlapping events: The second Changing of the Books and the first Fill of the Hungry.

    Changing of the Books II.
    Many are those who have found aid, pleasure or comfort in the libraries of the Temple of Virtue. Thus The Order of Virtue humbly presents ye with more than 20 new titles which will be put on display. Among these shall be found a reworked and expanded version of Maynard's Book of Lore, the first four volumes of the ongoing Diary of a Young Warrior and even elvish and angelic works.

    Fill of the Hungry
    This is our first, but indeed not our last food give away. Many are the hungry of Britannia, but it is our hope that people shall leave the temple less hungry after this event. Thus 500 cooked fish steaks, or as much of it as one can carry, shall be given unto those who find their way to the temple during this event.

    -Brother Selwyn, Abbot of Virtue.

    We wish you great success with these events, noble friar. May your continued good works enrich our realm.

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 2:14 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    KoA Easter Celebration this week
    Ramsonne of KoA submitted this:

    The Crystal Consortium (CC) of the Knights of the Alliance (KoA) will be hosting Easter festivities on Thursday, April 20th. All individuals attending ought to be in the Alliance Village at 7:00pm CST that evening. Gates will be provided from the Village for our Fashion Show Contest and Easter Egg Hunt.

    All KoA Allies and friends are invited to participate in the fun. Refreshments will be provided throughout the evening in the Alliance Tavern. So, if you enjoy roleplaying on any level, feel free to come on down and grab a tankard with our Dinner Host for the Evening, Mirador of KoA.

    There are three categories:
  • Best Mage
  • Best Warrior
  • Best Spring/Easter Outfit

    Anyone may register as a contestant that wishes. The contestants will be judged by three individuals on uniqueness, style, and representation of their category. They will receive a score of 1-10 on all three elements for a total score between 3 and 30. Every contestants total score will be recorded by each judge and at the end of the event, all three judges will announce their top 3 point scorers to me, the host, and I will announce the winner. The contestant with the highest point total from all three judges will win the Grand Prize of 5,000 in gold and a suit of GM colored armor. In case of a tie, the first place individuals will walk again, and one judge will be picked randomly to select a winner.

    Anyone interested in entering the Fashion Show must be at the Alliance Village Tavern no later than 6:45 pm CST. Have your costume in a bank box. Contestants will be gated to a bank to dress and then Gated to the Fashion Show locale by KoA Mages. Any contestants who show after 6:45pm CST will not be allowed to participate.

  • There will be an Easter-egg hunt conducted, as well, after the Fashion Show!

    Gates will be provided from Magincia bank at 6:30pmcst - 7:00pm. Alliance Village is located around the lake southwest of Trinsic.

    Ramsonne, Lord of Scholars
    Knights of the Alliance

    Thanks, Ramsonne!

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 2:01 AM EDT by Penelope Huggins (LakeSuperior)

    Sonoma Shard Update
    The following was just posted to Shard Issues on the Ultima Online website:

    Sonoma Shard Update

    The Sonoma shard has been updated with the Renaissance publish and is currently being brought up internally. Once QA is satisfied with the quality of the publish, we will open the shard externally. We will continue to monitor the publish throughout the night and will release a publish schedule for the remaining shards as soon as possible.

    Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2000, 1:31 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Beware the Orcs
    In my younger days I dids't often travel to the fearsome Orc (Urk) fort near Yew. There I tested my battle wits, alone in the forest, stalking these fearsome creatures. Glorious it was to hunt alone and spread fear into these Orcs hearts. I returned there a day or two ago to live once more the battle rush of fighting the Orc Lords and infamous Orc Mages. To my complete surprise I was fronted by another opposing Orc force that proclaimed the fort as theirs. "Wat u dooink here humie," they proclaimed. I informed them I was only here to hunt the Orcs and they fell back and said, "how many times we ave to tell u umies...... dey Urks.... we Orcs." Dumbfounded I apologised and was about to head on my way when they asked for a toll or to leave their land at once. I asked them kindly, "how far do your lands extend?" and from the garbled replys I could make out only that they extended around the perimeter of the 'Urk' fort and a hundred paces to the north. Being a Noble Knight of the Order of the Rose I bade them farewell and left their lands. As I walked away, I could not help my feelings of disappointment at not being able to hunt the grounds I did in my younger years and I now offer a warning or at least advice to watch thyselves if thou ever dare travel these grounds. If there is one thing I have learnt throughout my hard adventuring years, it is to never trust an Orc nor an Urk.

    Sor'il the Swordsman (OtR)

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 11:53 PM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    New Comic Site
    Boba Fet sent us notice that he has started a now UO comic strip: The Adventures of Boba Fet and White Gandalf.

    You can find his comic here.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 9:21 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    Contest of Champions - Update
    The e-mail address on the "Contest of Champions" was incorrect, and has been fixed in the article.

    Those of you who attempted to send your entries in, please re-send them to: [email protected].

    We apologise for the mixup.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 9:17 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    Tuesday Night Pit Fights!
    Head on out to the Bloody Keg Tavern tonight for some fun!

    The Village of Humility, located on the Isle of Fire would like to invite you once again to The Tuesday Night Pit Fights at the Bloody Keg Tavern! The winner gets to choose their prize, including choices of Superior Weapons, Semi Rare Items or a Bank Check! All are welcome to enter the fight, but come early. Contestant tickets go on sale at 7:30 eastern, and are limited.

    You will find a complete set of rules at this address: Humility

    We hope to see you there!

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 4:19 PM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Contest of Champions!

    Hail and well met,

    The First Annual Yew Town Council Contest of Champions: Sponsored by the Gathered Spirits Community and the Sosarian Defence Force.

    On the 21st - 22nd of April, the newly formed Yew Town Council plans to hold its First Annual Contest of Champions. The Contest of Champions is a Tournament for anyone to enter, whether a fighter, a mage, or a tank mage. The venue is not yet to be decided, but it will most likely be held at the Gathered Spirits Tower. There is no entry fee, as the contest is to determine the best fighter/mage, or Champion in the land. There will be prizes for first, second and third place.

    The first place winner will get 5000 gp, GM made armour or 100 of each reagent, and two GM crafted weapons. The second place winner will receive 2500 gp, GM made armour or 50 of each reagent, and one GM crafted weapon. The third place winner will receive GM made armour or 25 of each reagent. There are only 32 entrants allowed, so hurry to register and prove your mettle in battle!!

    Send entries to This adress with your name and main skills which you will be using, including their pointage. All registrations should be in by the 19th of April, no entries will be accepted after the 12 noon on the 20th of April.

    There will be a panel of three judges and two referees at each match. The winner will be declared the Champion of Champions, and the top three Champions will automatically be invited back in next year. Other prizes include a Prize for Participation, a Prize for Best Move and a Prize for Stamina.

    I look forward to seeing you all there. Please remember this will be a fun day for all, and may the best man, or woman, win!!

    The rules are:

    1. No magical weapons
    2. No magical armour
    3. No poisoned weapons
    4. Only one tamed animal allowed
    5. Only two summoned animals allowed
    6. Only three animals allowed in total
    7. Only three summoned creatures allowed in total (creatures not animals)
    8. No bardic skills allowed
    9. Only two magic spell heals (greater or lesser) allowed
    10. Only two heal or greater heal potions allowed
    11. Only two cure or greater cure potions allowed
    12. No other potions allowed
    13. Only one skill heal allowed
    14. The referees' decision is final
    15. The referees' may declare any punishment seen fit for arguing with him without sufficient reason

    Please abide by them!!

    (Marcus Phung)
    Sounds exciting (And hell, why not? It's free!). Remember the dates folks. And good luck to all the entrants!
    Posted at a later date: I had the wrong email adress in the HTML, I apologize, please, those of you who have already sent in emails, please send them to the adress now shown above. Again I apologize. It won't happen again.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 4:05 PM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)




    Event sponsored by Pacific Museum Organisation & Orion of PTO/KoY

    Date: Saturday, April 22nd, 2000.

    Time 8pm - 10 pm PST

    Location Pacific Museum's - Loots House.


    Many people have had their houses looted in the past few years. The feeling of being looted sucks but the feeling of looting sure is fun. Now you cant hardly loot any house in UO. This event is for those later comers (Newbies) of Pacific Shard to experience the feeling of looting a house. We hope they will have lots of fun doing it as we'll sure have fun seeing the house being looted. :-)


    • Only people with the (young) against their names will be given free participation.

    • Other players will have to pay 2k for taking part.

    • Every players will be only be allowed a chance .

    • First come first serve basis. Come early!

    How to play?:

    • First you will be positioned in a large forge and given 8 seconds. Then you'll be given a roll on the dice cup. The number you rolled will be added to your timing. example you rolled 10. Then your total timing to loot the house will be 8 + 10 = 18 secs.

    • When time is up, you will be unfriended and removed from the building and you may watch the others loot at the audience seats.

    • Before looting the house, u will be asked to sit on a stool and when you are ready, we will open the door for you. When you step into the room we will start the timing.

    House Rules and Regulations:

    •No Stealing

    •No Spamming

    •No Cursing

    •No Snooping

    •No Sparing

    •No Summoning

    •No Gating

    •No Using of any skills that spam

    Prizes in the LOOTS: Estimated 500K of prizes

    1) 1 Small house Key (if you find the Key, the placed house in Cove will be your new home)

    2) 50k check x 1

    3) 10k check x 5

    4) 5k check x 5

    5) 1 ship model (large dragon boat)

    6) 10 sets of Gm armours of different colors

    7) Some magical weapons ranging from ruins to vanqs

    8) Hundreds of reagents -2 sets of Gm studded leather armours

    9) 2 sets of Gm leather armours -All the food and fruits you can eat

    10) And other miscellaneous stuffs

    Now, this sounds like a fun evening but how are the "newbies" going to know where to find the loot house? Perhaps you should make a set town to meet in and then gate the young players to the loot house. Try mailing to Vynxen if you have any questions.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 1:58 PM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Survey Says
    In my eternal quest to bring to you the dynamics of Napa Valley I recently sent a couple of questions to many of you. The city leaders of Shannara, Paws, Blackcomb and Grimoire and individual guild leaders of Liam's Regulars, Knights of the Crown, Britannia Allied Disciples and the Elementals were kind enough to reply.

    Considering the upheaval Renaissance will bring to Napa I thought it important to learn what some of you are doing (or not doing) about it.

    First off I asked: "How will the opening of the new lands influence your guild/city?"

    Overwhelmingly, I was told this opportunity would be a way to increase guild holdings that have been otherwise held back by lack of space. However, the more well established cities like Shannara and Grimoire were not planning to make use of the new lands at all. Much of the negative aspects of moving stemmed from the lack of PvP action.

    Cardinal Fear of Grimoire stated:

    We do not plan to move because we believe PvP is a part of UO and should always be a part of UO.

    Justice of Shannara continues:

    In my honest opinion the setup of the new lands is one of the worse things that could have happened for the roleplaying community in Britannia. I'm sure some people see it as a blessing, a way to get away from those they consider less then friendly, but a world without a certain edge of danger and one that segregates people by their beliefs is not the world for me. I dislike being murdered just as much as the next person, but its a risk I'm willing to make every single time I go out and venture in the world of Britannia, its that uncertainty and unpredicatability that has kept my entertainment level with Britannia for so long. I feel sorry for those new players who will join our world, staying in the new lands and never experience the same feelings us more veteran players felt walking through the world of Britannia. Sure monsters will still be in the new lands or so I'm told, but how many times can you fight a NPC without knowing its flaws and strengths to a point that you can kill it with your eyes closed.

    Even from the pro-Renaissance corner there was a fear that their guilds might become fractured. Players drifting away with this new choice of danger vs. relative safety. Human nature has shown us unity comes from a common enemy. In this case the PK or Noto Pk for many guilds. With murder a thing of the past will players opt for a elaborate 'chat room' with these new lands?

    The sole positive force who clearly saw Renaissance as a stepping stone for growth was Paws. They sent me a detailed outline of their expansion policy which was very well thought out. The main town would stay the same, but groups of homes could be eligible as 'Paws Outposts' under certain conditions. Could Paws become the first trademark of Napa Valley on par with McDonalds? (Didn't they have a McDonalds in Ultima II?) It will be interesting to see if this idea takes off.

    Question number two was: "When the faction system comes out do you plan to ally yourself with anyone in particular?"

    This question didn't elicit a strong emotional response. The evil guilds supported Minax and the Shadowlords, while the good guilds were iffy on Lord British and questionable over the Council of Mages from lack of information.

    Earl Grey of the Knights of the Crown said:

    At this time KOC has shown very little interest in the factions. A lot of changes have been taking place in the past few months with more to come. I think some of us are a bit overloaded with the changes and taking them on according to their priority. A castle and town seem to be the main priorities for us as a guild. Then each member has their own priorities to tend to.

    Which pretty much summed up the feeling. Some people said they would use the faction system to keep their various guilds organized for warfare purposes, but that was the most positive thing I could find. Which is just as well seeing as OSI is pushing the arrival of these factions further and further into the future.

    My prediction? These next couple of weeks will bloom into land rush fever as players without houses will make a mad dash to get the best soil. Anyone see the end of Far and Away? I know this reporter will be along side the mob. I may be on horseback, but I'll still have road rage and if all the good spots are gone I might end up in Lord British's clock tower picking you off one by one with a magic crossbow.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 1:21 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Vesper Town Council to Meet
    I received this from the chairman of the Council earlier-

    There will be a Vesper Town Meeting on Wedsnday April 19 at 10:00 p.m. EST. We will discuss matters of import and it will be held at the Vesper Town Hall (Counslers Guild).

    ~Thoma Valient~

    Thank you, Thoma, for this news.
    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 12:26 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    IRC Staff Openings
    The Stratics IRC Network has open positions for IRCops and IRC staff. These positions are entirely voluntary in nature. If you enjoy IRC, have IRC experience, or have programming experience, then please drop us an email at [email protected]. In the email, please give detailed information about why you would like to join the IRC staff, and what skills you possess that may help the IRC Network. Thank you.

    IRC Network Administrator

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 11:52 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Election for Britain City Magistrate
    Hear ye, hear ye! The candidates for the Britain City Magistrate will be addressing the public this Thursday night. Come out and meet them, hear what they have to say, and pick up your voting ballots!

    Candidates for the position are:

    • Moal Ceall
    • Salvor Hardin
    • Jim Marrins
    • Shadow Weaver
    Speeches will begin at 7:00pm (EST) and will be at The King's Men Theater in West Britain. The election polls will be open until Sunday night.

    Don't miss it!

    Katherine, Grandmaster Healer

    Historian, Britain City Council
    Ciaran, Lia Fail Empire (Atlantic)

    Best of luck, and may the best person win!

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 11:45 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Lecture at Moonglow

    Journal of Ku Kullin, April 18, 2000

    I came to the city of Moonglow today to hear upon a lecture by an alchemist named Lo. Accursed town of mages...tis more like the thieves' den then a lair for magic wielding sorcerers. I was forced to watch my purse as I wandered the city streets, heading towards the Lycaeum. There I met those that attended the lecture, including Tristram, Outy, and Skye of the TUR. I sat quietly and listened, neither fascinated, nor amused...but simply seeking diversion from an otherwise boring day. This is what she lectured upon, to which I still understand little of:

    Welcome to the Alchemic Society's first lecture on the properties and uses of herbs. As you know, herbs can be ground into potions. The skill of the alchemist will determine the strength of the potion that is created.

    Each herb will yield a different potion. Let me demonstrate.

    (Make each of the potions and place them on the floor after grinding them.)

    Now these will appear ordinary to you, unless you are able to identify them by taste. The maker, of course, knows what he or she has created. Be wary of buying potions in lots. Now... those are the common potions. Others have tried to make potions from such things as bone pieces or of vials of dragon blood. So far none of these have met with any success.

    The last category of potion I will speak to you of today is the rare, and sometimes mythical potion. These are often made of such things as grow but once in a hundred, or even in a thousand years. There is the Ars Amor, a supposed love potion, made from a rare type of mandrake root. None of these have ever surfaced as far as research knows.

    There are rumors, too, of a potion that changes the shape of the user. A Shapeshifter potion. This too, is but a myth as far as we know. Experts have named this mythic black potion, Animas Transeo. There have been legends of those who used it, but if it worked, perhaps they could no longer speak in their new form.

    Of the many others, none have ever been found by members of the society, though it is rumored that ONE has been seen. It is supposed to have no known effect, which is the strangest part of this potion. Yet, if it can be made, surely some arcane use can be found for it. It was called Pennipotenti. An odd name, indeed. It sounds perhaps like a strength potion, or one to give added ability to the drinker, yet the story goes that it has no visible effect upon the drinker.

    Once, a man named Arsinth Darkwood wrote a book about all the potions. He, himself, had tried some of the strange concoctions, according to legend, and it seems it had affected his sanity. The book, Alchemica Herbaria Cogniscenti, The knowledge of herbs in Alchemy, has long since vanished into obscurity.

    The Alchemica Herbaria Cogniscenti...the same book that the thief and trollop, Shalis gave to me. That mischievous imp of a woman has stuck her hand into the hornet's nest again, and put me in the middle of her treachery and theivery. If I was not impressed with her long legs and charming smile...bah...I do not slay my own kind...thief or not...

    The alchemist's talk also gave me time to think. Perhaps these potions...holding great magical power...might cure my affliction...that in itself...would be a miracle.


    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 11:29 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    The thoughts of Darkmoor Dragon
    Europa founder member Darkmoor Drsgon, aka Jed Norton, has written an interesting essay on on-line graphical RPGs including UO. Some of you might be interested in this as Jed was very well known in the early days of Europa, running a very fine dedicated shard news site. In fact I believe he played a leading role in the campaign run by his guild Clan UK which convinced OSI to open Europa in the first place.

    The essay, on Games Domain, can be found here and is well worth a look.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 10:05 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Evil Forces Sweep the Land
    Dell sent us this report:
    Amid reports of attacks in Aryslan, Vesper and Skara Brae, the town of Corwyn was once again attacked by undead.

    Earlier in the evening, Gilthanis of Aryslan reported that a heavy force of trolls had attacked Aryslan, Vesper and Minoc. Following that, Skara Brae was subject to a particuraly savage attack of undead, leaving the streets literally filled with corpses. The undead spilled out into the surrounding countryside attacking Corwyn and the Spiritwood.

    These attacks seem a precurser for events to come, as evil forces continue to press the attack on our cities.

    Submitted by Dell

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 9:09 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Exile Spirit Summoned Back from the Void
    This was submitted by Earnst, IFC
    The Return

    The man stepped to the edge of the ship from behind the sail. The sunlight, combined with the white snow, made him blink and cover his eyes.. He smiled at the effect the sun and snow never failed to have onhim. He watched as a burst of wind lifted a bit of snow from the uppermost layer and whipped it into a whirlwind of activity before putting it down a half dozen paces further. He stood, enjoying the gentle sway of the ships motion in this calm part of the sea. His ancestors were wise to have settled here, in this covered inlet.

    The smile faded somewhat when he remembered the last time he stood here alone. He had stood upon the Stables, placing food in the hold for the visitors mounts when he heard the mystical energies most commonly associated with a blue gate. He had closed the hold, having deposited the last of the stacks of hay, and crossed the ships plank onto first the Pirates Bane, then the Celt, where he realized that these would be no ordinary visitors. Certainly none who meant him well.

    Standing on the deck of the Millennium Falcon were two Summoners, Amianeh and another Earnst had never met. Earnst`s hand sought out the hilt of his katana, but never quite made it. Suddenly, before him, and behind him, appeared men brandishing a variety of weapons.

    Four, five, six of them. Earnst lost count as the battle erupted. Never had his skills as a healer been more put to the test and he realized that if he were to survive this encounter he had to somehow block them from attacking at once.

    Earnst pushed his way through the men, back to the plank of the stables where he was able to hold them off easily two at a time. These men fought oddly. As though distracted. Not quite themselves, Earnst thought to himself.

    Then a blow from behind turned the tide of the battle, and he fell to one knee. He turned to face his opponent and was struck again, before he was able to parry the attack. He threw himself to the back of the ship, attempting to bandage his wounds, but never once was quarter asked, or given.

    Explosions to the left of him caught his attention, and he realized the Summoners were sinking both, the Celt, and the Pirates Bane. He wondered if there would be anything left of the Community by the time the others arrived for the planned treasure hunts this eve. One thing was certain, Earnst was not likely to be.

    He stood, slashing out in a burst of adrenaline, cutting the first man down, and parrying a smashing blow from another. He countered another attack and took down a second before taking a paralyzing blow to the head. As he stumbled, he slashed out at the bodies laying prone on the deck of the Stables. (Was it the Stables he was standing on? He was so disoriented.)

    The remaining men removed his weapons as he lay on his back in a pool of blood. They lifted him and bound him. Earnst raised his head as he was dragged by the men and noticed the Stables was drifting in the opening left by the sinking of the other two ships. The Summoners had joined them on the deck.

    "Well, this has worked better than I anticipated"

    Earnst couldn't tell who had said that, but Amianeh was the one to open the gate, and the men dragged Earnst through it. The transport was too much for his weakened condition and Earnst lost consciousness.

    When he regained awareness, the world was being viewed in spirit form. He had viewed it this way aplenty, and there was no mistaking it. What startled him was to see his body, whisked away by the two Summoners, Alexi and Amianeh. It was animated...

    What manner of necromancy was involved? Earnst tried to shout at them, but found he hadn't the strength. His spirit attempted to walk forward but he realized he was bound to this spot.

    "Will this work?" asked the unknown Summoner.

    "Do not question me daughter of Gorrel. You halfbloods haven't the intelligence to understand this undertaking. His body is now possessed by a mighty warrior. The now deceased Aagr. The Draikir who led the slaughter on our people so long ago. How fitting a punishment it must be to have him aid us now, while his race is in shambles. He will battle the creatures for us, along with the others, and he will attain the reagents needed for the Summoning, and the return of our people. Then we will return Aagr`s spirit to the void before inhabiting Earnst`s body with a long dead spirit of our people. If we have planned this correctly, Attiah`s spirit will not remember anything of its former life, and she will be as one born anew." Amianeh seemed to smile at her cleverness.

    "Why do we not kill him outright after he has accomplished his task? Or keep him as a pawn with the battle worthy spirit of Aagr?"

    At this Amianeh seemed to sigh. "More fool you, for failing to understand. His people are resourceful. If we were to keep him near us, they would find him, and us along with him. We are not yet ready for that battle to be fought. Killing him would only enforce their resolve to find us and exact their revenge. Alive, and hidden will distract them all, and allow us to continue with our plans. And speaking of which, let us continue before Earnst`s spirit overtakes his body. Open the gate."

    The trio disappeared into yet another gate, his body walking as oddly as the men on the ship had. As though the one inside was not yet comfortable. Before she left, the unknown Summoner seemed to mouth the words, "I will not abandon you."

    Earnst would have cried if the rage within his spirit not been so great. He could not even cry out.

    How long had he been in that state? There was no way to tell. Many were the warriors and wizards who walked past, never knowing he was there. Never was he able to call out to them. Would they have been able to help him? What did that Summoner mean when she said she would not abandon him? It seemed that he had had time enough to ponder these questions, but never really had he come up with an answer.

    Time passed, and though spirits are not prone to discomfort, Earnst could find nothing to comfort him. Until he noticed a large party arriving, congregating about him.

    Around him? Or around this magical gate that they seemed to be playing with? Running down the passage, only to reappear upon it.

    When he spotted Michael of York, Dodd, Jenthra, Luciana Diviner, and many, many others whom he recognized, gathering about the same spot, he realized they had come for him. How could this be coincidence?

    His hopes rose. They spoke of a summoning, they placed a helm in the center of the wizards star. His helm? It certainly appeared so. He spotted his body, standing nearby, timid, almost frightened. Had the Summoners possessed it with a child? Or a simpleton? If he could have been, Earnst might have been embarrassed.

    Candles were place about the circle, people gathered about, and a chanting begun.

    Kal Corp Mani

    Kal Corp Mani

    Followed by his name, Earnst...

    He felt the strength to speak growing within him, and he tried.

    The chant continued, and the strength within his spirit grew.

    "Can you hear me?" From the reaction, it was evident. Dark One spoke back. Dodd spoke, Luciana spoke. They weren't just talking to one another, they were speaking to him. How comforting, now Earnst felt anxious.

    Earnst`s spirit seemed to shy away, as though something was about to happen. Earnst focused on the body, it was his after all, and the Summoners seemed worried that he would overtake it from sheer proximity.

    What followed still surprised Earnst. Attiah was expelled from his body. Her spirit stood before him as well.

    "OooOooOO" she spoke, but Earnst could not understand. Were they on the same plane?

    Earnst again focused on his body. It seemed he was trapped in this circle, and the pull to his body not strong enough. He wondered if Attiah was bound to the star as well, then she fled...

    Earnst was then able to enter his body. Feeling sensations returning, one by one. He was aware of the cold air first. Cold...

    His spirits soared. He heard a din of noise that grew steadily into people talking before he realized he could see them now.

    A smile crossed his lips.

    Earnst sighed aloud, alone there on the deck of his ship. So many had come to help him, he wished he could repay them all. They had all braved death in that dungeon. Hythloth as it turned out to be. He hadn't ever realized it since he was not familiar with it. Perhaps, since they had all proven so virtuous, a festival to celebrate their bravery would be in order. To celebrate their virtues, the Æsir keep them all.

    He blinked into the rising sun, feeling the cold air on his face.

    Cold, it was good to be cold again.

    Earnst, IFC

    Welcome back Earnst!

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 9:08 AM EDT by Dark One (Pacific)

    Army of Thieves Take Over Haven
    Amber sent us the following:
    Amber watched the last of the thieves retreat into the wood and knew this wasn't over. She longed for the warmth of her forge, and some time to consider what Haven must do next in the face of the Army of Thieves' assault on the town. Amber made her apologies to everyone, and slipped away from the town hall. As she made her way to the bank in Nujelm, she stopped and listened.. she'd heard something, smelled something.. She knew not what, but its familiarity was overwhelming. Amber continued along and all at once the smell was was the smell of bitter herbs and grey moss. She whirled around, almost tripping as her skirt wrapped around her ankles, and saw nothing.

    Perplexed, Amber stood a few moments in the bustling town, and looked at everyone. Some soul was selling his home, no doubt due to some poor luck he had found himself in; a knight in shadow platemail stood leaning against one of the many palms on the island with his helm in one hand, a fire at his feet, and a hart's loin roasting on a stick above it; and there! A young woman, hawking herbs and flowers nearby the inn. That must be where the smell was coming from. Amber shook herself and the chill that had settled in her bones, and muttered under her breath about her own silliness.

    As Amber grasped her keys, she felt an unfamiliar twinge in her hand. Stretching out her fingers, she gazed at her palm and remembered the Elven Lord Luthien's fear for her. Though she knew metal well, Amber still had much to learn of the races and customs of the land. The ancient one had bound his fea to her; and had she known what he was doing for her, she would not have allowed him to do it. For by doing this, the old elf was taking on the burden of her pain and troubles. He'd explained this to her after he'd split open Amber's hand, and his own, with the elven blade; and though she was grateful for his concern, Amber felt unworthy of an action of such magnitude.

    The young smith made her way through the streets of Nujelm, her mind once again wandering to the troubles of Haven. Up ahead Amber thought she saw a familiar face, she quickened her stride and rounded the corner of the palace. Seeing the figure still ahead, she followed and got close enough to see that it was one of the rogues she'd seen in Haven earlier. Amber's brow furrowed, and her face became hard. He was alone. There wasn't another soul on the walkway, and nobody would ever know Amber had murdered the scum. She slipped up her skirt, and unsheathed the dagger at her ankle. The one gifted to her by the alchemist she'd befriended months before. He was quite skilled at his craft, and he'd assured her the poison on the tip of the blade would cause a dragon to reel.

    Hurrying along behind the one called Sylvan, Amber was once again overwhelmed by the smell. The grey moss and and bitter herbs.. she heard the sound of footsteps to her left and stopped. Before she had the chance to see, or even know, what was happening, a hand was clamped over her mouth. Amber opened her mouth to call for aid, but it was not to be. The small poultice wrapped in a bit of cheesecloth dropped in her mouth, and though Amber struggled to strike the hand away, using the daggar and all her strength, she felt darkness coming. It slipped up, it wrapped her in its evil arms, and it took her away.

    Amber awakened some hours later, her head pounding, her eyes swollen. She was wrapped in a foul smelling shirt that had seen far better days on the back of some wealthy mage. She studied the color of it, and found it to be blue under the grease stains of a long forgotten chicken, and the general filth of the garment. The faint wonder of where her armor had gotten off to slipped through her mind as she drifted off into the darkness again. Her head was still aching and foggy some time later when the darkness departed and Trek'Guk arrived with Ravelen the Sly. Ravelen gave her a look of sheer amusement, chuckled, and Trek'Guk joined in with a half howl, betraying his lineage.

    "We have Haven, it is ours," Ravelen said.

    Amber mustered what courage she had, and spit on his bare dirt-stained feet. "You will never hold it," she said, almost growling.

    "Oh, but you are wrong, silly woman. For we hold you. And as long as we hold you, we will hold the Lake." Ravelen winked at her, and leaned to check her bindings. He made the mistake of leaning a hair too close to Amber, and without a thought she latched onto his shoulder, her teeth sinking deeply beneath the skin, drawing blood. With a shout, Ravelen slapped her hard against the neck, the ring that bound him to the thieves guild drawing blood from Amber's neck. Trek'Guk scowled at the smith and aimed a kick at her ribs, still angry about the resistance he'd met when he took back her armor and hat as proof of her abduction to the citizens of Haven; the armor Amber had wondered about in her drugged state earlier.

    "Yous or Haven defy us yous wilt die bad horbile death. We's ten tak yous Sword of Truths and melts it tu ingots... Ingots we's use to mak krysses fir AT. " Trek'Guk then lifted a hand and slapped Amber across the face so hard she lost her balance, toppling over. "Tat wus gift frum yous Haven guard Liam O'Conor. Funny ting Haven people nu seem care bout yous or sword, tey defy us so." Turning on his heels, Trek stalked from the room along with Ravelen.

    Amber watched the blood drip from the wound at her neck, and wondered at why Trek'guk's boot had not harmed her. Then, she clenched her hand, and remembered. She remembered the elf. She remembered that he felt her pain. She closed her eyes and wept for the ancient one, and for Haven; whispering over and over to all those she'd let down..

    "I'm sorry, please forgive me..."

    Army of Thieves
    The City of Haven

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 9:05 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Sandlewood Box Insult contest
    Win gold for insulting people!!

    How oft have ye been standing near the town bank and overheard the likes of one dishevelled ruffian insulting the honor or integrity of another? Chances are ye have witnessed this unruly behavior in the past or perhaps even hurled insults at a fellow Britannian in the heat of a unfortunate incident or encounter. Be that as it may, have ye ever been paid with gold made in the King's royal mint for hurling such insults? Well this be a fine opportunity for you then.

    The Sandlewood Box presents an Insult Contest with prizes galore! Up to a maximum of 20 participants will be eligible to enter, so make sure to arrive early and register your name with XTerra of DoC that you wish to enter. Outy of the Turs from TUR Village will be the Special Guest Judge!!

    How it works:
    Contestant #1 insults Contestant #2 then Contestant #2 insults Contestant #1... The winner of the "match" is chosen by the judge and the winner receives 1 point. The winner then matches up against Contestant #3 and the process starts all over again with the winner receiving 1 point. At the end, the person with the most points is declared the winner!! ALSO, INSULTS THAT ARE NOT DONE IN GOOD ROLE-PLAYING TASTE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!

    1st prize - 10000 gold
    2nd prize - 7500 gold
    3rd prize - 5000 gold

    Date: Thursday (4/20/00)
    Time: 9:00pm central time

    How to get there:
    You can recall there by first travelling to the Museum of Memories, Cove Merchants Guild, or Krista's Ranger Station. Each have a rune locked down inside or in one of the runebooks....

    Farewell, and walk in virtue....
    Ryak of the Sandlewood Box (ICQ 52741036... [email protected])

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 6:17 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    East Coast Shard Move
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    East Coast Shard Move

    On Tuesday, April 25th, we will be moving the Eastern US shards (Atlantic, Chesapeake, Catskills) to the location of our new Internet Service Provider. This move will require physically dismantling the servers for transport and thus require approximately 12 hours of downtime. We are organizing this move to expedite the transition process, and thus there is a possibility that the shards will be available for play much earlier in the day.

    Atlantic and Catskills will be taken down for regularly scheduled maintenance at 5:00AM CT on Tuesday morning and will begin the moving process to existing hardware in the new location. Once these shards are in place, Chesapeake will be taken down to begin the physical transition to the new location. Because Chesapeake will not be moved until Atlantic and Catskills are completed, it will not be taken down for maintenance on Tuesday morning, but may be taken down at any time after 5:00AM CT.

    We are actively continuing to solicit traceroutes to the new location so that we may address any connection issues prior to the move. To run a traceroute to the new address, run the UO Trace program and copy the IP address into the address bar at the top of your screen. Click the 'Trace Route' button.

    When the traceroute is completed, if you see any anomalies or excessive times, you may wish to forward a copy to our Network Team. You may do this by selecting 'Copy' from the 'Edit' menu and then pasting the information into an email message. Please forward any traceroute messages to [email protected] .

    The UO Trace program is available here.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 5:43 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Safe Haven Mayor kidnapped; heroes wanted!
    Our new reporter, TigerLily, sent me the following parchment:
    A rescue effort is being calculated by the town of Safe Haven and other concerned citizens to wretch Safe Haven mayor Luxor from the clutches of The Undead Lords.

    Sunday night, a small band of champions, among them Lord Avitar, Dameon, Excalibur Grey and Jem Fire, set out across the swamps that separate Safe Haven from UDL's Castle of Souls.

    "Stay together," Dameon advised as the group neared the cold stone structure. The scent of warm human flesh drew out the carrion from inside and the contention erupted on the northern side of the castle. Dragons, pets of the would-be rescuers, laid low all that crossed their paths. Still, the evil forces kept coming, plunging headlong into the fray as if death was of little or no concern to them.

    Mayor Luxor appeared on the balcony with a handful of his captors. He addressed the clamoring forces below, though his words were inaudible above the din of the combat. Loud explosions pierced through the shouts and clanging steel and the ground seemed to vibrate as the mayor's body collapsed in a fragmented, bloody heap. The kidnappers leered down in amusement at the corpse before uniting spirit with flesh so that the mayor walked again. This show of power seemed to be for the benefit of the onlookers, though there was no pause in the fighting.

    Keeping close to the castle walls, I crept around to the southern entrance, waiting near the outer door. I stood there for a good while, hoping someone inside would notice me. Two orcs entered the anteroom and I attempted to communicate with them who I was and that I wished to speak with their leader. Despite the language barrier, I somehow managed to convey my spiel and a woman appeared at the courtyard door saying, "Let her in."

    Just inside the door, I saw him - Mayor Luxor. He was wan and fragile, dried blood caked in the corners of his mouth and the rims of his nostrils. All around us, the Undead Lords in various degree milled about, almost apathetic to my presence, knowing I presented no threat to them or their stronghold. I tried to ignore them as they ignored me, focusing my attention on the man shaking before me. I helped him to a seat and leaned close that I might hear his delicate voice.

    "Have you learned what you need to know?" Luxor queried, his head tilting as though he were listening to some voice far away as he spoke with me.

    "I am afraid I have not learned much of anything."

    Luxor began his tale, "I have been fighting the wars for many moons. I started the city of Coventry when this world was young and we had a simple rule: If you were a murderer, you could not enter our fair city. I was the mayor of this town. Under the constant attacks from those of an evil nature, the town fades away. It still exists, but not in its old glory. At one point, we had 5 of the Top 10 guilds in Coventry, all pure of heart.

    "I am but a simple merchant," he continued, his eyes struggling to keep themselves locked with mine, clearly drawn to another direction, "with no combat skills. I went into hiding when the dark forces grew too strong. I have recently come out of retirement and won a hard-fought battle to become mayor of Safe Haven. We have a policy of neutrality. I learned my lessons from past experience. Most of the [killers] of this world respect the SH policy, but not all. Recently, UDL kidnapped me. Last Friday night, to be exact. The powers of Old Skulls was too much for me to resist and I was forced to commit the act that I have fought against for so long - murder. My heart cried out with each 'Corp Por'."

    I could not keep my jaw from hanging on its hinge. "Who did you murder?!"

    He shook his head, heavy with remorse. "I know not who. Simple, innocent townspeople."

    "I am confused," I admitted, trying hard to comprehend. "You were put under some sort of enchantment which forced you to do this, but you recall the events?"

    "Yes," Luxor confirmed. "I cannot explain the event. It is all like a bad dream and I fear my soul is lost, except that I am still fighting and have not given up hope, but the darkness is coming fast and the light is dimming." His eyes twinkled slightly for a split second. Had I blinked, I would have missed it. "But, I have found a weakness in Myrkul. He is powerless against those that are pure of heart. Those who have never shed blood cannot be harmed by the vile, and they are my only hope for freedom from these walls."

    His voice dropped low and he drew nearer to me, whispering so quietly, I strained to hear. "I have heard word that a mighty force is coming together in Safe Haven on Tuesday night, at 6 pm PST. The merchant army shall assemble, but I fear that time is short. Tell my story to those who will listen. Tell them that all is not lost, but that I am fading fast. Tell them I am sorry for my sins, but the power of Myrkul is strong."

    A chill snaked its way up my spine as a man in a dark kilt hovered near us suddenly. This was the one they called Lector, second in command. His eyes peered out from inside his helm, onyx beads accented by orange pinpoint reflections of the torchlight. He regarded us with cool interest, presumably curious as to why our voices had taken on hushed tones. His head nodded slightly toward the door, a subtle gesture to me that it might be a good time to take my leave. He dropped a gloved hand onto Luxor's shoulder, a reminder that he would not be coming with me.

    "Luxor here is a politically powerful man," the steely voice stated as his fingers dug firmly into the flesh beneath them. I saw Luxor shift, no doubt in pain. "He wishes peace in his city. In order for him to attain peace, he must learn of our ways and meet our god Myrkul, so that Myrkul can show him the true truth of Sosaria. 'Old Skull', 'Lord of the Bones' is a fearsome god, stuck in the Netherplanes, at war with many gods. His strength comes from the souls we send him, to fight the other gods and eventually break through to Sosaria, where his reign will come down upon all the mortals and nonbelievers."

    He nodded again towards the door, not as indirectly this time, and I knew I had to go. Luxor reached out for my hand, an old friend I had never known until this night, and I held it with firm, gentle kindness. "Lord mayor, you will be in my thoughts," I assured him.

    Brushing his swollen and bruised lips against my hand, he said softly, "Thank you. You are my only hope. Spread the word and perhaps I will be able to return to the land of the mortals."

    My promise is hereby kept. You have heard the tale, friends, and are now called upon to take up arms to free this kind and gentle man from his soulless captors. Safe Haven awaits you, battle plans scattered over the tavern tabletops and the tower a hive of buzzing hornets preparing to strike. To arms, good citizens, to arms!

    Thankee, m'lady! And may the Mayor be kept from ills and be returned to city of Safe Haven unharmed.
    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 5:31 AM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Pub Night in Evermore
    This invitation arrived this afternoon:

    Hail all fine citizens!

    Evermore will be hosting its first Evermore Pub Night at the Swordcoast Tavern on Wednesday, April 19, beginning at 8:00 PM (Central).

    Meet the Mayor of Evermore, the Duke of Evermore, the Evermore Guards, and other citizenry whilst drinking a glass of our famous ale or munching on some fine roasted pigeth or fish steaks. There will be a few surprises and prizes for those that come!

    Evermore is located east of Britain and West of Cove on the coastline, just northeast of the great peninsula. Gates will be provided from the East Bank in Britain beginning at 7:45. Transportation will be provided back to a bank of your choice.

    -Christian Kendrick, Duke of Evermore

    Thanks, Christian!

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 2:49 AM EDT by Penelope Huggins (LakeSuperior)

    Character Names in UO
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Character Names in Ultima Online

    We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that inappropriate (racist, discriminatory, sexually explicit, derogatory, or offensive in any way) names are in violation of both the spirit of the Ultima Online community and the Ultima Online Service Agreement. As such, we urge that you take the time to delete any characters on your account that have names that may be considered inappropriate.

    This warning extends to guild titles as well. If you are a member of a guild and have an inappropriate guild title, it is your responsibility to change the guild title (if you are the guildmaster), or have your guildmaster change it for you. Guildmasters are responsible for the titles associated with their guild members and will be held accountable for inappropriate guild titles. If you are unable to contact your guildmaster, then you should resign from the guild to remove the title.

    Please be aware that if we find characters on your account with inappropriate names or guild titles, your account will be subject to discipline and may be subject to permanent suspension.

    For detailed information on language considered inappropriate for Ultima Online, please review the Ultima Online Rules of Conduct by clicking here.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 2:00 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Vesper Town Council Seeks Marines
    *VESPER NEEDS MEN & WOMEN TO JOIN!!* Hail To All Men and Women of Vesper and Britannia!

    We now face dark times..times of war..the enemy is gathering to strike us hard. Already some cities are engaged in war..both Yew and Moonglow are engaging in a war with The Stormreaver Orc Clan. Major evil forces are now combining to destroy what is good and true. The Cult of Infernal Necromancy (Ncr), The Clan of Deceit (Dct), Sequax Libertas (SL) and many more to follow as they band together as their evil plans of controlling our fair cities! Thus, I, Boltar BlackStone, Marine Captain of the Marines of Vesper, make a call to arms!!

    ALL able bodied men or women come join us and our Marine Ranks, Cadets are needed to defend and protect our famed naval city and aid the forces of light against the oncoming darkness. All of those of brave and kind of heart, I call thee to join now with the Light. Soon there may be no chance, so I beseach thee, act now. Armor and equipment shall be given upon 2nd week of joining our Forces, and training will be harsh and grueling.


    Future Cadets Must contact me (Cpt.Boltar )Via Falcon(ICQ):8501498 OR
    email: [email protected]
    Walk in Light

    Boltar Blackstone,
    Captain, Vesper Marine Forces of Vesper
    under the Kind Command of Lord Thoma Valient, Chairman of the Vesper Council.

    Thankye, Boltar, for this update.
    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 1:44 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    LaLady Captured, Yew Milita Routed

    LaLady captured; Yew Militia routed:

    The evening light was making its final stand against the darkness when the events of last night began to unfold. I stood in the StormReaver camp within Yew watching them collect tolls from those that were unlucky enough to be within their land. Then from behind the orcish hut came a West Yew Militia woman by the name of LaLady. She ran into orcish fort and froze in the company of the orcs. I grinned as the orcs surrounded her and prepared to strike. I decided it might be best to save this child from a certain death. So I stepped forward and gave her the option of death by orcs or to be my prisoner. She quickly decided and I opened a blue door to Cove.

    We walked from the gate and into the harbor area of Cove. The mist from the sea was beginning to flow over the docks and the sun was fading away. I moved quickly to get her to the watch tower to the north. I smiled as Solidus came to assist me in the matter and he took watch at the door. I had little time to talk with LaLady before a squad of Yew militia charged up the path to the watch tower and blocked us in. Krythan the leader of the squad pushed Solidus out of the way and charged in. I was surrounded...I ran upstairs and whom followed me? It was Nai Asonod an Elven royal soldier. The Yew folk made demands but, I asked the Militia to stand outside and as the door closed I ran upstairs and prepared a gate to Yew. The Yew not so easily tricked ran inside and charged upstairs. They pushed me out of the way and sent her through a gate to Yew.

    Upon entry to Yew I grabbed her horse and ran deep into the forest of Yew. I held her in the council hall of Yew for a time till more reinforcements arrived. Nai Asonod arrived but could do nothing to change my mind and Selen quickly gated us off to the orc fort in Yew. As we began to put her into a more stable home Cid arrived with many of the orcs. Even zenda of OES came to keep a guard of this girl. Yew arrived rather quickly and a battle followed. Several orcs fell along with Solidus but, the forces of Yew were overwhelmed by our numbers and retreated. The day was ours and we held LaLady for the night. Victory was ours. Day turned to night and I left for my night quarters.

    Malicite, SL

    Thankye, foul one, for this news.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 1:26 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Client Patch 2.00
    The following was just posted to the FYI section of the Ultima Online web site:
    We will be releasing a client patch today at approximately 11:00AM CT. This patch includes the final changes and features necessary to accommodate the UO: Renaissance features. Please note that some of these features and changes may not be active until Renaissance is published to your shard.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:
    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].
    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 12:55 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Paws Elemental Night Threatened!
    If Napa Valley had News of the Weird this might fall under that category. Not only do we have giant serpents appearing on the roof of the Britain bank, but there was a report of a 'clover-colored wolf' sent to us a couple of weeks ago we're still checking on. What's next? Fish falling from the sky?

    Paws Outpost is WARNED To Discontinue Elemental Night!

    Every Wednesday evening, for the past six months, Paws Outpost, located just south of Vesper, along with many people throughout the land of Sosaria, has conducted what it calls, "Elemental Training Night." Realizing its popularity, it was decided at the last minute to initiate an added event last evening. So, on Saturday night, the 16th of April, people from all corners of the world gathered in Paws Outpost for an elemental training session.

    The night was proceeding as usual, while mages and warriors alike built and perfected their skills. Food was available for all. The town was full of casters and the elementals filled the streets. When suddenly, approximately 20 minutes into the evening, a strange looking creature never before seen in our lands appeared amidst the crowd! I had never laid eyes on a creature such as this before. It resembled a water elemental, but it was different. As I blinked in disbelief, I could see that it was not blue in color, but gold colored!? Those who were sparring just moments earlier had suddenly stopped to gaze upon this unusual creature. I thought to get closer to it and perhaps get a better look. Moving toward it ever so slowly, I discovered it was called, "Ariss, Lord of Elementals." My first instinct was to flee, but for some reason I stood very still as did the others. With all eyes fixed upon it, cautiously awaiting its next move, it called out to all that were present. In a low, deep, gravely voice, it spoke in a slow, deliberate manner which rumbled the air around us as it bellowed,


    With that the crowd of people rushed in after it, and before I could comprehend the rustling around me, it had vanished as suddenly as it had appeared. What was this?! An elemental which speaks? Surely no mage could have summoned such a creature! With a sigh of relief in finding no one fatally injured, I realized we had all just been warned of some impending doom should we continue summoning and slaying elementals. I, for one, was glad to see it leave. But as I began to gather my thoughts, a swarm of elementals came crashing in on the shocked crowd from all directions!

    Immediately a fierce battle ensued. Elementals were everywhere. Yet we were large in number and before too long, we were able to slay the monsters and the mayhem soon ended. With little energy left, I walked over to a nearby building and slumped against the wall for support. As I report these events to you now, so many questions fill my mind. Will these creatures return? What did this all mean? Was this a warning of more heinous things to come? Can we no longer perform our elemental training sessions as we have for so many months? Surely we cannot give into threats such as this!

    We are bewildered at what may come of the threats and attack made on us by Ariss and his minions that awful night. But we do know, that we will NOT forego the training for our fellow Sosarians worldwide and thus will continue to summon elementals at our designated time despite the warnings made by this enraged creature who calls himself, "Ariss, Lord of Elementals." Therefore, this upcoming Wednesday, on the 19th of April at 8 p.m. PST, Paws Outpost will once again continue its tradition of "Elemental Training Night."

    We pray that Ariss does not return to inflict havoc upon us and our land, for these creatures were much stronger, more vicious, and fought unlike any creature known throughout all of Sosaria! Should they return this Wednesday we can only hope that enough strong and brave men and women are present to assist us in thwarting off their attack!

    -Hammerhead Fred, Neko, and the People of Paws Outpost.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 12:09 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    New Pacific News Staff Reporter
    Hail, my name is Dark One, and I look forward to getting the latest news right to you. I travel the lands seeking quests and important news you may not hear elsewhere. I can be found wandering through Yew and Magincia at times. Looking forward to serving you all!
    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 11:47 PM EDT by Dark One (Pacific)

    Winners of the Flaming Crescent Lottery Announced
    Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

    Let it be known that the winners of the Flaming Crescent Lottery are:

    Viper, of Bucs Den huffed loudly as he (and I) hauled away over 300 stones of finery!

    (Lottery #1)

    Chest containing: Various magical weapons,armor,jewelry and clothing. MINIMUM NPC vendor sell value is over 5000 gold! (Much more on the player market!) There are various reflect, protection, silver, and enchanted type items.

    Congratulations Viper. I was more than happy to carry some of it for ye, and my back din' complain a bit the followin morn...

    Freefall and Kalak of Britain, The Lords of Light Guild won these items:

    (Lottery #2)

    Chest containing: House decorations! Paintings,semi to rare items including 3+ POTTED PLANTS,a gold metal box, horseshoes, hanging herbs, and more. The player market puts this value at OVER 15,000 gold!

    I even wanna point out that of all patrons visiting me tha night, these 2 were the only "survivors" of my reknown mongbat stew! (Hard stomachs these two have!)

    Lottery #3 (surprisingly) drew but 1 gentle to take a chance. I know who ye are and have a special something for you! The contents of this lottery will be carried over to next month!

    It had in it:

    (Lottery #3)

    Chest containing 2 GM Marked Valorite Plate sets (AR 36), 1 GM Marked Shadow Plate Set (AR 36) and 1 GM Marked Agapite Plate Set. I snuck in a Bronze set matching the above criteria a day after I posted the announcement. Player market valued at over 30,000 gold!

    Hanse the Blacksmith (my newphew) says allthough he doesn't mind havin to sweep the tavern floors, a sad day it be in Britannia when a smith's wares are looked past and he won't be a sweepin' forever!

    Thanks agin to all who participated and suffered my stories of Isle Lore, and *chuckles* -stew

    -Thadius, Tavern Keep, FCT

    Congratulations to all the winners!
    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 7:49 PM EDT by Brenna (Catskills)

    Player vs. Player Tournament (and free beer)


    Now that I've got your attention:

    The Notorious Company of Minstrels and the Icelandic Floating Community present: Battle Royale! Anything goes, come one, come all. Come red, come blue. 1000 gold per person entry fee. Last man standing gets the gold. This event will be held bi-weekly on Tuesday nights beginning April 25.

    Free food and ale at the NCM bar to all in attendance. This event will be held at the NCM tower just east of Brit. For directions to the event or general questions please contact Sur Noswal of the IFC. Icq #59581736

    Sounds like an exciting, new addition to our shard. Come and test your skills!

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 2:29 PM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Ivy's Auction set to be this Saturday

    Ivy's Expo Du Vin and Auction

    On Saturday, April 29, at 7 PST the Town of Ivy will be hosting a catered wine and cheese party followed by an Auction to celebrate the addition of Ivy's new PQM Museum. Gates to the event will be provided at both the East Bank of Britain and Moonglow Bank. The evening will start with a tour of the PQM Museum in Ivy and end with an auction atop the Ivy Tower. Please come and celebrate with us. Food, Wine, and Beverages will be included.

    Admission to the Auction is 1500 gold pieces; tickets will be available on a Vender at both the Ivy Tower as well as Ivy's "The Peoples Pub". Items such as Rares, Colored Armor, bags of magic weapons, etc. are some of the items to be auctioned off. Citizens who wish to have items placed on the Auction >List, should contact Velvet Jones with a description of the items, reserve price, and value. A 10% bidding fee will be assessed to the winning bid amount to a maximum of 50,000, whichever is less. Sellers will collect their winning bids at the conclusion of the Auction. All proceeds will go to the "Ivy Treasury" to help fund events, Tavern staff, etc. Patrons donating items or having an item in the Auction will be granted free admission to the Expo.

    If you have an item to auction or wish to make a donation, please contact Velvet Jones of Ivy via the Ivy website at A complete list of items will be posted on the Ivy website in the coming week and all items will be displayed on the roof of the Ivy Tower.

    -Velvet Jones of Ivy

    Be sure to check out this event, this upcoming saturday, and good luck with the auction!

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 2:05 PM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Getting to know your Shard reporter
    Those of you who read the stratics post, we thank you for your interest. But today we would like to ask, how many of you actually know your shard reporter? Not many, I gather. After reading Stratics for quite a few months, and now becoming part of the team, and talking with some of the reporters, I feel they should be acknowledged for their works.

    The Aiglos Interview:

    "What is your main character's name, and what is he/she?"
    "Aiglos, and he is a Drow Mage."
    "Dark Elf, Moriquendi."

    "What are your hobbies?"
    "Killing Monsters, Writing Stories, and drinking at Taverns and Bars...and looking for a bride."
    "Watch out ladies. He's single. =P"

    "How old are you?"
    "I've been in the lands of Britania for many, many moons, I can't even remember my own age."

    "When did you first get involved with UO?"
    "A little after it was first released."

    "What is your favorite part of UO?"
    "Hmmm, it's hard to define parts of this wonderful land, but I guess you could say living along side others and having to work with them, and enjoying it the whole time."

    "What, in your opinion, is the best skill in UO? (Most useful, most powerful, funniest, and so on.)"
    "Probably Magery, it comes in handy in all situations, and is not too hard to learn."

    "What are your thoughts on PK's, NPK's, PKK's and Thiefs?"
    "They are all part of our land, who am I to tell them how to live their lives, although I personally don't take part in those professions, they are respectable professions none the less."

    "When did you get your job here at UOSS?"
    "Oh my, I can't quite remember exactly, it's been many months, perhaps August of 99?"

    "Do you enjoy being a reporter for UOSS, what is your favorite part of the job?"
    "Yes, I thoroughly enjoy it.
    My favorite part of the job would have to be reporting on different events, 'tis nothing quite like it, in the world."

    "What is the normal day of a UOSS reporter like?"
    "Well, you wake up, and check your mail to see if there's anything that needs to be posted. Then you wander around the world a little, searching for anything that might be noteworthy to mention; and then, you check your schedule, and see if there is anything that you should be attending to report on; and if there isn't, then you go hunting or something of the sort."


    "Any other words of wisdom or shout outs for the readers?"
    "Hmmm, naut really, just that if you ever have any news, feel free to submit to us, we will cover it and make it public as best we can."

    The Juffa Interview:

    "What is your main character's name, and what is he/she?"
    "Her name is Juffa Archui. She is a mage, and a tailor, but, above all, the coordinator of a tavern and a player community." (Gathered Spirits player run community) Gathered Spirits Homepage

    "What are your hobbies?"
    "I love nothing better than running an event, spending an hour tending the bar and discussing the state of our world and also enjoy light hunting. Everything from a quiet stroll to a long journey that involves discovering our world and her people will be an activity I love."

    "How old are you?"
    "Thirty one years of age."

    "When did you first get involved with UO?"
    "Just over two years ago."

    "What is your favorite part of UO?"
    "Player interaction. The ability to communicate to hundreds of other characters in a rich roleplaying environment is the true magic of our world."

    "What, in your opinion, is the best skill in UO? (Most useful, most powerful, funniest, and so on.)"
    "Magery is a very useful skill, indeed, and has become the cornerstone of travel in our land. At the same time, I love tailoring and always appreciate a good bard. :)"

    "What are your thoughts on PK's, NPK's, PKK's and Thiefs?"
    "Murderers and thieves play an important role as the forces of evil and/or chaos in our land, and I have much respect for those that roleplay murderers and thieves, making their unique contribution to our land. I despise those that abuse the logics of the game, such as "NPKs", for personal ends."

    "When did you get your job here at UOSS?"
    "I joined UOSS late last year."

    "Do you enjoy being a reporter for UOSS, what is your favorite part of the job?"
    "I enjoy it very much! I haven't had as much time to dedicate to my reporter job over the last few weeks, but I'm looking forward to resuming my duties soon. My favourite part is that it involves discovering things about our world I would have previously never known."

    "What is required of a reporter for UOSS?"
    "A reporter should have excellent communication skills, a good knowledge of the shard, good roleplaying skills, and should be actively involved in the online community in any capacity."

    "Any other words of wisdom or shout outs for the readers?"
    "Remember to send in your news and thoughts so the Pacific News Team (especially the new reporters!) can publish news and events to develop a thriving Pacific community." "I'd have to agree, please send us some news. (not too much though) =P"

    There you have it folks. These poor souls have toiled long and hard to bring you the news, I just thought they should be recognized. We all thank you for your time and efforts to bring the news to the people. *Applause*

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 1:53 PM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    The death of a scourge..and the death of a hero

    Ku Kullin's War Journal: April 17, 2000

    Another quiet day at Dragon's bay, again. I had managed to find a few lizardmen to play with, when a TUR came to the town, named Helper. He helped me fight the lizardmen when Mogar and Samus arrived to help ( I needed help against lizards?)

    Anyway, he told us that the Red Lich, Akron was making his move...something about using a relic called the dream sickle to open a pathway to another world. I didn't give an ogre's backside what he was doing, the idea was that he was another undead monster that needed to be sent back to the void head first. I recalled to the TUR village to be nearly run over by what appeared to be a large fiery red bird. It was the Phoenix, Atross, which Red William spouted about all the time. Now that I got a look at the large bird, I could see why he was so impressed.

    Atross vocally questioned where Akron was as well, and we set our notes together while we waited for the advanced scouts. It wasn't long before the TUR chieftain came back with the scouts to tell us the location of Akron's location. The Yew Crypts. Sounded like a good time to pay the undead a visit.

    A gate was opened and again I was nearly bowled over by the Phoenix (who seemed more eager to face the undead then I...I liked him). The scouts led the way and we came to the crypts where the Red Lich was performing his ritual. We were quickly attacked by a large group of spectres and skeletons. Child's play to seasoned warriors. I was paying more attention to the conversation going on with Atross and Akron. The phoenix demanded he face the lich alone in combat. A fight of honor was to be given, in accordance to virtue. I knew the Phoenix was outmatched, but he had to settle things with the lich: this same lich slew many of his kin and sought to return to finish the job.

    I watched as the phoenix and lich traded spell for spell, claw for claw. The Phoenix fought with the strength of ten men and the lich met him blow for blow. One young upstart, a ranger named Tristram, thrusted his way into the battle to help Atross. It was not surprising to hear Atross scold him away: Bad blood was between the lich and the phoenix and only a battle to the death would quench his thirst for vengance.

    Unfortunately, Atross was not to win, and the lich finally slew him with a great fireball. Many of the humans there recoiled in disbelief as Atross breathed his last. was our turn to avenge the death of the phoenix. I drew my warfork and with a warcry, lunged forward, following the horde of mages, archers, and swordsman who went before me. The Lich summoned undead by the score and hellhounds by the cord, but that didn't stop the heroes from tearing, slashing and hurling bolts of energy upon his undead hide. I chased him as long as I could until he managed to drive the winds upon me...I blacked out for what felt like an eternity.

    When I came to, I rushed to the crypts. There, next to the body of the phoenix, laid the lich, Akron, his undead existence snuffed out. Everyone stood around the bodies and hardly said a word. I could see tears in many of their eyes...had I tears left in my eyes, I'd have shed them too. This victory was a hollow one, for the phoenix, Atross, was dead along with him. The phoenix sacrificed everything to save our people from the lich, knowing he could never come home, and yet he continued.

    Tristram commented on how much of a waste it was...he died for nothing. "Thou art a fool!" I replied back, and turned to head home.

    Tonight I place a candle at the altar of the Gold one, in honor of a creature that was ten times braver then I could ever be. I for one understood him...his quest for fight the evil that plagued his life. His life mirrored my own. This night, I honor the memory of the phoenix, Atross of the clan Red Feather.

    Soar high upon the wings of heaven, noble phoenix.


    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 1:17 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Pirate Attack on Skara Brae
    El Cheme sent us the following peice of news regarding the Pirate's attack on Skara Brae.
    Tonight, as I was stocking the vendors at my store, I heard the harsh sound of metal on metal. Quickly I stopped in my tracks and strained to hear more. I heard muffled cries for help and screams of agony. I ventured closer to the vendors when two warriors on horse back burst out the bushes. Chasing them were 2 people that appeared to be pirates. Fearing the worst I quickly ran to the store to see if any harm had come to my vendors. As I approached I could hear the sound of a full battle raging. Fearing the worst once again, I approached the steps. Fortunately no harm had come to them. I quickly ran inside and was met by Soul Walker. He had heard that a band of pirates had landed on the mainland near Skara Brae near the Ranger Hall. He had feared the worst so had come to keep the vendors safe. Now that he saw me he was going to join the battle. He quickly ran out of the house, jump on his horse, and spurred it into movement. The last I saw was him travelling north east to the sound of the battle.

    I waited with anticipation for word as to what happened. All the time I could hear the clang of metal and screams of agony. From time to time I could see warriors chasing pirates and pirates chasing warriors.

    After what seemed an eternity, Soul Walker came back. He told a story of many brave warriors falling in battle, being brought back to life, only to fall in battle again. Eventually the captain of the pirates, Kara, soon joined the battle. Quickly he was spotted and set upon like rabid wolves by the nearest warriors. Soon Kara fell and the brigands retreated.

    This is all I know of the events tonight. I thought the people of Skara brae should be informed of this brazen affront.

    El Cheme
    Crusader's General Store
    Skara Brae

    Thankyou El Cheme, it was truly a bizare attack.
    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 12:25 PM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Pizza & Ale Party!
    The joint is popping at Eli Sambrook's as of late. All you swingers out there that missed the first event should try to catch this one.

    Hail and Well Met!

    This is Eli Sambrook of the Sambrook Brewery and Winery writing to thank each and everyone of you that came to opening night! It was a great success. We look forward to having everyone back. I also wanted to write to let everyone know that this Tuesday night at 8pm pst, we will be having a Pizza and Ale party with entertainment from the Master Bard, Thomas Songbird.

    Also, the next week we will be holding a poetry contest. So all of you poets get your best out. Details to be announced later this week.

    Thank you again!

    Master Brewer, Eli Sambrook - Sambrook Brewery and Winery

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 11:32 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Grimoire Fight Night Results!
    Grimoire Friday Fight Night Results!! April 14

    Congratulations to Odin, who was the last man standing at the Grimoire Bar Fight! Odin won the loot of the fallen combatants and a silver war hammer of power, with charges as a bonus from Grimoire.

    The turn out was great and there were many duels after the bar fight. Thanks to the staff, the participants, and the lively audience.

    See ya next week.

    Lost-Event Coordinator

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 11:25 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Undead appear in Magincia
    We have recieved the follow:
    Hail - following is ther notice of healer overspawn, the same is happening in Magincia, though on Saturday evening several waves of the undead appeared in the city near the bank seriously rattling this otherwise placid location. Liches and Bone Magi along with countless minions surprised the local populace casing many of them to expire and seek out the waves of wandering healers recently arrived.

    Hmmm it's almost like the healers knew something was afoot ..

    Waterhouse, Martin P

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 9:29 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Troll attack in Vesper
    We received the following report:
    There was a troll attack in Minoc - never before seen. It started about 1:45 this morning and lasted until about 2:00. I was standing with my friend just north of the bank when the trolls suddenly appeared. There were at least 20 of them and approximately 5 people were killed out right. There may have been more but I may not have seen them. I am proud to say that all the Warriors in Minoc that night (and several who weren't) quickly gathered to defeat the trolls. Many worked together to take down their adversary and offered aid to those of us without defense.

    Dearro of Moh

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 6:47 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

    Massive undead uprising at Cemetery in Britain today
    We received the following reports of a massive uprising of undead forces in the Cemetery north of Britain:
    There was a invasion-attempt in Brittain. Two men in black clothes ran to the bank screaming: "please we need help at the cemetary, there's an invasion". Since it was very early in the morning not many people were around, but everybody ran to the cemetary as fast as they could.

    I grabbed my silver spear and went there almost naked, because there was no time to put on some good armor. When I arrived at the smith up north, just below the cemetary, allready two people had died trying to defend Britain. An other was being attacked by a lich lord and a handful of shades. I helped him as much as I could healing him all the time. He told me 5 other people were in more need of help, they were at the cemetary themselves.

    Running up to the cemetary with two friends I saw total chaos. Bone knights, Bone magi, Liches, Lich Lords, Shades, Zombies, Normal Skeletons. A small group of attackers was hiding in one of the buildings. Me and the others tried to work our way to them, but before we could another spawn was behind us. I didn't have much magic resistance, so while I ran to safety, a lich lord got hold of me and I died. A friend resurrected me in safety, and loaned me a weapon, and we went back trying to get to my body. After about 15 minutes the last skeleton was dropped. There were no more spawns, neither had we seen any sign of Marabele or one of her companions. Many were lying dead in the cemetary, but even more undead littered the place. One of my friends ran to the flag adorning the west of the cemetary saying: "We win".

    And so we did.......for now.

    report of Seven of Nine

    and this report as well...
    I was just coming home from a small hunting session with fellow fighter Titan. I was outside Britain smithy talking to some my smith friends. Fellow hunting partner Kull also turned up. After a very short time, a mass of grey names appeared on the graveyard side of the smithy. The sight which came next was horrible...

    The first spawn twos nasty, Liches, many skeletons. The second spawn was worse, 2 Liche Lords, many skeletons many liches, and 7 Spectre's also were seen heading down the road from the graveyard.

    Many warriors left to work, while I did my best to heal my friends. Kull the brave warrior died fighting off a lich lord and 2 liches. The smith Seven slew countless others. But still the spawns came.

    The whole of the area around the smithy was filled with the bodies of dead comrades and those of the evil undead.

    I worked to establish a party to exterminate, but spawns kept coming Britain was on the brink of falling...

    The decision was made, we gathered as much help as possible and headed up towards the graveyard to take the beasts head on. We were greeted by Bone Knights and more skeletons and yet more spectres. Some died but we pressed on.

    Once in the graveyard, it turned into hell. The undead appeared from everywhere. Liches, Bone Magi, Bone Knights. It was horrible, many brave souls were slain. Finally, the best were driven off....

    Yet they came again...

    We were once again by the smithy all talking about the massive fight when 3 spawns of rats and lizards came in a row. Also spawning behind the smithy cutting off our escape. many of even the finest warriors were slain, mages were trapped and slaughtered. As we fought back, desperate to save Britain, yet more appeared, and more and more, despite all of my determination I thought that Britain would become the new Trinsic...

    Aye the beasts were driven back, but at the greatest cost yet. The streets of Britain were a mass of dead lizards and rats, but the bodies of dead comrades lay ad mists the carnage. Thought Britain, men and women fought for there very lives, many died. I helped those that I could but alas I could not save everyone.

    The day was won, and at a guess, Minax has been thwarted again, but at such cost. Never have I seen so many friends die... The battle lasted over 2 hours, but Britain is saved again. I thank thee all who helped save are humble city. It was an honour fighting by your sides...

    Tugor, Lake Superior.

    Thanks for the reports.
    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 6:45 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Hunting party website opens
    We received the following announcement regarding a new website for creating hunting parties, specifically aimed at the features of UO:R:
    My name is Talonis Scar and I have been on chesapeake for 2 years and am now residing on Lake Superior. I have a new site dedicated entirely to forming huning parties. It is quite simple and not a lot of extras but I believe this will draw a lot of companions together. My site is at This site is not a guild .. but a society of brethern. Hopefully this will bring us all together in the Renaissance coming up.

    Thanks, Talonis Scar

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 6:40 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Willow Almoren to host protest
    We received the following announcement:
    Willow Almoren is hosting a protest for red players, blues are welcome too, the protest is about statloss and how many feel that it is a waste of their money and time, and that you cant play a game that punishes you in real life, why pay 10$ a month to sit in your house dead or even just red wasteing your time and money is what it is, this is not an in game issue so much as a real issue. I want to unite all the reds in the realm together and protest this. Make OSI HEAR our voices..... The majority of players are blues and have not even been red we are a minority and there for discriminated by any votes about stat loss.

    Saturday the 22nd of April I will have people providing gates to the City of Shadows also known as Shadow Mire. The gates will be opening outside trinsic west gate at 8:30 p.m central time, outside Britain west entrance 8:45 p.m(Central), outside moonglow at 8:50 p.m (central) and finally buccs near the bank at 9:00 p.m (Central) All are welcome to attend and any who wish to help with this cause are welcome please feel free to contact Willow Almoren icq# is 52061941 (she will be glad to help if you need some help getting to Shadow Mire)

    Thanks, and good luck
    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 6:38 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    New reporter tours Siege
    As I was relaxing this morning in the hot sun, I received this scroll from my good friend and new reporter, TigerLily:

    Greetings, Max!

    I arrived in Britain a few days ago and immediately set about the task of establishing contacts and reading the vast amount of literature you'd suggested. This isn't quite the uncivilized jungle I'd expected it to be; I'm pleasantly surprised.

    I met a young woman by the name of Sara Gules, who was kind enough to offer me a tour of the local townships and establishments. Our party consisted of Lady Sara, her friends Crystal, Salo, and George Taylor, my companion Jaq and myself. Our first stop was Trinsic.

    You'd warned me that murderers run rampant in these lands, so I was not immediately wrought with fear when a sinister-looking fellow lurched towards us on horseback. I had seen his portrait among the Most Wanted bulletins and the name was so unusual it stuck with me: Perlaze of The Guardian's Chosen. As we drew near, I heard him chanting sounds even my limited knowledge of the arcane arts recognized as words of power for a harmful spell. I spoke quickly as I could, introducing myself.

    "Hello, Per," I offered. "I am TigerLily, the new reporter from Stratics."

    His pleasant response startled me more than his initial appearance did. I had not expected him to be cordial. "Nice to meet you."

    I told him that Sara and her mates were giving me a tour of the lands, asking what his favorite spots were so that I would be sure and see it.

    His eyes seemed to shine for a moment, perhaps as he was recalling the mayhem and destruction of the lifestyle he had chosen for himself and apparently enjoyed. "I make a large profit in Deceit from dead UDL and KGB. That would definately be up there. Shame is also an eventful place."

    Considering that earlier in the day I found myself stopping to consider if the potential danger in fighting a rabbit would outweigh the hunger in my belly and opted for bread instead, I knew these places were far beyond my capabilities at this point, but filed the information away for future reference. Perlaze invited us to stay and watch him battle some of the townsfolk, but I did not wish to delay my gracious tour guides and bid him farewell.

    Sara showed me the damage left by Minax and her minions upon the structures of the town, particularly the heavy disfigurement of the town's meeting hall. Hiking around through the rubble, I accidentally stepped into an unseen hole and found myself in a strange cavern, the sounds of hideous creatures piercing my ears. I frantically searched for the way out and found myself back in Trinsic's rubble, grateful to see my new friends looking at me with amused smirks, knowing what my discovery had been and how it must have startled me.

    Salo was saddened by the site of what he called "the pit" in Trinsic, so we set out for happier surroundings. We found them at The War and Roses Tavern, southwest of the Hedge Maze. Sara told me that the pub was staffed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It was empty tonight, save for the presence of an evil priest of Mondain named Mark, who was not exactly a lively conversationalist.

    We journeyed a bit south and found "The Orchid, A Tavern and Boutique". Inside the lavishly decorated establishment, we paused to rest for a moment before pressing on to the next, which was Mom's Bar and Grill. Unfortunately, again, we found the proprietor was unavailable. I did find the ultra-pink bedroom, however. It was extremely pink. I wondered if there were a "Dad" and, if so, how he felt about it.

    "Apparently, there is a mission to save Luxor running from Safe Haven shortly," Salo said as we prepared to visit Safe Haven next. Sara told me a bit of the recent hardships that had befallen the fledgling hamlet, that the mayor, Luxor, had been captured by the Undead Lords. They had demanded no ransom and the reason for the kidnapping was still unknown.

    Theoretically, the city of Safe Haven was meant to be a neutral zone in the wilderness, welcoming all factions, religions, and varieties of persons. It lies to the east of the Shrine of Compassion, a fitting place for a town such as this. The volunteer guardians of the city, George Taylor illuminated, did a fine job of upholding the primary principle of Safe Haven and that rule is "No killing inside its boundaries.

    That is, until the mayor was abducted.

    As we stood in Ginafea's Shaggery, a dark man appeared, saying in a low timbre, "Be at peace. My thirst is not strong." The light from the torches glinted off two noticeably sharp points just touching his bottom lip like icicles resting over a red velvet cushion. "I am Midnight Toker. A Day Walker."

    Day Walker? Day Walker? Where had I heard that? My mind raced through its information banks and found it: Day Walker- a vampyric sort with the ability to travel in the daylight hours. I am sure there is more to the definition, but that was all I felt I needed to know at this point. Mr. Toker was an affiable sort, for a vampire, I suppose, and he presented no danger to us. He, too, spoke of the captive mayor and his personal efforts to rescue him.

    Evil winds breezed through the quiet town, carrying in several bad seeds, known as henchmen of the Undead Lords. Our party scattered, attempting to save themselves and the township. I sought the last protected place I knew, the Shaggery, and hid inside the door. One of the Undead slaves, a pale young man with dark, hollow eyes, opened the doors and started inside. We were both aware of the other's presence and I, certainly, would be no match for him. I stammered an excuse before he could strike. "Wait!"

    He tilted his head to the side, perhaps curious to see what meager pleadings I would offer to spare myself. "Yes? Give me your reagents and I shall spare thee, human."

    "I am the new Stratics reporter. I have no reagents."

    He relaxed, shrugging his shoulders. "Ahh... okay... I shall leave thee, then."

    No one, it would seem, wants bad press. Even the vile. Amazed by this discovery, I hid again, just in case he changed his mind. I waited for what seemed an eternity, with no sight or sound of my companions. Cursed with curiosity that could kill a hoarde of cats, I ventured out into the deserted street, listening for battle cries or the gnashing of blades in combat. Ettins and other creatures roamed the open spaces there and I had to run from them, seeking shelter in various buildings. At last, I found Jaq and we hid together in a small shop, our eyes widening as we saw ghostly visages of our hosts floating past us.

    Finally, spirits and bodies were reunited and a group of would-be heroes assembled in the town proper. Dameon cast his eye over the tattered adventurers before him and said, "Who is not ready for battle?" George answered that his group, PoC, was not, and Sara asked that a gate to town be opened for them. Shuffling through my pack, I saw that I carried nothing of value and so I opted to remain and see what I could of the rescue mission.

    "So much for the tour," Sara sighed as she waited for the gate which would carry her back to the relative safety of a larger town. I thanked her and her friends for their kindness in shuffling Jaq and I around and we all expressed that we hoped to meet again wit a happier parting next time.

    Your advisements to me were well given, Max. This is a place unlike any other. I think I like it, though. I have more to tell about the kidnapped mayor and my visit to the UDL lair and will send that report to you shortly.

    Very truly yours,

    Thank ye, TigerLily .. and may your travel be a safe one, and may you be free from harm.
    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 6:32 AM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Another UO:R Update
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Renaissance Publish Update

    We are moving into final testing for the Ultima Online: Renaissance publish and firmly believe that through the exceptional efforts and assistance of the UO community during this period, the Renaissance publish will be a smooth, quality experience. We will be opening the Test Sonoma and Test Chesapeake shards later today and hope you will join us during our 'white glove' testing phase.

    At this time, we are planning to begin the publish with Sonoma shard, returning this shard from its Wednesday, April 19th maintenance period with the publish active. We will then monitor the Sonoma shard closely and, barring any difficulties, will post a publish schedule for the remaining shards as soon as it is determined.

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 5:55 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Jacob the Druid returns
    Jacob the Druid has been involved in an on-going saga involving an orcish alliance, ancient jealousies and the people of Deepwater and Spiritwood. It seems that yesterday he returned to Deepwater:

    Hail friends! Yesterday (Sunday) evening, while after the last guest left the ol' Spiritwood Tavern, I felt like visiting my fellow bartender of the Owl's Eye Tavern in Deepwater, and mayhaps sell some of my finely crafted Staves or a barrel of fine Spiritwood Ale. I was feeling quite lazy this evening, so I bought some scrolls of recall, and set off for the Custodes Fati tower to use the runebooks therein.

    While I searched the runebooks for the right page, I silently whistled a tune, and finally read the scroll which would take me to my destination. Though, what awaited me in Deepwater, was a horrible scene, I can barely describe. Corpses scattered around all over the place, warriors and mages rushing around, striking at orcs with fierce weapons or deadly spells. I was in the midst of a battlefield!

    Well, I'm nay a skilled warrior nor a mighty mage, so I did what I thought would be best in such a situation - Run! I hid behind the bar of the Owl's Eye. To my surprise someone forgot a bottle of wine there, so I sat down poured me a drink and watched the battle. As soon as the guards arrived it was clear who would be victorious this evening. When the last orc was slain, I peered out of the doors, and witnessed a strange man, wearing red leather armor and a deer mask of the same color, riding into town.

    I heard about this man, named Jacob, who is a mysterious druid, involved in the quest to find the seven parts of an ancient Druid Staff. This Staff, which only can be seen by "Druid Sight" is rumoured to possess great power, and even open a portal to hell itself! Curious as I am, well, I'm a bartender after all, I joined the crowd surrounding Jacob, and tried to follow the conversation.

    Jacob addresses the people

    He spoke of the fallen Druid Daregard and his evil schemes to regain the Druid Staff, told that Daregard slew the leaders of the orcish clans allied to him, and that he is seeking the last parts of the staff to fullfill his destiny. Jacob warned us, that the Staff in Daregard hands would cause great devastation to our lands, and that he would return in two days to meet Daregard in a final confrontation. As fast as he came he disappeared, like melting with the woods, he simply vanished.

    It seems the day draws near, when either Jacob or Daregard will claim the Druid Staff, though I'm sure many brave Sosarians will join Jacob in his final crusade.

    Aranlindale, Barkeep of the Spiritwood Tavern

    Many thanks. I am not sure when Jacob will return - I suppose two days time from Sunday probably means Tuesday. A little more information about Jacob might be found by browsing some back issues of The Courant.

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 4:46 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Draconia suffers from Double Trouble

    This night, the people of the Cult of the Azure Dragons were struck twice in their city of Draconia. Ettins and evil sorcerers struck the city near the Britian Crossroads during the week, escalating tonight to an all out assault. This attack was led by a dark Ettin named Malkil, and the evil sorcerer Xintaria. Warriors and mages from CMG, CAD, OGD, and TUR led the counter attack against the onslaught, and managed to slay the Black Ettin. Xintaria vanished shortly after, cursing the heroes that she would return. The heroes rejoiced, thinking that they had slain the Leader of the attack and recovered the fragment of the tome; however, the revelry would not last. What was found was only half the tome of Humility. The other half of the tome was missing and assumed to be in Xintaria's possession. What the people of CAD had hoped was an end to this evil, only turned out to be dashed hopes as their pain continues on.

    Meanwhile, CAD and the city of Draconia waits for the next assault, which is guaranteed to be the worst attack yet.

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 3:38 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    The Stormreaver Clan Retrieve the Ettin Club
    This is the story of the Quest for the Ettin Club as told by Qog, a Captian in the Stormreaver Orc Clan. Tilf and Gilf

    Translated into humie by the scribe of Qog: I woke up today in the shack as I do every day, but little did I know that today would be different. I rose from my hiding place, ate a few fish steaks and set out to see what the runts were up to. As usual there were some annoying humies about the shack and some urks in the fort. I quickly rounded up the orcs and set upon slaying the urks. In a short time we finished off the urks and began to bore. I issued the runts some orders to train when I noticed the chief in the tower meeting with a dark ettin.

    I crept up the ramp to investigate, but alas I am not the sneakiest orc in the land and stepped on a rickety board. The cheif turned quickly and spoted me. To my suprise he was not angry. He waved me in and told me to listen to the ettin. The ettin told us a story of a special club being held by a man in Britain named Benjamin. He bid us orcs to go and retrieve this club and return to the fort with it. Grishnak turned to me and told me to gather a raiding party and head to the city. The orcs were gathered and a gate was opened, the orcs hurried through and found themselves infront of the east bank of Britain.

    I quickly dispatched a pigeon to let the chief know we had arrived safely, then set upon searching the city. I quickly divided the orcs into two groups, one following me and the other following the marauder Ugkurg. As we set out I seemed to step in every pile of mud that could be found in the city, so I sent the magic user Gurghlk ahead. He quickly returned to me reporting that he had found Benjamin and that he had the club. I Tilf and Gilfsent a pigeon to Ugkurg and set a path to the building were Benjamin was hiding. Upon arrival I found Benjamin fully armed and ready for a fight. After some shoving and exchanges of insults Benjamin made his way for the door. However, he was cut off by Ugkurg and his group who had finally made there way to the house. After some more shoving and insults, Benjamin was able to shove his way out of the building.

    He ran but made the mistake of running out of guard protection. The orcs attacked, but Benjamin was not alone, he had some human friends and the help of some elemental. The orcs battled bravely and dispatched all who opposed them. We then grabbed the club and ran through a gate back to the safety of the fort. The club was then delivered to the ettin. He thanked us for returning his club and talked of orcs and ettins joining together to raid humie cities. The orcs celebrated at there victory and drank into the night. All in all, it was a guda night.

    'Guda night' Indeed. An occasion for orcs and ettins to work together is certainly cause for concern friends. I would pay close attention to the Stormreaver Orc Clan, for if I were a betting man, I would bet this is one of many stories to come.

    Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 1:02 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Poetry Contest at the RedEye
    This announcement was sent in to me by McIntyre:

    All poets and bards alike, take notice. The Rose's Thorn Theatre Company proudly hosts the 4th Poetry Slam at the RedEye Tavern, this Wednesday, April 19th. The slam will start at 5pm PST (8pm EST). All poems and songs are welcome, but we ask that the works are kept under eight minutes as to allow for everyone to perform. For those who do not know where the RedEye is (two minutes from Trinsic, on the road to Britain), there will be a gate at 4:45pm PST from the Cat's Lair tavern in Britain to the RedEye. Please be prompt, as the Macky Express leaves on time.

    The winner of the slam will be crowned Grandmaster Poetry Slammer and Lord/Lady of the Throwdown.

    Hope to see you there! -McIntyre
    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 10:03 PM EDT by Ceridwen (NapaValley)

    Vesper rebels accuse British
    Accusations are flying between the Free Vesper Militia and Lord British's troops:

    Yesterday at the bank of Vesper, us, the Free Vesper Militia held a rally, to try to help explain what we are trying to do, and also to explain now Minax, who had corrupted me in a dream, has been ridden from my head. After the rally and the public apology to the Defenders of Vesper, we were subject to a brutal ambush.

    At first a number of Drow seemed to be spreading around the bank, I told a few of my men to take arms in case of an ambush, but we had no idea of what was to follow.

    Suddenly we heard the screams and shouts of a unorganised group of lord British's men. He demanded to speak with me, so I did. He charged me of treason and said I was under arrest. when I refused to go with him. He and his men, charged us. We were mostly unarmed, but our men ran to the bank and collected weapons. Only one of us fell, all of the Drow and British's men fell. A victory for Vesper, but Lord British attacking unarmed men? Sounds like he's the one breaking the Virtues.

    Sylis Larpt
    General of the Free Vesper Militia

    Many thanks.

    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 3:36 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Renaissance Publish Update
    The following was posted to the FYI section of the UO Web Site:
    Renaissance Publish Update Apr 16 2000 4:55PM

    The Renaissance publish will not be active on the Sonoma shard on Monday morning. In order to properly resolve some recently found issues, it will be necessary to delay the publish another day. We would like to express our thanks to the Test Sonoma and Test Chesapeake players for their assistance in finding these issues and reporting them to us.

    We are now targeting Tuesday, April 18th (CST), to publish the features to the Sonoma shard. The publish will be active after the Sonoma shard returns from its Tuesday morning maintenance. We will update you further should there be any changes to this schedule.

    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 11:42 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Looking For a Few Good Pens
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then mayhaps UOSS' Quest & Event News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the Quest & Events in Ultima Online.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of any shard to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    • Be a talented writer
    • Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Questing community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be pro-active
    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Quest & Event News Application" as the subject.
    1. Real name
    2. Contact email address
    3. ICQ number (if applicable)
    4. Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal
    6. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS?
    7. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8. Any questions???
    Applications are due no later than midnight April 22, 2000. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 10:45 AM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    Looking For a Few Good Pens
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then mayhaps UOSS' Test Center News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the Test Center Shard and her citizens.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Test Center to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    • Be a talented writer
    • Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Test Center community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be pro-active
    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Test Center Application" as the subject.
    1. Real name
    2. Contact email address
    3. ICQ number (if applicable)
    4. Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal
    6. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS?
    7. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8. Any questions???
    Applications are due no later than midnight April 22, 2000. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 10:39 AM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (TestCenter)

    Yet Another Attack on Yew
    This was sent to us by the Council of Yew [CoY] :
    Hail and well met my friends!

    As you experienced in the last few days our little town becomes more and more the center of the attacks. The last attack being led by a Lord of the Abyss and now this. Our beloved Village was attacked by a huge horde of Orcs, Ettins, Giant Serpents and Spiders.

    This attack was not like any other before. The invaders appeared only inside Empath Abbey. This was probably precisely planned. As any other attack that took place outside the Abbey was repelled they tried to evade the outer defences and directly charge the Abbey. What is so special about it? Why is the Abbey of such interest to the invaders?

    Well, whatever it is, we wont let them get it. Only with allied forces we were able to again defeat the invading army. Losses were great. Greater than ever. I wish to thank all souls who helped us this time. We wouldnt have survived without you. I am proud to have such brave men and women on my side. All willing to give their lives for defending Yew.

    Thank you.

    Mage of the Council of Yew
    Thanks a lot Ryand, and thanks to the whole council for sending frequent reports on the still ongoing war.
    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 6:02 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Minutes of the board meeting
    The meeting organised by players on the Stratics Europa forum was chaotic but fun:


    My name is Witt and I was co-organiser of Saturday's meeting for the Europa board residents in Nujelm.

    Well after a huge farce in the Nujelm town theatre where no-one could hear us and we had major problems with communication crystals (why oh why can these be picked up by anyone :)

    In Nujelm theatre

    Anyway, after giving up with the theatre idea, we all moved over to the 'Restful Slumber' inn a short distance away and the rest of the meeting going well, I know that I met some new friends and put a lot of (virtual) faces to names.

    There will hopefully be future events like this, and we shall be putting more thought into the organisation next time

    Thanks to the 70+ people who turned up and I hope you all enjoyed it


    Many thanks to Witt, and everyone who helped organise this event.

    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 3:29 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Introducing the Crimson Sands of Evermoore
    Here are two news items from the Crimson Sands of Evermoore.

    The town of Crimsons Sands is open to visitors. The town began nearly 2 years ago as a tower and two houses has grown to cover nearly the entire crimson coast. The buildings have been opened to the public and all are welcome to come and visit. We are placing vendors and will be having events and giving prizes at these events.

    The town is located at 170 degrees,4 minutes south by 22 degrees, 8 minutes east. The map will show t's location and easy access to Delucia. If you have a house in our town we encourage you to join with us in making Crimson Sands a better place for everybody.

    We would like to extend special thanks to Fallout, Bo and Ender for having the idea of making a town in the first place.

    Wonderful news friends, best of luck in your endeavor!

    A succesfull wedding celebration leaves no room for this planned event!

    The celebrations following the wedding of fisherking and shadow weaver was such a success that the story telling contest we had planned was postponed! The guests partook in displays of magic and some toured the village and even sparred in our training area. When the contest was to begin the contestants had all chosen to go hunting together instead!

    The contest has been rescheduled for Arbor day, April 28th at 9:00 PM EST. The town of Crimson Sands is on the Crimson Coast. The front door of the Crimson Coast of Evermoore Tavern is at 170 degrees,4 minutes south by 22 degrees, 8 minutes east. You can travel by foot from Trinsic or the shrine of Honor. You may also recall to our town by using a rune at the Goodman's Rune Library.

    Hengist the Armsman

    Thank you for this news Hengist and congratulations to fisherking and shadow weaver!
    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 2:04 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Arx Draconis To Host Lottery And More!
    News from the player run city of Arx Draconis.
    The player run town of Arx Draconis, is proud to annouce another round of FREE, PUBLIC events for all players on Atlantic Shard. After a couple weeks of restructuring the town is open in full force again with alot of great things to offer. Here is a quick run down on the coming events that you can participate in.

    Monday night, 4/16/00, at 6:30pm EST, there will be a Free, Public Lottery held on Arx Draconis. To enter the lottery you simply show up and enter the large, white OSI building in the middle of the island. Lady Circe will call out random names from those present and prizes will then be awarded. Prizes include: Powerful magical weapons, rare items, reagents, potions, armor of the highest quality and much much more. The Lottery will last until about 8pm EST so even if you get on a little late, come on by. You can still win just by being inside the building. Since there are soooo many prizes given out your chances to win are large. We hope that Arx Draconis resident and famous UO comic, ImaNewbie will be present for the Lottery and you can meet him while you wait for your name to be called.

    Thursday Night, 4/20/00 is Craftsman Night. Once again this is a Free and Public event open to all players. If you come to the TSG forge located on the LEFT side of the island, grandmaster craftsman of different types will give you free repairs and will also make free items for you if you supply the materials. Simply show up and walk out with free items of GM quality and dent free weapons and armor.

    Treasure Map Runes: Located on the northern edge of the island you will find the Treasure Map Rune Library. What is this place you ask? It is an absolute essential item if you hunt treasure. No longer should you search the world for your spot. Simply decode your map then visit the Arx Draconis website. From there click on the Treasure Map Runes link and locate your map. You will see a rune name (like A12) next to your map. Go to the library on Arx Draconis, recall off that rune and dig. You will save loads of time and quickly amass great wealth.

    New Shops Opening!! You should also check out the 2 new shops and many new vendors that have opened on Arx Draconis. Anything you want to buy can be found on AD from full potion kegs to regs to GM armor and weapons (including Leather) to poisoned weapons to complete sets of runes and much much more. 2 new shops have just opened and many new vendors added. You will always find a full selection of items at Arx Draconis!

    You cant beat the selection or the prices at Arx Draconis. And with several events happening each week, there is always something going on! Come on by! We'd love to see you there! Meet famous UO Comic ImaNewbie, do your shopping, win great prizes and participate in fun events!

    Thank you for sharing this news with us and good luck on your events!

    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 1:53 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    The Mystery of Turme Revealed!
    The following report was submitted by Arthur Thorne of the Yew militia:
    The following story was told by Teleburiel at the Golden Dragon Tavern after an imense battle, where the citizens of Dragons Bay were forced to defend against swarms of Dire Wolves, Hell Hounds, and the greatest threat of all Daemons. The warriors fought bravely and by the virtues they stood triumphant. Twas afterwards that the story of Turme was revealed to us.

    Over 150 years ago a Daemon by the name of Kuraazg tormented Britannia with his presence. He held the people in fear and struck down all who opposed him, save one brave soul who dared face Kuraazg. This brave warrior seemed a full embodiment of the virtues himself, for he fought with such determination that hath never been seen in the lands. Kuraazg sent swarm upon swarm of Hell Hound and Dire Wolf after him, yet he remained victorious. Finally came the time for him to face Kuraazg himself. The two matched eachother blow for blow, pitting claw against sword. In the end Turme landed a deadly blow against Kuraazg that ended his reign of terror. However as Kuraazg fell he struck Turme with his claw, bringing the warrior down with him. Their battle continued in the spirit world, for Turme knew that he could not allow Kuraazg the chance for resurection. Kuraazg drug Turme's soul to the infenral realm where he was to spend eternity in pain and suffering, loosing sight of what is right. Now Turme's ghost has returned, and walkes the streets of Jhelom at night. I fear that only one thing may save Turme and bring him back to us so that he may fight this evil once again. Turme must be reminded of the virtues he once stood for. He must be reminded of the honor and courage once fought with, for only through the virtues shall he be brought back to us.

    Arthur Thorne, Defender of Yew

    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 1:30 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Another UO:R Update
    Looks like we have one more day to wait before the ball gets rolling. This was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Renaissance Publish Update

    The Renaissance publish will not be active on the Sonoma shard this Sunday morning. New issues arose that are being corrected before the patch can be released. We are now targeting Monday, April 17, to publish the features to the Sonoma shard, effective when it returns from its daily maintenance.We will update you further should there be any changes to this schedule and regarding the status of the publish on Sonoma and the other servers.

    Posted on Monday, April 17, 2000, 12:35 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Doria Romanov Asks for Help
    We have recieved the following:
    Doria Romanov opened the door to her tent, and I walked in. She had an excited expression on her face. "He's alive!" she declared.

    I sat down in one of the comfortable red chairs. "Who's alive?" I asked?

    Doria gave a radiant smile, as beautiful as the dawn. "Bryce Barington is alive - my husband. I thought I was a widow, but he lives! Ah, I am so happy!"

    I swallowed hard. I must admit that ever since I had met the lovely Doria, I had developed some ... feelings ... for her, and while I was glad to see her so happy, the thought of her husband returning was not that thrilling to me.

    "Aye I remember you mentioned you had a husband. How do you know he is alive, after all this time?"

    "Since I am a psychic and medium, of course I tried many times to contact him, living or dead. But each time I have tried, all I saw was black ... nothing. But recently I tried again, and got a very faint impression ... a slight contact with his essence. He is alive in a body! I know not where he is, but find him I shall. Hast thou seen him?"

    "Umm, how would I recognize Bryce? Is he a gypsy like you?"

    "Ah, nay, he is not a gypsy at all. He is a handsome young man with fair skin and golden hair. If fact, my parents were outraged that I married a non-gypsy. 'Tis against our tribal customs for a gypsy to marry an outsider, a "foreigner". When I was but a young lass, a little less than 16 years of age, my parents decided 'twas time for them to think of their daughter's future, and for them to arrange for me to wed. 'Tis the gypsy custom for girls to marry early, and for their parents to arrange the match. My parents examined all the eligible young men. They decided that Blamio, the son of the gypsy blacksmith, was the perfect husband for me. After they negotiated a brideprice, they announced that I would wed Blamio shortly after my 16th birthday. I did not like Blamio that much, but I agreed to marry him, if that was their will."

    "So, why didn't you marry this Blamio?"

    "When I met Bryce that changed. Ah, I still can remember the first day I met Bryce. One day I was practicing my magic in the forest south of Minoc when a young man riding a bay mare approached me. When I saw this strong and radiant youth, the sunlight glinting on his golden hair, I though I was seeing a young god! He was the handsomest man I had e'er seen. He told me his name was Bryce Barington and that he was training in combat skills in Vesper. He said his dream was to become a fighter, perhaps even a knight some day."

    Doria blushed. "I was a maiden still, and shy with men, but despite my shyness, I felt strangely attracted to Bryce, and he was attracted to me. We met secretly every day in the woods south of Minoc, and soon we fell deeply in love."

    "I approached my parents and asked if they would speak with Bryce, and give us permission to wed. They were outraged and refused to even see Bryce, saying that if I married a "foreigner" instead of Blamio, I would no longer be their daughter. Then I went to the council of elders of the tribe, begging them for permission to marry Bryce, but they would not allow a pure gypsy maiden to be sullied by the polluting touch of a "foreigner". The council told me if I married Bryce, they would cast me from the tribe. Bryce ran into similar problems with his own parents. The Baringtons were a socially prominent family who considered gypsies to be low tramps and thieves, and a gypsy maiden unworthy to marry their son. They told him they shuddered at the thought that one day they might have grandchildren with gypsy blood."

    "We were so much in love, and though the world was against us, we were the world to each other. We decided to elope. In the dark of night, I gathered my belongings and tied them into a large shawl, crept out of the gypsy camp, and ran to our trysting place to meet Bryce. He swept me up to ride pillion behind him on his bay mare, and we set off for Trinsic, where we were married in a quick civil ceremony."

    "Being trained as a warrior-at-arms, Bryce made his living as a mercenary. We lived happily until he disappeared." He had taken a job guarding a merchant caravan going to Cove. They were attacked by undead, and he disappeared. I was told he was probably dead. I mourned. After a year of mourning, I decided to make a fresh start, and moved to Skara Brae, where I live now." Doria gestured to the tent around us. "But I just found out he's alive! I shall not rest until I find him."

    She turned her meltingly lovely dark eyes on me. "And sir, thou canst help me, if thou wilt. Pray tell the readers of thy newspaper to come to my tent in Skara Brae, located just north of the Bank. I have weekly meetings every Tuesday. On Tuesday, April 18, at 7 PM (Pacific Time) o' the clock I shall hold a special meeting, inviting folks to come and help. They may have seen Bryce, or if they have seen him not, mayhap they can follow up certain clues about where he might be now. Tell them I need their help. Wilt thou do this?"

    "Aye, certainly, I'll tell them. And now I regret I must take my leave, Doria, for I have another appointment shortly. Farewell, fair lady." I bowed, kissed her hand, and made my way to her tent door. "I wish you luck in finding your husband," I lied.

    -- Stav Korwell

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 11:13 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Sambrook Winery a smashing success!
    Unfortunately, this reporter couldn't make the event. Overworked by UOSS he fell fast asleep at his desk and woke up realizing he drooled all over his latest article! But our friends at Paws saved the day. Hammerhead Fred gave me the low down saying that the brewery and winery, run by Eli Sambrook, is open around the clock and receptive to meetings and weddings. For those who still don't know it's located just outside Empath Abbey near Yew.

    Fred continues:

    Last night on the 14th of April, I had the privilege of spending a most entertaining evening at the spectacular opening of the newest brewery and winery to our land. Eli Sambrook, is not just a Grandmaster Chef, but perhaps the best wine and ale maker the land has ever seen. With his own crop of sweet grapes and wheat he has truly created a masterpiece that any passerby would not want to miss. The sweet smell of grapes weighs heavy in the air and thy mouth will water merely by walking past.

    There was a large crowd, which gathered to welcome the newest citizen to Yew, and much of Eli's inventory is now surely gone, for there was much drinking and celebration going on. Eli's famous ale called "Yew Red Ale" glowed with a bright red and had a bite one would not soon forget!

    His "Wisdom Tree Ale" with its more tart flavoring was a splendid joy as well. But nothing could compare to the fantastic wine served that evening. It truly must have been one of the most full flavored, full-bodied wines that has ever crossed these lips. This wine made in huge vats is located within the brewery, which is attached to the bar. You could visibly see the marvelous tools, which Eli uses to perform his magic in wine making.

    As the night wore on, 3 mischievous visitors enjoyed a grand tour of his workshop, and somehow made their way into the locked back room of the brewery. They had the fortunate pleasure of crushing some grapes barefooted within the mammoth vats. Although this is a very old method used for wine making(Shown Below), Eli informed them that he uses alternative means for the crushing of the grapes.

    The night continued on and a Hog Race took place. The competition was tremendous. A man name Lance, took home the prize of Pork Ribs. Eli also held a competition for naming his newest Ale for the upcoming season. Chuck from Blackcomb was the clear winner with his entry called, "the Breathe of Yew Ale". Sadly Chuck was not around at the time to claim his prize. The night was even visited by Miss Tarina Faa who had not been seen in the public for quite some time. It was a fantastic night, and I clearly give Eli's establishment and beverages 5 stars. Be sure to stop by and visit him and the brewery the next time you are in Yew. You surely will not be sorry, and we hope that Eli will be making kegs of his brews available in the future for other taverns within the realm to serve.

    Hammerhead Fred
    Paws Outpost

    As for the naughty visitors Hammerhead Fred mentioned I believe Lord Detox, and friends were the culprits. He sent this over:

    It is a splendid place indeed, but of course, some mischief was needed. So, JesDer, Neko, and I jumped in the Vats, to frolic in the grapes! We had a grand time stuffing grapes in each other's faces and mouths. Hehe, Eli got pretty mad, saying that we were ruining his long and hard work. Anyway, he got back at me..he managed to lock the door while I wasn't looking...that sly chef.

    -Lord DETOX, Napa Valley.

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 8:48 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Grand opening - Vendors-R-Us
    Hail and Well Met!

    My name is Jim Beam, and I am the owner and founder of Vendors-R-Us Vendor house. I would like to announce our GRAND OPENING on Monday April 24, 2000. We carry GM made Potions of ALL KINDS, Up to 7th circle scrolls, Regs, Deadly poisoned GM made weapons, GM armor and weapons, bows of Exceptional quality, furniture, arrows, and other various items (Hopefully we will have a vendor with GM tailored stuff by then). If you don't see it in the vendors, just ask! We will see what we can do. During the grand opening, we will have refreshments on request, as well as providing FREE poisoining services, and scribing spells as requested (I will also try and have a GM smith on hand for special requests as well as the furniture maker for all your furniture needs). I will be well stocked for the Grand Opening.

    If you have any special requests before hand, please ICQ me at 42336837. Vendors-R-Us is located due west of the Brittain Grave Yard, just seconds from town protection! All patrons are welcome. Blues, reds, grays alike will all be welcome to shop, with full protection. Again, if you have any questions, feel free to ICQ me at 42336837.

    Thanks, and Happy Shopping!

    The Dispicable Jim Beam
    Grandmaster Alchemist
    Master Poisoner

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 7:27 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Peculiar overspawn in Trinsic swamps
    It has come to my attention that it has been known for the past weeks, that a peculiar over spawn of wandering healers has been sighted by residents of Trinsic swamps and southland.

    No one really knows if this has some kind of connection to the current storyline, we can only give it a thought about it.

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 6:45 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Stratics JumpGate Forums Opened

    Stratics JumpGate Forums Opened

    As a precursor to our actual site launch, Stratics has opened up the forthcoming URL as an easy access corridor to our forums. The graphics will be adjusted for the JumpGate look and feel shortly but functionality should not vary either way. For those of you who do not know what the heck JumpGate is, we'll have an extensive preview and interface walk through available shortly - keep watching Stratics news for an announcement.

    We have several forums available, running on our newly introduced system - a custom installation of WWWThreads 5.0

    Categories include:

    • Development Board: Technical/Development Talk
    • Edge Space: General Discussion
    • Octavius Faction
    • Quantar Faction
    • Solrain Faction

    As forum traffic increases we will be adding new discussion areas specific to role-play, combat strategy, politics, plot, etc.

    See you there pilots!

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 6:27 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    In Testing: Cure Potions
    The following was added to Testing for Next Update:

    Cure Potions
    Cure potions will now cure poison based on the relative strength of the cure potion and the poison afflicting the character. A lesser cure will have virtually no chance of curing a deadly poisoned character, while a greater cure will cure greater poison much more often than not. All other cure and poison levels will scale accordingly.

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 5:06 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    High Council meeting Monday
    27th Assembly of the 4th High Council

    Date: Monday, April 17th, 2000
    Time: 10 PM EST/9 PM CST
    Location: Magincia Parliament Building


    • Status Update on the Crisis in Britannia.
    • Other subjects to be disclosed at the meeting.

    The High Council of Britannia

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 4:55 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Rally in Vesper ends in violence
    Today (Saturday) the rebels of Vesper held a rally. But Lord British's men were determined to take a stand against them:

    Hail to ye. The rebels in Vesper have now shown their true colours.

    Of course, the Lord British Loyalists were aware of the rally in Vesper. But while they had prepared it, we have been collecting evidence of the FVM co-operating with Minax.

    Although we do not yet have solid proof of a such cooperation, we had enough to detain their leader, Sylis Larpt.

    I was informed by the Drows, that the renegade Drow "PETEX" was to be captured as well. We decided to get a hold on them both, and disband the rally at the same time.

    The battleWhen we arrived at the bank, where the rally was taking place, both the crowd and the Free Vesper Militia seemed very surprised.

    We demanded that their leader came with us, and that they did all swear fealty to His Majesty Lord British.

    The crowd was screaming and yelling, making it hard to distinct who said what. But it was obvious that the members of the FVM prepared for battle.

    We attacked, quickly killing one of them, causing the crowd to flee in panic. But quite a few did not flee.

    It was only then we realised that the crowd were not just watching us passively. A huge number of FVM's had disguised themselves, and were all of a sudden ambushing us.

    This vicious ambush turned the tides. Suddenly, each of us had to face 3 opponents. We were driven from the city.

    This cowardly ambush is clearly proving, that the Free Vesper Militia does not fight for the virtues. Whatever sinister force they are fighting for, we know not.

    But we do no longer need confirmation to the fact that the FVM fights against the virtues. Now, we know that we should expect the foulest, most cynical traps and ambushes from the Free Vesper Militia.

    We shall prepare ourselves for the coming battle. We shall see to that the virtues prevail. We will not stand idle, and watch Britannia being divided. This appears to be the plan of Minax, and we WILL destroy it.

    Together we stand
    Divided we fall

    Xel'Naga, Leader of the Lord British Loyalists.
    If you would like to join the LBL, contact me at [email protected]

    The scenario is known as the Crown of Thorns. The primary objective is fighting each other and having fun. There will be NO looting, and you will not get killed at the bank while having client problems, nor will you get killed while shopping for reagents.

    Thank you Xel'Naga. And another report has come in from Val'Qor:

    I was passing the bank of vesper this noon when I heard many cries and shouts coming from its direction. I decided that as a scribe it was my job to investigate the happenings there, and as I neared the scene I saw a good number of men wearing sandstone robes and brown cloaks.

    Something about that uniform seemed familiar, I closed in further so I could hear what they were speaking. It was when I saw their leader that I realised who they were - he was dressed in all Green, it was none other than Sylis Larpt, leader of the free vesper militia!

    I quickly pushed through to the front of the crowd. Sylis was talking of freedom for vesper, many people were there both for and against him. It was then that a good number of drow appeared around the bank. This I found strange - they seemed to fan out around us. I heard a great thunder of hooves approaching and turned to see none other than a company of Loyal soldiers to lord British.

    They attempted to break up this "rally" and made many threats. The crowd seemed to part from between them. It was then that their leader drew his blade and the battle was commenced, the drow mysteriously aiding those loyal to British. For what reason i know not.

    But Somehow Vesper had been ready and a good number of citizens took up arms from their hidden place in the crowd. It was clearly and organised ambush. And it was not long untill despite a great battle the forces of British were overcome. After the battle I had the pleasure of speaking with Sylis Larpt. He talked of vesper setting up its own government, and managing itself. I could find the constable of Vesper nowhere, I suspect he has gone into hiding for fear of his own life.

    This is all for now, but I doubt that British and his men will give up so easily. But the question remains, what were those drow doing there?

    Val'Qor Scribe of the Realm

    Lord British's Loyalists in league with the drow?

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 4:55 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    New Book - "Community Building On The Web" by Amy Jo Kim
    To my surprise, when I got home this evening I had Amy Jo Kim's brand new book about the Web sitting on my doorstep. I'm very happy with my purchase. This book should be in everyone's library as a resource if they want to help in creating online communities, especially within a gaming environment. As an added bonus for all of us, there are dozens upon dozens of references to that game we all love and live - Ultima Online.

    Noted credits at the beginning of the book go to Starr Long (Blackthorn - UO2), Damion Schubert (Ubiq - UO2), Carly Staehlin (Lady Moi - Community Relations OSI), and especially Richard Garriott (Lord British).

    To whet your appetite, here is some info about the book:


    "Thriving Web sites are places that engage people and make them want to return again and again - not only to visit, but to participate. Beyond simply offering a reliable source of information, these sites provide a way for peers to communicate with one another, a place on the Web to meet and exchange ideas. Building a Web community is a team effort. It takes the combined talents of marketing, production, programming, and design professionals. Community Building on the Web is a book for all those team members. Drawing from her own extensive experience as a designer and consultant to some of the Web's best commercial, nonprofit, and recreational sites, Amy Jo Kim introduces nine essential strategies for creating true community online. Her practical recommendations and behind-the-scenes views into flourishing communities such as Yahoo, America Online, eBay, Ultima Online, AncientSites, and others will give you insights you can apply to growing your own successful online world."

    From John Hagel II, author of Net Worth:

    "At last someone has written the handbook for online community builders. Amy Jo Kim has the experience and perspective to help all of us to understand in very pragmatic terms the best practices for building successful and sustainable communities. This is a must read for anyone building or managing an online community."

    The Nine Chapters Covered (360 pages total):

    1) Purpose
    2) Places: Bringing People Together
    3) Profiles: Getting To Know Your Members
    4) Roles: From Newcomer To Old-Timer
    5) Leadership: The Buck Stops Here
    6) Etiquette: Rules To Live By
    7) Events: Meetings, Performances and Competitions
    8) Rituals: Handshakes, Holidays, and Rites of Passage
    9) Subgroups: Clans, Clubs, Committees

    For anyone interested in purchasing this book online, you can find it at for $23.99 (cover price is $29.99). Direct link HERE.

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 4:00 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Greetings Napa Valley!
    Hail and well met!

    My name is Aleph Aeirs, your new News Manager for the Napa Valley shard. The Napa Valley Shard has a phenominal group of reporters assembled, each one excited about the things happening throughout the community. We all look forward to serving the Napa Valley Community with the latest in shard news, player run quests and events!

    Let me take a moment to share a glimpse of our future plans. All of the UOSS Napa team have shared with me their ideas around interviews, updated establishment reviews and spotlights on the stories of the Napa Shard. It is a large task, but with your help, we can be certain that all of Napa Valley's amazing people and places are recognized and celebrated here at UOSS.

    Have some ideas or suggestions? Looking for a member of our news team to come review your establishment? Have a great story to share with the Napa Valley Community? Whichever the case, drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

    On behalf of the Napa Valley News Team, I thank you in advance for your help and patience as we work to address your needs. We are all looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments!

    Until we meet again,

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 3:11 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (NapaValley)

    2 New Songs from Ultima Parody Songs
    Midas the Bard is at it again over at Ultima Paroday Songs. These are probably his most ambitious works yet.

    The first is at his site, Ultima Parody Songs -- "Just a Thief Ya Know / I Will Loot Your Body" - Lord Roth. At over three minutes long, this one will have you humming all day long, so be warned.

    The second one is an exclusive UO2 song found only at UO2 Stratics (currently found in the Current News, along with lyrics). "Ultima Online Two" is so good that you may actually feel chills as you listen to it. It is a take-off of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" (once you hear it you'll recognize the song).

    As always make sure to read the lyrics as you listen, as it adds a lot to the experience. Now go and enjoy!!!

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 3:11 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    New Jersey Players Luncheon
    Well these certainly are becoming popular! As always, if you can attend, make sure to do so, as these are a ton of fun.

    PLAYERS LUNCHEON - MAY 13, 2000 - To be held at Wok 'n Sushi at 27 Rt. 23, Franklin, NJ from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. Lunch will be buffet-style featuring an assortment of Chinese food, Japanese food, and Sushi. Cash bar available. Origin has agreed to furnish a variety of raffle items. Tickets are $20/person and seating is limited! Reservations and requests for directions should be made to [email protected] and payment should be sent by check or money order to Lisa Tsemberlis (taking care of money matters), 61 Cedar Ridge Drive, Vernon NJ 07462. If you would like your tickets mailed back to you, be sure to include your mailing information

    Player of Paul Atreides, PhM, Catskills

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 2:40 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Leading guild looks forward to new lands
    The opening of the new lands could "save the day" for Ultima Online, according to the leaders of what is currently Europa's largest single guild.

    In an interview with UOSS Europa, Queen Rosamar and King Talysman, who run Eternal Knights of the Circle, predicted the arrival of a non PvP area could allow players to avoid gamers with a "Quake mentality". They also spoke of their disappointment with the current on-going storyline, the future of Ultima Online, and how they manage to keep a huge guild of over 140 characters in shape.

    The full interview is available by clicking the "Interviews" link to the left.

    Many thanks to Queen Rosamar and King Talysman for finding the time to talk to me. Note - Eternal Knights of the Circle are currently the largest single guild on Europa in terms of the number of veteran players listed on the official OSI site. It is possible other guilds which use more than one stone, such as Ultima Thule, may have as many members.

    In the future we hope to feature more interviews, and already have talks with notorious player-killers Sheepdog/XlordX and Look in your bag lined up.

    If you have ideas for people you would like to see featured here, feel free to let us know. Click on any of the names under "Europa Staff" on the menu to the left, and send us an e-mail. And as always, thanks for reading!

    Posted on Sunday, April 16, 2000, 2:10 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Danger in Moonglow
    Another report on the new structures in our cities:

    Dear the Citizens of Britannia,

    I was looking over the new stone structures that have appeared throughout or cities. I was in Moonglow and I recieved this message. *You feel yourself being drained of your lifeforce*. When I got that message 88 hit points were taken out of my 91, my mana and stamina were completely drained and I was poisoned (level 3).

    I quickly gulped down greater heals and greater cures and I was soon free of it's effects. I believe the stones are a weapon and they were just tested, on me. Then again it could possibly just be powering up and using the lifeforce to open a portal or moongate so Minax or some other evil may occupy Trinsic. I sense dark times ahead.

    Prelate of Light

    According to the Britannia News Network, these structures were built on the orders of Nystul, court mage to Lord British. What is going on here?

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 11:20 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    New strange structures in cities; attacks continue..
    We received the following:
    On Wednesday Jhelom, Skara Brae and Minoc were attacked. At Mid-eveing Gol, the ogre lord, decided to make an appearance. While defenders were called, he was also walked around Jhelom's main isle and onto Jhelom's north isle. Once defenders arrived, they were able to defeat Gol (almost too easily). Also, Gol was not very talkative this time. Of course, neither were the defenders.

    The attack on Skara Brae was about the same as the last ones. The attack was composed of specters, bone and skeletal knights, normal undead, liches, a couple demons, with final waves of mummies.

    The attack on Minoc was much worst with troll appearing in groups of ten.

    Just before attack Jhelom, strange small blue column structures appeared in Britannia cities near their banks (except Britain). Britain main structure was inside the walls of Lord British's Castle near the entrance. The one at the castle was bigger and had a gold center (see picture below). The lasted about an hour. Disappearing after Jhelom's attacked was done and before the next big city attack began. Cities that report having these structures are Britain, Jhelom, Magincia, Moonglow, Minoc, Skara Brae. Tis unknown if Trinsic and Yew had one. None were found in Vesper.

    *if anyone know anything about these blue structures please email at [email protected].*

    With regret, I report the last three shrine of virtue, Valor, Humility and Compassion have been corrupted.

    Sara Gules

    Thanks again!
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 10:56 PM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Attacks continue..
    We received the following report from Sara Gules:
    Sunday was a break for defenders, With Zor'Rog only executing a small attack on Yew.

    Monday(04/10/00), again Zor'Rog return to Yew with all types of orcs only to meet his demise. Before death his(?), he has something about all orcs in Yew becoming green. Zor'Rog himself is a dark green, instead of the pale yellow green of a normal orc.

    Next was Jhelom, a purple ogre, Gol, the Ogre Lord, was spotted on Jhelom main isle. Following him after was a horde of ogre. In a brief discussion, he said had recently awoken. He also statement that he didn't like of the new wooden bocks(buildings) on his isle. He even tried to knock one down, but failed. besides the ogres, Jhelom was attack by ettin, hellhounds, harpies, normal orcs, demons, and ogre lords.

    Before the defenders were able to put down the last vile creature, G'Ruagak, the gold troll, lead a massive attack versus Vesper. This is the first time G'Ruagak has ever been seen (on Siege Perilous). I am sure it will not be the last.

    Ylthallynon, the Insane and Bazerion, the Wizard-Lord lead the initial attack of evil mages against Magincia. Ylthallynon, the Insane, refusing to yield, soon met the same fate as his troops. The second wave included hellhounds, Harpies, and orcs. A couple demons was soon added to the mixed. There were unconfirmed rumors of a magician leading the rest of the attack.

    During the Magincia attack, a man, Marcus Aggravaine, wearing orange-gold armor and carrying a red spear of Aggravaine visited cove.

    The gentleman didn't say anything and promptly left after being sighted.

    The last attack of the night was on Skara Brae. The initial assault was leading by a green skeleton commander. It was composed of bone & skeletal knight, wraiths, spectres, liches, zombie and normal skeletons. After leader, Huictiigara, a red demon made an appeared. After he ran off, the final assault by mummies began. There was a report that Huictiigara also met his demise in the battle.

    Sara Gules

    Thanks Sara!
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 10:54 PM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    The Circle of Retaliation
    Hail All!
    The following item was posted on the Dragon Clan Web Site by Crow.
    "I believe almost everybody in Britannia at least once has been really upset on someone. Harassment and lameness has become so common in Britannia that we do not even recognize the foulness behind it. There are some situations when you really hunger for revenge but cannot take it. Therefore a secret circle has been formed whose only purpose is to give people to possibility to take revenge.

    "There is a secret circle of people that do hunt humans for money. This group is not a clan nor does it exist officially. It operates sleek and efficient from out of the shadows. There are no visible signs on members of this group. The only thing the members have in common is that they hunt the prey you pay for. There is yet no known way to apply for a membership to this group. The members are highly decorated and very trusted people. It would destroy their whole business if they distorted the trust given in them.

    "There is no clear definition on what the Posse hunts. You just give you Retaliation Broker the bounty and a description of the prey and they will find it and do to him, what they have been told to do. In the very uncommon case, the victim is not reported struck in some amount of time - your bounty will be returned. You will also have the opportunity to write some words into a book that will be read to the victim after his kill is realized. When the killing has been done, you will get a screenshot of the corpse while the hunter reads the words you wanted him to know.

    "The Rewards may vary. As you may guess, the Circle is quite busy and will take care of the highest bounties at first. As a rule of thumb, the bounties you post should not be less than 2000 Gold Pieces. If you can provide only few information or want special services the prices may be much higher. The only person I know of having contact to the circle is Shivan Dragon. He is the Barkeeper of the Dragon Tavern which is off course the place he can be found most of the time. You will have to post your bounties in game at the Tavern. Shivan has some little black book he writes them into."

    Who are these mysterious figures bent on revenge? Check back here for further information on this breaking story!
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 5:00 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Reporter Rock Joins the News Team
    Hail All!

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Rock, the new UOSS Drachenfels shard reporter. Before being hired by the UOSS news team, I was a miner, a merchant, and, as need arose, a swordsman. I currently reside in Dragon Town in Paper's Travel Agency and Tavern, though I am not part of the Dragon Clan guild, or any other guild for that matter.

    I would be very interested in attending events or hearing your tales of adventure. If you have any events you would like to share, or mysteries you would like investigated, I invite you to contact me or any member of the outstanding Drachenfels News Team.

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 4:56 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Announcing UO2 Stratics!
    As the Project Manager of UO Stratics' brand new sister site, UO2 Stratics, I am very proud to make the following announcement:

    Announcing UO2 Stratics

    We have a special treat for all of our readers going into this weekend, the official launch of our Ultima Online 2 Stratics site. Thanks go out to Matt Schembari (aka Kenickie) for his programming time and to Jim Sylvanus of Liquidfish Software for the hours spent grueling over UO2 Stratics concept and design. While content at the new site is already comprehensive based on what is currently available, expect it to scale up rapidly as veteran UOSS staff members Joshua Rowan, Rainman, and Ce'Nedra Willow, among others start cranking out content based on your suggestions.

    Check out the new site at - and find out why it was worth the wait. Don't hesitate to send in your own news to [email protected] and get your UO2 sites registered in the Links directory.

    Make sure to come on by and check us out ASAP as we have tons of great info about OSI's newest game, including great discussion forums, pictures, developer comments, a glossary of terms, Jinx's Ramblings, and even an exclusive UO2 Parody Song by the famous Midas the Bard!!!
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 2:45 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Addition to "Land Expansion" Regarding Rare Decorations
    The following line was recently added to the bottom of the Land Expansion Document in Testing for Next Update:

    On Felucca, the NPC shop decorations (which have, over the years, been taken by players) will be replaced. Trammel's NPC shops will also be decorated. Players will not be able to take these items from either land.

    Definitely an imortant notice for all you Rare Item Hunters.
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 2:29 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    UO Senate Seeking Members
    This just in from the politicians over at UO Senate:

    Power to the People! Let's give power to our ideas for the game and get the Dev Team to WORK on them. Join the UO Senate!

    The UO Senate is looking for Senators to help write up strong proposals for future additions to the game. The Senate hopes to use the power of the masses to vote on improvements to the game and ultimately send them to the Dev Team saying, "WE WANT THIS!" If you are frequently coming up with good ideas to add to the game, and have at least five people who would be willing to "elect" you as their representative, then the UO Senate needs you to come and change the face of Ultima Online for the better!

    Damien Vryce / Sonoma

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 2:22 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Long Term Murder Count Update
    This just in from Calandryll, Online Community Coordinator for Ultima Online:

    We will not be removing the long term murder counts in this publish. Rather than remove this system only to put it back in (depending on what the changes to murderers are - see In Concept for some of our current considerations) we are going to leave it in pending a full design.

    I have updated the player interaction communication to reflect this change.

    Online Community Coordinator

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 2:11 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    UO:R - Short Publish Delay
    The following was added to FYI:

    Renaissance Publish Update

    Due to recently found issues, the Renaissance publish will not be active on the Sonoma shard on Saturday morning. We are now targeting to publish the features listed in Testing for Next Update to the Sonoma shard on Sunday, April 16th (local server time). The publish will be active on Sonoma shard following its normally scheduled Sunday morning maintenance. We will continue to monitor Sonoma shard throughout the rest of the weekend for any issues that may arise. We will update you further should there be any changes to this schedule.

    We will provide updated information on the publish status of the remaining shards as soon as possible.

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 2:06 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Renaissance Publish Update: Change In Publish
    This was just updated from Origin:
    Due to recently found issues, the Renaissance publish will not be active on the Sonoma shard on Saturday morning. We are now targeting to publish the features listed in Testing for Next Update to the Sonoma shard on Sunday, April 16th (local server time). The publish will be active on Sonoma shard following its normally scheduled Sunday morning maintenance. We will continue to monitor Sonoma shard throughout the rest of the weekend for any issues that may arise. We will update you further should there be any changes to this schedule.

    We will provide updated information on the publish status of the remaining shards as soon as possible.

    Thankye, Calandryll, for this update.
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 2:05 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (GeneralNews)

    ***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA*** New 'Toons!
    We received the following from Tyron:
    So you think having each shard broken into two parallel worlds sounds bout Eight? Head on over to ImaNewbie and view the latest 'toon. This one features an appearance by Tryon, Ima's creator. I have also added a new Diablo 'toon from the archives, a new midi, and some new poll questions, so there is lot's to see.

    Added Friday, April 14th: Episode #103 - We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto

    ImaNewbie does Britannia


    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 11:46 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    Community Accomplishments
    As more and more rumors filter in to me of the upcoming upheaval of our world, and the subsequent moves it will generate, I've been feeling more and more nostalgic. Good or bad, the upcoming events will indeed change our world. I'm ambivilant at best when it comes to how I feel about all this. I think I'll just have to wait and see how it effects various things. I have very strong faith however that the citizens of our world, although more spread out and living in different lands, will continue to evolve rich, diverse environments, cultures and activities. But I still can't help feeling nostalgic about the past...

    With this mindset I wandered over to the forums on the Tao Circle and happened across the following. This is a sample of some of the responses to the question "What are the most positive accomplishments you have seen achieved in the Catskills community?" asked on the Catskills Developement forum of the Tao Circle. Odd how I would see this just as I was thinking about it.

    For a more complete listing please see the full list here along with other information, and the next poll topic. I have sampled only a few here and have therefore not covered all the opinions voiced, so I strongly recommend checking out the rest of the list.

    What are the most positive accomplishments you have seen achieved in the Catskills community?

    "I've seen the role players of Catskills slowly ease out of their cliques to create a more inclusive community. The establishment of the Blue RPer -- as opposed to the old 'I don't see you if you aren't orange' attitude -- have been a great leap forward for RP. Since the Minax story line began, I've seen much more interaction between hard core RPers and so called 'non-roleplayers.' Hopefully this will continue."

    "Kents, Yew community Center, kinship, shadowclan, necropolis, Northwood, basically a conglomerate of races, towns, and individuals that have stuck around long enough to make a presence."

    "The orc wars, I think, were the crowning achievements of Catskills role play.

    "Capturing a FoA member"

    "The dragon lair mall. It is nice to see that they are kind enough to donate a whole castle to vendors."

    "A bonding and creative environment that has spread over many different plots."

    "I would have to say it's the fact that there is a Catskills *Community*. The players as well as OSI seems to acknowledge that Cats is indeed a 'RP' shard for the most part, with a rich history for many of the npc towns which has been created/ enhanced by the players themselves. The large number of well known player-run towns help further this 'community'" feel, by adding more depth to the game as well. Catskills is one of the few shards, in my opinion, where you can start a new character and someone will actually speak to you and help you get going, regardless of your title or apparent skills. That's fairly significant, and I believe many Cats players don't realize how 'good we have it'. All it takes is a visit for a few days to a different shard, and the differences in how you are treated are readily apparent."

    "Seen achieved? hmm...I'd say the banding together of all players, dewds and rpers alike during the beginning of the Town invasions. Total dewds, and strict rpers fighting and healing side by side. It didn't last long, but it was a great thing to see."

    " Establishment of Player run communities and interaction between Role players. The Orc wars will always be remembered with fondness."

    "I think that Necropolis is a very wonderful accomplishment."

    The Paladins of Trinsic; I honestly did not think they would have as great an impact on the community as they have. Proved me wrong!"

    "The establishment of town governments or councils and long, inclusive plots such as the current Juo'nar plot involving many different groups, or older ones, like the orcs' capture of Yew."

    "LOTS of events"

    "The establishment of persistent local role playing communities, most notably the Shadow Clan orc fort, Necropolis, Northwood, Trinsic, Kinship, and Virtue Village."

    These all echo my opinions on the topic as well. I give special nods to the Shadow Clan Orcs. I'm not saying I like being surrounded by a war party and having them demand tribute from me, but it is like nothing else in this world, hehe. There have been many other guilds and groups that have added their own unique aspects, but the Shadowclan was the first and largest.

    But I would like to mention the endless forgotten names of unguilded people, individuals in every sense of the word, who have added color and flavor to my days.

    Nostalgia can lead to melancholy, but I would not let it do so for myself or for others. Instead I point to the upcoming changes, and look myself for a way to begin the evolution of community, and I just can't wait to see what everyone else does too. To those leaving forever to Trammel, carry the proud tradition to new levels. To those staying in Feluccia, the same. Where next will our world evolve? What awaits is in the future?

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 11:14 AM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    The Rescue of Suzanne
    We received this information from Talisien, of the Council of Yew [CoY].
    Hail and well met !

    Something strange happened to me today. I was standing in front of Empath Abbey in Yew with my guild mates - Lord VinYafod, Elethian and Aeothochas -, when suddenly a blue deer appeared. At first I thought my eyes were playing a joke on me. But then the hind started to tug on my robe and motioned me to follow her. My friends and I decided to follow her and see what she was up to.

    The deer led us to the south, to the Shame-Mountains. It was quite a tough ride, as we had to fight off brigands, evil mages and trolls several times. The blue deer got more and more frightened the further we went. But she was not the only one to be afraid, as we had had a quite unpleasant experience a few hours earlier when the "Lord of the Abyss" accompanied by several fire elementals attacked us in front of Empath Abbey. Was this just an evil trick to lure us away from the safety of town ? Was this deer just a minion of Minax ?

    We finally reached a small cave, and were instantly attacked by a large group of evil mages. After we defeated them, three more mages showed up - Ranonkel, Jar'kael and Milo -. They were happy to see "their pet" again, thanked us for bringing it along and told us to leave. But the deer obviously didn't like them very much, so we demanded to know what was going on here.

    Their reply wasn't very nice, as they actually told us to leave or die. Not being very content with that answer we decided to take the risk and stay to see what happened. Then the three of them summoned a horde of evil mages and commanded them to attack us. Just in time Lady Hotbabe and Mongo showed up and helped us. After having defeated the first wave of attackers we again questioned Ranonkel and his fellows which didn't help very much. Being very annoyed, Lord VinYafod ordered us to attack them.

    The fight was long and hard. We were close to death several times. Never in my life had I seen such mighty mages before. My flame strikes barely hurt them, and they kept on summoning more and more mages. After a tough battle the deer looked very happy and started to look around as if searching for something. Looting the bodies we found a peculiar white potion and gave it to her. The deer drank it and transformed into a beautiful young lady.

    She told us that her name was Suzanne and that she had been captured and enchanted by Ranonkel. We talked some more and finally, I gated her back to Yew.

    For the Council of Yew

    High Mage
    Thanks Talisien for this report.
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 11:09 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    New Shard Reporter
    Well hello, I am Zandra, I reside in Magincia on the Pacific shard. I am one of the new shard reporters for UOSS. I look forward to serving the UO community, thank you.
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 11:05 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Balrons Attack Yew and Vesper !
    We received these frightening news from VinYafod, Councilmaster of the Council of Yew [CoY]
    Hail thee and well met !

    I have disturbing news for you all. As we all know, the attacks on the kingdom's towns have lasted for weeks, always more or less difficult to fend off.

    Today a new threat appeared in Yew. Something what never has been there before. As my guildmates and I where standing outside Empath Abbey, a Balron suddenly materialized out of the air. It instantly attacked us and my first guildmate fell to its blow. We spread to regain controll over the situiation. We were quite shocked by the sudden attack of such a powerful being. The Lord of the Abyss went on killing one after another, seeming unstoppable. All of you who have ever battled such a beast, know what i am talking about.

    We finally managed to bring in a controlled attack. Mostly relying on our mages, as melee attacks almost every time ended in death. While fighting, this beast received reinforcements from Fire Elementals making it even harder to inflict damage to our foe. This was one of my fiercest fights ever. After we dispatched the Elementals, we could finally again take care of the Balron. We sufferd heavy losses. Brave men and women gave their lives for defending Empath Abbey but it was again worth the effort. The Lord of the Abyss was killed.

    Be wary ! This shows that troubled times have come. I cant imagine what will come next. To be honest. I dont even want to think about it. This was frightening enough. I wish to thank all who helped in fighting this beast. You have done a great job out there.

    Fare thee well, and may good fortune guide your ways.

    For the Council of Yew,

    Lord VinYafod,
    Thanks a lot, VinYafod.

    We also received a short report from Okupokus [TCA] about another Balron attack having taken place in Vesper tonight. The beast was accompanied by four Daemons, which caused great harm to the local population.

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 10:35 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Ghost of Jou'Nar Sighted
    Guiness sent this news:

    A few days ago, Juo'nar was seen (as a ghost) walking through Moonglow carrying a dagger and a lantern. A friend with spirit speak asked him what he was doing, and he replied that he was recruiting people for his army, and that an attack on Moonglow was coming. Trying to ressurect the ghost of Juo'nar failed, and he replied that only Minax could ressurect him. After the above conversation, he left the town heading south.


    The true Jou'Nar or an imposter? Time will tell...
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 10:24 AM EDT by HellRazor (Oceania)

    Quest for Redemption Finds Naught but Desecration
    Von Ravend sent us this news:

    Tis a horrid day that has struck the lands. Corruption stalks the land, affecting both Squire and Knight. Von Ravend, recently of the 'Order of the Rose' and currently roaming the lands seeking redemption for deeds he allowed to happen, sought to strive and follow the path of the Avatar in an attempt to ease his heavy soul. He hath travelled the land looking, and upon growing weary did seek the shrine of Compassion only to find that a strange force had struck and that evil lurked within. Showing only a little of the fear he felt, he strove towards the entrance way only to be driven back by intense heat. With shield at ready and skin blistering he did spy a strange vortex with the sound of screaming souls as its sustenance.

    Overcome by fear, and his knees weakening, he did flee from the foul sight. Running madly through the bush, not caring which way, he ran and did find himself at the edge of Sacrifice. Almost blinded by the gleam of gold he did peer at the shrine, only to find another such vortex awaiting there, sitting awaiting for its lure to drag the weak in virtue in to their sorrow.

    A cold shiver ran thru Von Ravend, turning into a cold steel feeling. Resolve had formed in Von's mind to seek the shrines and give warning as needed.

    Both Spirit and Honour have fallen as well, and with Lich Lords and Bone Knights hunting in packs outside Trinsic Von Ravend sought shelter in Dupre's old base camp, collapsing into a horror struck sleep.

    Von Ravend

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 10:22 AM EDT by HellRazor (Oceania)

    Its A Nice Day For A Dark Wedding...
    This announcement arrived today:

    All are welcome to come and witness the joining of Ivy and Mikael the Black of Lumaria in the bonds of wedlock.

    The ceremony will take place at the Shrine of Sacrifice (heh, shrine of covetous) on Monday eve at 7pm PST.

    We hope all can attend. Heading the ceremony will be Na-Krul, Master of the Dark Tower.

    Through this marriage many will benefit.

    The reception afterward will be held in Lumaria, the new home of the bride to be.


    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 10:15 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Yew Charges Na-Krul With First Degree Murder
    I received this news from Danielle Blaze:

    Case: City of Yew vs. Na-Krul
    Charged: Five cases of 1st degree murder
    Location of trial: Yew Courthouse Prosecution attorney: Adam Clayton, of the city of Yew
    Defendant attorney: Yet unknown

    Na-Krul has been charged with the slaying of five men just out of the city limits of the city of Yew. The witness' name has yet to be released to the public. The trial's date is still yet to be determined. Nu-Krul posted bond of 1,000,000 gold pieces and left the Yew Prison early Monday morning.

    Danielle Blaze
    Silver Sword Press and Media

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 10:12 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Strange New Structures Appear Throughout Britannia
    I have received several reports of a strange new structure appearing in many Britannian cities. Garbonzo Bean (RSC) reported one in Yew, while Vascorp and Garfiled both reported a similar structure in Moonglow. In addition, I've heard of one located in Magincia on the Sonoma shard. The purpose of these structures is as of yet unknown.

    This painting is of the structure in Moonglow. Thanks to everyone who reported these.

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 10:08 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Corpser Attack At Despise Pass
    Ricardo sent us this news:

    I was just bangin' away at a pile o' metal in my shop yesterday when outside the walls I heard me some noise. Now it is not uncommon for noise around this area, as it is the area between the mountain passes East of Despise dungeon. Any time o' the night and day ghosts will wander into my shop, and proceed to fill it with their ghost gab.

    Being a blacksmith I hurridly banged out a fine kryss, and stepped outside to investigate. To my horror, 'twas corpsers breaking up through the ground faster than any man could imagine. This was for some call of alarm as critters tend to stay away from this area, animals and monsters. I sent the pigeon with the news to a very powerful magic friend o' mine, as I am not practiced in yielding any kind o' weapon.

    Soon as the mage got here he didn't even stop to say hello, just climbed the path and began to burn the foul beast-plants with his arcane fires. Soon enough the creatures were destroyed and the mage shared a few words and a rough sketch as I hurridly repaired his magic halberd and viking sword. Seems there was a pile o' people there from all over the map.

    I thank all of ye who came to Despise dungeon this day and removed the weeds growin' in the pass. I can now safely mine a bit o' ore again. Thank ye again for bringing back a "mostly" peaceful valley.

    Head Smith, B0S
    Owner of Despise Outfitters, best little shop there is!

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 9:58 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Rangers of Spiritwood Liberate T2A Orc Fort
    I received this report:

    We arrived to a warm reception (yeah right) at the front gates of the Orc Fort next to the City of the Dead. Many orcs tried to hinder us from going inside, but these gate guards could not stand up to our might and we felled them easily. We pushed our way through the dead bodies and into the gateway of the fort itself, that's when the first wave hit us. Orcs heading the cry of the outlook at the top of the stairs came at us from all corners of the fort. Shiver and I exchanged glances and with our war cry KNOOK!!! we charged ahead to meet them.

    The foul smelling things assaulted us from all sides and we parried and stuck back with all our strength and courage. It was a hard fought battle and the orcs got the better of us a few times. We had to retreat and lick our wounds once. I was near death from a powerful orcish mage who kept paralyzing me but was able to get out and heal myself. I felt bad for doing it for shiver was there by himself now but he came out to see if I was ok. We rested for a few minutes and then forged back in. this time we were able to get past the gates and into the fort itself. Thats when the main wave of forces hit us.

    The orcs had time to regroup and they used it well. We were outnumberd 10 to 1 and the battle could have turned either way for us, but then a stranger appeard in the fort. Jason was his name and he began to chop and hack at the orcs beside us. This is what turned the tide in our favor ever so slightly but it was enough and soon the orcs started to retreat and flee. We chased them down and killed them were they stood. We then took the main tower in the fort and let no monster pass. A few got by us but were dispatched quickly.

    The orc captain was there and Jason approached him. The dirty orc let out a blood curtiling yell and fiercly proclaimed that the humans would not take over his home and all would die soon. I was watching this with eager anticipation of what would happen next. Jason smiled at the orc captain and said, "Yes, all will die soon but it shall not be humans dying it shall be orcs." The orc blinked at him and Jason raised his weapon high over his head and plunged it deep into the orcs chest.

    The orc fort liberated we then walked back to town in a very gleeful mood. We talked with Jason and invited him to join the guild and he gladly accpeted the offer. 1 more brave soul to join the ranks of the Rangers of Spiritwood. A good time had by all and not one death :)

    More information about the Rangers of Spiritwood is available at Knnnoooookkkkk!!!!

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 9:49 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Moonglow and Yew Militia Score a Victory

    Hrm.....Where shall I begin? It all started when Boltar, Phoenix and I decided to scout out the area of the orc fort in Yew which contained the Stormreaver Clan Orcs. Suddenly Grishnak approached us and somewhat challenged us and I was able to make out him say "We will be in the fort" in his orcish tongue. We were gravely outnumbered. We then came across a Yew militia private. We told him of our plans to attack the orcs, and he immediately rounded up some other members of the militia, including SunWolf. We then proceeded to a guard tower south of the fort. We then thought of a plan to defeat them. We would send SunWolf in as bait, and lead them to the guard tower, where the archers were neatly placed on top of the guard tower, and the warriors guarding the door. After several minutes SunWolf came dashing to the guard tower, with Grishnak following him, and a few others. We slew them quickly. Then soon the orcs came one by one, and thusly, they died one by one. The attacks stopped for a brief moment, and suddenly Malicite approached us...I could see Smogg Azalin himself off in the distance. They verbally threatened us and it seemed as if they had something up their sleeves. All the orcs then ran in unison to the guard tower. We quickly came to stop them, but failed. They entered the building, heading for the top where the archers were placed. We began fighting them in the various levels of the guard tower and we eventually defeated them all. There were only a few to be seen running around the guard tower. We then destroyed them. After the worst of it was over, we all went to the top of the guard tower.

    Captain of the Moonglow Militia
    Spirit Number (ICQ)- #49370679
    Moonglow Town Council of Honesty

    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 9:42 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Wintermoor to Host Festivities

    Hail and well met, Atlantic players! The city of Wintermoor, located on the southern end of Ice Island, near the Shrine, is hosting it's first ever PvP/Tamer contests on the roof of it's Festivities Tower, on the 21st of April, starting at 7pm Eastern, and running until completion. Gates to the Event will be constructed at the following locations.

    West Britain Bank
    Vesper Bank
    Moonglow Bank
    Minoc Bank

    The PvP Contest will have the following rules.

    NO Looting
    NO Reflect Items
    No Poisoned Weapons
    No Magic Items
    All Spells are available for use, except for summoning spells
    All Potion and weapon types are available

    The PvP will work in brackets, until we get the top three. All players will receive a "score" which will be recorded to show "experience" points, to further rank players, and to award Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Prizes for the Local Champion. So, the more you show up, the better *grin*

    Tamers will be restricted to the following animal, chickens. *grin* As we see how the tamer fights go, more animals will be added. No spells may be cast to "boost" your rooster, nor can there be any combat help while they fight. The same sort of rankings will be made for the tamers. Summoned chickens are allowed, but if the spell fails prior to the fights completion, you will be declared the loser.

    Registration will open PROMPTLY at 6pm Eastern on the 21st, and the Event will start PROMPTLY at 7pm. Early registration may be done, if work or life is impedes. There will be NO latecomers allowed.

    Registration fee is 1,000gp for PvP, 250 for Tamers.

    Prizes for PvP -

    First Place - Set of Valorite Archer Armor + 5kgp
    Second Place - Set of Verite Archer Armor + 3kgp
    Third Place - Set of Shadow Archer Armor +1kgp

    Prizes for Tamers -


    We ask that all non-combatants and those in the crowd hide or cast invisibility, to keep the lag down. No sparring or dueling will be allowed within the confines of the Event Area, and all thieves will be banned from the premises. Keep Guild and Order/Chaos bloodshed outside the premises. A forge will be set up on site, with repairs and weapon and armor sales to be conducted through the evening. Refreshments will be provided.

    Come one, come all! Plenty of advance warning for this event! Don't miss it!


    Thankye, Heidi, for this news.
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 9:33 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Clarification on Evermist Vendor Prices
    Outcast sent in this clarification:

    When I mentioned the price for armour for newbies as well as reg bags, I made the mistake of quoting a low price. Just in case, I mentioned FOR EXAMPLE. It's not really the real price Evermist will be using. Sorry for any misunderstanding caused.


    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 9:29 AM EDT by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    UO Auto-Map version 5.0 has been released
    Belxan sent us this announcement:
    Today I released UO Auto-Map version 5.0.

    The most notable new features in this version are support for icons and player structures.

    Go check it out.

    Belxan of Moonglow

    It's just a small announcement, but it's a huge update. With this latest version of UOAM we can now map all buildings placed by players and store their locations on the UOAM map. Have a look at the picture, which shows Ocllo, to get an idea of what I mean. It took me about ten minutes to add all these player buildings to the UOAM map. Within minutes you can have your favorite areas mapped completely too. And the beauty is that you can share maps with friends. A dedicated team can map an entire shard in a matter of days. Hats off to Belxan for adding this (and *much* more I might add) to this release of UO Auto-Map.
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 8:04 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Shadow Conclave Anniversary!

    Shadow Conclave Anniversary!

    Greetings Mortals,

    It is with great pride, that I announce the first anniversary of the Shadow Conclave. The alliance of all premier evil role-playing guilds on Atlantic, has been through many things, but have managed to bring the Atlantic role-playing community many quests, that all enjoyed.

    To celebrate this dreadful occasion, we shall be having a week long celebration, which shall begin Monday of next week. Below is listed the festivities we have planned, be sure to attend at least one, if ya cannot make them all, it shall be well worth the trip:

    The 17th, Monday:

    Death Knights Joust - The name says it all. The items you need to bring are as follows: Heavy archer's armor (Chain tunic, leggings, platemail arms and gorget, your choice of helm, with ringmail gloves), depending on your weapon type you will bring either a war hammer, halberd, or spear, no other weapons shall be accepted.

    The rules are quite simple, the two combatants shall be put in the running pit, and when the judge signals, rush past each other trying to unsaddle their opponent. No healing shall be permitted, or any double hits. If you wish to participate in this event, please be present at Skara Brae Counselors Hall for portals to the location between 6:00 and 6:45 of the eastern skies (EST).

    The 19th, Wednesday:

    Auction of The Damned - This event, needs the help of all ye hoarders out there, without, it shall not be possible! Between 6:00pm and 8:00pm (EST), this shall take place at the Asylum of Perdition with myself proceeding over it. If you have an item you wish to get rid of large or small, and wish to sell it off at this auction, contact me via ghoul messenger (ICQ), my reference number is 3307438 or via the spirit world at [email protected], we have over 20 items ready, but wish to push 100 if possible! You shall hold your item, until it is auctioned off, here you shall do the transaction with the buyer. Gates shall once again be provided to those wishing to come at Skara Brae Counselors Hall between 6:00pm and 6:45pm (EST).

    The 21st, Friday:

    The Most Evil Comedy Night Ever - My personal favorite, this eve shall be spoiled by the jokes of none other than GreyPawn, and our ever-so-lovable Navrip. This event shall begin at 8:00pm sharp, however the casino shall be open at 6:00pm. Gates shall be provided for those wishing to come at Skara Brae Counselors Hall between 6:00 and 6:45pm (EST).

    The casino shall be the main location of these festivities, for those unenlightened, this is the large forge hugging Golgotha. If any wish to come, but are marked by British guards, special arrangements can be made, just contact me via ghoul messenger at 3307438 or the spirit realm at [email protected]. I look forward to seeing ye all there!

    Walk in Darkness,

    Lucus, Nephilim
    The Order of The Ebon Skull

    Thankye, Lucus, for this news.
    Posted on Saturday, April 15, 2000, 5:45 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Long Road Journals
    Need your daily dose of Ultima Online adventure but can't login right now? Try The Long Road Journals!

    New journals are up right now including the debut of Jubal the Dart, a treasure hunting rogue from the realm of Baja!

    Jhared Irsei
    [email protected]

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 10:11 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Message from the stones
    The new structures in our cities seem to carry a chilling warning:

    Hi, my name is Akasha. I went to Moonglow yesterday and saw, as did many others, these strange new buildings. They looked like temples for me but their real signification is still unknown.

    I noticed this new stone structure at Moonglow was repeating again and again the same sentence (stones can talk?): "You will all die"

    Hmmm, seems not very good to me ... another evil trick from Minax or one of her minions ?


    Thanks for writing Akasha.

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 8:38 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    UO Renaissance Offers
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    UO Renaissance Offers

    The Ultima Online: Renaissance CD was released to retail stores in North America on Wednesday. Unfortunately, last minute hardware and software issues arose which forced us to withhold the final Renaissance publish until we were certain we could provide a smooth, quality transition to all of our customers . This was a difficult decision to make, and we offer our apologies to both our veteran player community, and to anyone who purchased the Renaissance CD as their first venture into the Ultima Online community.

    In addition to our apologies, we wish to offer two options for our new customers.

    • Any customers who purchase the Ultima Online: Renaissance CD and registers for a new account prior to the release of Renaissance to all of our shards, will receive an additional 30 days of playtime free with their registration. Thus, these new accounts will receive a total of 60 days free of Ultima Online: Renaissance.
    • Alternately, those customers who have purchased the Ultima Online: Renaissance CD may return it to us for a full refund by mailing the game and receipt of purchase to:

      UO Refund
      C/o Origin Systems Inc.
      5918 West Courtyard Dr.
      Austin, TX 78730

    Both of these offers will be valid until Renaissance has been published to all of our 21 shards worldwide. We will provide information on specific offer dates as they become available.

    Once again, we wish to apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused members of the Ultima Online community, both new and veteran. We are very excited about the features included with the Ultima Online: Renaissance publish and look forward to introducing them to our community as soon as possible.

    Gordon Walton
    VP Online Services
    Origin Systems

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 1:31 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Mage Tower to Hold a Dungeon Crawl
    Hi, On Saturday, 4/15/00 at 2 PM Eastern time, the Atlantic Mage Tower will be holding a Naked Dungeon Run event. In this event one groups with a team, and race down and up the dungeon, however they have no equipment at all except some clothes! If you would like to learn more, and read the rules, please go to our website at


    Atlantic Mage Tower
    [email protected]

    Thankye, AndDroid, for this news.
    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 1:01 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Renaissance Publish Update - Good News!!!
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Renaissance Publish Update

    We are targeting to publish the features listed in Testing for Next Update starting on Sonoma shard on Saturday, April 15th (local server time). The publish will be active on Sonoma shard following its normally scheduled Saturday morning maintenance. If there is any change to this schedule, we will inform you as quickly as possible. We will continue to monitor Sonoma shard throughout the weekend for any issues that may arise.

    We will provide updated information on the publish status of the remaining shards as soon as possible. The Sonoma publish will be confirmed on Friday, April 14th (local server time).

    It should also be noted that Calandryll from OSI also made this change with Placing Houses:

    Note that during the time period after the publish is active and before stage 1 begins, you will not be able to place a house in Trammel or Felucca. However, once stage 1 of house placement in Trammel begins, you will be able to place any kind of house in Felucca. Felucca will not have staged placement.

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 9:23 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Should the lost lands be independent?
    We have recieved the following:
    Hail and Well Met to All:

    With the disintegration of rule in the "Old Lands" the time has come for the people of the so-called "lost lands" to consider their political position in Sosaria. Should we join one of the factions and battle amongst ourselves for cities which are not "ours" and leaders who do nothing for us but cause havoc and send "exploratory missions" through our cities into the lands we know well, or should we consider other options?

    I say it is time to find a leader and consider an Independent Lost Lands. Since "Lost" they call us, in spite of the fact that they keep finding us whenever it seems to their advantage, let us be even more Lost and have our own rule. We have cities, we have our own guilds, we have our own people, why not our own Nation?

    For one, I am tired of people blaming "The Lost Lands" for every problem they encounter in the so-called "civilized world." What have they given us? Guards who do nothing. Roads which are not safe. We defend these cities and roads everyday, but do we get thanks? No. We are the place where the snooty lords come to "train" and "explore." Do they ask us if we have been to the Undead City? No. How many of you practically live there! Yes, the pun was intended! We OWN that city! But they want to EXPLORE it. Enough!

    The Lost lands should be INDEPENDENT.

    Ximena, Bard of Delucia and Guildmistress of XEN

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 6:43 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Grand Opening - Sambrook Brewery & Winery
    Being I make my home up in that neck of the woods I might have found a new hang out on those long lonely nights.

    Hail and well met!

    Allow me to introduce myself, I am Eli Sambrook and am the proud owner of the Sambrook Brewery and Winery. (previously known as the Yew Winery.) Come share with me the Grand Opening of the brewery on Friday, the 14th at 7:30 pm pst. I will have two hand crafted ales on tap, the famous Yew Red Ale, and the Wisdom Tree Ale which is a slightly darker ale with a bit of a bite. Also, the springs first grapes were harvested and a nice aromatic red wine was bottled for those that cant stomach a good ale. A variety of foods will also be available for your dining pleasure, as well as some contests and prizes.

    So come and enjoy a fresh ale, some food, and good company this Friday at the Sambrook Brewery and Winery. (located next to the Abbey in Yew)


    Eli Sambrook
    Master Brewer

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 6:19 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Strange Structures Appearing Across the Realm
    Hail fellow Britannians !
    I received the following letter from my cousin Belmakor.
    Hail Bel !
    While travelling through the realm preaching for the Holy Sheep, my path happened to cross a strange structure in the streets of Skara Brae.
    It looked like a single white column located right next to the local bank. It seems it has been built overnight, and its purpose hath not yet been discovered. A traveller from a far away land told me he had seen the same structures when going through Magincia and Moonglow.
    I thought you would manage to get an explanation for these buildings as I know thy office has court reporters who can sure ask the officials in Britain what exactly happened.

    May the Holy Sheep protect thee from the evil mages thou dwellest with.

    Thy cousin, Belmakor
    After receiving this, I immediately sent a court reporter to Lord British's castle to ask about these columns. Nobody would answer his questions, but while looking around for anyone willing to talk, he came across another strange structure.

    Is there a link between this new building and the ones found in other cities ? Nobody answered yet, but we will let you know as soon as we get more information.

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 6:13 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    UO Jobs - EA UK Interest Game Master
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    UO Jobs - EA UK Interest Game Master

    Electronic Arts, UK is hiring! We're expanding the Ultima Online support team and have an opening for an Interest Game Master position in the EA United Kingdom office. We're looking for a creative, enthusiastic person who will work closely with the European Community Manager, Webmaster and Game Masters to create and run in-game UO quests and events for the two European shards. We're particularly interested in hiring someone from within the UO community, as knowledge of Ultima Online is fundamental to providing quality Interest events.

    The European Interest Game Master will be responsible for building and supporting an Interest volunteer program devoted to the European shards (Europa and Drachenfels). Applicants should be bi-lingual German/English speakers, with at least one veteran Ultima Online character and a 'clean'account record. A passion for online gaming, excellent time and resource management skills, and a creative eye for details are also a plus.

    For immediate consideration, please visit and apply for position # 080018352- Interest Game Master (EA-Europe).

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 5:12 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Meeting for the Dragon Knights
    With the words of The Gold one and his son, Narcalodion, news has swept like a brush fire about about the selection of the Dragon knights among the citizens of Britannia. I will be holding a meeting concerning the tournament at the OGD tower this Saturday at 6pm PSTwhere a projected plan for the tournament will be decided among the members of OGD and dragon's Bay. Any prospecting candidates or interested party is welcomed to this meeting.
    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 3:47 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    The Unified Army Leaderless!
    We have recieved the following
    Alas. . . Ibram Gaunt has left Britannia and left the Unified Army of Sosaria without a leader. He made this announcement on the scroll board known as Sonoma Notepads ( He stated several reasons in that message.

    Yet, within the world itself, it seems that I was witness of his actual resignation and decision to leave the Army. I had opportunity to speak with him two nights thence. At that time, I confronted him about things that I felt were not right. Things deteriorated until finally I fear the General grew fey, and even violence ensued. Those who are interested can read the entire story on my scroll:

    There also are my accounts of the Siege of Trinsic, its Fall, and its eventual Liberation.

    May the Virtues Guide Thee,

    Hurin, First Knight , Acting High Apostle , Disciples of the Avatar

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 3:44 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Shalis Lilias visits the Sandlewood Box
    All are welcome Friday night to The Sandlewood Box to hear a tale told by Shalis Lilias herself. She has graced many a place with her fine tales and we are honored to have her as a guest at our tavern. So, if ye be needing rest from a hard days adventure, be sure to stop by, for the story being told wilt surely help you forget the troubles of the day. Free food and refreshments will also be served to anyone in attendance.

    Date: Friday (4/14/00)
    Time: 8:00pm central

    How to get there:
    You can recall there by first travelling to the Museum of Memories, Cove Merchants Guild, or Krista's Ranger Station. Each have a rune locked down inside or in one of the runebooks....

    Farewell, and walk in virtue....

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 3:41 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Mages attack CAD!
    Chro'Norac, Year of the Rising Moons

    Twas the second eve of attacks 'pon Dracona, our homeland and ancient holy land of the Dragongods. I hae been in prayer the first eve o' attacks, but this, the second, I was around for a good duration o'. The attacks were many, and both vile mages and ettins seemed to appear at will. The attacks were well defended against by allies from The Unruled, members of the Guardians of the Eternal Dawn, and even our neighbors, the Guild of Friends; and of course those of the Cult of the Azure Dragons. Though we fought well and defeated them swiftly, I knew within these attacks would grow worse in the coming days.

    For there was much speculation amongst m'self and those of the Azure Circle, our leadership council, that these attacks were like those suffered by Dragons' Bay, The Unruled, Krista's Ranger Station, Rhuidean, and Dragon's Point. That this was the coming of the sixth fragment of the Tome of the Gold One.

    Looking out 'pon the field o' blood that lie in front o' our former temple, that which was now our inn and general store, I thanked the warriors who had come to aid our holy city. Surely we couldnae hae defended it wi'out their assistance. As I stood speaking w' them howe'er, I learned my suspicions hae been correct.

    "Learn of the Dragon Knights. Choose wisely."

    The voice echoed within m' head, but twas nae the voice o' Nexchronosis. The god whom I devoted m' life to was nae contacting me; but the familiar feel o' a wise mind was there, and I knew twas an ancient wyrm with which I spake. Bringing strength forth from m' elven heritage, I began to meditate and concentrate 'pon the being o' the dragon. Though nae spake, I soon knew the one whom I was in commune with was Narcalodian, the Dragon of Love, child of the Gold One.

    "I hear thee!" I spake, the world about me becoming but a backdrop to the universe in front o' me. "I shall learn and choose most wise in thy honor."

    "In the honor of Nexchronosis shall you choose."

    "Then in the name of Nexchronosis, so I shall," I said, bowing my head as I spake my god's name. "My duty and honor is to serve."

    "Soon the book will come," Narcalodian's voice resounded within my mind, "and you will know your virtue."

    "I and those who aid shall restore the tome and learn of our virtue." I echoed, doing my best to acknowledge that I understood what was being asked of me while maintaining my connection with the dragon.

    "You will set a task amongst you to choose a knight for the last battle... Go to Dragon's Bay and read the book."

    "By thine will and of Nexchronosis, so I shall." I slowly began to break connection with Narcalodian, to bring my mind back to the world around me. As I did, Narcalodian briefly appeared, roaring majestically, and then disappeared as quickly to the netherrealm.

    No time to waste, I excused myself quickly. To my side came Cyric, General of the Guardians of the Eternal Dawn, and we hastened on horseback to the tavern at Dragons' Bay. There, 'pon the ground, lie a tome. I have shared the contents o' that tome with the Order of the Gold Dragon, and now I share it with thee.

    "The Last Battle"

    And the last book will be upon a dark dragon, enemy of us and of our people. He shall come from the darkness that he sends the others from. None will be able to harm him. Only by the eight virtues, and the eight who will become Dragon Knights may he be defeated.

    So it is that you must seek out, one from each of the plagued villages attacked for their love of the virtues and their strong hearts, a knight to stand against the dark dragon. Each village shall decide upon a quest, a challenge, to determine this warrior, and each shall invite whom they will of family and of friend to accept the challenge. The last, the eighth warrior, may come from anywhere in this land except from the cities plagued.

    Here at Dragon's Bay will the first be chosen of its own and the last of the noble of this land. These eight will stand as one in the hour of darkness, when shall be unleashed legions of the lost, the evil, and the damned. When the gold tome is restored, the Gold One will again appear, and the book once again be whole. The people of the villages of the plagues shall be among the leaders in the fight for virtue, and their sons and daughters will come to be known by all. From the villages of the dragons, and from the virtuous of the land will come one by one, the Dragon Knights.

    Do not fail us, noble children of the dragons. You are our only hope.

    (Of the triad, Love)
    Child of the Gold One

    Since this journal entry I wrote, a second attack came the following night. That day was most harrowing, beginning with Lord Hoyt in the lands of the Unruled, though I fear that tale be better told another eve. We call out to all of the land to aid us in this time of need, for the attacks grow worse, and soon I fear that which holds the fragment shall appear. I call out to all of virtue in the land to join us, and our allies in the Order of the Gold Dragon, and those who aid us in these times from Dragon's Point, Krista's Ranger Station, Rhuidean, and The Unruled. Ye may learn more of this as time permits me to make available 'pon our webstone at and ye may contact us via courier at [email protected].

    May the gods of the dragons watch o'er us in these times, and may the virtues guide us well.

    Ra'Dian Fl'Gith
    High Priest, Cult of the Azure Dragons
    Guardians of the Eternal Dawn

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 3:39 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Britian under attack!
    This was delivered to us by a bloodied and weary warrior who looked like he hadn't had a good nights rest for days.

    Hail folks!

    Allow me to weave a tale to chill your bones.

    At around 2:30 am PST, my comrades and I had been fighing the evil lurking in Shame when I saw a man on a horse come flying at us. I readied my spell book but he begged us hold fast. He said Britain was under attack. I had seen Britain under attack for some time so I gated my friends and I onto the roof of the west bank in Britain, thinking to find mere ratmen or some low level monsters. What I saw froze everyones blood, not just mine.

    Once gated, we were instantly attacked by lizardmen and giant serpents. ON THE ROOF OF THE BANK! We dispatched at least 6 of them and looked below to see NO ONE left alive. It was Trinsic all over again. Hordes of serpents and lizardmen roamed the streets, walking over countless bodies of the fallen, rumaging and loooting what they would.

    My comrades and I set up a base near the Sweet Dreams inn slightly away from where the main forces of monsters were spawning, and to protect the newly rezed. We set a mage to do reagent runs to Ocllo, for Britain was bare dry. We held the ground for about 6 minutes and then gained the upper hand on the beasts.

    We pushed them back to the jewelers and appeared to have things almost under control when a spawn hit us from behind. 4 giant serpents and 3 lizard men rushed at my friend Swinger with deadly speed and for a time it looked like Britain might actually fall.

    Thanks to the gods that be, we were able to supress the snakes, leaving the lesser monsters for the younger fighters. We split up into teams and each took a side of town. Myself and two other mages were assigned to the east side of town and were to patrol until called upon.

    The east side was not as bad as the west, but hordes of gazers rushed us and began to push us back near the road to Vesper. My comrade Omar Maurader called the fighters on his crystal and we were reinforced in a matter of seconds.

    The newly rezed ran rampant on the streets, making what seemed like a new trend in white robes. We healed all we could and shared reagents with the mages. The fighters gave weapons and small shields looted from the beasts.

    It was about a 40 minute fight and for a long time it looked like Trinsic. Bodies everywhere. Monsters spawn INSIDE the healers building. People looting anything they could, even their friends. This must end. We have to organize in order to defeat this plague, or Trinsic may be the ONLY saved city left. I am no leader, so you folks get something going and I will follow.

    ---Roy of CA
    ---Napa Valley

    P.S. I apologize for not getting screen shots but I was just a lil busy at the time...sorry

    Having wandered late at night through Britian myself I was a bit shocked to come across the bloody corpse of a gazer laying in the dirt. Being busy at the time I didn't think much of it, but I do remember the eerie feeling I had. Everything was way too quiet. Much like after a battle. Or the eye of a storm...could be we're in for rough times ahead.

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 2:36 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    A Little Bit of Everything - New Comics
    Azazel has been busy this week:
    It seems there are rumors floating around that a whole bunch of people at OSI are leaving. While there hasn't, to my knowledge, been any official statement, ALBE would like to take advantage of this opportunity. Now up for your viewing pleasure is "Beginning of the End?" Ever wonder who would be left to make sure things get done if all the good visionaries left OSI? So we'll tell you.

    A Little Bit of Everything
    All out of witty statements to put here.

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 2:33 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    UOSS Europa is looking for a Few Good Pens
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then perhaps UOSS' Europa News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the Europa Shard and her citizens:

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Europa to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    • Be a talented writer
    • Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Europa community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be willing and able to come up with your own ideas for news stories, interviews or features, and carry them out

    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Europa Application" as the subject.

    1: Real name
    2: Contact email address
    3: ICQ number (if applicable)
    4: Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5: Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal
    6: Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS?
    7: Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8: Give two ideas for original reports, features, interviews or other content you would like to write for Stratics Europa.
    9: Any questions???

    Applications are due no later than midnight April 27, 2000. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Palmer Eldritch
    News team manager, UOSS Europa

    I hope to hear from you.

    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 1:53 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Fears for Haven
    Here are the thoughts of Amber, the Mayor of the City of Haven, over the current situation with the Army of Thieves:
    Amber sat on the patio of the tavern and watched the breeze tickle thepalm fronds in the jungles just outside Haven. She closed her eyes and listened to the waves lapping gently at the shore of Lake Hammerfell. It was a quiet moment, and she was trying to savor it despite her heavy heart. A little sigh escaped her breast and she steeled herself to face what must be faced. The Army of Thieves had taken the Sword of Truth, and were threatening to destroy it unless the crafters turned over their day's toil so that the rogues could prepare for their coming war. Word had drifted on the breeze that the rogues had assassinated the honorable Winfield, and indeed they had wounded Amber in the heated battle that had occurred over the Sword just days before. There was no doubt in her mind that the thieves meant to have their way, no matter what vileness they had to do to accomplish it.
    They had quickly bled Haven's finest crafters of their best wares ... shields of the finest metal, armor glistening and brand new that afforded even the weakest warrior great protection against the man or beast intent on slaying him. The best leather for the finest mages of the land, and staves crafted with painstaking deliberation. These things that the people of Haven created not just with their hands, but with their hearts also. The Army of Thieves spirited it all away into their private stores, and if the crafters of Haven held back even one little piece they were reminded that the sword lay in the Thieves den, and that they would take great joy in sheering it to tiny pieces over a white hot forge.

    Amber suspected that it wasn't only their goods the Army of Thieves were intent upon gaining. She'd spoken of her fears only to Althaia, as Althaia used the best of her healing skills to help Amber recover from the wound that Trek'guk Luav had inflicted. She remembered the sneer that came across his fleshy, hairy countenance as he drove the blade deeply into her. Anger welled up inside Amber, a killing rage that threatened to overcome her; but the forge had taught the young woman, if nothing else, patience. She knew that the time would come for revenge against Trek'guk, so she would wait. As Amber watched Althaia, Korin's wife and a Haven chancellor, practice her skill with such determination and love, she worried for her friend should her fears be true. If indeed the rogues were up to what Amber feared, she knew Althaia would have to draw upon all her power to be ready for the onslaught the Army of Thieves would bring. She told Althaia that no matter what the crafters gave the thieves, they wanted more. Their greed was all-consuming, and Amber suspected that Haven would face even more hardship. When she told Althaia this, Althaia had looked up to her with questioning eyes and asked, "Dear one, what else could they possibly want?" Then the questioning look in Althaia's eyes was replaced with momentary fear; then sheer disbelief ...

    "Haven, Altie;" Amber said grimly, "I think they want Haven."
    Posted on Friday, April 14, 2000, 12:55 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Strange Columns appear across the land
    I awoke today finding several messages from different people, telling odd tales of strange stone columns that had appeared in some of the cities around the land. I was immediately intrigued, and set out to take a look at these myself. I teamed up with an old friend, named Jrey Gra'az and headed out. I went from city to city looking around the Bank area, since this is where they had seemed to appear most often. I found small stone columns such as this one illustrated here, which I found in Skara Brae.

    Stone Columns like this one have appeared throughout the land

    I personally saw ones identical to this one in Minoc, Moonglow, Jhelome, and Trinsic. Upon further examination of these odd structures, I found that one could not teleport onto the pillar within the structure. You could mark a rune within the structure, and then recall off of that rune, into the column.

    After trying several different experiments on the pillars, I was about to call it a day when I received a pigeon from my friend Jrey Gra'az, who once again helped me out. He informed me that there was a rather large structure near the stables next to Lord British's castle in Britain. A previous search of Britain had turned up no results, so I headed there skeptically. Much to my surprise, there was a large stone column, much larger than the others, right next to the stables.

    This particularly large stone column resides next to the Stables near Lord British's castle

    A few which were present when I arrived had some ideas about what this particular column was for, although no one had any real basis. Some said it was an act of Minax, others believe it will open a gate to the lands that have been promised by the Gods. Although both these and other theories are plausible, as of yet, there is no proof to prove any. All I know is that we shall find out soon enough.

    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 10:47 PM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Monuments Appear in Our Cities
    The dawn this morning has brought more odd news to my ears. During last night monuments, to who knows what, sprung up in our cities last night. Here is the report as I received it:

    Hail. I returned to Magincia from me house and found a strange object near the bank. Myself ,Elmdor ,Rowen Mayfair and Gimli went about searching the other cities. We found structures in Moonglow ,Skara Brae ,Britain and Magincia ...

    Thank Ye ,
    Phantom Menace

    All the places be the same except the Britain one

    Only moments after this arrived another messenger brought me this.

    I was at the graveyard fighting monsters and i no sooner came back to Moonglow to find a weird shrine or monument of some sorts west of the Bank. No one has a clue as to what this is for. A couple hours later a kind soul asked me to mark them a rune to Magincia. So I recalled there only to be attacked by multiple brigands. As fast as i could kill them they would just spawn again. I recalled back to Moonglow to get some help. I gated back to Magincia and when i walked through the gate there were reds running all around after people chasing them away. About 2 seconds after walking through the gate. The same type of shrine/monument that moonglow had suddenly erupted before my own eyes right where the gate had been. These monuments look evil and it is odd how there was a spawn of brigands right when this happened. The future is not looking bright for Felucia right now. Here is a drawing of the monument and some of the brigand's corpses after the heat of the battle.

    Monument in Magincia

    Remembering what Zakath had said about Britian's looking different, I recalled there to have a look. The monument in Britian is located just inside the gate of Lord British's Castle itself. This tends to tell me that its presence is either approved of or tolerated by the government, or that our government is powerless to do anything about it. As the castle has not yet given a press release on this matter of the morn it leaves us unsure as to that answer of yet. Whichever it may be this is a drawing of the monument as it appears is Britian.

    Monument in Britian in Lord British's Castle

    It should be noted that there is no reason for the populace to panic as of yet. The monuments have not yet done anything and it is not known that they will. It may indeed not bode well as the report from Magincia shows, but as our towns have been under constant attack and plagued by chronic skirmishes for months now, its quite possible that its mostly coincidental.

    I personally would recommend keeping your eyes open--a state we've probably all formed as habit from the last few months--until more is known for sure. If anyone can find meaning in the monuments or has access to information we ask as always that you please keep us informed.

    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 8:50 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    New Structures Spread Across Britannia
    When I went to the bank of Yew this morning, I spotted a strange new structure at the town center.

    After studying it closely and without figuring out what is was for, I ventured out to the several cities of Britannia.
    The same structure was placed in several of cities, a little stone monument.

    I talked with other adventures, that I met on my small journey, about the function of these structures. Many agreed with me, that they might be permanent portals to the upcomming non-PvP land.
    Since you cant use Moonstones inside Guard Zones, it could be true, so you dont have to leave the protection of the Town Guards to get to the other world.

    Dont agree? Then voice your opinion here!

    Any reports from you readers, are of course welcome!

    Yours truly,
    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 6:38 PM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Serpent Cross Tavern to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary
    Tommorrow, this Thursday, April 13th, marks the 2nd anniversary of the famed Serpent Cross Tavern. A bartender will be on duty from 8pm to Midnight EST to allow everyone to join and celebrate if they would like. Larger festivities will be planned for a later date. If you or your guild are interested in helping with this, please contact me either by e-mail or at the Tavern. On behalf of Perianwyr, Lilliana, and the other staff, I wish to extend our thanks to all of you who have supported and contributed to the success of SCT for the past two years.


    Congratulations to the Serpent Cross!
    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 4:09 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Update on the Tavern of EverMist....
    I received this from outcast:

    Hail to all! *grins*

    Well, i guess i had to post this since Keaggan has already posted so much and making me look bad *smiles*. The name of the Tavern has been decided, it is called the Tavern of EverMist. No particular reasons for the name, but it sounds pretty good to me. Enough small talk, now to introduce EverMist. The idea was first brought up by me and later to Dougan FireForge and Rosa. The special thing of the tavern is though we're English speakers, Rosa and I reside in Singapore and Dougan in Japan and with Dougan's biligual friends, we might be able to establish links with fellow Japanese players and organize much bigger events. We don't have to speak a single unified language to have fun don't we? : ). We have already received a lot of help offers from others, it really warms my heart to see people who hardly know me offer their monetary help as well as moral support.

    Evermist has progressed from its original plans from a mere tavern to a shopping center and mini quest center. Below is a brief description of the tavern's functions.
    1. In the begining, we will start with the function of providing new players equipments and reg packs at a low price as soon as they come out from Haven. For example, GM iron archer suits will be sold to any new players fresh from Haven at a price of 200 gp as well as regs packs of 50 regs each at 800 each. Considering Trammel is a land of no looters and pks, it should be considered a reasonable and obtainable price. And of course, it's only one time only.

    2. To standard players , we will sell the reg packs and armours accordingly to the both warriors and mages of peaceful Trammel and the heavily contested Felucca. Rest assured we will sell our equipments at standards prices and will by no means cheat the general public.

    3 Also, should we gain the trust of future clients. We hope to be a center where people can come to us, looking to sell their magical equipments or rare items where we will sell it off to a wanting buyer at a profitable price, only taking a small comission out of it. This way, people can have a trustable and faster trading service other than E-Bay or tradespot. We can't run, we cheat, you can just come in and mess the place up : )

    Enough of the business talk, now to talk about games ( yes, i know you all are gritting your teeth and cursing at me)

    1. With the majority of Hokuto OSI support aka GMs, senior counsellers, counsellers, seers...etc are mostly Japanese speakers and would have problems providing quests for us, we at EverMist have thought of this idea. Every week, we will have a mini quest where we will give everyone who is interested in the quest a riddle, which leads to a spot in Britainnia. The contestants will be required to do something to obtain the next portion of the quest after solving the first riddle and so on. Though the quests won't be very complex( hey, we ARE mere puppets of Sosaria, we ain't gods), we will try our best to make it as fun as possible, perhaps even holding the quest in Felucca, and inviting pks to add some excitement. : ) Also, don't expect a very attractive prize, we at Evermist are but poor individuals : ( Unless some RICH individuals decides to take pity on us :)

    2. Games within the tavern will be more on the gambling side, we will arrange perhaps daily or weekly dogs-cats fights where people can bet on the cats and dogs to see who wins. And in the future, together with Poison Myst Tavern/Casino, we will make our presence known in every PvP tournament where we will arrange betting sessions to see who wins. So even if you lose in the tournament, it doesn't make you a complete loser : )

    Thank you all for reading this EXTREMELY long winded post, and i hope to see your support in the setting of EverMist. P.S Keaggan, we are going to be great competitioners, let's make all this look good. : )
    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 3:15 PM EDT by Multani (AsianShards)

    Serpents and Spiders Assault Britain

    I had been traveling from Minoc to Evermoore and I happened to stop at Britain to buy some regents. I decided to get a room at the Sweet Dreams Inn and stay the night. As I was enjoying my dinner, I heard the sounds of battle. I knew Britain had been under attack for some time but this sounded like more than a typical raid by lizard men and rat men. So I began to don my armor and mounted my horse, Brutus.

    No sooner had I finished my preparations than did my sister-in-law, Rima, come dashing in with nearly all color drained from her face. Giant spiders and giant serpents were attacking the city. Two waves had been repulsed already and a third had just arrived. Rima had used up her supply of arrows and had been forced to fight with her enchanted crook. I bade her to sit and finished the meal I had started then rushed to the west bank of Britain.

    Spiders and serpents were everywhere. Many were dead yet many more were alive and killing heroes and merchants alike. The spirit of my ally fisherking asked me to locate his body and retrieve his possessions but in the mass of corpses I was unable to locate it. Fortunately he found a healer that was able to restore life to him and he retrieved his belongings as the battle raged. I did also see Tanya and Bo hotly engaged in the battle. Bo was fighting many spiders and was poisoned no less than 5 times. Tanya was able to cure him each time with magic and flung energy bolts at the monsters as if she had a limitless supply of manna.

    After the last serpent was dead, I made a patrol of the area and found all monsters had been killed and no more were coming. I met fisherking, Tanya and Bo near the artist guild and I learned they had come because Rima has summoned them. None of us had seen an attack like this on Britain. Minax has never inspired a bit of fear in myself or any of my companions. Having seen this display I may have to reconsider my opinion of her as an antagonist. More terrifying, perhaps would be that another evil may be behind what had happened. Whether it was Minax or not, we must all be weary.

    Hengist the Armsman

    Thankye, Hengist, for this news.
    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 10:16 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Fight Night at Grimoire
    The most happening event this side of Smackdown is Grimoire's Friday Fight Nights. Come and test your will against the meanest bunch of players on Napa Valley.

    Friday Night Event at Grimoire Arena.
    Friday April 14 2000 , @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)

    Bar Fight - Last man standing wins all the loot of the fallen.
    No Entry Fee. Here are the rules:

    No Hiding or Invis spell!!! Bring only what you are prepared to lose. (Magic stuff is fine but nothing blessed-As it cant be looted) Everyone will be guilded before fight so be prepared to resign from your guild prior to the match.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    · The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed.
    · The Double Hit weapon swing is not allowed. If you do not know how to use it, then don't worry about it. We will not demonstrate, but we know how it works.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone that disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · If Grimoire cancels an event for any reason at any time during the course of the event, all entry fees will be returned to the contestants.
    · We will not be responsible for connection losses. You lose connection you lose the match, unless the winner is willing to rematch.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.
    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM.

    We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!
    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena. href="
    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Lost -
    Event Coordinator

    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 8:35 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Comments from the Team: SunSword
    The following was just posted to Comments From The Team - Development:

    Tough Choices --- Apr 12 2000 4:28PM

    I have finally been forced to make that decision that almost every game developer has to make at some point in their career. It isn't an easy one. As I've stated since I took over the helm of Lead Designer with Toad at my side, quality and dependability are my goals for this team. I think we've done a good job over the last six months of delivering what we've promised in a timely manner. Renaissance is a big deal for me. Actually, it's the biggest project of my gaming career to date.

    It is of the utmost importance to me that the UO: Renaissance update is of the highest quality, and that it come within a reasonable timeframe. As you may already know (and as is often the case even when you have a team as good as this one) a bizarre train of events have conspired against our efforts to finalize our testing and we have to make some tough choices about what we can keep and what we must remove from the update to make our dates. In order to meet our goals of quality and timeliness, we have decided to delay The Faction System. The reason for this decision is two-fold. First, The Faction System was not part of the original UO: Renaissance plan. Second, the system is so complex that it would easily add another 3-5 days to QA's testing schedule. Sure, we could give it the "once over" and boot it out the door... but we won't. I believe The Faction System can be one of the most engaging game systems in UO, but without the proper polish it would merely turn into a system that only "tried". You don't want that. We don't want that.

    However, the positive result of this is that QA can finish up their testing on UO:Renaissance sans The Faction System, and we can continue to work on it immediately after the coming update. This gives us time to make those last little changes that will turn it into something fantastic, when it might have otherwise been merely adequate.

    You will see The Faction System return to Test Center immediately after the UO:R update. It will not fall to the wayside. It will not be forgotten. We're extremely excited about this system. As many of you who were on Test Center know, the basic framework is already in place and working. I've seen some great input from many players on it, and we will be considering ways to improve issues such as reputation, rank, combat, and politics.

    In the meantime, this team is focused on polishing UO:R and responding to any concerns that arise from it. It's a tough choice, but we're down to the wire, and it's the right one.

    Anthony Castoro (SunSword)
    Lead Designer, Ultima Online

    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 7:07 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Austin UO Players Luncheon
    Wow, yet another UO Players Luncheon. As always, I highly recommend you attend if you can.

    Austin UO Players Lunch at Scarborough Faire

    The Next Austin UO Player's Lunch will be held Sunday, May 28th, at 1pm at the Scarborough Faire near Waxahachie, Texas (30 minutes south of Dallas/Ft.Worth). This will be held on Memorial Day weekend so that some folks will have the extra day that they will need to recover from this event before returning to work on Tuesday. This weekend at the Faire will also host the Annual National Combat Joust Tournament, so come and spend all weekend, it will be worth the trip!!

    Tickets are $25 per person and include Faire tickets and a catered lunch in a private seating area. We will be paying using Just make an account for yourself and be sure to name [email protected] as the referral email to get Free Beer!! at the luncheon. For further details on payment and a menu please see the Luncheons page at to the left. For email information and updates, please sign up on our Mailing List on the uolunch webpage.

    Hope to see you there!!

    [email protected]

    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 6:54 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Ultima Online: Renaissance Delay
    The following was just posted to "What's New" on the Ultima Online website:

    Ultima Online: Renaissance

    We're excited and enthused about the upcoming publish of Ultima Online: Renaissance and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy all the great systems and updates we've bundled together in this new package. However, the changes and features included in Ultima Online: Renaissance are some of the most complex and elaborate changes we've published since the game was released, and because of this, we've decided to delay the publish of Ultima Online: Renaissance until we are secure in delivering a quality gaming experience to our customers.

    Additionally, in the interest of providing a smooth and expedient publish, we have chosen to remove the faction system from the Renaissance publish. This system will be brought back into testing following the next publish. We expect it to be active on the shards within a few weeks of the Renaissance publish.

    While we can delay the release of Ultima Online: Renaissance to our servers, we cannot delay the retail release, and thus you may see the new UO: Renaissance box on the shelves of your neighborhood software store now. For our new players, we hope this very short delay will provide ample time to experience and explore the world of Britannia before you settle in to enjoy all that Renaissance has to offer.

    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 6:44 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Ultima Online: Renaissance Information
    The following was just posted to "What's New" on the Ultima Online website:

    Ultima Online: Renaissance Information

    Looking for answers to all your Ultima Online: Renaissance questions? We've got questions, answers, and more answers in our Ultima Online: Renaissance FAQ. Find information on the all the new features and changes in this all-new release of Ultima Online!

    Ultima Online: Renaissance is an updated release of the Ultima Online game that includes a wealth of new features. Current Ultima Online subscribers won't be required to purchase a new CD to enjoy the updated features of Ultima Online: Renaissance, as all of these features, changes, and updates will be downloaded to existing customers. Additionaly, current Ultima Online subscribers should be aware that, unlike 'The Second Age', UO Renaissance will not show up as a separate display on their billing summary as it is a full game re-release, and not an optional expansion.

    We look forward to your company in exploring and enjoying this new age of Ultima Online.

    Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2000, 12:03 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    New leader for rebels
    I received this:

    The Free Vesper Militia may have been beat in a single duel, but we still control Vesper!

    There was a vote after this shock for a new leader, which I, Sylis Larpt, won. FVM have finally set up their own stone (thanks to F*K for the use of theirs!).

    In response to this, The Free Vesper Militia will be holding a rally on this Saturday at 2pm GMT (1500 CET) come along to hear ours plans for a free Vesper and to aid us in our quest!! Freedom to Vesper!!

    Sylis Larpt
    General of the Free Vesper Militia

    Many thanks

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 10:49 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    UO Text Reader Updated

    Hail, and well met!

    I have just completed a much-demanded update to my UO Text Reader program. It, and my other utilities, can be found at


    Guildmaster, Healers of Chesapeake

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 4:08 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Britain Seeks Magistrate

    Open Call for Magistrate

    The Britain City Council is looking for a responsible, dedicated citizen to fill the position of Magistrate. Duties will be as follows:

    • Assist the Captain of the Guards in designing a hierarchy for the City Guards
    • Assist the Captain of the Guards in organizing and recruiting the city guards and militia
    • Assist the Captain of the Guards in organizing patrols of the city and surrounding areas
    • Maintain and update a posted list of criminals and patrol reports
    • Provide security for events and quests held in the Britain area
    • Administer trials or other legal proceedings for the City of Britain.
    Please contact Ce'Nedra Willow for an application. All applications will be due no later then Friday, April 14th.

    Katherine, Grandmaster Healer
    Historian, Britain City Council [BRI]
    Ciaran, Lia Fail Empire (Atlantic)

    Thankye, Katherine, for this news.
    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 2:50 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Vigil at the Shrine of Sacrifice
    We received the following scroll:
    Dearest friends:

    I wish to inform you of a personal plight of one of my clan members. Aragon has taken it upon himself to take a vigil at the Sacrific shrine to protect the last remaining shrine from Minax. He is staying there until she comes to protect it with his life.

    When Minax appears at the shrine he is going to call for the help of his clan members who in turn will call for more help. Together, perhaps we can protect this shrine.


    GM of Companions of the Avatar

    We need everyones help. Please be ready to fight just like we did when we took back Trinsic. Let us fight together and not lose this shrine.

    Thanks, and may the virtues be with him.
    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 10:56 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Dragon Spire Wares Grand Re-opening
    Hail friends of britannia !

    This Wednesday, April 12th marks a large event for the DragonSpire Wares vendor house. We have decided to clear the house out, restock all our vendors, and now it's time to open back up to the public. We will be holding a large party at 7pm Central time, with complimentary food, drinks, and free door prizes.

    As part of the main event we will be giving one lucky customer their own GM made Valorite Armor suit. Along with the suit, we will be giving away lots of other neat prizes, such as a small boat, weapons, an sos, and more !

    The house is located at 109o 30' N, 33o 40' E (West of the mountains containing the dungeon 'Wrong'). There is a rune to the house located on the floor of Krista's Ranger Station, and if all else fails, ICQ me, and I'll get you there :) A book with details of the giveaway will be located in a blue chest on the floor of the house.

    So come on out and join us. Enjoy yourself, and safe travels.

    Staff, DragonSpire Wares
    ICQ 23483788

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 10:10 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Teleburiel, Demons, and the mysterious stranger.
    The following excerpt was reported by Ryak, proprietor of the Sandlewood box:

    I feel I must report the unfortunate situation that occurred last night. It was the late into the evening hour when Teleburiel, demon hunter and keeper of the Lieber Demonicum, was passing by The Sandlewood Box on his way to Delucia. Hounded by dire wolves and hell hounds throughout the day, the devil spawn had finally caught up with him. The first wave of beasts were easily dispatched, most likely the scouts of the pack that had been chasing him from his escape out of Trinsic earlier in the morning. Teleburiel said he was trying to reach the city of Delucia in an attempt to lose the demon Kuraazg and decipher certain chapters of the Lieber Demonicum. This tome contains knowledge and stories of demons, and their influences. Perhaps within these pages also lie the means to see the destruction of Kuraazg as well. Teleburiel bade us farewell, not wishing to further endanger the lives of those who came to his aid at Sandlewood. He requested to travel alone, not wishing to draw added attention to himself and his journey. As he was taking his leave, a second and third wave of hell hounds and dire wolves arrived, finally catching up with their intended victim. Thankfully many citizens of Britannia rallied to Teleburiel's defense including the guilds of DoC and TUR. Near the final stages of the ensuing battle, a savage and despicable red demon appeared out of the jungles and begin tearing his claws into countless human flesh. Though many were wounded, the demon was eventually driven back. Nothing but quiet and the stench of death remained... Teleburiel was safely on his way to Delucia.

    Later we had found out, that TUR village had received a visitor at the same time Sandlewood was under attack. This mysterious man, who could possibly be Kuraazg himself or one of his minions was searching for Teleburiel. The citizens of TUR told this strange they had not seen Teleburiel, which seemed to have infuriated him for he suddenly transformed into a demon and flew away into the night.... Could this be the same demon that later arrived at Sandlewood? I know not... Hopefully we will learn more in the days to come.

    - Ryak of The Sandlewood Box

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 10:04 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Eastern US Shard Pre-Move Information
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Eastern US Shard Pre-Move Information

    We are currently planning to move the Eastern US shards (Atlantic, Catskills, and Chesapeake) to our new ISP in the next few weeks. To ease this transition and to help us address any connection issues prior to the move, we are providing an IP address ( for shard users to test their connections. East Coast users may wish to use UO Trace to connect to this IP address and forward any exceptional traceroutes to our Network Team.

    To run a traceroute to the new address, run the UO Trace program and copy the IP address into the address bar at the top of your screen. Click the 'Trace Route' button.

    When the traceroute is completed, if you see any anomalies or excessive times, you may wish to forward a copy to our Network Team. You may do this by selecting 'Copy' from the 'Edit' menu and then pasting the information into an email message. Please forward any traceroute messages to [email protected].

    The UO Trace program is available here.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 8:02 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Zor'rog the Orc defeated
    We received the following report:
    Zor'rog the orc and his army were swifty crushed by the defenders of Yew this night. Zor'rog was quick to look for victims and as I hid he searched for me. But the orc with significant magical prowess was able to find and eleminate me, he was quickly surrounded and attacked. First by one named Yummy, who I merely healed and cured while he faced an onslaught alone. The Company of the Golden Gorger soon came out in force and played a major part in the defeat of the orc.


    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 7:48 AM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Report concerning the corrupted shrines ... and more
    We received the following report:
    I regretfully report that 5 of 8 shrines have been corrupted. Spirituality, Honor, Honesty, Justice, Sacrifice have death vortexes in the place of their ankh and a sinister decor. Valor, Humility, and Compassion still hold their virtue.

    Also, the Yew winery is being change to 'a Tavern.' I hope the new owners eventually have a better name than 'a Tavern' for their tavern. Maybe, Empath Abbey Winery?

    In Cove, there are three new beehives in a small fenced-in area. The fence has been broken into (out of?). This is curious since the fence gate is unlocked. In contrast, the door to the house directly north is locked. From looking through the window, it looks like some scientist of bees has move into the house.

    Sara Gules

    Wandering Healer PoC
    Thanks again, Sara!
    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 7:45 AM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Report: Liberation of Trinsic; Evil Tower Bases Fall
    We received the following reports:
    On Monday, March 27, the BNN report on Sir Dupre's call for warriors and mages to meet on Tuesday at his camp. On Tuesday, the defenders began gathering gathering at 7:30pm(CST). On Tuesday(03/28/00) the defenders would become the liberated of the city of honor. Sir Dupre made an entrance at just before 8:00pm(CST). Malabelle arrived ten minute after. Dupre waited patiently and Marble no so patiently for the liberators to gather. Dupre had promise to rescue Tyball personally, if Malabelle would help free Trinsic. Tension was thick. There had been rumors that Shadow Clan and allies would attack Sir Dupre's Camp. The forces of virtue seems to have surplus of luck, both good and bad. The Shadow Clan had a challenge of the leadership and had to finish their ritual of deciding a leader. This would make them very late for there raid on Sir Dupre.

    Malabelle and Dupre could wait no longer and led the liberators to the main entrance of Trinsic. Malabelle dispelled the protections guarding the barricades. Warriors wielding axes chop through barricades. The liberators marched into Trinsic. These noble warriors were immediately beset by the nearby undead. Sir Dupre yelled to press on toward the black tower. When Dupre and Malabelle arrived at the Meeting Hall, only half of the liberators arrived with them. The others were entangle with battles.

    Malabelle teleported to one of the lower roves of the Meeting Hall. She began taunting the absent Juo'Nar. Juo'Nar appeared and return Malabelle's taunt in kind. Sir Dupre and some of defenders tried to come to Malabelle aid but the way to roof was block. Malabelle and Juo'Nar start their duel to the death. Juo'Nar's demon generals, Anmac, Ba'ab, and Seth, appeared and wreaked havoc on the defenders below. As the demon generals began weaken and fell, so did Juo'Nar. The defenders victory over the generals insured Malabelle victory over Juo'Nar. Malabelle took a "crystal ball" from Juo'Nar fallen corpse. There are rumors that Juo'Nar's corpse also had 50 of each reagents on it. At the entrances of Trinsic, reports of murderers attacking liberators started coming in.

    Malabelle teleported up to the top roof of the Meeting Hall and opened the black tower. Sir Dupre and a small group of liberators fight there way to the top roof of the Meeting Hall. Defenders enter in the black tower and into the darkness of a black gate.

    The liberators were transported to a small cavern. On the North wall is a black wall with a face on it. Moving the mouth the of the face transported a person to the other side. A short hallway led to an open area. Once defenders started explore this open area, the demon guardians of this evil place appeared, Brother of Ice, Brother Fire and Brother of Pain. Each one was surround by a field which personified its name. Ice of a field of intense cold, Fire had a field of intense heat and Pain, worst of all had a field of poison. The defenders fell back, until re-enforcement from above gather with them. Then their vile roars succumb to the clang of the defenders arms. In the open area was a passage way lead south. It floors was clover with blue tiles. These tiles would teleport any defenders back to hallway area by the black wall. An axe was needed to chop up the sinister tiles. Luckily, someone had halberd, which work quite well.

    Now the defenders were able to enter hallow heart of the dark Mistress' tower. Three orbs pulsed here. Their pedestal were the corners of an invisible triangle around a greater black column with pulsing sphere of ebony. To the Southwest was a v-shaped black dais with black steps in front. Black gate sat in its center. If anyone step into the black gate, they were immediately set a blaze. Greater black columns stood on the right and left sides. On top of the columns were spheres of ice and fire. Again axe weapons were use to break the orb and their evil spell. When the last orb was shattered, the temple rocked, huge stones fell from the ceiling, the spheres exploded, flames burst from the floor and the dais was nothing more than rumble.

    On the surface Sir Dupre and the liberators with him were being harried by Shadowclan orks, and their allies. The defenders with the forces back from inside the temple, we able to drive back the pawns of the dark Mistress. The dark tower had fallen leaving only its foundation.

    Malabelle strolled out on the black base. She stood there as if in a trance. Many of liberators and Sir Dupre tried to reach her and make sure if she was well. The stone path had fallen and some mystical force prevented teleportation. Malabelle began calling out the dark Mistress, Minax. It only took a moment for Dread Lady to appear behind her former apprentice:

    Minax: Ahhhh....

    Minax: Vile Wench.
    Minax: Turn and face me
    Minax: What do are you trying to prove my dear?
    Malabelle: Thou thought me a fool?
    Minax: Aye...a fool
    Minax: a foolish little girl.
    Malabelle: That thou could play with and discard when thou were tired of me?
    Dupre: *scowls up at the divas.*
    Malabelle: I was a fool!
    Minax: It would seem you have lost your love of me
    Malabelle: I am a fool no longer!
    Minax: *laughs*
    Minax: What will you kill me?
    Minax: *laughs*
    Malabelle: There is only one person worthy of my love, and thou did see fit to take him from me!
    Minax: Oh...
    Malabelle: Thy treachery cannot stand unchallenged!
    Minax: You see my dear...
    Minax: It did further my cause...
    Minax: that is all that matters to me...
    Malabelle: I shall rip open thy wretched body and let thy blood coat this foul temple!

    Their duel began in earnest. The enchantment that prevent teleport also deflected spells and bows. The black dais was a display of a deadly light show. At first, it look like Lady Minax had the edge over the wounded Malabelle. The chant of honor rose from the people near Dupre. Lady Minax began to falter. The battle took its toll on both duelist. Lady Minax drew power from the black structure beneath. 'SUMM' filled the air. Tension and mystical energy flow freely. The dark Mistress put all her dark mana in mighty earthquake. It rip open the black stone and sent shock waves through the area. Both tumble below. Enemies and allies watched cracks form in the Meeting Hall's wall. A stalagmite rose in the courtyard surround by small pools of lava. it was followed by others. Sir Dupre teleported quickly to the ground below to see the fate of Malabelle and Lady Minax. Some defenders follow his lead. Many followed using teleporter pad and their feet. In the great hall stalagmite rose to form a stairway down. Following stairs into darkness, a new cavern had formed. The cavern followed a river lava. Sir Dupre stool in the main chamber. He warn us the cavern was not finish forming and that it might spawn some sort of evil. He also thought Minax and Malabelle kill each other. With that Sir Dupre left to report tonight events to Lord British. A while later earth and flame elementals began forming. Above in Trinsic, the liberators had to deal with murderers guilds roaming the street. Tonight battle had a been won, but the conflict was not over.

    Sara Gules

    and this report concerning the Towers:
    Last Saturday(04/01/00), I was passing by healers in Yew town area and I noticed the black base was gone, but the scaffolding, wheelbarrow and tools were left. I took an axe from an orc captain and swacked at the scaffolding. It fell in pieces with a satifying crunch. The other tools quickly fell.

    I and my ship mate Dirk made short work of the black base in vesper. LDH took apart the one in Cove. At Kira of LDH suggestion, a small of the black tower still stands in Cove to represent its(and Britannia) struggle against the Dread Lady Minax evil forces.

    Sara Gules

    Thanks Sara!
    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 7:44 AM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Shrine of Honesty Desecrated
    We received the following report:
    I was wandering round the ice isle today looking for any spare treasure chests that the Orcs may have left carelessly lying around. While doing this I happened to wander by the shrine of honesty, I pass it regularly and know it well, this time I was surprised to see a demons head spouting flame hanging from the right column. Having a bit of experience with traps if you know what I mean I tried to turn it off but to no evail.

    Thinking it was strange but unable to do anything about it I notified the rest of my guild mates in the Green Lodge and continued about my business for a couple of hours. Once again I ambled past the shrine and to my horror I saw another head on the left column and the heat was causing the very stones to glow orange with the heat. I tried to approach to look inside but I was driven back by the intense heat.

    I tried once again to get in and this time I dived throught the flames and this is what lay before me, what used to be the shrine of honesty has turned into a black alter with a swirling vortex on top of it. I could tell just by looking at it that it was pure evil. Now not being too scholarly I brought out my palette and swiftly painted this picture of the shrine so some of the more knowledgable types could have a look.

    If the alters of the virtues aren't safe in this time then truely nothing is.

    Darius Morn-Kar

    Green Lodge Trading Company
    Thanks for the report!
    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 7:25 AM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Last Warrior Standing Contest
    We received the following announcement:
    The town of Safe Haven , located east of the shrine of compassion, is proud to announce an event to be held this thursday, April 13th at 9:00 PM CST.

    The event is the 3rd Last Warrior Standing fight for a grand 50,000 gold prize. Warriors of all kinds will enter the Sylvan Court Tower located at the NE side of town behind the mage shop free of charge and be scattered throughout the tower. There will be two officials on each floor enforcing the following rules:

    1. No Horses
    2. No pets or summoned pets
    3. No ghost blocking, the officials will simply remove you till the fight is over
    4. 4. All blues must flagged themselves on one of the officials and maintain being flagged
    5. Fallen warriors will be asked to wait till after the fight to reenter the tower for belongings.
    6. No hiding or stealthing.
    The winner of the fight will be awarded a 50,000 gold prized generously donated by HeRog of Dusk Til Dawn. Remember there is NO entry fee, so come and enjoy.

    As always, all are welcome to come to town as long as your keep your peace.

    Thanks and Enjoy

    Luxor, Mayor of Safe Haven

    Thanks, and good luck to the contestants!
    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 7:21 AM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Strange sighting at the West Bank in Britain...
    We received the following note:
    Mayhap I partook in too much ale, or suffered one to many blows to the head but this is what I observed. As I was walking about Britian I seen three women dressed alike become one and then seperate into three again. All three women were named evillynn and had the same spritely look about them.

    Attached is a sketch of what I saw. I think it is a tad bit funny and maybe your readers might think the same.

    Sincerely yours,

    Merrick Lane,
    Scribe of the Rose, KWR

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 7:14 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Reporter Rage changes name
    I have currently exchanged accounts, my original "Rage" is now no more. Please do not refer him to me anymore, for I do not own him. You can see me on the streets of Sosaria with the name "Debonair".

    Thank you.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 5:49 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    A Recconaissance Mission to the Lost Lands
    We have recieved the following:

    At the War Council Meeting held yesterd-eve, I was able to persuade those of greater wisdom than myself to consider the possibility that the undead city in the Lost Lands might indeed be the source of the undead hordes now afflicting Skara Brae and Ironwood.

    The Council therefore authorized me to raise a recconaissance/raiding party to venture into the Lost Lands. Our goal will be to determine whether there is any link between this city of undead and the forces now assailing us.

    The route we will take is uncertain at this point. Due to disruptions in the ether, it may be necessary to cross over to the Lost Lands through one of the dungeons. This remains to be seen.

    We have need of brave warriors, mages, and skilled scouts. All ye who would join this expedition, please meet at the eighth tone of the pacific bell on Wednesday eve. The marshalling of this force shall take place in the Main Meeting Hall of Trinsic where the Dark Tower formerly stood.

    If the gods will it to be so, perhaps this expedition will amount to a momentous event. . . perhaps filled with battle, glory, and--we hope--revalations about our common foe.

    May the Virtues Guide Thee,

    Hurin, First Knight , Acting High Apostle Disciples of the Avatar ,

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 5:46 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    1 Million in gold to be raffled off this Thursday
    Darkone sent us the following:
    The Pacific Museum Is begining a lottery which is open to everyone. The Drawing date is Thursday, April 13th. Entrants will be notified of the drawing time 2 hours in advance.

    Prizes being raffled off include:

    • First Prize 1,000,000 gp
    • Second Prize 100,000 gp
    • Third Prize 30,000 gp

    4 sets of winning numbers are drawn from the dice game in UO. The numbers range between 2 and 12. You need to correct guess the numbers in all 4 sets i.e. 2-6-7-11. You don't need to guess the order the winning numbers come in. In order to get your entry you must send in your tickets combos through ICQ 70230456 and pay at Pacific Museum through a vendor the next day.

    More information about the lottery can be found here

    Vynxen, of the Pacific Museum's address is: [email protected]

    Note: While I have every reason to believe that this lottery is legitimate, you should checkout ANY such activity before giving someone your hard earned gold.
    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 4:50 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    UO Stratics is Hiring New Staff
    UO Stratics has some openings on the staff that we'd like to see filled. Currently we have room for the following volunteer positions:
    • Community News Reporters. A Community News Reporter browses the web, digs through newsgroups, munches on message boards and scans email lists looking for interesting news about the UO Community and writes small articles that will be posted in our Community News section. Excellent language skills, spelling and grammar, are required. Although part of the job will be evaluating and posting incoming Community News emails, the emphasis for this function is on going out there and finding the news.
    • Statistics Editor. The Statistics Editor will help with maintaining the huge encyclopedia of numbers and formulas that together form the heart of UO Stratics. Requirements are an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of Ultima Online, a never ending desire to experiment and find out new formulas, new skill levels, new dependencies and so on, being able to code HTML by hand, being able to edit graphics files and good knowledge of english spelling and grammar.
    • Strategy Editor.The Strategy Editor will be working on the numerous guides and essays of UO Stratics, making modifications where needed, and creating new guides and essays. Requirements are an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of Ultima Online, excellent language skills, spelling and grammar, being able to write in a comprehensable manner with a specific target audience in mind, being able to code HTML by hand and being able to edit graphics files.
    For each of the functions mentioned above, preference will be given to people with much experience in the mentioned areas. If you have references, make sure you mention them in your application. The more examples of your skills and writing abilities you can show, the better.

    To apply for a function, click on the job title above to start an email with the appropriate topic. If the link does not start your email program then just address the email to [email protected] and use the job title as subject. Closing date for the applications is monday, april 17th. We then will start reviewing and invite selected candidates for round two within a week. If you did not hear from us before monday, april 24th then that means your application did not make it.

    I am looking forward to reading your applications.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 4:43 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Another edition of "Hero's Journal" published
    At Hero's Journey Stratics, a lot more is happening than meets the eye. As if it wasn't enough to work the whole weekend on their forthcoming re-design, now the HJS team has gone and posted several pages of solid content in the 2nd edition of the "Hero's Journal." As a follow up to their freshman effort, the HJS staff takes us into the mind of the community by covering several hot topics from the forums, and FAQ's and flames, treating them all with equal wit and penmanship. Surprised at the quality coming out of this tiny young staff? Don't be - we're talking about the same group of admins who as total rookies to the network invented the "Developer Musings" application; read: the single most popular interactive feature released in the last 10 months at Stratics and fast becoming a standard feature of beta sites on the network. This month in the Hero's Journal:
    • What Was That: A Design article showing one way you can deal with Player & Character Perception
    • Family and Clan: A Design article dealing with how families, clans, and titles could work.
    • The Role of Assassination: An article discussing assassination's merits and problems in a game world
    • Consequences: An Editorial delving into socialization, communication and consequences in MMORPGs.
    • The Bard's Corner: Along with Poetry, song verse, and some comics!
    Head on over to Hero's Journey Stratics and enjoy the work they've put into their latest release, we think you'll be every bit as glad you did as we were.
    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 3:14 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    The Sandlewood Box Chicken fights
    The Sandlewood Box Tavern is delighted to announce an event that is sure to take Britannia by storm. On Thursday night, it will host Britannia's first chicken fight at the tavern. All are invited to come and join in the fun and laughter. Guests are invited to bring their own tamed chickens for fighting, but for those less-inclined to tame, the house will provide chickens for participation. The finest chickens in the lands, hand-tamed by Ilkoryne herself and trained in the ways of battle. Wagers and bets are welcome. Come and join us for free food and drink, fellowship, and fun!

    Where: The Sandlewood Box
    Time: 8:00pm Central Time
    Day: Thursday (4/13/00)

    How to get there:
    You can recall there by first travelling to the Museum of Memories, Cove Merchants Guild, or Krista's Ranger Station. Each have a rune locked down inside or in one of the runebooks....

    Farewell... and walk in virtue,
    Ryak and Ilkoryne

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 12:16 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Xolotl reports on Turme

    Freelance reporter, Xolotl the Medium files this report to UOSS Stratics concerning the mysterious Ghost, Turme:

    Our investigation started off slowly at the bank in Jehlom. A small party gathered about and we agreed to proceed to the library and then to the tavern for some ale. Many of us then split up scavenging the city for any clues to Turme's whereabouts. After a short while mine feet began to ache, just as I was going to conclude the investigation for the night a crier ran swiftly towards myself. We had found him in the pits wandering.

    Upon investigation we found Turme sulking in the fighting pit of Jehlom. He was completely frightful of us, if any of us came a step to near he ran off and screamed, being wary of this I started in on speaking with the nether. The ghost did not have much to say at first, he spake mostly in phrases, nay a complete sentence. We inquired about his sword.

    Tis a part of me I cannot leave it. There is much pain, rocks they are sharp and hurt.

    Rocks? Just as he was beginning to speak more he spotted a lich, surely from the northern graveyard, he was frightened off by it. We gathered outside the pit to discuss the clues. Occasionally one of our party members would shout there he is! I did not see him for a while, then finally we met up with him again. We inquired of his pain

    We started to ask ourselves, what plague hath this warrior encountered in his life. ImaMurderer inquired about the virtues and Turme quickly replied that the virtues are the cause of his current state in some way! Forsooth what could be so foul? Again we lost sight of him, he seemed to enjoy walking freely in the Brothers of Arms guild, perhaps an old guild of his? Raistlen stopped in later and informed us he had spotted Turme earlier in the guild swinging at a practice dummy. Twasn't long and Turme spake again.

    These phrases are like riddles to us, each one detailing a story yet unknown. Is it possible this warrior had encountered Minax in some way? Or is his death of no relation? We indeed asked some of these questions but Turme was only responsive to certain things, he was so shy he spoke when he pleased. Later on after discussing these odd rants we again spotted him in the pit!

    Is there any that can decipher these strange rants? We speculated so many a things my mind became clouded with theories, but just that, theories. We shall need more information of this ghost before we can help him, although in the beginning of his rants he stated that we could not help him? Is this true? Mayhap he is here to aid us, not we that need to aid him?

    I shall continue mine investigation tomorrow at the same time 8:00 CST, many thanks to the noble people that aided me in my investigation this night. I grow cold with fear with every clue we overturn.

    Your medium in service-


    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 12:13 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Battle Vortex interviews tOAD
    The following was just posted to the FYI section of the Ultima Online website:

    Battle Vortex Interviews tOAD

    Fear and Adrick are at it again as they interview UO Lead Designer tOAD on the Faction System, Test Center, Stealing, Lockpicking, and Necromancy. Listen in at Battle Vortex Streaming Media Entertainment, and check the archives for interviews with Sage, Tyrant, Calandryll and more UO Team members. You can listen to the Battle Vortex Audio Shows with your RealAudio(tm) player. Don't have one? Battle Vortex will get you started on their RealAudio help page.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, 12:11 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Ultimate Adventure Updated
    This just in from Korgoth, the author of the fictional story, Ultimate Adventure:

    I updated my story again. I will be trying to do this about once a week. Head on over to my site at Ultimate Adventure and enjoy!

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 11:43 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    HMGComics: 2 New Comics and New Layout
    This just in from Rentaur of HMGComics:

    For 4 months, people have come to HMGComics looking for entertainment. Well, people also complained on how the site looked. So I changed it. It now has a futuristic look.

    I have also created 2 more comics: GM ICE Episode 6: The Underground and Waaaaazzzzzaaaapppp?, a parody of the Budweiser commercial.

    So hurry on over to our site at


    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 11:38 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Dragon's Den Software Recruiting Staff Members
    This just in from Dragon's Den Software:

    A new major gaming site will be opening soon. At this time, we are recruiting staff members for this site. We are seeking people familiar with any or all of the following games: Starcraft, Ultima Online, EverQuest, Asheron's Call, Diablo 2. All prospective staff members must be mature and be eighteen years of age or older. In addition, all applicants must be able to write in coherent English to be considered for any position with this site. Each position has additional criteria as explained below. All positions are unpaid. However, the benefits of working with us are many. In addition to making your name known within the community, working on this site is a great way to build your resume and show off your skills to potential employers. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, read on!

    We are currently seeking:

    News Staff - Applicants must have a decent knowledge of the gaming industry and be able to search out and post gaming news, some of which will be emailled to the news staff of this site. Applicants must know basic HTML formatting and be able to apply proper HTML formatting to the news that is posted. Applicants must be able to work on this daily.

    Editorial / Rant Staff - Applicants must be able to submit editorials / rants covering one or more games at least twice per month. Editorials / rants must be at least three hundred words each.

    Graphic Artist - Applicants must be highly skilled in the creation and editing of computer graphics. Graphics to be created will be assigned as needed.

    Forum Administrator - Applicants must be able to scan each forum at least twice daily and enforce the rules on each forum without bias.

    If you wish to apply for one of the positions listed above, or you think that you have something to offer us that isn't listed above, give us an email. Be sure to include a sample of your work.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Dragon's Den Software

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 11:32 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Markee Dragon Interviews Dungeon King
    Markee Dragon interviews Dungeon King. The king of house placement.

    Recently I had the opportunity to interview one of the true masters of UO. Dungeon King is called the king of house placement. He is called this for good reason with having placed well over 750 houses covering many shards. Many people who have purchased houses for UO gold or on eBay know of him. In an interview he shares his insight on the new house types, the current housing market and even shares a few tips and trick on house to place houses where it's thought to be impossible. To read this intriguing interview follow the like here.

    Markee Dragon

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 11:28 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Jessica Mulligan on the Departure of Richard Garriott
    Thanks to Beans Baxter for pointing out this article written by Jessica Mulligan, a former OSI employee going by the name of Durga, over on Happy Puppy. Here is a short snippet:

    Did the Golden Age of Computer Gaming end last Thursday?

    In case you missed it, on March 30, 2000, Richard Garriott, the infamous Lord British and creator of the Ultima series, left Origin Systems, Inc., the company he founded with his brother over 17 years ago in his parents' garage. From such humble beginnings, the Ultima series became one of the first million-unit sellers in the industry, and eventually spawned nine versions.

    This is all the more impressive when you stop to remember that, at the time, there weren't a huge number of personal computers in U.S. homes. It's hard to estimate numbers today (few people bothered keeping records of this sort of thing early on), but there may have been all of 3 million homes with personal computers in 1983, the year of OSI's founding. Even as late as 1990, the year PCs really started to sell, there may have been fewer than 10 million PCs in U.S. homes--compare that with 40 or 50 million homes with computers today, just a decade later. For any computer game series to become a million seller before 1990 was an incredible achievement.

    To read the entire article Click Here

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 11:21 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    2nd UO Player Meet in Vancouver, B.C.
    UPDATE TO PREVIOUS READERS: Please note that the day has actually changed from Friday to Saturday, April 29th.

    Looks like we have another Player Luncheon. If you haven't ever been to one and you live in the Vancouver area, I would highly suggest you attend, as they are a lot of fun.

    Getting Restless in front of that computer?? Wanna meet others with your addiction? Saphire Ice of Pacific is hosting her 2nd UO Player meet in Vancouver BC, Canada on Saturday, April 29, 2000. This event is open to players of all shards but the Pacific Players of the last event are encouraged to come out again! The event consists of Dinner at Milestones then a Theatresports show on Granville Island. Prizes! Conversation! Entertainment! FOOD!! Don't miss out!

    More Info at or ICQ 17035155. RSVP.

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 11:02 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews) Seeking Freelance Web Designers
    This just in from the folks over at, a fan site for the up-and-coming game being created by OSI: is currently looking for Freelance Web Designers to volunteer their time with us. We are looking for a new design for our new launch. We are also in need of Content Updaters (to update news, screenshots, etc.) Visit for more details.

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 10:56 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    New Ultima Parody Song
    Midas has done it again. Another great Ultima Parody song, this one called "Don't Bank So Close To Me" by The Macro Police.

    If you haven't heard his music before, you are in for a treat. Head on over to Ultima Parody Songs and check out all six of his songs (and don't forget to read the lyrics as you listen).

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 10:50 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Europa reverts to daily maintenance
    More shard problems have hit Europa:

    The server has gone down on four Sunday afternoons over the past five weeks, causing two-hour time-warps which mean players who have been raising skills or making money find their work has been wasted.

    Then last night the following was posted to OSI's shard issues page:

    Both European shards (Europa and Drachenfels) will be switched to a daily maintenance schedule immediately. The scheduled maintenance time for these shards will be 5:00AM local server time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    The clean-up Britannia campaign was supposed to reduce item count leading to reduced server downtime. One of the immediate benefits of this was that shard maintenance was reduced to three times a week rather than five.

    Now, however, it seems the servers based in London require daily maintenance again. However, if anything you would think the total number of items on these servers was actually less than on the American shards because the shards are less crowded.

    Then this morning there was another server crash, as reported on the OSI site:

    The European shards are undergoing emergency maintenance at this time, accounting for the current extended downtime we are experiencing. We expect to have the worlds on their way back up very soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    On top of this, many players in Europe have complained of poor connection and frequent disconnections from the European servers, even when they are up and working correctly.

    So what is wrong with the servers and, most importantly, is OSI going to do anything about it? At this stage I have no answers but I am pursuing OSI to get some.

    Thanks to Shadow Darkmane for his input.

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 10:41 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Orcs open tavern
    A new tavern is opening near Cove:

    Bludrok Bar is opening today. It is near the cove orc fort. It provides safe haven for players from reds, and monsters, as well as drinks, food games, and company.

    This is based out of a small brick house, as it is not an attempt to help the general public from a group, but one person donating his only house soley to help others - please help me and my efforts by dropping by.

    To get there, go to the small pass south of cove, follow the water eastward, and you will see a house with a provisioners sign. This bar WILL be run by orcs.

    From an unknown adventurer (orc?)

    Good luck!

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 10:04 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Freedom to Vesper!
    Following on from our earlier report titled King's champion defends the Virtues I found this note pinned to a tree outside my home:

    Mayhaps they can hurt us physically, but never can they hurt the spirit... Freedom to Vesper

    D'Angelo Ranger of the Free Vesper Militia

    Many thanks

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 10:00 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    The story was submitted by Trek'guk Luav. Now what were you saying??
    Trek'guk Luav sat leaning back in his chair and his feet on the table. He picked his teeth with his kryss as the PaxLair chancellors piled into the room. They looked at him in a confused manor, wondering why he was in the room. This was supposed to be an important meeting for PaxLair officials?

    Trek looked each of them in the eye as they came in one by one. He continued to sit leaning back, as if he had no worries in the world. Mayor Winfield was the last one to come in, and closed the door behind him. Winfield took his seat on the opposite end of the table and started the meeting. Winfield knew Trek was there, but chose to ignore him.

    "I hearby call this meeting to order. The 32nd annual Officials Meeting of PaxLair is officially in progress." Winfield said.

    The Mayor started his usual gibber-gabber or "blahing", as Trek would put it. He discussed the issues PaxLair was currently dealing with, and talked with the other officials to see how they felt. Trek looked around the room and saw nothing but simple people with simple minds. He knew this meeting wouldn't accomplish anything, PaxLair has always been a place of hollow laws and empty tradition. Trek should know, he spent several years of his life here.

    CowMaster, Rhyssand, Emmeril, Kyleria Dawn, Winmere, Winfield, Eli, all people Trek knew, and was once friended too. Not now though, each and every one of them was nothing but a petty human to him; something for him to use when he needed to, and then throw away when they no longer were of use to him. He'd show them this today, he'd show them what he's become since he was last in PaxLair. The very thought of them not expecting it in the least made him laugh out loud.


    Several people in the room looked at him in his direction giving him a distasteful face. The Mayor just continued on with his blahing, not paying attention to Trek. This Trek didn't take kindly to.

    He laughed again followed by a howl, "HAHAHAHAHA; HOWWWLL!!"

    The Mayor once again continued with his blahing, completely ignoring Trek's interruptions. Trek just gave a wicked smile. Rhyssand looked in Trek's direction. Trek's fur covered face looked right back at her, strands of hair covered his yellow eyes with black dots in the middle; Trek smiled again and let out a loud BARK! in her direction. Rhyssand jumped and quickly turned her face away from him.
    "Behehehehehe HAA!" Trek said right before SLAMING his fist on the table. The ink pens and candelabras flew up and crashed back down on the table. Winmere almost fell out of her seat in shear shock. The Mayor stopped talking.

    "Go home, Trek'guk!" Someone in the room said.

    Trek got up, standing next to his seat, and said, "Nu."

    "Trek, please, this is a very important meeting. We have a lot to get through today, if you would stop interrupting it'd go a lot smoother." Winfield said.

    Trek squinted his eyes and stared at Winfield. Emmeril tried to get things going again by talking to the Mayor. Winfield listened to him, but kept looking back at Trek with a worried look, he knew there was something about the way Trek was acting that didn't seem right. Trek squinted his eyes some more and gave another mischievous smile toward Winfield, who was pretending to listen to Emmeril. Suddenly, the door to the room swung open behind Trek. Trek looked into an empty hallway on the other side; no one was there. Trek gave a soft snort while raising one eyebrow. He started walking down to the other side of the room, near Winfield.

    "Trek wunt tu say sumting Winfield." He said. Winfield continued his talk with the chancellors, ignoring Trek. "Me say, Trek wunt to say sumting! ...... Trek say, ten Trek leab."

    Winfield stopped talking and looked at him. "Ok Trek, what do you wish us to hear?"

    "Yous may nut knu tis, but Trek bin gitten position of GM in guild called AT." Trek said.

    "That is wonderful Trek, thank you for sharing." Winfield said as he begun to get back to what he was doing.

    "TREK NOT FINISHED!! Under Trek guidance, AT has declared war on Haven! Few days gu, Haven wit overrun by thieves and rogues. We's mishmash tim wit no mercy. Tey beat AT back, but AT got sumting tey nu wunt us hat....... We's git tee Sword of Truth." Trek looked around the room, everyone was staring at him with bug-eyes, he had their full attention.

    "Swo... of Truth... ? I'll have to have my officials look into this." Winfield said.

    "Yous du whut yous tink yous needin. Trek nu care, but Haven hat lut of things, jus likk PaxLir hat lut of things. Yous prubly tinkin, 'whut AT can du to us?' Trek tells yous whut AT cin du tu yous! Win AT finished takin over tee City of Haven, AT guna come fir PaxLir. Yous guys nu git any laws people obey, yous guys knu eten git Guards! Haven git guards, and AT git their sword!" Trek stated.

    "Our citizens protect the city, we have not had a big problem recently." Winfield countered.

    "Trek tinkin yous git big problem nuw. Trek show yous sumting." Trek said as he moved himself behind Winfield's back.

    Just then one named Fetch, an AT member, suddenly appeared near the Mayor. A few people gasped, about to ask how he got in. The tension in the room was high and a few people were reaching in the direction of their swords. Trek'guk knew it was now or never.

    "Yous tinkin yous ok, and you can't even priteck yous Mayor!" Trek said as Winfield turned around to see Trek's kryss coming right for him. As soon as Trek started attacking the Mayor, Fetch joined in. Then Vender, another member of AT, appeared on the other end of Winfield, and started stealing anything from his pack which he might need at the very moment.

    Before anyone in the room even realized what was going on, Winfield was down to half his life. Healing spells were quickly cast but it was too late; The most important person in PaxLair died in a room full of other PaxLair officials and friends; inside the Tower of Order; in the middle of the City. The retaliation from seeing their Mayor slain in front of their eyes came quickly. Ruglug, an Orc of PaxLair, jumped from his seat and started attacking Fetch. Trek was hit by powerful magic spells, and didn't have very much time to even start running. Seconds after slaying the Mayor, both Fetch and Trek'guk Luav died.


    Trek and Fetch came running back to the Order Tower wearing death robes. A wandering healer near by provided a quick resurrection for them both. The third AT member, Vender, came out of hiding in front of the tower and handed them their things. Trek looked up at the tower and smiled once more. He was sure he would have all their attention now, whenever he may need it.

    The Army of Thieves [Link: ]
    The City of Haven [Link: ]
    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 8:26 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Grand Re-Opening of the Pacific Mage Tower!
    This in from DMX about the Mage Tower
    Hail Citizens of Brittania. We at the Mage Tower got tons of Replys.

    We will be throwing an event here are the details:

    Day April 29th
    Time 1:00pm to 5:00pm GMT
    Where The Pacific Mage Tower(Transportation Will Be Given read lower).

    First on the Agenda will be a offical announcement saying that we are back. Kind of Like a Mini Conclave.

    There will be a entry fee for each event of 100gp 200gp to particpate in all 3

    Next is when the fun begins.

    We will be having a Wrestling Tournament

    Where you are completely striped and just fight Hand To Hand


    Next Event is a Animal Summoning Battle

    You summon one animal and they duke it out.

    Last one standing wins

    Finally for all you PvPers is a Royal

    In this event anything goes

    Last man standing wins


    These are the Rules for the Tower

    No stealing

    No looting

    No killing

    Rules apply to all events unless otherwise noted.

    NO potions, use of spells, or use of poison. (Except in the Royal)

    Healing is allowed by Bandages and Potions(Only in Royal)

    Attacking anyone when not currently participating in an event will result in a ban and disqualification from the event.

    Be polite and listen to the PMT Members

    Reds might attend so dont attack unless provoked


    We will provide gates at the following Banks

    Skara Brae, Trinsic , Moonglow and Britain West and East.

    Prizes will be awared to the Victor of each Event of 5k

    If you wish to know more icq me at 59761815

    Thx for your time I hope to see you there

    Thankyou DMX! I look forward to seeing the Tower up and running.
    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 11:48 AM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Julieanne and Jafar Mc Finnan Will Marry on Friday
    This invitation was sent to us by Jafar Mc Finnan :

    We wish to extend an open invitation to all the people of Drachenfels for Friday the 14th April. At 8.30pm GMT (9.30pm CET, 3.30pm EST, and 2.30pm CST), Julieanne and myself will wed in Nujel'm palace.

    We do know that Nujel'm is somewhat hard to reach and will TRY to assist in getting there, but we're sort of occupied with piling all the free food and drinks there, so you might be out of luck.

    In any case... please join us in this happy moment and have fun while you're there.

    Julieanne and Jafar McFinnan

    The Drachenfels Mage Tower
    I love weddings, especially when nice people as these are the groom and bride. *smiles* I wish you the best of luck.
    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 9:39 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    A Wedding Announcement
    The following event unfolded within the community of Akalabeth:
    The woman sat quietly within the village of the Lost Order, her long sand colored hair moving gently with the cool spring breeze. Joyfully she gazed upon the fountain, allowing a time of inner reflection and peacemaking. Her eyes shone gold as the midmorning rays of the suns light cascaded upon her. She sighed gently to herself; all seemed right in the world, she had found peace and joy for her life. Suddenly she heard footsteps coming from behind, accompanied by the sweet scent of the ocean and the faint echo of distant birds. She found herself smiling and did not turn around.

    Strong yet gentle hand rested upon her shoulders, massaging her muscles lovingly. Ever so slowly one hand found its way off her shoulder to brush aside her hair, exposing her ear. Closing her eyes she leaned back as she felt the sensation of nearness. Caring lips were poised mere centimeters from her earlobe; the figures light breathing causing her to tremble as the air currents passed the lobe. "M'dear, are ye busy? I 'ave somethin' I'd like to show ye, if'n ye don't mind none." The newcomers voice was tender yet deep, carrying with it a cascade of emotions that only she knew existed.

    "Aye, my love, I was actually just waiting here for ye to show up. Where are we headed? Shall I prepare myself for battle?" She asked quietly as she turned to look upon her life's love. "I've missed ye Keeshi. Where have ye been?"

    Grinning broadly the sea wizard leaned forward and kissed her lips lightly, reveling in the sweetness they offered. "Ah lass, I've been makin preparations. And nay, fret not, we aint goin 'untin. I 'ave something different planned." Again his face broke into a tremendous smile, which caused the woman to blush with excitement.

    "Oh do ye now?" She winked playfully at him as she spoke. "And just what might that be ye pirate?"

    "Now, now Rach, ye know me better then that. I'd gladly tell ye, but I'm afraid it would loose its surprise then nay?" Keeshi replied just as playfully. Reaching into his pouch he withdrew a runic stone and uttered the words of power, which would open a magical portal. The gate sprung to life with a crackle of raw energy and the mage watched appreciatively as the woman's subtle form passed through it. Unable to help himself he found himself smiling yet again as he too passed into the gate of bluish light.

    The two found themselves in the small town of Moonglow, in a reagent shop on the very outskirts. Rachelle turned to her love and looked questionly. "Thou art taking me to buy reagents? I thought ye had enough after last eve?" The earnest in her expression caused Keeshi to laugh happily.

    "Nay lass, tis whar the teleporter within leads that ye should be interested in." This being said he grasped her hand lovingly and lead her within the shop. Mages of all types filled the small building, some selling, most running to and fro attempting to purchase the allusive black pearl they so desperately needed to place on their vendors so they could resell them at exuberant prices. The couple quickly found its way through the conglomeration however and standing upon the teleporter in the rear-most wing of the building. In unison they recited the ancient word to transport them between the realms.

    Within the blink of an eye they found themselves within the reagent shop in the town of Papua. Again Rachelle looked towards her companion with a bit of skepticism. They had come to a land known for its fierceness yet he told her to come unarmed. What could he possible wish to show her in such a desolate place as this? Before she could ask however, Keeshi had taken yet another rune from his pouch and intoned the chant to summon another gate. It too quickly sprung into being. Rachelle smiled to herself, she trusted this man completely, heart, body, and soul he would never do her harm. Nearly skipping with joy she passed through the portal. The mage quickly ducked through as well and the both found themselves in utter darkness.

    "Keesh? Where are we? I can't see a thing." Rachelle asked, a tinge of fear creeping into her voice.

    "Hush dear, it's alright." The mage replied as he wrapped his arms about her from behind. She returned the backwards hug and found herself relaxing in his arms. "Now m'dear." He spun her about slowly and kissed her yet again, this time however; more then emotion was transferred. The magic slowly seeped from the mages body, entering his beloved and allowing her to see clearly.

    She looked around in awe moving away from the mage as she did so. All about her where stars, she was walking amongst them. Without warning she sprang towards the mage and wrapped her arms around him, clutching him tightly to her. "Keesh, this is so beautiful. Where are we?"

    "Wait m'dear, it gets better." Smiling again Keeshi took her by the hand and lead her a short distance where a stone wall stood amongst the stars. "Now m'dear, follow me lead." Uttering words of power once again, Keeshi was quickly teleported through the wall and into the hidden chamber. Rachelle did as instructed and found herself standing besides him. Torches illuminated the room, as if contesting the light of the stars themselves. The stone chamber was perfect in every detail, yet it was apparently older then any creature that walked the face of the realm. It was the object in the center of the chamber however which caused Rachelle to stop and admire with unmasked awe. A huge fountain stood there, water circulating throughout it eternally. She found herself seated at the base of the fountain, gazing at it in wonder when she felt her love presence once again besides her.

    "I've never seen anything as lovely as this. I can't thank ye enough for showing it to me." Rachelle spoke honestly, the joy in her heart displaying radiantly on her face.

    "The first time I seen this, I thought I would never see anythin' so lovely. Then I met ye, and proved meself wrong." The pirate whispered as he gazed lovingly towards his companion. "Which reminds me. I got somethin' fer ye. A little gift I picked up late last eve."

    "Ye have done so much already, I can't believe this." Rachelle replied, her voice taking on the wonderful giddiness of the young. "Well, where is it?"

    "Close yer eyes dear, and 'old out yer 'ands." He stated quiet seriously. Rachelle complied and placed both hands out palms upwards as her eyes squinted shut. Keeshi's hand went to his pouch and he drew forth a long silver thread, one end tied in a lasso type knot. Gently he places his hands in hers and slipped the loop of the thread around a finger on her left hand. The thread was so fine however; it went un-noticed by her. "Now open yer eyes 'on."

    Rachelle's eyes opened slowly her head tilted so she could see her hands. To her amazement they were empty. "Erm Keesh? Did ye forget something?" She asked in total befuddlement.

    "Nay Rach, turn yer 'ands over." He smiled at her as he spoke. Curiously she did as he instructed. As her left hand came about she noticed the long silver thread hanging from her finger and looked inquisitively at the mage.

    "A thread m'dear? Though I can't say I've ever seen a metallic thread before, tis not quite what I expected." She stated calmly as her eyes locked with his.

    "Well, looks can be deceivin' m'dear." He replied as he raised his hand above his head, which held the other end of the silver thread. Slowly he opened his hand and both watched for what seemed like an eternity as a golden band encrusted with a large diamond slid down the length of the string. The ring found itself upon Rachelle's finger as Keeshi moved forward slowly. With agonizing gentleness he released the thread from both their fingers and pushed the ring further up on her digit. Rachelle stood, staring at the ring, too awestruck to speak, yet the gleam in her eyes, and the grin on her face did more then tell of how she felt. Keeshi dropped to a knee and grasped the hand she was still admiring. As if a spell were lifted Rachelle looked down, her eyes once again locking with the mages. "M'dear, would ye do the 'onor of bein' me wife? Since the first time I laid eyes upon ye I've wanted to ask, but I've waited to ensure that we would be 'appy."

    Rachelle came down to one knee as well so they were level. Reaching up she placed her hands on either side of his face then kissed him once more. As their lips parted she smiled brightly and uttered but three little words. "But of course!"

    News sent by: Brimstone

    Thankye, Brimstone, for sending this in. Utterly of luck to the engaged!
    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 9:36 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    LOA Village Attacked by Ettins
    Last night the Lost Order of Akalabeth village was attacked by a large force of ettins, including one that had the look of one that had killed many Humans before. After the battle was over, a man named Gerrith came into the village and explained the reason for the attack. Apparently the ettins were after him. Gerrith has a companion, whose name is unknown, who wears a red robe and is holding some sort of treasure. The ettins seem to think that Gerrith can lead them to his companion, though Gerrith claims to not know his companions location either.

    Gerrith also warned that the ettins could attack "anywhere at any time". He also made a refrence to the setting sun - hinting at an attack at sunset but the attack never came. What it truly means is under investigation.

    Tonight the ettins launched a full scale attack at the Serpent Cross Tavern. The attack consisted of well over twenty five ettins. The attack was led by two brownish ettins by the name of Tilf and Glif. Hendall, the barkeep on duty, asked Tilf and Glif what their business was.

    Tilf and Gilf mainly yelled "WES WUN DA UMIE!!", but when pressed they said "Gib dee umie tu wes un we gos" and "dee wun wib wes map". Some reinforcements arrived and the ettins were quickly driven off. Their leader, Tilf and Glif fled as soon it was clear he could not win. He was too fast to follow and left no trail, so his whereabouts are unknown.

    I'd like to thank Sunwolf of the Yew Militia for providing me with most of the information on Gerrith and the attacks at the LOA village, also for alerting me to the attack on the tavern this eve. Whatever these ettins seek, it seems apparent we need to find it before they do.


    Thankye, Tassadar, for this startling news.
    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 9:26 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Minax Tries to Invade Valendor
    This is a copy of the letter sent to Sam Woodchopper by his brother Sam Quodlibet:
    Greetings brother,

    Last eve I was walking the streets of the fair town Valendor as I noticed a huge amount of giant rats move from the defiled shrine towards the woods to the north of Valendor. Ofcourse I started warning all citizens I could see and we emerged the critters. The battle was fierce and Xantha the Tailor did good on hides.

    We noticed a two strange things: the rats appeared from out of the shrine and were carrying small items; bottles, bandages, food, small strange pieces of metal and even stranger small pieces and parts of metal equipment.

    Huge giant rats kept on appearing, but we managed to dispatch of them all... Then... a huge blood elemental appeared... leading another regiment of rats out of the shrine. It nearly got me brother... if it were not for the help of the Temple of Light (ToL) I would've been dead.
    After the 2nd wave another third wave of rats appeared... desperately heading towards the safety of the woods. With combined effort we managed to dispatch of them. Who-ever was waiting for the provisions that these rats carried will have to wait a bit longer.

    Brother, I am scared. Might this defiled shrine become into a portal of some kind? A portal which the Mistress of Minax will use to summon her armies into this world? If so I fear Valendor will become a dangerous place really soon. I hope the warriors of the Valendorian guilds are up to this challenge and pray for all our lives.

    With kind regards, Your brother,

    Sam Quodlibet
    ... and the comment by Sam Woodchopper, Previous Mayor of Valendor :
    I am happy my brother is safe and sound and me to will pray for our lives and hope this insanity will be over soon.
    Thanks a lot Sam for sharing this important testimony with us all. Now it seems we begin to understand what was the purpose of the shrines' corruption.
    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 8:15 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Britannian Horseriding Championship
    This press release came from Scritus, of the Britannian Horseriding Association :
    Hail !

    The Winner of the Grand Prix of Trinsic was Sneets, in front of Waylander (substitute for Hughes de Payens). This leads to a duel between these two in the Total Standing, as there are only two more races to go... Find out more in the race report, on the official website...

    The next race will take place in Minoc on Sunday the 16th April at 5pm CET (4pm GMT, 11am EST). For Details check the Homepage.

    As we found a generous sponsor - Benedict from the Church of Hysteresis - I was able to increase the Prices for the last two Races. The Winner gets 5'000 gp each time, so even if you can not win the Total Standing anymore, it is still easy to get your 2,500 gp Starting Fee back in...


    Thanks Scritus for this announcement.
    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 5:17 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Public meeting in Nujelm - come along
    As if to prove what a geat set of people hang out on the Europa forum, I just received this:

    Greetings! On Saturday the 15th of april, there will be a Europa-board meeting in Nujelm. The meeting will be in the large castle just west of Nujelm bank. We want as many as possible to show up. Maybe we can all get some new friendships! Just come and say "Hi" and see what happens. Hopefully many famous people will arrive. The time is set to 8pm GMT (9pm CET time).

    If there is any questions drop a message on the Europa- board!

    I will see you there!

    Tarmon Gai'don

    And I hope to see you too.

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 3:03 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    New establishments added
    Glorindar and Clown Town have been added to the establishments list, which you can see on the menu to your left. Both these towns are wonderful places and I enjoyed my visits there. I hope you enjoy reading about them.

    At this stage I am open to suggestions or corrections from the leaders of the two towns, so if you have anything you wish to point out then do get in touch *smiles*. I realise Glorindar may change drastically as soon as the new lands come available and once the move is complete some changes will need to be made.

    We aim to ensure Stratics Europa is the number one resource for all Europa players, providing you with all you need to enjoy Ultima Online to the fullest. As part of this we hope to continue running profiles on towns and taverns.

    If you run a town or tavern, or know of one, please add it to the Stratics links section to the left. It is easy to do - simply go to the links page, choose the community section and then click on add a link - and will provide an easy way for people to find you.

    Also, we will be reviewing establishments which we find in Stratics links so if you want your place added to the establishment section on this page, like Clown Town and Glorindar, that is the way to do it. We also hope to profile major player organisations like ERPA or the United Blacksmiths of Britannia Europa Chapter, so if you exist let us know by adding yourself to the links section.

    Note also that you can advertise your guild, shop or web site through Stratics links so please do! Oh, and while I am at it, check out our forum,also on the left - the liveliest forum dedicated to Europa.

    Thank you for reading Stratics and many thanks once again to all those who have been sending in news. Fare thee well and have fun!

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 2:57 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Investigations on Turme
    This ghostly person hath intrigued me. I have taken it upon myself to investigate this matter fully. Any interested in helping myself on my investigation can find me at the Jehlom bank at 8:00 cst every night this week... I shall be looking for clues and mayhaps an encounter with Turme. Upon researching some tomes I have already found this mug shot of the ghost...

    What is the sword he carry's? What is his purpose? Does he seek to make harm? Doth he need aid? These questions need to be answered promptly and swiftly... as a Master medium the job hath felt weight heavy upon mine shoulders and I shall investigate it fully.

    Your detective in service,


    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 2:26 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Meeting for restoring the shrines
    On Tuesday April 11th there will be a meeting on the roof of the Dragons Roost Tavern in the village of TUR at 8:00ish central. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss what steps must be taken to reclaim and restore the Shrines. Also, copies of the Gold Tome of Virtue will be handed out to those of you in need of one. I ask that all attend this meeting, for though the Shrines can be reclaimed it will take many of us to pull it off.


    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 2:20 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    A Little Bit of Everything - New Comic
    Azazel sent us the following notice:
    ALBE is continuing it's pledge to Richard Garriot. Now available for your viewing pleasure are the "Top Ten Reasons Lord British Was Fired or Quit." Created for no other purpose other than usual fun.

    A Little Bit of Everything Your last resort in the event of a shard crash.

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 1:42 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    Sand kicked in Shademaker's face
    This note was just hand delivered to me by the born-to-be bad folks at Grimoire:

    I am really not sure where Mr. Shademaker is coming from on this. Minax is not even holding Trinsic anymore.

    Blackcomb is obviously not going to align its self with the Slave Labor of the Great Goddess Minax. That would be utterly ridiculous!

    I can only assume that Shademaker is one of Jou'nar's puppets that somehow lost its strings.

    I urge you to return to your hole little Shademaker, you are not yet ready to embrace the Ministry of Darkness and you are no where near ready to take on Lady Minax.

    I just love a good comedian like the young Shademaker, don't you? *chuckles*

    -Cardinal Fear
    Mayor of Grimoire

    Looks like the war is shaping up to be a three sided affair. Will there be any more takers to come out of the woodwork?
    I smell bloodlust in the air.

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 12:53 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Clown Town chaos
    Tragedy has befallen Clown Town:

    ClownTown Guild hall vanished!!!

    A terrible sight meet the Clowns that entered ClownTown this beautiful morning. In front of their eyes laid the ruins of what had formally been their lovely Guildhall. Also the stable lay in ruins.

    This a sad day in the history Of ClownTown.

    There was evidence of a fight - but no eyewitness or victims where to be found.

    May it have been the gargoyles that finally manage to wreck the City? And is ClownTown safe? Or will more buildings be demolished by the foul creatures?

    We are now desperately seeking either a highly skilled architect or Quention Smith - the Archeologist, whom have prior been able to help the Clowns with the Cursed Gargoyles.

    Lady Valkyria
    Mayor of a ClownTown in ruins

    Ack! Sorry to hear about this Valkyria

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 12:41 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    King's champion defends the Virtues
    The rebels of Vesper challenged British's champion to a duel:

    Hail to ye all

    In the past few days, Vesper have prepared for their independence. This has alerted us, the Lord British Loyalists, and we were ready to strike at a moments notice.

    Scouts reported that a crowd had gathered by the bank, and someone from the Free Vesper Militia was giving a speech. The yells of freedom could be heard from a distance.

    We prepared to attack, when suddenly the plague (Server crash and time warp) came upon us, leaving Vesper still as a part of Britannia. This plague was considered a bad sign for the Rebellion, who delayed the independence.

    But they had in no way given up the thought of an independent citystate. I was asked to come duel them in Vesper. I was asked to come alone.

    I came as fast as I could, to see with my own eyes what was going on. I cannot say I got a warm welcome in Vesper...

    I asked the leader of the Free Vesper Militia if they would swear fealty to the Virtues. They did. I said "You are aware that betrayal is not one of the Virtues?" They did not answer that one.

    At the bank, a crowd had gathered to watch the duel. Some seemed scared, some vengefull, some had eyes, dark in hate.

    Before the duel started, I named the Virtues. But when I came to Valor, the champion of the FVM attacked me.

    It was a long fight, sometimes I gained the upper hand, sometimes my opponent Lavian almost killed me. But just as their Legolas of the FVM yelled "Die, Lord British Lapdog", Lavian fell to the street of Vesper.

    The crowd was as furious as the rest of the Free Vesper Militia. Before I had had time to catch my breath, Sylis Larpt attacked me. Unfortunately for him, his eyes were filled with hatred instead of the Virtues, and he fell in less than 10 seconds, his hand touching the corpse of Lavian.

    Two more attacked me. One of them was as agitated as Sylis, and fell to the ground before I had time to catch his name.

    The last one, Legolas was a mounted archer, and since I was on foot in a crowded town, he managed to survive a few more minutes.

    I cleaned his blood from my sword, and addressed the crowd: "The power of the virtues is not to be underestimated! Resistance is futile!"

    The crowd suddenly disappeared. Everyone obviously had to leave the bank for other reasons at that moment. I departed from Vesper, but I fear I may have to enter it again...

    Leader of the Lord British Loyalists
    If you would like to help defending the virtues, contact me at [email protected]

    The scenario is known as the Crown of Thorns. The primary objective is fighting each other and having fun. There will be NO looting, and we shall strive to fight only when both sides are equal. You will not get killed at the bank while having client problems, nor will you get killed while shopping for reagents.

    Our rules encourages the use of formations in battles, and we are also trying to make money a less important factor for the factions. As of now, it seems that we are going to have one large battle every week, with minor clashes in between.

    Many thanks Xel'Naga

    Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2000, 12:36 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    [Update] - Strange entrance found in Covetous...
    We received the following:
    While I was mining in Covetous, I chanced upon a strange entrance I've never seen before, and I dared not to peek inside alone. When I returned and told my story at my favorite tavern, nobody believed me, save Tak'rei from The House Blackhand of Winterfell (HBW). Tak'rei offered to escort me in safety in return for sharing in the adventure.

    We entered cautiously, and walked down a short winding corridor that opened upon a large cavern. In the center of the cavern we discovered this platform. We know not with certainty what its purpose may be, but it does resemble an altar of sorts under construction.

    This is the second report I've made of strangeness in the mines (i.e. tent in Cove mine with a message mentioning Seth). I know not if they are related, and can only guess at their significance.

    Tak'rei returned me safely to the tavern, where we drank many ales and discussed our strange discovery well into the night.

    -Lord Phaeton, Grandmaster Smith of Cove

    Following are some pictures of the strange occurence:

    Thanks for the report.

    Over the past few days, we have received a few scrolls that have explained the history behind this strange entrance:

    This is in reference to the story posted by Lord Phaeton, that entrance is where Dupre found Malabelle and received the moonkey. The other tent he refers to was also found that night and refers to the same story. I'm sure both are in you archives or in The Post archives. OSI just hasn't changed the artwork yet, or maybe it will be somehow used again.

    Lorraina of *A* reporter for The Post

    and also this one:
    This cave was where Mabelline lived. On the night that Durpree got the moonkey from her this is where he went. This was found a long time ago. I am not sure if this still works, but before when in the graveyard near Cove if you clicked on one of the torches on the wall then it would teleport you outside of this cave.


    and finally, this one:
    I read the report of a strange cave and I would like to explain it's origin and purpose, as well as that of the quarry tent. The night before we retook Trinsic, lord Dupre and his army had found the shack of Malabelle and inside found a note that led them to Cove. In Cove they found the quarry where the stone for Minax black temples was being mined. The tent was a part of that quarry where members of the army found a dead body with a note that led the army to the Cove graveyard. Inside the large crypt in the Cove graveyard there is a torch, when pulled it activates a magical transport into the valley, right by the cave mentioned in the last report. Inside the cave the army found Mallabelle and lord Dupre convinced her that Minax had been deciving and manipulating her, and Mallabelle gave Dupre the Moon Key which allowed us to take back Trinsic at long last.


    Ranger Relee
    Thanks for the information!
    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 2:46 PM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

    Report from the Orcs....
    We received the following uncontested and disturbing report from the Orcs:
    Ug Hummie, dis is Zik'Tahn ov da ShadowClan urks. Meeb wanna blah dis to da straticks hummies:
    Har har, tupid hummies. Lat blah id coudnt be dun. Weeb did id! Har har, HOOWAH Thunk'Glug, an HOOWAH Wargod. Weeb ghaash Lurd British's stune keep tu da grownd!
    Ha ha, stupid humans. You said it couldn't be done. We did it! Ha ha, HOOWAH Thunk'Glug, and HOOWAH Guardian. We burned Lord British's castle to the ground!

    -Zik'Tahn, Gruntee Lusk-R

    Following is a portrait of the damage they did:

    Thanks for the report!
    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 2:41 PM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

    Weekly Tavern Crawl
    We received the following announcement:
    Hail all ye travelers out there who wish to sit, drink and trade tales of lore. Well have I got some news for ye. Ye can dojust that at the weekly tavern crawl I, Rythias Rose, will be holding. This is an event that will be held weekly on the same day, of the week, everweek, and same time of the that day. The first one will be held this Wed, the 13th day of April at the 10 o'clock hour in the eastern time zone. The locatoin will be in Vesper, at The Marshall Hall, located on a central isle in Vesper. I am thinking of having contests at later dates, according the outcome of the first couple of crawl.

    So I invite all ye bards, warriors, and the like to ventuer to Vesper and trade your tales over a nice mug of ales, or slab of ribs, or both *smiles*

    Thank ye for the time

    Rythias Rose, Blade Singer and Bard of Evergreen

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 2:30 PM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Another FCB Auction---arrrrr!
    Hoo Harg! Time For Another Famous FCB Auction!

    Mark yer calendars, landlubbers! The FCB be holdin' anuther auction next Sunday (April 16) at 8:00 p.m. EST. We be accepting submissions from the general public fer auction between 7:00 p.m and 8:00 p.m. the same night. We will gate from the Britain main bank beginning a little before 8. We'll auction fer you fer free, but ya gotta follow da rules. Da rules and da map can be found at This link.

    FCB Headquarters is at 47o 11s 58o 8e.

    Special items fer auction this week include the following vanquishing items: silver club, 1/4 staff, mace, and short spear. We always get wonderful last minute submissions from our loyal followers! Usually there are nice rares as well. More items bein' fished up daily. Lotsa bargains and free fishsteaks.

    Also, congratulations to Rodel--who won last week's house lottery. All the keys sold the first night--a great success and a properly placed house at a bargain price!

    Gem, Great Lakes Fleet Captain

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 1:30 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Narcalodion returns and the message from the Gold one

    Tonight, the Temple of the Gold one was visited by the great red dragon, Narcalodion, the dragon of love, to speak to the attendees of the coming battle, and the dedication of the eight greatest heroes of Britannia: The Dragon Knights. These now are the words of Narcalodion:

    "I have brought word from my mother, the Gold One. I will read her message:"

    "And the last book will be upon a dark dragon, enemy of us and of our people. He shall come from the darkness that he sends the others from. None will be able to harm him, for he has about him the shield of evil. Only by the eight virtues and the eight who shall become dragon knights may he be defeated. So it is that you must seek out, one from each of the plagued villages attacked for their love of the virtues and their strong hearts, a knight to stand against the dark dragon. Each village shall decide upon a quest, a challenge, to determine this warrior and each shall invite whom they will of family and of friends to partake of this quest, and to accept the challenge. The last, the eight warrior, may come from anywhere in this land, where virtue is a beacon in the hearts of he or she...and their fellows except from the cities plagued. Here at Dragon's bay will the first be chosen of its own and the last of the noble of this land. These eight will stand, as one in the hour of darkness when shall be unleashed legions of the lost, the evil, and the damned. When the gold tome is restored, the Gold one will again appear, and the book once again will be whole. The people of the villages of the plagues and others who seek virtue shall lead in the fight, and the Dragon Knights of long ago will once again roam the land. From the villages of the dragons and from the virtuous of the land...will come one by one...the Dragon Knights! "

    "Do not fail us, noble children of the faith of the dragon. You are our only hope. This I say, Narcalodion, whose name is love, child of the Gold one."

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 1:27 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Hokuto: Poison Myst Tavern/Casino Games & Rules
    This just arrived from Keaggan Stonewal:

    Greetings once again good people of the greatest shard, Hokuto!

    Before I begin my post, I would like to say I am happy that the word is out and people are looking forward to the grand opening of the Poison Myst Tavern/Casino! Now on to my post. Due to an unfortunate occurrence this post is late and I apologize. In this post I will be giving a brief description of each game you may play.

    The first one is very simple and was designed to allow several people to play at once. It is call High Ball. In this game players must roll higher than the dealer. If the player wins then their bet is doubled.

    Next one is Low Ball. This is just like the High Ball but players must roll lower than the dealer.

    Another one is Fate's Hand. Players much choose a number between 1 and 6. If their number is rolled, they win. However, if Fate's Hand is with you, players can with TRIPLE their bet! A few people may play this game simultaneous.

    Yin & Yang. In this game player choose whether they think the Yin or Yang will be the dominating force. If they choose correctly then win. A few players may play the game at once.

    31 Bust is for high rollers since the minimum bet is much higher than other games. The goal to this game is to get as close to 31 without going over. Player do not play against one another but against the house. Only a couple players may play this at one time.

    This last one was created in hopes of giving a uniqueness and excitement to the casino. It is the Rat Races. There is no limit to how many may people may play. Each player bets on one of the four rats. If there rat wins then that player wins. We encourage lots of cheering for your rat. The lanes are short so the races will go by at a rapid pace. There will only be 3 races each half hour.

    For now, that is all that we have come up with. We are looking into other games to add variety. Thank you for you time and patience.

    Keaggan Stonewal

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 12:43 PM EDT by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    A New Breed of Orcs
    The knight stopped dead still as a blue gate opened. The head of an orc popped through cautiously, sniffed the air and grunted. Tor'ghat stepped through the gate to this new world, now sure that there was no attack awaiting him on the other side. Quickly 5 orcs followed him through the gate before it closed. The knight stood still and thanked the gods quietly that he was down wind, the orcs would not detect him. Quietly he stroked his horse making sure it would not give him away, even though the smell of orc was strong and making it nervous.

    Scanning the area, the orc warriors accompanying Tor'ghat moved to scout the surrounds of the place the humans called the Yew Orc Fort. Like the world they came from, this one also had a shak next to the fort, where Tor'ghat firmly placed the ORK stone. Grinning like a runt he turned to the other elder orcs that decided to make this journey with him.

    (Translated to for the sake of human ears) "This is a good place. You all know what to do. Da'Nogra our god has declared this world to be his. We are to conquer all in his name. Go and find our bretheren that wish to join us and enlist their help."

    The 5 orcs grunted acknowledgement and prepared to depart on gaining those mislead orcs around this new world and recruiting them into the ORK clan.

    Tor'ghat turned to Grukk. (Again translated) "You are not to go, your job is to stay here and be clanmaster to engrave in blood, the names of the orcs that wish to join our glorious triumph over these humans. I must go back to the other world to discuss tactics with the king."

    Grukk nodded and headed towards the shak. Tor'ghat looked around again and sniffed the air. Indeed this will be a glorious victory in Da'Nogras name. With an arrogance only an orc could achieve he walked into the shak and shut the door behind him.

    Slowly the knight unclenched his fist. More orcs, and recruiting? As if there were not enough already. He knew this was not good, quickly he turned and carefully made his way to the road and started on his way back to the tower to report.


    All travellers should be wary when travelling close by the Yew Orc fort. More information about the Orcs can be found here. If you pass by the fort often, and value your life (or cheese *smirk*) you should visit the link given.

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 11:34 AM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    Caer Aquilo Meets Again
    Another meeting for the planning of Caer Aquilo is to take place on Saturday 15th April, at 5pm Sydney Time in Empath Abbey. The main subject of discussion will be the placement of houses and land management in the future.
    This will probably be our last meeting before construction of the township commences, so we urge all interested parties to attend.
    Look forward to seeing you there

    Rogan Kai
    Master of Langley (CIA)

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 11:25 AM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    A New Threat..
    'Twas was a cold night in Langley as I sat contemplating the latest news in front of me. For the past few weeks, our Outriders have been travelling Brittania, seeking more clues on what led to the undead uprising in Trinsic. Alas, information was scarce, until now. Only a few moments ago, a letter of great urgency was given to me by a man on horseback, sent by an Outrider that was travelling through Yew. It reads, thus;

    "My Lord,
    It is with a heavy heart that I write this. Whilst seeking intelligence in the Yew region, I happened upon an abomination. A Tower, crafted not of human hands, has appeared in the North Eastern forest. The very trees around the structure seem to have waned and are dying. Red as the deepest blood, with gouts of flame bellowing from it's very depths, I chanced a peek inside. There, on what appears to be a dias of some-sort, a Vortex of Death twisted and shrieked. Quickly I ran from the horror, past it's grotesque statues, and am now writing this on parchment as I hide from something that has stalked me through the forest. I will try to get it to you as soon as I can. I beg of thee, alert the populace. I believe Yew will be the next attacked. That sound again......."

    As you can see, worrying words indeed. I have arranged a small party to head to the last known position of our Outrider, and will send on any more information as it comes to hand. If this is true, then I beg people travelling near Yew to be cautious. What happened in Trinsic may well happen to there next..

    Rogan Kai
    Master of Langley (CIA)

    What could this Tower be? These are strange days indeed.

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 11:18 AM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    The Hunt for Redneckus Lost Treasure Ship
    This scroll was tacked to my door with a dagger and carried the distinct tang of ale.

    The Hunt for Redneckus Lost Treasure Ship

    When: April 14th 9:00 PM EST
    Where: The Jolly Roger Inn 85 N 141 E

    Once again the lost treasure ship of the great Bucanneer REDNECKUS has been sighted sailing the seas with his ghost at its helm. Great treasures await the captain skillful and brave enough to catch the ghostly ship and claim it. Gold and gems,armor and weapons,magical items, all litter the deck of the lost treasure ship.

    All participants need to register by e-mail with the character name of the crew leader as only this person will be given clues to the ships location.This is a sea faring event and ship will be needed to participate. All are welcome to register although a certain degree of skill in sailing will most likely be needed to claim the treasure. A map of how to get to the Jolly Roger Inn can be found at

    This event is in memory of Randy Chapin, the original REDNECKUS who passed away July 2,1999. A greater Bucanneer there shall never be.

    Fair Seas good friend.

    Good luck to all the participants!
    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 11:08 AM EDT by Brenna (Catskills)

    The Mage Tower returns!
    DMX sent us the following announcement for the Pacific Mage Tower.
    We Are Back!!

    Greetings Citizens of Brittania I am DMX Enforcer For The Pacific Mage Tower I would like to say we are back and better than before. We are currently looking for members that want to be part of something special. Not just a guild but something more. A family and a community. Icq me at 59761815 to talk more

    P.s Look for many events in the future.


    Thankyou DMX, and it's good to see the Mage Tower back.
    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 8:39 AM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Blackcomb Stands Against All Evil
    Duke Njord of Blackcomb has some strong words for those following both the Shadowlord and Minax alike. The honorable people of Blackcomb will not stop fighting until all evil has been removed from Sosaria.

    Sir [Sunny Shademaker], while your stated intentions sound good, are you aware that you serve a Vileness of greater evil than Minax? Then ask us to stand with you? You say for Honour & for Glory? The ShadowLords stand for Hatred, Cowardice and Falsehood.

    Thank you for you offer of aid but this will have to be rejected.

    Nay! I say sir you persist in this course of action you'll find us arrayed against you with all of our allies. This is something that should be wiped from the face of Sosaria not it's aid begged for against a petulant child like Minax.

    If people are truly unaware of who you have chosen to follow I have included a passage from the history books.

    Duke Njord of Blackcomb

    Biography : Shadowlords (Astaroth, Faulinei and Nosfentor)

    In the Cardinal Ultimas, Captain Johnne, one of the reoccuring characters of the story, had three companions in his travels : Faulina, his fiancee, Nosfentre the warrior and Astarol the bard. After his ship, his crew and himself are sucked into the Underworld through a whirlpool, he has a nightmare with Mondain, Minax and Exodus. They twist his mind and convince him that to escape the Underworld, he must avenge them. He begins to think that Faulina is in love with Nosfentre, and using three shards of the Gem of Immortality (that he found on his boat), he kills them, and Astarol who is trying to convince him that he is wrong. They become the Shadowlords: Astaroth, Faulinei and Nosfentor.

    The Shadowlords personify the opposite of the three principles. They are Hatred, Cowardice and Falsehood and there is only three of them. In an impromptu UO event, players met more Shadowlords, but they should not be considered for historical purposes.

    The Shadowlords have appeared in the shard of the Beta test, and in fact, with the Guardian, took it over, bringing the end of the Beta test. They have not manifested themselves since then.

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 3:30 AM EDT by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Notes from the Council of Compassion Meeting
    The following was published to the Council of Compassion Website:
    The meeting went as planned at the King's Men Theatre in Britain. Unexpected, in attendance was Lady Seer Bastet, Seer Arislan, Seer Caius, and Seer Lucent. The Council elected Robb Stark to become the Provisional Mayor of Britain, with a unanimous vote. Also, it was suggested to create more guards for Britain, due to the recent attacks. A theory was said that the lizard and rat men may be attempting to take post in the southeast of the city, near the abandoned buildings and guard tower. Be especially wary of that area. The Council of Compassion will continue the process of reviewing the applications for those that applied for the remaining positions within the city. Look for announcements in the future.

    -Robb Stark

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 3:15 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Mordain Returns!
    While sitting in Kazola's bar drinking ale and talking with my friends about my travels I noticed that something was wrong....I wasn't sure what exactally but the air seemed colder than usual and the sky darker and then I noticed that the sky was turning black, the clouds blocking the suns rays of light. A few seconds later I saw a small blue glow which grew into a portal. Putting my drink down and looking on as man after man stepped through this portal each wearing a shadow black tunic, I though to myself "This is not good." And just as I thought no more would come through the last man came through the gate, he was tall, with black hair and the blackest eyes, around his neck he wore a mysterious necklace. He stepped through the portal and looked around and then gave a slight smile. It was then that it hit me, Mordain had returned. There was rumor of such a thing happening but I never dreamed I could actually happen. And what was worse was he had an amry bigger than when we was vanquished. They called themselves the followers of Mondain. Well after seeing that I left quickly for I knew trouble would arise. I fear there may be more on the way.

    -The Witness

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 1:02 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Grimoire Fight Night Results
    The winners are as follows for this weeks' Grimoire Friday Fight Night:

    1st place: McFly and Tom
    2nd place: Tequila Joe and MC Ken
    3rd place: Corpse and Sean

    Let me apologize for the late start, I totally forgot about daylight savings time so I was late. I actually thought I was early, and I was surprised to see such a large crowd gathered so soon when I arrived.

    Secondly, because of the late start, the event did not run as smoothly as it should have and I am sorry for all the inconveniences.

    Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated. Thank you to the staff and all who attended, I really appreciate everything you've done.

    I'll be posting next weeks' event soon.

    Grimoire Events Coordinator

    Posted on Monday, April 10, 2000, 12:38 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Compassion, Valor, and Humility Corrupted
    This was posted at the Army of Bloodkeep's The Post Saturday morning.

    Minax and her evil army have now take the other three shrines. Weeks ago she had taken five of our shrines, but sometime in the last few days she has taken over the remaining three. The only shrine left untouched is the Chaos Shrine. The destruction is the same as before. At the Shrine of Compassion an evil purple death vortex hovers and fire trap cause damage if your soul can endure standing at the sight for long.

    The Shrine of Humility has been turned into a picture of death.

    Valor is a sickly green, with the same horrid fixtures as the others.

    It is believed that the shrines will no longer ressurrect a soul that is lost. The fire traps at all shrines cause damage and the chests at the Shrine of Sacrifice also cause damage if touched.

    Tis a sad day in our land, when all we stand for is desicated and turned to evil. A moment of silent and a new resolve to fight this evil is needed.

    This leaves only the Chaos Shrine untouched. Even in these dark times, we should remember the true spirit of the Virtues and not allow these blights on our shrines dim that spirit. The ideals of Compassion, Valor, Humility, Honor, Justice, Spirituality, Sacrifice, and Honesty live inside our hearts.

    May the Virtues protect us all.

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 10:46 PM EDT by Brenna (Catskills)

    The Web of Virtues!
    This was submitted by Korin the Scribe:

    Hail to all,

    Long have I wondered why I was drawn to Haven. What brought me here to this place? Why did I place myself on a quest for an artifact that had long since been forgotten? This Hammer that was brought forth from the Lake, for which so much blood was shed for has yet to show any power or purpose to us. And why has it not done so?

    I believe I have the answers to these questions now. I know now why things have happened as they have. The theft of the Sword of Truth is but one step in the coming journey. And this will be a journey that will shake the very foundations of the world. It is time that those of the world come to see what our Lord British and his friend the Avatar have always known. It is time for them to know of the Web of Virtues that bind us all. The very force of life itself. Minax seeks to strike at this very source of life in our world. She seeks to disrupt and pervert that which feed us all. Why she seeks to do this only she knows.

    I can only conclude that the vision, which Theros had so long ago, that led to the building of Haven and the eventual recovery of the Hammer were sent by the Creator himself. That the Hammer's fall here was no accident, that it was planned. Indeed planned for this very moment. To be used as a tool and a weapon. One that can stop this destruction that the dark lady seeks to rain upon us.

    For many long nights I sat watching the Hammer in it's resting place on the tower roof. Looking for some sign as to how to awaken it. And then when it seemed that there would be no answer, and I had almost given up hope, I saw a vision. In this vision the Hammer itself seemed to speak to me. For in truth I believe it to be as alive as you and I. Here is what was shown to me.

    I was floating above Haven and saw it as it stands now. Then I was taken to the roof of the tower. There I stood before the Hammer and watched as many peoples, some known to me and some unknown. Some from near and many from afar. Each person came before the Hammer and offered all manner of items, which they had created with their own hands, to it. And with each item I saw the hammer glow more brightly. And then I was taken from Haven, to a circle of stones. Their I saw a great battle raging all about the circle. Minax herself led the forces of darkness that sought toenter the stone circle. For she desperately did not wish for those within to succeed. And within the circle I did see myself, Althaia and 4 Grandmaster Mages. Within my hands I held the Hammer of Creation. But now it's glow was so great as to make it painful to look upon. I watched as the Mages summoned one each of the 4 elements in the form of Elementals. Then my love, Althaia, invoked The Mother, she who is the embodiment of our world. I saw all of these things come together in the center of the circle. Then a blinding flash of light and all was dark.

    When next I could see again I was high above our world. I watched has lines of pure power flowed from the circle of stones to each of the cities and shrines. I watched as these lines met and connected with each other. Connecting each line with every city and every shrine. I watched as the perversions of the shrines were erased in the blink of an eye. Then my vision faded and I was again standing before the Hammer. But as I looked down upon it I saw that it held the faintest of glows now. It took but a moment and I realized then that what I had witnessed was the rebirth of the Web of Virtues. Nay the very Web of Life itself. And with that I smiled. For I knew then and there that like an echo from oh so long ago hope had been given back to us.

    There is my tale. Believe what you may but know this. In our hands lies the destiny of our lives. No man nor even Minax herself can control it. For there is one who watches over us. He has placed all that we need to control our own future within our grasp. Some say that the Creator has left us. That this world will be hollow without him. I say "Look around! All that you see, hear, and experience is because of him." He has left us the tools to shape this world. Now it is up to us to use them.

    I ask here and now that all who would see freedom and light yet live in the world to aid me in the awakening of the Hammer. Bring what items that you have crafted of your own hands to the tower in Haven. Be it day or night it does not matter. Place them about the Hammer, for that is where it draws it's strength, from the creation of things. Once placed about the Hammer these items will slowly be consumed. But fear not for with each item drawn into it the Hammer will become that much stronger. I can only hope that my vision holds true and that the Hammer will attain it's strength in time. I must go now for I have many things to prepare. May the Virtues be with us all!

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven

    So it seems that someone seeks to stand against Minax. Who will join him?

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 10:22 PM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    A Battle Won, A War Far From Over.
    Submitted by Trek'guk Luav:

    A grass snake slithered throughout the low jungle brush, past the grass toward the Crystal blue lake. A reflection of a Lady fluttered off the surface of the serpentine lid. It's forked tongue flickered out once.. and it turned around, back into the dense Jungle.. to it's Master.

    The Snake slithered around an extend arm, it's forked tongue flickering into the man's Ear.
    "Excellent. You have done well."
    And as so, the Pet slithered down it's masters arm, and back into the God Forbidden wilds into which it came. The dying Sun flickered a blood red, before consumed by the Horizon, basking the Forest in darkness. "It's time, prepare the others. We begin our search now." Cocking his head, Ravelen spoke forth to the bushes.. which in response, moved slightly in vibration. The person there vanished as silently as they came.

    Erie glow of Lantern lights spread out onto the smooth lake, troubled lightly by the wind. All was still and silent, save for the movements of a few men.. and the sound of Crickets. Shadows moved across the landscape, seeming not of this world or dimension; Floating bodies all their own, with Agendas unknown. Unknown they were, to the dozen occupants in the Bustling Tavern of Haven. A few good jokes were passed, along with hearty Spirits and disturbing Rumors. Rumors of an Army.. But they were just that; Rumors. One would of surely known if an Army was about, would they not? No one can hide a whole Army.

    Save for the Shadows- *Slam!* The Tavern doors exploded as Four figured cloaked in Darkness, and an even more vile Kobold entered. Speaking quickly, as the light revealed the group.. "We come for the Key, and we need it now. In the name of the Army of Thieves, everything in here belongs to us. Empty your packs.. Now. Or we will be forced to do so for you." A man stood up, yelling out in protest, "WHAT?! You can't just barge in here Asking everything, you Thugs.. We don't even know what you're talking about! Key? What KEY?"

    Ravelen turned his calm Gaze over to the man, nodding silently. " Yes.. I know you do not understand now. You are not supposed to. Empty your goods, one at a time on the table. " He then motioned with a glove hand toward his if indicating something. " Or people will be hurt. " Meanwhile.. a Scream exploded forth from the other room of the Tavern, as a quick moving Kobold hurdled out of the Door-way, while the others were busy. A man was after him screaming, "Thief!" A burly fighter and Veteran Guard, clasped from head to toe in Radiating Armor could no longer hold his Anger building up within, brow twitching in indication. In a Blink of an Eye, swords were pulled, sending streams of light about the room, twirling and spinning as they clashed. Several patrons screamed out, and leaped from the way.. not wishing to be Gored.

    Ravelen gritted his teeth, throwing his blade up to meet the Incoming Magical Weapon, perhaps Elven Steel.. "By Gods.. of all the people." His Kryss snapped, and the sword came through his defenses. A red shower of blood exploded from his wound. Ravelen then soon exited the Tavern, on his Steed Rebel. Fetch was squared off against two burly men, his Lanky, but well muscled and compact frame compared puny to the two huge Warriors. Back and forth he moved, dodging blows and inflicting small cuts like a cornered wolf.

    "Is that all you can do? A little knick.. and your already warn out... Little man." Snickering, the well seasoned warrior passed his Gauntlet hand past the small mark on his neck, wiping the blood.. and.. the Green fluid. Suddenly his neck muscles tightened up; His veins seemed to have a Mind of their own, wishing to escape! They bulged, and he fell over onto the ground.. coughing up blood. His whole body was in Spasms! "P-oiso..."

    The Golden Warriors friend spun about, screaming toward the Assassin.. but he was not there. No one was there. They were gone. The few Guards of Haven did well that Night, as a never-ending stream of Thieves, Rogues, and Bandits poured from the Shadows all night. One at a time.. they slayed many. Fighting back to back, they Defenders of Haven spun around in perfectly unity, parrying blades and sending Bandits scattering.

    Amber, the Mayor of Haven ran out screaming across the Grass.. yelling out something, yet something unheard to the Three Warriors. Wolf Knight pupils expanded in horror, as he mad out a Figured exploding from the deep Grass behind her.. "AMBER...!" It was too late. As he ran toward her, she was huddled on the ground.. with a large wound. The attacker was already gone. The Mayor was then escorted to the Tower, to be taken care of by skilled Healer. The Night was long and hard.. this was a different Foe. It was not like Orcs, who poured through like a never ending Stream. Nae, they came.. one at a time. When your back was turn, when you caught your breath. They came at them like hungry wolves, exploiting every situation and weakness.

    Through the bloodshed, and pain the night finally ended. The Warriors of Haven were the Victors of the Battle! The hardened Veterans lost few, but slayed many. However, a much higher Price was Gone.. For on the Top of the Tower of Haven, on the Top; Where one can see the ever Expanding Jungle.. and even then, the troubled town of Trinsic. On top, where one can no longer see; The Sword of Truth was gone.

    Haven beaten the thieves, but at what Price?

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 10:10 PM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Grand Opening of the Sacrifice Saloon and Outpost!
    This just in from Hugh the Hand:

    Greetings! I want to welcome everyone to the grand opening of the Sacrifice Saloon and Outpost: Sacrifice, our fine vender shop. The opening date will be Tuesday, April 11th, 8:00pm EST-?. The Saloon and Vender shop is just seconds south of the Sacrifice Shrine itself. The Saloon is dedicated to those who have given their lives protecting this fine land from the terrible terrors of the past and present! The Saloon is also a new addition to the GRAND CITY of ARYSLAN!!! Please come out to meet the townsfolk and visit the town after the party! Free food and drink will be given out to all while supplies last. I will be raffling various magic weapons (power/force) and a few treasure maps. ITS ALL FREE!! All you do is show up with a Rune with your name on it I will drop em in a bag mix them up and pull out a rune for the prize winners! You cant beat that! I will also be hosting the first ever sacrifice CHICKEN FIGHT!!! The fee for the chicken fight will be 500 gold coins winner takes all. So get those Chickens trained and ready to fight to the death!

    Please feel free visit our vender shop, Outpost: Sacrifice located next door to the Saloon. It is stocked with the finest items in the land. Buy and enjoy!

    Further evening events will be posted. Runes will be handed out through out the week and any other questions contact me at ICQ 32054573.

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 10:01 PM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    A reminder to the citizens of Siege Perilous...
    We at UO Stratics pride ourselves on having the best information available for all to use.

    This includes not only statistical data, shard news, and message forums, but also resources to help build a community.

    Our resource index is a compilation of shard related links - including general community websites, guild websites, and yes, even vendor websites to advertise your wares.

    You can access the resource by clicking on 'Stratics Links' under the 'Links' section in the menu on the left, or you can simply click here.

    You can browse the resources, and you can even submit your own sites to be added to the resource index by clicking 'Add a Site', or you can simply click here.

    I hope everyone finds this resource index easy to use and useful!

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 9:10 PM EDT by Ima Supa (SiegePerilous)

    A reminder to the citizens of Sonoma...
    We at UO Stratics pride ourselves on having the best information available for all to use.

    This includes not only statistical data, shard news, and message forums, but also resources to help build a community.

    Our resource index is a compilation of shard related links - including general community websites, guild websites, and yes, even vendor websites to advertise your wares.

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    I hope everyone finds this resource index easy to use and useful!

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 9:09 PM EDT by Ima Supa (Sonoma)

    A reminder to the citizens of Catskills...
    We at UO Stratics pride ourselves on having the best information available for all to use.

    This includes not only statistical data, shard news, and message forums, but also resources to help build a community.

    Our resource index is a compilation of shard related links - including general community websites, guild websites, and yes, even vendor websites to advertise your wares.

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    I hope everyone finds this resource index easy to use and useful!

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 9:08 PM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

    A reminder to the citizens of Lake Superior...
    We at UO Stratics pride ourselves on having the best information available for all to use.

    This includes not only statistical data, shard news, and message forums, but also resources to help build a community.

    Our resource index is a compilation of shard related links - including general community websites, guild websites, and yes, even vendor websites to advertise your wares.

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    You can browse the resources, and you can even submit your own sites to be added to the resource index by clicking 'Add a Site', or you can simply click here.

    I hope everyone finds this resource index easy to use and useful!

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 9:07 PM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    UBB Smithing Contest Results
    Ysane sent us the following scroll reporting the results of the recent smithing competition:
    UBB Siege Perilous Smithing Competition Results!

    I'd like to thank everyone who showed up. It was good clean fun, and a chance to discuss smithing in general as the competition raged on!

    True Grit of DTA earned 1st place

    Pyrite of DTA earned 2nd,
    And Bruenor of DTA earned 3rd.

    Congratulations to all the fine blacksmiths who won, and especially for those who attended!

    Next smithing competition will be soon! Keep an eye out for times and place!

    Good smithing to all!

    ( Screenshots can be found at )


    United Blacksmiths of Britannia
    Grandmaster Smith - Siege Perilous Chapter
    Thanks, Ysane!
    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 8:40 PM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Oddities found in Vesper Youth Hotel..
    We received the following letter:
    There have been some interesting changes to the Vesper Youth Hostel. The two south rooms are locked, and one appears to be an alchemy lab. The other contains an Innkeepers Log, and may be her private room. There is a new innkeeper, a woman named Cyann Avalloc. Also, a fire pit has appeared outside, and there is some new decor inside. I have no idea about what this may portend.

    Your humble servant,

    Andrew the smith
    Thanks for the report, Andrew
    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 8:36 PM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Results of Yew Bachelorette Auction

    Last night's Yew bachelorette auction was stated by many as "The most money collected at any one time" and "the greatest bidding war since the great land rush of Yew". Approximately 1,035,000 gold coins were collected this night as men bided fiercely for a date with the most glamorous of female beauty this land has ever seen.

    Here is a list of the results of this night's auctioning:






    Bob da Frog



    Bob da Frog

    Martha Walmac






    Quinn Hunter








    Sir Barron

    Aricia DeLong



    Lady Elder Gothy






    Dot Warner





    Bob da Frog

    Lola Cherie


    Joseph Smythe




    Shalis Lilias



    Miriamele Morgan





    Sir Barron

    Special thanks goes out to Red Barchette of VS for the use of the tower.

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 4:45 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Turme the Red Ghost

    Rumors for the past week have now been confirmed of a mysterious red ghost plaguing the city of Jhelom: a ghost named Turme. The Ghost appears to be wandering the city for a yet-unknown reason.

    The Grandmaster Stoic and Demon hunter, Teleburiel, gave little information on the origins of Turme, other then it's a tale told by the citizenry.

    I personally will see to the origins of this mysterious ghost and learn of its tale to report to the citizenry

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 3:05 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Teleburiel and the Demonic Hunter

    Our otherwise quiet town of Dragon's bay was in for a shock tonight, as the famed demon expert, Teleburiel*, appeared at the front of our tavern, followed behind by a pack of rabid hellhounds and dire wolves. We managed to dispatch of the beasts, much to the good stoic's gratitude; however, we were not out of the woods, for Teleburiel stated that a much slower, but more angry pack of the mongrels was not far behind. He even stated that the dogs were led by a powerful demon known as Kuraazg the hunter. The Demon had sought after the demon hunter, perhaps to slay him. We were sure to give him the devil's time of trying.

    After sending for help, which came rather swiftly, I'm glad to say, the attack came. Ravenous Hellhounds belching brimstone ignited flames and fierce dire wolves lunged after us, which we turned back on with spell, sword and bow. Many of my dear friends fell to the darkness from the attack, while we sent many of the mongrels to their demise as well. After a few minutes, the Demon Kuraazg appeared, lumbering to Teleburiel. I beseeched him to move away as I stuck arrows into the demon's hide, while Saiminius, Graz'zt, and Sparticus smashed and slashed at the demon's skin. The demon was definitely after the Stoic, yet the sage would not yield to the fear of the demon. His courage brought me shame, for I was sure to flee the massive beast of Hell.

    Finally, the demon had enough and fled, but he promised he would return until he has done what he wanted to do to with Teleburiel. Whatever that is, only time will tell.

    *Teleburiel, Grandmaster Stoic: A former mage of the city of wind turned demon hunter, forsaking the evil power of magic. He carries the Lieber Demonicum, a book of demons, a dark staff called the Demonbane staff, and his robe, named Midnight's wrap, was said to be made from the hide of a repentant dragon who sought to rectify his sins before he died.

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 2:41 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    The Vision of the Dragon Knights

    Red William was overjoyed. He ran as fast as he could to the temple, the yellowed shreds of parchment clutched to his chest as if it was his newborn son. He and the other defenders had fought the black Ogre until he finally fell in the grass near Rhuindean, and now he held the fifth fragment of the Gold one's Tome.

    He rushed through the doors of the temple, remembering quickly to remove his hat before rushing towards the altar.

    "Saiminus! We got it! The fifth fragment!" Red stopped in his tracks when he saw the body of the blind healer, Saiminius, strewn at the foot of the altar. The healer was out cold and his face pale.


    The bard rushed to the side of the healer, laying the parchments upon a bench as he picked up the unconscious priest. Red began putting his study of healing to work, grabbing a piece of garlic from his pouch and pulling it apart, letting the pungent aroma slip under the priest's nose. Saiminius started to cough and gag as the scent woke him from his stupor.

    "Praise the Gold one you're ok, Saiminus." Red said with a sigh

    The Priest lifted his head and reached out, grabbing Red around the moustache. "Brother William?" The healer said weakly, "Is that you?"

    "Yes, Saim, its me. What happened to you?"

    The Priest grabbed Red by the doublet and pulled him close. "I..." The Priest stammered, "I...have had a...a vision."

    "A vision?" Red blurted

    "The Gold one...spoke strongly to me of this..." Saiminius said, breathing raggedly. "He sends his son to us this day of the sun, when the bells toll half past seven as the eastern cities judge...the Gold one's son...the Dragon of Love, shall come and speak of the coming of the Dragon knights."

    The Dragon Knights. Red's mind raced as he recalled the tales of the prophetic eight warriors that were told by the Gold one. The eight warriors would be chosen from each of the towns that the fragments of the Tome of the Gold one were recovered from, and would lead the attack to find the final fragment.

    Red hefted the aged priest to his chambers, but his mind continued swimming of the news. Sunday at 7:30 EST, the Dragon would come and foretell the coming of the Dragon knights at the OGD temple in Dragon's bay. Twould be good to see the kind red Dragon again...

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 2:37 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Vigilantes of Virtue Presents a PvP Tourny
    Come and celebrate the end of Tax Season (4/15/2000)! You have a chance to win 50K for First Place and 25K for Second Place! Vigilantes of Virtue presents: Jousting Tournament!

    For more information and registration please visit

    Potsie Vigilantes of Virtue - Atlantic Shard!

    Thankye, Potsie.
    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 2:11 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Lizardman Leader Sought
    Hail and well met!

    Incidents of heroes conversing with the leaders of the trolls, Orcs and even gazers have been documented on these very pages. Yet no mention is made of the leader of the lizard men. While searching ancient texts I came a cross a translation of lizard men tongue. While I can not be certain they still speak this same dialect, I have reason to belive it remains accurate.

    If anybody knows the name or location of the lizard man leader please make it known. If it is possible to arrange a meeting between us i would be most interested in doing so. Perhaps I can use this ancient document to attempt to learn their reasons for attacking and attempt to negotiate a peace that will benefit us both.

    To prove our sincerity, I ask you, the heroes of Britain, to speak these words to the invaders to see if we can draw and response from them:

    isili 'click rosa sorr

    This should mean "I am not your enemy". If any of them respond please leave details with this worthy news source.

    Christopher Gorm

    Thankye, Christopher, for this news.
    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 1:55 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    A Rally Cry Against Minax
    This call for battle was given to me in hopes of gathering enough force to put down Minax:

    Harken and Observe,

    A call to the True Blood of Trinsic! Once more it is time for us to take a stand against Minax and her foul minions, and as you all probably know the occupants of the evil city of Grimore have allied with be it. They will be the next of her minions to fall since the vile Keeonean would not rear his ugly head. In order to defeat Minax I made a pact with the shadowlord himself, and declared my fealty to him above all other. In return he has given me one of his choosen people to aid us, a dark mage by the name of Solace will be acompanying us, and we will meet Friday April 14th, in front of the Yew Abby at 9PM PST. We urge all who wish to do good to join us, including all at Blackcomb, to do so...It will be a good night and many will taste blood...

    Sunny Shademaker

    ICQ: 46464888
    For Honor, For Glory, For the Shadowlord
    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 9:35 AM EDT by Eryk Gunnarsson (NapaValley)

    New Baja Forum Available
    Hittmann sent us this news:


    My name is Hittmann, I have played Baja for most of my UO time. I am now the Forum Administrator for the Baja Forum at I wrote to inquire if you could please post a message on the Baja news about the forum, as I am trying to get people to come and visit.


    Consider it done! Thanks!
    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 9:18 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    HOKUTO: Fight Night April 13th
    Tarendor sent us this news:


    The time has come again to seperate the MEN from the boys, the WOMEN from the girls, and the BIG DOGS from the pups! So lets all come out and show our fighting spirit. Hokuto Fight Nite is on!!

    WHEN: April 13th at 6pm cst - 9pm cst
    WHERE: Trinsic dueling pits
    Contact: icq # 69744675

    The rules are simple.

    5000 to enter
    30% to winner
    20% to second
    10% to 3rd

    All contestance in fights will be flagged so no one gets counts and reds are welcome also! Anyone interfering with a red will be ejected from fight nite giving up thier paid money.

    #1 NO actions from contestents in ring till a wall is cast, and at that time can cast anything you like as long as it doesnt directly effect your adversary until the wall falls.

    #2 NO reflect items.

    #3 Once contestents enter the ring, no one can interfere from outside or the fight is a thrown out. No pets are allowed in the ring.

    #4 Looting rights are given to the winner.

    #5 Potions, boom bags, poison weps allowed.

    #6 Only Gm weapons and GM armor are allowed.

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 9:14 AM EDT by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    Travellers, Beware Magincia!
    Temet Nosci provided this report:

    I write to you this day to inform the citizens of Brittania to be careful in Maginicia. In all my career as a warrior, I had not been to Maginicia except on this peculiar day. I recalled to the bank there, and not within 10 seconds, 3 evil NPC mages spawned near me. The guard stood dumbstruck. I was the only player around, so I engaged. I quickly dispatched all 3, for they were lesser minions of a greater evil. What could this evil be? Possibly once good citizens taken into Minax's evil clutch? I have a feeling we will soon find out...

    -Temet Nosci, Baja

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 9:08 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    A Wedding in Haven Saturday, April 8th
    This announcement came from Alak Vrinn:


    My character name is Lord Alak Vrinn. I am the Magistrate for the City of Haven of the Baja Shard. I would like to cordially invite you and any of your staff to the wedding of Lord Hewlett and Lady Tider Lilly on Saturday, April 8 at 8pm PST in the City of Haven behind the Keep.

    Unfortunately, our former web page that had a map of Haven is no longer up. It isn't difficult to get to. It is just directly North of the large desert that surrounds the Shrine of Compassion. If you are familiar with the Baja Shard and know where the UO Mall is, then just follow that road West and North. As soon as you cross the bridge, the city is on the North side of the road, starting at the guard tower and expanding West and North from the road.

    The schedule of events are as follows:

    Cock Fights (with gambling involved) at approximately 6pm PST to 7pm PST at the Silver Steed Saloon which is located at the Southern end of Haven.

    Gambling Tables running from approximately 6pm PST to 7:30pm PST at the Haven Tower which is located at the Northwest tip of Haven.

    Wine Tasting and Cake Eating contests from 7pm to 8pm PST at the large clearing behind the Haven Keep which is in the center of Haven.

    Wedding Ceremony starting at 8pm PST behind the Haven Keep.

    Bouquet Contest and Reception in the Haven Tower after the Ceremony.

    The schedule is tentative and events may be added and hopefully not subtracted.

    I sincerely hope that you will be able to attend and bring many friends as this is an open event for the whole shard.

    Lord Alak Vrinn
    Haven City Magistrate

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 9:05 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    The Way
    THE WAY -- April 8th
    From Outy and Skye of the Clan TUR - The UnRuled, Great Lakes
    There is a hot wind that blows across the land. Its scorching touch devours all of the territories and their peoples. Its spreading embrace is cumbersome. Only left: two sides. One to rise against the other. And between the hearts of the two great wills lies the struggle. Not one to conquer the other -- rather, there is only the balance in an attempt to attain control. And the thunder that rolls down from the hills is an ever-present reminder of the great war ahead.

    The last few weeks have been quite disturbing in TUR Village. As the land grows more and more dark, so do our hearts as the battle over "The Way" grows stronger. Lord Hoyt has continued to vex us daily with his visits to the Village. Dark as the night and crafted from some black magic no doubt, his striking Ebon Plate, Ebon Shield and Ebon Sword apparently safeguard Hoyt from all attempts on his life. At the recommendation of the red phoenix Atross, the folks of the village have attempted to reason with him. Yet, he remains uncooperative -- leering at us with his depraved grin, and taking great delight in torturing the villagers with his pets -- an oft seemingly endless stream of hellhounds and dire wolves. Even the strongest warrior can easily fall with a number of these pups nipping at one's heels. Perhaps because his master was otherwise engaged, or perhaps because Minax "amuses him," Hoyt agreed to join our defense of the Justice shrine several days ago. And while we had hoped that this alliance against Minax would change his heart, he has only stepped up his threats against TUR village with his hounds from hell.

    Hoyt's Lord and Master, the evil lich Akron has made several direct assaults on TUR Village as well. When we first sighted his crimson form glowing maniacally as he arrived from the south, we sent pigeons flying for support. His company of undead is tremendous and frightening. All sorts of skeletons, skeletal knights, mummies, liches and liche lords accompany his visits to the center of the village. As friends and allies arrive to join in the defense, Akron simply raises his arms and new waves of undead sweep the village with their unholy stench.

    We fear for Atross, the kind-hearted and powerful red phoenix of the Clan Red Feather. Surely his journey to our world from his has been exhausting for him. He has retreated to his meditation in preparation for the battle ahead, but makes an occasional visit to TUR Village and in and around the town of Yew. Always looking out for our safety, Atross is our greatest ally in the fight for "The Way."

    In the coming days, we expect Akron to harness the power of the Dream Sickle and open "The Way". Brave souls who would stand against this evil are encouraged to visit TUR Village northeast of Yew and participate in the struggle over "The Way." For more info on the quest, and links to the village map, click: Http:// The heart of the village can be found at 95.32 N, 23.50W. Runes to TUR Village are also available at Krista's Ranger Station, CMG Blacksmithy, Dragon's Bay Tavern, and the Little Shop of Horrors.

    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 7:42 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Log of Thursday's UO HoC has been posted
    The complete log of the Fifty-First UOHoC Open House chat has been posted, and is available from the UO House of Commons website.
    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 3:34 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Vamp's Lair Castle Monthly Tournaments and More
    We were sent the following announcement from Lady Pandora:
    Hail fellow Catskillians:

    All are welcomed to come and enjoy the Vamp's Lair Public Castle and Trade Center Monthly Events....

    Our Events for the month of April are scheduled as follows:

    Singles PvP Tournament - Mage Class Only
    Friday, April 14th beginning at 9 PM EST. Registration begins at 7 PM EST. All rules are found in the Events website (Link Below). There is a registration fee that must be paid prior to entering. Gates to the castle will be provided from the First Bank of Britain and from the Bank of Bucaneer's Den beginning at 7 PM. The location of the Tournament is secret and is closed to the general public, only CoD officials and the actual contestants may attend unless specifically invited.

    Singles PvP Tournament - Dex Class Only
    Saturday, April 15th beginning at 9 PM EST. Registration begins at 7 PM EST. All rules are found in the Events website (Link Below). There is a registration fee that must be paid prior to entering. Gates to the castle will be provided from the First Bank of Britain and from the Bank of Bucaneer's Den beginning at 7 PM. The location of the Tournament is secret and is closed to the general public, only CoD officials and the actual contestants may attend unless specifically invited.

    Team PvP Tournament - 3 vs 3
    Sunday, April 16th beginning at 9 PM EST. Registration begins at 7 PM EST. All rules are found in the Events website (Link Below). There is a registration fee that must be paid prior to entering. Gates to the castle will be provided from the First Bank of Britain and from the Bank of Bucaneer's Den beginning at 7 PM. The location of the Tournament is secret and is closed to the general public, only CoD officials and the actual contestants may attend unless specifically invited.

    Swap Shop Festival
    Saturday and Sunday, April 15th and 16th beginning at 3 PM EST and ending at 7 PM EST. Come and enjoy face to face business transactions with our merchants and recieve considerable discounts on items. You may directly ICQ # 50371615, use the message boards found on the Events site, or email [email protected] or [email protected] for a rune or a gate to the castle.

    Lucky Key Contest
    Friday, April 14th, at 6 PM EST, join us for the Lucky Key Contest. Only 10 entries are accepted so hurry and sign up. This fun game is open to all walks of life. You are given a keyring with 5 keys upon your registration, at the mark you will have five minutes to scurry the castle grounds or the tavern grounds to unlock your prize. You may directly ICQ # 50371615 use the message boards found on the Events site, or email [email protected] or [email protected] for a rune or a gate to the castle.

    Drunken Horse Race
    Saturday, April 15th, at 6 PM EST, bring your favorite, strongest, and fastest STEED and try your luck at the Drunken Horse Race. Each participant must drink 3 full bottles of liquor, immediately prior to the willcall of the race. They must trust their steed to get them to the finish line first to collect their prize. You may directly ICQ # 50371615 use the message boards found on the Events site, or email [email protected] or [email protected] for a rune or a gate to the castle.

    That is the events that are soon to come... for any and all information on the castle you may email either [email protected] or [email protected]. Or simply visit our Castle's website at or for information on just the events, visit our Events website at

    Thank you,

    The Lady Pandora of the CoD
    CEO of the Vamp's Lair Public Castle
    Thanks, Pandy!
    Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2000, 1:44 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

    Flaming Crescent Tavern Lottery Begins!
    We received this announcement of the event:

    Aye, Being a Innkeep has its rewards. Over the years, I've managed to collect some pretty unique items in my stores. The more ale and stew I be servin', the more I end up with when sweeping the floors.

    I need help cleanin' up the place! What I decided t' do is start running a lottery- Simple really, Just stop in at me inn "The Flaming Crescent Tavern of Fire Isle" and see one of me vendors, Mellinio. Finding the 'Crescent is easy- it's directly behind dungeon hythloth (Fire isle) in that mountain range's "crescent".

    Coords: 173' 25' North 123' 41' West

    For a mere entery fee, you gets a fine key. Each lottery is set up with 25 keys, but only ONE will open a locked down chest. The different lottery bags are labeled.

    Starting Saturday, April 8th, these 3 items be up for grabs:

    Lottery #1 -

    Chest containing: Various magical weapons,armor, jewelry and clothing. MINIMUM NPC vendor sell value is 5000 gold! (Much more on the player market!) There are various reflect, protection, silver, and enchanted type items.

    Lottery #2 -

    Chest containing: House decorations! Paintings, semi to rare items including 3+ POTTED PLANTS, a gold metal box, horseshoes, hanging herbs, and more. The player market puts this value at OVER 15,000 gold!

    Lottery #3 -

    Chest containing: 2 GM Marked Valorite Plate sets (AR 36), 1 GM Marked Shadow Plate Set (AR 36) and 1 GM Marked Agapite Plate Set. Player market valued at over 25,000 gold!

    Key prices are as follows:

    Lottery #1 - 400 gold pieces
    Lottery #2 - 750 gold pieces
    Lottery #3 1000 gold pieces

    Lottery closes on Friday, April 14th and throughout the evening, I will be servin' ale and checking keys for folk. 7 pm - 10 pm EST. If for some reason you cannot make it, You can e-mail me AFTER the lottery closes at:[email protected]. Winners will be announced!

    To avoid mishaps, I will be behind the counter all night, and have [Innkeep, FCT] in my guild title. Do NOT give your key to anyone BUT me for checking.

    Proceeds go to the Institute for Underprivledged and Displaced Mongbats...

    Proprietor of The Flaming Crescent Tavern
    [email protected]

    Thank you Thadius, sounds a great lottery. Good luck to all the participants!
    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 10:54 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Minax's Powers Reach Further
    The Dread Lady Minax has been on the move in the past few days. She has attacked countless cities, killed many a fine warrior, and, to the dismay of many, has desecrated ALL of the Shrines of Virtues.
    Minax Sweeps Spirit Wood
    This evening the undead army of Minax attacked Corwyn, a quiet town nestled in the Spirit Wood close to Skara Brae. The lead scouts, consisting mainly of skeletons, zombie's were easily dispatched, giving the citizens time to call for reinforcements. Twas wise, as soon an army of liches, liche lords, bone knights, bone mages, mummies, and other forces of the undead rose up from the ground itself to claim mortal lives.

    The battle raged for nigh onto fifteen minutes with few losses on the side of the mortals. This is the first report I have heard of undead leaching over from Skara Brae into the country side. Other warriors reported that the enemy had mounted a simultaneous strike on Skara Brae whilst Corwyn was under attack.

    Citizens and travelers should be advised to travel swiftly and warily at all times.
    And then, as if slaughtering people was not enough, Minax then went and corrupted the last remaining shrines.
    Following the retaking of Trinsic, Minax exerted her influence by descrating five of the eight shrines to the virtues. The remaining three have felt the power of her touch.

    Humility, Valour, Compassion, they have fallen as well. All eight shrines to the virtues have been desecrated by Minax' hand. Upon the spot where the symbol did rest is now a death vortex. The shrines are surounded by fire traps which give off intense heat, and rock walls resembling blackrock.

    The only Shrine that seems left is the Chaos Shrine. One would wonder why it remains untouched.
    Submitted by Dell
    If you would like to see pictures of the fallen shrines, click on one of the links below.

    Shrine of Humility | Shrine of Valor | Shrine of Compassion | Chaos Shrine
    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 8:00 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Corruption of the Shrine of Humility
    It pains me to see another Shrine of the Virtues be taken over by the forces of Minax. With more info, here's Tesla, the Mayor of the Village of Humility.
    The soft glow of Trammel shone softly through the mayors window as she was awakened by a soft tapping. Gathering her robes about her shoulders, she made her way to the front door, where Navar's urgent whispers set her heart to panic. She knew that he, as caretaker of the shrine of Humility had sat, carving his bows and keeping watch every night since the corruption of the first five shrines. "M'lady. I beg forgiveness for this late hour" Navar whispered. "But you must be told.." Before he could finish the sentence, Tesla darted across the small field to the stables. Quickly mounting her horse, she followed Navar's swift pace to the shrine. Her heart sank as they approached. The haunting glow of the death vortex told of itself as they rounded the mountain. Slowing their pace, Tesla glanced down to Navar. Clearly he was distraught. "I have failed, M'Lady" his voice barely above a whisper in the cold night air.
    Tesla, Mayor of Humility
    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 7:11 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    A Festival, A Feast and A Tourney
    This announcement was found on the Catskills Tavern Section of Tao Circle.

    His Majesty King William Scott the Second invites all citizens of Northwood and all friends of the Kingdom to attend a Spring Festival to be held on Sunday (April 9) at Winterfell Tower. A tentative schedule has been included below.

    3:00 Eastern Moonglow Time - Grand Tournament

    5:00 Eastern Moonglow Time - Mage's Summoning Competition

    6:00 Eastern Moonglow Time - Horse Races

    7:00 Eastern Moonglow Time - Banquet

    8:00 Eastern Moonglow Time - Auction

    Prizes shall be awarded for the three competitions. The rules of the auction are that anyone that "buys" someone at the auction has bought their time and skills for a maximum of two hours. Participants are required to provide whatever service their "master" requests of them as long as it is within reason.

    Any donations or assistance are appreciated. Please contact Her Majesty Jocelyn Scott, Duke Evin Ghlade, or Pagan Vylsari with any questions, donations, or if you wish to sign up to be auctioned off.

    The Winterfell Crier
    The Kingdom of Winterfell

    Sounds a fun time! Good luck to all and may the subjects of the auction be treated fairly by their "masters." hehe.
    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 4:29 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Trinsic to Host Second Bazaar

    The city of Trinsic is pleased to announce the next bazaar to take place Saturday at noon in the city's marketplace, southeast corner of the city, near the docks. Trinsic's fine array of merchants, as well as any others interested, are welcome to present their goods to the citizens of Britannia. The bazaars help to promote the City of Honor's growth and we welcome you all to browse the selection many a merchant has to offer. The event will run throughout the day and you will find anything you need here. Look for gates at all major banks summoned by the friends of Trinsic. Good luck!

    Stand In Honor

    Konnor Ghostal, Sage of Honor, Trinsic
    Heralds of the Awakening

    Thankye, Konnor, for this news.
    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 4:12 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Simultaneous Attacks

    On the same night as the news post about the Ogre invasion of Jhelom, my brothers of Clan Moor and I were present for the attacks in Yew and Jhelom, as well as just missed the attack on Britain and Magincia. All were within ten or fifteen minutes of each other. With the attack in Yew came at least a hundred orcs and ettins, give or take another 20. It was so hectic that no one could keep any kind of count. Strangely enough, the attack came inside Empath Abbey, where due to the efforts of the local guilds, LOA, YSF, the Moors, WYM and many others, the attack was repelled once again with minimal losses of life. I would like to thank the lady sorceress with the white dragon (who's name escapes me), and all of the others who came from Jhelom with us when we gated back to defend our fair Yew.

    -Luthor of Clan Moor

    Thankye, Luthor, for this important information.
    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 4:07 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    UO2 Website Updated Again!
    Another big Friday update on the UO2 Website today. Included are:

    • 3 New Questions added to the FAQ site. Topics such as use-based skill systems, gaining skill, and being a multiple-grandmaster are discussed.
    • Part Two of the Meer Serial in the Legends section, this one titled "From Earth to Sky".
    • New Comments from the Team in the Team Comments section. Starr Long, Producer for UO2, talks more about the game as well as about Richard Garriott.

    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 7:50 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Mt. Kendall Diamond Story
    We have recieved the following:
    The Diamond mine belongs to one Winston Erndall, a resident of Magincia. Winston is a reasonably new face to our lands, but has been a great help in the recent attacks on Skara Brea. There is some controversy regarding his integrity, but considering he is a retired engineer in the service of Lord British for some 25 years, I wager these controversies to be empty accusations. You can find Winstons home in Magincia, near Harris's tavern in the most northern point of the island. For a map to his home, or a picture of Winston himself as well as recent reports on his activities, please stop by Sonoma Quest News.

    Seriel from SQN

    Happy Adventures to you all!

    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 5:02 AM EDT by Rage (Sonoma)

    Horseriding Championship : Next Race in Trinsic
    This news was taken from the official Horseriding Championship Website :
    The next race will take place in Trinsic. The race was delayed for one week due to personal reasons.
    All contestants and supporters will meet at the Counselor's Guild at 5pm CET (4pm GMT, 11am EST).
    For more information about the Championship, try the Official Website and the Stratics Spotlight. You can also contact Scritus, the organizer.
    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 4:45 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Grand opening of the Sweet Shade tavern

    The town of Rhuindean invites all of Britannia to the grand opening of the Sweet Shade Tavern, located at 131o 2'S, 41o 41'E. This Friday at 9pm Central Time, events for the grand opening will include a horse race and prizes range from GM Verite armor, 5000 gold or other great prizes. The GM Rogue, Lady Shalis will be in attendance for a story (which usually leads to trouble making).

    Gates to the event will be provided in front of Empath Abbey from 7:30 to 8:30pm CST. Runes to Rhuindean are also located at Dragon's bay, Dragon's point, Krista's ranger station, and the Treasure hut in Britian.

    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 3:56 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Paws Hunting Expedition
    Looks like a very busy weekend at Paws:

    WHAT: Hunting expedition for loot and skill that should last between an hour and 1 1/2 hours with the possibility of overtime. There will be at least one healer in attendance for raising the dead. Transportation to and from will be provided, along with bandages and potions for those who need them. Armor and Weapons will be supplied to chars on a case by case basis.

    TIME: 8 pm pst(10 cst) on Saturday April 8th.

    WHERE: Meet ay Redroddy's in Paws Outpost at 7:30, departure is at 8 pm with whoever is there at the time.

    DESTINATION: Unknown (this is to ensure the players safety from a red ambush)

    WHO: Sparhawk leading with Alexia or James in support. Along with many PAWS members who will be in attendence.

    We Look forward to seeing you all there,

    Hammerhead Fred, Neko and the people of Paws Outpost.

    Any further information can be found at the Paws website:

    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 3:37 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    ***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA*** Ima's Tribute to L.B.
    Tyron sent us the following notice:
    This week ImaNewbie would like to follow the lead of some of the other sites like ALBE (a Little Bit of Everything), in bidding farewell to Richard Garriot aka Lord British.

    Like him or hate him, I think the one thing that we can all agree on is that the Ultima Series pioneered the computer RPG gaming genre, and for that and the countless hours we have spent lost in the worlds of Sosaria/Britannia, he deserves our thanks.

    Head on over to my site and check out my special 'toon tribute. Oh, and while you are there, there is a couple of new Diablo cartoons from the archives, a new midi and some new polls.

    Added Friday, April 7th: Episode #102 - ImaNewbie's Tribute to Lord British

    ImaNewbie does Britannia


    Posted on Saturday, April 8, 2000, 2:18 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    Formation of Vesper Town Council!
    Vesper Town Council Formed!

    The people of the gleaming city of Vesper, naval capital of the known realm, have come together to form a City Council on the basis of Virtue and self-governance. For decades, the image of Vesper has been tarnished by wars and petty squabbling betwixt the guilds which inhabit it. The Council, being lead by an initiative of enthusiastic souls, seeks to do away with those days of darkness, and usher in a new era of peace in Vesper. Please, join in with this effort of the forces of Light at the first Vesper Town Council meeting. It will be held Friday, April 7th, at 6:00 p.m. [EST] in the Vesper Counselor's Guildhall. All of Virtuous heart are welcome to attend!

    Thoma Valient,
    Inquisitor of Honesty, HoA
    Chairman of the Vesper Town Council

    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 2:30 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    The Fifth Fragment Found, but Janus Visego Attacks!

    The Fifth Fragment Found, and Janus Visego Attacks!

    Today in the city of Rhuindean, controlled by the Aiel guild (+A+), the people celebrate as the second Ogre Brother, C'Ruach was slain by defenders of the city. During the week, the city was besieged by Ogres, led by the two Ogre Brothers, G'Runch and C'Ruach. During the last major offensive, G'Runch was slain by the defenders. Thinking that they had slain the boss, their rejoicing was short lived when C'Ruach appeared, vowing revenge. Tonight, warriors defending the fledgling city finally sent the brazen ogre to the void. With that, the 5th fragment of the tome of the Gold one was recovered: the fragment of Justice.

    Just when all seemed quiet, a new call from the Gold one sent the defenders to the shrine of Justice, where evil Red Mages, Ettins, Orcs, and Brigands, laid siege to the non-desecrated shrine. During the attack, a young lady named Janus Visego, who seemed to follow me around like a trained puppy, confronted me. Before I could react, she lunged for me, gashing me severely with her katana. She muttered something about Minax and the Ogre and I fled from her through a magical gate to Empath Abbey. She halted her attack, but seemed intent on following after me. Clutching the fragment, I recalled back to the tavern, where I placed the fragment in safe keeping and tended to my wounds. Janus soon appeared shortly afterwards, but the ban I placed upon her held her away from the tavern. She dropped a book on the ground and recalled away, leaving me to sneak out, grab the book and come back into the tavern.

    Opening the book I read the following words:

    Minax was a fool to trust that Ogre. I have failed in getting the book back, but it is not over. I will be back.

    Just when you thought you knew what was going on, another person wants to get into the act *sigh*

    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 2:29 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Yew-Sponsored Bachelor auction Results

    Tonight's Yew Bachelor auction was a big hit, as Shalis Lilias and Mayor Mythra hosted this night's auction to raise funds for the city of Yew. The following are the bids for this night's Gentlemen. Special thanks go to Red Barchette and the Vas Sanct Guild for providing the tower for this wonderful event

    (The Bachelorette Auction will be held this Saturday Night at 8:30pm CST. Gates will be provided at the Yew Winery to the auction location.)

    Person auctioned off

    Highest bid


    Tristram of TUR

    8,500 Gold


    Arthur Thorne of Yew

    1,501 Gold

    Mistress XXX

    Seer Darklight

    30,000 Gold


    Serpico of CLM

    4,800 Gold

    Alicia DeLong

    Black Angel

    20,000 Gold


    Simon Templar

    600 Gold

    Miriamele Morgan

    Lybear, Knight of Valor

    1000 Gold


    Omicron of DOC

    500 Gold

    Lola Cherie

    Hugh, Knight of VS

    1,000 Gold


    Haplo of HCD

    100,000 Gold


    Bahamut of YTC

    1600 Gold

    Daedin MacAoidh


    2500 Gold


    Red Barchetta

    365 Gold

    Shalis Lilias

    Trebr Drab




    40,000 Gold


    Lord Greenwood

    17,000 Gold



    80,000 Gold


    Sir Barron

    30,000 Gold

    Chastty Sinclair

    Red Devil

    85,000 Gold


    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 2:01 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    New Test Client Available
    The following was just posted to FYI on the UO website:

    New Test Client Available

    A new version of the test client is now available on our ftp server. This new client contains updates recommended for testing UO: Renaissance on our Test Center shard. We also recommend that you download the multi.idx and multi.mul files, allowing you to properly view the new house styles. UO:R test Clients/

    To install the client follow these steps:

    • Click the link above.
    • If you have T2A, select the T2A version. If you do not, select the non-T2A version.
    • Save the file to your desktop (Do NOT save the file over your client.exe in your UO directory. If you do, you will need to reinstall UO when we patch the servers.)
    • Load the file from your desktop and log into the Test Center Server.
    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 1:42 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    New Test Center Enhancements
    The following was just posted to What's New on the UO website:

    New Test Center Enhancements

    The response to our recent Test Center enhancements has been wonderful, and we've been happy to see many players visiting the shard to help test out new features and upgrades. We urge everyone to stop by, explore, and help us with our final testing for UO: Renaissance.

    To improve the testing experience, we've decided to add the following to the starting equipment of new characters on these shards (in addition to the gold, spellbooks, and reagents already provided):

    • Raw Materials - hides, bottles, ingots, logs, feathers, fishsteaks, bolts of cloth, empty bottles, blank scrolls
    • Tools - dovetail saw, tinker tools, smith hammer, sewing kit, scissors, axe, fishing pole, mortar and pestle, harp, shovel
    • Moonstones and Runes - bag of 5 Trammel moonstones, bag of 5 Felucca moonstones, 5 unmarked recall runes
    • Treasure Maps - one of each level of treasure map These items will be available in the bank box of all new characters created on Test Center.

    We recommend that before visiting Test Center, you download and install the latest version of the test client, as well as the files necessary for viewing the new houses in-game. The latest version of the test client is available at UO:R test Clients/ . For more details on downloading and installing the new test client, please visit FYI.

    We hope you enjoy these changes to Test Center, and look forward to seeing you there.

    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 1:39 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Golden Knights Event #23: In the Arms of the Dragon
    We received the following event announcement:
    Golden Knights #23 : In the Arms of the Dragon

    Date: This Friday 4/7/2000 @ 8:00 PM CST


    • Registration: 8:00 PM - 8:25 PM CST on 4/7 at the Alliance Village
    • Gate from Magincia Bank to event area at Alliance Village: 8:00 PM - 8:25 PM CST
    • Competition begin: 8:30 PM CST
    Where: KoA Alliance Village (follow the Village Map link from the main KoA web page for directions)

    Entry fee: 300gp per person competing. Spectators are welcome to watch, gratis.

    A team of five brave warriors against one dragon can your team go the distance? Contestants this week should find up to four other fighters or mages to team up with them to take on one of Britannias most feared monsters, the dragon. A team of up to five will enter a ring approximately 12x9 in size, along with a well rested and well trained dragon. At the signal, the team will attack. Teamwork will be essential to keep everyone alive and deal as much damage as possible in the alotted 7 minutes. Beware that the dragon may be ordered to change target up to 2 (successful) times during the course of your battle! At the end of the 7 minutes, if neither the dragon nor all the competitors are dead, the dragon will be called off and taken out of the area to rest, and a fresh one brought in for the next team. First and second place will be decided by the judges based on the following factors:

    • killing your dragon faster than anyone else
    • failing to kill the dragon, dealing the most amount of damage to your dragon in the 7 minutes
    Other major influences on your overall rating will be:
    • teams consisting fewer than 5 people will be given a significant bonus if they either keep everyone alive, or they successfully slay the dragon
    • teams losing no members to the dragon will be given a significant bonus over teams that do
    For a finale, the #1 and #2 teams will compete in a final round, where each team once again has to try and slay (or stay alive against) a fresh dragon. However, this time, the two teams will compete side by side, and each team will be allowed to heal the other sides dragon. NEITHER SIDE MAY ATTACK ONE ANOTHER HOWEVER. The time limit on the final round will be 12 minutes. Once again the winner will be decided as above killing the dragon first or else dealing the most damage in the alotted time.

    The rules of engagement are as follows:

    • No poison spells or poisoned blades
    • No EVs or blade spirits
    • No summoned creatures, daemons, pets or tamed animals of any kind
    • No magic items, armour or weapons of any kind
    • No peacemaking (sorry bards!)
    • No use of objects to box or trap the dragon (the idea is to go head to head here people!)
    Healing your team mates during the battle with the dragon is not only allowed, but encouraged. *grins* Choose your team wisely! If you wish to enter but dont have a team, teams will be made out of others looking to form a team at registration time.

    For spectators we ask this:

    • Please no horses, fighting or casting spells during the competition to help reduce lag for the contestants
    • In the hopefully unlikely event of trouble-makers, any assistance would be appreciated to help resolve the situation peacefully if possible
    • Cheering for your favorite team is not only allowed but required! *grins*
    Prizes will be 10k to the first place team, and 5k to the second place team, or more, if more entry fees are collected. Also, both first place and second place teams will receive one dragon, if they have a person present who can receive and control it! (Recommend at least 60 taming, 60 lore to receive it, more if you want even marginal control.) Teams are responsible for working out amongst themselves who will receive the dragon if they win!

    For a repost of these rules, as well as a list of past winners of Golden Knight events, please follow the Golden Knights link off the main KoA web page.

    See you Friday!

    John Ravenscraft, KoA
    Thanks John, sounds like fun!
    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 9:23 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Chaos Falls on Haven
    * Quest to begin on Friday, April 7, at 6:30PM EST in the Mystic Lake Tavern in Haven. *
    Submitted by Trek'guk Luav, GM of AT:

    "...and so my kind compatriots, it is with a heavy heart that I am forced to resign as Guild Master for The Army of Thieves. I don't wish to explain the exact reasons behind my resignation, but only wish for you to bid me a friendly 'farewell'. Mind you, I won't be leaving completely I shall remain in this guild as a member. Before I step down, however, I have appointed two Guild Masters to take my place. Trek'guk Luav and Ravelen the Sly will be working together as Corporating Leaders of the Guild. I see great potential in them both, and know they will serve you well. Thank you for your time."

    Tessa, founder and now former guild master for AT stepped down from the podium with a heavy sigh. She took her seat on the stage, and tried to hold back her tears. An old man, by the name of Wren, leaned forward on his seat and looked at her from the other side of the stage. He gave her a wicked smile masked with friendliness. Tessa turned her head to face away from him. How had he forced his will upon her so? Still, he convinced her this was for the betterment of the guild, that Trek and Ravelen could open new areas the guild she hadn't even thought to explore. She did believe Trek and Ravelen were great candidates for the job, but it still hurt her to leave the guild she founded no long ago so abruptly.

    Trek'guk took his place on the podium and proceeded to begin his speech. "Tanks yous Tessa. Trek is bery pleased to be offered tis ting Tessa givin' 'em. Tessa wit good guild leader, and Trek is honoured to be able to continue her visions.

    Before Trek cim to The Army of Thieves, Trek was notin' more tin a poor Kolbold [half human, half dog type creature] in the City of PaxLir. Trek has bin offered a great change to his life, and Trek accepts it wholeheartily. Tessa showed Trek tere mir to tee world tin meets tee eye. It Trek niter eter met Tessa, tin Trek prubily niter eter had become a thief.

    Trek un Ravelen bin doing quite a bit ut sim talking. We's tinkin' tat The Army of Thieves hat completed it's goal in Ocllo. We's cim 'ere to claim our rights tu tee island, and now we's got tat. Citizens of Britannia all round know tee name Army of Thieves and shiver when tey ear it. Tee citizens of Ocllo run at bery sight of an Army member, knowing Army it supperior to tim and tey on Army land.

    We's still use Ocllo as a base of operatins, but we's believe Army of Thieves should expand it's horizons. Tee mishmashing [fighting] going on in Trinsic hat greatly weakened the guard, and general city tere. We's feelin' tis great opportunity fir de Army, however, Trinsic still be a city under Lord British rule. It be hard fir AT to take control oter city in our current state. We's need find a Strong-hold if we eter goin' tu do anything big." Trek pulled a cloth off of a canvas near by. It was a large map displaying the layout of the area around Trinsic. A little off to the east of Trinsic on the map was a large lake with a red X marked over it. The crowd "awwed" as it was displayed. "Tee City of Haven it perfict place fir us to establish this strong-hold! It be right next to Trinsic and not under Lord British control. The mishmashing in Trinsic hat ulso damaged Haven's defenses. Takin' oter Haven should prove be easy and the rewards be terry BIG! Fist we takin' Haven, ten BRITANNIA!"

    The Unruly assortment of Thieves, Rogues, and other Thugs went nuts. The rogues surrounding the stage stood up and cheered at the top of their lungs. Hats were thrown up in the air and people began chanting out to the glory of the Family. In the midst of the joyful chaos Trek turned around from the podium to look at Tessa. He was surprised to see her chair was empty, she had left. Trek then looked in the opposite direction and gave a warm smile towards Wren. The old man crossed his arms and returned Trek's smile.


    Submitted by Amber, Mayor of Haven:

    The days were becoming long and the flowers were in bloom around Lake Hammerfell. The defeat of the Necromancer had heartened the townsfolk. Great changes were afoot in the land, and evil, though defeated in the form of the Necromancer, had breathed ugly disarray in other areas of the land. The bright Sword of Truth lay atop the tower roof in Haven, giving everyone who called the fair town home the strength to believe in the age old tale of good overcoming evil.

    Some in the town had heard whispers. They knew not what the whispers meant, but they did know they were directed at Haven's beloved sword. Having heard the whispers himself, Wolf Knight, the Captain of the town guard, the Knights of Haven, donned one of his many disguises and crept through the land hoping to keep the town, and the sword, safe from the wicked forces that may harm either. For though Wolf was aware that the sword had protection, he also knew there was a way that it could be defiled, or taken from the town that loved it dearly. If it were in his power, he would not allow this to happen; for the sword was the source of Haven's hope. Wolf Knight planned to brief the town on his findings Friday evening at 6:30 in the eastern sky at the Mystic Lake Tavern in Haven.

    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 8:10 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Re-re-opening of the Laughing Lich Tavern!
    This just in from Bjorn
    Hail all. This is Bjorn of the CtD once again. Several months ago, you may recall hearing about the opening of a tavern in the City of the Damned. The Laughing Lich. After two weeks, it broke down. I just did not have the time to run it. But, in the time since, I've found several "helpers". I am proud to announce the grand re-re-opening of the Laughing Lich Tavern this weekend!

    The event will take place on Saturday, April 8th at 8:00-9:30 pm PST. These will be our new, weekly hours. We will hold a simple fighting tournament that night. The entrance fee will be 1,000 gold. Only rules will be any summoned creatures must be summoned AFTER the fight starts. The winner will be given 50% of the earnings, and the runner up will take home 25% of the night's earnings. I do hope to see everyone there.


    Thankyouy Bjorn, and I'm sure it will be a grand re-re-opening.
    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 8:08 AM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    A visit with the Scribe
    We have recieved the following:
    Fieya awaited many noble and ignoble souls inside Ceridwens library. Last Wednesday he was poisoned by Grythak using a rare poison sold by a man of ill repute named Dervin. Qaladar , myself, and Deoric were the first three to arrive at the warehouse the poison broker worked out of.

    Each of us promptly offered him a bargain, Qaladar offering the man his life, Deo offering him 500 gp to break his silence, and myself 7000 gp. Upon taking my gold, he revealed the a special component to reverse the poison called heartleaf was harvested from the swamps north of Britain, just off the road to Oasis. It seems smuggler associates of his resided in the muck.

    En Mass the scattered men and women moved toward the swamps. In the swamps were hordes of lesser nuisances, such as ratmen and lizardmen. Also there was a murdered named Lord Grimjaws , a grandmaster archer apparently. He was immediately set upon by most of the gathered horde, and nearly slain several times. Then Xandrick arrived.

    Xandrick arrived and promptly began demanding an exchange of an item he needed to complete the ritual he seeks. Already in his possession were the four objects he needs as part of his ritual, Sindls Opal, the Heart of Glory, Nobles Pride, and the Fire of Truth.

    Deciding that absolute destruction of life as we know it was a bit high of a price to pay for the heartleaf, we decided to look elsewhere for the rare reagent, and told Xandrick where to put the heartleaf he did have.

    Upon returning to Ceridwens house, we arrived to see Grythak fleeing with the Knights of Solamnia hot in pursuit. It seems they decided to guard Ceridwen, and protected him from the assassin striking again to finish his job. Fieya was updated on the situation, and a continuing search for heartleaf, or another cure was decided upon.

    We will meet again at Ceridwens Office, 6pm, upon Wed of next week, in a continuing effort to cure the scribe, vanquish evil, and woo a few wenches along the way.

    Janos Antero

    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 8:07 AM EDT by Rage (Sonoma)

    Rejoicing once again at the IFC!
    This bit of good news came from Eiryn today
    It is with great pleasure I announce the return of our leader Earnst!

    Over the past couple nights members of the IFC, QST, and LOY as well as some others gathered to search for the missing Earnst. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the first search but I made it out to the second, successful, one. Lucianna Deviner did a fine job of marshalling the rather excited and eager group, gating everyone from place to place and helping stragglers. We combed through most of Brittania's cities and eventually came to Wind, where some of our party were forced to wait at the gates, (I myself had returned briefly to an inn, but Akalia joined them in my place) and it was inside the magic city that we found him. There was much rejoicing, but it was bitter sweet as he had no memory of us or the IFC. Neither his armour, which I had kept, nor the sight of the IFC proper brought any recollection. I am certain however that it will come in time.

    The night was not without its own troubles. Imadufus of the LOSERs at one point went to Earnst's house on Arctic Isle. He could hear a smith working inside. This does not surprise me, Kylle who provides Earnst's armour also lives there. But Ima also noted someone hiding on the doorstep. He revealed the figure to be none other than Margwarr the Draikir! Some of you may recall the Draikir are an ancient race from when this world was still an extremely hostile one. They ruled then. The Summoners tried to summon them to steal their souls but were overcome by their ferocity. Only after the Summoners had been defeated almost to the man were they able to banish the Draikir. The Draikir returned not long ago and lived with the orcs in the Caverns of Niflheim (or the Ice Dungeon). This was when we first learned of them and the Summoners. When Ima delivered this news several of us returned to Earnst's Arctic Isle home to try to apprehend Margwarr. We found he had somehow gained entry to the house! He remained in their sometime and would not acknowledge us. Eventually he vanished from even our greatest tracker and we were forced to leave.

    What this portends I do not know.

    May the Æsir; be with you,

    Eiryn of Moonglow, IFC Lorekeep

    Tis good news indeed, Thankyou Eiryn!
    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 8:05 AM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    The facets of Virtue, part one: Honour
    This is the latest instalment in the ongoing Facets of Virtue tale:

    On Tuesday eve, a large group had assembled in the famed Spiritwood Tavern by the time the monk arrived to council them once more on what they had managed to learn, thus far, about the legendary Facets of Virtue. Most crucially, he recounted once more the scrap of information acquired by the learned sage, Basil of Moonglow that stated that "Honour lies waiting in a hidden valley, embraced by granite arms". Many among those assembled thought they knew of such a place west of the city of Trinsic.

    It was determined to go forth and investigate and soon the party, numbering nearly 20 individuals, set out through a magical portal to that very spot. Once there, they did indeed find the lost valley, and its strange and mysterious new Ice Shrine within. Within, they discovered a hidden book, a large, heavily bound tome. It was entitled simply "Balance" and within were write the following words:

    All things seek balance...
    Within the darkest centre exists a seed of light...
    And so it follows that within the brightest light lives the seed of darkness...
    Thus, the eternal dance continues...

    That was all. Perplexed, the group searched further. Next, they discovered the secret places within, and there, found a second book, this one more slender and bound in red leather with the title of "Honour."

    The mightiest of Granite Arms cannot hold it,
    Nor protect it so well,
    As the darkness of Shame wherein the seed doth grow.
    Nought but a pale glow in that evil gloom,
    Those without wisdom would think it a humble fungus growth,
    Upon the graves of the buried, to be crushed underfoot without a thought...
    Might the seeker pondering these words be one of wisdom,
    To give pause to reflect on all that doth pass....
    Or one who embraces only the darkness, so eager to snuff out that humble light?
    Each brings what they will to the test,
    And true character will be revealed in the crucible of such challenge.
    Honour awaits thee where the earth doth walk of its own accord,
    A light upon those few honourably laid to rest,
    Among the masses of the Shameful dead....

    Immediately, the mighty group decided to set out, determined to scour that dark place called Shame until the hidden treasure could be uncovered.

    Soon after arriving, they split into two parties, one searching the twisting passageways above, and the second, larger group, plunging forth into the depths of that vile place of Shame.

    It was then that the Brigand Photek was discovered lurking in the dark shadows of the damnable animated mounds, and soon a fierce battle erupted as a desperate attempt was made to apprehend this convicted criminal and bring final justice to him. In the ensuing mayhem, the warring parties chased one another through all of the dark corridors and twisting passageways of that wicked place, only to find themselves at one turn, faced with a dead end wherein a few ancient tomb stones lay. There before them, glowing with a new found urgency, what could have been mistaken for an inert lump of earth but a moment earlier revealed itself as the Facet of Honour!

    Immediately, the prize was snatched up and Photek driven off, hurling curses as he fled. The parties soon met up again in the depths of the second level and began the long climb out, mindful of the monk's warning to NOT move the sacred crystal by magical means or risk disrupting its delicate energies. As they at last approached the exit of that damnable place, and could see the blessed light of the sun through the entrance ahead, a dark figure suddenly spring out at them!

    The drow

    It was a lone Drow, who boldly demanded that the Facet, which the dark elf cavalierly referred to as "My Property" be handed over or dire consequences would follow. Naturally, the party was defiant and refused to hand over this hard won prize to but a lone drow. But they were also merciful, and allowed the dark figure to escape unharmed.

    It was then that the long trek back to Spiritwood on foot began. The noble scouts of the Skara Brae Rangers cleared the way before the advancing party and their precious cargo, leaving a clear trail of dead Orcs and Trolls to follow, obviously the agents of some unseen hand. Finally, the Facet was delivered to Spiritwood, and after a quick celebratory drink in the Tavern, it was safely placed into the secure cell of the Spiritwood Town Hall, where it remains still..

    Many thanks to whoever sent this. I wonder if there shall be more to come? I look forward to finding out.

    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 6:50 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    UO House of Commons Chat tonight
    The next UO House of Commons Open House chat between the players and creators of UO is scheduled for tonight, Thursday April 6, at 7 PM CT (5 PM PT, 8 PM ET).
    The chat will be available to you at #uohoc on Stratics IRC, on the following networked servers:
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    This week's topic is "In Development and Testing for Next Update". You can read about what's currently In Development and In Testing for Next Update at OSI's website. Please make sure the questions and comments you have during the chat are on this topic. Allow me to remind you that this is a development chat, and as such any questions about the current plot will not be answered.

    Like we did with previous chats we have set up a webpage where players can post questions in advance. Others can vote on these questions and we'll soon see which questions are most popular. During the chat we may then try to have some of these answered. Just keep in mind that only a small amount of questions will be taken from the website. Also the list will be wiped once the chat is over to make room for fresh questions for the next chat. If you want to post a question or just vote on one, please have a look at for the current list.

    If you are new to IRC, please visit Stratics IRC for an online tutorial and instructions for connecting to our IRC server. If you wish to use your browser to join the conference you can use our Java IRC client.

    IRCD Servers are provided by International Networks (suppliers of networking hardware and support).
    FRWS Servers are provided by Front Range Web Services (Web Hosting/Message Boards/IRC).

    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 6:17 AM EDT by Ima Supa (CommunityNews)

    A Little Twist in the Grimoire Plot
    This came in from Harlan, a member of -B-, regarding the recent battle between the people of Grimoire and Blackcomb. Harlan has quite a different story to tell than the one from Cardinal Fear.

    Blackcomb Practices Subterfuge on Minax & her minions

    As told by Harlan, personal servant to Duke Njord of Blackcomb, to his brother in-law

    Well I don't know what this is I'm hearin' about Blackcomb being conquered by them Minax lovers. That Duke Njord is a cagey one. When that war started he had his boys jump them before they got the chance to get organised. Caught them off guard too. They still had their pants down when they got trounced.

    They came back right hard on us though. The Duke figured rightly that he was the one they was huntin' for so he high tailed it out there. That Duke don' care much what folk like that think of him. We got hit pretty hard that time but when they seen the Duke he weren't there they went runnin' for their holes all a feared he was behind them. What he was really doin was getting the rest of the non-combatants, like meself, out the line of fire. Always thinkin of the little folk, he is. I know he sent people after them to keep them occupied whilst he was busy sendin people to safety.

    I wasn't there for the last battle that night but I hear it went pretty rough on our guys. But they never did catch the Duke and he bein' the only one there who weren't a warrior. A couple of sumthins' he told me before all this started though
    "Never play your enemies game, figure out what it is they are getting out of the situation and take it away."
    "It's always easier to watch a serpent in your garden than find one in the rocks."

    I didn't rightly want to go but he made me. I was scared to death of stayin, though, but I felt I owed him. Aye but he made me go. Told me last time I saw him "Remember, no matter what you hear everything is not what it seems & if we lose we'll gain far more than they will."

    The Duke, he ain't a right strong supporter of that Lord British, figures he don't help the little folk enough, but he right dislikes that Minax. Know what I figure? I think he let them win the last fight & put that foul shrine thingy in his tower. He likely can keep a good eye on their comins and goins now and not have to go alookin for them when the time comes. Know why I figure that? He has more armies at his call besides Blackcomb and he asked them to stay out of town that night. Aye he did so, he done asked them to stay away and not help.

    Well it's past time I was sleepin, I'll tell ya more tomorrow maybe

    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 5:26 AM EDT by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Fame & Karma Update
    The Monster Looting and Fame/Karma was just updated this afternoon on the Testing for Next Update section of the UO website:

    Monster Looting and Fame/Karma

    Looting rights for monsters will be based on a point system. The system will track players as they attack a monster, assigning "points" based on the damage they do and the number of times they strike the monster. Bonus "points" will be awarded for both the first strike and the kill shot. These "points" are then used to determine which characters have access to its corpse. Damage and attack totals done by tamed or provoked animals/monsters will count towards the point total of the tamer/bard.

    The player with the most points gets to loot the monster automatically. The system then looks for any players who have points equal to or greater than 30% of the top point score.

    On Trammel, only these players will have access to the corpse. It will be impossible for any other player to loot. On Felucca, those players that are not in the top 30% can loot the corpse, but will be flagged criminal for doing so. The corpse will appear "blue" to them when single clicked.

    Those players who simply hit the monster for the kill shot will rarely, if ever, receive looting rights because their points total will rarely be within 30% of the highest point total.

    After two minutes, the monster's corpse will be freely lootable by any character.

    Fame and karma will be given to players using this system. Only the character with the highest point total and characters with 30% or greater of that point total will be eligible to get fame and karma from the death of a monster. Party members of any character that is eligible for fame and karma will also be eligible regardless of their point totals. This allows those who only heal during a fight (and thus do not actually damage the monster) to receive fame and karma. Note that every character who is eligible receives total fame and karma from the monster, it is not split proportionately in any way. -Calandryll

    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 4:38 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    UO2 Virus Alert
    This Alert just came to us from Cynthe, Community Relations Coordinator for UO2:

    We've received reports of a file available for download called, which contains Uo2v1_01.exe and claims to be the UO2 alpha code. We've checked into this, and have verified that this file is actually a virus. It contains a backdoor program, created to give others access into your machine, and has no connection to Ultima Online 2. To protect your system, do not download or run these files.


    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 2:12 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    "Grave Intentions" - A site dedicated to Necromancy
    This just in from The Dread Lord Senith regarding his brand new discussion board surrounding *hopefully some day* Necromancy in UO.

    Necromancy Discussion at "Grave Intentions"

    Hail and well met,

    I am pleased to announce that "Grave Intentions", a site dedicated to the eventual implementation of necromancy into the world of Ultima Online, has recently opened to the public, at the following address:

    Within its pages, readers can find a detailed description of the previous system in testing, a message board and poll section to introduce, critique and evaluate new ideas and suggestions, and relevant links to necromancy-related sites throughout the net. While it has been in the back of everyone's mind for awhile, recent announcements have made this seem like an opportune time to throw the service online. So use the boards, use the polls, and use your imagination over at "Grave Intentions"!

    -The Dread Lord Senith

    Posted on Friday, April 7, 2000, 12:04 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    The Adventures of Adam Ant
    Looks like we have some great new stories from Adam Ant:

    The Adventures of Adam Ant Hail dark friends,

    The attacks on my home of Wind have been relentless and I have therefore been quite busy. For I have sworn an oath to protect the lich from all who may enter.

    Ah, and think not that alignment with evil will grace you passage, for I uphold the laws of Wind against all intruders.

    I have prepared some new tales in which I defend my home against those aligned with both good and evil.

    These are not some tales of fancy, these are the true Adventures of Adam Ant

    Fare thee well,
    Adam Ant

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 11:40 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Minax's Forces Push On
    The Dread Lady Minax's forces have pushed forward into more towns recently thought to be "safe" from her. First, the trolls of the Vesper forests and their leader G'Ruagak marched from Vesper north to Minoc along the main road where they were met by the locals and were eventually pushed back to their forests. Then recently ogres attacked Minoc, where they were defeated but with heavy losses. And now, the island Magencia, once thought a haven from Minax's forces, has now be attacked. Here with more info is Dell:
    While returning to my home in Magencia this evening, I was greeted by a young knave who had been plying his trade by the bank. He reported that he was being chased and needed help. Not surprising since he was a scoundrel, however it appears he was being chased by a group of evil mages.

    Following him south towards the bank, I found a raging battle of townsfolk against evil mages, air elementals, fire elementals, and earth elementals. Thank the Goddess they didn't summon a deamon.

    It would appear that Minax has extended her grip to other towns as well. One wonders what is to come next.
    So beware no matter where you go. Minax is now on the move towards new towns. Be safe.
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 11:03 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Moonglow Militia Seeks New Recruits!
    The Moonglow Militia is seeking new and able-bodied recruits for its upcoming war with the Stormreaver Clan Orcs. Our fair city is in great need of those proud few that can make the difference, putting on the sheild of Virtue, and the sword of Creation, and stamping out that foul element which plagues our society. All those willing to lend their hand to our cause, and willing to join under the waving blue banner that is Moonglow...all those seeking to aide in the Light and share in the spirit of good, we welcome you to join the Moonglow Militia. Please contact Knightmare, Captain of the Militia, via pigeon, at 49370679 for review and induction for those interested.
    Thankye, GreyPawn, for this announcement.
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 8:58 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Trolls capture Minoc child
    It seems trolls have a liking for human youngsters:

    A story from my travels:-

    Twas late Tuesday evening, Tay was outside Minoc bank when trolls started attacking all the adventurers and merchants. My ally Bobby shouted: "Troll attack!" Hence we went at the beasts.

    A crying woman was at the corner screaming "the trolls took my son!" We decided it was time for a rescue. We searched the local land before we ended up in the far north caves of Minoc.

    Twas there we spotted her son, guarded by a red troll. We lunged forward to confront the troll. Adam the son of Daisy was crying saying that the troll was his friend and took him for revenge for his brother being killed yesterday in Minoc. Lucky we made it there on time as The red troll had ideas for turning Adam into a troll.

    We ended the day by escorting Daisy and her son back to Minoc. Now being as poor a family as they were, the chivalrous Bobby did give Daisy the money he got from the trolls Oh and also a little kiss on the hand. Romance lives on in Britannia. Nice one Bobby!!

    Tay the Avator(BBN)
    Battle Necromancer

    Many thanks Tay!

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 4:35 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    House Banning Change
    This was just posted to In Testing:

    House Banning

    The effect of being banned from a house will change slightly. When a player, monster, animal, or NPC is banned from a house and approach the door, they will be moved under the house sign (the eject location) rather than bouncing back a couple of spaces.

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 3:47 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Attack on Ceridwen, the "Lucid"
    We have recieved the following:
    This eve, many knights and magi alike met at the Library in Brit to await word from Ceridwen. But tonight, he was bedridden, and we were visited by another, who came and showed us a note, or a clue, as to how to get to the cure for Ceridwen. Many people came, and they all left in a hurry. Some of these people are well beloved by the citizens of Sonoma, some are well hated, all of which poured out of the doors to the library in search of this mystery informant. Everyone except myself... I stayed behind, waiting on some of my friends to join me in this quest to cure Ceridwen. They came in one by one, first Theseus showed up, then Ristlin II, then Sturm, all are or were KS. I sent pigeon off to a member of the group who told us they found the informant to the south of Ceridwens home. So, we made our way there. But alas, we made it too late, so we proceeded to wait at Ceridwens house and see if we could be of any assistance there. Soon, our little group reached the historians home, dismounted, and entered. Much time passed, many pigeons flew. All of a sudden, a man with a green blade ran inside, and rushed into Ceridwens room. It could only be one person...Grythak. Ceridwen, still "lucid" as some would say, followed Grythaks orders and proceeded to push him towards the door. Seeing our threats were doing no good, we all stood in front of the door, allowing neither Ceridwen nor Grythak to get out of Ceridwens small bedroom chamber. Grythak yelled at us to move, we yelled back that he would have to kill us in order to get past us. Which he proceeded to try. His sword bit deep into our armor and flesh, causing us to feel the full effect of his poison. We battled on. Using magic and potions, we constantly held our ground, not falling to his poison or blade. We quickly had him to near death. He proceeded to teleport past us, and we ran after him, freeing Ceridwen. Both made their way to a moongate opened by the party returning from getting the cure. We continued our attack as he tried to push through to the gate, but one observant individual (who ever you are, thanks) saw this and dispelled the gate, giving Grythak no hope of leaving with Ceridwen. He proceeded to run away, almost at the point of death. I gave chase until he was a good distance away from the house, noticing while he ran, he healed himself and had been poisoned. I returned to the house to find out the search for the cure was a success, and Ceridwen would soon be back to his old self. Despite his objections, Ristlin II, Sturm, and I guarded his bed, while Theaseus listened to what had happened on the quest. Soon, all was said and all was done. Everyone filed out of the home and it was locked up for the night, allowing everyone to get some much needed rest. Tonight, Grythak knew when to attack to take his victim, but due to an odd twist of fate, he was unable to. Until next time my friends, I will see you all on the battle fields.

    Sturm Majere, Knights of Solamnia (KS)

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 1:17 PM EDT by Rage (Sonoma)

    Earnst is Missing!
    This disturbing news just in from Jenthra:
    Have you seen this man?

    Missing: The Honorable earnst, Overseer of the IFC

    Kidnapped last Friday by evil sorceresses. Believed to be wandering, possibly amnesiac, in some small township somewhere on Britannia. Description not available, as we believe his appearance has been changed by his kidnappers.

    Please contact the IFC at and leave a message if you have any information about this man.

    Also, we will be meeting at the Britain Public Library at 7pm PDT Tonight to form search parties.

    Jenthra of the IFC

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 9:09 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    USA Today Article on E-Gaming
    Pretty interesting article in today's USA Today called "E-gaming combines digital divide, generation gap". Here are a couple snippets from that article specifically about Ultima:

    On Ultima Online:

    If these gamers seem out of touch, it's only because they are so deeply in touch with their alternate universes. Ultima Online is one of the favorite conversation starters. An amazing 163,000 real players vie against one another online (paying $10 a month), and on average each spends 20 hours a week on the game.

    As well as this interesting tidbit about Ultima games:
    By any name, the long-term appeal of games sets them apart from movies, television and books. A movie script runs about 200 pages. The scripts for an online role in games such as Ultima begin at 2,000 pages and are augmented all of the time so that play never ends. Unlike traditional narratives, those that unfold in computer games change as they are played, and no one has exactly the same experience playing one. The game version of the James Bond thriller Golden Eye grossed $230 million, $124 million more than the film. People will pay more to play James Bond than to see someone else play him.

    To read the entire article you can go HERE.
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 8:52 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Grand Carnival at Paws Outpost Friday Night
    The members of the Paws Outpost sent this in as a reminder of the carnival they will be holding this Friday night.

    Paws Outpost is pleased to announce that on Friday April 7th at 10 pm cst, we will be holding a Grand Carnival in our lovely town and we invite all of Sosaria to come and join us! You can find a Map and Key to all the Events taking place in our town here:
    All events begin at 10 cst! If you need more information about any events please feel free to contact Justin at ICQ#: 48100967 or Go to the paws website at:

    1) Fortune Telling (With Fortune Teller Mary of Rose)
    2) Baking Contest (Check the Paws Website for rules and sign-up)
    3) Guided Tours (Starting Point)
    4) Refreshment Stand
    5) Refreshment Stand
    6) Refreshment Stand
    7) Refreshment Stand
    8) Elemental Training (A Mini version of our famous Elemental training Night)
    9) Information Stand (Napa Valley Councelors Answer your in game questions.)
    10) Fish Fry/Beach Party
    11) Horse Races (Check the Paws Website for Official Rules)
    12) Relay Race (Check the Paws Website for Official Rules)
    13) Tournament of Champions(Check the Paws Website for Official Rules)
    14) Drinking Contest (Check the Paws Website for Official Rules)

    We hope to see you all there! Be sure to check out Paws for all your House Decorations needs for all the newly placed houses coming soon!

    Hammerhead Fred, Neko and the People of Paws Outpost

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 8:14 AM EDT by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Skeletons Attack Skara Brae
    This message came in from Absydian after she was attacked in Skara Brae by two bone knights.

    Hail Fellow Travellers,

    Be warned, if ye wish to cross to the shores of Skara Brae. Two nights ago some companions and I took the ferry across and were greeted by two hideous skeleton knights. Having fortune on my side I was carrying my silver kryss and we were able to dispatch the evil creatures but not before one of my companions fell. Further into the city there was more bloodshed as Bone Magi, Skeleton mages, Zombies, and yet more Skeleton Knights were attacking the fair city and it's citizens. There were few skilled warriors there to stop them, however we managed to halt their advances...this time.

    Absydian, Queens Elite Gaurd (GSH)

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 8:07 AM EDT by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Battle Vortex Interviews Sage
    The following was just posted to the FYI section of the Ultima Online website:

    Battle Vortex Interviews Sage

    Join Fear and Adrick as they interview UO Designer Sage on stat loss and his experiences as a Game Master - and continue Fear's unsuccessful quest to get a free castle. You can also find additional interviews with Tyrant, Calandryll, Jalek, and Game Master Rock, at the Battle Vortex Streaming Media Entertainment Vortex.

    You can listen to the Battle Vortex Audio Shows with your RealAudio(tm) player. Don't have one? Battle Vortex will get you started on their RealAudio help page.

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 7:43 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    More on the strange building found in the Lost Lands...
    We received the following scroll regarding the mysterious building found in the Lost Lands:
    Hail and well met,

    I write this from captivity, my body still imprisoned in a place I cannot escape from.

    One of the guards here gave me the latest edition of the Stratics newspaper, to help pass the time here in my cell. After reviewing the most recent report regarding the mysterious building in the Lost Lands, I did a little research into my journals, and discovered what may be the secret to gaining access to the interior of the structure.

    If you will, take a look at this cropped version of the submitted picture:

    The stone platform they referred to as a staircase is actually a teleporter of some kind. Another one is located in the Delucian Caves, as detailed in the Catskills Inquisitor:

    A few months ago, a man in a blue robe had attempted to lead a small army of mages through the caverns and into the Old Lands. I was called to the scene by Kyle Duskwalker, and assisted in the defense of the Old Lands entrance.

    At some point during the course of the battle, the man assumed to have led the assault was sighted, and when engaged, he ran to the blue stone teleporter and vanished. It is assumed there was a trigger word used to activate it, but no one was within earshot when it was used.

    I don't know if this is really related to the Minax debacle, as I have suspicions to the contrary. One possibility is that it was involved with the plague outbreak in Kinship not too long ago, but I have no tangible evidence to support this...

    I hope this helps in discovering the secret...and I hope to one day to escape from the one that imprisons me, and return valiantly to the battlefront in support of my kingdom.

    -Lady Eve

    Thankee Lady Eve, and may ye be freed shortly.
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 7:42 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

    First Britannian Blacksmith's Competition on SP
    We received the following announcement:
    Saturday, April 8th at 3:00 PM CST United Blacksmiths of Britannia - Siege Perilous Chapter will be holding the first Britannian Blacksmith's Competition. This is a special event, and only grandmaster blacksmiths can compete. There will be an entry fee of 1000 gold pieces for each grandmaster smith. Sound like alot? Well if thou considers the prize that we art offering it may settle thy stomach. 2000 valorite ingots go to the top blacksmith! 2nd prize is 5,000 iron ingots, 3rd prize is 3000 gold pieces. If thou art interested in participating, I suggest that thou take a look at the events link to see just how the competition is handled. RSVP is appriciated, but tisn't necessary. Thou canst find all the necessary information to contact me at the member roster. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions thou may have.

    Siege Perilous Smithing Events Page.


    United Blacksmiths of Britannia
    Grandmaster Smith - Siege Perilous Chapter
    Thanks, and good luck to the participants!
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 7:07 AM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Book launch at Deepwater
    Although still a new settlement when compared to Moonglow, Vesper or Britain, Deepwater is now well enough established that a history has been written:

    Greetings fair people of Britania.

    These last few weeks I have been working hard on gathering the historic details of a small hamlet called Deepwater.

    Many of ye have probably already heard about it, mayhaps even visited it. If not, I suggest ye go there, tis a wonderfull place.

    Or at least it was.... Recently the attacks on the town have been much greater than usual, mayhaps because of the rumours of a promised land. I can nay say, since I do nay know.

    If ye have been there, and perhaps even liked it, but ever wondered why it was built, how it was built, and by whom it was built. Look no further.

    This Saturday (8th of April) at the time of 22.00 CET (9 PM GMT) at in Owl's Eye Tavern in Deepwater I will be releasing my book, on the history of Deepwater. It should answer all questions from above, plus a few more.

    The book consists of three volumes. If ye wish to buy thy own copy, I will charge the price of the books. Nothing else.

    So, thy price for this entire collections of rare artefacts will be only 54 gold pieces. (Only 21 so far in existence)

    However, if ye bring thy own books, I will personally inscribe them. Perhaps even with a small personal detail.

    I hope to see alot of ye there.

    Alminster [OHB]
    High Priest of the Higher Being, Sage, Librarian, Author.

    Great work Alminster. Any chance of a signed copy?

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 4:46 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Adventurers in Shame beware!
    Photek is up to his old tricks:

    I have news of a sighting of Photek the brigand in the area around the Dungeon of shame.

    I was taking one of my friends on a routine earth elemental hunt to the dungeon of shame, when we arrived via recall to just outside the entrance I saw the evil man in question talking to a few brave warriors,

    As I approached I overheard the conversation and it seemed that Photek was demanding extortion money from good citizens of this land for hunting in the dungeon safe from his attacks.

    In the end the evil Photek was engaged and fled before he was joined by another vile murderer and they fought off the attack.

    After this I don't know where he went to but adventurers beware in that region.

    The Honourable Thorgar Ironfist
    Sergeant In The Free Vesper Militia

    Many thanks Thorgar.

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 4:39 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Batir publishes new Skill Limitations findings
    After days of studying, testing, trying and tweaking, Batir has compiled a complete list of all new things there are to know about skills. Visit the new Skill Limitations page to find out which skills are affected and in which way in relation to:
    • Difficulty based or not
    • Affected by anti-macro code
    • Movement or target limited
    • Amount of skill delay
    Keep your eyes open for more discoveries by Batir in the near future.

    Thanks Batir !

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 4:36 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Grand opening of the Shrub Garden Inn
    We received the following announcement:
    The Grand Opening of The Shrub Garden Inn

    Hear ye, Hear ye! Lords and Ladies, Merchants and Wayfarers, Commoners and Peasants! Come one, Come All!! Alora Mystmyr of UDL has opened an establishment, which desires of your patronage!

    The Shrub Garden Inn & Tavern offers a blend of first-rate dining and goodly entertainment! The bar is stocked with only the best-imported and domestic wines, ales and spirits! Look forward to gambling; fight nights and other forms of play! Aye, there is talk of a bi-monthly auction and even a talk show!

    The Grand Opening takes place April 7th at 9:30pm eastern. Surely, it would behoove thee to arrive early! Door Prizes include gold, clothing, and goodly weapons!

    The Shrub Garden Inn , Location and Hours:

    Monday, Wednesday and Sunday nights 9:30 PM - 11:30 PM EDT

    Saturday Breakfast Hours - 10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon EDT

    In the future, we may expand these hours. The Tavern is also available for parties, guild meetings and other events.

    Rates vary depending on party size, reservations required.

    Alora Mystmyr- UDL, Siege Perilous

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 2:30 AM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Looking for Feedback on Test Center
    The following was just posted by Calandryll to the U.Hall on our Forums site:

    For those of you who have been on test center we are looking for feedback on the systems in Testing for Next Update. Not necessarily looking for bugs as much as balance issues as well.

    Most notably, things like monster AI (are they too tough, not tough enough, examples, etc.), the party system, player interactions, etc. We are really looking for actual test experiences, not just assumptions based on the communications. :)

    Feel free to post answers here...I'll be collecting the feedback throughout the day and sending it to the team. Of course, should you have any questions, as always, you are welcome to ask.

    Thanks folks!

    Online Community Coordinator

    If you are interested in giving feedback on this, make sure to go to the U.HALL FORUM.

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 2:24 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Sandlewood Box: Story contest
    The virtue of Humility has been overlooked for too long in our realms. The time has come to put aside our own pride, and instead let the virtue of Humility shine forth brightly. To accomplish this, The Sandlewood Box is looking for storytellers to share tales of humility they have witnessed throughout these lands. Be it about the brave warrior who rescued the captured daughter of a wealthy nobleman, and humbly turned down the reward offered. Or perhaps about the humble shepherd who spends his days tending his flock to earn a living for his family. Once all the tales have been told, each storyteller will vote on a winner (you cannot vote for yourself) and that person will receive 5000gp and a runebook with runes to each of the 8 shrines. Afterwards, the group of storytellers and the audience will be gating to the Shrine of Humility for a visit.

    Food and beverages will also be provided compliments of the tavern at no charge.

    Where: The Sandlewood Box
    Time: 9:00pm Central Time
    Day: Friday (4/7/00)

    How to get there:
    You may recall there by first traveling to the Museum of Memories (the Establishments runebook inside) or to Cove Merchants Guild (rune is locked down inside shop). Or contact the owner of Sandlewood for a rune in advance.

    Safe travels... and walk in virtue,
    Ryak (Proprietor of The Sandlewood Box - ICQ# 52741036 - [email protected])

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 2:15 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Strange structure found afloat east of Buc's Den
    We received the following report:
    Hail fellow residents of Siege Perilous!

    I came upon a sinister structure this morning while trawling the waters for food, fame, and fortune.

    As you can see, this area appears to be used for cerimonial sacrifices of some sort. The skulls of numerous victims have been piled at the foot of two stone chairs. Several other victims were lucky(?) enough to keep their heads, but their skeletal remains are still shacked to this day. Perhaps the most horrifying part of this site is at the southern end of the structure. Gallons of blood are in the basin indicating that perhaps hundreds have lost their lives here. The stench of the place is horrible to behold, but I felt it my civic obligation to make a quick sketch to raise awareness of the evil acts which are taking place under our own noses.

    I do not know who is responsible for this tragedy. Could it be a source of Minax's power usurped from the blood of innocent citizens of Brittainia? Or might it be where HeRog and the Vampiric denizens of Dusk till Dawn [DtD] perform ritualistic initiations?

    Perhaps only further investigation and vigilance will reveal the secrets of this vile platform...

    Sheila, Enlightened Creator [-R-]

    Thanks, Sheila
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 1:46 AM EDT by Maximillian Bold (SiegePerilous)

    Staged House Placement in Trammel
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Calandryll has posted the following information regarding the placement of new houses on the UO Update Center:
    In order to ensure that there is space available for some players to place large structures in Trammel such as castles, keeps, and towers, house placement in Trammel will occur in three stages. The first stage will not begin as soon as the shard is published. We will announce at a later date when each stage will start.
    • Stage 1 will last a few days.
      • Only Castles and Keeps can be placed.
    • Stage 2 will last approximately a week, following stage 2.
      • All house larger than the small house (this includes towers, larger two-story houses, large brick houses, and patio houses), can be placed. The new larger houses (all but the small shops and the small tower) are included in this stage. Castles and Keeps can be placed at this time as well (space permitting).
    • Stage 3 will begin after stage 2 is complete.
      • All houses of any size may be placed. The new small shops and small tower are included in this stage.
    Players, monsters, animals, and all “dynamic” objects (items that can be moved by players) will automatically be moved to the eject location of a house (under the house sign) when a house is placed in a location they occupy. This will keep players or objects from to blocking house placement. This system will be active on both Trammel and Felucca.
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 1:46 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Strange building found in the Lost Lands...
    We received the following report and pictures:
    Greetings, I bring news of the mysterious building located in the Terra Sanctum of the Lost Lands. This building appeared a few months ago and left many wondering what purpose it may serve. No one could find a way inside, and the only glimpse of the interior we could get was through some holes in the roof. Recently the path to this building was blocked by a large growth of brambles, and a magical spell that prevented teleportation was put in place.

    The other night, while attempting to find a way inside, my companion Shera found a very clever way to get us past the blockade. Upon inspecting the building, we discovered the roof had disappeared, and by peering over the walls while on horseback we saw hints of the evil that resides there. Remnants of some grisly experiment or dark spell lay upon a stone altar while bubbling bottles and flasks lined the walls. The most interesting thing however was a logbook that laid upon the table next the desecrated remains of some poor soul. Unfortunately we were unable to read the book, for the secrets it may hold may hold clues about the evil that currently holds our land in the grip of fear.

    One other thing of interest was a set of stone stairs that looked to lead underground. Perhaps the entrance to this building with no doors lays elsewhere. The only way to reach it may be from underground.... If only we might find a way inside to get to that book.

    This report filed by Prophet and Shera of Catskills.

    Thanks for the report, and let us know what else you find!
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 1:40 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

    Minoc attacked...
    We received the following painting and scroll:
    On Monday April 3rd at about 2am eastern Minoc was attacked by G'Ruagak. The fiend was teleported in with 10 trolls as a first wave. These trolls were quickly defeated by the residents of Minoc. The residents beset upon G'Ruagak, but the otherworldly troll called in more support, and many other trolls descended upon Minoc. This wave was eventually repelled, though there were many casualties.

    -Lothar Gundragon

    Thanks for the report and be safe!
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 1:32 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

    United Blacksmiths of Britannia Regatta
    We received the following announcment:
    United Blacksmiths of Britannia Regatta

    Hosted by Bill Evans, UBB Shardmaster on LS

    Saturday, April 8th, 6:00 PM CDT at the Jhelom Moongate

    Raise anchor and unfurl the sails Mateys'! 'Tis time to sail the high seas and prove your navigating prowess. UBB is intent on finding the best sailor(s) on the seas of Britannia, Lake Superior. Boats may have 1 or 2 man crews. There will be no rainbow at the finish line; so a Black Dye Tub will have to suffice for the winner. Not only is this your chance to feel the salt heavy air in your hair, but serpents and water elementals will show you the best of the briny deep. Come one and come all, there is no entry fee. BUT, it would be appreciated if you would apply in advance at: [email protected]

    Thanks, and good luck!
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 1:28 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Britain's Council of Compassion to meet Thursday
    We received the following scroll:
    The Britain Council of Compassion will have its 2nd meeting on Thursday, April 6th, at 9:00 PM CST at the King's Men Theatre in Britain.

    The issues on the agenda are the following:

    • Council vote on the mayor of Britain
    • Review of applicants for the council
    • Other matters to be discussed at the meeting

    The Britain Council of Compassion

    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 1:26 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Strange happenings afoot in Britainnia...
    We received the following scroll:
    Strange things are happening throughout Lake Superior, earlier today while in Britain i met up with my hunting partner Kull, He told me of some "constant spawning" going on, on the east side of the river. So i went with him, and lo and behold, the place was infested with lizards and ratmen.

    And indeed, every time one fell, another appeared. From what reports i could gather this had been going on for an hour or so.

    I spoke with some of my friends at the smithy near the graveyard, and they also had strange tales.

    Suposedly all of the main spawn points around the world have become more active, with many more, or larger monsters. I found this myself when i went to yew graveyard. usually a few skelletons, but this time the spawn included 5 ettins, 6 orcs, 5 orc lords, 1 skell mage and countless skeletons.

    Also, next to the smithy in Britain, the guards have been misteriously kitted out with Grandmaster crafted Valorite Full Plate with Grandmaster hally's to boot. The armour is unmarked.

    Talk of invasion of Britain has sparked up, but yet much evidence sudgests something much larger with all this extra activity.

    Tugor of Lake Superior

    Curious as to nature of the strange guards, I decided to take a peek for myself. The attached picture is what I saw upon investigating Tugor's claim. Thanks for the heads up, Tugor
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 1:25 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Another planned player run town seeks residents..
    We received the following note on the mail:
    A new player town is being formed.

    Instead of being merely a collection of buildings and a couple associated guilds, Firemist plans on daily quests involving players of every type.

    The web address is

    Thanks, and good luck!
    Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2000, 12:58 AM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    Drachenfels Mage Tower
    Stinger, our intrepid Tavern Reviewer, has once again been combing the lands for another place to drink, er, review.

    This times she has brought us a review of The Drachenfels Mage Tower.

    You can read her review by going to the UOSS Drachenfels News section, and clicking on Drachenfels Mage Tower on the left side menu.

    I also wish to apologize for the lateness in posting this review. Stinger completed it just as I was going on Holiday, and I was unable to post it till now.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 8:50 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

    Giant Snakes Spotted in Britain

    It was a night like any other. Citizens of Britain gathered around the First Bank of Britain to barter their wares or converse with friends. Just like any other day in recent weeks Britain was once again attacked by a horde of Ratmen and Lizardmen, and although such occurrences have become almost routine in the daily lives of these citizens, tonight's attack proved deadlier than most. An anonymous letter was sent to me via carrier pigeon stating this:

    "Tis awful m'lady! Many young warriors have met their fate this eve as a horde of Ratmen and Lizardmen have been accompanied by Giant Serpents to attack our fair capital. I am no warrior, so I ran and hid upon witnessing their awful presence. One by one the citizens of Britain fell victim to the beasts and I thought for sure we had seen our last days. Miraculously the tables soon turned as more warriors banned together and pulled off the greatest come back this old man has ever seen. The City has been rid of these creatures for now, and I urge ye to come see the after math for yourself."

    At the writer's request I immediately headed for Britain. Once I arrived I saw with my own eyes what the writer of this letter had seen. Masses of bodies, both human and beast, lay motionless around on the city streets. As I surveyed the carnage I came across a group of men speaking about the attack.

    "I have never seen this happen before" said Sliver as he turned to face me. "There were at least 10 near the bank....more near by" he said, speaking of the giant serpents I had asked him about.

    "Eight or nine are dead" Diablo Bain said as he look to the left and right, checking his numbers. "I just wish it (the attacks) would happen more often."

    As I continued on I noticed a wounded man, Talisen, leaning against the wall. I approached him and introduced myself. Then I asked if he had witnessed the battle as well. He replied by saying "Yes...My friend Flax was killed in the attack....hopefully this many will not have to die again."

    Soon after speaking with Talisen a second band of Lizardmen and Ratmen appeared, and I fled to the roof of the bank. I watched as this smaller group was easily dispatched by the remaining warriors. It is unclear what brought on this unusual attack or if there will be anymore like it in the near future.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 8:47 PM EDT by Ceridwen (NapaValley)

    Trolls and Ogres Attack Minoc and Jhelom
    Tor gave us this update:

    Dear Loyal Subjects of Britannia:

    I am not a regular visitor to Minoc, but on April 1st I just happened to be in the city practicing my magery, when at about 5:30PM PST, trolls attacked the city. I was sort of surprised at how many attacked. Having been practicing my magery, and having a few daemons summoned, I quickly attacked the closest trolls, who fell quite fast from onslaught of the daemons, and my flame strikes. I quickly dealt with the trolls near me, and then made haste to the bank, there I found a troll commander being attacked by fighters and mages alike. Seeing that they had the commander almost dead, I made my way through the outskirts of town killing any of the remaining trolls. I then made my way back to the bank and found that the defenders of Minoc were victorious over the trolls sad attempt to claim the city. The battle was over in less than 10 minutes with very few casualties on our side, which was a great achievement by the people of Minoc, and the many loyal citizens of Britannia who came to fight. A word of Caution: Magical attacks work in Minoc!

    Jhelom is being attacked by ogres, which are quickly dealt with by the Jhelom citizens. All I have seen of these attacks are ogre corpses. These brainless humanoids think they can invade our glorious cities, but we are proving them wrong. One thing for certain though, they have to attack with better organization. They stumble and attack anything that moves. In my mind, that can be used against them *smiles evilly*.

    I know of no other news about other towns or the attacks by ogres on Jhelom. If you have any news, or reports (attack times, towns attacked, etc), please send it to me by email at [email protected], or ICQ me at 27246679. Please include character name, and guild affiliation (if you are in one). All info will be placed on a web site, which will be announced when I have enough information.

    Tor of Illuminati

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 4:35 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    A Meeting of the Dark Ones
    Na-Krul sent us this announcement:

    A call out to the allies of Enlightenment, to the bearers of the Blackened Hand, and to the swift blooded Sosarian's who aid their brethren to victory. A meeting is called to all that wish to join hand, and guide our realm to its new era of enlightenment! This Wednesday, April 5th, at 7 p.m. pacific, The Dark Tower shall be hosting a gathering of the populace. Journey to the Dark Tower at the above time, and embrace a new era. All are invited who wish to learn, and seek knowledge in the ways of the Blackened Hand. Guild Leaders, guild brethren, and Champions of Darkness, come, enjoy the hospitality of the Dark Tower. Gates shall be provided from the throne room of Beast British for all ye who not know the way to your destiny....

    Na-Krul, Master of the Dark Tower
    Scholar of the Blackened Hand

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 4:31 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Attacks on Skara Brae
    Polehamr sent this news:

    Tis with a sad heart I write this. Trinsic has all but been cleaned of the undead and now the scourge of the undead has attacked my peaceful town of Skara Brae. Guilded by an unholy green wraith the terror has begun in the peaceful island town I call home.

    I call out to all who will join this battle we must put an end to the undead abominations before they capture this quiet town that so many good citizens of Britannia call home. Aye, to arms, and let their bone piles be a sign for all unholy demons that we will not go quietly. My guild DMH has thrown down the guantlet to these undead. Who will fight beside us?


    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 4:27 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    HOKUTO: MPA Recruiting New Members
    Talon sent in this news:

    Come one Come all! The MPA Guild of Hokuto is now recruiting canidates for membership into the MPA Guild. All information about this guild is available at Stop by and check out this guild. Those interested in membership may follow the link on our page to request membership. Don't miss out on the limited opportunity!!

    GM Bard
    MPA Guild, Hokuto

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 4:21 PM EDT by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    HOKUTO: Clarification Concerning the Poison Mist Tavern
    I received this from Keaggan Stonewal:

    Greetings again, good patrons of Hokuto. This is Keaggan Stonewal again. I must make a small statement to help clarify my post:

    The Poison Myst Tavern/Casino should NOT be confused with the tavern that Outcast and his colleagues are making. The Poison Myst has NO affiliation with them nor their members. This is a separate venture. Once again Poison Myst has NOTHING to do with the player run tavern that Outcast is hosting.

    Thank you for your time and I apologize for the misunderstanding.

    Keaggan Stonewal

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 4:17 PM EDT by HellRazor (AsianShards)

    UO Support Downtime Today
    The following was just posted to FYI on the UO website:

    Ultima Online Support Downtime

    Ultima Online Billing and Technical Support will be unavailable, and Game Master Support will be limited, between 2:45 PM and 4:15 PM today, April 4th (CT). During this time, our dedicated staff of Counselors will be able to provide in game assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 4:14 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Wine lovers seek vintage orc
    Now orcs are known for their love of drinkiez, so I cannot imagine this shall be an easy trip:

    The Spiritwood Tavern will host a Dungeon Trip!

    Monday night Fenris was alone in the tavern cleaning up. Suddenly a woman came in. She told Fenris about a very old wine collection. Fenris' supply of wine was running low, so he decided to give out a reward to those that could find this wine for him. It is rumored that this collection used to be in the possession of an old Orc Shaman who lived in Hytloth.

    Bring the collection of winebottles to the Spiritwood Tavern and Fenris will pay you 100 gold pieces for each bottle!

    A Dungeon Trip has been organised. If you would like to come along to make some gold, slay some orcs in Hytloth or just have a taste of really good wine, come to the Spiritwood Tavern this Thursday April 6th at 21.00 cet (8pm UK)!

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

    If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected].

    I hope to see you all there! :-)

    The Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

    Many thanks Fenris, and good luck to all who take part!

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 3:41 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Strange New Structure at Mt. Kendall

    I had met a friend at the bank of Minoc just a few minutes beforehand, and we were making our way to the woods atwixt Minoc and Vesper to hone my bardic skills on the local animal population, when I noticed that something was not right. I have a brother who lives in Minoc when not adventuring, and I have oft visited the city and its mines with him. This is definitely something new. I slowly made my way up and around the rocky slopes of the mountain to get abetter look. There were two large, metal doors barring entry to a new orifice in the mountain. These were both locked, of course. There were ore carts, barrels, and pieces thereof strewn about the fence that extended outwards from the doors. There was a sign posted nearby. It read: "Mt. Kendall Diamond Mine -- Winston Erndell owner and operator"

    I've never heard of anyone mining diamonds from Mt. Kendall, and I've certainly never heard of this Winston Erndell fellow. Anyone who can shed some light on this mystery will be of great help. Thank you.

    - Ceryx Cybium

    Thanks Ceryx!

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 2:46 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Society of the Risen Daemons Looking For Recruits!

    My guild, Society of the Risen Daemons (SRD) and I are hoping to recruit people searching for an evil guild. This does not mean we are Chaos, nor Order. We are neutral. But we wish to recruit many members who have had beliefs in Minax, Juo'nar or just plain daemon power. I hope many come. We are meeting on Saturday (April 8, 2000) at 9:00 PST. by the Ironwood meeting hall. There, we will discuss the entry of many subjects and from there, travel to the guildstone in order to fulfill this hope.


    Good luck Baa'lon!

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 2:37 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Gathered Spirits extend their hours
    This just in from the Gathered Spirits Staff
    The Gathered Spirits Community is currently featured as a front-page spotlight on In order to accommodate those that will be visiting the Gathered Spirits Tavern, our premier establishment for the first time (particularly those that will be visiting from other shards), we have extended our bartending hours:

    Friday and Saturday: 6 to 11pm PST

    Thursday: 7 to 10pm PST

    Monday: 7 to 9pm PST

    Tuesday and Wednesday: at least one hour between 7 and 10pm PST

    These extended hours will be in effect until the 13th of April. During bartending hours, food and drink is free and small events such as dart contests or story-telling contests are often organized.

    For a history of our Community and exciting news about our upcoming plans, be sure to visit the spotlight!

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 9:15 AM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Another 2v2 Tournament at Grimoire
    This message came in from Lost to announce a second 2v2 tournament at the Village of Grimoire this Friday night.

    Lost's Friday Night Event at Grimoire Arena. Friday April 7th, @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)

    2 on 2 5,000 gps entry fee Prizes are share of pot and 2 Vanqs weaps for 1st, depending on turnout. *Must have 5 teams to be eligible for vanqs. A few to choose from..

    Here are the rules:
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed. 5 Greater Heals, 3 any other potions including G. Heal's.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · Up to three trapped bags/chests to break paralyze. They may be re-trapped during the battle.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle. · Only 1 set of armor is allowed per match.
    · The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed.
    · The Double Hit weapon swing is not allowed. If you do not know how to use it, then don't worry about it. We will not demonstrate, but we know how it works.
    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone that disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · If Grimoire cancels an event for any reason at any time during the course of the event, all entry fees will be returned to the contestants.
    · Any contestants that are perma banned for any reason after the entry fee has been paid, will forfeit the gold. This gold will be paid out to the winners of the event.
    · If you leave the arena after the entry fee is paid and you fail to return before the event begins, the entry fee is forfeit and will be paid to the winners of the event.
    · In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
    · A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit. The contestant will be banned until after the Battle Arena is clear.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.
    Entry fee is 4,000 Gold per person.
    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST.
    No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM
    Grand Prize is 50% of the entry fees collected, 2nd place is 30%, 3rd place is 20%.
    We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!
    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.
    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.
    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 9:15 AM EDT by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Execution halted as Photek flees
    Many of us breathed a sigh of relief when the brigand Photek was finally captured. But it seems his reign of terror is far from over:

    It was a dark night, a pale moon shone down on Spiritwood while at the town hall silently people gathered to witness the execution of Photek the Brigand, found guilty by the Spiritwood court of justice. Michael the monk visited Photek a last time to ask him if he wanted to confess, though Photek did nay seem to regret any of his crimes, and so Michael walked out, with a hanging head, showing great compassion for Photek. Outside the tower a crowd had gathered, gathered to look a final time upon Photek the murderer, to witness his last journey in the name of justice. The executioners, wielding heavy axes and wearing hooded robes, waited patiently to fulfill their duty.

    After some time the heavy doors of the town hall opened, and a guard, followed by Photek stepped out into the dark chilly night. Photek, with an evil grin on his face, slowly walked from the tower, when suddenly a portal opened, and out of the shimmering blue light charged a band of orcs, followed by some evil looking humans, heavily armed and determination written on their faces. "Alarm! Alarm!", the guard yelled, while Photek started to run into the direction of the gate. What followed was a gruesome battle, warriors dashing, spells flying around, and the deafening war cries of the Severed Head Orcs filling the air. In the end there was no winner, bodies lay scattered around, and the air was filled with an unbearable stench. Though one thing was apparent - Photek had escaped ...

    After the wounded were cared for and people recovered from their shock, the brave people of Spiritwood longed for revenge. Lead by Gui Zarith, a party set out for the orcish stronghold to pay 'em back for their perfidious attack, and to claim Photek, so that justice may be served. Upon arriving at the fort the valiant force was met by heavy resistance, both entrances to the fort were guarded by fierce looking orcs. While the main force stormed the front gate, a small unit, led by Gui rode up the back entrance. Due to their superior skill Gui and Duncan managed to vanquish the defenders, thus opening a breach into the fort. Sadly both were heavily wounded during their courageous attack, but others followed them into the fort killing the remaining defenders. While in that turmoil Photek cowardly escaped again.

    This day a battle was lost, though in the end justice will prevail and Photek will pay for his crimes, pay for the uncountable lives he had taken, pay for all the grief he caused.

    Shelby, the Spiritwood town cryer

    Hmm . . . and I bet the little villain is busy gloating somewhere as we speak.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 8:33 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    The Bloodfest is comming to Greatlakes!

    Two warriors come in...

    But only one comes out...

    Coming to Great Lakes...the Bloodfest. Non-stop, one-on-one elimination combat for money and glory. Check out the rules for the bloodfest at and get ready for blood!

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 7:50 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    FCB lottery: Win a properly placed house!

    The fun-loving fishers are at it again! The Fishing Council of Britannia (FCB) is having a lottery for a properly placed modern house on the water at Buccaneer's Den. The contest is very simple. Go to FCB headquarters. Buy a key from Carmen the vendor for only 1000 gold. Only 100 keys will be sold! Of course, you can buy as many keys as you wish. Once all keys are sold (but no later than Saturday at 9 p.m. EST), a rune to the house will be placed at FCB in a GM tinker-locked chest. If your key opens the chest, you have the winning key, contact Gem and she will deed the house to you! The chest will be available for testing no later than Saturday at 9 pm EST. Buy your key now and take good care of it.

    While you're at FCB, have some of our famous fried fishsteaks and a bottle of ale.

    There are runes to FCB at Cove Merchant's Guild and Wanda's Wondrous Wares (directly behind RD's). It's on the big island off Trinsic (47o 11s 58o 8e).

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 7:40 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Can I quote you?

    My name is Ceridwen, but folks just call me Ceri. I am the newest member of the UOSS team, and it is my privalige to bring you up to the minute coverage of all the news you need to know. Whether it's reviews on the hottest taverns, in deapth interviews with Napa's most renowned murderers, or Minax mischief, you can be sure you'll hear it from me first!

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 4:28 AM EDT by Ceridwen (NapaValley)

    Siege at Ruindean and the Eight Dragon Knights prophesied

    Eight Fragments...Eight legendary Knights

    The newborn city of Ruindean was ransacked two days ago, and today, by a large contingent of Ogres. Members of the Aiel, the founding guild of Ruindean, and members of other guilds such as TUR, HtD, CAD and OGD, assisted in driving off this recent attack. The Ogre invasion is believed to be part of the ongoing quest of seeking the 8 fragments of the tome of the Gold one, and restoring the book to its rightful place.

    The local priest of Dragon's Bay, Saiminius, later made a statement concerning a vision given to him from the Gold one. Saiminus told that each city that had been involved in an attack from this quest would hold a tournament of skill, strength, and wisdom for members of their guilds, allies and any who wished to apply. One person would be chosen at the end of the city's tournament to represent that city as a devoted knight of the Gold one. The eighth knight would be selected by the Gold one himself. These eight "Dragon Knights" would lead the final battle for the eighth fragment and act as the guardians of virtue and truth in these dark days.

    As for the city of Ruindean, Belial Hawthorn, town leader and master of the Aiel (+A+), promised to defend the city to their final warrior. Runes are being provided at the town of Dragon's bay, TUR village, Dragon's Point, and Krista's ranger station for quick transport to the city of Ruindean at a moment's notice. With the anticipation of the 5th fragment not far behind, one can almost see the final climactic battle for the Tome of the Gold one not far off.

    *Special Note: All guilds, cities, and adventurers are encouraged to apply for the tournaments, as they become open. No one will be left out of this tournament that wishes to try. The cities or locations that will be hosting these events will be Dragon's Bay, TUR village, Dragon's Point, Krista's Ranger Station, and Ruindean. Two more cities will be added as they are revealed. The contests will be not only for those of strong fighting skills, but for those of strong character, wisdom, and quick of mind.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 3:40 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Comments from the Team: New Message Boards
    The following was just posted to the Comments from the Team section of the Ultima Online website:

    The boards

    Last week we announced a plan to host message boards on the site. I'd like to take a moment to discuss these boards to answer some questions and address some concerns brought to me by players.

    What is the purpose of the boards?
    The overall purpose of the boards is to create a system that allows us to more efficiently track how our players feel about the service and interact with them in a constructive and creative environment. We will use the boards in conjunction with the existing fan-site boards to gather even more feedback from our players.

    The purpose of each of the specific boards will be signified by the topic of the board. At the moment, we are planning five message boards: New Player, Veteran Player, Support, Faction System, and Development. The New Player board will be a place for newer members of the community to ask questions about basic game-play and other issues. Veteran players will be able to ask more advanced questions on the Veteran board. The Support board will be the place to ask your questions about in-game issues (similar to what you might ask a counselor). Players who have a character in a faction will be able to interact with each other on the Faction board, updating each other on the happenings on their particular shard. And lastly, the Development board will be the place where players can ask questions and give feedback on features in development, testing, and in-game.

    What is a valid post?
    There are many questions surrounding what will be and what will not be considered a valid post on the boards. The post should be on-topic with regards to the board you are posting on. Posting a support issue on the Development board or asking how to raise your blacksmithing on the Faction board will be considered off-topic. Allowing those posts to remain on the incorrect board will defeat the purpose of having defined boards and would be very confusing.

    The question I have been asked the most however is "Will I be able to post when I disagree with a design or other issue?" The answer is yes, as long as you do so in a mature and constructive manner. What I mean by that is let's say you do not like the design for the faction system. Posting "I hate the faction system, it sucks!!! - NT" would not be considered a constructive post. However, posting that you do not like the system and explaining why you don't like it, inviting others to post their feelings as well, would be more than acceptable. I do not want these boards to become a place were players feel they cannot express their opinions and I will do my best to make sure everyone has an equal voice, whether they like or dislike the topic being discussed. But I will also not allow them to become a place for flaming and ranting, or where nothing constructive is being said and just scrolling off posts from those who are trying to be constructive. If that were to happen, the boards would become useless, both to us and to you. I do not ask that everyone agree with everything we do, however, I will ask that should someone disagree, they do so in a productive manner. Without proper moderation, message boards can all too easily fall into a pit of anarchy that benefits no one. It is my goal to provide you the best possible experience on the boards, and at the same time, ensure that we're collecting the most valuable information possible.

    I'd like to close by saying that opening the boards is something I am very excited about. I have received an enormous response from the community regarding the host applications and have begun the selection process. More information will be posted to this site as we grow closer to opening these boards. I hope to see all of you there!


    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 2:41 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Battle at Blackcomb, Minax Got Her Temple!
    This message was forwarded from Craggan, Grimoire Executioner of the Village of Grimoire.

    In my slumber Minax again did speak. She told me that for Grimoire to gain in power it must become one with the true powers of darkness. It was then that the vision of our power was revealed to me. The Black Gem of Immortality would be our talisman, and would be guarded by priests in the Temple of Immortality. I watched the dream as the Grimoire tower took a new shape and became the Temple that the Goddess Minax spoke of. A small pillar appeared on the rooftop for the Temple Priests and Grimoire Officials to use in the rituals of the Temple. Minax said that there would be 4 factions of Evil in the Village and the one needed to take control of the Blackcomb tower would be the Ministry of Darkness. Minax spoke of this newly formed Temple of Immortality as the center of all Evil and the guardian of all Evil artifacts. From here we would be able to carry on the teachings of our Goddess and of the others that also harness the powers of the Black Gem. Just then my dream was interrupted by a strong disturbance. Minax looked somewhat enraged, and she disappeared from my dream. When I woke up, I got word from the Executioner, Craggan that Trinsic was no longer under Minax's control. I investigated to find out what happened to the city.

    After learning that the Lady Minax was so kind as to release her hold on Trinsic, I knew that it was time to release the Ministry of Darkness (MoD) on the Realm of Blackcomb (-B-). The Ministry of Darkness was composed of three smaller guilds including Temple of Immortality, The Sinful, and The Love Crusade.

    On the eve of Evil's glory we made our assault on the Realm of Blackcomb led by the Executioner, Craggan. The Ministry of Darkness with a small force of twelve, ran in to the middle of the Realm and called for the Duke to throw down his weapons and renounce his King in the name of the Queen Minax. The Duke's feeble forces attempted to cast spells from the roof of the Blackcomb Tower so we in turn cast with the force of ten daemons upon their apprentice mages. Several of the Blackcomb members died, but The Duke would still not come and face the Ministry of Darkness. After growing tired of the Dukes fear of facing his destiny, the MoD Warriors stormed the Blackcomb Tower. The fierce MoD Warriors climbed the stairs to the well of the Tower roof where they were trapped like rats in the storm of minor spells cast down by the remaining Blackcomb Mages. Their attack was not enough to keep the mighty MoD Warriors from pushing their way to the rooftop. MoD was now more determined then ever to destroy the Duke and all of his slaves for their resistance to the Great Mistress Minax.

    The Blackcomb Tower's pitiful defenses were completely eradicated by the MoD Warriors, but we realized that the Duke was no longer among them. We quickly fled to our Tower in case the Duke tried to mount a counter assault against the Temple of Immortality by the Blackcomb scum. It wasn't long before we heard the thunder of horses on the grounds of Grimoire. Blackcomb charged the Temple with great courage, but the force of MoD was much too strong for Blackcomb's weakened fighters to penetrate the roof where Cardinal Fear was quietly reading the Tenth Book of Skassax by The Prophet, Elric. The battle was soon pushed back outside of the Temple of Immortality. A few of our Warriors lost their lives, but in the end MoD repelled the attack of the Blackcomb forces and sent the remaining few home screaming for Lord British to save them.

    Once again the Duke was able to make his escape so we devised a plan and made our final assault on Blackcomb. When we arrived in the middle of the Realm, Several of Blackcombs apprentice Warriors were there to greet us with their swords. The Ministry came prepared for this by bringing along two daemons to do the light work of killing the Blackcomb Warriors. The Countess of Blackcomb came out of hiding and quickly dispelled the fierce daemons of MoD. The Countess passed out from the use of her mana, which apparently hasn't been used in some time. The Ministry of Darkness dispatched all of the Blackcomb Warriors and were again victorious. The Executioner, Craggan decided to wake the Countess and take her prisoner to stand Trial for the crime of supporting the False Virtues of that ridiculous flop Lord British. The Duke once again, ran out on his people and left them to die by the hand of MoD.

    The trial given by Craggan and his Jury was a short one, considering the fact that we never let her tell any lies by keeping a gag firmly placed on the Countess' mouth. It was determined by Elric, the Prophet of Skassak that Blackcomb, the Duke and the Countess were indeed guilty of supporting the False Virtues, and was sentenced to Death by the blade of The Messenger, Cardinal Exodus.

    Once Justice was served, The Sinful ordered that Blackcomb put an altar in the Blackcomb Tower for the followers of the Glorious Lady Minax. In return the Ministry of Darkness has declared peace on Blackcomb's citizens.

    -The Murderer Cardinal Fear

    Mayor of Grimoire.

    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 2:20 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Official word from tOAD regarding Necromancy 'rumor'
    We received the following letter from tOAD regarding the rumors about Necromany being on the Dev Team hotlist after UO:R is complete:
    I'm not sure how I gave the impression that Necromancy was the top most priority after the new lands. At the luncheon I was asked about the status of Necromancy and did say that I would like to work on it after UO: Renaissance. However, it's not currently on our development schedule and is not currently planned as the next patch after the Renaissance publish. For future game updates you should always check the updates on the update center.

    I apologize if my comments were unclear.


    There you have it, folks.
    Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2000, 12:54 AM EDT by Ima Supa (GeneralNews)

    Q&A with Designer Toad
    Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Cincinnati Area UO Player's Luncheon. In attendance was Designer Toad, one of the UO Lead Designers. We had several hours for the 90+ folks in attendance to ask Toad questions.

    Below are some of the more interesting questions and their answers. They are not exact quotes (my shorthand is a bit rusty), but the information is correct:

    Q: Why is it that when someone is paralyzed, they can still shoot a bow?
    A: The name Paralyze is a bit of a misnomer, it really should be a "cant move from this spot" spell. So, while you cant walk, you can still shoot your bow.

    Q: Are there any plans on making a dueling pit where you dont have to worry about wandering into a guard zone?
    A: Yes

    Q: Will you be able to use your current runes in the new land?
    A: No, you will need to mark new runes.

    Q: Why were the Protect and Reactive Armor spells made to only work on the caster?
    A: The spells have (will be?) beefed up, to allow mages to be more viable in combat, so we changed it so that only the caster can have the spell's benefits.

    Q: Are there going to be ANY new features on Seige Perilous, since we arent getting the new lands or faction system?
    A: It is POSSIBLE that SP may get a new dungeon.

    Q: There is a real problem with gating NPCs and pets. Sometimes, the NPC goes through the gate first, and when you try to enter the gate, you get bounced back. Can this be fixed?
    A: We are looking into having the NPC/Pet walk a step or two after gating so they dont block you from entering