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May 2000

Paws Tourney Night
Time for Some Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Event: 1 vs. 1 Tournament Hosted by Lockstar
Place: Paws Outpost: Redroddy's Tavern and Training Hall (The Bar will be Open!)
Date: Tournament Saturday night June 3rd 8:00 pst (10 cst)

Entry Fee: 5k entry fee

1-prize 25k gold pieces
2-prize valorite set, archer, or plate set
3-prize gm set iron plate, archer, or leather. Winner picks which one.


Anything goes except for a few things:

1. Unlimited trapped pouches
2. Unlimited band aids
3. Unlimited potions
4. No magic reflect items or amour with reflect
5. No summoning
6. Yes you can cast reflect on your self
7. Magic armour ok (remember no reflect)
8. Magic weapons ok (no reflect)
9. No magic weapons or armour with charges
10. No dp weapons

Now rules of conduct:

No looting

When tourney starts anyone who enters the fighting area will be ejected from the tower. Only staff members are allowed. A REPEAT VIOLATOR WILL BE BANNED FOR NO LESS THEN 24 HOURS. This is especially if one of the opponents die. There will be NO warnings, NO IF's, ANDS, or BUTS. ANYONE who loots will be banned permanently.

Hide if you can when others are fighting to reduce lag.

Please show manners too, some people seem to lose it at the mouth please restrain from foul language, it is always good to be polite to your opponents and fans.

Thank you

For more information you can visit Paws at their web site

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 11:58 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Pale Ones, Ravens, and Questions, Oh My!

Well, where am I to begin? At the beginning I would suppose, but how to start... (ponders and then shrugs) Well, here goes... It all started when I was talking with Raistlia at the "Y" about her upcoming with Xornicon this Saturday when Lady Birmingham came in and asked if she could speak with McCoy and myself in private.
In going upstairs, LB started to talk about a possibility of invasion or attack from what she called the Pale Ones or "Aliens." It would seem that she had been able to procure a sample of some blood from one of the "creatures" at the destruction site of the Mage Tower. Her findings, to her mostly, were quite distressing. It appears that the blood is indicating that the Pale Ones are not of human origin, but of a reptilian nature, which would coincide with the lizardmen attacking the Mage Tower.
LB kept commenting that the "Aliens" are not of this world and are popping up all over in some sort of human form. During this conversation, one of the "Aliens" happened to show itself outside of the "Y" to the east and when I commented that I had never seen one, there she was.
Her name was Lora and she was a healer of sorts, at least as far as could be made out. She seemed to be quite timid and when I tried to speak with her, she just blinked. Whether she could understand or not was not made apparent, but Raistlia did make some sort of progress in the form of a "peace token" by sharing food with her.
Any efforts to keep Lora at ease to try and find out more about her and her kind were unsuccessful due to LB's yelling at Lora and her accusations of Lora not being human and a threat to the people of Britannia. All this did was scare Lora off and she ran into the woods and vanished. There were also a lot of ravens popping up around us before Lora left and maybe this had something to do with her leaving as well.

It has been reported to me the following which was found on Sonoma Notepads by Drizzt of Moonglow:

Here are a few more facts about the pale ones and their apparent counterparts, the ravens:

What we know:

* Pale ones are reptilian in nature
* A pale one (whose race has been named by Parnell, but which name escapes me at the moment--it's something like Kale'Jokar) led the attack on Moonglow which resulted in the destruction of the Mage Tower and the death of Qaladar.
* Parnell, apparently the most friendly of the pale ones,
is actively making maps of our world for his people. He will not say what they want the maps for.
* Parnell's race, according to him, is divided among those who would bring us war and those would befriend us. Parnell claims his people once populated our world before humanity came and killed them and chased them away.
* Parnell "warned" us that snow orcs are planning an attack on ibn's tribe in Glacia. Evidence was found on orcs supporting this claim. Parnell tells us it was the friends of his people who have contracted the orcs to perpetrate the planned invasion, as a result of food shortages. Parnell will not tell us who these "friends" of his people are or what their physiology is like.
* Ravens follow Parnell's people around in our world; Parnell has suggested that they are spies for his people watching him. Parnell suggests he endangers himself by talking to us.
* Parnell claims his people are physically much larger than humans.

What we do not know:

* We do not know which pale one it was that led the invasion of Moonglow. It may as well have been Parnell himself as far as we can tell--we could not identify him.
* We do not know why Parnell's race, whenever we encounter them, are soon followed by supernaturally strong ravens... nor why they FEAR these ravens.
* We do not know who these "friends" of Parnell's race are, or how they figure into things, except that they would allegedly make war against the al'suk (ibn's people) for lack of food.

And now, here's your daily dose of cliches and platitudes. Beware of casual dismissal of these most basic of truths:

--The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

--To ensure peace is to prepare for war.

Reader, reach your own conclusions about Parnell's race, in your own time. Perhaps we do not have enough evidence yet for you to do so--we certainly do not have all the facts.

It was also reported that Parnell loves the taste of human flesh and that he is a dragon of some sort, but that has yet to be confirmed. Shortly after Lora left a discussion broke out between Justin Allard, Lady Birmingham, Kira, and a few others about the Pale One's origins, intentions, and anatomy. Needless to say this was quite fruitless and when Bones and I went back in front of the "Y" to look around one more time for Lora, a raven showed up and began to circle about us.
After observing this strange phenomenon, McCoy and Justin went ahead and attacked the bird, which in turn fought back and quite hard. Little damage was done the the raven while the two attackers had to cast invisibility on themselves until the bird settled back down.
Once the bird went back to its "normal" activities, some one placed some raw meat down by the raven which it ate rather quickly. Two more pieces of raw meat were given to the bird and again, the bird ate it. Shortly after this, Justin and Tyril proceeded to kill two wandering healers and the bird went over and immediately pecked out the eyes of the fallen victims.

There is much that we do not understand about these Pale Ones and these ravens. So much so that we should not jump to any conclusions until we have a better understanding of these two "new" species. Let us do what Drizzt suggested and try to find out more about Parnell and his race as well as the ravens that seem to follow them and let us hope that the best laid intentions do not pave our road to hell. May the Great I Am guide and protect us through these unpredictable times.

Safe Journeys, signing off, this is...

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 2:47 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma) Releases Issue 1 of Kain's Comic
This just in from Kain at


After a few delays and many teasers, Issue 1 of "Death by the Stricken Hand" has been released.

You can read all about the epic tale of Prince Derian Ironfist and his comrades at:

Feedback, both positive and negative, is most welcome!

Hope you enjoy it.

Sincerely Yours,

Make sure to have your volume turned up with this one, as the music adds a lot to the atmosphere of the comic strip.

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 2:42 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

Items & Artifacts Section revamped! Looking for submissions!
Greetings mortals,

After much toiling, I have redone the Items & Artifacts Compendium we have here at Stratics. It is now shard based, and much easier to navigate. With this done, we are now looking for submissions! Now, not any item will be accepted, this compendium is specifically for items retrieved in quests run by OSI. Typically these items are specially named and/or have a different color than other normal items. If you have an item or artifact submission, or are wondering but not sure if the item you have qualifies, please contact us here. The item will have to be verified by one of the Stratics Staff before it is put up. I am eagerly looking forward to your submissions!

Walk in Darkness,
Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 2:25 PM EDT by Lucus (QuestandEventNews)

Lots new at HMGComics
This just in from Rentaur from HMGComics:

Hey hey hey! Theres a google of new stuff at HMGComics!

After formatting hard drives, not finding the right components, and a hundred Half-Life games later, I have made two new GM ICE comics. They include GM ICE: Episode 6: The Lost and GM ICE: Episode 7: The Purpose.

This might seem odd cause I already made GM ICE 6. I felt that more needed to be between The Attack and The Underground (Part 1), so I made these two. Episode 6 is now a burial ceremony for Lord British and episode 7 explains why Hamasu and Geon was created, why Lord British sent everyone to the Underground, and the importance of Forg (besides the fact that he is Hamasu).

I made a new GM ICE logo. This will take effect on all new comics, so the old image will still be on episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8. Kind of cunfusing, but you'll get used to it.

And last, I changed to gifs instead of jpegs. Gifs take up less space and look better.

So come on down! GM ICE, Conselor HAHAFUNNYFUNNY, and more!


Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 2:08 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

May I Have Your Attention Please!

This Saturday, June 3rd, at 6pm PST at the Moonglow Lyceaum in Feluccia there will be a wedding held of grand proportions. Raistlia, Major of the Arcadian First and Only, will be given away by Ibram Gaunt to Xornicon Altair, of the guild Virtue Bane. Raistlia's Maid of Honor will be Miraj and the 1st will be the Honor Guard to all processions. Xorn's best man will be announced at the wedding.
This event will be a public event for all to attend. Gifts are not necessary, but are appreciated. It is also asked that in the event that you do bring something for the bride and groom that when you sign in their guest book that you would please include what you brought so that the two soon to be newly weds can give their thanks accordingly. Shortly after the wedding, a reception will be held at the Journeys End Tavern in Moonglow, Feluccia. This is where the guest book can be signed and where gifts will be accepted.
If enough prodding and provoking can be done, I am sure that the lovely couple will be happy to share with you their tale of how they met, how they fell in love, and why they even got married. Dancing, music, and perhaps some poetry will be read at the function. Some time during the reception, Raistlia and Xorn will most likely try to sneak off without being seen to go on their honeymoon to some remote and unknown location. (This of course is to be done to prevent any practical jokes being done to the horses being lifted up on wooden blocks, doors to the honeymoon cottage being nailed shut or itching powder placed in the sheets.)

Fun, and a lot of ale, are to be had by all who attend so make a point to drop by and give your best wishes to the two soon to be Mr and Mrs Altair.

See you there!

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 1:26 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Contest at the Journeys End Tavern

Announcin' the second night of tale and song form the little tavern in Moonglow known as "The Journey's End". (As well as a few other names I do nae have to mention) The Lady Tatcyn has graciously offered to run these nights of tale and song, and tis she who named it so eloquently.

And so I shall put out the call; Come one Come all! Bring us your tales and your song, your gossip on the legends of our lands, and your ears for hearin a fine story or two. A vote at the end of the eve will chose the best tale or song of the night. That winner shall receive a purse of 5,000 gold. So come, and share an eve with a story or two this Thursday night, June 1st.

The Journeys End Tavern In Moonglow, Feluccia. Just south of the Encyclopedia Magika. 9:00PM PST

~Eleana Coriel
Proprietor "Journey's End Tavern"


Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 12:56 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

Jinx Interviews Tyrant
Jinx is at it again, this time with Tyrant. Another great interview, this one filled with lots of excellent information (and some drive-you-crazy-can't-reveal-all-our-secrets stuff), including a lot about Housing, what their plans are for the future of UO, and other fun stuff like the Word Association Game. Enjoy :)


Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 12:40 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Chaos and Order Battle in the Streets
As Minax rests after breaking the world, the citizens of Sosaria fight amoungst themselves.

Chaos and Order had a rather large clash on Tuesday night. It seems that Order was in force around the East Britain bank protecting their land from whatever monsters or villains appear. Here they are shown, lined up proudly displaying their virtuous shields to the public.

A little while later, an organised Chaos raid appeared and attacked the order force. It is unclear who was the victor of this battle, however both sides suffered losses. After the inquisition, Order pursued Chaos to their tower and laid siege outisde.

It seems the citizens of Sosaria are doing Minax's job for her, no?

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 11:29 AM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

20% Discount to UO Players for BlackICE
The following was just posted to the Alert Section of the Ultima Online Website:

Special Software Offer for UO Players: BlackICE Defender

Subscribing to Ultima Online has added benefits! All Ultima Online players with MY UO accounts now qualify for a special offer on top-ranked security solution software product, BlackICE Defender. As an active subscriber to UO you can receive a 20% discount off the retail price. BlackICE Defender was listed in the December 1999 edition of PC Magazine as one of the best personal firewall products in its class.

BlackICE Defender from Network ICE

You can never be too secure on the Internet, and now BlackICE Defender, the top-ranked firewall and anti-intrusion software is available to Ultima Online subscribers at a special 20% discount price. A free 45-day demo of this product is included with the Ultima Online: Renaissance disk.

Features of BlackICE Defender include:

  • Corporate strength intrusion defense for home users.
  • Protects against over 200 signatures or known attacks such as Back Orifice, Smurf attacks and port scans.
  • "Instant On" installation for quick and easy start up.
  • Intuitive user interface details hacker identification, intrusion severity level and attack summary.
  • A live alert mechanism for instant Internet attack notification.
  • An AdvICE link for quick help and detailed information on Internet hacks.
  • Runs on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT operating systems.
BlackICE Defender is an exceptional product for home users who want expert intrusion defense at an affordable price. In addition to BlackICE Defender, we recommend that you always keep up-to-date virus detection software installed on your computer. Additional security suggestions can be found on our Security FAQ at

Please Note: Questions or concerns about BlackICE Defender should be directed to Network ICE Customer Support only. Origin Customer Support cannot address issues with this product. Information on contacting Network ICE can be found at the links below.


NetworkICE Customer Support:

NetworkICE Support E-mail: [email protected]

To take advantage of the Special Discount, head on over to the UO Discount Page for this product.

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 8:18 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

'Mimic' in Britannia?
As many may probably know, a mimic is a creature that immitates inanimate objects, typically treasure chests, and attacks when its victim comes near (or opens it, in the case of treasure chests). We received the following tale from a reader, which definitely proves to be of interest:
Okay this was fairly peculiar evening... Was walking around, minding my own business, and the business of a few trolls and ettins and such... when, from nowhere this wall jumps out and attacks me...

I kid you not... a wall... and it attacked me...

Here's two Pictures... just to show it actually moved... too bad I didn't get enough to show it walking down the road....

Thanks for the report, Kaitlyn.
Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 8:08 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

Warning to Kinship Tavern patrons..
We received the following warning to Kinship Tavern patrons:
Kinship Tavern patrons,

I wanted to warn you all that of late the Kinship Village tavern has been haunted heavily by restless spirits. I was not there when the first warning came from the gypsy lady Tatiana, but I have seen proof of it come true during my shift tonight.

While sitting and enjoying conversation with the patrons, we began noticing strange things. Bottles of ale began moving of their own accord, lanterns were turned on and off, and doors opening with no one near. If this was not enough, soon we began to see the stirrings of undead immediately outside the tavern door.

The patrons and I speculated that the ghosts may be stirring from the recent shipwreck caused by the plague and so we went outside to investigate. Sure enough, we followed the trail back to the shipwreck and found many more restless spirits there.

What does this mean? We do not know for certain. My guess is that they are restless because the real villian behind the plague is still out there. The man Benedict came to warn us of recently, Krelan.

Please be careful about the village and stay clear of the shipwreck that still lies along the coast just south. And if you see anything out of the ordinary, please report it.


Mishca, Barmaid of Kinship Village

Thanks for the warning, m'lady.
Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 8:01 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

Book penned by Minax found?
We received the following scroll from a concerned citizen, regarding a book he found on a corpse claiming to have been written by Minax herself:
About 3 to 4 weeks ago, a gate opened up on the eastern shore of Skara Brae and the undead minions of Minax poured out of the gate. Brave warriors and mages of Britannia rushed to the site and was able to slaughter these foul creatures. After an inventory of the undead possessions, I came across a book written by none other than Minax. Unfortunately due to the affairs of my land holdings, I did not realize the importance of my find until now. This book may hold the key to taking back our lands. However, I will need the good citizens of Britannia to help decipher the secret code contained within the book.
Lord PinKy of KIS
'Magic Gates of the Undead' by Minax

To wreck havoc on the fools of Britannia, it is well for each of my minions to know how to create a magic gate that will permit the undead to travel to points of attack easily and without the risks that mortals will be able to enter our sanctuaries.

I have therefore devised a means by which we can create such magic gates.

This tome provides the knowledge that ye will need for that task.

It is vital to the success of our plans that this book never falls into the hands of mortals, for it does we may find that they will learn a way to use these gates against us.

Those who have been admitted to our circle will easily comprehend what is written here.

XcEtu ettr O


LawE OOprS dtwon


Prtower P QrW

ZdRftG gheTwUg


Pntr TuoZxnM

If anyone has any information as to what the above may mean, please let us know. Thanks.
Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 7:59 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

Announcing Trinsic Tuesday Night's Flea Market
We received the following announcement:
Please note that this event will occur on the Trammel Facet of Britannia.

The first Flea Market in Moonglow was such a huge success that the Defenders of Justice have decided to host another Tuesday, June 6th, this time in Trinsic. Calling all merchants, adventurers and future homeowners of Catskills! Come to Trinsic to buy and sell the best the best wares available in Sosaria.

Weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, magic items, house add-ons, furniture, rares, raw materials, city/dungeon runebook sets, moonstones and more!

Visit our Catskills Trading Message Board for up to date information about prices, to place large orders in advance, or just to ask any questions.

Special notes to Merchants who are planning to attend:

  • Merchants are encouraged to visit the message board to let us know if and when they plan to attend. Advertise prices and take advance orders.
  • SPAM: Merchants are asked to limit their use of macro spam to describe what they have for sale. Instead please create more detailed lists of items and prices in their portfolio. This is to prevent shoppers from getting overloaded while in attendence.
The Shining Path Armory and the Trinsic Meeting Hall (next to the Royal Bank of Trinsic)
Catskills Shard
Trammel Facet


Tuesday, June 6th
8-11 PM EST

Sponsored by:

The Defenders of Justice
Organized by: Kerrigan, Earl of Justice (DoJ)
Map of approximate location
Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 7:53 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

Mayor of Trinsic Returns!
This was sent to us by the esteemed Theo, Mayor of Trinsic:

Hail Friends and citizens!
I hope you will find it in your hearts to forgive me for my long absence. I wish I knew a way to explain myself to gain your forgiveness. A month ago I decided to use the moongate to travel from Trinsic to Magincia. As far as I can remember, traveling through moongates has been a safe and reliable method but that day something happened to me which I can not explain. All I knew is when I woke, I was standing in a empty land. Land without ground or sky, I was standing in a void and nothing to guide me. I traveled endless for long time. Strange thing was, I was not hungry nor tired. It seems that in this land, there was no time! I knew time was passing for I was talking to myself and counting the seconds in my mind. I counted over 300 thousand before I gave up. I was losing all hopes and I thought to myself, I will be trapped in here forever. I grabbed my dagger and pierced my stomach hoping to end my life but I could not feel pain nor blood flow through the wound! I could not believe it. I thought to myself, this must be a curse, No! more like punishment. Then suddenly, I saw a patch of clouds and felt the breeze touch over my skin and hair. Then, I felt ground beneath my feet. I looked down and saw the beautiful grass and I heard birds singing in the distance. Everything looked out of focus. I blinked my eyes couple of times and rubbed it with haste. When I looked again, I could see the Trinsic walls! I was back! Thank God, I am back! I saw a citizen walking towards me. I ran fast as I could to meet him. I asked him what the day was and he told me. I was gone for more then a month. I have many things to catch up on. I will see you all on Tuesday and Wednesday night! I hope you all will welcome me back, if not, I will understand.

It is certainly good to see an old familiar face back in Trinsic. Welcome back Theo, you were dearly missed and I am sure you will be embraced with open arms. May Mondain guide you well on your chosen path.

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 6:20 AM EDT by Endren Fenixfyre (GreatLakes)

Get Your Character Drawn
Looks like we have a great new service for the UO Community:

I make pictures of your caracters in UO. For free :)

You can look at samples at my site :

If you want me to make your caracter please mail me at: [email protected] and tell me how you want him/her to look.

Mayoress of Minoc and GM of MMM
(Jessica S)

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 6:18 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

UO Character Paintings

The community's latest cry:
Comic style paintings of your UO character. - Eternia's free drawing service
makes it possible. Pictures can be requested by email and will be published
to her webpage.

Click on Eternia's name to send her a letter, or just head over to
her homepage, which can be found here:
Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 6:13 AM EDT by Casanova (CandidCoverage)

Help needed in Haven!
We have recieved the following event information for [young] players:
Jilla needs your help to clear her husbands name. He has committed murders and wants to repent his sins. Please come to the Haven Bank at 9pm pst on Tuesday the 30th of may to help.

Jilla of Haven

Ed. note: please note that the above event is only available to players who are [young].


Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 4:33 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

Orcs, Orcs, and more Orcs
We have recieved the following:
On Friday night, Jaerik and Janos Antero led a group of brave adventurers to try and find out exactly what the truth was behind Parnell's warnings of war between the 'snow orcs' and the al'Suq (or, the 'snow people' as he calls them). Ibn was called away at the last moment to a council meeting, so we were left to fend for ourselves in the hostile lands of Glacia. Undaunted, and more than a little foolhardy, our group immediately set off for the New Lands. Using Papua as a jumping off point, we then opened gates to the tree that stands where Yasmine was once imprisoned in ice. From there, we thought, it would be a pleasant walk to the caverns of Ice, where a tribe of orcs is known to live.

Unfortunately, fate had other things in mind for us, and we were set upon by several scores of orcs attempting to keep us from getting past the canyon leading into the caverns themselves. Long used to such battles, the battle-hardened warriors hacked through wave after wave of orcish flesh like so much dead wood. Just as I was about to join the fray, I noticed that there was a strange orc, an orcish messenger, standing right in front of the cavern entrance. Thinking he might carry a message of value to us, I magically transported myself next to him and attempted, foolishly it turned out, to speak to him. I tried to explain that we were merely trying to find out if his people intended to attack ibn's, and seemed to be making some progress. Perhaps he just wasn't paying attention, for suddenly he seemed to tire of my conversation and with two mighty blows of his axe knocked me unconscious.

I remember the rest of the battle in a haze, but I recall the same messenger leading a few advance scouts from our party into an ambush immediately inside Ice and barely escaping. After I was revived, I joined the rest of our group once more fighting for their lives against many times our number. Through teamwork and sound tactics, we once more destroyed the threat with a very small casualty list, most of those caused by the messenger himself. At this point, I recall the battle ending with the few mages we had throwing everything they had at the weakened messenger. I recall hearing some of our group asking that we spare him, so that we might question him later, but I knew what result that would have and so continued bathing him in magic fire until he stopped twitching, not without some satisfaction.

Thinking quickly, Generic, of the 1st, searched the corpse of the orc and found a short book titled 'ordurz,' which described a large force of orcs and a grave threat to ibn's people. A short discussion ended up with the group deciding to brave the orc fort inside the Ice caverns and maybe see if we could find out more. With Jaerik protesting our decision as suicide, we immediately ran straight into the orc fort. Thankfully, some unlucky adventurers who had happened to be caught there had already dealt with the large number of orcs outside. Once we made it inside the smaller cave where the fort was located, we realized that we were perhaps in over our heads. As far as the eye could see, orcs were pushing to get to us. With Jaerik calls for a withdrawl going unheeded, mages swiftly took the high ground and began casting spells of protection and healing on the warriors below. Although it would take a long time to cleanse the fort, it swiftly became apparent that we would emerge victorious, even against such incredibly odds. Our victory was not without some losses, but the healers among us were swift in bringing the fallen back to fighting condition.

While the wounded were being tended to and the last remaining resistance was dealt with, a few of us began poking around the fort, seeing if there was any reason for this incredible gathering of orcs. Near the entrance to the cavern, I uncovered another book of instructions, which once deciphered told how only a very small number of orcs were left at the fort, and that most were hidden in the snow around Glacia, to be ready to attack. This would mean that hundreds if not thousands of orcs would be ready to fall on the al'Suq. It would be very dire news indeed that we would bring to ibn on Sunday.

Sunday did eventually come around, and the people that showed up were evenly divided between those who had gone on Friday and those who wished to know what had happened. ibn and Yasmine al'Asifa showed up roughly at 9, and we began going over what was to be done. Obviously, these books show a very direct threat to the al'Suq, and something needs to be done.

Very quickly it was decided that defending against an invasion this size would be very costly. We contemplated several alternatives, but nothing was decided before Parnell made an appearance on the scene. Almost immediately a raven showed up, but he was driven off at the cost of a few lives, so that we could talk to Parnell in peace. Several of the people assembled there, ibn among them, were highly distrustful of Parnell, who has recently been wandering around making maps of our lands for some unknown purpose. He claimed that he himself could not return to the snow lands, for fear of his own people and their friends, but confirmed that this threat was large, and expressed the opinion that the orcs could be dealt with diplomatically. A lot of arguing passed back and forth, with various sides urging to trust or distrust Parnell and his people, but Yasmine, being the holder of the Terinak, decided for the al'Suq that they would extend some degree of trust and protection to Parnell, at least for now. Friends of the al'Suq are encouraged to do likewise, for their sake. Parnell made a few more comments, at least once accidentally referring to humans as possible 'pets,' which set tempers to rising. He also made reference to 'friends' of the Kale'Joka, his people, but would not elaborate out of fear of retribution. Perhaps the orcs will know more. Before much more could be said, a raven showed up again and Parnell ran off in fear, scampering up a mountainside.

This Wednesday at 9, in place of the races, ibn and Yasmine, hoping to head off any hostilities, will mount a diplomatic expedition to the orcs. We will bring a large enough force to show we cannot be bullied, but overall our mission is one of peace. We plan for the worst, but hope for the best.

--Cyril, GVD <#40228938>

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 4:31 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market!
I was handed this note from Fenris, of Spiritwood.

The next Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market will be on Saturday the 3th of June at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt). Of course everyone is invited!

This time Lady Seer Intaria will auction herself to the public so do not miss her!

A few words about the Meet Market itself:
Anyone from the crowd can take the stage and tell something about him or herself. He or she then offers an hour of fun. This can range from a date to lessons in being a good guildmaster. From magery training to a dungeon trip. Or from catering a picknick to being best man at a wedding. As long as it lasts one hour (or longer or shorter if agreed upon). The buyer and seller set a date for this during the next two weeks (before the next Meet Market).
From then on the crowd may bid on this person while he or she advertises him or herself. Bids can go from 500 gold to 10.000 gold pieces or even more! Half of the gold will go to the tavern and the rest is for the seller. The tavern will use this gold for other events. And the gold should be paid after the Market is over (or at least in the week that follows). So if you would like to meet people, if you are in need of a good tailor or an alchemist or if you would like to show your partner how much you love him or her, come to the Spiritwood Tavern this saturday. Drinks and food will be free as always.

You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected]. I hope to see you all there! :-)

Fenris, the Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 3:28 AM EDT by FireFox (Europa)

Atriarch Stratics needs your Creativity
I'm quite pleased to introduce a new Atriarch related contest for you all!

Ever think you'd make a great PR guy? Maybe you're great a gimmicks or jingles... Whatever your skills might be I'm sure you can have a good chance of winning this new contest.

Come up with a new Atriarch slogan

It can be serious, funny, bizarre, whatever =) The important thing is that you do it soon! This contest will end July 3rd, so get your entries in before it's too late.

Head over to our Contest page to check it out now!

Thank you deeply,
-Adam Koehn (DarkSoul)
Project Manager, Atriarch Stratics

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2000, 2:54 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

Fight Night Studs
Grimoire Fight Night Results for (5/26/2000)

Wooooooooooo! We had some VERY close matches tonight due to the high caliber of the warriors in attendance.

Big, loud congratulations to all the fighters for doing a great job! Here are the results for the 1 vs. 1 matches.

1st place: Tempest
2nd place: Hyperion
3rd place: Zrew

Hyperion also took home a bonus of 10k for winning the bar brawl after the 1 vs 1 competition.

Everyone seemed to be in high spirits and as usual, the crowd, staff, and fighters were wonderful. Thanks for a great fight night!

Baby-Grimoire Staff =o)

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 11:58 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

The Baja Quest News Page
I recieved this from Niobe:

Crossroads of Britannia welcomes our newest quest site into the fold. Introducing the Baja Quest News for all the latest news, quest and events on the Baja shard. The BQN has the latest information on player venues, Seer quests and RPC's and an extensive board listing of Baja's favorite haunts.

Take a look around, we think you'll be pleased. If you'd like to see something added to the BQN, contact us at [email protected].

Baja Quest News site


email contact [email protected]


Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 11:30 AM EDT by Jacob (Baja)

Famous Brigand Gangs Decimated
The Yew ORKs were trying to learn the basics of battling tactics when a strange golden wisp entered the fort. It looked as if, perfectly knowing the area, he was in search of something or someone. As the Clan gathered around the unique being, not knowing if such a peculiar intruder should be fought off or observed, the golden wisp melted and took another shape, that of a Shadow-armored human.
Standing in front of the surprised orcs, the man adressed the crowded fort, saying he was the messenger announced by the book they had found several days ago, and that his master was expecting them to obey him in an important matter. He told them his name was Joran Mallinar, and asked for the Clan leader, Gurg the Warlord, and Talisien, Guildmaster and emissary of the Guards of Yew [GoY] to come and talk with him.

The situation, he explained, was quite simple. The most famous brigand gang of the Yew area was expected to meet tonight one of the leaders of a Vesper gang in a secret location. They were expected to plan a union of their families by settling a wedding between Hubert Schatzheimer of Yew and Carlotta Valentina of Vesper. Emilio Valentina should be caught alive and all others killed, as only he knew the Valentinas' hideout location.

The orcs seemed unsure wether the man should be obeyed, but he whispered something to Gurg who immediately called his clansmen to arms. Some say that Joran cheated Gurg saying that Emilio had been heard telling everybody that Gurg was but the son of a mongbat, but this is of course pure speculations.

The scouts soon came back to inform their leaders that unusual human activity surrounded the ruins to the east of the fort. A large party then left to attack the meeting place. Many brigands and bodyguards were killed, including the whole Schatzheimer family, and Emilio was finally caught and disarmed.

After a long interrogation by Talisien, the long-awaited information slipped through Emilio's lips : the Valentina hideout was located in the lost corridors of Covetous. When he realized his error, Emilio desperately tried to escape to warn his family of the soon-to-come raid, but an arrow touched him in the heart before he could get away. Of course, those saying that his death had something to do with the mongbat incident have no clue about what they're talking about.

After a short time, the gathering troops were joined by VinYafod, Councilmaster of the Council of Yew, and emissaries of the Mage Tower, among which was Hellspawn, the Keeper of the Stone. They entered the dungeon Covetous, and after a short time, found a door leading to the open, where a troop of unsuspecting brigands were waiting for Emilio to return.

After a fierce battle where many were slain or injured, the Gang was defeated, though their leader, the Evil Lord Montifloro Valentina, escaped by magic means. Carlotta Valentina, Lorenzo Vivore and Marco Tioreggo were amongst the dead, avenging many Vesper families for the death of their members.

When all came to an end, and the raiding party counted its casualties, the black horseman could be seen, looking from afar, seemingly to observe the outcome of the battle...

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 11:20 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

Chickens Chickens Everywhere!
I recieved this from an unknown person:

Today as I recalled into the town of Moonglow...I heard a faint sound....."Mooooo!" What! Cows? Here in Moonglow!? Can't be...then as I walked forward I noticed a mage..rambling on about how he tried to summon just one chicken, but the spell must have gone haywaire! It seems the town of Moonglow was under a full attack!

Thank you for this interesting piece of news!

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 7:29 AM EDT by Jacob (Baja)

The Golden Brew Chess Tournament
I recieved this from Kristoffer:

Test your real life wits rather than artificial skills in Baja's first Golden Brew Chess Tournament. How many of you out there can say that you're Baja's greatest chess player? No one, because it has never been put to the test. Well now is your chance to get some serious bragging rights. There is no entrance fee, and all you need to do to register is to contact me via ICQ with your character name. The competition will begin on Sunday, June 11 at 10:00am Pacific time (1:00pm eastern). The tournament will be single elimination, which means if you lose, you're done. So don't lose :p

The last day to register will be Friday, June 9th, as I will need the 10th to bracket everyone up and organize the thing. The grand prize will be 25,000 gold pieces, second 15000, and third 5000. But does the prize money really matter? Isn't it all about being able to gloat that you and you alone are Baja's Chess Grandmaster?

Thanks! I hope to see all of you there!

Kristoffer of Baja (ICQ = 68784547)

Thank you and good luck with your tournament!

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 7:23 AM EDT by Jacob (Baja)

On Holy Ground
We were fighting for weeks now in the "City of Trinsic". It was the loveliest city in all of Britannia it was our city. The undead had slipped through our defenses one day and began a long and bloody siege. In the first days of the fighting, the undead killed many woman and children in sneak attacks. They seem to know when our warriors were resting, or healing their wound. The undead must have planed well their tactics. For they planed attacks on other cites seemingly to draw our fighters away so they could sneak in under the walls of our city to murder again the innocent. We ran when they came and crawled into holes and slipped into our hiding places. We some how held on until our warriors arrived to save us. I remember fighting from my hiding place many times every day and looking down the cobbled stoned streets of Trinsic watching our warriors fighting their way toward me, to save me! I thought! I could see woman and children slipping from there hiding places when the warriors passing by them fighting in a bloody struggle from street to street. We would offer the warriors what little food or healing or comfort we could do for them. Our hopes were always that they would come back to save us again. The fighting became bloodier as days and weeks went by. My mind no longer on things a young woman should be doing. My heart seemed to be dying with every brutal death of each citizen and warrior I saw lying in a twisted unnatural form. I was learning to hate and with my hate I was learning to survive my desire for survival became the most important thing in my life during those times. My mother had taught me never to hate and I have always cherished what she taught me. She is a loving and compassionate and caring lady and I have always tried to be as much like her as I can. But this war was changing me it was teaching me to be every thing she did not want me to become. I would lay in my sleep many nights struggling and I would awaken crying and feeling her presents near me and asking for her forgiveness. There are many untold bloody battles one for every street in Trinsic. But the battle I remember the most is the battle for the barracks; the undead Bone Knights were coming from the top of the hill in columns. Our warriors made a line at the bottom of the hill I was standing behind them trying to heal the wounded and with my bow I was trying to help them. And the Tamers with their Dragons were beside me and still the flow of evil flowed past us, just staying alive meant retreating and only to run back up the hill to try and heal the warriors. I remember gliding down to my knees crying as I watched the flow of ghost's of our warriors flowing like a stream down from the top of the hill. I could see waves of our warriors going up that hill and they never came back down again. The fighting lasted for weeks and the fierceness for many battles on every street was much this way. The sacrifice of these brave warriors to fight and fall and heal and to run back into battle picking up any weapons from the ground or the dead only to fight and fall again. Their heroic actions were nothing less then "above and beyond" their heroic sacrifice has made our city of Trinsic "Holy Ground" Tiera TTC
Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 7:10 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

IFC Festival of Vitrues Continues!

IFC Festival of Virtues Continues!!
After a brief respite, we are happy to invite one and all to the Icelandic Floating Community as the Festival of the Virtues continues! May 31st,

~The Festival of the Virtues!~

  • The Virtue of Sacrifice.

  • The placing of the interests of others and the ends of virtue over one's own well-being.

  • Sacrifice is the greatest gift of Love given with Courage.

    Though sacrifice cannot be forced, we would like to encourage everyone to befriend a young newcomer to our lands, take them under your wing and tutelage, offer them a bit of your time and gold, and bring them to the IFC`s Charity Casino Night, to be held in conjunction with the Ace`s High Casino!

    The IFC Presents...

    Charity Casino Night at the Ace`s High Casino!

    Beginning at 8pm, PST, in Felucca.

    The Ace`s High Casino offers games of chance for the traveler, and on this night, the IFC would like to invite both young and old to take part in this fundraiser for the "Newbie Co operative Assistance Program".

    All of the Casino`s winnings on this night will be donated to this great cause!

    So join us, friend in tow, for games such as Ace`s High Craps, Roulette, and Slots!

    June 1st,

    ~The Festival of the Virtues!~

  • The Virtue of Compassion.

  • The quality of empathy, of recognizing and sharing the feelings of others.

  • Compassion is born of Love alone.

    With this in mind, I hope you will hear this tale and lend a hand.

    The Rescue of Koryan Kuhre

    I had been looking through the hold of the Perimeter a few nights ago, and I came across a dusty tome I hadn`t known I owned. It spoke of a man who was old when I was young, my grandfather, Koryan Kuhre. He was Chieftain when I was young and I remember nothing of him. Our people were nomadic then, and it was long before the spell of Armageddon was cast and opened the passages to Britannia.

    I do not know when he disappeared, but it was likely on one of his raids. For it turns out that old Koryan was a pirate of the first order.How many of our people were also pirates at the time is unbeknownst tome, for the story speaks of people, not numbers.

    In this tome, a man speaks of his meeting with Koryan`s ghost, and how the ghost spoke to him and of his sentence to roam the seas forever if his remains lie continuously in the cursed ground. The author explains that Koryan Kuhre had raided or attacked the village of magic casters who swore, and eventually received, revenge.

    The contents of the old book are reprinted here:

    "I thought I had lost my mind. I was travelling to Magincia when our crew encountered trouble in the form of many Sea Serpents. I urged themto turn but the fools attacked. They were killed, and the ship began sinking. I clung to the rubble waiting for the Serpents to devour me as they had devoured the others, but they swam off, apparently having had their fill of human.

    As I lay there expecting to perish to the elements, a ship appeared in the distance. It was travelling at an amazing speed, for it reached me in no time at all. It stopped far too near me to be coincidence, and I climbed onto it from the rope ladder over its side. I spotted no one aboard. Who then, had been directing this vessel?

    "I am Koryan Kuhre, and I alone am here"

    I spun around and spotted an eerie sight. It was a spirit. What I could see of its face under the hood of its shroud appeared burnt, as did its hands.

    I normally had to concentrate to understand the spirits but as my proficiency in the art increased, the less was required. "Who are you, Koryan Kuhre, that you roam the seas thus?"

    "I was a scourge of the seas. I was raised amongst my people, a nomadic tribe, with a peaceful outlook, the son of a Chief. I was destined to rule them one day. Unlike my chieftains, however, I shrugged off our customs, and surrounded myself with the strong. With their complacent aid, we raided the villages near the shores, and overtook other ships we found at sea. My people loathed me, but could not abandon me, as I was the Chieftains son. My father was far too kind of heart to turn me away despite my crimes."

    I stood transfixed by this appartion.

    "Thus did it continue until we did come across a small coastal village, which we spent no time at all planning our attack, and pillaging. We were unprepared for what we would find there. The villages inhabitants were spellcasters of the highest order. Ones magic bound me where I stood, unable to do anything. One by one, my men were felled, those who did not perish immediately, were tortured, before my eyes, as I stood unable still to move. For me, they saved the cruelest of tortures."

    "When the magical bindings were undone, I was bound by rope to the mast of my ship. My mens ships were placed around mine and fire was set to them. I could feel the heat from where I was tied, then, the ships all began to move slowly towards mine, the heat intensifying until finally, my ship also combusted. All the while I could hear the spellcasters uttering magical words, curses, as it turns out. My bounds caught fire as I stood there, in unendurable pain, my skin blistering, and I struggled against the ropes which quite suddenly snapped. Free of them I raced to the edge of the inferno, which was now my ship, and leapt over board. I struck the water, but was knocked unconscious by the falling rubble of the flotsam already in the water. I drowned."

    "Since that fateful day, I have spent decades roaming the seas, unable to end this existence."

    I screwed up the courage and asked, "It seems so fitting an end for one as calloused as yourself."

    Koryan Kuhre`s ghost appeared to sigh, "Yes, and all this time has given me time to reflect. I strayed from my people, those who would have come to love me had I had the courage to uphold our convictions, our customs, our beliefs. Instead, I have squandered my existence, and I know not what has become of my people. This brings me perpetual, infinite sadness."

    "Can there be no end to your torment? What can be done?" I inquired.

    "My body lies in cursed ground, where the spellcasters have buried it, after retrieving it from the waters. If it were returned to my people, perhaps then, if the Æsir see fit, I can be forgiven for my transgressions upon those innocents whom I wronged, and allowed to rest."

    My curiosity piqued, I began to ask how this could be done, but the cries of `Land Ho!' from across the waters caused me to turn away momentarily. When I returned my gaze to where the apparition had stood there was nothing. Suddenly the ship lurched and I was thrown overboard.

    When I regained my wits, the ship was speeding away again, and I could see the name of the ship as it left; the Torment. How apt.

    Shortly thereafter, I was rescued by those who had distracted me in the first place. They were surprised to see me there. My clothes were wet, and though I had been in the waters for mere moments, the wrinkles of my fingers and toes spoke of hours spent overboard. There was a note in my inner pocket, dry as can be. I read quietly to myself when I reached land.

    "There is a map leading to my remains burial ground. If one could decipher the map, and defeat the guardian beasts, one could certainly return those remains to my people."

    I searched my other pockets quickly. There was no map anywhere. On the ship? Could that be?

    Years later, with the proceeds I earned as a teacher in Magincia, I would set out from time to time, searching for this spirit. Though I am not one to condone or sanction crimes, the sadness and regret that filled his words convinced me of a desire to repent, and so urge me to find him, and, as best I can, help him.

    I cannot allow my resolve to falter, but I wish I were certain I had not imagined it."

    Here the book ends. I ask you all now, to aid us in finding Koryan Kuhre. For if truly he regrets his actions, and wishes to repent, then he must be helped.

    I ask you all, on this night of all nights to aid him.

    It appears that to do so, you will need a vessel of some sort to sail the seas, and both, courage and compassion.

    To find out more information on how to help, please come prepared to the Icelandic Floating Community on this day, at 7pm, PST.

    We hope to see you there, may the Æsir keep you.

    Earnst, IFC

  • What an amazing story. Come and join the IFC's Festival Of Virtues. Have a good time and be civil!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 6:23 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    A New Communication Resource for Yew
    I received this scroll a short time ago.

    I'd like to announce that Yew has finaly registered an IRC room. It is on the server and the room is #Yew-atl. This room will primarily be used by the Militia to coordinate their efforts. Should you have an emergency and need to get in touch with us, you may use this room. Although the Yew Militia is not an anti-pk guild, if we have enough people we may assist you against murderers. We hope to see you all there sometime, stop in and say hello!

    Vice-Mayor & Ambassador of Yew
    Lieutenant of the Yew Militia
    Yew Town Council

    Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 3:18 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Trinsic Council Calls for a Summit
    Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

    I am sure you have all heard of a man named Fallout and his quest to become the king of the Felucca facet of our realm. At our weekly Trinsic Council of Honor meeting this issue came up. It seems that many councils are undecided on this matter and wait to see what the other councils are going to do.

    This pressing issue calls for a summit of all town councils.

    The Trinsic Council of Honor proposes that a date and time be set so that all councils may meet together to discuss these pressing issues.

    We urge all council heads to make contact with Mayor Nova or myself to start arranging plans for this event.

    Nova: ICQ #: 11377462 E-mail: [email protected]

    Sir Talon Skyfire: ICQ # 10255104 E-mail: [email protected]
    Trinsic Council of Honor web site:

    We urge all council heads or representatives to responde. Thank you.

    Stand in Honor,

    Sir Talon Skyfire, Knights of the Iron Cross

    Scribe, Trinsic Council of Honor
    Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2000, 1:45 AM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    CoH seeks council members
    The Moonglow Council of Honesty has two council seats open and is currently accepting applications for the positions from interested individuals. Please contact me if you would like to apply. Please include your name, ICQ number, e-mail address, amount of time playing on Lake Superior, and a brief explanation of why you are interested in the position and what you feel you can add to the council.

    Applications will be accepted until June 10, 2000. Qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview with the council. These interviews will begin by approximately June 15, 2000. I thank you all for your interest.

    Edmund Greyfox
    COH Chairman

    Posted on Monday, May 29, 2000, 10:54 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    No HC meeting tonight
    30th Assembly of the 5th High Council

    The regularly scheduled High Council meeting set for Monday, May 29th, has been post-poned to Monday, June 5th.
    Date: Monday, June 5th, 2000
    Time: 10PM EDT/9PM CDT
    Location: Magincia Parliament Building, Trammel Facet.


    • To be announced next week.

    In addition we plan to complete the selection process for the 5th Seat of the Council representing Valor and the city of Jhelom in time for the 30th Assembly.

    The High Council of Britannia

    Posted on Monday, May 29, 2000, 10:37 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    DM Storytelling contest
    This just in from OUSS's own Endren Fenixfyre:

    Ever fancy having the power to hold an audiences attention captive by the very threads of your own words? Well this is your chance. On Monday, May 30th at 9:00 pm est, The Disciples of Mondain will be holding its first annual story telling contest at the Temple of Mondain. First prize will be awarded 10k in gold while second prize will be awared 5k in gold. The stories will be judged by Mordain and Endren Fenixfyre of the Disciples of Mondain. So come one, come all and show Britannia you have what it takes to weave your way through the audiences emotions and imagination. The Temple of Mondain is located at 69o 20'N, 43o 6E in Trammel. Runes to the temple can also be found at player run establishments such as The Museum of Memories, Sandlewood Box, The North Sentry TUR Village, RD's Storefront and Auction Place and Krista's Ranger Station.

    Posted on Monday, May 29, 2000, 2:13 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Tuesday Night Fights!
    Greetings all !

    Once again, the Village of Humility would like to invite you to attend the Tuesday Night Pit Fights at the Bloody Keg Tavern. Congratulations to last weeks winner, Jaquis LeCroix, who took home a check for 5k!

    All are welcome to enter the fight, but come early. Eight contestant tickets go on sale at 7:30 eastern, and the fights begin at approximately 8:00. You will find a complete set of rules on our website: Humility
    As a precaution, we suggest stabling your mount for it's safety if possible. We hope to see you there!

    Posted on Monday, May 29, 2000, 8:49 AM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Lana goes missing

    I can't believe this happened, you never think that something this awful can happen to you until it does, how could this happen, there was no reason for it, I can't see the gain in it but it still happened.

    The plan was to meet at the Gathered Spirits tavern for a day and just enjoy ourselves, get away from our daily lives and just have a bit of fun but obviously fate had other ideas about our day. I arrived earlier than planned so I took a seat and got myself a bottle of ale, after a few bottles I looked at my time piece which was a christmas gift from the friend I was meeting and then I realised that our meeting time was overdue, I thought for a second and decided to wait for her, she is never usualy late so she shouldn't be long now......another hour passed and still she had not arrived, i was getting worried by now, I had the feeling that something bad may have happened although that could also be put down to the amount of ale I had finished off by now.

    I started to make my way back towards the church, we always walked the same way so I was hoping to maybe run into her on the way back, as i neared the church I saw a robe on the floor that had a striking resemblance to Lana's I hurried to pick it up, as i picked it up i noticed that there was blood all over it......I ran inside the church and started calling for Lana but there was no sound except of mice and rats scuttling around, I searched every room in the church but she was nowhere to be found.

    That was 2 days ago and I have heard nothing or seen nothing that indecated where she is alive or dead, I have notified the authorities but as they told me, one blood stained robe isn't going to make there search easy.

    I am asking the citizens of Britannia now for help, if you here or see anything that could indicate where Lana is then i emplore you to let your information known, I need all the help I can get if I have any chance of finding Lana.

    She was just a simple Priest from The Church of Quarkism, she harmed no living creature in her life and is a friend to all, she didn't deserve this.

    That poor soul. If any of you folk out there have any knowledge of her whereabouts, please send it to me, and I will pass it onto Morg.

    Posted on Monday, May 29, 2000, 2:43 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Blacksmithing Tourney

    A blacksmithing Contest will be held on June 8th. In Trinsic's Shining Path Armory on Trammel.

    For more details please visit Our site.
    Prizes given to the winners will be:
    1st Prize: House Pentagram Deed
    2nd Prize: Large Forge and Anvil Deed

    Rules and times can be found on the site. :)

    Posted on Monday, May 29, 2000, 2:20 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    UO Celebrity Chat! Special Guest: Midas
    Join us for Behind the Music in #ultima-online, Monday June 5th at 7:00pm CST. Our Celebrity Guest will be Midas, from the mp3 parody site located at For the past few months, Midas has been creating songs based on UO, ranging from such enduring classics as "We will roxxu" to the moving "Don't bank so close to me". This Monday at UOCC, he will be online to answer your questions about his work, his online life, and the experiences behind his songs.

    #ultima-online is the 24 hour chatroom brought to you by Stratics IRC. You can access the Stratics network via the following servers, or by using our JAVA IRC client located at

    • port 6667
    • port 6667
    • port 6667

    Visit us Monday the 5th to meet our special guest, Midas. Or, drop in any time for tips, news, and general conversation about Ultima Online.

    Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2000, 8:50 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Mordain Enters the Fray!
    This just in from UOSS's own Red William:

    In a startling turn of events, the known guild of the Disciples of Mondain (DM), have joined forces with OGD, The Sandlewood Box, and the Cities of the Gold one in defeating the Black one and his minions, which now include the Bloodrock Orcs, and the BDA (Drow Mercenaries).

    It turns out that the DM guild was met by the Black one's messenger, who offered an alliance, in the hopes to crush the cities of the Gold one and take the 7 fragments of the Gold tome. Mordain refused, stating that he did not like the idea of a world ruled in chaos. This angered the dragon and he resorted to threats and browbeating. This only infuriated Mordain, and sent the Black one's slave back in a backpack.

    The Members of DM have also taken a liking to Ryak of Sandlewood, and have devoted themselves to his protection, due to the recent reports of threats being made on his life by the drow, and an actual assassination attempt being made not long ago. According to sources close to Sandlewood, Ryak was led into a cave under a false distress message, and was trapped in the cave, with an energy vortex ready to slay him. It was only by quick feet and a handy recall spell that saved his life that day.

    Nothing is planned at this time concerning the alliance, since it is in initial stages. The balance of power has begun to shift into an even stand, with the cities of the gold one and DM, against the Black one, Bloodrock, and BDA. Promises to be quite a show.

    OGD Website (OGD):

    Disciples of Mondain (DM):

    Bregan D'aerth (BDA):

    Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2000, 4:52 PM EDT by Endren Fenixfyre (GreatLakes)

    The Consensus Opens to the Public
    The Charter of the Consensus
    Written by the Dark Priest, Bal-Anon Dak

    In the area of character portrayal and acting, no endeavor sees as many failures and difficulties as theater, where the coordination of actors and events is incredibly complex and fraught with miss-fires.

    Role-playing communities are no different. Those who have been down the path of trying to organize the activities of people involved in a story will no doubt recall a painful process in which the egos of many needed to balanced with the goal of a particular plot-line. This is especially prevalent in the online community.

    In fact, these difficulties are doubly evident in an environment where people do not see each other and communicate solely through the use of Internet. Imagine trying to coordinate a play in which you could only type out your instructions to the cast. On a large scale the problem becomes enormous.

    In the online world of Ultima and others, one feeling resounds in the hearts of all who aspire to a deeper experience in the virtual world other than the thrill of monster bashing and Player to Player combat. It is the inevitable dread of losing the story under the crushing weight of events that constantly conspire to interfere with your most carefully crafted plots. Be it the individual who thinks its funny you are acting and heckles you every step of your way, or the in-opportune happening that totally ruins the most important element of your plot, or simply the lack of interest evidenced by those who previously could not give you enough praise for the storyline you had created.

    Those of us who role-play have all been there. For us, living here in the realm of Atlantic, it has been as if for years the entire world conspired to tie us down into depths of mediocrity. But we are an assembly of guilds and people who have striven and succeeded. What unites us is the irrepressible knowledge that we can succeed. What bonds us is the certainty that we share a common goal. For in us, the story lives and will always live.

    We are The Consensus, a coalition of guilds of all alignments, dedicated to one purpose alone: the betterment of the story. Together we pool our ideas and resources, ever striving for an end in which we have satisfied our creative urges, an end that happily will never come.

    If you and yours share this direction and are seeking for kindred spirits, join us. You will find them here. If your interests lie elsewhere, such is the nature of humanity and far be it for us to tell you otherwise. We have few rules and require only your interest and ear.

    Please note that the Contact page is functioning, however, any applications received shall be reviewed after the holiday weekend.

    Thankye, Bal-Anon, for this awaited information.
    Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2000, 4:03 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    The Return of Fight Night
    We have recieved the following:
    Greetings and Well Met Friends of Sonoma:

    After traveling through other worlds for the past year, I have returned to the world of Sosaria. It is with much dismay though that I have found the lovely city of Oasis to be dead, if not structurally, certainly in spirit.

    Upon returning to the city of Vesper I was duly approached by those that have remembered me from my days in Oasis, wondering what it was I was doing back, and if I was going to be attending to anything "special". After much thought, and with the generous support of Alexander IV, it is with great exuberance that I announce the return of "Fight Night".

    Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain the ability to hold Fight Night in Oasis, so we have moved the location to the "Tower by the Sea", owned, and graciously supplied, by Lord Alexander the IV. Commencing this Saturday, June 3, at Noon PST, we will once again be holding the weekly Fight Night tradition. Since we are confining our efforts to the rooftop of the "Tower by the Sea", we will be fighting in classes. The first class will be Archery and as mentioned, will be starting at Noon PST. The second class, will be Melee and will commence at 4:00 p.m. PST. The last class, Magery, will be at 7:00 p.m. PST.

    Prizes will be awarded for first and second place finishers. A vanquish weapon and 40,000 in gold will be awarded to the first place finishers, while a lesser weapon and 20,000 in gold will be awarded to the second place finishers.

    Osprey will be the senior official for the Archery class, Roalin Darksbane will be the senior official for the Melee class, and I shall be watching over the Magery class. We are asking all those wishing to participate in the fights, to find their way to the "Tower by the Sea" at least an hour before their scheduled class begins to register with their respective official for their class.

    Lastly we ask that everyone that comes to watch or participate, realize that we are holding these glorious fights for the enjoyment of all. We ask that you leave guild warfare, revenge, and down right nastiness, at the door. I'm certain that all of us can once again, meet for a few hours of fun and enjoyment, without senseless killing, and enjoy ourselves and discover just who are the best of the best of Sonoma.

    Runes to the "Tower by the Sea" can be purchased at the Grand Master Emporium, located behind the Alchemy Vendor in Vesper for a mere 99 gold. You can also contact those involved in the running of the fights to "use" their runes to go to the "Tower by the Sea" to mark your own personal runes.

    We look forward to seeing all of you next week, and the weeks to follow, and wish you all the very best in the competitions!

    Bob Bowrest Lord Alexander the IV Osprey Roalin Darksbane Hammer Majim

    Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2000, 12:41 PM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Evil Stronghold of Scythe Opens
    This was posted on the Dark Tower's message board by Miriam:

    The city of Scythe opened last eve amid a flurry of activity. Preparations for the gathering were hurried along as the hours to the opening ceremony grew shorter. Food, drink, and puppies were gathered from across Sosaria.

    As the Master began his openining speech a rumble and some small explosions heralded the arrival of Lord Mordrok. After offering up the puppies for a quick game of Tear the Puppy - a game taught to the Tower members by Mordrok himself - Lord Mordrok declined and offered up a new game to those in attendence. Crush the Kitty. Lord Mordrok then summoned forth many kittens, which were quickly crushed, burned, torn, and exploded by eager participants. Later in the eve, Lord Mordrok had a special crate delivered by his pet demon to the party. It was full of more kittens, which of course were also treated as the first batch.

    The Master Na-Krul gave a tour of the new city, starting with a brief stop in the new Temple of Scythe, located on the Dark Tower's third floor. This Temple houses the Tower's Well of Souls. A young lady by the name of Krystal Olivaw (last name spelling may be off) drank a potion of Serpentwyne and passed her soul into the well. While the Master finished off the ceremony and explained a few things to those present, Lord Mordrok passed around the young lady's heart.

    The tour moved on to the city's town hall, alchemy center, assassin's guild, and the magical research center. On the outskirts of the city lay an abandoned house with antique crafting machines, to which the Tower has also laid claim.

    The night concluded quietly, with smiles of contention upon the faces of those who have worked hard to bring about the dark dream of Scythe. May it flourish.

    Paintings of this grand event may be seen at the following skypage:

    By order of Lady Ivy,

    Her Humble Servant,
    Seamstress of Baja

    Thank you Miriam!

    Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2000, 11:35 AM EDT by Jacob (Baja)

    Dawn Mage Tower Saved
    I recieved this from WildStar

    Last night the Murderer Lord Mordrok tried to take the Dawn Mage Tower from the Kingdom of Dawn by force. After a long and fierce battle against his summoned creatures which included many fire elementals and hell hounds, Mordrok disappeared from the battlefield after he realized we would not bow to his demands. I can tell you this, the man is quite mad. He told me that if I told him his white hat looked nice he would leave. I responded by saying "You will leave in a body bag." However he was not the only thing we had to deal with this night. Members of the Dark Tower who appear to be working for Mordrok entered the tower while we were busy fighting the spawn and blocked the doors from the inside. After making sure Mordrok was not in the area, we preceded to break down their magical barriers and enter the tower. They had set the bottom floor of the tower on fire with walls and walls of flame. After clearing the walls of flame and a long standoff, they left the tower and we proceeded to celebrate our small victory over Mordrok with food and drink. I am sure Mordrok will return but who knows what his intentions will be.

    I would like to thank the citizens of Britannia who helped us defend our tower from this madman to include groups from The City of Avalon, The Legion of the Emerald Sashes and Savage Truth.


    Kingdom of Dawn

    Thank you for your news.

    Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2000, 5:11 AM EDT by Jacob (Baja)

    ***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA*** New 'Toons! #109

    This week I have a new ImaNewbie toon for you and also a new episode of the Britannia Enquirer. This issue deals with the burning controversy of overpowered weapons so head on over to my site and check it out.

    Added Saturday, May 27th:
    - ImaNewbie Episode #109 - There's no place like home.
    - The Britannia Enquirer - Volume 1, No 3

    ImaNewbie does Britannia


    Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2000, 4:22 AM EDT by Beastmaster Josh (CandidCoverage)

    The Rants of Faustian
    An interesting new Rant site has just been put up. Here is a letter from the editor of the site:

    The gaming industry has grown alot in the past years. It's advanced from text based muds to basic graphical games to the complex, in-depth games of the near future. Despite all these advances, there are still alot of fundamental problems with the games that concern all players, yet don't seem to get addressed by gaming companies.

    To help combat that problem, a new web site has been launched today named Faustian Rants. After 12 years of online gaming Faust has had a great deal of experience involving Large Guild's, Game Design, PvP and the politics of the industry. Long ago he ran the Pagan Magic Research team which was a popular item regarding Ultima Online. Within that web site he used to include his rants and they were always quite popular. He now see's himself fit to rant and rave about topics such as EverQuest, Shadowbane, Ultima Online, and the Industry as a whole. After his recent visit to E3 he's got some Scoop on these topics as well!!

    Check out Faustian Rants at

    Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2000, 1:54 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Lost In UO - "A Bug's Life" and "PK-Guildmaster"
    This just in from the creators of Lost in UO:

    Lost in UO - Bug Alert!

    ok... it's not really a bug alert, but it could happen to you if you're not careful. Come on by and see the latest comic entitled "A bug's life (part 1)" to see how this insidious exploit works and how you can protect yourself from the effects.

    You have been warned...

    Also, watch the PK-Guildmaster dealing with the dragon (Part 4, 5 and 6).

    Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2000, 1:47 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Computer Games Online Reviews UO:R
    Looking for a good review of UO:Renaissance? Then look no further. Computer Games Online has just finished writing up a great Review of UO:R. If you are curious as to what the upgrade is all about, then make sure to check it out. Here is a short snippet:

    All in all, it seems that Origin has made a good choice-providing the safe, more friendly environment that many players demand, but without crippling their original system and disappointing its die-hard devotees. If you abandoned Ultima Online for EverQuest or Asheron's Call because you didn't appreciate being the target of every adolescent power tripper with an enchanted sword, you may want to give it another try.

    Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2000, 1:44 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Another Sighting of the Black Horseman
    We received the following news from Gurg, [ORK] of Yew.
    "Me wuz out clomping when mez got a parrot whu sed dat dem black horsieman wuz at our furt... Mez ran half wayz cross der land to the furt and wen me got der, mez saw meny ologs dat were in der furt attacking all dem humies and urks dat were wuz in dere. We wuz fiting fur a lung time and only one of uz uruks die. Dem Council uf Yew come tu help, but dem wuz late.

    After der battle we saw dat horsieman but wez could nut catch him, he wuz playing hidee game wit us. We wuz in da room of our furt wen we noticed a buuk.

    Dem humie VinYfod uf dem Council of Yew [CoY] say dat buuk speek. It sez we muve tu dem old humie wurld. Wez urks decide go tu dat feluka place, wens we git der, der wuz lot of shardiez but wez clomped dem all gud. Den wez find anudder buuk.

    Wez did see der horsee man agin but he went hidee agin so wez couldnt speek to im. After making sure all shardies wuz clomped wez went bak to our furt and did sum more clomping."

    Thanks a lot Gurg for this report.
    *Bel starts to tame an orc*
    Good Orc... Nice orc... Will you be my friend ?
    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 6:48 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Arx Draconis Holiday Weekend Blowout
    Well, its a big holiday weekend this weekend. Sun, Friends and Fun are on the menu for many people who are heading out of town to the beach. For those of you sticking around, we have a fun event lined up for you this weekend!! Its the Arx Draconis Memorial Day weekend Blowout Lottery!!

    This is a FREE event open to all players. To enter, you simply come to Arx Draconis at 2pm EST on Saturday the 27th of May. Go into the white OSI temple in the middle of the island. In there Syndicate members with "LLTS" over their heads will be calling out winners names randomly from the crowd. If you win (and many people will win as we have loads of prizes) head to the tavern next door to pick it up!

    What sorts of things can you win? You can win rare items, reagents, weapons of great magical power (silver, force, vanq. and power), suits of GM made armor, moonstone bags and much more.

    As we said above, its completely free to enter and open to everyone. In addition, Syndicate members with "LLTS" over their heads will be at all major banks about 30min before the lottery (in both Tram and Fel) gating people to the island. So hitch a ride if you need one!! Come on by this weekend and win some BIG prizes!


    Sounds like fun! Thankye for the news, Dragons.

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 4:15 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    An End to The Gargoyles?:Clown Town Update
    I received the following update on the gargoyle situation in Clown Town.

    Quentin Smithe came to ClownTown last night. He asked us to accompany him to the dungeon of Shame. We asked him the purpose of this expedition , he then explained that he had met Inmanilem a few days prior , and had handed the mysterious vial over to him. Inmanilem had examined the vial but returned it, shaking his head. The vial did not contain the blessed liquid he was seeking. After much thought Inmanilem decreed that he would need 8 blood vials to conduct a blessing ceremony upon .

    "I'll ask the CLOWN community to aid me in this task!"

    The expedition set off , deep down in to the dungeon of Shame. After trembling in the dark caves , for what seemed like ages , we finally stumbled upon a few frenzied blood elementals. The following fight was close , even though we outnumbered them. Having defeated the blood elementals and gathered the required blood vials we regrouped and started to head back to the surface. Suddenly the passage became crowded with gargoyles (a sabotage attempt from the cursed gargoyles?)and again our party had to engage in a fierce battle. Having bested the gargoyles we started off yet again on our return journey to ClownTown.

    Arriving home we took to the immediate task of taking care of our wounded . A little later Inmanilem appeared and was met by Quentin who handed to him the blood vials. Inmanilem examined them closely and then started to gesture and chant. A few seconds later he stoped.

    "It is done."

    He handed the vials back to Quentin and told him to look after them , he then explained that the blessed vials had to be buried into the ground to finally set the cursed gargoyles at rest. We made a promise to guard and protect Quentin and the vials for the next five days.

    The fifth day draws near and soon we will set off on, what at this time seems to be the final piece in this puzzle, a journey to bury the 8 vials.

    Inmanilem assured us that the cursed gargoyles will be able to find peace once this is done.

    We hope he is right.

    An interesting story , thanks to Gloom "The Elder CLOWN" for sending it to us.

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 3:51 PM EDT by Mingus Mulingus (Europa)

    The Tournaments Begin!

    The Tournaments begin!

    Finally, the time has come for the 8 dragon knights to be chosen. This report is coming in from the staff of the Sandlewood Box:

    "And the last book will be upon a dark dragon, enemy of us and of our people. He shall come from the darkness that he sends the others from. None will be able to harm him. Only by the eight virtues, and the eight who will become Dragon Knights may he be defeated. So it is that you must seek out, one from each of the plagued villages attacked for their love of the virtues and their strong hearts, a knight to stand against the dark dragon. Each village shall decide upon a quest, a challenge, to determine this warrior, and each shall invite whom they will of family and of friend to accept the challenge. The last, the eighth warrior, may come from anywhere in this land except from the cities plagued." - Narcalodian (Of the triad, Love) Child of the Gold One

    The dark dragon that Narcalodian prophesied about is none other than The Black One. This giant beast has been sighted across the lands of Britannia, wreaking havoc and chaos upon fine towns such as Tur Village, Dragons Point, Dragons Bay, Draconia, Rhuidean, and establishments such as Krista's Ranger Station and Sandlewood Box. Each site that has come under recent attack, had uncovered 1 of the 8 fragments of the Gold One's Tome of Virtue. The dragon's thirst for chaos has yet to be quenched. While the citizens of the realm have been victorious in some minor skirmishes and battles, the war seems to be tipping in the dragon's favor. The eight Dragon Knights must be chosen and chosen soon. Narcalodian, Child of the Gold One, foretold that only by the virtues and the eight Dragon Knights can the Black One be defeated.

    It is our honor and responsibility at The Sandlewood Box to choose one of the eight Dragon Knights. We are happy to announce that our tournament has already begun. The staff at Sandlewood has kept a keen eye open to all those who have helped in the defense of the tavern during the last four weeks of turmoil. From the first attack of the Bloodrock orcs, to the most recent attack of dragons, lich lords, and acid elementals, we have been searching for ideal Dragon Knight. Qualities that are being assessed and judged are:

    1. Knowledge of the virtues
    2. Help in the defense of Sandlewood (and other towns/establishments)
    3. Combat skills on the field of battle
    4. Proven team oriented skills

    Those who question Sandlewood staff about whether or not they can be the Dragon Knight will subsequently be taken off the possible candidate list. In other words, asking one of the Sandlewood staff "Can I be the Dragon Knight?" will undoubtedly void your chance. Those wishing to become the Dragon Knight need not come to us. When we have decided, we will come to you.

    Let it be known that on June 5th at approximately 9:00pm under the Central Skies, Sandlewood's Dragon Knight will be announced. An small knighting ceremony will take place followed by a brief celebration. While the naming of this Dragon Knight is worth celebrating, we must show care not to be boastful or proud. The true celebration and victory party can be held when the Black One is defeated and the Gold One's Tome of Virtues is fully restored!


    The Sandlewood Box Representative Council

    Ryak, XTerra, Ilkoryne, and Anduin

    At the time of this report, the rules for the Dragon knights of OGD have been finalized. The first test will be at the Throne room of Lord British's castle at Trammel for OGD and allied guilds only, with the 8th being selected after the other 7 at Dragon's bay as well. Rules for OGD's Tournament will be found at The other cities will be appearing shortly as well.

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 10:53 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Party at the Salty Dog
    I saw this on the offical UO web site and thought I'd let my faithful Stratics readers in on the party.

    Sponsor: The Three Musketeers
    Location: The Salty Dog tavern, East Britain
    Start Date: Jun 3 2000 9:00PM PST
    End Date: Jun 4 2000 3:00AM PST

    Fellow Citizens of Britannia!

    The newly banded Three Musketeers (brothers Aramis, Porthos and Athos) will be hosting an informal get-together at The Salty Dog in East Britain (just north of the pond) on Saturday night, 3 June, at 9pm PST! If you have trouble getting there, meet someone at the bank in West Britain to either lead or gate you.

    Since we've arrived in this fair land, we've seen very few community events, so we thought we'd throw a bash for everyone to get to know one another. We'll have some beer, wine and food on hand. But supplies are limited, so please feel free to bring something along! We encourage bards to show up and dazzle all with their sweet music, adventurers to shock us with their harrowing stories of perilous peril, artists to share their insight into the human condition, mages to entertain with a few tricks, craftsmen to entice us with their wares, and simply everyone else who just wants to tie one on!

    Hope to see you there!

    Armais, Athos and Porthos

    You can contact them at [email protected]

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 9:06 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Golden Dread Spider Slain! Mithrandir Claims Beasts Heart!
    We have recieved the following:
    The first ever ranger's hunt sponsored by The Journey's End Tavern in Moonglow ended in a reward of gold and a grand tale to be told! Gerald Montil, the wealthy old ranger who donates the prize of 10,000 gold for the hunt seemed more than pleased at the results of the night's sport. After a small trek into the wet lands of the Trinsic Swamps, Mithrandir of Sinn Fein, member of the AOL guild, came out with the "heart of the golden dread spider" in hand.

    "I wandered aimlessly after transporting my comrades to the swamps, then I noticed a large gathering of filthy spiders, foaming at the mouth..." reported Mithrandir.

    The Golden Dread Spider was found in his newly formed lair, surrounded by giant spiders and filth. Warriors of great skill took aim and killed the nest and its inhabitants. A task done by the hands of many. Congratulations to Mithrandir, and all the brave hunters who took place in this historic hunt!

    Eleana Coriel announced that the hunts will take place yet again on June 8th at 9:00pm pst. Come one, come all for a night of good sport!

    ~Thoerid Tempor

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 8:45 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Seeking Tales of Cities: Britain
    The following was just posted to FYI on the UO website:
    Seeking Tales of Britannian Cities - Britain

    Beyond the towering stone walls of Lord British's castle lies the great city of Britain; the City of Compassion. Located in the center of Britannia, this booming city is home to merchants, nobles, sailors, and any who travel seeking the heart of Britain. It is a rare Britannian who has not ventured within the city grounds.

    Tell us a story about your experiences in the city of Britain. Do you frequent the shops and taverns, looking for adventures? Perhaps you've attended a performance at the famed King's Men Theater, studied music at the Conservatory, or attended a speech by Lord British.

    Send an e-mail to [email protected] by Friday, June 2nd, and tell us a story of your experiences in Britain. Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words, and include "Britain" in your subject line. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions, and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 7:02 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Exit Akasha
    Hail All!

    Sad news! Akasha, log time member of the Drachenfels community has destroyed her castle and left forever. This artist's rendering from the Drachenfel's Rares Guide, depicts the circumstances of this sad event.

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 6:03 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Death Knights Joust at Asylum Casino in Caina Tonight!
    I was just handed this scroll from the City of Caina.
    Greetings mortals,

    This evening, there will be a joust for all to participate in at the casino this evening. The rules are quite simple:

    1) Bring thy own horse (required).
    2) No magical items during the joust of ANY kind are permitted.
    3) No magical modifiers to your person (bless, strength, potions, etc) are permitted during the joust.
    4) No poison is permitted on the jousting weapons.
    5) Bring with you, or purchase on site, a jousting weapon. The jousting weapons being a halberd for swordsmen, a spear for fencers, and a black staff for armsmen.
    6) The judge's ruling is non-arguable.

    If you wish to participate in the joust or just gamble at the casino, gates shall be provided in Skara Brae Counselors Hall (Felucca facet) from 6:00-6:30pm EST. There be no admission, just come and enjoy yourself *fanged grin*

    Registration for the jousting event will be between 6:00-7:00pm EST, with me, at the casino. Once everyone hath registered, I shall give you a book containing a number. Listen for this number from me, when the jousting begins at 7:00pm EST. Jousting procedure is quite simple, the jousters shall align themselves in the designated areas. On my mark, you shall rush by each other, and try to land a hit on our opponent. Only one hit is permitted. If you stop to inflict more, you shall be disqualified. You shall continue until one opponent falls, or yields. The grand prize for this event is 20,000 gold pieces, along with a suit of armor exquisitely crafted by one of Caina's smiths. I look forward to seeing many of ye there!

    Walk in Darkness,

    I thank you for the notice, Nephilim. Best of luck to the combatants, we look forward to hearing the outcome of this event.

    Yours in the Light,

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 6:00 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Festival of the Spring Moon
    Hail All!

    More news from the UO Home Office:

    "Hear ye, hear ye! If thou art a real roleplayer on Drachenfels, wanting to get new impressions and new friends, just join the Children of the Spring (Kinder der Quelle) in one of their most important religious celebrations.

    "On the evening of June 3 at 4:00PM CST at the Hedge Maze on Trammel (or at our guild tower, if Trammel housing is allowed by then!), a bard competition will take place in the free nature and all children of the godess will come together in peace and joy. For more information just visit our archive and choose "More information about the spring moon". Since Drachenfels is a German shard the liturgy and the main language will be German, but English speaking visitors are welcome as well.

    "May the blessings of the spring be with you!"

    We thank Ariennye Sienae, Guildmistress and High Priestress of the Kinder der Quelle, for this information.

    Go with the virtues!

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 5:58 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Sixth Dragon Auction Announced
    Hail All!

    The Dragon Clan has announced their sixth auction:

    "We have scheduled our sixth in-game auction for May 28 at 8pm GMT in Dragon Town at the roof of the merchant tower. You can bring your item and Zarzal Dragon will try to sell it. PLEASE leave your horse at home!"
    For full details of the Dragon Town auctions, as well as for a useful map, please visit the Dragon Clan and follow the "Auction" link. We thank Zarzal Dragon for this information.

    Go with the virtues!

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 5:51 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Nu J'elem Poetry Contest
    Hail all!

    The UO Home Office has published the following report regarding a poetry contest in Nu J'elem:

    "The Bruderschaft de Ingrimm will be holding a poetry contest on May 28 at 6:00PM GMT next to the bank of Nu J'elem, Trammel."
    The original text for this story can be found at UO Community News.

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 5:48 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Another mad give-away
    A chance to win more gold at Fenris' tavern:

    Spiritwood Tavern Lottery!

    This Sunday, May 28th , the Spiritwood Tavern will host another Lottery. Again it will be at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt).

    This time the grand prize is 100.000 gold pieces! You can buy keys at the tavern all week and they cost 1000 gold pieces each. One person cannot buy more than two however. When that's done, you take your key to Fenris (who will be at the tavern almost every evening and you show it to him to verify if it's real. After that you tell him a number and he'll note it. Perhaps that number will be the lucky number... Please try to register as soon as possible. Good luck everyone!

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

    If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected]

    I hope to see you all there! :-)

    Fenris, the Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

    Thanks Fenris, and I'll have an ale while I'm at it please . . .

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 5:21 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Q & A with Adam Ant
    For those of you who don't know about Adam Ant let me bring you up to speed. As the self-appointed protector for the liches in the dungeon Wind Adam has crossed swords with many other players as chronicled in his cartoon adventures.

    These cartoons are not like ImaNewbie, however, they are all real. Adam has created his own screen shot program (called Grabby) and the story is usually an account of how he spots someone in Wind, sneaks up on them, and engages them in combat. Much of the time he's victorious, sometimes he loses and occasionally they get away. It's always interesting...especially from a PvP perspective. I know I read those accounts trying to capture nuggets of info to help me become a better PvPer.

    He goes into much more detail about his exploits on his web site, but we're going to concentrate today on his proposal for Angel Island. I came across it some time ago and thought it very detailed and interesting. Being somewhat skeptical, I figured it wouldn't go anywhere under OSI, but he's been getting a lot of support from the players and well...check out this Q & A session, go to the web site and see for yourself. Can one man change the world? Probably not, but with a legion of support behind him perhaps OSI will perk their little ears up and consider the possibility.

    Pelle: So Adam, what is it you are trying to accomplish with the Angel Island Proposal?

    Adam Ant: Well, it's easy really. Provide role-played deterrent to Player Killing.

    Pelle: How would Angel Island help? I mean we already have stat-loss, which seems to work just fine.

    Adam Ant: I am of the belief that healthy, role-played evil is a necessary ingredient in any online game. Without it, you take away much of the risk and consequently much of the excitement. Stat-loss is forcing Evil players to try to workaround the system. A good example of working around the system is the notoriety PK. You know someone that plays any one of a dozen tricks to get you to turn gray just so that they can fight and kill you.

    Pelle: And Angel Island would help how?

    Adam Ant: By creating a punishment that gets you off the streets so you cannot hurt anyone while at the same time providing an environment that is interesting enough so that you don't quite the game over it.

    Pelle: Sort of like a Club Dread? :)

    Adam Ant: Yea, sort of.

    Pelle: Well then you want to reward criminals? I'm confused?

    Adam Ant: No. What I want to do is get them off the streets. I mean with Mr. Evil locked-up at Angel Island, he's no longer staking out the crossroads and demanding your money or you life now is he?

    Pelle: Ah, I think I see your point. It's like banishment to another part of the game where they cannot hurt any one.

    Adam Ant: Exactly! Well, not exactly. On Angel Island, these criminals can still attack one another.

    Pelle: Okay, so lets talk about Angel Island. Where is it and how do players get there?

    Adam Ant: It could be many places, any island would do. Perhaps Buc's Den comes to mind. But there could be a problem with player owned houses. Another island that cannot have any houses would be ideal. Actually, there is no reason it could not be on a Trammel island now is there? With the current hold on housing, we could use Buc's Den on Trammel for Angel Island.

    Pelle: Great idea, but how would players get there.

    Adam Ant: I think there are lots of ways to do this but one obvious approach would be to provide permanent gates (perhaps red) that would accept anyone with a murder count > 4.

    Pelle: You said anyone. Don't you mean only a ghost?

    Adam Ant: Well we could restrict it to only a ghost, but why? Maybe we should allow a criminal to surrender and voluntarily enter the gate.

    Pelle: Hmm, not sure I like murderers just walking back and forth at will.

    Adam Ant: No, no, no. This is prison baby. The gate requires you have a murder count> 4 to get in and a murder count < 4 to get out. Those are the rules.

    Pelle: Okay, I enter that gate, now what.

    Adam Ant: Well, you are now naked, all you were carrying *poofed* at the gate. You'll be arriving at the Angel Island infirmary in your diaper. If you entered while a ghost, you will be resurrected without stat-loss. A fun thought I had here would be to get a backpack with a striped prison uniform and maybe a few other essentials. (Forget it merchant folks, these won't leave the island.)

    Pelle: And?

    Adam Ant: Well, for phase one of my proposal you only need to limit access to the island like is being done now for Haven. (Recall, Gate and boat access.) I believe this is sufficient to get Angel Island off the ground.

    Pelle: Heh heh, I thought you said this would be fun or at least bearable for the inmate. This sounds like a fate worse than death!

    Adam Ant: Oh, I don't know about that. There is all the mining, lumberjacking, tailoring etc... Plus there would be some NPCs with limited amounts of supplies, which are otherwise contraband.

    Pelle: Like?

    Adam Ant: Well, potions, bandages, reagents, weapons etc...There will likely be skirmishes and will be highly prized.

    Pelle: What phase II and phase III, what happens here?

    Adam Ant: Phase II and Phase II start to build on the basic island concept. One of the very exciting aspects of Phase II is that escape is not impossible. I think this will create cooperation among the inmates as they will certainly need each other it they plan to escape.

    Pelle: Escape? I thought this was a place to get them off the streets? I thought they would be out of circulation for an extended amount of time?

    Adam Ant: Don't confuse the prospect of escape with a sure thing. I've tried to engineer the escape scenarios such that by simply tweaking the items available on NPCs, the UO development team can adjust the likelihood of escape. I assume it will be very difficult to escape and most will not be able to escape at all. (And will probably die a lot trying.)

    Pelle: What are these escape scenarios you mention? Is this the cave and rescue by boat?

    Adam Ant: Yes. The cave is not unlike many of the dungeons already in existence. This cave would be one way to prevent outside help. The cave is also designed to be far more difficult for the individual than the group effort. Drake fodder and body shields if you will :) Basically the cave will be filled with monsters and you will need lanterns, torches, potions, bandages, heal regs and weapons. Also stealth walkers would be prevented from having an advantage by placing reveal tiles all about, preferably near the nastiest monsters.

    Pelle: This could be a problem if the chosen island doesn't already have a dungeon or cave.

    Adam Ant: True. I don't know how difficult a dungeon is to add to an island that doesn't already have one. However if you did have one and it didn't exit at the mainland, you could simply stick a permanent gate somewhere to act as the exit.

    Pelle: Okay, so what is the boat rescue and how will it that achieved?

    Adam Ant: Well there's the low tide / high tide idea from the proposal, but I came up with a new idea which I think is really cool. Basically you use the Treasure Hunting machinery that is already in place within the game. Level 5 maps that resolve to the island would generate a special Gate instead of (or in addition to) the normal treasure chest. This gate would serve as the exit portal for the inmate.

    Pelle: Oh I see! The rescuers would need a GM Cartographer to decode the 'escape route' and to 'locate and dig the tunnel' off the island! Sweet!

    Adam Ant: Yes, and the rescuers would need to contend with the extremely nasty that comes with a spawn as well as round-up their buddy they are trying to spring. This won't be an easy task. Maybe these maps should be a different color so they can be identified without being decoded?

    Pelle: As difficult as a level 5 spawn is, players are still pretty good at defeating them. How could the developers tweak the difficulty?

    Adam Ant: Hmm, well possibly impose a character weight limit that is half or a third of what it is on the main land. This would restrict the amount of reagents and weaponry they could carry. Another thought would be to simply increase the spawn or impose a time limit when the gate goes *poof*.

    Pelle: Tell me about this high tide idea for rescues by sea.

    Adam Ant: You would restrict access to the island by boat, probably using the same code the developers are currently doing with Haven. You would then enable some set of skills to determine when the 'high tide' would be and where the boat could safely dock. Once docked you would likely have to contend with a nasty spawn, get your comrade and get back on the boat before the tide went out.

    Pelle: It's probably not terribly important, but what skills do you expect would be used to land the boat safely?

    Adam Ant: Well the obvious choice would be cartography. Other tools to use may be the telescope, compass or possibly a crystal ball!

    Pelle: Heh heh, you mean give the crystal ball some actual value? :)

    Pelle: Anything else you would like our readers to know about the proposal?

    Adam Ant: Two things really. Firstly, I love the idea of a new class of NPC on the island. Some of these NPC's are prison guards. Now these aren't the invulnerable guards that we have today, but simply well equipped guards that can kick the crap outa most inmates. Remember, you won't have your favorite katana to force here on Angel Island! To successfully 'take out' a guard you're likely going to need to team up with other inmates and you better not loose the fight either! If you should loose the battle and that NPC guard hooks up with other guards, that guard will both report you (increasing your sentence) and call on more guards to attack you. But sometimes using your head is better because some of the NPCs will be dirty and give information and may even take bribes.

    Adam Ant: The other interesting aspect is blues on the island. As designed so far, they can only get to the island using the 'rescue by sea' method. But there is nothing stopping them from attacking and killing reds once they get there. What I'm proposing is that any blue characters coming to the island be flagged as gray to all reds (not other blues.)

    Pelle: Why is this interesting and why is it even an issue?

    Adam Ant: Well I think if you go out with the intent to kill a red, or for that matter to break a red out of prison, you are not innocent. Not in the real world and not in Sosaria. Therefore if you are blue and come to the island to seek revenge on a red and possible collect a bounty, you had better be prepared for the consequences. While you may be better armed, there are likely more reds here than your group and the inmates probably won't take too kindly to outsiders coming to Angel Island to pick fights.

    Pelle: What's to stop a large group of blues from going there and just camping and continually harassing the reds, not that that's all bad :)

    Adam Ant: Well if Angel Island is implemented with the 'high tide' mechanism for getting on the island, then the blues that are over staying their welcome may find their boat was destroyed on the rocks when the tide went out. Doh!

    Pelle: Well that's all I have Mr. Ant. I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us here at stratics...

    Adam Ant: Thank you Pelle for having me.

    Once again that web site is:

    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 2:35 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    A Call to All Elves
    Erelast Orcrist sent us the following announcement :
    Ai Edhel,

    I stand before you to report our failure to reach the shrine of Justice in good order yester eve (Thursday). Unfortunately, owing to other commitments, only three of us were able to make the first attempt.

    All went well until after we had passed the area of the crypts east of Yew and entered the actual promontory upon which the shrine is located. Our scouting trip showed little enemy activity two days ago yet, last night, the foul creatures of Minax were out in force. I can only assume that they knew we were coming. We were only some 300 yards from the shrine when we ran into a large group that had been lying in ambush for us. Huge creatures, like two-headed ogres, assailed us supported by lizardmen, ratmen and giant poisonous spiders. It became obvious that we were outclassed so I called to my two brethren to fall back to the crypts. Unfortunately, Valentine - our resident mage - was trapped and pinned by some of these creatures and failed to break free. I and our valiant bowman drew back, sorely hurt, to the crypt area where we realised Valentine had not folowed. I ordered him to return to Yew and went forward once more to look for my missing comrade. After fighting, running and hiding for some minutes I arrived at the shrine to find the area clear of monsters, and Edhel!

    At some juncture, detecting our distress, Mistress Wood had despatched her protector, Elinarson, to assist us and I found a hastily scribbled note at the shrine to inform me that he was attempting to aid Valentine who was near death by the river. I summoned further help knowing of Mannix the Viking, an elf-friend and great healer, who immediately rode to our aid. Shortly after his arrival, the Lady's protector staggered into the shrine, bleeding and battered, to collapse upon it seeking healing. The shrine did not respond!

    It would seem that the evil in the land has disabled the Shrine's healing powers, good friends, and that they can no longer be relied upon in time of need. Mannix applied bandages to Elinarson and restored him to full health using all his skills, but it was a close thing. Elinarson informed us of Valentine's location and the three of us went to collect him and Elinarson's goods which he was guarding. Once we knew all were hale and healthy we returned by means of Valentine's magicks to the fair town of Yew and thus do I end my report.

    I must exhort ALL of Elvenkind to attend us this evening (Friday 26/5 20:00CET) at the Abbey on Trammel so that we may try once more to create a clear path to the shrine. Greater numbers can prevail, and what we learned yester eve will enable us to be prepared.

    This time we shall succeed!

    Tenna' telwan...

    Erelast Orcrist

    Thanks Erelast ! May your kind be successful in this task...
    Posted on Saturday, May 27, 2000, 1:26 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Moonglow Defense Force seeks assistance
    Pattycat submitted this to us:

    Recruiting for the Moonglow Defense Force
  • Time: 1:00 pm, CST
  • Date: May 28th and 29th
  • Where: Moonglow Telescope
  • All are welcome to speak and learn about the MDF. We guard the CoH (Council of Honesty) also defend the town of Moonglow and help other towns, as well. At this time, we are looking for " A Brink Wall." He attacked an elder council member during the last meeting. Currently, we are looking for his hide out.

    If interested, please come by or contact Paddycat.

    Thanks, Paddy, and continue the good work!

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 11:53 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Swap Meet winners
    The Swap Meet held in the Serpent's Hold war room last night was a smashing success. Watch for a series of articles and pictures of the event in the next couple of days - too much happened to cram it all into one article!

    Here is a list of winners and the prizes they've won. I'll be in contact with each of you to arrange for delivery of your gift.

  • Athos De'Estats: A painting, donated by Gaal
  • Jasper Eclipse: 5k bank check, donated by Lock Goldlust
  • Elrond: 2 horses, donated by Seofon
  • Uther: Deeds for a large forge and anvil, donated by Crafter
  • Matt-the-Second: Deeds for a small forge and anvil, donated by Crafter
  • Iyanga: Bag of assorted goodies, donated by Jasper Eclipse
  • Rider: Keg of Greater Poison, donated by Antheras
  • Richard De'Vante: Three potion kegs, donated by Crafter
  • Antheras: A treasure map, donated by a handsome, mysterious benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous
  • Guild Mule: GM armor set of choice (ranger, chain or plate), donated by Giorgio Armani
  • Stratics would like to thank everyone who helped make this event so incredible: those who so generously donated door prizes; Melva, our "town cryer" who announced the event at the banks for us; the Siege Perilous volunteer team who, as always, gave their all; and most of all to the 40 players who came to participate - without your attendance and cooperation, none of this would have been possible.

    I'll get the stories up as quickly as I can (though this will be a busy weekend for me as I am participating in the Austin Players' Gathering tonight and tomorrow.) If you would like to send a note expressing your feelings about the event, I will include your comments.

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 11:34 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Elves of Sosaria Seek there Kin...
    Greetings one and all,

    'Twas a night not long ago that I sat in my comfortable little house, situated on a shorefront up near the northern forests. Winter was still several months away yet there was a nasty chill blowing in from the sea on this night and I was much pleased to sit near the fireplace, sipping on some wine I had bought from the brewery in Yew while I scribed a few lyrics for a song I had been working on lately. A combination of wine and the lovely warmth began to wear me down and as sleep almost overtook me a rapping on the door had me wide awake in an instant.

    The hour was late... who in their right mind would be wandering in this area on a night like this? Still, not one to be rude, I opened the door and held a lantern high so as to see who would be requesting shelter and found I was facing three people, all in the brown and green shades of people who were used to living in the forest. Even though I stood aside so as to allow them entry they stood rooted to the spot, watching me from within their hooded cloaks. You could imagine my surprise as they removed their hoods revealing the angular faces, tilted eyes and slightly pointed ears of the elven people!

    With the grace of a cat they entered my little house, taking in everything at a glance. I suddenly became aware of an odd sensation, something like a feeling of kinship towards these mysterious folk. Feeling rather at a loss for words I managed to offer them a seat and some wine to warm themselves with, which they accepted with humble thanks. The began, much to my surprise, by asking me about my parents. After hearing the story of my childhood they shared ominous looks and proceeded to tell me that my father, a man who served Trinsic as a paladin, was in fact an elf! Surely they were quite mistaken for I had seen him many a time and never did he have the telltale physical signs of not being human. They explained he would have used a magic to disguise himself, as many elven people have done over the years, to protect his ancetory. With broad smiles they proceeded to tell me that this made me half elven, and they had come to seek me out in the hoped I would join them within the new gathering of elves in the northern forests. Total shock is the only way I could describe what I felt at that moment. Me? A half elf? My mind raced as I stammered out that I would travel with them, even if just to search out inspiration for another song.

    The days following were incredible for among the few gathered elves I immediately felt an empty space within me being filled by their companionship. Ever since I was a child have I loved music, and feel honored to have heard Iolo play in Britain, yet the skill they possed with harp and lute was unbelievable. Their craftwork was second to none and I truly felt that I was at home.

    I sit here now, within the citadel of the elven people, again warmed by a comfortable fireplace and sipping on Yew wine, but surrounded by a beauty I thought could never exist. But the beauty is troubled... An ancient enemy of my people gathers in strength, namely the Orcs of Kor!

    A horrid and barbaric race if ever there was one, seeking nothing more than to assault and threaten all who travel through their land.

    So, it is with this problem that the elven folk seek to once again be reunited under the one banner of the great spirit Tauremorna and fight back against the minions of Kor. I ask ye now, people of Oceania-Britannia, do ye suffer from a longing that cannot seem to be fulfilled? Perhaps the ancient blood of the elven people flow's through your veins! The Elves of Sosaria gather once more and we call to all elven people in the lands to read through our ancient texts, which we have hidded away at -

    The time of the elves has arisen once more, the Elves of Sosaria!
    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 10:09 PM EDT by Multani (Oceania)

    The Black One Strikes, Again!

    Once again, the city of Dragon's bay, the Sandlewood box, and Krista's ranger station all suffered at the hands of the Black one today. During the morning hours, the Sandlewood box and Dragon's bay were under severe attack from orcs, ettins, spiders, and serpents. Many good people died from mass poison and overwhelming odds during this battle. In Dragon's bay, OGD and friends of virtue joined forces in driving the Black one from the bayou, after he demanded the fragments of the tome of the Gold one. Sandlewood suffered just as badly from the black one at the same time, taking a severe beating from orcs, ettins and serpents. Ryak and the patrons of the Sandlewood fought against incalculable odds, yet were victorious.

    The crisis however, would not end there. During the evening of the day, Sandlewood would be attacked again by the Black one, and the combined forces of Dragon's point, Dragon's Bay, CAD, HCD, TUR, and Sandlewood would fight in this battle. Not soon after, the residents of Krista's ranger station would also be assaulted by the black one's minions. Massive Reapers would appear at the steps of the ranger station, along with orcs and ettins in plenty. Elwynn, Miriamele Morgan, and various supporters of the establishment dealt with the infestation with swift retaliation.

    Despite the jubilation, all was not well after that. The Drow elf guild known as BDA (Bregan D'Aerth) appeared at the Sandlewood box, and proclaimed that they would side with the Black one and fight for him. It was rumored that the BDA was also seeking to eliminate Ryak of Sandlewood, but has not been confirmed.

    Meanwhile, the city of Dragon's bay remains on alert, and the citizens there have been instructed to remain vigilant during this time of war.

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 4:29 PM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Citizens meet to discuss possible council for Yew
    "The idea would be to meet once a month and discuss current affairs in Yew and the world," Khelek Naure began, addressing the crowd who'd come to explore the possibilities for forming the Yew Council of Justice. "We could have an elected council or just a chairperson to run the meetings. I would hope that other cities would also form councils."

    Many guilds were represented there: PoC, OGE/CGG, YEW, LDH, OCA, and PTK. An open forum, people freely expressed their views and ideas concerning how the council might be shaped and what its functions would be.

    One topic of discussion was the inclusion of some of Britannia's darker inhabitants. It was agreed that the council would be open for all to participate, regardless of demeanor or affiliation. Furie commented, "Mutual inter-guild cooperation is needed and the guilds must learn to help those not guilded and each other."

    "What of the large red guilds? Would they be included, or at least invited?" Salo asked.

    Furie responded, "We can only judge on actions, not on names. I have met many honorable GC."

    The Yew council would be a starting point, the trailblazer for other towns and cities that might wish to organize councils of their own, then chose representatives from each of those council to participate in a council which attended to the concerns across the realm.

    No policies or council business was decided that night. The purpose of this initial gathering was to test the waters for interest and cooperation. Finding that there would be ample amounts of both, a second meeting has been scheduled for Monday, June 5 th. Details will be released as they become available.

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 3:52 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    "Bunny Hunt" For Newbies
    It's the newbies!! You have to love them! And here is a great event to get them started out in the world of Britannia:
    Attention Newbies! Join Us in a "Bunny Hunt"! Members of The Renshi Clan will be holding a special training event for new characters on the afternoon of May 27th! We will be meeting in the town of Moonglow (Trammel) on the Chesapeake shard at 1pm EST in the large field next to the bank. At 1:30pm, we will begin a two-hour journey through the Moonglow woodlands.

    Along the way, "young" and neophyte players will have opportunities to combat some forest critters and lesser animals under the protective wing of experienced players. This will also be a chance to begin building stats and get familiar with working as a team. Magic-users are invited too! One of the benefits of the stroll through Moonglow is the opportunity for beginning spellcasters to fill their bags with the regents found growing wild throughout the woods. An extra benefit is that mages can build spell abilities while healing and curing other "bunny hunters".

    This event is free for all! If you have a new character, please show up for this event! See the community calendar section for more information!

    The Fair Fender
    Renshi Clan (TRC)
    "Shoguns of Harlem"
    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 2:29 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Dark Tower opens Evil Stronghold of Scythe
    I recieved this from Beldock:

    Hail all dark brethren and enemies! Everyone in the realm is hereby invited to attend our grand opening of Scythe on Saturday May 27 at 6pm PST! The Dark Tower is expanding its influence in the lands of Sosaria. We have claimed the peninsula, North of Trinsic Swamp as the foundation for our city. A new era of darkness shall be upon all, as we celebrate with food and drink. Events such as the ever popular, "Mordrok's Tear the Puppy", Sacrificing of Nobles, and of course drunken duels. The Master, Na-Krul will be on hand to deliver an opening speech and to show off our rather interesting collection of evil artifacts. Other buildings include, the magical research laboratory, which houses books on Ether.

    Once more, all are welcome whether enemies or allies. Gates will be provided from Castle British for those who need it.

    Let the Darkness of Scythe, touch all your hearts...

    Beldock, Cabal of Ether DT

    Thank you Beldock, that is the kind of news I like!

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 9:12 AM EDT by Jacob (Baja)

    Pirates attack Trinsic
    I was at my home in Felucca editing some documents for Stratics when I suddenly received word - Trinsic was under siege once again. Grabbing some equipment I gated myself over just at the tail end of a nasty battle. Dead bodies littered the streets. My feet were covered with blood as I waded my way through.

    It seems pirates had swarmed into town with a few elementals backing them up. But these weren't any ordinary pirates...they were all women! I was hoping they be hot like Geena Davis in Cutthroat Island, but alas that wasn't the case. So, I chopped a few of them up and tried to find out what I had missed.

    They came out of nowhere I was told. At least a hundred of them. An eyewitness, Bardo, relayed to me how the fighting was hot and heavy until someone's pet dragon made charbroil out of the wee lasses. After that point it was mop-up time.

    So, the question is why are pirates attacking Trinsic? And why are they all women? Not that I mind...perhaps they come from a culture where the women fight and the men stay at home to cook.

    If any of you pirate ladies are reading this I just want you to know I make a mean mongbat salad.

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 7:40 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Ancient Tomes Found!
    I just recieved this from Amairgen:

    On Buccaneer's Den during a recent meeting of mysterious nature, three ancient tomes were presented to Adian O'Rourke (Guildmaster - Rangers of the Realm).

    The full meaning and interpretation of these tomes is not yet complete as they have been inscribed using an uncommon dialect of the Elven language. Enough of the deciphering has however been done and verified to reveal that an ancient island known as Arnk existed (may still exist), which was home to the original clan of all Rangers in the land. Also revealed is the fact that this clan was comprised of both Elven and Human members.

    Much is still to be discovered. What caused this island to become unknown? What caused the ancient Ranger clan to disband spreading their off spring and bloodline throughout Britannia?

    The strange man who delivered the tomes to Adian O'Rourke hinted that certain members of RoR were direct descendants of the ancient clan's leaders. This appears to be the reason RoR was the chosen recipient of the tomes.

    While the interpretation of the tomes will continue with the consultation of Britannia's scholars, the implications are already having an impact on Baja's future.

    The Rangers of Spiritwood (one of Baja's oldest guilds) have reviewed the findings to date. They have become convinced that the Rangers of the Realm are the true inheritors of Ranger Lore, and the direct descendants of the ancient clan.

    The Rangers of Spiritwood (RoS) have now cast down their stone and become members of the Rangers of the Realm (RoR) in support of the new knowledge.

    This is a time of rejoicing among all rangers! History is being unveiled and the future path of rangers may soon be clear. The knowledge gained will benefit every ranger in the land as Ranger clans cooperate and share their proud heritage.

    More information about the Tomes and the Buccaneer's Den meeting may be found on the RoR Website at

    Thank you for your news, quite interesting...

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 7:04 AM EDT by Jacob (Baja)

    New Baja Reporter
    Hail everyone, I am Jacob. I am the new reporter for Baja. I will try to bring you quick and informative news as often as I can. Just a little about my character. I have played since the just about 2 months after the release of UO and my main chararacter has always been Jacob. Right now he is a member of the Dark Tower and will be very happy to report on any news beneficial to them :) and not too happy about anything against them. Well, I hope to see you all in game and I hope you send in some interesting news.
    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 6:41 AM EDT by Jacob (Baja)

    AD Treasure Map Runes Expand
    The Arx Draconis Treasure Map Rune Library continues to expand offering Atlantic shards players a great free, public service.

    For those who dont know, the TMap Rune Library is a service located in the player run city of Arx Draconis. It contains a huge selection of runes (far more than similar sites since it the oldest of its kind having more time to collect and categorize them) going to the spots of the known Treasure Maps. When you get a map you decode it it, locate where it is on the website map and record the rune number. Go to the TMap runes and recall off that rune and dig. No hunting. No wasting time.

    Recently it has been expanded. A whole new selection of runes has been added. Already present are the TMap runes, mining spot runes, rare item spawn runes and all the standard runes like banks, healers, reg shops, inns etc.. Now added to the library is a worldwide grid of runes covering the dungeons and the surface world. There is no spot you cant get with 2-3 screens of in one recall now. Check out the additional webpage to support this feature.

    In addition, the TMap runes is proud to announce a sister site will open up in the new lands as soon as housing is allowed. The runes are all marked and it will open the first day large houses are allowed on the same island but in the new lands. We aim to meet all you Treasure Hunting and rune needs in either world. Check us out!

    Arx Draconis Runekeeper

    Thankye, Cartman for this news.
    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 5:29 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Positions Available on Jhelom Council

    Greetings! The Jhelom City Council of Valor is currently looking for people to Fill in positions for the Council. The Following Positions are Available:
    -Town Clerk
    -Treasurer (Must be trusted by Mayor & Advisor)
    -Guard Positions (Will be evalulated by Advisor, to see what position you will take)

    If you are interested in any of these Positions Email Laein Simorian a

    I will be Announcing Meeting Dates soon!

    -Laein Simorian, Felucca Mayor of Jhelom

    Thankye, Mayor, for this news.
    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 5:24 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    More info on the Gold one...
    The following report comes in from Willow, Master Scribe:

    There me was, jus' a sittin outside of Sandlewood scribing a few of me favorite little spells to parchment, when me feels a strong wind a'blowing. Me hair quickly becomes tousled, falling or'e me eyes. Remembering the fine gentlemen nearby who had been sparring to help strengthen their muscles, I quickly brushed me hair from my eyes in the hopes of catchin' the eye of one of these fine warriors. To me owns dismay, when me eyes could see again, a black dragon near the size o' a small house be standing right there in front of everyone! 'Twas whispered by a few of the now defensive-minded warriors that this be the Black One himself! This beast begins telling us a lil' story so me grabs a new scroll from me backpack and starts penning down his words...

    "Many many many centuries ago, the Gold One and I were having much the same battle. The Gold One had summoned 8 maidens of virtue. Each one an archmage capable of spells that would level whole countrysides. He gathered them near an ancient Yew tree to complete a powerful spell to bind me. Each one dressed in a silken robe of differing colors. I look on hidden from view by magic. They gathered and started ancient intonements. The Gold One turned away satisfied they could create the spell. She was going to find me and lure me to this place, little did she know I was there. As the words rolled off their lips... I took away my shroud of invisibility. Each of the maidens eyes were closed, but they sensed me like a cold chill. The first one had barely opened her eyes when my mouth had closed around her chest. The others leaped into action summoning spells and throwing them at me, each one sapping my strength. Another 2 fell to my fiery breath, five remained. They formed a line and hurled devastating spell after spell, each one burning into my flesh. One wing dropped limp, and rivers of blood ran from my side. Then I retaliated. Spells of the ancients and an almost unlimited pool of mana created a magewar like I've never seen. Shields of energy were raised, and as quickly, broken down. We fought for dominion over daemon and zombie hordes, over blessed creatures and dark mists. One by one, they ran out of magic to sustain the assault. Although horribly wounded, only one remained. I was equally as wounded though. I summoned my most powerful spell... The Darkness of Chaos. It shot out from me like... abhorring the very nature of life. Light twisted around it, and it was a pure bolt of chaos. Suddenly, a shimmering wall appeared between me and the maiden. The souls of those maidens I had killed, had gathered and formed a shield. The area around the maiden was horribly deformed, but she still stood. Then... she was gone. I heard a low growl behind me and I felt claws sink into my tail. I whipped around and there the Gold One stood. I lashed out with my teeth, catching her wing. Fire... spell... and claws, it became a blur of madness. She had invested much power into the maidens and I was horribly wounded. The battle seemed to last an eternity but finally the Gold One was almost dead. I myself was only hanging on by a thread. But she had no more reserves. Nothing left... and then I felt it. The 8th maiden had returned. She did not have enough power to bind me, but bolts of pure light struck me. In agony I whirled to face the maiden but I was too weak and slowly darkness fell upon my eyes. But without all 8, the best they could do was block me. They could not keep me from this land. So I was sent to a place... I could view this world and act upon it in small ways. It was like a shadowy realm... Like looking at a pond, only from the bottom, while you mortals looked at it from the top... And that's where I found allies. And when a wizard managed to open a rift to let me escape, but that is another story...."

    With that, a guttural laugh could be heard as this dragon flies off ina' the distance... This occurred two evenins' ago, but me hands have been shakin' since that encounter so it weren't easy to read me scribbles as me hand was unsteady. I listened briefly to those brave men and women who weren't a'runnin fer cover when the dragon arrived. I penned the names of Scart, Valazar, Missy, and Chryse from TUR village, amongst many others such as Hugh the Hand an' Andrew Bishop. It weren't easy to understand much in the shouts that erupted from everyones mouth but m'thinks this dragon be the same one spotted at Dragon's Point, Dragon's Bay and TUR Village. Someone even mentioned 'twas the Black One who guided that foul smellin' Grak da Black and Bloodrock Orcs in their attempt to steal the seventh fragment from Sandlewood weeks past....Well, time fer me to be leavin'... I've a few more scrolls that remain unfinished and me customers be none too forgiving....

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 5:04 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Are you with us?
    In my endless quest for knowledge and news, I often spend hours reading the various messageboards created by guilds and organizations, using links provided at one to find another.

    I am working now to update our own shard specific links section here at Stratics. Please check it out. If your website is not listed, please add it to our resource.

    I am hoping to begin updating the Establishments section very soon and adding some Spotlight stories and interviews, which are currently works-in-progress. If you have suggestions for stories you'd like to see or know of something newsworthy we'd love to hear from you.

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 4:57 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    The Search for The Silver Cauldron Fragment

    Perhaps it was an illusion, but as the magical gate opened a cold breeze seemed to blow in from the portal. One by one, the clansmembers stepped through the blue gate, leaving behind the sunny shores of Magincia to set foot on the solid tundra of Ice Island. The Honor Clan of Cernunnos had been investigating many false trails lately, but the rumored artifact-fragment found by the Holy Disciples of the Darkness had a ring of truth to it.

    Centuries ago, perhaps before the age of Exodus, the silver cauldron of Cernunnos had been broken into fragments and scattered to the corners of the realm. From ancient druidic legend, this cauldron was a vessel that, when intact, would allow Cernunnos' followers to summon his incarnation. Cernunnos is known by many names; Pan, the Lord of the Hunt, the Horned God. Eleven fragments had been assembled by Cernunnos' devoted pagan followers, yet two pieces remained to be found. With this in mind, the HCC clansmembers drew their cloaks tightly against the numbing cold and trudged toward the headquarters of the HDD.

    The Dark General Navrip Freemech met the HCC outside their building, flanked by the Nightlord Nexus GraveHeart and a cowering slave holding a leather bag. Zappa of the HCC spoke first, "Greetings, dark ones."
    "Greetings, slaves of the light," Navrip countered. The HDD slave, Abel, began to chatter incoherently about deer and black smothering smoke. (Abel had been present when the cauldron fragment was discovered by the HDD. Perhaps he was reliving his traumatic experience of a deer-herd which had stampeded from the forest and struck down many of the HDD excavation team as the fragment was wrenched from the ground...)

    According to the mutual terms of inspection, the HCC gave the slave a wide berth. At Navrip's command, Abel came to his senses and meekly laid the cauldron fragment in the snowy ground for public view. Navrip bellowed, "Hold the fragment up, slave!"
    "I...obey," Abel whimpered, raising the silver fragment above his head with trembling hands. Callisto Gabriel of the HCC spoke, "We have seen many forgeries, and from this view we cannot tell the fragment's truth."
    "There is one way to tell, by your own reports Navrip. Touch the fragment, and if it's legitimate it will burn your flesh....if you have any flesh under that mechanical armor ," Trekonn of HCC suggested. Trekonn's wife Alyce said, "Legend speaks of the cauldron fragment searing the flesh of dark-worshippers. If this holds true, it will surely scorch your evil hand, Navrip."
    With great intensity, Navrip muttered, "Very well, if proof you require." He seized the silver fragment in his platemailed fist, and immediately his glove glowed red with heat. "Damn you!" he raged as he released his grip on the fragment, thrusting his arm into a snowy embankment to cool it.

    Zappa nodded and smiled with satisfaction at the fragment's authenticity, and also for the pain it had dealt his enemy Navrip. "What are your terms of trade, Dark General? We would own this cauldron fragment, name your price. Gold, weapons, ships, even real estate." Slowly withdrawing his hand from the melting snow, Navrip intoned, "In exchange for the fragment, I require one of your member to pledge himself or herself unerringly to the darkness, and let me perform a ritual that will ensure their loyalty." Swifty, a Lodgeman of HCC retorted, "Never! That would bring dishonor to our clan, and Cernunnos would frown upon it." Navrip sneered, "Those are the terms. If you must have the fragment, then you'll be willing to make this trade. It's hardly an unreasonable sacrifice." Swifty and HCC henchman Devin Darkstarr responded in unison, "Then we will take the piece by force!" Nexus GraveHeart leaped in front of the slave Abel, drawing steel. "If ye wish a fight, then by all means, come at me!"

    "We needn't resort to this, yet. I believe that Abel, holder of the fragment, will cooperate with us, when he sees the protection we can provide him," Callisto Gabriel's soothing words seemed to calm Abel's confused rantings. "Have you ever known freedom, Abel? I think you can find the strength to come with us, and we will set you free. Give us the fragment willingly, and we will free you from the clutches of the Disciples of Darkness." At these persuasions, Abel's eyes clouded over momentarily, and a glimmer of hope appeared on his face.
    "Back in line, slave! You'll do as you are told by Me and no other!" Navrip shouted, verbally beating Abel into submission. "You have seven days to choose a sacrificial member for trade, pagans. Those are the terms, and if you value your broken silver pot you'll bring me a suitable soul."

    Zappa replied slowly, "We may accept your terms, or we may not. But we will own the fragment, do not doubt that. The HCC will meet you in seven days, Disciples of Darkness." Alyce summoned a gate, and the Honor Clan of Cernunnos departed the frozen wastes, with heavy hearts because they knew a terrible decision had to be made, and little time to decide.

    Zappa of the HCC

    Most intriguing news, thankye, Zappa.
    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 4:57 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    The Battle Escalates
    This just in from the BDA:

    Vendui Wealen Williams,

    Last night we, the Drow of Bregan D'Aerth, decided to stop by the Sandlewood for a drink, and perhaps some small ammount of sport. After a few moments of conversation with the human wealen that were present the glorious Dark One arrived outside. We watched him taunt the wealen for a few moments more and invited him to our stronghold.

    Once we arrived the Jabberess struck a deal with the Masterful Dark One. The Drow of Bregan D'Aerth, with the full support of the Dark One, would like you and all wealen to know that we will support the cause of chaos until the end of time! Prepare yourself wealen... It will not be long before the Knights of Chaos ride forth to destroy all that you hold dear. Victory will be ours, and Chaos will reighn forever!

    Bregan D'Aerth Ultrin!

    Silence DeNue
    Bregan D'Aerth

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 4:48 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Looking for a Few Good Pens
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then mayhaps UOSS' Oceania News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about Oceania and her citizens.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Oceania to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    Be a talented writer
    Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Oceania community
    Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    Be pro-active

    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Oceania Application" as the subject.

    1.Real name
    2.Contact email address
    3.ICQ number (if applicable)
    4.Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5.Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal
    6.Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS?
    7.Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8.Any questions???

    Applications are due no later than midnight June 7, 2000. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 4:33 AM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    BOW finds a new home at UO Stratics
    With great pleasure I announce that the Britannia Order of Woodcrafters has chosen Stratics as its new home. If you wonder what BOW is, then read their charter:
    We are a guild of Bowyers, Carpenters, Tinkers, and Lumberjacks. Aligned together to help improve those crafts that are so important to us, and to make sure our crafts do not get over looked, and to make sure that any changes implemented will be changes that are needed to better our crafts. We are here to help other Bowyers, Carpenters, Tinkers, and Lumberjacks, in times of need, and to provide that last hope of glory in achieving the title of Grandmaster.

    As we come together as one order, we will rise with our strength to help support each other and to contribute in any way we can as whole, as a family, as an Order of Woodcrafters.

    Driving force behind BOW are the Shard Guildmasters in general and Jack Daniels II of Atlantic to be specific. Some of you may know Jack as moderator of our Carpenter and Lumberjack Forums.

    I wish all BOW members a pleasant stay here :)

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 3:28 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    More than 500 UO Related Links
    Today the UO Stratics Resource database reached a milestone. We now offer more than 500 links to websites that have something to do with Ultima Online. All links are stored in categories, which makes finding that link you are looking for a breeze. Main categories are:
    • Comedy and Shows
    • General Boards
    • General News
    • Information
    • Miscellaneous
    • Organizations
    • Shard Specific
    • Tools and Utilities
    • Trading
    • Ultima Online 2
    And ofcourse there are lots of sub-categories as well. Too much to mention actually, go have a look yourself. Should you own a UO related website yourself, then feel free to add it to the database so others can find you too. Make sure you enter your website under the proper category to speed up the authorization process.

    When you're all done in the UO Section, then also have a look at the Stratics Resource databases for Asheron's Call, Atriarch, Everquest, Heroes Journey, Jumpgate, Neverwinter Nights, Shadowbane and Sovereign.

    Posted on Friday, May 26, 2000, 3:15 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    The "Blackthorn" web site
    Ramirez sent us the following:
    Hail and well met. My name is Ramirez of LS from the Markee Dragon site. Some of you may know me from my work as the Head Moderator of the very successful Rares Forum at Markee Dragon. Well, I have recently been promoted to Webmaster of the Blackthorn site at Markee Dragon. In my new position I will be responsible for promoting, growing, and maintaining the site.

    In case you don't know about the site, I'll give you a little background. The Blackthorn site is targeted at a more mature audience than the Masters of UO site. It is more lightly moderated and lacks the profanity filters we apply on the Good side. The Blackthorn site is also targeted at the darker side of UO: Player Killers, Thieves, Evil Roleplaying, and other dark aspects. We also offer free guild forum hosting for any of you GMs out there that need a place to call your own.

    If you have any questions about the site, would like to volunteer, or need a guild forum hosted, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Or, stop by the site at Or, if the darker side isn't quite your style, you can still find me on the nice side at I look forward to seeing you all in the forums.
    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 8:47 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

    Three years of UO screen shots
    We received the following from Markee Dragon:
    Markee Dragon dares to expose the last 3 years in UO history!

    UO Screenshots has been touting for the last year that it is the largest collection of Ultima Online screenshots. This large collection of shots has just received a major overhaul. Now with more shots covering everything from Pre-Alpha days, Screwups, bugs and exploits from the past. (Don't worry, we're not giving any shots of current day bugs. Only ones that have been fixed.)

    We have worked hard on this site and turned it into a work of art. Come visit and take a flashback trip through the last 3 years of UO history.

    Markee Dragon

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 8:42 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

    UORudder: A utility for Sailors
    Fiddles sent us the following announcement:
    Being a sea-faring type, I have always found navigation to be a bit cumbersome, so I set out to write a simple program that would navigate my boat for me with out the need for dozens of macros.

    Thus was born UORudder. This program is written in Visual Basic, and does not in anyway interfere with the datastream from UO. It simply - for lack of better terminology - sends multiple key stokes to UO spelling out what to do.

    The download is only 1.5mb and the program is very handy. you can find it at:

    Fiddles (S*S)
    GM Bard

    I gave UORudder a quick runthrough. Works as advertised. A very handy little utility!
    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 8:04 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

    No new housing this weekend
    Several of our readers informed us that Calandryll posted the following on the various boards yesterday:
    Just to let everyone know, housing will not start this weekend. We have more testing to accomplish and in truth, opening housing on Memorial Day weekend (when many players might be away on vacations) would not be a good idea.
    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 7:12 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Developer's Roundtable: Fiction in Online Gaming
    The following is from Lum the Mad:
    The "Lum the Mad" website, in conjunction with the Crossroads Gaming Network, has hosted the first in a series of discussions among leading game developers about topics of interest in massively multiplayer online gaming.

    This week's "Myschyf's Roundtable" deals with how to present a coherent fiction in online gaming. Participants include developers from Everquest, Ultima Online, Ultima Worlds Online: Origin (the former Ultima Online 2), Asheron's Call, Shadowbane, among many others.

    The roundtable can be found at

    Lum the Mad

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 7:01 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

    Announcing the First Magincia City Council Meeting
    News from the City of Magincia!

    The Magincian City Council will be holding it's first meeting Sunday, May 28th, at 1:00 PM EST in the Councilor's Guild Hall in Magincia on the Trammel facet. The topics to be discussed are:

    I. Magincia's unique government of 2 ruling bodies
    A. The City Council
    B. The Senate

    II. Magincia's Place in Sosoria
    A. Other cities
    B. Which Alliance is best for Magincia
    C. Other councils
    D. The future of Magincia

    You can visit the Magincian Council's message board here.
    You can visit the Magincian Senate's message boardhere.

    Acting Mayor of Magincia

    Thank you for this news Mayor Badrina, and good luck in your future endeavors!

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 4:30 PM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Hengist's Birthday

    Badrina has told me often that I am a master of storytelling. I hope now that you will bear with me as I tell a story that begins so long ago but has it's lesson today, in Sosaria and will continue to have it's lesson long after we are gone from Sosaria.

    As many of you know, I had a birthday recently. It is significant to the world of Atlantic Shard in that it means I have been the Avatar of Agveran for an amazing 18 years of Earth time. The biggest moment In my career was in almost exactly 8 years ago. I was summoned by a mage named Rowena, who'sd land was being attacked by the dark mage, Shadow Weaver. Rowena told me to travel into the labyrinth and slay the dark mage. As I sought to find the poices of the broken seal to open the first barrier between me and the dark mages citadel, I learned that Shadow Weaver planned to find the staff of summoning and use it to become a god. Rowena appeared and told me to find the staff and use it before Shadow Weaver could. As I searched for the staff, I met a disillusioned cleric named Rhegad. He told me that he had belived that he served good but that he had been deceived by his leaders and served evil instead. He asked me if I truly knew what person dangeled the wires that led to my shoulders. At the time I could only imagine it to be the woman that summoned me. As my journey progressed, I learned that Shadow Weaver's true name was Abighael and she was angry that her father had been imprisoned by the God of magic. I realized I would have to use the staff to summon her father to save the world. When at last I met Shadow weaver I discovered that Rowena was Shadow Weaver and that she had tricked me into doing her dirty work for her. But she expected me to attack her so she could kill me and take the staff. Instead of attacking I summoned her father. He scolded his daughter and in shame she chose to repent for the harm she had done.

    This lesson hit home recently when I was talking to Ender Wiggins. He warned me to beware of the golems and then texplained the golems were mindless and instead of wasting my time on them i had to find their puppet masters. There it is again. Who pulls the strings?

    Who pulls your strings? Who's cause do you really serve? Are you really serving the cause that you believe in? It is so easy to say yes I am serving the right cause. But have you really stopped to think? When you are rude to a player that has a friend that is less than perfect are you really serving the cause of light? Or are you helping to isolate him for his enemies? And when you go to rescue a maidne are you really sure what it is you are doing? I know that twice I have rescued a maiden and found she is really a demon or medusa seeking to please her master at my expense.

    I hope that I serve the cause of light, for that is the cause I believe in. What about you? Do you support the cause that you belive in?

    With 18 long years of virtue,

    Hengist the Armsman,
    The Avatar of Agveran

    Thankye, Hengist for this news, and I wish you a most pleasant birthday.
    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 4:09 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Mage Tower is Destroyed!

    The blood pounded in his ears, as his eyes struggled to make sense of the carnage and destruction in front of him. At his feet lay the body of Qaladar, an old friend, and trusted companion for ages. Near him lay the shattered remains of Aurin Wildfire, second in command to what was once the Mage Tower. As if drawn again to the stones, Janos forced himself to stare long and hard at the charred remains of it.

    It was gone, the Mage Tower, that floating stone edifice that had so long been a beacon of light, and hope for aspiring mages. Shattered and broken, like the two men whose bodies lay at his feet, and their dreams of a better world.

    Bitterly he turned from the steps, and slowly trudged to where others stood, friends and his wife, but in the haze of his mind, he saw only a blur, and the flashes of memories. The lizard men appearing out of nowhere and attacking at once, those gathered at the Moonglow Tavern rushing to its defense. Bodies everywhere in the town proper as many died to the surprise attack, impaled upon the spears of lizard warrior shock troops.

    That damn raven feasting upon the fallen, malevolent evil clear in its eyes. Somehow, that single raven was connected, and how Janos and his Aegis had tried to slay it repeatedly, only to have it flee like the coward it was.

    Then that pale stranger...The headlong rush back to the Mage Tower as friends called for him. Seeing that chalky flesh so much like Parnell, and clearly one of his race. Another rush of lizardmen, and more fighting, more death. And then... the fire, and the lightning, crashing down around the tower, and an explosion to rock the heavens.

    And it was gone, the Mage Tower, the whole building. Standing on that ledge, seeing the broken look upon Qaladar's face. Then more lightning, and a voice laughing, as Qaladar too was struck down from the heavens.

    Then nothing... silence. And so began the moans of the wounded, and the long process of recovery began. But this was not a light defeat, not a casual battle. A pale stranger had come bringing war and death, and cost the lives of many. Parnell the half dragon claims this was one of his kind that does not like man. He claims the lizardmen are "pets" to his people. And he claims to want to help avert this war.

    Shaking his head to clear the shock and pain, Janos set off for home, to find his wife, mulled wine, and soft sheets, and to forget for now. But much needed to be done in the coming days, and many would need to rise to fill the roles required.

    Unfortunate, but... Thanks!

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 1:46 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Sandlewood Poetry Contest!
    CALLING ALL SCRIBES!! The Sandlewood Box Tavern is proud to announce its first ever poetry contest. If ye fancy yourself a poet, this is your night to shine! Prizes for the top three poets will be awarded at the end of the event. Poetry must be original, and must be read by the contestant during the event. Special guests will also read as an exhibition. Poets and poetry lovers alike are encouraged to attend. It shall truly be a night of inspiration under the stars!

    Time: 10:00 p.m. by the Eastern Sky Saturday, May 27th Place: The Sandlewood Box Tavern
    Directions: Runes are available at Museum of Memories and Krista's Ranger Station. Or send an email to [email protected] for directions.

    - Ilkoryne, Sandlewood Box Events Coordinator
    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 11:10 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Do not be afraid to enter the CircleDo not be afraid to enter the Circle
    Come and join your bretheren.

    Mae govennan, or well met, in my tongue. My name is Talanithus Tarant, and I have come to invite you all to visit Tel'Mallen, a resource dedicated to roleplaying Elves in all their glory. Lift a glass of Fey, share a song or tale, and learn of the wonder and mystery that is Tel'Quessir.

    Just a few highlights:

      Tel'Quessir. Who are they?
      An explanation for Edanea of the Elven race, its sub races, and their ways.
      Tel'Seldarine. The gods of the Elves.
      A brief description of some of the gods of the Seldarine, the Elven pantheon, and their history.
      To be an Elf.
      Essays on the integral aspects of RPing an elf.
      The Tongue of the Elves
      Common to Elven, Elven to Common, Phrase Guides, and Grammatical rules for the mystical language of tel'Quessir.
      Elven Message Board
      A forum for talk of all things Elven.
      Elven Calendar
      A calendar for events of Elven Interest across the shards.
    And many more! Visit

    Do not be afraid to enter the CircleDo not be afraid to enter the Circle
    Content (c) 1998-2000 Talanithus Tarant
    Ultima Online is a registered trademark of Origin Systems, Inc.
    Email scroll.gif (c) Mysterious Sosaria

    Sounds very interesting. All those elves out there, go and check it out! =)

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 8:15 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Robyn ap Mir is missing!
    We have recieved the following:
    *puts pen to scroll*

    Hail and well met. My name is Julianna, a scholar currently working for the Lycaeum in the wake of the slaughter there a fortnight ago (more on that event later). We were slowly rebuilding the college since the attack, and in the chaos, none of the scholars noticed Robyn's departure. She has not been unknown to abandon a lecture in the past, much to the consternation of her superiors and friends alike, but she has not been seen in over a week now, and the concern here is growing.

    Knowing she was working with a group of adventurers on a quest for a number of Orcish artifacts, I checked her office for clues, and on the last page of her journal found this entry:

    "The eve started out calmly enough... a group had gathered to join me in my quest to find the remaining artifacts of Grugnub the orc chief. The mages at the Lycaeum were already busily at work examining the tunic we had recovered previously. In their examination, they discovered many magical symbols etched in the armor - but the spells appeared botched in some way, and the enchantments were far weaker than they were intended to be.

    We began to discuss the significance of this, and why Yar the Black seemed so interested in the items, when the distinctive sound of orcs could be heard from the direction of the Lycaeum. Soon, the orcish grunts and yells escalated to a deafening cacophony, mingled with the screams of dying scholars. One of them made it to my office and warned us that the Lycaeum was under attack!

    We quickly headed inside the college where we found an orcish army tearing through the college, bent on finding someone or something. Mages and scholars attempted to stop them in vain, and although many perished, I believe that if it was not for the brave souls that had joined me that eve, the college would have been lost.

    On the body of their leader, we found a crumpled letter. I have included a transcript below:

    "The tunic is quite ordinary looking, and made of shadow iron. Find it, and dispose of any humans in your path. K'dor'nac is displeased with our current setbacks, and it is best if we do not disappoint him again. I will be in Trinsic tracking down the next artifact. Send an agent there in one week, and have him meet me at the Keg and Anchor. I will have further instructions then.

    -Yar the Black"

    It seems Yar took a great risk in sending the orcs to recover the tunic, and although he did not get what he came for, many brave souls paid the price. There is more than meets the eye here, and I am especially troubled by the mention of the name 'K'dor'nac'. Some suggested that it was a demon's name, and I have a vague recollection of seeing the name in my readings. Perhaps more will come to light with further investigations. However, one thing is clear. Yar and his master want these artifacts, and they are willing to take great risks to acquire them. I suspect something truly evil is afoot.

    In the morrow, I set off for Trinsic in the hopes of tracking down Yar and discovering his plans.

    -Robyn ap Mir"

    I emplore any able adventurer willing to help us find Robyn to meet me at her office this Friday at 8PM o' the clock (Pacific). Her office is the two-story sandstone building behind the Lycaeum's north exit.

    Thank thee!

    -Julianna the Scribe

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 7:51 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Trophy Hunts at the Journey's End Tavern Rescheduled
    We have recieved the following:
    As many of ye know.. the hunts scheduled for las' Tuesday eve was interrupted by a horde of Lizard Men invadin the isle of Moonglow. It seems they went as far as to destroy the Mage Tower itself! But alas.. that is a story I know little about. And so we shall meet, this Thursday Eve at 9:00PM PST at the Journeys End Tavern in Moonglow, just south of the Encyclopedia Magica in the lands of Feluccia. Again tis advised that ye be ready fer quite the hunt as this beast is said to be strong! Huntin in teams is advised, but nae required. Whom ever finds and slays the beast shall be rewarded with 10,000 gold coin. Assumin' they can bring back suitable evidence of the kill, as well as a good tale along wit' it.

    So come one come all, represent your guild! Your home town! Your family! Show your skills of the hunt!

    ~Eleana Coriel, Proprietor, Journey's End Tavern

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 7:47 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    PvP tourney organizers sought
    PLAPS asked that we relate this news to our readers:

    PVP Tournament: Looking for people to help organize a large scale PVP tournament.

    This is PLAPS. It seems that the PVP scene on LS has been kinda slow these past few weeks, so I'm moving to organize a large scale PVP tournament which will cater to all styles of fighting.

    Anyone who is interested can either contact me via icq (2112954) or e-mail. I would appreciate as much help as I can possibly get. I'm hoping to get someone from each bracket (i.e mage, dexer, etc.) to help me to get this thing underway. If we make this thing large enough, then we can offer some decent prizes for once - none of this, "Wow, you just received a silver scimitar of force!" crap.


    Good luck, Plaps! Keep us posted.

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 7:07 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    CoH meeting June 3rd
    The Moonglow Council of Honor will be holding a meeting Saturday, June 3rd at 2:00pm CST. Location will be the Moonglow Mages Tower(Felucca). Topics of discussion will include: Update on the Lauranna Lindor murder investigation, report on current MDF status, and a briefing from Erekose regarding a High Council matter. Citizens individual comments and concerns will also be addressed.

    Edmund Greyfox
    COH Chairman

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 7:01 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Elven website available
    Do not be afraid to enter the CircleDo not be afraid to enter the Circle
    Come and join your bretheren.

    Mae govennan, or well met, in my tongue. My name is Talanithus Tarant, and I have come to invite you all to visit Tel'Mallen, a resource dedicated to roleplaying Elves in all their glory. Lift a glass of Fey, share a song or tale, and learn of the wonder and mystery that is Tel'Quessir.

    Just a few highlights:

      Tel'Quessir. Who are they?
      An explanation for Edanea of the Elven race, its sub races, and their ways.
      Tel'Seldarine. The gods of the Elves.
      A brief description of some of the gods of the Seldarine, the Elven pantheon, and their history.
      To be an Elf.
      Essays on the integral aspects of RPing an elf.
      The Tongue of the Elves
      Common to Elven, Elven to Common, Phrase Guides, and Grammatical rules for the mystical language of tel'Quessir.
      Elven Message Board
      A forum for talk of all things Elven.
      Elven Calendar
      A calendar for events of Elven Interest across the shards.
    And many more! Visit

    Do not be afraid to enter the CircleDo not be afraid to enter the Circle
    Content (c) 1998-2000 Talanithus Tarant
    Ultima Online is a registered trademark of Origin Systems, Inc.
    Email scroll.gif (c) Mysterious Sosaria
    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 6:59 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Lake Superior merchandise available
    Brimstone brings this exciting news for fans of Lake Superior:

    Finally, I have put together a design for Lake Superior! This design is different than the other "PK" shirts I have created for other shards. If interested, place your order within two weeks. Most orders take 4 to 5 days for delivery, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

    The designs may be viewed here


    Thanks, Brimstone!

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 6:57 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Attacks continue to plague Destiny
    Last week, the town of Destiny attacked yet again by some mysterious diabolical forces. Arcanus sent this report:

    I was sitting in front of the Knights Pub in Destiny last eve, playfully shooting my Lord Cromwell with a toy bow, when I saw what at first appeared to be a pack of dire wolves roaming town. We didn't think anything of it until one of them shot a ball of flame at a citizen. Well, I quickly realized that this wasn't a mere dire wolf, which is common around our town, but was instead a hell hound, which is rare indeed.

    I equipped a real bow, slapped a bandage on Cromwell, made sure I had my kryss and shield, and rode my horse into the center of the group. There was a fair amount of us having a merry time bashing on these hounds. 'Twas overkill to be honest.

    Well, I guess we were having too much fun and irked Minax or something. Next thing we know there's a horde of Lich Lords, Bone Magi, and Skeleton Knights having a merry time bashing on us! Destiny protectors are always just a short yell away, and soon the town was filled with them.

    It was a ferocious battle, and the undead army before us summoned forth the unseen menace of Lag Lords. Many of us reported feeling as if we were moving in quicksand, and some even passed out from the unseen menace.

    My brother Knights and Citizens fought with all we had. In an instant, the battle was over. There were a few casualties on our side, but the ground was littered with the foul remains of the undead. Minax had been forced back, for the time being at least.

    Now, this isn't the first time she's tried to overwhelm us with her forces, but I'm glad to report that she never gets far in Destiny. We're still a safe haven for travelers, even after the recent desolation and battles.

    Many of us Knights of the Forgotten Way, and not a few Citizens of Destiny, would like everyone tae know that if Minax strikes, they can feel free to call upon us. We've enough experience with her constant attacks to help fend her off.

    Arcanus of House Jaoshim
    General of Arms, KFW

    Are these attacks really masterminded by the Dark Mistress or is another evildoer hiding under her black shadow, letting her take the blame for his own maliciousness?

    Be safe, citizens of Destiny. Thank you, Arcanus, for this information.

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 6:53 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Swamp Meet, Thursday, May 25th
    Thursday, May 25, 8:30 CST, in the Serpent's Hold War room, a Swap Meet will be held for members of the Siege Perilous community. The event is being sponsored by Stratics, with the aid of many other people and guilds. The purpose is to give Siege citizens the opportunity to exchange goods and services with others.

    If you have resources or skills you would like to barter for someone else's resources or skills, this will provide the setting for you to make those contacts. It may be a way to get scrolls for your spellbook, arrows, potions, clothes, and other personal needs. Guilds may come in the hopes of seeking recruits, or recruits seeking guilds to join. Groups which are planning events might wish to discuss their plots and get some feedback or assistance in implementing their storylines. Owners of player venues who wish to have their establishments listed (or updated) on Stratics, please bring a rune and schedule a time for us to visit.

    Door prizes are being donated by a number of people and are still being accepted. To register to win a door prize, bring a re-markable rune (destination unimportant), renamed with your name and a method of contacting you (messageboard URL, ICQ number, or e-mail address.) These runes will be recycled, when the new SP Stratics Center opens, for the Stratics Rune Library. (A deed has been generously donated by Talon Freerunner. We await the lifting of the building freeze to place it.) You need not be present to win, but you must be present to enter, one entry per person.

    Prizes pledged for the event so far include:

  • two horses
  • a painting
  • a keg of Greater Poison
  • deeds for forges and anvils (large and small)
  • 5k bank check
  • Serpents Hold may be reached from the mainland using the gate in the Britain castle courtyard. This is a two-way portal, so you will be able to make it back to the mainland after the event with no trouble. The war room is a short walk northwest from the moongate structure in Serpent's Hold.

    Donations for door prizes are still being accepted. To submit a pledge, or for more information, you may e-mail or visit the Siege Player's Forum

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 4:44 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Casino Night Fever
    I recived the following message from Papy Joe , Casino Master of Dargoth.

    I'm glad to tell you that our casino will be opened again on Saturday the 27th of May (this Saturday coming) at 9:00PM GMT.

    Every one is welcome in the casino.And don't forget to bring an unmarked rune for the lottery. If you want to know what games we have, how to play , house rules or the location of Dargoth casino then please feel free to visit our website at

    Hope to see you there, farewell and be safe.

    Thanks to Papy Joe and good luck to all that take part!

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 1:59 AM EDT by Mingus Mulingus (Europa)

    Being tough pt. II
    If you like to hack apart your fellow player in a semi-controlled setting then this weekend is for you. Napa has not one, but two events! So, unless you're a wuss what excuse do you have? And, no, dogs can't eat homework in computer games.

    This particular announcement was from Lockstar of the Paws Outpost.

    Place: Redroddy's Tavern and Training Hall.
    Event: Tournament
    Date: Saturday night, May 27th 8:00 pst
    Entry Fee: 5k

    1-Prize 25k gold pieces
    2-Prize valorite set archer or plate set
    3-Prize gm set iron plate,archer,or leather winner picks

    Anything goes except for a few things
    1. Unlimited trapped pouches
    2. Unlimited band aids
    3. Unlimited potions
    4. No magic reflect items or amour with reflect
    5. No summoning
    6. Yes you can cast reflect on your self
    7. Magic Armour ok (remember no reflect)
    8. Magic weapons ok (no reflect)

    Rules of conduct: No looting
    When tourney starts any body, I mean any body!, enters the fighting area will be ejected from the tower. Only staff members will be allowed.
    Hide if you can when others are fighting to reduce lag.
    Please show manners, some people seem to loose it at the mouth, please restrain from foul language.
    Thank you

    More information can be found at

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 12:11 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Think you're tough?
    Take a walk on the wild side this Friday night. That is if you're not a wuss.

    Friday Night Event at Grimoire Arena.
    Friday May 26, 2000 @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST) 1 on 1

    2,500gp Entry Fee

    Grand Prize is 50% of the entry fees collected, 2nd place is 30%, 3rd place is 20%.

    Here are the rules:
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · Up to three trapped bags/chests to break paralyze. They may be re-trapped during the battle.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    · Only 1 set of armor is allowed per match. As many shields as you need.
    · The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed.
    · The Double Hit weapon swing is not allowed. If you do not know how to use it, then don't worry about it. We will not demonstrate, but we know how it works.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone that disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · If Grimoire cancels an event for any reason at any time during the course of the event, all entry fees will be returned to the contestants.
    · Any contestants that are perma banned for any reason after the entry fee has been paid, will forfeit the gold. This gold will be paid out to the winners of the event.
    · If you leave the arena after the entry fee is paid and you fail to return before the event begins, the entry fee is forfeit and will be paid to the winners of the event.
    · In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
    · A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit. The contestant will be banned until after the Battle Arena is clear.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    Entry fee is 2,500 Gold per person.
    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM Grand Prize is 50% of the entry fees collected, 2nd place is 30%, 3rd place is 20%.

    We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!
    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena. Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village. For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Lost-Event Coordinator

    Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2000, 12:01 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    PMT Trivia Contest

    Hail All,

    Wednesday, May 31st, I'll be hosting the second Trivia Contest of the Pacific Mage Tower. Come test your knowledge of UO and the Pacific shard against your fellow players! Questions will range from general UO trivia, to specific Pacific-based info. Some will be easy "gimmees" and others are sure to twist your grey matter like a sponge.
    The contest will be limited to the first 10 players to register. Registration will begin promptly at 8:00pm Pacific time. To register, you must simply hand me a book with your name in it as soon as you can, once my clock hits 8:00. I will announce, "Registration open". Once I have 10 books(or a minimum of three), registration will close, and the contest will begin.
    All participants will need to have a second book to write down their answers. This will be a silent contest! I will ask 10 questions, and all participating will be expected to write down their best answers in their books. Anyone blurting out answers will be disqualified and removed from the premises. I wish to keep the pace of the questions quick, so I ask the participants to refrain from talking during the contest.
    A total of 10 questions will be asked, each worth a varying number of points. Partial answers can gain some points, and bad spelling will lose some points. Promptly at the end of the last question, each participant must hand in their answer book that includes their name and their numbered answers.
    There will be a brief recess, while I tally each players points. I will then announce the answers and the winners. Shortly after,prizes will be paid out. Spectators are welcome, you are asked to remain quiet during the contest, though. The contest will be held on the roof of the Tower. As I am the sponsor of this contest I reserve right to make on-the-spot changes or additions to the rules, and hold final judgement in any contest decisions.

    First Place: Large Dragon Ship, 6000 gold

    Second Place: 5000 gold

    Third Place: 3000 gold

    Entry fee is two books as described above. Cross-shard travelers are welcome, as some of the Pacific-related questions are tough enough that shard veterans may have no clue!

    Gate travel to the Tower before the event starts is being arranged. So far, we have Belldandy gating from the Yew Abbey starting just before 8pm.
    Remember to check for the letters "PMT" floating above her head. Look for updates to see if more locations are covered.

    With a little luck, last years champ, Molly Hatchet, may return to astound you with her knowledge of the UO world. ; )

    You think you know a lot? Prove it.
    Sandrah, Red Robes, PMT

    P.S. As always, standard Mage Tower etiquette applies. Do not kill, steal, or loot without permission, regardless of past history, while at the Tower.

    Sounds like a fun night, those of you who wish to participate, read the stratics page for some helpful tips about the world of UO. }:-)
    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 11:40 PM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Vikings Claim Skara Brae
    Hail All!

    A mysterious pigeon came in from Skara Brae with the following message:

    "The Vikings, led by Ronkar the king and Zelda the queen are going to take over the parts of the town of Skara Brae that are not under town guards. We plan to set up a tavern and shops, making a player run town. We already have the farms up ad running. We are not sure about the name, right now we are leaning towards Karinthia."
    Human parties interested in investigating this new town for themselves are encouraged to travel to Skara Brae. I encourage my fellow orcs to prepare a suitable welcome. Hurh hurh.

    Hail to Minax!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 6:30 PM EDT by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Sightings, Gossip, and Rumors
    Hail All!

    Peltier of Britain sent me a pigeon with the following tidbits of information:

    "In Britian, there are two major "groups" forming up. Sadly, we can't have guilds yet due to the lack of housing and, thus, the inability to place guildstones. The first group calls themselves the "Warlords". I have seen at least 7 different characters with "Warlord xxxx" at the 1st Bank. Their leader is 'Warlord Rob.' The second is a more loose-knit group, which I belong to. We are tentatively looking at a guild name of Legends of Virtue, or Warriors of Legend, but I personally have not had much impact/input on the guild name. There are about 6 potential guild members so far. Our leader is Sir Hightower.

    "As for tradesman while doing business at the Bank of Britain, I have seen horses being sold for 5 gold, iron ingots being sold for 3 to 5 gold each, fish steaks being sold for 1 gold each, magic scrolls being sold at 10 gold per level of scroll, and runebooks being sold for 1000 to 2000 gold dependig on the number of charges. In addition, I am starting to see some magic & silver weapons being sold as people are moving on to killing higher-level monsters.

    "Confirmed GM skills seen so far include Sword, Mace, Fencing, Parry, Tactics, Healing, and Anatomy. I have seen Miners, Smiths and Stoics at the master level, and Magery, Scribe, Eval Int, Tamer, Detect Hidden, Lockpicking, and Cartography at the adept level.

    "People tend to be adventuring to Deceit to "The Wall" to fight Bone Knights, to Deceit to do battle with Liches and Lich Lords, to Shame to slay Elementals, to Covetous to conquer Harpies, and to the Lost Lands to slaughter Cyclops."

    We thank Peltier for his update (and the tasty pigeon!), and hope to bring you more updates about the state of our new shard.

    All Hail Minax!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 6:27 PM EDT by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Interview: Janos Antero Speaks

    Hail fellow adveturers! As fate would have it, Bones and I were able to meet with Janos Antero and a few of his friends at his public tower named "The bard and healer." There, I was able to talk to him about his recent dealings with Lich Soulstealer and what he has and will be doing to stop Lich from gaining the artifacts. Here is how the event went:

    Janos Antero: Welcome to the bard and the healer, right now the AoL (guild) tower and soon to be opening township.
    Elise Antero: Hello
    Vladimir Taltos: Milady...
    McCoy: Hail milady
    JA: My wife Elise, Vlad...
    JA: If you haven't met her
    EA: *smiles* We did a while back.
    VT: I will place that rune at my public house just outside of Ocllo
    JA: Let us go in, Thank you... I am looking to get the place known and all help is appreciated .
    EA: It's quiet right now.
    VT: Too quiet?
    JA: Well this is our guild house and normally a few use the lawn to practice. Well where would be most comfortable?
    VT: It is thy house, please pick the place ye would be most comfortable...
    JA: Getting me to sit still always seems a challenge
    VT: First off, thank ye for thy time...
    JA: *smiles and nods*
    VT: So, what do ye think of Lich Soulstealer?
    EA: *frowns at the name*
    JA: Of the "man"?
    VT: *nods*
    JA: Or of his dreams or should I say illusions of grandure?
    VT: That sums him up...
    JA: Well, I first met lich battling Minax, as one of the three generals of the UAS. He and I battled several times and his attempts to feel important failed more than once, much to my delight.
    VT: And several others, I am sure...
    JA: I think everyone has tried to take a piece of him by now. I almost feel I should get in line just to combat him. Thankfully our meetings were blessedly few and until recently I had put the would be power out of my mind and concerned myself with my new home, and real evil.
    VT: Again, like most had....
    JA: Killing his master set him back, but like a dutiful slave he carries on insane dreams of conquest. I have much scorn, and little respect for him. After Balart, the Warlords, and so many other calculating evil doers using raw power to try to bludgeon us seems rather, passe', if I may sound so jaded.
    EA: *laughs*
    VT: *chides* But he claims that with his bracelet he will have 50 spirits to do his bidding... *ponders* Whatever that may be...
    JA: *nods* So he claims and plans. I have my own ideas as well though. I became immensed in this all at the weekly meeting of Ceridwen, an old friend, and one of the few who does great work unrecognized here. The spirit Kryl needed help and I couldn't stand aside and let Lich gain more power.
    VT: He claims to have the water... stolen from Lady Birmingham's lab I heard...
    JA: *nods* I believe he does sadly, Bree is missing some, but without the soulgem it is a stalemate. I hold the spirit of Kryl, keeping him in abbeyance for the time.
    VT: What say ye to his hiring of the ISA to help him?
    EA: *frowns*
    JA: In fact, I arranged a little surprise for him the other day. A rather annoyed Balron spirit inside a fake soulgem he so "cleverly" stole. *smirks*
    VT: *grins*
    JA: From what I hear, the Balron wrecked half his labs and nearly ate him twice before it was subdued.
    VT: He did mention that when I spoke with him, but failed to say how bad he faired...
    JA: The IAS is not something I have dealt with before, but PAS has long been an ally of Aegis and KingDavid has told me as much as he can to help me combat them.
    VT: So thy guild will not stand alone then?
    JA: Nay, AoL is powerful and shall do her best alone, but should the need arise we have 40 allies awaiting the battle call. Only once before have I been forced to gather all our allies to stop Balart long ago and then nearly 100 men stood behind my banner. Alone, not counting the others who directed forces at that battle so TFA will have a fight. *smiles thinly* And I do not take kindly to my home being invaded.
    EA: Lich is going to need a few more friends.
    VT: So tell me, Milady...
    EA: Yes?
    VT: I heard ye were present when the book of Warding was taken from the Magi, is this true?
    EA: *nods*
    VT: I will try not to say his name again in thy presence, but he claims ye helped... small, but to some extent...
    EA: Naw, I asked those there not to help. I tried to get them to stop what they were doing.
    VT: Tis good to hear...
    EA: They had no concept of what he was doing. *smiles*
    JA: *squeezes her hand gently*
    VT: So ye saw the party kill the Magi?
    EA: It all happened so fast, but aye I did.
    VT: Most unfortunate, but as long as he has the book, he will be a threat...
    EA: *nods sadly* Even without he has read it by now and knows what it contains.
    JA: As long as his rotting head, and rotted brain lay attached to what remains of his body he remains a threat.
    VT: Have ye discovered any means to counter his new found knowledge?
    JA: Slaying him and his lieutenants
    VT: *grins*
    JA: Garet was defeated by Jayce Kylathew and then his body was lunch for one Parnell, a new comer to our land whom has a taste for humans. *wry grin*
    EA: Poor Parnell.
    VT: I see...
    Cyril: OK...hiya everyone!
    JA: Vlad, meet Cyril of GVD An associate and master of magic I often consult.
    McCoy: Hail.
    VT: Hail and well met sir? Are ye familiar with the term, Phalactory, Janos?
    EA: *grins* Hiya Cyril.
    JA: *nods*
    VT: Any hopes in finding the lich's?
    JA: The repository of his essence and power, aye in time aye. First I need to find the rat hole he hides in and smoke him out
    VT: *grins*
    EA: It must be in the crypts somewhere.
    Cyril: Lich seems to have exhibited a few characteristics unlike most liches, though... For example, he seems to be a bit more powerful, and *far* less cunning. *smiles*
    EA: *laughs*
    JA: The smell of Lich is much worse than your average dead as well. *fans his nose*
    VT: One thing I noticed is that a lich can't travel too far from his phalactory and with as much traveling as he has done and the distances involved he must carry it from time to time...
    EA: Aye, and he travels often to the crypts....
    Cyril: Did he confirm to you that he does indeed possess a phylactery?
    VT: Aye...
    EA: He has said to me he has.
    Cyril: Well at least he was conventionally created
    JA: It's my belief he is trying to transform himself and in the long process to demi-lichdom. He has found a way to extend the time removed.
    VT: Ah...
    Cyril: That would be good for most of ye, and bad for those such as Janos and myself.
    JA: I have my suspicions anyway... I came from a land different from this one where magic is more common...
    VT: Interesting...
    JA: ...and magical power more extreme
    Cyril: *coughs*
    JA: One of the most feared creatures is a demilich, a type of evolved lich perhaps upon a quest to god hood but I have never stopped to ask one.
    Cyril: But ye forget, Janos, a demilich is generally only a threat if disturbed. He would venture more away from the land of th' living, and further into spirit realms...which could cause no end of trouble.
    VT: I have heard that demi-liches are mere remnants of their decayed body...
    JA: Well certainly Lich's brain has decayed....
    Cyril: If ye prod too hard, ye awaken 'em, which is never a good thing. I think it more likely that Soulstealer is merely looking for more power in this realm unlike so many liches, he seems more interested in magic knowledge for temporal power, rather than for its own sake, would ye nay say, Jan?
    JA: Hmm, guesses gain us nothing. I am focused upon stopping him regardless of his reasons. Sadly everything between lich and I has become a stalemate.
    VT: His motives after gaining more power remain hidden at best once he gains such... What about this wand of Daemons he has talked about? Any luck in finding it yet?
    JA: For each clue we find he too finds one.
    Cyril: Aye, he is more effectively countered than defeated, we have found.
    VT: So that is what thy main efforts are aimed at this point, to find the wand first?
    JA: As of yet I have played defensively in this dangerous game. I am learning more of Lich as the days go by and would not leap into battle with him without as much knowledge as I may. I have only countered his plans and am loath to show him my full power.
    Cyril: Aye, and watching him often pays off when he inevitably makes a mistake
    JA: Until then I must wait and merely counter him. *grins* And should he find the wand I have a magical toy of my own he fears terribly. *pats the fork across his lap*
    Cyril: The cost of a frontal assault would be higher than it is worth. *smiles*
    EA: Needless to say, the wand is a concern.
    VT: *smirks*
    Cyril: One immunity lich seems to have neglected...
    McCoy: Silver vanquish war fork?!
    JA: See how dealing with Lich is easy with the abuse my own men and women give me?
    Cyril: Not so complicated as all that, McCoy...
    VT: Well the only definate pattern to the creature is his overconfidence he claims he doesn't have...
    McCoy: *smiles*
    Cyril: *laughs*
    JA: *laughs* Isn't that the way of the proud to claim to be the most meek?
    VT: The Great I Am humbles the likes of him...
    Cyril: Well, we have done well enough so far at thwarting him. 'tis always better to let him feel he is accomplishing his goal and misdirect him.
    JA: The real question is the battle good vs evil or my ego vs liches ego? Only time may tell. *grins*
    VT: *smiles*
    Cyril: If 'tis the latter, then I have certainly chosen the side to be on. *hides in the shadow of Janos' ego*
    VT: And what plan ye to do if he does get all the artifacts?
    JA: We can't let that happen, but should it, then they must be reclaimed and Lich slain.
    Cyril: Not that slaying lich isn't already fairly high on our list
    EA: *nods in agreement*
    VT: *nods*
    JA: His attitude of scorn toward others, and other life is the biggest threat he faces.
    Tulula: Perhaps destroying the artifact itself would be the only way to prevent such things. *shrugs*
    Cyril: Unlikely, 'tis in the nature of artifacts to not enjoy being destroyed
    JA: More so than myself and all those gathered against him even he has many foes all of whom seek his downfall.
    VT: Lich commented that even though the spirits can be struck down, that the bracelet will bring them back... again and again... And the only way to defeat him will be to destroy that thing which he claims wont happen.
    JA: Ibram Gaunt hates him with a burning desire, as does Xornicarn Altair and countless others.
    VT: *agrees*
    JA: Should the time come, and the need be great enough, I have a few tricks up my sleeve but prefer not to say too much mroe at this time.
    VT: Understood...
    Cyril: Aye, it seems that Soulstealer's only allies are the undead.
    McCoy: Are they going to aid thee in thy fight against him?
    EA: Ibram is.
    JA: Nay McCoy, or not directly. They want his power as much as his defeat and I would not topple one petty would be tyrant only to have to topple another months later.
    VT: What about the commoners and other adventurers, how may they aid thee?
    Cyril: We would hope not to involve commoners. They tend to come out of these things how shall I say....dead.
    JA: While I make this fight personal this is a matter that concerns all men and women of Sosoria and I shall not refuse any who come with a pure heart and a wish to see the light triumph. Even I am not such a fool to reject the aide of all who would help.
    Cyril: Aye, but remember Janos, each person on our side who falls on the battlefield may rise to fight against us. *grins*
    JA: *smiles sweetly* Only if Lich survives the battle
    Tulula: Be careful though, with such things said he may try to send spys...
    JA: I don't plan on allowing that.
    Cyril: We hardly need an army to accomplish *that* goal, Janos.
    VT: I would say his network may have already infiltrated...
    McCoy: He does have a vast network of spies!
    VT: His spies during the struggle of Trinny were well informed...
    JA: Let us leave it at the infiltration is mutual such as my knowledge of a certain Balron rampage.
    VT: *grins*
    EA: *laughs*
    JA: Oh what I wouldn't have paid to see the look upon his face.
    Cyril: Aye, th' best way to keep a secret is not to share it until 'tis too late.
    VT: What about those 50 white diamonds he plans to use for the bracelet?
    JA: If we can stop him from getting Kryl the diamonds are moot...
    EA: Kryl is safe.
    JA: ...and I think they might look good around Elise's neck.
    VT: Have ye thought of a way to flaw any of them?
    JA: Perhaps I should make a point of claiming them... Aye, I hope to... Seizing the diamonds may become more viable in time, but until I know my foe better, I will only checkmate him.
    VT: Well, I do nay want to take up anymore of thy time, but do ye have anything else ye would care to add or expound upon?
    JA: Lich will fail as others, betters, have. It's a matter of time, and I urge all of pure heart and noble spirit to seek me in stopping this would be fool from damaging a land already far too torn with war, strife, and conflict. If this land and its people, my adopted home, is to EVER see peace everyone must willingly fight evil. Join the light and work toward making this a land of peace, freedom, and hope without such no amount of power, no number of soldiers, nothing can save us, but with it, we can change the future and bring about the dawn of a golden age.
    Cyril: Hmm... Did ye get that our estimation of Lich is particularly low? I believe that is the most important thing said here tonight. *grins*
    Cian Bloodbane: *wipes a tear*
    VT: May the Great I Am guide us all in what we do to claim the prize of freedom of the likes of Lich Soulstealer and his ilk...
    EA: *nods in agreement*
    Tulula: *smiles and nods*
    JA: I have ranted enough, and forgive both my arrogance, and my long wind.
    Cian Bloodbane: *claps*
    JA: I have enjoyed this, and thank you.
    VT: Thanks again for thy time...
    JA: Thank you.
    VT: Safe Journeys to thee. May the Great I Am smile upon thee.
    JA: Good travels and safe journeys to you both.

    For those of you who are looking to assist Janos, ye can contact him at his public tower. If ye need a rune to recall off of, ye can find one in the Ocllo County General Store located just northeast of the Ocllo bank. There you can find a rune book on the floor containing a rune to his tower. Let us not sit idle, but put Lich down before it is too late.

    Safe Journeys, signing off, this is...

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 3:25 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    The dark one's true colors
    Taken from Ku Kullin's Journal

    May 23, 2000

    Today was not one of those days for me. Word came of the Dark one making attacks on some of the Gold one's cities. My essence told me to seek out these disturbances...a way for my undead life to have meaning was to continue avenge the dead and prevent more dead from being killed. My curse for being a always seek combat...and make sure the dead rested peacefully in the void.

    I recalled from the temple and appeared at Sandlewood, where it appears there was a long since done battle. The bodies of dead ettins and Orcs lay strewn upon the field. As I gazed at the carnage, I suddenly coughed. Coughing? I never coughed before...I never been breathing for over a year, and now I cough?

    Ryak mentioned that the Dark one came to the Box and left to the north. There was further talk that the city of Dragon's point was attacked as well. I sheathed my warfork, cast my recall and set my horse's feet on the soil of Dragon's point. Suddenly Orcs and ettins attacked me from all sides! The Dark one was definitely here. I drew my fork and struck at the first creature I could, while the Orcs and ettins traded fists. It was there that I felt something I never felt in over a year from being dead...Pain.

    I spurred my horse to the local watering hole in dragon's point, the Orcs following me fast. I bound my wounds as fast as I could, but the Orc mage that was with the group dropped me from my steed with a poisoning spell. I could feel pain shoot through my body and my vision clouded. In over a year...I was fearful.

    Suddenly three of HTD's guild appeared and fought off the Orcs from me. My mind was so numb from the pain that I could not recall their names, but I felt one pick me up and started binding my wounds. The pain quickly subsided and I had the strength to assist in my healing. I recognized the voice of Terex Orion, but the others were unfamiliar. I had never felt so disoriented in a long time.

    With the Orcs slain I returned to Tragedy's back, and thanked the people of Dragon's point. They thanked me in return for my appearance (like I helped any?). It was then that my communication crystal replied once was Rath of SSB. "The Dark one is at the Orc fort!" I gave my farewells and vanished in a flash of magic, where my horse and me appeared near the Orc fort. By this time I was coughing and holding my chest, feeling like I was having a heart attack (which was impossible since my heart hasn't moved in over a year.) Many people, including Hugh the hand, Xterra, Ryak, and many others were at the gates of the Orc fort, finishing off the first onslaught of monsters.

    I had met the Dark one once, and found him to be an agreeable sort, so I disarmed and spurred Tragedy forward, "I come unarmed, Dark one...I seek to talk."

    "Talk patience grows thin"

    Not exactly the response I expected.

    "What is the reason for your attacks on these cities?" Hugh the hand blurted out rudely

    "They hold the fragments of the Gold one"

    "And what do you plan to do with them if you do get them?" I asked.

    "that is my business."

    It was then that I saw through the dragon's façade. This beast was normally cordial...even kind at times. Now, his dark intentions shone through. He was growing frustrated, impatient, and became angry. That was what I learned of Chaos...their complete lack of patience.

    "You will give me the fragments," the Dark one bellowed, "or I will reduce your cities to ash!"

    I had all I could stand. I drew my kryss and shield and stood in front of the dragon.

    "And here are our terms, dragon...leave this world or suffer at the hands of the 8 dragon knights!"

    "I SHALL HEAR NO TERMS!" the dragon roared in fury. "I call upon all my minions of darkness!"

    As if hiding in the trees, an army of Orcs, Ettins, snakes and Orc mages appeared, and attacked the crowd. The Dragon and I stared each other down, reading each other's intentions. He knew what I was...and I knew what he was. A showdown would come to see who will stand in the final battle.

    "Ku!" I heard, "Look out behind you!"

    I ducked in time to watch a giant serpent's unhinged jaw fly over my head, ready to swallow me whole. Tragedy reared and clocked the serpent full on the back of its head, as we turned astride the beast. Suddenly a familiar "Corp por" caused me to turn, as a bolt of pure energy rushed past my ear, heading straight for the female Azrea. I saw the caster, one of the Orc mages. I was close enough that the next blast would surely be mine, so I reigned Tragedy forward and rode towards the mage. The Orc ran as fast as he could but in moments he felt the tongs of my warfork dig into his back.

    I then felt another feeling that I had never felt in over a year...Pity.

    The dragon bellowed and walked off in a huff saying, "You will regret thy actions...all of you!"

    I leaned against Tragedy's neck, my fork frozen in my hand as I stared at the vanishing image of the Dark one. The battle lines have been drawn, and the dark one's intentions are made VERY clear...Destruction of virtue. From that revelation, a new sensation came upon me...dread

    From that dead heart...began to beat once more.

    Gold one save us all.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 2:19 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Trophy Hunts in Moonglow!
    We have recieved the following:
    Come one Come all to the first trophy hunt to be sponsored out of the Journeys End Tavern in Moonglow!

    Gerald Emontil, a kind and wealthy ol' Ranger hath asked me to allow a hunt to be sponsored every other week from the Tavern.

    He says he has many a tale to tell and many a beast yet to hunt. But alas, the poor ol' man has a leg worse than mine. So.. he has asked that he be allowed to sponsor anyone who would to hunt on his behalf!

    He offers 10,000 gold to the team and or individual who can bring back the evidence of the kill.

    Now be warned, he says that some of these beasts are quite deadly, and it may be in yer best interest to hunt in groups.

    We meet tomorrow eve, Tuesday, at 8:15pm pst for the first hunt sponsored out of the tavern located just south of the Encyclopedia Magica in Moonglow.

    Mr. Emontil will give all the information on what ye will be huntin and where at that time. Be ready fer a good hunt!

    ~Eleana Coriel, Proprietor Journeys End Tavern

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 9:40 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    The Elven race
    Do not be afraid to enter the  CircleDo  not be afraid to enter the Circle
    Come and join your bretheren.

    Mae govennan, or well met, in my tongue. My name is Talanithus Tarant, and I have come to invite you all to visit Tel'Mallen, a resource dedicated to roleplaying Elves in all their glory. Lift a glass of Fey, share a song or tale, and learn of the wonder and mystery that is Tel'Quessir.

    Just a few highlights:

      Tel'Quessir. Who are they?
      An explanation for Edanea of the Elven race, its sub races, and their ways.
      Tel'Seldarine. The gods of the Elves.
      A brief description of some of the gods of the Seldarine, the Elven pantheon, and their history.
      To be an Elf.
      Essays on the integral aspects of RPing an elf.
      The Tongue of the Elves
      Common to Elven, Elven to Common, Phrase Guides, and Grammatical rules for the mystical language of tel'Quessir.
      Elven Message Board
      A forum for talk of all things Elven.
      Elven Calendar
      A calendar for events of Elven Interest across the shards.
    And many more! Visit

    Do not be afraid to enter the  CircleDo not be afraid to enter the  Circle
    Content (c) 1998-2000 Talanithus Tarant
    Ultima Online is a registered trademark of Origin Systems, Inc.
    Email scroll.gif (c) Mysterious Sosaria
    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 9:38 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Another House Test Story
    This well written story was sent to us by Alexis StarFyre of the Catskills Shard

    "Another tale of the new House Test shard"

    To whom it may concern,

    I, too, found this House Test shard. I'd noted its existence earlier, but didn't quite have the courage to drop what I was doing in Catskills and see for myself, until Stratics advertised it on the 20th. So, off I go wandering into the unknown when, lo and behold ...

    Mistake Number One.

    It seems that my uncertainty cost me a spot on a single shard (though it IS only a test). Nearly every space I could find (even when I sold my castle deed and traded it in for others of lesser girth) was filled with towers and the like. And because I was on the Trammel side, I could not place single room houses. Lord British expressly forbade the building of such houses until the larger ones were done, it seems.

    Two story house deed in hand, I go to Felucca...

    Mistake Number Two.

    I'd truly never appreciated the player killings in Felucca, and never came across them much before the lands were split asunder. However, a shard where one can set their own skills and stats wherever they please seems to have been a breeding ground for those out to wreak havoc on wandering fools. After finally finding a place for my home near the mountains west of the shrine of Spirituality, I went to wander some more, to Minoc in hopes of some idle mining (because it isn't something I usually do) and basically planning to set up a small area of my own, no matter how temporary it will be once the House Shard goes and the *real* building commences. However, Trammel had softened me to player killers, and lo, my first excursion into the mines of Minoc, I was set upon by two rogues. Death was imminent, as was the loss of my house key. (luckily I had a spare in the bank)

    Soon after my return to the living, I came across a kind soul (Note sarcasm; my naiveté` is truly astounding) who had killed the rogues and offered to return my reagents that I had lost to them (50 of each, allotted to us at the beginning of this shard). However, he claimed that he had not been able to get the other things (moonstones, runes that I had set to my new abode, and its key), and was sorry for my loss. I took it as that, bid him a heartfelt 'thank you', and went about doing what I had come to do.

    However, growing bored, I joined in on the ruckus when I was accosted by another murderer, and died yet again. However, I noted that my previous killers joined in on the side of my benefactor, the two whom he had recently killed, and meant to overpower this other murderer with numbers. What side was he on? Did he suddenly forget that the two at his side were once at his own throat? Or was this player killing so base that one took friends where another was willing to fight at your side for the brief period?

    Obviously it didn't work; her house was right behind her, and she banned them from entering.

    Shortly after, my friend died in another round of mindless player killing. As I drew near, I saw a small case on his deceased person. Curiosity won over my politeness, and I drew it from his dead hand, to find all the missing things I had noted to him earlier that I had lost. In a test-for it could have been anyone's runes and keys-I quickly used the rune. Note my lack of surprise when I am suddenly standing at the foot of my own doorway, and I try the key to the house. Of course, it worked.

    However, the novelty of the new House Test shard and my patience had worn thin by now. In disgust, I left, returning to Catskills.

    To your note that the House Test shard is a good place to see if your dream home will fit where you want it to; I found a much easier solution to that question about a month ago when I bought my own house in anticipation of Lord British opening the lands again. In Yew I found a Land Surveillance spy glass (looks like an ordinary spy glass) in one of the shops there. With it, I was able to test the land to see if my house would fit, as it has settings for about every house available. It will take note of geographic deformities (trees, rocks, hills), and tell you if your house will fit in the place you have designated. I have found it a beneficial tool in planning my house plot.

    I just hope that the displacement of people per shard helps ease the availability of land when it happens.

    Yours Truly,

    Jen W. (Player)
    aka. Alexis StarFyre

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 9:31 AM EDT by Dracos Moira (TestCenter)

    BNN: Casting the Spell [a]
    The following chronicle was recently found on BNN (Britannia Network News):

     It has been done. Months of preparation and study have finally come together in one last surge of hope for you, the people. Though the ... expectations of the spell were not quite as planned, where you now stand is our New World. A better world, free from the fears wrought by the temptress, Minax.

    As many may know, the minions of the dark lady have ruthlessly struck at a number of our fair cities. Vile creatures led by fanatical generals disrupted our way of life. Even our very guards, sworn to protect all, were disabled with an insidious spell that caused them to see all threats as common occurrences. Many rallied their forces to aid the good citizens, however the constant threat managed to overwhelm even their fervent vigor.

    Then Trinsic fell completely. A darkened sea of undead, called forth by the black temple in the city's heart, swarmed the gates laying waste to all in its path. All walks of humanity brought valiant efforts forth, yet could not stem the tide. Always more would come, seeking; killing; destroying. With the power of the moon keys this blight eventually ended, and the temple was shattered, but the cost was very high.

    Knowing this was only one small spark of light in a vast encroaching darkness, our king sought my aid in discovering a solution - a solution that would protect his citizens from what he knew was to come. One final and irrevocable. For long days and nights I searched the vaults of the castle and libraries. Mystical tomes were discarded stack by stack; scrolls tossed aside with barely a cursory glance. It began to seem an almost pointless quest until I happened across an old leather bound book tucked away in a cabinet. Many pages were decayed beyond legibility yet when coupled with what Shamino learned while a prisoner in the realm of Minax, I knew this was what I sought.

    I will not lie to you when I say I was unsure as to the effects of the spell within the tome as well as the stone devices for which it called. Many of the passages offered obscure references to sealing off threats, evil, and other such stuff. But when the man dying of thirst is unsure the glass of water is safe to drink, he will do so anyway out of desperation. And I was parched.

    In haste the stone obelisks were carved and placed in the cities of Britannia. Eight in all, they sat waiting for the proper words to ignite the magic they would gather. Words I myself would speak to them from the book. As you are well able to see, I made my decision and began the incantation.

    I stood at the largest of the stone structures in Britain as I opened the tome and started. All over the land I could sense the other structures ignite with life and burst to the heavens above. Pure energy as I have never felt in all of my years of arcane studies tore through me; cradled me in its grasp. I pulsed with the magic, drew it into me. Then released it into the night sky. As the incantation neared completion, a moonstone fell from a pouch on my belt and landed on the ground. After a few seconds, the moonstone buried itself in the ground and an unusual looking moongate sprung into being in its place. I felt myself being drawn into the strange moongate. What occurred next is possibly beyond even the bards to put into words. The air split and shifted. In one breath I was staring into an endless torrent of light, the next I was looking over a pristine landscape. The world I had always dreamed of. Our world. With a silent roar of thunder my consciousness slid from my grasp.

    I awoke to find the ancient tome no more then scattered ashes across my robe. The loss of such a vessel of knowledge made me momentarily wince in pain of loss; yet I could barely think of that in light of what I hoped had been accomplished. A hand helped me up from the ground then as a familiar voice spoke to me, "It is done." I felt elation grip me as I stared at the world around me in pride. That feeling slowly fled though as I stared upon the wistful face of my liege and friend.

    It was done indeed...

    - Nystul

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 9:27 AM EDT by Lady Gwenyvere (QuestandEventNews)

    BNN: Lord Blackthorn's Recent Travels [a]
    The following news on Lord Blackthorn was recently discovered on the BNN (Britannia Network News):

     Stories abound as to where Lord Blackthorn has been for the duration of the current crisis that grips our land. Via an inside contact close to Blackthorn I was given some insight and details into Blackthorn's travels. Within days of the fall of Trinsic, Lord Blackthorn disappeared and was not seen again until our liege Lord British gave his speech last week. Prior to the speech Lord Blackthorn held counsel with Nystul, the court mage, in his castle on the lake. My source related the following information from this meeting.

    It seems Blackthorn had, using great magicks, disguised himself and traveled to the lands from which this plague of evil has spewed forth - the lands of Minax. He described a land not unlike our own except for the foul corruption, which seemed to be almost alive and spreading out in every direction. He told of a city very much like out own beloved Trinsic with walls that appeared to be made of black rock. Upon closer inspection he was surprised to see that the stone was not black, but simply scorched and covered with a fine soot. Rubbing aside the soot, a fine polished white marble could be seen. Looking around, not a speck of this fine marble could be seen anywhere in the city. The whole of this place had been devastated and left to rot.

    Outside of the city Blackthorn said he saw creatures that were strange, and yet familiar. Among these was a skeleton bearing a bow and seeming to glow with a sickening yellow aura. Nystul confirmed that these beasts had been part of Minax's invasion of Trinsic and that they were quite a formidable foe.

    The land itself was stripped and barren. Nowhere in his journeys did he find one tree standing. All had been cut and used to fulfill various needs. The grasses were brown and rotting. The entire landscape was simply a wasteland of decay. This world was a dying world.

    As the story is related to me, I am told a look of sheer grief struck Lord Blackthorn's face as he began to describe the people of this land. Beyond the massing groups of warriors, bearing the cold deathly looks of men who would sooner perish then lose a fight for their leader, were the common people; a people who have had their wills been broken. A land of strong but sullen men giving their lives willingly at the whim of their mistress, Minax. She ruled the land and none would stand against her. Those who tried perished, and not slowly I am assured. As seen in Trinsic, men were hung from stakes and fires were lit beneath them. Other ghastly things, I dare not describe, were done to those who would fail their mistress.

    Finally, Blackthorn told Nystul he would not oppose what the mage and Lord British had planned. Only offering caution as to the consequences.

    It would seem that there might be more behind Minax invading our land then the lust for revenge. It seems she is a ruler with very little left to preside over. Except now she wishes to reign here in our beloved Britannia.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 9:25 AM EDT by Lady Gwenyvere (QuestandEventNews)

    Elves in Ultima?
    Do not be afraid to enter the CircleDo not be afraid to enter the Circle
    Come and join your bretheren.

    Mae govennan, or well met, in my tongue. My name is Talanithus Tarant, and I have come to invite you all to visit Tel'Mallen, a resource dedicated to roleplaying Elves in all their glory. Lift a glass of Fey, share a song or tale, and learn of the wonder and mystery that is Tel'Quessir.

    Just a few highlights:

      Tel'Quessir. Who are they?
      An explanation for Edanea of the Elven race, its sub races, and their ways.
      Tel'Seldarine. The gods of the Elves.
      A brief description of some of the gods of the Seldarine, the Elven pantheon, and their history.
      To be an Elf.
      Essays on the integral aspects of RPing an elf.
      The Tongue of the Elves
      Common to Elven, Elven to Common, Phrase Guides, and Grammatical rules for the mystical language of tel'Quessir.
      Elven Message Board
      A forum for talk of all things Elven.
      Elven Calendar
      A calendar for events of Elven Interest across the shards.
    And many more! Visit

    Do not be afraid to enter the CircleDo not be afraid to enter the Circle
    Content (c) 1998-2000 Talanithus Tarant
    Ultima Online is a registered trademark of Origin Systems, Inc.
    Email scroll.gif (c) Mysterious Sosaria
    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 9:12 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    United Pirates Hosting Festival
    Another dagger-pinned note apppeared on my door this morning.
    Hear ye! Hear ye!

    I proudly announce the first Pirate Festival at the Red Skull Bay. Landlubbr`s and Pirates are welcome to come and celebrate with the United Pirates.

    Many games will take place and alot of gold can be won. Ale , wine and other alcoholic drink`s can be purchased of the legendary Pirate Barkeeper Loni. Take part in one of the drinking spree`s and gobble spree`s.

    The Festival will start on Saturday the 27th at the Jolly Roger at 7:00 pm EST.

    If you wish to come to this special festival just follow this link to the info page:

    Have fun, landlubbers and pirates alike!
    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 7:52 AM EDT by Brenna (Catskills)

    WYU Open Campus Meeting, Date Changed
    'ello thar all,

    This little piece of info jest in fer all of ye.

    The meeting planned for last Sunday had to be rescheduled at last minute. Sorry to those of you who showed up. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 24th, again at 9:15pm EST. Please all those interested in West Yew University come to this meeting, I will be discussing the changes soon to take place. We will also be taking request on what you all think should be done in the future to improve the schools worth to the community. Once again this meeting is open to the Atlantic community, so all are welcome. Staff members are required to go. A special invitation goes out to, the Yew Mayor, Yew Militia, The Infernal Cult of Necromancy, and to the Citizens of Dalriada, and a very special invitation to Queen Andrasta, King Ebon Praetor, and Mordru of The Kingdom of Dalriada.

    Thank ye again, and hope to see alot of you there.

    Covet-Guildmistress and Administrator of WYU

    Thankee lass fer the news, and g'luck at the meetin.

    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 3:07 AM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Star Room field trip foiled
    Last week, Glendor of Blood Clan organized what was to have been a merry little jaunt to the Star Chamber of the Terathan Keep. Turnout was good, many guilds were represented, and the travelers made their way to the Lost Lands, packs brimming with cookies and other snacks to feast upon when they'd reached their destination.

    Britain Militia's Reve wrote of the experiences he had that night:

    It all began innocently enough, a bunch of veteran warriors meeting at the gate of the Vesper graveyard, talking about a bold move to invade the [lost lands] and take "The Star Room". Being the novice that I am, I think that this is a chamber at the bottom of Terathan Keep. I foolishly chose to go along. We met at the appointed time, about 20 of us. The Blood Clan and the Brotherhood of Ta'Kier appeared to be best represented. I carried the best equipment I could summon for the day, which due to an unfortunate accident on my way to the site was not that much (dog-eared ringmail, mostly).

    From a crypt basement in the Vesper graveyard we entered the new lands. A mage gated us to the base of the Keep. I had never been to this place and was attempting to stay in the supposedly safe middle of the pack.

    Our initial progress into the walls of the Keep was quite rapid. We had, as I said, many veteran warriors among us. Many of these Terathan warriors and drones were falling like flies. I saw much gold on the ground not picked up and I pocketed what I felt was not an obscene share. This would all come to naught, as I would later learn.

    We got into a central chamber of the Keep and completely cleared it of vermin. At this point, the most daring started descending a series of ladders into the bowels of the keep. This was not a good idea. Soon, the first lost souls started trickling up the top ladder to the room we were in, reporting the presence of a dragon down below. As it seemed like the better part of the fighting body had now passed down the ladder, and resolving to stay towards the middle of the pack, I decided it was my turn to go down the ladder.

    This decision to go down the ladder while the smell of burning flesh drifted up the hole and shrill cries and screams reached my ears was, of course, the wrong decision. I was also worried that if all went down the ladder I would be left alone in the top chamber, while more Terathans regularly arrived at intervals.

    Descending the ladder the first thing I noticed was that underground places with no windows to the outside world are very dark. I perceived that I was in a small chamber, but I was uncertain of the floor. A wounded fighter lay next to me, furiously bandaging his wounds. The cries were louder, but I could see no creatures other than my companion fighting man. I took a few steps forward, and fell...

    Down a second ladder. My back was seriously injured, and I was on my side. Bones littered this chamber. I rolled, trying to get up, and fell...

    Down a third ladder. It was pitch black, but very hot. I sensed...a presence in the room. Screams were everywhere. Before I could see anything to strike at, powerful claws began to rend me. All went black.

    When I regained consciousness, I was in the upper chamber, above the ladders. A healer named Katohya was binding my wounds with wondrous efficiency. Within a few short moments I was on my feet, my robe turned ash-grey. All of my armor and weapons were gone, no doubt in the bowels of the keep. As soon as the healer saw that I was well he moved on to the next victim.

    I struggled with my dizziness and fog.

    One by one, defeated warriors ascended the ladder to be healed. Most were in very bad shape. Various alternatives were proposed to get past the dragon at the bottom of the keep. Reports came back of a second dragon, or a drake, and possibly a balron.

    I located a spare pack of mine which contained a fresh robe with the Britain Militia's purple, and noticed that my blessed cloak had suddenly appeared there, rather than with the rest of my gear at the bottom of the keep. I donned this fresh-looking clothing. I was able to locate a sword somewhere among the littered Terathan bodies in the room.

    The leaders of the attack continued to confer. Some spoke of somehow bringing in a dragon-taming specialist, but others said that such a person was either too far away or would have to get through too many of the Keep's outer defenses.

    I felt completely useless without my trusty bow and 200 arrows, specially prepared for the trip. No doubt they were in splinters at the bottom of the keep.

    A sense of dread slowly came upon me. I no longer thought of going to the "Star Room". I realized that as far away from the Star Room as we were, we were already deep within the walls of the Terathan Keep. I saw that the passageway leading back out was now filled with Terathan Warriors, Drones and Matriarchs.

    For some reason, they were not entering the room we were in. This was something I could not understand, because the doorway appeared to be open between the chamber we were in and the next one. At that point another warrior explained to me that two skilled in the art of hiding had physically placed their bodies in the doorway, preventing the Terathans from passing into the room we were in.

    I listened to the odd sounds of the mass of Terathans pressed into the next chamber. They seemed to be aware of our presence, and made noises of frustration. Despite the sword I had found on the ground and our low numbers made me feel very afraid if one of the hidden ones were to slip up and suddenly let the entire mass of evil creatures in.

    I wanted to be home...back in Britain.

    I cast about for a better weapon than the flimsy sword I carried. Beneath another Terathan corpse I located what would have been an impressive weapon in other circumstances, a bardiche. It was to be my only great prize of the night.

    Bloodied warrior after bloodied warrior returned to the chamber, and a murmuring discussion began as the mass of Terathans filled the room next to ours to the boiling point.

    An authoritative-looking mage entered the room, seemingly unscathed in the disaster before. "We are leaving," he announced. "I am going to cast a gate to the Papua Bank, but it will only be open for a few seconds. We must all step into it, and be gone." It seemed as if everyone in the room heard him. I focused on the shimmering blue gate as it rose out of the floor, and leapt through it to the bright and sweet-looking safety of the Papua Bank...

    Back at the Papua Bank, all seemed to be good friends. Wounds were bound and new sets of armor were donned. The comradeship of an unsuccessful combat is indeed sweet.

    It almost seemed as an afterthought...

    "Where are the hiders? The hiders in the door?"

    "I told everyone to go through the gate", said the mage, "but it is closed now".

    A grim realization came upon us. Neither of the hiders were mages. True, they had been known to stay hidden for hours at a time on end, but eventually they would weaken and in a moment of fatigue reveal themselves to the horde of Terathans in the next room...

    ...and they would be devoured.

    What Reve does not mention in his tale is the involvement of PTK in bungling the field trip. The outing was discussed in various forums, particularly Battle Vortex where Moldarion stated, "On behalf of myself and the other members of the Star Room Trip welcome party, I come here to declare that anyone who enters Terathans Keep will be dealt with in the same manner as last night. Since day 1 of Seige, our small group has lived in the Keep. We have fought many PK guilds in our time there, and because of our efforts the Keep has remained a profitable and safe home for us."

    This remark was parried with venomous responses, best illustrated by this quote from Sonja Gringkov, who said:

    *foresees the formation of the Terathan Liberation Force in the near future*

    It appears you had not read in advance what the point to the Star Room trek was. We were not looking for player combat, as it was stated in the original post announcing the trip that guild related hostilities would be left back outside the Vesper graveyard.

    Were we seeking riches or weapons? No. Personally, my pack contained my backup weapon, bandages and a bag with ale, wine, ribs, roast birds, bread, muffins and cookies. We were headed out to have a party and to look at something many of us had never seen before.

    Many citizens voiced their disapproval of PTK's actions, citing that the guild had broken one of the sacred unwritten laws of the realm: Thou shalt not disrupt shard-wide events.

    Plans are now underway for another trip to the Terathan Keep, a second attempt to have the Star Chamber party. Details will be announced as they become available. It will be interesting to see how this saga unfolds.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 12:49 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Who won da fight?
    We've set a new world's record! Well, a record for Grimoire anyway :)

    At tonight's Gladiator event, we had a total of 20 fighters! This resulted in over a dozen 1 on 1 fights and a huge bar brawl afterwards.

    Congratulations to NightshadE for rising to the top of the 1 vs 1 competition and for taking home 10k in prize money. Also, congratulations to Hyperion for being the last man standing in the HUGE bar brawl. Hyperion also took home 10k in prize gps.

    Like last week's Gladiator event, these fights are unique because the combatants enter the arena naked (Pelle's note: Was this part your idea, Baby? ;> ), only armed with their skills. They must rely on their raw skills and cunning to survive by using various armor, weapons, and supplies scattered on the ground. Hats off to all the fearless fighters!

    Thank you to Kelly Kindred, Arch Bishop Horshack, Craggan, Lost and Cardinal Fear for making this event possible. And last but not least, my thanks to the audience for being so supportive. *group hug*

    Baby-Grimoire staff =o)

    Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2000, 3:41 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Interview: Lich Soulstealer's Four Artifacts

    Travelling the lands within Felucca, McCoy and I had the "luck" to run into Lich Soulstealer just outside of Yew. It seems he has just sent out his band of misfits to do his bidding so we did not get to rub shoulders with them, not that we wanted to enjoy their company, but it still would of been interesting to see what they had to say about their "illustrious" leader and his plans to take over the spirit realm. One good thing did come of this interview... Lich babbled... And in doing so, he spoke more than he wanted to. Here is what he had to say:

    McCoy: Hail!
    Lich Soulstealer: Hail, welcome to my humble home.
    Vladimir Taltos: Hail...
    LS: Hail Vlad, It has been some time. Shall we head downstairs?
    VT: Aye, where are the rest of your dregs?
    LS: They are about doing dirty deeds, but they were here earlier.
    VT: I see.
    LS: So, what is it you seek?
    VT: What can ye tell me of this book ye have aquired?
    LS: The book of warding?
    VT: Aye...
    LS: It is an ancient manuscript that deals with the spirit realm.
    VT: I see.
    LS: It was formerly a possession of a magi...
    VT: And you got it from a... right... Is he dead?
    LS: ...named Krial. Indeed, he is dead, but not by my hand.
    VT: How did you get Janos and company to get the book for you and what could you have said to make them trust you?
    LS: Janos had nothing to do with getting the book.
    VT: *smirks* Ok...
    LS: But his wife did follow the group. Their minds were easily swayed.
    McCoy: So did his wife betray him or was she beguiled by thee?
    LS: No, she to was misled as were the others. Some creatures have such frail minds. It is rather "ammusing".
    VT: Your magic is that much stronger now?
    LS: My power, yes.
    VT: What part of Juo'nar did you tap into and what did you gain from it?
    LS: My ability to summon a spirit is greatly enhanced. There is no way to "tap into" a nother beings power. You have to drain the remainder of it.
    VT: I heard that you drained what you could from the remnants of Juonar...
    LS: Aye.
    McCoy: How was that done?
    VT: Sort of like a Leach instead of a Lich, eh?
    VT: *grins*
    LS: I was able to use what remaines I hd salvaged to that affect. Nay. A Lich thrives off the power and death of others. And a Lich will destroy other Liches to gain there power.
    VT: So what have you "gained" from Juo'nar then?
    LS: I was able to use what little power I coud drain to enhance my own, but if Jou'nar were to ever return, it would leave me.
    VT: That's still a vauge answer...
    LS: Aye, I shall not give my secrets away.
    McCoy: Are ye trying to summon Jou'nar?
    LS: Nay. I cannot summon Jou'nar.
    VT: What about contact from Minax...? Why has she been so quiet?
    LS: I would not say she has been that quiet. *looks around* Would you?
    VT: All she did was swap worlds, so to speak... Her presnece in Trammel seems moot..
    LS: Aye, Nystul has been able to ward her away.
    VT: So she hasnt really won...
    LS: In this land, yes. She has been able to twist it to serve her needs. That is why the the shrines no longer glow with the virtues. *Cackle*
    VT: So how have your plans gone since Juonar's defeat?
    LS: Very well.
    VT: Care to elaborate?
    LS: I have been able to locate many artifacts to aid me.
    LS: Namely, the Book of Warding.....
    VT: Right...
    LS: Then I was able to steal special water from the laboratory of Lady Birmingham.
    VT: Oh really?
    LS: It is useful to me for my summoning spell.
    VT: What about the bracelet...?
    LS: This bracelet? *waves arm in the air* This bracelet is only miniscule compared to the actual bracelet that I require.
    VT: Havent found Kryl's spirit yet, eh?
    LS: *growls* Nay.
    VT: *smiles*
    VT: I'd tell you where he is, but then again... I'm not here to for that...
    VT: *smirks*
    LS: OH, do not delude yourself. I do know where he is. I do know where it is kept and he will be returned to me or there will be much suffering.
    VT: I was just trying to confirm whether you knew where or not... Thanks...
    VT: *smiles*
    LS: Indeed...
    VT: And if he refuses to make the bracelet?
    LS: He has no choice as long as I hold his essence then he is mine.
    VT: Well, if you lost control of him once... Whats to say it wont happen again?
    LS: TO lose control has many meanings. I can control him in mortal form and in spirit form when he is close.
    VT: I'm sure there are wards to prevent this...
    LS: Possibly, but I hold the tome that would contain them.
    VT: There is always an opposite to another thing... Why would you keep the book here in such a vulnerable place?
    LS: The book is not here. The book is saftely hidden.
    VT: So you wouldn't be able to show me it then...
    LS: *Evil Grin* It would take more time then I am willing to waste to get it.
    VT: What about the 50 gems... do they have to be of a special nature?
    LS: Diamonds... That is the only requirement. Perfectly cut and the bracelet must be inscribed with runes of power.
    VT: Well... There are several different types of diamonds you know... Blue, pink... No flaws...
    LS: White diamonds to represent a perfect soul.
    VT: And where are you going to get those from?
    LS: I have the materials already procurred.
    VT: I see... as to your perfection comment... Only those who give themselves to the Great I Am can be made perfect...
    LS: *Evil Laugh* I have not seen the "I Am". Who is he so that I may take his power as well?!
    VT: Probably because ye were cast out from his presence... *smirks*
    LS: Perhaps, but that is of another matter.
    VT: What is the 4th artifact? *looking through notes*
    LS: Is a special wand... a wand of Daemons...
    VT: And you know where it is at?
    LS: Not at the moment, but I have ways to locate it just as I located the book.
    VT: No offense, but I hope you never will... *grins*
    LS: Hmmm... I see. Many have thought as you do.
    VT: It was bad enough with Juonar and the lot...
    LS: *Cackle* Jou'nar was powerful, but he was presumptous as well and he underestimated his opponents. I am not that young or foolish.
    VT: Aye... But ye are not as powerful either... And what did you intend on doing with these 50 spirits?
    LS: Aye, but I do not have a demi power backing my own either and as for the spirits... they will serve me as I see fit.
    VT: You cant take a town with em... And I am sure they can be killed...
    LS: They can be disembodied, but they cannot be destroyed as long as there essence are intact.
    VT: A good thing for a cleric or priest to know... Which means the bracelet will be destroyed...
    LS: The bracelet is magical.
    VT: And when it is, will it take thy arm with it? *smirks*
    LS: *Cackle* Bodies are easy to replace.
    VT: *smiles* Of course...
    LS: For a Lich it is a trivial upset. When the phylactery is intact the spirit live.
    VT: There must be some grand scheme in mind for doing all this troublesome work...
    LS: Aye, there is.
    VT: Which is...?
    LS: But why should I disclose my secrets? It would set others to stop me and these pesky mortals are troublesom enough as it is.
    VT: Well, if ye are so sure of victory... what have ye to lose?
    LS: Oh, victory is eminant, but disclosing my plans may upset it.
    VT: I have heard that before... from thee... *grimaces*
    LS: And I do still thrive do I not? Where others have perished I have not.
    VT: Only like the flea on a dogs back... Quite the annoyance...
    LS: And I shall continue to plague this land until Demi Lichdom is achieved which is the dream of all Liches, Ultimate power.
    VT: Well,... as soon as your phalactory is found with the book... I am sure you will no longer be a problem... eh??
    LS: There is more a chance of the book being found then my phalactory.
    VT: Well, I have heard you can't travel too far from it... At least Liches can't...
    LS: *Cackle* Mayhaps.
    VT: So for you to go where you have gone... which is all over... Ye are probably carrying it some of the time... *smiles*
    LS: *Evil Grin* Perhaps, but that is for me to know. Is it not?
    VT: So, if some party were to set upon thee, they could get lucky...
    LS: There is no soul that would know when or where.
    VT: Im just using deductive reasoning...
    LS: And since I am rarely seen about then it would be highly unlikly. I am not a fool.
    VT: Luck can only run good for so long, sir...
    LS: I do not believe in "luck". There is no such thing.
    VT: I see... Anything else ye would care to speak of before we end this?
    LS: Only that the fool Janos Antero had best take great care or much suffering shall come to him.
    VT: He better take great care?
    LS: Aye.
    VT: So is that a threat to him?
    LS: *Cackle* Take it as you will. He knows my intentions to him.
    VT: It's not for me to take... It wasn't meant for me...
    LS: My forces are mounting. I shall have Kryl.
    VT: One last thing...
    LS: Hmmm?
    VT: Who is the Insane Army of Sonoma and what are they doing for you?
    LS: The IAS? They would be my conscripts. A mercenery band.
    VT: *nods* And they are going to do what?
    LS: They will do what they are ordered to do.
    VT: Kill Janos?
    LS: What ever I deem fit to have them do.
    VT: Steal the Gem Stone?
    LS: If I feel it necessary.
    LS: Oh, the gem will be mine reguardless...
    VT: I guess time will tell...
    LS: Aye... I have told you much, now I must be on my way.
    VT: I am good at what I do....
    LS: Aye.
    VT: It's the trusting face... *smirk*
    LS: Indeed.
    VT: Nothing else then?
    LS: Nay.
    VT: Respectfully then... thank thee for thy time...
    LS: Aye, I have eternity. Farewell Young reporter.
    VT: May Janos stop thee "dead" in thy tracks... *grins*

    One thing is for sure, Lich still has his overconfidence which is good for Janos Anteros' efforts to find the wand of Daemons before Lich does. Janos needs your help in doing this and to help keep Lich from finding Kryl's spirit. Hopefully I will be able to speak with Janos to see what sort of help he needs so that we may thwart Lich's efforts yet again... May the Great I Am guide is in all that we do to defeat Lich Soulstealer.

    Safe Journeys, signing off, this is...

    Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2000, 1:56 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    The Black one strikes again!
    I got a pigeon letter from Ryak at 8:55 PM under the eastern skies. It said that the black one was attacking the Sandalwood Box. The next words out of me mouth were "Kal Ort Por." I expected carnage, and I arrived to a little chat. It turns out that the dragon was at Dragon's Point, claiming it to be his own! A few moments later, Ryak sent us off to the Dragon's Point through a moongate. Then I saw it. Inside the building were the bloodrock clan orcs. The door was guarded by a fierce line of trees, I think someone called em "reapers". I took one look at them, then at that scary black dragon, and looked around for Red William or Ku Kullin. Seeing as they were not there, I realized that someone would have to survive to send a message to everyone, and it was up to me. I hid in the shadows so that the horrid beasts couldn't see me. Ryak and it spoke for a bit, then the black one shot off a flamestrike at a warrior. Then the carnage began. Orcs flooded out of the place, and attacked us with the black one backing them up with constant flamestrikes. I started to hear the death cries of everyone around me, and I was surprised when no one noticed me. Then it got worse. The black one summoned hoards of orcs, orc lords, orc mages, and ettins to fight us off. the black one was nearing death when he said "Chaos embrace me!" or something to that effect, and I heard him spot words I dreaded: "In Vas Mani"! His life was completely restored, and our hopes died. When the beast was almost dead again, he muttered "I leave you to play" or something like that and was gone. After all the orcs were gone, I looked through the body of the dead orc shaman and found a rune to their fort and barraks. The thing that frightened me the most were Ryaks chilling words: "This was just a minor skirmish, the real battles have yet to begin..."

    The Dark one has been busy...but worry has the warriors of the Gold one.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2000, 10:15 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    IFC Fun This Saturday!

    IFC Open this Saturday

    Hail all!

    I would like to announce the Icelandic Floating Community in Trammel will be open this Saturday, May 27th, beginning at 3pm, PST, until 4:30pm, PST.

    There will be food and drink for everyone, as well as a Dungeon Crawl should there be an adequate number of warriors at that time.

    So come on out, enjoy the fresh air, the company, the food, and most importantly, the ale! Come and make sport of having the Snow Elementalsand Frost Trolls in the area chase you back to the ships, where you can safely dispose of them.

    We hope to see you there.

    May the Æsir keep you!

    Earnst, IFC.

    Dungeon Crawls are always fun at the IFC, come one, come all! And have fun!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2000, 8:02 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Visions at the Crossroads
    Old Knight has become an inspiration to many of the knights around the world. There is talk of rebuilding the Crossroads Fortress. Here is more information sent in by Johari:
    Ever since Old Knight's appearance at the Crossroads Fortress near the desert, there has been talk of giving rebirth to the ancient structure. Exar Kun and I set out to retrieve Old Knight from Serpent's Hold for more training at the fortress. Once we found the weaver of tale, lore, and wisdom it was evident that we would have to sail back due to his disliking of magical gates. Several people awaited at the Crossroads Fortress for training, tales, and a hunt. We arrived a bit late, but all was well.

    Some of us were surprised to find that the training that eve had little to do with combative skill but rather a training in knowledge. Old Knight further explained what knighthood is, what it meant in his day, and how the fortress was used. Passing a torch so to speak. Emmeril's son Seroth, awed by Old Knight's presence, asked fundamental questions about knighthood that were answered in a manner that enlightened all.

    Tales and training moved into a discussion of how the fortress, now dormant, could be occupied again. Many had grand visions and ideas of what the place 'could' become. The Crossroads Fortress will become a place where knights can train together, plan tactics, and support one another in need. A place where different the knights of Chesapeake can gather as one. The Crossroads Fortress will also be used as a meeting place to discuss how and where they can best deploy their joined forces to ward of evil and protect the innocent.

    The Knights of PaxLair and the Guardians of the Alliance are committed to this cause. We invite the virtueous knights of this land to join us in this cause. Please contact Emmeril of PxK or Johari of =G= if you wish to walk this path with us.
    Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2000, 2:16 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    We Stand with Lord British
    With Minax's forces causing havoc everywhere in Felucca, we are in need of help. Korin the Scribe of Haven might have a solution:
    I speak to you know of a serious matter. Much of my efforts, since deciding to settle in this small clearing surrounding this strange lake, have been directed at fighting the evils that seem to constantly bring harm and misery to this land. Now with Minax and her forces firmly entrenched in our lands we have no choice but to once again take up sword and shield in defense of our home. For although our liege has give us this new land called Trammel, I cannot, no matter how much it resembles our home, leave this land to her wanton destruction.

    When last I spoke it was over a new discovery I had made of the connections of the virtues. The Web of Virtues as I am calling it. I continue to study and gather information but there is one thing that I have discovered. All of the virtues are connected and in turn are connected to all the people of our land. This is why Minax has corrupted the shrines. She hopes by doing so that she will corrupt the virtues themselves and thus the people themselves. But the shrines are but symbols of the virtues. And although they hold much power the true power of each virtue lies within us.

    So I state here and now for all who will hear. I pledge my support and that of Haven to our Liege, Lord British. Our warriors along with the Sword of Truth and the Hammer are hereby dedicated to nothing short of the removal of Minax and her forces from our lands. No more will evil walk unchallenged. For I have foreseen a great ending. If this is to come tomorrow or many years from now I do not know. But I do know this. Long ago an artifact of great power was sent here. It has lain undiscovered for countless years, until now. The reason it was sent here is clear to me now. It was sent to be used in the hour of our need. That need is now. The Hammer of Creation must awaken!

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven
    Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2000, 2:07 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Yew Council of Justice meets tonight
    Khelek Naure submitted this announcement:

    The Yew Council of Justice will meet tonight, May 22, at the Court of Truth. This will be the first meeting and it is open to all who live in Yew. We would encourage other guilds to attend from different cities as well.

    The meeting starts at 8:00pm EST. If you have any questions you can contact Khelek Naure. Sorry for the short notice. If we don't get a good turn out, we will have another meeting soon.

    In an interview this morning, Naure explained that this is an organizational meeting. "I want to suggest the idea to the guilds of Yew and then we can decide whether we should elect members or appoint oursleves. Hopefully, other cities will follow our lead and a High Council can be formed, but for now starting a Yew Town Council will do."

    He went on to state that the purpose of the Yew Council of Justice will be, "To bring together the guilds of Yew for the good of our area. We have a problem with orcs and drow, but those are minor. The town council can discuss current affairs and hopefully unite to find solutions. As well as bring another element of roleplay into the game."

    Tonight's agenda will feature an explanation of his vision for this council and the exploration of how best to bring these ideas into the realm. Khelek is hopeful that enough interest and support can be generated to begin structuring groups of this sort across Siege Perilous. "There are people who play large parts in the community who I hope show up. Whether I have success or not tonight, I am going to continue to try and bring a town council together. It would allow greater communication and protection of the citizens and guilds of Yew."

    Thanks, Khelek!

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 11:30 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    ALBE New Comic Alert!
    Azazel sent us the following:
    Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go your way? We at ALBE feel your pain, and have made a special comic just for you. "One of Those Days" features a typical day when all you want to do is use your power hour, but the inevitable thwarts all your attempts. So direct your browser on over to ABLE where the monkeys rule and the big purple elephants roam free!

    A Little Bit of Everything

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 9:31 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    The Haunting Murders Continue...
    Whilst travelling deep in the forrests of Yew, I found this tattered scroll, I can only hope that it finds the one it was meant for.

    To Erandthor, Lord of Elves.

    I hope this reaches you, though I know not, and I must trust the creatures of the forest to deliver it to you, for I have been arrested for defending myself against the werewolf know as Darkfur.

    A number of nights ago mysterious murders began and the guard of Spiritwood and a detective named Ghostfyr began to investigate. They had the help of me and another ranger of the nearby woods in tracking the killer. The other ranger reported to me that he had seen the killed and heard it being addressed as Darkfur.

    The next night, once again, I travelled to the tavern for a drink and any information that I had not heard. As the evening grey old I noticed a man hiding in the shadows, clearly scared. After managing to calm him down and after many useless attempts at talking to him it dawned on me he was deaf. I quickly took out a book and a pen and began to write a question.By the end of the night I knew several things and was extremely worried. The deaf man had told me he had seen a wolf on the top of the tower nearby with someone talking to it; he said one word about this master, Bhaal. I travelled to the library with a sinking feeling in my heart. When I arrived at the library I was relieved to close the solid doors behind me, and I was relieved to be away from the fading light of day. After much searching, to my relief, I found a single book on Bhaal. I opened it, dreading what I would find, and what I saw was worse than I expected. Only two pages had not been ripped out, but they said this.

    'Bhaal, Lord of Murder (assassins)' Is the very essence of evil. He takes the form of humans when the is trouble on Sosaria. He uses werewolves as him guardians and servants.

    This brought great fear to my heart and I sent off a pigeon to Amos detailing the recent events. I then wrapped my heavy cloak around me and made off into the woods for Skara Brae, running with all my speed trying to reach town before nightfall. Almost at town I heard the distinctive howling and moaning of a ghost, I backed up slowly down the road to where the ghost stood moaning. After much trying I finally established a connection to the spiritworld. He told me it was a victim of the dreaded wolf and wasin the deepest pits of hell, when I asked what to do it simply said 'Leave this down or suffer the fate of others'. Chilled by the day's events I was relieved to catch the last ferry over to the island and gratefully paid my coins for a room in the inn for the night.

    The very next night I was drinking in the tavern of Spiritwood when I heard a commotion from outside. Apparently a man named Darkfur was threatening some men outside, when I heard this name spoken, I ran like the wind to the door to see the man disappearing into the gloom of the trees. I chased after him and tracked him down along with some of the local guards. After apprehending him we took him, handcuffed, to the town hall tower. We stayed with him did the glorious light of dawn came flooding through the tower windows, so we decided to leave him to go about our day, and we left a single guard with him.

    That day, when it was fast approaching midday, I went to talk to the creature in the tower. I was relieved to see the guard awake and fine and the man sitting in his cell quietly. I opened the heavy door of the strongest dwarven metal and approached the disgusting man. I started asking him about the killing but got answers of no use to us. After much questioning I asked about Bhaal, the slime laughed and said we would all die, and the only reason we lived at the moment was because we amused him. Slightly worried by this I asked how long he would be amused by us, all he said to this was, 'Why not ask Ghostfyr?' and he laughed a laugh that chilled the very essence of my soul.

    I left the tower after this and travelled to the tavern, anxious to know about Ghostfyr. I asked the barman of him and he solemnly went into the storeroom and came out holding a worn leather bag, and handed it to me. As soon as I opened it the stench of death came pouring into my nostrils nearly making me vomit. After I mustered the strength to look in a saw the remains of ghostfyr and a blood covered book, which I carefully removed. The book carried a sickening message from the werewolf and I was ever more glad to have him under lock and key.

    The last of the events is perhaps the most strange. That night I, and I number of the local guards, went to the cell to hold the trial and possible execution of this vile creature. We arrived at the tower and settled down to wait for the judge to arrive. But the creature began to taunt us, I went to the cell door and opened it and took back my hand to hit the beast, but to my shock he lunged at me, kicking and punching. I was caught off guard and my first reaction was to reach for my silver sword and strike the beast, which I did, killing it with one stroke.

    The local guard then had no choice but to arrest me, and I am to be tried soon. I fear for these people, for they do not know the full extent of what is happening. Sosaria is in more danger than ever before.

    Sylis Larpt, Son of Erandthor

    I shall pack my largest sword next time I venture near Spiritwood.

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 7:06 PM EDT by FireFox (Europa)

    Monks Attacked by Emerald Enchantress!

    It was a peaceful day at Yew Abbey, with not a breath of wind. Brother Ambrose and a small band of monks prayed and meditated in the Ankh chapel in Yew Abbey, preparing for their pilgrimage to the Shrine of Justice. Suddenly the door of the chapel was flung open and a group of adventurers entered. "Brother Ambrose, beware!" they warned. "We just found out
    that Vilendra, the Emerald Enchantress, plans to ambush your whole party of monks."
    "We cannot delay our pilgrimage to the Shrine," replied Brother Ambrose calmly. "Why doth this Emerald Enchantress wish to slay peaceful monks who have harmed her not?"
    "She found an ancient book called Tome of the Blood Candles. It seems she needs Blood Candles for one of her arcane rites, and one of the secret ingredients in making a Blood Candle is the blood of a monk who is pure in the virtues."
    The monks looked startled, and whispered together. Then Brother Ambrose stepped forward, a look of firm resolve on his weathered face. The brothers are all agreed-we go on our pilgrimage. When one's time has come to leave this world, naught can stop the hand of Death. We serve the Virtues regardless of the risk to ourselves. We shall complete our pilgrimage to the Shrine."
    "Will you permit us to escort you?" asked the adventurers.
    "Aye, gladly," replied the monk. "Thy company and protection is more than welcome on our journey."
    The monks gathered their packs and walking staves, and set off on their journey. Thomas, the youngest monk, followed respectfully behind his older brothers. The adventurers stayed close by the monks as they walked past the Yew moongate and continued northeast.
    Suddenly a huge group of vicious elementals attacked, accompanied by hellhounds. The adventurers fought the monsters as best they could, but alas, Brother Thomas was slain. The air shimmered and the Emerald Enchantress appeared. She had green hair and very pale skin and was clad in woman's plate armor and high black boots.
    The sorceress had an unearthly beauty, and she walked with the lithe grace of a panther. Vilendra smiled lazily as she watched her minions attack the monks and adventurers, then she casually strolled over to the fallen body of Brother Thomas and began to gather up some of his blood in a black vial. She put the stopper in the vial and tucked it into her pack with
    a satisfied look on her face. The power of the Enchantress was incredible. She cast spell after spell and yet it seemed that she was barely touched by the weapons or spells of the adventurers. After a few minutes of battle, the Enchantress raised her arms and cast a recall spell, and she and her minions departed.
    The shaken monks returned to the Abbey, to pray for the soul of Brother Thomas and prepare for his funeral. Thomas was a promising young monk, pure in the virtues, and he will be greatly missed by his brother monks at Yew Abbey.
    Gypsy Doria Romanov continues to seek the lair of the Emerald Enchantress. Brave adventurers who would like to help stop the Enchantress are invited to come to Doria's tent in Skara Brae, just north of the Bank on Tuesday, May 23, at 7 PM (Pacific Time).

    --Stav Korwell


    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 3:02 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Tuesday Night Fights!
    Greetings all !

    Once again, the Village of Humility would like to invite you to attend the Tuesday Night Pit Fights at the Bloody Keg Tavern. Congratulations to last weeks winner, Onslaught, who took home a check for 5k! All are welcome to enter the fight, but come early. Eight contestant tickets go on sale at 7:30 eastern, and the fights begin at approximately 8:00. You will find a complete set of rules on our website: Humility

    We hope to see you there!

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 12:55 PM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    "King" Fallout Attends A Meeting

    King Fallout attended the meeting of the Trinsic Council of Honor today to try and win support for his quest to become king of Sosaria. He began by announcing that Anna, the rebel leader in Yew, had been arrested and turned over to the leader of the Yew militia and the real mayor of Yew. No word has yet been received as to the fate of the sage of valor, though fallout had attempted to negotiate his release yesterday.

    Fallout then told the council that if the Shadow Clans did not release the sage, war would be declared on the shadow clans. He named guilds that were supporting his efforts and he spelled out his proposals for making Sosaria safer if he were to become king.

    The first proposal was to create an elite guard that would patrol each city that is under attack. These guards would protect the lives of those who are unable to fight to protect themselves and aid those who are trying to develop their skills in battle.

    He also announced that the existing town councils would remain in place. He plans to speak to each council at one of their meetings to sea support for his cause.

    Fallout extended an appeal to Goodman to not close his rune library. Fallout also extended a call to arms to all who are able to fight. He asked that if you are able report to all towns under attack and drive the monsters off. If Minax sees that no more towns will fall then she will give up and return to her own tortured realm.

    Yours in Virtue,

    Hengist the Armsman

    How odd, I don't recall Moonglow voting against their previous vote to move to Trammel....but...thankye, Hengist for the news.

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 12:48 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Box Dinner Auction

    Box Dinner Auction!


    The Green Gryphon will be putting on a very special and fun event! And, it will take all of ye ta make it an outstanding success!!!

    The auction will be the splendid dinners ye bring ta the Gryphon. This will be totally anonymous, only the Auctioneer and ye will know whos dinner is on the block! Therefore, both ye and the gentleman that wins yer dinner will be in for a surprise! A pleasant one I hope.

    The proceeds will go towards the upkeep and future events of The Green Gryphon.

    Each Lady needs to bring in her special container:
    1. A dinner fer two
    2. A rune marked to a lovely place to dine
    3. A book with her name in it.. and any special description of her meal.
    4. Anything ta make yer meal individualized and special.

    Auction to be held on: June 2nd, at 9pm PST
    Deadline to signup is: June 1 before Noon PST
    Contact Desire` by pidegon at: ICQ: 74727804 or by letter at:this adress

    ALSO: If there is any experienced auctioneers out there.. please contact Desire`, immediately!


    Gentlemen .. bring yer pockets full of gold ta win a ladies attention and dinner fer a evening.. a meal filled with delicatiable goodies on June 2.. Do not be late! For ye might just miss out of a meal and a friend of a lifetime!

    Sounds like fun, all you ladies out there, bring a lil something and maybe you will find your special someone.
    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 12:17 PM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    West Yew University Open Campus Meeting Tonight!
    Sorry for the short notice on this friends!

    West Yew University is holding an open meeting tonight, Sunday May 21st, at 9:15pm EST. This meeting is to consult the upcoming changes the school shall be making. I request that anyone interested in the school and in its community around it to be at the WYU-Campus Tower at or before 9:15pm. All staff members are required to go. Also a special invitation goes out to the mayor of Yew, the Yew Militia, The Infernal Cult of Necromancy, and all the citizens of Dalriada. This meeting should be fairly short, please come and participate, all are welcome.

    Thank ye,
    Covet-Guildmistress and Administrator of WYU

    Thank you for this notice Covet, I look forward to seeing everyone there!

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 9:24 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Arx Draconis Gets a Face Lift
    I received this scroll a short time ago:
    The player run city of Arx Draconis.has undergone some changes recently both in content in game as well as on the website. Here is a highlight of those changes so you can take advantage of these services:
    • The Treasure Map rune library has added some new runes to its collection. The TMaps building allows Treasure Hunters to decode a map and then recall right to the location its buried. No walking. No hunting. No sailing. Recall in and dig it up. More than 8400 groups have already done just that.
    • Two new shops have opened just behind the tower on AD. Each is stocked with a wide range of high quality goods all priced at the standard AD prices. Check them out!
    • A NEW Rune Library was added to the island. There already exists a wide range of runes in 3 spots on the island taking you to all major banks, dungeons, mining spots etc.. This new set is detailed on the website in the section labeled "Rune Library". It is a "grid" of runes that cover the entire world, all islands and all dungeons. You can get to any spot in the world (within a screen or two) in one recall now. You simply lookup the rune you need on the map and go recall off of it. These runes are located upstairs from the Treasure Map Runes
    • The Black Dagger site has opened. TBD is a site that offers everything you need to be a successful merchant in the UO World. Essays on treaasure hunting, rare items and much much more cover its pages. Its linked off the Arx Draconis webpage now.
    • ImaNewbie now lives on Arx Draconis. He lives in a small house just south of the tower and would love to meet you. He attends many AD events and is always looking to meet new players, swap stories etc.. Check out his comic and check him out in game.
    • The AD Webpage price list and vendor lists have been updated with current information. You can find the vendor that sells your product and his price much easier now.
    Arx Draconis meets all of a players merchant needs. Stop on by and see for yourself! We look forward to meeting you!

    Signed: Arx Draconis Staff

    Thank you this news friends!

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 9:18 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Words from the establishments.
    Those of you who have been with Europa for more than two months may well recall some time ago a petition from player run establishments to OSI asking for special services to aid their transition from the deadly world of Felucca to the haven of Trammel, without suffering too harshly from the 'one house per account' rule. OSI, for their own reasons, refused to help in anyway and life went on.

    As house placement in Trammel rushes towards us (at the speed of a rather drunken snail) I've decided its high time to see what the leaders of the five most well known establishments to see what plans they have;

    • Cathair Suthainn
    • Clown Town
    • Deepwater
    • Glorindar
    • Spiritwood Tavern

    I wrote an identical letter to Queen Rosamar of the EKC who live in Cathair Suthainn, Lady Valkyria the Mayor of Clown Town, Dardan Brook of Deepwater, Eldariel of Glorindar and Fenris the Spiritwood tavern keeper. In this letter I sent a series of questions and awaited their responses. Very soon the answers came, and now I shall pass them onto you.

    1. Do you intend to move your establishment to Trammel when it arrives? If so will you be moving to the same location on the facet or another? Also, how are you manoeuvring around the one house per account issue?

    Rosamar: Yes, the EKC plan on establishing a village, if possible, in Trammel. We will attempt to move to the same location as we hold on Felucca, but this will obviously depend upon who gets to place first - and whether any further housing restrictions apply i.e. land availability.

    Valkyria: No. Clown Town was founded in Felucca. It has been around since day one (well perhaps a week after Europa came alive) It has always been located on the Beach north of Shame, and this is Home to us. Clown Town will definitely stay. Of course we will Try to Build a secondary Town in Trammel - but the name will not be Clown Town - but something similar, and will hold the Student of Clowns stone. The Clown and Order Clown stones will remain in Felucca. All houses where transferred to a few accounts, so that we can maximise the new house placement in Trammel.

    Dardan Brook: Deepwater will stay in Felucca. It has a long history and we intend to remember this history and make the best of it. Deepwater as it currently stands will also be a home for everyone that chooses to stay on Felucca. The houses that stand in Deepwater are owned by several accounts. They will live on without any changes. If the people who choose to stay in Deepwater want to regain control and ownership of the houses, then that will be handled accordingly by the current administration.

    Eldariel: Yes, we are planning to move. We are hoping to move to a larger and more beautiful spot. But I can't tell you which one:). Some of us have 2 accounts, others have sold their old house already and others are just waiting to see what will happen, so it's not really a problem.

    Fenris: I will not move to Trammel. So I can't really answer the rest of this question.

    2. How do you expect the opening of placement in Trammel will affect your establishment in the long run? If you're staying in Felucca will your attitude to murderers adjust in any manner?

    Rosamar: If we are unable to establish our Eternal City, then it will affect the attitude of our members towards the guild and to the two lands. As we hope to continue holding our Eternal City in Felucca, our attitude to murderers will be the same as now.

    Valkyria: No - Murderers are still NOT welcomed in Clown Town -(they come anyway, without invitation) Clown Town will in the long run prosper - since more and more people will understand that Trammel is not paradise.

    Dardan Brook: A lot changed when Trammel opened. People scattered all over the lands, and from my viewpoint people settled down and started to wait for the new housing that were promised. I am certain that once we have housing and can build on our communities again, in the new lands, this will settle down and we will once again see more active communities.

    Eldariel: It can turn out very well, because we have the chance to move to a bigger location. But for it really to work they need to do a few other things like adding an alliance option on the guild stone and changing the looting rules.

    Fenris: My attitude towards murderers will not change. I also don't think Felucca will be overrun with them. Sure they can't go to Trammel, but that doesn't mean they'll increase in numbers on Felucca. Other types of players might move to Trammel, but my tavern will always be just a moonstone away.

    3. Do you think player-run establishments were given a fair deal when OSI decided that the new land should be the pvp free one and ignored requests to make it easier for establishments to survive?

    Rosamar: No, definitely not. I feel that OSI has ignored the role players especially, and their hard work to create a suitable role playing environment, which does enhance the game itself which turns it from just another pvm/pvp hack/slash game, to one where players can immerse themselves into the world of Britannia. A lot of players are demoralised by these changes which are forcing them to give up normal game time as they have to plan/work again for new housing opportunities, not to mention the time consuming work which will be involved in moving their belongings between the lands. It takes a great deal of effort to establish a player-run city. Unless you were fortunate to have amassed millions of gold before anyone else placed house, you are faced with a daunting task of placing houses one by one, waiting for the chance house decay, negotiating with other players to exchange houses, all for what? To provide a player-run environment which other players get the benefits from. It would have been fairer to everyone, for the old lands to become pvm/consensual pvp, and make the new lands pvp, with perhaps no housing allowed, similar to T2A.

    Valkyria: No, player establishments got the shaft (and OSI encourage rp?) I have heard nothing about seers/GMs asking if we need any help etc. Established player run towns/taverns should have been "grandfathered" into new lands. One house per account really hurt the player run establishments.

    Dardan Brook: OSI believes that strong communities will survive without any assistance from them. I believe they are walking a very thin line here, where they should discuss this clearly with the community leaders that has to deal with this problem. The worst thing they could do was to create this "void" that they have created now. People stopped caring for their old communities and didn't get the chance to build a new one. I believe that OSI has done many mistakes in this transition. Promising new lands with housing and then failing to live up to this was one major mistake.

    Eldariel: No it wasn't a fair deal for the role-players. They took the side of the pvpers who are in greater numbers --> more cash.

    Fenris: All in all it was fair. If they'd have to move player establishments all kinds of issues would come up. When does an establishment qualify? Why can only establishments move and not anyone that chooses to?

    4. For those of you moving, do you have all the deeds you require, or are you still fund raising? In addition, how did/will you find those funds?

    Rosamar: This question would best be answered by King Talysman and Lord LeeDrik, who are fully involved with our guild assets.

    Valkyria: A lot of Clowns are old players so the funds has never really been any problem. Several of us have had a castle deed ready for ages. If any clown is without funds - there are a lot of others willing to help/lend. Gold is still the easiest part of UO - just the most boring one.

    Dardan Brook: Deepwater will not move, but some of the community has already gathered funds and started to plan a new settlement. The funds were gathered by some very dedicated people.

    Eldariel: We bought our deeds weeks ago, we are now waiting, waiting and waiting. We bought one guild tower with money donated by the members. All other buildings are bought by individual members.

    Fenris: Again I can't answer this one.

    I would like to thank all five of you once again for replying to my letter. I sincerely hope that your settlements will prosper in both Felucca and Trammel.

    Note: Although the Spiritwood Tavern is staying where it is, Stratics understands there are plans for the town of Spiritwood to be present on Trammel as well. More news as we get it.

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 8:45 AM EDT by Bruce Wolfsbane (Europa)

    Orcs Discover Strange Book at Fort
    Hail All!

    Chin'guk of the orcs sent me the following piece of information:

    "This book was found in the upper room of the Yew fort we have taken over lately:

    "Shortly after the book had been found, someone (or something) was felt (more than seen) near the fort... One could call him 'a dark horseman' or some such (can't remember if it was black or dark). His name appeared, but he vanished immediately afterwards.

    "We tried to contact him, but he didn't answer, and as we were having problems at that time, we couldn't inspect the matter further... I would like to add that he was really stealthy, as we never SAW him despite our transpar. circle)... he seemed to be able to vanish whenever he wished, and to appear somewhere else mere seconds later (seer work?)... Then after some time, he didn't appear anymore... Was this black horseman the "messenger" ?

    "What can we do... this book frightens me I must say, but it intrigues me even more..."

    The complete text of the book along with some commentary, is available for viewing now.

    Has some dark power set it's eyes on the new orc clan? Only time will tell! The Drachenfels News Team will be sure to keep you up to date with the latest developments in this story.

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 4:56 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Goodman's Rune Library To Close
    She sits alone at the old oak writing table surrounded by papers, with what looks to be official seals, and bits of feather quills scattered about. Her face grows intent as she reads and then rereads the vellum parchment before her. Her eyes are dark green today as if to reflect the cloudy skies visible through the one small open window. A lantern on the corner of the desk provides the only cheerful light that bounces off the shiny sheen of her deep sea green dress.

    She knows how important this missive is to try and save Goodman's Rune library. She knows how hard Goodman worked to provide the citizens with the most fantastic treasure hunt rune library in the world and how frustrated he has become beseeching the gods to no avail for help for his beloved library. She has worked on the letter with great care and much thought. Her eyes seek out the majestic black raven sitting on top of a bookcase near the window. She smiles at it mischievously and makes soft cooing sounds. The raven's obsidian feathers rustling & rising in response to the woman he has been watching intently. She clears her throat and begins to read carefully to the raven.

    To the Citizens of the world known as Sosaria Atlantic,
    It is my great distress to inform you that Goodman's Rune Library is now closed forever and Goodman will depart our land unless we rally around him now and show our support for his extraordinary amount of work to make this world a better place. I spoke to many of you last night as we stood around the closed doors in shock and I know given a place to focus our concern perhaps we can yet save the Library and convince Goodman to stay with us. Those of you that frequented the Library know how special it was and he was. Please help me raise and outcry loud enough the Gods will surely have to listen. Below I have provided a place to write your thoughts.

    Save Goodman's Rune Library

    Queen of Dalriada [TK]
    GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    More Than A Game...
    Libby Copeland from The Washington Post wrote a terrific article on Gaming that showed up in several newspapers throughout the US today. It's called "More than a game". It discusses several aspects of gaming, including its origins, how it affects our perspective of reality, and why fantasy compels us so much. Here is an excerpt from the article discussing Ultima Online:

    And even when they remain in the online world, players interact in ways that extend beyond the guidelines of the game. In the online multiplayer game EverQuest, for example, 55,000 subscribers [ed. I believe their player base is actually much higher than this] may be playing at the same time during a peak period, and they're doing far more than slaying monsters. In this and other fantasy adventure games, like Ultima Online, some characters run inns; others are bards or thespians who give performances. Quake players make short movies out of the game's graphics. In other words, players are innovating, using the ostensible plot as mere landscape for their own creations. And they are forming communities that can exist only in a virtual space.

    To read the entire article head to The Seattle Times' version of More than a game...

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 2:11 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Periodic Poll Redone
    After receiving several e-mails pointing out that I had omitted several potential poll answers, I have re-done this week's poll on how you earn your UO gold.

    All those who already responded to the poll should go back and re-enter their responses.

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 2:04 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Heroes of the Realm Tournament Winner
    Hot off the presses, here is the winner of the 2nd Heroes of the Realm Tournament, sent in by Vladimyr.

    The winner of the second Heroes of the Realm Tournament has been declared!!

    Shane, - Forgotten - was our winner Saturday night.

    Please visit the page and follow the Heroes link at the top for more information....

    Heroes of the Realm Tournament

    - Vladimyr, Head Bouncer, Pair-A-Dice Casino

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 1:58 AM EDT by Kruton (NapaValley)

    GCT Auction Tonight
    A newcomer to the auction scene has just sent in a time for their first ever auction. Thanks to Keith S. of GCT for sending this in.

    Come one! Come all! The first ever GCT Guild auction is here! Join your fellow citizens of Britannia in an exciting auction of Black clothes, Weapons, Armor, Spells, Spellbooks, and More! And if That doesn't make you want to come, we will also be having an auction of a 7 circle spell book and a full set of bone armor! We all hope to see you in Yew,(Felucca) South of the abbey and the fork in the road, at 8:15 Pm MST on May 22nd, tonight!
    If you don't come, you don't know what you're missing!

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 1:51 AM EDT by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Comments from the Team - Runesabre
    The following was posted to Comments from the Team on the official UO website by Runesabre:

    The Journey...

    On a hot summer afternoon sometime in July of 1997, my life changed dramatically, though I didn't really know it at the time. I stumbled across a little website with a cute animated dragon and the title of Ultima Online. As I perused through the website reading the FAQ and various game features of a soon to be released massively multiplayer game, I knew I had finally found the next game that would keep me up till dawn, like any game worth its salt should. The game looked bold and innovative, offering for the first time the freedom to live another life in an alternate world along with thousands of other players, and to provide its patrons the chance to make their own meaningful impact in whatever way they saw fit. During my lunch hour that afternoon I somehow stumbled into a little chat channel with some players discussing various aspects of this new game. Included in that channel was one Designer Dragon, who I spoke with for about 5 minutes amidst the crowd of eager people sharing various ideas and thoughts.

    In the months that followed, I lived and breathed Ultima Online as 'Runesaber', both in-game and out-of-game on the various message boards which sprang up around the game. Who was Runesaber to be? When I created him I didn't really know, so I made up his name to fit a myriad of possibilities either as a warrior or mage. He became a blacksmith. And how fitting that my carefully laid plans for my character had changed in this new game so that I would end up in a place I never expected. In UO, just about anything is possible. Sometimes I felt I was dictating the journey, other times I felt the journey was beckoning me down other unknown paths. That was the magic of this new world.

    Today, almost three years later, I have had the most honored privilege of ushering in the 3rd and largest, most significant era of this great game, Ultima Online: Renaissance, as Lead Programmer of the UO project. Quite an unexpected path I have traveled from that first chat in 1997!

    Has UO reached its own journey's end? Has my journey come to an end?

    Ultima Online:Renaissance is not a destination. It's a stage and a foundation, built by a team of passionate people to ensure the ongoing journey of UO continues on just as steadily as it has since the beginning.

    And as with all great journeys, it is with a touch of sadness and reflection that we see certain participants leave the path and pursue other ventures in other worlds near and far. But with the departure of the great people that shaped UO into its current form, the journey for UO does not end nor does my journey with UO.

    I invite you all to come partake in the present Ultima Online, as new history unfolds from day to day. The greatest event in online gaming is currently underway, but just as I did not immediately see the relevance of that one afternoon in July, so all of you may not realize the meaning of the events of today. At a later day, we will all be able to look back upon the present with fondness, at another exciting phase of this great, ongoing journey.

    Ultima Online Development Team

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 1:37 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Periodic Poll
    In last week's poll, we asked you to tell us what percentage of your in-game time was spent fighting monsters.

    It appears that the majority of folks spend 25%-75% of their time fighting monsters. 26.5% of the respondents indicated they spend 25%-49% of their time monster fighting, while 25.9% are monster fighting 50%-74% of the time. 19.7% of you only spend 1%-24% of your in-game time fighting monsters, while 16.4% of the respondents spend a hefty 75%-89% of their time slaying foul creatures. 8% of you are hard core monster slayers (90+% of your time), and the pacifists amongst us (no monster fighting) account for only 3.2%.

    This week, we would like you to let us know how you earn the majority of your income in UO. So head on over to our Periodic Poll, and let us know!

    As many of you know, the last two weeks I asked you to let me know the top reason you like, or dislike, UO:R. Well, the response was fantastic, and I am busy tabulating the results, which will be posted them later this week.

    Posted on Monday, May 22, 2000, 12:02 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    The death of Darcie
    A woman with a strange necklace . . . a mysterious thief . . . and far too many ogres:

    It all started yesterday evening. The sun was setting over ol' Spiritwood, and our sparring hour just ended, when me and a couple of friends headed from the Tower to the Spiritwood Tavern to have a few bottles o'ale. As we reached the Tavern, Shelby the Towncryer started to announce some disturbing news: "Ogres seen west of Vesper!", she cried. Not thinking twice a mage who stood nearby opened a magic portal to the town of Vesper.

    Upon arriving at the seatown of Vesper, we at once equipped our weapons and charged the vile band of Ogres, that already had forced their way into the town. It did nay take long to vanquish the marauding party, and soon the town was free again of ravaging monsters. The towncryer though, still announced Ogre sightings west of Vesper. We decided then to travel a bit out of town and scout the area. Alas nay a Ogre was to be found west of Vesper, so we returned slowly, thinking that the attack on the town might have ended. Entering from the northern bridge, I saw a young girl with almost white hair. Her large eyes, set in a beautiful face seemed to scan the area constantly while she offered to sell some goods to the villagers passing her.

    Duncan tries to remove the necklace"Selling Goods", she yelled. "Selling a Necklace", she shouted. "A necklace?", I thought, wasn't a necklace what the Ogre sought in Vesper? Wasn't that the reason for the Ogres to attack the town? I approached the girl and asked her about the price of that necklace, and if I might see it. She pointed at her neck, and told me, that the price for the necklace was a 1000 gold pieces. I started to bargain with her about the necklace, though then I was more interested in her, than the necklace. Finally we agreed. We were to escort her out of town in safety in exchange for the necklace. All to happy I agreed, while she tried to remove the necklace. Quite surprised she said though, that she could nay remove the necklace, as it would nay open anymore.

    She desperately tried to force the necklace off her neck, though to no avail. I then tried to remove the cursed item, and to our all surprise the lock sprang open and the necklace fell right into my hands. I stared at the precious jewellery and with trembling hands put it into my backpack. Then, before I could react a shadowy figure stalked me from behind and with the skilled hands of a thief the figure stole the necklace and run off. The town guards immediately set off to capture the scoundrel, though they were nay fast enough.

    I then returned to the girl named Darcie, and with a deep sigh I told her about what had happened. I did nay feel very good, as it was my fault that the necklace was stolen. Darcie, silent for a moment, then proposed to set out after the thief, leading us to the western bridge, leading out of town. When we reached the outskirts of Vesper, she gave me a tattered treasure map, explaining, that she did nay want it to fall into the Ogre's hands.

    A fierce battleUpon reaching the end of the bridge, we suddenly were under attack. It was an ambush, as a large band of Ogres, Ettins and Orcs charged from the woods. Shouting their barbaric warcries it did nay take em long to reach us and soon a battle was raging at the bridge. Keeping my promise, I did nay step far from Darcie, trying to protect her from harm, though it seemed, that the leading Ogre was after her.

    Desperately I tried to bandage her wounds while she ran for her life, shouting and screaming for help, though I could nay save her life. She collapsed right at my feet, crushed by a terrible blow of the hideous Ogre Lord. She dropped dead right beside me, while I still held the bandages, that would have saved her life, in my trembling hands. "Revenge!", I cried, to the Ogre looming over her dead body, aiming my bow at the mighty creature. Even with the combined efforts of the gathered warriors it took some time till we managed to kill the Ogre Lords. Fatigued I dropped to the ground, weeping silently over Darcie's body. I could nay keep my promise, I could nay save her life ... it was my fault.

    Silently I guarded her body, still hoping that she might return, though finally when her body decayed I gathered her belongings and stored them safely in my backpack. It was then, when a paladin stepped from the woods, thanking us for the our efforts and handing me a reward of 6000 gold pieces. Silently I looked up at the paladin, and told her, that I was nay worthy of a reward, though she insisted, and so I accepted the reward.

    We then returned to the Spiritwood Tavern, where I told the story of todays events to the gathered people. It was nay a glorious day, the day I could nay keep the promise given to a lady. Mayhaps one day she will return, and till that day I shall keep her belongings safe at my bank.

    Duncan Dalwhinie
    Tiro Imperitus
    Custodes Fati

    Thank you Duncan, do keep us informed . . .

    Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2000, 7:24 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Clown parade tonight!
    The CLOWNs will be making Britain smile tonight:

    I welcome all to come and watch CLOWN's Parade through Britain (Felucca) on Sunday 21st May at 21:00 GMT / 22:00 CET.

    The Parade will start off at The Council Hall and work its way across the top road towards the East Bank, moving down from there towards the Southern most bridge in Britain, across this and past the tailors, past the West Bank and moving up the furthest Western road towards British's Castle.

    I have asked Fenris of Spiritwood Tavern to open up his Tavern in the middle of the Streets of Britain. If he gets everything he requires for this there will be food and drink, chairs and tables and hopefully plenty of staff to wait on you.

    This Parade is to help celebrate some Students of CLOWN that have reached there goal in becoming titled CLOWN's.

    So please come line the street of Britain (Felucca) and cheer the CLOWN's along.

    Thank you in advance,
    Plague The True CLOWN : )

    Thank you Plague

    Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2000, 6:51 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Ultima Parody Songs - "Hey Dewd"
    Looks like Midas the Bard has another great hit on his hands. I just finished listening to it and have to say it is one of his best yet. Here's the official announcement:

    Just a quick note to let you know I've just uploaded the latest parody song - "Hey Dewd", based on "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. I'd gotten some requests to 'do one for the roleplayers', so there you go... sort of... :) Plenty of fun getting poked in every direction there...

    Also, thanks for being patient with me as I moved my 'mail center' - some of you didn't get last weeks update of "Loot Take Boogie", so please check that one out while you're at the site!

    One last thing - on the mp3 page I've added some code that let's visitors vote to place the site in the TradeSpot Ultima Top 25 Sites list - I'd appreciate you voting while you're there. It looks like they reset the counter every week, so please vote again if you already have before... ;)

    That's it for now - and stay tuned, as some interesting projects are coming *very* soon (lot's of excitement brewing behind the scenes). As always, thanks very much for your continued support!

    Midas, Ultima Parody Songs

    Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2000, 2:23 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Moonglow Tavern Recieves New Name
    We have recieved the following:
    After a wonderful night of tale and song, the Moonglow Tavern received its new name. After a bit of controversy involvin the locals, me wait staff, and the first proposed name.. "The Buxom Wench", the second runner up "Journey's End", submitted by Rand al'Thor, was chosen as the final name. Janos Antero the submitter of the first name did receive 10,000 gold as well as a "honored guest" status at the tavern even though we were unable to keep the lad's clever name. Mr. al'Thor is awarded the same for his "The Journey's End" submission.

    Thank ye all who stopped by the aid in the namin' of the tavern and I do hope to see ye all again soon. Stop by for an ale, conversation, the most recent news of adventure in the lands, or a good ol' fashioned home cooked meal.

    We will keep the soup on fer ye!

    ~Eleana Coriel, Proprietor

    Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2000, 6:52 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    ***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA*** New 'Toon! #108
    Yep, that's right, for all of you people who keep emailing me and saying "MAKE MORE TOONS!" I have a special treat for you.

    In addition to a new ImaNewbie episode, I have added a brand new comic feature I call "The Britannia Enquirer". The first two issues are up and posted so be sure to check them out while you are at my site. I hope for this to become a regular weekly feature so now there is even more reasons to make sure and bookmark my site and come back often.

    Added Friday, May 19th:
    - ImaNewbie Episode #108 - We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto (conclusion)
    - The Britannia Enquirer - Volume 1, No's 1 and 2

    ImaNewbie does Britannia


    Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2000, 2:04 AM EDT by Beastmaster Josh (CandidCoverage)

    Egads! Another RD Auction!
    The wind was brisk as I walked around the large meadow where the RD tower stood. It was only Sunday morn. When early on as the dew was just begining to melt away in the mornings sun when I noticed caravans of goods arriving on my doorstep. Rare items from afar were showing up I had not ever seen but only heard of in stories told by dockmasters or weary druken travelers. I heard whispers of Necromatic regeants or the very shackles that held heroes to their doom. I heard of Baskets of Rare Fruit with coloring only found in our Lords Garden. Then the Warriors and Mages alike began to filter into the tower also.
    Was what I heard over and over between drinks. I am not sure what that was all about.

    Then Finally around Dusk a Carriage arrived led by two guards of the RDG ( Auction Royal Guards ) Sedric reigned his horse up to the stable dismounting. Red It has took me some time to fill the list but for the last week I have rode to all the points you showed me on the map and gathered the items you requested. Sedric I said" your a fine Knight indeed with much honor and pride in your work" Sedric nodded and set about on his tower duties. In the carriage was a chest. I was given the key by Sheena Tower Guard Guildmistress and I unlocked the chest to look upon the many items inside. A small grin crossed my face as I wondered .......
    I wonder Sheena if they will guess right this week or wrong. :)

    RD Auction May 23rd Starts sharply at 9pm est We will not be accepting items any more on auction night. Submission night is Monday May 22nd 8pm - 9pm EST Payoff night to Sellers will be Wed Night 8pm - 9pm EST

    To read how to submit and the rules: goto:

    All payments will be done after the item is bought. Goto your bank of choice and write us a check for the sale and see Tenly our auctioneer on the side of the stage.

    Yes! The Last item will be again the Mystery Chest Full of items of Gm Make and Magic or Rare Plus a check from 10k to 50k Total Value of the chest will not exceed 200k or less than 10k Bidding will begin at 5k and who knows you might walk away richer or poorer. Its a gamble do you have the nerve? Last weeks winner won 50k - Ranger Armor and a Pure Black Tub

    I hope to see everyone there!
    Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2000, 12:23 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    House Test Shard
    Hail and well met all!

    Most of you are aware that the House Test shard has opened for testing the placement of houses. I had logged onto it while it was still named "House Test (pen)" and was surprised when I was greeted by the eerie sound of silence when I arrived on the streets of Britain. I was also greeted by a message on a scroll, similar to the journal scroll, that said: "Updates ********* January 11, 1999 *********".

    I decided it was time to investigate my bank box to see what treasures laid within it. I was very disappointed to discover it empty. It was no wonder the streets where silent, either everyone had decided to go home or they where out working, trying to raise the gold needed to buy a house to place.

    To find out more about these strange events, I e-mailed Origin with my questions. Here is the response I received:


    The shard "House Test" (it was renamed now) is up. its purpose is to test the new house designs. You can alter your skills on that shard as you wish and you are given some more starting equipment than usual. You should now be better able to get money really fast by using the skill set option there. It is explained as you login to the Shard.

    I am not really sure what you are referring to with "Updates *** January 11, 1999 ***". Can you tell me where you are getting this Message ?


    Origin Worlds Online

    Please visit our website at ( for the latest information about Ultima Online. Other links you may find helpful are:

    -( for a direct link to the UO.COM message boards where you can post and discuss connectivity, development, role-playing, in-game support, and trading and selling.
    - ( for a direct link to common issues, shard specific issues, the Game Master support FAQ, and other support issues.
    - ( for a direct link to our Account Management page where you can modify your account information as well as read about and sign up for other payment methods.
    - ( for a direct link to the latest information on recent game changes, upcoming changes, and future developments for UO.
    - ( for a direct link to Britannia News Network with updates on the latest events and quests in UO and the BNN audio show.
    - ( for a comprehensive Ultima Online site with useful message boards including the CoB Dev Board.
    - ( for news, information, player written essays and statistics on the game play systems in UO.

    For those of you still wondering, I had also asked what the (pen) stood for. I think it was short for "pending". This was not confirmed though.

    Seeing as the House Test had been renamed, and reading that players would now receive a castle deed upon logging in, I decided to check this out. I first went to the bank to check my bank box. I was surprised by the contents:

    A bag with five Trammel moonstones.

    A bag with five Felucca moonstones.
    A bag with fifty of each reagent in it.
    A pinkish colored bag with a rune to each Counselor Guild hall in it.
    Five blank runes.
    A full spell book.
    A castle deed.

    I was a little disappointed that I had not received any of the items I normally got while on the regular Test Center. I was not so disappointed that I quit the House Test though. Grabbing the castle deed and setting my strength and dex to 100 each, I ran off to try and place the castle in the spot where I am hoping to place on my regular shard. Walking to the location, I did not think I would be able to try as there were the new smaller houses placed everywhere. When I reached the spot, I was surprised to find a castle already there. I decided to then try a few other locations. All together I was able to find five placed castles, one keep, fifteen towers, and twenty-three of the newer houses placed (I did not check the whole shard and I only checked the Trammel side). I was not able to find a location in which to place my castle.

    If your wondering if your house will fit where you want it, I suggest you try the House Test shard. Even if you can not place, maybe someone has already so you will still be able to find out if your dream home will fit.

    Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2000, 10:21 PM EDT by Dracos Moira (TestCenter)

    Gamble the night away
    As if we needed more proof that Europa is the most happening shard, news of a new establishment opening:

    Hail fellow gamblers...

    We're proud to announce that Dargoth Casino will be opened This Saturday 20th May at 22:00 CET (9:00pm GMT).

    We run a total of 6 differents games (including a lottery)

    Feel free to check up games rules and how to play, and also the location map of Dargoth Casino at :

    Hope to See you there ;)

    Farewell and G'luck to Dices Throwing...
    Papy Joe
    Casino Master.

    PS: We'll be opened every Saturday at the same starting hour...

    Sounds good!

    Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2000, 4:27 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    More slaughter in Spiritwood
    It started as a peaceful day in Spiritwood..... it ended in sheer terror...

    After a Championship Tournament organised by The Custodes Fati had ended, many of the contestants and the organisers of the event went to the tavern to celebrate and honour the new champion of The Custodes Fati : Kris Sateer. One man did not join the festivities, this man was Amos of The Custodes Pax, he remained behind attend to some matters...

    When all of a sudden Pad O'Lions pigeon was flying directly towards him as fast as it wings would take it, with a request for assistance near The Spiritwood Tavern as a crime had been committed...a most horrible crime.

    Upon his arrival Amos witnessed a young lad running away with great haste being followed closely by Lady Shri of the Custodes Fati and several others. Moving to intercept the lad, his trusty horse Thunder quickly caught up with him and with one hand the lad was no longer in touch of the ground and had no means of escape.

    As was told by the pursuers the lad had wrongfully taken a bag which presumably held evidence concerning the crime.

    Confiscating the evidence the crime scene was examined and the witnesses questioned...

    The following is an official publication from The Custodes Pax :

    From : Amos of The Custodes Pax
    Date : Tuesday May 16th
    Place : Spiritwood
    Subject: Double Murder Investigation

    Today the remains of two not identified human males has been found on the doorsteps of The Spiritwood Tavern, between the remains we found a note saying "Heed this as a warning".

    A warning to what ? and to whom ??? these are all questions we are currently trying to find answers to,

    When we do we'll be posting another such bulletin like this one. For now I urge any and all to be even more careful when walking alone and avoid travel after nightfall.

    I've ordered that guards and patrols within Spiritwood borders be increased to insure the safety of us all, rest assured we are doing everything in our power to solve this crime and apprehend whomever or whatever responsible.

    There have been reports of a wolf sighted near the crime scene, this may have been a coincidence but the way it acted somehow gave many of the witnesses the impression it was not merely a coincidence.

    If anyone has any further information, contact me or one of The Custodes Pax immediately, all information is of the utmost importance and it may be just the vital piece we've been waiting/searching for.

    Amos of The Custodes Pax
    Defender Of Justice

    The next day, Amos heard some turmoil near the Tavern... Without giving it a second thought he changed his course and rode to the tavern.... where there was again signs of another crime... after dismounting he quickly examined the remains and ordered the body to removed at once.

    After speaking with the eyewitnesses his suspicions were confirmed... another murder like the ones of last night had been committed... and yet again a wolf was sighted... however this time eye witnesses reported it to be a man who could change himself to a wolf whenever he pleased. Two brave warriors followed it...but alas their prey was deviously clever in covering it's trail and lost them when it found a pack of wolves...

    After hearing Amos speak with the eyewitnesses I have spoken briefly with Amos and he could provide me with some additional details... he had learned only minutes ago. The two murder victims of last night were both secluded healers, they who travel in the forests and live there... aiding others in their hour of need... if they so deserve such aid.

    It seems to be a pattern, but how and why is still somewhat of a mystery, Amos refused to give me any of his ideas/thoughts but promised me he would tell me when he felt this to be safe to discuss, as now the investigation is still on going and information is kept secret in hope the chances to stop these murders are as high as we can make them.

    Fortunately a detective from Britain travelled to Spiritwood to request the aid of Amos and The Custodes Pax and in return offer his assistance... to join forces in solving several murders. Spread across the entire Skara Brae region...

    After speaking with Ghostfyr and a few others a special team was formed, one that will work together, exchange information in a joined effort to stop these murders plaguing our lands. To restore law & order and make it safe once more to travel during the night.

    As their meeting was a secret I was have no knowledge about what was discussed...but I am certain we will hear more of this soon.

    Just as I was about to leave, Amos called my name and requested I come closer. I moved towards their table and after a brief introduction I was thanked for my assistence and handed this note :

    From : Amos of The Custodes Pax
    Date : Wednesday May 17th
    Place : Spiritwood
    Subject: Multiple Murder Investigation

    To any and all who have information about the ongoing murder investigation report this information either to myself or a member of The Custodes Pax. All information however unimportant it may seem please do take the time and effort to report it, as it is quite often when the little things are that allow us to capture a criminal.

    Further more a reward of 10.000 gold crowns is waiting for the person or persons who can provide information which will lead to the understanding of the motives of these killings, the identity of the killer or the apprehension of these persons.

    Amos of The Custodes Pax
    Defender Of Justice

    I hope they are able to catch whoever is responsible soon, these murders are too horrible for words.

    Many thanks to the adventurer that sent this tale.

    Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2000, 4:22 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    BUM Weekly Joust Night

    BUM Weekly Friday Night Joust and Mage Tourney @ BUM Rune Library/Merchant House
    Fridays 9pm cst
    For rules and information check out:

    BUM Weekly Friday Night Joust and Mage Tourney


    Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2000, 1:25 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Here's a Bit of Useful Information...
    Janos Antero sat quietly at his desk, and again put the small ruby against his forehead, invoking its magic, and replaying the theft of the gem again in his minds eye, how TFA raided the tower while many of its defenders were away at the Buxom Wench. How they stole the gem, and then Lich traveled to the tavern to brag. And finally, how Aegis failed to again capture the coward, and he and his lackeys fled.... Smiling a bit, he recalls not all fled, and that one more TFA would rot as a mindless dead until Lich got around to reviving her again.
    Noting the holes in his defenses he mentally prepared to better secure them. Two of his men were injured, but would heal, and he mentally added again to the growing tab the Fallen Angles would soon pay. Finishing his paperwork, he stood up, and checked his pocket again, feeling the familiar lump of the green emerald there.
    Absently he wondered just what that angry balron trapped in the other gem would do when released, but upon thinking that it was Liche Soulstealers problem, and Janos was forced to just grin. The poetry night was a fond memory, and it was a night of great joy. A new tavern was born, with a name he couldn't stop grinning about. And many told wonderful stories and jokes, making it an experience to remember.
    Briefly he worried about Lienna and hoped she was ok, since she didn't show up for her own poetry night, but Eleana had been a wonderful hostess, and the night was one he would long remember fondly, and with a smile upon his lips.

    Thanks, Janos, for the insight.

    Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2000, 1:22 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    IFC's Festival of Virtues Recount

    An Account of the IFC`s Festival of Virtues!

    On the 17th of May, the Icelandic Floating Community opened its arms welcoming all who would join them in the celebration of the virtues. In a time where the evil seem so predominant, and the virtuous face obstacles at every turn, honouring the virtues seemed the finestmethod to remind us all of why we strive continuously for the betterment of ourselves and our world.

    Thus was it, that on this date, we were joined by friends and newcomer alike, in our attempt to bring the virtues once again to the forefront.Friends stood by one another and shared stories, or simply made them upon the spot, and peoples spirits seemed high.

    I was forced to avert my eyes more then once, as some appeared wearing nothing, in preparation of our event to honour the virtue of Humility. Trying hard not to break eye contact with some of them proved far more difficult than anticipated.

    The first event would be our Drunk Naked Race, which would take our participants through the caverns of Niflheim. I believe there could truly be nothing more humiliating than running naked and inebriated through one of the most dangerous blights of our lands.

    When Sadoriss of the DWJ and Galius Androctus were in position at the checkpoints, the participants were then gated to the starting point. After a misdirected gate, and a sudden attack by the denizens of the dungeon, we managed to finally begin the race.

    All participants were given a full bottle of ale, which they were required to consume entirely before they were allowed to begin running, and on my word, they were off.

    Just in time, for as I stood there speaking with Dodd, the Seers and Elders, a White Wyrm rounded the corner.

    The Seers and Elders proved they could fend for themselves. I, on the other hand, would need an army.

    Time to be off!

    I arrived at the starting point just in time to ascertain the winner of the race, Erik Strongbow! All that needed be done was to verify that he had indeed crossed both checkpoints.

    Following the race, we put the food and drink in the holds of the ships,presented Erik with a prize of a 10000 gold check, and were off to the dungeon of ice. The antipode of the virtue of Humility is known to bethe Stygian Abyss, but as it seems a great deal more difficult to find then Humility itself, we opted for a jaunt through Niflheim in its stead, where we avenged ourselves, humbly, upon the denizens. The White Wyrm being no exception.

    The following night we were again joined by our brothers and sisters at the Icelandic Floating Community, but this time, it was in Valour! Although I was to learn a little more of Humility again on this night. With everything in place, a ring laid out for us by the kind Elder Dreams, we began our ordeal with the uncooperative Snow Elementals for what was to be our Snow Elemental One on One Competition.

    If ye`ve noticed of late, Minax`s influence has taught the creatures a little bit more beyond the tactic of linear battle. At every turn the Snow Elementals baffled me, obviously overwhelmed by the number of targets available, and in its glee, somehow refused to attack the combatant in the ring. After trying several ideas to remedy this problem, with the help of Elder Dreams, we were beaten. Thus was the participants gold returned to them, my spirits low.

    It was shortly afterwards, standing about discussing various themes with the people there, that Ross Kun offered this idea in its stead! Why not use a creature which we can more easily control? An Energy Vortex.

    Many of the would be Snow Elemental competitions participants seemed enthusiastic of the idea, and so was the ring laid out again, with a lone participant in the middle. Though not enforced as strictly, the rules for this competition remained the same, as one by one, contestants fought for their lives valorously, each vying for the highest time.

    The times were as such:

    Fraek - 1:35 10 000 gold grand prize
    Kraken - 1:14 8000 gold second prize
    Lillith Bane - 1:08
    Eirik - 1:02
    Galius Androctus - 0:38
    Danad - 0:32
    Ross Kun - 0:19
    Celtain Britain - 0:10
    Luciana Diviner - 0:07
    Dodd - 0:06.5
    August West - 0:06 5000 Consolation Prize

    Following the impromptu Energy Vortex One on One Competition, many of those present joined us in our assault upon Valour`s antipode, Destard.

    Valorously we battled the large reptilian inhabitants of that dungeon in the name of Valour, till our bodies no longer held us upright, and we grew too weary to continue.

    I would like to thank all those who helped make this possible with the least amount of chaos possible. There are far too many of you to list, but I assure you, you are not, nor will you be, forgotten.

    I would also like to thank all of the participants, and Sampson, I am sorry you did not get to defend your title as reigning Snow Elemental One on One champion.

    It is my hope that you will join us next week as we continue the Festival of the Virtues with our focus being the virtues of Sacrifice, and Honesty. The dates will be announced shortly. Please keep you attention on these and our scrolls for further information.

    Thus, in the Virtues were we joined.

    May the Æsir keep you!

    Earnst, IFC.

    For more information on the IFC, please visit our scrolls at:

    Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2000, 9:20 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    House Placement Test Shard Opens
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:
    House Placement Test Opens

    We have commenced testing house placement on the Test Center shard and invite everyone to stop by and join the test! The first testing phase will include 'open' housing placement, meaning all houses, of all types and sizes, may be placed on both facets during this phase. Rather than require you rush out and earn gold on Test Center, we'll be placing a castle deed and eight recall runes in your backpack when you enter the game. The recall runes are set to the locations of the eight architects of Britannia. To test housing types other than the castle, simply sell your castle back and buy other house deeds.

    Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2000, 7:41 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    And the clouds will return
    A rare and wondrous creature brings strange visions:

    Mae govannen Traveller......... Before telling you my news I found, I introduce myself briefly: I am an elven Bard who seeks out to understand the humans and their lives. I studied these strange folks on many occasions and it seems that this is the reason I am now burdened with knowledge I didn't ever wanna know.......

    It appeared some weeks ago, after the days when Trinsic was set free from the evil (though evil and good are human signs) named Jou`Nar and Minax, as I walked in the woods near Yew, listening to the voices of my friends, the animals, and composing a new song. I saw a Dryad, spirit of the woods, who are invisible to the eyes of the humans, due to their ignorance of such lives, which came near to me.

    Dryads are very rare and even I shivered when this creature approached, as you never know what they keep in mind - killing innocents harassing their woods is just as possible as helping strangers, who lost their way. It talked to me, exactly one sentence, and vanished.

    "Listen to the black, winged messenger and the clouds will return....."

    I was happy when it vanished and hastily returned to my camp. I fell asleep as I reached my camp, extraordinary exhausted and then I had that dream which ties me to it.

    I was standing under a sunny, blue sky, birds singing, hare rushing peacefull. A shadow darkened the sun for the part of a second and a raven, as big as a dog landed in front of me, staring cold. It croaked and the sounds changed into words.

    " There are two spirits, the Red and the Blue, hidden since ages..... bound together and the third...... waiting for freedom...... lost souls, tormented by humans....... only the one who listens can find them........ and times will change"

    A final sore croaked and the raven flew away. Clouds from across the horizon started to darken my dream...........

    I awoke sweating and confused. Since this day, something drives me towards seeking those spirits, even if I am not convinced that I should find them, but I cant change it, I am bound to my dreams. I tried to forget this dream and it worked for some time, but now the dream comes back........ Everyday I dream the same and it weakens me, my soul feels burned from it and I am now looking for the spirits, sleepless.................

    Amin anta, Amin anta...........

    Diola lle, Traveller and watch out for the clouds.......
    Feanor Tir-Endor

    Might this lead to something further? Thank you for sharing your tale.

    Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2000, 5:08 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Here we go again...

    Hail and well met fellow adventurers of Sonoma! I know it has been a little bit since ye have heard from me, and for that I humbly apologize, but I am posting now to not only get caught up on things, but to help you get caught up as well. I will do my best, but if you feel there is something I have overlooked or you deem very important, do not hesitate to let me know so the information may be passed along.
    First things first... It seems that our good pal Lich Soulstealer is up to no good... again. Tsk, tsk! Somebody has got to put a bell on that boy so he is easier to keep track of. It appears that he has been messing with summoning up dead spirits of a sort. Ever since he got his hands on a book titled "The Book of Warding" he got from a good magi, he has been heavily engrossed in researching the book for spells to control the undead.
    One of the first things Lich did was summon the soul of a long dead tinker named Kryl. He did this to have Kryl make him a special bracelet to control the spirit realm and all undead within it. Luckily, for the good guys, Lich was so absorbed in this strange book that when he summoned Kryl to make this bracelet, he did not know what he was doing and was unable to control Kryl's spirit and lost the ability to hold him to the glyph he used to summon him. This act allowed Kryl to wander the realm of the living, scaring people who did not understand until he ran into a band of hearty adventurers who have joined up to thwart Lich's plans, whatever they may be.
    It has been reported to me that on Lich's wrist is a bracelet that holds the captive essence of Kryl and until that is destroyed, Kryl can not be freed to return to the spirit realm from where he was rudely taken from. It has also been reported that Lich also has a small band of "death knights." They are led by a man named Garot Thongarth and that he has been put in charge of finding Kryl's spirit and returning it to Lich's lair. What Garot does not know is that Kryl's spirit has been placed in a box, by Janos Antero, in a secret location to keep Lich from having him make that bracelet.
    It has also been reported to me that Garot has two brothers, Jasper and Quintin Thongarth. Jasper is also in league with Lich due to a powerful memory loss spell placed on him by Lich, who also convinced Jasper that serving the Soulstealer is all for his best interest. What Lich has not counted on is the other brother, Quintin, who is looking for a way to stop Lich and free his brothers from Soulstealer's control.
    Until Wednesday night, no one knew where Quintin was until a medium summoned a spirit tracker named Ghol to help Janos, and those with him, to find him. He was located by the Britain racetrack in Felucca and what was discussed there is best left untold for now.
    It would also seem that Lich is looking to enlist more help for Garot in trying to track down Kryl's spirit and has asked me to say that if ye should happen to see Kryl that he should be directed towards the Yew Crypts so that he will not fade into oblivion in the event that he is away from his essence in the bracelet around Lich's wrist too long.

    Choose ye this day whom ye shall help, Janos Antero or Lich Soulstealer. The choice is yours...

    Safe Journeys, signing off, this is...

    Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2000, 4:27 AM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    DMT Summoning Contest Revived
    We received the following announcement from River Blackstar, Khan of the Blackstar Clan [B*]

    I would like to invite the shard to the Drachenfels Mage Tower, Located in the desert by Valendor (Felucca) on May 20 at 7pm CET (6pm GMT, 1pm EST). We will be having the first of our weekly summoning contests. There is a 1k entrance fee that will go to funding the new DMT in Trammel.

    It comes down to two people casting the 5th circle spell Summon Creature. The two creatures will combat each other, and bets are encouraged. 20 minutes before the event begins there will be people at Britain West Bank, Vesper, and Moonglow gating people to the Mage Tower.

    I look forward to seeing everyone there.

    River Blackstar

    Khan of the Blackstar
    Thanks River for this announcement. I heard people had great fun at these events in the past, and hope this will work as good as before.
    Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2000, 2:33 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Yet Another Report on the Orcish Unrest
    This report was sent to us by Rabin Sigursson, the famous undead-slayer.
    I was having a quiet drink in Yew last night, after cleansing the local cemetary of the vile undead, when I began to hear disturbing reports. It would seem that the local orc fort has indeed been taken over by a more intelligent, and possibly more agressive, group of orcs.

    Travellers were talking of little else. Many had passed by the area on their way to Yew only to be confronted by an organised band of orcs calling themselves the 'Uruk-Hai'. I am assured by a local scholar that this is simply the orc word for the elite among their own kind. Reports place the size of this band at anything from 6 up 25 orcs. I would suspect that some of our patrons here have exaggerated the number of orcs they encountered - possibly to cover their embarassment at being assailed by fewer and running! Many gave gold to the orcs and were allowed safe passage through the fort area. Some seemed in good humour, telling me that a mere pittance of only five gold pieces is enough to placate the aggressors, owing to the fact that they think five is a very large number.

    Several local hunters saw the orcs gang up on and brutally kill members of the previously ascendant orc clan in the area. It would seem no quarter was given in these battles and the results were very bloody. Others were happy about this turn of events since they had witnessed the orcs feasting upon the corpses of some brigands that had plagued Yew of late - one can only assume that the brigands were foolish enough to refuse to hand over a 'tribbut' for the orc god.

    These orcs regard horses as food and I did hear that one unfortunate knight had his horse killed and eaten before his eyes. the man was distraught and his companion made threats but was met by derision and - my apologies to any ladies reading this - fetid bodily acts from the orcs. I have seen a sketch of the scene and must say that I too would feel threatened by these foul denizens of evil.

    I have also heard that some of the local Elves may be banding together to hunt the orcs - I would advise them to travel well armed, and guard their horses carefully!


    Rabin Siggursson
    Thanks a lot Rabin for this update on the situation.

    We received many other reports, including one stating that an orcish emissary named Ber'guk had met Lord VinYafod, Councilmaster of the Council of Yew. They both agreed to hold a meeting in the next days to discuss the future of the area around Yew.

    More information soon in our Headlines.

    Posted on Friday, May 19, 2000, 7:55 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Gypsy Tatiana Issues Warning to Kinship Village
    Tymaron of the Shadow Family sent us this message:
    Kinship (May 15)--Tatiana the gypsy, whose scrying ability is known far and wide, issued another dire prediction for the village of Kinship on Monday night. She stated that "the dead are restless" and "seek vengeance for what slew them." She went on to add that "the dead will haunt the town soon if the vengeance is not given to them." She continued and stated that she has been keeping logs of her visions in her tent in Minoc. She also added that it has been reported that her crystal gives hints of things that she had seen. Later, Gorion, Embassary to Trinsic, asked a few questions of her. In response to whether or not Benedict could be trusted, Tatiana urged caution. Whether or not she had heard of Krelan, she said she knew him not. Gorion also asked whether or not "The Masters", which were mentioned in Benedict's Journal, had anything to do with Minax. Tatiana warned him not to assume such things, lest the truth be blind to him.


    This is dire news for the people of Kinship. May the Virtues keep you safe!

    Thank you, Tymaron, for the information!

    Posted on Friday, May 19, 2000, 7:18 PM EDT by Brenna (Catskills)

    Holy Disciples of Darkness Raffle

    Hail citizens! Want a house for almost 1/6th the price of a house deed? Or for 1/20th the price for a placed small? Or maybe you just don't want to wait for housing placement in Trammel, the PvP - lands? Or maybe you want a house in Felucca that's only 5 minutes away from a town?

    Well, if so, then you're in luck. Because the Holy Disciples of Darkness are raffling off their house outside of Skara Brae. All you have to do to enter is come to the Holy Disciples' house in Caina on Ice Island or contact Navrip Freemech at ICQ 4926053 and buy a key from the vendor there. The house is right in front of Golgatha and the vendor's name is Zoe. There are 100 keys total with 20 keys being randomly placed on the vendor at any time. Each key is priced at 7000 gold. Once all of the keys are sold, there will be a recall rune to the house placed in the house in Caina. Once there, just go to the house and check to see if the key fits. If it does, then you are the winner!

    We wish everyone who enters good luck!

    Navrip Freemech

    Thank you for this news, Dark General Freemech.
    Posted on Friday, May 19, 2000, 9:54 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    UO Jobs - Internet Developer
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    UO Jobs - Internet Developer

    Are you an experienced Internet Developer? You may be just what we're looking for to expand the Origin team. We are currently searching for an Internet Developer to assist in the creation and maintenance of Internet applications and to support the creation of compelling and interactive programming designed to encourage game fans to enter and explore our worlds. Additionally, the ideal candidate will assist in high-level coding during HTML production/implementation and will identify and explore cutting edge programming technologies for web site development. As always, we are particularly interested in applicants from within our community and look forward to hearing from you!


    • Proficiency with Perl and SQL.
    • Experience with Internet tools.
    • Ability to write and implement JavaScript and HTML.
    • Must understand SQL and demonstrate query writing ability.
    • Must possess an understanding of server administration.
    • Computer science degree or 2-3 years Internet programming experience desired.
    • Must possess the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment, thrive in a team atmosphere, and effectively work with all levels of management. For immediate consideration, please send a cover letter and resume to:

    Attn: Human Resources
    5918 West Courtyard Drive
    Austin, Tx. 78730.
    Or fax (512) 346-7905
    Or send email to [email protected]

    Please indicate the job title (Internet Developer) for which you are applying. Origin is an equal opportunity employer.

    Posted on Friday, May 19, 2000, 5:35 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Jinx Interviews Calandryll
    Just wanted to let everyone know that Jinx from The Chosen just posted a great interview with Calandryll on his site. It includes a great game of "Who Wants To Be An Ultima Millionaire". Enjoy :)


    Posted on Friday, May 19, 2000, 5:27 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Markee Dragon Interview With Retro

    We just received the following note from Markee Dragon:

      Retro is famous for some incredible work he did with the Australasian
      Ultima Online Shard Appeal site. After successfully getting a shard
      down under, he has started a new site that focuses on the UO and
      gaming community in Australia. In this interview, Retro explains
      how he was successful in getting a shard for his country and how
      working with a positive attitude can get things done with large
      gaming companies like EA / Origin.

      Find this incredible interview here:
    Posted on Friday, May 19, 2000, 4:47 AM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

    UO Auto-Map 5.1 Released

    Belxan of Moonglow has released a new version of UOAM. Some of the new features are:

  • Support for Trammel / Felucca
  • Automatic mapping for player houses when using UOAM combined with UOAssist.

    Download it here:
  • Posted on Friday, May 19, 2000, 4:45 AM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

    Drunk mud wrestling contest Sunday
    Snow submitted the following announcement:

    Come one, come all, to the Drunk Mud Wrestling contest, sponsored by Cassima Takier of the DTM Guild, in association with Imperial Productions.


    1. Bring 3 FULL jugs of cider.
    2. You must be wearing your bathing suits (Ladies, white bikini's are the BIG thing this year) and with nothing in your pack except the cider. Have your friends hold your stuff.
    3. When the whistle blows, you begin to drink your cider. Once you have drank all three, you may enter the arena.
    4. NO hiding allowed.
    5. If you die, you must stand to the side. There will be no looting as there will be nothing to loot on the bodies. Last man standing wins first place.

    The Prizes:

  • First Place - A painting
  • Second Place - An SoS
  • Third Place - A metal chest
  • It will be held this Sunday, May 21st at 8pm Pacific time at the WC Tower located near DTM land.

    Hope to see many of you there!

    Senator, The Imperium

    Thanks, Snow!

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 11:17 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Da Fights!
    Here we are again. Another Friday night and nothing to do. Well, get your butt on down to Grimoire and bust some heads! Hey, you're already paying for your UO account and what better way to save money? Why spend a ton of money on dinner and a movie. She doesn't like you anyway.

    Friday Gladiator Event at Grimoire Arena.
    Friday May 19th, @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)
    1 on 1 and Bar Fight Gladiator Event
    10k First Place 1 on 1
    10k First Place Bar Fight


    Here are the rules:

    You can only use the resources on the battlefield. Thievery is allowed. Magic is limited to the scrolls on the battlefield. If you loose connection during the fight, you forfeit the match unless your opponent agrees to a re-match.

    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No armor and weapons allowed.
    · Up to three trapped bags/chests to break paralyze. They may be re-trapped during the battle.
    · The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed.
    · The Double Hit weapon swing is not allowed. If you do not know how to use it, then don't worry about it. We will not demonstrate, but we know how it works.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone that disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena. Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village. For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Lost-Grimoire Event Coordinator

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 12:55 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Sorry for the absence...

    ...But I had some hardware/utility company problems for the past month. Needless to say, all things are resolved and I am back in action. See you out there in the world we call home.

    Safe Journeys,

    Vladimir Taltos

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 10:37 AM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Introducing Kazz Comics

    Yet another comic site has just been founded:
    "Kazz Comics", which is run by Jesse Avatar and his brother Kazz.

    No less than four comics can be found on their website:
    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 8:09 AM EDT by Casanova (CandidCoverage)

    The Thomas Songbird Saga
    Dear friends,

    Almost three weeks ago I posted of a major battle near Yew right before the introduction of Renaissance. Thomas Songbird, a bard of the Sambrook Pub and Winery, came in contact with a mysterious map that turned him into a lightning rod for orc aggression.

    After an attack on the Pub he fled to the Blackcomb tower where another major attack took place lead by a green orc. The brave warriors led by Bladesong were able to repulse the orc army and Songbird escaped.

    This leads us to Monday night. Once again the orcs were after Songbird who held up in the tower. Waves of orcs, ettins, trolls and orges descended upon them. With razor sharp blades and trusty arrows they stopped them in their tracks...that is until the green orc finally showed herself.

    Yes, that's right. I said herself. It seems the leader who name was Scorn was one mean mama. Brazenly, she swept the defenders aside and made her way with powerful magic inside the tower.

    It was at this point Thomas Songbird panicked and made a run for it. He was cut down to size by the frenzied mass at the door. While a ghost he was captured by Scorn's terrible magic. This seemed to be part of her plan because immediately they disappeared.

    In the aftermath of this bloody battle there was a wide spread search for Thomas, but he was no where to be found. Soon, Elder Tulcumir came and informed everyone Thomas Songbird had been taken by Scorn to Shame.

    For those who wish to help find the Bard of Yew please meet at the Blackcomb tower today 5/17 10:15 est/6:15 pst. There is a map to the tower here

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 7:49 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    A seafarer's greetings to all landlubbers...
    *Puts on sailor's hat to give ye all this bit of information*
    Announcing the next Fishing Council of Britannia (FCB) auction on Sunday May 21 at 5 p.m. EST. Our sailors sell only items of highest quality and rarity. Even Red Dragon shops at our auctions! (Well, he walked by once, but we're quite sure he nodded...) Some featured items at this week's auction include a full ranger suit, haircut deed, full jars, fruitbasket, and bucket. More items arriving daily. Runes can be found at Cove Merchants Guild and Wanda's Wondrous Wares (small shop behind RD's tower).Gates will be cast from Britain main bank.

    Auction rules and location are to be found at

    Gem, FCB Great Lakes Fleet Captain
    Argh me maties, argh indeed!!!
    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 7:04 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Oracle of Courage to Speak at the Temple of the Avatar
    Date: Sunday, May 21, 2000
    Time: 10:00p EST
    Place: Temple of the Avatar, mainland Skara Brae, Felucca

    Hail Fellow Travelers!

    The Temple of the Avatar will be hosting what hopes to be a weekly sermon given by various people throughout the realm. This Sunday night, the Oracle of Courage, Jackdeth, will be giving a sermon on the principle of Courage. Please join us on what should be an entertaining night, and perhaps afterwards, we all can congregate at the nearby Valiant Drunkard. Thank you, and I hope to see you all there.

    Inia Geoffrensis

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 7:03 AM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Make new friends and own them at Spiritwood
    The latest event at Spiritwood:

    Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market!

    The next Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market will be on Saturday the 20th of May at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt). Of course everyone is invited!

    A few words about the Meet Market itself: Anyone from the crowd can take the stage and tell something about him or herself. He or she then offers an hour of fun. This can range from a date to lessons in being a good guildmaster. From magery training to a dungeon trip. Or from catering a picnic to being best man at a wedding. As long as it lasts one hour (or longer or shorter if agreed upon). The buyer and seller set a date for this during the next two weeks (before the next Meet Market).

    From then on the crowd may bid on this person while he or she advertises him or herself. Bids can go from 500 gold to 10.000 gold pieces or even more! Half of the gold will go to the tavern and the rest is for the seller. The tavern will use this gold for other events. And the gold should be paid after the Market is over (or at least in the week that follows). So if you would like to meet people, if you are in need of a good tailor or an alchemist or if you would like to show your partner how much you love him or her, come to the Spiritwood Tavern this Saturday. Drinks and food will be free as always.

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south until the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

    I hope to see you all there! :-)

    Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

    Thank you.

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 4:55 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Murder most horrid
    A series of gruesome murders in Sosaria - can you help?

    Greetings all,

    Let me introduce myself, I am Ghostfyr of the Sosarian Detective Agency and it is my grave duty to inform all of Britannia of a tragic occurrence last night. It seems Skara Brae and Spiritwood are being haunted by a horrific serial killer and this individual struck at a remote farm between Skara and Spiritwood, mauling 4 farm labourers. 'Tis a strange story but our involvement in this case began two nights ago.

    Our headquarters received reports from our Skara division of a strange occurrence at Spiritwood tavern. It was a bleak evening. The lights of the tavern shone out like a beacon and the music from within flooded the nearby woods. However, the night's drinking and gambling was interrupted when a knock at the door was heard. The drunken warriors and mages leapt up to discover a fleeing shadow running to the woods and a parcel left on the steps. The bag was hastily opened to reveal a sickening array of lifeless limbs and organs. The smell suffocated the tavernfolk and they dropped the bag whilst it leaked blood turning the stone red.

    Yesterday morning I was sent a pigeon by the head of the SDA instructing me to investigate. It was roughly noon when I set out on my journey from Britain and I didn't see the campfires of the peasant village near Skara until late evening. The air was cold, the moon was full and I was hungry and tired. I decided to seek lodgings in the village and not a tavern in Skara. The ferrymaster to Skara island had long since packed up and headed off home so it was fortunate that a family happily took me in.

    A good night's sleep was violently shattered by horrible screams and shouts of anguish from what seemed like miles away. I jumped out of bed, grabbed a torch and headed off into the night. Near the village crossroads I encountered the other peasants, farmers and ranchers in a circle, shivering in the rain. I asked them where the noise had come from and they just pointed down the road to Spiritwood. I jogged along the winding road past the remaining few houses and into the blackest wood I have ever seen; I'm not sure why I decided to leave the road, I suppose you could call it a hunch, but it paid off. The forest was silent, you couldn't even hear the splatter of the rain on the leaves but I continued on, ever deeper into the thick vegetation. Between the trees a light caught my attention and ignited my path as I ran, nearing a building. Never in all my days have I felt so removed from the rest of humanity as I did last night, and never had I before encountered the horror that was contained in that farm.

    A scene of murder The door was wide open and the carpet drenched in blood. I ventured in to find the four dismembered corpses of the unfortunate souls who once lived there strewn across the floor. I have to admit was terrified that who or whatever did that might still be close by. I didn't stick around for long. I plan to visit Spiritwood tavern today and interview witnesses to see if anyone can explain who the mystery man was. I only hope they will be more helpful than the village dwellers who foolishly believe supernatural powers are at work.

    If you have any information or you are a witness of either the events at Spritwood tavern or the brutal murders please contact me at [email protected]

    Ghostfyr the Detective

    Thank you for sharing this with us Ghostfyr, and I hope the aid you seek is forthcoming.

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 4:50 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Falk Wins Grand Prix of Nu J'elem
    Hail All!

    Scritus sends the following report regarding the Merchants on Tour Horse Racing Grand Prix:

    "The first race in the new season is over. And I was overwhelmed by the masses of spectators. Unfortunately this again caused some acoustic problems. So for all who didn't hear me....or left early....

    "The Winner of the Grand Prix of Nujel'm is Falk (AdG) from Minoc. Close behind in second is Delorion. In the third place is Styx. The Report of the race is now ready for viewing at the Drachenfels Horse Racing Grand Prix site."

    Falk is a member of the Augen der Goetter guild. We thank Scritus for this update.

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 4:09 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    It Could Have Been You : Spiritwood Tavern Lottery Results
    The results from last sundays (14th of may)lottery are as follows.

    The tavern bustled with people , barely visable in the crowd the bar keeper Fenris thanked the attenders and began to draw the lottery.The building went silent in anticipation as Fenris rolled the dice."Number 3!" , the first

    "Number 3!" , the first number was drawn , closely followed by the number 2 and the finishing number 3.

    The crowd groaned and cursed with dissapointment , "The Winner is..." "Andre of the guild TNL!".Fenris jestured to the winner and he joined him at the bar to collect this winnings of 100,000 gold pieces!

    After the majority of crowd had left , I had a few quiet words with Fenris about his future plans for the tavern.He informed me that he was currently looking for new barstaff to aid him in the running and operating of the tavern.He also informed me of the meet market to be held this weekend and the continuation of these events on a weekley basis(lottery and meetmarket).

    If you want more information on the Spiritwood tavern or wish to become part of the taverns staff then you may wish to check out #spiritwood on Irc.Stratics.Com (port 6667) or mail the tavern at [email protected].

    Directions to the Spiritwood tavern(Fellucia) are as follows.

    Start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the secondroad to your right (south at a crossroads). Keep going south untill theroad turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood.From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see twolarge brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

    Thanks to Fenris and the Spiritwood tavern for hosting this event.

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 2:30 AM EDT by Mingus Mulingus (Europa)

    Tales of Asur'Herenion : The Missing Soul Gem
    I recieved this scroll a short time ago.

    The nightfall had silently come upon the shrine of chaos, when the dark ankh was illuminated by a blue mist, as a moongate formed. From it came the Lichdrow Chaszmyr and two cloaked figures. They quickly started a ritual too dark to be here describe. After their wicked chanting had ceased, a specter appeared, as dark as can be, and quickly gained a more concrete form. Shahrazad, queen of the Elves, observed this ritual from a distance. She knew she could not interfere, that it was too late and doing so would just further the problems. What she saw terrified her. Narae'Dran, the Father of King Khyl'Dran had just been resurrected upon that pedestal, and surely was here to bring back the havoc that he once had cast upon his people. Shahrazad quickly came back to her throne room, deep in thought, when a messenger approached her.

    "Hail, my queen," he bowed, "Richtor Darkbane is here to speak to thee." Richtor was one of the greatest Human Elf-Friends ever to earn such title. She nodded and requested that he be permitted entrance. The protection of the queen was essential now that Khyl'Dran was gone, and a tight security had been set up. Shahrazad saw the two Royal Guards go into full attention at the door at the entrance of Richtor Darkbane.

    "Greetings Queen Shahrazad," said the human, bowing. "I come to thee with great news. A party I arranged this eve might have been successful in recovering the gem that entraps Khyl'Dran." The queen smiled, relieved. "Indeed? That is great news. Bring it to me so that the council can decide as soon as possible how to find a way to break this terrible spell!" Richtor said he had to be off to get it in time to bring it to her. He muttered magical words and disappeared.

    One day later Richtor had found the soulgem where Chaszmyr had hidden it deep in the dungeon of Deceit. Much to the credit of many others, such as Gul'edhel, Sparhawk, Lari'Sa, and Rylorien. He wished to hurry and take the gem to the queen, but she was not present when he came to leave it to her. He decided not to hand it to anyone else, being it was such a delicate piece, a gem that held the soul of their ruler.

    Richtor kept the gem with him, in the necklace. That same day he disappeared mysteriously....

    My heart goes out to the Elven Kingdom of Asur'Herenion! I can only imagine their frustration, what with Richtor Darkbane missing and the resurrection of the wicked Narae'Dran, Father of King Khyl'Dran. We shall keep abreast on the happenings and share them here, in the hopes that any information we uncover can assist the elves in this dark time.

    Yours in the Light,

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 2:13 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Stratics hosts Swap Meet next week
    A Swap Meet will be held Thursday, May 25, 8:30 CST, in the Serpent's Hold War room (formerly known as the Counselor's Guild) in the north eastern section of the city (near the mage shop.)

    This event, brought to you by Stratics, will give Siege citizens the opportunity to exchange goods and services with other members of the community. If you have resources or skills you would like to barter for someone else's resources or skills, this would be a good time to do that. It could be a chance to get scrolls for your spellbooks, arrows, potions, clothes, etc.Guilds which are recruiting might wish to have representatives on hand to talk about their guild and speak with potential members. Groups which are planning events might wish to discuss their plots and get some feedback or assistance in implementing their storylines. Owners of player venues who wish to have their establishments listed (or updated) on Stratics, please bring a rune and schedule a time for us to visit.

    Door prizes are being donated by a number of people and are still being accepted. To register to win a door prize, bring a re-markable rune (destination unimportant), renamed with your name and a method of contacting you (messageboard URL, ICQ number, or e-mail address.) These runes will be recycled when the new SP Stratics Center opens. (A deed has been generously donated by Talon Freerunner. We await the lifting of the building freeze to place it.) You need not be present to win, but you must be present to enter, one entry per person. A complete listing of door prizes will be published next week.

    The Swap Meet is open to the entire SP community. The location of Serpent's Hold was chosen for it's easy accessibility from Nystul's Gate in the Britain Castle courtyard. Should a group of 'dubious integrity" express a legitimate interest in participating, we will gladly hold the event elsewhere, provided we are able to arrange for adequate security. Any change in the venue, date or time will be promptly announced.

    If you would like to assist in the organization of this event, have questions, would like to announce a particular item you have to trade/would like to trade for, or wish to donate a door prize, you may send an e-mail or post a message on the Siege Players' Forum.

    We look forward to the Swap Meet and hope to see you all there.

    Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2000, 1:06 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Looking for a few good pens
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then mayhaps UOSS' General News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and General news items about Ultima Online.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of the shards to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    • Be a talented writer
    • Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Ultima Online community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be pro-active
    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "General News Application" as the subject.
    1. Real name
    2. Contact email address
    3. ICQ number (if applicable)
    4. Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal
    6. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS?
    7. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8. Any questions???
    Applications are due no later than midnight May 21, 2000. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 11:25 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (GeneralNews)

    Safe Haven presents: Desert Storm II
    Safe Haven mayor Luxor requests the honor of your presence for the following:

    Hail good people,

    Well, it is time to dust off your armor and sharpen your sword; it is time to go to battle. We will be having Desert Storm II starting this Thursday at 7pm PST, 9pm CST, 10pm EST in the Safe Haven Tower.

    The rules will be the same as before except this time there will be the following changes:

    1) No summoning deamons.
    2) No magic resist items allowed.
    3) The first round will start at 7pm PST. The first round teams will be made up of guilds/people as you choose. When you die you can come back to the tower to get another cape. The teams from the 2nd round on will be randomly determined (by me). Once a clear winner from the first round is determined we will start a second round. The winner of the first round can choose to stay together and defend the desert, but be prepared for everyone to be gunning for the champ.
    4) No teaming up.
    5) Leave your blessed capes at home or in the bank.
    6) Have fun.

    For those of you that do not remember the rules from the first time around they go as follows:

  • We will give you each a cape and robe to wear of a given color. You then enter the desert and stay until you loose your cape.
  • If you no longer have a cape you must leave the desert and return to Safe Haven and join another team. No bringing your own capes!!!
  • This is a looting event. The goal is to be the team/person with the most capes at the end of the night. So when you kill someone make sure to get their cape and what ever else you need to continue fighting.
  • If you want to take part as either a warrior or an offical please ICQ me at 15036368.

    Mayor of Safe Haven, your event capital

    For a complete listing of the rules and regulations of Desert Storm, visit the Safe Haven board or contact Luxor.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 11:20 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Murderer's Marathon: Feets, don't fail me now!
    Tavernmistress Alora, owner of The Shrub Garden, sent the following announcement:

    Brandy of DTM, in association with The Shrub Garden Inn & Tavern present:

    The Murderer's Marathon Across Britannia

    Think you can beat the town guards in a race across town? This Friday Night, May 19 at 12:00am EST (that's really Saturday morning at 12am), all contestants and officials will meet at The Shrub Garden Inn and Tavern.

    Get out your favorite running sandals, boots, hell, go barefoot, and get ready to race across 12 major Britannian cities!

    For details and registration, please direct your browsers here.

    Thank you,
    Alora, The Shrub Garden Inn & Tavern

    One can only hope the guards don't eat their Wheaties that day! Best of luck to all the contests and thanks to Alora for sponsoring another innovative event.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 10:53 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Magincia Council Members
    'ello thar all,

    Looks like we got us even more town news.....

    The grand city of Magincia is in need of council members. We need a Mayor, Viceroy, Ambassador, Town clerk, Event Coordinator, Trade Administrator, and Captain of the Guard. Magincia is a proud city so you should spend some time in Magincia.

    Council meetings should be held at the counsellor's guild in Magincia. Please contact mr by pigeon at 800527.

    Magincia also has a senate. 9 senators are required to fill the senate. The senate meets in the senate chamber. If you would like to form a senate message me also at 800527.

    Let's show pride in our city!

    Badrina the Swashbuckler!

    Thankee mate fer the news, and g'luck in findin the right blokes to fill them thar roles.

    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 9:21 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Orc Clan Update: The Full Story
    Hail All!

    Further information has been forwarded to our office regarding this weekends' orc activities. Different sources paint a more complete picture of this We received the following information from Rabin Siggursson, renowned slayer of undead:

    "I write in response to thy missive about the new orcs in the area of Cove. I have it on good authority from travelers in the area that the said orcs left the fort at Cove after many battles with the local orc clan (in which they seem to have been victorious). They were then seen in Cove where a human mage is believed to have opened a moongate for them at the request of this' Ghoti'.

    "The latest information I have acquired would seem to indicate that they assaulted a brigand camp somewhere north west of Britain and then laid siege to the orcs at Yew. Early reports from shepherds in the area tell of many orcs who formerly inhabited the Yew Fort wandering the countryside in small groups. It would seem that this is the fort now occupied by the new orc clan.

    "Travelers in that area say they have met with requests for 'Tribbut' from these new orcs and that reports of their looking like humans have been exaggerated. A healer from the Yew area assures me that he has seen plenty of orcs and this band looks just like all the others, although possibly better equipped."

    Sir Siggursson confirms that these orcs are demanding tribute before attacking, which is unusual behavior in orcs. We thank the famous slayer of undead for his information.

    Finally, I discovered a report from the orcs themselves titled Storm Clouds Gather. This report confirms that the orcs kidnapped the orc fisherman Ghoti from the Skara Brae docks, and that they have claimed the Yew orc fort. The orc Puddlegum appears to be their leader, if one can truly be said to lead orcs.

    Finally, one bit of confusing information; several eyewitnesses report that, far from calling the kidnapped orc "Ghoti," some of the orcs were calling him "Fish." The reasons for this are unknown as of this writing, though some scholars are insisting that "fish" is how "Ghoti" is pronounced.

    We will keep you updated as this story develops. Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 8:03 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    UO Reporter Casanova to Marry Ayaluna
    Hail All!

    Exciting news from UO Stratics Community News Reporter Casanova! We received the following note earlier today:

    "I'm just dropping a line here to notify you of my upcoming wedding. Ayaluna and I will get married on the 20th of May at the Nujelm Palace in candyland.. err Trammel ;-)

    "The wedding will start at 8 p.m. local shard time (GMT), followed by the wedding party directly in place."

    Kind Regards, Casanova

    We hope you will join the UOSS Drachenfels News Team in congratulating Casanova and Ayaluna.

    Go With the Virtues!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 3:25 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Team Changes and Rumors
    This just in from Calandryll:

    Hail friends:

    Some of you may have seen the rumors posted on the various fansites regarding the UO Live Team. I'd like to take a quick moment and talk about those rumors.

    Firstly, yes a couple of the UO Live members have recently left the team and some other members have been shifted to other projects. As with any organization, as new opportunities arise within a company, people move to different projects. Of course, as people move to different projects, that opens up opportunities for other people to take their place, both internally and externally, which is why we are interviewing for design and programming positions. Some of those positions will be filled by people within Origin who have an intimate knowledge of the game and the community.

    Secondly, I need to dispel the rumor that the current (and future) UO Live Team does not contain people who have played the game. That is completely untrue. The current team does in fact have developers who played the game and virtually every person we have interviewed for the UO Live positions is a current UO player. After all is said and done, the UO Live Team will more then likely have more people (both in percentage and total number) who have played UO than the previous team.

    For those of you worried about housing and the faction system, I am happy to be able to tell you that testing on both of these systems has started already. The Test Center shard for housing is currently available and the faction system Test Shard is up, but internal at the moment. We expect the faction system Test Shard to be available by the weekend.

    Best regards,
    Manager of Community Services

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 8:17 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Forbidden"Tome of the Blood Candles"found in treasure chest
    We have recieved the following:
    A group of adventurers, led by Jurri the Rogue, recently unearthed an ancient tome in a treasure chest on a small island north of Trinsic. Jurri revealed that this book, called Tome of the Blood Candles, had been written by a band of dark monks who engaged in forbidden arcane practices. According to the Rogue, he had been employed to retrieve the Tome by Vilendra, the Emerald Enchantress.

    This same Emerald Enchantress was involved in the abduction of gypsy Doria Romanov's husband, Bryce Barington. Vilendra cast a spell of forgetting on Bryce and also a love spell to make Bryce love only her.

    According to Jurri, the Emerald Enchantress has bigger plans than just dalliance with Bryce. Vilendra's specialty is magical spells which control the thoughts of others. The evil sorceress claims that if she casts three great spells, when the spells are completed and aligned with each other she will have the power to control the minds of everyone on the shard! Vilendra is now gathering artifacts and ingredients for the three spells of power, and the Tome of the Blood Candles contains secrets of making the forbidden Blood Candles to use in one of her arcane rites.

    Doria now seeks to find Vilendra, for she knows that if she finds the lair of the Enchantress, there she will find her husband, Bryce. She also is concerned with the rumors about the three great spells Vilendra plans and wishes to stop the evil sorceress at all costs.

    Adventurers who want to help Doria find Vilendra and thwart her evil plans are invited to come to Doria's tent in Skara Brae on Tuesday, May 16, at 7 PM (Pacific Time). Doria's tent is just north of the Skara bank.

    Stav Korwell

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 7:44 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Codex cures communication curse
    Communication has been established with Inmanilem, the green gargoyle who has been visiting CLOWN Town:

    Although Inmanilem was hurt badly a few days ago - He once again came and tried to communicate with us. The matter must be very urgent for him.

    Baratus was one of the first people who tried to talk with him, and as the Clown he his, he heard the voice of The RingMaster in the back of his head
    "Give him the translated version of the gargish codex".

    After had read the codex Inmanilem seemed to be able to speak our language although not perfect as there was still words he spoke in gargish.

    After a long conversation with him and both our species trying to understand one another he said what was later translated into:
    "water healing artefact"
    (more time will be spend in translating this)

    He kept, from what we could understand, talking about the artefact, and how he needed it to help him. We mentioned Quentin Smithe has visited our town a number of times and dug up a vial on one occasion in the ruins in CLOWN Town.

    The last words Inmanilem spoke were "Inmanilem nes ven quentin re lok about beninailem" which translated to "Inmanilem must find Quentin to talk about artefact", and on this note he flew off quicker than we could keep up and we lost him.

    And as he vanished an army of Gargoyles appeared - but was quickly dispatched.


    Lady Valkyria

    And from another correspondent:

    As soon as we had got rid off all the gargoyles that were attacking, and many other monsters around at the time, we quickly organised a search party to Britain. Me, Baratus, Infinytas and Dain Lavrans. We searched high and low for Quentin and Inmanilem but found nothing so we headed back to CLOWN Town in hope that they may off appeared there but they had not.

    From this eve I feel we have made great progress with Inmanilem and hope that this may lead to peace amongst the CLOWN's and gargoyles in our Town.

    Baratus made first contact with Inmanilem and him the Translated gargoyle codex that helped him to speak some of our language. If you see Baratus and Infinytas, please congratulate them on a job well done!

    The True CLOWN

    Thank you both, and good luck in the search for Quentin Smithe! The location of CLOWN Town can be found in the establishment section on the left, so if anyone thinks they have any information, why not go and pay them a visit.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 6:14 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Can we still save Felucca?
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Some interesting theories on the fate of Felucca:

    Hail to ye. I know that we have all witnessed the decay, that now engulfs the facet of Felucca. With despair we have watched the trees rot, the rivers turn poisonous, and the advancement of the forces of Minax.

    The question is, can these changes be reversed? Along with sage Bugg, I have studied some ancient writings, which seem promising.

    According to these writings, Minax was banished to another dimension following the destruction of Exodus. Escaping from this dimension was not easy, but somehow, Minax returned to Britannia.

    The ancient writings speak of a "Dimensional Banishment", ceremony more than spellcasting. None of these writings contain a complete description of the ceremony, but by comparing several books, we may figure out how this was done, thus we may be able to restore this Dimensional Banishment.

    The risk of failure is great, but should we succeed, the facet of Felucca would be safe for years to come. We would have two safe worlds, instead of just one.

    In our efforts to redo the ancient ceremony, the Lord British Loyalists have already gathered most of the strange and rare reagents needed in this ceremony.

    However, some things are still unclear to us. We do not know where we are to perform this ceremony. Should anyone know where in Britannia we can find an ancient temple, crafted by the remains of Exodus, we would truly appreciate if he or she could send a letter to me at [email protected]

    Other than that, there seem to be a strange link between the Followers of Armageddon and Exodus. We do not know in what way these two events were connected, so if anyone knows of a such link, please send a letter to the Lord British Loyalists at the above address.

    If these two questions are solved, according to our current schedule, the facet of Felucca should be safe by next Sunday. Be warned, though, that the risk of failure is great, as is the risk of sabotage from the followers of Minax.

    This shall not prevent us from attempting to banish Minax to another dimension.

    Leader of the Lord British Loyalists.

    Many thanks for writing.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 6:03 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Heroes of the Realm Tournament Winner

    The following was sent in by Vladimyr of Pair-A-Dice Casino:
    The Heroes of the Realm Tournament Champion Has Been Declared!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, a champion has been declared!! Ikeelu, General of the Vicious Knights was our champion at Saturday night's tournament. For pictures and the page dedicated in his honor, please visit the site and click on the "Heroes" link at the top of the page.

    Heroes of the Realm Tournament

    - Vladimyr, Head Bouncer, Pair-A-Dice Casino

    Vladimyr also wanted to announce that the next Heroes of the Realm Tournament will be held on Saturday, May 20th, at 8pm CST. In addition to the tournament, there will be a craps game, chicken fights, and a house dealer for taking bets on the fights. Hope to see you there!
    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 2:55 AM EDT by Ceridwen (NapaValley)

    Blacksmithing School
    This was sent in by Deuce of the United Blacksmiths of Britannia:

    Hail and well met! I am Deuce the new events co-ordinator for the UBB (United Blacksmiths of Britannia). We are scheduling an educational
    event for saturday May the 27th at 3pm CST USA time. The event will be held in Trammel at the blacksmith guild in Britannia (if you need
    directions just e-mail me at [email protected]). We have two speakers scheduled at this time and are going to go over which items to make to
    get better skill advancement. The two speakers are Grand Masters of their craft (blacksmith) and were picked for their knowledge. They are
    each going to talk then take questions afterwards!

    There is also going to be a side event. We are going to make items for people who bring ingots! We will make you armor or weapons of your
    choice. But remember even a Grand Master will still make mistakes so bring more ingots than you will need! This will be a free items making
    event so all you need is to bring your ingots and let us know what you want. Please bag your ingots when you give them to the Smith. This will
    make it easier to get your items back to you. And for those of you who feel guilty about getting something for nothing, you can do like I
    do..... Tip the smith!

    We are hoping for a great turn out! And everything is free! So if you are a Smith under the Grand Master level, or if you are a Grand Master
    Smith and have been wandering how to make archer armor when there is no option for it, then come to the event. The educational and the item
    events are free and open to all!

    Two events in one ?!! How am I going to do it? Just let me worry about that! Come and be educated and get free armor. What is the harm in
    learning things and getting free stuff?!! Heck, I have given myself a week and a half, I may even try to get some food and ale together.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

    Deuce, Events Co-ordinator for UBB

    This event sounds very educational and worth the time checking out for all those who are blacksmiths in training.

    May Mondain bless you on your chosen path!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 12:36 AM EDT by Endren Fenixfyre (GreatLakes)

    Conservatory of Bardic Arts Now Hosted at Stratics
    The Conservatory of Bardic Arts [CBA], an all shard professional guild for bards of all play styles, is happy to announce our move to the Stratics Network. We can now be found at

    In addition to the move, Brimstone, has set up, for a very limited time, CBA Logoed merchandise to be purchased thru Cafe Press. Brimstone designed the CBA Logo used on the merchandise so make sure to click the magnifying glass to see it up close. You can choose from T-shirts, mugs and a mousepad. A must have for all bards! Make your orders here.

    The CBA is always welcoming new friends, be sure to enjoy the Library of many bardic tales including the infamous Vlad Talon Collection. Shardmasters are needed on several shards, so if you have an interest be sure to see if your shard is in need on the Contact Us page.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2000, 12:36 AM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (CommunityNews)

    Price Guides and "The Logic Stone"
    Dracos Moira sent us the following announcement:
    Great news! The GxD Magic Weapons & Armor Price Guides can now be downloaded from the GxD Web site! These files are courtesy of Dracos Moira of the Pacific Shard. These files are available in Excel or Quattro Pro format. Enjoy!

    - Dracos Moira

    And a bit later this announcement came in:
    The Logic Stone - an interesting, on-going UO related story. Readers can make choices within the story which will either lead to an ending or to a progression of the story. There are also hints which readers may try to guess via the "thoughts and views" board, or they can use the hints to make choices on what they will do next. Each update to the story ends with a "death" ending, a "hook" ending, and sometimes a "happily-ever-after" ending. Check it out here: The Logic Stone
    Quite a busy person :) Go have a look.
    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 4:01 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Who's tougher than Russell Crowe?

    The winner for Grimoire's first Gladiator fight night was....*drum rolls*

    Tempest!! He took home a total of 25k after winning the Gladiator 1 vs 1 and the following bar fight.

    This was a unique event because the participants entered the arena unclothed and without possessions. They were only armed with their skills and the fighting gear was scattered around the arena for them to pick up. This was a true test of a player's resourcefulness.

    The staff and spectators were great as usual and many thanks to Craggan for making this event possible.

    Baby-Grimoire Staff =o)

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 2:05 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Castle Capture the Flag Event Canceled
    Royofca just sent us the following:

    I apologize to all the people that we had lined up to participate in our Castle Capture the Flag Event. From what I saw, it would have been an "all night" thing (from when the servers opened to when they closed). I am VERY sorry, but my friends and I are having some problems in real life that require canceling the event. Most of us are not going to be on for about a week or so. Again I am VERY sorry to all the people who were willing to play. Don't drink and summon...have fun and play well....

    We are all very sorry to hear this Roy. I know I was looking forward to this event. Hope your problems are quickly settled and your back in armor soon.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 9:40 AM EDT by Dracos Moira (TestCenter)

    A few announcements regarding the IFC
    The following are a few announcements from the ever so active Icelandic Floating Community.
    In Regards to the Festival of the Virtues

    There will be a few small changes in regards to the Festival of the Virtues, due to unnavoidable circumstance. Instead of its intended dates of May 17th-20th & May 25th-27th, we will draw the Festival out to two days a week. The first two days of the Festival will still be on the 17th & 18th of May, and will focus on the Virtues of Humility and Valour. The following week, we will focus on anther two Virtues, and we will announce this date quite shortly. News of the Festival will be posted at the beginning of each week.

    We hope you will join us for the beginning of the Festival of the Virtues on May 17th & May 18th to honour Humility and Valour, and to take part in the festivities. Here are a few things you can expect at the Icelandic Floating Community on those dates.

    May 17th,

    The Festival of the Virtues Begins!

    The Virtue of Humility.

    Humility. The recognition of the worthiness of all beings, and the perception of one's own place among them, regardless of one's own personal accomplishments or mistakes in the world.

    Humility is independant of the three primary principals.

    As such, we shall on this night cast away our pride, and stand, quite literally, naked before the forces of the world, be they as they may. The Icelandic Floating Community invite you to take part in our

    Naked Drunken Race!

    Beginning at 7pm, PST, at the IFC in Felucca.

    Starting inside the caverns of Ice, near the entrance to the Ice Fiends lair, one will be required to ingest several bottles of liquor then run, naked and drunk, through the caverns. Racing against all the others in a race to the finish! You will be required to run south along the path indicated by the map, past many predators who make their home in those frozen caves.

    There will be posts at several key points, hidden against danger, to ensure that all participants follow the intended path to the finish line.

    Due to the danger inherent to the caves of Ice, I ask that none of the participants carry anything of value upon them. It is also permissible to finish as a ghost, as long as you do so visibly. (In War Mode so we can tell which way you are travelling. Failure to do so will disqualify you)

    The prize for this race is a cheque for 10 000 gold.

    We hope to see you there! May the Æsir keep you!

    May 18th,

    The Festival of Virtues!

    The Virtue of Valour.

    The courage to uphold virtue, even in the face of physical or psychological threat.

    Valor relies solely on Courage

    So then do we put forth the call to the courageous, to the brave and the valourous, to aid in the protecting of our lands by propagating our reputation amongst the inhabitants of the icelands. Join us for the

    Snow Elemental 1 on 1 Competition!

    The Goal!
    To survive as long as possible within an arena battling alone against a Snow Elemental!

    The Place!
    The Icelandic Floating Community in Trammel

    The Time!
    8pm, PST

    The Prize!
    The total entry fee collected!

    The Cost!
    1000 gold per combatant, and perhaps a little dignity.

    The Rules!
    The combatant enters the ring, and awaits the appearance of the Snow Elemental. (Which will be lured by a member of the IFC) Immediately upon spying the elemental, the combatant will enter War Mode, and begin attacking to ensure the Elementals attention will be focused upon them once the Lure recalls away. (Archers must be disarmed until the Elemental enters the arena to avoid unfair advantages before the contest truly begins) Once the Snow Elemental enters the arena, the timer will begin.
    The combatant must remain within the ring! 30 seconds will be subtracted from the combatants score everytime they step outside of the arena. (You are responsible even if you accidentally activate Pathfinding) Upon the combatants demise, the Snow elemental will be dispatched quickly, and the combatant resurected. The combatant can employ ONLY 10 of either Greater heal spells, Greater heal potions, or bandages. In short, only 10 heals per match! We will be watching!
    NO Magic weapons or Magic Armour is allowed.
    NO Poisoned Weapons.
    NO usage of the paralyze spell.
    NO energy or paralyze field spells.
    NO summoning spells of any kind. (Elementals, Blade Spirits, Summon Creatures or Energy Vortex.)
    Other offensive spells or Scrolls are permitted.

    Failure to abide by these rules will result in your immediate disqualification.

    The Reality!
    Combatants will be snooped, to ensure that they are carrying nothing more than their weapons, armor, reagents, no more than 10 potions and/ or bandages. NO EXCEPTIONS!
    Spectators MUST remain on the ships, or atop the incline!!!!
    All mounts MUST be kept upon the ships to prevent them from attacking the Snow Elemental.

    Thank you and we hope to see you there!
    May the Æsir keep you.

    And here we have a notice ragrding their opening in the new lands of Trammel.
    Icelandic Floating Community Open in Trammel this Tuesday!!

    This Tuesday, May 16th, the IFC will be open and staffed by Niko. Between the hours of 3:30pm-5pm, PST, there will be merchants present, peddling their wares. If you happen to be a merchant, please feel free to stop by with your wares also. A Hunt will also be put together following the merchants bazaar, so stop by, warrior and mage alike. While here, stock yourself with the wares for sale here.

    We hope to see you here.

    May the Æsir keep you!

    Earnst, IFC

    Thankyou Earnst and the rest of the IFC Staff, and I can only hope I am able to attend at least a few of the said events.
    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 9:33 AM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    The Building of a Dream: The City of Sanctuary
    With the new lands, comes new hope for many. Truly the visionary is only held back by imagination. The possibilities become what you make them. It was my pleasure to spend a few moments with one such visionary to discuss his dream of building a new city in Trammel. His name, Varrus Cauisu. His vision, Sanctuary. As we met up in front of the Empath Abbey in Felucca, Varrus buried a moonstone and a magical portal opened, leading us to Trammel.

    The possibilities are endless in Trammel. You can feel the energy all around you. The tingling down your spine as the hair on your arms stand on end, the feeling is truely haunting. It was at this point, Varrus asked me to wear a blindfold for he was taking me to where he planned to build his city, the city of Sanctuary. Understanding the necessity for secrecy due to the expecting land rush, I obliged. Varrus then recited an incantation and I stepped into the darkening void.

    Upon removing my blindfold, I was greeted with unlimited green pastures. Surely I was hallucinating for I've never seen such sights in all my time in Felucca. It was a pleasant experience. After descending from my natural euphoria, it was time to discuss the city that will soon greet many visitors in these surroundings. I sat next to Varrus on a grassy knoll and began asking him some questions.

    Endren: How did you first begin visualizing the city of Sanctuary?

    Varrus: To be honest I always felt something was missing in the land of Felucca. So Basically it was either a choice of plodding along the same path or trying to build something better for all of us. The City came as second nature because Trammel will allow for placement of new houses, thus giving me the actual chance to build on it. I also felt a city would be better then just a guild because that might only create an elitist group where only the guild members could actually interact in the level we are trying to build.

    Endren: Why the name "Sanctuary"?

    Varrus: The city and spot was founded by a lost garrison of soldiers that were aiding in the defense of villagers while Nystul's gates were evacuating this village. The soldiers came through the gate while the villagers told them that this was to be their Sanctuary. The name stuck from that time on. There is much more to this story, but that's the short of it.

    Endren: What is it that this city represents to you? And what do you see the city becoming in the future?

    Varrus: To me, it is the place where I will strap on my trusty sword and walk the dusty streets, talking to the townsfolk and live a fulfilled life. Once the city is placed, I would like to see it become as busy as Britain. I would like every person to come and visit us even if just for a day. I can see this city as the starting point of a new style of life in Britannia.

    Endren: So I'm taking this means Sanctuary will be open to everyone and not just a certain class of people?

    Varrus: Everyone will be invited to be part of the city. Anyone that has been working with me on this project knows I am very strict on that matter. I will NOT allow any type elitist attitude grow within the city.

    Endren: Who is all involved at the moment with the formation of this city?

    Varrus: At this point we have some very key members and none of this would be possible without them. Matthias a friend and co-founder of the city. Aricia Delong has put large amounts of work into the city and her advice has kept us focused on the short term goals. Others that have also put a lot of time and effort into this are Serpico, Nausicaa, Kalos Bendaris, Taliq Aziel, Bain and Natrim Amory.

    I would just like to mention that without their help this project would never have gotten any further then a dream. Thanks guys!

    Well it seems as if Varrus and the rest have a lot of work ahead of them. After spending some time with him, I have come to realize that a true visionary is a person who is not afraid to dream but also a person who is not afraid to live that dream. With Mondain's blessings, I wish these people the best of luck in this vast project. I look forward to walking the streets in the city of Sanctuary.

    For anyone interested in either aiding on the building of the city of Sanctuary or becoming a citizen, you can find more information at The City of Sanctuary Message Board.

    May Mondain guide you on your chosen path.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 9:07 AM EDT by Endren Fenixfyre (GreatLakes)

    Captain's Log -- Supplemental
    Submitted by Herman Miller: Captain's Log -- Supplemental

    Today a rag-tag band of thieves raided our banks of Britannia. They showed organization and tactical maneuverability. Since the world-change, my men's power has dropped drastically. No longer do we possess the power to strike these ruffians down at first site; no, now we are forced to give chase and catch them before they can be brought to justice. This has proved to be a most difficult feat, but not an impossible one and the people still fear the city guards.

    Two guilds known as the Army of Thieves and Brotherhood of the Hand all but took over Britain's east and west banks. They forced me to call a stage three alert, spreading my men short, and testing our limits. Most of the time the thieves were brought to justice, but there were too many times when they got away. These thieves know their trade well, and seemed to know how to get around the Guard's enforcement of the law.

    The raids came without warning, at 0800 this morning, the West Bank of Britain was literally crawling with rogues. The AT and *H* abbreviation could be seen everywhere one looked, and keeping track of them all proved most difficult. Then the calls for help started pouring in. Robbing was happing all over and I'm willing to say that almost every citizen present reported something lost. Pretty soon people started leaving the West Bank to get away from the thieves. As could have been predicted this caused the thieves to move to the East Bank, continuing their reign of terror there.

    We happened to have a sketch artist at the scene of the crime, and she drew three pictures for us. As you can see the thieves were almost mocking the guards. One tactic they used was to stand around an unsuspecting citizen, and simultaneously steal from that person. This caused two guards per thief to teleport in, swamping the bank with unwanted spam and cries of death. The thieves that didn't get away left an intricate design with their corpses on the ground.

    I have heard of AT and *H* before. At first I wasn't sure, but I knew I knew them from somewhere. These are the very guilds who captured the City of Haven just a few 'morrows ago. Not to mention have the City of Ocllo well under their thumb. Haven, being a city not under Lord British's rule, was powerless to stop them. Hell, Ocllo is under Lord British rule, and THEY couldn't even stop them. During Haven's occupation, I sent the Mayor a message offering any services we may be able to provide. To my utter surprise, had the message returned to learn that the Mayor had been kidnapped by the rogues! The city was eventually liberated and Mayor returned safely, but today's events suggest that AT and *H* have very well not been defeated.

    As can be suspected I do not trust these rogues one bit. I shall put in a request tomorrow for more men, to ensure we have the upper hand. Along with that request I will make sure the Guard Captains in Moonglow, Vesper, Minoc, Yew, and all the other cities are on full alert. These rogues are not to be underestimated.

    -Herman Miller, Captain of Guard, Lord British 52nd
    Army of Thieves [ ]
    Brotherhood of the Hand [ ]

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 8:48 AM EDT by Dresden (Chesapeake)

    The Clan Feud - TUR Village

    You've read about it in the news! You've defended the townships attacked during the quest for the Golden Tome fragments! You've heard of the rivalry between the Bloodrock Clan and the Sandlewood Box crew. Let's settle this dispute once and for all ....... On the FAMIL...errr...CLAN FEUD!! Yes, folks, it'll be a battle of the wits in TUR Village on Wednesday night, May 17th at 8:30 pm central. Please come and be a part of our studio audience as representatives from the Bloodrock Clan and patrons of the Sandlewood Box Tavern attempt to match answers to what the SURVEY SAYS! There'll be food, drinks and doorprizes. Bring a rune with your name on it to participate. (In the interest of taping, please check your rowdiness at the door.)

    The Clan Feud will be held atop the TUR Village Dragon Roost Tavern located well Northeast of the Yew moongate in Yew wilderness (92o 54'N, 23o 7'W). Runes to TUR Village are located at Cove Merchant Guild, Krista's Ranger Station, and the Sandlewood Box. For a map and complete directions, check out the Village page at

    Outy & Skye of the TURs

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 8:34 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Temporary Reporter Checks In
    Hail All!

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ithunk, articulate orc and temporary shard reporter for AOL Legends. Until Xena Dragon has the opportunity to recruit and train a decent human staff for AOL Legends, I will be serving as your reporter. I look forward to hearing about all the different human events on the shard. Perhaps I'll even send some of my orc brethren to participate. Har har.

    If you any news or ideas for stories you'd like me to investigate, please contact me at the AOL Legends Home Office.

    Hail Minax!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 6:52 AM EDT by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Moonglow Flee Market This Friday
    Flyers are being distributed throughout the cities for this upcoming event.
    Announcing the Moonglow's Friday Night Flee Market (Trammel Facet/Catskills)

    Having trouble buying exceptional weapons and armor in Trammel? Need to restock your supply of greater heal potions or recall scrolls? Want to stock up on moonstones or buy a city or dungeon runebook?

    The Defenders of Justice will be sponsoring a Flee Market in Moonglow, Friday the 19th of May. Blacksmiths, tailors, fletchers, alchemists, scribes and merchants of all types are invited to attend to sell their wares in the lovely island city of Moonglow. Miners, lumberjacks and others who wish to get a fair price for their stocks of raw materials should not miss this opportunity. Adventures who need restock their supplies or simply need their armor repaired are invited to puruse the fine merchandise on display (remember to tip your Blacksmith for making repairs to armor and weapons!).

    Visit our Catskills Trading Message Board for up to date information about prices, to place large orders in advance, or just to ask any questions.

    Special notes to Merchants who are planning to attend:

    1) Merchants are encouraged to visit the message board to sign up for a half-hour or hour time slot to sell their wares. This is to help ensure that we don't have 5 alchemists from 7-8 and then none for the rest of the night.
    2) SPAM: Merchants are asked to severly limit their use of macro spam to describe what they have for sale. Instead please create more detail lists of items and prices in their portfolio. This is to prevent shoppers from getting overloaded while in attendence.

    Second Defense Armory (next to the Moonglow Bank)
    Catskills Shard
    Trammel Facet

    Friday, May 19th

    Sponsored by:
    The Defenders of Justice

    Organized by:
    Kerrigan, Earl of Justice (DoJ)

    Good luck to the merchants and buyers alike!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 6:50 AM EDT by Brenna (Catskills)

    Second Stormguard Relic Recovered By Thain Fallshorn
    Tymaron of the Shadow Family relayed this news from the kingdom of Winterfell.

    The Guantlets of the Storms, the second of four Stormguard relics needed to defeat Lord Ventryn, has been recovered by Thain Fallshorn and the Kingdom of Winterfell.

    A modest group left Winterfell Tower on Saturday evening led by Thain to find the dragon with which Thain left in care of the artifact. He led us to a cave north of the desecrated Shrine of Compassion where he believed was the dragon's lair.

    The dragon was not present; however, a book was soon discovered which detailed directions to a location somewhere north of the Lost Lands city of Papua.

    The group arrived at the location and found the dragon, Parados. Thain peacefully approached it, and asked for his heirloom. However, the dragon did not trust Thain nor the party, and asked that they perform a small task to prove their worth.

    This task involved dispelling an evil which was festering a small ways to the north. The monsters defeated, the party returned to the dragon, only to find it mortally wounded. In the party's absence, it had been tricked by Ventryn to reveal the location of the Guantlets, which were hidden back in its lair near Compassion.

    The party quickly returned to the site, only to find it swarming with undead. After a long battle, the minions under Ventryn finally yielded. Ella, who had somehow acquired the Gauntlets, gave them to Thain. Shortly thereafter, Lord Ventryn arrived and attempted to destroy Ella. However, he was stayed by the warriors at the scene, and a pursuit through the desert sands ensued.

    Ventryn was half-dead before he arrived at the grave of Lord Patmos and mysteriously vanished. The party returned to Northwood, successful in their recovery of the Guantlets, and rested.


    This is indeed good news for the people of Winterfell! Congratulations on the victory, and good luck with your efforts to recover the missing two relics!

    Thank you Tymaron for the information!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 6:38 AM EDT by Brenna (Catskills)

    Benedict Appears Again in Kinship Village
    I was very disturbed to received this note from Mishca of Kinship Village. Benedict, the mage responsible for attempts to spread a plague amongst the people of Kinship, Skara Brae, and Yew, has appeared yet again.
    To all who are concerned about the plague threat,

    Tonight while I was working my normal shift, and just before I left to go home, Benedict came into the Kinship Village tavern. He was very nervous, and rightfully so with his involvement in the plague ship that wrecked not long ago on the coast near our village and the attacks of mages on the town. He asked that we not harm him and let him share his information.

    Benedict told us that someone named Krelan was behind the plague and had made him do all the awful things he had done. He also told us that there is an old man named Ewan who has a cure for the plague and the only way to stop it is to find him. However, since Krelan has recently kidnapped Ewan, we must find him first.

    I am not a fighter, so I am leaving it to those of you who are to do what you can to help. I know that Benedict has done some awful things in the past, but I believe he is telling the truth. Benedict says that if we can find Krelan and rescue Ewan, we will see an end to the plague threat. Please help.

    I imagine Benedict will be bringing his information back to the Kinship Village tavern in a few days. The barkeeps will do their best to get the information to those who seek to help as soon as we hear it. If any of you wish to try to hear it for yourself, the barkeeps are on duty between the hours of 8pm - 11pm eastern every night of the week.

    Peace to you all,

    Mishca, Barmaid of Kinship Village

    Shortly after Mishca's letter arrived, I received a second note from Tymaron of the Shadow Family. He had also been present for Benedict's words at the tavern.

    Benedict, the developer of the poison responsible for several deaths recently, arrived in Kinship Sunday night and asked for help. The skeptical tavern patrons listened as Benedict admitted that he was responsible for developing the poison, and that he was forced to do so by a person named Krelan.

    He warned that since Ewan the Yew brewer had developed a cure, Krelan will attempt another poisoning attempt. He advised the tavern that Krelan must be stopped and Ewan rescued in order to stop the on-coming plague. He further revealed the magic word used to gain access to the lab from a platform found in the Delucian caves.

    After Benedict left, a small group left Kinship and confirmed the magic word, which was 'ranatos'.


    The plague is responsible for several deaths already, and it has citizens from Trinsic to Yew frightened for their lives. I pray Ewan can be found alive and well!

    Thank you Mishca and Tymaron for sharing this information!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 6:30 AM EDT by Brenna (Catskills)

    Blacksmithing Essay Updated
    Batir did it again. This time he went mad and figured out the success rate formula for blacksmithing. With the formula in hand he went ahead and updated the Blacksmithing Essay. If you're a blacksmith who has been having difficulty figuring out what items to make when, you will find everything you need to know in the updated Smithing Success Tables and Skill Gain Guide.

    Thanks Batir !

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 6:05 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Spring fayre planned at Spiritwood
    The people of Spiritwood are planning another festival - and if previous events are anything to go by, it should be a good one:

    Hear Ye
    Hear Ye
    Hear Ye,

    As the sun casts its life giving rays upon the earth, releasing it from winters dark grip and once more calling forth the spirit of renewal, it is time for we too, the peoples of the land to come together, join hands and lift our collective spirit towards the heavens in celebration of the Spring!

    We, the proud people of Spiritwood are thrilled to announce the coming of Spring Fest, a Festival of celebration and renewal.

    Come one, come all and join in the event of the season. Share in the delights of the many spectacles, take part in the collective celebrations and help us to welcome the Spring.

    Spring Fest will be held on Sunday, the 4th of June in the blessed township of Spiritwood, (Felucca).

    To find the town of Spiritwood, start at the Skara Brae docks on the mainland, go east. Take the second road to your right (south, at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood.

    From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

    Celebrations will commence at 8 PM GMT, or 21:00 CET, and will include a Joust of Champions, a Talent Competition, a Fashion Show, and more!

    Further details will be coming soon, but mark you calendars now good people, for Spring Fest is heading your way!

    of Custodes Fati

    Many thanks Shri.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 5:10 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Mysterious New Orc Clan Captures Cove Fort
    Hail All!

    Rumors have filtered in from citizens in Cove that a strange new clan of orcs have claimed the Cove orc fort for their own. Led by a mysterious orc named Ghoti, who apparently spends most of his time fishing in Skara Brae, this clan defeated the orcs living in the fort, and held it for most of Sunday. These new orcs look oddly human, though their behavior and, according to at least one report, odor leaves no doubt about their true nature.

    Pug'Yula, representative of the orcs, had this to say:

    "We Uruk-Hai. We kik shardees owt vrum fort. We take fort for livv. Hummies no come fort, it Uruk place!"
    Research supports the theory that "shardees" is a word which refers to the better known variety of orcs who previously held the fort. "Hummies" seems to be the colorful term this new orc group uses to refer to humans. It is believed that "we take for for livv" indicates that they intend to remain in the fort for some time ("take fort for life") or that they worship some sort of powerful leader or god named "livv."

    Who are these mysterious new orcs? The UOSS Drachenfels News Team will bring you updates as they arrive.

    Go with the virtues!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 4:38 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Wanna join in on a group hunt?
    On Wednesday May 17th at 8:00pm EDT there will be a large group hunt to the ophidian lair sponsored by the Duir of Yew and the Heartkin guild. We will all meet in Moonglow in Trammel in the field to the west of the bank at approximately 7:30pm for a briefing and then we will head down to Papua and walk the rest of the way to the Lair. If you wish to join us, please contact Lady Tygress. You can reach her on ICQ at 62133870 or by e-mail at [email protected].

    Lady Tygress of Chesapeake

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 3:57 AM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Report of Dire Wolves Attack on The Guardsmen Militia
    Got this from Simon of The Guardsmen Militia:

    As I awoke to a mighty wailing and knashing of teeth I saw a huge pack, almost a legion of dire wolves leaping and bounding out of the bracken and fallen trees, all horrible growling sounds and drooling jowls. Seems the Yew woods have been infested with none other than wolves!
    They teamed out of the woods attacking the first thing they saw, mainly us... After a short battle with the Guardsmen Militia rushing at the wolves and visa versa, while I went towards them with a pair of scissors, a tailoring kit,a large club and a gleam in my eye willing to tend to the wounded wolves...
    Now I Know how these reports are written so....
    Where did this beasts come from? Did they run out of wandering healers and peasants too eat?
    Are they controlled by something bigger and more evil smelling than Captain Llew's morning breath?
    Who knows? Does it matter? Am I rambling on trying to bulk out this report?

    Tinker of The Guardsmen Militia

    Thanks fer the report, friend. *Wipes wolf blood of his shield*

    Yours truly,

    Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2000, 2:57 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Inmanilem Hurt in ClownTown
    I have been handed this scroll and been pleaded to let the people of Britannia know that there are still events going on in Felucca.

    ClownTown is still under heavily attacks by Gargoyles.

    Under the last attack Inmanilem once again came to our aid? But unfortunately he was misunderstood and was heavily attacked by the defenders of ClownTown. How severe his wounds was I can not tell, only that he escaped heavily bleeding.

    I urge everyone NOT to attack him.

    The one thing we must do is to ensure that Inmanilem gets a copy of translated Gargish Codex. A copy of the codex should be located in every house in ClownTown. If you have access to any houses, make sure you know where the codex is located so that you fast can go and get it when he returns - if he returns.

    Lady Valkyria

    Posted on Monday, May 15, 2000, 11:04 PM EDT by FireFox (Europa)

    Reenuk, are you out there?
    Following the story 'Reenuk & the Wisp', I have received this scroll from Kas Valentine.

    I was out hunting in the forests of Britain and came upon her corpse lying silently in a clearing. I quickly gathered her things knowing that be brigands would be more than happy to keep them for their own means. I then returned to Britain and began my search for the young lady in question.

    I even went to the Registrar so that I would know the real Reenuk from an impostor, but alas my calls for her fell upon deaf ears. If someone could put me in touch with Reenuk I'd be most grateful, her things must be returned.

    So Reenuk, if these are your things please get in touch with Kas Valentine.

    Posted on Monday, May 15, 2000, 10:45 PM EDT by FireFox (Europa)

    Periodic Poll
    In last week's Poll, we asked about what new features you liked in UO:R. The top vote getter was Consentual-only PvP, at 36%. Next came the Party System, with 26% of the votes. 12% of the voters said they liked not being blocked by players or monsters. 11% think that Factions are the best feature. The new Monster AI received 9% of the votes. and combat enhancements brought up the rear with 5%.

    This week we want to know what percentage of your in-game time do you spend fighting monsters. so head on over to our Periodic Poll and let us know.

    Last week, I asked all of you who didn't like UO:R to send me one reason you didn't like it. The response was great, with over 500 of you sending in a response.

    This week, I am asking why you like UO:R. Please send an e-mail to [email protected], with ONE reason you like UO:R, other than land for new houses. Those of you who sent me reasons you liked it last week, please re-send your reason. Please do not send any more reasons you dont like UO:R, as the time for that was last week.

    I will compile all the results from both polls, and publish it here next week.

    Posted on Monday, May 15, 2000, 10:40 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Tuesday Night Fights!
    This reminder just in.....

    Greetings all!

    Once again, the Village of Humility would like to invite you to attend the Tuesday Night Pit Fights at the Bloody Keg Tavern. I would like to take this opportunity to say, The fights are EVERY Tuesday night, even if you don't see it posted here on Stratics. (sometimes they get busy, and the announcement does not get posted) Last weeks fights were the smoothest ever, thanks to a revision in the rules, and was a great success.

    All are welcome to enter the fight, but come early. Contestant tickets go on sale at 7:30 eastern, and are limited. You will find a complete set of rules on our website: Humility

    We hope to see you there!

    Posted on Monday, May 15, 2000, 3:34 PM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Caina Cock Fights Re-Opened!
    The Caina Cock fights will once again take place this Wednesday (the 17th) in the city of Caina on Ice Island at the Asylum of Perdition Casino. The registration starts at 10:00 PM EST and the actual fights start at 10:30 PM sharp. The entrance fee is 500 gold per cock. Chickens will be available at the Asylum, but in limited number. It is highly recommended that you bring your own chicken. Gates will be provided from Skara Brae, Britain, and Serpent's Hold at 10:00 PM. The winner of the fights receives half of the entrance fees as a prize.

    We look forward to seeing you there.

    Navrip Freemech

    I thank you, Navrip, for this update on a most enjoyable continuous event.
    Posted on Monday, May 15, 2000, 1:55 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Crimson Sands of Evermore News
    It had been a frustrating night already. I was so close to being able to resurrect heroes with my healing skill but just haven't been able to gain. In vain, I travelled to arctic islae and then to Yew, where I was killed and lost only my regs and my bandages. I returned to the Crimson sands of Evermoore while Tanya and Dr Fate searched for the monsters that stole my regs.

    While I was there I spied three unidentified human corpses on the ground outside of the tavern. I received a message by pigeon that pirates had attacked. Since i had no regs or bandages, I hid and summoned help. As i hid I spied three sailors dashing about so I called for help again. When Kamorra arrived, we went in search of the sailors.

    We found them by our sparring field. The one we spoke to was named Angus. He told us a tale of a stolen treasure map and two murderous pirates hiding to the north. I questioned Angus and from him learned that the murderers had gone to someplace north of the bay that our town is on. I deduced that the best place for a treasure to be hidden was the ruined house that Hengist and i have investigated on a number of occasions. I suggested this to Angus and he thought I must be right. He asked pandora to go an look. As Pandora searched, I summoned as much help as I could. I even considered calling Ender.

    Pandora came running to tell us that they pirates and murderers were, indeed, in the ruined house near the passage to Delucia. We fimnished our preperations and set uout after them. The pirates came at us like mad men. We slew many but only Docotor Fate reamined unharmed. I myself took down three of them with my maul before being knocked to the etheral. I found a healer and returned to my corporal state wearing a death robe. I attmepted to weave back in to retrieve my maul and fight but the pirates were everywhere and I had to run every time. I attempted desperatly to summon help from Ace but he got lost looking for us. I came across Doctor fate running up and down the coast casting spells at the pirates that had been chasing him. Suddenly it was all over. The pirates rushed to their shoips and sailed off. as I found my body and retrieved my belongings I learned that another group had slain the murderers and this caused the pirates to lose heart and flee.

    I know not who the brave team was that slew the murderers and drove the pirates away but we thank them and hope they appreciate the efforts we put forthe to aid them as well.

    Shadow Weaver the Healer

    The community of Crimson Sands of Evermoore has continued to grow. We have suffered minimal damage from the invoked devastation. We have hired a tavern keeper and have placed vendors. Now we are seeking contact with the city councils of Britain. We have contact with Britain and now Jhelom. We would like to establish contact with the other city councils.

    We are willing to help in any way we can. We have 27 veterans seeking to help the cities of Sosaria in any way that we can. If you represent a city council please contact me by pigeon 800527 or come to our town of Crimson Sands of Evermoore. You can reach our town by rune in Goodman's Rune Library on northern shore of Magincia, in guarded area.

    Thank you for your time

    Hengist the Armsman

    Thankye, Hengist, and Shadow Weaver, for this news.
    Posted on Monday, May 15, 2000, 1:53 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    All Out PvP Event
    JP sent us the following information:

    All-out PvP Event! May 18, 6:00 PM PST

    Anyone can join. This event will be held in Felucca at the clearing north of Vesper. The clearing will be the "arena" in which all participants are to stay. Non-participants are to form a perimeter around the clearing.


    • No looting
    • No leaving the arena
    • No magic reflect items
    • No paralyzing
    • No teaming up
    • No robes for the participants. Skirts are the only clothing allowed.
    • No attacking anyone wearing a white robe.
    • No runes

    All participants will be searched for any of the above items.

    This event is to the death. Once you have died you can not rejoin the event.
    Participants will be searched at the end of the event if anyone's belongings come-up missing.

    Winner will receive 100,000 gold and a Bow of Vanquishing.

    For more information, please e-mail JP.

    Posted on Monday, May 15, 2000, 5:08 AM EDT by Dracos Moira (TestCenter)

    Wisps : Lovers of Music?
    In reply to my report on conversing with wisps , I recived the following information.

    "After having read your report about Wisps, I became aware that I wasn't the only one to have a such encounter with the strange blue orbs. I encountered one just outside the Dungeon of Shame. It approched me, and having heard this in a rumor, I made the statement, "Hail wisp" , "How art thou today?". The Wisp seemed to reply in somewhat jibberish. Knowing their affinity for music, i played my harp. With great response, it brought me some regents (as payment I suppose). I have found that, although not violent creatures , wisps can also help in battle(I know this as one has healed me before)." - Blaze Nightwolf

    Many thanks to Blaze for this interesting update on the investigation of Wisps.

    Posted on Monday, May 15, 2000, 2:14 AM EDT by Mingus Mulingus (Europa)

    Evil invaders attempt to sack KoA village
    Galahad sent in two reports of attacks against the Knights of the Alliance village south of Trinsic:


    Last Friday night began as every Friday night for the past six months as travellers gathered from all over the world to watch or participate in our weekly Golden Knights event in the Alliance Village. The Golden Knights event is a different type of event held every week which has become increasingly popular over the past couple of months, attracting large crowds of contestants and spectators. Occasionally we have had a vistor or two that attempted to interrupt the event, but we have never had any real problems and our village has always been a peaceful place to live in. We never expected what was to come later that night...

    This weeks event was a battle of warriors one on one. The fighting was fierce and went on for hours as many great warriors battled it out in a arena inside the village. During the event, some of the spectators noticed a strange visitor that had suddenly appeared who also seemed to be somewhat out of place. A tall woman with black hair dressed in the brown garments of a ranger stood in back watching the event. There was a sinister aura around her that many commented on, but we have had many interesting types come to the event and we passed over the first hint of the danger that was to come. The next hint was when she began commenting on the event and killing in general. Often we heard her say the event was a waste of time because there was nothing to be gained by killing each other in a ring, but she could not leave because she found herself strangly attracted to the fighting, the blood, and to death. This went on throughout the event and those near her began to think she was insane, but those of us running the event dismissed this as just another unique visitor to the event. Near the end of the event she suddenly disappeared just as quickly as she came. Those nearby her and those watching her during the event were thrilled to see this dark presence leave and hoped she would not return. Unfortunately this was also the final sign, the foreshadowing of what was to come.

    The final two fighters, Sabastian and Silex, were facing off in the arena. After fighting matches for hours both warriors were exhausted, but Sabastian found a reserve of energy and was able to finally beat back Silex to win this weeks Golden Knights event. The crowd began to cheer when the final winner was declared, but suddenly those cheers turned into screams as spectators in the back began to point at something coming from the jungle. Those of us running the event immediately went to investigate and to our astonishment we saw there was a large group of red robed mages advancing on the village shooting fireballs and lightning bolts at everything near them. The call was sent out for more help and everyone there quickly prepared for the long battle to come. In the beginning it seemed we would easily overtake the forces sent against us. A few began to comment on how easy this was when howls echoed through the fighting and hellhounds began to appear all around with the mages. This was when many of the warriors and mages fighting to protect the village first voiced the name of Minax.

    Was it possible? We have always thought the wars were in the cities and our villages and towns were safe from the evils far away. How very wrong we were. It became obvious when a army of orcs and undead decended on the village next to the red robed mages and the hell hounds. What had started as a public event in a peaceful village was turning into a pitched battle to the amazement of everyone there. Those defending the village fought on, but began to know fear as creatures never seen before began coming into the battle. Giant Black Widow Spiders, all kinds of elementals including strange tornado looking creatures called Zephyrs, Blood Tentacles, which looked like corpsers, but they were red and moved around to attack anything near them. The most frightening creature looked like a dragon, but it was green and covered in mold. It seemed impossible, but we were beginning to lose our community to the forces of Minax! Many defending the village began to fall and it appeared all was lost, but a few brave souls took up a rallying cry which was echoed by many during the rest of the battle. "Defend our village from the forces of Minax! This village will not fall!" The defenders fought back wave after wave of mages, orcs, undead, ettins, hellhounds, and more with renewed strength, and with words of defiance on our lips, we began to drive back the invading horde. After a hour of continuous fighting it was over and we were victorious, but it felt much like a hollow victory.

    The peace of our community was shattered by the realities of war and we are now left with many questions. Even now I am unable to recall the name of the strange woman who was at the event. Its like my mind has been made to forget who she was, but I remember what she looked like and the resemblance to Minax is frightening. Was it really Minax in disguise? Maybe none of us will ever know, but I doubt we have seen the last of her. I believe she thought it would be easy to take our village and she was wrong. A person as evil as her will not let that go. Many thanks must go out to the members of the Knights of the Alliance and the guilds friends and allies for remaining to successfully defend the Alliance Village against the horde of evil. The help and sacrifices of all those defending the village will always be greatly appreciated. We may be the first community outside of the cities to be attacked, but we have not seen the last of Minax, and I highly doubt we will be the only community to see these attacks. Prepare to defend your communities while you have a chance.


    Once again, the Alliance Village was the site of a attack by the forces of Minax during the night of our Golden Knights event. It was almost as if there was a aura of evil in the air throughout the event. Spectators were looking over their shoulders and horses would continuously try to break free of their restraints. Something was definately amiss, but as they say the show must go on! We began to prepare a guarding force just in case during the event and they patrolled the borders of the village until the attack.

    Tonight's event ended and, unlike the last time, all remained quiet even though everyone was expecting something bad to happen. Everyone in attendance relaxed and spectators began to make their way home. After a large part of the group had left, the rest of us were just talking when a wild yell split the night from the jungle. Everyone immediately took out their weapons having a good idea what was about to come. Out came a massive ettin with a large group of orcs behind it. The fighting was once again fierce and this week only the orcs and ettins were sent to test the defenses of the village. After about twenty minutes of battling, the remaining orcs fled in retreat.

    The defenders began to cheer when out from a tree walked the woman who is the cause of the attacks. She is the same woman that was at our last event just before the last attack. Unlike last time I remember her name. Lady Karel. I do not know if that is her real name or if it is Minax in disguise, but we could all feel the evil surrounding her just standing next to her. She began to laugh at us and commented on the big mess we made with the orcs. She then turned around and walked away. I yelled for her to stop and she said "Until next time". I tried to talk to her and she began laughing at us again. One of the defenders couldnt take it anymore and started shooting her with his crossbow. She quickly said farewell and disappeared from sight.

    I do not know what to make of tonights attack. It felt like we were being toyed with in preperation for a very large attack to come. I hope I am wrong, but I have heard of the attacks on other towns and we have now survived two attacks of our own. What is the exact purpose behind these attacks and if these are only small invasions to test our strength, what will the real invasion be like? Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question. All we can do is prepare for the worst to come along with all of our neighboring towns and defend our homes to the last man if thats what it takes for us to win.

    Knights of the Alliance

    Thank you, Galahad, for providing these facts. Our thoughts are with you and your community during these times of crisis.

    Posted on Monday, May 15, 2000, 12:52 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Orks of Kor attack VKR, SoE and HE while they feast....
    Twas a feast to celebrate the coming together of three guilds, in common cause to rid the realm of the Orc uprising. Many Knights and Mages shared tales of battles, as well as mugs of fine Ale.

    Among the stories of past conquests, the name of the Orcs of Kor appeared several times. Some were of defeat, others were of victories, although pure hatred tinged all comments.

    The three Guildmasters then gathered and raised their glasses, a Toast to the downfall of the Orcs, and to the uniting of the three guilds, Virtuous Knights of the Realms, Salt of the Earth, and Heaven & Earth.

    All joined in, and the feast continued with renewed merriment.

    A glutteral cry to their Vile God was all the warning that the gathering received. Bursting into the area, charged more than a score of Orcs, hacking at who ever they could. The response was swift, and the united guild members met them with equal ferocity, many of the orcs were surrounded and quickly slain, while a larger group to the rear feared better.

    The combined might of the United guilds proved too powerful for this Warband of Orcs, and soon the last few surviving Orcs were fleeing for the safety of their fort.

    Upon the ground lay two members of the feasting party, yet many more orc bodies, torn and broken, littered the battle field.

    Gathering themselves the Guilds prepared to take the fight ot the Orcs, and assault their fort. Splitting into two groups, they entered two magical portals that took them to both the front and rear gates of the Fort.

    Learned from previous attacks, they choose not to charge into the front gate, instead Mages and archers targeted those Orcs upon the battlements, slaying orc after orc.

    At the rear of the fort, a group of Knights pushed heavy crates aside and charged in, catching the Clanmaster Grukk undefend by warrior Orcs. A brief melee and with no assistance from a Sharman to provide him healing, Grukk fell under the Knights blows. Without command the Orcs began to lose co-ordination in their fighting, although the nearest to the fallen body of Grukk raced to strike down the Knight who had delivered the killing blow. Trapped by the crates, the Sir Gerrard stood his ground vailantly, but the three orcs proved to much for him, and the Knights blood joined that of the Clan Master.

    At the front gate, many Orc corpses littered the ground and the battlements were soon empty. After many minutes, Victory for the United Guilds was achieved, with any remaining Orcs fleeing for cover, or hiding among the many barrels and crates.

    Leaving the cowering orcs to lick their wounds, the United Guilds returned to the VKR village, where another feast was held in celebration of the two victories they had achieved this night.

    Together, people of the Realms can fight this uprising of the Foul Orcs of Kor, and see peace return to the lands.

    Honoured Scribe VKR
    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 9:15 PM EDT by Multani (Oceania)

    I didn't notice the old man when I had first entered the inn, the increased jeering from the younger warriors was what had finally distracted me from my thoughts on current events.

    "I remember way back before those blasted 'Lost Lands' were discovered." he grunted, downing his ale in one gulp and indicating his need for another to the barmaid wandering from table to table. There were a few murmurs for refills from his younger company briefly then the old man continued, "the rewards for being a good swordsman back then were better too", directing his remark at a small group of mages sitting at the next table. This finally seemed to register a common ground with the other warriors sitting with him, "what kind of rewards then, 'old man'" the apparent leader of the younger group sneered, "leather caps and short swords?"

    This obviously hurt the older warrior as he solemnly looked down at the table, a few minutes passed and he reached into one of the many pouches hanging from his cloak and pulled out a small black lump. "Blackrock" he hissed quietly, the men at the table looked bewildered slightly, but many of the older warriors especially the mages shifted uneasily in their chairs. "Blocks the use of magic" he continued, his voice barely above a whisper, "only a handful of fragments remain since the mines they were found in have been sealed". A few silent moments in the inn passed, then suddenly a cry of pain as a hand wandering to the mysterious substance dripped with blood and the old man wiped a small dagger against his sleeve. "I may be old, but I am still as faster than any thieving tramp that tries to steal from me", he put his great hand over the now dwarfed piece of blackrock and quickly dropped it back into one of the many pouches. This caused a few morbid chuckles from surrounding people, still uneasy from what they had seen. "If it wasn't for the damned increased guard, you would be a dead man, be glad your taxes go to increased guarding of our cities young man", he looked up and smiled sarcastically at one of the guards standing in the corner of the room like a statue.

    These last few minutes had obviously taken it's toll on the young warriors he was talking to, as they murmured an excuse, paid for their ale, and left. Looking at the clock hanging from the wall above the bar, I realised that I should be making my way to Yew before nightfall. So I too called for the barmaid to pay for my drink, not before however, writing a few words on a scrap of parchment for the old man who had brought a smile to my face...

    "I bet a piece of blackrock that small only protects your body, be careful someone doesn't corp por your legs"


    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 7:18 PM EDT by FireFox (Europa)

    Looking for Legends Reporters
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then mayhaps UO Stratics' Legends News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the new Legends Shard and her citizens.

    UO Stratics is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Legends to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    • Be a talented writer
    • Become an active, knowledgeable member of the Legends community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be pro-active
    • Have flawless Spelling and Grammar
    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Legends Application" as the subject.
    1. Real name
    2. Contact email address
    3. ICQ number (if applicable)
    4. Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal
    6. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UO Stratics?
    7. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8. Any questions???
    Applications are due no later than Sunday May 21, 2000. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 6:57 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (LegendsAOL)

    Legends Forum Opens Today
    Along with this new News Section for the Legends Shard we have opened a Forum for all Legends players. If you are having trouble finding other Legends players, or just want to ask some questions, or perhaps even lend a hand then feel free to have a look.


    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 6:56 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (LegendsAOL)

    First Report of the New Shard
    A first report from this new shard:
    With all the pomp and circumstance of the opening of a new 7-11, AOL Legends went online at approximately 11pm EST, May 10th. Ithunk, orc reporter, wandered about Britain on the Trammel moon for about twenty minutes before wandering into his first fellow human, a gentleman who usually plays on Baja. It was another ten minutes before Ithunk ran into another human being.

    While UO has been quick to advertise their new AOL shard, the same cannot be said of AOL. While experienced UO players will have little trouble accessing this new shard, assuming they have AOL accounts, I fail to see how the shard is going to attract masses of new users by being AOL exclusive. AOL is only listing Ultima Online in very little boxes under X-treme Games on their Game Channel.

    While my conection was better than it is when I play on Drachenfels (I live in Hawaii - how could it not be?), I still experienced some severe lag, even with only two other players online, leading me to fear that, at least for Ithunk, this shard might be more accurately named "AOL Cemetary."

    Aloha and Goodnight.

    Ithunk/AOL Legends

    Thanks for the report.
    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 6:35 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (LegendsAOL)

    Get UO:Renaissance for free !
    Have a look at this I found :
    Right now, for a limited time, AOL members can register a new account in Ultima Online , the Internet's leading online game, and receive a FREE Ultima Online: Renaissance game CD along with 30 FREE days of game play-a $20.00 retail value.
    For all the details, go to
    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 6:28 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (LegendsAOL)

    Are you Going to Scarborough Faire?
    Heather of Great Lakes sent us this:
    Time is running out. Sign up today for the Austin UO Player's Luncheon to be held at 1pm on Sunday, May 28th, 2000 at the Scarborough Faire near Waxahachie Texas. Tickets for the lunch are $25 per person, this includes Faire ticket and lunch ticket. You can pay by credit card or electronic transfer online by using You must pay for your tickets by this next Friday, May 19th, to receive the group discount.

    To date, 85 guests are signed up to attend the luncheon, including 5 staff personnel from OSI, and famous players such as Kazola of the Treetop Keg and Winery on Great Lakes, and Arakasi, creator of the Out of Character comics Arakasi has created a logo for this event, and you can purchase tshirts, mugs, and mouse pads bearing his artwork at Cafe Press

    You can check the latest news and view the guest list on the UOLunch webpage I also took the time today to post links to pictures of past luncheons on the page. If you have further questions after reviewing the webpage, please email me [email protected] I am looking forward to seeing you there!!


    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 5:39 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Crisis in the Elven Kingdom of Asur'Herenion
    Many of you may be familiar with the increasing elven activity in our realm. The story I relate to you now shines a light on recent troubles within the Elven Kingdom of Asur'Herenion. The story is just as I witnessed it not but one day ago. Take a seat friends, let me begin my tale.

    I was walking to the town of Yew on the Felucca Facet, to tend to my shop just East of Empath Abby. On my way there, I encountered a group passing by in the forest. At first their silent, stealthy steps were surprising, it was by sheer luck that I had been able to pinpoint them throughout he dense Yew forests at all. I soon recognized them at however, they were the elves of the Kingdom of Asur'Herenion. Having met the kindly King Khyl'Dran, I counted them as friends and approached them. However, their usual cheerful aspect was substituted by a grim look, as if something terrible had happened.

    "Friends...pardon my frankness, but what is the matter? Is something amiss?" I asked.

    "Indeed something is, Aleph Aeirs," Said one elf. "Our King, Khyl'Dran, has disappeared in some manner I do nay comprehend...He was trapped, somehow, inside a crystal by use of some obscure form of magic."

    I was stunned, it took a moment for the information to sink in. "This is horrid news...who did this thing?" I inquired.

    "Come inside and I will tell you," Said the elf. He beckoned me towards an opening in the thick forest. Inside, the elves had created an hidden encampment. They served me some elven wine and offered me a seat around the fire.

    "It is the Drow. This, a group that had once been taken for granted, They were not considered a threat," explained the elf, "but they have erred, we have all erred. The Drow are the greatest threat of all..."

    I sipped from my elven whine, deep in thought. It was true that the Drow were not seen as a threat, so to speak. No one had considered it, until now.

    The elf continued: "Our king had gone to speak diplomatically with the Lichdrow Chaszmyr. It was there that he was taken by Nai Asonod, a defector from our kingdom who joined the Lichdrow's guild Agrach Dyrr. I know little more. But we are seeking all information we can find."

    I was incensed and inspired to action immediately. Although human, I have a special place in my heart for the elven culture. To think the Drow would look to make them suffer so!

    I stood, thanking the elves for their hospitality.

    "Tell me friends, where would I be most likely to find Nai Asonod?" I asked.

    "Look to Caina, he is known to frequent that damnable city." Said one of the elves.

    "Friends, I am just one man, but I will attempt to gather some information...perhaps shed light on this nightmare."

    The elves around the fire simply looked at me and nodded. The fire sparkled in their eyes, a deep sadness in their expression.

    I nodded in return, thanked them once again, making my way to Caina.

    The city was deadly cold, being located in the frozen wastelands of Dagger Isle. I made a point not to spend too much time in this wretched city, one for the environs, the other because I have never been all that..welcome. I chose to begin my hunt for this Nai Asonod in the Tower of Skulls.

    I stepping on the stairs and walking into the tower, my head swooned. Decay and dust, the very nature of the tower, had an ill effect on my being. Shaking off the sensation, I surveyed the scene. Nai Asonod was no where to be seen. I decided to check the upper levels of the tower, hoping that I could either find him, or clues to his whereabouts.

    As luck would have it, (so to speak) there he was. He was on the second floor of Golgotha, engrossed in a an ancient manuscript, the like which I had never before seen.

    Nai looked up from the ancient tome, his silver hair spilling out across the dark knight armor he wore. He knew me by sight, yet I had never met him in person.

    "Greetings Aleph, interested in the..happenings as of late, or so I hear..."

    His smile was disturbing, as he toyed with a diamond necklace around his neck.

    I was quiet for a moment, not certain where to begin. Here he was, the antagonist. I was certain of myself when I left the elves in the clearing...but faced with Nai Asonod himself, I wasn't all that sure what to say.

    "Come then, Aleph..I offer you a chair, how can I help you in your search for knowledge?"

    I smiled nervously. "Well, to begin, I am very interested in verifying rumors I have heard. As you may know, I am a member of the press. As a professional courtesy I approach you first. Virtues forbid I share news of these happenings without knowing the facts first."

    At the mention of the Virtues, he chuckled softly. I took a moment to glance at the tome he had been studying. I could make out one line, but it made no sense to me. Something concerning the entrapment of Eldritch Daemons known as Arcanaloth...

    He abruptly closed the book. Startled, I jumped. "Well, good Aleph...I see you are a bit..uneasy in my presence....let me first assure you that you are safe, in body and in mind. And that is well that the public should know of the goings is the Truth...and the truth, tis said, shall set ye free."

    He shifted his slight elven frame in the large throne, a wickedly bladed ax rested beside him, leaning against the wall.

    He proffered forth a glass of blood red liqueur. "Some wine, before I make the tale known?"

    I am certain the disgust showed on my face. The smell of the liquid was not foreign to me, it was blood wine. "Oh..well, I...well see, I am not known to partake in...beverage of that nature. I thank thee none the less."

    I did however take the seat offered. "However, I would gladly hear the details of recent events, sans the libation of course..."

    He shrugged and set the goblet of bloodwine down on a mahogany desk. "Well then, I shall tarry no longer... Up until most recently, I was a member of the Kingdom of the Elves, known as the Asur'Herenion. As a member, I was a trusted individual, the Ambassador, a friend to all, and like a father to most."

    He appeared slightly saddened, perhaps by some memory or realization, but he quickly shrugged it off, continuing to speak. "After some doings and much thinking on my part, I decided it best to leave them, as I, obviously, am not a child of light." He took a long sip of the wine, and began again. "After much deliberation on my part, as well as the Lich Drow Chaszmyr's, and after many jibes and taunts, mocking and mental beatings by the hands of my one time friends, I decided to take matters a step further, and came upon a plan to capture none other than Khyl'Dran, the King of the Asur'Herenion." He smiled darkly and held the diamond of necklace up to be seen. "Sometimes...there is no way to escape what fate deals out...." He said, as he let the chain drop back to his chest.

    The words left my lips as soon as they entered my head. " that necklace there? How could you do such a thing?"

    He smiled darkly and twirled the gem to sparkle in the dim light. "Yes..very perceptive, Aleph, this gem is the means of containment..but how you ask? To understand this you must first understand who implemented the process, at least in part. I am not from this plane of existence. I hail from a land known as Faerun. There, I was a great mage and a feared warrior" He chuckled laconically at this. "Though the better part of my magic is worthless here..." He looked at the gem bemusedly. "...Sometimes I find a place...where the power is sufficient to make it work correctly, thus we have this.

    My determination grew, and I took a deep breath. It was more important to gather information, I simply had to keep my temper in check. "So the rumors are indeed true. I am...stunned to say the least." I look closely at the diamond necklace. "You have done a horrible thing here, tell me..what are your intentions now? Surely you realize that an event of this nature cannot go unavenged..."

    He smiled and put the necklace back on his neck. "A horrible thing, eh? Perceptions based upon perceptions would suggest this, yes. But, would you like to know the Truth of it, Aleph?"

    I nodded "Aye, I would."

    "I do this that the balance of darkness and light may be maintained...not out of malice or spite. I hold Khyl'Dran in Temporal Stasis, whilst his father, the recently resurrected Naera'Dran...who has been in the pits of the Abyss, stewing in madness for his dark allegiances....will form the Dark Kingdom...the counter balance to the Herenion....Dark Elves, to set the scales back aright in favor of neutrality..." He shrugged. "I mean no harm to the entrapped monarch...unless I am provoked to it."

    I shook my head, saddened by this state of affairs, confused as to the logic of that statement. "All this to weaken the Kingdom of Asur'Herenion?" I countered. "Pardon my frankness, but it would appear that Naera'Dran is not the only one stewing in madness. You say that you mean no harm, but surely you can see how those who pledge allegiance to King Khyl'Dran would consider this imprisonment the very definition of harm... "

    He was most amused by this, shaking his head he chuckled darkly. "Always the same idealistic response. So typical, so very predictable. In any case, spare me this exploration of morality. I have shared with you the information you seek, tell me, what more is there to know? The monarch son resides here, to better facilitate the resurrection of the father." He held the necklace up once again.

    "Surely you know that others will intervene, surely you understand that the elves will not just sit back and allow this to continue!" I said.

    At this he chuckled once more. "You would have Justice then, aye?" His chuckle turned to a laugh. "You haven't the foggiest notion of the depth of this issue. Tread lightly Aeirs, and be prepared for the outcome should you decide to meddle any further in this business..."He said as he stood.

    I stood as well. "Certainly you do not expect people to sit idle while the elves suffer, do you?"

    He smiled, looking directly into my eyes. "On the contrary, I certainly do hope they take action..."

    He leaned over the table that held the tome, it opened as he passed his hand over the top. "Now Aleph, I have some work to do here,...unless you would care to watch me..." He said in a malevolent tone.

    But I had seen and heard enough. His intentions were clear, and I could nay stand by and watch him practice his dark magicks. "I think not, thank you for your time, we will speak again..." I said curtly.

    With that he chuckled once more. "Oh yes, yes we shall..."

    With that, words of powers passed my lips and I was away.

    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 12:16 PM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Dragon Town Auction Announced for May 14
    Hail All!

    Zarzal Dragon posted the following message to the Dragon Clan News Page:

    "Next in-game auction will be held in Dragon Town at the merchant tower on Sunday, May 14, begining at 20:00 CET GMT-1 MEST). We will start to collect goods at 19:00."
    The Dragon Clan auctions have been held for several months now at the tower. Typically, they ask that the items you bring for auction be truly exceptional or rare.

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 9:41 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    The Black One Appears!
    Ryak of the Sandalwood Inn sent us this bit of news earlier in the eve.
    The presence of a dragon can instill even the most valiant warrior with a sense of dread. The presence of a dragon, speaking in the human tongue and covered with black scales isn't something oft' seen in these lands. But last night, a dragon known as The Black One, shook the very ground he walked upon as he lumbered towards me and m'lady XTerra as we were conversing outside The Sandlewood Box. When he spoke, his tone was mocking and frightening. He scoffed at the attempts being made to restore the Gold One's Tome of Virtue. He foretold of bringing utter chaos to the world and demanded that we denounce our love for the virtues. He even cackled at the supposed demise of the Gold One, which brought whispers of concern from those in attendance. By this time, a small crowd had gathered outside on this dark night and began murmuring amongst themselves "Could this dragon be telling the truth?" "Is the Gold One truly lost to us?". The Black One laughed at our questions, obviously amused with what he considered to be no threat to him or his plans. Conjuring powers beyond our comprehension, this foul beast summoned a small legion of orcs who attacked us on sight. The Black One laughed as we desperately tried to fight against this sudden onslaught. With a snarl he departed...

    After having slain the orcs and healing the wounds sustained in the minor skirmish, we determined our best course of action lie in visiting the Temple of the Gold One. Our hope was to disprove the claims of this black dragon, that of the death of the Gold One and her children. Upon arriving at the sacred temple, Red William tried in vain to summon the Gold One to no avail. Nor could the presence of the Gold One be felt among us. A look, not unlike that of a son mourning the death of his father, crossed Red's face. A tear trickled down the fair cheek of Heather. And colored drained from the druid Elwynn's face as an uneasiness fell upon everyone in the temple, an emptiness in our hearts.

    We hope to learn more in the days to come... Be wary of the approach of The Black One.
    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 6:14 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    ALBE New Comic Alert!
    Azazel sent us the following:
    Have you had trouble finding that stable master? Can't seem to locate a thief guildmaster? Stuck as a ghost because the healers went to lunch? Wondering where all the NPCS are? Well ALBE can tell you! We have a new comic entitled "Can't Take A Hint" and it's available for you right now now now! So come on down to ALBE where the prices are always low and the deals are hot hot hot!

    Want to know what else?! That's not all! If you click on the provided link in the next 15 minutes, you'll have a chance to enter our new CONTEST! That's right folks, ALBE is celebrating it's 40,000th hit, and you have a chance to enter to WIN WIN WIN! Best of all it's FREE FREE FREE!

    A Little Bit of Everything

    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 5:57 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    Capture the Flag Event
    Duncan of the Test Center Shard sent us the following information about an event he will be having:

    Purple Potion Capture the Flag

    There will be two teams; a red team and a green team.

    Participants are to remove all clothing and armor, except for shoes and boots.
    No weapons or magic allowed.
    Red and green robes will be handed out.
    If a player crosses onto the other teams side, that side can throw purple potions at that player.
    Participants may not throw potions into the other side.
    There will be a table on each side with a red or green backpack on it. Participants from opposing teams will attempt to retrieve it.
    This event is to the death.

    This event will be held at the Britain Cemetery at 6:10 PM EST, May 17, 2000.

    Any players who wish to participate can contact Duncan for more information.

    Hope to see you there!

    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 2:43 AM EDT by Dracos Moira (TestCenter)

    Ultima Online Travelogues is Redesigned
    Hail Adventurers!

    There are more than 200 exciting and funny stories about adventures in Britannia available, including about 800 screenshots. I added an Adventurer's Guide which shows information about all the important places in Britannia. This site is not only great for new players, who wish to gather information about Britannia, but also for Veteran players who want to find out what there is to discover in their world.

    Have fun reading!

    Ultima Online Travelogues

    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 1:20 AM EDT by Beastmaster Josh (CommunityNews)

    Heroes of the Realm Tourny Tonight
    This is just a friendly reminder from Vladimyr that the Pair-A-Dice Casino will be holding their 1st every Heroes of the Realm Tournament tonight, Saturday, at 10 PM CST.

    More information can be found at their website:

    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 1:03 AM EDT by Kruton (NapaValley)

    ***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA*** New 'Toon! #107
    Hi there! Last week Tryon's attempt to rescue ImaNewbie from the convent didn't exactly go as planned. Now the two of them are chained side-by-side to a wall and things don't look good. Head on over to my site and check out the latest. Also a new midi for you and some new polls.

    Added Friday, May 12th: Episode #107 - We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto (Part 5)

    ImaNewbie does Britannia

    Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2000, 12:31 AM EDT by Beastmaster Josh (CandidCoverage)

    Castle Capture the Flag Event
    I was sent the following information by Roy about an event to be held on Thursday at 5 PM on the Test Center Shard:


    - Two teams of 20 people will each be guilded to one of two guilds. These guilds will be warring against each other to allow participants to attack freely.
    - Each guild will have a castle next to the other teams.
    - A team must try to invade the other teams castle and take an item. Item to be set when we begin. Each team will know the others item of choice before beginning.


    - Only referees can res. Each person can only be resurrected 5 times.
    - No gate/recall spells.
    - No returning to town for items/materials. The castles are very far from any town.
    - No controlled animals. This includes dragons. All controlled animals will be killed by the referees.
    - No precasting of any kind before the fight begins.
    - No banning. Each team will be friended to their castle only to use the "remove thyself" command
    - Summoned creatures CAN be banned.
    - The spell meteor swarm is not allowed.
    - The spell chain lightning is not allowed.
    - You may not lock down ANY item. Only the referees will be co-owners of their respective castles.
    - Any weapon is allowed, magic or not. Poisoned or not.
    - Any blessed items are allowed. Armor or weapons can also be blessed during combat.
    - Items of spell reflect are NOT allowed.
    - A team can lay out many of their "flag" items in an attempt to confuse the attacking team.
    - Each teams "flag" item MUST be under 100 stones in weight.
    - A person may only go 1/2 a screen away from the either castle. Running further will result in you being banned from the game.
    - Each team will have 10 minutes to recall to town before the fight to retrieve items/materials from their bank. Any member who does not return in the allotted time will not be allowed to play.
    - ALL skills are allowed during combat and can be changed at any time.
    - UO Assist is not allowed. We all should know the reason for this.
    - This event is in a secret location. We will be picking teams in Britain near the Sweet Dreams Inn and will gate you from there.
    - After the event is over, the winning team will receive BOTH castles and will vote amongst themselves how to divide it.

    If you are interested in playing capture the flag, meet us at the Sweet Dreams Inn on Thursday, 5 PM PST

    Any players who wish to participate can contact Roy for more information.

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 9:52 PM EDT by Dracos Moira (TestCenter)

    Spiritwood Chess Evening
    I recived the following message from Aranlindale of the Spiritwood Tavern,

    On wednesday May 17th (Next Wednesday) the Spiritwood Tavern will host a Chess Night for all comers. The games commence at 20.00 CET (7pm GMT) and will continute throughout the night.

    So if you are good at playing chess and you like a good night out , come to the Spiritwood Tavern on wednesday and prove your chessplaying skills!

    Directions to the Spiritwood Tavern (Fellucia)as given by Aranlindale.

    Start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the secondroad to your right (south at a crossroads). Keep going south untill theroad turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood.From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see twolarge brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern.
    The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

    Thanks to Aranlindale, the Spiritwood Tavern Bartender , for this information.

    You can find information about the chess evening and other events hosted by the Spiritwood Tavern by visiting #spiritwood on (port 6667)or by E-mailing the staff there at [email protected]

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 9:32 PM EDT by Mingus Mulingus (Europa)

    Moonglow Tavern to Host an Evening of Tale and Song!
    We have recieved the following:
    The recently opened Moonglow Tavern, found just south of the Encyclopedia Magika, is proud to announce its first ever "Evening of Tale and Song". Hosted by Lienna Revyan, the tavern's house bard, the night promises to be filled with great talent. Bards from through out the lands are invited to come and share their craft and enjoy an evening of spirits and hospitality. Whether ye be a bard by trade, or simply by hobby, we invite ye to share your work! Enthusiasts of a fine tale and good wine are also invited to enjoy the eve.

    Along with the enjoyment of the best bards in the land, Eleana Coriel, the taverns proprietor, is holding a "Name the Tavern" contest. A vote at the end of the eve by the patrons themselves, will decide the winning name. The creative individual who renames the tavern will win 10,000 gold and a life long "honored quest" status at the tavern. This includes free ale and food for the winner and a guest nightly for life! So come one, come all, Thursday, May 18th at 9:00 p.m. PST, join Eleana Coriel and Lienna Revyan for a night of enjoyment!

    ~Theorid Tempor

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 5:05 PM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Inmanilem speaks of truth in ClownTown?
    For the second day in a row now, Gargoyles have invaded ClownTown:

    I received an urgent message last night. It read: "Please help is needed, I am being attacked by many gargoyles, they keep coming. I don't think i can hold them off on my own, come quickly."
    Plague - the True CLOWN.

    Later Plague told us:
    "It was not long before help from my brothers and sisters arrived, for I could breath a sigh of relief as they started to destroy some of the gargoyles. Although there was still much work to be done here.

    "As we fought the blasted gargoyles the strange green Gargoyle known as Inmanilem appeared and started to fly around, as close to any humans as possible from what I could see. He started to speak some words:

    "Anpor Vaskorpagra
    "An Inkorp!

    "He seemed to be around me quite a bit so I started to shout out some gargish of what little I know.

    "Inmanilem auks (Inmanilem help, )
    "no lok gargl ling (no speak gargoyle language, )
    "and inwis hiuman gargl (teach human gargoyle.)

    "All these phrases did not seem to get a certain response as he kept shouting out the three gargish phrases I mentioned earlier on.

    "Anyhow, after some time of repeating him self, Inmanilem vanished and many great warriors and mages finished off what was left of these red winged creatures."

    Thank you to all who helped defend against this attack on our town.

    Inmanilem was never harmed - most of us tried to protect -and communicate with him. Unfortunately the gargish codex had somehow vanished from the school.

    New codex has been placed in most houses in ClownTown now.

    Here is a translation of the gargish words Inmanilem spoke of:

    Stop great battle
    Don't kill!

    Was he telling the gargoyles to stop attacking us?, or was he telling us to stop attacking the gargoyles? Did he mean something completely different altogether?

    These are all questions that only Inmanilem can answer for us, if only we could get some quality time to speak with him, but until then we shall stand tall and defend our town till the last man or woman standing.

    Lady Valkyria

    Many thanks Valkyria.

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 3:37 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Kurrazg and Turme Fall!

    Ku Kullin's Journal


    War...A way for beings of hate and malice to prove that they are stronger then the other. Generals leading the armies of their choosing, into battlefields where many shall be carved down where they stand, either by the arrow, spear, or sword. Such was the way of tonight near the dungeon of Destard. The Stoic Teleburiel summoned the chosen of Britannia's finest to the swamps near this evil place, seeking a final battle against the demonlord Kurrazg. Leading this rag-tag army was the legendary warrior, Turme, now resurrected and ready to fight once again, as he did so many years ago. He fought the demon and won, but lost his life as well, and was tormented for so long. Only by a small band of heroes was he convinced to come back to face the demon again.

    Now we stood in formation, many like myself were on horseback, while others stood on their feet, clutching spells, weapons and bandages to prepare for battle. Turme and Teleburiel stood in the front, scanning the battlefield. Behind us, the secret M'kabi Tribe stood by their huts, holding their spears and muttering in their archaic tongue, mostly spooked by the tamed dragons that were at our flank.

    The scouts cried out and I heard the howls. Dire wolves and Hellhounds appeared through the swamp mist, snarling and frothing at the mouths, heading for our army. Clutching my Kryss, I spurred my horse forward and delivered my first blow upon a direwolf, who quickly crumpled to the ground, dead. Other warriors sprung to the attack, many hacking and slashing away, while others were dragged to the ground and overwhelmed by teeth and claw. Teleburiel and Turme were fighting back to back, the stoic's staff smashing the faces of the wolves, while Turme's sword slashed a cruel arc of death into the guts of a hound.

    Soon the bodies of dogs and humans covered the ground, I raced along the battlefield, slashing and impaling what beast came to me. It was then that I saw the demons. They lumbered forward, howling and raging in all their demonic fury. Before I could turn my shield, the Tamer commanded his dragons, which swarmed the demons. I watched in awe as the dragons clawed, bit, and scorched the demon's hide while the demon howled and bellowed in return.

    I turned my horse in time to spot the hero Turme who was racing across the muck to one demon. It was Kurrazg, the hunter! I swore to the Warrior not to interfere, but my instincts told me he did not stand a chance alone. I turned my horse around and raced forward, ready to charge the demon. Turme was already slashing away at the demon, which just stood there laughing.

    If my heart still worked, it would have sunk at the sight I saw next. The Demon Kurrazg swung his massive hand, striking Turme and sending him into the swamps. Horror befell me, as the body of Turme moved no more. The other warriors who began hacking and slashing at the demon's hide quickly swarmed him. I ordered my horse and we charged, diving between warriors and mages and aided my kryss to the damage to the monster. The Demon flailed about, striking warriors at random, unable to slay a single one. Turme's blow must have dazed him enough to allow the other heroes to strike the demon down, letting out a howl of agony.

    As I gazed down at the body of the Demon, my spirit flared within me. As the others celebrated the death of the demon, my mind turned to the spirit of Turme, who was now back in the void, along with the Demon, fighting him once again for another eon. Teleburiel stood with me and exclaimed, "The Demon is defeated, Squire...rejoice and be thankful." I could not rejoice, for a great hero died in the midst of the battle. Other bodies littered the ground, many already becoming the feast for the rot.

    What was there to rejoice about in death?

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 3:16 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Two items of import from the High Council
    These parchments arrived today bearing the seal of the High Council:


    With the creation of the facets of Trammel and Felucca in response to the threat of Minax, the High Council of Britannia has been faced with a difficult decision. Do we follow our liege and so many loyal citizens to Trammel or do we stay in Felucca to aid the resistance against Minax and her allies?

    The High Council has never been a military organization, though we have aided and sponsored some. Thus, we feel it is our duty to follow the government into Trammel and there organize support for the loyal forces remaining in Felucca. This was not a decision easily reached. However, we are all convinced that this is the best course of action for all those that the High Council serves.

    Of course, being in Trammel has the added advantage that we will be able to aid and coordinate the incoming citizens from Felucca, which is a factor that weighed heavily in our discussions.

    We of the High Council of Britannia look forward to the promise of the future that awaits all citizens of the Realm in Trammel, but we shall never forget our homes we have left behind in Felucca. And, one day, we shall drive Minax and her minions from it and reclaim our birthplace.

    Captain Sagan Adai
    2nd Seat, High Council -- Trinsic
    Speaking on behalf of the High Council of Britannia

    And this:

    27th Assembly of the 4th High Council

    Date: Monday, May 15th, 2000
    Time: 10 PM EST/9 PM CST
    Location: Magincia Parliament Building, Trammel Facet


    • Status Update on the Crisis in Britannia.
    • War Council Update.
    • Other subjects to be disclosed at the meeting.

    The High Council of Britannia

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 12:55 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    "Me Dinner!" - Encounters With Wisps!
    Deep in the forests of our realm Britannia there lives a strange group of beings.Beings which have neither arms , legs or any physical features and are only distinguishable as a sparkly blue floating orb. The nature of these creatures is of the best part unknown , although there are many tales involving these creatures detailing quests for treasure and deliverance from danger , none of which have been proven true or false.
    Until now.

    The day was starting to grow old , the last rays of the once hot noon sun cut through the chinks in the surrounding trees. The forest of Yew was relatively quiet , and apart from a small scuffle with a few stray orcs the days hunt had been very dull. Though making money was not the prime objective of this trip to Yew as on this occasion I had with me a young warrior who was sister to a tailor friend of mine.

    Having set off around dawn from the center of Britain, promising her brothers to return her in one piece , me and my companion Reenuk had made a steady pace in the direction of Yew. Our first encounter was with a rather bewildered orc.Bibub , as that is what I believe the beast was called , was spotted attempting to get at the contents of a small birds nest in the lower branches of a great Yew tree.I gestured to my young companion to engage the beast , which she did with surprising skill , which you would not expect coming from a family of tailors!. After dispatching the Orc with great ease we headed on . Reenuk lagged behind a little , she seemed to be fascinated by the huge forest (being accustomed mainly to the urban jungle that is the city of Britain) , and as I wandered on I became aware that I could no longer hear her behind me , remembering the promise I had made earlier I headed back with haste.

    I stooped low , hiding behind a small bush I strained to listen to the conversation which could be heard coming from behind the entwined branches."What , somones coming?", the voice was distinctly Reenuks and as it seemed she was in no immediate danger I stepped out from behind the bush. As I did so a bluey white flash streaked infont of me , acting as a barricade between me and Reenuk , the creature (which I knew to be a wisp) seemed to growl at me in a low pitch and changed its tone of colour to a deep sea blue."Silly wisp , hes my friend!", Reenuk seemed to be addressing the wisp and too my amasement it responded and changed again back into to its docile state. It appeared that Reenuk had acquired rather a strange new friend.

    The wisp buzzed and crackled as it glided in a smooth arc around Reenuks head , it hummed a strange tune when she spoke and then to my amazement started to speak in our own tounge!."Treasure Munch Munch , Tasty" the wisp spoke , my jaw dropped , "You eat treasure ?" I asked dumfounded "Me Dinner!" it replied with great enthusiasm and the proceeded to whizz and bounce around in excitement.

    Having got no more response out of the wisp who now seemed to be performing some kind of audio visual show for us , we pressed on and headed for home. On the way back many thoughts where passing through my head. I had seen many wisps prior to this encounter none of which responded or even seem to notice me at all , so why was the creature we encountered today so responsive to us? and inparticular what did it find so fascinating in Reenuk?.

    After I dropped Reenuk home , I decided to do a little research into any similar encounters which may have been documented at Britain's library down by the docks. The library was just closing as I arrived , but as I knew the librarian fairly well she let me in to browse the shelves for 5 minuets.

    A quick search had delivered to me just what I was looking for , a book I had spotted some time ago called "Talking To Wisps" by Heigel of Moonglow. The book states various observations about "wispish" , the language of the wisps , the details of which I have quoted below.

    "The wispish language seems to only contain one vowel, the letter Y. However, the letters W, C, M, and L seem to be treated grammatically as vowels, and in addition every letter is followed by what sounds to the human ear like a glottal stop. It is possible that the glottal stop is considered a vowel as well.
    Wisps do make use of what sounds to us like pitch and emphasis shifts similar to exclamations and questions.
    The average word in wispish seems to consist of three phonemes and three glottal stops, plus possibly a pitch shift. It often sounds burning or crackling. Some have speculated that what we are analyzing is in fact nothing more than the very air crackling near the wisp's glow, and not language, but this is of course unlikely. " - Talking to Wisps by Heigel of Moonglow

    At last! some documentation proving that it was possible (to some extent) to converse with wisps , but now a completely new question formed in my mind "What Purpose do wisps serve?". Knowing the answer to this question could not be found within the library , I bid the librarian good day and promptly left.

    Snuggling up in bed that evening the days events ran through my head and I began to ponder the things the wisp had said to us "Munch Munch" , "Me dinner" Could wisps really eat gold? also its defensiveness of Reenuk confused me greatly.

    After great perusal I decided to investigate these Wisp creatures but ,*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwn* , I also decided that it could wait until tomorrow!
    Watch this space!

    If you have any interesting tales or information which you think might aid my on going investigation , please send them into me.

    Also if you are interested in reading the rest of "Talking to wisps" , you will find it along side other great UO in one of the many libraries across Britannia

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 10:28 AM EDT by Mingus Mulingus (Europa)

    VKR are looking for help in there battle with the orks...
    Virtuous Knights of the Realms appeals for new members.

    Hath thy noticed of late, that on nearly any orc slain in the realm,
    Ye can find a crude note stuffed into his backpack. If ye were to decipher the crude writings, ye would find the following message 'Join Orcs Of Kor, Serve mighty Da'Nogra, slay our enemies, Come to Orc Fort south of Yew'.

    One only has to travel the road south of Yew to be accosted by the foul scum demanding tribute to their vile and false God. Everyday sees the clan numbers increase, currently just short of one hundred inhabit the fort, busily reading their weapons for war, and their campaign of terror.

    Located a short distance to the North in a wide clearing, Is the Guild Headquarters of the Virtuous Knights of the Realms.

    Every day the Knights continually repel the repetitive assault's from the blood thirsty Orcs

    Thwarting the orcs quest for domination of the realm, and their craving to see the Virtues crushed.

    [Battles are conducted daily from Australian 6pm EST to 12pm EST]

    The Knights hath met the battle valiantly and with all the courage they can Muster, but face astounding three to one odds.

    And so the Virtuous Knights of the Realms put forth a call to any Worthy Knights that wish to join our ranks, and bolster the defence of Realm and uphold the Sacred Virtues.

    We also welcome those who art skilled in other spheres, be they a Mage, Priest or Tamers.

    For those who are yet young to the Realm, we can help see to thy training, and provide guidance for ye to attain the title of Knight.

    If thou art interested, visit our tree of Knowledge, , And help the Virtuous Knights of the Realms defend Britainnia against the Orc Horde.

    Guildmaster of Virtuous Knights of the Realm
    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 9:36 AM EDT by Multani (Oceania)

    Yet Another New Reporter!
    Hail and well met!

    As a loyal resident of the Atlantic shard for over two years, I felt it was time for me to give something back to you, the citizens of Britannia. You have all helped me, and countless others to gain the experience it takes to become a strong player and the fellowship needed to live a confident, honorable life. As a Quest & Event reporter, I will try to bring our many crusades and combats alive through words. I trust that my stay here at UOSS will be enriching and enlightening for all of us, as we acquire a greater sense of community through the participation of the many events and quests that shape our gaming world.

    The best of luck to all, in your adventures and in life.

    May our paths lead us to friendship!

    Have an event you'd like all Britannians to know about? Please feel free to contact any one of the Quest & Event reporters.

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 9:02 AM EDT by Lady Gwenyvere (QuestandEventNews)

    Client Patch 2.0.0b
    The following was just added to FYI:

    Client Patch 2.0.0b

    We will be releasing a client patch later today to address the issues with health bars not updating properly. Note that this fix will not be active until the next server maintenance following the release of the patch.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 7:59 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Enter the Battlezone this Saturday
    Shaun brings you the latest on his Pvp tournament, Battlezone:

    This is SHAUN, Protector of the Feeble, reporting some of the latest Battlezone news. I would like you all to recognize the PLAPS, in my opinion the would-be victor of the tournament. He delivered two battles of such intensity that the entire crowd, when asked who they think won the battle, shouted his name. I hope for him to participate in the next tournament so I can take some screens and post them on the Battlezone site im going to be launching. You can expect to see the site in about a week.

    Battlezone is held every week on Saturday, Noon, PST. Entry fee is 1,000 gp, with the winner taking 20% of the collected fees and a randomly selected magic weapon.

    Rules: no looting, no magic or poisoned weapons(magic armor is ok).

    Location:The Evil Empire guildhouse

    Directions: Go to the Minoc bank, then head northeast until you see a bridge, cross it. Continue heading east (just follow the side of the mountain) and you will see another bridge. Cross it and there will be a road. Follow the road until you see tower, it should be called "The Best Prices in Brit". That is where the tournament Battlezone will take place.

    Protector of the Feeble

    For more information about the tournament, please contact Shaun. Our best wishes to him as he continues his efforts to sponsor this up and coming tournament each week.

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 7:39 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Log of House of Commons Chat has been posted
    The complete log of the Fifty-Third UOHoC Open House chat has been posted, and is available from the House of Commons website.
    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 6:45 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Dragon's Dung and Sacrifice
    Torum Firestar made an interesting discovery outside the dungeon of Destard. There is much more to this story friends, read on for the details.

    I was walking around the world, as I do when I get bored and I stumbled across this just a little ways away from the entrance to destard and thought it was strange so I thought I would send it in. I went into destard but didn't find anything else. I guess a dragon killed him or something.

    -Torum Firestar

    Remains of Breiswight

    Now this find would be interesting in itself, but as with most things in our realm, there is a story behind it. The tale begins with a young paladin in Trinsic. While searching through some old relics, this paladin came across a powerful sword. Realizing its power, he sought to take it to the shrine of Sacrifice for safe keeping. But tales of the find leaked out beyond the Paladin's order, and evil men were waiting for him upon his arrival. He managed, with the aid of the sword, to defeat them, but alas, he lost his life doing so.

    Sword of Sacrifice Now, it is said that the shrine took the sword into its safekeeping and was waiting for the right time to act. The history of events tells that the shrine instructed the lost spirit of the paladin to bring adventurers to its sacred grounds, so that the sword may be returned to the world of men.

    It is then that a ghost appeared on the bridge north of Vesper. Never saying a word and seemingly unable to be resurrected, he always stayed a few steps away from any one who would approach. He wordlessly lured those around him to follow to the Shrine of Sacrifice, occasionally blinking in and out of sight. The adventurers that followed defeated a group of bandits that had come seeking the sword. If that were not fascinating enough, they were then addressed by the shrine itself!

    "Take this talisman...Seek out William the smith, in Vesper... Give it into his care, and you shall be rewarded...May the path of Sacrifice guide you..."

    The adventurers then travelled to the Ironworks in Vesper, where William the Smith purchased the weapon for 2000 gold pieces. Rumor of the sword reached Gregory Ironhand, Guildmaster of the Moonglow Tinker's Guild.

    Gregory Ironhand

    At his request, those present sought out Lord Hiram to claim the artifact. They met Hiram and his noble companion, Valthorp. They found them to be two very obnoxious spoiled rich boys. In the end, they ended up trying to kill Hiram in town, and Hiram escaped with the sword. The two nobles were seen a second time. This time, the players managed to find them and Gregory at the same time. At this point, Gregory examined the sword and determined that it was indeed the Sword of Sacrifice. But then, the nobles escaped. Adventurers searched desperately for them throughout the night. But the nobles had fled north and along the way were ambushed by bandits. The sword was then used by Hiram, killing him in the process. Seeing his fallen friend, Valthorp took the sword and ran to Vesper.

    En route to Vesper, Valthorp was ambushed by more bandits, yet this time the sword was taken. Valthorp was found later moping about the Vesper tavern, mourning the loss of his friend and pointing players to Buc's den for the Sword of Sacrifice. A large party of adventurers headed to Buc's Den to seek the sword. There, they were attacked by Thieve's guild brigands, and met a rogue who for a bribe, would tell them the information they needed.

    It was discovered that the sword was being stored in the thieves hall, and was being smuggled off the island the following Friday on a supply ship. The players were then attacked by red cloaked assassins, warriors that reputedly appear, attack, and disappear just as quickly...

    A large party of adventurers headed to the island, and intercepted the assassins and their cargo. Among the cargo captured was a crate of swords. Gregory was able to pick out the right one. It is then that a thief by the name of Breiswight stole the sword, eluding those who pursued him.

    The thief obviously met his demise outside of the dungeon Destard, (as shown in the rendering submitted by Torum Firestar) and the evidence would suggest that it was at the hands...or claws...of a dragon. About this time, an ancient red wyrm began to make appearances throughout the realm. It was later discovered that this same ancient wyrm was in posession of the Sword of Sacrifice. Deduction suggests that the dragon responsible for the untimely end of the thief Breiswight is indeed this ancient wyrm.

    The Ancient Wyrm

    There are many questions, that much is certain. Recent accounts tell of the ancient wyrm being attacked by this mysterious band of red cloaked assassins. Who are these assassins, and who is behind their involvment in these events? The sword itself is sought by many different organizations within the realm. The ancient wyrm does indeed posses this sword and it is suggested that the wyrm wishes to trade the sword for something of import. What that trade is, or what it would define as important is not yet clear.

    This Sword of Sacrifice is deadly powerful weapon. A relic once belonging to the Paladins of Trinsic, we know that it can kill man or beast in one blow...but with one caveat. Upon using the sword, the wielder will lose their life as well.

    I shudder to think of the ramifications should this sword fall into the wrong hands. I look forward to your thoughts friends.

    Yours in the light,

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 6:32 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    "No Recall for Aggressors" Fix
    This was just posted to Testing for Next Update:

    "No Recall for Aggressors" Fix

    The "no recall for aggressors" system will be fixed so that:

    • You will not be able to recall while you are a criminal.
    • You will not be able to recall while you are an aggressor to a player.
    • Being an aggressor to a monster or NPC will not stop you from recalling.
    • Attacking a pet of a murderer or criminal will not stop you from recalling as neither of these actions will make you a criminal.

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 6:27 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Seeking Tales of Adventure: Cities
    The following was just posted to FYI on the UO website:

    Seeking Tales of Britannian Cities - Buccaneer's Den

    Whether surrounded by towering stone walls or threaded with narrow dirt pathways, imbued with one of the virtues or no, the cities of Britannia each bear distinct differences and personalities, much like their inhabitants. Over the next few weeks we'll be spotlighting your tales of the cities of Britannia: from battlefields to boutiques. And we'll be starting our series with the city of Buccaneer's Den.

    Home to brigands, brawlers, and thieves, the dirt paths of Buccaneer's Den belie the plundered wealth of Britannia that is oft passed quietly from hand to hand to make its way back to the 'respectable' shops and boutiques. No guards roam the streets, for the law in this island town is handed down by others than the King. In all, Buccaneer's Den is not a city to visit casually.

    Tell us a story about your experiences in Buccaneer's Den. Do you call the pathways, the trees, and the taverns home? Or perhaps you only discovered the town after a misguided weekend sail from Magincia. Do you often spend time there? Or avoid it carefully?

    Send an e-mail to [email protected] by Friday, May 19th, and tell us a story of your experiences in Buccaneer's Den. Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words, and include "Buc's Den" in your subject line. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions, and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 5:13 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Museum Anniversary a Success!
    Here is a recounting of the recent celebration in Wintermoor, enjoy!

    Hear ye! Hear ye! All friends of Wintermoor! The Two-Year anniversary of the Atlantic Museum has been a general success. We would like to thank all of the hundred some odd attendees of the celebration for making the evening both entertaining and interesting.

    The evening started off with a harbinger of good will by Order, the only living tamed Ancient Wyrm in all the shards of Britannia. This is the only living species of its kind, and Wintermoor was honored by the wondrous creature's presence. Heracles, Keeper of the Wyrm visited the city prior to the beginning of the festivities with his magnificent companion to wish Wintermoor well.

    The Black Dragon

    Subsequently the evening kicked off with "The Riddling Session" held by Benin Tarek, Taverner of Wintermoor and Janus the Wintermoor Patron comprising of 10 of the most difficult brain stompers for citizens to solve. The contest was held in the Frosty Hook Tavern, which was packed to the brim with citizens from all over Britannia. For each riddle solved, a check for 25k was awarded, for a total of 250k given away to the lucky contestants! The Riddles included questions such as "At night they come without being fetched, and by day they are lost without being stolen." (answer: stars).

    Next, a regatta for those with a maritime disposition was arranged by Squall of DOM. Several Ships left the harbors of the naval academy to race around the tip of ice isle and end back at the naval academy. Other citizens and participants were recruited to referee the event. The boats set sail at a rapid pace.... And the winds graced the sails of Jack, the contestant who won first prize of a check for 100k and Lodi, the runner up who won a check for 50k.

    Heading In

    Third was Xanthar's Surprise Treasure Room, which consisted of a small house filled with 40+ barrels. Some of these barrels were trapped, some were not... the only way to find out was to open them. Contestants lined up in front of the Surprise Treasure room behind a white line breathlessly awaiting the opening of the doors; for not only were some of the barrels trapped, but some of them had grand prizes including a wig, 200 of each colored ingot, full jars, plants, and other oddities. Winners like Paulus, Mayor of Dalriada were lucky enough to find the lucky barrels and take home the rares within.

    Heading In

    Next Wintermoor was visited by the mysterious and sagacious Greta the Witch (see Greta's Tale as previously entered). The Witch guided the citizens and visitors to various parts of Wintermoor by giving mysterious clues to find the 5 books needed to prevent the destruction of the Museums. The Dark Book was the last book found. The winners received various prizes including open book, two clothing bless deeds, and hair style deed.

    Throughout all of these events, contestants bought raffles tickets for the house deed giveaway. This consisted of 100 runes marked to various parts of Wintermoor. The winning rune was a secret location where Xanthar was waiting to award the citizen with a small tower deed to place within the lands of Trammel. The lucky winner of this prize was Michael the Grandmaster Healer.

    The Winner!

    Finally, the Museum doors opened, and several new and interesting rares were viewed by Atlantic citizens for the first time including blood red chain tunic, small vase, a necklace *etched for valor*, coil of rope, and several other items of interest. Unfortunately, this part of the evening went somewhat awry, as the gifts arranged for all the contestants hidden in various parts of the museums decayed! Many were disappointed by this, but the evening went on despite all this, and the participants in general maintained a positive outlook.

    At the Keep

    Add all these events together with two white wyrm invasions with wyrms carrying various treasures including paintings and semi rares, and quest to overtake the Orc Clan's Captured Keep made this evening chock full of festivities.

    Heading In

    The Mayor of Wintermoor would like to especially thank Ronde de Guileri, Vahl, Benin Tarek, Janus, Squall of DOM, Ncr guild, the Orc Clan, Vasamatrix of SDA for their contribution to the event. And of course none of this could have happened without the participants themselves.

    Thank ye all for attending, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next event....coming soon to a Museum near you.

    The Wintermoor Town Cryer.

    A very engaging event to be sure. Congratulations to the residents of Wintermoor on their success, we all look forward to future events!

    Yours in the Light,

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 4:53 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    I swar...I wasn't no whar near thar!

    I'm a respectable sea cap'n that's all I is!

    It had been a frustrating night already. I was so close to being able to resurrect heroes with my healing skill but just haven't been able to gain. In vain, I travelled to arctic islae and then to Yew, where I was killed and lost only my regs and my bandages. I returned to the Crimson sands of Evermoore while Tanya and Dr Fate searched for the monsters that stole my regs.

    While I was there I spied three unidentified human corpses on the ground outside of the tavern. I received a message by pigeon that pirates had attacked. Since i had no regs or bandages, I hid and summoned help. As i hid I spied three sailors dashing about so I called for help again. When Kamorra arrived, we went in search of the sailors.

    We found them by our sparring field. The one we spoke to was named Angus. He told us a tale of a stolen treasure map and two murderous pirates hiding to the north. I questioned Angus and from him learned that the murderers had gone to someplace north of the bay that our town is on. I deduced that the best place for a treasure to be hidden was the ruined house that Hengist and i have investigated on a number of occasions. I suggested this to Angus and he thought I must be right. He asked pandora to go an look. As Pandora searched, I summoned as much help as I could. I even considered calling Ender.

    Pandora came running to tell us that they pirates and murderers were, indeed, in the ruined house near the passage to Delucia. We fimnished our preperations and set uout after them. The pirates came at us like mad men. We slew many but only Docotor Fate reamined unharmed. I myself took down three of them with my maul before being knocked to the etheral. I found a healer and returned to my corporal state wearing a death robe. I attmepted to weave back in to retrieve my maul and fight but the pirates were everywhere and I had to run every time. I attempted desperatly to summon help from Ace but he got lost looking for us. I came across Doctor fate running up and down the coast casting spells at the pirates that had been chasing him. Suddenly it was all over. The pirates rushed to their shoips and sailed off. as I found my body and retrieved my belongings I learned that another group had slain the murderers and this caused the pirates to lose heart and flee.

    I know not who the brave team was that slew the murderers and drove the pirates away but we thank them and hope they appreciate the efforts we put forthe to aid them as well.

    Shadow Weaver the Healer

    Thankee fer the recount of yer adventures, I'll be sure to keep me eye out fer them bandit's so I can find thar ship and....erm, sink it! Yah! That's it, sink it so's they can't sail no more!

    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Saturday, May 13, 2000, 12:01 AM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Trinsic Council of Honor Meeting!
    And yet more town activity,

    Aint it jest wonderful when folks come together to get thin's done? *smiles*

    The Trinsic Council of Honor will be holding its weekly meeting this Sunday at 1:00 PM in the Counselors Guildhall Southwest of the West City gate. All who are interested are encouraged to attend.

    ~Talon Skyfire Trinsic Council of Honor

    I 'ope all goes well mate and thankee fer the information.

    Yers in ale and tale>

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 11:55 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Election for Britain City Ambassador
    'ello yet again folks,

    Now if'n this 'ere keeps up, everyone'll be a bloody politician! *evil grin*

    Jest kiddin mates, enjoy this..

    Hear ye, hear ye! The candidates for the Britain City Ambassador will be addressing the public tonight (Thursday, May 11). Come out and meet them, and hear what they have to say! Ballot Box location will be provided after the speeches.

    Candidates for the position are:

    • Wren Hapswill
    • Merlin
    Speeches will begin at 7:00pm (EST) and will be at The King's Men Theater in West Britain, Trammel Facet. The election polls will be open until Sunday night.

    Don't miss it!

    Katherine, Grandmaster Healer

    Historian, Britain City Council
    Ciaran, Lia Fail Empire (Atlantic)

    G'luck to ye Wren and Merlin, and thankee Katherine fer sendin us this news.

    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 11:51 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Golden Knights #28
    We received the following announcement:
    Golden Knights #28: THE BATTLE GROUNDS

    Date: Friday, May 12, 2000 @ 8:00 PM CST

    When: Registration from 7:50-8:15pm CST; The event begins at 8:20 PM CST

    Where: KoA Alliance Village

    Entry Fee: 300gp per contestant. Spectators Free

    Find all the details at:

    Thanks, and good luck to the contestants!
    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 9:38 PM EDT by Ima Supa (LakeSuperior)

    New Parody Song - "Loot Take Boogie"
    It's time to get down and boogie with Midas The Bard. Fresh out of the studio is the brand new song "Loot Take Boogie", based on the lyrics from ZZ Top's "Tube Snake Boogie". Head on over to Ultima Parody Songs and enjoy!

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 2:32 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Jinx Goes To Hollywood
    Looks like Jinx from The Chosen decided to get VERY creative on us and has gone and created a short clip for us all to enjoy. Let's just say that Jinx isn't all that happy about the merger of UO with AOL *grins*


    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 2:28 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Yew frontier party
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Reminder - - Yew Town Council is hosting a celebration in the New Frontier

    Join the Yew Town Council in celebrating the open ranges of Trammel on Saturday, May 13th at 7:00 CST.

    We are having a BBQ outside the abbey in Trammel. We've got grub and some suds for you to enjoy and of course we have some games planned and some great prizes as well. Perhaps some Trammel rune books and some gold we found in the rich hills of Trammel.

    Best dressed Cowgirl and Cowboy
    Horse race (teams of 4 members)
    Cattle Round-up

    So y'all, come on visit us in the wilds of Trammel and gorge yourself on the grub of the new lands.

    If you have questions, please contact me at
    [email protected]

    Mythra, Mayor of Yew

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 9:07 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Battle for the Seventh Fragment
    The time for battle had come. Word about the upcoming attack on The Sandlewood Box was spreading throughout the realms as if carried by a plague. The Bloodrock orcs and allied clans were conspiring to launch their most viscous and deadly assault making all others pale in comparison, in an attempt to capture the six remaining fragments hidden inside the tavern. They had already succeeded in laying claim to the seventh fragment with the help of Grak da Black. But this time, the defenders of The Sandlewood Box had found out about the orcs dastardly plans and were prepared. Warriors, archers, mages, healers, and other concerned citizens banded together to thwart the orcs mischievous plans. Over fifty united defenders awaited the impending attack when Hugh the Hand appeared, a flicker of madness in his eyes. He spoke with the proprietors of the tavern, informing them that he just scouted the Bloodrock fort, hoping to assess the size of their army for their immanent attack. But, instead of finding the orcs preparing for war, they were having a festival to Krenbluk (orcish god). It was also reported that Grak da Black was there as well, chortling about their previous victory over the humans at Sandlewood.

    Seizing this as a golden opportunity to launch a quick-strike attack on the unprepared orcs, Ryak gathered the defenders and informed them of this most unexpected news. Plans were quickly laid out... the Bloodrock fort was to be attacked immediately and Grak da Black must fall by means of magic or metal. The seventh fragment must be recovered at all costs. Mages began chanting their words of power and shimmering blue moongates were opened as a result. Brave warriors, men and women, young and old, eagerly stepped through the gates with the battle cry of "For the Gold One!".

    The ensuing battle was not a sight for the squeamish of stomach. The clash of steel on steel, the air filled with the residue of magic, as orcs and humans clashed in an epic that will be re-told for generations to come. The orcs, caught unprepared, were slaughtered mercilessly till they regrouped and counterattacked, bringing many a brave warrior to their knees. The rally cry of "Recover the fragment" sounded throughout the night as the attackers once again gained the upper hand, flooding the fort with sheer numbers laying waste to the orcs inside. The black orc, Grak da Black, was outnumbered beyond hope. The precision slice of a warrior's sword cleaved his head from his shoulders as fell to the blood stained ground. Cheers of triumph and victory rose amongst the now dormant battlefield. A battered man named Draco went down on one knee, placed his broadsword on the ground and tore free the seventh fragment from the cold lifeless hand of Grak da Black.

    Cheers of triumph and victory rose amongst the now dormant battlefield, the orcs had been defeated and the fragment recovered!

    The defenders of the tome gated back to The Sandlewood Box leaving the stench of death behind, save those who remained to heal the wounded or provide the proper burial for the brave souls who fell to the Bloodrock and allied orc clans. Back at the tavern, whispers turned into panicked shouts as everyone inquired as to the whereabouts of the fragment, a concerned look on many faces. Finally, a humble man named Draco stepped forth with his head bowed and presented unto Ryak the seventh piece of the Gold One's Tome of Virtue, asking not for reward but merely stating "For the Gold One". A short celebration followed before everyone made their way to the town of Dragons Bay to return the fragment to its' rightful home. Red William of Dragons Bay graciously accepted the return of this long sought after fragment, the virtue of Valor, and heartedly proclaimed his thanks to all who helped recover it. As the evening wore on, conversation amongst the crowd slowly moved away from the victory that was tonight, to the future which lay ahead and the selection of the famed Dragon Knights.....


    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 9:02 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Client Patch
    This was just added to FYI:
    We will be releasing a client patch in within the next 30 minutes that will activate the features currently in testing.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:
    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].
    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 8:34 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Song of the Dead
    We received the following:
    Song of the Dead:

    People of Yew...PLEASE take heed this warning! I have heard the song of the dead, and this can only mean one thing... HE has returned to this world.

    It was a very quiet night at the Abbey this night, perhaps I was not the only one to feel his presence. It was not long before the candle in my room was snuffed out, that I lay myself to bed. Sleep was it always was after a night of honest, good work; but, my dreams soon turned into nightmares as the song of the dead mingled with my thoughts.

    Though the voice was that of a young girl, the image in my mind was that of the Death Knight, the Guardian's first champion. I called to him, demanding reason for his return... he only laughed. He looked at me with his deathly, cold eyes; flames, blue flames, the flames of the damned!!

    "Lord Kracus!" I called to him. "Why have you returned to us? What wrong have we committed to deserve your return?" My fear soon turned to anger, what could we have possibly done?

    "That name has no meaning for me." His booming voice shook my innards. "The Death Knight is no longer, I am Cor'Bael, Lord of the Damned, master of dreams."

    A daemon! Indeed it was true, the Guardian had forgiven his past failures, and with the new lands, so innocent, came his second chance at glory.

    He stepped closer to me, he was there, yet he wasn't. I could clearly see his ancient armor, classic, stained in the blood of his enemies; but, it was though they hung from a body that was not truly solid. But, never the less, he WAS real, one look into those flames that were his eyes could freeze a man's blood.

    "Do you really think the master would allow you mortals to escape his grasp?" He tightened his fist. "New lands bring with them new opportunities...glory for the Guardian." He laughed, mockingly at me. "Your land of milk and honey will flow red with blood as it did in the past...prepare yourselves!"

    Then, he reached out with a mailed fist, clawing for my throat; and as I woke up in a pool of my own sweat, I knew I was to warn you right away.

    Friar Ulin, Empath Abbey.

    Thanks Ulin!
    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 8:09 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

    Tales of Trammel
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following parchment, speaking of one's tale of coming to Trammel:
    Hail to thee,

    For I am Necro, I am part of thee Pulsar Family. I was born in a tribe of Necromancers, One day I was thrown out of my tribes for beleife in a great evil, after my years of running and hidding I found some children who had parents that died defendiong their children. Lizardmen and Ratmen took their lives and burned their well build home. I took care of thy children and rebuilt their home. I then felt the great evil coming. I studied for days...nights...and weeks. I was in a trance when I saw a form... a body... it said, "I am Minax, now you will be punished!" Sudden pain was felt throughout my body. I was sick for days worse and worse every day. I travelled to the town of Necropolis and seeked answer the spirts of Necromancers. They said that I had a curse of no other I would slowly decay and become one with the undead. I asked if there was a cure... "only thy soul mate"... I wondered where mine was. One day my whole hand was bone I then knew that my soul mate could here me through a trance. I began searching while I was in a trance, I saw a woman... and said, " I am Necro, I need thy help." She wispered back "who are ye... why do you look like that?" I responded "I have a curse, one of no other. I am slowly decaying and I have found ye. I beleive ye are my soul mate because this trance has let me to ye." She smiled and said, "...Ye are..." She vanished, but before she did she mumbled something. When I awoken I had noticed that my bald head was no more. I had grown thick white hair. My hand had skin I felt releived. I then knew I was cured. As soon as I got up a voice entered my head, "Ye are smart young evil. You may be cured but I have already taken Britiannia!" I found the children where older than they were when I fell asleep. They locked the door. I said what is it? They said "Evil! Somebody hasth taken over Britiannia. Trees are soaking in blood, bones cover thy land, and everyone is running."

    "To the other world"
    "Other world?"
    "Yes, Felucca"
    "How do we get there?"
    "With this"

    As one of the children showed me a stone. "It is called a moonstone. We must use it before it's to late!" We ran outside and the oldest child was digging a hole for the stone. After a while a moongate apeared. "Hurry!" said the children. When I walked through it was a nice clean air. I looked back as the gate was closing I saw monsters running at us. It closed.After a year or so venturing this Mirror World. We heard from many people who came through to this world. After a while I wanted to destroy this Minax. I searched for her and I heard reports that in the old world she was seen. I wonder until this day that if i will ever be able to see the dying eyes of Minax.

    Thankee, and may yer search end with the destruction of Minax.
    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 8:06 AM EDT by Ima Supa (Catskills)

    T2A Travel Change
    This was added to Testing for the Next Update

    T2A Travel Change

    The voice triggered teleporters will have the same delay placed on them as player cast gates. Players will now be required to wait a minimum two seconds when traveling via this method. Attempting to travel to and from the T2A lands multiple times will cause this wait period to grow longer. The waiting period will cap at approximately 32 seconds before resetting to two seconds.

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 5:14 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    PK-Ware from Brimstone!
    I just received this letter from Brimstone from Lost Order of Akalabeth, the creater of some really cool T-shirts!

    Well, the Europa community asked for it... So I bumped them up to the top of the list and here it is: The EUROPA "PK" shirt. It says, "I killed 453 people on EUROPA and all I got was this stinkin' shirt!".

    So, if you are interested in a shirt, mug or mousepad - head over to:

    Thanks, enjoy!

    Brimstone of Akalabeth

    Thanks for the update! Nice shirts! *Runs off to get a mousepad*

    Yours truly,

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 4:14 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa) Message Boards Are Up
    The following was just posted to What's New on the Ultima Online website: Message Boards Open

    The message boards are officially open! Come join us and discuss everything about Ultima Online, from development to support.

    The Message Boards are divided into five overall topics, including:

    • Connectivity - find information and advice on server and connectivity issues
    • Development - discuss game features and development with other players and members of the UO development team
    • Role-Playing - discuss UO events and quests, or participate in in-character role-playing
    • In-Game Support - find answers to in-game support questions, or share your knowledge with others
    • Trading and Selling - trade and sell Ultima Online items. Please note: this topic is restricted to in-game transactions only.
    To get started you'll need to register here for a MyUO account, and head for the new message boards at either or You'll need to register just one more time with the name you wish to use when posting on the boards. We recommend this be a different name than your MyUO account name. We'll send you a password and you'll be free to explore the new boards.

    Finally, before you run off to set up your account, we'd like to point out a few features of the message boards.
    • Search - allows you to search the full message board for topics or words of interest. You can also use this tool to search by sub-topics as well.
    • Edit Profile - use this section to add or remove information from your profile, change your message display settings, and update your email address. By default, your profile will display only your total number of posts.
    • Send Private - allows you to send private messages to other message board users
    • Check Private - allows you to read any private messages you have received. When you have new messages, a short notice will appear at the top of the message board.
    • Who's Online - displays a current list of users online
    • FAQ - a list of frequently asked questions about the message boards
    • Logout - Closes your message board session. If you share your computer, please note that logging out of MyUO does not log you out of the bulletin boards.
    The Message Boards are open to all UO players with active Ultima Online subscriptions and are available within MyUO. To join us on the Message Boards, you'll need to sign up for a free MyUO account here.

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 2:56 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Service-wide downtime update
    This was just added to FYI:
    Service-Wide Downtime Update We are currently on schedule to take down and restart all Ultima Online shards starting at approximately 4:00PM Central Time today, May 11th. We expect all of the shards to be available again approximately two hours after they go down.

    Should this schedule be delayed, we will announce a new schedule in this section of the site.

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 2:26 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    MyUO Issues Resolved
    This was just added to Common Issues

    MyUO Issues Resolved

    Problems with improperly displayed language versions of MyUO should now be resolved. If you are still experiencing problems with MyUO, simply log out of MyUO and log back in. You can use this link to log out

    If you continue to have problems, please send email to [email protected].

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 2:25 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Greetings from a New Reporter
    Good day, I am Akasha Jak'arri. From my home on the Catskills shard, I heard news of a search for Quest and Event Reporters, and I rushed to assist. I look forward to keeping everyone informed of the happenings throughout our fair Britannia. Ye may wonder how I came to be a reporter here, so I shall tell ye a little about myself.

    I was born near Skara Brae, a small homestead with just me and my father, a humble woodcutter. I helped my father all throughout my youth, though I would spend most of my time talking rather than working. It was good for business as I got older, he would bring in the wood and I would sell it. I met people from all walks of life and could not imagine anything better than that.

    One day Father returned from town with a sorrow filled face. He told me news of how there was a group of people searching for those who could go around and speak to many others throughout the realm, and share this news with those who were unable for whatever reason to go themselves. He said that these reporters would have the opportunity to travel the realm and meet new people. I was growing more and more excited by the minute, and he, being the kind father, simply smiled.

    "Go," he demanded. "It is what ye were meant to do. I can nay get ye to stay here a minute without ye running off and making a new friend. This way ye will get to leave Skara and see the world." He smiled slowly as he pulled out a pack from the chest near his bed. We filled it with all I would need, left our small home, and walked in silence towards town.

    Since that evening I heard many tales of wonder and heroics, and I hope to one day share them with ye. If ye see me in Britannia, feel free to stop and talk with me. Keep reading here for more from me and my fellow reporters here at UOSS Quest and Event News.

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 2:10 AM EDT by Akasha Jak'arri (QuestandEventNews)

    Jhelom needs your help!
    'ello yet again friends,

    It seems that the cities of the realm are goin a bit nuts these days, 'ere is yet another plea fer officials.

    Hail and Well Met,

    The town of Jhelom is in need. We are seeking persons to fill various positions in the towns government. There are positions in all areas that need to be filled. We need a Mayor, Viceroy, Ambassador, Town clerk, Event Coordinator, Trade Administrator, and Captain of the Guard (who will be selected from Jhelom Guard applicants.) There are also council seats open. All applications accepted and reviewed equally. Some positions will require an interview and others will be voted on by all peoples applying. If you think you can help or know of somebody that might be interested Contact the Sage of Valor at:

    [email protected] or send a pigeon to 1440697. Place Jhelom Town in the request for Authorization.


    Are you bored of your everyday existence? Do you crave excitement, adventure and good friends? Are you man enough to face a lich lord and stomp on his foot then poke him in the eyes and call him a mongbat? Are you women enough to hunt down a balron and grab him by the most intimate of areas? If so then you could be just the type of person the Jhelom Guard is looking for. We promise to pay you nothing and maybe get you killed, but there will be women and men dressed in skimpy warriors outfits. So if you think you have what it takes contact the Sage of Valor at:

    [email protected] or send a pigeon to 1440697. Place Jhelom Guard in the request for Authorization.

    Thank You,

    Wildboy, Sage of Valor

    G'luck in yer search fer the right blokes Wildboy, and g'luck to all of ye that apply.

    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Friday, May 12, 2000, 1:18 AM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    More Gargoyles Roam Clown Town
    I received this letter Lady Valkyria of Clown Town:

    I just received this disturbing news from one of our paladins;

    "From our newest lands of Trammel, I stepped back once more in the only too familiar lands of Felucca, in Clown Town. No sooner had my vision returned, but I was greeted with some gargoyles, a scouting party as I slashed the invaders down, with aid from my clown brother, Saurze. I stepped inside, the well-illuminated Clown School, and spoke for a moment to Catrina. Before my very eyes, Gargoyles, many of them, at least twenty, began to rampage through Clown Town.

    Lady Corail, and myself saw a red flagged Gargoyle, normal in appearance, and name. He immediately attacked Lady Corail, so I leaped at the creature, attacking with great haste, as more and more Gargoyles, appeared around us. The creature, yelled out the words "An es Terresta Yu", Lady Corail, or myself could not comprehend its meaning. I replied in crude English, "I cannot speak gargish", it repeated itself, from the words it spoke, I could only get a rough grasp of what it was trying to say, it repeated itself, I replied once more "This is Clown Town, it is ours". The gargoyles, clearly didn't seem to think this way as they proceeded to attack us.

    Soon, reinforcements, aided Corail, Saurze and myself and no sooner had they appeared, but indeed the gargoyles were gone. Searching the corpse of the red Gargoyle, revealed nothing. Perhaps Illamaniem could shed some light on the happenings, or one of the architects we have met, Benon Tragg, or Quentin Smithe. I hope soon, we can perhaps find some equilibrium with the Gargoyles, war is often needless, especially, when two species cannot communicate.

    Baratus, the Paladin Clown"

    A quick translation of the gargish words could be something like:

    "None are there" - Was he looking for his fellow gargoyles?
    "Not exist there" - Does he mean the clowns? We are not allowed on the beach, or was he looking for the entrance to the secret room? More studies will continue this very night - when we will gather all the elders and seek deep in books and dungeons for answers.

    Lady Valkyria

    Thank you for passing this on to us Valkyria, I also hope that the situation may be eased.

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 7:44 PM EDT by Bruce Wolfsbane (Europa)

    Deciphered orc text lead to discovery
    We have recieved the following:
    *puts pen to scroll *

    We gathered in Britain to see what Julianna was able to decipher from the strange Orcish text we retrieved from Yar's camp the previous week. But she was nowhere to be found. As it is not Julianna's nature to be so late, I became worried. Not moments later, a band of Yar's thugs burst into Sage Advice and attacked the folk gathering there. It was obviously a trap set by Yar to trap us, but an unsuccessful one as the assembly of brave warriors and mages made quick work of the brigands.

    It was certain now that Julianna had been forcefully taken, and we immediately set off for the brigand's camp, knowing full well that another trap was surely to await us. Yar was there, Julianna in his clutches. The battle that followed was furious, and once again Yar managed to slip away before we could dispatch the vile mage.

    After thanking us for the rescue, Julianna drew for us a map based on the directions she had deciphered from the Orcish book. We quickly realized that the geography mapped the area around the dungeon of Wrong. This was surely the place where the great orc battle had taken place so long ago, and where the remains of Gorgu were laid to rest, along with the tunic we sought.

    Again, we readied our weapons and spells, and stepped through the moongates into a vast plain infested with orcs. For the second time this eve a fierce battle ensued, and the assembled orcs began to fall to our numbers.

    At the height of the battle, a few of the adventurers discovered a cave, and as we fought therein I could not help but notice the orc remains that littered the floor there. Could this have been Gorgu's resting place?

    After the battle subsided, I took out my archeological kit and began to examine the bones littering the floor. No sooner had I disturbed the remains that a number of ghostly orcs appeared, and among them the spirit of Gorgu himself! After much discussion, it was discovered that he did indeed have the tunic we sought, but he would only turn it over once we had gathered the mortal remains of him and his fellow orcs and return them to their tribal lands.

    With the help of my companions, we accomplished this task, and at the old tribal lands, Gorgu handed the tunic of Grugnub over to me. Although plain in appearance, I suspect there is more to it than meets the eye.

    The mages here at the Lycaeum are studying it even as we speak, and I am now looking for clues to the locations of the remaining artifacts. Any who would join me in this endeavor are invited to meet me at my office at the Lycaeum. It is in the two-story sandstone building directly behind the Lycaeum's north exit. I will be in my office on Friday, May 12th, at 8PM o' the clock.

    Thank thee!

    -Robyn ap Mir, Archeologist and Lecturer The Lycaeum, Moonglow

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 5:18 PM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    The Child of Our Future
    This was submitted by Lexia Hakkendyn.

    A child has come to us in search of a family, in search of protection and in search of guidance. Her name is Eve. A child of destiny wandered lost through a land unknown to her after watching her mother be brutally murdered by an evil sorceress. Who later turned her evil intentions upon the child by conjuring a deamon from the bowels of hell to hunt her.

    Created from powers beyond, she is now our destiny. Found by SteelMageBoy wandering near the city of Paxlair, he took it upon his kind heart to care for this infant. Providing her with food and clothing, SteelMageBoy cared for her until the fateful day when evil came upon them.

    The wraiths arrived at his dwelling demanding he hand her to them. After having his wish of a child finally fulfilled he would not relinquish his dream so easily to such vile creatures. Placing himself between Eve and the evil wraiths, he stood awaiting the assault that was sure to come. Moments before it happened he spotted a solution standing behind the Wraiths. Uziel of the Catiff happened upon the scene.

    Desperate for Eve's safety, SteelMageBoy enlisted Uziel's aid and requested that he take her to a safe place. SteelMageBoy kept the wraiths at bay while Uziel made their escape. His thoughts brought him to Aryslan and into OsR's care and mine. Asking our assistance and protection he relinquished his hold on Eve and gave her to us.

    While in our care. SteelMageBoy took Eve to Paxlair. As he spoke to her there, he felt a strange power radiating from her. Long ago he himself was once of the gods but relinquished his power in exchange for a mortal soul. Though he attempted to regain his power later on it was to no avail, but now with this child he slowly felt power begin to surge through his being.

    As he stood in wonder a voice called to him. "You must protect Eve for she is your future. She holds within her the power to bring balance to this accursed world. Should she fall into the grasp of evil she will bring death and destruction, but, should she remain pure at heart, she will bring light to this land."

    Upon returning to Aryslan they came across Orcs attacking the town. During the attack the Wraiths joined the Orcs in their destructive intentions. Narrowly escaping the Wraiths, Eve was once again safe.

    It is said that the Wraiths are able to sense her power. If that is so then other evil will soon become aware of this child that is blessed and yet cursed with this special gift. They will hunt her until the end.

    Mazrim has been revived and is stronger then ever now that his master has been defeated. His power has escalated to the point where he can even slay gods. What is feared the most is that once Mazrim joins his forces and power with Lilith, there will be no hope for mages to be of any use. Therefore all will lie within the hands of our warriors. Upon Eve's request Jamlyn and I have adopted her as our daughter and as such will do everything in our power to keep this child from evil. I ask the aid of all that follow the virtues. I ask of you to help protect this child that will bring order to this world of Chaos.

    Aryslan is a player run town on the Chesapeake Shard. For more and continuing news go to

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 5:03 PM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    PaxLair Law Signing Ceremony Announced.
    We received this from Mayor Winfield. Sorry about the late posting.......

    May 9 [PaxLair, Felucca, Chesapeake] Mayor Winfield of PaxLair will sign new laws for PaxLair at the start of the weekly PaxLair City Meeting. This will occur at 8PM Eastern Daylight Time at the North Tower in PaxLair on Wednesday, May 10th. These laws will affect citizens and visitors alike.

    "Law is the basis for Justice," Mayor Winfield said. "And Justice is a basis for Defense. These new laws will go a long way in establishing an equitable Justice system for our citizens, residents, and visitors. People will thus know better if they break a law inside PaxLair and if they are subject to arrest and being brought to trial.

    "I have full faith in our Senior Magistrate Neo of Lothlore to conduct fair and speedy trials for accused criminals of our City. Such is a difficult endeavor as many criminals flee the scene and go unapprehended. Many opportunities now exist for detectives, lawyers, and City guards to gather evidence, prosecute or defend, and apprehend the accused. Our City Meeting should discuss how people may apply for various positions.

    "I am also seeking a Chancellor of Justice. This Chancellor will oversee our Justice System and its futher development on my behalf, ensure the proper interpretation of law, and see that Justice is carried out quickly and fairly. Those interested may apply to me in person or by mail service. Please include a biography, statement of prior service in court cases and Justice, and references." The Laws to be signed by Mayor Winfield and further explanations are contained on the PaxLair Site. People are encouraged to review these laws and provide feedback to Mayor Winfield before the signing ceremony on Wednesday. As always, all are welcome to attend the City Meeting.


    Winfield, Mayor of PaxLair
    Email: Mayor Winfield
    PaxLair City Page:
    PaxLair FAQ:

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 4:57 PM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    State of the shrines; cleansing efforts continue
    More news from Pirates of the Codex's Sara Gules:

    On 04/27/00, The shrine cleansing ceremony of Compassion was overshadowed by other events. The adventurers gathered in Jhelom at around 8:30pm. From there we gated to the Shrine of Compassion. Those who wanted to speak on Compassion did so. Falcon lead us in a chant of the mantra of virtues. The chant was of the relation of the virtues to one another.

    After this, we gathered around the death vortex and carried out a ritual intended to weaken the death vortex by interrupting its mana power flow. This ritual was based on the one submitted by Darius Morn-Kar. The ritual started with four mages summoning one of the four types of elementals (water, earth, fire, and air) and asked for that element's help in the ritual. After sending it back to its element, all the mages tried to cast Mana Drain on the death vortex or in the area near the death vortex. The non-mages supported the shrine by chanting its mantra during the draining. The ritual had no visible immediate effect.

    On Saturday (04/29/00), it was noticed that the shrine of Justice had its ankh. In the following days, I checked many of the shrines and noticed they, too, had their ankhs. Monday (05/08/00), Justice's ankh had once again been removed, but Humility still had its ankh as of Tuesday (05/09/00). At this time, it is not known if our rituals caused the ankhs to return or if some other force affected the shrines. (Possibly, Lord British's servants or the council of mages?) More research is needed.

    The shrine cleansing ceremonies will continue. Thus Monday, I am calling any virtuous Britannians to take to part in an attempt to cleanse one of the shrines of virtue. If the minions of Dread Lady Minax oppose us, be prepared for battles of mind, body and spirit. Those interested in taking part, should meet at the Jhelom Bank between 8pm and 8:30pm CST. Any suggestions of what this ceremony should include, please email them to me.

    Sara Gules
    Wandering Healer, PoC

    Sara's sketches of the shrines may be viewed here. Thanks, Sara!

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 12:52 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Citizens examine war room; contemplate a rebellion
    Sara Gules was kind enough to proffer this information for publication:

    Marcus ventures to the War Room; people grew restless to act against Minax

    Marcus Aggravaine was there at Devon's house on Friday (4/28/00). He was there surveying the new damage to his fence and the change to land in Cove. Pigeons were sent relaying news of his appearance. Many curious and hopeful Britannians were soon there. He was intrigue by news from around Britannia. He was finally given the message from Devon to stay in Cove. After hearing about the blood in throne room and the War Room in Serpent's Hold, He decided to ignore that advice and go see these things for himself. He readied his weapon and marched out of Cove. A bevy of adventurers followed him. The adventurers were able to persuad him to take a mystical blue gate to Britain.

    Once in Britain, the adventures were beset by a large group of lizardmen. More adventurers joined our ranks and more lizardmen impeded our progress a little. Upon reaching the throne room, he inspected the blood. He, along with many others, hoped it was not from any Britannians. He then wanted to see the king. Many Britannians want to see king. Many also wished the king did not rule from seclusion. Seeking news, Marcus and the adventurers headed to the war room in Serpent's Hold.

    Upon reaching the war room, neither Lord British nor any other the Britannia leader was to be found. According the honor guard Garron, "He's in conference with Nystul - many plans to be made, not all here." Marcus thought it best not to disturb the king. Other didn't quite agree with him. Marcus wanted to go back to Cove, but others were not quite done.

    Many want to act and were displeased with the Britannian rulers lack of action:

  • Glendor: Now wait a minute! Enough of this navel gazing! Night after night, we fight, always on the defense, always backing away. Enough! We need to strike back. No more cowering under Nystul's spells. Have we not mages or detectives? Are we merely cannon fodder? I say we take matters into our own hands. Our very homes are unsafe. Our world is different. What's with these structures and nasty bits Minax leaves like cow dung across the land? Enough blather. Sara can contact me; I can bring unlimited force to bear. Good luck in your chatting. People need protection out there.

  • Kira Lynn'Dannae: We should be the ones in his council. We are the ones dying and fighting. British has done nothing.

  • Grot: Why does he not ask those who have been defending the cities for our council and aid? We fight tooth and nail nightly against all manner of beasts and we know best what the form these attacks have taken. We want to help on a greater scale, but are not given the chance.

  • Gaal: I fear this is yet another example of how Lord British does nay care for us... This be his planning room, yes? Yet he is not here. And how long was Trinsic without guards... even after it was retaken by so many? He devotes little time to his people.

  • Whistler Mirror: The shrine of spirituality. I seen it with my own eyes. It's a vortex of death.

  • Other questioned why we wait:

    Marcus Aggravaine: Know thee where to strike? Aye, we have warriors without peer among us, but if we know not where the enemy lies...

    Legacy: Can't fight an invisible enemy.

    Sara Gules: But, unfortunately, we have no information.

    Marcus Aggravaine: Have thee an idea where to begin looking?

    Cellesmerelda: So, if we do take the matters into our hands, where do we go?

    Marcus Aggravaine: His Lordship is under grievous trials!

    Glendor: All the more reason for us to act. Kira Lynn'Dannae: Then pass it to someone who can handle the problems.

    The gathered people levied their dissatisfaction upon Marcus Aggravaine. He, having no position among the "elite" who are council to Lord British, had no answers. But Marcus, like other citizen defenders, had only questions and a spirit to fight. The adventurers left an exhausted Marcus to tend and talk about bees in Cove for the rest of the night.

    We, citizens of Sosaria, may have to find the answers for ourselves (if they even exist).

    Sara Gules
    Wandering Healer, PoC

    Sara also sent these documents for your inspection:

  • Marcus and adventurers fighting lizardmen
  • Marcus in War Room
  • Unedited transcript of the War Room discussion

  • Thank you, Lady Sara, for this enlightening news.

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 11:54 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Hero's Journal Update
    Hero's Journey Stratics is proud to present the latest issues of the Hero's Journal. This landmark issue establishes the journal as a weekly spotlight on Stratics topics ranging from game design to role playing, fiction, art, and poetry. This newest installment includes:
    • Game Economics
    • A role-player's guide to developing character history
    • Two stories about the post-cataclysm world of Vigil
    • Details on the new Hero's History Contest
    • Five descriptive colored maps
    • A new essay on the history of Hero's Journey

    Oh, and one more thing... the deadline for the Hero's History contest is almost upon us - prizes include a free character portrait and a MadCatz Panther XL joystick - (s)he who hesitates is lost. So check out the latest issue of the Hero's Journal, you'll be glad you did.

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 10:16 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews) Message Boards Delay
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website: Message Boards Delay

    The opening of the message boards has been delayed until Thursday, May 11th while we address server issues related to the boards. A further announcement will be made with instructions for signing up and accessing the boards on Thursday.

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 10:12 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    All-Server Downtime
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:

    Service-wide Downtime

    We are currently planning to take down and restart all Ultima Online shards at approximately 4:00PM Central Time on Thursday, May 11th. At that time we will be updating a change to the global service system that must be published to all shards at the same time. This target time will be confirmed in an additional announcement on Thursday.

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 10:10 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    UO House of Commons Chat this Thursday
    A reschedule of previous week's UO HoC Chat: The next UO House of Commons Open House chat between the players and creators of UO is scheduled for this Thursday May 11th, at 7 PM CT (5 PM PT, 8 PM ET).
    The chat will be available to you at #uohoc on Stratics IRC, on the following networked servers:
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    This week's topic is "The Faction System". You can read about it at OSI's website. Please make sure the questions and comments you have during the chat are on this topic. Allow me to remind you that this is a development chat, and as such any questions about the current plot will not be answered.

    Like we did with previous chats we have set up a webpage where players can post questions in advance. Others can vote on these questions and we'll soon see which questions are most popular. During the chat we may then try to have some of these answered. Just keep in mind that only a small amount of questions will be taken from the website. Also the list will be wiped once the chat is over to make room for fresh questions for the next chat. If you want to post a question or just vote on one, please have a look at http://uodr.strat for the current list.

    If you are new to IRC, please visit Stratics IRC for an online tutorial and instructions for connecting to our IRC server. If you wish to use your browser to join the conference you can use our Java IRC client.

    IRCD Servers are provided by International Networks (suppliers of networking hardware and support).
    FRWS Servers are provided by Front Range Web Services (Web Hosting/Message Boards/IRC).
    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 6:48 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    The War Zone
    I was sent the following information by "a chicken" about an area of Felucca referred to as "The War Zone"

    The crossroads of Britain are like a war zone. The reds here just want to live a nice life in our villa but there are way too many anti-reds. WE CAN'T EVEN GO OUTSIDE! My name is "a chicken" on the Test Shard. Come check it out if you have the time.

    This looked intriguing, so I dressed up in my "healer browns", bought a horse and headed off to the crossroads of Britannia. Upon arriving at the crossroads, I moved off into the thicket in order to place a Felucca Moonstone on ground.

    Stepping through the Moongate, I was first greeted by the sight of many corpses on the ground. People where running everywhere. It did not seem to matter what color you were. Blues were attacking reds and reds were attacking blues, this was exactly what I expected, but I did not expect to see them attacking each other. No one was safe.
    Upon gaining admittance to one of the reds homes, I asked him why he participated in this madness. He claimed it was exciting and he did this daily. As I was standing there talking, people would come to the door and attack those inside the house. Some of those in the house would rush out and attack those outside. There were always people running around, and way to many ghosts to even try to count.
    This particular red had formed a guild which has about 20 members right now. In order to become a member, one must PK and be willing to help provide materials and items for the guild house.

    After leaving the reds home, I spoke with some blues about why they did this. The blue I spoke with said he enjoyed the action and excitement. While speaking, I noticed none of the blues where in a guild, when I asked why, he said it was because of how often the Test Shard renewed itself.

    About this time, someone cast Energy Vortex right next to me. It was not long before my words where oOooOOoo. The blue I was speaking with healed me, but not in time to save my horse. He then asked me to hurry up in gathering my things as more and more people were arriving.

    I decided it was about time to leave as the War Zone was starting to become very hot. I bid everyone farewell, and as I left I saw the blue and the red, both of whom I had spoken with, engage in a fierce battle. I did not stay to see who would win. They had both said earlier that it didn't matter who won. Sometimes the blues won, sometimes the reds won. It was all about having fun.

    While speaking with them, I had asked both of them some of the same questions. One of which was if they had main characters on other shards, both did and both have also been playing UO for a long time.

    If your looking for some fast paced action and you don't know where to go, I suggest you head over to the crossroads near Britain in Felucca. You will not be disappointed.

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 6:35 AM EDT by Dracos Moira (TestCenter)

    Friday Night Fights - with a new twist!
    Craggan's Friday Night Event at Grimoire Arena
    Friday May 14th, @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)
    1 on 1 Gladiator Event

    Here are the rules:

    You can only use the resources on the battlefield.
    Thievery is allowed.
    Magic is limited to the scrolls on the battlefield. If you loose connection during the fight, you forfeit the match unless your opponent agrees to a re-match.

    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No armor and weapons allowed.
    · Up to three trapped bags/chests to break paralyze. They may be re-trapped during the battle.
    · The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed.
    · The Double Hit weapon swing is not allowed. If you do not know how to use it, then don't worry about it. We will not demonstrate, but we know how it works.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone that disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · If Grimoire cancels an event for any reason at any time during the course of the event, all entry fees will be returned to the contestants.
    · Any contestants that are perma banned for any reason after the entry fee has been paid, will forfeit the gold. This gold will be paid out to the winners of the event.
    · If you leave the arena after the entry fee is paid and you fail to return before the event begins, the entry fee is forfeit and will be paid to the winners of the event.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena. Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village. For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:


    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 3:30 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Grand Theft on the Not so High Seas
    Many players , if you where to ask them "How would you define a thief? ", would probably point out the in-game criminal attributes involving the colour flagging scheme. They might also point out the bad reputation that goes along side your average thief as well as there typical appearance and statistics.

    Your typical boat thief however , conforms to none of the above rules.

    The ghost floated softly over to what had once been its body , the body (which had obviously had been slashed at by several swords) lay face down in a large pool of blood and was surrounded by various limbs and body parts , "OOoooOoooOOOoo" it moaned. I looked hopefully at the thin wavy figure that stood infront of me ."Well..." I said , "You had better run to town".

    "Believe me gov`nor , crime does pay"

    It was a sunny morning in the city of Britain , the streets where beginning to wake up as they where filled with the steps of many people on there way to work. I wondered purposefully down towards the docks , the cool sea breeze could be felt filtering in-between the various shops and houses as it traveled deep behind me and further onwards into town.

    Arriving at the shipwrights , I stood and admired the craftsmanship of the various sea vessels which where anchored on the docks outside."Oi gov`nor , you want to buy a boat?" , the voice came from a small man who was standing beside me "Erm..." I said , "Thou art not the shipwright". The man smiled and opened his jacket , which contained a large score of ship keys. "You do want a boat...... right?" he spoke , still smiling.

    After discovering that the boats my newly found friend was selling were infact stolen , I reassuringly declined and departed. Later that day however I found myself heading back towards the docks , in search of the boat thief.

    Again I found the man standing on the docks , this time however he seemed to be taking part in a legal profession , fishing."Hail to thee" I spoke , he turned round a little suprised."So" he said smirking "You want a boat after all?" , "No" I said "I want a story".

    Thus began the idea behind this report. After explaining that I was infact a reporter , not a member of the town guard the man introduced himself (He requested at the time that I did not give his real name , so I shall now on refer to him as Bob) and we arranged to meet the following day outside the cities main bank.

    The rain pored heavily down upon the roof of Britain's main bank , I took shelter inside and decided to check my bank balance while waiting.Bob appeared 45 minuets later , grinning as always."Has the rain affected your timepiece?" I said coldly , "Ha Ha" he replied "I have been busy getting this" and produced a ship key from his pocket.

    Bleeeuuuuggghhhh , convulsions rippled through my stomach as the warm fluid based substance left my mouth , it is sad(and embarrassing) to reveal that I am perhaps one of the only people in the world that gets travel sick from using moongates. The ship stood tall before us , bobbing furiously in the fierce storm that whipped the shoreline "Where are we" I shouted , competing with the raging wind and crashing sea , "North east of Yew" Bob replied "Help me get this gang plank out". Having readied the ship , persuaded the tiller man that the boat had been won in a game of cards and plotted our course we set sail.

    We where at sea for some time , with the storm still raging nothing could be seen."art thou sure you know where were going" I shouted upto bob who was in the crows nest , "aye" he replied half attentively whilst gazing through a spyglass.

    The storm gradually died down and visibility was returned to us , we had moved about 200 yds from the shore , "I thought you said you knew what you where doing" I shouted again up to the crows nest "I do" replied bob , "Tiller man , head 1 mile west and moore us within sight of Yew". The boat speeded off in the direction of Yew.

    The day was now getting old , the sun was beginning to set upon the horizon and the air was getting cold. Having docked and locked the boat we left and headed towards Yew. Reaching the outskirts of the small town I realised I should really be heading back to Britain."I must go now friend" I spoke with much pain due to the long journey ahead , "art thou sure?" Bob replied " I will open a moongate to transport thee there , if thee wish?".Being given this alternative made me realise how much fun walking really is."No" I said hastily "I need some exercise anyway" . "Very well then" said bob " I hope we shall meet again soon!" , "Goodbye!".

    Having bid farewell to my new friend , I headed off east on one of my most used shortcuts to Britain.

    I had not gone far when my steady pace was interrupted by a blood curdling scream , it had come from behind me. Fearing that someone had run into one of the local brigand groups I drew my sword and ran swiftly back.

    Indeed as I feared , a poor fellow had been ambushed by a gang of murderers. I approached the dieing man with caution."Bob?!?" I said shocked to find that the dieing man was infact my rather unsavory companion . "Euuughhhhaa" he moaned in pain."Mingus ", his voice could barely be heard , "Mingus" "gather my things together for me". His body sagged as he breathed his last breath of air , then there was silence. I rummaged around among what was left of his corpse and gathered his things together. Then I waited.

    By the end of the day Bob had been resurrected in Yew and his belongings had been returned to him. As for me I had the rather long walk back to Britain , which in the end was rather profitable.

    The moral of this story goes out to all ship owners/users , be weary when securing your boat.

    All that is required to steal a boat is the ship key .Once obtained the thief can cast "Recall" upon the key and will be transported directly to the position of your boat. Then all that is required is for the thief to do is "dry dock" the boat after which he will be presented with a new set of keys.And thats that , you no longer own your boat!.A rather amusing situation which "bob" told me of involved a ship that he once found unlocked with the ship key stored in the hold , given such circumstances the owner may as well have given his boat away!.

    My thanks go out to "Bob" for his help on this report.

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 2:12 AM EDT by Mingus Mulingus (Europa)

    The Dark City Seeks a Mayor
    'ello thar all,

    It seems the vil ones are gettin a bit more organized, a little bird passed this on to me, figured some of ye may be interested.

    Caina, the First City of Evil in Sosaria, is holding elections for its very own Mayor over the next two weeks. The city of Caina can be found on the northern tip of Dagger (Ice) Isle and its web tome can be found here. In addition to a few of the highlighted duties below, the Mayor will generally be in charge of making Caina a more vile place to exist for those creatures of darkness and mortals with evil and anti-virtue in their hearts.

    This most corrupt of positions shall be responsible for the appointing and holding of elections for other town officials such as Vice-Mayor, Ambassador, Historian, Merchant Lord and Event Coordinator to name a few.

    The Mayor must also maintain the daily operation of the Citizens of Caina guild stone (CIN).

    As Chairman of the Caina Council, the Mayor shall also be responsible for the enforcing of the city laws through the iron, poisoned swords of the Caina Guard and their vicious Captain.

    The Mayor shall keep peace between the guilds and organizations that call Caina home.

    With the Caina Council the Mayor shall strive to bring forth the darkness within the city and spread it throughout the land through various campaigns on many different battlefields and arenas from the physical to the political.

    If ye think ye have the lack of heart to perform service for this dastardly place then perform the rites necessary to be considered by the evil Powers that be.

    The elections shall run for roughly two weeks at which point the best man, woman or monster for the job shall be contacted and given the opportunity to promote evil and injustice in the realm by being Mayor of Caina.

    Walk in Darkness,

    Lich Lord of the Ebon Skull
    Founder of the Shadow Conclave

    I reckon now we'll jest 'ave to find out who's gonna run eh? Good luck to those of ye that do.

    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 1:41 AM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Second Horseracing Season Starting on Sunday !
    We received this announcement from Scritus :
    Hi all !

    I am happy to announce a new co-operation with a new sponsor : The Merchants on Tour. They sell excellent wares in Trinsic and made it possible for me to increase the price for the Champion of the total season to 45.000GP ! Also all other prices have been increased that in total I'll give out 141.000GP over the whole season.

    Is that interesting for YOU? There are only few places left. So be quick to join. Find out more about the races on our website, and about our sponsor, the Merchants on Tour.

    If you simply want to watch the race or place a bet, be sure to be at the Grand Prix of Nujel'm, on Sunday the 14th May, 7pm CET ((6pm GMT, 1 pm EST). Meeting is at the green-white chessboard platform in Nujel'm south of the bank and inn in Trammel.

    I hope to see you all there !

    Thanks Scritus ! I see another thrilling season ahead of us.
    Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2000, 12:56 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Death Takes a Holiday
    Remember the beginning of that Hugh Grant movie, Four Weddings and A Funeral? When he's late and every word out of his mouth for about five minutes was F***? Well, that was me this weekend.

    Love was in the air around Grimoire on Saturday. I had been fortunate enough to snag an invitation for the wedding of Fear and Kelly Kindred. Never realizing evil players had time for lovey dovey stuff, I remembered the Samantha Fox song: Naughty Girls Need Love Too and realized love is just as important as cheetos, or breathing. Perhaps if more PKs got some lovin' they'd have better things to do than whack other players in Shame.

    Anyway, I was late for the very important date. Arriving at the Blackcomb tower I hoping to find a rune to the Isle of Fire. It was there before, sitting out in the open, but now was gone. I called a comrade and they were able to gate me over. Only problem was I didn't have any boots. Earlier that day I had been roughed up by a pack of mean orcs who stole my shoes. I guess they would have taken my lunch money too if I had any.

    Normally, I'm a good citizen, but since I was going to Grimoire I got in the spirit of things by stealing some sandals. I planned to replace them later, I swear!

    Running up the stairs to the Tower of Immortality I arrived just as the main ceremony was finishing up. Apologizing, I grabbed a seat in the back. Seer Aria, in her final appearance, served as the priest. When she made the union official the modest crowd toasted the couple. I briefly noticed that instead of a red carpet the bride had walked over scattered skeleton bones. Nice touch.

    Any resemblance to an orderly, peaceful ceremony ended when Craggan threw an explosion my way. He said he loved me and knowing him these low-key assaults were just love taps. More fights broke out as the boys and girls in red pounded each other silly. Who said murderers didn't know how to have fun?

    In the midst of it all, standing calmly with his bride, Fear thanked his well wishers. I over heard him mention something about stepping down as mayor and immediately hurried over to find out what he meant. It seemed that with the introduction of Renaissance he was making some adjustments in his life. For the better. Something about taking up macramé in his old age. ;)

    I asked him what this meant for the dark side of Napa. Most everyone seemed as shocked as I was over this declaration. He assured everyone Grimmy would continue. The transition between mayorship would go as smoothly as possible.

    So Fear and Kelly...where ever you go I wish you the best! I know Grimoire will miss you both, but like a famous writer once said: ...if you don't risk anything, you risk even more.

    Wedding Vows Spoken By Lady Aria.

    We are here this day to witness the pledge of unity between Cardinal Fear and his beloved Kelly Kindred.

    Tis said by some that those of evil intent cannot love another for they love themselves too deeply, but this day we see that that is false for the two before me now share a bond of love and blood.

    I ask you Kelly Kindred, do you come to this place of your own accord to pledge your vow to this man?

    I ask you Cardinal Fear, do you come to this place of your own accord to pledge your vow to this woman?

    *hands each of them a dagger*

    Cardinal slice your palm and Kelly do the same. Now clasp hands to mingle your life essence and you bind your lives in your blood and your pledge.

    With this I ask of you Kelly Kindred, do you now bind your life to that of Cardinal Fear to share in the love and blood that makes your hearts sing as one?

    With this I ask of you Cardinal Fear, do you now bind your life to that of Kelly Kindred to share in the love and blood that makes your hearts sing as one?

    With the pledges you speak before the assembled, and the blood you share, I now bind you in the unity of marriage. Let all know that anyone who spills the blood of one faces the vengeance of both.

    I wish you both a life filled with the joy you find in bringing terror, fear and death to others.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 3:54 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Introducing Message Boards
    The following was just posted to What's New on the Ultima Online website:

    Introducing Message Boards

    You can be heard at! The official Message Boards will be opening on Wednesday, May 10th and we hope you'll stop by and join us. The message boards have been designed to provide a forum for communication with novice and veteran Ultima Online players alike and will be monitored by Origin staff.

    The Message Boards are divided into five overall topics, including:

    • Connectivity - find information and advice on server and connectivity issues
    • Development - discuss game features and development with other players and members of the UO development team
    • Role-Playing - discuss UO events and quests, or participate in in-character role-playing
    • In-Game Support - find answers to in-game support questions, or share your knowledge with others
    • Trading and Selling - trade and sell Ultima Online items. Please note: this topic is restricted to in-game transactions only. Private messaging is also supported, allowing you to further discuss board issues with your friends or to continue discussions with new acquaintances.

    The Message Boards are open to all UO players with active Ultima Online subscriptions and are available within MyUO. To join us on the Message Boards, you'll need to sign up for a free MyUO account here. When we open the message boards on May 10th, a link will appear on your MyUO homepage - in the meantime, you can enjoy the personalized news and events available through MyUO, or even view your personal character paperdolls via the web. We will post an additional announcement as soon as the message boards are open, and we look forward to seeing you there!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 3:54 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Best of the Best Tournament
    This notice was posted on The Imperium messageboard by Ishamael:

    The Best of the Best Tournament

  • Place: Deceit duel room (That room west of the 3-way bridge)
  • Date/Time: Over 2 weeks, May 18-May31. Specific duel dates and times are set by the individuals.
  • Entry Fee: 3k
  • Prize Money: 1st place: 75% of entry fees, 2nd place 25%

    This is a 1 on 1 tournament, designed so that resource management will be as important as pvp skill, the rules are as follows:

  • No 8th circle spells
  • No Summons
  • No pets (including horses, and any of Alora's man-harem)
  • No magic items or weapons
  • No hiding/stealthing
  • Maximum of 5 potions of your choice
  • Maximum 35 of each reagent
  • Maximum 1 pouch, can be retrapped during the battle
  • No defensive spells may be cast before the battle begins
  • No pre-poisoned weapons, weapons may be poisoned during battle if you choose to select a poisonpotion as one of your 5
  • Referees will be present at each duel and will monitor for violations. Referees will not be associated with the guild of either dueler.

    Scheduling: A round of duels will occur each week starting on May 18-May 25. The duelers must find a time during this week suitable to both of them, and contact one of the referees. If for some reason you or your opponent are unable to agree upon a time during that week, the match is forfeit. If both combatants agree that this was purely the fault of one of the combatants, the other may advance to the next round on a bye.

    Those looking to sign up email me with your character name and guild affiliation. Also if you wish to referee, email me at the same address.

  • Good luck to all the participants and thanks to Ishamael for organizing this event.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 3:26 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    UO & Sushi in NJ
    The Place: Wok 'n Sushi in Franklin, NJ
    The Fee: $20.00 door fee...all you can eat.
    The Date: This Saturday, May 13th
    The Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
    The Dress: Casual

    Anyone that feels like sharing their adventures and interests with fellow UO players is welcome! is good for directions, put in your starting point and enter either Hardyston, Franklin, or Hamburg as your destinations, they are all near the Wok 'n Sushi.

    For more information email
    [email protected]

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 2:18 PM EDT by Beastmaster Josh (CommunityNews)

    Announcing Caina Cock Fights
    'ello thar all,

    This bit of news jest in..

    Announcing the Caina Cock Fights! After over a month break, the popular Unter Brae Cock Fighting League will reopen. However, they are now to take place in the infamous city of Caina, on Ice Island. The first of these competitions will take place this Wednesday at 10:00 PM EST at the Asylum of Perdition in Caina. The entrance fee is 500 gold per chicken entered. The rules are simple... No outside interference, no cock-enhancing spells, and the last cock standing wins. The winner gets half the entrance fee normally, but for this special reopening, the entire pot goes to the winners!

    Navrip Freemech

    Thankee mate fer the information and good luck wit the fights!

    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 1:02 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Grand Opening of The Moonglow Tavern
    We have recieved the following:
    Here ye! Here ye!

    Ye are cordially invited to the grand openin' of the Moonglow Tavern. Just a few steps to the south of the Encyclopedia Magika on the isle of Moonglow, The Moonglow Tavern will officially open its doors at 9:00pm PST on Thursday Eve the 11th day of May. Come drink upon free ale, listen to grand tales from a talented young lass! Dine upon the best fish and beast available. Come one come all!

    ~Eleana Coriel, Proprietor The Moonglow Tavern

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 1:00 PM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Anarchists disrupt Council of Honesty meeting
    Councilmember Buzz Aldridge submitted this harrowing account of a recent CoH meeting:

    The 7th Council of Honesty meeting on Wednesday, May 3rd was to be my last as chair. Sure we had business... The investigation into the murder of the elf was ongoing and the need for the Moonglow Defense Force (MDF) continues but Edmund Greyfox and Paddycat, respectively, had each under control and their reports were expected to be interesting but relatively routine. There was also the sad news of the departures of Owen Simeon and Brother Michael from the Council but we had lost members before and had survived. For me, however, the highlight was to be the announcement that I would be handing over the chairmanship to Edmund Greyfox. I could then return to the roles with which I was much more comfortable - those of a simple businessman and councilor.

    Unfortunately, two anarchists had other ideas...

    They did not stand out especially. In fact, one did not stand out at all until it was too late. The first, Alerilyll, stood quietly throughout the meeting and appeared to be listening to the reports presented while her accomplice, A Brick Wall, hid in the shadows. It was not until the last agenda item was covered and the meeting had been opened up to the floor that chaos ensued. With cries of anger and calls for the death of the council, A Brick Wall came out of hiding and attacked me. Seriously wounded, I was thankfully able to avoid a similar attack by Alerilyll. After the attacks, both attempted to flee the premises. I regained my wits and was able to obtain healing quickly enough to find that Alerilyll had already been apprehended by councilors Loren Silverleaf, Edmund Greyfox, and Paddycat. A Brick Wall escaped, seemingly into thin air.

    Subsequent interrogation of Alerilyll yielded little information except for her statement that she had been commanded by "my master" to bring about the death of the council. She neither revealed the name of her master nor the reasons for the attacks. Paddycat, Loren Silverleaf, and members of the MDF then escorted her to a jail cell in the Yew prison to await adjudication. A warrant has now been issued for the arrest of A Brick Wall for attempted murder. Paddycat and the MDF will be heading up the investigation into this issue.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Lord Buzz Aldridge

    As of this writing, A Brick Wall remains at large. Our thanks to Councilman Aldridge for bringing us this news.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 12:36 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Blood on the throne, castle stormed by undead
    Blood on the the king's throneFollowing the two nights' relentless assaults on the realm, an eerie discovery was made in the heart of Britain. The throne room walls of Lord British's castle were covered with crimson splatters and pools of blood drenched the throne and it's rostrum. Zombies, liches and skeletal knights patrolled the halls of the king's home, immediately attacking anyone who dared enter the building.Castle visitors met by unholy welcoming committee

    Sara Gules sent us this news the next day:

    Lord British retreats to Serpent's Hold

    As the blood on the throne room suggests, Lord British's castle seems to be no longer safe for the leaders of Britannia. Court Mage Nystul has made a permanent blue gate between the castle and Serpent's Hold. As a Town Cryer puts it, "Nystul has opened a gate to the safety of Serpent's Hold in Castle British!"

    Upon exiting the gate in Serpent's Hold, there is a blue and gold structure and an honor guard named Hugh. He will tell you about Nystul's eight blue and gold towers that maintain a spell to protect Serpent's Hold from Minax's forces. Hugh also mentions the north hall on the island has been converted to a war room.

    There is also an honor guard, Timlin, with his catapult, in the bank of Serpent's Hold. He tells about Hugh by "the main generator" and about the war room in north hall.

    The war room is very impressive. Garron, the honor guard and only person present, is there for you to talk to. Garron says that Nystul and Lord British are in conference elsewhere. One thing to note, when a person says "Help"(as in "How can I help?"), Garron replies, "We've need of brave folk and good spies throughout Britannia."

    "Spies?" we asked.

    "Those folk that would keep an eye on Minax's army, and report back." When asked where we might report, he answered, "Our Liege would surely be interested in any bit of information on Minax's camp."

    It is good that Lord British is interested in information. I wonder how one reports this information to our Liege? :-\ This does give one hope that there are clues to be found in the devastated Britannia. If you cannot find Lord British, you can send in your report to the local news webscroll.

    Sara Gules
    Wandering Healer(PoC)

    Thanks to Sara, once again, for her tireless efforts in helping bring the news from around the realm to its citizens.

    More sketches of Siege under Siege may be viewed here. You might also wish to read Glendor's account of his encounter with Keeonean here.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 12:26 PM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Siege under Siege: Part Two
    Lord of the Abyss appears in YewKichera had hefted me up onto a low branch as soon as Keeonean appeared. Our little group scattered, dodging behind rocks or whatever was available to give them even the least bit of protection until they could formulate a battle plan. Another tree was blocking my view so I edged along the bough, peering through the leafy branches to find the best vantage point. Already, the air was filled with smoke and the crackling of Chain Lightning storms from the mages around the Abbey commons. If the limb gave me a warning, I didn't hear it. One loud snap and I was dazed, my behind smarting from the fall. Lucky for me Kichera was no taller and could not plant me any higher in the tree, lest I would have come down and broken my neck in the fall.

    I scrambled to my feet, gathering my sketching charcoals which had tumbled out of my pack when I fell. I dared not look up, hearing the moans of the undead Keeonean had unleashed, knowing from the hideous cackling of the lich lords that they were dangerously close to me. I threw my belongings into my satchel and raised my head, checking the path between my precarious position and the Abbey where I hoped to find refuge. Looming between me and the stone structure was the largest beast I had ever seen. Coal black, eyes glowing red, it opened its mouth and bellowed at me. Completely paralyzed by panic, I froze, unable to do anything but watch its leathery wings fan out behind it as it moved closer still on its massive cloven hoofs. I felt my eyes rolling back into my head, and my the voice in my head which had been shouting at me "RUN! MOVE! GO!" grew eerily quiet. Sleep washed over me in an instant, followed by a bright flash of pain, then peace.

    Suddenly, I was standing and everything was gray. I looked to the ground and saw myself lying there, splayed out and lifeless. A lich plodded over and rifled though my bag, helping himself to the only piece of jewelry I owned, a small gold bracelet. I grumbled at him in my ghostly tongue and he jeered back at me, smiling a detestable grin as he slid the bracelet onto his own rotted wrist and modeled it to antagonize me.

    Hasbro ran past my remains, wincing as he saw my rumpled body. "I'll try to get backup!" he shouted to his comrades hidden in the hedges. He was following the great black beast which had done me in and was now being taunted by Alexander Lebaun.

    Bards are a different lot than most people. Alex is certainly a confirmation of this phenomenon. An excitable sort, he is quick-witted and sharp-tongued and his verbal taunts are as renowned as his musical abilities. He was dancing around the black beast, picking out an abstract little tune that seemed to agitate it but also held it at bay. "You ain't sh- but a punk, big boy!" he heckled. Others approached, drawing their blades. Alexander chased them off. "DON'T TOUCH LORD. I GOT HIM." He continued to play, attempting to provoke the beast to attack a nearby orc lord. The two evildoers regarded each other and began to snarl warnings between them.

    I saw Kichera bend over my corpse. From his belt pouch, he pulled bandages and salve, tending my wounds and reciting the incantation that would reunite my spirit with my broken body. I could feel myself being pulled from the Netherrealm, through darkness and light, then opened my eyes to see Kichera's warm smile. He recited more words of power, strengthening my body, then helped me to my feet.

    Lebaun was still working on the beast, which I knew now was called The Lord of the Abyss. Other warriors were running up to take swings at it, mages lobbed fiery balls of energy at it, and Alexander was determined to fell the foul beast himself.

    "Don't touch lord!!!" he bellowed, never missing a beat between yelling and playing his haunting tune. "I AM PROVOKING HIM! LET A BARD WORK, PEOPLE!"

    Warsaw tossed a few Flamestrikes at the balron, keeping a safe distance and eyeing it disdainfully. Finally, it fell and Alexander leaped up onto it's chest and danced a merry jig. "Told ya I wanted one!" he laughed.

    "He wasn't sh- but a punk."

    Shawn Mckagen smiled up at Lebaun. "Now, I want Keeonean. I want his blood and I want his soul and I want them both right now."

    By creating a diversion with the Lord of the Abyss appearing, Keeonean had managed to implement his troops and flee the battlefield, or so we thought. The sudden manifestation of a rotting corpse let us know he was still lurking, tiptoeing around us, the unseen maestro in a macabre orchestration of death and destruction.

    Hasbro recoiled when he spotted the lime green zombie ambling our direction. "Noooooooo!"

    Alexander turned to see what had enlarged Hasbro's eyes to the size of saucers and scrambled down from his trophy. 'That thing is a CORPSE!" he squealed. ACK!"

    "Holy sh-....' Occy murmured as he looked around for safer ground from which to launch a spear.

    Let me say that I have learned many valuable things during my brief tenure thus far as a reporter. This was one of them: 'Just because a pigeon delivers a message to you does not mean you have to read it immediately. Tuck the note away and see to it that you are not in a dangerous place before you look at it." Unfortunately, it took this experience with the rotting corpse to teach me that lesson. I was still a bit loopy from my earlier visit to the Netherrealm and wasn't thinking too clearly and was rather weak-kneed. When the note arrived, I immediately unrolled the parchment and began to read. I looked up just in time to see one slender, slimy digit reach out and touch my arm.

    I read once about a man who'd been bitten by a silver serpent and miraculously survived. His description of the sensations associated with that - the tear of his flesh as the fangs sunk in, the blazing heat of the poison entering his body, the fire of it coursing through his veins - were unparalleled by the damage inflicted upon my poor person by the mere fingertip of the rotting corpse. My throat tightened, my stomach began to spasm and my skin burned as though I had been plunged headfirst into a fully-stoked forge. The last thing I was aware of before I fell was the gentle hands of Sara Gules trying to heal me.

    The thing stumbled toward Alexander Lebaun as Hasbro shouted, "KILL THE ROTTEN!!! KILL THE ROTTEN!!!"

    Occy let out a low whistle and mumbled, "Damn."

    Lebaun the bard was leaping around, playing furiously to ward it off, hair flying madly. "Give me something to aim this at!!!"

    Siegesan looked around helplessly. "There was an evil around here earlier."

    Raven began to spasm uncontrollably and the healers rushed to his aid, one of them nearly getting skewered by his flailing katana. As the mages threw a variety of energy forms at it, the animated corpse kept moving, unharmed, through the crowd.

    Dimn Dithlagok tried to be heard over the din. "You can't use spells on it!"A whole lotta death in a little green package

    Max Mortem nodded in agreement. "It'll smoke ya in a second!"

    Catching a brief flash of chestnut hair against golden armor, Hasbro shouted, "Keeonean!" but the vision was gone before he could finish the exclamation.

    The warriors steeled their nerves and surrounded the harbinger of death, healers pressing in behind them to keep them strong for the fight they knew would be arduous.

    "Holy, this thing is tough," Yukon growled.

    Kush shouted at it as he measured another arrow to his goal, "DIE YOU SPAWN FROM HELL!!"

    Valor shouted, "Help! We need more people!"

    When I opened my eyes, Alexander Lebaun, George Taylor and Shawn Mckagen were gathered around. George patted my hand. "Welcome to Siege. Two deaths in ten minutes?"

    I sighed. "I was reading a pigeon note. Looked up just in time to see I was dying."

    George snickered behind his hand. "If you plan on continuing doing that, may I suggest you practice hiding more?"

    Cove under attackRather than risk irreparably embarrassing myself by dying a third time in less than an half an hour, I accompanied a group to Cove to check on the situation there. The town was overflowing with gazers of all varieties, headless ones, hell hounds and giant black widows. Despite Kaltar's heavy infantry, the defenders of Cove were bravely managing to keep the city from going under. Their names deserve to be preserved for posterity in recognition of their fortitude: Eustace, Mike, Dene Trianon, Darth, Glendor, Goo the Lowly, and Playko. To be sure, there were others about who also aided in the defense of Cove, but unfortunately my time there, in the midst of the raging battles, did not permit me to gather the names of all who should be acknowledged.

    Vesper bank hit by trolls and rotting corpseVesper was my next stop. I passed through a portal from Cove and found myself inside the bank where a large crowd was gathered in the entrance. Trolls were attacking in all directions, both inside the bank and throughout the city. I climbed onto a chair to see what was in the center of the ring of mages and fighters and caught a glimpse of hideous green that made me shiver. Another rotting corpse.

    Sir Don shook his head. "No one can kill it."

    Some of the faces in the crowd I recognized: Puttz, Jack-O-Shadows, Sonja Gringkov, Laird Blain, Serpenti, and Illusion. The mere sight of that foul creature had my stomach in knots and I had to make my way out of the bank before I was unwell. I did not fear being called a coward so much as I trembled at the thought of being touched by another of those repugnant zombies.

    My stomach began to settle as I left Vesper behind me. I found the moongate and stepped through, finding myself in Yew, once again. The air was still and there was no sound, not even the persistant sound of birds and mongbats which had been heard there for as long as I could remember. I walked to the Abbey, expecting to find the grounds littered with bones and blood, but all was calm and relatively clean. Too calm. Too clean. The tiny hairs on the back of my neck stood on end suddenly I was shivering from the cold, though no breeze had brought the frigid air. Sara Gules opened the heavy door and our eyes met, both knowing what the other was feeling without a word passing between us.

    A shiver went up my spine so strongly that I convulsed from it. I saw Sara quaver at the same moment. Abruptly, lich lords and their minions appeared as though they had risen from the very ground.

    Sara whispered, "Minax is about." It was a statement I believed without seeing anything tangible to support it. A rare circumstance in my line of work.

    "Did you see her?" I asked.

    "Nay, but people I trust did."

    We were looking around the grounds, half yearning to catch a glimpse of the dread lady, half afraid we would get it. "No sign of her," I said, hoping my voice would not betray my relief, "only her handiwork."

    Trapped in the Britain artists' guild Into the wee hours of the night and for another twenty-four hours, the attacks continued in the major cities. The next night, I was unable to leave Britain, trapped in the artists' guild with Jaques as Minax's toadies tried to come at us through the very walls. With some help, we managed to fend them off, but with each wave that fell, reinforcements appeared in greater numbers than the last. It was the same throughout the realm. Each time, the Britannian forces held their ground as best they could, though the guardians were growing weary and running short on supplies. Minax's determination to hold her thumb over the realm is unwavering and leaves our countrymen wondering what will become of the lands they have given their all to protect.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 11:38 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Small Moongate Change
    The following was just posted to Latest Game Updates on the UO website:

    Gate Travel Change

    Players will now be required to wait a minimum two seconds between player-cast gate trips. Attempting to pass through a single, player-cast gate multiple times will cause this wait period to grow longer.

    Please note: this change was incorrectly announced as a change to static moongates. The eight moongates have not changed at this time.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 10:54 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Reporter Profile of Narga Saiyen
    As you may know, there are new Chesapeake Shard Reporters: Dresden, Richter, and Thanos. And some of the veterans are still around like the tyrant (joking) known as Pfredd Mudd and of course me, your lovable little elf, Narga Saiyen. There will be a background story of each reporter during the next few days which hopefully will help everyone to better know THEIR Chesapeake Shard Reporters.

    Narga Saiyen's Destiny

    Narga Saiyen is one of the remaining scions of the Saiyen elven family of the Wynd Tribe. Nearly all of the Wynd Tribe were killed by her archenemy Vysantha Dennae of the Clan of Vampires. They have had a long conflict against each other since the day of the Wynd Tribe's demise and the death of Narga's mother. During the decimation, Narga was able to save her little sister Kya and took her to Vesper while Narga worked in the mines of Minoc.

    There she met her soon-to-be husband John Henry. They toiled in the mines for months and when an assassin sent by Vysantha Dennae tried to take the life of Narga, John Henry saved her from certain death and they knew they would be together for a long time. After making enough money to provide for her sister and her magical studies, she sent Kya to Magencia under the tutelage of Duncan Idaho, a resident mage there. Soon, Narga Saiyen set out to explore the world along with John Henry and eventually came upon Pfredd Mudd and with her immense curiosity and skill with a pen, she became a UOSS Shard Reporter.

    After many months of wandering the world for news, Narga finally caught up with her sister Kya, grown up and well taught in the arcane arts of magic and now a member of the Coven of the Black Rose. Eventually, Narga's reporting duties led her to the steps of the Black Spire of Gehenna, home of the Clan of Vampires where she confronted Vysantha Dennae once again and barely left with her life. But Vysantha had also been severely injured and retreated to the shadows where she awaits the right moment to strike again.

    Nowadays, Narga Saiyen continues reporting for UOSS Chesapeake and will soon be married to John Henry. Always curious, Narga travels the world searching for the perfect story.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 10:40 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    COLT responds to lag complaints
    The petition organised by players unhappy with the service Europa receives from OSI has grown to 2419 signatures as I write this. It covers a number of issues including what the organisers say is poor GM/counsellor support, lack of seer support and quests, and poor connectivity or lag.

    It is not about the creation of a non PvP land, or changes to the combat system. You can find the petition at

    A representative of COLT, the London company which hosts the Europa and Drachenfels servers, responded on the Stratics Europa forum. Here is his post:


    My name is Neil McRae - I'm Director of Network Engineering for COLT Internet - my job is to run the COLT Internet backbone. I'm also a gamer, although I don't play UO but I do understand how frustrating it is when someone kills you just because a packet gets lost on the network.

    We receive a lot of email on connectivity issues with the European Shards, nine times out of ten it's nothing that we can do very much about without the assistance of a number of other ISP's, that might sound like a cop out to many of you but we do make ever effort to look into any problems with connectivity to our network.

    I would like to respond to a couple of points made later in the forum:

    What Cuscaden says is worth listening too. Sagonari states in one of his replies is "the problems start at COLT".

    The above statement may seems true but in actual fact it is 50% wrong. When your packets travel across the Internet they travel in two directions. Packets travel out of your computer and packets travel into your computer. In most cases the way these packets flow is different. So the packets travel from your computer down one route. The packets to your computer use another. This often makes the traceroute that UOTrace displays look like all the problems are within our network. Often when we traceroute back to the source [i.e. your computer] we find that the route back isn't ideal. In this case we look for another route back and if that route back is any better we will change our configuration to use that route but this usually requires the assistance of a few ISP's. Also most ISP's tend to have lots of free *outgoing* bandwidth but very little free *incoming* bandwidth and this can also cause UOTrace to show that the problems are within the COLT network also. Again this is more often than not wrong. [What do most people do when they are online? Download web pages :-)].

    In my personal experience free ISP's tend to heavily overbook their bandwidth and provide poor service and any serious gamer should avoid them as much as possible. But your mileage may vary.

    COLT Internet has a totally open peering policy, this means that we will peer with any ISP that is close to the borders of our network, i.e. at the same exchange point [LINX / AMS-IX / DE-CIX / SFINX / TIX / ESPANIX / MIXITA / BNIX / VIX], however other ISP's are not so open - if you are selecting an ISP ask them if the peer with COLT Internet [Mention that COLT is AS number 8220] ask them for a traceroute server to check the way they route the traffic.

    Also we are not in Greece I'm afraid, but if your ISP is connected to IBM/ATT or Global One in Greece, you should see good connectivity as we peer with these companies in London and other locations.

    A list of what countries we are in can be found at

    On our network today there are no links that are over 70% utilisation at peak and the peak's tend to be early afternoon. When the links on our network reach 70% we automatically order and upgrade.

    If you do have a problem with connectivity to us please take the following steps in order to rectify them, +ALWAYS+ make sure that you record the DATE AND TIME of the problem and also a record of the traceroute from UOTrace. Additionally if you know what your IP address is please supply that information it helps us alot. PLEASE DO *NOT* EDIT THE TRACEROUTE!

    Here are the steps to take:

    1) Contact *YOUR OWN* ISP first.

    More often than not you will find that your ISP had a brief problem for some reason.

    2) If your ISP can't find a problem - ask them to contact their ISP or to contact us, COLT Internet, [they will know how to reach us].

    If you don't get any help from either of the above then I'd strongly recommend changing ISP.

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] I will make every effort to respond to queries assuming you follow the procedure outlined above. Please mark emails with the subject ULTIMA ONLINE.

    Neil J. McRae - COLT Internet
    [email protected]

    Well it's great to see someone responding to these concerns. As always, you can post your views to our forum.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 10:19 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    AOL Legends
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online Website:

    AOL Sosaria Renamed

    Legends of Kesmai, a multi-player online role-playing game appearing on America Online, recently announced that it will be shutting down on May 29th. Island of Kesmai opened in 1984 and later became Legends of Kesmai. The game was one of the forerunners in the online role-playing game industry, paving the way for a multitude of games to come, including Ultima Online. In honor of Legends of Kesmai, we have decided to rename our new America Online shard to AOL: Legends.

    While online games in their present form have been around for a relatively short while, Legends of Kesmai has had great impact and with AOL: Legends we hope to continue the tradition of quality gameplay.

    In addition, the following was just posted to FYI:

    AOL Legends Test

    In preparation for the official opening on May 10th, AOL Legends Test will, later today, begin accepting logins from AOL dialup connections only. To see the AOL Legends Test option in your shard selection screen, you must be directly dialed into AOL. The shard does not currently support telnet or LAN connections, though we are working to provide these as quickly as possible. We hope you'll take the time to stop by AOL Legends Test and look forward to seeing you on this, our 22nd shard.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 9:39 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Bloodrock Vow to Continue Attacks on Sandlewood Box!
    Silli uhmans. Uu gittin dummer ebery day. Grak led da uruk klanz riit intu uu'r tabern an dug up da sef tome riit undur uu nozez! Hoho! Grool nub laff dat hurd in lung tiam!

    Da Bludchok'rz wull hab fesibal tu Krenbluk fer gittin da sef tome. NOOOOGRAAAAHH KRENBLUK! Wen we dun duin dat, den we kum bak fer da last sah ise's. Su jus wayt der uhmans, we kumin bak tu da Sandlewood Box bery suun. Wen uu seih da Urukish sturm kumin, uu bettur run awey. NOOOOGRRAAAAAHH!

    Though I detest Orcs, and it has been quite some time since I have had to deal with their likes, I have translated their document as accurately as possible:

    "Silly humans. You are getting dumber every day. Grak da Black lead the orc clans right into your tavern and dug up the 7th tome right under your noses! I have not laughed that hard in a long time. The Bloodrock Orcs will have a festival to Krenbluk (Orcish God) for getting the 7th tome. When we are done doing that, then we can come back for the last 6. So just wait there humans, we are coming back to the Sandlewood Box very soon. When you see the Orcish Storm coming, you better run away."

    Anyone wishing to help defend Sandlewood can reach it by recalling from a rune at Museum of Memories, Cove Merchants Guild, Krista's Ranger Station, or the North Sentry at the TUR village. The Bloodrock can be found at

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 8:36 AM EDT by Luxmea Mundi (GreatLakes)

    Results of first Battlezone tournament
    Shaun submitted this parchment, telling of the winners in the fledgling PvP "Battlezone":

    This is the character Shaun, Protector of the Feeble, about the results of Battlezone.

    The winner was WartZ, who fought valiantly and also helped keep order among the participants. On honorable mention are Magnus, who died after losing connection, PLAPS, who gave us 2 spectacular battles, Slick, a pk who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and Tammy (La'Faye?) who fought fiercely against WartZ.

    I would also like to thank the guild Evil Empire(EE) for helping me put this whole thing together. I will try to host this tournament every Saturday, and I hope you all will show up to battle.

    SHAUN, Protector of the Feeble

    Thanks, Shaun. Please continue to keep us posted as your weekly event picks up steam.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 6:10 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    K^M sponsors wyrm hunt Wednesday
    The following invitation is extended to all Britannians:

    The Ancient Wyrm Hunt

    For years upon years, mankind has feared the giant beasts known as Wyrms. From time to time, a group of adventurers rally together in the spirit of slaying one of these mythical creatures to bring fame and fortune back with them. This Wednesday, one such group shall be formed.

    The Knights of the Mist(K^M) would like you to join us in tackling an ancient wyrm. You can meet u around 7-8PM (EST) at the Skara Brae bank in Felucca, or at 8-8:30PM at Destard in Trammel.

    We'll be doing this hunt in the Trammel world, so no one can ruin our fun. Come one, come all, and take home a memory. It's not every day the people rally together to take down these monsters!

    May the gods watch over this valiant group as they march off on this perilous journey.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 6:04 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Results of Tailoring Contest
    George Taylor sent in the following report on the tailoring contest held last week at the Shrub Garden Inn and Tavern:

    The festivities began late. Alora arrived after the appointed hour to open the tavern and there was a large group congregated. Counselor Lady Destiny was attendance. Once the tavern was opened all but the contestants went inside. It was then discovered that the Orc, Krag did not understand the instructions (orcs have poor reading skills) and only brought 70 hides. It took JemFire a good while to come up the necessary hides, but a stream of invading lizardmen provided the necessary amount of leather. As the contest began, it was apparent that the Orc Krag was being supplied by liquor by his fellow orcs and was quite drunk at the end. He had made 2 leather caps which caused him to have less leftover leather than if he had just made the required 2 studded suits. He protested wildly, continuously and with such fervor that I believe it scared the poor JemFire and Snow. After much consultation they measured how much he had inadvertently used making the caps. First place was won by Cameo, second by Krag and third by me, George Taylor.

    George Taylor
    Master Tailor

    Thanks, and congratulations to you and the other winners, George!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 5:38 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Spiritwood Tavern Lottery!
    I was recently handed this scroll from Fenris of Spiritwood.

    Next sunday, May 14th , the Spiritwood Tavern will host another Lottery.
    Again it will be at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt).

    This time the grand prize is 100.000 gold pieces!
    You can buy keys at the tavern all week and they cost 1000 gold pieces each. One person cannot buy more than two however. When that's done, you take your key to Fenris (who will be at the tavern almost every evening and you show it to him to verify if it's real. After that you tell him a number and he'll note it. Perhaps that number will be the lucky number...
    Good luck everyone!

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

    If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server.
    I hope to see you all there! :-)

    Fenris, the Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 3:32 AM EDT by FireFox (Europa)

    Rediscover Britannia and Be Rewarded
    Just posted to What's New on the Ultima Online website:
    Rediscover Britannia and Be Rewarded

    For a limited time, former Ultima Online players can rediscover the magic of Britannia for 30 days - FREE!

    We're so enthusiastic about all of the new features and changes offered with UO: Renaissance that we're giving all of our former players a one-time opportunity to return and we'll pick up the tab for your first month. Simply visit our special registration website to reactivate your Ultima Online account and start exploring the world of Britannia once again.

    Use the free time to explore and enjoy the new Britannia, including:

    • the lands of Trammel, where player versus player combat takes place only with your consent
    • the original Ultima Online lands of Felucca
    • hundreds of events and quests taking place every week
    • a new party system, allowing you to easily adventure with your friends - sharing loot, fame, and karma
    • enhanced monster AI to test your tactical combat skills
    If you have re-opened an Ultima Online account for UO: Renaissance since March 16th, 2000, after quitting prior to the end of last year (12/31/99), we will include an additional 30 days of free gametime.

    We look forward to seeing everyone once again in the lands of Britannia!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 12:34 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Looking for a Few Good Pens
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then mayhaps UOSS' Baja News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the Baja Shard and her citizens.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Baja to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    • Be a talented writer
    • Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Baja community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be pro-active
    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Baja Application" as the subject.
    1. Real name
    2. Contact email address
    3. ICQ number (if applicable)
    4. Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal
    6. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS
    7. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8. Any questions???
    Applications are due no later than midnight May 12, 2000. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 11:17 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    City Ambassador Needed
    The Britain City Council seeks an organized, diplomatic individual to act as our Ambassador to Guilds. Duties will include keeping a registry of guilds in the Britain area and maintaining good relations with these guilds, organizing any treaties or alliances, reporting guild events and activities to the Council and reporting Council events and activities to the guilds.

    Anyone wishing to run for this office should contact Ce'Nedra Willow. Applications to run for the position of Ambassador should be submitted no later than Wednesday, May 10 at 10 pm (EST). Speeches will be held THURSDAY, May 11 at 7:00 pm (EST) in Trammel. Candidates should be prepared to attend and give a short speech. Voting for the elections will commence following the speeches via ballot box in Felucca; directions to the ballot box location will be provided. A one time Facet gate will be provided to permanent residents of Trammel to vote. Date and time of this gate will be announced later in the week.

    Katherine, Grandmaster Healer

    Historian, Britain City Council
    Ciaran, Lia Fail Empire (Atlantic)
    Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 4:15 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    The Final Battle

    Teleburiel, Grandmaster Stoic and demon hunter, requests your presence in an epic that you will be sure to tell your children about!

    On the eve of Friday May 12, there is to be a fight that will set Brittania ablaze! The great warrior Turme will fight the evil daemon Kuraazg in a duel to the death!

    Women and men of all creeds, professions and ranks are invited to partake in this historic event! It will take place at 8:00 pm under the central skies. (CST)

    Metal, magic and muscle! That is what is needed to oppress the foul henchmen Kuraazg thinks to bring to turn the tide in his favor! Healers will be stationed in the huts South of the battlefield! So all Grand Healers are bid welcome!

    The battle is to take place in the swamps many leagues South of the dungeon Destard (Roughly 117o 25'S by 12o 26'W). Runes have been marked and are available with free transportation -via- gates at The Unruled North Sentry, The Sandlewood Box, and Krista's Ranger Station.

    Lets Show this Daemon we mean BUSINESS!!!!!!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 1:54 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    EventMakers Deadline Looms
    Hail All!

    The following announcement was pulled from the Ultima Online Community Calendar:

    Grand Bishop Benedict has announced the deadline for submissions to the EventMakers' Trust fund. This fund helps player-run events see the light of day on Drachenfels. The posted deadline is June 22. The Grand Bishop lists the following guidelines for participation:

    • Write a description of each player that is vital to the event. With some background history, and a description of the character's personality (It would be good to take use of the great variety of characters available in UO.) This is important so that the 'actors' will have some guidelines on how to play their part.
    • Write a manuscript with the different plot lines, and puzzles that needs to be solved, and so on. And a description of how the 'play' should start. The event/quest/story does not have to have a final end if you plan to continue on the story later on.
    • Submit your application using the submission form found on the Church of Hysteresis' webpage. Go with the Virtues!
    Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 9:36 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    The HRE Ball
    We have recieved the following:
    The Holy Roman Empire guild will be holding it's first gala Satuday evening, May 13 7;00 central time in the ruins outside of Delucia in trammel. The party will have a small admission fee, 75 gps and contain rare food, marvelous bards and dancing, raffles and gambling. In order to get to the ruins go to delucia (if you don't know how to go there ask around) and then make your way to the Delucia bank. From there take the road which leads upward from the bank and out of town. You'll go under a small bridgelike structure indicating you've left town and from there the path goes to the right. This leads directly to the Ruins. We hope to see you there, it will truly be a roman style night to remember!
    Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2000, 7:07 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    BTB Delayed


    Unfortunatly the BTB will have to be delayed for a short while untill the IGMs can respond to my requests. I'd hoped that they would have responded by now, but they're very busy. I'll be aranging a new date soon, so keep watching for it.

    Thanks for your interest,

    Posted on Monday, May 8, 2000, 11:13 PM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Seventh Fragment Found!... And Lost...
    Ryak sent us this news..
    A few nights ago, the Bloodrock orcs stormed the tavern known as The Sandlewood Box and warned all in attendance that the establishment would continue to be raided until the seven fragments of the Gold Tome of Virtues were surrendered to them. Surely the Bloodrock were mistaken, for it is well known that only six fragments of the Tome have been recovered throughout the lands. Many defenders at Sandlewood snickered at the orcs lack of intelligence. Orcs can barely count two, let along six! But they were persistent, vehemently demanding what they sought and vowing to get it at all costs. Strangely enough, they departed without drawing steel or howling the familiar cry of "Noooograaaah!". Upon their departure, several allied clans of orcs began arriving in masses spilling the blood of many humans. Finally the attackers were vanquished leaving nothing but the stench of death and rotting corpses behind. This tale grows darker and the news I have to report is grim. Late Sunday night the orcs made good on their promise of recovering the fragments, at least partially. They arrived in force. Bloodrock clan and other allied clans were united together and led into battle by a fearsome Black Orc named Grak da Black. His eyes were filled with determination and hatred for the human race as he sliced his way through ill-equipped defenders. He began digging into the ground near the foundation of the tavern, an aura of magic surrounding him. Arrows whistled through the air, burying themselves deep into his black charcoal colored skin. Flames covered his body as mages began assaulting him with their arcane arts. He seemed oblivious to the pain, shrugging aside all attempts to bring him down. Suddenly, a cry of triumph filled the night as Grak da Black found what he had been searching for, the seventh fragment. The remaining Bloodrock orcs and other allied clans rallied quickly to his aid. The orcs had been right from the beginning. The seventh fragment was hidden within the grounds at Sandlewood all along, unbeknownst to anyone, and now it was in their possession. Battle tactics quickly changed as defenders of Sandlewood directed their efforts to bring down Grak da Black and recover the fragment of the Gold One's book. Alas, under relentless attack from dozens of valorous and brave souls, Grak da Black managed to flee into the night leaving those who witnessed his escape stunned, speechless, and heartbroken.
    So... who's going to get the tome now? Nobody knows...
    Posted on Monday, May 8, 2000, 10:03 PM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Traveler's Advisory: Valendor Overrun by Monsters!
    Hail All!

    Travelers are warned that town of Valendor is being overrun by an army of monsters. Led by the Orcs, this army includes Ettins, Harpies, Scorpions, Earth Elementals, and Lizardmen. While investigating these rumors, this reporter recalled to Ye Great Srdolch Merchant's vendor outlet and was nearly overwhelmed by a mob of monsters before he even had a chance to arm a weapon!

    Scattered resistance to this invasion is evident by the monster corpses scattered about town. However, no organized force has attempts to rid Valendor of this new vermin problem. Clearly, Valendor has been left unprotected since Nystul split our world.

    While an army of monsters attacking this fair town is distressing news in its own right, what has caused more concern is that these monsters seem to be more intelligent and persistent then the monsters we're used to fighting. Indeed, these monsters have learned some basic tracking skills, such as walking around houses. It's not unusual to see a lone hero fleeing for his or her life with ten to twenty assorted creatures in hot pursuit.

    Major figures from Valendor were temporarily unreachable for comment. The UOSS Drachenfels News Team hopes to follow up on this report with reactions from the Valendor community.

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Monday, May 8, 2000, 9:39 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Free repair night and CrS grand opening
    We have recieved the following:
    On Monday May 8th at 7pm Pacific time, The Crusaders of Sosaria will be hosting free armour and weapons repair to all who come.

    This event will occur as the Grand Opening for their new Merchant Tower, which hosts a large number of vendors selling all types of goods. This new tower is only steps to the east of the guild's public event tower and is located at: 75 45N, 23 29E.

    More directions are available at the guild's web page at by following the link for Directions to the Tavern.

    All of the attending Smiths are GrandMaster smiths and will be showing the CrS initials. Because weapons and armour do decay beyond repair, and because even a grandmaster smith will break a weapon during repair, CrS can not be responsible for any items destroyed by the repair process.

    We hope you will join us in the northern forests!

    Croniac, Grand Knight.

    Posted on Monday, May 8, 2000, 6:13 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Frosty reception at Shrine of Honesty
    Who is attacking the shrines, and why? A party of adventurers were asked to rally to their defence recently:

    It was a frosty, spring evening and I was just packing my wares into the bank ready to head off home. It had been a busy trading day and I was looking forward to a mug of ale in front of the fire.

    As I began to leave the trading floor on the south side of Britain Bank, a strange circle of people chattering away to the south caught my attention. Being a naturally inquisitive person I couldn't help going for a closer look. As I approached, the circle opened to reveal Elder Silas, an old man dressed in a brown robe telling of unimaginable horror that had fallen on the Shrine of Honesty. It appeared that he was looking for a few young men to assist him in the smighting of the evil mages and monsters than had taken over the shrine. Being a middle aged man, I thought my fighting days were behind me but when I was asked to join their party I leapt at the chance. With haste I rushed back to the bank to withdraw my cobweb ridden golden chainmail and mighty scimitar, and donned it before rejoining the party preparing to enter a gate to the Ice Isle.

    A frosty reception We arrived to a biting wind and a very 'hostile' welcome from the locals. I was immediately set upon by a hideous Frost Spider. Knowing that alone I couldn't take on such a beast I fled in the direction of the shrine. Unfortunately my legs are not what they once were and I struggled to lose him. As I chased my fellow party into the mountains, the spider gained more and more ground upon me and eventually I had no choice but to turn around and face it. A bitter fight ensued and I was lucky that a powerful mage heard my calls for assistance and returned to help me smight the poisonous foe. With the creature dead I continued my long trek along the mountain road to the shrine.

    I could smell death long before I reached the shrine. It was a hovering, rancid stench that hung it the air. When I finally arrived my fellow party members were waging a bitter war against evil mages and powerful hounds of hell. I could see this was a fight that would not be over soon.

    The bloody battle continued and I struggled to cope with the vastly superior spell casting abilities of the necromancers, on numerous occasions I thought death was imminent. However, my trusty partymates continued to keep my health high and free from poisons, whilst many a good warrior was not so lucky and fell in the conflict. I was sure the evil mages would do away with our meagre party as more and more monsters spawned from the depths of hell to assist them. As the fight wore on I could see our spirit and teamwork gradually gain the upper hand and many of the mages began to fall. Finally, as the dust settled and the clouds broke, I could see that the forces of good had been victorious and the powers of evil had been crushed.

    As yet I do not know why the mages had attacked the shrine, could this have something to do with the recent troubles with Minax? I, for one, don't have the answers. Who was the mysterious Elder who asked for our help? One thing is certain, it won't be the last time we are needed....

    By Samuel Pearwood

    Great story Samuel, thank you!

    Posted on Monday, May 8, 2000, 5:27 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Farewell Seer Aria

    After two years of committed service to our community, Seer Aria is saying good-bye. One of the original Seers of this shard, Aria has been a part of every major quest and blessing since the shard opened. Her works are far too numerous to mention, but can be seen all across our land and in the lives of the many she's touched through out the years. A gathering was held at 9pm PST on Friday May 5th at the Counselor's guild hall in Serpent's Hold (Felucca) to honor her. Among those in attendance were Seers, Counselors, Elders and many guild leaders, all wishing to show their gratitude for Seer Aria's friendship and dedication. The following is a letter from Aria:
    To all the treasured residents of the shard called Napa:

    On this day I bid my final farewell to you and the lands I have loved so long. (I warn you this is long.)

    I have walked these lands since the day of their birth; first as an archer when a bow was worth more as firewood and feathers were rare, learning how the world worked, meeting new people, discovering many interesting things about the shard, then in time I was honored with an invitation to take the robes of green which I wore with great pride and love for what they allowed me to bring to the shard I loved so well. Most folks do not know that a seer, like others that wear many robes, is a resident like you... a volunteer that does what they do not for material gain but for the pleasure of being able to help or bring fun to another. So next when you see one or have received their aid in some fashion, give them a heartfelt thank you - for that is their compensation and worth more than you know.

    The memories of the shard will go with me when I leave, there are so many things, so much history. It is really a shame when people ask me why so little has happened on Napa when in reality many amazing things have occurred ... some I watched with eyes filled with amazement and wonder, some as a seer I was honored to play a part in. I ask you to open your eyes and look around for there is much you can miss if you do not. So for many I leave you with a lesson in the rich history of Napa...

    In the early times there were the PK wars, the Summoning, the plate tax and the Dead Presidents. When earning the title of Lord or Lady meant a lot of hard work and carrying an Order or Chaos shield meant you paid in sweat and frustration and got a reward you really deserved. As time progressed many came together in the World Council trying to plan for the future - so many working together to try to build something greater then themselves. Then came the Sinful and their dastardly intent and history born with the murder of Hawkmoon and the birth of Napa's Revolution. The original battle of the Revolution in Britain, the departure of Hawkmoon, the investiture of Diamond in the role of Regent, the 3 battles that followed it in the swamps, the maze and once again in Britain for the Castles. So many took part in what was then and the Regency that came after. I remember the trial of treason of the Revolution leaders, the quest that so many worked on to find the Regent's heart. A seer sponsored, player-run event that would in time bring the attention and a visit by Lord British to meet with those who believed in the Regency. A visit that through miscommunication caused the demise of something it should have validated and would have brought even more amazing things to the shard.

    I remember the building of the Village of Virtue and the day the University of Virtue (now the University of Britannia) first opened its doors. The Red Eye and its poetry contests and theatre extraordinaire. Grimoire and its infamous Pink Tu-Tu club which would become the Grande Grimoire and hosting Friday Night Fight Night - welcoming all regardless of crimes. The building of the Buccaneer's Den Tavern, the day it was touched by magical fire, when it reopened its doors as the Pair-a-Dice Casino and in time invested as part of the town of Shanarra. I can still see the rise and fall of the wondrous Cathedral of Fire and its Avatars. Then the building of Mith and the White Rose Tavern, its beautiful gardens and the evil of the Spell of Flesh quest.

    The weddings that tool place in the beauty of the Lyceum and the wonder of the Serpents Hold Counselors Guild near its roof top fountain, so many I had the honor of officiating at, so many others I attended as an invited guest. The parties for various holidays, the Carnival at Paws Outpost and their Elemental Night every Wednesday. The tours of towns and amazing places that so many built and loved. The festivals and visits to so many different areas of the shard and meeting new people. All the folks that stored cookies and milk just for my visits... and of course the time Fear slipped me liquor in the guise of milk.

    I remember the days when I was the only seer on the shard wishing I could do more to the present when there are many elders and seers about with wonderful plans of their own. There are so many wonderful things to remember: the recently opening of the Sambrook Brewery in Yew; the day the weapons master, Nirolis Vanguard open his training hall in Serpent's Hold; a time when Alae Rysear's oft quite home on Moonglow was the waiting place for a book that could help a distressed dragon; and the day the remodeling was finished on a small home on the northeast side of Britain and an interesting gypsy named Tarina Faa moved in. The bank robberies, the stolen Virtue gems, the gargoyle spell - all part of a long quest to help Tarina and Katazar, the ancient blue dragon, discover why, then defeat the gargoyles who were plotting against him. The weeks of feeding Katazar sheep so the shard was bare of their like to keep him alive. The final battle in the jungles of the Lost Land, so many gargoyles, so many to help defeat them.

    I wish to thank all of the folks of Napa for bringing so much fun to my time as a seer, you are the heart and soul of Napa and I thank you for allowing me into your lives. With that there are some folks I do wish to thank for all of the wonderful times they brought me... Justice and LeeLu and the residents of Shanarra with their casino night and chicken fights. Moire Tregarde, Gabe, Shaar and Shaaria and the folks of Mith and their dedication. Pall Mall, his many reincarnations, his lively discussions and the folks of the Village of Virtue for their part in his schemes. Fiona, and the wondrously generous folk of the University of Britannia. McIntyre and the hooligans of the Red Eye for their dedication to the literary arts. To Cardinal Fear and the folks of Grimoire who fought for a legitmate place and home for the "evil" folk of Napa in spite of their uphill battle. Geddon for his wonderful songs and friendship. To Jascha for reasons that need not be spoken. To Hammerhead Fred and Neko and the residents of Paws Outpost for their tenacity and desire to make something all can enjoy in spite of so many obstacles. To Rocko for his wonderful news reporting. To Qan for the insanity that brought as many smiles as it did frustrations. JesDyr. Max, Stranger, Kira, Bonzo, Blak, Kuty, Dirk, DeFrae, Elwind, Raeven, and all of those who helped a gypsy lass and an amazing blue dragon in need of friends. To all of those who have started new towns and establishments in the recent past that I have only just come to know - I wish you luck in your undertaking. I know I have missed many friends in this list, for so many have touched my life on Napa - I hope you forgive me for not listing your name. Of course to the many friends that have moved on through the years I that have lived and shared times with on Napa.

    I know that there are many folks I never had the pleasure to meet and many my retirement will keep me from meeting but it is time to go. Many ask me why I go and to be honest I just feel it is time. I do feel sad for what I must leave behind to take this new path but in my heart I know it is the right thing. I think mostly I will miss the times when foes became friends and friends became family - people that cared as much for each other outside the realm as within it.

    To the residents of the shard, the counselors always willing to help and my fellow seers and elders with their great imagination and desire to bring adventure to any and all - I wish you all great happiness and safe journeys on whatever path your feet do tread.
    Farewell Napa.
    Retired Seer - Napa Valley Shard

    Seer Aria also wished me to share with you the touching speech given by Hammer Head Fred and Neko of the Paws Outpost:
    Sosaria is a world. The players are the inhabitants, both in a virtual and a very real sense. We "live" in Sosaria in every much a sense as we live in our own neighborhoods. We have neighbors we know and like, and ones we don't. We have friends we see daily, and those that we seldom see. We have houses, and jobs, possessions, plans, goals.... and Dreams. There are those who dwell in Sosaria for the express purpose of bringing dreams to life in its virtual sense. They go by many names and many guises. They are called Seers. One of them is called Aria. If in your time in Napa Valley, you have ever seen a strange going-on, witnessed a well-spoken personage recounting a harrowing tale, or rallied behind a crowd of players, you have been influenced by Aria's work. The purpose of a Seer is amazingly simple: make people happy. Attaining this goal is exceedingly hard. The difficulties and hurdles are many, the job exhausting, and the thanks few. She has attempted that which may have been called impossible, foolish, elitist, misguided, wasted, and silly, sometimes in the same breath. But to those who have seen the magic wielded by her, those who have enjoyed their evenings a bit more because of her, and those who can attribute their continued existence in Sosaria to her acts, would call it unselfish, giving, kind, exciting, and admirable. As with any friend, her parting is bittersweet. We take this time now to remember all those things we have done together. Those special moments that made us glad to be a part of this world, this world some would call fake, but which has undeniable life and breath and being. This world that Aria lent breath to. We have lived a virtual lifetime with you, Aria, and you will sorely be missed. Thank you for everything you have given us. We will always remember you. Let's all raise our glasses together to wish Aria all the best in wherever her travels may take her. *Raises glass in air* Cheers!

    Neko & Hammerhead Fred of Paws Outpost
    I would just like to add that I am truly honored to have reported on this story. In a brief interview with Aria it became clear to me that this was not simply a volunteer saying good-bye, but a huge and tragic loss to our community as a whole. Seer Aria will be sorely missed, but her legacy and legends live on in the world around us. Farewell Seer Aria, and God bless.
    Posted on Monday, May 8, 2000, 4:54 AM EDT by Ceridwen (NapaValley)

    Stormreaver Orc Clan: Plans Revealed?
    As you can see by the last news item, plans are being hatched by a host of groups in relation to the new lands. Rumors abound as well, including this little tidbit I recieved a short time ago.

    Greetings, I have some news to tell thee. I have heard reports and rumors regarding the region of Yew. The word is a great migration of the ancient Stormreaver Clan is at hand. On Felucca the Orc forts are quiet save for those less intelligible orcs the Stormreaver's call "urks" and a handful of Stormreaver Orcs who have taken upon themself to remain behind till all have settled within their new home. Those remaining are now quiet and stoic awaiting in turn to leave. They have taken the name of the Bludgod as their own and aspire to join their brethren in Trammel soon.

    Further rumors indicate activity along the mountain range of Shame. Large shipments of dark stone blocks have been seen transported out of the area. The trees surrounding the area have been heavily cut. Rumor has it that these are being used for the new orcish homeland. Recent word reveals that the plans for the new orcish settlement contains a large structure located at its base surrounded by other buildings. The layout is much grander than the small orcish fort formerly home to the Stormreavers south of Yew.

    So to all it may concern I bring thee warning.

    For a great Orcish Citadel is rising.

    The location of this Citadel still remains unknown to me. But I will investigate this matter further and bring what word I can.

    Thank thee for thy time in listening.

    Go in reverence with Mercy and Respect.

    Auren Therion

    And thank thee, Auren Therion, for this news. Sources within the Stormreaver Orc Clan, in typical orc fashion, would neither confirm nor deny this rumor. Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact us.

    Yours in the Light,

    Posted on Monday, May 8, 2000, 2:48 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    Crimson Sands of Evermoore...and the New King?
    I recieved this missive a short time ago. I found it a fascinating read.

    In light of Lord British's leaving the devastated facet of Felucca, King Fallout took responsibility for filling the vacant throne. Fallout is one of six lords ruling the Crimson Sands of Evermoore. While there has been no official word from Lord British or Lord Blackthorne on the change in leadership, it is belived that they would have chosen him to lead the resistance against Minax and the new threat posed by the Shadow Lords.

    While I was not able to confirm that Lords Iolo, Shamino and Dupre would also approve of Fallout's acceptance, I can not imagine they would allow the lands to go without a leader.

    Fallout called for a meeting of his most trusted advisors to discuss ranks and assigments for the coming struggle.

    United we are strong. United we will win!

    Christopher Gorm

    Very curious indeed. This does bring up an interesting question however. With the advent of the newlands, what will you or your organization intend to do now? Send your thoughtful comments to [email protected] and share with the world your plans. Deadline for submissions will be Friday, May 14th. Who knows, we may just have more than one King of Sosoria to contend with. Yours in the Light,

    Posted on Monday, May 8, 2000, 2:30 AM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    UOD has moved
    Balberith, webmaster of UOD (Ultima Online Deutschland) - one of the oldest and biggest german Ultima Online Fansites - has notified us, that they have re-designed the website and moved to a new webserver.

    The new URL is:

    Please update your bookmarks.

    Posted on Monday, May 8, 2000, 1:49 AM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

    Healers of Britannia

    Hi! The Healers of Britannia would like to remind the Pacific community that the Lighthouse Cafe is open every Saturday from 6-9 PM PST. There is food, drinks, conversation, wyvern hunting, and healers ready to heal and ressurect you should you become injured.

    To reach the Cafe:

    Starting from Felucca Yew, make your way from the township to the Court of Truth, located north-west of Yew.

    Find the prison cellblock within the court, which is in the most north-western building of the prison complex.

    Once there, go down the stairs, and enter the first cell on the right.

    Open the secret door, located on the back (north) wall, next to the chest.

    Go east down this corridor, until you come to the wall ahead, which is also a secret door!

    Open this door, and then move south.

    One of the prison buildings you were previously inside will soon come up on your left, and just as you round the corner of this building(turning left or east), there is another secret door which will be to the north.

    This leads to a little room with a teleporter, which takes you to a dark cave.

    Follow the cave north-east until you find a ladder, which leads to the lighthouse.

    You can find the cafe on the roof!

    We hope that you will join us at the Cafe next Saturday, May 13, 2000!

    *laughs* Well personally I would get lost, but good luck to those of you who wish to attend! Perhaps rune or gates could be made?
    Posted on Monday, May 8, 2000, 12:29 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    Changes to Stratics Forums
    Today we've made some changes to our Forums that may not seem obvious at first, hence an explanation here.

    First of all you need to be aware that all Forums are now reachable on new URLs. If you have any Forums bookmarked directly then I suggest you bookmark the new Forums by going to them from the UO Stratics menu on the left. The old URLs are still functioning for now, but will be removed soon.

    Second, you will notice that the "Thread views" counter has been removed from the Forums. The increase in speed because of that is quite large and as such we decided to do away with it. We think our readers prefer a fast and responsive Forum over the added feature of seeing how many times a particular post has been viewed.

    Posted on Sunday, May 7, 2000, 10:58 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Poor service for the Europa shard?
    Are you happy with the service you are receiving from the Europa shard? We have received word of a petition organised by Europa players, which partly began life on the Stratics Europa forum:

    Many players have complained of poor connection rates and high pings resulting in unplayable gaming conditions. Some believe this has become worse following the UO:R patches.

    There is also unhappiness among some players with what they see as a lack of in-game support (GM`s and counsellors).

    We received the following news from a player called Harrison at [email protected]:

    This is a URL to a petition against the unfair treatment the players of the Europa shard are receiving:

    Can you please place this on you site so the petition will get more recognition, and allow people to air their views.

    The organisers point out that this is not a petition about UO:R in general, or other PvP changes, so if you want OSI to bring back pre-casting that is fair enough, but this is not a petition about that.

    You can find out more by following the link and reading the "open letter" written by the petition's organiser. Also, we should point out this is not a Stratic's petition, though we shall certainly report on any developments.

    Many thanks Harrison for telling us about this!

    Posted on Sunday, May 7, 2000, 9:45 PM EDT by Mingus Mulingus (Europa)

    Have Your Event on the Test Center Shard!
    Ever wanted to host an event but your character didn't have the necessary skills or maybe you didn't have the funds to put the event on? Well, now you can. Not only can you have the skills you want for the event, you can also have the gold to do it with!

    "But that isn't any fun, there are no prizes. Anything I win, anyone can get...and it doesn't last!"

    Well, you'll have the opportunity to be interviewed and have the interview posted along with all the information about the event before the event actually happens. (This will need to be done at least 4 days before the event)

    After the event, I will do another brief interview with you (the host) and also an interview with the winner. After all the dust settles, you will be able to actually read about (maybe even see) yourself on the Stratics web site!

    Doesn't sound like much of a prize? Ahhh, I tell you this, recognition can be one of the greatest rewards anyone can ever win!

    If you plan on hosting an event, e-mail me with the following information:

    Character name

    Type of event
    Event rules
    Event start and end time
    Event location

    Below is a sample event:

    Purple Potion Tag

    What is it?

    The idea is that players attempt to eliminate other players with the use of purple potions (no weapons or magic allowed).

    As a part of the Tag group, players will toss purple potions at the other players while trying to out-maneuver purple potions tossed at them. In this game, timing will be critical to your success.
    There should be at least four players who just observer to be sure no one cheats.
    This event is "to the death."
    There is no time limit on the event.
    This event is held at the Jhelom Dueling Pit


    No armor allowed.

    No magic healing, healing potions or bandages allowed.
    No weapons, magic, or animals allowed.
    No food allowed.
    No assistance from any other players while playing "tag".
    No hiding allowed.
    Only purple potions are allowed, I recommend greater explosion.
    Once you die, you lose. You may go get rezzed but you can no longer participate in the current Tag session.
    Players are encouraged to help other players in providing greater explosions for everyone to use.

    Your goal: to be last player left alive. If more than one session of Tag is held, the winners of each session will have to play a final session to determine the ultimate winner.

    This is a very fast paced and fun game!

    Posted on Sunday, May 7, 2000, 9:27 PM EDT by Dracos Moira (TestCenter)

    ORK's of Kor and VKR Clash Again!!
    Another Clash between the orks and VKR:
    Twas another Overcast and grey day on Felucca The Knights were lined up at dusk, all were prepared for a coming War, Blades were honed to a razor sharpness, Armour was polished and gleaming. Shuffling feet restlessly they awaited the Guild Masters command to move out.

    As the Night consumed them all in a veil like black velvet, the order came to move out. A door of light shed a pale blue radiance whence the Knights all entered.

    After the brief flash, they emerged in a dank cave, moisture left the air with a heavy feeling. the Echoing footfalls of the mounts let lent to the eyrie air of anticipation. The Knights formed up and, began to move to the only exit, Where Battle awaited.

    The valiant Knights tightened their Grip on their weapons as the call was give to charge.....
    How did this come about, ye ask? Tis all a question of the right of free passage. There lies a pass near Yew, where adventures travel on their way to the Dungeon Shame. Twas this very pass where the battle was would rage,

    The Orcs Of KOR, swelling in numbers of late, had laid claim to the pass, Demanding Tribute from all who went to use it.

    The Virtuous Knights of the Realms also claimed the very same pass, on behalf of all free people of the lands, The history of these two guilds hath been colourful indeed, the latest conflict had been in the fair city of Britain, On that occasion the Knights had been Victorious, Though the Orcs had won against the Knights when the latter had laid siege to the Orcs Fort. Now They were to meet again....

    Into the Night they Charged, one Dozen Knights, for the Virtues they would fight. The Battle was joined, for twice their number awaited behind a barricade of crates filled with heavy ore. Pure Chaos filled the narrow pass.

    A continual ring from the clash of weapons made companions calls fade into nothing, Only the occasional Words of power were to be heard above the din, Followed by their devastating effects, flame flashed, creating a dazzling display of reflections from the Knights armour. The Orcs fought viciously, hacking down a Knight when they could isolate one.

    All the time they cried prayers to their God, In the fray, the Knights found the satisfaction of slaying the vile creatures, though when one was slain another filled the gap quickly, Through it all both sides took losses, as blood flowed freely, The Knights, out numbered 2 to 1, still fought on, Arms began to tire, for the battle continued for what seemed an eternity, bandages roughly applied stopped some bleeding, though the Knights ranks were thinning. A quick glance about told who would be Victorious, The Orcs of KOR still with a few fresh warriors were now engulfing the remaining Knights, One would fall to a blow, even so his comrades could deliver more of their own.

    The Valour the Knights showed shall be written in the Guilds history, For to a Man they fought, Out numbered, with their Courage as their guide, To uphold the rights of the Innocent, But to a Man they died, defending that Ideal. Long live their Memory, they gave it their all.

    Tis only another chapter in the Feud with the Orcs, Take heart all ye Innocents in the realms, Twelve Knights stood up to twice their number, and took fourteen opponents before judgement was passed on their deeds. Always the Virtuous Knights of the Realms shall remain true to the Virtues.

    Lady Anastasia.
    Honoured Knight, VKR

    Posted on Sunday, May 7, 2000, 7:55 PM EDT by Multani (Oceania)

    Endings - A Farewell to Tarina Faa
    This was a touching story I thought everyone on Napa would want to read. There has been much change lately in our fair land. This is just another example. With each new birth I watch my old friends pass on.

    As I wandered through Britain I could not help but look around in amazement at what had become of our fair city. A city that had been so very vibrant and colorful just a few scant days before now lay darkened and the glorious trees where now bereft of their leaves. Shaking my head at such wastefulness due to the battle between "good and evil" I headed toward Tarina Faa's house on the outskirts of northeast Britain. The outside of the house looked as it always has, perhaps because of the good aura that surrounded her and her house, the flowers still bloomed in spite of the decay to be seen just beyond her doorstep.

    I stood there knowing she had not been successful with what she had planned and reflected on how swiftly things can change. In the times since I met Tarina as a wandering "witness" of sorts to her deeds I was lucky enough to finally meet the gypsy and for her to welcome me, in spite of some of the not so flattering stories I had written about her in the past.

    When I last saw her she was very angry, she took a deep breath to calm herself then told me what had happened as we walked toward the east side of town. She had spent some time in Lord British's garden enjoying a small bit of peace in the oft invaded city, gathering some of the early season fruits of which she was so fond. While there she came upon Nystul pacing around as if preparing to cast some spell or some such. Tarina had ducked behind some bushes overlooking from the elaborate creation of stone that stood not far from the castle gate. As must as she distrusted magic in all of time I have known her, I can image that this circumstance did not sit very well with her.

    She went on about how Nystul prepared the spell then waving his arms around began to chant some odd sounding mantra of mystical words. When he was though some odd metallic colored moon gate opened behind him and he well, fell into it. Tarina said she was stunned but then again, when folks mess with "magicks" as she called them, it was to be expected that in time something would go wrong.

    Tarina said there were few others that witnessed the casting of the "blasted spell" as she called it but said Dirk Fireslinger had come to the castle shortly after. She said she told Dirk what she had seen and told him she was going to go back to the house, pack a few things and head out the solitude of the forest until the result of Nystul's little fiasco came to pass.

    As we walked toward her house though you could see the resigned look in her eyes change to something else, a grim determination perhaps. Suddenly she turned to me and told me she could not dally she had something she had to do and if she were the luckiest of all gypsies, perhaps it would make a difference. I gave her a hasty farewell hug and sent her on her way. I watched a bit until she turned the corner around the Chamber of Virtues and could see her no more, knowing that she was determined to walk whatever path had risen beneath her feet as we had walked.

    Shaking off the memories I knocked on Tarina's door hoping she was home, the house was very dark and only the brief flickering lights like that from a fireplace gave any light at all. I peaked into the front window, an old habit I suppose, and could tell nothing from the angle. Lifting my hand to knock a bit harder, I felt a strong breeze at my back such that I got a chill. I pounded a bit at the door and it seemed rather odd that the door well, rattled. That door was made from strong Britannia timbers and in all the time it had been hanging there since the refurbishing of the house, I had never known it to do so... expect if it was unlocked. Suddenly the chill return as I reached for the handle, I could not help but let my fears runwild... a dark and quiet house and an unlocked door.

    Slowly I pulled it open and called out Tarina's name. The place echoed as if empty. The only light entering was that of the open door but in a few places on the floor I saw glow embers, even a few open flames. This was so very odd. I called out her name again as I moved across the entry to the table where a candle often stood. A candle that on all my other visits was always lit. I reached out for the candle and found it, well what was left of it. It was melted in a pool and the candlestick was on its side.

    "Damn" I thought to myself, and hoped beyond hope that I had an extra candle or torch stuffed in my pack somewhere. As luck would have it a half-used torch was buried beneath many things I would rather not mention but after lightening it and seeing the house part of me wished that torch had never been found.

    Fear and horror led me around the house, dragging me along, my heart growing colder at the devastation this wandering revealed. The house was destroyed, very little of Tarina's beautiful home with its deep red trappings remained whole. It was as if someone had randomly cast flame strike spells in a whirlwind. The most gruesome discovery of all was the body, or I should say remains of the body lying not far from the table where so many nights had been spent in conversation and friendship with Tarina.

    The bones and shards were relatively close together, yet some were missing. When I looked closer I realized that the bones had been seared white by intense heat. Lying close by was the amazing ruby bead necklace and other jewelry that Tarina refused to take off for they reminded her of a hard learned lesson of her past. Then a glint came off a piece of silver lying near what could have been an outstretched hand. The pearl-handed knife with its silver blade now a misshaped mass, a gift from her father so very long ago, now lay ruined. I knew without a doubt that the remains on the floor were that of Tarina Faa herself.

    I must admit that part of me wanted to run from that place and never look back but I could not for I had made a promise to Tarina long ago that if anything "unusual" ever happened to her I would find her journal and see if it held any secrets. That promise forced me into the ruin that was her bedroom to see if the journal lay in its hiding place beneath a board in the corner not far from the door. I moved the charred remains of a small dresser away from the wall and reached down to loosen the board, the journal was there, singed but there. I could only hope that it would reveal what had happened not long before to my dear friend.

    After rescuing the book and begging the forgiveness of my friend, whose remains lay on the floor of her beloved house, I ran as fast as I was able to the Britain Public Library where I knew that a quiet corner and good reading light could be found. I looked around to make sure I was completely alone and open the charred cover. Many of the pages were destroyed, so crisped from the heat they were illegible but near the back... the last few pages of the book were most recent and readable. I recognized the simple writing style that was Tarina's...

    Page 37
    "Can you believe it? I found Katazar after all of this time, thanks to that little ocelot. It seems he has recovered well from his hard times and recovered his memories as well. He told me about the staff and what it means to me and my heritage and though I know he is telling the truth, I promised him I would never write down the words that would explain it all. He and I have started to look for the staff, I pray the spirits that we find it soon. My training has begun. I have to wonder if my dislike of magic impedes my progress. As slow as things are going I will never master..."

    The rest too scorched to read so I turned the page and saw that the upper half of the back page was very clear.

    Page 38
    "Oh journal we found it! Not far from where Katazar thought it would be. It did take us longer to find it that expected since so much has changed since it was buried but I will not complain, I did get to spend a lot of time in the forests of my youth. I hope my friends do not hate me... the promise that I made to Katazar meant I could not reveal to them our secret search for the red staff and why I was away from the house so often.

    The staff is an amazing thing... looks like I remember it from so long ago, though now that I am grown it seems so much shorter. There was no decay on the staff at all though it be made of simple wood. The feelings it invoked in me when I pulled it from the damp earth... it is so hard to describe! I am..."

    The pattern of the previous page's charring repeated on this one. Looking at the others there is not much left to read just portions of two pages left. Quickly I scanned they characters Tarina had written.

    Page 39
    "My training progresses but still slowly. The red staff itself gives me power but Katazar says not to rely on it. I must learn the skills myself for to control the power that is my birthright, I must master the skills of the magicks he teaches or it will consume me.

    We talk often about my family's history for in Katazar's mind knowing where the staff and its power come from is very important to my learning. It seems the staff itself is actually a dragon; a deep red dragon that owed a deep and lifelong debt to my great-great-great granddame, why Katazar would not reveal. All he said was that the dragon within the staff would reveal it on the day I had mastered magicks and could set him..."

    Quickly I turned the page to read the last of Tarina's words:

    Page 40
    "Darn I have to remember to get a new journal! This one is full! Oh well, if this experiment fails I may not need another. That fool Nystul was playing with some spell in British's castle and I saw him fall into some mystical gate. As much as I hate magick I have to try to release the dragon. Katazar say he and I together have a great power that can only be used to help others in need.

    I can no longer sit back and watch the troubling times the dark lady has brought to us nor witness the lack of aid offered to the people of this place. I know Katazar said casting the spell is dangerous without the mastery of my skills but I can wait no longer. I cannot sit back and watch all of the people I love be destroyed... I will not, never again will I...."

    "Oh Tarina..." I said in barely a whisper. Her journal had revealed what had caused the devastation in the house, the fire, and her death. In her desire to help those that had brought so much to her, she lost her life. The tears began to drip on the ruined pages that revealed so much and I started to morn the loss of a wondrous friend and a giving heart.

    - Sarrah Sirruleane

    Posted on Sunday, May 7, 2000, 5:04 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Dungeon Crawl

    Greetings all,

    This Sunday May 7th at 7pm pst, I will be hosting a dungeon crawl for the Pacific Mage Tower.The crawl is open to all. We will be using the party system and the standard "dye-tub of bad taste"(so wear clothes you don't mind dying). Depending on participation, we will be hitting either Shame or Hythloth, on the Felucca facet.

    I will be providing gate transportation at the East Britain bank for 15 minutes only at 6:30pm. If you haven't visited the Tower before or do not know how to get there, you are encouraged to take advantage of this gate. Runes to the Tower will also be available. Look for my Tower title, Red Robes, PMT, floating over my head.

    Feel free to arrive early, to explore the Tower and feel at home. Remember the Tower is public and open to all. You are expected to respect others while there(and on the crawl) despite past history.

    -Sandrah, Red Robes/PMT
    Sounds like fun for all. Be careful, dungeons are dangerous, and happy hunting to all!

    Posted on Sunday, May 7, 2000, 5:48 AM EDT by Zandra (Pacific)

    A Gypsy Folktale for your consideration
    While peering into my crystal, deep in meditation, I remembered a story told to me as a youth by the tribal wise woman. I wish to share it with all of you. Do with it what you will:

    One night a group of nomads were preparing to retire for the evening, when suddenly, they were surrounded by a great light. They knew they were in the presence of a celestial being. With great anticipation, they awaited a heavenly message of great importance that they knew must be especially for them. Finally, the voice spoke, "Gather as many pebbles as you can. Put them in your saddlebags. Travel a day's journey and tomorrow night will find you glad and it will find you sad." After the being departed, the nomads shared their disappointment and anger with each other. They had expected the revelation of a great universal truth that would enable them to create wealth, health and purpose for the world. But instead they were given a menial task that made no sense to them at all. However, the memory of the brilliance of their visitor caused each one to pick up a few pebbles and deposit them in their saddlebags, all the while voicing their displeasure. They traveled a day's journey and that night while making camp, they reached into their saddlebags and discovered every pebble they had gathered had become a diamond. They were glad they had diamonds. They were sad they had not gathered more pebbles.

    May Fate smile upon thee!

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 9:29 PM EDT by Luxmea Mundi (GreatLakes)

    ALBE Has Moved and More!
    Azazel sent us the following:
    A Little Bit of Everything has moved to!

    While we were gone we created four new comics for your viewing pleasure. ALBE Sold Out!, Renaissance 101, Welcome to Trammel, and Top of The Mountain are all available for your perusal. So come on over and see our new site design, we've missed you!

    ALBE IS LOVE! =^-^=

    -A Little Bit of Everything

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 8:29 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    Brittanian Graffitti Comics
    Eddie sent us the following information:
    Hi, its me, eddie, the maker of Brittanian Graffitti Comics.

    I have added a new comic to my site featuring 2 new characters, Tandem and The amazing Educated Orc.

    Check it out at:

    Still havent given up-

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 8:26 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    More on Last Week's Poll
    After much hate mail, and a few well thought out comments, I have decided that I was wrong to include the comment about the IRC campaign to vote against UO:R. While I originally thought of it as an effort to "stuff the ballot box", I now realize that it was simply "democracy in action", as one reader put it.

    What really bothers me is the implications that I said it because the results were "anti-OSI", and that if the pro-UO:R group had done the same thing, and won, that I would not have done the same thing. This couldn't be farther from the truth. UOSS is NOT OSI. We are simply a fan site. We have nothing to gain or loose by attempting to discredit the poll results. If that were the case, we could simply doctor the poll results to say whatever we wanted them to say, and I dont know ANY site that would do such a thing.

    The problem with polls is while they only indicate how people feel on a subject, they dont tell you WHY they feel that way. So, since most of you indicated you dont like UO:R, I am going to ask you why.

    Please send an e-mail, indicating the top reason you dont like UO:R, to [email protected]. Please only send ONE reason, and have it formatted into one sentence. An example would be: The trees look awful without leaves. E-mails with long dissertations or multiple entries will be ignored. Also, please do not flood my e-mail with multiple submissions of the same idea. I will then pick ones to be used in next week's poll.

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 8:19 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    ***IMANEWBIE does BRITANNIA*** New 'Toons!
    This just in from Tyron:
    This week heralds the momentous moment when ImaNewbie will meet his creator, Tryon, face-to-face in UO. I also added another Diablo comic from the archives, a new midi, and some new polls, so head on over to my site and check it out.

    Added Friday, May 5th: Episode #106 - We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto (Part 4)

    ImaNewbie does Britannia


    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 4:35 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CandidCoverage)

    New Poll
    In our last poll, we asked wether or not you liked the UO:R changes. 55% responded that they didnt like, or were dissapointed with UO:R.

    This time, we are going to ask you what feature of UO:R you like the most, other than new land for houses.

    So, stop on by our Periodic Poll and let us know.

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 3:48 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Bloodrock Letter Found and Translated!
    This letter was sent to me by Grool of the Urk:

    Wen uu uhmans gunna lern?

    We hab grown sik ub uu uhman kraltches. Da Bludchok'rz an allied uruk klans nub guin tu stub attackin da Sandlewood Box until dem gib us ull sef tomez! Nub any uhmans neeb kno w'ruum we wunt dem! Ryak say heem nub hab sef, heem playd dum... but we kno heem du. Uu eeder gib up da tomez, ur da Bludchok'rz guin tu clomp ull da uhmans at Sandlewood, take da tomez, und r'hir'a erd'a da taburn.


    Grool ub da Bludchok'rz

    After receiving this letter, I sat down to decipher the orc language and this is my translation:

    "When are you humans going to learn?
    We have grown sick of you disgusting humans. The Bloodrock and our allied Orc Clans are not going to stop raiding the Sandlewood Box Tavern until we have all 7 fragments. No one needs to know why! Ryak claims he does not have 7. He is playing dumb, we know he has 7. You either give up all the fragments or the Bloodrock is going to kill all the humans at The Sandlewood Box, take the fragments, and burn the tavern to the ground."

    Anyone wishing to help defend Sandlewood could reach it by recalling from a rune at Museum of Memories, Cove Merchants Guild, Krista's Ranger Station, or the North Sentry at the TUR village. The Bloodrock can be found at

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 2:32 PM EDT by Endren Fenixfyre (GreatLakes)

    Britain City Council Meeting
    Hail, citizens of Britainnia! The Britain City Council will be meeting Saturday at 3:00 p.m. (EST). Join us at the guild hall in East Britain, just south of the bank (between Incantations & Enchantments and A Girl's Best Friend). We will be meeting in the Trammel facet. Come by and get to know us, voice your concerns, or offer suggestions. We hope to see you there!

    Katherine, Grandmaster Healer

    Historian, Britain City Council
    Ciaran, Lia Fail Empire (Atlantic)
    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 12:04 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    New Test Center Shard Reporter
    Hail and well met friends and foes! My name is Dracos Moira and I am your new shard reporter for the UO Test Center Shard.

    I will start our relationship with an introduction to myself and then an introduction to the Test Center as it currently is.

    As stated, my name is Dracos Moira, but you can refer to me as Dracos or even just Drac. I was introduced to UO in the June of '99. Since then I have been hooked and have devoted much of my time to this fantastic game. I love adventure, quests, stories, events, and just plain meeting new people in general. I am hoping our relationship will be a long lasting, meaningful one.

    As a reporter for the Test Center, I feel I am here for you, to write about your concerns, your adventures, your discoveries, your events, your guilds, and whatever else you, the player, feels is important. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

    Now, about the Test Center. The Test Center Shard is unique in the fact that players have the ability to change and manipulate their skills and stats whenever they want. A player can be a pure warrior one day and change that character into a pure mage the next day. This is a great place to experiment and just have fun without any real threat of losing precious time spent in gaining those hard to earn skill points.

    Basic Test Center Information

    To change your skill's and stats, just say "Help" and a list of commands to change these things will pop-up on the screen. This list disappears very fast so you might want to have your journal open to make it a lot easier to work with. I have also made a list of the commands here which you may want to print up for easy reference instead of saying "help" all the time.

    Upon entering the test Shard, your new character will be given many different things. This will give you the ability to try the different skills without having to spend a lot of time acquiring the necessary items needed to use or experiment with the skills you want to try. I have also included a list of items which your character is given. Use this for reference if you are unsure if you will be able to practice or experiment with any of the skills.

    To set your stats, say 'set (str|dex|int) ###'. The ### must be between 10 and 100 and you can not exceed a total of 225 stat points.
    Example: Dracos Moira: set str 100
    Message you will receive: Your stats have been adjusted

    To set your skills, say 'set (skill name) ###'. The ### ranges between 0 and 1000. You will not be able to exceed 700.0 total skill points.
    Example: Dracos Moira: set magery 500
    Message you will receive: You have successfully adjusted your magery skill
    Magery changed now = 50.7 (+49.2)

    The key words to use for (skill name) are as follows. . .
    alchemy anatomy animallore itemid armslore parry begging blacksmith fletching peacemaking camping carpentry cartography cooking detecthidden entice evalint healing fishing forensics herding hiding provocation inscribe lockpicking magery magicresist tactics snooping musicianship poisoning archery spiritspeak stealing tailoring animaltaming tasteid tinkering tracking veterinary swords macing fencing wrestling lumberjacking mining meditation stealth removetrap

    Gold that is placed in your bank box:
    9000 gold pieces, spend it as you see fit and enjoy yourself.

    Tools that are placed in your bank box:
    a dovetail saw, a shovel, a fishing pole, a smith's hammer, a lap harp, a mortar and pestle, a sewing kit, a pair of scissors, a two handed axe, and a tool kit.

    Items that are placed in your bank box:
    a full spellbook and a bag of reagents (50 of each), 5 blank recall runes, 5 Trammel moonstones in a bag, 5 Felucca moonstones in a bag, a level 1 treasure map, a level 2 treasure map, a level 3 treasure map, a level 4 treasure map, a level 5 treasure map, 1000 feathers, 1000 of each reagent, 1000 iron ingots, 1000 piles of hides, 1000 logs, 1000 blank scrolls, 1000 empty bottles, 1000 clean bandages, 1000 bolts of cloth, and 1000 raw fish steaks.

    You are given everything you need to experiment or practice any of the skills within UO.
    Good luck and have fun!

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 10:05 AM EDT by Dracos Moira (TestCenter)

    Character Purging
    The following was just moved from In Concept to In Development:

    Unused Character Cleanup

    Character data takes up a great deal of space on the servers. Many players have multiple characters that they do not play (characters made for one-time events, made during their regular shard downtime, etc.). Purging characters that are not being used will result in shorter backups, decreasing shard down time and increasing overall performance.

    Characters are deleted after three months unless:

    • The character has over 75 total stat points. All characters that are over 75 stat points will not be purged by this system.
    • Characters at or below 75 total stat points will need to be "refreshed". Refreshing is defined as logging a character in and then logging out. Logging in a character will reset the three month timer.

    In order to warn players, shards on the Shard Selection screen will appear in a different color when characters on that shard are scheduled for a purge. Character names in the login list will then appear in the same color if they have not been logged-in for over 2 months. This will serve as a reminder and also warn the player in case a time-warp results in the "refreshing" of a character not saving.

    In addition, players will be e-mailed a warning approximately two weeks before any character is purged. It is very important that all players update their e-mail address in the Account Management section of the Ultima Online website before this system is introduced into the game.

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 8:17 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Long Term Player Rewards
    The following was just added to 'In Concept' on the Ultima Online website:

    The Ultima Online Customer Rewards Program

    The Ultima Online Customer Rewards program is designed to reward long-term players for their loyalty to the UO community. It is our way of thanking our players and showing our appreciation for your long-term support of UO, and for helping us to continue to build and grow the most popular virtual world in existence today. All players who have played for more than 12 consecutive months will be receiving an in-game reward.


    There have been two categories of long-term players currently identified to be recognized by the program: players who have been in the game for 12 to 23 months and those who have played for 24 months or more. Each of the two designated categories of long-term players will be offered a different selection of in-game rewards. All reward options are 'no loot' and 'no steal', and clothing items will never wear out.

    12-23 month players may choose two of the following:

    • Black dye tub
    • Bronze cloak
    • Bronze +2 AR robe
    • Copper cloak
    • Copper +2 AR robe
    • Random one of 14 mini-monster statues
    • Furniture dye tub

    24+ month players may choose three options from a list encompassing the rewards above and the additional rewards listed below:
    • Agapite cloak
    • Agapite +2 AR robe
    • Golden cloak
    • Golden +2 AR robe
    • Bless Deed
    • Any 12-23 month reward listed above

    Players who fit into one or more of these categories will have the option to receive their rewards when they log into the game after attaining a reward level. Rewards are given on a "per account" basis, but may be divided among characters on an account. For example, a player who achieves 24 months of playtime may choose to accept two rewards with a character on one shard, and may choose the remaining reward with a different character. The option to collect rewards will appear each time you log in to the game until you have chosen the total awards for which you are eligible.

    This reward program will be expanded to include players who have been in the game for 36 months, and more, as Ultima Online continues into the future. Future prize lists will be detailed at a later date.

    We are interested in hearing your feedback on this program.

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 8:06 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Museum of Memories events
    Hail Friends!

    The Museum of Memories is excited to announce an evening of competition you will never forget! Yes, at long last.... the next Sosaria's Survival of the Fittest is about to take place! Do you think you are the best of the best? Do you think you have what it takes to defeat Sosaria's most skilled warriors and claim the title of Sosaria's Best Two-Person Team? Then dig into that bank box and pull out your best weapons and armor... ready your most powerful spells... grab your favorite partner...and prepare for the fight of your life! This will be a no holds barred, anything goes battle to the death. And be warned.... winners will be allowed to loot the bodies of their fallen opponents, so think hard about what you are willing to risk in pursuit of ultimate glory! Only 16 teams will be allowed to enter, so don't wait too long to sign up!

    For those of you with more peaceful dispositions, the evening promises to be one of dazzling magical fireworks, fierce weapon displays and amazing tactical maneuvering you will not want to miss! Seating will be provided for those of you wishing to observe the battle, and the Museum will be raffling of various prizes to the audience as the evening progresses.

    Details of the evening are listed below:

    WHEN: May 13, 2000 at beginning 8 p.m. EST
    WHERE: The rooftop of the Museum of Memories Tower
    ENTRY FEE: 5,000 gp Team, to be given to Kaelyn prior to the battle

    SIGNING UP: Contact Kaelyn via email at [email protected] or from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. EST at the Museum prior to the battle

    1. Two-person teams of any combination
    2. Magic weapons and armor of any type are allowed
    3. Poisoned weapons are allowed
    4. All spells are allowed
    5. Each contestant will be allowed a TOTAL of 5 potions of any kind
    6. Each contestant will be allowed 10 bandages
    7. NO Pets of any kind
    8. The battle is over when both members of one team are dead


    • 1st Place Team will Receive 50,000 Gold Pieces, and two Vanquishing weapons of thier choice!
    • 2nd Place Team will Receive 30,000 Gold Pieces, and a Power weapon of their choice!
    • 3rd, 4th and 5th Place Teams will receive 10,000 Gold Pieces

    RAFFLE: Various prizes will be raffled off during the battle. These prizes will include gold, powerful weapons, and GM armor to name a few! To enter the raffle, bring a book with your name entered upon its pages and give it to a Museum staff member the night of the fights.

    My personal thanks go out to Fredolf of the guild Disciples of Mondain who worked with me to plan this night of fun as my competetive fighting skills are a bit lacking. Or should I say non-existent *smile* Thanks Fred!

    Whether you're a competitor or just come along to enjoy the show, we look forward to seeing you there!

    Kaelyn, Museum Administrator

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 7:14 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    Just a Clarification
    Yes that really IS me! One of my favorite things to hear when I'm going out into the realm and wandering around, looking for a story is, "Are you really a Stratics reporter?" And as I always tell them, look at my guild title. Yes I know anyone can put "UOSS Shard Reporter" as their title BUT if the initials are UOS, it's a genuine UOSS Shard Reporter. So for all of you out there that have said I'm impersonating Narga Saiyen, *grins*, it's really me.
    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 6:57 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Housing Delayed on Trammel
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:
    House Placement Information

    The first stage of housing placement in Trammel is currently pending the resolution of several issues. Before releasing any specific dates for housing placement, we want to be sure that we have resolved any remaining issues with shard stability, backup times, and any remaining housing bugs.

    The opening of housing on the Trammel facet will increase server load, and we want to be sure that any possible situations that may arise during the transition are resolved before they become a problem. We expect to have these issues resolved in the next several weeks and will release a housing placement schedule as soon as it is determined.

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 6:56 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    News From Trammel
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Hail and met travellers,

    Marcher the archer, loyal servant of the crown at your service. I did embark on a journey to see the new pristine lands of Trammel that many a traveller had been speaking about as of late; after some rudimentary instruction at a local pub as to how to use the glowing moonstones, and getting some basic supplies in order, I stepped through the gate. Fair citizens, what I saw on the other side shocked me like the cold of a stone harpy's teat, nay but in a GOOD way. This was the land of milk and honey, unspoiled and fresh, a beautiful site to be sure. Now, I may not be the surest marksman in the land, though someday I will be mates, but I can surely hold my own against any beast in the wilderness I have seen in Felucca - I once sent my shaft clean through the head of an ettin, in one ear and out the other.

    But I digress - the point to my tale is that ye travellers should not let the pleasing appearance of the new lands deceive ye - I did this very morn encounter evil the likes of which I have naer laid eyes upon in Felucca - I was walkin cross the grasslands west of fair Britain picking up some reagents for a magic using friend of mine when all of a sudden, a great tower looms before mine eyes, now as I saw it I was confused, as it was my understanding that the crown was not permitting the construction of dwellings in Trammel until some further charting and research takes place by the royal guard. For a moment I thought I had missed the proclamation allowing the citzens of Sosaria to begin to settle in Trammel (I have been known to have a pint or two too many). The next thing I knew, scowling wizards in red cloaks began to pour from the doors of the tower chanting the words of power. I was engulfed in flames, poisoned and electrocuted in seconds! I barely escaped with my life, many thanks to the other travellers outside town who helped me dispatch the evil doers who gave me chase. After our foes were slain, we returned to where the tower had appeared, but it was gone! I know not if these were the minions of Minax, for I have a strict policy of drawing my bow and asking questions later! Let my tale serve as a warning to those who travel in the new lands, for it seems the evil mages who rule the underworlds in the dungeons are intending to bring their foul magics to the surface in Trammel!

    A call to arms to able bodied citizens to drive them back to the darkness from which they came!!

    May thy bow stay true,


    Thankye kindly, Marcher, for this news.
    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 6:02 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Comments from the Team - LadyMOI
    The following was just posted to the Comments from the Team on the Ultima Online Website:

    Comments from the Team - Producer

    And we go through another changing of the guards... for those of you who have been around awhile, you know this kind of change is not new. I'm the fifth Producer of Ultima Online in its history. Each of my predecessors has made their mark on the world of UO. The original producer, Starr Long, is largely responsible for there ever being a UO at all. Thank you, Starr. Rich Vogel brought you The Second Age and led the team to evolve and grow UO even more after that. Thank you, Rich. Jason Bell brought a sophistication of process to the team and truly understood and capitalized on the value and resource of the other areas of the service, including community relations. Thank you, Jason. Rick Hall took Jason's initiatives and kept the team focused through the publish of Renaissance. Thank you, Rick. All four of these men have had outstanding teams that are really the ones that make UO happen. None of this would ever come to pass without the outstanding efforts of the programmers, designers, and artists who have graced this project. Ultima Online has been touched by some of the most visionary and dedicated people in the business. I'm honored to be a part of this lineage. Now it is my turn...

    Formerly, I was the head of the Community Services group, which includes the Community Relations department and, as of about 6 weeks ago, the Event Programming department. (Some of you may know it as the Interest group.) I created the Community Relations department here at Origin from scratch and am extremely proud of that group and the progress that has been made. Our goals included: understanding the community, delivering timely and accurate information about all areas of the service, and creating new and interesting entertainment on the site. I believe that incredible growth has been made in those areas and I know that Calandryll is going to do even more.

    My new role actually feels very similar to my old job. As head of Community Services, I was supposed to manage the staff, work against a set of objectives, keep my team protected from as much of the existing pressures as possible, and to continue to build and grow the community services. As Producer of UO, I'm supposed to manage the developers, work against a set of objectives, keep my team protected from as much of the existing pressures as possible, and continue to build and grow the game. I'll help this newest phase of the UO team to understand their mission, to focus the designers and programmers on that mission, and to keep the machine running. That means the designers will continue to refine existing systems and to build new ones and the programmers will continue to fix bugs, program features, and develop tools, and I'll be there to try to drive it to the finish line on time and ready for you.

    So, what's next? Well, the first thing I have to do is move my office. After that, I'm going to roll up my sleeves and do the best work I can to make UO the best game it can be. I've still got some openings on the team, too. If you have the qualifications along with a passion for UO, I'd love to have you join the team... I'd love to have you join me in the newest itieration of the UO team. ;)

    Kind regards,
    Carly Staehlin

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 1:55 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Yet Another New Pen

    Seeing as my fellow reporters are introducing themselves, I shall join them in my greetings. I am FireFox, I'm sure some of you have seen me roaming the land in search of adventure, feel free to stop me and talk about anything. (Unless I am running from something very big and horrid, in which case I would be grateful if you were to draw your sword and despatch my unwanted pursuers.)


    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 1:52 AM EDT by FireFox (Europa)

    Announcing the IFC's Festival of Virtues!
    This just in from Earnst...

    With the dire state of affairs involving Minax, her minions, and the attacks upon the Icelandic Floating Community, we have seen it fit to offer a reminder of the virtues to both the young and the veteran members of our world. In a world where the founder of the virtues is seen less and less often, where the city of honesty is beset by thieves, and attacks upon our lands occur more and more often the time for such a festival could scarce be a better reminder.

    Beginning on May 17th through to the 20th, and then continuing on the 24th through to the 27th, the Icelandic Floating Community would like to invite everyone to come and take part in our festivities. Sash`s and cloaks will be handed out in the colour of the appropriate virtue upon each night, food and drink will be served, and contests held. Each evening we will end the festivities with a group hunt through the celebrated virtues anti thesis.

    Here are some of the activities you can expect during the festival.

    May 17th- We celebrate the virtue of Humility. We ask that the colour black be worn in honour of the virtue. To celebrate, we will be hosting a Drunken Naked Race. The night will finish with a group hunt through the dungeon of Ice, barring the discovery of the Stygian Abyss between now and then.

    May18th- We celebrate the virtue of Valour. The virtues colour is red. We will be hosting a Snow Elemental 1 on 1 Competition. This virtues anti pode is Destard, and we will be battling all of its inhabitants in Valours name.

    May 19th- On this night, Honour is a guest at our table. If possible, we ask that you wear purple. We also ask that people bring their stories of honour to share with us. The evening shall end with a trek through the dungeon of Shame.

    May 20th- We focus on the virtue of Justice. Justice is represented by the colour green. Tales and examples of Justice would be well received. The antithesis to this virtue is Wrong, and we will again enter it to honour Justice.

    May 24th- Honesty, borne of truth alone, is this eves focus. Its colour is blue, so please dress appropriately. Come take part in a game of Truth or Dare, with a twist, and join us for a jaunt through the dungeon Deceit.

    May 25th- Sacrifice. Love given with courage. In honour of this virtue, we ask that all wear orange this night. The IFC will host a Charity Casino night and we ask, not require, that everyone who come spend a bit of time and money to bring one of the young newcomers. All proceeds will be handed over to the Companion program to benefit the young in Haven. At the end of the evening, Covetous will be our destination.

    May 26th- Our focus this night is Compassion, and yellow its representative colour. Please come appropriately garbed. Tales and acts of compassion would be welcome. We shall enter Despise in its honour, where we hope to be witness to acts of compassion.

    May 27th- Spirituality. Knowing ones inner self through all of the virtues and principles. White is its virtue stone, and we ask that ye wear it proudly. This last night shall be honoured by a game we like to call "The Virtues Right". During this game you will have a chance to answer 15 questions. Each correct answer can earn you thousands of gold, whereas the wrong one can cost you hundreds. It is our hope to bring Hythloth to its knees in honour of this virtue at the end of the night.

    We hope to see you there.

    For more information on each of these nights, please visit our scrolls at:

    We will have gates to the IFC every night leaving from Papua to bring you to the festivities. We ask that all who come, honour and practice these, the greatest of gifts, the virtues.

    Till then, may the Æsir keep you..

    Earnst, IFC.

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 1:07 AM EDT by Dark One (Pacific)

    UO becomes part of The Bor....I mean AOL
    The following was just posted to What's New on the UO website:

    Introducing AOL Sosaria

    Origin is pleased to announce the opening of AOL Sosaria, our first shard available through the America Online service, on May 10th. AOL Sosaria will be the 22nd Ultima Online shard to open worldwide.

    Located in the eastern United States, AOL Sosaria will be available exclusively to customers logged on from America Online. You will be able to find additional information about Ultima Online on America Online at keyword: Ultima.

    Named after the planet that is home to all of Britannia, the shard will be staffed and supported by members of the Origin team. The AOL Sosaria shard will be open to all AOL Games Channel customers from day one, but as an exclusive AOL shard, will not conform to our localization policy and thus will not be open to non-AOL subscribers at any time. AOL Sosaria will be appearing as a test shard effective today, and will be wiped before its official opening day.

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 12:57 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    If you tried reaching OSI yesterday
    If you tried reaching OSI yesterday, you may have had trouble doing so. This just in from Cynthe:
    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to take a moment to say that if anyone was trying to reach us yesterday and was unable... we were hit with the virus that unfortunately seemed to knock quite a few of the world's computers yesterday on their butts.

    Anyway, our network has been cleaned, and we're back up and running today. Please feel free to re-forward anything that may have bounced, and I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Amy Sage
    Community Coordinator
    Ultima Online 2
    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 12:55 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Ever Dreamed Of Dressing Up In Real Valorite Armor ?

    Today I came across a LARP shop (LARP stands for "Live Action
    Role Playing"), where customers can purchase everything ranging
    from replicas of medieval armor and weapons to accessoires and
    fantasy books.

    Every product comes with a picture, so even if you don't plan on
    buying anything - it's nice to just browse through the pictures and
    to see how things really looked like in the medieval.

    But what really caught my attention on that site, was the
    following announcement there:

    "Coming Soon- Ultima Online! Fully licensed weaponry and products
    from the world's largest, most award winning online medieval game."

    Faithful readers of UO Stratics won't have to worry about checking
    the site over and over again, as we will get in touch with Museum
    Replicas Limited and notify you immediately, once the Ultima Online
    products are available.

    To visit the shop, just follow the link below:
    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 12:34 AM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

    The apocalypse is upon us... the Last seal has been opened..
    From the UO website:
    Ultima Online on America Online - - - May 5 2000 10:16AM CST (GMT -06:00)
    Origin is pleased to announce the opening of AOL Sosaria, our first shard available through the America Online service, on May 10th. AOL Sosaria will be the 22nd Ultima Online shard to open worldwide.

    Located in the eastern United States, AOL Sosaria will be available exclusively to customers logged on from America Online. You will be able to find additional information about Ultima Online on America Online at keyword: Ultima.

    Named after the planet that is home to all of Britannia, the shard will be staffed and supported by members of the Origin team. The AOL Sosaria shard will be open to all AOL Games Channel customers from day one, but as an exclusive AOL shard, will not conform to our localization policy and thus will not be open to non-AOL subscribers at any time. AOL Sosaria will be appearing as a test shard effective today, and will be wiped before its official opening day.

    *you must click the pop-up add to take another action.*

    Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2000, 12:31 AM EDT by Rainman (CommunityNews)

    Minimum Skill Levels for Tailoring Revealed
    Batir has done it again. After numerous trial and error sessions, we now proudly present the new minimum skill levels needed to tailor items. You will notice that almost all items are now easier to make than before, with the exception of a few leather and studded armor pieces, which are a tiny bit (about one skillpoint) harder to make. New on the Tailoring Skill page is the Oil Cloth which is needed by Assassins. For more info on that, see the Assassin FAQ, which is maintained by Sie Ming.

    Thanks guys !

    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 8:39 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    1st ever Heroes of the Realm Tournament
    This message just came in from Vladimyr of the Pair-A-Dice Casino regarding an upcoming tournament.

    Come one, come all, to the first ever Heroes of the Realm Tournament.
    Sponsored by the Pair-A-Dice Casino, this tournament will offer something for everyone. Come and witness the bravest and most skilled warriors of the lands battle each other for the title of Hero of the Realm. The Casino will be open for business during the tournament as well! Gamble away your hard earned money, eat, drink, and be merry! Mark your calendars for the 13th of May, 10pm CST. For more information, see our webpage.

    - Vladimyr, Head Bouncer, Pair-A-Dice Casino

    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 12:38 PM EDT by Kruton (NapaValley)

    Long Road Journals - Jheero on the Battle of Trinsic
    This just in from the folks at The Long Road Journals:

    Jheero unveils his journal of the desperate battle to reclaim Trinsic, complete with fabulous screenshots.

    Need your fix of Ultima Online excitement? Try The Long Road Journals (!

    Jhared Irsei
    [email protected]

    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 12:08 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Midas the Bard - "50 Ways to Loot Another"
    Another great song from Midas the Bard! Here is his announcement:

    Hello again! I've just uploaded the latest update to the site - a new song entitled "50 Ways to Loot Another". When you have a few minutes, stop by and check it out:

    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 11:56 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    More Comics

    Several websites have been updated with new comics:

    • Britannian Graffiti Comics introduces new characters in a
      new comic called "Orc Troubles" at:

    • Adam Ant has fun in the dungeon of wind in episode 63 at:

    • Last but not least: Several traditional comic artists have formed
      an Ultima Online Cartoonist's Guild. Current members are
      "The Great Bob's Comics", "Arakasi's Out of Character Comics",
      and "DeathRage's NUBs" - which has just been updated with a
      new comic, called "The Castaway".

      These sites can be accessed through a gateway:

      It's definetely worth a look, since those comics are actually
      painted the old fashion way with pen and paper.
    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 8:27 AM EDT by Casanova (CandidCoverage)

    Yew Cattle Drive!
    We recieved this interesting tidbit today...
    Howdy Pardners!

    Y'all saddle up and git yerself to Trammel's Empath Abbey on Saturday, May 13th at 7:00 pm CST. Join the Yew Town Council in celebrating the wide open ranges of Trammel with a Texas-style cattle round-up and BBQ feast. The top 2 cowboys/cowgirls that drive in the most head of cattle win gold! For you greenhorns that couldn't tame the family dog, put on yer western gear and talk like a Texan! Best cowboy and cowgirl gits a prize! Yeeehaaaw! See y'all there!
    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 7:57 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    I LOVE YOU virus hits Origin
    Today the office of OSI has been infected with the dreaded ILOVEYOU virus that we have been hearing about all day. Here's the message from their Common Issues page
    The Ultima Online Technical Support and Billing Departments are currently unavailable via email. For billing and technical support issues, we urge that customers in the United States contact us via telephone at (888) 842-6388 (toll free). If you are calling from outside the United States, please dial (512) 434-4357 and ask to be transferred to Account Support.
    Also Calandryll posted the following on one of the Crossroads of Britannia boards:
    Due to virus related issues, Origin will be shutting down our network systems effectively immediately for an indefinite period of time. This downtime will not affect our game servers or web server. However, it will interrupt in-game Game Master Support, Billing and Technical Support (both telephone and email), and Community Relation Support. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to address the issue as quickly as possible.
    Visit Ziff-Davis Net UK to learn more about this very nasty Virus/Worm, and more importantly how to detect it and protect yourself against it.
    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 6:04 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    PaxLair Knighting Ceremony Results
    Mayor Winfield sent in the results of the Knighting ceremony held last night, here's what he had to say:

            May 3 [PaxLair, Felucca, Chesapeake] - Emmeril Cimber and Tassadar were
            knighted today. Mayor Winfield performed the knighting while Knight
            Zanthor oversaw the ceremony. Around 20 people were in attendance at the
            North Tower in PaxLair, a tower ornately decorated as a meeting and
            ceremonial hall, a city courthouse, and the PaxLair Knights' headquarters.

            The two squires recited the Knights' Code and swore their loyalty to the
            Knights, their Lord, and the Kingdom. Winfield knighted each by touching
            the Staff of Seer Daemeon upon their shoulders. Each new Knight received a
            ceremonial shield, a viking sword, and a full runebook of Trammel and
            Felucca runes to aid them in their travels.

            There are currently five Knights of PaxLair. There are also eleven Squires
            pursuing their training and studies for their Knighthood.  For a complete account
            of the Knighting Ceremony, please go to this location on the PaxLair site

    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 5:50 AM EDT by Dresden (Chesapeake)

    Eleana Coriel Looks to Hire For New Tavern in Moonglow
    We have recieved the following:
    Help Wanted:

    Recently opened Tavern in Moonglow seeks Waitstaff, and fine Cooks for weekly employment. Bards, and entertainers also encouraged to apply. Help needed as soon as possible. To apply, leave word on the message board located outside the Tavern, located just south of Encyclopedia Magicka on the Isle of Moonglow. I shall make efforts to meet with any that wishes to be considered for employment.

    ~Eleana Coriel, Innkeep, Moonglow Tavern

    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 3:27 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Jumpgate Stratics has some goodies for you
    Remember the good old classics, Elite, Privateer, Wing Commander, LightSpeed, or even Nomad? Jumpgate seems to be the real world incarnation of every Space Sim fanatic's wet dream: a massive multiplayer version of the space exploration, combat & trading classics of old. In Jumpgate, you take control of a spaceship, travel from station to station, trading with various commodities and fighting off (or allying with) other players.

    The Game at the moment is in closed beta but luckily we are able to give away 150 beta accounts. So hop on over to JumpGate Stratics and take a look for your self...


    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 2:58 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Yet Another Newbie Reporter Bids Thee Hello!

    My name is Mingus Mulingus and I am the latest addition to the Europa news team.Over the coming months I look forward to aiding and reporting on the various colorful events which transpire on the Europa shard.

    Mingus Mulingus
    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 2:33 AM EDT by Mingus Mulingus (Europa)

    Battlezone: The Granddaddy of all PvP tournaments
    Shaun asked that we pass this along to our readers:

    Hello!! This is the character SHAUN, Protector of the Feeble, and I'm announcing a new, weekly battle tournament. "Battlezone" is going to be the grand daddy of all PvP tournaments. 3 divisions(Newbie, Skilled, and Veteran) and 3 classes in each division (Pure Warrior, Pure Mage, and War Mage, which is anyone who uses both magic and melee in combat). The prizes are awarded to each winner, and the winner of each class will battle each other in a free for all. The 1st place winners from each division will battle each other AT THE SAME TIME!!! Whoever wins these get the Grand Prizes, which is to remain a secret until the time comes to award them.

    All who wish to participate email me.

    Thanks, Shaun! Good luck with the new events.

    Posted on Friday, May 5, 2000, 12:08 AM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Greetings from a fresh pen
    Allow me to introduce myself, I am Bruce Wolfsbane, a new addition to the Europa Stratics crew. I'm sure you'll see me roaming the world from time to time, if you do I'd enjoy speaking with you about absolutely anything that befits the moment.

    Farewell until the next time I write to you.

    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 9:18 PM EDT by Bruce Wolfsbane (Europa)

    Rivendell's university seeks teachers, students

    News from Rivendell, sent in by Pegu:

    Greetings, citizens of Britannia. I am willing to have a university built in wonderful city of Rivendell. We wont have good university, if we dont gather enough students and teachers. We currently have good amount of teachers, but if you can teach something, that we don't, come and visit us.

    You can find us by walking east from Temple of Virtues (in Rivendell). When you meet end of "bay", you should proceed north. Then you shall see a house with vendor outside and a guildstone. Go in. Locations for owners of sextant: 33o 55'S, 29o 19'W

    We shall have Grand Opening of University on next Saturday (6th day of May) at 12:00 PM CST - 2:00 PM CST. Hopefully we shall get good amount of teachers then.


    For more information about Rivendell, visit the Rivendell Town Hall. Thanks, Pegu!

    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 3:56 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    CoC establishes Court of Justice
    Britain's new Council of Compassion brings this news:

    On Saturday, May 6, at 8:00 PM EST, the Council of Compassion, council for the city of Britain, will hold a court of justice. It will be conducted in the Courthouse in Yew, to the northwest of the town center. The Honorable Rhiannon d'Leon will be presiding, and all cases falling under the jurisdiction of Britain will be eligible for a hearing. This is the first of our new monthly civil court sessions: only crimes involving nonviolence or minor damages will be tried. The rulings will be enforced by the law officers of the newly appointed court, and are final. No appeals court is in place.


    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 3:52 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    High Council accepting applications for Jhelom seat
    The High Council is accepting applications for the 5th Seat, Representing Jhelom.

    Lord William Wingate retired last evening after a long, and distinguished career serving in public office. His contributions to the High Council, and the Realm cannot be counted. With this news, the High Council is now seeking applicants to replace Lord Wingate as the 5th Seat representing the Virtue of Valor, and the city of Jhelom.

    To this end, the High Council will be accepting applications for the 5th Seat. Please send your application by messenger to [email protected] and include the word Application in the Subject, to ensure that your application arrives on the right desk.

    In your application please give us an overview of your history in Britannia, and tell us why you think you would make a good representative of Valor, and Jhelom.

    The process will begin immediately and applications will be accepted until Sunday May 7th at 9:00 PM EST. From there the Council will select applicants to advance to the second stage of interviews, and finally a decision will be made and the new Councilor announced.

    Good luck to you all.

    The High Council of Britannia

    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 3:49 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    Turme returns from the void.

    Ever since Minax turned the world upside down, business has been bad at the tavern. Not many people had been coming, and despite all my best efforts, the world was not the same. Just when I was about to head to town for supplies, the demonhunter Teleburiel appeared, looking rather confused and disoriented. After taking a deep breath, he instructed us that the ghost, Turme, had reappeared in Jhelom. I was on the way to town anyway so I recalled there, not realizing what I was leaving Teleburiel and the others. I really am too arrogant for my own bloody good.

    Once I came to Jhelom, I went to the bank to gather my belongings. Just then I spotted the red-cloaked ghost walking by. I walked towards Turme, but he gave chase. I ran along, hoping for him to stop. Finally I did and I introduced myself. Teleburiel told me that Turme was a brave warrior in the past and fought the demon Kurrazg, but cost him his life. Now that demon was back, terrorizing my tavern and my patrons. The Demonhunter insisted that Turme knew how to beat the demon and he was our only hope.

    What I found was anything but a hero. The ghost insisted that he would not help, "I will not face him again!" he said, among other things. Instead of a brave hero, I found a quivering, cowardly shell of a man. After what felt like a long and frustrating argument I heard words come over my communication crystal from Gwen, Squire of OGD. "The Tavern is under attack!" she said. I finally peeled away from Turme and recalled back to the tavern to find a pack of hellhounds, dire wolves, and orcs attacking the tavern and my friends. They had already fought off most of them, and my coming there did little to help. In time, the pack of canines were defeated and the orcs routed.

    Once it was quiet, I talked to Teleburiel about Turme's behavior. The demonhunter sighed and told me to go back with Robinhood, Jacent, Gwen, and my squire Samus, to convince Turme to aid us. He suggested trying to talk to him about valor, and reminding him of his courage. I had little idea that he was anything but a coward, but I agreed and we all travelled back to Jhelom. Smiles of CAD offered to remain behind to protect the Tavern from more attacks, along with our leader, Arash.

    We returned to Jhelom where we walked back to the fighting pits where I had been with Turme last and called out for him. I placed my communication crystal on the ground so everyone could hear as it translated his ghostly moans. Finally, Turme returned, more frustrated then ever. We again had another heated debate, trying to convince him to come back to help. He claimed he didn't care what happened, and that he paid his dues. I reminded him of why he fought, and Gwen, the others and myself even said that they were willing to die to stop the demon. Turme must have finally felt that he could not allow others to suffer as he had, and finally agreed. He walked out of the fighting pit and headed towards the nearest healer. We watched in amazement as the ghost finally allowed himself to return to this world and take his first breath in years as a living being.

    Teleburiel soon appeared and we made our introductions. Turme's resurrection also freed his mind, restoring his courage. He apologized for his cowardly actions, which were easily forgiven. One could only imagine the torment that Turme suffered at the hands of the demon all these years. No man or woman could resist such possible pain and agony. Teleburiel suggested Turme take a rest at the local inn, which he gratefully accepted. We escorted him back and decided to make plans to defeat the demon.

    Tonight, we rest a little easier, knowing a brave soul has returned, proving the endearing strength of valor. It's only a matter of days now before Turme and Teleburiel have made plans to finally confront the demon and end his existence forever!

    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 1:43 PM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)

    A Dark Encounter With Your Newest Shard Reporter
    The somber skies, dark and gloomy, hang overhead the dusky and mysterious forest. Unknown and eerie sounds echo through the haunted trees only to send shivers up ones spine. Out of the darkness a lean and muscular figure steps out from the brush, brandishing his blade. As he approaches, he puts down his halberd and removes his nose helm only to reveal soft tanned skin and dark acute eyes. But it is his ears that are most noticeable.

    "Hail friend! My name is Endren Fenixfyre, wood elf and Disciple of Mondain. I have spent many days on the worned battlefields and have seen many horrors beyond comprehension. But with all the bloodshed and heraldry, my thoughts have always remained fixated on my love affair for words. It is now I take this opportunity in following my quickening heartbeat down the path as your newest Great Lakes shard reporter. I look forward in using my experience and poetic inclinations to bring the citizens of this dark and ravaged world the true tales of many brave and lost souls. If there is abomination to be seen, I will see it. If there is a battle cry to be heard, I will hear it. If there is a cursed word to be spoken, I will speak it. Do not be afraid to contact me, for inside lies a soft, caring and passionate being masked by many years of toiled hardships. I always have the time to sit and hear a stranger's story. Until then my friend, may Mondain guide you on your chosen path".

    And with those fading words, the dark figures turns and races off down the path alongside the dark enchanted forest with only impressions of his presence remaining.

    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 1:10 PM EDT by Endren Fenixfyre (GreatLakes)

    Sosaria Underground in development
    A new roleplaying scenario is being created on Lake Superior, as described in this missive from Dariuas:


    As I slept this eve, a dream came to me. Twas the world Sosaria before the coming of Mondane, a world flourishing with flowers, and peace. Where virtues were grand, and the people were happy. Though this land was different then that of the true Sosaria, magic was a very part of the structure of the world. No one shunned it, they accepted it. Soon Mondain appeared, bringing grusome death, and hatred to all the people. He was slain by the traveler from the stars, and quickly I awoke. Realizing twas just a dream, I quickly took action, I gathered friends of mine. Lord Aladen, and Lord Karr, and myself gathered in a hidden location. Twas late in the eve, they were both half in the land of dreams, though they quickly came to when I told them of my dream. We decided then, a group of people like ourselves, as our intentions made, would come together, to create Sosaria Underground. A group of people set on the returning of Sosaria as it once was, though like my dream, with magic as a normal part of its existance. Thus, I write this scroll and invite all to join our cause, to bring Sosaria back to its trueself. If you wish to join, please send a scroll.

    Many thanks
    Lord Dariuas, Sosaria Underground.

    Dariuas' player explains, "It will be a group who wants to bring the old Sosaria back. Like groups that follow the virtues, we follow Sosaria as it use to be. Right now we are in the planning stages. There is no guildstone, no guildhouse, just a place, and some basic things. We need creative people involved." Currently, he is at work on a website, which hopefully will be up and running soon. Contact him for further information.

    Thanks, Dariuas!

    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 12:29 PM EDT by Wallis Gerard (LakeSuperior)

    High Priest refutes allegations
    An undisclosed source revealed last week that the High Priest of the House of Lynn'Dannae, Gaal, had "joined Minax and no longer needed to hide his loyalty."

    In response, Gaal issued this statement:

    Clearly those of Britannia are quick to forget the great effort LDH has given in the past to the preservation of both Cove and other cities. Our tears have fallen and our blood has soaked the earth on a number of battles against the Mistress. For any to have the audacity to even insinuate that LDH or myself would side with the very forces that seek to wipe away Cove is ludicrous. As I have said before, the Lady Minax and her minions are masters of deception. Obviously this statement from the fiend is false. LDH still fights the Lady Minax's forces daily and shall continue till Cove is set free from her grasp.

    As well, the fact that LDH has declared our opposition openly to the Lord British is mere coincidence. If any were to examine our histories, they would understand that we have great hatred towards the man from past events, and thus our declaration should be understood. Though House Lynn'Dannae and the Lady Minax have the same enemy, we are not allies and shall never be. I pray this clears up any misconceptions.

    -High Priest Gaal of House Lynn'Dannae.

    Further investigation is underway.

    Additionally, it is rumored that some key information may have been related by Kaltar during one of the attacks on Cove last week. Anyone able to corroborate this, please contact us.

    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 9:44 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Siege under Siege
    The Abbey under attackI had spent the day getting accustomed to the weight of my new kryss. I'd never had to fight before, I freely admit that fact. My life was always relatively simple, the studious child of scholarly parents. The demands of my new job had quickly taught me that my pacifistic days were over. Weapon slung up over my shoulder, I had walked from the training grounds to the inn, muscles screaming, belly grumbling, and eyes so tired they were watering.

    When Sara Gules' message arrived, I was in no way prepared for the momentous battles I would find myself surrounded by that night. The note was quick and to the point:

    The cities of Minoc , Jhelom, Skara were under attack by greater undead (lich lords, mummies, skeleton knights , etc.) Be careful. Something is afoot.

    There was neither the time nor need to ask who or what. The evil influence of the Dread Lady Minax hung over our cities like foreboding clouds of doom. Trinsic may have been liberated, yes, but it would never return to the bustling center of commerce it once was. The masons refused to enter the city to repair structural damages to the buildings and the few merchants who'd braved returning to their shops kept their bags packed and supplies low in anticipation of another evacuation. Storekeepers in other towns saw these things and were torn between allowing their own inventories to dwindle, should they have to leave their shops suddenly, and struggling to meet the needs of patrons who'd once conducted their business in Trinsic. The shrines are corrupted. Wells are tainted or dried up completely and platoons of unholy creatures ransack the landscape from one end of the realm to the other.

    I held no false hope of passing the night unscathed. Rather than risking what few possessions I own, I stopped off at the bank to leave them in my strongbox there before heading to the moongate which would transport me to Yew. I had sent a pigeon off with a message back to Sara, advising her that I would be traveling from city to city and would appreciate any news she could pass along to me. I entered the glowing portal, arriving just outside Yew. A man on horseback raised his hand, startling me.

    "Watch it!" he said loudly.

    I did not know if he meant that I had done something socially offensive or if he was warning me. "Pardon?"

    "Tons of monsters and orcs. Daemons even," he said in a less frantic tone.

    I nodded. "Yes, I know. I am the Stratics reporter."

    "Oh, hi," he replied, introducing himself as Max Mortem. "Just making sure." I thanked him for the warning. "For now, I have to go find this daemon that was following me." He gave a quick nod of his head, turned his horse and rode off into a stand of trees.

    Nothing seemed amiss at the Abbey at first glance. The collection of beleaguered warriors sprinkled across the Empath lawns were proof that Max's warning should not go unheeded. These were the faces and names I would become better acquainted with through the long, treacherous night. No doubt the ordeal would imprint the names on their own tongues, too, as they would tell the tales for ages to come: Grot, HordeSlayer, Lord Avery, Alexander Lebaun, Hasbro, Shawn McKagen, Siegesan, Chagan Wolfe, WestRising, Summer Tanager, and countless others.

    A small group gravitated around me, looking for answers or updates on the condition of our homeland. Regrettably, I had nothing much to offer them.

    "Hail, TigerLily," said Grot. "I have seen your articles. Are you looking for what happened?"

    I returned the greeting and said, "It's quieter here than I anticipated."

    "Ahh, but you came late," he responded, a sad hint of a smile on his lips. "There were at least seven daemons here earlier. Four at one time."

    I coughed, "SEVEN?!"

    Alexander Lebaun looked out toward the winery. The lines on his brow signified his fatigue. "Could it be over..." It wasn't even a question, sighed to no one in particular under his breath like a prayer.

    Grot continued to list the various attackers they'd fended off: orcs of the magical and lord varieties, ancient wraiths, lich lords, The days of mongbat flocks seemed long-gone and insignificant.

    "Seems like we've had a little of everything," Siegesan stated.

    Lebaun wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. " Too easy, says I. I want a balron." His eyes cut in my direction and I noticed one side of his mouth curl upward in a sarcastic sort of smile.

    His words seemed to rejuvenate his companions. Immediately, a spark shot from one to the other, igniting them. Hasbro chuckled.

    "I want Keeonean," Shawn said firmly.

    Hasbro nodded emphatically. "Yeah!!!"

    "Aye!" laughed Siegesan.

    The defenders of YewHasbro repeated, "Balron!!" to which Bugeater heartily agreed, mentioning Keeonean again. Shawn grabbed up the remants of a broken spear from the ground and began dancing around our informal circle like a savage, chanting in gutteral tones. Alexander joined in, waving a tattered cape like a banner, singing, "Aye! Let that worm show his face!" as he skipped and twirled about.

    Grot flashed a wry smile at me and said quietly, "These brave warriors and guilds were critical in Yew's defense," as if offering an excuse for their silly outburst. It was a glorious moment to witness, to see warriors basking in victory, thankful to be alive and showing it. I grabbed my sketchpad from my pack and asked them to gather closer so that I could capture the moment for my own memoirs. They slapped each other's backs and exchanged knowing smiles. Bugeater raised his fist high above his head and shouted, "Long live Yew!" which solicited a great shout from the group.

    Dene approached as I was finishing the last strokes of the drawing. "Where's Keeonean?" he asked.

    Grot shrugged. "Never came."

    I slung my pack over my shoulder, preparing to head back through the moongate to the next town. "Be careful what you wish for, dear," I reminded him, giving him an encouraging pat on the shoulder as I waved to them and bid farewell. I wondered who would be left standing when next I returned, or if I would even return at all.

    The moongate sent me from Yew to Jhelom. I was grateful for the familiar faces awaiting me there: Lock, Falcon, George Taylor, Furie, Kruja, Crystal and Sara Gules herself. They were visibly tired, smears of blood and grime on their skin and clothes. The remains of an array of creatures littered the Jhelom streets and some continued to lumber about, falling under the skillful blades and spells dealt by the defenders.

    Sara embraced me with one arm. "It's good to see thee alive."

    "How goes it?" I asked.

    "Good, so far," Lock answered with a smile. His confidence was unshakable, it seemed.

    A daemon swooped around a corner, heading directly toward us. I looked from it to Lock. "Are you sure?"

    His smile widened. "Yes."

    Furie and Falcon met it with one Flamestrike after another until it crumpled to the ground. We continued to share what tidbits of news we had, safe from the daemon but able to watch the mages work. "I've just come from Yew," I told them. "It was quiet there. I doubt it will remain so."

    "Not so here," George said, nodding his head toward the pools of blood staining the cobblestones.

    Jhelom  is not sparedCrystal's head tilted, her eyes darting about. She was listening carefully to the sounds in the distance. "More south," she said quietly, letting out a long breath before setting out in that direction. We heard the roar of a daemon and took off behind her, arriving in time to see it belch a ball of fire that barely missed her head.

    "Why are you so mean?!" I shouted.

    Furie turned in his saddle. "Mean?" and pointed to himself.

    "Not you. Him!" I flung my hand in the direction of the daemon.

    Furie chuckled. "I don't think he speaks English." He lobbed an Explosion and three Flamestrikes at the great red monster.

    "I think he understood that," I snickered.

    Sara passed me a scrap of parchment she'd just received via a pigeon. Keeonean was attacking Yew. I ran for the moongate.

    I dodged diving mongbats and wove in and out of groups of warriors engaging with orcs and ettins. The sounds of war thundered in my ears. I reached the doors of Empath Abbey, thinking if the fray grew too dangerous I might seek solace inside with the monks who clustered about the sacred ankh in the chapel. I pulled open the heavy door and saw that the fighting was almost as thick inside as out. My mind raced for what do next when I felt something bite into my side. A small dagger was at my feet. I looked about and saw Keeonean running directly toward me, arm poised to throw another dagger. I began to run, thinking I might be able to hide in the grape arbors between the Abbey and the winery. He was fast approaching and matched me two steps for every one of mine. I ran faster than I ever had before, no safe haven in sight. The vines seemed to be in cahoots with him, scratching at my legs, tangling my feet. All the way around the field, I ran, telling myself not to look back, unable to stop it. His chestnut hair whipped wildly around his face and his eyes burned into mine.

    Two men with massive halberds cut him off, forcing him into combat and giving me a chance to flee. I ran toward the village to the south, only to find orc reinforcements marching haphazardly north toward the battlescene. If they came after me, there was no way I could protect myself and no one around to save me. I swung myself around and headed back toward the free-for-all. I scampered up a tree, peeking out to survey the grounds. I could not find Keeonean.

    Kichera, displaying the colors and insignia of a Fellowship of the Road guardsman, stood beneath my perch and motioned for me to jump down to him.

    "Is he gone?" I asked, not quite ready to give up my sanctuary if danger still lurked.

    "Looks like it." Kirchera replied, again gesturing for me to come down.

    I carefully lowered myself to the ground. "He chased me all around the grape orchard!"

    "He slayed me," said a low voice behind me. I turned to find HordeSlayer sitting on the ground, back resting against the tree trunk. "Quickly."

    "I hit him with five or six Flamestrikes. Barely scratched," mused Kichera.

    Hoard shook his head, still stunned from his ordeal. "I didn't even see it coming."

    Lock approached us, his hand on the hilt of his imposing axe. "Where's Keeonean? I want his head."

    "I was fighting orcs..." Hoard continued.

    Warsaw pressed closer. "Where is he? We have a little wussy to finish."

    "And then all I saw," mumbled Hoard to no one and anyone, "was a flash of red and gold."

    Kichera adjusted his deer mask. "I haven't seen him in a few minutes."

    "He is fast," Hoard sighed, "and fights with a mighty sword." He dropped his chin into his hands. "I was foolish...."

    "Maybe this is the day his soul gets freed," Warsaw offered hopefully.

    "... still hacking at the orcs..." lamented Hoard.

    "Just use halberds and arrows," Lock suggested. "Works best."

    "... while he was killing me.. " sighed Hoard.

    Greg rubbed the back of his neck. "Wonder where Keeonean is?"

    "Maybe gone," shrugged Kichera. "Maybe waiting."

    "He stealths well," Hoard sulked, "that Keeonean."

    "You ever fight Keeonean?" Dimn Dithlagok asked the group. "Every time he is almost dead, he disappears."

    "Yep." Kichera agreed.

    "And he can kill you in three hits, easy," Dimn stated.

    Hoard remembered. "He took me out in three hits."

    Valor dropped down beside HoardSlayer, comforting him with a friendly pat. "I bet."

    Dimn looked at me, cocking an eyebrow. "One time, I went toe to toe with him and he wiffed on me three times." He chuckled, "Kept me alive."

    The men had a good laugh, silenced by Hasbro's question, "How do you kill him?"

    HoardSlayer stared off into the distance. "With an army."

    Kichera nodded. "Lots of people."

    "Bigger than we are now," Hoard added, looking back at the group around the tree. "Box him in."

    Kichera was deep in thought. "Flamestrikes scratched him. So do weapons...."

    "Should I report the murder to the local authorities?" Hoard asked with a grin. He was going to be alright.

    "And Tiger has the power of the pen," Kichera said with a chuckle, tugging playfully at my braid. "That should get him."

    "I'm afraid that did me no good when he was chasing me around the grapes," I said with a dry laugh.

    "MORE!" Hasbro's eyes flew wide and all the men seemed to freeze simultaneously. "INCOMING!"

    Kichera shoved me up into the tree and began an incantation, "Kal Vas Flam!"

    Keeonean had returned.

    To be continued

    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 9:31 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    "Dragonlight" Town Planners Announce Location
    Hail All!

    Grand Bishop Benedict alerted us to some updates concerning the new Trammel player town, Dragonlight. A pigeon arrived in the UOSS Drachenfels News Team's offices today with the following information:

    "After the meeting this past Monday, it was decided that the area for Dragonlight will be the area just north east of Britain, just across the water west of Cove. The area north of Minoc was deemed too hot, and the fear of being infiltrated with a lot of foreign houses was too big. A few suggested that there should be one kind of houses (like brick, marble, plaster, wood) in the city. This will be discussed in the next meeting, before the medium and smaller housing begins.

    "The next meeting will be in the RP-List Channel on stratics irc server. For more information on how to get there, please see the instructions on the Church Website.

    "The meeting will be on Sunday May 7th at 21:00 CET that is 3:00pm EST. Please also visit the Dragonlight Forum where ideas can be discussed at all times."

    We are, as always, most grateful to Grand Bishop Benedict for his hard work and prompt correspondence.

    Go with the virtues!

    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 9:27 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    UO House of Commons Announcement
    This just in from the UOHOC:
    The next UO House of Commons Open House chat between the players and creators of UO is scheduled for this Thursday May 4th, at 7 PM CT (5 PM PT, 8 PM ET).
    The chat will be available to you at #uohoc on Stratics IRC, on the following networked servers:
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    This week's topic is "The Faction System". You can read about it at OSI's website. Please make sure the questions and comments you have during the chat are on this topic. Allow me to remind you that this is a development chat, and as such any questions about the current plot will not be answered.

    Like we did with previous chats we have set up a webpage where players can post questions in advance. Others can vote on these questions and we'll soon see which questions are most popular. During the chat we may then try to have some of these answered. Just keep in mind that only a small amount of questions will be taken from the website. Also the list will be wiped once the chat is over to make room for fresh questions for the next chat. If you want to post a question or just vote on one, please have a look at http://uodr.strat for the current list.

    If you are new to IRC, please visit Stratics IRC for an online tutorial and instructions for connecting to our IRC server. If you wish to use your browser to join the conference you can use our Java IRC client.

    IRCD Servers are provided by International Networks (suppliers of networking hardware and support).
    FRWS Servers are provided by Front Range Web Services (Web Hosting/Message Boards/IRC).
    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 8:33 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

    The Raiding of Yar's camp
    We have recieved the following:

    *Puts pen to scroll*

    To those that assisted me in raiding Yar's camp last week, I thank thee. And for those reading of my expedition for the first time, a brief summary. My name is Robyn ap Mir, archeologist and lecturer for the Lycaeum. I am currently on an expedition to recover a number of artifacts once belonging to a long dead orc chieftain named Grugnub. But the task has not been easy - it seems there is another that also seeks the relics for some unknown purpose - a man by the name of Yar the Black. We first encountered him while investigating the orc camp revealed to us through Doria Romanov's visions, where he unleashed his thugs and orc allies against us and escaped with the clues we desperately needed.

    Last week, one of my scouts tracked down the campsite where his minions were searching for one of the artifacts. With the help of a brave band of adventurers, we were able to raid the campsite and dispatch Yar's minions. In the tent there, we found the journal of one of Yar's archeologists. It turns out the site was once the home to a tribe of orcs, and in their excavating they uncovered a strange text written in the old orcish tongue. A transcript of the journal we found follows:

    "Thursday - Despite the information we were able to retrieve from those infernal orcish scrolls, we have yet to find Grugnub's tunic. I personally think their properties are overrated, but Yar is insistent, and continuously talks of how his 'Master' desires these items. Rares dealers are something I am used to, but his behavior is even more eccentric than the norm. Either way, the pay is good, and I am confident in our recovery of the first artifact.

    Friday - I think we finally uncovered something! One of the workers found some documents that may hold the secret to where the tribe took the tunic. It seems it was worn by their chieftain Gorgu who was slain in battle while wearing the tunic. So much for it's invulnerable powers I suppose. Turns out he was buried at the battlefield, so despite the wasted time at this site, we have stumbled onto a clue to the tunic's resting place. I have dispatched Yeogar to Britain to find a sage that can decipher the directions on this map. We will await his return here."

    The ink was fresh, and we quickly set off to find this Yeogar fellow and liberate the book from him before Yar could learn of the tunic's resting place. A brief but bloody battle followed, and in the end we were able to retrieve the book from Yeogar's corpse.

    From there we headed to Britain where my dear friend Julianna the scribe is attempting the translation of the directions for us.

    We will be meeting her again at Sage Advice in the city of Britain on Friday, May 5th at 8PM o' the clock (Pacific). I beseech any able adventurers to come and join us on this quest, and hope to see again the brave folk that have helped me since the beginning.

    Ye should come well prepared, for if Yar's archeologist was correct, we will be headed into the middle of an orc settlement and can expect a fight!

    Thank thee!

    -Robyn ap Mir, Archeologist and Lecturer The Lycaeum, Moonglow

    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 4:48 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Another New Comic Site
      Those of you, who just can't get enough of all those parodies
      and comics, be informed that you shall find three comics about
      the adventures of Boba Fett and White Gandalf at:

      Thanks to Boba for letting us know.
    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 2:55 AM EDT by Casanova (CandidCoverage)

    Rare Items Spawn Map Available

      Good news for all the rares hunters out there:

      Markee Dragon has published an extension for UOAM, which
      shows you the exact spawn locations, as well as the spawn
      frequencies for many rare items.

      To download the map file, and to get installation instructions,
      visit this page:

      To download UO Auto-Map (UOAM), which is required to use
      the map, follow this link:

      Thanks to Ramirez and The Boat Thief, developers of this rares
    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 2:40 AM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

    RedEye Tavern song contest
    Announcing the RedEye Tavern song contest. The contest takes place Saturday, May 6th, at 8pm PST, which is 11pm EST. Any songs of any type will be accepted. The only requirement is that the songs must have words. Sorry, no pure instrumental performances here. Prizes will be awarded to the best of the contest, as usual.

    Hope to see you there!


    Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2000, 12:40 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    New poisoning information revealed.
    Special thanks to Malik Yagova and Whisper for their contribution to the furtherance of poisoning knowledge. Malik's continuing testing on the damage caused by various types of poison, and Whisper's tests to determine which poisons can be cured by each type of cure potion have paved the way for updates to the Poison Damage Study, the Poisoning Essay and the Assassin FAQ.

    One item deserves particular attention: There is new information concerning the minimum damage caused by poisons. Previously the minimum amount of damage caused by poisons was 1 point. The new minimums are based on the type of poison and are significantly higher.

    In other news:

    I'm happy to announce that Malik Yagova has accepted our request to become the new Head of Research at the alchemy guide. Malik will be in charge of coordinating our efforts to discover more about alchemy and poisoning. These --like our research efforts in the past-- will be group efforts, so watch for further announcements concerning future research projects.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 11:16 PM EDT by Sie Ming (GeneralNews)

    The Britannian Horseriding World Champion is...
    we received the following announcement from Scritus :
    Hi all,

    The first Horse Racing Season is over after 10 exciting races. The winner of the Championship is Hughes de Payens (MTB) from Cove.

    The winner of the last race in Papua is Skarmordarna from Lindost. You can find a little report with some pictures on the homepage now.

    After a little break of approximately two weeks, we will have a new season coming. If you want to join, take a look at the homepage: Starting Fee for the whole season (10 races) is 5'000 gp. The winner of a single race gets 3'000. The Total Champion gets 15'000. The races will take place on Trammel, on sunday later afternoon (german time) weekly.

    People who want to sponsor the events and so increase the prices are always welcome!

    Meanwhile all who have been to the races in the last season or just followed it on the homepage, please fill in my feedback form, so that we can make the coming season even better. As a little incentive you can also win something.

    I hope to see many new faces in the next season


    Thanks a lot Scritus.
    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 3:55 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Reward for Information about a Lost Pet
    This note was found on several walls of your fair Cities.
    "Lost on Trammel : one magical talking dog named Landar, lost whilst walking with him near Vesper. Landar was a great companion to me, he used to follow me through all my journeys, and I'm lost without him. if anyone has any details of his location please let me know."

    This is a mini-quest organized by the Honorable Kralina. To win, please send screenshots of the missing dog. 500 gp reward for the first sightings in each location. Once he has been spotted we will post a new location.

    The dog will be Landar polymorphed and he will stay around the given location until a screen shot has been posted.
    Winners will be announced by Kralina. No contestation is possible. The first screenshot received will be considered the winner, and time of the shot doesn't count.

    Thanks a lot Kralina, I hope you will find your pet soon.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 3:39 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Hued Armor Changes
    The following was just posted to FYI:

    Hued Armor Changes

    It has come to our attention that recent changes allowed a small number of vendors to sell incorrectly hued armor. These helms and other armor items will be returned to their proper silver hue upon each shard's return from its next regularly scheduled maintenance period.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 3:27 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    New Information on the Orc Incursion

    Tor'ghat read the blood stained message that the scribe had given him.

    .....'twas horrible to see. We massed at the front gates as you commanded, for surely the orcs would attempt to storm that entrance. We waited and waited...nothing happened. After what seemed an eternity there were screams in the city. The orcs had attacked from the rear gate!! It seems we have underestimated the intelligence of these creatures. Fortunately the battle was swift. The orcs broke into 2 groups and were easily dispatched. One orc I managed to knock out cold with the help of Woody. We then dragged the body to the safe house in Britain to question this creature.

    It didn't go well, the creature died before we could get much information, but we did learn that this was no invasion. Seeing the creatures and their numbers I was hoping that they were only few in number. This was a scouting group to test our defences, and only contained some of the younger more inexperienced orcs. They are planning a bigger attack soon, the orc before it died screamed that we would all perish when the main force attacked the city in exactly......

    The remainder of the message was gone. Tor'ghat looked at Cho'dan the orc rogue.
    "Yu did bery guda, dis mus nub fall into da hand ob da enemy. Id wad guda planin dat yu saw da tupid hummies at da front gate. Id jus like dem tu hab all dere eggs in one basket..har har!!"

    Cho'dan grinned. "Yub an da tupid messenger wad guda tu torture...har har!"


    It seems the previous attack was nothing but a scouting party! However a reliable source has informed me the real attack has been planned for Saturday, 13th of May, 1pm Sydney time (Felucia). This should give the Britain Resistance time to prepare for the attack - good luck to you all!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 11:51 AM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    Caer Aquilo Changes
    Hail, this is to all guilds and individuals that are a part of the upcoming Caer Aquilo player run town. Some new important news and plans have cropped up and it is extremely vital that anyone who is involved gets in touch with either myself, or Baron Von Saltbush of SoE. We can give you all the details you require, and answer any questions you may have.
    Time is running out so we all must work together and make this happen.

    Teal, Chancellor of SoE
    ICQ- 25036201

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 11:19 AM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    Changes to the OCR Team

    Leilo has sent us a letter, where she talks about recent and upcoming
    changes to the Online Community Relations team (OCR).

      Hi everyone -
      We have some news to share with you that we're quite excited about
      around here, and we hope you will be too.:)

      Carly "LadyMOI" Staehlin has accepted a promotion to the position
      of Producer of the Ultima Online Live team. Carly joined Origin
      Systems two years ago as a member of the Ultima IX: Ascension
      team and moved on in August of '98 to create the Online Community
      Relations department for Origin - the first team in the industry
      solely devoted to promoting community for an MMORPG. Her efforts
      to increase visibility and increase communication with the Ultima
      Online community have greatly enhanced the positive interaction
      between the UO team and fans.

      Carly has left some pretty big shoes to fill in the Online Community
      Relations team, and the only person we think can fill them is
      Calandryll. Calandryll joined Origin Systems in 1999 as Online
      Community Coordinator for Ultima Online and has successfully
      increased and improved communication between the Ultima Online
      community and the UO Team. He'll be stepping up as Manager of
      Community Services, overseeing the Online Community Relations
      team and the Interest team.

      Melantus will be stepping into Calandryl's former role as UO
      Community Coordinator. With many years as a UO player, Counselor,
      and Senior Game Master, Melantus brings a great deal of
      knowledge and talent to the position and we look forward to his
      integration into the community.

      While we won't be making any official news announcement on the UO
      website, Carly, Calandryll, and Melantus will all be contributing to the
      "Comments from the Team" section over the next few days with
      more details on their new positions and the plans they have for
      the future.

    Thanks for the news Leilo, and good luck to everyone with your new positions.
    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 11:19 AM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

    Retirement of Seer Aria

    This announcement was sent in to me by a member of the Paws Outpost:
    Paws Outpost along with Seer Saegon would like to invite all of Sosaria to attend the retirement party of our beloved Seer Aria on Friday May 5th at 8 p.m. PST (10 p.m. CST). We will be holding a banquet in her honor on top of the Counselor's Guild in Serpent's Hold (Felucca), located in the northwestern part of town. We hope that all of Sosaria will join us in celebrating Aria's long commitment, voluntary services and the immense joy she has brought to the world of Ultima Online. There will also be a gate available at Paws Outpost to and from the event.
    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 9:47 AM EDT by Ceridwen (NapaValley)

    Two Year Anniversarry of the Atlantic Museum in Wintermoor!

    Here Ye, Here Ye!
    The Atlantic Museum has Closed it's doors (and is now a private building) in preparation for the upcoming two year anniversary. The Doors will re-open for a grand celebration this SATURDAY, May 6th in the year of our Lord British. The events will start at 5pm EST in the City of Wintermoor located on the Southern Tip of Ice Isle. There shall be festivities and Prizes like you have never seen before!

    Event #1 - Over 250k in Prizes - Event Starts at 5PM SHARP
    The Frosty Hook Tavern's "Riddles and Rhyme's "
    Benin Tarek proprietor and Janus our Town Patron will be spouting off Riddles and Rhyme's, And it will take the your best wits to figure out these puzzles and riddles. For Each Riddle or Puzzle will Receive a 25k Bank Check

    Event #2 - Regatta Boat Race Around the Isle: 1st Place 100k, 2nd Place 50k - Starts at 6PM SHARP
    There will be a Boat Race from the Southern Tip of Wintermoor (Naval Academy) all the way around To the Northern Tip of Ice Isle and back down to the South again. The First person back to the Naval Academy wins, the 2nd is the Runner up winner of 50k. Please bring your own boat.

    Event #3 - Xanthar's Treasure Room: - Starts at 6:30PM SHARP at the Museum Inn (south of tavern)
    Items to be found: A Pile of Gold, A Bag of Regs, a Set of Full Jars, A Fruit Basket, A Wig This is a favorite event of previous ice isle days. Basically, the rules are simple. Xanthar will have a house filled up with Chests. Some empty, Some with Treasure, Some with Rares, and Some are trapped. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is RUSH in as soon as the doors open and start opening chests. Some will get lucky and grab the marvelous loot, and others will fall helplessly to their doom.

    Event #4 - Greta the Witch - Starts at approximately 7:00PM at the Museum Southern Tower
    Greta will appear as planned in front of the Museum Southern Tower at 7:00PM, only she knows what fates she may bring.... Prizes:
    Two Clothing Bless Deeds
    1 Coupon for a Free Hair Restlying
    1 Piece of Fruitcake
    1 Dragon Scale
    1 Open Book!

    Event #5 - The Atlantic Museum Quest - Throughout the Night, and at Random times, The Atlantic Museum will have spontaneous "events", these events will yield the greatest prizes in the realm. Although we cannot mention at this time what the events are, you will most certainly know them when they occur. Three books will be found on people or creatures during these events. Each book will contain detailed instructions on how to claim your prize. Best of Luck!

    Grand Prizes:
    1) Brand New 17" Super VGA Color Monitor (will only ship to USA)
    2) $50.00 Gift Certificate to BlockBuster Video
    3) Army of Darkness - DVD Movie Collectors Edition

    Gates will be provided from Britain, Serpents Hold, and Moonglow starting at 5:45PM to 6:15PM

    - Also, Runes to Wintermoor can be found in Leigh's Rune Library on the main floor in the first room right hand side.

    Xanthar of the Museaum

    Amazing! Best of luck with the event, Xanthar!
    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 9:06 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    For future news submissions..
    When submitting a news article, please remember to include which facet the event occurs on. Also, if the event is at a player-run establishment, please include directions to that establishment as well as the facet the establishment is on. After all, there are two Trinsics, two Yews, and two of everywhere else, except Occlo. Thanks!
    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 8:29 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Thoughts on the new lands
    The great debate on the Europa board at the moment is about the rights and wrongs of opening a new non-PK land. One player has sent us his thoughts. This is not an official view of Stratics, but I thought you might be interested to read what he thinks and maybe reply:

    My greatest fear is now that OSI take notice of the PKs and get rid of trammel!

    Since moving there, I've done so much! I'm not afraid to go hunting any more, not because of the monsters, but because I know that my fellow adventurers are all good and kind people, seeking the advancement and prosperity of others, not out to kill newbies. It's bloody marvellous! I've raised myself from journeyman to master warrior, and if this peace lasts, perhaps I will reach grandmaster. Trammel has given me a chance!

    OSI take no notice! True, the armor dex losses are harsh now, but that is by far outweighed by the relief of not having to worry about hAxOr KiLLa and his pet demon coming through the woods and killing me for what pitiful items I have, or just for the heck of it.

    PKs have felucca now! Stay there and indulge in your violence, perhaps you will find the non PK's who venture there a little more of a challenge than the newbies you constantly murder.

    Please OSI, do not heed these mindless fools, keep Trammel a friendly place that gives beginners a chance at a good start,

    Lykan, of Europa

    So what do you think? Post your views to our forum.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 6:17 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    A wordsmith writes
    A new library is being planned:

    I have long been known in my town of Spiritwood as something of a writer, a curator of the written word, a scribe of mammoth proportions with an appetite for words so large it has filled many tomes and bookshelves with its ever growing and insurmountable surge towards completion.

    Now that the crossing has come about, and space permits itself, I intend to open a public library for the good citizens of Britannia, that they might better understand the goings on of our world, whether these be based in the learning of new skills, or the acquisition of magical weaponry. I aim to build up a comprehensive study of most every single facet of our world for the denizens of my hometown to learn and glean useful information from.

    Added to this already gargantuan task will be a compendium of runebooks littered with the ethereal runic scriptions that will transport the user to another space of the worlds we inhabit. I will write more on both my progress and my the location of my library, may its hallowed walls be thy sanctum, as soon as I can get the masonry workers to get back to work. Currently they loiter aimlessly as if waiting for some god given symbol from above, drinking mead and wasting my time and money.

    Anyway, more later, as and when I know it.

    Many thanks, may your road be littered with the scattered gifts of the deity you worship, good fortune, good health, and good living.

    Marie Robespierre,
    Curator of the Spiritwood Library,
    Avid writer extraordinaire.

    Many thanks.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 6:04 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Knight Ceremony in PaxLair & Tales of an Old Knight
    This just in from Winfield, Mayor of PaxLair:

    MAY 2 [PAXLAIR, FELUCCA, CHESAPEAKE] - 1) Mayor Winfield of PaxLair will
    hold a Ceremony in PaxLair to knight two Squires to Knighthood. 2) The
    ceremony will be followed by a visit to an old Knight that Winfield met
    today. The old Knight has a tale of legends to tell all the Knights of the
    Realm. The total time for both events should be 1-2 hours maximum. 3) The
    weekly PaxLair city meeting will follow after the meeting with the old
    Knight. All races, people, and beings of the realm are invited to attend
    the three events.

    All will start with the Knighting Ceremony on Wednesday, May 3, at 7PM
    Eastern Time (6PM Central Time) at the North Tower in PaxLair. The
    20-minute ceremony will be followed by a trip to the Crossroads Fortress
    east of PaxLair, near the Compassion Shrine and desert. We will remain on
    Felucca. After the 30-minute to 1-hour meeting with the old Knight, all
    are invited back to PaxLair for our city meeting. People do not need to
    attend all three functions.

    The following address gives the complete information about the Knighting
    Ceremony and Mayor Winfield's encounter with the old Knight.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 5:34 AM EDT by Dresden (Chesapeake)

    Black widow attacks
    Worrying news from Delucia:

    The black widowI was wandering at Delucia, on the Felucca world when I was witness to a strange phenomenon. In the stables a giant black widow appeared, with lot of giant spiders, scorpions and giant serpents.

    I couldn't participate in the fight myself because I had been looted recently but I took some pictures of the monster. Fortunately, the monster finally died and its threats will be vain.


    Many thanks.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 5:09 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    "Battle for the Cursed Keep" Sunday
    The following is an announcement from Vragor:

    This coming Sunday will be the 3rd Battle for the Cursed Keep. Time will be from 8pm to 9pm CST.

    The keep doors will be locked at least one hour prior to the battle, and everyone ejected. Then at 8, the doors will be unlocked and the battle for control of the keep will begin.

    Different this month: throughout the battle hour, anyone inside the keep will be friended to prevent being booted from the keep by connection loss. To get friended, just go into the main room of the keep and attract the attention of the orc co-owner (probably me) that is in the North West room of the keep. (Please don't kill that orc). After being friended, banning and ejecting are forbidden. anyone caught banning or ejecting will be unfriended, and themselves ejected.

    At 9pm the battle will be over, and whatever uniformed team controls the keep will be friended to the keep for a week.

    In the past battles, no one has contested the orcs for keep control prior to 8pm, and thus orcs always had control of the keep and went on to win the event. Prior to 8pm, orcs are outside like everyone else.

    For additional details and directions to the keep, visit The Shadowclan Orcs.

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 12:41 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Tailoring contest slated for Friday
    Alora Mystmyr extends this invitation:

    Hear ye, hear ye, Lords and Ladies. JemFire of The Lords of Virtue, in association with Snow of The Imperium will be sponsoring a Tailoring Contest and Fashion Show at The Shrub Garden Inn, Friday - May 5th, 7:30pm pacific time.

    Here are the specifics:

    Each Tailor/Contestant must bring:
    200 leather hides
    2 sewing kits
    1 pair of scissors
    one bag


    Each tailor will make one of each leather item and put it into the bag which lay at their feet. Each bag will be dyed a different color. The judge then looks into each bag and counts how many exceptionals items are therein. The top 6 tailors are give 200 additional leather hides, and will be charged to fashion two sets of studded armor. The sets will be put into a bag along with the LEFTOVER leather pieces. A judge will check to see if everything is exceptional and the sets are complete. The one with complete sets and the most left over leather ... WINS! There will be a second and third place winning as well.


  • 1st Place- 10k , black Armor with sandals
  • 2nd Place- 5k, pink armor with sandals
  • 3rd Place- 2k, leather armor or studded with sandals

    After the Tailoring Event, we are planning a Fashion Contest. Details to be released at a later date.

    Catering provided by Alora & Shrubs Inc. a subsidiary of The Shrub Garden Inn & Tavern.

    Alora Mystmyr, UDL
    The Shrub Garden Inn
    Proud Sponsor of the 2000 Britannia Tailoring Event

  • Thanks, Alora!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 12:07 AM EDT by TigerLily (SiegePerilous)

    Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market
    After my mail client returned from death, I received this from Fenris:

    The next Spiritwood Tavern Meet Market will be on saturday the 6th of May at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt). Of course everyone is invited!

    A few words about the Meet Market itself:
    Anyone from the crowd can take the stage and tell something about him or herself. He or she then offers an hour of fun. This can range from a date to lessons in being a good guildmaster. From magery training to a dungeon trip.
    Or from catering a picknick to being best man at a wedding.
    As long as it lasts one hour (or longer or shorter if agreed upon). The buyer and seller set a date for this during the next two weeks (before the next Meet Market).
    From then on the crowd may bid on this person while he or she advertises him or herself. Bids can go from 500 gold to 10.000 gold pieces or even more!
    Half of the gold will go to the tavern and the rest is for the seller. The tavern will use this gold for other events. And the gold should be paid after the Market is over (or at least in the week that follows).
    So if you would like to meet people, if you are in need of a good tailor or an alchemist or if you would like to show your partner how much you love him or her, come to the Spiritwood Tavern this saturday. Drinks and food will be free as always.

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood.
    From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W.

    If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected].
    I hope to see you all there! :-)

    Spiritwood Tavern Tavernkeeper

    *Flexes muscles* Maybe people want to buy a fine warrior like me...?

    Yours truly,

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 11:57 PM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Saving of Cove
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<As you may know, Cove has been overrun with gazers and orcish kin. Ravi wishes for help to retake the town of Cove:
    On Friday May 5, 2000 at 11 PM EST to 1 AM EST there will be a very special event. I want many people to come and enjoy a hunt to the Orc Fort to save people, fight monsters, and fight murderers. This will be a great chance to meet new people and befriend them. An interaction will occur that will bring our people together. We might even go to other places.

    I am trying to save Cove and turn it into a good town. Hoping to get a brand new bank and new items to buy. It will also be a great place to meet people and get friends. Cove will be full of prosperous merchants and powerful warriors. It shall rise up and be well-known amongst the greatest of the great. Cove will once again be one of the top most cities in Britannia.

    Just let me have control and work on it. Just a little help needed from my fellow players. Hope to see many at Cove and look for more events coming to save Cove.
    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 11:49 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    The CIA in Crisis
    I received this notice from an Outrider of the CIA,

    A few days ago, our Master, Rogan Kai, headed for an unknown location in search of a site for Langley, the CIA guildhall. Little is known of his travels, except that he told the CIA Outriders of an old Keep that would be perfect for Langley. Since then, Rogan hasn't been seen. To add to this, the Company of Independant Adventurer's Guildstone teleporter was with him, and that too, has vanished. Currently, Outriders are searching for their Master, but so far to no avail. Thus, with these events in mind, the CIA must suspend any planned activities with other guilds until Rogan's whereabouts are known. We apologise for any inconvenience, but rest assured, the CIA will continue....
    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 6:41 PM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    Vesper rebels make peace
    New threats bring peace in Vesper:

    Hail,I come before ye with great news.

    On Friday we, The Free Vesper Militia, and the Lord British Loyalists, signed a peace treaty. We both agreed that, in this time of great danger for us, our forces should combine to see off Minax and the large Drow forces gathering around Vesper and Cove. in return for this, they have also granted Vesper a certain degree of freedom. The will be a democraticlly elected goverment which we will hold elections shortly. Let us all hope the forces of Britannia can ward of Minax's minions.

    Sylis Larpt
    General, The Free Vesper Militia

    Many thanks.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 4:30 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Journey to Trammel
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<One adventurer writes with the tale of his crossing to a new world:

    Green fields stretched out to the horizon, their perfect edges marred only by the spritely fingers of lushous, leaved trees reaching their green gloved hands to the skies. A few small hens clucked their peaceful way past my house, and then their quiet pecking was disturbed by the clamour of rushing feet behind me. I turned in my saddle expecting to be greeted with the grim visage of a murderer, or brigand, yet all I saw was happy smiling faces in their stead, a greeting shouted o'er their shoulder as my fellow revellers raced by, taking pleasure in the open spaces, the free grass, and the happy animals that seemed even to smile in pleasure at their new home....the crossing indeed had been a hard time, but now we were here, and it was worth that terrible night back in Felucca......

    ........I woke with a start, sweat clinging my body in a sheen of terror, a nightmare ending as I came to, and another beginning. The ringing of steel on steel crashed in from outside my window, and a howl of pain erupted like a banshee's cry as I rose from my torment. Stumbling the short distance to my window I opened the shutters and peered outside, the breath from my body forced out to the chilly air as my eyes met with the grizzly portrait that could only have been painted on my home by a devil, or his acolytes. A crash and splinter of wood caught my attention and I spied the battling men just round the corner of Spiritwood, near the tavern and the art gallery. One of them was smashing his mace at the others shield, broken shards of wood being stroked away with each crushing blow. A trickle of crimson blood could be seen trickling from the recipients head, down under the base of helm was a torn section of chain mail and gore was splayed forth. His horse whinnied and reared in terror as its rider toppled from his perch.

    In the background the fighters continued their story on the ground, the fallen man slowly laying back, his shield now a tattered pulpy mess stuck on his broken arms, offering little protection from the relentless smashes of their mace, down to his body, his head, his back... I could look no more. Closing my window, and the shutters too, I hurriedly dressed and picked up my staff, walking through the annex to my stable I readied my horse for a sprint through my hometown to the docks of Skara Brae, surely I felt the guards there would provide some sanctity from the ghastly world about me now.

    I trotted from my mount's stable, and turned my horse to the road that led to town. I turned my head at the broken man's corpse, and gagged as I heard the cries of his horse as it was beaten by the murderous victor of the previous fight. I sped to the docks, galloping through the moongate into the safe haven of Skara Brae, or was it?

    I arrived at the bank of the town, hot and frightened from my flight, and opened my chest with my keys. Reaching in I took out my weapon, a spellbook and bag of reagents, 'I would not be easy prey this day' I thought, as I marked the pages for vicious spells of defence and attack, should I need their ethereal aid in the hours to come. Looking about, recovering from the daze my close fight had caused I shuddered at the sight of thieves roaming freely about, perusing the backpacks and saddlebags of the less alert at the bank, walking away with pouches and coins, a sinister grin etched on their twisted faces. A town guard passed behind me, his watchful gaze turned downwards, to the ground, he allowed a thief to walk right by him, and ignored the light tickle of the man's fingers leaping through his pockets. His will broken the guard moved on, leaving unhindered the activities that were so prevalent about me. Shaking my head I hastily made my way to a quiet patch of green grass, and laid down the stone my husband had gifted me with, its green luminescence shimmering in the endless drab grey that polluted the once clear air of the fishing town I was in.

    I stepped back from the stone, marvelling as it sunk of its own accordance into the ground, then waited. I waited for some two minutes, and was about to give up hope of ever escaping my dreary prison, the town I had once called home, when a shimmering gate rose from the stone's shallow grave, beckoning me forth with lustrous ebbs of pulsing green emanations. Not needing much persuasion I eagerly stepped forth and entered the gate, stepping through the other side into brightly lit streets.

    I was finally home, the crossing was complete, never to be made again. Vowing not to think on the disturbing world I had left behind again I set out, to see my new homeworld, the recesses of its every mountainous reach, armed with naught but my spells and the virtues. I travelled for days, seeing everything I had never dared approach before, watching suns rise, nights pass, creatures roam freely, poets ply their trades in townships and vendors bark their wares openly, no longer afraid to attract murderous attention to themselves for carrying expensive items.......

    .....Smiling reverently I tell you this tale, just one I am sure, of many like it, so that you may see the happiness that this Trammel facet of the world will no doubt bring me, and already has, and it is with this that i leave you with a thought, on history, the coming of the crossing, and the future....

    ~Though you may cross, cross you need not be...
    ~For finally in Trammel, we trapped are now free...
    ~Come join us in utopia, for the sights to see...
    ~Welcome to heaven, for all here welcome thee.

    Many thanks,
    Marie Robespierre,
    A happy camper.

    Many thanks.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 4:19 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Time for another RD Storefront Auction!
    Lord Tristan sent us the following:

    RD sorted through the items to be auctioned this week. "Tristan, my friend. I do believe the coming months will bring business to the storefront like we've never seen before". Puzzled, Tristan enquired "How so, RD?". "You see, rumor has it that the Terathan Warriors have stopped equipping themselves with magical weapons; gone are the days of abundant magical blades and bows. The seas themselves are drying up, for treasure from ancient cargo vessels has all but been salvaged" Tristan replied "I can't say I am dissapointed RD. Perhaps now the economy will restabilize itself. Finally we will be able to sell items for fair value. RD, this will be a fine summer indeed." Tristan and RD looked across the plains, smiles creaping across their faces. It's that time again! Come join us at the Rojo Diablo storefront on Tuesday, May 2nd at 9:00 EST for another auction. Come bid on the finest weapons, armors, and rares in the land! [leave your pies and rotten tomatoes at home!] Don't know where the heck we are? Fire up your favroite browser and point it to : for a map, and rules for the event! Dust off those Katanas! Tighten up those bow strings! We want your items! For a mere 5% commision come auction off your items to all the hungry bidders! Sellers are allowed to submit two items per auction. Please include with your items, in a bag, a book with your name, item description, minimum bid, and your icq#. Come join the fun!
    We'll see you all Tuesday!
    Lord Tristan

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 4:11 PM EDT by Luxmea Mundi (GreatLakes)

    Silly hats rule in Spiritwood
    Ladies' night in Spiritwood went with a bang:

    The clamour of dyes and wine decanters filled the heavy smoke laden air of the tavern, as the gregarious gaggle of cackling ladies gathered in their first ever devoted evening in Spiritwoods finest establishment...Fenris' Tavern.

    Swirling frocks whipped at their delicate ankles, ridiculous hats adorned their pretty heads and wondrous finery garbed their lithe bodies as they swished about in their circles of friends, discussing fashions, politics, and the most common topic of all, even though they were banned from the! Yes that's right folks, it was the first ever gathering of the Spiritwood ladies evening, the Femme~Fraternity.

    They are not a guild, not an evil group plotting men's downfall and their ascension to power {even though that might be a good idea}, they are just what they state they are, fun loving girls and ladies escaping the cluches of their dependent male counterparts for a night a week, to revel in each others company, without the trappings of jealousy, lust and ale that men seem always to bring forth. On this fateful night, Fabienne, the founder of the evening, was the host and served fine wines, and milk to her guests, even ushering Fenris from the tavern for a time, to drink as he called it 'real ale' with some male friends.

    Many events were discussed, though none planned, and one should keep an eye out for more news from the Femme Fraternity in the near future, after they have all moved house to Trammels lustrous green pastures.

    One thing though, if you see any odd men dressed in skirts in Fenris' taverns vacinity, please tell them from several similar attempts, they shalt not suceed. We rooted out several imposters, and thei intrusion shall not go unheeded, painted toenails seem a good deterrent, beware all men . . .

    Your informant,
    Marie Robespierre,
    Femme Fraternity of Spiritwood.

    Well thank you for the warning . . .

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 4:07 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    New Poll
    Last week, we asked you what the UO Development Team should work on next. 39% of you thought is should be Necromancy, 28% said they wanted to see new craftables added to the game, 9% wanted additions to Alchemy, 7% wanted the Bardic skill improved, and 10% wanted other changes.

    This week, we would like your opinion on UO:R. How does it fare, so far?

    Head on over to our Periodoc Poll and let us know.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 4:06 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    An apology
    Hello all. As you may have seen, the page has not been updated recently. I have had very serious problems with my PC which eventually resulted in the entire hard disk having to be wiped - blame me or Bill Gates as you prefer. We are very much back in action, and I will be updating the page with a *lot* of news starting . . now.

    Once again I do apologise!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 3:57 PM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Terra Sanctum Building Explored and Mage Benedict Sighted
    We've received two reports of parties exploring the strange building discovered in the Lost Lands some time ago. Benedict was sighted and even spoken to in each case. Here are the observations of Colin Mor of the Purple Guardians of Honor.
    Greetings and Well Met.

    I have GREAT news for Catskills Shard Community.....MYSTERIOUS BUILDING HAS BEEN SEARCHED!!!!!

    The Imperial Legion of The Purple Guardians of HONOR sent a small party to search the laboratory in the new lands of Fellucca that is said to be Minax controlled. Upon entering they made many copies of the famous log book on a table and after searching the area and enjoying a few onions hanging on the wall they secured the copies in the bank vaults.

    Gorion, Emissary of Trinsic, and Galam a Gargoyle Nexis stayed behind to leave a message to Minax.......upon setting the structure ablaze the caretaker of the building arrived......Benedict. Benedict brought with him apprentice mages that began to attack the duo. Senator of Arcane, Argos, arrived and with Galam they did school the mages in the arts of magery.

    Benedict then cast an unknown spell that transported them outside the building and the Legion then took leave of the area....warning Benedict that they will be watching him.

    Colin Mor
    Imperial Scribe of Record PGoH

    Links to imagry

    A second report was received from Yuushi, a bard, who also had a chance to speak with Benedict directly.

    Hail my good bards,
    An interesting thing happened to me today. I traveled with a group of friends to the building on the terra sanctum. I wont go into how we got there or what we found, as I'm sure that they are writing the story now. What I have to tell happened after they left. I missed the gate to safety, and found myself stranded. After taking a short nap I awoke to find that Benedict had continued his experiments after my friends had left. While exploring around his building I ran into the evil mage himself! He called one of his mage guards to attack me, and I dispatched the evil being with ease. After this he warned me to leave or he would assist me in leaving the lands of the living. After seeing that I was telling the truth, and was stranded he bade me follow. He led me to the wall of brambles that is now blocking the road to his building, and to my amazement passed right through! He then opened a moongate for me to follow, and gave me a rune and recall scroll away from his island, saying that 'It is better than having you interupt my experiments again.' He then bade me warn all who would attempt to spy on him that their lives would be short. Being no match for a skilled mage, and weary after a long day of slaying fell beasts, I left, but not before giving him a warning of my own. 'Do not get too comfortable here, Benedict, we shall return.'


    Twould seem that the mage, Benedict, is still causing trouble in the land. The log book the Colin Mor mentions can be read at the following location. It speaks of the tainted food shipments which Benedict tried to disperse several times to the populaces in Skara Brae, Kinship Village, and Yew.

    With his reappearance, I'd urge everyone to be wary of food from unknown sources.

    Thank you Colin Mor and Yuushi for the reports!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 10:53 AM EDT by Brenna (Catskills)

    Emerald Enchantress Quest
    We have recieved the following:

    For over a Britannian year, the gypsy Doria Romanov thought that her husband, Bryce Barington, had been slain. Bryce had been working on a job guarding a caravan going from Vesper to Cove, when the caravan was attacked by undead. But a few weeks ago, Doria discovered that Bryce is still alive, in an unknown location.

    The other caravan guard, the tamer Browley, claimed he saw something unusual during the attack on the caravan. He saw a woman mage with very pale skin and green hair casting a spell in Bryce's direction. She was wearing a necklace of green stones, possibly emeralds. Bryce stumbled and fell, with two or three undead on top of him. According to Browley, when he saw Bryce fall, he knew that the battle was lost and ran back to Vesper.

    Recently, Doria's search for Bryce took a surprising new twist. Doria, a gypsy with considerable psychic ability, did a psychic reading to see if she could find out more about this mysterious woman mage. Ms. Romanov said some kind of blocking spell was clouding her vision and she could not see the mage clearly and could not divine where she was. But Doria was quite surprised when her crystal ball revealed that her own parents, Marga and Petrino Romanov, were somehow involved with this woman mage. Doria and the folks at her last meeting went to the gypsy camp near Minoc to confront Doria's parents and find out what they had to say about this.

    As a reporter, I am interested in accuracy in my stories, so I personally visited Doria's parents in the gypsy camp to get their own version of what happened. I found them both at home in their tent in the gypsy camp south of Minoc. Petrino is gypsy of early middle age, with a kindly face, a tinker by trade. Marga is a psychic and medium, and as we spoke, she shuffled her tarot deck, and idly laid out a tarot spread. She told me that it was she who trained Doria to use her natural psychic abilities.

    Marga and Petrino told me that they had disapproved when Doria had married Bryce Barington, a non-gypsy "foreigner". When Doria arrived at the gypsy camp last week, they were delighted to see her, and they told her how much they loved her. They suggested that now that Bryce was out of the way, it was time for her to return to live with the gypsies. They told me sadly that Doria refused to renounce her love for Bryce or to return to live with the gypsies.

    Then Doria told her parents about the vision she had seen in her crystal ball-that her own parents had some connection with a woman mage, and somehow this was connected with Bryce's disappearance. Who was this sorceress and what was her parents' connection with her?

    Marga told me that she and Petrino loved Doria deeply, and because they wanted only the best for her, which was to return to her rightful place with the gypsies, they devised a plan to get her to return by getting Bryce out of the picture. They met with a mage named Vilendra, known as The Emerald Enchantress, whose specialty was magic to control the minds of others. They described the Emerald Enchantress as a powerful mage with long green hair and very pale skin, who wears green armor and a necklace of emeralds. For a payment of gold, they convinced Vilendra to agree to cast a spell of forgetting on Bryce. Marga and Petrino stressed that they were good folks who meant no harm to Bryce and only wanted him to forget Doria, so she could come and live with her own kind.

    According to the Romanovs, when The Emerald Enchantress came for her payment, she told them that she had not only cast the spell of forgetting on Bryce, but that she had gotten the idea of casting a second spell as well. The sorceress claimed that when she first laid eyes on Bryce he was so handsome she thought he was a young god, and she felt her passions stirring.

    As she contacted his mind to transfix him for the spell of forgetting, she discovered that his mind was as beautiful as his body. There was no way she could leave this glorious youth. The Enchantress said she then got the idea to cast a second spell on him-a love spell guaranteed to make Bryce fall in love with her alone. With a roguish laugh, Vilendra told the Romanovs that they need have no more worries about Bryce, for not only had he forgotten Doria, but he was now living with her, ensorcelled as the Enchantress's willing love servant. Marga and Petrino told Doria that perhaps it was best if Bryce was now in love with one of his own kind, for with the "foreigner" no longer interested in Doria, she could return to her rightful place with the gypsies.

    As I concluded the interview, Petrino told me that Doria didn't seem to appreciate their thoughtful plan to bring her back to the gypsies, for her own good. Her reaction was to become very angry and upset and she left the gypsy camp.

    Doria has asked me to tell the readers of this newspaper that she needs their help to find Bryce and the Emerald Enchantress. She will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, May 2, at 7 PM (Pacific Time) in her tent in Skara Brae, just north of the Skara bank. If you'd like to help Doria and be part of the quest to find the Emerald Enchantress, join the adventure Tuesday eve.

    --Stav Korwell

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 9:17 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Greta the Witch Visits Wintermoor
    For the past few nights now, a witch has strolled around in Wintermoor. For days we watched her with a close eye, yet nothing was to pass. Finally, upon entering the Tavern of Wintermoor one night the witch lifted up and cackled with an insane glee.

    "Three Moons from now I shall return", she spoke, "It will then that your future is known..."

    All we could do is wait...

    True to her word, this crypt keeper returned three moons later. This time however, we were prepared and had arranged for some of the finest scholars of the land to be there for her ramblings.

    The First person the Witch spoke to was Duke Surak'nar. Taking out an old crystal ball, she entered a trance and peered into it. "I see the House of the Black Moon.....I see friends separating...I see the Birth of the Lords of the Silver Serpent (LSS)" Duke Surak'nar sat in amazement as this woman who claimed to be a witch of 200 years knew everything about him. Neither had ever laid eyes upon each other until tonight. She continued, "I see the British War Council...I see a great alliance in the will fight along side and rallying in the British Faction" with that, her crystal ball faded.

    I myself then took a seat next to this creature of curiosity. She looked my straight in the eyes. Being a collector, I do not believe in such nonsense, but then she spoke to me exactly the answer I had been thinking.

    "Lord Burnt", she said.

    "Lord Burnt?", I said aloud, "Who is that?"

    "That is the man in your dreams who has been carrying the box with the strange symbols".

    "What does it all mean?", I questioned.

    "He will seek you out shortly, but only when he is ready. He is a man of mystery", she then interrupted herself, "More! I see more". Eagerly all ears leaned towards her. "Seven (7) Moons from now, a great darkness is approaching. Evil and darkness, beware; you will need many guards."

    This was the worst thing that could have been said....Seven Moons from now was to be the 2 Year anniversary of the Museums. Now it will be shrouded in darkness.

    She then turned her skills to many others that sat before her, both exposing and entertaining those within the Frosty Hook Tavern Walls. Finally, she lifted her aged head and beckoned for GreyPawn to come forward. Before he could even let a word roll off his tongue, she began. "You are most known for your deeds in Moonglow. Thou has done much for that community and the area surround it.". I see the collection of the citizens of Light upon the basis of Holy Virtue". "You may need those mages and ilk during this upcoming week, in this place will dwell a black cloud".

    GreyPawn, now realizing that this woman already knew his life story, then asked about the recent attack of the Red Dragons, Tilf and Gilf and other marvelous events besieging our land. "The Red Dragon seeks a mystical item; however, the answer to that riddle lies within". "It is not within my fates to answer that question this here night"....and with that the Witch began to fade away giving off her final cackle into the wind.

    Xanthar, Mayor of Wintermoor
    Museum Curator

    Thankye, kindly, Xanthar, for this news.
    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 7:07 AM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

    Unscheduled Downtime
    The following was just posted to FYI on the Ultima Online website:
    Unscheduled Downtimes - May 1st (CT)

    We will be shutting down and restarting all shards today, May 1st (CT), to address a recently discovered issue. All United States shards will be shut down and restarted following completion of their next backup. Arirang, Balhae, Formosa, and Oceania will have maintenance periods today at their normally scheduled times. All Japanese shards, including Hokuto, and European shards will go down for regularly scheduled maintenance. All shards scheduled for maintenance tomorrow will skip their scheduled maintenance downtime. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 6:40 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Free Repair Night
    We have recieved the following:
    The Crusaders of Sosaria (CrS), in an effort to promote goodwill throughout the lands will be hosting a free armor and weapon repair night. The event will take place tonight (Monday May 1st) and, if successful, will occur on a weekly basis. Free repairs will commence at 7PM PST and will continue for one hour.

    The repairs will be done at the CrS Megastore which is located at 75 45N, 23 29E.

    Each visitor will be limited to one backpack full of goods to be repaired. Since there is a chance that damaged items will break during repair, only our GM smiths will do repairs. We assume no liability for broken items.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 5:49 AM EDT by Debonair (Sonoma)

    Regarding applications
    As I wrote below, I have had serious problems with my PC and lost a lot of data. This has included one round II application to be a Stratics reporter. The person concerned will know who they are, as I am in contact with the others who applied and who filled in round IIs.

    I am sorry to say I do not have any of your details at the moment. However, I had read your app and was due to reply saying you had been accepted. The only thing left to do was to hold a short interview going over the duties of a Stratics shard reporter.

    I would be very grateful indeed if the person concerned could contact me. Simply re-send the round II app (with luck it will still be in your sent items folder in your e-mail client so just forward it to me at [email protected]). I will reply straight away.

    Again I am sorry about this, and I hope you get in touch.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 5:09 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Terror on the seas
    Pirates stalk the seas:

    It has been a sad day. Throughout today people have lost ships and been slaughtered by the pirates around Jhelom.

    I was such a fisherwomen

    I was fishing, searching for fish to sell, when suddenly a large dragon boat rammed into me. Several men suddenly appeared aboard my ship and claimed they were from the Gold Oyster Merchant Alliance and that I had interrupted their fishing space >my boat was taken and I was killed.

    I shared my experience later at the bank and found several others who had had similar experiences with the GOMA.

    Altogether at least 7 ships have been stolen from the seas around Jhelom. I do not know if the devastation has spread elsewhere but please we need your help, we need help to fend off these acts of piracy. Who knows the town itself may be next

    Alexandria (GM Fisherwomen -Jhelom)

    Many thanks.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 4:54 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    Assassin sought after merchant murdered
    A strange encounter in Spiritwood:

    Let me tell ye about the strange occurrences some days ago which lead to an investigation by the Custodes Pax. A travelling merchant came to the Spiritwood Tavern, tired from his travels, he sought shelter and a mug of ale. I was nay present that day, but I was told, that shortly after the merchant, a masked man entered the Tavern, sneaked up behind the merchant and assassinated him with a deadly blow of his deadly poisoned dagger. The Custodes Pax arrived quickly at the scene, though the masked assassin was nay to be discovered in Spiritwood.

    A few days later it was rumoured, that this masked murderer was seen inside the Hedge Maze, east of Spiritwood. Sir Gui and myself set off to the maze to investigate those rumours. It took us quite some time to reach the centre of the maze, nay only 'cause of the irritating twists and turns, but also of an evil mage lurking at the library. We had nay chance to question this very aggressive fellow, as he attacked us outright with his devastating spells.

    We then reached the centre without any more difficulties and continued our investigation, when suddenly we were under heavy attack by brigands. They did nay demand gold or valuables, like brigands normally do, nay, as the mage before they attacked without a word and fierce determination. Their mistake of course, since Gui and me were nay a match to those badly equipped band of thugs. After we searched their bodies for evidences we discovered a masked man sneaking around the centre buildings of the maze. Of course this was the man we've been looking for, so we immediately followed him. He did nay follow our demand to surrender and follow us to Spiritwood to be questioned by the Custodes Pax, he simply responded, that we should leave him alone, since he had to attend a meeting and bother him nay more. Quite surprised by this mans sheer disrespect of local authorities, Gui commanded to take him by force. Seeing us approaching the masked man drew a poison dripping dagger and attacked. Were it nay to Gui's excellent healing skills, I surely would nay be able to report on these events, as he more than once saved my life this day. Suddenly, after some fatal wounds delivered by us, the hooded assassin threw over his cape and simply vanished. Quite puzzled Gui and me searched for him, but to nay avail, he simply disappeared. Left without a clue of his whereabouts we searched the buildings of the maze, though weren't able to discover any evidence, so we decided to call for Amos of the Custodes Pax, as he might be able to find some clues.

    It was when Amos arrived, that the masked man appeared out of thin air and started to attack us. I do nay know why he choose to take the risk to fight three well equipped warriors, though he did, and we had difficulties to overcome this skilled assassin by sheer force. When the assassin finally lay dead before us I started to search his body, revealing a book what seemed to be a journal of his contracts. All contracts his employee named Benarin ordered were completed, except one:

    Here is a job for you ...
    Place: Delucia
    Time: By nightfall on Friday
    Name: Michael
    Status: Completed

    Another job for you ...
    Place: Trinsic
    Time: Noon
    Name: Giarna
    Status: Completed

    Here is another job ...
    Place: Occlo
    Time: after dark on monday
    Name: Lerlon
    Status: Completed

    Your final job ...
    Place: Cove
    Time: Three hours before midnight on tuesday
    Name: Rena
    Status: Pending

    The investigation will continue tonight (Tuesday), to unravel the mysteries of this masked murderer. Take care fellow citizens, something odd is goin on.

    Duncan Dalwhinie

    Many thanks.

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 4:41 AM EDT by Palmer Eldritch (Europa)

    New Towns in the New World
    The following announcement was pulled from the Ultima Online Community Calendar:
    "'ail, and gree'ings ta ya all! I be Thorin Oakshield, and I be lookin' to settle this fair new world we bin a blessed with. Inspired by such places as Kinship and other role playing areas, including the guild "the City of Trinsic," which for those that don't know is the Paladins of Trinsic, I would like to start such a group. I ask that a few small guilds, of kind and honorable people, gather together with me to take on this event.

    "I have a location chosen, and simply need assistance in forming it. I have chosen a name but that can be debated, "Village Valinor" is the name, but again that can be worked on. I will explain everything once I have been e-mailed, the first few guild leaders, or individuals to e-mail me will be considered for the position of a town leader.

    "Thank ye all, and may yer shadow ne'er shorten."

    Thorin Oakshield asks that you contact him for more information. Mr. Oakshield proposes May 6 as the start date for this event. No information was available about whether houses would be able to be placed by this date.

    The following announcement was also posted under with the headline "New Town Opening" on the Ultima Online Community Calendar:

    "We will be holding a free party and guild recruitment. There will be food and drink, so come have a good time. Guild members will be able to place their house in our new town. Da Axe will be holding a lottery (price per ticket will be 500gp) the winner will be said at the end. Further details will be revealed on the day of the party.

    "If you would like to come to this party please meet Chaos Da Sod at Trammel East Britain bank for a gate to the party. The last gate going to the party will be at 3:15pm GMT."

    Further investigation reveals that this event will occur on May 14. Again, no information about whether houses will be allowed by this date was available.

    For those interested in more information, contact this events sponsor Da Axe, or use the mystic ICQ ether to contact Baron at 54313528.

    It would seem our citizenry is so anxious to found new villages on Trammel that they are planning to form towns without houses. UOSS Drachenfels will follow these stories as they develop.

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 3:21 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    New Minimum Skill Levels for Blacksmithing Posted
    As most Smiths already found out a while ago, the minimum skill levels for smithing have changed again. This time it's for the good, because most of the arms and armor items are considerably easier to make now. Batir made all needed changes to our Blacksmithing page.
    Posted on Tuesday, May 2, 2000, 1:39 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Army of Thieves Defeated!
    This was submitted by Trek'guk Luav of AT:

    Trek'guk stood in front of the mountain searching for the secret entrance. His hands glided over the mountain wall, then suddenly they disappeared within it, as if there was nothing there to block his path. Trek smiled and continued forth, the shape of his body disappearing into an illusion of a wall. The mages the Army of Thieves had taken this hidden fortress from had crafted a magical wall that looked like mountain in front of a cave opening.

    When Trek'guk came out of a long cave corridor, the area around him suddenly opened up into a vast valley, a forgotten land. Ravelen the Sly and Hugh the Hand of *H* were there to greet him.

    "Trek, thank god, all the men are ready and waiting." Ravelen said.

    Trek turned to look at Mayor Amber standing beside Ravelen. "Tat guud. Be takin her to the hidden room." He said.

    Ravelen nodded and then motioned for Myria Myriad and Drax Deepoket to follow him to guard the Mayor. Amber struggled as Ravelen dragged her off. Hugh the Hand stood at attention next to Trek.

    "How shall we be of service to you Trek'guk?" Hugh said.

    "Hugh, yous pick two ot yous men to go to Haven." Trek responded. "We's needin get team of quin [four] comandos tu gu tu Haven. Tey nut tu attack tee Havens, just gather information fir us. Win tey see wut its like in Haven, tey come back here and report. Ravelen und me pick two AT."


    "Tis nice sword, yous tink?" Trek looked at the Sword of Truth in his hands as the light shined off it. "Bee pity yous Havens neter see it gain."

    "They will come for me, and you will die." Amber stated.

    "Beeehahaha, tey nu knu were yous be! How tey come tu tis hidden fortress?" Trek said.

    Just then Ravelen appeared in the hidden room they were keeping Amber in. "Trek, the comandos return! They bring word of Haven's forces." He said.

    Trek turned around to look at Ravelen, and dropped the sword on a near by table. The two of them jumped on the teleporter to leave the room. Outside, the comandos who were sent to Haven were very broken up. As Trek approached them he noticed their scars and dented armor.

    "Trek! Haven has a massive army! We barely made it out alive!" Fetch, a commando from AT, stated.

    "Yous nut supposed to fit tem!" Trek yelled.

    "We had no choice, as soon as we arrived they attacked without warning! They were ready for us Trek!" Fetch yelled.

    "Fraid it gets worse. They managed to kill AT's other commando, Bandito. Trek, Bandito had a map to the fortress on him. Haven's army is on it's way HERE." Ravelen said as Trek turned pale.

    "All oter commandos out of Haven?" Trek asked Hugh.

    "Yes 'milord." Hugh responded.

    There was a long pause as the three generals contemplated what to do next. Well, Ravelen and Hugh knew what to do, but Trek was reluctant to do it. They both looked at Trek waiting for his obvious orders so they could prepare before Haven arrived. This was not what Trek had been planing for. How had Haven known AT was going to attack? How had they gotten enough support to form an army! Trek bent his head to the ground and gave the orders to the other generals.

    "Prepare to be sieged." Trek said.

    As soon as Trek gave the orders Ravelen and Hugh did a 180 and started barking orders at their men. 'You two up on the tower! You and you over there, do it and hide. I want this door guarded, no one is to pass! You three, over there, lets move people!' In no time flat the entire valley was bustling with excitement. Men were running all over the place, and weapons were being handed out. Trek felt faint, there was no way AT and *H* could beat an army as large as the commandos described. They had to though, they had to or perish trying.


    The valley was quiet again. A soft wind blew through the trees, their leaves making rustling noises. The valley was empty, not a single rogue in "sight", but they were there. Outside at the entrance two thieves stood guard.

    "Arrr! This is so boring! I bet Haven isn't even coming." Merrick of AT said as he stood watch at the entrance.

    "Would you just be quiet?! They put us out here to watch for Haven, if you keep your talking they'll find us before we find them." Zorro of *H* said.

    "They can't find us, no one can. This place is hidden, they won't know how to get in!" Merrick said.

    "Nay, all they got to do is follow the sound of your ugly voice! Now be--" Zorro was cut short. He heard something in the distance. "Ye be hearing that?"

    "I don't hear a thi---"

    "Shhhhhhh!" Zorro said cutting Merrick off.

    The two rogues stood there silent and completely still. Then they heard it again. Clang, clang, clang. It was the sound of moving armor. Then another sound. Clip, clop, clip, clop. Horse hooves. Zorro turned pale when he saw where the sounds were coming from. Not very far off in the distance a vast army was approaching. He could see the jungle brush being disturbed from the place he stood on high on the mountain top.

    "Blimy, the Havens approach! We must warn the others!" Zorro stated as he quickly recalled back into the valley.

    "Look there, leave me up here all alone does he?! Don't worry about Merrick, he'll be fine, leave Merrick out in the cold sure! I'll be a ratman's uncle before I... ahhhh!" BOOOM. Merrick rambled as he started to climb down the mountain, lost his balance and fell the rest of the way. He ran through the fake mountain wall back into the valley to warn the others.


    Wolf Knight, Captain of the Knights of Haven, stopped his advancing army at the mountain wall. He looked at the map, and then at the mountain, at the map, at the mountain. Then he turned around and looked at his army.

    "The map brings us here, but there ain't no place else to go." Wolf stated.

    "Let me see the map. There, it has a marker on the mountain wall here." Max, Captain of the Knights of PaxLair, stated. "But why would it mark the mountain wall?"

    "Maybe there's a switch somewhere or something." Wolf said as he started searching the mountain wall.

    "Ah here I think, whoops!" Max said as he fell through the illusionary wall.

    "Ah! So that's it! Gentlemen, onward!" Wolf turned around and gave the order for the army to proceed through the mountain.

    When Haven's army was in the valley, they approached the Mage Tower with caution. It was too quiet, nothing was moving. Wolf looked around with suspicion; he smelled a rat. Drawing his sword, he waved his hand for the army to proceed behind him. When they got to the steps of the Mage Tower, he gave an all-stop. Wolf looked around some more, wondering if the map may be wrong. He then placed his sword tip on the ground so he could lean on it.

    "OWE MY FOOT!" A rogue shouted out from right next to Wolf.

    "AAAAAATTTTTTAAAAAAKKKKKKK!!!" Trek'guk yelled as literally hundreds of thieves and rogues appeared out of no where, some standing right next to the warriors around the Tower.

    In a matter of seconds the air was filled with the sounds of battle. Krysses and spears, swords and maces were heard all around bashing against flesh and armor. Mages cast their spells and ebolts started flying everywhere. It was utter chaos.

    Trek'guk swung around and struck Wolf with his spear. The two of them went head to head in a furry of a battle. Wolf slashed down with his sword just as Trek tumbled out of it's path. Trek quickly did a summersault on the ground and came up behind Wolf. His spear made a loud bang against the warrior's back armor, causing Wolf to fall to the ground.

    Unknown to Trek, Luthien of the Woodland elves, was right behind him. Luthien raised his sword and brought it down upon Trek. CLANG!! Trek quickly leapt out of the way as Ravelen the Sly's kryss met Luthien's sword before it hit Trek.

    "Here now, that's not very nice to sneak up on someone like that." Ravelen said to Luthien.

    BOOM! Quinjein of Caitiff casted an ebolt that blasted Ravelen away from Luthien. Next to Quin stood Uziel, leader of the Caitiff. Wolf regained his balance and joined Luthien, Uziel, and Quin in a line standing shoulder to shoulder. Trek helped Ravelen up and the two of them faced the others.

    "Yous neter guna git her back." Trek told them.

    "You can't keep her from me." Luthien stated.

    "It seems you're vastly outnumbered, dog. While your bravery is admirable, you will lose tonight." Uziel said.

    Just then a thief appeared behind Quinjein and stole some reagents from the dark mage. Quinjein left the others to chase after the thief.

    "I noticed that too Uziel, and took it upon myself to have one of my men fix that minor problem." Hugh the Hand said as he came out from around the corner. Trek smiled.

    Hugh joined Trek'guk and Ravelen in their battle line against Luthien, Uziel, and Wolf. Uziel glared at Hugh for his mocking.

    "Welp, we's jus guna stand 'ere all day, or what?!" Trek said as he quickly hid himself.

    Ravelen charged at Wolf and their two weapons met each other. Uziel didn't waste any time to run at Hugh. Calmly waiting for Trek's attack, Luthien closed his eyes. The elf's tall ears were at alert, drowning out all the battle field noise. Then he heard a small twig break right next to him. Luthien grabbed his sword with both hands and spun around to hit the air where the twig was broken. He met his target and Trek'guk suddenly appeared and fell to the floor in shock. Several ebolts flew past the six of them as they were fighting. Some hit the Mage Tower wall, and one landed next to Ravelen and Wolf. The loud explosion caused the two of them to fly through the air.


    Submitted by Mayor Amber of Haven:

    Amber walked sadly through Haven surveying the destruction. The thought that a band of rogues could do this to her fair town was stunning to her. When she queried Althaia and Lachlan about the devastation, they told her this had happened all over the land.. that Lord British had abandoned the world we lived in and had made a new land. A land, they said, where evil and ugliness would not abide.

    Sadly Amber recalled the battle at the fortress.. many warriors had been slain. Many rogues lay in pools of their own blood, pain, and despair. She heard the death cries of the many, even in her windowless room. Amber sensed a presence, and was frightened at first.. no, it couldn't be.. Caitiff? The Clanless were there.. why?

    As Amber strained her ears to hear what was happening outside, she watched Drax Deepocket pace back and forth across the small cell. Suddenly he left the room, Amber looked at the one called Myria Myriad questioningly. Myria was very nervous, she feared for the one she'd come to look after she told Amber. Myria had also taken pity on the Mayor. When Amber's guard wasn't about, Myria gave Amber sips of cool water from her wineskin, and fed her bits of food to help ward off the weakness.

    Drax burst back into the cell, his face red with anger and told Myria that Caitiff was there, along with the Guardians of the Realm, and the Woodland Elves as well as the Knights of Haven. He said their numbers were many, and that the Brotherhood of the Hand and the Army of Thieves were in heated battle with the group. His anger was palpable, but it was also deadly. For while he spat words of hatred, two from Haven came into the room... Bud of the Knights of Haven, and Althaia, chancellor of Haven. Drax turned, in surprise and dismay, to meet Bud's mace. As Bud stood over Drax's corpse, he eyed Myria. Amber told Bud to spare her for her kindness.. and Althaia began to chant words to open a portal. Bud skillfully worked Amber's bindings, and Amber was freed.

    As Amber stepped from the portal back into Haven, she took a deep breath. Wearily she walked up to the Tower steps and within minutes the battle torn warriors began to arrive. Then Amber saw something amazing. The elf Luthien thanked Uriel of the Caitiff for their assistance. As Uriel approached Amber, she bowed deeply.

    "M'lord.. my thanks for thy help.. Haven owes ye a great debt," Amber said.

    "Well met, m'lady.. and should ye require any help.. ye know how to reach me, " the dark one said.

    As Amber watched him retreat.. she wondered. What brought the Clanless to aid Haven? It was then she noticed the dreary landscape. Who had done this then? If it weren't the Army of Thieves, who?

    "Minax, young one," Luthien said.

    Then it became clear to Amber. An evil was in the land far worse than any of the inhabitants. The age was coming. The age of looking beyond former conflicts.. the age of growing beyond the boundaries of petty disputes. The age of honor was upon the inhabitants of these lands. For they would learn to work together; or they would perish.

    Amber remembered the sword. She'd hidden it. It would rest in its hiding place 'til such a time as it was appropriate to bring it forth in order to once again use its power to defeat the evil it was made to defeat.

    The young mayor wandered off, asking how many of the Army of Thieves remained. There was another matter to be attended to. The sooner, the better.


    Army of Thieves - AT - [ ]
    Brotherhood of the Hand - *H* - [ ]
    The Caitiff - Caitiff - [ ]
    The City of Haven - C0H - [ ]

    Posted on Monday, May 1, 2000, 9:31 AM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Britannia Traveler's Bazaar
    This was just sent in by Gilthas Stargaze:

    Later this month I shall be holding a grand Bazaar! People from all over Britannia are welcome: rich, poor, old, young -- to sell/buy/trade their wares. It will be a fun event. It will be held in the Moonglow Lycaeum on the Trammel Side (to prevent thievery) on May 15th. Tables and signs depicting what you're dealing in may be placed by Game Masters. More information regarding this event will be revealed at a later date. There is the possibility of an auction to sell those certain "delicate" items. I invite all of you to come and enjoy the event (and make a little money on the side *grin*).

    - Gilthas Stargaze

    Posted on Monday, May 1, 2000, 8:21 AM EDT by Shesari Muramiad (Pacific)

    Home Depot Anniversary Celebration Cancelled
    This in from Amber, of the Home Depot:

    Fellow patrons,
    Due to circumstances beyond my control, the 1 year anniversary celebration of the Home Depot will be put on hold and will be rescheduled at the earliest possible time. I apologize for any inconvenience.
    Store Manager

    Posted on Monday, May 1, 2000, 7:18 AM EDT by Luxmea Mundi (GreatLakes)

    Bloodrock Clan Orcs Attack Sandlewood Box
    From Ocelot of TUR:

    Sometime ye can't win fer losin,

    Here I is a-done 'shoppin' fer them Trammel moonstones, one lizard man at er time. An I gets a pigeon from Tristam that jess about knocks me off me saddle. Dis was about 8 o'clock on Saturdee night. Seems theres trouble a-brewin, an they needs a surly old coot to throw insults. The message tells me that dear friends, Ryak n' Xterra of Sandlewood Box are under attack, an to gets me arse there yesterday. So I goes.

    Well let me tells ya, I get there to see the bigges' population o' orcs you'n effer seen. There's a hunderd there iff'n theres a one. An me an my lucks pops in about the centre of the nastiest lookn' orc mages ye'en effer seen, an I seems to be the main course fer dinner tonight. Mister Ryak's Yellin at me to sen's for 'elp. but I sees I got 2 choices: Ask them there mages to please take err ticket an wait tills I'm done writin; err run likes Minax 'erselfs on me tail an' hopes I keeps breathin'.

    So's I ran. I loss two of em in the woods, an managed to put me katana right in the throat of the fastess one , saving me the 'assle o' bein a magical human torch. Affer this I 'eads back to tries some damage repair as I sees some poor folks that 'aff fallen. When I gets back to the mess that was once a beautiful garden outsides the Sandlewood, I does me 'ead count. We gots lots of 'elp now. I see deadly warriors from DoC, +A+, TCW, an some undeclared gents such as Baralis an even some of me own brethren from TUR. Seems likes they doin a greats job on cleanup, so I takes the ever stupid moment o' jess sittin an watchin the scene, while not more than 5 yards away from me another oddity is occurin.

    Nows I start takin' notes that somes of the warriors were dressed in orc garb. At first I thinks nothin of it, as I've hoisted a few ales with Lord Attichuck, but somethin jess seems wrong abouts 'em: Theyre all wathcin this certain Orc Lord do's battle with one of me friends. I notice this 'ere Orc Lord is a murderer an redder than a fall sunset. Then they all start a shoutin' and killin'. "Noograh!!" they sed, "Bludchok Hai!!" I gives meself about one seconds fer a curse an leaps to attack this runt.

    Well we all makes mistakes, 'n mine was to attack. Tho he may be small, this feller was faster than a Silver Serpent, stronger than an Ogre Lord, an twice as nasty. It takes me exactly two hits from 'is blade to realize I'm gonna be searchin' fer a healer agin. So's I takes off, tryin to keep breathin, I thinks I made it 7 er 8 paces befores I faded to black.

    Well at least bein a ghost 'as its bonuses. I gets the time to see who these fellers are. I see the monikers that these ere fellers are from some Bloodrock Clan, and they were takin orders from a thick looking guy by name o' Trugagh . It seems they've teemed up with the murderin' Orc Lord fer a reason. I 'ears 'em whisperin' about how this haint at all over, an that they are lookin fer something that is on the Sandlewood Box grounds, an that this is jess a test probe fer future parlays that promise to make this look like a lovers quarrel. An it looks like they haint given up till they gets it, whatever IT IS...

    Well, finally tired o' viewin' the lanscape as black n grey, I finds a charitable soul to return me to flesh. I 'eard Heather o'that merchant's guild at Cove spec'latin' that the foul smellin' beasts were prolly sent by some black powers, and somthin' about a gold book bein torn in pieces. The battle is over, but I gets this feelin, the war haint even started yet.

    Ocelot of TUR And this from Heather-GL :

    If you would like more information on participating in the Quest for the Gold Tomes of the Virtues, please email me or icq 6079693. The Bloodrock Clan is still accepting 'Nu uruks' for their ranks. Guilds that wish to defend the Sandlewood Box are asked to declare war on the the clan. The Bloodrock have agreed not give murder counts for this event, it is only fair that the defenders do the same. The orcs do not loot other players in fair combat, as they have no desire to (roughly translated)"stink up ourselves with 'humie' garbage". Combatants are encouraged to take the contents of orc packs, but only if you can "pry it from our cold, dead corpse".

    Posted on Monday, May 1, 2000, 3:53 AM EDT by Red William (GreatLakes)