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September 2000

Publish Update - October 1st
The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
Publish Update, October 1st

We will be publishing the changes listed in Testing for Next Update to all Ultima Online shards on Sunday, October 1st. The publish will be active on all shards following their Monday, October 2nd maintenance period, barring any unforeseen downtimes. Once this publish is active, players will see a message in their own profile stating, "Cannot determine this account's age." This message is a side-effect of code that is not currently active, and can be disregarded.

This publish will include the opening of Dungeon Khaldun on all shards.

The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2000, 8:17 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

"There are questions over Sarai's loyalty"
An interview with Safe Haven Mayoral Candidate Vaniir
With just days to go before Safe Haven chooses it's new Mayor, John Barbarossa talks to leading candidate Vaniir about the fight to become Mayor and the fight for stability in the town.

Vaniir had left a message to meet him for our interview at Safe Haven tower in the middle of the afternoon, right at the height of the daily battle for control of the town. When I told him of my concerns he sent back the simple message "I will defend you". And that's Vaniir in a nutshell. Supremely confident in his abilities on the battlefield, and since launching his campaign as confident in his potential as Mayor. And with justification it seems. As clear favorite for outright victory in Tuesday's poll, he has every reason to smile.

"I think my appeal lies mainly with the military men I have met, both friends and foes alike during my time in GC and since. Our own polls indicate that I have opened a large lead amongst the Safe Haven defenders. They trust my program and my ability to deliver it."

Sarai's campaign of course had concentrated primarily on her roleplay strength in what many see as an attempt to focus minds on Vaniirs relative weakness in that area. Doubts had been raised about whether a Vaniir administration would prioritise events, trade and roleplay.

"Roleplay is at the top of my list" said Vaniir. "but I just think we need a stable town first."

That in essence was one criticism of the Vaniir campaign. Events like the recent counsellor parties and wedding had shown that events could be run despite the rigors of the war on the town. Did this mean Vaniir would bring events to a temporary halt in Safe Haven for the first time in it's history?

"Perhaps I was hasty when I said NO roleplaying events. I believe that the roleplaying and military sides of the town should be viewed in a more intergrated way. I forsee the next wedding being guarded from outside intervention, and the Regulators being thrown into battle to support a broader roleplaying storyline. The roleplayers are are needed as the entertainment, storytellers and culture of the town, and the guards are needed to defend it. It is my intention that under my leadership we will all work together for the greater good of the town."

So what has gone wrong in the town that it is so beset with enemy forces?

"I have a lot of respect for HeRog, and I consider him a friend and a capable leader. HeRog can rally people and he also has a fairly good understanding of 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 combat. However, and he won't mind me saying this, I am stronger than him in group combat tactics which are the lifeblood of the town's defense. I know enough to win the war and keep the town safe, and now more than ever that is what we need."

This experience is of course gained in his famed time in GC, perhaps the most controversial aspects of his character. He was known to have been in the land of Seige Perrilous for as long as GC had existed here, and had rode with them during the period of their rise and dominance over the land. Had he ever been involved in attacks on the Safe Haven during his time with the Guardians Chosen? Vaniir's face became more serious than it had before, reminding me for the first time since our first meeting that this was an efficient and brutal killer, although thankfully now his talents were engaged in the defense of the town. He measured his words carefully.

"Many of my fellow defenders have asked me that question and all I can tell them, and you, is that I did what I did for my guildmates. It is something any military man would instantly understand. If I had my time again, I would come to their aid again in exactly the same way. Besides, my critics have exagerated this issue.I was rarely seen in town during that period."

And when he looks back on it now, how does he feel about it?

"Well, I would like to take this oppurtunity to express my regret to the families of my victims. I want them, and all the town to know that during that time I was in constant dialogue with HeRog, and was a constant advocate for a Safe Haven/GC peace amongst my own leadership."

So, what would a Vaniir government look like? Opponents of his platform describe it as more a statement of intent than genuine policy ideas, so what does he have in store for us if elected on Tuesday?

"One area of real concern to the Safe Haven defenders is the issue of reserecting known members of the KOS (Kill on Sight) list. I can point to battles that have been won and lost because sadly Sarai has taken to reserecting our enemies fresh from them killing and looting our soldiers. Surely the town comes first for any Mayoral candidate? This has to stop. She has misinterpreted Safe Haven laws of neutrality and in doing so she has put our allies and our Regulators lives in greater danger. I am in the town every night and she has lost the trust of the majority of the defenders. It's an issue of loyalty to the town, and in my opinion it's the biggest issue the electorate face on polling day."

So can we expect laws to make it a crime to reserect those on the Kill on Sight list?

"Well, as Mayor you have to be cautious about these things and take in all views, but I will consider a law in the early days of my administration to outlaw reserecting KOS in the heat of batlle. The electorate demand nothing less and I would be failing as leader if I didn't put a stop to it."

Listening to him speak, it's clear this is by far the most important message he wants to get across. Maybe as a military man he is dismayed at the tactical disadvantage it might mean for his soldiers, or perhaps as a loyal Safe Haven supporter he feels that reserecting KOS enemies, the very people he promises will be thrown out of town if he is elected, is a betrayal of trust. Whichever it is, Sarai's actions had lit a fire beneath him and he wanted his opposition known loud and clear.

And other policies? Far from exploiting Sarai's unpopular KGB links, Vaniir announced that KGB will be given a fourth chance at a peace treaty soon after the election if they can demonstrate they wish to reform their current alleigance and can get the message down the ranks to make the peace stick. This surprise move means that whoever wins the election on Tuesday will offer KGB a peace with the town, despite KGB's unequivical support for Sarai.

As clear favorite in all opinion polls, many of his supporters are already treating Vaniirs victory as almost inevitable. If they are right we will enter a new era for the town, it's first attempt to build a mass army to outnumber the enemies it faces. If they are wrong, it will be the biggest turnaround in Safe Haven political history ushering in the towns first female leader. Whichever the result, the new Mayor faces some difficult challenges in the days ahead.

John Barbarossa

Safe Haven Election Correspondent.
Hear the candidates debate the issues at Safe Haven Town Hall located East of the Shrine of Compassion. The controversy kicks off at 8PM, although lively debate is expected to fill the streets long before that. All are invited to hear what the candidates have to say. The election itself begins at 7PM CST (1AM GMT) with brief final statements from the candidates, then the polls will open for eight hours in accordance with Safe Haven rules. Many outside guilds including KOS groups are entitled to vote in this pivotal election. Check the Safe Haven website for further details on how to exercise your guilds democratic rights.
Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2000, 5:33 PM EDT by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

The wedding of Arrielle and John Jr.
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<From Sheena:
RDG Wedding
Our hearts are as one,
Our thoughts are like reflections in a mirror,
Our souls have met, and our lives have changed.
As we begin our life as husband and wife,
Nothing would please us more,
Than to share this joyous occasion,
With our family and friends galore.

The members of RDG
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of two guild mates
John Jr.
on Sunday, the 1st of October, 2000
at 7 pm CST
At the tower of Sheena and Gwenn
(Rune will be locked down titled Wedding, on 1st floor of RD Tower)
Reception to immediatly follow.

Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2000, 1:34 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

Skara Brae Market Tonight
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Sam, Lady Chancelor of the Gentry, sent us the following:
******** The Skara Brae Monthly Market *************

Saturday, September 30th, Felucca Skara Brae, West of the Bank, in the Market Square. 8 to 10 pm (pac)

Fine Merchants and Crafts People from around Skara Brae.

Wake up your relatives and bring your brothers and sisters to Skara Brae to sell their wares and meet the citizens of Skara Brae.

Reservations are not required.

Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2000, 8:47 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

Stonekeep Parade
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<From the town of Stonekeep:

Ever wanted to see what the Guardsmen are capible of? Ever wanted to meet who runs Britishes Defence for the Kingdom? This is your chance! Stonekeep Parade will show of what the guardsmen are capable of and you will get to meet in person a man from the Kings Court.

8.00 pm GMT Saturday! Heres what will happen:

    8.00 pm - Guardsmen Parade starts of from Yew Town Center (lead by an officer)
    8.10 pm - Guardsmen Arrive and are drilled and show of to spectators AND the Kings Adviser
    8.20 pm - Speech by Kings Adviser, followed by a feast in the Taverna
    8.40 pm - Guardsmen Last man standing contest, with a prize of 7000 coins to the winner.
    9.00 pm - Final Parade, Each guardsmen will be given an item by the Kings Adviser.

Not an Event to miss, You can also ask all those questions you have to the Kings Adviser.

Not an Event to Miss!

-Militia Command

*Llemandrell runs off to Stonekeep*
Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2000, 4:48 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

Report of The Riddles of Al'Cedra
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<From Nathan Rowley:

Hail to thee all,

I am Nathan Rowley, brother of James, Mack and Kieran, and finalist in the Riddles od Al'Cedra. I write to thee to report what has happened of late, in this Glorious Quest to become Master of the Word.

At the designated point in time, the winners of the initial round had all gathered at the platform in Magincia. We patiently awaited the arrival of Al'Norin, to direct us upon the next part of our Quest. As it was, he was slightly late in getting to Magincia, but most were nay bothered by this.

Al'Norin the relayed to us our next task. We split into groups, of which mine consisted of three other men. A young Warrior / Mage named Phil, a Mage, whom was a Tel'Marian Priest, and whose name I forget and another man, of whom I cannot say which profession he belonged to, but his name was Coran. We were gated by the Priest to his home, and there we deliberated upon what to do next. We visited the Shrine of Justice, but mere steps from the Priest's home, and there it came to us. That the Riddle had something to do with the Dungeons. We quickly made our return to Magincia, and studied the answers, and quickly saw that the first letters of each answer spelt out the clue 'To Shame', and to Shame we set off. We ran through the first level, and met with Al'Norin by a statue of a Dragon. He told us to listen to the Dragon. It told us, 'Wisdom shall show the way..'. After some quick thinking, I called out 'Wisdom', and was teleported by some mean to a small room. I heard fighting outside, and the sound of scorpions, and so I dove into a purple Gate, and emerged in a swamp room. There, a Drakken Sentry, whom was green, told me that I had to touch an emerald to take me to my final destination. And so I did. I instantly recognised the place from drawings I had seen. I was in the very Lair of Al'Cedra herself! There was a brick wall in front of me, and so I had to wait. Eventually, nineteen or more others joined me, and Al'Norin came to us. However, in the midst of such excitement, I managed to fall asleep! However, I awoke sharply, and listened to what Al'Norin had to say.

However, this I cannot tell thee, for Al'Norin bound us to secrecy. I shall only be able to tell thee when the Riddles are over.

Till then, I bid thee farewell,

Nathan Rowley.

Thanks for the report!

Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2000, 4:38 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

Report on 10th Minoc Horserace
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<From Yoldran:

'T was a nice day as the people gathered for the anniversary horserace at the Minoc Townhall. Though the streets had again a quite muddy appearence, it was at least possible to do the race. Seven contestants were present to race for the the anniversary champion title: Dareios, Delayla Angelkin, Jaxom, Joxer, Niklas the Blue, Paxicon and Roget de Vallion.
It was decided to do three startup races and one final with the winners of the startup ones. The first race was done by Jaxom and Roget, both long time veterans of the track. Jaxom was able to win, however Roget was hard on his heels. In the second race, Dareios, Paxicon and Joxer stood at the starting line. Joxer was able to get into lead and was first at the mine checkpoint. Niklas followed but could nay overtake him anymore, so Joxer won. Paxicon had indeed bad luck. His horse got distracted by some people near the track and Paxicon had difficulties to convince it to race on ... perhaps one of the spectators had some apples in his bag? The third startup race was done by Delayla and Niklas. This was a difficult ticket for Niklas, since Delayla was champion of already three Minoc races! And although Niklas tried hard, the experience of the wandering healer could nay be beaten. Delayla won this race and thus was the finalist together with Jaxom and Joxer.

Now tensions were rising as the three stood at the starting line for the final race. The horses seem to know that this time the winner would get something special: an additional 10000 coins would be distributed with the entry fees. As the starting command came, all three dashed off. At the mine checkpoint Jaxom and Joxer crossed the line nearly at the same time while Delayla came a bit later. At the part around the minoc mountain however, Joxers horse stumbled a bit so Delayla could catch up. In the end, Jaxom crossed the finish line first - Delayla was second and Joxer came in as third.

In the presentation ceremony, Joxer received 2550 coins, Delayla left with 5950 pieces of gold. In the picture below, you can see the presentation ceremony where Jaxom received his 8500 coins and was crowned anniversary horserace-champion of Minoc.

After the official part, we decided to celebrate in the inn some more. The picture below shows the great feast (luckily i painted it quite early - we all look still very sober here *grins*)

Next wednesday the 11th race will happen. Jaxom and Delayla will probably be there - both are three time champions now and will try to reach for the fourth victory. Are you maybe the one who can prevent them from reaching it?

I hope to see you there!

Thank you, Yoldran.
Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2000, 4:33 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

Tavern Opening near Trinsic on Sunday
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following announcement from Rowan Firebane :
Rowan Firebane and Raznor Drakebane wish to invite you all to the Grand Opening of The White Wytch Tavern (Trammel), on Sunday 1st October at 6.00pm BST (7pm CET, 1pm EDT).

The tavern is located 20 paces South East of Trinsic moongate (coordinates 119°42'S, 37°53'E). There will be mountains of free food and drink, so eat, drink and make merry!

Also come join in the fun of the log endurance challenge, which will be run in heats, with a top prize of 20,000gp, and a runner up prize of 10,000gp. There is no entrance fee, and the rules will be explained on the day.

Hope to see you all soon !

Best Wishes,
Rowan and Raznor.
Thanks Rowan ! Seems there's more and more opportunities to get drunk each day. *grins*
Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2000, 3:59 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

Elementals at Journeys End?
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<
Times are strange and in Moonglow they seem even stranger! It seems that Earth Elementals have been seen in the forests around the Journey's End tavern of late.

Why are these creatures in the Moonglow forests? does this have anything to do with the tragedy that befell Eleana? When Marisa Mordin was asked all she said was "All i know is that after Eleana was placed in the ground they seems to emerge from the ground."  She seemed to be scared of them more than most are. She did add that on Saturday 30th at 7pm she might know something about what had happened to Eleana.

Could these events be related? Possible....

If any of you out there see or hear anything about these mysterious earth elementals show up and let us know!

Good Luck!

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 11:31 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

I dream of Leprechauns
I have to admit it; I'm losing sleep over these small creatures. For years people have been trying to prove they exist in real life and now I find myself grasping for clues about these little fellas. Either someone is pulling a stunt, trying to dent my sanity, or there are indeed leprechauns in Britannia. The two reports that I received last week about the mysterious leprechauns read as follows:

In the woods near trinsic I was attacked by a horde of monsters called leprechauns. This happened on the 20/09/00. There was five of them and they attacked with lightning and vas flam and eventually after I had killed two of them I died and they ran away. They are about the size of a mongbat and had long ears and appeared to be armed with small staffs, they also were green or red (The red ones seemed more powerful.)


My friend saw a grey name run by her house last night... the name was leprechaun... she did not see it so does not know if it was a character or monster but she icq'd me immediately in confusion.

Katrine D'ange
Tar Valon island
The Island Shoppe

And then all of a sudden I saw the light. The description of the leprechaun given by Gladius is unlike any monster I've ever seen in UO, but if it indeed exists, it should be somewhere in the art files. So I started my copy of Inside UO and started looking for new monster art. And then I noticed this odd looking fellow. He's small, about the size of a mongbat and he holds a club that may be mistaken for a small staff. Don't let the orcish color fool you, picture him as green or red and he fits the description nicely. The only thing that's really off are the ears. According to Gladius, the leprechaun he saw had long ears... Still, this is the best thing I can come up with at this moment. Let's hope someone with a trigger happy finger is fast enough to take a screenshot of a leprechaun if one just happens to pop up somewhere. The least that will accomplish is to let me sleep again...
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 9:23 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

Mith Battle Royal!
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<
Announcing the Battle Royal event: 1vs1 tourney
Sponsored by: Order of the Sacred Rose (OSR)

When: Tuesday October 17, 2000

Where: At the Mages Tower, City of Mith (Felucca location at

Time: 6:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Central, 9:30 PM Eastern

Featuring: NO ENTRY FEE, 1st place 25K gps, 2nd place 15K gps, and 3rd place 10K gps.

Here are the rules:
· No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
· No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
· No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
· No Stealing is allowed during battle.
· The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed, nor can you cast Bless on an opponent. Casting Bless on an opponent will result in immediate loss of match.
- No pets.(i.e.: Dragons, Nightmares, Drakes)

- No Looting.!!! Looting will NOT be allowed!!! Punishable by death.

- No drinking of potions before the match begins.

- No Outside assistance.

- No Stepping outside the fighting circle. Doing so will mean you have forfeit the fight.

- To prevent lag, we ask that everyone hides during the fights that they are not involved in.

· All contestants are subject to snooping by OSR Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
· The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
· Anyone who disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
· In the event that a contestant loses connection during the fight, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
· The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

Gabe, Guardian OSR

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 8:32 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Race 'round the world
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Trinsic, GL
This Saturday, the 30th of September will be a night that a race, the likes of which have ne'er been witnessed in this city or the greater lands of Britannia, will be held starting in Yew aptly enough at the court of Truth, at 8pm cst.
Entry is 12k, BUT THE MONEY$$ and PRIZES involved are incredible!!
Each entrant will receive a bag with all the equipment they will need to use during the race. Nothing besides the alloted and dispensed bag of goods will be allowed in the race. So bring naught but thine courage, we shall provide the rest.
There are 11 way points that must be reached during the race, although there are, in one or two instances multiple means of reaching individual points. The details of the 11 points will be released one after another, when each entrant reaches the previous one.
Each racer will receive a book and it will include the next way point as well as instructions. Each way point might require a different means to reach it, be it running or aboard a ship. All matter of water-borne transportation will be aided also by the racing comittee, so again, bring nothing, all is provided.
Each person will receive a ship deed and a sextant as well. Each person must return them or forfeit their eligibility at the conclusion of the race. Returning the ship deed and sextant at the conlcusion of the race will entitle the entrant to half of their fee being returned.
The entry for the race opens at 6pm cst SHARP and closes at exactly 7pm cst. Since the race requires ship purchasing, all allotment will not be done until the known number of entrants is tallied. The race will only run with a suitable number of entrants due to the expense and time of everyone involved.
All rules must be observed to ensure eligibility. Anyone caught cheating in any manner will be deprived of their right to claim prizes.
The winner may choose from the following;
100,000 gold or,
A FULL set of the ever-coveted GREEN RANGER ARMOR
2nd Place will receive 40,000 gold.
3rd place receives 20,000 gold.

Sponsored by the city of Trinsic and it's allied guilds.
visit us at
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 8:15 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

Safe Haven Election Night For Mayor
This is the official announcement from the official Safe Haven officials concening the upcomming election for the office of Safe Haven Mayor.

Coming this tuesday October 3rd at Safe Haven Tower, located east of the shrine of compassion, all eligible citizens of Siege Perilous are ask to come and cast a vote for the future of Safe Haven in determining the next mayor to lead our town.

The two candidates Sarai and Vaniir will both make an address that evening at 7PM CST at Safe Haven then the voting booths will open up to the public till 3AM that evening. Food and drinks will be provided as well as door prizes for early bird voters.

If you are an eligible citizen of town and are unable to make it to the voting booth on election night, arrangements can be made to cast an absentee ballot. The following is who and how people will be able to vote:

1. Residents of Safe Haven (those who have homes in town or live in town) or Safe Haven "Defenders" will each have one vote, if they are not able to cast a vote on Oct 3 arrangements will be made to enter the voting booth and vote, basically they will be given an absentee ballot. (The "defenders" are those who help us nightly in defense of town but don't necessarily have homes there"

2. All individuals and members of NON KOS guilds from the shard will be also be given a vote each. They must however be PRESENT the evening of Oct 3 to cast their vote and not be given an absentee ballot.

3. All those who are KOS guilds will be given one vote as a guild, not as individuals. A representative from the KOS guild will allowed to enter the voting booth to cast the vote for their guild and must vote the evening of OCT 3. Non guilded KOS individuals will not be allowed to vote. Refer to our current KOS list to for more information.

The voting booth will use ballot boxes. If there are more than 2 candidates we will use one ballot box for each candidate and people will use pick the appropriate ballot box for their choice. If there are 2 candidates, one ballot box will be used and on the day of the election we will us the toss of the dice to determine who gets the Yes and No options for the ballot box.

Please come and participate in the future of your Siege Perilous dedicated town of Safe Haven.

Thanks and remember to vote!!

Shaar Barista, SHR
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 7:05 PM EDT by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

Cali UO Gathering/Ren Faire Reminder
Dor sent us a reminder for tomorrow's UO Gathering in northern
California. She writes:

    "It's that time of year again...time for the Second UO Annual
    Gathering/Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire thingy!
    Last year's event was a great success, even with only a paltry
    week's notice. This year, we are expecting a turnout of 100 or
    more, including players from as far away as Pennsylvania and Alberta, be there or be square!"

    "When: Saturday, September 30th. Meet in front of the ticket windows
    no later than 9:00-9:30 Pacific, if you wish to get a break on ticket

    "Where: Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire at the
    Nut Tree, Vacaville, off of Interstate-80 (link with map to follow)."

    "What: A chance to meet other UO players within the atmosphere of
    16th-century England. The initial entrance fee covers continuous
    entertainment from 10:00am to 6:00 or 7:00pm, when the faire closes.
    Full-contact jousting tournaments, staged plays, roving jesters,
    Salty Seadogs, ribald revelry, juggling, puppet shows, belly dancers
    (don't ask), bawdy songs and sweet ballads, Bold and Stupid Men,
    swashing and buckling...something for every taste. :-)"

    "How much: The normal price for an adult ticket is $17.50.
    However, on the 30th, I will be awaiting you outside the ticket
    window with a fistfull of coupons to allow you to gain entrance for
    half-price (or 8.75), and all children (up to age 11) will be
    admitted free on that date. I'll post a link with my picture from
    last year's faire, so you'll know whom to look for and bug. :-)"

    "What to bring: Food on the premises is most delicious---and
    very pricey. I recommend bringing your own, so that if you're smitten
    with an overwhelming desire for some bauble while you're there,
    you'll have the means to purchase it. (There are ATMs available as
    well) Bottled water is a good staple, too. FILM! Bring your cameras
    and LOTS of film! Costuming is not required, but I think you'll find
    a lot more...uh...opportunities..if you are costumed. *winks* The
    only prohibitions on items brought into the faire are: No glass
    containers, no alcohol, (though ale, wine and mead are available
    onsite at the Ale Stands) no unsecured weapons, and no live pets.
    (I dunno about dead ones)."

    "For those with children": There are TONS of things for
    children to do at faire, including (but not limited to) the
    Traditional School of Crafts (basket-weaving, pomander-making, doll-
    making, painting, etcetera), the chance to participate as actors
    onstage in an ongoing play, pony rides, turtle races, archery, the
    Dragon Maze, the Moon Swing, the Maypole...many of the kid's
    activities are free. My 8 year-old daughter has attended every day
    for the past three years, and she's still not bored. A great place
    for kids. :-)"

    "What to look for: If you manage to miss me before opening,
    try to find my booth. (it's small :) It's called "Eggwife's Dowrie",
    and is located on Threadneedle Market, west of the Washerwoman's
    Well, beneath a spreading walnut tree, at the bend in the road just
    before the Big Swing. We are directly in front of Tickle thy Fantasy,
    and just across the road from Gypsy Soles, the banner booth, and
    Steven Overstreet's Romantic Regalia."

    "I've arranged to take the day off, but intend for the booth to be
    used as a message center for the day, and will be checking back there
    often. Just bug Torrey, my booth manager. He'll love it. *grins* BTW,
    ask for Guillian, as they do not know me as Dor. On second thought,
    ask for Dor if you wish...I will leave instructions. :-)"

    "For Faire-specific information (including current weather report and
    map) go here:"

    "To see what I look like so that you can hunt me down, go here:"

    "For pics of OGD's portion of last year's fun, go here: "

    "A links page, for those has about 100 Ren Faire-
    related links, covering everything from mead-making to armor to
    language to costumes to performers, etc., etc...(Mine is even on
    there!) Check it out at:"

    "That's all that I can think of for now...thanks for your time. :-)
    If you've any questions, email me at: [email protected], and I'll
    try to answer them. Hope to see you there!"

    ~Dor of Sonoma
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 6:37 PM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

Grimoire Fight Nights
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<This sad bit of news was sent my way. What will I do with my Friday nights now?

Sorry for the inconvenience, but Grimoire Friday Fight Nights will be postponed for a couple of weeks. The evil village is experiencing growing pains due to the large turnouts at Friday Fight Nights.

Thank you for your patience and many thanks to the friends, sponsors, and staff of Grimoire. =o)

Baby-Grimoire Staff
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 6:24 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

ImaNewbie - Episode #124
This just in from Tryon:
    ***ImaNewbie does Britannia*** New! #124 - Player Rewards

    There's a new ImaNewbie 'toon this week and it's all about the latest
    hot topic in UO - Player Rewards. Head on over to my site and join
    ImaNewbie as he logs on to Test Rewards to check out the age of his
    account. Anyone who has logged on and got the message 'Can not
    determine this account's age" will appreciate this one.

    Added Friday, September 29th, 2000:
    - ImaNewbie Episode #124 - Player Rewards

    ImaNewbie does Britannia

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 5:58 PM EDT by Casanova (CandidCoverage)

Daemonic Hordes in Buccaneer's Den
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Lord Shaene, of the Seelie Court of Britannia, posted the following report on the UOSS Drachenfels board :
Hail all

I was in Buccaneer's Den with some friends (my fencer is in an order Guild since yesterday) hunting for Chaos Knights. Well of a Sudden the Towncryer starts to yell : A Daemon was spotted near Bucaneers Den.

The Order/Chaos Knights didn`t really mind that, but me being a roleplayer at heart told my guys to watch out. Even my guys laughed at first, but about 20 minutes later, that Daemon appeared. First the people thought it was a polymorphed mage, but soon they realizeed there was a little more to it than just that.

That Daemon came and Hellhounds and Fire Elementals started to spawn. At first only 5 or so, but then more. I counted about 25-30 Hellhounds in two-three screens attacking everything.

Panic broke out. Order and Chaos fighting each other and against the Creatures from Hell. The daemon appeared and vanished at will and people that started to cast at him didn`t really do lots of damage (about 5 Energy Bolts barely scratched him)

Well people just died there. I didn`t see the end because I had to leave early but I died about 20 times because the hellhounds seemed to like the Healers as their HQ. They even killed the Healers about 3 times.

Shaene [SCB], for Malachi [Justice for All, Order]

Too bad I couldn't see that... Sounds exciting !
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 5:57 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

Fishing Price Guide updated
Gem from the Fishing Council of Britannia sent us the
following letter:
    "The oceans of Britannia have been turbulent in recent months,"
    said Sarah, as the captains shared a well-earned rum at the Salty
    Dog. "Aye" answered Gem, "Tis why I've made a few changes in the
    FCB Fishing Price Guide. Worthy seafarers and landlubbers alike can
    check it out from the FCB Library at:"
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 5:52 PM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

So you want to Tinker with Haven this weekend?
>>> Felucca Facet News <<< Korin the Scribe sent us the following announcement:
This coming weekend the Crafting Celebration will continue. This time we will celebrate Tinkering! The Festival will begin on Saturday the 30th of September at 8:00pm EST. There will be someone at the West Britain Bank starting at 7:30pm EST to provide gates to the Festival. As before there will be tavern games hosted by our own Azazel as well as some tinkering games, provided we have enough tinkers to play them!

Also I received this from Cinderella, guildmistress of the W^A, on an event that they will be holding this Sunday.

This Sunday, Oct 1, the W^A will be holding a 1 on 1 mage dueling contest in the City of Haven (felucca). The entry fee for this contest will be 1,000gp. The winner for this contest will receive a grand prize of 15k in gold. Second prize will be 7k in gold. There will be numerous other prizes for people who participate in the event made by the good crafters of Haven!

To join us for this battle be at the Forge (the tower) in Haven at 6:30pm EST for registration. This registration will last 20 minutes only. Don't be late or you will miss the registration! The rules for the event are as follows:

  1. No weapons of any kind allowed. No shields of any kind allowed. Only your spellbook may be in hand during your duel.
  2. No looting. No stealing.
  3. No help from the audience will be allowed.
  4. No pets or summoned creatures. This includes EVs and Blade Spirits.
  5. No precasting before the match begins. This includes potions also.
  6. No mounts such as horses/llamas and any other type of mount.
  7. Any disruptions that are not included here is decided upon by the Event Coordinator as they come up. So no sneaky tricks.

    Remember, be there at 6:30pm EST to register! The Duels will begin at 7pm sharp!

    Cinderella The High Priestess, W^A

So please stop by for a visit if you can!

Korin the Scribe

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 4:54 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

Rivendell to Hold Town Night Free for All Saturday
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following was sent to our offices..

Greetings from Rivendell,

The Council would like to thank all participants and spectators for last Saturday's town night. Ten mages competed valiantly for the title of this week's Champion. JezeBella took first place (10k prize, 100 each regs, 10 charge runebook), with Lord Alric placing second (5k, 50each regs, 10 charge runebook). We hope they return for future town nights!

This week (Sat. Sept. 30th ) Mage or Warrior throughout the land will take to the arena in hopes of claiming victory. Everyone is invited to attend, whether participating or observing the fun. Gates will be available from West Britain bank and Moonglow bank.

It is going to be a free for all, no rules, anyone can play sort of battle. First prize is 50k, and there are only a few rules:

Rule 1~ No killing the ringmaster, if the ringmaster is killed, HE gets the 50k. > >
Rule 2~ Stay alive any way you can, and kill everyone else.

There will be a $2k entry fee for each participant due at the time of registration. Registration will begin 45 minutes prior to the start inside the Rivendell Tavern. The back room with the teleporter to the arena will be opened at the 7:30pm CDT start time. With the growing number of participants, we request that registrants arrive as early as possible so that the competition gets underway promptly. (Please note: No more contestants will be taken after the contestants are in the arena.) We won't be limiting the number of entrants for this tourney.

In the future, similar battles may take place unannounced.

We look forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new ones to Rivendell. Thank you for your support!


Rivendell Town Council

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 4:27 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

KOA Fight Night #44 Tonight!
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following was sent to our offices..

KoA Golden Knights #44: 2v2 Combat Event - Hosted by Lamagra of the Crystal Consortium Order of the KoA.

Date: Friday, September 29, 2000 @ 8 PM CST > >
When: Registration from 7:45-8:15pm cst and the event begins at 8:30pm CDT
Where: KoA Alliance Village (

Entry Fee: 300gp per contestant, 600 a team. Spectators Free

This is a 2 versus 2 single elimination combat event. 4 contestants will fight in a ring for no more than 5 minutes. Judges decide the winner at the end of the 5 minutes. First place gets 7000 gold and 2nd 3000 gold.


  • No Magic Items, No magic Armor, No magic Weapons. If anything is seen on you saying "a magic ..." you are disqualified.
  • Pre Drinking and Precasting is allowed.
  • All potions are allowed.
  • No pets or mounts are allowed
  • Poisoned Weapons are allowed.
  • No summoning or field spells. (ex: poison field)
  • No Looting of any kind

Reminders to Spectators:

  • Please do not equip your bows in case explosion potions accidentally hit you
  • Please try to stable or feed your mounts prior to the event. Wild mounts are a problem..
  • Please no casting, sparring and fighting around the ring
  • Absolutely no spectators in the fighting ring at any time after the event begins
  • Cheering for your friends is encouraged

Ramsonne (KoA), Lord of Scholars

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 4:21 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Prophesy Storyline Archive Now Available
The following was sent to our offices..

"There is quite a bit happening each night in the city of Serpents Hold. It all started with a prophesy concerning a young man and his mysterious abilities and has exploded to include many groups and individuals ranging from good to evil and everything in between. Things have become very complicated recently so it was decided that everything known about the current situation should be gathered and recorded for others to read. I have only recorded the information. Whether it is used for good or evil is not up to me, but I hope it will be used with a honorable purpose in mind. Good luck!"

I have put together a record of all of the information gathered concerning the current storyline which will hopefully allow new groups to join in on a very complicated event without feeling totally lost, and will allow those already involved to keep up to date on whats currently going on.

All questions, comments, or updates should be sent to [email protected]

The More the Merrier!

Knights of the Alliance

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 4:15 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Fall Open House at Destiny Library of Knowledge
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following was sent to our offices..

Fall Open House At the Destiny Library of Knowledge

Please join us Tuesday, October 3, at 9pm central to welcome in a new season and our new Assistant Librarian. Come enjoy wine and cheese while you participate in word and story games for nice prizes.

Transportation will be provided from both Trammel and Felucca at the Empath Abbey at 8:30 central.

For more information about the Library or the town of Destiny please visit

Chino, Destiny Librarian

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 4:12 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Results of Newbie Scavenger Hunt
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following was sent in by Amanda Wolfe, who should repeatedly thwap me with her crook for the lateness of this posting...


Sunday September 24th, good folks of our lands roamed the country side in search of the young and needy. Slowly numbers were assembled and the young were taken to Serpents Hold in the Facet of Trammal. In the meeting hall they were given tools, spells book, reagents, Bows Donated by DENNAR, as well as other necessaties.

After being properly 'suited up' they were invited to participate in a scavenger hunt. The items may have seemed rather ordinary to veterans but were indeed difficult for the young.

The Items were :

  • Feather
  • 1 deer hide
  • 1 Goat Skin
  • 1 Llama skin
  • 1 mongbat rib
  • 1 pig ham
  • 1 pile of Wool
  • And any two reagents

Each young was paired off with a veteran whom would watch over them but not assist in the gathering of the items. The first 3 to arrive back with the items would be given a prize. The Winner of 1st place ( And a large sum of Gold 10.5k potions and armor) was Darkwind. Second Place was excalibur who recieved I believe 7.5 gold, some potions, and some armor. And third place was brian, who had a devil of a time finding a llama!

After all was said and done the guilds present were allowed to recruit those interested in being trained and joining up.

Thanks go out to all who donated their time and riches to giving these young folks a good night. It is my hope that more events like these can be run soon in order to benefit the younger groups now joining our ranks here in Britannia.

The Newbie Scavenger Hunt was Sponsored by the Order of the Silver Serpents.

-Amanda Wolfe

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 4:09 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Brigand Army Attacked Skara Brae
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received two reports on a huge brigand attack on Skara Brae this week. First in, this text from Naja :
Hail my fellow citizens. I bring news of something very troubling.

I was leaving Skara Brae on my way to Trinsic to visit a dear friend. Just after leaving the ferry dock I stumbled into a gathering of brigands. Now, I consider myself fairly worldly in these lands we call home and expect to come across a group of these villains from time to time. However, this was no group. It compared better to an army. Suffice to say that I couldn't avoid their eye and was set upon by several of these murderers. I did my best to defend myself, and even attempted to flee but all too late. I found a friendly healer nearby who aided me and so I ran to town to raise the alarm and restock on bandages.

There was little response from those gathered at the bank so I ran back to retrieve my belongings, and exact revenge if possible. To my surprise there were even more and I suffered at their blades and arrows twice more. My thanks to the gallant fellow that showed me to his tower for aid. Regrettably I cannot remember your name. By this time, many brave adventurers had heard of the attack and came to aid. As they fell, it seemed as though the brigands always had more in reserve, though gradually the numbers dwindled. Others also lost their lives, but can take pride in knowing that they help in stopping this terrible attack.

Now we are just left to wonder why this army had gathered outside of Skara Brae. What could they possibly want ? Surely too many numbers for a simple raid on such a town ? Travellers beware, for you may be the next to stumble into such a war.

Safe travels,

... and we received another reports from Puddlegum, the Elder of the famous Skara Brae ORK clan :
Ug Hummies ! Me is riteing dis so youze all nuws da truff abut da events uf dub days past.

Da Uruk Hai orc clan and its lands wur subjected to a prolonged attack by hummie brigands, hu wur trying to steal from ur crops ! Wez counted uver ten warbands uv dem and dey attacked us and tried clomp us ! Da small uruk warband dat wus on patrol just ootside da Warhall, fought wiv much courage and bravery against these hummie invaders !

Wez killed most of dem and da rest ran away, Hurhur ! Howeber, ash uf oor Uruks was mortally wounded in da fite and wez will get revenge fur dis atrocity ! Some of da hummies wot lib near us helped us against dese bad hummies, so mibbe we nub clomp dese gud hummies. Howeber, da Uruk Hai clan will nub accept strange hummies tresspassing on owr sacred lands agin and wez warn all Hummies wot come near da Warhall area tu gib tribuut to da Wargod ur be clomped !


Clan Elder of Uruk Hai Orcs [ORK]
Many thanks to both those reports ! Strange thing though that so many things seem to be happening lately around Skara Brae...
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 2:44 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

"I don't want to live in a police state!"
An interview with SH mayoral candidate Sarai
The following is an in depth interview with one of two candidates running for mayor in the ironically named player run town of Safe Haven. I'd like to thank our corespondent John Barbarossa for his attention in these matters. John talks candidly with Sarai of Safe Haven about her attempt to become Mayor of the town and her plans for reform and asks, is it too little too late? The election will be held October 3rd.
This was to be the first time I had met Sarai, although I had known of her reputation for some time. As a healer of the fallen and wounded, she had gained a name for fairness and generosity in a difficult time for the town, but since throwing her hat into the race for Mayor of Safe Haven, rumors and scandal had dogged her campaign with allegations of KGB collusion and some hard rhetoric by her main rivals taking its toll on her once popular, untarnished image.

Meeting her was a pleasant surprise. She arrived at our meeting place just in time and was immediately relaxed from the start. We had agreed to go to her tower in Safe Haven for the interview, as any appearance in town meant a small crowd gathering to ask her questions or talk about her views, or simply to meet her. As if to prove the point, she had to say her apologies to three people as we made our way to the desert. Win or lose, her candidacy was well known.

The election had looked at first to be a forgone conclusion, with no serious challenge to Vaniir's candidacy before Sarai made her decision to join the race, so who was this woman and what qualified her for the high office she sought?

"Few realize that in my youth I founded and ran the beautiful player-town of Paws in the distant land of Pacific. It flourished as a neutral town [is currently closed for remodeling and update by the gods]. I admit it never had to face the all out war currently unleashed on Safe Haven, but my time there has equipped me with the experience and principles that guide my candidacy now."

The principles she talks of include of course the principle of neutrality, a constant theme in the Sarai campaign and a subject she returns to repeatedly. She is well known to jealously guard Safe Haven from any stance that declares for either side of the battle between red and blue, an idea reflected in her insistence on healing and resurrecting all who come to her. This of course has left her open to criticism but she remains firm in her beliefs.

"I emigrated to Siege Perilous because of the overcrowding and pointless pursuit of gold in my Pacific home, and I when I heard of Safe Haven's neutral stance like the one I left behind in Paws, I immediately set off on a long walk to the town, and have felt at home ever since. I have committed myself to work for that neutrality for as long as I walk this land and I will continue to do so no matter what happens in this election."

Since arriving in town, Sarai has always tried to keep a sharp eye on the ebb and flow of the town's political fortunes but what lessons had she learned from previous administrations.

"I was here for HeRog's first term as Mayor, and that was a true golden age for the town. HeRog struck a brilliant balance between roleplay and fighting. Safe Haven always had a name for events and under HeRog the town went from strength to strength. I think I learned many lessons for my own Mayorship from that era. He is a tough act to follow."

But what about of late?

"After he left office we didn't see much of our new leader and the town fell into decline but, as we all know, HeRog stepped in and revived the town again. I have to say though that more recently, things in town have gone wrong somewhere down the line."

At this stage I could sense she was being guarded. I pressed her further on what her own analysis was on what went wrong, but she insisted that she wasn't going to draw any conclusions. One gets the impression that when controversy looms, Sarai leans towards caution, her instincts are to stop short of expressing any public criticism, perhaps for fear that it would break the delicate coalition of interests in Safe Haven. Sarai gives the impression of being a safe pair of hands more than a dynamic idealist.

Her platform was made public only last week, and since then had come under tight scrutiny. How did she answer charges that her solutions are complex and over bureaucratic? She smiled a broad smile.

"I think much has been made of this by my main opponent and his professional campaign team. In truth the only real difference between Vaniir and myself is that I insist on installing a proper and easily accessible right to appeal any decision that places you on Safe Haven's KOS list. Beyond the occasional miscarriage of justice, this change is needed as an incentive to reform. Right now the process of appeal is merely talking to the Marshall of the Guards, who may have been the person who placed you on the KOS list in the first place. Surely that is not too complicated?"

But many have claimed that a formal judiciary is precisely the sort of complicated rulemaking that destroys unity and consensus.

"I understand the peoples concern about that, but everyone should know we are only talking about one or two judges who will formally hear the Marshals side for the prosecution and the defendant explaining why they now deserve to be removed from the list. I feel sure Safe Haven will see that two judges (to make sure one is likely to be on at any time) is not an over-mighty bureaucracy by any stretch of the imagination, in fact if we do it well it's a great opportunity for roleplay.. As for the rest of my platform, I only intend to delegate as much as Vaniir or any other candidate. The only difference between us is what titles we give the new positions created."

I wanted now to move the topic to the scandal that some claim has severely wounded her challenge, but it was difficult to raise comfortably. A former friend of the town, the guild of KGB, had recently become one of its most vigorous enemies and despite three attempts at peace, had continued to sporadically attack innocents and town defenders. Problems arose when their leader Jetstar intervened in the election to officially support Sarai, causing many to question for the first time Sarai's involvement with KGB. However a minor incident became a major scandal when Jetstar offered a conditional peace to Safe Haven if AND ONLY IF it voted for Sarai. Whispers about her integrity began to be uttered with conspiracy theories that she was behind the intervention herself.

"I knew this would come up," she said with a smile. "Ask away"

So how did she feel about KGB?

"I have to be honest here. I have known KGB for a long time. In the distant land of Pacific they came to the aid of Paws against exactly the sort of threat Safe Haven faces time after time and saved the life of many innocents including my family and myself many times. The situation now just saddens me. I sincerely believe in KGB's ability to reform, given their more usual stance of assisting against those who murder."

So does she have plans to remove KGB from the KOS list if she comes to office on October 3rd?

"Any change in their status must be by the due process of appeal that I have laid out in my manifesto. I would not be the judge in that case but I can assure the electorate that KGB will not receive special treatment from a Sarai administration."

That may be, but how did she feel about Jetstar demand to vote Sarai or the war continues?

"At first I was flattered, I hadn't grasped just how big the public reaction to it would be. But when I listened carefully to what the voters had to say in the immediate aftermath I realized just how angry it had made the electorate and I have a lot of sympathy for that view, while disappointed that a past dear friend speaking on my behalf could cause such a frenzy of response."

And what of the conspiracy theories circling that the intervention originated from her own camp in an attempt to shore up her campaign?

"I can categorically deny any prior knowledge of that. I was as surprised as anyone when Jetstar posted and I think it's fair to say that it has done my candidacy more harm than good, although I do feel good that he cared enough to speak out."

Of course other questions also hung around her candidacy. Not least was her ability to lead a town primarily made up of soldiers.

"Vaniir wins when it comes to war." she said, quite out of the blue. "Hands down, he is a brilliant military strategist." she added.

So did she accept that she would be a significantly weaker Mayor than Vaniir, with all his experience?

"Absolutely not! Vaniir's experience makes him an ideal general. He is a leader of men, and highly skilled in the ways of battle. But the position we are contesting is Mayor. Safe Haven must be more than the sum of its parts, and that means giving strong priority to the roleplay and events side as well, to give our soldiers and citizens alike a town they are proud to defend. I fear that Vaniir might see our town as the center of fighting on the shard, and I simply do NOT want to live in a police state. Of course we can not do this without the stability and security in our town and that needs a strong war leader like Vaniir, but it also needs a Mayor alongside him that takes in the big picture and will do everything possible to support him while nurturing the other aspects of our town."

But isn't it true that Vaniir had not agreed to take such a role? Given that, what would she do to ensure that background of stability?

" I think it's perhaps a case of Vaniir playing politics a little. I really think that Vaniir is committed to the project he describes in his platform and would hopefully like to carry it out no matter what the will of the people on polling day. Safe Haven certainly needs his efforts. As for who are Plan B and Plan C? I am afraid I prefer to tell the candidate first before announcing anything in the press, but Safe Haven has many good people committed to its success."

On the issue of campaign styles, Sarai was potentially vulnerable. She had not hired any spokespersons or even a campaign manager, and as such posted significantly less than Vaniir's team. With early polls showing he has opened a small lead, when would she be changing to his more active approach?

"My approach is very active. My opponents have attempted to characterize me on the boards as missing from the debate. Far from it, there is a debate that Vaniir's side knows little about taking place every night on the streets of the town. That's where you'll find me, night after night talking to people, some supporters, some clearly not. I realize I should get on the boards more as a strategy to win this election, and I have begun to do that, but my focus is and has been on the people in the town, and that means I will continue to spend most of my time in game. So as for when I will change my style... NEVER"

After what has been already been a long campaign, is she looking forward to the rest of the fight?

"I would like to say that I relish being the underdog, but I have not enjoyed some of the things that have been said about me. Kraven (the Campaign Manager for Vaniir) is an excellent spin-doctor for his cause. But I am a leader and I know how to roll with the punches. I came into this race because I thought Vaniir wasn't offering the right solution for ALL of Safe Haven's ills, not for any lust for power. I may have started out on this journey as a reluctant candidate but I am not any longer, nor will I be a reluctant Mayor. I am giving this race all the heart and soul I will pour into the Mayor's job should I be chosen by the people on October 3rd."

It’s hard to argue with her when she looks you right in the eye and says that to you. The question is, can she bridge the gap between herself and Vaniir, especially amongst the Safe Haven defenders who form the key constituency in the town. With five days left to polling day, she has it all left still to do.

John Barbarossa
Safe Haven Election Correspondent
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 7:14 AM EDT by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

Spider Invasion near Skara Brae
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Belmakor, a member of my family, sent me the following report a few days ago :
Hi Bel ! I think the following news may be of interest for you.

As you may already know, I recently moved in my cousin's home south of Skara Brae, near the Ork Warhall. I was on my way to the Clan Wulf shops, located on the Ranger Huts road, when I suddenly noticed giant spiders feasting over a Farmer's body. I quickly dealt with them, only to realize their cries had attracted cousins of theirs : Frost Spiders.

Now, though I am not a ranger, and do not know much about those creatures, I can say they usually aren't to be found on the mainland. Quite surprised, I ran back home to gather a broadsword and bandages, then went back to see what happened. As I came back, members of the Clan Wulf and two orks had left the road covered with spider blood and bodies. I followed them towards the north, getting closer to the City, when suddenly I noticed a blood-red arachnid. Again, I must admit I don't know much about our lands' fauna, but I had never heard of such a breed of spider before. It was slain quite fast, and all the warriors and mages alike headed towards the city.

As we were about to reach the docks, we heard cries coming from a farm right north of them. We ran there, and indeeed, that was where the spiders were roaming from. The farm was covered with spider webs, and their corpses already covered the floor. The troop fought her way inside the house, and discovered strange coccoons.

The crowd was about to win the day when one of the cocoons suddenly exploded, releasing a black spider named Kriegsspinne (Warthorn). The humans she wounded felt her deadly poison flowing through their body, and it took a heavily armored ork to deal with her. Ghoti the fisherork struck the last blow, and soon after, the remaining arachnids were slain. The cocoons exploded one after the other, and all the corpses started to burn.

I hope this will be of interest for you. With all my love,


Brother in Arms
Now I hope we can get more small-scale events like this one... it was really fun and surprising !
Posted on Friday, September 29, 2000, 6:45 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

Looking For A Guild To Go With To World Faire?
SQiRL has notified us that he is trying to help people who wish
to attend the UO World Faire, but do not have a guild to be able
to get the free game time reward for sending a guild of 4 or more
people. He writes:
    "I have 2 shards participating right now with a 3rd on the way, but
    we desperately need volunteers from the other shards to step up and
    provide a guild stone and a house, so we can get all of the
    shards on board."

    "Also I'm needing that person to be my liason for that shard. My
    ultimate goal is to have a SQiRL's Den on every shard, so that
    there will be no doubt of being in a guild of more than 4 people
    that is going."

    "Another of my hopes is that when they are signed up they will have
    somebody familiar with to meet at the faire. That way they know from
    the guild stone who is who, rather than just meeting a cluster of

    Thank you,
    SQiRL (ICQ:23176610)
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 10:29 PM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

UOC - New Comic
This announcement from Brax arrived earlier in the mail:
    "Well, after two months of no comic updates, I've finally added
    number 22. So if you thought UOC was turning into another Bone's
    Comics, your wrong. Come on over and see what happens in the comic
    "Xaji's Clothes".

    Sitemasta of Ultimately Overboard Comics
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 9:00 PM EDT by Casanova (CandidCoverage)

Publish Update - Sept 29th
The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
Publish Update, Sept. 29th

We will be publishing the changes listed in Testing for Next Update to the Pacific shard. The publish will be active on the shard following its Friday, September 29th maintenance period, barring any unforeseen downtimes. Once this publish is active, players will see a message in their own profile stating, "Cannot determine this account's age." This message is a side-effect of code that is not currently active, and can be disregarded.

We will monitor the Pacific shard for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible.

The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 8:13 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Client Patch 2.0.2
The following was just announced by Melantus regarding the latest Client Patch:
We have released client patch 2.0.2 to address localization issues. If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:
  • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
  • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
  • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected]
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 8:09 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Winners of Al'Cedra's Riddle Contest announced
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<

The correct answers are:

Old, Hail (Ice), Snow, Tear, Emerald, Ash, Mist (Fog)

Congratulations to the winners and best wishes for the finals!

Pad O'Lion

Tarw Jamaar magerick
de St Exupery Pakman* white angel
Colmcille Shia Shao Khan
Tai'ia Gnatsum Narya II
Lanfear Petraca Misha Adone
Ethenil Summer Breeze Xirzin De'Muz
Anglo Kodan Txips Kedorin
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Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 4:53 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

The State of UO
Melantus posted the following on the Discussion forum, giving a brief look at the past and the future of UO:

State of UO

Well it has been 3 years for UO. Quite an achievement for a game expected to last six months or so.

We (OSI) have learned a lot since those early days. UO was a first in many ways, and there was and still is room to grow. Certain things are essential for an online game to prosper for an extended period of time and be successful. Things such as: listening to the players and getting good feedback from them as decisions and changes are made, providing good feedback to the players as the game evolves, staying on top of bugs and problems, helping to keep the game fun and interesting, providing new content. Note that when I said successful, I am not talking about pure numbers. There should be more to an online game then statistics or charts. What we have been trying to do with UO is take it in a new direction, and listen to the players and make changes according to their feedback. Basically you are a part of this Dev Team through your feedback and suggestions, or even complaints. So what do we expect of UO in the future?

We will continue on the same path of adding new things to UO. So far that has meant a new dungeon, new changes to the spawn, new items. We will also continue to listen to the players and include them on how UO will progress. In fact we plan to ramp up the feedback obtained from our forums in a really good way. I think our response to taking care of problems in the game such as scamming and exploiting so forth has been good. Our main concern there is to correct the problem or "flaw" in the game.

I'm sure many wonder what sort of things we will add to UO in the future. Well, I wouldn't want to spoil the suprise. However try to remember how far we have come since housing was opened in Trammel. That shadow wyrm you want to fight, the repond weapon you found, the times you will spend in Khaldun or the newly revamped Despise/Wrong/Hythloth etc, the enormous amount of bugs that have been fixed (mostly behind the scenes) that allow for better play...all this since Trammel housing. There is still a lot in front of us even now to be done. However the QA team, Designer team, and programmer teams have all increased in size in the past few months. In fact I think some of our teams have doubled in size. We are serious about staying with UO and improving it. There is plenty to be done, and with your feedback we can do it right. This is just the first level of a new direction in UO. Certainly not perfect, and we know that. Changes and fixes take time, and our plates are certainly full. But the best way to tackle this is to press on and get things done.

Online Community Coordinator
Ultima Online
[email protected]

Go post and let the team know what a great job they are doing!
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 4:40 PM EDT by Sambolc (GeneralNews)

Mage Tower to hold Dungeon Crawl
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received this announcement of the event.

Hail and wellmet !

Mage Tower is back! That means, Dungeon-Crawl is back! That means, YOU should be back!

Where you ask?

When you ask?

Well, the place is Trammel of course, since that is where YOU are. The exact location is Moonglow Lyceeum. Look for a bunch of people milling around wildly, that will be us.

The time is now. No. That is just a joke. Just some silly song running through my befuddled brain. Really the time is Saturday, 30th of September this year. (So it is almost now, after all)

Anything else you need to know? Oh, yes! What time… Now this is when it gets complicated… from right to left… CET midnight, that is GMT 11pm, should be EST 6pm, my best guess for CST is 5pm where following that line of thought PST should be 3pm.

The rest is up to you.

Joanna, Tower Imp(MTT)

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 3:16 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Xenthyl Appears at Empath Abbey
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<We have received news of yet another sighting of the darkly clad man. Here is the account as told to us.

Xenthyl was spotted again Monday at Yew abbey. I happened upon him while he was talking to Lucetta of Trinsic and another man named Skry. Lucetta had apparently been trying to find out what Xenthyl wanted or needed, and as usual, any answer he gave was really no answer at all.

He did however seem interested in the fact that I was a ranger, as when I approached he turned his attention to me. Or maybe he remembered my chasing him when he appeared at Shadowmoor. He didn't stick around long enough for me to ask many questions. I asked who he was working for, and he said it was "Far more complicated than that." He vanished before I could ask any other questions.

The weird part comes next. Lucetta asked me if I knew who he was, and I simply stated "He was another Lloth slave, in league with the drow." He instantly reappeared, and denied the accusation, claiming that I was only seeing what I had thought I had seen, and that the timing of his attack on Shadowmoor had been coincidence, and nothing more. He said that what I had seen was simply confirmed by my imagination, and vanished again.

Something else odd happened during the encounter. I make it a point to watch an enemies feet in case they flee. Well halfway through the conversation, he quit leaving any kind of tracks for me to see. Or maybe I just missed them. Not really sure.

I'm now trying to gather any information on the attacks that Xenthyl has been involved in lately, and trying to find a common thread. I also don't put much faith in his denial of helping the drow. I believe in coincidence, but that belief can only be stretched so far, and until I see proof otherwise, I'm going to assume he's in league with the dark elves, unintentionally or not.

~Okami, Deep Forest Ranger of the Shadow Rangers.

Thank you, Okami, for sending this in to us.
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 3:12 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Rebuttal from the Drow
We always try and remain neutral here at stratics and are happy therefore to have the chance to bring you the other side of a story. Here is the letter we received concerning the violence in the Abbey.


I will keep this in the common tongue from here on as not to confuse anyone about my meaning or regards of the Yew Abbey.

I Riknueth Tagnik Qu'el saruk of the Veldrin Shyline (DRX) would like to have the opportunity to say that noone has violated the Yew abbey for it is a sacred place. A safe heaven or neutral ground so to speak. I have never or will I ever strike anyone down with in the walls of the abbey.

Further more I would like to also say that on more than one occasion that I personally have been run out of the abbey just because I was "Drow". Being Drow and have come from the undark I have tolerated the Rants and raves of the humans the derogority and harassing words that have been passed my way on more than one occasion.

There are rules that we the DRX have to follow concerning the abbey and other places that we visit. The rules are in place for a reason and everyone that I know in the DRX have followed them with out questions.

I would like to elaborate a little further on the matter also.... Many days ago a close friend of mine, Chica d'Velkyn, was at the abbey conversing with a friend.... true enough they had been battling with the Shadow Rangers earlier and gave the fight up for later.....While leaving the abbey but still within the walls of the establishment she was attacked with out cause without warning. She was unarmed and minding her own business talking with Johnner.... When in through the door come 6 shadow rangers and they struck her down immediately.

Everyone says the Drow are the ones causing the trouble in the abbey but I say not....I can also recount another story the same day where a fellow guild mate was not allowed to enter the abbey to conduct business just because She was Drow.....Seems that the finger needs to be pointed in another direction.

If there are any questions as to our standing on the rules of the abbey from our end here is our spirit page where you can find our rules and regulations concerning many things...

I personally do not like being called the so to say "black sheep of the family" when it concerns the Drow and our behavior in the abbey.

Riknueth Tagnik

Thank you sir Tagnik for your response. Qu'el'Saruk
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 3:09 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Three Related Stories
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<In three related stories, from the Citizen's Forum of Skara Brae msg board, Sam, Lady Chancelor of Skara Brae, reports:
Orcs of Kor Land in the Freehold

Da'Nogra Island
by Varug
9/25/00 7:40:45 PM

The wind blows strong as 5 Orcish Battle Ships, The Orcish Invasion Ship, Orc War Boat, The Orc DeathBringer, The Orcish Ship of Death and The Orcish Flagship sail by Skara Brae. They sail in from the north and start to slow down. At 1st it would seems as if they are going to attack Skara Brae, but then they turn to the island just a few feet off Skara's west cost. Off ran the orcs on to the land most of them happy to be on land and not on the water once again. Then steping off The Orc Flag Ship came Varug the Queen of the Orcs who stuck a Orcish Flag deep into the well of spirits claiming the land as hers. "Dis land nuw belungs tu the Orcs of Kor!" she said "id wil be named Da'Nogra Island abter da great Orc God!!!"

Orc Invasion of the Druid Camp
by Sam, Lady Chancelor

Monday, 9:30 pm
Skara Brae

Reports of an Orc Invasion appear to be correct, Myself, Darklock, and Arlas, the Town Surveyor, traveled to the Druid Camp, located on the isle to the west of Skara Brae. A search of the isle, found no Orcs, but a flag of sorts, a blood stained shirt on a branch, was found in the Well of Spirits, this was quickly removed and broken.

A further search found what has to be the largest Orc Navy that has ever sailed, beached, what the Orcs would consider a good landing on the eastern shore of isle. From the condition of the shore, and the ships, it appears that several Orcs probably drown'd while trying to get to shore.

Any Orcs found at the Druid Camp should be considered hostile, attempts should be made to capture one to see if any idea of what plans the Orcs may have.

Late Breaking News
by Sam, Lady Chancelor

Monday, 25 Sep

In a daring move that has not be seen since the days of Captain Angus MacKey, the Freehold Navy have been called out. Three of the Freeholds Navy's Ships have blockaded the four remaining ships of the Orc Navy, beached at Spirit Cove near the Druid Camp. The remaining five ships of the Freehold Navy are tied up along the western shores of Skara Brae, and await call.

It appears the Orcs have retreated on their one remaining ship, the ' Orc Ship of Death'.

As in the times of Angus MacKey, all abled body seamen are required to man the ships of the Freehold Navy to ferry Warriors, Rangers, and Mages to battle with the Orcs. Guilds or groups that may require a ship for the upcomming battles with the Orcs can see Sam...

For more information on The Community of Skara Brae, click here.
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 1:58 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

The Knights return!
>>> Felucca Facet News <<< Korin the Scribe sent us the following:
A small band of men and women emerged from the jungle into the clearing that surrounds Lake Hammerfell. They looked quite ragged and worn out. As if they had traveled many miles and fought many battles along the way. As they entered into Haven itself a smile seemed to cross each of their faces in turn. For they had finally returned home.

And so the Celestrial Knights have once again taken up their charge of defending Lake Hammerfell and Haven. Having returned from the many trials and quests that Korin the Scribe had sent them on so that they might be ready for the dark days ahead. Would they stand strong enough in the end? That would soon be answered. All to soon.

Even as the Knights entered into the city. Returning in weary triumph. A man stood unseen in the shadows. As he watched the weary travelers be greeted and welcomed home he slowly nodded. And if you strained enough you could just make out in the passing breeze. "So it has begun."

Korin the Scribe
The Scribe of Haven

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 1:50 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

A Poisoned Soul Haunts the Akalabeth Outpost
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Enoch sent us the following report:
There have been certain strange occurances within the ruins at the Akalabeth Outpost lately.

It all stated over a week ago when Christopher Wren and Deirdre Kathleen encountered a ghost which they described as "A Poisoned Soul". This spirit was accompanied by a pack of wolves, each bearing the name "Wolf".

Chris attempted to ressurect the spirit but soon found that he was incapable of doing so. According their report, the spirit led them into the into the ruins and came to rest at the arch. The spirit remained silent until Dee mentioned The Stranger, at which point the spirit approached her and began to wail incoherently. (Neither of the two witnesses possess the ability to speak with the dead.)

After it had disappeared, Chris commanded the spirit to appear again by invoking the name "Akalabeth". Surprisingly, he met with some success as the spirit manifested itself briefly and whispered another garbled message. At this point, it began to disappear and reappear all over the ruins until it finally came to rest at the arch, once again.

Ever since this incident, wolves have been prowling the ruins on a regular basis. When the undead arise, the wolves are quick to defend their new den which leads me to believe that they are not malevolent.

I was in Wind when I recieved a pigeon from Katalyst who claimed that the wolves had returned to the Outpost and were acting in a most peculiar fashion. The beasts were following him around the Outpost, but appeared to be guarding the ruins in particular. (Jude reported a similar experience that morning) Upon my arrival, the creatures seemed to flee directly to the ruins. When Kat asked the wolves if they had something to show him, they led the old man to the arch where the spirit had stood!

Sadly, the Poisoned Soul has yet to make another appearance. But I cannot help but think that the strange behaviour exhibited by the wolves represents an escalation of supernatural activity within the ruins. Perhaps when the Soul resurfaces, an experienced medium will be on hand to discover his purpose there. Until then, we can only wait and wonder.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 1:46 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

Publish Update - Delayed
The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
Publish Update, Sept. 28

Due to late-developing issues, the changes listed in Testing For Next Update were not published to the Pacific shard and are not currently active. We will be rescheduling this publish in the near future and will post a revised publish schedule for all shards as soon as one is determined.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 1:22 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Shannara Needs You!
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<With our blessed areas on Felucca turning into ghost towns I urge you all to read this next article:

Hail people of Napa,

Tucked away in a small bay far south of Trinsic (Felluca side) lays a beautiful village, the village of Shannara. Sadly some type of odd illness hit the village killing nearly all of the men and women selling items from the shops. The wealthy people who employed said men and women have also vanished from the world!! Our small village needs your help, we need men and women to sell things like Armor, Weapons, Clothing, Magic items, House Addons, Decorating items, and so forth. If you are interested in selling these things in our village please send word to me (ICQ 47836510)

Due to that illness we've lost more than the men and women selling items, we've lost a vast majoirty of the villages population as well!! If you are interested in holding an event in the village, staffing the casino/tavern, or doing something else with the city send word. It is getting rather lonely with only the occasional skelton or other undead creature visiting.

Sincerly yours,

Alanna Ceres
(ICQ 47836510)

(For directions to the village of Shannara head to Stratics, look under the Napa Shard News. To the left you'll find a listing of some of the player places on the felluca side under Establishments. The Pair-A-Dice Casino is located in the heart of Shannara, and it has a map showing the location of the village)
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 12:10 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Lim's U02Pid Comics
Unlike most comic sites that use Ultima made graphics to get the punchlines across, this site uses action figures. You know, like Darth Maul, the Rock, Luke Skywalker and a few I didn't recognize. So if you want to see something different and have a few laughs take a look.

The comics on this site are all made from action figure photos, kinda like what Toy Fare does. Only the action figures don't really fit in to UO very much, so, um, they're kinda WEIRD comics too in that sense, but they ARE Ultima Online comics none the less. Um, just blame it on bad rememberance of events in the game.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 12:05 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

Answers to some UO Rewards Program questions
We have been receiving many questions on the upcoming "UO Rewards Program". I searched the Dev boards and also wrote Calandryll for clarification, and here are the answers.

Is the Rewards Program on-going, or just a one time event? - The UO Rewards program is on-going.

I will be at 36 months when the program starts. Can I select my four awards from ANY category? Can I select all four from the 36+ month category? - Yes, you can select your awards from any of the categories you are entitled to. A 36+ month veteran can select four 36+ month category awards, if he or she wishes.

I am at 30 months now. If I select my three 24 month awards now, how many will I get to select when I get to 36 months? - You will get to select one award when you hit 36 months, if you have already selected your three 24 month awards.

Do I have to select my awards now, or can I wait till I get to 36 months so I can select four 36 month awards?" - You do not have to collect your awards immediately. However, if you are eligible for an award, you will be prompted to select them every time you log in.

Does the ethereal horse have stamina and if so, how do you feed it? - It does have, you cannot feed it. It has more stamina than a regular horse, but once it runs out, you have to wait for it to regain stamina naturally. That's the trade off for having a horse that cannot be lost.

Calandryll has also posted a Rewards Program FAQ on the dev board. The mesage can be found here.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:58 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

Grimoire Training Night
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<The Mayor of Grimoire, Dyastro Farkas, brought this to my attention. If you're interesting in learning PvP this is the place to be!

This Thursday Grimoire will reopen its doors to those who wish to learn PvP. With the coming of Factions and the way Roleplaying is changing in the shard. We have decided to restart this event. Even if you have no desire to do PvP you should at least learn how to PvP.

There is no Fee to be paid to partake in this training. And some of Grimoire staff will be on hand to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Durnig the dueling parts of this training normal Grimoire fight night rules will apply. So if you wish to coem and learn PvP in a controled envirement. Then come to Grimoire this Thursday night at 10pm EST (9pm cst, 8pm mst, 7pm pst).

This is a test of an event and if everything goes as planned it will become a weekly event. In the past it has ran very well and we hope that it will run just as well now. Grimoire fight night rules can be found at
I hope to see all those who wish to learn PvP or want to improve their PvP skills.

Dyastro Farkas Mayor of Grimoire

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:50 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Last Call for UO Players Lunch at TexRenFest
From Heather:
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

This is the last call for you to sign up for discount tickets to the UO Players Luncheon at the Texas Renaissance Festival on Sunday, October 8th. Discount ticket reservations will close at midnight this Friday, September 29th, so don't delay. Tickets are $40 per person and can be purchased at, send to me [email protected] . Tickets include discounted Faire Pass and catered lunch. Over 80 guests are signed up already! Calandryll has assured me that he, along with several other OSI Representatives will attend, I will add their names to the guest list on the UO Lunch webpage just as soon as he sends them to me. All UO players and their friends and family are welcome to join us at 1pm at the Italian Village, even if you don't buy your tickets through us.

If you are already signed up for the luncheon, please double check your name on the guestlist at, we will be printing the nametags from that list. If you find an error please email me. Be sure to order your UO Lunch t-shirts, mugs and mousepads from soon. I am confident that if you purchase them by Friday, you can still get them in time for the lunch. A handful of us will be camping out on the Renfest camping area on Saturday night, so come early and bring your tent. For more info on camping at the Faire, please see the TexRenFest website.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:43 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

Angels Haven Event!
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<
This Friday a come to Angels Haven (The true Haven) on Ice Island Trammel Facet and enjoy Man vs. Beast and Man vs. Man. Shoot while your at it enjoy Beast vs. Beast. Help us celebrate death!

Friday the 29th
8:00 pm pst - 10:00 pm or so

Trammel Facet
Ice Island
Angels Haven Town Hall

To participate email gig ( [email protected] ) or show up at 8 to sign up. (no entry fee)

Prizes :

50k First Place
25k second
10k third

For more information on Fridays gladiator fights or anything about Angels Haven and its staff please go to our website at
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:43 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Thursday Night Pit Fights
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Jeg sent us the following announcement:
The Bloody Keg once again invites all of Britannia to the weekly pit fights. If you haven't heard of this event before, it is an 8 contestant elimination, with limited equipment hosted in-doors, in the fighting pit at the Bloody Keg tavern in Humility village. I assure you the fights are just as fun to watch as they are to compete in. Come to fight, come to watch, or just come to drink.

Due to some difficulties preventing the fights for the past couple of weeks, this week's prize will be doubled with no additional entry fee.

Tickets to compete go on sale at 8:30 EST, and the fights begin at 9:00. You can find all the details at the Bloody Keg site.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:38 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:36 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd ()

Seeking Tales of Dangerous Moments
The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
Seeking Tales of Dangerous Moments

With the clash of swords with a foe who seems unstoppable, or the fear that lurks in the darkest dungeon, Britannia is a land filled with dangers great and small. This week, we look for your stories of excitement and danger. What conflict did you wish to run from, but turned and faced full on? What act of heroism most shaped your character? What was it that your character feared, but instead fought and lived to tell the tale? Tell us of your epic struggle.

Send an e-mail to [email protected] by Friday, October 6th.. Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words, and include "My Most Dangerous Moment" in your subject line. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions, and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:32 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews) Message Board Hosts Wanted
The following was just posted to FYI on the website: Message Board Hosts Wanted

The Message Boards have quickly become a popular place for discussions on game topics and roleplaying, interacting with others, and learning more about UO from fellow players. We've recently expanded the message boards to include new focus forms on UO skills, and now we'll be expanding our Board Host group as well! Board Hosts help maintain the various discussions on the UO Boards, so that active UO players can enjoy the boards to their fullest potential.

If you are interested in Ultima Online, and in participating as an Ultima Online Message Board Host, please click here. Message Board Hosts must be 18 years of age or older. Please note that if you are a member of another volunteer group you will have to leave that program to become a host as hosts cannot be a part of another volunteer program.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:29 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

Publish Update, September 28th
The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
Publish Update, September 28th

We will be publishing the changes listed in Testing for Next Update to the Pacific shard. The publish will be active on the shard following its Thursday, September 28th maintenance period, barring any unforeseen downtimes. Once this publish is active, players will see a message in their own profile stating, "Cannot determine this account's age." This message is a side-effect of code that is not currently active, and can be disregarded.

We will continue to monitor the Pacific shard for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible.

The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:26 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

Lost Hope Tavern: Weekly Tavern Night
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Semper Lady Of PTI sent us the following announcement:
Join us in celebrating the Lost Hope Tavern's first weekly tavern night in its new location at the PTI Castle (near Trinsic 77° 15's 36° 0'e) in Trammel. There will be free food and drink for all plus much merriment as we regale to the stories of adventure experienced by us all.

The Weekly Weekly Tavern Nights will be every Wednesday, starting October 4th, from 8-10PM Pacific time.

There will be Gates to the castle around 8pm at the West Britain Bank or you can see the map for directions:, under 'About The PTI'.

Hope to see you there!

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 11:20 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

A Beginning
The Buurz'Hai Clan sent us the following message:
The darkness engulfed Grek’Chor. She did not know how long she had been standing there, nor how she had gotten there. She did not even know where ‘there’ was. This was the type of darkness that can only be found in the deepest of caverns where few living things ever have the misfortune of finding themselves. Not even her keen Orcish eyes, which are accustomed to seeing under such conditions, could penetrate the black abyss surrounding her.

Using the rest of her senses Grek’Chor tried in vain to learn anything about where she was when suddenly a growling voice came to her. She recognized it instantly though it was in no way familiar to her. It was the voice of the Orcish lord and master, the one they call ‘Wargod.’ All those who hear his voice, whether they revere, or hate him, fear him least they suffer from great madness, and so Grek’Chor stood very silently and listened while he spoke to her.

“Grek’Chor,” he said. “Know this. With the coming of Minax into the world so has the sun set upon the age of light and virtue and now the age of darkness has come upon the world. Now is the time for the master to send forth his servants. Now is the time to unleash the personification of the four destructive elements to destroy all that is good.”

Grek’Chor was not entirely sure of what he was talking about, but it sounded very exciting.

“Behold!” his voice boomed. Suddenly there was a flash of strange silvery light, and Grek’Chor found that she could now see. Before her stood her master and he was looking very dark and ominous. He was at least twice as tall as she was and looked something like one of the balrons whom lord over the dungeons of Britannia only more ferocious and was wingless and wore a cape of shadows. He had dark mail and a helm, and he carried a large broad sword in one of his taloned hands. Though his face was obscured and shadowed by the helm his eyes could be seen burning like two blood red orbs. Grek’Chor trembled and took a step back out of sheer terror.

At his feet was a writhing pile of four serpents. He gestured towards them. The were blue, red, gray, and green, and each one had the previous one’s tail in it’s mouth and they appeared to be trying to swallow each other up.

“These are ice, fire, iron, and poison.” He informed her. “They each represent an aspect of the destruction I have planed for the world, but left unguarded they will destroy each other. It shall be your job to find four Orcs. One to bare each element. You will raise an army, and carry out my will.”

“Bud wud uboud Olag…” she dared to ask.

“Silence fool! Speak not to me of those Orcs who would parlay so long with humans,” Grek’Chor shut her mouth tight and said no more. “They have angered me greatly with their treasonous ways.”

He waved his hand and the serpents at his feet stopped fighting each other, and disappeared. Then slowly the image of the Wargod god faded back into the darkness.


Grek’Chor blinked and was overcome by a hideously bright light.

“Caw! Caw!”

She blinked again and her eyes adjusted. She found that she was in her hut and that there was a large black raven looking down on her with it’s red eyes from its perch on the back of a chair. “Caw! Caw! Caw!”

“A dream,” she thought recalling her encounter with the Wargod. She sat up to shoo the bird away and a box, which was resting on her chest, toppled to the floor.

The raven fluttered down to the door, which was ajar, and sat watching her. She opened the box found that it contained four vials, each with a potion inside one blue, one red, one gray, and one green. Suddenly she realized that the incidents of the night before had not been as imaginary as she had believed.

“CAW!” the raven shrieked and took to flight. She closed the box and stood. She knew what had to be done. Now all she had to do was wait.

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2000, 9:20 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

OSI starts shipping free UO:R
One of our staff members who did not upgrade his account to UO:R yet received a package from OSI today. In it was a free UO:Renaissance CD. I guess OSI is following through with the plan to upgrade everyone. Note that this will open up lots of possibilities, since we can look forward to seeing all the new Lost Lands art (buildings, terrain, monsters and so on) in Britannia as well.
Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2000, 4:41 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

GoF Auction
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<
Sponsor : Guild Of Friends
Event : Auction
Location: Serpents Hold Bank / Trammel
Date: Sept. 29, 2000
Time: 8:00 pm Central

The GOF is sponsoring an Auction this Friday at Serpents Hold Bank, Trammel. Tons of Magic weapons, including Vanq's of all kinds, a full set of Ranger Armor, and much more! Bring your wallet & don't be late!

Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2000, 4:22 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

Landar to Marry Kralina on Saturday
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Landar, long time member of the Drachenfels Board community, sent us the following announcement :
Greetings !

This Saturday 30th September 2000, around 7pm BST (8pm CET, 2pm EDT), will mark the joining in marriage of Landar and Kralina.

This event is to be held at Jafar's tower, which is south west of the Iron Wood inn, in Vesper.

A small party will take place afterwards, and all of our citizens are welcome...

Thanks !


PS : to anyone who knows Landar, you may wish to join his stag night (bachelor party) tonight 28th of september at 8pm BST (9pm CET, 3pm EDT). This will involve lots of drinking, followed by dis-arming, removing all armour, leaving all bangages, reagents, and potions, and hunting stags barehanded.

Sounds fun, doesn't it ? Thanks Landar for this invitation.
Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2000, 1:37 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

UO Rewards Program Updated
the current testing information on the UO Rewards Program has been updated. This information is located at It's a pretty long document, so make sure to check it out. Of special note is the mention of a creature known as the Ethereal Horse being offered to 3rd Year Veterans.
Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 11:27 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

MyUO Account Management Update
The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
MyUO Account Management Update

The technical issues currently affecting the UO account database are additionally affecting MyUO account creation and management via the website. Any MyUO accounts created since approximately 8:30 AM CDT on Tuesday, September 26th will not be available for use until the database has been restored to working order. Additionally, changes to existing MyUO accounts during this time will not be reflected on the accounts until the situation is remedied.

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 11:20 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

World Faire Registrations
The following was just posted to FYI on the website.
Updating World Faire Registrations

If you are currently registered for the UO World Faire and wish to review or modify your session schedule, you must use the exact link included with your email confirmation letter. For security reasons, reviewing your registration requires that you be both logged in to MyUO and have the appropriate date/time string included with your link. Attempting to access your reservation information by logging directly in to MyUO without using the provided link will result in a message stating that you have not paid for registration, regardless of your payment status.

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 11:18 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Account Creation & Management Update
The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
Account Creation and Management Update

The Ultima Online account database is currently experiencing technical issues. Any accounts created since approximately 8:30 AM CDT on Tuesday, September 26th will be unable to log in to the game until the database has been restored to working order. Additionally, changes to existing accounts during this time, such as billing updates or password changes, will not be reflected on their accounts until the situation is repaired.

We are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible and are currently expecting the issue to be resolved by approximately 5:00 PM CDT. We will update you with additional information should any other issues arise.

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 11:15 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Cap & Dagger Casino Relocation Celebration!
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<
On Tuesday, October 3rd at 5:00 pm Pacific (6 mountain, 7 central, 8 eastern) the Cap & Dagger Casino will re-open its doors on the first floor of the Drunken Lizard Tavern, in the city of Sanctuary!

This promises to be a classic Cap & Dagger event, with prizes, gambling, and special events both new and old! Brick Stacking, horse races, pie eating and rat hole bingo!

Watch the Cap & Dagger home page for the itinerary!

As always, you're free to come and be a spectator, or wage as little as 100gp, or as much as 5,000 on every roll of the dice or flip of the coin! AND, we have a little surprise in store: the new casino game "Drunken Lizard Shuffle" will be announced and explained!

Don't miss it!

Smythe Skepfen,
Cap & Dagger Casino Director
New resident of Sanctuary

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 9:33 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

Yew Council News
These two reports were overheard while shopping in Yew the other day. These are quotes from the town crier on his rounds.

Yew Town Crier: Friday, September 22, 2000
The crier began his appointed rounds, starting from the center of Yew and beginning to circle his way outwards. "The Yew Town Council met last evening. Many were heard, much was dicussed. Hear ye then the decisions that have been passed down."

"No violence in the Abbey will be tolerated save for that taken by law enforcement and proper authorities in the service of justice. The Town Council is authorizing the call for volunteers to serve the militia as well as increasing the funding for resources in the service of justice. At this time, a treaty is being sought with the dark elves that occupy the eastern territories. When next the Council meets, the call shall be given!"

Yew Town Crier : Posted Saturday, September 23, 2000
Posted about town and called out by the crier as he makes his dutiful rounds is the following notice.

"The Yew Town Council will meet once again, next Friday, gathering to begin at the 9 hour of the Moonglow clock and meeting to begin at 9:30. The meeting will be held, once more, within the Court of Truth, come one and come all."

And on and on, the crier makes his rounds.

Please note the report on the last council meeting to be found posted here as well. Those who are interested should attend the next meeting as announced by the crier.
Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 9:01 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Edinburgh Village's Octoberfest
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received this announcement of the event:

Come one, come all to Edinburgh Village's first Octoberfest on Sunday, October 1st from 3PM on. Edinburgh is located just outside of the protected area for the Dungeon of Wrong, northwest of Minoc. Gates will be provided from the West Bank of Britain, starting at 2:45PM EDT. Come enjoy good ale and fine company at the Whispering Pines Tavern. Take part in a Where's Waldo contest that will send participants spanning the globe, deciphering riddles to find Waldo. Bring your own ship and a crew of 4 to participate in the boat relay race. Bid at the auction. Shop at our crafting tables. Fine weather is promised and a good time is guranteed for all!

Fredrick Adams, VoE

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 8:55 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Edinburgh Village's Octoberfest
We received this announcement of the event:

Come one, come all to Edinburgh Village's first Octoberfest on Sunday, October 1st from 3PM on. Edinburgh is located just outside of the protected area for the Dungeon of Wrong, northwest of Minoc. Gates will be provided from the West Bank of Britain, starting at 2:45PM EDT. Come enjoy good ale and fine company at the Whispering Pines Tavern. Take part in a Where's Waldo contest that will send participants spanning the globe, deciphering riddles to find Waldo. Bring your own ship and a crew of 4 to participate in the boat relay race. Bid at the auction. Shop at our crafting tables. Fine weather is promised and a good time is guranteed for all!

Fredrick Adams, VoE

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 8:54 PM EDT by Obsidion ()

Yew Council Addresses Violence in the Abbey
>>> Trammel Facet News <<< The Yew Council met on Thursday to address the increasing number of incidents of violence that have occurred in the Abbey over the past few weeks. The halls of the sacred place of worship have almost become a gristly nightly ritual of battle, blood and sometimes cannibalism. Many worshipers and innocent bystanders have been calling upon the local government to intervene and determine what should be done to prevent these occurrences.

The Council, after a lengthy debate, passed three measures that they hope will help resolve the issue. The first measure barred all violent activity within the Abbey, the exception being the authorized groups who are charged with enforcing the law. The second measure hopes to improve the ranks of the local militia commanded by Captain Paul Atreides by asking the local citizenry for volunteers. The final measure was the send a draft of a truce to the Drow, the dark elves who have been the center of the violent activity.

The meeting lasted over two hours, with some of the most respected citizens of Yew coming forward and voicing their opinions. A monk, Thomas Augustine stated, “If the Drow wish to use our Abbey in a civilized form, I do nay think the doors will be closed. But, if they wish to cause chaos and mayhem, then I will nay be one to close the doors to those who wish to defend, uphold our ways and in any case…take care of a threat to the people.”

Jilly, speaking through a translator, cautioned about the application of the defense of the Abbey, “. Because you can’t ask the Drow to respect our laws and to respect the peace of the Abbey or anyone else to, if they are assaulted, whether directly or indirectly. Having recently been run over by a Purist horse in his attempt to beat his virtues into a Drow who wanted to talk.”

Torvald, one of the order of the Path of Purity, warned that if the Drow and others acted like criminals, then they would not hesitate to act, “We’re not tolerating it anymore. We’re done what you asked and we got nothing but grief from them. If they don’t cooperate, we do it our way again. And I think it’s clear what our way is.”

Thorinsin, a knight of Yew, expressed the central position of the citizens in the debate, “But as far as violence in the Abbey goes, we wish to take whatever measures are required, to avoid it if possible. The reason for this is the safety of the citizens of Yew.”

The surprise of the evening came when one of the Drow themselves were permitted to speak on the issue. Here is the entirety of her words. “When I was home below, I was told that humans were completely insane, with a million different groups calling different rights unto themselves. When I was sent here, it was to bolster the ranks in a war against the Shadow Rangers. That is what I do. I am but a soldier. I kill things and people was the enemy. Now, I was taught to believe that humans were inferior, undisciplined, could never control their bladders or their mouth. We Drow do not make much of pretences or words. We only obey orders and we have a war to fight with the Rangers.”

Druid Pellinore offered reason to the issue, “I believe that any Drow who are obviously productive and collaborative members of society should be able to exist in peace. Whereas those that are obviously detracting from the safety and sanctity of Yew should be, quite simply, kept away, using whatever means necessary.”

And finally, the viewpoint of a soldier, who advocated the peace overture, “If your main concern is the safety of the citizens of Yew, then you should perhaps seek out the one that leads the dark elves and try to come to some sort of terms, at the very least.” Lazarus Shade then continued, “I’d suggest finding what started the war in the first place. Yew is the town of Justice. Find who is in the wrong from the beginning, then decide how to act from what you learn.”


Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 8:35 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

Order vs. Chaos Tournement
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received this letter from the Lady Pandora telling of the event:

Hail and well met. My name is the Lady Pandora of the Children of Darkness Guilds, owner and operator of the Vamp's Lair City of the Undead. Those of you that have frequented our city in the past, may have noticed its bare walls and empty homes in your recent visits. A city without life. Well it has been my utmost desire to return life once again to my once bustling city. We have been very actively recruiting new merchants for the Castle, setting up the Xiled from Humanity headquarters in our Stone Keep, setting up our City Hall, electing new officers, and attempting to bring the community in our Kingdom together once again. We are going to kick off the Grand Re-Opening of our "One Stop Shopping Center", known as the Public Castle and Trade Center of our city, with the largest ever Order vs. Chaos Tournament. Below you will find the specifics to the Tournament:

Location: Vamp's Lair Public Castle and Trade Center (Click HERE for directions.)
Date and Time: September 30th, 2000 @ 8:00 PM EST
Sponsors: The Children of Darkness Guilds (CoD)
Security: Xiled from Humanity (XH)
Entrance Fee: $ 10,000 in Gold per Team
Grand Prize: $ 200,000 in Gold

Synopsis: The object of this tournament is for your team of either Order or Chaos to come out the winner. We will be holding this event in the "elimination" process.

We will take an Order guild with 5 team members and place them up against a Chaos guild with 5 team members. For each match, each team is picked randomly and taken to the "secret" match location which will change very often to keep from outsiders ruining the event. Each team's main goal will be to eliminate the rival team entirely (All 5 Members Must be Dead). The winning team moves on to the next level until we reach the finalists for each virtue.

Rules: The rules are as follows: (Breaking any of these rules will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification without any refund of the entrance fee.)

  • Absolutely NO FIGHTING before, during, or after the MATCHES or on the city's premesis.
  • NO Looting, Stealing, or Rezz-Killing.
  • Deadly Poison is allowed.
  • Magic Items are allowed.
  • No reg, potion, or bandage limits.
  • No leaving the designated area of the matches. (Gate Travel or Recall spells are NOT allowed.)
  • No PETS (Tamed or Summoned).
  • No Horses.
  • No rematches are given.

Sign Up Instructions: Please follow these simple sign up instructions to register your Order or Chaos team.

  • Your guild must be an already established Order or Chaos Guild. Then you MUST fill out the Registration Form found HERE.
  • Upon receiving a confirmation email, you will be asked to pay your registration fees of $ 10,000 gold per team in game by Bank Check.
  • Once you have paid you will be given an ICQ ActiveList Number that will keep you in touch with all the latest news of the tournament!

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at [email protected]!


The Lady Pandora, Queen of the Kingdom of Darkness
Guildmistress of the Children of Darkness
Owner of Vamp's Lair City of the Undead

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 8:29 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

What's this? A line of ghosts
While travelling the lands recently I was shocked to see the increased amounts of restless spirits running down the halls of Deceit.
Now it appears that only a well prepared group can enter the Deepest level of that Dungeon, the fabled Lich Lord calls home and rests against his tomb.
So take heed and hear this warning, recalling to the Lich Lords area you will find very little places that are safe to do so.

And Remember.... Pack a few extra Bandages and Ressurrection Scrolls to help out some of those poor lost souls haunting the damp passages, you never know just who might be there floating about.

Von Ravend, Oceania Stratics Reporter
Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 8:03 PM EDT by Von Ravend (Oceania)

Riddle of the Ancient Dragon
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<

Recent news from BNN:

Riddle of the Ancient Dragon
Vilius the Scribe Sep 24 2000 6:31PM

Once again, people of Britannia, there have been sightings of the ancient dragon, Al’Cedra! It is nearly the first of the month, but this time a strangeness fills the air. Al’Sarin has appeared and said that he will be in the town of Skara Brae upon the evening of September 27th. Any who wish to come to him may try and answer seven riddles. It seems that the riddles are not only difficult, but also pose a clue as to where the next event will take place. Any time in the evening all citizens of Britannia may stop by and try to answer the riddles. Each citizen may try only once to offer up his answers. In the morning, a list of the names of those who have answered the riddles correctly will be prepared and sent out. On the evening of the next day, you may see if you have advanced to the next arena. Al’Norin will await those who pass the first test. Little is known of this test, but he is the warrior dragon, so fighting may be a part of it. Al’Sarin has said that tests of both feats of arms and of the mind shall be given before the final entrance to the lair. Who knows what dangers await those who venture out to take the second test? Lastly, entrance to the lair may be gained. Perhaps this time, fellow citizens, those who come into the presence of Al’Cedra will listen to her words more carefully, remembering the corpses that littered the lair a’fore.

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 4:58 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

Orcs Laid Siege Around Britain
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following article can be foundon Britannia News Network, part of the official UO website :
Kael and his guard friend Garwein were relaxing in the guard barracks. They had just finished their latest shift and Garwein entertained Kael by spinning a tale of his last night out and all the ladies he had met. While they were in the middle of a game of cards their captain, a huge middle-aged man clad in full plate and a long blue cape, came in. "Garwein and Kael ! Orcs are marching on our fair capital ! They have crossed the Britain farms and are laying siege just outside the bridge ! Another horde has been sighted to the east, swarming into the streets ! The city guards are overwhelmed and you must raise an army." [...]
You can read the whole story here. My bet is that this happened on Felucca, though I am not sure of that, as nothing was specified in the article.
Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 11:37 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

Chesapeake Banner Exchange Goes Live!
Angelstorm of UO Chesapeake sent this in to us on a new program they are starting.

I am proud to announce the grand opening of the UOChesapeake Daily News Banner Exchange Program!

If you have a web site related to anything Chesapeake we want you to join our exchange! Guild pages, player establishment/town pages, general Chesapeake info sites, PKs, RPs, and Joe Average, etc.

The Official Info:

1. You MUST place the exchange code on the front page of your site in order to be in the rotation. I currently have the rotation set up at a 2:1 ratio. This means that you earn one rotation of your banner for each 2 you show on your site, thus the more people visit your site the more your banner is viewed on other sites. Plus you get more traffic to your site  for each display of your banner elsewhere!

2. Your banner must be 468x70 pixels in size and should be no larger than approximately 10,240 bytes.

3. You MUST keep your banner on your server or host site. However, if your site is on Xoom (or any other server that will not allow you to link images out) please contact me directly about image hosting.

4. Banners that are deemed lewd, vulgar, harassing, or just plain ugly will not be accepted into the exchange program. This applies to your site as well. We will not be choosing or denying sites based on any other criteria. Thus, you do NOT have to be a "roleplayer" (or any other "type" of player) to participate in this exchange.

5. Banners from non-Chesapeake specific (meaning general info sites along the lines of, say, Lum The Mad) will be accepted (provided they fit the guidelines as prescribed above).

6.UOChesapeake will have it's own ads interspersed within the rotation.

7. No animals were harmed in the testing of this script...however, I think I did throw a few bricks at Marilla!

Come and join the exchange today!

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 10:44 AM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

From Tayrnagh Kal Xen Contest.
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<From Tayrnagh:

From all over the land they came, audacious mages to test their skills and might against eachother in the Contest of Mages. Yet again the city of Tayrnagh was bristling with activity due to all these arcane masters mubling their words of power and meditating to prepare for the Contest.

Finally Lady Shana rode out to greet the contestants. All were already deeply focused on their goal of summoning as much chickens as possible on order to win the prize of 25,000 gold coins and be written in the Book of Conjurers which resides in the Townhall of Tayrnagh. Many were eager to see if someone could beat the record Talisman from the (A) Guild had set the last week.

When eventually all entry fees were paid, the first 2 contestants started to call forth their animals using the power words 'Kal Xen'. This ritual went on for several minutes, yet no chickens were summoned. It seemed at that point that this night was not about to bring forth a summoned chicken, until Merlin strode into the arena. With great boldness Merlin managed to cast 2 chickens in a row and was declared victor of the 2nd Contest of Mages.

If you think you can summon chickens at your command, or if you would like to cheer for one of your friends then join us next saturday on the 3rd Contest of Mages!

Lady Shana

Thank you, Shana.
Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 7:27 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

Minoc Horserace Anniversay
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<From Yoldran:

10th Minoc Horserace - anniversay prizes!

The tenth Minoc Horserace will be held on wednesday, september 27th, 7pm GMT [20:00 CET] at the Minoc townhall on Trammel.

The route is shown on the map below. It starts at the townhall (1) and leads to the bridge crossing to the mine with the first checkpoint (2). From there, it leads up the serpent road to checkpoint 2, where you have to cross a line (3). Down again and eastward around the mine-mountain, leaving the stables to the right, the finish is found at "The Barnacle" inn (4).

There are two starting cathegories:

  • Beginer (100 coins entry fee)

  • Veteran (1000 coins entry fee)
  • Due to the anniversary, there is a special prize money of 10000 coins distributed with the entry fee!

    The money will be distributed by 50%, 35%, 15% for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Riders start in groups of 4. The winners of these startup races do a final. Only horses are allowed. Should there however be enough other animals, it is possible to start a "sheer-nightmare-race" for example.

    May the fastest contestant win!
    Best wishes,
    ([email protected])

    Thank you and congratulations!
    Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 3:46 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Spawn Populations
    The following were just posted by Designer Hanse on the MyUO DevBoard:
    The updated spawn populations are on Test Center.

    Fire Island has a few issues which need to be addressed. The spawn has been turned off until it can be reviewed. Remember, we've only reviewed dungeons in detail, thus far. The overland spawning was not address, but changes to the dungeons themselves caused a few population changes.

    If you have a house in an area that is spawning heavily, please visit Test Center before calling for GM's to fix the problem. It may be that Test Center has the change you're looking for already. :)

    Light levels in the dungeons will be returning to dark later this evening on Test Center.



    -PS- Please check the Deceit spawns. Skeletal Knights and Liches were modified.

    He also added this later:
    These changes are spot changes. The full redesign of the surface spawns will take some time.

    Dungeons are just one eighth of the world and it took about three weeks to do them. Although, dungeon spawns are more concentrated and intricate than surface spawns.

    Many of the spawn regions were designed with the intent of the world having empty areas for the monsters to spawn and wander in. Now that there are houses there, players do not want monsters clustering around their porch/walls. :)


    And this...
    Currently, the Lich Lord room is looking good. Any large party of players can take out a room full of monsters. We do not plan to change the spawn in the lich lord room after the current change that is on Test Center (one more lich should be spawning in the room now).


    And this...
    It was 'hell' because double to triple the amount of Ophidians were spawning than was intended. This was part of the bug we fixed.
    And in regard to the new Executioner NPC:
    Yup. He's the first monster to get the lumberjacking skill and wield an axe at the same time. :)
    *wipes brow* And this on the Timing of Spawns and Spawn Blocking:
    There is a timer on the spawning of creatures. The current implementation is for a large group of players in the area cleaning out monsters. Monsters will seem to spawn slower if they are "over hunted".

    If only one player is in the area, the creatures will spawn at the same rate. It's just that if, after a variable amount of seconds, only one creature is dead, it will be respawned. We do have changes to the spawner in the works (spawn blocking one of them), but it is not slated for this week.


    Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 1:47 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Client Patch Revert
    Well, that didn't last long! This was just posted to FYI:
    Client Patch Revert

    Due to issues with Client Patch 2.0.1 it will be necessary to revert this patch. After downloading the new patch, the version number will be 2.0.0g. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and will update you further once the patch is available again.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 1:35 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Client Patch 2.0.1
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Client Patch 2.0.1

    We will be releasing a client patch on Monday, September 25th to update client version numbers and address some language issues.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit

      If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].

    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 7:31 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    "Uruk" Sightings Rock the Land
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    Well, for a long time, I thought I was the only active uruk (that's an orc intelligent enough to run from a superior enemy, as opposed to the stupid shardee orcs that seem to dominate the orcish population) on AOL Legends. However, I found a half-eaten bird carcass in my territory with the following note attached:

    "Greetings Ith'unk!

    "An NPC scribe from Britain has gone missing! He was last seen in the company of a stranger who resembled a half orc. Friends and relatives showed reporters the following note, which was scribbled in poor hand writing on a tattered parchment, stained with pigeon droppings.

    "Hummie scribble-man come to Mo'n G'low city to do work. You scribble meny paprs for me and me pay yu gud. Me know dat yu spek Uruku so me rite dis in Uruku so ony yu un'rstan. Me hab sec'rt biz'nez me need yu for, so tel nobuddy! Yu com quik! Yu make meny shinnys! Me meet yu at Mo'n G'low shiney-blue-light dor.
    "The faded letterhead on the parchment showed it belonged to Aubrey Gawen, Master healer. When he was reached for comment at his home in the city of Whitestone, he replied that his supply of letterhead and several of his best carrier pigeons had been pilferred, and the theft had been reported days before the kidnapping.

    "When asked why the scribe would answer such a suspicious summons, the victim's family said work had been scarce since Lord British's disappearance, and he had to feed his family. Few clues have been forthcoming, but there have been reports of a half orc named Ga'Wen who has been sending translated announcements via pigeon to the stratics legends forum.

    "When Lord British's guards were asked for comment they replied 'I am sorry, I do not understand what you are saying.' Lord British, of course, could not be reached for comment."

    Could it be? Is there another uruk about? I will search far and wide and see who I can sniff out, as it were. I had thought my brother Pug'yula and I were the only ones of late until I met a pair named S'nipe and Mop'her.

    Praise Minax Indeed!

    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 7:01 PM EDT by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    New Monsters - The Results
    First of all; you can stop sending me information :) We received hundreds of emails with all kinds of monster data, most of which has been read and incorporated in the Hunter's Guide at this moment. I can't possibly start mentioning everyone that sent an email, but I *do* thank everyone that went out into the field to gather information. Thanks !!

    Without further ado, here's what we have compiled so far. Monster data for the following new or changed monsters (info or spawn location) has been updated in the Hunter's Guide and Dungeons section:

    We received no more reports about leprechauns, so I am going to write that off as a one-shot event related character instead of adding it as a regular spawning monster.
    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 5:34 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    News From the Mayor's Office, Trinsic

    Greetin's again friends,
    A bit o' good news fer ye now. *grins evily*

    Hail Citizens of the Realm and of the Fair City!

    I'd like to thank all of you who helped make our recent Masquerade Charity Ball a great success! The event was well attended and lasted about four hours.

    Congratulations again to the winners of our contests. In the Costume Contest, Anna won first place with her farmer outfit, spotted cow and hay bale. The theatrical Opera Ghost came in second. Grey II and his grizzly bear came in third. We had 24 contestants in all, and there were many creative outfits.

    In the Dance Contest, the pair of Jander Starym and Lilyth Noir won first place with their performance of the Elven Kangaroo. Grey Wolf came in second with his "Too Sexy" performance. And Ughdar's tribal flair earned him third place.

    Our lucky raffle ticket winner was Kah Mon Tai.

    I'd like to give a special thanks to those of you who donated gold and items for our New Citizen Assistance Program. They will be put to good use.

    See you in Trinsic!

    Knight, Knights of Sosaria
    Vice Mayor, Trinsic Council of Honor

    Atlantic Shard Town Councils Public Events Calendar
    Trinsic Council of Honor

    Thankee Gwen fer this infermation.
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 2:56 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Nostur'yl and Necromancy?
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    'ello, 'ello folks.
    Seems we got a bit o' dark news fer ye all. Take a gander.

    The hour was late when I had decided to fetch a quick drink at the Hungry Halfling. Upon entering, I noticed Smogg Azlian talking with someone at the back table. Looking closer I found it was Rathgith Nostur'yls whom the 'healer' was speaking with. I had seen the unloyal slave mage three times, once at the Frosty Hook in Wintermoor, once at the Dark Archives in Wintermoor, and at the tower of Infernal Necromancy. After a while Smogg left. Quickly I sent a pigeon to Molly of 2ST and soon the tavern was filled with people speaking to Rathgith. The tavern erupted as the gathered folks began yelling which seemed only to annoy Rathgith. I quickly realized I would learn nothing more so I departed, wondering as I traveled; what plans Nostur'yl had for the future.

    -Blackstaff Historian of Wintermoor

    Thankee Blackstaff fer this tale. I fer one am curious as to the werkin's of these evil blokes.
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 2:49 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Showcasing UO Player Establishments
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Showcasing UO Player Establishments

    Player-run establishments such as towns, taverns, theater troupes, schools, and training centers are unique and important parts of the Ultima Online community. Each establishment may be born of hundreds of hours of effort by its creators, including securing a house or houses, decorating, staffing, and rehearsing. The end result can be a great reward to both owners and visitors alike.

    With the opening of the Trammel facet, a great many new establishments are springing up throughout Britannia, and we'd like to showcase these unique and interesting locations, as well as the long-standing establishments on Felucca.

    To submit your player-run establishment for consideration, please send us the following:

    • The name of the establishment
    • Your account name
    • The shard, facet, and sextant coordinates of the establishment
    • A short (50 words or less) description of the establishment
    • Establishment's website URL (if any)
    • A screenshot of the establishment using the following criteria. (Please understand that we cannot accept images that do not conform to this criteria)

    Screen Shot Parameters:

    • 640 x 480
    • 24 bit color (no 256 color)
    • Bitmap (*.bmp) format


    • No cursor in shot
    • No UO or windows interface in shot (gameplay area only)
    • No gumps (backpacks, skill windows, paperdolls, etc.)
    • Must be game engine generated (no fakes or other manipulation)

      Establishments must be available to the general public and should be community-oriented (such as a tavern, vendor mall, etc.) Please submit the above via email to [email protected].

    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 1:42 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    New @ Stratics
    Here's a quick look at what's new to the Stratics Network this week:

    Stratics Events This Week

    Adellion Stratics

    • We have a very interesting thread on powergaming on our Adellion boards. You can check it out here and add your own comments.

    Anarchy Online Stratics

    • FINAL WEEK! It's the last week for this month's Writing Contest. If you're a heavy-duty Role-player and love to write, be sure to turn in your submissions by Saturday. All entries will be judged by the AOS staff and Funcom!
    • Anarchy Online Stratics will undergo a few updates this week, so stop by often. First up: our new Professions page.

    Asheron's Call Stratics

    • We've just launched our Weapons Database. We hope to have all of the basic and quest weapons entered in here. See if you can fill in any gaps.
    • Wednesday last week saw the regular monthly Zone Chat with Turbine. Catch up with what you missed at (or read the "Nei-mix" edition with an extra two hours of Jesse).

    Atriarch Stratics

    • Our forums have been reorganized to make it easier for you and the developers -- so post something there today!
    • Speaking of the boards, our new role-play forum has seen the start of ... a board-based MUD? Check it out here!
    • An Atriarch House of Commons is scheduled for Tuesday, September 26th, at 7pm CST in #athoc. Drop by to chat with World Fusion about the Cavolon, Atriana's newest species.

    EverQuest Stratics

    • Interested in learning more about EverQuest but don't know what to ask? Visit our Westwood Tavern forum and meet some of the friendliest EverQuest players in the game!

    Hero's Journey Stratics

    • Massive Multi-Player Persistant Online Worlds are not always "just a game" to their participants. You don't believe this? Then read Raph Koster's A Story About A Tree.
    • After your reading in the Design Corner, enjoy yourself in Hero's Journey Stratics' game parlor.

    Jumpgate Stratics

    • Our second JumpGate House of Commons is complete! You can view the log here.
    • We're looking for News Updaters at JumpGate Stratics! If you would like to join the JumpGate Stratics team, and help keep the JumpGate community updated, please e-mail [email protected].
    • We could use some posts on our Forums! If you have a question about JumpGate, Feel free to ask on our forums!

    Origin Stratics

    • Weekly Dev Team Questions - Want to feel like you have the opportunity to speak directly with a Dev Team Member to give input for your favorite games? Here's your chance! Every week Ubiq, the Lead Designer for Origin, has a general question for the fans. Suggestions given in this format are taken into serious consideration in the development of the topic at hand. Check out our Screenshot Section Weekly Question Forum to add your own thoughts.
    • The Virtues of Britannia - The Virtues are a critical part of Britannia's cultural philosophy. Because of that, we have dedicated a section to their study. If you haven't read up on them in awhile, make sure to go to our Book of Virtues now.

    Shadowbane Stratics

    • Shadowbane Stratics is proud to announce the launch of their new FAQ! Weighing in at a massive 155 questions, this comprehensive listing will teach you everything you need to know regarding Shadowbane--and a smidgen more.
    • Belthior, lead animator for Wolfpack, stopped by #shadowbane in this week and left us a huge 4-hour log. Luckily for you, we read through this log and put up the highlights of the chat which include information on mounts AND a challenge by Belthior for us to show him a real Spider-Goat. All this can be found on Shadowbane Stratics' front page.

    Ultima-Online Stratics

    • Khal'abbil, one of our readers, enhanced the Cartography Guide with the latest findings on how to raise the skill with the least amount of effort. A must-read for all treasure hunters that want to be able to do the advanced treasure map dig-ups.
    • Did you know that the UO Stratics team consists of more than hundred people that together bring you daily news, game updates, game statistics and strategies and moderate our many Forums. Without all those people we would never be able to provide you the service that we love to give.
    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 1:38 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Staff of the Elements Found
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    After last weeks occurences at Rilla Takhista's tent in Minoc involving an attack by Daryen and the cursing of Rilla's crystal ball, Rilla decided nay to meet us at her tent as usually, as she feared for her life. Instead she left a cryptic message, which directed us to the Vesper Mage Guild, where we found her two days ago. Back then she told us, that she was soon to find out about the item of Daryen's desire, the item which will allow her to control the last of the four elements ... that of earth. Rilla, still very shaken and exhausted from her previous attempts to unveil Daryen's plans, told us to meet her again on Sunday evening.

    When finally the day of the meeting came, a large crowd of people, eager to let Daryen pay for her crimes, gathered on the roof of the Vesper Mage Guild. After the crowd settled down and greetings were exchanged Rilla told us about her latest discoveries:

    "The dagger... was holding back the information. I have only part of it.. but tis enough to begin the search. She seeks a staff.. called Staff of the Elements. I have the first part.. you should keep in touch with each other to find what you can.. take care.. of it. In the hands of any.. it calls the elements with the right words. And it can destroy a person... but then it will be useless. I will tell them to the person who gains the staff. When it is time to use it. It is the only thing that will destroy Daryen. Here... is what I found: 

    In my father's father's house where love did bloom it's memory waits in the silent gloom Yet truth comes not easy For all ye may do Even the dead must yield to what the living do In death the colors fade in hue Yet the way of Sear leads the way for you Remember that the dead may weep Yet cannot long their mysteries keep. I am speaking what I found.

    Yet I do not know.. where my father's fathers house is, and I cannot go.. for Daryen will surely be close. Perhaps.. you will remember.. something of it. Maybe someone.. who spoke to Feyron Ironhand might know, as he was my father's friend. That Sear leads the way.. the words of Sear must be the rune.. of Sear. Odd.. I am sure, when you find the right place, that it will not be the end of your seeking. There must be something there.. to let you know. I do not understand the part about the dead... I wish ye luck.. for.. the search will not be easy."

    With that Rilla invoked her amulet and dissapeared, while the people, still in deep thoughts of what she had revealed, were unsure of what to do next, or where to start the search for the Staff of the Elements. I thought it would be best to head back to Spiritwood and organize the search. Since I knew from the meeting with Feyron Ironhand, that the Takhista family used to live in a town starting with the letter "M", I proposed to search the town of Moonglow, while another party went to Magincia to seek for clues. It was indeed in Magincia, where north of the Bank a large, nearly decayed house was found. While we searched the building I suddenly saw a ghostly apparation floating through the basement, heading for the upper floor. Remembering Rilla's vision, I invoked the rune of Sear, and indeed a ghost did materialize right infront of us. It was then, that I hastly wrote a message to the remaining forces in Moonglow to inform them of our findings.

    "Who are ye?", I asked, but it did nay stop, but continued to float towards the upper floor. "Wait!", Falcore yelled, "We come from Rilla!". "We aid her to avenge her father and stop Daryen.", I explained, and with a hollow voice the ghost answered: " Sarn.. H..el..p you.. where the.. birds..await their birth... their th...e nam...e of truth.. That my clayn... for years.. To face what.. is by the dea..d. North... east.....west. Truth is put to the test... One.. two.. three .. .four Say...them ... all to get... what.. loo..ks.. ordina... that.. is clue.. sarn... lef.t.. SARN!". "Where the await their birth ... ", I silently repeated. "A nest!", Beneviste shouted excited. "Sarn! Ri... lll.. a.. care .. of .. her.", the ghost howled in pain while it turned towards the window, where in the corner of the yard, a small nest could be seen. "That must be it!", I thought, and turned round for the stairs leading to the yard downstairs. Of course I was nay the only one finding the nest. People already tried to reach the basement, which was nay an easy task considering the narrow stairs. When I arrived at the small nest, settled in a corner of the overgrown yard of the old house, I spoke the rune of Clayne Aerie, and before I could tell anyone I found myself within the depths of Dungeon Deceit, surrounded by horrible Bone Knights moving slowly towards me, while two Magi hurled their devastating spells at me. As best as I could, I defended myself, hoping, that soon people would find out and follow me into this dreaded pit of horror.

    One by one they arrived, one by one they unsheathed their weapons or prepared their spells, and soon a battle was raging in the small room known as Bone Magi Room of Deceit. When we finally managed to push through the undead to reach the small plateau in the middle of the room, I knew what had to be done ... though my mind was spinning and I could nay concentrate on the given task. With the aid of Falcore I managed though to invoke the four gypsie runes, and when the last word was spoken a black staff appeared at our feet, which I took up and stored it safely in my backpack, while shouting to retreat. The others, still fighting the reanimated bones of death slowly retreated, and when finally a portal was opened, fled through it into the safety of Spiritwood, where I showed the Staff of Elements to the gathered people. The staff was found ...

    Eager to get some refreshment and rest, we gathered at the Spiritwood Tavern, only to be attacked by a fiery horde of Fire Elementals storming out of the woods, burning the undergrowth and hurling their balls of fire at the surprised people. Of course this was of Daryen's doing. Somehow she found out about the staff, and that it was in our possession now. Wave after wave elementals attacked Spiritwood, wave after wave we fought 'em off. Holding the Staff of Elements in my hands, holding the item which I knew would destroy Daryen, but nay knowing the words to trigger it, I felt quite helpless while Daryen roamed through town bringing down her fury and destruction.

    We hope to meet Rilla at her tent tonight, meet her to discuss our next steps and of course to hear the words of power which would trigger the Staff of Elements, the only item in Sosaria powerful enough to destroy Daryen ... forever.

    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 1:14 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    A wedding invitation
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Huzzahs!! and Joy of Joys

    It is with great happiness that I sit and write this. It seems that two of the members of the Knights of the Sacred Dragons are to be married on Friday, September 29, 2000 at 10pm EST. Mortimus VanDorn and Hope, who by the way have only been engaged for the Dragon only knows how long, are the happy couple. It seems she finally pinned ole Mort down on a date.

    The wedding is to be held in Trammel in a location known as "space". With gates being provided from the Merchants' Keep starting at 9pm EST. A party to end all parties is due to start shortly after the wedding at the same Merchants' Keep.

    With sincere and fond thoughts of my Brother, best of Luck you two,

    Barth VanDorn
    Minstrel and GM of the Merchants of the Sacred Dragons

    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 11:16 AM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Tayrnagh Scavenger Hunt
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<From Shana Del Magia of The Necromantic Order of Witches:


    After giving the Mages a run for their reagents this weekend in the Contest of Mages, it is now time for those clever of mind to join us in the 2nd Scavenger hunt of the city of Tayrnagh.

    Once again our provisioner is in dire need of certain items and has prepared a list of those items to be found. The first person to retrieve all those items will be given a reward of 25,000 gold coins.

    If ye thinks you know your way around Britannia, or if you have any special relations with that one miner who can provide you with the verite ingot we might be looking for, then now is the time to show us how good you are at finding items in the realm of Britannia!

    See you this Wednesday at 21.00 CET (20.00 GMT) at the inn in the city of Tayrnagh, where the hunt starts.

    In obscurem vivemus

    Lady Shana

    For more info, please visit:

    Thank you, Shana.
    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 11:10 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Reports from the Counselor's Party
    The player run town that some call the capital of Siege, Safe Haven, was given the honor of hosting a Counselor Appreciation Party last night. Attending were over a dozen counselors, a couple of game masters, a couple of seers, and a who's who of important players from across the shard.

    Everyone from the High Lady of Cove, Kira Lynn'Dannae and her entourage, to Kelly Kindred (who we all know likes seeing her name in print ;) was seen there in top fashion. Ministers were seen mingling with pirates while the orcs made their move for the 72 item buffet. It is even rumored that the one called Fear dropped by to say hello. Almost every major guild was represented for this event and a great time was had by all.

    As expected, some of the visitors got a little out of hand though, even the honored counselors ... note the robed one dancing on the table in this painting...

    Among the crowd were also several campaigners rooting for their candidates in the upcoming mayoral election to be held in Safe Haven on October 3rd. Absent from the party however were the infamous Undead Lords (UDL) who were off having their own event, but made their presence known later that night by laying waste to the remaining party goers and straggling drunks.

    Following the festivities in Safe Haven, Lead Counselor Lady Destiny took several of the remaining counselors on a tour of interesting sites and other player run establishments on Siege. Perhaps she or one of the other counselors will have more information to share about their findings on that trek...

    In the meantime, I would like to personally offer my thanks to the Central Counselor's Team for all of their hard work and dedication over the past year. Your efforts here have not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated in the land of Siege Perilous.

    Ford Prefect
    Reporter for the Veteran Shard
    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 4:56 AM EDT by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    BMG, Skirmishes...Update
    BMG's Skirmishes is now up and running.

    VKR, ORB and LoD are the first compeditors to join.
    The first match will be held friday night with the results on saturday morning.

    The fight will be VKR v's ORB, with LoD as reserves(if one of the other guilds can't make it).

    For more info on BMG's Skirmishes goto and click on the skirmishes link.

    Remember, Skirmishes is open to all guilds on Oceania, no matter how big or small, or your level of PvP. The only requirement is that you want to have fun!

    Training is available also.

    Multani, BMG GM
    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 4:54 AM EDT by Multani (Oceania)

    More news from Safe Haven
    I just recieved the following article concerning peace talks between a warring guild and the city of Safe Haven.
    **Delivery made swiftly on horseback by Grunnel, SMC Envoy**

    An important event for Siege and to the people that call the township of Safe Haven home occurred this eve. Leadership from TAK (Crassus Ta'kier, Caligula Ta'kier), Safe Haven (HeRog, town mayor) & AoV (Elidar the Swift) met up at the Siege Merchants complex to conduct talks. The meeting party was taken by boat from East Brit by Mudcat and Strahd of SMC to an undisclosed location where the talks were held. The discussions got off well however emotion got the better of some, probably all present. The TAK/SH group thanked SMC for hosting the meeting and left the negotiation table. Open to more talks but felt that the current talks were "going no where".

    (Below an artist rendering of the meeting)

    Later that eve Hallas (the moderator for the TAK/SH talks with AoV) was in Safe Haven to try and speak with HeRog alone to further the "talks". The town was bustling with activity as the appreciation celebration for the counselors commenced. Amongst all of the people Hallas did manage to catch up with Mayor HeRog. Waiting until HeRog had conducted his tour of the town, the two then moved their conversation to the SH merchant tower. It was agreed that the earlier discussions could have gone better but that unless hostilities ended there was little to talk about. HeRog being a busy man took his leave, Hallas bid him farewell and moved on.

    Leadership from AoV (Elidar the Swift, Norman, Elricc) were also in Safe Haven, Hallas took the opportunity to speak with them again. The result has been a temporary cease fire while AoV decides if they will permanently cease hostilities with in city limits. AoV will not attack anyone for the next two days while they are considering the end of hostilities.

    Only time will tell but with the current leadership of Safe Haven changing and Mayor HeRog retiring Safe Haven could use all the help it can muster. These are trying times for us all and we hope that the ending of hostilities between AoV and the township of Safe Haven does occur. Many thanks to all who assisted in preparation for the talks.

    SMC Staff
    "In service to those of Siege"
    Posted on Monday, September 25, 2000, 3:42 AM EDT by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    BNN - The Slave Mage
    Another tale we located at the BNN archives, enjoy.

    The Slave Mage

    By: Prellis the scribe Sep 5 2000 5:31PM

    A few days had passed since the initial meeting with the frost daemon, before Nostur’yl arrived once again to meet with those of the Cult of Infernal Necromancy. Smogg Azalin greeted the daemon lord within the lower hall of the tower and the pair quickly made their way to the relative privacy of the rooftop. There, the two discussed the frost daemon’s offer to retrieve the mage, and the occurrences over the days since Nostur’yl last visited. Once Nostur’yl was certain his ally understood the nature of the task, he departed, leaving Smogg to set about escorting the mage back from the dungeon of ice.

    Getting to the mage was far easier for the group assembled then it had previously been: a few well-placed gates and they were on their way. Even the red-bricked hall they entered seemed peaceful this day, showing no signs of the ice fiends that would hinder their path. As they would soon discover, the return journey with the mage would not be so simple.

    Although the frost daemon was nowhere in sight when the group entered the library housed in the back hall, as promised, the slave mage sat patiently awaiting their arrival. Words of greetings were offered between the party and the mage, known as Rathgith, before the business at hand was discussed.

    “We will take you safely to my tower,” Smogg began before being cut off by a question from Rathgith.

    “Why would I wish to go there?” the mage asked.

    Not understanding how the mage could be uninformed, Smogg attempted to explain, saying, “Nostur'yl and your master are working on a deal.”

    “Ahh...he may be my master, but I wish for something as well,” Rathgith said cutting him off again, “and since you are not my master, I will have it. My price is simple...for now.”

    Hesitantly, the leader of the cult asked, “Tell me then, what is it you desire?”

    “Merely recognition that you owe me a that I may come to collect at any time. That is my price, a favor I may name.”

    The bargain was agreed to by Smogg Azalin, “Very well, we have a deal.”

    “Very good. A few minor things… One, when I leave this place, I shall be vulnerable to attack, by everything,” the mage explained for the benefit of his escorts. “I shall also need to see the site where this column lies buried.”

    Guessing that Rathgith would likely be marked as a murderer by the laws of the land, Smogg asked, “Even city guards?”

    “My master has no influence over them. Outside of this dungeon, I have only a mage's power.”

    A discussion began over the best path they might take, one that presented the least possible harm to the mage. Scouts were sent off to check locations where they might cross over to the mainland of Britannia while other courses were opened for discussion. After a short while, the group agreed to travel through the dungeon of ice and take the exit on the far end that would lead to the mainland. And so they departed.

    While perhaps it was the safest path for the slave mage, the dungeon of ice proved most treacherous for his escorts. Monsters of all types, creatures more accustomed to the cold surroundings, blocked their path at every turn. Time and again their commitment to the task was tested, and time and again the group succeeded in defeating the varying ice creatures until finally the exit was in sight.

    Once back on the mainland of Britannia a gate was opened, taking the party and the mage they escorted to the tower where Nostur’yl awaited. Smogg Azalin brought the mage to the rooftop where Rathgith and the daemon lord were finally introduced.

    The basis for what Nostur’yl desired was conveyed to the mage, while he sat absorbing the words. When Nostur’yl finished, the mage presented two possible solutions, either a spell of protection to allow the daemon of fire to enter the water or a spell that would raise the post to the surface where it might be recovered. To best determine which spell to use, Rathgith again requested to see where the post rested. Arrangements were made for the Cult of Infernal Necromancy to escort the slave mage to where the post was thrown into the sea.

    While Nostur’yl’s allies made their departure, the daemon himself set off on a task to aid them. Prior to the mage having been brought from the dungeon of ice, Smogg Azalin had informed Nostur’yl that the alliance opposing him had setup a form of blockade around the posts location. Knowing this blockade might provide some resistance to the mage’s task, the daemon made his way to Rivendell, which the alliance had been using as a base of operations.

    As a means of distraction, the daemon summoned forth a small horde of hellhounds, beasts loyal to the daemonkin in every aspect, and set them to attack those about the town. As he predicted, reinforcements arrived from the blockade to assist Rivendell, just as Nostur’yl released the second wave of hellhounds and made himself visible for attack. The battle did not cause much harm to Nostur’yl or his foes, but rather lasted long enough for the group at sea to make their way to the sunken post’s location and depart again.

    Almost on queue, the mage and escorts arrived back at the cult’s tower at the same point Nostur’yl reappeared upon the rooftop, once again looking out over the waters. When the mage was brought to stand before Nostur’yl, the daemon quickly asked, “What was your finding then?”

    “The water is too unfavorable for you to enter safely,” Rathgith explained. “Therefore, I shall raise it from its location. However, I must research where the tomes and ingredients I require are located. I may need assistance in procuring certain pieces - I trust I can count on support?”

    With a nod of agreement, Smogg answered, “My cultists will see to it. I will put my lab at your disposal for this research.”

    “I shall leave you and Lord Smogg to the details,” Nostur’yl said to Rathgith before vanishing yet again.

    Posted on Sunday, September 24, 2000, 6:04 PM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    BNN - Xerot the Illusionist Defeated
    Greetings friends! As I was rooting around the realm for newsworthy bits of information, I came across this this story in the BNN archives, enjoy.

    Xerot the Illusionist Defeated

    By: Blake the Bard Sep 18 2000 3:37PM

    At long last, Xerot and his shadow creatures have departed our realm. By the same action, the “Sword of Sacrifice” is back in safe hands.

    The flame of shadow, an eldritch force, had once again been revealed to the world. Knowing of its threat, the great wyrms sealed the flame in a temple high in the mountains, far beyond the reach of most creatures. However, the flame made the temple a most dangerous site - if the light of the flame cast upon an intruder, the intruder’s shadow would rise up and attack him.

    Xerot, cloaked in his spells of illusion, and using some form of magical transportation, managed to breach the temple and trap the shadow flame in an enchanted lantern of his own design. With this device, Xerot was able to create creatures of shadow - much stronger than their real counterparts - and laid siege to our cities.

    The great red wyrm - the one we call Lady Liane - studied the illusionist's magic and was able to craft magical torches capable of dispelling his invisibility. Distracting the shadow creatures, brave adventurers managed to uncover Xerot and wrestle him to the ground. Trapped and vulnerable, Xerot screamed in terror as Liane took the flame from his lantern, and he was torn apart by his own creations.

    The flame of shadow now safely out of human hands, Liane fulfilled her promise: the so-called “Sword of Sacrifice” was given to the tinker, Gregory Ironhand. Before departing, Liane used a ritual of binding upon the sword, so it cannot be again stolen from Gregory. He will keep it safe until we justly have need for it.

    Posted on Sunday, September 24, 2000, 5:56 PM EDT by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    New Monsters Found
    Reports are slowly dropping in regarding new monster types and new monster spawn locations. In Covetous Rotting Corpses and Stone Harpies are spawning. In Destard there seems to be a Shadow Wyrm spawn, and random encounters with magic casting Ratmen and even Leprechauns are reported. I am sure there's even more.

    Please send us your findings regarding all these changes so that we can update the Hunter's Guide with them. What we are looking to find out is where exactly these creatures spawn, what loot they carry, what attacks are used by them and how easy/hard it is to kill them.

    You can send your submissions to [email protected]. If you took a screenshot, then please make sure the monster is clearly visible and save the picture in JPG compressed format.

    Posted on Sunday, September 24, 2000, 9:59 AM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    The Paladin Valorius slays an Evil Paladin!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We just recieved this from Rick Ho. He also sent pictures, but there were some difficulties and couldn't be presented.

    T'was a cold and quiet night. I was talking to my guildmates in Moonglow about our next gathering, when the cry from the local Town Crier attracted our attention, informing citizens that Valorius the Paladin was asking for help at the Training Hall. We quickly equipped our gears and stepped through the magical gate to Trinsic.

    Upon arriving we found Valorius the Paladin standing at the entrance of the Trinsic Training Hall. He told the crowd that he needed a specially crafted sword from a famous smith named Bugu in Vesper and asked if we could deliver the sword to him immediately. We hurried to Vesper and found Bugu at the Vesper Ironworks. Bugu did not look well when we saw him, he had a bandaged foot, and he further explained that few nights ago some Trolls broke into his shop and stole all the valuables including his smithing hammer while the guards were away fighting the evil spirit Selroth. Bugu also assured us that if we returned the hammer he would craft a sword for us for free. Although, he wasn't sure where the Trolls were hiding but he believed that they went east near the Vesper cemetery.

    We hurried to Vesper and found Bugu at the Vesper Ironworks

    When we arrived at the cemetery, many brave warriors and mages were already fighting the Trolls. Blood was everywhere. There were numerous Trolls and among them was a dark skinned Troll holding a smithing hammer smashing one of my guildmates. The Troll was not as strong as he looked; we killed him after a few minutes. When we returned to Vesper with blood stained armors, someone had already given back the hammer to Bugu. As promised, Bugu gave us a specially crafted long sword in return.

    We then stepped through a magical gate back to Trinisic at where Valorius was. There were many people around him waiting patiently while he was examining the sword carefully. After a while, Valorius turned around and thanked the crowd for delivering the sword, he then gave us some gold piles as reward. In fact, there was more to the story. Valorius said there was this evil paladin hiding somewhere in our realm waiting to destroy our peace, he asked if we could help him to defeat this evil man. Of course we all decided to help because it is our job to protect the land. We asked if Valorius knew where this evil paladin was hiding and he had no clue as well. After a short discussion, he decided to ask for help from Norra the High Mage. Norra was meditating at the Trinsic Ankh when we saw her. She was in a red robe but we couldn't see her face clearly because she was wearing a magic bear mask. Norra agreed to help us and as she moved her hands in an arcane manner, a magic gate appeared in front of her. When we arrived at the other side of the gate we were in Hedge Maze surrounded by an undead army. There were liches, skeleton knights, skeleton mages and zombies. We killed them bravely and saw a man in verite armor standing not far away from us. His eyes were red and his skin was as pale as a ghost, he was holding a bloodstained sword looking at us. We then saw Valorius fighting against him along with Norra and other brave warriors and mages. We wanted to help too but we couldn't because the evil paladin killed us before we could even attack. Even now I can still feel the pain caused by the evil man. The evil paladin was slain after a few minutes of a despairing battle, upon his death, some treasure maps and gold piles were found. I was resurrected by the kind High Mage Norra was a horrible battle...very horrible indeed.

    Thankyou Rick, and Thankyou to all who helped kill the Evil Paladin, making our world a little bit more safe. Let's just hope our victory streak holds up past tonight...
    Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2000, 7:27 PM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Spell to confine the Brothers is discovered!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Last Thursday, as was mentioned previously, Talamon the Wizard met us in the Counselors Guild House in Britain. He told us that in his research, he had found a spell that would entrap the 4 brothers, but it was a spell of great difficulty and would need a few odd reagents. The reagents were silk from a Dread Spider Lord (which could be found in the Yew Crypts), an Orc Helm from one of the Orc Captains of the Cove Orc Fort, and Dragon Blood from a Dragon Lord. He then told us that he would await us there at the Guild Hall, and sent us all in search of these odd reagents.

    I first chose to head to the Crypts, and was greeted by a horde of undead, dread spiders, and black widows. This vast army hurt the small force that had made way to capture the silk, but after a surprisingly short period of time, we overcame and found then spider lord deep inside. He was tinted green, I’m guessing from the poison running through its veins, but not even that much poison could save it, and it was killed after a few seconds of battle. I wasn’t able to find the silk and assumed that another adventurer had gotten it, and I headed to Destard to assist with the slaying of the Dragon Lord. By the time I had arrived though, the Dragon Lord had been killed and all that was left of it’s armies were a few wyvern’s, drakes, and a dragon or two, which were quickly dispatched of as well.

    I then headed back to the Counselors Hall just in time to hear Talamon telling us that now that he had the reagents, he would go back to the Lyceum to continue his studies, but that he wanted us to meet him Saturday night at 6 PST at the Lyceum, because he believed he would be done by then.

    Those two days have gone by fast and tonight quickly approaches us. I urge all of you to prepare for a great battle that could occur this eve. Unfortunately I may not be able to be in attendance, thus I urge you all to also tell your tale of tonight and send it to me, so I can make a correct summary of hopefully the end of this unfortunate chain of events.

    Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2000, 7:05 PM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Grand Opening of Lions Den Tavern
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Nitram sent us this announcement:

    The Lion's Den Tavern and Inn will be having it's grand opening ceremony next Saturday, the 30th of September, at 9pm EST (6pm PST). All are invited to come! There will be free food and drink for all!

    You will find a rune to the Lion's Den in the Golden Brew Tavern. Stop by anytime, and don't miss the Grand Opening!

    The Order of Leonine Web Site :

    -Nitram of TOL

    Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2000, 1:58 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    The Second Contest of Mages
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Got this from Lady Shana Del Magia:


    After the huge success last week the town of Tayrnagh is holding her second 'Kal Xen' constest.
    It all starts at 21.00 CET on the roof of the Academy in town.
    We all look forward to see if Talisman (the winner of last weeks event will still hold is title or if someome else will be able to summon more magical chickens!

    In Obscurem Vivemus

    Lady Shana

    PS: For more info on the event and on how to get there, visit us at

    Thank you, Shana!
    Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2000, 4:17 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Counselor Appreciation Party to be held in Safe Haven!
    Exciting news for Siege, check out this note I just received from Lady Destiny.
    Citizens of Siege Perilous!

    On Sunday September 24, 2000 at 9:00pm EST (8:00pm CST) Regional Lead Lady Destiny Will be Hosting the monthly Counselor Appreciation party for the Hooded men and women of Central Region. This Month this party will be held on Siege Perilous and you are all Cordially Invited.

    The Party will be held Atop the Guard Tower in the city of Safe Haven, after the party Lady Destiny and Lord Dracor will take the counselors on a Tour of The Player Run areas on Siege Perilous, Starting with Safe Haven. If you wish to have the counselors Visit and Get a Tour of Your Player Run Tavern or City etc. Please contact Lady Destiny at [email protected].

    Thanks and we hope to see you all there to join in the Festivities!!
    Regional Lead Lady Destiny
    Central Region- LS, GL, SP

    Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2000, 4:00 AM EDT by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    A Friendly Warning from the Urks
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Our friends the Bloodrock Clan sent us a nice little warning about the changes to the spawns in thier area.

    Umies Invaed da Dunjun Wrung

    Ee hab bad nuus fer ull uu urks owt der. Umies hab taken obur da dunjun uf wrung tu owr nurth. Der be tuff wurriors and meen mojokas. Da wurst purt es da exucuchunur. Heem uses da exucuchunurs axe, und heem clompt ee en ta hits. Ee wunt tu wurn ull uf uu dum dums NUB tu gu down tu dat secund lebul unles uu wunt tu ged clompt.

    -Gragdash (urkish captun)

    Translated verson on warning:

    Humans have invaded the Dungeon of Wrong,
    I have bad news for all you orcs out there. Humans have taken over the dungeon of Wrong to our north. There are tough warriors and mean mages. The worst part is the executioner. He uses a executioners axe, and he killed me in two hits. I want to warn all of you dumb dumbd not to go down to the second level unless you want to get killed.

    Thank you for sending this in Gragdash.
    Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2000, 3:36 AM EDT by BeBadd (GreatLakes)

    Million Chef March
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<From Lady Maetrix Highmoon:

    On September 16, 2000 at 11:00 am Eastern time, Chef's of Britannia met together at The East Bank of Britain to March to Lord British's Castle to offer up many delicacies to their King and the Gods and hold a vigil to gain support for their profession.

    The March started at 11:18 am at The East Bank. The Marchers proceeded up the red brick road of Britain, around the lake and Fountain in the East Park, past The Chamber of Virtue, over the bridge and straight to Lord British's Castle.

    When we arrived at the Castle of our Lord British, the front gates were locked. But, we, as the dedicated Bakers, Cooks and Tavern Owners of Britannia, knowing of the urgency of our arrival and honoured display of fealty to our King and the Gods for whom ordained him, we were determined to enter the Palace. Once we entered, we went before the empty throne of our King. Bowing and praying to the Gods in hopes that they would hear our cries, we offered many delicacies unto the steps before the throne as a gift to our King and our Gods so that they may know of our devotion and servitude and feel Welcomed by our presence.

    After the offerings, many stood about and talked or played games of Checkers and Chess, to pass the time. They waited, praying before the throne, in hopes that The Gods would hear their prayers and bless the gathering with a sign. And a sign did come! The Gods sent one of their Angels to speak to the peoples gathered in the Throne Room. The Angels name was Lady Kalmaji'andra, Angel of the Heavens and Holy Counselor for the Peoples of Britannia.

    The Angel greeted one and all with open arms. The many chef's that had participated in this glorious event, bowed before her and spoke of their appreciation to her. It was then granted, by this fair Angel, that she would speak to the Gods on our behalf, of our ideas and concerns in regards to our Endangered Profession. A spokesperson was chosen to speak to the Angel, and that spokesperson was Lady Maetrix Highmoon of Skara Brae.

    The Angel stood at the steps of the Royal Throne and listened to what Maetrix had to present to her. It was spoken that the Chef's of Britannia wanted to make it known to the Gods that the wheels of their minds had been working quite a bit in the past months and that they were intrigued to ask if, perhaps, the Gods would bless their world with New Recipes and a Special book to place them in. It was also asked that consideration would be present towards easier and more realistic ways of obtaining their cooking supplies. For Example, the Chef's had wondered if it were possible to get eggs from chickens and have the ability to properly skin boars to make Roast Pig. They also voiced their ideas in being able to dye and write on cakes, being able to brew hardy ales, giving other foods more purpose, like the bananas, coconut's, and vegetables, and making food more of a necessity in regards to gaining health with and without being well fed.

    The fair Angel was most pleasant and caring in receiving our ideas. Knowing that we only meant the most high respect and admiration with our presence, she gracefully accepted our requests and promised to spread the word to the Gods. She showed high regard for us being there and the way we conducted ourselves, as we wanted her to see that we were not there to be a problem.

    All went well on this, the finest of afternoons in Britannia. It was said, by Oona Moonstone, that regardless of the out come, one still cannot help but feel that what had taken place that afternoon would not only be remebered by those whom witnessed it, but, would still make an impact in some small way. I think she is right and I am glad I have been a part of such a beautiful show of honour with people that I am proud to call brethren!

    And to the Holy Messenger that was sent to speak with us, the term ANGEL is most fitting.

    Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter.

    Betty Jean Dempsey aka Lady Maetrix Highmoon

    Thank you!
    Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2000, 3:15 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Looking For a Few Good Pens!
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then mayhaps UOSS' Oceania News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about Oceania and her citizens.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Oceania to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    • Be a talented writer
    • Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Oceania community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be pro-active
    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Oceania Application" as the subject.
    1. Real name
    2. Contact email address
    3. ICQ number (if applicable)
    4. Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal
    6. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS?
    7. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8. Any questions???
    Applications are due no later than midnight October 1, 2000. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2000, 1:54 AM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    Nujel'm Council Formed
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following notice was presented to us by a silver-footed courier...

    Citizens of Britannia:

    It is indeed an exciting time during which we live. I would like to announce the formation of a council in the City of Nu'jelm (Trammel). This council consists of six members and shall be known as the Servants of Nu'jelm (SON). It is not our intent to control any aspect of the city, but rather to serve her residents and citizens. We shall hope to represent Nu'jelm matters and interests by attending meetings of the High Council. This will ensure that our voice, the voice of the town, is heard.

    We attended the High Council meeting in Magincia on 18 Sept 00, for the specific purpose of asking for their blessing and for their support in this effort. We were thankfully given that blessing. Afterwards, we were approached by some individuals who have offered us some support in what we are doing. Because Nu'jelm has always been a monarchy, and the voice of the people has had no representation in a council such as this, we expect there to be some resistance to change. And we understand that our council is new and will be prone to attacks of criticism from those who are resistant to change. It is our hope that we will find support and assistance from the community of Lake Superior.

    The Servants of Nu'jelm are:

    Lucia Vermello
    Darrin Vaine
    Talon Chaosbane
    Percy de Ventosa
    Astrud Gilberto

    Currently, we can be reached at [email protected] for questions or comments.

    We thank you for your time and look forward to serving Nu'jelm.

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 11:28 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Rivendell Town Night Results; Next Tourney Saturday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following news item was received from Rivendell....

    Greetings from Rivendell (Felluca),

    The Council would like to thank all participants and spectators for last Saturday's town night. As usual it was a great success. Eight warriors competed valiantly for the title of this week's Champion. Sabastian (again) took first place with a 10k prize, with Edmund Greyfox placing second, receiving 5 k. They, also, received GM crafted armor. We hope they return for future town nights!

    This week, mages throughout the land will take to the arena in hopes of claiming victory. Everyone is invited to attend, whether participating or observing the fun.

    The following rules will apply for the tourney:

    • No magic items of any kind
    • No poison weapons
    • No area spells
    • No pets in the arena
    • No looting
    • If there is no winner after 10 minutes the fight will be stopped and a limit of 3 greater heal potions will be imposed, no other form of healing will be allowed after that point.
    • Fight to death or yield
    • Resurrection services will be provided
    • Please bring enough regs and potions for up to 5 rounds.

    There will be a $2k entry fee for all participating mages due at the time of registration. As always, 1st and 2nd place winners will be awarded valuable prizes. Registration will begin 45 minutes prior to the start (7:30pm CST) inside the Rivendell Tavern. With the growing number of participants, we request that registrants arrive as early as possible so that the competition gets underway promptly. (Please note: No more contestants will be taken after the contestants are in the arena.) We will take only up to 16 entrants.  Gates will be provided from Brit West bank, and Moonglow bank.

    We look forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new ones to Rivendell. Thank you for your support!

    Rivendell Town Council

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 11:24 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Wedding of Eltharion Darkthrall and Alexa Wylde Sunday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following Wedding notice...

    I would like to announce the wedding of Eltharion Darkthrall to Alexa Wylde of the Clan of the Twilight Knights. The blessed event will be Sunday September 24th, at 7pm CST in Nujelm Palace Fellucca. All are welcome to attend. Reception will follow in the Star Room, in Terathan Keep Fellucca.

    Gates will be provided from the actual ceremony to the reception.

    Please contact: [email protected], if you have any questions.

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 11:20 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    The Story of Jorlyn
    Jorlyn of the Sovereign Crusaders of the Sun just published a huge
    fantasy story consisting of 8 chapters to his website. Here's the
      "An innocent child is doomed to be the servant of evil for all
      eternity. Possessed by an ancient powerful demon, he unquestionably
      obeys the commands of a vile man so evil that it is his intent to
      dominate the entire known universe with his evil following. Will the
      child overcome the inner demon and ultimately his master or is it his
      destiny to obey the dastardly master until he is spent like a pawn?
      Find out by reading the Story of Jorlyn."
    The Story of Jorlyn:
    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 9:25 PM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

    ImaNewbie - Episode #123
    This just in from Tryon:
      This week ImaNewbie decides to once again try his hand at mining,
      however, being the cautious type, he is worried about thieves or pk's
      helping themselves to his hard-earned ore. Check it out!

      Added Friday, September 22nd, 2000:
      - ImaNewbie Episode #123 - No Refunds or Exchanges

      ImaNewbie does Britannia

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 9:11 PM EDT by Casanova (CandidCoverage)

    Summit of the Council of Mages
    A letter from Greypawn of the council of Mages:
      The Council of Mages, the largest conglomeration of Mages, Wizards, Sorcerers, and all manner of Occult Fundus related occupations calls forth its first Summit to discuss the important matters of the realm and how they are to affect our august body. The Council has gone for too long without meeting, unfortunately, and this coming together will assist in reaquainting our members and the general public with policies and our modus operandi.

      This is a cordial invitation to everyone in the realm of Britannia and Greater Sosaria and all her many shards. All of every venue or profession, fighter, craftsmen, and nobleman alike may attend this summit and observe. All whom wish to participate must be of a magickal persuasion in some form or another, such as warranted by The Council. Speeches and a few lectures will be held after the main business portion of the meeting. Refreshments will be available as well, as most of you will have traveled great distances to be there.

      The Summit of the Council of Mages is to take place Friday, the 29th of September, at 9:00 p.m. [EST] in the Lyceaum of Moonglow on the Trammel facet side, Atlantic Shard.

      [Friends, this is a remarkable opportunity to join the creation of something truly grand and the beginning of an Ultima legend. As many of you know, Factions will be released on the play shards with no fiction in place to explain their existence. That has been left up to the players this time around, so come one and come all and join in this epic event of Ultima Online Fiction in the making, and you, yourself might take a place in the unraveling history of this game we all know and love. Hope to see you there. For more information, visit]

      Your Humble Servant,
      GreyPawn, Sage of Honesty, HoA
      Mayor, Moonglow Town Council [Atlantic] 2nd Seat, Council of Mages

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 9:01 PM EDT by Casanova (CommunityNews)

    Stormhaven Scavenger Hunt Postponed
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was just sent it. Literally.


    Awfully sorry about the late message, but we need to postpone the Stormhaven Scavenger Hunt event till this Sunday, 9/24/00. Time of the event will remain unchanged.

    Again, sorry for the lateness of the change.


    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 8:13 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Heroes: 911
    This was the turn of events last Tuesday night at Minax’s fortress. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    My friend, ArthurK, related the prior happenings to me over a cold mug of Yew’s finest ale. It seems the Heroes Gathering was moved to the warriors guild. After this initial confusion the party settled in to give their weekly reports. First Martin Longbow read aloud his findings on the rat invasion. Then one of the Paladins, Sir Angelo, rose from the table with a grave silence.

    “Lord Emil has been kidnapped.”

    There was shocked silence, but that wasn't all. It seems the paladin who had stolen Lich Lord Ramius’s scepter was now being held at Minax’s fortress near Papua and would be put to death that night.

    The lich has been upset for weeks after the theft of his scepter. All his ranting and raving hadn't produced any results. But in his search for assistance he found a brave band of men who defended the liches from those bloodthirsty killers who invaded the dungeons for careless sport.

    They were Adam Ant's Guardians of Undead Lords.

    I traveled to Grimoire to speak with Pulse, a representative of the guild, the following day. GUL and Grimoire have very close ties. Both pledging allegiance to Minax. He had told me that the lich had indeed contacted them through various means and employed them to guard Lord Emil after he was kidnapped. Ramius not only promised gold, but the blood of the heroes as well.

    So, the GUL, Grimoire and members from the Temple of the Black Sun met Ramius in Minax’s fortress and waited.

    Meanwhile, the heroes had been given some time to gather their equipment and travel to Papua with Angelo. Unfortunately, when the initial Heroes Gathering broke up only about half the warriors came back. I guess this is what you would call ‘separating the men from the boys’.

    Heading into Felucca the group took a beating on the way to the fortress. The undead army was being manipulated by the psychic power of Ramius. From behind the safety of the walls he used them like fists to repeatedly smash against the defenses of the heroes.

    Upon arriving at their destination they were already battle weary. Surveying the fortress they noticed it was quiet. Too quiet. Someone remarked “99.9% this is a trap.” He was right.

    Blundering into the fortress, they looked for Lord Emil, but found red robed scoundrels waiting in ambush instead. In a matter of seconds the rescue party was dead. As their blood stained the battlements a hollow and soulless laugh echoed into the air. The Lich Lord Ramius was gloating to the high heavens and demanding the prisoner be brought forth.

    His ultimatum to Lord Emil - hand over the scepter or die. The stripped paladin turned to his remaining defenders and posed the question. “Should he?” He wasn’t afraid to die, but this conflict seemed so meaningless. There were dead warriors on his hands. Was it worth it?

    In the end he gave the scepter back and the Lich Lord faded away. Hopefully back to this fitful slumber of the ages.

    Most of the parties involved departed at that time, but ArthurK escorted his Lord to Moonglow. I’m told Emil expressed deep regret for what had happened. Even spoke giving up his paladinship. ArthurK persuaded him to not go that path, but he wasn’t sure if his words of support did any good.

    Meanwhile, in Grimoire the forces of Minax were celebrating their victory. Wine, women and dark magic were used that night. The pursuit of fleshy pleasures. Then, before the first ray of morning light hit the cobblestones they fell into a deep and satisfied slumber.
    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 7:49 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    The Wedding of the Year!
    * You receive a beautifully handcrafted invitation from Sonoma Express and it is addressed to you stating *

    We would like to formally invite you to attend this wonderful occasion where I, Sonit, shall be wed to the honorable Jared of Sonoma.  Friends, family, and guild members are welcome to accompany you as we commit to our vows of love to each other for all time and eternity.

    The big day is Saturday the 23rd of September at 2pm at Sherry's and Jehu's tower. There will be moongates to Britain, Vesper, and Moonglow from 1:25 pm till 1:50 pm. (and any other cites that people want gates from if they icq me at 13927320)

    There will be lots of love, drinks, food, music, dancing, and even a dungeon crawl afterwards.  Newbies to GM's wanted. No gifts are needed, but appreciated, all we really want is for you all to come and share this auspicious occasion.

    * Signed with a flowery script by *

    Sonit of Sonoma (Defenders of Freedom-D.O.F.)

    Congratulations you two!

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 7:42 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    A New Leader Arises
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Scrolls of the Azure Dragons
    Sep’Norac, Year of the Missing Pages

    The sun began to rise, brightening the ramparts of the tower. Ra’Dian knelt at the Draconan Shrine of Humility, looking out over the lands beneath him. Too well he remembered the lands before Minax had devastated them. The lush trees, the flowers, the sounds of birds happy. None remained. The trees were rotting, the flowers dead, and birds now huddled in dying husks to warm themselves from the chilled wind.

    Death was all around. Death caused by the strength of Minax and the cowardice of that aging fool known as Lord British. Trammel was a last ditch effort for the “king” to save his “kingdom” and little else. That fool Nystul hadn’t even bothered to look for other solutions... too set in his ways of looking to mystic retreat.

    And now... now word was coming forth that the ShadowLords were about to return. That they were already embedding themselves to work their way into power during this, the darkest hour of Sosaria. That they were already here.

    Too well did Ra’Dian know of the fall of Trinsic. He had been there the night that Minax had won with the hands of Juo’nar. He had seen the victory after victory over the undead, only to have more arise in their place. Trinsic was reclaimed, but it had never been the same. Theo, former Lord Mayor... he had never recovered from what Trinsic had become. Now... perhaps only the gods knew where he was... though word traveled on the wind that perhaps he was in Britain. Something had to be done.

    “Yes, my lord, something must be done.” A smile overtook Ra’Dian’s lips as he stood and turned. Before him, a tall man stood, dressed in well kept shadow-plate. From within the close helm, Ra’Dian could see the soft red glow of the Dragothan’s eyes. “Nemesis, ye are far too good at that trick o’ yers.” Nemesis Enforcer reached up and removed his helm. “You of all should know that elven minds are the easiest for me to hear.”

    Ra’Dian stared at the violet locks of hair that twisted in a war knot atop the Enforcer’s head, and the odd, blonde goatee that grew from his chin. How little he knew of the ancient Dragothan that stood before him. Yet how much he understood him.

    Once mortal enemies, Ra’Dian now had a strong friendship with Nemesis. That was the most important part. He trusted the Enforcer. “Magincia.” As Ra’Dian spoke the name of the town, the Enforcer’s eyebrows raised in surprise. “The seat of the Council of Mages?” “Aye. I hae' seen part o’ what ‘tis comin’. Nexchronosis and I still commune now ‘n’ then. The ShadowLords return.” A brief smile played across the Enforcer’s face. “And you are not fond of Lord British either. I understand what you ask.” Ra’Dian gripped his shoulder. “I knew you would, but... There is more.”

    For a man who could easily read elven minds, Nemesis Enforcer seemed truly stunned. “More?” “I charge to you that which is Dracona. The Cult is a ghost of what it once was, but its ideals yet live. You know of the tomes, you know of Humility. Most of all, you know of the Cult and its ways. I wish you to succeed me. Tre’Lianne is strong, but a stronger ally will she make for you than a leader for the Cult.” Nemesis Enforcer knelt before him. “My lord, I shall aid this land, and protect both Sosaria and Dracona from the evils that are here and will come. This I so swear.”

    Ra’Dian touched his forehead briefly, marking him with the sign of the dragon. “Arise then as Nemesis Enforcer, High Mystic of the Cult of the Azure Dragons. So Dracona becomes your care, as do the Tomes of Dragonkind. Your first task shall be to rebuild the Cult and find warriors of like goal.” Nemesis stood and places his close helm back upon his head. “It shall be done.” As he turned and began to head for the stairs down, Ra’Dian smiled. The realms would be well watched.

    And so the Cult of the Azure Dragons takes new leadership. For more information about the Cult of the Azure Dragons, please visit or email us at cad@alterythem The guilds [CAD] and [C=D] are representative of the Cult. [CAD] will continue to be a standard guild, however, the [C=D] stone will swear allegiance to the Council of Mages once Factions become available. May the DragonGods smile upon us all. Ra'Dian wishes it known that he will continue to advise the Cult, however, he his active involvement will be minimal.

    ~ High Mystic, Cult of the Azure Dragons ~

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 5:47 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Tar Valon Regatta Results
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    From the journal of Deliya Skye:

    "So they came, brave adventurous souls to test their fair skills against wind and wave. I took their fee and entered them into the roles and the first ever Trammel Tar Valon Yachting Regatta was borne.

    I gave the first set of coordinates and some immediately took to the water, while others struggled to hear me over the din. Of them all I remember the Captains best. There was Rockie who ventured from far beyond the shores of Tar Valon to reach my home from Sister Fellucia, and there was Thorin suited in golden mail. Dragon Knight the second sailed alone along with Rockie, and a man named simply Treasure Hunter. Temper Steele was the last to arrive and most courteous was he. And then there was Gromit whose manners could not be rivaled.

    I was impressed with the strength of my contestants and wished them all well. As soon as they hit the first wave I uncovered my scrying pool too watch them from afar. I saw Gromit go to a shore I was unfamiliar with and launch his vessel. He was the first to reach the ship anchored at sea. Next came Treasure hunter and then there was Rikus along with his troupe. You could see the wind and spray soaking their clothes and each wore a grim smile of determination. Gromit docked his vessel in my harbor and started the trek back to the lost lands entrance to continue.

    I looked up expecting to see him at any moment, and when I did so my journey book tumbled into the pool. Hastily I grabbed it up and saw Gromit bearing down on me. I took the last entry and gave the coords, and gave the coords to the next group and the next. Then all went to shambles. My journey book had been erased of the true winning coordinates and I sent each party to the ends of Britain, where none of my fellow sisters could pronounce a winner. Some returned, drenched and foot sore.

    I rewarded them for their efforts. Temper Steele and Gromit seem lost at sea. If any see them please direct them back to the isle of Tar Valon where a lonely witch awaits to reward their valiant struggles and to give a heart felt apology."

    Deliya Skye

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 5:31 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    New Monsters Inhabit Dungeons!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Greeting Citizens of Trammel and Felucca..

    My name is David and I run a humble shop south of Destard Dungeon called Deep Water Bay. Some of you know of my extensive rune collection and Dungeon Hotspot Collection. Well I got some bad news..... This morning (Friday the 23rd) I decided to dungeon exploring.

    First I went to Hythloth, always a good place to slay some Daemons on the fourth level. Well, to my horror, it was not Daemons I ran into. Oh no, it was a Scorched Gargoyle that does the same type of damage as a Snow Elemental; but fire damage instead. Very nasty.. I ran away quickly not knowing how tough they were and what did I run into? A Collector of Souls! Very nasty beast this is. It almost took my life.

    Next I decided to go to the liches in Covetous. There was a very healthy spawn but what surprised me was I ran into Skeleton Knights! What does this mean for our hunting lands? Well one thing... BE PREPARED for the Worst!! Good luck my friends and Gods speed in your endeavors!

    David the KOB

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 5:23 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Jhelom Gladiator Games Report
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following article can be found on the Britannia News Network, a part of the official Ultima Online website :
    [...] As said, we are looking for Bestiarii. They are a special type of gladiator trained to handle and fight all sorts of animals and monsters. If you think you are ready to become a Bestiarii, you can come to the Pit and take the Gladiator Oath. To be a gladiator means to endure pain and hardship, to fight well or to die ignominiously, and above all, to make every moment of a short and uncertain life a way to show the virtues of courage and discipline. In fighting courageously and skillfully, you might demonstrate sufficient valor to win the respect of all the citizens of Britannia ; in a death accepted without protest, you could acquire it as well. [...]

    Follow this link to read the full article.

    Solian also posted the following report on the Stratics Drachenfels Board about the Gladiator Games of Jhelom :

    The Gladiator games were great fun. There were the usual hooligans who threw explosion potions into the crowd and the games were delayed for about 1.5 hours, but I really enjoyed the fights.

    Some were good, though some were more discussable (I had to leave after seeing a Glorious Lord killing a lich with a magic sword). The Fights I saw were :

    • Fighter vs lesser Demon - fighter won
    • Three mages against a balron, they tried some funny stuff with energy walls and explosion potions, but did nearly no damage - Balron won
    • Two humans (Fighter and Mage) vs Balron. It proved that a balron can kill a fighter with two hits. Short fight - Balron won
    • Two Mages vs Lich Lord - umm, lets say the LL had a good time. Lich Lord won
    • Two Tamer-Mages vs Dragon. This fight was really a fun event, but the Dragon won. They even tried to tame it.
    • A Mage and a Warrior vs Daemon, Mage/warrior win. Very strong skill combination
    • Mage and warrior vs Drake, dito, the humans won
    • Dexfighter vs Daemon. This was a good fight and the dexer won.
    • Fighter vs Ettin. The fighter won, of course
    • Mage vs Balron, this was a short one. They should not allow sucidal tendencies in the arena. Balron won
    • Fencer vs Demon, fencer won, but I think there was some outside interference
    All in all a good event. The main negative point is that it seemed to be possible to distract the monsters from outside the arena. But I hope they will hold the Games on regular basis.


    Thanks Solian ! I hope I will be able to come myself next time this happens.
    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 4:51 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Instant Replays in UO?
    Here's an interesting item I found in my mailbox.
    Mortal scum, hear this! Those of you who were too cowardly to go to Deceit to watch UDL's 3-on-3 Tournament can now view these fights (slaughters, more like) here. Only the last round of fights are up as movies. The previous rounds were filled with those who lost. So, their plight is rather unimportant. We have those movies, but don't see any point in posting them. If you are interested in them, contact me at [email protected] Perhaps you can come up with something that would make it worth my while to bother with your insignificant little fleshy needs. To view these, you'll need Microsoft Media Player 7. If you feeble-minded flesh scums do not have this, you can get it for free here. Surely, you cheap mongbat-lovers can afford to download this to view the carnage.
    Jack the Ripper
    Knight Inquisitor, UDL
    Squire of Mor'Kai the Malevolent
    Servant of Myrkul
    Bane to all mortals. Anytime. Anywhere.
    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 4:29 PM EDT by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Summon Yourselves to Haven
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Where and when they stop, no one knows! Haven is having yet another great weekend of events!
    Many things going on this weekend in Haven! For starters we have the continuation of our ongoing Crafting Celebration. This coming Saturday the 23rd of September will be the Carpentry Festival. Here in we will celebrate those who work with the wood of the land. Turning and shaping it into many useful things. As before there will be games involving carpentry as well as Tavern games hosted by Azazel. The Festival will begin at 8:00pm EST and someone will be at the West Britain Bank at 7:30pm EST to provide gates to Haven.

    And also on Sunday the Wizards of the Arcane invite you out to a quest and a contest! Here is some information from Cinderella:

    I would like to announce that Sunday, September 24th at 7:00pm EST the Wizards of the Arcane will be holding a summoning contest on the roof of Haven's Forge. This contest will be a creature summoning contest so mages of all skills are welcome to enter! Prizes will be as follows:
    1st place: 10,000gp
    2nd place: 5,000gp
    3rd place: 2,000gp
    Rules will be announced at the start of the event so don't be late!

    The Wizards of the Arcane is also looking for new members. The W^A will be holding a meeting at 9:00pm EST in the Mystic Lake Tavern in Haven. Following the meeting we will resume the W^A's current quest and hopefully find some more answers from the town librarian, Isis Astarte. For more information on this quest and the guild please visit:

    Cinderella, Arcane Guildmistress
    The City of Haven

    Thank you once again and I shall see you all this weekend!

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven
    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 1:09 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Invasion into Shame
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Lexia Hakkendyn of Aryslan submitted this about the quest into Zyrn's stronghold of Shame:
    As we all chatted in Aryslan I was made aware that Haven had started their quest for finding a way to help their Librarian. I made my way to haven along with The Captain of the Aryslan Guard Trogor and Laszlo the GM of SK in order to help where we could. Towards the end of our mission I got word that elementals had started attacking Aryslan and so i excused myself in order to help the few that were protecting the town. After a few moments helping with the remaining elementals a gate opened to reveal the Havenites coming to our aid. As we fought off another wave I thanked Korin and all the rest of the people of Haven for aiding us since our numbers were few. I managed to send out a few pigeons for help but I knew it would take a bit of time for troops to gather.

    Anyhow, as we were speaking Zyrn appeared and threatened Korin and the rest of the people of haven that if they helped us he would go after thier city too. When Korin refused to back down Zyrn disappeared and we all prepared to leave for Haven.

    Sure enough Haven was under attack when we arrived. We fought off the first wave and I recalled to Aryslan to check and see if anything was going on there. Although nothing was attacking the help I called had arrived. WBC and thier GM Michael along with some Iron Brigade and the Warewolf clan all went through my gate to Haven to help. At one point Jared Dusek appeared in Haven with the Staff of Tempests only to disappear again. When Haven's attacks died down i recalled yet again to Aryslan only to be assaulted by undead. One IB member had fallen pray to them. As I hid myself I called for help. As many gated in a few were lost to us because of the sheer number of undead but we finally pulled through.

    After a while we managed to finish off everything and then Jared appeared. He informed us that he and Elindor were to meet a few days ago but when he arrived at the designated spot all he found was charred earth, a hat and Elindor's bones. Upon closer inspection Jared found a note under Elindor's hat instructing him to find Zephyr and return the Staff of Tempests to the dragon. Hitting us with that news he also informed us that Zyrn's new stronghold was in Shame, although we already knew that, and that his power was growing. Apparently things not native to Shame's corridors had been spotted causing trouble, a sure sign that Zyrn was getting stronger. Our quest was clear we were going to Shame.

    As we arrived in Shame sure enough Jared's word was right. Not only had the evil mages staryed from their Towers in the depths of Shame but undead began invading the corridors as well. As we fought our way down we were assailed by waves and waves of everything. Finally reaching the new home of Zyrn we managed to empty out the first 3 levels of the dungeon. Zyrn's army had been defeated this night. Weary and low on supplies we decided we had done all we could this eve. Saying our thank you's and goodbye's we all departed for our homes.

    Elindor is dead and the Staff still out of our reach. Shame has become our new target. We must defeat Zyrn.
    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 1:03 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    PaxLair Meeting Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Winfield, the Mayor of PaxLair, sent in this great submittion of the community meeting held on Wednesday:
    PaxLair held its weekly meeting at 8PM Eastern Sky time on Wednesday with great results. Many things were discussed and presentation of runes from three cities were made: Camelot, Oasis, and Nidaros.

    Led by Mayor Winfield, the following was discussed:

    -- The PaxLair Court System - Neo of Lothlore and Mayor Winfield explained more about the court system and what it can be used for. It is NOT a retribution system against criminals or people who are uncooperative regarding the justice system. It IS for trials where the criminal may perform an act, leave some evidence for people to find or follow, and then the people may bring the criminal to trial with the evidence.

    The challenge is to have people as magistrates (jurors) decide the verdict based solely on the evidence presented. The criminals, the detectives (some of who may be behind the scenes), and others may be very creative in this. In essence, these can be mini-quests.

    It also allows people to become barristers (lawyers) in defense or prosecution to try their hand at court-room logic and drama. Logical and objective thought is the key in this. Even a guild can host a crime and trial using PaxLair facilities and having Neo of Lothlore run the trial.

    The trick is to have cooperation and independence of thought, not scripting, with the trial system; see if the actual verdict is rendered accurately based on evidence and testimony. This makes this extremely interactive between people of many walks of life. People do not need to be of PaxLair to be heavily involved in a court case, jury, detectives, or barristers. The only person who is from PaxLair is essentially Neo of Lothlore, the Chief Magistrate who conducts the trial. The jury must be impartial and does not know the "real" result of the crime in question ... the evidence must lead them to conclusions ... as well as through the skill of the barristers.

    There will be a Trial of the God of Fish soon in PaxLair, but the city needs barristers and magistrates (jury). All evidence will be presented at the trial, although some detectives may still uncover some more facts about the case.

    -- Duncan MacLeod stated Oasis and Camelot are now not at war with each other as announced last week. They have become friends between their towns.

    -- We had three towns present runes or intentions of presenting runes to their cities. The PaxLair Mage Tower roof has 26 tables arranged with chairs ... 13 Felucca towns and 13 Trammel towns. There are already around 10 Felucca towns with runes on tables and a few Trammel towns (crossover rune points).

    Camelot (Trammel) is actually located just opposite PaxLair on Trammel and Charles Pendragon provided a commemorative Trammel rune. Mayor Winfield placed this on a table, but asked Charles to still offer a crossover rune for all to use. Charles will provide this next week.

    Oasis (Trammel) offered to bring a rune next week to crossover to their city. Duncan MacLeod earmarked a table for Oasis' rune by having their chair on the Mage Tower roof dyed a golden color.

    Nidaros (Trammel) came prepared with a crossover rune. Valgard the Grey and Marlene of Nidaros presented a rune to Mayor Winfield and selected a Trammel table. Their chair was dyed light green to match their cloaks. After the meeting, people went on a tour of Nidaros on Trammel. The people were EXTREMELY impressed with this town on Trammel. The Town Hall, the Taverns and Inns, Shops and Museums were very impressive. Their decorations inside their houses made PaxLair look old by comparison, Mayor Winfield said. Truely, this is a town to see! Valgard led the tour and at the end presented Mayor Winfield with a special Viking Sword to place on the table back at the PaxLair Mage Tower to symbolize Nidaros.

    -- At the end of the PaxLair meeting, and before the Nidaros tour, Knight Emmeril announce the PaxLair Knights would have a Knighting Cermony soon. Mayor Winfield was pleased to hear that several Squires were ready for Knighthood.

    PaxLair expects to offer more information about Nidaros in a separate news article. The tour was one of the best tours given in the realm. In the meantime, the reader may turn to the UO Chesapeake News Service for links to all the 26 towns on Chesapeake, including Nidaros.

    Next week, PaxLair will continue its Wednesday City meetings focused on inter-city and town cooperation. There are many tables to be filled with runes and cross-over runes. Eventually, the people who attend these meetings and those who visit PaxLair hope the tables will be filled with runes to allow frequent travel to all 26 towns. Towns and cities may bring their runes AND a symbol to place on the table with their rune.
    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 12:45 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Black Market Tonight
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received rumor of this clandestine event.

    Da United Pirates are holding da thrid Black Market and all da Landlubbr´s are welcome to drop by and buy some of our high quality and low priced goods! For details about this event check

    The Black Market will take place in TRAMMEL on Friday, September 22nd, at 8 pm EST at the Buccaneer's Den docks, except if it is announced otherwise. Here is a link to da location ...

    Captain Hook of da United Pirates

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 12:27 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Rere Item Hunting Tips
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<outlaws trader sent us the following announcement:
    I wanted to invite everyone to my tower this Friday, Sept 22nd, at around 6pm PST. I will provide Gate services at around 5:30pm at Minoc Bank Trammel... Knowing how Pacific Shard is in ruins due to the past months of Dupers, I thought this would help the new rares collectors out by showing the locations for the rares. I'm quitting the game soon so this might alleviate some of the high prices.

    Some of the locations which I will be showing are... Fruit basket/Rocks/Rock/Tall Candles/Whips.

    Hopefully this way everyone has a chance to own a rare, and not have to deal with paying the exorbitant prices. Besides, I've decorated my tiny place, I want people to see it :) Thanks.

    Gating at 5:30pm PST, leaving from the tower at 6pm-ish PST.

    You can ICQ me at 75086977 with any questions.

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 9:52 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    Moonglow City Council Meeting
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Got this from Yoldran:

    As every saturday, the Moonglow city council will meet on sept. 23rd for its weekly meeting at 6pm GMT [19:00 CET] in the councilor's guild in Moonglow on Trammel. Everyone is invited to discuss city related issues there and every Moonglow citizen can vote on decisions.

    The Council has just started an official citizen count. If you would like to register, you can do so before or after the council meeting with Lord Mysh, the council advisor.

    Dont miss the opportunity to shape the future of our town!

    Hope to see ye there.
    -- Mayor of Moonglow

    Thank ye!
    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 8:42 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    All the news thats fit to read....
    Hear ye Hear ye,

    Introducing 'The Oceania Times'

    Oceania gets its own newspaper! Don't miss Issue 1 out now.

    The Oceania Times

    On a personal note, this is really a enjoyment to look at the work put into this by members of Oceania and I look forward to later issues with more articles, jokes and classifieds in it.
    My Helm is off to ye Calvan.

    Von Ravend, Oceania Stratics Reporter

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 8:40 AM EDT by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    BMG seeking Guilds
    I am Multani, the GM of BMG and i would like to send out an invitation to any and all guilds on Oceania.

    For what! i hear you ask....

    Well, BMG is a mercenary guild, dedicated to the art of war. We are seeking guilds that are keen to take a risk and work together as a guild overa set area. Basically...arrange skirmishes.

    We will be having them regularly, every weekend and will most likely be having competitions and a top ten listing.

    If you want to ask any questions then please icq me on #33996402

    We are currently talking with VKR and LoD about this, so if you want to be part of this and help make it happen then icq me soon.

    If you don't have icq then you can email me at [email protected] using multani as the subject.

    If even if you are only slightly intrested, say hi. I will be posting more on the rules later this evening.

    Posted on Friday, September 22, 2000, 2:01 AM EDT by Multani (Oceania)

    Blessing of the Gold One
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Basil clawed violently at his throat. The urkish mojokas shook their heads slightly, masks rattling, "Heem nub du tu gug...." "I KNOW I'M NOT DOING GOOD!" Basil screeched, "that's why I called you here in the first place you... you... kraltch!" After this tirade, Basil made a slight gurgling noise and sank back down onto his pillows. In a calmer voice he turned his head towards Dark Widow, "We have no choice but to postpone the ceremony."

    Thus the Ceremony of Dark Widow becoming the newest member of the Chaos Knights has been postponed to a later date. Perhaps indefinently if Basil's sickness stays with him.

    The Gold One is still with us.

    Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2000, 5:47 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Belan the Looter
    Does the exploits of looters make you laugh like it does myself? Well, then Belan's is the place to check out. She's a Napa Valley player who loots with style.

    Go to Belan the Looter to check out the fun. It's not a refined website, but as she states: "There's not much here yet as far as an index page or content other than the episodes, just use these links to episodes until I loot enough HTML code to make this look pretty."

    Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2000, 4:36 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Grimoire Fight Nights
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    2 vs. 2 Sponsored by Talmon & Elwind Thorne:
    Friday, September 22, 2000, @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)
    NO ENTRY FEE, 1st place 25K gps, 2nd place 15K gps, 3rd place 10K gps.

    Here are the rules:
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    · The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed, nor can you cast Bless on an opponent. Casting Bless on an opponent will result in immediate loss of match.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure
    everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone who disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
    · A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM PST.

    We must have a minimum of 4 teams to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.

    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    See you there =o)
    Baby-Grimoire Staff
    Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2000, 1:07 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Gamble your life away!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I was fortunate to run into Snake Eyes yesterday and get the grand tour of his casino. The original games he has there are really cool. Plus, you can make some big bucks! I urge you you check it out. The casino is located in a log cabin right next to the Lost Mall of Darkness just north of Minoc. The official coordinates are: 131 34 N 6 29 south

    Hail all,

    At 9 pm EST (6 pm PST) this Saturday the 23rd The Stumble In Casino will be open!

    Come and have a great time with all your friends, and win some money while your at it! There will be three different games running all night long, Lucky 3, Pot-o-Gold, and the imfamous Money room. Come and see what a "true" gaming experience really is. Buy your tokens off the vendor located outside the casino's entrance.

    Ale and liquor will be served for all those who care to toss back a few as well. If you don't leave with a smile, well then you might need to look at your life...because this is one thing you won't want to miss! Come and find out for yourself!

    Snake Eyes,
    L(D Casino Owner
    Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2000, 12:59 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    History of Yew (part 1)

    'ello yet again folks,
    This jest in frem me 'ometown, the land of too many trees! Ar!!!!!!!!!!

    Greetings from The Town of Yew! Laltey we brought on Jander Starym, the first Historian of Yew. I figured it woudl be grand to share his works with everoyne out there. Much more events and news among other things about the fine city can be found at Yew Council
    Thank you,

    The evergreen city of Justice always sooths our lungs with its fresh clean air. Grand Yew trees give an atmosphere of the nurturing kind. The city was based on the premise of its great ancestors, from druids who took care of the land to the great monks that held their monastery at Empath Abbey. This fine locale has always been a place of great relaxation as well as a place to delve into deep enlightenment. Its geography is highly composed of vegetation; it is said the most beautiful forests in the land are in Yew. All types of birds hum about their daily lives in the fine city, and people from all over the realm come here to catch a glimpse of the marvelous Yew trees. Yew people are simple people that are in tune with nature's beauty; and the town is haven to some of the best known rangers in the land. The history of Yew is one of much mystery, it had its trials and tribulations as any other great establishment, however what Yew manifests is the ongoing courage of pure and simple Justice. Justice has been the building block of this colorful city. As I face the glorious shrine of Justice and chant "beh beh beh", I am reminded of the events on which Yew was founded.....

    I remember the day, as if it was yesterday, it was a clear and sunny day, the smell of wild lilies was abundant in the air. I was at the shrine of Justice, just contemplating on events past and present, 'tis was a usual place for me, it had always been a place to go for relaxation and meditation. Then an elder gentleman approached me, his robe was a shiny Emerald green, his hat showed some age, however he had not a wrinkle in his face. His long beard and moustache were milky white and his voice strong and wise in stature. He spoke with a deep accent, and held a gnarled quarterstaff with a head of a drake. His words were powerful and even bold.....

    "Son, I see you have come here once again, I have been observing thee", as he pointed his skinny white finger at me. I was somewhat surprised, I had not heard anyone approach nor did I see anyone prior to the elderly fellow approaching me. I simply nodded, not knowing how to answer. He continued, "You must like 'tis pavilion of Virtue, for thee come here often, would thee like to hear of how it was established". Again I was lost for words and simply nodded.

    "'tis was a rainy summer day 27 years ago (19Jun98), aud had cleared the land and all that was able stayed at home. That eve however was to be the first official Yew Council meeting. The purpose of the event was to give the town a birth on the maps for all to see. As all gathered for the historic event, some with anticipation of years to come, some with tension, and others with sheer joy. Helgi Einarsen broke the silence with her greetings to all. Afterwards she stated the purpose of the counsel shall be two-fold. First and foremost to promote Justice, and secondly to think of events to make this city strive for the better. Discussions continued on matter of the courts, and a civil court was proposed, one that would serve as a philosopher to provide answers to questions of Justice. In addition temporary officials were also announced, thus Helgi Einarsen became the first mayor of Yew, Xxy Sylvr-Dragon the Chief Justice, Gargish Dragon as secretary, and Lord Vraal, the first Yew Militia Captain. However the whole meeting did not go so smoothly, at the middle of the meeting, they were rudely interrupted by the redcoats!"

    "Redcoats?", I exclaimed.

    "Aye, redcoats, red as the blood of ye and I, these ruffians were nothing but trouble, so you see Yew had to deal with adversity since the beginning," as he let out a great big roaring laughter. "These fiends were mocking the true virtues and were speaking of much nonsense, they were in inner ecstasy with oblivion and entropy! There is more, they smelled like vile and spoke in rhymes, they were truly ludicrous, they were Xoth-Tu'rilthiir and Mesostopheles of the nefarious OES, Order of the Ebon Skull!"

    Just as I was to ask what business they sought and why, the old man disappeared just the way he appeared. 'tis had me agashed once more, and left me pondering upon more, why tell me, why let me know of history of such galore.....

    Herald of Spirituality
    Historian of Yew
    Philosopher of Order of Silver Serpents
    -in honor jander
    -wun bel'la jander

    Thankee Sunwolf fer sendin this in, and thankee Jander fer recordin these events.
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2000, 12:34 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Update on Gladiator's Games in Jhelom
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Ferreau sent us the following information :
    I write this in reply to the "Gladiator's Games in Jhelom's Dueling Pit" news item.

    Beorn the Hunter asked myself and a troop of adventurers to join him on a quest to capture a black troll. After a short travel we found a large pack of trolls with the black troll amongst them. We tried to slay them all but they were too many, so a Bard let all of them fight eachother.

    With the path to the black troll cleared we walked up to him and lured him by feeding him meat. The troll had a strange distaste for anything NOT meat. We got the troll to follow us into a gate to Jhelom where we sold him to a person working at the fighting pit.

    We were told the troll was going to fight in a upcoming tournament in the pit.


    Sounds great ! Thanks Ferreau for this update.
    Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2000, 11:39 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Mage Tower Open House and Dungeon Crawl
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received this announcement from Nekkar:

    We would like to invite everyone to the Mage Tower Light House Open House! Meet the Mages of the Tower, and join us in a famous Mage Tower Dungeon Crawl! The event begins on Sept 29, 8:00pm PST!

    See you there! Check our website for details.

    Guildmaster, Baja Mage Tower

    Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2000, 12:30 AM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Caina Mayorial Elections
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    'ello thar again all!
    'ere's a bit o'news frem the evil type folk.

    Greetings denizens of the realm.

    The time has come to cast your vote for your favorite pick of who you wish to be the next Mayor of Caina.

    The list of candidates are as followed:

    Kelila Kali
    Shardak Mardas
    Aleistar Flagg

    To cast your vote, come to the city of Caina and enter Golgotha, the Tower of Skulls. There on the first floor among the bone and debris ye shall find four ballot boxes in which to place your ticket. The votes shall be tallied this weekend on Saturday and the winner shall be announced shortly thereafter.
    Evil luck to all of the candidates!

    Yours in Darkness,

    Lich Lord

    Thankee Azalin fer this information, and g'luck to all ye runnin!
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 11:54 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Publish Update - September 20th
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Publish Update, September 20th

    We will be publishing the dungeon changes listed in Testing for Next Update to the Pacific shard. The publish will be active on the shard following its Thursday, September 21st maintenance period, barring any unforeseen downtimes.

    We will continue to monitor the Pacific shard for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible.

    The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 10:41 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    KOA Golden Knights #43 Friday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...

    KoA Golden Knights #43:  2v2 pvp match.  Hosted by NeoMikel, Advisor of the Crystal Consortium, KoA

    Date: Friday, September 22, 2000 @ 8 PM CST
    When: Registration from 7:45-8:15pm cst and bouts begin at 8:30pm CDT
    Where: KoA Alliance Village(
    Entry Fee: 300 gp per contestant (600gp per team). Spectators are free.

    This match is basically a 2v2 match.  It can be any combination of warrior or mage on Warriors cannot use magery at any time during or before matches.

    First place team gets 5000 gp each player. (10,000 for winning team)


    • Magic armour, weapons and items are NOT allowed.
    • Pre Drinking and Precasting is allowed.
    • All potions are allowed.
    • No mounts are allowed
    • Poisoned Weapons ARE allowed as is poison spell
    • No summoning or field spells. (eg: poison field)
    • No Looting of any kind
    • No pets or summonings of ANY kind.  

    Reminders to Spectators:

    • Please do not equip your bows in case explosion potions accidentally hit you
    • Please try to stable or feed your mounts prior to the event. Wild mounts are a problem.
    • Please no casting, sparring and fighting around the ring
    • Absolutely no spectators in the fighting ring at any time after the event begins
    • Cheering for your friends is encouraged!!

    Ramsonne (KoA), Lord of Scholars  

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 10:29 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Stormhaven Scavenger Hunt
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was posted on the Calendar of Events on the UO Web Page.

    Stormhaven Scavenger Hunt

    Location: City of Stormhaven- 66 Degrees North by 54 Degrees East (Trammel)
    Start Date: Sep 22 2000 9:30PM CST
    End Date: Sep 22 2000 12:00PM CST

    Baroness Elsa, Sovereign of Stomrhaven, Defender of the Faith, invites all fun-loving Sosarians to the grandest scavenger hunt of them all.

    The evening will begin with a cocktail party, and a role-playing contest, hosted by Captain Discord, Commander of the Stormhaven Gendarmes. The event staff shall choose three winners. The best role-player will win 10k gold, a vanquishing weapon and a date with Baroness Elsa on the scavenger hunt. The best mannered player will be awarded 5k gold, a spirited equine, and the choice of any willing Storm Ryder member as his or her escort for the hunt. The worst mannered player shall win a jester outfit, 2k gold, and temporary banishment from the castle (excessive profanities will not be tolerated). Immediately after the cocktail party and the role-playing contest, players are invited on a scavenger hunt. Rules and objectives will be detailed at that time. The winner will be awarded a princely treasure chest.

    Festivities will begin: Friday, September 22, 7:30 PM (PST); 9:30 PM (CST)
    Location: City of Stormhaven, coordinates- 66 Degrees North by 54 Degrees East (Trammel)
    Gates will be provided at the West Britain Bank, 15 minutes before the start of the events.

    Post Script-
    It is the fiduciary duty of Baroness Elsa to issue this note of warning: An unseen and sinister force has been plaguing Stormhaven for the last few weeks. Waves of rats, ratmen, king rats, lizard men, zombies, bone knights, mummies, liches and lich lords have on many occasions invaded our Fair City, bringing mayhem, death and destruction. Although the Stormhaven Gendarmes have efficiently repulsed each and every invading hoard, their victories have not put an end to the evil blight. Since the safety and enjoyment of our honored guests are of paramount concern to the Baroness, she has ordered Captain Discord to double the patrols in and around the city. Nevertheless, Baroness Elsa behooves the partygoers to be prepared for all contingencies. In other words, come armed-to-the-teeth, and be ready to dole out a measure for a measure.

    Thank you for your warning Baroness, and good luck to all who compete!
    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 9:34 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Masquerade Charity Ball This Friday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Aye, it's me again, yer local shard reporter type. 'ere's another tidbit fer ye all,

    Eat, Drink, Be Merry, and Dance the Night Away!
    Costume Contest, Dance Contest, and win a date in our Raffle!

    The Trinsic Council of Honor is sponsoring a Masquerade Charity Ball this Friday, 9/22. The Ball will start at 9pm eastern time and will take place in the Trammel Trinsic NW Counselors' Guild Hall (behind the mage shop).

    We will have food, drinks, music, two contests and a raffle. During the Ball, we will also be accepting donations for our New Citizens Assistance Program. Items needed include resources such as cloth and wood, weapons and armor, and gold.

    We encourage you to come in costume to the Ball. It might be a good chance for you to try out that Halloween costume you've been thinking of! But if you can't get your costume ready in time, we'll have some masks available (supply is limited, though).

    Costume Contest
    The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges based on creativity, originality, and extra points go to those who act in character with their costume. The prizes will be 15k for 1st place, 10k for 2nd, and 5k for 3rd.

    Dance Contest
    The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges based on the dancer's ability. Groups, pairs, and solo dancers can all enter. Dances will be limited to three minutes. The prizes will be 25k for 1st place, 15k for 2nd, and 10k for 3rd.

    During the ball, we will be selling raffle tickets for 500gp each. The winning ticket number will be drawn at the end. The prize is an evening with our eccentric, yet talented, William Smit IV -- he can be your date, your slave, or your super hero! If that's not enough, we'll throw in a bottle of pink champagne, two champagne flutes, and a crate of magic items and weapons, too many to list here.

    See you in Trinsic Friday night!

    Knight, Knights of Sosaria
    Vice Mayor, Trinsic Council of Honor

    Atlantic Shard Town Councils Public Events Calendar
    Trinsic Council of Honor

    Thankee Gwendolyn fer this info, and 'ave fun all!
    Yers in ale and tale

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 8:18 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    KOS Tavern Naming Contest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    'ello all,
    Seems thar's a tavern out thar in need of a name, get yer mage 'ats on folks, this one's gonna take some thinkin!

    As I wiped down the bar and picked up the empty ale bottles scattered about, a couple guildmates were waking up the patrons who had passed out and providing transportation home. One man rode out of the tavern sitting backwards on his horse. Another had almost ripped a lantern off the wall mistaking it for a door handle.

    As one adventurer placed some gold on the counter, he asked "So what is the name of this fine establishment anyway?"

    "Why, it's the Rune Library Tavern" I responded.

    But at the same time, "KOS Tavern", and "The Wisp II", were spoken by my guildmates. We looked at each other and laughed, realizing this tavern had never been given a formal name. It's time this was remedied...

    The Knights of Sosaria are in need of a name for the tavern located upstairs in the Trammel-based Elysium Rune Library Castle. We invite all to be a part of the naming and send in your ideas. We will be giving away a cash prize for the best name. There are a few simple rules:

    1) Anyone may submit multiple names
    2) In the case of a duplicate name being chosen the person to submit the name first shall win.
    3) All entries must include contact information (character name and email or icq #)
    4) All submissions must be received by midnight of Saturday, September 30, 2000
    5) Due to sign constraints, the name must be a maximum of 27 characters.

    The members of KOS will have a private meeting to select the winning name.

    The winner will receive, in addition to the satisfaction of naming the tavern, a check for 50,000 gold pieces!!

    The following Saturday a celebration will be thrown at the tavern and the prize will be given away. While not required, we will be giving preference to names that have meaning to the Knights of Sosaria.

    The Castle is located on the plains north of Trinsic, east of the Shrine of Spirituality, and west of the swamps (76o 38'S, 32o 52'E). Our tavern is currently open for business, so feel free to stop in for a drink or inspiration. Staff will be on hand on Thursdays and Fridays from 8-10pm (Est.).

    Please send all your ideas via carrier to [email protected] .

    Knights of Sosaria

    Thank you, and may the creativity flow,
    Halas, Guardsman, KOS

    Thankee Halas fer sendin werd of this contest. Good luck to ye all, and I'm votin fer "Keeshi's 'ouse of daft drunkards!" Course that's jest me thoughts *grins evily*
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 8:12 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    A Trade Caravan, a Bazaar, and Compassion

    'ello thar all,
    'ere's the report on the caravan, enjoy!

    One sunny autumn afternoon, a small group of Yew and Trinsic citizens set off on a journey...

    The road we followed took us to the Shrine of Compassion. There we met a number of other citizens - there were about twenty of us in all. Students of BTF, residents of Britain, and several others had come.

    Lord Paladin Grimrick of the BWC spoke in a loud, clear voice about the Virtue whose shrine we had sought in the desert.

    "I have thought long on Compassion. It is indeed the orphan Virtue. We are a hard people here in Britannia. Apt to take offense at perceived slights. Forgetting compassion in our desire for vengeance. Compassion we do give... but only to those we know well. Our friends.

    "But that is really simple loyalty. True Compassion is that which you show toward those who least deserve it. Those who have wronged you. Aye, when you do this, you will often receive a sneer in return... but rarely you will set a lost soul on the road to redemption.

    "And that is worth all the Valor a man will ever display."

    After his enlightening speech, a discussion of the Virtues began. Then we were soon on our way to Serpent's Hold.

    The island city's docks were used to launch our boats. The first ship arrived safely in Trinsic. The second was beset upon by pirates, but I'm told they were quickly dispatched.

    We arrived in Trinsic in good time for the Bazaar. Much merriment ensued as Lady Molly of Britain had brought food and drinks, an orc named Will pulled a few pranks, and the Gem of Trinsic, Carlanne, ran a game of chance. Of course, money and goods were also exchanged -- a bazaar is about commerce, after all!

    Many thanks to everyone who helped make the latest Trade Caravan and Bazaar events worth writing about! *smiles*

    Knight, Knights of Sosaria

    Thankee Gwendolyn fer this report!
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 7:59 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    RBKP Surplus Shoppe Grand Opening!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Greetings Britannia!

    The Royal Britannian Kilted Police would like to invite you to the grand opening of the RBKP Surplus Shoppe on Saturday, September 20 at 7 PM Central Time. All prices will be phenomenally low! In celebration, a special rares/semi-rares auction will be held as well, so come on out and enjoy quality products and low prices!

    Some of the items slated for auction are:
    • Dried Herbs
    • Ranger Armor
    • Holiday Tree Deeds
    • Piles of Snow
    • "Rocks" and more!

    In addition we will have a staff of various GM merchants to fill special orders for you. They can provide custom runebooks, scrolls, spellbooks, furniture, house-addons (including pentagrams), and blacksmithed goods. Also, our Grandmaster Blacksmiths will be providing Free Weapon and Armor repairs for the entire event!

    The RBKP Surplus Shoppe is located South of Trinsic, at coordinates: 127o 0' S by 47o 23' E or (1997 3069) for those of you so inclined. Gates will be provided from the South Trinsic bank every 5 minutes from 7 to 8 PM, and every 15 minutes from 8-9. The area surrounding the area should be safe for all, as the BKP will be on guard duty during the entire event. We hope to see you there!

    You can find a map, and more information at the Official Site.

    Alec DeLeon

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 5:33 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    KOS Smithing Give-Away Benefits Many Adventurers

    'ello all
    This bit o'news fer ye.

    Thanks to the hard work of many individuals the smithing event last Friday night was a great success. Over the course of five hours, more than 11,000 ingots were smithed into armor and weapons which were given away free of charge to over 150 people. The Knights of Sosaria would like to extend heartfelt thanks to the smiths who volunteered their time and effort. Our thanks also go to the mages who gated people to the event and those that helped in other ways, such as crowd control, going for supplies, and donating ingots. Watch for our next event coming soon!

    Many thanks to:
    Anubis, Squire, KOS, crowd control
    Cubrethil, Knight-Errant, KOS
    Sir Gau, gating
    Halas, Guardsman, KOS, gating and bartending
    MCSE, Himura Battousai, BRC
    Sehiroth, Squire, KOS
    ShepsCrook, Smithy of, TMC, smithing
    Steel and Fire, Grandmaster Smith, BRC, smithing
    Stratege, Guardsman, KOS, smithing
    Twayn, Squire, KOS
    Vince Lematori
    William Moon
    and anyone else we forgot to mention!

    -Gwendolyn, Knight, KOS
    -Lord Breti, KOS
    Knights of Sosaria

    Thankee Gwen and Breti fer these werds, I'm glad to 'ear it was a success.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 5:07 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Stormhaven Scavenger Hunt
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This just came in from Hecate. Many of you have been asking me where Stormhaven is located. Well, you'll be happy to know there are directions down below.

    Baroness Elsa, Sovereign of Stormhaven, Defender of the Faith, invites all fun-loving Sosarians to the grandest scavenger hunt of them all.

    The evening will begin with a cocktail party, and a role-playing contest, hosted by Captain Discord, Commander of the Stormhaven Gendarmes. The event staff shall choose three winners. The best role-player will win 10k gold, a vanquishing weapon and a date with Baroness Elsa on the scavenger hunt.

    The best mannered player will be awarded 5k gold, a spirited equine, and the choice of any willing Storm Ryder member as his or her escort for the hunt. The worse mannered player shall win a jester outfit, 2k gold, and temporary banishment from the castle (excessive profanities will not be tolerated).

    Immediately after the cocktail party and the role-playing contest, players are invited on a scavenger hunt. Rules and objectives will be detailed at that time. The winner will be awarded a princely treasure chest.

    Festivities will begin: Friday, September 22, 7:30 PM (PST); 9:30 PM (CST)
    Location: City of Stormhaven, coordinates- 66 Degrees North by 54 Degrees East (Trammel)
    Gates will be provided at the West Britain Bank, 15 minutes before the start of the events.

    Post Script-

    It is the fiduciary duty of Baroness Elsa to issue this note of warning: An unseen and sinister force has been plaguing Stormhaven for the last few weeks. Waves of rats, ratmen, king rats, lizard men, zombies, bone knights, mummies, liches and lich lords have on many occasions invaded our Fair City, bringing mayhem, death and destruction. Although the Stormhaven Gendarmes have efficiently repulsed each and every invading hoard, their victories have not put an end to the evil blight. Since the safety and enjoyment of our honored guests are of paramount concern to the Baroness, she has ordered Captain Discord to double the patrols in and around the city.

    Nevertheless, Baroness Elsa behooves the partygoers to be prepared for all contingencies. In other words, come armed-to-the -teeth, and be ready to dole out a measure for a measure.
    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 4:10 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Grimoire Fight Night Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Grimoire had a special visitor this past Friday night: Oh'ooth! He just wanted to roughhouse with the rest of the gang as they battled it out for toughest dude on Napa Valley. A sweet troll who didn't talk much, but had a mighty strong right hook!

    HUGE thanks to Elwind Thorne for providing the prize gps for the 1 vs. 1 held at Grimoire on Friday, 9/15/2000. Here are the results:

    1st place, 20K: Tempest
    2nd place, 10K: Dyastro Farkas
    3rd place, 5K: Justice

    We had a monstrous turn out tonight! We had 23 fighters signed up to fight, but one was not of human nature!!

    Oh'ooth possessed super human strength and gave Tempest a run for the money. Also, when Oh'ooth was dangerously low on health, rats attacked Grimoire!!

    The folks outside quickly put an end to the infestation but did the rats come to help Oh'ooth? Hmmmm...

    Thanks a million to the wonderful Grimoire Staff! BiG thank yous to Kelly Kindred, Craggan, Lost, Cardinal Exodus, Lord Deimos, Josh, Sandman, Mianoumi, LeeLu, Mishra, and our new mayor, Dyastro Farkas!

    Next week, there will be a 2 vs. 2 with no entry fee thanks to our sponsors Talmon and Elwind Thorne!

    Hope to see you all there!
    Baby-Grimoire Staff
    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 3:54 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Running Man : a MoT Production
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hi all ! I found the following announcement on the Stratics Drachenfels Board, posted by Raknar of the Merchants on Tour [MoT] :
    Our next event is starting tomorrow and will last approximately 1,5 hour. Of course, the more participants, the best the event will be... This event is going to happen this way :

    The players meet at our Trinsic shop (Trammel) on Thursday the 21st September at 8pm CET (7pm BST, 2pm EDT). The shop is located right outside of the main Trinsic exit, on the left side of the road.

    Before the start of the event, some runners will be sent to different location in Britannia with a com-crystall in their backpack. The receiving-crystall is located in our Trinsic-Shop.

    At a defined time the first runner will give some informations about his/her position and from this point on, the runner is not allowed to move. The players have to find this runner, and a runebook to all towns is surely a valuable item in this event. If a player reaches the location and identifies him/herself calling the codeword (this codeword will be given by the moderator at the shop), the run is over and the hidden runner reveals himself.

    If nobody reaches the runner after 5 minutes, another hint will follow ; after 10 minutes a third hint, and after 20 minutes the run is over, and the runner won. The prize if someone catches the runner in phase 1 is a whip and a dryed flower ; phase 2 brings two 'dryed flowers' and phase 3 brings a shell and 1000 gp.

    We will send five runners. The first three are in or near a town, number 4 in the wilderness and number 5 in a dungeon. If you locate runner 4 you will win additionally two blood-vials und runner 5 brings you a pillow additionally. You get your prize at our Trinsic Shop.

    Good Luck and have fun !


    Thanks Raknar !
    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 3:28 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Zyrn Extends His Grasp
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    It appears that Zyrn the Elementalist, who has been harassing the town of Aryslan for the last month or so, is now attacking the town of Haven, as punishment for their efforts to assist in the defense of Aryslan.

    Resdients of Haven, and all travelers going through the area, should be on the alert for Zyrn and his minions.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 2:33 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Dungeon Changes on TC
    Designer Hanse posted the following on the Development forum, concerning the completion of the dungeon changes on Test Centre:

    Finalized Dungeons

    The dungeons are in their final stages. They should have their finishing touches on today on Test Center. We'll be evaluating them today to make sure no issues are present.

    Because of the changes, spawns in the world may increase or decrease. These areas have not been reviewed and may be changed. We have a long list of "hot spots" that we would like to review and change.

    So, in short, Test Center should have the final changes for dungeon spawns today.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 1:36 PM EDT by Sambolc (GeneralNews)

    A Tour of Great Lakes
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    CMG Sponsors "A Tour of Great Lakes" from The Cove Merchant's Guild is proud to sponsor "A Tour of Great Lakes". We will host tours of various series of locations on Great Lakes every week, on Sunday and Wednesday nights at 9pm cst from the CMG shop at Cove (Felucca). Last Sunday we started with 'Historical Quest Locations' such as Rhysart's Cave and Dupre's Camp. I will do that same tour again tonight.

    Next week will be a different tour for the two nights, and the following week still another tour. Some locations will be dangerous and some merely interesting. My ideas are to do places like the star chamber, a series of all of the shrines, other secret locations such as the hidden valley near Trinsic and the caves under Bucc's Den. I promise that each tour will be educational as well as enjoyable. I will try to post a schedule as soon as I have one.

    I also plan to post 'Cyber Tours', screenshots of the locations, and perhaps a UOAM map as well. I will also sell duplicates of the runebooks I will be using on a vendor in the CMG shop at Cove. So, if you cannot join me for a tour, you can take yourself.

    For the first tour last Sunday night, nine adventurers showed up. I made a challenge at the beginning of the tour that anyone who had already seen all of the places in my book of 16 runes would win a million gold pieces. Tristam, Dragon Knight of TUR went home with his pockets a little heavier than when he came. I promise to continue to make such bets and prizes at all of the subsequent tours, but I cannot promise that they will all be as hefty as the first one.
    Congratulations, Tristam!

    GuildMistress of Cove Merchant's Guild

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 1:26 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Sonoma Rangers Council Tourney!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Sonoma Rangers Council is hosting a tournament this Sunday, Sept 24th at 6pm Pacific time. Your chance to earn prizes and bragging rights!! The competition is open to anyone with a grizzly and/or an imp.
    There will be Grizzly and Imp categories. The competition will be unaided, non-lethal combat between 2 tames of the same type. The first animal to turn and run will be considered the loser and we will have a bard on hand to stop combat at that point.
    The event will be held on the Felucca facet, in the Lost Lands in a large open, rock surrounded 'arena'. SRC members will be available in Delucia and Papua beginning at 5:45 to provide gates to the competition. We will also have runes available in game before the event.
    So grab your strongest grizzly and imp and come on down to see just how well you've trained them!!
    Guildmaster, Sonoma Rangers Council


    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 1:16 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Pirates Plunder Tar Valon!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    I bring news from the island of Tar Valon. I am but a humble miner who has taken residence on the (still to me) beautiful island of Tar Valon. A band of pirates recently landed on our shores. Very seldom, do we have outsiders come to our island these days. Foolishly, I approach their group seeking to find out what it was they were doing there.

    Their Captain (I presume) caught me and held me at knife point until I handed him my only treasure that I had. A wand, given to me by a friend, who stated it will save my life. (To which it did, the pirates didn't kill me and I was able to scribe this down.) Their Captain Hogshead Haggis stated they were looking for the treasure of Tar Valon. I really knew nothing of what they were talking about ... quick thinking may-chance saved my life though, when I lead them to the former bank of Tar Valon.

    They were ecstatic when they walked in there... One sailor by the name of Two-Eyed Walter attempted to pry the gold up from the tables that it was inlaid on. Captain Hogshead Haggis began roughing up one of the vendors who still works there. (May the gods rest his poor soul) With all the ruckus going about...I quickly slipped out the door and ran hastily back to my marble tower and bolted the door and hid. I sincerely hope this doesn't portend that our beautiful island will become another Buccaneers Den.

    Signed Tinkermaster *MFB*

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 1:15 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Princess Ophelia of IoA Missing!
    I was worried as I made my way back to Felucca, it was not like Ophelia to miss the night we moved the IoA stone. I had this feeling, gnawing at me, and when ever I had that feeling something just had to have gone terribly wrong.

    The golden gate appeared and I stepped through, instantly I was transported to the birth lands once again. I had dropped the stone way up by the guild house and had quite a walk ahead of me. It was a beautiful morning and yes the lands seemed to be more balanced. Aegis had changed, I noticed this immediately, he seemed to be "more" now, hard to pin down and explain I needed to talk to him.

    I noticed Ophelia's horse at the stable and I spread some hay out for both animals. Smiling to myself I went in to greet her, hoping she wasn't too upset about missing the festivities.

    As soon as I opened the door I could tell something was wrong, the small hairs on the back of my neck rose up as I looked down to see Ophelia's pack strewn across the floor. The next thing I saw was the rose I had given her, there it lay crushed and broken! Rage started to boil within me! I shouted to the merchant on the steps, "Shop Keeper! Get ready to send out pigeons to all IoA and G-A members!"

    I stooped to pick up the rose, my eyes started to moistened at the thought of my love, gone, oh I would find her, of this I was certain, I would find her or I would die in the attempt. As I touched the rose, I nearly dropped it! Instantly it glowed and was magically restored. Smiling, I ran upstairs and placed it beside the one Ophelia, had given me There it would rest until I could bring her, home to Avalon.

    In my sudden panic I had forgotten the ward I had set on the cabin, perhaps it could tell me who had done this. I pulled the talisman from my pack, it was a small figurine in the image of my cabin. Shradhdha had carved it and told me how to use it. With it I could find out if, Jahr's minions ever came here. "It will not keep him out, where his minions go, Jahr has eyes." She told me, "But at least you will know if his minion's have been here. Of course he would never come himself but this talisman will show the one that sent them." I still remember vividly, the shudder that went through her and the look of terror in her eyes whenever she mentioned, Dreyra Jahr.

    I set the figurine on the table in front of the painting on the wall and then I cast a spell reveal upon it. The scene in the painting shimmered and came alive, as I stared in wonder, it seemed to be playing back what had occurred....

    Ophelia awoke with a start, hearing the pounding on the door. Sitting up in the bed, she reached over to awaken Darkwing, but he must not have returned yet from the hunt. She quickly pulled on a robe and crept downstairs, the pounding grew louder. Her hand reached for her pack, holding it close as she went nearer the door. Darkwing had mentioned Dreyra Jahr and Oph knew the danger. She peeked out the door and saw a dark haired woman, fright in her eyes, beating on the door, her hands bloodied from the force. Ophelia's pack slipped from her hands as she swiftly unbolted the door to help the young woman.

    Shradhdha almost fell into the cabin, crying, "Darkwing!" and stopping in her tracks as her frightened eyes fell upon the woman standing there in the dark blue robe. "Where is Darkwing?" She demanded, her blue eyes cold as she stared at Ophelia, trying to control her shaking.

    "He has not yet returned home," Ophelia said calmly as she shut the door, a thin brow raised at the woman's tone only briefly before a look of compassion swept her delicate features. "Please let me help you, Shradhdha." She stepped slowly toward the woman who kept moving away from her, pale eyes dropping to the bleeding hands.

    "How do you know my name?" The dark haired woman glared at Ophelia.

    "All of Avalon know of you, Lady," Ophelia said soothingly, reaching the woman and taking her hands, leading her toward the kitchen of the cabin and gently starting to clean the wounds.

    Shradhdha still was unsure as to whether to trust this woman who spoke so kindly. The dreams had come again, Dreyra Jahr had found her, she ran to Darkwing for protection, and in his place, found the woman with the hair of flame. She glanced uneasily around the kitchen wondering if she could trust this woman.

    "I do not know you," her voice still cold as she glanced back at Ophelia. "How do I know you do not place poison within my wounds?"

    Ophelia glanced up sharply, stepping back as if slapped. "Do I look like someone who would have to use poison?"

    "Followers of Dreyra Jahr would resort to anything," Shra's eyes narrowed as she watched Ophelia's face pale, not realizing that Ophelia was no longer looking at her, but at the man who had appeared behind her. "Ahh I see I have it correct!" She stood.

    "No..." Ophelia whispered, stepping back, knowing the door was near. "Run!" her hand shook as she fumbled with the doorknob.

    "I don't think that will work, Princess," an evil laugh emanated through the room as the man spoke. He grabbed Shra's wrist, dragging her toward the door and Ophelia. "You don't look so menacing in a short robe Lady, or without this." He held up her pack of reagents, her spell book, and her mace strapped to the back. She tried to wrestle it from him but he easily tossed it right past her to the other man who had entered the room. His steel like grip captured both of her wrists as she struggled. Shra on the other hand doing the same. "Resistence is pointless, Ladies.You now belong to Dreyra Jahr , my lord and master!"

    "You have set me up!" Shra screamed at Ophelia as she kicked and fought against the inhuman strength of the man. Ophelia ignored her, she must get to her mace, her pack, oh why didn't she learn to box and wrestle instead of that slow mace!

    The man laughed again and shoved Ophelia to the other man, she fought to get away, falling backward as he smacked her. Flipping her over, he swiftly bound her wrists and ankles and tossed her over his shoulder while the first man did the same with Shra. The man tossed Ophelia's pack over his head as second man opened a red moongate, then they both stepped through with their captives.

    The last thing Ophelia saw was her pack on the floor of the cabin, its contents scattered about, the rose Darkwing had given her crushed in the struggle..

    Jahr's evil twisted image appeared for a split second, he looked at me seeming to be somewhat puzzled then he turned towards the figurine. Suddenly it burst into flame and the magic of the ward was gone, and so was my love...

    I began to turn a pale white as I realized we had already moved the IoA stone, and Jahr would know this. I closed my eyes and thought of her, somehow I knew she was still alive and there was still time to save her. If only I had been here! A silent, calculated rage began to build within me. I had somehow known it would come this, as soon as I had heard of the man I had started to worry. I had fought men like him before but this was different. This time it had my heart, he knew I would be powerless with fear of him harming her. Aye Jahr may think me powerless but I had never cowered in fear before and I did not plan to start.

    I had vowed long ago to protect Avalon and our Queen first, but now my love needed me and I was being pulled in two directions at once! After I had thought it all the way through, the only choice we had was to form a rescue party and try to find where Jahr was holding them. And in the mean time I had a duty to keep our Queen, and our village safe and I could not afford to let my feelings get in the way of my decisions.

    It would take time and faith in the Virtues to get Ophelia home, and while I would always have faith in the Virtues, I felt like there was no time at all...

    I begin to write the notes for the pigeons....

    Tis with a heavy heart I write this,

    They have taken our Princess, M'Lady Ophelia! And I also fear for the lady that had been staying at my cabin, M'Lady Shradhdha, of the An'Sakara. I have proof Jahr was here and he has taken them. Grab your weapons and the rest of your gear. Avalon goes to War! Meet me at my cabin by the tower in Felucca as soon as your able. I will need troops to stay and guard our Queen and some to form up with me as we go to find our Princess, Ophelia. We leave by nightfall next Tower Night...

    *hastily signed*

    Prince, IoA
    Queen's Hand, G-A

    I handed the notes to the merchant and paid him for the service, making sure to include 100 extra gold for each note, assuring I would received swift and sure birds to carry them.

    I had sent Danaith out right away, to see if he could learn anything in the streets. If anyone in Britania could find out anything, Danaith would be able to. No one knew the streets like him, what he lacked in actual stealing skill he more then made up for in street smarts, and what he called common sense for a thief.

    Jackie I kept in the village, much to her displeasure, but I needed her here to make sure no one unseen got to our Queen. Jackie had very special talents when it came to things like this and once I stressed to her of the importance of her assignment her mood seemed to change to a much more deadly serious one.

    I had archers posted on both the small and the large towers. Everyone in the village was set to a task, each doing something different, but the end result was it was all done for the protection of our Queen, and our village. Avalon was now in a state of war. It was with a heavy sigh I had pronounced us at war with Dreyra Jahr, but he had left us with no choice. I would keep on sending Jackie and Danaith to gather information and sooner or later he would slip and then we would find them. I prayed nightly that the Virtues would be with my love, Ophelia...


    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 1:14 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Interview with Talamon uncovers important info on Brothers!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<After Famine's attack on Trinsic tonight, I decided to seek out Talamon the Wizard to see how he was progressing with his studying and to ask him for any details about the Four Brothers. I was rewarded with a great deal of new knowledge.

    I found Talamon in the Lyceum, and after a few brief greetings, we sat down and began the interview.

    Aiglos: Last night after the unfortunate Treasure Hunt, you were forced to race off afterwards before we could learn anything about you. So first off I would like to ask a little about yourself, and how you came upon the map that the brothers stole from you?

    Talamon: I am a quiet man myself. And I have spent most of my life here within these walls (Lyceum) studying the lore of the land. It is here in fact that I discovered the map that the two brothers stole...

    Aiglos: Seems odd you would find a map among these books of magic and old tales?

    Talamon: *sighs* Twas hidden within a section that is rarely visited these days. I had accidentally bumped the bookshelf and some books fell down. And from within one of those books a map was within. Chance perhaps, but I am not so certain...

    Aiglos: You believe you were fated to discover it?

    Talamon: Of that I am not certain. But regardless the map was discovered.

    Aiglos: *nods* Unfortunately so I believe.

    Aiglos: You mentioned last night that you had warned the brothers that bad things would happen if they dug up the chest, how did you know of the forthcoming doom?

    Talamon: Well, as I told ye, the map was discovered within a book. And thus I spent some time reading this tome and the content within. Thus my warning to the two brothers... A pity that they sought only treasure and knew not what they were dealing with. *sigh*

    Aiglos: In this book you mentioned, was there any information on where the brother's came from? How they became so powerful? Or how they were originally entrapped?

    Talamon: I have not finished the tome yet but I have discovered some more information on them. From what I have gathered they were mages of Ancient times and were greedy, lustful for power. Others discovered how devious these four brothers were and sought to stop them. Through many magical battles they were defeated and their spirits contained. I have also learned of their true identities...of which the book makes note.

    Aiglos: *looks puzzled* I do not understand, true identities?

    Talamon: Perhaps what I am about to give will bring some light on the subject; according to the tome the brothers were all evil.

    Talamon: Corrak was known to destroy whole crops thus brining famine to the lands that he entered. He had a great dislike for peasants, farmers, and their kind...*sighs*

    Aiglos: *begins to understand*

    Talamon: Belg'ri was a brother who delved into the mystic arts too deeply and tested upon living subjects terrible spells that would bring pestilence and ruin to the people.

    Talamon: The brother Amoran thirsted for blood and conquest. Thus he created spells that would drive men to kill other men. Driving some to the brink of insanity and to the extent of striking one's own brother.

    Talamon: And the last of the brothers is Selroth. He worked closely with his other brothers in bringing the plague to the people. He enjoyed seeing his victims die slow and painful deaths. *sighs*

    Talamon: As ye can see Aiglos, these four brothers are very evil, and must be stopped. I assume their power was weaker when they were first released and thus they appear in the form that best suited their desires....*shakes his head*

    Aiglos: Indeed, such powers as you describe could bring great pain into our world...

    Talamon: So it is with a purpose that I am seeking a way to banish them. So that the realm can be free of them once more.

    Aiglos: *nods* I assure you the entire land is thankful for you dedication, for in the end you may save us all. To end this interview, perhaps you could share a more cheerful note, have you been having much progress in your studies looking for the way to defeat them?

    Talamon: I have had some progress but not enough to my liking. I am hoping that in two nights time I will find something of note.

    Aiglos: So you are still hoping to make to speak of Thursday night?

    Talamon: In two nights time, at 8 PM when the Sun touches the Western Ocean I shall be found within the Counselor Hall in Britain.

    Aiglos: Do you have any last words before I take my leave and allow you to return to your books?

    Talamon: All I can say to the citizens of the realm is to plead for them all to be on the watch for these four brothers. I have heard already that they have struck again this eve...But tell them not to lose hope, a way shall be found to defeat them, this I promise.

    Talamon: If all goes well, Belg'ri, Corrak, Selroth, and Amoran will soon be back in the Abyss where they belong.

    Aiglos: Tis an encouraging thought, I only hope we both live to see the day.

    Also, a few things I failed to note last night that may be quite relavent. At the attack last night of the Vesper Cemetary, the brother Selroth repeatedly spoke of a great plague that was soon to sweep the lands. As we now know from Talamon, Selroth was the brother who brought the plague and he enjoyed seeing his victims die slow and painful deaths. I pray to whatever Gods remain that Talamon returns before this brother is able to begin his sinister works.
    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 9:24 AM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    UO Player Lunch at Texas Renfaire Deadline Sep 29th
    An update on the UO
    UO Player Lunch at Texas Renfaire Deadline Sep 29th

    Time has just about run out to get your discount tickets to the UO Player Luncheon at the Texas Renaissance Festival. There are three days left to get your reservations in. We will be meeting at 1pm in the Italian Village of the TRF on Sunday, October 8th, 2000. The cost is $40 for your faire ticket and catered lunch. Please go to and send your money to [email protected] All monies must be in by this friday, September 29th to recieve the group discount.

    If you miss the deadline, you can still come to the lunch, but you will pay full price entrance tickets $19.95 and fend for yourself on a meal. All are welcome to participate in the Q&A session with OSI representatives and the contests, all present will be eligible for prizes. And please feel free to bring friends, family, etc (no pets tho).

    If you have paid for your tickets, you should recieve a confirmation email, and you should find your name on the guest list on our website If you don't, be sure to email me asap. Be sure to buy your tshirts and mugs soon, are really great about shipping within 3-4 days, but don't delay if you want your shirt in time for the lunch. (I ordered mine today.)

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 2:13 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Uncle Zifnab and his crazy Adventures
    This quick note from Uncle Zifnab:
    Uncle Zifnab - our comic-hero - bring us his adventures:
    #7 - Lumber room (17-Sep-2000)
    #8 - A player-request (17-Sep-2000)
    #9 - Clan-Newbie (17-Sep-2000)

    Please refer to

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 2:06 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Selroth attacks near Vesper!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I just returned to my own home after fighting Selroth and his minions in the Vesper Graveyard. This brother used Undead as his army of choice, but once again the honorable defenders of our land beat his army back and forced him to withdraw, but unfortunately...once again we had no effect on the spirit itself.

    I have more news though, which could be interpreted as good news and bad news. I was able to find Talamon the Wizard, and I conducted a brief interview with him, in which many details are uncovered to the light. Unfortunately my hand grows tired as I have written much today, and the interview will have to wait till tomorrow for me to post it.

    I expect fights such as the previous two to rage on throughout the night. Tomorrow I will also post an update on the attacks that happen later tonight, but I'll need all of you to send us the details as I won't be able to cover them personally.

    I wish all the defenders the best of luck, and may the fates keep you till Talamon's return.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 1:15 AM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Mythndale Two-Day Fall Festival
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Here is a submittion from Crystal Rose about the Mythndale Two Day Fall Festival:
    Mythndale Two-Day Fall Festival: Sept. 23 and 24 (Chesapeake Trammel, nestled in the woods just off the Western Road outside Britain on the way to Trinsic (28o 33 S 14o 28 E).)

    Saturday Sept. 23, 7:00 PM EST - Harvest Ceremony
    Meet at the grape field (just east of the Yew Abbey); from 6:45 to 7 PM gates from front of Mythndale Tavern will be available.

    At 7 PM gather to bless the earth and give thanks for the bountiful harvest, from there a pilgrimage will set forth on foot along the main roads to Mythndale Tavern to leave offerings to honor the Earth and feed the poor along the way.

    8 PM (estimated time of arrival from Yew) to 10 PM harvest festival continues with a Community Night celebrations. The first 20 "young" players to attend will receive free gifts. Free items will be made for all who provide the needed the raw materials by our many talented artisans - smiths, tailor, carpenter, bowmaker, scribes, alchemists (please check UO Stratics [] "Skills, Detailed" section for list of materials required for items, for harder items please bring extra materials since failures use up resources, i.e. a gm chest plate can take up to 400 or more ingots, where as a gm ring tunic could take only 36). Also free furniture dying (*bring your own furniture*) and repairs for armor and weapons.

    We will also be announcing the official grand opening of the Mythndale Library and Museum located just south of the Tavern. A writing contest to celebrate the grand opening will be announced also (details to be posted on Mythndale sky page). All are welcome to tour the collection and browse the many ancient texts (which include all the new dungeon journals, all texts found in Britannia, and many original works as well). The collection will continue to grow, visitors are encouraged to visit often. Next to be added over the next few weeks will be a complete set of runes for all treasure map locations.

    Sunday Sept. 24 - Contests and Auction
    2 PM EST - Horse Race: Contestants sign up at the Mythndale Tavern (must provide your own horse). Four contestants at a time will race (start and finish lines to be announced at time of race). The winners of each race will then compete until there is only one winner left. Grand prize is 25,000 gold.

    4 PM EST - Boat Race: Contestants sign up at the Mythndale Tavern (must provide your own boat). Boats will leave from the shores east of Mythndale Tavern, race to a location to be announced at the start of the race, continue on foot to pick up an item, and then return to their boats and continue the race back to the tavern. Winner will be determined by who ever places the item in the judge's trade window first. Grand prize is 25,000 gold.

    8 PM to 10 PM EST - Auction for all manner of items, from a dozen gm bows, weapons of vanquish, and rare fur and plants.

    Note: If you wish to place an item up for auction, please sign in prior to the auction if possible, give a the item, a description (id) if necessary, and a starting bid price. Once the item is sold, it will be returned to the owner, owner and buyer will go to the bank to make the exchange. The auctioneer and the auctioneer assistants will be announced that evening by Crystal Rose and will be available by 7:45 PM.
    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 11:19 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    And His Name is Forger
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<A recent news break from Korin of Haven:
    As some now know, last eve Zyrn attacked Haven. We have openly allied ourselves with the people of Aryslan so thus this was foreseen. What this will mean for us I have long pondered now. In fact it is of one of these sessions of thought that I would speak to you now.

    After our battle with Zyrn's minions last eve I retired to the Mystic Lake Tavern in Haven. There I sat upon the patio, looking out over the lake, wondering what all this could mean. And a dark thought entered into my mind then. What if this stranger that had been seen around Haven was a servant of Mazrim as well? What if he has come here to spy upon us and work what evil he could against us. It was while deep in these thoughts that I received one of the biggest shocks of my long life.

    I suddenly heard a voice behind me. It said "I have not come to harm you or anyone else here". At this I jumped out of my chair for I had heard no door open, no footsteps to signal an approaching visitor. It seems that he simply appeared. "Who are you? And what do you seek?" I asked this stranger when I had recovered enough from my shock to speak.

    He smiled and said "Why Korin I am ... " and then he paused for a moment. "You may call me Forger. For that in truth is my task and my reason for being. And is the name that fits me best." Still being quite bewildered I simply nodded to him. "I have been watching the people of Haven for some time. I have seen both good and evil here. Which is only as it should be." he said as I continued to stare at him. "However there is a great imbalance in this world at large. This being you call Minax has wrought much destruction."

    "It is near to the time that I should reveal my purpose. Be prepared Korin, and prepare those who would aid you. For this imbalance cannot be allowed to continue." Saying that he spoke words of power that I have not heard. The waters of the lake rose up and surrounded him in cone that arched over my head. Not a drop did fall on me though and when the cone of water receded back into the lake he was gone.

    Thus I tell you what was said to me. Still I cannot believe it. But let us hope that what he speaks is truth and that he really has come to aid us. I suppose we shall see.

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven
    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 11:06 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Famine Strikes near Trinsic!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<As was foretold by Talamon, the evil set of brothers that were released last night in the Treasure Hunt are now beginning to attack all over Britain. I just recently witnessed an attack on Trinsic by the brother Famine, and I have heard rumors that there have been more attacks earlier on in the night. In this most recent one, Famine brought a large group of evil mages with him, but the defenders of Trinsic quickly dispatched of his band, and Famine was forced to flea.

    Something that has been observed though is that these creatures are invulnerable it seems, as nothing inflicts damage on them at all. This has forced me to rethink a few things, and I believe I have determined what these creatures really are. They aren’t a evil version of the wisps that can be found throughout our land, but instead something entirely different. I believe they are evil spirits of people who were once alive. I think most misunderstood Talamon when he spoke to us, and this also shows why he would need to go into deep studying to determine a way to harm them, because any can kill a wisp, but I don’t know of anyone save the Avatar himself who could kill a spirit!

    If anyone has any ideas on how to kill such a creature, please let us know. Perhaps we will be able to determine a way before Talamon returns, which would be quite a surprise for the kindly mage.

    I would also warn all those who are planning on adventuring in the following days, for who knows where these brothers shall attack next?

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 10:57 PM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Strange Sightings in Britannian Graveyards
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I found this tonight on the Britannia News Network section of the official Ultima Online website :
    Strange sightings have been made at the cemeteries of Britain and Moonglow on the Trammel facet. Several witnesses have seen a spirit-like appearance of a lady dressed all in blue. [...]
    You can read the whole BNN article here.

    Now, has any of you actually met this blue phantom ? If so, please let us know here, we would love to hear more about those strange sightings.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 9:47 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Gladiator's Games in Jhelom's Dueling Pit
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Some of you may remember the report Bertoldus sent us about two weeks ago about new structures being built in the Jhelom Dueling Pit on Felucca. He sent us an update today about the situation there :
    Hail all,

    I was walking yesterday around the Jhelom Pit and I was really surprised. It looks like someone has finished to build in the pit and now it is really strange. Entering the Pit I first noticed some trophies then a closed room with a puzzle and then 2 Ankhs that look really strange. An Ankh of the Victory and one of the Defeat.

    What will be their use ? How can one enter the small Arena? I was pretty puzzled. What do you think?


    Well, it seems our friend Rabin Siggursson can at last provide answers to these questions. He posted the following item on the Drachenfels Shard Forum :
    I was approached by Lustir the Auctoratus as I fought and killed an Orcish Mage in Yew, on Felucca. He was followed by four colleagues of his and started to talk with me in the following terms :
    • Lustir : *salutes* Well fought, warrior!
    • Rabin : I thank thee
    • L : *smiles grimly*
    • R : *chuckles*
    • L : We are searching for warriors like yourself. *grins*
    • R : Alas my duties prevent my leaving my post for too long
    • L : That aside. We search for brave warriors. I am an Auctoratus and I am here because the Curator of the Pit looks for Bestiarii. Bestiarii are special gladiators. I have the honor to announce that on Thursday in the evening there will be the Jhelom Gladiator Games.
    • R : Ahh...
    • L : The Games will take place in the Jhelom Pit. We are looking for Bestiarii from every corner of Britannia.
    • R : A contest of skills...
    • L : *nods*
    • R : At what hour?
    • L : If you think you are strong and brave enough come to the Pit. On thursday in the evening around 21 time of the continent.
    • R : I thank thee.
    • L : *nods grimly*
    • R : I shall pass thy missive on to my brethren
    • L : Aye, do that, warrior ! *salutes* I shall join my brethren!
    • R : Fare thee well !
    A more direct translation of this report would be : Gladiator's Games in Jhelom (Felucca) are to be held on Thursday the 21st September at 9pm CET (8pm BST, 3pm EDT). Don't forget to go there !

    As a last addition, I would like to direct you to the Britannia News Network, on the official Ultima Online website, where a letter from one of the workers in the Dueling Pit can be found :

    Beloved Lily,
    I have now been working for a week here at Jhelom and although it is hard work, it is fulfilling. There is nothing like seeing the fruits of your toil blossom. The different structures, additions and changes we are making to the Dueling Pits are a challenge both for the mind and the body. [...]
    To read the full letter, please follow this link.

    Thanks a lot to both Bertoldus and Rabin for the informations they submitted, and to Jolly Roger for the pictures he sent us. I hope to get some more information on this soon for all our readers.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 9:34 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    An Innocent treasure hunt releases an Ancient Evil!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Last night quite a few adventurers including myself attempted to help a pair of brothers in need, but I fear that we may have, unknowingly brought about the destruction of our very land. I see that I am getting ahead of myself though, so allow me to tell the tale in the greatest detail that I can.

    The night started as any night does, I was routinely banking in Britain, picking up some reagents and dropping of the rewards of my most recent adventure when I heard over the sounds of the merchants selling their wares a cry from the local Town Crier, informing all who would listen that the brothers Lazarus and Ezekiel were asking for help in digging up a chest of buried treasure, and that they would be awaiting all the Samaritans who would lend them a hand in the Counselors Guild. After a few moments of thought, I determined that this would just be an average treasure hunt, and that it would provide a good night of fighting without much risk, so I dropped off the last bits of loot and grabbed a few more black pearl and headed for the Counselors Guild.

    Upon arriving I found two brothers, who looked nothing alike I observed, named Ezekiel and Lazarus. They were silent at first, but once they decided that there were enough warriors to safely dig up the treasure, they decided to begin the quest, and handed me a rune to gate all of us off of. I humbly obeyed, although I couldn't help but have the nagging doubt in the back of my mind asking why they hadn't told us anything about where they had gotten the map. I now wish that I had listened to that thought instead of muting it as I did.

    "Upon arriving I found two brothers, who looked nothing alike I observed, named Ezekiel and Lazarus."

    Once we had stepped through the gate we found ourselves in an average forest. We followed the brothers a little northwest and as we were nearing the spot the brothers told us the treasure would be at, an odd mage named Talamon appeared out of thin air. I believe he said something about a stolen map, but I wasn't able to hear it as I was a good distance away from him, and far out of earshot, but I was able to grab a quick painting of him.

    "...and right as we were nearing the spot the brothers told us the treasure would be at, an odd mage named Talamon appeared out of thin air."

    A few moments after the mage appeared, he suddenly moved his hands in an arcane manner, and soon enough there were countless elementals upon us of all sorts, including those created of poison and blood. We were overwhelmed at first, but soon enough we defeated the last of the elementals, and the brothers finally discovered the chest.

    They then set about opening the chest, and warned us all to take a few steps back as they expected the trap would certainly be a most formidable explosion, and it was proved that they were right as one ignorant and foolish explorer fell to his futile death as the flames scorched his skin. This was slightly discouraging to the rest of us as it was such a waste of life, but we awaited the opening of the chest, checking our equipment one last time, expecting the normal summoning of great creatures as is found at the opening of higher level treasure hunts.

    Before the brother's could open the chest though, another group of elementals were summoned forth, but were dispatched much quicker then their predecessors. It became quite obvious at this point that someone somewhere did not want to see us succeed in this hunt, and were willing to expend a tremendous amount of power to insure our failure, yet we did not let this phase us much, and once again we returned to waiting as the brothers fumbled with the lock.

    After a few more minutes of impatient waiting, the brother's finally got somewhere with the lock on the chest, just as a pack of Gazers and Elder Gazers spawned, and we quickly found ourselves surrounded. After a short but formidable fight, we eventually slew the last of the Gazer fiends, but found to our dismay that somehow in the confusion of the battle both of the brothers had been slain.

    This was quite disturbing, but we did not have much of a chance to ponder what do next as a large rumbling sound came from the chest, attracting all of our attention. Just as we fixed our gaze on it, a large flash of light blinded me temporarily, and once I could see again, I saw before me 4 Wisp like creatures of great power. Their names were Pestilence, War, Plague, and Famine, and they each took a different color. I saw before me 4 wisp like creatures of great power. Their names were Pestilence, War, Plague, and Famine.

    Following the arrival of the four was a great summoning of Undead Creatures, and what previously seemed like a mighty troop of warriors soon ended up looking more like a rag tag group of children as the undead, lead by the Wisps, tore through our ranks and slaughtered a great deal of us, as the 4 ceaselessly talked of how we had, "finally released them from their slumber."

    After a few minutes of a despairing battle, we eventually began to stem the tide of the Undead, and the wisps quickly disappeared into the forest, leaving behind the last remaining of the ones who don't breathe to be slain by what remained of our small force.

    Soon after the last Undead was killed, Talamon the Wizard once again reappeared and summoned us to him, which he followed up with by giving us the true story of the treasure map. Apparently, Ezekiel and Lazarus had stolen the map from him, and he had warned them to return it, telling them that if they dug the map up, trouble would soon follow in a vast quantity. The brothers though, being far too greedy, ignored the humble mage's warnings, and hired us all with promises of great loot to assist them in digging up the treasure chest, failing to tell us of the warning they had refused to heed. Perhaps it was fortunate that they died in the battle, for now they will never have to see the possible havoc that they have unleashed on our fair land, and they will no longer have to live with the shame that they brought it about.

    Talamon then told us a little of the wisps, although not nearly enough for my liking. He told us that they were brothers, and had been magically locked up into the chest, hopefully forever, so as to contain their evil power. He then warned us that now that they were released, no part of Britannia was safe. After this, he told us that he would go to the lyceum in the attempt to find a way to destroy the brothers, hopefully before they had the chance to cause too much damage to our lands. He promised that he would return in three days though, empty-handed or not. I only pray that it is the latter with which we will welcome him back.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 8:53 PM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    1'st UBB Grand Scavenger Hunt!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This just in from the UBB.
    The 1st UBB Grand Scavenger Hunt will be held on October 8th at 6pm central standard time. Sign up for the event will be October 4th - 7th. No entry fee. The participants must be a group of 3 people (no more no less). Sign up will take place on the UBB pacific site message board at the designated time. We will meet at the Counselor Guild Hall in Britain on the Trammel Facet for the event.

    1st = Full Valorite Plate, 15k, Horseshoes and Reversed ingots
    2nd = Full Verite Plate, 10k, and Dried Herb Set
    3rd = Full Shadow Plate, 5k, and a Painting

    UBB Site

    No Entry Fee? This should definately be worth attending. It's a Win-Win situation, you get to have a good night at no cost, and you may even win something.
    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 8:05 PM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    The Grand Opening of the SOF Keep!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Henshu of SOF sent us a little information about the Grand Opening of the SOF Keep.

    The grand opening of the SOF keep will officially commence at 6pm PST this Saturday 23rd of September. Many events will take place during the evening, but there will be a sole main event.

    One lucky citizen of Britannia will win a dragon longboat FULL of treasure. Some of the treasure includes a 100k check, 1000 ingots of various types, 1000 wooden boards, 500 of each reagent and much more! The entry fee will be 3k a try. Special discounts on the entry fee for young players!

    So come over to the official SOF Keep opening this weekend. There is also a tavern and various selections of fine vendors, so there is something for all!

    The keep is located just north east of the yew crossroads on the trammel facet. Gates will be provided from Britain 30 minutes before the event. If you need any further details please contact me on my ICQ # 19252195 or e mail me at [email protected]

    Henshu of SOF pacific

    Thankyou Henshu and I hope the event is a grand success.
    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 8:00 PM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Grand Opening of the Miner's Keg!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We recieved the following bit of news from Celtain Britain of CV.
    Hail old friends and new!

    My brother, Iron the grandmaster miner has been excited of late. Seems he has gotten the notion that all that gold he has collected from mining ingots these countless years were best used in the purchase of an old run down villa. North of the City of Bards (That's Britain for you youngin') on the trailing edge of the Serpent's Spine Mountains, it's tucked away near a grove of evergreens with more rock face than you can shake a pick at.

    Seems that old mining brother of mine has got me wrapped up in the notion that he can make a successful go as a Tavernhand and Innkeeper.

    While we bring fresh thatching from Verity Isle and refinish the flooring with freshly cut and dried Yew wood, "The Miner's Keg", will be open for business very soon.

    Iron told me that he would like to hold a party for miners in a few weeks time with games, and contests for all that are willing. Of course, all citizens are welcome to join in the fun!

    We will dig up some of our old favorite games. Mead, ale and wine will flow freely while we have contests like "Ore Tossing" and "Speed mining for iron". Dice and darts of course, for you gamblin' types.

    He insures me that he has enough gold left over for some fun prizes too. I look forward to seeing ye all there!

    When: October 7, 2000 Time: 9pm Pacific Facet: Trammel Coords: 43'3o N, 36'33o E

    Directions: Travel East over Britain's North bridge on the road to the swamps North East. Travel far into the North Britain woods until you come to the Wooden guard post in the clearing. Head due West to the mountain face. The Miner's Keg is located in front of the Castle and next to a tower.

    I've penned a map for thine convenience.

    Celtain Britain, GM Blacksmith
    [Inner Council, CV]

    Thankyou Celtain, and it's excellent to hear from you again. I hope I'll be able to cover this grand event personally.
    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 7:52 PM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Sacred Dragons Hosting Fall Festival
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Hail Hail and Huzzahs!!!!

    The Merchants of the Sacred Dragons would like to invite one and all to the Tavern of the Sacred Dragons for their Fall Festival, filled with games, music and dancing.

    Located just to the south of Vesper at the Vesper city limits just south of the Iron Wood Inn. (South of the Cemetery, past the Inn.)

    The Festival will start at 10pm EST on Thursday September 21st and will go until the last pumpkin is ate and the final bottle of harvest wine is drank. The MSD is planning on a scavenger hunt, live music, jokes, FREE FOOD, and lots and lots of PRIZES!!!

    Hope to see you all there
    Barth VanDorn
    Guild Master and Minstrel of the Merchants of the Sacred Dragons

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 6:06 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Battle of Stormhaven
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I found this little tid-bit over on the Napa Valley RP web site. Thought it might interest my dear readers.

    Our quite little city was under siege last night by bone knights and zombies under the command of many Lich Lords. We were taken by surprise while contemplating the placement of new mini towers on the newly acquired land from *coughs* Dyastro.

    At first we simply thought it an infestation of spiders, scorpions and giant serpents and enjoyed the companionship of stomping out the creepy-crawly entities. But that was simply to throw us off guard - for then the battle truly began.

    They appeared in formation in war parties of four - each headed by three Lich Lord commanders. Each party consisted of four to six zombies (not your typical graveyard dwellers) and four to six bone knights. When one party was eliminated it seemed that two parties would take their place. It was total chaos and the battle lines seemed to take place around our crossroads guard station.

    At first, we tried to take them on without the aid of dragon and nightmare forces but they proved too much for us. Beastmaster commanders were then given the orders to unleash their wards and with the aid of the well-trained beasts we were able to beat down the continuing onslaught of a strategically placed battle alignment.

    Conamara, my beloved nightmare mount, was also unsaddled and allowed to join the battle maneuvers. He fought bravely while his well-groomed hide was splattered with the black blood of the undead. The battle was so thick at times I could not see his small form among the dragons, but when I called his name he bellowed in triumph and trotted victoriously back to me with head held high.

    During the heat of the battle, I could not help but stop a moment and watch as the Knights, Wizards and Beastmasters of Stormhaven (plus several passerby's that stood in shock for a moment before joining in the fight) fought side-by-side for the welfare of their beloved city. The unity and bond was unsurpassable and pride welled deep in my soul. I knew at that moment, Stormhaven would stand no matter what evil would come our way.

    The battle lasted well into the night (about an hour), and with only a few casualties, we were able to hold our ground. We stood quietly after the last Lich Lord Commander fell - watching, waiting for more. But it was not to be so. We had won!

    It was at that time that Sophitia, an inspiring young mage ran up to me, shouting, "Elsa, a message! Please read!" I took the scroll of parchment from her, broke the seal and read these words:

    ***** Return my scepter
    You have less than one week

    Signed: Lich Lord Ramius *****

    The famed "scepter" is not in our city so we prepare for what may come in one weeks time. May the gods watch over us and give us strength.

    Baroness Elsa
    Stormhaven's Sovereign of Hope
    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 4:24 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Daryen Strikes Again!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Yesterday, as every Monday evening, we visited Rilla Takhista at her tent near Minoc. Rilla, looking somewhat exhausted from her attempts to find out about Daryen's plans with the aid of her crystal ball, greeted us warmly. Soon the gathered people were discussing the recent events in Moonglow and Daryen's involvement in those events. I told Rilla about my conversation with Kazarin, about him revealing, that indeed Daryen used Maia to murder Sarn, poor Rilla's father. Apparently Sarn was killed for nothing but greed pure and simple, but Rilla, at first shocked, explained, that her father was nay a rich man, though she does nay know everything of his past. While we stood there, discussing this and speculating about that, Rilla suddenly went silent. Suddenly the heavy smell of sulphur filled the air, and from outside the tent the roar of fire elementals could be heard. Suddenly the small tent was bustling with activity, warriors unsheathing their weapons, while one could hear the mages preparing their spells to oppose the elementals, sent, without doubt by Daryen herself. Rilla, glancing around frightened ran around aimlessly, shouting and crying with panic written upon her face. "I have to leave ... I dare not to ... I will contact ye, my friends.", she said, while activating her amulet and dissapearing without a trace.

    Soon the whole area around Rilla's tent was engaged in a fierce battle with Fire, Water and Air Elementals. Arrows and magic spells flying through the air, looking like a gigantic firework, while the warriors stood their ground between the tents. As soon as we thought the worst was over Blood and Poison elementals approached from the west, but the combined effort of the people held them at bay. In the midst of combat though, I spotted Daryen stalking carefully from tent to tent, eager nay to be noticed by the battling forces. Soon though, she was surrounded and people started to question her, though she only answered with mockery and scorn. Quietly I sat upon my horse, thinking about a way to get the information we sought out of her ... we had to know what she was looking for to gain the power of the last element. "Fire ... Water ... Air ...", I thought, " ... that means three claynes of the four ... Raidho ... Laguz ... Kenaz, that must be it!". And as soon as I spoke the three runes, she felt silent, staring at me with hate in her eyes. "Where do ye ...", she started, though I did nay let her talk, but asked her what it was, she was seeking. "Rilla is the key ... I'm seeking a St...", she began, but then, hesitating a little, she vanished and again elementals started to swarm all over the place.

    Again we managed to vanquish Daryen's servants, again without severe losses, and while the healers still cared for the wounded we heard a cry from Rilla's tent. Arriving there I was shocked ... Rilla's crystal ball had turned blood red and lightning was striking at it with some unnatural thunder of evil magery. This was without doubt Daryen's work. She cursed Rilla's crystal to prevent her from using her powers to reveal Daryen's plans.

    Questions over questions, a missing Rilla and a cursed crystal ball. A pirate invading Moonglow and Daryen seeking to combine the four elements within her. What next? Why is Daryen especially interrested in the area between Britain and Vesper? What is Kazarin's weakness? His wife? Can she be used against him to save Moonglow? Questions without doubt, but we shall find the answers, solve the riddles and bring those to justice, that are responsible.

    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 2:43 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    BNN Article Archives Updated
    Recently Lady Gwenyvere made a mass update to the BNN(Formerly Town Cryer) Article Archives.

    The Archives are divided between shards and Main plot articles so that it is easy for you to keep up with your shards activities. These articles make a great reference point for past events.

    Make sure to check them out if you don't already do so!

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 2:00 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    BNN - Common Ground
    This was recently found on the BNN at
    by: Garda Dalhar

    “This is going to be the one. I can feel it!”

    Drid drove his shovel into the hard ground and tossed another small pile of earth behind him.

    His companion Gelton swung his sword in a complicated practice routine. “You don’t even know if the map you bought was real. Much less accurate. Either way I can’t believe you dragged me out into the middle of the woods at this time of night for another one of your fortune hunts.” He leapt across the grass, bringing his sword down in an arc, and smoothly sliced the branch from a tree.

    “Just in case something has a bark worse than its bite.” Drid grinned, continuing to scoop away the ground.

    “Very funny. Have you ever thought about becoming a jester? I hear Lord British could use a good laugh these days. I could use a good laugh. You know I could be at the pub right now. Instead I get to watch you play with your dirt. I should go and let the orcs have you.” His sword flashed torchlight about the clearing as patches of grass met a quick, painless end.

    “You’re good with the blade, friend, I need you to guard me.” Drid stopped digging and leaned against his shovel. “Besides, do you have any idea how much wealth we are standing upon right now?”

    “Yes, I expect the nobles have pockets full of soil these days.”

    “This spot...” , Drid said, continuing to shovel more dirt from the hole, “has a buried chest in it that is going to make us both very comfortable. Unless you’d like to go to the pub and leave me undefended. I’ll have my servant inform you of how things went, after I’m wealthy. Please, just keep an eye out for trouble and in a few moments you’ll have enough gold to buy your own pub!”

    “You’ve been saying things like that since we were children. You should pick an honest trade, learn a skill, go adventuring. Leave all this fortune hunting behind. It’s only going to get you a sore back from digging your whole life.”

    “This takes skill, Gelton. It’s not easy finding the right spot. And it’s going to make me rich. As my partner it will make you rich as well, you shouldn’t complain so much.”

    “Well who could ask for more after our last treasure hunt?” Gelton swung at a sapling, sending the top half into the darkness. “I still feel spoiled by all the riches you dug up last time. Three gold coins, a dead wand and half a set of mongbat bones.”

    “This one is going to be better.”

    “Expecting a full set of bones this time?”

    “No I’m expecting...” The sound of metal striking metal made them both stop and stare into the dark hole. “Gold!”

    Gelton sheathed his sword and quickly grabbed a second shovel to help Drid lift the chest from the earth. After a few tries they managed to heft the container onto the grass.

    “I told you!” Drid said grinning. “Our fortune, Gelton!” He kneeled before the chest and brushed some of the dirt away.

    “Get down...”


    “Hide and put that torch out! Something is coming!” Gelton hissed, drawing his sword and standing ready in the clearing.

    Drid doused his torch and ran behind a group of trees. From between the branches he watched his companion, still as a stone, blade ready, waiting for the moment to strike whatever emanated from the woods. The sounds of running footsteps grew closer. Gelton crouched, raising his blade.

    Three orcs exploded from a grove of trees, sprinting on their stocky legs towards the swordsman. Drid could hear their grunts from his hiding place and silently he willed good luck to his friend in battle. Shrieking a warrior's cry, Gelton faced the lead monster and to his surprise watched all three run past him, deeper into the darkness of the woods, never slowing down. He stared after them in shock until they faded into the darkness. A few moments had passed before he noticed Drid standing beside him, also staring.

    “If you had told me it was that easy I would have been a swordsman myself.”

    The rustling of branches made the both of them spin around just in time to see a man in purple robes burst from the trees and scream from a face full of hair, “GET DOWN!” as he knocked the both of them into the bushes.

    “What in Sosaria do you think you’re…” the sound of Drid’s voice was completely overpowered by the deafening sound of a fireball screaming from the night sky and exploding the treasure chest into splinters of wood and metal about the clearing.

    “Stay down both of you! An Lor Xen, An Lor Xen, An Lor Xen…” said the voice of the stranger.

    The cracking of tree trunks echoed around them and the leaves shook free from their places on the branches as a huge red dragon brushed away the woods in its path. The three invisible men sat in silence as the beast lumbered before them, almost stepping on the hiding place, and continued in the direction the orcs had run.

    Gelton looked at where his hands should be and stood. The air shimmered and he reappeared. “Mage, if you don’t explain why you’re casting spells on me my sword is going to become very, very visible.”

    “Gelton, you always were the one to go charging after dragons.” the stranger stated as he also began to come into focus. “I never thought you’d get Drid’s nose out of his cartography books to follow you, though.”

    Mordemus?!”, Gelton cried. “We haven’t seen you since you left the village! What are you doing out here?”

    “Good to see you my friend! Studying magery I take it?” Drid said.

    “Yes, I’ve been the apprentice to Haland the Blue ever since I left the village. He was on the mage council at one time. He’s a good teacher. I had to move to Moonglow to study under him but I am learning quite a bit. What are the two of you doing out here at this time of night?”

    “Treasure hunting.” Drid frowned, pointing at the chest that now more closely resembled a campfire. “What are you doing in Yew running from dragons? I would think you could learn magery easier from reading books.”

    “Actually I was here visiting Graff on business” said Mordemus as he brushed the dirt off of his robes.

    “Graff? ‘Thumbs’ Graff? Ha! How is the clumsiest boy we grew up with? Did he ever become a tamer like he said he would or did his own dog never stop biting him?” said Gelton.

    “He was a tamer, yes, until a few minutes ago. And I guess you could say his nickname is now ‘Thumb’. That’s all his dragon left of him. Swallowed him up in one bite except for his hand after the orcs angered it and it stopped listening to him.”

    Drid started shoveling dirt onto the remains of the flaming chest, dousing the fire. “You had business with Graff? Never thought I’d see the day when he would be helping out a mage.”

    “Nor did I, but he stumbled across some information my master was looking for. Haland quit the council to study rare magic items and Graff had some old manuscripts from his grandfather that pointed to the location of one buried here in Yew. Some wand a wizard named Trandfel the Remarkable hid about a century ago.”

    Drid finished extinguishing the flames and sat on the edge of the ruined chest. He relit his torch on a nearby bit of flaming weeds and stomped them out. “That’s right, Graff’s grandfather dabbled in magery didn’t he? I remember when we were children he would sometimes entertain us with those tricks of his. Where did poor Graff keep the manuscripts?”

    “Unfortunately he had them all in his pack when his dragon got hungry.” Mordemus threw his hands into the air. “Haland is going to be furious! It’s lost forever now! A rare magical item that could help unlock the mysteries of the ether and it’s going to stay buried somewhere… under... you!”

    “I’m sorry, Mord, I wish we could help you but Yew is a big place and digging the whole… what? What Mord? What are you pointing at?” Drid slowly turned around and looked into the crater that was the treasure chest. A small wand glistened in the torch light, untouched by the black scorching. Drid reached down and lifted it from its resting place. It was cool to the touch and felt slightly lighter than it should be.

    “That’s it!”, cried Mordemus. “You found it, Drid! You’re a genius! That’s been lost for centuries and you found it! Look it even has his name on it! Trandfel!”

    Gelton stared at the artifact. “It certainly looks magical.”

    “A mug of ale looks magical to you.” Drid snorted.

    “A mug of ale is magical!” Gelton grinned. “So what does the little stick do, Mord?”

    At that moment the corpse of half an orc fell seemingly from the sky and smashed into the burnt chest behind Drid, followed by the earth shaking thud of the red dragon diving from the sky and landing on all fours. The trio stood unmoving in terror as the dragon’s long neck bent down to stare at them and it bared its rows of flesh-tearing teeth. Its hot breath whipped at their hair. It spit was what left of the other half of the orc in front of them.

    “Mord!” Drid wheezed through clenched teeth. “What does this thing do?”

    “Just point it at him and hope!” he wheezed back, not looking away from the red maw before them.

    Drid slowly raised his arm and pointed the wand at the dragon. The creature blinked and with a look of rage raised its head, inhaling, and Drid closed his eyes knowing he was about to die in the beasts flames. And then nothing. The three looked at each other as the dragon, still as a quiet pond, sat with its neck arched ready to cover them in fire, yet did not move.

    “I… I did it!” Drid breathed.

    “Nonsense, lad. I did that.” Haland the Blue stated as he stepped the rest of the way from his moongate, keeping his tall, bluish white staff pointed at the dragon. “Now you lads may wish to consider stepping out of the way.” For a moment the frightened men gazed in wonder at the old wizard’s staff glowing, ice blue in the night and chilling the area with its magical aura. Drid thought he could hear a slight hum from the magical relic. Haland’s azure robes and white mane of hair flowed around him as he turned the staff and shouted, arcane magical words that surely hurt the mages tongue more the Drid’s ears. Gelton, Drid, and Mordemus leapt out of the way of the dragon just as a sound like thunder cracked over the forest and the dragon fell, shaking the ground for the last time.

    Haland the Blue walked the length of the creatures neck, stopping at its head which had landed just in front of the three men and sat on it. “Vermin. I can’t abide dragons. Boy, bring me the wand!”

    Mordemus picked the wand up from the ground and gave it to his master who looked as if the spell he had just cast had taxed him heavily. The hum from the staff seemed less audible. He focused on the wand for a moment. “Ah yes, this is indeed one of Trandfel’s wands. Excellent.” And with that he tossed the wand over his shoulder into the shadows.

    Master?!” Mordemus cried. “Wh… why, that was… we’ve been looking for that… wasn’t that important?”

    “Nystul’s knickers, calm down lad! The wand, as I thought it would be, is worthless, that’s why I came here to fetch you from retrieving it. A few moments ago I finally finished translating the last bits of Trandfel’s records. He was insane. Nuttier than a squirrel’s stomach. Every wand he ever used he buried in the woods around here. When one ran out of magical energy, he would bury it as if it was dead. That one was once a wand of identification, but its power is gone now. It seems you lads have disturbed a wand grave.” He chuckled. “Take the gate home, Mordemus, and we’ll start on new research in the morning. I think you’ve had enough excitement tonight.”

    “Master,” Mordemus said “These men, I know them. They found the wand, master.”

    Gelton and Drid approached the old wizard who smiled at them warmly. “Then I suppose it is you who I will pay for this service, instead of that fool Graff.” he said, handing Drid a sack of gold. “It’s not mongbat bones, but I suspect it will do.” He winked.

    Hefting his glowing blue staff and standing, Haland motioned Mordemus towards the gate and walked through.

    “Nice seeing the two of you again. Next time, let’s meet in town though, shall we?” Mordemus clasped hands with his old friends and followed his master though the moongate which sank back into the ground and was gone.

    The night was again dark save for the light of Drid’s torch as he and Gelton stood in silence. Finally Drid lifted the sack of gold and turned to his companion. They both looked at the dead dragon.

    “I don’t know about you, but I could use a laugh.” said Drid. “Let’s go to the pub.”

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 1:51 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    Report from the Trade Caravan to Mistweir
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    I received this little report from Aranlindale regarding the journey of the Cove Trading Caravan to the Mistweir Craftsevening:

    It was a warm summer eve in Spiritwood, everything calm and peaceful, though I knew I had to pack some fully loaded chests on my muly before I could start my travel to the Cove Trade Caravan Fortress to join Videric's caravan to the town of Mistweir, where a Craftsevening was to take place this evening. I had nay much time left, I thought, while I put one chest after another on my poor muly Sam, who didn't like the heavy burden all to much. Outside the tavern Noa, Knud, Kain,Vellini and Chris Everidge, a smith from cove, were already waiting for me. I was lucky to have such proven warriors to accompany me on my journey.

    We took a Moonstone from the Travel Agency and crossed the Facet to arrive at the Trammel Travel Agency, and using the runebook Kain opened a portal to the town of Cove, where the Trade Caravan would set off. Upon arriving at the fortress we were greeted by Videric Gaveston and a large number of warriors from the Free Vesper Militia, and soon as everyone was introduced and some commands shouted, that caravan set off northwards.

    Thanks to the well trained warriors the journey was quite uneventful, except a few orcs trying their luck in the dense woods south of Mistweir. The band of orcs though, was of course nay a match to the Militia and the warriors of the Custodes Fati, and soon after that accident, crossing the bay, we finally arrived at the Town of Mistweir.

    Upon arriving at the Mistweir Tavern we were greeted by the barkeeps Beorn and Marcus, who were busy tending the bar, where a large number of people already had gathered. As soon as the merchants set up their tables and prepared their goods the Craftsevening was officially opened by Alminster.

    There were several traders offering their goods to the gathered people, and amongst 'em even the mayor of Moonglow, selling his fine runebooks. I for myself had a very good evening, selling most of my armor and weaponry, so I had to close my lil' shop quite soon, but that wasn't that bad, since we wanted to try the Mistweir Ale anyways. After a few beers we bid farewell to the fair people of Mistweir, packed the muly and started our journey homewards to Spiritwood. I was quite surprised to see Jekall, wearing an apron and juggling a few mugs from table to a table, when I arrived at the Spiritwood Tavern. Smilingly I watched him a little, but then relieved him from his burden and thanked him for tending the customers, while I was in Mistweir.

    Barkeep of the Spiritwood Tavern

    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 1:25 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Xenthyl appears in Aegis Glade
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This report comes to us from the home of the Knights of Yew in Aegis Glade.

    As several of the Knights of Yew were gathering in their glade on unrelated business, a man wearing a plain brown robe appeared and asked if there was trouble afoot. After being told no, he departed to the east, in the direction of the crypts. No sooner had he gone than spiders began to spawn by the score, giant spiders, black widows, and even a few dread spiders appeared. Though hard pressed, the Knights present managed to destroy the evil infestation with small loss.

    At this point a mysterious warrior in black armor appeared and began to quickly search the Knights buildings in the glade. Ignoring repeated demands to halt, the warrior, now I know this sounds hard to credit, but the warrior walked through the wall of the Knights Guild house. Asked if the spiders were his doing, his reply was the same as that he gave the Shadow Rangers after the attack on Shadowmoor, that they were not his doing, but that we would soon know who sent them. When asked if someone had sent him, he made no reply.

    We had received warnings that Yew was to be the target of an undead attack, but nothing had happened subsequently, and with other concerns and duties pressing us, perhaps we pushed those warnings to the backs of our minds. It now seems that Yew is the target of someones displeasure, and we are bending our efforts to finding out who this might be. Look to your swords and your bows people of Yew, it seems that we have dark days ahead. Xenthyl has already been seen here twice, and this cannot bode well for us. Two attacks have been launched as well, and surely there will be more. My heart tells me that this is but the beginning.

    Squire, Knights of Yew

    If you travel in the woodlands surrounding Yew please be careful. And again, if more is found out of these attacks and sightings we will bring them to print as quickly as possible.
    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 9:49 AM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Giddeon Night Escapes!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This startling report just came in to us from Tymaron, the court reporter for the trial, concerning the events of last evening.

    Giddeon Night, also known as Jhubal, is on the loose once again tonight as he escaped during a magical gate transport to the Court of Truth, the site of his trial that was to occur this evening. Giddeon Night is accused of many crimes, including multiple murders, multiple kidnappings, theft, illegal possession of a human body, and now escape.

    Before tonight’s trial, there still was some controversy to overcome. Judas, representing the Yew Council, began to protest the Crimson Alliance’s involvement in the trial, one of whose members is the defense attorney, Darok. The Crimson Alliance is a known outlaw organization, and many have questioned the reasons behind the court Druid’s insistence that one of their number could legally be present at the Court of Truth. The Druids earlier retracted a ruling permitting the Crimson Alliance to serve as part of the security for this trial, leaving it entirely in the hands of the Knights of Yew. It was these same Knights who were transporting Giddeon Night from Trinsic to Yew. Apparently, the gate they were using malfunctioned, permitting Giddeon to slip away.

    After it was learned of Giddeon’s escape, the Yew councilman insisted that Darok, the defense attorney, be arrested. General Drankiotis Sokus agreed and asked the court to entertain a warrant for his arrest. Druid Bink of the court first demanded evidence of any crimes committed by Darok. General Sokus then proceeded to ask Darok a series of questions, whose answers established his membership in the Crimson Alliance and that he shared their beliefs. Druid Bink did not see this as evidence enough to arrest Darok and permitted him to go in peace.

    An idle attorney then stepped forward to resolve the issue. Charles Wolfe agreed to provide defense council for the accused if, upon his capture, Giddeon Night assents. This was accepted by the court and the citizens of Yew.

    Meanwhile, the search for Giddeon Night is resumed.

    -Tymaron, court recorder

    If you have any information concerning the location of the accused you are urged to come forward. Also the public should be reminded that harboring this escapee is an offense in itself.

    Giddeon Night should be considered dangerous and by now is most likely armed. He is known to be proficient with a bow so distance is no guarentee of safety. He is also known to be a crafty sailor and could well be on the high seas so beware of unknown ships.

    We hope this will soon be resolved to the satisfaction of justice.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 9:42 AM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Tales of an Empire - "Swordsman's Touch"
    Another great chapter has been added to the epic Tales of an Empire. Here are the details from Flinn:
    I've added a new chapter to Tales of an Empire, Swordsman's Touch. The final chapter in the vengeance of General Sevren, I've added a 'teaser' below:

    Blood spattered the ground as Sevren broke the Elf's nose. Sevren removed his helm, and dropped it to the ground, he looked cold and hard into the Dark Elf's eyes. In a sudden burst of realization the Elf's eyes grew wide, memories flooded him as he recognized the painful eyes of a young boy. "By the gods..." The Elf gasped.

    As always thank you once again, and tell me what you think of the tales, I love feedback (good or bad).


    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 2:29 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Council of Mages Website Moved!
    Updated news from GreyPawn about the recent move of the website dedicated to The Council of Mages:
    Council of Mages Website Moved!

    The New Council of Mages Faction website has moved!
    The new address is

    If you hadn't heart about it yet, the CoM Faction website is the latest hub of information and discussion concerning one of the biggest and most affluential to be factions, come on by and have a look see. Here, you'll find information on what to do in the faction, inside tips, news, message boards, bug reports straight from experience on Test Factions aimed at Dev Team members, a bit of fiction, and a general hub of shared info on the latest breaking stories from the faction in test, and soon the faction published.

    We Are United

    Your Humble Servant,
    GreyPawn, Sage of Honesty, HoA
    Mayor, Moonglow Town Council [Atlantic]
    Current CoM Commander on Factions Test

    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 2:22 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    ImaNewbie - Episode #122
    Lots of new information from ImaNewbie:
    ***ImaNewbie does Britannia*** New 'toon & New Armond Hammer!

    This week there's a new ImaNewbie 'toon and its all about the nastiest exploit to hit UO in quite awhile - the stealing of locked down and secured items exploit. I also have the final episode in the three part final Armond Hammer saga so be sure to check it out while you are there. Enjoy!

    Added Saturday, September 15rd, 2000:

    • ImaNewbie Episode #122 - Poetic Justice
    • Armond Hammer, the Final Saga (Part 3 of 3)
    ImaNewbie does Britannia
    Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, 2:20 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Dark Acadamy Fight Night III
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< The Dark Academy is putting on another competition this weekend.
    First of all is the 2v2 competition with a 200k prize.
    Entry is 2k per person [4k per team].
    Second is TDA Only 1v1 competition which will begin after the conclusion of the 2v2.
    Gates will be provided from Vesper Felucca Bank at 3pm, competition will begin at 3:30pm [Sydney Time]. If you are the type who enjoys walking the co-ordinates are 84o59'N 31o45'E.

    This prize is sponsored by:
    Mythran of -E-
    Guzzer of The Soladitis Store
    Dan Kelly of -E- (Refusing his prize from the last tournament)

    Hopefully I will see you all there.

    Silent Bob
    GM of TDA

    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 11:26 PM EDT by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    New @ Stratics
    Here's a quick look at what's new to the Stratics Network this week:

    Stratics Events This Week

    New Stratics Website

    Please drop by Stratics Chat, our latest Stratics site, dedicated to supporting our IRC network. Featuring the latest in IRC related news, Stratics Chat features a java client, enabling you to easily access our public chatrooms and attend our House of Commons conferences. Be sure to check it out!

    Adellion Stratics

    • Adellion Stratics is now hosting a new Adellion Demo!! You will need to download a browser plug-in from to view the demo. The best one for the job is Blaxxun Contact 4.4.
    • We have new Screenshots posted! These new screenshots have been taken from the new demo that we are hosting. There seem to be quite a few improvements over the previous demo's graphics.

    Anarchy Online Stratics

    • Role-players and writers get ready! The Anarchy-Online Stratics September Writing Contest has begun. Submit your character bio to be judged by Funcom and the AOS Staff. Winners will receive an Anarchy-Online T-shirt made by the game's developers!

    Asheron's Call Stratics

    • Twilight's Gleaming - September's Event - is with us, and you can keep up with all the news in our event section.
    • The AC Stratics Atlas is up and running - but it needs your help. Find out what we're missing and send it in...

    Atriarch Stratics

    EverQuest Stratics

    • Interested in learning more about EverQuest but don't know what to ask? Visit our Westwood Tavern forum and meet some of the friendliest EverQuest players in the game!

    Hero's Journey Stratics

    Jumpgate Stratics

    Origin Stratics

    • 3rd Exclusive Screenshot - Origin Stratics is proud to present our 3rd Exclusive Screenshot in the Fansite Series. Our latest pictures shows us Dasha, leader of the Meer Shadowhunters and enemy of the Necromancers. In the background you can see the tree-city of Yew. Head to our Screenshot Section to view.
    • New Game Video - Another great in-game video of Origin is now available for your viewing pleasure. This one depicts a player wandering around the Jukan city of Logos. Make sure to turn your sound up so that you can also listen to the creepy music in the background. Make sure to go to our Movie Section now to see this and several other videos.

    Shadowbane Stratics

    • With the Shadowbane beta looming nigh, where are you gonna be when it comes to the latest news and hooking up with our players and guilds? Don't miss out! Check out #shadowbane to make sure you are prepared!

    Ultima-Online Stratics

    • The Weapons of Virtue section has been updated with all the latest finding about the effects these weapons have on various monsters.
    • The Diary and Notebooks transcription about the expedition that entered the new dungeon Khaldun is nearly complete. One set of pages is missing. Let's see who can find it first.
    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 3:32 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Telia's Rune Library - Trammel branch
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Stinger, our intrepid establishment reviewer, recently visited the new Trammel branch of Telia's Rune Library.

    You can read Stinger's review bly clicking on the Establishment's name on the left side menu.

    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 3:27 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Drachenfels)

    Executive Summary
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    This Governing Body (Britain Parliamentary Council) is committed to modernizing our public services, and making them fit for the people of Britain. We want public services that respond to the needs and wishes of people who use them on a daily basis, which give public servants the chance to show their dedication, enthusiasm and initiative, and which work together to improve the communities they serve.

    Many local governments and public establishments pioneered the Charter idea but most concentrated on mechanics and forgot the goal of the charter. The Britain Parliamentary councils' goal is to build the charter we believe in. We think it right that all public services - nationally and locally - should set out clear standards of service, and report on their performance; should consult and involve their citizens in carrying out these tasks; and should provide effective remedies when things go wrong.

    Important progress on this approach has been discussed pass few days. But in the past too many initiatives were imposed within the government charters and not focused where was needed. We the BPC will take the Charter one level higher and focus on people we serve. We want a charter that is driven by the needs of people, and whose aim are shared by all members, in particularly those on the front line. A charter based on true partnership, both between people and BPC, and between different parts of government. In short, a charter that works and focuses on the goal not the mechanics.

    Service First

    The new charter will aim to improve service delivery across the public sector. It is an integral part of our Better Government initiative, on which a broader White Paper will be published soon. It builds on what has already been achieved throughout Britannia, but gives a new emphasis to promoting responsiveness, quality, effectiveness, and cross-functional working.

    We are (Britain Parliamentary Council):

    Developing new principles of public service delivery, highlighting the importance of accessibility, cooperation and innovation. Launching the People's Panel of 5 - a Britannia’s first - to research the publics' views on improving services. Creating a new legal basis to underpin people's right to know about public services; Improving access to information on the performance of key public services by making such information available in a clear and user-friendly way; Encouraging greater participation and involvement of citizens in improving services through better consultation schemes and a Britannia wide program of ministerial workshops.


    Instituting a review of all main charters, so that they better meet the needs and wishes of people. Continuously developing the charter where it can help improve services to the people. Developing best practice quality networks around the Britain, so as to encourage services to work together to improve performance.


    Expanding and developing the successful Bench Marking program to encourage and reward excellent people services. In closing. The Britain Parliamentary Council is trying to lunch a broad-ranging partnership with local guilds and establishment to improve services for our citizens and give them more say and power. In this partnership BPC will set legal rights and charter entitlements to our citizens. We will work with local guilds, establishment and the volunteers to promote effective partnership and tackle the obstacles to make public services more accessible to our citizens. In the coming days, in consultation with citizens and staff, I will continue to evaluate its effectiveness. Our interest is not in new initiatives for our own sake but in helping deliver better services for our citizens. We believe the new charter will do this. If you like to let us know how we can serve you, please contact us at ( or if you own a guild or establishment who is interested in helping us.

    Your Humble Servant,

    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 3:06 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Oktoberfest to be Held in Jafar's Rune Library
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Julieanne Mc Finnan sent us the following announcement :
    Hail Lords and Ladies !

    The leaves are changing, the weather has turned cooler, and the smell of roasted sausage and chicken drifts through the crisp Fall air. This can only mean one thing... It's time for an Oktoberfest with the McFinnans !

    We will be hosting an Oktoberfest Celebration and Dungeon Crawl to Covetous, on Friday, September 22nd, at 7pm BST (8pm CET, 2pm EDT). We will begin with a party on the rooftop of Jafar McFinnan's Tower and Rune Library, right out of Vesper's southern exit.

    Once the food and large quantities of ale have been consumed, the brave will venture on to the dungeon of Covetous. (The crawl is optional.) Suggested (optional) dress would be dark green or dark red fancy dresses for the ladies, and short brown pants and a dark colored shirt for the men.

    We look forward to a fun and exciting evening! Hope to see you there.

    Jafar and Julieanne McFinnan

    Thanks to you both ! I'm sure all of us will enjoy this event as it deserves it.
    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 1:49 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Fashion Contest Results
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received this from the sponsor.

    Hail all!!

    Before I get to the results of the Fashion Show I'd like to take a moment to thank Beldin, of the EFP, for allowing us the opportunity to use his guild's tower for the event. The turnout was excellent, with 21 contestants and an additional 10-20 audience members. Everyone sported unique and creative outfits, however only three citizens could be chosen for best overall outfits. They are as follows:
    1st place - Sentinal
    2nd place - Shaft
    3rd place - Theros Ironfeld

    Congratulations to these three contestant! We'd like to thank everyone who participated and we hope you all enjoyed designing and presenting your outfits. Until we meet again, I bid you all a very pleasant day!

    Caroz - Prince of Virtue, UV

    From one who takes pride in what she wears, congratulations to our winners!
    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 1:31 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Xenthyl Spotted in Shadowmoor
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was received last week on the thirteenth. We apologize for our belated posting.

    Here is the account of the event as related to us.


    Yesterday evening several strange events ocurred in our little village of Shadowmoor, north east of the Yew Moongate. While we sat inside our Tavern we noticed several movements outside. When we ran out we saw a small army of Giant Spiders and a different kind of spiders, which we have called Giant Black Widow Spiders.

    As we were fighting the Spiders, a Phantom walked across the village. Several of us recognized him as Xenthyl who was associated with the Lich Ventryn. We asked him wether he sent the Spiders, and he answered that he didn't. Xenthyl said we would soon know more. Just before he left he told us "Embrace thy deaths".

    Seconds later a man by the name of Reltih stumbled around and fell down from some kind of strange illness. It appears the spiders have poisoned him somehow, as small spiders kept crawling out of the poor man's mouth, nearly killing him.

    Okami followed his footsteps half way to the Crypts where Xenthyl appeared once again taunting Okami by saying "Catch me if you can". More spiders appeared but Okami followed the Phantom. Closer to the Knights of Yew glade he once again spoke to him. He now told Okami he was eager to die and should learn patience.

    We travelled to Winterfell to find any information about this attack, but we couldn't find out Xenthyl's reasons. For now, I suppose, we must wait.

    ~Arwin, son of Pheleor
    Shadow Ranger Elder

    We are all waiting with you, Arwin. Please if there are any more sightings of Xenthyl anywhere in our land write us immediately as we are all interested in what this holds.
    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 1:19 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    The Night of the Masks Coverage
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Last week I had the pleasure to be invited to the Night of Masks at the Cove Trade Caravan Tower, hosted by Videric Gaveston. Although I arrived rather late I enjoyed the evening and had the pleasure to dance with Rilla Takhista. For a full coverage of the event please follow the link below.

    The Night of the Masks was a great success and surely will not be the last festival held within the walls of the Trade Caravan fortress. Thou can read more about the Night of the Masks and what happened there at: The Trade Caravan of Cove and go to the "stories" section there.

    Videric Gaveston

    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 12:48 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Pirates Attack Night
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received this first hand account of the attempt on Giddeon Night by some members of the United Pirates.

    Danny decided to go with Hook and Scale to a landlubber meeting at the King's Men Theatre to cause some trouble, but were only turned away and walked off mumbling and cursing.

    They soon went pub hopping and other things that pirates do, like stirring up trouble where possible. They arrived in trinsic to find two knights of yew guarding the front door of the jail (Scale had left earlier on a previous encounter with the knights, and later hawkeye had joined them in Trinsic). They asked what was going on in there but the guards would only answer "you have no business here."

    They walked away mumbling, but then saw a window to the jail. They scaled the small wall and looked into the window, they mostly heard mixed talking of many people but could make out talk from a cell, the door was slightly adjar. "Giddeon Night do you..." the rest was muffled out by the other knights talking louder, but the pirates knew what they had heard. Giddeon Night was being held there.

    Their blood (or ale as some pirates believe) boiled. Giddeon Night was the one who got them slaughtered when he hired them to attadck a caravan that was vastly more guarded than he had told about. They jumped down and began to devise a plan.

    "Well we kinna jes barge in der, we'll be caught befer we eben git upstairs!"

    Hawkeye nodded in agreement as did Danny.

    Then Hook said "We need ah way en from somewhar else, idn't dat jail connected to da main wall surrounding trinsic?"

    "Aye, me remebers well da attack ov Juo'Nar, We had to take to da walls to be safe to fire arrers down, me was der fer da booty 'n guld," said Danny.

    So the pirates all headed towards the nearest entrance to the walls above and scaled the stairs. Once on the top of the wall, they devised a plan to capture Giddeon and agreed that once they got him out to sea they would decide whether to turn him into some other landlubber guild, sell him back to the knights, or just attach some stone shoes to his feet and throw him into the water.

    They sneaked quietly along the wall until they reached the entrance to the jail, from there they ran and through the pile of knights and strait into Giddeon's cell. They had planned to hold a knife to his throat so that no one would dare attack them while they walked out. Their plan was definately flawed, they found that three sword blades were pointed at their necks and that Giddeon Night was being guarded in the back of the cell. They took out their weapons and tried to fight their way back out.

    Danny was knocked unconscious and didn't remember much from there. He awoke to find himself bound with ropes and inside another cell. A jailer looking in on him saw taht he was awake and pointed to some stale bread and some bland diluted wine in the corner. Danny sat down with the bread and wine and started to munch on the bread, he was incredibly hungry. He wondered what had happened to hawkeye and hook? had they escaped? most likely, he didn't hear hawkeye screaming about respecting pirates and and he didn't hear hook yelling for ale instead of bland wine.

    Danny peeked through two sandstones in his jail cell and saw Giddeon Night talking with a few others. He had just realizd that he had no way out of this one, usualy when he was captured he had a bargaining chip or some way of escape, but not this time, not unless Hook and Hawkeye relayed to the rest of the pirates what had happened and that by some hint of a chance they would free him from the vast number of knights.

    Although we understand that the pirates have a personal reason for wishing harm on Night, we must again insist that all grudges be pursued through official channels. There will be no tolerance for further vigilante actions on anyones part.
    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 12:13 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Seek, Spend and Gamble
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Sosarian Antiquities Association (SAA) is having it's first major event this coming Wednesday, to include a large scavenger hunt, and some rounds of gambling afterwards.

    There will be 3 prizes,

    • 1st: 15k and the daily rare 'Papua rock'
    • 2nd: 10k and a full set of Blacksmith semi-rares
    • 3rd: full set of Dried herbs
    Full instruction will be given, and the list of items which you must collect will be handed to you in a book. You may be wondering, with all the prizes having a type of rare in them, exactly what SAA is. We are a multi-shard guild focused on the collection, info, and general topic of Rares.. you can learn more about us here.

    It will take place this Wednesday the 20th, 8PM CST, at the SAA StoreFront (S/W of Trinsic) Trammel. Gates will be provided at the Britain west bank from 7:30 till 8:05. Gambling will be run afterwards by our wonderful Dealer, Thufir, after the prizes have been handed out. I would also like to thank the lovely Ariel for offering her assistance.


    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 10:45 AM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Seeking Councils of Virtue
    Ug Hummies!

    To the left of your screen, you will note, beneath the Legends (AOL) icon, a bold word that reads ETHEREAL VORTEX. Beneath this word, you will notice the phrases "Councils of Virtue" and "Clans of Sin." Were you to left click on these links, you would discover a very generic listing of possible Councils and Clans.

    Why, I almost hear you asking yourselves, is Ith'unk going on about this?

    Well, quite simply, I would like to be able to have some actual, honest to goodness Councils and Clans listed in this section.

    Does your group represent the interests of the citizens of a city (or horrify the inhabitants of a specific area)? If so, your group could qualify for inclusion on the list. However, not just any group can be included. I recomend visiting my fellow editor Ce'Nedra Willow's Atlantic Shard Ethereal Vortex to get a feeling for what types of groups are intended to be included on the AOL Legends list.

    Send a pigeon to me if you wish to be considered. A friendly UOSS Legends (AOL) staff member or uruk will visit your group, or contact you.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 7:30 AM EDT by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Trinsic Revolution Update
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    Their queen still missing, Kallisto, a soldier in the Trinsic Royal Army, sent the following note. I was reluctant to post it, as he sent it by messenger rather than bird, but I have anyhow:

    "I would just like a few minutes of your time. Our queen is still missing and now some order guilds, and a few others that follow Lord British, have been trying their best to convince Trinsic and her people to rejoin Lord British's union. That shall not happen.

    "Why? Well its simple really. Before our queen came we found Trinsic was a ghost town. Long gone were the travelers and merchants which once came by the hundreds to our city. Our guards were growing ever so tired of battling the monsters at the front gates and keeping the city running smoothly. Yet all our letters and requests for help went unanswered.

    "British has abandoned all of us, not just our town. I point out Skara Brae. Never in all my days have I seen such mass murder of poor travelers! Yet, British's forces do nothing. The Order guilds do nothing. However, Trinsic leaves and they get mad.

    "Why? Because of the love of power and the gold. The greedy lords and ladies who now control things while British is gone don't care about the poeple.

    "What makes me say that? Well, in the days of British's rule, such murdering and looting and taxing even didn't happen. Do not think we hate Lord British. We love him but we need to watch out for ourselves until his return. Once he does return we shall buy our freedom from him. But until he returns, those greedy power hungry Lords and Ladies will continue to make idle threats toward us.

    "It is however our hope that those of the Order guilds do unite and start to bring some stabilty back to these lands. However, these same guilds will not bully us into submission.

    "Pray for our queens safe return!"

    And so the saga continues. Where the heck is Lord British anyways? Traveling in foreign lands? Deep in meditation? Exiled by his own people? Yeah. Like that would happen.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 7:17 AM EDT by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    New Tavern Opening on Thursday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail All!

    Belmakor, well known hunter of witches, recently left this note at the UOSS Drachenfels Home Office:

    Hail Friends and Citizens of Britannia !

    I send you this note to announce that new establishment will soon open on our beautiful Drachenfels shard :

    Perrin Abarya and myself wish to invite you all to the Grand Opening of our new Tavern ! It is located in the great lands of Trammel, on the northern road going from the Minoc mines to the northernmost shops of Vesper. The sextant coordinates are 97° North, 97° East.

    When will this event take place, do you ask, your eyes shining with thoughts of all the booze and company you will find there ? You won't have to wait for long:

    Ultima Establishments Online : Tavern ([UEO:T], working Title) will open its doors on Thursday the 21st September, at 9pm CET (8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 9am Hawaii).

    A few animations are to be held there regularly, and the tavern is based on real service (as opposed to a vendor structure). The managers will be available daily at yet-to-be-fixed hours, and in case you want to just hop and have a drink with a bunch of friends, one vendor will be available with emergency drinks and food.

    A wine bar will be available upstairs (wine and champagne, only for the richest among us), while downstairs a classic tavern and dinner tables will be available.

    As some of you may have noticed, the Tavern doesn't have a name yet. This is actually the first contest we will be holding. If you have an idea, send it to me. Perrin and myself will choose the winner, and he will be getting a free full bottle of pink champagne and a seat in our wine bar.

    Join us in our new adventure !

    Belmakor and Perrin,

    Merry Tavernkeepers
    We thank Belmakor for this timely announcement, and for including a Hawaii time for those of us in the Pacific.

    Go with the virtues!

    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 6:58 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Melbourne Player Meet (21st Sept (ie, this Thusday)
    You are hereby invited to a Melbourne Players Meet at the Old Homestead Inn, 170 Queens Pde Clifton Hill Vic at 8pm.
    Only approximately 5 mins out of the city, it is a nice cozy pub which serves nice, good value counter meals and plenty of ale
    Myself (Phillip), Draken Kai & Rhiannon will all be in attendance from approximately 8pm, so rock around sometime then.
    Counter meals have to be ordered by 8:30pm pub closes at 12pm.
    There will be live modern/traditional Celtic music also....performed by Rhiannon's very own band.

    So...if you'd like a nice night out, with great music, food, drink and people then you don't want to miss out on this!
    Helps if you can let me know if you're coming! but not necessary
    ICQ: 10901193

    Under 18's allowed as long as you don't drink things your not meant too! :)

    Posted on Monday, September 18, 2000, 1:15 AM EDT by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Drachenfels Mage Tower Seeks Help
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Lord Hellspawn, of the Drachenfels Mage Tower [DMT], sent us the following announcement :
    Hail people of Drachenfels!

    It has come to our attention lately that many people seem to wish to help the Drachenfels Mage Tower regain its former splendor.

    We would like to ask all of the people who are interested in taking part in the rebuilding of one of Drachenfels' major establishments to please contact us here, or through our homepage and message board.

    These are the only existing DMT adresses, and we hope to hear from you there soon.

    Lord HellSpawn,

    Keeper of the Stone [DMT]
    Thanks Hellspawn for this announcement.
    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 8:51 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Craftsevening in Mistweir
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Do ye need a new armour or repairs ? Do ye need some clothing or leather armour ? Do ye need a few potions ? Do ye need some scrolls or runebooks ? Do ye need some tables or chairs ? Do ye need a potion Keg or perhaps some lockpicks ? Do ye need a new bow or perhaps arrows ? Are ye tired with dealing with Vendors, and not being able to talk to the craftsman making the above mentioned items ?

    If ye can say "Aye" to any of these questions, then Mistweir has just the thing for ye !

    On Monday the 18th of September 21.00 CET, we will for the first time open our doors, and let craftsmen and merchants display, sell, and manufacture goods right on the spot.

    We are presenting: Carpenter: Prince Cia'Veron, Grand Master Smith: Knight of Ni, Grand Master Tinker: Thorin, Master Alchemist: Balibas, Grand Master Scribe: Yoldran, Grand Master Flecther/Bowyer: Marcus, Aprentise Tailor: Fiona, Grand Master

    And ofcourse Beorn will "entertain" customers in the Tavern. Where ofcourse also food and drink will be avaliable.

    And for that time again: Monday the 18th of September, at 21.00 CET (8PM BST, 7PM GMT), and will last for 1 hour.

    Location: Mistweir, 110o 33'N 55o 53'E (Southeast of Wrong)

    For more infomation take a look at:

    We hope to see many of ye there.

    Yours Alminster Religius Leader of Mistweir

    Yours truly
    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 7:56 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    A new tournament.
    Jeeremis is holding another tournament.

    For more info look here:

    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 7:54 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    High Council of Britannia to Meet Monday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following from the High Council of Britannia...

    37th Assembly of the 5th High Council

    Date: Monday, September 18th, 2000
    Time: 10PM EDT/9PM CDT
    Location: Magincia Parliament Building, Trammel Facet.


    • Status reports on OSS investigations of the disappearance of Lord Kendrick, and the death of Lord Sose.
    • Status report on the matter of Jaymis Dunn.
    • Other items, to be announced at the meeting.
    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 3:22 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    A Gathering of Sin
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...

    A Gathering of Sin

    Date: Sunday, September 10th, 2000

    Time: 8PM CDT

    Location: Dungeon Deceit, Dining Room (Trammel Facet)


    • Developments concerning the prediction by Seer Arislan of the boy Jaym
    • News on the Knights of Sin
    • Recent developments of Vekk'Tor and Cove
    • Other topics to be discussed at the meeting

    As with all gatherings of the Council of Sin, this meeting may include men and women considered criminals by the High Council of Britannia; do not make any attempts to apprehend these people. The people assembled are under the protection of the Council of Sin as long as they remain within the limits of the Dungeon. Acts against any attendee by outside intervention will be considered an act against the Council of Sin, and will be responded to accordingly.

    The Council of Sin

    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 3:18 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Yet another visit at the Frosty Hook

    Yet more news frem the sea, and a bit about some drinkin. Who could ask fer me eh? *toothy grin*

    It was Friday night in Wintermoor, happy hour at the Frosty Hook Tavern. A moongate opened and guests from KoR, 2ST, and UN steeped out. I had a feeling that we would be having some unwelcomed guests to. I ran to the library to get something and when I returned to a large battle between 4 krakans and many drunk guests. These krakans came every happy hour for thelast few weeks.

    I attached a message to a pigeon and it flew away. Soon after that Molly of 2ST appeared ready to fight. I heard yelling from the south that sea serpants and water elementals where at the shore. I ran down to see 4 sea serpansts and another krakan!! After a long battle we once again came out victorious. Grumbling I prepared for the battle that will probably happen next week. But in the end we had fun.

    -Blackstaff Historian of Wintermoor

    Thankee Blackstaff fer this bit of information. Keep yer eyes on the sea folks. This kraken's be a tough lot indeed!

    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 3:14 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    "The Rich Mans Inn" annouces regular bar schedule

    'ello yet again folks.
    This bit of news jest in.

    "The Richs Mans Inn" will now be staffed at regular hours. We will be open and staffed Monday thru Thursday at 9Pm Est to 10Pm EST. If you need a rune to our fine Tavern i will be handing them out at the moonglow bank at 8pm to 9pm on monday. The Drinks are still free... but tips are always accepted *winks*

    Also if there are any roleplayers who are intrested in helping with running quests for my Inn please contact me via pigeon *cough ICQ cough* at the address *cough ICQ # cough* 55432884

    Finally I would like to thank all the people who showed up for the grand opening. It was alot of fun. Thank You all.

    --Alan the Barkeep--

    Thankee Alan fer this bit o' news!

    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 3:09 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    To those who participated in the OSD House raffle:

    'ello all ye gambler types,
    This bit of information jest in, please take notice.

    Someone out there has the winning key! All of the keys have been sold so please, return to The Frosty Hook Tavern on the southern tip of Ice Isle (large forge) and recall on the rune that is locked down in front of the vendor Tilda. Make sure you have the raffle key that you bought with you at the time! If the door opens, you own the house! There is a purple book inside with instructions on how to contact me to arrange the transfer of ownership. Thank you to all who participated!

    Bill Gates, OSD
    Guilty as Charged

    Thankee 'Bill' fer this news.

    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 3:07 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Dear Folk of Britannia
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    …Dear folks of Britannia. Both ones with Chaos and those against Chaos. I wish to invite you to the passing of the Chaos Knight title to Dark Widow. All are invited, even you Dragon Knights! Please leave hostilities at the gate.

    The ceremony will be at the Thuriaz Monastery due to its great ebbing of Chaos forces. It will be at 8 Central on Thursday. I feel that the Chaos that emanates from that place is powerful enough to give us the amount of Chaos forces that we need for the ceremony.

    For those that don’t know where the Thuriaz Monastery is, we will be gating from both the Temple of the Black One and Vesper Bank to the Monastery from 7:30 to 7:50 Central. If you want to come, do show. After we will retire to Sandlewood Box for refreshments…

    *Basil rolls up parchment and hands it to Pirvan*

    “M’Lord? You invite our enemies to such a wonderful celebration?” Basil nods and answers, “It is best to let them see what they truly face. Though a chat with your enemy can sometimes let you know who the true enemy is. I look forward to talking with them.” Pirvan looks confused, but nods, “Indeed M’Lord, I shall deliver it with speed.”

    *Pirvan steps out of Basil’s studies and heads for the nearest town crier*
    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 12:58 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Seeking Third Anniversary Stories
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Seeking Third Anniversary Stories

    Three years ago the entrance to the world of Ultima Online was opened, and the first brave adventurers ventured forth to build a world and find adventure along the way. This week we look for stories of your first experience from years ago. What was it like when you first entered Britannia? How has the world changed? How have you changed as a result of the world? Pull up a bar stool, tell your tale, and raise a toast to this momentous anniversary!

    Send an e-mail to [email protected] by Friday, September 22nd, and tell us a story of your experiences in the world of Ultima Online. Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words, and include "3rd Year Anniversary" in your subject line. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions, and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 11:18 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Celebrity Chat with Kal El on Monday
    Hail and Well Met!

    Join us Monday, September 18th, 2000 at 6:00pm CST in #Ultima-Online for our Ultima Online Celebrity Chat located on Stratics IRC. Our Special guest this week will be Kal El the arch leader of OSI's Volunteer Program(s) He'll be here to answer any questions you'd like to ask him. About his role with OSI, in game experience's he's had, or anything else you'd like to ask him! So feel free and stop by in #Ultima-Online on Stratics IRC.

    #Ultima-Online is the 24 hour chatroom brought to you by Stratics IRC. You can access the Stratics network via the following servers, or by using our JAVA IRC client located at port 6667 port 6667 port 6667

    Visit us Monday evening, at 6:00pm CST in #Ultima-Online, to chat with our Kal el our celebrity. Or, drop by anytime for tips, news, and general conversation about Ultima-Online!

    Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000, 11:09 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Runelibrary Seeking Player Establishments Runes
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Kathleen sent us the following announcement :
    Hail !
    We at Telia's Rune Library are searching for runes to fill the first official Drachenfels Trammel Player Town Runebook available. The rune book will be displayed at Telia's Rune Library once it's filled with runes to living player towns.

    There are already three runes to the following player towns:

    • Lindost
    • Gypsy Village
    • Silverbow
    Please everybody who is citizen of a player run town, submit the following information to me:
    • Towns tavern location (sextant coordinates)
    • Name of the town (duh!)
    • URL of the town's website (if available)
    • Name and contact information of the towns mayor (if available)
    This information will help us to finish the runebook and make it available to the public at Drachenfels' largest and oldest rune library, Telia's.

    Best regards,

    Thanks for your hard work Kathleen !
    Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000, 9:05 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Memorial Service for Eleana Coreil
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    In the early morning dew of another dreary day an young woman approaches a tavern with reluctance. She Pauses at the steps of the Once Great tavern and sighs. She shakes her head in dismay at what has transpired the last few weeks.  She opens the door to the place that once brought much joy and laughter into her life. And yet on this day Marisa Mordin feels no joy or laughter, but sorrow.

    Marisa recalls what brought her to this woeful day, "Why did I let her go" she cries. Still unable to face what she has found, her Mentor, her mistress, her foster mother, Gone. "How can she be gone?" says Marisa. Marisa Mordin wonders what she will do without her Mentor Eleana Coreil?  On this morning Marisa returns with the remains of her mentor and friend. Who Could have done this? Why would anyone want to kill Eleana?

    A Memorial service for Eleana Coreil will be held at the Journey's End tavern on Saturday the 23 of september at 7pm (pst) (Located in Felucia north east of Moonglow) All Friends and Family are welcome and those whom would like to pay their respects to this Kind and Loving Woman.


    Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000, 8:03 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Live and Learn
    I would like to personally say I'm sorry to everyone that attended the auction friday night. It didn't go very well. As most people couldn't hear me, and I them, we will have communication crystals next time. Yes there will be a next time: we will be better prepared. I'd like to say I'm sorry for the bannings that happened friday as well. There was someone friended to the tower that was banning people. I wasn't aware of this until after the auction. He has been dealt with and will no longer be a problem. Sorry if we wasted anyones' time. The next auction will be much better.

    Malis Farland
    First Elder FCR

    Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000, 5:33 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Tar Valon Regatta
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A gull dropped to the deck of the ship and looked at me hesitantly. A moment later the bird bounded back into the skies leaving behind a note tied tight with a twined scarlet and black ribbon, signature colours of a frail witch friend of mine.

    I unrolled the note expecting to find a hastily scrawled message saying, "come help NOW!!" Instead, what do I find, but a note drawn in formal hand and scarlet ink. And Deliya knew just who to deliver such news too, as I am quite familiar with all the places (that reads INNS & PUBS) where the captains and sailors come to port. So she asks me to inform all the Seas (Yes, when it comes to having a mouth I am approaching Grand master gabber).

    So here you go:

    Fall Winds bring fair sails, and before winter's scalding touch my sister's on the Isle of Tar Valon thought we should have some lively entertainment. To make use of nature's sweet Zephyrs we are holding a yachting event in Trammel.

    You will need to supply a boat, we will supply the food and drink. Part of the race is actually getting to the Isle by the kick off time which is promptly at 9:30PM Central Time.

    A few clues, Tar Valon is an island South East of Britain, it also has an entrance to T2A. Tar Valon has several homes on it and also two buildings, one a large temple like building, the other a sort of mariner's library. The coordinates are 43o 40'S 41o 12'E.

    You must register with an Event Sponsor and/or Kalia or Deliya Skye. The objective, will be to sail to a given point, so make sure to bring your compass. Once you reach the pre-determined point you must board the boat which is there and retrieve the coordinates to the next location. Once at the location you must dry dock your boat and continue inland to retrieve the next coordinates then put your boat back in the water and continue on to the finish.

    The entry fee is 500gp and a check for 50,000gp will be presented to the first across the finish line. Please make sure you come equipped for a journey, there might be some encounters. In other words, pack bandages, make sure your sword is sharp and your armor repaired, and wear your best pair of running shoes.

    You are welcome to invite a party for the journey, or go it alone. And to put fears at rest I expect most everyone to be able to complete the journey by their own fair wits. Of course, you can send all pigeons, doves, and drakes to Deliya Skye

    This event is planned for Wednesday, Sept 20. ~Helper~

    Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000, 4:54 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Evil has returned to Britannia
    Last night, walking death poured from the gates of Britain, led by a liche lord who claimed to be a messenger from an unknown entity. With the help of the town guards and hours of work, the cemetary was restored to its peaceful state once more.

    During this battle a name could barely be heard among the undead. I caught what syllables I could, as the vocal cords of zombies are very decayed and communication is a challenge. The name I believe I heard was Masiu.

    Yes, friends, there is an evil out there once again, looking to destroy all we hold dear. Where or when this evil will manifest is a good guess. Be on thy guard and watch your families! For Britain may fall victim to the same fate as our beloved Trinsic. As more information becomes available, I will bring it forth for all to see.

    Pray to the gods, arm thyself with silver, and prepare for war. It seems once again, we will do battle.

    Keep Thy Faith
    Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000, 4:42 PM EDT by Tyril (Sonoma)

    Dragon Town : Dark Secrets of Alchemy
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Calimerion sent us the following report :
    Hail dear Citizens of Sosaria,

    Times are getting harder these days and one has to be careful not to fall in the hands of the evil crowds trying to take over our beloved land. With all those evil creatures and brigands slaying the land, where shall we go and what shall we do ? It seems that a great evil power is gathering their powers to finish an evil plan they conceived a long time ago. This has to be stopped and the evil seed has to be destroyd by any means for our common sake !

    Some time ago we met Brother Gustav at the Dragon Town Tavern in Felucca. He was in deep need of help as his Brother Leoric was missing. A few days ago, Brother Gustav told us that Brother Leoric was on his way to discover a secret. As he did not come to his meeting point, Brother Gustav was worried about Leoric. Nearly instantly we, the Dragon Clan, formed a group of our greatest heroes to look out for Brother Leoric and to see if something might have happened to him. After all we were able to locate him and rescue him. He had nearly fallen into the hand of the evil powers.

    We learned that the secret he had discoverd was the existence of an evil alchemy book. Great danger lies in this book ! Evil powers are gathering to find out the whereabouts of that book, and with its power they would be able to rule the whole world of Sosaria !

    Time passed from then and Brother Gustav returned to his studies to find out more clues about the existence of the book and where to find it. We indeed had to find it before anyone else, evil minded, does. Today again he visited us and told us we shall gather and go to Trinsic to meet the Weaponmaster. He should be able to provide us with some more clues regarding the strange book.

    After heading to Trinsic we finally found Henry the Weaponmaster. He was not quite willing to tell us anything he knew but let us know that he was in deep need for a safe guard leading him to Britain. We provided him the safe guardiance he asked for. During the trip, a massive ambush took place from Brigands led by Lord Ladra. A tough fight was taking place now. And many heroes of our proud party had to face death but finally we were gaining on them ! As we were able to deal with the evil brigands and to escort Henry to Britain, he knew he could trust us and therefore provided us with more information and some more clues about the secret book.

    After Henry left us we moved forward to the town of Scara Brae as he told us to find Otto. Sadly he was not at home as his wife, Corinna, told us her husband, Otto, would not be back until Thursday. As she understood we had to speak to Otto urgently, she told us she would ask him to meet us on Thursday at the Dragon Clan Tavern.

    With that information we headed back home to have a drink and shatter about today happenings an progress. Later on Brother Gustav joined us at the Tavern and we told him the information we were able to gather. He was very pleased with us and told us that he would also come to the Tavern on Thursday.

    Will you be with us on Thursday to get any clues about the evil book ? Stick with us and help us an that important mission !

    More information about that quest and a map of Dragon Town are to be found on our homepage.


    Dragon Clan
    Thanks Calimerion. Do not forget to let us know what happens next.
    Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000, 4:01 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Liberalis Party!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<(The date has changed so take notice if this isn't the first time reading this post)It's short notice folks, but be glad you get an invite in the first place! Liberalis is the best fun you can Trammel. ;)

    All ya'll should come and play some chess or checkers, eat, drink and be merry!!


    Fight Dragons, Drakes, and Wyrms!

    Chess and checkers tourny!

    Tomorrow, Sunday the 17th at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern till whenever, we plan to have a great ol' get together in Liberalis...

    Come and I will teach you how to TIP A COW!!
    (ask and I really will show you, ITS SO KOOL!!)


    Gates will be provided 15 minutes before the event at the Brit West Bank. More info on Liberalis can be found at
    Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000, 2:38 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    A Meeting with Kazarin of Moonglow
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Yesterday evening, like every Friday, we travelled again to Minoc to meet with Rilla Takhista at her tent in the gypsie camp. Rilla, looking very tired told us about a dream she had the night before, a dream about Daryen who has control over three of the four elements, with only Earth missing. She revelaed, that Daryen is searching for a special item to aquire the last element, but she does nay know what kind of item that might be yet. Rilla proposed to talk to Kazarin, the pirate trying to take over the town of Moonglow, as he might know something regarding Daryen's search for the fourth element. Since Rilla seemed very tired due to her efforts to catch glimpses of the future we decided to travel to the town under pirate occupation ... Moonglow.

    When we arrived in Moonglow everything seemed quiet and peaceful. No pirates where to be seen, though Kazarin's signs at the southern armory made me shiver, when I walked past 'em. A little later, I heard the clash of weapons to the south, somewhere near the southern gate of Moonglow, but I continued my search for Kazarin or someone of his crew. Finally we spotted Mairae Wyndfell and followed her to the Mageshop Kazarin took over the week before.

    Here ye can find parts of the Conversation with Kazarin and Mairae

    Those brave and couragous adventurers wanting to defend the fair town of Moonglow against the pirate threat might contact Wolfrinn of Clan Redwolf, whos men patrol the town of Moonglow to ensure safety for travellers and merchants.

    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000, 12:03 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Drachenfels Mage Tower Moved to Trammel
    Just a short note to let everybody know that the Drachenfels Mage Tower [DMT], which was previously located on the edge of the Valendorian Desert on Felucca has recently moved to Trammel, south of the Yew Moongate, at the coordinates 71o 48'N, 35o 38'W.

    We will update all our establishment reviews soon, including Telia's rune library, DMT and Lindost, plus many more coming in the next few days.

    Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000, 11:32 AM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Haven is Looking for Bartenders
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hmm ... don't really have to say much because herrrre's Azazel:

    The Mystic Lake Tavern in the City of Haven (felucca) is looking for people to staff the tavern during the hours of operation. In order to be accepted you must meet the following requirements.

    • Be able to staff the tavern at least one day a week from 8-11PM EST on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
    • Be active in the current Chesapeake Role Play community.
    • You must have at least one person from the following cities/taverns be willing to vouch for you, Haven, Corwyn, Duir of Yew, Humility, PaxLair, Shadowcove.
      • This person must email me, give your name, give your email address, state what city they are representing, and give a way they can be contacted. They must be in one of the guilds directly  related to the city.
    The most important part is being able to staff the tavern at least one day a week. You'll be able to chose which day you prefer to staff. The whole reason we're getting more bartenders is because we need people to be there at tavern hours. If you end up not showing up when you're supposed to, you will be asked to leave very fast.

    It's not all glitz and glamor, a lot of the time you'll be in an empty room, all alone, but be required to stay there. It is a lot of fun, but it's not always going to be. So if you don't have a lot of time on your hands, or have a very low attention span do yourself a favor and don't apply for the position.

    Send me an email if you have any questions.
    Tavern Manager

    Posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000, 10:53 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Archeological Expedition Missing!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    All are feared lost! Robyn ap Mir, Archeologist and Lecturer for the Lycaeum, is offering a reward for information surrounding the recent disappearance of an archeological party sent to the Lost Lands a week ago.

    Robyn would not comment on the nature of the ill-fated expedition, only noting that she suspected foul play, and that no amount of threats or bullying would stop her from pursuing her work.

    A rescue operation is being staged from Robyn's home in Britain this Sunday eve at 6PM of the Clock.

    Robyn's home is located due north of the Cavalry Guild in Britain (Felluca) at 9*3 N, 19*45 E

    Brave warriors and mages are needed desperately to aid in this endeavor.

    Good Luck!

    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 11:07 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Rune Books
    Calandryll posted the following on the Development forum, concerning blessed rune books, as well as a big 'thank you':

    Runebooks Will Remain Blessed

    I spoke with Sage about this and we're going to keep runebooks blessed and will also work to make sure the older ones become blessed as well. I'll update all of you on that once we have a system in place.

    I also want to say a few things here. First, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to communicate with me in a constructive manner even though we were debating. I know this was a very big issue to many of you and that many of you felt very passionate about it. I was glad to see everyone write compelling arguements and examples of why you felt they should remain blessed. It is exactly that kind of communication and feedback that I am looking for when I read these boards.

    Anyway, runebooks will remain "blessed" items. I think the kind of debate we had last night is very healthy and I hope to continue to have that level of discourse with you as we press forward.

    Thanks again everyone!
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 5:00 PM EDT by Sambolc (GeneralNews)

    UO/ORIGIN Seattle Player's Event
    The following is an updated Announcement of the UO/ORIGIN Seattle Player's Event. Of special note is the addition of Melantus' attendance. For those not familiar with him, Melantus is the Community Coordinator for UO.
    2nd Annual Seattle Player's Event

    You are hereby invited to attend the 2nd Annual Seattle Player's Event for Ultima Online/ UWO: Origin. There will be much feasting, lots of players from all walks of life to meet, a raffle to give away UO & UWO:Origin merchandise, a costume contest, and even a special guest appearance by Melantus, the Community Coordinator for UO, including a Question & Answer Session!

    PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED - You can do this by contacting Joshua Rowan at [email protected]. Make sure to provide your real name, main character name/main shard, an e-mail address for us to contact you at, and your choice of dinner (from the list below).

    Here are the specifics:

    DATE: Saturday, October 28, 2000

    TIME: 5pm-11pm

    WHERE: Holiday Inn Sea-Tac (near the Sea-Tac Airport) - Top of the Inn Restaurant (this is a 360 degree rotating restaurant with spectacular views of The Puget Sound area)

    MENU CHOICES: Make sure to let us know which meal you would like when you RSVP. All meals will include Salad, Baked Bread, Seasonal Vegetables, Potatoes, Rice Pilaf or Pasta, Dessert, and Coffee/Tea.
    • LONDON BROIL - Specially Marinated and Broiled to Perfection. Topped with Mushroom Demi-Glaze
    • HAZELNUT SALMON - Fresh Salmon Filet Broiled and Basted with Hazelnut Butter.
    • NW VEGETABLE LASAGNA - Filled with Fresh Herbs, Mushrooms, and Savory Marinara Sauce.
    • LEMON CAPER CHICKEN- Breast of Chicken Lightly Broiled and Topped with Lemon Caper Sauce.
    COST: $30 per person - We will be asking for PREPAYMENT (details pending). Once we receive your confirmation you will receive further details on how to do this. ***NOTE: Special room rates have been arranged for over night guests. Please ask us for details.

    NOTE: If you have already contacted Joshua, he has you on the list and there is no need to recontact him.
    Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 4:27 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Stormhaven's Gala First Night
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was dropped into my mailbox by Hecate. Lots of activity going on in Trammel. What happened to the great player run towns of Felucca?

    Baroness Elsa, Sovereign of the City of Stormhaven warmly extends her appreciation to the participants of the gala event. The enthusiastic crowd of over one hundred guests enjoyed an evening of fine dinning, zestful dancing, exciting entertainment and a sensational dragon run that will keep storytellers employed for many months to come.

    The evening began with a costume ball, hosted by Captain Discord, Commander of the Stormhaven Gendarmes. The ladies and gentlemen present exhibited much exotic and eye-catching costume, and roundly enjoyed each other's company. Musicians from Lord British's court performed the latest tunes, much to the appreciation and the enjoyment of those present.

    After many hours of gourmet dining, merry meetings and mirthful dancing, Baroness Elsa invited her guests for the event of the season. An unseen but dreadful force invoked great magic and summoned many dragons to infest Castle Dread. Participants then invaded the castle; their objective being the copious loot bags scattered all over the castle. Although the intrepid heroes showed great courage
    in facing the enraged dragons, it is noted that the reptilian beasts enjoyed a great feast that evening. After many hours of spellbinding struggle, the liberators successfully removed all prize pouches. A throng of bards, warriors and mages then stormed the castle to do their civic duty. In short order, the dragons were no more.

    The evening ended with Baroness Elsa personally greeting the prizewinners, and awarding them their due. Dawn greeted the departing guests as the Baroness proudly closed the event.
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 4:04 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    The Trade Caravan Rides Once Again
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The Trade Caravan rides once again.

    It is mine great pleasure to announce a Caravan after a rather long break. The Caravan will leave from the Trade Caravan fortress of Cove and go to the town of Mistweir. For location of Trade Caravan fortress of Cove, please look at

    We welcome any volunteers who wish to help to transport valuable cargo of fine wine to the Mistweir Tavern.

    We will leave on Monday the 18th at 20.00 (CET) and we will try arrive by 21.00 (CET), the time when the Mistweir's Crafts-evening begins. So please arrive there in time if you want to make it, so there won't be any delays.

    Videric Gaveston
    The Trade Caravan of Cove

    Yours truly
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 2:05 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    A Kidnapping
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A message from Lolion.

    As some of thee might already know, my love in this world got kidnapped close to a week ago.

    When word of this reached me, I searched the entire realm for clues of her wearabouts, with little success. The only lead I had towards where she might be was the name "Deacon Devlin" of the Lord British Loyalists. He had, apparently, visited the Morning Star tavern, and as he so fondly put it, in the note he left, "liberated" their womenfolk. I searched for days without end, scowering the lands. Alas, he was nowhere to be found.

    Then, one night after having patrolled the Vesperian front alongside Kha Danny and Shia, I saw a cloak of blue riding by me. 'Twas indeed the same blue tone that the British Loyalist have chosen to wear in their uniform. I tightened the grip on my sword, being prepared of what might happen, and cried out:

    "Halt, state thy business!"

    Upon turning around, the man met me with naught but a grin confirming my beliefs. I had just stumbled upon the very same man that had taken my dear Luggage from me. I interrogated him as well as I could, although he had no will to speak with me about her wearabouts. I had indeed a great will to thrust my sword into his gut where he stood, the only thing holding me back was the knowledge of the consequences this could give, as he was keeping Luggage somewhere unknown to me. Just then, Shia asked me for my permission to personnaly interrogate him. Standing outside the Vesper bank, me and Kha Danny heard the screams of agony as Shia got closer to an answer. Then, all of a sudden the moaning stopped, and we could once again hear the voice of Shia.

    "Stop him! He's getting away !"

    Me and Kha Danny rode as swiftly as we could, but it was too late, painted upon the horizon we saw a blue cape disappearing into the forests west of Vesper. Shia had loosened her grip for naught but a mere second, as Deacon had looked as if though he was suffocating. He had indeed ceased the moment and ridden off as quickly as his horse could carry him. We saw no more of him that evening.

    When I first opened my eyes the following day, I felt filled with a new hope. My entire body was shivering with anticipation and I knew that something good would come of the day. Upon entering the tavern, I saw a note from Shia telling me to seek out a gypsy of wich Deacon had spoken. As he had not mentioned any names this was indeed a challenge for me. I started my search in the place I thought most likely to find this person; the camp south of Minoc.I searched the camp, looking for anyone that might carry knowledge of Deacons wearabouts. Just as I was giving up hope, a female gypsy appeared out of thin air. Startled as I was, I tried to keep calm, and greeted her as one should. Upon doing this, she looked at me with eyes that I have never seen the like of. She seemed well aware of the fact that I was troubled. I asked her if she did in fact hold any knowledge of the wearabouts of my loved one. Without giving an answer she took my palm and gazed into it. Her voice was changing as she spoke at me, and I was more than a little worried about what she had to say. She spoke in riddles, and seemed most troubled about what she saw. Here are the phrases that came to start my long journey.

    "I see an evening of rejoycing, two friends riding alongside each other. There is a battle lying gone and ahead. I see a young woman, dreaming of her knight. There is a fork in the road, two friends parting at the graveyard. The road is long."

    Then, just as I thought she was ending the last sentance, a spark lit her eyes anew.

    "This is where thou shalt find what thou art searching for."

    Upon speaking these words, she disappeared as quickly as she had appeared. 'Twas as if she had turned into mist before my eyes. Deeply worried by the words she had spoken, I immediatly sent word for Shia, as well as my commander, D'Angelo. Later in the evening, we all gathered by the Morning Star tavern, and I told them what I had just witnessed. We decided to visit the Vesper cemetary, as most of the Vesper battle had taken place there. Shia had other matters to attend to, so 'twas D'Angelo and myself who rode up to the cemetary at dawn. Searching through the cemetary, I suddenly heard a most familiar voice.

    Signalling for D'Angelo to follow me, I rode into the main building of the cemetary. There stood Deacon Devlin and his companion, Artinnery. This time, Deacon did not carry on him a big grin. Instead he looked upon me with fear in his eyes. He knew he was in great danger, and could not understand how we had found him. I pointed my sword at his throat, threatening to take his life if he did not answer my questions. With a last sence of desperacy he lounged towards me, trying to get away. Aided by all the hatred that had built up inside me towards this one man alone, I thrusted my sword straight through his armor and into his stomach. Looking over at D'Angelo, I saw he had already dispatched Artinnery.

    I bent over the moaning Deacon, asking him one last time of where Luggage was being held. He then confessed he was not holding her at all. He had apparently tricked her into coming with him to Britain, by implying he was of a much higher rank. When she found out this was not the case, she had immediately left on the road to Vesper. Now, seeing as she had not yet appeared in Vesper, 'twas safe to assume something had happened to her. I could only pray she was still alive. And then, with his dying breath Deacon spoke of a book, which he had supposedly dropped on his way to Vesper, that might be of aid to us. While this happened, a quite great mass of FVM soldiers had gathered at the cemetary. D'Angelo was quick to order three of them to aid me in my search. Those brave souls were Jehan de Barmont, Delita Ilionora and Taurandir. Mere seconds after this, Shia came riding in, carrying with her a troubled look. There were Decadanti headed our way.

    Shortly thereafter, Memnoch Al'Zufe and Alash-Traagh appeared. Memnoch had come to offer a combination of our forces in the search of Luggage.

    Looking back, I see little reasoning in my response to his offer, what their interest in Luggage were, I do not know. In either case, I agreed with permission from D'Angelo to let them aid us. We searched through the entire Vesper area for the book of which Deacon had spoken, whilst the Decadanti wandered around the cemetary aimlessly, 'twould have seemed. When I finally rode into the cemetary once again to hear if they had found anything, they merely muttered a few words at me and transported themselves away by means of magic. They had, no doubt, found what they were looking for. I now knew that the next goal on my journey would be Cove, as that is where Decadanti is commonly found. My small group gathered outside the cemetary, and then begun riding southwest, towards Covetown.

    When we finally arrived, there were no Decadanti to be found. We searched the entire town for leads, telling us where they might be, with little success. Just as I was giving up hope, I heard the voice of Jehan calling for the group to gather. He had found a note from Luggage. The note explained that she had been captured by orcs on her way back to Vesper. I do not carry much knowledge about the realm, nor the exact position of many cities. But I was aware of the fact that the orcs have built a fort south of Cove, beyond the mountains. Upon arriving, there were no orcs to be seen. Still, we scowered the fort, hoping to find a lead as to where they might have gone. Taurandir found yet another note, stating that the orcs were taking Luggage somewhere to trade her as a slave. I was now blinded with anger and hatred, and the group made quite an effort to calm me down. Many a question arose.

    "Where do the orcs take slaves ?"
    "Would they be taking her to other humans ?"
    "Could it be Buccaneer's Den?"
    "Where to now, sir ?"

    The pressure upon me was enormous, I finally decided for the group to go to Yew, as there is another orcish fort there, not entirely unknown for dealing with humans. While we were travelling there, I sent a pidgeon for D'Angelo asking him if he knew anything about an orcish slave-market. When we arrived in Yew, we decided to spend the night there, as all of us had gotten quite tired after the long journey. Then as the next day arrived, a pidgeon settled upon my shoulder, 'twas carrying a message from D'Angelo, answering my question.

    Alas, he did not hold knowledge as to where the orcs take captives, although he had heard rumours circling 'round that the orcish caravans would stop close to Skara Brae to obtain necessities for their travels, and that the tamers there would surely hold knowledge about where the orcs go after that. Apparently, I had made a wrong guess, and no sooner said than done, the group was on it's way to Skara Brae to seek out a tamer with contacts within the orcish world.

    When we arrived, all of us split up, covering different parts of the city. The first obvious place to look for a tamer, would be the stables, and there is where I went. Well inside, I found no clue leading me as to where Luggage had been taken. When turning around to leave the room, I saw something bright yellow in the corner of my eye. I decided to investigate closer. Aye, 'twas indeed the same dress Luggage had worn the day I met her. In that moment, the door flew open, startling everyone in the room, including myself. 'Twas Jehan and he was holding yet another note.

    In the note Luggage explained that the orcs had stopped to buy pelts, they were apparently going somewhere quite cold. The next member of our group to arrive at the stables was Delita Ilionora. She had with her a tamer with certain knowledge about the ways of the orcs, and he told us that the orcs had set up a tradingpost out on Ice Island, confirming my suspiciouns. Taurandir was the last to arrive, and with him he had a rune which lead to the very same island we were going to visit. Delita and Jehan left using magic they were themselves capable of wielding. I was, unfortunately too weary to be able to wield even simple magic, such as that. So Taurandir and I had to stay in Skara in search for a mage that was willing to create a moongate, which could take us to Ice Island.

    When Taurandir and myself finally arrived out on Ice Island, Delita and Jehan had been waiting for sometime. This had given them time to think through our next move. They pointed out that the logical place for a prisoner to be held, would be the dungeon of Deceit. I agreed fully, and soon we were on our way into the dungeon. Well inside there were many a creature, the likes of which I had only heard tales of before. We battled our way through the dungeon. As the air thickened with the stench of rotting corpses, I suddenly saw Luggages' face flash before my eyes. The surprise of this was so great, that I fell off my horse, and onto the ground. The visions would not stop, I now knew that she was not in the dungeon, but still outside, on the island. The others helped me up onto my horse, surely shocked of the display they had just witnessed. We rode out of the dungeon, and the visions became all the more frequent.

    I decided to split the group into two parts, one covering the north side of the island, and the other one covering the south. Taurandir and I swiftly reached the northern tip of the island, but Luggage was nowhere to be found. We rode back to help the others in their search of the south part of the island. Jehan and Delita were standing by the Honesty Shrine, waiting for us. Without even noticing, I rode by them and onwards, towards the southern tip of the island. Taurandir had apparently lost track of me during one of the sudden storms that are frequently tormenting the inhabitants of Ice Island. So I was now alone. All that could be heard was the wind whistling between the houses and the valley of Honesty. And all that could be seen was the white mass tumbing down at unimaginable velocities from the sky. I rode and rode, pushing myself and Hurricane to the limit. Then all of a sudden, I was surrounded by orcish grunting. As the storm faded, I looked up, only to realise I had stumbled into an orcish camp. They had just arrived, it would seem, as some of them were still unloading the ships. A great lot of the local animals had apparently sensed there was something unnatural about this perticular caravan. With me being an elf, I swiftly had them know what they had sensed. That the orcs had, in fact, kidnapped an innocent, defenseless woman, and that I, Lolion, son of Eldrid, had come to rescue her. What then happened, was almost impossible for most to believe. All the animals within at least two hundred feet came rushing towards the orcish party, who scattered like leaves in the wind.

    And then, in the middle of it all, I saw Luggage for the first time, in what had felt like years. There she stood, in all her glory, shivering out of fear and cold. I do not believe I have ever been so happy in my entire life. And better yet, I believe the glee was mutual.

    I quickly disposed of her chains, swept her into my cloak, and rode off with her towards the dungeon of Deceit, where I met up with the others. We then travelled from there, once again aided by magic, home to Vesper. After returning her safely to the Morning Star tavern, me, Delita, Jehan, and Taurandir, and many other FVM met a squad of Decadanti. Alas, that is a completely different story.

    Yours, Lolion.

    Yours truly.
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 2:02 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    UO Player Gathering - Nashville, TN
    Wow! It must be the season for UO Player Gatherings! Here is yet another announcement, this one a preliminary fact-finding request for the Nashville area:
    Hiya! I am interested in hosting a Player Gathering in Nashville, TN. I have put a page up that will allow me to gain insight into the number of people that would be interested in attending. Please visit our UO Gathering Website to find out more details.

    Thanks much, and Fare Well!

    FrostFire of LS

    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 1:49 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Pirate Attack on Moonglow
    A report from Jheero Araquin


    I write to you about the latest pirate attack on Moonglow.

    Late last night the grapevine told us that another attack on Moonglow was eminent, I contacted some friends and we travelled there to see if this was true. Sure enough hordes of pirates and mages poured thru the city gates charging the armourers building west of the bank. It was not long until we also saw their leaders again, warriors in Valorite armour charging and threatening anyone who would try to get close to their intended siege. In the midst of battle I had a hard time keeping an eye on them all but I think they are three, with two mages wearing robes in the same light blue color. They all are guilty for the deaths of many men and women these last two battles.

    My guildmates, Ayden Grant of the Fellowship of the Protectorate and I charged into their east flank, withdrawing north or south towards the bank when we needed to regroup. Although I was badly wounded several times and had to retreat for healing I did not spot that many water elementals as last time, instead many vile wizards both lord and apprentice appeared and used their wicked magics. While taking cover near the bank I saw my friend, Ehrman, hacking away with his axe. Cutting down mage and pirate to the left and right. Sadly, one of the more cunning advesaries came up behind him and cut a deep gash in his leg. Cursing his dwarven ancestors he limped for cover but it was too late. A particulary sadistic mage fried the stocky fellow with a flamestrike as if he was nothing more then ribs on a campfire.

    Then I saw an opening, like a paved way leading straight to the entrance of the armourer. I quickly gathered some allies, Manmor, a fine archer was close and heeded my call. He gave Ayden and me enough support so we could reach the entrance that was already being barricaded by the pirates. It quickly became apparent though that this was a mistake, a horde of mages and pirates was inside an I realised I was in over my head but there was no time to turn back. I screamed curses and challenges to the Valorite men but they either did not hear me or ignored me. Later I found out they had vanished as quickly as they came and although I would not admit it I praise the virtues that my challenge was not heard else I would probably not be writing this.

    Lucky for me there was a tamer nearby, forgive me for not remembering your name, who had a dragon. This dragon by my side made my confidence swell and we pressed on with the attack. Nameless tamer, do not forget those two pigs that the dragon deserves. Anyhow, we where to late, the building is now claimed by Kazari as you can see by the many totems, flags and barricades that have been erected all around the building.

    While scouring the battlefield for the righteous loot that becomes the victors a group managed to find one pirate that was still alive. The half of us wanted to threaten him with his life and the other wanted to use subterfuge. In the end the pirates thirst made his tounge loosen. We bombarded him with many questions and here are the facts that I see them, thanks to the men and women who interrogated the pirate, forgive me for not remembering your names either. To some this may be old news, others not. Take it as you wish.

    1. Kazari is a pirate chief who have been given the power over water, to summon elementals by his side or heal his allies.

    2. A gypsie, probably an enemy to Rilla, maybe even the one who murdered her father helps the pirates. To support this fact are the weapons the pirates wielded. They have some mystic marks, at least four of these sword had been marked with the 'Urdu gypsie mark'. Thanks to Clara at the Spiritwood tavern for this information.

    3. The gypsie who murdered Rilla's father seeks to control the four elementals, she claims three but yet one she lacks. One of these is probably 'given' to Kazari. Thanks to Clara at the Spiritwood tavern for this information.

    4. Kazari uses some kind of sigil to control the water. The pirate said that he uses this to enter and leave battle. Also, if I understand the pirate correctly, his captain has a hideout nearby Moonglow.

    5. Kazari obviously wants Moonglow as a sort of powerbase, maybe to continue launching attacks on the mainland. Although I am not a great tactician, men of greater knowledge in this skill have told me that Moonglow would be a good place to launch an offensive on the mainland. Using the moongates there are many ways to enter the mainland, but only one to protect. Boats can be launched and reach many places fast. It has a entrance to the lost lands. The Lycaeum is a veritable treasure horde of knowledge.

    I am sorry for this lengthy letter, but I wanted to miss no piece of information. I also regret that I could not get any drawings for you.


    Jheero Araquin of Europa.

    Yours truly
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 1:41 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    Tales of an Empire - "The Binding Word"
    A new chapter to Tales of an Empire from Flinn is up! Here's a quick story 'teaser' from The Binding Word:
    Looking into the General's deep hazel eyes Scyth saw the anger and hatred, the darkness and the despair, he had no doubts that Sevren would kill him without hesitation. Scyth reached into his long red robes and pulled out a small smooth rune. "Here, here is where you will find the man."
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 1:38 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Busy this Weekend?
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Oh what a line up the city of Haven has set up for everyone. But enough from me, with more information, herrrrrrrrrrrre's Korin:
    We have a lot planned for this weekend. For starters we have the ongoing Crafting Festival. This week we will be celebrating the crafting skill of Tailoring! Yes all of those strange little people that spend their time in a corner with needle and thread. Be thankful they do! For if not you would be running around in nothing but your birthday suit! Not that many don't do that in town now. *sighs*

    In celebration of the hard working Tailor we will have free food and drink within the Tavern as well as the new famous Tavern Games held by Azazel. Also for those tailors among you we will be holding a "sew off". Basically those participating will be told an item that they should make and the first one to show me that item (in a trade window) will be awarded 1 point. The first Tailor to get 5 points will be declared a winner and given a prize. This will continue until all the tailors competing have reached the 5 point mark and received a prize. But the prizes awarded will become smaller and smaller with each winner so you should try to be one of the first to achieve 5 points. Be aware as well that no materials will be provided so you should have both cloth and hides. Since it will not be known what item will be asked for. Also all contestants will be snooped before the event with any items of cloth or hide not allowed within a contestants pack. Also anything worn by the contestant will not be accepted by the judge. You HAVE to make it then and there!

    The Celebration will begin on Saturday the 16th of September at 8:00pm EST. As before there will be someone at the Britain West Bank from 7:30pm EST to just before the event providing gates to Haven for those in need. So I invite any and all out to our ongoing Crafting Festival. Come out and help us celebrate one of the many things that makes our realm unique. And bare in mind that there are many more Celebrations yet to come!

    And then on the following day, Sunday the 17th of September at 9:30pm EST, there will be a quest. The Wizards of the guild known as Wizards of the Arcane (W^A) will be searching for answers to the murder of Haven's librarian. Isis's ghost has been seen in Haven several times now. But none have been able to return her to life. And why was she murdered in the first place? All these things we will learn in due time I hope.

    And still this strange man that I have spoken of has been seen in and about Haven. Many times has he been seen now but still I do not know who he is or why he comes. There are many mysteries about and some trouble me more than others. Be on the watch for him!

    Till this weekend then my friends!

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 10:12 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Luigi's Pizzeria Memories
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< With a couple of touching thoughts, Winfield speaks of the Pizzeria's Final Festival and more:
    It is with great sadness that I attended the last Pizzeria Festival at Luigi's Pizzeria Thursday night (or is it the last festival ... read on). Luigi is turning proprietorship over to others while he will still retain ownership as a PaxLair founder and caretaker.

    Luigi's Pizzeria is one of the most famous establishments in the realm. From the start of PaxLair, Luigi established the first Pizzeria in the realm. Many weekly adventure teams, concerts, birthday parties, and festivals were hosted at Luigi's. The open-air festival area is connected to Luigi's and in the center of PaxLair ... offering a great setting for major events.

    In this cafe area we have honored the Counselors, fought off Mazrim, destroyed the statue of Gehenna, and had quest tournaments and events.

    Luigi's Pizzeria, located in the best area of PaxLair, will continue to serve the public under new proprietorship. Illistyn, Monk, and Beleg will operate the facility for all to enjoy. The name may change as they get settled in, but we will always remember it as Luigi's Pizzeria.

    Long Live Luigi!!! The Best Pizzaman in the Realm!!!

    Luigi, it honors me and the people of the realm greatly to witness your self-sacrificing way to turn over a hugely successful endeavor to others who can carry it on. Tears in my eyes that I will not see you as often ... but ... there is hope.

    Luigi has agreed to a quarterly Pizzeria Festival! We look forward to this and it may be a time to bring many people together every three months to honor realm, town, guild, and individual achievements. Thanks Luigi for great service over the years!!
    - Winfield, Mayor of PaxLair
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 8:58 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Corwyn Town Faire Held Over
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Corwyn Town Faire - Archery Contest And the fun continues! The Corwyn Town Faire will happen again tonight! I was personally there and it was great fun and hope to keep it going tonight. More details below submitted by Dell:
    The Corwyn Town Faire has been held over till tomorrow night. The were so many entrys in the drinking contest (go figure) that some of the events were pushed to Friday night. The winner of the house decorating contest was announced, whom was Scuzzlebutt, as well as holding an archery contest tournament and summoning contest.

    Come one and all to the conclusion of the Faire. Wrestling, comat and a baking contest are yet to be held. Much food, fun and fellowship to be had by all. Start time is 9:00 PM EST in Corwyn Brewery.
    - Dell
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 8:48 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    PaxLair Weekly Meeting Results: New Topics
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Winfield, the Mayor of PaxLair, submitted this about the city meeting as well as an upcoming meeting soon:
    PaxLair held its city meeting Wednesday night at 9PM Eastern Sky time at the PaxLair Survival Shop. We will hold the meeting again at the PSS next week. The main topics of discussion were diverse this time. They included:
    • Kingdoms in the Realm (and a declared war from the town of Oasis on Trammel against Camelot on Trammel) -- What gives a sovereign power in the realm to be a sovereign? That was a largely debated question which will certainly draw more discussion next week.
    • Inter-city Forum (Chesapeake Towns) -- what is the role of this new forum and how can towns use it? It was explained this Forum is for quickly communicating between cities and within cities. The Forum is not a primary chat-oriented discussion board, as many towns already have. Therefore, many towns will probably make this a primary board for their city announcements and major focused discussions. Their own board are for more casual discussion. This new forum is closely monitored too. Also, this forum is for RPing only, not OOC things (even though this is an OOC statement here ... these OOC statements will reduce in time).
    • Book about the Old Fortress - PaxLair received a new book from Falcor Trist, a PaxLair Squire. It details a diary of fatal activity at the Crossroads Fortress. The book is on display in the PaxLair library on the librarian's table.
    Next week, we hope to continue discussions of multi-city interest. The meetings are every week at 9PM Eastern Sky time in PaxLair. We offer this as a service and a dedicated time/location for all to quickly talk to many people of the realm and cities.
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 8:40 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Camelot's Grand Opening & Events
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Here is a quick list of the events that will be held in the new city of Camelot on Saturday, September 16th, starting at 8 PM EST:
    A Tournament of Champions. Each guild wishing to enter will have preliminary fights, and the guild champions will fight after that. There will be a 'Last man standing contest' where a Dragon will be released in an enclosed area with the contestants. There will be guild chess, and a prize drawing. Food and spirits wil be provided. Please rsvp for events if you wish to participate.
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 8:36 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Minax (or Treasure Hunter) Threatens Cross Roads
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    Looks like the forces of Minax are on the move again! I received the following raven-born letter from Kiwi, apparently a new bard in our land:

    "Strange things happening in this new world. I was on my way to the Hide Away (a tower near the cross roads) when I spied a big spider heading my way. It was likeno spider that I have ever seen! To my horror I find out that it was a dread spider. Well, needless to say, I ran. You see I am a simple bard, and had none of my pets with me. I ran no more then 100 yards when I saw another of these dread spiders coming my way.

    "At least now I had something to work with. I pit the two against each other - what a fire show! Luckily, a great warrior by the name of Antrax arrived at the scene. Once the larger spider had killed the weaker, Antrax finished it off. Well, needless to say I finished up my restocking and went on my way.

    "Later that night, I was again in the same area. What do I see this time but an Orge Lord! Again, I was about to leave the secen as quick as possible when I saw another great warrior, Silver Moon (there is more to the name but in my haste I forgot! Please forgive me Silver).

    "Well, this great mage was in for the battle for her life with this over sized Orge. I helped in the only way a bard can. After several minutes of a fierce battle the monster was killed.

    "I look forward to going into that area again to see what I will run into next. I fear it was just a bunch of Treasure hunters who did not clean up their mess, but one can never be sure."

    Indeed, Treasure Hunters are considered, by orcs like myself, to be among the more dangerous scourges facing our society. If only every Treasure Hunter would just clean up after themselves, our land would be a safer, happier place for kidnapping, looting, and general mayhem.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 8:15 AM EDT by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Trinsic Queen Kidnapped; Gladiators Implicated
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    Shocking news out of Trinsic! This pigeon just landed outside my hovel and I was so stunned by the message that I ate it raw. Read on!

    "I, Lady Silverleaf of Trisnic am in need of your help, and you can tell its dire if I'm asking an orc for help.

    "Ok here's how my trouble started. Two days ago I was at my family's new royal home. I had just recruited two fine warriors into the trisnic army. We were sitting around, talking about battle plans for a supply raid. Alas, as I was about to speak I was pulled threw a weird gate. It was magical, but not blue; I could only describe it as a burning gate! I tried to grab on to something, but was pulled in none-the-less.

    "When I came shooting out the other side, I landed in a small room . There was no door or lights, only a small window. The window was too small to fit through (or maybe its my size that was too big).

    "Anyways i am now stuck here force to use my own clothes as paper to write you this letter on. I am most fortunate that I had a pigeon with me when I was pulled through. I am sure you will love the taste of this one. I just hope you read this note before eating it and give this message to the poeple of Trisnic.

    "Fear not my followers. I am safe for now! Although I don't yet know who has done this to me. I am sure I will find a way out soon enough. I am now working on a spell which I believe will transport me to Trinsic once again. Please don't stop recruiting and preparing. Your Queen will return soon enough!

    "Thank you Mister Orc. My time is short. I must start my spell so farewell to thee!"

    The note was signed by Lady Silverleaf. You can see why I was so stunned. Nobody has ever called me "Mister" before. Ah, respect.

    As to the matter of her kidnapping, I'm not saying they did, and I'm not saying they didn't, but the the Gladiators sent me this message a scant two days before Lady Silverleaf's respectful and wisely phrased note:

    "The Gladiators were very upset to hear of the attempt to break away from our Glorious Leader, Lord British. This will not happen! Our mission is to keep all of the Brittania lands under Lord British's riegn. Anyone wishing to break away will have to fight for the right to do so, for towns are won and lost on the battlefield not by carrier pigeon with a message of declaration. If you wish to break away from the lands of Brittania prepare to meet on the battlefield. Does thou not remember the fight for Trinsic to fight off the undead in our old lands? WE WILL NOT SURRENDER TRINISIC!
    Signed by the Gladiator's leaders, Maximus and Comedus, I could not reach them via the mystic ICQ vapors (57985115), since I communicate exclusively via bird. You may have better luck.

    How will it all end? I hope the respectful and, let's face it, smart Lady Silverleaf returns soon. Of course, being and orc, I also hope war breaks out. Ironic, huh?

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 8:01 AM EDT by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Terrorist Rumors Plague Tomorrow's Seelie Pilgrimage
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail All!

    Rabin Siggursson sent us the following item concerning tomorrow's Seelie Court pilgrimage:

    "I have heard some disturbing news relating to a virtuous pilgrimage that shall take place this coming weekend.

    "The Seelie Court of Brittania shall be concluding their quest with the final leg of the journey covering the route from Trinsic to a nearby Shrine. Their heavily laden packhorses carrying fifty thousand gold pieces as an offering to prove their faith in the virtues will be escorted along a supposedly peaceful route. ( I am sure their leader, the Illustrious Shaene, can provide thee with exact details of their meeting times and so forth.)

    "While in a Tavern in Trinsic yester eve I overheard some brigands discussing how their plans to raid the caravan had been thwarted since their leader acquired certain information. It would appear that a large band of Minax's foul denizens are planning an all out assault to prevent the successful conclusion of this event. The brigand (with the broken nose and no front teeth) told his companion that the evil Elves of the Underdark and foul Uruk-hai orcs were to join forces to cauterise this "taint of goodness" before it could spoil their dire plans for southern Brittania. The brigand leader, one "Jergal the Quick", has apparently decided not to risk his hand by becoming embroiled in 'local politics' as he sees it. (p> "As I say - I am only reporting a rumour, but hoped that thou might have some way of passing along this information so that those involved in the quest might know what they shall be up against.

    "I thank thee for thy assistance in this matter."

    Indeed, sad times are upon us when such a virtuous quest is threatened by brigands. I urge the virtuous to rally around the Seelie Court and protect them from harm!

    Go with the virtues!

    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 7:43 AM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Upholders of the Virtues Sponsor Fashion Contest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This missive was sent to us by Caroz, Prince of Virtue, of the Upholders of the Virtues, regarding a fashion contest...

    Come one, come all! The Upholders of the Virtues are hosting a Fashion Show for all of Britannia. The event is open to any and all Britannia citizens, whether you would like to participate or just watch.

    It should be stressed that although it's called a Fashion Show, we're treating it like a contest! So anyone who chooses to participate, please design and wear a unique outfit and see if you can win a prize. The prizes will be based on the number of citizens participating, with a first prize minimum of 10,000 gold, and maximum of 50,000 gold. In the event we get many participants, the second and third place contentants may receive a Valorite dexterity suit, or Verite dexterity suit, respectively.

    The event will be held this Saturday, the 16th of September, at 7:00pm EST. We will be using the EFP guild tower for our event, which is located just north of the Upholders of the Virtues guild hall. Free gates and runes to our guild hall will be provided at 6:30pm EST to anyone who needs them, near the Britian West Bank.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact Caroz by pigeon at 65707265, or Redd Neck at 22778985.

    This a great opportunity for novice and veteran fashion designers alike to further their reputation, and promises to be a fun change of pace from rather harsh recent events. Citizens are encouraged to attend or participate; the organizers will appreciate your support!

    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 6:35 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Counselors Needed - All Shards
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Counselors Wanted - All Ultima Online Shards

    Are you enthusiastic, motivated, and excited about helping your fellow players enjoy their time in Britannia? We're looking for UO players to join our Counselor corps on all shards. If you enjoy working with people and have a few free hours each week, please fill out the Counselor application and make the first move toward a rewarding role in Ultima Online.

    The UO Counselor program requires that you be at least 21 years old and have no outstanding billing issues to qualify. For a full list of requirements, and to fill out an application, join here.

    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 2:47 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    A Couple Housing Fixes
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Housing Update

    We will be updating all shards with two changes to housing. These changes will be active once the shards return from their next maintenance or down time.

    • Houses which at one point had double (or more) doors cannot currently be re-keyed or transferred properly. This will be resolved.
    • Some houses were registering as having vendors or guildstones that no longer exist. This has been fixed and the houses will be able to be set "public".
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 2:43 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    A couple additions to In Testing
    A couple new additions to In Testing for Next Update:
    "Testing For Next Update"

    The following changes will be added to Ultima Online:

    • Secure containers will be dyeable by using a furniture dye tub
    • A problem with player vendors and guildstones not removing themselves properly from houses will be corrected
    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 2:40 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Transcript of Giddeon Night's Arraignment
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following hearing transcript, edited for presentation by our publication, comes to us courtesy of Tymaron, the town crier, who acted as recorder for the duration. The arraignment proceedings began in Yew's Court of Truth on September 13th, around quarter past eight...

    The High Court of Britannia: Case No. 312-028, Document 2

    Lord British, the Kingdom and People of Britannia vs. Giddeon Night

    • Druid Estella Ament, Presiding
    • Darok, Attorney for the Defense
    • Scarecrow, Attorney for the Prosection
    • Jebidiah Ashwood, Assistant Attorney for the Prosection
    • Rev. Mother Sarah, Spiritual Council for the Defendant
    • Giddeon Night, Defendant
    • Tymaron, Recorder

    Estella Ament: We’ll begin with introductions of the defense and then the prosecution. Councilors rise when I call your name please. Councilor Darok will be defending Giddeon Night in the trial to come. Leading the prosecution is Councilor Scarecrow of the Knights of Yew. His legal assistant is Councilor Jebidiah Ashwood. You may be seated. The agenda of tonight will be to formally charge Giddeon Night with his crime or crimes, to choose a place and time for his trial and to choose the method for the jury selection. One other matter we will attend to is deciding whether or not some questionable evidence will be used or not. We’ll begin with the prosecution coming forth and reading the charges to the accused.

    Scarecrow: The list of charges is as follows. Two separate instances of attempted murder. Two separate instances of abduction with the intent to ransom the hostage. Two separate acts of murder. One charge that I’m not sure how to classify, for he has actually abducted the soul of one of his victims and attempted to ransom that. And finally, his very nature we would put on trial. Giddeon Night died a very long time ago. What we see is the body of Jhubal, a good man possessed by nothing less than an evil undead spirit.

    Estella Ament: Now we’ll look at the evidence provided by the prosecution that they allegedly seized illegally. Councilor Scarecrow, Councilor Darok, please step forward so we may view the chest together. I trust that you have the chest with you, Councilor Scarecrow?

    Scarecrow: That may be an issue, your honor. I was told not to bring it nor that any evidence would be presented today.

    Estella Ament: I see. Is there someone who may retrieve it? That evidence will only be viewed to verify if it will be admissible.

    Scarecrow: To be honest your honor, I have not yet even decided what I plan to submit for evidence and am completely unprepared for this. I would ask the court that we set a date for the trial.

    Darok: M’lady, this is quite unacceptable. The stolen evidence must be viewed before the trial. [Estella Ament indicates she agrees]

    Scarecrow: I have evidence, namely the bank records, that the box belongs not to anyone named Giddeon Night. This man has no claim to the box legally and would ask that he prove some right to it before any such demands are met. It is not his bank box, your honor. The bank records will verify that there has been no bank box for a Giddeon Night in a very long time. Not since he died.

    Darok: Due my client’s circumstances, even though the bankbox is not registered to the name which he currently goes by, the contents are still his belongings. Furthermore his belongings have been taken without court order—indeed, without any order; unless a bribe is considered such. This evidence may not even be able to be admitted, m’lady, unless my client can confirm that nothing has been tampered with.

    Scarecrow: What I have to say will be brief. Before Giddeon Night, Jhubal used that box and likely kept his life’s wealth, though limited. We know not what may have already been taken. To return the box to someone other than its rightful owner. I would also like to put something to rest here.

    [Here, proceedings are interrupted by two attacks on Giddeon Night, who was protected by guards in attendance. An additional party arrived, making threats on his life. After much conversation about the state of security, the arraignment continues]

    Giddeon Night: Whether the box is mine or not, if the contents are mine, then if the court did not order them taken is that not simply theft?

    Estella Ament: I have made my decision on the matter of the chest and it’s contents.

    [A third assailant escorting a pair of demons enters the courtroom, with the guards attempting to clear the room, but in vain. Eventually the proceedings are moved to a different location, in Trinsic, and are recommenced.]

    Estella Ament: If the chest is presented to myself this evening, or to the trial judge at least two days in advance of the trial, it’s contents and any material related may be used if the trial judge or I choose, as the case may be. Night will provide a list of the chest’s contents to his council. That list will be compared with the contents of the chest. All materials related to the chest will be kept in the property of the court officials. In no case shall an outside private party, such as you Councilor, keep them.

    Giddeon Night: How else can tampering be avoided?

    Estella Ament: That is why you’ll be providing a list to your councilor. Any items not listed by you may or may not be used as evidence. When this list will be made will be decided by either myself or the judge residing over the case.

    Estella Ament: Now we’ll move on to how the jury will be selected. The defense may go first with his ideas.

    Darok: Milady, it would be only honorable that the jury be selected from those who have little knowledge of the case as a whole or of the ones involved, for that matter. Also, I wish to exclude spellcasters from the jury, if possible.

    Scarecrow: Now, for a jury. I see no reason to exclude those of magical skill and would think that unnatural nature of the defendant to be the only reason for that request. Those with the right knowledge could easily determine that the spirit and the body do not match. As for where the jurors come from, we have little in the way of specific requests. A fair assortment of the law-abiding people of Lord British will do just fine.

    Estella Ament: My decision on the jury selection process is this. Each party will find eight members for the jury. From that, a pool of sixteen is made. Seven will be chosen from that pool to serve as a jury. Both parties must agree on each juror. Do you deem that fair, Councilor Darok? [Darok indicates assent] Now we’ll move on to location. Councilor Scarecrow, you may begin with your suggestion.

    Scarecrow: I really have only one concern in that matter. And that be that we have no repeat of this evening. The building matters little to me, so long as it is secure; and for security, I believe we must stay in the lands controlled by Lord British: Trammel.

    Darok: Milady, the court of Truth should be the location, and I request it be held in Felucca for the purposes of efficiency. The prosecutors all have a headquarters in Felucca, and Trammel. I must make a great effort to reach Trammel, and must leave it soon after. Also, my client hails from Felucca. Since my client is being held in Trammel, I must make the effort each day to speak with him.

    Scarecrow: I would like to begin with the thought that the inconvenience of the location of the defendant’s attorney’s home should not be a concern here. If we hired an attorney from Buc’s Den, would we have the trial there for convenience to the attorney? Also, I was present before the Abbey in Yew on the final night of the war, when the lands were split. The word to retreat came clearly from our Lord British. Those lands are no longer safely under his law. To move outside of the safety of our Lord’s law seems a questionable strategy. That is all.

    Estella Ament: The trial will be held here in Trammel, for the reason that the crimes were for the most part committed in this world as I understand. [Night corrects her] Forgive me, allegedly committed in this world. I am sorry for your inconvenience, Councilor Darok, but that is a fact of the case and I so see the need for it to be held in this world. As for where in this world, I am still uncertain. I do believe that it should be held at the Court of Truth out of tradition if nothing else. But after tonight’s events, I question the wisdom of that choice. Councilor Darok, could you arrange for a number of men to complement Councilor Scarecrow’s guards? [Darok agrees] I well know the reputation of those who share the colors that you wear. The Crimson Alliance is not known for their hospitality, to say the least. But I feel that since you are defending this man, you’ll work to help provide the security that is needed for such a high profile case.

    Scarecrow: It is my thought that a third party, trustworthy, should be over the guarding and both of our groups provide assistance as needed, perhaps. But I would like a witness present that is affiliated with neither group, but can be relied on to speak truthfully that it can be proven that no ill becomes the prisoner. I suggest the Paladins, should they accept.

    Darok: The Paladins, though an honorable order, are out of the question, in my opinion, milady.

    Estella Ament: I too agree. Isn’t one of their order brought up in the charges? As I recall, an Aspirant Lucetta DeMaio was also abducted allegedly by Night. I would welcome another suggestion.

    Scarecrow: Your honor, I know not, but I do know this. To put us in a position where we are responsible for the prosecution and the defense of the prisoner sets us up to look like we are up to something. And to have Knights alone with the hired guards of the defense with no other witnesses, any sort of tale could be concocted.

    Estella Ament: I am at a loss as to what this third party should be. This case has left very few unaffected in these lands.

    Darok: Milady, I believe only a joint guard of Alliance and Yew soldiers will be enough to ensure the safety of my client.

    Estella Ament: I feel that I must trust that both of your contingents of guards will keep the other honest in their stations.

    Darok: If the Knights of Yew attempt another beating, the Alliance shall record it, milady, if that is what thou dost fear.

    Estella Ament: I fear the same from your group on the Knights just to cause trouble.

    Darok: Diligence shall be maintained, milady. It is a virtue.

    Estella Ament: Here’s my decision on that matter. The Knights and the Alliance will form a cooperative guard of the trial. It will be posted that all packs will be searched for weapons and reagents. Those found will be taken into possession of the court. They can be regained after the trial for a fine of 200 coin per weapon, and 3 coin per reagent. Now for the time of the trial, I shall suggest this. I feel you’ll need time to find your eight jurors, and for your client to write his list of the contents of the chest. And also give the prosecution time to hand over the chest. The jury selection will be held on Monday. The actual trial may proceed that night, but most trials last several days as both of you know, Councilors. Any other concerns before we adjourn for the night?

    Scarecrow: Members of the Crimson Alliance have openly attacked Knights of Yew near the Abbey and our guild house. To place them in close quarters with no guards of the Crown is to invite disaster. I have no doubt the Knights would be forced to defend themselves from either violence or mistruths spoken by the other ‘guards’.

    Estella Ament: If any blood is shed by either the Knights or the Alliance by the opposite group, then you both will be held accountable for obstructions of justice, and you will both serve the harshest punishment for such.

    Darok: Milady, thou may trust in the Virtue of Obedience that we shall not openly defy the Knights of Yew.

    Scarecrow: You have my word with all here present; the Knights will instigate neither violence nor trouble.

    [Proceedings adjourned at approximately a quarter past eleven]

    Citizens are discouraged from performing anything similiar to the alleged acts of vigilantism detailed above. Interested parties are encouraged, however, to be present at the Yew Court of Truth, in Trammel, this Monday evening at 9:00pm EST, for the jury selection. Here is more information about the jury selection, from the campaign author...

    • This is a role played plot, and role playing language must be used, as out of character knowledge and terminology would not be in keeping with the type of event we are running. Some events (such as many Seer events) are open to all styles of play on Catskills, as well they should be. But given the role played theme of this event, blatantly out-of-character behavior would be rather disruptive to the plot itself.

    • Players of potential jurors need to realize that some of the
      characters involved in this plot are not very nice people. Being a juror, you should be prepared for possible jury tampering, whether that be bribes, threats, in-character harassment, and kidnapping. Picture the 1930's trials of notable gangsters such as Al Capone and the devious methods such people used during their trials and you'll have a good grasp of the potential danger (and fun) your character might be facing if called to the jurors' box.

    • In that only 7 jurors will be chosen, 9 others will not. As much as any prospective juror might have hoped to be among the final 7, please understand that if you are passed up, it is for an in-character reason and nothing personal against you as a player. We don't wish to offend any players, but as this is a role-played plot, in-character reasons might find your character seeming unsuitable/unacceptable by either the defense or prosecution. We hope no retaliation for this will take place and I invite you to attend the trial and jump into the plot as it further unfolds. One of the nice things with an open plot is that you can even begin your own
      tangent events, so if you don't make the final cut for the jury,
      find/create another "in" into the plot if you are so inclined.

    • Finally, the jury selection and trial may take several nights. In that this is an unscripted plot, I can not say in advance when those nights, weekend days, or the times for each might be. So if you wish to be a juror, please make sure you have the time to participate.

    The origial purpose for this plot was to bring players together who
    would otherwise never have met. Jury selection and service is simply another means to that end. So keep an eye out; we may be tapping you on the shoulder this weekend.

    Posted on Friday, September 15, 2000, 2:22 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Another Blessing? UPDATED
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Has another blessing occured on the Chesapeake shard, where, like all the other shards, there is a freeze on blessings? From the looks of this, I believe so. Everyone remembers the controversy over the Oracles of Virtues Keep being blessed, well now it seems another place has been struck by the 'unknown god'. As of yet, no one has stepped forth to claim that they were the ones that blessed this place.

    But then again, maybe there is no freeze after all. Mayhaps these current blessings are a slow but steady start to what has been promised to the countless other people involved in roleplaying and the community. Who knows?

    You can find more information about this newest blessing at UO Chesapeake.

    Below is a post that was submitted by Melantus, the Online Community Coordinator on the LumTheMad message board:

    I along with a Lead Gamemaster found out where this was, and went to the site. The Lead Gamemaster has spoken to the player in question, the chairs have been removed, and the situation is under a full review.

    In case this is asked later, let me explain a little about our training process. We have taken steps to improve our GM training, and have assigned more personnel full-time to the training of our support staff. Before a new employee is allowed access to the support tools, they spend -hours- in training. I sit next to the office of the trainer. I see the people he is in charge of training, in his office day after day before they are moved further along in their training. I know that we have a pretty extensive and thorough training program in place. We completely stress how important all of the guidelines are, including the guideline to not give items to players. All of our leads are committed to this support program. This particular situation is under review still, I do not know all of the facts behind it. Perhaps there is something to the story that is not known. I will not pre-judge the situation. However I do want the players to understand that we are very serious about upholding our guidelines. We will not dicuss the specifics of this case. That's not fair to the people involved.

    Online Community Coordinator
    Ultima Online

    Odd that someone came out and said something about this one, but not of the OV Keep. I'll keep you posted on any other happenings.
    Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000, 10:32 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Battle At The Forge
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This account from the grand opening of Heaven's Forge was sent in by Callach Gwain:

    I could hear the young knights getting rambunctious outside the halls of The Moon Tavern, where we were held in a line, our horses shoulder to shoulder.

    “Gate! Gate! Gate,” one of them chanted, “Come on guys, all together now! We want to gate!”

    Then I heard the shot of an arrow fire as it hit the youngster in the chest, and he cried out in pain.

    “No. No. No,” repeated Raistlin calmly in reply to the upstart’s plea.

    I knew Rose and Duder were already at the tournament ring, having come to cheer me on and watch, but also having volunteered their services to destroying all nuisances that may come the way of the combat area around Wrong.

    ‘Oi!,’ I thought. ‘ If only these two could see these bunch of bouncy folk.’

    The only calm ones besides me there, was a knight in black, named Yagaroth who I had gated to Britain to aid him in getting his horse for his entrance to the joust, and a lady knight decked out in green armor named Mary Jane. As I watched the dance of the tongues proceed and the group of combatants charge forward with their eagerness, my mind began to wander over my equipment checking it to make sure it was all sturdy for the parrying competition. So far, as I knew it, I was the only one entered for that division.

    I had gone through a lot of trouble to enter this joust. Going as far as to make war upon Heaven’s Forge, and only because I, as head of a knightly order, could not simply just abandon my duties. Not even for one night.

    As my mind wandered, I pulled it back to its concentration checking over my armor and weapons while listening to the conversations in the background. I couldn’t help it but feel that something was amiss.



    “You put me under Fencing Division. I should be under Parrying.”

    “Oh. Alright. I’ll change it.”

    The one who had asked was Mary Jane, and at this news I smiled since now, I had a known opponent.

    “Gate! Gate! Gate!”

    Now I was getting a mix of emotions ranging from the nagging at me that something was wrong with what I had upon me, the impatience of the young knights around me, and indeed having to wait myself. It wasn’t a long wait as the gate opened from the awesome tower at Heaven’s Forge to the battlefield just outside of a cave near the dungeon of Wrong. We all stepped through in file and rank, and I was met by Duder and Rose upon the other side who greeted me warmly.

    After we all got settled, Michael, all dressed in black armor, stepped forward to greet us, “Alright everyone! Are we all clear on the rules?”

    Some folk nodded and some shook heads.

    With a sigh, and I think a little undertone of contempt he began to recall through all of the basic rules, “Each combatant will stand opposite each other of the ring, and they will target each other and charge on my say. They will turn and await my signal to charge each other again. There is no magick allowed, no healing, and no magic weapons or armor of any type. Only weapons and armor with the maker’s mark of a smith or less.”

    “Can we use poisoned weapons?,” blurted out one of the men in the line. He was the one I admired so, riding an Ostard, being the only man daring enough to ride the thing up to battle and onto the jousting field.

    “No,” replied Michael.

    “Well, that’ll ruin my fun,” I muttered in joking manner to Duder who was sat beside me upon his horse.

    Then it struck me, ‘Hadn’t Shavandric been toying with his poisons last month?’

    He had indeed, and Aston had angrily cleaned all the weaponry off when he found out, or so he told me, but something just didn’t feel right with my katana. I scowled darkly.

    “Duder?,” I whispered as Michael went on with his explanation of the rules and the calling of the archery contestants.

    He looked at me and nodded in reply.

    “I think my weapon might be poisoned, but I don’t know. Aston cleaned all of them when he found out Shavandric had been playing his poisons on them.”

    Duder smiled and said, “I’ll be right back. I’ll drag a stag up with me so you can check your weapon out.”

    I went to the edge of the fighting area and waited for him to return with the test subject. Soon, he ran up with an enraged stag following him not too far behind. I targeted the beast as he spoke forth the magical words making himself invisible to the eye. Then, I struck the stag repeatedly as it knocked its horns against my shield time and again.

    The stag fell, not being poisoned, but still, the nagging kept going at me. However, the stag hadn’t been poisoned so I placed my feelings to be chalked up to nervousness before the contest.

    “Well, it doesn’t look like its poisoned,” I said to Duder as he came out of hiding, “Thanks.”

    “Not a problem,” he smiled.

    We made our way back to the ring just as the archery contest came to a close.

    “That was quick,” Michael said, “SWORDS! Report inside the cave for further details.”

    As they all arrived out to joust, I watched them, ever ready to just join them, my nagging and intuitions growing ever more slight upon me as my time grew near, and I silently watched the competitions and divisions each take their turn. Parrying was the last to be called forth.

    Mary Jane and, surprisingly, one other combatant stepped forward first. That was a long interesting battle indeed as no armor was allowed, just a shield and weapon. Indeed it was a close battle for I watched them both tire, and their shields dented, their bodies frayed, as finally the young man fell to her war fork when it hit him upon his shoulder, running him through.

    I was called forward to compete against her after they had resurrected the fallen knight. The blade being out of my mind at this point, I stepped forward in proud glory, with a shield of the trusted smith to my husband, and a sword made by my armorer and close friend, Loki. I was going to battle with the luck of my loved ones at my side, and I smiled.

    Michael gave the signal to start and I charged her hitting her upon the arm as she passed me. We both went back and forth like this for awhile, her hitting me, me hitting her, her blocking my hits and so forth. Though usually ending up in me getting most of the hits through her defenses or us hitting each other as we charged back and forth upon the jousting field in a clash and glint of weaponry and shields.

    She looked very weary and tired indeed, worn to the ends almost. Both of our bodies were boasting of the scores upon the other in combat. It was then in that last charge, figuring I could tire her out enough to yield, that her shield broke upon the fell of my sword which struck her in the arm. Then I heard a scream of pain as her blood bubbled around the wound and I saw the corrosion on my blade as I spun round on my horse at the end of the run.

    The scream was not just hers for I knew in that instant what had happened.

    “ARGH! I am gonna kill him!”

    Now my battle lust was for my own son, Shavandric, who’s toying with my arms had now, I knew, cost me my chance of victory this day. Also, a mixed temporary slight that came and went as the sand upon the shore, at Aston for telling me the blades were cleaned. Apparently not well enough.

    Some one quickly cast a cure spell upon her, and I looked ashamedly at Michael.

    “Callach. You know the rules. Did you know of this?”

    “Aye, sir. I do sir. I was not aware of its being poisoned so. I had been told they were clean, and Duder and I tested it upon a stag before hand to make certain of it.”

    Michael frowned and in reply, “On this, I will have to disqualify you, making it 2-0 in Mary Jane’s favor.”

    I hung my head feeling of disgrace for what had happened, and walked from the battlefield raising it only to turn to my opponent and say, “Nice fight.”

    “Yes,” she replied, “You too. You’d have beaten me were it not for that happening.”

    I turned and hearing the booing and upset of the onlookers at Michael’s decision to disqualify me, I had decided to keep my honor steadfast and walk off the battlefield with it intact despite the disgrace and mark I felt upon me inside. My intuitions had told me that the blade was amiss with the foul and acrid poison, and I was so eager to go to battle with that which I trusted and loved so much that I laid those feelings aside. Even when they continued to nag at me after the incident with the stag. I questioned the blade, but did not cross me to question asking for another in its place when I doubted my equipment’s trustworthiness.

    Even Rose and Duder stood up and shouted at him, “She didn’t know, they tested the blade!”

    One other that had seen me test this blade out also stood forward and spoke of it.

    At hearing all the arguing going forth at my dismissal I spoke forth knowing in my heart what I felt was right, “I didn’t know about the blade being poisoned, and it was. I would rather walk off the field with honor this day.”

    “Cally has honor,” Rose said in last rebuttal to my stead in front of Michael.

    Michael simply restated the rules to all, and I nodded again at them as he spoke. So the last round of the joust commenced as I sat upon my horse Therion watching, my face straightforward and emotionless. I was sulking underneath and I knew it even though my face shown otherwise.

    Duder and Rose soon announced that they needed to go back to their home for it was growing late. I smiled and thanked them for their support. Rose told me once again that I did well, it was an unfair decision, and not my fault. I turned to Khylia, who I had given my magical belongings to and left in town, if I could retrieve them as to be on my own way. I could not stay, sulking as I was underneath. It was more the dent and lost in honor I personally felt than the loss of the joust.

    Back we went to her tower talking amongst the way, and I retrieved my stuff with my thanks to her. Once again I heard similar words to what Rose had spoken to me.

    “There will be other chances. This isn’t the only competition we are going to hold.”

    I smiled at that, hoping deep in my heart, I got another chance to join in a tournament. I thanked her again, and rode Therion out of the front door wishing her a good night. I then recalled to my home in the isles of ice to bid the rest of the world a good eve as I slumbered off into dreams of happier days to come around Heaven’s Forge with those rambunctious knights.

    Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000, 8:20 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Results of Golden Brew Play "Cinderella" & Archery Contest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received this news from Talanithus Tarant:

    The production started off rocky, with the new Communication Crystals giving some technical issues and causing some of the audience to crowd the stage in an effort to hear. The Golden Brew Players valiantly continued. ignoring these mishaps, and the issues were quickly fixed. After their exceptional performance, the Players were awarded with a standing ovation for their efforts... with but one negative comment from an anonymous party regarding the mysterious exclusion of "toes" in the production.

    Plans for the next Golden Brew Production are already underway, though rumors cannot agree as to its content. Sources close to the Brew have listed The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty as possible candidates... but only time will tell.

    The Golden Brew also had the pleasure of hosting its first Golden Bow Archery Contest at last week's Celebration. Over 20 marksmen and women came to test their aim for glory, each of them receiving an exceptional bow from Golden Angel's Emporium for their efforts.

    In the end there could be only one Golden Archer, and the road to victory was long! Aspirants were each given a chance to test their skills against the buttes set along the festival peremiters, and test them they did! Row upon row of crack archers sent their arrows hurtling into the buttes, each demonstrating the incredible skills the marksmen in Sosaria have developed in these combative times. Finally, there were but six contestants left.

    Kita Talith
    Rob Zombie

    From here, the competition grew fierce, as their eagle eyed prowess made every shot count! The first wave of the semi-finals left Greymanklin, Rob Zombie, and Kylas in the running for the title as "Golden Archer". The arrows flew straight and deadly, piercing the buttes with precision as our finalists combatted for victory... when Greymanklin pulled ahead with an amazing triple bullseye! The audience grew expectant as the remaining contestants strove to beat this feat, yet the points stood. Greymanklin had won!

    The Prizes:

    First Place - Greymanklin - Golden Archer
    15,000 in gold, a Gold Archer Suit, & the title of "Golden Archer" (till the next event, that is)!

    Second Place - Kylas - Silver Archer
    10,000 in gold, & a Silver Archer Suit!

    Third Place - Rob Zombie - Copper Archer
    5,000 in gold, & a Bronze Archer Suit!

    Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000, 8:15 PM EDT by HellRazor (Baja)

    Spiritwood Tavern Lottery
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<I received this announcement from Aranlindale of the Spiritwood Tavern:
    Next Sunday, September 17th, the Spiritwood Tavern will host another Lottery. Again it will be at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt).

    The grand prize is 100.000 gold pieces! You can buy keys from the vendor outside the Tavern, but you need to register the keys with Aranlindale, by telling him your number(s) by choosing a number consisting of three digits and each digit ranging from 1 to 3. The keys cost 1000 gold pieces each. One person cannot buy more than two however. Perhaps that number will be the lucky number... Please try to buy one before Sunday. Good luck everyone!

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W and we are on Felluca.

    If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected]. I hope to see you all there! :-)

    Aranlindale, Spiritwood Tavern Barkeeper
    Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000, 2:32 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Grimoire Schedule of Events!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Several very generous Napa citizens will be sponsoring the upcoming events at Grimoire. The entry fees will be waived and huge prize gps will be awarded to the fiercest warriors and mages on Napa. Please join us on Friday nights; new champions may be named!

    1 vs. 1 Sponsored by Elwind Thorne:
    Friday, September 15, 2000, @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST) NO ENTRY FEE, 1st place 20K gps, 2nd place 10K gps, 3rd place 5Kgps.

    2 vs. 2 Sponsored by Talmon & Elwind Thorne:
    Friday, September 22, 2000, @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)NO ENTRY FEE, 1st place 25K gps, 2nd place 15K gps, 3rd place 10K gps.

    1 vs. 1 Gladiator Fight, Sponsored by William Wallace & Elwind Thorne:
    Friday, September 29, 2000, @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST) NO ENTRY FEE, 1st place 15K gps, 2nd place 10K gps, 3rd place 5K gps.

    Here are the rules for this Friday's 1 vs. 1 event (8/15/2000):
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    · The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed, nor can you cast Bless on an opponent. Casting Bless on an opponent will result in immediate loss of match.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure
    everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone who disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
    · A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM PST.

    We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.

    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Hope to see you there!
    Baby-Grimoire Staff
    Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000, 2:07 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley) Development Forums
    There have been a couple of interesting posts from Designer Hanse on the Development Forum. The first concerns the 'ability to push through players or monsters' issue:

    "Pushing Through" Players / Monsters

    The ability to push through monsters/players is not changing, currently. It was a temporary side-effect of the changes we had on Test Center. It should be fixed to the way it was, prior to our changes.

    If this does change in the future, it will be announced on our web site.

    And the second concerns some changes that have taken place to Wind on the Test Shard:


    Wind is located near the dungeons, so it was included in the spawn fixes. The city has received changes to the monster locations and types.

    Wind had a bank added to it. The sign has not been added to the front of it yet, though. It's on the east side of town.

    Wind should have more mage vendors, now. :)

    Check it out and comment!


    Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000, 8:34 AM EDT by Sambolc (GeneralNews)

    Juo'nar Speaks
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Speculation that the Cult of Juo'nar was bluffing in its claim to have established contact with their master was shattered this evening, as the voice of the ex-paladin rose from a crystal, seeped in the blood of the sacrificed.

    An account of his speech was provided to us by Elisa Montclaire, a woman haunted by the deaths of the eight women captured by the cult...

    By the time my watch struck eleven o'clock, a small band of familiar faces surrounded me at the King's Men. I had not heard the screams in my mind in a few hours, and was beginning to hope they were gone for good. In any case, I felt recovered enough to offer smiles liberally to those assembled. I had armed myself for the trip to Felucca, feeling for the moment very confident, safe in my armor. And, admittedly, hoping to see some bloody verite later in the evening. Dorian Locke opened a gate, and we followed him through. As I stepped through, my stomach lurched, though not as badly as the first few times. I was definitely getting used to moongates.

    We appeared in the Trinsic that stands on Trammel. It looked very much like the Trinsic I had been raised in, so long ago. We walked outside the town limits, and Dorian opened a gate once more, this time to Felucca. If I thought I had become used to gating, I was proven wrong. Waves of nausea battered me as the world went out of focus and came back in again. When I looked up, I found it was through tears. Here was the real Trinsic, the Trinsic I had grown up in. The Trinsic whose streets I had played in. The Trinsic where my family, my friends, and so many of my countrymen died. I thought I heard the echo of a scream; whether in the back of my skull or from somewhere in the blighted countryside, I could not tell.

    We walked the streets towards the abomination Minax had placed in the center of Trinsic. I walked briskly, trying not to see the names on the tombstones. I could tell from the way they kept their eyes straight ahead that my companions were doing the same. Soon, we were inside Minax's foul temple. More noble Britannians were here assembled, including many members of the Cavaliers and Purple Guardians of Honor. The Guardians had a particularly grim and ready look to them. I supposed this was to be expected; the "Kind" Jonathan Rye had arisen from their ranks. We were to meet him here tonight, allegedly to hear the words of his master. I was dubious as to whether that would occur...after all, it would not be beyond the Cult of Juo'nar to be simply leading us into an ambush.

    Rye arrived shortly, cloaked in his familiar verite and arrogance. The self-proclaimed King of the "chessmen" spoke. "We were able to complete the ritual that would imbue a crystal with the power to speak with those banished from manifestation, as was my master, Juo'nar. And with his first words, he desired access to a larger audience, for all of Britannia must hear his words."

    After a few exchanges of banter with his "audience", Rye linked ten communication crystals to the crystal of Juo'nar, and I found myself with the dubious honor of holding one of them. We were told that the destroyer of Trinsic would speak within the hour.

    Most of us passed the time by discussing matters which had occurred up to this point. A few of the Cavaliers, feeling shut in, began sparring, and the room was in general abuzz. Still, it was hard not to notice one quiet man who seemed to be waiting not with loathing, but with anticipation.

    I kept my friends close to me as we waited. Far too soon, a voice bellowed from the crystals. It bore the sound of Jonathan Rye's own self-assurance and cold hatred, yet was unmistakably that of another man.

    I cast the crystal upon the floor, so that the others around me could hear its words.

    "Citizens of Britannia, I now speak. It would do you well to heed my words. My followers have succeeded in the first step to my resurrection, and have proven themselves to be superior in intellect."

    "Soon, the cycle will be complete, and I will once more take to flesh. Not in the form that Minax chose for me, which was far from suitable." A long pause, and then, "I will stand before you as a man, alive and breathing, and command those who choose to follow to bring down my vengeance."

    "I will not rely on the magicks of the dead, as before, or bargain with orcs and lizardmen, either. I will instead turn the citizens of Britannia against each other." There was a long silence, suddenly broken by an attack on our beliefs...

    " is nothing more than a veil, created by those in power to sway the masses to their whim. Compassion, for the 'virtuous' is selective, with men choosing to whom they should dispense it to. This is not absolute, and therefore, is void. So I will show no Compassion."

    "Justice, clouded by politics, and once again subject to the fickle judgment of man, is also not absolute, and is therefore void. The only justice will be my own."

    "Valor...where is your King? Has he fled in fear? How can he who rules show none of this virtue, and still, it stands as mandate? This is not absolute, and is therefore void."

    "The only Sacrifices will be those I choose."

    "Honesty...lies and deceit have been used many a time by those in power to keep control of a public deemed "too ignorant" to handle the truth. And so, this is not absolute, and is therefore void."

    "Humility...grand estates are far from humble. Parades and celebrations in honor of those in power are also far from humble. Therefore, this is not absolute, and is void."

    "Honor...a lack of honesty, valor, and compassion is a lack of honor. Not holding true to your word is a lack of honor. How many times have the citizens of this land been led astray by false promises? If those in power cannot honor their word, and follow through on their promise, they have no honor. And therefore, this is not absolute, and is therefore void."

    "And Spirituality...without Virtue, there is no faith. A broken system, when shown in its true light, falls apart, and therefore, the faith of the 'virtuous' does not exist. Built on a false paradgim, it crumbles when the truth is revealed."

    "But you can believe in me. I am real, and will not attempt to sway you with religion or Virtue. I will only ask for unity, complete and uninhibited. There will only be the dead, or the followers; there is no other way."

    "The time of Virtue has run its course, and now goes gently into the good light. The veil has been lifted, and you now have the power of choice. Will you choose the lies that have confined you for so long, or will you choose the path not travelled? The path that leads to salvation, to enlightenment...and to my side."

    "All of you who will stand with me, approach one of the cult that seeks to return me. If you will stand against me, then you are foolish."

    "And the fools of this world have short time to live."

    With those words, the crystal went silent. For a moment, those assembled did not speak. I stowed the crystal in my pack, and even as I did, the faces around the room began to light up. In anger, in righteousness, in blood thirst...and in one case, in reverence.

    A few nights ago, I stood at the head of a crowd which swore to defend the kidnapped women, to do our utmost to return them home. We failed in that. We were caught unawares by those who lack Honor, Honesty, and every other virtue.

    Tonight, I found myself in front of another. This time, the promise we made was broader, and carried even more frightening portents. For we swore, no matter the cost, that we would uphold virtue. That whatever Juo'nar said, whatever he or our fellows did, we would not surrender our ideals. This we swore openly, standing in the remains of Juo'nar's greatest triumph, and also the site of his last defeat.

    As the crowd shouted together, I faintly heard other voices shouting with them...or was that screaming? No matter, for no sooner had we rededicated ourselves than Jonathan Rye returned.

    He strode into the room as if he owned it. Looking around at the lava and blackrock, it wasn't hard to guess why he felt so at home. But this was not his home. It was merely the furniture his master had put in mine.

    "You have heard the words," he said, "and know my claims to be true."

    The man who had been so eagerly anticipating Juo'nar's words strode forth and asked to join him.

    "For those who would join us, or those who would oppose us, another riddle. As the clock strikes midnight, on the eve of Saturday, you may find us where virtue joins together."

    "The Chamber of Virtue!" exclaimed Dorian Locke.

    Rye ignored him. "It is in this place that we will once again prove it to be false, the concept of Virtue, and gather the ranks that will serve our purpose."

    "Before I go, I must ask: now that you know I speak the truth, will you not reconsider your position? Think well..."

    Rye stepped calmly through the angry crowd. One of those who had looked particularly furious struck out at him, and several more drew their weapons. The screams in my head became clear again as I began to fear for my fellow Britannians, those who had sworn with me just a few moments before. I drew my sword and hacked at him myself. Even as I did so, I heard him call for the guards, and felt a rush of air behind me, for a split second feeling a halberd twist in my back. One of Lord British's guards, left in Felucca to protect those who would not follow their king in retreat.

    A moment later, I began to see the world in dim, spectral hues...and I could hear the screaming, louder than ever before. The world went white, and I found myself on the floor of Minax's gutted temple, clad in a rag and freezing cold. I had never before experience death, and by the time I started to recover from the experience, all but a few souls had departed. We made our way once again briskly through the dead streets of Trinsic, and made our journey home.

    I had long held a sort of resentment towards Trammel, this unspoiled world which never faced the hardships of my own, but as I staggered through the homeward gate, and once more saw birds flying overhead, I realized what a treasure it is. We of Britannia lost our first home long ago, and it is only through the graces of some higher power, and the dedication of our king, that we have been given a new one.

    We must never lose it. We must never let it be taken from us.

    Never again.

    Will the cult succeed in resurrecting their fallen master? Will the words of Juo'nar sway the citizens of our land, and bring them to his side? Will those who remain in the light of virtue be strong enough to overcome the forces that now begin to surface?

    As the information becomes available, we'll be sure to keep you updated!

    Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000, 5:18 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Updated Establishments Listing Now Open
    I am pleased to announce the re-opening of the Catskills Establishment Listing, now available in the navigation menu to the left.

    The only listing accessible at the moment is the Jolly Roger Inn, which you can use as a reference for the format of each establishment description. The others will become available in the next few days, as time permits.

    If you would like to submit an establishment for inclusion, follow the instructions available in the section's main page.

    Please, review the design of the listing, and send us your feedback! There may be a few more changes on the horizon, but I hope this demonstrates we are making a conscious effort to update this section!

    Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000, 4:38 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    UO Player Gathering - Northern California
    Another Player Gathering for everyone to attend. For those that are on the fence on whether or not to attend one, all I can say is that these can be an incredible experience and that I can't recommend them enough. This one is for the Northern California region:

    It's that time of year again...time for the Second Annual UO Gathering/Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire thingy! Last year's event was a great success, even with only a paltry week's notice. This year, we are expecting a turnout of 100 or more, including players from as far away as Pennsylvania and Alberta, be there or be square!

    WHEN: Saturday, September 30th. Meet in front of the ticket windows no later than 9:00-9:30 Pacific, if you wish to get a break on ticket prices.

    WHERE: Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire at the Nut Tree, Vacaville, off of Interstate-80 (link with map to follow)

    WHAT: A chance to meet other UO players within the atmosphere of 16th-century England. The initial entrance fee covers continuous entertainment from 10:00am to 6:00 or 7:00pm, when the faire closes. Full-contact jousting tournaments, staged plays, roving jesters, Salty Seadogs, ribald revelry, juggling, puppet shows, belly dancers (don't ask), bawdy songs and sweet ballads, Bold and Stupid Men, swashing and buckling...something for every taste. :-)

    HOW MUCH: The normal price for an adult ticket is $17.50. HOWEVER, on the 30th, I will be awaiting you outside the ticket window with a fistfull of coupons to allow you to gain entrance for half-price (or 8.75), and all children (up to age 11) will be admitted free on that date. I'll post a link with my picture from last year's faire, so you'll know whom to look for and bug. :-)

    WHAT TO BRING: Food on the premises is most delicious---and very pricey. I recommend bringing your own, so that if you're smitten with an overwhelming desire for some bauble while you're there, you'll have the means to purchase it. (There are ATMs available as well) Bottled water is a good staple, too. FILM! Bring your cameras and LOTS of film! Costuming is not required, but I think you'll find a lot more...uh...opportunities..if you are costumed. *winks* The only prohibitions on items brought into the faire are: No glass containers, no alcohol, (though ale, wine and mead are available onsite at the Ale Stands) no unsecured weapons, and no live pets. (I dunno about dead ones)

    FOR THOSE WITH CHILDREN: There are TONS of things for children to do at faire, including (but not limited to) the Traditional School of Crafts (basket-weaving, pomander-making, doll-making, painting, etcetera), the chance to participate as actors onstage in an ongoing play, pony rides, turtle races, archery, the Dragon Maze, the Moon Swing, the Maypole...many of the kid's activities are free. My 8 year-old daughter has attended every day for the past three years, and she's still not bored. A great place for kids. :-)

    WHAT TO LOOK FOR: If you manage to miss me before opening, try to find my booth. (it's small :) It's called "Eggwife's Dowrie", and is located on Threadneedle Market, west of the Washerwoman's Well, beneath a spreading walnut tree, at the bend in the road just before the Big Swing. We are directly in front of Tickle thy Fantasy, and just across the road from Gypsy Soles, the banner booth, and Steven Overstreet's Romantic Regalia.

    I've arranged to take the day off, but intend for the booth to be used as a message center for the day, and will be checking back there often. Just bug Torrey, my booth manager. He'll love it. *grins* BTW, ask for Guillian, as they do not know me as Dor. On second thought, ask for Dor if you wish...I will leave instructions. :-)

    For Faire-specific information (including current weather report and map) go here:

    To see what I look like so that you can hunt me down, go here:

    For pics of OGD's portion of last year's fun, go here:

    A links page, for those has about 100 Ren Faire-related links, covering everything from mead-making to armor to language to costumes to performers, etc., etc...(Mine is even on there!) Check it out at:

    That's all that I can think of for now...thanks for your time. :-)

    If you've any questions, email me at: [email protected], and I'll try to answer them. Hope to see you there!

    ~Dor of Sonoma

    Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000, 2:53 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Third Guest Bard Night at Kinship Tavern
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This comes to us from Mishca, barmaid of the Kinship Tavern...

    Due to the grand success of the previous two Guest Bard Night events, we are going to be having another! On Sunday, September 17th, from 9:00pm-11:00pm EDT, we ask that anyone with a song, poem, or short story to share join us once again. I still have green ale mugs to give to each person who shares with us, while they last, and again we will allow those who haven't previously had the opportunity to grab the floor first!

    Kinship Village is located on the mainland just east of Skara Brae, at 56o4'S-33o15'W. Our tavern is staffed every evening so that you can come and enjoy companionship, events, and ale anytime!

    The last bard night saw some interesting developments in the Giddeon Night saga, and who knows what this Sunday will bring. Citizens are encouraged to show their support; the tavern will appreciate your patronage!

    Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000, 1:56 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    What in the world is the NTO?!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Once again my source came to me. “Tristam! I have discovered some very interesting information about the Terrorists of Nujel’m.” I scoffed lightly “You mean those idiots that showed up in Yew the night we left to go kill Acruvir the lich? They were wearing red robes and they threw a few purple potions before getting guard whacked?” “Aye,” my informant said, stifling a smile, “that was them alright, but it seems there is more to them than that foolish attack.” “Oh?” I replied, eyebrows raising. “I was just told today that a book was found in one of the larger houses on the island of Nujel’m. In it, supposedly there is a book written by the leader of the NTO…. I suggest you go find it and read it. For it seems that the terrorist faction in Nujel’m is not simply petty rebels and thieves, but it is sponsored and upheld by the wealthy and elite of the City. The sooner you go, the better I am sure.”
    I quickly gathered a few things and spoke the incantation that would take me to the beautiful city of sand. I scoured the island looking through all the big and elaborate houses of the rich and famous, and then I found what I was looking for, in one of the most beautiful houses on the island, located due North east of the bank. Once again it seems my informant has hit pay dirt.

    Nujel’m’s Time
    Antonious Mestro

    Ah, the time we have waited for. The time that the jewel of Sosoria has waited to shine. We have been here waiting, standing, hiding, and pondering when we would be able to make our move. The time has come with the coming of Acurvir and his magic. The winds of war have started brewing and blowing. Teleburiel believes he can build a windbreaker to stop these winds. These winds don’t blow clear. They blow with the color of blood, the smell of battle and the taste of death. Oh he thinks he is correct. He thinks if we choose to proceed with our plan we will fail. He fails to understand that a snake doesn’t operate without it’s head, and we go first the head first. He does not heed my warning that the very earth under them will shake from the blasts of our bombs. We will terrorize the populace and make them fear us. They will have no choice but to bow to us. The great Generals of the past learned one important thing that allowed them to win. They understood by demoralizing the populace you demoralize the war effort. Let TUR and their friends try and come after us. We will succeed in drawing the targets of our allies. It is only time that a Chaos Knight replenishes his powers that have run so dry. I respect this man, even if he is pure hate. He helps us because of that pure hate. It would be sad to see him go, for I don’t know if the snake he leads would function without its head. Maybe the Dragon Knights will replenish him. For without him, we are all doomed.

    The time is coming to shine…. Oh yes it is….

    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 11:29 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    CBA Sonoma Theater Productions Presents
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    The Conservatory of Bardic Arts' Sonoma Theater is presenting The Production of Snow White & the Seven Dwarves. We are currently looking for cast & stage hands to help make the play a big sucess.  He are the charactors of the Play:

          Snow White
          Prince Charming
          Azariel the Good Queen
          Ezera the Evil Queen
          The Spirit of the Magic Mirror
          Ezera’s Mirror Reflection
          The Huntsman

    Stage Hands are also needed.  Mages are the best.
    If you are interested in any of the charactor positions, contact Galadriel at: [email protected]

    The Audition information will be Posted on Sonoma Notepad They will also be emailed to each of the people that are interested. If you cannot recive mail on your POP3 account (Outlook Express) please give the email that you would like to recive production news in the email you send about being interested in the play.
    The Play will be presented at the Sonoma Playhouse in the Golgotha Kingdom (Felucca) A website will soon be up with more information.
    -Galadriel, CBA Shard Mistress of Sonoma [PAS]
    [email protected]


    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 10:18 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    More on IoA Stone Moving to Trammel
    We talked about it for long enough and we had decided against moving the IoA stone then one day Shradhdha, Priestess of the Moon's sent word to me and everything changed again. The pieces of the puzzle were finally starting to fall into place as she came from the tribe of the An'Sakara.

    She told me her people were a peaceful tribe and they were being misled by an evil one. She could not bring herself to look at the evil she saw in her dreams, but she knew it was there infecting the minds of her people. She told me that she knew my queen well yet they had never met, she told me she loved M'Lady Shannara and that she must convince her to move the IoA stone and restore balance. She had come at great risk to herself....

    Shradhdha paced her tent, weighing options back and forth, pausing at the doorway of the tent, her troubled eyes drifted over the rolling hills of  sand, her slender hands trembled as she held the tent flap in a tight grip.  The dream had followed her through her waking and sleeping hours.  The pale Queen of Avalon, so beautiful, so loved.  How could the sul'dam proclaim her evil?

    How was she their enemy?  Within the dreams her aura was so light, Shra just could not believe this woman was evil.   But the latest dream troubled Shra more than anything in her life.  She trembled still to think of the true evil and what impact it would have on her land, on her people, on all of Britannia.  She looked to the furs outside her tent, seated there was Brasha, he was to stand guard outside her tent so she would not leave.  She had went to Sul'dam and the people, telling them of her dream, and how they were being tricked and used by the evil.

    They didn't listen to her, proclaiming her mad and the false priestess. She felt a warm tear sliding down her cheek, then another.  She did not lift a palm to wipe them, but let them freely slide to the beloved earth as she knelt down upon it, letting the tent flaps fall closed. Whatever would she do?  She felt Avalon must be told of this evil, but the Sul'dam had forbidden her to have any contact with them.  She rose to her feet and paced the soft rugs, weighing the consequences.  IF she told Avalon, she would save all of their lives and those of her own people, but she would be risking possible exile or death from her own people for going  against the Sul'dam.

    Shradhdha contemplated that Shannara and Avalon may not even listen to her, why would they if her own people would not listen?  But she knew, in her heart, that she must try.  She must, even to death, do what is best for her people, and for Avalon.  As the sun set Shra quietly packed a bag.  She then mixed a drink for Brasha and hesitantly took it out to him, hiding the deceit in her eyes as he smiled gratefully and caressed her cheek.

    He had chosen to have taken her for a wife, but with the events that led up to her being locked in her tent, Brasha was not sure now if Shradhdha would be his.  She lowered her eyes to break the gaze of his dark eyes searching for the truths within them.  After he drank he yawned, then yawned again, his voice speaking out as he realized what she had done.  He caressed her cheek again, gazing into her pale blue eyes, so unusual a color in their clan.  Only one girl in each generation was blessed with such features, only one would be priestess.

    Why had he doubted her heart and her sincerity? She took his hand and helped him into her tent, he didn't question her, but followed.  She led him to the sleeping pallet and helped him down on it, quietly asking him to forgive her, that she must do what she can.  He smiled as sleep started to overtake him, whispering his wish for her luck on her journey.   Shradhdha covered him and gently kissed his forehead.  He was a good man, she hoped he wasn't punished for this by the Sul'dam.  She rose and covered  her body with a hooded black cloak, stealing out into the darkness of the desert night, leaving the only home she had ever known, leaving the sand and dryness for whatever awaited her beyond the desert.  She walking swiftly and carefully toward a small village at the edge of the desert, eyes wide as she looked at the buildings and people.  She found a place she knew from her dreams and bought a moongate trip to Yew.

    She stayed at the abbey there and sent word to the one named Darkwing.  She waited patiently in the not-so-peaceful abbey, running from Mongbats and Orcs, being amazed at the greenness of the ground, after the dryness of her birthplace.  She grew ill from the death of the trees and the land.  Shradhdha prayed to the moon nightly that Avalon would trust and believe her, and that balance would be restored for them all before the lands died completely.

    Later that same evening Aegis Dalamere, of HaveHold came to the tower with  yet more news of the true evil behind all of this. He told of and evil sorcerer named Dreyra Jahr and he be the one that has misled Shradhdha's  people and caused them to try to do harm to M'Lady Shannara. He also spoke of balance and the need for a guild as large as IoA to have a presence in both lands. This would restore the balance between the lands of Trammel and Felucca and thus free her people.

    He told us to beware of going against Dreyra Jahr, that he was indeed a very powerful foe. That he would seek retribution against us if we free the An'Sakara from his grasp when we move, but many have threatened Avalon before and we have always stood in the name of Virtue and Justice.  Jahr can send his minions he will find a fight when he gets here! The IoA stone
     moves when the two moon's eclipse next Tuesday eve 8pm pst. We start at the IoA tower in Avalon and travel to the new lands upon the interim...

    Any who wish to join us there can find a rune to our village at the YMCA or HavenHold. The one at the YMCA may take you into spawn so be careful in fact probably better to use the one from HavenHold I have replaced that one and  it is safe from the spawn...


    Prince, IoA
    Queen's Hand, G-A


    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 10:00 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    A Wedding in KOB
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I was given a email in reminder of Furie and Tinkerers wedding on Saturday and I figured I should post it.
    The wedding of The Lady Furie Guildmistress of KOB and Sir Tinkerer Knight of KOB is this Saturday, September 16, at 7:30 p.m. CST in the Nujel'm Palace on the Trammel facet.

    Furie and Tinkerer, If I don't make it to your ceremony. I wish you both well and to Furie, all I have to say is Its about time.
    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 8:41 PM EDT by BeBadd (GreatLakes)

    Farland Clan Auction Hall Grand Opening
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Farland Clan would like to invite all people in the land to the Grand opening or our bi weekly Auction Hall. The Auction will be held in the Town of Areclandia, at Farland Tower, (130o 39'N, 106o 44'E)(Trammel)Friday September 15 6:30 p.m. CST Gates will be provided at, Bank of Vesper, Bank of Moonglow, and the West Bank of Britian.

    We have many items up for bid from Blessed Sandals to Fishing Nets to a Full set of Plants. We will also auction off items for other members and will except items up to Thursday of this Week for a 5% cut of the profits of your sale just icq me at 81776588 and i will give you further details

    Malis Farland
    First Elder FCR

    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 5:11 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Grand Opening of The Drunken Lizard Pub!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    That's right you heard me its a grand opening even though its been in business for a little while. Grab your gold and put on your dancing shoes, we are going to rock the pub. Since the addition of Gambling and the wonderful remodeling the Ownership decided it was time for a party.

    Located in the player run city of Sanctuary on the Trammel Facet this is a open invitation to all! Please though leave your hostilities at the door as this will be a wild drunken night of Partying and Gambling,haha.

    Jon von Darkmoor, Ranger of Sanctuary

    This grand opening will be Sunday sept 17th @ 7pm under the Central Skies.


    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 5:02 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    The Opening of A New Town
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Got this from a friend of mine, Lady Shana Del Magia:

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

    The preparations have ended, the last brick have been laid and the last tree has been cut down...Let the festivities begin!

    You are hereby cordinally invited to join us in the opening of a new town, namely Tayrnagh.

    The opening starts at 21.00 CET with a welcome speech from the Dark Mistress herself, Lady Shana.
    We will then continue with a guided tour of the town by Lady Alauna At 21.30 drinks will be served at the inn and a lottery will be held.
    At 22.00 the grand event: the Contest of Mages. Everyone will be able to show us their arcane skills by using their Kal Xen spell (more info in detail on
    And finally for those still with us, we end in the keep with a storytelling by Lady Shana about Necromancers and Witches who have roamed the lands of Britannia in the past.

    For more detailed information on how to get to us or to know more about specific event, please visit our website

    In Obscurem Vivemus

    Lady Shana

    Thank you, Shana!
    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 11:30 AM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Clarification of "Used" Account Warning
    We recently published a warning about buying "used" UO accounts. We stated that it is possible to be banned from that account if the original owner of the account you bought is later banned for TOS violations on another account.

    Since we published that warning, we have heard from some readers who state that, that while this may have happened once, it is a rare occurrence, and that most account sales have no problems.

    While our warning WAS based on the experiences of only one player, we at UOSS have no idea how many other players may have experienced the same situation. All we know is that the possibility exists for the owner of a used account to be banned, due to the actions of the original owner after the account was sold. How often this happens, and how big a risk it is, we can not say.

    Also, as mentioned in the original article, the person who bought the used account was eventually reinstated.

    The bottom line with this, as with all sales, is "Buyer Beware".

    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 10:10 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Defeat on Nujelm's Chessboard
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The Cult of Juo'nar, in the final match of their forced series, stunned the assembled crowd with a decisive victory, dark secrets revealed in its wake stirring many to a state of rage. Here is an account of the evening's events, prepared by Elisa Montclaire...

    I write this report through a veil of horror I never could have envisioned. We, the citizens of Britannia, have been played, one and all, for fools. The Cult of Juo'nar has mocked our intelligence at every turn, and it seems they may have had reason to.

    Every party sent to search for the seventh hostage returned in failure. Heavy-hearted, we gathered at the giant chess board in Nujel'm. As we began to discuss how the match would be played, a cry arose in the streets that Jonathan Rye, traitor to the Purple Guardians of Honor and rumored leader of the "chessmen", was at the inn.

    As we entered, he began to mock us. "What virtues lead you to play our games, to follow us like dogs on a leash?"

    Varying answers were given; compassion and justice being the most common. "To save the innocent girls," shouted one bystander.

    "What makes them innocent?" he asked in response. "No one here is innocent. It is a falsehood, another lie the virtues perpetuate. My eyes were opened to the truth. And if you listen to my words, you might also learn of the lies that contain you."

    He then stated he would be resting until the beginning of the match, and retired to a room.

    We quickly returned to the great board, and soon, the match began, with noble citizens of Britannia forming the armies of both sides. A particularly grim Gorion took command of our side; he clearly sought to redeem the honor of the Purple Guardians by defeating the fiend who had arisen from their ranks. Gorion played as strong a game as he was able, and kept the game going for some time, but his King was eventually claimed by Jonathan. As the game ended, I expected to hear of the demise of another hostage. I could almost hear her screams in my mind. What I heard was far worse.

    "The score is not even, and we have won the series. Learn now the real reason you have all played along through a string of our creation." He paused, then continued. "Did you not find it curious every woman rescued was named Alyssa? A little restyling of her hair, and everyone blindly accepted this. You all have played for lives already sacrificed, a ruse to keep you occupied."

    "Eight women died, their blood seeping into a crystal used in ritual. And through this ritual, Juo'nar will speak. And command. And show us the ways to his resurrection." His lips curled. "The fact that we defeated you in five of eight matches is an added bonus, and the defeat of my former "superior" this eve is personally satisfying."

    "You have all fallen prey to our ruse, and without your interference, Juo'nar is once again able to command us, and speak to us." He looked about the crowd. "And through his word, you will be enlightened.

    "Your name will be numbered among the dead or the followers; there are no other choices," Rye quoted. "As Juo'nar spoke two years past, these words are mandate."

    "If you wish to receive his word, for whatever reason, whether to receive his gift of truth, or to battle to perpetuate the lies, appear at the site of my master's second demise, as the clock strikes midnight tomorrow evening." The crowd looked confused and horrfied. "And bring with you a communication crystal that will receive..."

    With that, Jonathan Rye disappeared. I barely heard him speak the words of power, for my mind was filled with the screams of eight innocent young women. For the past eight nights, I have tried to bring you, the citizens of our fair land, together to save lives. And yet, we have not saved a single one. This has all been no more than a few games of chess. One of the greatest terrors our land has ever seen is about to arise, and we have done nothing to stop it.

    Tomorrow night, we go to Trinsic in Felucca. I know I am not the only one who lost a family there, and there are none who did not lose at least a friend. We all know Juo'nar's handiwork; we must be there to make sure our land never knows it again. Perhaps some of you fear to go to Felucca. If you trust no other words I say, trust that if Juo'nar returns, he will not be kept from our haven in Trammel. We must not let that happen.

    Please, join us tomorrow night at 11:00pm EST, at the King's Men Theatre in Britain, from whence we will depart to attend Juo'nar's speaking. For now, I must go; they are screaming for me.

    What will the cult's completed ritual bring to bear upon Britannia? Will Juo'nar truly speak to those assembled on the streets of Trinsic, or is this yet another clever ruse?

    As more is learned, we'll be sure to put it to press!

    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 7:07 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    UO Player Lunch at Texas Renaissance Festival
    This just in from Heather in regard to another UO Player Gathering:
    UO Player Lunch at Texas Renaissance Festival
    From Heather

    The next Austin UO Player Luncheon will be held in the Italian Village of the Texas Renaissance Festival, Plantersville, Texas (same place as usual) at 1pm, Sunday, October 8th, 2000. That is Columbus Day weekend, for those of us that will need the day off on Monday to recover. All players are encouraged to come in Medieval costume, or dress like your UO Character. Prizes will be awarded for best costumes. There will also be a trivia contest, so brush up on your UO trivia. This event sponsored by the Crossroads Gaming Network.

    Yes! We will have our annual gathering of players at the Renfaire. No! This is not the same event as the UO World Faire. The Austin UO Player Luncheons have always been 'by the players for the players' but OSI has always been supportive in sending representatives and "phat loot". I emailed Melantus today, and he assures me that OSI will make a showing at the TRF Player Luncheon. The UO World Faire in November is an event put on by OSI, and is NOT the same as the UO Players Lunch at the TRF in October. If you are coming from out of town, or otherwise cannot afford to attend both events, I would recommend attending the World Faire in November. It is a bigger event than the lunch, more players will be in attendance here in Austin, and OSI promises some good seminars and other bonuses.

    The cost for this event is $40 for adults, this includes Renfair ticket and catered lunch. Send your payment at to me, [email protected] and please include your character name and shard in the comments. More than twenty people are already signed up, you can view the guest list and get further details at the UOLunch webpage. If you have further questions you can email me [email protected].

    All signed up, and not a thing to wear? Just not into that whole "come in costume" bit? How about a UOLunch TShirt? Head on over to the UO Players Lunch Merchandise Page at Coffee mugs and mouse pads are also available.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 2:12 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    The Million Chef March
    The following announcement was sent to us in regard to The Million Chef March to give awareness of the profession that feeds us all:
    On September 16, Chefs from all over Brittania will meet for a march and silent vigil, in an attempt to seek support from the king for their profession. All chefs and other interested people are invited to join the group, which will gather at East Britain Bank in Trammel, Europa at approximately 16:00 GMT (11:00 a.m. Eastern). From there the chefs will march solemnly to the castle and offer up all the baked goods that their profession can provide to the king. Only a few designated criers will explain the march to passersby, to keep from unduly disturbing the citizens of Britain.

    Plenty of refreshments will be available free at the vigil. Come join the chefs of Europa and representatives from other shards in beseeching the king's favor!

    (Submitted by Puppy of Chesapeake)

    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 2:06 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Dragon Plate of Oceania
    Hail all....

    Many a time I get stop while passing by the many banks of Britianna by fellow Travellers asking me.. 'Von, What is this Dragon Plate we hear so much about?" Well, gentle readers, I give to thee this picture of said plate.

    What is this Dragon Plate? Well, this was a gift given out by OSI at the Sydney meet where Lord British was due to come down to Australia. Due to LB stepping down from OSI just before he was due to come down they sent Raph Koster (aka Designer Dragon). After the lunch and talk they put on they arranged for a online session, where they handed out these plates to those there.
    The number of Plates is unknown but it is believed to be between the 60-80 amount.
    This is one of four known items that are Oceania only created items. The other 3 are sashs (1st, 2nd and 3rd Place) handed out at a Dropbear event.

    Von Ravend, Oceania's Stratic Reporter

    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 1:03 AM EDT by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    UO Celebrity Chat Monday Eve

    #ultima-online will be hosting an Ultima Online Celebrity Chat Monday, September 18th at 7pm CST. The UOCC is a forum wherein special celebrity guests from the UO community are invited to come in and chat with the players. In a moderated forum, users are granted the opportunity for a couple of minutes of chit-chat, and the ability to correspond directly with the evening's special guest.

    Our special guest this Monday is none other than Kal-El, the head of the entire OSI volunteer department. Stop by to ask him your questions about the volunteer program, its future direction, and about the game that has addicted us all for the past 3 years.

    To join the chat, type /join #ultima-online upon connecting to Stratics IRC. Or, use our Stratics Java IRC Client. You can connect to the Stratics Network via the following servers:

    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 12:30 AM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (CommunityNews)

    Magic Sulfuric Ash update
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<More in on the missing Ash

    Greetings Citizens,

    My scouts to the orcish lands, south of Yew have brought back vital information of great concern. As suspected, the Orcs of Kor have indeed stolen the Magical Sulfuric Ash, which was procured in the robbery from Master Herbalist Ezzar a few days ago. Furthermore, the Green Dragon who was once Ezzar's apprentice, is now working with the orcs. The Magical Sulfuric Ash is very explosive, and therefore is very destructive.

    My scouts have overheard the orcs talking about attacking human cities by launching portions of the Ash into human towns, by use of their great orcish catapults. They are also planning to bombard the cities by having their green dragon drop the Ash from the sky.

    We must act with great haste citizens! Currently the orcs have the Ash protected in their Stone Keep they have constructed just north of their Orc Fort. The Britain Guardforce must remain in Britain at all times to protect from any possible attacks. I hereby ask for all guilds that are equipped for battle, to rally together and lay waste to the filthy orcish vermin. Lay siege to their pathetic keep. Retrieve the Magic Sulfuric Ash from within.

    As an added incentive for a quick orcish defeat, I will provide 20,000 gold coins to the person who is able to bring the chest with the pouches of the Magic Sulfuric Ash to me, at the Britain Guard Tower (south west of Britain Bank).

    Good luck to you all!!
    Captain Stormaul
    Britain Guardforce

    Event Date: September 16, 2000
    Event Time: 11:00pm (Sydney)
    Event Place: ORK Fort - North Clearing from the Felucia Yew Orc Fort.

    Further Details on this event should be viewed at: Orc Raid Event

    With a prize of 20,000 gold I'm sure the turnout will be high.

    Von Ravend, Stratics Oceania Reporter
    Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 12:10 AM EDT by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Merchants on Tour Informations Website
    Here comes our now weekly news from Raknar, of the Merchants on Tour :
    Hail friends.

    Our existance in the UO-community is splitting in two halves right now. One part is an active guild with many events on DF and the other part is a news-page with many interesting features and informations about UO. Here are our actual highlights :

    Not shard-specific :

    European Shards : Drachenfels :
    • Different raffles and quests should offer variety on DF. We startet a new raffle even today with a total prize-sum of 71000 goldpieces.
    • A dungeontour for beginners and advanced to Trammel, Wrong on tuesday, 10pm CET (9pm BST, 4pm EDT). Meetingpoint is the [MoT] Tower.
    Raknar [MoT]
    Merchants on Tour
    ... and of course, he kindly added a [b]german version[/b] for those of us who prefer it this way :
    Hi Freunde.

    Unsere Präsenz in der UO-Community splittet sich immer mehr in zwei Teile. Einerseits versuchen wir aufgrund der großen Mitgliederzahl eine aktive UO-Gilde auf DF zu sein andererseits eine ernstzunehmende Newsseite mit vielen Informationen rund um das Thema UO. Hier unsere aktuellen Highlights :

    Alle Shards :

    Euroshards : Drachenfels :
    • Verschiedene Tombolas und Quests sollen auf DF für Abwechslung sorgen. Gerade heute wurde wieder eine Tombola mit einem Gesamtgewinn von 71000 Goldstücken gestartet.
    • Gemeinsame Dungeontour für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene nach Trammel, Wrong am kommenden Dienstag 22.00 CET. Treffpunkt MoT Tower.

    Raknar the Merchant [MoT]

    Merchants on Tour
    Thanks a lot Raknar.
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 10:55 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Followers of Utracht Fear Evil Uprising
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Brother Andariel sent us the following notice :
    Utracht with thee people of Britannia!

    I have to warn all of you citizens: There is an evil organisation called "Heralds of the true belief" that is setting our hearts on fire and bringing fear in our lives.

    The first time we heard about this criminal organisation was when the tradesman Schnapper was kidnapped by one of these. The kidnapper, Cradelios his name hath been, considered Schnapper for some reason to be follower of Utracht. This criminal sent a message to the Abbey in which he wanted us to collect 10 thousand gold pieces...

    He obviously wasn't follower of Utracht, as the kidnapper thought, but by Utrachts third way, the way of mercy, it was our duty to help him out. The whole story about how Schnapper was freed can be read on the pages of the Children of the Spring (Kinder der Quelle [KdQ]) who led the final search for Schnapper.

    Recently one of our monks was threatened by a stranger who called himself a "Herald of the true belief" when he was wandering across the land. Keep thine eyes open, have an ear for the unexpected ! This organisation is still working in the underground and isn't planning anything good... more criminal acts are likely to arise !

    Please contact the Abbey ( for helpful information.

    Bruder Andariel (High Abbot, GWU)

    Wandering Preacher's Society of Utracht
    Thanks a lot Andariel.
    Please note that the quest report is in english, while the other sites linked to on this notice are in german.
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 10:18 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Theft! Siege! Money and Mayhem!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Greetings Citizens,

    My scouts to the orcish lands, south of Yew have brought back vital information of great concern. As suspected, the Orcs of Kor have indeed stolen the Magical Sulfuric Ash, which was procured in the robbery from Master Herbalist Ezzar a few days ago. Furthermore, the Green Dragon who was once Ezzar's apprentice, is now working with the orcs. The Magical Sulfuric Ash is very explosive, and therefore is very destructive.

    My scouts have overheard the orcs talking about attacking human cities by launching portions of the Ash into human towns, by use of their great orcish catapults. They are also planning to bombard the cities by having their green dragon drop the Ash from the sky.

    We must act with great haste citizens! Currently the orcs have the Ash protected in their Stone Keep they have constructed just north of their Orc Fort. The Britain Guardforce must remain in Britain at all times to protect from any possible attacks. I hereby ask for all guilds that are equiped for battle, to rally together and lay waste to the filthy orcish vermin. Lay seige to their pathetic keep. Retreive the Magic Sulfuric Ash from within.

    As an added incentive for a quick orcish defeat, I will provide 20,000 gold coins to the person who is able to bring the chest with the pouches of the Magic Sulfuric Ash to me, at the Britain Guard Tower (south west of Britain Bank).

    Good luck to you all!!
    Captain Stormaul
    Britain Guardforce

    Event Date: September 16, 2000
    Event Time: 11:00pm (Sydney)
    Event Place: ORK Fort - North Clearing from the Felucia Yew Orc Fort.

    Further Details on this event should be viewed at: Orc Raid Event

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 9:22 PM EDT by Sha'mad Conde ()

    Excerpt from Basil’s jounal
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<I smiled to myself as the figure handed me the book. "Basil will never know his study was even the slightest bit disturbed, Tristam. Even the dust in the room is as it was when he last laid eyes upon it. I hope this copy of his personal journal will serve some use towards our cause." The figure saluted and smiled. Hearing the door close I leaned my chair back and read....

    September 10

    Dear Journal,

    Ah, today was indeed a great day. I don’t mind the fact that our dear Arcia Delong got married to that foul Serpico. Only a blemish upon the day. As I see it, the rest of the day was ours. Though maybe some good did come from the wedding. We managed to sneak into Drunken Lizard and take Lucas to the transformation without anyone noticing.

    Ah yes, the transformation. Definitely one of the better things I have seen in my past few days. The journey to the former Monk Monastery indeed helped me though. All this fighting and upholding the Black One’s plan has drained me of my life force. The Chaos that envelops the Monastery from many battles helped. Maybe the life force of a Dragon Knight would help?

    *Note to self: consult ancient books to see if anything could be made of this.

    Either way, back to the story of the transformation. Lazereth began his spells and ancient word to become a liche. All of a sudden he was poisoned and quickly fell to the ground. We stood in shock hoping he would return.

    Here is where it got interesting. As soon as Lazereth died, a chilly breeze blew in. Ravens started fluttering through the front gate filling the sky. I pondered how ravens got so far up into the mountains. That question was answered when a dire wolf appeared walking straight for me. I was taken back by the fact this dire wolf was coming to us during this great transformation. I figured no good would come of this. Yet when he began to speak, his words only brought a smile and confusion. He knew that the Cult was aiding Nujel’m Terrorist Organization in their plans to cause civil unrest in Moonglow, thus giving the chance for a takeover by Nujel’m. I was cautious at first. I picked my words carefully. I knew I was safe physically, for the gathering of the Cultists and follower of Lazereth had by back for sure. Yet mind tricks are the most hazardous things, and must be watched for. Though he was not about mind tricks. He came speaking of destroying the old fool known as Teleburiel. I laughed and agreed that this should be done. We forged a common alliance with that. He promised to help the Terrorists if I would help him defeat Teleburiel. Fair deal, though he warned me not to mess with those seeking to solve the Herald’s Poem.

    *Note to self: seek more information on this Herald.

    I expected more talk, but the ground began to shake. A huge hole appeared where Lazereth’s body once was. With that, the dire wolf transformed into a raven saying he must depart.

    We all froze as Lazereth floated up out of the whole laughing evilly. He grinned at me uttered a few words, "I am back my friends. The transformation is complete." His body radiated cold death. I was not afraid to touch him, but in my weakened state I thought better of it. I made sure he could still be trusted and asked several questions of him. He affirmed the fact Chaos is with him and the Black One is still the true bringer of Chaos. I was happy that he chose to stick by us. He is a great ally to us and with him we will help Chaos achieve domination. He thanked the powers of the Black One for blessing the amulet and allowing the transformation. We all said a few words and were off to a brief celebration at the Temple.

    Don’t look surprised journal, but this is not all that we have accomplished today. Admorel managed to infect Heather with the nightmares. We tried to kill her, but alas, she was heavily guarded. We came so close though. I still consider it a victory, for we managed to infect her. They then proceeded to try and take Admorel from us at the Temple. We warned them several times, they made steps forward and back, and soon a scuffle broke out. As always, the Black One’s guidance allowed us to fend off the intruders. Though I don’t believe we are done. Admorel sits in his study every night until late hours that even I can’t handle, planning other victims to receive his nightmares.

    That is all for today. Goodnight Journal.

    *Excerpt from Basil’s Journal*

    September 11

    Dear Journal

    Today is a great success. I consulted the books and found there was a way to trap a Dragon Knight’s soul into a crystal ball. I can use this crystal ball to tap into the life force of the being in it to recharge myself. We managed to capture EdGuArDo and trap him in a crystal ball. Already I feel a thousand times stronger. I wonder what would happen If I proceeded in capturing the souls of the other Dragon Knights into these crystal balls. I bet if such a thing could be done, I would be so powerful no one could stop me.

    *Note to self: consult books more about this fact.

    The Black One has blessed me with this fortunate fact. I should take advantage of this. Chaos gain strength ever day.

    Goodnight Journal.

    How nice Basil. Your time shall come! And the Temple to the Black One WILL fall to the forces of good and order!
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 8:52 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Pierre and the Parchment
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Pierre was walking through the woods. He was on his way near Yew to the Burning Heart guildhall. When he got to the clearing in Trammel where tower was in Felucca, he took out the Felucca stone and placed it on the ground. It was only a few seconds before the gate opened and he walked through.

    “Ah,” said Pierre, “the guildhall as always.” He smiled. He hasn’t visited a lot since he has been very busy cleaning his new house, but he loved to talk to other guild mates. When he walked up to the door, Dark Knight greeted him. “Hail, Sir Pierre!” said Dark Knight as he shook Pierre’s hand. “Well met, my friend. Do you have what I need?” Pierre replied. He was referring to an easy treasure map he was searching for. His cousin Seth, who was still quite young, was searching for treasure map to start out his career.

    “I did! But there is something quite peculiar! There is a parchment attached. I didn’t dare open it, as for I don’t know what knowledge it holds.” Dark Knight gave the treasure map and parchment to Pierre. “Hmm…” Pierre studied the map and parchment. They were both rolled into a tube like structure. “When I return home I shall look at the parchment before I give it to Seth.” “As you wish,” said Dark Knight. “Tell your cousin I bid him good luck.” “I shall Dark Knight. I would like to thank thee for your troubles. Here,” he handed Dark Knight a bottle of wine and loaf or bread, “I made these myself. Have these and then I will return soon with your share of the goods.” Dark Knight waved at Pierre. “Farewell friend!” Pierre placed the Trammel stone into the ground, “Until tomorrow!”

    As the gate opened, Pierre played with a rune. After he walked through, he recalled to his home off of Britain. When he got home he said at the table and started to look at the treasure map and parchment. He noticed it was tied by a blue ribbon. This reminded him of he mother and how she was taken from him back when he was born. The foul monsters will meet their doom, thought Pierre. When he opened the parchment, it read this:

    I know, the monsters shall die because of their wrong doings. But I have something that you want, French man. Does this sound familiar? Once a night, the moon shall come, Every morning, the moon shall fall, And we will be together forever. “How the…” Pierre knew that poem. His dad used to tell it to him, after his mom disappeared. Come, send your brother to the treasure chest, I shall leave a book telling you More, but if you come! That shall be the end of you. Farewell. The parchment wasn’t signed. “I have to send a message to Dark Knight and my guild mates!” Pierre yelled. He went outside and payed the nearest messenger to travel and bring the message to the guild hall.
    A call for help for all! Jacob the messenger needs some escorts! The escorts shall be paid! Please send a pigeon to (ICQ) 77448886 or [email protected] if you can help! He needs to leave as soon as possible! HURRY!


    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 8:01 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    BNN Audio Transcript Archives Updated
    I finally was able to spend some time updating a bit on the BNN Audio Transcript Archives. Day 58 through Day 69 are now available.

    The Archives consist of written transcripts of what can be heard on the BNN Audio show for the corresponding show dates.

    Didn't get a chance to actual hear the audio reports? Now you can read what you missed!

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 7:56 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    Craftsevening in Mistweir
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Do ye need a new armour or repairs ?
    Do ye need some clothing or leather armour ?
    Do ye need a few potions ?
    Do ye need some scrolls or runebooks ?
    Do ye need some tables or chairs ?
    Do ye need a potion Keg or perhaps some lockpicks ?
    Do ye need a new bow or perhaps arrows ?
    Are ye tired with dealing with Vendors, and not being able to talk to the craftsman making the above mentioned items ?

    If ye can say "Aye" to any of these questions, then Mistweir has just the thing for ye !

    On Monday the 18th of September 21.00 CET, we will for the first time open our doors, and let craftsmen and merchants display, sell, and manufacture goods right on the spot.

    We are presenting:
    Carpenter: Prince Cia'Veron, Grand Master
    Smith: Knight of Ni, Grand Master
    Tinker: Thorin, Master
    Alchemist: Balibas, Grand Master
    Scribe: Yoldran, Grand Master
    Flecther/Bowyer: Marcus, Aprentise
    Tailor: Fiona, Grand Master

    And ofcourse Beorn will "entertain" customers in the Tavern. Where ofcourse also food and drink will be avaliable.

    And for that time again:
    Monday the 18th of September, at 21.00 CET (8PM BST, 7PM GMT), and will last for 1 hour.

    Location: Mistweir, 110o 33'N 55o 53'E (Southeast of Wrong)

    For more infomation take a look at:

    We hope to see many of ye there.

    Religius Leader of Mistweir

    Yours truly
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 7:39 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    Revelations of the Revolution
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    It was supposed to be a day of rejoice, a time where friends would celebrate each others company. A long trek through worlds had bought them to this place, so far from their daily troubles and continuous strife. But for what? Why had the neighbour they all knew as a friend asked them to this hallowed chamber situated above the crypts and stinking cess pools of the Terrathon Keep? What was her intent...

    Marie stood at the head of the small group, scanning along the rows of chairs at the faces of her trusted allies. Old guildmates sat in the front row, even they none the wiser as to Marie's plans, only her old friend, old teacher and old mentor, Fai, was there in knowledge.

    Spreading her arms out and beckoning for silence Marie bought the group to attention, casting a sidelong glance at Fai she began, adressing the group as a whole....

    "Friends, I must thank thee for coming with me here, to this fabled room of mystery. I have bought ye here for a proclamation, an announcement that shalt surely shake thy worlds as much as the spells of the greatest lich lords"

    Another tentative glance round bought her to her conclusion...

    "As you all know, I have once been known as a revolutionary, a communist with the sole intent of bringing the King to his needs. Yes I didst renounce this career path before, and you may wonder at my dedication now, but hear me, and hear me well, the revolution returneth, and the red dawn has already started to rise"!

    In shocked silence the gathered throng digested this shocking news. Any uprising of the people always upset the balance of things. It always bought issues to the fore that might otherwise be rather forgotten. But Marie was not one to shy from such issues, and neither was her good friend Gwynneth of the Warriors of the Spirit guild. He spoke out first, fumbling some small argument against Marie's treasonous ideas.

    Fai stepping to her side a bolstered Marie argued down his futile attempts with the clear truth...

    "Yes we didst bomb the capital city at the banks. Yes we didst kill innocent people for which we are, and always were, sorry. But here is the hard reality. When us outlaws strolled out of town, blood red soaking our good name, and angry shouts hollering at us from the corner of the streets, what did thy king do? Did he come for us with armed guard for the good of his citizenry? No! He left ye to fend for thyselves as you have always done. This cannot go unnoticed, and must be punished.

    Join me now and set the lands free from this tyrrannical reighn. Join me and once more set to rights the wrongs done by a benighn Lordship. The revolution cometh, and you can be a part of the action"!

    Sweeping from the room with an air of hard won rightousness sticking to her like the stench of the Terrathon keep below stuck to the shocked crowd, Marie led Fai to their hideout in Spiritwood. From there they would continue their deeds of couragous virtuosity, and from there the revolution would spew its carpet of equalkity, helping all, and defeating the wrongdoings of a lethargic King.

    {if you have interest in joining the revolution for fun events, guild battles, intriguing storylines and cataclysmic results, please get in touch with me , Marie Robespierre, at the pigeon nest 57233300.}

    Hasta la Siempre,

    Marie Robespierre.
    El Rojo Amanecer.

    Yours truly
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 7:32 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    Lycaeum Academy is looking for teachers
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A request from Yoldran


    The Lycaeum Academy is a (player run) university, dedicated to teach young people (newbies) and veterans the skills and knowledge needed to live in Britannia. The Academy is located in the Lycaeum on Moonglow island (Europa server) on Trammel, where most courses are held. We are looking for interested people who would like to teach or lead a training session in the university.

    More information about the Academy as well as an application form can be found on:

    (you should have a little roleplaying interest, since teaching is done in-character. We are especially looking for "general courses" where purely roleplaying matter is tought eg: Britannian history!)

    Best wishes,

    Yours truly
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 7:28 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    8th Minoc Horserace
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<An announcement from Yoldran

    The eighth Minoc Horserace will be held on wednesday, september 13th, 20:00 CET [7pm GMT] at the Minoc townhall on Trammel.

    The route is shown on the map below. It starts at the townhall (1) and leads to the bridge crossing to the mine with the first checkpoint (2). From there, it leads up the serpent road to checkpoint 2, where you have to cross a line (3). Down again and eastward around the mine-mountain, leaving the stables to the right, the finish is found at "The Barnacle" inn (4).

    There are two starting cathegories: Beginer and Veteran. Entry fee for beginer is 100 coins, for veteran 1000 coins. The money will be distributed by 50%, 35%, 15% for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Riders start in groups of 4. The winners of these startup races do a final. Only horses are allowed. Should there however be enough other animals, it is possible to start a "sheer-nightmare-race" for example.

    May the fastest contestant win!
    Best wishes,

    Yours truly
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 7:25 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    BNN-Undead Unrest in the Britain Cemetary-[a]
    This was originally posted on the BNN.

    Undead Unrest in the Britain Cemetary!
    by Stephan LaBlanke on Aug 27 2000 6:54PM

    I arrived this morn’ in the great City of Britain to a great unrest. It was very early still, the sun had only recently risen, when the crier began yelling that the undead were restless and that they had attacked a caravan coming in from the north. She was calling for anyone that could help to come quickly to the Cemetery.

    Being the curious sort that I am, I followed the brave souls that went out to quell the tide of undead. Oh, was it a sight to see - there were Great Mages and Warriors and Rangers alike, all prepared for the nightmare battle that would face them. To see the Rangers fighting alongside their great tamed beasts, beside the wielders of magic – well, it was something the likes of which I had never seen before, and perhaps never will again.

    I stayed out of the fighting, its true, but they didn’t seem to need me much anyways. There were about fifteen adventurers in that brave group, with two Dragons and a White Wyrm on their side. It was crazy for a while there - everywhere I turned there was a Lich or Bone Knight, and there was always a Bone Magi somewhere near, it seemed. But just as I thought that the citizens of Britain were going to finish off the last of the vile creatures, another horde of undead began pouring out of the nearby crypts.

    That was when I began to worry over the fate of my comrades in arms – but, to my surprise, they worked together well, healing each other and pushing back the latest threat, finally overtaking this final assault. After all the small skirmishes and battles were over with, the adventurers cleaned up their wounds again and started the long journey back to town. All of us were wondering what had stirred the resting souls from their slumber in the cemetery, but as the group of adventures entered the Tavern and I parted with them, I heard someone say the wisest thing of the night: "Alas, I don’t care what stirred them as long as they are at rest again!"

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 4:39 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Dungeon Expeditions Tonight
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was found on the Calendar of Events on the UO Home Page.

    Dungeon "Rune" Expedition & Open House

    The Defenders of Justice will host a dungeon "Rune" expedition & Open House, Tuesday, September 12th from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.

    The Defenders of Justice are proud to announce the Grand Opening of our Castle to the Public. No castle is complete without a rune library and DoJ has not yet completed a comprehensive set for Trammel. On Tuesday, September 12th starting at 8:00pm we will kick off a multiple dungeon crawl romp and rune making session. Starting at the easiest dungeons we will work our way through to the bottom of each. We will be making a number of strategically placed runes along the way of course! If you always wanted to mark some runes in some of the dungeons in Trammel then this event is for you. Those that want to lend those weak mages a hand by protecting their front and back sides while they make those runes for our library are encouraged come as well. There will surely be plenty of monsters to bash and loot and fame to be had.

    At 9:30 after some of our work is done a party will be held at or Public Castle. Come tour our New Public Castle and have a drink with the brave honorable people of the Defenders of Justice.

    "When the cause is just never ask the odds..."--Our friend in adventure Rhys Ap Thomas

    If you are interested in traveling to some of the more dangerous of places in our world, gaining fame, karma and fortune, then this event is for you. This event is open to all the brave citizens of the Catskills shard. We will be using the party system so even the healers will get fame. I am sure many will share their fortunes as well to those that resurrect the fallen.

    Keep a silver weapon in your bank box for easy retrieval. You may want it depending on our announced destination. There will be a five minute break between each dungeon we attempt to map. There is a rune to our Public castle locked down at the telescope house next to the Observatory in Moonglow on the Trammel Facet.

    Here is a map to our new Public Castle.
    Visit our DoJ Quest Message Board for up to date information about this event or to ask any questions.

    Meeting place:
    "The Defenders of Justice Public Castle"
    Catskills Shard
    Trammel Facet
    Tuesday, September 12th from 8:00pm to 10:00pm

    Sponsored by:
    The Defenders of Justice
    Organized by:
    Jaxs, Supreme Justice Lord (DoJ)

    This certainly sounds a good chance to expand your own personal rune library and a great chance for some good companionship for hunting. Good fortune to all who go this eve.
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 4:27 PM EDT by Obsidion (Catskills)

    Strange Activity in Jhelom
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Bertoldus sent us the following note and picture :
    I was walking around the roads of Jhelom on the Felucca Facet when I was surprised to see something new and strange in the Jhelom pit : it looked like a construction site. In fact I could see some new structures and some other things.

    I have asked around but no one was able to tell me what is being built or who is building that. Is something new happening ?


    Citizen of Britannia
    Thanks Bertoldus. I hope we hear more about this soon !
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 4:19 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    The First Owl's Eye Shopping Tour Quiz
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    I received this interresting announcement from Dianora, Tavern Keeper of the Owl's Eye Tavern in Deepwater:

    The Owl's Eye Tavern in Deepwater is glad to present 

    The First Owl's Eye Shopping Tour Quiz 

    The goal of the Quiz is to buy a bag full of 20 items and compare the contents with that of a bag I bought the days before. The 20 items will be different, so that none of them will be there more then once in the my bag. The total amount of gold, I pay for them will not exceed 500 gold. The winner will be the one who has the most same items in his bag as I have in mine. 

    The rules for the event are the following: 
    To take part you have to come on Thursday the 14th of September at 21.00 CET to the Owl's Eye Tavern in Deepwater and bring 1500 gold with you. You have to pay a fee of 1000 gold for participation and you will need the other 500 for your shopping. After paying the fee all participants will receive a empty bag and a book.

    At 21.30, I will give you, as a hint for the shopping, the total weight of the 20 items and the amount of gold, which was left from the 500 gold after my own shopping tour. Finally I will tell you the town, in which I was buying my 20 items. After this a gate will be opened to this town and all brave shoppers have half an hour time to buy their items. 

    At 22.00 there will be a the gate opened to come back to the Owl's Eye. After the return the participants have to write their items in the book and give it to me to avoid cheating. After I received all the books, I will present the contents of my bag and we will find the lucky winner, who will get a prize of 20000 gold. The second will receive 10000 and the third 5000.

    On the day of the event all drinks and food in the tavern are free. I hope to see you all next Thursday. 

    Yours Dianora, 
    Tavern Keeper of the Owl's Eye Tavern 

    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 3:47 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    The Story of Thurisaz
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    It was one of my routine roamings about the land. With the normal *poof* of smoke I appeared at the base of the mountain holding the ruin of the monastery Thurisaz. I just can’t stay away from that place. I will often go there for hours simply sitting and writing. This time happened to be different. As the lift creaked its way to the top, I could hear voices and laughter. Bow drawn, I figured it could easily be a roving band of brigands. Much to my pleasant surprise, the voices and laughter were coming from three figures of Teleburiel, Aleric the Green, and a mischevious looking man if a gaudy blue hat, who was later introduced as Slappy McHappy leader of the Sexiest Theives in Moonglow. Sitting down with them (and keeping one hand on my purse) I could not help but ask Teleburiel some questions about the mysteries of this wonderful place…..

    Tristam: What stories do you know of this place?
    Slappy McHappy: Preferably ones that include thieves
    Slappy McHappy: *smiles*
    Teleburiel: 'Tis an unexpected turn to find Thurisaz itself! I shall tell ye what I know. *looks about for a seat* Well, then...
    Acruvir's master is still unbanished.

    Slappy McHappy: Who is his master?
    Teleburiel: I do not know.
    Slappy McHappy: Damn
    Teleburiel: as I have told ye, this is Monastery Thurisaz. 'Tis an ancient place. According to the Lieber Daemonicum, the tome of knowledge that was penned here, the Monastery was originally a shrine devoted to the Demonbane Staff. The staff was stored here, guarded, and brought forth in times of need. The Monks here were part of the only order of Demonslayers ever to be formed upon Britannia. Since then, there have been individuals, like me, but nothing so great as the Thurisaz Monks. The order itself, and the Demonbane Staff, were created in the years following Mondain's death, at the hands of the Stranger. With Mondain, or so I have read, came the first Demons to our world. Though the foul wizard is no more, one of his many legacies remain in the terror of demons. I am unsure of their Origins. It seems likely they existed before Mondain, and he simply showed them Britannia, or brought the first here. Aye. The first demons appeared on Britannia with the sorcerer. Or, again, so I have read. Though the details are lost in antiquity. The Order of Monks Militant was founded to battle the threat. Eventually, a small mountaintop city was built up around Thurisaz.
    Slappy McHappy: Which is gone...
    Teleburiel: Aye. It appears that whatever fate befell the monks, and destroyed the monastery, it left only the ruins of Thurisaz, and nothing of the surrounding buildings.
    Slappy McHappy: Can you imagine that Trist? A city built into a mountain?
    Aleric the Green: Hrmm... what powers did these monks have to defeat demons? Things like that staff you hold?
    Slappy McHappy: The Demonbane Staff
    Teleburiel: Aye, they created it. And simple, good action. Even before virtue, as we now know it, came to Britannia, it was known that perhaps the strongest weapon against a demon is a pure mind, and good thoughts. Pursuing such things, now, is easier, as 'good' has been codified into the current system of Virtue. Therefore, Virtue serves as a great weapon against the demon, as it represents that which is percieved as good. In any case, there are many decades of stories within the Lieber. That suggests that the Monastery, and the order of Monks, survived for some time, before Thurisaz was destroyed, and was lost to us, even until today.

    Slappy McHappy: How is it you came into possession of these items?
    Teleburiel: 'Tis a long story... But to be brief, I found the Lieber first, in the librairy of a cult of rogue mages. The Lieber led me to the staff, which was guarded by Acruvir, the Liche we finally put to rest.
    Tristam: Is there any place on the mountain where marking magic works?
    Teleburiel: I would attempt the to try again at the base of the mountain. The monks likely created magical wards to prevent attacks from gates, and such. Any assault must first make it up the lift, and then along the trail. The effectiveness of the defense was shown in our own tragic losses, even though we battled mindless undead, which didn't have the benefit of the fortified Monastery.
    Slappy McHappy: But we came out successful
    Tristam: Oh to have seen it in it's glory.....
    Teleburiel: Aye. But imagine attempting to take a mountaintop fortress, guarded by scores of zealous monks. If it was an army that did this, it must have been a mighty one, indeed.
    Tristam: Well.... they could have flown in from the sides on leathery wings swords of hellfire blazing in the night sky
    Teleburiel: Aye, though the monastery had a roof, at some point.
    Slappy McHappy: Not to mention the forces they'd undertake
    Tristam: Deamons..... deamons could have taken it
    Teleburiel: And it shows how stout the walls were, if this much survived that which eradicated an entire city, not to mention centuries of weathering, and occupation by the Undead.
    Aleric the Green: Sir..
    Teleburiel: Aye?
    Aleric the Green: You said the order of monks might have persisted the destruction of this place.. Any idea where they could've gone?
    Teleburiel: Any destruction this complete would have slain any remaining here. If any had been away from the monastery, or had escaped, they would be long dead of old age. Perhaps some of the undead we fought today were what was left of the Order.
    Tristam: *erk*
    Aleric the Green: Hrrm... a disturbing thought
    Aleric the Green: But possible
    Slappy McHappy: Yeah
    Teleburiel: Aye. 'Tis sickening.
    Tristam: I guess we will be seeing more of you these days Teleburiel?
    Teleburiel: Aye. I spent some months alone, attempting to unravel Acruvir's mystery. Now that that is complete, ye shall likely find me here, when I am not out roaming. I still enjoy travel, and I wish to continue wandering, until my age prevents it. I shall have a small overhang with a bed, or some such other arrangement brought up, so I might remain here. I hope to eventually restore the monastery. Farewell, and goodnight, then. I shall likely retire for the night, as well.
    Slappy McHappy: Could you tell me the name of this place once more?
    Teleburiel: Monastery Thurisaz. From what I understand, it means "Demon"
    Tristam: Tele.... what would be the best way to contact you?
    Teleburiel: Likely to look for me, here. Perhaps I shall leave a book and some ink about, so messages can be left for me while I am travelling, or asleep.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 3:44 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Trade Caravan and Bazaar, Sat 9/16
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    'ello 'ello all,
    This tidbit jest in

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    Two exciting events are planned for this Saturday, 9/16/00, a Trade Caravan and a Bazaar!

    The Trade Caravan will travel across the realm Saturday, sponsored by the Britain City Council, the Minoc Council of Sacrifice, the Trinsic Council of Honor, and the Yew Town Council.

    Groups from Britain, Minoc, and Yew will leave their respective cities and travel on foot to the Shrine of Compassion (Trammel). All groups should be there by 5:30pm eastern time. A representative from the Britain City Council will give a short speech on Compassion, to mark the end of their Compassion Week event. The Trade Caravan will then gate to Serpent's Hold.

    We will use the Serpent's Hold docks to load the Caravan onto boats. From there, we will sail to Trinsic and arrive at about 7pm eastern, in time for the Trinsic Bazaar.

    All citizens of the realm are welcome to join the caravan on it's route! If possible, bring your own boat.

    The Trinsic Bazaar shall commence once again on Saturday, 09/16/00, at 7pm EDT. The Bazaar is sponsored by the Trinsic Council of Honor. Merchants and buyers from across the realm are invited to come join the bazaar. Buy, sell, and trade with others from throughout Britannia.

    The Bazaar will be held along the road between the Shining Path Armoury and the Trinsic Royal Bank, at the north end of city (Trammel).

    Entertainers, performers and game hosts are also welcome to attend. Alotted spaces will be provided with tables and chairs for your convenience. However, first come, first choice.

    So come one, come all to the next Trinsic Bazaar!

    Knight, Knights of Sosaria
    Vice Mayor, Trinsic Council of Honor
    Atlantic Shard Town Councils Public Events Calendar
    Trinsic Council of Honor

    Thankee Gwendolyn fer this news. I 'ope everyone 'as a wonderous time durin these events.
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 3:07 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Something Different
    For all those people out there that have a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, dog, or whatever that has to sit through hours on end of you talking of UO, I'd like to hear about it. I am looking for real life stories about this. I for one, have my own stories to tell but I would like to hear yours.

    Is lag a common household term? Whenever your 'partner' says something funny, do you laugh or do you say heheheh? Do they ask you, 'Why is Minoc a nudist colony?' Have they ever smacked you in the head when you were talking about UO too much? I know there is a lot more but I'd really like to hear your stories.

    I'd just like to salute those 'partners' for all their patience with us through the months/years of playing UO and not trying to PK us in real life. You deserve it!
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 9:09 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Strange Happenings at The Angry Mongbat
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Strange happenings at the angry mongbat... [murder mystery news]

    Hail stranger!

    Theres been some odd things happening at the Angry Mongbat recently.... The ghost of Corwin dragontooth has Twice appeared at the tavern, gruesomely acting out the last moments of his life.. the second time he appeared ('twas only last night) He Seemed to break from his trance, and managed to give us some extra clues as to his death... Watch out friends, there are some strange happenings of late..

    Times - between 8:00 and 11:00 pm GMT , daily on the europa shard, trammel facet.

    website url :

    Yours truly
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 8:35 AM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    Buorukk Fest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A translation of an orcish message.

    The Severed Heads Clan will be holding the next Buorukk fest. Its a get together of all the orcs in the land, to put aside any tribal differances and have a big festival to celebrate orcdom. Every orc is welcome, from shardies to old orcs we have not seen in along time and even rival clans. There will be food, drink, and lots of bloodshed in the form of games and hunts. Ogres, Trolls, Ettins, Goblins, Undead and Ratmen are also invited to watch and participate in the festivities. But be warned! Humans and elves WILL be eaten! The Buorukk fest dates back to pre-mondain times, before orcs first came to sosaria. It is an ancient ritual of orcish fellowship started by Bilgeegg, leader of the shattered stone clan, to help unite the clans of the greypeaks gainst the human onsluaght. The festival was sucessfull, and all humans where wiped from the planet within a year. The tradition was continued for hundreds of years but eventually forgotten. This is the first buorukk in 126 years and hopefully the tradition will continue. Fest starts at 19:00 GMT sunday the 17th of september in Trammel and will be moved to fellucca thirty minutes later.

    Creating an Orc ( )
    Creating an Ogre ( )
    Creating a Goblin ( )

    Yours truly
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 8:33 AM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    The Angry Mongbat Murder Mystery
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Hail All, There has been much happening at the Angry Mongbat Tavern of late....

    The Angry Mongbat Murder mystery has been running for some time now.. The murderer has yet to be found, however we do have some important clues, and these can be accessed at our website ( Yesterday, the Ghost of Corwin dragontooth appeared at the tavern and seemed to be reenacting the grizzly last moments of his life, this yeilded several important clues, the most significant of which is the fact that the killer was a close friend of Corwin.

    To become involved in this quest on Europa shard in trammel, simply visit the Angry mongbat tavern! we regularly give out clues and have several events planned, updates of which will be placed on our website. The tavern is situated west of dungeon Wrong and we offer free gates most days from britain, vesper, and moonglow at varying times between 8:00pm GMT and 11:00pm GMT. Visit the website for more information.

    website adress =

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 8:27 AM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    Opening of The Stonekeep Gambling Den
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Hear ye, hear ye! 'Tis the grand opening o' the Stonekeep Gambling Den!

    All are welcome on Saturday, 16th o' September at 9:00pm GMT fer a great event!

    There will be many things happening including a game of "Seven" where ye can easily double, or even quadruple your gold and a lottery where ye could win 10.000 gold coins.

    'Tis located on the second floor of the Stonekeep Tavern; away from the Militia Templi. And if ye don't know, the Stonekeep Tavern is at the Yew Crossroads on the Trammel facet and is very noticeable. Lottery tickets are now on sale from myself, the croupier at 500 gold coins per number - you may choose from a range of 4 to 144. I will be around Stonekeep over the next week selling tickets, or you may contact me through my pigeon on 82828222.

    The Stonekeep Gambling Den has tried to incorporate games from casinos and taverns across Britannia. Unfortunately the Militia Templi has outlawed gambling within and around, Yew so it must remain a secret for the moment.

    "SEVEN" Rules etc.

    The player/players bet on the croupiers roll to be below, above or on seven.

    "Higher" - over seven
    "Lower" - below seven
    "Seven" on seven

    Higher - you win double your bet
    Lower - you win double your bet
    Seven - you win four times your bet

    "Minimum Bet" 20 gold coins

    "Maximum Bet" 1.000 gold coins

    There is one gambler at the table - Robert.
    The game starts: the croupier says "Place yer bets"
    Robert says "Higher" and hands the croupier 200 gold coins.
    The croupier takes the gold coins and says "Robert, 200 : Higher" to let everyone know he validated the bet.
    There are no more gamblers at the table so the croupier says "No more bets" and "Lets roll", then he rolls the dice. The first die is a 5, and the second die is a 4 to make a total of 9.
    Robert wins and he is paid double his bet by the croupier - which is 400 gold coins.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 8:24 AM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    Luigi's Final Pizza Party
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Luigi, owner of Luigi's Pizzeria in PaxLair, will be holding one last pizza party for his farewell. More information below:
    Hi folks,
    I would just like to announce that I am closing up shop at the Pizzeria and retiring to my home on the isle of Moonglow. I have been happy to serve you all these past couple years, but as you have probably noticed, my time in this land has been limited.

    I do not want to leave, however, without at least having one more pizza party, because what would this world be without pizza!?! So stop by this Thursday, Sept 14th, starting at 8:30 PM EDT. We will have lots of free pizza, drink some ale, share stories, give away some stuff, drink some ale, and probably even drink a bottle of ale or two.

    I hope to see you all then.

    Luigi Aiello
    Luigi's Pizzeria & Bakery
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 8:16 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Quest of Virtue Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Jeg, the host of the Quest of Virtue, sent in the results of the quest:
    Congratulations goes out the Council of Seven! This past Saturday evening, their team, made up of Polgara, Dante, Andoran, Frog Jumper, and Baron proved their knowledge ability, and virtue. Their team was better prepared and better organized than all the others! If you do see these people in your travels be sure to show that you've heard of their accomplishment.

    The Humility Site now shows all the results, task, solutions, and some screens shots from the Quest of Virtue. Go take a gander!
    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 8:11 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    A Victory, and a Call for Thirty Two Citizens
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<In the seventh match demanded by the Cult of Juo'nar, the life of yet another woman was saved, this time by the town crier, Tymaron, in a decisive victory over a cultist named Quinn.

    The evening began with the search for the sixth "pawn", who was assumed to be released into the dungeon Wrong at eleven o'clock, based on a riddle provided last evening by Trevor, another of the Cult.

    This account of her rescue and return home was provided to us in an unsigned letter...

    Citizens of the city of Edinburgh recovered the sixth "pawn", a woman named Alyssa, from the dungeon Wrong this evening, where she had been released by her abductors, the Cult of Juo'nar, after they lost a chess match to decide her fate the previous evening.

    Watts of Edinburgh chanced upon the woman, who was being pursued by an ogre outside the entrance of Wrong, but was unable to subdue it. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at distracting it, Watts was assisted by Fredrick Adams, also of Edinburgh, who quickly brought the ogre to its demise.

    Alyssa was taken to Edinburgh, where her wounds were treated, and then escorted via ship to the city of Magincia, where she indicated she took residence. Upon arriving, she complained of exhaustion, and refused to answer questions, but indicated her husband might appear at the scheduled seventh match.

    Curiously, the first woman released was also named Alyssa, but had different hair color and lived in Vesper. Some have speculated they all might be named Alyssa, but wouldn't Reszni have indicated this connection in his initial press release?

    Citizens then left Magincia, and travelled to the Yew Winery, where the seventh match was to be held. The following report is a combination of information provided by Elisa Montclaire and Eyron Sengali...

    As has become our unhappy ritual, those of virtue assembled at the site of the match shortly beforehand. Tonight, it was within the deserted wineries of Yew that the match was to be held. The remnants of a day's work in the winery still showed themselves, and it was indeed a haunting place; as if the workers had simply disappeared halfway through a busy hour.

    I shook these feelings off as Chessantra Voroi of Kinship's Clan Dalaigh pulled me aside. Chessantra is a detective by trade, and told me that on every "chessman" she has seen, there is the brand of the Thieves' Guild. It seems our foes are marked in many ways.

    Minutes before the match began, a man named Kane entered the winery. He announced he was Alyssa's husband, and had come bearing reward for those who had helped save his wife. Rumor has it Watts of Edinburgh was given a bag of assorted masks and gold for his efforts to save Alyssa. Dorian Locke, who had claimed the sixth board and guaranteed her release, was nowhere to be found, but his award was accepted by Elisa Montclaire. Word of mouth indicates he was given moonstones and pink champagne, but this has not been validated.

    Those of you reading this paper have no doubt read Tymaron's expert commentary on the games; he is an undisputed expert in the game, as well. Tonight, at the urging of many of his fellows, the town crier nobly took the challenge of facing the Cult of Juo'nar upon himself. I suspect Tymaron will face a verbal lashing from his superiors for interfering in events, but the fruits of his efforts have by far been worth it.

    His opponent was the so-called "Queen", a cultist named Quinn; the riddles and puns these fiends favor begin to grate on the mind. This "chessman" was no different from any other, and was perhaps the most unremarkable. Some poked fun at the cultist, saying maybe he was representing the "queen" because he dressed in women's clothing, but someone pointed out he was chosen because of the similarity his name bore to the piece's. Regardless, the lack of a woman representing the queen reinforces the idea the cult is exclusively male.

    "The fate of the seventh pawn rests in your hands," Quinn intoned as the match began.

    Tymaron's knowledge of the boards of black and white became clear immediately. While Quinn began with a relatively strong show, he became worn down very quickly. When his loss came, he greeted it with no surprise, but his eyes betrayed a growing fury as he offered the now customary question and answer.

    Our victor put forth the question which has bothered us all in recent nights. After some clarifying by Quinn, the question became, "Why is it that regardless of the outcome, blood is shed?"

    Our enemy gave us two answers. "Cult members are punished for their failures, as I will be. But we accept this, for defeat at the hands of men and women like yourselves shows that we are not worthy of the gift to come. As for the girls, they are our gamble. They served their purpose over a week ago."

    Before we had a chance to ponder this, he spoke again. "That is my answer; now I have instructions. For tomorrow night's match, you must supply the pieces; if you fail to provide all of them, the game will be forfeit. All pieces must move by the command of the player they represent; if they do not, the game is forfeit."

    He prepared the spell of recall, and soon vanished, his last words echoing through the room. "My son will have your head for this, crier!"

    It was quickly decided that at 10:30pm EST, in the King's Men Theatre of Britain, a band will meet to retrieve the seventh hostage. Her whereabouts have been given in riddle: "where the northern oceans die, then rise again." This riddle has not yet been solved, though locations as diverse as Phoenix Isle, Deceit, the Ice Islands, the Lighthouse, the Serpent Pillars, and Hythloth have been suggested.

    Discussion then turned to the final game, to be played tomorrow evening. The riddle stated that the eighth board's king awaited the guillotine, and after a lot of speculation, most had assumed that it would be held in Nujel'm, which had a giant chessboard right next to the executioner's block. With the obvious demand for us to provide human pieces, Quinn inadvertantly verified this assumption for us.

    What we need is the cooperation of as many citizens as possible, to fill a board of thirty two pieces. The game is to be held from midnight to two, and will require nothing more than careful attention and obedience to the player that commands their color. Those wishing to participate are asked to bring only a robe, which will be dyed the color of the team they represent.

    Right now, the Cult of Juo'nar has won four of seven matches; a victory in this, the largest and final match, will tie the score, and show us to be their equals.

    Noble citizens, you have lent your swords and your lives time and time again to the causes of Lord British and Lord Blackthorne; we ask you to lend them again in this most critical of battles.

    Will the seventh woman be found alive, "where the northern seas die, and rise again?" Will the citizens of Britannia claim the eighth victory on Nujel'm's giant board, evening the score of the "tournament", and saving the life of another captive? And will more information about the Cult of Juo'nar be discovered, and will those assembled be able to stop whatever they are plotting?

    The answers to those questions will be put to press as soon as they become available!

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 7:12 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Xentryl Sighted in Britain's Cemetary
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Dated September 7th, this was posted by Gorion of the Purple Guardians of Honor...

    I was in Britain, buying some equipment, when the town cryer asked those there to investigate some strange happenings at the graveyard.

    I worked my way to the graveyard, where normal spiders, dread spiders, and large black widow spiders began to crawl from behind the graves. Quite a few of us were there and defeated them with ease.

    Then, Xentryl appeared.

    It was him, the soul binder armor, and the blade of sin. No doubt it was him. He walked among the crowd and suddenly he turned to me.

    "Xentryl, Ventryn has ended his evil and you shall now destroy?", I said.

    "It is not me. But you shall know soon enough who it is," he replied, and with that, he disappeared.

    I have a feeling this may not be Ventryn's doing, but then again, it may be. Whoever is behind this, we should prepare once again. Perhaps he now holds contempt for us for saving, instead of destroying, Ventryn.

    For those who don't know, Xentryl hates Ventryn, but cannot control what he does, for the Soul Binder armor forces Xentryl's physical being to do what the controller of the suit says, even if his mind is against it. Last known, the Soul Binder armor was under the control of Ventryn.

    This could indeed be the beginning of dark times. Winterfell's decision to allow Ventryn to repent could stand in question, if it is shown he still controls Xentryl through the Soul Binder armor.

    And if it is not Ventryn, could this mean a darker evil lies on the horizon? We will inform the public as soon as more information becomes available.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 4:53 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Transcript of Giddeon Night's Hearing
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following hearing transcript, edited for presentation by our publication, comes to us courtesy of Tymaron, the town crier, who acted as recorder for the duration. The hearing took place in the Trinsic Jail, on September 10th, around the nine o'clock hour...

    The High Court of Britannia: Case No. 312-028, Document 1

    Lord British, the Kingdom and People of Britannia vs. Giddeon Night

    • Druid Estella Ament, Presiding
    • Rutgar Dag, Lord General of Trinsic
    • Jebidiah Ashwood, Attorney for the Prosecution
    • Sir Darok, Attorney for the Defense
    • Fenyx of Jhelom, Witness for the Crown
    • Leannaholly Schmee, Witness for the Crown
    • Tymaron, Recorder

    Estella Ament: From what I understand, the prisoner has been held for a long time without even hearing official charges against him.

    Rutgar Dag: First off, as is the custom here in Trinsic, let me say hello to everyone. [introductions are exchanged] Now, before we begin the formal charges, which must proceed as quickly as possible, does anyone have anything of vital import to relate? [Fenyx of Jhelom and Leannaholly Schmee both indicate they do] Alright, Fenyx first, then Lea.

    Fenyx: Last night, three people dressed as Knights of Yew entered the prison. They demanded to be let into Giddeon’s cell and threatened me. I told them they should leave and speak with someone of more authority. Giddeon told them that I had a key, which a jailor named Mady had given me earlier. Then Lee showed up seconds before they began attacking me. I was poisoned by one of their blades and attempted to pull back to safety. However, I perished. I returned to the prison as a ghost and saw them kill Giddeon. Then I followed them as they exited town and went north. They spoke of going to Yew, getting more men together, and a map.

    Rutger Dag: They did not succeed in killing him. Thou must have thought they did. But apparently they did not succeed. They only knocked him unconscious.

    Fenyx: Ah, I must have been fooled as well as they. They finally escaped me by going through a gate to Felucca. One thing which I did note. The jailor, Mady, who gave me the key. She had the same bare feet as one of the Knights.

    Rutger Dag: Did thou ever catch sight of their faces? Either of them?

    Fenyx: The three Knights had helms on.

    Rutger Dag: I don’t understand the part about the worn feet...

    Fenyx: It was the same exact feet. Very notable.

    Rutger Dag: As one of the knights, or do all the knights have worn feet?

    Fenyx: Only one of the Knights had bare feet which I could see. They were exactly like the bare feet of the jailor.

    Rutger Dag: Wait. When thou say "knights", art thou speaking of the assailants?

    Fenyx: Aye, all three were dressed as Knights of Yew.

    Rutger Dag: But thou never saw their faces, so we should make a note that they were alleged knights. So, the jailor had worn feet like one of the assailants? [Fenyx indicates yes] Alright. Lea, thou may say what thou were going to say.

    Leannaholly Schmee: Alright. I defended Fenyx. Fenyx ran out and left one behind. That one hit me hard. Two men, one lady. One man had long brown hair.

    Rutger Dag: How dost thou know one of them was a lady?

    Fenyx: Thou couldst see the breasts through the chainmail. It was the woman who had the worn feet.

    Leannaholly Schmee: Before I came up here, I saw the three entering the Traveller’s Gate as I was going out. They wore green cloaks...

    Rutger Dag: Thank thee. Alright, milady druid, the floor is thine. Let us proceed with the charges.

    Estella Ament: I am here to arrange a time when we may have the arraignment of this trial. During the arraignment, we will select the jury, as well. The next available slot that I have is Wednesday, at 9:00pm EST. Is that all right for you, gentlemen? [assent] What will be taking place then is…we’ll select the jury, we’ll present the charges to the prisoner, we’ll set the time for the trial, as well as where it will take place as in city and facet. All disputes made will be settled by myself, my judgment will be final. Is that understood, gentlemen?

    Jebidiah Ashwood: I would rather the charges be presented now.

    Estella Ament: The charges must be made in front of the jury, as I may not be the one trying the case.

    Jebidiah Ashwood: Then might the prisoner, or at least his counsel, be made aware of what he is under arrest for?

    Estella Ament: Oh, yes, of course. How else are they supposed to set up a defense? Go ahead and state the charges.

    Jebidiah Ashwood: Until this time the prisoner has been unaware of such things. Would you like to hear them, or would you prefer to have your client with you?

    Sir Darok: I would prefer that my client hear it as well.

    [the assembly adjourns to the cellblock, where the prosecution reads the charges against Giddeon Night to him through his cell door; all principles are in attendance]

    Estella Ament: We are here to present you with your charges. Go ahead council.

    Giddeon Night: I am not to be arraigned in court?

    Estella Ament: Yes, you will be, but we are going to let you know now what you are being held for. You will have your arraignment this Wednesday at 9:00pm EST. Present the charges, council.

    Jebidiah Ashwood: Certainly. Giddeon Night, you have been charged and placed under arrest for the following.

    • the attempted murder of Morpheus and Jarlazle, Knights of Yew
    • the attempted murder of Katmando and Thorinsin, also of said knightly order
    • the abduction of Lucetta of Trinsic
    • the abduction of Enduriel of Yew
    • the murder of Aaron Hawkmoon
    • the murder of Lady Dove
    • extortion via the offer of a trade of Dove’s soul for an enchanted weapon
    • the unlawful abuse and possession of Jhubal of Yew

    Giddeon Night: As my council may not be aware of it yet, though a second matter he is, though he may not have mentioned it. First, I was assaulted last eve by Knights of Yew. As per Rutger’s order, they are not to be here without a paladin present. The one aspirant that was, was beaten by them. For my own safety, I think prudent to have either a stronger guard or move me elsewhere.

    Rutger Dag: My orders are indeed that no knight is to be here without a member of mine order. I apologize; I just wished to clarify that aspect.

    Giddeon Night: But when a single aspirant is left to guard me, who so many seek to kill, your order does not hold strong enough.

    Estella Ament: Do not taunt those who seek to protect you, Giddeon.

    Giddeon Night: I am hoping there will be an accused left alive for the trial.

    Estella Ament: There will be. I am sure that your council and the Lord General can arrange for more protection.

    Giddeon Night: Of a second matter, the Knights of Yew. According to my sources, passed on by my attorney here, they did force their way into my bank box in Buccaneer's Den, looking for some suspected item. If there was something of interest for this trial, they have now made off with evidence, let alone stealing my personal goods without court order for the box’s opening. For the sake of my fair trial, those goods need be recovered. Some may prove my innocence. Ask Scarecrow. By my account, he was present.

    Estella Ament: I will seek a meeting with the Knights of Yew.

    Giddeon Night: I thank you, but urge haste, lest they hide the evidence. And again, thank you.

    [Estella Ament begins to arrange for a meeting with the Knights of Yew; Rutger Dag departs to gather more guards for the cell; the hearing concludes]

    A letter was later issued by the Druid Estella Ament, regarding changes to Wednesday's preceedings...

    In the matter of the Giddeon Night case, I have received word from the defendant's attorney that they wish to waive the necessity of a grand jury present at the arraignment hearing. Thus, the jury selection will be presided over by the actual trial judge, as I will not be able to hear this case. Therefore, the proceedings on Wednesday, 9:00pm EST, at the Yew Court of Truth, will merely be a formality to set the time, date and location of the trial, and to determine the method for juror selection.

    Citizens are discouraged from performing anything similiar to the alleged acts of vigilantism detailed above. Interested parties are encouraged, however, to be present at the Yew Court of Truth, this Wednesday evening at 9:00pm EST, for the official arraignment.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 2:50 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    The Adventures of Adam Ant - Episode #70
    This just in from Adam Ant regarding the latest episode of The Adventures of Adam Ant:
    Hail citizens of Sosaria,,

    My home is in the mountain caves known as Wind. He who hunteth the lich in these caves committeth a crime of the gravest order, deserving of death. The liches and I dwell together in these caves, which we devoutly believe to be given us as our sacred home. I gladly give my blessing to all who wish to hunt down and deliver unto death all Daemons and Dragons as these are creatures of vile and loathsome aspect, malodorous and displeasing to the senses. If you would join in the hunt to rid my sacred home of these vile monsters, you must don a scarf the colour of blood in token of your respect. If you fail in this regard, and look not upon this magical garment, you will die swiftly and surely to my hand.

    These are not some tales of fancy, but the true Adventures of Adam Ant

    Adam Ant [Guardian, GUL]

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 1:08 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Adventurer's Guide Updated
    The Adventurer's Guide has been updated. Here's what McBykar has to say about it:
    Adventurer's Guide updated!

    Hail travellers and adventurers out there! I have recently updated my Adventurer's Guide again, where I collected all my knowledge about Britannia and the Lost Lands. This guide contains valuable information for new players, and it is also a great referenct book for veterans. You will find maps and detailed descriptions of:

    • All cities in Britannia and the Lost Lands
    • All dungeons, including the new dungeon Khaldun
    • Every entrance and exit point to the Lost Lands
    • Landmarks and places of interest
    • All moongates
    • All shrines
    The Adventurer's Guide can be found at:

    Safe travels!

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 1:03 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Council of Mages Faction Site Opens
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<A brand new site for all shards dedicated to the Council of Mages. Here are the details from GrayPawn:
    Council of Mages Faction Site Opens!

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Sosaria. On behalf of the Moonglow Town Council of Honesty of the Atlantic shard, I have created a large site focusing on the Council of Mages and its faction on Felucca for all shards to use. This new hub of information will keep you up to date on all the latest happenings, contain a detailed registry of all those guilds who have joined the CoM, an e-mail list, a core of news reporters, detailed strategies for obtaining faction sigils and techniques for management of silver, and more. I'd like to request that if you are reading this newspost, and plan on joining the Council of Mages, you head on over to our site and give it a look see. We are coming into a great new era of warfare and strategy in our realm, and unity and information are keys to our success.

    Council of Mages Webtome-

    We Are United.

    GreyPawn, Sage of Honesty, HoA
    Mayor of Moonglow Town Council, [Atlantic]

    Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 12:57 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    King of the Clowns
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< 
    King of comedy?  Chancelor of chuckles?  Lord of laughter?  Well, this is your chance to strut your stuff.  The Tipsy Elf Tavern will be holding their first comedy night as an opening event.  If you want to be a performer for the night, come into the tavern, leave your icq number in the book on the counter and someone will be in contact with you.  If you just want to show up and enjoy the funnies, you can get to the tavern by starting in Britain, going along the east fence of the graveyard heading north and the first large patio house you come to is where you need to be.
    If you're still confused, check the map included.
    Otherwise, be there on September 15th or be square.  The performers should be there 1 hour early.  That's 9pm Eastern time, 6 pacific or there abouts and we can discuss how things will run.  Everyone else can show up at 7 pacific, 10 eastern and bring your funny bones!  There will be prizes for the best comics!  Seating may be limited so bring a stool.
    Thank you!
    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 11:54 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Client Patch 2.0.0g
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Client Patch 2.0.0g

    We will be releasing a client patch on Tuesday, September 12th to address crash issues related to mage hats. This patch should not require any additional downloads related to video or sound card drivers that were present in the previous patch release.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].
    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 8:34 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Changes to Dungeons in General Testing
    This was just added to General Testing:
    Changes To Dungeons
    The methods of spawning within dungeons have been improved to allow for better distribution of creatures within the dungeons and to give the dungeons a more thematic cohesion. The overall number of creatures will not change significantly, however their placement within a given dungeon area may be different from what is currently active. Players may also see some new types of monsters that will help to build upon a theme. These creatures will have similar overall strengths as other creatures in the area, but may have different or unique characteristics.
    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 8:31 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    New Player Training
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Do you want a big brother or sister to watch your back while you hone your skills in the wilds? Would you like to have answers to questions not covered in the documentation provided with the game software? Need a healing hand while working those fighting skills? Then search no longer, the Keepers of the Light are providing a helping hand to qualified participants who aren't afraid to ask

    The Keepers of the Light (KtL) are proudly sponsoring a training event for young players, beginning on Saturday, September 23, at 11 AM CST, and lasting as long as necessary. The meeting place is the Sweet Dreams Inn.

    (Please note that you are expected to roleplay your character at this event.)

    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 5:50 PM EDT by Ceryx Cybium (Sonoma)

    Celebration of Minoc
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Newton sent me information that the Priests of Death will be holding a celebration at the Minoc bank, on Saturday September 16, 2000 at 8PM PST. The following note was included:

    We hope this will be an annual event. There will be games, food, drink, and fun. Come join the fun in Minoc!

    Thanks for the information! I'll try my best to attend!

    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 5:43 PM EDT by Ceryx Cybium (Sonoma)

    The Tales of a Taveller Interviews Pad O'Lion
    News from Videric:

    The Tales of a Traveller had recently an honour to interview Pad O'Lion and ask about his past and views. Pad O'Lion is the leader of the Custodes Fati and one of the founders of the most successful town of Spiritwood(and one of our own Shard Reporters -Llem).

    The Tales of a Traveller is also looking for more links about role-playing. So if you notice that our link page is missing a good link, let us know!

    The Tales of a Traveller

    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 4:10 PM EDT by Llemandrell (Europa)

    New @ Stratics
    Here's a quick look at what's new to the Stratics Network this week:

    New Stratics Website

    Please drop by Stratics Chat, our latest Stratics site, dedicated to supporting our IRC network. Featuring the latest in IRC related news, Stratics Chat features a java client, enabling you to easily access our public chatrooms and attend our House of Commons conferences. Be sure to check it out!

    Adellion Stratics

    • Adellion Stratics has adjusted it's look! Our main news page should work perfectly at high resolutions now. Any comments or noticed errors should be forwarded to Rainman.
    • Interactive Polls! Casting a vote is simple, but can you back up your vote while interacting with the community? Excercise your mind more than your click finger as you Comment on our polls.

    Anarchy Online Stratics

    • AO Stratics' very own Spacial reports straight out of ECTS in London. Be sure to read the wonderful interview with Anarchy-Online’s lead programmer Martin Amor, as well as Spacial’s initial trek into the world of Rubi-Ka.

    Asheron's Call Stratics

    • Because our readers said we needed it: this week will see the debut of the AC Stratics Atlas (AKA the Location Database).
    • Also, this week is patch week. Twilight's Gleaming will be opened on Tuesday. Keep up with all the news - including secure trade, dying and the new creatures - with our event guide.

    Atriarch Stratics

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    • Also, come by and check out our poll of the week, as provided by World Fusion themselves! This week's poll:Assuming the Player Character would still be considered an alien species, what would you prefer your Unarra Character to *look* like?

    EverQuest Stratics

    Hero's Journey Stratics

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    • Such as Drake7's article on combat and character advancement, with an emphasis on bringing more depth to the gaming world.

    Jumpgate Stratics

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    Neverwinter Stratics

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    • The newest addition is a multi-part article "Setting Limits to Your Worlds". In each article he discusses different issues that affect a DM creating a world and how to set limits with the options that are open to you.You can find the articles in our Dungeon Master Strategy section.

    Origin Stratics

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    Shadowbane Stratics

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    Ultima-Online Stratics

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    • Of course, the buzz word of this week is Khaldun, a new dungeon discovered in the Lost Lands. Read the complete biography of the four cursed explorers that fell prey to the evil within that dungeon, as told in their own journals and notebooks.
    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 2:21 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Stratics to Guest at a Fat Pipe "Interactivity" Discussion
    What is Fat Pipe? Essentially, it is a type of live-action House of Commons. It is a weekly talk show brought to you by Streaming Media. Hosted live, you can listen to the discussion via such programs as Windows Media Player or Real Player.

    This week, the topic will focus on the Online Gaming industry. The discussion will cover what interactivity is and how it affects streaming sites. The speakers will cover everything from online games, such as what Stratics covers, to FLASH movies, to multipath films! A large team of guests have been assembled, from World Fusion, the creators of Atriarch, to Verant of Everquest fame, to representatives of Stratics!

    The discussion will air Monday, September 11th, at 5:00pm PST. You can access the live discussion at Streaming Media.

    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 2:13 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Grimoire Fight Night Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<YaY!!! Here are the results from Grimoire's 2v2 which was held on Friday night:

    1st place: RoadRunnerXXX and Dylan
    2nd place: Castro and Draxxon Skurr
    3rd place: Varek and William Wallace

    These fights were by no means easy so congratulations to everyone, you all did great!

    Many thanks to the Grimoire staff! Huge thanks to Mianoumi, LeeLu, Bart, Craggan, Bishop Horshack, and Fiona Pentell. I don't know what I would do without you!

    Later this week I will be posting a schedule of events for the next three events. A few VERY generous folks have donated a ton of gps to Grimoire. This means there will be no entry fee for the next couple of events and HUGE prize gps! If you see Elwind Thorne, Talmon, or William Wallace around, tell them thanks for their generous donations to Grimoire!

    Baby-Grimoire Staff
    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 1:34 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    The Dangerous posibilities of Ether Travel
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Looking up from his desk with a smirk of contempt Mordain eye'd Locke...."I have found the spell we have been looking for". Locke with a slight grin back at his master "Ethereal Travel?" "Yes Mordain replied." Later on that night as the Disciples gathered in the main chamber of the temple they anticipated the arrival of their master and the Dark General. After many moments the doors to the main chamber opened and in walked Mordain and Locke. Stepping to his Black Alter Mordain began to tell of his knowledge of Ethereal Travel and the great powers the Codex of Mondain which they had acquired recently held. learning that with this power they could travel back and fourth to the realm in which Mondain was banished brought smiles and wonder to the faces of all of the Disciples. Mordain then told them that Mondain himself had built their temple and was awaiting their arrival....However the forces of good also learned of this and also learned a way to bring themselves to this plane in hopes of destroying Mondain in his own world...Edguardo the chosen leader of these virtue knights has already set camp and is now recruiting for his coming war. The time is at hand with the Codex of Mondain in the possession of The Disciples of Mondain no one knows what kind of power they may hold in either world....but it is known that they are once again roaming the land spreading the word of Mondain and seeking his power and wisdom.


    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 1:14 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Buyers of "Used" Accounts Beware
    Just a warning out there to those of you who are considering buying an existing UO account from another player.

    If the player you buy the account from is banned from UO at a later date for TOS violations, it is entirely possible that the account that you bought can be banned as well, since it is "linked" to the banned player by registration information.

    While it MAY be possible to get your account reinstated, it can be a long and painfull process.

    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 8:47 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Victory in Jhelom's Dueling Pits
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The sixth night has passed in what is assumed to be a series of eight, with the Cult of Juo'nar, responsible for the abduction of eight women, once again forcing a game of chess to stay their murderous hand.

    I am pleased to announce that the sixth board was claimed by a wizard named Dorian Locke, in the longest match of the series, forcing the cult to release the woman they refer to as the sixth pawn.

    The match was to be held in the Dueling Pits of Jhelom, and those arriving to take part were immediately met with a dilemma, as detailed by Tymaron, the town crier...

    Another crowd gathered to witness the sixth gruesome chess match expected to be held in the Dueling Pits of Jhelom. Just one problem; how to get in? The guards of the arena apparently had locked the place for the evening and no one had any access to the pit.

    Fortunately, the Dueling Pits in Felucca are more casually protected. I was able to get in and use a moonstone to access the Trammel facet. Once there, I was able to gate those assembled at the entrance to the arena by using a rune marked outside the arena.

    A conversation before the match revealed the following information about the man known as Jonathan Rye, who had delivered the remains of the first pawn to Winterfell Keep. Here is Tymaron's account...

    Gorion, of the Purple Guardians of Honor, related to me that a fellow guildmate, Prometheus, had remembered having a heated discussion with Jonathan Rye, a former member of his guild. Here is Prometheus' account of that eve, which took place shortly after the kidnappings were reported.

    "...twas late in the evening and my guildmates were all turning in for the night. I decided to take a stroll around Trinsic for old times sake, remembering...but fondness was cut short as I approached the bank. I recognized former member Jonathan Rye standing in front, motionless. Being the friendly person I am, I waved to him, and was met with a cold gaze that left me shaken. His demeanor had changed since we had last fought, side by side, at Destard, battling dragons and drakes.

    And thus we enganged in a dry conversation on the topics of my legion, Honor, and the virtues. His voice was different as well. Scribing was never my strong point, and as such I didn't write down any of what he said.

    However, one phrase sticks in my mind, "There are eight pawns in play, and only a checkmate will return them to the board. If white fails to counter black they will be cast from the table indefinately."

    Chess was one of my favorite games as a boy, and as such, this message spooked me a bit. He also spoke of his new "master." He could sense my anger growing at his words, and as such, departed quickly. I am unsure of the meaning of his words though. But I feel it is not good..."

    As the clock struck midnight, a man clad in verite was sighted on the catwalk above the dueling pit, setting up a table and chessboard. An account of the evening, provided by Elisa Montclaire, follows...

    I left last night exhausted by our failure to reclaim the fifth hostage, which I call the woman because I will not refer to these innocents as "pawns", and also by the split in our ranks. I will try to keep my personal feelings on that schism to myself; I have preached for unity, and will not destroy it now with petty bickering.

    We met tonight at the dueling pits in Jhelom, resigned that we would no longer be able to negotiate with the madmen who call themselves the Cult of Juo'nar. Tonight we would play by their rules, abhorrent as they may be.

    And tonight we would win by them.

    We were met by Willem, who had the audacity to call himself a knight, for he lacked not only the virtue of a true knight, but any semblance of skill upon his chosen field of battle. Our challenger was Dorian Locke, a crazy old mage with a surprising gleam of sanity in his eyes, and an equally sober hand upon the board.

    "Let it be known," spoke Willem, "that on this evening, Dorian Locke took charge of fate and will now determine it for the sixth pawn."

    And play well he did. From the beginning, Dorian took the advantage, decimating Willem's back row pieces while losing only his bishop. Willem was startled by this, even talking to himself and becoming dizzy for a short spell in the middle of the match. Towards the end, he became agitated and began babbling taunts at Dorian. His last moves were rash, nearly feverish, and as he was mated, his face was cast clearly in the look of one who could see his own death.

    "Send my regards to Rankin and Garritt," I smiled coldly at him.

    Willem offered us the expected answer to a question, and Dorian, being the victor, stepped forward to ask him where the girls were being held. At first, quite pleased with himself, Willem professed ignorance, but Dorian pressed him, reminding him that his promise to answer to the best of his ability meant that he must provide us with any clue he had. Reluctantly, he imparted what may be a valuable clue: the innocents are held captive where the cult's "master will speak through [a] ritual".

    We then went outside the pits and met another "chessman", this one calling himself Trevor. He told us that the girl would be returned at eleven o'clock tomorrow. When asked for the location, he said that it would be found in another riddle.

    "If I am not mistaken," he said, "you already know you are not correct."

    He can only have meant that she would be released into the Dungeon Wrong. We deliberated a few moments, and decided that a party will gather tomorrow evening to retrieve her. The gathering will take place at 10:30pm EST, at the King's Men Theatre in Britain.

    I have two other pieces of news which may aid us.

    First, a man called Gorion told us more of Jonathan Rye, former member of the Purple Guardians of Honor. He told us that Rye became despondent, kept odd hours, and avoided his guildmates for some time before leaving the guild. Tymaron, who returned to us tonight, has promised to look into this matter further.

    Second, before disappearing, Willem said to us, "You may have saved the life of a maiden, but you have condemned a man." Perhaps this was bravado, but I and others have noticed a pattern. Each night, whether by our loss or our victory, their number spills the blood of at least one person. We can only wonder if this is part of their "ritual." Still, if they spill blood for some deeper purpose, then it might as well be the filth that runs through their veins.

    I am heartened by our victory this evening. We have saved the life of an innocent woman, and will save more in the nights to come. Tomorrow's match takes place at the winery in Yew, and our finest hour yet awaits.

    Any wishing to reach me may, via my address: [email protected].

    Here is a technical review of the match itself, as recorded by Tymaron...

    As has been the case for these matches, "Jonathan's Variant", an alternative set of rules, was employed.

    As white, Dorian led off with a bishop which was quickly repelled by Willem's kingside pawns. Cornered by the pawns, white countered with an early check with the queen, but the bishop was already lost. Thus, by the seventh move, black was already ahead on material, but at a huge cost to his kingside defense.

    Dorian now went after black's exposed king. However, black's defenses held and countered with a check of his own. Black then went after white's queen and continued to march his kingside pawn forward. However, a slight error, and the pressure on white's kingside was released. White forced black to retreat, then black came forward with yet another kingside pawn rally.

    This time, three times was not the charm, as a fatal error was committed by black. He didn't realize that his Knight was en prise after the pawn exchange. Not only was it available for the taking, it was available for the taking with check. After the queen takes the rook on the 23rd move, Dorian has a substantial advantage over tonight's representative of the Cult of Juo'nar.

    A couple moves later, Dorian missed a golden opportunity to checkmate, but adding black's bishop to his collection was nice. Black tried to get something going with a queenside attack, but white withstood the pressure and forced black to retreat yet again. Black meekly offered a queen exchange, but this move proved to be the final nail in the coffin for Willem, as this led to a white simultaneous attack on black's queen and king. Ultimately, black was checkmated, and Willem conceded the match to Dorian Locke.

    Tomorrow's match is thought to be held at the Yew Winery, based on the riddle "the seventh board's queen favors the taste of wine". Citizens are encouraged to attend and show their support!

    Posted on Monday, September 11, 2000, 4:47 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    A Strange Man Haunts Haven
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This was submitted by Korin the Scribe of Haven:
    It seems that ever since the Hammer was used to cure myself and Grumbar of the poison that XV had inflicted upon us, strange things have been happening in and around Haven. It started off with Lake Hammerfell beginning to grow clearer. At first I thought it only my imagination, wishfully remembering the days before Minax corrupted the very land itself. But now I can see there is truth to this. It has returned to it's former level of purity. And what's more the grass around the bank of the lake is returning with life and vigor as well. Why is this? How far will the renewed vigor and life extend? The answer to these questions I do not know.

    Also it seems that several citizens have seen a strange man in the shadows about town. He does not speak or acknowledge anyone. He simply watches and then fades away into the shadows. One Eric Vonlir, a citizen of Haven, has told others that he saw this "man" rise up from out of the lake itself. Not as one would swim up to the shore but raise up as if the laws of nature held no effect on him. I hesitate to believe him for several reasons. One is the fact that no one else saw this happen and the other is that he was on the patio of the Mystic Lake Tavern and was already deep into several cups of ale when this "sighting" occurred.

    Make no mistake: something IS happening here. And I will do my best to find out exactly what it is. Please do not hesitate to inform me if you see this strange man about.

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven
    Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2000, 11:16 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Sixth Riddle Solved?
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This letter arrived to us from Ashley Covington, containing a solution to the sixth riddle, and other information pertaining to the now identified Cult of Juo'nar...

    I would like to clarify the motive behind my walkout last eve. The "release" of the third pawn gave us all a clear sign of the type of men we are dealing with: they consider it fair bargain to throw an innocent girl, severely wounded, into a harrowing land, and call her freed. Alyssa was saved only by luck. The risk that any other released "pawns" could die in such a situation was not one we were willing to take.

    Two nights ago, a plan was formed, then. I would demand a token of good faith from those we now know as the Cult of Juo'nar. If they refused, we would threaten with the only thing we could: our compliance. For it has been noted that in elaborate criminal situations such as this, and in cult behavior, that the ritual is very important. If we denied these fiends their chessgame, we might defeat the only purpose they had.

    I cannot stress enough the fact that we were not trying to risk the girl's lives. I swore to my companions that I would not press the issue too far; if I had to back down from this bluff, I would. But Sebastian's arrogance insured that if I, personally, gave in to his stonewall, I would weaken our side's position greatly. Thus, I strove for some balance between defying him, and complying with him. I declared my intent to leave, but told the others to do as they saw fit.

    I had hoped they would disassociate themselves from me, stay, and continue as planned; I gave them that way out. Instead, one by one, half of those in attendance walked with me, including Dorian Locke, our planned challenger. A few stayed behind, and gamed with Sebastian, but failed to win the life of a pawn. The details of that match have already been reported.

    With all this said, I hope to share what those of us who defied the Cult of Juo'nar's demands have learned. While we deliberated elsewhere in the graveyard of Vesper, Theros Ironfeld returned from his journey to the Lava Dungeon, where he belived the Cult may be hiding the remaining pawns. Unfortunately, he saw no evidence that would suggest this.

    Despite this sad news, we all were glad to have Theros' company a few minutes later, when it was realized that one who watched the game, a Lil'Marnie, was a guildmate of the blacksmith Farrah. Theros privately interrogated Lil'Marnie about Farrah's relationship to the cult of Juo'nar; as readers will recall, those we have gamed wear armor that she has crafted. Lil'Marnie sorely wants to clear her guildsister's name, and has given Theros information that should lead to a meeting with Farrah soon.

    One other lead was also checked out, but seems to have been a dead end. Following up on the report that members of the cult were spotted in the Trinsic Library on Felucca, Dorain Locke offered to search the place for any clues. However, he returned with nothing, save a report that he saw two empty books, scribed by Templeton and Tetra respectively. It is unknown if this has any significance.

    Thus, all that can be said is we must remain stong, and continue to attack the Cult of Juo'nar from any angle we may. Tonight, part of that attack occurs at the dueling pits of Jhelom.

    This guess has been suggested for some time, but only recently has logic to support it fallen soundly into place. Thanks to Captain Eggcup of Winterfell and Telerandil, Skywatcher of LS, who came up with similar lines of reason. The sixth riddle has been a play on words all along, it would seem:

    • the two at the same timing hole
    • the (two at the same time)(ing) (hole)
    • the (dual)(ing) (hole)
    • the dueling pit

    The dueling pit. The answer was there all along. All who care, please show your compassion for these kidnapped innocents tonight as the clock strikes midnight.

    This solution to the riddle makes perfect sense, and citizens are encouraged to show their support of tonight's champion at the Jhelom Dueling Pits!

    Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2000, 7:33 PM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Comments from Calandryll and BNN Report
    Two new items added to the official UO site:

    Calandryll announces the latest additions to the message boards in a new update to "Comments from the Team"

    And the Britannia News Network continues to search for a new reporter. Listen to the two recent BNN audio files and send in your vote for the best candidate.

    Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2000, 3:44 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Brunch at Liquids
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Fill up on food, and go hunt with whomever shows up. Co-operation and teamwork engouraged! Meet new people, get aquainted with Napa leaders and friends. Most of all have fun!

    Every Sunday at Noon, PST

    Village of Virtue (west of Trinsic, on the coast, Felluca)

    Come prepared for dungeons, and with things you dont mind losing, in case we cant get to your body fast enough (we will try, but cant guarantee anything)

    -Fiona Pentell
    Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2000, 12:58 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    BNN-Ghost of Eric Returns
    This was orginally posted on the Britainna News Network

    Ghost of Eric Returns
    by Erik Valstrom on Aug 28 2000 9:28PM

    I had ridden south to Trinsic, having heard of strange rumors circulating there, and so missed a particularly important episode in the mystery surrounding Beechel Kire, which I may now safely call, the Kire curse. Finding the rumors in Trinsic unusual but unsubstantial, I returned to Britain, stopping at his farmhouse to talk. His demeanor was one of unusual calm, and, recalling the horrors of his wife's recent kidnapping, I found it a bit odd. He fed and watered my mount and we spoke briefly.

    "The Ghost of Eric reappeared in your absence," he said to me, matter-of-factly. My curiosity must have been evident from my expression, for Beechel smiled as he stroked my mare's mane slowly. I could see he did indeed have a fondness for animals. "I managed to bribe a Guard at Lord British's castle and he allowed me a bit of time to peruse the Hall of Records and Library there. I found nothing, but realized more research could be done if I had some help. I enlisted the aid of my neighbors, those who frequent the Brazen Monkey Tavern, among whom are the Defenders of Justice, to assist me in the research there. I took a friend with me earlier who marked a rune to the spot so I could get back in later without a bribe," he confessed, grinning rather mischievously.

    I remembered we had both scoured the Britain public library for some kind of record or tale about former inhabitants of the area, one of whom might have been Eric, the restless spirit haunting his estate a while back. It was all to no avail. Then I was called away on the aforementioned assignment for a few days, and we lost touch during the interim. He continued..

    "We got in easily enough and began looking for records. It wasn't long until the ghost of Eric appeared among us, wailing and moving about from shelf to shelf as if looking for something. With my friends there, all excellent warriors who have committed themselves to protecting me, I was not much afraid, but when the spirit pointed at me again and again my courage almost failed me. It seemed to be accusing me of something - I know not what! Finally a book fell to the floor.. an official land survey book. The ghost seemed to indicate things therein were worth our reading and we hoped whatever it was would help solve our mystery."

    I watched as his countenance fell. I asked if the mystery was indeed solved.

    "Nay. It has only deepened. The records showed three families had lived in the area generations ago, one of whom was indeed an Eric.. Eric Sundweld. There were six of them, including four children. Apparently my great-grandfather, Stanton Kire, had laid a counter claim to their land but his suit was dismissed.. twice it seems."

    Upon mentioning the family numbering six, I remembered it was exactly six bodies found buried in his field. I inquired about how his great-grandfather finally acquired the place.

    Beechel shrugged. "My father told me Stanton lost it but won it again as a gambling debt. It was never really talked about. I had no reason not to believe what I was told. But next comes the strange part. After we read the book and the ghost disappeared, there entered the room some bad-tempered fellow named Anton Wyrgant. He looked like some kind of priest and was very impolite toward me. I got the distinct impression he believed I had done him harm. Yet I have never met the man.. never saw him before."

    The name had no significance for me, either. I found it rather strange that he appeared on the scene so coincidentally. Beechel did too. "He spoke for a while and made some rather cryptic statement about the 'children suffering for the sins of the fathers.' I did not take well to it, but we allowed him to leave when he was ready."

    I asked Beechel what his plans were now.

    "Anton spoke of Justice, so we think he might be a follower of that Virtue, and that would lead us to the Shrine of Justice, near Yew, the one on Trammel, of course. I plan to do all I can to learn of his whereabouts and find out if he is behind this evil toward me."

    I sensed more than mere desire for knowledge that flashed in Beechel's eyes when he spoke. It appeared to be anger, or perhaps.. malice. I decided to press him about it.. what would he do if he found out that Anton was behind it?

    Beechel, still admiring my mount, stopped abruptly. His knuckles whitened as he gripped his shepherd's crook tightly. "I would kill him.. before he kills me and mine."

    One look in the tired, harassed farmer's eyes showed me what he said was no jest, and no idle threat. I knew then this entire affair must end in death eventually.. for someone

    Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2000, 11:19 AM EDT by Obsidion ()

    BNN-Undead Unrest in the Britain Cemetary
    This first appeared in the Britainna News Network

    Undead Unrest in the Britain Cemetary!
    by Stephan LaBlanke printed Aug 27 2000 6:54PM

    I arrived this morn’ in the great City of Britain to a great unrest. It was very early still, the sun had only recently risen, when the crier began yelling that the undead were restless and that they had attacked a caravan coming in from the north. She was calling for anyone that could help to come quickly to the Cemetery.

    Being the curious sort that I am, I followed the brave souls that went out to quell the tide of undead. Oh, was it a sight to see - there were Great Mages and Warriors and Rangers alike, all prepared for the nightmare battle that would face them. To see the Rangers fighting alongside their great tamed beasts, beside the wielders of magic – well, it was something the likes of which I had never seen before, and perhaps never will again.

    I stayed out of the fighting, its true, but they didn’t seem to need me much anyways. There were about fifteen adventurers in that brave group, with two Dragons and a White Wyrm on their side. It was crazy for a while there - everywhere I turned there was a Lich or Bone Knight, and there was always a Bone Magi somewhere near, it seemed. But just as I thought that the citizens of Britain were going to finish off the last of the vile creatures, another horde of undead began pouring out of the nearby crypts.

    That was when I began to worry over the fate of my comrades in arms – but, to my surprise, they worked together well, healing each other and pushing back the latest threat, finally overtaking this final assault. After all the small skirmishes and battles were over with, the adventurers cleaned up their wounds again and started the long journey back to town. All of us were wondering what had stirred the resting souls from their slumber in the cemetery, but as the group of adventures entered the Tavern and I parted with them, I heard someone say the wisest thing of the night: "Alas, I don’t care what stirred them as long as they are at rest again!"

    Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2000, 11:12 AM EDT by Obsidion ()

    Elindor is saved
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Lexia Hakkendyn of Arslyan, sent in this news of the latest of the Zryn episodes:
    As Aryslans' inhabitants settled down for the evening a few of us stayed around as anxiety kept us awake. Soon after Aryslan was assailed with evil mages. After a long battle we finally defeated them all. As some of the rest of the warriors finally wandered off only a handful of us remained only to be attacked again. After finally finishing off the last of the evil mages, two books were found, one on a corpse and the other by a tree next to another corpse. The books were not meant for us but in fact were instructions to the evil mages. Written by Zyrn, they stated that the mages were to defeat the defenders of Aryslan and return to Shame when they were done. After reading the books we decided that although a small group we would still check out Shame. Well our hunch was right, as we entered Shame we were attacked by evil mages. Making our way through level one, at one point a gate opened. Being skeptical we waited a bit, when the gate failed to close we ran through to be transported to Zyrns fortress in Shame. To our surprise Elindor was on one of the higher levels. Fighting our way through we eventually reached Elindor. As the warriors kept the mages at bay I helped Elindor to yank the chains he wore free. Zyrn felt "generous" and told us that we could take him but that he would be back. I opened a gate to Aryslan and we were safe once again. or so we thought. Upon arrival Elindor thanked us for rescuing him and informed us that in a couple of days he would call upon us and our allies to aid him further. He said to look for a plainly dressed man. Following this Zyrn appeared to inform us that he would also be there to foil our plans and retrieve the Staff of Tempests. He then promptly disappeared. Elindor left for his safe haven and we all finally decided it was time to rest.

    I'd like to thank Mica Brom and Prince of KLB, Wolf Knight of PoA and Rob McCray of Osr for risking thier lives and loosing them on occasion in order to accompany me to Shame for this impossible feat. Your bravery has not gone unnoticed my friends.
    Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2000, 10:01 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Trinsic Breaks from Lord British's Union?
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    Strange news from Trammel side! It seems that a part of the population of Trinsic is seeking independence from the rule of Lord British. I received a very tasty messenger pigeon with the following note attached from the Trinsic Royal Market:

    "Hail Ith'unk! I have a bit of news you may find interesting. Then again it is a human matter so it might be above you or below you depending how you see it. Trinsic, the town we all know and love, is in the process of becoming an independent nation.

    "The fair people of this beloved town have long been crying out for a new ruler, as Lord British has little interest in this wonderful town. Well, I hear someone has answered their cries, and the weirdest part yet is that it is a simple farm girl with really no skills at all. I thought this girl would give up within a week. Imagine my surprise when the people started to side with her!

    "Alas, she lacks the army to keep her new kingdom safe. She is in dire need of willing fighters and mages to lead her armies and train them. I have already sided with her. She has noble goals and wishes to keep the peace in and around Trinsic. She's even said there's a Trinsic Royal Market in the works. I see bright things coming to Trinsic. Our queen's name is Silverleaf, and you may contact her via the mystic ICQ vapors at 47253153."

    No human city has ever successfully left Lord British's union, but since Lord British has been missing for the last several months, and the land seems to lack human leadership, this could be the perfect time for these sorts of movements. There is nothing like watching a human nation disintegrate to bring joy to the heart of this old uruk!

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2000, 7:13 AM EDT by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    The Cult of Juo'nar Claims Another Board
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This account of the fifth match in a series of eight was submitted to us by Eyron Sengali, with additional information provided by Yogo Junzo, of Blood Keep...

    This evening, citizens concerned for the safety of four missing women assembled at the location detailed in riddle by the kidnappers, a tomb in the Vesper graveyard. There was to be another round of chess played to decide the fate of one of the remaining captive "pawns".

    Before the match, however, Ashley Covington decided that we should not play if one of the missing women wasn't present for the match. Many agreed, and when Sebastian, this night's "bishop", arrived with board in hand, she confronted him with this demand.

    He refused the request, however, which incited half of those present to leave. This hardly fazed him, however, and he turned to those of us that remained and requested a challenger.

    Yogo Junzo pleaded for someone to play, to at least try to win the life of the innocent, rather than just ensuring her demise by refusing to play.

    A man named Xavier stepped forward, and announced he would play. When he approached the board, Sebastian asked him for his name, to which Xavier replied it was of little consequence.

    "I am Sebastian, of the Cult of Juo'nar," was the reply from the man in verite. He went on to explain the rules, including the stipulation for a stalemate forced the second night.

    The match was heated, with each opponent drawing even blood. Both queens were swept from the board, and it appeared for a moment that Xavier was his opponent's equal.

    It was about ten past one, seventy minutes into the match, when it became apparent; another "pawn" would be forfeit. Nine minutes later, Xavier conceded the board, and Sebastian walked out of the tomb into the open air of the graveyard.

    He proceeded down the path, and up the road towards Vesper, before being surrounded by the citizens that had left the tomb before the match. After a short exchange, during which it was revealed the remains of the fourth pawn could be found in Edinburgh, he spoke the words of recall and vanished, leaving everyone with a feeling of great despair.

    Nothing of use was learned this evening, and another woman will apparently die sometime in the coming hours. It was indeed a crushing blow to our morale, but it is my hope that we will be able to recover and claim the board tomorrow evening.

    That is, if we can find it.

    And the location of the sixth board is indeed a mystery.

    The riddle, "the sixth board's knight is in the two at the same timing hole," has yet to be solved to the satisfaction of those involved. If the game's location cannot be found, the "pawn" that is to be gambled will be killed.

    If anyone provides us with the solution to this riddle, we will make it available to the public immediately.

    Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2000, 5:15 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Seeking Quest Archivists!
    That's right! You heard me! I'm seeking several new archivist to help maintain the Stories and Secrets sub-section of the UO Stratics site. In addition to your archivist duties you will be expected to investigate and report on main plot quests that occur within the game.

    If you're interested please send a small writing sample and the following information in an email to [email protected] with the subject of Q&E Archivist.

    • Character name
    • Shard played
    • E-mail address
    • Why do you want to be an archivist?
    • How long have you played?
    • Have you ever participated in a quest before? If so describe your favorite experience.

    If you're a collector at heart or a person who really enjoys the details, make sure to reply asap!

    Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2000, 12:43 AM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    Khaldun Expedition Journals and Private Notebooks discovered
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The Expedition Journals and Private Notebooks of Tavara Sewel, Morg Bergen, Grimmoch Drummel and Lysander Gathenwale have been posted in the Stories and Secrets section of UO Stratics (under biographies). In there you can read in detail how the expedition of Dungeon Khaldun went from exploration to total disaster in a few weeks. Pay close attention to the personal entries in Lysander's notebook to find out what exactly is going on inside this cursed tomb.

    A few pages of Lysander's notebook are still missing. If anyone has a transcript of days three to six of Lysander's notebook (That's *not* Tavara Sewel's expedition journal) then please send us a copy so we can add it to the story. I found that the best way to get your hands on a piece of the notebook is by stealing it from Lysander's backpack when he is too busy fighting to notice you. *grins*

    I want to extend my gratitude to all players that helped me find all these books in Khaldun and sometimes died over and over again, just to get me that bit of extra information. Thanks a million :)

    Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2000, 9:23 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (QuestandEventNews)

    Attacks Heighten on TUR Sentry
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<A report from Ocelot of TUR:

    Effer have one of dem days ye wakes up an ye knows somethin truly dread gunna happen? Well I don'ts an I wishes I did I tells ye that! Mebbe it shoulda been when I first started seein dem skeletons comin outter the wood a'headin fer TUR Sentry. An how whens we kept knockin em down seems like 2 more would spring ups to takes their place. An I'm not talkin 20 or 30. I'm talkin 20 or 30 score. You'd think that there Bard Jerry Garcia was hostin' a free concert! An not only skeletons, we also gots ourselves Liches an Skeletal Magi an Bone Knights an, well juss about anything that shoulda been dead was there a howlin. We gots em backed off tho. We had Proud warriors like Ruthgar of USA, Vassius of E*P an even the fine Lady Heather of CMG to comes 'elps out with magic an steel. Nuttin left but cracked bones an rusted ol metal when we were done.

    But that hain'ts all of it, nots by a long shot. Later on in the evenin, an I will admit I'd juss got started on tellin the local barmaid how I killed Minax with me bare hands, when we gets more visitors! This time tho, wasn't dem skells; twas Orcs!

    Now I hain't in all my days seen that many orcs! There was at least 200 if theren be one. An theys came from everywhere. Twas like a giant swarm of bees. All gruntin an growlin showin there nasty yellow toothed mugs.

    I kept a swingin till it felt like my arms fell off. Some of the people were juss stackin the dead orc bodies like cord wood to the side of the sentry full time so we could kill more. An then it just stopped, like someone turned off the tap on the keg. The silence was deafening... Cept for a low ominous chuckle... An I do believe that chuckle came from one Mr.Admorel Twilight.

    That mans gots some terrible power to make that many orcs go berserk, an I wont's even comment on the skells. Now where was I oh yes! Minax is saying please Mr. Ocelot don'ts kill me I'll give you...

    Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2000, 6:11 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Feedback on Khaldun
    Designer Oaks posted the following on the Discussion Forum, asking for some feedback on the new dungeon that everyone is talking about:

    Your Adventure in Khaldun

    Greetings All...

    I'd love to hear your feedback on Dungeon Khaldun after you've taken a run through. Please post it here. =)

    UO Live
    [email protected]
    Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2000, 2:49 PM EDT by Sambolc (GeneralNews)

    ImaDufus hosts a Dart Tournament at ImaTown!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was just recieved from ImaDufus of LSR.

    ImaDufus Dart Tournament
    Saturday, Sept. 9th, 2000
    8:00 pm (Pacific time)

    ImaDufus will be holding a dart tournament, L.O.S.E.R.S. style this Saturday in ImaTown. The tournament starts at 8:00 pm (Pacific) and entrants should gather in the town square to register. Entry fee is 10K per entrant and will consist of a 24 person knockout tournament.

    • 1st Round - 8 groups of three people - winner advances
    • 2nd Round - 4 groups of two people (1 on 1) - winner advances
    • 3rd Round - 2 groups of two people (1 on 1) - winner advances
    • 4th Round - Last two remaining will battle it out for 1st Place.
    • 1st Prize - 250,000 gold
    • 2nd Prize - 50,000 gold
    • Runner Up - Losers from round 3 get 25,000 gold each
    For a map to ImaTown go to
    Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2000, 1:44 PM EDT by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Message from the Lich

    I awoke from my break to a sound of clattering in the room. When I managed to get my eyes focused a scroll was lying on the table though no one was around. I cracked the seal on it and read. I quickly sent the scroll to Lord Emil, who is now preparing the guard posts around Britania for battle.

    Though no word has been delivered as to where his actual location may be now. After the battle with the Lich Lord Ramius and his minion the Dark Bowman on Tuesday eve...I am fearing the worst and hopefully may be reassigned to the castle.

    Good luck all.

    Guard Senten of the Vepser Post
    Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2000, 12:50 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Phil's Inside Report on Khaldun
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Phil of Europa posted the following detailed report about his first encounter with the new dungeon Khaldun on our U.Hall Forum
    Well I've taken a good look around Khaldun now, mostly stealthily to avoid the monsters. Here are a few spoilers for you all.

    The dungeon is set in that square corridored area of the map that a lot of will have seen using UOAM or something similar. Not ALL of that area seems to have been used, so maybe there's more to come.

    The two entrances each have a shrine outside them, very useful, sicne there is no ressing inside the dungeon.

    For those of you worrying or rejoicing that it'll be heaven for reds in there, I'm happy/afraid to say that it won't. It seems that murdered players in Khaldun return to life as a creature called a Revenant. So far I haven't seen a Revanant attack a red or grey player, but they certainly don't attack blues. People tell me they automatically target reds.

    Revenants move very fast, they look like a semi-transparent ghost carrying a semi-tranparent halberd. There's no paperdoll to look at, but they run as well as walking, and don't pick a fight with one. A dragon picking a fight with one just now barely escaped with its life. Ever seen a halberd swung with 500 Dex? I have now!

    There seem to be two antagonistic NPC types in the dungeon, the first are guys called "Zealots of Khaldun". They wear bleached white bone armour and use melee weapons. They hurt a lot too, trust me. They make the zombie attack noises and have dyed white skin as well. There's a room where you can see their armour scattered about as well as a tub called "a vat of bleach". The rest of their clothes are a deep red colour, including sandals and leather gloves. For you rares hunters out there, NO, you can't collect the items. When these guys die, they explode is a puff of smoke and become bone magi! Some have the name "Zealot of Khaldun", and the professional title "The Summoner". Others have full bleached bone armour and shields, but no magic and are called "Zealot of Khaldun", professional title "The Knight". I suspect that the knight ones turn into skele knights when killed. The second kind are "The Cursed", they have skin the same colour as a zombie and work in pretty much the same way as the Zealots. Hitting hard, and having a lot of hitpoints. I'm told that the two fight it out in a terra/ophid manner. Cursed can be looted when they die. There are also some "unique" cursed ones, with names like "Grimmoch Drummel", an archer, a very good archer! There is also Tavara Sewel, a fencer of the cursed. The named ones seem to vanish, taking their gold hued weapons and armour with them, when killed.

    Kaltivel, is one name I have seen for a new kind of lich. Harder than a lich lord, harder than a whole room full of lich lords. This thing was killed by three provoked revenants in the end, and it was still Flamestriking as it went down. The corpse was "an ancient lich corpse". Baratoz is another name of one I saw. 1500gp, 15 of each reagent, magic items.

    Spectral armour seems to float about a bit. Imagine a flying red sword with a coif, a buckler and some plate gloves. Then remove the idea that there is a player there at all... Very "The invisible man". It's nasty stuff too. Vanishes on death,

    Shadow Fiends, nothing special, just a kind of black water elemental, not even as tough as their water based cousins it seems. At the moment, they don't give any loot, or so it seems.

    Now the "piece de resistance" of Khaldun, the monster everyone in the dungeon is talking about. It's in the far south of the dungeon, in a huge pool of blood. "The Tentacles Of The Harrower (frozen)". It looks like a blood red corpser, but don't be fooled. if you step near it, you are hit with a spell which drains 20 HP. I mean drains by the way, the monster regains life. Stay near it and it will reapeat this behaviour. Melee it and you are a fool, it hits like a . Send your dragon to melee it and you'll get done by the ASPCA. This isn't a nice creature. I saw two tentacles die, but only by provoking revenants on them! It's spell keeps it healed but only seems to work on players near it. The spell wasn't used on NPCs or monsters that attacked it.

    Lots of the monsters seem to drop journals. These seem to be from the journals of those who dug the place up. There are a lot of these, day 1-3 day 4-6 etc, I have seen all the way up to day 23, day 23 says only one thing "We no longer bury the dead". I know my scribe will want a full set.

    The layout of the place is confusing, a lot of passages are blocked off with walls which have secret doors, these doors mostly seem to involve moving a stone block by use of a hidden switch. There are about a dozen sets of sarcophagi, each set a different colour. I one huge room there are white ones, each with a sign on it, (like a white house sign on its side) which says the name of the occupant. Or more to the point, the former occupant. It looks like they all escaped as ancient liches. The names all have prefices and suffices like "The Evil Summoner... " or "Master of the Dark Pit".

    On a final note, the lights in Khaldun go on and off all the time depending on where you walk, day or night seems to have no effect on the place.

    Well there's my quick report on Khaldun, it looks like a lot of fun, I didn't see any of the green spellbooks people have mentioned, but never mind. It'd be a nice rare I suppose.

    Best of luck anyone who's headed that way. I suggest you try "Test Centre", there's a gate there in Papua to the dungeon.

    Thanks for the detailed report Phil, sounds like there's still a lot of exploring to do there.
    Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2000, 12:00 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Fourth Board Lost and the Third Pawn Found
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<With the fourth board claimed by the enemy, and the release and safe return of the third pawn, a wealth of new information regarding the abduction of eight young women has come to light.

    The following account has been provided by Ashley Covington, the woman defeated in the first match, and details all of the most recent revelations...

    A night of research behind me, I met with my cousin Elisa, my comrade Theros Ironfeld, his friend Raine Longtree, and last night's victor, Napoleon, at the King's Men Theatre in Britain. Together, we took the journey to the obvious location of tonight's match: the loathsome town known as Buccaneer's Den. Or, more specifically: "Are we certain we are directly beneath the bathhouse? Have any a sextant...?"

    While we deliberated, awaiting tonight's representative of the "chessmen", our party grew into a large crowd, nearly a mob. Representatives of the Cavaliers and the Silver League, and independent adventurers from far and wide, assembled in the dank halls beneath the city.

    Talk on most lips was devoted to the saving of the third pawn, and her supposed release. There was a report that a man clad in verite appeared to a group within the bath house at quarter 'til eleven, announcing she could be found in a "cavern made of snow, with her leg broken". From this, it was assumed the "chessmen" had kept their word and released her, leaving her for dead in the heart of the Ice Dungeon.

    She was actually found by accident in a cave of snow at the northern tip of Dagger Island, by a woman named Seyyal, who sailed her from the island to her home city of Vesper. Seyyal confirmed this in person, as she joined the crowd awaiting the fourth board's rook.

    Shortly before midnight, an unexpected visitor joined our mob. He identified himself as Douglas, father of Alyssa, the third pawn and fruit of last night's victory. He had arrived to dole out congratulations and tokens of appreciation. One such gift was made public: Napoleon, last night's victor, was given a holiday timepiece; as Douglas stated, the return of his daughter was like a holiday for him. He informed us that his daughter, Alyssa, was resting in Vesper's Inn, but would awake at one in the morn, if we had any questions for her.

    He disappeared, and moments later, we heard commotion from further up the passageway. The fourth representative, Allen, had arrived.

    Formalities were dispensed with rather quickly. Tonight, our challenger would be Yogo Junzo, of the army of Blook Keep.

    Allen was rather grim, and the game progressed quickly. The match began rather evenly, with both sides taking pieces at a similar pace. The crowd pressed tight around the board, watching the complicated game of cat and mouse. Time wore on, and tensions grew, as both sides were reduced to kings and pawns, but the tide turned against us; two of Allen's pawns were unchecked, and he advanced them to the eighth rank and promoted them respectively to queen and rook.

    He soon forced Yogo into checkmate, but I contested the result. Allen had used his rook as a second queen; though promoting two pawns into two queens is legal, he represented one with a rook, and never stated that it should be considered otherwise. Allen conceded, and the board was reset to an earlier state. Still, the delay and revision was not enough to save us; a short time later, Yogo Junzo fell.

    "The fourth pawn is cast from the board." Allen turned to Yogo, and smiled grimly. "Her blood is on your hands. Remember that always." With that, he vanished with the words of recall.

    Our group did its best to shake off the thought of another death, focusing instead on what we could learn from the living. A flurry of gates appeared, as our group moved to Vesper, and sought out Alyssa. She limped to a chair upon our arrival at Vesper's Youth Hostel, and willingly submitted herself to our barrage of inquiries. For the most part, Elisa led this interrogation, which yielded a wealth of information...

    Alyssa explained that she had been abducted from the woods near her home, while gathering firewood. An unknown number of men snuck up on her, and stabbed her with what is believed to be a poisoned dagger: she remembers hearing mumblings about administering a cure before falling unconscious. She awoke blindfolded and chained to a wall which felt like rock, in a warm and humid room.

    During her captivity, she was kept in solitude, with a few noteworthy exceptions.

    First, she recalls overhearing a conversation one of her first nights there. Two men argued; one wished to represent the first board, and the other stated he could not allow it. Alyssa then heard a scream, followed by many different voices and chaos, and does not recall hearing that man's voice again. Another male voice commented, "This is what happens to those who oppose the prophecy." Voices then discussed what to do with "Elliot", which we believe to be the name of the upstart, and that he had been murdered by his allies for his impertinence.

    Second, she reports that one day she was inspected and questioned by an unknown member of this organization. He was delving into questions of her relations with men, and any possible pregnancy. We are unsure if this is because the "chessmen" desired "pure" sacrifices, or if this was a reaction to their supposed discovery regarding the second pawn, whom Rankin claimed carried an unborn child. Understandably, Alyssa refused to tell us her answer to that query.

    Third, she recalls what she considers a dream, in which she describes a "sharp pain in her arm, followed by a feeling of dizziness". There was mention of a crystal associated with this memory, as well.

    Shortly afterwards, she awoke to a crushing blow to her leg, which shattered it. She was dragged down a flight of stairs before she lost consciousness. She awoke alone, in a crippled state, on Dagger Island, where she managed to survive until she was found. Strangely, her captors left her with five of each reagent, which she used to keep herself warm with Fire Fields. She did not say where she acquired a spellbook or scrolls. This generosity seems suspect, considering the source.

    We pushed Alyssa for a few more pieces of information. Theros established that Alyssa knew nothing of Farrah, the smith who crafts the trademark armor of the "chessmen"; it is unknown whether this smith currently lives. I also asked Alyssa to try to pinpoint the number of voices she heard, in order to estimate the size of our opposition's force. She indicated there were too many to count, and then excused herself, leaving those who remained to prepare for tomorrow.

    Many of us have taken on specific tasks, which may give us some advantage in the days to come; if you can help at all with any of these, seek my mailbox, or look for an adventurer involved.

    Theros is convinced that the clues regarding Alyssa's captive surroundings point to the old mage tower in the Lava Dungeon. He plans to investigate this possibility at first light tomorrow. Those wishing to accompany him might find him at his house, north of Britain's graveyard, in the morning.

    Raine is intrigued by the mentions of a prophecy, and plans to investigate it further, to see if it holds any clues.

    Napoleon and a gentleman named Omikros avowed to examine the locations where games have already been played, to seek some pattern.

    Elisa stayed with Dorian Locke, dueling him at this infernal game to give him more practice. He hopes to represent us tomorrow eve.

    As for myself, I continue to attempt to solve the next four clues. The sooner we come to a consensus on these locations, the better prepared we can be. Furthermore, there may be some strange significance in some of them.

    As "the fifth board's bishop rests peacefully near Vesper," we believe tomorrow's match will be held in Vesper's graveyard. A secondary possibility, which has been offered, is the inn on the outskirts of the city. All who oppose the kidnappers are encouraged to join us tomorrow eve.

    The sixth clue, "the sixth board's knight is in the two at the same timing hole," eludes a concrete solution. Some have advanced the observation that two tailor's shops make a similar joke in their title: "Stitchin' Time" and "A Stitch in Time", in Ocllo and Magincia. This could connect to the "time" reference, but does not solve the riddle to our liking, considering the word "hole" is not represented by these locations. If any have a clue, please notify me.

    The next, "the seventh board's queen favors the taste of wine," is believed to reference the Yew winery and vineyards, though we are open to other possibilities.

    The final clue holds some of the gravest and oddest possibilities. "The eighth board's king awaits the guillotine" would seem obvious, if not for the fact that many guillotines exist in our land. However, the one in Nujel'm is unique: it is situated right next to a chessboard of human scale. Some wonder if this architectural curiosity will be employed come that fateful night.

    It would seem that Vesper will be the city to host the fifth chess match, and any citizens skilled in this "gentlemen's game", as the kidnappers refer to it, are encouraged to attend and make their ability known.

    Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2000, 8:08 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Quest of Virtue is Tonight!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Jeg of Humility Sent us the following reminder:
    Last Minute Information on the Quest of Virtue


    First of all I would like to inform everyone that there will be a host of contests & prizes throughout the evening at both the Bloody Keg Tavern, and atop the tower in Humility Village (map). Please come by to share the fun, win the prizes...and watch the teams as the progress and complete each task. There's always plenty of alcohol at the Bloody Keg.

    Also, there were a couple last minute changes in procedure for the quest. If you are participating please look over these changes on the Events section of the Humility Web Site.

    And lastly, if you have a team but have not yet registered...please send this information ASAP to Jeg of Humility.

    Thank you, enjoy, and walk with the virtues.

    I know the last Quest of Virtue was very well received, so this one should be even better!
    Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2000, 5:42 AM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Night's Lawyer Releases Letter to Press
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This letter was released to us by Sir Darok, of the Crimson Alliance, regarding his legal representation of the accused murderer Giddeon Night...

    General Sokus, or other acting agents of the Crown,

    As the appointed attorney of the accused, Giddeon Night, there are a few important matters which must be resolved with all due haste. To ensure that my client is treated impartially and therefore honorably, I must insist upon a trial by jury. Merely having a single judge preside over the hearing would not only be unfair towards my client, but it would be dishonorable and obstruct justice.

    I must also insist that the trial be held in the Court of Truth, on the facet of Felucca. My client is originally from Felucca, and in order for him to receive a fair trial among his peers, he must be brought back to the land where his peers reside. I hail from Felucca myself, and currently I must endure extreme hardships in order to arrive punctually for the jury selection, trial, and any other legal meetings. This severely lowers the efficiency at which I may provide legal counsel to my client, and such a hindrance might be perceived as intentional, in the hopes of robbing my client of the proper counsel.

    My final insistence is for a formal arraignment, so that my client may meet the prosecutor in order to avoid confusion. Efficiency would be greatly enhanced, and formal charges could be stated. Also, it would speed up the trial date and jury selection which have been suspiciously slow in coming.

    Whether or not the prosecution will allow for these requests remains to be seen, and we will be sure to bring you the latest details, as soon as they become available.

    Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2000, 2:50 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    KOS Smithing Give Away!!!

    This jest in all,

    Did your last spear snap in half as you plunged it into the stomach of an ettin? Or is your chainmail tunic so battered your guildmates laughed at you on your last hunt? Or perhaps you are the type of person just never passes up free goods....

    Then this event for you!

    Next Friday (Sept. 15) at 7pm (EST.) the Knights of Sosaria are sponsoring a smithing give away. We will be giving out weapons and ringmail or chainmail armor to those that simply show up, as long as the ingots last! Just come to the Elysium Rune Library Castle in Trammel. Our smith will be making and distributing goods in the Smith room, located in the North East corner of the Castle.

    Some additional details:

    Each adventurer who comes can get up to 3 weapons of their choice or an archer suit of armor. All items will be crafted by a Grandmaster Smith. There will be a generous yet limited number of ingots on hand, thus the event will last until all the ingots are gone. Any smiths or miners who would like to donate their skills or ingots, please contact our event coordinator at [email protected].

    The Castle is located on the plains north of Trinsic, east of the Shrine of Spirituality, and west of the swamps. We will be providing gates to the Castle 15 minutes before the scheduled event time from both Britain banks, the Trinsic North Bank, and the bank in Vesper.

    There is also a tavern located in the upstairs center section of the Castle. From 8-10pm (EST.) it will staffed by a member of KOS. You are welcome to have a drink on us after visiting our smith.

    So throw down your dull katana or mangled leggings, and start the weekend off with some brand new weapons or armor!

    Halas, Guardsman KOS

    Thankee 'alas fer this news. *Stares at his rusty Cutlass, erm..may'aps....*

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 11:57 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    UOHoC Chat Log Posted
    The complete log of the fifty-seventh UOHoC Open House chat has been posted and is available from the UO House of Commons web site.
    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 11:17 PM EDT by Jerrith (CommunityNews)

    Minoc Counselor Seeks Grandmaster Smiths
    We received the following...

    Hail citizens of Britannia.

    My name is Dagda Redgranite. I am a representive of the fine city of Minoc and I have an idea that some of you might be interested in. I am creating a directory of grandmaster smiths, this will give all the information you need in order to contact him/her and make your transaction.

    Warriors such as myself all know how annoying it is sometimes to try and find a smith to repair your weapons and/or armor. With this directory it will be much easier to find a smith to get your work done.

    If you are a smith or happen to know any good ones, please contact me by pigeon (ICQ# 50201958). Please give me the smith's name, pigeon number, and usual place of business. Thank you.

    -Dagda Redgranite, 1st Seat Minoc, High Council

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 9:37 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Stopping a war, by killing a lich.
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The appointed hour had come. Members of guilds from around the land, and individuals of great merit, milled about the Yew Winery awaiting the man in Midnight’s Wrap. Very shortly the metal door to the Winery opened, and in stepped Teleburiel. An aura of calm surrounded him. For a second a small smile flashed across his features when he saw all the fine warriors gathered there. “Are all of ye prepared for battle?” Teleburiel’s simple question brought forth a resounding shout of “Aye’s” from those gathered there. The smile flashed again as Teleburiel asked everyone to please follow him into the Meeting room.
    Suddenly, three figures emerged from the shadows on the southern side of the Winery. Red robes fluttered about them, and purple potions flew from their hands at incredible speeds. Their cry was “For City and Sultan”. They were easily dispatched…. There were some mutterings among the assembled warriors about “some terrorist group out of Nujel’m”. Teleburiel frowned, but the assembled continued on into the Meeting Hall. Once everyone was seated Teleburiel began…..

    ”Well then. I shall begin. Some of ye know why I have called ye here. I am grateful that ye came. For those who do not know, I shall tell ye briefly of what hath happened. We go forth today with two goals. First, the prevention of a war between Moonglow and Nujel’m. Secondly, the destruction of the force behind the war. Acruvir, I believe has been playing both sides against each other. For what purpose I cannot fathom. However Acruvir hath aligned himself with deamons in the past. This is likely true now. He has displayed an ability to return from what should be his doom. I know of two prior occasions when he was thought destroyed. The First, at my hands. Acruvir was the guardian of the Demonbane staff, which I now wield. He was likely tasked to defend it by an infernal master. His second destruction came at the hands of the Citizens of Moonglow. Acruvir terrorized the graveyard from there for some time. Though the worst troubles have passed, though, many undead remain. To destroy Acrucir, we must find the item that returns him to life and smash it. It likely takes the form of a statue or a gem. A simple axe should suffice. Secondly, Acruvir himself must be pursued, and destroyed. The fighting by the charm shall likely be lighter, but perhaps, more difficult. A smaller, more mobile group shall be required. The rest of you will come with me to the Moonglow cemetery where we shall hunt for signs of Acruvir…. To those of you looking for the charm, I have heard there has been a great unrest in the bottom of Deceit…. Near the room cut by a Chasm of Magma…. Good luck.

    I was in the group that went to Deceit to find the Charm of the Lich. A man by the name of Breaker, happened to have a rune to the area right around the Lair of the Lich Lords, which is a very short walk to the Chamber of Fire….
    The smell of death hung heavy in the dank air. Whispers of those that had defied their death echoed down the hallways. Spider webs hung from the ceilings and covered the walls… and the darkness, the darkness was complete. Shivering, the members of the group quickly chanted the words “In Lor” combining sulfur with bits of the spider webs so prevalent. I glanced backwards, and as the gate slid shut, who should happen to ride through, but Basil. We walked cautiously through the hallways. Swords drawn, bows at the ready, reagents in hand, arcane words on lips. Step by step we made our way towards the room split by the fire. Triona, tracing her fingers along the wall, opened the hidden door that would take us to our destination. It had been a trap. An unearthly wail let up from the shadow darkened corner of the room, and the silvery form of a wraith could be seen heading at top speed towards the Chamber of Fire. We were off in a flash after it. We raced down the hallway after the undead fiend, and threw the doors of the Chamber of Fire open wide. Then the ground erupted beneath our feet. Skeletal hands, and rotting flesh clawed its way up from the earth, which should have kept it hidden. We rushed into the Chamber and slammed the door behind us. The sound of liches laughing greeted our ears. Almost like metal drug across glass, over, and over, and over. There, between the two eagle statues across the magma, stood a Lich Lord and a large company of undead. Liches, Bone Knights, Skeletal Warriors, Bone mages, Wraiths, Specters. The room was almost bone numbingly cold, despite the constant bubbling of the superheated lave. “So much for this being the ‘easy’ part,” someone muttered. And then all hell broke loose. Arrows flew, magicks were cast, and the melee warriors rushed towards the bridge across the lava, silver glinting in the hellish light….
    The battle ended in a triumph! Not only had all the undead been slain, the gem of Acruvir’s life had been shattered in the process. Not many of the party had died, and spirits were high. It was discovered that there was a man by the name of Marcus who had been aiding us in our fight with the undead. Now that it was over he spoke to us saying; “Quickly, now that the gem has been destroyed go to Teleburiel in Moonglow, and take him this!” He thrust a map at the group and a gate was opened to the Moonglow graveyard.
    The other party, in the Moonglow Cemetery, hadn’t had the kind of excitement that our group had had. They milled about killing the occasional skeleton, scouring the mauseoleums over and over, when the gate opened and we poured out bearing the map. Teleburiel examined it and scratched his head. “I am afraid that I do not know where this is a map of….”. After being passed around the entire assembly, it was decided that the location on the map was in the mountains to the North East of Britain. What a puzzle, in the mountain? There were no caves there…. Doubtful, but having no other leads, a gate was opened to the City of Dracona at the Britain, Yew, Vesper crossroads. Racing along the mountains, the group stopped dumbfounded. There, hanging from the side of the mountain was, the oddest contraption. It was a platform, connected to all manner of pullies, ropes, and gears. A switch was located on the platform, and one by one we got on the platform and flipped the switch. I was the last to go up the mountain, and my heart lurched as I flipped the switch.

    With a great grinding noise, the platform slowly rose up the side of the mountain. I could hear above me the sound of a great battle, and below me the trees, and grass fell away. I stepped off the platform, and all I could do was gasp…. A path led up the mountain, farther up the slope I could see the crumbling remains of an ancient building. Here, on top of the world, was a building! The area was hauntingly beautiful, yet hauntingly dangerous. A misfired arrow brought me quickly back to the present. The path led up to a single stone archway into the rest of the complex. Our forces were fighting a furious battle to gain entrance to the ruins proper.
    We broke through, and there, cackling with glee was Acruvir! He set wave upon wave of undead upon us, casting poison fields the whole while. The battle was hellish to say the least. We were easily outnumbered 15:1, but we fought on, and fought hard. In the end, Acruvir was reduced to a smouldering pile of dust and bones. His forces lay scattered about on the ground, broken bones, and scorched flesh. We were victorious!

    To everyone that showed up and aided in this quest, Thank you! Questing is not dead! Later that night Teleburiel told the story of this ruin in the mountains. It is the ruin of the Ancient Monastery of Thurisaz. But I shall tell that later. This story has been long enough. *smiles*.


    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 9:28 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Revelations into the Identities of the Kidnappers
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This letter was sent to us by Tymaron, the town crier...

    Gorion of the Purple Guardians of Honor informed me that he has discovered who one of the kidnappers is. It's Jonathan Rye, a former member of his guild.

    Jonathan Rye delivered the body of the first "pawn" to Captain Filbert Eggcup, of Winterfell. He is no longer affiliated with the Purple Guardians, and was last seen leaving Trammel's Trinsic in shadow chain, a dark green cap, sash, and thigh boots. This is, of course, the opposite of the dress favored by the kidnappers.

    Jonathan Rye's signature was also found in the package containing the second pawn's remains, given to Elisa Montclaire the third evening by Garritt.

    Add that to the total surmised in our recent report, and we're dealing with an organization of at least eight members.

    Elisa Montclaire also points out that each opponent in the chess matches are referred to as backline pieces of the chessboard, while the man who was seen speaking with Giddeon Night called himself a "pawn". This may mean there are in fact seven more "pawns" in the group, bringing the total to fifteen.

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 8:10 PM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    New Staff and Job Opportunities at Kinship Tavern
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This missive was sent to us by Mishca, a barmaid at the Kinship Tavern...

    I'm happy to let you know that we have added a new barkeep to our schedule! Her name is Gabriella, and she will be working a late Thursday night shift. I am told she is a very charming lady, and encourage all of you to meet her!

    Here is the new Kinship Tavern barkeep schedule:

    • Sunday: Mishca, 9:00pm-11:00pm EST
    • Monday: Belsen, 9:00pm-11:00pm EST
    • Tuesday: Boswick, 8:00pm-10:00pm EST
    • Wednesday: Baylen, 8:00pm-10:00pm EST
    • Thursday: Gabriella, 10:00pm-1:00am EST
    • Friday: Currently Available
    • Saturday: SoulSpeaker, 8:00pm-10:00pm EST

    If anyone is interested in taking the Friday night shift, please let me know, via pigeon, at 6557619.

    And remember! Tuesday night is Boswick's Roll and Win game and Wednesday night is Baylen's Ladies Night!

    Kinship Tavern is located in Kinship Village, on the mainland just east of the Skara Brae ferry docks, at 56o4'S - 33o15'W.

    I hope to see you there!

    The opportunity to work in such a high profile tavern is one that ambitious bartenders should not pass up. Stop by, meet the current staff, and enjoy the atmosphere of one of our shard's premiere establishments!

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 7:39 PM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Introducing the all new Dungeon Khaldun!!!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following two items were just posted to What's New and General Testing on

    Posted to What's New

    Introducing Dungeon Khaldun

    Deep below the Lost Lands waits the Dungeon Khaldun, a cursed catacomb and deadly home to legions of the most vile and vicious monsters to menace Britannia. Death awaits. Will you approach? Or will you flee in terror?

    Dungeon Khaldun is the newest, unique addition to Ultima Online and will be available to all players using Second Age or Renaissance versions of UO without any additional downloads or patching. The dungeon will be appearing on the Felucca facet of all UO shards in the near future, and will be opening on two test shards (Test Center and Test Factions) today. Information on the dungeon addition is available in General Testing.

    We hope you'll take the opportunity to visit one of the Test shards and explore this latest expansion to Britannia!

    Posted to General Testing:
    The Dungeon Khaldun will be located in the Lost Lands (T2A) on the Felucca facet. The dungeon has two entrances which are both located to the far east of Delucia. The sextant coordinates for the entrances are:
    • 58o 16’S, 5o 7’E
    • 62o 8’S, 3o 47’W
    Khaldun is designed to be a dungeon for veteran players and as such, it is meant to be very difficult. Rather than publishing a full document that gives away all of the dungeon's secrets (thus spoiling its many surprises), this document will give you some basic information on what to look for. A full document will be posted when the dungeon is published to the live shards.

    When testing this new dungeon, keep the following things in mind:
    • There are new monsters in this dungeon. Many of them will act differently than existing monsters.
    • The dungeon has some secret passages and rooms. Finding them will not be easy.
    • Some spells and aspects of skills will not work in this dungeon. These include:
      • The Mark spell.
      • The Resurrection spell.
      • The Healing skill when attempting to resurrect (healing and curing will work however).
    • Killing another player will sometimes bring unexpected repercussions upon the murderer.

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 7:37 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Minax Forces Attacks Subside; Adventurers Begin Search for Rhyssa
    Here's some late breaking news of recent events taking place in our lands...
    The vile spawns attacking Britannia cities hourly have stopped. On Sunday, the House Lynn'Dannae first noticed that the frequent visits by gazers and headless have ceased. From reports around Britannia, the other hourly attacks also seem to have stopped. Minax's forces have vacated the cities Britain, Yew, Vesper and the area off the road to Trinsic. Whether this is due to the LONG leave of absence by the Dread Lady Minax or by some action by the virtuous defenders is not yet known. Also, missing is any worth while news from BNN (or any other of Lord B's lemmings). It looks like Minax is not the only one missing...

    In other news...
    A while ago, the adventurers helping Marcus Aggravaine did indeed find Conner, brother of Devon, chopping wood outside Trinsic. Conner still wanted to see where Devon's body lay, despite the strange silence, errs and haws given to him when he asked about the details of Devon's death.

    Note: Devon is the once-paladin of Trinsic and friend of Marcus that was captured by vile beings and turned into a blue rotting corpse.

    The adventurers with Marcus and Conner again ventured to the Yew's crypts (last known location of Devon's Corpse). Once there they found it beset by greater undead (bone magi, skeleton knights, lich lords). Upon reaching the depths of the crypts, they found once again a blue rotting corpse named Devon.

    By the virtue is it hard to keep a good man turned into undead down. Conner tried to communicate to see if any of Devon was left. This encounter with Devon ended like the last one. Devon was once again put to rest. All returned to Trinsic and Conner was escorted to Keg and Anchor Tavern for few drinks. After having a few rounds, Conner mentioned two things:

    Conner: Wizards...
    Conner: Why it was because of a wizard that Devon did grow so distant
    Conner: or rather a fight over one!
    Conner: Ask Marcus about Paryus

    More recently, this message was found in the Paladin's Training Hall:
    Your brother graciously asks for a meeting with you at the Keg and Anchor Tavern. See him immediately after receiving this book as he will be there all evening.

    My Thanks,
    Any Information about Rhyssa or Paryus or where they can be contacted would prove helpful to adventurers assisting Marcus. You may send a message about either to [email protected].

    Sara Gules
    Wandering Healer (PoC)
    Thanks for the update Sara!
    Here is a painting that I came across depicting your recent encounter with Marcus.

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 7:11 PM EDT by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Faction Questions and Answers
    Adrick was nice enough to help us with some questions regarding factions that were not addressed yet or could use some extra explanation. Have a look:
    I quote: "Characters who are not in a faction will not be able to perform benificial acts on non-criminal or murderer characters in a faction if the target has received lawful damage from another player". I do not understand the "non-criminal or murderer characters" bit. The way I read it now it says that someone can heal criminals that received lawful damage, but cannot heal innocents or murderers. That just sounds illogical. Can you rephrase that sentence so it becomes more clear what exactly is and is not allowed ?
    Murderers and criminals can be healed. The healer will go grey and become part of the fight at that point. In the other situation you will not be able to heal at all (given you aren't part of the battle).

    "There are no faction wars on the Trammel facet". Does that mean that members of opposing factions cannot fight each other in Trammel, or does it only mean that there are no faction controllable towns and strongholds in Trammel ?
    No faction fighting in trammel - members can go there but thats it.

    Will faction members be able to use all magery spells in a town or otherwise guarded area ?

    What does the interface that allows players to transfer kill points look like ? Is this a speech command ? Does it involve using the faction stone ?
    "I honor your leadership" transfers 4 of 5 kill points - 1 is lost in the exchange to prevent constant transfers etc.

    If a faction captures a town, what happens after 7 days if there is no extra money paid to keep control of the town and if no other faction steals the sigil ?
    - Does the town remain under the control of that faction, or
    - Does the town become 'free' and has to be conquered again (by any of the four factions)
    Towns remain under control till someone else corrupts and returns the sigil - towns can never go back to neutral

    Faction guards: Do they stick in one place, or do they walk around. If they walk around, what is their range ?
    They respond to "Orders" then to "patrol" or "follow". They won't leave city limits.

    If a faction raises or lowers NPC vendor prices, do these prices have an effect on all players that buy and sell in that town or only on the ones that are in a faction ?
    All in that town are effected

    Where will the additional vendors appear that can be purchased by the Finance Minister ?
    Where he buys them - its a speach triggered gump :)

    Can a faction member place his trap in any faction controllable city and stronhold or only in the ones that are controlled by his faction ?
    Gas - stronghold only
    Explosion - any faction town
    Saw and spike - faction town under control of your faction

    Happy to help
    - Adrick

    Thanks Adrick :)

    More information on Factions can be found by reading the log of the UO House of Commons chat of last thursday, and by going to our faction guide.

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 4:29 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Famine to Marry Thalia on Saturday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Famine sent us the following announcement :
    Famine (Purple Warriors, [PWG]) and Thalia are pleased to announce their wedding, to be held this Saturday 9th September at Nujel'm Palace, at 7pm GMT (8pm CET, 1pm EDT)

    A reception will follow at Jafar's Rune Library (south of Vesper), with plenty of food and drinks. Everyone is welcome to attend and join the party. Famine & Thalia

    Thanks Famine. All our wishes of joy and happy union to the couple.
    For the latecomers, Jafar's Rune Library can be found at 53°5' N, 99°4' E (near Vesper's southern exit).
    Now one addition by Lady Julieanne McFinnan :

    A gating service will be assured from the East Britian Bank. From 6.45pm GMT, Robert Kane of JPG will be opening gates to Nujel'm Palace. He will be stationed near the town crier in front of the bank.

    Thanks for this update Julieanne !
    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 3:07 PM EDT by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<It's been days since I've been able to leave my bed. I have a shameful confession to make...I'm deathly afraid of rats.

    They are evil, foul creatures full of pestilence. Their eyes like dull yellow diamonds sparkling in the night. When I was a child and living with the nuns on Fire Island I remember waking to those eyes perched on the edge of my bed.

    It was a week before I could get a good night sleep.

    The very next morning I stole into the woods and retrieved a large, thick block of wood. One that fit well into my small hands. I spent the next few days searching for those piercing squeaks and smashing them silent.

    I grew hypersensitive and couldn't stand the thought of vermin in the castle. The felines had a run for their money with me rocking myself at night...listening...creeping...killing.

    But I digress. This week has been a bad one for rat-phobic people such as myself. Large quantities of vermin have invaded the player-run towns of Liberalis, Elyssium and Stormhaven. I even had one report of rats in Buc's Den.

    So, when at home make sure you seal up your garbage and place food in gnaw-proof containers. Fatalities have been low, old people and kids. The Yew Rest Home for the Elderly had a break in during the night where the invalids were chewed up and picnickers near the Trinsic waterfall reported their small children missing. We hope they will be found safe, but one can only assume the worst.
    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 2:40 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Opening of the New World Order Tower
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<An announcement from Janiwan & Tze'Naga

    Hi i would like to inform you about the New World Order tower.. the opening is saterday.. There will be an auction of magical weapons and there will be games such as gambling with magical weapons as prices.. Also our tavern will be open all night.. Our staff will gate from 7gmt to 8gmt at britain bank to the tower.. the auction will start at 8gmt.. It will be loads of fun.. everyone is allowed, roleplayers, normal players ect ect as long as their nice and decent towards eachother..

    Here is a picture of where to find the tower if you come later in the evening..

    Janiwan & Tze'Naga (nWo Guildmasters)

    Yours truly
    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 7:51 AM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    Report Issued to Lord Reszni, Regarding Abductions
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following report has been compiled and submitted to Lord Reszni, of the Royal Court, regarding events occuring since Sunday, the third of September, and is now being made available to the public. The document summarizes recent activities of the organization said to be responsible for the abduction of eight women, and draws conclusions as to their motivations and inner workings, based on available information.

    • 09/03/00 - Authorities release a statement regarding the disappearance of eight young women.

    • 09/05/00 - An enigmatic letter arrives at our publication, referring to the missing women as pawns, and implying they will be killed if the missive is ignored. Eight riddles are provided, each leading to a different location, where a game of chess is to be played at midnight, on the following eight nights, for the life of each "pawn".

    • 09/05/00 - The first match is held at Sage Advice in East Britain, with a gentlemen named Demonstalker representing the kidnappers, dressed in verite green armor with a black staff in hand. Ashley Covington plays the first match, a variant of traditional chess, and loses, with Demonstalker disappearing after stating the first "pawn" is forfeit.

    • 09/06/00 - Authorities release a second press release, placing the individual known as Demonstalker in Trinsic during the month prior to the kidnappings. He is said to have been in the company of two men, also wearing verite chainmail.

    • 09/06/00 - The second match is played in the Nujel'm Theatre, with a man named Rankin representing the kidnappers, also dressed in verite chain, this time bearing the mark of a grandmaster smith known as Farrah. When asked to provide proof of the first woman's demise, Rankin indicates that Captain Filbert Eggcup of Winterfell had been provided evidence to this effect. The first round, against Theros Ironfeld of the United Blacksmiths, ends in stalemate, forcing a second game. Rankin redeems himself in the following match, however, defeating Elisa Montclaire and claiming the board, but not before offering to answer a question. He reveals that the motivation behind these games is humiliation and an attack on morale, and then vanishes.

    • 09/07/00 - A man calling himself Odell is sighted at the Trinsic Jail, discussing legal counsel with the accused murderer, Giddeon Night. He was dressed in the now familiar verite outfit, and made references to his "organization" being based out of Feluccan Trinsic. Night apparently refused a deal involving a stone said to contain Dove the Healer's soul, and the man excused himself. When confronted, he stated he was only a "pawn", and that a "knight" should be sought, disappearing soon after.

    • 09/07/00 - The third match is held, in the city of Serpent's Hold, against a verite clad Garritt, whose armor also bore the mark of the smith Farrah. When the maker's mark is referenced, Garritt indicates the woman was killed after providing his organization with their outfits. He states that Rankin had been executed for his failure to win in one round, but that his organization will abide by the rules of stalemate set down the previous evening. Before the match begins, he hands a bag of vital organs to Elisa Montclaire, which holds a note indicating the remains belong to the second pawn, and that "motivation for the first move is not always revealed by the second". In a drawn out match of varying tides, Garritt eventually concedes to a gentleman known as Napoleon, stating that the third pawn would be released on Friday evening at half past ten. Offering to answer a question, he indicates his master is "he who has fallen twice, and will rise again", eventually naming Juo'nar, an exiled Paladin of Trinsic, who had been raised by Minax as a lich, but defeated before Nystul opened the path to the Trammel facet. He then recalled, but not before stating he returned home to his "demise" for his failure to claim the board.

    From the above timeline, we can gather the following information...

    • In each of the first three matches, a different opponent defended each board; if this trend continues, it will bring the total of known kidnappers to eight. Adding the man said to have bargained with Giddeon Night, and subtracting both Rankin and Garritt, as they supposedly have been executed for their failures, we have an organization of at least seven members orchestrating these events. However, the fact that members are executed indicates expendability, which may point to a much larger organization.

    • Based on information provided by those clad in verite green, it appears the group is based out of Feluccan Trinsic, and are motivated by some tie to the ex-paladin and former lich lord, Juo'nar. The comment "...and will rise again", referencing Juo'nar, leads to the assumption that the group is not actually led by Juo'nar, but rather, seeks to resurrect him.

    • Up to this point, all members encountered wore identical uniforms, consisting of a verite chain vest, plate gorget, and plate arms, with a grey cloak, boots, and body sash. All carried black staves.

    • The maker's mark on the organization's verite trademark may be an important clue; there can't be many grandmaster smiths by the name of Farrah in Britannia, and even if she is "dead", as claimed by Garritt, more information may be learned by looking into this.

    • The organization has an apparent "fetish" for the game of chess, referring to themselves as different pieces, their apparent campaign as a "board of grand scale", and forcing others to play for the lives of women they refer to as "pawns". The background regarding this is unknown.

    • The reasoning behind the capture and gambit of eight women was claimed to have been nothing more than an attempt at humiliation, but the note accompanying the remains of the second pawn stated, "motivation for the first move is not always revealed by the second", leading one to believe this may only be part of the answer.

    • The fact the group bargained with Giddeon Night for the soul of Dove the Healer raises the question of purpose, but none can be surmised from the available information.

    Five riddles remain, leading to additional matches. Possible solutions to each have been submitted to our publication, and read as follows...

    • The fourth board's rook breathes under bath water.
    • The caverns under Buccaneer's Den are the only guess.

    • The fifth board's bishop rests peacefully near Vesper.
    • The consensus is Vesper's graveyard, but some have stated inns in town may be the answer, or an establishment outside the city.

    • The sixth board's knight is in the two at the same timing hole.
    • This riddle has not yet been solved, to the best of my knowledge.

    • The seventh board's queen favors the taste of wine.
    • The Yew Winery and vineyards are the only suggestions.

    • The eighth board's king awaits the guillotine.
    • The guillotine in Nujel'm and dungeon Covetous are popular choices here, but others have said the jails in Trinsic and Yew are also possibilities.

    Armed with the above data, it is our hope that citizens can assist the Royal Guard in their efforts to ensure the safety of the six women still held captive by this elusive organization.

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 6:04 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Citizens Successfully Claim the Third Board
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A third night has passed, with the organization responsible for the abduction of eight women once again forcing a game of chess to stay their murderous hand.

    I am proud to announce that the third board was claimed by a gentlemen named Napoleon, in a long and harrowing match held on the isle of Serpent's Hold.

    Here is an account of the evening's events, as provided by Elisa Montclaire, who was defeated in the second evening's extra round...

    I had stayed the night in the house of Theros Ironfeld. As I awoke, the past night flashed back through my mind. I had much work to do. There was the matter of Captain Eggcup of Winterfell, a man reputed to hold proof that the kidnappers, who we now referred to as "chessmen", did hold the girls, and had killed one of them. And then there was a link to the past of one of our adversaries; the smith Farrah who had forged Rankin's armor. Perhaps she knew who he was before he joined the other kidnappers, or perhaps she was aware of others with whom he associated.

    Checking in with some sources at the Britain blacksmith told me that she was a member of the Shadow Family. A few hours in the Britain library told me that the Shadow Family was a diverse and apparently tightly knit group. They weren't known for mischief, so I decided they were unlikely to be affiliated with the Chessmen, and terminated my inquiry. Still, I was curious about the smith herself.

    I found help from a kind mage named Autumn, of the Conquest of Champions. She brought me to Serpent's Hold, and wished those of us who seek to save the women well. I walked towards the armory with a heavy heart. I was well aware of my failure the night before, and hoped that a better player would challenge the fiends tonight. And that if we won, the "knight", as he was called in the enigmatic challenge, would honor the bargain his colleagues have forced upon us...

    I arrived sometime early, and my cousin Ashley Covington, who had fallen in the first game, joined me shortly. Her eyes were yet haunted with grief, rage, and an unsettling glint of obsession. I hoped she did not see the fear in my own eyes, both of our murderous foes and what was happening to her inside. We passed the time with a number of other citizens, while Billy the Healer and General Napoleon faced off for the place of challenger. Napoleon won, and all assembled acclaimed him as this evening's challenger.

    Soon, a man appeared, clad in the colors of the vile legion. His armor also bore the mark of the smith, Farrah. He introduced himself as Garritt.

    Garritt spoke softly, but full of menace. "I will be more blunt and mature about this than my predecessor." He went over the rules of the engagement again, and then continued. "In addition, last night, a stalemate was reached, and our representative allowed a single question. He has been executed for his failure, but I will demonstrate our good faith and honor his bargain."

    "And last evening you demanded proof. For evidence of the first pawn's demise, you were directed to a captain in Winterfell. For the second, I will save you the walk."

    He thrust a bag into my arms. I opened it to find a heart, entrails, and a sickening note.

    "Hear is what remains of the second pawn, a beautiful young girl named Ariel. Her death came about through your inability to prevent it."

    My inability.

    The note repeated the riddles, then left us with one more: "Know that motivation for the first move is not always revealed in the second."

    I announced the entrails, and Ashley's eyes narrowed. "Those entrails could be Rankin's, for all we know."

    "I tire of your ramblings," said the fiend. "Let us begin."

    Ashley stalked towards the door. "I think I'll say hello to Farrah."

    A smile spread on Garritt's lips. "That might be difficult, considering she was killed after providing our apparel."

    Ashley continued out the door as the game began.

    Garritt quickly checked Napoleon, but was evaded.

    As the game progressed, with both queens lost, Garritt took on an air reminiscent of Demonstalker, and said, "Napoleon, the match lies even without the grace of our queens. I hope you realize this balance will not remain for long."

    The game drew onward. It was even for a long stretch, but Napoleon's victory became an inevitability. Garritt became clearly agitated over the course of the game, and spent longer and longer on each move.

    Finally, after being reduced to only his king, he paused for longer than usual.

    "Who among you has counted my moves since my king was left alone?"

    "This is twelfth move since the last pawn push," replied Tymaron, the town crier.

    "Then I concede. The board is yours." He stood up and walked from his stool.

    "You owe us a pawn," Napoleon said.

    "The pawn will be released tomorrow evening, at half past ten. Satisfy yourselves this evening with the answer to a single question, and the knowledge I return home to my demise."

    Tonight, only one question was advanced, and I stepped forward to ask it. "Who is your master?"

    "He who has fallen twice, and will rise again. My master is..." He paused, and then continued.


    I growled. My family died at Trinsic, by Juo'nar's hand, leaving me with only Ash. I pushed back the faces that emerged in my mind.

    Before anyone could reply, he vanished with the words of recall.

    "Friends, hear me!" I stepped into the place he had just held. "Tonight was our first victory; it will not be our last. Juo'nar may take lives, and he may take souls. But he shall never take another Trinsic!"

    I lowered my voice just slightly, and filled it with all the force in my soul. "This we must swear! Raise your hands!"

    Hands shot up as cries of "I swear" and "I vow upon..." filled the room. I whooped, and was joined by the crowd.

    I raise again the cry for unity. While we may raise only one challenger each night, we can never have too many watch the matches. Our champions move alone, but they do not fight alone. We must defeat Juo'nar's minions, and stop whatever machinations drive them.

    We are prepared and determined, and the virtues shall guide us to triumph.

    This was a very important victory, as it demonstrates the kidnappers to be far from infallible in their abilities. Further, if they uphold their end of the bargain, a woman will be released from captivity tomorrow evening at 10:30pm EST, to the open arms of her family and friends.

    More information will be made available before the sun rises, as a report with all available information is being compiled and will be made public upon completion.

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 4:01 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    The mystery of Erik the Provisioner
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<From the annals of the Britannian News Network

    Provisioner Found Dead, Orcs Implicated
    Donovan, Reporter Sep 5 2000 4:47PM

    Minoc resident Erik the Provisioner, was found dead recently, in the forests east of Yew, near the Bloodrock Orc Fort. His body was marked by many wounds, most of which would have been mortal, which suggests that the Orcs desecrated his body after death. Also found in the area were the remains of the members of the Cult of the Rat, an outlaw group of mages that were banished from Moonglow some months ago for the study of forbidden magics. Strangely, also strewn about the area were the corpses of dozens of common Ravens.

    On the day of his murder, Erik was seen in Moonglow accompanied by a large number of Orcs, inquiring as to the whereabouts of Marcus, a wizard of some note, and an active part in the current struggle between Moonglow and Nujel’m.

    When I attempted to interview Marcus, I found that the citizens of Moonglow have no idea as to his whereabouts. The last reported sighting of him was on the day of the murder, north of the Royal Zoo, and in the company of two Moonglow citizens.

    If you have any information about Erik’s Murder, the Cult of the Rat, Marcus, or either of Marcus’ companions, please report it to the nearest guard.

    "Ravens? Struggle between Moonglow and Nujel'm?! Teleburial spoke of Ravens, and the Bloodrock Clan...." My thoughts race. Once again flocks of ravens have been sighted in a few locations in Britannia. Teleburial will soon lead us on a quest to help in preventing the war between Nujel'm and Moonglow.... Yet this news is so old. With the aid of Kal Ort Por and a few small steps I find myself at the Bloodrock fort. It seems many of the urks had all but forgotten Erik the Provisioner, all that is but Grurag... After promising many times that I would "git gug tribut" Grurag let loose of his tale.

    *Translated from Urk tu 'Ummie speak*

    The clan has heard that we were suspected in the killing of one, Erik the provisioner. I would like to give the story of what happened.
    We were doing our normal daily things when this human named Erik came to the fort and asked us to help him get to Yew, so we said if he gave us something we would, so he said he would give us many trinkets, food and booze if we helped him. So we did, but when we got to Yew the person he was to meet was not there, we then went to Moonglow to help him find someone named Marcus, to no avail. We said we were redee for our reward so we went back to the fort and he got the things he promised. When he left we heard then yelling of magic words and ran out of the fort to see Erik getting attacked by mages known as the Cult of the Rat. We were unable to kill the mages in time to save Erik but on one of the mage bodies I found a letter it said:

    " If the one known as Erik were to not reach Yew then, it would be much appreciated, by us in Moonglow very much. We would even consider granting you the right to research the magiks which you were shunned for.

    Then Erik came to the fort again but looked weird. He said we would be crushed, and that his master was sending us this warning, which turned out to be an army of undead which arose from the ground. After the battle was concluded the reanimated body of Erik laid slain again and from the bodies of the newly redead came thousands of Crows.

    Something odd is definently going on. Rifts between Moonglow and Nujel'm once thought to be closed are beginning to reopen, Ravens once again seen in large numbers.... Teleburiel back from his meditation in the mountains. What's going on?!


    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 3:00 AM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Revolt in Trinsic: An introspective
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    "ARE WE GOING TO STAND FOR THIS?" came the voice of a nobleman, his sword drawn in the middle of the Trinsic Town square. "ARE WE GOING TO LET THE CITY OF HONOR BE DEFILED BY THESE DISGUSTING PIGFACED Orcs?"

    A resounding "NO" came up from the crowd, as the throngs were whipped into a rabid frenzy of hate and despise. Many had weapons in hand, others had staves and farmer tools, all were screaming and cursing from the recent news.

    From the shadows, a solitary figure stood against the sandstone, his cap drawn down to cover his eyes, a large spear leaning at his side. The figure listened as the noble made his long inspiring speech, his words turning the citizens there into a violent mob, ready to draw the blood of any Orc that came within their sight. The face of the figure lifted up, showing the steely eyes of a warrior born, his face carved with the scars of war and battle.

    "How could the council let this happen?" He said with a growl, "Not only are they making a freak show of this election, but they are letting these people go to near revolt."

    There is great imbalance here, pupil. Order has become too strong and the Serpent of Chaos seeks to catch up.

    "Order? How can this be an imbalance or Order? This looks more like Chaos to me. There being turned into a lawless mob of anarchists…I'm surprised they haven't tried to burn this town down."

    With order at its strongest, Man has given themselves over to prejudice and bigotry. The Orc sought to be mayor, and from what it appears, he was trying to do it right. But now that he has won the election, hatred for Orcs have risen. They do not want an evil creature to rule a town of nobility.

    "So Chaos seeks to change the balance by introducing lawlessness and insanity to the people here, in the hopes that the two will cancel each other out?"


    "You think I want an Orc to run this town too?" he said with a snarl. The idea of a city of humans, led by virtues, to be ran by an evil racist Orc? He fought his share of Orcs in his life, and knew them to be many things: Bloodthirsty, dark, evil, and viscous, but he NEVER saw them as Virtuous.

    Chaos dictates that we should accept all creatures and respect them. This Orc sought to join civilized society and know your ways. Such an event should have been welcomed or even praised, but yet they rejected him, and threaten to destroy this Orc. Where is the virtues in this, pupil?

    "They don’t trust Orcs. They've killed more then one of my friends in the past. What is to stop this Grool to issue the same decree on the citizens of Trinsic? What's to keep this mayor from making Trinsic an Orc-only city?"


    Faith was one element that eluded him. He knew his master was right, after all, he was learning from a dead Ophidian mage. He respected and loved the old snake mage like a father, even though he was a creature of "evil". Could this Orc be no different?

    "People could die from this, you know."

    Yes. Many will from both sides.

    A tear ran down his cheek as he thought about the souls that would perish before this conflict was mended. "It is time to act then, Master."


    "I can't stand by and let them do this! I was once an officer in their militia. They need me now more then ever."

    You must maintain the balance, my pupil. This will happen no matter what you do. It is never easy for me either, but it must be done.

    The figure wiped his face and took hold of his spear, coming into the light. The features and visage of Ku Kullin appeared as he stepped into the midday sun.

    "Nevertheless, I must act. The balance must be maintained, even if I must die in the attempt."

    You must seek others to aid thee if you must.

    Ku grimaced as he watched the noble preach. Grool and Tyriol were insignificant pieces in the grander chess game here. The members of the Town council were ineffective, the citizens were divided, and it was sure to have anarchy in the streets by night. The city would fall to ruin if this continued any longer.

    "I will find those who will help me, master. May the living Virtues guide me to them."

    For information, check out the Guardians of the Balance Website. Also, check out the philosophy of this guild here

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 2:38 AM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Tales of an Empire - "Armored Justice"
    Another installation of the great epic story from Tales of an Empire. Here is the official announcement from Flinn:
    I added a new story to Tales of an Empire, the story is called 'Armored Justice'. Here's a little 'tease' to the story:

    Three hard knocks rang out from the gray iron door to his home. Sevren lifted his broadsword from a nearby table and walked over to the door. Standing on his doorstep was a red robed mage, his blonde hair glistening in the sunlight and his bright blue eyes forever young with passions and power.
    "Scyth." Sevren frowned tightening his grip on the blade.
    "Sevren, what a wonderful day for a battle."


    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 12:38 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Grimoire Original Fight Nights
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Friday Night Event at Grimoire Arena.
    Friday September 8th, @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)

    2 vs. 2, 4,000gps entry fee per team. 1st place 50% of entry fees collected, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 20%.

    Here are the rules:
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    · The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed, nor can you cast Bless on an opponent. Casting Bless on an opponent will result in immediate loss of match.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone who disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
    · A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit.
    · If Grimoire cancels an event for any reason at any time during the course of the event, all entry fees will be returned to the contestants.
    · Any contestants that are perma banned for any reason after the entry fee has been paid, will forfeit the gold. This gold will be paid out to the winners of the event.
    · If you leave the arena after the entry fee is paid and you fail to return before the
    event begins, the entry fee is forfeit and will be paid to the winners of the event.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM

    We must have a minimum of 4 teams to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.

    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please

    Hope to see you there!
    Baby-Grimoire Staff
    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 12:25 AM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Guildmaster read...
    Hail all Guildmasters,

    With a few people recently sending in a notice of new guilds forming I think this is in order.

    This is an invite to all guilds of Oceania that have a webpage to send in a short description, ie PvP, RPG, PK, Treasure Hunters, Fisherman's Guild etc (please, do not make it a recruitment advert) of your guild, along with a public URL (the http:// address) of your guild.

    Later next week I will place up the guilds and url's to help increase the awares of the guilds that respond.

    Please refrain for any offence text in your description, and URL's will be checked to avoid any wrong addressing.

    Details can be sent to [email protected]

    Von Ravend, Stratics Oceania Reporter

    Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000, 12:07 AM EDT by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    A Personal Word..
    In light of a few accusations, statements, and happenings that have occured recently on UOSS' Great Lakes section, I figured I would like to take the time to post a few words, reminders, and general statements in response. First, I would like to send a thank you to all of those who have filed reports and complaints recently, these help myself and my fellow reporters realize what we can and should improve in our reporting tactics. Second, I would like to ask that all people who have a complaint or comment regarding the Great Lakes News, please, forward them directly to me. Third, (sheesh, maybe I should have made a numbered list) I would like to personally defend any of my reporters who have been accused of bias or wrong-doing in relation to their Stratics postings. I personally read every post made to the Great Lakes section, and if I feel a post or subject is off-topic, irrelevant or biased in any way, I remove or edit it immediatly. However, like I previously stated, please e-mail me if you have any questions regarding a specific post or Stratics' news posting policies. Thank you for reading, and please, be friendly to each other!
    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 11:15 PM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Night of Masks
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<An announcement from Videric Gaveston

    Tuesday the 12th of September at 21.00 (CET)

    "Masquerade! Hide thy face, so the world will never find thee!"

    Indeed it is mine pleasure to tell thee that I, Videric Gaveston, am holding a great masked ball in to lighten up spirit when the days art getting shorter and Semester is spreading out it's cloak. I shall host this grand event at Tower Gaveston near village of Cove.

    To ensure everyone has fun, I have made few simple rules that must be followed:

    The rules are the following:
    -You must come in disguise. To do this you must wear a mask that covers your face (Tribal masks mostly)
    -Dress for the occasion, do not use cloths you usually do. Also: this is not a place to fight; no weapons or metal armour is allowed. (note: leather and studded armour are accepted so the dressing choices are not limited too much). We provide safety box for those guests who had to use armour or weapons to guarantee his or her safe passage to Cove.
    -You must not state your name, instead you must invent yourself a new name. However do not try to impersonate another person.

    The program will be following:
    Time (in CET)
    09.00pm Guests arrive
    09.30pm Welcome speech by Videric Gaveston
    09.45pm Food will be served.
    10.00pm Dancing (how to dance? Read here)
    10.30pm Some fireworks on the roof (guests can feel free to bring their own as well)
    10.35pm The great unmasking: Finally you will know who you danced with, or what face lies beneath a mask. Or will you? Optionally thou can leave just before this occurs, it is after all the night of magic of masks!

    The times are not exact and may vary depending on number of people taking part.

    Because I shall act as the host for the night, I cannot hide my identity at the ball. I do wish that many would come and this wouldst indeed be the greatest ball in memory of Cove.

    For more information and exact map, please look at:

    Videric Gaveston
    The Trade Caravan of Cove

    (Note: This is a role-playing event, and I suggest for your own fun that you will not even use all names macro at this event, try to guess who the person behind the mask really is. )

    Yours truly.
    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 7:59 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    Stonekeep Pie Eating Contest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<An announcement from the people of Stonekeep

    Stonekeep Pie Eating Contest! Saturday 8pm GMT!

    Come an ave a go at winning some prizes for the fastest person to eat all the pies!

    Come an ave a go at eating meat, fruit, and vegetabke pies at the Stonekeep Taverna!

    Ist Prize - 7 000
    2nd Prize - 5 000
    3rd Prize - 3 000

    Enjoy an ale afterwards, all at Stonekeep Taverna this saturday at 8pm GMT( Bought to you by the Guardsmen Militia)

    You can find Stonekeep by going to Yew Graveyard at follow the road south to Yew Crossroasd, there is the Stonekeep Village

    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 7:53 PM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    Test Factions Update from Adrick
    Adrick just posted the following on the MyUO Test Factions Board:
    I invite everyone to stop by test factions and try out the new faction system. Id like to hear your feedback on
    • Faction traps
    • The new faction gumps (faction stone)
    • Faction items (armor, staves, scrolls, clothes, weapons)
    • Faction war horses
    • The election process
    • Town control
    • The skill penalty on death
    • Faction allied monsters
    • blue healing (this should be fixed)
    If you find any bugs or problems you can post them here or email them to [email protected] or [email protected].


    Designer - UO Live

    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 3:30 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Ales and Tales
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    On September 7th, at 7pm CST (5pm PST), the Trammel-based Silver Stag Tavern hosts "Bardic Circle," a round table night for storytellers, poets, and the discussion of topics in Britannia. Refreshments and food will be sold at this event by local bartenders, while bards share tales of adventure, romance, and wonder around the rustic settings of the Silver Stag.

    More information about the Silver Stag and directions can be found at The Silver Stag Tavern. The "Bardic Circle" events have been moved to Thursdays for the month of September...make sure you don't miss it!


    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 3:02 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    UO House of Commons TONIGHT!

    Ultima Online Stratics is pleased to announce another Ultima Online House of Commons! The conference will occur this Thursday, September 7th at 7pm CST in #uohoc. Stop by to ask the UO Live team your questions about the game. The topic will be announced prior to the meeting, but with the new Faction system in place, this hot issue is sure to come up!

    To join the chat, type /join #uohoc once you connect to the Stratics Network. You can access to Stratics IRC servers via the following addresses:

    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    •, port 6667
    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 2:11 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Trammel news
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    I have debated with myself for days on whether or not to post this. I need to stop Laz from using the amulet and maybe this will change his mind.
    When I received the amulet from Agh'Ara years ago, I only read the accompanying letter he sent. It was just a note to me telling me that he wished me to have the amulet, nothing more. It was just another pretty bauble to me.

    I removed the amulet from the case and wore it for awhile. I replaced it in the case one day after receiving another necklace from an admirer. I never noticing a note fall from the case as I put the amulet back in. It flew to the floor and went under my armoire.

    There it remained until the just recently when I noticed a corner of it sticking out. As I read it I started to laugh, not a laugh of amusement but of sheer terror. The words of the note seemed to burn themselves into my mind.

    I shall now share with ye all what the letter contained and hope that ye will understand why the amulet must be destroyed.

    My dear Lotus,
    I am hoping that thee are in good health. I sent thee the amulet to stop myself from using it. I know the story surrounding the amulet. It suggests that the one who uses it's power shall become a great Lich, but that is only part of it's powers.

    The amulet is ancient and evil. The Person who unleashes its power also undoes the alignment of good and evil.
    For it is written:

    Good shall become evil and evil shall become good. Cities shall be burnt and the earth shall ring with the cries from the souls of those who became what they weren't.

    Even those pure of heart will turn to evil beings. Those who are evil now shall become the good to be destroyed by their companions and add to the chaos.

    The chaos that would come from this would destroy Britannia. I know that thee would never let this happen, but beware others seek the amulet and would use it for their own gains not knowing what it's powers are.

    May ye find happiness and guard this secret well. I have lost my will to live in a world that try's to destroy itself day by day. Keep the amulet safe from the ones
    who seek it, for if it is used, I fear this will be the end of Britannia.

    With love,

    Laz, is this what ye want to happen? Destroy the amulet now. It can only bring more chaos into the world. Ye may become a great Lich, but at what cost.

    White Lotus

    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 12:39 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Another Pawn is Lost
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Another evening has come and gone, and with it, another game of high stakes, this time against a man known as Rankin in the city of Nujel'm.

    And once more, the mysterious organization behind this bizarre series of events claimed victory, although not without a few twists provided by the citizens assembled.

    Below, you will find an account of the second match by Ashley Covington, the defeated party in Wednesday's game, followed by another game recap by Tymaron, the town crier.

    Here is Ashley's recollection of the evening...

    Once again I set my pen to paper, this time not in despair, but in rage. Another night has passed, one which is ostensibly a loss to those who walk in the light. But after tonight, we who hope to save the "eight pawns" have new hope. We finally understand why we have been drawn into this elaborate maze of child's play. But I get ahead of myself...

    Those who read my confession last night recall the general consensus regarding the second clue. By half past eleven, a small crowd had gathered in the King's Men Theatre of Britain. Most of last night's adventurers were present, as well as a few new faces. And of course, chessboards were out. The damnable game, but the one we were aimlessly forced to play...or at least, so it seemed.

    Elisa was by my side once more, as was an old friend of mine, noted blacksmith Theros Ironfeld. The two had collected me after my long vigil, and thankfully my mind was at last clear. A night contemplating the virtues had focused my energy.

    Last night, we played the game on their terms; I say their, for we are fighting the multiple pawns of an unseen king. Tonight, we began to play the game on ours. The clock struck midnight, and the King's Men grew silent. Some awaited the appearance of Demonstalker. Others anticipated a new foe. But none appeared.

    "Other theatres. There's one in Nujel'm...." I forget who volunteered this knowledge, but the town crier Tymaron offered to check this possibility out. How gracious of him. He mumbled Kal Ort Por, and disappeared, his voice returning moments later via a communication crystal. "Come. He is here."

    I looked about, as Raine Longtree opened a gate. I paused for a moment, torn between my duty towards the quest, and my contempt for magery. This eve, though, I had no choice. Time was of the essence.

    I followed Elisa through the gate, falling behind on my way to the theatre. The group had already reassembled by the time I found the entrance, and stared into the eyes of tonight's adversary, Rankin.

    "Ah, Ms. Covington. Last night's failed challenger..." He smiled, eyes gleaming with arrogance. "Ready for another game? But then, no one who has fought one of my organization may play another."

    "Why, do you still fear me after last night?" I smiled, baring my teeth, and staring him right in the eyes. He returned my gaze, all humor now stripped from his persona.

    "You had your chance, and you failed. Tonight, you hold no cards. Will you risk another life? Stand aside, or I shall leave."

    Elisa smiled like a cat standing over the corpse of small bird. "We're not playing cards..."

    I shot one last stare at Rankin, then turned my back and walked away. "I am only here to see that justice is done. But I shall step down."

    "Who challenges me tonight?" The crowd murmured our common choice: Theros Ironfeld, of the United Blacksmiths of Britannia, would play for the life of the second maiden. The two made quick deliberations over the rules, perhaps a harbinger of what followed. Some confusion regarding a chessboard followed; Rankin seemed to be unable to produce one. The crier came to his aid, and the game began.

    I remember standing there by Theros' side as he peered over the gameboard. A silence fell over the room, as the game began. From the start, Rankin seemed rattled; he lacked Demonstalker's cocky confidence in his abilities. This allowed Theros to take an early lead, but the tide gradually turned against him.

    Rankin seized a moment of tension to make a bizarre announcement...

    "Tonight is a very special night, you know. The second pawn was having stomach pains all day. It would seem that she is pregnant. So you fight for two lives, not one." His self-confidence returned with this revelation, and the game took on even more gravity as we understood its new significance. Rankin continued to strike hard, though, and Theros' defenses began to fall apart.

    But just when things seemed most dire, the game took an odd twist.


    The cry rose up from the back, and soon carried throughout the crowd. Rankin seemed badly rattled, as he contemplated his options. But our adversary was not willing to relinquish.

    "The pawn's life is forfeit." A smile crossed Rankin's lips, but dropped as I strode forward once more to challenge him.

    Meanwhile, cries echoed in the background. "A draw, a tie." "No, Theros has won!" "We have not lost the game, Rankin; the pawn lives!"

    "The rules state that you have lost; you have failed to claim the board."

    Quickly, I bent down and scooped the chessboard into my arms. My voice dripping with sarcasm, I smiled at Rankin. "Then we claim it now."

    Of course, Rankin contested this rhetorical argument, but while he consumed his efforts with complaints I prepared my next line of logic, a more serious one. I looked to Elisa and Theros for strength, then proceeded.

    "Your rules, which you stand by, give us two hours to win this game. Only one hour has passed, and we have not yet lost. I will concede that a stalemate does not give us victory, but you must concede the same. Another game must be played."

    Rankin, if you read this epistle, I hold you to the bond you did not refute this eve. Any stalemates in the future do not condemn an innocent to death.

    "Then who will challenge? It cannot be one we have fought before."

    Theros, still a tad shaken from his match, claimed the right to choose. He turned to my cousin, Elisa Montclaire, and offered her the spot. She accepted gravely, and the game began anew.

    This one lasted only a few minutes, but they were fiercely eventful. Elisa led with a shrewd gambit, showing cunning I had not realized she possessed.

    For a moment, her victory seemed certain, but one misstep, and we heard the fateful words. "It would seem, Elisa, that your family has a penchant for spilling blood. Checkmate. Will someone verify the result?"

    The crier assented, followed by myself and others. But Rankin was not through. He smiled, and addressed the crowd. "As you succeeded in forcing me to a second game, I will grant you all a favor. You may ask me any one question, and I will answer it, to the best of my abilities. Deliberate among yourselves, and choose wisely."

    Elisa claimed the right to ask, as she had played the last game. But selecting a question led to a heated debate. I still stand by my assertion that we chose wisely: we inquired as to the motive behind the kidnappings. When it is considered that Rankin, a pawn who fancies himself a rook, has defined himself as some other force's lackey, asking direct questions about the location of the innocents would be futile. He would not have that knowledge. And if he did, we could not trust the fiend to speak truthfully. Honor is hardly respected among such types.

    Motive, on the other hand, sheds light on this mystery, and gives us some hope of striking at the root of this problem. Nevertheless, what has passed has passed. Elisa agreed with my logic, and put forth the question to Rankin. "Why have the women been kidnapped?"

    "We place the stakes as high as possible, so that you'll call forth your bravest and most intelligent. And they fall, one by one. None of this barbaric clash of sword and steel; we will defeat you with the power of our minds. And that, in itself, is far more of an insult than a fall on a battlefield."

    "So the girls have no value to you." I pondered the ramifications of this discovery. "So for all we know, you are bluffing. We haven't seen any proof that you even have the girls. This could all be a bluff, a sick, deranged bluff."

    "Ah, yes, you want proof. For the first pawn, speak to Captain Eggcup of Winterfell. You will see the second pawn shortly; and as for the unborn child...I am feeling a little famished." With a sadistic smile across his lips, he vanished.

    Comrades, we spent much time deliberating what we saw and heard this night, and now I must put forth a call to you. I do not trust our town crier to pass on this news to British's guards, so we must work together on a more elemental level. For if humiliation truly is these fiends' sole purpose, then the nine innocents are as good as dead; they mean nothing to their captors. They could be dead already: we have recieved no signs of their life, only promises of their demise. Thus, the stakes have changed. If we want to save these lives, if it is not already too late, we must take matters beyond the boundaries of a chessboard.

    It is time to start playing our own game. First, Theros' keen eye and knowledge of blacksmithy led to the spotting of a maker's mark on the verite armor worn by Rankin. It was crafted by a grandmaster smith who calls herself Farrah. It is possible that she may have information that could help us; we must find her.

    Second, though we believe the third clue points to "Serpent's Arms", the armory in Serpent's Hold, we are not certain; after all, we have now been proven wrong once. If any have another logical solution to the riddle, please, in virtue's name, act on it.

    Third, we issue a call to action: any who read this and have compassion in your hearts, be with us at Serpent's Arms, or wherever this next game is played. Our enemy has the hubris and audacity to believe their victory is a forgone conclusion, but a unified front of opposition will easily shatter such delusions.

    If you have any thoughts on this matter, an epistle to the following mailbox should reach me: [email protected]

    It must be noted that no word from Winterfell has been received, regarding Rankin's claim that proof can be found through Captain Eggcup. We will make public the authenticity of this information as it becomes available. Here is Tymaron's analysis of both the stalemate and defeat...

    The first game was played between Theros Ironfeld and Rankin, with Theros playing black.
    • 01. d3 g6
    • 02. Bf4 Bg7
    • 03. Qa5 d6
    • 04. Nh3 Bxb2
    • 05. c3 a6
    • 06. Na3 h6
    • 07. Rb1 BxN
    • 08. QxN g5
    • 09. Be3 g4
    • 10. Nf4 Nc6
    • 11. h3 Bd7
    • 12. c4 Nf6
    • 13. Qb3 Bf5
    • 14. Qxb7 Rb8
    • 15. QxN QxQ
    • 16. RxR+ Kd7
    • 17. RxR Qb6
    • 18. BxQ cxb6
    • 19. Nd5 Be6
    • 20. Nxb6+ Kc6
    • 21. Nc8 Kc7
    • 22. Nxe7 a5
    • 23. g3 a4
    • 24. Nd5+ NxN
    • 25. c4xN Bxd5
    • 26. Rxh6 Bxa2
    • 27. hxg4 Bb3+
    • 28. Kc1 d5
    • 29. Kb2 Kc6
    • 30. d4 f6
    • 31. Rxf6+ Kb5
    • 32. hRh6 Kc4
    • 33. e3+ Kb4
    • 34. Rb6+ Ka5
    • 35. RxB axR
    • 36. Kxb3, stalemate

    The second game, as played between Elisa Montclaire and Rankin, with Elisa playing black.

    • 01. d3 Na6
    • 02. Qc3 Nf6
    • 03. Bf4 Nh5
    • 04. Bc1 Nf6
    • 05. e4 d5
    • 06. e5 Ng4
    • 07. Nh3 Nxe5
    • 08. QxN Bg4
    • 09. f3 Be6
    • 10. Ng5 Bc8
    • 11. Qxd4+ Bd7
    • 12. Qxb7 Bc6
    • 13. QxN o-o
    • 14. Be3 Bb7
    • 15. Qxa2, checkmate

    With two defeats, and the implied murder of two innocent women and an unborn child, we ask that anyone who has mastered the board of white and black to attend and offer their services tomorrow evening...

    The next riddle, "the third board's knight sleeps within the serpent's Arms," has been theorized to reference the Serpent's Arms, an armory in Serpent's Hold; the truth of this assumption will wait until tomorrow evening to reveal itself, however.

    As more information is made available, we will be sure to provide it to you. Our condolences to the family of the second victim, and our best wishes to those who still attempt to stop the murder of the remaining women.

    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 5:51 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    PaxLair Meeting Results: Inter-City Cooperation!!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    SEPT 6 - PAXLAIR, FELUCCA, CHESAPEAKE - Several topics of interest to the realm were discussed at the PaxLair Weekly Meeting, Wednesday at 8 in the eve, by the Eastern Sky. A main topic of discussion was inter-city cooperation. This is based on the fact that PaxLair continues as a crossroads in Britannia. For a long time, PaxLair has served as not just the gathering place for many guilds and cities, but for consolidation and collaboration of ideas affecting the entire shard community. PaxLair is dedicated to continuing this traditional role.

    Several cities were represented at this meeting, to include Akalabeth, Humility, PaxLair, and others.

    As announced at a previous PaxLair meeting, Mayor Winfield stressed PaxLair's role in working with player-towns and cities on both facets as a significant and key vital interest of PaxLair. This may appear bold for a player-city who's residency is currently small, but if one reviews the PaxLair history, lore, legends, and diplomatic relationships, this vital interest is very consistent with PaxLair.

    Specifics discussed at the meeting involved joint teaming operations between PaxLair and Akalabeth for the Virtue Quest (Saturday, Sep 9, 8PM Eastern, City of Humility, Felucca) and between PaxLair and Mythndale for the annual Olympics slated for sometime in September (hosted by CCoV and perhaps other guilds, alliances, or cities).

    Akalabeth and PaxLair will prepare for the Virtue Quest on Thursday night at 8 in the eve by the Eastern Sky at Luigi's Pizzeria in PaxLair.

    Also, in the interest of consolidating time, effort, and information, Humility suggested at the PaxLair meeting that towns be offered a common messageboard to use as a primary or secondary messageboard for their town.
    This board would have a prominent link or direct loading (using frames, etc.) into each town's skypage. This is optional of course, but may be an example of a town's interest in joint cooperation on a grand scale. This Chesapeake player-towns' board could offer people around the shard and in various towns (both facets) an ability to very quickly read information regarding different towns and the shard community at large. A new messageboard will be tested and offered soon. As an example, the PaxLair Forum, a fairly well moderated board for conversations relating to PaxLair areas of interest, will be replaced by this new joint player-towns' board. Board admins will be an independent administrative monitoring team.

    A while after the PaxLair City Meeting, Zyrn the Elementalist arrived in PaxLair and launched an undead attack upon the people present. The undead were dispatched quickly back into the ground. Mayor Winfield then met people at the Spring of Courage in front of the Mage Tower to recall the history of Mazrim, Seer Daemeon and his sacrifice, and the strength of the Spring of Courage at resisting Mazrim's touch.

    Next week, the PaxLair City Meeting will be held in the PaxLair Survival Shop, on the east side of PaxLair. MARK YOUR CALENDARS PLEASE!! Wednesdays, 8PM Eastern, PaxLair City Meeting... these meetings have discussions on major topics within the realm! -- not just PaxLair. Come one and all! This is a primary weekly event for everyone interested in quests, player-towns, adventuring, and more. Meetings are held strictly to one hour, unless delayed due to attacks or additional brainstorming.

    Winfield, Mayor of PaxLair (

    Winfield, Mayor of PaxLair

    Email: mailto:[email protected]
    PaxLair City Page:
    PaxLair FAQ:
    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 3:19 AM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Important Message for Establishment Owners
    Over the next few weeks, it our desire to update the Establishments listing for the Catskills shard, a project we recognize is long overdue.

    To this effect, we are requesting that organizations wishing to be included in the update submit a short application.

    Only the head of each organization should apply, to prevent multiple submissions. If one establishment is contained within another, like a tavern within a city, only submit an application for the larger entity.

    The following information should be drafted:

    • establishment's official name
    • facet designation
    • coordinates
    • directions from nearest permanent landmark
    • founder(s)
    • month and year of inception
    • current leadership, with one contact address
    • most active day of the week
    • weekly, regular events
    • a 1500-character description of the establishment's purpose and history
    • web address

    You must include all of the above information in your submission; incomplete applications will be returned.

    If your organization spans both shards, indicate this fact. For large establishments, choose the most important coordinates, and have the directions lead to that location. If you don't know when the establishment was founded, estimate. If there is more than one person in charge of the establishment, choose a single contact from among them, and provide their e-mail address. If you think all days are as busy as others, then pick the day you want to receive an influx of visitors. If you do something every single week, and have done so for an extended period of time, indicate this fact. If four hundred words are not enough to describe your establishment, keep in mind, a link is provided to the establishment's web page. If your establishment doesn't have a web site, indicate this fact.

    Please note: this is not a guild listing. We will ignore any applications that serve only as guild advertisements, without substance behind the establishment itself.

    Please mail the above information to [email protected]. Place the words "Establishment Application" in the subject line.

    After receiving applications, we will be visiting establishments at random times, to validate the information contained in the submission and to take pictures for the listing.

    The criteria for inclusion in the establishment listing will be based on longevity, impact, and reknown. If you have just founded your establishment, please, do not submit an application until you have actually "established" yourself.

    If your establishment is not included right away, please do not take offense. There are many citizens with points of interest they would like to promote, and we can only verify and post so many at a time. If, after an extended period of time, you feel you have been erroneously excluded from the list, send us a short letter to this effect, and we will remedy the situation or explain.

    Abiding by the above guidelines will make our job a lot easier, and allow us to update the content and sort through the applications in a more timely fashion. Keep this in mind.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding, and it is our hope that this situation will soon be remedied.

    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 2:57 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Fantasy Art and Tales of Adventure
    Greetings, Fantasy Fans!

    Take a break from the real world and spend some time in the realm of imagination. Relax and enjoy the Fantasy stories and artwork created by various talents in our community.

    Shahrressa's Fantasy Art and Tales of Adventure

    Are you a fantasy artist or writer? Send your submissions and I'll be sure to include them in the growing family on the site. Share your talent with the world!

    Yours in faith,

    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 2:44 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    "The Arctic Rescue" - An Epic Tale
    Want to read a tale of epic proportions? Then Splinter, Castellan, and Greywolfe have just the thing for you:
    The Arctic Rescue

    In this epic novel by Splinter, Castellan, and Greywolfe the citizens of Britannia have been disappearing for months unnoticed, until the evil Greywolfe made the mistake of taking the mere son of an innkeeper. Splinter is sent to Ice Island by his friends Jason and Colleen to investigate the reason their son, Steven, has not returned from Deceit, a hunting trip that Steven has made often.

    Meanwhile, Castellan is sent by Lord British to discover why Nystul, the king's most trusted mage, who was investigating disappearances throughout Britannia, has suddenly stopped making his regular reports. The evil Greywolfe's spy network quickly learns of our hero's missions and the traps are efficiently put in place. His army of the most hideous and powerful creatures in the world, some of which have never been seen by man, and his navy consisting of thousands of ships, are more than ready for anything these heroes can dish out.

    Soon things could not look worse when Greywolfe manages to capture the one hero that could turn the tide. It doesn't take Greywolfe long before he attempts to convince his captive to join him, and thus securing his future as the ruler of the world!

    Can a navy comprised of thousands of ships, manned by beggars, tailors, lumberjacks, strong warriors, powerful mages and anyone else capable of throwing a shoe, have a hope of defeating Greywolfe and restoring the world to it's peaceful self? Doubtful, for Greywolfe still has one last secret!

    You can discover what that secret is, and root for the side of your choice, by reading this epic creation in MY UO, on the ROLE-PLAYING BOARD. You won't regret it !


    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 2:33 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Possible war?!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    It had been another long hot day at the North Sentry. With Skye’s recent nightmares, no one at TUR had had a good nights sleep in several days. And with the news that arrived today, it seems that soon not just TUR but vast portions of the world will suffer from lack of sleep as well. War is a brewing in the fair land of Britannia…..

    The door to the North Sentry opened and in stepped the one and only Teleburiel. Midnights Wrap swished around his sandaled feet, and The Deamonbane Staff thudded gently upon the stone floor of the tower.
    “My dear friends, I come seeking your aid. I am not sure how best to begin my story but I shall try. Several months ago, as some of you may recall, there were attacks upon The Sandalwood Box. Ravens would swoop down from the jungle trees, and gather around the door of the tavern, following closely behind the ravens would always be a large group of undead. These attacks were not limited to The Sandalwood Box. The stretched as far as Krista’s, Kazola’s, Dragon’s Bay, The Fort of the Bloodrock Orcs. The attacks even happened in Skara Brae. Soon after the worst of these attacks ended a great uprising of the dead began in the Moonglow graveyard. The worst of it ended when some peasants gathered and killed a liche. Shortly after that, the trouble began between Moonglow and Nujel’m. And now rumor has it that Moonglow and Nujel’m are about to enter open war with one another! Both cities have allies and I fear that if this starts more cities will be drawn into the fray. I suspect that there is a demonic influence behind the possible war. I recently discovered that the lich “slain” in the Moonglow Graveyard by the peasants is called Acruvir. I have dealt with Acruvir before, in fact I fought to recover the Deamonbane Staff. The liche is most likely the root of the problem between the two cities. We must destroy him! But this time he must be killed for good! Therefore I am organizing a hunt for the liche tomorrow (September 7th). We will meet at the Yew Winery at 6:30 by the eastern skies, at which point we shall split into two groups, one will hunt for the lich himself, and kill him. The second group will scour the land looking for the “life charm” which is giving the lich the power to be resurrected. I ask that I may see all of you at the Winery to aid in this mission. I must now leave you in search of others to lend their aid as well. Farewell.”

    So Thursday (today) 6:30pm est time. All manner of help is needed to fight this spawn of evil, and prevent a major war from ripping our already shattered lands to shreds. We meet at the Yew Winery.


    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 1:13 AM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    UO World Faire Schedule Update
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    UO World Faire Schedule Update

    Did you miss out on a reserved spot at your favorite UO World Faire session? Time for a second chance! We have reorganized room scheduling for eight of the World Faire sessions to provide extra space for attendees. As we've changed only the room locations, not the start times, this change will not affect your schedule if you've already reserved the sessions. If you've already registered and wish to change your schedule to include these sessions, just follow the link you received in your confirmation email to edit your session choices. If you haven't registered yet, remember that the $125 early registration offer is only available through September 17th.

    Don't forget, with admission to the UO World Faire you'll receive:
    • Continental breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday
    • A Limited Edition World Faire T-shirt
    • Your choice of Happy Hour with the UO Team or the UWO: ORIGIN Team
    • Automatic inclusion in an early UWO: ORIGIN external test
    • UO Guilds with four or more attendees can earn 90 days of FREE Ultima Online
    • Admission to your choice of dozens of roundtables, forums, discussions, and presentations
    • And much more!
    The best price is still available for a limited time, so drop by to sign up today!
    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 12:57 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    The New Mayor Elect of Trinsic
    Stratics would like to congratulate Grool of the Bloodrock Orc Clan in his recent election as the mayor of Great Lakes' very own Trinsic. In an amazing, landslide defeat, Grool managed to defeat the election's favorite, the Paladin Lord, Mobius, as well as the last minute nominee, Deidre by a narrow margin of 19 votes, or approximatly 5%. This election is by the largest in this reporter's recollection, tallying over three-hundred unique votes. The exact results of the election can be found on the Trinsic Town Militia's Web Site. Although unable to comment at the time, I will be arranging an interview with Mayor Grool in the near future, so keep your eyes and ears open! This is Nephalia D'laine, political analys.. err.. Great Lakes Shard Manager, signing off.
    Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2000, 12:45 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    KOA to Hold 3 vs 3 Combat Event Friday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following was sent to our offices...


    KoA Golden Knights #41: 3 v. 3 Combat (Archer/Mage/Warrior) Hosted by Angel of the Crystal Consortium, KoA.  

    Date: Friday, September 8, 2000 @ 8 PM CDT
    When: Registration from 7:50-8:15pm CDT and bouts begin at 8:20pm CDT
    Where: KoA Alliance Village(  

    Entry Fee: 300gp per contestant (900gp per team). Spectators Free  

    This is a three versus three single elimination combat event.  Two teams consisting of an archer, a mage, and a warrior will battle until one team is elminated.
    First place team gets 5000 gp each player. (15,000 total to winning team)


    • Only mages may cast spells
    • Only archers may use archery
    • Magic armour, weapons and items are NOT allowed.  The one exception is that the archers may use a Magic bow, xbow, or heavy xbow.
    • Pre Drinking and Precasting is allowed.
    • All potions are allowed.
    • No pets or mounts are allowed
    • Poisoned Weapons ARE allowed as is poison spell
    • No summoning or field spells. (eg: poison field)
    • No Looting of any kind

    Reminders to Spectators:

    • Please do not equip your bows in case explosion potions accidentally hit you
    • Please try to stable or feed your mounts prior to the event. Wild mounts are a problem.
    • Please no casting, sparring and fighting around the ring
    • Absolutely no spectators in the fighting ring at any time after the event begins
    • Cheering for your friends is encouraged!!

    Ramsonne (KoA), Lord of Scholars  

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 10:53 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Rivendell Holds Town Night Saturday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following was sent to our offices...

    Greetings from Rivendell!

    The citizens of Rivendell would like to announce another Town Night Competition for this Saturday, Sept. 9!  We will be hosting a 1 on 1 Warrior competition with up to 16 entrants! Registration begins at 7pm CST and the first battle starts at 7:30.  Gates will be provided at Britain West Bank and Moonglow Bank. There will be a 2K entry fee and this will, as usual, go toward the prizes.  First prize will be 10000 gold pieces and a set of GM Verite armor.  Second prize will be 5000 gold pieces and a set of GM Shadow armor.  Armor crafted by our own Festus of Rivendell. There will be a short ceremony near the tavern at the conclusion of the final match. 

    The following rules apply:

    • Any GM made weapons are allowed, competitors may use any combination of weapons
    • No poisoned or magic weapons
    • No magic armor
    • Bandages allowed
    • Magic allowed
    • Potions allowed but a limit of three healing potions per individual contest (bring enough for several rounds)
    • No looting
    • No pets
    • Fight to the death or yield
    • Healer and resurrections will be provided at no charge

    Thanks for Your support!

    Town Council

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 10:49 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    KOA Golden Quill #1
    The following was sent to our offices...

    KoA Golden Quill #1
    Hosted by Riva of the Crystal Consortium, KoA.

    Date: Effective immediately and running through September 23
    When: Entries must be received no later than midnight central time, September 23
    Where: Crystal Consortium Web Site( or via the Golden Quill Event link on this site.

    Entry Fee: None

    This event is an opportunity for the writers of Britannia to show their stuff! No matter what your level, pen a story and submit it to the judges.

    A panel of three distinguished judges will evaluate all entries and determine a winner and runner-up.

    The first GQ is not limited to stories of Britannian life as indicated in the rules section - all entries are welcome for the inaugural GQ event!

    Full details and rules can be found on the Crystal Consortium Web Site!

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 10:45 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Trinsic Referenced in Abduction Press Release
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This announcement was sent to us by Lord Reszni, of the Royal Guard...

    Authorities have confirmed the identity of an individual claiming involvement in the disappearance of eight women.

    On the evening of September 5th, a gentlemen referring to himself as "Demonstalker" appeared to a crowd assembled in East Britain, and forced one of those in attendance to play a game of chess. At the beginning of the match, he announced that a loss would mean the "first pawn would be cast from the table", and then proceeded to quickly eliminate his opponent.

    The validity of his apparent threat on the life of one of the missing women remains in question, as there is no physical evidence to this effect.

    Records indicate that Demonstalker frequented the Traveller's Inn in Trinsic over the past month, with receipts of purchase detailing the use of inordinate amounts of paper and ink. Eyewitness accounts place him in the Paladin's Library at all hours of the night, in the company of at least two other men, all adorned in verite chain.

    The current whereabouts of this individual are unknown, and citizens are urged to approach him with caution, as he is considered highly volatile. Any attempt at capturing this apparent criminal should be undertaken with the greatest care, and injury or casualty due to such an effort will not be acknowledged by the Royal Guard, as public involvement has not been condoned.

    An ongoing investigation into the organization claiming responsibility for the kidnappings continues, while the riddles contained in their only known correspondence are undergoing analysis by contracted literary experts. No details as to the progress of this evaluation can be released at this time.

    The Royal Guard would like to remind citizens that there is no indication the women have been harmed, and are urging the public to remain positive and continue compliance with the Guard during this investigation.

    This report reveals that the individual appearing at Sage Advice on Wednesday may in fact be connected to an organization based out of the city of Trinsic, although details to this effect are sketchy.

    Citizens attending tonight's meeting are encouraged to use the utmost caution, and a report regarding the evening's events will be posted as soon as it is made available.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 10:05 PM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Haven's Celebration of Crafts Festival
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<It looks as though Haven is planning a series of events for craftsmen of the world!


    For the next several weeks we will be holding a celebration a week. Each in honor of a different crafting skill. Some examples of the skills that we will be celebrating are Smithing, Tinkering, Carpentry, Bowery, and Magic. For you see the making of potions and scrolls, as well as the use of spells, is a craft as well!

    This weekend will be the Celebration of Magic. We will be doing many things in Haven to celebrate the use of magic in it's many forms. First off we will have several GM Mages and GM Scribes on hand to answer any questions you might have on gaining skill in these two fields of study. Also our GM Scribes will be available to make any scrolls you might need to complete your spellbooks. They will be doing this free of charge (only 1 spell of each kind will be given to an individual).

    There will also be a Elemental Summoning contest with the winner receiving a bag with 300 of each reagent inside! There will also be many free items given away. To include "gift bags" full of things useful to a mage. There will also be tavern games held by our own Azazel. Grandmaster Grandmaster Mage/Scribe Fistindantalis and Guildmistress Cinderella, of the Wizards of the Arcane, will be on hand.

    The Celebration will begin this Saturday the 9th of September at 8:00pm EST. We will have someone at the Britain West Bank, to provide gates to Haven, beginning at 7:30pm EST and staying until the Celebration starts. Please remember that this is but the first of many more to come in the following weeks! I hope to see all of you there.

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 9:43 PM EDT by Dresden (Chesapeake)

    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Skye MacLeod woke up in a cold sweat gasping for breath. The dreams hadn’t left, and it was quickly beginning to look like they never would. Having lost all will to sleep, Skye walked over to the window to gaze out upon the sleepy Yew woodlands. A nightingale was singing. She traced her hand along the windowsill idly the sweet sound helping her troubled mind relax. Another bird joined in, but its notes were harsh and broken. Skye leaned out the window slightly, looking for the source of this new sound. A flash of red caught her eye. Red…. Red like the feathers of… “ATROSS!!” Tears of joy streamed down Skye’s cheeks, only to be cut short when she saw the bird in full form as it streaked up from the trees towards the tower window. Though the bird was the size of a phoenix, it was blackened, feathers matted together, only its eyes glowed red, their hellish brilliance shining in the night. Skye gasped and slammed the window shut. Spinning around, her eyes locked with two deep black pools of nothing. The scream died on her lips. Transfixed a moment Skye pushed past the dark figure and ran towards the bed screaming for Outy. Black flames swirled about the room, emitting bone chilling cold. “Outy! Please! Outy wake up! OUTY!” Skye began pounding on his back, “Oh please Outy! HELP M….” Outy rolled over his eyes as cold, dark and empty as those of the dark figure by the window, and he pulled her into his embrace.

    Skye MacLeod woke up in a cold sweat gasping for breath.

    Recently information came to my ears that there was a man roaming about the lands claiming he knew the cure for these nightmares. Admorel Twilight. Weaver of Dreams. Rumors flew through the land, some good, some whispering that there was a deep dark side to the Dream Magic Admorel wove. But that was of no consequence, if he held the cure for Lady Skye’s constant nightmares, he must be found! A pigeon shot through the Yew woods towards The Village of the Unruled. Triona cracked the wax bearing the seal of Sandlewood. Her eyes scanned through the message quickly before shouting “Admorel has been seen at The Sandlewood Box!” Almost instantly someone summoned a gate. The large party of gathered TUR jumped through gate as soon as it began rising from the ground.

    Still smelling of sulfur and mandrake, the group of TURbies arrived at Sandlewood. Admorel lounged on the steps of the Sandlewood Box flanked by several members of The Cult of the Black Dragon. “Skye MacLeod! What a pleasure! Please come inside with me, we have much to speak of.” Seeking the curing of her nightmares Skye unhesitatingly stepped towards him. Admorel took her hand and then perked his head and peered deep into the darkened jungles. He then paused a moment, and began a speech of many words to say nothing… it was as if he was waiting for someone or something…. Basil Stag Hare smirked to his fellow cult members, as a chill wind began to flow forth from the trees. The members of TUR shifted restlessly, checking weapons, reaching for reagents, keeping their horses still. Admorel’s eyes flashed with a wicked light when the first figure emerged from the jungle. Skye swooned, the wind whipped through the clearing as Admorel said “Come inside Skye!” Several TUR were able to slip inside the building so as to not leave Skye alone with the Dreamweaver, but the rest were kept outside as B-D moved their mounts to block the doors. The wind increased it’s intensity, and the sky grew dark and violent. Basil could be heard chuckling to his cohorts. And then the first Soulless stepped into the clearing. It’s ancient black rags flapping around it’s emaciated body, eyes as black and empty as the void outside the star room. A second Soulless emerged, but the third… the third never came. Together the two walked towards the door of the Sandlewood where the members of the cult stood ready to allow them to enter. I stepped forward, staff blocking their progress and ask on what business they had come to this place. Silence, punctuated occasionally by the howl of the wind. The rest of the TUR force slowly surrounded The Soulless, we had seen their past dealings with humans, females in particular, and with Skye in her current state, they could not be trusted. A silent standoff ensued, the unblinking eyes of the Soulless fixed upon us, and then Skye screamed from inside the tavern. The door of The Sandlewood Box opened and Admorel rushed towards the jungle, Skye could be seen inside slumped over the table. Before Admorel could be pursued The Soulless began invoking the ancient words of explosion and death. They fell easily though, but they proved just enough of a distraction to allow the escape of Admorel into the dark jungle. Upon the death of The Soulless, Basil opened a gate for to the Temple of the Black One and proclaimed that from this point forward Admorel Twilight is under the protection of the Cult of the Black Dragon! With that they were gone, and TUR was left in the clearing, wind whipping the trees, the doors of The Sandlewood Box flapping, Skye slumped unconscious on the table inside….

    A strong dose of wine was the key to reviving Lady Skye. She brokenly revealed what had happened in the tavern, broken at times by tears of pure sadness, and uncontrollable fits of shaking. What was gathered was this; Admorel Twilight is the twisted incarnation of Alkart the red lich and Atross the phoenix. He was created when the Dreamsickle was shattered and hidden about the world. It is currently unknown why Admorel has chosen the Lady Skye as his target, but he has admitted to being the source of her nightmares. Should Admorel not prove “helpful” in the curing of Skye all necessary actions will be taken. Even if that means tearing down The Temple of the Black One stone by stone.

    Be Watchful, and Sweet Dreams.


    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 9:16 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Evil seeks Evil....
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The abandoned Trammel tower stood dark and forbidding amongst the rustling trees. Strangely out of place in this colourful world, but this did not bother Tor’ghat as he trudged up the stairs, herb pouch open and a defensive spell on his orcish lips. One could never be too careful with the types he was about to meet.

    It was a few moons ago that he had received the scout at the fort informing him that the new Council of Darkness required a meeting with him. With King Kor still missing it was his duty to attend and find out what this mottled bunch wanted.

    Preparing for the worst he moved to the tower roof. Cresting the stairs he saw 3 figures waiting for him. Leena Bane, an existing ally of ORK from the Legions of Darkness stepped forward. “Greetings Tor’ghat, it is good you came.” No smiles from Leena, there never was, Tor’ghat didn’t even know if she knew how, but it did not matter.

    “Wad yu want? Tor’ghat can nub spend tuu much time away frum da furt” He grunted, eyeing the other 2 figures suspiciously.

    “No doubt you have heard of the Council of Darkness, we here are all members, and an offer goes out for you to join us.” Leena looked towards one of the figures, at which point it moved from the shadows. The first hideous thing Tor’ghat saw was the long red hair, in human terms or elven, this creature would probably be called beautiful. Tor’ghat swallowed hard trying not to retch, it even smelt like those pansy sniffing, horse prancing forest people. A low growl eminated from Tor’ghats throat.

    “Be calm orc, we will be gone soon. I am Sindra Soulblade, also a member of the council. Will you join us in crushing Malek the self proclaimed God-King?”

    Tor’ghat inwardly cringed at that name. Long ago now it was that he boasted about being able to bring this smelly human to heel and failing miserably, many orcs falling along with a keep that was now owned by the enemy. “Tor’ghat clomp dis hummie wid yu, da orcs owe dis hummie a lot ob pain. Wad yu hab planned?”

    Long into the night the talks went, the Council learnt that the orcs still held Cove, and LoD still held Buccaneers Den. The plans were long and involved, but in the end one thing was clear. A Larger city had to be taken and made a base of operations. The preparations were started, this promised to be the largest battle yet with the Council having something to prove and the orcs lusting for revenge. The first step was to take control of the one place that the undead requested above all else, it would not be easy, but well worth the cost…………

    Let all that hear beware... The Orks join the Dark Council

    For more on this and other events on the RPG side, visit the Trammel Alliance page on The Trammel Alliance

    Von Ravend, Stratics Oceania Reporter
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 8:57 PM EDT by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    TDA event results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The first TDA event went off unhindered last Saturday, here are the results:

    Dark Angel of -E- defeats Tasos of DA in the 1v1 Finals
    Rudy Tu Tone wins the Dark Academy 1v1 Finals

    The battle royal is postponed to till this Saturday at 3:30pm [Sydney Time] at the TDA complex situated at 84o59'N 31o45'E. Gates will be provided from 3pm from Vesper Felucca Bank.

    This weekend's events consist of:
    04:00pm - Adding of Battle Royal Competitors to Battle Royal Stone [New members of TDA added also]
    04:30pm - Battle Royal Begins
    10:00pm - 2v2 Competition & TDA Only Duels Begins
    The prize for the Battle Royal is 100k and the prize for the 2v2 is 100k each.

    Hope to see you all there.
    Silent Bob, Head Lecturer of The Dark Academy

    Congratulation to the winners of the PvP events and good luck on this weekends events.

    Von Ravend, Stratics Oceania Reporter
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 8:38 PM EDT by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Caina Mayoral Debates
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    'ello again all,
    Seems thar's a bit of news comin frem that cold island the undead seem to in'abit.

    A skeletal form draped in the decaying clothes of a town cryer rasps the following words.

    Here ye, Here ye!

    This Friday night (at 9 PM EST) within the icy streets of the city of Evil there shall be held an open debate between the four remaining candidates for the position of Mayor. The debates will be held in front of Golgotha, the Tower of Skulls. Each individual shall have a fifteen-minute segment in which they can state their platform and their concepts for how they are the better candidate to run the city. After each runner has had their floor time, the public shall have a chance to ask questions to the candidates specifically or to an open forum in which any candidate can take it upon themselves to answer.

    The four mayoral candidates are:

    Kelila Kali - Coven Matriarch of the Handmaidens of Lilith
    Shardak Mardas - Enrathi of the Tal'mahe'Ra and the Order of the Ebon Skull
    Aleister Flagg - Esquire of the Realm
    Sularis - Merchant and long standing citizen of Caina

    The city of Caina asks that all who seek to further the Dark Jewel of the North to attend and show your support. After the debates the Asylum of Perdition, the Casino of Caina, shall open its doors for festivities and drinks.

    For more information regarding Caina visit our ethereal tome - Caina

    The undead town cryer chokes one last borrowed breath and then crumbles to dust.

    Azalin, Lich Lord
    Order of the Ebon Skull

    Best of luck to all ye...well all ye erm..evil folks(?) who are lookin fer a place in the politics of our realm.
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 8:28 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    The Dwarves of Dham rise
    It was dark and raining slightly, not much of a welcome to Sosaria thought Dagmar IronFist as he stepped over the boats prow into the icy cold water. Most would be knee deep in this water, but for Dagmar it was more like up to his waist. As the dwarf waded for the shore he could see lights flickering ahead of him, torch lights, many dwarves were now on the beach marshalling troops, shouting orders, hauling supplies off long boats. In fact Dagmar had been one of the last to disembark from the dwarven ships. He stopped wading for a moment, and looked back over his shoulder at the three tall ships floating ghostlike in the moonlight. He was glad to be off them, six months cooped up on them had nearly driven him to despair. As long as he lived he doubted he would ever do something as hard as that again. He turned back towards the beach and continued to wade.

    The journey from Dham had indeed been long, but it was behind them now, what faced them ahead could well be worse. The dwarves absence from Sosaria for the last thousand years may have dimmed memories for some of the races, but Dagmar was sure some still remembered the dwarves, and if that was the case, there could well be trouble ahead…

    The Dwarves Of Dham is a new roleplaying guild. For more information on the Dwarves please visit

    Twas ever so tempting to title this 'I owe I owe.. Its off to work I go'
    Good luck with the new guild, and I look forward to seeing all of thee in the realm (well, seeing the tops of your heads)

    Von Ravend, Stratics Oceania Reporter
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 8:25 PM EDT by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Vamp's Lair Trade Center Still Recruiting
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This reminder came to us courtesy of Lady Pandora, Queen of the Kingdom of Darkness...

    Come and make some real good money at Vamp's Lair! Our city is fully equipped with a public castle and Trade Center, ready to serve your vendors. We are allowing up to four vendors per individual, as long as they are master or grandmaster in a corresponding skill. We also need Reagent, Runes, and Magic and Rare Item vendors. It will cost you nothing as long as you keep your vendor stocked! All we ask is that you abide by the set prices and keep your vendors stocked as much as possible.

    Our city will be a major attraction for duels, guild wars, and faction battles. We will be very busy in promoting the city and this will put alot of gold in your pocket!

    On Saturday, September 9th, from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST, the Illustrious Amroth, a grandmaster blacksmith from the Children of Darkness, will be available at the First Bank in West Britain, accepting applicants.

    So come and get a piece of the pie! Visit for all the details.

    This is a grand opportunity for merchants to consolidate their vendors in one location and compete on equal terms. Veteran and novice merchants alike are encouraged to participate!

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 8:15 PM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    A Letter From Giddeon Night
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This letter, sent to General Drankiotis Sokus, an Officer of the Crown, by the accused murderer Giddeon Night, was intercepted and leaked to us by an anonymous source.

    Dear General,

    It is with continued disillusionment for the Britannian judicial system that I begin the third day of my unjust captivity, having yet to be formally charged with any crime. As I understand due process, an arraignment should certainly have been in order by now and we are fast approaching, if not having already surpassed, possible statutes of limitation placed upon the length of time that a citizen may be held against their will without formal charges being levied.

    I have had ample opportunity to escape, given the shoddy and unprofessional manner in which I am being housed, what with every spectacle hound being allowed into my cell and the very floor being so unstable here in Trinsic that I did plummet to the lower level cell through a gaping hole last eve. However, such is my earnest desire to clear my good name of any wrong doing that I have turned aside any temptation to escape this unjust imprisonment, and thus play into the hands of my accusers.

    Though I have yet to be visited by any official agent of the law, save yourself, I am considering requisitioning a revolving jail cell door for all the unofficial "guests" that have been forcing their presence upon me thus far. Unfortunately, none of your guards have been present to make good on your mandate which clearly states that only authorized visitors are to be permitted admitance. Given the current misrepresentation of my guilt to the public by those aligned against me, the chance that a sympathetic or hired assassin might make good on these parties' hatred for me is a daily danger with security in so lax a state. The only consistent "guard" present of late is the hired bounty hunter under who's care I was abused in Yew, so much so that in your wisdom and impartiality, you did see fit to remove me from his charge. Yet, this man continues to harry me and I request his removal from the prison.

    Furthermore, given your offical capacity as an officer of the Crown, I would think it falls to you to act as or to choose an equally impartial justicar for this trial. You have shown me no favoritism beyond that which any citizen of the realm might expect from a just and unbias representative of Lord British's service, and I would be honored for you to either appoint a judge, or even to sit upon the bench yourself.

    But please, as a wrongfully accused citizen of the Crown which you serve, hopeful for the opportunity to vindicate myself in the eyes of the law and every truly open minded citizen of Lord British, I implore you to take a more active hand in the expedition of this judicial process. That, or as with any citizen imprisoned without due process, or proper charge, I should be set free.

    With all humility and respect,

    Giddeon Night

    This letter raises a number of questions, regarding the truth behind the accusations against Giddeon Night, and about the manner in which his trial and imprisonment are being handled. The answers to these issues will be made public as soon as they become available.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 7:14 PM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Weekly "Dark Knight" Tournament Announced
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail All!

    The fall tournament season is heating up! The UOSS Drachenfels home office received the following scroll from Dark Knight:

    "We will be hosting a weekly tournament on the Drachenfels shard, Felucca facet. The first tournament will be Saturday, Sept. 9th at 5pm EST and will be held every Saturday thereafter. Coordinates for the tournament are 80*46N 133*35E. I, Dark Knight am hosting this event along with Abigail.

    "You can visit our web site for all details. Plan to come and have fun!"

    We thank the Dark Knight for this announcement.

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 2:55 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Da Axe Duel Rescheduled
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail All!

    Da Axe sent us the following information about his previously announced public duel tournament:

    "The duel has been rescheduled for the 15th of September. In case you missed the original announcement, here are the details:

    "The Tournament will take place at my Villa above the Brit Gravyard at 6:30-8:30 GMT. I will wait for 15 minutes after the start time for participants. There is an entrance fee of 2000gp per person, or you may enter as a team in the tag team combat for 4000gp (2 people). You will be set in brackets on the night of the duel!.

    "The games are Tag Team, Capter The Flag, And The Duel The Champ. You may also take on the UnKnOwN (sic) Warrior (a Warrior who dosent want to say his name)


    • No looting.
    • No magic armor/weapons.
    • No magic wands/staffs/items/clothing.
    • No pets/summons/energy vortex.
    • No hiding/stealth.
    • No horses, llamas, or other mounts.
    • No Precasting/drinking of potions prior to the fight starting.
    • If you lose connection during the fight tuff cookies. rematches.
    • No Poison Weapons!
    • Anything else you can fit in your bag is legal
    • Only the UnKnOwN (sic) Warrior is allowed to use magic! Can YOU handle him?
    "First prize is a boat and 5000gp, second prize is 4000 gp and third prize is, alas, tough cookies.

    "20 people are required to be in this duel or it will be canceled. Come be a part of the #1 PvP Tournament on Drachenfels."

    We thank Da Axe for his information and enthusiasm.

    I wish to release thee! Go with the virtues.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 2:53 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Third Leg of Seelie Pilgrimage
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail All!

    The first leg was mired in controversy! The second leg drew relatively little attention! What will happen when the Seelie Court continues the third leg of their journey? Shaene, the Elvish HighLord, and Keighor, Dungeonmaster, for the SCB send the following message:

    "After having sucsessfully completed our gold treck to Trinsic we want to set the date for the third and last part of our escort. This time we travel from Trinsic over the Cape of Heroes to the Shrine of Honor, the destination of our mission. We begin on Saturday the Sixteenth of September, again at 22:00 CET. Meeting Point will be the Counselors Hall in Trinsic, from where we will again start with our 5 Packhorses again loaded with 10000 Gold Pieces towards the shrine.

    "Since we had some problems on the last start, we have set as secondary start point the Meeting Hall of Trinsic."

    We thank Shaene and Keighor for their information!

    Go with the Virtues

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 2:50 PM EDT by Rock (Drachenfels)

    Flea Market at The Golden Mage Tower!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Golden Mage Tower will be having a Flea Market on Sunday, September 10th from 1pm to 5pm PST. Gates will be provided from the Golden Mage Tower Outpost in the City of Golden, NE of the Golden Brew just before 1pm PST. There is also a rune to the GMT locked down in the Outpost. (Map of the City of Golden)

    More information about the Flea Market can be found here including the registration form if you wish to sell items.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lady Petrus.
    Thankye, Petrus, for this announcement.
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 1:47 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    The Feast of Spirits Images
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    I took these pictures at The Feast of Spirits, Sunday, September 3rd, held in Skara Brae fair grounds. These warriors are getting ready to battle monsters that are spawned in those walls to see who can win.

    - Ryan

    Thankye, Ryan, for these images.
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 1:42 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Heaven's Forge Opening Results
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Hail and Well met,

    I am Michael, the Chief of Events for Heaven's Forge. Friday and Saturday's festivities went better than expected. Among those I spotted were Seer Eliar and Ursula of the Golden Brew. Friday's social events went great with a turnout of about 50+ at one point, way more than we expected. Unfortunately due to some miscommunication, the Darkmor ended up opening Saturday instead of Friday.

    Saturday's foray into Wrong went well I was told, but I was unable to be present. The next major event was Dunbe Milaro's Mining competition. The top 3 finishers in that event were Sebastian Sie in 3rd with 745 points, hardhitter in second with 800 points, and Malachai Martin in first with 845 points. The mining competition was immeadiatly followed by a lumberjacking competition, again held by Dunbe Milaro.

    The top finisher in that event won by over 300 logs, Fishman. Then it was time for the Main Events. The first competition was Archery, and with only 2 entrants, yagaron won the duel in stride. Yagaron was rewarded with a Heavy Crossbow of Vanquishing. The event everyone was waiting for, jousting, took a minute to readjust the ring for, but all went well. The macing division was scratched and it became just yagaron of the Swords Division, Raistlin of the Fencing Division, and Mary Jane of the Parry Division.

    We did a system of fight and the scores went, Mary Jane 2W-OL, yagaron 1W-1L, and Raistlin 0W-2L. So, Mary Jane won a Longsword of Vanqushing, yagaron won a set of Verite GM plate, and Raistlin won a GM Valorite Dex Suit. After the jousting, the Darkmor was opened.

    Everyone, especially all the event coords, had a great time relaxing after a hard day. Well, I know all the people of Heaven's Forge were pleased. I hope to see alll of you back in the future for the many events that will be held. =)

    Michael - Chief of Events HF, RS

    Thankye, Michael, for this news.
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 1:38 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Stormhaven Opens
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Come one, come all and join us in a kaleidoscope of fun, frills and thrills.

    Baroness Elsa, Sovereign of the city of Stormhaven cordially invites all Sosarians to an evening of merry meetings, delightful measures, and electrifying adventures! Prizes for our honored guests rival the dreams of avarice, and are the richest Napa Shard has ever seen!

    The evening will begin with a costume ball, with prizes for the following:

    Best Dressed: GM wardrobe and a glacial staff
    Worse Dressed: GM wardrobe (much needed) and 2k gold
    Funniest Dressed: GM wardrobe, a rose, a bottle of champagne and 2k gold

    The gala will continue with a special event, with the following prizes (partial list):

    Glacial staff; house deed; boat deed; SOS; a trip (one hour) to Blood Elementals, escorted by 2 GM Tamers and their dragons; gm blue plate armor; gm shadow armor; gm gold armor; gm leather and studded armor; many vanquish and other powerful weapons; new genre weapons; ranger armor (sleeves); many kegs of potions; gold; full spell book; 2k reagents; nightmare; dragon; forrest ostard; ridable Llama. etc.

    Total value of prizes well exceeds 2 million gold coins.

    Festivities will begin at: Friday, September 8, 9:30 PM, (CST) 7:30 PST
    Location: City of Stormhaven, coordinates- 66 Degrees North by 54 Degrees East (Trammel). Gates will be provided at the West Britain Bank, 15 minutes before the start of the events.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 1:23 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Regrandopening of the Fat Horse Tavern and Fairhaven Mall
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The first grandopening was disturbed by server problems, and pending no more problems the Grandopening will be on September 8 at 9 pm CST till 12 am CST.

    Fairhaven Village would like to invite everyone to the grandopening of the Fat Horse Tavern and Fairhaven Mall. Fairhaven Village is a new player run city on the trammel facet in Baja. We are located east of the Yew abbey and around the Yew moongate. The village consists of 6 public buildings and 4 private buildings but we are slowly growing each week. A tour of the village will be given the night of the event. Food, Fun, drinks and plenty of well stocked vendors will be on hand for the evening activities. The night will be highlighted by a Horse race, each contestant will pay 2K to enter the race. The winner will receive 20K plus a set of ranger armor, over a 100K value in prizes. Rules of the race will be explained the night of the race, but there will be NO MAGIC ALLOWED in the race, no transporting to the end of the race or such. There will be free prizes given out all night long, so come and find out about Fairhaven.

    Fairhaven plans to host at least one event a month including tournaments and horse races so we hope to see you soon. If you want a map or a rune check out our webpage.

    Silkon, Village Elder and founder

    Thankye, Silkon, for this announcement.
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 1:03 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Lord Dracon to Wed Giavane
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Lord Dracon the Minoc Blacksmith and Giavane are getting married Saturday 9th at 7:00PM Pacific Time at the Nujelm Palace. We invite all to come and join in on the Festivites.

    --Lord Dracon

    Thankye, Dracon, for this announcement and good luck with your marriage.
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 12:59 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Stonekeep Was Under Siege
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A report of a battle at the Stonekeep.

    Stonekeep was under Siege today after attacks of orcs, ettins and mages tried to invade Stonekeep Citadel. Reports indicate that the Citadel was the main target but the Orc captains also wanted to take the Drunkards tower and the Taverna and sent a few squads over to invade them, however most action was at the citadel.

    Here are the battle reports from Captain Marshall Drakan and Veteran Aldorn.

    There were three attacks to try and take Stonekeep as this is how they went -

    1st attack
    No Casulties
    Around 70 beasts stormed for the woods composed of Squads of orcs each with there Captains, supported by mages and ettins. The guardsmen worked efficently to take down the officers of the squads first, then pick of anyone else.

    2nd Attack
    After the 1st attack the guardsmen were slow to pick of remaining Orcs, and they crawled wounded back into the woods. Half an hour later they had regrouped and were ready for another attack. Around 30 of them came this time and were deployed at first to take out the Taverna and Drunkards tower, however when the guardsmen poured out of the Citadel them came and attacked the doors to the tower as well as the guardsmen

    3rd Attack
    The 2nd attack was beaten and for a hour it appeard that the orcs had been driven back to the mountains and there fort. However Captain Drakan posted guards on the door and muttered something about going to sleep and departed. The sentrys did get some action in the form of 70 orcs supported by evil mages and ettins. The sentrys were quickly overwhelmed as they raised the alarm and fell. The Citadel doors flew open and guards again began to pour from it.A mage leader appeard and said 'I will take this tower at every cost'. Five guards died in the attack as well as a dwarf and a peasent.

    4th Attack
    After the 3rd attack came and went a few more guards bid farwell and headed to the barracks to sleep. The remaining guards stood on duty and soon crys of orcs emerged from the forest. The remaining five guards, tierd and battle worn drew there weapons again and charged the orcs. Under the leadership of Veteran Aldorn the guards fought like a group and the 60 Orcs were all killed.

    Yours truly
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 6:58 AM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    The Crown of Thorns Scenario
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We have many messages and stories about the Crown of Thorns cenario, so i tought i should give some more information about this.

    The Crown of Thorns is a player-run "scenario" based around the rebelling city of Vesper, but it is not limited to that specific location. All events take place on the Trammel facet. Due to a extensive set of rules, covering almost every aspect of gameplay, the scenario provides roleplayers with an optimal environment. This environment allows for maximum interaction between guilds, like diplomacy, waging war, betrayal and alliances, without having to worry about losing your stuff or having to face "unfair" threats. Every guild involved has declared "war" upon every other guild in the scenario, to allow for maximum interaction. A guild in the scenario maintains it's "sovereignity", however, and nothing can be forced upon a guild without agreement of the guildleader.

    If you like to know more about this you can take a look at their website: . There you will find the rules, links, a messageboard, history (they are still working on that,...

    Yours Truly
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 6:40 AM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    A Game of High Stakes is Lost
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A massive amount of mail has assailed us, in reference to the mysterious letter we printed on Tuesday. It appears that on Wednesday evening, the first event alluded to in the missive was held, a chess match with the life of one of eight missing women at stake.

    This match was lost to a man known as Demonstalker, and the fate of the "pawn", as the kidnappers referred to her, is unknown at this time.

    Included below is a first-person account from Ashley Covington, the defeated party, and an analysis of the match, prepared by Tymaron, the town crier.

    Here is Ashley's recollection of the evening...

    "There are eight pawns in play..."

    I sigh, as I sit before the sigil of Sacrifice, contemplating the events of this eve. "Seven...only seven."

    My name is Ashley Covington, and I set my pen to paper here to organize my thoughts, and, as best as possible, to make some atonement for my role in the loss of the first "pawn", this first life, presumed lost, if we can trust the jibes and taunts of he who calls himself Demonstalker.

    This is my confession. If it is lengthy, forgive my ramblings, for the first death hangs on my head.

    I remember sitting backstage at the King's Men, where I've been squatting for the past two months, housing being too much of a hassle. I read over the letter, from the sage of Stratics, pigeoned to me by my cousin, Elisa. "There are eight pawns in play..."

    Elisa and I met at a local pub, discussing the strange news. Some of the clues seemed simple enough, especially the first.

    "Sage Advice. The scribing store. I have no doubt." I took another drink of ale.

    "I think you're right, cousin." Elisa smiled, and followed suit.

    "Then we shall lay a trap for this kidnapper. Meet me there one half hour before midnight."

    Some time later, I was safely cloaked in darkness, hidden from sight while I watched those who wandered in and out of the shop. Elisa waited inside, acting like a normal customer. Buying a quill, no less.

    None of the patrons had the look of evil, and I had a suspicion that our enemy would not deign to use the door. Damnable magery.

    In the distance, a clock sounded. Midnight. "Action, cousin!" Elisa's yell reached me through the walls of the shop.

    I burst through the door, seeing smoke clear as a gentleman, and I use the term loosely, appeared behind a desk. The mob of sleuths who had gathered in the shop forced their way into the small room; somehow, Elisa and I forced our way to the front of the pack. There, we addressed Demonstalker.

    The man smiled, and unrolled a gaming board. "You are here for a game of chess?"

    Someone bravely called out, "Aye, if that's what it takes."

    "Then choose your challenger. Only one of you may play me. If you lose, the pawn is forfeit."

    A dull murmur ran through the crowd. We had all understood where to come, but none were prepared for a game so serious. Her life was on the line.

    I stood forward. "If none else dare, I will play. I have some minor experience." Elisa mumbled some accordance, but my mind was elsewhere. This nameless innocent, her life was now in my hands.

    "Virtues give me strength; I accept your challenge." I sat across from my foe.

    "We shall play by the rules of Jonathan's Variant..."


    And the game began. Demonstalker started very strong, alas, and I missed some key opportunities at the onset. I still remember his first sly jibe. "Your pawn falls. A sign, perhaps..."

    "Aye. For you are the pawn of some higher power." He ignored my rebuttal, concentrating instead on the game.

    Move, countermove...we traded blows, but I saw rather soon that I was outclassed. My training with old Rupert was no match for Demonstalker's knowledge of the game. But a forfeit was not an option.

    A few heartpounding moments later, the game was over. I conceded the loss..."But you will never leave this room!" My hand went to my katana; Elisa's was already in her hand.

    But Demonstalker simply laughed. "The game is over. Will others verify the result?"

    I ignored the rush of onlookers peering at the board, as I vaulted over the table to address Demonstalker directly. "What do you think you are going to accomplish?"

    "You have lost the game...the pawn is forfeit. I hope you do provide a stronger opponent for tomorrow's game, one worthy of the challenge." He spat on the table, grinning evilly at me.

    I returned that cold gaze as I bent over, wiped his saliva off the table, and held my hand outstretched. "You dropped this, sir."

    Demonstalker seemed angered, and tried to leave the room. One of the crowd appealed to him. "Please, tell us her name so we can inform her family!"

    "Trust me, you will receive proof of the death before tomorrow eve. She is lost."

    "Everything that is done can be undone," I countered. "Even death. Such is the way of the creator."

    Demonstalker simply grinned once more, and walked out of the room, leaving me alone to face the guilt.

    Already, the crowd was in uproar. Who was Demonstalker, who would play tomorrow, where...

    "Comrades, hear me!" I shouted to silence the crowd, and prepared to say what must be said. "I...sincerely apologize...for the events of this eve. But we cannot focus on the past. We cannot waste time mourning; there will be time to mourn later. We must now consider the future. Tomorrow eve. I believe, and I'm sure I'm not alone, that I know where tomorrow's night game will be held." My mind raced faster than my voice, mixing things both said and unsaid.

    "The second board's rook awaits a curtain call..." The King's Men Theatre. My home.

    "I hope you do not think less of me for my failure. I...did all I could."

    The decision was made to hold an impromptu tournament, to decide who would face off against the kidnapper tomorrow eve.

    I did not stay. The night moon had grown pale, and I still cannot banish the image of a woman. Faceless. Innocent. And dead, in some manner, by my hand.

    "I will see thee tomorrow eve, but I must leave. I have much to consider - a vigil..." I turned on my heel, and left, walking slowly to the Chamber of Virtues.

    I knelt before the Sigil of Sacrifice, whispering faintly. "If I could give anything, to re-do the events of this eve..."

    "You did all you could, cousin."

    I hadn't heard Elisa follow me in. I turned to face her. "Leave me, cousin. I stay here tonight."

    "'Tis a bad place to sleep, Ashley."

    "I do not intend to sleep, Elisa."

    As Elisa's fading footsteps echoed, I knelt down, and wept softly. "If I could give anything...I would."

    This heartfelt account fails to mention one of the most important aspects of this contest; Ms. Covington was the only one willing to step forward. Although she failed to win the round, she demonstrated the virtues of Valor and Compassion in her attempt, and should be heralded as a hero for both the courage she displayed and the guilt she now carries.

    This report was provided to us by Tymaron, the town crier, detailing the aspects of the match itself...

    The game was not exactly conventional. The board was rotated 90 degrees, so that the game would run up and down, leaving a dark square in each lower right corner, as opposed to the typical white. The queens still initiated on the square of their color, however. This gives the game an inverted feel.

    The game proceeded thus, with Ashley taking the white pieces and Demonstalker the black:

    • 01. g4 d5
    • 02. Nf3 Bxg4
    • 03. Rg8 h5
    • 04. b3 e5
    • 05. Nxe5 Qxe5
    • 06. d3 QxR
    • 07. Kd2 QxN
    • 08. f4 Bb4+
    • 09. Ke6 BxQ
    • 10. Ba3 Qxc2
    • 11. h2 Qd2+
    • 12. Kd4 Bf2+
    • 13. Kxd5 Qa5+
    • 14. Bc5 QxB+
    • 15. Ke4 BxR
    • 16. h3xB Nf6+
    • 17. Kf3 Qf2: checkmate

    With the final move, Demonstalker announced victory and that the pawn was lost.

    And so it appears that each "pawn" is in fact one of the missing women, and each riddle leads to the location of an irregular chess match, where the life of an innocent woman is at stake.

    Tomorrow evening's riddle, "the second board's rook awaits a curtain call," has been theorized to reference the King's Men Theatre by more than one reader; the truth of this assumption will wait until tomorrow evening to reveal itself, however.

    As more information is made available, we will be sure to provide it to you. Our condolences to the family of the first victim, and our best wishes to those who attempt to stop the murder of the remaining women.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 4:06 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Interview with Ian Stormbringer
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<As many of you know, there has been quite a controversy over the blessing of the Oracles of Virtues keep on the Arctic Isle. I have my own opinions on this matter but that does not matter at the moment. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Ian Stormbringer and below is just a quick summary of what was said (note that this is not totally quoted because of my problems with saving a journal *grumbles*):
    While at my house near the OV keep, I saw Ian inside so I decided to speak with him. He gave me a warm welcome, even though I had said some things that some might have taken offense to and let me into his home. He showed me around the keep, which looks great and even took me up to the second floor, which is currently locked to the public until it is finished.

    He invited me to sit and we began to speak of the recent problems. Ian told me that he genuinely felt for the other communities and places. He told me of the guild's history and explained that it was all devoted to the Virtues of the land, which may be still tainted.

    But there was something that had been bugging me since I first heard that the Seers had no involvement in the blessing. But if not them, then who? Ian responded that he did not know. He knew that the Keep would be blessed one day but not when and by who. When he logged in one day, the keep was with all the blessing and he had a key within his backpack, which was for the locked door that blocks the second floor for now. So still no one has come out and taken the spotlight on this blessing.

    When asked what he planned for the keep, he wished it to be used by the public for meetings, banquets and starts for events and quests. Some ideas he has are to hold a Haunted House or Costume Ball but that is still up in the air.

    Ian has put out a call for all roleplayers to stop by the Keep to get reaquainted and to start talks. From what I see, this place will become a great place of gathering and such. Hopefully it will be kept up.
    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 1:36 AM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Central Servers Router Maintenance Update
    The following was just posted to Shard Issues on the website:
    Central Servers Router Maintenance Update

    On Thursday, September 7th, from 1:00 AM until 3:00 AM CDT, our Internet Service Provider will be performing maintenance upgrades on routers located in the Austin center. Customers on the central shards, including Lake Superior, Great Lakes, Siege Perilous, Volunteer Shard, and Test Center may experience increased latency or connectivity issues during this time period.

    Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 12:19 AM EDT by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Harvest Festival of the City of Havenwood
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<My good and long friend Talimor deMonte', the Lord of Havenwood, will be having a grand festival in the new city of Havenwood. More information below:
    The evening of the Ninth of September, at Eight O Clock in the Eastern Skies, shall be held the Havenwood City Harvest Festival, in the City of Havenwood in Trammel. For those wishing to attend there will be gatings from the Minoc bank in the Trammel realm from 7:45pm EST to the City of Havenwood.

    At the Festival we shall have such events as an Archery Contest, Cock Fights (you can bet on the rooster you think will win!) Horse Races, a Song Competition, a Dance Competition and the Harvest Feast! The Festival will start at 8:00 Sharp so don't be late please.

    Thankyou for your allowing me your attention,
    Talimor deMonte'
    Lord of Havenwood
    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 10:35 PM EDT by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Ophidian Justicar Sighted!
    Ophidian JusticarWe received a report from Pimpinator Sunday of a rare but deadly form of Ophidian... the Ophidian Justicar. Our intrepid citizen reported that the Justicar "was like a Shaman but its magic attack range was farther than any shaman or apprentice mage." He also reported that "it had almost 4,500 gold in its possession." Quite a bit of gold!

    Curious, I traveled to our very own Hunter's Guide to learn more about this creature. I have never seen one, despite my frequent trips to both the Terathan Keep and the desert. To quote the Guide:

    The Opihidian Justicar seemed to have quite a lot of hitpoints, about equal to an Opihidian Avenger. It also seemed to have a great deal of mana at it's disposal, for it dropped 3 flamestrikes on me, and then proceeded with it's attack of e-bolts and fireballs.

    Quite a creature!

    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 9:10 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Disappearance of a High Counselor
    We received the following...

    I fear that I bring grave news Britannians..

    It was held secret to me that my brother, Christian Kendrick who sits on the 5th Seat of the High Council was doing some investigations of a personal matter that has led to some dire circumstances. The past few weeks, my brother has been doing some extensive research and would avoid discussing with me. I respected his privacy for that. One afternoon, he told me that he was off to the Lyceaum to complete what he has been working on and would release it to the Order of the Silver Serpents for follow up. It seems the personal investigation was becoming more dangerous each day...

    I should have known something was wrong when I started to notice a ship on the horizon Northwest of our home. For those who do not know, the Kendrick residence is on the northern isle of Jhelom just north of the ranch along the waterfront. I paid no attention to the ship until I noticed a faint pirate banner on its mast. I was going to discuss this with my brother upon his return that evening, but he did not come home. He usually sends off one of his trained pigeons if he stays out longer than one night so myself and my younger sister know he is safe. Alas, no pigeon has been seen for 3 day now.

    Two nights ago, the Order of the Silver Serpent started an investigation in search of clues for my brother, Lord Kendrick. After I mentioned that his last whereabouts would possibly be the Lycaeum, a search was done. We found a torn shirt and a skullcap that was identical to what Christian was wearing that day. Our search turned tides and led us to Bucaneer's Den where we questioned a couple pirates. Events of that night to be later released. Tonight, I felt helpless and went back to the Lycaeum to see if I could locate anything else that might lead us a path to locate my brothers whereabouts. Upon entering the classroom there where his shirt was located, I noticed a torn parchement shoved between two books on the nearby shelf.

    It read:

    (*Journal Entry
    The 27th day

    I have lost my path on how to locate Cire. All this time, I thought my friend to be dead after his disappearance two years ago on the coast of Rivendell. I should have had more faith that he would still be alive, but I let fear overtake hope. I remember the way my stomach dropped last month, when I heard that my old friend was spotted in a passing appeared to the Regas family friend that he was in 'slaves' clothes. This ship bore a pirate's banner on a high mast. Unlike other banners, this banner was much larger than the usual banner and bore the symbol *P* on its flag.....that't it! If I want to find him, I need to locate this ship! I would imagine that he would visit Bucaneer's Den often. I will travel to the Lycaeum and see if any books on pirate ships produce anything I can use. Possibly find a name or something to get to the High Justicar to issue a warrant.*)

    I turned the page over and read the following as well:

    (* Here it is! I located a suspected pirate ship involved in many raids across the realm! Looking at the mast, it matches what the family friend described in every detail! I even see the symbol here on this page! These must be the pirates who have taken Cire prisoner! Lets see...the ship name is...'Lord of the Abyss'. I will get this to the Justi........*scribbles of letters*)

    It seems this is where the letter ends. As you can see it was not complete. This is evidence that something interrupted Lord Kendrick's journal entry. There were signs of struggles, but we assumed the outcome that Christian was overcome by these foul men. A search is on at this time. If anyone has any news of this matter, please approach myself or ANY of the Councilors, Serpent Guards, or the Justicars. We must locate my brother before it is too late.

    Tristan Kendrick
    Senechal of the Order of the Silver Serpent.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 8:57 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Destiny to Hold Picnic Auction
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...

    Come one, come all to the Destiny Picnic Auction.

    Gentlemen of Britannia,

    Bring your checkbooks and appetites, as the fairest lasses in the land are dusting off their cookbooks to prepare picnics fit for kings.  The picnic, along with the company of the fair lass, will be auctioned on Thursday, September 7th, at 8pm central atop the mage tower in the town of Destiny.

    Ladies of Britannia, it is oft said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  Now is your chance to find out!  Be sure to arrive by 7 central, Thursday to register.  Bring your most delectable morsels wrapped in a picnic bag, along with a rune to the picnic location, and a book describing the menu and/or location.  Please include your name in the book.

    Note to Ladies: Although names will not be given during the auction, the description of the basket and contents will be, so be wary lest those who know you well may recognize your handy-work.

    Please email [email protected] or visit with questions.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 8:53 PM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Hero Hunter
    Dyastro Farkas is quite mad. Crafty too. This makes for a lethal combination. After murdering Elle, the infamous villian took to the hills and eluded the purity posse for weeks. They never caught him.

    However, he is beginning to catch up to them. The first he defeated was Nightstalker X. Then Gladstone & Aranath. Finally his murderous ways pitted him against Lord Tremain. In Rashomon style I’ll let some of the participants tell it from their P.O.V.

    First was Aranath, still wounded from his run in with the villain:

    Greetings and well met, good Pelle.

    I have written you to inform you of a great event that has taken place. The Virtues have shown their power over Minax. Lord Tremain last evening challenged Dyastro Farkas to a gentleman's duel in the Jhelom Dueling pits. I was asked by one of the Trinsic Paladins to gather a few good men to make sure there was no outside interference. I agreed when I was assured Dyastro would not be killed if it could be avoided. Some may think that makes me evil, but I believe no one walks so far in the darkness that they cannot be redeemed. I believe Dyastro can still see the error of his ways. I ramble. Onto the duel...

    We all gathered at the dueling pits in Felucca, some gathered on the walkway above to view, but most of us were down in the pit. The fighting began suddenly, with both men swinging and parrying. It was apparent at how much Dyastro had been trained by Keenoean. Their fighting styles were similar, all the way down to the poison-seeped edges of Dyastro's weapons. It was to no avail however; The poison hardly affected the Paladin at all. Dyastro tried as hard as he could to win, but Lord Tremain is a seasoned warrior, and the Virtues bless him much. I must give Dyastro credit, he never gave up. I respect the fiend for his dedication to his dark mistress, although I pity him for his beliefs.

    As the fight wore on, a strangely dressed man on horseback appeared. He called Dyastro his lord, and that their master brought him to help. I told him none could interfere. The man tried to magically heal Dyastro, but the Virtues kept the battle fair, and the heal was somehow deflected onto me. The man was warned again not to interfere, but a few moments later, he opened a magical gate, and Dyastro ran through it, to escape Lord Tremain's blade. Dyastro refused to yield, despite desperate pleas from Lady Copper and myself. He said he would not be imprisoned, and he ran.

    Last night's events sadden me, but also give me hope. I know now that Dyastro will never allow himself to be captured, and he will not see the light. I fear that before this war is over, Dyastro will be dead. But if that is his fate, so be it.

    I do not imagine I will live to see the end of the war, either. But hope comes with sadness. I see now the true power of the Virtues. I see the power of the Paladins once again. I still pray every night that one day I will be allowed to take the oath, and become one of them myself. Until then, I will remain a humble servant of the Virtues.

    Signed by my own hand,
    General of the Knights of Liberalis and devoted servant of the Virtues
    Now comes Dyastro’s interpretation:
    I was spying at the Heroes Gathering when the castle guards noticed me and alerted Lord Tremain. He attempted to reveal me, so I quickly came out of hiding. We had a match of wits that he surely lost. Because of this failure he grew angry and challenged me to the Jhelom pits in Felucca. I accepted for I never back down even if the odds are overwhelmingly against me. Some call this bravery...some call it stupidity. I care not for I never go down without a fight.

    I left the castle grinning from ear to ear because the Paladin fell right into my trap. I wanted to test him and see if he was as good as he thought he was. Dipping my best kryss and war fork in poison I arrived at the pits and damn if every ‘Hero’ wasn’t there. Crowding in like dogs in heat. Slobbering at the site of this great battle between man and paladin. Good and evil. I knew today, no matter what, I would not fall to these ‘Heroes’.

    Lord Tremain quickly began the battle before I could ready my weapon, but this didn’t matter. Knowing my strength could not match his, I used what any intelligent man would: Deadly poison. He began to suffer from the effects of the poison and I used this to my advantage.

    The battle raged on for nearly half and hour. Despite Aranath and CopperZero’s pathetic plea for me to change my ways. Neither of use where able to drop the other. Despite what Aranath believes Tremain wanted me to die there that night, but he was unable to get the job done. If ye believe he would have spared me life ye are sadly mistaken. For I saw the anger in his eyes. The cold darkness that lurks beneath his helmet. The same look that’s in heartless killers who roam Britannia.

    Tremain saw he would not win with his sword of vanquishing alone. So, he began to summon the magery that dwells within his soul. "Corp Por" "Corp Por" he shouted as ebolts came thundering down, but I shrugged them off like he was a newly born mage.

    Then Dre Draxx appeared, sent by Minax herself to end the battle for the night. She knew that if I stayed any longer the "Heroes" would grow restless and attempt to destroy me all at once. Dre Draxx is a funny man I know not why but he healed Aranath. But that is how Dre is he likes to play with his prey. Aranath would like for you to believe that the "Virtues" kept the heal from being casted on me. But this was not the case. I knew why Dre Draxx had appeared was not to protect me but to retrieve me. For Minax was growing restless and desired my return to her throne. So that she may learn more from this battle.

    I commanded Dre to cast the gate for use to go home. And he did just that. But he did not follow me through the gate. He instead stayed to mock his newly meet enemies. And left a message for Tremain that soon Trammel will fall to Minax just as Felucca had became hers. For this was not a battle to destroy the "Heroes". It was merely a chance for me to learn and see if the strongest of the "Heroes" could defeat me. Which he could not. But this is not our last duel Tremain we will meet again dear Paladin. And that will be the true battle where one of us dies and the other walks away. Hahahahaha

    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 6:15 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    "Blessed" Keep Controversy
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<There is a big storm brewing over the "blessing" of a Keep owned by the Orders of Virtue, who's GM is Ian Stromringer.

    For those who dont know, Ian is a catcher for the NY Mets baseball team, and has been very public with the fact that he plays Ultima Online.

    The reason there is such a stink being raised is that the "blessings" were not done by the Seers/IGMs, who were clueless that it had been done. They have states that there is, in fact, a moratorium on the "blessing" of player run buildings.

    It appears that someone "higher up" had it done.

    The story first broke on The Chosen web site. They published the following responses from Ian:


    I just read your post, and can understand why you may attack the blessing of my keep. Well, I guess I will explain to you, do not know why but, I will.

    I guess it all started about sometime spring of 98'. I was chosen to be a counselor. I did very well and became popular on my shard. I was awarded with a ring for my volunteer work. Then I asked for of my homes to be blessed as a tavern. Well, I was turned down. I continued to volunteer my help. Early in 99 though, I had to give up my robes as my job provided me no extra time to volunteer scheduled hours.

    The summer of 99' I held maybe the largest to date luncheon in NY. I was then told that I would then be blessed. Blessed for the work and volunteer hours I gave to UO. The Box cover did not come into play and neither did the fact I am a baseball player. I am known on my shard of Chesapeake as a Rp'er and a fair player. Since the winter of 97' I have only helped the UO community. I have participated in many events and have actually held a few of my own.

    The keep's first floor will be open to the public and it will be a meeting place for scheduled events. So thanks for the publicity and hopefully the news will spread so all of us can enjoy the keep.

    Take care, Ian Stormbringer

    Ian was then asked: "I guess my question would be, are you saying your keep was blessed because you spent a year being a counselor?" -- here was his response:
    Actually Jinx it is a combination of all I have done for UO. The counseling, luncheon, the box, and all the in-game things that I have done. As I said earlier, the counseling was not do to baseball. I was a very good counselor but they took that away when I could not live with scheduled hours. The luncheon may be still one of the largest event in the Northeast. I gave away 200 baseball tickets as well as memorabilia that not to many would be able to recieve if not for the luncheon. That to was not because of baseball. That is when I was promised a blessing. The box cover probably did have something to do with baseball though. That is fine by me as I did not recieve anything for that cover and actually bought my own copy.

    Thanks for hearing me out. Ian Stormbringer

    In response to Ian's comments, Korin the Scribe had the following to say:
    Greetings! I am known as Korin the Scribe and am somewhat well known on the Chesapeake Shard of Ultima Online. I have been involved in the role playing community here for some time, though not always under the name Korin. I have watched this with some interest and when I saw the original posting speaking of the Keep my interest grew even more. And now that I have read Ian's response I have grown a slight bit angry. Please let me explain this anger to you.

    First off let me state that I have nothing against Ian. I have meet him in game a handful of times and he seems to be a nice person and a respectable rper. What I find offensive is this:

    1. The IGMs and Seers were NOT contacted on this. They had NO knowledge at all of this blessing. And since the normal channels for blessings MUST go through the IGMs and Seers, that tells me that influence "above their heads" was used to obtain these things.
    2. There is currently a "freeze" on ALL blessings right now. There are other places on Chesapeake, and other shards, that have been waiting literally YEARS to obtain a blessing. And have been told now that they will have to wait longer because of this freeze. That means that not only was the Interest department of Chesapeake ignored but the other venues feel as if they were as well.
    3. Blessings are suppose to be given for things done in game. Events, quests, and just generally adding to the "community spirit" of the shard. And NOT for things done outside of game. If they wanted to reward you for your efforts at the luncheon then they should have sent you a certificate or other momento. But LEAVE THE TWO WORLDS SEPERATE. That's the whole reason I come here. To escape the favoritism of the "real world". And I think most others will agree with me. To Quote from OSI's F.A.Q. at "We recognize locations based on fame in the realms."
    4. And finally Ian, you say you have done many things for the Chesapeake community. Well I feel that "I" have also done many things for Chesapeake atleast as much as you have. (And there are many others out there that have done even more than you or I my friend). Oh I might not have the pHaT l3Wt or connections to throw a nice big luncheon but I do a LOT in game. Just ask pretty much any other player on the shard. But "I" cannot snap my fingers and receive a blessing for the player town I'm involved in. Even before the "freeze" was on.
    The fact that you sit here and say that you EARNED this is telling all the other people who work so hard for the Community that they have not done as much for Chesapeake as you have. And that Ian is just plain wrong. There is a reason that "rules" were put forth governing blessings and I think this whole situation pretty much shows why.

    Thank you my friends for taking the time to read this.

    Korin the Scribe The Scribe of Haven

    Since this story broke earlier today, part of the OV's Keep has been opend to the public.
    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 5:57 PM EDT by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Deepwater Wrestling Competion
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    I received this announcement from Elv'veng of Deepwater:

    Welcome to the first wrestling competition in Deepwater since the grand opening of the town. We'll try hold this wrestling competition on regular times. But for now you'll just have to keep focused on this one.. *grins* The first one will take place this Sunday evening, the 9th September at 9pm cet at the Owl's Eye Tavern.

    It will be held outside the Deepwater Tavern, Owls eye.

    There is a entry fee for the fighters of 500gp, the gold will go to the pot, witch will be the prize.

    The fee is paid 1hr before the event start. There are 16 spots open.

    Also remember, you may ONLY fight with your fists, nothing else, and should a person use healing potions/bandage/weapons or any kind of armor (except what's said below), will be kicked out from the event.


    • NO Healing
    • NO Armor / Weapons
    • NO Looting

    What may be used:

    • Refresh potions
    • Strenght potions
    • Agility potions

    Outfit that shall be worn (inside the ring):

    * Pair of long/short pants
    * You may wear a pair of sandals/boots/shoes

    Prizes that can be won:

    1st place: 30 000gp, 1 Potion keg Greater Healing
    2nd place: 15 000gp, 25 Greater Heal potions
    3rd place: 5000gp, 10 Greater Heal potions

    Will you become the Wrestling champion of Deepwater?

    Elv'eng - Andune

    I still remember my last attempt at a wrestling competition ... *grins*

    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 4:23 PM EDT by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    In Remembrance of Arafel, Queen of Steel & Magic
    Thanks to Jerry Suchan for forwarding to us the following sad news about Arafel, Queen of Steel & Magic:
    In Remembrance of Arafel, Queen of Steel & Magic By Talesn of Wodclf, Bard, Steel & Magic Guild Master Thursday, August 31, 2000

    I don't know how to say this. As Bard of Steel & Magic, the of telling this, the final tale of Arafel, Queen of Steel & Magic, is mine. Tuesday night I received several ICQ's from various people saying they wanted to talk to me. There was something urgent they wanted to say and yet they did not say it in those messages. There was a thunder storm walking about outside and it kept taking my computer down. It raged for three hours. Something bad was afoot.

    When I finally reconnected long enough to receive ICQ's I found the news: Arafel, Queen of Steel & Magic, had died in the Real World about a week ago. As her good friend JADE said, Arafel "has recently been taken from us by the dumb decision of a drunken driver to get in his car."

    Many had been concerned about Arafel since she had talked to no one for over a week. That was surely unusual, and now this. We, her good friends, some members of Steel & Magic and others not, are devastated. You know, people often say that UO it is just a game. This doesn't feel like just a game to me. This is a world. A small one to be sure, but a world where those of us who live here leave some of our soul here. That is what makes it live, and that is what Arafel did as well. Those of us who knew her, shared this world with her, we put some of our soul here with hers. Now that she will be here no more we miss her. We seriously miss her.

    Providing an icon of the depth of feeling for Queen Arafel, her good friend JADE has erected a shrine in her memory. It is named "In Loving Memory of Queen Arafel (S&M)" and anyone who wishes to visit it is encouraged to do so ( 44 44 N, 67 08 E, Pacific, Trammel). It is therefore only appropriate that I should quote from the book JADE placed nearby.

    "Arafel and I have been best friends since I first started playing UO over a year ago and I can truly say she was one of my best friends. Not only in game but out also. She was an all around awesome person. I know the world is a worse place with the loss of her. I am truly going to miss her company and my prayers go to her boyfriend and family and friends. I never knew when I started this game how involved it was going to be, but I know that what happens out of game affects in game also. Please let this be a lesson and never drive drunk. Arafel loved UO and because of her a lot of people have benefited."

    Yes indeed, Arafel did a lot for a lot of people. Arafel was Queen because she was the founder of Steel & Magic [S&M] of Pacific. This moderately successful guild has ever been a haven for good people seeking others to have fun with. Indeed, over the time of it's existence, literally hundreds of people have joined. Many of these were wide eyed Newbys, looking for companionship and a haven from the pre-Trammel PKs, and they found it there. Many have now matured and have gone on their own way, often forming their own guilds. Certainly they took with them the friendship and love of their mates, and sometimes their mates themselves. All of this was made possible by Arafel, Queen of Steel & Magic.

    Arafel has always helped others. She nurtured many many friendships in UO. I know not how many, of course, but I am often surprised to encounter yet another person who declares "How is Arafel? I was her friend in the old days."

    She was the sort of person who had only one Grand Master skill because, as she said to me once, "I spend too much time talking with people." Quite the opposite of the twinkish PK, Arafel was a socializer who was interested in people, and what they have to say. She often gave of herself when people needed a friend.

    A person of wealth, Arafel has been known to help others with the material things of UO. She has helped others obtain houses, allowing them to stay in her tower, and offer them things of rarity and power. Yet she was not indiscriminant in her giving. At times people would come begging for gold, as has happened to all of us. Most of the time she would help them by not giving, but not driving them away either. We are not a source of free coin, she seemed to say, but if you would have the wealth of friendship, this I can help with.

    I'll tell you how large hearted Arafel was. During the effort to rid UO of excessive things she sold a great deal of accumulated stuff and acquired a full set of statues. This was a rare achievement, and of all her possessions, these were her favorite. When Trammel Facet came into being, then Steel & Magic desired to move to that facet nearest our ideal of Virtue. Then Arafel, for the sake of the guild, sold her statues so that we might have the gold necessary to place a suitable building in the new facet. It was not possible for her to ever replace these treasures again. Gloriously, because of her generosity and hard work, making runes and buying deeds, the guild was able to place a fine castle for it's new home. This she never called her own, but gave it for the exclusive use of her mates and friends. Though she did revel in decorating, and redecorating it time after time.

    Despite her generosity, Queen Arafel was not a pushover. She loved a good fight, as many of her friends were also her sparring partners. I recall nostalgically several times after I was PK'd, then she would declare defiantly, "tell me who they are and we will make them pay". Such are the attributes of the protector and avenger of friends.

    It must have been difficult for the people who knew her in the Real World, and especially her Boy Friend. Yet I leave the matters of the Real World to the inhabitants of that place. They have necessarily taken care of what they must before thinking of us. Of those people, Arafel's Boy Friend has been very compassionate and supportive of those of us remaining behind in UO. For this we are most grateful. Without his caring intervention Steel & Magic would now be a shambles.

    So, you see, it is a great tragedy, an apparent injustice, that Arafel has been struck down. As some have said of her in the Real World, so young, so vital, so interesting. The only thing I can think of is senseless and unfair.

    We must not forget in these difficult times that not all is dark. Some have lamented Arafel's demise. They are not only speak of her small Avatar in this small world, but also of her greater self in the Real World. Gone forever, but not forgotten. So I say:

    Talesn of Wodclf: Ara is ok
    Talesn of Wodclf: i think
    Talesn of Wodclf: it is the rest of us
    Talesn of Wodclf: that will hurt
    Talesn of Wodclf: far beyond UO i am sure

    And mostly the response has been "yes but my heart hurts".

    Arafel, we all miss you. We all know the Virtues have blessed you and now you are gone. May the Virtues now bless us.

    Please remember my friends, the night is darkest before the morning, as the world ever turns toward the light.

    Talesn of Wodclf, Bard, Steel & Magic (Pacific)

    *** More

    We are planning a Remembrance Ceremony For Queen Arafel next Friday, 8 September 00, at 8 PM Pacific time at the Steel & Magic Guild Hall. Anyone interested in attending is welcome. Directions to the Guild hall are:

    North of Minoc by "The North Mines" 130 20 N, 81 29 E. Use a sextant if you need it. It is an easy walk from Minoc: proceed north (upper right direction on screen) until you come to the big area with all the castles and houses. The Steel & Magic Guild Hall is near the North Mines, and it says S&M Castle Trammel on sign.

    Our idea for the remembrance is to provide an opportunity for each person who wishes to share their thoughts and memory of our dear Queen. We ask that everyone be quiet except for the person talking, and keep distractions to a minimum (no sparring, horses, talking). We are hoping that Craig, Queen Arafel's Real World boyfriend, will join us.

    If anyone would like to know more or would like to post a statement please feel free to do so at the Steel & Magic Public Missives (discussion board) at

    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 2:05 PM EDT by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Grimoire Fight Nights Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<WOWOW!! Great event this Friday! Here are the winners:

    1st place: Shane
    2nd place: Kamikaze
    3rd place: Nexus of Arigon

    Lost donated 5K to the winner of the Gladiator Bar Fight, which followed the 1 vs. 1 event. The last person left standing after the bar fight was Kamikaze! Congratulations everyone, you all did really well.

    We had a few special appearances last night. Cardinal Fear graced us with his presence and after the fight, the infamous Absolute Zero stopped by to check us out.

    HUGE thanks to the Grimoire staff!! I would have gone crazy if it wasn't for your help! Big thanks to Lost, Cardinal Kryx, Mianoumi, Kelly Kindred, Mishra, and Cardinal Fear.

    Hope to see you next Friday =o)
    Baby-Grimoire Staff

    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 1:27 PM EDT by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Time for another RD auction!!!!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Masons and carpenters alike scurried around the grounds of the auction tower. Fixing shattered walls and smoothing the planks of wood on the auction stage.
    Sparring was taking place in front of the tower by the RDG Guard. Gwenn was in a heated battle with Cimara while the Guildmistress Sheena looked on with a proud look only a trainer could wear. John Jr. and his Fiancé also spoke gingerly nearby an old oak tree. More guards approached from the west Bismark the mage, Sir Doo Little and his wife Mandy. Then a blue gate appeared with more guards appearing like Crysanius, Creapor, Aragorn, Kalin, Raven and Shay. All were bearing the RDG colors and weapons to boot. The guild had grown over time to that of a known strength in Britannia. The guards laid down their lives to protect the citizens that came to see the auction and punish the thieves and tricksters alike. Peace had come to the tower for some time now with the guild in place and a wonderful leader that only Sheena could fill. Sheena had gained the title of guildmistress of the guild because of the many attributes she held to her heart. First being the one of friendship and giving to all. She laid her life on the line for me many times and for the each of the guild members without a thought. Her honor has kept the guild alive and given many the insight to go on. She is truly the one best suited for the job. I myself RD sometimes forget to say thank you to the many people involved in the auction. Many think the auction is totally run by me.
    Well in this post I want everyone in UO to know that I am but a very small tool in the auctions that run every Tues. night. Without auctioneers like Aphrodite, Tristan, Wingit, Tenly, Fred and fill ins from Jim and the whole RDG the auction would never happen. So from this day forward I want to publicly apologize for not showing my gratitude like I should. It is a fault I mean to rectify.

    From this day forward there will be some new rules.

    Sheena Guildmistress of RDG will control all bannings of people throughout the tower and is the tower Co-Owner from this day forward. If any questions arrive concerning a wrongful deed in the tower because of a removal do not seek me out for I will only guide you to Sheena.

    Every auctioneer on stage deserves the greatest respect for what they do and should be showed that in return for auctioning items.

    Anyone wishing to Join RDG must also see Sheena. All rulings of members are controlled by a council.

    I will be holding a ceremony on Wed night for the guildmistress Sheena and Gwenn on the roof of RD Tower.
    All are invited to come meet her and the guild. Time will be 9pm est.

    Now down to business:

    Tonight is auction night:

    9pm est it begins
    Remember all submissions are to be collected on Monday nights between 8pm est - 9pm est
    All pay outs between 8-9 pm est on Wed night to the sellers.

    Auction will end at 11pm est

    so everyone knows how to submit for next week you must:

    Get a bag and a book
    Inside the bag you may place up to 2 items max per auction.
    in the book place your icq and game name plus a description of each item and a min. bid to be sold.
    Then Monday night please come to the tower roof and give to any of the trusted auctioneers on stage.
    The RDG Guard will be present this evening at the auction. So please show some gratitude for their time to protect you the people who attend.


    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 12:48 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Due to Technical Problems...
    ... related to my email, submitted news has not been posted. I've recently received a batch of previously submitted news items, which I will be reviewing for timeliness and publication. Please continue sending in your news items while I work out the issue.

    Many apologies for this, and thank you for your patience.

    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 8:56 AM EDT by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    South's Map & Market!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Hail, Fellow Brittanians!

    South's Maps & Market is proud to announce the opening of their Treasure Map Rune Library on the Trammel facet of Great Lakes.

    As many know, South's Maps & Market has been operating a Treasure Map Rune library on the Felucca facet for almost a year now. Many players have availed themselves of this wonderful free resource in the past, and we're proud to expand our collection into the Trammel facet.

    The runes are identical to the ones in use on the Felucca facet, in terms of location.

    To learn more about the library, including on-line maps that you can view to match your map to, please visit and click on the "Treasure Map Archive" link.

    South's Maps & Market is located in the same wonderful location on both facets; opening a facet gate in front of one will take you to the other. Both locations offer the Treasure Map Library for their particular facet (located on the roof), and vendor merchandise is available through the Trammel branch store.

    Good travels to thee, and we look forward to seeing you soon!
    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 2:45 AM EDT by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    An Enigmatic Challenge Could Mean Life or Death
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This puzzling letter was sent to us from an unspecified source...

    There are eight pawns in play, and only a checkmate will secure their place on the board.

    As the clock strikes midnight each evening, a single pawn will move into jeopardy. If the game is not found and successfully claimed within the clock's span of two hours, the pawn will be forfeit.

    Simple riddle will provide the path to each contest...

    • The first board's bishop heeds the advice of a sage.
    • The second board's rook awaits a curtain call.
    • The third board's knight sleeps within the serpent's Arms.
    • The fourth board's rook breathes under bath water.
    • The fifth board's bishop rests peacefully near Vesper.
    • The sixth board's knight is in the two at the same timing hole.
    • The seventh board's queen favors the taste of wine.
    • The eighth board's king awaits the guillotine.

    The games begin on the evening of the fifth, and end on the twelfth.

    Your move.

    The "eight pawns" referenced could in fact be the women reported missing by Lord Reszni, and this enigma of a letter could lead to their return. If anyone can decipher this message, they are encouraged to follow up on their discoveries and attempt to bring the abducted safely home!

    Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, 1:25 AM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Golgotha Building Placement!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< 
    After an absence, Golgotha has reopened building spots within the city limits.  Currently there are 5-6 spots that will support small towers and 2 that will support small houses.  Come join the the largest player city on Felucca.  Everyone is welcome as well as all types of guilds.  For information email Lich Soulstealer at [email protected],or ICQ him at 78245748.


    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 9:06 PM EDT by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Oli's Tavern Grand Opening
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Ar! Yet another tavern opens in this great land of ours. (seems to be gettin greater and greater which each tavern eh? *grins toothily*)

    Greetings Travellers,

    I come to you to tell you of the Grand Opening of Oli's, a tavern in trammel. There will be free food, free ale and entertainment. Plus contests, events and big prizes. One such contest will be a running race. 1st prize is 10k, 2nd 5k, 3rd 2.5k. Another contest will be a polar bear wrestling contest, whoever can do the most damage will get 10k 2nd will be 5k and 3rd will be 2.5k There will also be pie eating contest, ale drinking contests, dart throwing contest, lottires and more. Plus, at the end we will be venturing to a dungeon. The tavern is located at 97N 39E. Or you can go to Dungeon Wrong and travel south, untill you reach a body of water, then follow the water in an east direction, untill you come to a Large Brick House. There will be gates at the Trinsic west Bank, Britain West Bank and Moonglow bank. Gates will be open 15 minutes before untill 15 minutes after. If you would like a rune beforehand or have any questions, you can ICQ me at 68047632.

    Hope to see you there friends.
    Oliver, THG

    Thankee Oliver fer this news. I look ferward to samplin some of yer finer ales.
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 8:44 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    A Battle of Shadows
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    'ell yet again all,
    'ere be some information on the battle against the shadow creatures.

    Molly, Galdir, many members of UN, and I where waiting by the shrine of Valor . Molly was wondering if lady Laine would show up though I doubted she would. I told Molly of my theory and she asked us to board the boat. We sailed to a nearby island, and sent those with horses to do some scouting south of the landing area. A few minutes later one of the scouts ran back to the landing site tired and injured. He yelled, "Death elemental!"

    We all looked to the south and saw a shadowy black elemental heading our way. There were screams of terror as the adventures grabbed their bows, swords, and spell books to prepare for battle. The shadow came up behind the injured scout and crushed the last life out of the poor man. I heard the twang of bows, the canting of mages, and the battle cry of advancing swordsmen.

    Most of the mages where to busy healing the the nasty burns and gashes created by the elemental magic and it's deadly touch. Eventually; after a long drawn out battle, the creature was slain slain.

    I contacted Xanthar through telepathy to get some reinforcements. A moongate opened and Xanthar jumped through with bow in hand. I turned around to a scary sight, a shadow wrym surrounded by the corpses of melee fighters.

    I had all but lost hope when another portal opened. A man on a horse followed by a white wrym stept trough. The tamer pointed his finger at the shadow wrym and said "kill". There was a large roar as the white and the shadow engaged in combat. Thankfully the shadow wrym was not as strong as the tales said and it was quickly slain by the white wyrm.

    As we healed the wounded I heard a scream and turned to see Lilyith Nior knocked off her horse by a shadow ogre and crushed under its feet. Then I spied Xerot the Black walking among the carnage with a lantern. Instead of the bright one is accustomed to, Xerot's latern eminated a darkness which sent fear through us all. I instantly assumed that this artifact of evil must have been the source of the shadow creatures. I pointed my finger at him and muttered Corp Por. The bolt of energy flew from my fingers and directly towards Xerot. Just as it was about to strike the man disappeared and my energy bolt hit an elemental behind him. I advanced to the south with Xanthar and saw boats on the shore.

    Men and women dressed in necromantic garbs fought the shadow monsters. A man dressed in black rode up next to me. I looked up at him and said "Smogg Azlian! Fancy meeting you here". He responded, "Don't worry Blackstafff we have a common emeny old man". Then he rode off looking for Xerot. Anther opened a gate and members of OSD came flooding through. Even Benin the Barkeep came ready to fight. I countiued to look for Xerot I saw large groups of shadow creatures and adventures battling to the death. I had no luck finding him. Soon the monsters stopped spawning and the fighting settled down. The tired and injured warriors and mages healed and then gated out to retire for the night.

    It seems that until we get the shadow lantern and slay Xerot this battle will never be over. I sit in the Wintermoor Medical Archives wondering when this war will continue. I can only hope this stops soon.

    -Blackstaff Historian of Wintermoor

    Thankee Blackstaff fer this news
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 8:40 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    The Britain Parlaiment
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Hail friends and citizens of Britannia!

    Pass Saturday night (September, 2) the first ever meeting of what is to be Britain Parliamentary Council was held. The meeting was a success! Many citizens from the city were present and voiced their concern and support for the idea of forming the parliamentary council. We all agreed to these following issues. We must create a governing body to serve the people and work for the people. It is also very critical to listen to the people and place the people above the charter. To do these things we propose to take the following measure.

    To listen, we have created a town hall mailing address where any citizen can share their ideas and concerns with the founding members. While your there, please sign up for the mailing list. The mailing list does several things; first, it will be used for future voting mechanism; secondly, you can keep up with up-to-date news about the council and lastly, you can use this mailing list to share you ideas and concerns with everyone on the list. This is the best mechanism available for your voice to be hard.

    To create charter that places the people above all, we promise before finalizing the charter, we will post the draft at the town hall for everyone to view and wait patiently until everyone has a chance to comment or place an input. Then once final changes are made and agreed upon, we will post the final version on the town hall for everyone to view. To track the changes, we will have version number and dated voted posted at the top of the charter and past version will be archived. Just a reminder, no charter is written on stone.

    To create a high level of professionalism within the parliamentary council, we will create separate addendum to the charter that clearly list the code of conducts for all members.

    I hope this provides everyone some idea what direction we are taking to from this governing body. We will make sure Lord British and noblest members of order will be proud of what we will create. Thank you for your time and may virtue guide you and help you.

    Your Servant,
    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 8:21 PM EDT by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Ebon Skull Casino Re-Opens
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    'ere's a bit of news frem the evil folks of our fare realm.

    The Casino will be open once again every Sunday at 10 pm (EST). Rules for the games can be found at Caina, and by clicking the Asylum link there.

    Fight nights will also be held during such times, and any interested in participating need but ask. No entree fee, and the prizes can range from 20,000 crowns to a full suit valorite plate.

    Hope to see you there!

    -Shardak Mardas

    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 8:19 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Wintermoor Attacked By Sea!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    'ello all,
    'ere's a tale that's close to me 'eart.

    On the last Friday evening, during a casual get together at the Frosty Hook tavern in the Icy City of Wintermoor. Various members of Yew, Moonglow Town Counsel, The Order of the Silver Dragons, and even the fair Loves Arrow of the VoV guild had stopped by to sooth her parched throat. The topics were many, and some of the conversations became a bit load. This was especially true of the recent rising of these new underground parties, or factions as some have been calling them. Overall, it was a quite night, not like any of the other nights in the recent months. Little did we know how different this night would turn out to be.

    In the beginning, there was a mild rumbling and a few far of sounds that drew our attention. A few of the Order of the Silver Serpents (OSS/LSS) guards were dispatched to investigate. They returned with horrific news. Serpents! Giant Deep Sea Serpents ranging from the darkest water blue to the golden scaled colossal beasts. Wave after wave of beast attacked our shore line and sank the Wintermoor boats stationed in the harbors. The guards returned and called upon any and all able bodied men to assist in the attack.

    The chairs were pushed back, and drinks spilled as fellow men rushed to the aid of his brother. Steadfast warriors withdrew their swords and left the Frosty Hook Tavern in a mad rush heading towards the shoreline to attack the beasts. Together, this group of banded men and women faught long and hard, and drove back all the beasts. Watching from the shore line, large corpses of serpents were piling up, and the battle was surely to be won by the fair city. That is until the leader of this unprovoked attack arose.

    A Kraken. Pushing away the corpses with its large tentacles, this Kraken rose up and crawled upon our shoreline. Instantly, the first line of defense fell, and the corpses of our own warriors now began to enrichen the pure white snow with a crimson stain. The men retreated towards the Frosty Hook Tavern, but it was to no avail, by this time over 10 corpses lay in a trail of its wake and the frosty hook taverns only remaining patron was the wind whipping open its doors.

    The men, now scattered began to oraganize once more. Reinforcements were called, and organized hit and run strikes were attempted on the beast. After what seemed an eternity, the beast finally began to waiver and fell, taking an innocent horse with its last strength of evil life that had remained with it.

    Xanthar of the Museum
    Mayor of Wintermoor

    Ar! All beware the mother's wrath eh?
    Yers in ale and tale,

    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 8:10 PM EDT by Keeshi (Atlantic)

    Crimson Inn Grand Opening
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    The Crimson Inn would like to invite everyone out for the grand opening tonight. There will be various events throughout the night including a dragon fight. The Crimson Inn will be open from 8:30 to 11:00 this evening by the eastern sky. Gates will be provided to any Trammel city by request. For more information, please contact Leia by pigeon # 11378206.


    This was submitted just today. Still I hope all of you that can attend will!

    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 7:05 PM EDT by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Giddeon Night Imprisoned in Yew
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This account of the capture of Giddeon Night was written by Jarlazle, of the Knights of Yew...

    Jarlazle stepped through the facet gate and wrinkled his nose in disgust. He hated this place. He never came here anymore, but it was important; the Knights were supposed to meet up with a tavern owner in Kinship, a Lady Mishca.

    The tavern was crowded due to a bard contest they were having, but he found Mishca quickly and entered the back room. There were a few people there already, an informant named Clive and a man named Chit. Mishca thought it wise to invite a paladin in as well, so Lucetta joined the small gathering.

    Mischa then sat to gather her strength. She grasped a vial of Jhubal's blood and fell into a trance. It was hard to understand just what she was going through, but it seemed as if she was looking through Jhubal's eyes, seeing what Night saw. She saw a boat deck and ferries. Clive and Jarlazle both had the same idea; he was in Skara Brae.

    Clive then set out to check the docks, remaining safe with his skill in stealthing. He said he would send word if he saw anything. Not too long after he left, a pigeon arrived; Night's boat had been sighted, but before the group could act, Night set sail.

    Jarlazle then went back to Mischa and asked her to try one more time, if she had the strength, and she indicated she did. Her next vision was not as deep as the first, and the clues she spoke made no sense except for "dark" and "holes" and "bees". The only place that Jarlazle knew had bees was Skara Brae, but Clive contradicted that, having seen Night leave the isle. Clive had said the boat went northwest, and it was decided that Buccaneer's Den would be the next best place to search.

    It took some time and a lot of will power to control their sea sickness as they sailed to Buccaneer's Den. Upon arriving, the small band searched the island, but found nothing.

    Their hopes dwindling, the small band of hunters began to fade apart, each going their seperate ways. Jarlazle asked for a rune to Skara Brae; he wanted one last look at the place before going back to Trammel. Gorion placed the rune on the floor for him and the tired Knight recalled for a last attempt to find their quarry.

    Jarlazle went to the bank, grabbed a moonstone, and headed for the docks. When he reached the dock he saw a lone boat. Curious, he looked for the name, and there it was: "Spirit Runner". Night had been here the whole time. Jarlazle studied the deck but saw no sign of him, caught no scent. He quickly sent out pigieons to those who were still awake and soon Clive, Lucetta, Gwendolyn, Gorion and Mel were sailing back to Skara Brae.

    Jarlazle slowly walked to the boat and checked the plank. The board creaked down onto the dock. Without a second thought, he stepped onto the boat and began to search when a deep voice rang out, "Forward left!" The boat lurched to its side and Night came out of the shadows, bow already firing.

    An arrow thudded home in Jarlazle's shoulder and he gasped in pain. He quickly threw on a bandage and charged his foe. The wind was furious and it was hard to get to the sea faring man who danced about his familiar deck, aiming deadly arrows. Finally, Jarlazle engaged his enemy.

    The two fought hard and long, while Jarlazle's friends sought him out in the open sea. Dripping with sweat, he attacked the huge man, fighting off both arrows, then hammer attacks alike. Jarlazle was smaller and quicker, and with a flurry of blows, was finally able to overcome Giddeon Night. As his enemy fell unconscious to the deck, his friends arrived. Jarlazle let out a triumphant yell.

    Night's serious wounds were tended to and Jarlazle collected the criminal's gear. Even after being captured, the fiend was uncaring, unafraid. He knew he had something over the group and began to bargain.

    Jarlazle was unyielding. "You will go to the Yew jail and await your judgement. I am not the one to talk to anyway, and I'm sure Scarecrow will say the same thing, Night."

    Night was tied up and brought to land. The small band made their way back to Yew and quickly crossed over to Trammel. The tired group brought Night to the Court and locked him in a cell. Clive offered to take first watch until the guards arrived, as he was all too happy to see Night captured and could not sleep. Jarlazle thanked those around him for helping, even though they protested that he was the one who had accomplished the task. He smiled tiredly at them and bid them a good night. Jarlazle then turned and limped slowly off to his house in the deep woods of Yew.

    The capture of this murderer is cause for celebration, but Giddeon Night still has the stone containing Dove's soul to use as a bargaining chip. How this will play out remains to be seen, and we will be sure to bring you the latest as soon as details are made available.

    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 6:25 PM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Winners of Kinship's Scavenger Hunt Announced
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following announcement was sent to us by Kith Kanan, of Clan N'eilean, regarding the scavenger hunt begun over a week ago...

    It is with pleasure that I announce to ye all that a hardy and now worn out team has managed to successfully bring me all one hundred of the required items for the Kinship Village Grandmaster of Scavenger Hunts!

    As ye may be aware, it has taken over a week, so the prize money was increased to 100,000 gold and a full suit of ranger armor, as per my promise to do so.

    The winning team consisted of the following citizens:

    • Cuchalain Ap Kes
    • ShadowDancer
    • Julia the Tinker

    I am also informed that they had some assistance from Belsen the Tambourine Girl.

    I would like to thank Galen Dundragon for donating the complete suit to be a prize. I would also like to thank everyone who attended the festival, and all those who took part in the hunt. If nothing else, I gave you something to do for a while...

    Be sure to watch for the next Kinship Village event, coming soon! And as always, the Kinship Village tavern is open and tended by a barkeep every evening. Be sure to come and share some companionship with others. Kinship Village is located on the mainland just east of Skara Brae, at 56o4'S - 33o15'W.

    Congratulations to the winners, and we'll be sure to bring you news of forthcoming events in Kinship Village as soon as details are available.

    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 6:02 PM EDT by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Origin Stratics is Moving
    Origin Stratics has moved! Please change your bookmarks to reflect the new URL of The old address of will no longer work after this weekend.
    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 5:15 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    A Very Special Announcement!!
    It is with Deepest Pride and Greatest Pleasure, That I have been given the opportunity to report the wedding engagement of Furie of KoB and Gil Shatterstone of KoB.

    What is so special about this you may ask? Well, This will not be an UO Wedding, they are now officially engaged in REAL LIFE!!!!! It's amazing how a RPG such as UO can bring people together and form such a special community. And in instances such as this, Even go that extra special step further.

    I would personally like to congratulate them both!


    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 4:11 PM EDT by Helper (GreatLakes)

    New @ Stratics
    Here's a quick look at what's new to the Stratics Network this week:

    Stratics House of Commons This Week

    To access Stratics IRC, simply connect to one of the following servers than join the appropriate HOC channel.


    Adellion Stratics

    • Remember to drop by #adellion, Sundays at 11am CST for an informal Q&A with Honourbound, the creators of Adellion.

    Anarchy Online Stratics

    • Beta testing phase 2 has been launched! Have you dropped by AOS lately and filled out your application? There's just 1 more phase left!

    Asheron's Call Stratics

    • Check out the new Links Database and register your Asheron fansite or guild's website for the Asheron community to check.

    Atriarch Stratics

    • This week at Atriarch Stratics we've put up the new House of Commons log from the Lokai developer chat. It's a great read so be sure to check it out!

    EverQuest Stratics

    • The latest and greatest EQSS Client Color Editor has been made ready for download at our Custom Colors Page. In this version, support for the three new color codes is included. The size of the application has also been substantially reduced by storing the images externally in GIFs instead of internally in BMP format.
    • If you play EverQuest and you like to keep track of your character, we have just the thing for you. Serani has given us the EverQuest Character Sheets, an EQSS Exclusive, and you can get them from the EverQuest Class Reference.
    • Meet Ogamok! Ogamok is the EQSS News Lead and has been doing an outstanding job in rebuilding the news staff.
    • Greebo's Rabbithole is open! Each month, Greebo, EQSS Project Manager, will put out a new Project Manager's Letter updating our guests on current and future events at EQSS. Crawl on in and give it a read!

    Hero's Journey Stratics

    • Check out Tormanth's article entitled Simulation. It covers the nature of simulating real life activites in an online world.

    Jumpgate Stratics

    Neverwinter Stratics

    Neverwinter Stratics Gets A New Look!!

    What have we done to improve the site?

    • The menu has been redesigned to make it easier to locate site content.
    • The image gallery has new screenshots and other images for your enjoyment.
    • The graphics have been reworked to provide a faster download for all pages.

    As for the rest of the updates and changes, we are going to leave them for you to discover!

    We hope you enjoy the new site and please let us know what you think by responding to the site's latest poll.

    Origin Stratics

    • We recently had our 2nd House of Commons Chat with the ORIGIN Dev Team to great success! With over 200 people in attendance, there were many excellent questions to be answered and the Dev Team was very willing to do just that. Make sure to check out our brand new HoC/Chat Log Section to read all about the latest in ORIGIN's development.

    Ultima-Online Stratics

    • Head over to our new section on Factions. Whether you are in the Minax, True Britannians, The Shadowlords or The Council of Mages, there's important information on Factions, Scoring and Town Control there for you. Once you're done reading all that is new, head on over to the new Faction Forum where you can discuss Factions with your friends and Foes. Sigil stealing in the Forum is not allowed :)
    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 3:21 PM EDT by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    My resignation as shard reporter
    It is with great sadness and the obliteration of an innumerable number of innocent tissues that I resign from my title of shard reporter and from the world of Britannia. I have many fond memories and have met many amazing people whom I will never forget, but the pain that comes with playing this game has become too consistent and too great a price to pay. I will not cry anymore because of a computer game and the hurt that seems to go hand-in-hand with it. I'm not going into any reasons here, there are too many and this is not the forum for them. I'm not going into words for my friends here either, there are too many things to be said. I will try to email you all and tell you what you've meant to me. To anyone that may have been hurt by anything that I've done, I'm sorry.

    In my last post here before I leave, I would like to leave you all with one thing to think over. I would like to thank Aureal Glimmermoon of CAD and White Lotus of the City of Sanctuary for helping me to pinpoint this yesterday. UO is no utopia, just like the real world, and mistakes are made, and not infrequently. I ask you all now to consider the intentions of the individual responsible for those mistakes. I believe that you'll find more often than not that people here have good intentions, it just doesn't always come to fruition as they intended. Look beyond the outcome and the action and try to consider for yourself the reasons and the intent. Lotus and Aureal did this yesterday and to see them cooperate to push forward the Sanctuary storyline for the better filled me with a great happiness. With more people like these two, the Great Lakes would be a *much* happier place to live.

    Ed, I love you so much and it pains me deeply that I will never be your wife. I promise I will never lose touch with you, no matter what happens.

    Thanks everyone for hearing me out. I'll miss this. :)


    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 12:33 PM EDT by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    7th Minoc Horserace
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<An annpuncement from Yoldran.

    The sevneth Minoc Horserace will be held on wednesday, september 6th, 20:00cet at the Minoc townhall on Trammel.

    The route is shown on the map below. It starts at the townhall (1) and leads to the bridge crossing to the mine with the first checkpoint (2). From there, it leads up the serpent road to checkpoint 2, where you have to cross a line (3). Down again and eastward around the mine-mountain, leaving the stables to the right, the finish is found at "The Barnacle" inn (4).

    There are two starting cathegories: Beginer and Veteran. Entry fee for beginer is 100 coins, for veteran 1000 coins. The money will be distributed by 50%, 35%, 15% for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Riders start in groups of 4. The winners of these startup races do a final. Only horses are allowed. Should there however be enough other animals, it is possible to start a "sheer-nightmare-race" for example.

    May the fastest contestant win!
    Best wishes,

    yours truly
    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 10:32 AM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    Opening of Stonekeep Taverna a Huge Sucess
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A report from the opening of the Stonekeep Taverna

    I am pleased to announce that thanks to the Barstaff and team of the Militia , the Tavern opening was a big sucess. I would like to thank everyone for making it a grand evening.

    It started of with the opening being made by a Head Counselar Lord Zweistein who remarked about how he would like to see the 'ale never stop flowing' and how it will be ' a meeting place for all men of Britannia'.

    The ale did indeed flow for free that night with 3 000 crowns worth of ale downed. After a short time the events started - The Axe Throwing contest was won by Lex who won two bunches of dried flowers , Drakar then won the Sosarias Strongest Man contest and picked up 2000 crowns and then went on to win the lottery getting 1000 crowns.

    The event was closed by Seer Interia who bought presents of Fireworks wands for everyone there. It was a grand event! One which will not be forgotton! And if you missed this event, there are a LOT more Stonekeep events on the way

    The Opening of the Taverna

    Two Drunkards battling in the 'Sosarias Strongest Man' Contest

    Seer Interia closes the event with fireworks
    Yours truly
    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 10:27 AM EDT by Eldariel (Europa)

    The Plot Thickens
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<More on the robbery in Britian

    Report from Captain Stormaul

    Last eve, I interviewed Master Herbalist Ezzar about a recent robbery at his shop. A few nights earlier, Master Ezzar was assaulted and a small box containing magical Sulfuric Ash was stolen. It seems this ash has been magically altered and can be used as an incredibly dangerous and effective weapon.

    We believe that a Green Dragon, simply named Dragon who used to be an apprentice of Ezzar's, was behind the theft. Based on other details described by Ezzar, we also believe that the
    Orcs of Kor are involved in this as well.

    I have dispatched scouts to search for the Green Dragon and I have the Orc Lands under surveilance now. As more news develops, I will ensure that the populace is informed.

    Note: Full story can be found here:
    Interview with Ezzar.

    Captain Stormaul
    Britain Guardforce

    The Plot Thickens

    Von Ravend, Oceania Stratics Reporter
    Posted on Monday, September 4, 2000, 1:37 AM EDT by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Sanctuary Acquires the Notebook!
    After much had transpired, the diary of Lazareth finally returned to the hands of White Lotus, councilwoman of The City of Sanctuary, this evening:
    Pacing the pub, Lotus rubbed her aching temples. What a waste of time..., she thought to herself. We went to Buc's Den and came home without a thing. Damn that thief. Now the diary is gone. We needed that to stop Laz from completing the transformation. From the information we got last night, many lives were lost trying to retrieve the diary. We should have known that it wouldn't go smooth. I am glad that the Sanctuary group decided not to pursue the thief and came back to the tower.

    Hmmmmmm, I shall have to have Strix clean the hot tub filters again. They seem clogged. Reaching in, Lotus digs deep into the filter. Fingers touching something inside, she slowly p