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UO: Third Dawn Textures, by Xena Dragon
Whilst browsing the UO: Third Dawn Alpha files I stumbled upon a directory where all kinds of textures for items and characters are stored. Here's a small excerpt of some of the textures that looked most interesting.
An Elder Daemon. It's unknown if this type of Daemon is new or that this is the new art for Balrons. An Asian Dragon. There are several textures that show a specific asian style, one of them being this Dragon.
An Ice Dragon. I really like the cold blue look of this one. A Skeletal Dragon. Definately a new species, and from the looks of it it's probably tough.
An Ethereal Horse. The horse that one can choose as anniversary gift. Dragon Armor. A stunning looking new piece of armor. I wish I knew how to acquire that in-game.
Faction Horse of the True Britannians Faction Horse of the Council of Mages
Faction Horse of the Followers of Minax Faction Horse of the Shadowlords
A Female. This is the texture used for your paperdoll if you are playing a female. A Male. This is the texture used for your paperdoll if you are playing a male.
Various shields. Notice the new "Roman" shield. Japanese Armor.
Ninja Armor. Skimpy Outfit #1
Skimpy Outfit #2 Skimpy Outfit #3
An Efreet. This graphics finally does the efreet some justice since an efreet originally is a type of genie (You know, the ones you find in bottles :) An Imp. Just like with the Efreet, this graphics makes an Imp look more like what an Imp is supposed to look like. A Shadow Fiend. Using the same style graphic as the Imp it seems. Shadow Fiends can be found in dungeon Khaldun in the Lost Lands.
An Ethereal Warrior, called Michael. I have no clue what this is supposed to be. It looks like a male Harpy, and it also reminds me of an angel. My best guess is that this is new good aligned species, possibly the white skinned NPCs that I've bumped into in Ilshenar. A Kraken. Finally the Kraken does no longer look like a corpser who's been holding his breath too long. I wonder what a moving Kraken looks like now. A Komodo Dragon and a Snow Leopard.
A Shadowlord. I'd hate to bump into one of these in a dark alley! A Dread Spider A Kimono. Very nice looking new piece of clothing.
A Cyclops A Forest Ostard A Corpser
Swamp Tentacles A Gargoyle A Harpy
An Evil Mage Lord An Ogre Lord An Ophidian Archmage
An Ophidian Knight An Ophidian Mage An Ophidian Queen
An Orc Captain An Orc Lord An Orc Mage
A Ratman A Ratman Mage A Sea Serpent
A Skeleton A Skeletal Knight A Skeletal Mage
A Terathan Avenger A Terathan Queen A Titan