Ice Helm Found (09/13/99)
Last eve in Trinsic, the city of honor, many gathered at the word of the Astronomer Galen of Moonglow that something of great importance was to happen. At about ten o'clock in the eastern sky, Lord Captain Arkon and a squad of guards began their search for Aaron, a man convicted of killing his business partner. Aaron was shortly found and after a long search of his jewelry shop, evidence was located which cleared his name. This evidence came in the form of two books. The first book was a tome of notes taken on the ice armor and the exact location of each piece. The second book was the journal of Tasha, the late businessman's widow, who killed her husband Brett, was a jewel smuggler, and was in league with Dragar! Though the page in the first book which revealed the location of the ice helm had been torn asunder from the rest of the book, Tasha's journal not only revealed the location of the ice helm, but the exact date and time of Dragar's attack. The journal contained the following passage:

Dragar plans an assault on Nujel'm this Thursday at 9 pm by the central sky.
Dragar Battles at his Lair (08/17/99)
Apologies, this entry seems to have been missed, it should have been posted Wednesday.

Dragar, the Dragon Lord, had once again been seen roaming his lair. The call went out from the lady Mayor SortsAngel and the CBR to battle the foe in his own element.

Thanos tells us of what happened from his perspective.

Hail to All, I am Thanos, Head reporter of Aryslan. Tonight as OSR was going on a guild trip, CBR summoned our help. It seemed like Dragar was back. Along with CBR (ed: and a large bunch of others :) , we went to Dragar's lair. We had then to pass a pentagram, with a word. Someone on CBR had the key of the puzzle and we were then teleported in a small room filled with dragons!

As a group were fighting the dragons, Dragar came out of the room, exiting to the first pentagram (cave) and begin to fight. He talked about having the Ice Armor and being invincible with it. I deduced then that perhaps a Mace was the thing that could have most hurt him since it destroys armor. I must have been right because as soon as I suggested the idea, Dragar went directly after me, ignoring completely the others.

After a while Dragar began to flee, eventually disappearing in the jungle. I came back to the room where the dragons were, and was shocked that it now was filled of OSR and CBR corpses everywhere on the ground. I also realised that they had solved the second puzzle, leading to another pentagram inside.

In the next room we faced a locked wall that we couldn't open. Then Seer Kristos appeared and tried to help us. He told us that we still had a chance to get Dragar but that as soon as he possessed the ice helm, to complete his armor, it will be too late. He also told us that one spell at a time can't hurt him.

Seifer told us that he knew where the ice helm was but that he couldn't tell us, as we were his enemy. Seer Kristos also told us about a book that had been stolen in Britain; the legend says that the book contained the location of the ice helm. After a while, Seer Kristos left, followed by many other people and then by us.

The Lair (08/08/99)

***From Friday evening***

What sight was this that mine eyes saw before me? Seemed to be a large gathering in the fine City of Corwyn this eve.

Quietly I strode up to the steps of the Black Rose Brewery, passing through the crowd with ease. Opening the door, I proceded to make my way to the bar and order one of the fine local brews. From here it was easy to spy on the folks inside. I turned my attentions to a young lad carrying many bottles of strong ale over to some strange green cloaked man who looked about ready to burst from his skin, literally.

The lad, Tai, handed these bottles over as a Dark Knight entered. The man clad in green drank greedily from Tai's offer and seemed to relax a bit. Personally, I was awed to see a normal man drink so much and still stand. A man named Kunger of T C sat nearby watching with concern. I asked him who this green cloaked man was.
"What's that you say? A Druid named Auldrek? Why he hardly looks more than a dirty forest creature."
"Ah, stress, and a curse? My how interesting. I must remember to research this further."

At that point the huge Dark Knight, Lord Darius of Let approached Auldrek.. They seemed to know each other. The conversation soured quickly as Darius grew tired of dealing with a drunk. The lad Tai could only watch as the dark knight siezed Auldek's last bottle and crushed it in his mailed fist. I lost sight of them in the crowd but soon after Auldrek was stumbling outside with many men at his side. Following, I was able to see Lady Angel Storm and Lion Heart, along with a sizable force of CBR, ride up and aproach Auldrek. Auldrek seemed to straighten and get a better grip on himself as Angel Storm stood before him. Then I had to duck as a few daemons went by chasing Lord Arius of CBR. What was that man thinking? I, for one, run when confonted with those hell spawn and do not playfully attack them and lead them around. When I turned back, Auldrek had summoned a shimmering blue gate that everyone was rushing into. Not one to be left out I quickly followed.

Emerging from the blue haze I quickly noticed that we where surrounded by tall mountains in a not so big alcove. There, at the end, was a wisp. A small discussion took place with mention of a diary found in Wind by Seifer that held much information. Looking around I spotted Seifer standing under the shadow of a pet Dragon he had with him. I decided not to talk to him. After a short time questioning the wisp we where able to learn a few key items.

"Seek the Knowledge of Kragen"

"Find virtue in the place where sacrafice is forsaken"

I, of course, had no idea what this meant. Lady Angel Storm, using her knowledge of the Virtues was quick to determine that the dungeoun of Covetous was just such a place. I just shrugged and waited for the next gate. While I waited I couldnt help but notice Auldrek standing with his face against the mountain and mumbling to himself. How odd. Then the gate came and I was standing outside some doors leading into the side of a mountain. Upon our entrance some rather large statues began to speak.

"Beware Ye Who Enter These Halls!"

And after a short walk another group of statues spoke.

"Go no further, lest ye face thy death!"

Well, I must admit that I thought about leaving but then Auldrek swept past with determination on his face and I felt compelled to follow. After dispatching a few Liches the group gathered in the Throne room to hear Auldrek's words. He instructed them in a harsh voice, whilst clenching his staff firmly, to search the area for any signs of Virtue. Splitting into groups they ran off on this mission. I just hid in a corner and waited. Twas alot of walking after all. Soon Lady Angel Storm found a small room with an Anhk. Leading everyone down the hallways she took us there. We asked the Anhk about Kragen and to our amazement it spoke.

"Long ago he dwelled within these Halls"

"Upon his throne he aquired vast Knowledge"

"Seek the Pentagram within the cave"

"It is the Portal to Dragar's lair"

"To go foreward one must possess the Secret"

"Kragen alone knew the way"

"He kept the secret Near to himself"

"The observant may yet find it hidden nearby"

It didn't take long for them to search his Throne room and discover a piece of paper with the numbers on them. After a small debate any confusion was dismissed and the force of over 20 set out to Dragar's lair.

I watched Auldrek enter a trance for a moment and was able to hear him call out to a Trigg of KEF. Later I learned that Trigg and Auldrek had discoverd where Dragar's lair was in advance. Apparently in an effort to save lives Trigg had marshalled an advance scouting force of his men and entered the lair before the main host had arrived. I'm told that they where able to defeat two Dragons with relative ease. Of course, that may be because the Dark Elves under the command of some Ixle person had softened them up first.

How did I learn this? Well it's my story so pipe down! I just happen to travel in certain circles. In my business information is worth far more than gold. Anyway, when the group led by Angel Storm and Lion Heart arrived they entered and inspected Dragar's lair. No doubt they wished to find him there and do battle but I, for one, am glad he was not.

After a while at a locked door in the back of Dragar's den I took my leave. Quietly stepping over Auldrek's body that now decorated the lobby I left.

Oh come now, you didn't expect me to stay did you? If you must know I later learned that, under Lord Darius's instruction, Seifer was told to antagonize Auldrek in order to gain more information. Apparently Auldrek , under some cursed Berserker rage, attacked both Seifer and his pet Dragon. Such a pity.

Now I must go. Angel Storm has called some emergency meeting of the CCoV together to determine what to do with this new information and I must find my spot in the rafters before it starts. If your a betting man, put your money on Dragar, I've seen him.

The ever-so-popular 3-4-1-5 (08/01/99)
*tap tap tap*

Tai looked down to where the tapping on his waist was coming from and saw a small boy. Wordlessly, the small boy handed him an envelope and ran off. Tai opened the envelope.

Must find....wise men.

Lead to Anhk.. must go... Covetous. Liche

Tai rushed to gather his warrior equipment, and after some wandering looking for Covetous, he arrived to a baffling sight.

On the west wall of the room was an Ankh. Auldrek was stumbling around with his eyes bulging. He was panting, then laughing maniacally.

"Danu pleeese!" Auldrek screamed in pain.

"Stand back!" Auldrek yelled, as Tai rushed to hold him. "I have cursed myself."


"I am stronger this way."

KEF Trigg was there, seemingly unfazed by Auldrek's curse. Trigg was pondering the Ankh. A ghost, named Janissary, was also there.
"ooOOooOO" Janissary said.

"Greetings Tai", Trigg said cheerily, continuing to stare at the Ankh.

Tai turned his attention from Auldrek to the Ankh. The Ankh spoke the following words:
"Long ago he dwelled within these Halls. Upon his throne he acquired vast Knowledge. He kept the secret Near to himself. Kragen alone knew the Way. He kept the secret Near to himself. The observant may yet find it hidden nearby."
The four went into the next room. A ruined painting was there. There was something odd about the frame. Tai stooped and peered closer to the frame, holding his candle close to get a good look. A small plaque at the bottom read "3-4-1-5".
"There must be levers" Auldrek said, coughing. "This is the order of pulling, perhaps".

"o ooOo oOoO OOO ooOoO OOoo" Janissary said.

The next room had a maze of steps. The group entered it, tried climbing each section, and each falling to the ground as they attempted to solve the puzzle. They felt the walls for levers or clues and found nothing.

The room with the steps led to a larger room. This room was filled with liches, skeletons, and wraiths, which the group cleared out with no problem. At one end of the room was a stone throne. There was a small piece of paper wedged beneath the throne. By getting on ones knees and twisting ones head, it was possible to read the note. "3-4-1-5" it said.

Going back through the room with the stairs, the group noticed 5 rooms lined up on the west side of the hallway. They searched each room, and found a lever in room 2 (numbering from South to North). They flipped the lever, and investigated the impact on nearby things. Nothing noticeable happened.

By this time they were joined by DoomFyre and Fenwulf.

Trigg laid out communications crystals, and they decided to each take a door. Auldrek, door 1, DoomFyre 3, Trigg, 4, and Tai 5. Fenwulf manned the switch. The opened the doors -- 3, 4, 1, 5. Opened them and closed them, opened them and stood in them, switch up, switch down, numbering S to N, then N to S. Nothing happened that they could find.

A man named Vasilias joined the group, and they searched the library, downstairs, and rest of the upstairs for further clues, and found none. At wits end, they called it a night.

Tai, Auldek, Trigg and the ghost Janissary and a speaking Ankh. [13k]

A Picture Frame with a Note. [23k]

A mysterious step puzzle. [20k]

The stone throne with a note wedged underneath. [42k]

A switch...† hmm. [32k]"

Following a Hint From the Wisp (07/30/99)

I sought out the wisp that Kristos spoke of in Wind.

The wisp told me the following:

Seek the Knowledge of Kragen.
Find virtue in the place sacrifice is forsaken.

Covetous is the only place I could think of that would forsake sacrifice, as it is selfish.

I went and was unable to find anything as there were only two of us and a million rats and giant serpents. Perhaps another try with more people is in order.

Dragar on the move... Or just out for a walk? (07/26/99)

After the confrontation with Dragar at the Cove orc fort Auldrek lead us to Dragar's Lair where we would hope to find him. Indeed we did, but the doors were locked keeping us from entering. Auldrek told Tai and I to gather an army to confront Dragar and any or all of his minions. And so we did. We gathered the finest people at the Black Rose Brewery, we were then on our way ready for battle, ready to defeat the one known as Dragar. We had also just heard he had obtained the the latest piece of armor from the orc mage NaGrot.

We arrived there to find nothing but disappointment. Nothing was there. We all left to see what else we could find out but the stories from people say there is nothing more.

Much later that eve Melinda,Aerith and I of the guild CBR and Mr.BOO and Duuklet of the guild BOO, ventured back to Dragar's Lair only to find out Dragar was moving, with his Dragon Dawnfire into the forest on the right side of the mountain. We then confronted him, weapons ready to fly.

He warned us of what power we were messing with and what power he would hold once he gets the last piece of armor, the Ice Helm. We exchanged insults and threats and so the first battle with Dragar begun. He ordered Dawnfire, his dragon, to attack Mr.BOO which kept both of them busy while we pounded on Dragar. Everything we threw at him, Energy Vortex, Energy Bolts, Flame Strike, arrows, bolts, and cold steel, did not harm him at all.

Once he sent his dragon to attack Mr.BOO, I did not hesitate to go 1 on 1 with him for a bit; he did tremendous damage almost killing me with 3 hits, I fell back to heal then quickly returned to battle.

Melinda, Aerith, and Duuklet threw everything they could at him, but there was not even a scratch on him. His armor was impenetrable, we could not hurt him. I told Aerith and Melinda to recall to the Black Rose Brewery where I would meet them. I then headed south of the forest to find Mr.BOO slain by Dawnfire and Duuklet attempting to vanquish it.

So he did, Duuklet slew Dawnfire and Dragar returned to his keep, in disappointment and anger Dragar killed both his horses then quickly vanished. It was obvious he was on his way to obtain the last piece of Ice Armor but we intercepted and prevented him from doing so. It also may seem that Seer Kristos may be the only one who can defeat this most powerful being.

From what we saw and fought, no manmade weapon or skill would be enough to defeat this entity, if he obtains the last piece of armor there will be no hope.......

Traitors to the Realm; Dragar gains another piece (07/26/99)

A lone woman walks into the frigid caverns near Trinsic, mouth pursed in... triumph?

"Brrr...pretty cold, eh Brother?", said Amberyl, pulling her cape tight.


Jhym had slept far too long. The cold had obviously affected him somehow. He awoke, but sat quietly, listening to the voices around him.

"Aye, Amberyl," said SandTiger. "Let's get this done with. I am getting cold in this armor." He shifted uneasily.

Amberyl and her guildmates clutched their robes to them and stepped onto the portal stone leading into Dragar's lair. Each murmured "Wintersoul" as they stepped up. Arriving inside the frigid keep , located above Deceit, they both hid. Moments later, a man strode in, covered in Armor of Ice. He bid the shivering travellers welcome. He unlocked the doors for them, then hustled them through before shutting the doors firmly.

Amberyl, always suspecting a trap, ran in and looked around. Nothing, she thought to herself. Dragar walked calmly up to his throne, settling in silent contemplation. The three forms stood before him...wondering what was to happen next.

"Ermm...Dragar, milord, I have a gift for Skorr, seeing how he resurrected me twice out on the battlefield." Amberyl twisted her lips in annoyance. "But he did laugh at me the second time!!" Dragar smirked slightly, but disdained comment.

Amberyl dismounted from her steed, newly acquired from Tamiko. She tied her horse to a pole, and informed Dragar her beast was dinner for Skorr. The cowled man next to her did likewise, leaving his mare named Wrath for the other dragons.

"You three did well this eve," Dragar said. "My commends go with you... and the agreed upon price."

"Dragar, did the informant tell you about what we have been doing these past few days?" Amberyl said earnestly, wanting to ensure her favor. The others smirked slightly. "About how we spread all that propaganda around?"

"Aye Amberyl, she did." He traced a figure on the newly aquired armor nonchalantly.

"Good then.. I just wanted to make sure. It was no easy thing convincing Auldrek's fools last night in Cove, that they were in the wrong place." Amberyl twisted her lips in a semblance of a smile.

Dragar grinned, knowing they had served him well.

"Dragar...about the arrangements." SandTiger spoke up, a slightly fearful look as the madman turned his gaze upon him. "The house will now be ours?"

"Aye, will be." Dragar shifted impatiently. "I will send my... informant to liberate the stone and the NightChest into your possession."

Amberyl looked up, more questions upon her lips.

"Will we be working for you again?" She looked on as he tapped a finger upon his throne in thought. "I mean...we did uncover these arms for you...." She became quiet, not wanting to overreach herself.

"Indeed...we shall see...but it can be done." His gaze looked far across the cavernous room. "There is the small matter of... " He murmured something. Amberyl and her guildmates, having overheard, quickly agreed.

Dragar looked up, frowning thunderously. "I hear something... coming from the chamber doors." He stood, staring beyond them.

Amberyl walked back to the doors and quickly returned, informing everyone they were being watched from the anteroom.

Dragar quickly left, and the words of power echoed eerily through the empty halls. The three figures vanished into air. All that could be heard was the braying of two horses, waiting for their lives to come to an abrupt halt.



Jhym had slept far too long. The cold had obviously affected him somehow. He awoke, but sat quietly, listening to the voices around him.

Amberyl... Seifer... several others. He saw several dead bodies. A battle had occurred, t'was obvious. And without further knowledge, he was not going to make his presence known. He watched as the folk gathered their things and finally left, the remaining bodies decaying quite quickly for them to be so cold.

After a short time, a large group from Corwyn appeared. They wandered about the anteroom for a time, discussing what to do. Finally Jhym strode from the shadows, talking with Boris and Tai and Corran. They seemed as clueless as he. He shook his head sadly as the group left, leaving just a couple of folk behind.

"My vigil was useless," he thought to himself, as Boris and Don Martin talked of possibilities. "Not that I'd have been much threat to anyone."

Finally, he spoke the word and returned to the cave, not realizing he stopped shivering in the sudden jungle heat. He ran around the range, back to Corwyn, then through the gates to Minoc. From Minoc to Pax, he finally found Seifer, settled upon a chair at the ladies' tavern. He spoke shortly of the battle, of the traitors. Seifer spoke of trying to stealth and grab the arms before Dragar could. Holding his frustration, Jhym wandered out of the tavern and to Yew.

At Yew, having no idea what to do next, he grabbed his boat and started a trip around the northern reaches. Finally, after encountering NightzAngel and a friend, he decided to camp somewhere far out of people's way. A small isle in the sea of Justice was large enough for a dumb bard and his small meal of fish.

Settling back, he thought about how much death was coming their way. He wondered if maybe they should just save Dragar the trouble and find the last piece and throw it at him. Maybe it would chop his head off. For all the good they had been thus far, it was no worse an idea.

Seawater quietly washed around a tiny island, a tiny campfire the only sign of human life in leagues. Soft notes of music flickered across the waters, drowning softly in the roaring night.


Fraud Unearthed - Ice Armor Still Safe (?) (07/25/99)

A hooded woman walks into the spotlight for a brief moment...

I am disheartened to say in the least. This "NaGrot" Orc mage mystery was a ruse created by myself, and the mages of Wind....

We had meant to fool Dragar, NOT our allies and Kristos. He must have seen through the ruse, for we "hinted" that the best time for him to attack was when the mages of Wind were in council, which was on Thursday eve. Or Wednesday eve...I forget. Receiving a pigeon from my friend, I uttered my favorite curse, and rushed to Cove.

It was there that I drew the leader, Auldrek, aside and explained this to him. The mages of Wind created a "magical crystal ball" which would "reveal" the future. I payed one of my friends, Armstrong, a guard in Cove, to recite some carefully worded lines, to reveal clues which would lead Dragar into our trap.

You have all done well...but the true arms lay hidden elsewhere. With help of one of my informants, I have found a "Tome of Artifacts" which has revealed the location of these arms, as well as several other rare artifacts, including the Bell of Courage, and the war hammer known as GThunk's Fist.

I will be speaking later with Auldrek and Seer Kristos as to the location...for a price.


The woman walks back into the shadows, words of power the only sound as she disappears.

(Ed: Interesting... perhaps the book that Tai found that was empty was not always empty... )

The Search for Ice Armor continues (07/23/99)

Still not satisfied with the search Trigg decided to return to Cove to look for answers. As he approached the guard tower he noticed a old guard yammering about orcs.

"What is your name sir?", Trigg asked.

"Armstrong" the guard replied.

"Well met Armstrong, I noticed that you were talking about orcs what do you know about a certain orc mage by the name of Na Grot?" Trigg said.

"Na Grot! That foul orc! I wish you donít speak of him!" demanded Armstrong.

"Then you do know this foul orc.!" Trigg exclaimed.

"Aye I do, Legends say he is the greatest orc mage ever lived." Armstrong began to explain.

Trigg interrupted, "What sort of legend?"

Armstrong gave an eye showing that he did not like to be disrupted, then continued on, "Legends say that Na Grot can foretell the future, he can see and predict what will happen."

"How can an orc foresee the future." Trigg laughed.

"Oh he can! He had a crystal ball, that let him do so, a rare magical item indeed." Armstrong explained.

"You're serious about this crystal ball?" Trigg asked in interest.

"Don't believe me?" Armstrong said disgustedly. "Then head over to the orc fort near Yew and ask the orcs there, they might tell ya if you survive. HAHAHAHA.Ē Armstrong laughed and departed, kicking a cat out of his way.

Trigg mounted his steed and began his journey to the orc fort near Yew.

As he arrived at the fort he noticed the deserted place filled with an eery feeling, a feeling like he was being watched. Thinking it was just paranoia of Dragar, he disregarded the eeriness and marched up the small hut in the back of the fort. Knowing what to search for this time, he noticed a crystal ball on the center of the table.

Trigg began to peer into it and wondering how it worked unknowingly said, "Wonder how Na Grot get this to work."

A strange mist began to appear in the crystal ball. When it cleared an image of a figure appeared in the crystal ball. The image showed an orc mage in battle. He was fighting human foes until he was betrayed by a fellow orc.

A well armoured orc struck the orc mage down from behind, and from its dead body the orc warrior removed a pair of white plate arms. The image faded and a new one began to form. Now it showed the orc warrior wearing the white plate arms and leading a massive army into battle. The warrior is slain by a black poison arrow. The orc and arms are buried in an orc fort. The mist swirls and the images were no more.

Trigg recognized the orc fort to be the one near Cove. Quickly he mounted his steed and started back toward Cove. As he rounded a barricade, two orc mages popped out of the forest, and both started to cast flame strikes toward him....

The First Search for NaGrot (07/22/99)
It was a good summer day, the winds were breezy and the birds were chipping. Trigg was sitting in his Council of Virtue (CCoV) office when his page comes running in giving him a letter.

The letter was from Lord Auldrek of TDD and a fellow counselor in the CCOV, stating that he needed aid in search of NaGrot the orc mage, who was supposedly holding a piece of Dragar's Armor of Ice. Trigg quickly gather his stead and ask a fellow knight, by the name of Fenwulf, to accompany him on his trip to meet up with Auldrek in Cove.

As the two knights arrived in Cove, there was no sign of Auldrek. Fearing for his life, they started to head to the orc fort where they assumed he might be. But a stranger quickly stop them, he was dressed in white like a death robe, but he had enough armour on him to withstand an ogre lord! He asked the knights what they were doing, and they quickly answered them.

As the conversation grew, they found this good person to be Tai, a name that they have heard from the lands of Gehenna. They all quickly found that they were all in Cove for the same reason, to respond to Auldrek's call to arms. So, they all formed a party and marched to the orc fort in Cove.

There they encountered a party of orc hunters, and they asked them if anyone had seen Auldrek or an orc mage by the name of NaGrot. None knew what they were talking about and departed. As these adventurers approached the front gates of the fort a voice from behind hollered to them.

It was Auldrek in his ever green kilt! And a huge man behind him in dark clothes that they found out to be Siefer, the one who found Arandel's Dairy in Wind. They soon began searching and interrogating orc lords on the where abouts of NaGrot but both proved useless. Tai and Siefer began exchanging discussions about Tai's past actions but was quickly ended by Trigg and Auldrek.

Auldrek then thought of going to the graveyard, while Trigg began gathering runes for the other orc forts of the realm. The group searched the whole graveyard near Cove and found nothing useful. At this time Auldrek and Siefer decided to depart separately to further analyze the dairy, which left Trigg, Fenwulf, and Tai to head to the orc fort near Pax Lair.

As they arrived into the orc fort near Pax, they were joined by Corran Horn of CBR, Boris Pallenburg, and Bane. These six seasoned warriors searched and turned the whole fort upside down and found no clue to the whereabouts of NaGrot, whether he is alive or not. What's also strange is that no living orc was found in the fort, the only one there, was one that followed Corran from the road!

With no more success in this orc fort, the party began their march toward the one near Yew. As they marched on ogres, ettins, water elementals, and gazers stood in their way. Thinking that these might be deterrences for their journey to the orc fort, they were all hopeful that some clue of NaGrot might be there. But the outcome was the same. They searched high and low and there was no sign of any clue there. What was strange was that when Fenwulf brought up that this orc fort looked rather similar to the one in the new lands, they thought of going there, but thought otherwise, since the new lands weren't found before Dragar's time.

But the party did not give up hope! They decided to travel back to Cove for one last double check in hopes a clue might be found. As they arrived in Cove the party split into two, Bane, Boris, and Corran headed to the orc fort, while Trigg, Fenwulf and Tai headed to the graveyard nearby. Both proved fruitless, but they did manage to save a young fighter from a liche and his skeleton army in the graveyard.

As the group regrouped, they decided to try the Moonglow graveyards, but two merchants asked to be escorted to another town. Trigg agreed to their proctions and went to gather some regeants for the trip back. As Trigg went inside the shop the merchants quickly trapped him and demanded him to sell his halberd to them! With no desire to sell his FoA halberd, and with no regeants and no desire to harm these merchants, he was trapped! He quickly called for the party to help him out of the corner but they just teased him. It was an embarrassing moment, as a knight who couldn't out talk two merchants! But Boris lent a recall scroll and Trigg was off to rendezvous with the others in Moonglow graveyard.

As all the party members met up in the Moonglow graveyard, they encountered another party of adventurers. They asked them questions about the orc mage and Dragar, but they had no clue. They thanked them and departed. Hopeless in the search, Corran had an idea, the last graveyard to check for clues. He open up a gate and they all entered only to find themselves in-between 10 CoV vampires and 10 CBR!

With debating back and forth the party felt that any moment a fight would break out among the two factions. But soon the tensions where somewhat relieved, but Bane continued to argue with a vampire about priesthood. In the end, no hostile fights started. Corran escorted his guildmates back to town, Boris left to attend to more things for tonight's fight night, they lost Tai somewhere during the gate from Cove to Gehenna, Trigg and Fenwulf grabbed Bane and went to meet up with two more KEF members Sir Lancer and Squire Tyrell, thus ending a good party of adventurers, from all corners of Britannia, in search of the whereabouts of Na Grot the orc mage. So many things done yet the goal was far from reached.

A Day of Adventure (07/22/99)

I awoke this morn with quite the feeling of gloom. I dressed half-heartedly and sat down for mine breakfast.

Mine thoughts were scattered of the past and the present. Bits and pieces of memories mixed with current affairs.

I thought of times once shared with Dell, long before the split of mineself and mine daughter. She had always been mine closest confidant. We shared everything from the creation of Corwyn and CBR...her search of the virtues when she was known to us only as the "seeker"...the terrible occurrences during the FoA crisis that caused the split of mineself and mine daughter, Angel Storm. We had a long history of friendship. Her loyalty to me was proven so many times, mostly in her great concern and protection of mine daughter. It is very distressing to me that those memories mean nothing to her now. I can only hope that somewhere inside her there is love and loyalty for mine family...somewhere in that dark heart.

Angel Storm, mine only child, I wronged her myself by joining our souls so very long ago. Her freedom has been glorious to watch. I only hope that she has truly forgiven me for stealing those many years from her. I have stepped down and given her everything in repayment. I no longer claim CBR as mine own, nor do I claim Corwyn...for they belong to her. I accept mine role as a "figure head", a "mayor", readily, knowing that it is penance owed to mine child. When I look upon mine grandson, HeartStorm, I realize all too clearly that I would do it all again to protect her.

I have watched as so many try to harm her. I have watched as she struggles with Lord British's messengers to have him recognize Corwyn for what it is and not for what they wish it to be. I have watched as brigands have come to destroy all that she is and all that she works so hard for...I have watched the gods strike out in her behalf, for her to suffer the wrath of many who do not see it as it is. I sat helplessly while she was stolen from us and while she suffered yet another split. Now she faces yet more trouble within her own family.

So many have come to her of late, seeking a home, a family, and friendship. They do not see the family for what it is, they only see it as yet another guild in the realm. They do not see the history, the work, the dedication, and the bond we all share to one another. She has much work ahead of her I fear.

After clearing my head of such daunting thoughts, I decided to head out and see what I could find concerning this Dragar. I had heard mine daughter make mention of a cave in the Destard mountain range. Perhaps if I could find some clues it would help Angel dedicate more time to more personal issues.

I headed in to Trinsic and stopped quickly at the bank. There I dropped off mine now signature Valorite armour and grabbed some old ringmail that I kept there for emergencies and mine silver bardiche. I knew not what I would find today and Valorite can be hard to replace.

I then headed out the south gate of Trinsic. It had been long since I adventured anywhere, especially alone, but the area of mine home town was still very clear in mine memory. I had no trouble working mine way to the valley, known in mine day as Mage Valley.

I noticed all the new residents in the valley as I searched for the once dangerous evil mage who resided there. Though I searched his home and the area of the valley well, he was not to be found. Perhaps he did not find the residents here of his liking and moved on. And so, I moved on as well.

I worked my way up through the jungle path to the Destard mountains and walked into every cave I came across. I was growing very tired when I walked into a mining cave on the west side and found what I think to be what it was I sought.

There in this mining cave was a pentagram like those we see very rarely in this world. It was not the red we are used to, but completely white.

"White like ice." I thought to mineself. "Perhaps this is where the dragons follow Dragar, perhaps I have found it!"

I quickly made a drawing of the pentagram and the area it is located and continued on...just in case there was another location that may be more likely Dragar's cave.

As I continued up the west side of Destard, I thought of old days where I could master the beasts within it's dungeon. As I passed the entrance I thought of testing mine abilities and stepped in. As mine old eyes adjusted to the dim light of the dank dungeon, pain shot through mine body as fireball after fireball came at me. I looked before me and saw 3 of the foul beasts breathing their flames in mine direction. I jumped, as quickly as an old woman can, back through the entrance, knowing that the drakes would not follow me to the sunlight. I came within an inch of mine old life.

After I healed mineself and nourished mine body with a few morsels of food, I continued up the edge of the mountains to check the last cave there. As I neared the entrance, I came upon a small encampment of orcs guarding the doorway. Thinking that I had perhaps come upon the location of NaGrot, I attempted to speak to the stinking creatures.

They denied knowledge of any NaGrot and demanded mine "shinnies" to pass. I informed them that I carried no gold on me when I traveled, which apparently they did not believe, as no sooner were the words passed from mine lips did I feel their attacks.

I quickly grabbed mine bardiche from mine pack and began to defend mineself. They numbered four altogether and I feared that this was one battle I could not win. Mine old body, though, did not fail me, for I have not forgotten how to fight them.

Many swings, and a few words of magic to heal mine wounds, and all four of the creatures fell dead to mine feet. I quickly grabbed what supplies and "shinnies" they had in their packs and headed into the cave to face NaGrot.

I ran into the cave and explored every corner, I was sadly disappointed to find that perhaps the orcs outside really knew nothing of one named NaGrot. The cave was empty and showed no signs of life. Feeling exhausted, I quickly used mine magics to return me to Trinsic.

I stumbled in to the Keg and Anchor, where I used the gold I had collected at the orc encampment to purchase a slice of pie and some milk.

As I sat there resting mine body, I forced mineself to recall what Angel had told me of this Dragar. I remembered the mention of a diary and that it was somewhere in Wind. Knowing that mine daughter had not yet mastered enough of the arcane arts to enter the secret city, I decided I should go there and see if I could find it for her.

Again, I returned to the bank and shuffled through mine belongings there. Finally, in a corner of mine bank box, covered in years of dust, I found it, mine rune to the magical city of Wind. I dusted it off and checked carefully to be sure that the markings were still worthy of use and whispered the words "Kal Ort Por".

I arrived just outside the entrance that I remember so well. I spent many days and weeks in this city of magic. It was here that I learned many of the talents that have saved me time and again. It was good to be back!

Stopping just before stepping upon the pentagram that would gain mine entrance to the secret city, I readied mine bardiche and prepared mineself for any of the undead I might encounter as I wound mine way through the caves to the main city. I then, hesitantly, stepped upon the center of the pentagram.

'Twas a good thing that I recalled what lingered in these caves, for as soon as I was transported through the entrance, I heard the sounds of a liche. He was attacking me within moments. I was thankful that I had thought enough to bring along mine bardiche of silver. The liche was no match for mine skill nor mine weapon and fell at mine feet rather quickly.

I quickly grabbed the few items from his pack and made mine way into the city. I questioned many of the residents about Dragar, Skorr, and other topics and people known to be involved in this, to no avail. They all had no knowledge of any of it.

I wandered in and out of the buildings and shoppes, checking all the bookcases of Wind. Finally, I stumbled upon a small building that made me feel quite uncomfortable. I searched the chest and found nothing, then I looked to the bookcase.

As I looked at the bookcase there was one single book that caught mine eye. It seemed to glow blue. It was unlike any book I'd seen.

I stood there looking at it for a few moments and tried to open it. As most diaries are, it was locked. I searched the entire bookcase for a key to open it. There wasn't one to be found. I continued staring at the book thinking of ways that I might be able to read it's contents without the owner knowing it had been read.

I recalled a little trick I had learned many years ago and ran off to find a scribe. Once the copy had been made I took not the time to read it there, but headed home to Trinsic to take a look.

I settled into a quiet corner of the Keg and Anchor, with a fine glass of wine to settle my nerves, and began to read:

"Perhaps there are clues here. Perhaps not. None the less, I must get this to Angel at the Brewery immediately!" I thought to mineself. "Perhaps she or her friends can make use of it."

An Interview with Lokken (07/20/99)

I have been doing some research into the Seer Kristos/Dragar quest and managed to find my way over to the "fabled" ghost ship. I realize this is old news since the legs have indeed already found their way into the hands of Dragar. However, I thought that those of ye coming in to the quest late or have not been to speak with the ghostly spectre might be interested in what he has to say.

After the visit from Seer Kristos the other evening, Lord Lion Heart and I decided to make a trip to the sunken ship out in the ocean. We managed to take along Darvos just in case we found trouble. This is the conversation we had with the "ghostly spectre" Lokken:

Angel Storm: Are ye Lokken?

Ghostly Spectre: *The pale form glides across the Wreckage and approaches you*

Lion Heart: Magic

Ghostly Spectre: White as snow they were, but no weapon could pierce 'em.

Angel Storm: Wreckage?

Ghostly Spectre: This ship was once the Scourge o' the seas.

Darvos: Scourage?

Ghostly Spectre: Aye, no cap'n would dare think o' passin' this way without payin' us Tribute.

Angel Storm: What sort of tribute?

Ghostly Spectre: These seas were ours alone, 'til I found them Cursed Magic plate legs.

Angel Storm: Cursed magic plate legs?

Ghostly Spectre: Every sea dog what sailed the seas turned Against us.

Angel Storm: Turned against us? Us?

Ghostly Spectre: They Lured us out 'ere and cut us down.

Angel Storm: How were you lured?

Ghostly Spectre: *laughs* Should o' seen the looks on their faces when they Figured it out.

Angel Storm: Figured out what?

Ghostly Spectre: Aye. I wasn't so stupid as to Bring the magic legs out 'ere wit' me.

Angel Storm: Where did ye bring them then?

Ghostly Spectre: I buried 'em right under the fools noses at Buc's Den.

More on the search for Seer Kristos' past! (07/19/99)
Yesterday Seer Kristos visited the Black Rose Brewery in Corwyn. It seemed he was there to talk of the quest for his past. He did a good job of summoning up what's happened so far, and many clues on where to go next were provided. Key places, people, and words are in bold.
Seer Kristos tells the tale of his quest, "I fear my mood is dark, for Dragar has 4 of the 6 pieces of the armor. If he acquires all the pieces, I fear there will be no stopping him.

In my foolish search for my past, we followed the map to a building on the Isle of Fire. There we spoke to an ankh and gather three seals to open a gateway to a vault. When the gate was opened a man step out of it; Dragar.

He knew me and swore vengance and, I remembered him as well. Ages ago, it almost seems like a dream, he and his dragons swarmed the land. I and many others battled him at that place. I do not know what happened but we were not victorious; then all goes black.

We must stop him! He had gone to that place in search of the armor of ice. He had 2 pieces when he was freed, now he has two more. I believe many are helping him find the pieces.

There is a druid in Yew, I saw a vampire speaking to it of one called Treldan. Then a few days later, Dragar and his dragons raided the graveyard in Yew. A ghost opposed them, the ghost was named Treldan.

There is a book in the Lycaeum that speaks of one who knew much of Dragar. Unfortunately it seems he died in that battle ages ago, but his bones still lie in the vault, on the Isle of Fire, and speak of the battle, when Arandal's name is spoken. Arandal was from the city of Wind, and one named Seifer searched that city, and found Arandal's Diary. The original is till in Wind, in a house just south of the healers, but there is a copy in the PaxLair library.

The diary speaks of many things. In particular it seems that Seifer was able to use the knowledge in it. It says that Dragar often fled to the southern part of the mountains of Destard. Seifer has found a cave that leads to his lair there. It seems that Arandal talked to wisps of Dragar. They warned that it was vital that he not obtain all of the armor, and when he asked of Dragar's lair. The wisps would only respond with the word: Wintersoul.

Seifer has told me that the information in the Dairy led him to Dragars lair, but the Dragon Skorr killed him for going there. Seifer told me the way is blocked by sealed doors. If we are to stop Dragar it seems we must try to enter or try to find the rest of the armor before him. Since the wisps aided Arandal all those years ago, perhaps they might aid us now. If any know how to stop Dragar it would be the wisp. There is more I have learned that the arms to the armor of ice were last said to have been seen many many years ago, in the possession of an orc mage named NaGrot. If we can find what happened to the mage before Dragar does, we might beat him to the arms. I feel certain that the knowledge we need to stop him is there to be had, if only we might find it.

Dragar and 5 or more Dragons have laid waste to all who oppose them in their search for the armor. He must be stopped! The one named Auldrek fought Dragar when he claimed the gorget in Yew. He was heard to say Dragar could have slain 10 such as them easily. Do not underestimate him. There have been many battles when Dragar was freed he called an army of Dragons to slay all who were there.

That is the story as I know it to this point the end has yet to be decided."

Seer Kristos would only go to the trouble of explaining all this if there was something afoot. I'd try to find any clues, and take note of the words and phrases in bold. I hope you all can come up with something, Seer Kristos needs our help!"
Ghostly Sailor Apparition (07/14/99)

Hail all

Last eve my friends of the KEF and I went on a sailing expedition, to find this supposed 'ghost ship' that we'd heard of now and again. After pirate Silverwind managed to... defeat his foes, we set off into the blue waters heading north from Corwyn.

Finding that captain Trigg had no idea where to go, I scribbled some notes onto a map for the tillerman, who winked at me while saying 'aye, aye sir' to the imperious looking Trigg.

After a stormy journey, frought with peril; 20, no 30 sea serpents! Hundreds of mongbats! So many elementals that... well, aye laddie, ye caught me. We ran into nothing the whole way. We reached the last coordinate I'd scribbled, then with a quick check of the sextant, made our way a little further distance. Then, out of the mists...†
I had stormy weather after we had left the wreck, so this drawing is courtesy of Angel Storm, who happened by later in the night. Ah... the drawings you missed. Sea serpents with huge fangs that ripped the KEF folk to shreds! We barely escaped with our lives! Well...

In any case, we tried talking to the ghostly fellow, but he ignored all hails and just stood looking to the north, as though expecting someone... or something! After a suitable time of 'checking for survivors' we decided to leave the quiet ghost to his lonely vigil. And it was getting dark... very very dark.

A Strange Druid (07/07/99)

This eve whilst on my way into the Yew woods I noticed a small gathering around a farm house. Being the curious person I am, I walked over to see what was going on. There with his back aginst a house wall was Grayson, an old looking ranger. He wore a green robe and green shoes.

The people around him tried to get Grayson to talk, but they couldst not. Soon they grew frustrated and left. I was not be tricked, I saw the twinkle in Grayson's eyes. I decided to think like a ranger and the word, woods, popped into my mind. So I asked Grayson about the Yew woods. Immediately he perked up and started talking about someone who couldst talk to the trees.

Finding this odd I contacted my friends Jakius and Fizban. Whilst on their ways there, I asked where this tree talker lived. The answer I got was most surprising.

Grayson said he was a druid who talked to the trees and that he lived in the woods near the crypts. Jakius, Fizban and I took off towards the crypts as Grayson fell into his mute state again.

When we arrived at the crypts t'was not much to see. After searching more we came apon a most peculiar tree. Fizban being the wise mage he is noted that the tree was an Elder Tree. We all thought this was odd, none of us had ever heard of an Elder Tree. After walking around the tree a bit, we found out that it t'was hollow. Jakius then thought we shouldst try and chopp the tree. Jakius readied his axe and swung. By some magical power, Jakius was prevented from chopping the tree.

We decided to venture into the crypts. Not finding the druid outside or near the Elder Tree left us confused. We found nothing of note worthy in crypts except a table with some bottles on it. Our small party had to leave soon after when I was overcome with claustrophobia. We gated back to the Abby. Our trip had left us with more questions than answers. Perhaps they will be answered soon.

Dragar Claims Another Prize (07/01/99)

Hands shake as he pens the parchment

To the Council of the Virtues,

I know not where to begin. I am sure you all know of the recent uprising of Dragar the Dragon Lord. Seer Kristos in his vain desire to uncover his past hath unleashed this horror upon us all.

His face grows pale as he pauses in reflection

I have this night witnessed the vast magnitude of the situation which hath unbalanced nature recently. This unholy terror is the most fearsome foe I have ever encountered. The horror Dragar will bring if he is not stopped is unthinkable. It is hard for me to write this but the details must be known.

This night the unbalance was strong. I forced myself to embrace the chaos and followed it what I thought was its source. I arrived at the Yew Graveyard to see many brave warriors already embroiled in combat with legion upon legion of undead. I joined the general fray and we where able to keep the undead at bay for a long while. That is when I felt the dark shadow behind me.

a nearby bottle is lifted shakily to dry lips

It seems that we had made a terrible mistake. I watched in awe as the Dragons descended upon undead and human alike cutting a swath of destruction in their wake. Some say there where more than 10 of the beasts led by Skorr the green dragon. There goal was to bring Dragar before a single chest that was guarded by an ancient spirit. How foolish we where. We actually helped weaken the undead forces so that Drakar's task was that much easier. Quickly the spirit was defeated and the chest opened. Drakar claimed a gorget to add to his other two pieces of Ice Armour. His mission accomplished he began to make his way out of the graveyard.

tears begin to well up in sad lost eyes

I watched as the bravest of the brave threw themselves with selfless courage upon Drakar and his Dragons. I, outside the gate, let loose with volley's of arrows from my blessed bow. I watched as my twentieth hit merely grazed off his armour. Finally, enraged by what must have seemed endless mosquito bites, he sent two dragons after me. I'm not ashamed to say I ran around a house to avoid there attack.

I was able to catch a glimpse of Drakar as a small band of warriors gave chase to the south. I immediately followed using my wood lore to keep pace and then overtake them. Here a small group of perhaps six battled with Drakar. I rushed to their side and the battle was on in earnest. I fought in dismay as I watched one them two fall quickly to his unrelenting strokes of that bitter ice blade. This foe could not be defeated by fifty skilled men. I backed off and told the warriors to put up their arms. They did so and I could see in their eyes that which I already knew. Many looked at their weapons in disbelief seeing that the Dragon Lord was barely wounded. I thought back to my fights with Zendella and Martoo of the FoA and knew that this man could have slain ten of them with little difficulty. Myself and two other men, Jesse of DOT and Decker of OsR, where all that remained as we realized we had wandered into town limits. Drakar smiled triumphantly and put on his newly won gorget. I could see the madness in his eyes but still we attempted to speak with him. He rambled incoherently to most of our questions and left us unsatisfied. All we knew was that he only needed a few more pieces of his armour before he became completely unstoppable and then woe to this world. At one point he was asked if he was involved with the CoV and he laughed insanely in response. I feel that this in itself brooks further investigation by the council to ascertain if the Vampires are indeed involved. I have much to think on. Please make your deliberations quickly.


Auldrek Elder Druid-TDD,


A sudden knock upon the door sent sent the sealing wax almost across the room as Auldrek stood in shock. Very few should know he was here. The knocking continued as Auldrek went to the door and sent his thoughts outward. It was a familiar presence. Quickly he unlatched the door and pulled Sir Arius of CBR inside re-latching the door again as soon as it was closed. I could see the terror in this Great Knights eyes as he staggered against me and wordlessly handed me a small magic cube. I looked at the cube with numbed shock as the coldness of a thousand graves seeped into my body.

Can there be any doubt of CoV's involvement now!?

Seer Kristos' Quest (06/05/99)

Tonight Seer Kristos led a huge band of adventurers from the tower of Aryslan, trying to determine what the old map that he had referred to. After many folk looked at the map, it was determined that it pointed to the Fire Isle, somewhere around the Temple of Fire.   

Hopping into gates, the band (forty to sixty) appeared on the island and strode to the temple, quickly dispatching an unlucky drake.  At the pentagram upon the pyramid, the ankh began 'speaking' that the three seals must be found in order to open 'the resting place'. Each of the seal's mentioned pointed to a part of the world, the first quickly was determined to be the shrine of compassion.  

Jumping out of the gates, a fellow named Dennis was quickly found.  After a short discussion with the fellow, it was determined that he must be the seal spoken of, as the 'voice' had not spoken of the seals being things, necessarily.

Flying back to the temple, we determined that the second seal must be in a cave discovered earlier by Sailor Pete in response to the second seal's clue. Being somewhat stupid, I ran ahead of the rest and checked out this cave. Ignoring the ore laying about, I wandered in to the depths and checked for people or animals.  

Suddenly out of the gloom appeared a glowing green dragon, whose name was Skorr.   Since he didn't immediately blast me, I settled down and had a nice chat with him awaiting the others and the Seer.A few tunes and he was quite the affable host, if somewhat bemused at the folks wandering into his lair.  

Finally the Seer appeared with his entourage. He asked the dragon if it held the second seal, which Skorr replied with an aye.   After a short discussion, Skorr finally said he'd give up the device for but a small sum (he seemed to like our music I suppose.) As money was practically thrown at the dragon, it amusedly dropped the seal into Kristos's hand and turned to listen to the silly humans wandering about it's feet.  

We returned to the temple once again, and after a short discussion,decided that the last clue pointed to the Lycaeum. Gating again, a huge mass of folk entered the Lycaeum and wandered it's halls, finally finding Qutal the Sage in one of the libraries.    As he kept murmuring how truth was illusion and chuckling, the Seer finally convinced him to follow us back.Upon our return, it was determined that there WAS no third seal, as it was an illusion.  

The activation word was determined, 'keystone'.  The Seer had the two men stand in the pentagram, then placed the seal he held. When everyone was out of the way, he spoke the word.  

A shimmer of power, and a gate appeared out of the small seal. A large group of folks jumped through the gate (foolhardy?  perhaps.)The Seer looked befuddled as the rest of us stood about awaiting his words.The tomb of Rothar had been opened.   After a short time, folk came out telling of chests, a tomb, and long stale air. 

Suddenly, two dragons and an army of hell hounds appeared, causing everyone to battle for long minutes both with the monsters and the thick air. Finally they were beaten, the Seer standing sorrowfully nearby and thinking about his past, finally deciding he must have opened something horrible in his haste. 

"It's not clear, but the one in the armor... Dragar... I have seen him..fought him..   ages ago.   There was more though"  he frowned, thinking hard."not just Dragar... Dragar, Lord of Dragons."   He remembered battling this Dragar, and... losing.   The air about him seemed to cool as he remembered cold and darkness.   He remembered that it was imperative that the Lord of Dragons not get the full set of armor (ice armor?) he had worn (or was about to wear.)  

The seer tried to think further, but it was obvious he wasn't remembering anything else this eve, especially with twenty questions flying over his head every second. Finally we all gated home, the thought of ANOTHER ancient evil alive and well not exactly filling our hearts with happiness. The seer seemed a bit upset that his unknowing actions might have brought back something we all could live without.

Seer Kristos Seeks Aid (06/04/99)
Last night Seer Kristos visited the Corwyn Black Rose Brewery, in hopes that he findanswers to his past.

As I spoke to him he mentions that when he awoke, there was a parchment on him, it was a map of old. Since he is still trying to familiarize with the lands here, he is given call for aid to help with clues to his past.

He has made a copy of the map as the real old is crinkling and his only clue to his past.

Those that wish to aid him should meet at Aryslan Tower at 9pm est.