Gelidum Articles
First Draft of Peace Accords with the Gelidum
02/04/00 06:22 AM CST -- ^top

The following missive concerning the treaty of peace between Britannia and the Gelidum is printed here for your perusal:


In order to promote international and cultural co-operation and to achieve international peace and security will by the acceptance of this document obligate not to resort to further war. With just and honorable relations between nations they agree to the firm establishment of the understandings of international law as the actual rule of conduct among Governments, and by the maintenance of justice and a scrupulous respect for all treaty obligations agree to this Covenant of peace.

Article I
The Frozen Shrines

The Gelidum will give Britannia any aid they can in restoring the shrines, but that said aid would not be technical in nature, rather a sharing of their wisdom and ideas. The High Council recognizes that the process in which the Shrines were frozen is not the process that will unfreeze them and thus welcomes any help the New Gelidum has to offer.

Article II
Public Education

We the High Council, representing Lord British, agreed to educate the public on the natures and cultures of the residents of Glacia. The New Gelidum in return agrees to educate their peoples in the natures and cultures of Britannia to better help our two nations live together in peace.

Article III
The Exchange of Information

We The High Council, representing Lord British, agree to the exchange of information and culture between our realms and to allow researchers access to one another's lands in the name of science and understanding. The New Gelidum will agree to these exchanges of information so that Article II may be better put into effect. The High Council also suggests that samples of Gelidum wares be put on display in the museum of Vesper or Lord British's Castle for a time the choice being theirs.

Article IIII
Breach of these Articles

In accordance with law and virtue if one or any of these Articles are not followed or are purposefully neglected, hostilities between our nations may resume in the effort to restore order. The High Council reserves the right to monitor the New Gelidum in their efforts to fulfill their parts of these accords, just as the New Gelidum will undoubtedly monitor the efforts of the High Council.

In signing this treaty, THE HIGH CONTRACTING PARTIES OF THE HIGH COUNCIL AND THE NEW GELIDUM agree to peace between our nations and realms. This treaty means in its simplest terms that no army recognized by either government will invade, attack, raid or threaten the others nation with hostilities. The below beings have signed and agreed to the legality of this document and it's Articles and agree to its justification on this, the 44th day of the 304th year of the shattering (January
26, 2000).

*sighed and stamped with family seal*
Sten Hunter Chancellor of Virtue, The High Council

We pray that these terms are agreeable to both sides and that soon our shrines will be restored.

- Wallis Gerard

Gelidum Request Special Session of HC for Peace Talks
01/20/00 03:41 PM CST -- ^top

The following was received from a messenger of the Gelidum race...

The Ambassador and the Gelidum request a separate meeting from the standard High Council meeting to conduct negotiations and therefore respectufully decline the date of the twenty fourth to discuss matters at the High Council standard assembly. We have been afforded little opportunity in the past to discuss "peace terms" beyond "open forum" style communication, we believe being compacted in with "other agenda items" as time sees fit does not encourage the completeness and open dialogue these items deserve. We have also made note of the swift and appropriate removal of the "silver arrow" item and express our gratitude to the High Council's open mind in not letting such matters cloud the sky of peace between us.

We feel Wednesday, the twenty sixth day of January or a date shortly thereafter is more acceptable. Given the risk involved and threats made upon our representative in the past, we request this additional time to make preparations to ensure the safety of our representative(s). We let common sense be our guide in these matters, and understand while the actions of a few do not reflect the wishes of the many, threats are indeed threats and should be considered accordingly.

We naturally look forward to meeting with the High Council in Moonglow on or after the twenty sixth day of January at the hour suggested previously.

'Tis the humble opinion of this reporter that the events regarding the ceasation of the war and the upcoming peace talks between both the Gelidum and Britannia are a welcome and glorious moment in both of our Histories. Both the High Council of Britannia and the Gelidum should be applauded for their steps in the right direction, and those few who see fit to make unnecessary and unvirtuous demands towards a nation who only seeks peace under their new leadership should be denounced, especially if their activities endanger the welfare of innocent citizens of both realms.

- Beans Baxter

Gelidum Issue Response
01/18/00 08:33 PM CST -- ^top

The following was received on Monday from Deborah, Ambassador of Glacia...

A response of the Glacian Representative(s) and the New Gelidum:

With the state of war removed, all citizens are asked to stop all attacks. Citizens of either nation who do not stop hostilities, do so on their own accord and do not represent the citizens or governments of our lands. Peaceful exploration and scientific research shall be allowed and received openly. Citizens are expected to defend themselves at all costs, should a member of the other country chose to attack first. How ever any "Open" hostilities will be viewed as an act of aggression or treason and punishable by the High Court of either realm.

The residents of Glacia, both human and non-human, shall defend themselves from vile raiders upon the lands as they have done in the past. To expect otherwise is foolish. Since the evening of Mylfalydd and Zaruk's travels to the Shrine of Justice and the Shrine of Sacrifice there have been no attacks, direct or indirect to the mainlands of Britannia by the residents of Glacia and/or members of the Gelidum. We cannot say the same of the residents of these lands.

Talks will begin for a "Treaty of Peace" these talks will begin and take place no longer than thirty (30) days from the posting of this document.

This term has been agreed to with a time and place requested by the Ambassador from the High Council. This was stated publically at the last assembly of the High Council; no further action has been taken on this matter by the High Council. The Ambassador has requested these talks take place in a northern location for the comfort
and safety of those attending.

Knowledge of any kind regarding the Shrines frozen by the last government of the Gelidum and a means in which to unfreeze them if any will be shared with us. There will be no public statement made on this at this time until peace talks are established. The Silver Arrow lost to the Elves in Glacia will be returned by any and all means to its rightful owners.

The Ambassador has been informed by the residents of Tel'Ruid this item would be removed from the terms of cessation. The arrow has been returned in the condition it was presented to Niflhym and the Ambassador by Kate (known traitor to both the former and current Gelidum) to Lord Thrand Graywolf, the representative of the citizens of the area. Further inquiries of the "silver arrow" should be directed accordingly. Private matters between the Gelidum and the citizens of Tel'Ruid have been addressed and concluded sucessfully. We do not understand the need for the High Council to interfere in this private concern and have been informed by the representatives of Tel'Ruid this condition has no place within these terms. It is our understanding the High Council does not speak for them. We await the swift removal of this item.

Niflhym or an Ambassador of his choosing will seek council with the Troll Clans of Darkness and Revenge. In this council the Gelidum will state that the previous government was responsible for the Deaths of Chief Stonefist and Ironside and that the citizens and High Council of Britannia had nothing to do with their deaths. And should then recommend that hostilities between our two races stop.

There will be no public statement made on this at this time until peace talks are established.

There is no honor in continuing this so-called "war". Justice has already been served upon the criminals of our realm. We do not wish to continue to serve these lands as sacrifical lambs for sport and slaughter. For every action that has been taken, there is a cause behind it. The attacks are the effect of, not the cause of the problems between our lands.

We bid you peace from our lands in these continued turbulent times and await word of these "peace talks".

Deborah, Ambassador of Glacia

- Beans Baxter

Destiny Library receives rare tomes
01/07/00 03:54 PM CST -- ^top

Exciting news from the City of Destiny:

As you may know, the theme at the Destiny Library of Knowledge this month is travel. In accordance with this theme, we are excited to display a very special collection donated by Professor Clio Temesa.

Renowned throughout all of Sosaria for her stunning research on Glacia, Professor Temesa has graciously donated a hand-written copy of the history of Glacia. She has also generously created a beautiful leather bound atlas as a companion piece to her book. The two works provide critical insights into the mysterious realm of the Gelidum: Glacia History (compiled), Prof. C. Temesa, editor, and Gelidium Atlas are now on permanent display at the Destiny Library of Knowledge.

The Library can be found on the east-west road north of the Shrine of Compassion. Here is a map to guide you.

The Destiny Library of knowledge humbly thanks Professor Temesa for gracing the citizens of Destiny with her groundbreaking works on this subject.

Librarian of Destiny

Congratulations to the city on this most magnificent acquisition!

- Wallis Gerard

Announcement from the High Council regarding the Gelidum
01/06/00 12:58 PM CST -- ^top

We received the following announcement:

We the High Council recognize Niflhym as the new leader of the Gelidum. In accordance to terms to be discussed we the High Council have voted to a cessation of hostilities. This "Cessation of Hostilities" will encompass all citizens of both realms and allow us to seek a final and lasting peace. This cessation of hostilities will last Thirty (30) days.

Terms of Cessation of Hostilities:

  • With the state of war removed, all citizens are asked to stop all attacks. Citizens of either nation who do not stop hostilities, do so on their own accord and do not represent the citizens or governments of our lands. Peaceful exploration and scientific research shall be allowed and received openly. Citizens are expected to defend themselves at all costs, should a member of the other country chose to attack first. How ever any "Open" hostilities will beviewed as an act of aggression or treason and punishable by the High Court of either realm.
  • Talks will begin for a "Treaty of Peace" these talks will begin and take place no longer than thirty (30) days from the posting of this document.
  • Knowledge of any kind regarding the Shrines frozen by the last government of the Gelidum and a means in which to unfreeze them if any will be shared with us.
  • The Silver Arrow lost to the Elves in Glacia will be returned by any and all means to its rightful owners.
  • Niflhym or an Ambassador of his choosing will seek council with the Troll Clans of Darkness and Revenge. In this council the Gelidum will state that the previous government was responsible for the Deaths of Chief Stonefist and Ironside and that the citizens and High Council of Britannia had nothing to do with their deaths. And should then recommend that hostilities between our two races stop.

All terms must be completed or started with in the thirty (30) day time frame from the posting of this document less hostilities begin again. The High Council wishes to thank all the citizens that helped in defeating and overthrowing the old and evil government of the Gelidum. We hope and pray that peace is now within our grasp and that Sosarians of all races may sleep a little easier.


First Seat, Lord Keyser Sose, Representing Sacrifice, and the city ofMinoc
Second Seat, Lady Sagan Adai, Representing Honor, and the city of Trinsic
Third Seat, Lady Aine Blackwood, Representing Justice, and the city of Yew
Fourth Seat, Lady Natalya Svyatoslav, Representing Humility, and the city of Magincia
Fifth Seat, Lord William Wingate, Representing Valor, and the city of Jhelom
Sixth Seat, Lord Ima Supa, Representing Compassion and the city of Britain
Seventh Seat, Lord Zodiac, Representing Honesty and the city of Moonglow
Eighth Seat, Lady Geneveve Orseau, Representing Spirituality and the city of Skara Brae
Chancellor of Virtue, Lord Sten Hunter.
Captain of the Honor Guard, Lord Grey Wolfe

- Ima Supa

Alliance Makes Formal Declaration to the Gelidum
01/02/00 11:15 PM CST -- ^top

Despite the recent moves by the Gelidum to bring peace between our two races, the following was received from Jonci of The Alliance...

Declaration to the Gelidum:

If the Shrines of Virtues aren't released from the Gelidum's curse by the second week of this Year's month of January, the Alliance will lead One attack upon the Gelidum each week. If the Gelidum do not comply, they will see their race slowly destroy and a scar left upon Glacia. Let whatever leaders of the Gelidum are left know, You brought this upon your people for your actions against the Shrines of Virtue!!!

The Alliance

- Beans Baxter

Verdict Issued Concerning Murder of Gil and Kyry
12/20/99 03:06 PM CST -- ^top

After an extensive trial on Friday last, the High Court of Britannia has issued the following verdict...

Theron, Ranger of Yew, was found Not Guilty Friday night on both charges of murder. The decision was unanimous for both the murder of Gilkemgain, and the murder of Kyry. Theron was released immediately, and his belongings returned to him.

The search continues by both the High Court and Honor Guard for the killer, or killers of these two.

The High Court of Britannia

- Beans Baxter

Holiday Message from the Gelidum
12/20/99 03:02 PM CST -- ^top

The following note was left within the chambers of the High Council of Britannia:

*A boy in snow white enters, supervised closely by the woman in ice blue.*

Dear warm ones,

The time of negotiation has drawn to a close. For months we have watched you flail about pointlessly, run when we come calling, and pontificate half-heartedly over the loss of your beloved shrines. For what, warm ones? You have already proven your vast inferiority to the Gelidum time and time again. In fact, we no longer need to waste our time hounding about for precious allies and seek walking snowmen in the guise of alchemists. A pity that chilled one did not join us, but no matter. His research is all that we need and we have been guaranteed this shall be delivered to us within the next twenty four hours. In this, we have already won.

Knowing this, for the moment we will proceed with the next phase, a comprehensive survey of our new domain.

The wails of your objections are fruitless, warm ones. Think of this as the dawn of a new era. Kneel before the Gelidum, drop your swords and know that peace will soon be within your grasp. It is what you've always wanted, isn't it?

Happy Holidays.
The Gelidum

*The boy in white turns into a frost wyrm and flies northeast. The woman in blue turns into an ice fiend and flies northwest. Left behind is a statue of an ice creature.*

Citizens of Britannia, I strongly urge ye to travel our lands, walks the streets of our cities, take care of thine selves at our Shrines. The words "comprehensive survey of our new domain" brings shivers to mine bones, and should to you as well. For what this survey will consist of... only the Gelidum knows.

- Beans Baxter

Trial Date Set for Alleged Murderer Theron of Yew
12/15/99 11:17 PM CST -- ^top

The following information was sent to us by the High Court of Britannia concerning the upcoming trial of Theron of Yew for two murders committed on Verity Isle in the Ice House, located south of the Encyclopaedia Magika...

Date: Friday, December 17
Time: 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST
Location: Yew Court of Truth

The trial of Theron, Ranger of Yew, will commence Friday night, at eight in the evening. Theron was arrested for the murder of Gilkemgain and Kyry. The Court deems this as a high crime, therefore three Justices will preside over the trial. Justices will be announced at the trial. Jonci will be defending Theron, and Fortier will serve as prosecutor.

The High Court of Britannia

- Beans Baxter

 Chance Encounter with Gelidum Leads to Warning
12/14/99 9:36 AM CST -- ^top

Yarin Blackroot of The Guardians sent in the following report concerning a chance encounter with Niflhym of the Gelidum, which occurred late last week...


With all of the recent troubles with the Gelidium and the Troll Clans, I feel honor bound to relay the details of a recent encounter.

The evening started as an ordinary excursion into the Ice Lands. There wasa fair size party to start, but as the evening progressed, our ranks dwindled to only two. There was Mercedious Ashdom and myself. As we wandered the frozen terrain, we were set upon by an Ice Troll and a Snow Elemental. We engaged our foes, and diligently finished them off.

It was then that we heard a sound I will not soon forget. A resounding roar came bellowing from around the rocky cliffs. The sound froze us in our tracks. Well, being neither immortal or fools, we immediately pulled back from the cliffs to reason out what we heard.

Quickly I recounted to Mercedious what news I had heard of the Gelidium and the powerful creatures that speak for them. He looked at me as if I were mad. As we stood talking another sound came to us, the sound of giant wings. It was too late, the creature had found us.

It was monstrous, shimmering like blue ice as it wheeled through the air towards us. It had to be Niflhym! We ran for cover in the nearby trench, only realizing too late that we had all but trapped ourselves. The creature, a large Ice Wyrm, spied a giant ice serpent near the ledge and quickly killed and devoured the beast. Then its head turned toward us, fixing us with a penetrating stare.

In a flash the Wrym leapt from the ledge to stand before us, its razor sharp teeth only inches from my face as it took in our scents. I silently prayed to the Creator, for I knew my death was immanent. To my surprise the creature spoke.

"More humans come to my land. Once I hunted the length and breadth of this land in peace. Now the humans come. Most are fools who think that they can destroy me. Most who see me never leave this land alive."

I swallowed hard and gave Mercedious a nervous look. "This is it" I thought, death comes. Again the creature spoke.

"You did not attack me. You appear to be good souls. What can you tell me of events in the realm?" Trying not to stammer, I recounted the stories I knew. The surface Trolls and the Ice Trolls attacking the cities of the warm ones. He let out a growl then and then asked "Who led these Trolls?"

"He was named Revenge" I replied.

"Was he the same color as I?" Niflhym all but snarled. Casting about in my head, I answered "Nay. I am told he is Red like the morning sun." He roared in anger, beating his wings against the air. "But Ihave heard of the one you speak of" I continued "He is called BrKagg, and he too was meeting with the Trolls among the warm ones"

A light of knowing filled his eyes and he said "I know him. Strange things are going on about the entire realm or so it seems…"

He looked at us then, considering. Finally he spoke.

" I will let you leave in peace. But take heed this warning… I grow tired of humans in my lands. Tell all who will listen that my patience is at an end. When next we meet I will not be so lenient. NOW BEGONE!" The last coming out nearly as a roar.

Counting ourselves lucky, we hastily made our way out of the Ice Lands to Papua.

With Niflhym hunting the outer realm, and Myllfalydd, BrKagg, and Zarukpa trolling the inner Ice Dungeon, one would be wise to be wary upon entering the lands of the Gelidium.

Peace be on you.

Yarin Blackroot
The Guardians

Yarin, 'tis good to see that ye survived this chance encounter... not many do! If never ye have entered the realm of Glacia, do follow these words, for Glacia is as harsh and as deadly as she is cold.

- Beans Baxter

Gelidum Send Message to Tel'Mithrim Elves
12/09/99 10:39 AM CST -- ^top

A note was left at the Silver Arrow Tavern on Wednesday. Penned by "the woman in ice blue," it discusses the theft of the silver arrow, who's home was the Tavern, as well as other things regarding the Gelidum...

Foolish warm ones,

So you want your toy back, do you? The warm one surprised us with his creativity in taking the arrow in the first place. Yes, we found it. This arrow is an amusing trinket for the Gelidum; we had no idea it meant so much. You warm ones are also amusing trinkets to the Gelidum, but the warm ones do not mean as much to us.

Very well, the warm ones may have it back. Come in peace to Myllfalydd. Bring no weapons. He has what you seek. Otherwise, we recommend other alternatives be explored. Come with violence, you will meet your death. Come in peace, we promise no harm will come to you during our visit. We will provide details to the warm ones later this evening.

We also thank the warm ones for taking care of Kate and Br'Kagg. They were becoming a bother to us. The Gelidum is amused at how easily the warm ones offended the surface trolls. Warm ones, you are of inferior breed. Let the Geldium take care of you.

Always remember our offer of peace still stands. Do take it. You're already used to doing the Gelidum's bidding through your selfish actions. There wouldn't be much change to your everyday lives, warm ones, and under our care, you would be even happier and cease this petty bickering among yourselves.

The Gelidum

*the woman in ice blue turns into an ice fiend and flies away quickly*

In response to the note, harshly left via dagger on the door of the Tavern by the Gelidum represenative, Thrand wrote the following...

While it sounds like you have us much confused with the edan, we would like to have back what was stolen from us. We have seen no reason to war with the Gelidum, and will come in peace to meet Myllfalydd, if you but tell us where.

We will await your response.

In response, the ice woman left the following note...

Pathetic warm ones,

We confuse you with nothing, for you are all the same to us. However if you wish to prove us wrong, do gather at your precious tavern at the hour of nine and thirty central time Thursday night.

The Gelidum will arrange transportation from there.

Perhaps you are smarter than these "edan", as you claim. Come prove it.

The Gelidum

*the fiend turns and flies north*

Will the elves of Tel'Mithrim retrieve their sacred arrow from the Gelidum, who are well known for their violence, in peace, or will the Gelidum strike as they so often have against humans? 'Tis unknown at this moment what the true intentions of the Gelidum are. We can only hope that our cousins retrieve their arrow safely.

- Beans Baxter

Search for Cure Leads to Riddle
10/14/99 11:47 AM CDT -- ^top

'Twas a couple of days ago when word arrived via pigeon from Lord Thor Ironside, the recently retired High Council representative of Minoc. The alchemist Gilkemgain needed assistance in gathering ingredients for the cure that would free Kyry, the frozen ranger woman in the deepest bowls of the Ice Dungeon (Glacia). Many had already arrived at the Ice House laboratory, while Gilkemgain patiently waited for more to arrive. Methinks 'tis possible that Gil anticipated not the sheer number of individuals who would come to his (and Kyry's) assistance, as more and more citizens filled the great hall that is the library of the lab and pigeons filled the air with messages concerning this task.

With all assembled, Gil went into detail about the task at hand. With the assistance of Clio Temesa, whom Gil had taught the ways of recognizing the fairie rings with the dirt he needed for the cure, Gil had coordinates for various locations of probable fairie ring sources of the necessary dirt thanks to the studious work of Prof. Temesa. Gil then asked if there were any persons with the capablities of using both a sextant and a map. Both Lord Jonci and Lord Animal volunteered for the task, as they were quite knowledgeable in these areas. Said Gil to both Jonci and Animal, "both of you take the reading and then compare answers; accuracy counts." He then revealed the locationof the first fairie ring: 108 11'N 95 7'E. Studying their maps, 'twas determined that the fairie ring was located northeast of the city of Minoc.

The Search for the First Fairie Ring

Several volunteers provided gates to the City of Sacrifice, and under Gil's instruction, we were to meet at the bank and depart from there. Once everyone had arrived, we made our way northeast over the bridge leading to MountKendall, home of Minoc's famous mines, and then to the bridge leading to the city of Vesper. The fairie ring was located off that beaten path, and we made our way through the forest, with Animal acting as our guide.

'Twas not too hard finding the fairie ring. Gil instructed us to stay out of the ring, for our presence within would diminise the power within. Ganfalin, who was wise enough to bring along mining tools, began digging as per Gil'sinstructions. With each use of the shovel the soft dirt was overturned and fertile dirt was brought to the surface, which Gil harvested. Eventually, Ganfalin was able to unearth a small box, which contained, according to Gil, a book and a key, among other items.

'Twas within seconds of the presence of the small box that an army of harpies descended upon us. The battle was not difficult for the hearty adventurers, many of whom slayed these foul beasts with barely a scratch on their armor. To be quite honest, the attack of harpies seemed quite humorous, at least in this reporters eyes.

After reviewing the contents of the box, Gil declared that the book contained words of power... words of power, the key to understanding the very magery the Gelidum uses! The box was given to Ultrin for safekeeping by Gil.

Gil then disclosed the next fairie ring location: 117 4'N 103 21'E

The Second Fairie Ring

The second fairie ring was not too far from our current location, just around the inlet and a little way to the north, according to Jonci. However, getting there was a tad bit difficult, as the forest made it quite easy for both individuals and groups to seperate from one another. However, arrive at the location we did. Again, Ganfalin worked as instructed, and more fertile dirt and a second box was recovered.

Rather than an army of harpies, a rather stronger army of trolls and ettins descended upon us. Their strength in numbers was quite vast, and the battles at times difficult with warriors and mages working side by side, however, victorywas ours once again.

Gil took the second chest and exclaimed that he had the key for it. Unfortunately his copy was too rusty to work the lock, and Gil exclaimed that we would have to wait until we returned to the Lab before we would be able to discover the contents of the container. The chest and its mysterious contents were entrusted to Jonci.

Gil then told us of the location of the third fairie ring Professor Temesa uncovered, however, unlike the previous two locations, this one, according to Gil, was a "guess." Gil had some difficulty remembering the exactcoordinates Professor Temesa provided, but he revealed them to be 121 38'S 36 42'E.

The Third Fairie Ring

The third ring was not too far from the Trinsic Moongate. Many of us met at the Keg & Anchor and made our way to Smuggler's Gate to meet the other half of the party before setting off to find this third fairie ring. Located beneath a small cliff, the location was a bit more trecherous, for if another attack of even heartier creatures should occur, 'twould be most certain that several members of the party would be trapped against the earth.

Again Ganfalin set to digging up the soft earth within the fairie ring. Even more fertile dirt was unearthed, as well as another box. 'Twas not long before an army of earth elementals and orcs attacked our party. This battle was moreintense than the last due to the earth elementals, however, the orcs proved to be nothing more than underdeveloped sparring partners to many of those who did battle with them. Again, mages and warriors worked side by side to help win the battle.

Gil then told us that the location of the fourth fairie ring, according to Professor Temesa's notes, was quite nearby, just over the marble bridge northwest of the Moongate at 112 3'S 33 36'E.

The Fourth Fairie Ring

We made our way on foot to the location, following Jonci and Animal, who stood on the bridge and pointed the latecomers northeast to a fairie ring nearby. There Ganfalin worked his tools, uncovering fertile dirt and anotherbox... when suddenly an army of gazers and earth elementals made their presence known. 'Twas another battle of great might, which proved our side to be successful yet again.

This time, Gil entrusted the chest to Tag, to hold until we returned to the Ice House Lab.

There was one final location, one more place where the soft dirt would aid us to our cause... however, Gil had quite some difficulty in remembering where it was. It did take him a while, but slowly he revealed the location of thefinal search area: 2 54'S 59 41'W.

The Final Battle

At first the coordinates where misread. Take this not as an insult, kind readers, for throughout the evening both Jonci and Animal were perfect in their interpretation of the coordinates Professor Temesa provided. However, theyassumed that this final search area was within the area around Dungeon Shame, however, 'twas not. In fact, the search area was a bit away from the Dungeon.And unlike previous locations, this one was not a fairie ring. Nay, 'twas a ruin.

It was here that Ganfalin dug deep and unearthed fertile dirt and the final chest. And it was here that the final battle occurred. Many were trapped within the small ruin when the earth elementals and orcs laid seige upon us. I dobelieve that one person fell to their blows. However, as with the previous battle, they were dispelled. But, 'twas not all that attacked, kind reader. Our enemies sent us one final message... a poison elemental.

Aye, one of the most deadliest of creatures made themselves known and targeted those nearby. However, this vile beast did not anticipate the power in numbers. I have lived in this world for nearly three decades, but never beforehave I seen a poison elemental falls so quickly! 'Tis a great testimony to those who fought bravely, and the power of belief in a goal that rendered this night to be such a successful one.

At the Lab -- The Riddle

After the poison elemental was destroyed, many of us returned with Gil to the Ice House Lab to open the chests that had been uncovered. Each chest was carefully opened, and a book and a key was found in each chest. The keys,however, were unique... each had some marking on them, marks in our language, when read revealed a riddle. A subject of much debate for the remainder of the evening, I shall present to thee for thine own eyes the riddle without the prejudice of other interpretations.

High born, my touch is gentle,
Purest White is my lace
silence is my kingdom
green is the color of my death
What am I?

Gil suggested that those who wish to discuss the riddle further to meet him Thursday at the Ice House Lab at 7pPST.

Thursday, if I may remind ye, kind readers, may also prove interesting in another area, just north of the Ice House. To refresh your memory, please read the latest article by Deborah the Scribe, staff writer for the TownCryer.

As for the books, I shall provide facsmilies of what was written within these tomes as soon as possible.

- Beans Baxter

Mages Encounter Gelidum Representative
10/08/99 07:05 AM CDT -- ^top

Sir Xavier of The Mage Tower sent this account of his recent encounter with a rather curious ice wyrm:

Was an eventful night on this fine day. Tuesdays being a day that the Mage Tower has an outing we happened to be drawn to the Ice Dungeon for some strange reason. There were six or possibly seven of us. We decided to hunt ourselves a white wyrm. To our dismay there was not one to be found in its den. So we moved on thinking that some tamer got there before us. We moved on still a bit irritated there was no wyrm to be found. So we thought to ourselves, "Why not ice fiends?"

We proceeded to move on to the Ice Fiends, where as some may already know stands a frozen female ranger. With help of two other fellows we dispatched one Ice Fiend, then the Ice Fiend's brother came charging at us. We battled it then all of the sudden a flamestrike comes out of no where and strikes the fiend to the ground. Then we noticed were the flamestrike came from. A white wyrm.

However this was not an ordinary white wyrm, something was different. He had a name, which was Myllfalydd, but the reason it was so strange, Myllfalydd was able to talk. He never attacked us, he just talked to us. He said many things that may affect all of us in the future. He is one of the three leaders of Gelidum. He talked about Gavin, the man who is said to have frozen the ranger. Myllfalydd wants to talk to Gavin to find out how the ranger was frozen. He advised us to look in the so called "Ice House" just south of Encyclopedia Magika. He then went on and told us about the Gelidum's plans to freeze the oceans and the lands.

We tried our best to get him to come with us to the Mage Tower, but he refused telling us he would not leave his home. So we continued talking about the Gelidum's plans, he offered us positions in the "new world" if we helped him. Myllfalydd then went on talking about how Gelidum has various spies one the surface, but wouldn't say who they were.

After this had happened one of the members of our party, Melody, asked to speak with Myllfalydd. After a few minutes Myllfalydd granted ten minutes to Melody in private. What they talked about no one knows. While they were talking however, people not in our group convinced us to attack the beast. We did "fearing for our lives". So we attacked, but Myllfalydd didn't seem worried, he just flew past, occasionally hitting someone with a mindblast or two. We did not kill Myllfalydd for his minions got some of us first. For a few moments Myllfalydd was no where to be found, then suddenly he came back and talked to us wondering why we had attacked him. We said we were forced to. He then asked if Melody had survived, which she had. He seemed glad she did. He was glad because he sent her on a search, for what at this time we have no clue.

There was more but I wouldn't want to bore you with plans on how they plan to freeze the world or capture Gavin. Myllfalydd then flew off not to be seen again on this night. Shortly after we arrived back at the Mage Tower we decided to go look at the house that Myllfalydd told us about. It is indeed the house of Gavin and a message on the table tells Gill that he is out hunting with K. Who is K? I have some guesses but I'm not telling. We searched the house some more finding a book that had a lock
on it, the book was titled "Treatise on Alchemy". We however could not get the thing unlocked so we continued searching and found another book in a bookcase. The book had information that dealt with the hunt Gavin and K. may have been on and where they may be found on the "fourth day".

Soon after that I found myself all alone as the party had disbanded for the night so they could get some sleep. I decided to go to town, when I got to the bank the town cryer was telling of an invasion of trolls to the west of Papua. I mounted my horse and ran as fast as I could to help aid Papua, however I am still wondering if they were minions of Myllfalydd, for now no one but Myllfalydd knows.

~Sir Xavier

Thank you, m'lord, for this riveting account. 'Tis certain this will not be the last we hear from this icy ancient.

- Wallis Gerard

Banquet Held in Honor of Kyry
08/23/99 05:30 AM CDT -- ^top

The Lycaeum in Moonglow was alive last night as dozens of citizens gathered in honor of Kyry, the frozen ranger woman discovered deep in the bowls of the Ice Dungeon almost two months ago. Hosted by the Sacred Guardians of the Phoenix, guests, including Clio Temesa, a teacher at the Lycaeum, and Theron of Yew, were treated to a wide variety of foods, including succulent ribs, the creamiest of cakes and other delicacies. Guests were treated to the sweat sounds of live music as they mingled about this ancient University.

Lady Emmandra Majere, who spent quite some time preparing for the festivities, expressed quite a bit of anger towards the unknown rogue who stole all of the tables crafted for the banquet. It seemed, though, that most of the guests cared not of the theft, so engaged and content they seemed with the company they were in.

The host of the event, Lord Trevalian Majere, husband of Lady Emmandra, had not been seen at the festivities for some time. It was later learned that he paid a visit to the "Ice House," located south of the Encyclopaedia Magika, in an attempt to find Gil, who had requested the banquet. There Lord Trevalian had witnessed a heated encounter between Gil and his former master, Gavin, who had invented the freezing technique Gil previously had reported to be for the safe refrigeration of food.

Upon his return from the "Ice House," Lord Trevalian informed Theron of this encounter between the two former partners and informed Theron that Gilkemgain (Gil) wished to speak with him as soon as possible. Alexi the Monk of the Order of Ahm witness the exchange between host and guest, and stated that Lord Trevalian had "the look of great urgency mixed with concern on his face, as it is well known that both men [Theron and Gil] do not get along."

Shortly after their brief discussion, Theron addressed the audience. His speech was both brief and tender. He stated that he had lost hope in Britannia, and had previously thought that the citizens cared not for Kyry and her entrapment, but this banquet changed those negative thoughts into positive ones, and he thanked those present for their kindness and concern.

Theron and Gil Meet

Guided by Lord Trevalian, Theron and an escort of several members of the High Guard and other concerned citizens made their way to the "Ice House" for the encounter with Gil. Once there, the air seemed to chill a bit as Theron made his way towards Gil, who was standing across the hall looking out the window. When Theron made his way to the table, Lord Trevalian informed Gil that they had arrived. With some nervousness to his voice, Gil let go his breath and said, "here we go..." and then turned to face his rival, who had readied his Yew bow prior to entering the building in the event that things should go awry.

Gil plainly stated that he had been mistaken, "Gavin never intended to create refrigeration, simply another form of killing things." He also stated that Gavin was not working for the Gelidum, to which Theron replied "not yet." Gil nodded slowly in agreement with that assessment. Gil then continued. He stated that he had hoped he would gain Gavin's assistance in finding a cure for Kyry's ailment, but Gil said, "he hates Kyry." Gil then slowly asked for Theron's assistance in finding the cure. Theron suggested that Gil owed him an apology, however Gil reminded Theron that he once threatened to kill Gil, but stated that was not important any longer.

Said Gil, "I was wrong, but only about Gavin, but not the cure."

The Discussion Concerning the Cure for Kyry

Theron looked at Gil with amazement and asked if he would really be able to cure the frozen ranger. They laughed when Theron stated that "the little assistant will undo his Master's doing," to which Gil replied, "it's a poor student who does not surpass his master."

Gil revealed that Gavin had approached him and asked how a cure might be obtained. However, said Gil, "I cannot start handing out components just yet, as if I do, the Gelidum might attempt to interfer. Some of the components are rare if not unique." Theron agreed with Gil on the issue of secrecy, for one never knows what trick the Gelidum may have up their sleeve next.

Gil then explained why he needed Theron's assistance on gathering the components of the cure. He needed Theron's tracking abilities, as well as "the blade arms present," but stated that the search for reagents could not be done that night, for Gil needed to prepare the lab for "the beginning of the creation."

Theron then asked if Gil was sure that he could create the cure without Gavin's assistance. Gil boldly replied "I am beyond [Gavin] now." Theron then turned to those present and stated that while he is not in the position to give orders, he asked that if anyone should find themselves in the presence of Gavin to arrest him for he "needs to be brought in front of the [High Court] Justice and stopped."

Gil then descibed the first component that he needed for the cure. Due to the fact that the Gelidum have been known to read this paper, the component will not be revealed. It can be stated that this component is quite rare and a high quantity of it is needed for the construction of the cure. A search for the component will be conducted within one to two week's time.

- Beans Baxter

A meeting with General Frost of the Gelidum
08/17/99 05:03 PM CDT -- ^top

Animal sent us the following parchment, describing the events of last evening's chance encounter with members of the Gelidum:

Standing below the ledge waiting to yet again seek the wisdom of another White Wyrm as she arrives at her nest, I wandered down the cavern towards the beautiful lake that adorns the Ice Dungeon to see General Frost of the Gelidium appear before my eyes. He was gravely injured and required assistance.

Being a child of the Ivory Maiden one who assists all creatures in need, I cast several greater heals upon him. I was astonished by how little they affected him. Did my magic not work upon these creatures of the ice? Nay, I noticed I was helping him, but this was a man of great strength. Thankful for the help, I inquired as to if I could help the General at all.

He seemed perplexed as to why what he called a "Warm one" would want to help him out. He pondered his need and my intent as I explained it to him. He determined that there indeed was something I could do for him.

"I seek an alchemist named Gavin", said the General. "I would like you to locate him and have him brought here so we may speak to him, we have many questions for him."

About as he spoke those words, BrrKagg the leader of the Frost Troll and the noblest White Wyrm I had ever seen appeared. I greeted them with pleasure, but BrrKagg seemed to have a problem. He asked the Wyrm why they warm ones were not dead yet, and Frost explained to him how my group and I were intent on helping him. Nodding in acceptance of what the General said, the Wyrm agreed to our being allowed to assist them.

There also appeared to be some internal conflict among the leaders of the Gelidium. Many times did BrrKagg ask permission to do something from the Wyrm with annoyance in his voice to have to ask.

I asked why they had need of Gavin, and again they stated they had many questions for him. Bringing up the matter of whether it was related to the frozen lady Kryr, one of the gathering crowd asked why they froze her. Adamantly, they stated they had nothing to do with her being frozen, that they had found her that way as well. Looking into the wise eyes of the Wyrm, I could tell they spoke the truth. They sought answers on Kryr as much as I did.

They also mentioned that should I find Gavin, I should try and contact General Frost or Kate. They did not know of Kate’s whereabouts, but the Wyrm stated he did get weekly reports from her.

Noticing their seemingly pleasant nature, I hoped some diplomacy was in order to bring peace to our lands. I sent a pigeon to my good friend Keyser Sose, I knew he had friends in the High Council. Minutes later I received a pigeon back that read "Send a gate to the Papua Bank, I have asked Thor Ironside to come speak with them". It was signed by my friend so I knew it to be genuine, so I opened a portal and through it walked Thor.

As this occurred one of the crowd gathered decided to unleash an attack on BrrKagg. This was the first thing Thor saw and immediately assumed they had been hostile the whole time. As he shared harsh words with the Gelidium, General Frost realized that he was a member of the High Council. He immediately attacked, almost killing him. Chaos ensued as the Gelidium defended themselves. Attacking only those who raised their hands first in anger.

After dispatching those who wanted to cause harm to them. Those of a peaceful nature remained to talk more with the Gelidium and their plight. It pained me to hear their story of how their lands had been invaded and they as the leaders of the Gelidium started this war to protect their young and weak. Although they demand complete surrender, I believe there is diplomacy possible to bring and end to this war.

Lords and Ladies of the High Council, I think something deeper is troubling the Gelidium. Something that perhaps we can help them with. Diplomacy may be possibly if we can find Gavin and determine what need the Gelidium has for him. I ask that if anyone knows the whereabouts of Gavin to contact me at [email protected] for I think if we can solve the mystery of Kryr, we can end this war. May the Maiden be with you.

Animal, Abbot of the Covenant of Knowledge’s
Sisterhood of the Ivory Maiden

Thanks for the report, Animal!

- Ima Supa

More on the Gelidum Attack
08/14/99 10:31 AM CDT -- ^top

Jonn Goodthorne sent us the following scroll concerning the events that transpired Thursday evening:

I sat napping at the table in the guildhall, my dreams being disturbed by thoughts of The Book of Shame we had found the night before. Suddenly, a small pigeon with bits of ice frozen upon it's tail as if someone didn't want it to reach it's destination landed upon my shoulder.

"Meet me in front of the Yew Winery at ten to the hour. Evil is arising again. Bring all able bodied fighters.~Gwydion~"

A knot formed in the pit of my stomach as I quickly prepared several pigeons of my own, and readied my weapons and armor for the impending trouble. I reached in my pouch, puled out the needed reagents, and said aloud "Kal Ort Por." Instantly, I recognized the inside of Empath Abbey. Quickly making my way outside, I found Gwydion waiting in front of the Winery, with quite a few members of the Sovereign Guardians of the Phoenix already gathered (plus one impressive looking dragon). It was explained that the Gelidium were planning to free both The Shadow and Kate from their cells this eve. We waited a few more minutes while others joined our ranks (including my lovely companion Princess Zappania of the guild SIM) and then proceeded to travel by way of moongates to the Prison, hopeful to prevent what was about to happen...

As I entered the cell block, members of The Shadow's men had already arrived in anticipation of their master's release. I asked Zappania to stay in the cell with Kate in hopes of preventing anything that ought not to happen as I made my way around the outside of the cells. It was at this time that I began to see ice creatures of all types assembling outside the prison walls...searching for a way in. Soon thereafter, the unmistakable sounds of combat issued forth. My sense of duty was conflicted here. I wanted to go down to the ground floor to help our out-numbered defenders hold their ground against the overwhelming forces bearing down upon them, yet I also felt a need to remain a watchful eye over the prisoners.

Yet again, I started to send out more pigeons asking for reinforcements, and was soon answered, but not before the worst happened. I had been busy helping defend the stairwell from Gelidium encroachment, when I glanced over my shoulder to see the cell doors opening. I immediately turned from my opponent and ran to the corridor. It was then that I saw the icy-blue moongate suddenly appear, and both Kate and The Shadow move to it with unnatural ease through so crowded a place. I made one final push in hopes of catching them before the gate finally collapsed in on itself. "DAMN!" I shouted. But the threat was not yet ended. So I turned my rage at the prisoners' escape upon the unlucky souls of those ice creatures that crossed my path.

Soon after, the defenders had vanquished the last of the Gelidium forces, and I proceeded to make my way back up to the cells. I had heard some speak of a blue mage capable of walking through the walls of the prison being sighted earlier. Perhaps a clue could be found, but alas, I found nothing...

Many brave citizens of the Realm gave their life last eve to try and prevent this affront to Justice. It is my solemn wish that is does not turn out to be in vain when all is said and done.

Yours in Honor,
Jonn Goodthorne, Justice of the High Court of Britannia
Guildmaster - Soldiers of Sanctuary

Thanks for the report, Jonn!

- Ima Supa

Gelidum attack
08/13/99 09:58 AM CDT -- ^top

I received the following note concerning the Gelidum attack last eve:

I did not expect my decision to attend the Skara Brae meeting to be quite as eventful as it turned out to be. Fortunately, however, I had the foresight to be prepared; despite the fact that I had doffed my armor, I had packed it with me, leaving the bundle next to the bench where I sat. This would later turn out to be a rather fortuitous decision.

Much was discussed in the meeting, most of it relevant to the town: a warning about thieves (one of which had apparently stolen the town’s ankh), upcoming events, and sports.

Then came the part of the discussion that I was there for: the Gledium.

I spoke out against them, as a “veteran” from the battle at the Shrine of Honor. Many voices rose, forming a din that was hard to decipher. Jonci and Gilkemgain spoke of an alliance against the Gledium. To tell the truth, I had started to believe that their ideas were not very bad.

As a counterpoint to this were the words of Corwin of Amber, speaking out against a “genocide of the Gledium.” Though we disagreed on several points, both of were adamant about maintaining the Virtues in our actions, even as we opposed the Gledium incursions. I think that, given time, the two of us would have found a course of action that we could both agree upon.

However, the main part of the discussion captured the attention of the room, when several people there questioned the motives of Jonci and Gil. Both their desire to lead and any biases toward the Gledium where questioned. Neither issue was, to my considering, answered to my satisfaction. Still, what they proposed was a good idea - I shall think it over, as well as contact my guildmates.

The point, however, soon became somewhat academic. A man ran into the room, and, between pants, requested that he be allowed to speak. The argument continued a moment, but the newcomer’s proclamation cut across all the shouts, reaching all ears.

The Gledium were attacking Yew.

In the moment of shocked silence that followed, I started unpacking my armor, buckling on the chestplate as everyone else gathered themselves. Dragging the rest of the armor behind me, I struggled it on while we ran to the bank. As the mages prepared gate spells, I finished readying myself, and leapt through the gate before it could close.

We were across town, far from the prison where the attack was. We scattered on our overland race, regrouping when we finally reached the cells.The battle was already joined, the brave Britannians holding a door, slowly allowing the Gledium creatures in to their deaths. I positioned myself between the fighters and mages, ducking to avoid the searinglightbolts, and readied my harp. The door swung open, and the snow elemental found itself facing a wall of swords on one side - and a pair of ice trolls at
its back.

The slow process continued until the door had cleared, and then we burst forth, several brave warriors and mages moving out to the open areas to gain more room. I was swept along, suddenly granted a better view of the numbers that stood against us.

Apalled, I ran. Too many, too close. Ducking the swings of several trolls, I made it to the coastline, cloak singed and armor scored by several spells that had reached me. After gathering myself, catching my breath, and casting a quick heal spell, I stalked back towards the fight. Slowly I whittled away at their numbers, turning a small pack of trolls upon themselves. With the aid of at least two other bards and a handful of warriors, the western side of the prison was soon cleared of creatures.

Fingers protesting and throat aching, I worked my way back to the main doors, continuing my song I arrived in time to witness another wave of warriors burst forth from the prison, war cries echoing off the stones. Fire exploded around me, and I flinched back. Opening my eyes, I saw the smoldering bodied of the last of our attackers. We had carried the day!

The aftermath was immediately sobering, as we picked our way through the fallen, searching the Gledium bodies for clues - or their leader - and tending to the bodies of our fallen. So many died....

I heard rumors afterwards that several prisoners had escaped during thedistraction of the battle. It seems such a waste, so much life thrown away for such a simple diversion. Truely, this, more than anything, makes me believe that the Gledium are evil, for how else could they be so cold-hearted. They had proven that they do not possess honor; this shows a lack of justice and compassion. I doubt that I will ever understand them. That, most likely, will be the greatest barricade to peace.

No doubt some will consider some sort of rescue mission to free the frozen Kyry now. Neither this action, nor a recuse of her, is bound to improve relations between us and the Gledium. Despite our defense of our land, they still seem to gain vistories: freeing the prisoners, freezing the Shrines. They consider us “weak.” Perhaps we need to find a way - a different way, since martial prowess seems not to work - to display our strength to them. Though I know not what affect that may have.

Thanks, Natalya!

- Ima Supa

Results of last evening's Alliance meeting
08/13/99 8:45 AM CDT -- ^top

We received the following:

I arrived to see a few people already waiting at the Chamber of Virtue. I entered and we say our greetings. I wrote down the guilds represented and even found a few people just there to observe and even join with some of the allying guilds.

To my surprize, Theron appeared at the meeting. He told of his sighting of Gavin, the alchemist, in Skara Brae. Still frozen and yet fast-a-foot since he ran off. William Wingate of the High Council showed which may me glad to see the High Council had an interest in the Alliance. Glikemgain showed shortly after, along with Amanda of Moonglow and the High Council and Clio Temesa from Moonglow.

We began the meeting with the issue of the Book of Shame since we knew the FoD will be looking for it. We must get it before they do for it may hold some unknown power that the FoD would use to further their evil ways.

We also spoke of the Gelidum's ability to withstand even the heat of the Jungles proved with the attack of Shrine of Honor.

After hearing everyones commits and ideas, I was ready to speak of issues we could address but then Gwydion of the FoD showed. Though some took up arms, I told everyone that this was not the time for a fight. I let Gwydion speak, and he and Gilkemgain talked about a cure for Gwydion's vapirism. Gilkemgain told Gwydion he would get the cure only by ending the alliance of the FoD and the Gelidum. Gilkemgain was greatly against the Gelidum for they held Kyry in their dungeon for studies.

After a long debate and some us of trying to show Gwydion the way of goodness was the best way of life, he accepted Gilkemgain's proposal and Gil told him to met Gilkemgain at his lab in one week. Gwydion than stated that Kate, one of the observers, was with the Gelidum. She drew a sword of ice, and then was run off. She looked human to our eyes proven the Gelidum have the power to live among us.

With Gwydion worrying about the Gelidum and even the FoD's reaction, we took him to a safe place to discuss certain issue I cannot speak of. We parted ways later.

The FoD will try at the Book of Shame tomorrow, and the Gelidum have proved to be more resourceful than we thought. I will hold another meeting next Tuesday, August 17, at the Chamber of Virtue at 9:00 PM CST. We will further discuss the events of the week and any new information found.

Jonci, GuildMaster of the Protectors of Virtue.


- Ima Supa

Skara Brae Town Council Addresses the Ice Creature Situation
08/06/99 12:42 PM CDT -- ^top

We received the following from Mayor Molly and the PR Office of the Skara Brae Town Council:

Skara Brae Town Council cordially invites you to their Town Meeting, August 12th (Thursday), at 10:30 PM CST. (We apologize to some for the hour, however this is the usual day/meeting time of the town council.)

As the focus mainly is an all town meeting, we will be using the counselor hall of this meeting to provide adequate space, as everyone is welcome to come speak and listen on our chosen topics. We are gathering to provide information and discuss items of potentially critical importance to the citizens of Skara and outlying areas.

I. Open Meeting Remarks

II. Quick Roll Call/remarks by Council Members
a. mayor/pr
b. treasury
c. security
d. events
e. welcoming/spirituality
This will be kept to a couple minutes each in more of an update style, tops, and save the discussions and brainstorming for later.

III. Recognition of special guests
Any High Council member, seer, or the like is invited to speak at this time.

IV. Open Forum

The heart of the meeting, I would like to encourage folks to sign up before the meeting (in other words, find Molly before the meeting) to speak on the following topics first, failing that, to at least form a line to the side of the council so they can address the whole crowd:
a. Information regarding the Ice Creatures/Gelidum
b. Rescue/Cure efforts of the ranger Kyry
c. Possible threats regarding Skara Brae/Shrine of Spirituality (This includes alliances, and the like.) Since Jonci spoke up, he will be going first.
Speakers at this point will not be limited in number, however those who make their intentions known ahead of time will be permitted to speak first, if nothing else to simply keep a semblance of order. Citizens of Skara Brae and their guilds also have priority. Attendees who cause distruptance during other speakers will be asked once to stop, and then asked to leave. The goal of this meeting is to be informative and productive.

V. Close of Meeting

Notes: No spellcasting, fighting, alchemy, or activities that will cause "screen spam" will be permitted during the meeting. You may, however, bring your sewing and tinkering and evaluate the anatomy of the group. *grins* All citizens of the realm, but especially those of Skara with information and ideas or wanting information about the above topics should come to this meeting.

Thanks and we hope to see you all there. :)

Skara Brae Town Council

Thanks, Molly!

- Ima Supa

Report: Ice Creatue Expedition
08/01/99 10:55 AM CDT -- ^top

We received the following report from Chaka'Ra:

Forgive my lack of storytelling abilities. The following is a rather formal report of what transpired at Friday's expedition to the best of my memory.

Friday night at 9:00 CST I travelled to the Ice House in Moonglow to meet with Gilkemgain and the others who came to brave the perils of the Ice Dungeon. We left shortly after 9:00 to the village of Papua via the mage shop teleporter. From there the good mage Ged was kind enough to provide gates for our rather sizeable group to the ice fields outside of the caves. Compared to the last expedition to the Ice Caves in which we escorted Theron, this journey was a breeze. We met with little resistance in our trek to Kyry's chamber. In fact, I do not believe we lost a single member of our group to the cold ones although the same can not be said for the few ice monsters foolish enough to get in our way.

Upon arriving at the room containing Kyry, Gilkemgain began inspecting the frozen lady and taking notes. He noted that her condition was not alchemical in nature but was caused by spellcraft. However, he did believe that a cure for the condition could be found through alchemy. Also, he was surprised by the fact that this spell looked exactly like the work of his associate, Gavin. The last thing that Gil noted was that there was a death vortex underneath the ice vortex holding Kyry. It is his suspicion that the energy from the death vortex "feeds" the ice vortex which allows it to maintain itself for such an extended period of time.

At this point Gilkemgain said that he would need to study his notes and conduct research into this matter. With that, we made our way back to Papua, ending the expedition.

It seems now that it is more important than ever to find the elusive Gavin if we are to help poor Kyry.

Thanks, Chaka'Ra!

- Ima Supa

Ice creatures attack once again
07/30/99 05:51 PM CDT -- ^top

We received the following report from Azeron Daefaroth of the Honor Guard:

Last evening, while chatting with one of the scribes at the Empath Abbey, I was alerted by the town crier that the Gelidum had been sighted near the Shrine of Honor, deep in the jungles near Trinsic. For a moment I thought that this was impossible. Do they hate us so much that they would venture into the hottest regions in the land merely to show their despise? But, the town criers are well-informed, and if they proclaimed it with such urgency, then it must be true.

Donning my Honor Guard uniform, I prepared to make my way to the Shrine. I sent missives to any that would hear me, hoping that I would not have to defend the shrine alone. Not having a rune to the Shrine itself, I took a quick stop to Rivendell's rune library.

As I arrived at the Shrine of Honor, I was shocked at what lay before me. An Ice Fiend had already begun the ritual that, until now, I had only heard about. Several sets of human bones lay scattered about his feet. The area was virtually carpeted with the writing forms of ice snakes. I stood there, knowing that at any moment, I would feel the tear of their teeth and the sting of their venom. But even more disturbing were the people standing among these creatures. They stood there with evil grins across
their faces. They stood and were not attacked by the creatures. And then I saw a face that I truly recognized. At the foot of the Shrine, standing next to the Ice Fiend -- and talking to him like they were old friends -- was Gwydion. I stood there, stunned, for a few moments, until a lone serpent made its way from the mass and attacked me. I dodged the strike, and prepared to cast a spell... when a woman clad in shadow armor approached and shouted at the Ice Snake.

"Leave him be!" were her words.

You can imagine my surprise when the snake obeyed!

When my mind returned to me moments later, I recognized who this person was, though I dare not write it here. She took me to the side, and gave me a hushed warning. "Stay quiet and do not attack. They believe that you are one of the Followers of Darkness, and will not attack you." I stood confused and angered by the situation, but I complied. I was the only person of virtue standing near the Shrine at the moment, and a single mage against the numbers assembled would not have been brave, but stupid.

As I stood there, the Ice Fiend made a formal declaration. When he finished his ritual, and the Shrine was covered in ice, he said "As for our response to the High Council's demands... This Is IT!" A woman approached the Ice Fiend, and spat at his feet. She was struck down instantly. Then the Fiend and Gwydion gave each other congratulatory remarks before the Ice Fiend vanished. All the while the Followers of Darkness were chanting against the virtues, and the ice snakes were proclaiming that "we have won" and "the warms ones have been defeated."

My eyes welled up with tears as I watched the event. All this evil, and I still stood there alone. I watched for a few moments more, and then departed. I could witness no more.

I am told that some arrived later to attack those creatures -- human and serpent -- that remained, but they were met with savage force. But the Fiend responsible had long since departed, and the Shrine had already been frozen.

Now, with their alliance with the Gelidum, the Followers of Darkness are no longer enemies to Trinsic alone. With their pact, they have declared war upon us all. And Gwydion, who has at times been defended by the ignorant as a noble creature, has shown his true, hateful colors. May the virtues see them all brought to justice for this treason...

Azeron Daefaroth
Lord British's Honor Guard
Magus of Honor, HGV

Thanks for the report Azeron, and may the Virtues help us.

- Ima Supa

Ice Cave Expedition Postponed Until Friday
07/30/99 08:52 AM CDT -- ^top

We received the following note from Chaka'Ra:

[Tuesday], the alchemist Gilkemgain and an expedition of warriors, mages, etc, were to travel into the Ice Caves to Kyry's chamber so that Gilkemgain might inspect her condition to see if there were someting he could do. However, only a small handful of individuals showed up, too few to safely pass through the caves. Therefore, it is Gilkemgain's wish that the expedition be postponed until this Friday at 9:00 PM CST when we are to meet in the Ice House/Lab outside of Moonglow.

Let us muster our forces, fellow Britannians, and show these frosty dogs that ice is no match for Britannian steel.

Thanks, and good luck!

- Ima Supa

Report: High Council meeting with the Gelidum
07/23/99 09:14 AM CDT -- ^top

We received the following report from Captain Sagan Adai, of the High Council of Britannia:

Report of the High Council's Meeting with the Gelidum (LS)

On Wednesday eve this week, the members of the High Council of Britannia travelled to meet with the representatives of the Gelidum, the power that has been responsible for the freezing of the Justice and Sacrifice shrines, as well as numerous attacks upon the cities of the Realm.

As per the agreed-upon arrangement, the High Councillors (attended by the Honor Guard and elements of the Loyalists of Lord British) as well as many, many citizens of the Realm gathered at the Shrine of Sacrifice to await the gate to the meeting place. Once the icy-coloured gate appeared, we all (eventually) moved through it and found ourselves in the lair of the Ice Fiends within the Ice Dungeon of the New Lands.

After much milling about in the room containing the frozen body of Kyry the Ranger, it was eventually noted that the Gelidum representatives were waiting in another room. Thus, the High Councillors and their attendants moved into the room and opened a dialogue with these beings, the Gelidum representatives consisting of a White Wyrm, an Ice Fiend, an Ice Troll, and a peculiar humanoid appearing to be made of ice named General Sleet.

Although the meeting was conducted in as orderly a fashion as possible, with the able assistance of Chancellor Angus Thorn, the results were quite disappointing. In short, the representatives of the Gelidum were arrogant to an amazing degree, and put forward demands.

These demands consisted of:

  • A cessation of incursions by humans into the Ice Lands
  • Granting of unspecified territorial demands, presumably all of the New Lands to the Gelidum

The Gelidum threatened to continue attacks on the Realm in retaliation for human incursions into what they consider their territory. Obviously, then, they see their attacks on the Realm as justified revenge, an opionion not shared by the High Council.

Seeing that all meaningful discourse with such an arrogant group would be futile, the High Council felt it necessary to put forward an ultimatum of their own.

In return for respecting the territorial integrity of the Gelidum in the Ice Lands, they would:

  1. Return all frozen shrines to their former condition
  2. Cease and desist of all attacks upon the Realm
  3. Release the Lady Kyry from her icy entrapment

The High Council set a deadline of one week for the acceptance of this ultimatum by the Gelidum, lest war be carried to their doorstep.

Some notes of interest in the meeting were that the the Gelidum professes to not be responsible for the freezing of Lady Kyry and stated that their mages and scholars were studying her. It may be that her condition has some link to their ability to freeze structures such as the Shrines. Also, they claimed that they could restore her if they chose, a claim looked upon dubiously by several members of the High Council, myself included.

In conclusion, though the High Council hopes for peace, we feel that all loyal citizens of the Realm must prepare for war. The arrogance, condescension and aggressiveness of the Gelidum renders acceptance of our ultimatum highly doubtful. We shall wait and hope....and prepare.

Captain Sagan Adai -- High Council 2nd Seat, Trinsic

Thanks, Captain Adai!

- Ima Supa

High Council's Ironside Relates Gelidum Views
07/20/99 01:19 PM CDT -- ^top

A scroll from High Council member Thor Ironside tells of his experiences last night concerning the Gelidum attacks and stating the stance the HC will take if the attacks continue. Lord Ironside wrote:

Tonight the forces of the Gelidum once again attacked the surface near the Shrine of Sacrifice. Under the leadership of General Nordica the ice Creatures stormed forth from all directions. At first it was a massive wave of Ice Trolls and Spiders. Then waves of Ice Elementals and Snow Elementals attacked.

The fighting was brutal and members of most of the good guilds and even some who do not see eye to eye with Lord British came in defense of the Shrine. Unfortunately in the last wave the General himself and an Ice Fiend came at us with all they had. The Fiend and General both perished, but not before freezing the Ankh, and virtue symbol. Now just approaching the shrine will cause damage from the extreme cold pouring forth.

A note was also left behind. The Gelidum will meet with us two days from now (Wednesday, July 21) at 9:30 PM. They will open a gate at that time to their hall.

I ask all High Councilors and those loyal to the King to be there. I ask that everyone be prepared for battle, but not to start anything with these people. After what I witnessed this evening I know they believe they are stronger than us, but with a strong showing maybe we can convince them peacefully to back down.

If these Gelidum do not agree to a peaceful end to this conflict I will begin leading regular assaults upon their lands till they do back down.

Thor Ironside
First Seat, Minoc and Sacrifice
The High Council

Our thanks, Councilman Ironside, for sharing this news with us. We await this meeting with anxious breath.

- Wallis Gerard

Eyewitness Account of Ice-Related Encounters
07/20/99 12:56 PM CDT -- ^top

Jonci sent us the following testimony regarding his encounter with some of the key figures in the recent events concerning the mystery house in Moonglow and the investigation of the Gelidum attacks:

Well it was another day for me. I was going to the so-called Ice House in Moonglow for more clues. On arriving, I saw a man with a dark robe on standing inside. I asked his name, to learn he was Gilkemgain. I introduced myself and we began to talk. It seems he had been in the swamps of Papua for a year had not known of the happenings of late. After our talk, I relized he was innocent of any crimes he may have been accused of by the people of Britannia.

Being the assistant to Gavin, he only thought the work they had done was to freeze meat for safe keeping for they didn't like the spices uses to preserve it. I asked him many questions only to be giving him more news each time. Sadly, I ended up being the one to tell him of Kyry and her fate within the Ice dungeon. He told me he was going to figure out a way to save from her icy vortex. We'd need help so we went over to Clio's home just next door to speak with her. Theron was also there. The news of Kyry had began a argument between Theron and Gilkemgain. Theron accussed Gil's master, Gavin, of preforming evil magic of ice though Gil didn't accept that his master could do such things.

After they cooled off, Theron decided to find Gavin to get the truth. I spoke with Gilkemgain [and found that] he hadn't heard of the Gelidium. I explained who they were and a little of what they had done. Before I left, I told Gilkemgain the truth that I was the "Citizen and Protector of Virtue". I apologized for any threats I made to him, for I was wrong about him. I left Gilkemgain to his work to save Kyry and Clio had some unpacking to do.

At the bank, I had seen Theron in the distance, but by the time I had finished my workings at the bank, he was gone. I headed back to find Gilkemgain working from the bank. He was taking a short break from his thoughts. We went back to the bank and I went through my bank chest. I decided to head to mine house to drop some items off. I called out the magick words and set away to my house. After I finished my work, I realized I had forgotten my Moonglow rune. So I use my Britain rune to get to the city.

As I was about to head off to Moonglow by the Library gate, the Town Cryer yelled of Ice Creatures at the Shrine of Sacrifice. I once again called out the magick words to end in Moonglow's bank. I wanted to show Gilkemgain the Gelidium. He wasn't there so I went off to the shrine to do battle. A massive battle was already in motion. The creatures were led by a General who's name I didn't get in the fighting, though he did take my life. After the fight, a kindly mage gave me my life again. The shrine hadn't helped so I knew then the Gelidium had frozen it as well.

I gathered what was left of mine items and found Gilkemgain standing around. He had seen the battle. Theron was there as well. Though he lost his life, it was returned and he went off. I stayed with Gilkemgain. A mage gated us to Moonglow and we went to Gilkemgain's lab, [what is commonly referred to as] Ice House. I went to tell Clio of the news. As she left her house, she began to feel cold and had a dizzy spell of sorts. Some adventurers had arrived and spoke with Gilkemgain. Clio had to leave for she needed to feed her pet. Her behavior had me worried. After some time, I went out to find her to see if she was okay. I met her as she was returning home to find she was fine. After checking the time, I decided I needed to go. Imade leave of the others and went to the inn for some well needed rest.


Thank you, Jonci, for this detailed account. Please continue to keep us posted.

- Wallis Gerard

Update on Gelidum Quest: Theron, Kyry and Evidence
07/19/99 01:06 AM CDT -- ^top

TheronLast week a small contingent of concerned citizens made their way to the Ice Dungeon with Lord Theron, who wished to see the frozen Ice Ranger. The possibility that she was Kyry, author of the journal found in Skara Brae, was high.

Our appearance within the Ice Dungeon area was met with great resistance. Swarms of ice creatures met us at the lost lands entrance, almost as if they knew that we were to be there at that time. Several waves of their army attacked us, and with some difficulty we were able to dispel the creatures.

Once inside the dungeon, our way to the location of Kyry was quite harsh. Many had fallen and were given life again by our mages. It took a while, but eventually we reached our destination.

Theron's moment alone with Kyry, the frozen ranger womanTheron stood in awe at the frozen woman before him. It was indeed Kyry. He asked for a moment alone with her. We respected his wishes, and shortly thereafter we all left the scene, as everyone was distraught over the matter.

Several days later, Amanda Wolfe of the High Council of Britannia reported the following letter that she had received:


While in Moonglow, this eve, I happened to be at the home where the frozen body was found, and on the table outside was book, which I now have in my posession. Perhaps this could be a clue? The book was as follows:

Title: Gilkemgain is Out
By: Gilkemgain


Gil, look out for troubles will follow you wherever you go. Your relationship with the Ice creatures will not be tolerated.

-A Citizen and Protector of Virtue


Please have the head investigator contact me, so I might pass on the book.

May the Virtues be with you,
Admiral Ephiny of Trinsic,
Royal Coast Guard, Trinsic Flotilla

In a follow-up letter, Homer Newby reported that he found another note by "A Citizen and Protector of Virtue" which read along the lines of "Nothing except the book that had fallen onto the floor, I am tired of searching..."

I spoke with Town Detective James of Moonglow, who has been following this case since his discovery of the mysterious Ice House in Moonglow some time ago.

Beans: Thank you for meeting with me, Detective James

James: *waves hands in air* Just be quick aboot it. I 'ave a lot of work to do.

Beans: Aye. Not much of your time, sire. You have been following this case very closely, have you not?

James: Aye, since de discovery of de crime scene at de Ice 'ouse, I've been reading de papers an' searching for clues.

Beans: What do ye make of this note that Admiral Ephiny found at the Ice House?

James: Well, for one thing, I ain't too 'appy aboot it being taken from de crime scene. Can't tell if it's a real note or not, but, from de looks of de repoort, it looks as if it was written by de "Citizen an' Protector of Virtue."

Beans: I hear that there's a lot of things you've not been happy about concerning this case --

James: Aye! A lot! I'm real intent about reviewin' all parts of a case, over an' over again. An' I ain't too happy to say that much if the evidence has been tampered wit'.

Beans: Tampered? How so?

James: Well, de most obvioos thing is that someone ate de frozen food at the crime scene in Moonglow. *laughs* Moost have been a real hungry lad or lassie ta eat dat! Boot, mar importantly, notes 'ave been destroyed. In some cases written over by well-meaning individuals and de likes.

Beans: *rubs chins* Most upsetting.

James: Indeed! A lot of people are interested in dis 'ere case and no one needs to find destroyed or missing evidence! Like dat news aboot the note at de Court of Truth... It's been written over! I 'ave told the High Council aboot this. Maybe they can do somethin' to stoop it.

Beans: Have you found any new evidence of late?

James: Aye. Aside from the material Lady Amanda found... *goes through notes* 'ere...

James then handed me his well-worn notebook. In it, the notes were scribbled on every inch of paper he could find. He showed me the pages with the new evidence he had found.

In the Tog Ranch, he found another note, again written by "A Citzen and Protector of Virtue." It read as follows:

Nice ranch. Found another clue. I had been looking for many days now. The map was far off from this house. Court of Truth, huh? Well, I must make my way there after the orc fort.

James then told me that he re-visited the orc fort only to find nothing, and his subsequent visit to the Court of Truth revealed only destroyed evidence.

He then told me that Lady Amanda Wolfe had found a book in the Empath Abbey on the floor, again written by "A Citizen and Protector of Virtue." However, the note was ripped from the book. In another room, James spied another note stating, "so many clues something must be here." However, this note too was defiled.

James stated that he will be conducting another thorough search of both the Abbey and the Court of Truth, as well as the other houses in Yew.

We also spoke of Gil, whom Lady Clio Temesa had seen and spoken with at this point.

Beans: What do you know of Gil?

James: Only what is written in dem notes at the Ice House, and de journal of Kyry. And what Clio did tell ye... blond 'air in a tail, average height, scrawny likes, and wearing a black mage robe.

Beans: After the Ice Dungeon excursion, Clio, William Wingate of the High Council and others were discussing the import of Gil.

James: Aye, 'e's important a'right. Ye best find 'im as quickly as possible. I goot me eyes set for the lad fer questioning 'im meself. Gil. Dat's de one ye want at the moment, methinks.

I also received word from VoyyHars recently concerning Gavin. Despite what has been previously reported in this paper and the tel'Mithrim eleves concerning Gavin, Gavin seems very much alive:

I bring you news that Gavin is NOT dead. I returned to the Ice House today to look for clues that may have been missed, when lo, Gavin stood in the back room. Upon seeing me, he uttered the words Kal Ort Por and vanished into the air. He wore a dark blue robe, much like the evil magelords wear and his skin and beard were as white as an ice wyrm's.

Most interesting indeed.

- Beans Baxter

Search of Yew Reveals More Clues
07/12/99 10:53 AM CDT -- ^top

Several of us gathered at the Silver Arrow Tavern in tel'Mithrim made our way to Yew, as the journal we had found the night before indicated that the writer of that journal had some interest there... particularly, one by the name of Theron.

Since our party was quite large, and Yew is as well, each of us went our seperate ways in search of clues to this ever-growing mystery.

The current results of what we found are as follows:

At the Tog Ranch, a Journal was found in a bookcase at 50 56'N 4757'W. In it were the following words:

Day One

Thought it best to put down these events down in words later so I knew it was no dream. Started when we was bringing in the cows. A cold wind blew upon us. Was a chillin breeze as if it was wintertime. That was when I saw her, the Ice Woman. She was covered with ice and did not seem like it made her right cold. When she saw me I think she bout leaped out her skin. She ran off into the woods east here.

Day Two

Saw the Ice Woman again. She had frozen one of the birds in midflight and was eating it raw. Blinked twice I did. She stopped when she saw me. I said hello to her and she said "Klemo" which I guess is her way of saying hello. She spoke not our language and I had trouble lettin her know that I meant no harm to her. Finally she got the idea. She is a right pretty lass, I tell you that for sure. I picked a few flowers and placed them near her. Her face turned a shade a blue as mine turned a nice shade of red.

Day Three

Did not see her today. Something must have happened. I heard talk bout ice creatures attackin the small city to the east with the fairie folks. Could not have been her. She would not hurt anyone.

Day Four

Saw her today. Her name is Petra. Brought her inside the house and we had a nice dinner. I gather she is from the lost lands I hear bout. She seemed scared of something and always looked out the window during dinner.

Day Fifteen

Been gone for two weeks with the woman hiding out at the fort south of here. Some terrible creatures have been hunting her down. Creatures made of ice! I need to reach the guards and tell them about the dangers we are in. She speaks of an invasion of ice creatures pouring in through the opening of the lost lands in the Court of Truth. Cities will be frozen! I must get back to her, only came here for more supplies. The fort to the south may not be safe for long.

After reading this, a search was conducted east of the Tog Ranch, including the Yew Crypts, as well as both the Orc Fort and the Brigand Camp to the south. As of this writing, no new clues or information was found.

In a house located at 43 30'N 60 53'W, another book was found in a bookcase. Entitled "Book by Citizen and Protector of Virtues," it read as follows:

I have arrived in Yew to find any evidence of Ice Creatures. After seeing the maps in the ice house I needed to come here. I have already gone to Skara Brae and the Shrine of Justice. I will now search all the houses.

-- A Citizen of and Protector of Virtues

Two books were also found in the Court of Truth. As of this writing, it is unknown whether or not they are red herrings. At 62 2'N 69 15'W (first floor) a note "has fallen the table" was found, and at 65 55'N 9915'W (second floor) another note, "Release her ... Meldrian" was found. However, a book was found under a table at 68 38'N 5945'W. The open book, it appears, does not have any text in it.

'Tis still unknown where Gil, the author of the Skara journal, Theron or the latest puzzle in this case, Petra, can be found.

- Beans Baxter

Ice House: Owner Revealed, Clues Found
>07/11/99 09:09 AM CDT -- ^top

In the midst of assisting General Kaelib Sol in the quest to recover the Book of Truth from the hands of the Council of Deceit, I received a rather interesting pigeon from Lady Amanda Wolfe of the High Council of Britannia. Whilst in the middle of assisting a half dozen or so slay a pesky poison elemental, thanking the gods that it had not targetted me for death. Perching on my shoulder at such an inopportune time, pecking at my forehead, beckoning my attention.

The note, it turns out, was of great import. At the mysterious Ice House on Moonglow, Clio Temesa had left a note for both Amanda and I.

Amanda, it turns out, had made quite a few discoveries most recently at the Ice House that previously did not exist. Despite the note Clio had left for us, my interest in the Ice House had grown tremendously due to Amanda's discoveries.

As soon as I was able to, I made my way to the Ice House to read the letter Clio had left for Amanda and I. It read as follows:

Lord Baxter and Lady Wolfe,

I do think we have achieved something resembling success about this dratted place. Prithee come meet me upon the evening hour of eleven and we shall find out what Lord Remax has been so difficult about all this time.

C. Temesa

Twice before Lord Remax has said that he would provide keys to Clio, who was to be the new tenant at the Ice House. I knew from our discussions that she was not at all happy with the fact that the Moonglow realtor had chosen this house for the University to house it's newest teacher. She had many a question and many a complaint to voice to Lord Remax.

Lord Remax the RealtorMany a person was waiting for Lord Remax to appear. When he finally did show, and this time quite promptly, many a question was asked of him by Clio and several of those present. Of great interest was who the previous tenant of the house was. At first, all Remax would say was that the previous tenant did not pay his rent and therefore the state repossessed the house. Remax was, therefore, responsible, for finding a new tenant... which in this case was Clio. Clio informed him that the house that she was to be getting was flawed, to say the least, and expressed interest in the house next door to be her new place of residence. Remax insisted that the house was in fine order, but was quickly informed by many ofthose present that the Council of Honesty considered the house to be a potential crime scene, as it was reported that experiments concerning ice had occurred at the house, and a frozen corpse was found in its final resting place on an alter.

'Twas only after Clio and others insisted that Remax look at his book that we discovered that not only had Remax made a mistake (the other house was to be hers), but that he was able to tell us the name of the previous owner. An alchemist by the name of Gavin and his assistant Gil lived and worked at the infamous house, but he could tell little of either, as he had never met them. Clio, however, did have the opportunity to meet Gil, the former resident of the house. I shall tell of his story below. Remax also confirmed that a mistake had been made, and that Clio was to reside in the neighboring house.

Laboratory in the Ice HouseAfter numerous demands by Clio, Remax finally gave Clio the key to the house so that the we could inspect the crime scene. Once inside, the house was in great disrepair... books tossed haphazardly on the floor, vials of potions... not to mention the laboratory! The site of the corpse on the altar was such a sight for Clio that she did faint!

Table in the main room of the Ice HouseThose present inspected the various items strewn about the crime scene. On a table in the main room werequite a few objects of interest. The seat in front of the table was made of bamboo, not native to Moonglow, but to the lost lands. On one table laid two sets of vials, one mandrake root (unfrozen), one nightshade (unfrozen) and several books. Two were of great interest: one entitled "Treatise on Alchemy," which curiously could not be opened despite our best efforts, and another entitled "A study of fungi," which also could not be read. It was assumed that these tomes contained notes Gavin the alchemist wrote concerning his experiments.

Also on the table was a note, which read as follows:

Gil, gone hunting with K. You're welcome to join us.
- G.

And on the floor, next to the table, stood a pile of books entitled "History of the Northern Region."

In the westernmost room of the house on a small table was a small rolled up note that said "House Payment."

Quite a few questions were asked. Where to begin it is hard to say. Let us start with Gil, to whom the letter was addressed and with whom Clio spoke. Described as as a kind lad, his hair blonde and in a ponytail, of average height and a bit scrawny, Gil was seen wearing a dark mages robe. It was pointed out that it was quite unusual for a mage or alchemist to wear a robe of that color, for the native mages and alchemists where either blue or red robes, a symbol of pride for their trade.

Clio had told us that Gil had been sent to the lost lands to conduct some research in the jungles around Papua. It was not known what kind of research he was sent to conduct. They had met here, at the Ice House, shortly after he had returned to Moonglow to report his findings. Clio had given him a new spellbook as Gil had lost his there in the swamps. Clio also reported that he was a bit upset as he was unable to get the key he had in his possession for the house to work. This was on Tuedsay, and Clio had not seen him since. She was quite worried for his well being, as she found him to be a kind lad. 'Twas later that Amanda and another searched the island to see if he was could be found on the island still, but sadly, he was not.

The book on fungi also generated much interest. I asked Clio, who happened to have gone to a lecture about Glacia (the arctic regions of the lost lands), who the lecturer was and if he discussed fungi during his lecture. Clio reported that the lecturer was one by the name of Lord Christopher McMillan, and that he did not discuss fungi during his lecture. When asked where Lord Christopher could be found, Clio sadly reported that he had recently died of a heart attack.

Concerning the note, we already knew who Gil was, and knew that "G." was Gavin, but did not know who"K." refered to. It was deducted that they were possibly hunting reagents or fungi, or some information thatwould assist them in their cause.

Discussion then turned to this mysterious Gavin. Amanda read a report sent to the High Council by Luthien Tinuviel Firehand about two mysterious ghost sightings at the Silver Arrow Tavern in tel'Mithrim [please note that the mention of Revenge in the original post turned out to be an imposter]:

After the ensuing bedlam had died down..the ghost did reappear. This time to say that the Ice Warrior had arrived here and that once here, the Warrior would not leave. This Ice Warrior has a white, cloaked face and carries an unfamiliar weapon..while he speaks his name as Galin..I saw him as Gavin. The ghost informed us that the Ice Warrior seeks ships to transport his Army to our cities to wreak destruction. The Ice Warrior spoke these same words to some elves who confronted him. I hope this proves to be of assistance to you.


This sighting occurred several days after the attacks of four of Britannia's cities, where the Gelidum had attempted to show their power by sending three waves of ice fiends and stated that the Council of Glacia would meet with the High Council of Britannia, and sent a stern warning to the "warm ones" not to enter Glacia prior to that time. They also stated that two days prior to the meeting, the Council of Glacia would also send notice of where the two Councils would meet.

It was then that someone made inquiry as to what both Yew and Skara Brae had to do with the Gelidum. This query was quite out of the blue and confused many. It was then revealed that two maps, one of each city, was found within a bookcase.

Yew and Skara Brae maps found at the Ice House

Several clues now were before us. We had already known that experiments had been conducted at the house, that Gavin, the previous tenant of the house was dead and had sent a warning, his assistant, Gil, was missing, reagents and fungi played an important role in these experiments, and now, these maps. Perhaps they would lead us to Gil, or Gavin, or even the mysterious "K," or provide more information about their interests, or the interests of Glacia.

Our first stop was in Yew. Meeting in the town center and searching the area, we did not discover any information that would assist us in our investigation... yet. Our visit to the Skara mainland proved quite fruitful. As the general area around the Skara map was quite large, we split up into several smaller parties and searched every native building we could find. In one, located at 62 18' S 35 55' W, someone discovered a book on a table entitled, "Wilderness Tips." At first thought to be some sort of guide book, reading it's contents revealed that it was indeed a journal written by a currently unknown woman.

Twenty-eight pages long, it read as follows:

I have filled up my last book. To be clever and keep these vile wenches (Maddy, Bri, Suse, if ye are reading this I mean ye.) from reading it, I have buried it far away. I know what they did with the last one and I am none too pleased.

I do not trust them, nor should anyone. That aside, I will take this book with me where I go and hope not to lose it.

Spent a lot of time in Shame practicing on the earth elementals. I've got so many gems now... I like the star sapphires the best so the gang always manages to save them for me.

I give the mages all the reagents I can find. I know that I certainly don't need them.

[A few days later]

Bri and Suse are dumb as posts, and Maddy is not far behind. I pity any man who tries to hold a conversation with any of them! They may be pretty but tend not to think beyond a mere 'hello.' They bat their eyelashes, show a little leg, and... nevermind. No wonder girls around here have such a bad reputation. I certainly had to correct the misconception more than once. I am so infuriated right now. I think I'll go take a walk.

[later that week]

-- a flower appears to be resting between the pages--

Excellent hunt at the Oasis in the New Lands tonight. Very crowded but we managed to do alright.

I'm too tired and sore to add much beyond this. Later, much. much later.

[two days later]

G. is infuriating the last bit of patience out of me. A classic example: I showed up yesterday night in Moonglow, all dressed up for a change, and he barely took notice! Did he think this dress was cheap?

He totally forgotten about our dinner plans and I was not in the mood for his thawed over leftover.

I swear the more he gets involved in this research of his, the less I see of him. Being ignored does not really sit well with me, so I turned and walked right out as he was working. Theron was home and was very appreciative of my outfit. At least someone was. Yew isn't a bad place if ever I should want to move, I would go live with the rangers up there.

[page is missing]

[page is missing]

[page is obliterated and unreadable]

... m'love, for all his faults, certainly has his moments. I guess that's why I haven't left him... funny thing about love... I just keep hoping. Gil is such a cutie, I don't understand why he had to send him away like that. He was so fun to talk to. I mean really! Accidents happen!

[page unreadable due to spill]

[page unreadable due to spill]

...blast him sometimes! I wish he would have come. I was so cold, he would have liked it, just like his heart these days. But I took down an ice troll by myself!

[page has been removed]

[page has been removed]

*shakey, drunken looking scrawl*

... ninnies are happily counting the days until I am married and out of here.. he seemed very interested about my last trip.. finally he shows interest in what I'm doing.. maybe we can work things out... or maybe i can get rid of him once and for all...

Much information is contained in this journal, and one can only wonder what those seven missing pages might have contained, but due to the lateness in the eve, we had not much to say about it, save that Yew would be the next place to look. We decided that meeting at the Silver Arrow Tavern this Sunday night at 8p CST would be a great place to discuss and continue our quest for information, for Gil, for Theron, and for this mysterious writer.

For now, I too must rest, ponder this wealth of information that swarms in my brain. On the morrow things will be more clearer, I am sure... for everyone

- Beans Baxter

Gelidum Responds to High Council
06/30/99 03:49 PM CDT -- ^top

The following was sent to me by Lord Ima Supa of the High Council of Britannia...

High Council of Britannia:

You speak bravely for warm ones, however you have no power with which to bargain. We have raided your cities of Minoc, Yew, Vesper, and Magincia. Your shrine to that which you call Justice sits frozen and lifeless, and so it shall stay.

We have only begun to show you and the rest of the warm ones Justice, and other lessons are soon to follow. Perhaps if your kind is as strong as it likes to think some of you will survive to live in the new world. If not, then those of the warm ones that already serve us shall herald a new age for your kind.

The idea of a meeting with the government of the warm ones amuses us. Watch to the skys these next few days for a second message from us. Then shall you learn of the meeting place and time.

- Beans Baxter

Mysterious Ice House Sold; More Info on Glacia
06/30/99 01:57 PM CDT -- ^top

Last eve I received a pigeon from Lady Amanda Wolfe, and Moonglow's Town Detective James concerning the Ice House. I had just made my way to Evermore, for I had heard a new exhibit was installed today, when the pigeons made themselves known to me by pecking on my forehead. Fearing the worst, I forgot the task at hand and made my way to the mysterious Ice House located just south of the Encyclopaedia Magicka.

Mysterious Ice House Sold to TeacherI had been there just a few days before with members of the Sovereign Guardians of the Phoenix, inspecting the property after the most recent Ice Creature attack at the Shrine of Justice. At the time there had been no signs of activity, but on this night something was clearly afoot. A "For Sale" sign hung next to the still locked door, and a message from one "Moonglow Reality" saying that "9:30 CST Tuesday was fine" was on a table next to the door.

Clio Temesa, New History Teacher in MoonglowNearby I spied Clio Temesa, the new history teacher sighted about Moonglow, speaking with Lady Amanda and Lady Natalya, both of the High Council of Britannia. Clio was to be the new occupant of the mysterious Ice House, a "perk" of her position. However, she was unaware that the house, as she put it "was the scene of a crime."

We peered through the dusty windows at the artifacts left behind by the previous occupant: frozen food, reagents, strewn books about the floor, and, as a ghastly reminder of the terror gripping Britannia at the moment, a frozen torso on an altar.

Clio had been researching the Gelidum and the Ice Creature attacks and told us that the "Glacia" refered to in the message left at the Shrine of Justice refers to a location, not just a person. One can assume that perhaps the note suggests that all of Britannia will become frozen, just as the Shrine of Justice is currently.

We waited for ages for the Real Estate Agent to show, but alas, he, or she, never arrived. Being that this house is in a state of disrepair, 'tis possible that Clio may seek residence at the house to the west of the Ice House, which is also for sale.

[Editor's Note: These houses cannot be purchased by players, and are part of an OSI storyline. Please do not contact neither OSI nor myself about purchasing the houses].

- Beans Baxter

An Open Letter to the Council of Glacia
06/30/99 03:22 AM CDT -- ^top

During the recent emergency meeting of the High Council, this open letter to the Gelidum was drafted and delivered to me via Gaston. It is their hope that the responsible parties will see it and respond:

To the Entities styling themeselves the Council of Glacia or "Gelidum":

We, The High Council of Britannia as representatives of the collective cities under our King Lord British, have become aware of thy involvement in the recent and on-going attacks upon the sovereign territories of the King. At first we thought these attacks to be caused by displaced Ice Creatures from the New Territories, but now we know that there is more malicious intent involved in these attacks upon our Realm.

We ask that a meeting be set in which both the Council of Glacia (or "Gelidum") and the representatives of the Kingdom of Britannia can discuss this misunderstanding between our peoples. Through a peaceful talk we can discuss these perceived wrongs we have done to each other, and possibly find a way for us to turn our mistrust into respect, and create a future in which we all can live out our lives peacefully and in harmony.

We demand however that before these talks take place, that the Shrine of Justice be thawed and returned to its normal state, and that all further attacks upon cities of Britannia cease and desist immediately.

If the attacks do continue, and ye do nay heed this call for a truce, we shall be forced to take action against ye and thy kind. We assure ye, the good people of Britannia shall nay stand and cower before ye. We shall fight, and fight ye til the last of us falls.

In Virtue,
The High Council of Britannia
(Lake Superior)

We hope that this is the first step toward a resolution of the attacks on our citizenry. All eyes await a response from the mysterious Gelidum.

- Wallis Gerard

Gelidum Attack Shrine of Justice
06/28/99 03:10 PM CDT -- ^top

The clarion call was raised. Town Cryers across Britannia Friday called the citizens to arms... the Shrine of Justice was under attack by Ice Creatures, no doubt summoned to the area by the Gelidum, who have claimed responsibility for the other attacks in Minoc, Vesper, Yew, tel'Mithrim, and Magincia. This was the first attack ever at a Shrine, and the citizens responded quickly to defend this symbol of Virtue.

When I arrived at the Shrine, I found several corpses, none of the enemy, many close friends of mine. I also couldn't help but notice the chill in the air and the encroaching ice monsters that were closing in on me. My first priority was to lead the monsters away from the shrine so that the fallen my ressurect and retrieve their belongings. 'Twas so cold that at times many of us froze in our places, but Virtue was on our side and we were able to move once again.

The battle to retake the Shrine was long and violent. Waves upon waves of ice creatures swarmed the entire area, many heros and heroines fell, only to rise up and take up arms against these foes. But, the creatures were defeated... save for one.

The frozen Shrine of JusticeAn Ice Daemon appeared within the Shrine. I was unable to make my way into the Shrine due the sheer masses within attacking the Daemon. I spoke with both Jonci of ASG and Troy McAllister of LBL about the Daemon. They told me that the Daemon had said that "it was time to end the power at this shrine," and then cast a spell which none could recognize which froze the Shrine. Ice formed along the walls and ankh, and an ice pedestal with a note was left on the symbol of Justice itself before the Daemon fell.

The note itself brought an additional chill we already felt in the area, and it read as follows...

Your time draws to a close, warm ones... Soon you shall all call Glacia master... and know what justice truly is.

Drawing near the Shrine, once giver of life, symbol of Justice, incurs pain. The cold is so strong not even the bravestof citizens cannot stand close to it without being damaged.

After the attack, members of SGP and I went to the mysterious Ice House in Moonglow to see if there was any sign of recent activity there. It is with a heavy heart that I write no activity, recent or otherwise, was found at the Ice House. I briefly spoke with Town Detective James, who despite his busy schedule, has included the Ice House in his watch. He also reports zero activity at the mysterious house.

We know they are called the Gelidum. We can assume that Glacia is their leader. And we know that they feel that a wrong has been done to them. But we don't know when the next attack will occur... will it be a city, another shrine? More questions without answers.

- Beans Baxter

Report: Ice Dungeon Excursion; Magincia Attacked!
06/15/99 03:31 AM CDT -- ^top

Frozen Ranger WomanI arrived Thursday in the Ice Dungeon late. The party had already made it's way to the topmost level, and had discovered a frozen lady ranger where the Death Vortex is. I made my way past the few surviving ice snakes to where the party was. Many were gathered, attempting to free her from her entrapment as she vainly tried to call for help each time an Ice Creature attacked a member of our party. Even Lady Seer Bastet could not figure out a way to release her from the icy binds.

We returned to Moonglow, site of the previously reported house of mystery, where it appears as if unknown ice experiments have been occuring. Lady Bastet asked for a lockpick. Many with the knowledge of the skill tried in vain. Mages attempted to open the lock with arcane arts. Even Terl, a GM lockpick, who was called in due to his vast knowledge of locks, was unable to gain entry into the house.

Bastet  attempts to free the Ice RangerTired a bit from the excursion into the Ice Dungeon and the failed trip at the mysterious house, Lady Bastetmade her way to the city proper for some relaxation. Unfortunately there was none to be had this night. The Town Cryer was reporting that Ice Creatures were attacking Magincia! Aye, you read correctly... Magincia, the isle city far from any of the northern reaches of the realm!

Lord Sirikon of the Council of Honesty gated us to Magincia. Atfirst the city seemed quiet, but no one could deny the distinct chill we all felt in the air. We searched for the source of the Ice Creatures, having only seen a few in the city proper. It wasn't a hard search. Quite a number of enemy and human corpses were found on one of the bridges to the Magincia Parliament building. We knew right away that was the source.

Entering the area was quite a challenge. The chill in the air was so harsh it froze many in their places. The building was filled with some of the harshest Ice Creatures known in the realm; nary a inch was not covered with their violent kind.

Many had fallen from chill, others from death blows. The worst was the SW bridge entering the parliament building, for it was there that a mystical white moongate, the source of where these creatures were entering our part of the Realm, was located. I fear many had fallen there, as the chill and violence was quite extreme. As soon as one creature was slayed, eight more would walk through the gate and attack the victor!

But, despite our loses, despite having to battle the ice creatures on two fronts, I am proud to report that we werevictorious. The Ice Fiends ceased to enter the moongate, and Amanda Wolfe of the High Council of Britannia, who was standing near the when the attacks ceased, reports that the mysterious moongate erupted into flames and disappeared.

Lady Bastet and other discussed the attack and how fast it followed upon the excursion to the Ice Dungeon to conduct research into the recent Ice Creature attacks of Minoc, Tel'Mithrim and Vesper.

We then relocated to Tel'Mithrim's Silver Arrow Tavern. 'Twas too chilly in Magincia, and the events of the evening were taxing to all. It was there that Thor Ironside, First Seat of the High Council of Britannia, who had arranged the expedition into the Ice Dungeon for more research into the attacks pulled me aside and spoke to me at the Haunted Tower in Tel'Mithrim to tell me the entire tale of the evening.

I contacted members of the Ni/McC Alliance, Tel'Mithrim, RBV, The Guardians, and the town Councils of Moonglow and Yew. Amanda Wolfe, Joylah, and myself represented the High Council. Lady Seer Bastet also was contacted and accompanied us.

We met at the Yew Winery and gated to the entrance to the lost lands north of Wrong. All seemed peaceful, but the moment we enterted the lost lands area we were attacked, as we fought our way past trolls, elementals, snakes and the like. When we got to the area of the Ice Fiends, we saw the death vortex. Above it was a frozen lady with dark hair and a bow. When the Ice Fiends would attack she would scream out for aid pleading for us to help her. We dispatchedthe beasts but we could not find a way to free the Lady.

Keyser Sosey of RBVZ said she might be the missing ranger recently reporter in the Town Cryer. I am not sure of this though.

A search of the Town Cryer articles did not reveal any information as to whether or not this was true.

Thor and I also discussed many possibilities of the attack, as unlike previous ones, the attack occurred on an island in the southern hemisphere of our Realm, the farthest south any attacks of this sort had occurred. 'Twas possible an act of revenge for our attempts in the Ice Dungeon, our attempts to free the frozen ranger. 'Twas also possible that mayhaps we were about to discover something of import there, or even at the mysterious house in Moonglow. Neither of us could come up with anything certain save that this was definitely an act of revenge by the Gelidum for our excursion into their home base.

James, Town Detective of Moonglow, was assigned by the Council of Honesty to keep watch on the mysterious Moonglow house for any activity. Recently, I spoke with him concerning the matter.

Both mesylf and Alair, Lt. Detective of Moonglow, have kept our eyes on the house, as it's part of our rounds. I've taken partic'lar care in keeping up with the fashion of the locals, so as to blend in likes. But, I fear I must report there has been no activity in the house. And I assure ye, sire, a good eye has been kept on it, and as soon as something happens I'll let ye know.

Thor and others believe that Magincia will not be the last city to be attacked by this mysterious faction. One can only hope that this isn't true.

As soon as more information becomes available, kind reader, rest assured you will be notified as soon as possible.

[Special thanks to Thor Ironside and Amanda Wolfe for the paintings used for this article]

- Beans Baxter

A Mysterious Discovery in Moonglow
06/09/99 03:26 AM CDT -- ^top

An Interesting Frozen Discovery in MoonglowWhilst traveling around Moonglow, as is my way, I came across a building due southwest of the teleporters to the Encyclopaedia Magika. On the outside, there is nothing usual about the building. I have seen it ever since I was a wee lad, had seen the many occupants who had occupied it. There was nothing special at all about the building. But something, some deep instinct told me to inspect it this time.

The doors were locked. How odd. Hath the crime in Moonglow spread to this part of the isle? Peering through the windows, I found books strewn about tables, opened
haphazardly. Well, at least I knew the house was being used.

It was the windows to the eastern part of the house where I made a startling discovery... frozen blood upon an altar! I froze in my place, listened closely to see if anyone was about. Moving to another window, I spied more objects of interest. Upon the altar was a frozen body. Stationed nearby was a skull with candle, which I heard was rumored to be used for that dark arcane art called necromancy. More books were strewn about the floor.

I sharpened my eyes as I moved to another window. Along the northern wall was a counter. Upon the counter was a frozen leg of lamb, a frozen nightshade, frozen ham and bacon, a frozen mandrake, and a few full flasks.

Moving further along the north wall, I spied a table in the center hall. Upon that table were more books, full vials, and one single nightshade.

I know not of any arcane art that can freeze objects, or what mandrake and nightshade had to do with this new art. But I do know that our northern cities hath been attacked by vile Ice Creatures coming from the Ice Dungeon near Dungeon Wrong, and that the High Council had been investigating these attacks, and would be going into the Ice Dungeon to discover more information. But, Moonglow had not been a victim of any attacks of this sort, even though our latitude would suggest that Moonglow might be next.

I re-read the message written by a member of the faction called Gelidum, who claimed responsibilites for the attacks in Vesper, Minoc and Yew. In it, the boy wrote that these cities were just the start. Was Moonglow to be next? Or is Moonglow the home base for this faction's activities?

I moved from the house cautiously, with more questions than I had answers for. Perhaps the excursion on Thursday to the Ice Dungeon will reveal more clues to this mysterious puzzle.

- Beans Baxter

Updates: Dawn Desire and the Ice Creature Attacks
06/01/99 05:06 AM CDT -- ^top

I apologize, kind readers, for not keeping you up to date on the latest matters in our fair lands, but, due to severe exhaustion, I hath been on holiday in the resort isle of Occlo, recuperating from a rather active week.

To bring thee up to speed, so to speak, several city Councils hath issued warrents for the arrest of Dawn Desire for murder. Aside from Trinsic, both Skara Brae and Yew hath issued warrents, whereas Moonglow wishes to further investigate her activities.

As for the Ice Creature attacks in our northern cities, which the Council of Shame took claim for, another interestingdevelopment as to the source of these evil attacks. A mysterious message arrived a few days ago from a small boy which sheds light on a new faction called the Gelidum is the source of these attacks:

The attacks upon your cities of Minoc, Yew, and Vesper are just the start...

For many years we have watched the bipeds as they strut about the lands, claiming to own all that they see and slaughtering all that they call monster.

Our time we have bided, waiting for the moment to strike, to gain our revenge... now that the time has come we find others claiming credit for our actions.

The Gelidum is displeased that the bloodsucking bipeds would attempt to take credit for these attacks, and warns them against continuing down this path.

If the bloodsuckers do not veer from this course then they shall be dealt with before all other bipeds.

*The message delivered the boy changes into an Ice Fiend and vanishes into the night*

'Tis the first time we have heard of this organization, and as soon as more information becomes available, surely you will be able to find it here.

- Beans Baxter

An Early Frost at the Tel'Mith Bardic Contest
5/29/99 08:49 AM CDT -- ^top

I had not seen my message boy Gaston in several days, which was beginning to worry me. Having nearly lost my life to yet another mongbat, I had taken the notion to get myself acquainted with the use of a weapon. Gaston told me that he had a fair hand with a mace and would be happy to teach me a few things. As I went to swing the cumbersome object, it went flying from my hands and hit him full in the chest. The air from his body came out in one horrifying "HUH!" as he tumbled backward off my little porch to the ground. I stood over him, concerned, watching his blank stare at the sky, fearing I had done him in. He mumbled to me that he was alright, and after a few moments, gestured for me to help him to his feet. With worry and remorse, my eyes followed him as he slowly made his way to the path homeward. He sent a pigeon the next day to tell me he was nursing two broken ribs and would be unable to work for several days. He also suggested I seek an experienced master to help me with my weapon training, as I needed someone who was more familiar with deflecting blows than he.

My heart leapt to open my door this morning and see him standing there, scroll in hand. He still moves rather stiffly, and restrains himself from any labourous breathing or laughter, but he is back to work and for this, I am happy.

The scroll he passed to me bore an unfamiliar seal, though the quality of the wax was unmistakeably of elvish quality and I knew this must be news concerning Tel'Mithram. I served Gaston a cup of tea as I poured for myself also, then sat to read the parchment.

Words are magic.

Everyone can feel it, that intangible something, that sparkle in the air when a good bard is performing. I felt the air in the Silver Arrow tavern positively dancing with the anticipation of the wondrous weavings of the wordsmiths gathered for the third Turalindar, a bardic contest sponsored by the elves of Tel'Mithrim.

The elven bard, Camris Lindar, in his white silken shirt and light blue doublet, took the stage at dusk, to begin the festivities. He picked two spectators, luckily I was not one, from out of the large crowd to help him judge the contestants.

The first part of this three part contest, dramatic stories and songs, was begun by Prestorjon the Wanderer, with "The Ballad of Every Ranger". Other contestants in this first competition included: Molly with "Butterfly Keeper", Kronae with "Enticement", Emryss Ydraig with "The Ballad of Solyn", Deputy Pink Eye with "Deep", Tir Na N'og with "Through the Forest Dark of Fright", and Slade with "A Melodramatic Tale of Sorrow". Emryss Ydraig took first place, with Kronae second and Molly and Tir Na N'og tied for third.

Long about this time the door to the tavern burst open and a large bluish looking creature lumbered in. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a blur of dark green as an elven archer, almost hidden in the shadows of the corner, produced a bow and arrow and let fly with a shaft into the beast. Before the crowd realized what had happened, the ice elemental had been knocked back out the door. Elves, and those warriors and mages who were in the audience, ran out the doors to the clearing in front of the tavern. An elven bladesinger blocked the door to protect those inside who were not warriors, which included me. We all crowded up against the windows to see what was happening. In the pale light of the moon, I could make out an alarming number of huge, white spiders, ice elementals, snow elementals, and other creatures of winter. The battle lasted for some time before the white hoard was either wiped out or driven off.

Following this quite unexpected intermission, the contest continued with its second part, comedic story and song. The competitors in this part were : Kronae with "On Changing Professions", Joylah with "An Ode to a Seamstress", Prestorjon with "Song of the Gate Bum", Rake Driftwood with "A tale o' tha' bravery o' tha' Skara Brae Rangers...". Deputy Pink Eye and Rini, McJay with the "Story of the Dancing Shoes", Slade with "The Epic of Chuckles the Clown", and Crispen with "The Chase". First place was a tie between Rake Driftwood and Prestorjon. Third place went to Joylah.

The last part of the contest, limericks, had three contestants: Prestorjon, Kronae, and Crispen. After several rounds of limericking, Prestorjon emerged the winner.

All in all, a night not soon to be forgotten.

I searched the scroll for the author's name, but could find no clue. Gaston said it was handed to him in a pouch with many other scrolls, so he had no guesses as to who might have penned so detailed an account for me. I offer my thanks to the unidentified scribe and send a hearty "Vedui" to the fine people of Tel'Mith.

- Wallis Gerard

Vesper Attacked by Creatures of Ice
5/28/99 05:38 PM CDT -- ^top

Vesper's Battle with Ice FiendsWhist in Magincia last eve, mine friends and I happened upon Lord Shadow, who, with a hearty laugh, informed us that Vesper was under attack by Ice Fiends. Our hearts stopped cold. 'Twas the third attack by these vile creatures upon our cities in a short period of time. Minoc and Tel'Mithrim were victims of attacks earlier, and now Vesper.

Dermott of Evermore, MadMonk of the provisional Council of Honesty, and mineself made our way to Evermore to seek a rune to the latest city under attack. With words of power I summoned a magical gate that whisked us away to Vesper.

Once there, we found ourselves amonst an Ice Elemental. If ye know not of this vile beast, they are quite hearty in their attacks. If their blows kill ye not, then their great eminating cold will. 'Twas a battle bravely fought by us, and with one vile creature down, we made our way to the heart of Vesper, the isle that holds the bank.

On our way to that isle, we found many a slain Ice Creature, but once there, my heart froze. Dozens upon dozens of them stood or had already fallen to the hands of great citizens skilled in the ways of battle. Only a few citizens had fallen to these vile beasts, a testament to the good will and great skill of our people!

Further search of this isle reveal some creatures still alive, and many a brave citizen battling them. Many others also checked other parts of the city to see if other creatures of evil were about, including the cemetery, but the attack was focused on the isle with the bank.

The battle, kind reader, did not last long, and quickly the creatures fell.

'Tis not known yet known why Vesper was attacked. Hopefully the inquiry the High Council of Britannia is conduction will reveal some answers to this troubling problem.

Be well and safe. The winds shiver, which can only mean that more attacks may soon be under way. May the Virtues guide thee safely.

- Beans Baxter