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Shadow and Substance
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<
What would you say if I told you there was a device...that could cross dimensions and force material to be created, practically out of thin air? You would say that ol' GreyPawn is off his rocker, some of you already do, but that's besides the point. Recent events in Moonglow have shown that there does indeed exist such a device. Let me relay to you a short tale of how this thing came about to be and the events surrounding it.

There is an ancient wyrm. Her name, is Lady Liane when she is in human form, which she takes on merely to oblige the social graces afforded such. This ancient wyrm came into possession of The Sword of Sacrifice via a snivveling thief who was subsequently charred and dismembered. The Sword of Sacrifice, I will remind you, has power great enough to vanquish any single foe, with the cost being the wielder's life. Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness have attempted to woo this ancient wyrm to trade for it, or offer other services to no avail. Thus far all these have gone futile. The ancient wyrm seeks something of such grand entertainment to itself, that it would be willing to trade the sword in return.

Gregory Ironhand, Grandmaster Tinker and retired guildmaster of the Tinker's Guild in Moonglow, knows this, and has quested for the sword alongside us, with great zeal. Gregory recently informed us that he was working on a project of quite a bit of interest. A contraption, a device, he told us, was being worked on at the Illusionist's Guild in Moonglow. He could tell us very little because even he wasn't at that time privy to the information the Guild chose to keep from him. Intrigued, we visited the Illusionist's Guild several times, to find nothing but scattered papers and the usual mages selling their wares.

Awhile later, Lady Liane, the ancient wyrm, came to visit Moonglow. She had heard word of this device that was being worked upon and took great care to let us know she was indeed interested. We walked, most of the way, to the Illusionist's Guild, along with Lady Liane, who refused to enter the building herself when we arrived. "Something is going on in there. Those mages are up to something..." was her comment before departing. About half a week later, frantic reports streamed in from a great number of people, screaming "Shadow creatures are attacking Moonglow! Send help immediately!!!" Needless to say, I was on the spot-post haste.

The creatures...appeared to take the shape of normal everyday monsters we fight in the land of Britannia, but with two great differences. They looked like pure and total shadow, and for shadow, they were severely strong. Where an ettin normally would have taken a minute or so to dispatch, the shadow ettins took neigh on a quarter of an hour each. The land near the Illusionist's guild was scattered with the massive and powerful shadow creatures, among them shadow orcs, ettins, trolls, ogres, and the worst of all, shadow elementals. To relay to you the horror of the difficulty in besting these creatures, I can only refer you to what you know. Imagine if one of the "a rotting corpse" creatures from the invasion of Trinsic had a baby with an Ice Fiend and it was very mad. That being said, I thank the Virtues for the bard that was on the scene, without which the night would have never ended.

Two shadow creatures remained on the field, and Gregory Ironhand arrived on the scene. He appeared to be most troubled by what he saw, and after seeing the last two dispatched, he started towards the interior of the Illusionist's guildhall and took the teleporter up to the rooftop, with us in tow. A snivveling little mage named Dastryl peered out over the balcony at the carnage and smirked. Gregory at once struck up a conversation with him, asking him why this had happened, and where they had taken the lantern. "Lantern?" was the resounding question posed by both myself and Thoma Valient at the same instant. Gregory went on to explain that the device he had been working on was a lantern that could control the indwelling forces of the dimension of shadows, and their creatures. The Illusionist's Guild elder mages, it had seemed, had taken advantage of the project before completion, and utilized the lantern. That was the cause of the shadow creatures...

He continued on to explain in some detail, how a flame of shadows was the beginning source of the entrance to the shadow realm from which these creatures spawned, and the lantern was to be created to control the flame existing externally from it. The snide little mage dismissed himself, and Gregory and the rest of the coateree proceeded to hypothesis what such an object could do. If it could summon forth shadow, and turn it into substance, than it would be capable of creating anything one wished for or desired. Constructed of exotic ore from Fire Island, this lantern had been lit prematurely, and released hordes of shadow creatures on the land near its lighting as a cause.

Today, it happened again.

I was summoned on the scene by a frantic missive from a friend, who was screaming that there were shadows attacking him and the townspeople. Knowing where they were coming from I head to the Illusionist's Guild just in time to see a gout of shadow elementals burst upwards towards my face. The battle was harsh, and lasted a good two hours. Shadow elementals this time, came, along with thier orcs, ettins, and lesser creatures, with Shadow Deamons. As the battle waged on, more and more townsfolk joined in, peoples from all around Britannia rushed to Moonglow's aid under this attack of shadow. The Order of the Ebon Skull and the Cult of Infernal Necromancy were even on the scene, taking up swords, obviously understanding that the powers of creation twisted into this form of shadow, is nay beneficial to either side, Light or Dark.

At the peak of the battle, Xerot the Black, an illusionist in a dark blue robe, strode up from the south road, carrying the lantern and smirking. He mentioned several times that what he saw, did indeed please him deeply, although it "needed work". The battle still raged, and the mage watched on in pleasure, noting the power and strength of the shadow beings as they were dispatched. The lantern, hued dark and apparently forged of a blackish metal, glowed dim as the last shadow deamon was laid low. The mage, ignoring most of the inquiries being volleyed at him, examined the device closer, and became somewhat saddened. The lantern had gone out...and Xerot, after exchanging some words with a few of the undead whom were present, fled to an unknown location to relight the lantern from the shadow flame.

One can only surmise that there will be more horrors to come shortly from the realm of shadow....and no one truly knows the intentions of the Illusionist's Guild Elders or this mysterious Xerot the Black. We will watch, and we will wait for more signs or clues, and faithfully report them to you as they become available. Till then...Walk in Honest Light.

Your Humble Servant,

Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2000, 1:51 PM EDT by GreyPawn (Atlantic)

Obsidian Posts Discovered
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<I am not as young as I sometimes like to think, as my duties so often remind me. The days I spent getting into mischief at my father's expense are gone but I still like to stress my status as only a "semi-retired" adventurer. So when I received news that there was a trouble of sorts in Rivendell, I must confess, that I looked forward to the long journey from Yew. However, my light spirits soon grew dark, and not just from the bleak landscape that replaces the lush forests that used to line the roads of our kingdom. For, when I arrived in the small mining community outside of Britain, I found myself in a meeting with several prominent members of the realm. And the news being discussed was quite grim.

I am sure many are now aware that a daemon walks amongst us assuming mortal forms as he sees fit, sometimes under the guise of a mage named Nostur'yl. Although his ultimate goals may not fully understood, his actions appear to be very self serving - and when a daemon runs loose with a private agenda, no one has the right to feel entirely safe. The current cause for alarm had to do with the apparent abduction of the Mayor of Rivendell, Aleph Aeirs. Speculation was that the daemon wished to hold a trial of sorts although the Mayor’s crime was not clear. And there were also rumors of torture ...

I confess I do not know the greater picture in the events unfolding, a sentiment that seemed reflected upon many of the faces at the meeting. There seem to be many players and events in motion - including numerous gems of unknown value, a shape shifting dragon, red capped assassins, a sword of great power, an archeologist, a tinker, an oracle who can see the future but can't change it, and several newly found obsidian posts. To tie all these pieces together in time to save our friend Aleph and perhaps even the realm itself, our greatest weapon would be information.

To this end the members at the meeting broke into smaller groups. I was assigned to a group with Adrian VanGorden, Malicite, and Jaedra Ambermoon. Our task was to investigate an obsidian post reported found in the center of the great maze. Traveling through the woods south of Rivendell, it was easy to forget the dark nature of our destination ­for many have forgotten of the former grandmaster mage who is reputed to have built the giant maze.

The first man to bind a daemon to do his bidding ­who was later ousted from his position on the mages council when he lost control of them with Lord British's castle no less. But I digress ... Relvinian has not been seen for quite some time, and our task was to verify the existence of the black post.

After making our way through the hedges (with the assistance of some magic of our own), we came upon the abandoned buildings that lie at the center. After a brief search we found some fresh footprints leading to a hidden tunnel under the main house. Inside what looked to be a summoning chamber we saw the post, made of pure black obsidian, lying on top of a stone table. As to its purpose ... one can only guess ­but if the reports at the meeting are true then this is not the only one. Windlord

Chief Justice of Yew
Sage of Justice HoA
Posted on Monday, July 31, 2000, 6:08 AM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Another Obsidian Post
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<
Ugh der!

Qog saw ju talkin abut dem Obsi... Ubsidi... black rucks. Wull, meh jus wunted tu let ju humies knuw dat us orcs hab wun und et es en our furt. De skyguds must have seen we wuz mighty und gibed et tu us *toothy grin*. Ef ju wunt tu cume seh et Qog let ju luuk fer two hundre... nu... five hundreb shines.


Qog, Warboss
Stormreaver Orc Clan
Thankye, Qog, for this information. I've heard tale that there was another found as well in Trinsic.
Posted on Monday, July 31, 2000, 12:45 PM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

Two More Obsidian Posts Discovered!
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<It seems two more were discovered recently:
Late this evening as I was searching the Lycaeum for documents that could help me exonerate Aleph Aeirs in his upcoming trial, (how I found myself appointed as his counselor is a story longer in the telling and not yet recorded), I made a startling discovery. Whereas I had hoped to find a legal precedent that could help my case, I instead stumbled upon another of the mysterious obsidian posts. The irony of its placement in that place of knowledge sent chills down my spine and I decided it was best to retire for the evening, but not before scribbling this missive.

Adrian VanGorden

Knight of the BWC
Thankye, Adrian, for this news.

And the second one:

I found another post while adventuring in Serpent's Hold and got a picture for you in case it hasn't been spotted yet. I hope this info helps.

Notorious B.O.B.

Rising Lord Of Virtue [RLV]
Thankye, B.O.B, I am sure it will be of help.
Posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2000, 4:24 AM EDT by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

The Daemon Lord Falls
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<This bit of unfortunate news in from Cesspool. A foul day indeed for we who serve the Dark.

The daemon known as Nostur'yl has finally been defeated! I witnessed this event with mine own eyes. I had just returned from a trip to Britain for armor when I saw Rathgith inside the Hungry Halfling. I greeted him and we had a short discussion of the remaining Obsidian Post. Then, Nostur'yl appeared outside and asked Rathgith for the scroll he created to raise the Obsidian Post from the sea. Just as he was going to take his leave, Rathgith said "Oh! Wait I have something else for you!" And began to cast a spell I had not heard of. Obviously though, Nostur'yl knew what it was, called Rathgith a fool and proceeded to throw an energy bolt his way. I tried to block its path but it hit its target. Luckily Rathgith survived long enough to cast his spell. Immediately Nostur'yls flesh became stone. He is now trapped in front of the Hungry Halfling. I bid thee farewell.


Thank ye Cesspool. Hmm.. now where did we put that spell that turns stone into flesh? *sighs heavily*

Posted on Thursday, October 5, 2000, 5:43 PM EDT by Azalin (Atlantic)