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I also watered each remaining plant which had grown bigger. I wondered how much further they had to go.

Bigger Plants


Day 6:-

Both plants are sick!
Maybe I am not cut out to be a gardener after all.
The insects are gone from the red plant but now it is poisoned. Not only that but the yellow plant has some wierd disease.


It was time for another visit to my cousin!
I watered the yellow plant which needed some and then headed off.
When I returned after lunch I was armed with both knowledge and more potions. It seemed that both the poisoning and the disease could be countered using heal potions. I was also told to give them each a strength potion to raise their resistance to new problems. I applied the potions and hoped for the best.

Day 7:-

Today I woke to a beautiful sunny morning and to find that my plants has sprouted their full foliage. I was now the proud owner of a large red fern and a yellow cactus. I happily watered my two plants and gave the red one a cure potion for a minor fungus problem that was developing.

Fully Grown Plants

While it has been a troubled path I have succeeded in becoming a gardener!

Posted on Friday, May 7th, 2002, 1:08 PM EST by Courage (QuestandEventNews)

Seed Story
Here is a story about seeds we received from the Seed Gathering Crew from the Charmed Companions.

Seed Story

Dopeman & Tania:
The day started with sun pouring in the window of our home just east of Pax Lair. I woke and looked over at Tania sleeping next to me and smiled. I rose and scratched my hair as I headed downstairs. When I was about half way down, I heard what sounded like mongbats. Confused by the sound since mongbats don't normally frequent this part of the woods, I went to the door and opened it to see what could be attracting them. The air smelled foul as a breeze filled the room and blew some dead leaves up the stairs and around my feet. Then I saw faint camouflaged movements in the trees. I heard the cry of a mongbat again, and then two or three more off in the distance. The odor grew strong and as it did a human shaped mass of what looked like algae and dead leaves came at me! With the door still open, I dove back in and grabbed my pack of reagents as I yelled loudly for Tania to come quickly. My foot kicked the front door shut with a bang that shook the house. As I lay on the floor, making sure I had everything I needed, Tania rushed down the steps, tribal spear in hand and slipping her coif over her head. I've never seen anyone so quick to ready for battle as her. She helped me up and asked me what they were and what was that smell. I casted explosion, opened the door, and said lets find out!
The first of the creatures entered the house and was on me, Tania whacked it once, then the explosion took effect, and one more whack from her took it down. We looked over the dead heap of goo and decayed matter, then we cut it open to see what it was made of. Hunks of wood, leaves, and a strong outer hide, but what was most interesting was a seed, a bluish colored seed.

Outside, we could hear more of these creatures, but also a louder growl or roar alsoknowing we had little to fear from a few more of these, we ventured outside to rid the front yard of these beasts. Two more came from the south and we quickly made waste of them. They also contained those strange seeds. Then, from the south again, we saw a larger mass of goo, this was the other noise. As it approached, we saw it was easily twice our height, with a big gaping mouth, almost looked like a few of the smaller ones mashed together. Tania ran at it and sank her spear deep inside. I let off an E-bolt and as it struck, one of the smaller creatures seemed to walk right out of glob. Tania kept at the large one while I got rid of the new spawn, but before I got in the last hit, another appeared and was after Tania. This larger one was hitting hard, so she retreated and took out her bow and struck from a distance. This was working much better now, even though we were up to 4 small bog smelling creatures and the Biggie! We concentrated on the boglings, and defeated them, and then focused a heavy attack on the large Bog Thing. After several minutes, it too, was dead. Cutting it open revealed 2 more seeds, 9 seeds in all from the battle.

We cleaned ourselves up, and headed over to Angelica's Vendor house, just west of Britain, with our bag of seeds. We knew Angelica or Tymber would know what these could be, or at least experiment with them and find out. We arrived at the bustling shop, and sure enough, Angelica, Tymber, and their good friend Nephertiti were there. They examined the seeds and were intrigued by their size and colors. Nephertiti and Tymber seemed extra interested and mentioned that they have studied many plants and eagerly wanted to try these out. So, Tania and I handed over the seeds and offered to let them use a few rooms in our house for their experiments. I could see the look of excitement in their eyes.

Nephertiti & Tymber:
With all these new seeds and the promise of more from Tania and Dopeman, we couldn't wait to grab some pots and get dirty! We both took off to different provisioner's shops to make sure one of us found some in stock. We both got lucky and came back filled with empty pots. We met back at Angelica's and scooped dirt right from the farm surrounding the establishment. We packed the soil down, added some water and headed for the Pax Lair house. When we arrived, Tania and Dopeman were moving the last of the furniture from the rooms, up to their bedroom. I set out to mine some stone for some fresh new tables while Nephertiti got in contact with some of our potion suppliers. In a few hours, I was back, and setting up three huge tables and some shelves. Then I put in a water trough in the front room for the constant supply of water that we would need. When I was just about done, Nephertiti walked in with two of Angelica's resident alchemists, Moira and Jetta, each carrying 2 potion kegs in their arms. The two left and Neph and I secured the last of the shelves in the front room. We were ready! We each grabbed a handful of seeds and a bag of pots with soil and poked the dirt with one finger and dropped in a seed. Soon we had 52 pots with seeds in them. This was going to be so exciting.

The next day, we woke and saw our first little sprouts. They were so cute! We watered any plants that the soil got too hard in, and killed off the bugs that seemed to grow with the seeds. The excitement was building, and so was our desire for more plants. Thus, we planted a few more. Now we had 85, and little did I know, Nephertiti planted 24 more in another spot! As the days passed, we got more and more foliage. We wanted more! But these were keeping us very busy. While waiting, we set up another room upstairs for the pollination tests we were going to conduct. Angelica and I cleared the roof of our tower in anticipation of all the plants that were to come, and the tower roof on the island was a perfect spot. By day 7, we had some almost full grown plants; blue, red, yellow, and plain Ferns, Campions, and Cactus, the first of our batch. With just a few losses, we were down to 102 plants, all vibrant and doing so well.

We took our grown plants up to the clean pollination room and I started the process of cross pollinating, while Nephertiti replaced some of the empty spots with new seedlings.
By the 9th day, we had all 102 thriving plants! We pollinated most of them and moved them to the tower on the island by pack horse. Each carefully labeled with its species and color. We constructed a chart of each possible combination and tried to make as many as we could with what we had. We spend hours and hours each day to keep them watered and healthy, checking for seeds. Today was the first set of seeds we got off of them and we quickly planted them to see what some of the possible combinations are. We can't wait until our new seedlings grow and produce their own seeds. I just hope we have enough room! Angelica took a few of the plants that we had many extras of, and is now selling them at the vendor house West Britain, Fel, Chesapeake . They are selling quite well. Stop on by if you want to see the rooftop garden!

Posted on Friday, May 10, 2002, 2:27 PM EST by Courage (QuestandEventNews)